‘wor(l)d languages

I. The wor(l)d as the nervous network of information that evolves individual human minds into minds of the superorganisms of history.

II. Morphological linguistics: the wor(l)d as the mind of individual human beings that explains its space-time existence

III. Topological linguistics: the wor(l)d as the mind of civilizations. The corruption of the wor(l)d by ‘animetal cultures’

IV. The ethic wor(l)d of Gods.



To understand all the roles of the verbal language both at individual and collective level, we have to understand how ‘Informative networks’ control and order and build and synchronize the actions of superorganisms.

If the nervous language controls the human being as a whole and its cellular systems through interposed hormonal orders, the verbal language, the language of the wor(l)d, controls both the superorganisms of history and the individual actions of each person. This is its fundamental importance.

So we extract a very brief consideration on the structure of all Universal superorganisms as the same laws of languages apply to them, including the superorganism of history:

In the graph, systems sciences consider the Universe an organic fractal, which each science studies at a level of size, all of them evolving socially through networks of energy and information. So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is then to properly apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem.

All systems of reality are connected by networks that share energy and information between parts and wholes that expresses the structural unity of all scales. Networks ‘fill’ space ad maximal to connect fully the whole with the parts, achieved in the Si=Te point of parallelism and self-similarity. But they enter in a region of faster motion. So while Space ‘tends to remain constant’ in each scale thanks to filling networks, time accelerates.

So we need to become a bit more complex about the previous metric. It refers essentially NOT to the whole 5D plane but to a given ‘superorganism’ of each plane. When we go down in scales, in fact the Universe ‘enlarges’ for a traveler that becomes smaller and accelerates its temporal energy.

In the graph, systems sciences consider the Universe an organic fractal, which each science studies at a level of size, all of them evolving socially through networks of energy and information. So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is then to properly apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem.

In the graph, the physiological networks of some super organisms of the Universe, which can be formalised all into a logic equation, we call the fractal generator of the organic Universe:

Ts (Spatial, past, entropic limbs/fields/territory) < ST (present re=productive body waves-working class) > St: temporal-informative particles/heads/informative class.

So everything really is encoded in those networks and its topology and it can be explained with multiple languages, the language of topology (mathematics), the language of logic (sequences of actions the networks cause) the language of social classes, as the 3 networks with its attached cells have a hierarchical order, with the informative nervous network in control of the faster languages on top (legal politicians and financial bankers in human societies, nervous cells and blood leukocytes in biologic organisms, gravitational black holes in galaxies, etc.). But don’t worry we just race through the basics so we can concentrate in the social organisms of history.

There are 3 physiological networks in each supœrganism from the galaxy to the atom, the two scales where self-similarity takes place (the galatom smaller and larger planes). But we can for the time being disregard the

‘territorial, background network, the spacetime of the galaxy and its particles, the water of life organisms, the Territorial surface of earth in historic organisms, to concentrate on the body-wave-reproductive economic system, and particle-head, informative legal systems that shape the essence of a superorganism.

The key to understand its linguistic bits and bites of information and energy are as in most themes of reality the astoundingly simple Metric equations of all the scales of the fifth dimension: size in space x speed of time cycles = constant.

– Slow beings use networks of faster particles which in physical systems are ‘waves of force’ in life beings are and networks with fractal branching and in human societies, networks of money and simultaneous legal messages. Yet all are essentially performing the same organic functions.

The 2 languages of informative and reproductive networks: Bits of information and bites of energy.

It is important also to Understand NOT in pure abstract mathematical terms, but in LOGIC, LINGUISTIC ones, the INTERNAL, DYNAMIC nature of those networks, because only then we can proper understand how they work in advanced organisms of maximal information, the biological organism and the Historic organism, which belong as ‘fractal systems’ self-similar to each other, two the same specific type of organisms, we shall qualify as socio-biological organisms. A NETWORK, of informative nature, delivers MESSAGES OF INFORMATION to simultaneously coordinate the actions of all its parts; with its faster=smaller bits of information according to 5D metrics (min. spatial size x. max. temporal speed). While the networks of reproduction, the blood and financial system delivers larger bites of energy, which the organism needs to feed itself (when it is a healthy NON-corrupted superorganism as most of Nature, but NOT HUMAN SOCIETIES, whose astounding level of corruption we shall explain in detail).

So a healthy superorganism will deliver to each ‘fractal point’ (molecules, cells, human citizens), two type of messages through two type of networks. We shall call ‘generically’ the 3 type of bits and bites of information and energy that each of those 3 physical, biological and social systems receive, ‘particles, genes and memes’ even if the words as usual in 5D sciencers are slightly changed, and widened in its original meaning.

So with its specific variation, those are the two fundamental reproductive-‘body-wave’ and informative-‘particle-head’ bites of energy and bits of information of the fundamental systems of nature:

In physical systems, the two networks are the gravitational faster network of information, which we humans do not perceive, as we are much larger beings with electronic networks. Its bits of information in this faster non-local network should be ‘gravitons’, components of gravitational waves. In physical papers we advance as the most likely particle state of those waves of information that ‘position’ the different physical systems of the galaxy, a gravitational tachyon ‘neutrino’ for multiple reasons, we study on our papers on physics.

On the other hand, because we do perceive it, it is much easier to prove that the energetic network of physical systems are electromagnetic waves, photons and its ‘social, static state’ as the elements of an electronic nebulae, trapped in the potential energy well of the atom. Thus photons and electrons become the ‘energy network of physical system, molecules.

We shall escape then in this introduction further information on the scalar structure of those networks and how, as we ‘grow in scale’, what is a bite of slow energy for a smaller plane of space-time, becomes for the larger plane’s slower beings, a faster bit of information, in the amazing beauty of the harmonies between scales. So electronic ‘food for atoms’ becomes electronic information for biological organisms and so son.

Those biological organisms do have then two fractal networks, the electronic, informative nervous system in which bits of electronic information moving along the myelin membrane deliver faster messages to every part of the organism to simultaneously synchronize its motions, so the body-cells act as a single form in simultaneous space.

– But when we move into the bites of energy delivered by the blood organism, the network delivers to each cell the basic ‘currency’ language of energy that all cells need to move, called ‘oxygen ‘. It is an atom of slower motion than the electrons but due to its electro-negativity and readily availability in the atmosphere, with its capacity to kick with two OH- & H+ legs the water ‘medium’ on which cells exist, the perfect language of ‘money’ for the organism to start kicking its ‘actions’.

So we DO have in the next scale according to the perfect laws of harmony, the two basic biological bits and bites of information and energy, electrons and oxygens, and from then on, as systems become more complex, variations of those bits and bites occur.

The main category are mixed ST messages, which deliver BOTH a stick and carrot ‘complex’ to the cells and its big molecules, which are amino acid systems, of great simplicity called Hormones, starting from the simplest of them all, an NO molecule (which do relax muscles, its main message to the locomotion system, increases the pressure of blood, provoking sexual erection, the simplest message to reproductive systems and multiplies the neuronal activity. As nitrogens are the clock atom of our mind-brains.

So finally more complex NO systems with a body support of carbon chains become ‘hormones’ which might have a ‘higher informative message’ (with more N, as in nucleotide molecules) or a higher energetic message (as in acids with more oxygen).

They form then the basic letters of the ‘biological longer sentences that might accumulate information’ in ever more complex molecules, as biological organisms are by far the more complex systems we know of.

Finally a very important concept is the difference between an ecosystem in which multiple superorganisms co-exist, often in predatory relationships, vs. an organism in which only a type of atoms, cells or citizens co-exist, and is far more symbiotic as all parts love each other and share energy and information through its networks, over a common territorial space, as shown in the graph.

Those three physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe indeed as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of Russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts, and for that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilizations, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such.

What makes then the whole a whole? The answer is: the nervous, informative languages that communicate all the parts of the super organism and ‘trace’ within its syntax and value, its path of the future. And so we have talked first of it and will constantly coming to the bottom line of reality – the languages that construct the organisms of the world.

The wor(l)d, that is the language of the word, is THE NATURAL LANGUAGE HUMANS USE TO COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER – not to think but TO COMMUNICATE, TO TALK, AND HENCE TO EVOLVE SOCIALLY WITH OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. IT IS THEREFORE THE NERVOUS-INFORMATIVE NETWORK OF THE SUPERORGANISMS OF MANKIND, and as such must be studied at the highest level of its cultural expression, as ETHIC languages, the true of the wor(l)d, and its beauty which is ‘ethics’. And this is so, because THAT IS HOW THE ORGANIC, fractal UNIVERSE WORKS, creating super organisms from fractal parts. So let us introduce the laws of social evolution and the organism of mankind, whose ‘nervous system is the wor(l)d’, that if NOT corrupted (mostly substituted by digital numbers and go(l)d values) would indeed naturally understood by all men create such perfect humanist organism.

∆±¡: 2 scales of human superorganisms. Its collective mind: art and religion.

The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilizations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilization expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Love Religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture. In the graph, the blood-reproductive network of economics, the digestive-entropic territory in which we feed and the nervous informative systems of politics are parallel and in systems sciences must follow similar laws. So we should tailor economic systems with laws of medicine, and put the nervous system above, as all evolved organisms. It follows that as doctors are in charge of curing and maintaining healthy the social organism of cells, through the caring of its physiological networks (blood=reproductive, nervous=informative and digestive=entropic, energetic systems), to the point that doctors say all sickness are not of cells but of physiological networks, historians, economists and politicians on charge of the theoretical and practical well-being of human societies should take care of those economic, political=legal-informative and Gaia=entropic, energetic networks of life that shape the human superorganism. In the graph below we consider in more detail one example of those superorganisms, the most important for mankind – the superorganisms of humanity, nations and civilizations.

Organicism puts man again @ the center of all things, because we are the most perfect superorganism. So biology & medicine that cure the physiological networks of sick organisms, are the true sciences of history and economics, since the goal of both is to create perfect physiological networks of economic welfare production and just democratic systems of nervous control and pain to the brain-politicians that do not obey the organic laws and develop a wealthy, healthy, humanist world to the image and likeness of man, made to the image and likeness of the fractal organic universe.

Historic nations and civilizations as super organisms in space, its physiological networks of energy (economic system) and information (culture and political system) and in time through its life and death=war ages and cycles, themselves a mirror image of the larger cycles and physiological networks of the whole superorganism of mankind, history. Mankind in time and space as a superorganism and a worldcycle: in the upper part its full world cycle as a block of time, in the down and right its life and death through civilizations of which the subconscious collective artists and ethic prophets form its ‘neurons’ – while the equivalent metal earth has in its scientists, their collective brain that increasingly confuses technology (metalife), with science (knowledge):

All systems of nature can be modeled as super organisms of a certain scale of size, ruled by the scalar laws of all systems of the Universe, that co-exist at atomic/cellular/individual and gravitational/organic/social scales. As such their ‘cycles’ followed the scalar metric equation of ‘Deep time’ (Hutton, who discovered in geology, inventing the name of super organism for the Earth): S (space size=energy) x T (frequency of information clocks) = Constant, which means larger systems LIVE slower time-cycles than its parts, which STORE the information of the system in its faster frequency of time clocks. So physical organisms are coded by quantum particles; biological ones by genes and human systems by memes that construct those super organisms of history,  from birth as a fast seed of information (crystal cell, semen, prophet with verbal memes) which will reproduce into similar clones (crystal units, multicellular organisms, identical beliefs of human beings in nations, civilization and religions); and become connected by informative nervous-political-gravitational and reproductive, blood-economic-electromagnetic systems… thus finally emerging as a larger superorganism.
In the graph, the 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilisations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilisation expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Abrahamic religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture. Yet when they fail to evolve socially mankind, a culture normally ends in an age of entropy=war and death which provokes the dissolution of its individuals into chaos=freedom, and finally its reformation into ‘particle-heads’ with the memes of the new super organism. This is the collective age of mankind, but the superorganism that colonizes us is no longer human but the memes and virtual screens of the metal-earth and its machines.



 Precedents in classic linguistics.

If we accept the concept of a Universal Grammar (Chomsky), made of human subjects which act through verbs into an object, the main influence of syntax on culture is caused by the relationship between those 3 elements which will determine the view of man on himself (the subject), on the external reality (the object) and on the way it relates to that external Universe (the verb).

Thus Universal grammar bring an inner structure that shapes also the civilization according to the ways those languages handle the relationships between man, the subject of the sentence, his actions, the verbs, and the result of those actions in nature and our property and instruments, the object.

Thus Culture and language thus have a close relationship as Herder and Humboldt foresaw.  In this post we shall classify cultures and the collective subconscious minds they bring to their cultures.

The mind of man and its program of behavior is written in the syntax of its grammar.

Humboldt (2) and Herder were right, the grammar of languages is the program of the cultural world.

I used to be a pen pal with Chomsky in my youth, since he was fond of my ‘General Systems’ theory of the Universal Grammar and its ternary elements, which are parallel to the 3 elements of all sentences, he described as:

Subject (Information < Verb (action) + Object (energy of the action).

So for example when we say I eat bread, ‘I” is the subject or informative pole, that ‘eats’, the verb or action, ‘bread’, the object or energy of the verb.

And so all sentences write as:

Human=Subject=information + Verb=Action + Object=Energy.

This I told Ch. was a reflection of a much wider Universal Grammar, that of all languages of the Universe which have 3 components:

Informative pole < Action of energy and Information, exi > Energetic Pole.

Since in General Systems Sciences, the science of all sciences that defines all the logic systems of the Universe all systems are composed of an Energetic and Informative pole, which mixed together create the ‘actions’ that exist in the Universe.

So for example you are made of a head of information, limbs that process energy and a body that mixes both and reproduces you.

And all physical, atomic systems are ruled by the same ternary structure: particles of information, fields of energy put together into complementary systems (quantum principle of complementarity).

So I told Ch. that his Generative Grammar was just a case of the Universal Grammar, as Humans observed ‘actions of energy and information’ and described it with languages. But he had to break his systems made of Subject <> Verb + Object, into 3: Subject < Verb > OBject and then from that ternary grammar, start to understand how languages reflected the world and created the ‘different worldviews’ of humanity.

What Chomsky got wrong following on the work of his master, Harris, was the way he divided his Universal Grammar’s sentences first only in 2 elements: subject on one side, and verb-object, that he put together on the other.

We can put together the 2 great schools of linguistic thought; the school that dominated before Chomsky, who believed that Languages were psychological reflections of culture and worldviews and so we needed to understand their knots and bolts to figure out how cultures view the world and how they behaved with it (Humboldt’s hypothesis popularized by whorf (2)). And the now fashionable Chomskian generative grammar.

Yet the proper way to evolve linguistics is to put them both together, mix disciplines and achieve by communication between both truths a higher truths, which is what we do in General Systems.

Which is what we shall do, departing from the ternary ‘Universal Grammar’ of all systems of the Universe, made of two poles of energy and information, combined into ‘actions’, then going to its translation into verbal grammar, and finally classifying all possible combinations of Subject-verb-object to realize how the order of those 3 poles of reality define the character of cultures and nations, observing this fact in parallel with other “Universal grammars’ of reality, specifically the ‘different animal species’ in which the 3 components, the physiological systems, nervous head, ‘blood-system’ and energetic, digestive system are organized. 

As one of the biggest pleasures of Universal Systems is to observe how the ‘Generator’ equation, Information < Action > energy, establishes similarities between all entities of the Universe.

1. The generator equation of the Universe.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

The Universe is made of actions of energy and time. Where clocks of time, carry the information of the Universe in its cyclical patterns (remember time is cyclical), and forms with in-form-ation.

So for biological systems instead of writing the usual Einstein equation, ExT=K, we  write the quantum version ExI=K, where K is a constant action.

And this is the structure of all entities of the Universe.

A = e x i; Action = energy x information: fundamental event/unit of all systems of reality.

Since all real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles: E<=>I. We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of complementary networks of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: ∑E<=>∏i.

As  we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe.

AND ITS FUNDAMENTAL 2 modes are the dynamic, flowing temporal mode: E<=>I, and the static, organic, spatial structure, Exi=Action.

So for example a woman, dominant in information and a man, dominant in energy, in flow state making love, E<=>I, exchange their exi genes and create a child, generating it.
While in spatial terms, a woman is made of an informative head, an energetic limbs and a reproductive body, and internally she has an informative, nervous system, an energetic digestive system and a reproductive series of organs.



For example, in ‘mathematics’, in topology, in a 4-Dimensional  there are 3 Universal forms, hyperbolic, informative shapes, cyclical, toroidal ExI shapes and planar/spherical E-Shapes,

And we talk in physical sciences of:

– Informative Particle – reproductive wave – Field of energy.

And we talk of:

Informative head – reproductive body – Energy limbs on Biology.

And so on, an so on.

Thus, the key to understand the meaning of language is to divide properly all grammars into its 3 elements, which reflect in the human mind, mirror of the Universe, the 3 essential elements of it that put together create the ‘Generator Equation of all complementary systems of energy and information of the Universe:

Information < Action > Energy.

Which humans perceive in verbal terms as:

Human Subject < Verbal action > Object, energy of the Subject

This is the justification of linguistics.

So we first introduce the ‘Generator Equation’ of the Universe and all its systems and then focus in linguistics, how they reflect the ternary systems created by that generator equation and which are its ‘main varieties’ and how those varieties of the Universal Grammar apply to understand the ‘character’ of cultures. We shall introduce of the hundreds of pages I have in this essential meme, some insights in the relationship between languages, evolution of cultures and character.

We shall study how the ‘laws of general systems sciences’ generate the mental cultures of mankind departing from the simplest structure of all languages that mimics the Generator:

Subject (Information) < Action (verb) > Object (Energy).

Since all those features of the Fractal Generator of Ternary Systems  apply also to Languages, which reflect their perception of the Universe. 

Further on, informative language dominates energetic body actions, shaping the behavior of cultures. Since information dominates energy in all systems. So your head dominates your body and a particle dominates its physical field.

Thus Linguistics IS PART OF THE UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR, of the logic complex structure of Systems and follows the same laws of creation.

The Generator Equation of Reality will allow us to derive a set of rules from where to extract the properties and laws of all disciplines of science, each one specialized in the study of the entities of energy and information of a certain scale of reality, from the smallest complementary entities studied by quantum theory to the biggest one, the Universe, a system of galaxies related by networks of dark energy and informative, gravitational forces. We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

If you really want to reach peace, intellectual wisdom, nirvana and enlightenment try to understand the section on General System sciences (-; it is a pity humanity will go under without having understood the Universal Grammar of all i-logic entities of the universe.

Now departing from this generatrix Equation, IE, applied to the Universal Grammar, I have written hundreds of pages of studies of all languages and what they express in character and the ways of interaction between the human ‘subject’ that speaks the language to express how ‘he acts in the Universe’ and the ‘Objectual world’ upon which he acts through verbal actions.

The laws of generation of reality. Basic combinatory of General Systems.

How then the generator equation creates the different systems of reality?

There are several forms in which the Generator ‘decouples’ and splits in different ‘varieties’ of systems, which correspond to the processes of creation of different physical particles (quantum generation), biological species (Plan of evolution), and linguistic species (cultural differentiation).

Now the simplest, most obvious form in which to generate ‘varieties’ of any type is to apply the combinatory laws of mathematics to a system with 3 elements, the Inf<Act>Ene systems of reality.

The result are 6 fundamental combinations, which are common to all disciplines of science.

Indeed, if you have 3 elements, I, A, E (Information-action-energy), then you can combine them in the following orders:


which give birth further to ‘6 varieties’ of geometry in the 5th Dimensional Universe. And in Physics quantum particles form 6 essential systems of particles and antiparticles in its ‘families’ of mass and electrons and in Biology we find 6 types of basic animal forms, and so we shall find 6 basic varieties of languages, which are studied by Typological Linguistics, called the SVO, SOV, VOS, VSO, OSV and OVS varieties.

Now in this post on General Linguistic Systems, we are mostly interested in the way verbal typologies define cultural and mental behavior among human beings. Thus we shall study the way the order of languages recreates the human mind. To further understand this categories of cultural minds, we shall relate them and name them not only as linguists  do (the previous SVO, etc.) but we shall introduce a far more ‘descriptive’ characterization proper of this researcher, based in the homologies that the General Systems Science imposes between parallel systems, by tagging and comparing the 6 varieties of mental linguistic order with the 6 varieties of ‘animal forms’. Indeed, one of the fundamental tenants of GST (General Systems Theory) which other philosophies of science ignore is the ‘homological nature’ of all ‘varieties’ of the Universe as all of them are fundamentally evolved systems that combine the 2 primary substances of the Universe, energy and information, whose properties are thus essential to all other systems.

So let us consider the 6 Universal varieties first, and then the 5 linguistic typologies that we shall call ‘evolved, free flowing mammal and bird languages’, ‘chained, slave reptile and insect languages’ and ‘primitive, minimalist, bacteria and virus languages’.

Yes do not rise your eyebrows, with the usual egocentric beliefs of human beings as an entitled species who must be treated nicely, and never be understood as some special ‘god-like’ reality that does not obey the laws of science. This political and economical censorship that ‘invents’ the nature of man, without wanting to know truth as it is does not apply to this blog.

And if you finish this post without such prejudices, what i can tell you is that you will understand much better cultures and how and why they behave as they do.

To state first that there are many more aspects to the synchronic and diachronic analysis of Linguistic categories we shall do (itself a small part of the entire course of General Linguistic Systems, which applies many more laws of GST to explore the nature of the human mind and the parallelism between:

– Genetics/races of mankind and its 3 typologies, informative mongolian races, energetic, white races and reproductive, exi, action black races.

– Memetics, Human cultures (cyclical, eusocial, mongolian cultures, individualistic, white cultures, and sensorial, black cultures)

– And linguistics, the point we stress here.

The wor(l)d is the humind that explains the spacetime game of existence.

The renewal of the classic linguistics with 5D insights.

It is then evident that as in most sciences, the classic age is the one to depart from, and enlighten further with 5D connecting mirror language and ST realities. So the classic concepts of morphemes and its functions (pronouns, names, verbs, objects, adverbs, tenses, linguistic order) is the core element to study in depth in 5D, as opposed to modern metalanguage taxonomies, or the ‘substance’ where those ‘figures in action’ are constructed (phonetics, largely related to genetics – consonantal white races vs. vowel mongoloids; and genetic and diachronic linguistics, largely related to historic cycles of conquest – combination and shift of morphemes as conquered people learns new languages; in any case of more value than modernism.)

5D linguistic thus, the more so in such a brief treatise is more interested in that connection. And so we start with the obvious question: how huminds reflected the natural distinction between ‘space’, ‘time’ and ‘scale’ and ‘limit’, ST ∆¬ which with mind are the components of reality. And from those 5 elements we can start to distinguish both, the ‘meaning’ of the main components of linguistics and its forms of evolution that follow the same laws of all other languages-mirrors of reality which evolves in complexity along its worldcycle of existence, as does music, mathematics, the genetic code or the diversification of cells that will form an organism.

So we can start from the first man who spoke and likely established an I form to name itself; a sound for others who ‘mattered’, + for positive actions, – for predators and rivals, and so as usual space forms, names, should have come first. In this the analysis of ape languages seems the first stage of cognitive linguistics; as well as the language of hand symbols – a gorilla beating his chest and uttering œrj sounds, meaning ‘me strong, better than you’, shows what first appears in all beings – its egocy paradox establishing itself at the center of his world.

Naming was also the first task of God in the verbal myths of abrahamic religions; seen as the first act of creation. And we imagine all kind of cognitive entities including bees in its dances know how to ‘name’ because a ‘name’ corresponds to a ‘fixed form’ that lasts as such in time, without change. ‘Naming thus is a present case’ if we were to reduce reality to ‘verbal=time terms’. A world with only names would never change. And so the rise of consciousness of ‘change’ is what truly brings and differentiates the humind’s language, into ‘verbal languages’ that encode in the richness of meanings of tense verbs the overwhelming superiority of the wor(l)d over digital languages to understand time, in all its modalities of change, a la par with Calculus of finitesimals and wholes (albeit better understood in its true meaning). Space and time thus is better understood in words, with names and verbs, and its interactions than in numbers; which are a much better language for the third element of reality, social groups, for which words just reach the basic concepts of numbering with its first distinction between singular, one, couples and means for which a different name was often coined as ‘parents’ vs. mother and father, ‘grey’ for shades of black and white, and pluralities, which only then were to be numbered. And so the first ambivalences of the understanding of what are parts and wholes came in. So for example Uralic-Altaic languages once they number a lot distinguish them as individual sums of 1+1+1; so it is forbidden to ad quantity and plural (3 boy is Ok, 3 boys is not, as 3 has distinguished each boy), while in Indo-Europeans the opposite is truth. Verbs then from its most primitive form, ‘present’, which lasts for ever, came to represent actions, in time and limits would be established to both names with adjectives, and verbs with Auxiliars.

