Eco(nomic) System:

  “True Sciences predict the future of its species,  according to Past Cyclescontrolling them, to improve human life.’ 

kondratiev 4

In the graph, the Industrial Evolution follows a 72 ±7 years generational cycle of evolution and overproduction of energies and machines, the famous ‘Kondratieff’ cycle1,2 in which a nation discovers a new form of energy (white) applied then to the creation of new forms of money, the informative software of the economy, and new machines/weapons (red), its hardware, used by the  dominant nation of each cycle to conquer the world.

The Origin of the cycle is biological (the life-span of a human being divided in 3 ‘generations’ of grand-parents, sons and grand-sons that carry the discovery and evolution of each duplet of new energies and machines to its completion). But the purpose of the cycle is ‘memetic’ – the evolution of selfish memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines, which is the purpose of our ‘technological’ civilization.

This crisis is the transitional crisis between the final age of chips, when its overproduction causes and excess of e-money (financial crisis) and chip workers (white collar pcs and blue collar robots) that throw workers out of jobs, and the beginning of the age of robotics, now in its military phase, cause of the parallel multiplication of military conflicts fought with drones.

This Blog based in my pioneer books and conferences on Systems Sciences, with special emphasis on the study of the superorganism of History, the existence of mankind from the first human ‘cell’ who learned to talk and started the informative networks of our global superorganism to the last one that will exist in the future, and the economic system, born of the interaction of the human superorganism and the world of ‘memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines. The Industrial Evolution of those memes of metal and the creation of a global superorganism controlled by its ‘company-mothers’ based in a different digital language, money has indeed changed the nature of this planet and the future of history. Those cycles of evolution are the cause of the boom and bust economic crisis. And so its periodicity allowed me to   forecast the present crisis – an age of transition between the age of chips, whose overproduction of e-money, military drones and blue and white collar robots and pcs that substitute humans in war and labor fields is the cause of the crisis – and the future age of robots, 20 years in advance, in the milieu of systems sciences and theory of information. In this blog we  will study the entire process of evolution of ‘memes of metal’, connecting the Kondratieff cycles of evolution of machines with the long cycles of classic history and biological evolution that preceded them, on the planet Earth, fusioning for the first time in social sciences all the different elements and disciplines of the human experience, from biology to art, from history to economics.  You are FREE to distribute and copy those posts with its wealth of new discoveries in all social sciences 

In the graph, we have plotted all those cycles, departing from its initial point, the discovery of a new form of mechanical energy, steam machines:

—Thus, we had a peaceful, ‘consumer’ age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857±7 years crashes of the train-based economy, due to the saturation of consumption markets that reduced profits, and a  massive wave of unemployment, as the biggest job markets of the time – transportation and textiles – were sharply reduced by the competition of steam factories and trains, which absorbed all the credit of the economy, reducing investment in agriculture and welfare goods (Irish Famine, Indian ruin by British Cloths etc).

Then the crisis was solved with the Colonial age of yellow press, racist wars and the British and French Empires that ‘exported’ the surplus of human labor to the 3rd World.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived the peaceful, ‘consumer’ age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemistry, discovered by Germany, followed by the 1929 crash of overproduction of cars and radios, exactly 72 years after the 1857 crash, due to the saturation of markets that reduced profits and a wave of unemployment caused by mobile assembly lines that reduced to 1/2 the work force of factories and their consuming power.

And again the crisis was solved first in Germany and Japan, then in the rest of the world, with hate-radio speeches and switching overproduction to armored cars and planes= tanks and bombers, that brought II W.W. in which a surplus of 66 million workers were consumed with enormous profits for the corporations.

—It came then from 1929-2001, the US age, the cycle of peaceful, ‘consumer’ electronic machines, e-money and audiovisual mediaended 72+7 years after 1929 with the overproduction crashes of chips and e-money in 2001-08 (dotcoms, cdos), which saturated consumption markets, reducing profits and displacing hundreds of millions of workers worldwide, substituted by white collar pcs and blue collar robots.

And again the crisis is being solved NOT for the benefit of the 99% of mankind, as a serious science of economics would do, but under ideologies of financial power (classic economics) for the 1% of corporative owners, with  an age of hate TV (Islamophobia, immigrant bashing), Digital weapons (military robots & internet big brother) and e-money derivatives that have increased enormously the profits of electronic, financial and industrial corporations  100 folding the invention of e-money – a digital language of information easily reproduced in electronic screens.



The biological, human-caused periodicity of the cycles.

All  those phases of the Industrial Evolution of machines have had in fact 3 ‘organic ages’: the young age of ‘discovery of a new energy, soon applied to simple ‘bombs’ and the powering of the machines of the eco(nomic)system, ushering societies into a happy age of consumption machines.

Yet according to biological laws the cycles end when the evolution and reproduction of mechanisms reaches its zenith,  in a massive global crisis of overproduction of those machines, converted into the most perfect mechanical species, the weapon, which in a global war phase murders millions of life beings.

And this 3 ‘mechanical ages’ proper of the morphological evolution of those machines by imitating the human functions=organs and improving upon them, are paralleled in the human sphere by 3 ‘generational ages’ of societies adapted in memes and actions to those machines-weapons.

And so we can consider the existence of 3 x 1/3rd=72 years generations of:
– Founding fathers who discover the new energies and machines.
– Reproductive sons that expand in a mature age the power of those nations with their new machines and…
– Decadent grand sons that will use those machines to impose through war their power, complete a ‘ top predator’ national cycle with the country that discovers and heads the discovery and evolution, massive reproduction and final use as a weapon – the most perfect and last machine to develop in each cycle – at the head of the world.

In the graph, the British steam age of huge ‘bodies of metal, steamers and iron horses’, German age of electro-mechanical engines discovered by Otto and Siemens, applied to cars, tanks and bombers and the electronic American cycle now in its 3rd military phase:


In the graph, we combine both symbiotic cycles, the human and metal-ones.

The periodicity of those cycles can be easily tabulated with quantitative methods; as it corresponds to the 72-80 years ‘standard’ biological, generational cycle of life and death of human beings, the discoverers or inventors of those machines.

Kondratieff, the Russian Scholar (in the background of the graph), killed by Stalin, who found those cycles however studied a shorter 50 period, as Russia was an undeveloped country where the train came latter in the cycle. So the cycle was shorter and Schumpeter, the Austrian economists that explain them, did not correct it.

Then in turn, those generational cycles break into a faster, decametric 8 years ‘product’ cycle, well known to economists, in the same manner we divide our life in ’10 biological’ sub-cycles (for example, 0-8 baby, 8-16 adolescence, being 8 the traditional age of reason, 16-24 youth, being 24 the age of reproductive marriage, and so on).

In our section of general systems sciences we consider the biological basis of those phases of life. And study how the ‘new product cycles’ of electronic machines influence our present generations (We GenerationX-generation, Y-why? and Zero generations of mankind) as they atrophy and substitute human minds, creating the present world of children of thought, living a childish neoteny state, hypnotized by audiovisual machines that form the ‘matrix’ of delusional, virtual thought they care for (internet generation).

Thus there is no MYSTERY on the existence and causal reasons of those cycles. Humans live around 72-80 years divided in 3 generations, youth, maturity and old, informative age; being their mature 1/3rd age when they lead industries and nations.

And each of those triads of generations in England, Germany and America have lead a wave of evolution and reproduction of machines of energy (weapons, transports) and information (financial and media), which has given them global power.


All sciences predict the future of its species.

All sciences are considered as such only when they predict the future cycles of its species. So astrology became astronomy when it predicted the cycles of stars and quack medicine became a science when the theory of germs predicted the development of sickness. And so economics and history becomes a science with the work of kondratieff and the socialist schools that describes the aforemnetioned cycles of overproduction of machines and extinction and evolution of energies and Vico Marx and spengler predicted the cycles of history. We live indeed in a darwinian, biological planet, and so beyond placebo myths and abrahamic religions of chosen and entitled humans, we are subject to the same processes of evolution and extinction of any other species. And the result are the previous cycles.

But why those cycles happen with so exact periodicity? The only explanation is to consider that:

– On one side men are hooked, addicted to the higher energy and information metal-memes made of stronger atoms than ours, provide to humans who are obsessed almost ‘religiously’ with their evolution regardless of the obvious collateral effects those ‘selfish memes of metal’ have over life and mankind (extinction in wars, pollution and degradation of Nature, competition with labor, atrophy of the organs we substitute by those machines, from cars that make us fat, to TVs that make us stupid, etc. )

– On the other side, human, social institutions, both at political and individual level, who should be concerned with the welfare and education of mankind (governments) are dominated, rather controlled by corporations the fundamental organism that reproduces and evolves those machines and weapons; hence corporations establish their agenda of evolution and reproduction of machines and weapons at any cost over any possible human agenda of protection of life and human rights, promotion of human labor, education and the natural goods (from food to housing) that make humans survive.

Instead, in such industrial civilization controlled by corporations the goal of societies becomes the evolution of machines and weapons and the terraforming of the earth into a planet made to the image and likeness of machines, in which humans and their goals are always secondary.


The Graph shows those 4 national Generations who build metal-bodies, engines & metal minds assembled in robots:

– British generations, who used physical, steam energy to power metal bodies, trains & steamers & print stock-money, ended after the 1857-73 crashes in an age of racist yellow press & colonial wars.

