Earth’s bigbang


‘Heat cannot pass spontaneously from a body of lower temperature to a body of higher temperature.’

Rudolf Clausius, 1850, first enunciation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, original wording.

Heat. ‘Heat is energy that is transferred from one body to another as the result of a difference in temperature. If two bodies at different temperatures are brought together energy is transferred – i.e. heat flows – from the hotter body to the colder. The effect of this transfer of energy is an increase in the temperature of the colder body and a decrease in the temperature of the hotter body’. 

Britannica, 1st paragraph, article on ‘Heat’, Macropaedia; Volume 8, page 701

The hard facts of known-known science 

The fate of humanity, a childish species, who feels entitled to defy the laws of the Universe with wishful thinking, depends on this formula:

M_H \leq \frac{\hbar c^3}{8 \pi G k_B T_u} \;(1)

As the formula is filled with Universal Constants, and only two variables we shall write it in a simplified manner as:

±ΔMass ≤ Konstant/±ΔTemperature.

Or easier to Understand moving Temperature to the other side:

±ΔMass  x  ±ΔTemperature  = Constant.

Simple, isn’t? It is the formula that defines the changes in temperature and mass of black holes.

We know both can change but in which direction? If the black hole mass  increases, temperature must diminish for the product to remain constant. If the black hole mass diminishes, then temperature must increase for the product to remain constant.

Two choices. Why we care? well, as it happens your life depends on it.

More exactly on the choice of ± signs of that equation.

If we write:

-Δ Mass  X +Δ Temperature = Constant…

You live, as the black holes the LHC will make in 2015, when it works at full potency, will increase temperature, getting hotter and diminishing mass, evaporating.

If we write:

+Δ Mass  x -Δ Temperature = Constant, then you die.

As black holes will cool down, transferring heat to the surrounding planet, evaporating us into a cosmic explosion, a Nova.

Never a symbol mattered so much to mankind. So who or what chooses those symbols? That is the conundrum. (2)

The ‘what’, the Universe and its scientific laws have chosen the Symbol of your death.

The ‘who’, Mr. Hawking and his laws of ‘imaginary time’, have arbitrarily decided the Universe is wrong and the black hole will evaporate.

The problem is that the Universe  and his fundamental laws, the Laws of entropy always choose the equation of death, our evaporation.

Indeed, any ultra-hot object as a black hole, born in a cold environment as the Earth is, according to the laws of entropy cools down and transfers heat to the environment, evaporating us. And this is what we see in the Universe happening, always, when a black hole is born. It cools down and evaporates its surroundings into a big explosion, a Nova.

When you take an iron rod from the oven and put it in cold water, the water evaporates and the iron cools down, ALWAYS. And in the Universe whenever we see the birth of an ultra-hot black hole it evaporates its surrounding electromagnetic world (us) and gets colder, ALWAYS, till it reaches as a mature huge black hole a thrermodynamic balance with the cold vacuum that surrounds it.

In this principle, that heat moves from the hot source to the cold one, are based all the laws of thermodynamics, all the machines of the planet. If this principle would not exist you could made a machine of eternal motion, the biggest hoax of science. There is NOT a single exception to the laws of Thermodynamics in the Universe. Everything in science is based in this law.

But then a child of thought, with utter disregard of the known-known laws of the Universe, has chosen the other symbols:

– Δ Mass  X  + Δ Temperature = Constant…

It is Hawking’s formula of evaporation of black holes…that defies all the laws of entropy, all the laws of time, all the laws of Einstein and all the laws of the 5th dimension, the expansion of Einstein’s relativity that I study.

And that is the problem.

What the equation means is easy to understand:

Hawking affirms that black holes do exactly the opposite that all other entities of the Universe:

They are born very hot, the hottest objects of the Universe (in this we all agree), but then instead of cooling down in our cool Universe, burning us into hell, they will ‘magically’ absorb heat from the cold environment (+Δ), getting even hotter, breaking all the laws of entropy!

It is like if you throw a flame into water and the flame would get hotter and the water would become ice!

It is like if you get a cup of hot coffee and the cup keeps getting hotter ‘evaporating’, while it freezes your hand!

This has never happened and the mere idea was for very long in science a laughing matter. Since the laws of entropy are crystal clear. When a hot system is put by the side of a cold system, temperature moves from the hot system that cools (in this case the black hole) to the cold one that heats and evaporates.

But Hawking insists. When a black hole is born, hotter than the environment, instead of evaporating the environment as any hot object does, it will become hotter and evaporate!

How he figures the black hole does that? Well it can’t according to the laws of time and entropy. So alas! He figured out that the black hole travels back into the past instead of traveling to the future. And that is why it evaporates. It is like if a baby will travel back into the past and enter the womb of the mother evaporating. Easy.

Indeed, he also muses after that astounding discovery that he could enter a black hole and come into the past and kill his grand-father. Seriously.

How he calls this weird type of time that goes backwards? Hold on to your seat (:

‘Imaginary time’… Seriously )-:, 0-:

This is Hawking in a nutshell. The rest is all ‘celebrity’ noise.

And that is why we are worried, very worried. Of course it would be easier to believe the fairy tale of time travel, imaginary time, the end of entropy laws, a machine of perpetual motion… I wouldn’t mind to believe all that if my life didn’t depend on it.

Indeed, on such musings hang the life of mankind. Our destiny depends on an ± symbol. It is worth to repeat it:

-Δ Mass  x  +Δ Temperature = Constant

Defines ‘imaginary black holes’ that break the laws of entropy and will get hotter. Then for all the constants of the Universe to remain constant their mass must diminish and balance the increase of heat. And you will live.

But the Universe has never done this choice.

On the contrary the Temperature of a hot mass always diminishes in a cold environment.

So mass always increases. Let us then respect the laws of the Universe, proved ad nauseam in all systems and write instead the symbols right:

+Δ Mass  x -Δ Temperature= Constant.

The hot black hole as all the systems of the Universe will decrease its temperature as it is born much hotter than our Universe, and so the heat will be transferred to our electromagnetic world and evaporate it, and the black hole will absorb it as energy in its event horizon collapsing that energy into  mass at the speed of light: M=E/c2

This is what Einstein say, what we observe in the Universe, what every black hole born in that Universe proofs: The black hole is born very hot, evaporates the sorroudings and absorbs it, exploding the world into a Nova at the speed of light. So we will die in a few seconds. Simple, straight forwards maths that a kid in high school could understand.

Let us now consider a more detailed analysis of that event:

In the graph, the different events that can cause the extinction of Earth can be summarized in two fundamental threats, which following the Totalitarian principle of Physics: ‘Everything not forbidden is compulsory’. This means that in the same manner when you put fire on water it always boils with a 100% of chances, any particle that can exist will certainly be formed under the right proportion of energy. In the case of the different quark condensates that the LHC can produce they are bound to happen when the proper conditions of energy are met in 2015 over the 10 Tev barrier:

1)  CERN should therefore produce a heavy condensate of quark liquid, either strangelet, bottomlet or toplet. The possibility is so high that even CERN recognizes in the ‘CASTOR papers’, it will make them with a 70% of chances, (contradicting all its public statements). There are still some uncertainties on a factor called the ‘bag’ factor – meaning the stability of those quark condensates will depend on the numbers of heavy quarks that are created on those collisions (the more quarks, the more they will attract each other and form quark-gluon explosive condensates). The numbers of quarks to make strangelets stable though will keep growing as the ‘luminosity’ (density of bunches of quarks collided) and energies of the collision needed to create those heavy quarks (as energy becomes mass, E=Mc2) increase. So each ramping of luminosity and energy will increase those chances.