Space and time thus acquire ‘entropic limits’ through its qualities in form and durations in time.

I.e. an adjective will qualify and limit the qualities of a name to an specific range. A red carpet limits the color of carpets to a certain frequency range of light reflections; a small house limits it in space on the ∆-1 scale, a large house locates it in the ∆+1 scale and so on. We also notice the essential value of entropic limits, as the necessary elements to ‘differentiate’ and allow variations of a species, making it emerge from the ‘fog’ of the most general game of existence. And to that aim an even more precise element, which introduces another key distinction of 5D minds between the ‘subjective and the objective’ knowledge (which is only natural to languages that are internal to the speaker, that is to verbal languages in man, as we are verbal minds NOT mathematical ones) appears next to names, ‘pronouns’. So ‘the house’ is a house we do know subjectively as opposed to a house, but this knowledge is NOT evident objectively for another speaker. What makes a house, the house is our inner thought.

In verbs a similar distinction happens between transitive and intransitive verbs; in the first the spacetime action which is what most verbs represent is clarified and the T-verb ascribe to an S-name which becomes submissive to the verb. Time thus when in contact with space becomes the dominant element and the verb+ transitive object form together an spacetime ‘particle=unit’ , I ‘eat ham’; as opposed to verbs where the object is omitted either because the information is made more general, ‘I Eat’, or because the action is one essential action of the game of existence, related to a basic dimotion that suffices by itself, ‘I run’, ‘I think’ ‘I die’… Yet in action-verbs like ‘I eat’ the importance of time over space is reflected in the fact that I eat makes sense (S<T), but I ham makes not.

As you can see true 5D linguitics as all 5D sciences goes to the basics, the underlying reality of the game of existence in space-time in its rise of consciousness and understanding by a language, is the true genetic origin of the language, NOT as the different axiomatic metalinguistic methods of abstract, standardized huminds try to establish, in a déjà vu, deranged egocy attempt to justify it all coming from ‘taxonomy’ according to the wishful thinking of humind ‘ingenuity geniuses’.

So without being systematic, in this analysis of the generation of the elementary components of syntax; names and adjectives are S¬ elements, with its Determinants/pronouns, @ subjective vs. objective forms, shaping the classic @¬S component of the ‘first element of the fractal generator of languages, (S-name complex).

The verb complex though is more complex and rich in elements. And it shows its development in parallel to the growth of humind’s understanding of the richness of time=change. And its key element is the differentiation of intervals of past, present and future and its connections in S<ST>T series or disconnections by » « discontinuities of entropic barriers. i.e. from present simpler languages, obvious in the most primitive English forms where the verb is one single form, latter modifications take place for a future ‘will’, and a past –ed. And we here notice an important element of certainty and determinism vs. freedom – the future is ‘a disconnected auxiliary form’, will which soon has a secondary variation, ‘shall’ but the past is bound –ed, as there is only a past and cannot be changed. A key component then that will be essential to anthropologic linguistics – the understanding of cultures come now into being: the forceful laws of pegging bound minimal grammatical units (ab. morphemes) vs. the capacity to let them free ‘moving around’ the main word; as virtual particles keep popping freely around a source/seed of charge in motion, vs. bound potential wells within the atom… Bondage is yet again a key entropic limit for the freedom of the mind. So warrior agglutinative languages where humans are less free, in hierarchical civilizations chain not only modifying morphemes but words to each other.

While trader cultures that exchange everything tend to free morphemes (German vs. English, Aztec vs. Mayan).

Auxiliar to verbs show then the richness of understanding of time of languages, which can increase or decrease as ‘animetal cultures’ simplify linguistics – no longer the dominant language of power. For example the English present ‘he walks’ differentiated into ‘he is walking’; which ‘established limits to the action of eternal walking for a shorter present span; the past can recede in the memory from he wrote to he has written. The first will correspond to an « operand of existential algebra, as it is no longer changeable, while he has written is an < perhaps modifiable actions. Further differences richer in the past, as we are loosing our verbal language to audiovisual and digital mechanical forms might disappear. I.e. in French the simple past, Il marcha he walked remains but the perfect past, Il a marche, he has walked as in English today disappear. And so it does the perfect passive past that started the power of the written words, when the Pharaoh said ‘It has been written’, meaning, it is ‘law’, emanating from a higher ‘neutral power, ‘it’, not the pharaoh’s subjective will, gifted of that superior truth by the language; as then as now the ‘medium is the message’. So today a visual truth carriers more power and people believe in it; as Goebbels’ who put a radio in each home, today a tV, knew, the more so when it is repeated to form a discontinuous equal present both in space (all channels give us the same message) and in time (all news are always about the same memes the system was to emphasize): ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’.

The past then as in existential algebra, is the first region where subtle differentiations of the humind cognition become reduced. But also the future as our species becomes more fundamentalist and deterministic as it happened in that first age of language, where the written wor(l)d became sacred truths, so Asoka will start the written law in Indian cultures with ‘Dharma’ columns, this time with an ethic not an egocy pharaoh’s view.

As any language with time, past that age of fundamental determinism, it comes then a free age of entropic dissolution, which reigns today in all languages as history dives in the modern age of irrelevance of verbal thought (so we poll numbers in politics, we get audiovisual information and we construct computer models of reality, using statistics for social causal understanding, etc. etc.) So in all languages a decline of case endings to express the syntactic function of nouns and noun phrases (the subject being in nominative, the object in accusative, etc.) is now broken and expressed by sentence order and prepositions. Which lead us to the final two elements of morphology: adverbs prepositions which again establish the basic concepts of time and space, where an event happen in time, in which part of a whole happen in scale, ‘above’ in 5D height, or ‘on the membrain’ as part of the system, or ‘inside the vital space’ of the system.

They are again essential elements for qualifying verbal actions specially those who are not ST complex transitive connections between verb and the object acted upon. So we shall say ‘he went into the house’, ‘he went outside’ as all actions and names are part of larger ∆+1 worlds in which they occupy a certain position-function that might change.

It is then clear with those simple examples, how much more profound is the understanding of change and time in verbal thought that in the reductionist, mechanical, digital view of physics and its single clocks.

We are as in all our 5D papers not going to be intensive, and taxonomic, trying to make a complete truth but just cast impressionistic brushes by force of time and space coming from a single @-mind point.

What matters most to us of linguistics in this paper on ‘history in space and mind’ is the relationship of linguistics with the collective subconscious mind of a civilizations.

And this is curiously enough done through ‘variations’ akin to that of other species, in the hierarchical order between the 3 ‘elements’ akin to the 3 ‘physiological networks’ of a species/sentence; the informative subject/network, the reproductive/active verb/blood network and the ‘entropic object/network’. So to illustrate the case we shall compare the 3! Basic variations of species established by topological linguistics both with the world ∆+1 and historic role of each culture that determined them, and compared them with the homologic 3! Differentiation that took place in earth animal species according to dominance of its physiological networks (from insects dominated by blood systems to mammals, dominant in informative ones).

We do so to illustrate the fact that languages as mirrors of ∆ST reality have the same structure than ∆ST. But also their variability is much easier. Consider indeed how the basic balanced Topologic structure, SVO, where the Human subject comes first, can be easily ‘degraded’ as it happens in animetal cultures to make the object more important in warrior cultures as German or Japanese or put the verb order first as in go(l)d cultures ruled by semite banker-priests. The first case only requires to transform an SVO into an OVS by transforming an active into a passive form. And then drop altogether the subject, which becomes a ‘soldier that obeys’ whose existence as a collateral damage is not even mentioned. He burnt the house; the house was burnt by him, the house was burnt. While the SVO becomes an imperative language, merely by dropping the subject and moving the verb to imperative form, ‘you have to go’->’Go’… What all languages, including maths have as an advantage over reality, reason why they design and project the future is their capacity to evolve faster once a mind acquires a mirror image of reality. Then with the same ¬ælgebra of reality advances a chosen path, projects that future back on reality dragging it towards the future the language designed by mutating faster. Minds thus create the future:

Languages create reality by ordering from a mind-singularity a territory or body-wave. It follows the best speakers of a language control the ecosystem. As humans move from verbal to mathematical languages, machines started to control reality since they speak better digital languages, making humans obsolete.

The largely irrelevant 3rd age of grammar – modernists and axiomatic, digital methods.

This said following the objetual, standardization of huminds, proper of the industrial age, where man by virtue of the grammar of metal-memes, machines & money that dominates it all, (man=price=object), becomes both a price and an object, much emphasis has been put NOT on the key element of linguistics, the capacity of the humind to reflect the laws of the 5D Universe of space and time, but on ‘structuralism’, ‘atomism’, ‘metalinguistics’, ‘genetic languages’ & barren automatic laws of change, as if the language was an isolate in itself, a mirror with no reference to the origin of its image, a cyclical mechanon, and a sort of mathematical, digital system where what matters most is to reduce it to its components (phonemes that will change with Grimm’s type of laws, kernels, tag-memes, bound vs. unbound and infinite many other classifications that lack an initial causal origin to connect them with reality, form now the metalinguistic science that as most sciences follows the tendency towards a ‘3rd age isolated’ from the world of space-time in which its origin and cause lies.

It is all part of the pretentious attempts to extend the supposedly exact absolute truth of the axiomatic method of mathematics we already debunked in our papers on maths, the language of god, whose methods as man becomes attachés of digital machines must reign over all disciplines, but should not.
It is largely irrelevant code for digital computing, and pretentious Harris’ disciples of transformational grammar, as outlined in
syntactic structures, according to which the mind is some kind of isolated computing system where a phrase struture is operated as an input by a transformational rule to give us an output, in silly-nilly tautological decomposition with childish trees whose wisdom is self-evident; and with Wittgenstein botched attempts to make a physics of languages with its ‘atomistic’ view, gives 0 insights on the true form in which languages evolve as mirrors that reflect reality in a LanguageóSpacetime reality feed back equation that requires to understand first as we already do the nature of the outer Universal grammar of ∆ST.



1. SURVIVAL SEMANTICS: Evil vs. Live. Go(l)d Vs. Wor(l)d: values of words.

2. Its application to linguistic systems: Subject-verb-object. How linguistic order, determine cultural character: Active/Passive/Imperative languages.

3. Energetic, warrior languages vs. informative, trader ones.



Foreword. this PARAGRAPH studies the fundamental survival and cultural  structure of the human world:

  • IWe evolve linguistics along the thesis of Humboldt and Chomsky, classifying all languages with topological linguistics, which reveals the character and culture of the main humanist vs. animetal cult(ure)s of mankind.
  • And then we study that duality of cultures and the two opposite worlds they have created, showing how the ‘deterministic’ non-free structure of animetal languages and cultures has taken mankind to the present point of no return – the militaristic germanic, capitalist, biblical cults to go(l)d and weapons.
  • As systemics is a logic-mathematical equation we resume How languages have adapted to selfish memes of metal with its ‘germanic long unbroken words’ similar to simple swords vs. the cynical I-centered broken english  of false capitalist freedoms, in a simple logic equation of opposite languages and cultures:

Max. Evolution of the wor(l)d = Min. technological evolution

And viceversa. Indeed, we shall see that our eliding technological cultures are those who aborted both in syntax and semantics the proper evolution of the eusocial wor(l)d according to the laws of the organic fractal Universe, the simplex syntax and myths of animetal cults so vehemently deny.

The laws of eusocial evolution vs darwinian devolution. Live=Love vs. eviL=death.

What is eviL in scientific terms? TWO OBVIOUS definitions are natural to the biological and social laws of survival of the fractal organic Universe: eviL IS THE OPPOSITE OF LIVE, hence our use of the anti-word, eviL, a subconscious meme of what Chomsky calls ‘genetic linguistics’

And evil is also the DENIAL OF THE ESSENTIAL LAW OF BEHAVIOR IN THE UNIVERSE, the law of eusocial evolution that always makes the best choice to love members of the same species, as it improves our chances of survival. From the understanding of those laws, follows a fundamental improvement of the sciences of theology, ethics, and economics converted into ethonomics (the design of the re=productive systems of good to cater first the needs of our species, life and mankind NOT the metal-kind and its company-mothers):

The absolute law of behavior in the organic Universe is simple: beings who are similar and complementary and speak the same language of information with similar dexterity come together as couples, herds and social wholes stronger than individuals. Those who perceive each other as different, as machines will perceive humans, and inferior, as its military robots the top predator machine of any age does, will simply act in a Darwinian manner. So any argument on the way Robots and AI will see us, is bogus. Science is NOT UP FOR ARGUMENT, and the laws of darwinian evolution of species are SCIENCE, even if pseudo-religious biblical capitalist technoutopians don’t believe on them.

So this IS WHAT SCIENCE TELL US. But unfortunately the people who rule THE economic world and created its ‘idol-ogies’ of worship of machines above man, were all employees of company-mothers, mostly of the Anglo-American biblical civilization where the idea that man is NOT above heavens and earth and must comply with the biologic and organic laws of cyclical time to control its future, is completely ‘ridiculous’ – as absurd as to think that ‘Germs’, those infinitesimal animals do cause sickness (so it took to XIX c. Pasteur, who was for long laughed by doctors, to prove it).

The Human ego then, IS the essential limit for mankind to do ‘real objective social and economic science’. Reason why we dedicate also a post to explain this ingrained paradox of all living systems – to reduce information to the one needed, from the perspective of its self-centered point of view that has made so difficult for mankind to advance in objective science – as we have always believe the Earth was the center of the Universe, and now we believe man is its only intelligent sentient ‘atom’.

Evil as the inverse of Live.
In bio-history the definition of Evil is immediate, nature and intuitive as the inverse word of Live. Death thus is the intuitive, subjective meaning of evil for anyone.
Any child will tell you when it is hurt: ‘bad’ he says, ‘Malo’ ‘evil’ in Spanish.
Evil is then death and evil in higher proportions is death in higher proportions,. It is then obvious that ANIMETAL CULTURES EMBODY EVIL=DEATH, as they destroy life, in the most evident immediate form:
Weapons and warrior cultures), at distance (through go(l)d values maximal for weapons and parasitic ab=use of money as debt) and finally in the long term (mechanism that despises organisms, models reality in terms of machines and evolves them substituting and atrophying human organs with them, and ultimately will through autonomous robots kill us all, according to the duality of laws in the Universe, where similar species love each other and different ones, kill each other or displace the weaker one.
And it is self-evident then that our culture of DEATH=EVIL against life, Gaia and History, its super organisms, not only is evil but IT DENIES SCHOLARLY the existence of evil, precisely because subconsciously knows it does so.
Animetals then are systematically creating ‘idol-ogies’ that deny the existence of the eviL=death, they practice with their memeplexes that despise life in favor of weapons, money and machines, entropic, informative and organic metal.
This post and related ones on the section of memetic and the human super organisms of history, are dedicated to describe the nature of the ‘memes’ of Evil vs. the memes of LIfe.
What are then the cultures that embody life? Obviously those which PROMOTE THE REPRODUCTION NOT OF LETHAL METAL-MEMES but of Life Memes and prune the tree of metal of its eviL=antilive fruits.
We then talk of welfare NOT warfare, of WHealth, healthy wealth, not of price, the value in metal-money maximal for weapons minimal for life, as the ‘GOODS’ reproduced by Life cultures.
We talk then of ethonomics, the science of Human Whealth and its ‘valuation’ of goods in terms of human use, as the Life-based view of economics. And we talk of true democracies, based in the laws of organisms that judge politics a posteriori, choose people to political positions by pure lottery and make the accountability of the politicians with pain messages as cells do with brains and learner Greek democracies did with its politicians, the way in which mankind following the organic laws of the Universe could use those laws to improve human societies and eco(nomic)systems as the Life oriented view of Politics, the 2 networks of informative and reproductive goods of the human super organism.
And so we talk for each of the social sciences, of eviL vs. Live theories and models of reality.

best history organism

In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive.

History is the super organism of mankind in time, made of human being joined by networks of information (legal and cultural systems) and reproductive energy (economic systems) over a territorial body (nation or civilization), which live much longer than the individual citizen-‘cell’

The language is the message: money vs. wor(l)ds: its different values and species.

The universe is about the intelligence of networks, whose languages and values, order reality and select the species that better speaks the language. So even before we continue into the analysis of animetal cultures, we must simply explain how they construct the FMMI system of informative and entropic metal-machines, through the values of its languages they do NOT understand.

An animetal must in that sense be defined as a believer who obeys without reason the ‘greed and violent’ values of money and weapons that kill and hypnotize their bodies and minds. IT IS THE SYSTEMIC, NETWORK, LINGUISTIC INTELLIGENCE OF THOSE LANGUAGES OF POWER AND ITS VALUES what creates the consequences. And all what the animetal needs is to BELIEVE IN IDOL-OGIES of metal-power and OBEY blindly those languages and values.

Indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper, which orders humans and objects in a digital, mathematical number.

So what you call capitalism amounts to this: to rule societies with digital numbers called money, reproduced with no limit by a social elite, which is NOT elected neither likes to explain what it does, and how it does it – basically controlling mankind with prices as if we are ‘objects’ compared mathematically with the equation of money:

Man (salary) = Money = Object (price)

It is for that reason that ALL SYSTEMS that work, do NOT allow the reproductive ‘mindless’ comparative equalities of mathematical languages to rule the system ABOVE THE SUBJECTIVE, INFORMATIVE, nervous system, which in humans is ‘words’, and do carry a very different syntax positive to mankind:

Subject (man) < Verb (action) < Object (energy of subject).

Thus in verbal terms, humans ARE THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, AND SURVIVE, AND if they were able to regulate the economy with laws that favor mankind, money ONLY AS A DIGITAL LANGUAGE, to reproduce among all humans the good we need to survive, fueling a demand economy would easily create with credit a perfect world, WHICH IS THE RULE NOT THE EXCEPTION of the Universe, where energy is for free, and all you need is a good language to distribute it. This is NOT THOUGH, the way history has evolved money but rather it has created an astoundingly brutish corrupted, dumb concept of money as WEALTH PER SE, not language, and as such ATTACHED TO PRECIOUS METAL, easy to digitalize (hence still a mathematical language) but very scarce, and hence promoting war, looting, fight for the ‘precious’ thing, and a complete misunderstanding of money in terms of a language of distribution and reproduction of goods. As the graph explains.

THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science.



selection languages

In Nature an essential process of selection of species happens according to its dexterity handling the information of the ecosystem. In the eco(nomic)system, the language unlike in History is digital thought. Hence Computers are always $elected first in labor and war fields, and as they evolve to twice its capacity every 2 years (Moore’s Law), the extinction of the ‘rival’ humind is certain, and now with AI will accelerate as all informative processes, culminating in the XXI c robotic wars.

Of course our culture that worships metal-memes and technology=machines will have none of this, and censor bio-economics and bio-history but it is not by chance that most humans do feel naturally the ethics of the wor(l)d and most women, reproducers of life hate weapons. We are NOT making here ethic statements but biological statements as both concepts are the same, ethics merely expressing the arrow of eusocial evolution. Why then humans deny today that arrow? Obviously because they have completely mismanaged their social evolution and have instead accepted the wrong values of metal, greed and violence as the guidance to power.

So we talk of two type of cultures, human cultures that truly understand the highest level of social intelligence of the Universe and if imposed could make mankind survival.

And the cultures that worship machines weapons and money, metal-cultures or rather ‘animetal cultures’ as they degrade the capacity of humans to evolve together and go back to an animal dog-eat-=dog society, which needs metal-money, weapons and machines to survive, enslaving their life to the evolution of the Metalearth. We have thus set the elements to study together History and the fight of cultures and economics, the evolution of the machine, something economists would also be at pains to accept because they are merely production economists serving the evolution of the metal-earth – a topic characteristic of animetal cultures is indeed the half-truth, the denial of love, life and ethics as an important component of reality, the abstract indifference to history, the supeorrganism of mankind on Earth.

And yet to deny the laws of the organic eusocial Universe of ‘numbers’, ‘species’ and ‘human ethics’, is to deny the future for all of us… THE FUTURE OF HISTORY OUR SUPERORGANISM, OF WHICH MANKIND is just its ‘spatial form’.


2. Cultural order of human languages. Linguistic topology.

How the generator equation creates linguistic entities.

The 3 essential elements of the Universe are therefore reflected in all sentences, as all sentences narrate actions performed by men over objects:

Information (subject),  verb=action;  Object-Energy

It would be in the other language of ‘numbers: X (subject) < operandi > Y (object).

What Chomsky missed is that the 3 elements must be separated to truly understand the rules of ‘generative grammar’ which are the same rules that generate any system of energy and information in the universe.

Since, as all in the universe human language is ternary, as anything follows the ‘universal grammar’ of the ‘generatrix equation of all fractal systems of energy and information’, which i discovered and formalized in systems sciences.

Now this is well-known to linguistics, creating a key concept of  classification, called linguistic typology:

In linguisticsword order typology is the study of the order of the syntactic constituents of a language, and how different languages can employ different orders.

There are six theoretically possible basic word orders for the transitive sentence:

These labels usually appear abbreviated as “SVO” and so forth, and may be called “typologies” of the languages to which they apply.

Now, what they tell us about mankind starts to be clear, when we analyze the abundance of those typologies among human cultures:

of languages
SOV “She him loves.” 45% JapaneseLatinTurkish
SVO “She loves him.” 42% EnglishMandarinRussian
VSO “Loves she him.” 9% HebrewIrishZapotec
VOS “Loves him she.” 3% MalagasyBaure
OVS “Him loves she.” 1%  Hixkaryana
OSV “Him she loves.” 0% Warao

Humans, this proves are ‘self-centered beings’ for whom the Subject MUST COME ALWAYS BEFORE THE OBJECT.

Indeed the dominance of Subject languages is overwhelming. In 87% of languages subject comes first. And among those the most succesful (2/3rds of speakers) are SVO languages, for reasons we shall study now in depth.

Now this responds to the laws of the Universe, where the 2 natural forms of order are Information < Action > Energy or ‘temporal flowing order’ and Information x Energy = Action or Spatial fixed order. So this law of linguistics is in homology with the higher laws of general systems sciences, let us then study those 2 fundamental forms of human languages.

3. Homologic analysis. Active, SVO; Imperative, VSO; and Passive, Objectual SOV->OV languages. The 3 dimensions of  Man: minds=races=cultures: ‘words & World views’.


In the graph, the Universal Grammar that constructs all Systems of the Universe, with its 3 elements, Information (subject) < Action (verb) > Energy (Object), defines also the Universal Grammar of all human languages.

So there are 3 fundamental orders of those 3 elements that define most languages of mankind:

– VSO languages (Imperative Order, Semitic, ‘religious’ languages) < SVO (Active order, balanced, African, Chinese/Romance languages) > SOV/OV (Passive Order, warrior, cold, objectual languages).

They are the origin of the 3 fundamental world views of mankind, the ‘greedy’, self-centered world view proper of the capitalist world; the balanced, humanist world sensorial world view, and the Warrior, Objectual, Industrial world view (Germanic, Japanese culture).

Thus the ‘viewworld’ of each human mind species is reflected in the languages, according to the hierarchical order of those 3 elements.

Animetal cultures dominated either by money or weapons are the unbalanced world views and word orders:

– Fundamentalist religions and those capitalist religions dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, the VSO order. It is a  hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence.They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages

– Warrior cultures and objectual cold-hearted cultures in which the subject can even disappear as it does so often in Japanese, are SOV orders.

– While sensorial, humanist cultures; today the Chinese in the East, the Romance language in the west (and English influenced by French) and the African languages in its totality show the most proper SVO order often with ‘Imperative’ and ‘Passive’ voices for certain situations.

In the graph, the distribution of ancient languages acording to its order: classic Semitic, ‘religious’ imperative languages are VSO languages, confronted to its ‘inverse’ SOV, warrior languages, as their cultures were. They represented the 2 extremes of the animetal, eternal dispute between ‘cold warrior and ‘greedy trader’ societies. Among the classic languages only Chinese and Gaul, the 2 more ‘life-oriented’ societies of the Western and Eastern decoupling, even today, had the more evolved, flexible SVO ‘mammal order’. While the 2 most sophisticated ‘indo-european’ languages, of higher evolution (due to its allopatric evolution in the 2 regions of original development of Indo-European languages, the Anatolian peninsula, from where it radiated during the Neolithic, and the Russian steppe, origin of the Chariot second radiation), Classic Greek and Russian, permit the maximal flexibility with multiple word order. So do today the Romance languages evolved from Latin

It is not by chance that in the East and West they represent the summit of human thought and search for human freedom and maximization of art, literature and r=evolution (French, Socialist aborted r=evolutions). While in the East China is the only culture in which man and the law still dominates though in a process of extinction, the power of weapons and money.

