Energy: workers

Abstract. The silence of the lambs.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”  “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependant on it’s favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.”  Rothschild

‘Capitalist (democracy) is the belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’ Keynes
The previous quotes sets the matter for the most profound metaphysical question about the non-future of mankind in the present regime of capitalist democracies, which enslave people to the memes of metal, issued in monopoly by bankers and corporations (money, weapons and machines) that substitute their ethic verbal values, kill their bodies and atrophy their organs, increasingly obsolete to those machines.
And yet people love to become slavish to their machines, worship the bankers that enslave them, obey the war-monger politicians that take them to war, and live under the discipline of the military regime that kills them. So the big metaphysical question is WHY PEOPLE love to be slave, as long as they are not called ‘slaves’? Why people love to follow orders and NOT think, reflect and take decisions, as long as they are NOT confronted
How networks program simultaneous surfaces.
Now, after a whole life of mostly theoretical and some praxis in activities in favor of the mass of humanity, as Orwell in his latter days I care more in this blog to understand the truth of the social organisms of history, in which humans act in a blind manner, as cells of an organism, obeying simultaneously as cells do the nervous, informative messages and military menaces of its ill-designed corrupted people-castes on top, obtaining their ‘acquiescence’ from the mass-simultaneity of the program.
As networks can reach every citizen, laws can be told to all, and monetary values are shared by them all, it does NOT matter they are fully corrupted. People will look at his neighbour programmed in simultaneity by the ‘wave of fractal information, which has branched from the top of the network and OBEY by identity and imitation.
And those are deep ingrained laws of organisms and fractal branching, where the people that exist in the physiological network, the neurons have total power over the unconnected cells that only receive messages from the network.
So today networks rule completely people and that is why they have null freedom – only the pretension of identity given by their common sharing of the same thoughts previously instilled by the network.

The reproductive working class is ‘blind’ as all its information comes from the neuronal class SO the memes of the networks of information, nerves system in organisms, metal-communicators in social organisms silences them, once the age of love religions and ethic social leaders has changed.


Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons – this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars:

But its acquiescence to the system is based in the fact that at least it was getting some food and shelter, in the golden age of the industrial revolution prior to the chip radiation which is making them obsolete. In the nearby future though their rent will dwindle and their rights will be obliterated, as the 25 years old graph shows, but the increasing tempo of virtual madness, programmed by 3D realities, will make them during the ¥-vidi credo ergo sum and ‘zombie’ generations prefer to stay home and do virtual r=evolutions, and accept ‘apoptosis’ as cells do (self-sucide). Since it is a fact of Nature, that killing is extremely easy. So today the sheeple loves those who kill them. It is the age of the Silence of the lambs… all singing in orwellian fashion ‘4 legs’ ‘4 legs’, going like Boxer, the horse of anim(et)al farm to the slaughter house thinking is the animal paradise…


THERE ARE 3 social classes, as in all systems of nature, ruled by the 3 topologies of space-time organisms:

  • THE informative class, or neuronal class, in control of the information language of a society – its particle, head, in history those who control the languages  of information, ethic wor(l)ds, priests & politicos and digital money, bankers. And in the most degraded society, ‘weapons of entropy=death’, military men. They are particles/heads in physical and biological systems.
  • The re=productive ‘ middle class, (body-waves in BP systems) which works and reproduces the good of the system, UNDER the command of the informative classes, which IN A HEALTHY SUPERORGANISM serve the body or else RECEIVE pain messages, as in true democracies should, but in animetal ill-designed systems, ARE both blind and impotent, without pain power over the dictatorial elites that monopolise power with those languages.
  • The entropic class, ALWAYS alien to the system, as it is disordered to provide motion to the rest of the body-head, wave-particle complementary system (quantum, biology). IN ILL DESIGNED ANIMETAL SOCIETIES HOWEVER THE ENTROPY CLASS IS HUMAN, most of the society in fact and growing in numbers, as the sheeple, the working class is being ousted and replaced by robots, blue collar and soldiers in labor and war fields. And traditionally it was formed by ‘enemies consumed by weapons’, illegal aliens, absurdly denied the free motions on Earth as members of the same species by borders, and any ‘inferior group’ without access to the language of power: social, just laws and salary-money.

Now we do NOT call the energy class, which should be the PROTAGONIST of any organism for whom all others work, the best, because in a corrupted body, the energy class becomes the corrupt sheeple, abusing the entropy class (which belongs in those corrupted, dying organisms to the same gangrenous body) and enslaves for the hate-memes of the ab=usive head neurons that will end up killing them all.

So this kind of corrupted sheeple who denies the proper ‘brain of mankind’, which will be legal, ethic priests/politicians as that is our language and values, has always been the problem of the social scientist, when in its idealist, young energetic age still believes it can be ‘moved’, through the truth of the world to find latter in life that it is just barely surviving at the bottom of it:


In any organism, there are three social classes, the informative class that controls the language of power of the organism, the reproductive=worker class that forms its body and the energy of the system over which the organism pray. Both together body and head ab=use an external energetic surface on which they feed. In the economic ecosystem, humans are that energy, consumed by weapons and enslaved by go(l)d and its castes. In a superorganism of history (a real democracy, a religion that spells the eusocial laws of love) the energy is Gaia, our welfare goods, never men.

And this is the key difference between a working superorganism of history and a ‘camouflaged’ world in which the selfish memes and people-castes that worship money and weapons rule supreme.

