W2 Dec: Mayan Prophecy



Lord Pacal in an observatory, with an eerie resemblance to a rocket ship observes the black hole at the center of Saggitarius. It is in the Mayan legend, the dark, naked ‘eye’ of Ouroburos – the Galactic snake – and center of the island Universe, where the Dark Lord, master of death awaits the birth of a new Earth, which according to the legend will once it is born to the image and likeness of the dark lord, start a treck through the open gap, to reunite with its father.

The similarity of the Pacal stone, in which the God Sun, awaits the opening of the Dark Road to Xibalba, with, a rocket for those who like the mystique of UFOs is surprising, But even more astounding is the translation of the legend to modern cosmology: In the winter solstice of 2012, the ecliptic crosses sagitarius, and around that time the Earth should become according to legend a black hole and travel  ‘to reach the sacred tree’ (the central black hole) ‘where creation occurs.’

And indeed, during the next years, the Earth-sun system will cross an open gap through the ecliptic of the galaxy. Then in  Saggitarius,  the black hole, the center of our island-Universe will be visible… At the same time that humans attempt to create baby black holes on planet Earth, at CERN, the first machine of the Singularity Age of life extinction…

Even more we have observed that when a black hole is born starts to have erratic trajectories, coming out of his initial path, and moving towards the center of the galaxy. It is the same process that in the fractal Universe, happens in a cell, when a strain of RNA is created in one of the ‘furnaces’, the mitocondria… Then the RNA strain moves as it does a new-baby black hole, towards the center of the cell, where millions of RNA strains co-exist together, as it is the case of the ‘organic galaxy’ in which center swarms of black holes co-exist together. It is the Earth’s destiny to become a black hole and migrate to the center of the Galaxy?

One further proof is the ‘Fermi Paradox’: we know there are millions of planets like ours out there, but when we search for extraterrestial life we only hear the tam-tam of radio-waves emitted by those black holes, the true protagonists of the Universe.

Abstract. In the previous post we defined Immortality according to the laws of general systems and duality, as the balance between the systems of energy and information of any  organism of energy and information – e=i –  either a field/particle of space- time (Physical jargon), or a body of energy/head of information (mens sana in corpore sanum, biological jargon) or a social organism with an upper class in control of the languages of information (money and the law) and its energy class of citizens and consumers.

By the same token we defined death as an imbalance by excess of energy or information. We use that simple, mathematical definition to define the two equations of death:

Max. e x min. i or ‘big-bang’ death by accidental overdrive of energy

and  Max. i x min. e or warping death by excess of form, of information.

Further on we affirmed that the evolution of machines is crossing into the age of the Singularity:

– Machines able to produce so much energy (black holes and strangelets at CERN, which are cosmic bombs, able to blow up stars and planets, the 3rd evolution of nuclear bombs after the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb).

– Machines of higher information than man (robots, photonic, quantum computers) that easily overcome the capacity of life in this planet to compete with them in labor and war fields and survive them.

Now we bring an analysis of the Ist of those machines, the ‘black hole factory’ and its relationship with the Mayan prophecy, which astoundingly enough describes the processes of transformation of the Earth into a black hole and its migration to the center of the galactic organism, the ninth scale of the fractal Universe, we described decades ago in our first books on the self-similar scales of the Universe, comparing galaxies and cells. Indeed, in cells the purpose of their ‘furnaces’ mitocondria, is to produce DNA and RNA that migrates to the center of the cell. In the galaxy it is becoming evident that the purpose of stars is to become transformed into black holes that once born migrate to the center of the galaxy in sagitarius where we observe swarms of black holes that catalyze the formation of new stars.

Are we just ‘carbonlife’ a step in the process of creation of black holes? Why if we are not a means but a goal, there is no radiosignals of intelligence ife in any planet but only radio signals of strangelet stars (pulsars) and black holes?

It is the universe absolutely determined as it is a cell?  Those are philosophical questions of secondary importance to the fact that we are indeed in a cross-road of history and unless we control the evolution of machines of energy and information, carbon-life will be extiguished in the age of the singularity by a physical singularity, the black hole, or a mechanical one, the robot.