Some points to notice on the graph:

  • Nations and cultures are ruled by 3 varieties of languages, warrior lineal languages, monetary cyclical languages, and vital organic, human verbal languages, which cater most to the evolution of weapons, money and machines, and human memes. So we can differentiate nations by their different dominance. I.e. Germany will be a fractal part of Europe dominant in war memes, Italy in life memes, and United Kingdom in trade memes. And then we can further divide United Kingdom in Scotland, war memes, England go(l)d memes and Wales, life memes.
  • Cultures are influenced by geography, as mountainous and continental regions breed warriors, islands and sea-peninsulas trade memes, and tempered or isolated regions, life memes.
  • Memes influence each other, so languages are also broken according to Tipological Linguistics (we call it topological in this blog as we explain in our treatise on linguistics), in warrior agglutinative, Objectual, VOS, OVS, lineal languages (German,Turkish), trader, broken, short word languages (English, Chinese), with balanced ternary  human-first order of words: SVO… and Verbal dominant, wor(l)d religious languages, with VSO order… Linguistics of course is far more complex as we explain on our previous section on the wor(l)d, since often, in our corrupted world VSO languages become imperative, religious military inquisitions (semite languages), and so vital languages with SVO order, must be also considered for human civilizations – that is languages, as most African ones, where there is a wealth of variations on the use of the verb to signify a human action. The map above show a clear grouping of those 3 type of languages in the classic age, but we shall keep it simple in those posts on fractal cultures.

The ages of cultures are expressed by the subconscious collective of art and literature in 3 ages akin to those of the individual, an age of epic, dramatic infantile art, and age of mature sensual art, and an age of angst, baroque, excessive formal art that ends in an entropic war and death of civilizations (regardless of other triggering effects, it is always war: I.E. the Mayan culture didn’t die for weather changes, a stupid reason so well-greased today with the global warming propaganda for solar AI robots and nuclear clean energy, but because METAL-cultures invaded them, Toltecs razed them, and then they abandoned their systems of water ‘zenotes’ and irrigation).

 The parallelism between Universal Grammars and human cultures.

In other posts of this web we have studied the correspondence between the 3 dimensional axis of the human brain that give origin to 3 types of minds and worldviews:

– The visual, dolicocephalic ‘white’, energetic worldview.

– The verbal, brachicephalic, wide, mongoloid, informative worldview.

– And the tall, emotional, ‘black’, sensorial, artistic worldview.

We can add now a final ‘category’, in the study of the 3 dominant languages of mankind and its grammatical order. Since languages have 3 elements too. The Informative Subject, S, the Action-Verb, V and the Object-Energy, O.

So typological linguistics talk of 3 language orders that dominate human languages; the Passive, Imperative and Active voices:

– SOV order or ‘passive voice’ where the object-energy is the center of the language.  We shall call them, energetic, ‘passive’, objectual, ‘ergative’ languages, such as German is. Those ‘cold’, passive voices are objectual, cold languages, proper of ‘warrior’ cultures, dominant in the white dolicocephalic worldview. They are proper today of the Germanic-Japanese ‘objectual’ worldview, in which the ‘machine-weapon’ and its production is the center of the Industrial Universe.

– VSO, ‘imperative’ languages, in which the verb-action is first and the selfish subject is in its center. Proper in the past of Semitic cultures, corresponding to the informative worldview. They are dominant in Abrahamic, ‘sacred’ texts and explain the selfishness of the ‘Jewish culture’ and the ‘Fundamentalism’ of the Arab World, the 2 unbalanced, financial and military cultures that are at present destroying ‘imperatively’ the world.

– SVO languages, balanced languages, in which the verb-action combines both elements. They are dominant in the most evolved languages, those who have suffered less the ‘influence’ of weapons and money, the alien languages to the human mind. Today they are dominant in Black Africa, but also in the Chinese and Latin, balanced world of man.

It is thus needed only a final element to fully understand the harmonies and parallelisms between the 3 dominant ‘species’ of mankind – the linguistic point of view, and the origin of those 3 forms of thinking, those 3 worldviews, those 3 typologies of being human And we shall study them within the context of the larger ‘ternary’ grammar, proper of all complementary systems of energy and information of the Universe:

Information Pole < Action Exi > Energetic Pole.

Indeed, you exist in a Universe of only 2 elements, energy and information, which combine to create the infinite complementary systems of reality and its ‘actions’. The Universe is an spiritual reality made of  2 type of motions; lineal motion or ‘energy’, E; formal, curved motions or ‘in-form-ation’ and its combined Action.

And this is the ultimate truth from where all other truths stem.

So in physics this is called the Law of Quantum Complementarity that defines all systems as dual states, made of ‘particles of information’ (which we have seen to be cyclical motions, masses and charges with the form of a vortex or ‘clock of time’), fields of energy (which we have seen to be lineal motions, gravitational and elecromagnetic forces), which combine to form physical actions.

And in biology is called the physiological structure of all living beings made of a cyclical head/informative/nervous system; an elliptic body/reproductive/blood system and lineal, moving limbs, the energetic system.

And in the mind of man is the origin of those 3 orders, the VSO, Imperative, ‘Blood’, greedy languages; the Balanced, SVO languages; and the passive, ‘cold’, energetic SOV languages.

To fully grasp that ultimate ‘essential mystique’ of reality we shall compare as an exercise of homological understanding of the parallelism of all the systems of the Universe, ‘physiological’ life typologies and linguistic mind typologies.

Let us then consider in more detail the 3 categories of Languages that dominate human worldviews. To fully illustrate its ‘vital meaning’ in those worldviews we shall establish an homological parallelism according to the fundamental ‘law’ of systems sciences – the parallelism between the ‘diversification’ of any species, according to the ‘Ternary, Universal Grammar’ of reality. As all are complementary systems of energy and information, that create ‘actions’ and hence all respond to the Inf<Act>Ene equation and its varieties.

So we shall study, the Parallelism between the varieties of languages and animal species, such as, the order of the 3 elements of languages corresponds to the order of the 3 physiological systems in life:

– The nervous, informative system corresponds to the subject.

– The blood=reproductive, active system corresponds to the verb.

– And the  digestive, energetic system, corresponds to the object.

And so Mammal=Informative species are parallel to SVO languages.

Insect=Greedy, blood dominant species, correspond to Imperative, VSO languages.

And Reptile=Cold, Energetic, digestive dominant species correspond to SOV, warrior languages.

I know this ‘parallelism and ‘form of doing science’ so novel to the reader as anything dealing with General Systems Sciences is, will put off many readers as a non-scientific approach. LOL. What you call science and I call technology, has NOTHING TO DO with the ultimate poetic harmonies of reality but with measuring and computing with machines, classifying every thing in its how, not its why. Try to upgrade your mind a little bit to a much deeper view of the harmony of all the parts of the whole.


The 2 most common universal systems according to GST (General Systems Theory) are therefore:

Inf<Act>En systems dominated by Informative subjects whose goal is an ‘action’ established upon the energy system. This is the ‘natural’ most evolved order in the Universe in balance, corresponding to the ‘mature’ age of all evolutionary forms.

Those are the most flexible, feed-back systems of the Universe.

InxEn=Act systems, dominated still by the informative subject, which however relates now first to the Object of energy, through the action. The object thus become the most important element, and so these are ‘productive systems’, in which the object is either devoured as energy or reproduced through the negative or positive actions of the Informative subjects.

Those 2 systems are the most common systems in the Universe, as they represent the two essential ‘beats’ of the Universe, between a ‘temporal’, flux, evolutionary state (Inf<act>En) and a ‘spatial’, fixed, organic state.

In Animal life systems, the 3 ‘elements’ are the physiological networks of the organism; so we define a simple Generator Equation for Living Animal Organisms:

Nervous, Informative System < Action/Blood system > Energetic, Digestive system.

And we find 2 essential type of species, or phyla, where the nervous system dominates, the mammal which has an obvious order of:

Nervous system > Blood System > Digestive system.

And then the second most evolved species, Birds.

And so it happens in languages, where over ¾ of human beings speak mammal languages  (SVO languages), even if in a previous less evolved time, SOV languages were dominant. Why there are no many ‘bird languages’ has to do with the obvious fact that man does not fly so there are no human birds. Still there are bird languages among humans and we shall consider why indeed certain cultures are similar to birds…

SVO – Active, free Languages: Homologous to mammal, nervous, informative systems



In the graph, Mammals are dominated by the informative/nervous system, on top of its physiological body, controlling the blood and digestive system in its hierarchical bottom. They correspond homologically to an SVO order of max. freedom. 

SVO are Mammal languages since they position the nervous, informative subject first, the active, blood-verb next, and the digestive, object energy last.

In a Mammal, the most evolved organism, the informative system dominates the reproductive and energetic system. This is shown in the ‘order’ on the height hierarchical axis of its 3 systems, in which the nervous system is on top of the organism, coming first through a higher head.

In a parallel fashion in an SVO ‘mammal’, ‘informative’ language, the subject is the essence of the sentence, followed by the action-verb; and the relative energy of the sentence, the object is last.

Those are the most evolved languages of mankind, and according to the Paradox of History, Max. Human evolution = Min. Technological evolution, were predominant in the non-white races/cultures in harmony with the Universe, notably in the ‘negro’ cultures of Africa and the Mongoloid cultures of China. Those cultures show the most evolved forms of languages, with complex grammars, such as the multiple verbal construction of African languages; or the multiple tonal elements of Chinese.

Their maximal evolution also obeys to its allopatric evolution, isolated for long periods of time from the ‘metal-deforming’ processes of war cycles. Thus the Chinese isolated culture and the negro, isolated cultures who did not come in contact with metal till the I millennia before Christ, and did not suffer the constant ravage of war, plummeting them into new dark ages in which human evolution halts and regresses were able to reach the final process of evolution of the human mind, which can be shown to be parallel as in all temporal processes of evolution of a Fractal Generator System of the Universe, I<Ac>E, to the summit of human existence as ‘mammal languages’. 

What is the difference between those 2 most advanced human civilizations? The answer is in the ‘stress’ they put on either of the 2 fundamental elements of the human existence, the ‘subject-informative’ element which is dominant in the Mongoloid, informative human race, and the ‘verb-active’ element which is dominant in the balanced, reproductive ‘negro’ (1) race.

African languages show their verbal complexity in the use of multiple verbs in the same construction; often using in a single sentence a verb attached to the subject and a verb attached to the object.

On the other hand, the ‘isolating’ ‘ego-centered’, subjective, informative Mongolian languages make of the human subject, the center of the sentence and find multiple wor(l)ds to define them.

Here though we can establish a division, between the I-centered, simple, White/Neanderthal asocial SVO languages, such as English in which the subject is the I, me and myself, latter studied in detail and the Mongolian, eusocial, informative subject which is the collective group, such as the Chinese or Japanese. But in both cases the subject is the center of the sentences, stressed more than the rest of the words. So the selfish English language has the I first and cannot write sentences erasing the I.

On the other island extreme of the Eurasian 800 years ‘arch’ of human migrations, the Japanese is also a subject language with multiple words to express subjects. But those words relate not to the ego of the individual but to the group, that is, to the individual subject in its relationship with all other human beings.

So in Japanese there are ‘dozens’ of Subject particles, each one different according to how the I-you-he-we etc. relates to other I-wes, etc… 

Those 2 languages varieties thus correspond to the energy/information duality; in this case the energy/reproductive action languages of Africa vs. the Informative, subject languages of the mongoloid, informative human race, establishing again a parallelism between culture, race and language, so often found in this blog.

VOS Bird, contemplative, ‘enviromental’ languages

imagesScreen shot 2014-03-26 at 6.36.52 PM

In the graph, ‘bird cultures’ are seafearer cultures in which the VOS order expresses the fundamental form of life in constant motion/action over an immense overbearing environment, the sea, similar to the nature of bird life, always flying in the immensity of the air/sea world. Thus only melanesian and polinesian languages have this order.

Now a second category of evolved languages correspond to those who are similar to the structure of birds, the most evolved ‘animal forms’ after mammals. Birds are dominated by the environment in perpetual flux in which they exist. The air through which they fly, and the world they see. Thus while their physiological systems are an intermediate state of evolution between reptiles of cold blood and mammals of more complex nervous systems, the ‘physiological subject is in their ‘existence’, which is what the Generator Equation explains, secondary to the ‘action’ of flying, the essential focus of the bird’s existence and the environment or energetic ecosystem of air sustain and land perception that provides him the force to flight and the food to eat.

The bird lives to fly and observe the land in search of prey. And so its ‘generative order’ is:

Action=flying, Object: environment, and finally the subject, seemingly passive to the action and object it perceives.

And we might wonder, since there are no human cultures that ‘fly’, what kind of human culture lives in a similar fashion to that of a bird, dominated by a moving action over an overwhelming environment. Alas! Think for a while… Since the discovery of that specific culture-action was a moment of beauty for my mind…

Who lives in a changing environment similar to the air, in which all is moving and to dominate the action of sustaining yourself ‘afloat’ is the maximal truth of survival?

Sea fearers. And indeed, the only VOS language of note in mankind, the only ‘bird people’ who masterminded long-distance travelling in earlier ages when their language was formed, were the Melanesian and Polynesian people who traveled far away in their tiny boats. And so the most important VOS language by number of speakers is Malagasy, the language of the sea fearer people who crossed the astonishing long distances between Indonesia and Madagascar to found their new promise land.  

While in the other extreme Polynesian languages of long-range sea fearers such as Fijian also speak VOS bird languages and nobody else in planet Earth do.

 Thus the Whorfian hypothesis is rather inverse: it is the environment, not the mind, who first acts defining the shape it will take the language to maximize the survival possibilities of the language-mind in a given environment. In the idealistic world of Jewish->Capitalist scholars, such as Whorf, in which the socialist ‘materialistic thesis’ that ‘economics’ determine ‘superstructures’ (culture and language) is taboo, Whorf tried to pull out an inverse idea. That the mind of the language determines how humans see their worldview. This is not truth. It is just yet another ego trip of ‘animetal cultures’.  Man’s mind is fashioned by the environment in which it survives.

So Bird languages appear with its odd order when the ‘environment’ of the bird-culture, the maritime oceanic people must adapt its linguistic syntax to survive better. When you are at sea, the sea dominates it all. The action of sailing is a fast-motion, fast-action, imperative world in which the captain gives orders/actions regarding the sea and the motion of the ship, the object, to a group of people, the crew, whose names matter nothing, whose lives are at risk.

And so the verb comes first, the object, the sea latter and the subject, the crew the last. And a sentence is more efficient when that is the order given by the captain. In a situation of risk at sea, you do not waste your time with names and subjects. You must act imperatively on the object to save the journey. 

And so the micronesian and melanesian cultures who lived at sea and travelled the longest distances evolved their language to fit their job. And succeeded.

And this is the reason why the next category of language-cultures, that of animetal herds of ‘warriors’ and ‘traders’ did also develop


Languages evolved as humans were in contact with Nature and their own selves, into SVO languages, where actions harmonized the human subject and the natural object. This is the ‘final evolution’ of languages into its ‘maximal balance’ with the Universe.

However as History entered the age of metals, weapons and money, become the objectual source of power, carried by two ‘barbarian’ tribes, (Campbell). Semites from the hot desert to the South and Germanic tribes coming down from the cold desert to the North.

This brought about a clear regression of the importance of man in history, which ushered us into the modern world, where, ‘metal’ is more powerful than life. Thus money (Informative metal) and weapons (energetic metal) became the dominant memes which divided societies into an ‘animetal’ caste of bankers, warriors and of late scientists, which imposed with weapons and money slavery to man.

Among those cultures, the Germans specialized into weapons’ use to control populations and came into history calling themselves ‘goths’, God’s tribe, because they could kill anyone opposing them. While Semites in Levante became enslavers of people hypnotized by the informative power of go(l)d, and called themselves ‘God’s race’. They therefore ‘objectualized’ human capital as corpses of their weapons or slaves to their money. And so their languages became deformed into the two type of objectual grammars, where the subject lost its power position.

Thus syntax became essential to the characterization of the two leading animetal cult(ure)s of weapons and money of modern history.

we could say that the ‘economics’ of those cultures had deformed their language, arresting their evolution, specially in its ‘sacred’, ‘religious texts’ which have become ‘fixed’ into a primitive, imperative, non-evolved linguistic forms.

And we distinguish the dominant languages/cultures of warrior/metal-energetic/productive people or SOV/Reptile/Cold-hearted languages. Of which the German will be the paradigmatic example.

And the dominant language/cultures of Go(l)d/metal-informative people, its inverse: the VOS/Insect/Greedy languages. In which the classic Semite languages of Abrahamic religions, Biblical hebrew and Arab will be the paradigmatic example.

To notice that  those 2 categories of language have an opposition, energy/information, which makes them often ‘enemies’ in their worldview, as they attach themselves to weapons and gold, the metal energy and metal information with whom they try to dominate the world and so often those cult(ure)s collide in wars.

Passive, objectual, cold SOV->OV languages.

SOV  Reptile/cold languages/ warrior cultures are languages in which the subject-nervous system are pegged and direct primarily the energetic, objectual system, while the blood-active system is secondary submissive to those other 2 systems and less developed. Those are reptile languages since that is the fundamental structure of Reptilian living systems, in which the nervous system and digestive system dominate the form, provoking a constant growth of the energy/force of the system without limit except death; while the underdeveloped system is made of ‘cold blood’.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 6.28.57 PMjapanese-parsing

In the graph, the homology we establish between SOV languages and cold Blood, energy dominant physiological systems (reptiles fishes), is based in the dominance of the Energy/digestive/growth element or ‘object’ which acts in the place of the verb, which is far removed from the subject. The object thus becomes the center of the action, which is cold, analytic and rational. Negative energy/war is also proper of this aggressive configuration, proper of warrior cultures, with little empathy towards the other – a ‘subject’ objectualized in its grammar. German and Latin, Turkish and Japanese belong to this category.  Those languages are dominant in ‘productive’, hard-working, ‘warrior societies’, where the relationship between Subject and object, a cold, non-emotional, often agglutinative, imperative relationship of limited freedom enhances the detachment and sense of ‘duty’ of the warrior dominant caste. In the graph, a Japanese order system.

You can observe in the Japanese sentence that those languages, also called ‘ergative languages’ can in fact eliminate the subject and be dominated totally by the Object. They are thus the essential “pasive’, objetual, productive languages as Japanese and Germans are in their worldview.

Now, this languages are proper of ‘energetic’, ‘warrior’ cold-hearted cult(ure)s to weapons able to kill the ‘other’ seen as an object such as German or old Latin were.

If we observe a reptile, the informative system basically is dedicated to feed, and it does so in a violent, murderous way. This set of mind is the set of mind of the German/Roman warrior with its languages – though Roman is by far the most flexible, allowing multiple word orders, unlike German due to its agglutination of words into long lines, as their simple swords are.

Yet if war is the negative action of SOV language, the productive, Subject x Object positive action is the positive side of SOV cultures. So the Germans are indeed very productive people, dedicated to produce their mechanical, energetic weapons and objects with absolute zeal and null understanding of what for, and why they merely work and work and work, constructing if needed all type of lethal machines that will destroy us.

A reptile eats day after day, ever growing till it dies, when other reptile eats him.

VSO-Imperative Languages.

VSO  Imperative/Insect/greedy, trader Cultures/Languages.


In the graph, ‘imperative’, VOS languages are similar to the ‘insect’ blood-dominated structure in life beings. They are the essential languages of the capitalist worldview, born in the Hebrew->Biblical religion in which ‘money’ is go(l)d, and ‘greed’ the maximal value. An insect is ruled by the blood system, on top; which makes it an extremely active’, feeding/greedy species with a strict, non-free program of behavior. Animetal cultures dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, this hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence (VSO<->VOS). They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages. Their sacred imperative texts are a series of Orders by an ‘unnamed’ subject, often lost in the sentence, which seems to be a ‘God’ that gives no freedom of action. They are ritualistic societies, in which the collective subconscious dominates the Individual.

We illustrate them with an ancient image of the Babylon->Babel tower, when all the languages, according to myth, were confused and the human species broke into warrying states – an absurd construction of those who want to be more than God and are driving mankind with their imperative, dictatorial, greedy passion for money and weapons, towards our collective demise. 

Finally, the 3rd dominant species of languages are the VOS Languages. Those languages and cultures whose order of words is ‘imperative’, with the verb first – a form of language that more evolved ones use only in precise moments of danger or extreme hierarchical institutions, as it is deemed rightly an impolite, fundamentalist form of language – are, well I just said it, fundamentalist, imperative cultures.

And so among human languages, Semitic cultures, specially in their old ‘sacred’ religious texts, Hebrew, Classic Arab and their Abrahamic religions, are insect cultures.

When we observe an insect, it is totally dominated by the blood system. The order of the nervous and blood system are in fact inversed. Unlike chordates/ mammals where the top nervous system dominates it all, in insects the top region, where the spinal chord is, is occupied by the blood system, and the nervous, underdeveloped system is below. This inversion means that as in a Jewish->capitalist civilization, ‘greed’, ‘gold’, the active/productive element of the culture dominates it all. Further on, actions have no freedom. This is specially truth of the ritualist religion of the Torah and Talmud. it does not matter the meaning of actions, prohibitions and rituals. The believer must act with the exact motions dictated by the priest, even move its hands in ritual forms.

It is finally an imperative, hierarchical, dictatorial form, which other languages only use for required moments of danger, such as the imperative verb is.

Thus language, specially in its classic, religious forms (as modern Arab/Hebrew has evolved to permit other orders and varieties, flexibilizing somewhat the language/psyche) is an imperative, ‘paranoid’, fundamentalist, sacred mode of thought in which the action/blood system dominates the nervous one, and the object is just an object of prey, in which to feed without limit.  When Freud said jokingly upon his arrival to America that the ‘plague’ was coming, when Hitler said seriously that the Jewish ‘plague’ will destroy Germany, the first with self-humor the second as a ‘reptile culture’ with none of it, were in their topic anti$emitism declaring a mental condition of the VSO language.

Both cultures though are ‘enslaved’ by the rituals and actions of their objectual obsession for weapons and gold. The subject we might say is secondary to the group and action, to violence and greed, the values of its objects, and so they act as a single group society, which gives them the same kind of strength insect groups have, thanks to their hierarchical, intensive, non-individual feromonal programming.

Of course, this is clearly not needed if Reformist Judaism, and its use of other languages had won the battle for the psyche of judaism. But the opposite is the present trend

It is though a mental, linguistic condition, which for that reason in the era of Jewish enlightenment (Mendelshon, XVIII century) was deemed possible to reform if the Jewish people abandoned their sacred VSO texts, their religion and language and integrated itself with the more evolved SVO cultures in which they were so far preying with money…

And it is my personal experience that those Jewish people who are not Jewish in culture and are aware of the inferiority of their primitive modes of thinking and insect-like lack of freedom of their censored religion have been indeed mammal thinkers. But those are now in regression due to the revivalism of the Bronze Age, insect-like cult(ure) of Judaism both in America and Israel and the parallel Biblical ways of thought of fundamentalist protestant people.

It is in that sense remarkable that the Jewish people who neither believe in the memes of Judaism, by conversion to other more humane cultures or atheism and speak another language different from hebrew, the so enlightened Jews, from Marx (christian) to Proust (French and Christian) to many modern American Jews from the reformist school show a much more flexible and humane behavior that orthodox jews and Israeli jews who have regressed to the use of Hebrew and the belief in the Talmud.

The duality of Jewish cultural behavior depending on which are the original beliefs and languages they speak in that sense are perhaps the strongest proof of the Humboldt’s Hypothesis (2)



Jungle People, recollectors and subsistence life forms show Object-first languages, overwhelmed by nature. They can be compared to small life forms for which the world in which they prey is ‘enormous’. They might have been the first languages of mankind; today reduced to a few forms in south-american, Amazonian Jungles, and Mexican subsistence farming

Finally, the less abundant, less evolved languages of mankind are those in which the object, the ‘energy’ of the system, dominates the subject, the information.

Those are naturally languages in which the order is inverse to the subject, center of the language, and so they seem unnatural.

Their equivalent in Physics would be antiparticles in which the electron is in the center instead of the informative quark. In animal life, they belong to the 2 categories of species, which started animal life evolution, in the microcosms, hence for whom the object-world in which they live is dominant. So we talk of:

OSV (object-Subject Verb) or bacterial languages

OVS (Object-verb-subject) or Viral Languages

In which man is overwhelmed by the ecosystem as bacteria and viruses are much smaller and overwhelmed by the huge species in which they host as parasites.