In a real, working organism, there is a balance between both classes, the informative and reproductive=worker class. In human societies such was the case during the Neolithic in which Wor(l)d masters guided a mass of farmers without abusing them.

There was then no sheeple as humans were truly all considered equal, guided by verbal, wor(l)d masters. This ideal time of mankind happened because all humans shared the language of verbal thought, hence they could not create ‘restricted’ classes based in the control of the language of power. Further on, words were based in reason and could not harm the body, as weapons of hard, energetic metal do, or the mind, as hypnotic, informative metal does.

This unfortunatelly changed with the arrival of animetals, humans that used energetic metal, weapons and informative metal, go(l)d that killed the bodies of man and hypnotized and enslaved their minds. It was the beginning of the present class structure in which either go(l)d bankers (democracies=stockracies) or military men control a human mass, powerless, and the old priests that guided them are often corrupted by warriors (into inquisistions) or bankers (into go(l)d churches).  Let us consider that initial age in which the basis of our ‘wrong cult(ure)’ and its ideologies became ‘dogma’.


In the graph, the wrong structure of our capitalist/militaristic/ selfish metal-earth in the making in three phases by centuries, the XIX, XX and XXI hierarchical pyramids of power, with gold and weapons on top and a mass of increasingly destitute energy class, falling down into an entropic destruction by lack of jobs, as white collar pcs and blue collar robots substitute us all.

the sheeple is at the bottom of the pyramids of capitalism is BECOMING ENTROPIC, degraded, enemy of the system, jailed, herded behind robotic walls of shame, considered alien, different third world people.

This process has  evolved to the tune of evolution of its memes of metal in 3 ages from exploitation to obsolescence and extinction, and yet the paradox of the sheeple is that it prefers the idol-ogies of the 1% that somatize their brains and make them love the virtual ‘data-like’ reality of ‘matrix’ than fighting for truth and surviving.

In the graph, the sheeple who had two roles as lave of the corporation, to work=reproduce under an iron salary, hence always at peril of being displaced by a more re=produtive cost effective machine, other machines and to vitalize=consume them as mind attachment to a mechanical body. Both roles are made obsolete by robots who consume other machines and as work-tools with CAD AND 3D design automate productive processes. So men without enough productivity become displaced and as the iron salary lowers below the subsistence salary, which today is happening in most robotised sectors of the economy, become also obsolete as workers-consumers.

Their only function thus at the end of the cycle is to be consumed n wars, which is the minimal cost-effective equation for the sheeple obsolete to the machine Hence the needed conclusion of economists, which are ‘not telling’: humans will be obsolete to the goal of profits of the 1% and its thesis of creationist economics, and become exterminated.

The paradigm. U$heeple, happy to love those who will destroy her.

BUT WHEN THERE IS SHEEPLE IT IS NEEDED THAT THE upper people-caste still needed by the metal-earth, the stock-rats that own the right to make money, cover up as ‘part of the sheeple’ camouflaging as a ‘caring victimist people’ like them. In the next left graph, the New Yorker made a joke when Trump was elected – the silence of the lambs… In the left a parable of animo(et)al farm: the pigs at the end of Orwell’s parody of human societies, the pigs take the place of the old capitalist lot, while its dobermans control the happy sheeple, working for them.

So the sheeple state of corruption of a society always needs to have their brain manufactured into believing they live in the best of all societies for which placebo democracies are the best. And they need intellectuals and elites able to disguise their wolf nature, with a nice sheeple skin. And that is where the go(l)d culture and the ‘you meme’, master of disguise as the soliton of capitalism, moving from nation to nation carrying the true colours of gold values enters in… Its sophistication enormous to handle human capital as it has done for millennia, first as full time slaves, then as corporative part-time slaves, and now, as fictional virtual, erase heads kept as sheeple, waiting for the wolf to take his disguise and do what it does best.

So as the sheeple is JUST what the wolf-head makes of it, blind as all body cells are, since they obtained information only from the outer openings of the head – its languages and internal networks, as we do today from the FMasters and its informative machine that print our money and audiovisual infotainment… yes sorry ‘again’ we must talk of the invisible wolves. Because theirs not mine or of any humanist, true neuronal, verbal, ethic head of mankind… is the kingdom of this world.

But the sheep is blind because in an organism ALL THE SENSES ARE IN THE HEAD. SO THE AMERICAN SHEEPLE is completely blind to the true structure of its society and the world at large, fed with hate memes against the rest of mankind, paranoid and feely provided with weapons and hypnotic machines to reduce them to mental happy, sheeple, and yet surprisingly enough millions of them are able to escape the program but very few if any dare to confront its true masters, the Financial Media people-castes that program them with self-serving myths about their superiority as ‘religious chosen of Yhwh, experts in financial theft, and metal-communicators of the infotainment manufacturing of brains’. So the wolf of the graph of course is just another $elected Trumpeter of apocalypto, Trumpuppet of the networks that program the organism and manufacture their brain of the series of tv-hate masters, which in the 3rd electronic age have taken the place of hate-radio masters of the II fascist=war age of the cycle, as yellow press did in the first cycle.

In the graph memes are like genes reproduced by massive ‘radiation’ of similar information that imprint all the cells/citizens of societies. As animetal people-castes  program them with divide and win, hate your neighbour iidol-ogies spread by metal-communicators.

So we find in each age of the industrial revolution a master of hate memes that have desegregated further human social organisms:

  • In the chemical age of the yellow press, Luther hate memes against eusocial love destroyed christianity and Darwin’s reductionism of social organic evolution today proved by genetics, eusocial ants and any survival strategy of groups and herds over individual, reduced also eusocial love to a selfie divide and win wrong Maslow pyramid in the organic Universe.