But why the Mayan calendar could prophesize so accurately the process? As it turns out, the Mayans had a cyclical theory of history and the rise and fall of civilizations, quite similar to our fractal 800-80 years cycle, also divided in 3 ‘organic ages’ of birth, classicism and decadence, and also based in the generational decametric cycle. A similar tradition can be found in the Indian-Chinese (i ching) exploration of the patterns of history.

Thus according to the multiple syncronicity of the different cycles of space-time of a system – in this case, the galactic cycle, the cycle of human evolution of metal and the organic structure of both, the galactic organism and the organisms of civilizations, all those cycles are knotting around a point of space-time which correcting the Mayan prophecy to the events of the Earth might bring indeed the end of the world as a ‘first probability’ of the singularity age around 2015…


I. The Mayan Prophecy:  The Dark Lord of Saggitarius calls a new born baby…


Amazingly, the Sun is right on target. We couldn’t have hoped for a closer conjunction. 1 day before or after will remove the sun a noticeable distance from the crossing point. December 21st, 2012 ( in the Long Count) therefore represents an extremely close conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the crossing point of Galactic Equator and the ecliptic, what the ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree.

Drawing from an impressive amount of iconographic evidence, the Sacred Tree is found to be none other than the crossing point of the ecliptic with the band of the Milky Way. the Sacred Tree that Pacal, the god-sun, ascends in death is more than just the ecliptic, it is the sacred doorway to the underworld. The crossing point of Milky Way and ecliptic is this doorway and represents the sacred source and origin,, an extension of God’s umbilicus, entrance into life, and entrance into death as well: The Sacred Tree is, in fact, at the center of the entire corpus of Mayan Creation Myths. Lord (Ahau) Pacal is, by way of divine kingship, equated with the sun, and he is portrayed “entering” the Sacred Tree on his famous sarcophagus lid, on the day the sun come around to conjunct the crossing point of ecliptic and Milky Way.

The Maya mythologized in this regard, the “dark region” symbolizing death and the underworld around which everything was observed to revolve. Life revolves around death – a characteristically Mayan belief. The dates on which the sun conjuncts the “Sacred Tree” are thus very important. Where the Galactic Equator crosses the ecliptic in Sagittarius just happens to be where the dark rift in the Milky Way begins. This is a dark bifurcation in the Milky Way caused by interstellar dust clouds. To observers on earth, it appears as a dark road which begins near the ecliptic and stretches along the Milky Way up towards Polaris. The Maya today are quite aware of this feature; the Quich Maya call it xibalba be (the “road to Xibalba”).

In Dennis Tedlock’s translation of the Popol Vuh, we find that the ancient Maya called it the “Black Road”. The Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque must journey down this road to battle the Lords of Xibalba. (Tedlock 334, 358). In terms of how this feature was mythologized, it seems that when a planet, the sun, or the moon entered the dark cleft of the Milky Way in Sagittarius (which happens to be the exact center of the Milky Way, the Galactic Equator), entrance to the underworld road was possible, which could then take the journeyer up to the Heart of Sky.

Shamanic vision rites were probably involved in this scenario. In the Yucatan, underground caves were ritual places used by shaman to journey to the underworld. Schele explains that “Mayan mythology identifies the Road to Xibalba as going through a cave” (Forest of Kings, 209). Here we have a metaphorical reference to the “dark rift” in the Milky Way by way of its terrestrial counterpart, a syncretism between earth and sky which is characteristic of Mayan thinking.

Above all, what is becoming apparent from the corpus of Mayan Creation Myths is that creation seems to have taken place at a celestial crossroads – the crossing point of ecliptic and Milky Way.

Any astronomer will tell you that, presently, the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic through the constellation of Sagittarius and this area is rich in nebulae and high density objects. In fact, where the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic in Sagittarius also happens to be the direction of the Galactic Center.

So the quest returns to identifying why  2012 A.D. might represent some kind of astronomical anomoly.

