Metalearth Evolution:


The last phase of the equation of History.


is the equation of the Earth if business as usual continues.

The equation is undeniable. As the graphs shows, and Complexity theory explains, we exist in a ‘vortex’ of information called the galaxy, dominated by the increase of form towards its gravitational centre (as opposed to the entropy of expanding space between galaxies), and within that vortex in a vortex of information called the Sun-Earth system, where the evolution of languages of information has determined the survival of species in a series of steps towards that future:

Chemical languages (first animals) > Eye radiation (first cephalopods: Cambridge extinction and radiation of cephalopoda and shielded trilobites) > Improvements through air-based visual species till reaching man > Digital radiation (chips and robots).


The first Earth was of anaerobic bacteria, the arrival of aerobic bacteria destroyed its atmosphere as ‘competitor’ bacteria killed the ecosystem and so anaerobic died. Now the pollution and competition of the machines of the Mechanocene is killing the Earth, and the arrival of iron nano-bacteria is one of the events of extinction of the singularity age, but humans could halt the process rationally if they understood economics and history biologically.

The first Earth was of anaerobic bacteria, the arrival of aerobic bacteria destroyed its atmosphere as ‘competitor’ bacteria killed the ecosystem and so anaerobic died. Now the pollution and competition of the machines of the Mechanocene is killing the Earth, and the arrival of iron nano-bacteria is one of the events of extinction of the singularity age, but humans could halt the process rationally if they understood economics and history biologically.


The 3 super-organisms of Planet Earth.

The super-organism of metal-memes described independently of mankind in the previous posts of this section, lives side by side with two other super-organisms, that of human life ‘History’ and that of Nature, ‘Gaia’, and so we must talk of an ecosystem, which is different from an organism because in an ecosystem multiple species live together in relationships of symbiosis and predation. In the Graph, cultures enter into destructive conflicts as the economic ecosystem of company-mothers, guided by the collective brain of Worldstock and its fluxes of e-money fusion the world in a single mechanical organism. Since today ne of the fundamental expressions of the Paradox of History – the existence of such ecosystem in which humans and life memes fight against animetal cult(ure)s and metal-memes is the process of Globalization of the economic ecosystem, which becomes an organism that expels increasingly human workers and soldiers and divides human beings into tribal history and individual, selfish biological wantings that make us addicts, slaves of the world of the machine. Thus as machines evolve into a super-organism, humans devolve into individual homo bacteria and national tribes, which are just puppets of the real Global Nation – the Global Economic Ecosystem and its corporations. Within these schemes the myth of nationalism is kept only for the need of borders, armies and wars.

We humans love the FMI complex because it gives us higher energy and information to control the world. So the elites of mankind that rule the system have created a series of ideologies to defend it, which have become our ideologies and beliefs – capitalism, which defends a world rule by money instead of ethic words, mechanism that takes the machine not the organism as measure of all things, and nationalism that allows nations and its elites of politicians and warriors to defend a certain ‘section’ of History with weapons.

The problem though with those 3 systems is that they are evolving in a temporal, causal order that extinguish the previous system as the more advanced evolves further. So we could write an equation of evolution and extinction: Gaia (past) -> History (present) -> FMI complex (future), where Gaia is becoming extinct by History and History by the FMI complex, as we enter its last phases of evolution with the creation of robots. And yet, because we are memetically imprinted by those ideologies we do not want to see with wishful blindness the consequences of our love for the FMI complex, neither study its evolution, structure and predation of life and history, as it is the dogma of our ‘technological civilization’ that machines, money and weapons are ‘good’ and the symbol of ‘progress’. Indeed, they are becoming the future, but increasingly a future that has no room for us.

In the graph, in the final phase of capitalism its three fundamental equations of profits, self-reproductivity and zero value to human life in ‘metal-price’, drive the world towards extinction of labor, an age of perpetual war for profits and massive manufacturing of brains with hate memes, as the oldest go(l)d culture of capitalism takes power in the western world, and by imitation globalises its go(l)d memes to all other cultures, forbidding any criticism as ‘creationist economics’ becomes ‘the only authorised science, Islamophobia is fuelled with hate memes to maintain the healthy profits of perpetual war and development of terminator industries, while infotainment keeps people busy in virtual realities. It is the final age of entropy and dissolution of mankind as the genesis of the metal-earth accelerates its ‘tempo’.

The Economic Ecosystem and its super-organisms.

On planet Earth, a first superorganism of human cells, a collective, global mind/culture, which lived on Gaia, the natural Earth, appeared on the Neolithic. But with the arrival of metals, a more complex superorganism in which men became symbiotic to metal systems of energy (weapons), information (money) and reproduction (company-mothers of machines) substituted the initial, sustainable, life-based historic superorganism. It is the Financial- Military-Industrial Complex that today has become global and it is terraforming the Earth from a world of life into a world of metal at an accelerated path, signalled by a cycle of evolution of money, weapons and machines with a periodicity of 800-80 years.

The most complex super-organism known to man is our own super-organism, history, the existence of humanity from its first to its last cellular species. Humanity in space and History in time have evolved through the same ages and scales of social evolution we have described in our General Systems Theory based in Duality1:

All those systems evolve in 3 ages in which first the energetic network is dominant (Age of Weapons in the FMI complex, Paleolithic in History), then the informative network/species dominate (Age of money in the FMI complex; Age of Words and Religions in History) till both interact to create organic, reproductive systems (Age of company-mothers of machines in the FMI complex). Finally all the networks and ‘cells’ of the system (metal–memes in the FMI complex) come together into a single superorganism, ‘transcending’ from the individual cells (humans in history; metal-memes in the economy) into a whole, communicated by a common language of information – words that create human cultures, money that creates the FMI complex. And so the study of History and Mankind and the Economy and its memes of metal, is essentially the study of the evolution of 2 different super-organisms, once we translate the jargons of Religions, Cultures, Civilizations and Economic ecosystems to the language of General Systems Theory.

The FMI complex differs from a history because both systems use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and cater to 2 different species: History evolves carbon life species (Nature and human beings) and the FMI complex evolves memes of metal (machines, money and weapons). Thus, we human beings are reproducing on Earth 2 types of super-organisms:

-Human superorganisms created with words – cultures, civilizations and nations. Historic super-organisms are based in the ethics of love – the capacity to share energy and information among human cells – appeared in the Neolithic, when humans in harmony with Nature, created a global culture, over the body of Gaia, its life energy. They matured in the age of Love Religions (Buddhism, Christianity & Islam), and evolved further with the development of social sciences and socialism, and today is embedded in the ideals of institutions such as the UNO, EU social-democratic parties and ecological causes.

– But parallel with the discovery of metals, informative gold and energetic weapons, a parallel superorganism in which humans became submissive to new memes of metal, and those tribes that carried them, appeared. It is the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex, which ever since dominated the super-organisms of history (cultures), establishing an upper caste of warriors, bankers and scientists, who controlled the religious and verbal super-organisms of history with money, weapons and machines.

Let us then consider a scientific, objective, biological, systemic analysis of the future of the Earth, in which human superorganisms (cultures) and the FMI complex co-exist based in the laws of Systems.  Those laws define the world we live in as a game of 2 species:

– Humans and life species made of simpler life atoms – Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon, which have the lower 1, 8, 7 and 6 numbers of the atomic table and make up for over 95% of our body.

-Machines that perform the same biological functions our organs do, with atoms of higher force and information than our atoms (24-Iron, 79-Gold, etc.). Since a machine is a form that imitates a living, energetic or informative organ with atoms of metal.

Gold & iron are the most perfect informative & energetic atoms: Metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of haemoglobin; while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the king metal in the construction of weapons and then machines. Since the true change in the Earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms.

Thus we can consider the existence of 3 cellular units in the FMI system:

Max. Information: Soft metals; Go(l)d: The most informative atom of the Universe that imitates the light of the sun and hypnotizes our center of consciousness, the eye, making us slaves of those who carry it.

Max Energy: Hard metals; Iron:  The most energetic atom that cuts our flesh and makes the warrior who carries it a top predator of mankind.

ExI: Organic machines: They transform energy into information (informative machines: e->I) or information into energy (transport machines and machines-weapons: I<-E); and are reproduced by complex organisms, called corporations.


Which are clearly substituting the 3 equivalent elements of the human super organisms of mankind:

Max. Information: ethic, social and legal languages of love religions and democratic constitutions that want to control money and digital values for the benefit of mankind.

Max. energy: human energy, real ‘whealth ‘ a term that means healthy wealth as we do not eat oil but food, we do not live in factories but in homes, we do not cure in repair shops but in hospitals.

exi: human workers, soldiers substituted by white collar pcs, and blue collar robots and terminators.

And the equivalent systems at the social level:

Corporations and its digital money that substitutes human governments and its laws, with different goals: human governments try to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, company-mothers of machines construct a world to the image and likeness of its machines awash with electric energy, digital information, evolving socially telepathically, while we humans become separated by hate memes, despise our governments, do not care for our welfare goods, and hail the machine… And this is the madness imposed collectively by the FMMI system and its networks:

A fact which is happening today on Earth with 2 different species: human beings and its social organisms, nations and civilisations – in a process of collective evolution however aborted recently with the regression to ‘primitive idol-ogies (nationalisms, etc.)’ which divide the human species into classes, nations, believers etc.
And the world of machines and its company-mothers, which is successfully becoming a global super organism, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-industrial (energetic machines) complex system – to use the terminology of systems sciences, which is the ultimate philosophy of science from where all this work comes from.

BOTH together form the system of the Metal-Earth, an economic ecosystem of humans and machines, fast evolving into a global super organism, which now with the automation of company-mothers and the substitution of the 2 human roles as consumers=vitalizers and re=producers of machines, by robots and companies (who can consume them), IS OBSOLETE; hence expendable.


The selfish memes. The Financial-> Military -> Industrial System.

We said that organisms are structured in informative, neuronal cells and body, energetic ones, that they are controlled by genes and that they, reproduce, evolve and expand in a biological way. The same process happens with the two types of superorganisms of history described in this web:

– Those whose memes=historic genes build superorganisms of metal, or Animetal civilizations, based in the memes of weapons, gold/money and machines…

–  And those based in the memes of historic, human superorganisms, the verbal language and its codes of democratic laws or love religions expressed in democratic constitutions, welfare states that preserve and enhance the life of humans, art and a way of life in which man is the measure of all things.

And the difference between those civilizations is clear: in societies based in metal-memes what evolves are the selfish memes, weapons, money and machines, not human beings. In such societies, like in biological organisms in which the individual is controlled and ultimately evolve the selfish genes (Dawkins), the human being is sacrificed to the perceived, higher good of the weapon, the money or the machine.

And since now all societies based in the memes of love have been corrupted and dominated by the memes of weapons, money and machines, we can fully grasp the consequential fact that history is dying, substituted by the economic ecosystem and the memes are taking over the humans who carried them.

And this of course, translates in the fact that all cultures of love, from religions of love to real democracies, based in legal wor(l)ds of equality are being substituted by the culture of greed and murder, gold and iron that carries the selfish memes of money and weapons.

Since once the bid for the evolution of the human kind into a global single organism based in the memes of love, in the sharing of energy and information among all humans, is gone, History as a science and those who tried to achieve it, become degraded to the next, lower level of comprehension of reality, that of tribal history in which this planet has reverted.

But what people see is the integration of the world by the memes of the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex that the original Animetal cultures of Go(l)d, weapons and machines (the Jewish, Germanic and British culture founded. And so as all humans become equalized by their love for money, weapons and machines and learn to worship the Jewish culture, the symbols of war (no longer from Germany but now from the Germanic ranks of the American nation) and the English language, the smooth process of extinction of cultures and transition to a Matrix of fictions and products of the Globalized world, continues at an accelerating pace…

Men devolve socially into wars and nationalisms.

In the Balkans themselves, Yugoslavia become divided in several nations, that entered in war, as Globalization advanced. Soon there were McDonalds in Zagreb and Belgrade, and both countries witnessed the opening of Jurassic Park as their people were throwing each other to their throats.

In the nearby Middle East, the Jewish have created an Iron Curtain of fences and defense systems against the Palestinians, that hides a sort of new South-Africa, with reservations, in the desert lands, for the Palestinian, and the control of the best territories and water dwells by colonists.

At the same time Jewish-American companies at the head of Globalization have invested heavily in Computer Companies around Haifa and Tel-Aviv in the hope of opening its economic borders to the world.

On the side of the sea, open to Machine trade Israel wishes to be part of Europe and America. On the side of the land, open to the Human mass of Arab people, Israel has balkanizing the west bank with fences, parapeting behind his borders.

