1 age: empires

During most part of ‘civilisation’, the world was ruled by warrior kings and its empires, with the goal of conquering the world, but as new cycles of metal came in, they were dismissed and a new cycle of war started. Thus even before we explain this first age of metal-history we have to set the concept of cyclical causal time, and consider the origin of those animetal cycles in the evolution NOT of mankind, as all those kingdoms have the same ‘segregational aristocratic memes’ of some above all others by the grace of god, but in the evolution of metal-memes.

Cyclical organic time vs. entropic, lineal time.

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics and denied the obvious truth that we can know the future because it will repeat the causality of the past, and we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive.

Abcd method of science applied to history=superorganism of mankind in time.

In the graph, from left to right: A) science needs Accurate dAtA, C) fit in Cyclical repetitive patterns able to predict the future, which can then be modelled with natural laws, in the case of social sciences B) biological laws of evolution and extinction of species. And finally DH) it must find a human praxis, which in the case of history and economics is to SERVE TO THE 99% OF MANKIND, MANKIND and promote the evolution of Humanity into a single super-organism immortal in time – HISTORY.

In the next graph we see the 7 cultures of mankind born of the process of evolution of HISTORY through its social prophets of love, in search of the natural goal of all universal organisms: to survive and evolve together as a single species. But history collided with ‘economics’, the superorganism of machines and its idol-ogies of supremacy of metal over man, capitalism (money over law), mechanism (universe as a machine), nationalism (weapons over man by means of absurd wars between brothers) and the earlier versions of tribal segregational hate- religions. So history has entered a phase of extinction, which humans do not even realise as they are ‘hypnotised’ and mentally manufactured to believe those idol-ogies and no longer reason:

The weather cycle of the Earth points to a larger deep time evolution of life managed by the hot-reproductive, cold-evolutionary duality of organic systems, which multiply its top predators in radiations of species, during energy-rich ages of warm climate and evolve new informative shapes during the cold times. This pattern accelerated as a vortex of information since the Cambric carries on in the ages of history, which have determined the evolution of metal NOT of mankind, in the 800 years of warriors, and then in the accelerated 80 generational years when the weather cycle no longer matters as an organism of reproduction of weapons, the company-mother professionalizes the cycles with the help of lineal ballistics aka physical sciences.

In the graph it is worth to notice the culmination of my decades of work on the three arrows of time, and the evolution of the planet and its human cultures, which completes the study of the Universe and all its systems, including social systems with them. As it happens, mankind divided into what I called ‘animetal cultures’ which worship the three arrows of time in ‘memes of metal’, entropic weapons, informative money and organic, energetic machines and evolve them instead of evolving mankind on top of the wave of history, sacrificing life through war cycles and imperial ‘attitude’ to the evolution of those machines and weapons. CERN must then be understood within that culture. We are not though, do NOT simplify such a complex meaningful work on the meaning of history, neo-luddites, only ‘intelligent enough’ to know that life is subtle, information is complex, form is easy to destroy by entropy, and so humans should really respect gaia, the informative wo=man species, the arrow of life, and defend it.

The fact that only a dozen of so human beings, did show some respect for it, and backed our activism agains the first ‘entropic machine that can destroy the planet’ trashing all those discoveries ad hominem and essentially vaporised me and Rossler, the 2 complexity theorists that denounced CERN and laughing at Walter the ‘third activist’ who truly dedicated his life to this endeavour because besides being safety officer of accelerators at LIVERMORE was a biologist, tells you a lot about the ‘religious outlook of our technological civilisation’ and the extreme degradation of the human ‘potential soul’. So do not be surprised I am retired, and this blog has many quips, a lot of irony and some, I recognise over the top insults to those upper series of macho-man cultures and theories of entropic big-bangs, based in dogma and censorship of the arrow of information (and as a consequence, amazingly enough 200 years since the first definitions of energy, without any conceptual clear explanation of what ENERGY AND INFORMATION ARE).I wish mankind the best of luck but all seems to point out not to the lower part of that graph, a sustainable world but to the top predator animetal side.  But only human artists and social activists for gaia and history, seem to realise, and nobody hears us.

