Animetals: Head

Abstract. All organisms, including mankind, and by definition in systems sciences the Universe is a fractal super organism of 5 Dimensions of space-time, and so all of us are parts of a larger super organism, have 2 organic social classes, those who manage information and those who work under informative orders of the languages of power of the social organisms. This unavoidable duality can however be managed with less or more exploitative ‘zeal’ from the upper, neuronal informative classes. And the key element for it, is to know what language the system speaks, and how ‘democratic’ the language is, so the orders of the neuronal class are ‘shared by the working ‘body-cells’.

In human societies, the language of social power are words, legal or ethics, with priests or politicians or elderly on top, and as such because all speak the language societies are of a mild hierarchical structure.  In animetal societies as the language of power, metal, iron that kills the body or go(l)d that hypnotises the eye, is external to humanity, a digital or metal language that no all possess and understand societies are a mixture of an ecosystem of darwinian predators, the people with weapons and go(l)d, that possess the body and mind of the middle working class far more exploited than in a proper class society, where the brain serves the body and the language is shared and distributed with a degree of equality that harmonises both parts.

In practice since the beginning of civilisations and the end of the golden Neolithic age of farmers, priests and wheat money (Ur Fertile crescent), societies became civilisations and then the key to know how democratic a society is is to know what is on top, the ‘verbal law’ and we shall classify such societies as humanist organisms, or metal or go(l)d, in military and capitalist societies (hidden under a placebo democratic cover of null power, as it cannot issue the language of social power, money), and we shall call those societies as ‘dictatorships’. Now, people is so naive and under informed that they think our societies are ‘democracies’. Not at all.

In fact capitalist societies show a higher monopoly on the language of power, but it is not the warrior but the banker who issues in monopoly money who is on top, or in modern, more complex systems the ‘company-mother’. In fact a senator in Rome made only 100 times the salary or a plebeian and today a wall street banker makes 1 million times the salary of a 3rd world victim of the massive deviation of money to speculation and debt schemes. In the next graph we see all those social classes together from the 92. book, Bio-history. And then the key change of animetal power structure from warrior empires to capitalist societies, the place where we are with animetal stock-rats on top substituting the classic warrior aristocrats, and a much more complex and sophisticated newspeak of freedom:

With the arrival of animetals, the class structure was substituted with priests demoted by the power of weapons and then warriors converted in mercenary armies as the company-mother of machines-weapons and its owners came on top of society:

IN THE GRAPH, the classic pyramids of power of animetals, below its modern view:

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
 But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished. 
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.



“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class”. Amschel Rothschild, Am Segullah 1838

‘If you repeat a lie Many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it. I have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies. People will like them and ask for nothing else’ Goebbels method of post-truth, imported to the U$ by its Financial-media masters (first minister of propaganda, now called ministry of Information).

Abstract. ANY SUPERORGANISM OF THE 5D SPACE-TIME UNIVERSE HAS A FIXED STRUCTURE. When properly constructed it works for the dual upper head/informative class and body/reproductive class. This was the case of human verbal societies when ruled by ethic legal masters (true democracies and love religions – both today corrupted by go(l)d values of zero value to human life – capitalist democracies  and weapons – tribal inquisitions).

Thus we entered with the animetal memetic age in the present configuration in which HUMAN cells-citizens become part of the 3rd class – the entropic territory where the organism feeds on, WHICH SHOULD NEVER exist in any healthy super organism, as ALL cells of the system do have the minimum energy and information to survive – even those cells that do not seem to work (storage fat cells).

It must be understood this: there is NOT difference between the systemic denial of humanist truths by Go(L)d animetal masters of capitalism, and Weapons masters of fascism: both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME coin – the monopoly in the issue of the languages of metal power, money and weapons to control the ‘99%’, and establish a parallel regime of ‘post-truths=repeated lies’ to manufacture the brain of people into acquiescence.

The world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields.

 .People-castes: cultures of warriors and go(l)d traders. The ‘animetal’ civilization.

In the past, an Animetal, Hierarchical society had on top, as the ‘icon of the culture’, (S)words and Go(l)d, whose sacred laws backed the privileges of a caste of warriors with exclusive rights to produce and use weapons; and a caste  of bankers, with exclusive rights to mint and lend money. The mass of humans were controlled with Go(l)d and Swords by the stick and carrot system. At the bottom Nature and non-technological cultures were farmed ‘cattle’, killed in wars or enslaved.

In biology we say that a given ecosystem is controlled by the species which better understands the information provided by the language of the ecosystem. Thus:

—  An animal Ecosystem is ruled by eye-light information that all species share. And those species that do not see are at a disadvantage and become extinct.

—  A cellular ecosystem is ruled by genetic information, shared by all species. And those species with more genetic information (DNA, RNA) are top predators of life.

—  A historic ecosystem is ruled by verbal information shared by human species. And those who master words became top predators in History. Thus, religious prophets and lawyers have been traditional top predators of power, because they mastered verbal laws that guided the behavior of all humans.

—  An economic ecosystem is ruled by monetary information that ‘values’ humans with Wages and objects with Prices: Man=Salary=Money=Price=Object. So those species that do not have a price or wage are at a disadvantage and become extinct and those which have a higher price, weapons, carried by animetal warriors, become the top predators of the economic ecosystem.

Thus, to survive in an economic ecosystem all species, including humans, have to be valued by money, which provides economic information, in the same manner light provides information in an animal ecosystem; and so only ‘visual species’ survive in Nature. Finally, legal words provide value in a historic ecosystem. Thus, in those historic ecosystems only words could assign value to humans. So life was precious. Yet with the expansion of monetary information, humans were priced as an object, which is the definition of a slave, no longer a top predator species. Yet if money imposes a new set of values to mankind, in a Darwinian, competitive universe, it means it replaces our previous set of values, those of bio-ethic words, whose goal was social survival. This explains why religion always opposed money and science, which uses a different language and set of values – those of numbers – which degrade man as an object. Those 2 languages and ecosystems (History and the values of words, vs. economics and the values of money and numbers) compete for the right to ‘be the language of truth’ that creates the future of the Earth.

Today we are ruled far more hours as workers, by digital values than as human beings by words. And so the future is created by money and its values. Yet since Words evolve and reproduce humanity and numbers evolve and reproduce ‘expensive’ metal, machines and weapons, legal words should rule digital prices and control those machines money reproduce, but are lethal to us in human values. It doesn’t matter if mathematics is a more detailed language than words, because what matters to us is to survive. So in the same way we won’t offer our life to a lion, because he is ‘stronger’ and deserves to eat us alive and multiply his genetic languages, we should not value human reality only with monetary numbers, the language that values machines more than human beings, as Classic economists do. Today hardly anyone is conscious of the values of verbal thought as the essence of human nature, precisely because we have become ‘slaves’ of money all the hours we work, which are most of the hours of our life. So we have interiorized that slavery. We are today ‘informative slaves of money and machines’, of digital numbers, the only language we believe. So we accept the values of money as natural and create a world based in greed and violence, murder and the destruction of cheap life, without realizing why we do it.

The biggest myth about money, fostered by those who monopolize its creation, is that money costs a lot to earn. Money is invented for free, as all languages of information are. By definition a language of information needs very little energy. So money can be easily created by the informative castes/cells that monopolize it. Your brain invents for free the nervous orders that organize your body and your mind creates for free the words that motivate your actions and money is invented also with minimal energy either in paper-money or computer software. What matters is to monopolize its creation, to be able to control those who ‘earn’ it, with it. So what a language of information does is to establish social classes, described in the previous graph:

–               The ‘high’ informative class: Those who invent the language and control the organic society with it (neurons in the body, which emit the nervous orders; priests or politicians in a society rule by wor(l))ds; warriors in a military society and bankers or stock-dealers, in a monetary society).

–               The ‘Middle’, Reproductive class of believers: Those who receive the language or earn it on exchange for their work, obeying the informative class and producing the substances the upper classes desire (body cells in an organism; believers or citizens in a verbal society, soldiers in a military one or workers in  a monetary society).

–               The Lower ‘energy’ class: And those who are destroyed by orders given with the language of information, which they lack (preys in life ecosystems; heretics or delinquents in a verbal society; the enemy in a military society and the poor in economic ecosystems ruled by money).

It is not by chance that those 3 classes represent the 3 fundamental systems of all organisms – an informative head,  energetic limbs and a reproductive, working body; as all systems and organisms have the same structure. So social classes are ‘natural’ to the Universe. What is not natural is the selfish structure of animetal social organisms, in which our neurons, the warriors or bankers, control totally the language of information, money or weapons, and give almost nothing to the energy cells. Imagine a body in which the cells of your feet wouldn’t receive energy. It would collapse, as our societies are about to do. Thus, a healthy organism is managed by the information caste of the organism, but its information, once the neurons create it, is distributed to all cells, which receive enough energy and information to survive.

The characteristics of a healthy social organism are clearly defined in biological organisms and were only imitated by theocracies and socialist parties: the organism has a single head that is the party members or priests. The neurons of the organism receive ad maximal 10 times the energy of its energy cells. This was the 1/10th of taxes given to the church, which by canonical law had to spend half of it in the poor. Today our bankers receive thousands of times more energy than the poor, and certainly much more than the members of the socialist parties received in comparison to its citizens. Finally, the language of power must be natural to the organism. This means only verbal societies are natural human super-organisms, because military and monetary societies use metal, an alien language, which imposes its higher energy or information to kill and enslave the cells of the body. This is obviously forbidden in all healthy organisms, in which the head never hurts the body because his language is ‘harmless’. The same can be said of most Theocracies in which the capacity of the Pope to kill cells of the body were far inferior to that of a dictator or a banker that exploits his workers.

Further on, each language creates a different information caste and a different organism, made to the image and likeness of the language. Thus, when money substituted words as the language of creation of the future on the Earth’s ecosystems, money created a new world, in which metal and those who used it, dominated life. If words create a world to the image and likeness of man by motivating ethic humans to act in favor of the human ecosystem; money would ‘cre(dit)ate’ (‘credit creates’) a world of metal, weapons and machines. Remember that word, ‘cre(dit)ate’. It is the key to the systems of power that create today the Earth. How that process of cre(dit)ation happens? First you invent money, as you invent words in a Historic ecosystem.

This is easy. It costs nothing. You do so, either breathing energy (words) or printing paper (stock money). Then people obey your words or your money. Since you have established they have to obey them, with your trust or military authority. Such trust in the case of words is based in the ethic intelligence that people naturally have, embedded in the syntax of words that makes of man the center of the Universe. So people obey the natural law of social evolution and love each other and follow love religions. In the case of money however, since most of its orders deny the natural instincts of man, it is needed military power to impose paper-money, or the hypnotism of gold to reduce human reason, or an abstract ‘digital language’ as science is, to hide ethic values, or a salary to make people act against ethics, or religious ‘myths’ to justify their acts. Thus, the coming together of all those elements, money, weapons and science, in Holland and England during the XVII century, when companies started to give orders with money, to workers, consumers and governments, meant a definitive change in History, as thelanguage and dominant species and ecosystem of the planet changed from ethic words to digital numbers, from man to machine, from history to economics. Ever since the future would be cre(dit)ated by companies, numbers and digital science. Yet man is a verbal species. So human ethic worlds soon died away.

Metal creates the people-castes and hierarchical civilizations of history.

Metal in history was first used in to produce lineal/energetic weapons, mainly swords that ended around the 3000 BC the Neolithic age of life worship (cycles of bronze wars, described by the myths of Genesis). Then metal was evolved into an informative species, money.

Around 500 BC a new language, digital numbers, is applied to ‘informative metal’, coins of gold and silver, able to carry digital information. And the informative values of money (prices) began to substitute the verbal values of ethic languages and social, love religions. Yet both values were different. In verbal values weapons were negative and life had infinite value. Inprices, weapons were the most expensive, desirable goods and life could be priced with a minimal value, called a salary.

This confrontation between social ethics and greed happens because languages have a subconscious affinity for substances of the same form. So if words made by human neurons, self-protect themselves by making of man the center of the Wor(l)d, with infinite value; metal-money shows its affinity for metal-weapons and machines, the most expensive goods of the Market. While life has minimal value in price. As a consequence of this, money brought slavery, as it made life so cheap that it could be ‘bought’ with coins. Yet humans responded the best they could against this new low of self-esteem. The age of Coins brought about a new ethic explosion of prophets, who around that time asked mankind to upgrade his ethics into the social ethics of love, to counter-act the anti-ethics of violence and greed. Lao-Tse, Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, the Jewish Prophets, all saw the arrival of money as the end of the ‘Jen era’ of harmony among people that only ethic politicians and legal wor(l)ds could overcome. China has tried ever since to follow Confucius’ code of political behavior.

Perhaps for that reason it is the most successful culture of the world—measured by the only biological standard we can use; that of the survival of its people—a clear experimental proof that tough legal codes do change societies and could today improve our survival as a species, if ‘Confucian’ politicians substituted corrupted, greedy, violent ones. Yet the success of Confucian politicians, even if China, was limited. Soon the emperor Ch’in brought iron and coins to China and made warfare professional. Mass-murder became also ‘cheap’ in abstract prices, reducing the value of a human life to 6 iron coins during the war age that money brought to the Chinese World. A sword became more ‘valuable’ than a human being and weapons became the most priced, re=produced goods of this planet. In this manner, the subconscious values of greed—achieved with the re=production and sale of weapons and machines of maximal price—started the terraforming of the Earth, from an ecosystem of life and human beings, History, into an economic ecosystem, dominated first by aristocratic castes of warriors and then by ‘company-mothers’ thanks to their capacity to re=produce and sell machines and weapons. It is the world we live in, in which greed and war are still the supreme values, fostered by that affinity between those 3 types of metal that evolve together—informative money, energetic weapons and organic machines that imitate the energy and information functions of a human being.

To understand fully their meaning we have to grasp the essential law of the biological Universe:

‘Species which perceive each other as equal help each other, love each other; species who perceive each other as different have a Darwinian behavior’.

Because perception is relative to the language and mind that perceives, it turns out that animetals, despite being humans, can perceive themselves as different.

Thus, the law of love among species is broken by the arrival of people who feel, due to the power of weapons, money and machines, superior to normal human beings, establishing myths

and codes of differentiation, origin of the eviL≠Live processes of history, of murder and slavery, the new ‘codes of conduct’ of warriors and traders.

Hard metal bronze brought the 1st hordes of warriors to the summit of civilizations, substituting the priests that dominated societies during the Neolithic. They changed the organic religions of fertility and love into religions that worshiped energy and death. Goddesses died and Gods of war came into power. Warriors used first bronze and then iron to improve their body-power. Traders used gold to enslave people, who became hypnotized by the informative qualities of gold, which attracts the eye with his sun-like light. So Gold became earlier in history, a ‘smallgod’, imitation of the sun-God of primitive cultures, whose possession would convince people to do anything for a ‘price’

From a Wor(l)d of Human, ethic Gods, we changed into the search for Go(l)d and (s)words, radically transforming the future of history and the social elites that ruled civilizations, now dominated by slavery and murder, by go(l)d traders and iron warriors. Yet, as in the case of a biological enzyme, which has a minimal quantity of ‘carbohydrates’, because it is attached to a metal-atom that deforms its structure and minimizes its ‘life’ elements, an animetal minimizes its human arrows of time, his drives of existence. Because iron is so strong, humans require, to handle it, an overdrive of energy that deforms the human ‘warrior’, which becomes obsessed by body energy, substituting the pleasures of the body by the exhaustion of military training. Since death is an excess of energy that kills, simplifies the complex information of life, the warrior creates ‘Gods of death’ that justify murder. He simplifies his culture, despising the opposite arrow of information: ‘Simplify man, you are a marine’ (‘Born on 4th of July’). While a man who enslaves other humans with hypnotic go(l)d, which causes greed, the desire to possess it and do anything for the banker who gives it to you. Thus slavery appears as a consequence of the in-form-ative properties of gold, whose light attracts the human eye and makes us slaves. When the system was complex enough and more forms of money appeared, slavery was converted into a salary, which makes the worker obey. But this way of treating humans as ‘property’, deforms the verbal bio-ethical values of the ‘owner’ and the banker, as he must treat slaves and workers as objects, as inferior, different species. Thus, the trader substitutes the ideals of social evolution proper of the ethic Wor(l)d and considers himself a special race, chosen of Go(l)d, different from all those other humans he prices as ‘objects’.

 The biological perspective: Darwinian behaviour vs. rational sciences.

Now it is the view of this web, and his author that ‘humans’ can overcome the limits of biological evolution and darwinian behaviour thanks to its ‘higher’ rational intelligence, that is, thanks to ‘reflexive’ science, which allows them to consider a higher point of view, that of the species as a whole. This is not far fetched.

In Evolution, eusocial evolution is the most successful form, which makes ants the most successful animal with a body mass equal to all other small animals combined. Rational thought thus makes possible the concept of human social evolution and the control of the negative effects of selfish memes of metal over mankind, and so it has been preached by all social scientists, in their evolution from love religions, to socialism to organisations like UNO, or doctrines like those of humanism (all humans equal), socialism (money for the service of people) and organicism (man and his ‘eyes and legal words’) as the measure of all things. And there have been cultures, notably the Chinese culture and the Greek-Latin- European Culture, and the American enlightened culture of its founding fathers, which tried precisely to achieve this. It is indeed the only solution to the evolutionary trend of the Mechanocene, which we can express in a simple equation:

Gaia (Life world, relative past) < History (human world, relative present) > Mechanocene (Relative, Future world)

This evolutionary equation  CAN BE UNDERSTOOD just by considering the 3 ‘equations’ or Universal Grammars of the 3 languages that rule the world in those ages.

In the age of animal life, light languages ruled the world, an the species who better saw, feline, apes and bird predators ruled the world.

Then in the human age verbal masters, legal politicians and priests, who spoke better the verbal language ruled the world.

Now when digital languages, money is the master, machines that better speak them, chips, rule the world.

And this can be seen also in the values and order of the languages. If we limit ourselves to the languages of history and the mechanocene (weapons and money) those are its values embedded in their grammar

In words, Subject (Man) > Verb (action) > Object (energy of subject), humans have also according to its universal grammar a higher value than objects. And laws carry those values.

In money:


we are equalised, compared and discharged when a machine is more productive than us, according to the equation that rules all corporations and its ‘productivity economists’:

Productivity=machine labor(capital)/human labor

Unlike capitalism, social sciences would maintain the equation in the relative present state of evolution, with mankind on top. This can be done perfectly following the complex laws of organisms.

Those are the simple linguistic and mathematical equations that certify our demise under capitalism and classic economics. That is their bottom line.

They are the 3 predatory people-castes that associate dot  ‘energetic metal’ weapons, informative metal go(l)d and organic metal machines rule mankind and extinguish life.

Since  they substitute the values of human languages (legal words) by the values of digital money (prices). Thus they are extinguishing Gaia and non-technological civilisations and bringing history towards a certain collapse:

Since History is indeed where the predatory nature of our ‘expert’ elites of bankers and politico-military systems is more obvious, when ‘data’ is NOT falsified and censored as today routinely is, specially in all what concerns the dominant people-castes of bankers that rule our societies.

And this bring us to understand money in terms of linguistics and its opposition with the ethic values of words, where man is alway the subject: Subject (man) <Verb (action) > Object (energy of subject).

Digital languages though equal man and money: Money (Price/salary) = Man/Object.

Thus Money is a language of digital information that values with numbers humans (with salaries) and products (with prices), easy to reproduce in papers or digital screens, as all languages of information are. Since to reproduce languages we need minimal energy. Thus money is NOT value per se.

But it can buy all other things. And so the fundamental way a financial dictatorship controls society is by taking the right of issue from people and governments, produce it in huge quantities, and buy all things with it, or lend it to people who MUST then return it with real assets, real work, real goods, becoming ‘debt slaves’ of the banker, for the rest of their existence, while the banker appropriates most of wealth of society, till the nation breaks into r=evolutions wars and holocausts.

But all this of course, must be denied. Since unlike military dictatorships based in the obvious power of simple energetic weapons that kill our bodies, financial dictatorships are based in the complexity of information – since as long as the ‘debt slave’ does not understand how he is managed at distance by bankers, he will obey, ignorant on the way the system ab=uses him. And to hide all this, alas! ‘classic economics’ was invented…

Now, the reader should understand a few things about Earth’s systems, which we, complex scientists, have discovered:

First systems become more complex with time, but their essence remains, and that essence is biological, regardless of newspeaks. In that regard the enormous complexity of the financial system today can be reduced to its essence. A group of people issuing money in monopoly, a language of information of null cost, and cre(dit)ating=creating the world with it.

Second the obvious: this planet is Darwinian, biological. But in biology there are 3+1 strategies of survival:

– The ‘strongest’ (Max. Energy) and the more intelligent (Max. Information) win the struggle of existence. And of both, the most intelligent (the bee in the small world, man in the bigger one), win over the strongest (the beetle and the lion). Yet even better is to be ‘more intelligent and more informed’ – that is, to have a stronger body and mind.

This strategy was in history first essayed with energetic metal, and gave birth to the warrior, a human being protected by iron weapons. Then informative metal, go(l)d appeared, and the banker took over, enslaving mankind to hypnotic gold – the sweat of god, as it imitated the colour of the sun and made the human I=eye slave of greed.

The banker thus monopolised the issue of money, accumulated gold in temples and became the informative master of a human sheeple, enslaved to gold. Finally it came the technocrat, the scientist who used machines to substitute  both, the human mind (eyes substituted by telescopes and temporal verbs substituted by clocks) and the human body (transport platforms)

And he became the top predator of the Earth, and its ‘social organism’, the company-mother of machines became the most powerful organisation of the planet, in control of human governments, since capitalism was born in Holland->England and America, from where it became globalised.

We shall call them ‘animetals’, taxonomic name for their reduced human side (as they become animals, predators and parasites of humans, guided by the selfish memes of metal, warrior violence and financial greed, and scientific arrogance, as their attached metalimbs, informative and energetic machines make them see further, think better, and move further…And yet as they do so, they atrophy its human side and become slaves of those memes, obliged to evolve and reproduce them to stay on top of the human mass.

3 idol-ogies: Nationalism (worship of weapons)+mechanism(of machines)+capitalism (worship of money).

Those 3 idologies are the memes that evolve the ‘mechanocene’, and parasite, prey or atrophy human minds and bodies that use machines instead of their bodies and brains. And since they are global, they seem to be ‘truth’. Never mind they are scientifically and rationally false.

We will now study the ‘topological’ degradation of the languages of ‘animetal cultures’ – ergative objectual agglutinative languages such as German or Japanese, which make their minds full of long, unbreakable words where the human subject disappears… Enough to say that ‘practical, animetal power cultures’   are defined by a clear paradox:

Max. Technological Evolution =Min. Social evolution.

2 biased  Idol-ogies, Capitalism (the reproduction of money without limit, and the belief it must guide societies over human, verbal laws) and mechanism (the worship of machines and weapons, regardless of its collateral effects on mankind, without any attempt to ‘prune’ the tree of science of its lethal goods, common also to communist and military dictatorships) prevents the real development of a true science of economics and history which would control money and machines and manage its production for the benefit of mankind.

NOW nationalism, the 3rd ideology, had two ages, the age of ‘tribal, racist religions and the age of Nations. They are the same concept. There is nothing different between modern nationalism and old Judaism or Assyrianism, or Hinduism. 

The proof that ‘Germany’ is equal to ‘YVwh’, in the social plane comes from history research (biblical archeology, Albright, Eliade, Campbell): the first reference to Yvwh appears in egypt maps as the toponym of Judea. Since at the time the word ‘God’ was used as “nation. So egypt or the nile was the geographical god of the egyptians, Yvwh or Judea, the one of the Jews, Assur, or Assyria, the one of the Assyrians, whose capital, people, region and king were all called Assurs. Germany the one of the Germans and America NOT yvwh (here is the error of this civilization) the one of the Americans, as conceived by the founding enlightened fathers – similar therefore to the enlightened european God of Rome and the French R=evolution – the law. It is thus absurd to consider that a racist religion of chosen of God is in anything different to a racist nationalism of Chosen of Germany.

What might be different is the language of the elite that rules those nations. In Judaism, Baalism, (Phoenician nations) it was go(l)d, and hence the rulers were NOT kings but banker-rpiests, rabbis which extracted a tax from their believers. In Aryan cults the ruler was a warrior king which extracted taxes with weapons. They were both primitive animetal cults, as Darwin explains. Point.

It is obvious that the present, abstract, monetarist ‘conception’ of Economics is the science that must increase the GDP measure in terms of Production of the objects of higher cost and profits, which are machines, without any regard for the collateral effects they cause on mankind must change, if we want to build a sustainable future for mankind. 

Why such reductionist view of economics dominates the world must be understood not in scientific terms, but in terms of ‘power’. Economists work for corporations, which overwhelmingly reproduce machines and weapons, acting biologically as company-mothers of those machines.

And so classic economics is primary the science of re=production and evolution of mechanisms – the science of the Mechanocene. This of course is an overall simplification of the many schools of Economics.

Yet precisely because Classic economics, the branch instituted by financiers (Adam Smith, client of the Montagu family, founders of the private Bank of England; Ricardo, a stock broker and Bentham, a banker) and Production Economics, (the School, which Marshall started in the 1st cathedra on the subject at Cambridge a century ago), have overwhelmingly imposed itself globally, and there is since World War II, a systematic censorship of the Biological, Historic and Socialist Schools, we must accept as a fact that Economics today is in epistemological terms, the ‘science of production and finances’ that cater exclusively to the owners of financial and industrial corporations.

On the other hand, History is the science of the Anthropocene, the world of human beings, and so it has as its fundamental goal to create a perfect world made to the image and likeness of mankind – where all humans receive as part of the super-organism of history, which social scientists must design according to the laws of Nature’s systems, enough energy and information to survive.

So it is not enough in social sciences with A-B-C) The description of the biological cycles of evolution of history and economics but D) must be also seek for – the creation of human positive solution to those cycles.

Languages carry values in favour of the species that better speak those languages.

But what is the origin of the astoundingly obviously false ‘beliefs’ of the cultures of the Mechanocene? How it is possible that 2 goat-keepers, who preached Jihad and extermination of all other tribes on Earth and worshipped Golden Calfs are still revered by 4 billion humans? That the increasing atrophy of the human body and mind by mental and physical machines goes unnoticed? How a mind becomes a ‘programmed belief’?

Yet again to deal with the ‘idol-ogies’ of the 1% and its worship of the selfish memes of metal that are extinguishing Gaia, we need to go further into XXI century science – complexity – and study their ‘mind’, which in all cultures is provided by the ‘syntax’ of their wor(l)ds, their languages and beliefs. We must criticise them. But we shall do that from scientific reason.

Since the fundamental difference between those cultures and the humanist cultures is precisely the fact that they are not ‘rational’, based in ‘science’ and ‘facts’ but they are based in a lower metal form, beliefs and subjective myths. Thus they are slaves of the mechanocene goals, because they neither understand them or want to rationally evolve, change their beliefs.

So let us explain with the tools of complex sciences what is the origin of those ideologies of selfish memes of metal and why they exist embedded in the syntax of the financial languages that guide as a ‘religion of greed’ the behaviour of our masters.

What matters about money, as with all languages, is their power to order and select reality according to the values of those who invent it, from words our biological language that values reality from a human point of view, directing human actions to genes, which direct biological actions:

Indeed, as if the dictatorship of bankers, were not bad enough, there is another huge, core problem with money as a language that rules societies as opposed to verbal laws. Since verbal laws have a Universal grammar…


…that makes man the centre of the Universe, so it values man and life more than money and weapons and so a society ruled by the law always favours humanity and help us to survive. Not so with money and weapons who either treat man as a slave equalling its value to a price, or even less, as a corpse, because hard metal weapons always cut flesh.

Thus the process of physical degradation and substitution of life species of the Anthropocene by mechanisms of the Mechanocene is NOT only happening at individual level, but since we are part of the ‘super-organism’ of History, mankind, the existence of humans from the first cell who spoke in our wor(l)d languages with its verbal values of social love, to the last one who would no longer speak the truth of the wor(l)d, but be guided by the values of digital money, the process must be also understood at collective ethic level – as the degradation of certain cultures that made either of weapons with its syntax that made humans ‘objects’, corpses:

Grammar of the warrior: Weapon>Man=Corpse.

