1st Extinction Event: CERN

The first singularity event of possible extinction of mankind is the creation of black holes at the LHC in 2016 when the machine attempts to make them at full power (now running at 1/2) So you can find in this link a thorough exposition of this danger totally ignored today by the FMMI system of our technological civilisation. We shall make a brief analysis of this issue in this page.

Nuclear physicists: The big-bang of Earth.

In 2001 Nobel Prize Wilczek warned in Scientific American that quarks created in a super-colliders could convert Earth into a nova or ‘mass-bomb’, M=E/c2, by massing together ‘strong’ quarks in accelerators, in enough numbers to create a ‘quark star’ made of ‘strange, dark matter’. A nova or ‘mass-bomb’ is the inverse of an atomic bomb, since it feeds on mass from outside the bomb. The beginning of a nova-reaction is called an ice-9 reaction, a name taken from Kurt Vonnegut’s book ‘Cat and cradle’, in which physicists leave a self-similar substance in a closed tube that once opened ‘by accident’ freezes the Earth. The name seems indeed proper; since what will remain of this planet is an ultra-cold star or pulsar, made of strange quarks. In the same article Mr. Walter Wagner, an experimentalist, who already had warned mankind against a previous far milder accelerator, RHIC, which had surprised all scientists involved producing a proto-black hole, a decade ago, fortunately with not enough mass to trigger an ice-9 reaction, denounced the case of the black hole: He explained that at those energies, one of the experiments schedule to go on line this Christmas could also create a micro-black hole, which according to Stephen Hawking would evaporate. Yet Mr. Hawking theory has never been proved, since it implies time travel and so it is regarded by many physicists false.

And despite all those risks the experiment is set to start this Christmas. Since the Nuclear Company quenched the fears of politicians and the public with a couple of lies on the nature of the experiment. Indeed, the Company merely said that cosmic rays with more energy hit the Earth and don’t blow it up. But cosmic rays are not ‘strong’ quarks, the substance CERN will deconfine, which displays the most attractive ‘strong’ force of the Universe. We have never found a quark in cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are ions, protons and atoms, which display a much weaker, electro-weak force. So CERN is lying. And yet, this absurd lie was repeated by the press worldwide, without any research, and then by every physicist involved in the experiment, the corrupted ‘experts’, with a selfish agenda, which are falsifying the risks of the Nuclear Industry for decades, as the ‘financial economists’ do with the privileges of their industries. For Example, the International Nuclear Agency recognizes only 56 dead in Chernobyl – the ones that die in the accident but none of cancer – and the Byelorussian Government 240.000. The issue of the black hole factory is indeed, the most important problem mankind will face in 2010 – the first machine-weapon that can extinguish us and nobody is denouncing it. Let us then briefly explain the difference between those ‘ages of Energy’ that define new thresholds of Bomb power.

The universe is like a Russian Doll game. The closer we get to the center of matter, the denser is the energy/mass included (as energy and mass are equivalent, according to Einstein’s E=Mc2 equation). So what mankind has done is to liberate in each cycle of the Industrial Revolution, a layer of energy-mass of increasing density in the Universe:

  • In the Artillery Age we liberated the physical energy that puts together molecules of carbon (Gunpowder).
  • In the Chemical Age we liberated the molecular energy that puts together atoms (chemical explosives), the next scale inside matter.
  • In the Atomic Age we liberated the ‘electro-weak’ energy that puts together atoms (nuclear explosives), the next scale inside matter. It is at this scale, where we must inscribe Cosmic rays. However, they do not produce Nuclear Bomb explosions, because they never have enough critical mass. They are lonely, individual atoms. So at most they produce a single atom explosion that we hardly notice. Yet in Nuclear bombs we put together millions of atoms and so we get fairly strong explosions. It is the energy that burns in stars.
  • Now, in the Age of the Singularity we liberate the so-called strong energy that puts together the quarks inside the Nuclei of the atoms (quark condensates), the last scale of matter. And this is the strongest force of the Universe called for that reason strong, as it is 100 times stronger than the electroweak force of the atomic cover. Since quarks store 99% of the known mass of the atom. It is the energy that fuels Nova Explosions, Supernovas; it creates pulsars and neutron stars with central cores of quarks; and it is the only substance, dense enough to form Black Holes, when it becomes deconfined in big numbers, as CERN will do next year, forming ‘Einstein’s quark condensates’, the densest matter of the Universe.


So the lies of CERN are very obvious. It also said that 2 mosquitoes carry more energy than the quarks it will explode. It is like saying that an Atomic Bomb has less mass-energy than a gallon of oil. Indeed it does. You need only 5 kilos of plutonium, around a gallon, to explode a Nuclear bomb. But you cannot destroy a city with a gallon of ‘chemical energy’, which is what oil is. What matters is the quantity of mass that becomes pure energy; which is maximal in a quark condensate and a black hole – almost 10% of its mass becomes pure energy – while in 2 mosquitoes is an infinitesimal amount we can’t even measure. A generation ago this scandal would have rocked the world with fear. Yet, we live in a world in which companies have perfected so well their ‘marketing’ departments that all kind of environmental catastrophes can happen and nobody will ever notice, because the press just voices out what companies cynically tell them to do. In this case, it is even more difficult to distinguish the corruption of the Nuclear Company, because it is ‘paid by our governments’. So in Europe there is a big silence similar to the one America lived during the cold war. This ads a touch of glamour to our extinction: we make Cosmic bombs ‘pour la paix’… Fact is CERN is, simply stated, a factory of the military-industrial system, a relic of the cold war; and as such should be treated. Unfortunately it even has ‘diplomatic immunity’ in Court…


The Industrial perspective: the most expensive, biggest machine ever built: CERN.

The official story is by now known to most inhabitants of planet Earth; given the enormous media coverage the experiment has received. Physicists ‘hope’ – or at least that is what CERN says to quench public fear – the black holes they create will explode evaporating their mass, according to the speculative theories of Mr. Hawking. But both theoretical laws and experimental facts deny stubbornly those fantasies. In a recent experiment made at Brookhaven, colliding quarks in a machine with less than one thousandth the energy of the LHC, physicists also expected evaporating quark plasma and they found instead an ultra-ordered proto-black hole, made of quark condensates, grew 10 times faster and lived 10 thousand times longer than expected, before exploding into a micro-big bang. It was, Scientific American chronicles, ‘a perfect surprise’. So CERN will make a similar ultradense superfluid quark condensate with 5640 times more critical mass, enough to make the first artificial stable quark star, either a strange star or a black hole on Earth. And probably the last… But workers on the company have to sign confidentiality statements, as those they signed when they were doing atomic bombs and no physicist dares to speak up against the immensely wealthy nuclear industry that now is experienced a revival, as a clean industry that doesn’t heat up the Earth… Only to a few billion degrees if CERN convert us into a Nova. This tragedy is truly reaching surrealist dimensions, when one considers the risks involved and the passivity and ‘trust’ of the human herd in the ‘high priests’ of physics, whose only claim to fame is to make machines and weapons and deform our comprehension of time as ‘what the clock measures’ch.2

.An anonymous blogger, responsible for a simulation of Geneva being swallowed by the black hole, which had 4 million viewers in the web – the only place where there is no censorship about the black hole factory, explained it all in simple terms:


France builds Doomsday Machine…

In the eastern regions of France, near Lyon, flanked by virgin pine forests, streams, lakes and fir clad mountain ridges, bordering on Switzerland, lays the CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) facility which houses over 6,300 scientists working feverishly to bring online the next generation in basic particle super-colliders. This massive Hadron Collider is a magnetic ring 27 kilometers in circumference: Ultimately, it will collide beams of protons at 14 TeV of energy. Additionally, beams of lead nuclei will be also accelerated, colliding together with an energy of 1150 TeV. The LHC will be the most powerful particle accelerator in the world.

The main purpose of this facility is to produce antimatter and black holes. A terrorist would need only half of a gram of antimatter to be equally destructive as the Hiroshima bomb.  If CERN’s antimatter factory were to blow up today it would only affect the regions bordering France and Switzerland. But if CERN were to produce just one stable black hole, it could destroy the world.  Surprisingly, the United States of America, through the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, will be funding over $1 Billion Dollars towards this French experiment into creating potentially devastating black holes.

These black holes, the densest matter in the universe, will plummet to the very core of the earth, then, slowly at first, growing one particle, one quark at a time, but at an ever accelerating rate.  Scientists have estimated that a stable black hole at the center of the earth could consume not only France but the whole planet in the very short time span of between 4 minutes and 30 seconds and 7 minutes. That age-old question: Will our planet disappear in the twinkling of an eye? – Now becomes a probability if and when CERN facility is allowed to go on-line in 2009.