  • In the radio age of electric communicators Hitler and Mussolini brought fascism, and murdered 66 million:
  • Finally in the third age we have the leaders of neofascism which control the 3 networks, parallel to Goebels, master of propaganda, Mr. Fox, to Hitler master of weapons, Mr. Trump and Goring master of the financial-industrial complex, Wall street banksters.

And of course, on top of this new programming the all warrior=nazionalist and go(l)d worship=capitalist memes and the eternal technoutopia of empowering machines is still there. So we just have positive ‘news’ not of mankind but of big machines, ‘necessary wars’, technoutopian evolution of AI and robots and the hate-memes against mankind.

In this manner humans have come to despise their own future and love the animetal memes that destroy them.

Warriors myths: to kill and deny social evolution.images-1

The placebo truths handled to the sheeple by he wolves with sheep skin, which control corporations, company-mothrs of machines, is a matrix of thought which has today completely overwhelmed, in the digital age by sheer repetition all other forms of thought. Capitalism, the belief that the progress of the company mother of machines is the progress of mankind is today an absolute religion with the sheeple also trusts.

Thus in as much as the social scientist under the anti-quantum paradox of censorship of truths by metal communicators, and minimal expansion of its information, always under the boot of the goebbels’ method, cannot express the truths of mankind, whatever means, jargons and forms he essays, the sheeple will be always singing:

‘Four legs, four legs’ and entering slaughter house when the farmers skin them.

According to the dominant arrow of evolution that transforms energy into information, in Nature the first species to appear is the young, energetic, ‘top predator’ species. So happens with the arrival of metal in history. It was first used in its young age to produce lineal/energetic weapons, mainly swords that ended around the 3000 BC the Neolithic age of life worship (cycles of bronze wars, described by the myths of Genesis). Then metal was evolved into a second, reproductive and informative species, money. Around 500 BC a new language, digital numbers, is applied to ‘informative metal’, coins of gold and silver, able to carry digital information. And the informative values of money (prices) began to substitute the verbal values of ethic languages and social, love religions.

Yet both values were different. In verbal values weapons were negative and life had infinite value. In prices, weapons were the most expensive, desirable goods and lifecould be priced with a minimal value, called a salary. This confrontation between social ethics and greed happens because languages have a subconscious affinity for substances of the same form. So if words made by human neurons, self-protect themselves by making of man the center of the wor(l)d, with infinite value; metal-money shows its affinity for metal-weapons andmachines, the most expensive goods of the Market. While life has minimal value in price.

As a consequence of this, money brought slavery, as it made life so cheap that it could be ‘bought’ with coins. Yet humans responded the best they could against this new low of self-esteem. The age of Coins brought about a new ethic explosion of prophets, who around that time asked mankind to upgrade his ethics into the social ethics of love, to counter-act the anti-ethics of violence and greed. Lao-Tse, Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, the Jewish Prophets, all saw the arrival of money as the end of the ‘Jen era’ of harmony among people that only ethic politicians and legal wor(l)ds could overcome. China has tried ever since to follow Confucius’ code of political behavior. Perhaps for that reason it is the most successful culture of the world—measured by the only biological standard we can use; that of the survival of its people—a clear experimental proof that tough legal codes do change societies and could today improve our survival as a species, if ‘Confucian’ politicians substituted corrupted, greedy, violent ones.

Yet the success of Confucian politicians, even if China, was limited. Soon the emperor Ch’in brought iron and coins to China and made warfare professional. Mass-murder became also ‘cheap’ in abstract prices, reducing the value of a human life to 6 iron coins during the war age that money brought to the Chinese World. A sword became more ‘valuable’ than a human being and weapons became the most priced, re=produced goods of this planet. In this manner, the subconscious values of greed—achieved with the re=production and sale of weapons and machines of maximal price—started the terraforming of the Earth, from an ecosystem of life and human beings, History, into an economic ecosystem, dominated first by aristocratic castes of warriors and then by ‘company-mothers’ thanks to their capacity to re=produce and sell machines and weapons. It is the world we live in, in which greed and war are still the supreme values, fostered by that affinity between those 3 types of metal that evolve together—informative money, energetic weapons and organic machines that imitate the energy and information functions of a human being.

Once it has become clear that technological progress is geared to extinguish life, let us then consider in more detail the hidden evil=Anti-Live values and behavior of Animetals, of people who murder with weapons, enslave with money and pretend to understand time and space with clocks and telescopes – the warrior, trader and scientific cultures, its myths and ideologies, which unfortunately dominate our civilization and so are taken as absolute truths.

To understand fully their meaning we have to grasp the essential law of the biological Universe:

‘Species which perceive each other as equal help each other, love each other; species who perceive each other as different have a Darwinian behavior’.

Because perception is relative to the language and mind that perceives, it turns out that animetals, despite being humans, can perceive themselves as different.

Thus, the law of love among species is broken by the arrival of people who feel, due to the power of weapons, money and machines, superior to normal human beings, establishing myths andcodes of differentiation, origin of the eviLLive processes of history, of murder and slavery, the new ‘codes of conduct’ of warriors and traders.