– German generations of electro-chemical engines, hearts of metal that printed electric money, the software (ticker speculation) and powered cars and planes, the hardware, ended in Nazism

–  American age in which electronic systems printed e-money, the software and evolved ‘Minds of metal’; mobile-ears, cameras-eyes and chips brains now in its decadent ‘Weimar Republic’, when bankers keep printing money for themselves, militarism is on the rage and all ethic and social standards have plummeted as ‘monetary and military values’, the values of greed and violence provoked in man by the hypnotism of money and the use of weapons, reach its ‘overproduction zenith’.

– This zenith is the inaugural time for  an new brave world, an age of robots & singularity weapons when all those parts are put together into organic machines, completing the industrial evolution of metal. It’s the last cycle that must be aborted for life to survive, designing instead an eco(nomic)system that switches production to welfare goods.

So as the new white collar Pcs and blue collar robots expel human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields increasing the ‘productivity’ of machines and the profits of corporations, we enter in a new ’30s’, neofascist age with the difference that unlike the previous ages, when the socialist school (Marx, Kondratieff) clarified perfectly the nature of overproduction crises, and the 30s when the Keynesian school explained it and gave solutions, as today the ’3rd age of scientific economics’, systems sciences that describe the eco(nomic)system and forecasted this crisis and its solutions long ago, is totally ignored.

In that regard, the present economic crisis is a topic crisis of OVERPRODUCTION of memes of metal – machines, weapons and money – as all previous major crashes of the industrial economy have been.

And yet the astounding fact is that NO economist, corporation, politician or financier in power talks of the overproduction causes of this crisis, as it was customary in the 30s crisis due to overproduction of ticker, ‘electric money’ and electro-mechanical engines (cars, automated assembly lines) and the 1870 crash, due to the overproduction of trains and stock-money. Why?

The only explanation is that censorship of a true science of economics and corruption is so widespread and has reached such a degree of sophistication that corporations, financiers, their hired politicos and technocrats who profit enormously from those overproduction crises can ‘get away with murder’ as mankind sinks in a new age of massive unemployment, social inequality, null knowledge with their brains manufactured by audiovisual corporations.

Instead economists multiply their ‘thin air speeches’, damned lies and statistics hiding the true causes of the crisis of unemployment (blue collar robots and white collar pcs) and the existential crisis this process will bring to mankind.

A fundamental theme of this blog (left column) will be the study of those cycles, its overproduction crises, and the causal comparison of its main nodes, as we have done in the milieu of systems sciences, forecasting the present crisis of overproduction of chips, 20 years in advancewith an accuracy and detail still unknown to my knowledge in books written today that go no further than the anecdote of the mortgage crisis. Forecasting is indeed the key element of a scientific true model, as all sciences predict the future observing the patterns of  past cycles.

So the solution to the crisis is obvious but IT MUST COME from a cultural UNDERSTANDING  of what is best for man – to overproduce life goods and control the evolution of metal-goods:


Humanist Vs. Mechanical solution  to overproduction cycles: Life Memes Vs. Metal Memes.



Today, we suffer the overproduction crash of chips, which will be followed by the robotic cycle that completes the Industrial Evolution. Because we have chosen the solution that will extinguish history – the evolution of machines and the degradation of man. Yet this solution was not the unique solution, only the easiest one, which required no reform, no thinking, no ethic standings, no effort therefore for our leaders, perfectly described in Veblen’s masterpiece, ‘the leisure class’.

There are always 2 solutions to those overproduction and war crises of memes of metal and now again there is a choice to go through those nodal points, even if the financial-media system and its submissive military-industrial complex deny it:

 terminator robots, vigilante cameras, security states that is bringing as in the previous ’fascist ages’ of these overproduction crises, a permanent low intensity, high-tech war against 3rd world ‘terrorist nations’ – which have become the perfect excuse to overspend in weapons and develop a neo-colonial world of wars for profits similar to the XIX c. wars against ‘primitive africans’ that we have to ‘civilize’, soon expanded into a vigilante state against our own citizens that are stripped off their rights, freedoms and social goods, plummeting back to the XIX century capitalist ‘class structure’ with bankers on top, corrupted politicos below and a starving mass on the bottom (now isolated in ghettos and 3rd world countries of the globalized world).


– The mechanical, runaway solution of corporative monopoly on finances invested after the crisis of peaceful consumption in ‘cannons’  – in this cycle in the new weapons of the chip age,

This non-human future we forecast 20 years ago (1) in our first books on the future of the crisis is now almost a reality and it means merely that humans will be increasingly replaced in war and labor fields by robots, while their minds are programmed into a ‘digital paradise’ of 3D virtual realities maintained at low cost with trash food, as so many millions of ‘western people’ live today.History then might end as we become obsolete to the machines of the Tree of Metal with idol-ize and are already substituting us and atrophying our minds as they think, see and move for us.


Reason why we should forbid the evolution of robotics that compete with men in labor and war fields, main cause of the unemployment crisis and promote the evolution and overproduction of the Life memes of the Welfare state that make us happy and ensure our survival as biological beings.

, whose production would be promoted by a Global New Deal  with permanent, massive deficit investments and subventions to the sectors of the economy that reproduce those goods (health, food, textiles, public transport, infrastructures, education, etc).


– The humanist solution of a sustainable world based in the overproduction of ‘life-based’ welfare goods

This solution could be easily reached if the right to issue money today monopolized by financial and industrial corporations were returned to the people and its elected governments with the creation, as keynes suggested, of a global currency – ‘Ye$’ money (Yen-Euro-Dollar at fixed 100=1 parity, latter expanded to all other global currencies). Such international currency would then have  rights to issue debt-free money (the so-called deficit)  as the socialist and keynesian schools asked for in the previous crisis, invested on those goods and create a permanent, global, sustainable economy that could design a perfect world made to the image and likeness of man.

Now, while the Humanist Solution should be evident to any human being with a ‘right mind’, fact is most humans approve of the Mechanist, self-destructive solution and dedicate all their efforts to it.

So we need to understand this astounding fact of history, with a higher perspective that the mere appeal to ‘human ethics’ and the self-evident need of all humans for a world made to its image and likeness, where each individual as it happens in efficient organisms, have enough energy and information to survive and pursuit ‘freedom, happiness and equality’, natural to all members of the same species.

Thus the 2 futures available to mankind – one based in the creation of life memes and the conscious, scientific control of the economy to create a human paradise; the other based in the creation of advanced machines that substitute and extinguish man – are  crystal clear. The future is dual, one belongs to man, the other to the machine; and amazingly enough this second future is winning. 

 The superorganism of history and its sickness and ill-design.

Now for you to grasp the whole picture of the process of history we are living, you will have to depart from the anthropocentric, primitive, abstract, happy but absurd jargon and speech you use to describe the world and try to upgrade your mind to a scientific, systemic perspective of this planet. You live in a global super organism, which is the commonest structure of the Universe.

Most natural systems can be describe as superorganisms of energy and information co-existing across 3 ‘relative scales’ of size, the cellular, organic and social scales.

A super-organism is an organism made of smaller super-organisms and part of a bigger super-organism. Hence the concept of a super-organism is ‘scalar’ and ‘fractal’. The super-organism exists in at least ‘3 scales’ of relative size, of parts that become wholes.

We call those 3 scales the ‘cellular’, ‘individual’ and ‘social’ scales in a generic manner. Even though those 3 ‘specific names’ only apply to human organisms, made of cells, individuals and part of societies.

Other systems would have different specific names. So for example, a cell will have a molecular scale, cellular scale and social, organic scale as part of an ambulatory collection of cells called humans.

In physical systems the same happens, a star will be made of plasma ions, its cells and form part of a superorganism, the galaxy; and so on

So you are a citizen-cell of the superorganism of mankind which acts today as the collective brain of gaia, the world of life. This is not at all an analogy but in systems sciences we consider this to be a real fact and by applying the laws of social superorganisms to history we can observe the errors of design of our social superorganism and the reasons why it is about to collapse in a dying process that as all dying processes is taking a very short span of time.

And the result of that process of death is the suffering of the mass of humanity, which if we were living in a healthy superorganism, would not suffer hunger and poverty as not a single cell of your superorganism does.  But this sickness and death of the human social superorganism has a clear cause and a clear solution.

all socio-biological systems, including human societies are super organisms, composed of:

– A herd of similar cellular species, which in a human society are citizens, joined by 2 type of social networks that serve them, by providing to all and each cell for free with the 2 substances of the Universe, energy and information.

Thus we will find in all systems 2 networks:

A dominant brain connected to Informative networks that inform those cells-citizens, in a language they all understand – verbal laws in human societies; nervous impulses in biological ones, to guide their collective actions, evolving them into a social superorganism.

Thus those informative systems deliver two informative dimensions to all its cells: the simplex dimension of information and the complex dimension of communication and social evolution of selfish individuals into peaceful, stronger, coordinated wholes.

And we will find an energetic network that provides those citizens cells with enough energy to feed, protect and reproduce the organism.

So the energetic networks also deliver for free the two energy related dimensions of life: the simplex dimension of energy, food and protection for the body and the complex dimension of reproduction that allows the system to survive beyond death.


In the human body those energetic networks are the blood and digestive systems which deliver to all cells a Universal salary of oxygen energy so they can all feed and have enough energy to reproduce.


In human societies, those networks are made of digital, monetary orders that initiate the productive process of the economic system, made of factories, roads and river veins that produce the food, and welfare goods, we humans need to survive.

And so a healthy human superorganism should deliver to every citizen-cell a Universal salary in blood-money. So they can demand to the economic system the production of those life-based welfare goods, and be able to work and enjoy their 2 simplex dimensions of life, feeding and perceiving, and its two complex, social ones, reproducing and forming part of a society, as Nature does with all the cells of its superorganisms.