CERN scientists obviously talk of the scientific wonders and benefits these experiments will bring. Aurélien Barrau and Julien Grain speaking on behalf of CERN say that these “tiny black holes could offer a richer view of physics than their better known, more massive relations… It should be stated… that these black holes are not dangerous and do not threaten to swallow up our already much-abused planet.” When it was finally disclosed that this facility would actually be producing, during normal high-impact Collider experiments, one black hole each and every second, numerous scientists cautioned that a public risk-assessment by non-affiliated scientists must be conducted for CERN facility but not by CERN scientists or the French government. To this very day the French have refused to make such an assessment of the potential dangers that lay ahead for all of humanity once the switch is finally pulled.

In 2009, when they fire up the Large Hadron Collider, Global Warming and Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network will suddenly become the least of our earthly worries.

The French defend their playing at God and this potential black hole catastrophe by saying:

  1. Black holes have been created by cosmic rays without incident; therefore black holes are not a danger to the planet earth.

Response A: No instrumentation or observations have ever detected the formation of black holes in the atmosphere; It is a completely unsubstantiated theory that was fabricated solely to defend the building of CERN. 1,600 hot-tub-size cosmic-ray detectors positioned over a vast area of nearly twelve hundred square miles (the ground array system for the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory) were installed in the Pampa Amarilla in Argentina, located at the edge of the town of Malargue, in an effort to detect particle showers from disintegrations of microscopic black holes in the atmosphere. To-date this experiment has detected numerous cosmic-ray air showers, (the observatory is presently measuring more than 500 air showers each and every day) but has failed to detect any black holes spawned by cosmic rays. Since this controversial theory is the backbone to the supposed safety of CERN black hole factory, startup should not be allowed to occur under any circumstances until the Auger Observatory can prove that harmless atmospheric black holes actually exist.

Response B: Even if a black hole could be formed by cosmic rays striking atmospheric particles, it would be a glancing blow at near the speed of light, causing the resultant mass to careen off into space at a velocity much greater than the escape velocity of the earth (11.2 km/s).

While, in contrast, CERN particles would be striking each other as in a head-on collision, causing the resultant black holes to lose their momentum; making them unable to reach escape velocity; causing them to immediately free-fall, undetected, to the center of the earth.

  1. The black holes CERN creates will not be stable. “Black hole production does not present a conceivable risk at the LHC due to the rapid decay of the black hole through thermal process”. They will be unstable and will evaporate in a flash as predicted by Stephen Hawking in 1975. CERN facility was built under the assumption that Hawking radiation was a fact and that the black holes they would automatically create would be unstable and therefore not be a threat to the human race and the planet upon which we reside.

Response A: No instrumentation or observations have ever detected the Hawking radiation being emitted from any black hole. Kip S. Thorne, a professor of theoretical physics at Caltech, who has been working on evaporation with Hawking, says: “It’s possible, we understand quantum fields far less that what we believe and it’s a mistake when we think black holes evaporate. It is however true that we should feel more in ease if astronomers could effectively observe clues of black holes evaporation”.

Response B. Black holes by their very definition are stable:  Nothing escapes their gravitational pull. And that includes radiation.

Response C: In Dublin Ireland on July 21, 2004, Stephen Hawking, at the age of 62, retracted his original 1975 concept whereby matter disappearing into black holes traveled through the black hole to a new parallel universe – just like on Star Trek! After 30 years of thinking about the paradox he created that violated the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, Stephen Hawking now admits that he was wrong about the dynamics of black holes. Stephen Hawking went on to say; “I’m sorry to disappoint science fiction fans, but if information is preserved, there is no possibility of using black holes to travel to other universes.” Hawking’s original theory was more of a personal view, a hunch, which was not necessarily shared by the scientific community or even demonstrated by any cosmic observations.  But CERN still looks upon it as the Holy Grail to this very day, even after Hawking admitted that his theory was wrong. Hawking radiation has always been a purely theoretical manifestation. There are many published papers by prominent scientists who have always asserted that such radiation does not exist. CERN, by doggedly relying on false science, could easily end up being the mega-industrial accident that wipes out the entire world.

How can such cosmic arrogance be stopped? Obviously reasoning will never work.

Where Stephen Hawking went so terribly wrong…

Hawking, at the age of 33, published his most famous scientific paper in 1975 – that all black holes were unstable and would emit radiation. In effect, the black hole’s energy was slowly radiated away until after a certain amount of time, depending on its mass, it ceases to exist – the black hole ‘evaporates’. He broke with his theory the two Laws of Thermodynamics:

– 1st Law: Energy and information never disappear in the Universe. Instead, Mr. Hawking argues that objects really “disappear” inside a black hole and left no trace, while the 1st Law of Thermodynamics says matter can be transformed but never fully destroyed.

– 2nd Law: Hotter objects get colder transferring heat to the cold environment. In Mr. Hawking’s case, black holes get even hotter in our cold Universe till they evaporate. The opposite is truth: they will become colder as they heat, evaporate and absorb our world.

A colleague of Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, Gary Gibbons, stated that “His style of doing science is quite dramatic. Hawking will propose a thesis and defend it to the last, until it is overthrown by better reasoning.”  For thirty years Hawking defended a poorly reasoned idea.

The article from ‘misunderstood Universe’ is ironic, but clear and right on the spot, denouncing both, the attitude of European (not only French) scientists and the cynicism of the safety statements issued by the company. It shows how anyone with some critical thinking can spot a hoax, which so far physicists, in loved with their machine, prefer to ignore.

A recent poll carried among physicists by the ‘Risk-forum Assessment Group’, working to increase public awareness on this matter, estimated at 16% the risk of creation of a stable black hole that might destroy the planet, with several physicists reducing or expanding that risk, according to which of the alternative theories on black holes they support. In simple words, a 16% chance of extinction is a shot out of 6. It means that Nuclear Physicists are playing according to their own calculations (biased in favor of the experiment) a Russian Roulette shot with mankind, you, me and everybody else… It is not news. During the XX C. ¾ of all Nuclear Physicists worked in the army, manufacturing atomic bombs. So in many ways what is happening at CERN is the final epilogue of the Cold War MAD strategy. The Nuclear Industry has merely reduced its budget and focused in the creation of a new ‘scale’ of energetic power – the first cosmic bombs on Earth. Like those mine fields left behind when a war ends, which still kill without warning hundreds in the incoming years, the world faces now an unexpected menace from an old war we thought we had left behind.

If a Hydrogen bomb fusions helium and releases the excess of energy it doesn’t need into the atmosphere, a quark hole fusions far denser quark matter, converting the excess of mass it doesn’t need into pure energy, as all cosmological black holes we observe do. Thus the entire planetary mass will be swallowed by the quark hole at an exponential rate, within a period that might last, according to different theories on black hole growth, from a fraction of a second to a couple of years, in which the entire human race will evaporate and disappear. In that case the thin, ghostly cover of electromagnetic information we call life or reality will fade away; and the entire Earth that once was a blue planet teaming with the beauty and diversity of life, will become packed into a thick, smallish object of the size of… a sugar cube.


  1. Dumb holes and dumb physicists. The religion of entropy.

The Large Hadron Collider is a quark factory that will deconfine millions of quarks, the strongest, most attractive particles of the Universe. They carry the Atom’s mass, caged inside their nuclei.

 Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.09.13

In the graph, 99% of LHC’s production will consist on superfluid Quark condensates, a new state of matter, defined by Einstein, in which Quarks fusion together, creating hyper-dense, attractive tornado-like vortices with properties similar to black holes. Astro-physicists fear that if enough quarks are pegged together in one of those condensates, they can trigger a mass-reaction that would attract all the other quarks of the Earth, transforming our planet into a dense pulsar or black hole. The European Nuclear Company that will manufacture them affirms they won’t pose any danger, because according to a theory proposed by Mr. Hawking, small Black holes will evaporate in a burst of energy, before they can attract the mass of this planet. Yet Mr. Hawking’s theory has never been proved and it contradicts Einstein’s Relativity. So to prove Mr. Hawking right, 2 experiments were devised last year: a satellite called Fermi was launched to detect radiating black holes in the cosmos, but it failed to find any. A second test was done, manufacturing superfluid condensates, similar to those CERN will make with quarks; but formed with lighter, inoffensive ‘electro-weak’ Atoms. Those ‘atomic holes’ rotate 1 million times slower, absorbing sound ‘phonons’ instead of light ‘photons’ – reason why they are called dumb holes, instead of black holes. So, this June in an experiment at Haifa, Atomic Condensates rotating at supersonic speed became Dumb holes and absorbed sounds. Problem is they didn’t evaporate, proving that Quark Condensates, made at CERN, will absorb light & matter without evaporation. Because in Nature all what is possible happens (Totalitarian principle), Quark Holes should happen at LHC, making prohibitive for Public Policy the risks for Earth of a quark factory in this planet. CERN affirms LHC carries no risk, but critics contest neither Haifa nor Fermi showed evaporation and the Company’s safety report doesn’t study Quark Condensates, which were little known when the factory was designed. Thus, those critiques have asked Politicians and courts to take seriously this matter of national security, given the fact that physicists won’t, eager to prove their fringe theories. Since standard quark theory clearly implies a huge possibility of extinction, which should not be allowed.