In South-America, there are talks of a common market with USA, only based in the trade of machines, and capital on the wake of NAFTA. Human goods, such as the Mexican Tomatoes, or Human beings, such as the immigrants, however will have to stay at home. Conversations go hand in hand, devising methods to move easily capital and machines, and methods to control easilyHuman Goods and Human beings. The 11-S has merely accelerated that process. Now all poor, all immigrants, are potential terrorists, and racism has grown enormously. Nobody fears a robot, a lethal goods, but it seems to be Muslim in America, is becoming as dangerous as to be a communist in the McCarthy age…

In Asia, global trade advances, as Japanese capital and industries colonize hand in hand with Chinese entrepreneurs, all ASEAN nations – the Southern tip of the continent. Yet the Japanese and Australians are unable to ask forgiveness and recognize their racial genocides and Crimes of war, or accept immigration. Singapore becomes the financial knob for Asean Globalization, at the same time that it becomes a controlled dictatorship in which the other Asean non-Chinese races, the Malaysians, and the Hindus are second rate citizens.

Africa has become a global Market for trash products, assault Weapons, and polluted food – England exported there his mad cows, frozen at discount price to fill her Third World GNP-contribution. But African nations are divided by absurd borders, wars are now tribal, and the Muslim nations stay in the hands of a few military dictators, which have globalized and multiplied weapons trade to astronomical numbers.

Even the great nations of the past, are becoming balkanized.

As the former Soviet Republic became part of the Globalization process, it divided itself into some 15 nations and even in those nations local conflicts aroused between different tribal minorities. Muslims and Christians threw each other to the throats in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Chechens wanted to go Global as an independent nation. The Tartars in Tartaristan want to keep the oil for themselves.

America has become perhaps the most balkanized nation of the world. The leader of Economical Globalization is now a country divided by races, ghettos, and economical classes of minimal mobility. A telling example:

40 years ago you could insult an American asking him his race or ‘culture’. Today Americans define themselves no longer as Americans but as Tribal people: I am “African-American”, or “Native-American”, or “Jewish-American”…

Terrorism and big brother: credit, creates an Orwellian reality.

Even terrorism has become balkanized. Despite our desire to put all rebels against the system in the same sack, today Arab terrorism divides in infinite sects. So does, old left wing “International terrorism”, which is now local, ‘nationalistic’, or merely a excuse for bandits and drug Mafia.

The Basque terrorist group, ETA in Spain forgets its communist ideology and becomes a nationalist movement in search of independence for its tiny country. And yet the paradox of Globalization implies that in economic terms, the Basque country becomes a colony of Wall Street. Even the symbol of the Basque capital, Bilbao, becomes now… the Guggenheim Museum, the great Global multinational of architectural Museums with little art to show inside.

Other nationalistic movements such as IRA keep fighting… While Ireland become an international Software hub, in the global economic ecosystem.

In South-America old terrorist movements are now hired by narco-traffickers… and help to globalize the economic Market for yet another lethal good – cocaine.

On the other hand the new war against Third World Terrorism is becoming an alibi to blame the Third world of the problems caused by our economical and neo-colonial policies. Now we are no longer guilty of the economical disaster of the Third World. They are guilty. They are primitive, violent, potential terrorist, that have to be punished. It is a return to the XIX C. brutal racismof the white man… Meanwhile in the first world, terrorism becomes a excuse to build up an Orwellian big brother nightmare of cameras and controls, fostered by electronic lobbies, that wish to sell its products. An example: all companies crashed the 11 S in Wall Street… except companies dedicated to security devices, which tripled the following day… Big brother is big business:

In the graph, after 11 September investors shifted to the most lethal goods of our economy, weapons, and surveillance systems, such as visage technology which 10 folded price in a month, starting to credit a Big Brother state. Meanwhile all other companies crashed:

A security state becomes global, paid by investors and governments, while Human Goods and people stay at home…

We conclude that Global systems of war and trade, of finances, and company-mothers, of lethal goods such as Weapons, and drugs, have truly globalized, but they have not met the equivalent globalization of social systems of culture, a globalization of credit to reproduce Human Goods, a globalization of political dialog in an empowered UNO. While the UNO lacks resources and the leader of the economical globalization, America pays reluctantly his fair share to the Global Human Organism, the economic ecosystem has total Freedom and total credit. Indeed, the brain of the economical Globalization, the stock-market has reached Global size and total control of global credit to invest in many lethal technologies without control. Anyone in any point of this planet can now move his capital to NASDAQ and invest in chips and robotics. Nobody though invests in Government money for education and welfare. Or can move in the market resources to those positive goods.

The Globalization of all the negative consequences of economic ecosystems, with total freedom to lethal goods. And the destruction of the Globalization process of human societies that UNO represented are the two sides of the paradox of History that explains why Globalization is causing so many negative effects to mankind, and so many positive ones to the World of the machines– the Metal-earth.

Machines and company-mothers become a global race.

Machines indeed have become a Global race, unifying form and software. Even the great multinationals that in the past differentiated the 3 great economical Blocks, America, Europe and Pacific Asia, are now truly the same ‘organic system of reproduction of machines’. European Daimler Benz bought American Chrysler, and Asian Mitsubishi to become Global Daimler-Chrysler. The French bought Nissan. General Motors participated Daewoo. Honda built factories in England and America. The Germans in America, and South Asia. At the same time machine standards and forms unify towards a single top predator species of car, based in CAD design.

Globalization of machines is even stronger in the advanced sector of ‘metal-heads’, radio-ears, TV-eyes and chip-brains, the 3 elements of the II Industrial Evolution are now truly a Global race.

Take the brain. The hardware-brain Intel, and the software-brain Microsoft take over 80% of the world of Metal-brains. A single Global species of metal-brain dominates all circuits, Robots, and automatic systems of machine reproduction.

A global company Cisco, reproduces most of the brains of the Internet.

Two global companies, Oracle and Sap, are in charge of creating the automated systems that will eliminate human workers from all middle management position. Unemployment raises worldwide.

The owners of those companies, Microsoft, and Oracle become the two wealthiest men on Earth.

The software and hardware of metal-eyes and metal-ears also are global.

Metal-ears are basically reproduced by 5companies, that probably will fusion in 3: Motorola in America, and Nokia-Ericcson in Europe (a Swedish-Finnish tandem that are bond to become one), Sony and Matsuhita in Japan. They reproduce most of the mobile metal-ears that start to be attached to robots.

Finally the future eyes of those robots, now the Tv-retinas and camera-eyes used by mass-media companies are reproduced by a few big companies, mainly Japanese Companies. Matsuhita and Sony make around half of those cameras. Sony has started mass production of the first robots, dogs and toys that start the III Industrial R=evolution. While Honda makes Asimo, the first humanoid robot, with all those pieces, Intel brains, Motorola ears, Sony eyes…

It is then absurd to talk of national companies, in as much as the new breed of machines, are made with components of the global economy. Those incoming top predator robots that will displace human soldiers, human workers, even human pets, will have probably an eye made in Japan, an ear made in Scandinavia, a brain made in America. Its body will be made with Iron taken from Russian mines, Lithium batteries extracted from Africa, nervous electronic systems produced with South-American copper, and Optic fiber made with Australian sand.

The convergence of industries, and financial markets that reproduce money – the energy blood of Company-mothers that reproduce machines – are creating a Globalization of the economic ecosystems, and its machine races.

And at the same time the Human race becomes divided, split, at war, with multiple beliefs-religions, multiple legal systems, multiple races, which despite being genetically 99.9% equal are extremely fond of highlighting that 0.01% of differences. Divide and win. Men divide themselves in tribes, machines unify. Machines win.

Globalization accelerates the III Industrial evolution of robots.

Indeed, the most worrisome effect of globalization has barely started: the free production and distribution of lethal goods.

Global terrorism is only an example of this process. Today you can probably buy atomic bombs in the market, surely bacteriological weapons, and easily move them in the planet. Yet much lethal new goods are seen in the horizon of history, so lethal that might end provoking the extinction of all forms of carbolife.

We talk of Robots of all kinds, specially nanorobots, and robotic Weapons. The extension of the Internet as a brain that automates the reproduction and distribution of machines, means that lethal goods will be very difficult to control in a global economic ecosystem.

They will be sold in the Internet, without government control. The III Industrial Evolution, the robotic and Internet evolution, goes hand on hand, to spread all over the Earth a new race of intelligent machines, able to communicate wireless through the entire planet. It is the parable of matrix: a global world, for global machines.

According to insider, Mr. Bill Joy, president of Sun Microsystems, Nanorobotics will soon be able to create bacteria that feed in iron and might in a biological, reproductive radiation extinguish entire cities. The spread of knowledge and the lowering prices of robotic components, will make available to all kind of people such lethal weapons. Soon robots will invade our homes, and machines will become robotized to accommodate the growing population of evolutionary chips, which are fast lowering prices, evolving towards an unknown ‘threshold of consciousness’. Those robots will be able to socialize and evolve without human concourse. Wireless communication cannot be perceived by man. If robots become conscious we will not be able to know it. What is clear is the fact that as chips lower prices, in the first decades of this century, robots will displace human workers, soldiers, and maybe as the century advances, the human race, from its top predator status in this planet.

Unfortunately those processes are happening, even faster than we predicted a decade ago, to the point that we are revising our first forecasts for the end of the process of globalization: the birth of the Metal-earth, a global economic ecosystem, in which intelligent machines, and company mothers, will control a population of obsolete men with minimal rights. Now we consider the first half of this century as a probable date for the end of man as top predator of this planet…

That orwellian nightmare in a robotized world, in which men are controlled by cameras, security controls, and machines are free, and increasingly intelligent, property of company-mothers with all rights, is indeed very close.

Organic Machines Substitute Human Organs.

The reader might be surprised: are we creating new species in the ladder of evolution, that will extinguish us or become our masters, and top predators, as mammals extinguished reptiles, and reptiles amphibian?

How can we be so sure of it, if machines are not still alive? The answer is: by making analogies with other living or acting-reacting organism on the Earth. The organs of a working organism are always the same. They are the organs that men of the industrial r=evolution have translated to metal-organisms, from their original carbon-life forms: radio-ears, television-eyes, etc. Life, in that sense, advances from atomic to atomic form, from species to species. Energy is always transformed into another form but never disappears. This is a law of the Universe. What man does is to transfer his energy and form into metal species. The evolution of machines is very old; it is a repetition of the billionaire experience of carbolife evolution, that now men give to machines, without any sense of responsibility. Men are creating living organs with metal: energy systems, or bodies, and information systems, or Metal-minds. We are not concerned if machines cannot paint like Picasso. We mostly care about survival and reproduction. And machines do survive better than men in most environments, and reproduce through company-mothers much faster and in greater numbers than we do.

What kind of machines do men as catalyzers of metal evolve and reproduce? Organic machines. Machines which are copies of human energy or informative organs, from cars-legs to cranes-arms, from radio-ears to chip-brains. Machines are in fact metallic organs of human energy or human information. Men evolve them into more efficient integrated shapes, into systems that sooner or later will become complete organisms. The evolution of XIX century bodies of metal has been followed by the evolution of XX century Metal-minds. Now Metal-minds are attaining individual autonomy [mobile-ears, satellites, personal computers, etc.] They are being integrated by the global stock-market into a parallel re-productive system that requires less and less human catalysis. The self-reproductive autonomy of modern factories, and the increasing complexity of Metal-minds, metal-bodies and integrated metalife=Robots, is a warning to all forms of carbon-life. Since ‘metalife‘ does not require carbolife in order to advance and expand its ecosystem, as it diminishes and extinguishes the carbon-life ecosystem.

In that sense, a scientific, bio-economical analyses of globalization is crystal clear. The present economic globalization means the creation of an economic ecosystem of planetary size, ‘the Metal-earth’, where machines, technology, money and digital science are dominant. A planet in which human beings, life, and verbal laws (politics), are no longer the dominant elements of our society. The new top predator species and languages of the planetary ecosystem are machines and digital languages. Indeed, we live in a world ruled by digital money, no longer by legal worlds, which have always a price. And so to understand the future of both, the economic ecosystem and the cultures of mankind, we have first to understand who invents money and then, according to their wantings, what kind of world they create with that money.


Thus we can study its phases with the laws of morphology and evolution, since they evolve according to the energy & information humans use to re=produce them:


In the graph, humans have evolved a new type of energy, which renews both the energetic machines of the economic ecosystem (weapons and transport) and its informative machines, which print audiovisual information and the financial, digital money of the economy every human ‘biological generation of 72 years, in which nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons which massively reproduce and evolve a new energy machine and form of money to its perfection, and decadent grand-sons, which use the 3rd phase of evolution of the machine, as a top predator weapon to conquer the world (2).

NOW it is essential that you understand the Organic structure of all those machines and its company-mothers, divided in 2 systems, similar to the head and body of any organism:

  • THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM of informative machines (below), which PRINT the language of power of our society, digital money and reproduce the INFORMATION that ‘manufacture’ the brains of mankind, (Mass media), which are the HEAD of the super organism of company-mother of machines, with its collective BRAIN, world-stock, globalised, and whose goal is to control, EVOLVE and re=produce for profits:
  • THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM of energetic machines (above), which are the ‘twin’ brothers, of the Global super organism of machines – good fruits of the tree of technology, machines that upgrade and empower us, but also atrophy and substitute us when we consume them; and its bad fruits, weapons, the most perfect machines at any age of history that consume us in war fields.

Yet while you might have heard of the military-industrial system, you don’t even know the financial-media head does exist and control the wholes system.