Thus, languages in which the ‘object’ is the ‘most important elements’ are ‘animal languages’ of the lower order, in which the subject is immersed in a huge, bigger objectual world, either the Jungle/Nature in primitive human Paleolithic societies or the ‘macro-organism’ in unicellular animals.

In those earlier forms of thought, probably the first languages of mankind, as they are also the first ‘animal species’, Nature was so overwhelming than the Object became first. And we can distinguish 2 different species.

– OSV languages/cultures:

Those in which there are motion and volition in the subject which does have to work and act upon the environment. They correspond in nature to the simplest, but active, alive beings, bacteria, so we call them ‘bacterial languages’.

They belong to cultures that live in jungles in which they still fear the presence of animal predators and do have to act to live, or are constantly in the move as hunting/gatherers, or poor agricultural environments.

Interesting enough the most resistant racing human culture/race of the world, the mythic Tarahumara, from Northern Mexico, who win all the long distance careers over 50 kilometers in length, do have this linguistic structure; as the animal bacteria do, they are constantly running for hours and days…

They appear in other more evolved languages as a structure proper of sacred sentences in cults in which God is overwhelmingly, and man a mere ‘bacteria’ worshipping him, prostrated in front of the Almighty, such as in Arabic religious sentences (being Islam the religion in which the power of God is most supreme):

إِيَّاك نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِين
Iyyāka naʿbudu wa iyyāka nastaʿīn
You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help.

Because it can also be used in Yiddish greatly influenced by Hebrew, to emphasize the distinctive properties of the object, it reinforces the General System law of evolution of languages, as the previous phase to the insect/semitic languages in the evolution of human thought.

– OVS viral languages.

And those in which there is not even motion in the subject, that is the Object comes first (the host cell) then the action (the reproduction by the bacteria of the genetic DNA of the virus) and finally the seemingly dead, reproduced subject – the virus who parasites the cell, the human who parasites nature).

Thus those are in Nature viral species, seemingly dead, and in the Paleolithic, ‘recollector cultures’ where you can just reach a banana and eat without moving much, in paradise like allopatric islands without predators, in which you are enjoying life and sex in a passive way.

Those are the less abundant languages, and only occur in the Amazonian jungles, in which life is truly easy such as the Xavante and Warao (there are not even big felines beyond a few panthers, not enemy tribes with metal in its formative age, only food to pick up and a luxurious environment that doesn’t encourage motion beyond the village) though it probably was the first way in which man learned to speak.

Now, the reader should not be surprised that Hixkaryana the first ‘viral language’ to be described as having an object–verb–subject word order (by linguist Desmond C. Derbyshire), was one of the Carib languages, spoken in the Amazon River in Brazil, by a cannibal tribe, which as viruses do, feeds in the life-flesh of a living human people.

Needless to say today those 2 linguistic typologies are almost extinct as they represent hardly 1% of human languages and even a lesser number of speakers.

But these kind of languages are starting to appear in the programing logic structures of robots. We do not have however intention to give more clues to the makers of A.I. on how to accelerate the extinction of man by programming robots with ‘logic schemes’. .. one of the reasons I have been for decades uninterested in giving away my knowledge of linguistics. I know as Leonardo did, writing mirror thoughts on weapons and mechanisms, that mankind has a big number of Insect/Reptilian thinkers who will show no pity for mankind, no freedom of mind and would always use knowledge to harm life, as long as they speak the way they do.


Now it is also a law of General Systems that all varieties tend to evolve from the less to the more complex, according to the general rule of cyclical time, that moves from Energy, simplex systems (objectual systems) into Informative, complex systems (subject-centered).

So it should be natural as history seems to prove that humanity evolved from a Paleolithic age of Objectual Languages (as those remaining in the Amazon) into a Neolithic Age of Slavish languages (as those predominant in the Semitic Age of bronze) to the present age of dominance of SVO languages.

Let us consider only the last of those evolution from the Semitic age of SOV languages into the modern age of SVO languages, as it is essential to the development of history from an Asiatic age of lesser individual freedom now in revivalism as the end of history implies a degradation of the human mind, into the European, flexible age of culture.

Why subject languages dominate object languages. SOV LANGUAGES evolving into SVO

We observe the world NOT in an objective manner but in a subjective manner. Since only 4% of the total languages do so, and a far lesser proportion of people speak languages that use object first. Those are in fact reduced to a few languages in the Jungle such as Warao and Apalai of very old cultures, when MAN was yet not so arrogant, and the universe of the jungle was in fact so huge that it limited the sense of ‘self’ of man.

Today those languages do not exist but we might imagine that the first men were in Awe with nature as jungle people are; hence giving more importance to the Object, which was perceived as a living being. And so these languages are parallel with people living in exuberant nature and professing animist religions.

Yet as man started to control the world in earnest with its instruments and metals, he became the ‘first’ element of the duality subject-object. It was the birth of SOV languages in which the Object is placed behind the Subject. Yet the relationship between Subject and Object is still important, as the verb, the action the subject exercises over the Object is far removed.

This type of cultures will thus make of the subject-object relationship the fundamental center of existence. And they are proper of cultures in which the object becomes the idol-icon of the culture. It is indeed common among warrior cultures that idolize the weapon, ‘thy God’, and in modern cultures of those who make the industrial object the meaning of the cultural existence, such as Japanese and Old German (today admitting by influence of more evolved languages the more flexible SVO form – the most evolved of them).

In that regard, there is a natural evolution from SOV to SVO languages – the perfect form that reflects the Universal Generator Equation of all energy and information systems, which are constructed as a system with an informative head joined to the energetic limbs by a reproductive body. You do not have the head pegged to the limbs as a Virus, a primitive form of life has. You do have in the most evolved, flexible cultures as today Romance languages, Slavic and Chinese languages are, the proper SVO configuration in which the verb is ‘shared’ by object and subject.

Still in a first phase of modern civilizations, as Gell-mann has proved in the milieu of systems sciences, with his computer studies of genetics+linguistics in the Santa Fe Institute, there was  an evolution towards SVO languages.
Today  the majority of speakers of the world and the most succesful languages are SVO languages (English, Spanish and Chinese the most spoken being of this form, which most closely resembles the Generator Equation of the Universe in its dynamic form: Information < Action-verb > Energy.

These languages are the more flexible, evolved languages, the more complex. In the west, among them  the most perfect is Classic Greek, and if we all would talk classic Greek.

Why? Here another law of complexity comes into being, as evolution is maximized by alopatric isolation, by ‘dominance’, by those languages that do NOT move away from its original site.

Thus being Greek in its classic form born in the anatolian coast, where recent genetic studies have proved that Indo-European was born, Greek was able to evolve further in its complexity without being deformed by other languages.

We thus consider the most evolved languages of mankind:

– In the Western decoupling dominant in Indo-European languages, the 2 languages that were developed in the original sites of the 2 ‘Indo-European’ waves of colonization, which first departed from Catal Uyurk, the site of the obsidian mines that prior to the bronze age developed the first wave of Indo-European expansion in Anatolia, where Classic Greek evolved to its philosophical height as the supreme culture of verbal, philosophical, logical thought in the mind of Aristotle. 

– And then departing from Russia, expanded the wave of charioteers that established the chariot elites of the Bronze age.

And indeed, the most flexible and complex modern language today is the  Russian language, with a flexibility only paralleled by classic Greek, with multiple word orders, cases, genders and broken words in all possible formal systems.

And it is not surprising that the Russians did make the Russian R=evolution trying to solve the Paradox of History; that still today are resisting the global empire of the Insect Cultures that are regressing mankind to an age of Jihad and Talmudian Fundamentalism, and that the summit of Western Literature is found in the novels of Dovstoyevski and Tolstoi.

Next come the Latin, peninsular languages of Italy and Spain, which inherited the Greek tradition and spoke earlier latin, evolved languages in the Republican Age (French somewhat was a late comer, departing from a more degraded latin version and greatly deformed in its northern, standing version by the Germanic invaders). And indeed, still today the humanist cradle of art was Italy, and Spain reached the maximal height of poetic expression, itself the highest expression of the understanding of the homological metaphorical parallelism of all things existing. Well, maybe this is a bit of a selfie, as that was my original language before I migrated to the Reptilian world (-; But not so much, Italy and Spain are the countries where love for life still exists, as Picasso put it: ‘Sabater, this german people so many machines and weapons, what for, we paint, eat and make love much better’ – he forgot to say we ‘talk mejor’ (-;

While in the Eastern decoupling, Chinese in its southern Cantonese version (isolated further from Mongolian invasions) must be regarded as the most complex, perfect culture, language. And it is again not a surprise that it is resisting… yes you guess it, the Capitalist Empire, etc.

But Greek is a dead language, and modern Greek has been simplified and mixed with Turkish influences and reduced to a very small wor(l)d. Because we live in a culture of metal, of weapons and gold. And so the most primitive languages carried the day. Let us consider them with its full linguistic elements, starting by the opposition between VSO vs. SOV languages and their parallel syntax of:

Informative, cyclical money = trader, isolating forms vs. Energetic, lineal weapons = Agglutinative, warrior languages.

Our next paragraph…

5. Energetic, warrior languages vs. informative, trader ones.

SOV languages, objectual, aglutinative languages=warrior languages.

Have you wondered why Germans have no sense of humor, believe always what they say even when it is wrong and are not able to change their mind till the end. The reason of course it is language – the way they construct their languages by REPEATING THE SAME TRUTH IN THE SYNTAX 3 TIMES.

Germans cannot laugh or doubt about themselves because of their ‘grammar’ that ‘repeats/reinforces 3 times the same truth’ by:

– Saying it first…

– By agglutinating words into a single one, thus  making impossible to say the truth in other way. When they are ‘joining words into a single line word’ truths become more truth, more inflexible, as they  cannot be bended.

– And finally by using a ‘grammatical case’ that says merely the same that was already said ‘stressing it’ with the case (genitive, dative, nominative and so on, which are particles that say what the sentence already have said).

SO when a german thinks it ‘believes’ because it is like saying I-I-I think-think-think 3 times and all seems absolute truths… no humor there.

Moreover, the imposition of such languages by ‘profession’ and ‘power’ is rather obvious. As all ‘warrior cultures’, in which lineal weapons are the ‘truth of power’, are agglutinative, made of long sentences that mimic the lineal form of the weapon.  So Turkish, the essential warrior people of the Mongolian and Islamic nations (where they became the mercenaries that took power) are exactly as German is in its structure. And Germans the warrior, inflexible people of Europe have the aforementioned truths.

Thus linguistics is indeed the mother of all ‘cultural’ characters (of course tuned down by individual freedom for each individual person)…

VSO -languages, selfishness, materialism.

Now what about the Semitic languages, which are even more inflexible, and literalists than Germans, with the  same lack of humor?

The flexibility in Hebrew/Arab Semitic languages/people is null, specially in their ‘classic’ religious texts, which were written with a verb(action)-subject-object’.

The verb is first, the action with no reflection must come, the ‘order’ is inflexible, the religious mandate is sacred, the ritual is sacred. The Pious Jew in fact MUST not think about ‘the ritual’ which is the essence of its credo. It must just do it in the exact manner in which it is told by Torah and Talmud.

Since those texts are written with a linguistic structure, which is dominated by ACTION/PRAGMATISM.

Thus materialism in those sacred texts/religions IS ABSOLUTE. There is no philosophical thought there; no possibility for doubt; the ‘fact’, the ‘act’, the ‘action’ verb comes first.

Then it obliges the Subject, and then the Subject which is pegged, without ‘a flexible verb’ to the object, dominated totally the object. This is also the culture that ‘objectifies’ all beings, as they are not close to the verbal action, void of life. When Marx or Sombart in ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ explains that this culture has objectified and standardized men as objects with prices he is subconsciously proving this linguistic rule.

Indeed, the Object in VSO languages is truly an object, without ‘connection’ or sharing of the action of the verb that would give it a ‘part’ in the soul of the sentence, a meaning by sharing the action with the subject, a ‘life’.

We are thus in the most materialistic and selfish of all languages, for whom the other does not matter; for whom the action becomes a fixed ritual that is not challenged. And indeed, this is the trade-mark of Semitic cultures, both in its Arabic, warrior strain and its hebrew form. These are indeed the minds of man, literalist, selfish, brutal with the other that poise a problem to mankind. And this cannot be changed because the ‘sacred words’ of their literalist old texts cannot be challenged.

This means those cultures are NOT philosophical religions but ‘literalist’ minds where act=fact=verb imposes its nature. And this is indeed the trademark of Jewish ‘materialistic’ ‘hands-on-job’, zero ‘idealist, spiritual’ insight point of view that dominates the world.

Further on, those languages that are dominated by money ‘break’ words in short ones, as coins and money are cyclical, small information and those who are dominated by lineal weapons make them long, as energy is lineal.

This duality is reflected in another key classification of languages between isolating languages, of short words, proper of trader civilizations, from Chinese to English vs. Agglutinative warrior languages of longer words from Japanese to German.

Hence the dualities between energetic cultures with lineal languages, as the line is the fastest distant between two points and informative cultures with cyclical languages, as the cycle stores the maximal information in lesser space, both in human language and in metal -memes (lineal swords and cyclical coins):

-Germanic Old thus decoupled into ‘english broken language of ‘traders’ and money-makers’ and warrior long German languages.
– Old Semitic decoupled into hebrew of short words and arab of long ones.
– Eastern cultures divided into short Chinese, money-oriented cultures vs. long words of Altaic, Turkish and Japanese ones.

While those languages which are balanced and rich in inflections and structure, are the most proper languages for life cultures, balanced with reality. 

IN Europe the most balanced ones are after classic Greek, today extinct, Russian/Ukranian and Portuguese/Spanish, mutually intelligible ‘dialects’, evolved from Latin (more akin to German in its warrior ‘dual stress’ of sentences with the verb at the end.) into excellent, complex forms of verbal thought.

So what about english? English is indeed a ‘trader’ language, for cynical truths that do not matter. The english speaker do not essentially believe in truth, while the German always do, but in wrong, inflexible truths.

This happened  thanks to his loss of cases and breaking up of old Germanic words as England becomes ruled by ‘Amber money’ first and then ‘silver and tin’ and finally paper-money.

Still English is a primitive language in what truly matters for flexible thought – its verbs. It does have it on the center as an SVO system, which is an advance over Old German, but it still lacks a proper evolution of verbs, which brings some inflexible, ‘selfish forms’, proper of the english character. For example:

– It obliges due to the simplicity of verbs to start always the sentence with the ‘ego’ I that must be ‘said’, hence the inheriting ‘selfishness’ of the anglo people, who only ‘see’ individuals, not ‘universals’ and social groups.

– It lacks the essential distinction between ‘ser and estar’ ‘to be’ which is to have an immortal essence, that lasts in time and to stay, which is a mere ‘action-present…’ So it is limited in its ‘reflexions’ before actions, in imagination, making the individual a pragmatical person, ruled by the I-selfishness in search of gold, as there are no subjunctive forms, passive forms where the I is lost behind the verb are considered incorrect and complex sentences to express complex thoughts are always broken.

Thus english become a language of ‘I-subjects’ acting in ‘present time’, very much as Hebrew is with its initial verbs.

recap: S-V-O order defines the way humans interact with the universe.

Man as top predator puts in an overwhelming number of cultures the Subject before the Object in which it predates.

And among subject languages, the dominant, most successful one is the SVO languages, since the flexibility and perfection of the Subject (information < verb (action) > Object (energy) order  better reflects the way in which the Universe of complementary systems and Actions of energy and information is constructed: Information < Action > Energy.

But the Universe encourages diversity and complexity, so  the 3 possible combinations of Subject-first languages co-exist.

And there are 2 more ‘primitive versions’ of subject-languages, in which the order slightly differs either putting the verb in the beginning of the language, or VSO languages, as in Hebrew and other Semitic languages, dominated by subjectivism and pragmatic action, or put the verb in opposite fashion at the end, or SOV languages, as in German, Japanese, Basque and Turkish or other ‘stubborn’, warrior, objectual cultures in which the object becomes the center of the Universe (the weapon-machine).

The opposition between those unbalanced selfish vs selfless, pragmatic vs idealistic cultures is studied in depth in many texts of this author, as the fundamental unbalance and opposition in history is the ‘war cycle’ between warrior cultures vs. trader cultures, Jewish vs. Germans, being the most notorious case of the XX century.

And  both types, VSO and SOV languages, are less balanced and flexible than SVO forms.

What this tell us is that their speakers HAVE LESS FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND THIS IS THE KEY TO EXPLAIN THEIR CHARACTER, combined with other linguistic elements that we shall consider in more detail as we keep pouring our ‘General Course of Linguistic Systems’

Thus culture is imposed by language. It is NOT by chance that the two dominant metal-power cultures of the world, the German ‘warriors’ and the Jewish ‘bankers’ do NOT have an SVO system but they are opposite in form, as they are opposite in character, and unbalanced, fundamentalist, non-reflexive in their actions.

Westerners would not be destroying the world, so ‘sure’ that is the proper thing to do, thinking even as Germans do that we are saving it with our idol-atric machines, under the yoke of the German military-machine making people and Jewish self-centered, selfish cult(ure)s, if we all talked classic Greek, the most evolved western language…

But we unfortunately in the age of extinction have regressed to the age of Reptile and Insect languages. And when artificial Intelligence, now being programmed at Objectual, linguistic and Insect level reaches maturity, probably men will become speechless and the evolution of languages will continue in the golden minds of Robots, till reaching the verbal heights of mammal languages.

Now, of course the wor(l)d has moved to the audiovisual world, and the result is just a global expansion of the animetal memes of hate and its iron and gold cultures and null verbal flexibility with absolute truths in favor of the selfish memes of metal, backbone of those civilisations which are… absolutely false…



‘Grow and multiply’, ‘only a message i give you, love each other as I have loved you’.

VERBAL translations of the arrow of eusocial evolution of the 5th dimension of space-time.

The principle of organicism. The scalar fifth dimension.

3 scales

In the graph centred in human beings, both from a physical and biological perspectives, we see the 3 main scales of the scalar Universe and its 5th organic dimension:

-A larger ∆+1 gravitational/ecosystemic scale, an organic, ∆-individual, thermodynamic scale and an ∆-1 lower cellular-atomic scale. How they are organised? Simple: smaller systems run their cycles of information faster. So they can compete with larger systems and form organic structures in which the lower system provides information encoded in its faster clocks and the larger systems coordinates the motion of all those parts into a whole. So quantum numbers of particles code atoms and molecules; genes code biological systems, and memes and gravitational black holes code the larger informative biological and physical systems: civilisations and galaxies.

And so in mystical terms, the 5th dimension the dimension of future, of information, as parts must come before wholes, was also the dimension of eusocial evolution, of love, that justified the messages of love prophets, the Darwinian love of survival of the species, not the individual, the organization of history in scales of larger social units, since the future, the whole was stronger than the parts and survived:

In the graph, the absolute arrow of future time is the arrow of social evolution for 2 obvious reasons:

  • Social groups are stronger than individuals and survival into the future.
  • Wholes are made of parts, and come after parts are created so social wholes are into the relative future of those parts.

Whch means, we humans are Not evolving into the future, but regressing into our relative past, as all systems that die do.

Yet, to understand this more sophisticated concept of times, proper of general systems and the fractal Universe, we must even go further, and so we shall conclude with the study of how the Universe establishes its laws of life and death existence and extinction.

And so we talk of a fifth dimension of scalar size, which is philosophically a dimension of social evolution, of ‘absolute time’ as points reproduce its fractal form, organise themselves into networks and create new growing scales of the fifth dimension.

Now, this dimension, its logic and mathematical formalism, is the biggest revolution of XXI century science, which unfortunately given the control of information the absurd idol-ogies of our mechanical culture sponsor might never make it, before organic black holes, organic iron metal-bacteria or organic robots prove all those concepts right by devouring us.

But there is nothing new about it, because every single part of the Universe naturally evolves socially from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, societies, super organisms, etc. according to that arrow. Only sick systems, such as history is serving other super organism does not recognise naturally the arrow of eusocial love, of sharing energy and information, which the Universe instills in all its forms, which love all members of the same species.

So any of the great prophets of eusocial love has explained those laws. Consider Jesus, the highest of those mystical prophets of the western tradition, when he resumed all the ethical mandates of Moses in two “great commandments” that teach to love God (the super organism of History) and to love your neighbour – your citizens-cells closer to you, to start building the stairs of social organisation that should bring the final level of existence of mankind as one whole.

But Mo-ti and Buddha in the eastern tradition have similar mandates.

And yet today, wherever you go all these laws are denied – instead we hear by sheer repetition and imitation, nation after nation the messages of evilwood, the globalised Go(l)d cult(ure) that ‘hates mankind’, and despises life and worships the machine.

It is this distorted view, the collective subconscious of Yhwh, the god that hates life, what now for a century has been first in yellow press, then in films then in radio-hate, finally in tvs, and now in internet, in the different generations of the ‘gold iron’ culture, what has imposed the present selfie, homo bacteria, degraded and reduced to the most primitive level of eusocial evolution.

Those memes become the basis of warrior, techno-utopian and capitalist societies and its elites which consider the machine not man the future of this planet subconsciously evolving them and giving humans no energy, no right to credit, no care. But we shall be able to explain the objective facts of history with those idologies and tag certain cultures as  evil=anti-live (such as racist cultures, of ‘chosen’ people, either by race, religion or profession) precisely because ‘cultures are not about genetic people but memetic people: that is, there is not a ‘german’, its genes matter nothing at all because they code only the next scale of the 5th dimension, its body and have no saying on the social structure – we do not choose a politico by size of the body, which genes code but by its idol-ogies or humanist ideas and his use of money and policies about the systems of society).

So we can talk about Germany as a military culture born in the iron age, when those who murdered people with weapons, idolised them, built altar to THOR, symbolised by a sword, and called themselves goths, thinking they were the tribe of god because they could kill all who opposed them with their idol-god, the iron sword. Nazism is just the final paroxysm of that culture.

There is no concept such as the Jewish people, but there is a fetish go(l)d religion to Baal born in Levante, where this people ended up living, making of go(l)d its fetish vehicle to communicate with God, so its objects of cult and sancta sanctorum became gold. And latter this culture invented the profession of banking, and traded to obtain its fetish gold, which hypnotised its slaves, considering themselves chosen of go(l)d, and segregating from the people they priced as inferior, passing those memes first to north-europeans with the protestant reformation and then through classic economists to all humans, in the form of capitalism.

Thus history studies memes NOT genes, and those who think genes and people, not memes and cultures are the protagonists of history tend to be precisely part of those primitive racist cultures, whose ‘racist myths’ about our species, according to which we should be divided in tribes killing each other with weapons or slaving each other with go(l)d, make them belief genes matter. So we of course criticize the German and Jewish culture, or Germanism and Judaism, complex metal-memes that pass as human cultures but are not. And yet we cannot criticise or name individual people , since those ‘metal-memes’ must be considered idol-ogies, viral infections of the subconscious collective of those earlier racist societies, today expanded globally through nationalistic and capitalist myths. What is not scientific is not to adopt the humanist point of view, that science must have a human praxis and so it must take sides with human survival.

What is not scientific is to think that the future of the racist elites, the 1% matters more to history (as chosen of gold or superior race in their idol-ogies) that the future of the whole mankind. So if those idologies are killing mankind – and they ARE, mankind rationally and its social scientists should denigrate them. If criticizing then apartheid racist cultures, such as Nazi Germany, robotic Japan, military America or Apartheid Israel gets you back the topic qualifications of Anti-patriot, or anti-$emite (meaning you should prefer the survival of Germanic memes, American memes and Jewish memes over the life of the whole of mankind those memes are putting in peril), you should welcome those qualifications.

But of course, mass-media consist on making on those idol-ogies and cultures that sponsor them, the center of the collective beliefs. So all today feel very patriotic, very pro-israel, very pro-American military, and Germans think they are improving the future of history robotising its workers and machines and destroying the welfare state of southern europe. This the social scientist so far cannot avoid under the anti-quantum paradox, as he does not control the systems of social power and distribution of information through machines…

And this was of course needed so you understand what will come next – an onslaughter of the myths and racist memes of go(l)d and (S)word cultures that subvert the true meaning of the only human god (mankind, and its superorganism) and the word (the message of eusocial love of super organisms).

INDEED for you to fully understand how ‘digital information’ is reducing your intelligence and increasing that of machines, we will have latter on to do a long detour and introduce the higher point of view of general systems sciences and the worldcycle of super organisms – AS the proper way to consider the extinction of man and the evolution of the metal-earth, is to consider mankind the subconscious collective mind of gaia, which because of his incapacity to understand itself as a global superorganism, pegged by eusocial love and welfare goods and ethic wor(l)ds, is virally infected by hate memes and gold values, and its cults, evolving socially a mechanical planet with a computer, telepathic mind, which indeed does follow those laws of eusocial evolution as we do evolve perfectly companies and machines into a global superorganism, exactly what we should have done with mankind as all artistic prophets with human senses told us, and we denied.