Unfortunately, during the past years, astonishing new evidence proves that both events are very likely to occur:


—  Recent scientific papers by Chen and Wen from the Shanghai National Chinese Institute of Nuclear Physics1 showed that a few thousand quarks forming a condensate could start a Nova reaction. Thus, since CERN will create 1 million quarks per second of the most dangerous substance of the Universe, called a quark condensate, there are many chances that the first age of the Singularity ends life on this planet.

—        The 2 experimental proofs expected to show black hole evaporation have both failed: FERMI that was going to detect their evaporation didn’t find it on the cosmos. And the analogue created in Haifa, called a dumb hole didn’t evaporate. We are still here because dumb hole is a very weak equivalent of a black hole, made with atoms, not with quarks, hence belonging to the previous ‘cover’ of energy (as Cosmic rays do); and so able to suck in only sound, an energy one million times slower than light, which is what the black hole sucks in, besides all other types of matte). Yet, if CERN makes a black hole chances are they won’t evaporate and they will attract with their 1003 times stronger force all the mass of the Earth.

Indeed, ad one – 2 experiments that prove black holes don’t evaporate (Haifa’s milder sound holes didn’t evaporate and Fermi’s satellite didn’t find evaporating black holes in the galaxy), and 1 (Hawking’s radiation breaks the laws of science) and you get 2: black holes don’t evaporate, regardless of CERN’s wishful thinking. And so if Einstein is double right, not ‘double wrong’ as Hawking affirmed in his absurd article on black hole evaporation, Einstein-Bose quark condensates will form at the LHC a quark star ending our lives. As certain as 1+1= 2, for the same reasons: Hawking might not obey the laws of science, but the Universe always does and so did Einstein. And those laws of science say, regardless of mass-media gurus and ‘alternative’ fringe theorists, as those CERN sponsors, prove that black holes don’t evaporate.

Those 2 experiments are the nails in the coffin of our planet and yet nobody cares. Since the issue of the super-collider has been largely censored or ignored in a wave of messianic techno-utopian optimism proper of all the first ages of the discovery of new energy machines. In that sense, the enthusiasm of physicists for the new machine, whose big-bangs, they naively believe will reveal the meaning of the Universe; can be compared to any first age of discovery of machines. For example, the 1900s brought the craze of the air plane, when Mr. Lindberg became the global hero . . . Soon planes were used as bombers in I World War, increasing enormously the civil causalities of XX c. wars: +70% were caused by planes bombing innocent civilians, mainly children and women outside the war front. The issue is one of International Security, which unfortunately has been hidden by the Nuclear Industry that is suffering resurgence on account of its lower emission of carbon dioxide, the cause of global warming. But global warming is just the consequence of the detritus of machines—the pollution caused by the activity of those machines. So the attention global warming attracts is again a placebo—a secondary problem of the Industrial R=evolution, which will take so long to resolve that we will be all dead well before it matters. In the same way, the ‘shit’ of a Tyrannosaurus will not kill you but its weapons, its teeth will. So the pollution of machines will poison you very slowly but its teeth, the super-collider weapon, will kill you instantly.

But ‘mechanist physics’ continues its bid for explanations of the Universe, based only in the arrow of energy, entropy and death. So they plan to do both type of objects, black holes and quark condensates, hoping they will evaporate and the explosion will allow them to study the ‘big-bang’ on Earth. At CERN, Geneva, this black hole factory that menaces to blow up the Earth, will start producing them in Christmas. Mankind is willing to spend 13 billion $ making a doomsday machine, a quark cannon, heir of those cannons Galileo used to simplify wrongly our comprehension of time as only the change of speed in the motion of beings – destroying our comprehension of biological time for centuries. It will be switch on 800 years after the Crusaders use it to destroy Byzantium, closing the last 800 years cycle of weapons.

But humans just reduce it all to this: it is a big machine, it is expensive and so it must be good.

The Nuclear Industry created LHC under the ‘Ethics of Technology’ so clearly expressed by Eric Fromm, father of Political psychology:


‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.


This ethical statement explains what the super-collider that will make black holes is all about: to make a bigger, more powerful atomic cannon, because we have the capacity to make it, regardless of its harmful collateral effects to mankind, since it means big contracts for technological companies and jobs for Nuclear Physicists, unemployed after the end of the Cold War. As CERN said: ‘Whatever the discoveries ahead for physicists working at LHC, the experiments will, according to its Chief Scientific Officer, Jos Engelen, “keep physicists off street corners for a long time to come’.

Yet when the costs and risks are so high, public funding should be used in a wiser way on research on other areas of science that will provide jobs and harmless results.

Nuclear, Quantum Physicists engaged in those experiments work to achieve their scholar ambitions, or make a living at CERN and we cannot expect any control on their side. Their mastery, constructing weapons of mass destruction, is not paralleled however in the realm of knowledge, since their reductionist theories about time and the Universe have long been superseded by the work of Einstein and the recent advances on Fractal Relativity that make all the work of Hawking obsolete and prove Einstein’s standard theory of Mass and gravitation, the in’form’ative force of the Universe, right. Since if Einstein is right, Hawking’s black holes will blow up the planet, it seems an act of arrogance and irresponsibility to risk our lives to prove the best physicist of history wrong. In the last century Nuclear physicists were never made accountable for their actions, to protect a misunderstood concept of national security, called MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). Instead, during the cold war, they were hailed everywhere as ‘primus inter pares’, a position which in science if any, corresponds to the Philosopher of Science that defends the bioethics and truth of the scientific method. As a result of those undeserved privileges, today quantum physicists feel over the Laws of the Scientific Method that falsify their theories and the Laws of Democracies—since during the cold war Europeans gave the Nuclear Company ‘diplomatic status’. But our security policies have changed. We have now Environmental Laws and Laws that protect the Security of this Nation, opening a legal avenue to prevent this potential genocide. In that regard, politicians, the military or the European Courts that defend Human rights, should take seriously this potential genocide and prevent CERN from switching on this machine on Christmas. By establishing again the supremacy of the arrow of life over the arrow of entropy and death that CERN researches, politicians can give the first step in the right direction Mankind has to take, if we want to have a sustainable future for this planet. But that would be if they were ‘real politicians’ to the service of mankind; if we didn’t live in a world of fantasy and misinformation that convert us into puppets of history . . .

Unfortunately we do live in a world of fantasy and so nobody has acted up against this industry, except a reduced number of scientists, who have sued CERN in courts for a potential genocide against mankind. But courts have sided with CERN and protected their diplomatic status, adducing they have no jurisdiction. And meanwhile, data which confirms CERN will blow up the planet keeps pouring. While the press ignores and censors all negative information.

CERN is not so much a center of ‘research’ but an industrial complex and a case of intellectual corruption; brought about by the desire of physicists to make bigger, better Cannons, even when their military use has ended. The excuse of knowledge and the ‘Hawking Hoax’ of evaporating black holes is just ‘modern marketing’ to disguise the military origin of accelerators, which are atomic cannons created to research nuclear bombs. The Large Hadron Cannon is not a tool to research the nature of the Universe. Plainly speaking, the industry of atomic cannons should be closed down, and their money should be used to research the cosmos with telescopes without any risk. Since standard science precludes that quarks and black holes can blow up the Earth. It is just a question of time that this happens, when the machine, which is a quark cannon that masses together the strongest mass whirls of the Universe, quarks, and will constantly increase the energy of its collisions during the year 2010, crosses the threshold of stability of quark matter. Then, life will end on this planet – the planet itself will end. Yet even in the unlikely event that the quark cannon fails to reach that energy, there are new, more powerful machines being designed for the same purpose. So sooner than latter, one of such ‘big crunch’ machines will crunch the Earth. Because that is what quarks do, regardless of the fantasies of quantum entropy physicists: they create mass/information, all pervading across the cosmos, which balances the arrow of entropy of the ‘light-based’, electromagnetic Universe to which we humans belong. Since we human beings, are the exception to the Universe. Black holes are far more important and all pervading.