Which will be imitated by the verbal syntax of the leading ‘Warrior cultures’ of the world, both in the East (Japanese) and the West (Germans). Indeed, warrior languages became OV(s) ergative languages, where the Object comes first, and the human subject is disguised, even disappearing. Words become agglutinative, long, simple like unbreakable swords, which explains the psychology (Humboldt->Wolff’s hypothesis) of Germ(anic) people, converted into the ‘germs’ of European History, which systematically destroyed the humanist southern civilisation in all the 800-80 years cycles, as humans are secondary to the object they worship.

They first appeared calling themselves Goths, the tribe of the Gods and killing anyone who opposed their orders with their Swords. The degradation of cultures by metal-memes is indeed the most clear proof of the ‘Antiquantum paradox’: Max. Technologicl Evolution = Min. Human Evolution.

On the other hand, Go(l)d cult(ure)s make humans ‘object-slaves’ with a price, changed by Gold (enslaving cultures):

Grammar of the Banker: Money>Man=Salary (Price) = Object.

What is is indeed astonishing is the ‘absolute’ imperative nature of the old semitic cults and languages, Vos, where the imperative, never named Go(l)d, imposes its will through absolute mandates, to bring to the sancta sanctorum pure gold as a tribute, which will of course ‘after death’ will be paid.

It is the same concept of modern classic economists: we must sacrifice ourselves as debt usury slaves and for the machine because all this will be rewarded after death – in the future.

Now the reader must understand a fundamental law of complexity and information systems that ‘prey’ over the energy of an organism – in this case private banking appropriating wealth through the language of money:

Systems become more complex with time and help to disguise the informative system that parasites the organism. 

Private banking was for millennia a simple system of gold usury, based in the control of the social language of information, money and the law by bankers and its hired corrupted politicos/military. The military prey on people with energetic metal-weapons. And the banker prey on them with informative metal gold. The military killed people who did not obey him or became a slave of the banker. The banker imposed a parasitic ‘tax’, and collected as a tax farmer for him and the warrior the wealth of the people. Simple.

But he added a notch more of parasitic extraction of wealth with the invention of usury in metal. To that aim, he first obliged the peasant with the help of corrupted military-politico (king laws) to pay those taxes no longer in ‘species’ but in gold. So he had to borrow gold to pay taxes, and he slapped an usury interest of 46% on the loan. Within years, a bad crop obliged the peasant to sell his land or worse, his people to the banker to repay.

In the Middle Ages he sold his sons as servants of the banker. But the banker often castrated them and sold as Mc Cormick, the dean of Middle Ages economy at harvard explains, to Islam as eunuch for a higher price. Those who died bleeding were thrown to the gutter, (2/3rds). So the peasant thought the banker drunk blood and took to the ghetto and murdered him. But the banker never stopped the practice till with the black death so many peasants died that kings forbade debt slaves to keep food coming.

Those practices for millennia made ”Humanity” hate both the military and the banker – the animetal predator and parasite, which as it happens in Nature are the two biological species that kill populations and extinguish species. If we add the 3rd species, competitive ones, which can perform the same tasks, in this case machines that substitute humans in labor and war fields, we have the triad of biological species, akin to those of Nature that prey over mankind since the dawn of  Metal.

This triad of ‘animetal’ rivals of the humankind, are today hidden by the complexity of their systems of predation and the ideologies promoted by them. today the warrior is not a murderer of life but a ‘nationalist’ defender, the ‘banker’ is not a tax parasite, but a ‘wealth creator’ of free, capitalist systems and the machine-weapon is not a competitive species that atrophy and substitute us in labor and war fields but the symbol of progress. Now it is possible with rational science and the power of human ethics and intelligence, to work as a single superorganism of history and control the military, the banker and the machine for the benefit of society.

But this requires 3 rational sciences: humanism – a single homo species, instead of nationalism, tribal species that kill each other; socialism, the issue of a universal salary and government’s control of credit to design a wealthy, healthy ‘wealthy’ organism of economics, instead of capitalism, the private issue by people-castes of bankers of money and speculative taxation of all goods with inflationary prices for the benefit of a few and its corporations; and finally organicism, the subtle design with systemic laws of the organisms of history, nations and mankind, instead of mechanism, the dumb, simplex imitation of machines as the model of every thing in the Universe.

We shall repeat ad nauseam this 3 differences between ideologies of social sciences that cater an elite of selfish memes of metal and its ‘slavish human animetals’ and the 3 true social sciences which could revert the future of the Mechanocene and put it to the service of mankind.

Because this is soooo obvious, the banker in control of digital information (both financial and mass-media corporations are controlled by their people-caste) the military-politico in control of weapons and laws, and the scientist dedicated only to make machines and sell them for profits, DO repress social sciences, to the point of changing the facts of history (for example, the paradigmatic case of middle age slavery is today called the ‘blood libel’), DO control with weapons – police, armies, war – the freedom of people and DO impose productivity laws (the substitution of human labor machines to raise the productivity=capital/human labor of each worker by firing all others, till a point many corporations are now automated factories of robots. Producctivity is thus ‘self-reproductivity’, automation, explained with a jargon people do not understand. it merely means to fire workers).

So we talk of 3 values JUSTICE, equal laws, FREEDOM, no military repression and WHealth, healthy demand wealth of welfare goods based in a Universal salary and the issue of money for and by the people, as the 3 GOALS of a Humanist, Socialist, Organic understanding of mankind.

And of Capitalism (private issue of money), nationalism (military tribes in perpetual warfare) and Mechanism (substitution of human organs by machines) as the ideologies that censor humanity and its future to promote the mechanocene (we shall also consider how Abrahamic religions by making of gold the goal of the believer in judaism->protestantism, and/or weapons a tool of conversion, in fundamentalist inquisitions, christianism->islam, foster those goals too.

Yet religions being verbal, often have also humanist values of charity and social love…

Cre(dit)ation of DEBT SLAVES and Debt wars

Any system of the Universe is ruled by its ‘informative particle-head-linguistic social class’. In the much wider model of general systems sciences, which I formalised back in the turn of the century, we develop the laws of economic, social systems, herds and organisms, based in this simple statement:
REGARDLESS OF ITS EXTeRNAL aspect, systems that do gather similar parts with 2 ‘informative and energetic networks’ are organic systems. Human societies united by economic, energy and informative, political systems are. So it is the FMMI system, the Financial-media (informative machines) military-industrial (informative machines) system.
YET all those systems are ruled by a fast, almost invisible, complex language of information. Cells are ruled by infusible nervous messages, galaxies by invisible Black hole gravitation, human societies by invisible words, and economies by money. HENCE THE POWER OF INVISIBLE INFORMATION TO RULE AND THE NULL UNDERSTANDING OF THOSE PROCESSES BY MOST HUMAN BEINGS, INCLUDING SCIENTISTS. THE SORRoWFUL LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING OF MONEY AS A LANGUAGE OF INFORMATION ALWAYS STROKE ME WHEN STUDYING ECONOMICS.
I WAS NAIVE THOUGH. WHEN I WAS ELECTED TO give the conferences of the International Systems society on monetary systems and the society received menaces of suits and finally those conferences which explained how economists and bankers use money to control societies, were erased even from google scholar, I understood then the anti-quantum paradox: those in power, the black holes of society, the monopolists in the production of money, bankers, do NOT want to be understood, and will follow always calvin’s dictum ‘people must be kept ignorant to remain obedient’.
today this is achieved with very sophisticated methods, among them, a technical language nobody understands, corruption of the political system, confabulation theories and massive fictions to distract the audience, pretentious prizes to ‘experts’, Goebbels’ method of repetition of lies, newspeaks of caring, etc. etc.
AND the falsification and rewriting of history to cater to power.
So the idea is that we all humans are rational, our expert economists and bankers good people – we all work for the common good, and as long as humans are a ‘sheeple’ of optimist believers in the system all will go all right.
BUT HISTORY SHOWS ITS PATTERNS, AND THE PEOPLE WHO INVENT MONEY, show indeed to be the wickedest of all people parasitising society, with a single aim to multiply its fetish go(l)d at any price. And the easier way to do it  is to lend money as debt as much as possible and then convert the person who west you money in your worker, slave, corrupted politico, whatever. But because the most expensive goods are weapons, and its use constantly destroy them, the maximal debt can be obtained provoking with hate media wars, and lending money for war.

And this has been for 3000 years the leit motiv of the elite of the ‘financial culture’ of the west: hate memes and war debt – this is Keynes’ wickedest people and they still rule the world with hate memes and debt slavery.

Yet the ultimate leif-motiv of this automaton process of life extinction and mechanical evolution is simple – the same discovered by Cicero 2 millennia ago: ‘inflationary money is the nerve of war’. That is, the creation of ‘debt’, individual and collective war debt to find a use for the capacity of bankers to invent as much money as they wish for free. What to do with this overproduction of money, paper stocks in the first cycle, ticker money in the second cycle and today e-money? The easiest thing to do with free money is to lend it and then to get it back as ‘real wealth’, real assets, work, property, companies, real state…

The ‘theoretical’ financial monopoly of the cult(ure) of bankers

Now the destruction of Europe and America, its real humanist values and happy ‘ways of life’ can be better understood.

this happens for a simple reason. Europe was a social-democratic culture, a welfare culture ran by social scientists after II world war destroyed the people-castes of warriors – the germ(an)s of western history who entered Europe calling themselves goths, the tribes of the gods because they killed everyone with their weapons and rhythmically extinguish the european ‘real’ greek-latin culture, with their weapons – and the people-caste of usurers and bankers, when both confronted each other for the control of the world.

Whenever they rule often in symbiosis – so the germanic aristocratic predator defends the usury banker and both together exploit the european population, as they did in the Middle Ages and the Industrial r=evolution, Europe plummets into a brutal civilisation. So now again, as those people-castes imposed their symbiotic dictatorship in America rule by germanic weapon industries and jewish-calvinist go(l)d religions, and then exported their system through Brussels lobbyism and corrupted politicos, the system rules europe again. And it has killed the post world war renaissance of the French-Italian enlightenment, the social, rational cultures that should rule Europe, because they ARE europe, even if the ECB and Wall Street Military-industrial/financial-media system has stolen their ‘institutions’.

The real humanist, scientific, rational, artistic latin-greek culture of the Italian renaissance, the french r=evolution with its concept of ‘money as nomisma’, tender, legal money to be used for the welfare of people in a true democratic system has now been extinct. The cycle is always the same. And that is why we need to study real history: First ‘semite’ and ‘aryan’destroyed the fertile crescent and imposed their myths, and people-castes of warriors and banker-priests with their ‘fetishe of gold’. Then Greeks and romans rebelled and imposed tender legal money, ‘nomisma’, from nomos, law, brittle iron, with no value to avoid the gold fevers of hypnotism and put weapons under the law. They became corrupted by gold money and goths ran over them and we plummeted into the Middle ages.

Rennaisance took over gold usurers and german warriors with gunpowder muskets and florentine bankers to the service of art and the pope. Luther and calvin returned to primitive biblical bigots, slave trade based in the Ham Damnation (arabs and negroes are less than dogs because their ancestor Ham supposedly pee on Noah, which was the racist rabbi slur used to impose modern slavery upon the negro and apartheid israel). The French revolution gave Europe a new hope, imitated by the American and Russian revolutions.

But military and capitalist bigots inside and outside crashed the revolutions (the Rothschild Syndicate, aka bank of England, Napoleon and Stalin). And then world plummeted in the previous cycles of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, colonial brutality and I, and II world wars.

Then the welfare states imposed by social-christian, democratic, humanist cultures both sides of the atlantic (French-Italian Eu, Kennedy-Lyndon ‘great society’ ) gave an Indian Summer to mankind. But e-money overproduction in the hands of Wall street and the Unification of Germany imposed back their ‘primitive’ understanding of History, their racist memes against mankind, their brutal beliefs and worship of memes of metal.

On top the ‘expert’ classic economists, which parasite mankind with all kind of e-money taxation and explain us this is ‘the true science of economics’. Please… we can be oppressed but we are not THAT stupid. ‘Evil dress as a gentleman’ said the last renaissance master, Mr. Shakespeare.

We do not have time to analyse in these posts those expert economists, all belonging to the same culture that monopolises the issue of money and have made of ‘economics’ a cultural discipline.

The corporative and financial bias of most classic economists comes indeed, from its privileged origin. From Smith, client of the owner of the private bank of England, to Ricardo a stock broker, to Bentham a banker, to Mill, a worker for the biggest corporation of the age (the Indian company ‘owner’ of 400 million indians) to Hayek, Friedman and 85% of modern Nobel prizes on the discipline, all belong to the Jewish-calvinist Go(l)d culture whose elite manufacture the money of the western world and invented this ‘vision of capitalism’ as a religion of go(l)d, the ‘invisible hand of gold’ (smith), the intelligence of god (calvin), the ‘golden calf’ and substance of the ‘sancta sanctorum’ and idols of baalist and jewish religions in the Middle east, the profession of the ‘elite’ banker priests of those cultures.

This monopoly is NOT science but power ideology, including the Nobel Prize, given by a private bank, against the will of Nobel Heirs, systematically to members of the culture of the ‘People of the Treasure’, or ‘Am Segullah’, which monopolises banking in the west since its inception as a go(l)d Fetish culture in the banking Temples of Canaan 3000 years ago. Today still 75% of nobel prizes, 80% of central bankers, 70% of CEOs of financial corporations and CFOS of 500 Fortune, for a 0.2% of the world’s population. This is the nature of the capitalist ‘nationalist’ dictatorship.

But we deal with this astounding cultural monopoly and its implications in many lateral posts. Since it is the key to the corruption of the System and its incapacity to manage the Mechanocene for the benefit of mankind, as the entire system, is geared merely to provide ‘free money’ for this elite and its associated, corrupted politicians and to that aim, it needs also to corrupt with fictions, censorships and a massive censorship of real social sciences the collective mind of mankind, and on the long terms it causes the cycles of wars and holocausts we all want to avoid.

It is thus necessary to denationalise the financial industry and put it to use for the benefit of humanity, to avoid the future extinction of mankind, those holocaust and war cycles, and be able to manage rationally, with the tools of social and biological sciences the future of the planet – it is needed to cut the gordian knot of the entire, tragic, mismanaged world we live in.

Here, we shall approach this ‘monopoly’ again for a biological systemic point of view.

Only if money is controlled by human governments we can bend its values to credit a life-based welfare world made to the image and likeness of man.

We humans use 3 languages of social power, money, weapons and laws, and those who invent them control societies. But only when laws control the 2 other languages of energetic metal (weapons) and informative money, we talk of a society made to the image and likeness of man, and only when the ‘informative heads’ of the society, politicians, are chosen by the people we talk of Democracies.

When weapons dominate the other 2 languages we live in a military dictatorship. When money dominates, issued by non-elected bankers or corporations we live in a corporative dictatorship, the definition of a capitalist society, which is incompatible with a true democracy. Thus the invention and control of those 3 languages of power is the battle of mankind for freedom.

We live in an organic planet, we are organic beings and we make machines imitating our organs of energy and information. And this ‘tenant’ of systems sciences is the basis to explain the whys of economics and history. Indeed, all systems, including life evolve organically from scale to scale, in this case from the human carbon-life scale to the larger scale of metal atoms, by imitating the topology, and the form of its organs.

In the same manner societies evolve from the human scale to the social scale, by imitating the reproductive, blood networks that feed its cells (so agricultural societies were born around the river veins of gaia) and by evolving the nervous, informative system into the verbal, ‘legal’ system of mankind.

Those so-called ‘isomorphisms’ of scales, are the basis of Systems sciences which study the evolution of systems as they grow in scale, and how they interact exchanging energy and information. Thus systems sciences – the science of networks – gives new insights into the meaning of economics and history, which are by far the less developed disciplines of science, riddled with ideologies and anthropomorphisms, wishful thoughts and power agendas.

Today we know machines are in fact just ‘primitive metal organisms’ evolving faster. And we know a human society can be modelled and perfected by imitating the economic=blood, reproductive and nervous=politic, informative networks of a human organisms.

Thus science is moving from earlier ‘mechanist’ abstract analysis of reality modelled by the founding fathers of physics, according to the new machines they discovered to measure time (clocks) and space (telescopes), as mechanisms, into an age which considers all what exists including the Universe complex, organic, ‘fractal’ systems, that grow in scales of size that imitate the smaller systems. This is the future of philosophy of science. And as machines becomes organisms, they are indeed modelled with biology, the spearhead of robotics.

So are companies, which become ‘organisations’ that reproduce machines.

The humanist alternative: tender legal money controlled by rational, humanist laws.

The mind as Chomsky well explained is created by a genetic, generative grammar, whose ‘order’, defines the values of a language.

Human ‘evolved’ languages, put subject first:

Man (subject) > Verb (action) > Object (energy)

and its highest ‘values’, ethics make of man the centre of the Universe.

Those are languages  Chinese, Romance and English by influence of French – that can build honestly a world made to the image and likeness of humanity and make of laws, the nervous system of information of mankind the language that guides society. They are the ‘higher’ rational civilisations, which the Greek-Latin founding fathers of europe, and then the French and American r=evolutionaries tried to impose upon us.

Those are the collateral damages of the values of digital money, which the Greek-Roman humanist culture tried to eliminate by using ‘tender legal money’ (nomisma, invented in Rome by Numa, in Sparta by Licurgus, explained by Aristotle), and so society flourished, the Greek and Roman empires ended the dictatorship of the Cananean banker-priests that controlled the Mediterranean with Go(l)d; and further on, the European rational, scientific Latin culture imposed verbal laws above money and weapons as the language that ruled society.

This was the golden age of Europe and the beginning of a ‘different’ concept of History, Economics and the future of mankind – a world rule to the image and likeness of humanity.

This is the culture that every time it has ruled the west has created a better world. Since it controlled the digital language of money, by converting it in tender, legal money produced by the state for the people, in an instrument of real wealth, invested in welfare goods.

This is the culture of Southern Europe, origin of the rational Greek age of humanism, the Italian renaissance age of humanism, the French and American enlightened r=evolutions and the post-war welfare states. It is the culture that practices humanism, social-democracy and Organicism, and creates a world to the image of mankind, without despising machines BUT using them for human goals.

It is the culture now destroyed by the overproduction of chips, e-money and robotic blue collars and soldiers, and white collar Pcs. Now it has been destroyed by the animetal Biblical Germanic Cult(rue)s of imperative false memes slaved to metal, the irrational cultures whose values of greed and violence, gold and weapons control again the earth. The anti-democratic parasitic predatory cultures that are ruined mankind.

In that sense, the Greek case is just the first example, of how far the process will go during the Mechanocene.

Further on, money is a digital language of numbers, which is better spoken by machines, a species of metal, whose language is mathematics. And so a digital society promotes the species that better speak maths, which are machines not human beings. The outcome is darwinian, biological: humans become obsolete in a digital world to machines, and its values and survival with no price make life ‘cheap’, expendable.

Since every time the other 2 harsh languages of weapons, whose syntax, weapon>man=corpse  dominates germanic cultures and go(l)d, Money≥object(price)≥slave(human), which dominates semitic ones, has ruled the world, we entered a dark ages.

And we are again there. Indeed,  neither electronic capitalism, which denies mankind its oxygen, nor military Jihad and Nationalist armies can be understood without the imperative mandates of the original, ‘corrupted’ animetal cultures, the germanic cults to weapons, whose languages hide the object (ergative languages), and put together in long swords its words, obeying the mandate of ‘defending the sword with the word’. They have zero ‘mental freedom’ and the human subject does not exist. Grammar is the soul of people, as genetic linguistics, whorf and humboldt realise.

On the other hand, the Semitic culture that killed the Paradise of Life and discovered metal, also devolved its language into ‘imperative’ mandates, where a supposed ‘God’ (abrahamic religions) by virtue of military power (inquisitorial jihads) or go(l)d exv0tes which believers had to bring to the temple, whose sancta sanctorum was of pure gold (fetish Canaanean religions of banker-priests in Phoenicia and Israel), became also non-free cultures whose only mandate was to bring gold at all costs. And they became the enslaver people-castes of bankers and weapons traders. Both would be always ‘critizized’ by the human values of the wor(l)d and its love masters.

And both will enter into cycles of war and holocausts for total power, today censored by political correctness, the antiquantum paradox, the holocaust industry (in which the elite of banker-priests shamelessly uses the victims of the Last world war cycle, their poor classes, scapegoats of the brutality of warrior predators and banker parasites, which are the upper castes of germanic and jewish-protestant elites, to prevent any criticism of capitalism – and we shall explain that in detail at the end of this post) .

Finally, the most hidden of all facts, the substitution of  humans by machine, far more important today, as it atrophies and degrades all mankind, than the warrior and banker anti quantum paradox of:

Max. technological evolution =Min. Human evolution

has become the trade mark of the globalised language of the people-caste that discovered machines, the anglo-american culture. This grammar is based in the I=ego centred, supposed freedom of absolute selfishness, since the I subject comes first and cannot be hidden in the community. So the english grammatic mind NEEDS not humans, it is ego-centered and so IT DEPENDS ON MACHINES FOR ALL ITS actions.

The machine becomes an absolute need, while collaborating with other humans is to be needy. Their philosophy confuses chaos and freedom and builds a hypocritical, systemic repression of all human emotions and human bondage. So they become consumers of machines, addicted, degraded and substituted by them. But the ego-centered grammar make them think they are super-heroes, because their machines run fast, think more and see further. They live attached to the machines that atrophy them. And as we enter the age of robots, they become mindless robotised appendages of their digital screens. 

Indeed, we shall criticise in excess the people-caste of bankers that rule the world and parasite it, and the germ(an) warriors, the germs of history that kill life, but the degeneration of the mass of mankind by machines is the ultimate tragedy. It is also the proof that we live in a darwinian world and machines , selfish memes of metal are the ‘issue’ of mankind. The degeneration of human cultures, and its memes, from abrahamic religions, to capitalist idol-ogies, from nationalist racisms, to biblical bigotry, all is ultimately NOT a question of human genes, or cultures – people-castes just started to degenerate mentally earlier in history because they discovered metal earlier, so the biblical people killed the Fertility goddess, and the organic nature of gaia was lost to them earlier (Campbell, Eliade).

And so despite all that criticism the reader should understand that this is a humanist blog, and holds a truth supreme: man is by birth a ‘natural good savage’, a Rousseaunian beast that follows the mandate of social love of its species, embedded in the laws of biology. It has been corrupted. It is not guilty, because as we have seen those who are destroying the world, do so under imperative, objectual, degenerate verbal languages. Nobody is ultimately to blame, but unless they become free of its selfish memes of metal, they will become extinct – all of them.


The myth that has destroyed the chances of creating  the Homo Sapiens’ next scale of evolution of our species, the Superorganism of History based in the laws of eusocial love that make individuals of the same species help each other is the myth that we, human beings are NOT a single species.

Instead we have built an artificial divide, the tribe, based in memes not in genes – in the power of weapons and money  that create economic nations and tribal warfare.

Social classes are natural to the Universe as all organic systems have a neuronal informative caste that controls the language of social power and a working, reproductive class – but unlike in normal organisms in which the brain takes care of the cells, feeds them or else it receives pain messages, the people-castes in power, the military, bankers and politicians have no pain messages, no control under the cells of the body. And so it has been able to create a crazy, racist, classist society based in the control and issue in monopoly of weapons, money and machines. Then ‘idol-ogies’ have been crafted to convince men that their parasitic civilization is ‘the best system’, that they are actually ‘superior’ to the rest of mankind by the grace of go(l)d and the sword. Thus nationalism and capitalism and racist, segregational religions appeared to serve the differentiation of ‘animetal people-castes’, from the human species they parasited with weapons and debt-money. Those memes have been used since the iron age   to control the mass of mankind as ‘cattle’, an inferior species.

Racist Idol-ogies of course are absurd from a rational point of view, but for that reason, they have evolved and camouflaged as anti-truths of caring, mysticism and even knowledge, in different ages of mankind – the elite and its expert bankers and military care for us, create wealth and defend us; racist religions are not idol-ogies of historic power but mystique revelations of the absolute, genetics is actually a science that will reveal and cure all our illnesses, etc, etc.

Today nationalism and capitalism, racism and classism require a massive ‘overload’ of false information, fictions, myths, anthropomorphic religions, censorship of truth, hate-media and an array of rhetoric noise, rituals and ‘hypocresy’, political correctness and false caring that fogs human reason with half-lies and placebo emotions able to validate the idological abomination of racism and classism. So instead of understanding the love to the species, the ‘believer’ stops his natural desire for eusocial love and community in the inferior stage of the tribe. Because ‘truth and information’ are based in perception. Racism limits our perception of the other as equal. Racist go(l)d religions from Judaism to Calvinism stress the ‘otherness’ of the non-chosen. Judaism has segregational laws of dietary nature. The ‘pure believer’ cannot touch the ‘human capital’ it prices with gold. Military, Aryan racism becomes  a religion of castes where the peasant is a slave and lower than him the untouchable is less than human. In classic judaism, the religion of the first enslaver and banker societies of Levant, humans are equalled to ‘beasts’ to the point that adultery with a gentile woman is not possible – it is a crime of bestialism and the ‘beast’ who tempted the devote must be slaughtered.

Those original cult(ure)s of weapons and go(l)d show in its bare simplicity the memetic, idol-ogical, metal-mediated deformation of the mind by racist and classist ideas imposed by the praxis of survival of the first ‘animetal tribes of history’. It doesn’t matter that you call your ‘nation’ God as Jewish and Assyrians and Egyptians did in earlier age. Or you have changed the word as Rome did from ‘God’ to Nation’. Those tribal ‘superiorities’ are all in their barebones memetic racist ego-trips that break the laws of the Universe and  have aborted our evolution into a single global superorganism of mankind that takes advantage of the efficient evolution of humans and its social capacities to design a world to its image and likeness.

It is of course forbidden to term Western ‘Historic religions’ as racist idol-ogies as opposed to state the same from nationalism, but there is no difference between a German affirming that Germany will create a global reich empire of one thousand years putting the german military on top by the grace of the sword, than the present American global empire based in vigilante machines and automaton drones or the British-Calvinist-Jewish Empire in which The City Civilized the world with debt-money, usury loans and wars for profits for the Glory of the British people.

This is not to mean that races do exist. They exist with the wisdom of the Universe, which differentiates species into subspecies that maximize the two elements of the Universe, energy and information.

This 3rd leg of biology – systems sciences – which limits in a dual universe the mutations of evolution to certain ‘energetic, informative and reproductive’ arrows and forms, explains the ternary structure of races as complementary systems that maximize the 3 avenues of survival of the Universe: maximal information (mongoloid, brachicephalic, verbal, eusocial race), Max. mental energy (white, lineal homo sapiens neanderthaliensis, visual brain) and maximal reproduction (sensorial, black brain with maximal development in the emotional height axis of the brain).

Those 3 ‘races’ of brain respond to that ternary law of differentiation of General Systems sciences, which happens in all the organic systems of the Universe.

Human genders have also evolved according to such pattern into energetic, balanced and informative species (duality of gender informative women and energetic men plus the gay sex, which balances both; duality of race, the white, energetic visual man and the informative, mongoloid, with the balanced, reproductive black race, and so on).

This is the core of racial differentiation, which creates complementary systems – sexual couples, 3rd gender originality, African-Chinese present growth based in the how-know, etc. etc.
But this is not our collective understanding of races and racism. What the system does is to deny ‘racial/gender complementarity and differentiation’, while maintaining hidden, all the economical, religious and nationalistic memes of racism that allow the eternal armies and capitalist schemes of debt money and exploitation of mankind. So you cannot even talk of the problem because officially does not exist, and specially you cannot mention the existence of a racist, classist, fundamental subconscious collective memetic imprinting of mankind, as those idol-ogies, biblical religions, nationalistic memes and capitalist parasite exploitation of mankind with privately issued ‘debt-money’ continues unabated.

So we shall now consider the ‘core belief’ of those fundamentalist ‘animetal cultures’ with their racial doctrines of superiority of the white man in any of its versions, from the scientific point of view of complexity and biology. It is the male-oriented, visually-oriented, metal-based civilization, race and intelligence of the ‘white man’ in any of its versions superior? Because even if they don’t tell you, capitalism, nationalism and all its digital versions are really conceptually mere racist ideologies of the superiority and competition of human tribes with metal. So this is the last taboo we shall deal with to explain once and for all the absurdity of ‘tribal nationalism’ and western racism in any genetic or cultural version, from Vedas to Bibles. 