In the graphs above and below the essence of biohistory as a praxis and theory of Mankind, the super organism in space of history, its reflection in time. To understand both, we need to accept a fact of all systems of Nature: that the survival of species is NOT of individuals, but of the whole; and so humanism must dominate over partial visions of mankind. Yet the super organism of machines and memes of metal, which is indeed evolving globally as a single whole, does NOT allow mankind to become one, as it has established a series of racist memes, which favor the division of humans into conflicting groups, without realising, it is all a historic routine of ‘animetal cultures’ to control humanity and prevent its evolution.

We see below from the old 92. book bio-history some of those warrior cycles in different cultures all mimetic of each other, even if each racist kingdom by the grace of God thought it would conquer the world:

In the graph we see from the 92 book its mechanical side, as the ‘codon’ of weapons and gold of the cycles in which it became dominant departing from ‘the gold and Iron Age’. It is a process of sub-cultures from the hardcore biological model of memetic, nowhere to be seen in this blog that shows how through smaller ‘national super organisms’ Europe became the bridge between the Age of ‘Baal and Assur’, the semite gods of gold and iron, through Greece, in its III Horizons, to the age of ‘Aryan Germanic warriors and Cops (company-mothers of machines) of the biblical age, which we used to call ‘BAAL III Horizon’… the amazing regularity of those cycles is what makes us believe history is rigged, the very few options of mankind to survive the program of animetal beliefs and ego-paradoxes, ever growing thinner…

In the graph, the pattern of extinction of ‘Greece’ in its 800 years horizons and sub-civilisations, murdered by ‘Baal’ and ‘Aryan’, the name I initially used in the original model, which mixed biological, social and metaphysical languages, for the warrior and go(l)d cultures of Germ(an) ‘smiths’ and $emite, Fetish  Go(l)d religions:




The first great geographic change that will last till the digital age when A-Bombs calculated by computers will again displace the wave to America, where both the Semite biblical and European, scientific cultures merge, took place with the expansion of the reproductive wave of memes of metal, which multiplied its numbers with the arrival of iron and silver that substituted the elitist, less abundant bronze and gold that had created extreme hierarchical animetal cult(ure)s with the charioteer above the peasant and the gold banker-priest with its ‘vehicle’ fetish substance that connected it to God, through the covenant of rituals with instruments made as ex-votes of gold (Assyrian and Jewish animetal cults).

Thus Europe meant both an expansion of the power of metal but also its democratisation as iron swords now brought infantry to power, and peasants became soldiers wholesale, while silver far more abundant increased in a decametric way the quantity of Money, allowing also the pricing of most entities of reality expanding enormously the slave traffic, which was limited to war prisoners during the ‘apiru-assyrian age’ of Jewish ass-caravan traders carryig weapons and bringing slaves to the Mesopotamic mountain kingdoms. Now, not only in war but in daily trade men could be priced and debt slaves, which were limited in the Hammurabi code become once more over pervading.

All in all while humans became selected as infantry soldiers developed the first clear art, with a body cult, and geometric war appeared with mathematical insights on the lineal and cyclical nature of weapons and coins, starting the evolution of rational design, the fundamental differential of evolution between humans and metal accelerated once more, as rational thought only enlightened the founding fathers of the iron and coin age (Latin culture), but IN A PATTERN ON HISTORY, what was SHARED with ALL OTHER CULTURES would be the memes of metal.

Indeed, when the Jewish people, soliton of financial power, learned to make coins, IT DID NOT  learn nomisma laws – the justice brought by them, so Usury BECAME riffle, at 86% annual price, starting the Holocaust cycle of revenge and burning of debt books, because the sense of Just price brought about by coins to the Greek culture WAS A MEME that didn’t transcend the old bartering modes of cheating with glass beans for metal, in Phoenician boats.

The same can be said when iron arrived to Chin, the emperor, which did NOT control the massacres of its people. Merely offered with the hierarchical sense of chariot empires of the Shang->Chou dynasties, 6 iron coins per head of the enemy provoking one of the biggest genocides of unrecorded metal-history. Nothing of the legalism of the Roman Empire in the use of mass-murder to control populations appeared in the record of Asian empires.