What will happen in this planet around the 2012, which can convert the Earth into a black hole able to treck the road to Xibalba, the naked eye of Ourobouros, the Dark Lord of Deth, residing in Saggitarius. Make your guess…

II. CERN: the first singularity machine, a factory of black holes?

Original Post, 3 years ago, (disregard dates in videos – due to delays LHC won’t cross the barrier of creation of dark matter till 2015).

In the graph, the different events that can cause the extinction of Earth can be summarized in two fundamental threats, which following the Totalitarian principlof Physics: ‘Everything not forbidden is compulsory’. This means that in the same manner when you put fire on water it always boils with a 100% of chances, any particle that can exist will certainly be formed under the right proportion of energy. In the case of the different quark condensates that the LHC can produce they are bound to happen when the proper conditions of energy are met in 2015 over the 10 Tev barrier:

1)  CERN should therefore produce a heavy condensate of quark liquid, either strangelet, bottomlet or toplet. The possibility is so high that even CERN recognizes in the ‘CASTOR papers’, it will make them with a 70% of chances, (contradicting all its public statements). There are still some uncertainties on a factor called the ‘bag’ factor – meaning the stability of those quark condensates will depend on the numbers of heavy quarks that are created on those collisions (the more quarks, the more they will attract each other and form quark-gluon explosive condensates). The numbers of quarks to make strangelets stable though will keep growing as the ‘luminosity’ (density of bunches of quarks collided) and energies of the collision needed to create those heavy quarks (as energy becomes mass, E=Mc2) increase. So each ramping of luminosity and energy will increase those chances.

2) In 2015, when it ramps up to 7 Tev, it will cross the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions. Experts consider that beyond such barrier black holes will be produced, if:

– String Theory is truth (9 out of 10 physicists believe so)

– And/or if Black holes are ‘Einstein’s frozen stars’, ultradense, fermion condensates made of a cut-off substance, top quarks. (Einstein believed black holes could not be just a mathematical equation, but needed a real substance, which can only be, among the particles we know today, the top quark, with self-similar properties to a Higgs – a top/antitop quark condensate). If Black holes are frozen top stars, they will not evaporate because top quarks don’t evaporate. If Einstein is right they will not evaporate, because relativity means that ‘size’ doesn’t matter, it is relative and so in Einstein’s theory black holes of any size grow exponentially. As today, we have multiple proofs that Relativity theory is truth and none of black hole evaporation. So standard science proves Black holes will swallow Earth.

Further on, in Haifa (left image), last year, an homologous of a black hole, a Dumb Hole made of atomic condensates, 1 million time slower, that should have evaporated producing phonons instead of photons, didn’t. It proved once more than Hawking is wrong and Einstein is right.  

How we will know the Earth has been killed? Those events have different speeds: black holes, observed in the cosmos, cause a fast big-bang explosion, which we will hardly notice before becoming part of it. Strangelets should be slower. They should fall to the center of the Earth eating it from inside out. In that case, the process will be signaled by an increase in Earthquakes and volcano activity. The final proof will be the existence of a series of +8 earthquakes in the Richter scale. Yet the LHC might already be causing earthquakes, as we anticipated years ago, given the fact that it is the strongest magnetic field on Earth today, when working at full potency, and Earthquakes are caused by butterfly effects due to disturbances on Earth’s magnetic fields… This year is in fact the second year on number of big >7 Richter scale earthquakes on record, after the carpet bombing of II World War, during the pacific campaign that bombed the ‘ring of fire’ – also a man-made year of earthquakes.

First signs:  Earlier 2010. The Proton c-speed ring: Earthquakes and volcanic activity.

The first hints that the LHC is seriously damaging life on Earth will come from an increase on earthquake and volcano activity.  This  is due to the fact that the LHC is creating a powerful gravito-magnetic field, a ‘ring’ of charged, massive particles that can interact with the magnetic fields of the magma and Earth’s center.