Hard metal bronze brought the 1st hordes of warriors to the summit of civilizations, substituting the priests that dominated societies during the Neolithic. They changed the organic religions of fertility and love into religions that worshiped energy and death. Goddesses died and Gods of war came into power. Warriors used first bronze and then iron to improve their body-power. Traders used gold to enslave people, who became hypnotized by the informative qualities of gold, which attracts the eye with his sun-like light. So Gold became earlier in history, a ‘small God’,imitation of the sun-God of primitive cultures, whose possession would convince people to do anything for a ‘price’ . . .

From a Wor(l)d of Human, ethic Gods, we changed into the search forgo(l)d and (s)words, radically transforming the future of history and the social elites that ruled civilizations, now dominated by slavery and murder, by go(l)d traders and iron warriors. Yet, as in the case of a biological enzyme, which has a minimal quantity of ‘carbohydrates’, because it is attached to a metal-atom that deforms its structure and minimizes its ‘life’ elements, an animetal minimizes its human arrows of time, his drives of existence. Because iron is so strong, humans require, to handle it, an overdrive of energy that deforms the human ‘warrior’, which becomes obsessed by body energy, substituting the pleasures of the body by the exhaustion of military training. Since death is an excess of energy that kills, simplifies the complex information of life, the warrior creates ‘Gods of death’ that justify murder.

He simplifies his culture, despising the opposite arrow of information: ‘Simplify man, you are a marine’ (‘Born on 4th of July’). While a man who enslaves other humans with hypnotic go(l)d, which causes greed, the desire to possess it and do anything for the banker who gives it to you. Thus slavery appears as a consequence of the in-form-ative properties of gold, whose light attracts the human eye and makes us slaves. When the system was complex enough and more forms of money appeared, slavery was converted into a salary, which makes the worker obey. But this way of treating humans as ‘property’, deforms the verbal bio-ethical values of the ‘owner’ and the banker, as he must treat slaves and workers as objects, as inferior, different species. Thus, the trader substitutes the ideals of social evolution proper of the ethic wor(l)d and considers himself a special race, chosen of go(l)d, different from all those other humans he prices as ‘objects’.

Money’s hypnotism. The Gold-Smyth Cult(ure).

When money appeared men became hypnotized by their sun-like light, doing anything it takes to get Gold. This strange capacity of money to ‘buy humans’ was despised philosophically. Yet it was effective. Why? Today we can finally explain these facts, according to new scientific theories on the nature of consciousness and perception. Indeed, our ‘values’ of time and space are caused by the eye. We blink and think once every second. Thus, the eye not only sees space but processes its information, setting our time-clock as a species, which differs from other species with other languages of perception. For example, ants perceive chemical information and so their sense of space and time is different, regulated by chemical clocks and smelling distances. This means that ants are programmed to love smells and ant-queens program them with pheromones.

The same linguistic hypnotism applies to humans. We perceive ‘light-space’ and we measure time in terms of ‘light rhythms’. So we are naturally attracted, like any other animal, from moths to TV-watchers, to any object which has ‘more light energy’, more brightness and color that feeds the eye. And that is why we become hypnotized by Gold. So Gold became a very valuable substance which everybody wanted to own and could be exchanged by any other object or human subject of the world. A similar process today makes us addicted to informative machines, TVs and computers, which produce more ‘light information’ than our eye, which driven by ourarrow of visual in-form-ation becomes passive receptor of Tv-messages that program, manufacture our ‘minds’.

In the case of Gold the process is simpler, ‘energetic’: the eye loves and searches for a light similar to the sun’s original light. Yellow is the middle range of our eye vision; red the color that carries more energy. This explains our love for ‘metal money’, mainly silver, copper and gold: it responds to the natural hypnotism of the eye for red and yellow light. So a yellow-red metal, which attracts the human eye—copper—became the first worldwide system of money. Then, yellow-gold-money became the most desired, ‘valued’ object on Earth for human beings.

And so, as the most valuable thing, gold could decide the values of all other beings, including human life. Gold was a perfect hypnotic substance . . . a small sun. And the sun was the natural God of the human eye. So go(l)d became the ‘small God’ that could be carried around. Incas called it the sweat of the Sun-God. The law of visual hypnotism explains not only why man feels attracted by money, but it also explains why we feel attracted by red=blood TV and violent films. If we prefer yellow gold to real light, we also prefer red images that display more energy and movement. We like them instinctively. If we think about it, we realize gold has no real value and violent images program us to kill. Yet the first eye-impression is not verbal but visual and intuitively likes violence and Gold. It is that subconscious desire of the eye for energetic images what imposes greed and murder as a primary instinct. Yet species ‘have survival languages’. And man has verbal thought to reflect upon the real, survival value of those products. So when man thinks it over, he despises Gold and the simple, violent information provided by TVs. He recognizes the silly-nilly hypnotism of it. It has been the task of verbal prophets to denounce the vile metal. Yet hypnotism has imposed cultures of Gold over verbal, ethic values.

Soon other amazing in-form-ative properties of gold were discovered: it could be molded, form-ed into any shape and once formed it will keep its form for ever. So Gold became the fetish of immortality. Alchemists mixed it in all their elixirs of eternal life; mummies were covered with it to preserve their corpse . . .  Yet the ultimate paradox of Gold is that while Gold always endures time, those who carry it die periodically in wars and holocausts. So did the Conquistadors who murdered Aztecs and felt to the lake in their escape. The informative mass of money drowned them . . .

