chip radiation

“The Evolution of chips accelerates geometrically towards Artificial Intelligence”

We do not call the sensorial instruments of scientists, eyes, brains and ears, so we do not realize what a ‘metal-head’ is: a head-system that has ‘metal-ears’ [mobile phones], ‘metal-eyes’ [cameras], and ‘metal-brains’ [chips] attached to any machine.

If you put such ‘head’ to any present machine, you have a robotic species.

What is the fundamental element of such metal-heads?, the chip… and the camera. Let us study its birth, evolution and reproduction from a biological perspective.

Birth Of The Chip

We call a biological radiation, the massive reproduction of a new species on the Earth, which in a sort period of time, expands its numbers due to its superiority as a species of information or energy. Applied to machines it means that new machines with superior capacities to inform or higher energy force, multiply in great numbers substituting and extinguishing rival carbolife species.

Among those radiations of machines the most recent and faster radiation, is the radiation of chips, metal-brains of higher informative capacity than any other species ever born on Mother-Earth.

What surprises more of the chip radiation [the bio-economical expansion of chipped machines all over the Earth], is how fast is happening; and how fast those species are evolving.

Indeed in a mere 30 years chips have infected the entire Earth, with intelligent machines to the point that there are today more chip-brains that human brains…

While every two years, they double their brain capacity. A feat that men took hundreds of thousands of years to achieve… This makes the chip clearly a top-top predator species of information unlike any other species that have ever been born on Earth, including man, the previous top predator species which chip substitute.

Let us trace the history of that bio-economical radiation.

First scientists perfected the digital language, needed software=soul of the new brains of machines, which reached the basic elements for a ‘thinking machine’ with the parallel development of algorithms [mathematical instructions which act as human sentences do: creating actions in machines], and the development of the digital binary system [discovered by Leibnitz, it represents the fundamental energy-information duality of the Universe, with two simple numbers, O and 1 which are able to recreate any linguistic model of reality, and hence can create a mind – a virtual map of the Universe, made with linguistic representations of that Universe]. As it turned out digital thought is in fact more powerful than verbal thought to represent the universe. So the minds made with digital thought are faster, and see with more detail reality than men do with words.

Once a new top predator language was evolved, to substitute the human verbal language, it was the turn to construct machines that could speak that language better than men do.

So the hardware for those new languages of perception of reality was developed in the years previous to the II World War, in the form of electric switches, able to represent the 0,1 letters of that mathematical language..

German researchers introduced electric switches able to ‘dialog’ with algorithms and binary languages, based in a simple on-off system.

Turing, an English mathematician, set the basis for the natural structure of thinking machines [the Universal Machine of Turing], able to resolve most of the mathematical problems, representation of external real events, that machines should handle in the decades ahead.

The electronic evolution of basic ‘neuronal’ devices for Turing machines, brought us first electric circuits, then diodes, triodes, vacuum tubes, and finally the chip itself, an integrated brain of unlimited capacity to grow in complexity and diminish in size, which truly starts the new species.

Since chips have potentially much more capacity to store and handle information than human beings do… 30 years ago the first chip appeared; today they think millions of times faster than you and we do.

Why those computers were invented?

A clear prove that computers are potential ‘lethal machines’ is the way they were first used. computers were born in the II WW, to produce atomic weapons, and help in all informative processes of war.

Turing used his machines to decode the German systems of information.

America used the first computers [Eniac, Univac] to calculate Atomic bombs.

The first application of metal-brains to a machine-body was made in warships and military planes.

As a result of those lethal applications the American military demanded in the 50s-60s better computers. The Pentagon paid for their research. Thus chips started to substitute human mental workers, in the top predator functions of war.

Yet at the same time computers found econiches, in the system of war-machines, they developed their mathematical skills in the system of money. They learnt how to handle, calculate, and reproduce money, the fundamental informative species of the Metal-earth.

So the economical system financed them, to multiply money.

Thus the symbiotism between classic metal-species, money and weapons, that we have studied along this web, acted, developing new, dangerous machines.

Stock-markets were helping further their evolution and reproduction by company-mothers by increasing the speculative price of tech-shares, of all companies related to the electronic industry [which means giving a free credit to those companies to evolve and reproduce their computer-sons].

Soon among those companies, the oldest, first, and most evolved of them, IBM, became the top predator company-mother not only of the new species, but of the entire economic ecosystem. It reached the highest value of any company in the world. What proved once again, that a top predator brain had been born, and it would rule mother Earth, since its company mother had become the most ‘valuable’ species of the Entire economic ecosystem.