The Fermi paradox.

Indeed, there is a proof of our probable death, which is the so-called ‘Fermi paradox’, expressed by Fermi, the father of the 1st Atomic Reactor, who bet the Nuclear Bomb could ‘only’ blow out New Mexico. He wondered why despite the growing evidence of millions of planets like ours in the galaxy, we don’t find any signals of intelligent life in the cosmos… where the only radio-signals we observe with a fixed frequency are ‘quark stars’, pulsars and black holes. Are nuclear physicists blowing up with their arrogance and ignorance every planet in which life flourishes, when they ‘learn’ how to make Nuclear Bombs? It turned out that the Nuclear War didn’t kill us. But now, the last ‘horizon’ of evolution of Nuclear Bombs, the ‘cosmic, quark bomb’ should do it. Plainly speaking, unless we find out a ‘real proof’ that this machine is safe, this potential genocide should not be carried out. Unless we find out another rational explanation why not a single Human Civilization survives in the Universe, this machine should not be switched on. Unless we find out a ‘real’ black hole evaporating this machine should not be switched on. Unless we find out a ‘quark’ in cosmic rays, (which is CERN’S false safety standard), this machine should not go online. And if we were more than a culture of automatons, dominated by machines, certainly, CERN would be found guilty of criminal negligence for lying about the safety standards of its products. Instead the entire world press hails it as a proof of human ingenuity… But while there is life there is hope, and so, as the Doomsday machine gears itself to produce at incremental energies, mini big-bangs on Earth, starting this Christmas 2009. Since the machine will not reach its full power on a few years maybe our politicians or judges will stop it and maybe the first experiments will not break the threshold of energy that will extinguish the Earth. One things is for sure, Physicists will not stop their wrong perception of time as ‘only energy’ that makes them eagerly search for big-bangs and black holes, after centuries of making all the weapons of mass-destruction of this planet. Most likely by Christmas 2010, when the machine switches to full power and collides lead, deconfining millions of quarks we will all die, converted into a black hole or quark star. Or else, our most recent understanding of energy and information, as the 2 arrows of time, achieved not by Physicists but by Complexity and System theorists, like this writer, with so many applications in all sciences, will have to be revised. And we will have to accept the absurd fantasies about an entropic Universe of Mr. Hawking, where black holes ‘travel to the past’, evaporating energy, instead of creating information towards the future, as Einstein said… after decades of finding not a single proof, become standard physics. I sincerely doubt it. And trust me, if there is a science of which I am truly an ‘expert’ is the Science of time. And this I tell you, black holes will never evaporate back to the past, they are not time machines but the most perfect factories of information that balance the entropy of the Universe making it immortal, exactly what Einstein explained, not the anti-truth of Hawking, who invented 30 years ago the absurd idea that black holes were entropy factories in a dying Universe. But a writer can’t do anything, not even utter a serious warning in a corrupted world where the true issues of mankind are censored by the power of Go(l)d and the sword… In any case, we shall close this section with a Decalogue of Mechanist errors, because CERN is not a factory of knowledge, physicists are no longer the most advanced scientists of the XX century, stuck by their myths and ‘worldly’ profession (making energy weapons) to study only the arrow of energy and death, searching for the simplest of all those energies, the energy of the big-bang, which will not reveal the complexity of the Universe but simplify us all into a ball of dark matter.

Arrogance and ignorance of the true meaning of time, life and their arrows of social evolution and organic life is the trademark of mechanist scientists, physicists and economists, the scientists of weapons and go(l)d that are destroying the planet, without even realizing of it. The key to that process is the change of language that took place in history with the arrival of science, from words, the natural, biological language of time to numbers, the abstract language of machines that carries not meaning about the cycles of life and death. It meant also the change from ‘biological time’, which describes those changes of morphology, proper of life/death cycles, to ‘clock time’, which describes only the change in the motion of beings. From then on, scientists became mentally closer to those machines they worship, forgetting all the collateral effects of their actions. They became ‘experts’ in mechanisms, ignoring all about life organisms. And so they built myths about the mechanist nature of the Universe. In the same way the ‘Am Segullah’ and the culture of economists have been tailored to follow a series of myths that cater to their religion of power, go(l)d, expressed in the Talmud; Germanic physicists, the mechanists that construct the machines of our world, have built a series of myths about the ‘mechanist’ nature of the Universe, which cater to their use of machines as their tool of power. The machine, thus, becomes the idol of their/our civilization and for that reason, we shall all die for the Large Hadron Collider, the last and most perfect cannon of the artillery cycle that took the Germanic culture to the summit of civilization. But in the same way the Am Segullah hide their go(l)d, source of their power, which is never mentioned in their myths and books of history, which portray them as the ‘superior moral race’, physicists never acknowledge they discover first machines and then invented theories of the Universe as a machine. Kepler said God was a clocker; Descartes said humans were automata, whose emotions were driven by wheels; Helmoltz affirmed the world was guided by energy and entropy, it was dying, because he was studying the heat and energy of steam and cannons; Gamow said the Universe was born in a big explosion, because he was making atomic bombs. And the system of industrial propaganda backed those theories, because they were proof that machines were not about power but about knowledge. The biggest of all their myths was the idea that the ‘Language of God’ was geometry, mathematics, because machines were designed and spoke the language of geometry, ‘of circles and lines’, as Galileo, the founder of the mechanist method of understanding the Universe, put it. Those are themes treated in other books of this author. So we shall only enunciate here some of those myths, which are the alibis for the ‘research’ in Singularity machines, specifically in the Quark Cannon, the Singularity machine that will kill us within a decade, unless Physicists abandon their myths and stop their machine, or politicians oblige them to close the black hole factory… But time is running out; and there is a massive censorship of all opinions contrary to this machine. So it is very likely that Physicists will finally, in search of the pure energy of the Universe, kill the world and all of us, in 2010… Let us then consider again a Decalogue of myths by physicists and the truths they hide.

  1. Mechanists believe that the Universe is a mechanism, so they believe machines are needed to understand the Universe. They are not, as the Universe is organic and so it is made to the image and likeness of man, whose mind suffices to explain the Universe.
  2. The main myth of physicists is the myth that the language of God is mathematics. Hence all equations are truth. This is false, equations, as Gödel proved, can be fictions, when they break the laws of the scientific method as Hawking does. Since Mathematics is just a language of information and the ‘languages of God’ are infinite (Upanishads).
  3. The myth that the Universe has only an arrow of entropy, energy and death and the arrow of information doesn’t matter; born of their worldly profession as makers of energetic weapons.
  4. Hence, the myth that black holes do not create information/mass, as Einstein says, but destroy it and will evaporate into energy, instead of swallowing the Earth.
  5. The myth that Mr. Hawking, who affirms such non-sense about black holes, denying Einstein’s theory, is the new Einstein, just because he is a media celebrity. And so we must believe in him. This can be extended to all the nonsense generated by this machine, specially the myth that there is a God’s particle, the Higgs, which explains the meaning of mass in the Universe. Higgs is not even a new particle but it is just another mathematical formulation of the top quark, as Nambu, last year Nobel Prize, perfectly explains. It is only used for the purpose of rising money among ignorant politicians. Then, when it is not found in the collider, everybody will recognize that Mr. Nambu was right, the Higgs is the top quark, and we shall all be redeemed. Or so they think at CERN, since Top Quarks, the densest particles of the Universe will condensate into top quark holes that won’t evaporate.
  6. The myth that time is what a clock measures. And since, physicists only use clocks to study translational change, change in the motion of things, due to their work in weaponry, time only measures energy (backing the previous myths). It is not. Time is change and clocks only measure ‘change’ with a specific system of perception.
  7. This myth, based in the entropy/weaponry myth that the Universe was born in an explosion from a mathematical ‘Singularity. This is false. There is experimental evidence that the big-bang explosion coincides with the data of a quasar explosion, the birth of a black hole, as CERN will create. The big-bang is just a myth created by the makers of nuclear weapons.
  8. What all this means is that the evolution of science is not caused by machines, which twist reality to adapt it to its visual, spatial perception, but by logic thinkers, which do as Einstein said, thought experiments. It is precisely those thinkers who have today answered with pen and paper the questions CERN says it wants to solve – the meaning of mass and the big-bang. CERN indeed is obsolete. We know perfectly what mass is, following Einstein; we know how top quarks (not Higgs) act to deconfine mass; etc.
  9. Those results of XXI C. physics are not mainstream science today for a single reason: CERN goes to arm’s length to promote its fringe, false theories, such as Higgs or Hawking’s evaporation, preventing the spread of true knowledge, for the sake of industrial wealth.
  10. For all that reasons, what CERN will do is NOT what all those myths imagine, but what the only serious physicist of the XX century, Mr. Einstein and those of us who have advanced his work in the past decades (fractal and chaos theory) say it will do: an Einstein’s quark condensate, the substance of pulsars of black holes that create the Information of the Universe and will destroy this planet into a big crunch…

So we ask politicians and judges to stop their weapon…

Physicists know only about time ‘what a clock measures’, Galileo’s definition of time. But time is more than what a clock measures. Let us then break their alibi to construct the machines of the Age of the Singularity: their pretension that those machines are needed to understand reality; that their experiments with nano-bacteria will explain the meaning of life and their experiments with quark bombs the meaning of the Universe. So once it is understood they won’t, the governments, which pay the research on the Machines of the Singularity, might close down those labs.