And this teaches us indeed for the modern age of robotic weapons what we can expect when the wonders of Japanese, Korean, Israeli and American armies are sold to 3rd world cultures of dictators…

The european ages

Europe took over the Semite Near East at the head of the animetal wave, when aristocratic bronze chariots left way to iron, democratic infantry as the weapon of harder choice and coins with its ‘weighted value, and artistic forms’  substituted metal bars and ‘bartering’ (and verbal cheating), the choice of metal-informative money and strategy of gain, of the first banking cult(ure)s – phoenician sea-traders and jewish caravan traders.

Thus informative memes of metal, aka money, became more ‘just’ on the value of transactions; while harsher, lighter iron developed a more skilful less idol-ogical infantry ; which no longer had to be ‘aristocratic’, as chariots required great wealth to fit, but an iron sword was easily smitten.

This change of social paradigm, humanised semite cults into southern european legalist, rational greek-latin empires, as the ‘human element’ – the skilful infantry soldier, in body to body close encounters,  the artisan minting coins and products worth the exchange in a just trade – overcame the long-range aristocratic ‘duck shot’ of charioteers with javelins and arch, and the search for primitive people who would easily exchange gold and silver for glass beans to maximise profits of greed.

The concept of a limit to animetal violence and greed, iron and go(l)d values soon ensued  with the invention of nomisma money, and the democratic organisation of infantry hoplites in Greece. Nomisma gave birth to digital counting and logic maths (Thales from Miletus, the first coin-trade empire); rational thought ensued to control the greed and power of coins, giving birth to the axial, rational age.

This was the ‘European cultural r=evolution’   over the semite pure deterministic animetal cults to go(l)d and weapons which had been so harsh on people that had even deformed the linguistic Subject (human first)-verb-object Universal grammar, changing the character of the culture to a submissive, deterministic verb-subject-object, where the banker priest or jihadist caudillo imposed his will as if it were the chosen of go(l)d or master of the (s)word… who must be obeyed.

On the contrary Greece brought about a long profound evolution of syntax, from the original birth place of Indo-european language (seemed to be born in Anatolia, likely as far as the neolithic age of the black lake, before its destruction into a sea, when the helespontus opened). Greek thus evolved in neolithic peace on the shores of anatolia till reaching the astound perfection of its classic age – an unparalleled language of verbal thought in the western tradition, only approached in flexibility by modern Russian.

And as verbal thought is the soul man from the rational revolution of Greek to the socialist revolution of Russia (soon aborted by military Stalinism), to the final r=evolution of EU (now aborted by the ECB and jihad), Europeans clearly struggled to deal with fundamentalist animetal idol-ogies, from a humanist point of view, specially in its southern peninsulas of ‘pura vida’, dolce fare niente; unlike the semite vso psyche which admits no human limit to the metal-evolution and war-holocaust cycle. Languages are indeed as Humboldt hypothesised the collective subconscious mind defined by its topological linguistics.


And so finally Europeans invented the gunpowder machine, the gunboat and accelerated history into the 80 years cycles of military, CAPITALIST nations, studied in the next post:

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS,with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible)> So ALL THE PRIVLEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.


Racist cultures and its memes.

Entropy in human history thus has a clear cause: the death of civilisations caused by the cycles of overproduction of memes of metal:

SYSTEMS WHICH ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND those arrows and cyclesSTOP THE EVOLUTION OF INFORMATION IN THE MIDDLE POINT OF BALANCE, THE GOLDEN MEAN OF BUDDHISM AND TAOISM, of Greek cultures, NOT to evolve as we do INFORMATION, ESPECIALLY IN LETHAL FORMS (Robots, AI, metal-weapons) as ‘the day we do beyond human control we will die’.

In that sense, we must TRULY UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF OUR ‘PRETENTIOUS LINEAL ENTROPIC GERM-ANIC SCIENCE OF TIME, which is merely a reduction of those arrows to the arrow of entropy and death, by cultural military bias, today enshrined as a religion or dogma of truth proper of those lineal germanic wor(l)d cultures imposed by sheer power NOT by reason.

How humans can be so ‘Dumb’ and stubborn denying the obvious facts of experimental knowledge, and then affirm they are DOING SCIENCE? After decades of dealing with entropic physicists and their nuclear weapons both as a theorist and an activist my take is that MOST humans are like their minds true form – homunculus with peanut brains, big hyperbolic subjective mouths to talk bullshit based in what REALLY THEY DO WELL, ensembling machines with their hands that occupy most of their active brain. So ‘thought experiments’ as those performed by Mr. Einstein or this writer ARE lost out of the depth of the peanut homunculus brain unless they are accompanies with a big machine to prove it and if it is a weapon to impose the truth, the better. That is the OBJECTIVE truth of most humans, completely slavish to their machines  without recognising with his big mouth, what they do… pumping their ego with penpal grease, saint nobels of the dynamite, and bigger weapons in nazi-onanist parades of brass.