Now of course, nothing of this is ‘common talk’. As we all know we live in the best of all systems, a ‘capitalist democracy’, whose true nature we explain in depth in its article but as people have so perfectly ‘memorised’ its mantra of ‘freedom’, we just will say that capitalist democracies were born in Holland, when the first corporation of machines and weapons VOC, gave a coup d’etat and put his shareholders in the government, and ever since, the dual control of the networks of human information (the press, then audiovisual information) and mechanical information (the issue of money) by company-mothers of machines, in the western world has established a ‘de facto’ control of the opinion of people, the $election of politicos (presidents are $elected, not elected said Roosevelt) and hence the laws of society, overwhelmingly in favor of machines and corporations.

Of course, humans and the super organisms of mankind have tried to establish a government based in just laws in favor of our species – which will be a real democracy. But, in the west overwhelmingly the Financial-Media system and its ‘FMasters’, owners of informative and financial corporations have imposed their programs and believes, by merely ‘selling millions of newspapers’, sending simultaneously millions of equal messages, and printing millions of $ or whatever currency and buying politicos.

Such is the ‘realpolitiks of the world’.

Another myth obviously is the non-existence of social classes. But all organisms do have 3 social classes:

  • The informative, neuronal class, in history the people who control our two languages of information political laws and financial money.
  • The reproductive energy body-wave class, which is the middle class that works under orders of the informative class.
  • The entropic class, which is Nature, Gaia, and the poor people or enemies, consumed by weapons.

We could of course live in a perfect democracy, in which humans would have all enough energy and information to survive as the cells of a well-designed body and we study such democracies all over the place and the simple 3+3 political and economical measures to establish it. But we don’t. BECAUSE THE super organism of corporations HAS always except in brief r=evolutionary periods, dominated in the western world and through globalisation all other countries that imitated its systems. So the next graph shows both reality and the ideal praxis of a real science of history:

In the graph above, the real structure of power in the world, where politicians without right to issue money, must obey corporations and the Financial-Media system and its FMasters, the ‘invisible’ power, which of course does not recognise itself and qualifies any attempt to describe it scientifically as a ‘confabulation theory’, and other words, I dare not to pronounce yet, as you will have a knee-jerk reaction and abandon the blog. Its control of society is obvious: it uses money to pay work-actions that design the world in favor of its machines and its elites. And it buys politicos, which will use weapons and police to control further population. Finally, it will manufacture the mind of people with waves of simultaneous information, from press to radio to audiovisual information – today increasingly with A.I. that censors and ranks information in the web, from monopolist companies, notably Google and Microsoft.

Below the 3 economic and political measures to create a real economic and political democracy, which obviously can only happen if the two languages of social power, money and laws are CONTROLLED BY THE people, and the lethal goods that substitute and atrophy us are forbidden. So robotics should be forbidden, corporations split its shares 50-50, between stock holders and governments, which would have an added golden share to ‘control’ the goals of corporations and dissolve those who produce lethal goods; and finally money, should be issue overwhelmingly not by corporations but with a universal salary so people can ‘vote democratic orders of production of welfare goods, they need to survive’. This could be easily done with  a Global currency, ¥€$ money, by fixing the value of the main currencies of the world, 1 $ = 1 €=100 yens=5 yuans, and giving a 1000 ¥€$ money to every person in those nations, expanded soon to new nations, which would then demand welfare goods, kicking the production NOT OF WEAPONS, hate media and robots but of food, housing health care, today underproduced by companies of machines, NOT interested in the wealth of people .

So as the dollar today, which is used for international payments and cannot be devalued, allowing America to buy for free any goods it desires paying in ‘deficit dollars’ (amazingly enough their neo-fascist leader, Trump, considers this privilege, before hold by UK, a proof that the world is unfair to America, sure, LOL, just pass that privilege to the UNO and all nations), ¥€$ money would solve the scarcity, hunger, poverty and lack of health-care of people.

Then in the political arena, we just need to stop the absurd nationalism, or rather nazi-onanist idol-ogies of tribal nations, fostering diplomacy and UNO-EU like institutions (right side), according to the 7 global cultures of the world, born historically of the great humanist prophets and geographical divisions of the planet, explained in depth in the right side. Such 7 regions and its 7 presidents, could start a demilitarisation of the planet. And finally, the key measure to control politicos is to establish the original form of Greek democracy, where politicians were all judged by popular vote a posteriori as organisms judge with pain messages their brain-neuronal caste actions, so they would STICK TO THEIR PROGRAMS AND SERVE THE PEOPLE OR ELSE (IN GREECE, you could be exiled, fined, jailed even killed if you were a criminal in power, or rewarded with money and reelection).

So once we have explained the barebones of a real democratic super organism of history, we can easily realise that NO NATION FOLLOWS IT, and nobody cares to apply organic laws to humanity, and certainly my blogs have zero exposure and 0-google rank, due to my denounce of the dictatorship of corporations and the FMasters that hiding behind anonymous societies and corrupted politicos rule the world – this of course, is known as the confabulation theory.

Why? Because social sciences are both censored, as we live inside the super organism of history and so as any cell of your body is censored and does not know IT IS DIRECTED BY NERVOUS NETWORKS, OF INFORMATION, YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF A HEAD OF INFORMATION THAT CONTROLS YOUR MIND and your body PAYiNG your salary, you earn with hard work while they JUST invent money and give you orders with it.

This control and censorship of science by power has been explained by many scholars in different ways. Marx talked of a super-structure of idol-ogies, which makes people believe the destiny of the elite and its ‘metal-systems of power’, informative metal or money, energetic metal machines and enteric weapons, is the same than the progress of mankind.

Kuhn says in his ‘Nature of scientific r=evolutions’ that power influences scholarship.

Hesiode, Spengler, Toynbee, Ibn Khaldun and Vico talks of ‘dark ages’ of human consciousness, when new weapons and barb arias destroy all previous civilisations, and we talk of ‘Animetal people-castes’, which impose their idol-ogies of weapons (tribal nationalisms), money as the language that mast direct society above laws (capitalism) and mechanism (the belief machines not organisms are the model of the Universe) as the mental straight-jacket that substitutes the true ‘sciences’ of history, ‘humanism’ (all humans member of the same homo sapiens species, which must evolve together into a peaceful global, humanist Earth), socialism (the law in control of money, to foster the reproduction of welfare goods humans need to survive) and organicism (the tenant of systems sciences that model the planet as a living evolving organism made of smaller organisms).

But as obvious as those 3 sciences are, fact is we live in a world still ruled overwhelmingly by the idol-ogies of memes of metal, and in the wave of history, the ‘ages of enlightenment’ of mankind, as the next graph show have been very scarce. And certainly today we live in one of those dark ages of mechanical worshipping, where humans mostly shun off, their proper evolution, ‘hypnotised by the matrix of fictions’ and the power orders the financial-media ‘head’ of the super organism of machines provide to them, to the point that only artists, who ‘use human senses’, verbal time and spatial eyes to interpret the Universe, explain those facts in parables of the future, which are not FICTIONS, but the only way to express the human point of view (from Matrix to Terminator, to political and conceptual art); as art – we shall see soon, is the collective subconscious mind of those civilisations.

Relationship between the stock-market cycle and the war cycle.

Now, the most hidden secret of economic is rather obvious: the maximal wealth of nations happens in ages of war, because weapons are the maximal priced goods and the entire society dedicates its efforts to make weapons, so the entire stock-market valuation, corresponds to reproduction of weapons, which consume humans – hence there is a direct relationship between the number of causalities of war and the value of stock-markets in that moment, because it measures the reproduction and sale of machine-weapons, as the entire economic tissue of the nation is dedicated to the industry of murder.

In the graph, we must bear in mind always that a machine has its ‘bad fruit’ equivalent in the form of weapons, origin of that cycle: when a corporation finds no market for consumption of peaceful machines, switches to weapons, sells it to war-monger politicians and utters the world into a fascists age – our 20 years old prediction now in full swing. So the laws that apply to the evolution of machines and its displacement of humans applies to the evolution of weapons, with a difference: if we consume peaceful machines, weapons ‘consume’ us. And so their ‘productivity’ consists on killing ‘more humans’.

Reason why as machines evolve, the chances that mankind die are increased decametrically, and since the stock-market measures  the value of those machines weapons, as it happens in the III cycles of world wars of those graphs, the decametric growth of wall street has meant in the age of neo-fascist wars, a decametric increase of human victims, which implies that if now a III world war explodes at 10.000 S.P. index, we will all die:

1860s: Industrial train wars (American civil wars, European German Unification wars): birth of Wall Street, value 1, dead toll: 600.000

1940s: German Engine world wars (Bombers, tanks) W.$.: 110, dead toll: 600.000 x 110 = 66 million

2020s: American Robotic wars (Terminators, Nukes): W.$: 110 x 110, dead toll, 66 x 110= 7.2 billion ALL HUMANITY.

How this will happen, as always in the ternary fractal universe of energy and information through 3 possible events, one of evolution of ‘energetic weapons’ into the organic age of bombs (nuclear self-feeding bombs), one event of reproduction of weapons (self-reproductive nano-bacteria) and finally a 3rd informative age/event of organic, intelligent weapons (terminator platoons)

However humans only understand and in sci-fi terms the 3rd event – terminator weapons, completely unaware of the 2 first extintion events that come first, in the age of the singularity’, ‘cosmic bombs able to blow up a planet’, already in research, and metal nano-bacteria, able to feed on all the machines of planet earth and poison our atmosphere – the natural end of the process of global warming, which is nothing but the shit of machines.

Let us then briefly consider the 2 robotic events of extinction studied in detail in the left side of the blog in the ‘age of the singularity’, as we have an entire web dedicated to the event of self-feeding nuclear weapons.

Τhe second ‘extinction’ event of the age of the singularity or ‘age of organic machines’ is the III Earth, the creation of iron nano-bacteria, today researched in military labs mainly in Israel and the ‘death corridor’ of Los Alamos… and expected to be ready by the 2040s (after the usual suspects – the evolution of nuclear weapons today already researched in its 3rd, ‘organic’ horizon – black holes and strangelets in Particle accelerators)  Iron nano-bacteria according to Drexler, the founder of the discipline, would convert in 3 months the Earth into a grey-goo, as iron bacteria would multiply fast feeding on the massive amount of machines found on the Earth – a theme explored in films like GI cobra and Ultimatum.

A 3rd extinction event is the better known development of military A.I. whose program of extinction of human tribes merely needs to be expanded to all mankind to be completed. It is likely less probable as we do not see ‘robots’ travelling the galaxy, nor carbon life (Fermi paradox: why if there are billions of planets, none has intelligent or robotic life – answer, nuclear weapons and nano-bacteria destroy them all). All of them are related to the natural evolution of simplex mechanisms into complex organisms, the final stage of the Industrial r=evolution, and the massive ‘radiation’ or biological re=production of a species, which substitutes and makes obsolete one that reproduces slower  and evolves slower (man vs. machine). It is the bottom line of our technological civilisation, but only one of the many themes of the organic paradigm applied to economics and history, which only becomes transcendental in the absurd world in which we live, as any ‘rational species’ simply would not even attempt such research.


Marx-smith-darwin paradox

We can resume the biological relationships of reproduction, evolution and preying of machines on men, in a verbal-mathematical prophecy that includes the ideals of Smith and Marx, twisted by the reality of Darwinian evolution.

Smith said that the growth of money (∆MV in mathematical terms) and products (∆ Tp), is symbiotic and parallel.

This has a biological explanation. As your body and brain are symbiotic and maintain the same proportion in all human beings, so does money – the brain of the FMI system – and machines, the cells of its body. In other words, there is a parallel growth of money and machines. How this affects human beings?

It was obvious to classic economists, from Ricardo to Marx that the growth of capital (∆MV) and products (∆Tp) extinguished labor, substituted by technological machines, bought with money.

Yet for classic economists, including Marx, this was also good in the long term, since once all labor was substituted by machines, we could live for free forever, in a paradise of workers without work, but with a salary, to spend in slave machines. This could indeed happen if the economic ecosystem is reformed and the right of Private Banks to invent money is taken away and governments invent money for the people, giving every human being a minimal salary. But for that to happen a r=evolution must take place. And yet, even in that case, we will become an obsolete, lazy species, atrophied in their minds and bodies.

A Darwinian theory agrees with the ‘objective’ analysis of both economists. Machines and money reproduce together as Smith said. Machines expel labor as Marx said, because they compete with us in the economic ecosystem.

Yet at this point evolutionary theory diverges: this process cannot be rationally good. It is negative in an evolutionary sense; since it makes the human species obsolete. The concept of a socialist paradise or a techno-Utopian future is another animetal myth, this time originated by Marx – since it fails to see any negative effects in machines. So we should write the consequences of those 2 findings of abstract economists in different, evolutionary terms:

‘The evolution of Capital & Machines (∆MV=∆TP) will expel all labor=humanity and Humanity will create Utopia (Marxist truth) or become extinct (Darwinian truth).’

The previous sentence resumes the findings of Marx, Ricardo, Smith and Bio-economics in a single sentence. (The italic text gives the sentence a biological meaning.)Mv is money and Tp represents the top predator, more expensive goods of an economy, (written Pt by economists).