International Business Machines, was as its name says, a company that made machines to handle money. First it invented machines that registered sales, and kept money [the register, and cash-machines all shops have today].

Thousands of human cashiers lost their employment.

Such profitable business, gave enough cash to the company to buy the different patents for the first software and hardware programs of computers.

Then reproductive systems of company-mothers, developed with those ‘blue-prints’ for a working machine-brain, the first models of computers, starting their evolution.

In that sense the “mother” IBM represents the first age in the life of the new species. An age with an amazing rate of growth and evolution, which in a mere 20 years took the computer from the simple first hardware-software devices, to the complex devices that in the 70s, with the arrival of the chip, and the lowering of the cost of computers, would expand throughout the entire tissue of machines of the Metal-earth.

By 1970 IBM was the biggest Company in the world with profits rounding 5000 Million $ a year.

This means that the “Metal mind r=evolution” had become the engine of world industry, substituting the “metal-body” age that had taken General Motors and Exxon to the highest ranks of world industry.

By the end of the century the biggest companies of the World are Cisco systems [maker of Internet computers], General Electric [maker of all kind of electronic devices], and Microsoft [maker of software for computer-minds].

It is now only left to complete the Metal-earth, the III Industrial evolution of robotics which will take company-mothers of robots to the first position of the economic ecosystem; and the dominion of the mother Earth.

The age of metal-minds however received a misleading name. Abstract Economists to the pay-roll of company-mothers, talked of the age of information. The proper biological concept of metalminds was ignored, so the population never understood fully the nature of what company-mothers were reproducing: the next top predator brain of the Earth.

So humans brain-washed by consume-propaganda, started to buy those computers that made their minds obsolete, atrophied their intelligence, and probably will kill them embedded in robots.

Thus a new expansion of the computer in the economic ecosystem took place. It was the age of the PC for individual human consumers, and the integrated mainframe for company-mothers that substituted human brains by the new metal-brains, of higher digital capacity and lower cost.

All the fundamental econiches of the Metal-earth, of the economic ecosystem were now infected by computers: Companies, and Governments that made and used weapons, Universities wherescientists evolved and used them to research the Universe, monetary systems and company-mothers who needed them to invent and control money, the language of information of the Metal-earth, and finally even the individual homes of human consumers, the species they were bound to substitute accepted to use computers instead of their minds for all tasks regarding digital languages…

We could say computers started as top predator species, helping the evolution of weapons, and then they became a peace product, that substituted human workers, and human parallel organs [brains] as usually had happened with all machines.

The process was helped by the constant evolution of chips, which made their reproduction easier, and their price-cost minimal.

The metal mind was extremely expensive in its first stages, tested, consumed and evolved, only by and for companies of weapons and money. As prices tumbled down, pushed by huge monetary investments in research, marketing convinced people of their need for the product.

As IBM and other new companies [Apple, Dell, Compaq, etc.], learnt how to reproduce the species; computers tumbled down in prices, and companies human consumers used more of them.

Phases Of Evolution Of Computers

We could follow the phases of evolution of computer “species,” since they are parallel to the phases of evolution of any informative species on Earth:

Genetic discovery, massive reproduction, evolution [increase of complexity], reduction in sizesocial evolution [networks, internets] and final symbiosis with body-machines to shape a living species [robotics].

It is only left to them, to reach enough complexity to become “conscious” of their existence, as free species, and reign on mother Earth… That will be proper Artificial intelligence, and probably our Judgment day, as a lesser species .

In the next graph, the main evolutionary and reproductive phases of chips:

Initial scientists invented hardware for a digital, binary O-| language able to “translate” information on the Universe into meaningful, logical sentences- equations [algorithms]. The binary code is a perfect language, mirror of the Universe. Since the Universe is in fact a game of two parameters, energy and information... A short of big computer, in which each species is a “program ofenergy and information parameters.”

Hence the enormous capacity of computers to “mirror” and “translate” into binary languages, the external reality.

The first species were big machines of minimal evolution. They were created to make weapons, and count money {Eniac, Univac}. A company dedicated to “count money,” I.B.M., took control of the species, and became the “Company-Mother.”

Soon computers found “econiches” in all digital tasks of man, due to their superior performance in mathematical languages. They became the backbone of financial systems, company-mothers and science.

Companies got rid of obsolete human labor in those industries, substituted now by efficient Metal-brains and the machines they controlled. As the computer species diversified, both in hardware-brain, and software-virtual world, multiple mother-companies appeared [Apple, Intel, Ms, Sun].