The Financial-Military earlier system: lineal, entropy time vs. cyclical, life, informative time.

The astounding germ(anic) simplex concept of a lineal single arrow of entropic motion, and destructive time, which infects all our half-truths in science, DISREGARDING the arrow of information is perhaps the most biased product of power-culture over objective truth. The trick to REDUCE the inverse arrows of entropy and social evolution of linea and cyclical time is to DENY the ‘informative states’ of nature.

The two most obvious cases are below illustrated in the concepts of matter AS ONLY ENTROPY, as IF SOLID crystals ordering and reducing the entropy of the UNIVERSE did NOT exist, and the big-bang theory WHICH DISREGARDS THE VERY EXISTENCE OF VORTEX OF MASS, CALLED GALAXIES THAT ‘warp space into mass, accelerated cyclical clocks of time’ balanced the Universe in an eternal cyclical time big bang and big crunch.

Denial of social love to foster the use of weapons among members of the same species.

One of the fundamental laws of the universe is the law of eusocial love that makes individuals of the same species to evolve together into complex, stronger superorganisms.
Selfish memes of metal are not the same species than human beings. And that explains perfectly its competence and darwinian destruction of human beings.
More puzzled though is the existence of racist cultures, animetal religions such as the go(l)d religion of judaism of the tribal nationalisms of germ(an)s, which differentiate equal human beings from equal human beings making them seem different, hence susceptible to be treated as a different species with hate memes, weapons and enslaving money.
Had this error never happened among humans, we would probably survive. But racist religions, cultures and people do exist and make possible the evolution of weapons and its destruction of mankind.
It is of course, one of the tenants of  a scientific approach to history that racist religions, nationalisms and competence between humans is plainly against the natural law and yet tribal history dominates reality and it is in fact the basis of our economical and historical outlook and certainly it dominates the most important culture of the world, which invented capitalism and is dominant in insular cultures such as Japan (Amaterasu legend), and the old British Empire and the modern Jewish-American empire.
It is also obvios that gold and iron memes came together in wars against mankind and have been always allied on top.

It must then be clear what is the only ideology that humans should believe in, if they were to follow the natural laws of the universe, ‘humanism’, the belief, we humans have the rights to live, survive, be healthy and evolve and be happy in this planet, we ‘own’.

Humanism in that sense would be sponsored by most humans, and they in fact believe to be humanist. But in reality humanism is on decline, i dare to say an ideology in process of extinction as humans are.

We shall therefore clarify in these posts what means to be a humanist, what means to believe in the humankind or at least in the human ideal of a species able to control the world for its own benefit. Since you might be surprise to learn that as today not a single nation or civilization of minimal power in this planet believes in ‘humanity’ and practices as the ideology of ‘the future’, humanism…

The key opposition between ideologies that make us slaves of the future of the machine and its memes of metal – capitalism, mechanism and nationalism – vs. the scientific natural laws of the Universe that promote as the laws of biological survival we should follow humanism (Homo Sapiens a single species), Socialism (our language, the ethic word and the law must rule over the language of money) and organicism (man is the measure of all things not the machine), is the ‘other’ battle of mankind in the ‘realm’ of languages and information, which the ‘heads’ of the economic and political system, economists, politicians and scientists of history and economics, is the battle for the ideas of the future, humanity has lost to the machine, history to economics governments to corporations.

Power requires money, weapons and machines to impose itself ‘anti-democratically’ over the human mass. But humans resist power when they are aware of its unjust behavior. So any ‘ideology’ that justifies power is always welcomed and promoted. Yet such ideologies by force must be false to appease the masses into ‘believing’ on the goodness of a system that is geared to destroy life in this planet. And so we, humans, first act subconsciously, becoming addicted to the higher informative and energetic power we reach with those ‘metal-memes’ and then we think ‘a posteriori’ and justify those actions with ideologies crafted and promoted to convert evil into good, slavery into freedom, and so on. A memetic theory of humanity as a species that ‘believes’ by repetition more than reasons by intuition (Aristotle), who acts first and thinks latter, is then the only rational explanation to the collective ‘madness’ of mankind.