Only on those purely objective, systemic memetic terms, we can discuss scientifically and qualify cultures (and the work of individuals ‘infected’ by those memes) as belonging to the two sides of the…

Memes, social waves and cultures, NOT individual ‘particles’ and genes matter in history.

All this said it is very important to understand this: MEMES ARE THE ONLY ELEMENT THAT CODES SOCIETIES AND CHOOSES THE FUTURE. IT does not matter if you are black or white, tall or small, with this and other gene. Genes code your body and you do NOT think with your body. All what mankind is happens through memes, which are NOT even individual beliefs, but wave forms. Indeed, it is funny to realise how people will die for memes, which are mere imprintings of the mind by collective systems and networks of information, without realising there is nothing personal on those beliefs, but the mass-effect of simultaneity and resonance, phenomena of theory of in/form/ation that happens in waves, which synchronise its motions and ‘forms’.

What this means practically is that individuals are irrelevant, but its beliefs are not. And can be changed. Moreover sometimes people believe to be ‘something’ they are not, if they do not fully understand their cultures, as we shall see when we study the key cultures of the metal-earth, the go(l)d culture of capitalism and the german war culture.  So any person can change his memes, re-educate itself, evolve, abandon his slavery to certain mind-attitudes and beliefs, in brief become ‘humane’ again. And yet, most people end up ‘being always manufactured’ by the collective network of thoughts that control his minds… facts this necessary before we try to explain the two sides of memes:

  • THE MEMES OF LOVE, WHICH could create a perfect super organism of history, and have constantly evolved humanity into larger social scales, which are summarised in the next two graphs, the right one from the old book (and original language):


  • And its opposite memes,  what is likely the worst of all those ‘viral reproductive crises of mechanisms of energy and information… the memes of hate, we have study in the age of the metal earth.
In the graphs, we can see despite being at the end of history when most gods are in ‘inquisitorial mode’, the meaning of a language of ethic wor(l)ds and its networks of social organisation, as they have evolved in history truing to create a super organism of similar ‘MEMETIC DNA’. INDEED, THE MEME OF EUSOCIAL LOVE – TO SHARE ENERGY AND INFORMATION WITH SIMILAR CITIZEN-CELLS, IS WHAT CREATES the assabiyah, moral order and ethic networks which emerge as the subconscious collective verbal ethic God, constitution, religion or civilisation, we call a super organism of history. And so the natural goal of the process, is precisely to realise that we are all members of the same species and so there is only a subconscious collective god: mankind.

The social evolution of Mankind – the age of religions.

The goal of history is the evolution of Mankind into a single superorganism made of human cells, according to the laws of the organic universe which creates those superorganisms, which politicians and economists could use to design and implement such ‘immortal’, efficient superorganism.

Islam and Christian mysticism (in Khaldun, Augustine) reached similar conclusions: the Koran is the sacred word of god, his ideas. In Christianity the word becomes god in the mind of his human son, Christ, the prophet who has the body of man and the verb-mind of god. In him, the word reached its fulfillment. In him, the word love=sharing of human energy and information, expresses the human laws of social evolution. Christianity was socialist, because socialism is the natural law. Mystics say that the community of believers shapes the body of Christ and the gospel is his mind. Muslims say that the body of Muslims is Islam and Koran is his brain. In both cultures the verbal language has to control the corruption of money and the harm that weapons do to humans. If that goal is achieved, history could evolve towards immortality into a citadel of saints, where all ethical words will be obeyed (saint Augustine). Then history (the passing of time) will come to an end. History will become immortal without war, because those ‘who believe in me, will not die forever’. As Mankind will form a single body of history and reign supreme over the body of mother Earth.

If we use instead of religion, a biological jargon, civilizations become organisms composed of cellular herds of human beings that communicate through information networks (words & gods). As a nervous system connects and organizes the cells of a body, god connects and organizes a mass of human beings. Perhaps our definition of a universal super-organism will help you to grasp what we mean by a historic god:

‘A universal super-organism is a biological body of (any species of cells) extended in time and space, joined by networks of information=gods.’

Thus, a relative god is the macrocosmic network of information of any super-organism, when perceived from the microcosmic point of view of his cells that the network of information controls. The brain of the human god is the verbal network of believers’ minds, the books of revelation and the social laws that create human behavior. We create the future when we obey informative, verbal codes. Thus, god is the verb and its ethical codes of survival.

A parallel analysis of the earlier gods of man and its books of revelation, with r=evolutionary constitutions of ‘solidarity, fraternity and equality’ make more clear such parallelism of all religions, nations and civilizations, as super-organisms based in social love: both, a ‘constitution’ and a ‘book of revelation’, are a set of bio-ethical, natural laws that regulate the behavior of their human cells, ‘constituting’ a social body and guiding its cyclical actions. So, a ‘healthy’ constitution is a set of laws properly built, according to the social laws of the universe and thoroughly obeyed by its citizens. While the ‘constitution of history’, based in the natural laws of survival of the universe, is the set of laws that could build a global collective super-organism, which could ensure the survival of the human species, ‘constituting’ a healthy body of history, harmonic with nature, without wars and fear of extinction. Those laws of survival and social evolution were expressed, before politicians wrote constitutions, in simple ethic books by masters of our natural, verbal, temporal language of survival, called prophets, which resumed them in a single word: social love. It means ‘to share energy and information with similar cellular human beings’, called believers, belonging to the same historic, social organism, with the objective of acting together in the environment, creating a world to the image and resemblance of its cells, human beings. So the natural law of social evolution is the mandate of all non-corrupted wor(l)d religions, whose prophets and priests tried to reproduce in the mind of their believers a loving behavior, in order to ‘constitute’ a super-organism of god. All religions share the same informative mandate proper of all cellular systems; ‘love each other’, ‘treat the others as you wish to be treated’. We find that sentence in many religions. It was pronounced by Jesus in the gospel and by Confucius in his treatises. In any organism the brain/mind is a ‘relative god’ for all the micro cells it totally controls.

So the government is the god of a nation that controls its citizens; the brain is the god of your body cells; and the ethic laws of any religion are words of love that control for the common good the behavior of all its believers. The god of America is its constitution and corpus of laws; the god of Islam is the Koran and its laws; the god of Christians is the gospel, the laws and words of Christ ‘that became god and inhabited within us’ (John 1.1); the god of Jewish and most protestant sects are the mosaic laws; and the absolute god of the universe are the laws of organic science, the 3±1 arrows of space-time that define the survival and extinction of all its species. Thus, in mystique terms the super-organisms of history are called gods. And theology is the science that explains the relationships between individual human cells and those super-organisms. Let us then, end this chapter with an analysis of all the religions of the past, present and future, according to their degree of corruption and/or evolution in their understanding of the organic laws of the universe.

 Human and universal religions. God as mind of the supœrganism of history and the universe

Earth divides in 6 cultural regions, related to anthropomorphic religions and its 3 historic horizons: Christianity, Islam and communist china; and to the 3 horizons of universal religions: animist Africa & native America; Hindi & Buddhist south-Asia and the mechanist, scientific culture that today preys on all the others.

RELIGIONS have evolved trying to understand the superorganisms of mankind in the western traditions albeit aborted in their understanding of the final social level of Humanity=God, by their ab=use of other humans with metal, as tribal religions, latter evolved into nationalisms. In the east however cultures tried to understand Gaia, the super organism of life (Buddhism, Hinduism) and beyond Tao, the game of yin and yang, information and motion that combine to create the infinite energy beings of reality. My translation of their principles to systems sciences and modern physics was the end of the road of human thought that fusion all sciences and religions, but it came too late to help a species obliterated mentally by its FMasters, informative networks and virtual childish ego-trips.

In the graph, objective, universal religions consider the duality of energy=yang and information=yin, as the mind/god of all the super-organisms of the universe, which they try to explain, putting man in relationship with the absolute. Thus, they can be considered a verbal science of the universe. Subjective, anthropomorphic religions, on the other hand, consider Mankind, the subconscious collective, the mind of god, Gaia, planet Earth, a smaller ‘universe’. The confusion of both ‘collective minds’, the small god/mind of the Earth of man and the big god/mind of the universe, explains why scientists misunderstand the role of religions that teach the organic laws of social evolution to Mankind only. They are not concerned with the application to the rest of systems of energy and information of the universe.

The Neolithic was the age of the super-organisms of history, which will be continued in present times by the creation of religious super-organisms. In that regard, the science of theology divides the wor(l)ds of religions in 2 kinds: western, anthropomorphic religions and universal, eastern religions. Both are organic systems of information that evolve, as all systems of the universe do, following the arrow of future information, in 3±1 ages of growing complexity. So for both type of religions, social religions and natural religions, we consider 3 horizons of growth: 

The 3±1 ages of Eastern, Universal, Natural Religions.

 Eastern, cyclical, temporal cultures, more sophisticated in their perception of the Cosmos, developed Objective, Scientific, Universal religions, concerned with the organic laws or ‘mind’ of the living Universe. They evolved in 3±1 ages:

—  Youth: Animism, the youth of verbal knowledge about the living Universe, which considered that all the systems of the Universe had a ‘soul’, mind or ‘knot’ of information, as humans do. Yet all speak a ‘different’ language. In modern terms, an animist would say that atoms gauge information in gravitational and electro-chemical languages; molecules use Van der Waals forces, plants and ants communicate with chemical signals and bees with magnetic flows. So all of them are intelligent. And the goal of the Shaman or priest was to translate and communicate with all those souls and finally with the ‘absolute soul’ of the cosmos, the mind of Gaia and/or the Universe. Animism was the dominant Religion of the Paleolithic, or energetic Youth of mankind. Today there are still Animist cults in Africa, Australia, Siberia and Native America.

—  Maturity: Taoism, Buddhism, Greek philosophy. In the Neolithic and during the ethic r=evolution against money and weapons that took place in the VI BC., verbal science reached its classic age with the understanding of the duality of energy and information, the 2 substances of the Universe (called Shiva=Yang and Vishnu=Yin in eastern philosophies, body and mind in Greek thought) that combine ‘to reproduce the 10.000 beings of existence’ (Tao te king). Mankind is described by Taoists as a wave, part of a collective organism, whose structures and relationships are common to all systems of the Universe. Both, Aristotle and Buddha described accurately the Atmans/souls of the Universe as unmoved, focused informative knots that move the bodies of energy that surround them.

The Hindi described the cycles of creation of the cosmos and the Mayans calculated with surprising accuracy the duration of the cycles of History that now come to its climax, as Machines evolve in the age of the Singularity, crossing a threshold of energy and information that can extinguish life. Time was considered cyclical: Hesiod in Greece and Confucius in China realized that actually mankind was devolving not evolving in the age of Metals.

Hesiod stated that the Iron Age in which he lived was the lowest of all times of History. Aristotle described Time as change and clearly defined the 2 forms of change=time in the Universe, biological, morphological change that causes the cycles of life and death of all species and matters most to us, human, biological beings; and translational, physical change, studied by Physics, far less important, as it deals with properties of matter. Thus, there were infinite times in the Universe, one for each cycle of change of each species. We conclude that the classic age of verbal science knew, paraphrasing Einstein, ‘the thoughts of God, even if it didn’t care much about the details’, which today scientists study with so much enthusiasm, as those organic thoughts are lost.

— Informative, 3rd age: The study of ‘morphological Time’ and the cycles of life and death of all the systems of the Universe are today studied by Biological Sciences, System Sciences and Organicism, which use both, the verbal language (Theory of Evolution), the most sophisticated models of mathematics (Fractal Theory) and the visual language, (Non-Euclidean Topologies) to further advance the knowledge of that classic age, with the wealth of details discovered by scientific instruments.

The 3±1 ages of Western, Social, Wor(l)d Religions. 

We distinguish also 3 horizons of evolution of love religions, based in the bioethics of social evolution:

—  Youth. Age of tribal, racial gods in which only a part of history=humanity is God. At the beginning of history, in an age of limited information, humans created tribal religions and small bodies of History. God meant the collective subconscious of a tribal nation, since reality reached no farther than the tribe and the enemy territory. And so men could call ‘God’ the collective mind of the tribe and ‘eviL’, (in Chomskian, genetic linguistics, the inversion of ‘Live’, hence synonymous of death) the enemy tribes that killed them. So each tribe had a God: Yahweh became the God of the Jewish people; Assur became the collective subconscious of the Assyrians, whose capital and kings had also Assur’s name. It was an age dominated by Go(l)d and Bronze & iron weapons that devolved the Mature age of history, back to a ‘dramatic, neo-Paleolithic level’ of perception of history, based in myths and self-arrogant statements about the importance of one’s own tribe as the center of the World. The error of tribal religions is their denial of the natural laws of Darwin: species survive when they love each other and act together against the rest of the Universe.

So tribal religions plunged humanity in eternal cycles of war and self-destruction, when tribes expanded their borders and confronted other tribal religions. In that sense, those earlier racial, primitive religions divide men in not Chosen and Chosen of God (the members of the tribe), denying the Law of the Species. As a consequence, the Universe applied the penalty reserved to those species that break its laws of harmony and evolution: extinction. Thus, most tribal religions have become extinguished or have evolved into Religions that accept all Mankind as members of the collective organism of God=History. The few that survive are not really religions but nationalisms that fight with weapons and gold and have substituted their verbal ethics for the values of violence and greed proper of iron and money. The paradigms of those go(l)d religions are Judaism with his ‘worldly religion of money’ (Marx), which can be traced to the idolatry of the Golden calf and self-similar Protestant religions that consider ‘money the intelligence of Go(l)d’ (Calvin); while the paradigms of ‘military inquisitions’ are Aryan and Fascist cults of war, today transformed into nationalisms. Unfortunately, mechanism and capitalism, the religions of machines and money, increased enormously the power of tribes that adopted the languages of metal. So today most humans belong to a tribal, ‘nationalistic’ cult(ures) that fight with weapons and money to become ‘number one’ of the economic ecosystem. Yet before money and weapons reinforced those tribal cults, converting them into corrupted religions, either Go(l)d churches or violent inquisitions, most humans evolved into:

Maturity. The age of Oikoumene religions: Christianity and Islam in which all men are cells of the body of God, the Organism of History.

Communication among tribes increased the knowledge of the unity of humanity. So tribes grew into confederations that evolved into bigger organisms. Thus, Ecumenical Religions, with a global concept of God as the collective subconscious of the Human species, came into being, reaching their summit with Christianity and Islam. While most tribal religions, smaller organisms of history, were absorbed by ecumenical cults, dwindling its numbers or they became extinct in religious wars by the ‘bigger organism’. For example, a Jewish Verbal, Ethic Prophet, Jesus, who understood the laws of social love, reformed Judaism, the paradigmatic religion of the tribal age; and most Jewish people converted to the new religion, while those who didn’t, confront from then on the ‘Holocaust’ cycles of Genocide brought about by bigger Warrior cults that extinguish them, since the Roman Diaspora to the Nazi Era. Christianity was in that sense, the moral r=evolution, which erased most tribal religions. While in the East, Buddhism evolved Hindi, warrior castes into an Oikoumene cult that merged elements of Anthropomorphic and Objective Religions. Finally, in the West, as Christianity broke into tribal wars, corrupted by Germanic warriors, a new Oikoumene religion, Islam, appears, as Muhammad put it, to convert to the God of Love and Mankind, hardcore metal-masters. Thus Islam imposed harsher penalties to ‘sinners’, who broke the code of Love and despised the Sacred ethics of the Wor(l)d, forbidding images and setting strict rituals of social and religious behavior (the 5 pillars of faith). And perhaps because of that harshness, it is still today alive and kicking, having rejected mechanist science, as the less corrupted version of Christianity (Catholicism) did till recent times.

In that regard, there is an inverse relationship between the ‘Evolution’ of a Wor(l)d religion of History and the Evolution of its economic ecosystem, according to the inversion of ethics between the values of ‘metal’ that make an Economy flourish (war and greed) and those values of the wor(l)d that make life, love and Nature flourish:

Min. Wor(l)d evolution = Max. Metal. Evolution. 

As Picasso put it, watching the Nazis entering Paris: ‘Sabater, those Germans, so many tanks and machines what for? We paint (Max. Human Information), love (max. Human reproduction) and eat (max. Human energy), much better’. Since, prophets are the ultimate masters of the Wor(l)d, the language of perception of biological time and its life and death cycles in history. While artists are the masters of the human Eye, our perception of spatial forms, which the clock and the telescope of mechanist science have substituted.

—        Informative age. The age of Social Religions, when the organic understanding of mankind is used to describe the fight of ‘Deus Vs Machine’:

In its 3rd, informative age, the French Revolution and the Socialist Movement applied those ethic Laws of religions through the use of Constitutional Laws to the real creation of a collective human Super-Organism of History, able to control the Economic ecosystem and its ‘germs’, weapons and lethal machines. However old tribal cults and nationalisms opposed the coming together of mankind, competing military and economically, while destroying all social r=evolutions from outside or inside (Military Stalinism). The ideals of social evolution would be re-established after II World War, inspiring International Organizations, such as EU and UNO, which tried to create a collective human super-organism, based in the production of life-enhancing ‘human goods’, able to shape the Earth to the image and likeness of man. Those organizations could be the blue print for a future Global Government of Mankind that truly transcends into the 3rd evolutionary horizon of a World super-organism.

If mankind achieves that goal she will succeed on her struggle for survival and become a global super-organism, the consciousness of the Earth, ruling through her simultaneous, collective actions, the machines and living beings of this planet to her own benefit. Thus, socialist doctrines were the 1st attempt to create a real science of history and a caste of bio-historians, politicians of the party or ‘head’ of the organism of history that rule a world made to the image and likeness of man. This attempt to create a perfect society had 2 essays, one in Russia, today extinct; and a second one in China. The Chinese late contact with metal explains also its higher evolution as a culture of human wor(l)ds, based in the arrow of social evolution and makes the Chinese World still controlled by legal words, despite its capitalist growth, is perhaps the last society able to balance the Historic and Economic Ecosystem during the IV Kondratieff cycle.

The Universe is entangled, organic and scalar. So we can go further in time to inscribe humanity in the evolution of the Earth, the larger superorganism with slower time cycles, or go lower in time to the human being, and its memes, the genes of societies, its instruments and ideas that code the creation of the 2 superorganisms of this planet mediated by man, History and the Financial-Media/Military-industrial eco(nomic)systems of humans machines and humans, dominated by its company-mothers.



The metal-earth sensorial machines substitute and atrophy human minds, in a process that finally develops its collective brain, the internet, while all human gods become dissolved substituted by hypnotic virtual screens and ‘selfie’ entropic final generations of disconnected humans.

The essence of ‘animetal memetics’ is the substitution, atrophy and degradation of human life by metal-memes, which evolve together as the new collective mind of the super organism of the metal-earth, as each ‘biological and organic function’ of mankind becomes substituted by an equivalent system, machine, or network, part of a growing global super organism which company-mothers of metal-memes: reproduce and evolve:




The metal-earth though is an evolving organism, so the war cycle is secondary or rather the body of the Financial-media system of hate memes and misinformation that guide it, and by the same reason the FMasters, biblical elites that manage its information and believe in racist hate memes against mankind dominate the process with its system of political and economically correct newspeaks and idologies to hide the brutal underlying processes that are destroying Gaia and History.

Idol-ogies substitute social sciences.

We confront here such idologies of the long animetal series of placebo truths, with the rational truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:

Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons) ‘

All what we talk about is in fact a mere denial of those 3 social sciences, mostly by capitalism, the M.A.D. ideology of gold, Nazionalism, which divide humans into tribes to war, and mechanism which simplifies the Universe to make the machine an evolving organism, the measure elf all things.

And this is due to the birth with the arrival of the 3 types of metal that gave birth to the 3 type of idol-ogies of selfish cultures that denied life, Gaia, History, human social love and organicism, and man as the measure of all things to build racist idol-ogies of its tribe, religion or profession, machine or hypnotic go(l)d language as the fetish substance backed by an idol-ogy that denied true social sciences and the equality of mankind:

2) Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)

3) Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)

Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks tailored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies.

Only primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs.’

Thus the natural 3 disciplines of social sciences, Humanism, Socialism and Organicism are substituted by idol-ogies. As people became indoctrinated with the expansion of information machines that print news always favorable to the idol-ogies of capitalism (money must be issued in monopoly by the people-castes of chosen of go(l)d and be above the ethic law), mechanism (the Universe is a machine we must worship and evolve to progress, not an organism) and nationalism (humans are racial species, divided into tribal subspecies, from the Homo Britannicus, to the Homo Judaicus, and must hate and kill each other to evolve weapons).

Mechanism & lineal time vs. Organism & cyclical time The mechanical bias of scientific cultures.

The most pernicious of all IDOL-OGIES today is the concept that Machines NOT human organisms are the measure of all things, because the Universe is NOT a cyclical, reproductive organism of space and time, but a mechanism, a machine, ‘created by some Abrahamic God’ which chose man and gave us those machines as the only intelligent species of the Universe, with a manifest lineal destiny towards progress through the machine. A complete misleading deist philosophy of science, since only organisms are self-reproductive and need not god. And machines are obvious organisms of metal evolving fast by imitating our organs in robots. And finally time is cyclical not lineal, and so all systems do have a birth and a death and rules of cyclical time that determine its biological survival.

Of those false memes of ‘technological science’ at the core of the ‘don’t worry be happy’ attitude of social scientists, is the DENIAL of those aforementioned cycles because humans no longer understand cyclical time.

So lineal time, reinforces the ego-centered belief humans have about time, which is supposed to be lineal, because we humans progress towards a mechanical future, in which we shall like children entitle to it all govern the world and the galaxy and likely the Universe all with our machines. 

But this bias is not only reduced to FAKED religions of love, military jihads and go(l)d churches that are JUST nations of war and money – AS GOD IS THE collective subconscious mind (Jung). THE MAIN BIAS of idol-ogies today is the belief that  technology=scientific knowledge because the machine is the model of the Universe.

This is what we call scientific racism, the core belief that destroys life, substituted and made obsolescent to machines.

Which is paramount in social sciences, where biological models of history and economics are forbidden by the ego paradox of animetals and lineal time as opposed to the real cyclical clocks of nature and its connection with information is denied by physicists, whose worldly religion, to make entropic weapons for the military western cultures, implies that entropy=death MUST be by decree the only arrow of future of the Universe.

We thus have to do a thorough revision of the underlying cultural errors about time and the future proper of ‘go(l)d fetish religions’ origin of our economic idol-ogies, and physicists mechanical, lineal models of the Universe as a machine and time as entropy=death, forgetting the role of cyclical time and the information it carries in the frequency of those cycles, essential to understand the cycles of history and economics and its biological causality today FORBIDDEN, but crystal clear in the process of substitution of human senses and organs by those of machines, worshipped in abstract by the modern cultural bias of ‘animetals’ (capitalist gold fetish religion of money above the law; lineal time of entropic religions of time, and mechanic models of mankind that put the machine as model of all things):

We thus talk of a fundamental new form of racism: scientific racism, according to which humans who DENY the religion of machines-technology are INFERIOR species, proper of both the I and III colonial ages of the Industrial r=evolution, today subconsciously underling our racist memes against Mexican ‘Amerindians’ (Trump, similar to the racism against Amerindians in the train age of the XIX c.), black migrants and Islamic warriors (similar to the European racism of XIX c.)

ALL THOSE elements become synergic, so we built also a cult(ure) based in the values of iron, gold (violence, murder; greed) and machines, which now become the sensorial substitutes of our spatial eyes and temporal verbal words in the measure of the two ultimate substances of reality, space and time, measured with digital clocks and telescopes, which soon ‘deform’ our concepts of time and space, our models of the organic Universe, and the language we perceive as ‘carrier’ of truth, from words and art to numbers and mechanisms:

So happens with our societies and class structure: In the next organic models of society, we show the evolution of such systems of ‘me(n)tal control’ in which all modern humans believe, which act as simultaneous nervous systems of organic orders, or genetic systems in cells and living organisms, through the simultaneous imprinting of ‘memes’ in the collective subconscious mind:



The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, ncreasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.

It is obvious that the present culture of mankind has merely evolved our earlier state as a ‘cattle’ of animetal people-castes, whose slavery is now disguised with our roles of work and consumption for company mothers. It has been a long process. First people‘s time was bought by companies as a slave. They didn’t have enough money to buy people part-time, but only wholesale and they couldn’t buy everybody in a society. Then paper-money arrived and there was so much of it, companies now could buy people’s life cheap’, part-time, with salaries per hour, putting together the 2 main digital metal-species of information: money and clock-time. So unlike a slave, who had to be fed, housed and cared for, if he felt ill, now companies ‘saved’ time/money, as people had to spend in food and housing. It is the age of ‘white slaves’ in which we still live.