2) In 2015, when it ramps up to 7 Tev, it will cross the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions. Experts consider that beyond such barrier black holes will be produced, if:

– String Theory is truth (9 out of 10 physicists believe so)

– And/or if Black holes are ‘Einstein’s frozen stars’, ultradense, fermion condensates made of a cut-off substance, top quarks. (Einstein believed black holes could not be just a mathematical equation, but needed a real substance, which can only be, among the particles we know today, the top quark, with self-similar properties to a Higgs – a top/antitop quark condensate). If Black holes are frozen top stars, they will not evaporate because top quarks don’t evaporate. If Einstein is right they will not evaporate, because relativity means that ‘size’ doesn’t matter, it is relative and so in Einstein’s theory black holes of any size grow exponentially. As today, we have multiple proofs that Relativity theory is truth and none of black hole evaporation. So standard science proves Black holes will swallow Earth.

Further on, in Haifa (left image), 2 years ago, an homologous of a black hole, a Dumb Hole made of atomic condensates, 1 million time slower, that should have evaporated producing phonons instead of photons, didn’t. It proved once more than Hawking is wrong and Einstein is right.  

The Fantasies of the Media System

But Mr. Hawking wrote an article 37 years ago, full of verbose musings about the possibility of an exception to the laws of the Universe, which has never been proved… and now your life depends on it. Nobody believed him, but the media caught on the concept that for this to happen, black holes MUST travel to the past, and so science fiction is possible. You can kill your grand-father. And so he became a celebrity.

There you had a man in a wheelchair, a handicapped person who could be the biggest scientist of history, who had discovered travel in time! A beautiful story of self-realization, unfortunately false. But tt sold millions of books with his charming aspect. Nobody deared to criticize him, with his personal tragedy. Everybody wanted to protect him. He became a celebrity, untouchable, a demi-god. Scientists knew it was all bull$hit but who would defy mass-media. As the video shows below, he was invited to participate in star treck along the 2 foremost physicists of history, Einstein and Newton in a game of poker.

It was tolerated by serious scientists as it made the subject hype and popular. Media used with him the celebrity propaganda circus that makes heroes of any kid with a nice smile.

He is a charming lad and so he even convinced many serious people to give him a chance after many years of suspicion. So in the 80s he  obtained massive resources to look all around the Universe for an evaporating black hole. Satellites were sent to that aim wasting precious resources for arid research. Rows of antennae have been looking at the Universe in search of the signature of an evaporating black hole traveling to the past for decades. This search became with SETI search for aliens the most popular in popular science. But the Universe didn’t seem to change his structure to please this child-god, and of all the black holes we found none has ever evaporated. All had grown very fast and cooled down in the process. All of them stubborn creatures travel to the future, and evaporate the surroundings, us.

Then CERN built the LHC and made some errors in its calculus and a Brown University scholar found them and warned the world – the LHC actually fired at full potency would create black holes, which are born as all ‘systems’ as a very small seed, as you are born, but then grow at full speed as you do, absorbing the energy=food that surrounds them. Alarms sound and we entered the suits. CERN though was caught on by surprise. What to do then?

The 13 billion $ machine was almost constructed? Could it be stopped by a nuisance like that. As in the film ‘inconvenient truth’ the fate of the Earth depending on a pile of gold in the other side of the balance. 8000 people lived directly on the machine, hundreds of thousands collaborated around the world in all the Universities of physics. It was the resurgence of the nuclear industry after years of fear. Now it was a ‘palace of research’ Never mind accelerators had always been used to research nuclear weapons in ‘scale’, and so this bigger one would be researching the biggest nuclear weapon the self-feeding black hole. All that was obvious.

And at that point, the press should have alarmed mankind, politicians should have quietly closed the facilities and life would have gone on with no genocide risk.

But the press didn’t know. So, we, a team of responsible scientists alerted the press with suits and releases. That is all we could do. The rest was mankind defending itself from the nuclear industry.

And yet, then the most surrealist facts happened. The press by this time had become another P.R.ess, public relationships system corrupted by money, without resources for serious research.

Today the press just receive releases of this or other movie by the studios that open the film, and publish it as if were criticism.

It receives releases of this or other army in the Irak war and it publishes as it were journalism.

So it received releases from CERN and it published them as it were dogma and truth.

At the same time, CERN, a german concern directed by this lineal people who NEVER change their mind, mounted a cunning ad hominem campaign against the scientists that denounce it; and the entire apparatus of big science censored any serious argument.

And Hawking? Well, he was happy. Now after 3 decades of proofs against its musings on time travel, this persistent fellow will have an opportunity to prove it at home.

Never mind on the other side of the balance, it was the life of 7 billion human beings.

In 2015 the LHC will do black holes and those MUST do what he says or else, we will evaporate. He is willing to take the risk. Are You? It seems you are. As nobody seems to care much about the experiment that will open the doors to time travels. Alas! Great science fiction. This is ‘Hawking in a nutshell’ .

The answer in 2015, when protons collide and according to 90% of physicists polled, they will form black holes at LHC. So far by ‘accident’, the LHC has been working at 1/2 its potency, below the 10 Tev barrier needed to create them. But in 2015 the machine finally alas! we had 7 years of happiness and life without risk, the machine will collide protons over 14 Tev.

And if strings exist they will be formed and 9 out of 10 physicists including me and Hawking, think they do. So the chances are 90%.

Then a ± symbol will decide the fate of the world. If Einstein and the Universe is right you will die.

If Hawking can kill his grand-father you will live.

So wait for 2015, to see if we go back in time, break the laws of entropy and survive.

Or if the Universe keep following its laws and then Einstein is vindicated.

And you will evaporate because…

‘Those who impose truth with power are the laugh of the gods’ A.Einstein

So since nobody ‘cares’ for Einstein, for the laws of the Universe, for their lives, let us laugh with the master and the Gods:

(disregard dates in videos – due to delays and repairs LHC works at 1/2 potency and won’t cross the barrier of creation of dark matter at 10 Tev till 2015).

The 5 phases of death.

Now the reader will excuse the tone of some of these posts. It has to do with the 5 phases of acceptance of death (Kubler-Ross model)

When we realize something wrong is happening and we are sick, corrupted and about to die as Gaia is under the menace of machines that far overpower our capacities of energy (CERN planetary bombs) or information (robotic revolution) the definition of death (you die by excess of energy as in wars and accidents or excess of form, of information as in your 3rd age of wrinkles and null energy), we know we are going to die. But Kubler explains first we deny; then we get angry; then we bargain; then we get depressed and then we accept Nirvana  (Sanscrit for ‘extinction’). I have gone through those 5 stages, mostly ‘angry’ (3), but now finally reached Nirvana.

Unfortunately the world has not gone beyond the first phase – denial.

The world is in denial that CERN or robots can extinguish us, because they make ‘tons of money’ with them. So they got angry to the messengers, us in the case of CERN (Walter, Rossler, me and a few dozens of scientists that filled suits and protests against this madness). There you have most of mankind in phase one and two.

Why? Because humans have regressed to an infantile, neo-paleolithic, violent, visual, ilogic, emotional time, under the influence of mass-media, which is the ‘system’ that handled this news. So children CANNOT UNDERSTAND, conceive or imagine from their subjective, selfish optimism of entitled ‘prima donnas’ something so dark as death.

To be more precise humans are still humans, but their subconscious collective is ‘MEDIA’. And Media is an industrial corporation, a system based in emotional, childish, audiovisual fictions, which CANNOT change its attitude and the way it handles and transforms truth into ‘virtual reality’. Media was trapped in its own system of ‘manufacturing brains’ (Chomsky).

Media had created the myth of Hawking and could not now change his mind. Industries have straight-jackets of procedures to deal with perceived problems.