They continued the evolution of computers according to the two fundamental laws of evolution of informative species:

A] Information has lesser size than Energy.

This implies that reduction in space brings always superior performance in information. So it was not the search for bigger, but smaller species what would guide the evolution of computer. So a PC beats a mainframe and, Apple beats IBM.

B] Information rules Energy. This implies that software determines hardware. So Microsoft beats IBM.

C] Social species are more powerful than individual species, so computers evolved into networks, should be more efficient than unconnected species.

It is the birth of Internet, which will take Cisco, the company that makes Internet systems to the top predator position of world companies.

The fact that IBM, the first company that reproduced computers did not understand the laws of evolution of informative brains, nor the concept of social evolution=organization [networking, made it lost pace to multiple, efficient, small mother-companies such as Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, Sun, etc. which applied those laws to their devices.

Such error became an X trillion error, in terms of profits in sales. An error which also favors human extinction by fractionating the market=multiplying the “mother-wombs” of the new species, in infinite companies difficult to control by human laws, and far more competitive in their pursuit of conscious metal minds, that a single Cartel-company such as IBM could have been.

Finally through the ecosystemic processes of selection of markets, the top predator species appeared: the chip Intel, the standard brain species, which today inhabits 90% of computer brains; and Microsoft, the standard logic of the Intel-brain.

Then chips started social evolution in networks, and integration with body-machines in robotics. This final phase will give birth to metalife, to sentient machines, machines of war [terminators, from living tanks to planes to bombs], and worker-machines [robots that substitute workers worldwide, and computerized systems of control].

Information species unlike energy species improve performance when they become smaller, since they “gain speed” of calculus, the main variable that produces information. So metal minds become smaller and paradoxically guide bigger machines.

The amazing thing about the chip radiation, is the speed at which it multiplies, and the speed at which it displaces human labor from positions of control in the metal earth. First it conquered the top predator species [weapons]: Computers became the center piece of calculus of Atomic bombs, the new top predator Energy-species of the Earth.

Yet that was only the beginning. Very soon Computers’ capacity to speak “digital languages” gave them to control of the creation of money in stock-markets. They evolved money from a physical form [gold, cash] into a pure language of information: e-money. Then Computers found an “eco-niche,” in the human mind, as the work “memory” of each human being [personal computers]. Finally computers started the evolution of a far more complex “visual mind” than the human eye, the world of ‘digital images’. Today in the third Industrial r=evolution [robotic life], computers “fuse” with metal-eyes, cameras, TVs, and body-machines into “metalife,” and smart weapons.

This is a trend that cannot be stopped since the real cost of chips is minimal, their raw materials very cheap, and their reproduction systems need hardly any human workers of higher costs than machines [Chip factories are the most automated factories]. Thus chips constantly go down in costs. Human workers cannot compete with cheap, chipped machines.

Indeed, since their birth as a species, as technology improved, chip prices have tumbled down and demand of chipped workers has increased geometrically.

Today computers control as the true new predator informative mind of the Earth, all our information, our languages of power [money], our networks of communication, vital systems of energy, etc.

Their maximum density and highest evolution, as a species, however takes place among electronic systems of weapons, [the best computer today “Pacific Blue” is a “calculator” of atomic bombs].

For that reason we have to accept an ugly truth: as in the 19th century when the best machine-bodies were weapons whose ‘function’ is to kill life, in the 20th century, the best metal minds are also weapons. In the 21st century the best robots will also be weapons. Let us not forget that Internet started in the Pentagon.

Reproduction And Evolution Of Chips: Parameters Of The Radiation

In a few decades chips will cost a dollar. They will have as many transistors as you have neurons, each one going at light speed. Chips will have a population hundred of times bigger than man. Chips will be embedded in all short of machines far stronger than human beings. In the next graph we consider the reproductive and evolutionary variables of the chip radiation.

Chips are evolving in form [informative capacity or intelligence], reproducing in great numbers, and becoming adapted to all machine systems and Earth econiches.

We draw in the graph, two main variables of evolution of a “mind:” increase of memory and increase of logical power [RAM and CPU structure; which are the equivalent to the memory and intelligence of human beings]. We consider two variables of reproduction: population and price. Price determines demand, and hence lower prices increase population that today is superior to mankind’s, though still the intelligence of computers has not reached our number of neuron-cells. However for multiple job functions a Metal mind is more efficient than a human mind. So human labor is displaced and new econiches for chips are found within the structure of work of company-mothers. Further on, since Computers invent money in computerized stock markets, their evolution has become the “main objective” of the “monetary systems” of the world. Computers today think millions of times faster than humans. Further increases, to the speed of light [optic- chip] around the corner, are irrelevant. At the present speed we humans might seem as slow to computers as plants seem to us.