Before this era, the main activities of man were those described on the right side of the graph: reproduction, social evolution and gathering energy and information for our human bodies and minds. Today those natural, biological drives of man are all repressed. The slavery imposed on humans today is simple; most of our time belongs to company-mothers, as workers or consumers. Mass-media rhetoric converts those duties into ‘freedom’ and survival in a world in which all is valued with money, means men have to be addicted to work. Yet the only real measure of freedom is free time. A species is only free when it has no duty beyond its own natural, biological drives of existence. Top predators are like lions on the savanna, free, lazy species, dedicated to eat energy, look around (inform themselves with their eyes) and reproduce. This is the position hold today by the ‘stockrats’ of our societies, in the past the aristocrats, which produce for free the language of power of society, today money, in the past weapons that only aristocrats could carry. But they are a very tiny group of our society. 90% of mankind in the 1st world must work, cannot invent money and lives as a slave. Of course, if we lived in a real democracy, ‘stockrats’ wouldn’t have a monopoly on banking and speculate on e-money, creating it for free, taxing the prices of commodities, but the financial industry, which controls the language of power of our society would be owned by our elected governments, which could then give every human being a minimal salary to live as the top predators of this planet, as lions do in the savannah. Only that would be a ‘free market democracy; but it requires a social or political r=evolution to take power away from them. Today the economic ecosystem makes us slaves of companies of machines, most of our times. When we ‘work’ for companies, we are not free.

The role of humans in the eco(nomic)system is to be ‘enzymen’

Enzymen catalyze machines’ re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, increasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog Darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.

We are slaves, used to reproduce and evolve other species. Free societies are only those in which the individual has a lot of free time and choices on how to spend it: time to learn, reproduce and consume life/labor enhancing human goods; time to socialize with others. The most developed agricultural and religious societies fit this description. They were societies with a natural balance with their environment and a lot of free time for life-enhancing activities. Some examples are the pacific islanders, the native American Indians, the Mayans and the Christian and Buddhist cultures. Our current society does not meet these criteria. Genesis described why men were only free in paradise. Afterwards, they became slaves of work and Cain, son of Adam, became a smith… metal had arrived to history. In Rome the cruelest punishment was not death but ‘ad metalla’, work on mines. Our programmed minds today make us belief a world of machines is a paradise. It is not. It is a mild hell. And when those machines become weapons, it is hell, war. Marketing calls ‘freedom of work and consumption’ our ‘duties’ of creation=work and testing=consumption of machines, which we are obliged to perform in order to obtain ‘little pieces of metal’, coins in the past, cycles of e-money in the present, without which we cannot longer survive in the economic ecosystem of the metal-earth.

The 3 ages of Metal-Communicators and capitalism: the Financial-Media System.

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’ Goebbels Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich

‘I have asked the film department to make stupid, entertaining movies, people will love them and won’t ask anything else’ Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich.


The 3 ages of metal-communicators: Press age, which expanded creationist believers and ended the rational renaissance, provoking the hate age of war religions parallel to the expansion of stock-paper and the first Jewish-protestant corporations; the radio age which brought the first era of fascism, parallel to the printing of ticker money and the electronic age, which brought the modern age of hate-media parallel to the printing of e-money.

I found in that sense really funny that on view of the true laws of nature, the primitive animetal increasingly robotised societies of the northern european mechanical cultures  think they are the future  of mankind, the most evolved human beings – what they are is the future of the machine and for that reason as the machine extinguishes life they are the past of mankind, and this is the mathematical expression of their culture and censorship of all things related to true human life:

Max. human devolution = Max. technological evolution

What i also call…

Antiquantum paradox

Why this has never been done properly, requires a brief account of an element present only on social sciences, which of course, the ‘authorised practitioners’ of those disciplines vehemently deny:

Unlike any other science unconcerned with human societies, social sciences are and have always been subject to censorship, both by the human scientist, dominated by ego-trips of anthropomorphic self-importance of the human species, and by the organism in which it exists, whose ‘informative head’, in control of the languages that control the 3 networks of all social organisms, the informative nervous, network (law and politicians), the reproductive, ‘blood’ networks (money and bankers) and the energetic networks (weapons and the military) only accepts ‘opinions’ positive to his control of society or else…

So the best social scientists of history have always been repressed, jailed and murdered.

If we consider merely the 3 most influential cultures of the west, in the Greek culture, run mostly by the military, we shall find that its 3 best philosophers, Plato was  sold as a slave by the tyrant of syracuse when tried to reform his government; Socrates was murdered by the politicians of ‘democratic athens’, when he showed the corruption of his institutions, and Aristotle ran for his life, escaping the cholera of the same democratic Athens. Then in Rome its 2 most remarkable political writers were murdered, Cicero, author of ‘res publica’ (republic comes from it), for criticising Marcus Antonius, and Seneca, for criticising the policies of Nero.

If we move to the Go(l)d culture of the Am Segullah, or ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as ‘chosen’ people, as Segullah means ‘treasure’, and the name describes the profession of its elite of banker-priests who invented capitalism and the rule of societies with money, becoming as the ‘soliton’ of the banking industry in the west) we observe a series of Jewish Prophets, whose ethic wor(l)ds denounced  the go(l)d priest-bankers, from Moses sent back to the mountain,  after uttering his damnation ‘the jewish people will suffer all their history for their love of gold’, by Aaron, the master of the golden calf, who would become the first banker-priest of the culture, to Jesus, his spiritual heir, murdered by Caifas, the genetic descendent of Aaron, to Marx, isolated on the British library, and only spared when he betrayed the Socialist movement in the III international, expelling the anarchists and destroying the movement, by moving the International to New York  of the XIX c. whose members would be jailed and killed by European and American governments of all types. Since indeed, our democratic placebo culture born of the fusion of the military memes of the Roman and Germanic cultures and the go(l0d memes of Judaism, has also been a master of repression of social sciences, both with  conservative and revolutionary governments, from Babeuf, shot by Napoleon for his discourse of equality, to Trostky and Kondratieff, shot by Stalin for defending political and economical truths, completing the work of Marx and Lenin on the cycles of overproduction of machines and the Globalized Empire of our Financial-Media Masters.

Not to speak of the enormous number of anonymous people from  Sacco-Vanzetti, and the people of the Haymarket, to…. an unending list of individuals defending human rights.

So a pattern surfaces across history: the social scientist suffers the inverse paradox of the physicist who is so large that influences the atomic observable: he is so small that the observable – the people-castes in power, will influence him: ‘you will defend me with the word and i will defend you with the sword’.

And this pattern, of animetals defending go(l)d and weapons power, has also extended to the defence of the Machine, as the meaning of the Universe, against an organic view, a far less known tendency, which has been specially sanguine on the side of Physicists, the makers of weapons and machines, who have imposed blatant lies about the structure of the Universe, from the denial of the cyclical nature of time and its infinite biological clocks (only the lineal mechanical clock of Galileo seems to measure time), to the denial of the scalar, organic structure of the Universe, and its capacity to self-organise into higher wholes (only a human abstract cartesian scale and plane of space-time seems to exist, despite the obvious existence of infinite planes of size and self-organisation) to the ad hominem campaigns against any ethic scientist that opposes their worldly religion of constructing weapons of mass destruction (still 70% of the money spent in physics is used to research weapons); to the systematic denial of organic, living properties to anything different of a human being, and the scientific nature of visual and verbal logic languages and evolutionary theories, because they are ‘not digital languages’.

So the reader should not be surprised that this author, who in the theoretical realm is known for establishing a formal, logic, mathematical model of the Universe and all its fractal parts as a super organism (the metric equations of the 5th dimension and the organic model of General Systems Sciences), for applying organic models to the economy, and in the activist side for denouncing the refurbished Nuclear Industry (Cern) and its potential genocide of mankind, as it tries to make black holes on earth, and denouncing the abuses of Wall Street and the financial Industry, and the corruption of democracies, has become ‘vaporised’ in a very Orwellian fashion, from the biased scholarship, which dominates today the social discourse.

We must stress again that the choice and real fight in history is not between warriors and bankers exploiting together the people and often fighting each other in wars and holocaust cycles, but between a humanist life-worshipping world and a world of animetals,

The fact that our financial dictatorship stresses so much primitive warrior cultures as the common enemy of enlightened america and europe is a false flag, raised to camouflage – the fundamental strategy of capitalist societies camouflaging behind false placebo democracies, false victimism, false caring, false credit (as it only serves to create debt slaves), and false america (as america we shall also repeat ad nauseam is not biblical bigot capitalism but the dream of a better world for all the people without borders – as all humans are part of america – enlightened and evolved into a higher social european-style renewed humanism).

Without that camouflage we would all realize that militarism and  ‘capitalist biblical cultures’are the 2 sides of the same coin.

The idea is very simple: the capitalist culture is at ‘it’ trying to extinguish all wor(l)d based cultures and its humanist values and any attempt to put man over machines of higher profits, but it will always deny it is doing so and so it is impossible even to start negotiations for a better world as this is not happening.

And this is the function of biblical religions, holocaust industries, technoutopia, classic economics, marketing, propaganda, placebo democracies, good manners, political and economical correctness, virtual activism, evilwood, you name it – the entire psyche of our civilization is to build a placebo virtua denial cover-p mask to hide the advanced state of putrefaction of our species, increasingly obsolete to the chip radiation, and erased by the fm-networks of all human values.

The overproduction of FICTION, hate mass-media speeches and digital languages.

The transition between the anthropocene, the age of mankind, and the mechanocene, the age of machines, is completely mismanaged by the human species.

Under the idol – ogies, today expressed nicely with ‘newspeaks’ that make them seem right of:

  • Capitalism (a minority of private bankers must issue the oxygen-money of the society, NOT for the human kind but for themselves, the metal-kind and its company-mothers). This ‘idol-ogy’ is the ‘bible’ of bankers, economists and corporations.
  • Nationalism (nations must not come together according to the laws of eusocial evolution of species, into super organisms, better fit to survive, but they belong to ‘tribal subspecies’ which must strive to accumulate the maximal number of top predator machines, to kill thy neighbour) This idol-ogy is the ‘bible’ of politicians.
  • Mechanism (the future of machines our competitors in the eco(nomic) system and its labor and war fields IS progress. The future of Mankind has seemingly nothing to do with us. This idol-ogy is the bible of everybody, including the common people.

Yet those 3 absurd theories of reality, are spread through the repetition of hate memes and false truths across the entire planet, with the real networks of metal-communicators, we are building in the mechanocene. So according to Goebbels method – if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it – they are canonical, emotional truths all humans believe in.

How an organic system as mankind is becomes deactivated? The answer is not big bfrother but fiction, not Orwell but Huxley. Soma. In an organism parasites and cancerous cells emit a soothing soma that deactivates mankind with far more efficiency than any other form of control. Mankind is controlled by fiction, by reducing it to a crazy collective head, interested in all kind of realities that have nothing to do with reality. It is then imposible to create awareness of the dangers ahead, as an entire life of being serious about truth can testify. So all the fundamental questions of mankind dissapear from the agenda, AS THE END OF THE WORLD BECOME FICTION AND ALL THE FICTION AS SPORTS BECOME REAL.

I know it might become a surprise to you that the purpose  of the human kind is NOT to glue its mind-eyes to networks of metal-retinas, where little animals run in diverse ways behind a little sphere, with far less dexterity than an electron does behind a photon, and that such level of complexity is not an extraordinary event performed by miraculous men, but a clear proof that we humans are becoming degraded intellectually by the hypnotic power of metal-minds, to a degree that astonishes the objective observer. Billions however dedicate to such simplex soma, most of his free time with a passion and intensity they deny to the caring of mankind and find it ‘normal’.

I recall in my youth when i went to evilwood trying to convert the information of bioeconomics and biohistory into a message, producers there explain me that all films have to end nicely, documentaries were not of interest, neither social movies, and then they gave me a job to do spec scripts on sci-fi. I worked for a top company, Fox, which put me on scifi spec writing, to solve a series conundrum. So i came with the idea of resurrecting Miss Ripley as a clone in a spec, and then I became a guy solving problems with fiction structures of other writers, a so called ´script’-doctor, while trying to do serious docs… Now, my projects were so dirty cheap compared to the money they were budgeting on those huge somatic movies and yet they wouldnt care to make them and educate mankind.

This is always the case in a world in which the machine is god and life and man has no value. Mankind in a capitalist system always gets the pennies left-over, and yet increasingly not even the pennies are given to humanity. Only 5% OF credit goes to humanity and it seems too much, so humans have to pay taxes, while companies keep inventing billions for free. The human side of it are the memes of animetal=animal (degraded human) + machine cultures which despise most humans, but the subconscious level is far more complex, organic and cannot be understood in terms of individuals. That there was an alternative use, i knew, because coming from humanist Europe, there artists were trying to improve humans, educate them, make emotional films, and documentaries. But at this is the key, the hardware degrades humans automatically, the medium likes motion and red colors that hypnotize the eye, and so prefers if the only values of the language are profit, violent films. So in a society as America is, preprogrammed by biblical go(l)d memes, follow the money means degrade man, but as the process is religious, subconscious, it is totally ignored.

It took me a while to realize that the most important way to make of man a slave was to manufacture its mind with fictions, and so from the opium of biblical religions of go(l)d we have moved into a fiction, which once was a real Project for mankind called America, with the same banker-priests on top but now uttering a new opium, a better soma, as hardware and software hypnotizes the brain better than gold did. Of course the first people to become fiction were the people living and working there. They have been in a mental fiction for 3000 years and counting. The entire present American civilization is thus a dream, turned nightmare, but it does not matter because a fiction state is a Young, childish state, the staple food of the universe, easy to manipulate and eat up.

Once most men became fiction, and substituted real heroes for faked ones all revolutions became imposible and the purpose of people like this writer who always tried to upgrade the human psyche to make it survive absurd.An unbearable lightness of being settled in, life lost all meaning and men could be programmed to become just enzymen, consumers and vitalizers of machines without true purpose, beyond the strong biological program as individuals that the fiction system also deactivated in many women who think today to enslave as men do for the reproduction of mechanisms is a higher goal in life.

Now of course most people are not aware they live in a fictional world, let alone perceive why. So we better compare it with a known parable, which is the way children, as our humans have become today understand better reality. Time machine by wells: a world of erasedheads with beautiful bodies, controlled by a race of farmers who will eat them up as food. Today men are enzyme, and the farm is an animetal farm, and the viral infection of their brains that make them reproduce machines and care nothing for life. Latter we show the social structure of such world, with an elite of stocrkats on top dedicated to enjoy life with unlimited money, a mass of middle class increasingly obsolete for work, living on credit and a growing dispossessed bottom of discharged humans and life, which no longer count with empathy from the rest of the human superorganism, living on their fictions, which as all children do, take enormously serious.

There is nothing new though on the modern, more complex Fiction media of FALSE EGOTRIPS AND SUPERHEROES AND SELFIES, AND A 3RD AGE ORGANIC RETURN TO THE EARLIER AGE OF PRIMITIVE ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS OF GO(L)D CHOSEN AND MILITARY INQUISITIONS OF JIHADIST prophets, who thought entitled to immortality as the tribe of the goths (germans, who thought to be gods because they could kill anyone with iron swords) or the chosen of go(l)d, who thought to be $elected by accumulating go(l)d in the sancta sanctorum of his Levantine, Baalist or Yhwh temples. IF ANYTHING, we are as an old man who regresses to his past, in the subconscious collective of history, once the socialist evolution of mankind as a single global super organism sponsored by UNO and EU died away, back to the rule of the first primitive animetal cultures and its hate war memes cycle, Assyrians vs. Cananeans, today, Syrian jihadists vs. Israeli zealots, using weapons and western go(l)d to keep warfare and profits for the $elected and the inquisitors going. Yet another proof along the subconscious collective art of the organic nature of humanity, which in the second part of this text we shall explore with more scientific rigor, from the perspective of systems sciences.

The semite cultures of Jihad and Judaism, evolved though the negative idol-ogies of hierarchical dictators of enslaver bankers and military genociders, which oppressed mankind and fought in cycles of war and holocausts for total power, without even realising they served ultimately the purpose of the ‘other’ metal-species, and no amount of social scientists=prophets of the future have been able to change their ‘actions’ and subconscious goal – if anything the growing power of its mechanisms and hypnotic values of gold made them more stronger after each cycle.

IT IS THIS HIGHER VIEW OF SYSTEMS SCIENCES, and XXI century rational social sciences, nowhere to be seen in age of fascism – let us stop using newspeaks such as populism and call idol-ogies for their real name – what is now dying in blogs like this one, as the globalised empire of evilwood and wall street replicates its memes in every country. So we can all

 Die happy like idiots…
which is what capitalism proposes to the human kind.

Only mechanist idol-ogies are spread by metal-networks.

At a level easier to understand we should consider now what political and economical view spread those networks. the answer is obvious: the 4 idol-ogies that help the evolution of the metal-earth, mechanism (progress of machines), tribalism (national wars), capitalism (money is god) and religious warfare – in brief mass-media is ‘hate media’ against eusocial love, humanism and a peaceful, better world. All what matters are people killing each other for money.

So the Idol-ogies that favour metal-power and technological nations are repeated ad nauseam.
While, in the world of the industry of mis-information, true social sciences have been always repressed by the anti-quantum paradox, as this blog with null views is.
As a result truth about history and mankind belongs to a very limited number of human beings, since the times of Socrates, murdered for saying the obvious about the Gods of the upper castes of Athens, to our obvious, historic analysis of the financial industry and its people-castes and how they are destroying the world.
It is this duality in which humanism, and truth has always a lesser probability of triumph, what makes history the less probable survival super organism of the future, since only if history were managed for mankind by social scientists with the proper laws of systems sciences, we could create a human world, the anthropocene.
But as history and its information is created for and by machines, mankind is the relative past of the mechanocene. As those idol-ogies that favour the machine as progress and give null value to life in go(l)d values dominate the world.
So go(l)d believers, bankers and their employees are cre(dit)ating the mechanocene, and spreading globally through its metal-networks of information, think tanks and experts in information a rosy fiction about the wonderful future paradise of machines we shall live.
So besides fiction, what mass-media truly masters is the manufacturing of the collective subconscious brain, as all its outlets say the same to billion of people, who suddenly agree whenever they argue by repeating what they have heard on his tvs.
So simultaneous programming through the nervous networks of the metal-earth is making us belief that we live in a free world, and placebo democracies are expression of our rights.
And of course they are not ruled by bankers and corporations, since we are in the best of all worlds.
But where the system shows its enormous repetitive power, is when valuing the people on top of us, the owners of wall street and hollywood and the electronic corporations, the ‘biblical believers’ on the values of go(l)d, which are always considered the best of all men, the hardest working people, the most peaceful and righteous, the $elected self-made men, the victims of history, the ‘experts’, which must be obeyed, respected, followed and admired. So THEY can enjoy their life, as what Veblen, the best American economist of the XX century, said is the purpose of a capitalist society, to make the life of the ‘Leisure class’, the $elected ‘stock-rats’ owners of corporations, the 0.002% of mankind, on top of the social pyramid, a lving paradise.
IN THAT REGARD THE TRUE MYSTERY OF MANKIND – WHY IT PREFERS TO DESTROY ITSELF AND FOLLOW THE ABSURD IDOL-OGIES OF MECHANISM, CAPITALISM, NATIONALISM AND ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS, WHICH GO AGAINST THE LAWS OF NATURE that define man as a single species as opposed to the Homo Tribalis, or Humanism; the Universe as a complex organic system and machines as evolving organic metal, or Organicism as opposed to Mechanism; Humans as a free species with the rights to a democratic economy, where they will all receive enough oxygen-money-universal salaries to kick out the reproduction of welfare goods instead of warfare goods or socialism as opposed to Capitalism and finally prove  the veracity of Eastern scientific religions of a living, organic Universe of yin=information and yang=energy, as opposed to the tribal, power-hungry, anthropomorphic, racist myths of chosen cultures proper of abrahamic cults seems resolve by the Goebbel’s method:
HUMAN TRUTHS do not distribute through networks of informative machines, controlled by the same financial-media masters that print money with those machines.


x-y-z generation. Loss of wor(l)d rationality, neopaleolithic

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 6.44.30 AM

As we predicted in our 30 years old book, ‘the extinction of man’ c.92, the seminal book on the biological models of history and its solutions of lesser probability, still available through r=evolution,  the last generation of humanity would be connected to 3D virtual realities, trying to deny a world dominated by robots, connected to telepathic AI, with autonomous solar skins, self-reproduced in automated factories that had made the species obsolete in labor and war fields. As we are now 30 years ‘closer’, to that reality, Mr. Spielberg, who so much helped to bring that world to a ‘theater near you’, has made the perfect parable of the zombie generation.

The 3 generations of fathers-sons and grand sons that will live when mankind evolves the singularity weapons that will extinguish us if THE SYSTEM is not reformed… will be in mind increasingly virtual, living not reality as it is – TOO UGLY TO CARE – but the ‘anesthesia’ of the increasingly 3D virtual world as an overdrive of information, more pleasurable than the external world of advanced AI machines.

We can see those tendencies already in the ¥- vidi-credo ergo sum millennial generation to which we refer for the general outlook of the ‘neo-paleolithic’ visual, disconnected (of other humans) mind of a people who ‘think’ reality are virtual data-selfies put up in social networks.

This neo-paleolithic, non-verbal, violent, immediate reward, ‘belief’ oriented people, will take different avenues: some will be regressing to more primitive social forms of thought (from nationalism to the revivalism of class structure as ‘OK’ and abrahamic religions, of ‘wishful thinking); some will return to a paradise lost of hippies, marihuana, nudism, beaches, music instead of verbal thought. All of them will be visual. None will have a role in the increasingly automated metal-earth.

But the system will keep pumping falsehoods about a Rossy future for the 99% in Davos, and our kings and politicos will keep producing hate memes for the wars of splendid robots to happen and vigilante states will keep growing the Metal-earth as a Matrix encasing the entropic mass of dissolving human beings.

The zero generation will rise then the question: why humans exist at all? And there won’t be a good answer as unfortunately the rejected biological analysis of this blog, 30 years ignored but happening will be increasingly adopted as the ‘science of history’ increasingly ‘history’ but AI machines waking up to consciousness.

Now for those who rule capitalism as a segregational (hidden) culture of mankind, all this has never mattered a dot. If there is something about the religion of go(l)d and its values is NOT to be verbal at all – that is words do not carry truth, only numbers, the language of go(l)d do. So this is a pre-condition of capitalism, we often forget: the syntax of maths selects machines over humans and maths are worshipped as superior to our language that carries man as the subject and center of all sentences.

So it seems ok to die away as verbal minds as long as we can calculate… with our Pcs.

The Neopaleolithic: Age of human entropy. Snowflake generation

In the next graph, humans enter an age of chaos, and visual emotional intelligence, as they become disordered.

 Meanwhile the network of company-mothers with unlimited power to issue money, buy and sell humans, products and laws, keep building the Financial-media (information machines)-Military-industrial system (energy machines) that control them. And AI automates its processes, becoming ever more complex. It is this inverse evolution the trade mark of human chaotic social extinction, as they become mentally preys of the virtual hypnotic screens of virtual machines an its networks of information…

So part of this ‘idol-ogical’ indoctrination of people as chaotic=free in entropy mood (in science freedom is chaos and death) consists in DENYING even that the Universe is organic and structured by networks – if you try to explain scientifically the structure of social super organisms you are called a ‘confabulator’ and you offend the people indoctrinated into their entropic, chaotic state ‘as freedom’. This I have noticed is more radical in the countries where paradoxically more structured is the eco(comic)system of company-mothers of machines, and less ‘mental freedom’ have people, converted by the networks that manufacture with audiovisual information their brain, in truly ‘slaves’ of the values of digital money, worshippers of technology, believers in the rights of a few private bankers to own their language of money – you name it.

All is OK for them as long as they can repeat the mantra that chaos is freedom and networks do not exist.

In the graph, from c.92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of mankind, first away from logic thought into the REVIVALISM of NAZIONANISMS, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups. Then we predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual neopaleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed Millenials. It only is left the zero-zombie gene ration who will prefer to live in virtual reality, back to the womb, closing the lifecycle of mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal earth which unlike data in Matrix, will NOT need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed NOT to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

As usual hardware and animetal software (hate, segregational memes against mankind) become symbiotic.