Disturbances on the Earth’s magnetic field by the magnets of the LHC and specially the charged positive c-speed flow of protons can come through 3 different processes:

– The possibility that the 27 kilometers continuous ring of charged protons can interact with self-similar charged flows in the magma or earth’s center, creating a powerful electro-magnetic effect, displacing magma and causing earthquakes and volcano activity. It is a fact that the first day that the charged, proton ring was created in 2008 it caused 4 significant Earthquakesthe first one in Iran, seconds after it was powered up.
The proton, charged ring could act as a new pole of a magnetic field with Earth’s inner fields.

– The creation of strange liquid, already produced in the first experiments, (Kaons at the LHC, hyperons at RHIC) could also provoke explosions in the magma. If stable, it will leak in increasing quantities to the center of the Earth. Some of it will remain in the center, forming the seed of a strangelet. Some will accrete and/or explode in the mantle, in highly energetic, tiny bombs.

– The creation of gravitational waves. The LHC is a 27 Kilometer ring of positive charged massive particles, turning at c -speed. This is essentially equivalent to the ‘singularity’ of a Kerr black hole –  a rotating c-speed charged ring of mass. Since a Kerr singularity can produce transversal gravitational waves;  the LHC might produce perpendicular  gravitational waves that will sink straight towards the center of the Earth (in a similar process a rotating , charged coil is used to produce electromagnetic waves). If so those Gravitational waves, which are undetectable will affect magnetic fields, provoking earthquake waves and increase volcano activity.

Each time the machine increases its speed and ‘luminosity’ (mass), as CERN powers up the LHC, we should observe an increase of earthquakes and collateral deaths, till the 2 possible ‘doomsday events’ happen:

Strangelet Scenario


The first and most probable scenario of human extinction is the creation of strangelets or any other kind of quark-gluon liquid made of lumps of heavy, strange quarks.

They can be created with a lower probability in proton-proton collisions, as those heavy quarks are the ‘signature’ of decay of the hypothetical Higgs or any other Goldstone boson, whose production is the confessed goal of CERN.

They can be created with a much higher probability in lead to lead collisions over 10 Tev as lead has many more quarks than protons and so the lump of quarks that can condensate into a heavy strange liquid, thousands of times heavier than the heaviest atom,  is bigger. When this lump reaches a certain critical mass, it will become stable and start a chain reaction, transforming the rest of the Earth’s matter into heavy quarks in a process similar to a nuclear chain reaction, only that instead of converting the mass of the Earth into lighter energy, it will convert the lighter Earth into heavy mass.

It is the simplest of the ‘mass-bombs’, which follow Einstein’s initial equation of conversion of energy and mass, M=E/c2 (better known by its second expression, E=Mc2, deduced by Einstein’s from the conversion of energy into mass, ergo a ‘standard’ reaction in Einsteinian Physics).

Because strangelets, unlike black holes are ‘likely’ to be produced increasing enormously our probabilities of extinction, CERN has adamantly denied there is any chance to produce it.

But Mr. Penrose, a British physicist, from a prominent family of outstanding scientists, hence ‘evidently’ void of any possible ‘personal agenda’ (as the rest of us is, but unlike us not so easy to submit to an ‘ad hominem’ campaign’, reason why simply his name and site is kept ‘anonymous’ by the P.R. press) discovered a secret program within CERN, dedicated to the production and analysis of those ‘strangelets’, which the organization vehemently deny it can be produced to the press – but consider quite likely to appear in internal memorandums as this power presentation shows, to the point of building a special detector for them:

In the graph, ‘Team Castor’ has built a Calorimeter to detect the production of strangelets at CERNThe probability for each event, according to inner documents, like this powerpoint presentation, implies that CERN will produce 500 strangelets each month starting the 11/9 of this year, when the first pb-pb collisions take place. Standard literature on strangelets explains what will happen next: strangelets will grow, absorbing quarks and transforming our matter into ultradense strange matter, till reaching the size of an atom (albeit with a huge density). Then 2 common processes of Nuclear reactions can take place: fission of the strangelet into smaller pieces that will grow again, starting a nuclear reaction called ‘ice-9’, or catalysis as the huge charge and mass of the strangelet attracts atoms that lump on the surface creating more strangelets.