So as CERN decided suddenly to throw down the gutter Einstein’s sound theories and Thermodynamics and adopted Hawking musings as dogmas, telling directly to his workers that ‘they must believe in black hole evaporation’ (sic), media decided it could not break his 30 years old bluff and must kept Hawking as a genius.

And mankind whose brain is manufactured by media stop all sound reasoning and accepted these as facts.

This took me sometime to understand, as I am not a child. But as the cholera mounted against us, finally I realized mankind could not accept death as a child could not and would become angry to those who tried to cure him, rejecting salvation.

But a few might have bargained, the 3rd stage, as the machine has run at 1/2 its potency, which all physicists know is just under the threshold of energy needed to make black holes or strangelets. Now in any case if that was the case, the bargain is over, the real ‘thing’ is coming in 2015, even if the Higgs has been discovered, now we are going to essay the big-bang at home, a nova, a black hole.

Now we must distinguish. Mr. Hawking knows he might die. he is obsessed with extinction. he moves forward the needles of the extinction clock given to him. He is in the line of the makers of the H-bomb, Von Newman and Teller who were obsessed about the extinction they would case, with Fermi, the A-bomb father that uttered the Fermi paradox (there is no intelligent life in the galaxy because, we physicists blow all planets). But he will take the risk for a Nobel prize as the previous short film explains in HIS own words. He puts a lot of humor and cynicism in that short film; that is his style. The laughs though are a bit nervous, the sheeple is suspicious but won’t go beyond the infantile denial. So happens to the kids working at CERN. So we can divide mankind in these groups:

– Physicists are ‘bargaining’. They bargain with the laws of the Universe to maintain the profits of their military-industrial complex, of the nuclear industry, twisting the laws of the Universe, risking to be the laughs of the Gods, caught in their own professional traps as Fermi and Teller and Hawking are.

Their arrogance is their demise. The wife of Hawking said is her biography, he is ‘a child’ and ‘thinks he is god’ ‘reason why i divorced. I could not convince him he is not’.

Hawking is both victim of the infantile mass-media that made him a God to sell his books. The truth is that like in the last film of Peter sellers ‘Being there’, he is a new Mr. Chance taken as a genius by an ignorant crowd.  He learned at 8 to read; he was a mediocre student at school; he is not in any professional list of the top scientists of the century – always topped by Einstein, knows his work is science fiction, written 40 years ago, in an age of loonies, drugs and fantasies of all kind – so his travel on time was very trendy; but he will risk it all, his life, as an ego-centered child cares nothing for the rest. His life anyway with mental neuronal atrophy is not that great. So he repeats in his conference his obsession, ‘the nobel prize’ ‘i might get a nobel prize is black holes evaporate at cern’. If not you will become spaghetti. He doesnt lie. Teller didnt lie eitehr. That is the messianic madness of the nuclear physicist.

– But this bargaining is only known to the physicists, and hidden.

To the public they sell 1) denial and 2) anger against us, and the public, the children, the media that MUST believe in the system accept it as a routine. They never tried to understand even the simple mathematical argument above, which even a high school student should understand as Hawking’s work is truly infantile, despite some complicated mathematical details. On the contrary they made their workers to sign confidenciality statements; lowered their own 10% of unlikely risk (a legal genocide of 10% x 7 billions only by switching on) to 0% and his Chief theorist told the twenty-agers working there that they ‘must believe in black hole evaporation’… And then they threw a party of the end of the world… to calm their fears.

But in public they went for authority. And the world decided to believe celebrity and the industrial military complex as an automaton, fatalist routine.

Hence the enormous number of new prizes CERN is getting to ‘calm fears’; the astounding pumping up of the rather irrelevant Higgs particle, as the solution to all our questions about the Universe. If the stakes are so high – our extinction, the prize must be huge, the ‘meaning of it all’… If they are getting all those prizes for finding a particle, the Higgs, which as we explain is rather irrelevant, they must be right. This of course is classic military noise. As Goebbels, first ministry of propaganda put it, ‘if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe’ So lies have been repeated ad nauseam in favor of CERN, the Higgs, Hawking stature, the lack of risks, the absurd comparison between cosmic rays – single particles of light weight and the experiments at CERN, which smash massive quantities of quarks, the substance of strangelets and probably black holes, never found in cosmic rays. And of course, the ad hominem campaigns against all who opposed CERN were also repetitive. Our names have still over 1 million tags in google all against.

So as today, Walter, an American, and me, a Spaniard, people who love life but also can concede defeat, have accepted fate. Only Rossler is still trying as a good German who never gives up against the bad Germans that run the machine and also will never give it up. And he is still angry. To me now the censorship that covers us is in harmony with Nirvana. Graceful death indeed is how we shall go, with a silent smile.

The rest will go with mercy, as the Universe feed systematically in children, the stapple food for all species. Larvae die in +90% of cases. Little turtles in the beach enter with the curiosity of a cat in the lizzard’s open mouths. Human children in the audiovisual, neo-paleolithic age will invite the top predator of the Universe, the black hole, at home, to see if he is ‘nice’ and evaporates.

But death is brief. In the equations of the 5th dimension that mathematize all process of the life death cycle death has this equation:

0 time-information x ∞ energy = death = big-bang.

You die in a relative zero quanta of your time-existence, as all your systems explode and annihilate its form, its information into a blast of amorphous energy.

You will not know you are dying in a second when the black hole is not nice and as the lizard on the costa-rican coast closes its mouth and devours you. Man, a childish species with only 40.000 years of rational words, will die as soon as he was born in the cosmic scale of things, proving the Fermi Paradox – we never got to be intelligent, to be homo sapiens, to respect the laws of the biological Universe. You will thus never knew you were dying, as you denied it, and you will not know you died.

Why Children are the staple food of the Universe.

But why the Universe is so cruel with children; Why they are the main source of food? For two reasons. The Universe cares nothing about the individual, the ego. It is a non-ego place. And so it punishes egoes, subjectivism, childish entitlement. And the Universe is about force; it selects the strongest; it searches for perfection, eliminating those who are not. And so as cruel as it might seem; it has no empathy, no compassion for the kind of people, fantasy-riddle and ego-centric that Mr. Hawking represents. And for those who follow in their steps. The Universe does not like cute fairy tales.

Yes, im sorry, from such universal point of view, children are cute but they are not ‘great’. They tend to destroy things they don’t understand. They are selfish, entitled, subjective, all for them nothing for the others. They are irrational, they understand nothing, they can’t take care of the simplest things. And they are cruel, ‘lords of flies’, as they don’t see life with no empathy. Our love of children is subjective, it is a form of loving ourselves. They like fantasies and fairy tales, which are however not beautiful, but deformities, monsters like Hawking and his fairy tale of being the new Einstein are beloved stories for audiovisual children. They sell.

And finally children have a problem. Because they don’t understand death; because they are optimist, positivist, who always think to be stronger than they are, they take unneeded risks, they trigger the arm when you tell them not to shoot a rifle, they take the poison when you tell them not to eat it; and that is why they are prone to accidents. In this ‘neo-paleolithic’, audiovisual, childish collective mind that no longer differentiates truth from falsity, egoes from objective facts, FX from real science, Hawking is of course king, the Hamelin flute that guides the lemmings to the cliff.

But the Universe is manly, predator, rational, logic, beautiful, balanced, awesome… in his fury and his cycles of creation and destruction, of yin and yang, of vishnu and shiva, of energy and in/form/ation.