  1. The myth that machines reveal the meaning of the Universe.

Mechanism as a ‘religion of machines’ is specially dangerous in the Age of the Singularity in which we live, when machines are about to cross the final thresholds of energetic and informative power that will make them so powerful that they will be able to extinguish us. Yet because we believe those super-computers and super-colliders will reveal us the meaning of it all, we keep producing ever more powerful machines.

The Energetic Singularity, the quark cannon built at CERN will reveal us ‘God’s particle’ and the meaning of the Universe, according to their proponents, LOL. The self-reproductive metal bacteria of the 2nd age of the Singularity will help us to understand ‘life’, according to its researchers, LOL. And Artificial Intelligence will explain how we think, according to the researchers on robots. And of course, since everybody wants to know God, understand life and discover the way our brain operates, those 3 mechanist excuses of our technological civilization are pursued with religious zeal, regardless of possible dangers. Never mind we have the entire Universe to look at with telescopes to understand it directly, without doing big bangs on Earth. Never mind we have trillions of real cells to study life and billions of intelligent humans to study how we think. Those ‘revelations’ are just mere marketing tools of a ‘program’ of evolution of machines we cannot avoid to have because machines ‘give money’. They are excuses to hide the real reason we make those ‘Singularity’ machines—profits, mechanism and the fact that ‘we can make them’ at this stage of the Industrial R=evolution. Because mechanism believes that life senses, human senses are inferior to the senses of machines, those scientists pretend that machines will reveal the meaning of life itself. The fact is that only the Human Mind is powerful enough to organize and reorder the knowledge and experimental facts recollected with those machines into logic explanations of reality. The great discoveries of science have always been theoretical, mental, without the need of machines. Thus, we don’t need to risk our lives to obtain new experimental evidence with over powerful computers and colliders, when we are still using primitive concepts of mechanist science, as those sponsored by physics, but rather upgrade our philosophy of science, from mechanism into organicism, making of man again the measure of all things and protecting life as the superior good of our societies.


The meaning of life.

In that regard, we don’t need at all to make nano-bacteria to understand the meaning of life. Real bacteria can be studied to know ‘the details’. Regarding ‘the thoughts of god’, which Einstein looked for in the realm of physics and Darwin in the realm of Biology, the ‘big picture’, the why of the cycle of life and death, has been solved and if the reader goes back to chapter 1, there he will find the equations, cycles and scientific explanations of why we live and die, as every other species of the fractal Universe, made of flows of energy and information that those arrows organize in al kind of systems and organisms, combinations of the 4 arrows of time, the wills of the Universe and is finite life and death cycles of existence. There is also in that chapter, a schematic account of how those 2 simple elements, lineal energy and cyclical information, organize the ‘Evolution of species and the Evolution of the human kind, from the Homo Australopithecus to the Homo Sapiens. Those dualist models have been developed to the final details, mapping out all the main species and evolutionary paths of life on Earth and all the organs and parts of living beings, which respond to the geometries of energy and information. Thus, even if ‘the inquisition of physics’ and its dogma of a single arrow of energy that determines the future of the Universe, slows down the change of paradigm, it is clear that the obsession of physicists for time as the dimension or motion – the so-called 4th dimension of space – is largely irrelevant to understand mankind. It is the understanding of biological and historical cycles, advanced by the sciences of Complexity, Time Duality and Systems Theory, what matters most to us. Since in those sciences of the XXI century, the questions of how we live and die, what is life (a physiological combination of the 4 arrows of time, expressed in the wills, drives and actions of biological beings), why our morphology is what it is (a combination of the cyclical forms of information and lineal forms of energy) and what is the plan of evolution (an extension of the life/death cycle to the organic scale of all species), are being resolved without the use of mechanist theories and big, expensive, risky experiments, by complexity theorists, fractal mathematicians and biologists – not by physicists, mechanists and robotists, who have nothing to do with the understanding of the meaning of life and should stick to their jobs, making only machines that are useful to mankind. In that regard, organicism is the true r=evolution of XXI century science, brought about by biologists and complex theorists not by physicists and their weapons.


  1. The myth that mathematics is the only language of God=truth.

Real science, which tries to explain the Universe with the languages of mathematics and logic tends to be more accurate than philosophy, which uses the language of verbal thought to that purpose; or art, which works with the language of images, because mathematics carries more information, as a synoptic language that words do and art has always accepted its ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic nature and hence it accepts fiction thought from its inception. But in essence, those 3 realms of human knowledge, art, verbal thought and science are linguistic interpretations of the Universe and as such they are subject to the laws of truth and falsity of languages, among which is paramount the existence of fiction thoughts in all languages, which in mathematics was shown to be the case thanks to the work of Mr. Gödel. In simple terms, we can say that any language reflects with a series of symbols in a synoptic way the total information of an event or substance of the Universe. And because the language carries by definition far less information than the subject it studies, all languages can, without experimental evidence, create fiction thoughts. That is, a mathematical equation will not be real as long as there is no experimental proof of the phenomenon it describes. For that reason Einstein said to Poncaire that while ‘I know when mathematics are truth I don’t know when they are real’. As we do not know if a book of fiction describes real characters unless we identify them in the real world. Thus, to avoid linguistic fictions in science, the experimental method was established, according to which a scientist should only work theories to explain experimental phenomena already observed, by establishing a hypothesis or theory to explain that phenomena. But without prior observation of the phenomena, the scientist should not at all make any research or pretend that his theory is more relevant to truth than Don Quixote, regardless of the beauty of the thoughts of Mr. Cervantes.

Yet in the case he takes the avenue of fiction thought and decides to explore mathematically a certain hypothesis or imaginary equation, he should at least, always respect in his deductions all the proved laws of experimental science, which have been validated by experience. He should avoid any contradiction with those laws or else his theory must be considered false and no longer belong to the realm of science but of science fiction.

This simple methodology of truth has brought about our present technological civilization and the certainty that the laws of science happen: That when we throw a pen, it will fall down not upwards. Even if a mere change in the negative symbol of a gravitational equation will gives us that fantasy result; that when we heat water, it will boil not freeze. Even if a mere change of symbol in a thermodynamic equation can give us that result. And for the same two laws, called the law of gravitation and the law of thermodynamics, when a black hole appears, creating an enormous sink of gravitation with a tremendous temperature, matter falls into it and in the process, the hot black hole evaporates its cold surroundings, the electromagnetic membrane in which we exist. Even if a change of symbols in the time equations of gravitational black holes gives us the opposite result. Then, instead of absorbing matter, black holes will vomit it, which is to say that instead of falling down, a weight will move upwards. Why we know this idea is a fiction thought? It is then when the previous explained laws of the scientific method come to our rescue: the idea of a black hole evaporating it is not born from experience but it has been established by theorists a priori, as a mathematical exercise. And it is not a law that follows the known laws of science but a theory that would break the 4 fundamental laws of science in which reality seats now for quite sometime: Newton’s/Einstein’s gravitational theory, Boltzmann’s Thermodynamics, time causality (movement from past to future) and the Law of conservation of energy and information. Ad 1+1+1, deduction a priori, lack of experimental evidence and contradiction with known laws of science and we must deduce evaporating black holes are fiction thought. And yet this fiction thought is today considered a dogma of modern physics, politically incorrect to discuss, as the fiction thought that the Am Segullah don’t control the economic system and are the victims of history, is considered a dogma, politically incorrect to discuss, just because a group of ‘believers’ are extremely active promoting such ideas.