The Semites, desert, eye people, probably felt the hypnotic power of money first, since gold was geologically available in the rapids of the Arabic, Red Sea Sierras. The Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, which is the strongest candidate to a cross-bred species between the visual Neanderthal and the verbal man, might have been more prone to hypnotism, since it is a historic fact that the Chinese and Native Americans did not feel gold fevers with such intensity as the white man did. In any case, the sierras from Yemen to Jerusalem had gold rivers coming down to the Red Sea. Undoubtedly, the Semites took that gold and were hypnotized by it. Soon they realized travelling beyond their region that hypnotism to gold was a common trait of white men. When those rivers dried out, the Semites moved north to Mesopotamia. There, the Sumerian peasants began to obey them, instead of their priests. The agricultural fields owned by the Sumerian temples were abandoned.

Women wanted gold jewellery and offered themselves for it. A ring of gold was symbol of property and slavery for women. The priests’ ethic control over people diminished. Unlike previous forms of currency, which were first valuable, natural goods (wheat, shells), metal was much more powerful on a hypnotic level and durable in its form. Records from that era lament that the intelligence of men was lost to the informative power of evil metal. The ‘desert people came and now ‘no one takes care of the fields, no one comes to the temple’. Our women follow them and ‘sell their bodies for a piece of metal.’ (‘Lament of a Sumerian priest’). Money produces an instantaneous, hypnotic effect.

If Sumerians had thought thoroughly, they would have followed their priests. In the end, they belonged to the Semite warrior-traders, who created empires with their labor and enslaved them in unending toil, building palaces and tombs. From the beginning, money became a new informative language that displaced verbal thought as the language that valued the Earth’s species, degrading human beings. Because Semites and Indo-Europeans were cattle ranchers that used violence with their animals, the use of metal to treat humans as cattle didn’t seem to them a great change. Mercenary armies appeared. The Semites were also warriors and bought soldiers with money. So the first empires were created.

Money and weapons, cyclical and lineal metal, became then symbiotic throughout history and evolved together. Around ¾ of gold and silver was used, before machines came into being, in the ‘art of war’. ‘Pecunia Nervus Belli’ said the Romans, who first used systematically coins to raise mercenary armies (money is the nervous system of war).

Slavery became the next complementary product of money and weapons. By definition, slavery is the sale of humans for money. It required the ability to define men in monetary terms. It also required the violence of metal-weapons to prevent the slaves from running away. Slavery on a large scale, may never have existed, without go(l)d and weapons, without metal-species – as it happened in China, where gold was scarce. In modern times, slavery was also caused by the craze for American Gold. Conquistadors were, in fact, borrowing money to pay for their boats and had to return a fixed interest or end in jail. So they murdered Indians, who didn’t collect enough of it. Thus, the banker and the warrior reinforced greed and violence, the engines of the American conquest.

The outcome of greed and war, the ‘Animetal’ ideologies brought about by go(l)d and iron, is clear: extinction of social thought, of all con-CERN for human, biological survival and the creation of a discourse inverse to the truths of love. Yet those who murder and enslave human beings, in ‘reality’ are less evolved, homo ‘bacteria’ that cannot love the human kind and understand History. Their cultures are ‘noise’, a series of myths that hide those inconvenient truths of history. So a European king is chosen by ‘God’s Grace’, as he puts in his coins. Yet in bio-history he is just an ‘Animetal warrior’, chosen of eviL≠Live=Death, whose ancestors were tribal ‘smiths’. Those smiths became professional rapists, making Smith and Schmidt the most common surnames of the West. Then, as they went on looting and raping, their hordes of criminals grew, till they destroyed the evolved society of Christian Rome. They further devolved the social organism ofChristianity into kingdoms and feuds, our ‘European’ nations, protected by the words of writers their swords hired.

As a result of the psychological, peasant’s slavery of money, the guidance of Sumerian priests, who invented writing, soon disappeared. Yet they left behind a warning. The Book of Genesis, assumed to be a Sumerian text, explains the fight of man against metal-technology and the tree of science, which will destroy the life Paradise. The Mesopotamians were the first writers to put a negative slant on the animetals and their deeds.

The split between Wor(l)d Masters and Metal-Masters will be now one of the fundamental features of history. Their antithetical vision of each other is the natural consequence of the different values their languages of power ascribe to life and metal. Among those metal-masters, the clan of Abraham of Ur creates the oldest monetary civilization of the world. A trader of the Euphrates, which means ‘river of copper’, at the Fall of Ur, he migrates to Harran, the city where Alchemy, the search for the golden stone, was founded. Then he moves to the region that communicates Mesopotamia and Egypt, Canaan. The Hapiru, a Babylonian word that means wanderers, caravan traders, always stopped there in their way to Memphis. While the rest of the world was still a farming, Neolithic community, we find in the main Oasis of that trade route, Jericho, 10.000 years ago, huge walled cities, protecting wealth and trade. capitalism, the civilization that has convinced mankind that Go(l)d is the language of God, had indeed its origin in the Levant cultures.

Thus Go(l)d, Wor(l)ds and Swords, became the 3 languages of power of History, in perpetual fight for the soul of man: Wor(l)d masters will try to convert animetals to the power of social love; warriors will kill banker-priests to become the only top predators of History; and Traders will try to enslave and give prices to all beings of the Earth . . . And so in Jericho, as traders build walls to protect money and warriors bring arrows to shoot them down, starts the cycle of war and holocausts, of greed and murder, played once and again in each historic cycle of Life and Death of Civilizations, shown in the different levels of the city, most of them burnt down by war. And writers will chronicle those events from the 3 points of view; that of the banker, the warrior and the priest . . .

