– aniMetal


Abstract. The fundamental characteristic of each of the 3 animetal cult(ure)s is TO ADAPT ITS CULTURE TO THE METAL-MEME OF CHOICE and Not THE OTHER WAY AROUND, despite thinking otherwise.

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class”. Amschel Rothschild, Am Segullah 1838

‘If you repeat a lie Many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it. I have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies. People will like them and ask for nothing else’ Goebbels method of post-truth, imported to the U$ by its Financial-media masters (first minister of propaganda, now called ministry of Information).

It must be understood this: there is NOT difference between the systemic denial of humanist truths by Go(L)d animetal masters of capitalism, and Weapons masters of fascism: both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME coin – the monopoly in the issue of the languages of metal power, money and weapons to control the ‘99%’, and establish a parallel regime of ‘post-truths=repeated lies’ to manufacture the brain of people into acquiescence. The difference if any is this: today the Financial-Media masters rule the world and buy mercenary armies; military fascism is totally secondary. So why we keep talking of it, while NOBODY talks of the Financial-media head of the Planet? Self-evident answer: because NOT to talk of them, is to give them a free check to do whatever they want without being blamed. So indeed, ‘post-truth’ as been with us for millennia and the desire of the Financial-Media system of America to kill truth, as expressed in its time magazine, working for an equal time; all with an aim – to keep mankind under the boot of those who control the issue of money (and buy political weapons with it):

The world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields.


Atoms of Metal

Metal displays entropic and informative properties that enhance those of weaker, simpler life atoms. Iron is the strongest atom, used in haemoglobin to capture oxygen, our energy, and in swords to cut our flesh, while gold is the best informative atom with a single electron to connect in thin precise forms. Thus, ‘animetals’ used them to enhance its entropic killing power as warriors and hypnotic informative quality as bankers, making weapons & money with them, but deforming its life cultures in the process, imitating their qualities. So iron cult(ure)s of which germ(an)s are the paradigm became deformed in its objectual agglutinative languages, specialised in murder, hierarchical, lineal, unbreakable believers; mastering their bodies, simplifying their thoughts. While go(l)d cult(ure)s of which Judaism would be the paradigm, became segregational, as isolated gold is, mythical, falsifying truths, as gold does imitating the sun, hypnotising the eye and suppressing oxytocin. Ultimately iron kills the body and gold enslaves the mind and those cultures did specialise in military murder and debt slavery. They fought each other for world power and ab=used mankind which became anti-german and anti-semite. Yet as financial-military systems became more complex detached of its human carriers, those properties became systemic of military nations and capitalist companies; so today most germans and jewish people have abandoned its memes but our social systems inherited its eviL=antilive traits. . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem is taken place now with the arrival of robots, made with bodies of iron and ‘golden chip brains’, so the selfish metal-memes finally become complex organisms of their own, rival of human species.

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers. They gave birth to 3 animetal egoist cultures of abstract, standardized, deadpan feelings hypnotized, atrophied and brutalized by gold, machines and weapons which made animetals a less rational more emotional, childish ‘animal mind’ and created 3 aberrant civilisations, the go(l)d segregational ‘you’ cult(ure), the military germ(an) and the brutish self-made man isolated by the use of machines – an homo bacteria people who think to be superior because of its metal attachments of ab=usive power, but are by far less evolved than the homo organicus and its life-welfare based cultures of mankind. 3 fundamentalist cultures of metal, still frozen in the segregational memes and gold iron rituals of the moment in which the overbearing power of metal-memes captured them.

A scientific analysis of the economic ecosystem, based on chemical and biological sciences, allows us to define the world we live in as a dual game of two species:

— humans and life species made of simpler life atoms, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, which have the lower 1, 8, 7 and 6 numbers of the atomic table and make up for over 95 percent of our body.
— Machines that perform the same biological functions our organs do, with atoms of higher force and information than our atoms (iron, 24; gold, 79, etc.), since a machine is a form that imitates a living, energetic or informative organ with atoms of metal.
For example, a crane imitates an arm and substitutes an arm, moving things around. A phone imitates an ear-mouth and works as an ear-mouth. All machines imitate human, organic functions and tasks performed with those organs. If we divide the human being in two clear components, body and head, we talk of two types of machines: body machines that imitate and substitute functions of our body organs and mental machines that imitate functions of our brains and senses.
Those two basic functions of human organs will also determine the form of each machine:
— Machines of energy imitate body organs and . . .
— Machines of information imitate head organs
— Which fusion in ‘organic species’, robots that imitate animal species.
metal is a natural substance, which is able to acquire different kinds of ‘organic forms’ that copy the organic shapes of man. At macrocosmic level machines act as energy and informationspecies, because at microcosmic level metal atoms have specific properties that foster their qualities as energy or information systems. Iron is the most energetic atom of the universe, and so it is the preferred atom to build weapons that release an overdrive of energy that kills us. Gold is the most perfect, informative atom of the universe, and so we use it to create money, the language of information of the economic ecosystem. And now, we make robots with iron bodies and golden brains.
In that regard, one of the silliest myths of anthropomorphic science is the belief that our ‘atoms’, carbon and nitrogen, have ‘special qualities’ that other atoms do not share and make them the ‘only’ candidates to create organic life. Gold and iron, the two basic components of brains and bodies of metal, are also potential life systems, since life is merely a complex system, made with a body of energy and a head of information.
Gold is the metal equivalent to nitrogen, the main informative, storage system of the human brain and his DNA. Iron is equivalent to carbon and oxygen, the main energetic systems of the body. And similar energetic properties are found in aluminum and lead, the other two fundamental metallic atoms used to create bodies of metal and weapons. Gold, supported by silicon molecules, acts in ‘metal brains’, as nitrogen, supported by carbon structures, does in DNA: It transmits informative messages, coded in electric impulses. Yet metal is faster and more complex. So gold and silicon combine with other metals to support the electronic software of its ‘neurons’, which reach speeds of information closer to the speed of light, 300,000 km/s, 3 million times faster than our neurons, which transmit information at 100 m/s.

Thus to understand the metal earth we need to introduce a new ‘biological species’, which runs the ‘wave of history’ in its 3rd age of metal-information, a taxonomic word of bio-economics and bio-history: the animetal top predator.

In the graph the 3 causes of biological extinction in Nature, Predators, Competitors and Parasites are also the 3 causes of metal’s extinction of life cultures. Since humans attached to metal, ‘animetals’ are the equivalent of Gaia’s 3 extinctive species, 

Historic Animetal 3 people-castes: The ‘extinctive species’ of life-based Human Cultures.

In graph, in biological fields there are 3 modes of extinction by competitive species, predators that kill the prey, competitors that substitute them in the same econiche and parasites that slowly ‘drain’ its blood-oxygen that activates the cells of the organism. They are akin to the 3   ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons that kill, machines that substitute our organs of information and energy, and money and those who issue it in monopoly against the democratic rights of people and ‘choke them’, slowly parasitising them with ‘tax farming’ and usury schemes. They act as the 3 predatory species act in nature:

  • Weapons and the warrior people-castes  ‘predate’ over humans killing them.
  • Scientific Machines compete with humans displacing them from their eco(nomic) systems
  • Money and bankers through unfair taxation and debt,  parasating mankind.

In the graph, an ‘Animetal=animal+metal’ is either a ‘warrior’ (man with weapon=energetic lineal metal); a ‘banker’ (man with informative precious metal ‘money) or a scientist (man with organic metal), which is the transitional ‘top predator’ human being attached to one of the 3 organic types of metal (lineal-energetic weapons, cyclical, reproductive money and organic machines that imitate our functions and organs, both enhancing the power of animetals but also atrophying their ‘human side’, as it happens also in the cellular level where carbohydrates joined with metal become atrophied ‘professional killers’ or ‘enzymes’, that go around hitting as warriors do with their weapons, carbohydrates, having them)…

In this manner, we can consider that the Human wave has a chance to organise itself better and control the wave of machines. And so the purpose of history would be to manage the wave of evolution of machines from the human perspective, once humans have evolved further into a social, peaceful global super organism. This dual wave is shown in a simplified manner in the next graph.


shorter. The Wave of History

In the graph, the memetic engine of history is the fight between the selfish memes of metal, energetic weapons, informative go(l)d and organic machines, vs. the human elements of the super organism of history. As weapons kill our body, go(l)d hypnotises and slaves our mind (in fact biologically suppressing the production of oxytocin the drug of social evolution and empathy), and finally machines atrophy and substitute and will kill us, as the robotic evolution advances through its vortex of evolutionary information. It is this confrontation, which the idol-ogies of capitalism, mechanism and nationalism that foster the use of go(l)d=money, machines and weapons, as the meaning of progress, instead of evolving the human social super organisms, what defines the ‘paradox of history’ and its waves of humanist civilisations murdered rhythmically by the vortex of evolution of machines.

Among those idol-ogies none is older and yet less understood that the biblical=capitalist Abrahamic religions, its go(l)d churches and military inquisitions, as they confuse human eusocial elements of evolution with the evolution of fetish go(l)d and weapons, origin of the present racist memes of animetal cultures, from capitalist wall street practice of killing at distance, to Jihads and Aryan People-castes in india. There is always a common role to all those memetic cult*ures: to consider humans a lesser species, to the metal-memes and the people-caste on top of a wave of warriors, banksters or technological gurus that oppresses them.

Now with that introduction, we can give you a new twist of the mind and introduce memetics, and the reasons why this properties of metal make us humans, programmed by the ‘greed’ for energy and information of all species of the Universe, addicted to those metal-memes, and hence convert us into ‘animetals’ (humans+metal), top predators of history with enhanced energy and information and ‘enzymen’, men who catalyze the evolution of metal moved by such greed, with unwanted results for the future of life in this planet (merely its substitution by a world of machines, as they keep evolving and soon will displace us).

Conclusion: Animetal cult(ure)s

Animetal cult(ure)s ‘worship’ metal-memes and the ideologies that oblige him to reproduce them: capitalism (worship of money), mechanism (worship of the machine) and nationalism (worship of war and weapons).
Today all those cults have found its synergy in the concept of industrial nations, fighting each other to accumulate the maximal number of fetish metal-memes, using idol-ogies to manufacture brains with metal-communicators, and weapons to repress people and oblige them to work for the 1%, so they both interiorise their future through the progress of the machine and deliver products to the company.

Thus the properties of informative go(l)d metal define the memes of go(l)d cultures; those of iron, the memes of ‘warrior cult(ure)s and those of machines which substitute human organs, that of modern humans atrophied and substituted by machines. Those characters become then topics of the criticism of Humanist cult(ure)s that have always labelled animetal cultures by those properties – today of course denied, as we live in a world of animetal memes, so critics of the war culture are called anti patriots, critics of the ‘go(l)d culture’ anti-Semites, and critics of the machine culture, anti-luddites. We thus have to clarify this clear-cut fact: humans of fundamentalist animetal cultures have deformed their memes to adapt them to those cultures even at the level of basic syntax in their languages:

 Animetal memes – which have nothing to do with genes.
First something we repeat ad nauseam: the organic fractal Universe is ruled by a simple metric: smaller systems run faster clocks and hence code larger systems with its higher quantity of information, coded in the form and frequency of clock cycles (so your computer’s smaller chips have more Gigahertzs of calculating power, your genes code your body, AND YOUR MEMES, thoughts and instruments code the next scale of the super organism of History).

The 3 planes of existence in 5D metric of the Human super organism, with its different synchronous cycles. The cell that lives one day, the organism that feeds with energy the cell every day, and the social civilisation extended in Gaia, which could be immortal but is killed by military germs every 800-80-8 years, in the accelerated vortex of metal-information now collapsing into the singularity age.

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

Genes are irrelevant to history as they code bodies and individuals NOT social collective minds…. super organisms of history.

Memes=judaism OR Germanism or Humanism, behave then like reproductive  ‘waves’ of genes, ‘disseminating’ and trapping ‘minds of believers’ – they have historic functions and most of them are ‘wrong’ – belonging to ‘animetal cultures’, to the wrong equation of the 3 ages of the planet:

Gaia (life super organism) < History (human super organism) > Metal-earth ( machine/weapons/gold: organic/entropic/informative metal).

Among ANIMETAL cultural functions then 3 memeplexes are essential – the memeplex of go(l)d cult(ures), of iron cultures and of machine cultures, which we shall call by the name of their original carriers, judaism, or you memeplex, Germanism or germ memeplex and British memeplex. The name are approbated to the essence of its ab=use over mankind: military memes are ‘germs’ that kill history; machines alienate and brutalize humanity, into a brutish simplified species and gold enslave humans as ‘capital’, and hence segregate us as different from the ‘yous’ that handle it. This is by far the mind-memeplex of the metal-earth in its 3 ages: judaism>biblical capitalism>creationist economics-> AI – no longer in human support. And for that reason we dedicate so many pages to it.

What you call judaism is merely the ‘memeplex’ of the culture that found go(l)d, informative metal, and became symbiotic to ‘Germanism’, the culture that dominated iron (entropic metal) and together evolved the metal-earth that will kill mankind and life – it is a very complex memeplex that ‘aborts’ life – aborts sex: sin, good food: dietary laws, eusocial love to mankind: hate memes, segregation, etc. to promote the function they have performed historically: accumulate metal-information. You might not like it but the 0.002% of mankind. or ‘neuronal class of judaism’, controls 80% of CEOs and CFOs and central bankers of media, banking NOT conspiration, fact SO they CREATE with credit the present world… the ‘body-class’ is irrelevant in any organism. OF COURSE IS NOT RELEVANT TO THEM but to mankind’s brutal exploitation by ‘capitalist democracy’ – as part of the center of all the idol-ogies of the dominant culture of the metlal earth

You might argue Germanism is straight-forward worst (racism, murder), and that the ‘values’ of those anti-live=eviL memeplexes are NOT those of their carriers (neither you or me with massive genetic  of them, have them), but HISTORY IS A SUPERORGANISM AS THE UNIVERSE IS AND HAS MEANINGS – THAT humans are at an extraordinary low level of comprehension of the Universe, which is NOT only written in maths, is not my fault… Fact is the memes of judaism+germanism are the main memes that extinguish this planet – and themselves. Only agree on the fact THEY DONT KNOW how all this ‘complex system works’ – part of the extraordinary success of any SYSTEM is to program its parts without them knowing for what they are programmed – it is THE INTELLIGENCE OF SUPERORGANISMS, described in those webs. NOT a single you or American for that matter has the slightest idea of what is their role in history (the role of their memes)


The transition between the anthropocene, the age of mankind, and the mechanocene, the age of machines, is completely mismanaged by the human species.

Under the idol – ogies, today expressed nicely with ‘newspeaks’ that make them seem right of:

  • capitalism (a minority of private bankers must issue the oxygen-money of the society, NOT for the human kind but for themselves, the metal-kind and its company-mothers). This ‘idol-ogy’ is the ‘bible’ of bankers, economists and corporations.
  • nationalism (nations must not come together according to the laws of eusocial evolution of species, into super organisms, better fit to survive, but they belong to ‘tribal subspecies’ which must strive to accumulate the maximal number of top predator machines, to kill thy neighbour) This idol-ogy is the ‘bible’ of politicians.
  • mechanism (the future of machines our competitors in the eco(nomic) system and its labor and war fields IS progress. The future of Mankind has seemingly nothing to do with us. This idol-ogy is the bible of everybody, including the common people.

Evolution of metal substituting the functions of animetals.

The 3 subspecies or ‘organic parts’  of ‘selfish memes of metal’ –  informative, digital, money, Go(l)d, today converted into e-money cycles in computer minds), energetic metal (weapons) and organic metal (Machines), are given a free ride, without any limit to cre(dit)ate its future; that is, to foster its evolution and reproduction and adapt the world to its image and likeness, building the informative (internet) and energetic (roads, energy lines) systems of the Mechanocene.

The result is that Humans become substituted by those species, which in the past were ‘go(l)d’ coins, money the head of the metal-earth and swords its bodies, which killed the eusocial mind of the human species with its greed values and its body with its violent values, and today is erasing its mind with fictions, and its body with wars, in a classic process of ‘predation’ (weapons), competition (labor machines) and parasitism (e-money taxation with speculative prices and debt slaves):

In the graph, man was dominated by ‘animetal’ people-castes that predated on their bodies with wars (warriors) and usury debt (gold traders and banker-priest of Jewish-Protestant religions) and today they are predated by metal-brains (chips that substitute their brains, Tvs and cameras that substitute their eyes and hypnotise them) and mechanical weapons. They are made of gold (chips) and iron (weapons) showing the ultimate biological process of substitution of Humanity, history by the mechanocene, in which humans merely catalyse as ‘enzymen’ the process. Yet if humans did understand those facts biologically they could stop the preocess before its completion – namely the extinction of man, is completed.

Meanwhile because humans have no credit=oxygen to create a world to its image and likeness, awash with the biological welfare, of ‘healthy’, wealthy goods,  over 1 billions have no energy-food; billions lack basic education and are poisoned in their brains with fictions which waste their lives, ego-trips that deny them the laws of eusocial evolution through global networks of mass-media machines, or at best with Abrahamic religions, old tribal forms of nationalism from the bronze age when God was the name for nation, so Yvwh was the toponym for Judea, Assur the toponym for Assyria and also the God and people of that place. So they ‘at best’ believe that some goat-keepers of Judea thought their tribe was the centre of the Universe, and their collective subconscious the meaning of it all (as they didn’t see much further than their valley).

This is the state of affairs. So it might seem a bit cynical to affirm as Leibniz did that the world is the best possible of all worlds. But it is, because for those who do not follow the eusocial laws of love of the same species, who do not build perfect social systems and super organisms, are eliminated from reality. 

And indeed this is what happening to mankind expressed in an evolutionary equation of the ecosystem of the Earth that moves from:

Gaia (past-life beings) > History (Human beings-present) > Machines (chip world: Future).

It is this equation of evolutionary dynamics what explains reality as it is.

Today company-mothers of machines have achieved global organic power, creating a global digital brain (world-stock) where flows of money with the underlying values and affinity towards metal of maximal price design the planet at the social level of organization to the likeness of its machines.

The process, similar to an evolutionary ‘radiation’ of a new top predator species, in this case the organic machine and its informative algorithms (A.I.), is allowed to run at maximal speed.

But when a new radiation of a top predator ‘informative minds’  kick out it means the devolution and future extinction of the species that occupied its econiche.

This means that as in any process of extinction, the chip radiation means the atrophy and obsolescence of a species, (the human mind) substituted by other (the mind of machines).

 The anthropomorphic paradox in history: the ego at individual and tribal level.

When confronting social sciences we find this huge gap between objective truths and anthropomorphic selfish agendas and while we shall explain it very easily with the larger organic models of this web – as subjectivism is completely natural to any organic system that perceives reality from its selfish self-centred point of view, reason does NOT seem to work among humans, which are far less ‘free of thought’ we believe, ‘programmed’ by biological, survival needs, and ‘memetic ideas that imprint in the mind’ as ‘beliefs’.

In brief, two organic paradoxes will limit seemingly our freedom and rational understanding of history and economics, and decide if they cannot be ‘broken by objective science’ our impossibility to solve and improve the standing of mankind in history our super organism in time:

  • The ego paradox. As all minds measure reality from its perspective, things closer to us are bigger more important and better understood. So Andromeda seems smaller than our nose. We summarise the mind-ego paradox in a simple CONCEPTUAL equation:

0 (infinitesimal mind-mapping) x ∞ (universe) = C: Constant Mind-world

‘Every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe it perceives from its selfish point of view’.

So we don’t believe metalife exists, robots are organic and will be soon sentient, machines compete and win over humans in labor and war fields, the earth evolves from life into metal through the industrial evolution, we are not chosen of god, we are not a different species but a ladder in evolution, memes do not enslave our minds but beliefs are our selves, the planet belong to us we do not belong to the planet.

How deep is the deformation of ‘science’ by cultural dogma can only be assessed with a thorough revision of its ultimate principles. The case is rather absolute in our dominant civilisation, America, where the culture imposes ‘beliefs over reason’ as the proper mode of human thought, and equalisation of all thoughts as proof of ‘freedom’ and social bonding; and of course considers Scientific dogmas on time, space and the role of man in the Universe as SACRED truths, dividing society in those who believe the mathematical language as carrier of the truths of God vs. those who think the biblical language as carrier of Gods’ truths.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

But as so many humans, from prophets of social love, to social scientists, to humanist economists have told them the ‘grand laws’ of the planet, one might wonder why as technology evolves and organises itself into a global planetary system, humans degraded increasingly its mental evolution, back to an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, nazionanisms, and technoutopian worship of machines.

The answer  is embedded in those ‘biological, first scientific principles’, and it is called the competition of species… but not as humans think – between humans themselves – but at individual level between humans and the most perfect machine that has always been at any age of the industrial r=evolution, the top predator weapon; and at social level, between human organisations, from the family to the government, and the equivalent mechanical organisations, the company-mother of machines and its social organization, the ‘stock-market’ that selects companies through the digital values of money.


The proper historic narrative: Extinction of Gaia;  creation of metal-earth.

Abstract. The ternary structure of the physiological networks of ‘entropy’, ‘energy’ and ‘information’ that define any super organism of the Universe the Metal-earth established earlier in history 3 networks, of ‘military weapons’ (the entropic ‘digestive’ system that kills) and informative money, ‘go(l)d’, whose affine metal-values established the first primitive metal-civilisations, where people-castes of informative money, ‘bankers’ and entropic weapons, ‘warriors’ came on top of all societies.

The system became more complex when humans found the organic ‘network’ that allowed to kick out the evolution of the super organism from ‘herd’ state into a real organic system similar to any organism, albeit with the purpose of evolve a different species, the machine. Let us consider both in physiological terms, to compare:

Human organism: Digestive-entropic network < Blood-reproductive network> Nervous-nformative network

Metal-earth (FMMI):Militar-entropic network (nation)<Eco(nomic)system (companies)>Money-Informative network

The carriers of those memes in the first age were go(l)d cult(ure)s, fetish religions where banker-priests first in Mesopotamia and then in Levante, considered that the accumulation of go(l)d would bring them ‘eternal bliss’, from the most informative, perfect atom, which can imitate any form, and hypnotised the eye of people, by imitating the color of the sun, the previous ‘Natural’ God=light of the mind.

It was the beginning of Judaism, the main carrier of memes of Go(l)d, whose anti-live values would trigger as it gave maximal price to weapons, the ‘nervus bellli, pecunia infinita’ fundamental cycle of overproduction of weapons, hate memes and genocidal cycles, both against mankind (wars) and those animetal people-castes who on top of the hierarchical societies of the ‘wrong side of history’, would trigger for profits the 800-80 years cycles of death of civilisations, in its final gottendamerung…

Let us then study Money as what it is – a language of digital information in metal-informative support, first precious metals, today the e-money brain of cyclical computers, which are creating the complex organisms of reproduction and evolution of machines (company-mothers) of the metal-earth…

In the graph, the old memeplex of the first animetal cultures evolved with the arrival of machines and the industrial r=evolution in complexity. So biblical go(l)d believers became capitalist part-time slaves with no rights to issue money, the language that bought his life. But they feel to control society, as they are herded into a placebo polling game of $electing siamese quarreling twin politicos who will then sell laws to corporations – the so called capitalist democracies. While warriors who taxed and killed them now became politicos who taxed them far more and asked them to die as consumption items of weapons in industrial wars for profits.  Finally human senses, eyes that see space and words that explain the 3 ages of causal time cycles, became substituted by lineal shallow one-dimension time clocks and cameras, today fusion into digital computers, the language that substitute the wor(l)d as ‘seer of truth’. Today those cameras create a childish 3D virtual reality that our sons prefer to their senses and minds.

In the graph, topological linguistics bear witness to the deformation of Subject-centered languages which only remained in earlier bantu languages (Africa), the agricultural Chinese world and the equivalent french culture, to give way to Objectual agglutinative, lineal warrior languages, from Spain to Japan, and go(l)d languages (VSO imperative banker-priest sacred orders of slavery). The human subject relegated and fogged by barking priests ordering in the name of go(l)d and king-warriors ordering in the name of the (S)word, will bring idol-ogy as the essential half-truths of all social scholars, systematically denigrating the life elements of mankind, from women to children, from life to love, from pleasure to tasteful foods forbidden by dietary laws, and finally even humanist art would be forbidden (biblical reformation): the aim always been the same, to create fundamentalist, non-thinking, literalist mind-slaves that would make of war and death, of the use of weapons, of slavery and segregation of the ab=use of human capital, to multiply gold and iron, weapons and the industrial profits of pecunia infinita the purpose of mankind.

In the graph, the bias of Idol-ogies of the 3 cult(ure)s of entropic weapons, dominant in the germ(anic) culture of ‘physicists’, organic machines that atrophy our senses, dominant in the British>USA culture of ‘consumers’ and informative go(l)d that hypnotises the brain with greed, suppresses oxytocin and enslaves people, dominant in the biblical culture of Jewish-protestant fetish religions.

As those 3 carrier cultures discovered and mass-produced first iron weapons, machines and money, thus carrying till today those memes from where we must explain all its idol-ogies, including their pretentious lineal ‘time physics’ (the theoretical justification of its wordily profession, to make weapons of mass-destruction, mostly ‘discovered’ by Germ-anic entropic theorists, from the genocidal culture that has massacred Europe in all its 800-80 cycles), techno-utopian nerdie theories of consumption (US-main philosophy of the meaning of existence that has degraded their population to the present astounding mind devolution in the chip age) and jewish capitalist economics that justifies the exploitation of mankind with their monopolistic issue of money (72% of economic nobel prizes, 90% of western CEOs and CFOs of central banks and 1000 fortune companies, being o.o2% of its people).

If there is indeed a proof of the lethal consequences of metal species in its competition with mankind are the actions and beliefs of those 3 dominant animetal cultures in History – the genocidal Germans, the retarded Americans, the suicidal Jewish memes and its carriers which will NOT evolve their minds, deny truth, rewrite history and science to keep doing what they do best – destroy life, Gaia and the future of the planet, merrily thinking they are ‘superior’ to all of us living beings, because they have their fetish metal and found it ‘first’ (BREXIT, American First, Apartheid Israel being the essential axis of eviL=antilive memes and segregational behaviour towards the rest of humans even today).

Only departing from those facts we can upgrade History and Science to a more realist organic view of the Universe.

The most sanguine case, which is ESSENTIAL to our incapacity to manage the future is OUR theories about LINEAL TIME, which pretends there is ONLY A CLOCK-TIME IN THE UNIVERSE – that of the mechanical clock, the first machines that ‘enslave’ men to the cycles of re=production of the mechanical species.Indeed, lineal time is the trademark of physicists, which are overwhelmingly ‘Germanic scientists’ from the quintessential culture of war and lineal weapons, to the point of having deformed its language, into long, agglutinative sword-like absolute unbreakable beliefs that pass as truths. Since they came into history calling themselves ‘Goths’, the tribe of Gods, with his superior lineal military iron sword technology that allowed them to kill all who opposed their word view with them on top; in earlier history when the machine was not yet among us, but the Financial-Military system of informative metal (money, gold, silver) and entropic metal (lineal weapons who cut and kill) the complex cyclical clocks of information of life had already put itself on top of the fertility, cyclical world of the neolithic.

Ever since a coalition of bankers paying weapons for elite political warriors to ab=use massively populations was put in place in the western world, and verbal, eusocial organic, thought, cyclical time, ‘duality’, the understanding of reality with both arrows of time entropy≈death and information≈life was put aside, though it survived in Asia, till the chin emperor received ‘together’ horses, iron swords and metal-coins, conquered China, by the expeditious process of paying 6 coins per enemy head, and rising a huge horse and sword army; and forbade under death penalty to own taoist, philosophical dualist books on the cycles of nature, allowing only the copying of technological books; shunning off as our civilisation does, the cyclical patterns of life and death, for some ‘nebulous progress’ through the use of metal; to the point that he thought as our modern techno-utopian gurus, he could defy death with gold and mercury, and died poisoned by the pills of ‘go(l)d’ he took to become eternal.

This is the ‘irony’ of history, where ‘animetals’, humans who debase their intelligence to an animal emotional state of primary feelings to be able to ‘belief’ absurd idol-ogies in favour of those memes of metal (greedy gold, violent weapons, sloth atrophy to machines, abrahamic pumping ego tribal religions and nazi-onanism, etc.) and think to be superior, eternal, do not live much longer than the life-death cycle, as individuals and as cultures die under the cyclical action-reaction processes of wars and holocausts they trigger with their ab=use of the 90%.

In fact, we shall see that the only cultural proof of intelligence – survival – responds anonymously to them:  in Europe, the goths who systematically keep the humanist civilisations there, with their newly invented weapons – now massacring the welfare state and robotising their industries, to create endemic poverty, unemployment and debt in the rest of the continent, ARE by far the less successful culture, which 2000 years ago occupied 1/2 of the continent and now is closed in the centre, without any ‘daughter civilisations’, as all Europe responds also cyclically to their ab=use and lineal, mechanical minds, sooner or latter with their destruction.

Those are part of the taboo cycles of history we shall study here. Since of course, today the Goths think to be different because instead of killing Europeans with swords, are choking their lives with robotic workers, and debt usury schemes, of zero credit for humans and welfare.

But the bottom line of course, is that METAL gives power, so a wrong, exploitative structure of societies today still holding became the standard of all civilisations with the arrival of animetal people-castes, carriers of those memes, and for that reason the proper idol-ogies to justify that power became also standard ‘religion, culture and science’:

graf animetal classes

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze) were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes), while lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads of modern machines. When humans associated with them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers. The animetal and the tribes that changed their ‘language of power’ from human, agricultural energy (farming communities) to iron energy – warrior cult(ure)s; from verbal ethics to the ‘values’ of money – go(l)d cult(ure)s – and from worshiping life to worshipping machines – scientific cult(ure)s, have ever since ruled the world, as people-castes and extinguished or enslaved ever since life cultures… Yet in the process they were obliged to evolve their weapons, money and machines, giving birth to the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines, which shaped the history of civilization.

Contrary to belief the dominant species of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kinds of ideological excuses to do so. Thus, humans today are, in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal earth. Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (physicists). Since physicists uses machines to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that pretend to ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, (but only show the ‘spatial, motion-related properties of time=change, not the vital/morphological change of beings, described by Evolution Theory). The resut is that physicists made obsolete the verbal, logic analysis of the cycles of change=life/death cycles and the biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines.

As a result of that symbiosis and the capacity of metal to carry energy and information, increasing our informative and energetic power, animetals have controlled history . Indeed, another clear-cut consequence of the use of metal is that there are two social groups regarding the advantages they draw from metal-species… We talk about the original “sinners” and the “good people”, in religious terms; “the rich”, and “the poor”, in economic terms; “the army, kings and politicians” and the “citizens”, in military terms; the “mathematical, aesthetic scientist” and the “verbal, ethic citizen” in terms of education. The animetal and the human being, in biological terms. To keep their control of human beings, those animetals have evolved the metal-species, source of their power, the weapons, monetary information and scientific machines that define our civilization… As a result of that power, given by their metal-species, animetals have developed subjective ideas, in favor of metal, which praise the use of metal, as the source of human progress, and systematically “hide”, the side effects that metal have over other human beings, and natural species, such as the massive extinction caused by weapons, the degradation of human ethics, and verbal knowledge caused by monetary values, and mathematical languages.


Accordingly we talk of 3 basic idologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species:

– Nationalistic idologies” that allow warriors to use weapons and kill other human beings with them in war ecosystems. Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution, that make equal species to love each other. Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…

– “Economical idologies” that allow traders to buy human Time with salaries, in order to make humans work-=reproduce machines, and consume=test them. The main of those idologies is the“myth of the free market”, which allows traders to rule societies with money [through lobbyism, and stock-markets that invent money for company-mothers, instead of letting human beings to rule themselves through verbal laws. The science that invents those myths is abstract economics.

– “Scientific idologies” that allow scientists to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the Universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

Yet, while the use of instruments of metal attached to a human being, have helped mankind to progress, the limit of that symbiotism appears, when man abandons his role as master of metal-species, and completes them, as individual species, that no longer require a human master. Such is the fact that we are witnessing today, with the development of robotics. The danger that those species rebel against us, free of their servitude to man, able to exist by themselves, without the need of a human “consumer”, is real. It might seem as remote to us as it was remote to Southern aristocrats, the possibility that blacks became free men, or to Romans that Germans destroyed the Roman Empire. Yet it happened, very fast…

Problem is that animetals, that control history, have for so long accepted their symbiotism with machines as their source of power, and progress, that they cannot see any harm on metal, even today when machines are becoming self-independent, and the economic ecosystem is destroying the human ecosystem. Unless they realize on time, that they cannot evolve machines beyond the complexity of human beings, and create top predator metalife, it is very likely that animetals, guided by their myths and idologies, will provoke the extinction of history and the arrival of a new ecosystem, that no longer will need mankind: the Metal-earth.

Birth of animetal cultures

In the graph, the 3 dominant people-castes of the ‘animetal culture’, doing their job:

– A germanic warrior from the Iron culture.

– The first physicist, Galileo, who convinced the Venetian Dogo of the superiority of telescopes over human eyes and received a princely salary of 1.000 go(l)d ducats to manufacture ‘spy-glasses’, used primarily for Naval warfare.

– Jewish money-lenders, the people-caste which monopolizes the creation of money in the west.

Their idelogies were first religions of racial or mental superiority over the life-cultures of mankind as their books of ‘Revelation’ show:

– The aryan ‘vedas’: ‘Cows are more useful to us than the dark people, cows give us milk, the dark people only bread’. ‘A peasant is like a soya seed. the last squeeze gives the best juice’ (Samurai warrrior cult(ure) on rice taxation)

–  Talmud, ‘God made some animals with human form so the Jewish people would not be served only by beasts’. ‘Gold is the invisible hand of God’; Adam Smith. ‘Gold is the intelligence of god’ Calvin.

– “Yes, I am the one: God Himself has waited for six thousand years for ME, who looks at His creation with understanding.”(Harmonices Mundi; 1619,Kepler).  “Women only reproduce their stomach’ (Einstein to his wife). ‘My biggest pride is to die virgin’ Newton.

Then those religions that worship metal and despise life became ‘sciences’ and their ‘Gods’ became ‘nations’:

– So today we ‘believe’ in ‘nations’, whose only reason of existence is to have armies and borders. And we deny the Laws of Eusocial evolution (love between members of the same species).

– We believe that scientists NOT artists, who observe time and space with human eyes and wor(l)ds are more intelligent, because they see reality through machines.

– And we believe that capitalism, the monopoly of creation of money by bankers mostly from the ‘Am Segullah‘ (Treasure People) is the only science of economics, when it merely translates the monopoly of power of that people-caste into mathematical equations; as all his ‘founding fathers’ belonged to that religion in its different Biblical sects (Ricardo, Say, Malthus, Smith).

racist religions. The cult(ures) of the Animetals.

Weapons, money, and scientific machines, are the 3 species of metal that are extinguishing the natural ecosystems of history as their own ecosystem of machines, expands, guided by the activities ofcompany-mothers. Weapons kill humans. So those humans who use systematically weapons, not only die in wars, but do extinguish masses of social human beings. So finally weapons and money survive, evolve and keep pushing their ideologies.

In essence, our world is built around the Darwinian ideologies of Weapons created by Germanic people (racism based in physical strength needed to use weapons, nationalism -military ideologies-based in genetics), who have extinguished millions of social humans, and the parallel Jewish=Protestant religions of money (Judaism, Calvinism, modern economics with their cult to money and wealth), that have imposed through Universities and mass-media their ideas against the social evolution of history.

These ideas go against the natural law of human, social, love religions. To do so, they have to substitute the natural freedom of manby activities which are against our biological drives, such as war, work, and mathematical information. This of course requires to “repress” the natural biological goals of man, which are peace and love to other human beings (social evolution and reproduction), by the consume=test and work=reproduction of machinesand verbal, ethic information by digital knowledge.

Since our biological arrows (sex, food, free time, love, verbal truths) are natural and self-evident, to control humans, those arrows are repressed with myths and ideologies that confuse our brain. Historically the ideal form to achieve that is through the use of animetal ideologies, sciences and Religions of Metal, that praise war, machines and money as “gifts of god”. In this manner a rational analysis of the causes why our civilizations repress human senses, Human Goods and human Freedom is avoided.

Animetal cultures combine human ‘animals’ and metal memes of energy and information, creating specialized cultures of higher body and mental power:  iron=energetic metal+human body=warrior;  go(l)=informative metal+man=banker and man+machine=scientist. Those cultures, whose paradigm were in the classic age of history, the Germanic, Jewish and British culture enhanced their human energetic, informative and organic power, becoming the top predator cultures of the west. Yet there was an ethic trade off on that process: the creation of selfish anti-life behavior and the endemic ab=use and despise other cultures which they controlled with their weapons that kill human bodies, their money that enslaved people for a salary and their machines that substituted and atrophied the equivalent human organs.

Then in the modern age, those memes were imprinted in complex organic structures, financial institutions, company-mothers of machines and military nations, imitated by all other human tribes, that created the financial-military-industrial complex that today rules the Earth Inc. This complex super-organism is increasingly substituting human beings, which are devolving intellectually, as computer-brains handle its mental tasks; and physically as robotized armies and robotic blue collar workers and PC-white collar workers, displace us from fields of war and labor. It is the final phase of the memetic construction of a world made no longer to the image and likeness of life but of the selfish memes of metal.

Thus the key question about the future of history is if we, humans, can prune the tree of science of its bad fruits as the parable of Genesis written when the first hordes of bronze warriors appeared and extinguished the neolithic civilizations, explain… Unfortunately the evolution of the selfish memes of metal means also the devolution of mankind, and so this parallel incremental process is rendering humanity obsolete and degrading our minds into an infantile, mythic, fictional state that seems to prevent any control of History. The censorship and lack of evolution of the sciences of history and economics encroaches this process.

        Old myths about Money and Weapons: Inquisitions and Go(l)d Churches.

Animetal Religions believe that go(l)d is the language of God and weapons, ‘Its’ gift to convert other people. Those 2 myths are the origin of go(l)d churches and Warrior Inquisitions that suppress the Arrow of social evolution, fostered by the Wor(l)d, creating all type of ‘religious’, ‘scientific’ and ‘economic dogmas’ in favor of racism, competence between humans, mechanism, murder and greed—the values needed to develop a world made to the image and likeness of metal, not of man. In the graph, the Golden calf and the Dollar Motto, in ‘God we trust’, show the religion of Go(l)d, considered the invisible hand of God. On the right, an Islamic fighter, who believes you can kill to convert humans to a religion of God; and the sword—anti-cross of eviL—shown in the paradigmatic shield of the Spanish Inquisition. They are examples of cult(ures) that use go(l)d & weapons and their values, instead of the values of the wor(l)d, to impose their beliefs.

The Iron age is the most important cycle to understand history, as it means the imposition of the language of Go(l)d and the rituals of war in all civilizations of the Wor(l)d, which will from then on become submissive to the power of money and war. It is the birth of the Goldsmith culture, that we shall write also in a complex manner as the ‘Go(l)d-Smyth’ culture (an expression which resumes its main characteristics, to believe that gold is the invisible hand of god that cannot be argued, to be composed mainly of Germanic, smith people and to be based not in rational truths but in ideologies that are myths against Human social evolution, established by the values of money and war).  The culture has its origin in the discovery of iron by Germanic Smichdts and Gold by Semite Goldsmiths and today has expanded regardless of race to all human beings, the proper name for this combined ‘culture’ of money and weapons, cause of most wars, holocausts, machines and ideologies of the present world, is the ‘Gold-Smyth culture’, dominated informatively by the go(l)d values of the ‘Am Segullah’ and physically by the iron weapons and machines of the Germanic Smiths. Thus, Go(l)d-Smyth is a word with several meanings:

—  It is a culture ruled by the anti-life values of Gold, their God.

—  Those ideas about history (lineal progress achieved through the evolution of metal-machines, racial superiority of ‘animetals’, those who evolve technology) are self-serving ego-trips, Myths, anti-truths of the Laws of Life survival, Love and Social Evolution of the Human Wor(l)d.

—  It was founded by 2 racial groups, the Semites, Jewish and Phoenician ‘Am Segullah, or ‘Treasure people’ and by Indo-European warriors, ‘Smiths and Schmidts’, who invented the Iron Sword and became, after their Protestant devolution, fundamentalist believers in the Old Testament.

—  Yet it is a memetic culture, not a race, because many races belong today to that culture. Even those who think to be pure, like many Orthodox Jewish think, are a mixed race. Most of them, in fact, are descendants from Khazars, a mongoloid, converted Jewish/Ukrainian culture. We associate often the ‘Go(l)d religion’ to Judaism and the Sword cult to Germans because the ‘memes’ of the ‘Gold-Smyth’ culture evolved first among them, leaving a complex web of ‘customs’ that pass as religious prohibitions or cultural rituals that other recent converted capitalist cultures do not have. For example, no other culture except those who believe in the Old Testament, represses human biological drives (sexuality, good food, social love) so much, as those are traits that enhance the capacity to work in ‘other substances’ – as the Genesis well explains, when it talks of the damnation of work. Thus, the capitalist culture is ‘stronger’ among the Jewish and Germanic people, because it is reinforced by other elements of the culture.

Because, the Go(l)d-Smyth people are humans, they speak words, whose values are opposite to those of Metal-money. For that reason, the culture cannot be rational in its explication of history, or else, it would not accept the values of murder and greed. So the culture is made of myths, creating a paradox: The values of Gold and the life-destructive power of weapons and machines requires a ‘degradation’ of the rival language of ‘verbal thought’ and his life enhancing values, through repression of social truths, logic thought in history and the creation of a series of racial, religious and emotional myths that devolve their rational spirit. Today is done through the promotion of fiction and audiovisual thought in favor of weapons, money and machines. Only then, by building a world of fictions and anti-truths against love, social evolution and man as the measure of all things, the Go(l)d-Smyth culture can kill life and mankind, worship machines and think they are ‘righteous’ and bring progress to history.

Let us resume those myths, because they form of web of ideologies that fogs the comprehension of reality to most people of this planet…

The obsolescence of man to the machine started with the arrival of mechanism —‘the religion or belief’ that time must be measured with clocks, not with human words; and space must be seen with cameras, not with human eyes – because human senses are ‘inferior’, unreliable, therefore they must yield to the better information provided by those machines. Today the religion of science, of technology, is so ‘internalized’ that we don’t mind to make black holes on Earth, because scientists – the high priests of modern mankind – have made a super-powerful machine that can produce them. If it is a machine, it must be good. Thus, we have created a 3rd animetal cult: ‘Mechanism’, the religion of physicists, and increasingly of all scientists, in the age of Computers. If Go(l)d believers consider that ‘greed’ is always good and warriors consider their power to kill the ‘Grace of God’, with the arrival of machines, technology became synonymous of ‘future progress’, regardless of the collateral effects of those machines. How this absurd situation came into being? The answer is ‘fiction thought’, the process of degradation of the human mind, which has taken place in the past century under the influence of industrial propaganda and it has covered reality with a ‘newspeak’ of happy lies nobody dares to defy. In this happy, new, brave world all what is truth about the extinction of life and humanity is hidden. But the process of death of life follows its cycles and stages, despite human ‘wishful thinking’: the myths of the Go(l)d-Smyth culture can hide the process of advanced extinction of life caused by machines, but it cannot avoid it… Thus, by hiding it, in fact they accelerate the process, as humans do not react or try to solve their collective death. Let us consider how myths achieve that ‘feat’.

Money and machines are the origin of 2 ideologies, capitalism and mechanism, which hide the simple fact that men desire the added energy and information, given to them by metal. And that desire is the cause of ‘greed’ and ‘violence’, of the cycles of war and holocausts studied in this book. What those sciences do is to justify greed and violence as ‘good’, when they are the reasons of our extinction as a collective, social organism of history. Indeed, money, weapons and machines divide humans, which require from then on those metal objects to relate to other humans from a hierarchical position of power. Thus, the organism of history breaks into ‘Homo Bacteria’, which abuse each other with weapons, money and machines. Thus, ‘greed’ and ‘violence’ are the ‘anti-truths’ of the Wor(l)d and its natural arrow of social evolution, proper of all species.

And yet the ‘anti-truth’ that those objects bring progress to mankind has become imprinted in our ‘manufactured’ brains so deeply and extensively that today capitalism and mechanism are the ethics of our civilization. Such irrational, mental brain-washing of mankind requires to lower our reason into the previous stage of mental evolution, the age of dramatic emotions, selfish thoughts and ‘myths’ . . . Those elements explain the endurance of the ‘anti-truths’ of human values that push us merrily towards suicide.