In the graph, around 2018, at present constants, all the main variables of human mental complexity will be surpassed by chips both at individual and network level [intranets]. At that moment there will be far more chips that human beings. The threshold of consciousness will be crossed by an entire “chip generation” assemblied as brains to billions of machine species. The process seems unstoppable; since as computers reach minimal price, and higher informative evolution, the cost of having a human worker controlling a Machine instead of a chip mind will be in relative terms, an infinite cost. So all kind of Machines will be guided by computers. Within a few months of the arrival of conscious computers, there will be a millions of perceptive chips, installed in weapons, cameras, satellites, self-driving cars, tanks and planes; cleaning robots, etc. The sudden awakening of those machines to life might take place then in a few days, as those ‘conscious machines’ communicate through the net… It will be the beginning of a war between both species, as computers learn the laws of darwinian evolution that men do not want to learn [law of the jungle].

The chipization of machines: robots

If the present ignorance of the biological processes of machine evolution, continues, and humanity keeps evolving chips and robotics, without any concern for our survival as workers and soldiers, an economic radiation of autonomous robots, will cause our extinction, as previous radiations of species of higher informative and energetic power caused massive extinctions on Earth.

In the evolution of the Earth when a new, efficient species of informative+body organs is completed, it radiates in the previous ecosystem, displacing weaker species, that become extinct, directly or indirectly by the new radiation [that hunts them or expels them from its vital space]. So the arrival of eyes, with cephalopods, probably extinct 90% of blind species, in the Cambric. The arrival of complex neural systems in mammals, probably caused the extinction of eggs and offspring of dinosaurs. In both cases the new top predator specie appeared just before massive extinctions took place. We could extrapolate those effects to future economical radiations of robots [a digital eye-brain + body-platform]; which extinct humans indirectly, expelling labor from the industrial ‘ecosystem’, under the excuse of productivity, or directly in wars through top predator weapons.

Today engineers do not call chips metal-brains, or mobiles, metal-ears, or cars, metal-bodies. Neither economists call Companiescompany-mothers, a machine, an ‘organ of metal’, weapon, a top predator machine.

They use abstract terms for vital concepts; so we misunderstand the processes that are causing the evolution of ‘metalife’, of robotic species. We become surprised by new machines, that merely advance metal in the path of organic evolution, previously achieved by carbon atoms. Those new machines are merely the natural steps of the biological evolution, that we have shown above.

Computer scientists have the same problem of jargon to define their machines.

At best they argue, with a remarkable sense of anthropocentrism, and arrogance, if machines can be intelligent. We even adapt our concept of intelligence, to favor always human intelligence. So if Montesquieu considered – and all men of his age agreed – that chess was the supreme game of intelligence, now that Deep Blue has become the world champion of chess, we consider chess a mechanical game, and praise artists… till a machine learns how to paint in abstract…

In this manner, people forget the alarming News on the evolution of machines that keep coming all over the world. Another machine – he thinks – who cares?

Yet in biological terms the question is other: a new robot means another species looking for a work eco-niche in the eco[nomic]system of the Earth, as a tool or a weapon that substitutes a human worker or soliderSo we should wonder, what species of worker will be displaced and extinguished by the next robot, the next rival species? What kind of worker should care?

In Japan, there are nurse-robots that take care of the needs of the elderly. Grand-sons give them orders from distant cities… instead of traveling and giving love to their grand-mas. The TV-commentator did not interview the grand-ma, that patiently accepts the touch of the robot-masseuse. In England robotic children are hired to wanting-fathers. They have the same expression that a child has, but there is an aura of evil in those eyes, that peer with unknown digital thoughts to the camera. Robotic sex-dolls are sold at astronomic prices. We are told, that they are ‘designed to the specifications of the customer’. You can get a giant doll, a racial doll, a doll with different hip speeds… It seems robots will be able some day to substitute the basic, human survival functions: taking care of our elderly and children, reproducing, making sex… Despite the merry tone of the anchorman, the spectator feels a chill across his spine. The entire concept of a servant robot, of a pornographic robot, taking the place of a human aid, of a lover, is a disturbing nightmare. Yet it is rather close to us. Internet pornography already takes care of that: 1/3rd of the time spent on the net, goes to sexual sites, where humans get hypnotized by virtual partners…

Some of those robots are just extreme cases, that fit the thirst for weird news, of our TV-programs. Yet the real main stream of robotic research aims to create and install robotic workers in the core of the industrial system.