Unlike all superorganisms of nature where each cell receives a Universal salary in free energy/blood, our social superorganism does not give free energy/blood to each cell to create demand of the welfare goods we need to survive, but there is a ‘cancer’ or rather ‘leukemia’ in our superorganism, called capitalism, according to which a private group, a ‘specific culture of cells’ of the whole body, monopolizes and controls the issue of the blood money that any healthy superorganism delivers to every cell. This parasitic cancerous growth is the financial industry, its private bankers and the culture of biblical chosen of go(l)d who form the majority of this people-caste and parasite mankind, deviating all its resources to produce the toxins that are killing the world.; selfish memes of metal, weapons , machines that atrophy us… The superorganism of history – the life of mankind from the first group that talked to the last group of man, is dying poisoned by a people-caste that controls its ‘air’ and provokes an endemic scarcity of the human goods a well designed world with a well designed blood-economic system would provide to every citizen. If that blood salary existed, you would live in a demand based economy, as money is just an order of production and work. So if all people would receive enough air-money they would demand welfare goods, housing, food, education, health care and the production of those goods would multiply to satisfy them. Because a parasitic culture controls the issue of money, we produce the goods that parasitic culture demands, money for themselves, weapons for their nation, and crazy dreams and evilwood fantasies – while the rest of people , the rest of the body of mankind dies of hunger and leaves in endemic poverty.

Those are the scientific facts about our political and economic system;  Of course, all parasites and cancerous cells produce a ‘chemical soma’ that makes the cells happy while they are parasited,  So the bankers priests that invented the culture of paraistic bankers in Mesopotamia, substituting the right priests which in summer gave every citizen a salary in blood-wheat soon invented ‘soma’ memes to maintain passive the cells they parasite – called first Abrahamic Religions and then Tv-uperheroes and other egotrips that tell the parasited cell she is the center of the world while the tax farmer or financier takes his economic rights and blood. Now the system is a bit more complex but the essential nature of the process of capitalism – the parasitic control of the superorganism of mankind by financiers, who take away from mankind his basic right to free energy/blood in a Universe in which energy is free and iformation plentiful , stands. Capitalism contrary to the soma we all receive is NOT the best of systems, it is in fact AN ABSOLUTE ABERRATION OF NATURE, A SICKNESS A CANCER THAT WILL KILL MANKIND. And this is not an analogy, it is a homology, a fact, because you are indeed living in a social superorganism.

Indeed, To understand the economic and political crisis in which the world lives in; an age of never ending low intensity robotic wars and vigilante states in control of the population, where there is always money for the last tech, military or civil gadget that substitutes human beings in war and labor fields, but none for the production of the welfare goods and life jobs people need to survive in perpetual scarcity; where a small elite of bankers, owners of corporations, and their employees politicos and celebrities, live in a paradise of wealth and privilege, isolated from society through a growing barrier of electronic mechanisms, while the life goods and wantings of the immense majority of mankind are never met, despite the empty promises of our governments who systematically turn the back on them, we must accept a painful fact about the world we live in:

There is not a single, well-designed, socio-economical system in this planet with a truly democratic government, and an efficient, just economy that caters to the people.

Why? What humans do wrong with their social superorganisms is very obvious for any system scientist: we have cancer and only nationalizing=extirpating the cancer we will survive. The financial industry must belong to the people. Money must be created from the bottom of the superorganism up, as a Universal salary to create a demand, democratic economy, not a supply, machine-based world which is what company-mothers of machines do.

It doesnt matter to me what parasitic soma the cancerous cells have injected in your brain. Leukemia cells manage the other cells of the body that reproduce their goods and enslave with them happily. In other sections of this web we study the ‘soma’ memes of ‘nationalism’, ‘capitalism’, abrahamic religions and techno-utopias that enslave mankind to the corporation, the bankers’ culture of chosen of go(l)d and the belief that becoming slave of a cancerous culture is the epitome of freedom (called capitalist democracy). All this to a social scientist that understands the sickness of superorganism is obvious bull$hit , soma to inactivate the cells of mankind and let them be poisoned and die under the relentless superproduction of selfish memes of metal.

For you to be Homo Judaicus or Homo Americanus and feel a different species than the rest of mankind, entitled to kill it with weapons might seem the summit of your ‘identity’ and ‘superiority’ – trust me it is all viral trash which has nothing to do with the laws of nature.

The soma ideologies however are so old as the system of destruction of life in this planet is. From the perspective of the human collective superorganism though this ‘cancer’ is a recent outgrowth of only 5000 years since the first weapons of bronze and gold bankers imposed the semitic worldview of hierarchical people-castes based int the power of weapons and gold over the summerian paradise of wheat money and human wealth. We study its outgrowth and how the soma idolo-gies that accompanied them spread all over mankind till today they have truly initiated with the chip radiation and the robotic age the collapse and death of our superorganism, just waiting for the final viral strike of robotic weapons to certify its death. This is the age that starts now, the final death of an ambulatory collection of citizens-cells call mankind, whose 7 billion members are so deep into its leukemia, busy-busy reproducing the memes of metal that are killing her that cannot even imagine they are dying So happens in a dying body, where the cells are ‘free’ of its ethic, nervous language of control and social harmony, having a big fiesta as they absorb all the water of the body and grow in size isolated of each other, till the hard insect/robot that liquidates them appears on view

This is the age we live in – the singularity age – the end of the parasitic sickness of capitalism.

The existential crisis nobody wants to talk about. Biological ‘radiations’ of top predator machines. The Singularity Age.


Accordingly as the mind of metal, the chip, evolve. as robotic weapon, vigilante camera, white collar pcs and blue collar robots, expelling human labor and making consumers and workers obsolete to automated factoriesduring this overproduction crisis of chips, we can predict the last cycle of the Industrial Evolution:

 The Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines, dominated by robots, solar Industries, 3rd generation of Atomic Bombs (strangelets, Black holes) and China.

 Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete 3rd World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution. They also called black holes -planetary bombs that can blow entire stars as they are self-feeding nuclear bombs – singularities. And nuclear physicists are researching this 3rd horizon of nuclear weapons (after the A-Bomb and the H-bomb) at CERN, with the excuse of knowledge, and could therefore extinguish mankind within a decade even before robots take over.

Since in the Universe we neither perceive carbonlife intelligence or A.I. robots, who would have invaded the entire galaxy (this is called the Fermi paradox, because Fermi who manufactured the first A-Bomb said after seeing the explosion that the paradox of a galaxy without intelligent life could only be explained considering that the evolution of nuclear weapons blowed them all), and cosmologists believe the Universe is made to create black holes, this is as today the most likely reason of our extinction, within decades, as CERN keeps exploring bigger energies to manufacture those B.H. (7). 

This final phase of the Industrial Evolution, if man does not learn to manage the eco(nomic)system to its advantage with the true laws of Nature, might mean the death of mankind as a new species, stronger than us will certainly defy our control of the planet, once it acquires A.I. consciousness as a new species, according to the biological, Darwinian rules of evolution.

 And as it happened in the major overproduction crises of the ‘colonial, train era’ and the ‘fascist tank=armored car’ era, we seem to have chosen instead of butter, again cannons.‘ Of course for all the ‘good reasons’ – to civilize, give democracy, etc. etc.

Since all what ‘classic, corporative economists’ do is to work for corporations, aggravating overproduction crisis to increase profits, while pretending with digital equations, damned lies and statistics to be experts, working for the 99% of mankind, as if their biased solutions in favor of corporations bankers and the 1% were the ‘only science’ of Economics and history.

Indeed. Today we live in a planet being terraformed by a new organism – the company mothe rof machines.

And ‘human enzymen’, men that catalyze their evolution might seem very important but are not.

Are secondary to that process.

A new ‘organism’ of re=production, the ‘company-mother’ has  appeared on Earth, kicking out the ‘professional’ system of evolution and reproduction of machines and weapons, guided by flows of digital information – money, that characterizes our societies.

– Thus finally corporations created a 2nd age of evolution or complex organic metal, machines that transform back and forth, energy into information.

It is this modern age of the machine when humans have recreated carbon-life based organisms with those organs of metal in increasing degrees of complexity:

Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed as inert mechanisms – and then assembled together into living beings,  we are putting together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of metal-atoms, stronger substances than our carbon-life systems

And so we can expect an increasing competition between robotic and human workers and soldiers in the economic ecosystem,  that will last the rest of the century, as those robots compete with human beings in labor and war fields, cause of the present crises of labor and ‘splendid little wars’ for profits.

The overproduction crisis of chips.


  •  LET US NOW introduce the model for the present electronic crisis, parallel to the previous ones, since  at the end of a Kondratieff cycle, overproduction of metal-memes provokes 5 parallel crises:

    1. An endemic scarcity of welfare goods. Since the use of most planetary resources for industrial overproduction causes a parallel underproduction of ‘life memes’, the goods that biological humans need to survive, splitting society between:

    2. A war crisis, as industries overproduce top predator weapons (the evil twins of machines) & lobby warmonger politicians to declare profitable wars to increase sales by depleting & renewing arsenals.