It all started with the corruption of ethic wor(l)ds by the hidden values of money. Indeed, some historians of religion explain the absurd ideas about Go(l)d and the fantasies of power of corruptedAnimetal cultures through the concept of myths—placebo truths that cater to the ‘ego’ of the believer and convince him to obey, by making him happy.

Corrupted Religions might have been born, according to such theories, out of the need to eliminate the fear of death with happy myths. Myths are like placebo medicines that keep the patient sedated, even if the drug does not cure his illness. Myths calm our fears, our ‘angst.’ Myths are basic substitutes of truths, when the truth is too ugly or perhaps too dangerous to know. We widen here the concept of myths in that line of thought. A myth is a partial truth, even an outright lie, which is used by a caste of power, or a provider of information, to hide dangerous truths and limit knowledge among a mass of ‘believers’. A myth is the deformation of a truth that becomes biased to favor a given point of view, most likely the point of view of power. Myths are helpful to maintain power in the hands of a caste, a reduced group of people that holds in a passive state the mass of population, thanks to the use of myths.

4 elements are fundamental to the myth: The myth in itself; the truth which the myth covers; the myth-maker that profits from the myth, thanks to the control that the myth gives him over a social mass; and finally the receptor of the myth: the myth-’sucker’ that apparently reaches a new degree of happiness when he believes on the myth, but actually, on the long term, he is abused and behaves against his own interests by acting under its spell.

The classic case is an ‘animetal’, corrupted go(l)d religion, in which a caste of power offers a myth of salvation and anthropomorphic superiority to a social mass, which believes the myth and, in search of salvation, obeys the caste of priests, giving them money and power in exchange for that mythic salvation. The priests profit from the ex-votes of believers; the myth is the hook and the capacity to believe natural to man, the vehicle that allows the myth to exist. The hard truth—that we probably die, become molecules and end up our existence—is the ugly side that the myth covers and nobody wants to talk about.

Modern ‘Newspeak’ about money and machines: Free Markets, Democracies, Science and Nationalism.

The same 4 elements of a religious myth act in political and economic myths, used today to defend a society ruled by company-mothers of machines, but portrayed to the naïve believers as a ‘free society’ ruled by citizens – the so-called ‘Free Market Democracy’:

—  There is a caste of power that profits from the myth that citizens govern: the corporations and politicians they hire.

—  The believers (‘the suckers’) of the myth are the citizens of democracies.

—  The myth in itself says that citizens control politicians and governments; democracies work for citizens and corporations obey the laws of democracies, which are created by Governments.

Which is the exact anti-truth of what really happens and those myths hide:

—  Governments obey corporations that buy laws through lobbyism. Since Free Market democracies are systems of power controlled by monetary orders, given by Corporations, which have exclusive rights to invent money in banks and stock-markets, latter used to pay laws (lobbyism, monetary campaigns), promote their products (advertising of consume, warfare propaganda) and control the people and workers of the nation (laws of property, labor laws, salaries that buy your life per hour, etc.)

So the myths of Free Markets act as a theatrical mask that hides the dominance of economic ecosystems, made of machines, money and company mothers, over real Human, Social, FreeDemocracies.

2 methods of persuasion are paramount to impose those myths upon a bewildered herd: The adulation of the ‘sucker’, who is told he runs the show; and the use of rhetoric, a Newspeak that converts thetruth into its anti-truth.

Newspeak is based in the structure of speech. On one hand, people have certain semantic meanings in their brain they love to hold, as they are the highest values of ‘existence’. They love to talk of God because it is the highest value—the creator of the Universe. They love the word ‘Democracy’, because it means the government of the people. And they love the word Free on ‘Free Markets’. On the other hand, people also tend naturally to tell the truth, because ‘the truth is’, exists and it makes them feelthey are, they exist successfully. In turn, they also tend to believe what people say, thinking people always say the truth, even Myth-makers and politicians. Ultimately they want to be happy and important. And that is how they can be cheated.

Put those elements together and we have the semantic elements that allow the myth-maker to lie: The liar knows that people are going to believe him if he uses key-words that make people think they are superior, they are listened by God, they are free, they are taken care by the Company who only ‘thinks in consumers’. So a corrupted politician who legislates for lobbies, tells instead that he represents the people and defends a democratic government; and the people tend to believe in that magic word ‘democracy’, which means ‘the government and Freedom of the people’:

If you say you are a ‘democrat’, you are supposed to govern for the people, so your acts will be considered positive. People will then believe in your government a priori. From then on, the myth-maker just has to hide and hide . . .  all what he does against the government of the people. The same happens when a go(l)d priest or a politician affirms he defends God or the Nation. Both are social organisms in which all human beings subconsciously believe, as ‘species’ ruled by the law of social evolution.

Yet those racist religions and nationalistic politicians are saying a half-truth, a myth. Since they hide the fact that we all belong to the human species, NOT to America or Russia, or Japan, but to the ‘humankind’. So nations are just modern tribal structures, invented by animetals, who became ruling castes of nations. They allow the killing of human beings of the same species, belonging now to a different tribal species ornation, due to the myth of nationalism or Chosen of Go(l)d. They myth-maker, of course, is the warrior or banker-priest that profits, as war brings benefits and makes him the protagonist of history.

So the warrior tribe of the Franks became France and the tribe of Germans became Germany; and when they killed each other in I and II World War, they gave medals to generals and profits to weapon companies that re=produced and sold more weapons that consumed human beings. Yet the myth of the nation was so strong then that not even the socialist party with its Internationalist, correct understanding of the Human species, could stop their workers to go to war in defense of their ‘Nations’, a.k.a. Krupp industries or Vickers guns. So the myth-maker has it always easy, because the mass is in-loved also with go(l)d and weapons and won’t ever listen to the rational, naked truths of the master of the wor(l)d.There is however an ultimate form of Newspeak that today has become overwhelming called:

—  Fiction: the systematic promotion of fiction as a mode of expression is a feature of the Industrial Revolution and the age of Industrial Information, which started with the press and today has evolved enormously in visual sophistication. Its effect is obvious: it diverts the attention of people from the real problems of the world. And it reduces the value of words as a language of truth, which becomes substituted by digital numbers—science, pricing, audiovisual images. Ultimately, it erases the human, verbal, ethic brain and its survival instincts. In that regard, when words were the ‘sacred’ language of truth, men couldn’t waste their time, in a Darwinian Universe, believing in fictions. Yet today, since men are becoming obsolete, idle fiction becomes the key element to distract people and keep them in a permanent state of idiocy.

The trend can be traced historically to Victorian England, in which the 2 dominant fictions of today’s world were invented: narrative serials, heavy on melodramatic fiction and . . .  sports. In the Midlands soccer became the sport of Liverpool and Manchester workers (still is), when mining and textile companies offered a free lunch on Sundays to workers that went to see soccer matches, a fiction of war. Their aim was to prevent them from fighting for ‘real rights’ and assist the meetings hold that day in Trade Unions. Thus soccer substituted the Anglican/ Calvinist Go(l)d religion, which had lost believers, as the new ideology of passivity among workers. Today ‘pan et circensis’ are offered by McDonalds and TVs at minimal cost. Since once fiction becomes the main mode of verbal expression, real words with its ethic, survival content, become meaningless and corporations can govern you through a different language, considered by mechanist science ‘the absolute truth’: digital thought, mathematical prices, salaries, money and ‘votes’ that carry the ‘non-fiction’, real orders and power of modern societies.

Fiction is thus, the only mode of expression left to the human thinker and writer, because it is ‘bullshit’, irrelevant to create actions that transform societies, as today monetary orders do. Indeed,Newspeak is a concept that appeared in the novel 1984 by G. Orwell, similar to the modern concept of a ‘Matrix’ of false information, explained in the film of equal name. In both cases, the authors wrote a ‘fiction novel’, because precisely the ‘Fiction rule’ that prevents distribution of truths about the ‘Free Market’, obliged them to write a parable of reality. So happened to Samuel Butler, father of Bio-economics, which published an article about the evolution of machines, after he read Darwin, but could only make his work available to the mass with a book of fiction called ‘Erehwon’, nowhere backwards. In that regard, the effect of fiction is evident. It implies that the parables of fictions like Matrix or 1984 are ‘lies’ not to be taken seriously. So the effect of those masterpieces is often the opposite to the effect the writer tries to create: the evolution of machines, the control of societies by go(l)d and murder, the future extinction of man, becomes something we have seen in ‘science-fiction’ movies like ‘Matrix’, so it must be a ‘fiction’, a ‘lie’.

And whenever a serious scientist brings the idea in non-fiction terms, the reader, if the industrial system of ‘scholar’ misinformation lets him speak a all, will be vaccinated by his feeling that he is exaggerating, because he has heard that, as a ‘deja vu’ fiction. And of course, because people like Orwell or this writer cannot be tolerated, they have to self-publish, lack distribution, cannot use ‘nice, rhetoric images’ and in the age of visual fictions, works like this one, are simply passed on. Those of us who haven’t renounced to the non-fiction truth know well ‘fiction’ is indeed today the only form to deliver a message and the ultimate form of censorship. In essence fiction is the ultimate ‘Newspeak’; since now truth itself (the facts explained through literary parables) becomes its anti-truth, a ‘fiction’. Our future truth, the extinction of man by machines, becomes now a sci-fi plot. The evolution of machines is a ‘novel’ by Mr. Butler. And so on.

Further on, an anti-truth, when imprinted in a believer, prevents any reasonable dialogue. The truth isthe inverse of the anti-truth. So the gap between both becomes so extreme that there is no compromise, no dialogue, which by essence requires a common ground. That is why most people today react so strongly against the truth, even if they realize they have been ‘suckers’ of anti-truths that are used to exploit them.

If you explain an American that the ‘Treasure people’ have been the backbone of weapons and slave trade for millennia and they are killed rhythmically by those they exploit economically; which is the anti-truth of the concept they are victims of history, he will react strongly against you. This does not justify slavery or murder, but explains the two sides of evil in metal, money and weapons and how they end murdering ‘life’. But such reasoning escapes the shocked believer. So he reacts like Data did, after waking up to the truth of Matrix, not the paradise of his mental program but the hell of reality: he kills ‘Morpheus’ and historically animetals kill the prophets of human truths, instead of confronting the evil of their animetal cultures and let the truth of social love to mankind arise in their hearts. And so the message of social love of the prophet turns into ‘hate’ against him.

In that regard, the main ‘newspeak’ or ‘anti-truth’ sold by Free Marketers is called ‘Social Darwinism’, which affirms that the individuals of the human species should kill each other and compete for ‘survival’. This is exactly the opposite of what Darwin said. Thus, ‘scholars’ have changed the Laws of Evolution, the Laws of the Universe=God and affirm instead that species are cannibal, live under the dog-eat-dog spurious law of competence within the same species, which is exactly the anti-truth of what Darwin said and Biology proves. So ‘corrupted, economists’ can justify war, economical competence and the abuse of the poor, which are no longer viewed as the same human species. Hitler called the Jewish, the anti-race, so they looked less than humans to the Germans. Jewish ‘scholars’ in America call Islam a religion of eviL so they seem to be the anti-world of Live, the very essence of death .  When in fact, they are the last Neolithic, life-based, wor(l)d based culture of this planet, fighting for survival with his ‘primitive weapons’, against invading armies of robotic planes. All those are rhetoric myths, fundamental to our suicidal and murderous societies.

In military ‘newspeak’ people believe we are defending ourselves, when we massacre other citizens and so they let the ‘defense ministry’ act. Free Markets make us believe to follow the natural law, when we compete against other humans. And so workers confront management, while nobody focus on the competence of man Vs machines, the non-human species that is extinguishing us, under the true laws of competence of the Darwinian Universe.

For that reason, instead of the ‘Newspeak’ of ‘Experts’, we use a ‘super-realist’ biological language, which stresses those real Darwinian laws that ‘scholar’ fictions hide. Since if we use a biological jargon and call corporations, company-mothers, we can grasp immediately what corporations really do: to reproduce, evolve and protect their machines, without caring at all for the future of the other species, the human being. In other words, Company-mothers do follow the laws of Darwin and protect its species—the machine. We, humans, don’t. Thus, in a Biological Universe ruled by ‘God’, the Laws of Creation and Extinction, the Laws of Evolution, company-mothers and machines are becoming far more successful than human beings, which follow instead ‘myths’.

Indeed, only the right information makes you act-react properly in the Darwinian Universe.

Thus, to follow myths is a surepath towards extinction. Right information is, in fact, the fundamental tool of survival of any species, which dies if its information is foggy and enters a dangerous space-time in which he stumbles with his predators. In the case of mankind, we are entering a dangerous space-time; that of Robots and Quark Matter, predators of life and light matter, both of which are going to be mass-produced in the age ofthe singularity.

Yet, because we believe in mechanism, go(l)d religions and other ‘scientific fictions’ that deactivate our capacity to act-react against those very real menaces to mankind’s survival, the Age of the Singularity is about to start and nobody cares, merrily thinking the supreme Homo Sapiens will deal with them easily. And when you talk of it, the fictions of ‘don’t worry be happy’, ‘derrotism’, ‘expert talk’ and ‘ad hominem’ accusations, or right censorship of ‘politically and scientifically correct’ magazines, will shut you up. Ultimately a century of fictions about the extinction of man, makes the real, final fact of extinction, about to happen, a myth nobody believes in.

This book is the truth of mankind, but because we live in the anti-truth, it looks indeed the anti-truth of what mankind believes.

In the Age of Company-mothers of scientific machines and paper-moneyAnimetal cultures fusion their tools of power, money, weapons and machines into a far more complex organism, the ‘economic ecosystem’, which has grown till reaching global size, while evolving the ‘myths’ and ‘religions’ of power of those ‘primitive’ animetal cultures, into a series of ‘digital sciences’, dogmas and postulates that hide under complex equations the fact that all has changed to remain the same.

We live in a world ruled by ‘myths and fictions’, created by animetal castes to justify their ab=use of the rest of mankind. Indeed, if in the ancient regime, Bankers-Priests and Warrior Aristocracies established the rhetoric of social castes and racial religions to justify their ab=use of power over the rest of mankind, the modern world has just become more sophisticated, constructing also mathematical myths about warrior power, money and machines, to maintain those privileges. Those myths are the origin of Mechanism (the belief that machines, in the past weapons, are superior to human beings and the model in which the Universe is based) and Capitalism (‘economics’, the belief that money and the financial economy must rule the world). Today those beliefs pass as true science, when they are just digital versions of the old religions of Animetal cultures. And so we talk of 4 fundamental myths that keep us slaves of machines:

   Technological myths that protect machines, considering them synonymous of human progress, when in fact machines compete and make obsolete human beings in labor and war fields. While clocks deform our understanding of biological time and have fogged our perception of the laws of the organic Universe (ch.2-3). The myth is the myth of consume that insists we are more powerful because we use machines that enhance our energy and information, when the anti-truth is the opposite: mankind becomes atrophied by using machines; so we don’t have new Einsteins because computers think for us and so on. It is ultimately the:

— Myth of the ego, of mechanism, which tells us humans are the superior, unique intelligence of the Universe. And all the rest are inanimate machines. This is false. The Universe is organic, made of infinite systems that ‘gauge’, inform themselves, perceiving and acting-reacting to their environment and so nothing is more important, even if each point of view thinks of himself the center of the Universe. If you prefer equations, in the science of Complexity we define a Mind, as a zero-world that believes to be the infinite Universe:

‘0(mind-cell) x ∞ (Universe)=Linguistic Wor(l)d: Every point of view=mind believes it is the center of the infinite Universe, but it is only an infinitesimal Non-Euclidean point.’

That is why most of history, humans thought the Earth to be the center of reality; and still think they are the center, the most intelligent species. And when the organisms of history died, the idea that our God was the center of creation became reduced to each I-God, individual, which today thinks his little life is so important. But the ego is the natural structure of the Universe, so it is a myth impossible to destroy: Each species uses a language to see that Universe. Man uses verbal wor(l)ds to create his World. Machines, more perfect than us, use digital thought.

Mathematics is not in that sense the language of God, the mind of the Universe, but only the language of clocks and telescopes, the mind of machines. ‘The languages of God are infinite’ (Veda). So to exist in history is to knot your Atman of information with all other human beings. And that is called social love, what enriches your zero into a network of souls. It is the paradox of the modern neo-Palaeolithic homo bacteria, whose ego keeps growing and so keeps breaking his ties with all other humans, making him paradoxically more infinitesimal. And that applies to racial, selfish tribes too.

Further on to exist as a man is to be a knot of verbal thought. And today man is not even that. Its infinite ego is filled with digital machine’s thoughts he can’t hardly understand. That is why CERN’s physicists are so retarded and egotistic: they think to be as intelligent as their clocks, computers and black hole factories. Buddha knew better. Because to be objective one must practice the teachings of Buddha, not those of Aaron: the extinction of the ego, not its overgrowth with myths of Go(l)d. So the only cure to the myth of ‘egos’, is to realize first, than our ego is verbal and so to defend the ethic values of the wor(l)d and then that our ego is the ‘species’ and so to defend mankind against the point of view and values of go(l)d, of metal, of machines, which atrophy us, instead of evolving us further, as companies make us believe to consume and evolve those machines… Those are the…

—   Economical Myths about Free Market Democracies affirm human beings are free because they vote. Fact is, they are obliged to earn money, the true language of power of economic ecosystems, working most of their time of their lives for those company-mothers. Meanwhile ‘stockrats’, the castes that own them, have the same privileges aristocrats had in the Middle Ages: the exclusive right to invent their language of power, then weapons today money and null responsibility in front of the law, protected then by aristocratic courts, today by the Law of Anonymous societies. Thus, nothing has changed.

The myth of voting is the most powerful myth of our societies. Since it has all the elements of the myth-maker. It tells humans that they actually can ‘invent’, due to their ‘natural wisdom’, the laws of the organic Universe, by electing the best way in which a super-organism of History can be run—as if humans were Gods that ‘choose’ their future regardless of the Laws of Science. This is of course false. The laws of science are NOT democratically elected, but established by the Universe and its games of creation and extinction. So what mankind needs is to understand those laws and construct the most efficient possible social organism of History, in which men survive and receive the natural goods they need. Yet the myth of vote is even deeper, because voting doesn’t even choose laws, but a caste of corrupted politicians, which are not obliged to respect the will of the voter.

So instead, they choose laws that favor the lobbies and companies that bid higher for their services. This is known by intelligent citizens and so half of the American population normally doesn’t bother to vote. In that sense, the ultimate fiction of a Free Market is a political, placebo election. Since in Free Markets the only free citizens in control of the 2 languages of social power, money and the law, are Stock-Companies: They have unlimited rights to invent money, the language of power of modern societies, without any responsibility and routinely use that money to buy laws and politicians and promote war for profits. Thus, if societies were ruled in the past by warrior castes, today they are ruled by Companies of machines & weapons that hire warrior castes and their modern equivalent, politicians, to exercise power on their behalf. So the same predatory behavior happened historically in Democracies and Tyrannies.

Political myths about War.

They affirm weapons are required to defend us, because we human beings are not the same species and should love each other; but there are ‘eviL’ people (those who do not belong to our tribe) or inferior, non-technological nations, without a manifest destiny that must be civilized.

Those 3 types of Myths crafted in fictions and Newspeaks are fundamental to understand the main feature of our world. Today people don’t look eviL, don’t even think of themselves as eviL as they don’t even realize their actions destroy Life. Because they live in Virtual Reality and Newspeak has transformed truth in falsity, they actually can destroy the world, thinking they are saving it. So they are immune to reality, because they live in the anti-truth of reality. Truth and perception in a biological Universe is relative.

What the lion thinks of himself is the opposite of what the gazelle perceives and its opinion will never be reversed. That inversion of truth between the animetal culture and the human culture is essential to understand the fight between Go(l)d and the Wor(l)d. For example, Jewish people no longer have the slightest idea of their role as the go(l)d culture, main tax-collector, trader of weapons and buyer of slaves, for the warrior castes of Western History. The Newspeak of modern Judaism has hidden totally such historic role and their alliance with warrior castes in their exploitation of non-technological cultures, not only to their people, but to the rest of mankind, thanks to their present control of mass-media.

So mankind thinks any action they perform on Palestinians is just, because Jewish are justified by the suffering of the holocaust. While Jewish people think any financial excesses and labor conditions, on the companies they rule, are justified by the ‘Natural Laws of Capitalism’.

They don’t realize such ‘Capitalist’ laws are just the translation of their tribal religion of ‘Go(l)d’ by some of their best ‘scholars’, to maintain their privileges as the financial castes of the West; reason why people r=evolve against them and because they cannot make a ‘just deal’, in a civilized manner, giving up their monopoly on the creation of go(l)d to democratic, elected governments, things get sour and end up in civil wars, during which the other side of metal-eviL, the murderous warrior takes power and kills them.

But the myth of ‘victimism’ hides this taboo truth. So Mr. Fuld, when asked if he felt guilty in the Congress Hearings, about the ‘greed’ of Leman Brothers, was totally astonished that such a question could be uttered, given the fact that ‘modern Judaism=Capitalism’ is a ‘science’, not a religion.  So today our bankers of any culture, all converted to capitalism, never feel guilty, because it is just ‘business cycle as usual’ to tax, enslave and rob the people. And indeed, our economists are not so much guilty, as brain-washed . . .

If we go to the other extreme of ‘conscious activists’, ecologists defend Global warming, a minor problem caused by the ‘shit’ of machines, as a placebo ‘escape’ that prevents them from fighting the real issue  – the machines of the Singularity that will extinguish us. They don’t even realize there is a huge interest on the Nuclear Industry to highlight global warming as part of its campaign to create Nuclear Plants, far more dangerous than a hotter Siberia.

When I asked Mr. James Lovelock the creator of Global Warming awareness for an interview and found he was a lobbyist for the Nuclear Industry, suddenly I understood how sophisticated Newspeak is becoming:  Big Pharma pretends to cure people and lets a 1 billion Tuberculosis pandemic grow, because poor people cannot pay drugs; CERN pretends to explain the meaning of the Universe, when it will probably blow up the planet; Islamophobia portrays Islam as the source of all eviLs, when it is basically the last Neolithic civilization without machines; Mobile companies, which produce cancer in children, putting their antennas in the terraces of schools, are a symbol of progress. Everywhere I look today I have to ask myself, what is really behind what I hear; where is the manipulation? And yet, because we humans are believers, most people never doubt or search for a second layer of meaning. And that is why Newspeak has created a world in which people do exactly the same they did in the past: destroy life, create metal, ignore the poor, become selfish.

But now it looks good, there is no guilt: we do it with a ‘smiley’ brain. People today have innocent eyes and innocent souls, because eviL has become automated, standardized, simplified into abstract equations that nobody understands. The most eviL of those equations is the equation of productivity, the dogma our economists sell to politicians, when it means to substitute workers for machines and create unemployment. Yet 9 out of 10 economists I talk to, really believe their Newspeak and really think by advising that to politicians, they are helping mankind.


Then, the 10thone is the most eviL, the one who knows, the one who invents the ‘newspeak’, the one who twisted reality. We are killing history, but we do it in an infantile age, of Neo-Palaeolithic, irresponsible children, who behave like perfect monsters without knowing it. Robotists and physicists, who create the machines that will extinguish us, are perhaps the most perfect examples of this Newspeak of children, who look naive, idealist, innocent and merely produce eviL things.

Another artist well versed in Newspeak, Michael Moore, resumed it all in his film ‘Roger and Me’. The robot, which killed the workers of General Motors, was ‘the best friend of the worker’ because it raised its productivity. Today, there are few workers left and even less people who understand the Duality of Newspeak. Since mass-media, the network of mental machines, has existed now for a century. So all human beings have been exposed to the ‘viral, ethic codes’ of greed and murder that ‘solve’ all TV problems. While Reality has long become ‘taboo’. Newspeak is not always as ‘direct’ and easy to spot as in ‘1984’.

The corruption or ignorance of experts.

This difference between truth and falsity has become indeed very difficult to spot in recent years due to the sophistication and extent of ‘corrupted experts’, all of them schooled in marketing, Public Relations, power-point presentations and ‘don’t worry be happy’ smiles. In some Industries of great profits, such as the financial and military-nuclear industry the situation has reached alarming proportions as ‘all experts’ except a few poor idealist souls scorned by the system as ‘radicals’ are corrupted. Fact is not a single physicist ever rejected to work in Nuclear Bombs, or have ever rejected the prize of Mr. Nobel, the biggest manufacturer of weapons of the XIX century; and today there is not a single ‘expert economist’ that rejects capitalism and its cycles of war. And needless to say not a single ‘magazine’ of experts publishes the truth of both sciences. So people are completely unaware of the ‘subconscious wickedness’ of the system, as experts keep churning the most astonishing wicked thoughts and receive ‘Saint Nobels of the Dynamite’, while financial ministries follow their dictums.

And so we must differentiate as ‘particles’ within the economic ecosystem how economical science could improve the life of mankind, reforming capitalism, from the facts of history, guided almost in an automated form by the engine of Greed, which programs each generational cycle of human beings, to do all ‘what it takes’ to keep profits coming. And so when it is profitable to do consumption machines, they are done and society also benefits. But when it is time to make Ponzi Pyramids and weapons of war, companies also make them and society dies.

But companies and corrupted governments pay ‘experts’ of all kinds to explain us the primitive nature of ‘negroes’ in the colonial wars of the 1860s (British and French Press); the anti-racial traits of ‘Jews’ in the Nazi wars of the 1930s; and the evilness of Islam in the 2000s wars; while the ‘ingenuity’ of our ‘Scientists’, the high priests of mechanism, explains us the wonderful findings for knowledge, achieved exploring the African continent, where those ‘negroes’ will be civilized during the I Kondratieff age of war; or the amazing breakthroughs in the understanding of human nature, obtained in the labs of Mr. Mengele and Mr. Oppenheimer, during the Nazi and American age of biological and physical research on genetics and Nuclear Bombs; or the astounding results for our comprehension of life and the cosmos that will be achieved in the Age of the Singularity, by manufacturing self-reproductive metal-bacteria, (able to feed on metal at an exponential rate and extinguish mankind in 3 months) or the depth of insight of our nuclear physicists, who will replicate black holes and the big-bang explosion of the Universe, in the most expensive machine ever build by the Nuclear Industry at CERN, which can blow up the Earth in a few seconds.

Those are our ‘biological and physical geniuses’, akin to Mr. Mengele and Mr. Oppenheimer; but, as we are immersed in the massive propaganda of the nano-robotic and nuclear industry, we can’t see they will bring far more evil=death to mankind than Mengele and Oppenheimer, since the only difference on their ‘results’ is that they have a technology much more powerful in the Age of the Singularity. We do have also finally a 3rd type of experts – our financial ministers and economists that create pyramids of Ponzi wealth pressing stock-paper machines in the I cycle, tickers in the II and manufacturing bits of e-money data in the III cycle, over a bubble of false mortgages.

Most Newspeak is ‘hidden scholarship’ that keeps accumulating for centuries and passes as ‘science’, hence as ‘dogma of truth’.

Today in social sciences we have all kind of pedantic ‘schools’, which build sophisticated computer models of societies that deny organicism and consider ‘religion’ a primitive, obscure age of mankind, prior to the ‘enlightenment’ brought about by the machine. Because machine’s consumption requires individualism, we live in an age of Homo Bacteria, which social scientists herald as the ultimate Freedom of man, without understanding we are devolving, not evolving. Yet social evolution is a taboo in modern history, which denies the existence of social classes, as all organisms have (the informative, reproductive and energetic class, latter studied in more detail). We have all kind of models that deny the preying relationship between economics and history, as if they were two different spheres. All economists affirm that the ‘blood/economic system’, the Free Market, should rule the nervous/legal system, when any evolved organism does the opposite. Yet the supreme freedom of the individual cell, the myth of the ego, perpetuates social and economical injustice; ‘since class does not exist’ (or else our ego wouldn’t be so important).

The myth of mathematics as the language of god and words as a fictional language prevents that historians explain mankind the negative effects of money, because they need words to do so. And economics is a financial, mathematical science, unrelated to history…

The mechanist myth tells us that all machines are good, etc. etc. Ultimately all those myths of science spring from the ‘belief’ in the digital languages of machines, which have also become the model of the human organism . . .

Newspeak also plays with a fundamental property of informative species and the way they control energy cells: information is hidden and so it uses camouflage to appear as the opposite of what it is.Newspeak is thus, a form of biological camouflage of the acts of money and those who control it, overall other sectors of society. Since the warrior is openly evil, as death cannot be hidden. So he never lies, he imposes death directly.

The trademark of go(l)d cultures is however different: they use a hypocritical second language or virtual reality, which hides with his false humanism, the real facts of brutality, happening behind those masks of goodness and victimism. Hypocrisy is essential to Newspeak: Trader cultures, like the Anglo-Saxon culture, allow hidden money to destroy the values of the Wor(l)d; while offering all kind of placebo, sentimentalism to feed the human side of their people. The banker and his money are always invisible, hidden behind military or political power. In England we have a façade called the king, now the government, which is the human side that hides the control of England by Bankers from The City. In America we have a ‘Democracy’.

How can we prove that Biohistory is truth, in front of so much scientific Newspeak, which passes as true science? In that sense the science of truth, called epistemology, tells us that the simplest theory is truth (Occam’s razor); that the one which accounts for more facts is truth; that the explanation which is more objective, less anthropomorphic, is truth; that the model, which accurately forecasts the future, is truth.

Yet in the realm of Economics and History only the biological model follows all those proves of truth: It explains both, the events of history and economics; it is the simplest one; it is objective, as it does not make man the center of creation; and it did forecast accurately the future cycles of both species, as early as 1994—the causes, dates and consequences of the crash of electronic money and the wave of unemployment caused by the evolution of computers and robotics (information machines). All those facts prove the model, according to the scientific method. While neither Capitalism nor Tribal Religions, with their ‘national bid’ for Global Imperialism, were able to forecast, as all sciences do, the future of prices, salaries, stock crashes and ‘National, Manifest Destinies’. As all Empires have died, when their ‘historic cycle’ has passed, but none has recognized the signs of its decadence.

The time and wor(l)ds of man have been substituted by a Virtual reality, made of propaganda, advertising, marketing and scientific messianism, which sells the future of technology as good to mankind. So all kind of machines are made, even if they ‘kill’ workers as robots do, or the Earth as the nuclear industry might do next Christmas. Those ‘mental machines’, put in the ‘altar’ of our home talk ‘Newspeak’, the word that the verbal prophet of the ‘baroque age’ of England, Mr. Orwell, coined to explain the ‘virtual language’ that TVs would create in the future to cheat every citizen. In Newspeak, those machines that make us stupid (TVs, Computers), inform us; those machines that make us fat and paralyse our muscles, make us ‘race’ (cars). In Newspeak those who murder us, making weapons (nuclear physicists) are the most intelligent people of the Earth. In Newspeak the people that divert the wealth of the planet, taxing all products through speculation, moved by greed, are the ‘Masters of the Universe’, ‘financial innovators’ that create wealth. Yet Economics are not the first ‘ideology of metal’.

Newspeak is as old as those who control history with metal. It was already practiced by the first ‘professional criminals’, who were called kings by ‘the grace of god’ and the first bankers-priests, who thought themselves chosen of go(l)d. Since ideologies in favor of metal are as old as the discovery of the first weapons of bronze and gold coins that imposed with them their will over Mankind. Confronting them, there were always people who understood truth beyond Newspeak and responded with their own ‘Human Speak’, mixing wor(l)ds of Love and warnings against the Tree of Science. Instead of using ‘Newspeak’, we explains scientifically, with biological terms, all those myths; and puts back into their place, both the ‘metal masters’ who think to be superior to human beings and the ‘mechanist scholars’, mainly physicists and economists, who obey their motto:

‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’. Unfortunately 5000 years of ‘Newspeak’, consequence of that alliance of 3 eviL= anti-live behaviors, greed, murder and lies, hides the human truths of social evolution. Since with the arrival of metal weapons, Go(l)d religions and mechanist science, the Genesic, organic wisdom about the nature of time, humanity and history was lost. ‘Newspeak’ was born and none was more elaborated than the ‘Newspeak’ about money, which is an informative, ‘almost invisible’ language of power that gives orders at distance and soon became confused with the ‘invisible hand’ of Go(l)d, It is the ‘Newspeak’ of Capitalism, first as a Go(l)d religion and then as a ‘digital science’, founded by Adam Smith, a pious Calvinist, (G)old Testament believer, who affirmed that ‘greed’, the accumulation of the fetish Go(l)d at all costs, was the best for society.

Unfortunately the selfishness of go(l)d believers turned out to be more powerful than the good intentions of Wor(l)d masters; so Go(l)d religions imposed Capitalism, ‘the astounding belief that the wickedest of men will do the wickedest things for the greatest good of everyone’ J.M. Keynes. So the wickedest of all things, the Go(l)d and (S)word cycles of World wars and Holocausts, became the engine of History. Those cycles of death ultimately prove the very same facts Animetals deny—that we are all members of the same species, equalled by Biological Time, by the cycle of life and death of our civilizations…

Physicists and Economists have 2 parallel religions, ‘Mechanism’ and ‘Capitalism’ that go hand in hand, as digital money reproduces machines of war. So they will never denounce our extinction, since they believe in those machines, they consider superior species to the verbal, ethic languages and bodies of flesh of humanity. Only artists, like Orwell or the prophets of the American baroque with his films on extinction, realize that those 2 religions substitute us and will end up extinguishing mankind. But we live also in an age of cultural repression, as the industrial distribution of ideas prevents the masters of the wor(l)d to spread their warnings. For that reason organicism and social evolution are ‘taboo’ truths, forbidden in the world of ‘scholarship’. Yet, by repressing the truth, Economists and Physicists have condemned mankind, including themselves, to an inhuman future…

The Inquisitions of the Mind established by religious and racial myths, scientific dogmas and postulates taken as absolute truths, censor all truths that foster Social Evolution, the dominant arrow of survivaland Evolution in the Universe, which has created most of its ‘complex structures’. We focus only in the economical and religious inquisitions of Go(l)d cultures, as the economical cycles of history are the main theme of this book. Because we live within the parameters of those Inquisitions, it is obvious that the reader will feel ‘offended’ for all what we have to say, as we break all taboos and myths that he learned as ‘sacred truths’ – the core beliefs of our society. Because his brain is manufactured and it has been so now for centuries to such an extent that he cannot longer reason and understand reality as it is.

But there is always a Lot, the lonely Einstein lobbying against the Nuclear Industry, as the FBI researched his socialist credo; there is Marx, dying of hunger in London, during the I Kondratieff crash he prophesized; there is Nietzsche, self-publishing his 172 sold books on the Wars of the XX C.; Spengler, teaching in High school and explaining in the 20s the fall of Germany and the American democracy… in 2000. Orwell, prophesizing in self-published books the III Cycle, and dying of tuberculosis in 1948 (read 1984 backwards). Yet those lonely heroes that defend mankind were right, against the mass of human experts who defend the truth of machines.

Unfortunately truth exists and so because humans defend machines, go(l)d values, they will terraform the Earth and extinguish life, in the age of the Singularity, the time we live in. Even if experts prefer to deny reality. Because truth,  happens despite all the experts of the Earth that deny it. ‘Quid est veritas?’ Asked Pilate the warrior; ‘Listen to the Wor(l)d’ – responded Claudia, the woman, giver of life…

This web is directed to Life people, not to experts hired by those who die for the machine, but those who seek the naked truth.  And the naked truth of history was indeed, expressed by the ‘Galilean’, when he said: Those (histories) who believe in me (The wor(l)d), will never die’. This message of love and social evolution was not one of individual but of collective salvation, as he was a prophet =historian of the future wor(l)d, talking of the super-organisms of History. And he spelt the arrow of social evolution, the truth of life. It is thus clear that only if mankind abandons its Newspeak of self-serving myths and returns to the understanding of the Wor(l)d and its laws of social Evolution, spelt by its true prophets, Genesis, Moses, Jesus and Mahomet, accepting Mankind, the super-organism of History, as its collective God, working together to control the evolution of machines, we will survive the Singularity Age.

Yet the beliefs of Animetal, Goldsmith cultures are so old and have become so sophisticated, thanks the use of audiovisual rhetoric that the biological truths of mankind are very difficult to uncover. Indeed, with the arrival of companies, the social structure of mankind changed. And the cells of those Gods, Super-organisms of history were reordered, as we changed language, from wor(l)ds to money and became, instead of cells, sustain of the Gods of mankind, slaves and part-time slaves (workers) with the task of reproducing and evolve machines for those companies.

As the robotic r=evolution, the last stage of evolution of machines into organic, independent species kicks in earnest and an all too evident substitution of humans by blue collar robots and soldier drones make us increasingly obsolete, disguised by a massive censorship of scholarship, politicians and economists on this matter, it is more needed than ever a new biological, darwinian jargon to explain the relationships between man and machine, life and metal, and the immense bulk of human beings – the  famous 99% – and the small elite of military, bankers, politicians and technocrats, which profit from that terraforming of the Earth with memes of metla and has become the ruling castes of society since weapons and gold were invented. This ‘new species’ is the ‘animetal’ and his actions, nations and ideology, the engine of the biological process of extinction of life and substitution of machines we observe.




The tabula rassa of memetic imprinting: the white matter brain.

WE ARE obviously destroyng the world of life Gaia, as the equation of history shows:

Gaia (past-life) < Present (History: human super organism) > Future (Metalearth: Machines).

All our resources guided by company-mothers which have a monopoly in the printing of money, the language of social power that buys the law, are used to make machines, evolve them and adapt the world to its image and likeness, with null interest in creating a world made to the image and likeness of man, the most perfect known super organism of the Universe, which is as the fractal paradigm of philosophy of science shows also a superorganism. super organism of the Universe, which is as the fractal paradigm of philosophy of science shows also a superorganism.

How can this absurd contradiction between the intelligence of the rational biological human being, which should cater to its welfare needs and the program of the selfish memetic mind that cares nothing for life only for the ad-on power of energy and information acquired with machines – even if they destroy us all – can be explained from the perspective of complex systems and biological sciences – the  sciences in which the model of history and economics of this blog is based?

The answer is ‘the animetal species’, half human half machine, and the repetitive, iterative structure of the fractal Universe, which makes most systems just repetitive, imitative forms, or in words of Aristotle ‘people are slaves they believe they don’t reason.

So in this fundamental post of bio-history we explain the birth and evolution of the human slave to the metal-meme, the ‘animetal.


The white matter brain and the organic will of the human being: Human Goods.

The 3 brains of the human being control our existence and define the program of greed. We perceive with our senses; whose perceptions are processed by the grey matter brain, and then imprinted in resistant white matter, lineal, energetic, axon-connections. This external program mixes with an internal program coming from the body, which defines our wantings for energy, reproduction (sexuality), and come first to the limbic brain and then to the axons. Both programs, the one of the body and the one of the brain, thus, mix and create together the white matter brain of beliefs that define our actions, memories and behavior in a greater measure. Because women have more axons wired to the limbic system, they live more for themselves, inward-looking, emotionally-driven. Because men have more axons connected to the grey matter brain and the external visual senses, they are more connected to space, mathematical designs and motions within that space. Yet what matters to this post is the fact that once the axons of the white matter brain are imprinted, we live according to beliefs, which are more difficult to change as the variability of the white matter brain is restricted once those connections are fixed. This means most humans are neither rational, nor emotional but basically ‘programs’ with a ‘motherboard’ of lineal, simple logic thoughts, not very different from that of any computer system.

If the duality of bodies/heads gives birth to the Complementarity principles of Physics and genre, the existence of a series of basic wills are expressed in our human organism through the senses – our outlets to the energy and information of the body and brain. We use those senses to absorb different energies and information and combine both, in reproductive processes. We sense sexual reproduction of the body through touch; we smell the energetic food we eat, and that information used to guide hunters. And finally we taste that energy. While our brain perceives space with our eyes, reproduces information with words, and uses the 6th sense of feelings and the limbic brain to guide our energetic body.

In Complexity, the brain is a fractal system of 3 ‘sub-brains’, the subconscious limbic system, of ‘short memory’, survival instincts and basic actions, the lineal, energetic white matter, the ‘fixed circuit’ of beliefs, imprinted in youth by egocentric religions or today, the cult to the machine, and then the grey matter, the rational, thinking, variable brain.  What this means is that most humans have the ‘center of consciousness’ NOT in reason but in the imprinted beliefs of the white matter brain, connected to its survival instinctive limbic brain – that ‘rejects’ beyond short memory any attempt to redraw and kill the programs of the mind. So the ideas imprinted in youth, once the white matter circuit is put in place (and no longer can be rewired after adolescence) , wont change. The person will forget or become aggressive with its limbic brain against reason. And since the limbic brain is ego-driven and subjective, what I have found all my life is Planck’s dictum ‘people must die for a new paradigm of science to be imposed, when it is taught to new students’.

Embrace a difficult fact to assume: 99% of humans are dominated by the white matter brain of beliefs, are automatons of their program, set up in their infancy, are not different from any programmed machine, except that the ‘software’ are the ‘memes’ of the culture, which the parents and religious authorities imprint in the human being at tender age. And to change their program, reason only doesn’t work. You have to force truth, you have to deprogram, you have to rewire. And this is impossible to do after certain age, reason why programs of the memetic, cultural mind are so successful; reason why people like me, writers, thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, have never meant anything in history, because we just talk, we don’t murder those who have different ideas, as the military does with its weapon memes, we do not torture the mind of children with fear as religious inquisitions do, we are just idealist nothingness.

Because it is almost impossible to reason and change the ‘beliefs’ of memetic cultures, who learned dogmas in their youth, the motherboards of our racist cultures are geared by their beliefs generations after generations.

The programmed memetic white-matter brains of Jewish zealots, Islamic Jihadists and Fundamentalist Christians is thus quite similar to the programmed genetic mind of a cell . And yet I have found a few ‘enlightened’ Jewish, Muslims and Christians able to understand the limits of religious programming and there are billions of humans who just reject the program of religions, so humans and cultures can still potentially evolve, and that is indeed the only hope lef to mankind.

We are just old bags of dirty water, with a few chemicals inside. Within the ladder of infinite scales of energy and information of the Whole, we are nothing. Shakespeare already said that we are both, giants and dwarf bufoons – it is all in the perspective. Einstein put it in maths with the concept of Relativity. Now we know, those fractal self-repetitive scales are infinite. Our only strength hence, if we want to achieve survival in this planet, is to act as a single species and control the wrong memes of the tree of science at the heart of the financial-media-military-industrial complex that will extinguish us…

Ah, but we are arrogant dirty bags of water, so we were not happy enough just enjoying the pleasures of life in the neolithic of water cults and fertility goddesses.




The paradox of history.

Thus we study on this site the two sides of the paradox of history:

– The whole superorganism and ages of Humanity, which have gone through a Young energetic Paleolithic age; a Mature, reproductive, Neolithic global culture in balance with Gaia, the body of our ‘collective subconscious mind’. As we ARE NOTHING BUT infinitesimal ‘neurons’ of the collective brain of this planet (w-holistic view). And finally, regrettably entered the 3rd age of ‘metal-information’, or old age (as information IS in complex sciences the 3rd age of an organism, warped, ‘wrinkled’, with an excess of information NOT a ‘positive’ BUT the final age of all systems); and now with the chip radiation enters its PHASE OF DEATH, or Neo-Paleolithic, in which IT REGRESSES IN MEMORIAL MEMES TO THE PAST (revivalism of primitive ‘Abrahamic religions’, AND ‘DISSOLUTION’ of ethic and social, ‘nervous’ networks back to the cellular, individual selfie, ego state, the ultimate proof of a process of social death, as in individual organisms, which die when their ethic, painful, nervous messages that organize and coordinate the cellular citizens of society, cease to motivate its cells).

– Parallel to the creation of a global superorganism of MACHINES, the predatory SYSTEM that is KILLING life, ending the ANTHROPOCENE, and giving birth to the MECHANOCENE.

– So BIOHISTORY, the larger discipline that should govern bioeconomics, as one create the Perfect human world and the other the perfect world of machines that KILL the human world has also a sub-discipline ‘MEDICINE’, that is, THE RIGHT design by politicians, who should be the DOCTORS OF HISTORY of a perfect DEMOCRACY, NOT the placebo systems we live in, where the $elected (corrupted politicos pay for and by corporations), ‘choose’ AT WILL, without the slightest knowledge of the laws of history and superorganisms how to run our societies at best in an amateurish form, most often merely as employees of the companies that paid their campaigns for whom the cater with laws that further design the world to the image and likeness of those machines.