The Universe is perfect and just and pays off the way you treat the rest of it, your no-self. This majesty cannot be understood by children, because children are tyrants that want to be obeyed, are all about ego, about self-awareness about imposing their will. The mind of children is aberrant in extreme, as cute as their bodies are. And the Universe eats them. Children are slaves of emotions and don’t reason, of wantings of immediate satisfaction.

The Universe though, not a child but a man, loves reason and life. So i tried to be a man and follow instead the road less travelled, the painful path of Aristotle: ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ and deny the psyche of most ‘people (who) are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. So I will die in Nirvana, the ultimate scale of an examined life, which is worth living but without ego, as we are just fractal repetitions of the infinite game of existences. Once the ego is gone you know it doesnt really matter to be dead or alive like the Schrodinger’s cat, your experiment will be performed infinite other times.

And Mr Hawking? Well, here is his problem. He will never get a nobel prize. If the experiment is performed it will prove him wrong and the gods will laugh and devour him. If it is not performed he will not be proved.

But wait, perhaps he will, as our nice president, Mr. Obama who receive the Nobel Prize of Peace before proving himself the maker of terminator robots and eternal orwellian wars with censors and spies – just in case he didnt live up to the promise, maybe Hawking could receive a priori a nobel prize, so we close this argument a priori without need to blow up the world.

Or maybe a Nobel of…Peace by stating the obvious. That his work is bull$hit and he doesn’t want to risk the Earth and gives up for Peace… Then CERN wouldnt have an alibi. A good bargain indeed.

We tried in fact that bargain with Sir Roger Penrose, who co-wrote most articles with Hawking. His son Eric who changed sides after discovering the CASTOR project  tried to convince him. The bargain did not work. Sir Roger could not betray his best friend, defy big science… So now I think Eric is like all of us also in phase 5, acceptance, Nirvana. Who cares?

There will be infinite fractal planets in which life will surface to die again or perhaps to man up and humbly accept you cannot invent the laws of the Universe for a silly-nilly medal given by the biggest producer of weapons of mass-destruction of the XIX century, Mr. Nobel, called then ‘the Merchant of Death’, who also wrote: ‘my factories will end with all peace congresses, creating new weapons that could destroy nations with a single shot’. Prophetic indeed… The fairy tale ends here. It was not as it happens in reality a nice fairy tale but rather a satire, with Dr. Strangelove convincing us all, he was God.

I prefer though the humble wisdom of a British Poet, in a land where to compensate so much arrogance and hipocritical repression of life, some of the people who better understood the essence of life, from Shakespeare to Darwin were born:

‘If you have the gift to foresee destiny, you will need the courage to accept it’ Byron.

Because indeed, this is not caused by a single individual against whom heroes can fight but by the systems of mechanical death we have built and the automatons that guide them; by the military-industrial system CERN represents, by the media system and its celebrity traps. And so the 5th phase, acceptance of Nirvana means to accept that death is destiny and our destiny is meaningless as even heroes are puppets in Greek Tragedies, in which the chorus of God always laughs at the end – a lost bullet in a Greek battle took Lord Byron away, a random black hole can take us. Hawking is then nothing but another puppet of a catharsis traced for all those who did not want to grow up, reduce their ego, become objective, man up and act up to show the merciless Gods they deserved to live another round of the existential game…

The evolution of machines and its overdrives of energy and information. Singularity Age.

Indeed, Mr. Hawking or CERN’s employees  might be considered heroes or villains of this tragedy but they are irrelevant to what truly has created the monstruosity of a machine that can extinguish the planet by an overdrive of energy – our technological civilization, a theocracy of machines. Since whenever we can do a better machine we make it, regardless of its collateral effects, and we find a excuse to pay for it.

So if the surrealist musings of Hawking had not existed, if there were not a boson yet to be found, the Higgs, we would have invented new musings to justify the machine. In fact this is what we did, pumping up Hawking’s childish attempts to break the essential laws of the Universe to a ‘factual dogma’ and Higgs’ particle, to the meaning of it all.

In the next post, ‘the Fermi Paradox’, we treat the deterministic end of a technological civilization from that higher, non-anthropomorphic point of view of the Universe.

We men, obtain power from machines of energy and information and get hooked to them, evolving those machines that now are vastly overpowering our capacities as a species, without restrain.

But we do not stop. We justify always new machines and weapons: Cars keep evolving in speed, well over the 70 miles legal speed they need – yet billions are wasted in making them faster, despite being illegal.

The LHC and its corporation CERN will also keep evolving accelerators beyond the energies this planet can stand till it blows it away. And the media system which markets anything that has to do with ‘death’, will cheer those ‘death events’ that are destroying the planet. It is this techno-utopian determinism what leaves the individual aside, as a puppet of an Industrial System which rules the future.

The Fermi paradox is simple: There is no intelligent life in the cosmos and so Fermi, the maker of the A-Bomb adventured that this is because physicists blow up all planets before interstellar travel happens, with humans or robots, which is now in its threshold. So now we blow all planets. THis one is about to go…

And the equations of death of matter show we are close to do it. Let us return to them, from the higher perspective of Systems Sciences, which describe all physical, biological and social systems with the same ’5D     metrics’.

In General Systems we define with an equation the natural balance of life systems, which are, as all in the Universe, complementary systems of Energy and Information, (fields/bodies of energy & Heads/Particles of information): E=I. Thus when bodies and heads are in balance, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, the system is healthy. This equation is also the equation of classic beauty that we perceive as a balance between energy and form; and the equation of the mature age of beings in its reproductive age, from 20 to 50. It follows that the equation of death happens in both extremes:

10.3 Max.E x Min.I: Death by overdrive of energy or accident. It is also the equation of the young age of life, when more accidents happen, when irresponsible youngsters become preys.

10.4. Max. I x Min. E or 3rd age, when energy is exhausted, warped, wrinkled into ‘in-form-ation’. Then we die of an overdrive of information.

Those equations of Systems science apply to all entities including social organisms, with a neuronal, informative, selfish caste that kills its reproductive middle class body when it absorbs all its resources, as neurons do in the 3rd age of the body. Or societies die in ‘accidental’ wars when overproduction of technologic, energetic weapons, kill them. Those are the 2 causes of social death: Max.I (corrupted neuronal class) & Max.E (war) mixed in revolutions (Max.I x Max.E).

The equation of death thus resumes the negative collateral effects of overproduction of machines of Energy & Information, made of metal – a stronger substance than our weak carbonlife; as they cause different ExI overdrive processes of death, atrophy and degradation of the human body and mind organs they substitute in the eco(nomic)system:

– Overdrive/overproduction of Informative Money corrupts the human ethic, legal System.

– Overproduction of audiovisual information hypnotizes our mind, erasing our verbal, logic brain.

– Overproduction of Mass-Media hate kills eusocial love, makes people selfish & provokes wars (8).

– Overproduction of Informative PCs kills service jobs & overproduction of Robots kills blue-collars.

– Overproduction of weapons kills our body. In fact, the evolution of ‘Singularity’ weapons, able to destroy the entire planet is so advanced that we can foresee 3 thresholds of extinction of life if there is not a moratorium in the research of 3 type of Singularity weapons:


– Energetic singularity11: Black holes that according to Einstein’s work will devour the Earth, now researched at CERN (production expected between 2015-20, when the LHC overcomes the barrier of strangelet and Black hole formation at 10 Tev). This will happen, if as 90% of physicists believe, string theory is truth. Our only hope is that Mr. Hawking’s theory that denies Einstein’s and considers black holes time machines that travel to the past – hence instead of feeding on mass, evaporate mass – is truth. But there is 0 proof of this, as all black holes & strange stars found in the cosmos obey Einstein’s theory and swallow planets, stars even galaxies in Novas, Supernovas and Quasars. Further on ‘Fermi’s Paradox’ (the inexistence of Intelligent Life signs in a galaxy teaming with planets) proves it. Since the cynical maker of the A-Bomb Mr. Fermi prophesized we hear none as Nuclear Physicists destroy all civilizations with Nuclear weapons before interstellar travel.