In the fall of 2015 CERN will begin colliding groups of 70 million lead hadrons at 287 tev, unpacking millions of quarks in each collision. Those quarks will be first accelerated at light speed, acquiring relativistic mass, becoming heavier strange quarks, the substance of a strange quark-gluon soup called a ‘strangelet‘. The strange liquid has the potential to become stable and start an ‘ice-9′ big-bang reaction. If that happens that effectively transforms the Earth into a pulsar.

While CERN adamantly denies to the public and the press that production of Strangelets is possible, it runs a program called CASTOR for Centaruro And STrangelets Object Research, whose researchers affirm in their inner reports to the company the ‘likely’ probability of creating them. This is in accordance to the most advanced literature on the subject, but of course, it must be hidden to the public and the naive press…

In 2015 as the LHC increases the potency and number of quarks it collides in its experiments, it will create greater quantities of atoms of strangelet liquid, called hyperons, made of up, down and strange quarks, which it has already produced in unexpected numbers at low energies, despite all their safety reports that said it would never produce them.

As quarks accelerate at c-speed, they acquire mass, because energy cannot go beyond light speed. Energy curls tiny vortices of space-time (Einstein’s definition of mass), making those quarks heavier. At light speed our protons made of up and down quarks (uud) will become strange quarks, converting the colliding protons into hyperons (usd particles, atoms of usd=strange liquid). Within the point of collision hyperons merge in pairs becoming dibaryons, which are stable and neutral and so they cannot be detected.

Thus dibaryons once formed, will fall to the center of the Earth, accreting matter as they form a growing ball of strange liquid. If they have not enough critical mass to become stable, which will ‘likely’ happen after 2015’s increase in luminosity and potency produces them in massive numbers, those dibaryon will explode in their path to the center of the Earth provoking mini-big bangs in the mantle, which will cause an increase in earthquake activity after the machine switches on. But some might arrive to the center of the Earth, where they will form a growing ball of ultradense strange liquid, which finally will crunch the Earth into a strange star.

We will know this scenario’s end is closer, when we experience magnitude 9 earthquakes that kill hundreds of thousands of human beings.

Now how do you deal with the existence of a group of people who are able to risk the entire planet for the sake of a few prizes, a salary and a ‘religion’ of machines – physics the science of entropy and motion, who thinks is all about energy, entropy and death?

And are faithfully protected by the entire planetary ego-trip of mass-media, corporations and worship of technology? 

In this group of the 4 biggest activists, Mr. Rossler takes it with German angst; Mr. Penrose with some british irony; Mr. Walter with American optimism; but me, being a Catalan, a country known for its art… well I take it with surrealist humor.

Because indeed, if there is something surrealist today in the world is CERN and its Shiva statues and monuments to the wrong God.

So we shall introduce from time to time in this blog, excepts of our film, ‘quantum roulette’, which needless to say will never come to a theater near you. This is the piece about strangelets, strange and surrealist indeed (as usual disregard dates, 2010 was the initial year for full-energy firing of the LHC, now postponed to 2015):

Black Hole Scenario: 

In 2015 the LHC will accelerate protons and hadrons at maximal energy, colliding them at over 1 Pev,

producing heavy, bottom, charm and top quark-gluon liquid condensates, aka Higgs, possible substances of black holes. The quark-gluon soup it will produce will be far denser and attractive than strangelet liquid, hence the process of accretion of the Earth will be self-similar to the strangelet event but much faster.

Those collisions have the potential to create micro-black holes and top quark condensates (the real Higgs). The top quark condensates have properties similar to black holes, which according to Albert Einstein will not evaporate, rather convert matter (the Earth) into a 3 cm Black Hole or Frozen star. What Einstein defined as a mass-bomb, since he deduced his equation, E=Mc2, first in its inverse form, M=E/c2, thus foreseeing the existence of energy collapsing into mass.