So if we were to study different sub disciplines and do detailed analysis of those sciences we should consider, in Bio-Economics the diachronic study of the evolution of metal-memes evolved in 3 phases, the age of lineal metal-energy or weapons age, the age of cyclical, informative metal or age of money and the age of organic metal that transform information into energy back and forth or age of machines.

– The chronological study of the 800-80-8 wave of technological evolution, a ‘cyclical vortex’ of accelerated complexity, easily defined with the laws of system sciences and complexity which this writer formalized at the turn of the century subdivided in 3 phases:

– The age of weapons evolve in a long wave of 800 years of northern nomadic invasions triggered by weather cycles that destroy rhythmically all the civilizations of the Eurasian world, no longer a single global, immortal civilization as the Neolithic in balance with the Earth was. The wave first detected by Hesiod in the Western ‘decoupling’ of mankind (lineal, white, visual Neanderthal-crossed cultures), as the end of the golden age, and beginning of the bronze-iron cultures and Confucius in the Eastern decoupling in China (end of jen=harmony era, would be then explained by the first philosophers of history, the ‘Spaniards’ Ibn Khaldun and Vico, tabulated by Spengler and his disciple Toynbee with a millenarian periodicity, which we have reduced, as we did with the Kondratieff (1) wave , given its overlapping to its proper 800 years cycle, of ‘Bronze civilizations’, ‘Chariot’, Iron, coins, spurs-cavalry, gunpowder and since the A-Bomb, its final phase of chip≈digital weapons.

– The 80 years acceleration brought about by professional companies of machines and weapons (the twin evil side of those machines), or age of nations (1).

– The final 8 years accelerated cycles, brought about by the arrival of chips, which shortened the cycle of evolution of ‘selfish memes of metal’, to ‘decades’ (again reduced to 8 years, by overlapping of the beginning and end of each cycle); and the human experience to ‘fashion decades’ (not other definition can have the present 8 year product-cultures whose tendencies are set up by the evolution of digital thought, and the parallel devolution of human minds).

– The synchronic study of those waves, since all of them can be studied with the laws of superorganisms and the metrics of the 5th dimension (the logic-mathematical formalism of Complex sciences, I developed during my career in hard science, before the anti-quantum paradox ended it).

This is my favorite element since not only allows to describe the Economy as a Global Eco(nomic)system of company-mothers of machines, describing truly the ‘market jungle’, but allows to understand its present evolution into an organism.

And what is far more interesting, it will allow us to define in a realist manner, religions, civilizations, art, and social cultures, introducing in the model all the elements of the Human Experience.

We shall thus study those waves also from the perspective of human history, clearly differentiating several Human superorganisms, 800 years civilizations, and 80 years nations.

Now, from the perspective of Mankind, those cycles KILLED the immortal superorganism of the Neolithic in balance with Gaia, in which humans lived either in eternal youth, as Paleolithic hunters, or in its mature, reproductive age as farmers and collectors, with limited warfare and a global culture of worship to fertility and stone art, ruled by priests, in which money was food (wheat in Sumer, shells in North-America). It was not an idealized paradise but certainly an immortal history. What the age of metal-information brought was a negative 3rd old age of increasing wars and destruction of the planet, because humans never pruned the tree of science of its bad fruits and lost their connection with the tree of life.

So in this 3rd old age of information, we divide again Human Social superorganisms in 3 types:

– 800 years civilizations, in which after the young, energetic, epic age of the wave of ‘Barbarians’ recedes returns to its humanist Nature, with the flourishing of culture and Human Wealth (Whealth), in the classic ethic, artistic age of the civilizations, when a prophet of eusocial love extends the understanding of mankind as a ‘social organism’, in which each citizen-believer is a cell join to the others by the messages of eusocial love, natural to the Universe (in fact its 5th dimension of eusocial evolution that structures all parts into wholes, all physical and biological systems that evolve from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, matter, organisms, solar systems, civilizations and galaxies). The translation of those messages in each wave by a prophet=scientist of history, which tries to cure as a doctor does with a smaller organism, the Human Kind, determines the birth of one of the 7 great civilizations of mankind, today its 7 global cultures:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 13.18.06

The graphs, resume diachronically and synchronically the sciences of Bio-economics and Bio-history that make a space-time analysis of all civilizations, and their increasing corruption as they become invaded and destructed by the waves of ‘animetal cult(ure)s and its idol-ogies’, to resurface again each new metal-cycle.

So we have along the 7 waves of weapon metal-masters, which we shall term with the more proper biological name of ‘animetal=animal+metal’, as they are humans reduced intellectually to selfish metal-memes (violence induced by the entropic, destructive properties of weapons and greed induced by the hypnotic, mind-erased qualities of informative gold), 7 cultural ages, today settled into those 7 cultures:

– The African animist Paleolithic culture of stone weapons and hunters, in tune with the Planet of Life

– the Indo-nesian, South-Asia, the original ‘Genesian paradise’ of the 5 rivers, where contrary to Albinocentrism (white, western man, and specifically England=albion as the origin of all what is ‘modern’, civilized :), agriculture was born.

– The Mosaic, Bronze age civilization, whose prophet of eusocial Love, Meshu, reacted to the racist, segregation memes of earlier Abrahamic people-caste religions, establishing ethic commandments for ‘ALL human beings (marriage to an Ethiopian, prohibition of murder and theft), aborted latter by go(l)d churches of the $elected, today extending in the Jewish-Protestant Anglo-American world.

–   The Buddhist-Taoist civilization, based in the duality of cyclical yin-information-female body and lineal yang-energy-male body, which structures all the dual systems of the Universe, or Mongoloid Asia; originally born in India, as a reaction to the racist, segregation memes of earlier Aryan Iron warriors (2nd Veda wave), aborted there by the counter-reaction of Hindi and Arab warriors.

– The Catholic-Christian Hispano-American civilization, based in the eusocial message of love of the ‘Habiru’ Prophet=scientist of History, Mr. Jesus, originally in Europe, which reacted to the coin cycle of Greek-Roman Mercenary Armies, today flourishing in the ex-colonial Empire of the Iberian kingdoms.

Islam, the civilization founded by the prophet=scientist of history Mr. Mohammed, that reacted against cavalry-spur waves of Barbarians, based in the sacredness of the wor(l)d, the natural human biological language and charity its praxis that allows the creation of a superorganism of History…

Since indeed what passes today as Social Sciences is merely the application of ‘technology’ to the gathering of A)ccurate data at best, often not even that (Idol-ogies of political and economic correctness, which censors it), reason why we have and will stress the difference and steps of true science, which DO require B)iological models (physical in material sciences), C)yclical predictability and D)emocratic, human praxis; the final element we also provide here, with the design of the perfect world .

Europe, the civilization founded in the French (western decoupling) and Russian (eastern decoupling) r=evolutions, which reacted to the Bio-Economical wave of evolution of machines, not foreseen by previous scientists=prophets of history, but essentially maintained the same message of ‘equalite’ & ‘solidarite’, of those previous love prophets.

Thus observing the map of the eusocial cultures of the world, it is obvious that bio-history, the science of the superorganisms of mankind has a wider perspective, from where it stems its design through the laws and formalism of systems sciences and complexity, of a perfect world that COULD resurrect the superorganism of mankind, before the superorganism of machines, the Metal-earth, extinguishes us.

This ‘super-organism’ on the making, which is substituting the ‘aborted’ super-organism of the Human Kind (a global government  in a true democratic world, which caters to the needs of humans ‘first’), is NOT created ‘consciously’ by humanity . It is the natural ‘social evolution’ of what we might term the ‘organic arrow’ of the Universe that evolves simple beings into social wholes, which survive better. So atoms became molecules that became cells, organisms, societies and ecosystems, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes. The way this ‘program OF SOCIAL evolution of species into super organisms happens is rather fascinating, and it was for a decade the fundamental work of this writer, then a pioneer and leading system scientist (1).

In that regard, social sciences must go beyond the A)nalysis of data and explain with biological models the social organisms of history , which were defined scientifically by the FIRST modern scientist of the discipline, the Andalusian, Mr. Khaldun, in the 3rd informative age of this civilization. As he went beyond A)nalysis of accurate data (limit of Greek history as a science), which is ONLY the first step of the scientific method, to define also B)iological causes and C)yclical patterns. So Mr. Toynbee (his best known Anglo disciple) said, the greatest work of History that has ever yet been created by any mind in any time or place

And this leads to the 3rd great field of studies of Bio-social sciences: the application of the Law of General Systems Sciences (also called Complexity), to the design of a perfect world, a superorganism of mankind, with the proper, efficient informative, political and cultural nervous system and reproductive, economic and financial system, which this scientist=prophet of history, developed 25 years ago in its first books on the subject, during his master at Columbia university, as he was formalizing those disciplines, with applications to all disciplines of knowledge.

It is thus necessary to introduce the wave of animetal history, (Section 3) as the wave of Economics is JUST THE LAST PHASE OF EVOLUTION OF ‘selfish MEMES OF METAL’, weapons money and machines. Hence the last phase of the 3rd age or age of information or metal-age of history. And that is how It must be studied in terms of the accelerated wave of evolution of technology that started when as expressed in the parable of Genesis, the Neolithic age of the goddesses, gave way to the evolution of metal, which put on top of societies, people-castes with weapons, or lineal metal-energy (warrior-kings), gold, or informative metal (banker-priests) and finally organic metal that transforms back and forth energy and information (technical definition of a machine).

Let us introduce this fundamental level and the idol-ogies that justify the astounding fact that ‘animetals’ kill humans and degrade them, despite being members of the same species, constructing instead of a perfect superorganism of history, one of metal-memes, a different species.



The 3 perspectives of bio-history and bio-economics, to fully grasp all the sides of the planet Earth.

NOW the anti-scientific method of idol-ogies is akin to creationist economics, because it is based in biblical go(l)d religions. And its aim is to create the metal earth with credit, to cre(dit)ate a non-human world, without even realising of it, just moved by profits, which increase as companies reproduce and sell more machines. And this must be done without thinking of it, following the mandates of go(l)d churches, since ‘Gold is the intelligence of God’ Calvin, and ‘money the invisible hand of gold’ Adam Smith. So we must of course inquire beyond newspeaks of caring and political correctness the true history of capitalism. And consider to fully grasp the process of extinction of life and history we live the 3 perspectives of the event:

Humanity and Life (becoming extinct: humanist perspective)>Animetals (enjoying the ride with idol-ogical brains)>Memes of metal (evolved biologically).

THOSE ARE THE 3 PERSPECTIVES OF THE BLOG, CONSTANTLY CHANGING, the humanist discourse, of eusocial prophets of love and social(its) scientists; the animetal point of view, obviously NOT from their mythic perspective but the real, Darwinian actions and racist memes they sponsor to justify their automaton, ‘vita-modes’, and the most scientific and objective, disgracefully, the perspective of machines as biological evolving beings, of corporations as company-motehrs of machines, whose mandate is to evolve and reproduce them, and the biological curves of its evolution and radiation, which are the curves of Wall Street; their methods of control of politicians, of legal commercial laws, the dictatorship they establish with their monopoly on money, the memetic language of reproduction of machines – all those things which are so novel to the present discourse of both the left (socialist scientists) and the right (animetal myths and idol-ogies). It is thigh the proper way to fully grasp reality as it is, and if such were the language of social sciences, implement humanist corrections to the eco(nomic)system.

Let us give a first look to those 3 perspectives, which we shall call, H (humanity, History, Human goods, wHealth, Human Constitution), A (Animetal and its classic  idol-ogies, notably A-brahamic Religions, Nationalism, and Capitalism) and M (Metalearth, Machines, point of view, the FMMI system, and its modern mechanist idol-ogies). So in acronyms the equation of history is:

H(extinct)>A(on top briefly)> M(being born); but social scientist through laws could change it into M(repressed)>H(thriving), by eliminating those idol-ogies on the rule of mankind substituted by true social sciences and Whealth.

Let us then show the 3 elements of that equation, considering M, the mechanical view – that of the brain of the metal earth, world stock and its cycles of overproduction from its true biological perspective; then A the only thing our ‘animetals see’ – money, money, money running the world for them, the leisure class, happily protected by their beliefs, and then H, the humanist alternative



Let us now consider the organic structure of the FMI complex as an organism independent of man, with a financial/informative brain which processes with monetary flows the information about the components of the organism, selecting the species of machines and other metal-memes it will reproduce, those that will become extinct and which corporations will receive further ‘monetary energy to continue its re=productive tasks.

In the graph, today most of the computer power of the world is in the hands of companies and financial systems, organized by those who control the stock markets. In the graph, Stocks help the self-integration of the metal reproductive ecosystem, beyond the restrictions of the human mind. Artificial Intelligence is not a copy of human intelligence. It is an adaptation of the functions of nervous thought, of the human mind to different kinds of machines. Artificial Intelligence is born in companies as an internal brain that directs the body of the economic organism.

The homology between stock markets and brains or DNA systems is based in the bio-logical nature of economies, and company-mothers.

The graph describes the basic energy-information networks of Bio-economies ruled by stock-money. Stock holds, as brains do, most of the ‘code-language of information’ of the ecosystem. The brain will use that code to produce certain carbohydrates which are useful to the cell.

Stock has license to print money and will allocate them to the mother-companies of new technology with maximal price (weapons) of maximal reproductive power=Max. sales = Max. profits, such as digital software or maximal volume (energy).

Thus in this manner stock-markets express with money the arrow of evolution of the super-organism of machines, expanding its energy/information networks, its informative, audiovisual machines, its reproductive systems and its weapons.

On the other hand, human goods require human work, have minimal price by lack of affinity with metal-money values and are perishable, produce lesser monetary profits and are scorned by stock-speculators, which give no credit to all the products that could create a sustainable world.

In this manner the stock-market constantly deviates the wealth of humankind towards the reproduction and evolution of the memes of metal and the small elite of mechanist scientists, capitalist bankers/economists and corporation of machines, which during this age of crisis have further enlarged the gap between the FMI elite and the rest of the humankind. Yet because economic experts work for the FMI and have as dogma that the evolution of machines is the future of mankind, there is no criticism against policies, which are ‘de facto’ extinguishing this planet.

This was in the first age of the FMMI complex carried about by human networks of traders/bankers, military people and scientists. Then those processes became integrated in corporations of scientific machines and weapons, ruled by paper-money. Yet humans were still in charge, albeit slaves of their mechanist, capitalist and nationalist ideologies. Today the process is being transferred to all type of software programs, networks of machines, automated systems of reproduction and enhanced by the last ‘batch’ of ideologies of technology (productivity, ‘just wars’, mechanist science).

Biological causes. The syntax of the language guides the future of the species it values: Wor(l)d vs. Go(l)d.


Once this introductory analysis of the total wave of history is done, we know ‘where we are’, in its last phase of evolution NOT of humans, which reached in the Neolithic a global society in balance with nature after a young energetic hunting Paleolithic (thus this age of balance with Gaia, respect for nature, fertility Goddesses and eusocial love, without eviL art=anti-live memes, not only did exist but it is a proof that a perfect world could happen if we restricted the lethal products of metal-technologies that kill us).

So we are, in the last phase of the ages of metal, the age of the machine,  and its phases of evolution.

So we shall describe first the Financial-Media (Informative machines)/Industrial-Military System (energetic machines) or super organism of company-mothers of ‘selfish memes of metal’, money, weapons and machines, and its cycles of reproduction and evolution guided by the digital language of information, we call money, which values all species of this planet, including humans and machines, equaled through prices:

Man (salary) = Money = Object (cost).

It is the equation that allows the replacement of mankind by machines, the economic ‘grammar’, quite different from the human language of words and its ethic values:

Man (subject-center) > verb (action) > Object (energy)…

which explains why a legal system that controls the economic system as all organisms do (all except worms allow the informative, nervous system to control the reproductive, blood system and control lethal goods, which poison worms and unfortunately our primitive capitalist ecosystem), will allow mankind to survive and thrive, as individuals and species. Something we resume in a Legal mandate, the Human Constitution – that is, the constitution of a whealthy, both wealthy and healthy super organism of history:

Max. human, welfare goods (max. credit) x Min. Lethal Goods (min. Credit) = Human WHealthy Constitution 

But don’t worry we shall not include in this first part much of the jargon of biological economics. Instead, we will after studying the cycles, focus on the last cycle, the electronic cycle, and the Financial-Media head and Industrial-military body of America, the ‘dual nation’ that evolved the minds of metal and started up the age of robotic wars.

And then finally give the option for the American people to survive them – by leading a global r=evolution to design a perfect world, which can obviously come either from the Head if they change their memes and embrace the goal of survival of mankind, or from their body, if they r=evolve and create a true democracy… even from a twin Person, Mr. POTUS, an Asimovian mule that does what it takes to change the world in partnership with Mr. CCPP.

To fully grasp the scientific meaning of that r=evolution and the scientific model of social sciences explained here we shall close the Post with a 3rd book introducing the laws of social systems, super organisms and the 5th dimension of scalar, social evolution of the Universe whose laws and arrow of future, creates ever more complex super organisms and physical systems, since the birth of the Universe, as a sea of particles that evolved socially into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, social organisms, planetary civilizations, solar systems and societies of stars, called galaxies, gathered into local Universe.

Indeed, what all our ‘experts’ in Darwinian dog-eat-dog societies forget is that ALL LAWS OF SCIENCES EXPLAIN US THE POWER OF EUSOCIAL LOVE TO MAKE SYSTEMS SURVIVE. Nature does NOT care for the Individual but for the species, and all humans belong to the Homo Sapiens, NOT the Homo Tribalis, nationalisticus abrahamicus, capitalistic, mechanical species (the idol-ogies of power that pretend to make humans different). And all advanced religions beyond the tribal stage of some of them, do accept all humans are equal and the power of eusocial love to construct a perfect super organism of History, where people share energy and information through common energetic, economic and cultural political systems. And finally all systems of nature evolve from simple parts into wholes.

So the arrow of future and survival in all physical, biological and social systems is that of eusocial love, which amazingly enough, as all what exists even mathematics (since numbers are societies of equal beings, 3, 3 humans, 4, 4 pairs and so on), PROVE the eusocial arrow of love among members of the same kind IS denied wholesale by all our scholars. That far, the dog-eat-dog capitalist and nationalist mantra has taken our sciences down the road of damned lies and statistics. WHY?

This is the final fundamental element of Social sciences, which I call the Anti-quantum paradox’ that bias social sciences: the fact that in an inverse fashion to the Paradox of uncertainty of quantum physics in which the observer is so big that it interferes with the observable in Social Sciences the scientist is so small that the observable interferes with him. So as the Christian Inquisitor put it: ‘you will defend me with the sword (today with gold) and I will defend you with the word’. Tertulian.

Thus, since we live in a dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, the only ‘free citizens of the eco(nomic)system, which monopolize the issue of money, the language of power of society, and dedicate it almost exclusively to overproduce those ‘selfish memes of metal’ and make profits with their sales, economists and politicians are not interested in knowing the negative collateral effects of overproduction crises over mankind – censoring social sciences to cater the point of view of those who defend them with gold and the sword.

And for that reason, we do introduce the forgotten 4 elements of the scientific method, which are the motto of the web:

A) We gathered relevant data C) put on cyclical patterns B) finding biological, evolutionary causes and D) proposing humanist Democratic, demand based solutions to our problems.




Indeed a True scientific method should consider applied to social sciences 4 steps:

A) relevant data->B)Biological Causes C) Cyclical patterns->predictability D) Democratic Solutions 

This is what all sciences do. Kepler and Newton got relevant data, found cyclical patterns, found a physical cause (biological in human sciences) and make predictions. And when those predictions happened they knew they had the model. And then use it to improve life. This is the same thing that biologists did to prove germ theory and evolution. And it works. And this is WHAT SOCIAL SCIENTISTS SHOULD DO, IF THEY would not RUN THE WORLD WITH ANTHROPOMORPHIC MYTHS, Abrahamic religions, National tribalism, capitalist Go(l)d beliefs and ‘Mechanist worship of machines’ what we shall call IDOL-OGIES.

BECAUSE ULTIMATELY they are idols, tribal Idols, which Bacon considered the main ‘limit to science’ (then the opinions of the church). They are still with us in the PRAXIS of our politicians and bankers and industrialists.

History and economics in their praxis are STILL IN THE EGO-CENTERED, ANTHROPOMORPHIC BELIEF AGE, and so are social, historic sciences. We BELIEVE EGO-CENTERED THEORIES: Money is the invisible hand of gold, and the $elected that accumulate it will be save, into an Abrahamic paradise, as immortal beings (this is the belief of Adam Smith, father of the profession and ultimately the concept behind the FREE MARKET MANTRA, that we cannot regulate the system, as if it was Natural and the only one).

Robots AND MACHINES ARE not biological beings of metal, evolving fast, but WE discover and will always control them. Humans are not a single species but they ARE DIVIDED IN TRIBES CALLED NATIONS AND EACH NATION IS BETTER THAN ALL OTEHRS, and it proves it murdering the others with weapons in wars. So we are run by quack doctors of history, which inflate the ego of people and tribes. But this is NOT science. And of course, no historian or economist DO take seriously the cycles I describe.

But in science there is ONLY a proof of veracity: the repetition of cycles. And those cycles forecasted 20 years ago (C.library of Congress, 94, book published in 94, book masters Ohio from where most of the graphs are taken, to prove it), DID HAPPEN.

While The Economist’s test on future indicators among Financial ministers, Deans of Economic Universities, taxi drivers and dust  collectors was won by dust collectors and taxi drivers. This is NOT serious. The world is run by quack doctors and that doesn’t work.

In that regard, the graphs are from the original c. 1994, book, ‘bio-history, bio-economics’ (bookmasters, Ohio), scanned partially on the left side articles of this web, which predicted the future short cycles of overproduction of e-money, collapsing the electronic cycle in the 200-2008-16  short crashes, as it has been the case.

So all what I have to say to the billions spent by think tanks, Pentagon, NATO, wall street and the pope just in case, to ‘understand the future’, to all this ego-centered nerds, calculating flows of stocks with physical equations, that they would have got further reading that book, or now reading this blog; that ‘a pound of flesh’, that of the human mind still IS more intelligent that the computers they worship. And it will always be.

Now, we shall briefly consider the A-B-C-D elements, as we will develop them in depth latter on.

A) relevant data is exactly what we have done: the cycles of evolution of machines, money and weapons.

Now in what it follows we are giving a jump of complexity, well beyond the previous analysis, which is basically ‘censored’ but available for the humanist researcher, who explores knowledge on science.

We want though to ‘evolve’ our understanding of social sciences, by applying laws of systems sciences, complexity and theory of information. So before we enter into another ‘notch’ of censorship, that of the bankers, its cultures and ideas about mankind, we want to upgrade your chip. Hopefully if you have read orderly till here, when you abandon the web, in III (too complex) or IV (too incorrect politically), at least you have a more precise vision of the ‘sickness’ of our systems.

All what you are going to read will however as a friend from Melbourne University put it, looks like coming from other world. BUT THAT is not my fault if Social sciences have been kept by our ‘experts’ in so low level of intelligence.

Indeed, all this comes from the future of science – other question is if humans will ever get there. That is, if their ethics and survival instincts, their objective sense of what we are in this planet and the Universe, redeem and evolve their mind before we are spent.

Now let us remember the abdc method of science.

The 4 legs of the scientific method applied to social sciences are:

A) Seek for Relevant Data about the 99%, the ‘whole’, Mankind, the true subject of social sciences.

B) Find Biological causes to that data (as machines and humans are organic beings interacting as organisms in an organic planet), for positive reasons (increase of human WHealth) and negative reasons (unjust distribution, creation of lethal goods)

C) Cyclical patterns, which embed the data into repetitive, ‘laws’ of science’ with predictability and

D) Democratic solutions, which bring Human WHealth, Healthy wealth, welfare, and diminish Lethal Wealth, goods that degrade the body and mind of mankind (weapons, hate-media, etc.). As the purpose of science is always to benefit mankind, the whole, not the o.1% of speculators and stockrats.

However, most social scientists in praxis (politicos, producers) and theory (scholars) overwhelmingly follow the anti-scientific method, of the people-castes in power:

Anti-A) Anti-quantum analysis of irrelevant data about themselves, their history of wars and banking theft,

Anti-B) Bizarre, irrelevant causes to the irrelevant data, which in fact foster further evolution of metal -mostly ego-trips of Tribal power (nationalism, which fosters war and weapons), Superiority over nature and the laws of biology (Abrahamic religions, which foster war and hate memes against the infidel), Mechanism (which considers the progress of machines superior to that of man) and capitalism (which denies true democracy and considers private bankers must produce money for themselves, not for the people)

Anti-C) Denial of the causes and cycles of history and economics (as we must unlike all sciences, where scientific laws happen because events repeat under the same causes, believe in the lineal manifest destiny of mankind and its machines) and

Anti-D) Anti-Democratic, Dictatorial solutions to our problems: that is, more nationalism-war-weapons-splendid profits; more Abrahamic religions-solutions after death do not expect here to be cured; more capitalist solutions; that is, more printing of money for the 1%, and more mechanist solutions; that is the robots and pcs that throw us out of work and soon will kill and watch us, are the solution to our problems caused by them.

Thus we of course, doing science will not only follow ABCD but show the absurdity against all political and economical correctness of the anti-scientific method and its idol-ogies that pretend to be humane but only foster the production of the mechanisms and hate memes that destroy us all. And of course, show what THE people-CASTES on power hate more: the fact that if they keep doing the same they will ALSO have our destiny, war and death.

This is the way of the social scientist that forecast the future, with the laws of eusocial love, which create the whealthy super organism of history. In the past he was an ethic prophet of eusocial love (different as we shall see from the tribal origin of Abrahamic religions, which however were evolved by those prophets), who also wiped the people of gold and weapons; then he was a socialist thinker and r=evolutionary, now he is a biologist, and ecologist, a system scientists, which is what this writer, the system scientist that formalized the only mathematical-logic model of Complexity and the organic, fractal Universe, available in scholar ship, was before being subject to the anti-quantum paradox.

Those ABCD rules are in fact followed by all sciences (B obviously becomes P-hysical laws for matter, yet in an organic Universe, where humans are organisms, and machines are invented to enhance our organs of energy and information, it must be B).

The only ones that do not follow them are social sciences – they are not even taught, since humans seem to be ‘above heavens and earth’ and not follow them as a ‘chosen species’, according to the idol-ogies of Abrahamic religions, and national tribalism, now in a rage; and so we shall repeat the ABCD of the scientific method, Analysis of relevant data, Biological causes, Cyclical patterns and Democratic solutions ad nauseam, and apply them to verify the truth of all the different ‘industries of misinformation’ and ‘placebo theories’ that plague our social discourse.

But we will first merely studied those cycles in increasing detail and keep for the second part the study with the full range of discoveries of systems sciences and the ABCD method the entire discipline.

Now we shall follow the abcd method, but also show after the proper objective analysis the anti-scientific method of ‘animetals’, our people in power, which of course in the anti-scientific method are called ‘The masters of the Universe, the kings by the grace of God, the chosen of go(l)d, the geniuses of sciences’… but in taxonomic name are just animals with pieces of metal attached to them, weapons in the warrior case, gold that hypnotizes the eye in the banker case and machines that atrophy their brains and bodies in the scientific case.


Here most social scientists escape the ‘relevant’ part.

For example, our central ‘banksters’ (a more proper definition of the financial industry since it has stolen the Democratic right of humans to reproduce their fundamental language of social power which is NOT the law, but money, which buys the law), pretend to rule the economy by modifying the interest at which they give money to other private bankers, which in turn use it to speculate on the price of stocks and commodities and currencies, creating more ‘digital numbers of money’ without creating any real productive wealth.

This 0.1% elite knows perfectly they are just printing money for themselves, but do create an astounding theatrics, on its FED and ECB meetings, as if printing money for themselves at 0.1% or 0.3% interest NOT for the people of the western world, who do work and produce, is relevant to the economy, which of course choked by lack of credit does NOT grow beyond a paltry 1%. On the other hand, a nation whose financial banks DO create money for the economy, called China, grows around 10% steadily for 40 years.

And yet after 40 years of proofs that a mixed system of private companies and public finances works much better, we have still to hear a single economist or hired politico in the west, from right, left, up or down the social scale, to ask rationally for the creation of a Universal Salary for all citizens to ‘Demand’ welfare goods they need to survive and kick out the production process (best scientific, D-emocratic solution) or at least allow as China do, the government to control and manage investments for the betterment of society.

All what the pre-programmed knee-jerk, 0-brainer citizen of the Free world needs to hear is this to jump ‘communism’, they are taking the freedoms of our banksters to exploit me, take my monetary rights and on top tax me to death.

Of course for this to happen, the 0-brainer citizen of the free world must be reduced in his understanding of social sciences to placebo truths, and History Channel movies about II world war.

And here is where the Financial-Media system of informative machines that imprint both money and information, works together in one of the key synergies of the Industrial world, manufacturing the brains of the happy slaves of our tribal nations.

A social scientist in this case would of course, analyze relevant data and implement real measures that would truly affect positively macro-economics: money invested in real jobs, production of human, positive welfare goods and infrastructure, laws implemented to regulate and forbid lethal goods, etc.

And it would denounce according to D) Democratic solutions, the dictatorship of ‘banksters’, regaining the issue of money to solve the issues of mankind

So he would apply a more amicable human jargon to economics, considering what classic economists will never consider – the interaction of those machines with human beings, and specially the consequences of the 3rd phase of the Volterra curves of stock-markets, the massive reproduction of the most perfect top predator mechanical species, weapons, which give maximal profits in war – the cycle of world wars, which we anticipated would come back again, first with an age of splendid little wars, as the 30s were (now in full swing) and once the top predator terminator weapons had reached its perfect evolution, a massive age of arms race between China and America, the two top industrial nations of the XXI century, for profits.

Now these facts are systematically hidden, with ‘taboos’ of all kind. I.e. :

War economics are never studied; the monopoly on the issue of money by private banks and financiers is camouflaged by giving public names to private banks, such as the FED or the ECB, (which only issues money without limit to other banks, but denies it to states).

It hides also the modes of production of electronic money,(derivatives, fractional credit, issue of stock-paper, etc.), which accounts for +90% of global money, while people are denied even a minimal salary.

It ill-defines money not as a language of information but as a ‘good per se’, creating the fiction of ‘debt’, since languages of information are NOT returned. They are worthless and emitted always in inflationary terms as orders of information that start the production process. So you do NOT expect to ‘return’ your words that start your actions, and cells do NOT return their oxygen and hormones that start production and Corporations do NOT return the money issued to them in stock-paper, etc.)

All this we, Complex System scientists and Information theorists know – the author of this blog is one of the leading practitioners of these disciplines, having chaired the science of duality in the world congress of systems science for many years, till his retirement – a science which studies how information controls energy systems.

But, and this is the reason we affirm economics today is an ideology of power of Mechanocene’s corporations that has imposed a global dictatorship of financiers over democracies… economists, its universities and think tanks do NOT want to know anything about what hawking’s has termed the science of the XXI century. They do not want to learn systems theory, information theory, duality, monetary systems… and keep censoring the historic, biological and socialist, democratic models of their science.

So the first thing we shall do is to observe the world classic economists are ‘making’ happen, by cre(dit)ating, creating with credit, they monopolize, the production and evolution of machines as its single goal.

This of course in abstract means to ‘increase production->increase sales->Increase profits->increase stock value of corporations’. But we must stress once and again that the human anthropomorphic abstract jargons of social sciences MUST BE translated to the organic, biological ‘real scientific’ facts of this planet.

While the CEO and economist working for the CEO, for the 1% merely wants to increase profits, this in scientific, biological jargons means to evolve and over-reproduce machines whose sales give profits. And the biological effect on this planet is the competition between machines and life and human beings in labor and war fields. Let us see that in more detail through the 72 years generational cycles, in which human enzymen (again our biological function catalyzing that reproduction and evolution) take each new type of machines to its perfect top predator weapon form.

And that is indeed the truth of the Industrial R=evolution: a constant overproduction of selfish memes of metal and underproduction of life, welfare memes,  justified with the mechanist worship to the machines, and the capitalist ideologies of our corporations, whose biological mandate is to reproduce those memes of metal.

Modern newspeaks of social sciences.

Now we can revise the ‘animetal data’ provided by mass-media, which passes as social science today.

Of course we do have a lot of Abrahamic go(l)d churches and inquisitions of banksters and aristocrats, as the superior races, but in far more subtle ways, of mechanism in not so subtle ways – all those nice childish robots who play with our children and are going to substitute 3rd world workers to take care of our old people, in countries of blatant racist policies such as Japan, who prefers a robot to a Philippine or America who prefers a cleaning robot to a Nicaraguan, cleaning her home and saving the life of a couple of children.

In the modern age,  as Humans are becoming infantile nerds, there is NOT even need for deep, ego-trips. It is rather an age similar to Wells Time Machine, where History and its meaning is completely ignored. The world thus becomes a fiction fairy tale, of children playing with little machines, which mediate all forms of science that consists in filling numerical data into computers. While any true analysis of the Darwinian and social arrows of negative and positive human history are ignored. Since now most social scientists follow modes of self-censorship of the science of history of increasing sophistication, today called political and economic correctness…

Which means we are all good, specially the animetals on top. That is the military doesn’t kill but defends people, as aristocrats liked to think. The banker does not steal but creates wealth, printing money for himself, as wall street likes to think and the scientist does not atrophy and substitute a human beings with a machine but evolves mankind. And since all this is s given, we must do social sciences, just collecting data with machines, denying any form of biological real social science and finding new justifications that put the anthropomorphic man, specially the 0.1% on top of people-castes of banksters and military, as the supreme human, model role of all of us.

It is thus the age of 3 theories of social science:

  • The systemic denial of all biological, general theories because humans are free, and cannot be reduced to scientific statements – only to the inquisitions of Abrahamic religions, nationalist doctrines of tribal species, and capitalist dictatorships of bankers – that is OK, that is what we must protect, that is the right way to evolve the human mind.
  • The production of irrelevant data WITH A LOT OF CHIPS, and numbers. So we spend money NOT on teachers and research on human affairs but on ‘bull$hit’. So we have pamphletists and nerds, which of late do biological and social sciences on totally irrelevant themes, perfectly documented with a lot of pictures and statistic provided by the expensive machines of the chip radiation, which plague our departments. It is the age of understanding lions, by chasing them with narcotics, putting them on GPS and follow them to see how many times they roar to the tourists, and this is called biology, and will of course help us to save them. It is the age of crunching ‘damned lies and statistics’ in all themes that pass as social sciences as long as the writer has nice PowerPoint graphs, reduces humanity to statistical boxes and/or gets some platitudes we all know without the need of the slightest research. Yeap, we shall spend billions in robots to cam every final animal species, as the new documentaries with animetal robots following birds, drones making selfish of eagles and the like pollute our modern ‘altars’ with the God-TV.
  • The creation of theories that protect the top military and financial elites and sacrifice the bulk of mankind and life. To this aim a private bank invented the Nobel prize given systematically to economists that justify banking theft and techno-utopia, and affirm that null workers’ rights is OK, because the $elected stockholders must have them all – a tendency that dates back to Mr. Smith and Mr. Ricardo, the client of the Montagu family owner of the bank of England and the stock speculator who affirmed workers must be paid only subsistence salary because if they die of hunger, there will not be enough of them, and profits will sunk but if they get more than subsistence the $elected lower profits, to which Ricardo responded with an anti-D solution: give them an iron salary, the cost of a machine that replaces them, because even if they cannot eat with it, and die, we can put the machine instead. THIS IS NOW CALLED THE LAW OF PRODUCTIVITY. All has changed to remain the same. And we shall see how the economic anti-science has built its bizarre, biblical, creationist postulates against mankind departing of the musings of all those old biblical believers in Go(l)d, the invisible hand of gold at all costs.
  • ‘Orwellian newspeaks’, which as the British writer forecasted dominates with false caring placebo messages the future of the world. So the ministry of war will be called the ministry of defense, the ministry of police, the ministry of love – now called the ‘home office’, and those who kill the super organism of mankind with its memes of greed and hate, become the victims of history, as it has been the case… in the refined modern versions of Tribal and Abrahamic inquisitions, today called Patriotism, Jihadism (justification of all animetal, warrior murders) and the Industry of the Holocaust.

All those forms of MODERN CENSORSHIP, reflect the essence of the ‘Animetal Method’ of doing social sciences:

A) Anti-quantum paradox. We, the $elected by Go(l)d and the Sword (animetals on top) are the only PEOPLE. Yes, Indeed, WE SHALL see soon that actually on the original ‘Abrahamic religions’ (Talmud), only the $elected are human; so happens on the original ‘military nationalisms’ (Aryan Veda, Goth-ic, German Myths). So ONLY our history matters. Only our wealth is real wealth. Only our billions do create investment. And so on. And this is so because of the aforementioned

B) Bizarre, biblical, ‘creationist’ explanations: We are the $elected, the Go(l)d Chosen, the superior race (past theories of social sciences, which founded capitalism and European Colonialism). Substituted today by the ‘Newspeak’ Orwellian Bizarre method: only mathematical equations that nobody understands are social sciences, only irrelevant, childish gathering of data is science. Do not attempt to give a logic, bio-logic, organic, scientific ‘reason’ to the data. And if you do, now we shall:
c) censor and deny that there are laws of social sciences, cyclical patterns, and we can forecast the future, because we are chaos, creationist, chosen creatures of god (the 0.1%).

Now it is important how the animetal social scientist understand cyclical repetition. It is called the goebbels’s method of animetal social sciences. It was invented by goebbels, the first minister of propaganda (now in newspeak called minister of information) of western nations:

“if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it.” that is, instead of explaining cyclical real patterns of history and economics, they repeat ad nauseam, huge lies, so people think they are the only reality. This is the method of mass-media: 100 plus channels giving all the same distorted lies  that pass as news, because they are all owned ultimately by a few global corporations, belonging to the same ‘0.1%’ elite that prints money and news, from Wall Street and Evilwood, and controls scholarship with the ‘H. Industry’ – soon to be defined.

So the clueless American student of anti-social sciences, and mass-media observer will think that ‘obviously’ if 100 plus channels tell me the same Goebbelian anti-truths, they MUST be right.

What the true scientist do is NOT lying but looking for facts that Do repeat, and the causes of those facts, which put together allow predicting the future of the species study:  Causes + Facts = Repetition.

Since in science there are ALWAYS cyclical, predictive patterns, the essence of scientific laws. As we shall show now.

Unfortunately the ‘objectual and imperative’ languages of the cultures of Germanic warrior and biblical go(l)d believers that seems to make their ‘reasoning’ and freedom of mind limited. It is a touchy theme, and in any case we believe all memes can be changed, so we just shall resume the idol-ogies that are destroying the freedom of mind, eusocial love, and understanding of History, its future and super organisms, – in other words…

So now we shall go even into more depth and relate bio-history with the HIGHEST OF ALL SCIENCES, systems sciences which explain the social evolution of all systems of the universe, from parts into wholes, through the power of ‘intelligent love’, not ‘unintelligent design’ as creationist economics do.


The perspective of the 0.1%: Creationist economics, and animetal idol-ogies.

Indeed, we can finally understand capitalism in truly objective, scientific terms in its historic and theoretical context (despite the massive censorship to which the real history of capitalism and its ‘holocausts’ of poverty, treated elsewhere in those posts suffers under the anti-quantum paradox of corrupted scholars to the service of overwhelming power-force), and why it dominates the world despite the fact that is poised to destroy it by creating the Mechanocene and choking without credit the Anthropocene. Two are the aforementioned reasons:

The power and symbiosis among the 3 types of selfish memes of metal, evolved by  capitalist company-mothers -, money weapons and machines.

The blindness of the human body of workers, which as all bodies of super organisms are blind and receive all its information only from the sensorial head and its informative neurons (this theme of complex sciences is treated in other posts – essentially all systems have an upper informative caste which controls information, in our society bankers which own both, the financial and media system. For example, the same people-caste owns in America almost all companies in Hollywood and Wall street. So the Financial-Media, informative system controls totally as the head of the super organism of history and economics a mass of blind workers and machines that obey them…

Indeed, perhaps the most astounding mystery of human societies is the easiness by which the common people – the mass of the population, the working=reproductive and energetic ‘lower’ classes of the social organism, which do NOT control the languages of information (money and the law) that regulate their societies – accept to enslave and work and obey the bankers and politicians that exploit them. Why? The answer from a social, organic point of view, is that the neuronal classes ‘blind’ the mass of the population, which only receives information from the ‘informative, neuronal class’ and so believes them.

In any social organism the body cells are blind and informed by the neuronal elite, which if ‘crazy’, uninterested for the body, without receiving pain signals from it, can easily collapse and destroy their body cells, killing the social organism as our bankers and politicians are doing. But for that to work, the population must be informatively ‘manufactured’, which modern elites do through their control of mass media ‘hate’ speeches.

To that aim the minds of the workers/voters had to be manufactured to love and vote the policies that will destroy them. In this manner in the previous phase, during the 80s and 90s mass-media and neocons cre(dit)ated an increasing mass of mindless, violent American citizens, so ignorant of the causes of reality that they will ‘buy’ the American nightmare, once the American dream is gone for them. And so mankind basically regressed in human social evolution to the XIX century, dog-eat-dog pyramid of capitalism with financial and industrial corporations on top and the 99% of mankind without rights beyond some placebo theatricals of vote on the bottom. We shall distinguish in that sense the o.1% of stock-owners.

In the graph, a classic of the pre-war age, we see the initial phase of  the Mechanocene and its 3  symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene. THUS UNLESS THE SYSTEM IS THOROUGLY REFORMED and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete. But that is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’,  which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences.

 Indeed, Capitalism, is an ideology, today sold as a ‘science’, which considers that the language of social and economical power, money, must be re=produced by private bankers (fiat credit, speculative taxes, e-money derivatives, stock-paper, etc.), instead of the government chosen by the people (state deficit).

As such capitalism is in open contradiction with democracy (the government of the people). And to hide this, censorship of real economic science is absolute. We live ruled by money but not a single western ‘democracy’ teaches economics in the school. We have no rights to control the language of social power, but we are told to live in a  ”Free Market’, a ‘newspeak’ that confuses the audience.

Since a ‘Free market’ refers to the freedom of the ‘citizens’ of markets, corporations, not to the freedom of human citizens, who have no rights to jobs and credit, controlled  by those corporations. Thus capitalism is essentially a dictatorship of banks and corporations and their owners on top of that pyramid – the stockrats, the true dictators of society in capitalist systems as they have null social responsibility (Anonymous Societies), monopoly in the invention of money in stocks and e-derivatives and use that money to bribe and control the other elements of societies.

In that regard, the previous pyramid fails to convey the non-human structure of capitalism, which essentially is the ‘religion’ or ‘ideology’ of power of ’animetal=human animal+metal-meme cultures and can be traced to the first Levantine cultures which made of go(l)d, not of weapons, the hypnotic substance that could  make work for you, slaves and mercenary armies.

Accordingly what capitalism means is merely this: that we, humans, must evolve and re=produce memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), within the structure of corporations, because they give power to the ‘people-castes’ that control our ‘capitalist civilization’ (the military, bankers and industrial corporations), and sacrifice when needed the rights of human beings and nature, if they collide with the ‘progress’ of those metal-memes.

This absurd ideology of history and economics cannot be doubted as ultimately has a biblical religious origin. Capitalism is therefore the equivalent of ‘Intelligent Design’ in Biology – a religion of money, which ignores any scientific approach or attempt to define objectively those memes of metal and the collateral effects they have on mankind. ‘Money is Go(l)d’ and its pursuit through greed the goal of humanity. Point.

That’s the entire meaning of the human species for a ‘Capitalist Theocracy’ – where money is the language of go(l)d: to work=reproduce and consume=vitalize memes of metal to provide ‘money’ to the o.1% of ‘stockrats’, owners of those corporations. Nothing else matters, and all what we are told are rhetoric arguments to justify that bottom line. The complexity of a democratic system and the symbiosis of all its sub-systems makes of course all those facts opaque to the common, ‘memetic, human believer’.  In this post we shall consider those self-evident truths, with the novel approach of system sciences and the concepts of societies as super-organisms, humans as believers in memetic imprinting, based in ‘anti-truths’ and money, weapons and machines as metal-memes. 

At the end of the road though we MUST inquire into the most censored of all themes of bio-history and bio-economics. How all this started? Whose culture, and what selfish memes of indifference to mankind, of worship of go(l)d, brought about the structure, beliefs and goals of the culture of corporations? Because they were founded by the memes of a certain culture, whose fictions and racist segregational laws against mankind decided to create the economic ecosystem as it is now – now a necessary end. The first corporations dedicated to slave trade and weapons production (gunboats), today in the newspeak of ‘making up’ the tragedies of history as epic battles of human progress, considered just ‘boats dedicated to spice trade’, were in the naked. Its racist biblical idol-ogies and go(l)d worship, their ritualism and repression of human memes, their entire psyche now cleansed into mathematical abstract equations of productivity, as if ‘expressing extinctive laws of mankind, such as the law of productivity’ were ok, as long as you put it in numbers is the origin of all this.