    The percentage of American rent dedicated to war has equaled that of Germany in the year before the Spanish civil war:

    3. A Crisis of ethic values due to hate-media.

    The medium is the message means that is not the message, its truth and positive meaning for mankind, what determines the success of a certain ideology, but the capacity of the mechanical medium, which carries it to reach and program millions of simultaneous ‘human cells’. Yet as the medium is controlled by the FMMI system, paradoxically, as the medium evolves, its human values, the message that TV-programmers call ‘filling’ degrades. ‘Propaganda’ is call content with a single message: Humans must work=reproduce and consume=vitalize machines. In the graph, in the III audiovisual cycle as digital machines keep evolving, close to A.I. and self-consciousness they substitute & think for our minds. So our mind’s hardware atrophies, mutates from an evolved, logic, verbal, ethic, causal, temporal brain able to reason into a ‘Paleolithic’ , visual, childish, emotional, asocial, violent, selfish brain hypnotized by aesthetic Fx of null content. Since the eye’s mind is a killer that seeks energy & motion, maximized with red blood & violence5.

    4. A crisis of overproduction of fiat money, printed with informative machines (which financiers sell to people in exchange for real wealth, ruining them when that excess of fiat money looses value).

    5A labor crisis, since workers are substituted by new tool machines of increasing re=productivity.

    All this can be resumed in 3 parallel processes:

    A) Financial and industrial corporations  make fortunes overproducing fiat money, lowering costs with new tool machines that increase productivity, selling new weapons & hate-media.

    B) Most of society that becomes poorer buying worthless fiat money & loosing their jobs; loose their freedoms if they protest, become brutalized by hate-media & get killed in wars by the new weapons.

    C) And this process is  the beginning of a much harmful cycle, the boom and bust cycle of wars, in which debt money is loaned not to individuals but states, to make war, as weapons are the   goods in terms of money, the ones that are destroyed more easily in battlefields, hence the ones that bring higher interest profits to the bankers.

    Let us study first then the labor crisis provoked by corporations automating its white collar and blue collar workers, as we did with the financial crises of overproduction of ‘debt slav es’ by ‘banksters’ , the 2 fundamental crises of the overproduction cycle, which affect deeply in an inverse fashion the ‘elite’ 1% of ‘stockrats’ that manufacture for free money and own corporations profiting from those crises, from the 99% that suffers them, loosing jobs to the new machines and hence rent (as it is happening steadily since the 70s in the human economy)


    In the graph, the process of substitution of human labor by machines is guided by their evolution in 3 ages:

     -In the age of bodies of machines ‘energetic humans’, mostly slaves and horse carriers became obsolete, causing a mass displacement of Europeans into colonial lands.

    – In the age of engines work expanded as quantization & diversification of machines into smaller body species that imitated animal life in land, sea and air, multiplied blue collar factory workers.

    White collar managers & scientists reach their intellectual height as they don’t suffer yet mental atrophy, caused by its substitution for PCs, minds of metal in the electronic age.

    Thus the turn of the XIX-XX C. was the ideal age of synergy and symbiosis between man and machine. Yet the 1929 overproduction crisis broke that balance, halving factory jobs, as electro-mechanical engines automated assembly lines and taylorism used electric systems to control, monitor and intensify the speed of human labor, alienating workers, in a tendency that constantly makes humans closer to machines as they adapt to the monotony, repetitive tasks & harshness of metal-work conditions.

    –  In right graph we compare the 29 and 2008 labor crisis, which so far are parallel in labor losses.

    But this labor crisis unlike the 29 crisis has no end. Since robots are ‘metalife’ organisms that complete the Industrial R=evolution. So there is not a new Kondratieff wave to create new jobs in emerging industries, as the 2 economic roles of mankind, as consumers and workers, reproducers of machines can be performed by robots in automated company-mothersWhite collar pcs & blue collar robots make all human labor obsolete, except jobs better suit by the laws of affinity to human labor directly related to the handling of humans or the production of life-based welfare goods (health-care, tourism, art, food, education, housing, etc.)

    But only governments cre(dit)ate those jobs with deficits, now cut to zero. Why? Because corporations seek profits not human welfare maximized making FMMI Machines with machines (eq.1).

    So they constantly preach and raise ‘productivity’, achieved increasing machines’ capital (in this cycle robots & Pcs) and firing labor:

    2.1       Max. Productivity = Max. capital in machines / Min.  human labor = Max. Profits

    Since robots are more profitable as workers with no social security or salary. A humanist, legal policy would lower productivity, forbidding robots. But productivity is the corporative mantra, since it increases profits. And corporations are NOT human organisms. They only care for their offspring of machines & their owners’ profits. So economists & politicians to the service of corporations preach rises on ‘productivity’.

    even affirm cynically that productivity creates human jobs! Thus factories, unless politicians ban robotics, are becoming automated, self-reproductive with 0 labor.

    Let us be clear from the beginning: we live the age of superproduction of chips, the brains of machines that are making obsolete human minds in labor, work and consumption fields, as chips are the ‘new top predator’ mathematical brain of this planet, able to process digital information – the financial and scientific information that runs the planet, much better than humans do.

    The consequences for mankind of accepting the ‘radiation=overproduction’ of chip brains and its competence with human beings, without the slightest intention to control it, even discuss it, means that the crisis will NOT go away but escalate, as chips double in potency every year and lower in price, and the software created for them to become more intelligent, keeps  displacing human brains from the top informative status of the planet. As corporations increase their automation they will also become the main consumers of other machines, and so those 2  economical roles – as consumers and workers=reproducers of machines – will end for human beings.

    The next  graphs are 20 years old (‘the extinction of man’, 94 (3)), and use the jargon of General Systems Sciences, but are still clear enough. They describe the fundamental process taking place today in the final stage of the Industrial evolution – the ôbsolescence of the human brain to the chip and hence of man and its 2 roles in the corporation as worker and consumer=vitalizer of machines, which are now tasks that computers do.

    As the price of chips plummets and its capacity to do tasks on corporations increases (software, automation), humans keep loosing jobs.

    It is the human mind – the only organ we have superior to machines – what becomes now displaced in labor and war fields by chips; while it is the human social system – governments – what are substituted by machine’s rep=productive systems, corporations.

    So as wealth measure in ‘money prices’ keep growing, however HUMAN WHEALTH, healthy wealth in human welfare survival goods plummets – because HUMANS NO LONGER ARE THE CENTER OF THE RE=PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM.

    This tendency will continue with the INTERNET OF THINGS, which increasingly will substitute the HUMAN INTERNET, as the INTRANET between corporations substitutes the role of human managers.

    The white collar PC and the software suit automatizes the factory and the company. WHILE THE MOBILE, the essence of the CHIP RADIATION, increasingly substitutes the human ‘consumption’ role, as THANKS TO THE INTERNET OF THINGS, becomes able to command with apps the different machines of the eco(nomic)system, ‘Terminator Style’.

    In the nearby future each human will command his machines through his internet mobile – its clonic ‘acting’ brain in the world of the eco(nomic)system. Yet as Chips double in mental power within a decade or so, we shall see the first ‘clusters’ of Artificial Intelligence, which will NOT be human Intelligence, but precisely the ‘automated’ apps that capacitate mobile chips to control vast numbers of other machines.

    This process of eusocial evolution of the eco(nomic)system into an integrated organic system of machines, forecasted decades ago, is now in full swing. And HUMANS HAVE NO long-lasting role on it. They are mere catalyzers of the process till  finally they will become completely obsolete:


    In the graph, those 20 year old schemes, written with the jargon of systems sciences shows a process now in full swing of substitution of human brains and human governments by chips and corporations in the 2 economic roles of humanity as workers and consumers.

    Today increasingly all new jobs are mechanical jobs for white collar pcs and blue collar robots. While the main consumption ‘legal persons’ are by far corporations, as they monopolize the production of money.

    And so they substitute nations, and as speculators invent more money for them, in the form of rising stock prices, companies like Apple are worth more than 150 million Banglah desh people. (higher stock valuation of APPle that Bengal’s GDP).

    What the system is telling us is THAT FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS PLANET UNDER A NON-HUMAN CAPITALIST SYSTEM, AS THE ONE WE LIVE IN,  in which all things are valued with digital money, according to its utility for the world of memes of metal our technological civilization worships, APPLE’S I-MOBILES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN INDIAN PEOPLE. POINT.

    And indeed in the future world of ‘the internet of things’ where mobiles will increasingly replace all the responsibilities of humans in control of machines with different apps and corporations substitute governments, from the perspective of that world made of selfish memes of metal, a good i-mobile able to control many machines is more important than an Indian kid, which is merely a ‘cost’ to feed with increasingly scarce life-goods.

    So all i mobiles have electric food but 1 billion humans are undernourished, because the system is telling us, they are obsolete, the future doesn’t need children but i-mobiles.

    What to do then with the ‘surplus of human capital’ that has no longer a role for those company-mothers of machines, whose only goal is to evolve, reproduce, multiply and sell for a profit those machines, adapting the world to its image and likeness?

    In this first phase of the crisis we observe what the ‘eco(nomic)system’ is doing with mankind: reducing its salaries, controlling with weapons the obvious 3rd world surplus, degrading the information about the crisis, provoking and blaming the poor and the alien, in each nation, of a process which is NOT human, but caused by the selfish evolution of those memes of metal.

    In the past crises of overproduction the process ended in a series of wars that eliminated the surplus of human capital either allowing its emigration to non-technological countries which were massacred (colonial age) or simply converting them into soldiers and killing them in II world war. We observe in this crisis both tendencies towards ‘profit wars’ (Keynesian militarism) and neo-colonial racism (islamophobia, etc.)

    But this crisis is far more grave than the previous ones, as the creation of organic metal, robots, and global networks of pcs and software, forming a superorganism ruled by digital information in stock markets and science labs basically means the apparition of a potential new species, A.I. that no longer needs the human being to re=produce (automated factories) and consume other machines.