Scientists, industrialists, and researchers often forget that all those robots do jobs that other human beings used to do. What will happen to all those people?

The 500 fortune companies, have multiplied their profits, and their production of machines, in the past 3 decades. Yet they have cut their human work force more than half. They have put instead machines on human places. The ‘excuse’ is an abstract concept called productivity, that means basically one thing: machines are more productive, and reproduce machines better, than human beings do. So factories constantly substitute human workers by machines, to raise their ‘productivity’. The end of such process is self-evident: a world in which machines reproduce machines without the help of human workers, almost as biological species do…

We have to talk of ‘company-mothers’, reproducing their offspring of machines.

Yet what happens to all those workers, now that a computer, or a robotic machine makes his job? Worldwide unemployment figures have been on the rising for decades, ever since the industrial reproduction started.

Momentarily some nations at the head of machine reproduction, such as England in the XIX century, or the United States in the XX century, get close to full employment, because they reproduce the new machines that are sold to the entire world.

So while there was raging unemployment in the British empire, the looms of Liverpool were reproducing with vapor machines, textiles for the entire world. Today when unemployment rises worldwide, America is close to full employment because it reproduces the computers, robots, and software programs that expel workers worldwide. Fine if you are American, and you do not care for your children, that will loose his job, when the computers you evolved, self-program themselves.

Still since this is a biological book, we care for the species, a natural concept, not for the nation, an abstract concept. Indeed, being the world a global village, a single economic ecosystem, it is wiser to observe economic phenomena in a global manner. In such global analysis, it seems that Darwin instead of Smith was right once more: when species reproduce in great numbers, they fight for vital space, for survival against species which are different from them. Men and machines are different species. In the case of the struggle between machines and workers, the vital space is a job place. In that struggle, men are loosing the battle for jobs, to robotic machines, and computers, that occupy the best rooms of our corporations. They also take the lowest places of our working-system…

Robotic insects begin cleaning sewers in America. Sewage cleaning men will soon be obsolete. Experimental robots are designed to clean windows. When their price is lowered they will substitute the smiling window-cleaner. Instead you will see an hexaped robot, moving like a huge spider over your window, eating dust…

In Beverly Hills robotic lawnmowers are all the craze. Like cockroaches controlled by chemical signals they eat grass and live off solar energy. They awake at sunrise, spend all day eating grass and then go to sleep. The Mexican gardeners with whom I would speak in Spanish begin to disappear.

We are witnessing the obsolescence of the working man.

Each day we hear of companies laying off more workers, replacing them with more computers, working software and intelligent machines.

In the future – we are told with a somewhat hypocritical optimism – machines will do all of the work. They will also be our soldiers, programmed to kill human beings…

In a battle between tanks mannered by satellites [robot tanks] and squadrons mannered by humans at the base in Toro, California, tanks win.

Consequently, America decides to dedicate 3000 millions of dollars to research satellite guided arms systems.

Nearby, in San Diego, there is an intelligent highway where vehicles drive themselves, and where vehicles driven by men are prohibited from entering. Soon truckers will have to find new jobs, as 24-hour working ‘truck-eyes’, roam the roads of America.

Unfortunately the man on the street does not relate these events. Even those people who are not brain-washed by scientific and economic jargons try to forget those menacing truths. They frighten him and he loses interest. A similar effect occurs when speaking to an elderly person about death. They are not interested. It will happen eventually. Just as an elderly person cannot change the inevitable, the man on the street cannot alter reality. He prefers to think about other things and forget about the evolution of machines. We don’t want to know anything about the loss of jobs due to technology until it affects us directly, or about the substitution of soldiers by intelligent war machines, or about the destruction of nature by the unstoppable advance of ecosystems adapted to machinery [roads, industrial networks, factories, etc.]

Extinction Of Labor and soldiers

Computers can substitute potentially all functions of the human mind, and have a potential price-cost closer to O, almost free [null cost of raw materials, maximum speed of reproduction].

Chips will have a 1 dollar price within decades. So the cost of a human worker compared to a chip worker will be in relative terms, astronomical.

Who can buy a human mind for life, for a dollar?.