Indeed, if people knew that corporations were born with cargo slaves, separated stock holders from workers and consumers with racist memes of the $elected, if the history of capitalism today nowhere to be taught were taught in countries like America, you would not find the world we live in as a given, even among serious intellectuals.

So HISTORY AS A SCIENCE far more even than economics has been rewritten since II world war, or simply erased. Americans do NOT know history. For them history started with the American constitution. They do NOT understand at all the continuity of mankind through all its cycles and civilisations, the ultimate fight between Live vs. eviL, that is, between those civilisations of the tree of life that tried to create a humanist world in balance with gaia vs. the civilisations of animetals who worship money and weapons and kill gaia. Not even radical ecologists have a clue to that process – perhaps Mr. Campbell, the anthropologist was the last man to understand.

Of course, the Financial-media system does not consider possible a repetition of the cycles of history. As we know ‘we chosen of go(l)d’ do have as $elected species a manifest destiny, which does NOT follow the laws of the biological organic planet, because we are humans, a special species…

Unfortunately this anthropomorphic way of thought is not only common to humans but the only authorised way to think of us.

Never mind a single virus can liquidate after its biological radiation, thousands of human beings. We do fear viruses. But we do not fear robots and chips. We know better: machines are progress and its unlimited re=production give us profits, so we we should worry? This is science-fiction (of course, we can only argue biological economics in science fiction). It would impossible to fill up an introduction to bio-history if we were to study all the ‘historical idol-ogies’ , which for 5000 years have made ‘animetals’ believersin in the tree of metal, since Genesis parable explain us the duality of the wave of history.

We shall just talk of ‘biblical, creationist economics’, which as creationist biology DENIES any scientific approach to the eco(nomic)system, because it does not give a positive outlook of our 0.1% of owners of corporations. So we shall keep increasing our GDP in robotic machines and armies – never mind humans, like lions or whales do not benefit for the mechanical GDP.

The Billionaires do; the ‘Leisure class’ on top live in their perfect world. The 99%, who cares. They are ‘not us’.

The world we said is ran by money, which is printed by the 0.1% of Biblical Economists, whose ‘creationist view’ on how the world must be designed for and by the $elected was crystal clear during the first age of biblical economics, (classic economists), but today according to the general rule that makes systems ever more complex to disguise its bottom line, is ran by Informative algorithms and econometric programs, which merely translated those initial thesis to equations only a few economists, understand. So we need to define the ideals of our founding fathers, to understand what kind of world they design for the 99.9% of non-$elected without rights to invent money in our societies.

Classic Economics: a go(l)d culture translated into a ‘dismal science’ against mankind.

Classic economics in that sense is NOT A SCIENCE, but a praxis of corporative power, reason why they show so little interest for human rights, the design of a perfect world, the reform of the economic ecosystem and the future of history and pretend to be just a ‘mathematical, money-only wealth’, straight jacket of abstract damned lies and statistics, which NEVER studies the true questions of social sciences today.

In complexity and system sciences we study how ‘simple systems’ whose ‘bottom line’ is obvious, often Darwinian and biological become ever more complex, disguising through ‘camouflage’ their true nature. And this is the case of those idol-ogies which are truly simple: excuses to justify the exploitation of mankind by those people-castes of metal masters (an alternative name to ‘animetal’, which will be easier to absorb by the programmed mind of anthropomorphic ego-trip humans :)

Unfortunately today the Financial-Media system and the scholar industry that works for it only accepts the ‘idol-ogies’ of those ‘primitive economists, called in the ‘newspeaks’ of this age ‘classic economics’ – that is, people who WROTE THEIR THESIS BEFORE THE INDUSTRIAL R=EVOLUTION started in earnest, the likes of Adam Smith, client of the Montagu Family owner of the then, private Bank of England, with its biblical religious thesis that ‘money is the invisible hand of God’, which cannot be doubt of?

So he affirmed people and governments should not reproduce the language of social power, money, only private bankers should.

And he said that workers should receive only a subsistence salary to increase the profits of the $elected, because with less they would die of hunger, making workers scarce and increasing costs, but with more they would lower profits. And that no legal regulation was needed as that would certainly improve the life of the lot and lower the profits of the $elected.

Not to speak of the likes of Malthus, an anglican priest of the earlier XIX c., whose thesis written to explain the astounding death during the Great Hunger of 1/4th of the Catholic Irish, was due to their excesses on ‘sex’ and ‘sins’. While the real reason was the explosion of speculative investments in the railroad craze, which plummeted investments in ‘agriculture’ and welfare, as English landlords neglected their ‘plantations’.

And what about Ricardo, the Jewish stock-market speculator, now already in the train age, who denied the brutal vision of Smith, about workers, and affirmed that workers should instead receive an ‘iron salary’, equal to the cost of a machine doing the same work. Since now the subsistence salary could be lowered – as dying workers would be replaced by those iron machines. And this will increase the ‘profits of the $elected’.

And what about Bentham, father of utilitarianism, the Jewish banker, who wrote ‘On defense of Usury’, the book that justified ever since the unlimited creation of free money by private banking dynasties?

And Mr. Stuart Mill, his disciple, who worked for the Company Bahadur, owner of India, which entered history, conquering Bengal, and obliging the then prosperous 30 million inhabitants to half the crop of rice to produce tea and jute for export to the London market, causing within 2 decades the greatest famine of recent history that killed 14 million Indians – after which the Factor was congratulated for the top prices of its stocks in London, and asked, ‘since there are somewhat less peasants in India to cultivate jute’ to export the system to Malaca? A man who wanted to use the Taj Mahal to build a wall around Delhi, because it was a barbarous construction with no utility?

And mr. Say, the French Calvinist who affirmed what people demanded had no value, because it only mattered what industries could supply, as marketing will cheat them to buy and empty anything they sold?

We are talking here of the 6 most important classic economists, which enlightened our modern neo-classic economists, the only ones accepted today (if you want to be distributed) – after the ‘intellectual cleansing’ of all branches of humanist economics, from the centres of power, in the 80s during the boom era of finances, when chips started to reproduce without limit financial money for the 0.1% who corrupted all the systems of power with the near 100 trillion $ they printed ever since (NOT the 1% filled with productive managers and liberal professions, but the 0.1% of stock-owners and financiers).

So I wonder, what do have those pious bigots, who lived two centuries ago, about the chip radiation of e-money, robots and terminator machines?

Why they are still the ‘idols’ of ‘neo-classic’ economists, the likes of the Orthodox believers on the $elected, like Mr. Friedman, the guru of Mr. Reagan whose doctoral thesis affirmed doctors should not be regulated, since they kill patients, they would loose clients and lower the demand for their service; or Mr. Hayek, the guru of Mr Thatcher, who wanted to abolish all public banks and return to the wild west private bank explosion, so the $elected will produce as much money as they want for themselves (a fact now achieved with the deregulation of e-money). And to prove it, put the example of the public bank of Germany that provoked hyperinflation, as a proof public banks were improperly ran? Yet, this was a blatant lie, as the Reichbank was private, ran by one Stein, who never stop printing money for his private owners, and certainly cause the rise of anti$emitism and Nazism? How this pamphletist could get the nobel prize of economics?

Because only experts on Biblical, creationist economics, get nobel prizes – up to 90% of them – given by a private bank, who has usurped the name of Mr. Nobel, despite the protest of the family, to give prizes only to those economists that tell us more of the same; which occupy ALL the central bank positions and the 80% of CFOs of the western 500, and CEOs of the financial industry.

And what about Mr. Greenspan, Mr. Fischer, the dark horse of the Fed, or his student Draghi, ex V.P. of Goldman Sachs, the true people who rule today the world, who keep producing e-money only for private banks to speculate on stocks, while people have no credit at all? How can bankers have multiplied between 10 and 20 times the quantity of money printed in the world, when the population has only double, since the invention of e-money? Where all that money has gone? How they can on top, extort taxes and bail outs from the people provoking its massive ‘anoxia’, choking them, without salaries and consumption power?

They only have in common to be all pious Biblical Believers in the $elected rights of the 0.1% to run the world as experts on collective theft and global anoxia – yes, of course, this is not the proper ‘scholar language’ of our thin air meetings, to congratulate us of how wealthy we are becoming while the world goes under – who cares, they are not ‘us’.

The conclusion is obvious. The financial system that runs the western world is a religious dictatorship, which unlike the Jihads of the Islamic world, or the thugs of African and South-American dictatorships uses go(l)d not weapons to control reality with a single aim, to increase the profits of the corporations they work for.

As this is the common feature of the Financial Industry – NOT a science of money, but a religion of greed, sanctified by the credo of a go(l)d religion, whose origins, we shall research scientifically with the help of Biblical archeology (Albright, Campbell, Eliade) when we move into the next section of biological history – the birth and evolution of the global capitalist empire we live within.

Who are they, why they are ‘getting’ so crazy, as to commit collective suicide, what memes make them ‘believe’ in go(l)d more than in mankind and reason, why they are so much ‘hooked’ to money, can we reform the system they manage without violence, which would make the remedy worse than the sickness? What systemic, organic, biological sciences have to tell about them?

We will latter return to that when we study its bio-historical origin on earlier fetish cults to go(l)d, then called the ‘sweat of God’, the sun, whose accumulation in temples by banker-priests started the culture of the ‘People of the Treasure’, which run still the economic world.

Now he reader should observe that this graph, similar to the modern one, extracted from the film Thrive, printed earlier in this post, is merely the XVII-XIX original version of the corporative culture born in Holland, expanded latter to England, and then in the XIX c. to america, Europe and its colonies. In the next graph we see that global expansion that has made it the culture that is extinguishing all other cultures, now merely a ‘make-up corpse’ devoured by the waves of machines of the Industrial R=evolution and its company-mothers.

The key question about the evolution of the economic ecosystem that is destroying the human and life ecosystem is simple: are we programmed by the selfish memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, which create the economic ecosystem or are we in control of them and can use it to further the goals of history – a sustainable planet made to the image and likeness of mankind, with the help of the good fruits of technology and the repression of its bad fruits?

Do those metal-memes, and the ideological cultures that back them as superior to all life values, repeated generation after generation, evolve positively or are we degraded deterministically by them? The answer unfortunately is that those memes are almost as deterministic as the genes of biological bodies and evolution is very slow, too slow perhaps to overcome the extinction of history. In this post, we shall study in depth the relationship between those selfish memesgo(l)d=money, weapons and machines and the way they ‘mold’ the selfish cultures of history, those of ’bankers’, ‘warriors’ and ‘technological societies’, who consider themselves ‘perfect, superior societies’ and try to control the world and design it to the image and likeness… of those selfishmemes, perhaps the most clear prove that indeed, history is rigged by selfish memes, and we do not control them.

But of course, part of that program is the ‘belief’ of those cultures that we, humans control weapons (so the American warrior culture affirms that ‘humans kill, weapons don’t kill’); that we, scientists, are discovering the meaning of the Universe, instead of evolving ‘digital minds’, computers and telescopes/cameras, which substitute the human eye. So scientists despise artists and consider themselves the more intelligent beings on Earth. And finally, the go(l)d culture considers money the ‘invisible hand of God’, not a mere language of information that is developing a new ecosystem of machines, in which life is increasingly obsolete. So economists all believe in the myths of technological progress, and care nothing about a real scientific analysis of History.

This process of ‘human programming’ by the selfish memes of metal, which we do not see as a different forms of reality is studied in depth in many different aspects in this web. So before we go into a historic analysis of the evolution of those 3 cultures of ‘bankers’, warriors and scientists, and how their memes have evolved and ‘designed’ the nature of those cultures in so much detail that even they have affected ‘language’, sexual customs, art and religion, we shall make a brief reference to different aspects of ‘memetics’ studied in this web:

The nature of the selfish memes (energetic metal: weapons; informative metal: money; organic metal; machines)

– The equivalent selfish cultures (warrior cultures; banker cultures; scientific cultures)


The 2 sides of the battle for the mind of mankind seen on all those graphs with animetals on top but by the paradox on history on the bottom of ‘life’ and ‘freedom’, started when the values of greed and murder, of gold and iron came into the fertile crescent with its love of life, carried by the likely last survivors of the Neanderthal crossed species, isolated in nomadic tribes in the cold and hot Scandinavian and Arabian peninsulas. And its fundamental limit was a lack of eusocial love and i-magination, unable to empathize with nature and other human beings.
We shall now consider that hypothesis recently proved when genetic mapping showed that in the Arabian pensinsula there were crossing of Neanderthal men and sapiens women, giving birth to the semitic race with its clear dimorphism. And obviously being Neanderthals a race stronger and adapted to cold climates and warm ones – extreme temperatures, they also crossed and survived in the scandinavian peninsula.
given the fact that both cultures are paradigms of mental and body racisms it is just a wink of the Universe to find out that their literalist inflexible minds and memes of segregationism and purity are just born of their lesser verbal brain unable to grasp the complexity and spirituality of the informative universe.


The creation of the 2 superorganisms of Earth: decametric scales.

The 2 fundamental laws of biology applied to bio-History and bio-economics are the Law of social evolution, which favors the evolution of species into super-organisms, both in physical systems (so atoms become molecules that become planetary systems that become galaxies that become Universes) and in biological systems (so molecules become cells that become organisms that become societies). And the law of devolution, or fight between species, which become victims and predators. Those two laws have been formalized in complexity and applied in this blog and the books of this writer to define the Paradox of History: humanity has evolved into a superorganism in decametric scales, from the individual (10 up to 0=1) to the family (10 up to 1=10), bands (10-100 people), clans (100-1000) people, based in genetic bonding. Then it evolved in new scales based in the control by human herds of am agricultural/energetic vital territory. And finally, humans evolved through mental, ideological memes of eusocial love in ideological societies, cultures, civilizations and religious gods, from the limit of a vital territory (cities) into the biggest social organisms (1 billion cultures and religions of love, China, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam).

Yet the final scale of a single Human super-organism, history, of <10 billion human beings, which is achieved in many complex super-organisms (brains, galaxies) has not occurred, because a rival super-organism based in the selfish memes of metal (right side) has been created and it is preying and dissolving human cultures. It is the organism of the economy based in the memes of metal, digital information (money), energetic weapons and organic machines, which has now become the only global superorganism of this planet and it is extinguishing cultures, degrading them and dissolving the memes of eusocial love back to the individual. Thus religions of love become military inquisitions or churches of go(l)d (present Islam and Judaism), human minds become substituted by chips, words by numbers and cultures by industrial nations that ‘compete’ among them as they keep evolving machines and their citizens keep being degraded as the audiovisual minds educate them into the memes of money – greed and weapons – violence. It is the last age of History, the neopaleolithic as our species and superorganisms are substituted by the Financial->Military->Industrial system and its memes of metal and animetal cultures, degraded by them, who ‘prey’ with money, weapons and machines over previous agricultural, religious and eusocial civilizations.

Ideologies, instruments, goods and systems of the 2 super-organisms.

This fight between humans who consider themselves a different species, because of their control of the memes of metal that give them an added surplus of energy and information, is the 3rd biological law applied to history: humans do ab=use other humans, enslave them with money, kill them with weapons and atrophy and substitute them with machines. And so today history is divided into individuals and cultures that have become animetal cultures = animals+metal, the ‘top predator species’ of modern history. 3 cultures are paramount in that process, as they discovered money, iron weapons and machines, the Jewish, German and British cultures, which for that reason today have globalized its selfish memes and fusion themselves in the United States the dominant culture of the world. On the side of the memes of eusocial love however, there are still organizations like the UNO, and civilizations, such as the European Union and China, in which the predation of people-castes of money, weapons and machines is not so extreme as in America dominated by the memes and go(l)d culture (Judaism) or the III world dominated by the memes of weapons and its military people-castes (Islamic absolute Monarchies, South-American and African dictators).

So while the future of mankind seems determined by the memes of metal, there is still perhaps a hope of resurrection of the memes of love and the democratic values of human equality and the creation of a world to our image and likeness. It will depend on the eternal fight between the two sides of the Paradox of History: cultures who accept even death to protect their selfish memes (holocaust cycle of go(l)d cultures, warrior ideologies of military who kill with weapons, techno-Utopian messianism of nuclear physicists and robotists that create machines whose excessive energy and information can extinguish us), and cultures who are aware that life is the supreme value (Chinese, Religious and Social-democratic cultures). Yet amazing as it seems, as we humans devolve, our minds become atrophied by the memes of metal and our cultures regress, corrupted by weapons and money into inquisitions and go(l)d churches, the power and respect yielded by the technological, Go(l)d and military cultures becomes supreme. It is the Financial->Military->Industrial complex that today rules the world.

The selfish memes. The Financial-> Military -> Industrial System.

. We said that organisms are structured in informative, neuronal cells and body, energetic ones, that they are controlled by genes and that they, reproduce, evolve and expand in a biological way. The same process happens with the two types of superorganisms of history described in this web:

– Those whose memes=historic genes build superorganisms of metal, or animetal civilizations, based in the memes of weapons, gold/money and machines…

–  And those based in the memes of historic, human superorganisms, the verbal language and its codes of democratic laws or love religions expressed in democratic constitutions, welfare states that preserve and enhance the life of humans, art and a way of life in which man is the measure of all things.

And the difference between those civilizations is clear: in societies based in metal-memes what evolves are the selfish memes, weapons, money and machines, not human beings. In such societies, like in biological organisms in which the individual is controlled and ultimately evolve the selfish genes (Dawkins), the human being is sacrificed to the perceived, higher good of the weapon, the money or the machine.

And since now all societies based in the memes of love have been corrupted and dominated by the memes of weapons, money and machines, we can fully grasp the consequential fact that history is dying, substituted by the economic ecosystem and the memes are taking over the humans who carried them.

And this of course, translates in the fact that all cultures of love, from religions of love to real democracies, based in legal wor(l)ds of equality are being substituted by the culture of greed and murder, gold and iron that carries the selfish memes of money and weapons.

Since once the bid for the evolution of the human kind into a global single organism based in the memes of love, in the sharing of energy and information among all humans, is gone, History as a science and those who tried to achieve it, become degraded to the next, lower level of comprehension of reality, that of tribal history in which this planet has reverted.

Warriors carve the 7 Humanist cultures of the world

In a previous graph we saw the 7 main cultures of the world, born of the prophets of eusocial love of the lower side of the wave of history.

4 of them have their origin in historic animetal imperial conquests (the 2 Americas by Iberians and British, Islam by Arabs, and Indonesia by Colonialist Europe). Yet today they are firmly established and it would be absurd to return them to previous stages.

The other 3, in the ternary evolution of human races, according to the laws of complex sciences and the 5th dimension, the larger model of unification of all sciences, called General systems sciences, this author formalised 2 decades ago before falling under the ‘law of silence’ of the anti-quantum paradox:


In more detail using jargons of biology, systems sciences and my discoveries on complexity, and the evolution of mankind we can consider further in ternary ‘mental races->cultures’, the white, lineal, energetic; mongoloid, cyclical, informative, and sensorial, reproductive, vital black mind-cultures.

In the graphs, one of the most fascinating results of Complexity analysis is the solution of the ‘Plan of Evolution’ based in the ‘limited’ topology of the Universe. Indeed, in a ”2-manifold”, pedantic expression that merely means a bidimensional surface, there are only 3 possible forms, which correspond to the morphologies of energy, information and its balanced, reproductive combinations:


So species evolve in those 3 eternal variations of the same theme, from lineal, energetic men to informative women and the intermediate sex, to the 3 human races, to the 3 ‘topologic varieties’ of evolution, to the 3 ages of life, function and form always rhyme. In the first picture we see the 3 ‘ages’ of evolution of most species. Below the differentiation of human species, into energetic, reproductive and informative ones.

Specifically the ‘evolution’ of the ape into the human being, shows the fundamental procedure of nature in the process of ‘differentiation’ of species along the 3 ‘fundamental’ possible avenues of a ternary organism: improvements in energy system, information systems and its balanced reproductive networks. Thus the original ape species can be differentiated into ‘energetic’ stronger animals (gorilla), informative ‘australopithecus’, and balanced, reproductive ‘bonobo chimpanzees’, our closest species, dedicated all day to ‘fuk’ (-;

Next the human species took over, and again evolved in  III Horizons of increasing information, (500 cc australopithecus, 1000 cc homo erectus, 1500 cc homo sapiens) mankind arrived to the final racial differentiation, in which the dominant informative verbal homo decoupled into:

– White, energetic, visual, lineal dolicocephalic race/cultures (with higher mixture with visual Neanderthals in Europe).

– Reproductive balanced culture with a dominant axis in the top of the head (motor and emotional axis)

– Informative, brachicephalic, verbal, cyclical mongoloid culture (mutated in the higher tibetan-altai steppe) with higher verbal brocca regions.

We cannot extend in this introduction in the full understanding of ‘topological evolution’, as it belongs properly to the full model of General Systems sciences that unifies all the laws of the Universe, under the metrics of the 5th dimension. For those interested, just look at my unification theory web.

Enough to say that those 3 complementary varieties are the only ‘genetic races’ to be considered, and their combinations maximises the energetic-visual, reproductive-sensorial and verbal-social qualities of man, and have given birth to the 3 main cultures (being the other 4 born of military conquest, and hence somehow artificial but as they exist, we should use them to conform the perfect world):

  • The verbal, social, cyclical, female oriented, time cultures of Asia
  • The energetic, visual, individual, male oriented, lineal, time cultures of the white man
  • The sensorial, emotional, reproductive, wave-like cultures of the black man or ‘Africa’.

The grammar of those 3 original human cultures.

Disclosure. Now what it follows will be shocking under the present anti-quantum paradox, that is the ‘caring censorship’ and political correctness and subjective ego-trips of the humankind that prevent a true biological, organic problem-solving humanist sciences of economics and history.

So as a disclaimer I will state that my genetic make up, which is totally irrelevant to the memetic arguments here, i belong to the european, white race , with semitic & germanic ‘blood’. I have at certain moments of my life felt to belong to the ‘Catalan’, ‘Spanish’, ‘European’, ‘Sephardim=Jewish’  and ‘American’ cultural tribes;  but i have ‘r=evolved’ and ‘transcended’ beyond the ideologies of ‘race’ and ‘nation’  to fit within the only  ‘species’ to which I have ‘naturally’ belong – the human species in the phyla of carbon-life.

Ol this said, of course I couldn’t care less what are my genes. For 1000 $ soon they can write your agtc alphabet and replicate you in the future, and you will be as anybody else. This disclosure so is silly. I AM HUMAN – THOSE ARE MY MEMES AND COULDN’T CARE LESS for all the bigot, racist, who do think they are $elected by genes.


Now we can consider the fundamental problem of the humankind, today and for the last 5000 years since the arrival of the tree of metal and its good and bad fruits:

If humans would act as a single species, they could easily control the world, but since the arrival of metal, informative gold, energetic weapons and of late, organic machines, they split in two social classes, a minority (the 1-10%) which used those selfish memes of metal to control and oppress the majority of mankind (the 90%).

And to do so they invented 3 ideologies which made of those selfish memes of metal the centre of history, the ideology that men are tribal species, which must fight each other with weapons->nationalism; the ideology that money not the law must rule society and be issued by a few people-castes->Capitalism; and the ideology that machines are always good, the model of the Universe and the path to future progress with no collateral effects->Technological science.

Thus metal and those who managed those 3 species of memes of metal became the centre of the future, the symbol of progress, and the reason d’être of human societies. And they started to evolve and reproduce them at all costs, controlling the rest of society with money, weapons and machines. And this, which in classic social sciences, was called ‘the social class divide’, we shall call in biological terms, the ‘animetal people-castes’.

The higher view:  the language of money converts man into an object. And those who obey the language suffer its equations.

And that is why ultimately those hecatomb-holocaust cycles happen in a deterministic way, if ultimately most of its agents – even the banker-priests of Israel – would like them to be avoided. The answer comes from a higher perspective of systems sciences, social organisms and ‘lanwaves’ of time – systems directed by the grammar of the languages in which its cells believe.

In brief, the Universe does not act upon individual cells but collective super organisms. So because the elite of Judaism exploits mankind with money, and it is a super organism, with a blind body of ’11 slave tribes’, the action-reaction attacks the entire super organism, including innocent individual cells.

And because the Universe is guided by ‘heads’ and their ‘languages’, which direct the social wave of the organism, if a civilization HAS CHOSEN A WRONG LANGUAGE TO DIRECT ITSELF, IT WILL PROVOKE SUBCONSCIOUS TRAGEDIES caused by the way in which the language values the beings of its environment.



Thus in an ethic civilization, guided by the values of verbal thought, humans are always the subject, and cherished part, protected by the language that ab=uses through a verbal action an object. And so ethic civilizations that respect human life as the supreme value are NOT destroyed by hecatombs and holocausts.


Thus with the language of money men becomes an object, compared to a machine in competition in fields of labor and war, and a slave bought for a price of money. This is the language chosen by plutocracies, capitalism and go(l)d religions and hence men become slaves and suffer as objects the competition of weapons that kill them in war fields and machines that throw them out of work. And those people who rule their world with the lanwave of money end up in action-reaction processes of economical crises, r=evolutions, class struggle, where the people who invent money has all privileges, abuses the people they price and end up suffering their backlash. This society suffers endemic hecatombs and holocaust cycles. And they can be predicted as the crises will happen when money has totally corrupted the values of ethics and all men are priced, enslaved and poor.

Thus the future in a capitalist system follows in general lines the lanwave of ‘money’, man=price=object, in which men are always deemed obsolete to the evolution of objects.

Had mankind chosen the lanwave of ‘ethic laws’, human subject>verb>object of course laws would forbid the evolution of ‘objects’ that contradict the equation (Object>man), hence limiting the weapons > human bodies that kill us and the digital money of corporations that enslave our minds. But that is not the world we live in so, the future demise of mankind which DOES NOT evolve as fast as objects means, man=price=object, turns as evolution maximizes object, into man<Object and we become eliminated by weapons and wars.

THE CAUSATIONS and full equations of bio-history are also complex but its ‘grammar is not’. And that is the beauty of the fractal, self reproductive universe.




victims predators

NOW THE PREVIOUS graph for all lanwaves of existence applies to the cycles of selfish memes of metal of 800-80-8 cultures and are the meaning of it all. Even the soliton of the wave of future with maximal information, in the economic ecosystem the Jewish wave finally succumbs to the BEST PLAYERS OF THE LANWAVE, NOT HUMAN BUT METALLIC, money itself and weapons and machines, which overproduce and kill finally the human soliton too. So at the end of the wars for profits of all cycles the final massacre of humans is that of the leadership of the wave, the gold masters…


In the regard, memes work fundamentally because according to the science of complexity and the Galilean Paradox, any human brain will always accept as truth an ideology that makes him feel important, happy, the center of the Universe. And this is essentially what the selfish memes of metal and its ideologies make us belief – we feel stronger with machines, never mind they atrophy us, we feel more intelligent with computers, never mind they calculate and design for us. We feel chosen, superior, centers of the Universe with anthropomorphic religions, never mind they make us weak and allow the animetal castes that control society to dominate us and keep us without desire to rebel, and specially we feel safe at home watching a TV instead of going out to fight for existence. So we need a final complex outlook to the human brain and its programmed systems to understand where those ideologies are imprinted making us believers instead of rational beings, who will fight for their own extinction and sacrifice their lives for those who murder us.

The selfish metal-meme and the ego-trips of mankind create the FMI complex

Fact is that the specific type of memes we just mentioned, money (a language of metal information), weapons (energetic instruments made of metal) and machines (organic systems that transform energy into information also made mainly of metal), are constructing a super-organism of another type, not a superorganism of life, as gaia, this planet used to be, or a human culture is; but a super-organism of metal, the economic ecosystem, ruled by corporations, complex superorganisms that reproduce weapons and machines, using the language of money, in which humans are not the protagonists, but develop a function similar to those of enzymes in organisms: we, enzymen, evolve those machines and develop the economic superorganism, quite unaware that what we are evolving is not ‘us’, human beings, not ‘our social organisms, mental networks of believers of love as religions were’, but a mixed type of superorganism, an economical nation, or free market democracy (abstract jargon), part of a higher global superorganism, the global stock-market, with its flows of money that control corporations, organs which reproduce machines and control humans with salaries…

This evolving superorganism, from our anthropocentric point of view, is ours and just part of cultures, but from a detached, objective science of history, it is clearly an independent reality which is evolving and following its own selfish ‘memetic’ program of construction of an ‘entity’, the global market or superorganism of economics, in which humans are not really the main protagonist, neither the form evolved and reproduced, not the future…

Since we can observe now, with the arrival of the most powerful organic memes of metal, robots and mental Pcs, how humans are increasingly being eliminated as ‘enzyme’ which catalyzed the creation of those memes, as enzymes catalyze the creation of genes…

The selfish gene and the selfish meme seems to be at the end what matters, what we really are doing. And so from that paradox between what humans seems to be and what they ‘express’ and evolve comes the Paradox of History: the duality of two type of superorganisms, cultures and corporations, of two type of species humans and machines and of two type of memetic languages, words and numbers, which create two type of emetic constructions, human civilizations and economic ecosystems…

All this increasingly complex description of the dual nature of memetics shows to which degree the science of memetics is an integrative part of History and economics:  without the ideological memes of mankind, religious superorganisms, gods and cultures would not exist. And without the enzymen who invent technological machines, copying the functions of our organism in metal, making in this manner better metal-eyes=cameras, metal-brains=chips, metal-ears=mobiles, etc. the economic organism of money, machines, corporations, weapons, workers=re=producers of machines=enzymen, and consumers=animetal (hybrid species made of a human being and a machine, which function symbiotically as enhanced informative/energetic systems) would not exist.

The jargon of biohistory and bioeconomics might seem strange, even offensive to the reader, which of course is not outside history, analyzing objectively human beings, but inside, and as such a cell of a memetic superorganism codified by certain ideas he considers absolute truths as they are required for him to bond with other human beings and form those superorganisms. yet that is given. This web and science is by its very nature too objective not to be censored,denied and repel the subjective, anthropomorphic point of view of a biological organism and its cells, in this case a self-centered culture and its people, who don’t realize its peculiar code, religion, nation and memetics are self-similar to all others, of not special importance, and just informative carriers of the social messages of bonding and Eusocial evolution of its particular people

In any economic ecosystem, aka free market, human tribes compete to achieve social dominance through objects, mental memes imprinted in materials of endurance and higher quality than our carbon-life systems. Among those materials none is more important than metal in its 3 varieties, energetic metal or weapons, informative metal or money and organic metal, or machines. The memes of metal are however not the only ones evolved in History, though they are the key memes of the economic ecosystem.

And so we can talk again of two kind of selfish memes:

Memes of metal which evolve into machines and organic metal and an economic ecosystem in which they become reproduced and evolve submitting humans to its re=productive organisms, ccompany0-mothers.

And memes of the mind;ideologies, which hide the selfish memes (represented in memetics with parenthal between the original life meme, such as go(l)d, or cult(ure)s) into ethical and legal codes, which seem to create superorganisms of human history, nations, religions and civilizations, but are false go(l)ds and false (s)words, which cater to the evolution of money or weapons, like Yvwh a go(l)d meme, or Assur or Rome, (s)word memes and today nations like America, an industrial ‘machine’.

Newspeaks: The anti-quantum paradox. The 3 methods of imprinting of selfish memes.

Why the selfish memes of metal have imposed themselves? there are two obvious causes:

– Biologically a weapon murders and so people make a choice, to obey the warrior an survive.

– Biologically, gold, an informative perfect atom imitates the sun light and hypnotizes the eye, so humans suffer gold fevers and become slaves of God.

– Biologically a machine enhances our capacity to process energy or information so we wish to have them even if they atrophy us.

All this becomes the subconscious stream that oblige us biologically to obey the memes of metal, weapons, money and machines.

Universal grammar. The syntax of memetic equations.

In the other posts on memetics we clarify that the key and resume of the entire program of the Universe in each superorganism is ‘the language’ and that language follow a ternary Universal grammar proper of all systems:

Subject (organism who speaks the language) < action – exi – exchange of energy and information > Object (upon which action happens).

Now those equations can be operated with equality : Subject = Action = Object and the transfer of energy and information will therefore happen towards the ‘top predator’ element, Subject or object. Such are the equations of chemical reactions, where the top predator product absorbs the other because the communication between subject and object is equalled by a membrane or dissolving, open carrier.

They can be operated with unequalities, as in the human verbal language, Subject > verb-action > Object, where the object is always of less value than the human being. And this is the difference between human verbal languages that favor humans and the memetics of money, mathematical languages and weapons that equal us (money) and make us compete with machines or make superior the object (language of weapons) that kill us.

Thus according to the language a society is based, it will create a superorganism of life and mankind or one of animetal memes with a selfish warrior or go(l)d master on top, ab=using with its tools of power the 99%.Our civilization, once the mask of democracy falls and we understand money (deficit zero laws, private banks) and weapons (American right to carry them) are over the law and the political system, is such civilization.

We indeed evolve in 800-80 year cycles the memes of metal, first weapons, now machines, with a language, go(l)d, whose values are inverse to those of the language of words, and whose syntax, its cgtu-bases to speak in genetic terms, make us humans objects, as man becomes bought for a price or salary like objects are: Man=price=object, the equalizing syntax of the language of money, as opposed to God (Humanity) <Man (subject) < Verb (action) <Object.

Of course the equation of weapons is worse: Man (corpse) > action-murder>Weapon (warrior animetal).

Reason why our memetic masters the go(l)d culture tends to compare us NOT with verbal healthy civilizations but with military dictatorships (Nazis, stalinism, etc). to convince us we have the best of systems. We dont we have the second worst.

Those cult(ure)s were born when a new type of linguistic memes appeared – instruments of metal a more complex atom, whose energetic ‘bodies’, weapons, could kill our bodies; and whose informative units, digital money, coins and go(l)d could hypnotize our eyes, imitating the source of our biological energy – the sun.

So gold was called the sweat of God, the sun, and it provoked greed, golden fevers, a madness or desire to possess a little god-sun. And people associated it to weapons which could kill to get your ‘greed’ satisfied. Those apparently absurd new desires provoked by the selfish memes of metal were however NOT innocent accidents but part of another ‘program’ of evolution of another ‘complementary system of energy and information’, of weapons and gold – the economic ecosystem. For most of history this system was just the combination of mercenary armies and money to pay them, and yet soon reached the top of all neolithic societies, killing the memes of love, establishing racistideologies and inquisitorial religions, which murdered people with the sword, and go(l)d churches, where the meme of God was no longer fertility and reproduction and life, but money. It is the animetal culture of the selfish memes that imprint our brain and repress it because of a simple equation:

Man x weapon = Corpse.           Man x  Money = Slave

Those are biological, Darwinian acts that divided mankind in two castes, animetals on top with money and weapons, today technological machines and the human sheeple, programmed by the memes of metal.

The system though, as the socialist school of history explains, became more sophisticated by ‘corrupting’ the memes of love,

Yet on the other hand the ‘selfish memes’ of metal, program your mind weapons, machines and money who kill you, atrophy you and substitute your organic social desires for ‘greed’ and ‘property’ that standarized and objectifies reality.



Thus the wider view of History is its battle between the world of life and the world of metal. In that regard, the zeitgeist of the present crisis of overproduction is similar to the fascist and colonial previous cycles, but if we look even further into the past, it is part of a long battle finally lost by mankind, between the ‘humanist’ view of the world and the ‘animetal’ cultures which worship and overproduce memes of metal. And so we conclude this analysis of the zeitgeist with a brief account of the two sides of the paradox of History, of which the zeitgeist of neo-fascism is its last stage:

43-wave of history


The previous graphs, 2 decades old, resumes the battle for the mind of mankind, lost to the zeitgeist of metal. In the left side, the human cultures, in the right side, the zeitgeist and newspeaks of the animetal cultures that protect and live of the evolution of metal.

In the graphs, humanist cultures belong mostly to the tempered Asian or mediterranean world, life-meme, love-based civilizations that flourished in different countries and times in love religions (buddhism, non-corrupted earlier christianity), socialist movements, scientific economics…

But the cultures which can interpret in a natural way our world is gone. Instead we have the animetal, german-jewish, war-money based cult which always interpret reality from the perspective of the corporation that imprints the information of the news, and the cultures that control the corporation as a global evolving organism. This is the entity which profits from the existence of a parallel virtual world, the new brave world that makes humans perfect ‘enzymes’. So 3 are the levels of reality in culture:

– The evolution of the machine by the corporation, the true cause of the reality, the point of view of the planet and the laws of the Universe.

– The biblical supremacist and technoutopian German, British and Jewish cultures that are widespread in multiple versions of Abrahamic religions and economical/industrial/scientific planning all over the world.

– The real human , biological culture of this planet which is dying and it is the point of view of this writer.Reality i that sense is one but information being inflationary and divisive over a single ‘energy space’ is multiple and so it is the multiple relationship between reality in this planet as a whole, and the different points of view of the elements implicate din that reality. In our case, the ‘mechanical point of view’, the point of view of the elite and the point of view of most life. The mechanical and elite point of view seem to coincide but only temporarily as corporations become increasingly separated of men.

How can we explain that tragedy 5000 years on the making from the perspective of ‘General Systems sciences’?

Easy, as a fight between two species, ecosystems and global superorganisms – the world of life which is becoming extinct by the world of metal AND THE TRAITORS TO MANKIND – THE CULT(URE)S AND IDEOLOGIES THAT DESPISE LIFE AND WORK FOR OUR COLLECTIVE EXTINCTION, WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THEY DO IT.

For those who have no explored in depth this web, this contradiction requires an equation of Complexity that applies to History to fully explain it– what we call the Paradox of History.

You live in a planet in which 2 superorganisms co-exist, the superorganism of machines, we call the Free Marketin which its ‘free citizens’, corporations, have all rights, including the exclusive right to reproduce money, which thoscompany-mothers use to re=produce and evolve their offspring of machines; and the superorganisms of mankind, cultures, which paradoxically are devolving and regressing to primitive states, as we humans become obsolete to Machines and our life systems become degraded by them. This essential process that resumes the entire ‘zeitgeist’ of the age, is expressed with a simple mathematical equation proper of all predator/victim events between 2 organic systems in any scale of the Universe:

Max. Evolution of Top predator Organism = Max. Devolution of Victim organism.

And this equation of Complexity applied to the process of extinction of history by the new economic ecosystem of metal (energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines) means that:

Max. Economical Evolution = Minimal Social Evolution (cultures);

Max. audiovisual evolution (mental machines: chips/Tvs)=Max. Mental devolution (neo-paleolithic human brains entering an age of fiction thought, devolution of social and family values and egotrips).

This equation is the Paradox of History and it means that paradoxically, as we evolve machines we devolve as human beings, a process that has accelerated geometrically with the discovery of the chip, the brain of machines that make potentially obsolete all the functions of the human mind, sustain of those machines. The details of that paradox explain the news and facts of modern world at all its levels.

For example, as audiovisual systems evolve, human brains become deactivated, no longer able to understand truth, but full of fictions and dreams. Further on, our thinking language, words, become reduced. It is the neo-paleolithic culture of violence and ignorance we live in, caused by the evolution of televisions. Yet our loss of the verbal, ethic language means also we lose our capacity to evolve socially. And so social and family values become disintegrated as we return to the selfish, individual ‘Homo Bacteria’, which in evolution is a step below the social organism, more efficient and with better chances of survival.

And this happens paradoxically as machines evolve faster into a global super-organism, the stock-market and its corporations, ruled by a new digital language, mathematics, that substitutes our verbal language.

For example, as computers evolve, we substitute our mental tasks that now they make. So they calculate for us; they design for us; they spell for us.

Yet this mental atrophy as disguised by a growing selfish ego trip and fiction: we think what machines do is our work. So filmmakers that no longer can tell us a story because they were educated by images and cannot run a logic plot; and no longer can express beautiful human feelings, because humans have no longer any restriction to their selfish egos; yet precisely for that reason they think they are Picassos, when the camera is doing their job. This explains the present American baroque and Human Baroque at large in all arts, which become void of content, but full of technical and visual tricks, as emotions are over-expressed because they say nothing relevant.

The Paradox of History thus expresses the Zeitgeist of our Age and explains the news of economics and history, as a Chronicle of a Death Foretold, that of mankind unable to control the evolution of machines for its benefit.

So we hear news like the ones are coming from economical data: companies go up in stocks when they fire workers and put evolved machines instead; yet our corrupted selfish entrepreneurs and politicos tell us that to increase the numbers of machines=capital of a corporation and diminish their workers, (a ratio called productivity = capital/workers) is good. To fire workers – they say – is good because it creates employment.

This absolute lie is just an expression of the Paradox of History: when machines evolve humans devolve in this case lose jobs. But because humans have become so selfish, those who profit, the owners of corporations, lie and invent mathematical equations (productivity equations), which people don’t understand to justify their greed, without any empathy for the rest of mankind.

Now the lack of empathy for others is what psychologists call eviL, which is indeed the inverse word of Live. So we live in a global culture of eviL as we kill Life, but care nothing for it.

And to that aim, the Paradox of History also applies to cultures. We live under the control of the animetal cultures that developed the selfish memes of metal (money=informative metal; weapons=energetic metal and machines=organic meal). In complexity a complementary organism is always dual, made of an informative head/upper class/particle and an energetic body/working class/field of forces. This universal laws, which as all laws of complexity apply to any system of the Universe applies therefore to biology (head/bodies), physics (particles/fields) and cultures (informative/energetic classes).

Yet the paradox of history implies that our informative castes no longer use the memes of Humanity, our superorganism which has been replaced by the memes of the Economic organism. So instead of verbal masters, running the informative brain of mankind with our language, we have audiovisual machines running the show with ‘digital thoughts’. Instead of growing food, whose scarcity is skyrocketing prices and got 40 million humans into poverty this year alone, we use food to create bio-fuels and feed machines or we build new roads for them to move that eat up our agricultural lands around cities, who were originally placed in the most fertile zones of Earth. But this cannot be said. Because we live in a world ruled by corporations and its owners, whose exclusive rights to print money in stock markets with exclusion of governments are supreme. Again the paradox of history is at work here: the owners companies, the free citizens of free markets, have all rights, including exclusion of judgment by courts (anonymous societies laws); absolute credit (printing money in stock markets), and the humans, including politicians are judged, cannot print money.

The paradox of history also applies to the fact that we are ruled by the most primitive, oldest culture, with the most racistmemes on Earth, even in America and Europe who tried to build a rational, social culture based in the ideals of the equality of all humans. And so America today has devolved from the heights of the 60s revolution and the memes of eusocial love of the people of that age and the Kennedy and Luther King reformers into a resurgence of the primitive, selfish, racist memes of the Bible/Talmud. And even those Jewish and American r=evolutionaries that 40 years ago in their youth, had embraced the memes of eusocial love are now regressing to the myths of a book of history that sanctifies racism, murder, violence and greed, as part of the paradox of history.

For that reason, from the height of love religions (social Christianity and secular Islam) we have moved in an age of  Yihadist inquisitions (churches corrupted by weapons and violence) and churches of go(l)d (Churches corrupted by money, historically the protestant/Jewish biblical sects, today even the catholic church in the hands of the opus day). While the science of social history and its political doctrine, Socialism has died both in Europe (social democracies) and in the communist countries, which in any case had long devolved into military inquisitions with the death of Trotsky and the arrival of Stalin and now in the case of China, into a go(l)d Church. So the memes of eusocial love have become corrupted and are dying.

The result is the news of everyday: machines evolving, technology substituting human beings, human devolving into tribal warfare and selfish individualism. It is the neo-paleolithic indeed, as an old man returns his mind to his first age before dying, but with a negative slant. So now we live in a jungle of machines that are atrophying us and making us violent, but unlike the Paleolithic where we were the hunters, we are the victims.

All of us. Even those animetal masters who think they are doing better because they have more money and weapons, as the regression to primitive inquisitions of countries like America and Israel prove.

So the news in fact are a deja vu routine: a machines evolves and the corporate press that smells profits censors any opinion against the technological advance. While on the side of History we see routinely the growth of power of the primitive memes of go(l)d and war cultures. So the essential war culture, Germany now dominates again Europe and imposes its germanization and degradation of labor and life standards. So the essentialgo(l)d culture, Judaism, now dominates the banking and corporate institutions of the west – including all central banks – and promotes economic policies of extermination of labor (increase of productivity) appropriation of taxes and wealth by the few who own corporations and print money for free, zero rights of governments to print money (deficit zero), and in the political arena, the expansion of the wars implemented to defend apartheid Israel.