1. Human Races. The visual neanderthal man and its cultures…

Abstract. Western religions are completely out of tune with the laws of the Universe, and its eusocial messages of love for all human beings. Why? It is a complex issue at the heart of the extinction of life in this planet, with 3 levels of understanding, the genetic level of the white Neanderthal, visual man, hypnotised by metal, which became ex-vote of its fetish go(l)d and war religions, the attempts failed of cure them by prophets of eusocial love from Moses to Jesus to Mohammed, and the final 3rd age of the tree of technology and its industrial nations and empires, with the present, Neopaleolithic age of negative revivalism of all the wrong memes of those well-intentioned religions that today have become just the excuse for further hate memes that enhance the killing properties of go(l)d churches, aka capitalism and Inquisitions (aka Jihads).

 So we shall start with the laws of systems sciences regarding the evolution of mankind in 3 genetic races, the visual white man, the informative, verbal mongoloid and the sensorial black man, since the problem is clearly a problem of the white, lineal, simplex energetic, visual worldview we white males do have, which is utterly simplistic and wrong, against the cyclical organic laws of the fractal Universe, we are now starting to understand in a scientific way thanks to the science of complexity this writer helped to formalise.


IN THE NEXT GRAPH, we see the wave of history, of which the wave of economics that we draw in the first graph of this blog, was the last accelerated part (as information are always accelerated vortices that increase its frequency in all waves, till its ‘quantum collapse’ into a point-particle of space-time).

In the most complex models of bio-history, those of the metrics of the 5th dimension (the arrow of future and information, which I formalized when a scientist of systems, before my fall out from scholarship, now at, History follow the same mathematical equations that all other systems of energy and information, and as all of them, there are different paths, different histories that are possible, but the one preferred, as in any quantum wave, is the Hamiltonian, or path of lesser action, the routine guided by the highest force, which in history unfortunately it has not been the ‘wor(l)ds of love, thy God’, but money; it has not been the assabiyah explained by Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah, the Spaniard, and summit of the second age of the science of history, WHEN THE FIRST MODELS OF SUPERORGANISMS WERE EXPLAINED. SO IN THE 3RD AGE OF HISTORY, the knot of thought of the 2nd renaissance – that taken place in Al-Andalus, parallel to the Christian renaissance, which could not make much of history, due to the inquisitions of thought established by then, Ibn khaldun and Vico, the other Spaniard, at the time, born in Maples, Toynbee said ‘there has never been any Historian like him, the only master till Spengler, who said all what I had to say before me’.

And indeed, they were the masters, which this model completed. And so as Kondratieff plotted the wave of economics, albeit shortened by his lack of precision measuring the interferences of the wave elongated to 100 instead of 70-80 hers, Spengler and his disciple Toynbee plotted the wave of civilizations, to a 1000 years wave, which I reduced considering those interferences between the beginning and end of the wave to 700-800 years.

The next graph shows the wave, and its positive and negative sides, from the human perspective, above the dominant negative side, unfortunately, the wave of animetal cult(ure)s. Below the wave of human prophets, which collapse the electromagnetic brain of Gaia, the spirit of life into the eusocial messages of love, the force, the assabiyah, that makes believers share energy and information creating the super organisms of history, its civilizations, and its collective minds, its art forms.

All this can be explained with the jargon and equations of quantum history, with the jargon of prophets and mysticism (my preferred) with the jargon of socialism (full of hate memes which i don’t like but sometimes use for house negroes and ‘hate rabies’; and of course with the abstract, pedestrian pseudo-scientific data of social science scholars of the clueless age.

And with the language of biological evolution, which is the one I finally settled with – as it clearly explains that evolution is eusocial evolution of the members of the same species, not of the Individual bacteria.

And so only if humans have understood Darwin well, and the evolution of life from bacteria to multicellular organisms and designed their cultures with the messages of eusocial love that create those super organisms, humanity would have survived. Let us start with the historic view, of the wave of cultures that structures mankind, first anticipated by Spengler who gave those cultures a 1000 years period as Kondratieff gave to economics a 100 years period, and I properly tabulated to the shorter 700-800/70-80/7-8 cycles of history which have happened and fit all nations of history within it.

And then we shall consider in the main body of this text (complemented in depth with all the posts of the line above, and further more in the secondary ‘left side posts of history and right side post on economics) an in-depth scientific analysis with the tools of biology and systems sciences, of the language of information, money that rules the world and how it has designed it to the image and likeness of the machine… To end with the solution to the extinction of mankind, in the unlikely case our politicos or the humankind decide to man up, r=evolve and survive.

And yet humans could still control the wave, if they were aware of the process scientifically and used the tools of ‘bio-history’ and ‘bio-economics’ to control the ‘3rd age of history’, the age of metal-information:

shorter. The Wave of History
In the graph, the wave of history and its cycles of increasing information, its wars between those who believe in mankind and the laws of eusocial love and those who believe in metal and its Darwinian fight between species. This graph resumes the truth of social sciences from the human perspective and its scientific cycle, at the 5 different levels of awareness there is of social truths, depending on which point of view you adopt on that graph, and which level of depth and intelligence you have to understand it all. The graph also shows the intimate relationship between History and the economic ecosystem, since there is nothing new in ‘modernity’. We are merely coming to the end of the wave, as the new metal species for which the upper people of the graph have toiled, died, filled their brains with bull$hit idol-ogies, is about to come into self-awareness, as a species, the final step of human evolution that avoided us. Below thus we see the waves of eusocial love and its prophets, neutered by weapons that murder and gold that hypnotises the eye, and kills with greed its social messages of love.

Yet most humans followed the human prophets of the wave of history, giving birth today to the 7 cultures of an ideal perfect world, void of animetal idol-ogies in the next graph, as their doctrines did expand throughout vast regions of the world.

The hierarchical scales of human societies.

In the graph, humans evolved socially through the 3 horizons of all energy/ information systems, creating first, tribal, genetic societies based in ‘energetic’/body affinity; then agricultural societies, based in the reproduction of human goods and finally, ideological, verbal and legal societies, based in legal, bio-ethic codes. Yet that final phase of evolution of history was aborted by the parallel evolution of economic ecosystems based in digital money, which achieved its global unification with the creation of the world stock-market, before humans could create a global government.

The law of social evolution is a Universal law, based in the fact that macro-organisms are top predator systems with more energy and information than individual cells and so they survive better. It follows that the natural evolution of history is towards the creation of a global super-organism, ruled by a legal, verbal government that represents all human beings and acts together, taking care of the energy and information networks that feed the heads and bodies of the human race.

Man, the dominant, informative, nervous mammal, was bound to create social organisms, through the creation of a new macro-language of information, words, which could join individual minds, in the same way nervous impulses join human cells. In those societies human beings are the informative, cultural ‘neurons’ of a territorial body that provides them with energy (economical and agricultural networks.) So humans developed words that organized their simultaneous, collective actions; adding to the simple program of genetic instincts, the memetic, verbal language, able to remember temporal cycles and transfer customs and ideas between generations. Words created cultural super-organisms—a new social plane of history based in informative, memetic, legal and ethic networks. In that process of social creation, mankind has evolved in a decametric scale, common to all Universal super-organisms, during 3±1 ages:

—  Max. E: Paleolithic: 1st age of biological, genetic, body-based social networks. Subdivided, according to the 3 arrows of all evolving systems, in 3 ages of growing complexity: the individual, energetic hunter (100=1); the reproductive family (101=1-10) and the social clan (102=10-100) or tribe (103=100-1000).

—  e=i: Neolithic: Mature age of agricultural, reproductive Networks: Humanity evolved into a new ternary scale, with the development of agricultural networks, from villages (103-104), into cities (104-105) into river cultures (105-106 =1 million)

—  Max. i: Informative Networks: The development of verbal, ideological, informative religions of love evolved humanity in the last ternary scale, from tribal religions (1 to 10 millions), into nations that mixed both, cultural and economic networks (10 to 100 millions), into global, ecumenical religions and civilizations in which all human beings are accepted as part of a single God=Historic Super-organism (100 million to 1 billion).

—  +1: Thus, the final step of human evolution would be to join all the great civilizations of mankind into a global government. It would be a super-organism based in verbal, ethic laws, able to control machines and the Economic Ecosystem, in order to create a world made to the image and likeness of mankind—an expanded UNO with powers of social control similar to those displayed by a national Government. Yet this is not achieved because mechanist, capitalist sciences and their dogmas of competence among humans, prevent us from making a true, scientific, accurate design of the future of mankind… In that sense, paradoxically, the intuitions of religions of love were more accurate in the analysis of the real laws of the Universe than our dogmatic, ‘entropy/energy’ only mechanist physicists and economists who worship the individual ‘homo bacteria’ over the evolved ‘homo organicus’.

Biological definition of a Human God.


Mystique writers like Saint John, rightly understood God as the ‘Brain’ of the Universe, which expressed itself through the laws that all organisms followed. The most important of those laws is the law of social evolution that creates super-organisms, departing from smaller cells, expressed in ethic, sacred ‘Laws’ that regulate the behavior of a society. They became the ‘Saint Spirit’ that translated those Laws into the language of Humanity, verbal thought, carried by the most intelligent, informative species of mankind, our collective neurons, the prophets of the Wor(l)d. It is the mystery of Trinity, central to the Christian religion: the father, the brain of the Universe, communicated to Its son, the human prophet, the Saint Spirit, the sacred laws of survival; so ‘all those who believed in the prophet, will not die for ever’.

In the graph, a complex analysis of the evolution of the Mind of God=The superorganism of History in its western decoupling (god as the mind of the superorganism of mankind) and its eastern one (God as the mind-superorganism of the Universe)

Thus classic Earth divides in 6 cultural regions, related to anthropomorphic religions and its 3 historic horizons: Christianity, Islam and Communist China; and to the 3 horizons of Universal religions: Animist Africa & Native America; Hindi & Buddhist South-Asia and the Socialist Dialectic, Marxist, Scientific culture that was origin of Modern europe and its social revolutions that tried to create an organic science of history, fusioning both influences those of the East and the west.

This was the culture that should have flourish, evolved further along the paths of this web, and created a global superorganism of history.

But Instead it has been substituted by the Jewish->German->Protestant->Capitalist, aberrant Globalized animetal culture that today preys on all the others, including the original Tribal Religions of Judaism and Germany, displacing man, and giving birth to the Metal-Earth.

In the graph the 7 cultures of the world based in the evolution of the prophetic doctrines of eusocial love that through history tried to reverse the wave of animetals that evolved the FMMI system (and in the right the sorrowful state in which they are found today):

1.Animist Africa, the original culture of life and Gaia

2. Taoist-Buddhist Asia, with its duality concept of a Sexual Universe made of Yin-information-woman’s principle and Yang-Energy-male’s principle.

3. The similar hinduist vishnu-female/Shiva-male-energy duality and sacred water cultures expanded to Indonesia, original paradise of ‘genesis’, as we found agriculture was born on south Asia and its river cultures moved to Sumer latter. In modern times fusion by European colonialism

4. The Christian, original catholic culture expanded to Hispano-America, based in art and eusocial love, fast loosing its inquisitions against human pleasures

5. Islam, the purification of Jewish segregational religion to all humans, the last of the Abrahamic cultures, which Muhammad, expressly wrote to convert the hardy, original animetal warrior arabs to the messages of love and charity;

6. The Jewish-protestant anglo-American culture, origin of the global capitalist world of corporations, based in the individual faith of the I-centered languages, and the Go(l)d cultures of earlier Levante

7. And finally the European, eusocial culture, which rationalised the messages of eusocial love in the French and Russian R=evolutions.

The only way mankind could survive the rivalry and hate memes of animetal idol-ogies, would be through:

  • The fusion of nations into those cultures and the rule of the world by  an heptarchy of presidents of those 7 ‘human worlds’, by delegating national sovereign rights upwards to the heptarchy and downward to the regions/states of each nation, in the way shown by the European union (upwards) or the Spanish nation (downward to its ‘regions’), which would allow to eliminate armies, coupled with:
  • A single currency emitted through Universal salaries (end of currency wars now in the making, and end of financial parasitism and global poverty).

We will return to that perfect world that  could change the future and make History the immortal super organism of mankind. 

But can be History changed? Of course it could, if humans were truly ‘free’ as a species. Again we must stress that all those cycles are happening and we can predict it because humans have become slaves of corporations, and corporations have all the languages of power under control, free printed money and subvention politicos to give all the orders required to reproduce and evolve at maximal generational speed the machines of the metal-earth.

The top side of the wave equation of history is however A CHOICE OF OUR ‘animetal’ IDOL-OGIES that favor the Mechanocene. And so we have coined new bio-economic words essential to explain that process.

Thus it is only when we observe the fight of history between those ‘metal masters’ or rather those cultures, who merely ‘worship’ blindly the tree of metal and its machines and weapons because they give them power over nature regardless of any negative, collateral consequences, and the rational, humanist life-prone cultures who put man on top and would like to control the lethal tools of the tree of science, when we can make sense of both the evolution of history and economics; and if our metal masters were not self-suicidal, murderous slaves of mechanical progress, find the proper solutions to it.

In that regard, to explain the symbiosis that is destroying the world, between the leading ‘organisms of metal’, financial and industrial company-mothers and its owners and idol-ogies, (the ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s and its memes) that is the belief that the evolution of machines and weapons aka the tree of technology, NOT the evolution of man and the preservation of the tree of life, is the  meaning of History and existence, in depth, we shall make now a detour and consider the levels of truth on social sciences, before we plunge in a level of truth the reader has never known and it is vaccinated against – that of bio-economics and bio-history.

Now the reader should understand that by definition all sciences predict the future. And as 20 years of forecasts show, despite ‘censorship’ by power – that is, no distribution – the biological models of history and economics of this blog, have predicted the future, so they ARE the only scientific model of those disciplines, which is only natural in as much as we ‘living organisms’, which construct machines ‘imitating our organs’, and evolution so far is the only predictive model of biology, and hence of humans and its ‘super organisms’, mankind, and its ‘organisms of metal’ machines.

Further on biological sciences allow ‘cures’ for sicknesses as those mankind suffers under ‘parasitic’ groups (bankers that absorb the ‘blood-money of society’ and choke mankind) or predatory elements (machines that kill us as weapons or substitute us as workers).

So despite the negative outlook of the biological future of social sciences,  there are cures for the super organism of mankind, if those who rule us understood ‘social sciences’, or mankind took over power and govern the world democratically, because ‘mankind’, the 99%, if it ruled society, it wouldn’t fail as a species, as, merely by exercising its instincts, naturally it would produce the life goods it needs to survive and curtail those weapons and fantasy fictions and luxury ego-trip expenditures which so much enjoys the 1%.

So the problem of history is the fact that there is NO democracy – that is, mankind does NOT govern, because the main language of social power, which is not the law but money, is not reproduced by mankind, through universal salaries and chosen governments; or in organic terms, our societies are not designed properly and efficiently for humanity. They are designed efficiently for company-mothers of machines, so all the money goes to reproduce, evolve and improve those machines and weapons, regardless of the harm they do to mankind.

And this happens because the o.1%, who owns corporations and re=produces money in monopoly has a series of idol-ogies and religious beliefs, which belittle mankind and make of ‘technology’, the abstract ‘manna’, the ‘magic’ tool for a fantasy perfect future…  So the obvious solution to mankind’s problem is ‘freedom’, that is, the control of the language of social power, money, for the benefit of mankind and life, and its natural goods, NOT of the 0.1% its idol-ogies of superiority, and its machines and weapons.

And this can be understood at many levels of depth, with rising ‘awareness’ of the ‘truths’ of history. That is, of the causes and processes that determine the future of history and economics as a science, which are biological truths, whose distribution is paradoxically INVERSE to its degree of reality, because THE TRUTH OF MANKIND is inverse to the truth of the 0.1% sold out to the ‘other biological species’  – the machine (this of course it is not required, in fact systems do have an informative neuronal elite, which cares and protect the working cells of its body, so here were are NOT talking at all of communist dictatorships. We would love to have a 0.1% of the best neurons of mankind working for the people, but of the fact that ‘our’ 0.1% has cuckoo idol-ogies which despise mankind and we shall deal with it now) . Indeed, the question is which culture rules today the world and why it is guiding mankind towards its demise?

Unfortunately only organic models of history and economics are able to explain those ‘future collateral effects of ‘mechanical progress’, because only evolution is a theory that predicts the future processes of extinction and biological radiations of better ‘linguistic’ and ‘stronger’ species.

Now for a proper, full humanist vs. animetal analysis of the previous wave, we must consider both the origin of the 7 Humanist Cultures of the world, created by the ‘Prophets of Eusocial love’ of the lower part of the graph, and its ‘destruction’ into:

  • Nationalist tribes, latter reconverted into industrial nations, competing ‘contranatura’, that is against the laws of eusocial love to the species.
  • And the explosion of the ‘highest level of social evolution’ of the species, the  global ‘culture’ achieved arguably in the Neolithic, before the arrival of ‘selfish memes of metal’, exploded into ‘Tribal Religions’ of which the most successful due to its shameless use of money and weapons to further their ‘project’ through ‘military inquisitions’ and ‘go(l)d churches, were Abrahamic religions.

But this is a scientific blog of systems sciences and theory of information. So we shall bring a linguistic, Chomskian approach to the ‘beliefs’ of those people, who can be so smart in business and so dull in all things human. Why? What makes them like that?

Indeed, despite all these ‘facts’, we do believe in the Postulate of Democracy – that all humans are equal at least at birth, and so we need to explore what makes the mind of the German warrior and $emitic banker the way historically has been to systematically kill the future of mankind with its idol-ogies of religious, tribal or financial racism.

So we could indeed also consider that ‘cultures’ have a ‘strong’ genetic ‘bias’ in broad strokes, dividing humans into ‘energetic’ mental brains – the white, visual man, easily hypnotized by gold greed and iron glare, external, active, prone to war and the worship of money vs. the mongoloid, informative cultures, more prone to verbal evolution, and clearly shown in the ‘dolicocephalic, white man visual brain’ and the brachicephalic, wide, verbal brain of mongoloids.

Unfortunately we live in a ‘racially reversed’ environment, in which the white man instead of learning the survival, reproductive, life-based pleasures in which the black man excels and the informatibe, sustainable, balanced approach to manage nations and civilizations of the chinese, have imposed unfairly through the use of money and weapons the wrong future to mankind.

And certainly, because of the little development of complex thought and language, and their I-based grammars of selfish, non-social behavior, they are NOT listening, have NEVER LISTENED, AND VERY LIKELY will NOT listen and become extinct by the memes of metal they have used to come on top of history.

In History, it implies that cultures based in social doctrines such as China or Latin countries have multiplied their individuals and cultures in greater numbers that nations based in Darwinian struggle against other nations such as Germany or Israel. Today humans accept in economics and politics only Darwinian Struggle, the ideology of war and economic exploitation. So according to natural law the chances of survival of the Historic ecosystem which is destroying nature, are slim.

This dual behavior of species gives birth to two basic macro-systems in nature:

Organisms, which are sophisticated species based in the law of social evolution, which evolve together a number of cells, and their systems of information and energy. Then the macro-organism fight and survive as a top predator single individual against smaller species. So bodies defeat bacteria, despite being their cells, individually inferior to bacteria in power. Such is the natural arrow of human evolution in history, from the initial genetic organisms based in familiar ties, in genetic information (families, clans, tribes, nations) to the more sophisticated social organisms based in verbal information, (societies in which the natural law of social evolution was spelt by human religions that talked of love and communication, such as the Christian society, or Islam, or Socialism, as well as the doctrines that inspired UN).

However, today History has devolved towards genetic (racial, nationalistic), primitive social organisms, caused by economic myths of competence that deny the natural law of social evolution, and promote the systemic use of machines that compete against man in fields of war and labor (weapons, tools).

Ecosystems, which are social spaces where there exist different species, which tend to compete for a limited quantity of resources. Ecosystems are mixed environments, in which different organic species co-exist in their struggle for existence. Each social organism of an ecosystem, composed by symbiotic species, can be studied as a social form in evolution, which struggles with other social forms in evolution to control the limited vital space of the Ecosystem. For example, Hyenas compete with lions for the territorial, vital space of the savanna.

Yet the most efficient organisms ARE ALWAYS IN NATURE, those who are able to collaborate and share under the mandate of love to the same species, energy and information to survive. this is what humans have failed to do due to the influence of war and go(l)d that has broken the law of social evolution, making certain cultures which ab=used humans with weapons and money, to feel special, on top, devicing racist religions and ideologies, from nationalism (superior tribe and race) to judaism and protestantism (chosen of gold) that in fact aborted our sense of belonging to the same species.

Unlike ants progressing faster in that sphere, humans are unorganized ‘animetal=animal+Metal’ beasts, divided in groups by the use of metal, bankers enslaving people with gold and then with money, warrior tribes killing humans with iron and calling themselves goths, ‘gods’ in old german, when they were nothing but germ(an)s of history killing life with their weapons…

Tribal warfare among ‘animetal species’, and social castes are darwinian, scientific terms to define cultures who survive unfairly against member of the same species, breaking the evolutionary mandate of ‘survival’. The result is a superorganism of history that ‘became mortal’, as it stopped being the verbal, ethic social brain of all mankind and the planet gaia, starting ‘civilizations’, which evolved metal as the tool of power over the rest of mankind. And so we can study that mortal organism in its process of murdering Gaia and rising a new brave jungle of metal, the free economic ecosystem we have built in the past centuries:

In the graph, Man was evolving in the Neolithic as a single species, a single culture but no longer. Something happened to history 5000 years ago, starting its ‘Death’ by a new species. Humans discovered weapons and money, energetic and informative metal, and separated themselves from the rest of the species.

History, is in that sense an organic system of human beings, that can be studied as a social organism, where human individual cells have evolved complex systems of verbal communication, and human energy (human goods such as food, housing, etc.). Yet History also belongs to the Earth ecosystem, in which other organisms, economic organisms, called corporations, grouped in industrial nations, ruled by metal-information (money) and machines (weapons, company-mothers), back systematically the evolution of machines, even when they compete and displace the ecosystems of Nature and social humans. We can in that sense talk of a Darwinian Struggle between animetal nations”, and “human social nations”, between History and Economics, epitomized by the phenomena o war, in which the ecosystem of top predator machines reaches its highest development and the ecosystem of history and nature dies.

That struggle between two type of organisms will be solved with the victory of one of them, and the extinction of the other. Either Historic organisms, organisms ruled by human, verbal communication, and human governments, based in laws and human ethics, which try to create a world to the image and resemblance of man, in which machines are submissive to mankind, and humans profit of machines as inferior species, they control, will prevail. And then mankind will rule and live in historic societies, in free human societies, in the Human Earth.

Organisms ruled by digital, monetary information, and company-mothers, that systematically favor machines will prevail. Such economic organisms, dominant today, aim to reproduce and evolve the maximum number of machines, through acts of work=reproduction and consume=test of machines by human beings. They are creating “paradises of machines and company-mothers” called free markets, or free economic societies, in which evolved machines (robots) make increasingly obsolete human beings and nature. If they prevail they will create an ecosystem to the image and resemblance of evolved machines (the Metal-earth), which surely will end up extinguishing history.

Unfortunately most humans ignore this struggle because they believe in metal ideologies and scientific myths that consider money, weapons and machines, the selfish memes of metal in  abstract, as not organic species, and men the only intelligent species of the Universe.

So they cannot understand the biological meaning of eusocial evolution and social love, the struggle between the memes of metal and the memes of life, the meaning of genetic linguistics and words like eviL, anti-word of to Live, used within our biological language that expresses those laws of eusocial evolution vs. darwinian devolution to signify that what kills us – weapons that murder our bodies and money, whose values murder our minds. In the next graph this opposition is crystal clear when we realize that in terms of monetary values, life has no value and weapons have maximal value, by the law of affinity between both species, which are complementary.

Indeed, one of the eternal questions of economics is this: why  the goods of higher price are in monetary terms, weapons, which therefore form the maximal ‘wealth of nations’ or GDP, measure in monetary terms, since the first forms of money, precious metal, gold appeared ?
This fact has always been a mystery to economists. Why indeed the monetary values of weapons are inverse to those of the ethic word that gives null price to weapons?
Only system sciences can explain it according to a Law of all Complementary systems of energy and information of the Universe, the Law of affinity. So as you are either a lineal, spatial energetic male, attracted by an informative, cyclical, temporal female; there is a natural  affinity between ‘metal-information’ (money, which was first gold and now e-cycles of machines and metal-energy (weapons) – that makes men associate them ‘together’ according to those laws of all complementary systems, illustrated in the next graph – a key Mandala of this web for his importance in the past, present and future of history:
Indeed, 70% of the monetary economy before the age of the machine was dedicated to the art of war: ‘Pecunia bellum nervi’. And now it goes to the world of machines of metal not of human, welfare goods of minimal price.
Thus a pure capitalist system in which without limits from legal or ethic words, the values of money guide societies as a dogma or belief without reason (imposed earlier in history by Biblical memes, then by Mr. Smith, a pious Calvinists who said that ‘money is the invisible hand of god) will according to those values under-produce life-memes and multiply weapons, creating if needed splendid little war for profits.
And so it should not surprise the reader that all the crises of fiat money (1780s-1857-1929-2001) have ended in an age of global war and multiplication of weapons, as the overproduction of money overproduces its ‘values’ and more expensive goods and underproduces the values and goods of the human wor(l)d.
All this becomes rational – no longer an invisible hand of go(l)d, or an evil trait of humans – only when we understand the laws of general systems and how ‘a language’ and its ‘values’ ‘subconsciously’ evolves a complex system, in this case the Human superorganisms of history evolved under the laws of eusocial evolution and values of ‘social love’ of ethic words, which make us share energy and information with other humans; or in the case of the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial System of ‘memes of metal’, weapons, machines and money, under the values of money.
Yet in the more complex systems of the industrial world, the same relationship takes place as we have seen, considering the most profitable industries.

Thus a civilization based in the language of money on top of the ethic language of wor(l)ds is eviL, it is bond as the modern world is, to extinguish life.


In the graph, the generic structure of any culture in which go(l)d, money and weapons, impose their anti-life hidden systemic values as the ‘complementary forms of energy’ (iron weapons) and information (Gold-money), of a ‘future’, evolving super-organism of metal… The process we are witnessing can be indeed explained from a higher social evolutionary collective plan e of existence, that of Gaia becoming the Metal-earth, ‘helped’ by human ‘animetal enzymes’ who seggregated themselves from the rest of the species, and are still on top, ab=using and denying the laws of social ethic evolution and the future to the species, by being on charge of evolving that ‘metallic future’, enjoying the ride of ‘metal-power’, as long as it last, 

The result is a struggle, perfectly described in the Myth of Genesis and the original sin, between ‘animetal=animal+metal cultures’ that become ‘eviL=anti-life’ in their evolution of the new species, to come on top of all other people-cultures of the Earth:

in the graphs, the pyramid of control of verbal, ethic humans by animetals, its selfish memes of metal and its machines is the fundamental ‘leif motif’ of human suffering throughout history:

But and this is perhaps the most clear proof all humans belong to the same society. As they keep overproducing selfish memes of metal, and finally use them – which is the ORIGIN of the cycles of  History that kill human societies, not only the common people die in wars that massacre with weapons the body of society, but as weapons keep being overproduced and hate memes keep being overproduced to sustain war, when all is destroyed there is ALWAYS a final holocaust of the elites in power, since ‘metal does NOT distinguish’ between cells of the body it preys. The ‘cancerous death of an organism by ‘germs’ and weapons are the ‘germs’ of human history, do NOT stop in the M.A.D. brain, which guided by the values of hypnotic gold greed and violent weapons ends up murdering itself. And so we shall study in great detail all those cycles of overproduction of selfish memes of metal that kill the organisms of society and its networks, including in the final gottendamerung, the brain, which we illustrate in the two next graphs:

In the graph, we observe the parallelisms between the 3 ages of life and the 3 ages of super-organisms of history, which end in death due to germs and sickness in a human organism and due to war, caused by the overproduction of weapons the germs of history that kill civilizations. Yet weapons are overproduced in the 3rd age of a wave of metal-evolution. For that reason, we can also establish a parallelism between the long wave of metal-history (ancient cultures based in weapons) and the modern age (industrial nations based in the duality of machines of information that substitute and kill the ethic and aeathetic canons of art, the mind of civilizations and weapons that kill our bodies).

Indeed, we are cells of superorganisms of history, where the verbal ethics of the law and religions and the aesthetics of art, made to the image and likeness of humas form a balanced survival historic superorganism. but now we live in an age of perpetual, accelreated wars, as we are ‘infected’ by memes of metal and dedicate all our resources, virally ‘infected’ by information in favor of machines and aainst man, to love the ‘germs’ that destroy us.