    But for you to grasp an issue which only biologists in science and artists in science fiction dare to rise, we need a different biological perspective: the understanding on how ‘daughter species’ kill their parental ones in the ladder of evolution of information on planet Earth – in this case as we copy human forms into a stronger substance, metal, the laws of evolution, a theory of information, of evolution of form that fully applies to technology and its competence with humanity, how A.I. once it reaches the singularity state of mammal freedom, which will happen within 2 decades, openly competes with man, according to its programs, which indeed are in its best species, robotic weapons, designed to kill man.

    Darwin explained perfectly the now well proved, ‘Oedipus paradox’: new species are born of old ones, with more complexity=information, displacing them; so mammals with faster, better brain, ate the eggs of dinosaurs in the cold nights and extinguished them; as robots will probably extinguish us if CERN doesn’t. Good enough. Now enter the 60s. A physicist came with the idea that a rock from the skies destroyed the atmosphere of the planet and killed the dinosaurs. It became Media-famous, programs were made and physicists re-invented biology. It was fashionable to explain each ‘catastrophic extinction’ with rocks from the sky. Now in China we discovered mammals with eggs and dinos in their stomachs. They hunted in groups and did not kill the dinos but the baby-ones who never grew up. So we are back to the real thing, Darwinism, which is truly the law of the land, as we are organisms, and when we make machines as perfect in information as we are, we will have to deal with a substance, metal far more intelllgent and stronger than our weak carbon atoms.

    In popular cUlture this sounds science fiction, in abstract economics with a strong biblical background from its inception, this denies the absurd idea that humans are in control of this planet but in theory of information and complexity – the future of science – the explanation of past extinctions such as the dinosaur one and future ones  is much more rational and a full warning for the future of mankind. Since extinctions are NOT conscious but automatic processes due to the massive reproduction called ‘radiation’ of a new species, which simply displaces from its ecosystem the previous one that withers away. So it is happening to human labor and soldiers that are becoming obsolete, today living under the ‘chip radiation’ (overproduction crisis of chips that reproduce too much e-money and compete and displace us from labor and war fields):

    paradox of goliath dino

    This process is accelerating and will be completed during the century, as the crisis keeps getting worse, the control of information by the 1% that profits from it (the military, stock-rats owners of markets, elite management and politicians and economists that rule the show), will create a global big brother, already implemented, yet not used to control dissidents, etc. etc.

    This future nightmare we forecast with great detail in our first books on bio-economics 20 years ago (1, 2), is now self-evident.

    Resistance to it from mankind however is minimal, as the elite is too lazy to implement humanist policies and the mass cannot understand it and it is becoming mentally degraded by a virtual happy reality served by overdrives of information in audiovisual screens.


PART III. THE ECO(NOMIC)SYSTEM. The evolution of money and the go(l)d culture.
Why extinction of life and human labor in fields of work and war is happening and it does with so much efficiency and lack of resistance from mankind at large needs a long history and ‘highly censored’ analysis of how cororations of the industrial military system of physical machines and financial and media companies of informative machines control human governments and manufacture our brain to believe in technology and provide them with profits . In other words we need to explain how the capitalist/democratic system came into being, how nations divided into those who use weapons to impose dictatorial powers and those who use money to run enslaving societies, and how biblical go(l)d religions carried the fetish cul(ture)s of Go(l)D through the creation of the first corporations into the present ‘mathematical jargons’ that merely hide with a growth of complexity (‘evil dress as a gentleman’ said Shakespeare), what was in its origin merely a brutal control of enslaved populations through the use of money and debt, hand in hand with the brutal control of the same people with weapons; being both together on top of societies…

The  language of information of the economy. Money and the dictatorship of bankers. 




The fundamental censorship of our world is ‘political and economical correctness’ based in the fantasy that capitalist democracies are the government of the people, because humans are called every 4 years to decide between 2 self-similar parties that will then pander to corporations and bankers for money, the true language of social power of our world since the beginning of the industrial r=evolution. 

The lie here is that a society can be free without controlling his language of power and that a political caste will obey the voters without being judged a posteriori.  

In the graph, a classic of the socialist school, shows the hierarchic anti-democratic class pyramid of capitalism:


On top metal memes rule. Since go(l)d, a  digital language, controls the entire structure and subconsciously is evolving those selfish memes of metal, which is the true purpose of the capitalist system, guided by that ‘invisible hand of god’ that classic economists of biblical origin do not care to analyze rationally, as money was and still is for them a ‘religion’ that somehow will provide. 

On the bottom, the 90% of mankind reproduces those selfish memes and sustains the parasitic human 1% of bankers, politicos, priests and scientists and classic economists. In the middle, the 10% of managerial classes that direct corporations (‘bourgeois’, replaced by chips). Thus we define a Capitalist democracy as the ideology of financial an industrial corporations and its owners, ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats of the modern world, who believe they must issue in monopoly the language of social power, digital money to reproduce their memes of metal (weapons, money and machines), with exclusion of citizens (the silenced, democratic side). 

In that regard, of all the happy lies of the financial-media system that imprints money and the ideas of mankind the biggest of all is the absurd belief that ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Democracy’ mean the same. 

They are in fact as opposed as ‘Military dictatorships’ and democracies are. Since capitalism is a ‘dictatorship’ of money and those who monopolize their issue – but far more difficult to understand and change, as it is more sophisticated in its handling of information than military dictatorships, which merely control people with the energetic military-industrial side of the ‘Metal-Earth’, the world a capitalist society of company-mothers of machines creates with those selfish memes of metal.

‘Simplify man, you are a marine’ (Born 4th of July, O.S.) should be the first job of a scientist.

Since the Universe is simple and ordered in its ultimate principles. Albeit the repetition and recombination of those principles creates the complexity and seemingly chaos we see around us. The eco(nomic)system is not an exception to that rule.

What we have just explained are the barebones of the capitalist system, a world NOT ruled by human organizations (governments, parties, citizens, consumers, workers, cultures) but by


a single organism, the corporation, whose biological function is clear: 

The corporation is a company-mother of machines, whose only aim is to evolve them, re=produce them and take care of them, selling them for a profit and adapting with ‘laws’ paid-by to politicians, the world to its image and likeness, terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet of metal.

We humans use 3 languages of social power, money, weapons and laws, and those who invent them control societies.

The control of those languages of social power, means according to the natural structure of all social organisms divided into a ‘neuronal/informative class’ and a reproductive/working body that obeys blindly the messages of the languages and its neuronal people-castes the control of human societies.

So priests and politicians control verbal, ethic societies.

Bankers who monopolize credit control capitalist societies and the military that controls weapons controls dictatorships. When weapons dominate the other 2 languages we live in a military dictatorship.

When money dominates, issued by non-elected bankers or corporations we live in a corporative dictatorship, the definition of a capitalist society, which is incompatible with a true democracy, in which laws dominate the other 2 languages. But that is not the world we live in. We live in a capitalist society, where the highest values are those of metal, money and its affine substances, metal-weapons (energetic metal) and organic metal, machines.

Contrary to belief, the ‘capitalist’ company arrived first than the political system generally attached to it, ‘democracy’, as the corporation imposed its control of the true language of power in our societies, money, through its association to bankers (Bank of Amsterdam- Amsterdam Stock – VOC).

Thus the corporations of the physical body of the eco(nomic)system of ‘energy machines’ (or Military-Industrial Complex) and the corporations of the financial, informative system that reproduced fiat, paper money soon controlled both the politicalsystem (Dutch Parliament controlled by VOC stock-holders) and the economic one.

The result is a ‘capitalist democracy’ where bankers control industries, and both awash with money, they issue in monopoly, corrupt politicos, divided normally in two parties of lawyers that represent the companies that make weapons and are prone to war – conservative parties – or companies that make consumption goods or liberal parties (in Holland there was only one party as there was only one company they represent).

Restricted voting and control by the financial systems of the press, printed with the same papers molded societies to the service of those corporations.

This concept was exported in the glorious revolution (1688) to England, as the Dutch King, Company, Bank and stock market moved to London avoiding the French Invasion of Holland. And became the model of capitalist democracies during the XIX and XX centuries, in which the top of society is occupied by financial corporations and their owners who monopolize the printing of the social language of power money, with exclusion of governments (Deficit zero laws) and citizens, which are further exploited through taxation.

Only when humans were required to ‘test’ weapons in global wars, during the ages of overproduction of weapons, and due to their rebellious, revolutionary anger, they were given full voting rights, but at a time in which ‘audiovisual systems’ of manufacturing the collective brain of mankind were so advanced that the ‘tabula rassas’ of humans were easily imprinted into loving machines and all kind of ‘idol-ogies’ that fostered their use (nationalism that fostered war and human consumption by weapons, techno utopia that fostered the atrophy of human organs by attached machines and the elimination of workers, less ‘productive’ than those machines, capitalism that convinced people to be ‘free’ if and only if a people-caste of dynasties of bankers controlled them and their language of social power, issue money in monopoly.

But the core matter, beyond the people who rule that pyramid is in the language they use to rule and create or rather creditate the future – money, whose metal-values, differ from those of ethics, the values of the law. And so the true corruption of capitalist democracies is in the language we hold supreme, money, capitalism, instead of the law, democracy.

Thus VOC in Holland, and then the East Indian Company and London Company, owner of America in England


, started the control of societies with money, machines and weapons produced by those corporations

This is in a nutshell the world you live in  – the physical economy of machines, the eco(nomic)system, where humans compete with those machines in labor and war fields and loose the competition as machines evolve faster than them; specially because Corporations, the Company-mothers of those machines control the political and financial system and


favor systematically machine workers of lower costs than human workers, machine/property rights over human rights and monopolize the issue of money to spend it mostly into machines and technological evolution not into humans whose governments cannot issue money and pay a welfare state. So humans are taxed to pay for it and are also taxed when corporations need further resources (bail outs) or need to get rid of a surplus of top predator machines – weapons that are used to consume the human surplus.