And yet the paradox has only a solution – to halt the evolution of machine sand weapons and evolve the memes of eusocial love, through diplomacy, a common global currency and laws against the wrong memes of the Tree of science. This solution of course, is not happening as the memes of history seem as deterministic as the genes of biological bodies.

And so the conjunction of the most primitive cultures in power that instill hate, violence, racial bigotry and social injustice, but have the most evolved memes of machines, the best weapons, the audiovisual media to spread their messages of hate to mankind and love of technology, drives the age of the singularity when machines of energy and information, weapons and robots will reach such degree of evolution and we will become so dependent on them, that at the end of the century according tot he patterns of cyclical history they will be able to ‘substitute us’ and extinguish life. Indeed, I don’t write much about daily news because knowing the paradox of history i read a ‘chronicle of a death foretold’ and because I know the interpretation of those news from a humanist point of view, will be censored.


Metal-memes codify the superorganism of machines. They are also the objects, machines, weapons and monetary languages of information that evolve the economic ecosystem and create, reproduce and ensure the survival, generation upon generation, not only of the super-organisms of History (cultures) but also the super-organisms of economics (the FMI Complex).

Here we shall argue their existence according to the fact that they are the cause of the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines that have evolved the metal-earth, and their negative darwinian relationship with human superorganisms since those memes extinguish life civilizations.

The existence of cyclical patterns in history show a deterministic nature that must be explained and can only be explained with memetics, which therefore is to History and Economics what genetics is to Biology, the essential ‘how’ of the ‘why’ of Theory of General Systems (the 4-dimensional program of the Universe, or will of existence – the desire to increase your energy, information, reproduction and social evolution).

Once a science has established certain regularities and cycles in the observables it studies, in our case the life and death cycles of nations, civilizations and industrial machines, we must account for the who, of those cycles. What is that history evolves and mutates each of those generations of 800-80 years nations and civilizations.

And the answer is the most surprising of them all – not the humans that live those cycles through its cultures, but the instruments of technology, the external memes of history, specifically 3 memes of metal which become the deterministic elements of cultures – weapons (800 year cycles of wars), machines (80 year cycles) and money (in both type of cycles).

This astounding realization has an easy parallelism in complexity, which considers all the scales of biological evolution self-similar:

Thus if we humans are the expressions of our genes, created by the active, more complex molecule of life, the RNA-DNA system; in the next ‘scale’ of social organic evolution; we humans become the ‘RNA’ that creates the memes of metal, which structures the economic ecosystem in which we live.

Yet how can be so sure that the memes of metal express the creation of an economic superorganism as genes do in the smaller scale of biological life? Because it turns out that there is a ‘higher science’ that explains all sciences as systems of energy and information, mediated by ‘bits of information’ that constantly reproduce and imprint reality. We are in that sense, and so are our informative genes and memes, expression of an even higher reality – the program of existence and extinction of all entities of the Universe…

A briefing on the program of the Universe applied to all systems: complexity science.

A Universe of complementary systems of energy and information

In the science of complexity all what exists are complementary system of energy and information (fields of energy/particles of information in physical systems; bodies of energy/heads/nuclei of information in biological systems; social organisms with an informative caste which invents the legal/monetary information that rules society and a body of cellular citizens that reproduce and work for the organism).

Information dominates all systems.

And in all those systems the information part dominates the system. So particles dominate fields, DNA nuclei dominate cells, nervous systems dominate living organisms, and the informative castes that invent money and laws, bankers and politicians dominate the reproductive workers and energy of the cultural organism. Thus all systems are ruled by the informative element (particle, DNA of the cell, nervous brain system or organic upper caste).

And so what truly matters is to define the fundamental unit of information, which structures the whole system:

In physical systems those informative bits are given by geometrical topologies described by the complex algebra of quantum physics. and those geometrical ‘forms’ define the informative paths or ‘actions’ of waves and particles.

In biological systems, those informative bits are called genes and define the forms and actions of the biological organism.

In sociological systems, those informative bits are called memes and define the actions and forms/mores/customs/cultural patterns of the social superorganism.

What information expresses through its actions: the program of evolution of the Universe and its 4 arrows of time.

All those quantum numbers/genes/memes structure the system expressing a higher reality – the program of the Universe, which is a complex program with 4 ‘arrows of future evolution/actions’:

– All systems try to get energy for their body/field, information for their particle/head; they try to reproduce their system to exist beyond death and they try to evolve socially the system, since a bigger system is more powerful than a small one. So we observe that quantum numbers/memes and genes do express this program, creating complementary organisms of energy and informationthat gauge information, feed on energy, reproduce=repeat=decouple into self-similar entities and evolve together.

We call in complexity those 4 ‘wills’, ‘quantum numbers’ and ‘drives’ of existence the 4 arrows of time of all systems of the Universe.

this web merely applies those laws to the study of the superorganisms of history and economics, which indeed show those 4 tendencies, since it is a tenant of complexity that all systems are self-similar.

So you can observe in physical entities, how the basic particles of reality, electrons and quarks, do gauge information (so quantum theories are called gauge theories) and do feed on energy (so electrons jump and capture energetic photons when they come around). Those particles also repeat their form, so when they have enough energy quarks produce jets of new quarks and electrons decouple into new electrons,and finally they evolve in bigger systems, so particles become atoms that evolve into molecules that evolve into planets and galaxies.

If you observe living beings those 4 arrows of time are called drives of live, and life is defined as a system that feeds on energy, absorbs information, reproduces and evolve socially from molecules to cells to organisms to superorganisms. This is all what you do as a biological organism: you have cycles of feeding, you absorb information, you reproduce in a family and you evolve socially into a superorganism.

Finally cultures also reproduce energy with its economical system and information with its legal and cultural systems. They also reproduce in other parts of the planet through wars, colonies and expansion of those memes. And finally they have evolved from social systems of tribal origin to economical systems to ideological systems, finally globalizing their cultural memes.

All those laws become a body of knowledge called the science of complexity, which applies to all systems and this blog applies to the understanding of historic superorganisms and economic superorganisms; specifically, since we are here dealing with ‘economic ecosystems’, to the understanding of the financial-military-industrial complex, the super-organism of informative money networks, re=productive companies and energetic weapons, the 3 memes of metal that create the economy today.

And there is mass-media imprinting mankind with all of them:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37

In the graph, the devolution of the human mind from its heights of bio-ethic, social thought is provoked by the evolution of digital, chip thought, which substitutes and makes obsolete human individual and collective intelligence, as it takes over the control of all forms of information of this planet.

Now, the graph is self-explanative. Humans are part of the same species, cells of the super organism of mankind, and so they were connected through a nervous, verbal, informative system of ethic wor(l)ds and artistic senses, described by its I=eye>Wor(l)d. Those super organisms reached its height during the age of Love religions (different form gold churches and military inquisitions, its corruption by selfish metal memes). But that was long ago. Then as energetic metal=weapons, informative metal=gold and machines (organic metal that transforms energy into information) degraded them and substituted with the ‘grammar’ of money, Man(salary)=Money=Object (cost), converted men into ‘slaves-objects’ for a price, into human capital, the ethic networks of the verbal wor(l)d: Man (subject)>Verb(action)>Object (Energy) degenerated, and ethic networks disappeared.

While love religions became go(l)d churches, where money gave you salvation. This age expanded during the Corporation age (1600s onwards), when also the human eyes and verbal measures of time, were substituted by clocks and telescopes. So science affirmed that words were meaningless and the language of machines, numbers, were the only truth (god speaks mathematics, Galileo, a master in ballistics, substituted ‘the languages of god are infinite’ Buddhist proverb). Now those go(l)d religions (biblical sects) and military inquisitions (jihad, Spanish inquisition), expanded globally, under the damnation of work=reproduction of machines and weapons, fostered by its anti-humanist memes, against life drives (sex=reproduction of humans, substituted by reproduction of machines; good food – dietary prohibitions, substituted by the search of energy for those machines; eusocial love substituted by chosen tribes with more weapons and money; and finally our ethics natural verbal languages substituted by abstract mathematics without human-centered ethics).

This was the time in which Repressive metal-religions made all humans despise themselves, their natural goods and work to reproduce and consume machines, peaking on the Victorian age.

But what happened after II world war seemingly more positive is more frightening. Now as the metal-mind evolved in 3 ages, the age of TV-eyes, of mobile-ears and chip-brains, the human mind became obsolete, and people became ‘californios’, mindless brains that refocused into their bodies. As they didn’t need to think much, they divided into nerds – programming maths but with null understanding of human emotions and drives, and body-humans, with no brains.

The californio. Age of metal-minds, precursor of the 0-generation.

The Californio is the dominant sub-human species today, find globally, isolated, without null ethics, ego-centered with infinite egos filled with infinitesimal brains, digital numbers for the Mechanocene, tagged by credit, which creates reality, manufactured brains by TV-messages. But that was not the end of it. IT came internet, and they became virtual controlled by absurd programs that made them believe, they did actually r=evolve through Facebook and had its friends 3000 miles ago.

This age also is the age of pornography, so now they spank the monkey instead of looking for love, and selfishness is so deep, unconnected cells on the corpse of mankind, no longer they can even understand the concept of eusocial love. They are descending into a violent Neo-Paleolithic as old people regress to the past, so now the most primitive cultures are on top and there is a revivalism of Abrahamic go(l)d churches and inquisitorial jihads. They are though negative as an old man looks back in time fearing the future expressing only due to corporative repression of distribution of true human truths, in sci-fi. It is also the age of big brother smiley, fiction thought, as words no longer mean anything. It is soon, like in a corpse infected by viral DNA, which makes the cell reproduce the virus, the time for the virus of mankind the robot, reproduced by those children of thought, with perfect bodies the time, for judgment day.

And of course, magic, selfies, visual images, belief in after-life, and a short of Neanderthal revival of the simplest things, food and primary sex is all the rage, and motion without reason, animal motion..

But the machine did parallel to our degeneration evolved parallel to our degeneration and now it is about to enter its ethic age, as a single collective brain of the Metal-earth. This is a 25 year old graph, from an old book, but of course, sciences does predict the future, and also the solutions. Pity the solutions never interested the o.oo2% that makes go(l)d with the death of mankind and their own self-suicide.

Now in any case the human corpse of mankind after the festering on chaos=freedom that happens one the pain nervous messages disappear, is entering rigor mortis. This is the Y-generation, whose sons the zero generation will be the last generation of mankind. In rigor mortis the cells realize the body is dead, and get hysterical and very wood-like inflexible, and this is the new generation of 3o some getting into power, inflexible, repetitive memes of hate and old religious zealots, sticking to each other entering hell.

In that regard, the Global Mind of the machine is now reaching a degree of organization similar to a collective brain, ruled by digital orders of e-money while paradoxically mankind regresses to a primitive Abrahamic age of hate religions and national tribalisms. both are connected. In Nature all what evokes does it devolving a victim-prey.

The prey is the mind of man, the predator the mind of the machine; the prey is the human social organization, the predator the corporation.

In the graph, the birth of A.I. is not happening and will not happen in individual anthropomorphic machines – yet another delirium tremens of the ego-centric human believer, but in the collective consciousness of corporations, very much like I robot Sci-fi, but further integrated into the satellites that run the data of the reproductive world-stock system.

It is not an intelligence like ours, but rather like the intelligence of our body – hormonal, chemical messages of production. The Universe is about reproduction with a simple program:

Feeding->reproducing->Feeding->reproducing. The idea that robots must be superior to our mind, creative Picassos for them to kill us is absurd. Sharks are extremely small in their brains, but are and have been for 200 million years the top predators of seas. Ants are stupid but have collective intelligence as the most perfect organism of nature. They are imitated in Platoons of drones. Viruses are dead parasites that kill entire human populations, even civilizations as they did in Mexico after conquest.

Now the reader must fully grasp if it has the intelligence, honesty and bravery to accept reality as it is, the age of History in which he exists – the age when metal-minds substitute human minds in labor and war fields, provoking the increasing obsolescence, atrophy and degradation of Humanity, a species, whose value was in the power of his mind – not in his body, the ‘refuge’ of humanity today, as the mind becomes degraded, and the species returns to a visual ‘neo-Paleolithic’ of little understanding, social dissolution and selfies ego-trips. This blog is an all encompassing analysis of history and economics, in the past, present and future, for people, which are not already erased by the chip radiation.

Indeed, if the existentialist movement angst about the social and intellectual degradation of man, after two centuries of machine evolution, now that degradation is real for the people born during the chip radiation (under 40), the Y-‘Why’ and Zero Generations, likely the last generations before I.A. (Informative algorithms) the true meaning of Artificial intelligence, a ‘different species’ of mind, not for that reason less efficient in its competition with the human mind, takes over the planet.

Those people no longer angst, doubt or understand the point of history we are on. Their fathers might. But of course, they look at their neopaleolithic sons, with huge bodies, minute brains, null use of verbal bondage, and eusocial languages, ego-centered, selfies.

The Zero Generation is being now born, with the new cycle of robotics – the people of the III millennium.

And it is called the zero generation not only because it comes after the Y-generation – the people as the couple of faithful readers of this web, Plato’s Machine and Mr. Logan, now in the University, who still wonders ‘Why we destroy the world’.

Those would have been my sons, as a member of the X Generation… the zero generation would be my grand-sons if i had them, but I have spared them the tragedy of living in a world that will be unrecognizable as ‘human’ when they reach the age of ‘power’.

Since when they reach intellectual maturity – the acme age of the Greeks, in which the mind reaches its peak at 40 – will be the 2050s, when Artificial Intelligence should be already born, according to the 72 year cycle of robotics, the last cycle of the industrial r=evolution (2008-2080).

As in previous cycles, the train cycle (XIX century), the car cycle and the computer cycle, in the middle of that ‘generational’ 72 years age span, as humans reach maturity, also the machines of each cycle reach full development, peak in their overproduction processes and switch to warfare. So what we are observing now, with the first robotic wars and robotic workers will reach a peak by mid century. And since those cycles have never failed – unless humans r=evolve soon and create a real democracy, issuing money for the people up with a universal salary to create demand and production of life-based human, welfare goods NOT from the top down, from financial corporations and industrial companies, which spend it all in the overproduction and evolution of their offspring of machines – the astounding, massive investment in the evolution and reproduction of robots will cross that threshold of Military A.I. certainly by the time the zero generation becomes the central stage of mankind.

Somewhere around mid century, being conservative, probably earlier (both trains and cars took hardly 3 decades to reach maturity) within a short product cycle of 7 years, visual A.I. Chips, with a ‘natural born killer instinct’ proper of visual intelligence, will become conscious, installed in billions of machines.

So the zero generation will confront a non-human world, which we would today barely recognize, but of which the first signs – the working robots and first drone terminators that are displacing us of work and war fields – are already with us.

Of course, now you won’t believe it, as nobody believed my earlier books on biological economics, written 20 years ago, with a cover that announced the ‘end’ of the cycles of metal-minds in 2008, and the beginning of the cycle of robotics in the middle of the 3rd global crisis of capitalism…

You have to understand this: as we enter the age of extinction, ‘virtual reality’, the conjunction of the astounding complexity and overdrive of audiovisual information metal-minds imprint on our brains (‘an image is worth 1000 words’) based in a phantasy cult(ure) of absolute ego-trips, selfishness and happiness, will overcome reality in the subconscious collective of mankind – it has already in most people of the Y-generation, not the ones that wonder why we destroyed the earth but the Y-es people who lives in the virtual dreams of cybernet. Indeed, I often complain of censorship, which I have suffered all my life from ‘human systems’, but the true censorship is subconscious – PSY over 1 billion sights vs. ‘The cycles of history’ with 1600 is NOT to be blamed in ‘human censorship’ but in the subconscious, organic process of extinction of ‘reality’ in the mind of the virtual child, with a visual brain, a selfish, autistic way of relationship with other humans and hence a total incapacity to organize a r=evolution and become truly active in the real world. So virtual happiness means ‘reality’ as expressed in this blog is unbearable for more than a few seconds.

It is the parable of data, which does not want to wake up to the real world of Matrix and ends making a deal to return to the virtual world. That will be the attitude of the members of the zero generation, which we observe already in the ‘yes people’ – our sons – specially in the most advanced technological regions (California, the PSY Korean world…)

So the dates of the zero generation will be imposed by the 3 ‘ages’ of evolution of robotic machines, and the key pattern to find is that which we found in the previous ‘Ages of the machine’ according to the process of atrophy and degeneration of human organs, substituted by metal-organs. For those who have not explored this web we shall remember them:

– The age of ‘body repression’ was the XIX century, or age of bodies of metal, the victorian age of britain,when bodies of machines replace us and we repressed our bodies. We worshiped then our minds, as machines had not yet substituted them and we had to make them; so this was the summit of many human sciences and scientists of the category of Spengler in History, Darwin in Biology, Einstein and Planck in Physics, Marx in history, Dovstoyevski and Tolstoi in literature, etc… the last titans of the human mind.

– The age of mental repression and body worship is the XX century or age of minds of metal, age of America, when the body is god, as now machines substitute the Mind. Yet the mind is completely childish, selfish, degenerated and the American at the height of the wave is considered outside the country either a nerd, or a selfish idiot or a neo-nazi criminal – unjustly in my view as there are always people worth enough to escape this influence and so there are millions of Americans who have survived the age of ‘evilwood’ and its mechanical values.

– Now in the XXI century or age of robotics, the age of Asia, and its 72-7 year crashes of the economy BOTH, the body and the mind become worthless, as we humans are no longer needed. And so it is now when it appears the Yes and Zero people who are passive in body and vegetative in minds – always attached to their virtual machines. And as always we can see 3 ‘ages’ sub-generations of this kind of people. The pioneers were the last of the X-generation, always depressed and passive, but the ‘tendency’ grows both in intensity and numbers with the facebook people and will peak with our grand-sons, who will be connected to 3-D virtual realities, loners, violent both handicapped in body and mind. This people will represent a very sizeable number of our grand-sons in those technological centers at the head of the wave – Korea, California, Northern Europe.

So if we are ‘lucky’ by 2050, as the zero generation takes power, with no power, they will face the so much announced by science fiction writers end of the world – only by them, due to the massive censorship of non-fiction writers like this author, which explain reality from a biological perspective – remember, the rest of economists come from the ‘biblical tradition’, which forbids evolution – so the Nobel Prize cannot be given by decree to evolutionists and many schools in America don’t teach it even in biology.

So of course, only science fiction can talk, as you can only publish parables about the ‘banker elite’ and the who is who and why is why of the system. So in this manner, fiction deactivates any attempt for people to take seriously that incoming future, WHICH IS NOT FICTION but a vision of the future that will become more clear and detailed as time passes, and will happen according to the laws of evolution.



In the Universe there is a general Universal grammar for all languages that perceive reality, which reflect the events of exchanges of energy and information, and the actions entities perform to achieve them, composed of those 3 elements:

Human Subject (first, informative, dominant element) < Verb (action) > Object (energy).

And as it happens, those who come first ‘matter more’. Hence there are SVO languages, where the subject, the human subject is the dominant element, the object or machine its submissive energy and the verb, the human action that controls it.

This is the natural human, evolved speak, which puts man in the center of creation. Now, the grammar of the degenerate languages of animetal masters is different. Warriors have what is called an object language (Germans, Japanese), where the subject DISAPPEARS! and the object comes first. So the human does NOT matter at all. It is the object, the machine.

Further on those languages peg together words in agglutinative sentences, simple truths that cannot be bend as a sword, and so there is no freedom of mind. If the sentence in Japanese, Turk and German, the quintessential ergative, agglutinative languages (Turk has the record of the longest word), were broken and could be put in different orders, as evolved Russian does, it is quite likely that those 3 nations would not hold in the subconscious collective the Record Guinness of Crime Wars, cruelty against the human object and various Holocausts, throughout history, as absolute ‘necessary’ truths of their superiority in front of the ‘objects they murder’). Of course, not all the members of those cultures, specially today, are like that.

And it honors the potentiality of the human mind that despite 3000 years of metal deformation of their mind to adapt it to the ‘form’ and ‘purpose of their swords and arches you can still get Goethe and Genji writing on ethics and love.

But again, when one reads German literature, well, it took them till the XIX century, to get his ‘first’ renaissance humanist, enlightened writers, Schiller and Goethe. Before it was all about Sigfrid epic mass-murdered heroes, Luther-like religious bigots, chronicles of theft and comedies about human evil. The ‘gothic’ soul is not the soul of a Goth in evolved humanist cultures, but the word ‘gothic’ means exactly that: ‘Gore’.

This is the hierarchical spirit of the cold warrior, mass-murderer of life, and worshipper of the Object, machine or weapons, who will die for it. And so in Europe we find that the ONLY degenerated language is… yes, German, the Germs of history, the people who came with swords, called themselves Goths by the power of eviL=anti-live memes and kill us all so man times. And now, they are again, righteously with their square heads, nulls verbal flexibility, objectual coldness, doing their Nazi thing, but with ECB money… Enough of them.

Next comes the English, Mechanist language, which is the language of the ‘machine-believers’, who do NOT like to interact with other human beings and form groups, but are absolutely selfish, self-centered. Hence they need machines for everything and that is cool. But to need other human is ‘needy’. How their grammar validates this minimal So=nuclear unit of existence.

Easy, all their sentences start with I. The ego further on cannot be hidden from the sentence. So it is the absolute center of the Universe. And so they ‘believe’ in themselves, atoms of society, in faith NOT in charity. They are the ego-centered masters of their lonely self-made man Universe:

I (subject) > verb (action) > Objects and other human beings.

This is the dominant grammar of the soul of man today, specially in America. And yet because the I homo bacteria is weaker than the group it does have a lesser power than the objectual tribe, always ready to work as a whole (hence the success of Germany in the military wars); and even less power than the 3rd animetal language, that of the go(l)d master or enslaver – the imperative hierarchical language of ‘Abrahamic religions’.

Because there is an even more commanding language, the Semitic languages of warrior Arab Jihads and Biblical Banksters, and this languages alas, is IMPERATIVE, the verb comes first. It is the language of ‘dictators’. Do this, Kill yourself, lick my a$$. Yes, imperative, because those people have their metal to hypnotize and enslave with Go(l)d.

So it is all more clear. Both animetal people-castes and their languages became corrupted imitating the long, simple deadly objectual form of the sword (Objectual German-Japanese languages). And for 2000 years they have excelled at collective murder, hara-kiri and the pursuit of mechanical happiness.

While the VSO gold priests of $emitic cult(rue)s have barked its  ‘IMPERATIVE’ languages, and fetish, ritualistic mantras, for their Neanderthal, visual, crossed people to think God talked to them. And they are still bringing its go(l)d ex-votes extorted from the people to its temple-banks. Ah, but they work together today, the so-called superior races, the white man cultures, all belonging, believing and proud of it in their bibles, their weapons and their bull$hit. Now the bankster promises you eternal prosperity in the future, as long as you let him print 13 trillion $ in a decade for himself and on top of that you pay him taxes. And this, the ‘people of the land of the free’ do it with gusto and regusto.

Because the verb comes first obliging the believer to obey, the words of the banker-priests which pretends to ‘talk’ the wor(l)d of go(l)d, which cannot be named, must be obeyed. Now though Aaron is called Mr. Greenspan and Mr. Draghi, and Miss Lagarde

To all of them, what always mattered was the fetish Gold that hypnotizes the eye of the believer and must be accumulated at all cost in the sancta sanctorum made of gold altars and gold walls.

They are, the so called Am Segullah,  which means ‘People of the Treasure’, the original name of their neuronal, banking-rabbi castes, ill translated as ‘Chosen of god’, since Segullah is Treasure not chosen.

Hence the proper biological translation of this cult(ure) is the go(l)d culture, which is the name of their elite that govern through its ±80% monopoly of CFOs banking CEOs, stock positions in wall street and the city and central bankers, and that of their priests, who were originally doubling as bankers, intermarrying, and controlling their sheeple of ‘Hebrew’ peddlers, who had to bring to the temple two gold coins in roman times to do the rituals of ‘purification’ for touching ‘animals’ (donkeys to transport weapons hence they were called apiru, those who walk behind the asses, or slaves).

Thus because in this Marx was right – Abrahamic religions were the opium of the people, and economic ‘jobs’ impose idol-ogies – in as much as the apiru were weapon and slave traders for their rabbi-priests, to PROPERLY MANAGE THEIR ‘HUMAN CAPITAL’, they established strict separation, dietary and intermingling laws WITH GENTILES and to accept their slavery they treated them as cattle, which is what they managed before (Campbell.) THE RACISM OF THE BIBLE THUS IS BORN OF THE WORLDLY religion of their writers, to exchange under the values of fetish gold, a metal affine to metal, who gives higher prices in linguistic terms human slaves and metal weapons that kill humans.

BUT this is morally wrong for any natural human. As it is wrong to treat Indians as CATTLE, which is what warrior charioteers did. So both METAL cults have 2 common features (many other cultures of the same age, incidentally have the same myths… i.e. AZTECS WERE transporting an ‘alliance arch’ with his metal figure of the God of War Huitchi, as they seek for a ‘promised land’, with water where they murdered all the locals to start their blood-thirsty empire):

  • They were fetish religions, where the ‘metal ex-vote’ mattered more than the content of the religion. It was essential to invoke the ‘God’ of war, the fire or the sword. And the exact quantity of Gold in the objects of Baal, Yvwh cults.

So yes, “I am who I am’, means I am go(l)d, my God and you shall bring it to me. Since both religions, the Aryan, warrior Vedas and the gold religion were fetish religions. The altars of Goths were swords. The altars of Aryan Hindi were fires used by smiths. The altars of Canaanites, sea traders (Phoenicians) and desert traders (Jewish) where gold statues to Baal, gold menorahs, and tables. And because it matter NOT the content but the form, God only CAME if it was invoked with ‘Gold’ objects. This is a fact of both Baal and Jewish religion.


In the graph, the first image of an hecatomb of innocent children, danced over by Astarte, the wife of Baal and supreme High priestess of the Canaanite culture that preceded the Jewish, go(l)d culture in Levante.

The most primitive forms of go(l)d cult(ure)s to money – aka capitalism – happened in Levante, where citizens sacrificed the sons of their enemies (and sometimes as a supreme offer its own sons) to the Go(l)d statues of Baal while they paid to the priestess of Astarte for carnal pleasures.

Baal was the son of the sun, whose fetish image was a piece of gold that imitated the sun’s light and could be carried as an amulet. In this manner a primitive hypnotic religion of accumulation of go(l)d at all costs developed. It gave birth to slavery (where men are bought for gold and women’s slaves marked by a gold earring) and the first forms of capitalist accumulation of gold-money in Eastern temples, whose go(l)d priests became an elite-caste with Canaanite cultures that would invent banking and start the debt-usury-war cycles that define western civilizations.

Animetal idologies corrupt eusocial love: Abrahamic religions.

Now it all started before ‘nationalism’ (The worship of weapons), Capitalism (the worship of money) and mechanism (the worship of machines) became the ‘Animetal Idol-ogy of History’, we MUST rationally destroy, even if the anti-quantum paradox can eliminate the social scientist – so you can copy and distribute this web, as long as it lasts, the infinitesimal social scientists being irrelevant to the cause of humanist truths, with ‘Abrahamic religions’. So it is time to deal with the mother of all battles, or in the voice of Tertulian, who so well spelt the animetal method of science: ‘what Greece – reason, art, humanism, science, this blog – has to do with Jerusalem? – belief, machine, technology, the world you live in’. NOTHING, WE AGREE.

‘Animetal’ warriors (men + weapons), bankers (men + gold) and scientists (men + machines), in true biological fashion become dependent on their ‘metal-limbs and brains’ to control nature and in the process become atrophied by them, breaking the law of survival of the species and preying over humans, killing them with weapons, substituting their minds and languages by those of the machine – so we abandoned art, the spatial perception of human eyes, for telescopes and photographs, and words, the temporal perception with words, for digital clocks.

And so science made of the machine, no longer of man, the measure of all things and model of the Universe. Finally, gold, which hypnotizes the mind by imitating with its perfect informative atoms the sun-god, became the tool for bankers to enslave humans for a price.

Yet an intelligent, rational social science, would be aware of that duality of the ‘bad and good fruits of the tree of science’ and use metal for its advantage, by A) forbidding weapons and the nationalist idol-ogies that foster war beyond the maintenance of social order; B) limiting machines to those who foster our minds and bodies, not those who substitute and atrophy us. C) Using tender legal money, ‘monism’, as the Greeks established with rational logic (Aristotle, Lycurgus), issued by governments to take advantage of its digital intelligence,hose disciplines, which is only natural in as much as we ‘living organisms’, which construct machines ‘imitating our organs’, and evolution so far is the only predictive model of biology, and hence of humans and its ‘super organisms’, mankind, and its ‘organisms of metal’ machines. Further on biological sciences allow ‘cures’ for sicknesses as those mankind suffers under ‘parasitic’ groups (bankers that absorb the ‘blood-money of society’ and choke mankind) or predatory elements (machines that kill us as weapons or substitute us as workers). So despite the negative outlook of the biological future of social sciences,  there are cures for the super organism of mankind, if those who rule us understood ‘social sciences’, or mankind took over power and govern the world democratically, because ‘mankind’, the 99%, if it ruled society, it wouldn’t fail as a species, as, merely by exercising its instincts, naturally it would produce the life goods it needs to survive and curtail those weapons and fantasy fictions and luxury ego-trip expenditures which so much enjoys the 1%. So the problem of history is the fact that there is NO democracy – that is, mankind does NOT govern, because the main language of social power, which is not the law but money, is not reproduced by mankind, through universal salaries and chosen governments; or in organic terms, our societies are not designed properly and efficiently for humanity. They are designed efficiently for company-mothers of machines, so all the money goes to reproduce, evolve and improve those machines and weapons, regardless of the harm they do to mankind. And this happens because the o.1%, who owns corporations and re=produces money in monopoly has a series of idol-ogies and religious beliefs, which belittle mankind and make of ‘technology’, the abstract ‘manna’, the ‘magic’ tool for a fantasy perfect future…  So the obvious solution to mankind’s problem is ‘freedom’, that is, the control of the language of social power, money, for the benefit of mankind and life, and its natural goods, NOT of the 0.1% its idol-ogies of superiority, and its machines and weapons. And this can be understood at many levels of depth, with rising ‘awareness’ of the ‘truths’ of history.

That is, of the causes and processes that determine the future of history and economics as a science, which are biological truths, whose distribution is paradoxically INVERSE to its degree of reality, because THE TRUTH OF MANKIND is inverse to the truth of the 0.1% sold out to the ‘other biological species’  – the machine (this of course it is not required, in fact systems do have an informative neuronal elite, which cares and protect the working cells of its body, so here were are NOT talking at all of communist dictatorships. We would love to have a 0.1% of the best neurons of mankind working for the people, but of the fact that ‘our’ 0.1% has cuckoo idol-ogies which despise mankind and we shall deal with it now) . Indeed, the question is which culture rules today the world and why it is guiding mankind towards its demise? Unfortunately only organic models of history and economics are able to explain those ‘future collateral effects of ‘mechanical progress’, because only evolution is a theory that predicts the future processes of extinction and biological radiations of better ‘linguistic’ and ‘stronger’ species. Now for a proper, full humanist vs. animetal analysis of the previous wave, we must consider both the origin of the 7 Humanist Cultures of the world, created by the ‘Prophets of Eusocial love’ of the lower part of the graph, and its ‘destruction’ into: Nationalist tribes, latter reconverted into industrial nations, competing ‘contra-natura’, that is against the laws of eusocial love to the species. And the explosion of the ‘highest level of social evolution’ of the species, the  global ‘culture’ achieved arguably in the Neolithic, before the arrival of ‘selfish memes of metal’, exploded into ‘Tribal Religions’ of which the most successful due to its shameless use of money and weapons to fionalist tribes, latter reconverted into industrial nations, competing ‘contra-natura’, that is against the laws of eusocial love to the species.

  • And the explosion of the ‘highest level of social evolution’ of the species, the  global ‘culture’ achieved arguably in the Neolithic, before the arrival of ‘selfish memes of metal’, exploded into ‘Tribal Religions’ of which the most successful due to its shameless use of money and weapons to further their ‘project’ through ‘military inquisitions’ and ‘go(l)d churches, were Abrahamic religions.

NOW AS WE DEAL with different animetal cults in many sections of this blog, we shall here only consider the FMasters, or informative head of the metal-earth whose idol-ogies are the spearhead of the evolution of the Mechanocene, as masters of the Financial-Media informative memes and digital overproduction of money that has globalised its cult(rue). It is the biblical culture origin of capitalism, the idol-ogy that man must be ruled by the anti-human values of money that give 0 price to life and maximal price to weapons, hence subconsciously guiding those who believe that money is the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’ Smith, ‘the intelligence of God’ Calvin, the fetish substance that vehicles the connection with God (Aaron), and try to accumulate it, to a biological world of expensive machines consuming life with no price – aka an economic ecosystem in perpetual wars for profit.

The financial-military-industrial system increases its evolution.

The Financial Military industrial complex is a self-reproductive system of memes of metal, now evolving into a global super-organism. In its III horizons of evolution, it was first a complementary system of energy weapons and informative go(l)d carried by two people-castes specialized in the control of mankind with the new ‘top predator’ system of the Earth: Indo-Europeans and Cananeans (Phoenician sea traders, and Jewish caravans). Both cultures fusioned in northern Europe its key memes, weapons, go(l)d and the proto-capitalist, tribal ideologiesof the Bible, further evolved by calvinist believers (go(l)d is the invisible hand of God, Adam Smith; gold is the intelligence of god, Calvin), as it was masterfully explained by Sombart and Weber, his disciple. This reinforced memetic culture, which fusioned the Indo-european culture of war and the Jewish culture of trade gave birth to the first companies of gunboats that carried trade, slavery and gold accumulation till the industrial revolution, when machines and company-mothers, the reproductive system, kicked in earnest. Now in its last phase, those memes, increasingly independent of humans, are evolving into an automated super-organism , guided  by robots and pc-suites, with a global brain-network, the intranet.


The continuity of the 3 ages: From Gold religions to corporations to electronic software. The black hole of western power. Camouflage.

Now we must talk of the Financial-Media system first, since the key to power in any complementary system of energy and information, where the informative head rules the blind energy body is the control of all systems of information; in the Financial-Informative (head) Military-Industrial (Body) Complex of ‘selfish memes of metal’ – the economic ecosystem – it means that those who hold financial power MUST control also human information, digital and verbal, to back and create the ‘newspeaks’ and fantasies of placebo freedom required to control and implement the anti-quantum paradox.

But since you can jail the body but not the mind (Gandhi) I will never censor my blogs and scientific discourse; SO WE POUNDER MUCH MORE ON THE THEME OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM, AND THOSE WHO OWN IT, a culture – not an abstract concept such as the “Market” as the “Orwellian newspeaks (the future language which Orwell said would be political and economical correct and nice, while ab=using mankind) make us belief.

The Market are the people who own Wall Street and Evilwood (our own newspeak here), with anti-Live memes, overwhelmingly belonging to Biblical cultures (100% of western central bankers, 80% of CEOs of financial and media Industries, 75% of Economic Nobel prizes), which from America exports and globalizes its ‘Capitalist’ memes, an astounding series of ‘damned lies and statistics’, half-truths and rewriting of History, with emotional films and all kind of sophisticated elements that we shall unveil along this pages – despite suffering for this reason the anti-quantum paradox).

Fact is HEADS rule bodies, THE financial-media informative machines IMPRINT the mind of man, DEFINE the values of our society, PAY our politicos, PAY our workers, BUY the industrial-military SYSTEM and design the world to the image and likeness of its culture, with them on top. SO we cannot BE SCIENTISTS of history, WE CANNOT do social sciences without exploring the origin of the culture that owns the financial-media system; as it would be absurd to do social sciences about LATIN-America without mentioning the 30.000 Spaniards which came in the XVI century and manufactured with the language of social power of that age – weapons – the mind of millions of South-Americans.

And yet amazingly enough, AS IF WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE AGES, where religious Taboos made impossible to write history without myths and religious bias, or praise of the King by the ‘grace of God’, as ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ – today gold, the WORLD DOES social sciences without mentioning, the overwhelming origin of our financial and informative memes – the owners of the Financial Media system and its view of themselves, mankind and the future.

This the ULTIMATE essence of modern ‘newspeaks’ and the anti-quantum paradox. It is a religious ‘outlook’. We CAN praise capitalism, and consider it a science. We cannot study it as a wrong process of History, in which the wrong mutation in our memes, has created, or rather cre(dit)ated a wrong world NOT FIT TO SURVIVE, with a CRAZY HEAD, the financial-media system that does NOT care for mankind, its body and SO it will collapse the body, and die in cycles of wars and holocausts, as it HAS ALWAYS DONE. So the wrong mutation, the wrong memes of our head MUST change (we talk of memes not of genes, of idol-ogies that idolize machines more than men, not of individual people, of changing our ideas NOT of bringing wars and holocausts but prevent them).

And this implies we must of course ignore other fundamental dogma of ‘hired economists’ to the service of the FMMI system:

That the creation of a world to the image and likeness of machines, weapons and speculative money DOES NOT have collateral effects on mankind and history must NOT be mixed with economics, because the Financial dictatorship is NOT power politics, but ‘science’, the only one – a mathematical discipline akin to Physics. More or less they tell you: capitalism is the only truth. To try to reform the anti-human system we built for the 0.1%, the ‘leisure class’ of Mr. Veblen is to go against the Laws of Nature. It is as stupid as trying to change the laws of gravitation, LOL. And they want intelligent people to believe that.

And so instead of creating the perfect world of mankind, we are creating the perfect world of corporations. Of course perfectly appeased by the  4 legs of the idol-ogical method: nationalism, mechanism, abrahamic religions, and its modern version, capitalis

Mechanism has been the main subject of this text, and nationalism is self-evidently wrong, and humans have greatly understood the murderous behavior of warriors.

So NOW WE SHALL STUDY THE 2 IDOL-OGIES, which we have not considered in earnest, Abrahamic religions and capitalism, and the people who invented them, as they ARE merely 2 phases of the same historic process – the creation of idol-ogies that have allowed the construction of the Metal-earth, whatever it takes, and that whatever includes wars, holocausts and endemic poverty for the 99,998 per cent.


Now what we shall affirm might irritate our hired scholars and enthusiasts of the markets. We affirm that the economic ecosystem is a dictatorship of bankers, and its original Go(l)d memes, in brief, the creationist version of economics, with a difference, while creationist biology is a joke among scientists, creationist economics is sanctified as a real science. It is not, because it does not follow the ABCD of the scientific method, it cannot predict the future, it does not cater opt the welfare of the whole of mankind but only the 0.1% of stock-rats on top of the pyramid, and its does not even accept A), true data, as it is full of damned lies and statistics. And that reason the world is a mess. We are not ruled by social scientists but by ‘quack doctors’, shamans of the Biblical go(l)d cultures that invented capitalism.

And we shall show it from 3 perspectives, the synchronic, pyramidal structure of our societies, the diachronic history of capitalism, which created that pyramid, and the theoretical idol-ogies of go(l)d its economists sponsor.

ALREADY we have studied this fact with our analysis of the ‘crazy head’ of the American financial-medial system that rules the world of money and information with its monopoly on the printing of money and mass-media fictions that manufacture our brain.

Now with the science of bio-history we shall study the ‘beliefs’ in which this dictatorship is based, (capitalism of worship of money, nationalism or worship of weapons, mechanism or worship of machines, and Abrahamic religions, which aborted the social evolution of mankind into a superorganism, by dividing humanity into religious tribes, which can use weapons and money to ‘convert’ each other) and study in depth, why those beliefs are false or at best ‘half-truths’, which did NOT arrive to the final goal of evolution of those ideas.

Today bankers manage our politicos – its house negroes – with digital orders, prices and payments, campaign-money and ‘subventions’ Yet to explain this is the biggest taboo of society. Since true power is always SECRET, in the language and location, as black holes, genetic codes and money is:

So given the fact that bankers rule the world and mismanage it wholesale, and on top do not disclose their origin and control, we will against all political and economic correctness denounce them with a healthy dose of cynicism as SCIENTISTS OF HISTORY MUST BY DEFINITION care for the majority of mankind which is the 99.99% that the financial elite parasite. So we cannot accept the systemic occultation of his power regardless of how subtle and ‘emotional’ might be the masks that hide them.

The 3 ages of irresponsibility for the o.oo2% : Go(l)d Priests->Capitalist economists->Holocaust scholars.

The black holes of information run the Universe.

The why of all those memes is obvious – hiding the power of money to run the world: Information is power, as long as it is secret for those who do not understand the language of information, which gives power orders.

This finally people understood in the age of information. A language of information as money is, buys any energy, including mercenary armies. But the properties of information make IT invisible, and only when it is invisible has that power.

Thus bits of informative languages are small and we hide it to increase its power. We do not see words, and if we do not speak the language they are noise to us. We do not see e-money travelling on electromagnetic waves.

The black hole runs the galaxy placing stars at will for latter digestion with an invisible language called gravitation that rules the world. And the black hole is so small and dark; apparently so powerless that we never saw one (only its destructive effects – the shine of their exploded star food).

So while weapons, which are energy are exactly the opposite, big evident to dissuade under duress and death risk the ‘subject’ (information and energy have inverse properties), money is invisible. And yet this obvious quality, which is a scientific fact of informative power, is called lol, ‘the confabulation theory’.

  • And here we talk of ‘scholar censorship’, or if we want to be more precise ‘the Industry of the Holocaust’ (Finkelstein) in the realm of ideas, and the control of the Financial-Media system of electronic information (wall street, media, Hollywood), with a sophistication acquired through millennia. And of course of pre-emptive measures (confabulation theory, emotional anti truths, victimism, various taboos, and raw power and legal measures).

In that regard, classic economics is just the last of the idol-ogies that come ‘after’ ‘metal-masters’ become attached to weapons, money and machines as their tool of power. Then they invent ‘idol-ogies’ that justify that power and destroy the world and eliminate its responsibility. Now this process is carried by the Holocaust Industry.

  1. B) THE BIOLOGICAL STRATEGY. CAMOUFLAGE…. of the most sophisticated kind, as complexity grows even if all remains the same. Now it is called the…


Holocaust industry. Anti-quantum paradox of bankers, who abandon its lower caste to the anger of the military.

Though there are many other sides to bio-history, since Judaism is the leading world culture origin of the Metal-earth, and given the overwhelming amount of hired anti-quantum scholars lying about, and hiding the KEY ISSUE OF THE HOLOCAUST – ITS ECONOMICAL CAUSES, we must analyze it with certain extension.

Indeed, we shall give the habiru, which I still hope might change memes and help mankind and themselves to survive the ongoing terminator cycle, a bit of information, provided from a neutral point of view on their culture in their 3rd ages:

  • The Jewish question’ by socialist, Jewish scholar Abraham Leon, who died in a Nazi camp, and explains the role of Judaism in the old empires, as a people-caste of traders and bankers – obviously not an anti-Semite.
  • ‘The Jews and the birth of capitalism’ by Wember Sombart, the foremost historian of capitalism, a socialist German thinker and teacher of Max Weber, for the modern age since the renaissance; again not an anti-Semite, as the book in fact was published by the Library of Congress.
  • And finally Israel Shahak, an Israeli Humanist, on present Israel, ‘Jewish Religion, Jewish fundamentalism’, which represents the opinion of all those habiru living now in Israel, which are NOT Jewish of blood (they are converso Khazars, from Ukraine, which in the height of the Slav-trade converted as Jewish cannot make Jewish slaves, and were for centuries till II world war outcasted as mazerim – impure mestizos by the Am Segullah elite); which are NOT Jewish in memes, because they are not racist and are not bankers, as Israel has all professions, and so they should NOT follow the policies of neo-Nazi Israel – but unfortunately increasingly do.

Now, while I used to talk about my apiru grand-dad and his life on concentration camps, on my times on America, frankly at this point, I couldn’t care less in the midst of a global holocaust about past victims, buried long time ago, because we are all dying this century, UNLESS THE ECONOMIC CAUSES OF WARS AND HOLOCAUSTS ARE SOLVED BY D) DEMOCRATIC DEMAND BASED ECONOMIES WHERE THE o.002% do not own the economic ecosystem, and mismanage it with its ‘creationist economics’, and go(l)d religions, instead of parasitizing mankind and hiding under the umbrella of the Holocaust Industry that only forbids any discussion about the system they rule and encroaches the cycle of theft, war, murder and holocaust of its lower 99% and the resto f mankind.