– Self-Reproductive nano-bacteria (2030s) Infinite re=productivity will be first found in metal nano-bacteria, simple cells made of iron, researched in military labs of Israel, US and civil labs in Japan and France. The founder of Sun microsystems, Bill Joy, warned us a decade ago that, if escaping from a military lab or used in war, they will feed on Industrial Metal, poison the entire atmosphere and replicate so fast that in 3 months the earth will become a ‘grey-goo’ (Drexel). Further proof exists in the fact that this planet has gone twice through a global extinctive period due to the birth of stronger bacteria. Thus the first live Earth, formed when anaerobic bacteria absorbed and extinguished free carbohydrates. Then the II Earth, Gaia, was born, when stronger, oxygen-based aerobic bacteria destroyed all anaerobic ones and created our world. So metal nano-bacteria would create the III Earth, extinguishing all weaker carbon-life systems.

– Finally if we survive those two events, self-conscious military Artificial Intelligence will be born circa 2050 according to most  robotists.

Then in the overproduction crisis of III world war (an episode of the Semite Wars between Israel and its ally US vs. Islamic nations or between China and the US or China and India at the end of this century, the winner autonomous terminators, embedded with survival programs to win in a war theater, self-conscious of being alive, will NOT accept disconnection. Thus by overdrive of energy (black holes, strangelets at CERN), information (A.I. Robots) or in a classic ‘explosive, biological radiation of a new top predator species (metal nano-bacteria) Gaia can be extinguished.

Then one-day mankind will have no time to reflect and wake up to its extinction (a black hole would explode Earth into a Nova in seconds), or a few months (the time needed for iron nano-bacteria to make us into grey-goo) or a few years (a war of A.I. terminator machines). Can we avoid that future? Certainly if we change the model of overproduction of machines and weapons for profits into overproduction of welfare goods, creating a sustainable world



1. The deduction of the Formula of Evaporation of black holes, which is what tantalizes physicists, because it brings together the main Universal Constants of the Universe, is completely accessory to this argument. What they always miss is the key element of that formula – the choice of the symbol of entropy that defines the thermodynamics of black holes, which is Hawking’s arbitrary decision based in 3 different ‘possible choices’ all of which contradict the fundamental tenants of science:

– Either time travel backwards is possible.

– Or the 2 laws of entropy are false.

– Or you can travel faster than light.

Any of those 3 possibilities are aberrant denials of fundamental scientific laws. And when one reads the initial texts of Hawking is obvious he is just ‘making’ a hypothetical exercise, as  this kind of black holes are called initially ‘imaginary black holes’, as if he were building an imaginary bestiary. The way in which aberrations of scientific or social thought become dogma goes well beyond the purpose of this article.

2. Unfortunately, we live in an age of ego trips, based in human authority not in objective laws of science, as if humans have forgotten that ‘who matters nothing in science’, it is all what.


I am past the 5th phase; but during those years I have gone through the other 4, mostly angry, and now I want to apologize for the style of many of my public appareances, explaining those 5 phases:

-I first denied, when at the 50th anniversary of the foundation of systems sciences and cybernetics, after I exposed to the world elite of Information sciences the formalism of the 5th dimension – a key discovery for XXI century science that was very well-received – a few scientists came to me asking for help in this matter. As it happened there were in that congress some of the key scientists of physics of accelerators – George West, head of Los Alamos Accelerators, Gell-mann, discoverer of quarks and head of Santa Fe institute. So I asked West and other physicists who told me it was nonsense – of course all of them had stakes in the project. But I choose to believe them and appease my soul. But news kept pouring insistently. So once I got into the maths of it, it became evident the risks were huge.

-So i got angry at the absurdity of this ‘Chronicle of a foretold death’ and contacted the only person who had defied the industry in the past, Mr. Walter Wagner, a safety officer of accelerators and we put together a suit to alert the press and the politicians that paid for it. The whole matter was rather surrealist and so a well-known film-maker at WME, proposed me to make a film, now called ‘quantum roulette’ with a surrealist touch a la ‘Dr. strangelove’ with his agency – a short of Inconvenient Truth. William Morris Endeavor accepted it. ‘Physicists don’t give a shit’ said the boss after seeing some rushes. But we didn’t know yet the power of the military-industrial complex. At the time Rahm emmanuel, the brother of the owner of WME was head of staff of Obama, and Chu, head of Livermore accelerators, head of the Energy department that paid CERN 500 million $. So we believe there were pressures. In any case the project was censored, abruptly cancelled, my friend lost his agent and I finished it with my meager resources, which added to the costs of the suit, and my loss of academic positions during the ensuing ‘ad hominem’ campaign left me in a dire financial situation.

-That brought the 3rd phase: we tried to bargain in the suits, a regime of lower energies under 10 Tev that would not risk our lives. We knew CERN could not in a suit prove Hawking right and if the truth was understood, it would have to close, so we thought we had a chance. But CERN and the 2 nobel prizes engaged in the suits, Glashow and Wilczek, played cunningly; defaulted not to have to defend the possible genocide and argued technical matters (lack of American jurisdiction). Power played his role. The Court of genocides at Le Hague told us it only could accept suits against genocides already happened – never mind we were doing preventing wars, we cannot prevent genocides. Only the British Prime Ministry showed some common sense and declined to inaugurate the machine, adducing his secretary that he didn’t want to have anything to do with black holes (sic). In any case  by ‘accident’ our bargain happened during the past 7 years, in which the machine has gone under the regimes of 10 Tev, the threshold of creation of black holes and strangelets.

– Those years were tough. And a depressive mood set in. As Rossler put it, we became ‘non-persons’. The enthusiasm that my work on the 5th dimension had caused vanished. I lost my prestige as a scientist. Suddenly after a massive physicits’ blogging campaign i was no longer the pioneer on the study of the 5th dimension of space-time that completed 50 years of search in the sciences of Information, Cybernetics and General Systems, but the apocalypto guy of the suit of the end of the world. So I retired to my beach home.

– But now I feel fine. I have reached Nirvana, the 5th phase: acceptance that death is a collective, organic process that cannot be stopped by an individual. So i have no guilt anymore. We did more than a few people could – alert the world. We needed the children to want to cure themselves. They don’t want to think about it, they don’t want to face the problem. So let it be. This too shall pass. Che sera sera.



Following on the wake of the astounding victory of Tokyo-Fukushima 2022 candidacy for the Olympic Games, commented the previous week… as the saying goes if you kill a person you are a criminal if you mass-murder you are a national hero…. we shall deal with the absolute evil of the machine, Nuclear weapons and how they will extinguish mankind in the future…

We are becoming extinct at all levels by metal and those who govern us with it. So let us  focus on how absolute evil, the extinction of life progresses, and who are those who will kill us. Who are truly the ‘axis of eviL’ in history, the cult(ures) of metal and the individuals that lead them and will extinct life.


The news that prompt this week’s comment are not political but scientific. CERN is ramping up the LHC accelerator power for its inauguration in 2015, when it will be able to make black holes on Earth and so the first ‘singularity event’ of possible future extinction is on the making.

In the graph, the ‘consolidation’ that will double its potency to 14 Tev, over the 10 Tev barrier of creation of black holes are on schedule with the money of the Europeans, who instead of investing in welfare are proudly building – German industry of course is leading the project and a German is its boss – a machine to replicate black holes that eat entire stars, and big-bangs that explode entire universes… here on Earth.

this prompts us a comment on the nature of absolute eviL=anti-life = death, that of the species, Dante’s 10th circle of hell, where those who plot against mankind lie close to the ‘ice that sorrounds the deviL of absolute eviL’ – genetic linguistics here.  So we shall make a list of the 10 most eviL humans of history.