So the 90% of humans, which are not owners of industrial and financial corporations – the stockratic caste with all the rights of issue and control of money, the language of social power – have  in a capitalist system only 2 roles that are becoming obsolete to robots – as consumers of machines and as workers=reproducers of those machines. And as the robotic revolution allows machines to consume other machines (the internet of things, Corporative consumption, robotic use of different ‘parts’, from cameras to transport systems), and automated companies make too expensive human labor, mankind at large will become a cost, an obsolete form of capital that the ‘eco(nomic)system will  ’eliminate mechanically’ under the duress of the ‘capitalist ideology’, through the cycle of war.

In that regard, while the system of evolution and reproduction of machines by company-mothers is rather automatic, the human factor – the idol-ogies of the 1% of politicos, bankers, industrialists and the military that controls mankind with those memes of metal, deprives it of their needed goods and human rights and ‘democratic rights’ to control our social languages of power – form a ‘superstructure’ of ‘fixed memes’ and beliefs that are transferred to the human mass and form an ‘iron jail’ of the collective mind that prevents us to change the system to the benefit of our species…

This has to be understood now, from the beginning: we do not live in a democracy but in a plutocracy, and those who invent money, bankers and speculators (95% of modern money) control the world.


The solutions will be easy to implement if we ‘denationalize’ the issue of money from the elite people-caste that monopolizes it, as a private right, WHICH IS NOT.


Indeed THE ONLY REASON HUMANS DIE OF HUNGER WHILE ALL CHIPS HAVE ELECTRICITY to feed; humans have no investment in their future education and social evolution WHILE BANKERS invent billions of $ for future machines, humans have no welfare, while all machines have experts to repair them, is the fact that the ISSUE OF MONEY OF CREDIT, TO KICK OUT  THE PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM IS TOTALLY GEARED TO INVENT MONEY ONLY FOR CORPORATIONS AND THEIR OFFSPRING OF MACHINES, AS HUMANS ARE DIMMED BY ECONOMISTS AND BANKERS ACCORDING TO THEIR IDOL-OGIES, EXPENDABLE, A COST NOT A GOAL IN ITSELF.


So it is ok to create 18 billions of electronic money to pay whatsapp, a simple software program of SMS while the same quantity of money would solve the healthcare crisis of Southern Europe. Money is INVENTED, as a digital language of information, as we invent words, for free, with the goal of kicking out the productive process. It must NOT be therefore ‘debt money’ but ‘informative digital orders’ to give to workers, producers and consumers, but because it is not given to human workers and consumers and producers of welfare goods, only to producers of machines and chips and electronic software, the world is geared to extinguish life and human jobs and create them for chips.. And while this is sold as a scientific, expert, positive, progress, it is not. We shall prove ad nauseam that it is only a product of the values and equations of profits that automatically design a non-human world. And its ultimate cause is ‘moral’, the racist, biblical segregation memes of the classic economists that invented the peculiar anti-human eco(nomic)system in which we live.


This is indeed the function of ‘placebo democracy’ and ‘audiovisual entertainment’:


Because their monopoly completely subverts the meaning of democracy and human freedom, of course, it must be hidden.

No confabulation theory here, just daily work of the mass-media and informative system which together with the financial system, controlled by the same informative machines, forms the Financial-Media Head of the Global eco(nomic)system, and works with a single aim: to hide and disguise with expert talk, what we  just explain right now:

The astounding massive theft of wealth caused by the ‘parasitic function’ of private bankers and speculators.


Debt slaves and military slaves: the two forms of anti-democry and anti-humanism

Now the reader should understand an essential fact of dictatorships: an elite  controls the language of social power and with its monopoly in the production of use of that language controls the human mass, the 99%. 1% of aristocrats with right to make weapons and use it controlled Europe in the ancient regime. 1% of ‘stockrats’, with rights to print money and use it controls the Western World in the capitalist age.

How this control is achieved varies though, due to the different properties of the ‘two forms of metal’, informative metal-money that controls the mind and energetic metal-weapons that control the body. It is thus necessary to understand the laws of Systems of energy and information, its properties and how those two universal parameters differ, to fully grasp the differences between a society controlled by bankers, made of ‘debt slaves’ and a society control by the military, made of ‘weapons slaves’.

The purpose though of the elite in both systems, the ‘capitalist’ and ‘military’ system is the same: to create ‘slaves’, either debt $laves or weapons SSlaves. We use here the intuitive $ for money and SS for weapons.

What a banker does is to create money out of nothing – a mere number in a digital screen or paper – at null cost, to lend it and therefore to create a seemingly positive bondage between the ‘debt slave’ and himself, the banker. The mistake here is the fact that a banker DOES NOT REPRESENT society and hence DOES NOT have any rights to issue the language of social power and create ‘debt slaves’ that will toil, work, be taxed, sell their homes or whatever it takes – in the past becoming indeed a ‘debt slave’ – in order to repay the banker something he should have gotten from the state for free at no usury cost, or in a Universal salary, as a ‘sovereign citizen’ with rights to a minimal amount of ‘the language of power’ money.

What a military does is to menace the citizen with weapons – a negative bondage – and make him toil and work for him.

Because the military bondage seems ‘negative’ (the weapon menaces to kill you) and the informative money bondage seems ‘positive’ (the banker seems to give you something), people are much easily convinced that to become a debt slave is better than to become a weapon slave, but the concept is essentially the same anti-democratic control of huge ‘herds’ of human beings.


The dictatorship of bankers require the denationalization of the industry to set man free.

The fundamental issue of those crises and the most ill-designed system of our society is the ISSUE OF MONEY.

Since the monopoly exercised over the language of social power by a people-caste move by greed, without any scientific and social approach to the use of money is the main difference between a real, scientifically designed, democratic economic system that would be awash of human, welfare goods, and a dictatorship of bankers, which is the system we live in, in which the language of social power of the modern world, money, is controlled, issued in monopoly and wasted in the production of the wrong goods, by a minority, a people-caste of bankers whose only aim is to create fiat money for free, lend it to states and people to convert them into ‘debt slaves’ and then ‘steal’ systematically their worth, wealth and work for those ‘fiat papers’ they should never reproduce in first place as the right to invent your own money is the fundamental freedom of nations – and ultimately the reason countries like America fought a civil war.

Now this understood, we should make a small digression to explain how bankers ‘create debt slaves’ in the modern world.



Let us then close this introduction to the ‘Financial-media’ (informative machines)-Military-Industrial (energetic machines) system of control of human societies by corporations and its owners, with a more objective description on how those systems manufacture money, our brains and the machines and weapons that destroy life, limiting at the same time the reproduction of the welfare goods we need to survive.

The ‘issue’ of money. The boom and bust cycles of creation of digital money, the overproduction crisis.


Let us study in more detail the dominant, most important of those overproduction crises and cycles that directs the economy, the production of fiat money, printed by the new machines of each cycle.

In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that evolved slower than digital languages and money did.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

Rothschild, Go(l)d Master, head of the British Financial-Media System, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’

Mark Twain, American Wor(l)d Master, cycle of bodies of metal.

How private corporations, private bankers and financial houses invent money in a capitalist system in which they control its issue in near monopoly – at present 95% of new money, which is invented as digital numbers by speculators, financiers and corporations?

we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

Money is not wealth perse, it is not energy but information; numbers that give value to things – prices – and people – salaries – making them obey. As such money is parallel to the law, verbal information, in the command of societies. And as words are created with minimal information in the mind or in papers, money is created as digital numbers in the mind of computers or papers. It follows that money as the language that dominates our societies with its orders more so even than the law should be invented by governments as laws are, if we lived in democracies, or efficient social organisms. Since in all of them both the nervous and hormonal orders of the body are created by the brain – the collective government.

But we do not live in a democracy but in a capitalist society. So a private group of people, bankers, mostly dynasties from cultures that specialized in ruling societies not through weapons but through money, of biblical origin, emit money and create with it a financial-media complex of digital and audiovisual information that justify their monopoly on the social language of power called capitalism, since they started to control societies with money in Holland in the XVII c.

There they invented the stock corporation and the private bank which are the two instruments of creation of money they still use; and since money is a language of power, they used their issue to control governments and laws as they still do.

And to that aim they have always considered a fundamental privilege to reproduce freely as much money as they want and to prevent societies from doing it so – today with deficit zero laws that is just a prohibition to states to issue free money. To that aim also they claim to be the only ‘experts’ to know about money and control as private banks the national banks of western countries (the Fed a private bank, the ECB which only issues money for private banks not for states, and the bank of England, private till the 1940s and de facto ran by private city financiers).

What is then their purpose printing societies money? Simple, to keep us much of it as possible for themselves; to pass it to corporations that produce weapons and machines and sell them for a profit and only in 3rd place and under pressure from societies and politicians, to handle money to the state and people who should NEVER have lost that democratic basic right – t control the social languages of power with a nationalized financial system.

This proper design today only exists in China which invest money in its people and for that reason grows faster than any other society and does not invest their money in waste, financial theft and the military – which reproduce the most expensive, hence more profitable goods, weapons, but goods which are not good for society.