All the super organisms of history have gone through the same ages as a living being, whose subconscious collective brain, the art and books of its higher human neurons who think and see better, has also gone through 3 ages. Since art is the subconscious collective of civilisations, which in ages as this one enters an age of angst. Hence I could do at columbia U. while studying my master 30 years ago an exhibit with a ‘river of cultures’ of all civilisations (studied in the right side of the web0 showing how all cultures went through the same ages, as all were self-simialr and all died in the 800-80 cycle of wars.


And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies:

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.

In the graph, the true ideological fight of western history, described in the previous graph: 

The fight between the 3 languages of social power, enslaving money, murderous weapons and ethic verbal laws and the 3 people-castes and cultures that carried those memes, the Cananean->Jewish-Phoenician->Protestant-North European->American cultures where weapons and money are dominant and a mixed Jewish-Germanic elite oppresses, corrupts and kills the life of the planet and their normal people, who love life and the wor(l)d and try to construct a better world.

And so history developed 3 ideologies of social organization: capitalism, the use of money by bankers to control societies, enslaving people to work, carried first by Jewish people, then by Calvinist and Protestant sects of Judaism and finally converted into the mathematical religion of monetary power we live in. This people were confronted and finally merged with those who thought weapons should prevail, and so cycles of war and holocaust for total power between warriors and bankers societies, of which the German vs. Judaism, Arabs vs. Judaism, Spanish Vs. England, Napoleon vs. the city and America vs. Russia are best known, directs histroy.

And then on the margins, the prophets of social love, of human self-organization with our natural language, to recreate a sustainable world imitation of anture, based on the tree of life, the utopians, who hardly have ever ruled, the democrats, the socialists, today reprsented by an increasingly corrupted China, and some left-overs of the welfare state and some missionaries lost on the jungles. The people with money, the people with weapons and machines rule supreme. But they do not even understand why they rule – Darwinian power of metal, who they are – ‘enzymen, animetal’ species, who degrade mankind and life, kill life, where they go, to extinction. No, one of the most fascinating twists of the narrative of history if it were not so pathetic, is the fact that those who kill us have the mind full of fairy tales about thesmelves as supreme Gods or ‘sons of Go(l)d’ chosen by Mammon to rule the world.

The believer of the ‘Animetal culture’ simply eliminates mentally (censorship) or physically (murder) the r=evolutionary human, who wants to follow according to the laws of formation of social superorganisms, a perfect global Homo Sapiens nation, the Human Wor(l)d, the scientific utopia, which animetal cultures of military politicians, bankers and technoutopian engineers evolving metal don’t want.

If you perceive history as such a wave of two type of cultures, the human and animetal, tribal culture and see each way of thought as a ‘meme’ of one of those cultures, with a role in the creation of certain global constant social actions that contruct one of the two superorganisms of history, you will know ‘history’ as a science..

Indeed, when we study history without censorship we find at the dawn of times, in the bronze age, 3 cultures with 3 propositions, explained in their ‘books of history and religion’:

– The ethic, verbal cultures of social love (Buddhism, Platonism, etc.) accordign to which humans must love each other, and share enegy and information as cells of the superorganisms of history, mankind, to build a world made to the image and likeness of man. Since what humans never understood is that while metal, its organisms systems and languages, digital gold and weapons ARE NOT biological human languages and their values symbiotic between them are opposed to the values of life:

In the graph, the laws of affinity between ‘energetic metal’, weapons and informative metal, ‘money’, gives maximal value to weapons and minimal value to life. Thus an ecosystem based in money will extinguish life of no value and substitute it for profits by weapons and machines of maximal value.

In the graph, the ultimate cause of our demise: the different values of civilizations based in metal that construct a world made to the image and likeness of machines and those based in the human values of ethic wor(l)ds that defend a world made to the image and likeness of mankind.

Since the next stage in the evolution of all species is the creation of ant-hill like super-organisms, ruled by the needs and natural drives of energy and information of any species, in the human case, represented by the Oikoumene religions and socialist sciences of history, in which the ‘trick’ to evolve socially, love to share energy and information in growing networks of ‘human cells’ till becoming mankind, a single planet with no borders and no wars. And this ‘scientific’, biological, natural evolution of the human species is what ‘animetal cultures’ of hate, racism, arrogance, and eviL=Death have aborted, making us prey of the values of go(l)d and weapons greed and murder that guides those White, Homo Neanderthaliensis, visual, primitive people, with violent, consonantic, energetic languages and minimal conceptual evolution and sense of time and survival till the seventh generation.

The fight will go on for 3 millennia, till with the arrival of the press, the Jewish will be able to convert Christians in Northern Europe from the language of social love to the language of money by making the old testament no longer the gospel, the ‘religion’ of protestants, subventioning the so-called Calvinist International.

Ever since, the Calvinist who will define also the Anglican religion and the Jewish people will rule the western world. But the Jewish will be on top, controlling the banking industry – go(l)d, the language of information that delivers the orders of the economic ecosystem, with prices and jobs, ‘starting’ the game of creation, cre(dit)ation of the future AND OF COURSE, once they controlled the language of informative power of our society (money), they also printed and manufactured the collective mind of mankind with the same informative machines (audiovisual media) used to print money; and so their ideology of a hierarchical, racist world with the Corporation of ‘$laves’ on top, masterminded a ‘herd’ of human workers and consumers appear. It is around 1602 when this culture invents the peculiar organization of the corporation of slaves in Holland, the stock-market to credit the new language of power, and the weapon-machine (the gunboat) as the instrument which will carry its power. And within a century, the Corporation conquers the world (defeat of the Iberian, Social-Catholic, warrior global empire), creates the daughter culture of Britain (1688) and conquers ‘commercially’ the world.

 In the previous graph, at the head of our demise as a species, there is the animetal culture born of the use by humans of go(l)d and iron, the most pefect metals of information and energy used to enslave and murder human beings, breaking the superorganisms of history in war processes. Since there is an inverse relationship between the social evolution of a given culture and its technological evolution:

Max. Technological evolution = Min. Social science (minimum cultural evolution).

This structure is the essence of the struggle of history which is a fight between language sof control and design of the future, where humans merely have taken choices according to culture, siding with the wrong (metal) or right (human) side of History:

The previous graph summarizes the wrong and right cultures of mankind according to the language of power they use, and so the fight of history is obvious:

Metal-cultures of maximal technological evolution and min imal life and social evolution (languages of go(l)d and iron) vs. verbal cultures of maximal ethical, social and life-based mmetic evolution. 

Thus cultures based in different languages define history.

The genetic background of this is important, because visual thought is prone to the influence of visual, metal, glaring objects. And so informative, verbal cultures have developed socially with minimal technology (mediterranean, cromagnon cultures and mongoloid and colored cultures) while the purest white neanderthal cultures (Semites, Basques and Germans with red hair, wide hip, hooked nose, Rh-  blood, treats of Neanderthal) survivied isolated in Scotland, the Arab desert and Scandinavia, and evolved a cattle-based culture latter translated in their use of weapons and gold to enslave the ‘verbal sapiens’.

Thus if we were to explain the wave of history and its duality in those terms, we could say that the ‘Neanderthal, visual species’ has an enormous difficulty to ‘transcend’ socially beyond the genetic, biological, tribal and family scale of evolution. And so it remained in the outskirts of civilization during the Neolithic, in the hot semitic deserts and northern cold stocttish and Scandinavian highlands.

And only when it found weapons and gold, iron established its own way of civilization, treating humans as he treated his cattle, with iron chains and gold hypnotism (as gold, the first form of money is the most perfect informative iron that provokes gold fevers in white, visually dominant people by imitating the god-sun light). This appears in the 3 millenia before christ at the time sumerians wrote the myth of the genesis and signifies the beginning of

-eviL: racism, classism and people-castes on top, which enslave and murder those do not obey us. This again is clear in the poetry of the age, Genesis, ‘Lament of a sumerian priest’, first Egyptian texts about bedouin eviL.

– Evolution of metal, and worshipping of metal as god, either money, gold, which is offered in Babyulonian-Cananean-Jewish religions as ex-votes for salvation to an elite of banker priests; or evolution of weapons, iron, which becomes the ‘sacrificial tool’ for holocausts of different type in Veda and Indo-European religions…

– Repression of life senses with prohibitions in all those cultures that worship weapons (sexual, reproductive prohibitions, tasteful food prohibitions, social love prohibitions, racist prohibitions). Again the Veda culture with its castes an aryans on top and the Cananeans, Jewish and Phoenician cultures of sacrifices to Baal and strict not-contact with the rest of humans are the paradigm of what will become the two essential dominant cultures of the west, based in the power of weapons and Gold, antidemocratic, racist, hierarchical and worshipping the properties of weapons and money, which influence even the way they talk and their artistic forms (lineal and long indstructible as swords are in the germanic cultures, curved, small and complex, indifferent to verbal truths in the jewish-anglo saxon cultures):

– The germanic, Indo-European cultures of war, which explain in their Vedas and Germanic Myths and Pantheons that weapons are god and the ‘Goths’=Gods (germanic self-named themselves gods because they could kill anyone who opposed them) must be on top and exploit the rest of sub-humans, the ‘dark people’ (name in the vedas of all the Indian peasants).

This culture which has exterminated traditionally southern European cultures (Roman Empire, the Pope, The French Revolution, the Socialist Revolution, I and II world war), is now again with an astounding arrogance destroying southern europe. This culture which has never understood life, or as they put it in a film ‘we the germans don’t know how to live, but we know how to kill and die very well’, talks in one of the most primitive languages, with long sword-like words that cannot be bend and are ‘believed’ as absolute truths, are truly the germs of history, evolving weapons and machines with absolute determinism.

This is the culture that should have been extinguished in mind and if needed in body, as the true masters of the European culture did always understand. Caesar explained it; Germanicus understood it; Charlemagne understood it; Napoleon knew it; Stalin asked to convert Germany in a a new Denmark, indeed. The universe is a darwinian game. And when you find absolute eviL=Death, and absolute arrogance you must defend your self. This is a people who entered history killing and have never stopped killing. This is the people who have invented most weapons of mass-destruction. This is the people that is now evolving the weapons of the Singularity age.

And yet Europeans always forgave them, when they never forgave us; Europeans allowed them to reconstruct their world, to unify their nations; and in one of the most naive, absurd cessions of sovereign power allowed them to control the Euro. So now we have again the ‘German question’. And we have none to blame except ourselves.

This the loving cultures never understood: sometimes you must fight for freedom, sometimes you must kill with iron those who kill you with iron. But Teutoburg has passed; and Rocroi in which the French changed sides has passed; and Waterloo has passed; and Postdam has passed and Maastritch has passed. And now we have Angela Merkel and Wolfang Schauble and Hauer leading ‘again’ the destruction of Southern Europe with the dictatorship of the ECB they have imposed, against all the democratic laws of the Union…  And so while Picasso was truth: ‘Sabater those Germans so many machines and weapons, what for? we love (max. human social evolution), we eat (maximal human energy) and paint (max. human visual information) much better’; the slaves of iron have now again the power to destroy us and destroy themselves. And their language of false truths will not bend to reason. The only solution to the absolute selfishness, stupidity, individualism arrogance and violence of this Neanderthaliensis people (who survived in the Swedish peninsula and Scotish lands, with their consonantic languages, visual intelligence and null rational and social capacity), is to expel ‘now’ Germany from the Euro, regain the Bank of Europe and start massive invention of money deficits to reproduce the human goods of the welfare state.

The effects will be immediate: German machines will become more expensive. They will not blackmail against all democratic rights our governments with the tap of money, obliging us to destroy our culture of human goods, which only deficits can pay, as corporations will never cater the needs of mankind. It is time for europeans to call the Germ(an)s of History what they are and have always been; the most primitive, neanderthal, visual, violent, anti-human, anti-social, evil=anti-life culture with minimal development of verbal, ethic thought. Since if they do not want to evolve into Europe and enjoy the memes of life, they must go.

And needless to say, it is time to stop the political correctness and good will shown to the Germ(an)s of History, because they have proved once more what they are. And yet, as always the tragedy of the loving cultures that forgive is that by forgiving those kill by iron and enslave with go(l)d, we become again their preys.

– The Cananeans, Jewish-Phoenician culture of Go(l)d.

In other posts we study the difference of ruling the world with a murderous language – weapons and leading it with a suicidal language – money, instead of the life/loving language of social democratic legal, ethic wor(l)ds. As Germans imitated the physical strength of energetic iron, the long chained words that imitated thei swrods, and their lineal architecture and forms of thought; the Jewish culture and then its son-cultures of Holland and England will imitate the properties of gold and coins, the informative langauge of money they use: cyclical art, small size, informative worship of languages, mental racism vs. the physical racism of Germans, and… self-suicidal behavior in search of greed; as money enslaves and hypnotizes people, as information does, while weapons kill. But the result of suicide and murder is the same: death. And that are the values of metal and the cultures that worship them. So once the language changes nations and cultures and races become mimetic of those values. Little difference there is between Japan and Germany in the XX century, as both made of the weapons and machines their purpose of existence. Little difference there is between the slave traders of ancient times, mostly jewish and Phoenicians, the slave calvinist traders of the first companies and the slavery to which humans are submitted working ‘part-time’ as leased slaves for modern corporations.

This also must be understood – cultures of metal are based in the values and forms and properties of the languages of metal they use. Germans and Jewish are only on top because they discovered first iron and gold and imitated its properties. But if they were a different race their behavior would be the same.

And so when the cananeans, sons of cain in the myths of Genesis, became enslaved by Gold, they committed suicide ‘literally’ establishing the Hecatomb of their sons (sacrifice of their own children in altar to the God Baal, made of gold statues, which Isaac in the myths of Genesis cancelled sacrificing ‘only’ life – the sheep). Those earlier religions of gold oblige in Canaan and Babylon, the believers to donate gold to the temple to construct all kind of ex-votes. It divides the people in two groups, the Levis, banker-priests of the Middle East, who call themselves ‘people of the treasure’ (Am Segullah, ill translated as chosen people, because Segullah is not chosen but treasure, as they become specialized in the accumulation of gold, the fetishe of their gods) and the 11 slave tribes , ‘those who walk behind the asses’ or habiru=hebrew, the lower caste of 11 tribes of slaves, which ever since will become traders in gold, slaves, weapons (hence the name as they go transporting weapons in mules) and luxury products, catering to the upper castes of warriors. They divide in two groups: land caravaners (Jewish) and sea caravaners (Phoenicians). Ever since they will become the most hated culture of the planet and a fight for total power starts between the warrior tribes and the go(l)d believers with their mercenary armies – still working today (being the Americans the mercenary $laves of israel in this present cycle).

Its entire concept of the future of mankind will be resumed in Talmud Millenarism: ‘at the end of history, all nations will be slaves of YVwh or will become exterminated’ babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin, 185, (yvwh means merely jewish, since it is a toponym that applies in earlier texts to the jewish people and judea, the region, as Assur applies to the Asirians and its gods, since ‘God’ in earlier texts always means, ‘nation’, a word invented later in Rome).

This concept will be then copied by other pretentious global empires. so Hitler will have his own millenarian version with his III Reich that would last 1000 years. Of course, they never will succeed. Only in destroying themselves periodically. Because the Universe is a just, action-reaction process, and those who kill by iron die by iron, and you cannot serve to Gods, the wor(l)d and money.  In other terms, what the Jewish ‘saint innocent’ 11 slave tribes of the Levi banker-priests have never understood is that it is NOT mankind, the loving 99% who kills them, but gold and iron, and the practictioners of it, the Germanic warrior castes and their own elite, the Levis of whom they are still ideological slaves.

Indeed, while we cannot blame German and Jewish 90% of what their elites have done to history as they are the scapegoats that die in wars and holocausts, what neither of them understood is that the strategy of global power with weapons and money sponsored their aristocratic and ‘stockratic’ elites is their demise. That the chinese verbal culture born at the same time has now 1.4 billion people because it never killed other cultures with weapons, neither enslaved them with money. And that Germans and Jewish who were born at the time, are minuscule nations with very little people.

But the most astounding proof of the determinism of history is that none of the holocaust cycles, all of them caused as true history proves, by economical and military causes – namely the coalition of ‘leaders’ of a germanic-weapon based culture and a jewish, money-based elite that profits with weapons and wars, the goods of maximal price – will exploit a mass of humans, including their soldiers and pedlers, till poverty and murder becomes the ‘laws/values’ of this metal-based civilizations. And so ever since aristocratic wars and holocausts of peddlers scapegoats of their bankers and tax collectors rule those civilizations, with the final paroxisms of the Holocausts and industrial wars of the past centuries.

And yet after the astounding destruction of 66 million humans, the European continent and 1/3rd of world jewry, within a century, jewish bankers have destroyed again as in the 20s the economic system for greed, provoking the present wave of antisemitism, since of course, their protection is to disguise their elite status with the other ’11 tribes’ of hard-working middlemen; and Germany again has taken over the European systems of power and pretends to create a hinterland, the inferior southern countries paying usury to the central bank, while its American ‘brothers’ are creating an industry of terminators that can kill the world. 

And yet, at this stage, ideologically colonized humans applaud and follow suit, as in every nations people-castes of bankers and military admire and obey the ways in which the American and European elites mismanage the mankind. So the cycles of germanic wars and holocausts in which an elite of generals and bankers sacrifice their slavish, mentally erased, worshipping masses for the non-future of the species, are started again. The Karma of the jewish-German, gold-iron, greed and murder animetal civilization is now global. We are all guilty of the original sin, we are all unable to evolve socially, we all despise the values of the wor(l)d, we all worship iron and gold, we are all according to the scientific laws of biology and social evolution comitting suicide.

And yet, the elite thinks that by controlling information, denying the cycles of histroy and inventing an audiovisual fairy tale of ‘reality’, it will never happen again.

 Yet to deny facts and truth is only madness, as it does not change reality, only in the mind and makes more difficult to solve the problems of the world.
And so now that i have dished out my cosmic anger as a knot of thought of the real European culture, who has failed to save this planet, now victim of the Jewish-Protestant, go(l)d based banking culture who will kill the world and then commit suicide, as usual (being the jewish the top predator informative banking caste, whose elite of ‘am segullah’ chose money instead of weapons to direct the world and enslaved its lower castes of ‘peddlers’ and the germanic people, its middle class of soldiers and workers slaves, who together oppress a mass of colored people in America, mimetizing the social structure of the colonial empires of the XIX century north-european industrial world, and probably ending if we are still here, in a repetition of the german war and holocaust cycle)… now that indeed not only the body of man but also its mind is slave to a fairy tale called ‘the American dream’ becoming increasingly the real nightmare of capitalism… now that there is no future… one can dream, not the ego-trip fantasies of those who murder us and on top pretend to be ‘experts’ and ‘respected’… but what in all those self-similar fractal planets that survived, ‘real human beings’, did, following the laws of social love of the Universe.
I know the next and last central post is a fantasy. I have worked in Wall Street and Hollywood and met thousands of jewish bankers and germanic $laves to know they are well beyond any rational chance of salvation. And i don’t care anymore. I had enough. And yet I know while this planet is condemned by greed and violence, by bankers and armies, and the Karma is just, there shall be infinite other planets in which ethonomics not economics and the Wor(l)d union not the United Nations exist for ever; places where humans don’t suffer, where there are not go(l)d slaves and Germ(an)s… where man thrives with freedom and beauty, as this planet did in so many cultures and still does in so many people who whose brains have not been manufactured by the religions of eviL and hate that govern us…In that regard, one has always to bear in Mind that as Leibniz put it, the Universe is perfect as a whole, only its fractal parts are defective.
Indeed, consider the null impact of this blog. But this is its karma. Since, the Neanderthal cannot be converted. Germans have never been converted to love and social pleasure. Jews have never been converted. They will always regress to worship their metal idols. Their eyes will always come first, their memetic imprinting and racist religions and nationalisms are so old that cannot be erased. So how the Universe minimizes their extinction? Making them unaware. Today most Americans are absolutely unaware of anything.
They are just empty minds who know nothing of history, who cannot even comprehend what the system does, who revere the jewish elite that enslave them to the Semitic wars in defense of Israel and robs them of all their taxes to pay the bankers and speculators. But if the system cannot be evolved any longer, since the germanic mass of Americans are too selfish to organize and defend their rights; if their politicos are empty brains that you can humiliate and buy why should be their future different? why they should know and suffer? As Marx put it, peasants and believers in religions will never rebel. Indeed, as astonishing as it might seem to a European 90% of Americans believe that a jewish goatkeeper and a carpenter were the creators of the Unvierse.
They still believe in the Bible. Yes, my friends. Those people worship their masters in ways that not even the most servile house slave did – thinking some of them are Gods! And then they come and tell you they are ‘free’. LOL, i would tell you what a Greek told to a persian – you wouldn’t even understand the meaning of the word freedom.The Biblical slave don’t read like the social scientist a topic tribal book of history in which epic poetry talks of the superiority of the tribe in astronomical hyperbole. They don’t see that book as an egotrip of the inventors of slavery, who on top of degrading mankind feel superior, and have the chuptzah to self-rise themselves from neanderthals to chosen of go(l)d. This primitive people are the people who hate the rest of mankind, who has the weapons to eliminate the planet and hence who will evolve those weapons till they destroy the world. And they will do it fast.
And they will deny they are doing, as they even deny their history and tell you those fairy tales.So allow me to dish out a good dose of anti$emitism instead of barren scholarship that nobody reads. Those people are killing my country, my future, my species and they want me to shut up and don’t realize?! I am paying my taxes to the BCE and their private germ(an) and jewish bankers. And you pretend me on top to be silent and not understand what is going on like an american $lave? Not so. Here in Europe we might be extinguished by bnakers and germ(an)s with their weapons and financial schemes but the intellectuals and artists of this continent will never fall so low as the American audiovisual $lave does. We will always be proudly anti$emite and antigerm(an)s.
We will live and die as humans, we will dream, we will know, we will love, we will judge…Of course, Americans are mentally imprinted with a fairy tale of history and don’t understand. Consider the case of the blood libel. In the middle ages, the Jews run a massive trade in slaves, castrating children to sell them in Baghdad 10 times its price. This was so brutal that 1/3rd of the children die and were thrown bloodless to the gutter of the getto, where slave trade and banking took place. There are thousands of documents on that trade in our scholar files and we are NOT burning our history and rewriten to please the master race. But in America the rewriting was done 50 years ago. So their version is that when the parents and priests of the enslaved children realized what was going on and attacked the getto to rescue the children, they did not go there to rescue them from bleeding to death but they were ‘primitive people who thought the jews drunk the blood of their children’, LOL.
For an american the enslaver is the victim!. When the farming people were obliged by jewishb anking lobbies to pay in gold instead of food their taxes, so they had to get in debt with the jew at 86% of anual usury and within 2 years had to allow the jew to take their children for the eunuch trade, and so he was going to the synagogue to burn the ‘book of deeds’, he was going there NOT to save his life and end his debt, erasing the books but because he hated the poor jewish victim. LOL.
I have written an entire book on the ‘economic causes of the holocaust’ now in kindle, or perhaps no longer, rejected by 173 editorials. What is going on is the stockratic elite of bankers using their poor 90% as scapegoats to hide their crimes with money, so when a new holocaust comes people will not differenciate the elite from the saint innocent and as the bankers move to australia they will kill the common people.But those common people are the ones who rever their elite. It is like if a Spanish aristocrat would complain about the death of their peasants and ask us to pity him for that, when he exploited them for millenai. Like a Spanish South-american murderous conquistador would ask us to pity him for the death of his amerindian slaves.
Yes, we, the Spaniards and the Europeans have been brutal. We are also Neanderthals. But unlike those northern germ(an)s and go(l)d people we have fought against our eviLness, and we had achieved in the European Union when we ran it (French and Italians) a little paradise on earth. We were curing ourselves.Yes, the American common people have been brutal, but they were in the 70s designing a better world, they were curing their eviL.What now the absolute fundamentalist two cultures who never learn, never evolve, never change, have done is regressing us in both continents to the neo-paleolithcic tribal biblical age.  Instead of evolving they have devolved us. And so we share his karma. And in those conditions I couldnt care less if the world dies this century. The kind of lowly unexamined life this culture has condemned us to live is ‘not worth to live’ (Aristotle, Maximal knot of human, verbal thought, Greek-Latin culture, I horizon).

We are, I am afraid all Neanderthal, visual in this part of the world. We have all sinned against life, as the parable of Genesis says. The brutality of the conquistador and its greed for Go(L)d has nothing to envy to the eviL of the Jewish banker and enslaver of castrato children. But when a culture as the greek-latin ‘Piigs’ European culture makes of the Law the supreme truth; when it knows how to forgive and forget, and tries to improve itself, and loves life, a better world is possible. And that is what the American and European original cultures understood.

The astounding degradation of those 2 cultures – much higher in America – due to the influence of the biblical people, precisely when thanks to the work of Keynes, the scientific approach to governance, the 60s r=evolution that renewed the culture of love and the ideals of solidarite, egalite and fraternite embedded in the American and European constitution, we were finally on the path to build a better world has a single culprit – the banker priests of Israel, the Am Segullah, the stockratic elite of this culture, who from Wall Street and Hollywood and its washington lobbies, has since the coup d’etat of 1972 agaisnt the AMerican presidency (watergate), the dollar (end of gold convertibility) and the use of weapons for a just cause (vietnam massacre, yon Kippur), taken total power in that country. And ever since the species has been in a devolving no way out course covered up with lies, statistics, rhetoric, nationalism, victimism and advertising. But all that is just like the make up we put to a corpse.

In brief, the complete lack of respect for the truth of the wor(l)d of this culture has constructed a ‘rigor mortis’ make up over the human species they have degraded subconsciously by refusing to consider the colateral effects of greed. And so suddenly as a corpse with make up keep rotting inside, and one day the insects come out, soon one day in this rotten world, the robots and machines of the singularity will come out. And all this could have avoided just if this people had finally understood the economical causes of holocausts, the collateral effects of machines and weapons, the absurdity of capitalism and nationalism, and integrated themselves into the body of mankind, leading us with their money and intelligence towards a better world. But the rabbies and the bankers once more won over the artist and prophets of this culture, and the rest of the world let itself once more be cheated and bought with fantasies of self-superiority and gold.

But of course, all this is denied

And so today, America which is a compact of the entire human race, from being the hope of mankind, has become its nightmare, our leadership to extinction.



Instead it will create either a military dictatorship, empire, colonial nation, policial state, or a plutocracy where regardless of laws and qisling politicos orders will be given with money. And of course, they will evovle and reproduce money and weapons with no limit, to maintain their power status in a hierarchical, darwinian ‘trophic pyramid’, all too evident today in many countries where those people-castes of money and weapons ruled, as it is the case of America and now trying to be imposed in Europe ‘again’and perfectly ‘shielded’ by their myths, fantasy religions and ego-trips of power of any guilt or sense of the collateral effects their ‘actions at distance’ with money, protected by ‘anonymous corporations’ and qisling states they cause. In the next graph later studied in more detail, we can see the global structure of capitalism, according to work and cultures, which has nothing to do with a democratic structure only possible when the 3 languages of social power, money, weapons and the law are controlled by freely elected governments.

Capitalism means in such strcture that the people who invent money (western democracies) or weapons (3rd world dictatorships) ruled the entire system, obtain it all for free and control the lower mass which needs to survive credit, which bankers control and can be killed or jailed if they don’t obey with weapons. While politicos in both systems are puppets of plutocrats and the military.

Who then rule the economic ecosystem? The answer is not system scientists that understand the nature of this planet, its balances, the biological nature of machines, its competition with humans, and the needed measures to control it, but parasitic bankers of racist religions of go(l)d, which merely have hidden their astounding privileges as a people caste who cares nothing about mankind – IN BRIEF A BIBLICAL CULTURE NOT A SCIENCE.

The cycles of economics and its metal-masters.

The evolution of weapons is parallel to the evolution of money, which pays for mercenary armies. ‘Pecunia bellum nervi’ said Tacitus. Money is the nervous system of war.

Since, the language of money is an informative language of metal, which for most of history has been used mainly in the art of war. This little known fact of economics – that the highest profits and most expensive machines are always weapons – implies the existence of a biological competence between the tree of life and the tree of technology, and explains many collateral effects of the search for greed at all costs. And yet it is ignored or censored by classic economics that pretends to ignore the relationships between its science and history, which becomes dominated by a new type of civilization since the age of Genesis – the cultures of go(l)d and iron of the Semites and Indoeuropeans which have controlled history ever since.