Absolute eviL x Absolute Love

The zeitgeist of this age is Absolute eviL, disguised by absolute Love. The 2 most opposite wor(l)ds we can conceive of are put together everyday, at every hour, in every routine of our surrealist world in the newspeaks and zeitgeist of each day.

This is needed. The reasoning here is simple.

Absolute eviL is absolute death and this man cannot do, if he were able to think and sense.

So we must camouflage absolute eviL=Death actions with absolute Love=Live Worship.

The religion is thus absolute Love, a placebo religion of caring, political and economical correctness, censorship of collateral effects and parades and demonstrations, motions without purpose and effect. ‘Dont confuse motion with action’ said Hemingway to Dietritch.

And so absolute love is the fantasy, the newspeak.

And the zeitgeist is absolute eviL, camouflaged by Absolute love – The relentless degradation of mankind and extinction of life by selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines that compete and atrophy and kill us in labor and war fields, protected by the idol-ogies of caring, future progress, technoutopian, military ‘defense’ and capitalist ‘wealth’.

You see, how it works. Brainless men, under those idol-ogies keep killing the world thinking they are saving it, because their brains are optimist manufactured brains that misunderstand it all.

So you have now as the biggest difference with the bigots of the fascist age of Hitler or the colonial age of the British empire, a sense that we are all nice, free, good, loving self realized humans, as we keep becoming bigger a$$holes, chained debt $laves, eviL murderous, seflish, hateful, violent, idiots.

And it works. Absolute eviL has no limit because absolute love erases the mind of people to a point of madness in which they think that by destroying the world they are saving it.

How could we in simpler terms explain this contradiction. Nothing did it better than Keynes:

‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’.

Absolute eviL x Absolute Love is thus the doctrine of Adam Smith, the doctrine of Capitalism, the idol-ogy we live in.

Let us then uncover the mask fo Absolute evil first and the comment briefly on the mascara of Absolute Love that cover its teeth.

Absolute eviL

When i was young and innocent i thought absolute eviL was hitler.

eviL is a bio-linguistic wor(l)d, in Chomsky’s sense – a genetic anti-particle, the inversion of Live.

evIL thus is defined scientifically as what kills life.

And so at first sight nothing seems more eviL than those who kill with weapons.

The military… those who in modern Newspeak, we are told, defend us…

LOL, this is the kind of ‘things’ the US Neanderthal, neo-paleolithic, visual, memetic, believer, nationalistic germ(anic) brain ‘thinks’ (overstatement here)… That weapons defend us because ‘people’ not ‘weapons’ kill.

So how we measure eviL? Easy, mathematically, adding victims.

And logically, finding the causality of those victims.

The innocent only goes to A) Adding victims and ignores B) the causality.

Then he never finds absolute eviL. Mr. Hitler, nee frankenheimer, a German-Jewish bastard (in both senses), for example, might seem absolute evil. ITs numbers are clear. 66 millions of which 6+6, eviL numbers indeed were from ‘his’ animetal genetic, cult(ure)s, 6 million germans and 6 million jewish…

Yes, they seem a lot, and with the Industry of Holocaust working at full gear for 80 and counting years one can even ‘imagine’ that to die of Zyclon gas is worse that to be burned alive in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and Tokyo ‘it was beautiful, they were lightening up like christmas trees’ (description of a noble, righteous, ‘good guy’, one of us, an American pilot talking about the children and women he was bombarding with napalm in the streets of Tokyo).

Bullshit. Scientifically eviL is a number of victims and it does not matter how you kill.

So where can we find a bigger number and a bigger causality?

Here is where Absolute eviL must be found. In the tenth circle of Dante’s inferno, where those who plot and try to ‘kill mankind’ live in eternal terror.

And those are NOT XX century people who killed 1% of mankind as Mr. Hitler did if you give him ‘all the causality’ (a more correct approach would be to count only the victims of the germans and then you are in that 1%.

They are the people who today are constructed the weapons of mass destruction of the singularity age that will kill ‘ALL’ mankind in the future, the people who pretend to make black holes at Cern, the people who make robots.

And the first thing we notice about them is their childish behavior. Like that of Bush or Nero, absolute eviL denies so many laws of nature and the Universe that only a mind-like child who does not understand those laws can commit it.

In that regard as today through this method we can count the 10 most eviL people of  history are:

1) Mr Hauer, the president of CERN, a German from the culture of weapons, Mr. Lederman, the biggest lobbyist of the industry of accelerators, a Jewish, who invented the ‘selling’ queue, ‘we shall find God’s particle’  and Mr. Hawking, a Brit, from the culture of the machines, the man who trades the chance to win a Nobel prize for the extinction of mankind, to prove his theory that black holes ‘travel to the past’ as time machines and evaporate.

To notice now from the beginning that our 3 animetal cultures, the culture of go(l)d, judaism, the culture of war, Germany, and the culture of the machine, England, are now together in the building of the first machine of global death.

Of the 3 perhaps the most bizarre is mr. hawking and his theory that denies Einstein’s work on black holes, affirming that instead of eating up the earth, black holes are time machines that travel to the past, break the laws of entropy and become hotter and hotter in our cold environment in this past-time travel. So instead of evaporating us, f creating Novas on earth they will evaporate as a child would, if he were travelling to the past, entering mothers womb.

This is the first chance of extinction and this is absolute evil at its best, surrealist, doctor strangelove, almost like a plot of evilwood. Why? Obviously because if he is wrong and the universe (the laws of time and entropy) are right, he will kill us all between 2015-20 when statistically CERN will do those black holes, firing at twice its present power

2) All the people working at CERN, the automaton system, the eviL 1 million nuclear physicists who work there, collaborate or back that company, the crown of the military-industrial complex, ‘disguised’ as a research center.

And here we notice a first duality of evil, similar to that between the neuron-cell of your ego and the body it commands. Evil has in history and its superorganisms and institutions a ‘head-neuron’, a leader, an idol-ogist and then a system and hundreds, thousands, sometimes million of automatons, the workers of eviL.

So here is the first couple 1-2, the idol-ogist of black holes as naive, good entities and its automatons that manufacture the machine – there is always a 3rd element, the metal-meme on that eviL equation – that will kill us.

3) Marc Raibert, an american german-jew, the CEO, inventor and Master of Boston Dynamics, the company that have taught robots to move like biological beings, jumping and now with Petman is going to replace the human soldier by the terminator, which in the future will kill us.

4) Eric Drexler, an american german-Jew, the discoverer of Nanorobotics, who also explain us that nanorobotics will extinguish mankind creating a grey-groo, a self-reproductive nanobacteria that will eat all our machines, poison the environment and kill us all.

5) and all the robotists and robots that are evolving the future species that will extinct us.

So those are the 5, 1/2 of the list that will cause the ‘genocide of mankind’ in the future.

And it should not surprise us that they all belong to the ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s that discovered go(l)d and iron weapons, their idols which they have cre(dit)ated and backed with all type of idol-ogies of techno-utopia and militarism and capitalism.

But those are ‘future genocides’. So far they have killed none. Should we then discount ‘future genocides’? LOL, that was what the La Hague court for genocides told us when we tried to sue CERN, ‘we do NOT judge ‘future genocides’. COme back when the Earth is blown up. (The American Court was even more surrealist, it dictated that ‘the destruction of the Earth would not be attributable to the US government’ because it was in Europe)….