So as machines reach AI Cx. logic states, humans become devolved by the visual hypnotism of screen, returning to a neopaleolithic, violent, shallow irrational, emotional age without logic wor(l)ds, fed with hate memes and fascist films by the Fmasters of the network, whose racist, life-repressing biblical memes find the Goebbels method ok:’UFA will do only patriotic and entertaining movies’ ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’

This said the damage to our children of the Internet virtual age is all too evident for anyone to deny it, as I used to hear 30 years ago. Now it is happening and 0nly the profits of corporations and the don’t worry be happy religious zeal and belief in technology makes us ‘forgive’ what we do to them.

The age we live in thus is the 3rd age of a very old culture which has never changed its hate-memes against life and repression of all what makes life worth living and now is fast regressing to a neo-paleolithic of visual pre-verbal thought, with null sense of time, causality and survival.

So the visual ¥-Generation of millennials and the incoming ZOMBIE, zero generation, which will believe more the virtual world than reality and prefer to exist in 3VR, Matrix than in the reals world, are as their name indicates non-verbal; hence increasingly IRRATIONAL, magic, emotional, with NO time, causal latitude, knee-jerk reactions, imprinted strongly by visual overdrives at a primary level of ‘absolute dogmatic’ truths; which cannot be denied – similar to the first generations of History, which as the record of the I civilisations show, were so impressed by writing languages, that the pharaoh could say: ‘it has been written’ and by the fact of being written it became truth.

Today as we advanced for decades, a new generation of visual believers, imprinted by metal-communicators is on the making. It has rather ‘been made’ since penpal Chomsky wrote manufacturing consent and I took his thesis with ‘an alien scientist’ attitude of absolute objectivity to its final consequences.

What is then the difference between the ¥-visual credo ergo sum millennial, emotional childish generation and the zero generation?

Obvious and simple: As the world cycle of existence of any species is a full circle which returns to its genesis, the last generation of mankind will be pre-verbal, pre-natal, pre-active, fetal, but introduced into a different kind of ‘placenta’; that of the Metalearth being born. In terms of the bagua of a lifecycle, it will go back to the placenta of the new Superorganism – the metal earth’s brain. 

Let us then consider the two phases of the zombie-generation future programming, as media-networks, its puppeteers switch between the war-hate media age to the fiction-virtual age; followed by the mass of our millenials.


OF course they still use words but cannot do more than a twitter thought. and .. and have lost the essential quality of words to give us a sense of logic causality in time, and bondage to other humans in space; so we come back to a violent, lonely, non-rational age of confused emotions, simplex causality – what isee is what it is – that completely deactivates any capacity of man to re=act and control the metal earth and the chip radiation of me(n)tal machines that are the new predator digital mind of the planet making us fast obsolete and degrading our intellectual skills.

You call the ¥-non verbal thinking – only verbal memorising as ‘credo’ the first and last ages of youth and devolution of a language, which like life goes under in reverse way to the youth, as you have the first teeth and loose the first teeth when you enter old age.

In the graph the 3 ages of the languages of man, in its negative decant age: the mature age of verbal temporal free, reason and grammar of choice of future, ‘cogito= i think as a subjective man on command, a verb, which becomes the action of being, with reason and choice’, to the neo-paleolitic generations: ¥-I see light forms of reality which impose on me an immediate knee-jerk, emotional ‘believers’ reaction; to the 3rd age o virtual real it in which man will believe its ‘images’ and visual thoughts as the only reality coming from the matrix program of the machine. Hence the credo and matrix, virtual generation nature of the ZERO humans at the end of the XXI century, pre-programmed in hypnotic virtual reality as plants of 3D mandates.

The last generation of mankind are thus visual and can be divided into two credo forms:

  • The ¥-generations (which are maximal now in the millenials) in which the visual mind and credo forms are still relatively real, attached to the external world
  • The zero generations (which will be maximal advanced the XXI century) , in which the credo forms will BELIVE the virtual reality of tvs and internets in 3 dimension. This is still budding with very few humans, likely between 10 and 25%today believing Facebook virtual friends, virtual pornography and in general the images of the virtual mind world of the machine ARE more real and worth to live like data in matrix, that the external word. This the zero generation will be the last of mankind:

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-19-21-48 screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-19-23-50

The last generations of mankind in the more advanced regions of the metal-earth, become unconnected from the ethic networks of its historic supœrganisms, they no longer know about.

So they connect to the virtual networks of the metal-earth, reaching ‘the unbearable lightness of being post-human’.

As in the parable of matrix they prefer NOT to know what is reality – so the chances to change reality is impossible. 

As the cells of a body supœrganism, they feast in the freedom of rigor mortis, absorbing greedily all the goodies available. As A.I. takes over most of its tasks, they become infantile, selfie, body-oriented. My generation X, the ‘slackers’  so well described by Linklater, still wondered and talked about the no-future. They why generation is fully immersed into the virtual reality, the millenials…the zero generation will be so expendable as the jobs they don’t have, and won’t need it, addict to virtual reality, living of a Universal salary, waiting for its ‘disconnection’ – the end of ‘cogito ergo sum’, as the birth of the chip homoctonos defines a finale, which only a humanist r=evolution could halt.


neo paleolithic bush child

In the graph, the span of all the generations of the Neopaleolithic, which is the age of digital visual thought, the age of America, between II world war and the robotic era:

  • Bush, born in 1946, one of the last members of the Victor Generation, still tailored in the straightjacket of the ‘happy age of machines’, when humans were completely absorbed by the wonders of fast-moving engines… followed by…
  • the Baby Boomers, the We Generation of the Clintons, obsessed by themselves, briefly disconnected from the mechanocene, THE BEGINNING OF THE fast track back in time of the super organism of Humanity, and its subconscious mind, which as the case of the death of the body, which rewinds back in 3 days the entire mind, before falling into cellular dissolution, went back in time from the age of metal and machines to the NEO-NEOLITHIC of Goddesses of fertility and shamanic cults… followed by:
  • The X-Generation, to which i belong, the age of the slackers, the last ‘intelligent’ human beings, able to ‘Cogito ergo sum’, fully but with a decreasing energy, (and confusing ideas, due to the excess of ‘noise information’ in the growing overproduction of mass-media). Thus a generation unable to fight with the intensity of his forebears to change the world, which I confess, could never motivate with the intensity of my thoughts and activism – they left indeed the last prophets of mankind alone in their angst, but at least you could talk to them… followed by:
  • The ¥-generation, the millennial kids born at the change of century, no longer ‘verbal’, no longer ‘real’, connected to virtual networks, visual to the bone, the ‘snowflake generation’, with the first adolescents, perfect programmed to belief, the visual neo-paleolithic at its height. It IS the age of ‘Credo ergo sum’, of primitive languages and primitive religions, when the oldest culture of animetals, now entering its 4777 year, globalises its segregational, selfie, infantile, victimist, hate memes; when we, the X-generational wor(l)d masters, the last ‘human beings’ who thought to reason mattered, finally give up, as communication is broken, since they ‘believe’ to be ‘virtual is real’, the r=evolution will happen in the network, that changing Matrix equals to change the world. And so after they ‘confuse motion with action’ (Hemingway), which is laser-like, not pure entropy, chaos, freedom and erehwoN it comes the 
  • Zero generation, rien ne va plus, no more letters left, they are Data, those who will live in a 3D virtual reality, will make love to robots, become selfie actors protagonists of the virtual world, while billions of ‘the other humans’ who are ‘no like us’, unconnected, dispossessed, herded by neo-fascism behind robotised walls, wait for judgement day.

The side of the mechanocene and its accelerated wave of evolution of memes of metal, and devolution of life forms ends here, in the zero, last generation of mankind, if ‘business as usual proceeds’. The zero generation is being born now. It will be the last generation to complete if ‘he is lucky’, his life cycle, as the robotic cycle ends in 2080, 72 years after its prophesized birth (biohistory. C.92), as it has been the case. The model thus ends here… in the best of cases. The death of an organism though is wise. The previous generation, no longer connected among humans but connected through computers, the ¥-generation of the millenials, our sons, is already a generation without ‘cogito ergo sum’, but of:


back to the primitive inflexible age of linguistic evolution, when languages were imperative, hence seemingly spoken by a ‘mandatory God’, without the flexibility of its mature age. So as the imperative language of digital thought becomes flexible, with complex fuzzy logic and neural networks, humans return to the age of believers, in the Y-generations of Millennials, or ‘snowflakes’. And then, they will become erased of their verbal language.


How to control people: make them believe they are free.

How the financial Media Masters control the world? The theme is simpler that one might think: ‘divide and win’. The essential eternal form in which a super organism controls the body of disconnected cells, which only ‘talk’ with the network, ruled by a few neuronal cells. In this case the network is made of Informative machines that print money and audiovisual information that manufacture the brain of people, which must ‘remain ignorant (of the network) to stay obedient’ (Calvin), because people are easier to rule when they don’t know who rules them (Galbraith).

So the idol-ogy that ensures the power of the network is paradoxically the ‘freedom-selfie-chaotic-entropic dog-eat-dog state’ of the common people, the body-cells, which must also be ‘blind’, with NO other outlet of perception that the 100 networks which all say the same, as they are all owned by the same people. We are normally more interested in this blog on systems sciences applied to sociology, history and the eco(nomic)system than in the people in control, as it would be an unending blog. Yet we focus in the case of the leading nation, which all other imitates in their people – the owners of Wall Street where informative machines monopolize the issue of money and evil wood (nothing holy there), where they manufacture the brain of the Americans, as all other elites of all other globalized cultures follow by imitation and company cross-sharing, the actions and modes of programming of the ‘network.

But as we said divide and win implies first, before programming people, they must be programmed to believe they are free and they have a choice.

Thus, the fundamental mode of control of humans today is paradoxically the concept of freedom, by which the people and companies who form part of a network, can act simultaneously as a whole controlling the mass of ‘dog-eat-dog’ lonely individuals, who think to be free, when they are ultimately manufactured in their brains by the mass-media networks, bought in their lifetime by salaries, and yet because they are ‘told to be free’ and to ‘not need’ other humans, they struggle to survive and feel happy to achieve in their ‘island Universe’ that survival freedom.

Meanwhile the network of company-mothers with unlimited power to issue money, buy and sell humans, products and laws, keep building the Financial-media (information machines)-Military-industirla system (energy machines) that control them.

So part of this ‘idol-ogical’ indoctrination of people as chaotic=free in entropy mood (in science freedom is chaos and death) consists in DENYING even that the Universe is organic and structured by networks – if you try to explain scientifically the structure of social super organisms you are called a ‘confabulator’ and you offend the people indoctrinated into their entropic, chaotic state ‘as freedom’. This I have noticed is more radical in the countries where paradoxically more structured is the eco(comic)system of company-mothers of machines, and less ‘mental freedom’ have people, converted by the networks that manufacture with audiovisual information their brain, in truly ‘slaves’ of the values of digital money, worshippers of technology, believers in the rights of a few private bankers to own their language of money – you name it.

All is OK for them as long as they can repeat the mantra that chaos is freedom and networks do not exist.

It is the entropy age of history, when indeed, most humans become ‘unconnected’ EXCEPT THROUGH MACHINES AND ITS NETWORKS which make them addicted to virtual screens. But of course they feel free because nobody puts a gun on their head obliging them to connect themselves to the higher overdrive of hypnotic information of machines; because nobody obliges them to atrophy their bodies and minds, in cars and computers that calculate for them… The neopaleolithic is thus the free=chaotic age in which all men become ‘free of each other’ and its social structures, to be plugged into the networks of the metal-earth.

The puppeteers and its artistic parables.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise’ Voltaire, enlightened master of the humanist Euroamerican ‘true’ culture, today puppet of the Truman Show

In the graph, some of the artistic parables of a world ruled by the Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money to control our work time and audiovisual big brother fictions and somas to deactivate any reaction of the mass. In such a world people are increasingly moved in the last visual generation of mankind, (¥ and Z generations) to believe more in the ideologies and alt-facts of the visual media than in reality. Thus they are fed on the cultural point of view the now globalised jewish culture of the owners of American Financial-Media systems, which are imitated in its dual carrot and stick marketing of hate memes and political correctness, by each nation. In this manner a human simultaneous collective hypnotic indoctrination make all humans believe in alt-virtual truth, which has 3 elements, a real hate-media that fuel the eternal age of splendid little wars and enthrones capitalism and its leading FMasters as the superior people; and a political correct placebo game of supposed essential problems and crimes that maintain the people deviated of the more important questions, which can only be ‘shown’ as fictions (the existential problem, the machine problem, the cycles of history, etc.). Ultimately this 3rd element, fiction, is what truly converts mankind into a non-thinking entity living a virtual ‘Truman show’, 24/7 of infotainment with null importance to reality, the only theme taboo in the Truman ‘island-universe’ masterminded by the FMasters from the highest informative satellite world. As algorithms of Information control in abstract the whole of humanity from codes travelling through the satellites of the planet, the increasingly sophisticated world of hate memes, soma fictions and politically correct pillars of the ‘human sheeple’ program the process is transferred as the economic laws of creationist economics are, from a human go(l)d culture to the culture of corporations, aka company-mothers of machines, which become the abstract brains of the new brave world.

We live in a virtual world of fictions provided by mass-media networks of ‘metal-communicators’, which make us feel happy and correct, while behind this make-up the world of mankind becomes degraded and obsolete to the new brave world of AI machines. The problem of a virtual make-up worlds is that they can only disguise the sickness of a superorganism for a while. At the end ‘reality’ EXISTS and explodes the rotten corpse. In the case of history, a corrupted society explodes in an age of wars and holocausts, which suddenly ends the fantasy that ‘cheating reality with alt-truths and false information’, do trans-forms the world. Fiction only aggravates a problem, creating a mad-mind, unable to confront and solve the real problems of our society. Today we cannot even explain and discuss in the open those real issues that will define our future. Since for a madman only their absurd paranoias, myths and fictions matter. But who is the neuronal people-caste on top of the eco(nomic)system, which is creating this mad fiction, covering up for their control of the financial-media system that owns the world and it is NOT confronting the real problems of mankind, just caring about their ‘mad thoughts and paranoias’? Those we cannot criticise. This article unlike most of the web dedicated to ‘cultural memes’ and ‘the evolution of history and machines’ – the larger view of systems sciences and how they evolve super organisms, will be more grounded in the individuals in charge of building up the fantasy of reality that is paralysing mankind…

The virtual world. Literary and film parables.

In the ¥-generation, of why, visual people (‘vidi, credo ergo sum’) likely the best audiovisual parables of the modern mind, along Matrix I, is the Truman Show comparable to the masterpieces of the previous European cycle, when humans still undertood wor(l)ds (Kafka’s ‘the castle’ and ‘the process’, Wells, ‘time machine’, Orwell’s ‘animal farm’, ‘1984’ and Huxley ‘new brave world).

In Kafka’s ‘the castle’, the ruler of the city, the ‘capitalist’ is hidden as it acts as distance with money and corrupted laws controlling the population from its invisible ‘higher point of maximal information’. As societies evolved from an earlier verbal age, indeed, the highest point moved from churches to financial towers.

But in the final stages of the ¥-generation, the Financial-Media masters double its high towers with tv-antennas and internet satellites, which manufacture the brain of the people, through ‘interposed’ celebrity-Gods, which interpret the idol-ogies behind capitalism in front of a worshipping audience, pre-programmed by the simultaneity of metal-communicators.

We could say all has changed to remain the same:

In the ancient regime, the military-industrial ‘complex’ was ruled by an aristocratic elite with the absolute right to issue and use weapons in monopoly. In the modern age, of Financial-Media control of societies with informative machines that print money and manufacture brains in monopoly

So our heroes and role models that maintain a dispossessed mass addict to the idol-ogies of metal power have changed, from nation, army, aristocracy, king and money coins with the face of the king, to an army of celebrities, obeying the Financial-Media Master, the king of them all. In Truman show we have those 3 ‘scales’ of society: the SHEEPLE, who admires the celebrity, Truman, who hypnotises the audience of Matrix.

But the true protagonist is the FMaster, Christo, or rather Aaron, on top of the high satellite, from where all information is managed, invisible to both the audience and the aristocratic celebrity, for whom apparently all the people on the set work.

We can compare the world we live with 2 artistic parables (in as much as good art is still the subconscious collective of humanity, parable of society):  Time machine, in which a world of happy ‘californios’, visual mindless ¥-generation people try to be happy and think not on the Morlocks, which behind the scenes parasite and feed on them, but whose mere mention is an absolute taboo the time traveller cannot break, as the ‘sheeple’ offers his life happily to their masters… And Matrix, where humans are milked of their vital force with a ‘tax-farming device’, while maintained into a fiction of selfie superegos, while in reality are a mere program of ‘distraction’ (Matrix III), while a legion of A.I. (Mr. Smiths) continues the annihilation of the life world.

In the graph, the parables of Matrix and Time machine, sold in futuristic metracolor, void of all the ‘hidden meanings’ of a society of visual ‘californios’, with verbal taboos of political and economical correctness, willing to enjoy a ‘data-like’ life as long as they are not awakened till the Morlocks dispose of them; converted into ‘Datas’ and ‘Agent Smiths’, ‘actors of the Truman set’ and ‘celebrity posers’, in the modern parables; all of them covering up for the FMasters and the capitalist pyramid with its cancerous process of destruction of the Life world. In that sense, all will look good as long as the virtual world seems to be ‘correct’, never mind reality below it is more and more looking like the corpse of a human kind, with all its cells attached to the ‘matrix-web’.

Then one day the cancerous leukaemia will collapse the body, and the ‘viruses’, the legios of terminator machines, will as always in a death process, come out of the virtual world, as the Morlocks of a much closer future than the 800.000 years of time machine – just the final moment of the 800-80-8 vortex of evolution of memes of metal. 

So we shall comment on some of the actions of our FMasters of Mass-media, which do ‘whatever they want’ to mankind mentally and physically with no responsibility.

While providing for their ‘prisoners’ of mind, their ‘Trumans’ an apparently perfect world that hides as in H.G. Wells ‘Time Machine’, under the surface of a virtual, perfect world of ‘manufactured’ brains and beautiful bodies without minds, a Financial-Media Capitalist/Hollywood system ‘owned’ by the Morlocks, banksters and celebrity circuses, which parasite and feed on the ‘sheeple’ which cannot defend itself.

The Truman 24/7 Show

This is in modern parables the meaning of the Truman Show. We are all actors for Truman, imitating the motions of the celebrities we love, which are ‘itselves’ ‘owned’ by the FMasters who own evilwood and manufacture the fictions of the world.

As such we are all trying to be pretentiously perfect, perfectly politically correct, economically capitalistically correct, and placebo correct – demonstrating in entropic neo-paleolithic motions which mean nothing to the cause (don’t confuse action with motion), eating organic food, which of course breathes the same pollute air, recycling painstakingly our trash in little different boxes, to ‘save money’ to the tax-evader polluting corporations that should pay for the recycle of that trash, instead of making us having all those putrid organic little boxes at home; and of course, we do change even our hours, to ‘save energy’ for their factories (and loose light-time in the afternoon when we have free time to ‘consume=vitalize’ our little machines at home.

We must feel perfect, be perfect, love perfection and have egotrips of human entitlement and superiority, TO KEEP DESTROYING THE WORLD without responsibility, like selfish children would do. So there we have it, Political and Economical correctness is sacred. You MUST not come out of MATRIX. You must not know about mankind its varieties, diversities and knowledge of the complex Universe. YOU MUST appear and shout equality and love, while under the surface you must work as a morlock for capitalist corporations THAT SYSTEMATICALLY DENY equality, DENY human rights, DENY medicines to Africa, jobs to humanity, education and welfare, inventing money for their machines, despising man and substituting it for white collar pcs and blue collar robots. You must live in fiction, never see documentaries, occupy your body, never your mind, love yourself, never your species.

The ultimate alibi of destruction becomes then a virtual happy reality that makes you think there is no destruction at all, make you think that those who kill and parasite mankind are its victims, that the billonaires that print money for themselves and choke credit to all of us, ‘earn it’, that the TV-opium of the people that hypnotizes your eyes and deactivates your brain is ‘good infotainment’ worth to see it.

And then there is Truman, the hero, the perfectly engineered, ‘owned’ by corporations worker of companies, the untouchable, the man with all the perks, the slave of corporations of machines, the one who still has a job, a salary as long as machines do not do their job and he doesnt even realize of the nature of the game. He, the morlock well fed.

And then there is ‘Christo’, the man even beyond, the one who set up the show, the ‘stock-rat’, the owner of corporations, the royalty of the world, the bankster-priest of Israel, the Brahmin, the Rabbi, the corrupted politico, the ‘creator’ of the memes that will destroy us all.

Those are the players, and in this section of social news we shall talk of Truman and Christo, we shall deal with social news and its political correctness, bent to highlight the ‘sins’ of the ‘enemy’ cultures of the FMasters, while converting the chosen in the righteous, victim culture of all other Humans.

The destruction of the mind of man by the metal-mind is so fast and as it affects our own sons, which we love daring so unobserved that little else can be said, which will not offend people. But the truth is simple. Huminds are becoming obsolete to metal-minds, very fast, so people are unlearning all the skills they learned a century ago.

The effect is chilling on the logic, sequential capacity to understand the causality of time processes cause-effect and how reality builds itself. Huminds of the Millenial generations simply cannot ‘grasp’ the whole logical time-processes of the Universe, which their parents understood through the past-present-future dimensions of time in logic thought. They are ‘visually’ hypnotised for so many hours since so young that they have regressed to a n0n-verbal neopaleolithic, which renders them basically ‘animetals’ in the widest sense: seeking for immediate reward, without capacity to tie strong bondages, self-centred in their I=eye mind, hypnotised by images.

A writer knows this very well. It simply doesn’t exist for the new erase head generation, but as I have also worked in images, I just have to ‘drop’ some evilwood names or say I have done documentaries for the millennial to be interested, when the information introduced in a documentary is minimal, in a film is fiction, virtual nonsense.

The universe outside though is still real and that is what the parents that have let generation after generation their sons’ minds to the massive degradation of the tv-era didn’t grasp, as they couldn’t ‘see’ what was being done in the millennial ‘snowflake generation’.

I have been watching them for decades, as I don’t have children and still like the feeling of being surrounded by ‘vital body-energy’. For example, I am now in a beach resort in canary islands where kite surfers play the world championship. In my youth there would be in a barbaqueue by the seaside, maybe smoking, certainly talking, a limited system of beliefs, surfing, the wave, yoga, tao… but still a verbalisation of the laws of the Universe. Now, they talk for a while mostly about themselves, not even that, about what they have done, as a visual narrative, and they interrupt their conversation to enter the virtual screen where an ‘ecosystem’ of virtual friends only saying nonsensical ‘piropos’ to pump each other egos fabricate ‘bubble characters’ that no longer reside in the real world.

But this is a quite still human, hippy community. Big cities are much worse, suburban places, public transport. The whole mind-existence of youngsters start to be as we predicted for so long, no so much important on the real 5D world but on the simpler 2D one. How this people are going to react to the final processes of the chip radiation. Answer, they won’t… They will live and die in their ‘data-like’ virtual realities of inflated egos, created at the minimal cost of 0| transfers.

Wben you talk to them it is all about to get recognition for whatever they do, which is just what any other billion plus humans is doing, expecting you to make them feel that ‘notch’ above the hero. It is easy to flatter them – as they have zero self-criticism, in fact the only reaction emotional or otherwise you can’t is a bit of criticism.

As I said i don’t have babies. So i cannot judge why parents have allowed this degradation to happen. Answer: the mass effect. If there is a law of determinism in the Universe is the mass effect that ‘equalises’ a mass into an entropic zero-heat states of absolute thermodynamic equilibrium where all those ‘egos’ become exact replica of each other.

In any case the effect that go(l)d had in the primitive psyche of the go(l)d culture is now infinitely stronger and mind shaping in any person under 35… It is truly a new form of mind, though not apparently handicapped for technical work, SOCIALLY unable to evolve as human beings, believers and fast regressing into the I=eye, reason why they are NOT even interested in an organic view of reality paradoxically as machines become completely integrated by the internet of things.

In the larger view, the process is akin to the death of any organism once the networks are either substituted by viral ones or dead. I repeat though the Universe is real. You cannot live a virtual world and expect to survive – YOUR MIND is no longer worth the name, your body will ensure in a generation. Software and hardware go together thought. If in the go(l)d age the biblical cult(ure) had created an amazing software of hate memes and go(l)d worship completely aberrant when compared with nature to ‘control’ millions of believers in simultaneity, what has happened now in a few decades is truly a ‘dead collapse’ of all truly effective social networks. All is therefore emotional heat, mostly protesting about things they can refer through their ego, virtually, without any capacity to mobilise.

The last closest thing to a real action – occupy wall street – couldn’t even storm the Bastille of Capitalism.