Because the process is fueled by the evolution of weapons & machines the result is a constant destruction of life cultures and species, substituted by metal-cultures and machines. Thus we talk of an ‘economic ecosystem’ in which 2 different species co-exist, life and metal evolved by the human-kind.

Each weapon’s radiation expands the economic ecosystem to all warrior tribes of the Earth; old civilizations and their elites become extinct by a new military aristocracy with the new weapon or a people-caste of go(l)d traders that controls a mercenary army. The only anachronism of those cycles is America, where isolation delays the arrival of iron till its rediscovery by Spanish ‘metalmasters’, which re-conquer the continent with a vengeance.

It is within that wider context on the biological organization of ecosystems and languages how the facts of history, its wars, holocausts, r=evolutions, and the processes of extinction and creation of new civilizations make sense.

modern age.

Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth, prepared now for the new role-model nation of the age of robotics, Israel, the nation of the stockrats which will build the first optic chip robot and 3 D automated factories of weapons both in US and the Wall of Shame to exterminate Palestinians and perhaps Chinese… that is, Humanity at large in the last suicidal belli nervi pecunia infinita But of course once the job is done, the ant-hill robotic company of weapons will NOT stop but continue its reproductive radiation and the metal earth will be born…

In the graph, the people who first discovered each form of metal became the people-castes of western societies on top of the rest of mankind, creating the corrupted social structures of mankind that still endures. In the graph we see the old structure in the age of gold and iron, and the modern structure in the 3 ages of the Industrial r=evolution – never mind placebo democracies where politicos are $elected, cannot be made responsible as the body does with pain messages after tenure, and hence have as only goal to cheat the audience, and sell then laws to the highest bidder, the true owners of the system, company-mothers of machines and bankers who issue money in exclusive (deficit zero laws). THIS IS THE PLACEBO PRETENSION OF PEOPLE’S FREEDOM since people ‘must remain ignorant to be obedient’ Calvin on believers, and it is ‘easier to control people when they do not know they are controlled’ Galbraith on bankers. So this is the modern real class society ‘disguised by idol-ogies of worshipping of metal and placebo democracies:

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS,with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.

One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ a placebo mask established by the first companies in Holland and exported to England after the Glorious revolution (1688), according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money. Then they use it to buy favorable laws to politicos, and evolve machines=weapons that sustain their power and informative machines that increase constantly their capacity to print money for themselves and manufacture the brain of people with press and audiovisual information. Thus they can sell the dictatorship of companies and financiers as the epitome of ‘freedom’. The result of the expansion through colonial empires and world wars of capitalist democracies is today’s world: the most brutal dictatorship of anytime in history, as even in the harsh military government of Rome a senator had only 100 times the salary of a plebeian. Today as financiers control the world, buying laws to corrupted politicos preventing them to print money for welfare and deviating the wealth of the 3rd world to speculative schemes, one of our ‘democratic leaders’ prints 10 million times the money a 3rd world citizen of the globalized capitalist economy earns with hard-work 24-7. And yet the entire planetary ‘brain’ is so well ‘manufactured’ that not even the most ‘radical’ politicians ask for the denationalization of the issue of money from the tiny o.oo2% that prints it, since they are ‘the victims of history’, LOL.


In the graph the 3 animetal social classes ill designed as in an efficient super organism NO CELL BELONGS TO THE LOWER 3RD CLASS WHICH IS THE TERRITORY AND ENTROPIC FOOD, which in a proper social life structure will be machines, money and raw materials, EXACTLY THE INVERSE PYRAMID TO THE CENTRAL PYRAMID, where weapons, machines and its idol-ogies and people castes are above and life and people on the bottom.

Yet as we enter the final phases of creation of the metal-earth  THE HUMAN 99% slides down the class society and as the metal communicator networks program their mind, paradoxically they have come to love selfish metal memes, which are are worshipped by every nazionanist idol-ogical nation (hate meme invented by warrior germanic tribes, which substituted earlier tribal gods, to foster the reproduction and evolution of weapons and extinction of human beings), every capitalist nation (hypnotic parasitic meme which consider the people-caste of go(l)d bankers must issue in monopoly money, today the company-mother of machines; whose goal will be to reproduce the maximal quantity of money) and every technoutopian citizen atrophied by its machines which give them attached organs that pump his ego-trips of superior species with higher energy and information.


Animetals, a new top predator species, extinguishing life=Gaia appears on the III Age of Earth.

In the next graph, we see the fundamental change that the Earth experienced 5000 years ago with the apparition in the fertile crescent of the first animetal memes, adopted by tribal semite desert people-castes, semite warriors (today arabs) and semite go(l)d traders (today biblical castes, expanded to Germanic tribes). The fact is that the 3 memes of metal and the actions of man – weapons that kill bodies, go(l)d that hypnotise and slave the mind, and machines that substitute us ARE THE CANONICAL 3 FORMS OF EXTINCTION IN NATURE BY A VIRAL Or RIVAL SPECIES:

Predators kill bodies – competitors substitute and take our ecosystem – parasites suck our blood and infect us.


The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy. 3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze) were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes), while lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads of modern machines. When humans associated with them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers.

The animetal and the tribes that changed their ‘language of power’ from human, agricultural energy (farming communities) to iron energy – warrior cult(ure)s; from verbal ethics to the ‘values’ of money – go(l)d cult(ure)s – and from worshiping life to worshipping machines – scientific cult(ure)s, have ever since ruled the world, as people-castes and extinguished or enslaved ever since life cultures… Yet in the process they were obliged to evolve their weapons, money and machines, giving birth to the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines, which shaped the history of civilization.

Contrary to belief the dominant species  of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kinds of ideological excuses to do so.

Thus, humans today are, in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal earth. Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (physicists). Since physicists uses machines to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that pretend to ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, (but only show the ‘spatial, motion-related properties of time=change, not the vital/morphological change of beings, described by Evolution Theory). The resut is that physicists made obsolete the verbal, logic analysis of the cycles of change=life/death cycles and the biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines.

As a result of that symbiosis and the capacity of metal to carry energy and information, increasing our informative and energetic power, animetals have controlled history .

Indeed, another clear-cut consequence of the use of metal is that there are two social groups regarding the advantages they draw from metal-species… We talk about the original “sinners” and the “good people”, in religious terms; “the rich”, and “the poor”, in economic terms; “the army, kings and politicians” and the “citizens”, in military terms; the “mathematical, aesthetic scientist” and the “verbal, ethic citizen” in terms of education. The animetal and the human being, in biological terms.

To keep their control of human beings, those animetals have evolved the metal-species, source of their power, the weapons, monetary information and scientific machines that define our civilization… As a result of that power, given by their metal-species, animetals have developed subjective ideas, in favor of metal, which praise the use of metal, as the source of human progress, and systematically “hide”, the side effects that metal have over other human beings, and natural species, such as the massive extinction caused by weapons, the degradation of human ethics, and verbal knowledge caused by monetary values, and mathematical languages.

Birth of animetal cultures

In the graph, the 3 dominant people-castes of the ‘animetal culture’, doing their job:

– A germanic warrior from the Iron culture.

– The first physicist, Galileo, who convinced the Venetian Dogo of the superiority of telescopes over human eyes and received a princely salary of 1.000 go(l)d ducats to manufacture ‘spy-glasses’, used primarily for Naval warfare.

– Jewish money-lenders, the people-caste which monopolizes the creation of money in the west.

Their ideologies were first religions of racial or mental superiority over the life-cultures of mankind as their books of ‘Revelation’ show:

– The aryan ‘vedas’: ‘Cows are more useful to us than the dark people, cows give us milk, the dark people only bread’. ‘A peasant is like a soya seed. the last squeeze gives the best juice’ (Samurai warrrior cult(ure) on rice taxation)

–  Talmud, ‘God made some animals with human form so the Jewish people would not be served only by beasts’. ‘Gold is the invisible hand of God’; Adam Smith. ‘Gold is the intelligence of god’ Calvin.

– “Yes, I am the one: God Himself has waited for six thousand years for ME, who looks at His creation with understanding.”(Harmonices Mundi; 1619,Kepler).  “Women only reproduce their stomach’ (Einstein to his wife). ‘My biggest pride is to die virgin’ Newton.

Then those religions that worship metal and despise life became ‘sciences’ and their ‘Gods’ became ‘nations’:

– So today we ‘believe’ in ‘nations’, whose only reason of existence is to have armies and borders. And we deny the Laws of Eusocial evolution (love between members of the same species).

– We believe that scientists NOT artists, who observe time and space with human eyes and wor(l)ds are more intelligent, because they see reality through machines.

– And we believe that capitalism, the monopoly of creation of money by bankers mostly from the ‘Am Segullah‘ (Treasure People) is the only science of economics, when it merely translates the monopoly of power of that people-caste into mathematical equations; as all his ‘founding fathers’ belonged to that religion in its different Biblical sects (Ricardo, Say, Malthus, Smith).

racist religions. The cult(ures) of the Animetals.

Weapons, money, and scientific machines, are the 3 species of metal that are extinguishing the natural ecosystems of history as their own ecosystem of machines, expands, guided by the activities ofcompany-mothers. Weapons kill humans. So those humans who use systematically weapons, not only die in wars, but do extinguish masses of social human beings. So finally weapons and money survive, evolve and keep pushing their ideologies.

In essence, our world is built around the Darwinian ideologies of Weapons created by Germanic people (racism based in physical strength needed to use weapons, nationalism -military ideologies-based in genetics), who have extinguished millions of social humans, and the parallel Jewish=Protestant religions of money (Judaism, Calvinism, modern economics with their cult to money and wealth), that have imposed through Universities and mass-media their ideas against the social evolution of history.

These ideas go against the natural law of human, social, love religions. To do so, they have to substitute the natural freedom of manby activities which are against our biological drives, such as war, work, and mathematical information. This of course requires to “repress” the natural biological goals of man, which are peace and love to other human beings (social evolution and reproduction), by the consume=test and work=reproduction of machinesand verbal, ethic information by digital knowledge.

Since our biological arrows (sex, food, free time, love, verbal truths) are natural and self-evident, to control humans, those arrows are repressed with myths and ideologies that confuse our brain. Historically the ideal form to achieve that is through the use of animetal ideologies, sciences and Religions of Metal, that praise war, machines and money as “gifts of god”. In this manner a rational analysis of the causes why our civilizations repress human senses, Human Goods and human Freedom is avoided.

The Paradox of cultures

The world is not serving the will and future of man, nor catering to our needs for welfare goods but has become a system dedicated to the reproduction of memes of metal, weapon, money and machines at all costs, in a process driven by corporations, the company-mothers of those machines, which are terraforming the Earth to its image and likeness. This is the basic fact of reality today. And yet it is the only fact of reality nobody talks ‘seriously about’.

Why? What makes humans to be so blind to the fact they are comitting collective suicide with life.

This section will be dedicated to the analysis without ‘soothing’, ‘human’ jargons of the animetal cultures that terraform the earth, its memes of metal, and its ideologies of extinction that pass as the ‘righteous’ way of being human (nationalism, capitalism, egoism, fundamentalist religions, etc.) and are  ‘beliefs’ in an Aristotelian sense:  makpng us believers= slaves of the more complex atoms of iron (warriors) and gold (bankers) that rule mankind.

The first fact to consider when studying the nations and cultures of the superorganisms of history is the duality or ‘Paradox of History’ that structures all the memes of mankind. This paradox treated elsewhere in this web is a biological paradox of predation between ‘nations’ belonging to the memetic structure of animetal ideologies that foster the survival through the use of memes of metal to control life and human populations, and cultures which are life-based memetic structures. It follows from that paradox that the cultures more evolved in their social, human memes of eusocial evolution and love, of economic science and understanding of the superorganisms of the universe (oikoumene religions, socialist cultures of welfare economics, organicist science) have the minimal evolution of metal-memes and vice versa. Those ‘nations’ (the name chosen in this web for metal-memetic superorganisms of history) with higher power, have minimal evolution in ther life-based ‘cultures’ (the name used here for life-superorganisms). This might sound confuse so we shall just write it in an equation:

Maximal Human Development = Minimal Metal-Memes; Maximal Metal-memes = Minimal Human, memetic evolution.

Because metal is harsh, brutal in their control of humans as ‘herds’. The 2 nations that developed memes of metal, first, the indo-european iron warriors and the cananean, ‘cainite’ go(l)d banker elites shall develop brutal memes of racial differentiation to allow the murder (Germ(an)) iron warriors or hypnotic slavery (go(l)d bankers) to the ‘iconic’ idols of power, Thor, the sword and Baal, the golden figures to which Phoenicians sacrificed their own sons (Hecatombs).

The reader might think all this has changed, but truly what has changed in mankind is the complexity of the ‘scales’ of memetic disguise of what is a very simple game: the world is ruled by metal, by weapons, money and machines, and 3 cultures became nations and broke the contract with Gaia, the Earth Life an its life-based memes and cultures, first and today can be defined by the previous equations as cultures that systematically repress life-memes, the german iron warrior nation, the Jewish go(l)d nation and the British machine-based nation.

The 3 cultures are by the previous equations the ones that have memes of repression of the ‘will of man’ and our natural life-based drives, human energy (food), human reproduction (sex), human social evolution (love) and human information (verbal evolution). This is shown in all traits of those cultures. The common biblical meme which introduces racist differentiation, killing the memes of eusocial love to the species, represses tasteful foods (seafood, prok), mutilates male’s sexuality and forbids it, and certainly gives litle ‘verbal information’ of value about the essence of the Universe, but explains a chronicle of history of low quality.

The grammar also helps to construct minimal philosophical thought, with the two unbalanced extremes of german grammar, with their ‘primitive’ agglutination of words that create since the iron age ‘meanings’ that seem truths per se and are just ‘iron-time’ concepts.

Our soul is our grammar, and so in the other extreme, English is also a primitive language now broken to its minimal semantic meanings, centered in the I-noun which cannot be ‘hidden’ and obliges to an individualism of little eusocial evolution.

Finally the Jewish Nation lacks even a language that can call its own except of recently the hebrew, again a ‘primitive’, bronze age language that imposes the ‘tribal stage’ of eusocial evolution of their religion.

And yet those nations have an absolute power in weapons, machines and money which people ‘confuses’ with cultural evolution in the so little-valued memes of ‘food’/energy, art/human visual information, language evolution/human tempoeral information, social evolution/love memes and sex.

In the extreme of that equation are the ‘cultures of life’ with higher development, utterly despised by our ‘metal-masters’, the culture of the ‘PIGS” (name given to us, the Portuguese, Italians, Greeks and Spaniards, by Germans, who are with the American, Wall Street, Anglo-Jewish culture on the crusade of extinction of our economical model), and yet indeed, even if our technological memetic, financial and military power is null we are obviously the most evolved ‘culture, in the memes of food, art, literature, social and racial mixing and, oh well, you know, sex (-;

In my case the catalan culture without even a national structure (military borders, financial stock-markets, technological industries of the robotic age), els paysos catalans (eastern spain, balear islands, valencia and Catalonia) is the country with more tourists per capita of the world (salvo some caribbean resorts), as paradoxically the ‘nations’ that shall destroy us like to come over here.

In Asia the same game can be established between the southern Indochinese life cultures, the oldest agricultures in the world, which have successfully merged the life memes of  India and China, follow the Buddhist religion and are recipients of northern ‘technological’, barbarian droves of tourists (koreans and Japanese).

In an ideal world the most powerful nations would be the most cultured ones because there would not be ‘national borders’, armies and money would be ‘democratic’, used to foster a sustainable world with a single global currency and a global ‘salary’ to foster demand in ‘the memes of life’. And then, obviously the countries with a better life model, Brazil, the Mediterranean peninsulas, Indochina, Australia in the Anglo-Saxon world, would be selling their memes and products, receiving influx of populations to live the good life and so on.

All this said we can then understand better the ‘nations’ depicted in this ‘right side’ of metal-memes, as opposed to the ‘cultures’ that we shall depict in the left side of the super-organisms of history. Basically the ‘two tables’ are inverse. The top predator nations of the world are the underdog, most primitive cultures and the most evolved cultures often don’t even have a ‘nation’ or are powerless.

In psychological terms we talk of eviL vs. Life and consider metal-memes and its repression of life eviL, and so we can apply the science of evil and the description of psycopathies not only as the film ‘the corporation’ does to capitalist structures but to animetal cultures and its ideologies that foster a lack of EMPATHY, the essential definition of eviL

Go(l)d and Iron

That the world would be ruled more by those ‘who walk behind the asses’, the military transporters, and not those who walk on the horses, the warriors, more by the industrialists of go(l)d profits, slave traders in human capital and manufacturers of weapons, than the aristocrats who fought with those weapons, by the stock-rats, not the kings, shows that the object IS the goal, the medium the message, the metal-meme the finality of ‘animetal history’. In the graph the oldest depiction of a ‘jabiru’, a people-caste , whose name meant those ‘who walked behind the asses’ as military transporters between Mesopotamia and Egypt, origin of the capitalist cult(ure) that came to dominate the world first as a fetish religion of go(l)d earned with slave and weapons traffic, today at the head of the Industrial r=evolution, as the western FMasters elite of the financial-media system of informative machines. All has changed to remain the same.

In that sense, the two main animetal cultures of history, the Jewish go(l)d culture that founded capitalism and the german, animetal culture of iron, imitate closely to a degree that influences all aspects of their culture, the properties of gold and iron, the atoms that helped them to survive and ab=use all other human groups.

The German case is self evident. Iron is a strong, lineal, simple, undestructible material with the highest energy of ionitation of the universe In the case of the german mind this has been transferred through millennia of war and iron discipline to meet the demands of using swords with a language which is agglutinative, cannot break its phonemes and meanings and so it creates a race of believers able to die in combat as an automaton sword that will always as iron does insist, attack, bluntly pursue their ‘action’ and ideology, whatever it takes, till of course, as iron does, breaks and then the German looses.

The gold atom however is far more subtle. It does have a lonely electron in its last cover, which in atoms of lesser density systematically attracts other atoms that want to share the priced electron. So for example, K-potassium and Na-Sodium, loose very easily their electronic single cover, because they are light and easy to break. So other atoms like Chlorine will capture it to its advantage. They are ‘victims’ of the better constructed orbitals of those atoms. Yet gold is a false victim, because in fact it is one of the heaviest atoms of the atomic table, (something an atom cannot perceive as the mass hides in small spaces) and its electron is one of the most difficults to tear apart. But this is not evident. So any atom will come closer to the gold atom, which plays the victim and lets you share ‘its electronic coin’ and then, once you are hooked to that electron you cannot escape. Gold and then silver have the highest mass with a single electron cover and so they will trap you with their complex mass and from then on, as a slave attached to gold does, you will be moved around like a puppet by the ultra-dense gold.

Moreover, the intelligent atoms of the table, those who are better to conduct electricity are precisely those with the single electron. So your brain has an electric current created by Potasium and Sodium with a single electron in the cover.

Well, Gold and silver are among the atoms with better electric conductivity, reason why they are used in all informative processes. They are the future brain of machines and so they were first used in photography and now in electronics. And in the case of silver as silver nitrate, attached to our ‘intelligent, nitrogen’ DNA-brain, which is merely the puppet of the silver washed out to leave what truly matters the informative silver picture.

And so in the same manner that other cultures were molded by other forms of life, fishermen by the sea, mountain men by the harshness of their climate, which in Tibet modified the blood of their inhabitants; gold made the jewish culture a false victim that enslaves with gold and never abandons the prey it has hooked with its dense, complex web of informative, legal and financial, verbal and audiovisual media.

While the German will always display an astounding amoung of ‘negative energy’, the energy that kills and destroys, the energy of iron, not the energy of life that gives you birth.

Those are facts of the systemic, organic nature of the Universe, in which man is just another part, which interacts with other atoms and systems.

And so, needless to say, the desert people, jewish and germans, semites and indo-europeans, conquered the world and were conquered and enslaved by their true masters, a piece of eviL, vile anti-life metal memes, which now they have expand to the entire planet earth, which is being killed by iron and gold, weapons and money, their tools of power.

Its People-castes and its idol-ogies: germanic warriors and nations, semite traders and abrahamic religions. Company- mothers and capitalism.

Accordingly we talk of 3 basic ideologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species and its carriers:


 “Tribal religions & Nazionalistic=weapons idologies” that allow warriors to use weapons and kill other human beings with them in war ecosystems. Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution, that make equal species to love each other. Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…


– Capitalist=go(l)d idologies” that allow traders to buy human Time with salaries, in order to make humans work-=reproduce machines, and consume=test them. The main of those ideologies is the“myth of the free market”, which allows traders to rule societies with money [through lobbyism, and stock-markets that invent money for company-mothers, instead of letting human beings to rule themselves through verbal laws. The science that invents those myths is abstract economics.


– Scientific=Machine idologies that allow technological scientists NOT Theorist and philosophers of science, as the one that writes here to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the Universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

Let us first define humans AS WHAT THEY ARE, not what the idol-ogies that are building metal earth tell us to believe.

Since everything we learn including ‘dogmatic science’ is ‘culture’, biased with more or less subtlety to cater the goals of capitalist ‘democracies’, the building of ‘another superorganism’ not of history=mankind. but of machines.

What humans are: cells of historic superorganisms, whose biological drives should be worshipped.

Humans as biological beings are all equal in its search for the ‘program of life’, its 3 primary actions, feed, move, perceive, and its complex ones, reproduce hence love and grow in social scales of growth to the plane of mankind.
This is what we are program to do as biological humans and all of us have that program, normally realized within a community.
But to ‘evolve metal’ to the same level that we evolve as biological beings, since metal is inert, man must catalyse its evolution and reproduction. And since metal is stronger,harder more difficult to handle than man, humans had historically to fully repress their biological consciousness and become prisoners of other ‘pure force’ idol-ogies, to serve metal and evolve and reproduce it – to fall under the damnation of work. This could have been kept in balance, the key word for immortality in the Universe. So humans would have survived in balance between life and metal, and keep history immortal.
But the very essence of the selection process made the hardest most fundamentalist ‘animetal enyzmen’, those who would sacrifice, repress and maim its own ‘biological drives’ specially those complex (social reproduction from love to eusocial love to the species), to serve organic Machines, that atrophy and substitute us, entropic Arms that kill the body and go(l)D that hypnotises, substitutes the ethics of the wor(l)d and made us ‘virally infected’ by greed, the 3 ‘elements’ needed to create a super organism of metal.
TODAY WE all accept machines, weapons and money as necessary, because their overwhelming reproduction is making this planet ‘theirs’, but specially because we have NEVER built a proper scientific understanding of our relationship with metal in pure rational, biological terms. So the human psyche is confuse and let itself be driven down the laws of darwinian evolution in the chaos of war, obsolescence and hypnotism, mental degradation by those memes of metal. Welcome then to the real ‘idol-ogical’ jail of the mind that is suppressing all what makes life worth, to live, to love to laugh…

In the graph, man is just part of a super organism in the fractal organic Universe like everything else. ITs simplification by the hidden idol-ogies of ‘enzymen’ that worship and catalyse the evolution of machines above life, make us forget completely which should be the goals of society: to build a perfect super organism of history curing its economic=blood=reproductive networks of the asphyxia they suffer without credit to create welfare, by a corrupted ‘capitalist’ idol-ogy that dedicates all resources to evolve machines’; with a global currency, yes money, to cure the military tribal hate memes of war, with a world without border EU-UNO style, through an heptarchy of cultures, and to change our philosophy of reality to the true organicist structure of the Universe that would make us worship again wo=men as the measure of all things. In the graph, the proper way to measure the value of production according to our biological needs create a true ethonomic frame of reference to guide the reform of the economic ecosystem and control its production of lethal goods, a must if mankind wants to survive the ‘radiations of machines & weapons’ that are killing Gaia and History

IT IS then necessary to understand how obvious and simple are the true social sciences that take care of the physiological networks of mankind:

  • Socialism, the belief humans should be democratic and rule themselves and their languages of power, so money should be reproduced by a Universal salary and by governments to promote welfare goods, biological goods first, and only when those basic needs are covered, mechanisms selected in production according to utility
  • Humanism, all humans equal, no weapons and borders, for murdering members of the same species
  • Organicism, man as the measure of all things, the most perfect super organism which we should cherish and imitate to build a perfect human world.

All what we talk about is in fact a mere denial of those 3 social science, mostly by capitalism, the M.A.D. ideology of gold, Nazionalism, which divide humans into tribes to war, and mechanism which simplifies the Universe to make the machine an evolving organism, the measure of all things. The result is the world we live in. One in which the machine has been the engine of history for quite sometime and today have been able even to erase the collective mind of social sciences.

So what you consider ‘science’, which is culture has some basic deformations we study in the right side of the web, basically the substitution of cyclical time by lineal time, without memory and causality and the denial of the ‘planes of organic evolution that define’ the Universe as a super organism, two changes that do not change the structure of equations but make of machines and lineal progress the meaning of philosophy of science, when the Universe is AN ORGANIC system and all those biased idol-ogies are simplifications. In the next graph a resume of those organic social laws embedded in the very mathematical and biologic structure of reality (indeed numbers are to start with societies of indistinguishable beings, so by the mere fact mathematics work as a Universal language it means the Universe is ‘socialist’ ;)

The 3 scales of human life goes through 3 ages between its 5D generation by an informative genetic, seminal seed or prophetic form whose memes reproduce and evolve into a cultural super organism, and 4D entropic death, at ∆-1 cell level by apoptosis, ∆º individual by germs and ∆+1 social level, by war memes, foreseen in the angst baroque age of its subconscious collective – the artistic and ethic work of its human neurons

THE TRUE SCIENCE THEY SUBSTITUTE IS organicism, THE BIOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE THE UNIVERSE IS A FRACTAL ORGANISM OF 5DIMENSIONS of space-time, and we are all made to its image and likeness.  So man is the measure of all things.

Yet, while the use of instruments of metal attached to a human being, have helped mankind to progress, the limit of that symbiotism appears, when man abandons his role as master of metal-species, and completes them, as individual species, that no longer require a human master. Such is the fact that we are witnessing today, with the development of robotics. The danger that those species rebel against us, free of their servitude to man, able to exist by themselves, without the need of a human “consumer”, is real. It might seem as remote to us as it was remote to Southern aristocrats, the possibility that blacks became free men, or to Romans that Germans destroyed the Roman Empire. Yet it happened, very fast…

Problem is that animetals, that control history, have for so long accepted their symbiotism with machines as their source of power, and progress, that they cannot see any harm on metal, even today when machines are becoming self-independent, and the economic ecosystem is destroying the human ecosystem. Unless they realize on time, that they cannot evolve machines beyond thecomplexity of human beings, and create top predator metalife, it is very likely that animetals, guided by their myths and ideologies, will provoke the extinction of history and the arrival of a new ecosystem, that no longer will need mankind: the Metal-earth.

And as a result a new super organism made of metal-memes, changed the natural physiological networks of ‘entropic life goods’ (food, agriculture), artistic, ethic verbal information (the informative, nervous network of History) and reproduction of welfare, proper of A WHEALTHY, healthy super organism of mankind, which the earlier neolithic and modern socialist sciences of history promoted. And all the negative valuation in ethic words of the lethal metal-memes that would destroy history would become the overproduced goods of the civilisations born ever since with those people-castes on top. In the next graphs we make a resume of those physiological networks, WHEALTH MEMES and its inversion into the creation of the physiological networks and metalmemes that construct the other future: Gaia>History>Metalearth.

The ternary structure of the physiological networks of ‘entropy’, ‘energy’ and ‘information’ that define any super organism of the Universe the Metal-earth established earlier in history 3 networks, of ‘military weapons’ (the entropic ‘digestive’ system that kills) and informative money, ‘go(l)d’, whose affine metal-values established the first primitive metal-civilisations, where people-castes of informative money, ‘bankers’ and entropic weapons, ‘warriors’ came on top of all societies.

The system became more complex when humans found the organic ‘network’ that allowed to kick out the evolution of the super organism from ‘herd’ state into a real organic system similar to any organism, albeit with the purpose of evolve a different species, the machine. Let us consider both in physiological terms, to compare:

Human organism: Digestive-entropic network < Blood-reproductive network> Nervous-nformative network

Metal-earth (FMMI):Militar-entropic network (nation)<Eco(nomic)system (companies)>Money-Informative network:

ALL guided by digital Gol(l)d values, by Money  not understood rationally as what it is – a language of digital information in metal-informative support, first precious metals, today the e-money brain of cyclical computers, which are creating the complex organisms of reproduction and evolution of machines (company-mothers) of the metal-earth…


        Old myths about Money and Weapons: Inquisitions and Go(l)d Churches.