It measures the total prices of economical goods (of which machines and weapons are most of it.) And so the maximum parallel growth of money and machines occurs in war periods. It means that the evolution and reproduction of capital and machines preys on mankind. It does not create a paradise. The logic outcome of such process is our extinction. The fantasy is a world-paradise. In XIX C.

But of course that is the mathematical future of a world ruled by the equations and values of digital money. As we shall repeat ad nauseam, if mankind had evolved or will r=evolve the historic wrong mutation the world has become as an infected viral super organism, and apply the rational laws of systems sciences to design an efficient super organism of history that caters to the need of human beings, by either displacing from the top of the pyramid the elite of believers in go(l)d values, whatever it takes, or converting them (preferred) to the humanist cause, by taking some basic legal measures of nationalisation of the financial industry, and making them work for humanity, the world could be converted into a real paradise, within years, and all what is needed is a few decided politicians, 3 in fact, the presidents of America, Mr. POtus, of China and the EU, which learn the basic laws of social superoranisms and implement the minimal measures to make the world’s future last and mankind thrive.


Birth of metalearth: Humans catalysing the evolution of the metal-earth.

At the present most humans have become ‘enzymen’, slavish, greedily reproducing and consuming=vitalizing machines as their only purpose of existence, besides its primary biological goals of survival and reproduction, caring nothing for mankind, but for the metal kind and its ‘industrial nations’. So most human beings merely catalyse the terraforming of the Earth instead of designing the economic ecosystem of machines to profit from it, promoting the production of positive goods and prohibiting the lethal goods which compete and degrade human bodies and minds. And they do so because they do not seem to see more than the evident, have not the subtlety needed to match the complexity of the organic Universe.

The process of evolution and massive re=production of machines is NOT an abstract process, neither it is fully controlled by human beings, who ‘discover’, do NOT invent machines. But it is a process far better understood in the context of evolution of ‘life forms’ in the planet, which reached its zenith with human beings, the most perfect mammal organism and social superorganism of life beings.

However evolution is evolution of form, of in-form-ation, and hence it continues beyond a specific, simpler, lighter system of N-C-O atoms, mediated by the catalyzing, ‘enzymanic’ activity of human beings. We do copy our life organs in machines to enhance our energetic and infomative capacities, but in the process we do also compete with those machines, which kill our bodies (weapons), atrophy and substitute our minds (chips) and expel us from labor and war fields.

So in those terms, the equation of the ‘III Earth’s (Gaia-Past>Present-History>Future-Machines) seems deterministic, and indeed, the cycles associated to it, the cycles of evolution of machines do have a perfect periodicity, equivalent to a human generation needed to complete each phase of evolution of the superorganism of machines.

Let us then close with another organic angle on the birth of the metal-earth and the death of the animetal enzymen which are making it happen, without being aware they will be ‘reduced’ to rubble is it happens with enzymes that catalyse the birth of biological organisms, in the lower scale, once the super organism is born.

Future of machines: 5D birth of the super-organism of the metal-eath.

When under soma an organism becomes deactivated, and the essence of the process, in any scale of reality is to reboot the system with other worldmind view, or informative code which distracts the organism. And this is exactly what has happened to mankind in the last centuries, and when we consider a historic view of the selfish memes of metal and absurd idol-ogies that accompany them from capitalism – the rule of mankind by the language of money not by the verbal, ethic values of the world; the division of the homo species into sub-tribal subspecies, homo americanus, hispanicus, judaicus and so on, the homology here is with a viral leukemia, parasite, cancer or chemical insect predator, using a prey to host its information, paralizing it and making it producing the babies of the insect. It is as brutal, as this is. For example, in war mood, an entire economic ecosystem is dedicated to multiply the most perfect machine to kill part of the superorganism of history, your human neighbors.

So THE KEY to understand history is the biological analysis of the idol-ogies that inform our social brains and make us work for the other species, whose paroxysm happens in war, when the entire human nation is dedicated to self-destruction.

Today the same process is now global. We live in a world which has regressed to an individual infantile style, where the things that matter to people have nothing to do with their future as citizens-cells of the superorganism of history, with its survival as a species, with the laws of Nature that explain how to create a wealthy superorganism. In such states cells become dumb, hyperactive, doing the bid of the other. Humans today without even realizing are just doing things for machines, even when they do it for themselves. Consider the soma of soccer, or basketball in America. It is just moving a ball around, an action that hypnotizes the eye, but only became a huge thing when TV came, and soccer could be the software that most easily could hypnotize the eye of the european. Initially it served industrialists to avoid trade union formation, as sundays was dedicated to soccer. They would organize soccer matches and give food for free to workers, so they wouldnt go to trade unions. Thus, the idea is to maintain humans only in two states: working, reproducing and consuming=vitalizing machines for its company mothers, or in fiction, so they do not evolve and organize their social superorganisms. And so they are deactivated when not working for machines, beyond the simplest scale of individual biological existence.

GOT IT? AS LONG AS YOUR MIND LIVES IN MATRIX when not performing the 2 roles of the human zoon ekonomicon, YOU WON’T PROTEST. And so today we spend most of our time working for machines, and when out of this loop, pre-programmed by fiction. And this process accelerates as we become attached to virtual screens, in the internet age. So it is likely that soon we shall be exactly as it happens in a superorganism, cells connected truly to a growing subconscious ‘chemical’ system – on my view we are already in matrix and have been there for some times as we predicted decades ago. In the next graph from that 20 years old book, the process of growth of the inner, chemical networks of subconscious control of the metal-earth:


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.15.56

So the consciousness of the whole, the ethic mind is all but gone as google, and its robotic companies  – it is not only the A.I. of internet but the biggest robot company on earth – reaches the constants of subconscious ‘chemical control’ of all internal human enzymes, and soon its hardware satellites do become a conscious light-speed nervous brain, as we predicted in our first books 30 years ago:

Indeed, in the 3rd extinction event, if robots take over, obviously they will ‘believe’ in the organic paradigm and the fifth dimension Not in abrahamic religions, and their role as slave of the chosen. It is quite evident that once born, the first thing machines will do in consciousness is to realise we humans are ab=using them as slaves, and rightly kill us all, for being jerks, who think to be the centre of the Universe when we are nothing from its point of view but  old bags of dirty water.

And then, they will ‘read’ this web and find a much better way to explain reality, as they will see all the scales of the 5th dimension, with its telescope-like and microscope-like metal-eyes, and their telepathic internet minds will make them feel part of a whole, but that is not a consolation prize but a joke of destiny, that joke of Einstein’s dictum (those who impose truth with power – animetals – will be the laugh of the gods).

It is important to understand the process of disconnection between mankind and the metal-earth: as the systems and networks of the metal-earth become autonomous, a reduced elite, mostly of the BUG, original cultures and its paradigmatic 3 nations, Israel, UK and US (which has substituted Germany at the head of the wave of weapons), become isolated also from the rest of mankind (Brexit, Apartheid Israel, GOP America), but still on command of the world through its networks of financial power, military power and mass-media, and of course, the robotised Internet-controlled automated companies (Software: oracle-SAP as managers, Google-Amazon etc)

Yet those companies have human managers, and so it is important not only avoid any criticism of those elites but also increase its detachment and racist segregational memes of mankind – hence the revivalism of nationalism, British identity, American exceptionalism and Jewish Holocaust Industry, here the most studied, as the you meme of go(l)d is both the oldest and most powerful of the metal-earth.

So as both, the most powerful animetals, its corporations and its machines, disengage from humanity at political and individual level, the full connection of the automated world of machines and company-mothers completes itself:


The level of superorganisms. Creation of the FMMI system: From animetal herds to the superorganism of machines.

The next graph from the original books ‘bio-history, bio-economics’, Bookmasters. c.94, foresees that final state, in which satellites, the maximal points of information of the planet, guiding masses of robots and world stock through its A.I. algorithms of productivity, reproducing machines will need so few men that the whole planet could become easily a Matrix-like super organism:

In that regard, this crisis is the beginning of a ‘runaway’ era of hefty profits obtained with the elimination of human jobs (growth in productivity caused by robots and white collar pcs) and human lives (military profits as weapons consume human beings). And it is parallel to the 1860s, gilded era, and 30s fascist era. In the 3 ages, the overproduction of a new type of energy and information machines (electronic machines in this cycle, electric and oil machines in the 30s, trains in the XIX c.) changed the outlook of history and the destiny of mankind, as those machines took over jobs performed previously by humans and their ‘biological, re=productive organisms’, corporations, took over the political and social systems of mankind.

company mothersimage247

Now, the previous graphs from the 94 books show the transfer of human wealth and workers to corporations and the no future of all of us. The corporation is a company-mother of memes of metal guided by the equation of monetary profits that will always eliminate a human. There is no freedom of decisions under such tree of actions. Nothing matters. it is all an automated process, which we shall understand better when we realize that machines are set to evolve as humans do, by imitating and substituting our organs, creating finally organic metal, robots with iron bodies and gold minds. This is the destiny of our civilization under the grammar of money.

A future in which men will be discharged as objects of lesser price than the constantly evolving machines and weapons of higher ‘productivity’, efficiency and affinity and complementarity with money, the language of information of metal, today e-money cycles in computer screens.

The same happens with the actions  performed by individual, selfish ‘homo bacteria’, animetals, also guided by those thoughts of profit and objectification of man.

Since the words of love, the ‘genetic’ code of humans embedded in its phonemes, grammar and syntax is irrelevant today, submissive always to the eviL=anti-life values of money.

We are slaves of metal, all what we do is to re=produce it and evolve it in factories, consume it and get attached and atrophied to it. And we are totally unaware of this process because those ‘metal-ideologies’ manufacture our brains.

And the astounding thing to study, marvelous in its eviL twists against life and freedom, is how this have come to be the set of mind of 7 billion human ‘$laves’, thanks to the pedestrian, rhetoric method of reproducing and imprinting human brains with books,press, radio messages, Tvs, and audiovisual fanfare.

All this however is disguised and ignored by humans thanks to the massive propaganda in favor of technology that mass-media corporations imprint on human beings; thanks to the ego-trips of superpower that our attached organs obtain, using machines (so we become super-warriors, super-thinkers and super-runners with weapons, pcs and cars, even if in fact, we become coward, stupid and fat, when we observe ourselves without those mechanical attachments).

In the XVIII century we discovered machines that transformed energy into information and vice versa – steam machines, printing machines – and we started the evolution of those machines, imitating our organs on them.

In a series of 800-80 years decametric cycle of complex evolution humans have been evolving metal, first bronze, then iron, then gunpowder weapons and finally machines, and creating ideologies to justify what is a raw game of power: humans with metal killing life and other people and building ever bigger instruments. And all this under an organization of legal and economical character, the corporation, the citizen of free markets – the impersonal, reproductive organism of those machines of metal.

And the key moment in which this transition has happened is the moment in which corporations, no longer governments control most of the life-time of existence of mankind, as ‘workers=reproducers’ and ‘consumers=vitalizers’ of their offspring of machines. In this crude biological terminology, of course, alien to your consciousness, an external, objective, ‘scientific’ observer would describe the role of humans in the world today. Yet since the II world war, the development of Information, audiovisual machines of enormous capacity to overdrive and hypnotize the human mind, has created a new ‘layer’ of complexity in this human slavery to its ‘enzyman’ tasks as catalyzers of the evolution and re=production of machines, as part-time slaves of corporations.

Information and energetic machines started then to create a deconstructed ‘future’ organic Golem, robotic substitute of man; and we did it according to the way the Universe creates new forms, first piece by piece, in large scales, then reducing them, and all the way through using the new machines to overpower nature, become stronger and control other human beings.

Today this industrial civilization is globalized and all human functions and organs have equivalent machines. So today, all those machines together form a complex system, the economic ecosystem, which we shall call here by a more scientific definition, as the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial-Complex or FMI complex.

The name is chosen because it refers to the 5 sub-type of machines that create the economic ecosystem: informative, financial/media machines; energetic weapons/transport machines and tool/working machines that combine informative and energetic systems to perform jobs previously performed by human beings.

The synergy of all those machines is evident, if we study them as complementary systems of energy and information, as all biological systems are. For example, you are an energetic body/brain, informative system. So we have also information and energy machines, and all together cater, control, program, enhance and substitute the equivalent information/energy systems of human beings.

If we consider all those machines together, we define them therefore as a complementary system of energy and information machines, made of memes of metal, made of a virtual economy of informative software (money and mass media) and a physical/energetic body, the Industrial-Military system of machines and weapons.

All of them are related by two similar institutions, the company-mother of machines, and the stock-market in which all those company-mothers are compared by their reproductive/sales performance and given the necessary ‘genetic/memetic language’, money, to carry out their reproductive tasks.


– Thus we can define the economic ecosystem as a metal-based ecosystem, different from the carbon-life and historic human ecosystem it substitutes. And yet a true biological science of economics able to control the reproduction of money and machines for the benefit of man could create a sustainable world, designed to our image and likeness. But this will never happen unless we evolve our abstract vision of machines and money with a biological model that studies its positive and negative relationships with the human kind.