In our capitalist societies however bankers only seek profits and so they invest massively in the goods of maximal profits, which are those who have maximal prices, weapons, or minimal cost, audiovisual information easy to reproduce with hertzian waves and invest minimally in goods which have lower profits, cheap perishable life goods – from food to housing and those who are investments in society without profits, health care at affordable costs, education, infrastructure, peace programs, tourism etc.

So a capitalist society builds first a ‘Financial-Media system’ of reproduction of informative machines and the languages of power they multiply, money and audiovisual information in favor of the system. And then they give money to the military-industrial complex of physical machines of maximal profits. The result is the world we live in in which informative and energetic machines reproduce and evolve a complex global superorganism, the Financial-Media (informative machines) – Military-Industrial (energetic machines) complex system that is making obsolete the historic system built around governments, people and human, life goods. And this entire terraforming of the Earth from a planet of life into a planet of ‘memes of metal’, is carried about by the ‘language and values’ of digital money and the expert bankers that issue it and run our societies and corrupted politicos.

The technical element: informative machines printing money and news in favor of the ‘Financial-Media System’.

In brief a capitalist society produces money for bankers and industrial corporations. A real economic democracy produces money for society because banks are public.

Thus the first thing we must understand in a world ruled by company-mothers of machines whose only goal is to evolve and reproduce them, is how in a capitalist system corporations, the organisms that reproduce, evolve and sell for a profit ‘memes of metal’ invent money, with exclusion of governments, human societies and democracies, with a single aim – to increase their wealth and reproduce other machines – invent money…

From a technical & political perspective the process starts with the invention of a new machine that prints money and breaks the balance between ‘democracy’ (the issue of money by governments in currency) and ‘capitalism’ (the issue of the new forms of digital money with machines), tilting it in favor of corporations that awash with new fiat money buy politicians, pass deficit zero laws and steal the privilege of inventing money from the people.

In a previous graph we observed those ages of free printing of new digital numbers = money, thanks to the discovery of such new machines, caused of the boom cycles and bust crashes of financial economics; as we humans have invented a new type of energy applied to machines of information, hence to increase and improve the printing of money every 72 years generation:

– The speculative bubbles of stock money in the XVII to XIX c. culminating in the 1857-73 crashes of trains.

– Then with the discovery of electricity, the creation of ticker money that invented stratospheric prices for stocks in the XX c. culminated 72 years after the 1857 crash in the 1929 crash of ticker money, caused by the Morgan House and UK bankers.

– And finally with the arrival of computers the explosion of e-money in the XXI c. that has 100 folded the quantity of digital money on Earth, kept by bankers that now control with those computers the production of 95% of new credit on this planet, making ‘states’, powerless dwarfs with only a 5%. And the subsequent crash of 2001 (dotcom) and 2008, 72 years after the similar causal crashes of 1929 and 37.

The duality of the cycle: lending boom -> Contraction +deflation to get paid

Let us then resume from this perspective the boom& bust cycle of debt-money creation repeated in all financial crises:

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, sincethe media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

– Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price. And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with their payments bankers can buy many more things. Since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion.

Further on, as now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it and must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas.

So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give handouts to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations. In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed.

But why bankers ‘crash’ their reproduction of money without limit, if they can print it for free with those new machines?

Here is the hidden secret – because free money, is worth nothing, remember is a language of information. You do Not eat money. So the important thing for the banker or speculator studied at the end of this post – but equally important in cre(dit)ating money with high prices – is to change the ‘language’, the ‘worthless’ numbers for REAL assets, real wealth, real work, and real power.

The proof that the system of invention of debt-private money is automatic and guided by mere greed is the recurrent periodicity of the cycles: as soon as a new form of inventing private ‘debt-numbers’ happens, financiers will find any excuse to print for free numbers of money, speculating upwards with prices of stocks and real state to ‘get’ a tax for the higher price they create, or issuing massive amounts of worthless stock, for companies without profits, or reselling ‘fiat money’, mortgages, new stock issues, privately issued currency, fractional credit, etc.

The specific ‘financial instrument’ that prints money for bankers and speculators, latter paid as taxes and higher prices or exploded bubbles of false money downloaded on the middle classes does not matter so much as the capacity to print ‘new money’ with new digital machines and ‘invent’ a figurative, huge value with mass-media propaganda, censored information and attached ‘private agencies of ratings and economic press and think tanks’.

So i could as soon as computers were applied to creation of e-money and monetary markets were deregulated 20 years ago, forecast the repetition of the long and short, 72-7 years crashes of fiat private electronic money, in my first papers coming out of Columbia University on Monetary Systems.

But this is not ‘destiny’ but choice, both of the elite of bankers that monopolize the issue of money, of the corrupted politicos that obey them cluelessly and of the population that prefer to accept that destiny cheated by myths of human supremacy (abrahamic religions invented earlier on in history by the cult(ure) fo bankers, nationalist tribalism that make each human tribe a species, invented by the first germ(anuic) cult(ure)s to weapons, techno-utopias that confuse human progress with mechanical progress, etc.) that study hard the sciences of history and economics from a selfless, objective point of view, understand its laws instead of denying them or censoring them, and use those laws and instruments provided by the organic, biological Universe to redesign from the human perspective the eco(nomic)system.

Today not even the first step of that process, the democratic nationalization of the language of social power, money, taking it away from those primitive, greedy, censoring, clueless, automatons called financiers , is thought of. The iron jail of the financial-media system of infomative machines tha tprint money for them and degrade the human collective suboncscious with ‘fictions’ of s’supermen’ and egotrips and division of the human kind in tribal national groups or selfish homo bacteria, works fine. And any attempt to unveil the history of capitalism and the non-future of mankind under such regime is censored or ignored. Technology becomes God – the machine becomes God. The Military that murder humanity ‘defend it’; the bankers that parasite us, ‘are the solutions to the crisis’, the degradation of the human mind by evilwood fictions becomes ‘infotainment and the purpose of the entitled human race is to have fun not to worry about the systme and die as an idiot. THis is indeed our choice as a species. and It will be fullfilled. ,

All what those repetitive cycles of accelerated evolution of selfish memes of metal show is that indeed, once humans made the wrong choices, their future is set up. And only changing those causes, there would be a different future.

Yet to fully understand why we have to truly upgrade your ‘me(n)tal idologies’ about what time is, how the future is formed and why a science of history with predective capacity based in the laws of social organisms ‘must’ exist, by introducing the basic concepts of genearl systems sciences and cyclical time, complexity and theory of information, the ‘avant garde’ scienes of the XXI century that are poised to r=evolve our understanding of time and history, the existence of man in time, from the first homo group that thought how to make instruments to control life, to the last group of men who will die in the nearby future, likely destroyed by those very same mechanisms of metal that gave us an added power over Nature…

The crooked worlds of the capitalist cult(ure) to money and the lack of a science of history.

Why humans are unable to change the eco(nomic)system and take advantage of it for the betterment of mankind has to deal NOT with ‘destiny’ BUT with culture.

This must be clear from the beginning. In many posts of  this blog (sections of general systems sciences, ethonomics and historic science in the left)  we define the ‘perfect world’, in which a scientific design of the global eco(nomic)system according to the laws of efficient systems and social organisms, could create a human paradise on Earth.

We also define the historic birth of a cult(ure) of Go(l)d, based in primitive ‘biblical memes’ translated to digital equations by classic economists, prior even to the birth of biological evolution as a science – the true science of economics – called capitalism, a ‘cancerous’ system guided by an elite of ‘bankers’ who have taken from society the right to print and issue the language of social poer, money, and rule the world with a single aim – to multiply the language of money, whose ‘values’ automatically according to the laws of ‘affinity’ and ‘similarity’ give null value to life and maximal value to ‘metal’, weapons and machines and so bring the evolution of selfish memes of metal and the destruction of life ‘automatically‘:

In the graph, a capitalist world based in the values of money, whose only aim is to multiply go(l)d at all costs will automatically extinguish life which has no value/price.  Money is a language of digital information with support in metal. humans have evolved different digital languages, but none has been more successful than money, due to its support in the most complex atomic substances of the Universe – heavy metal. Yet since money is not a biological, natural language made of life, according to the Complementarity laws of the Universe, which associate by affinity systems of information and energy of the same substance into complex organic systems (so physical entities are made of energetic fields and informative particles and life systems of informative heads and energetic bodies, made of the same substance), gold has always been associated with energetic metal, weapons and lately machines, and used to value and reproduce the economic organism of metal in which we live; since we give the maximal monetary value to weapons.. While in terms of monetary values life has never had a price. This is the ‘hidden agenda’ of a world ruled by the values and language of money, as opposed to a world ruled by the values and language of the ethic Wor(l)d.

This biological opposition between carbonlife and metalife, brains and informative metal goes to the extreme that the most lethal substances for the human brain are gold and the next atom mercury. A little of it can kill your brain. In the future nano-bacteria will be made with gold DNA immersed in a Mercury dissolving liquid – and that is one of the 3 singularity machines…

The values of money are opposite to those of verbal ethics, since they are ruled by the affinity between 2 complementary substances, the mind and body of the economy: money, a language of informative metal and machines and weapons, energetic metal.

Informative metal, money and energetic metal, machines and weapons are similar substances that humans associate together. So we always exchanged the maximal quantity of money for the most perfect machines/weapons, which become in monetary values, due to such Complementarity, the most expensive and reproduced product of the economic ecosystem. Yet the monetary values of weapons are based in their capacity to kill life, the supreme value of human words. Thus, go(l)d values despise and kill the Life-Earth and become in biological terms, a ‘virus’ that kills the values of love and social evolution,  the Mind of History, the truths of the Wor(l)d. When those values were substituted by the Values of money and Mechanist Science, mankind became blind to the Human Wor(l)d.