The Universe is stubborn and Darwinian and it has its own method of proving itself right: Reality exists. It happens while fiction thought disappears, doesn’t transcend from the minimal space-time that occupies in our brains into reality. In other words, the Universe cares nothing for human imagination but for the laws of proved science. So, despite economical statistics that denied this crisis would happen, the economy of the world crashed and if the system is not reformed America will end like Germany did, in an age of death, holocausts and Civil Wars. And despite CERN’s wishful thinking, if a black hole appears in its experiments in the next years, it will not obey the fiction thought of Mr. Hawking, but the well proved laws of causality in time, thermodynamics, Einstein’s relativity (gravitation) and conservation of energy and information and teach mankind that God are the laws of the Darwinian Universe, not Christ, not the Am Segullah, not Mr. Rolf Hauer, the ‘Goth’ that constructs the final weapon, nor Hawking, not fiction thought. And so the black hole, the most powerful species of such Darwinian universe will swallow us all. As politically incorrect as this harsh truth might sound. Reality bites and happens and that is why fiction thought must remain in the realm of art, not in the realm of physics and economics, if mankind wants to have a future in such Universe…

Because physicists make weapons, they only study motions. Because the military for whom they work are very arrogant people nobody argues with physicists, whose ideas become a scientific dogma. So the rest of the arrows of time=change, including Information don’t exist according to this ‘fairy tale’ of reductionist Physics. Never mind that Einstein proved that everywhere in the Universe physical information gravitation bends energy into denser mass, as black holes created on Earth will do with our mass. According to Einstein, black holes balance the entropy of the Universe, creating mass. A fact which he described in his equation M=E/c2, the reverse of the equation of Universal Entropy, he also discovered (E=Mc2). Those 2 equations are the equation of death of mass or ‘atomic bomb’ and the equation of creation of Mass or ‘black hole crunch’, which is more powerful. Since a big crunch does not need combustible, only a detonator substance – the quark condensate – as the combustible is the mass of any atom that has quarks. Yet CERN’s physicists deny this, theoretically because they deny the arrow of information, in praxis because they signed confidentiality documents. Ultimately we have built automatic systems of ‘control of public opinion’, which allow any company to go ahead with the most outrageous actions, without opposition. It is all a question of marketing, of ‘bullshitting’, of playing a ‘take it easy’, don’t worry be happy attitude. So, CERN’s physicists laugh at the incoming holocaust, make jokes and then lie systematically to the press, saying there is no danger, saying those black holes will certainly evaporate, denying evidence, saying the experiment happens constantly in the atmosphere in the form of cosmic rays (which is false, since cosmic rays are atoms, a lighter layer of the Russian doll of mass, NOT quarks), etc. etc. People, who are normal, just trust they will not take such a risk. But they have taken those risks in each horizon of the evolution of Atomic weapons. When they threw the first Atomic Bomb, they bet it might blow up the entire planet, and they went ahead. Teller, the maker of the H-bomb, wanted to make one to blow up the entire Soviet Union, hence provoking a global catastrophe. He had the backing of all the physicists involved. Eisenhower had to step in and forbade it. These are the people that now laugh to the chances of killing us all, and the chorus of ‘four legs, four legs’, all the politicians, judges and the press of the world, is ‘believing’ in the high priests of mechanism, after a century of ‘fiction thought’ about the ‘ingenuity of man’. CERN is a machine, very expensive, which has engaged the military-industrial complex, idle after the cold war, and so everybody in Europe backs the machine for their ‘grandeur’. Indeed, we can consider this experiment also within the context of the ideologies of history: CERN is a consortium directed by a German, paid mainly by the Germanic culture (France, Germany & England), known by its obsession with energy as the ‘Final Solution’ to the understanding of it all. Germans are not subtle people. Their solution to the misdeeds of the International banker was to massacre their lower, farming castes, the Khazars of the ‘Pale of settlement’, (Eastern Europe), which had nothing to do with Mr. Rothschild; now their solution to the meaning of the World is to destroy it. But mankind trusts their experts, as they trusted our banker-priests. It is impolite, politically incorrect to expose the retarded, evil nature of the human species. So if we cannot defend ourselves from sword and go(l)d believers, we shall receive what we deserve.

Indeed, the 3rd horizon of Atomic Bombs, the Cosmic bomb, is just the last cannon of the cycle of artillery that gave the Germanic culture power to destroy the world and now it will destroy them, under the action-reaction law of the Universe.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hawking and CERN, don’t seem to understand that ‘lying’, falsifying the laws of science and the Universe, inventing a world of pure ‘entropy’, against all experimental evidence, will not change the laws of the Universe, only will make matters worse. Because Mass and Information do exist, black holes don’t evaporate and so this experiment will only confirm those laws, probably extinguishing us all. And again, we cannot say it won’t be just. The Germanic culture will get what it deserves after 3000 years of creating weapons and massacring mankind with them; and as in the case of the Jewish Holocaust, in which the lower classes die as scapegoats of their banker-priests—the people who massacre mankind with their slaving and capitalist policies—this time mankind will die for believing in Nuclear Physicists, the High Priests of the Energetic, Germanic culture that massacred all civilization at the end of every 800 year cycle. And so at the end of the last 800 year cycle of artillery, the German-French Industry will bring us the quark cannon, the perfect weapon.


  1. The myth that the Universe was born in a big-bang.

What is more astounding of this whole issue of ‘industrial mechanism vs. theoretical science’ taking place around CERN is the negative effect that CERN and other similar projects of ‘big science’ is having in the real advance of our knowledge of the Universe, which takes place as always through thought experiments – through the evolution of mathematical models of reality. Today we are in an age of evolution of mathematics, as nothing witnessed since Riemann evolved geometry. Now the evolution takes place, by applying fractal mathematics, which is resolving many themes of cosmology and nuclear physics. But fractal mathematics doesn’t need new experiments. It merely reorders and improves the models already brought about by previous paradigms, making obsolete CERN. This, therefore must be hidden. And so the ‘industrial complex’ of science, which includes the main publications of the field, are hiding both, the false theories that CERN sponsors (the non-existent Higgs, the non-existent evaporation of black holes) and the fractal advances of cosmology. This is the case of the big-bang, which today, is clearly proved to be ‘fractal’. That is, to be just a galactic phenomenon of destruction and re-creation of the central black hole, which probably happens in all galaxies, in an infinite Universe, whose scales and complexity is beyond human observation. Yet the fractal structure of the Universe, now proved experimentally by the Hubble, which makes the pretension of CERN of simulating the origin of it all, not the birth of a black hole, is bluntly ignored not to ‘loose face’ and bust the marketing campaign, which justifies our expenses in big science. But facts remain facts, so it is worth to tell the ‘real nature of the big-bang’.

What we know today is that the big-bang is a fractal event, which happens in each galaxy – a quasar cycle that explodes a central black hole, which cosmologists have proved to happen every 14 billion years, the supposed age of the cosmic big-bang. So we have yet, another proof that CERN will blow up the Earth, making a black hole. The error of the big-bang, invented by a priest and an A-bomb maker, is common to Religious people and Physicists: Both expand their ideas and measures to cosmic dimensions. So for example, believers in a prophet of a religion don’t realize that the wor(l)d prophet merely creates a ‘social organism of mankind’ not the entire Universe. Man likes to think always he is much bigger than he is, as he perceives reality from his self-centered point of view. It is the Copernican paradox that made us believe for millennia we were the center of the Universe. For the same reason, physicists pretend that the background radiation at 2.7 k, which a small black hole of the mass of a moon can produce and should be producing, as it has been observed only on this galaxy, happens in all the time space of the Universe. This is an absurd inference, similar to the idea that Jesus created the Universe, which goes against all the laws of the scientific method that oblige to explain a local phenomenon observed now, with a local entity that is acting now. Yet it allowed physicists to talk not of the Galaxy and its black holes, which produce that radiation as Einstein explained, by bending the light with its ‘gravitational force’, but of God and the Entire Universe. So the massive proofs of a fractal structure of an immortal Universe, in which black holes crunch energy into form and balance the opposite destruction of form into energy, is not interesting to them. Now they go a step further, making one of those black holes in this planet, making a quasar-like experiment to proof their false theories truth.