A black hole is made of strings (the minimal components of quarks) which are the components of gluons and quarks. Their mathematical description is equivalent (a 5th dimensional world of strings is equivalent to a 4 dimensional world of quarks); which reinforces the idea that a black hole is a top quark star.

The LHC was created to produce massive quantities of top quarks since the Higgs and a top quark condensate are the same substance, (the Higgs was promoted as the new ‘God particle’ just to get more research resources, not allocated to study known-particles). It will not form black holes that evaporate. Since quarks don’t evaporate.

The black hole will not fall to the Earth but it will become the new, densest center of the Earth and the Earth will fall into LHC’s creation. The process will last a very short time. Some images might be captured on TV but most likely wherever we are, we will just feel a strong wind, and then a blast of attractive forces will crunch and kill us, as the Earth explodes into a Nova.

Probabilities in this theme.

The black hole scenario has been the most commented by the press as it is the most unlikely. So it was the ideal scenario to create a ‘big scare’, with big sales and then a happy conclusion: ‘nothing happens, it was all a joke’,  Yet its chances are higher than the press explained, as it depends on two issues:

– Who is right about mass and black holes, Einstein (never disproved) or Hawking (never proved). So here the conclusion is simple. As far it concerns serious science and proof of truth Einstein is right and so a black hole, if appearing at CERN will not evaporate.Unless, black holes indeed travel to the past…

If you thought that the ‘strangelet’ scenario was ‘strange’, think twice, because our ‘genius’ theory is even more weird. So having befriended Mr. Terry Southern, the writer of Dr. Strangelove during my youth at Columbia University… we shall consider Mr. Hawking’s theory of black holes traveling to the past, or else… with another surrealist touch coming from his past alter ego (:

– Can black holes be produced with so tiny energies compared to the energies of the total Universe? Here the issue depends on the existence and truth of string theory. If string theory is truth, the answer is yes: gravitation will happen in a Universe with more ‘hidden’ dimensions in the small scales in which CERN operates in its collisions. And so with those ‘hidden dimensions’ Gravitation will be far more powerful and it will happen.

Since 90% of physicists believe in string theory, this determines a high probability from their point of view. And it shows the astounding professional corruption of nuclear physicists, in what regards to their respect for ‘life’, which ca be compared with tothat of bankers, with their utter despise for the life conditions of the 99% of mankind.

Indeed, due to the enormous power that those professions, which invent the machines and money of our economic ecosystem, yield, we are talking of two ‘people-castes’ of ‘high-priests’ of ‘money and science’, which ultimately have nobody to monitor what they do and seem to lack any capacity to restrain their wantings. So since absolute power corrupts absolutely; I have no doubt one of those two scenarios will happen this century in this or any upgraded machine, as physicists will always find a new excuse, particle or theory to test, building a bigger more expensive accelerators, making huge money in the process and aspiring to new prizes.

Update, 23, Dec, 2011. Please disregard some errors on dates you might find, specially on the films extracted from this ‘quantum roulette‘, on the future of mankind (which are more difficult to upgrade than the posts), as CERN has been delayed the experiments and won’t fire the LHC at full potency till 2015.

As today, the machine works at only 4+4 Tev below the theoretical 10 Tev barrier of formation of black holes and heavy quarks,which can trigger a catastrophic event. So the truly dangerous events (condensation of explosive quark liquids responsible of novas and supernovas) have been adjourned till 2015 when the machine is fired at maximal potency. At that point of space-time all information provided with the old dates on the risks of the LHC, will be relevant again as the LHC fires at 14 Tev, and the massive production of Goldstone bosons (aka Higgs), which decay into the heaviest top, bottom and strange quarks, make the condensation of strange-let, bottom-let or top-let explosive liquid (-let meaning liquid), responsible for the creation of novas, supernovas and perhaps quasars, quite probable.