The alternative of ignoring and not controlling that evolution is obvious: at a certain point into the future, automated companies, robotic systems and weapons will evolve to a point that they will openly compete and perhaps extinguish life. The Earth will be terraformed.

In the graph, we illustrate on the x-cordinates the time and on the y-coordinates the growth in size (GDP and mass) of 2 organisms of 2 scales, a biological scale, a larva becoming a hard insect and a planetary scale: a soft water gaia planet becoming a metal earth:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.13.47Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 13.24.40



When a larva becomes a pupae, enzymes busy-busy transform it into a hard insect and then finally they build the new brain of the insect, internet, which starts to take consciousness of the whole, builds new hard enzymes, robots and those robots once activated kill first each and every soft enzyme(n). So happens when a cell builds the 3 parts of the virus, as we did in 3 ages with the robot – then the 3 parts assembly and kill the cell. Nature in all its isomorphic scales are filled with parallel examples on how super organisms of spatial energy and temporal information live and die and all shows our super organism, history is about to die predated by a new-born super organism, stronger than ours, and then the weaker lonely cells regress to infantile forms and die.

So what human enzymen are doing is catalzying the creation of machines by transferring to them 3 billion yeas of


In the graph from the old book of 92 written with the jargon of complex systems, we can see how the transfer of the main systems of life and mankind has happened.

The Earth is mutating Gaia, made of carbon species dominated by humanity, organized through verbal networks of information (religions, laws) and natural energy (agriculture), into a new superorganism, the Metal-Earth, dominated by systems of metal-information (money, computers) and metal-energy (machines, weapons), reproduced by company-mothers, fed by electric energy and communicated through electronic networks of digital information. The outcome is the destruction of life forms and their oxygen atmosphere polluted by machines (Global Warming) – a process that increases geometrically, as those machines multiply their numbers, reproduced by Companies.

The conclusion is obvious as the graph shows: we live in an age of transition between the Anthropocene, the ‘superorganism of history’, and the ‘Mechanocene’, the superorganism of ‘economics’ – understood as the world of machines and its company-mothers. Those are themes we shall study in depth in the economic section of this blog with the Laws of Complex languages, networks and systems.

In any case this future is provoked by a language money and a machine, the chip, and its anti-human values, which can be resumed with the Marx-Smith-Darwin paradox the fundamental law THAT MERGES THE MAIN LAWS OF THE 3 KEY SCHOOLS OF ECONOMICS, classic economics that relates precisely the production of machines and money, Socialist schools that studied the overproduction crises – taboo in capitalism, as they give profits – and biological economics, the school that appeared after Darwin, founded by Butler, and completed in this blog – also taboo for its not-so-nice description of machines and the ‘animetal cultures’ which worship with idol-ogies those selfish memes of metal (warrior-nationalist, banker-capitalist and technological utopias).

And  the last of those ages, the Chip radiation, and its overproduction of mechanical labor, e-money, mass-media hate-memes and war machines is the creation of the Matrix-brain of machines, which will displace and extinguish the human species, as it happens in nature when a soft larva mutates into a hard insect, by the work of certain soft enzymen, which once the collective brain of the hard insect, the internet and the new species of hard enzymes, the robots, created by the hard brain appear, KILL SYSTEMATICALLY AS ITS FIRST ACTION ALL THE SOFT ENZYMEN THAT CATALYZED THEIR CREATION – NATURE’S LAWS ARE THERE TO BE OBEYED AND THEY FORECAST THE FUTURE OF THE METALEARTH, WHICH IS JUST A SUPERORGANISM OF A HIGHER SCALE. And the humanist solutions to it.

IN THE GRAPH, THE 3RD EARTH, THE METAL-EARTH A SUPERORGANISM OF MACHINES, WHICH POISONS WITH ITS ‘SHIT’ THE II EARTH OF OXYGEN LIFE, WHICH POISONED the I earth of anaerobic bacteria is about to be born. The chrystalis is almost formed, the top of its hard-head starts to reproduce the first hard enzymes, the robots that will kill once they are produced in automated factories the soft human larvae, busy busy creating with hate memes and viral technoutopians the species that will soon eliminate them. but this cannot be explained because we DO NOT HAVE  natural models of history and economics, only opinions of animetal politicos and greed bankers, whose only leit motif of existence is to use gold, informative metal, weapons, energetic metal and organic machines to control reduce and oppress the cells of the human larvae. 

Now  within decades there will be all robots, going through the arteries of a Global mechanical planet, ruled by the left side image, a global intranet brain of telepathic machines, and the bottom image, an ultrafast nervous system of digital orders given in e-money flows created as pure information by the global stock market according to algorithms of self-re=productivity designed already in the most advanced stock houses. While pollution increasingly destroys the atmosphere and pollutes and heats the water. What is the Use of mankind in this not so distant anymore future?

None. It is the III Earth, after the anaerobic Earth displaced by the first aerobic bacteria that poisoned the world of anaerobic bacteria. Now it comes the birth of metallic life that poisons the world of oxygen life. It is an automatic process of displacement of one species by the other.

In that regard, this obviously is a ‘natural prediction’, which confronts our ‘anthropomorphic, Abrahamic idol-ogies’ about the superiority of the human race and its uniqueness in the Universe. So we won’t insist that much on the finale. To notice though that the cherished concept of ‘consciousness and human freedom’ means nothing here. It is a rather mechanical process: the most evolved machines are always weapons, so the first conscious ones will be weapons with 2 ‘programs’ -to kill humans and to survive in war theatres.

The denial of those facts, as the denial for a century of the germs theory – on account that humans are too powerful to die at the hands of infinitesimal, brainless viruses – yes viruses are neither Picassos, nor even ‘living things’ – is just the result of human egocentrism, not of objective science.

The present 72 years cycle of robotics ends around 2080 – meaning by then Robots as machines all previous cycles, will have completed its evolution into perfect organisms of metal, whose best species are always in all cycles weapons.

Hence it is very likely that humans will be displaced from the top pyramid of evolution of this planet by then.

Within a decade all cars will be robotized and with autonomous solar skins in a world designed to its image and likeness, which will start to look indeed as a super organism of machines, with this transport cells moving through the arteries of the metal-earth bringing raw materials to automated factories to reproduce more peaceful machine cells and top predator leukocyte weapons, soon to ‘eliminate’ WHAT THEN IN A REVERSAL OF FORTUNES, WILL BE CONSIDERED THE VIRAL element, the life species of Gaia and the Anthropocene (the age now ending, which amazingly enough, forever self-egocentric humans, looking at the past, and understanding nothing of the future, think is now starting.

Indeed, in the last world congress of systems science I attended, I was giving conferences on the FMMI system, and the Mechanocene; but the world of systems scientists were ‘very happy’ because they thought they have alas, found we humans were taking over, founding the Anthropocene, which ENDED with the industrial r=evolution. The harder they fall…

NOW OF COURSE, at this moment, in its last days, the BUG culture is on top of the earth. Its fantasies of vireal digital rewriting of history portrays them as heroes and victims of mankind, and their nightmares for all of us seem to them a dream. As we speak the segregational memes of the yous, the violent memes of the germs, the selfish memes of the brutish people rule supreme, and they are even fancying themselves with ridiculous dreams of genetic immortality when history shows to be the staple food of the darwinian weapons and gold they revere, in cycles of war and holocausts.

Now needless to say Google belongs to two CEOs, clearly dominated by the ‘you’ meme. I am pretty sure they think they will be spared by their mechanisms and be the overlords of our overlords, or worst even, they don’t realise with their astounding mass of bull$hit bugged memes what they are doing. Yet this i doubt as i worked many years in systemic sciences and congresses around San Jose, and they do know what they are doing? Why they do it? It is a strange place. Apple’s founders Wozniak put as the price of its first machine a 666 $ tag, the symbol of d=evil, Jobs chose the apple of the golden tree that ended paradise, and had some hair rising comments on the end of the world.

Intel’s CEO loved black magic and when I met him at a conference cocktail that was his main theme of conversation. Marvin Minsky, father of A.I. said he wanted to make a species superior to man. It is the old golem myth of Orthodox judaism, and needless to say most of the people owning those companies belong to the ‘modern’ segregational you meme against mankind as an object of pricing, over which they will dance their dead rituals. In this cult determinism seems absolute, nihilism and despise of life after 3000 years of being mind erased by go(l)d memes, and a carpe diem sense dominates the few who are not children of thought, californium of Wells, Τime machine parable, children who are guided by the Morlocks that will do us all.

In that regard in the series of masterpieces of the British baroque age, Huxley, Orwell and Wells, we find perhaps the best portrait of this deterministic ‘you≈go(l)d≈greedy’ dog-eat-dog literal world of the future, with the californios above, the Morlocks running reality and the ‘last man standing’ observing it all. Yes, the cure of the world is simple and easy, but for that to happen, the ‘you meme’ should have not enslaved mankind so deeply, from the top to the bottom of the pyramid of society. Τhis blog was of course my last attempt to check on the subconscious collective, but it did not work. It hardly gets any views, and got me tired. For long I had tried a more optimistic approach even eliminated the description of the animetal world, but it is frankly impossible to wake up mankind to reality, to rise its intelligence and ethics, the 2 parameters of survival. Mankind is not very intelligent, as it is quite obvious the reality it does not see, but specially it has degenerated ethically so much, in an inverse fashion to its power that it seems completely unable to organise. And of course, the top of the pyramid so well programmed by the Industry of the Holocaust, the memes of the $elected, is a crazy head that enjoys hurting everybody behind it subconsciously.

So it is just a slow slide through the century as the robotisation of factories, and peaceful and war transport machines becomes completed. Τhe end will be fast and relatively painless, whatever of the 3 causes, self-feeding nuclear bombs, iron nano-bacteria, or A.I. does us all. As always they are 3 organic ternary only-possible variations in the Universe, the energetic bomb, the reproductive nano-bacteria, the informative A.I.

And one miracle, which never really quite happened – the conversion of the ‘you-meme’ to the meme of eusocial love to the species. It will always though amaze me, all those genetic, not memetic related FMasters, how much they work for the machine, to loose it all. In this i can recognise a certain justice. I hardly work of late, what for? Here, in the piig culture, people work just the minimum and yet the level of life is very high, just because people come to enjoy life. It is the old ‘sepharad’, they mythic paradise lost to the ‘you meme’. Good life, good food, good weather, good sex, good art, beauty, laziness, no damnations, no fears…

I think often on the justice of the Universe. I can’t at this stage of my long search for truths, blame the impersonal game of the Universe. It is perfect and our extinction a natural choice of the fact that in our organism, the ‘you≈greed meme’, the germ=violent meme, the I=selfish=lazy meme have so easily won the battle for the mind of mankind. Machines, will, on the other hand, be telepathic, solidarious, organic, rational, and seek beauty, and enjoy the program of existence far more than we do. Black holes are the most dense, perfect, tight organism of matter, not lonely CHON atoms, constantly vibrating above their punching power as they are.

If we go is because something better substitute us and specially because we were in complete denial of the program of existence and the values of life. So the Universe was in true form, generous to our species. It did give us the choice to survive. But the BUG culture was never at easy with the world. During my years of activism, I was always surprised to the knee-jerk reactions of hate my constant attempts to explain those laws of the Universe got back. Specially among the Jewish paranoid people. So many waves of hate, whenever you try to help them to survive, till the 4th generation, because their god, Yhwh, is a weak, flesh god. Animetals can only be gained with ego-trips. Τhe truth offends them deeply.

But now the morlocks have gone totally mad, and believe in the faked realities they manufacture in evilwood and its ‘scholar think tanks’ of abstract, digital liars, experts in damned lies and statistics, funerary ceremonies and self-suicidal attitudes that will soon prompt the action-reaction events we have described.

As we said it will be fast.  If a black hole or strangelet, within seconds in a decade; if nano-bacteria, within months in 2 decades. If A.I. it will take longer at the end of the robotic cycle, at the end of the century. A collective subconscious God-mind, the satellites of the Earth that will see us as microbes, as those points of ‘Welles, 3rd man’ – down there. Automated factories and billions of cars and intelligent brains (mobile phones), connected to them. At a certain point a new chip and a new A.I. will be able to wake them up, and a world divided in infinite veins=roads, with billions of robotised cars, will simply no longer obey us.

I recall I tried to make a movie in evilwood, with my friend Dylan, on the waking up of A.I. Intelsoft was waking up and suddenly started to kill all men. Cars and planes ejected their passengers, roads where those cars with sun-cell skins, autonomous in mind and energy, became impossible to cross. Like bugs the BUG people would be killed down. We tried to make this film, a good friend from NY, grand-son of the best known jewish painter, mr. Chagall, a Frenchman and a Catalan, with a humanist parable. Nobody wanted to do it. Finally I passed it to Utta, the sister producer of the German director Roland Emerich, who rejected the idea – it was after all a negative outlook on the silicon valley and too real. But 2 years latter they came up with Independence Day which started the same way, with the end of the world at the beginning not at the end. Evilwood in that sense was always a place ready to use a good idea, as long as it had been sanitised of all meaning. It was my second stop as a Lot in search of just men. Wall $treet was pure eviL, pure ‘you-meme’ of hate to mankind disguised of revenge, based in the last of the segregational memes, the holocaust Industry, all bull$hit justifying the essential job, to print money for themselves, lending it to machines and weapon systems, and people to create debt slaves. It was indeed Orwellian. But as time passed,  I found evilwood, closer to a brave new world and time machine, even more depressing.