The Universe is a fractal system of lineal energies called forces and cyclical informations called particles, structured in scales of growing complexity as atoms evolve into molecules that evolve into planetoids and solar systems that evolve into galaxies that evolve into clusters. Such fractal organization means we cannot know the limits of size of reality, but we can know the laws that structure it. It means also, the big-bang is just local, the explosion of a quasar-like black hole; and so its 2.7 k radiation is local, caused by the commonest ‘black hole predator’, one who has eaten and has the mass of the commonest planetoid, a moon. Astronomers called those objects Moon MACHOS, as our moon will be soon, thanks to CERN. There is indeed a massive evidence of such fractal structure coming from Hubble and other telescopes; but the high priests of entropy deny it. As one of them put it:

“This is fact,” Pietronero says. “It’s not a theory.” He says he is interested only in what he sees in the data and argues that the galaxies are fractal regardless of whether someone can explain why.” But Hogg insists, ” The universe is not a fractal and if it were a fractal it would create many more problems that we currently have. A universe patterned by fractals would throw all of cosmology out the window, with the big bang and the expansion of the universe following closely behind.”

Hogg’s team feels that until there’s a theory to explain why the galaxy clustering is fractal, there’s no point in taking it seriously. “My view is that there’s no reason to even contemplate a fractal structure for the universe until there is a physical fractal model,” says Hogg. “Until there’s an inhomogeneous fractal model to test, it’s like tilting at windmills.” But of course, the model exists, people like Nottale in France, Pietronero, myself, have developed fractal models of the Universe and many other sciences. But the results strongly suggest an organic structure for all the parts of the Universe, which are evolving super-organisms of energy and information, joined by energetic and informative networks, in the case of the Universe, electromagnetic energy and gravitational information. The issue is that a fractal Universe made to the image and likeness of man and vice versa, will end the mechanist paradigm. And the people, who make machines, physicists will no longer be the high priests of Science. They will return to their worldly job: artisans of weapons and machines. CERN will have to close down, men would become again the measure of all things and we could prevent our extinction. This is what physicists don’t want to consider. They love their respect that their non-sense, reductionist talk about ‘time being the 4th dimension of space’ brings to them. Of course, it is the 4th dimension of space, if you only use time to measure change in the movement of cannonballs, v=s/t. Only by reducing time studies to movement and ignoring all about how time changes form, in-form-ation, Physicists can keep their underserved, pretentious position of ‘seers of the truth’.



  1. The myth that a particle explains mass.

The laws of fractal information, organicism and the way they pattern reality apply obviously to physics, not only to life beings and we, complex theorists have used them to resolve all the questions CERN pretends to resolve, just with the use of our brains, doing, as Einstein did, ‘thought experiments’ without costing a penny to the tax-payer. Since the ultimate myth of mechanism – that science advances with machines not with human intelligence – is false.

While the understanding of the universe with the complex models of fractal mathematics, which describe the arrow of information is not the theme of this book, already quite long, because our life depends on it, it must be understood that CERN is not about knowledge, but about building a machine of the Nuclear Industry, which uses outdated, false theories and markets them, as the Saint Grail of Physics and the meaning of it all to get funding, delaying with the attention it gets towards those false theories, the evolution of knowledge. The case of the big-bang, which is the ultimate alibi of that company is clear: the big-bang is not the origin of the Fractal, infinite Universe, it has been disproved ad nauseam and at best it will be the birth of a black hole, which will evaporate our world into a big-bang of energy, as it absorbs the inner quark-mass of our atoms. The second alibi of CERN is the pretentious discovery of a ‘God’s particle’, which they say will resolve the meaning of mass. This is also false. Let us then close this paragraph, showing the falsity of that God’s particle and the true meaning of mass, which has already been solved by physicists, following the path of Mr. Einstein, not that of Mr. Higgs, whose particle is just a mathematical reformulation of the heaviest quark, the top quark, NOT the meaning of mass, NOT even a new, real particle…


The Higgs hoax.

The real story of the III Horizon of Nuclear cannons, the quark cannons built at CERN, which will produce all kind of quarks, including the heaviest, top quarks (aka Higgs particle), in huge numbers, enough of them to create quark condensates, the substance o Novas, pulsars and black holes, started, in fact, at the end of the cold war, during the Reagan administration, when the Military-Industrial Complex was corrupting its purpose, from making weapons to defend America, to making money, constructing ultra-expensive weapons. It was then realized that new super-conductive technologies could cross the III horizon of Nuclear Weapons, creating Mass-bombs, made of quarks… and in the process enhance our understanding of what mass is, clarifying the kind of theoretical arguments we have just explained. So the first quark cannon, the SCC or Super-conductive Collider was designed. It was marketed no longer as a weapon that might obliterate this planet, or an ultra-expensive machine that would give great benefits to the industry, but as a tool of research of the ‘cosmic big bang’. Yet changing the name of a weapon-machine doesn’t change its nature; as changing the name of CERN won’t change its purpose which is Nuclear Research, both with military and civil use.

Yet a careful analysis of the physics of that age shows, in fact that the industrial perspective was dominant in the making of the SCC. Since the military were trying to downsize their massive arsenals in both countries, US and Russia. Further on, the essential particles of the Standard Model of Physics have all been discovered. So it was difficult to sell the research of the III Horizon of Nuclear Weapons or Mass bombs, based in Einstein’s 2nd equation, M=E/c2, as a tool of ‘knowledge’. But when there is a will there is a way. It is in this moment of history when ‘God’s particle’ appears, sponsored by Mr. Leo Lederman, the main lobbyist of the Industry, in charge of Fermi Lab, the biggest accelerator made till that date. He published a book called ‘God’s particle’ and used it the concept as a perfect tool of marketing to ‘reconvert’ the industry of Atomic cannons into civil use. Reagan, a president in loved with the military and God, gave the ahead and the SCC, the Superconductive Collider was fund. Soon it started construction at Texas at a cost equal to the expenses of the National Health Institute that year. The problem, though, is that Higgs particle was merely a reformulation of the Top quark with different equations. So it was not a ‘real particle’ but a mathematical variation on the same theme. It was like calling a brunette, a dark hair girl. It is still the same person, though we are using 2 different names. And that same person in the Higgs case is the original top quark, the heaviest of them all and the particle which Nambu, this year’s Nobel Prize, had proved responsible for giving mass to the Z and W particles, which are the 2 transitional particles in which our atoms become transformed, before adding up its masses to obtain exactly the mass of a top quark. This is truly all the fuss there is about the ‘God’s particle’ – a redundant particle that explains how our mass dies and becomes the W+Z=Top quark=Higgs. Yet according to the principles of efficiency and simplicity, the Universe doesn’t create redundant particles. Thus, because a top quark condensate does the same than a Higgs particle and has its same weight, instead of Higgs we shall observe top quark condensates are new quark particles, ‘blackaons’ and ‘top triplets’ (see lower central graph), which could accrete the Earth and form a top quark frozen star, whose properties coincide with those of the densest black holes.

Because the top quark is self-similar to a Higgs, as the graph of LHC production shows and the LHC is expressly created to make Higgs, it certainly will do many Tops. In fact, Fermi Lab has now for a decade limited further the possible mass of the Higgs and those constrains have been coming closer to the Top Quark, which will be finally ‘its exact mass’.

Obviously, this known-unknown fact of Nuclear Physicists is not explained by CERN, because it will make the LHC an unnecessary waste of resources, but in any case it proves Top quarks will be formed in great numbers and they should create, in the way Haifa created a Dumb Hole, an ultra-dense, superfluid vortex of quarks akin to the dumb hole but 1 million times more attractive, able to absorb light and all the quark-mass that resides inside the atoms of the Earth, expelling their electronic covers in the form of ‘electroweak radiation’, as we observe happening in all type of Nova and Super-nova reactions across the Universe. Thus, the Higgs will never be found, given the fact that the Universe is ‘efficient’ and so it never produces particles that are redundant, but instead we will create top quark condensates, Einstein’s Frozen black holes. And once again Einstein will be proved right when he said ‘Those who impose truths with the power of weapons, will be the laugh of the Gods’.

Fact is if the Higgs is the top quark already discovered, the standard model is closed and the enormous costs of making a quark cannon cannot be sustained by fundamental research or military reasons, as the cold war had come to an end. For those reasons, Clinton wisely cancelled the earlier American SCC collider and thousands of nuclear physicists lost their jobs. This should have been the end of this industry, a spin-off of the cold war. Those nuclear physicists should have moved into the electronic industry, which is truly its alma matter – not Cosmology, the realm of the big, studied by Astronomers. And the different Ministries of Science should have pushed the research of the big bang with harmless telescopes far better suited to explore the Universe than a quark cannon. But CERN, the European Nuclear Company, founded by De Gaulle, as a European bid for nuclear independence, which had been lagging behind America during the cold war, saw now a chance to advance its cause and took over the project. Europeans, though, were kin to appear as pacifists. Thus, the true origin of accelerators and its military use was put aside; and a series of fringe theorists, like Mr. Higgs and Mr. Hawking, took the limelight. They became instant celebrities and their fringe theories suddenly appeared as the Golden Stone of modern physics. So, finally a machine that should have never been constructed, because its costs and risks far outweighed its scientific benefits, became a reality; and thousands of Nuclear Researchers, many working till then in Russia, constructing nuclear devices, got new jobs. Now, the LHC prepares its inauguration day that will usher mankind, after the age of Nuclear Bombs and Thermonuclear Bombs, into the 3rd Horizon of Nuclear Weapons: the age of ‘Cosmic’, Quark Bombs.