Animetal Religions believe that go(l)d is the language of God and weapons, ‘Its’ gift to convert other people. Those 2 myths are the origin of go(l)d churches and Warrior Inquisitions that suppress the Arrow of social evolution, fostered by the Wor(l)d, creating all type of ‘religious’, ‘scientific’ and ‘economic dogmas’ in favor of racism, competence between humans, mechanism, murder and greed—the values needed to develop a world made to the image and likeness of metal, not of man. In the graph, the Golden calf and the Dollar Motto, in ‘God we trust’, show the religion of Go(l)d, considered the invisible hand of God. On the right, an Islamic fighter, who believes you can kill to convert humans to a religion of God; and the sword—anti-cross of eviL—shown in the paradigmatic shield of the Spanish Inquisition. They are examples of cult(ures) that use go(l)d & weapons and their values, instead of the values of the wor(l)d, to impose their beliefs.

The Iron age is the most important cycle to understand history, as it means the imposition of the language of Go(l)d and the rituals of war in all civilizations of the Wor(l)d, which will from then on become submissive to the power of money and war. It is the birth of the Goldsmith culture, that we shall write also in a complex manner as the ‘Go(l)d-Smyth’ culture (an expression which resumes its main characteristics, to believe that gold is the invisible hand of god that cannot be argued, to be composed mainly of Germanic, smith people and to be based not in rational truths but in ideologies that are myths against Human social evolution, established by the values of money and war).  The culture has its origin in the discovery of iron by Germanic Smichdts and Gold by Semite Goldsmiths and today has expanded regardless of race to all human beings, the proper name for this combined ‘culture’ of money and weapons, cause of most wars, holocausts, machines and ideologies of the present world, is the ‘Gold-Smyth culture’, dominated informatively by the go(l)d values of the ‘Am Segullah’ and physically by the iron weapons and machines of the Germanic Smiths. Thus, Go(l)d-Smyth is a word with several meanings:

—  It is a culture ruled by the anti-life values of Gold, their God.

—  Those ideas about history (lineal progress achieved through the evolution of metal-machines, racial superiority of ‘animetals’, those who evolve technology) are self-serving ego-trips, Myths, anti-truths of the Laws of Life survival, Love and Social Evolution of the Human Wor(l)d.

—  It was founded by 2 racial groups, the Semites, Jewish and Phoenician ‘Am Segullah, or ‘Treasure people’ and by Indo-European warriors, ‘Smiths and Schmidts’, who invented the Iron Sword and became, after their Protestant devolution, fundamentalist believers in the Old Testament.

—  Yet it is a memetic culture, not a race, because many races belong today to that culture. Even those who think to be pure, like many Orthodox Jewish think, are a mixed race. Most of them, in fact, are descendants from Khazars, a mongoloid, converted Jewish/Ukrainian culture. We associate often the ‘Go(l)d religion’ to Judaism and the Sword cult to Germans because the ‘memes’ of the ‘Gold-Smyth’ culture evolved first among them, leaving a complex web of ‘customs’ that pass as religious prohibitions or cultural rituals that other recent converted capitalist cultures do not have. For example, no other culture except those who believe in the Old Testament, represses human biological drives (sexuality, good food, social love) so much, as those are traits that enhance the capacity to work in ‘other substances’ – as the Genesis well explains, when it talks of the damnation of work. Thus, the capitalist culture is ‘stronger’ among the Jewish and Germanic people, because it is reinforced by other elements of the culture.

Because, the Go(l)d-Smyth people are humans, they speak words, whose values are opposite to those of Metal-money. For that reason, the culture cannot be rational in its explication of history, or else, it would not accept the values of murder and greed. So the culture is made of myths, creating a paradox: The values of Gold and the life-destructive power of weapons and machines requires a ‘degradation’ of the rival language of ‘verbal thought’ and his life enhancing values, through repression of social truths, logic thought in history and the creation of a series of racial, religious and emotional myths that devolve their rational spirit. Today is done through the promotion of fiction and audiovisual thought in favor of weapons, money and machines. Only then, by building a world of fictions and anti-truths against love, social evolution and man as the measure of all things, the Go(l)d-Smyth culture can kill life and mankind, worship machines and think they are ‘righteous’ and bring progress to history.

Let us resume those myths, because they form of web of ideologies that fogs the comprehension of reality to most people of this planet…

The obsolescence of man to the machine started with the arrival of mechanism —‘the religion or belief’ that time must be measured with clocks, not with human words; and space must be seen with cameras, not with human eyes – because human senses are ‘inferior’, unreliable, therefore they must yield to the better information provided by those machines. Today the religion of science, of technology, is so ‘internalized’ that we don’t mind to make black holes on Earth, because scientists – the high priests of modern mankind – have made a super-powerful machine that can produce them. If it is a machine, it must be good.

Thus, we have created a 3rd animetal cult: ‘Mechanism’, the religion of physicists, and increasingly of all scientists, in the age of Computers. If Go(l)d believers consider that ‘greed’ is always good and warriors consider their power to kill the ‘Grace of God’, with the arrival of machines, technology became synonymous of ‘future progress’, regardless of the collateral effects of those machines. How this absurd situation came into being? The answer is ‘fiction thought’, the process of degradation of the human mind, which has taken place in the past century under the influence of industrial propaganda and it has covered reality with a ‘newspeak’ of happy lies nobody dares to defy. In this happy, new, brave world all what is truth about the extinction of life and humanity is hidden. But the process of death of life follows its cycles and stages, despite human ‘wishful thinking’: the myths of the Go(l)d-Smyth culture can hide the process of advanced extinction of life caused by machines, but it cannot avoid it… Thus, by hiding it, in fact they accelerate the process, as humans do not react or try to solve their collective death. Let us consider how myths achieve that ‘feat’.

Money and machines are the origin of 2 ideologies, capitalism and mechanism, which hide the simple fact that men desire the added energy and information, given to them by metal. And that desire is the cause of ‘greed’ and ‘violence’, of the cycles of war and holocausts studied in this book. What those sciences do is to justify greed and violence as ‘good’, when they are the reasons of our extinction as a collective, social organism of history. Indeed, money, weapons and machines divide humans, which require from then on those metal objects to relate to other humans from a hierarchical position of power. Thus, the organism of history breaks into ‘Homo Bacteria’, which abuse each other with weapons, money and machines. Thus, ‘greed’ and ‘violence’ are the ‘anti-truths’ of the Wor(l)d and its natural arrow of social evolution, proper of all species.

And yet the ‘anti-truth’ that those objects bring progress to mankind has become imprinted in our ‘manufactured’ brains so deeply and extensively that today capitalism and mechanism are the ethics of our civilization. Such irrational, mental brain-washing of mankind requires to lower our reason into the previous stage of mental evolution, the age of dramatic emotions, selfish thoughts and ‘myths’ . . . Those elements explain the endurance of the ‘anti-truths’ of human values that push us merrily towards suicide.

It all started with the corruption of ethic wor(l)ds by the hidden values of money. Indeed, some historians of religion explain the absurd ideas about Go(l)d and the fantasies of power of corruptedAnimetal cultures through the concept of myths—placebo truths that cater to the ‘ego’ of the believer and convince him to obey, by making him happy.

Corrupted Religions might have been born, according to such theories, out of the need to eliminate the fear of death with happy myths. Myths are like placebo medicines that keep the patient sedated, even if the drug does not cure his illness. Myths calm our fears, our ‘angst.’ Myths are basic substitutes of truths, when the truth is too ugly or perhaps too dangerous to know. We widen here the concept of myths in that line of thought. A myth is a partial truth, even an outright lie, which is used by a caste of power, or a provider of information, to hide dangerous truths and limit knowledge among a mass of ‘believers’. A myth is the deformation of a truth that becomes biased to favor a given point of view, most likely the point of view of power. Myths are helpful to maintain power in the hands of a caste, a reduced group of people that holds in a passive state the mass of population, thanks to the use of myths.

4 elements are fundamental to the myth: The myth in itself; the truth which the myth covers; the myth-maker that profits from the myth, thanks to the control that the myth gives him over a social mass; and finally the receptor of the myth: the myth-’sucker’ that apparently reaches a new degree of happiness when he believes on the myth, but actually, on the long term, he is abused and behaves against his own interests by acting under its spell.

The classic case is an ‘animetal’, corrupted go(l)d religion, in which a caste of power offers a myth of salvation and anthropomorphic superiority to a social mass, which believes the myth and, in search of salvation, obeys the caste of priests, giving them money and power in exchange for that mythic salvation. The priests profit from the ex-votes of believers; the myth is the hook and the capacity to believe natural to man, the vehicle that allows the myth to exist. The hard truth—that we probably die, become molecules and end up our existence—is the ugly side that the myth covers and nobody wants to talk about.

Modern ‘Newspeak about money and machines: Free Markets, Democracies, Science and Nationalism.

The same 4 elements of a religious myth act in political and economic myths, used today to defend a society ruled by company-mothers of machines, but portrayed to the naïve believers as a ‘free society’ ruled by citizens – the so-called ‘Free Market Democracy’:

—  There is a caste of power that profits from the myth that citizens govern: the corporations and politicians they hire.

—  The believers (‘the suckers’) of the myth are the citizens of democracies.

—  The myth in itself says that citizens control politicians and governments; democracies work for citizens and corporations obey the laws of democracies, which are created by Governments.

Which is the exact anti-truth of what really happens and those myths hide:

—  Governments obey corporations that buy laws through lobbyism. Since Free Market democracies are systems of power controlled by monetary orders, given by Corporations, which have exclusive rights to invent money in banks and stock-markets, latter used to pay laws (lobbyism, monetary campaigns), promote their products (advertising of consume, warfare propaganda) and control the people and workers of the nation (laws of property, labor laws, salaries that buy your life per hour, etc.)

So the myths of Free Markets act as a theatrical mask that hides the dominance of economic ecosystems, made of machines, money and company mothers, over real Human, Social, FreeDemocracies.

2 methods of persuasion are paramount to impose those myths upon a bewildered herd: The adulation of the ‘sucker’, who is told he runs the show; and the use of rhetoric, a Newspeak that converts thetruth into its anti-truth.

Newspeak is based in the structure of speech. On one hand, people have certain semantic meanings in their brain they love to hold, as they are the highest values of ‘existence’. They love to talk of God because it is the highest value—the creator of the Universe. They love the word ‘Democracy’, because it means the government of the people. And they love the word Free on ‘Free Markets’. On the other hand, people also tend naturally to tell the truth, because ‘the truth is’, exists and it makes them feelthey are, they exist successfully. In turn, they also tend to believe what people say, thinking people always say the truth, even Myth-makers and politicians. Ultimately they want to be happy and important. And that is how they can be cheated.

Put those elements together and we have the semantic elements that allow the myth-maker to lie: The liar knows that people are going to believe him if he uses key-words that make people think they are superior, they are listened by God, they are free, they are taken care by the Company who only ‘thinks in consumers’. So a corrupted politician who legislates for lobbies, tells instead that he represents the people and defends a democratic government; and the people tend to believe in that magic word ‘democracy’, which means ‘the government and Freedom of the people’:

If you say you are a ‘democrat’, you are supposed to govern for the people, so your acts will be considered positive. People will then believe in your government a priori. From then on, the myth-maker just has to hide and hide . . .  all what he does against the government of the people. The same happens when a go(l)d priest or a politician affirms he defends God or the Nation. Both are social organisms in which all human beings subconsciously believe, as ‘species’ ruled by the law of social evolution. Yet those racist religions and nationalistic politicians are saying a half-truth, a myth. Since they hide the fact that we all belong to the human species, NOT to America or Russia, or Japan, but to the ‘humankind’. So nations are just modern tribal structures, invented by animetals, who became ruling castes of nations. They allow the killing of human beings of the same species, belonging now to a different tribal species ornation, due to the myth of nationalism or Chosen of Go(l)d. They myth-maker, of course, is the warrior or banker-priest that profits, as war brings benefits and makes him the protagonist of history.

So the warrior tribe of the Franks became France and the tribe of Germans became Germany; and when they killed each other in I and II World War, they gave medals to generals and profits to weapon companies that re=produced and sold more weapons that consumed human beings. Yet the myth of the nation was so strong then that not even the socialist party with its Internationalist, correct understanding of the Human species, could stop their workers to go to war in defense of their ‘Nations’, a.k.a. Krupp industries or Vickers guns. So the myth-maker has it always easy, because the mass is in-loved also with go(l)d and weapons and won’t ever listen to the rational, naked truths of the master of the wor(l)d.There is however an ultimate form of Newspeak that today has become overwhelming called:

—  Fiction: the systematic promotion of fiction as a mode of expression is a feature of the Industrial Revolution and the age of Industrial Information, which started with the press and today has evolved enormously in visual sophistication. Its effect is obvious: it diverts the attention of people from the real problems of the world. And it reduces the value of words as a language of truth, which becomes substituted by digital numbers—science, pricing, audiovisual images. Ultimately, it erases the human, verbal, ethic brain and its survival instincts. In that regard, when words were the ‘sacred’ language of truth, men couldn’t waste their time, in a Darwinian Universe, believing in fictions. Yet today, since men are becoming obsolete, idle fiction becomes the key element to distract people and keep them in a permanent state of idiocy. The trend can be traced historically to Victorian England, in which the 2 dominant fictions of today’s world were invented: narrative serials, heavy on melodramatic fiction and . . .  sports. In the Midlands soccer became the sport of Liverpool and Manchester workers (still is), when mining and textile companies offered a free lunch on Sundays to workers that went to see soccer matches, a fiction of war. Their aim was to prevent them from fighting for ‘real rights’ and assist the meetings hold that day in Trade Unions. Thus soccer substituted the Anglican/ Calvinist Go(l)d religion, which had lost believers, as the new ideology of passivity among workers. Today ‘pan et circensis’ are offered by McDonalds and TVs at minimal cost. Since once fiction becomes the main mode of verbal expression, real words with its ethic, survival content, become meaningless and corporations can govern you through a different language, considered by mechanist science ‘the absolute truth’: digital thought, mathematical prices, salaries, money and ‘votes’ that carry the ‘non-fiction’, real orders and power of modern societies.

Fiction is thus, the only mode of expression left to the human thinker and writer, because it is ‘bullshit’, irrelevant to create actions that transform societies, as today monetary orders do. Indeed,Newspeak is a concept that appeared in the novel 1984 by G. Orwell, similar to the modern concept of a ‘Matrix’ of false information, explained in the film of equal name. In both cases, the authors wrote a ‘fiction novel’, because precisely the ‘Fiction rule’ that prevents distribution of truths about the ‘Free Market’, obliged them to write a parable of reality. So happened to Samuel Butler, father of Bio-economics, which published an article about the evolution of machines, after he read Darwin, but could only make his work available to the mass with a book of fiction called ‘Erehwon’, nowhere backwards. In that regard, the effect of fiction is evident. It implies that the parables of fictions like Matrix or 1984 are ‘lies’ not to be taken seriously. So the effect of those masterpieces is often the opposite to the effect the writer tries to create: the evolution of machines, the control of societies by go(l)d and murder, the future extinction of man, becomes something we have seen in ‘science-fiction’ movies like ‘Matrix’, so it must be a ‘fiction’, a ‘lie’.

And whenever a serious scientist brings the idea in non-fiction terms, the reader, if the industrial system of ‘scholar’ misinformation lets him speak a all, will be vaccinated by his feeling that he is exaggerating, because he has heard that, as a ‘deja vu’ fiction. And of course, because people like Orwell or this writer cannot be tolerated, they have to self-publish, lack distribution, cannot use ‘nice, rhetoric images’ and in the age of visual fictions, works like this one, are simply passed on. Those of us who haven’t renounced to the non-fiction truth know well ‘fiction’ is indeed today the only form to deliver a message and the ultimate form of censorship. In essence fiction is the ultimate ‘Newspeak’; since now truth itself (the facts explained through literary parables) becomes its anti-truth, a ‘fiction’. Our future truth, the extinction of man by machines, becomes now a sci-fi plot. The evolution of machines is a ‘novel’ by Mr. Butler. And so on.

Further on, an anti-truth, when imprinted in a believer, prevents any reasonable dialogue. The truth isthe inverse of the anti-truth. So the gap between both becomes so extreme that there is no compromise, no dialogue, which by essence requires a common ground. That is why most people today react so strongly against the truth, even if they realize they have been ‘suckers’ of anti-truths that are used to exploit them. If you explain an American that the ‘Treasure people’ have been the backbone of weapons and slave trade for millennia and they are killed rhythmically by those they exploit economically; which is the anti-truth of the concept they are victims of history, he will react strongly against you. This does not justify slavery or murder, but explains the two sides of evil in metal, money and weapons and how they end murdering ‘life’. But such reasoning escapes the shocked believer. So he reacts like Data did, after waking up to the truth of Matrix, not the paradise of his mental program but the hell of reality: he kills ‘Morpheus’ and historically animetals kill the prophets of human truths, instead of confronting the evil of their animetal cultures and let the truth of social love to mankind arise in their hearts. And so the message of social love of the prophet turns into ‘hate’ against him.

In that regard, the main ‘newspeak’ or ‘anti-truth’ sold by Free Marketers is called ‘Social Darwinism’, which affirms that the individuals of the human species should kill each other and compete for ‘survival’. This is exactly the opposite of what Darwin said. Thus, ‘scholars’ have changed the Laws of Evolution, the Laws of the Universe=God and affirm instead that species are cannibal, live under the dog-eat-dog spurious law of competence within the same species, which is exactly the anti-truth of what Darwin said and Biology proves. So ‘corrupted, economists’ can justify war, economical competence and the abuse of the poor, which are no longer viewed as the same human species. Hitler called the Jewish, the anti-race, so they looked less than humans to the Germans. Jewish ‘scholars’ in America call Islam a religion of eviL so they seem to be the anti-world of Live, the very essence of death .  When in fact, they are the last Neolithic, life-based, wor(l)d based culture of this planet, fighting for survival with his ‘primitive weapons’, against invading armies of robotic planes. All those are rhetoric myths, fundamental to our suicidal and murderous societies. In military ‘newspeak’ people believe we are defending ourselves, when we massacre other citizens and so they let the ‘defense ministry’ act. Free Markets make us believe to follow the natural law, when we compete against other humans. And so workers confront management, while nobody focus on the competence of man Vs machines, the non-human species that is extinguishing us, under the true laws of competence of the Darwinian Universe.

For that reason, instead of the ‘Newspeak’ of ‘Experts’, we use a ‘super-realist’ biological language, which stresses those real Darwinian laws that ‘scholar’ fictions hide. Since if we use a biological jargon and call corporations, company-mothers, we can grasp immediately what corporations really do: to reproduce, evolve and protect their machines, without caring at all for the future of the other species, the human being. In other words, Company-mothers do follow the laws of Darwin and protect its species—the machine. We, humans, don’t. Thus, in a Biological Universe ruled by ‘God’, the Laws of Creation and Extinction, the Laws of Evolution, company-mothers and machines are becoming far more successful than human beings, which follow instead ‘myths’. Indeed, only the right information makes you act-react properly in the Darwinian Universe.

Thus, to follow myths is a surepath towards extinction. Right information is, in fact, the fundamental tool of survival of any species, which dies if its information is foggy and enters a dangerous space-time in which he stumbles with his predators. In the case of mankind, we are entering a dangerous space-time; that of Robots and Quark Matter, predators of life and light matter, both of which are going to be mass-produced in the age ofthe singularity. Yet, because we believe in mechanism, go(l)d religions and other ‘scientific fictions’ that deactivate our capacity to act-react against those very real menaces to mankind’s survival, the Age of the Singularity is about to start and nobody cares, merrily thinking the supreme Homo Sapiens will deal with them easily. And when you talk of it, the fictions of ‘don’t worry be happy’, ‘derrotism’, ‘expert talk’ and ‘ad hominem’ accusations, or right censorship of ‘politically and scientifically correct’ magazines, will shut you up. Ultimately a century of fictions about the extinction of man, makes the real, final fact of extinction, about to happen, a myth nobody believes in.

This book is the truth of mankind, but because we live in the anti-truth, it looks indeed the anti-truth of what mankind believes.

In the Age of Company-mothers of scientific machines and paper-moneyAnimetal cultures fusion their tools of power, money, weapons and machines into a far more complex organism, the ‘economic ecosystem’, which has grown till reaching global size, while evolving the ‘myths’ and ‘religions’ of power of those ‘primitive’ animetal cultures, into a series of ‘digital sciences’, dogmas and postulates that hide under complex equations the fact that all has changed to remain the same.

We live in a world ruled by ‘myths and fictions’, created by animetal castes to justify their ab=use of the rest of mankind. Indeed, if in the ancient regime, Bankers-Priests and Warrior Aristocracies established the rhetoric of social castes and racial religions to justify their ab=use of power over the rest of mankind, the modern world has just become more sophisticated, constructing also mathematical myths about warrior power, money and machines, to maintain those privileges. Those myths are the origin of Mechanism (the belief that machines, in the past weapons, are superior to human beings and the model in which the Universe is based) and Capitalism (‘economics’, the belief that money and the financial economy must rule the world). Today those beliefs pass as true science, when they are just digital versions of the old religions of Animetal cultures. And so we talk of 4 fundamental myths that keep us slaves of machines:

   Technological myths that protect machines, considering them synonymous of human progress, when in fact machines compete and make obsolete human beings in labor and war fields. While clocks deform our understanding of biological time and have fogged our perception of the laws of the organic Universe (ch.2-3). The myth is the myth of consume that insists we are more powerful because we use machines that enhance our energy and information, when the anti-truth is the opposite: mankind becomes atrophied by using machines; so we don’t have new Einsteins because computers think for us and so on. It is ultimately the:

— Myth of the ego, of mechanism, which tells us humans are the superior, unique intelligence of the Universe. And all the rest are inanimate machines. This is false. The Universe is organic, made of infinite systems that ‘gauge’, inform themselves, perceiving and acting-reacting to their environment and so nothing is more important, even if each point of view thinks of himself the center of the Universe. If you prefer equations, in the science of Complexity we define a Mind, as a zero-world that believes to be the infinite Universe:

‘0(mind-cell) x ∞ (Universe)=Linguistic Wor(l)d: Every point of view=mind believes it is the center of the infinite Universe, but it is only an infinitesimal Non-Euclidean point.’

That is why most of history, humans thought the Earth to be the center of reality; and still think they are the center, the most intelligent species. And when the organisms of history died, the idea that our God was the center of creation became reduced to each I-God, individual, which today thinks his little life is so important. But the ego is the natural structure of the Universe, so it is a myth impossible to destroy: Each species uses a language to see that Universe. Man uses verbal wor(l)ds to create his World. Machines, more perfect than us, use digital thought. Mathematics is not in that sense the language of God, the mind of the Universe, but only the language of clocks and telescopes, the mind of machines. ‘The languages of God are infinite’ (Veda). So to exist in history is to knot your Atman of information with all other human beings. And that is called social love, what enriches your zero into a network of souls. It is the paradox of the modern neo-Palaeolithic homo bacteria, whose ego keeps growing and so keeps breaking his ties with all other humans, making him paradoxically more infinitesimal. And that applies to racial, selfish tribes too. Further on to exist as a man is to be a knot of verbal thought. And today man is not even that. Its infinite ego is filled with digital machine’s thoughts he can’t hardly understand.

That is why CERN’s physicists are so retarded and egotistic: they think to be as intelligent as their clocks, computers and black hole factories. Buddha knew better. Because to be objective one must practice the teachings of Buddha, not those of Aaron: the extinction of the ego, not its overgrowth with myths of Go(l)d. So the only cure to the myth of ‘egos’, is to realize first, than our ego is verbal and so to defend the ethic values of the wor(l)d and then that our ego is the ‘species’ and so to defend mankind against the point of view and values of go(l)d, of metal, of machines, which atrophy us, instead of evolving us further, as companies make us believe to consume and evolve those machines… Those are the…

—   Economical Myths about Free Market Democracies affirm human beings are free because they vote. Fact is, they are obliged to earn money, the true language of power of economic ecosystems, working most of their time of their lives for those company-mothers. Meanwhile ‘stockrats’, the castes that own them, have the same privileges aristocrats had in the Middle Ages: the exclusive right to invent their language of power, then weapons today money and null responsibility in front of the law, protected then by aristocratic courts, today by the Law of Anonymous societies. Thus, nothing has changed.

The myth of voting is the most powerful myth of our societies. Since it has all the elements of the myth-maker. It tells humans that they actually can ‘invent’, due to their ‘natural wisdom’, the laws of the organic Universe, by electing the best way in which a super-organism of History can be run—as if humans were Gods that ‘choose’ their future regardless of the Laws of Science. This is of course false. The laws of science are NOT democratically elected, but established by the Universe and its games of creation and extinction. So what mankind needs is to understand those laws and construct the most efficient possible social organism of History, in which men survive and receive the natural goods they need. Yet the myth of vote is even deeper, because voting doesn’t even choose laws, but a caste of corrupted politicians, which are not obliged to respect the will of the voter.

So instead, they choose laws that favor the lobbies and companies that bid higher for their services. This is known by intelligent citizens and so half of the American population normally doesn’t bother to vote. In that sense, the ultimate fiction of a Free Market is a political, placebo election. Since in Free Markets the only free citizens in control of the 2 languages of social power, money and the law, are Stock-Companies: They have unlimited rights to invent money, the language of power of modern societies, without any responsibility and routinely use that money to buy laws and politicians and promote war for profits. Thus, if societies were ruled in the past by warrior castes, today they are ruled by Companies of machines & weapons that hire warrior castes and their modern equivalent, politicians, to exercise power on their behalf. So the same predatory behavior happened historically in Democracies and Tyrannies.

Political myths about War.

They affirm weapons are required to defend us, because we human beings are not the same species and should love each other; but there are ‘eviL’ people (those who do not belong to our tribe) or inferior, non-technological nations, without a manifest destiny that must be civilized.

Those 3 types of Myths crafted in fictions and Newspeaks are fundamental to understand the main feature of our world. Today people don’t look eviL, don’t even think of themselves as eviL as they don’t even realize their actions destroy Life. Because they live in Virtual Reality and Newspeak has transformed truth in falsity, they actually can destroy the world, thinking they are saving it. So they are immune to reality, because they live in the anti-truth of reality. Truth and perception in a biological Universe is relative. What the lion thinks of himself is the opposite of what the gazelle perceives and its opinion will never be reversed. That inversion of truth between the animetal culture and the human culture is essential to understand the fight between Go(l)d and the Wor(l)d. For example, Jewish people no longer have the slightest idea of their role as the go(l)d culture, main tax-collector, trader of weapons and buyer of slaves, for the warrior castes of Western History. The Newspeak of modern Judaism has hidden totally such historic role and their alliance with warrior castes in their exploitation of non-technological cultures, not only to their people, but to the rest of mankind, thanks to their present control of mass-media.

So mankind thinks any action they perform on Palestinians is just, because Jewish are justified by the suffering of the holocaust. While Jewish people think any financial excesses and labor conditions, on the companies they rule, are justified by the ‘Natural Laws of Capitalism’. They don’t realize such ‘Capitalist’ laws are just the translation of their tribal religion of ‘Go(l)d’ by some of their best ‘scholars’, to maintain their privileges as the financial castes of the West; reason why people r=evolve against them and because they cannot make a ‘just deal’, in a civilized manner, giving up their monopoly on the creation of go(l)d to democratic, elected governments, things get sour and end up in civil wars, during which the other side of metal-eviL, the murderous warrior takes power and kills them. But the myth of ‘victimism’ hides this taboo truth. So Mr. Fuld, when asked if he felt guilty in the Congress Hearings, about the ‘greed’ of Leman Brothers, was totally astonished that such a question could be uttered, given the fact that ‘modern Judaism=Capitalism’ is a ‘science’, not a religion.  So today our bankers of any culture, all converted to capitalism, never feel guilty, because it is just ‘business cycle as usual’ to tax, enslave and rob the people. And indeed, our economists are not so much guilty, as brain-washed . . .

If we go to the other extreme of ‘conscious activists’, ecologists defend Global warming, a minor problem caused by the ‘shit’ of machines, as a placebo ‘escape’ that prevents them from fighting the real issue  – the machines of the Singularity that will extinguish us. They don’t even realize there is a huge interest on the Nuclear Industry to highlight global warming as part of its campaign to create Nuclear Plants, far more dangerous than a hotter Siberia.