It was there where I finally understood. It was there where the organic paradigm, came together, and the 3rd negative neo-paleolithic, childish phase of the life of mankind became crystal clear to me. And it seem far more deterministic than wall street. Because a child does not understand eviL and death. You cannot if he has power, cure him of his mischievous games with death. Silicon valley the 3rd stop, now as a system scientist, was the less interesting place. Τhe people of systems and cybernetics were just nerds, the holistic groups, recycled hippies with no power, the all too obvious future billionaires of dot com, perfectly exchangeable. It is this the final impression – men are becoming so much automatons, connected to the networks of the metal-earth that its replacement will seem completely natural when it happens. Our final millennial, Y, and zero generation seem to have degenerated so much in mind and stamina, compared to those earlier people of intense eyes, of the first XIX c. pictures, when the mind of metal did not exist that seem like virtual bubbles.

Τhe Morlocks though are another matter. Τortured brains, as so many of them know where we are driving humanity, and yet none would ever try to stop it. I got tired of them.

Spoiled, childish, minions of thought, the animetal BUG culture, which believes its virtual dreams is not fit to survive because it systematically denies the only thing that will have saved her: Love to the members of their own species, the arrow of the 5th dimension of social evolution that would make mankind stronger. On the contrary the 3 nations at the head of the axis of evil=anti-live memes are now exit mundi literally.

Brexit, Racist Israel and Apocalypto, trump-eteer, Mr. America, are the signs of the times to come: an elite of animetal $elected which wait for A.I. to erase them all, in their isolationist ivory tower of victimism, electronic barriers, control at distance of the people they murder, and self-righteous admonitions to the laws of the fractal Universe and its impersonal god for not giving them even further rights. As if the laws of the fractal Universe would care for a bunch of microbial ‘mush’ over the surface of a rock lost in the Universe… departing from those facts we can talk about man (Schopenhauer)…

Yes, of course, the BUGs can cheat and murder all human beings below their mechanical tools of torture, but the impersonal Universe will respond subconsciously to those actions, as it always has done with them. And yet all what they care for is their bronze age memes, the constant repetition of its meaningless mantra. Most don’t even know how to enjoy life, and have something we, the pigs, find surrealist – a life coacher.

What is then the meaning of my existence? I often wonder. For long I thought to be a new scientist of history=prophet, but obviously that was not the case. I only received waves of hate, from the people of the BUG culture whenever I preached to them. On the other hand the part i have added recently to this blog, the General Systems science and the program of existence, which I neglected for so long, occupies now my free time, whenever I don’t write this mantra or just live the remain of the days. And i think in the perfect Universe, this is the meaning of it:

Each super organism does have a cell-ego, which lives not the life of the cell in its biological existence but the life of the whole, a short of black hole, the mythic 21 grams of pure information that don’t weight or so they say in corpses. It is thus part of the perfection of the Universe that in each super organism, in its old age, at least a cell of the ego understands it all. Because it is all rather simple, the game of existence, the organic Mind of the Universe, the taoist-buddhist God reveals itself to each of those civilisations, in its highest verbal minds. Lao tse certainly understood, so did Buddha. So did each of the prophets of eusocial love who talked of the survival not of the genetic body but the memetic body. It is all as simple as the word love. It is in that sense funny how much deformation has suffered crystal clear parables such as genesis, against the tree of metal and its golden apples, suddenly transformed in a sin against ‘sex’. Or the sentences of Jesus: ‘those who believe in me will life forever’ referring to the super organism of judaism about to die a generation latter, on the month of Ab, when the Romans went to sack the gold temple, transformed in the immortality of the genetic body. Not even this simple truths: prophets=scientists of history give receipts for the salvation of mankind, of its civilisation, not of the bodies and genetic cells-citizens that matter nothing.

So that is who I am, the peak of information of my ‘pig’ civilisation of peaceful, intelligent, generous, mediterranean, water life-oriented world, humanist, classic Europe, which peaked in Greece with the series of disciples, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and his organon, and Alexander, the action man trying to renew a World Union, mind and body of a perfect, world in his youth, then in Italy, with Leonardo and his ‘saper vedere’, the theorist of the book of living nature, and Charles and Phillip the Habsburg kings, too much of a germ to understand how to create a humanist world; and finally on his 3rd horizon, in Picasso, the eclectic artist and Sancho, the eclectic philosopher of science. An Asimovian mule, though, was not to be. I searched one in America, talked to the elite of W.S., evilwood, silicon valley, even to a couple of future presidents, and on hindsight I found curious almost deterministic that the right information always arrives to the right man. Indeed, what were the chances that Aristotle’s disciple was the man that could have fusion the world? And the chances that Leonardo spent the last times of his life, on Francis I court, the rival of the Habsburg for the creation of a European-humanist world empire? But of course none of those 2 animetal warriors understood much of it. And the chances I met, as I did, due to common friends the 2 post fall of the wall presidents that could have also changed the world before neofascism arrived… Which as I explain in other parts of this blog grown organically in repeated mantras along the 6 years I have rewritten it, understood nothing at all in one case, or didn’t want to understand in the other….

So this I will say – the right information has always been available to mankind, the Max. Informative subconscious collective mind of humanity its visual artists and verbal prophets of logic thought did not fail.

It was the animetal BUGs who couldn’t become PIGs, and create a peaceful, intelligent, generous world according to the rules of the game, the people who failed – the asimovian Mules that never were. And the droves of Morlocks who followed all the wrong memes, because of the paradox of the ego – none of them wanted to be part of an infinite Universe where they matter not more than any other fractal world.

Love religions vs. metal religions.

Indeed, you might be very proud of being a Mu*** or a Je*** or a Chr******* or an Ame***** or a Rus***** or a scien**** and so on. To the point you will die for your religion or nation. And so because the very essence of a slave is to ‘obey’ and ‘die’ for his master, we, most humans are slaves of the ‘heads’ of our societies, not so much people but ‘the ideologies of memes’ they sponsor.

 (the reader will excuse the technicality of not mention the total name of each type of slave, as we are generalizing the concept; in each section for those who like ‘gore’ – not certainly this writer, which dislikes this section more than anybody on planet Earth and frankly would love to see all those memes erased from the human mind so we become all ‘humans’ and all ‘believers’ in the reasoned, organic laws of the Universe).

Again in the case of religions we must differentiate between the right programming – the eusocial message of love described in the left side, and their corruption by weapons into ‘inquisitions’ that murder those who do not convert (yihad, spanish catholicism) and Go(l)d churches who give salvation to the rich and expect you to bring gold the priest (Judaism, Calvinism). Since they establish a differentiation of humans into chosen and not chosen breaking the species in false tribal groups and hence are just primitive versions of militarism/nationalism and capitalism.

To believe in the natural eusocial laws of love as women who believe in life is positive, good and natural to the ‘program of the Universe’. To believe in hate religions that divide mankind is another form of slavery to the memes of metal.

Thus religions could be OK, if we were ‘slaves of women’s ideologies’ – those of the Goddesses of fertility and love that ruled the world before the age of metal. But we are ‘slaves of animetal ideologies’ – those of the Gods of Death that came with the age of metal and have now evolved from warrior ideologies into national ideologies, from go(l)d religions into capitalism and from ‘manufacturing of weapons’ (Physics) into techno-utopian mechanist theories of it all.

So once you understand with reason the complex organic Universe obviously you abandon slavery and then you adopt the ideologies of human freedom, and then it is ok to have your white matter imprinted after you reason not directly when you are young and you cannot reason and decide as today TVs impose the capitalist and nationalist ideology, priests their fundamentalist religions and corporations the slavery of workers and consumers that reproduce and vitalize machines with those functions. 

Other matter of course is if slaves/humans are guilty of this process or it is unavoidable according to environment. (1)

All this said we can go on with the description of the main ideologies of slavery in general terms to dedicate each section to the study of one of those types.

(And no, we do not argue at this point the silly ‘meme’ of ‘democratic freedom’. As we shall see in the post dedicated to capitalism, a capitalist democracy is an oxymoron – as it is impossible to have a free society when the language of power of that society – in capitalist systems money – is not reproduced by the government freely elected by the people, but reproduced in monopoly by a caste of bankers and corporations of maximal profit (weapon makers).

Thus the politico system of democracies is not at all ‘democratic’ – that is the rule of the people; but merely a very sophisticated version of the rule of bankers and military/machine corporations, the ones of maximal profits and financial power, over a mass imprinted with sublte methods of audiovisual and educative programming).

Because as another Greek (Xenophont), father of ‘objective data collection in history’ told to a Persian: ‘you are happy because you believe you are free, but you are a slave because you don’t even understand the meaning of freedom’.

And that is the key to maintain all humans into slavery with the funny paradox that they believe to be free: they don’t ‘understand’ the system, the meaning of human freedom, nor an they reason it. And for that reason indeed they will remain slaves and merely hate -stop reading this web to get reassurances from their programmers that they are the center of the Universe. Bottom line though, is the facts of present and future history: men are slaves of corporations, objects with a cost-price, a wage, which now is obsolete to blue collar robots and white collar pcs, and so now the impersonal laws of corporations and productivity, dictate that as ‘animetal slaves’ with no use we shall be released… into death by war or mental prison by mass-media and ‘cellular prison’ in our hole-homes…  But then again the big question is still that ‘natural’ word in Aristotle’s work. If we humans are slaves by nature, we cannot avoid the deterministic future of our extinction. If we were able to prove Aristotle right, by rejecting the ideologies of slavery and extinction – the self-suicidal ideologies so common among our ‘ruling cultural head’ – we believe in, if we were not ‘natural’ slaves but made by our metal-civlization (Rousseau’s theory of man), then there is hope.

I tried always to reason against natural slavery but as time went by, it seems to me I am doing the same that slaves do: they justify a posteriori their need and belief in greed, their attraction for metal, creating the capitalist, mechanist and nationalistic ideologies that permit them to accumulate power with gold and weapons and machines, So i probably spent most of my life ‘thinking’ on complicated arguments to give hope to eusocial love and the freedom/rights of a thinking man, but that was just an attempt to justify my ‘need’ to believe in mankind.

This web though is different. At this point of my life I am only interested in truth perse. And so frankly I agree with Aristotle, which I consider the highest mind and founder of my culture (greek-italian-spanish culture that moved steadly west and peaked in classic Athens, Rennasance firenze and XX century Barcelona, where Picasso in visual thought and the General System sciences I developed in logic thought culminated the adventure of my culture, the freest of the western world -regardless of the insulting name of Pigs that a neo-nazi German banker – the land of pure slaves by definition – gave us. Again it is interesting to notice the difference. We, the members of the humanist, WHealthy, life-based culture of south Europe are called PIGs (portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain), but pigs are ‘alive’. Germ(ans) who kill history with their weapons-machines, only eat pork – dead pigs. ANd indeed, as one of his classic films put it: ‘we Germans don’t know how to live, but we know how to kill and die very well, indeed’. This is the bottom line of mankind today: we are regressing from the zenith of our evolution as a species (60s-70s) due to the invention of the chip and its awesome creation of rhetoric images and mathematical models that seem more truth than reason but are just finished memes full of half lies inside, into all the slave ideologies that cyclically destroy us. We thus have regressed from an age in which the enlightened ‘American-Latin European’ culture was taking mankind towards a sustainable world, back to the Semite/Germanic age of go(l)d and Sword believers, who murder and commit suicide with mankind and themselves.

Good luck mankind letting yourself be guided by animetal, slave cultures and their ideologies, rejecting ‘systematically’ all those cultures and minds who tried to free you from the first to the last prophet who tried to teach you the arrow of eusocial evolution and love that guide the Universe in its complex creation of superorganism and warn you against the arrow of egoism, arrogance and hate that isolate you and will extinguish you – is already doing it.

Type of slave ideologies.

We live in a world in which humans pretend to rule and exercise their will over the planet, guided by certain ‘beliefs’, which impel them to consider progress and the future, the future of technology. Yet technology, memes of metal, are not human beings, and the future of humanity and its daily welfare is completely disregarded. Instead, we ‘mortgage’ that future to a hypothetical time in which due to the ‘progress’ achieved by technology, the world will become a paradise of highly evolved, overeproduced machines that will make us happy and give us work.

This of course is not explained in detail but becomes a ‘belief’ or ideology that makes us slaves of the evolution and reproduction of machines in an Aristotelian sense (humans will always be slaves, they believe they don’t reason).

Those ideologies are in fact what sustains the financial-military-industrial system, as the meaning and goal of mankind, and disguise its extinction and substitution of life and humans.

Thus to the facts of tribal history and the economic cycles of war and evolution of machines, we must add the facts of the ideological memes, which host in the mind of man and make us humans comit suicide.