The meaning of mass.

So what is mass, if the top quark, aka Higgs, is just the biggest of all masses that feed in our mass, NOT the particle that gives mass to all others? Any serious physicist today knows what is mass. It was explained by Einstein and his concept has been refined in the last decades by theorists of the strong force and fractal theorists… In simple terms, masses are cyclical whirls of physical time. If the Universe is made of energy and information, in the physical scale, lineal forces (electromagnetism, gravitation) are energy. They create the energy and space/vacuum we perceive as extensions. And charges and masses, are cyclical whirls, hence clock-like vortices, which carry a frequency of form, of in-form-ation. This is the meaning of charges and masses: in the scale of gravitation, lineal, gravitational forces of space curve into cycles of mass. And so Einstein said, ‘time/mass curves space/gravitational energy’. In the smaller, quantum scale of electromagnetism, we have cyclical charges and lineal electromagnetic forces. And again, light curves into cyclical charges, electrons…

The reader must understand that in Physics there are 2 ‘half theories’ that must be put together to explain the dual Universe:

Quantum Theory, the electromagnetic theories of quantum physics, of small particles guided by the electroweak force, which can be cyclical charges or lineal light forces. They describe the ‘cover’ of electronic information and electromagnetic energy of which we are made.

– Relativity, the theory of gravitational forces, masses and black holes. They describe the bigger cosmological world.

What people at CERN and people like Hawking have tried to do is to ‘cheat’ those theories, explaining gravitation and masses, the cosmological world, with theories of the quantum world. This is absurd, unneeded and false. The two scales are separated and we do not need to explain one with the reductionist laws of the other. For that reason CERN is an absurd concept. We won’t understand the cosmos studying the microcosms, but studying with telescopes and satellite the cosmos per se. CERN is an absolute hoax. It is not an instrument to study the cosmos, but a residue of the Nuclear Age, a device to make Nuclear weapons. In the same way we do not study the laws of History with the laws of bio-chemistry, the smaller scale of human beings, we do not study the cosmos with quantum cannons but with telescopes. The greatness of Einstein’s job was to define the ‘arrow of information’ in physics, the ‘clocks of time’ of the Universe, vortices of mass, like those black holes CERN will do, which transform entropy, lineal energy, force, into mass and charges. Thus, he did for physics, what Darwin did for Biology, describing the evolution of form, of in-form-ation in life. Indeed, Einstein completed our understanding of the Universe of entropy, describing the arrow of physical information or mass, as a cyclical clock of information, a ‘whirl of space-time’, like a hurricane in perpetual movement that attracted all around it. And he defined a black hole as the biggest of those hurricanes. Now CERN will put together a lot of smaller hurricanes, called quarks, the ‘cells’ of Einstein’s black holes, he called frozen stars, but instead of expecting to see the biggest hurricane ever produced on Earth, it prefers to deny Einstein and says the Super-Katrina will evaporate. Why? Because it has spent 13 billion $ in the machine and only when the machine was constructed it found out it will make a Katrina. Imagine Bush being told he didn’t have safety measures to stop the Katrina. What he did? He denied it would swallow New Orleans.

Those 2 arrows of physical time, gravitational in-form-ative forces that create mass, M=E/c2, converting energy into in-form-ation and entropy, E=m/c2, its inverse arrow, are necessary and truth because they allow an Universe in perpetual movement, where cyclical informations, masses and lineal entropies, energies, transform into each other ad eternal. Thus, black holes balance the Cosmos into an eternal game of two movements, cyclical vortices of space-time or masses, defined by a frequency of rotational information, which makes them attract like a hurricane all other masses and electromagnetic entropy that expands mass into radiation. Einstein defined both forces as motions with his principle of equivalence between mass and a vortex of cyclical acceleration, opening our understanding of an eternal, self-repetitive, Universe made of two forms of perpetual motion, charges and masses, which are moving cycles and forces which are lineal waves in motion. So the Universe is made of clocks of time/information and flows of energy/entropy.

Mr. Einstein related physical in-form-ation (masses and charges) to the form or ‘topology’ of space-time; latter Mandelbrot and Mehaute proved that information is reproduced in a fractal manner, by creating self-similar forms to the original. Thus information is a ‘geometrical, formal, dimensional, discontinuous element’, as opposed to energy, which is continuous, lineal, related to movement and expansive phenomena.

This resolves easily, for example, the problem of the expansion of interstellar vacuum, balanced by the in-form-ative, vortex-like space-time of galaxies that implode energy into mass, whose equations were resolved by Gödel, the ‘bete noir’ of Pythagoric believers in the sacred nature of mathematics like Mr. Hawking. So the big-bang expansive solution is balanced by the informative, rotating galaxies, where we exist. And for that reason, in our world the arrow of life and information is also dominant.

The 2nd element to take into account is the ‘fractal, scalar’ structure of those 2 elements: in all the scales of reality, from atoms to humans, there are two invariant forms: cyclical, informative systems (from particles to heads) and lineal, energetic, moving systems (from forces to bodies). Both are ‘complementary’ and one does not exist without the other.

And so the Universe can be considered a game made with two elements, energy and information, whose properties are ‘invariant, regardless of the scale and substance we observe’.

Does CERN care at all for the new Physics of the XXI century? Of course not. It tries to avoid the publication of all results that prove the falsity of Higgs, the falsity of Hawking’s evaporation, the real meaning of mass and the fractal, scalar nature of the Universe, which proves black holes are, as Einstein well explained, ‘frozen stars’, made of an ‘ultra dense’ substance, which can only be the top quarks it will mass produce, making Einstein’s condensates.

And the corrupted world of big science follows suit. The last mainstream article, proving that Higgs is equivalent to a strong gravitational field – a strong Top Quark – was published in Sci-Fi in 2005, just before the discovery that CERN will make black holes. That year Sci-Am also published an article, ‘echoes of black holes’, proving that black holes can be modeled as super-fluids (which means they are made of quark condensates as those CERN will do) and Hawking radiation does not exist. Then physicists realized CERN could extinguish mankind and the entire community of physicists that defended the Nuclear Weapon Race, that pretends only 56 people died in Chernobyl, that denies organicism, human languages and senses, the complex Universe, all what is not a ‘machine’ closed ranks to defend the Quark Cannon… The concept of the world of fiction thought in which we live is that if we do not criticize, if we pretend eviL does not exist, if we deny our sins, they won’t happen and a happy fiction will become truth; if we give a few medals and prizes to our mechanist scientists, their theory will be certain. So instead of stopping the machine, Obama gave a medal to Hawking. Déjà vu. When the alert about the 2nd singularity, a self-reproductive nano bacteria was first denounced by Bill Joy, Mr. Clinton gave 2 billion dollars to the industry to race ahead and quench all doubts about technology. We indeed deserve CERN. And yet the Universe will not bend to the ridiculous ceremonies of confusion of human power. ‘Those who try to impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’ – say Einstein, the only Physicist of the Nuclear Age, who defended truth for the sake of truth. And so because Einstein and XXI century science prove that quarks are the substance of black holes, pulsars and quasars, CERN will kill the Earth.

Every time I see Mr. Obama speaking against Nuclear Weapons, when his country is putting ½ billion $ in the machine that will likely kill all of us, I realize of the absolute contradiction of our society, which cannot stop worshipping technology and only notices the victims and collateral effects it produces, once they are done, but never prevents them. So because CERN is a ‘new machine’, it MUST happen, because the A-bomb is an old device, we can fear it – when CERN’s experiments with black holes and quark condensates are infinitely more dangerous that all the Nuclear Bombs of Israel and Iran combined. But Mr. Obama’s 3 main scientific advisors are scientists. DOE’s head is a physicist, who used to manage military accelerators. The science advisor is also a physicist and so it is the ‘global warming’ expert. Britain has fusioned the department of science and the military… Those are the changes we cannot believe in. Man not the machine, organicism is the truth of the Universe and a self-feeding black hole will prove it with our death.


1 http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0512112


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