In brief, humans are hooked by ‘greed’ (the hypnotic desire to obtain gold in the past, money today), ‘violence’ (the use of weapons to kill), and ‘sloth’ (the use of machines to enhance our energetic and informative power, or do the work for us). This is the initial trait that make us ‘act’ without reflexion. And then once we act, after the ‘fait accompli’, humans have developed historically beliefs that justify the exercise of power with those ‘memes’ of metal, money, weapon and machines. Those ideologies that make us slaves to the evolution and reproduction of the ‘memes of metal’ are basically 3:

– Nationalism that justifies the use of weapons to defend the tribe.

– Capitalism that puts money over the legal, rational world as the language of power we must follow.

– Mechanism, which considers the machine the measure of all things), become then ‘beliefs’ transferred memetically generation upon generation till its meaning is completely lost.

– Corrupted religions (fundamentalism), go(l)d churches that allow the use of money (gold in the past) and weapons(inquisitions) to impose their beliefs and repress the ‘natural, biological drives’ of human existence – our desire for human energy, verbal information and art (the information created with our languages of the mind), eusocial love and sexual reproduction, of which the most clear case is the Bible, which achieves all the above, and hence explains, why it is the key meme of the ‘cult(ur)es’ that run the Metal-earth since its inception both in the old age (Judaism) and the modern age, Protestant, Biblical cult(ure)s.

It is obvious that the purpose of those anti-life memes in the Bible, a historic religion of ‘social power’ – not a search for the ultimate questions about ‘meaning’ – is to enslave man to work and reproduce metal-machines and so it forbids our natural drives of existence, tasteful food, sex, social evolution… to oblige us to evolve and reproduce memes of metal. The bBible is for that reason the full expression of anti-life=eviL programming and repression of the nature of man. And for that reason it has had such a success to ‘program’ their believers in evolving capitalism (as per Sombart, ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple Weber ‘The protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism’.)

You see, suddenly you realize that to be a humanist is NOT only to cheer mankind but to defend mankind and each of us from all those ideologies that ‘pretend’ to be humanist and yet are precisely the limits imposed by our technological civilization to the freedom and evolution of man.

indeed, suddenly to believe you are a chosen of ‘God’ as defined by the book of history of judaism, is NOT to be a humanist, but to refuse to evolve your mind and consider all humans part of the same species. Suddenly to be a patriot is to be a sort of racist that thinks your nation and people are ‘better’ than others. Suddenly to be labelled an anti$emite for criticising the capitalist elite and their ways with money, is to be a humanist that defends the rights of mankind and its governments to control their language of social power and speak the truth about history.

Suddenly so many things that seem wrong are not wrong and so many things that seem right are not right. Because your mind needs to return to the innocence of a child and think in a natural manner.

And this is what the system prevents you from doing. You are prevented from considering all humans equal, by nationalist divisions. You are denied to see the machine as a rival at labor and work fields that degrades your mind and body and makes you obsolete, by techno-utopian gurus, mass-media imprinting and industrial nationalism. Suddenly you are no longer free to exercise your human will, your desire for good food, good sex, verbal information, eusocial love, by the mandates of your bible and its division of humans, repression of senses, etc. etc.

You live in a jail of ideologies against your freedom to live and love and you don’t even realize of it.

best history organism

In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive.

IT IS PRECISELY what the western, white man, its physicists obsessed with the creation of weapons and mechanisms, and its go(l)d cultures obsessed with greed and the control of mankind with those machines, are NOT doing, as the Earth goes under, in so many ways – of which global warming, the ‘shit’ of machines is not at all the most lethal, taking into account we are massively guiding mankind into an age of entropy, brain devolution by visual information and collective death of our social informative organisations, dissolving into selfish individuals; while evolving fast terminator machines, new digital weapons… as the white man spread violence, jihad, terrorism, capitalism, mechanism – all its idol-ogical mantras of animetal worship.