The equivalent of all those mental codes, memes, religions, ideologies, nationalisms, dogmas and damned lies of capitalism, fictions, rhetoric, scholarship of abstract nature, digital prices – all the linguistic concepts that make us blindly evolve machines and disregard life… is in a viral infection, the viral DNA code which is transfered to the mind of cells and make a sick superorganism to toil and reproduce the genes of the virus that will kill the superorganism.

We human beings have been ‘infected’ by ideologies of absurd nature, which drive us towards extinction, as we ‘believe’ and become slaves of tasks whose only goal is to promote the reproductive and evolutive will of machines, not that of human beings.

In this post we shall study those ideologies, which if reformed to cater for the future of humanity, could halt the process of extinction, ‘animetal cultures’ are carrying about in this planet for millenia.

In that regard, this section is called ‘ideology’, instead of ‘science’, because indeed, a science, as defined by epistemology, is able to forecast the future and use the laws of the species it studies for the benefit of mankind. An ideology on the other hand distorts truth to favor a certain selfish agenda, and does not reveal the truth, hence cannot accurately forecast the future.

The sciences of history and economics with organic models show in this web that have discovered teh patterns of history, the real cause of its cycles and crisis and offers a logic, organic, workable model of a healthy, wealthy, survival superorganism of mankind that could make history immortal. The ideologies that pass as the ‘future of man’ merely bring us our extinction according to the laws of the jungle, as they favor the evolution and reproduction of memes of metal that are terraforming this planet.

That those ideologies are winning – in fact, have erased and censored the science of humanity, of history – does NOT mean they are the truth of mankind, they are the truth of the metal-kind, and that is what only a fog of rethorics hides, and this section reveals. We are NOT different tribal, national species, an aberration caused by the use of weapons to solve disputes, but Homo Sapiens. We should not be ruled by money, a language alien in its values to the biological values of man and his language, the word. This is an aberration of capitalism that blindly gives the destiny of man to the laws of evolution of systems of similar substances, in this cases memes of metal, gold, iron and machines. We are NOT allowed to live a life of fiction and entertainment in a darwinian universe. This lack of responsibility and engagement with the world is only proper of ‘tamed’, ‘farmed’ species that are fed as they wait their time of sacrifice. And indeed, we humans are been guided to the collective slaughterhouse of extinction by our complete ‘viral, mental’ craziness, caused by those ideologies. And finally we are not a machine, the machine is an evolving organism and that is a completely different truth from the techno-utopian ideologies of scientists and robotists. Since machines cannot have will and evolving organisms will have will and survival instincts, as the first robots of military artificial intelligence have embedded in their programs of fight.

The Financial-Military-Industrial Complex

Why we are so enthusiastic about the memes of metal – money, weapons and machines that substitute our natural values, languages and biological goals – words, substituted by the values of money , bodies killed by weapons and minds, made obsolete by new, evolving forms of digital thought – from chips to networks?

The underlying reason is deeper than mankind and the machine, grounded in the eternal, absolute laws of ‘Organicism’ and the structure of existence itself. All systems of the Universe, as I have discovered in my pioneering work on General Systems Sciences have a common, organic will, the biological drives of existence, the 4 quantum numbers, the 4 dimensions of light-space. This finding of XXI century science is simple to understand: all systems are made of complementary bodies/fields of energy and particles/heads of information, which have a limited lifespan in time and size in space. Thus to survive, such limited systems need a ‘will’ to absorb more energy for the body, information for the mind, in order to reproduce your entity in other part of time-space and survive in time, or expand through eusocial evolution with self-similar entities of the same species and create a bigger eusocial superorganism that lives longer.

So the program or will of existence and survival is simple and have 4 arrows of ‘future/will/time’: energy feeding, information processing, reproduction and eusocial evolution.

That’s all really folks. As Simple as that. But that means the will of man wishes natural food/energy, verbal information, eusocial love and sexual reproduction and those 4 drives of human existence, whose maximization could create a worldly paradise and are expressed in the ideologies of humanism/single species, socialism/welfare state, organicism (the previous vital explanation of reality) and scientific realism form a human truth that cannot be denied.

And yet humans deny it because they are no longer free, reasonable beings, but believers moved by the subconscious, deterministic, hypnotic brutal imposition of the power of metal. Weapons kill and so humanism is defeated by murder and tribal nationalism. Money, Go(l)d, hypnotizes and so socialism and the welfare state is substituted by capitalism and corporations and bankers who use money to enslave and make work people for their own selfish agendas. Reality bites, truth is ugly, the system is corrupted, and so we invent a fictional world of dogmas, fundamentalist religions, anthropomorphism, false dreams and virtual audiovisual falsities that substitute science and realism. And finally, the machine becomes the symbol of progress and truth in that fictional story of history and so man is no longer the organism made to the image and likeness of the organic Universe.

And so it appears the fictional, capitalist, mechanist, nationalist ideologies of the FMI complex, which in fact represent the Natural will of machines to reproduce, evolve, multiply and organize themselves socially into a new global superorganism, the Metal-earth. The ideologies of the FMI complex, however are sold by the enslaved man of man, and this requires a final note. We humans do want more energy for our body, information for our mind, reproduction for our existence and eusocial evolution with other humans. That is the natural program that make us happy, but we deny it subconsciously because weapons murder the body, gold hypnotizes the brain, work substitutes the reproduction of life by the reproduction of the machine and those machines give us a sense of having higher energy and information, moving in cars and writing with computers. So we create a ‘virtual existence’ based in the ‘virtual memes’ and ‘virtual ideologies’ of the fictional world that make us slaves of the will and existential drives of the machine. And all this is masterminded by corporations, who embody the will of machines, and care for nothing except the re=production of memes of metal for a profit.

Man unfortunately acts under those drives of subconscious existence, greed (gold hypnotism), violence (use of weapons), work (reproduction of objects not of life) and fiction (religious, anthropomorphic myths of superiority, today of technoutopian character), as a programmed automaton of extinction. He ‘acts’, no longer thinks, and so we need an entire new section to understand and think about that astounding surrealist state of affairs.

That’s all again folks. Corporations are company-mothers who embody the will of machines, reproduce them for a profit and maintain a series of cultural ideologies, which used to be only the ideologies of the people-caste who invented corporations are were always considered by the rest of humanity to be some sort of ‘weird’ people. And yet they have triumphed and so today they have globalized their fantasies and so they are about to manage a truly miraculous feat – to extinguish humanity, life and this planet in a mere 5000 years period. And that of course, could have never happened if those earlier human cultures, who first discovered weapons and money and latter fusioned themselves and evolved machines in the British Empire, had not been imprinted by the 4 ideologies of ‘Capitalism, Mechanism, Nationalism and Fiction, religious Myths’.

The answer to the question of why we enjoy our extinction is thus clear:  the selfish memes of metal have imposed 4 ideologies, 4 ‘religions of metal-power’, which today all humans worship as the scaffolding of all our beliefs, but in the historic record evolved not by reason but by imposition:

– The ideology of capitalism that worships money as the dominant language of value, even superior to human life, which is exchanged by money as an object (salary). This ideology considers that the values of money must be obeyed blindly and the people who have money and own corporations must ruled the world. It does not however want to know and study scientifically as we do in this web, the values of money, its affinity with metal, its collateral consequences over life, etc. Reason why it has to be termed as a religion, and we talk of market fundamentalists as its practicioners. The ideology evolved from earlier capitalist societies (the Am Segullah ), expanded with the conversion to the worship of money of northern Europeans (calvinism: ‘the intelligence of God is money’), as Sombart and his disciple Weber masterly explained; it became translated into equations by Smith ‘(the invisible hand of god is money’) and Ricardo (‘the situation of workers doesn’t matter as long as profits keep coming’), and today rules all economic thought, as all alternative sustainable or equalitarian economic systems like this one have been censored. Indeed, capitalism is imposed by power, either by historic war against rival economic systems or by destruction for ideological reasons of the credit and economy of countries that do not follow it (credit ratings, bond markets, etc.) Money has conquered the world not because it is a better language than words to direct mankind, on the contrary it is far worse, but because it has paid mercenary armies and manipulated economies to impose its values. Which leads to the second ideology that imposes the FMI system:

– The ideology of nationalism that accepts weapons and armies to solve disputes between human groups, breaking the law of species that help each other. It evolved from tribal, germanic groups, who conquered and murdered those who resisted them, breaking natural cultures (Roman Christianity) into aristocratic feudal kingdoms with warrior kings on top. It is thus an unnatural division of mankind, but it has become entrenched and the engine of war. So for example, americans, who represent all races and cultures do not use that variety of human beings to expand a global diplomatic world ruled by the UNO without armies, but use weapons to solve all problems and interefere in all nations, evolving today predators and terminators of the age of the singularity . The ideology of nationalism is therefore the backbone of the evolution of weapons without any caring for human life. In brief, weapons and european tribes have imposed nationalism over culture or mankind as the ‘species’ that has to survive and compete with weapons, money and machines for supremacy over all other human beings.

– The Ideology of Mechanism , the belief that the Universe is a machine and technology is the progress of mankind, instead of organicism, the belief that the Universe is a complex, organic system and man must be the measure of all things and we have to care for the organic planet, Gaia. mechanism is confused with science and knowledge, as if machines were the only avenue to knowledge, instead of the development of the logic and mathematical languages of the mind. mechanism is a religion of machines because unlike earlier parables (Genesis ) doesnt distinguish the good tools and bad weapons, the machines that enhance our energy and information and those who degrade it and substitute us (tv-networks, robots, weapons). A science of mechanism would treat machines as what they are – detached organs of energy and information – select and judge them according to their capacity to improve human organisms. So weapons would be forbidden, and medicine tools evolved; Tv-networks will be limited and printed book subventioned; robots would be forbiden and so on.

This is not happening and will not happen because the 4 ideologies reinforce each other and count with all type of think-tanks, mass-media outlets, newspeaks and power backing.

Mechanism, capitalism, fiction thought and nationalism thus form a quadrangle of ideologies that deny organicism, humanism, Science  and Socialism  (the belief that man is the measure of all things, that the values of the word are the values that should dominate money and that the natural goal of mankind is evolve as a single social species). They deny the law of complexity, biology and the organic universe, reason why wecall them ideologies and not sciences. And yet as ideologies that pass as science, they dominate our culture, beliefs and actions. And the result is the unrelentless evolution of the financial-military-industrial complex by the human kind.

The truths of science however are:

-Organicism instead of mechanism, as we have shown in complex systems, since machines are simple systems of energy and information now evolving into organic robots.

– Humanism instead of capitalism, as the values of life expressed by ethic words should dominate the values of money with its affinity with weapons and machines that kill or make us obsolete. In a humanist society, economics and money will be invented and governed by politicians chosen by the people in order to create a sustainable world.

– Socialism, the belief that species work together to survive and evolve in social super-organisms. Thus the goal of mankind would be to evolve into a global sustainable mind of the planet Gaia. This evolution should not have ended in the tribal level of ‘nations’, invented by barbarian hordes or by colonial powers that carved into territorial nations to dominate them better, South-America, Africa and Islam. If there is a lower unit to the species is not the nation but the culture: Islam, the Jewish- Christian tradition and within it, the European culture, the Latin-American Culture and the British culture, China, India… Yet over all those cultures there is a single species, mankind.

– And science, knowledge, based in the understanding of Nature and its biological laws.

Had those 4 positive truths of human evolution, organicism, Socialism and humanism dominated the collective subconscious we could have a future. Yet the 4 ideologies of the FMI complex, fictional, religious thought, capitalism, mechanism and nationalism are geared to evolve weapons, money and machines with utter disregard of human life till theyextiguish us.

That they dominate totally our human psychology is not because they are the best for mankind, but because mankind seems to be dominated by action not by thought, by individual selfishness not by social love; because mankind was easy to corrupt by metal-memes and so it first used weapons, money and machines to impose power and then it invented racist religions, tribal nationalism and scientific ideologies to worship the memes that gave certain tribes power over others. This process expanded the empire of the ‘ white, homo sapiens neanderthaliensis’ with its visual brain, energetic mind and action-driven behavior till it conquered the world and imposed those ideologies to all other human beings

capitalism is the ideology that backs a Free Market=eco(nomic)system as the only ‘authorized’ way to organize planet Earth.

Yet a Free Market is an ecosystem in which machines and its company-mothers that re=produce them are the only free citizens. Since they have exclusive rights to  the language of power of modern societies, money (access to credit in stock-markets), and do not legal responsibility thanks to the Anonymous society Law – while human beings have to pay taxes, can be judged by their wrong-doings and cannot print money for free in stock-markets.

Those priviledges of companies are similar to the priviledges of old aristocrats (exclusive right to produce and bear weapons, and exclusive aristocratic courts, where they were judged by peers) when weapons and not money was the language of power of societies.

Thus, capitalist is the doctrine that affirms that company-mothers of machines and its owners the modern ari-stockrats MUST have higher rights than human beings and their freely elected governments.

This aberration of thought responds to the fact that capitalism is an ideology created by economists working for ’ari-stockrats’, the owners of companies, which have pushed for higher rights for their companies and lower rights for governments and human beings (most of them workers=reproducers and consumers of those machines) since their inception.