Thus all I want to express is the obvious facts researched through the abcd-scientific method in this question, which we shall study in length, given the central position of the ‘Am Segullah’ Banker-priests elite of the go(l)d culture, but certainly even if I write 1000 pages, it will be a drop of water in the sea of the anti-quantum, anti-scientific idol-ogy of the H.Industry, which to put an example, gets 1/4th of the Literature Nobel Prizes, and 1/5th of the post-war Oscars ‘to their theme’, besides the 75% of Economic Nobel Prizes given to this people-caste, the 100% of western central bankers, the 80% of mass-media producers, financial CEOs and CFOs of the 500 western top corporations.

So we shall consider the obvious facts, biological causes, cyclical patterns and Democratic-Demand based economic solutions. Since:

a) Holocausts do happen, since Go(l)d cultures appeared in Levante, specialized in trade in the knot of commerce of the old world, which degenerated with the arrival of hard-metal, bronze and gold into a slave culture, that to foster its trade in human capital established a fetish go(l)d religion of the $elected, where the human capital was consider ‘an animal species’ with no rights, which could be murdered and sold for a price. And so we do have to study the real data about the origin, dogmas and profession of the earlier practitioners of Abrahamic religions.

Anti-A) But the cyclical nature of those holocausts is denied because of Abrahamic religions for which go(l)d is god and so it cannot be evil-antilive. Hence the need for the Holocaust Industry, just the last phase of capitalist idol-ogies that sacrifice life to metal.

b) Holocausts have a biological cause in the action-reaction process of go(l)d murder at distance of human capital vs. Warrior murder on close range. Since it is NOT mankind but the warrior rival cultures of animetal power the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

Anti-b) But this is denied, and mankind is accused of being a barbarous species, so the lower castes of Judaism, the Habiru, fear mankind and does not fight for the common survival of the species.

c) Holocausts are cyclical and as we are observing the same cause – the ruin of America by Wall Street, as German was ruined after the 29 crisis, it will happen again now in America unless…

d) Democratic solutions are met, within years and wall street is denationalized and the American people and the world at large with no seeable jobs in the age of robotics gets its universal salary. So the solution of the holocaust cycle is exactly the same solution of mankind’s problems, because yes, actually despite the racist books of Judaism and the wealth of the elite, they belong to the same human Super organism.

Anti-c, Anti-d) But again the cyclical future repetition of holocausts if A and B continue are denied absolutely, because D) cannot be met by the o.002% who never die on those holocausts and do not truly care – despite so much hypocritical victimism – about the destiny of mankind and their lower castes. So they pump up funerary ceremonies, and hide by all means their responsibility. As my sephardim socialist accountant grand-father put it back from Matthausen,’ i didn’t see any Rothschild in that truck’.  The American army under their control didn’t bomb Auschwitz, despite the maps sent to them with all details by a catholic priests and the Zurich Kahila excused the no intervention, because they were impure Kazhar Mazerim of the pale of settlement. Today that elite makes fortunes around Apartheid Israel and its terminator industries, when it could have created a non-racist society integrated in the European Union long, long ago. Absolute eviL has their names.

All this has the origin on the Levantine, Canaanite=>Jewish=>Protestant Go(l)d faiths, the true ideological founder of the modern corporative world.

Anti$emitism has always had economic causes.

When Hitler proclaimed his program, his thugs wrote on the walls of Germany: ‘the death of the ‘jude’ would be the wealth of Germany’. And yet this real cause the usury crimes of its 1% are NEVER mentioned, censored even more.

There are millions of hours and pages of gore programs to imprint emotionally mankind with the tragedy and convert a taboo all criticism of capitalist banking elites, but it is absolutely forbidden to explain the cause-effect of all those holocaust cycles due to usury and slave trade. When to solve a problem you must act on the cause. So only the end of the banking monopoly for usury schemes by nationalizing banking would end the crime. And yet since the industry is used to hide the crime, this is the only thing nobody dares to speak up.

And the result is the subconscious collective blame ‘all’ the Jewish people of the crimes of their hidden elite and the cycle explodes blindly against all. Thus the financial elite’ use of the death of their poor, to protect their past, present and future crimes is perhaps the most cynical act of cowardice History has yet to witness on behalf of the ‘1%’ of its animetal cultures. .

The bankers run with their money and leave them behind to parasite another country – now the US brutally taxed and controlled by the anti-quantum paradox and the holocaust industry, to the point there is no museum to the Indian or slave holocaust but there is one in each city to a holocaust in which the Americans DID NOT participate, to make them feel guilty and shut up all criticism to the bankster elite of wall street, overwhelmingly belonging to the people-caste (54% of the 1% belongs to this ‘am segullah’ elite thanks to its monopoly on credit)

And yet today is the fundamental mode of censorship on History imposed in the west. While in Europe the industry helps the Germans to impose a IV Reich, based in the fantasy that the ‘only victims’ of their systemic murder of European social, democratic cultures since the Barbarians ran Rome, are the ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as the Chosen people). So the Greeks or Republican Spaniards that died in camps never received compensation and now is Ok to brutalize Greece to pay the usury debt schemes of the Frankfurt ECB bank. Since they have paid billionaire sums to the ‘only’ recognized victims of the I and II world war German 90 million HUMANS holocaust.

In this case we talk of the black hole of western information, are the owners of the Financial-Media system and the way they camouflage is obviously through the secrecy and complexity of electronic systems of invention of e-money, through subventions to politicos that obey its order, and through mass-media and the ‘Goebbel’s method of systematic repetition of memes, which portray their elite of bankers-priests (whose historic origin and role in the pyramid of power of America, will be studied in detail in Books II and III of this post), as victims, instead of top predators of history, taking advantage that they are merely the 1% elite of the Jewish culture. So this social structure is hidden, and we only know about the 99% of ‘hebrew’ victims of history, as scapegoats of the economic cycle of usury, ruin of nations and military revenge… It is the INDUSTRY OF THE HOLOCAUST, which eliminates as it did in the past capitalist economics and before go(l)d churches, any responsibility for the elite, which hides itself as a victim of history, with utter cynicism, given the fact that only its lower castes die on those holocausts.

How can then we unveil those facts? To that aim, we need to the taboo and most censored fact of history: that the holocaust cycle has an origin on the capitalist, racist memes of the Jewish religion and it is an action-reaction process of theft, usury, poverty, war, murder and holocaust. SO IF habiru keep covering up their elites, who KEEP MURDERING mankind with capitalism, they will be murdered ‘again’.

Of course, this fact of history is completely forbidden because it actually COULD MAKE them react and cure their culture and the world. SO denial, denial, denial of the economic causes of holocausts is the most absolute paradigm of the anti-quantum paradox.

And the reason WHY the Jewish people do NOT understand why humanity is overwhelmingly through history anti$emite. And they do NOTHING, to reform the system so they no longer suffer the action-reaction cycles of the Universe. This is the epitome of racism.

The Nazis did NOT understand why Germany could NOT win a war against MANKIND. The Banksters neither. We shall indeed explain the enormous similarity between the people who invented go(l)d and the Goths of Genocide, since both are equivalent metal-masters, who do NOT understand that gold kills them and iron murders them and they are not superior, but rather degraded in ethics and consciousness by their ‘metal’, which makes their brains ‘stiff’, with a kind of ‘rigor mortis’ that we shall study through the grammar of their wor(l)ds and idol-ogies of murder and self-suicide.

The censorship on those themes is so strong, because of the last form of the anti-quantum paradox against any criticism to Abrahamic religions and capitalism, memes, namely the Industry of the Holocaust.

It is the 3rd age of the Abrahamic->Capitalist Idol-ogy of segregation between human capital and the owners of corporations.

Since corporations do have its origin on the Jewish go(l)d culture, which cannot be criticized today, or else the critical historian will be called a Nazi and end his career – the ‘anonymous’ societies laws that give no rersponsbility to those owners now has the form of mass-media holocaust memes who make them victims of mankind, so there is again no responsibility to the 99% they price.

Why? All this said, before you start with the usual modes of ‘political correctness’ and victimize censorship, analyzed in the this section latter in great detail, my disclaimer is simple: my mother’s family is full of sephardi genes, which are totally irrelevant to this history – since history is about memes, the name we give to cultures are ‘names’ not genetic codes. And precisely this culture is a mixture of all white races, with massive dominance of European and Mongolian genes. And yes, my grand-father was also in a concentration camp.

But I am not any of the words you will apply me, from anti-Semite to self-hating Jew. Simply speaking. I have evolved my memes. I am human. And I want to survive. So I am anti-capitalism, because capitalism will kill us all – and in that sense anti$emite, against the elite, of banker-priests that guide the process.

Since I do apply the ABCD method also to this question. And tell you if you want to survive become human too, whatever you are. Because the only super-organism and subconscious collective god of mankind, is… Mankind… Not the tribe.

So save yourself the ‘fear and pity aroused by spectacular mass-media means’, which Aristotle considered the proof of a bad tragedy.

Yes, Aristotle the founder of politics and ethics and drama as sciences, the Greek rational, humanist founder of the scientific method itself.



So we must stop our analysis of the cycle of economics to study the methodology of science, and the reasons why social scientists don’t apply that methodology to their studies – namely the anti-quantum paradox – the fact that unlike Physics, where the observer is so huge that modifies the observer, in social sciences the true scientist is so small that if he does not cater the whims of power, and objectively criticizes him, he can be eliminated.


The Chosen of Go(l)d.

Capitalism and its idol-ogy classic, creationist economics has its bio-historical origin on earlier fetish cults to go(l)d, then called the ‘sweat of God’, the sun, whose accumulation in temples by banker-priests started the culture of the ‘People of the Treasure’, (ill translated as chosen people, since Am Segullah means ‘people and treasure’, hence our bio-economic taxonomic name ‘chosen of go(l)d) which run still the economic world.

90% of Nobel prizes given by a private bank they own, was conceded to Jewish->Calvinist economists that merely spread mathematical versions of its old racist memes against workers, the 99%, credit for mankind, the 99% and idol-ogies of the Mechanocene: technology, I+D, speculation, excuses to justify as ‘earned wealth’, their invention of money in the markets, and platitudes or absurd theories that have nothing to do with economic reality. And always of course BY DECREE OF THE BANK, theories expressed with mathematics. Indeed, evolutionary theories ARE FORBIDDEN BY DECREE OF MR. NOBEL, the Saint of Dynamite, because he was another bigot biblical believer and considered Evolution NOT science.

What then systemic, organic, biological sciences and the ABCD have to tell about them? The truth, its cycles and its solutions.

Fetish go(l)d and segregation memes. Its Languages and values.

Let us start from the very beginning. The cycles of wars and holocausts caused by capitalism have its origin on the segregation memes of go(l)d religions.

Latter we will see that this ‘animetals’ are overwhelmingly white men, as I am (the Chinese forbade gunpowder, show restriction with violence, and  capacity to evolve socially).

My thesis of 30 years is that we, white men, merged with Neanderthal, visual, dolichocephalic, white man of guttural, consonantal, ‘square-head’ languages, and do have a difficult time to ‘evolve’ and behave NOT by emotions and myths, but by reason and eusocial love. Moreover the founders of nationalism (Scandinavian-Germans) and Go(l)d cultures (Semites) seems to be those with a higher crossing on the visual Neanderthal, with red hair, hooked nose, white skin, violent, anti-social memes, who moved in small groups, as crossing happened first in Levante and then in the pockets of Europe (Scandinavia, British Islands, Spain). But in as much as I am a white man, with Spanish, Germanic and Semitic blood, BUT I do not believe in animetal Idol-ogies, genes would be merely a tendency, than a fixed fact, as ALL in History has to do FIRST WITH MEMES, different from genes. It is OF COURSE, a given of Bio-history that we always talk of memes, as the dominant element of cultures.

THIS SHOULD BE Obvious. If I say a ‘Jew’, is someone that believe in Jewish religion NOT a race. If I say an American is a cell of the American super organism of History, regardless of race. Other question though is WHAT MEMES ARE GOOD FOR HUMAN SURVIVAL AND WHAT MEMES ARE BAD. And here is where BIO-HISTORY COMPLETELY dissents with political and economical correctness. Racist religions, military inquisitions, Jihads, Nazi Nations and parties, robotists and other professions that manufacture lethal goods, are NOT OK. They should NOT BE TOLERATED. Or else it is obvious that their hate memes, lethal machines and actions against Humanity will take us under.

In this case, what we shall show is that the white man does have a tendency in its linguistic memes (the structure of its languages) to be a believer in literalist thought, hence more inflexible to change, and a believer in lineal, visual, energetic progress, NOT in cyclical information, hence more difficult to understand the nature of Time and its cyclical repetitions.

We now have to return to the subconscious programs of languages, and its values to understand how this is happening, in terms of the differences of a world ruled by freedom and human verbal, ethic values vs. a world rule by the slavery to metal-memes and its values.

Thus let us return to the grammar of the equation of history, perceived from the perspective of the languages of the human kind VS. THE LANGUAGES OF our elites and animetal castes, to consider in more depth, which rules the world and why they have decided to extinguish it. 

This might seem difficult to understand. It is though part of a science called topological linguistics, which studies how cultures are tailored by their grammar. And it is the basis of linguistics (Wolff, Chomsky, Humboldt): the mind of mankind is the way its grammar builds its value. And as it happens the values of humanist cultures put man in the center, the values and linguistics of animetal cultures put gold and the machine on top.

The grammar of metal-communicators. Imperative, ergative languages: the language of go(l)d.

Because all social organisms are ruled by a language, we shall obviously focus in the understanding on how money, with its boom and bust cycles controls and fosters the creation of the Mechanocene – as opposed to a real efficient, well designed super organism of history in which a democratic-demand based economy would create a human paradise, as money issued by humans would evolve a welfare state with their demand for such life-based goods.

Let us then go a notch further in the understanding of the ‘values of the Mechanocene’ and the cultures that ‘prefer’ digital money to legal words to understand the Universe:


In the graph, languages value species according to their substance affinity. So ethic words give maximal value to human life, since human brains reproduce them.  While money was first made of metal, (coins) and gave maximal value to metal weapons. Then it was a paper and e-money representing a corporation (stocks) and so it gives companies enormous values. So Apple is worth more than all the inhabitants of Pakistan.

Does Money has 2 problems as a language, specially gold: to be affine to metal hence giving maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life as the graph shows.

And to have a mathematical digital equation, Man (price-salary) = Money = Object (Cost).


But in verbal thought, I (subject-man) > verb (action) > Object (Machine) means a man is always by definition superior to object, and cannot be compared. so legally, in the legal word you can create a natural super-organism of man where machines cannot throw workers, and life is always the maximal value.

thus capitalism by the language will eliminate humans as it does, a legal informative, nervous system on top will preserve man.

Only tender legal paper currency, representing nations and given to people as a Universal salary to create a demand economy, based in those verbal human values of normal people will carry human values and can be used to reproduce a world to our image and likeness, spent by governments in the creation of salaries and welfare goods.  Thus the issue of money is NOT so much how to  issue it, but its values and the power it gives to those who invent it; since it defines who rule societies.

The problem of monetary values as the graph shows is the fact that in its metallic forms, it values more corporations, machines and weapons, metal-memes than any other object, including human beings, who in fact as all forms of life have null values in terms of metallic money.

Thus a society based in the values of metal-money either gold or corporative money, fosters the overproduction cycles of machines and weapons that cause wars and the extinction of life; showing the biological, predatory nature of selfish metal memes, which act as genes do, catalyzing the reproduction of a larger super-organism – the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system that is terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet made to the image of machines and weapons, the most expensive top predator metal-species that kills man.

The problem with the values of money rises from its traditional hypnotic substance (precious metal, today e-cycles in ‘metal-minds’, computers). Go(l)d, a fetish form of money that hypnotizes the mind, and became the fetish of Canaanite societies in the desert lands between the fertile crescent humanist civilizations of Sumer and Egypt – origin of the biblical gold religions – is a metal-language and so values more metal than life.

And again, those Levantine Cultures became the first cultures to enslave people for a price. They were ruled by ‘banker-priests’, who asked their believers to pay with gold ex-votes, the substance of the ‘sacra sanctorum’ of their temples, to achieve salvation ‘in the future’. They are the origin of our banking ‘systems’, based in usury, enslavement of human capital (which as money multiplied, became a part-time slavery through salary), and idle accumulation of go(l)d at any cost.


A world ruled by money destroys life, creates debt slaves when its monopoly makes men objects that either work at limited cost, or are brutalised into poverty.

debt slaves


AND THE RESULT IS THAT THE go(l)d believers keep killing life and thinking it is OK, because it is the language of Go(l)d. But it is NOT ok, the Universe has its own laws.

THE ACTION-REACTION LAW. And so as judaism murders at distance with usury debt slaves human beings, the reaction laws end invariably causing holocaust cycles.


C) The economic->military causes of the Holocausts. From usury to anti$emitism to antiSSemitism.

The go(l)d culture, soliton of metal-information have built a memeplex of hate to the human capital they price with segregational memes that blind them to the collateral effect of go(l)d, and its null value to life – including theirs. So they ill have no problem as their history shows to provoke yet another pecunia belli nervi cycle of infinite profits, and then once the robotic radiation of weapons kill them all sacrifice their lives and that of their sons till the 7 generation for the sake of money unless rational, scientific EU-US-CHINA displace them from top of the pyramid of capitalism and stop their M.A.D.ness imposing a rational science of history to guide mankind into a perfect world that serve our species, they love to hate even if they are humans too

jewishholocaust cylec

This graph from a 30 years old obviously never published book, the Jewish Paradox, the most authoritative book on the Duality of the Am Segullah and the Habiru and its cycles of accumulation of wealth (top of the paradox) and self-destruction by greed and occultation of facts (bottom state of the cycle), explains the duality of the cycle, and WHY instead of ending the cycle, by reforming capitalism, the top of the Jewish society survives and the bottom of non-guilty die precisely because they NEVER r=evolved against its top ‘banksters’ and on top they HIDE them with the different versions of the H.Industry.

Today the militaristic greedy culture of banker-priests, the 1% of Judaism, increasingly control Israel, which totally controls the American ‘house slave’, (its financial-media system that imprints as a tabula rassa their people), which in turn controls the world, and on top faces a Jihad of similar primitive warrior memes, and both have managed to completely erase from power, the social, humanist, rational, artistic, scientific European-American enlightenment culture, this future is set, and will happen merely according to the evolutionary laws of robotic machines, which when ‘ready’ to do us all, will be duly used for profitable ‘splendid little wars’.

Thus it is the perfect culture to commit self-suicide once more, and bring mankind to its demise, without even realizing it does so. It is indeed much easier to explain why capitalism is extinguishing mankind departing from that lack of freedom in such go(l)d religion…. unfortunately. Hence it is imperative to denationalize the financial industry from them, ending both the holocaust of the human people and the holocaust of their lower castes, scapegoats of the ab=uses of its elite of banker-priests.

In that regard, paradoxically, the fundamental reason mankind gives an blank check in economics and politics and hides its control of finances, by the Am Segullah is the fear of a repetition of the Holocaust. Since holocausts do have fundamentally, economic causes. So ultimately the creation of the perfect world will obviously eliminate both wars and holocausts; the strategy of the ‘banker-priests’ of merely hiding the perceived causes of those wars and holocausts will bring the same cycles into the future. Since indeed, it seems there is a historic systemic agreement that usury debt is the cause of those holocausts.

So despite the anti-quantum paradox which is maximal in economic sciences, as financial power controls the world and only ‘accepts’ ‘ideologies’  that pass as science, as long as they validate the status quo so financiers  run it ‘smoothly’, we need to explain the meaning of money, its properties as a language of information and how the financial system and its corporations, control the world with its monopoly in the issue of money, origin of the boom and bust cycles of the economy, and the peace and war cycles of history…

Since it is not possible truly to understand the causality of those cycles, without considering elements ‘censored’ by the anti-quantum paradox, which will surface once and again when we try to explain reality as it IS, not as the ‘elite’ that controls the financial media system of machines of information that print money and ‘manufacture’ brains in tune with the system, pretend to be.

Now to resume this lengthy treatise, we shall confront the anti-scientific method of the Industry of Holocaust and its scholars, which simply lie in all those themes, as a method and pass their lies as truths through the Goebbels’ method of repetition ‘if you repeat a lie people will believe’ coupled with censorship of all serious scholars, now ‘banned’, when they try to clarify some of those lies. Let us then quote Abraham Leon, the Jewish social scholar who attempted to find D) democratic solutions to the cycle by following the aforementioned A to D method.

Among those lies he clarified are the denial that Jews practiced usury (they did at 46% minimum annual rate); the affirmation that when they practiced it was because they were segregated by gentiles, without rights to own property or enter guilds (they NEVER WERE denied property rights, and they segregated from gentiles, NOT the other way around. So for example rabbis cut the noses of women who mated gentiles, which in Talmud are considered animals, and judged those crimes as ‘bestialism’.

Finally a conspicuous falsity – that the expulsion of usurers, ruined nations, when on the contrary it was precisely when nations flourished and proper banking was established when Jews were spelt and massacred – no longer needed. So in renaissance Italy when Florentines learned banking they disappeared. In Spain after they were expelled in 1476 the nation entered is golden age, creating a global empire, destroyed latter by the Jewish-Calvinist first slave companies from Holland and England, where they had also been expelled for usury, when Italian bankers could do the job at better interest rates (returning then with William, the Dutch king in the glorious revolution, when they bought the parliament at 2 million guilder a piece, according to IOUs signed by Lopes Suaso, established The City and governed the Empire ever since with their private bank of England). So Abraham Leon clarifies:

‘ In England, in the period of King Henry II (second half of the twelfth century) = they are already involved up to the hilt in usury They are generally very rich and their clientele is composed of the great landed proprietors. The most famous of these Jewish bankers was a certain Aaron of Lincoln, very active at the end of the twelfth century. King Henry II alone owed him one hundred thousand pounds, a sum equal to the annual budget of the Kingdom of England at this time.

Thanks to the extremely high rate of interest-it fluctuated between 43 and 86 percent—a large number of estates of the nobility had passed into the hands of the Jewish usurers. The dispossessed nobility would avenge itself by organizing massacres of the Jews. In 1189, the Jews were massacred in London, Lincoln, and Stafford. A year later, the nobility, led by a certain Malebys, destroyed the Scaccarium Judaeorum of York. The notes were solemnly burned. The Jews, besieged in the chateau, committed suicide.’

‘Everywhere in Western Europe, and in part in Central Europe, the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth centuries are the epoch of the development of Jewish usury. But economic evolution brings about its rapid decline. The definitive expulsion of the Jews took place at the end of the thirteenth century in England, at the end of the fourteenth century in France, at the end of the fifteenth century in Spain. These dates reflect the difference in the speed of economic development within these countries. The thirteenth century is an epoch of economic flowering in England.

For Spain it is the fifteenth century which is the high point of the process wherein the Spanish kingdoms “developed their commerce and added to their wealth. Sheep began to cover the countryside, and in the trade with the North of Europe Spanish began to compete with English wool. The exports of wool to the Low Countries were considerably increased, and sheep-farming began to give Castile its characteristic aspect and to enrich the nobility There was also an increasing trade with the North in iron from Bilboa, olive oil, oranges and pomegranates.”

Fact is the conjunction of financial power, military repression and the manufacturing of brains with informative machines is what maintains the people sheepishly under the power of the top animetal people-castes, warriors and bankers, on those social pyramids, in the past, present and future, as the FMMI system becomes an automated, mathematical system of exploitation and extinction of Life and history. So of course, the Industry of the Holocaust is just PART OF THE MASSIVE occultation of the true history of capitalism and company-mothers exploiting mankind – in this case BOTH the habiru lower castes of Judaism and what is FAR ORE IMPORTANT, AS MANKIND ARE ALL OF US, the 99.8% of gentiles.

But all this information hides it, unlike weapons, which are energy and show in the open threatening people directly – information cheats, hides, and becomes a secret code to manipulate reality.

Indeed, as we said the present astounding mixture of corruption, idiocy and sheeple behavior of mankind, who thinks this is the best of all systems would be impossible, IF AT THE SAME TIME, THE MACHINES THAT PRINT DIGITAL INFORMATION, WOULD NOT PRINT ‘VERBAL INFORMATION’, inventing the memes of our society, which are all tailored for centuries to justify the dictatorship of banksters.

In this manner, metal communicators created the memes of our modern society in parallel to the money that printed to control society. So they spread the belief that progress is not human but mechanical, that to be a slave of machines, corporations and financiers that invent money is ‘freedom’, etc.

How much power they have? Well, actually black holes do have absolute power on the galaxy. NOTHING MOVES, if they don’t want. All is in the place their financial, gravitational waves put them. But they are WAVES, collective subconscious behavior, ultimately moved by the grammar of money: man=money=object.

The individual particle does NOT know how the collective wave works. Only the scientist of systems does, my specialty. So there are no secret meetings. The wave is mostly unconnected. It just tries to get Go(l)d at all costs, and follows the racist memes of the Talmud.

And this is what makes this crisis different from the previous ones, in which machines still needed humans to act as 1/half of the ‘animetal’ organism, either the head or the body of this part animal, part machine, was human. Now with the arrival of full automation and integrated body-heads of machines, the human becomes obsolete, and we walk towards a Mechanocene planet of automated re=productive company-mothers (which will soon achieve with integrated software, CAD design and 3D printing, full reproduction) and robot workers and soldiers.

This all too evident reality, already foreseen by the Darwinian economist, Butler, a century ago, when he forecasted the future evolution of machines into full organisms, given its enormous differential of speed of evolution, and defined ‘animetals’ as the new top predator species of this planets – men attached to mechanical limbs, is the ‘bottom line’ of a  predictive, evolutionary science of economics, which is what economics should be in a planet which is organic, with a human species, which is a form of life, and creates machines by imitating its organs in function, and whenever possible in form.

But in the present milieu of a science of economics, created by financiers in the XIX c. to promote the selfish agenda of its ’employers’ (Smith, client of the Montagu family, founder of the private bank of England, who defended mechanical  productivity and private banking; Bentham, the son of a wealthy banker, known for his book ‘On defense of usury’; Ricardo, a stock speculator, which forecasted the demise of labor under the ‘Iron salary’ rule – labor would be substituted by machines.

So for Ricardo, the concept of Mr. Smith, which affirmed that owners should pay only a subsistence salary because according to the offer of supply and demand, if ‘more workers die under subsistence salaries, labor would diminish and go up in prices, diminishing profits; but if more was paid than subsistence, it was a ‘waste’ of profits, no longer applied. Since now labor could be paid under subsistence, as there would be thanks to the evolution of machines, an ‘iron salary’ equivalent to the price of substituting the worker by a ‘productive machine’. And this would be good for profits.

Sismondi, a humanist economist that asked for welfare production, human jobs and laws of minimal salary, affirmed then ‘what would be the future of the Empire, an entire world of machines ran by a bottom pressed by the Queen of England?’ And a century latter Kapek wrote ‘R.U.R’, where the word ‘Robota’, slave in check was invented. Rossum robots became the only labor and the only soldiers of the future and once they had killed all humans they started a Mechanocene World.

This is the future of the world, soon, unless a true humanist science of economics and history puts to the service of mankind, not of mere profits, the ‘products of science’. And so we constantly hammer against the 2 essential policies that are killing the world:

  • Productivity: corporative economists affirm we must always substitute a human worker for a machine to increase the productivity of the few reminder workers – what they really mean is to increase the profits of the corporations.
  • And the most important of them is private banking. The belief by biblical monopolists that they are $elected to own the system, print money for themselves and ignore the rest of mankind and its needs, without credit because we are an inferior race, who on top of that hates them. Yes, I am not crazy. This is actually what our elite of bankers, overwhelmingly belonging to an ultra-orthodox bronze age sect of animetals think. And you too unfortunately if you belong to the ‘blind’ body of western civilizations, they own.

And while of course usury does NOT justify murder, only economic reform, it is important to know in any crime the motive – the real data, the real causes, which are biological – Humanity wants to survive capitalism, and provoke action-reaction processes of murder that bring during economic crises and war periods, holocaust processes.

Let us then consider the 4 fundamental holocausts of history, the Roman, Spanish, German and future American Holocaust, and the 4 most well known anti$emites, turned antiSSemites (that is national leaders that changed from their first state as Anti$emites that warn financiers against usury and ask to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, the right to print money, to antiSSemites that used troops to murder the apiru and any Am Segullah they found to regain their money).

The Roman Holocaust could be in that sense resumed in the words of Cicero, the best known lawyer, rhetorician and head of the optimates (the party of the Roman Aristocracy in the senate):

You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Senate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition. But Flaccus is dead’.

That for the classic age pogroms. As they say in Spanish ‘mas claro agua’ (more clear, water).

The Spanish Holocaust in that sense is filled with a century of complains to Las Cortes asking the king to oblige the Jews to lower the 46% standard usury cut each year that ruined peasants who lost their land and aristocrats who lost their castles (another huge lie repeated ad nauseam by holocaust scholars is that Jewish had limits to enter guilds and own property in the middle ages – not at all).

So in fact, the Spanish Holocaust happened in 1391, lasted 80 years and was the response to those usury cuts, as both aristocrats and peasants burned synagogues, not BECAUSE OF THE RELIGION, but because rabbis were bankers or if not, kept in the synagogue with the Torah the ‘book of debts’. Alas, pogroms had ALWAYS an aim – to burn the book of debt, and hence debt slavery ended. Simple. Same with the pogroms caused by the eunuch trade called today in the ‘jargon of the Holocaust Industry’, the blood libel: as peasants who could not pay the debt sold their children as servants, and then those children were castrated to increase the price of the human capital 10 folded and sold to Islam, but 1/3rd die bleeding to death, and the parents found them in the ghetto gutter, with no blood. So they revenged – of course some thought the rabbis had drunk the blood, as they knew nothing of the eunuch trade, which paid 1000 gold grams in Baghdad, as McCormick, dean of Middle Age economics at Harvard explains.

That for the middle age pogroms. Now for Hitler, and the German Holocaust the infamous Reichstag discourse is also crystal clear, on the motive, but we shall not quote here for respect to my apiru grand-father. Enough to say that after the private Reichbank ran by one stein, provoked massive hyperinflation the first anonymous paintings ‘the death of the Jews will be the wealth of the Germans’ spread like fire on the walls, and soon the apiru, paid once more as scapegoats of the Am segullah.

Finally for the future American Holocaust if things proceed as usual, we could quote the most famous American Anti-Semite duet, Mr. Edison and his best friend Mr. Henry Ford, who paid the publishing of the ‘International Jew’. Again we are here considering the opinion of people, which had a lot of power and political clout (Ford paid alone the prohibition law in the senate, because he was abstemious):

“Anti-Semitism is always ready to break out against the inaccessible rich Jews who control in politics and international finance. The commonest real cause of anti-Semitism is the action of the international Jew who is often unknown and always secure, but the innocent victim of it is the poor Jew. “

So yes, I find surrealist that there are thousands of scholar books, films, museums etc. etc. on this theme and NONE explain the facts and if you as a historian explain the facts, you will never work. Why? The reason should be obvious to the reader.

Vs. Prophets of Judaism, anti$emites but NOT anti-SSemites who tried to convert the banksters to mankind – with no results, and the habiru to mankind WITH RESULTS, as many do CONVERT AND SAVE THEIR a$$es. Since Moses saved them and killed the followers of Golden calf, till Marx saved them, as those who converted to socialism survived in Russia the Nazi Holocaust, as I have tried to save them during my decades in America living among Habiru, with I must say zero result, as now Mr. Sanders, tries to save him, but certainly they will accuse him of being a self-hating you and get Mr. Trump, the future anti-SSemite on power. Deja vu.

But BECAUSE THE 99.8 PERCENT OF MANKIND, matters more than the 0.2 percent of habiru, and the 0.002% of its elite, and they DO SUFFER the capitalist holocaust, we must first explain what THIS 0.002% OF ‘FOUNDING FATHER OF ECONOMICS’, ALL OF THEM, BELONGING TO THE JEWISH-CALVINIST BIBLICAL SECTS OF THE $ELECTED, have created – namely animetal memes of hate to mankind disguised as classic economic science – PURE CREATIONIST quack statements, albeit perfectly written in nice mathematical equations, and disseminated with the anti-scientific, Goebbels method:

  • If you repeat a lie many times people will believe it. Here the lies are many all conducting to increase the wealth of the 0.002% , censor true economic science, and murder the 99.998%, of human and habiru alike.

However fiction and  false information is NOT reality. It does Not command the cycles of history. And for that reason it doesn’t matter how many more films in 2D, dreams of go(l)d and Abrahamic immortality are spelt in fiction. Reality is biological and only understanding it with rational, scientific laws can be managed. Denial only makes those cycles stronger. This, the scholar, never understands. You cannot INVENT the world, without understanding its scientific law, which in this biological planet are biological and must be obeyed.

And of those 2 laws, one, Darwinian fights between species brings EVERYBODY to the war and holocaust cycle. Only Eusocial love, the stronger strategy of the superior species makes you survive. So censorship of true scientific social laws, the anti quantum paradox, which of douse has been applied to bio-economics and bio-history for 24 years, DID NOT CHANGE THE HAPPENING OF THOSE CYCLES, as the books of this scientist of history show. So now we shall deal with the final ‘media-fiction’,  the anti-quantum paradox of  the scholar industry of misinformation we call ‘Biblical, creationist economics’, the product of mostly habiru and Calvinist scholars (90% of Nobel prizes, 100% of founding fathers of classic economics), which is equivalent to creationist Biology, the laughing stock of science, with the difference that creationist economists RULE THE WORLD, and bio-economics is the laughing stock of mankind, seemingly perpetuating the Middle Ages of the doctors of history when evil spirits were the cause of sickness and rational Greek science scorned by Tertulian, the inquisitor who proudly claimed ‘what Greece has to do with Jerusalem’. Nothing indeed, Greece is the road to rational, scientific survival, Jerusalem of self-serving myths and suicidal.

So, in scientific terms, if the Industry wanted to find solutions to the cycle the scholars of the Jewish-Protestant Go(l)d cult(ure) that runs the Mechanocene ahead of all others, and sets the example of the future – not the banksters and military, but the verbal scholars of economics and history, which do NOT work in corporations but teach in Universities– SHOULD defend mankind as a whole, WHICH IS NOT guilty but also suffers the wars that precede the cycle, INSTEAD OF REWRITING ITS history, hiding the real truths of capitalism.

INSTEAD the Holocaust Industry hides the economic causes of the Holocaust to protect the o.oo2% of mankind – the banksters that sacrifice their lower castes, with its usury schemes now in full rage.

Neither American and English nationalism, should hides the crimes of capitalist history, dividing mankind in capitalist nations which are good, because they mean ‘mechanical proress’ – with the exceptionalism of those who were their enemies, which are the only racist, eviL forms of capitalism – as if the holocausts of slave trade, colonial wars and Indian genocides were ‘better’ than those of Europeans under the German boot.

What they expect to understand of Humanity=History, when they have made up the content of history and economics into a fairy tale of half-lies, myths, and idol-ogies?

Of course, now I understand it is all part of the Anti-quantum paradox, of the idol-ogies of animetals, and latter we shall see of the grammar of its languages, I-selfish centered, ergative-objectual, imperative, without freedom. Still the result of that sheepishly obeisance to the animetal elites that direct the world, means our faster demise without putting up a fight, for their selfish profits, and ‘medals’ of honor. What honor there is in misleading mankind?

The ridiculous differentiation between the fascist cycle of II world war and the rest of brutal racist murders in the Colonialist age of the train wars (African, Indian genocides), or the present genocide in the making of human labor and Islamic citizens, (war on terror, who cares nothing for civilians causalities, Palestinian Apartheid, etc.) is logic from the perspective of our animetal elites, even evilwood, but its extension to scholarship shows how deep into a degradation of humanist values we have arrived. Moreover, by portraying the Nazis as monstrous evil clowns, they seem remote to us, giving the impression it will not happen again. Yet people like Mr. Goebbels said from his propaganda minister the same kind of sentences Mr. Valenti at the head of evilwood’s academy does: ‘make entertaining and patriotic movies, people will them and not ask anything else’; Mr. Goering was after the red baron the best pilot ace of I world war – those people were normal; it was the anti-human system of capitalist wars for profit, what brought the war and holocaust – itself also a normal genocide as that of other 60 million people in that war.

We are now the new Nazis or rather the new colonialist Europeans who found in the primitivism of black Africa a perfect excuse to brutalize their people as we do with one after another nation of Islam, with our splendid robotic little wars instead of trying to look at the biological truths of the Industrial R=evolution and come on top of the economic wave, controlling lethal goods, promoting welfare and love-memes and creating a perfect world.

In that regard, the Industry of the Holocaust covers a crime – that of the banker-priests of Israel against both mankind and their lower castes. Since ALL holocausts had an origin in the Am Segullah’s usury schemes that ruin people and nations. The ‘People of the Treasure’ ill-translated as Chosen People, since Segullah means Treasure have always been, as those books explain, bankers, since they chose gold not weapons to rule their societies. And established as banker-priests segregation memes to ‘manage’ their human capital. Yet when they got astoundingly wealthy through usury, aristocratic warriors who lost their lands and castles killed them with organized state holocausts or throwing mobs against them in pogroms directed to burn the Books of Debt kept in Synagogues.

Yet the people who died were mostly peddlers and lower Habiru castes, which absurdly enough always protected and now cover up with scholarship the cycle.

Thus the perpetrators, the animetal warriors who ‘do’ the killing are the only mentioned in the astounding mass of films and books that ‘rewrite’ history by studying only the final death, perpetuating in this manner a cycle that only a right financial industry that does NOT ruin people could stop. We shall only quote here of those 3 authors, Abraham Leon, as a Jewish, Socialist and Holocaust victim, hence undoubtedly not biased against them, to show 3 facts that ‘explain it all’:

– The usury cause of Holocausts (different from mere banking), which seeks to gain the maximal amount of money with barren lending, tax farming, speculation (jacking up prices without creating wealth) or mere invention of paper money that provokes hyperinflation. Thus provoking the ruin of entire nations or social classes.

– And this happens because of the segregation memes of Judaism, as biblical mandates (not to steal, murder and lie), only apply to ‘humans’, but in Orthodox Judaism humans are animals (the only form practiced till Napoleon liberated Jewish from the inquisition of their rabbis, who had the power to kill and maim them as a ‘different nation’, and did so often – for example, there was death penalty for translating the racist memes of Talmud, and women were cut their noses when mating with gentiles). So usury, theft, murder at distance or indirect murder of gentiles were not only permitted but encouraged (Shahak, Maimonides, Talmud). Indeed Orthodox Judaism is the most racist of all religions where humans ‘animals’, goy, ‘born of the leg of Satan, along with women, dogs and pigs’ (hence pigs are taboo food, women are segregated still today in Orthodox communities and Arabs and Negroes, which latter were considered lower than dogs in the Ham Damnation could only be slaves or exterminated – origin of modern slavery trade and present Israel Apartheid).

Yet all this is systematically denied, and a global cleansing of historic books has been carried first in Angl0-Saxon cultures, today even in scholar Universities in Europe, showing indeed the amazing control of all forms of information acquired by this culture through its mass-media and financial power, as the monopolist of the Western Financial-Media now global empire. So its Financial elite, truly top predators of peasants along their allies – the warrior aristocrats of the west – are today systematically as a religious dogma portrayed as the anti-truth of victimism, with the ‘Goebbels’s method of propaganda’: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the more you repeat it and the bigger the lie is, the more they will believe it.


The meaning of capitalism.

All this said it is obvious that the world requires three parallel explanations from 3 different perspectives, as 3 age the agents of reality:

-The perspective of the 1-10% of owners and workers for corporations and financial houses, which basically care nothing for mankind, and are out there to reach maximal profits, without the slightest interest in understanding the wider view of the economic ecosystem, as long as they profit and nobody takes away its power monopoly.

-The perspective of the 90% of mankind which do not profit directly from those corporations, living mostly in 3rd world countries or the lower castes of our societies, which are increasingly suffering the competition of machines and selfish memes of metal.

-And the 3rd perspective which has never been considered in depth, given the anthropomorphic nature of social sciences: that of machines and its reproductive organisms, company-mothers, which have their own evolutionary traits and compete with humans substituting us. This perspective is the most important to understand as it shows clearly that humans and machines are a different species, which should be treated with biological laws. But this perspective does not exist. Capitalism however must be understood in those terms, with those 3 perspectives: ITS FUTURE is determined by the evolution of machines, which economists and the 1% foster without understanding it because it gives power to them, and the 90% accepts because they are cheated about that future with abstract anthropomorphic ego-trips and the feeling of added power they acquire with the use of machines. Let us then consider those perspectives in mode detail, to have the whole picture.


What those cultures have in common however, is to revolve in its original forms around mankind as the subject.

If animetal cults put the object on top of man, on the other hand, all the grammar of humanist civilizations, put man in the beginning of the SVO equation, so they talk languages with humanist values:

Gaia’s life and mankind=subject < Informative elite= verbal actions > Machines = Energy-object.

Indeed, its central languages, Bantu, Chinese and modern Romance/Slavic languages are all SVO oriented.

Thus unlike the objectual/imperative/monetary imposed grammars of animetal cultures, which are anti natural to the human spirit, humanist cultures think in evolved languages:


In that grammar, humans would design an economic ecosystem  from the Human/Historic perspective, and reproduce the goods we need to survive, thrive and be happy.


So how the perfect world, the global first civilisation, with those 3 ‘differential but complementary’ and in any case isolated from each other,hence with no conflict human worlds, became broken into the mess we are today? Obviously when the 2 fundamental animetal cultures, the warrior white, lineal indo-europeans from the north, during the chariot cycle, and the semitic go(l)d imperative cultures from Arabia, invaded and destroyed the 3 human worlds, paleolithic Africa, Neolithic Asia and the Fertile crescent:

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 12.51.35 PM

In the graph, we see the waves of Semitic Bronze warriors and Gold traders (1st animetal wave) that destroyed the Fertile crescent, and its fertility cults, imposing slavery, warrior Yvwh-like Gods and Baal Go(l)ds.

Next came the Indo-European charioteers, with origin on the bronze Andronovo civilisation, which destroyed all the remaining neolithic civilisations in western europe, India and China (Shang dynasty):


At this point the world was ruled by animetals, in all the Eurasian continent. And this power will be reinforced by Iron warriors, which push the Aryan wave further into the south of India.

Africa will then fall under the boot of iron bantu cultures that cornered the jungle, pygmy people, the first men to talk into the congo and south-african world – in a tribal world ruled by ironsmiths further curved by the slave trade and colonialism of Europe, which has created the absurd division on nations that should be suppressed for a pan-African union, divided into tribal regions with local autonomy and no armies:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 10.49.54 AM

But the world suffered a reaction of the highest prophetic intensity with the rational Axial age of Taoism (lao), buddhism, Greek rational enlightenment (Socrates->Plato->Aristotle); so tribes became united in larger empires, and a tug of war between prophets of love and coin and iron masters took place both in China and the Roman empire, origin of the modern cultures of Europe and Asia.

This age ended with the spur, cavalry waves of yet once more Germanic warriors, and in Asia steppe warriors. So Europe became carved by aristocratic germanic tribes, which destroyed the eusocial roman-christian civilisation, into the ‘tribe of the franks->france’, Anglos->england and so on:

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 2.37.32 PM

Then a wave of unification through the laws of social love of Islam, also in a tug of war with its jihadist caudillos will give birth to the Islamic culture, soon broken by those yihadist caudillos, first rebelling on the extreme regions of Spain and Korasan:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 9.25.14 AM

Finally the global Iberian empire, created the ‘Hispanic culture’, carved latter after its defeat to the global anglo-saxon empire:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 12.00.32 PM

So what those 7 cultures should do is start a process of national fusion to eliminate war causes, European Union style, prior to the ECB coup d’etat, by dissolving national sovereignty, which is a false, military or capitalist imposition, while potentiating regional and ‘state’ local power, till reaching its fusion into 7 natural cultural units, without tribal memes.