We have, indeed, records of those 3 points of view, since the beginning of History. If Genesis gives us the first record of the Wor(l)d and Exodus the first record of the fight of the Wor(l)d against Go(l)d, epic poetry converts mass-murder into an act of celebration. It happened in the city of Kish, where Sargon, with weapons of bronze, became the first great Emperor. He organized a great army. His chronicle said that when he arrived at the city of Ur, at the end of the Copper River, after conquering 40 kingdoms, he could not clean his sword in it; since water was red with the blood that came down the river. Meanwhile, in the North, droves of people from the Swedish and Austrian mines created the Top Predator culture of weapons in the west: the Germanic civilization. The Indo-European soldier, the Hoplite, is born. He will extinguish all the other cultures of Europe, except the Basque-Iberians.

Thus Gold and the Sword won the battles of history, because the hypnotism of Gold and the capacity of iron to cut flesh are real. So they imposed strong, hard Gods, like metal is, who forbade the pleasures of the reproductive organs of the humankind. The orgasmic Gods of Egypt are castrated by Christian fundamentalists. The Goddesses of fertility in Europe are broken with the iron swords of Wo-Tan. The Bible calls the Goddess, the ‘abomination’. Women become submissive to the macho Smith-God. Smiths, workers of iron, are the leaders of Germanic tribes. They inseminated thousands of women, who in turn gave birth to thousands of Schmidts and Smiths all over the world. The final evolution of the Germanic warrior is the Nazi culture, with his worship of iron, weapons and human extermination. Yet Go(l)d cultures were also brutal with ‘its’ slave-workers in any age of history.

The Babylonian Talmud, written by Go(l)d priests around the same age the Vedas express the way Indo-European warriors viewed the lower castes of farmers, which will become the ideological books of Jewish-Protestant capitalism and the Indiancaste system, still at work, is crystal clear about the treatment of all other humans not Chosen by Go(l)d and the sword as cattle.

Indeed, Talmud Millenarianism, as the Britannica in earlier editions, today censored, explains, is the doctrine of Historical Power, which states that ‘at the end of times all other cultures will become slaves of Yahweh (synonymous of the Jewish people) or become exterminated’; since ‘Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts.’ We are dealing here with a religion of power, not a mystical attempt to explain the Organic nature of the Universe. It is for that reason that Judaism is the only religion, which displays an absolute materialism and it is not concerned at all with life after death; a materialism that explains his enormous success as the economical people-caste of history.

A similar millenarian tradition and concept of Humanity as ‘cattle’ appears in Aryan texts as Indo-European warriors conquer with chariots the world (Vedas). Capitalism will translate through the fusion of Aryan races and Jewish cults this doctrine to action, as their companies establish first full time slavery with entire nations like India, property of the Indian Company or America, property of the London Company, then part-time slavery with salaries. The result of such metal-based, racist behavior is that such ‘Gold-smyth’ cultures are hated by all others, constantly entering in conflict with them. Since they only relate to other people through monetary orders and weapons, not through human feelings, restricted by strict racial codes to the people-cast, to maintain their distance with humanity, needed to rule ‘it’ with metal.

Therefore, the arrival of the first ‘go(l)d’ and iron cultures, of which there is a clear historic record, sets in motion the cycles of wars and holocaust that will be now the rule of Western civilizations. It is the iron age that Hesiode and other wor(l)d masters consider the fundamental discontinuum of ‘eviL’=death of History.



In the graph, the process of substitution of human labor by machines is guided by their evolution in 3 ages:

 -In the age of bodies of machines ‘energetic humans’, mostly slaves and horse carriers became obsolete, causing a mass displacement of Europeans into colonial lands.

– In the age of engines work expanded as quantization & diversification of machines into smaller body species that imitated animal life in land, sea and air, multiplied blue collar factory workers.

White collar managers & scientists reach their intellectual height as they don’t suffer yet mental atrophy, caused by its substitution for PCs, minds of metal in the electronic age.

Thus the turn of the XIX-XX C. was the ideal age of synergy and symbiosis between man and machine. Yet the 1929 overproduction crisis broke that balance, halving factory jobs, as electro-mechanical engines automated assembly lines and taylorism used electric systems to control, monitor and intensify the speed of human labor, alienating workers, in a tendency that constantly makes humans closer to machines as they adapt to the monotony, repetitive tasks & harshness of metal-work conditions.

–  In right graph we compare the 29 and 2008 labor crisis, which so far are parallel in labor losses.

But this labor crisis unlike the 29 crisis has no end. Since robots are ‘metalife’ organisms that complete the Industrial R=evolution. So there is not a new Kondratieff wave to create new jobs in emerging industries, as the 2 economic roles of mankind, as consumers and workers, reproducers of machines can be performed by robots in automated company-mothers.White collar pcs & blue collar robots make all human labor obsolete, except jobs better suit by the laws of affinity to human labor directly related to the handling of humans or the production of life-based welfare goods (health-care, tourism, art, food, education, housing, etc.)

But only governments cre(dit)ate those jobs with deficits, now cut to zero. Why? Because corporations seek profits not human welfare maximized making FMMI Machines with machines. So they constantly preach and raise ‘productivity’, achieved increasing machines’ capital (in this cycle robots & Pcs) and firing labor:

Max.Productivity = Max. capital in machines / Min.  human labor = Max. Profits

Since robots are more profitable as workers with no social security or salary. A humanist, legal policy would lower productivity, forbidding robots. But productivity is the corporative mantra, since it increases profits. And corporations are NOT human organisms. They only care for their offspring of machines & their owners’ profits. So economists & politicians to the service of corporations preach rises on ‘productivity’.