When I asked Mr. James Lovelock the creator of Global Warming awareness for an interview and found he was a lobbyist for the Nuclear Industry, suddenly I understood how sophisticated Newspeak is becoming:  Big Pharma pretends to cure people and lets a 1 billion Tuberculosis pandemic grow, because poor people cannot pay drugs; CERN pretends to explain the meaning of the Universe, when it will probably blow up the planet; Islamophobia portrays Islam as the source of all eviLs, when it is basically the last Neolithic civilization without machines; Mobile companies, which produce cancer in children, putting their antennas in the terraces of schools, are a symbol of progress. Everywhere I look today I have to ask myself, what is really behind what I hear; where is the manipulation? And yet, because we humans are believers, most people never doubt or search for a second layer of meaning. And that is why Newspeak has created a world in which people do exactly the same they did in the past: destroy life, create metal, ignore the poor, become selfish.

But now it looks good, there is no guilt: we do it with a ‘smiley’ brain. People today have innocent eyes and innocent souls, because eviL has become automated, standardized, simplified into abstract equations that nobody understands. The most eviL of those equations is the equation of productivity, the dogma our economists sell to politicians, when it means to substitute workers for machines and create unemployment. Yet 9 out of 10 economists I talk to, really believe their Newspeak and really think by advising that to politicians, they are helping mankind.


Then, the 10thone is the most eviL, the one who knows, the one who invents the ‘newspeak’, the one who twisted reality. We are killing history, but we do it in an infantile age, of Neo-Palaeolithic, irresponsible children, who behave like perfect monsters without knowing it. Robotists and physicists, who create the machines that will extinguish us, are perhaps the most perfect examples of this Newspeak of children, who look naive, idealist, innocent and merely produce eviL things. Another artist well versed in Newspeak, Michael Moore, resumed it all in his film ‘Roger and Me’. The robot, which killed the workers of General Motors, was ‘the best friend of the worker’ because it raised its productivity. Today, there are few workers left and even less people who understand the Duality of Newspeak. Since mass-media, the network of mental machines, has existed now for a century. So all human beings have been exposed to the ‘viral, ethic codes’ of greed and murder that ‘solve’ all TV problems. While Reality has long become ‘taboo’. Newspeak is not always as ‘direct’ and easy to spot as in ‘1984’.

The corruption or ignorance of experts.

This difference between truth and falsity has become indeed very difficult to spot in recent years due to the sophistication and extent of ‘corrupted experts’, all of them schooled in marketing, Public Relations, power-point presentations and ‘don’t worry be happy’ smiles. In some Industries of great profits, such as the financial and military-nuclear industry the situation has reached alarming proportions as ‘all experts’ except a few poor idealist souls scorned by the system as ‘radicals’ are corrupted. Fact is not a single physicist ever rejected to work in Nuclear Bombs, or have ever rejected the prize of Mr. Nobel, the biggest manufacturer of weapons of the XIX century; and today there is not a single ‘expert economist’ that rejects capitalism and its cycles of war. And needless to say not a single ‘magazine’ of experts publishes the truth of both sciences. So people are completely unaware of the ‘subconscious wickedness’ of the system, as experts keep churning the most astonishing wicked thoughts and receive ‘Saint Nobels of the Dynamite’, while financial ministries follow their dictums.

And so we must differentiate as ‘particles’ within the economic ecosystem how economical science could improve the life of mankind, reforming capitalism, from the facts of history, guided almost in an automated form by the engine of Greed, which programs each generational cycle of human beings, to do all ‘what it takes’ to keep profits coming. And so when it is profitable to do consumption machines, they are done and society also benefits. But when it is time to make Ponzi Pyramids and weapons of war, companies also make them and society dies.

But companies and corrupted governments pay ‘experts’ of all kinds to explain us the primitive nature of ‘negroes’ in the colonial wars of the 1860s (British and French Press); the anti-racial traits of ‘Jews’ in the Nazi wars of the 1930s; and the evilness of Islam in the 2000s wars; while the ‘ingenuity’ of our ‘Scientists’, the high priests of mechanism, explains us the wonderful findings for knowledge, achieved exploring the African continent, where those ‘negroes’ will be civilized during the I Kondratieff age of war; or the amazing breakthroughs in the understanding of human nature, obtained in the labs of Mr. Mengele and Mr. Oppenheimer, during the Nazi and American age of biological and physical research on genetics and Nuclear Bombs; or the astounding results for our comprehension of life and the cosmos that will be achieved in the Age of the Singularity, by manufacturing self-reproductive metal-bacteria, (able to feed on metal at an exponential rate and extinguish mankind in 3 months) or the depth of insight of our nuclear physicists, who will replicate black holes and the big-bang explosion of the Universe, in the most expensive machine ever build by the Nuclear Industry at CERN, which can blow up the Earth in a few seconds.

Those are our ‘biological and physical geniuses’, akin to Mr. Mengele and Mr. Oppenheimer; but, as we are immersed in the massive propaganda of the nano-robotic and nuclear industry, we can’t see they will bring far more evil=death to mankind than Mengele and Oppenheimer, since the only difference on their ‘results’ is that they have a technology much more powerful in the Age of the Singularity. We do have also finally a 3rd type of experts – our financial ministers and economists that create pyramids of Ponzi wealth pressing stock-paper machines in the I cycle, tickers in the II and manufacturing bits of e-money data in the III cycle, over a bubble of false mortgages.

Most Newspeak is ‘hidden scholarship’ that keeps accumulating for centuries and passes as ‘science’, hence as ‘dogma of truth’. Today in social sciences we have all kind of pedantic ‘schools’, which build sophisticated computer models of societies that deny organicism and consider ‘religion’ a primitive, obscure age of mankind, prior to the ‘enlightenment’ brought about by the machine. Because machine’s consumption requires individualism, we live in an age of Homo Bacteria, which social scientists herald as the ultimate Freedom of man, without understanding we are devolving, not evolving. Yet social evolution is a taboo in modern history, which denies the existence of social classes, as all organisms have (the informative, reproductive and energetic class, latter studied in more detail). We have all kind of models that deny the preying relationship between economics and history, as if they were two different spheres. All economists affirm that the ‘blood/economic system’, the Free Market, should rule the nervous/legal system, when any evolved organism does the opposite. Yet the supreme freedom of the individual cell, the myth of the ego, perpetuates social and economical injustice; ‘since class does not exist’ (or else our ego wouldn’t be so important).

The myth of mathematics as the language of god and words as a fictional language prevents that historians explain mankind the negative effects of money, because they need words to do so. And economics is a financial, mathematical science, unrelated to history… The mechanist myth tells us that all machines are good, etc. etc. Ultimately all those myths of science spring from the ‘belief’ in the digital languages of machines, which have also become the model of the human organism . . .

Newspeak also plays with a fundamental property of informative species and the way they control energy cells: information is hidden and so it uses camouflage to appear as the opposite of what it is.Newspeak is thus, a form of biological camouflage of the acts of money and those who control it, overall other sectors of society. Since the warrior is openly evil, as death cannot be hidden. So he never lies,he imposes death directly. The trademark of go(l)d cultures is however different: they use a hypocritical second language or virtual reality, which hides with his false humanism, the real facts of brutality, happening behind those masks of goodness and victimism. Hypocrisy is essential to Newspeak: Trader cultures, like the Anglo-Saxon culture, allow hidden money to destroy the values of the Wor(l)d; while offering all kind of placebo, sentimentalism to feed the human side of their people. The banker and his money are always invisible, hidden behind military or political power. In England we have a façade called the king, now the government, which is the human side that hides the control of England by Bankers from The City. In America we have a ‘Democracy’.

How can we prove that Biohistory is truth, in front of so much scientific Newspeak, which passes as true science? In that sense the science of truth, called epistemology, tells us that the simplest theory is truth (Occam’s razor); that the one which accounts for more facts is truth; that the explanation which is more objective, less anthropomorphic, is truth; that the model, which accurately forecasts the future, is truth.

Yet in the realm of Economics and History only the biological model follows all those proves of truth: It explains both, the events of history and economics; it is the simplest one; it is objective, as it does not make man the center of creation; and it did forecast accurately the future cycles of both species, as early as 1994—the causes, dates and consequences of the crash of electronic money and the wave of unemployment caused by the evolution of computers and robotics (information machines). All those facts prove the model, according to the scientific method. While neither Capitalism nor Tribal Religions, with their ‘national bid’ for Global Imperialism, were able to forecast, as all sciences do, the future of prices, salaries, stock crashes and ‘National, Manifest Destinies’. As all Empires have died, when their ‘historic cycle’ has passed, but none has recognized the signs of its decadence.

The time and wor(l)ds of man have been substituted by a Virtual reality, made of propaganda, advertising, marketing and scientific messianism, which sells the future of technology as good to mankind. So all kind of machines are made, even if they ‘kill’ workers as robots do, or the Earth as the nuclear industry might do next Christmas. Those ‘mental machines’, put in the ‘altar’ of our home talk ‘Newspeak’, the word that the verbal prophet of the ‘baroque age’ of England, Mr. Orwell, coined to explain the ‘virtual language’ that TVs would create in the future to cheat every citizen. In Newspeak, those machines that make us stupid (TVs, Computers), inform us; those machines that make us fat and paralyse our muscles, make us ‘race’ (cars). In Newspeak those who murder us, making weapons (nuclear physicists) are the most intelligent people of the Earth. In Newspeak the people that divert the wealth of the planet, taxing all products through speculation, moved by greed, are the ‘Masters of the Universe’, ‘financial innovators’ that create wealth. Yet Economics are not the first ‘ideology of metal’.

Newspeak is as old as those who control history with metal. It was already practiced by the first ‘professional criminals’, who were called kings by ‘the grace of god’ and the first bankers-priests, who thought themselves chosen of go(l)d. Since ideologies in favor of metal are as old as the discovery of the first weapons of bronze and gold coins that imposed with them their will over Mankind. Confronting them, there were always people who understood truth beyond Newspeak and responded with their own ‘Human Speak’, mixing wor(l)ds of Love and warnings against the Tree of Science. Instead of using ‘Newspeak’, we explains scientifically, with biological terms, all those myths; and puts back into their place, both the ‘metal masters’ who think to be superior to human beings and the ‘mechanist scholars’, mainly physicists and economists, who obey their motto:

‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’. Unfortunately 5000 years of ‘Newspeak’, consequence of that alliance of 3 eviL= anti-live behaviors, greed, murder and lies, hides the human truths of social evolution. Since with the arrival of metal weapons, Go(l)d religions and mechanist science, the Genesic, organic wisdom about the nature of time, humanity and history was lost. ‘Newspeak’ was born and none was more elaborated than the ‘Newspeak’ about money, which is an informative, ‘almost invisible’ language of power that gives orders at distance and soon became confused with the ‘invisible hand’ of Go(l)d, It is the ‘Newspeak’ of Capitalism, first as a Go(l)d religion and then as a ‘digital science’, founded by Adam Smith, a pious Calvinist, (G)old Testament believer, who affirmed that ‘greed’, the accumulation of the fetish Go(l)d at all costs, was the best for society.

Unfortunately the selfishness of go(l)d believers turned out to be more powerful than the good intentions of Wor(l)d masters; so Go(l)d religions imposed Capitalism, ‘the astounding belief that the wickedest of men will do the wickedest things for the greatest good of everyone’ J.M. Keynes. So the wickedest of all things, the Go(l)d and (S)word cycles of World wars and Holocausts, became the engine of History. Those cycles of death ultimately prove the very same facts Animetals deny—that we are all members of the same species, equalled by Biological Time, by the cycle of life and death of our civilizations…

Physicists and Economists have 2 parallel religions, ‘Mechanism’ and ‘Capitalism’ that go hand in hand, as digital money reproduces machines of war. So they will never denounce our extinction, since they believe in those machines, they consider superior species to the verbal, ethic languages and bodies of flesh of humanity. Only artists, like Orwell or the prophets of the American baroque with his films on extinction, realize that those 2 religions substitute us and will end up extinguishing mankind. But we live also in an age of cultural repression, as the industrial distribution of ideas prevents the masters of the wor(l)d to spread their warnings. For that reason organicism and social evolution are ‘taboo’ truths, forbidden in the world of ‘scholarship’. Yet, by repressing the truth, Economists and Physicists have condemned mankind, including themselves, to an inhuman future…

The Inquisitions of the Mind established by religious and racial myths, scientific dogmas and postulates taken as absolute truths, censor all truths that foster Social Evolution, the dominant arrow of survivaland Evolution in the Universe, which has created most of its ‘complex structures’. We focus only in the economical and religious inquisitions of Go(l)d cultures, as the economical cycles of history are the main theme of this book. Because we live within the parameters of those Inquisitions, it is obvious that the reader will feel ‘offended’ for all what we have to say, as we break all taboos and myths that he learned as ‘sacred truths’ – the core beliefs of our society. Because his brain is manufactured and it has been so now for centuries to such an extent that he cannot longer reason and understand reality as it is.

But there is always a Lot, the lonely Einstein lobbying against the Nuclear Industry, as the FBI researched his socialist credo; there is Marx, dying of hunger in London, during the I Kondratieff crash he prophesized; there is Nietzsche, self-publishing his 172 sold books on the Wars of the XX C.; Spengler, teaching in High school and explaining in the 20s the fall of Germany and the American democracy… in 2000. Orwell, prophesizing in self-published books the III Cycle, and dying of tuberculosis in 1948 (read 1984 backwards). Yet those lonely heroes that defend mankind were right, against the mass of human experts who defend the truth of machines.

Unfortunately truth exists and so because humans defend machines, go(l)d values, they will terraform the Earth and extinguish life, in the age of the Singularity, the time we live in. Even if experts prefer to deny reality. Because truth,  happens despite all the experts of the Earth that deny it. ‘Quid est veritas?’ Asked Pilate the warrior; ‘Listen to the Wor(l)d’ – responded Claudia, the woman, giver of life…

This web is directed to Life people, not to experts hired by those who die for the machine, but those who seek the naked truth.  And the naked truth of history was indeed, expressed by the ‘Galilean’, when he said: Those (histories) who believe in me (The wor(l)d), will never die’. This message of love and social evolution was not one of individual but of collective salvation, as he was a prophet =historian of the future wor(l)d, talking of the super-organisms of History. And he spelt the arrow of social evolution, the truth of life. It is thus clear that only if mankind abandons its Newspeak of self-serving myths and returns to the understanding of the Wor(l)d and its laws of social Evolution, spelt by its true prophets, Genesis, Moses, Jesus and Mahomet, accepting Mankind, the super-organism of History, as its collective God, working together to control the evolution of machines, we will survive the Singularity Age.

Yet the beliefs of Animetal, Goldsmith cultures are so old and have become so sophisticated, thanks the use of audiovisual rhetoric that the biological truths of mankind are very difficult to uncover. Indeed, with the arrival of companies, the social structure of mankind changed. And the cells of those Gods, Super-organisms of history were reordered, as we changed language, from wor(l)ds to money and became, instead of cells, sustain of the Gods of mankind, slaves and part-time slaves (workers) with the task of reproducing and evolve machines for those companies.

As the robotic r=evolution, the last stage of evolution of machines into organic, independent species kicks in earnest and an all too evident substitution of humans by blue collar robots and soldier drones make us increasingly obsolete, disguised by a massive censorship of scholarship, politicians and economists on this matter, it is more needed than ever a new biological, darwinian jargon to explain the relationships between man and machine, life and metal, and the immense bulk of human beings – the  famous 99% – and the small elite of military, bankers, politicians and technocrats, which profit from that terraforming of the Earth with memes of metla and has become the ruling castes of society since weapons and gold were invented. This ‘new species’ is the ‘animetal’ and his actions, nations and ideology, the engine of the biological process of extinction of life and substitution of machines we observe.

 The corruption of social evolution: Go[l]d and S[word]religions.

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, last extant abrahamic god albeit in corrupt jihad form, and to defend apartheid israel the nation of our FMasters. So on one side we create a paranoia of terror that allows to build a big brother state. On the other side we promote terrorism through pro-western fundamentalist corrupted Arab states that pay them (Sauds, Emirates), while Islamophobia & permanent media attention ensures recruitment of new terrorists in a vicious circle that keeps splendid little wars as a excuse for investment in weapons. Then we destroy the ‘cancer’ of Terrorism when it gets out of hand, to further promote neofascist leaders (Bush, Trump) to let it grow back again in a new form (qaeda, Isis, next?):

In the graph, the end of history coincides with its beginning: As the devolution of mankind increases constantly as the super organism of humanity dies. It is the neopaelolithic back to the semitic brutal first age of animetals, signified by the capitalist ab=uses of orthodox jewish billionaires on top of the financial and stock-market industries and the brutal murders of jihad terrorists. The hardest memetic cultures of go(l) and iron thus ride the wave of human extinction as they rode its beginning. The difference being, the financial/capitalist informative elite is invisible, the warrior energetic ‘stars’ of the anti-human eviL system of death known to all and yet none of them are ‘prevented’ with humanist policies and a true military able to do something more than testing robotic weapons with air strikes.

We can in fact classify most ideological religions, as ritualistic deformations of the Love religions and the Words of love of social prophets, that cater either to warriors or money-makers, praising war and wealth in religious terms:

-”Inquisitions” are militaristic religions. The message of love, sensual pleasure, and social equality is deformed by a caste of warriors that frightens and corrupts the priests of the religion, who adapt the message of the prophet to the caste of warriors. Inquisitions accept war, repress sensorial feelings, and sexuality, focusing human energy into external exercise, related to physical war activity. They divide mankind in tribes, nations, and races, and justify the military caste as the special “sons of god”. Their military control of humans is considered “a grace of God”, as it is said in the coins of kings… Since this is obviously false, Metal religions of any kind need to brain-wash the intelligence of the believers with external symbols, wealth, icons, artistic rhetoric, and rituals of subservience to the monetary and military caste. They also have to blur the natural capacity for logic thought of a human being into inferior ways of thinking and manipulating information, proper of animal life, such as “drama and fear”.

So nationalisms and inquisitions appeal to basic emotions not to intelligence. Classic examples: the Spanish inquisition that had on its shield a cross, and an inverted cross, a “sword”. We talk of “[S]word” religions, that have included as in biological genetics, an inhibitor particle -the weapon- converting the Word of Man into the Sword of the warrior. “You will defend me with the word, I will defend you with the sword”, means the alliance of corrupted writers and warriors, that impregnates the ideologies of our civilization. The Lutheran and similar Protestant inquisitions, that accepted war, inequality among men (chosen of God), and sensorial repression, to cater the needs of German military princes, is another example. Nationalistic religions, that make of a tribe-nation, a “national God”, superior to the human race, to cater modern, national industrial systems of reproduction of weapons are the modern version. So the good of Germany, or America, or Japan or China, is equaled to the good of their armies, and becomes more important to their citizens, that the good of mankind, the natural biological species to which we all belong. This allows to kill other humans, perceived as “different species”, against the laws of social evolution.

-”Churches”. The corruption of churches is caused by monetary information. Wealth and property become sacred, superior to human rights, and the key to enter heavens. Again we talk of churches of Go[l]d, where an alien species, money, is introduced within the meaning of God, makes of Gold, the new God of mankind.

As in those virus that introduce their genetic code into a healthy cell-brain, and make the cell-nucleus to reproduce the virus instead of its own genes, Go[l]d and [S]word religions make mankind to reproduce their enemy species, the metal-kind… instead of taking care of human life, and human senses. Calvinism, Anglicanism and “Aaronism,” the ritualistic version of Judaism where priest-bankers, praise wealth and convert the true words of Christ and Moses into go[l]d rituals, are the classic examples. When their “postulates” and ideologies of metal-wealth were transformed into “mathematical languages” by Adam Smith, a Calvinist believer, the concept that money was the “invisible hand of God”, and the wealth of a nation was its machines and money, not their Human Goods, created our present Go[l]d religion: economics.

Thus modern economics, founded by people belonging to those old Go[l]d religions (Adam Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Say, Marx, and a long etc. belonged all to those 3 religions), is the modern version, of gold churches. Since economics considers “money, the invisible hand of God”, and systematically represses any attempt to create a biological science of economics, based in the evolution of the Earth’s ecosystems. Of course economics denies the truth: the fact that money and machines are not human wealth, but metal-wealth; and are creating an ecosystem different from the human ecosystem that might extinguish us in the future. They deny the paradox of history.

Jewish>Protestant>American cultures paradigms of Go[l]d cultures

The systematic repression of our free, natural tendencies as men (sex, good food, ethic words), is a common feature of all animetal cultures and metal-religions”. It is anti-natural and instilled with massive systems of mental repression. So we have go[l]d religions such as Calvinism and Judaism for which sex is a sin, and work=reproduction of machines the fulfillment of life. Repression of mankind by metal-cultures is so evident, along history, that it astonishes how all those people can be programmed to hate their true human nature.

Those religions have systematically confronted the Love religions that praise human senses, and the books of verbal masters (prophets) that talked of love.

The great prophets of the world have been those prophets such as Jesus and Buddha, that talked against weapons and money, and praised love, and human senses. The master of the Word is Jesus, that defends a prostitute, and foresees that those “who kill by the sword, will die by the sword”, not the Catholic Church or Luther, and Calvin that accept money and war, and repress sensorial love.

Today Go[l]d religions such as Economics, and the “American way of life” confuse human rights with machine rights, and repress the natural biological rights of humans to reproduction (repression of sex), information (deformed verbal truths), and energy (repression of Human Goods, food, etc.) The result is that human beings are converted into animetals, (animetals Vs human beings), and no longer fight for mankind but for the metalkind.

The former is done to enhance the capacity of those animetals to reproduce machines (work), worship them (technological dogmas), and energize their existence (consume them).

Obviously, today we live in such society which has merely translated the Old Testament culture of human repression and metal-progress into complex “scientific ideologies” and mathematical equations.

Again, the way to differentiate Love religions from Metal religions is clear. Human religions allow human rights, Human Goods, and social evolution among humans, attack war, and praise poverty against money. Basically they praise the Human earth, and try to repress the Metal-earth. When a “religion” actually represses human rights, and praises machine rights, it is a Go[l]d religion. For example, Judaism represses sex to the point of mutilating your pleasure organ (penis), good food, forbidding the most tasty species (pork), and rational verbal information, confused with meaningless rituals and magic chants. It differentiates Jewish as a different species from other human beings, and provokes hate between both species, what fosters wars, holocausts, and the use of money to control other human beings, against their desires. In essence, it represses all human senses preventing a balanced development of the human being. While it praises work=reproduction of machines, digital knowledge (kabala, magic numbers, love of science, money as the intelligence of God), and energy-machines (since it allows to kill a gentile, not chosen of God).

The same happens with Protestant sects, modern versions of the Jewish paradigmatic gold religion, that stressed, “money, the intelligence of God”, work-ethics, repression of feelings, and sex, etc. Both religions shaped the present American civilization that has translated all those repressive systems of human, biological Freedom, to “scientific and political dogmas”: sexual repression is today rampant based in new concepts such as “sexual harassment” (taken to the extreme of destroying flirting), pornography (sexual activities through images provided by mental machines), campaigns of fear to sexual sickness, debasing of love and social evolution (praising competence between humans, violence, and money and weapons as a mean to solve conflicts with other humans). It continues with propaganda in favor of machine-made food (fast food), indifference to good food (dietetics)… It is summarized in the constant confusion of human Freedom with market Freedom (Freedom of machines and company-mothers), and the Freedom of man (free time, social life), with the concept that to consume=test machines is the essence of Freedom and the aim of mankind is not to accumulate human wealth, and behave ethically but accumulate Metal-wealth, and compete and be evil with other humans. Go[l]d religions merely evolve their dogmas to remain the same.

It is precisely that transition from racial religions, easily to recognize by rational people, who despised those books and people-castes, as primitive, racist works of tribal egotism into ‘sciences’ what allowed the Globalization of the animetal caste, and the present ‘rush’ towards life extinction. The second element in that process of expansion of people-castes into a global culture was the evolution of small, amateur groups of ‘animetals’ who conquered the world with their ‘icon-tool’ (phoenician traders riding the Mediterranean for metal and slaves; radhanite Jewish, who established in the Middle Ages the biggest slave network of history; Indo-European charioteers who conquered the Eurasian world and became aristocratic elites in Europe – celts – Middle East – Hittites – China – Shang dinasty – and India – Aryan) into professional companies, in which the 3 elements of the animetal culture, money in the form of stocks, scientific machines and their twin form, weapons merge together.

The company rules the world

This jump of complexity and organization created the dominant species of planet Earth since the XVII century the company-mother of scientific machines and weapons, which has ever since started a program of conquest and destruction of the life-earth, increasingly terraformed into the Metal-earth. And of course, in the process it has created a corpus of myths, damned lies and statistics, which rule today the mind of all human beings. There are stil some life-based cultures, which show some of treats of Humanism, but they are all in process of extinction, despised by the animetal culture as ‘primitive’ civilizations: Islam and Catholicism, religions, which we are told, have only terrorists and pederasts among its elites; communist China, a place, we are told, dominated by a corrupt party where there is no Freedom; ecologists, people who are just ‘reconverted hippies’ that have nothing better to do; and workers for the welfare state, organizations were are told to be inefficient, because unlike companies do not have ‘free money’, printed in stocks to spend on humanity.

Unfortunately those three castes of metal-power, now globalized and found at the top of the social pyramid of any nation, are engaged in a historic, millenary, self-destructive processes, which substitute life by metal  both in their external environment and internal beliefs.

So workers are substituted by machines, forests by roads, books by Tv-programs, seas for oil spills.

While their people repress all human drives of existence. So the Biblical culture represses sex and reproduces machines, with its work ethics; represses good food; represses the summit of verbal thought, eusocial love for racial differentiation; the warrior culture is ‘machist’ and despises women, inflicting harsh corporal discipline to their bodies; believes in racist=nationalistic concepts of mankind; censors ‘tits’ and ‘sexual words’ on their ‘metal-communicators’ but promotes violence and shows guns.

Since ultimately all of them are ‘motivated’ by the mirage, the fantasy that their metal-component are not what give them power but ‘their character’, their ‘discipline’ (warriors), their ‘repressive behavior’, ‘their hard-work’, (traders) ’their digital-intelligence’  (scientists), make them superior, without realizing that those traits are born from their contact with weapons, money and machines, systems of energy and information who ‘adapt’ the human being to those traits.

For example, iron is as all systems of energy, lineal. Yet the German culture is based in ‘lines’. Money is as all systems of information cyclical; yet the English culture is based in cycles. A German city is made of straight buildings and long, lineal avenues; London is made of cyclical streets and curved roads. Energy is continuous and big, information is small and broken. The German language evolved into long, continuous words; the British broke sentences. And so on… This cultural adaptation to the icons of metal each people-caste has experienced throughout history shows how in the ‘organic Universe’ all systems interact together.

Yet instead of recognizing those biased effects, animetal cultures have crafted their myths and ideologies to make them feel superior and righteous.  A German, racist nazi would qualify a Jewish as weak, because in its traditional culture weapons were despised, a Greek as lazy because he enjoys life; a Jewish zealot will call an Arab warrior, a terrorist for offering his life for his society while their entire culture, specialized in information to control people with informative metal, money, is full of racist comments about the inferior intelligence of the Goyyim. And all of them will despiseeusocial love and its ethics, even if science proves that the Universe evolves socially from particles into atoms into molecules into cells into organism into societies, since the arrow of social evolution, of social love, is the strongest, most succesful form of survival in the Universe.

Their cycles of death

This is the ultimate taboo of those cultures; the fact that of the 3 dominant cultures of the world, according to language, the German warrior, who have rhytmically killed europeans with his germs=weapons, is the less succesful of all European nations and his language/mind the less extended on planet Earth; the fact that the Jewish culture subject to the economical cycle of Holocausts, is the less succesful in survival terms of history; the fact that the paramount verbal culture, ruled always by castes of verbal masters, the Chinese culture is the most succesful of all in terms of biological survival, is a clear prove that the Universe favors eusocial behavior. And yet this is denied vehemently by the people-castes of homo bacteria who think weapons ‘protect’ them and ‘money save them’, when the opposite is truth. The Universe is a process of action-reaction and so Germans get killed because they murder first, and go(l)d traders suffer holocausts because they first enslave people with money.