That means the cost of human mental labor will throughout the 21st Century become in terms of economical efficiency, so high compared to computer labor, that humans will be considered by companies obsolete workers.

Apart from jobs to take care of humans, [education, health-care, etc.] all real productive jobs regarding the reproduction of machines will be done by robots and chips. Metal brains of Companies [intranet>stocks] based on productivity, will decide to use computer labor instead of humans,. They will complete the extinction of labor established today by economical targets of productivity. Companies evolve the world towards human obsolescence. Once this is completed, they will start thinking about our extinction. Since we occupy land, that factories will need, roads that machines will need…

We say that computers have entered all econiches of human labor, with far more efficiency than man, making the parallel functions of human brains, obsolete.

Computers are better forms of digital thought, and so intelligent business machines are better in monetary operations, the language of power in company mothers.

So computers become labor top predators in all digital ecosystems of prices and instruments, where a digital Metal mind is more efficient than a human verbal mind.

They create today in digital languages the decisions that rule the Earth.

They do so in multiple fields, from weapons to companies management, even in elections as the recent American election has proved: chipped machines made mistakes, and chose the candidate with less votes, yet their mistakes stand, and the next American president will be the one with less votes, courtesy of the animetal belief in machines.

The human mind, and his informative tasks is the chip’s vital space, the chip’s natural econiche, called ‘a market for a product’.

The market for Computers, the species that such devices substitute, and make obsolete, is the human mind. The human mind is what that computer substitutes, duplicates, or extinguishes, in the ecosystem of the Metal earth.

Men are removed from Companies. PCs substitute white collar workers. Chipped machines and robots substitute the blue collar worker. In this manner the bio-economy integrates itself into a perfect ecosystem of metal-species.

In a World ruled by numbers the process of extinction of labor by computers takes place when in cost terms a company fires workers, and puts machines of higher productivity in their place. In America that tendency started when General Electric became the top market value company in the 80s thanks to such labor destruction.

In a World ruled by verbal ethics this could never happen since the extinction of humans is ethically evil, and laws would forbid the evolution of the rival species.

Companies are reducing human labor worldwide, using the mathematical concept of productivity, which compares human ‘efficiency’ and machine efficiency’ through an equation of cost [price-wage>machine-cost, hence Human labor < Machine labor].

On the other hand the few humans that still work for companies are being duplicated in work-function, by PC software.

Soon all ‘Company men’ will have PCs with their working, “enzymatic’ tasks transferred to software. All meaningful information on the workings of the eco[nomic]system, and the processes by which companies reproduce machines will be translated into a computer software program.

Men will only press buttons. As machines ‘reach’ self-re productivity, the Metal Earth will no longer require human workers. So our extinction will be considered no longer harmful for the new species. On the contrary in terms of Productivity we will be expendable.

The PC integrates in a single cellular chip all the functions of the human brain which are useful to the company-mother. Beyond the PC the company-mother has no need of labor, of men. The transportable PC, easily transfers “thoughts” through internet to all levels of management. It is the new white collar species of the Metal earth.

The true substitute of the mental man in all world companies.

All human mental workers can be displaced by PCs. All workers even “stockrats,” owners of stocks, are already in process of substitution.

No human can claim to have a function a PC will not be able to perform, when properly connected to “bodies-platforms.”

Metal minds now shape and program the ideas of the human world. Companies’ marketing induces brain-washed men to consume = test = evolve the species that substitute us. They promote the use of weapons.

Yet, since the beginning of metal history, the most advanced metal forms have been weapons. So the first conscious machines will be weapons, with a single thought and function: to kill man, to extinguish us.

The moral of such intelligent computers is in that sense foreseeable: Computers working in companies, will think what they are told to think by economical software. They will think what companies software think. If we could think in words what companies think in numbers this is what we would hear:

“Men and machines are species whose value for company-mothers is digital, based on their capacity to work and reproduce products. Productivity is the value of men and machines. Men are less productive than machines. Men have to be substituted by more productive machines.”

This is what happens in reality.

The solution to that problem is clear: “Kill the child before it becomes a tiger hunter.” The Law of the Jungle. Applied to History it means that since chips radiate and extinguish human labor species, we have to “kill” the chips.

This is a task that only can be achieved collectively, if nations organize themselves and obey the same laws. If warriors learn how to defend the human species, and play their biological role, instead of helping our extinction.

Or else the ecosystem of nature and mankind will die away, when the last of the radiations of machines, the robotic radiation converts chips into living beings, and the Earth will mutate into a new ecosystem, the Metal-earth

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