They even affirm cynically that productivity creates human jobs! Thus factories, unless politicians ban robotics, are becoming automated, self-reproductive with 0 labor.

Economists know that to create jobs, since productivity fires workers, GDP must grow 0.5% more than productivity. So with annual growth of productivity of ± 2% due to robotics, unemployment can never go down unless a massive Global Deal with investments in the welfare sector takes place by the collective agreement of all nations that should implement a minimum of 20% annual deficit with the creation of debt-free money.

This can be achieved with an international currency, ¥€$ money, with fixed parity, €=$=100 yens that can be printed without limit and devaluation avoiding currency wars. Yet paradoxically, the welfare sector, the only one that creates human labor is cut as corporations pay ‘corrupted politicians’ to implement zero deficits against their sovereign rights to issue money. So they cannot pay welfare. Since absolute power corrupts absolutely. So corporations and their tock-owners want the whole money pie for the 1%. Now they issue 95% of the world money in stock-paper and e-derivatives!

And still want to take the 5% deficit of states, issued for humanity! While neo-classic economists that still believe Adam Smith’s pre-industrial dogma that technology always creates new jobs, deny the growing obsolescence of workers. And so neo-classic central bankers aggravate the crisis by denying money to the welfare sector and handling it at null interest to corporations that use it to automate factories and fire labor.

For this process of labor destruction to take place, corporations first destroyed regulation, labor unions and social rights, during the neocon revolution started by Thatcher and Reagan, which regressed democracies to the XIX century, dog-eat-dog pyramid of capitalism  with financial and industrial corporations on top and the 99% of mankind without rights beyond some placebo voting theatrics on the bottom.

BUT THE FINAL FRONTIER IS 3 D PRINTING, WHICH WILL TRULY MAKE ALL HUMAN WORKERS OBSOLETE WITHIN DECADES AS COMPUTERS CAN DESIGN AND PRINT MACHINES DIRECTLY AND ONE BY ONE, IN WHAT IT IS TRULY THE EQUIVALENT OF BIOLOGICAL REPRODUCTION, and it is advancing fast. In China a new company is printing homes, lowering costs to a 1/3rd as it is only then needed to assembly as a mechano the plants of the home.

BUT OF COURSE, what the mass-media system has perfected is the marketing of everything, including Nuclear weapons that might kill us all (1st extinction event, if CERN manufactures black holes, sold out as the ‘Particle of God’), 3D printing that might kill all labor (do-it-yourself as the New Edison whose selfie wisdom will create amazing designs of the I-me and myself master of it all), and the funny, hearty robot, which also promises immortality (alas we shall transfer our brains into digital copies that of course if possible, once born will erase all the nice memories of fleshy children playing with mum, and adolescent kappa party with sweetheart, which will be as weird for a metal-being as if we had memories of our ‘rat’ life 100 million years ago).

Of course as the system automates, stock-rats do nothing as old aristocrats didn’t need to do anything, since once a SYSTEM IS PUT ON PLACE IT RUNS AUTOMATICALLY its network program and the individuals attached to it, just follow ‘protocols’.

To that aim the minds of workers & voters had to love and vote the policies that destroy them. So during the 90s mass media manufactured a mass of clueless, mindless, citizens, so ignorant of the causes of reality that they will ‘buy’ the American nightmare, once the American dream is gone. Since in each cycle of the Industrial R=Evolution machines not only substituted but also atrophied our bodies&brains. And now they atrophy our minds.

Indeed, new species of metal imitate, perform, atrophy & make obsolete a human organ & function:

Companies manufacture millions of metallic organs that we use instead of our organs to perform its functions, due to the higher capacity to process energy & information metal has.

So machines atrophied & substituted weaker carbon-based humans in 3 phases parallel to the 3 cycles of evolution of metal:

Addiction to machines: Atrophy of human organs and substitution of biological drives.


– XIX century was the age of ‘machine-bodies’. So elites atrophied their bodies and overdeveloped their brains, used to invent machines as those machines’ bodies performed all their energy tasks. Thus Europe, the cradle of machines, became a mental society, repressing body functions from sex to good food (Victorian society). Society became split: There was a ‘brainy’ elite class that designed machines and abhorred their bodies. Then there were ‘slaves of machines’, humans who had to serve machines’ bodies, extracting coal ‘food’ for them, constructing & making those metal-bodies work (miners, railroad workers).

They became strong and mindless, as their machine bodies were. So mankind became a new ‘species’, slave of machines, an ‘enzyman’ or ‘animetal’, similar to cellular enzymes that atrophy their carbon bodies, substituted by stronger metal-atoms and go around the cell killing fully developed carbohydrates, as Europe went around the world killing non-repressive life-based non-technological cultures. Finally in W.W.II top predator weapons – armored machines’ bodies, tanks, bombers and battleships – consumed 50 million human bodies.

– XX Century: Mental atrophy of mankind. Then, it came the age of metal-minds, in which men developed metal-eyes (Cameras), metal-ears (mobiles) and metal-brains (chips). Today those minds reproduced in huge numbers, substitute most human linguistic, mental functions (calculus, spelling, accountancy, science, design, etc.) The outcome is an increasing atrophy and diminution in the intelligence of humans. Since now intelligent machines perform those jobs for us. But bodies are again free. So actors, athletes, the military & sex are all the rage. It is a violent Neo-Paleolithic.

XXI C. Robotic age: In the 3rd phase of human obsolescence Robots combine body-mind functions substituting both white & blue collar workers (CAD, 3D printing, automated factories & software suites, intranets, computer trading, e-money genetic information) So all human functions are obsolete as we become passive, fat bodies & mental plants in front of 3D virtual reality.