But their version differs: Warriors ‘defend’ people. Bankers create ‘wealth’. And physicists deliver the ‘truth’ about time, when in fact, they merely study with their clocks the less important of all times=changes, the motion of beings in space; and they ignore everything about the three ages of the life/death cycle of morphological time—the type of change that really matters to human beings, which does not move at the speed of light (the time studied by Einstein and modern physics). Why then humans worship ‘physicists’ and ‘mechanists’, who know so little about time; warriors, who kill life; and money, a mere piece of ‘informative metal’? Because those tools of metal give power. Weapons kill, and people obey warriors to preserve life. Physicists invent machines that enhance the energy and information of mankind. And humans become hypnotized by the ‘formal’ properties of gold, which preserves form and reflects the sun’s light, our informative ‘language’ of perception. It is metal, not the superior intelligence of scientists, the higher force of warriors or the productive capacity of bankers, that hooks man.

Technological tools made mainly of metal are far more important in history than we, anthropomorphic human beings, want to recognize. It is not by chance that both modern and classic historians consider that ‘civilized history’ started five thousand years ago, at the same time bronze was discovered, with the creation of the first ‘empires’—civilizations based on bronze and infantry armies, born in Egypt and Mesopotamia. At the same time those empires developed the written law to ‘give orders’ further away in space and time, so the killing power of those weapons could submit growing numbers of human people to the will of the warrior. Ethic historians and myth makers also consider that time the end of immortality in history. It is the age of Genesis.

While modern history starts with the Industrial R=evolution, when machines were discovered. And now with the creation of superenergetic cosmic bombs (black holes) and superinformative chipsand robots, which far exceed the energetic and informative capacities of the human race, history is coming to a crossroads between extinction and renewal. So metal, indeed, has been the most important influence in the life of mankind, only comparable to farming. Metal gave us the fruits of the tree of science. Farming gave us the fruits of the tree of life . . .

The evolution of machines is the final stage of that evolution of metal, akin to the morphological evolution of many species that also evolve in three ages of energetic, informative and complexsystems that combine both, as metal did in its historical record.

Yet at the same time those forms of metal evolved, creating a digital ‘economic ecosystem’ ruled by money, which substituted the ecosystem of history ruled by words, humans devolved digital ideologies and languages that accepted the new values of metal—murder and slavery, developed by the use of weapons and money. And this ideological element of our civilization must be understood, before we explain why humans changed the route of history and how they did it.




“Because historic organisms don’t distinguish between their people-castes and the innocent sheeple, foot-soliders and peddlers, who obey the order of their metal-masters, are killed in wars and holocausts that confront warrior and trader cultures” The only end to this constant tragedy of history is the evolution of those cultures into a single organism of History the Humankind

The myths and ideologies of animetals, scientists, warriors and traders are easy to spot. They consist on thinking that animetals are superior men because the added power given to them by energy machines (weapons), informative machines (scientific instruments), or metal-languages (money), is not proper of metal, but natural to them, as special human beings, “chosen of god”, “more intelligent”, or “stronger” than other human beings. The myth has a variation when the trader, warrior or scientist, think that their machines are a gift of God.

To think that gold, today money, is the intelligence of God, makes the trader just, so he likes to equal God and money. In earlier history, men became hypnotized by the color and brightness of gold similar to the sun, father of light, and so men obeyed those who delivered gold, today money. Yet that objective reason makes the trader only powerful not just. It does not make him superior, happy. So there are “Go[l]d” religions very common among those cultures dedicated to trade, where God becomes Gold, and those who are rich become chosen of God. It improves their self, their ego.

To think that weapons are the power of God, and God is a warrior, because men who kill with weapons want to justify their behavior, not as a criminal act, but an act of justice, has created many rituals of human cultures. King-warriors are chosen by the “Grace of God”. The muse of Justice has a sword in his hands. Earlier Germans called themselves “Goths”, “Gods” because they used for the first time iron-swords that gave them power.

To think that Time can be measured only with metal-instruments such as a clock, and that God is a clocker, as Kepler said, because scientists used clocks to measure time, made scientists so intelligent as God… They liked it. Kepler said “God has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his (Mr. Kepler obviously) that could understand the Universe”.

Thus, scientists, playing to be God, soon denied other languages that measured time, such as verbal words, and considered words inferior to clocks in their understanding of Time, of the phenomena of change. Since clocks, their instruments increased their sense of self-importance, they equaled clocks and time. When a writer talks to them about time, they smile with that “Jesuitical” false modesty, wondering why such an idiot is talking about things they only have the right to inquire. They are the new priests of time. Only they know the rituals, have the keys to the temple.

The Copernican Paradox, a first question worth to answer

In all those particular versions of God, the objective philosopher observes a generic Law of Universal behavior, rather than the Nature of God: “Every ego, every point of view, wants to be the relative center of the Universe”. It was proved first by Copernicus, (the “Copernican Paradox”) when he found that the Earth moved. Yet you perceive the Earth as a relative unmoved center of the Universe, you do not see the Earth moving. If your senses are having such an “ego-trip” is logic to think that your mind can also be easily cheated. The Earth actually moves. Its stillness is a mirage, a myth. The Copernican Paradox, is indeed a Law of the Universe of great importance, not only normal among animetals, but very common to all species of the Universe. It is caused by the fact that the Universe has not an absolute center. All centers are relative. It was proved by Einstein. He said that all was relative. So it is easy to incurr in antropomorphic errors, of subjectivity, that put you in the center of the Universe, as Animetals do with their ideologies of war, money and cience. Such antropomoprhism includes the opinions of most men about God, and the egotistic versions of scientiststhat make their instruments of measure, the center, and only intelligent way of perceiving the Universe.

Dogmas do not eliminate questions

It is remarkable in that sense that when you confront scientists, go[l]d believers, nationalists and other mythical philosophers of God with the limits of clocks, money and weapons to understand the laws of the Universe, the laws of Time and Space, they do not argue, but as the Inquisition did in the past, they bring their own inquisitions, their dogmas. Scientists will quote the “scientific method”, which merely states that time is what a clock measures. economists will bring the “Adam Smith Postulate”which merely states that wealth is what money measures. Warriors will bring the “prove by murder”, which merely states, that a dissident opinion can be eliminated by murder.

Yet Time is much more than what a clock measures. Time is change, the creation and extinction of reality that you perceive as the pass of time. So God the master of Time, is not a clocker, but hte Laws of Evolutionadn Extinction that rule the change of the Universe. Human wealth is not measured in terms of money, since actually weapons are the most expensive goods, and nobody really believes, the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany, or present America, are/were the nations where the common man lived happier, because they have/ had so many weapons. Nor death does prove the divine nature of weapons, but only eliminates the wise man, and keeps the warrior in total ignorance about that divine nature.

Dogmas can be written in many languages

The result of such “dogmatic” proves are well known to history. Today we are surrounded by clocks, Gods of scientists. Money has eliminated all human values, and it has multiplied certain lethal Goods such as weapons. And weapons themselves have eliminated millions of human beings… Yet warriors keep dying in wars, traders in holocausts and reolutions of the poor, and physists who think God is a clocker, ignore still the nature of space and time, energy and information, and the organic laws that rule the living Univers [theory of organism]. In fact they probably know less about the fundamental laws of the Universe than biologists, or earlier verbal scientists did.

Today we know that the Intelligence of the Universe is not only human. We know today that such Intelligence is rather complex, since as we perceive more of the Universe, we realize there are many “intelligences” we cannot decode, many entities that communicate with forces alien to us, that we do not understand, and yet cause behavior in living and non-living things. The more we study nature, the more intelligent it seems to us. Till a few decades nobody thought that insects, or machines could act intelligently, that is, could communicate and act-react to such communication. Today it is obvious that insects communicate with chemical signals, that computers communicate, and are at the verge of becoming more intelligent than we are… We know today of many organisms that behave and communicate with strange rules. Yet behind all those systems, it seems to be a certain unity, certain properties that all the things of reality follow.

A wider truth: The game of existence: the ethics of the Universe

Perhaps the most obvious of those properties is what we might call the “Game of Existence”. Things are created and destroyed, through Time. So the intelligence of the Universe must be the way in which Time affects things, the way in which Time changes reality, creating and destroying it. In that sense God would be the intelligence of Time; the laws that change and cause the existence and destruction of Universal beings. Since what other power might have God, but setting the rules of existence of all its creatures? Whether those laws are immanent or external to the physical reality, is secondary to the fact that such laws exist, and all creatures follow them. They are the laws of life and death, of energy and information, of movement, and reproduction, of aging… of evolution, of survival, of hunting… of social organization… Laws that apply from atomic societies called molecules to human societies to galaxies… All those laws however can be reduced to a very few set of laws, the Laws of Evolution, of existence, and extinction.

Happiness and truth

The anthropomorphic ideal of God, as a being that shares our ethics, and the anthropomorphic idea of the Universe as a spatial reality that shares our aesthetics, is the opinion of most men. Why? Because to belive the Copernican paradox, makes you feel superior, makes you happy, makes you to feel very important. Yet happiness and truth are two different concepts. As different as the body and the mind to which they cater.

Happiness is related to the feelings of your body, specially to the sense of survival and well-being of your body. So ideas that increase your sense of survival make you happy, even if they are unrealistic, if they are myths. To protect that body-happiness, you “believe” in myths. That is you don’t inquire further with your mind, you do not analyze the myth, you just take it, and feel it, and if it makes you happy, you accept it.

Truths on the other hand are related to the objective perception of the mind, which tries to explain reality with its language of perception, words. Since they are about objective perception you keep on testing them, with the evidence of reality. You keep inquiring with your mind, and as perception continues, your truth under the experimental method, reinforces itself or proves itself false. You do not believe in truths, you rationalize truths. There are no feelings involved. Truths therefore are an abstract conceptualization of reality, that have nothing to do with your body-feelings, and its sense of fear and happiness: it has nothing to do with your own survival. Since extinction is a very common fact in the Universe, we have to accept truths that make us unhappy, that talk about the extinction of beings, the change of the Universe. Being the concept of God, the concept of Change in the Universe, it is difficult to have a happy truth on the nature of God. So those who seek happiness over truth, require myths… And vice versa, it is a fact of history, that the great genius of truths have been in general unhappy people.

So what is the use of truth, if it does not make us happy? After all we have written in the constitution that we want to be happy. Let us be happy! It is such a nice feeling…

If it does not make us happy, why we need to know objective truths?

There is however a problem about not understanding the Laws of Existence and extinction, as they are, in objective terms, about ignoring the truth, and believing the myths of happiness and self-importance. What is the use of knowing those laws? Very simple. Species who use and know the laws of existence, and play the game of Existence, the ethics of God, the laws of evolution by its rules, as the word says, “exist”. Species that do not play by the rules of Existence, do not exist, become extinguished. Think about the simplicity of the term “Existence”.

If there is such a game, a set of laws that decide things that exist and things that do not exist, then if you play the game of existence you exist, if you do not play the game you do not exist. As simple as that. Make mistakes and out you go. It is up to you then to be careful with those rules. For that reason the game perpetuates itself, “existence exists”. It is just a tautology. You can disobey the game, but the game has a penalty: extinction. When you are extinguished you are out of the game of existence, so you no longer can affect that game. Further on, since those laws are impersonal, you cannot argue them, with anybody. If is like a basketball match. The game goes on, and you can be expelled if you break the rules. Maybe you have better rules. Maybe you think you are really that important, and God should be anthropomorphic, and have chosen you as a special being, given your wonderful intelligence. Have not God of lately looked at your pretty face? May be you have such great ideas about how all the others should address you, but you are not going to get all the players together, to discuss your rules, specially when the game goes on constantly without ever stopping, and you are inside, like in a soccer match… Try to take the ball with the hands and run into the goal. What do you think the other players are going to do with you? Indeed, the game of existence always goes on. So the good players once they know the rules, try to play them to their advantage, without denying them. That is what we will try to do.

The “cheaters”, those who self-invent its own rules sooner or latter get in trouble. You cannot cheat all the players all the time. You are not God and the Universe. This should be obvious to you. It is called the law of action-reaction. Act, act with your rules, your ethics and aesthetics outside the ethics and aesthetics of God and the Universe. It is like an insect biting you while your asleep. Bite God and the Universe. Maybe he will not react since it is rather lazy, but you are annoying the game and the players. When he reacts you can imagine what he will do. He will smack you out of existence. Out of the game.

When things are going so bad with the planet, with our history, with the future, that we are building, according to selfish, animetal rules, the rules of metal-scientists, and Go[l]d religions, we might wonder: Are we insects bothering the Game? Maybe are we the western self-centered people, like the player of soccer, that wants to play with his rules, and receives the justice of non-existence from time to time? It seems that animetals are playing without learning from past mistakes. As if they were God. Animetals make weapons of massive power. Animetals destroy nature. Animetals abuse other humans, and all the living species. Animetals take more than we need from the Universe, and trash it all around us. Yet Nature and the Universe does not do those things. All the creatures of nature take only what they need. They respect other beings excepts those they need to kill to feed on. They are humble, do not invade the vital territories of their neighbors. They play by the rules. They survive. Insects have been millions of years around… We men have been here, as civilized people only 5000 years, and there are clear signs that we might no be much longer here. Can we forget and forgive us for all the wrongs we do? Can we just keep “being happy”, and ignore the Ethics of God, of the Absolute Game of Existence, and confuse those Ethics with our own Ethics and Aesthetics?

I prefer to be more humble, and cautious. So I have tried to learn the game of existence, its objective rules, the truths of God and the Universe, not to may so many mistakes as humans commit those days… After all I like the game, I want to survive. I am not going to blame God and the Universe for the rules, nor I will try to change them to my advantage, and think nobody is going to be angry. I have always been honest with my search of the rules of the game, and feel honored by the fact that God at least writes those laws with big letters, for those who want and have the bravery to look at them, for those who clean their mind of the “noise” of their own arrogance. Those rules are not difficult to understand. The main problem for animetals to understand those rules is an emotional problem. They do not want to understand any rules except their subjective myths, so they bend with myths the real, obvious laws of the Game of Existence… at their own risk.

Since there is only a penalty for those who do not play by the rules of God, by the rules of evolution: extinction. Against such penalty any vane argument is unnecessary. So we will no longer argue the facts and laws of evolution. They are truth, point, because if you do not believe them, they will punish you. And extinct species don’t argue anymore…

Let us then consider under those premises, the myths of warriors and traders, and how those myths cause historically their extinction, and will probably cause the extinction of our species.

Warrior ideologies

The main ideology of warriors is physical racism, based in strength, since brute force is needed to handle weapons so, those species and cultures specialized since earlier age in weapons and selected by their capacity to kill, which have developed strong bodies (such as the Germanic civilization) have established also racial ideologies based in force, and physical power. Those ideologies derived into nationalistic, tribal and genetic ideologies, that forget that humans are top predator minds, not physical top predators and our force is irrelevant, to our role as top predators in the Universe. Human evolution is mental not physical evolution. A lion, a car, an elephant will always be stronger than we are.

The second ideology of warriors is death. Since weapons cause death, warriors justify death with all kind of religions and thesis. An excess of energy which is the main cause of death, and energy products from weapons to physical exercise, are worshipped. Death is accepted in Zen Buddhism the ideology of the Samurai warrior. Death when your “honor”, that is your emotions of arrogance are put in perspective, is the punishment to the offender, in Spanish warrior societies. Death as the exhilarating goal of Evolution is the ideology of German Nazism. Death to protect abstract rights, and borders that divide mankind in abstract groups (nations) is the justification of national war. The praise of death and after life, by king warriors who build funerary moments, is a constant in history since the age of the pyramids.

The third ideology of warriors, shared with scientists, is to confuse human progress with the progress of machines and weapons, it is what we call Scientific racism. Warriors worship weapons, science, and metal the origin of those forms.

All those ideologies can be resumed in an ideology: the denial of social evolution, of the laws of social organisms, substituted by the concept of a struggle between human beings, which is precisely the opposite idea to the natural law defined by Darwin: elements of the same species help each other. Darwinism struggle is only between enemy species.

For example, Carnegie, an animetal producer of iron, used to make weapons, resumed the Darwinian ideology of animetals in favor of machines: “While the law of competition may sometimes be hard for the individual, it is best for the race because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every area. We accept and welcome, therefore, as conditions to which we must accommodate ourselves, great inequality of environment, the concentration of business, industrial and commercial, in the hands of a few, and the law of competition between these as being not only beneficial but essential for the future progress of the race”. It is all true, yet economists, scientists and industrialists are missing the point: evolution of which race, Mr. Carnegie, the human or the metal race? Maybe as an animetal he could not differentiate them…Yet we do.

The Theory of evolution is indeed conclusive: company-mothers do not evolve human races but metal races. Machines are energy and information species of metal, that evolve towards vital form, towards robotic life. Technology is vital. Property will awake…

The instinct of social survival, the natural law of species

It is necessary to be aware, that “animetals”, humans who worship machines and consider themselves superior to the other human beings, are in fact denying the fundamental law of Evolution in the biological universe: while species who are different abuse each other, the members of the same species, love each other, socialize, and create organic systems, far more powerful than individual systems, when fighting for survival.

In that sense economics and social-Darwinism based in competence within the same species, are not sciences, but ‘ideologies’ of money and war, which hide the real competence established between men and machines, in fields of labor (productivity myths) and fields of war (nationalistic and racial myths). We could consider that the main “goal” of animetal ideologies has been to deny the laws of social evolution, of organic evolution.

Indeed, looking throughout history the self-evident natural law of love between species, that all human religions have hold, has been systematically denied by animetals. Militarism, racial nationalisms, Gold religions, and social-Darwinism, systematic attack social doctrines. They prefer to consider men not a single species, but a group of species, nations, religions, or races, rival species that can be destroyed with weapons.

So for warriors brain-washed by those ideologies, metal-weapons are no longer rival species, but other human race or culture becomes the enemy. This of course has a consequence searched for by the animetal warrior: it can now considering himself different to other humans, treat those other humans as rival species, and use his tool of power, the machine, or the weapon against them. Without those ideologies of hate to mankind, animetal warriors would be bound by the law of social evolution: love those species who are like you. So before the animetal can act, such law has to be inhibited with ideologies of hate among human beings.

Social Darwinism, the ideology of war

Twentieth century metal masters distorted the obvious theories of Darwin, to defend the existence of machines. Those distorted ideas were called “social Darwinism” because they also recognized the fight for survival between species. What they did not recognized is the natural unity of human races as a single species, and our differences with the rival species, the machine. Instead social Darwinists said that human races were different species. So the fight for survival concerned humans against humans, not machines against humans (fight against the rival species as Darwin said). Social Darwinism extended those myths and promoted the selection of human races that had to compete in fields of war and trade. This was absurd. Same species do not compete. Humans should not destroy other humans, but rival machines. It is a fact that the Industrial R=evolution does not select or evolve mankind. Companies evolve and reproduce metal not human races. This obvious truth was conveniently forgotten by abstract Economics and Social Darwinists Instead animetals labeled the process of machine and weapon evolution as human progress; not of the metal kind race, but of the humankind race…

What are the consequences of such approach to the laws of the Universe? Extinction. Since the laws of Evolution have only a penalty to those who do not obey them: the extinction of the species…

Animetals who denied the Laws of Evolution become extinct

The Universe is “free”. It allows its species to follow or deny the laws of Biology. It however has a mechanism of reinforcement of those laws: if you deny them, you become sooner or latter extinguished by species who follow those laws. If you think you are stronger than a lion, the Universe says “go dare gazelle, go”, and you go and the lion eats you up. If you think you can rule a society, an organism, against the laws of organisms, and you feed on germs-weapons, the Universe says “go my child go”, and you die of AIDS-war. If you are a society that prefers hate to love, war to peace, and you build ideologies of “superiority” based in war, and slavery of human time to money, the Universe tells you “go Germany, go”. Then 2/3 of your people die (30 years war in XVII C. Germany). If you are stubborn and try again, against the entire world that has a milder, diplomatic sense of international politics, then 1/3 of your people and 2/3 of your land dies (I, II World War against Austria and Germany). Biological laws are reinforced through processes of extinction of those who disobey them, (the stick, and the Newtonian law of action-reaction) and laws of reproduction (the carrot to those who obey the law).

Today we belong to the economical system and obey its monetary mandates, despite the fact those mandates are not the best way of organizing societies since they go against the law of social evolution among the individuals of the same species, neither they make us reproduce the Human Goods, we would like to reproduce to create a human paradise Instead we work for the economic ecosystem, and its rival species, the machines of science, which are opposed to our ecosystem of nature and prey on it.

The opposition of both type of ecosystems will become evident along the pages of this book. For example, by all economic standards, Singapore and the USA were the freest markets of the world in the last years. They were also the countries where they were more human prisoners per capita, jailed. Again if we look back a few decades, the countries which dedicated the biggest quantity of its GNP to military production were Russia, USA, Israel, and some military dictatorships, countries where there were less human Freedom… either because of ideological repression, (Communist, military and fascist dictatorships) or blatant racism against a sizable quantity of their citizenship, belonging to “natural or ecological societies” (Arabs in Israel; black people, Indians and Latinos, in USA). Shall we wonder that some of those countries are now extinguished (many dictatorships and Communist countries), or are extremely insecure, and in the verge of civil war (Israel, and by some standards USA)?

The dual laws of evolution are clear, and all species in the Universe follow them, some mechanically (as atoms, molecules, or machines do), some consciously as humans and probably in the nearby future, Artificial Intelligence, and robots will do. Why then some humans deny social evolution among humans? The reason is subtle. Humans are not mechanical species, but conscious species, which base their informative behavior in knowledge, in perception. So when human beings develop “false ideologies, myths and fantasies about history”, “dogmas about the superiority of certain humans over others”, “religions of chosen of God”, “racist religions, and nationalisms, based in genetics”, “metal-religions based in the power of weapons, scientific machines, and money” etc. They behave as if they were different species to other human beings. Since their minds perceive themselves as different species from those social humans, belonging to ecological cultures without metal-power, or religions of a different God. So the “cheated individual” feels other humans as inferior beings, and enemies. This behavior is often associated, to the belief that economic ecosystems, based in metal, free markets in which machines and companies have total rights, are more important, than human free societies, where Human Goods, ethics and human aesthetics are fundamental. Those “brain-washed humans” who believe in economic ecosystems worship metal, in any of its many species, weapons, scientific machines or money; and they prefer to abuse other humans with metal, to feel superior. This of course is a fantasy, a myth, and we will study those myths very carefully, and its consequences for mankind, because they are the trap that causes the lack of evolution of history till date.

Of course this behavior of “animetals” (men symbiotic to metal species, which act together against other humans, as warriors, company-mothers, and scientists do, when promoting lethal machines and using them against other humans), does not invalidate the laws of the Universe. They merely imply that the animetal species suffers more often unnecessary extinctions, wars and Holocausts, when confronting each other through hate instead of love. Animetals hate social human beings, or even other animetals that rely in other kind of metal to hold power. So warriors hate traders. German warriors and Jewish traders hate each other. Spartan warriors hated the traders of Athens. Roman warriors hated the traders of Cartage. Spanish conquistadors and British pirates hated each other etc. Both wanted to be the “exclusive sons of God”. So they attacked the others with the same ideology… Both kind of cultures despised the common human being, who loves sensorial pleasure .

All of them end up engaged in cyclical wars, and massacres of all types throughout history. Some “animetal cultures” which are specially stubborn in their ideologies of “differentiation”, suffer the most. Germans who systematically tend towards “primitive genetic racism”, and love of weapons, since their earlier age as a culture of iron swords, have suffered massive deaths in war, and are today a tiny nation, compared to other more human cultures. The Laws of Social Evolution have punished them.

So happens to the Go[l]d, racial religions of Israel, a region which specialized earlier in history in economic trade and monetary information, and has been brutally punished in History, as Moses, his ethic prophet told them (parable of the Golden calf). Indeed, Jericho already was a walled city of traders, defending economical wealth 10.000 years ago. Palestinians, invented sea trade (Phoenicians), and mastered caravan trade (Jewish) between the two great civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. So they soon developed religions of Go[l]d, in which money and wealth was the key to differentiate them from other humans. Wealthy temples, and ex-votes, substituted the ethic words of Moses, as latter will happen in Calvinism, that declared money to be the intelligence of God against the ethic message of Christ. So those who believed such ritualistic religions no longer followed Moses or Christ. Now they were Go[l]d believers. The result was a systemic, chronic confrontation with other humans which based in human ethics of love and communication their social structures. They became the most hated people of the ancient world. They were continuously massacred. The process ended with the extinction of Phoenicians, the Diaspora, and the recurrent holocaust series of Jewish people, by rival animetal warriors, against which the best Jewish minds (prophets such as Moses, who fought Aaron and the golden calf, of Christ, who fought Caifas, and the priest-bankers of the temple) raised their voices.

Those extreme examples of history are still at work today, because despite all those wars and massacres… animetals have not abandoned their ideologies. Those are hard facts of history that prove the dual nature of Universal behavior: love those who you perceive as equal. And then you will survive. Hate, abuse, consume, use as energy, feed on those species who are different to you.

The tragedy of history is precisely the fact that most animetals (today most men since animetal ideologies have “colonized” the mind of most human beings, hypnotized by money, and controlled by fear of weapons) do not understand the laws of love (religions of love based in social evolution) among equal species, but merely perceive some distorted information about the truth of Darwin (hate other species, kill them, feed on them). So ideologies of human inequality, that believe other men are different species, rule the cultures of “animetals”. They are the main case of human abuse: physical racism, nationalism, and mental racism (racist religions, of chosen of God)Those ideologies are false, against the laws of nature. They have mainly an origin in human beings, who consider themselves different to the other human beings, because they have metal. Since they have extra-power thanks to weapons, money and scientific machines. So the first Germans to appear in history with iron swords, used only weapons to relate to other human beings, creating the Germanic cultures of war that still pervade in western thought. They made of murder the centerpiece of their culture.

The first Semites that started to control humans with gold, called themselves “sons of God”, and established two ways of dealing with mankind, among them there was solidarity, against the gentiles, there was strict racism. They made of slavery of other humans the center piece of their cultures (the property of human time with money either through slavery or through modern salaries, which appeared as a cheap substitute to slavery in British factories).

Their capacity to kill your Freedom and life suddenly (with a weapon) or slowly (controlling your time with money) was deemed natural, a right given to them by “the Gods”, not a property of ironthat is stronger than our flesh and can cut it, or money, which hypnotizes with his sun-like color the human eye, and make us wish their possession. Ever since Germanic and Semitic cultures have been racist, as we well know. Ever since when the other human beings have blamed them from the tragedies of history they have felt victims, and continue provoking the Newtonian Law of Action-Reaction, applied to history, the cycles of war and holocausts.

The same behavior was natural to the British and XIX century European culture of “technocrats” that considered the machine the symbol of progress and massacred worldwide all “agricultural cultures”, as they still do with the third world, selling them cheap weapons, and denying those nations the right to sell their Human Goods to Europeans [GATT agreements].

Yet it is the weapon “what kills”, it is money “what hypnotizes with gold fevers the human eye” that loves the color of the sun, and does anything on exchange for God. It is the telescope not the scientist who see further. The warrior, the gold-trader and the scientist are not superior. They should acknowledge the ‘superior properties of metal’ to carry light information (scientific machines, gold), and energy (iron), and the fact that top predator, superior species end up killing those who associate with them. So instead of evolving machines to feel superior, they should control their evolution to “be superior” and not become extinguished by them. They should take the appropriate measures to keep that superiority under check, without putting together, energy-bodies andmental machines, to “enslave” both to the will of man. Instead, under the blindness of ideologies animetals make evolve robots towards the point of consciousness, and are so arrogant as to despise them, consider them property, and wait for their rebellion… We are not “the chosen of God”, we are not the “masters of creation”. Wars and Holocausts prove it. It is time to be realistic and humble and survive.

To apply animetal ideologies to history and economics has only a consequence: the evolution and reproduction of machines, weapons and money, not of animetals and human beings. If animetals worship other species, that other species evolve, instead of the animetal species. If they evolve socially machines through stock-markets and international companies, the ecosystem of economics grows, not the human ecosystem. In turn that ecosystem of machines destroys human beings, animetals or social humans, without distinction. Gold kills those who believe in Go[l]d religions, and those who don’t. Weapons kill animetals and human beings. mental machines atrophy the mind of humans and scientists.

The solution to the cycles of war and holocausts those ideologies cause is then clear: love all human beings  ], promote Human Goods, protect, History, the human ecosystem deny the ideologies of animetals, control metal-goods, devolve the economy.


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