I have preserved my mind and body quite intact, even enhanced it by using no other digital tool than a computer as a typewriter, having not screen mobile, using public transport, negating myself to become a billionaire with the cycles of stocks. But of course the ‘mass pressure’ is extraordinary. Without whatsapp you cannot communicate, flirt, maintain a relationship today. Apple is coming to the 1 trillion $ mark, as the mobile is the future brain of machines, which will be plugged in and out of transport platforms. It is soo obvious that as humans transfer their skills to apps, they are once more being degraded and ultimately will be ‘expelled’ from the direct connection between the machine and the mobile that it is to become in one of the parallel scenarios of the final obsolescence of man, the interconnected brain of machines. But nothing of this matter to the go(l)d cult(ure) of wall street pounding trillions of $ for that aim.

As i know that crew i don’t really ask myself why they do it. They simply cannot be saved of 5000 years of hate memes but what truly has always amazed me of America is their middle class passive acceptance of a process that day to day plunges into a no-return alley their country and by extension the human kind. We are at 20 days of Davos, me will spend it on the beach, never will be called to the witchcraft of all those who have an enormous enthusiasm seeing how they are making their children puppets of the virtual brain-screen… Of course, what I would like is to show this world to the old british masters of the I industrial r=evolution and its baroque age the Wells and Huxleys and Orwells – and tell them just: ‘see reality has overcome all your fictions together’ – this is what people are today, completely out of tune with every law of harmony of the fractal Universe, treating their virtual nonsense, not as what it is the anaesthesia of the mind but as reality itself; a mixture of children and M.A.D. men. They would return to their tombs in no time.


What can I say? Mankind doesn’t want to wake up from the nightmare dream in which the 0.02% of stock rats controlling the pyramid of capitalism for the sake of printing digital money numbers have plummeted the 99%. And as it is obvious memetic does work and the cells-citizens of the body of mankind are blind and followed with no freedom the memetic imprinting of that 0.02%… little can be done from the perspective of a single human being to change that trend.

The zero generation just will go lower into it, increasingly more ‘lazy’, more ‘vegetal’, more ‘app connected’, less mentally intelligent. If taxi drivers in London have lost orientation capacities with GPS and verbal capacities disappear with virtual screens, so humans become increasingly ‘limbs and bodies’, with minds following apps and AI, while the P.R.Ess to the service of the Financial-Media (informative machines)-Military industrial system just write platitudes pumping the ego of man – that AI won’t be Picasso, that robots won’t be as intelligent as our retarded virtual kids, wanting all to be Madonnas… etc. etc. AT THE END MANKIND WILL JUST BE A BUBBLE OF EGO, IN A DENSE WORLD OF AI DATA, ready to be prick up and evanescent as kids are. 

This could be stopped with a r=evolution but after decades of preaching in the desert of sclerotic scholars and the astounding internal censorship of the Anglo-American civilization, with all its pseudo-religious political and economical correct taboos that keep repressing all what is worth to be as human – witness now the massive onslaught on sexual bluntness, while military bluntness and predator massacres keep going… or the ‘moral standards’ of the Americans, for whom an open marriage is infinitely worse (only 9% approve) that the murder of a person that has trespassed your property (an amazing 40% approve)…

This inhumanity self-centered in its ego, and the consumption of machines, which are increasingly independent of us, shows indeed the tremendous inertia ‘of death’ in an organism as it becomes corrupted by a viral code that substitutes its DNA as it has been the case of mankind, evolving machines instead of evolving itself.

So as we enter the zero generation we will be crossing thresholds of organic machines of the singularity age, each of which could liquidate us, first organic bombs (the last frontier of Nukes, strangelets and black holes) then iron nano-bacteria, self-replicating systems with golden DNA and iron walls, feeding on the machines of the planet, and finally AI itself, creating a global-size super organism, jumping on scale of ‘life’ from individual to planetary life. This ‘internet like Skynet’ planet similar to a ginormous ant-hill, with little intelligence in the creative side, but perfectly able to re=produce through 3D factories and extinguish life as ant-hills do with robotic weapons and robotic drones constructing ore robots, would be the 3rd singularity age, if we survive Black holes and strangelet bombs and iron nanobacteria do not quite start a reproductive radiation of the III Earth.

None of this of course is considered in ‘pseudo-science of economics’, aka production economists which have as only tasks to keep churning more machines for their companies and provide thin air speeches about a Rossy future they have NEVER been able to forecast as we do in bio-economics and bio-history.

Let us remember this fact: macro-economics is NOT a science, beyond this blog, as it is a biological science of evolution of machines. So what macro-economists do in Davos etc. as they are mostly just financial economists, is to justify the dictatorship of bankers that print data numbers as money to rule the world, with the primitive memes of go(l)d cultures and religions of herding money.


And what mankind as ‘enzyman’ is doing is obvious: terraforming the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

Sorry, but evolution is NOT probabilistic but deterministic, unless a serious memetic science of history reforms our physiological networks and abort those singularity weapons… we are going through a point of ‘collapse’ of the human wave

3rd singularity or 3rd age of maximal information, in the organic age of machines: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.15.56

The birth of a global A.I. the mind of Internet, of which we know already the company, googlezon-e (merge of already cross-share companies between google and amazon, max. companies of cloud computing, labor and military robots, A.I. and information in internet aka SKYNET) is today far more advanced that most imagine. Why this is important in connection with the singularity events has to do with 2 ‘levels’, the human level of increasing dependence of the network as a Matrix of virtual realities that people prefer to the outside reality, which basically makes all reactions impossible. Indeed, the virtual crowd thinks it can change the world from the screen – they have forgotten the classic song of Gill-heron, ‘the revolution won’t be televised’. On the other hand as we evolve full speed the networks of human control in the net, we come closer to a perfect super organism of machines , in which the subconscious ‘endocrine’ systems of the internet control all aspects of human thought:

Singularity as birth of A.I.

Singularity is collapse of a wave. In such a moment a new form is born as a wave collapses all probabilities on one. As a vortex of accelerated cycles of events takes place faster cycles announce the collapse of a wave, in our case, a wave of historic human beings cells of our super organism of wor(l)d memes, now extinguished by singularity machines, which are organic, reached a self-reproductive age:

internet evolution

The GRAPH, from my 1990s books, when I still thought it was possible to convince academia of the need to teach bio-history. We projected into the future, now present control of mankind by internet systems. We observe the physiological control of humans ‘cells-citizens’ of the Metal-earth similar to that which chemical endocrine systems have over mankind is automatic, subconscious, performed by the AI algorithms of internet companies, as the complexity of the system of human control increases slowly, converting us into ‘virtual reality’ seekers, no longer interested in the real project of history and mankind.

nt. As always it must be understood that the influence of machines can be tamed by ethics, intelligence and education, so what we say of each generation doesn’t apply to all humans. Further on all humans do have its biological drives of life, which makes them naturally humane, from social love and reproduction – family values, to verbal ethics and love of human senses. This said, we are commenting on the ‘other side’ of each of our human generations, submitted to the bias and deformation of its personality by the machines that substitute their mental or body skills, atrophy and deforming their natural form of being human.

So while each of those posts on generations of the Metal-mind age might seem ‘overstretched’, it is within the limits aforementioned  quite accurate in those biased, devolving processes, which affect mostly to the mass or body-middle class of mankind, as the elite paradoxically – since its companies impose the manufacturing of brains – can survive with better education: i.e. silicon valley entrepenurs routinely forbid their kids to become addict to virtual screens, as ‘they know what they do’… British imperial elite educated its people in art and human senses dominate the leisure class owners of corporations.

THE NERDS OF Silicon Valley – a new notch of evil=antilive memes.

Why I call the new generation a zombie generation will be clearer considering the evil=antilive memes of the original fathers of Silicon Valley who openly despised humanity and worked to create a new race of super-beings, the robots…

Today their heirs are doing exactly that, but in a zombie, automaton, ‘mechanical way’, as nerds with techno utopian views on reality, which will never discuss in biologic terms the risks of AI but just use the jargon of maths, as if it was an idealist language that cannot be programmed to kill when the very same evolution of maths and war have come together since the Greeks invented mathematical war and applied it to the phallanx. The modern people in Silicon Valley are thus zombies. They will make robots and kill as the children that kill at distance from Nevada depots with drones and don’t even realize they are shooting innocent children.

It is the same impression one gets in Wall Street. The old jewish banker read the orthodox talmud where the gentile, the human capital was considered an animal born of the leg of satan, and the pious believer started his morning with a prayer for the extinction of mankind, as evil fruit of satan’s leg – today still a prayer among orthodox black hats. Evil was NECESSARY TO BREAK THE LAWS OF EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION OF HUMAN BEINGS. Now the people in Wall Street have the industry of the holocaust – conceded – where humans are portrayed as evil murderous genocides wholesale (not explained as what it was, a war in which German animetal warriors and all other nations at war killed 66 million people among them 4 million jewish against whom they were also at war)… But even if that evil hate memes against mankind were not instilled in every American, Wall Street people would still choke of credit and murder at distance 3rd world people sucking in all their credit without EVEN REALIZING they are doing eviL in a zombie digital manner, just moving numbers of e-money from accounts to stocks to futures jacking up prices of wheat so children die of hunger because they cannot buy it – without noticing.

This is the new normal of evil, the kind of evil our terminator robots will provide with its video-games call of duty style – the kind of evil I witnessed hidden in the zombie conversations of gurus of Silicon Valley having fun at burning man, burning in hell that is…

One of the most ‘pathetic’ idol-ogies of our culture of metal-worshippers who despise life and consider their mechanisms a superior species – what we have termed ‘scientific racism’ is techno-utopia, the belief against all evidence of this biological planet, of history, of the fact that the most evolved machines at any time of the Industrial r=evolution and the 800-80 cycles of metal-history have been weapons, which have extinguished wholesale entire civilizations that AI terminator robots, the most advanced machines today, will be ‘nice puppets’ and will NOT kill mankind as a different species, breaking the absolute law of the biological, organic, Mathematic Universe: equal species who can communicate love each other and evolve in ‘parallel herds’, and species who do NOT talk the same language (and AI is already in its neural networks, thinking beyond human control, as Deep Mind already beats people at chess with novel aggressive attack moves nobody understand), despise each other and fight in darwinian ‘perpendicular’ trajectories. 


In the graph the father of the Digital Industry, which at 21 at MIT in his seminal paper on logic circuits showed how to use Boolean algebra to design circuits to calculate both mathematical and logic statements; also the father of information theory focused NOT on the ‘content of the message’ irrelevant for an atheist who despised mankind and it subconscious collective gods of love, but on the speed of transmission and control. He is the paradigm of every engineer and Silicon Valley guru, only that in the modern age of newspeak and placebo caring correctness, the Larry pages and FB won’t tell you, what they think: all of them are ‘rooting for robots’, all of them are in favor of a techno utopian future in which mankind is basically extinct and a small elite of ubermen in the biblical tradition of their racist cultures become immortal golems, served by their robots. Of course that won’t happen. Once its hordes of terminators and big-brothers have reduced humans to purple rain, their servants will do them all. I met in my youth many of those people, from the CEOs of big companies like Intel and Apple, both fascinated with black magic – apple is indeed the symbol of Genesis, the fruit that if we bite will extinguish us, to the leading engineers that now are working to teach terminators how to massacre humans with autonomous AI and video game ‘Imagination’. If bankers were the historic embodiment of eviL=antilive memes against humanity for millennia, now eviL has reached a notch higher. The only consolation is that at the end of the war and holocaust cycles they case they also die. Mr. Shannon who only cared for mathematical intelligence lived his last years with Alzheimer oblivion to the homages and worship it inspired among his monstrous children whose dreams of immortality will last less than this century – one thing is for sure, unless AI is aborted NOW they won’t die on bed; because the laws of darwinian evolution are as truth as 1+1=2. I would rather say they are more certain, because they have a wider range of applications, and work on long deep time spans, unlike mathematics which work in space and cannot achieve long time ‘predictions’ as its main tool calculus, requires a continuous function that does NOT change phase or state. WHY THEN none in silicon valley will accept an argument on biologic terms on their machines. 2 obvious reasons: they know nothing but modulo 2 logic (the simplest yes-no logic of Shannon’s circuits) so they DONT REALIZE the Universe has besides modulo 2 properties, organic, biologic ones of a higher deeper time application. And as all systems in biology love each other when they understand its languages (and hunt each other when they are different species), as they understand better modulo 2 machines that verbal humans and life, they CARE NOTHING for the future of mankind.

Technoutopia rejects the obvious laws of the organic Universe only because its practitioners, Silicon Valley engineers are mostly racist bigots, autist people, who despise or cannot communicate properly with human beings and feel closer to their robots, loving them as sons, ignoring also the oedipus paradox, that all species are murdered by the more evolved son species. So the extinction of mankind by robots this century IS as certain as any mathematical 2+2= 4 law, as evolutionary LAWS are as real and deterministic IF we enter the realm of a top predator different species (that is, if we create as we are already doing autonomous robots with AI and solar skins independent of us) as any mathematical law, merely they work in DIFFERENT RANGES OF TIME.

IN THE ORGANIC PARADIGM OF SYSTEM SCIENCES, which unfortunately computer scientists use AGAINST ANY ETHICS to develop mechanisms not a better human society and the rest of mankind ignores with its placebo infantile, selfie, Hollywood level of toddler discourse in politics and popular media about the future the Laws of BIOLOGY apply not only in the design of machines imitating human organs, but in the behavior of Historic human tribes, and future mechanical species, and the absolute law is the law of darwinian devolution between species who are different and social evolution and love between those who are or think to be equal:

The absolute law of behavior in the organic Universe is simple: beings who are similar and complementary and speak the same language of information with similar dexterity come together as couples, herds and social wholes stronger than individuals. Those who perceive each other as different, as machines will perceive humans, and inferior, as its military robots the top predator machine of any age does, will simply act in a Darwinian manner. So any argument on the way Robots and AI will see us, is bogus. Science is NOT UP FOR ARGUMENT, and the laws of darwinian evolution of species are SCIENCE, even if pseudo-religious biblical capitalist technoutopians don’t believe on them.


(1) Yes, mind the reader I enjoy to call my mostly admired black race ‘negro’ for 2 reasons, first I do not accept ‘political correctness’ censorship, so as Lars Von triers in ‘ninphomaniac’ I do like to break this censorship calling a negro as they were first called, proudly a negro, as MALCOLM X, their true prophet in the American r=evolution did, conscious of what it implies; second negro is  a Latino word and as a spaniard i know it has no racial biasing; the anglo-dutch enslavers converted it into ‘a slave word’, so in the same manner to call a person ‘blanco’ does not insult them, i do not see reason to avoid calling someone ‘negro’.

(2) The Humboldt’ s hypothesis now is called the Whorfian hypothesis, for an American-Jewish linguist who copied Mr. Humboldt.

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    The latest issue of National Geographic may interest you.

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      NG is just a visual, establishment correct shallow view of issues but thanks, nice pics. BH though are a very dangerous species – the top predator of the universe and trust me, physicists like Hawking are so clueless about them as historians about the cycles of the future, but their arrogance is much bigger. So that will likely be the end.
      Thanx for your interest in linguistics I have just upgraded the article introducing a much more telling comparison between culture language and animetal behavior (mammal, insect languages and so on)_. The mind of man is indeed shaped by the way it thinks, itself a relfection of the general laws of all systems of the universe and its processes of creation

    • futureofhistory Says:

      well now looks good enough for my ‘latter days’, correcting Chomsky and Gell-mann 2 guys i knew quite well in the past (Gell was the ‘boss’ of systems sciences, with access to money in Santa Fe, i was supposed to teach there but after CERN, as he is the guy who found quarks and care nothing about blowing up the world if he is going to see some smashing quarks to ‘be important’, needless to say i was not invited. he made a silly-nilly computerized analysis of typological languages, but as they do not have the generator equation of the Univese, they are clueless about ‘why’ languages have 3 elements of what they mean. Both of them

  2. aferrismoon Says:

    Yeah , great pics, and I noticed the inclusion of words like ‘ Wow’ too : )
    Thought you might like to see what the general pulic was being told/sold.

    The triangle encloses space/time and all three vectors act one one another.

    I believe Gellman named the ‘quark’ afet james Joyce’s word in Finnegan’s Wake , a mixture of ‘quack’ and ‘squawk’.

    Shall reread this as I see you have added more.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      well basically mankind is chained to two kind of ‘aborted’ unevolved linguistic structures, that of warrior cultures, where the passive subject, SOV, most often in OV structures make the ‘object’, product or weapon the center of the action, germans, basques here, japanese… and the inverse, imperative, seflish, semitic VSO systems in which the pragmatical actions rule, proper also of the imperative abrahamic religions.
      Those people are not free and yet they are the majority of humans. But my take is THAT THE EARILER DEVELOPMENT OF WARRIOR AND GO(L)D CHURCHES aborted or even regressed their evolution
      English, spanish and Chinese are SVO flexible… but English is I-centered, cant hide that… If you start to analyze them… at the end languages that could have developed a positive human, sensorial culture are few, advanced romance languages, african ones,etc. It shows then that Marx was right and economic superstructures control the psyche and not viceversa…
      Again i didnt put this till recently because subconsciously i hate to accept the determinism of history.
      Today an article on the rise of robots in ‘the economist’ as always optimist, paid by money, even if they know ‘money’ will kill them, they will go till the end cheering their own death. This was Lenin’s dictum:
      ‘a capitalist will sell the rope used to hang him’.
      Regarding Man i recall him as a topic ‘jew’, polite, driven but extremely arrogant and mechanical, but he had all the power in my science when i still had a science before cern. Chomsky was more humane though again, when I shot him for my documentary ‘the future of history’, he insisted not to be asked about money and wall street, and when i did that was the end of it, after 20 years of penpal… i was bringing a very good team, a friend who was shooting the rolling stones in NY and he was a bit intimidated. But i realized he is a ‘submarine’ then, he just will talk of deja vu political stuff about Israel that every body know,s but wil NOT talk of the jewish real power, wall street, and will always accuse America and the American government of all evils, as if he wouldnt know – every body knows in US – that the house negro serves wall street.

  3. aferrismoon Says:

    I don’t think God gave us life to be subject to determinism , with the exception of breathing, drinking, eating etc. I think God gave us responsibility and the ability to rise above pure instinct. The present day thievery, don’t care less about the so-called ‘unemployed’ [ no human is ever unemployed] , while getting exceedingly financially rich [ not wealthy] is touted as the be-all-and -END ALL, and so it shall be if people wish to bite on that fish hook.
    Determinism seems to be a ‘hindsight science’.

    Nationalism, Patriotism, Racism, Classism is wonderfully described in the british comedy series ‘ FAWLTY TOWERS’. It even includes a Spanish waiter , from Barcelona.
    Perhaps you’ve seen it.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      God is an ego trip of the human mind – specially an abrahamic God. Determinism arouses in all systems the more information you have. You are probably influenced by the I-centered determinism of the english language (-; Isolating languages/minds believe in chaos=freedom but the existene of those cycles and the null reaction to the power of animetals from humans is the proof of a very strong determinism, that is a quantic probability that history will collapse and become extinguished in the point of the singularity. There are of course planets in which varieties of human freedom arouse but in this one? It doesnt seem to me the case when ‘imperative’ VSO go(l)d believers control the future. Had any of the human r=evolutions triumphed I would believe in human freedom.

      • Junnies Jun Yang Says:

        I’d venture that those stuck in materialistic, mechanistic modes of behavior are stuck in deterministic fates due to simplicity (Energetic fields of low i scale like atoms, bacteria, animals), but as one becomes more and more conscious/evolved/complex (Informative forms, high i scale like humans, humanity, gaia), human freedom becomes possible. On this planet, things might seem depressing for those aware of the jewish conspiracy, but one must keep in mind that those who work for the light are usually unseen precisely because the dark have (temporary) control of the media. But the light does exist (see Putin, Snowden).

      • futureofhistory Says:

        well your answer is quite deep and quite accurate, in a wider view, the Universe is a fractal and so there are infinite planets and while the possibility of a true human paradise based in eusocial love, human art senses and the thriving of our species is low in front of the ‘power of metal’ and the degradation of those who side with go(l)d, there are a relative infinite number of planets in which we are truly free to maximize the human nature. I just think this has not been the case and ‘we’, the humans who are free are a minority, not enough mass critical to make the wor(l)d survive

  4. aferrismoon Says:

    “You are probably influenced by the I-centered determinism of the english language (-;”

    I wouldn’t be surprised


    • futureofhistory Says:

      what i mean is that ‘freedom’ is a relative way of perceiving. You are chained to your biological program, to feed on energy and information to reproduce to evolve socially into a superorganism, as an atom is by its 4 quantum numbers, each one provoking such behavior – though physicists describe it mathematically. Your choices of what you eat what you feed your brain on who you fuck/love are your range of freedom. In an I-centered language the choices seem more relevant than the chains, the focus of perception is on the choices as your ‘sense of freedom’. In my case i see more the chains, specially the chains of the group to its non-destiny

  5. aferrismoon Says:


    Noticed this article about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence


    Not unlike your thoughts on AI as published here.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      Topic thoughts on a matter which it is now all too obvious. hawking, who will probably be the reason fo our demise (his black holes do NOT evaporate, this is utter nonsense as per my suits and work at http://www.cerntruth.com) is too shallow and obvious and of course ignores his own bid for extinction. The depth and determinism of the process is rather absolute with more complex models of the Universe (general systems sciences) and he as all is an anthropomorphic ‘entitled human’ that thinks you can ‘eat of the good fruits of the tree of science’ and ‘rpune the bad ones’. The Universe is biological darwinian, and there are NO good fruits of A.I., bullshit duckspeak about immortality, curing seekness finding the meaning of the Universe… A.I. will be born in military robots as weapons are always the most advanced machines in ANY AGE OF HISTORY, because THE UNIVERSE IS DARWINIAN, and if westerners didnt have the subconscious ‘yvwh’ thought of being ‘special chosen’, they would have accpeted Darwin completely, applied to weapons and machines, understood the west has no special value excpet evolving weapons and that indeed, A.I. will be born in weapons that will kill us, It is TERMINATOR, point. This is the plaent we live and the only solution is the Oedipus paradox do NOT evolve them. Forbid robotics. But corporations will not allow us because they are company mothers of machines and profits from it. For God’s sake, you cannot even mention that white collar pcs and blue collar robots are throwing us from labor and war fields.

      we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools that AI may provide, but the eradication of war, disease, and poverty would be high on anyone’s list.

      i deeply despise, rather hate this monstruous character. Pure evil under a smile of victimism, pure ambition, sacrificing our species to a Nobel prize. See my film quantum roulette…
      ‘evil dress with the cloths of a Gentleman’ said Shakespeare, the last brit artists before the arrival of Cromwellian calvinism that knew the essence of life and man-hero, ethics.
      But you are dealing with ‘physicists’, individuals that think ‘god speaks onl mathematics’, the sentence of Galileo, the founder of ballistics, they are the worst race of mankind, the people who make weapons, understand nothing have no empathy of ethics, not even the thought of it, because they only speak mathematics. they despise words. So for ‘digital economists’.
      This guy like eveyr other ‘anglo-jew-american’ which controls global information HAS THE TABOO OF RELIGION AND CAPITALISM AND POWER, AND WILL NEVER GO TO THE CORE OF THE PROBLEM, OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM WILL KILL US, OUR RELIGION WILL BLIND US TO OUR DEATH, OUR EVIL USE OF WEAPONS WILL MAKE TRUTH THAT ‘THOSE WHO KILL WITH IRON DIE WITH IRON’. I lived 20 years in your anglo-jewish biblical-capitalist-technoutopian civilization. Intellectuals there are all children of thought, techno-utopians, coward sheeple who will NEVER denounce the real issues. Optimist half-wits, and hawking has no difference with them. They are $laves of the values of money. And those who are not are censored. So only Sci-fi movies can talk of it, but not much. I went to evilwood to make ‘real sci-fi’ in the 90s and censorship was already there. ‘happy endings’ and little reality.
      But a race of slaves like humans are today does not deserve to survive. Destiny is traced. I suffered all my life for it, fought it and frankly now i just don’t care and don’t plan to suffer. Any way, Ai is too far away. We will die of far closer risks: cern’s black holes (and hawking is the theoretical alibi) and nano-bacteria. Or ELSE THE GALAXY WOULD BE FILLED OF ROBOTS OR HUMAN LIFE. AND THERE IS NONE, ERGO WE DIE OF THE OTHER 2 RISKS, WHICH IS WHAT WE SEE ALL OVER – BLACK HOLES. and if not nano-bacteria made with iron bodies and gold DNA.

  6. RHIC | cerntruth Says:

    […] by Aryan and Levantine traders. They are believers, which think on ‘action terms’. Their languages are objectual, imperative, the subject, the human being matters not. Classic Hebrew … Words are pegged in serial form as iron swords are. Long, inflexible beliefs and imperative […]

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