XXI C. Death. And finally it is unavoidable to talk of the end of it. Indeed, as the century advances and ALL machines become robos connected to a global internet brain, with enormous complexity in its A.I. and new species of higher energy and information come to be, in a fragile life planet, there will be 3 clear causes of extinction of life, as we are not special, not chosen, not unique, but just another animal species subject to the same process of extinction of all others.

There is of course the first ever present event of death by overdrive of energy (nuclear weapons). But then we have 2 events of an excess of information, which can destroy the planet: nano-robotics and military A.I.

Humans, with its null objective capacity to study themselves in a scientific manner, still ascribe global warming and the death of life species to their activity, to the point that even in the congresses of systems sciences that study the economic ecosystem in a more scientific manner, the present age of transition between the II Earth of life and the III Earth, is termed the anthropocene (age of human life) when we are fast entering the mechanocene (age of machines). As such the final transition might happen in this century, as robots and Iron nano-bacteria, reach full development.

According to Drexler, the founder of the discipline of nano-technology, the discovery of a fully functional metal-bactteria, today researched in military and civil labs around the world, could convert in 3 months the Earth into a grey-goo, as iron bacteria would multiply fast feeding on the massive amount of machines found on the Earth – a theme explored however only in sci-fi films like GI cobra and Ultimatum, given the censorship called ‘economical and political correctness’ that social sciences impose on any serious attempt to describe the economic and political ecosystem in pure scientific ‘not idol-ogical’ terms.

It is this non-scientific idological nature of human collective thought filled up with absurd theories about mankind, the Universe and its machines (from tribal nationalisms, to abrahamic religions, to the cult to the machine instead of man as the symbol of future and progress) what will explain the most astounding fact about humanity today and in the past centuries – not the fact that we are terraforming this planet and extinguishing life, to build a world of mechanisms, BUT THAT WE DO NOT REALIZE OF THIS PROCESS, DO NOT ARGUE INTELLECTUALLY AND BIOLOGICALLY ABOUT A NON-HUMAN FUTURE, BUT KEEP DOING IT IN AN AUTOMATON, NON-FREE WAY, AS IF WE WERE PROGRAMMED BY THOSE IDOL-OGIES TO DESTROY THE WORLD, COMMIT SUICIDE AND BE HAPPY DOING SO.

We live in a century in which 3 evolutions of machines can extinguish the planet of life – nuclear weapons, nano-bactria and military robots, but none of this is taken seriously beyond sci-fi movies, nor the biological nature of machine is studied by scientists, economists and intellectuals, neither politicos seem to consider the mechanical causes of the crisis, crystal clear now even for the dumbest of politicians.

In that sense THE FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION RAISED BY THE EVOLUTION OF MACHINES IS NOT ITS CYCLICALITY AND EASY PREDICTION of its future trends, crystal clear when we study machines and weapons as they should with the laws of organisms but the fact that HUMAN BEINGS ARE IGNORING THE COMPETITION BETWEEN MACHINES AND HUMANS IN LABOR AND WAR FIELDS, AS IF IT WAS NOT a different species, ALWAYS justifying the use of machines and the expulsion of labor AS IF THE PROGRESS OF MACHINES WERE A SUPERIOR GOAL TO THAT OF THE SURVIVAL AND PROGRESS OF MANKIND.

IT IS BY FAR THE MOST ASTOUNDING fact of our world. How humans can be THAT stupid, that SLAVISH? We adopt here an absolute ‘objective’ non-human view, something never tried before not to offend the human ego and the people in power in our societies, in order to do social sciences. Imagine then not to get offended ‘personally’ that you are an alien scientist arriving to this planet, where you will see a mass of humans completely obsessed by a different species, to which they dedicate all their time as re=producers aka workers and vitalisers of those machines.

You will think given the regularity of those processes and cycles that humans are SLAVES of machines, its masters, since indeed they will even let their sons to be ‘brain-washed’ by violent machines, allow 1 billion humans to go hungry while all computers have enough energy to keep sacking human workers, and willingly die by the millions in absurd brother against brother wars to promote the overproduction and profits of the military industry. Remember you are not human, you have no nation, no religion, no race, ‘IMAGINE’ as the song, you are a social scientist and observe with utter puzzlement how 7 billion humans follow absurd ‘idol-ogies’, which make of informative metal (money), energetic metal (weapons) and organic metal (machines), their masters, and on top THINK THEY ARE FREE, SUPERIOR, IN CONTROL OF THEIR FUTURE, AND KNOW BETTER.

In brief, as a social scientist your biggest conundrum won’t be to understand what is happening on this planet – quite obvious for an objective viewer – the terraforming of the Earth by man of a planet of carbon life into one of metalife, with the displacement and future extinction of all forms of life including human beings in the process, but WHY humans do IT and do not EVEN REALIZE they are doing it.

IT IS THIS IDOL-OGICAL MADNESS, and EGO-TRIP of the human ‘enzyman’, man-enzyme that catalyses the creation of the new species that will kill her – what I call the OEDIPUS PARADOX – THE SON SPECIES KILLS THE FATHER SPECIES, but the father does not defend himself – WHAT has always bothered me as ‘human’, AND i have explored in more depth as an objective scientist, and now we shall explain before we introduce the other crises of overproduction notably that of money the ‘brain’ of the Metal-earth, the digital language, whose values direct all the process.



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