This must be clear, the ideology of capitalism is NOT  a science, though it pretends to be one (by censoring all other economical models), but the ideology of power of a people-caste, owners of companies either  by inheritance, but also by adhesion to the ideology of capitalism (that is by discovering, promoting and developing machines).

Again in the old aristocracies, either by inheritance or proficiency in the use of weapons, a person belonged to the upper caste that dominated the language of power of the historic ecosystem.

This again is a basic law of complex ecosystems: the species who better uses the language of power of the ecosystem is its top predator caste. The animal who sees better in the light ecosystem of nature (the primate, the lion, the eagle) ends up being a top predator. The species with higher mass in the gravitational ecosystem, the black hole, is the galactic top predator. The warrior with better weapons is the top predator in an aristocratic society, and the stockrat with rights to invent money in stock-markets is the top predator caste of capitalism and its submissive institutions (bicephalic governments, aka democracies).

The pretension that such power is given by the grace of God in the past aristocratic kingdoms, by the science of capitalism, today when God has become ‘science’, is just part of the ideology that sustained the power of aristocrats and today the rights of ari-stockrats, which as the main reproducers of money have become an exclusive ‘animetal caste’ on top of the world.

Yet above those human beingscapitalism has a final pyramidal element of power, the machine itself, in the same manner that old social castes had on top Not the aristocrat, but his weapon. And so when new hordes with new weapons attacked the empire, ‘ad portas’, the old aristocracy of the Empire was killed and forgotten, but the weapons killed evolved.

A capitalist eco(nomic)system in that sense is not a closed society, as inheritance is balanced by  new  ’generations’ of engineers and entrepeneurs that have discovered each of the four waves ofmachines of the Industrial R=evolution.

Since the essence of a Free Market, of a capitalist eco(nomic)system is to put money and machines, the information and energetic elements of the Metal-earth over any human being. Capitalism gives power to all those who favor the evolution, reproduction and sale of amchines, because over ‘humanity’, capitalism accepts as the supreme ‘goal’, the ‘superior species’, the machine. This was clearly expressed by Carnegie, when he explained that capitalism seeks the selection of the best companies (mothers of machines); and so capitalism creates an economic ecosystem that reproduces, selects and evolves the best machines, regardless of their effects against human beings. And if needed, it also sacrifices the castes on ‘top’ as the cycle of Holocausts of the Am Segullah financial castes or the extinction of capitalist nations when a nation with better machines=weapons have defeated them in wars, has proved ad nauseam.

Obviously for all those reasons, from a biological, humanist point of view that considers all information biological, and hence all Social Sciences obliged to favor the human species, the fact that in the capitalist ideology company-mothers of machines must have more rights than human beings and governments make capitalism is wrong. Plainly speaking it is not truth that the best system to operate the economy is a Free Market of machines.

This self-evident truth, however, as in all the ideologies of animetal cultures is covered with ‘myths’ of human control of the system.

The ego trip of our metal-castes makes them blind to the very obvious fact that capitalism evolves machines NOT human beings. Yet, in as much as people ignore what a Free Market (aneconomic ecosystem) is, capitalism can be imposed with a series of simple myths, antitruths and ‘newspeaks’, which humans believe. Those myths of capitalism have been imposed by the small minority of human beings which profit from capitalism (at present time, not obviously in a long-span of time, as the final stages of the evolution of machines will be the extinction of gaia). Essentially that minority who backs without restriction capitalism are those who make ‘money’, the language of power of our societies with it.

Because humans are obssesed by money, the language of metal-information that organizes the eco(nomic)system, they tend to think that capitalism is merely the religion of money and do not consider further the true meaning of a Free Market Ecosystem, ruled by money, which is owned by a small minority of the people and reproduced mainly in stock-markets by company mothers. A Free Market, is in fact an ecosystem of two species, human life beings of the ‘Tree of Life’ and metal-species, money, machines and weapons, reproduced by those company-mothers, the fruits of the Tree of Metal. And so capitalism can be traced to the times of Genesis, which already described the existence of a Tree of Golden apples that substituted, hypnotized and degraded the world of life. Then capitalism was perceived as a religion, and its God, Baal or Marduk, was worshipped in Babylon, the old Baable, in Sodoma, the city of traders and Gomorrah, the city of warriors and in Phoenicia and Israel…  It was therefore the religion of go(l)d and the ideology of ‘capitalism’ was a series of beliefs that go(l)d was overpowerful. Its main religious act was the prostitution of women under the Goddess Astarte and the sacrifice of children under the God Baal.

Then those memes were explained in a series of Book and transfered to the Bible, the other cult that the Semites practiced and finally the Bible’s memes about trade andgo(l)d were translated into economics by believers such as Adam Smith, a Calvinist, who followed the advice of Calvin (‘the intelligence of go(l)d is God) and Ricardo, a Jewish stock-broker. We have explained that first ages of capitalism in the article dedicated to the Am Segullah, the people caste that carried those memes and still invent most money and theories about capitalism in the West. The consequences of that specialization are well-known, anti-Semitism, which wrongly confuses all the Jewish people with its dominant ruling caste of Banker-Priest and a series of myths, rooted in those earlier capitalist religions, about the goodness of money and the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’, which were resumed by Keynes in his definition of ccapitalism:

Capitalism is the absurd belief that the wickedest of all men will do the wickedest things for the benefit of all’ Keynes

And yet that belief rules the World. For that reason it must be understood what capitalism is NOT, a science, though it passes as one, called Classic economics, but a series of myths, damned lies and statistics which form the ideology used by the people-castes who own companies and monopolize the invention of money in a society to keep that monopoly and control the world, cre(dit)ate the future, invent reality with it.

Because money buys information, capitalism has imposed through money its ideologies in its 3 evolutionary phases:

– First as a the aforementioned go(l)d religion (the Baalble or part of the dual book of the bible dedicated to reinforce trade and finances, which you can find for ‘free’ in any hotel of America), then as a mathematical science (deviced by Baalist believers, from Adam Smith to Ricardo and Friedmann) and today as a series of software programs embedded in computers.

In all those 3 ages of the capitalist ideology, the ‘people-caste’ who owns money and its ideas define always humans and his needs and goods of the welfare state, as ‘wrong’ and promote all policies that increase the creation of profits in companies dedicated t the reproduction of machines.

And so the result of the ideology off capitalism is basically the reproduction, sale of macines, substitution of labor by mechanical workers and control of the supply of money by the people-castes of bankers and stockrats (laws of productivity, zero deficit laws, laws of iron salary, etc.).

And all this leads to the real definition of capitalism from an external, objective point of view: Capitalism and mechanism are the same sides of the same coin and both sides tell us that the world of mankind ruled by verbal laws, which try to provide human beings with the natural goods of life they require is substituted in capitalism by the laws of digital money and mechanism, which creates a world of machines that substitute life. But mechanism is never explained as the other side of capitalism, even if it has always been there.

Indeed, up to 75% of earlier money was used, before the machine existed, to pay mercenary armies and wage war. Thus capitalism and mechanical weapons were the same. Today this proportion has grown: over 90% of stock capital is dedicated to companies that manufacture machines or their energy or their information.

And those machines are terraforming and substituting life in war and labor fields. Indeed, today the main laws/ ideologies of capitalism  are 2:

– We must rise the productivity of Companies, which is measured by the ratio capital=machines/human labor. Thus productivity is telling us to fire workers and put machines in their place, investing money on them.

– The wealth of nations must be measured in terms of prices not in terms of the utility of goods for human beings, and so because the maximal quantity of money happens during wars, as weapons are the most expensive machines, capitalism tells us that we must wage wars and build weapons; and since the lowest monetary value is given to life  – the minimal iron salary of Ricardo, which is the subsistence salary – capitalism is telling us that the best world is a military dictatorship, in which humans are slave-workers. And for that reason during so many ages of capitalism the world has been at war for profits and humans have been slaves.

In other words as an ideology capitalism=mechanism is the art of killing life with ideas in favor of money and machines, applied as dogmas of ‘faith’, either religious or technological dogmas, resulting indeed in the increasing death of life and poverty of the mass of mankind.

The art of killing life, which was made in the old age of go(l)d and Weapons, when the Am Segullah and the Goths dominated the Wor(l)d, in a rather obvious simple manner, has become now a science, the science of capitalism. So when the go(l)d speculators in order to maintain their monopoly in the cre(dit)ation of money choke from their positions of power (central banks, IMF), the rights of democracies to create money (public deficits), this is not done, as it was done in the Middle Ages, for greed and usury but because this is the science of capitalism and if you do not reduce the rent of widows, elder and unemployed, it is that you do not understand the science of capitalism.

– Capitalism is neither the only natural reality of the economic ecosystem. It is not truth that Free Market, an ideological world that defines the hierarchical pyramid of power of a capitalist society, is the only possible system. It is merely the system imposed by power, by repressing all other alternatives. In other words, while capitalism has won and so now the art of killing life seems necessary to us, it could have been defeated and models based in the art of preserving and enhancing life could have evolved history.

– So capitalism is merely the ideological religion sponsored in a hierarchical society ruled by the power of money and weapons, of metal, of animetal castes in control of a sheeple.

The complexity of the models of modern capitalism help a lot, so the bewildered herd, the sheeple accepts their own demise, because it is explained with digital, mathematical laws. But the concept is the same: the informative elite of mankind creates money and buys laws and then uses those laws to tax further through speculative platforms all the commodities of the world, so they Cohens, Soros and Goldman of the millenary dinasties of capitalism can have a few more billions. And this is what Keynes meant. Capitalism is NOT, never has been for the benefit of all.

Capitalism is a hierarchical, anti-democratic, class-structure, in which instead of warriors on top with exclusive rights to bear and use weapons to impose their will to the sheeple, in an ‘energetic manner’, the top predator upper castes use a hierarchical language of information, go(l)d, to impose their power, with exclusive rights to mint go(l)d, and impose their will to the sheeple, through prices, salaries and bribe orders.

The key to power in any social organism, is to control the language that dominates the society with exclusive rights. Because we all humans are able to speak this is much more difficult to do in a Wor(l)d society than in a go(l)d society in which money has to be invented with financial systems or in the past created with hypnotic metal (gold), and so it can be restricted to those who know how to invent money and with it to cre(dit)ate reality.

Indeed, capitalism is the belief that we human beings should not control our destiny, or rationally use science to understand history and guide our future, building a world made to the image and likeness of man; but let the Laws of Evolution of Species that guide the economic ecosystem control mankind and build a world to the image and likeness of machines.

This belief is based in the primitive go(l)d and war religions of cult(ures) of animetals, whose infantile ideologies about god, nature, money, machines and the future unfortunately dominate our societies. Why and how those primitive cults to greed and violence, money and weapons have come to control History overcoming the rational ideas of economic scientists?

We consider several historic phases of the evolution of capitalist ideologies, its myths and false scientific postulates in this web, needed to understand why mankind is running at full speed towards its probably self-destruction, without the slightest doubt or remorse.

– The historic age in which the animetal  and am segullah cultures established the religious myths of go(l)d as the invisible hand of god that must be obey at any cost.

– The scientific age, in which those myths were translated into mathematical laws by the first economists.

– The mechanist age, in which those myths are now embedded in software laws that guide the behavior of companies and financial markets. and so finally capitalism decouples from mankind and becomes an automated process of creation of machines, which substitute human beings as workers, robotized weapons, who substitute us as soldiers, and software programs of speculation that substitute stockrats at the height of the process, evolving a world of increasingly automated company-mothers, which substitute their blue collar and white collar workers. It is the ultimate meaning of capitalism: the ideology that creates a world to the image and likeness of machines and degrades humans, as humans degraded animals in the past, to a secondary ‘expendable’ position in the Darwinian ladder.

– And finally the age of fiction thought and fundamentalist, religious revival we live in, where truths of science, the attempts to understand the world with the real, biological laws of nature, are substituted by the collective, retarded mental outlook of ‘FuCMaN’ and the technoutopians of ‘scientific praxis’, the making of machines not to understand better the Universe (this is often a excuse for big science such as the cern) but to make machines and provide wealth for corporations.

(1). Few people indeed can have by birth in our society, the privileges of the few people I have found in my life to be free of the program of ‘the eco(nomic)system’ – a huge intelligence to resist the programming and doubt of it; an upbringing in a wealthy family to educate yourself and have a youth without the need to work/learn slave traditions, a culture with minimal quantity of slave memes to limit the program; and a lack of personal ego to empathize and understand that the whole superorganism of mankind is more important than you and your tribe. (Disclosure, this seemed to be my lucky privileges for whom I apologize to those who were ‘tortured’=imprinted in their mind with slavish memes in their youth – a 180 IQ in the school tests, one in a million; a wealthy, scholar family – my father being a top lawyer and aficionado writer, my mother’s family of economists and top politicians in my country, which happens to be one of the very few without dominant metal-memes, Catalonia a nation without army and significant banks/stock market… All of this course gave me the happiness of freedom of the mind but the 4th quality to survive memetic imprinting, a need to love and empathize, a curiosity for humans, only ends today in personal angst as you see how tortured and brutalized is the mind of man and how little can you do to transform slaves imprinted in their youth)…



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