Regarding those delays, they were first due to the fact that despite reassurances by CERN on the impossibility of LHC’s failure, the machine though broke the first week on line. Ever since plans to switch at full power have been delayed once and again till the present date of 2015. This was a extremely positive development for mankind, as the probabilities the LHC could cross at 1/2 potency, at 8 Tev, the ‘threshold’ of establity of dark matter which could signify our extinction (black hole and strangelets), believed to be over the 10 Tev barrier, were not realized.

While power will only double, the reader should notice also that those risks will increase ‘geometrically’ (logarithmically) since there will also be a massive increase of luminosity (statistic number of collisions) and hence a geometrical increase in the chances to produce quark-gluon condensates.

In any case what seems proved is what we considered to be the first signal the LHC is affecting the Earth: a surge on Earthquake activity, which has almost doubled its big earthquakes in the past 4 years. Moreover, statistically the annual minimal happens in the winter period when LHC is closed. So it will happen now in winter, till March 2012, when a new surge will take place.

Update. 11-12 april 2012. 

The 2012 ‘hunting season’ restarted the LHC at higher 4 Tev (8 Tev in the point of collision, still under the theorized 10 Tev barrier of black hole, strangelet and toplet formation). And chronometrically, as in all the previous seasons the occurrence of Earthquakes has jumped. It had plummeted during winter, as the machine rested in peace, but:

– Within hours of the first magnetic ring formation with 4 Tev bunches (26 march) we suffered a >7 earthquake in Mexico. During that first week earthquakes over 6 doubled and we got two >7 earthquakes – the same quantity than in the entire winter, thus an increase over 1000%

– Then last  week, collisions started and within a week there were two plus 8 earthquakes in Sumatra – the biggest events ever outside a fault plate, which is always indication of a man-made cause. A pattern emerges, of minimal activity of earthquakes during CERN’s winter break followed by a year peak as soon as the LHC’s magnetic field and quark matter factory switches on, either producing disturbances on the Earth’s magnetic field or dense dark matter which explodes in its fall to the center of the Earth, provoking cascades of high energy events as cosmic rays do in their atmospheric collisions.

Indeed, the last year, within a week of restarting collisions there was a 9 earthquake in Japan… In previous years the same pattern took place with earthquake peaks in Iran, Chile, etc. Deja vu. But the pattern is incremental, as the LHC increases its regime of energy and density of collisions. So this year overcame last year’s peak at Japan, and it was far more significant, because the outbrake of Earthquakes was global, not only localized in the place of the Sumatran event; and overall it has been the day with the highest number of big Earthquakes on record in the history of this planet.

This means that the LHC, which is the strongest magnetic field of planet Earth, only parallel to the one in the core of the planet is provoking shifts on the magnetic field, whose changes are considered responsible for most Earthquakes. Needless to say the Financial-Military-Industrial system and its P.R. press has ignored the facts. They cannot be proved 100%, only it seems God’s particle will be prove to ‘exist’ with Sigma 3 probabilities, well bellow the standard of serious science.

Update, 4th July 2012.

 After the discovery of a Goldstone boson that might be a Higgs, we have opened the door to the dark world, whose strongest candidates today, as SUSY has been discharged, are the known known, extra-heavy quarks, which if produced in great numbers will condensate into strangelets and maybe black holes (likely to be top quark stars).

We are now going to mass-produce Goldstone bosons of high energy/mass that decay into strange, top and bottom quarks, called in liquid, explosive form, strangelets, toplets and bottomlets quark-explosives.

Those substances described in the graph, can become mass-bombs able to feed and transform the entire planet into a quark star. We are thus closer to a negative scenario when the production of Higgs resumes in 2015 at an industrial scale. Then, the chances that the particles in which Goldstone bosons transform our electromagnetic, ‘weak symmetry’ world, Top, Bottom, and Strange quarks are produced in enough quantities to condensate into a dark matter liquid explosive will be according to the Totalitarian Law of physics (all compounds that are not ruled out by the laws of physics ‘will happen’) almost ‘certain’.