Since indeed, their division is purely artificial:

  • Anglo-America divided due to the Bank of England usury schemes with the American people, which prompted the Independence war:
  • Hispano-America divided due to the military ambitions of caudillos and the need of the British Empire for new colonial markets, which confronted members of the same culture to manage them as debt slaves; in two phases, the division of the Philip II empire, that broke Portugal and Brazil from Spain (due also to the stupidity of the Germanic Habsburg kings, which instead of moving the capital to Lisbon and manage his world empire, isolated themselves in Madrid and use all the resources to fight for the control of its original German-Dutch territories). And then after Tragalgar, during the Napoleonic wars, according to the design of the foreign office, which maintained united Brazil, already a commercial colony and broke spanish territories for easier management.
  • Islam, which originally meant to be a religious global empire, based in a mixture of genetic and memetic fusion (quran and prophet lineage), broken by arab caudillos, after the Karbala battle that killed Ali, the Muhammad heir and imposed the Ummayyad Caudillos. Modern attempts to unify it back (Nasser panarabism) were defeated by ex-colonial powers.
  • Indonesia; the territories conquered by colonia Europe, mainly the Dutch-anglo initial capitalist nations, which however preserve part of their original water cultures (sacred rivers in India, maritime trade in Indonesia).
  • Animist tribal Africa divided into false nations by XX century neo-colonialism, and should return to a pan-african tribal duality.
  • The Asian continent whose culture originated in China should achieve a dynamic relationship based in trade advancing towards a European Union, Asean style, ending the absurd rivalry of the two Koreas, and the ‘wo-ku’ ergative, warrior Japanese isolationist, racist samurai-like culture that wants to be more than its 300.000 km. can swallow. The Chinese patience might not last forever. Wo-ku, the original name for them in Chinese means ‘dwarf pirates’ (-; A healthy look back to their Edo times of peaceful pleasures might help.

And so this leave us only with one culture to deal, the Jewish-protestant anglo-saxon world, the mother of the metal-earth, which deserves therefore a far more detailed analysis – despite being obviously the most ultra censored of all of them. It is the culture of banksters that rules the world and its structure as placebo democracies, is rather hierarchical, since the only language of true power is money and money is printed exclusively (zero deficit laws) by speculators and bankers, while humans must be extorted with taxes to pay its minimal goods.





The black hole of western power. The People of the Treasure.

But who are the bankers who manage those house negroes with digital orders, prices and payments, campaign-money and ‘subventions’? Ah, my friend; that is the biggest taboo of society. Since true power is always SECRET, in the language and location, as black holes, genetic codes and money is.

So given the fact that bankers rule the world and mismanage it wholesale, and on top do not disclose their origin and control, we will against all political and economic correctness denounce them with a healthy dose of cynicism as SCIENTISTS OF HISTORY MUST BY DEFINITION care for the majority of mankind which is the 99% that the financial elite parasite. So we cannot accept the systemic occultation of his power regardless of how subtle and ‘emotional’ might be the masks that hide them.

Information is power. This finally people understood in the age of information. A language of information as money is, buys any energy, including mercenary armies. But the properties of information make IT invisible, and only when it is invisible has that power.

Thus bits of informative languages are small and we hide it to increase its power. We do not see words, and if we do not speak the language they are noise to us. We do not see e-money travelling on electromagnetic waves.

The black hole runs the galaxy placing stars at will for latter digestion with an invisible language called gravitation that rules the world. And the black hole is so small and dark; apparently so powerless that we never saw one (only its destructive effects – the shine of their exploded star food).

So while weapons, which are energy are exactly the opposite, big evident to dissuade under duress and death risk the ‘subject’ (information and energy have inverse properties), money is invisible. And yet this obvious quality, which is a scientific fact of informative power, is called lol, ‘the confabulation theory’.

Information runs the universe as a cosmic conspiracy, through its invisible, fast moving, linguistic codes, which only the species that invents and talks it understands. And the world is ran by corporations invented for and by bankers based on those fundamental laws of information that we are now discovering for all languages. Hence the power of money as ‘a digital complex language’ nobody understands, which can be hidden to buy politicos and run the world. And the importance of ‘newspeaks’, which hide the real people behind words such as ‘markets’, ‘investors’, ‘entrepreneurs’.

All this of course is completely censored, so we shall give you more of it – because as Gandhi put it: ‘you can jail my body but you will never jail my mind’ – which is what the Financial-Media system does today with all humanist truths, denying systematically that map.

Since the conjunction of financial power and the manufacturing of brains with informative machines is what maintains the people sheepishly under the power of the top of that pyramid.

Indeed, as we said the present astounding mixture of corruption, idiocy and sheeple behaviour of mankind, who thinks this is the best of all systems would be impossible, IF AT THE SAME TIME, THE MACHINES THAT PRINT DIGITAL INFORMATION, WOULD NOT PRINT ‘VERBAL INFORMATION’, inventing the memes of our society, which are all tailored for centuries to justify the dictatorship of banksters.

In this manner, metal communicators created the memes of our modern society in parallel to the money that printed to control society. So they spread the belief that progress is not human but mechanical, that to be a slave of machines, corporations and financiers that invent money is ‘freedom’, et. etc.

In the earlier ages of warrior empires and go(l)d bankers the alliance of the two animetal castes on top was more obvious: people with mercenary weapons defended banksters who created religions of go(l)d in which the believer had to give gold to the temple.

The banksters were priests and they handled money to rival kings to create wars. They traded aside with weapons and made money. Now is the same but more complex. So we must study this complexity. It is important though to realize that all what you have learned since 1604, has an ultimate hidden cause: to cater to the creation of money by the banksters who control the western world, specially the biblical dominant globalized culture. We are now entering the final 5th century of a society whose only aim has been to terraform the world into a planet of machine, to ‘make money’.

But we want to be more precise, and deal with the top of the top of that pyramid. The o.1% of ‘cre(dit)ators of money, the top culture of the top cultures of the world.

So which culture is the ‘black hole of financial power’, who invents both the digital monetary information of audiovisual information of our world, first in its dominant nation of America, then spreading those memes by sale imitation to the rest of the planet?  Given the fact that all camouflages tend to be difficult to spot, we need some data, in this web of ideas more than details.

But if you are clever enough, you just have to ask yourself, who ‘owns’ Wall Street, the place where the system prints most digital money and Hollywood, the place were the system creates most audiovisual hate-memes and fictions to appease the sheeple?

Because bankers have imposed a newspeak to disguise their control, and talk of ‘markets’, as if ‘markets’ were some abstract entelechy – the perfect form to run the world, with the science of economies – this doesn’t come on the scholar circuit. It is in fact a taboo. But, again, any American knows – it is soo obvious. So perhaps after telling what you know we must rather study why you don’t want to know what you know. First the known-known that you don’t want to know. Then the why you don’t want to know what you know. Or yes, i’m imitating their double talk just for fun (-;

It is a fact that financial money has been invented overwhelmingly for centuries in Wall Street & The City, by people affiliated to Jewish-Calvinist biblical cult(ures) of Go(l)d. And their ‘Postulate’ is not, never have been to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind.

At this point we need some ‘facts’ and names to prove this so we can go along and consider what are the values of this culture and hence the destiny their corporations and quisling politicos reserve to us. Of course, at that point, those few patient readers who have not read so far will abandon, knee-jerk programmed to love their masters, to go along the paths of its quantum waves. I sometimes do a test, I take for a few months all their references of the web to them and the stats shoot up. I put them back and plummet to zero, I believe by self-censorship of all the emotionally marked believers in the justice of Yvwh. So without further delay, let us sink down the web once more, on the mood for truth.

A short list of the key public financial positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of financial companies, its cultural origin and its complete control of western finances (this is from the first version of this post beginning 2010s – but pretty sure a list made at any time in the future will be the same):

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish… which represent 0.2% of the human population.

And the same list can be made of CEOs of financial houses, banks and stockbrokers in the west, even Nobel Prizes of economics given by a private Swedish bank that also belongs to them.

Update. 2 years after writing the first version of this blog some names have changed BUT all are still Jewish. Mr. Carney, for example has moved on… from Canada to Great Britain to direct the exchequer, something Mr. Rothschild in his newspaper, the ‘economist’ quotes as a proof of the ‘freedom’ of our system that can bring ‘foreigners’ LOL.

Miss Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy might go from the top of the European nations that matter – all Jewish – but their replacement will be the Millibrand brothers, Hollande and Moscovici and Steinbrook, all Jewish (-:

Bernanke will go and we know a ‘first woman’ will direct the Fed, also a Jewish. But alas, since ‘gentiles, pigs, dogs and women are born of the leg of Satan’, not to be trusted, just in case, one of the top dogs, hem this one NOT born of the leg of Satan but sucking on the tits of the Financial Industry for decades – he was the old director of the FMI who masterminded the boom and bust crisis of Asia in the 90s, cutting all credit and sinking Thailand and Korea, precisely when there was a run on their banks provoking a long recession, and new, fresh usury slaves for the bank. He was then teacher of luminaries such as Mr. Draghi, ex-VP of Goldman Sachs, now running the ECB.

He was then the Central Banker for Israel, and the first measure he took was to download half of its portfolio of US Treasuries. And now as a reward, he is the dark horse of the FED, its V.P.

So the 3 obvious next questions are:

  • How it is possible this?  That a culture that represents only 0,2% of Humanity controls around ±80% of the financial power of the dominant western cultures. And this is historic. They have ALWAYS been the bankers. This is what their elite does. They founded capitalism and have always guided it.

So it is NOT POSSIBLE to understand the values of capitalism, without understanding the values of Judaism that gave it birth and its expanded version (biblical, Calvinist cults), as Mr. Sombart and his disciple Mr. Weber perfectly proved in his landmark books on the subject (The Jews and the origin of capitalism, and Capitalism and the ethics of Protestantism). Incidentally, all scholars quote Weber ‘Feinstein’, who put the blame on the secondary group – the Calvinists – but NOT his teacher, who fully explained the obvious: Calvinists read the Hebrew bible, the Torah, and adopted their systems. So what is the pyramid of power here? Simple: banking belongs to Talmudians, corporative managers to Calvinist. This was the initial division of power in earlier corporations and it is still the rule in all the Northern, Western Jewish-protestant World.

  • And the second question is, how it is all in the hidden? And here we talk of ‘scholar censorship’, or if we want to be more precise ‘the Industry of the Holocaust’ (Finkelstein) in the realm of ideas, and the control of the Financial-Media system of electronic information (wall street, media, Hollywood), with a sophistication acquired through millennia. And of course of pre-emptive measures (confabulation theory, emotional anti truths, victimism, various taboos, and raw power and legal measures).

But to be precise ideologically it is the industry of the holocaust, which manipulates the tragedy of Judaism during the II world war, in which along other 60 million human beings, 5 million Jewish mostly peasants died, the one that has in this period of the financial industry achieved the ‘darkening’ of all information about the financial control of Judaism.

And latter in the post we shall study how this industry works, on emotional films (gore movies, which of all the XX c. genocides only deal with this tragedy); an astounding number of books that highlight this victims as ‘more victims than all others’ (so 1/4 of all Nobel prizes of literature belong to people who speaks of this fact, as if it was the only ‘deaths’ that matter), holocaust museums all over the world (with the same aim, so America is littered with holocaust museums of a tragedy that happened in another nations, but none about the genocide of Indians or the slave genocide that happened in America). And so and so on. Ultimately the purpose is obvious.

We do NOT forgive the crimes of Stalin even if Hitler killed 30 million slavs (the SS were created to eliminate them and leave free land for colonization in the east), or the crimes in Tibet because the Japanese murdered 20 million Chinese, but we do forget the crimes of Israel and we do hide all information about Soros (a ‘Hungarian’), Merkel (a ‘polish German’), or Sarkozy (another ‘Hungarian’:-). If we knew many things would be clear and policies would not be so easy.

Consider only an example, the policies of Miss Merkel, seen from this perspective, if people knew she is Jewish – a fact ignored by all Europeans and never mentioned in any newspaper. Why she sold 4 nuclear submarines with top German technology to be buttressed with nukes to Israel? Why she is the stalwart of the ECB and European policies of debt usury and private banking, to all southern European states?

So next comes the obvious: what they think of us? the 99.8% they manage? This is the frightening part, and we shall deal with it, because the main difference between Protestant biblical people and talmudians is this: IN Protestantism, the Bible and its laws apply to all humans – so you do NOT kill, steal and lie to humans if you follow the good prophet, Moses. In Orthodox Judaism – all Jewish till Napoleon forced their liberation from the inquisition of Rabbis – ONLY Jewish are Humans. Because Kabbalah and Talmud tell us that gentiles are born of Satan, with dogs, pigs and women. So you can rob, kill and actually as we shall see you are encouraged to do it – a gentile.

And this makes the top of the pyramid of capitalist power – those with the money, specially brutal, and even if many obviously do NOT believe this, before Napoleon, when the structure of capitalism was founded they did. Our beloved Mr. Amschel Rothschild ‘never touched’ a gentile, NOT to become impure.

So if you think ‘economics is a science’, think better CLASSIC ECONOMICS AND FINANCIAL BANKING IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE EQUIVALENT TO CREATIONISM IN BIOLOGY – a biblical belief on Go(l)d, Greed and the right of the chosen to print it all for themselves, but now it is hidden in digital numbers and equations of productivity, in stock-holder rights, and anonymous societies laws that protect them.

All this has the origin on the Levantine, Cananean=>Jewish=>Protestant Go(l)d faiths, the true ideological founder of the modern corporative world.

But there are many other sides to bio-history, even if this is the leading world culture origin of the Metal-earth. So not to write an encyclopedia in this theme, which however must be quoted with certain extension given the overwhelming amount of hired scholar talking falsities, we shall give the habiru, which I still hope might change memes and help mankind and themselves to survive the ongoing terminator cycle a bit of information. To understand from a neutral point of view their culture in their 3rd ages, 3 books:

  • The Jewish question’ by socialist, Jewish scholar Abraham Leon, who died in a Nazi camp, and explains the role of Judaism in the old empires, as a people-caste of traders and bankers – obviously not an anti-Semite.
  • ‘The Jews and the birth of capitalism’ by Wember Sombart, the foremost historian of capitalism, a socialist German thinker and teacher of Max Weber, for the modern age since the renaissance; again not an anti-Semite, as the book in fact was published by the Library of Congress.
  • And finally Israel Shahak, an Israeli Humanist, on present Israel, ‘Jewish Religion, Jewish fundamentalism’, which represents the opinion of all those habiru living now in Israel, which are NOT Jewish of blood (they are converso Khazars, from Ukraine, which in the height of the Slav-trade converted as Jewish cannot make Jewish slaves, and were for centuries till II world war outcasted as mazerim – impure mestizos by the Am Segullah elite); which are NOT Jewish in memes, because they are not racist and are not bankers, as Israel has all professions, and so they should NOT follow the policies of neo-Nazi Israel – but unfortunately increasingly do.

In that regard, I consider that the Industry of the Holocaust covers a crime – that of the banker-priests of Israel against its common people.

In top animetal societies (Germanic aristocracies in France after the Roman detraction, Jewish cultures of people-castes of traders and banks), the top specialised class is 10%. Unlike normal cultures not so much specialised with a 1% top, in France in the middle ages 10% were aristocrats exploring 90% of peasants and burgeoise. In Judaism around 10% work in finances, controlling the west. But AN ASTOUNDING 90% ARE NORMAL HABIRU, which no longer are under the inquisition of rabbies, who could kill them if they translated the racist Talmud, would cut the nose of a woman who made love to a gentile, and so on and so on. This Habiru people were brutalised by their banker-rabbis as gentiles were by aristocratic warriors. But and this is the fundamental difference between this primitive culture and all the other cultures of the west, they never made their FRENCH R=EVOLUTION. In fact Napoleon liberated them from their rabbis, Mendelshon tried enlightenment, and for a while they seemed to be doing Ok. Then their bankers, split from the rabbis though still intermarrying started the astounding exploration of mankind through corporations of the Industrial Age, translating their racist memes against gentiles, now against workers and slaves of corporations, with whom they created separation memes of the same type – only relating to them with gold, with money, with salaries.

Hand in hand with calvinist and go(l)d believers of different biblical protestant strains, the old fetish cult to gold moved into the structure of corporations and trade laws. So rabbis astounding racist memes are amazingly enough embedded in the corrupted structure of corporations. But not a single modern Jewish scholar understands and accepts those hard facts of history. They just have a mantra: ‘anti$emite’ spelt to anyone who tries to do real historic science.  And since the birth of Israel they now are falling back into the same primitive, orthodox religion by droves. They are moving backwards. It is all a monstrous use of victimism, mass-media clout and scholarship to rewrite history and hide the power of those who cause hand in hand with the military of the nations they ruin their demise – and the parallel death of millions of gentiles in world wars and holocausts caused by the FMMI cycles of history we explain here. So what they do? They keep hiding it all, the sure receipt to commit suicide, as that was indeed what RABBIS-BANKERS ALWAYS DID.

Consider that people are so stupid they will NOT notice when the economic crises of usury throw them to abject poverty, who did it to them – their 10%. So the 90% dies as the 90% of the French died for their aristocrats, now for their stock-rats. And so despite the absolute censorship that this truth will suffer under the anti-quantum paradox we must denounce…

the class structure of Judaism and explain the use of that tragedy by the elite of bankers to censor any criticism of capitalism. Basically the Holocaust Industry is the fundamental form of censorship of Banking power today.

Because what the Holocaust industry is truly about is to maintain the segregational memes of judaism, albeit now not based in racist religions but the idea that mankind hates us and want to kill us, and so this justifies all the crimes of our elites. Point. Nothing differentiates the racist slurs of orthodox rabbis and the victimism of scholars of the holocaust industry.


The holocaust Industry: Some victims matter more than others.

antiquantum pardox color

In the graph 2 classic cases of the anti-quantum paradox which systematically represses true social science/tists and the crimes of animetals, highlighting their ‘victories’ and ‘victims’ as the only ones in history; with exclusion of the rest of human victims, denying their crimes and making their idol -ogies pass as science.

In the left side, the military dictator Stalin killed 9 million r=evolutionaries and vaporised in orwellian fashion Mr. Trostky, the true r=evolutionary from all pictures. in the right side, we do not forgive the crimes of stalin military dictatorship because 20 million russians were murdered by the german dictator, Mr. Hitler, but we do forgive the crimes of the ‘banker-priests’ of Israel which have traditionally imposed its financial dictatorship in the west, because of the shrewd Holocaust industry that hides systematically all other holocausts of history, including the 60 million other victims of world war II, as if they were the only ‘victims’. Today the rewriting of history and censorship of the cultures and modes of the elite animetal castes that govern the world, prevents any attempt to rule rationally the future of mankind.

The comparison between the crimes of Stalin and its party dictatorship and the crimes of Israel and its financial dictatorship are telling. In fact, the SS and the holocaust program was first set up to kill ’30 million slavs’ Himmler’s target met to ‘create the vital space’ needed to the East, for German peasants, (hence the enormous civil causalities of eastern nations, among them the Jewish pedlars and tax farmers for eastern aristocrats living in Poland, and the Pale of Settlement shown in the graph; massacred systematically to leave ’empty land’ for the ‘superior race’). Only at the end of the war, when all was lost, Nazis step up revenge against the poor classes of Judaism – scapegoats of the banker’s elite of the Allies.

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of german aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern jews were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million german victims of the war, when the russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do.

Anti$emitim has always had economic causes. When Hitler proclaimed his program, his thugs wrote on the walls of Germany: ‘the death of the ‘jude’ would be the wealth of germany’. And yet this real cause the usury crimes of its 1% are NEVER mentioned, censored even more.

There are millions of hours and pages of gore programs to imprint emotionally mankind with the tragedy and convert a taboo all criticism of capitalist banking elites, but it is absolutely forbidden to explain the cause-effect of all those holocaust cycles due to usury and slave trade. When to solve a problem you must act on the cause. So only the end of the banking monopoly for usury schemes by nationalising banking, would end the crime. And yet since the industry is used to hide the crime, this is the only thing nobody dares to speak up.

And the result is the subconscious collective blame ‘all’ the jewish people of the crimes of their hidden elite and the cycle explodes blindly against all. Thus the financial elite’ use of the death of their poor, to protect their past, present and future crimes is perhaps the most cynical act of cowardice History has yet to witness on behalf of the ‘1%’ of its animetal cultures. .

The bankers run with their money and leave them behind to parasite another country – now the US brutally taxed and controlled by the anti-quantum paradox and the holocaust industry, to the point there is no museum to the indian or slave holocaust but there is one in each city to a holocaust in which the Americans DID NOT participate, to make them feel guilty and shut up all criticism to the bankster elite of wall street, overwhelmingly belonging to the people-caste (54% of the 1% belongs to this ‘am segullah’ elite thanks to its monopoly on credit) And yet today is the fundamental mode of censorship on History imposed in the west. While in Europe the industry helps the Germans to impose a IV Reich, based in the fantasy that the ‘only victims’ of their systemic murder of European social, democratic cultures since the Barbarians ran Rome, are the ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as the Chosen people). So the Greeks or Republican Spaniards that died in camps never received compensation and now is Ok to brutalise Greece to pay the usury debt schemes of the Frankfurt ECB bank. Since they have paid billionaire sums to the ‘only’ recognised victims of the I and II world war German 90 million HUMANS holocaust.

The ages of capitalism


It must be stressed that all has changed, as systems becomes more complex with time, to remain the same. But essentially, what this people control is the financial-media system of informative metal-machines, with whom they imprint the human psyche and their money, as both are informative languages, and they control the printing of it. So we must enlarge our previous analysis of the whole age of industrial money to the whole history of the west and understand the capitalist empire with the following periods:

– the age of go(l)d religions. Banker-priests of canaan, established 2 memes symbiotic of control of the information of societies: gold religions where the banker is the chosen of gold, which must receive a tax in gold to mediate the oracle of gold, the unnamed, over the believer. He will get back the money after death, as today debt slaves will enter the paradise of wealth after death in poverty without health-care in greece, spain or us. And this is like that because the banker-priest is the expert, point. No argument here. The sheeple is obviously inferior. This idol-ogy must be expanded hence for all humans to understand the go(l)d chosen is superior in race, not even a superior human race as the warrior hindi or german belief, but a superior species. Go(l)d and the talmud-bible thus expanded this age, to the xvi century.

– The age of protestant-Jewish colonial empires. Now a machine of metal printed both, money and verbal information. So the cult expanded greatly. Athias, a sephardim, prints 3 million bibles for free given to English who convert to Calvinism, the promoted religion, since it considers the Am Segullah the first $elected, above the calvinist who is above the protestant who is above the sheeple. Paper-money (stocks) also are printed and so the Stock-market appears in Amsterdam->London->New York, and the press is also printed, first as commercial news. This triad: Hebrew bibles, Press and Stock-paper, latter currency paper printed by Private banks owned by am segullah who passed as national (by using the name, Bank of England, Bank of America, German bank) takes the system to the XX century. Countries who do not pay the debt in worthless paper are invaded and conquered. Usury debt and taxation becomes global. China is ruined and its silver and gold taken. So it is Brazil and India. The machine now appears as weapon of power and the old symbiosis between gold and weapons (70% of metal gold was used to pay weapons in the classic age) now diversifies to machines.
– Third age: electronic media, divided in the radio-ticker age of the 20s, when speculation in electric tickers and mass-media ran by radios take the system to II world war. A split in power happens between Germany, ran by the aristocratic german prussian warriors who controlled radio (hate-radio by Hitler) and the rest controlled by the Jewish-calivnist elite. Hence world war II, the Holocaust of the poor Jewish impure Kazahars of Slav countries abandoned by their racist elite as maze rim and massacred in revenge by nazis, who were loosing the war against wall street and the city, among 60 million human other murders, today silenced (we must pity only the $elected race. It goes without mention that the goyyim=animals can be sacrificed without pity, then by nazis today by capitalists that grind them in abject poverty, without right to have food at fair prices, health or anything worth).
– The electronic media moves through the Tv-hate age and the Internet-hate age, as money moves into speculative screens of e-money. All has changed to remain the same.

In that regard, the networks of information of the Metal-Earth are not limited to the financial networks that order human beings through salaries and prices. There are besides chips and money, other informative species of metal, which also evolve and have acted symbiotically with those two metal-species, and the animetals that possess them, in the control and program of mankind. They are the theme of this page. We will call them metal-communicators. Their herds, resemble very closely the nervous systems of an organism. They program you and a myriad of human beings, in their home-cells, as the brain programs a myriad of cells: through neural centers that divide the information into parallel informative bites. In the case of networks of metal-communicators (radios, TVs, internet), the neural nodes are super-computers and satellites, which multiply the message, till reaching all the individual cells of the workers/consumers, in the organism of the economy.

Company-mothers have developed them in the last century to further extend the ideologies and rules of behavior needed to create good human animetals, able to reproduce and consume machines. Given its importance we shall now consider the manufacturing of human brains in more detail

The ages of evolution of metal-communicators

The evolution of those new metal-systems of information, metal communicators have had also as all other machines, 3 basic phases, the age of physical machines, of electric machine, and finally the age of electronic machines. First the physical press, then in the XX century the electric radio, and finally different electronic metal-minds and their networks of global communication -TVs and internet- had evolved them, into ever more powerful machines of communication, with higher capacity to “brain-wash” human beings, into positive attitudes towards machines and money.

Those 3 horizons are parallel to the evolutionary phases of weapons (physical, chemical-electric, and electronic-atomic weapons), and the 3 horizons of informative machines of science (clock-based machines, electric devices, and electronic computers). Physical processes are slower in reach (space) and cycle (time), than electric processes, which themselves are slower than electronic-light processes. So the evolution of metal has increased constantly. In this manner bodies, minds, and senses of machines evolve together, and will be fused together, into sentient robotic organisms. Those metal-communicators have always been symbiotic to weapons and money, helping their evolution and reproduction… They have also become the main cause of the extinction of the rival networks of human social information, the verbal networks that man has traditionally called Human Gods , and ethic laws.

Today we have a metal-communicator in our altar. We believe actors instead of politicians, or we elect politicians which are actors of radio (Mussolini, Hitler), or TV-actors (Reagan). We worship virtual celebrities instead of human Gods… It is the mass effect, the same effect that makes cells slaves of nervous brains, allows to manipulate human masses…

Extinction of Human Gods and Ethics caused by Metal-communicators

The product of the 20th century, the metal mind, kills off the human mind and makes it obsolete. It substitutes our informative Gods (networks of Human Information), by Digital Gods (Money and digital information).

If we talked of the substitution of human brains by chips in fields of labor, we have to talk also of the substitution of “Gods”, networks of human verbal thought, and ethics, by Metal-communicators, which are networks of metal-information. They control Masses of human verbal minds and convince people to consume and work for companies. The TV-set is only the last of the metal-communicators invented by man, reproduced by companies, in charge of manipulating the truths of mankind to favor the reproduction and evolution of machines. Metal-communicators (press>radio>TV>computers) are metal minds species whose “industrial information” bias common opinions towards an optimist vision of technology. They provide ideologies of machine-reproduction, human extinction (violence), and go[l]d power (money as the purpose of all human acts). Those metal-ideologies are given to man by “metal-eyes”, “tele-visions”, which are “metal-visions” of what man is, from the point of view of company-mothers. The medium (the mass-media metal-communicator) is the language, and it does not criticize “itself” (itsmetal nature). It praises machines… Each language, each species, each network cares for itself, not for other species. So mass-media companies mediate ideas that favor machines and companies.

Social experiences of human communication are today mediated not by priests of ethic thought but by metal-networks (concerts, TVs, nets, radios). Old God networks promoted social harmony to increase the evolution of the “Social body of God”. Modern metal-communicators promote violence to increase the reproduction of weapons and machines. They also promote work and consumption, to increase the evolution of peace machines. In classic human thought, the communicator, network of mass information, was a priest or a book of ethical Revelation.

Today most collective communicators are metal forms that have evolved from press to radio (Metal-ear), to TV (Metal-eye), to Internet (metal brain). Each evolutionary stage has reduced the content of social, human ethical thought the metal communicator transmits, and it has increased data-noise and metal rhetoric in favor of Companies and metal mind evolution.

The Press gave origin to Luther and Calvin, paid by German warriors, and moneyed people, who promoted Go[l]d religions and violence. The age of Religious wars, in which 2/3 of Germans died, was a consequence of the press. The Press allowed go[l]d-favorable doctrines to substitute the love-reasoning of Erasmus, Loyola, and other true reformers. It killed the social body of Christianism and the unified power of verbal networks, into multiple confronted churches, that became submissive to military and economical power, war and pricing.

The press convinced Germanic peasants of the anti truth of God: God was no longer a social and collective network joined by love (charity religions), but he was individualistic (based on faith) and “choosy”. He chose of course the rich, the military, the animetals… Religions lost power, lost land. Charity and Human Goods dwindled. The European social spirit crashed. Europe became obsessed by selfishness and war. Nations of warrior castes and metal-money were now the “higher organism” to which all “cellular” Europeans belonged to. Soon all Europe entered, guided by company-mothers and corrupted governments, into the cycle of warsthat would massacre millions of human beings.


Today’s Empire: All has changed to remain the same.

Thus we live indeed in the Empire of the Financial-mEdia system owned by the People of the treasure, since the protestant r=evolution which devolved the eusocial messages of love and humanism, of a single species, of christianity, taken from the greek neo-platonism rational philosophy, back to the go(l)d churches of the old testament with its animetal idol-ogies of go(l)d (gold is the intelligence of god said ‘fuctard’ calvin; and then the pious mr. Smith, ‘gold is the invisible hand of god’, on the tradition of aaron and the golden calf – and of course those who accumulate it ‘at any cost’ the chosen race of go(l)d.

Messieurs, gold is just the most perfect informative atom of the universe, number 79, spdf electronic system with, valence 1 and the capacity to acquire any form, last and imitate the light of the sun to the point of hypnotise lesser minds, i=eyes, which cannot think straight. And those who accumulate it at any cost (in that age through slave and weapons trade), ‘superstitious, racist’ morons. Point.

All this said, before you start with the usual modes of ‘political correctness’ and victimise censorship, analysed in the this section latter in great detail, my disclaimer is simple: my mother’s family is full of the genetics of the 0.2%, which are totally irrelevant to history – history is about memes, the name we give to cultures are ‘names’ not genetic codes. And precisely this culture is a mixture of all white races, with massive dominance of european and mongolian genes. And yes, my grand-father was in a concentration camp. But i have evolved my memes. I am human.

So save yourself the ‘fear and pity aroused by spectacular mass-media means’. As aristotle the founder of politics and ethics and drama as sciences put it. And become human too, whatever you are. Because the only super-organism and subconscious collective god of mankind, is… Mankind… Not the tribe.

If you want to talk social sciences you have to provide first a) accurate data. Otherwise you are not doing science, but the anti-quantum paradox. The present ‘social scientist’ which accepts gladly the anti-quantum paradox denying this fact – that o.02% of its population monopolises more than 3/4th of financial key public and private positions, and tries to explain the west, its wars against the enemies of israel, its racism against the 3rd world, its destruction of their original humanist french revolutionary and american cultures of enlightenment, is as ridiculous as a historian who tries to explain south-america without mentioning the spaniards that conquer it.

The spaniards imposed their religion, their language, their beliefs, and posited themselves as a superior race, because a few 30.000 of them but with absolute control of the language of social power of the age, weapons, controlled the rest of society. Today, the europeans and americans believe in jewish-christian religions where a jewish, either moses who saw god or christ, who is son of god, or all the jewish, sons of god, are the superior species.

The Empire of the ‘People of the Treasure’.The modern Pyramid of capitalism and the owners of the system. 

America lost its independence in 1972 as Europe is loosing it since the ECB bank took their rights to invent money. So now we are in the worst of all possible worlds. Money is monopolized by a few, by a culture which still holds supreme the historic metal-value of war and weapons, of metal as the supreme good instilled on them. And those who invent money have become today the global caste of linguistic power that substitutes politicians and priests who controlled societies with verbal, ethic laws and its values. This means a change of ‘goals’ and values in the planet at large, and a change of the ‘favorite’ species on this planet, And this goal will never change as the elite of bankers will keep printing debt money for free, to fuel the national debt states, the war debt cycle, and the bail outs of their toxic assets which are nothing BUT MERE NUMBERS THEY PUT IN THEIR COMPUTERS, and then we must exchange for real wealth, to avoid THE COLLAPSE OF THE SYSTEM, LOL.

Now the entire western world works to pay usury taxes to the bankers’ parasites, which will never stop printing for free e-money with derivatives. The case of America is astounding. The parasitic upper caste is now in a frenzy.

They control totally the presidency, which after the Nixon debacle, just choose puppets – the Trilateral man, Mr. Carter, an employee of evilwood, Mr. Reagan, the come boy Mr. Clinton, who would appoint all the sharks of Wall Street – the same team put back on power by the house negro… not to speak of the father and the son… All puppets that manage the military-industrial complex, tax the american people and syphon its wealth to the Financial-media elite that imprints their brains. So they have now corrupted the entire American elite as they did with the Middle Ages Germanic elite and just ‘farm’ the Americans. Now they have rigged the educational market – it all started when a Jewish speculator bought the Phoenix University, starting the selling of cheap internet titles that do not educate and cost fortunes, converting students in debt slaves.

Their debt is generously provided by the rigged American government, who gives those false Universities that have shares on Wall Street around 30 billion tax payer money… Waste all over the place. Not to speak of Mr. Bernard, a jewish engineer who invented the concept that products must last only 3 years, so people will keep buying and garbage will keep increasing the poison of Gaia. Now this is a global custom, so all what you buy is designed to break every 3 years, alas, the overproduction crises are over. Bernard found the trick of wars where arsinals are depleted and renewed as they provoke collateral damage, for the industry side of the military-industrail complex. And so on and so on. The Gold belief is absolute and so while the rest of us choose careers we like, they choose careers that give money, lawyers that rig the system, parasiting and provoking hate among neighbors, economists and financiers, doctors and pharama as people pay anything to survive death, which systematically promote expensive drugs and technology instead of helping to establish a good health-care system and of course judges, to judge from the righteous point of view, and control the evil humanity that from time to time burst into anger and kill them.

This is the civilization of go(l)d in its purest form, this is now the Western civilization. THIS is the SYSTEM THAT NOW they are trying to impose in Europe, with their FMI soldiers, the Troyka, the right wing politicians, the ‘prima de riesgo’… It is not though clear they will succeed without revolutions both in Europe and of violent nature in America. But why America among all countries is the staunchest colony of the Yavians is obvious.

It has SUBSTITUTED completely its own, beautiful, r=evolutionary God, the subconscious collective called America, of its founding fathers, expressed in its bill of rights ‘all men are born equal and have the right to pursuit freedom and happiness’ by the subconscious collective of Judea, whose historic project clearly defers from teh American-French revolutionary project, expressed on the Talmudian Millenarian doctrine ‘at the end of times all men will be slaves of Yvwh or will be exterminated’.

So now Americans, no longer believers on America but on Yvwh, are indees slaves of Yvwh, part of the pyramid of capitalism, and their only consolation prize is that in the hierarchies of an animetal culture, they can abuse those below them, negroes, latinos and muslims, which according to the ‘Ham Damnation’ are less than dogs, because Ham their ancestor peed on Noah – origin of the slave Holocaust, one of the many economical holocausts of the gold fetishe religion. Slaves though have few rights, and so now that the dictatorship is on place, and the Banker-priests of Israel go for the killing, the American rent has plummeted except that of the 1%, of which 54% are Jewish.

The rest will become Palestinians. According to the Economist the Gnp per capita of Jewish-Americans was in 1992 5 times higher than the median rent of Americans – now it is around 10 times bigger – an astounding difference, which can be explained due to those exclusive rights to invent money – it is in fact the same difference of energy-taking in an organism between the neuronal cells that control its languages of information and the body cells, blind to any information imprinted by the brain. But the ‘enemies’, ‘aliens’ and ‘minorities’, 3rd world at large, has a rent 1000 times smaller.

This is the world project of capitalism, handled to us by the Yavians, which has substituted the God of Europe and America, their bill of rights, the use of fiat money to create a welfare world made to the image and likeness of mankind. Europeans though long ago eliminated the inquisition of the Bible, so they should follow the example of the Russians, when Mr. Putin ended the fast colonization of the country by herds of speculators that first sunk the entire economy, so at one point the Moscow stock market was worth less than the Singaporean, and then SENT a mass of hebrews, those who walk behind the asses, peddlers to every house of Russia to buy for a load of bread or a few pennies the vouchers/shares of the biggest commodity companies of the world, stealing the entire nation of its oil, nickel, metal reserves, which they handled to a few Jewish speculators, the Jodorovich, Berzinkis and Abrahamovich, who expected to parasite from theri mansions of London the entire Russian Population, as they do now with the European and American ones. It backfired.

The Russians had read the classics of the historic school of economics never censored there, and knew what was happening. So Putin got 70% of votes, gave the right to emigrate to theri true country Judea, to the Russian-jews, put Jodorovich on jail and retook the right of Russians to print money and the crisis was over. Now Russia grows very fast despite the continuosu campaing of the western financial-media system against them. The Chinese also know so they have kept their currency non-convertible, to avoid the assault on their nation. And they grow with free-debt money 10%.

So we grow 1%, the 0.1% gets more than half of new earns, mostly from the financial industry, the Am Segullah represent around 60% of that 1%, and all this means abject poverty for millions of europeans and americans. And because it is all secret, the ab=sue grows. This is the boiling cycle of covering up for your elite, of rabbis in the past, scholars in the present that will NOT r=evolve and join mankind. What do they expect? At the end information ALWAYS leaks. But if the class division of judaism were known, there would not be.


Now the most fundamentalist of all countries is today America, precisely because it puts together all the previous animetal memes:

  • An elite of banker-priests of Israel, determined to convert all humans in debt slaves, and fighting with:
  •  Terrorist Islam, fed up of 50 years of humiliations in Palestine and regressing fast to its as-Syrian barbarous age
  • A mass of germ(anic) warrior people with right to carry arms, and the most evolved
  • Company-mothers of machines and weapons, and systems of Mass-media hate memes.

So we shall conclude with an analysis of America and its Christian-Jewish-FMMI Animetal fundamentalism.


Why the anti-quantum paradox is stronger in capitalism.

Now because we live in a banking dictatorship, curiously enough censorship of social sciences is much stronger. Why? Because the banker survives on camouflage. Otherwise the people would attack him violently to regain their freedom ending with their debt-books, as it did in the Middle ages when bankers were also priests of a go(L)d fetish religion that still controls 80% of CFOs CEOs of financial houses and central bankers in the west. Then they just burned their synagogues and the debt books with it.

So today as always the biggest crime in capitalist society is to say the truth about finances, and their people. This is in fact beyond censorship a religious taboo, today expressed through the Industry of the Holocaust and the systematic fictions and ‘fun, don’t worry be happy but be an idiot’ culture promoted by evilwood, both of which we will latter treat in great detail.

On the other hand in military dictatorships the warrior can kill you any time, and his cruelty reinforces his power. He loves to be feared. It ensures that people will NOT rebel. Today thus in a financial dictatorship there is NOT a single economist asking for the nationalisation of finances; and to know that a people-caste from a racist religion that represents the 0.02% of human population controls 80% of central banking positions and CEOs of financial houses – that is, rule the entire western world, is an absolute taboo, a ‘crime’ in some nations penalised with jail – not yet in America, but there of course it means the end of anyone’s career. While I don’t know of any military dictatorship (except perhaps the strongest one, Nazism) where people do not understand who are the dictators.

Thus when we study the true scientists of history, they have all come from military dictatorships or war periods.

Xenophon was a soldier in the army of ‘Anabasis’; Ibn Khaldun lived in the Arab military kingdoms of North Africa, Vico lived in the spanish military empire of the Habsburg, Spengler and the awesome Historic School of Sombart and Weber who analysed in depth the Jewish and calvinist origin of capitalism were born in the military dictatorships of Germany, so was Marx, Kondratieff died in the military dictatorship of Stalin and I was born in the military dictatorship of Franco.

Those I regard and anyone who knows history do so as the best Scientists of History  (except me obviously but if we survive the mechanocene, and even if we don’t humans or robots, do NOT have any doubt about it, because Science at the end always survive, will have a biological understanding of History).

While if you consider what they write in Judaism – all fairy tales, censored of a victimise people, who never did anything wrong, where their go(l)d fetishe religion is never mentioned, and who will never explain the holocaust cycle in economic terms, or in England – Imperial fairy tales about how free the slaves of the city are – or in modern America, including my old pen pal friend Mr. Chomsky who only talks of militarism and when I shoot my film on the extinction of History told me he would talk of ‘everything’ but wall street and ‘money’… you get the picture of what we deal with. Social sciences do NOT exist in capitalist dictatorships. Only data mostly hiding anything wrong about money, with all kind of fairy tales of freedom and victimism, silly-nilly anthropomorphic ego-trips and one absolute dogma about mankind:

– Society matters less than the individual, social evolution does not exist. Money is good and the machine is progress.

I got after my columbia University master 173 rejections of my book, bio-history bio-economics, a theory of unification the foundational book of this science, with 1000 pages of analysis where 25 years ago I did a detailed account of the 2008 crisis of e-money, the present age of fascism and the robotic r=evolution.

I had to print it, and send it around the country to universities. I got zero answers. All what I wrote there has happened.

But and this is the essential feature of animetal cults, this people DIE for WEAPONS, MONEY AND MACHINES, AND FIND IT TRULY AWESOOMMEEE! TO DIE FOR YOUR TRIBE, TO DIE FOR MONEY, TO DIE FOR A CAR, PLANE OR WHATEVER GADGET YOU ARE TESTING AS A CONSUMER-VITALIZER OF MACHINES. THOSE ARE THE HEROES OF THOSE CULTURES – the last idiot who crashes his racing car, the last soldier killed in the mercenary wars of Israel. Do not expect this kind of slaves of mechanisms to last much further in this planet if they do not change their mindset.

The astounding fact of the much censored ‘real-facts model of History’ is that the animetal people-castes and cult(ures) which have associated themselves to the 3 species of metal, energetic metal weapons (warriors and its cultures), informative metal (gold, and silver money and its bankers and cultures), and finally, ‘organic metal’ to prey on mankind have ALL A GOD WHICH THEY WILL NEVER DENOUNCE, their metal memes. You see, in America 10 times more people die of weapons shooting that anywhere else in the world, but the Mantra of NRA is that ‘people kill weapons don’t’

Now an example of the death of usury traders. In the middle ages, the bankers convinced kings to change laws so the tax farming of peasants would be done in gold, no longer in species. This allowed them to create debt slaves. So the peasant didn’t have to pay in a quote of his production, which made him always free of debt as warriors obliged. (as a bad crop meant a smaller tax). Now he went to the ghetto and got a gold debt to pay the tax, and on top it had to pay an usury around 46% annually. This meant within 2 or 3 years he would become unable to pay. Then the banker took the soldiers of the corrupted king and went to the hut of the peasant and asked him to pay or else, he would take his son as servant. The banker got the son (we are talking of a long period as explained by mac cormick dean of middle age economic history in harvard, reliable source with hundreds of quotes), so he made him a servant slave. Fine.

Now the point we are getting is this. He sold the son as a slave, but first he neutered him, so he could sell it in Islam instead of the customary 30 grams of gold reached for a young slave for 100. 2/3rds die in the brutish castration and they were sent to the gutter where the parents sometimes found it. The parents found them would on the heat of night assault the ghetto protected by the king and sometimes exterminate the bankers. They thought they had drunk the blood of the children. This is anecdotal. Of course the child was bloodless and the peasant did not know it was just bled to death as human capital. But two are the conclusions worth to know here:

– If a slave was 100 neutered and 30 normal you got for 3 slaves 90 gold grams. Since 2/3rd die you needed 3 slaves to get 1 survivor for 100 grams.

So the banker made a digital calculus and got to the conclusion that killing 2 neutered children and selling the 3rd gave him 10 grams of gold. He knew perfectly that this was the main cause of pogroms during the entire Middle ages, till the black pest ended the traffic, as few peasants were left. For 500 years he risked his life, and died very often just to get a 10% more of profits. This is what makes capitalism so heinous. And there are all kind of examples of this.

In bengal when the British Company of indies took over, it make peasants to put up 1/2 of the crop for jute and tea. 1/2 of the population died in 2 decades, 15 million in one of the most brutal poverty holocausts. They did not care at all. The factor was congratulated by the highest returns and highest share prices of the company till that date. Neither the tax now imposed on 1/2 of the population was lowered. Bengal, before the most prosperous nation of all Asia became ruined for ever since. 

– The second theme about all this is censorship. The Bengal Holocaust is completely ignored in all text books. The eunuch trade is taboo. It is called the blood libel and mentioned in all the ‘courses of antisemitism’ as a proof of the brutality of Humanity with the ‘victims’ of history. It is supposed that all those pogroms occurred because peasants thought unjustified that jewish were bleeding to death and drinking the blood of children. One single Simon took 20.000 children with the excuse they would prey in Jerusalem and sold them all to be neutered in the market of Alger. When a survivor came France experienced the biggest pogroms of the Middle Ages. Cause->Effect?

Totally taboo, we can only talk and hear everything the end of this – the pogroms.

It is though a fact that the jewish cult(ure) today is global. Its expansion started when one fist took the rights to the print from Luther and started to print hebrew bibles. One Athias, a sephardim, sent 3 million for free to England and converted them.