Fact is the Universe is deterministic, evolutionary and biological and black holes and A.I. robots will KILL US if they are born i this planet because Darwinian laws are absolute and they are also absolute eviL: the weaker species always dies 100%.

Once this is clear, we should consider those who actually have killed dozens of millions of humans and are causally clearly connected in time… And there is where Mr. Hitler comes in. But wait, has Mr. Hitler killed more than anyone?

He did not do it directly. He gave orders but probably killed just a couple in his entire life. So we must consider causality here. A leader, an organization and a mass murder: Hitler -> Nazi Party  and Organizations (SS) -> German Army -> 30 million.

Ah, but then we can talk of ANOTHER organization, nobody talks about who KILLS much more people and has been doing so for MUCH LONGER TIME than Mr. Hitler and still DOES IT.

Yes, you guess it, ‘capitalism’, the free market, but NOT those ‘words’ with abstract meaning but rather a very perfectly organized system:

the stock-market.

Who rules it? We are not going to explain this zeitgeist/newspeak post what we have explained in length with equations in other posts. Basically the stock market is an organization dominated by companies that make machines and weapons, its evil twins, directed by financial companies, which form themselves a clear organization with investment banks on top of which the most powerful is Goldman sachs.

THose companies make machines and weapons and when there are crashes of saturation of peaceful machines they switch to weapons, financial houses pay them, and politicos explain the need for war with excuses.

So we can consider for each of the growing 3 cycles of capitalism a financial leader of the global stock-market the absolute evil.

Then when peaceful consumption changes to war production,  this top financial house and CEO whose actions are imitated by all other financial companies which in turn finance the industrial companies that switch to weapons production, which in turn engage war-monger politicos that create war that kill millions, becomes the ‘absolute evil’ leader of the causality change of war:

Master of finances -> money -> Industrial companies – > weapons production + War-monger politico paid by Master of finances -> War ->Victims.

ANd so as the power of weapons increases each cycle and the victims increase we can find our other ‘eviL’ masters.

6. The Rothschild family, German-Jewish, absolute master of finances in the XIX century, manufacturer of all the wars between the British-American wars (Hessian soldiers, 1814 war after America takes away the bank from them, bonds for the civil wars and the train wars and the colonial wars). We are talking here of around 100 million victims of slave trade, slave wars, civil wars, train wars, colonial wars throughout the century.

And all the millions of colonial slaves of the 1st Industrial Revolution that helped this process.

7. Hitler-Goring, the tandem of politician-head of the military-industrial complex of Germany in the II Cycle in which less people die than in the colonial age of the Bond wars of Mr. Rothschild, and again both German-Jewish (Hitler’s grand father was a jewish, Goring’s adoptive father too)…  But behind this war there is an economic crisis that starts in 1922, when the Jewish, private richbank sunk and destroyed the german economy, the jewish-german bankers of the warburg syndicate took all the gold of germany and moved to wall street and then there forgot what they had done, and care nothing for those left behind – not even auschwitz was bombed, not even the offer of goring of buying the poor jewish peasants of the pale of settlement at 3 $ per piece was heard. So there is a ‘3rd invisible man’ to ad, the Warburg Jewish-German brothers, the 2 brains that sunk the entire German financial industry and took the go(l)d to AMerica.

Hitler-Goring-Warburg would be a more proper triad.

And the millions of pawns that followed them in the Western world to accept and implement II W.W.

8. And so now we arrive to our time and we can easily so far, even if III world war has not yet started put together another triad: Greenspan-Bush-Obama, the people who created the crisis, caused the war and put 1/2 of American budget to evolve terminators.

And voila, here we have a Jewish (Greenspan) a German (Bush) and novelty, a ‘house negro’, a manager, automaton, employee of the American military-industrial complex.

So before we finish this list something becomes clear. THE MEMES OF ANIMETAL CULTURES, OF THOSE WHO DISCOVERED GOLD AND IRON SWORDS are still the fundamental origin of eviL =anti-life memes.

And so now we come closer…. to the origin of absolute eviL

9. Yvwh, the go(l)d of capitalism and Thor, the doG of war, the cultures they originated, the first men who affirmed their doctrines, which then expanded in the western world… to the northern European Germanic protestant cult(ure)s that created the corporation.

Here again we have two surnames, one German, ‘Schmidt=Smith’, the people who created iron swords, ran german societies, raped all women and became the most common surnames of this people, now the millions of Smiths, workers of eviL….

And the Cohen brothers, Moses and Aaron who affirmed go(l)d is the ritual fetish of the jewish-protestant religion to which life must be sacrificed. Cohen would be the surname of the first CEO of the first corporation, VOC, trading in weapons and slaves, making gunboats and whose motto was ‘spare no life, no enemy, God is with us’.

Those are the numbers of absolute eviL from 1 to 9 and i thought on them, on their cult(ure)s this month as I read news and more news and hear always the same Germ(anic) and Jewish combined ‘Adam smiths’ Adam the first Cohen according to legend, smith the first iron man.

Adam Smiths, those are the people of absolute eviL, the people who will, had and are killing the Earth and its inhabitants.

10. Look now around you, to all those who live in the 10th circle of hell, of Dante’s comedy.

The millions with no limit, no empathy, no love of man. As I read the actions of Miss Lagarde, who denies money to Egypt unless it cut the subvention to water and bread and kill 100.000 innocent children; this woman who gave 400 millions of French tax-payer money to his jewish friend Tapie, to pay him on top of the rip-off of Adidas, who raised herself a 10% its millionaire salary and now in Spain tell us that the solution to unemployment is put down 10% the salary of all Spaniards, who works as the ‘banker’ of mankind but whose policies are all dedicated to kill humans, I notice I have come around from 0, the first recorded absolute eviL to 10, the last one… our ‘banksters’ institutions.

Now i am sure this french wo=man thinks she is doing the wickedest of all things for the common good. I am sure she thinks very positively of her actions. She is an absolute memetic idiot. She just learned the capitalist theocratic beliefs, the receipts and she applies them with no entropy, unable to understand what she sees is what it is. There are no future salvations. If you destroy Greece you have destroyed Greece if you kill the egyptian children, this is NOT future economic growth. Is the death fo egyptian children by lack of wheat. In the past though in the zero time of the first banksters there was no double talk, hypocresy, absolute eviL was written in stone with pride in its words.

Who is then zero? The first recorded bankster, who was also the bankster of the Pharaoh, killed the children and boasted of it.

0 was indeed not the last but the first banker of the pharaoh, Joseph, who also denied the Egyptians their bread, ‘accumulating wheat in the years of famine’ so speculative prices rose enough for him to become immensely wealthy.

And the bible congratulated him for being so smart, for making so much go(l)d killing Egyptian children.

From Joseph to Lagarde, through wars, famines, ruins, holocausts, death, absolute eviL provoked by the idol-atry to go(l)d and iron, the story repeats itself, along all the Adam Smiths that since Genesis never heard the laws of absolute Life, the laws of love to the species, the only biological laws that could have saved us.

The only thing that changes is the cover up of zeitgeist by newspeaks, as people cover up identities changing names.

It is of course memetic. Consider the case of Lagarde, at first with his Jewish surname one would think she is the heiress of Jewish, Lagarde et freres  bond house of the first cycle of colonial fascism and bond wars. But she is not. She married a financial analyst of that name. She is though ‘memetically’ a go(l)d believer in the Capitalist Theocracy born on that cult(ure), transfered to classic economics and to corporations. And this is what makes so difficult to overcome absolute eviL:

it is now in all the minds of mankind. We are all Jewish-Germans in our beliefs.