Finally, we do not see Higgs bosons but its decaying particles, heavy top and bottom quarks and antiquarks that in huge numbers as they will be produced after 2015, will attract each other and condensate into explosive strangelet, toplet or bottomlet liquids, the known-candidates, responsible for the explosions of Novas, Supernovas and quasars.

In that regard, it must be said that this expensive and dangerous tune up is unneeded to explore the Higgs candidate, as we have found it at low energies/masses. So with the present regime of low risk energies, all its properties could be researched. But that won’t change the policy of CERN, since it would mean to accept the existence of those risks, which the company adamantly rejects against the known-known laws of science. Ultimately CERN, as all ‘modern corporations’, never accepts a wrong-doing, always uses a corporative, P.R. Walt Disney type of ‘newspeak’; and so its routine and the need for jobs and future budgets for new accelerators makes unavoidable the upgrade and on the long term perhaps our dismissal by the paradigmatic mad scientist – the nuclear ‘researcher’…

We would wish and have fought for a different future, but the determinism of humanity to ‘go to the end’, on this issue of finding a quite irrelevant particle ‘whatever it takes’, seems to make Mr. Fromm’s statement the destiny of our civilization:

‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even if they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics.’

Yet of course ethics deals with survival, the preservation of life. So technological ethics deal with the survival of machines and weapons whatever they do to mankind. And certainly CERN’s LHC seems determined to survive till it accomplish the Fermi Paradox, whatever its collateral damage to mankind is.

Its money-hungry industries and Nobel-hungry physicists will also validate the Merchant of Death’s proposal to end all wars with the peace… of Nirvana: ‘My factories will put an end to war sooner than your congresses: on the day [my weapons] can annihilate armies in a second…” 

Mr. Nobel’s justification of its factories of weapons was latter picked up by physicists during the Nuclear race, and renamed the M.A.D. strategy (Mutual Assured Destruction). It was then when accelerators were discovered to research the Atomic and Hydrogen bomb. In fact the first Atomic bomb was an accelerator design, but the unpractical construction of one accelerator, too heavy to fly over Japan scrapped those plans and the machine became the fundamental tool of research of new weapons, in a race between Russia and the US, disguised with a new jargon of ‘Nuclear Physics’ and the ‘search for new particles’ as the ‘Saint Grail’ of knowledge.

This secondary role became the best propaganda for them after the end of the cold war when funding dragged for the Super-Collider, once the ‘red scare’ diminished. It was then when the bright idea of pumping up the Higgs – just the 3rd boson that kills our matter as the Z and W boson do, but NOT the particle that creates mass – into transcendental meaning became the alibi for further funding of this prop of the Nuclear Industry.

Since if the stakes were so high (our annihilation and 13 billion $ of tax payer money) the purpose must be even higher – the finding of the meaning of God, Man and the Universe. And it worked.

So M.A.D. has become now a reality with this new icon of our civilization, the ultimate weapon, but of course in the age of Orwellian Newspeaks, where we don’t go to war but send ‘peace missions’, we are also researching the 3rd horizon of Nuclear weapons, Mass-bombs for peaceful research. Newspeaks change adapting themselves to the Zeitgeist of each age. What does not seem to change is the purpose of our ‘technological civilization’…

If so the resolution of the long standing Fermi Paradox – why despite the abundance of planets there are no signs of intelligent radio-signals or robotic civilizations in the Universe, only the rhythmic tam-tams of pulsars (strangelet stars) and black holes (quite possible toplet stars) – will give reason to the cynical Mr. Fermi, who affirmed nuclear physicists blow up all those planets before they reach interstellar travel or A.I. substitute us – making us into yet another tam-tam strangelet or toplet star. It will also confirm, Mr. Smolin’s theory of a Universe that evolves black holes NOT human beings, though quite in a different way.

(Of course if you are a ‘believer’ on G. Bush, a God Bush of the bronze age, you can always think on the anthropic principle so many ‘serious’ physicists sponsor: namely that we are the ‘chosen’ unique intelligent species of the Universe, designed to host us (-; and so we shall not only find God’s particle but she will rapture us into heavens )-: 0-:  To each one its Karma.



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