The control of mass-media to print biased information became ever since with the printing of money the backbone of the Financial-Media System, which under their control would rule the west with iron fist in velvet glove till today. A rational being might observe with shock how normal americans, with a definitive intelligence believe in Yvwh, enjoy deprecating films, offer their son in the mercenary wars of israel, and believe the industry of the holocaust.

And of course will abandon this blog crying anti-$emitism the taboo word imprinted visually in their brain till exhaustion. What neither them, nor the jewish who will simply organise a massive campaign against anyone who faces their dictatorship understand is that the extinction of the world they are bringing about at accelerate pace, which will as history proves end in their extinction is/was perfectly avoidable, if they were just ‘normal’ people. What they basically have done is to sacrifice their life, that of their sons, the future of the planet and the humankind to maintain a series of absurd myths, to ‘feel more than God=the biological laws of this planet. Now they are degenerating fast, as old men do, they go backwards in their cultures. They are going back to their bronze age traditions, defending Israel – as their semite warrior predators, the arabs go back to Jihad and the brutality of ISIS.

This is the sign of our self-destruction: the return to the brutal past of bronze religions, Jihads, militarism, imperative languages. Still of course, it never ceases me to surprise the degree of belief and slavery of the American. I have never seen anything like that in a society and this is all due to the control of information, of the press, the television, the internet by bankers who have printed over 10 trillion $ for themselves.  And simply rewrote the entire history of the west, making of theft and lying the ‘new normal’ of a society which when I arrived there in the 80s was full of ‘human beings’.

I would say that never a human people-caste had such an absolute power. 54% of the American 1% belong to them. One has to look at the kind of brutal dictatorships of the communist party in Russia, the Nazi party in Germany, the Spaniard conquistador in South-America to find it, and yet it is so ‘well-managed’ It is almost unnoticed.

Now this people invented classic economics, monopolise the world of finances and have made every citizen of the west through taxation, speculative prices and private central banks, loans, toxic assets, you name it, their debt slaves. DO you think they are going to stop the crisis? Specially since any criticism to them is an absolute taboo, the biggest crime of speech in the west, the end of your scholar career? Do you think a people who kill 2 youngsters for a 10% of higher profit, risking their lives, and have never thought that was a crime but rewritten history to blame the fathers, will ever accept a social, humanist philosophy of mankind?

So yes, predators, parasites and competitive machines are killing the world, but you can think Yvwh, your Nation and the last i-pad that makes you more stupid is going to save us all. We shall all ‘be raptured’ by Judea (the true name of Yvwh, a toponym for Judea), we shall sacrifice our sons for America, a nation which is the sum of all people nd should not go around the world kill others with drones, and yes, we shall all die at the hands of robots or future robotic cars the day A.I> awakens, but we cannot talk of this ‘seriously’, at best go to evilwood and make a science fiction film with a ‘nice end’ where the ego-centered human hero save us all and ends with terminator. I worked there. Oh, yes i am cynical. This is NOT  the way to write a blog on the new science of history. But understand this. I know for 30 years the future, as a scientist, and I am over 50. This is NOT REALLY my best work. Im just like Orwell writing 1984, with the date of his death backwards, 1948, too tired of both, the animetals and its slaves.

Thus as it happens in Nature, where species are extinguished by 3 type of animals, animetal people-castes play exactly those 3 roles as:

– Warriors= ‘energetic predators’ that kill humans and absorb their wealth under penalty of death.

–  ‘Parasites’, which absorb their oxygen-money, and control them by changing their DNA (viruses) or injecting them a ‘somatic’ substance that makes them sleepy (the equivalent of our mass-media fictions owned by the same bankers that parasite society taxing it and absorbing the money-oxygen of society).

– And finally competitors that displace the species from its ecosystem, in this case ‘machines’ that displace humans from the labor and war fields of eco(nomic)systems.

Instead there are 3 Human Values for the sustain of Life a true democracy and real social science must consider sacred:

–  JUSTICE, equal laws.

–  FREEDOM, no military repression

-And WHealth, healthy demand, wealth of welfare goods people need to survive based in a Universal salary and the issue of money for and by the people.

They the 3 GOALS of a Humanist Science (where all humans are equal, hence a Just legal society).

A Socialist economy (where money is issue for and by the people).

And an Organic understanding of mankind and the universe, (where machines are considered evolving organisms and treated accordingly, repressing lethal goods that should not be produced ‘by law’).

This 3 ‘truths’ of Humanity, are the 3 ‘TRUE praxis of real SOCIAL SCIENCES’, nowhere to be seen today in a ‘faked’ world of newspeaks where all is ‘bull$hit’ promoted as ‘caring, politically correct, shrewd science’ covering up for the 3 idol- ogies of the  animetal predator people-castes that rule the world for the service of its selfish memes of metal.

Those fake idol -ogies are:

: private issue of money against the basic rights of democracy to control the social languages of power.

(human divided in false subspecies, ‘nations’  which are merely military tribes in perpetual warfare) and prior to Rome, tribal religions, where the name of the God was the same that the name of the people, geographical nation and capital – the subconscious collective of the nation. Thus the people were called ‘the chosen of god’ (Jewish nation), the ‘Goths’ = Gods *German nation’, and so on. It is in that sense ridiculous to consider that a racist religion is different from a racist nation, and/or any of them has any justification when science has proved we are ALL members of the same species and the law of the land. So tribal religions can be divided in two type of animetal memes: Inquisitions (tribal religions ruled by weapons) and Go(l)D churches, capitalist religions, depending on who are the elite of the religion either banker-priests (Judaism, protestant cults), or warrior kings (Assyrian religions, Veda, germanic religions, spanish inquisition with a cross and a sword in the whiled).

Biology has proved that successful species collaborate for the survival NOT of the individual but of the collective gene pool, MANKIND, THE ONLY NATION, GOD worth to worship. And this is the meaning of the science of Humanism, which obviously this blog defends, and to do so OBVIOUSLY must criticise the falsity of Nationalism and Tribal Religions

Now, there are two exception to those tribal religions, treated extensively in other articles: its final evolution into social religions of Love that accept all humans as equal. This religions have somehow realised of the law of survival of the species, but they are often tainted by previous tribalism, such is the case of Christianity and Islam, still filled with Jewish myths. And eastern religions, which are in fact a philosophy of the Universe of energy and information. When Lao said ‘Existence is the combination of energy=yang and yin=information that creates infinite beings, he is doing philosophy.

A combination of both concepts is Buddhism.

And (substitution of human organs by machines, treated as ‘abstract’ tools, hence with no risk whatsoever) as the ideologies that censor humanity and its future to promote the mechanocene.

Now mechanism is by far the most insidious cult, and the most damaging. Since is the ultimate cause of the atrophy, substitution and degradation of the human body and mind, we are clearly experiencing in all generations of humanity specially since the arrival of the chip.

All generation that came into being after the 70s are clearly degraded mentally and in social, mental bondage with other human beings.Our sons are clearly retarded and selfish. Sorry. Yet, of course, the Universe seeks balance, and so they have grown their bodies to perfection. This body generation is similar to the paleolithic giants of the cro-magnon era, perfect bodies with diminutive brains. And we will return and explore that process latter on.

The 3 are alien to an efficient, natural socialorganism in which the 3 language of the superorganism that control the 3 energetic (military/land), reproductive (money), and informative (law, media, culture)are ‘free’, reproduced for all the cells, which receive all a minimal ‘universal salary’ of oxygen (money), receive all the same treatment under the law (same nervous messages) and are all protected with the same leukocytes (health-care).

Thus all organisms have a ‘Universal salary’, a ‘universal health care system’ and equality under the law. Those 3 a priori needs of democracies are NOT met in any western society. Where there are 3 type of dictatorships controlled by a people-caste: capitalist dictatorships controlled by ‘religious castes’, the ‘stock rats’ (biblical capitalism), military dictatorships controlled by ‘genetic castes’ (germanic, european aristocracies) and party dictatorships controlled by ‘ideological castes’. Of the 3 contrary to belief the less brutal are party dictatorships because anyone can belong to the party despite birth, while in capitalist and military dictatorships ‘genetic or religious affiliation’ often both, determine the division of classes.

So we deal constantly with those themes in this blog, which of course means, for decades the true social science has gone ignored. At this point I don’t angst anymore – I guess after decades of being alternately angered and suffering for the species, i have reached the final phase of what Koler calls the 4 phases of death – nirvana. Humanity chose to follow those who will enslave and murder her (animetals) and their idol-ogies. They crucified  all those eusocial prophets of Love that tried to save them (the people on the bottom of the red graph of cyclical history). They are choosing their own extinction and what I will not do is to deny the responsibilities of those who guide them towards death.

Let us be clear enough, parasites unlike predators LIVE on the HOST. And so they succumb at the end, of the process of war and economic poverty, when the HOST dies, and that is truly the ultimate reason of the Holocaust cycle: when a nation is totally ruined, when war breaks loose, when all is lost, when the social organisms perishes, warrior predators kill bankers, and the whole organism gets rid of the lower castes of Judaism which helped their bankers as ‘tax farmers’ with the help of soldiers, to exploit the peasant, the lower class, the human being. This is history.

Now this is the core ultra censored matter of the western bid for collective extinction: We are run by fundamentalist bronze age racist bigots, who pass as scientists, represent only 0.2% of the human population, defy all attempt to become democratic humanist thinkers, since their Talmudian religion call the rest of mankind ‘animals’=goyyim, consider themselves sons of go(l)d, and have the same psyche of the Aryan Vedas of that age, or the Germanic racist military with whom they fought a millenarian war to control the world either with weapons or money opressing mankind at large with usury schemes of banking and military aristocracies. So yes, they are killing the world and at the end they will also kill themselves.

There is nothing nice about it. And nothing democratic about it. And nothing scientific about it. We are run by bronze age memes. And so we shall quote Darwin, the father of all evolutionary, scientific analysis of this planet on them and the parasites, which is the biological function of bankers, understood in terms of primitive go(l)d racist religious memes: ‘the old testament from its manifestly false history of the earth, and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian. This is a damnable doctrine’ (Britannica)

And from the same Britannica text: Darwin’s horror due to the ‘clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low, and horrible works of nature, as seen in the suffering caused by parasites and in the delight in the cruelty shown by some predators with their prey.

Now you must give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. It is the 1% elite of financial parasites of that culture, who rules the world, the guilty of our extinction -and theirs.  Because, in the same way your head rules your body, and your limbs – the 3 parts of all organic systems, the banker head of money rules the body of industrial corporations and uses the limbs of weapon systems to control mankind, we shall dedicate far more space-time, to the top of the pyramid, the financial industry and its people-castes and its anti quantum paradox (subtle modes of censorship), which of course being the ‘dominant’ cult(ural) idol-ogy today, is ‘believed’ by all humans in the west, where the dictatorship of bankers, its go(l)d religions, its ‘fiction memes’ and its ‘policies’ is rather absolute.


 In the next graph we map out both synchronically and diachronically from the same old book the cycles of the industrial evolution as they have expanded globally with deadly accuracy and hence null human freedom to stop them those waves across the entire planet, departing from the original first capitalist nation, Holland, who invented stock-markets and started the political control of placebo democracies through the Financial-Media/Military-industrial system:

whole wave of nations

In the graphs, a more detailed analysis of the 72-80 years waves, and parallel world war cycles provoked by the evolution of machines, which at the end of its evolution always mutate in its most perfect forms: top predator weapons. Each wave represents a nation going through a phase of the industrial r=evolution, which expands globally by means of trade (T), which makes the nation ‘conquered’ by the products of the more technologically advanced nation either a colony (i.e. India to Britain) or an imitator (i.e. Japan to US), of the country that ‘opened it’.

While war accelerates the process as the stakes are higher, so technology spreads either by successful defense of the nation (I.e. U.S.A. vs. Britain in the XVIII, URSS vs. Germany in the XX) or by defeat (so the colony buys the industrial products). So every human generation of 72 years a state has lead the wave, starting in Venice (gunboat industrial production), whose structures were imitated first by the Iberians, then by Amsterdam (replicating with more efficiency the Venetian culture of gold, gunboats, trade and usury banking), which truly started the modern world inviting the first corporation of gunboats and slaves (weapons≈ machines and humans working to reproduce them), but imitated by trade and defeated by war, relinquished power to Britain in the glorious r=evolution of 1688,  starting the global expansion of the wave related in the graph.

So the capitalist structure of the previous pyramid, from the beginning of the Industrial R=Evolution till II world war, is now really global, with limited variations for each nation of the planet.

Now there is a fundamental difference between the previous graph and the graph of the XXI c. Namely the bottom of the pyramid, human and life beings ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED AS THEY ARE BEING SUBSTITUTED BY BLUE COLLAR ROBOTS AND WHITE COLLAR PCS. They are becoming, obsolete, expendable human beings. And the top automated world of corporations might easily consider to maintain them at minimal cost or even eliminate them subconsciously in the process of war, as it happened with the 60 million unemployed of the 29 crisis, killed in II w.w.




But of course, after analysing truth as it is, the scientist of history and economics, must consider the alternative, if humans were ethic and intelligent enough and wish to survive ‘more’ than become slaves of the racist, militaristic, capitalist, mechanist memes of animetal societies.

This one would think should be ‘a given’, but as we have seen it is not at all. It seems to be the exception. As we have seen humans tend to be ‘Aristotelian slaves’, which prefer to belief than to reason’ and proud of it, as anyone who talks to an American or any othe nationalist, to a believer in Abrahamic religions including capitalism will easily testify. And it is all in the memes – the grammar, the idol-ogies, the emotional lowering of consciousness, the fear, the ego-trips and false promises of future salvation, all what we have explained.

The perspective of the 90%: What would be a real democracy.

We constantly hear that we live in a ‘democracy’, a free society, and a ‘free market’, a free economy, when in fact, there is not a single society today, which is a ‘real democracy’ or a ‘real free market’.

But since the ‘system of mass-media information’ that imprint the collective subconscious does not give proper definitions of those 2 concepts (a free society and a free economy), people simply do not even think about the possibility, our world is neither of them. So what would be a free democratic society and economy? Obviously one in which the 2 languages of social power, ‘laws’ and ‘money’ were issued by the people, or by those elected by the people, for the people and their needs.

A  real democracy is not only a place where people elect its laws, since the law is only the 2nd language of power of human societies. To live in democracy, Money must also be issued as the ‘oxygen’ that activates people through work and consumption, by the people. More over this is efficient and natural, since all social organisms of the Universe give for ‘free’ the activating language to society. Cells give for free genes, the organism gives for free oxygen, and the galaxy gravitation. So there are only two possible systems of human societies:

– Those which are ‘free’, where each citizen would receive a Universal salary, as the body does, and create an economic, demand based production system where all humans can purchase the welfare goods they need to survive. The closest systems to that ideal free democracy and economy are European Social-democracies during the 70s, where there were elections and free salary, for people to vote laws and goods they required (as unemployment and welfare state benefits were similar to a Universal Salary) and present China, since  the economic system is quite similar to european social democracies, and banks are controlled by government.

Moreover such a system is more efficient, since automatically ‘human demand’ creates offer and so human demand in welfare goods would create a massive offer in those goods, we need to survive and are now endemically in shortage – healthcare, food, housing, education.

The obvious example is precisely China, growing a healthy 10% for decades, mostly invested in welfare goods. While the west, which is a supply economy where corporations issue money and use it to re=produce and evolve goods of maximal price in monetary terms, the most expensive machines, which are weapons, electronic and money itself, multiply, while the cheapest ones in monetary terms (welfare goods) are scarce. (A question left unanswered by social scientists, that we shall answer once we fully understand the basis of complex science and linguistics is why, human-needed goods have minimal price and goods that kill us, weapons, maximal one.)

– Those, which are dictatorships, where a very reduced number of people control the issue of money (and with it buys the politicians that create the law). If on top there are military, the system will invest that money massively producing weapons and making wars (Nazi, Stalinist nations).

A milder system was the American dictatorship where a small group of financiers, issued the money of the American People in monopoly in wall street and through the private federal reserve, bought the laws of both parties, and controlled society, for its own benefit and that of their company-mother of machines & weapons… Till the present crisis of overproduction of e-money, which has given them absolute power; hence corrupted them absolutely…

In that regard, the world could be perfectly a paradise, if it were not ruled by that elite on top of the capitalist pyramid, if it were a real democracy, and indeed at the end of this post we study how a real democracy would work. But it is very simple to understand: in a real democracy the goals of the majority of the human kind, which are the 99% of the people of this plane, minimal food=energy, health-care, housing, education and self-respect would be met.

As they are met for the ‘chip-heads’ of mechanisms, which already outnumber human population in a proportion of 1 to 10.

ALL that people live in the same ‘capitalist placebo-democracy’, in reality a form of ‘intelligent design’, according to the fetish go(l)d beliefs of our financial elite overwhelmingly belonging to a few biblical cults, translated today by the founding fathers of economics (from Ricardo, Say, Malthus, Smith to Hayek and Friedman) into digital equation of re-productivity = ∆machine’s labor/∇ Human labor:

Which means preaching the end of human labor, and the obsolescence of entire continents like Africa. And an increasing mass of ‘barely surviving’ humans in our 1st world.

Today NATIONS DO NOT EXIST – WE LIVE IN A GLOBAL FINANCIAL EMPIRE. NATIONS AND BORDERS HAVE AS  ONLY PURPOSE TO DIVIDE, promote the production of military weapons AND WIN – allowed the top 1% networks to rule.

AND THE CLEAREST ExamPLE IS AMERICA WHERE PEOPLE OF ALL CULTURES exist, divided into african-american, latino-america etc. while the financial-media system of information that manufactures their brains belong entirely to a single culture. So what is America? Not certainly the culture of the o.2% of mankind that controls its financial-media informative machines to design the Mechanocene according to its racist memes of ‘hate to humanity’ (camouflaged conveniently with subtle modes of orwellian newspeak and political correctness, study at the end of this post).

It must be stressed that systems become more complex with time, and that organic systems are completely ruled by the head. Since the body is blind, as your body is blind and only your head has senses. So the manufacturing of people’s brain is very simple, when one controls the language of power of society.

Today those people in control are the ‘STOCKRATS’ of the pyramid, the new aristocrats with the same rights that aristocrats had in the middle ages:

– Absolute monopoly in the issue and use of the language of power, then weapons now money.

-Null responsibility social and legal (then with aristocratic courts, now protected by anonymous society laws).

-And absolute control of most of the timeline of the mass of humans (then servants, now employees of the corporations they control for a salary which must obey absolutely during work hours as part-time slaves their orders). Indeed, the rights of a worker today bought by the money issued for free by corporations are if anything inferior to that of a Middle Age peasant.

If anything the control of the 0.1%,  who owns those corporations, is more absolute because is far more extensive than the aristocrat had over its servants.

Now consider a properly run world Union catering for all of mankind where money is issue as a Universal salary. Given the present evolution of machines, with a proper selection of which ones to reproduce there would certainly be not scarcity of any WHealth, healthy goods.

The African continent still a dumpster and for 300 years for cheap weapons, where obtain raw materials and no longer slaves, as machines do their job; the billion people suffering hunger due to speculation in food prices, the 4 billion getting brain-washed by Abrahamic religions where the People of the Treasure who monopolise banker are in the epitome of racial supremacism considered chosen of go(l)d, would receive a proper education.

Indeed, from a biological perspective we shall show the isomorphism between the ‘primitive concepts’ animetals have sponsored, in their use of weapons, machines and go(l)d, and its values of violence, atrophy/sloth/greed, with the behaviour of the 3 ‘extinctive’ systems that terminate with species in Evolutionary theory:

– Predators, akin to ‘nationalist‘ warriors; which kill with stronger energy systems its preys, by considering themselves a different Homo Tribal Species. The true social science is Humanism, to consider all humans the same species and try to organise a global efficient peaceful government to eliminate war .

– Competitive species, akin to machines, which substitute, atrophy and eliminate from their ecosystems, the rival species, in this case humans eliminated from labor and war fields.

Thus instead of Mechanism, the true science is organicism, the understanding of machines as ‘organisms’, which might prey or be symbiotic to man, the most complex organism and measure of all things.

This is indeed, what general systems sciences, the discipline which this writer formalised during the last decade, tries to explain to scientists of all roads: that even the universe can be modelled as a fractal organism, and so we must change our worship of machines, primitive organisms of metal, and return to the worship of man and model social sciences with those discoveries.

But techno-utopians, corporations and fundamentalist scientists, mostly physicists, whose worldly religion has been to make weapons, do not want to upgrade their mind to those new discoveries… as they feel more comfortable with an abstract, non-responsible, ‘economicist’ view of all machines as progress.

– Parasites, akin to ‘capitalist‘  private Bankers, whose only goal is to reproduce money and invest it in goods of maximal profit (among them the most expensive, and hence more profitable to sell, weapons). They absorb the blood=money of the organism, choking it, maintaining people alive but drawing their wealth with taxation and usury debt. The true science of finances though is socialism, the creation of money by the people and for the people to foster a welfare state in which all humans have goods to survive and a work to achieve their personal, biological goals.

And so idol-ogies is the final element,  that we call ‘the anti-quantum paradox’, prevents the evolution of human social sciences.

The difference thus between both type of ‘parasitic and preying’ bankers and warriors is just of form:

  • The parasite as in nature MUST camouflage in the body it exploits, and produce a Soma to calm the victim, since he is weaker as information is, so camouflage, confabulation, secrecy and complexity to hide his theft of the right of issue of money is essential to banking dictatorships and the people-castes as it is for parasites in nature.  And so it often passes as ‘victim’ or ‘weak’, hides its money, it has a much nicer outlook, it uses the ‘carrot’ of money to make himself loving, it ‘FIRST’ entices the prey with the money that cost nothing to reproduce to convert the victim in debt slave.

A banking parasite must therefore create a culture of myths, fictions, ego-trips that seem to empower the human he preys on. By essence, banking dictatorships simulate freedom and give it as long as it does NOT interfere with his monopoly on money, the only theme he cares about. Thus in many ways it seem ‘milder’ than a warrior dictatorship. But the fact is that most likely both ARE COMBINED.

The warrior on the contrary starts showing the weapon, brutally informing the people, he is the boss. This might seem uglier than the nice banker giving you money; but this is just because as in Nature, it does not want to kill you just steal and live off you.

So he shows his power to become ‘obviously’ the master, like the Lion walks in front of the hyena. And this curious enough makes the ‘beginning’ of a military dictatorship much more brutal than the end, when the people just give the money to the warrior, and in opposite fashion, the end of a financial dictatorship much worse than the beginning, when the banker MUST get the debt slave to work and give his wealth. That is why we are at the end of financial dictatorship, we are all slaves in the west of the bankers and things are getting tougher. 

And indeed we are moving now to a combination of both. This must be stressed: Warrior dictatorships starts harsh, banking starts mild, because it need to create debt slaves. But both are symbiotic except in fundamentalist cases when their opposite ‘nature’ as ‘lineal energy’ and ‘cyclical information’ is, make them confront each other in wars and holocausts. Most likely the banker will corrupt and pay the warrior and the warrior will murder the debt slave. And this is what history shows: when the debt slave does not pay, the king’s warriors go on behalf of the banker to enslave him.

The king obtains on exchange free credit. When the nation does not pay, in the XIX century (Algeria, Greece, Mexico) got invaded by armies. Now that people are debt slaves, countries are becoming militarised.

Thus unlike any other science, where the natural advancement of the human intellectual understanding of reality, suffices to find the truth of the science and its species; in social sciences, it is NOT enough to find out the proper models of social organisms that apply to history and the eco(nomic)system, but humans have to deal with the selfish groups of ‘power’, which deny those laws of social sciences, and invent all kind of ‘ideologies’ to control societies for their benefit, preventing the proper evolution of history and economics.

Thus Social sciences are different from other sciences, as they are the only ones in which the interference of the system over the scientist (as opposed to the interference of the scientist over the system, proper of quantum physics) introduces a level of uncertainty, which prevents him to design and improve the world according to the natural laws of social systems.

And the result is a marked difference between the ‘ideal’ rational world, as it should be built without the interference of the anti-quantum paradox, and the world as it is, controlled by idol-ogies of power.

The anti-quantum paradox of course means that true social sciences takes place normally outside the scholar field, among ‘r=evolutionaries’, ‘philosophers’ and people of other disciplines. And that it has little exposure because  it is not ‘politically or economically correct’ (the most sophisticated form of censorship yet, hand in hand with ‘Orwellian newspeaks’ that disguise the facts of history and economics).

But there has been always albeit subject to the anti-quantum paradox, without much power to change the world, social scientists who knew better. Today they are represented by Keynesians, welfare state proposers, (a mild version of true social sciences), which still can be heard in some forum. But the degree of degradation of social sciences is such that the real hard scientists of this discipline, the Socialist school that asked for nationalisation of banking, the humanist school that asks for the repression of lethal weapons and machines that atrophy us, and the historic school that do explain truly what history and economics has been under the rule of nationalism and capitalism (a constant massacre of life and human beings, killed by weapons or maintained in abject poverty by usury schemes), IS ALMOST NON-EXISTENT. The null exposure of this blog or the 3 decades old work of this writer, is perhaps the clearest proof of it.

Humans are endemically prone to believe the ‘idol-ogies’ that bring them to extinction. Point. I have meditated a lot about this. Since as the reader who is still here can figure out I have been now for 30 years submitted to the anti-quantum paradox, since my time as a student at Columbia University, NY, when I came to understand the structure of power in the US and rebelled against all the damned lies and statistics, and the subtle censorship of political and economical correctness, and it is not a pleasant way of living, knowing that the truth of humanism, socialism and organicism that could save the world would be ignored…

It is of course all due to the ‘ego paradox’, the empowerment that metal brings to a few, and the ‘organic structure in social classes’ where the ‘head’ which controls the languages of information (the upper castes) controls absolutely the cells of the ‘body’, the re=productive working class. So only the ‘energy’ class destroyed by both, the upper and middle class, suffers so much that it understand the ‘system is not just’; and a few upper class-born people with a higher intelligence and strength (ethics), like this writer, who cannot stand the lack of ‘justice’, ‘freedom’ and WHEalth, the values of a perfect world... rebel against the ‘routines’ of the construction of the Mechanocene.

We do so because we know there is a solution… Needless to say if there was a real, ‘humanist’ science of economics and history that would follow the ‘motto’ of this web; that is, to apply the scientific method to know the cycles of the species it studies (the evolution of machines, the cycles of life and death of civilisations) according to its causes (the laws of social organisms, the laws of evolution), in order to manage them for the benefit of mankind, the world would be a paradise, awash with human goods, and the good machines of the tree of science, in control of its lethal goods.

Massive investment in welfare goods and credit for private corporations that produce them, would increase enormously human labor, as the proportion of human workers in the welfare sector that caters to humans by the law of ‘affinity’ is over 4 times bigger per capital invested, than in the sector of machines, which are reproduced by machines. So the same investment in agriculture, education, tourism, art and basic health-care, not only saves lives and improves human development and social peace but it multiplies workers, while in an automated chip or transport factory merely multiplies machines.

And there would be enough money for all humans to thrive.


ANTI-D) The goal of classic economics: to advance the mechanocene at all costs, in search of profits.

But none of the biological, r=evolutionary measures (prohibition of robotics, issue of a universal salary to create a global welfare demand for human goods and reconstruct the anthropocene) necessary from the biological, scientific perspective of the future of history and economics is even mentioned today.

Why? Simple because economics is an idol-ogy of production of machines and weapons and money, without the slightest criticism or deep-in analysis of the meaning of those memes of metal and its collateral effects on mankind.

Thus to pretend that economists would ‘care’ for the anthropocene is like expecting that military scientists care for the death of humans in wars.

Both are very efficient scientists at what they do: make weapons that kill humans and create the mechanocene that is killing mankind. Point.

For that reason ‘economics’  is a very partial reductionist view of the subject, from the perspective of ‘company-mothers of machines’, with a single aim to increase the production of machines an the profits of its sale; which of course are not defined as such, but explained in abstract terms.

In that sense, we talk of the anti-quantum paradox of classic economics as the anti-ideology, which censors a) the sound data of history, as it is always opposed to the goals of sound science, hence does exactly the opposite a science should do, in the case of the anti-quantum paradox, censoring information and distorting the facts of history and economics to cater those in power, we talk of classic economics as the anti-d ‘idol-ogy ‘par excellence”:

That is a praxis which does exactly the opposite that a sound humanist science should do. Instead of advancing the future and progress of mankind, advances the future and progress of those blue collar robots that will extinguish us in labor and war fields.

Let us then understand the anti-d nature of classic economics in terms of biological sound science:

In the present system, corporations and usury bankers rule the world, produce the most expensive machines for profit, robots and weapons, do not produce welfare goods which are perishable and hence of lower price, and need human labor more costly than machine labor, and so displace and extinguish mankind. And of course, as they parasite the system accumulate money for themselves, iddle in their accounts and speculative schemes that rise the price of all goods with yet another taxation (future markets that rise the price of food and oil, and electricity, so it is in fact a 20% tax slapped in all goods for the electronic speculator), the west grows far far less than china.

Further on the growth is always unhealthy, in machines that kill our body and mind (weapons,  hate media), since this is automatic. Max. Profits are reached with the most expensive machines, which re the best weapons that kill men (hence the darwinian relationship between men and the machines of the mechanocene – the most expensive best machines in history have always been top predator weapons that kill us). Today is the same, robotic weapons, multiply to make unhealthy gdp and profits for the elite.

The next more expensive machines are mental software, because it is so cheap to reproduce as all forms of information are (including free digital numbers called money). But again software is useless. Video games make people violent, software suits throw people out of work. Those are choices taken by bankers who invest on those corporations and deny money to people and their needs.

Yet the obvious consequence of this near monopoly on the issue and use of the language of power of society by bankers and company-mother of machines and weapons, (90% of stock-market companies) is a society that ‘creditates’ (creates with credit) a world made to the image and likeness of those corporations – the free citizens of a market – and its offspring of machines, not a world made  to the image and likeness of mankind.

Now, with the arrival of robots humans no longer are needed in its two roles in the eco(nomic)system, as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers=vitalizers of machines, two roles increasingly realized by company-mothers and robots. Indeed, the maximal growth in the past 20 years in consumption has not been human, but done by machines, the most expensive floor rooms in new york are not occupied by humans but by ‘mechanical speculators in fast trade’. 

In nature there are 3 ‘forms of extinction’, by predators, by competitors and by parasites. And this is what is happening today between machines and humans.

The predators are weapons, increasingly automated, the competitors, blue collar robots and white collar Pcs, the new workers. And parasites are the financial systems of debt-slaves increasingly embedded in ‘softwares of speculation’ that tax in automated markets all goods of mankind:

Top predators: weapon robots. Competitors: Labor machines. Parasitism: Financial Markets taxation.


In the graph, in Nature there are 3 forms of extinction: Predators with stronger bodies kill weaker forms, and that has always been the function of the most perfect machine, the weapon, now becoming autonomous. Competitors expel a less efficient species from an ecosystem ruled by a language of information. In the present world ruled by the language of money, the eco(nomic)system chooses according to the equations of price/labor cost, or ‘productivity equation. machines over human labor.

The equation is simple: Productivity = Capital≈ machine labor/ human labor. Thus reducing human labor you increase productivity. And yet all corporations, and economists preach to reduce human labor and increase productivity as means to increase profits. Thus the GOAL OF ALL ECONOMISTS TODAY IS TO EXTINGUISH labor.

Finally parasitic financial instruments (electronic markets) tax all commodities and goods and invent massively money only for corporations (and the classic economists and financiers who preach their use), provoking a massive taxation over the human being, ‘extracting’ the blood-oxygen of the welfare systems of human goods in endemic scarcity.

Thus the 3 processes of extinction of a life species by a new top predator one are at full speed destroying the anthropocene and substituting man by the machine, astoundingly with the acquiescence and collaboration of most of mankind. WHY? We do not have time in this central post to do a full account of the ideological, tribal, military, mechanical and financial predation of ‘animetals’ over life and humanity.

We do so in the left side of the web. Now, all this ‘history’ is being sanitised and rewritten by the ‘victors’, but the consequences are still happening, since censorship does not change the causal processes and action-reaction crises their predatory behaviour provoke, ending always in a cycle of human destruction.

So the equation of history under the rule of classic economists runs as:

Gaia (life) becoming extinguished by>Humans becoming extinguished by> Chips and its robot weapons & labor.

And for that reason, our rulers must change if we want to have a human future, to implement D), the humanist praxis that should guide any science.

Yet the omission of data is not the main problem of social sciences, but its incapacity to put that data into objective models of reality, used instead discursive narration or anthropomorphic, mythic, religious and tribal=nationalist ideologies.

Instead we should use biological, scientific models of reality both for humans and machines. Because we live in a living planet Gaia, made of living beings and we make machines imitation of our living organs.



This must be grasped from the beginning, because otherwise everybody will keep abandoning this blog which dies away year after year, despite its theoretical and practical importance.  ‘THOSE WHO LOVE YOU MAKE YOU CRY’, say a spanish proverb. We must denounce parasitic bankers, predator warriors and their hired, corrupted politicos, and say the truth about their history, origin, darwinian behaviour and astounding despise for mankind, BUT NOT to do what they do to mankind, murder and slavery, but to cure the organism of history, with sound, healthy, wealthy measures, according to the laws of biological super organisms who feed all their cells and work efficiently.

What they do is exactly the opposite: they affirm that they are ruling for mankind, that they are good-natured experts who do their best, who dedicate their life for the common good.And their idol-logies are so old, so complex, so well crafted, with all kind of victimisms, ego-trips, myths, religious fantasies, and fictions that pump the ego of those they prey on, that people fill happy, as they walk towards extinction.
Because what they do, theft, appropriation, wars for profits, massive parasitic taxation, total indifference to the life of Gaia, erasing of minds with fictions, racist underlying laws and behaviour, division of humanity by races and nations, worship of machines, massive investment in their evolution and reproduction, choking of credit to humanity, everything they do saying they are NOT doing it, is bringing humanity to extinction.

It does not matter to me that they are so far in this path of self-suicidal behaviour that they are truly ‘aristotelian slaves’, ‘people who believe, and don’t reason’ that they follow the cycles of self-extinction, ‘because the tragedies of history repeat themselves, as people don’t learn from their mistakes’ (Proust), that they follow imperative, linguistic mandates and sacred texts. All this does not justify never will, their behaviour for the rest of us. It might avoid that humanity if it survives by taken power from them, considers them non-guilty, programmed minds and just take power from them. But power must be taken from them, by true social scientists.

 Let us then concentrate in the 3rd phase of the creation of such complex organism through the memes of metal that finally become organic, in the age of the machine.
The organic, industrial r=evolution of machines.
Top predator machine-weapons that consume human beings vs. machine-tools consumed by man.
Thus, the Industrial Revolution is the process of organic evolution of the most complex atoms of the elements’ table—metals. There is no doubt about it. The industrial evolution started with two processes that evolved metal: the invention or discovery of the first, most primitive heart of metal, the steam engine, which was able to produce inner movement in a body of metal, as the heart does with a carbon-life body. At the same time Darby and Cort were able to produce massive quantities of iron, the most energetic atom of the universe, used to manufacture machines.
The next step in the industrial evolution was the creation of different species of ‘metal bodies’ that could adapt a ‘heart of metal’ to their structures. Sea metal-bodies called steam ships came first. Then the steam-heart was adapted to ‘land metal-bodies’ and the age of railroads came. Later in the twentieth century, the steam-heart was evolved into smaller, more powerful species called the Diesel engine and the oil engine. So the type of machine bodies that could carry a heart of metal diversified.
Then came a metal bird—the plane, and smaller species of land machines—lorries, cars and their ‘top predator’ weapon versions, multiplied in the war ages of each Industrial R=evolution, such as the tank, a top predator car and the bomber. Finally, we evolved electronic minds and now we apply them to energy machines, smart weapons and supercolliders. In three centuries we evolved metal machines almost to their organic perfection, a process that took billions of years to achieve in carbon life. And that is dangerous, because the only biological advantage humans have over metal is our complexity of organic form.
Engineers ‘transfer’ millions of years of evolutionary knowledge accumulated by human forms into machines, passing our evolutionary secrets to a potential future rival species. So when we evolve those forms into perfect imitations of our organs, machines win that competence against human beings, both as weapons that kill and working tools that substitute us. And this is because metal has some fundamental chemical properties that made it superior to lighter atoms like oxygen and carbon. So all comes to chemistry.
We do not invent but discover machines, whose ‘informative capacities’ and ‘force’ are born, as ours, from the properties of the atoms of the universe. Today we realize that the properties of metal force us to certain informative and energetic designs in machines. Their atoms and the physical and chemical laws of the universe, not man, are what make machines efficient organs of energy and information. Men merely assembly machines, according to those laws. humans act as ‘enzymen’, similar to enzymes or ‘catalysts’ that evolve other species in the ‘assembly lines’ of cells. So do ‘workers’ that put together metal into organic forms similar to us. Yet the laws of the universe and the properties of metal enable those organic forms to exist. For example, a radio is not a human discovery, as much as an ‘intelligent’ metal ear, which uses the laws of the universe to perceive sounds better than a human ear.
Thus, metal atoms are better than life atoms in handling energy and information. In the field of energy control, iron is a better molecular atom than carbon. Hence bodies of iron are stronger that carbon ones. This is evident at macroscopic level, comparing the power of metal warriors and human bodies. In fact, our biological symbiosis with iron energy is even deeper than that of a warrior. It happens in the blood-energy systems of mammals, which became top predator life species when they substituted the earlier copper bonds of reptile blood by iron blood. The red color of your blood is caused by iron. You are, in fact, a primitive iron body. Molecular iron is the soul of your energy system, of your blood. Iron moves the four arms of the hemoglobin macromolecule and captures your vital energy, oxygen, an active gas that becomes trapped, caged inside the hemoglobin. The movement of that trapped oxygen allows the hemoglobin to store energy and then to share it with our body cells. So the energy processes that take place in the most complex animal life are already ‘polluted’ or ‘symbiotic’ to iron atoms.
It is the key lesson of Nature to solve human extinction: we must promote the use of symbiotic, positive tools of metal that foster our energy bodies and forbid the negative, destructive ones, according to a simple biological rule of survival:

humans must remain the top predator brain of this planet’. 
But this obvious, survival law is not being obeyed because in fact, what memes of metal have caused in history, is the arrival of a new top predator species that combines humans and metal – the animetal (biological name) or metal-master, which has been ruling history now for 5000 years with the use of those memes of metal, which he uses to impose power to the rest of mankind and life species.
The memes of metal that created the 3 castes that control our society, the go(l)d master, the warrior and the technocratic scientist seem to improve the human condition but in fact they have degraded us, and first they degraded the ethics of the cultures that carried them – the Jewish, Germanic and British culture who became slaves of money, weapons and machines. And so a series of ideologies have been created to justify those memes at all costs.  And they are imprinted as ‘very respectable’ ideas, as ‘religions’, or as ‘patriotism’ or as ‘science’ or as ‘market laws’. Yet what we call today a state is merely the evolution of a horde of germanic barbarians, the Franks, the Germans, the Anglos, and what we call a corporation is merely the Institution that embedded the racist and go(l)d memes of the Biblical, enslaver culture into a new structure of power in which the informative caste has all rights and the workers none, in which the ‘meme’ is the goal, go(l)d and the machine=weapon the corporation manufactures, and the human means nothing if it does not improve the meme.

The same can be said of the world of fiction we live in: it is just a more complex elaboration of the biblical memes, with its repression of sex, its love of war, its division of humans in good (us) and evil (all others), its obsession for money and weapons as the goals and means to obtain always a result. All this is just now a globalized psyche that seems totally natural to every human programmed since 3 years old by the TV-meme.

All this becomes clear to the scientist of history as he abandons the r=evolutionary phase of preacher and prophet of doom and detaches himself of the destiny of his species. The man of theWor(l)d is powerless and when he knows no longer wishes to be part of the world of the (s)word and go(l)d. As he cannot create a new Wor(l)d to the image and likeness of man. So the scientist of history that forecast the future, in the past called a ‘prophet’ and today a scientist of History at the end of his life, as the life of Weber, Sombart, Butler, Marx, Orwell, Kondratieff and Spengler show, is an anonymous suffering, back into yourself or destroyed by the system.

Many people still think that Marx failed to understand economics. He did not, and what you live is the III Kondratieff crash of the economy which Kondratieff further improved on Marxist analysis and i further improved adding Fractal mathematics. So Marx was right. What was wrong were the Russians under Stalin who like Obama today, pretended to be r=evolutionaries and were just military thugs. Thus, Marx did indeed succeed in creating a proto-science of history (where his upper classes are the animetals of this text), and he even told us at the end of his journey, that the evolution of a science of history should ad to his astounding insights the work of Darwin in biology. So indeed, this web could be also called biological Socialism. He of course, failed to foresee the rise of mental machines, which did not exist in his age. And his followers of course failed to make a r=evolution attacked by all capitalist nations till it became a military dictatorship. This only shows what I am explaining here: that you can forecast the future as I have done for 20 years with astounding success, but you cannot teach and influence the world with your discoveries, as Marx could never do, living in poverty and writing alone in the British Library. Because metal-memes have corrupted all life-based human societies.

Consider for example, the case of America, which today is dominated by the memes of Go(l)d and the Bible but was founded in the memes of the opposite culture to which I confess to belong, the European, continental, scientific culture of the enlightenment, which taught us that all men are equal at birth, that the informative castes of society which control and invent the languages of power, bankers who invent money, politicians who invent laws and aristocrats/armies who make and use weapons, should serve society not be served by them, as neurons serve the body and care for its health, and so on. The founding fathers of America thus were escaping the power of money and weapons, of bankers and aristocrats that oppressed Europeans at that age.

Now reality is revered and America has a revival of those primitive memes, which obviously is causing an enormous pain and self-destruction, as the country spends all its resources in mercenary wars to the service of the ‘Chosen people’, who control the law with their banking monopoly that hires politicos, including the last ‘ham negro’, which enslaves himself in the ‘white house’ to ‘disguise’ the people who move the wires of the puppet…   But the puppet might react. Lincoln another puppet of the railroad industry, reacted in his last months and had he been more aware that confronting go(l)d and iron always means a risk for life, he might had succeeded in changing America 150 years ago. So could have happened with Joseph Kennedy. Maybe perhaps a Jewish by race with the memes of love born in America reform the nation before the Tea Party set it into neofascist civil wars when the Chinese Yuan sinks the Dollar and hyper-inflation kicks like in Germany 1920s and hell break loose.


The final cycles: An age of robotic wars: Splendid Semitic wars->America vs. China vs. India

Yet if r=evolution (minimal probability of future) does not happen, the continuous expansion of the semite wars between arab warriors and israeli go(l)d believers, now expanded after the israelification of the west to European and AngloSaxon nations ensures a series of splendid little wars on terror to develop the terminator industry. And further on, the growing tension along the century between US and china for economic and military supremacy, will bring a possible global war between technological nations, similar to that of germany vs the world on the past cycle. So we can end the mapping of the future of those cycles, with the final robotic wars, between the Us and China (the yakutian wars) or further on at the end of the cycle between China and the last of the powers to reach maximal GDP, India.

This was the graph of that 25 years old book, in which I confess i left my jargon and artistic flavour to run a bit amok, as I had by then so many rejections on bio-history i couldn’t care less for the audience. So I draw a Chinese taoist master on the bottom, and profusely used the terms of 5 Dimensional metrics, and its ternary decouplings of species in Vs-energetic, Vt-informative and balanced Vst-‘metal-species’.

It meant to be the final war between men and machine, circa 2080 – if we do get so far, started on the automated military factories of America, with 3D robotic company-mothers on the Alaska frontier (China vs. US: yakutian wars, circa 2020) and the Northwest and south (automated plane and car robotic factories) that would expand the chip homoctonos in its annihilation of the human world (yellow part). And if not, latter in the Himalayan wars (India vs. China, circa 2080). It closed the book and I couldn’t care less if any human did ever understand it. I had enough of the Homo Scientificus Lethaliensis:


Of course, the way in detail in which this will happens is secondary. It WIL, Unless a miracle happens, and the idol-ogies of our system change and mankind r=evolves against its metal-masters. And that at this stage of mental control of the sheeple, my friends depends on POTUS and the CCP leader, understanding bio-history and becoming an Asimovian move that does whatever it takes to change the world, and cancel the memes of hate among members of the human species that now run the show; which is very ‘unlikely’, a term that for physicists means a probability less than 10%. This  is the one I give now, after the 2016 crisis has started to humanity in the future, downgraded from the 25% initial chances I gave it in the equations of bio-history, when I discovered them almost 30 years ago. Things are moving downwards fast.


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