So the key difference of Mankind is NOT genetic, but between:

Cultures of ‘animetals’ with metal-memes that separate humans in different false species, through nationalistic, religious, mechanist or capitalist false idol-ogies.

vs.  cultures of ‘humanist, life-oriented’ human beings, based in the search for natural healthy WHealth:

In the graph, explored in our posts on the cultures of history an how it has influenced our world outlook; the 2 paths of future, the one mankind has chosen guided by the warrior entropic white male cultures of Europe, notably the germanic cultures where most physicists were born; and the one based in the human verbal language of information and arrow of eusocial evolution, today completely dismissed by our technological gurus.

It is though what WE ARE, as we see space with artistic eyes, talk time with verbal modes, and eat food not big-bang entropy.

So yes, SCIENCE IS CULTURE, and we shall use a much more profound understanding of the space-time topologies of the Universe, to fully grasp the truth about the three fundamental scientific alibis of CERN, the entropic evaporation of black holes, the entropic big-bang of the Universe, and entropic description of the weak force (Higgs particles), all of them faulty cultural biased ‘germanic views’ on the nature of it all – never mind they are perfectly greased into the consciousness of science with big-bang machines, Mr. Dynamite and Personal Mine inventor, Saint Nobel of the Germanic cause, and other vagaries of the ‘vanities vanitatum circus’ of the macho-man who simplifies and kills it all for the ‘sake of entropy, NOT of science’, Latin word which means to know.

Here in southern Europe we do have a far less ‘enthusiastic opinion of the ‘barbarians’ resumed in a couple of sentences:

‘Barbarians are slaves, they believe they don’t think’ Aristotle, father of true science.

‘It is good that the germans have long words, because they are slow thinkers so they have time to self-reflect’ Schopenhauer, one of the few that di actually think (-: Yes my friend have some sense of humor which they don’t have. Cause you are gonna needed to live the remain of the days…

IN THE NEXT posts thus we will explore the rise and decadence of “Gunpowder’ European nations with special emphasis in the last of his cycles, when the discovery of gunpowder in the Greek II horizon age (Italian renaissance) gave finally europe global power – in what on my view was the wrong turn of events, as Europe became converted in its northern-european strain to the semite fundamentalist of biblical go(l)d cultures and made of the machine its reason d’être as the semites had done with iron and gold.

In that sense what seems to be a discouraging pattern of history happened also in Europe: when a nation is on top of the animetal wave, it feels superior, chosen of go(l)d and iron, and so Europe during the gunpowder age will show its maximal brutality, as it detaches itself of humanism, and starts building ’empires’. But again, in this process as technology improves we can distinguish the age of ‘soft-roman like’ empires (Italian, Iberian age) from the age of professional gunboat wars for profits tuned to the generational cycle of national and industrial power:

LETHAL war death cycle-1024x534

In the graph, the key age of transition from tribal european warfare to professional company-guided regular generational wars, were the earlier 1600s with the invention of company-mothers of gunboats, ballistics (Galileo’s study of cannonballs and lineal time), and war for profits (artillery manufacturing), which translated social and cultural power from southern social-catholic, aristocratic, warrior ‘old’ Europe to northern biblical, capitalist, trader ‘new’ Europe.

So in Europe there is also a clear duality between the converso northern european mechanist fundamentalist people and the southern still humanist, but fast erasing its original greek-latin> Russian +Spanish+french r=evolutions of the concept of balance between mind, body and machine (mens sana in corpore sanum, law above go(l)d), which is the only path of survival in the organic Universe.


The wave of 800 years europe, the Cannon Age: 1208-2008 AD., has 2 clear T/2 PERIODS:

– The latin renaissance copy cat of the infantry/coin age of Greece and Rome, where the role of artistic, trader Greece is played by Italy and of legal, military rome by Spain, which ends in the middle point (1608) with the foundation of the first neo-Semite, neo-Jewish, biblical capitalist protestant slave gunboat companies (VOC, holland), which means all what was good of the earlier European Italian free city-states copycat of old greece, was destroyed. Let us remember it for good measure, copying the intro the article of the coin age, after the graph of the whole wave, where you can see the middle point of the cycle, and a more detailed analysis of its sub-80 years national cycles:

stock currency wars

In the graph, we can see the generational cycle of European nations, during the gunpowder age, stretched in the original book, ‘Bio-history’ c.92 to the present daughter civilisation of Americca, during the metal-mind age.


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