For that reason  this year Germany has been voted the most admired nation of the world and needless to say everybody loves the jewish globalized culture and cries for the victims of history. We all share the absolute eviL of the idol-ogies that will destroy us.

We all belong to Matrix, to a game of absurd goals. We all run, lemmings of extinction. And with us they, the banksters, the originals and the converted, the Rothschilds and the Lagardes, the ones who think will be ‘saved’, different with another destiny, run too. None will be spare at the end of this monster’s ball.

Because absolute eviL is suicidal, absolute means all, extinction and none should wonder that those who kill by iron and go(l)d die by iron and go(l)d… germ(an)s in war, Jews in holocausts and hecatombs. Absolute evil spares none.
So soon after Joseph killed thousands of egyptians of famine to accumulate the fetish go(l)d of his religion, we find their people wondering 40 years in the desert, without learning anything, worshiping the idols of the Cohen brothers.
And we find 20 years after the warburg syndicate took the go(l)d of Germany to the US to buy the senate and the federal reserve, their saint innocent, but still cells of the same cultural organism up in smoke.
And you will find one day a Petman killing Mr. Raibert, or a nano-robot eating up Mr. Drexler
You might argue eviL is half of the Universe, and so it is justified, as all must die for life to be born again. This is conceded. But eviL is also a subjective pov, the evil of mankind is not the same than the evil of the robot as the evil of the gazelle, the lion is not the same than the evil of the lion, the hunter.
And so for mankind absolute evil is the jewish-german cult(ure) to gold and weapons of the Adam smiths.
For the Jewish the absolute evil is the germ(an) cult(ure) of iron that kills them.
For the German the absolute evil is the Jewish go(l)d banker that ruins them and profits for its wars.
And for all mankind, the memes of metal, go(l)d weapons and machines that will kill them all,
jewish, german and humans in the Judgment day of the Singularity Age coming soon to your home.
And so the conclusion is obvious. Absolute eviL is not a race, not even a cult(ure) but the memes of metal, the selfish memes of a different species that has evolved with us since the first $emites ruled the Middle East with go(l)d, the first Germ(an)s invaded Europe with the sword and the first brits, make the first machines. All the people in that list belong to those 3 cultures because they were the cultures that discovered energetic metal-weapons, informative go(l)d and organic machines and derived from them idol-ogies that sustained them. Today we all believe in those idol-ogies, capitalism, nationalism and techno-utopia. Today eviL has been transferred to complex systems and institutions, is carried in the memetic brains of each man, who enacts each day bit by bit, the destruction of life without understanding, camouflaged by thousands of years of traditions.
Because absolute eviL disguises itself always of absolute goodness. Camouflage is indeed essential to the Universe. Or else the real victim, mankind, would not let itself become the sacrificial sheeple of the Altar of the bankster priests, of those who defend us of those who camouflage their destiny of those who represent the dark side of GodoG,
They might be natural indeed to the Universe, but let us call them for their real name.
Absolute Love must go.
And so we must wonder then about absolute love.
Today absolute love is dead in reality, in the planet Earth, the kind of eusocial love that put together member of the same species and makes them survive.
BUt it is all we hear in our brains. Loving house negroes, loving IMF leaders, Loving audiovisual films, media and programs is the politically correct way of writing discourses. One has to hear the Jewish-German civilization with its strict codes of behavior. This article for example would be labelled immediatly ‘anti$emite’, hence never published, and anti-German, also not published. Anti$emitism is totally forbidden because the true masters of go(l)d cannot be denied. But today it is also unfashionable to criticize the Germans. The idea here is that they have changed and evolved and are unrelated to the Germans of absolute eviL of the past.
We must love them. They are new ubermen. Not so.
It would be much better since absolute love is a fake – otherwise if it were real we would defend it as the ultimate force that creates stronger social superorganisms that survive – to deny all form of political and economical correctness.
To explain zeitgeist at true value. To stop disgusing the corpse of mankind, so perhaps absolute eviL would repel us so much, including those who practice it and think they are ‘working for the common good’ that we would reject it.
As things are today, the equation is obvious:
Absolute evil (Real) + Absolute Love (imaginary) = Absolute eviL + 0, everywhere as the waves of death of life extend in the globalized planetary world.
Once the mask is gone, then newspeaks no longer at work, zeitgeist invades it all. Then we can as Rilke put feel unease in our interpreted world.
Then we can interpret all what we see as death with a excuse. Terrorism? Not really, the oldest Neolithic culture, of the Fertile Crescent rivers getting killed, living in apartheid, hated by the Earth of Metal, humiliated and sometimes defending itself. Expert, humanist economists trying to take us from the crisis, creating jobs and wealth? No really, employees of corporations asking legal measures to justify the obsolescence of human workers to advanced white collar pcs and blue collar robots, whose competition throw us of work, oblige us to receive a hunger ‘bronze salary’, discharging us. Politicos promising and enacting a better world? No really, actors of mass media since the age of radio-hitler to the age of TV-Obama cheating people into loving their own destruction with false promises. And so on and so on.
The pain of absolute evil is now. The promises of absolute love are imaginary, always in the future. The egyptians without bread, the palestinians without water die now. The future progress and economic growth is in imaginary time. The loss of jobs to Pcs and robots are now. The future creation of jobs for humans is in the imaginary future.
Theocratic Capitalism and its idologies have always share this religious view: you sacrifice yourself to the high priests of capitalism so in the future, ‘when we are all dead’ (Keynes) you will find eternal rewards and happiness.
ANd yet the system of manufacturing brains has achieved such hypnotic perfection with the evolution of digital machines that most people today live in Matrix, die in Matrix and go through life perfectly happy thinking there was a positive sense to all of it. The billions of ‘data’ who prefer to live their life in that fantasy of happiness keep growing. Paraphrasing Aristotle they think ‘a life examined is not worth living’  Destiny is here. Slavery is absolute. The few of us who are still free of mind, who awoke to the nightmare, who are no longer connected to the theater of the world can only wonder, why we exist? Are we just mere errors of the program? Are we just the last species of a humanist mind not corrupted by those memes? The last cells still ticking with life in a dead brain infected by the memetic viruses of selfish metal?  Yes, indeed we are. And dwindling in numbers.

2 Responses to “Earth’s bigbang”

  1. russell olausen Says:

    In my study of religious doctrine, I have found a place for your thinking, a respected place. I am gaining ability to witness my own physical demise so I will surely have the calm, to witness the rest of humanities end. God drifts into view and the laughter begins. I was separated from the pack a bit early too. It felt good to blunt the enemies daggers by seeing existance as a brutal confrontation of ideas. I notice a lack of female malefactors, an error no doubt, ha. You gave me a great idea on how to easily conceptualize I.Q. and how it would relate to other creatures with I.Q. Next time. June 16, 2014. A coolish Alberta, Canada.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      well i have a very historical, tribal, objective view of the God of the western world – abrahamic religions – as you might know for other texts – that has nothing to do with God, the ‘program of existence and extinction’ that impersonally laughs at those species like ours that defy its simple biologica laws of survival… But yes, the ‘Game of Existence’, a Taoist, Shiva/visnhu, yin-yang, energy/information game, who seeks immortality in ‘balance’ and humility NOT in knowledge bt in contention, not in greed but in repression of the will, is laughing, a cruel laugh that the Hindi called ‘Kali Yuga’, as the superorganism of mankind dies, all its deformed cells become lonely ego-trips.
      In the Upanishads, it is said that Kali to punish men gave them the ‘fire of the Gods from where creation started’… and that is what cern seeks, to understand the big-bang, LOL, you should look at my film quantum roulette, even in the shorter version at The arrogance and ignorance of humans on the laws of the living universe unfortunately will have its payment day

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