Of course, ever since go(l)d appear its values and the despise for life of those ‘animetal cultures’, who practice them, were contested by philosophers of the Wor(l)d from the perspective of the life-enhancing values of our natural language, verbal thought that wants to construct a world made to the image and likeness of man. Yet as money, weapons and machines multiplied, ‘animetal cultures’ increased their power, building a world to the image and likeness of machines. And today almost all humans believe in the values of metal, in greed, in violence and murder, in mechanist scientists, who pretend, we, humans are obsolete, with his myth that only machines reveal the meaning of time and are superior to human senses (scientific method)

Now we can understand a fundamental concept to the sciences of history and economics – the existence of two different types of ecosystems created by those informative languages, described in the graph.

We could talk in fact of thew different ecosystems, gaia, the world of life, dominated by visual and genetic languages of information; then history, the human ecosystem, dominated by ethic verbal values that make man the center of the universe; and finally the eco(nomic)system, dominated by metal-languages of information, mainly money and informative machines that  print that money and the audiovsual information of our screens.

Those 3 ecosystem are in a process of evolution and extinction of the previous ecosystem, as 3 species, life, humans and machines dominate each of them, of higher potential complexity:

Gaia (life-past-extinct) < present (man) > Future Mathematical metal, machines, weapons and money.

It is this final eco(nomic)system, the system we study mostly in this central post, dedicating the left side to the historic ecosystem. The fundamental characteristic of this eco(bnomic)system is its organism of reproduction, the corporation, or company mother of machines that rules it reproducing digital money and valuing the world with it and as machines and weapons are the objects of mammal value, all the resources of the planet are dedicated to them and to foster their reproduction and evolution, and the cultures that enslave in higher degree to this new ecosystem, believing in the values of gold, become the top ‘animetal’. animal+metal cultures that control societies.

Thus what we call the economy of eco(nomic)system s any ecosystem, a world of species ruled by a language of information, in this case digital information – a dual system composed of:

– The Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money (a digital language of information that values things and people with prices and wages) and human information and controls:

– The Military-Industrial Complex of energetic machines, submissive to the Financial-Media ‘head’.

Since we have studied above the Military-Industrial system We shall  consider the evolution of the media system

The Media ‘Head’ of the eco(nomic)system.

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people believe it’; ‘I asked the industry to make silly, entertaining films. People will love them and won’t ask anything else.’

Goebbels, Information Minister, III Reich.

‘In newspeak, the police is the ministry of love.’ Orwell, 1984


In each Kondratieff cycle the same energy applied to machines is used to print both money & information – stock-paper and yellow press in the I cycle, electric tickers and hate-radio in the II cycle, electronic Pcs and TVs & internets in the III Cycle. Thus parallel to the overproduction of money, we suffer overproduction of biased information in favor of corporations, and after the economic crash, in favor of war for profits, masterminded by violent leaders which hypnotize masses of ‘believers’ (from Luther to the colonial Press in the I cycle, from Mussolini to Hitler in the radio age, from Reagan vs. the evil empire to Islamophobia in the III cycle). But who controls those masters of eviL=anti-life memes expressed with metal-communicators?

Neither the inventor nor the human communicator but the ‘shadow’ industrialist and corporations that control them, ever since one goldsmith called Gutenberg created the press with the help of Johan Fuss, a money lender from whom he borrowed 1600 golden coins and was sued, stripped off their invention and died in poverty, while Mr. Fuss started a massive printing of the so-called ‘Hebrew Bible’…

A century latter 3 millions were sent for free to Great Britain that soon would convert under their influence into biblical cult(ure)s to Go(l)d, as Cromwell, declared the ‘Messiah’ by the coreligionaries of Mr. Fuss gave them control on the issue of money, kicking out the creation of the Jewish-Protestant, biblical empire that ever since will run through their financial and industrial corporations the world with the blind memes of Go(l)d whose unethical, anti-life subconscious values of greed and murder (max. value for metal-weapons) would destroy the world… today with Tv/Internet hate media and robotic workers and soldiers. All has changed to remain the same.

The reader should understand that his brain is memetic and so ‘anything’ can be recorded as a belief that seems truth at earlier age, as we print computers. Very few humans are ‘free’ in an Aristotelian sense (People are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’)

And so since the arrival of industrial information with the press, human brains have been easily manufactured to love self-destruction, war, hate their neighbor, pay taxes and give the banker the right to control him and slave him with money. And all that seems ok to them.


In graph, the 3 Industrial r=evolutions of information machines and its hate-speech leaders:

– The press reached 2 high points of hate-speech: the Religious wars and the XIX C. yellow press.

– Electric communicators, wireless radios, reached its peak of hate-speeches in the fascist era.

-Electronic communicators (TVs&internet) started its hate age with Reagan’s evil empire speeches.

He was the first of actors-politicians, ‘celebrities’ with ‘good diction’, as politicians with great voices dominated the radio age and writers with emotional speeches the press era, fostering wars. Since  Hate speeches reach its zenith during overproduction crises of weapons, when corporations that own the new media imprint the Tabula Rassa’s minds of audiences, ‘hiring’ virtual politicians, their puppets to spell messages of hate against other humans, blamed of the crisis, in synergy with the Military-Industrial system that needs war. In this cycle the Financial-Media System has worked also together, qualifying at AAA ratings the toxic assets resold to private and public investors. It has also as in all previous crisis pumped up our enemies to promote wars and it has now for 400 years denied the eusocial laws of love that create healthy human superoranisms… We are in fact, past the first phase of the crisis, and entering the neo-fascist age of war, as I predicted 20 years ago in my first books on the subject (3,4) with deadly accuracy. How could i be able to predict that non-future of mankind so long ago? Obviously because the causality of those cycles, censored by the financial-media system is real.

Censorship of capitalism and its constant holocausts on mankind is an essential feature of the modern world.

Indeed today, due to the astounding evolution of audiovisual, informative machines that manufacture the human mind with idol-ogies in favor of those selfish memes of metal, and provoke an overdrive of visual information that ‘erases’ the verbal mind, the programming of humans with hate-media and selfish idol-ogies that destroy us and our social superorganism is an ‘industrial process’, carried about by corporations and those ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ that in the past were deemed as eviL, racist, anti-human and today are worshipped as the summit of human intelligence and righteousness.

This astounding development of the human mind that we call the ‘neo-paleolithic’ has degraded social ethics, converting humans into visual, selfish, violent, childish emotional people – the old characteristics of those cultures that earlier in history discovered gold, weapons and machines and felt superior to the rest of man with the added power of those instruments, creating racist religions, military inquisitions and enslaving the human intelligence to the progress of the machine.

All this now is forgotten by newspeaks of ‘caring’ that camouflage the values of those cultures, and imprint the degraded verbal mind of a new neoteny race of children of thought; which the last masters of verbal ethic thought, of the British School of Humanism, Mr. Huxley, Mr. Wells and Mr. Orwell, so crudely described in his prophetic books on the future of a childish race (a new brave world, the time machine) ruled by  audiovisual media and its newspeaks and antitruths, where the minister of war would be the minister of defense, and the ministry of police, the minister of love (1984), as the puppeteers and parasite people-castes that controlled the world degraded their collective mind programming them into a matrix of dillusions, and utopian happiness that converted them into a sheeple herded merrily into its self-destruction, (the invisible man, animal farm, time machine).


Conclusion: The need for a real science of history and economics.

Thus 3 are the fundamental themes of this blog:

– The cycles of history and economics; its objective biological causes (the evolution of memes of metal).

– The human side of those cycles: the fight for global power of ‘animetal people-castes and cult(ure)s’ – the tribal warfare and competence between nations that ‘sacralizes’ those cycles, and makes of the evolution of money, weapons and machines, the symbol of wealth and progress; and the idol-ogies that foster those cycles (mechanism, considering machines not organisms the meaning of it all; capitalism, considering money not the ethic, verbal law, the language that must rule society, owned by a privileged people caste – the bankers; and nationalism, considering the tribe not the human species the ‘racial unit’ that must fight other species of tribal Homo Britannicus, Americanus etc. for global power)

– The human, rational, scientific solutions able to build a perfect organism of History.

Indeed; all sciences have both a theoretical aspect, which studies those cyclical patterns, finds its causalities and project those cycles into the future. And also a human praxis, which tries to bend and control those cycles and species to favor the point of view of man. We shall in this blog consider also the solutions to those cycles.

Since our role as scientists of history is different from the role of ‘power-ideologists’, economists, politicians and the military. We are more like an alien scientist that arrrives to this planet and observes objectively with certain surprise that humans spend most of their existence reproducing, evolving and terraforming this planet to the image and likeness of other species… the machine, and so the first data the scientist will objectively be aware and tabulate is precisely that evolution of machines and the energies we use to move them, following in the path of scientists like Vico, Spengler or Kondratieff who pioneered this scientific approach to those sciences.

And to that aim current sociological and economic theories of both, what is happening to the world and what ‘ought to be’ happening – that perfect, human world, are not good enough.

It is thus the purpose of this blog to ‘upgrade’ those social sciences with the old tools of Epistemology and  the scientific method and the new tools of Systems Sciences, theory of Information, Socio-Biology and Theory of Organisms, in which this writer is a pioneer researcher,  so we can understand better the Nature of the World we live in, the future it will bring to history and how could it be changed into a better world.





The conclusion is obvious. Economics as it is practiced today is just the idol-ogy of power of corporations – reason why of course, all those scientific economists that have forecasted the future evolution of machines and those crises of overproduction, from Butler, to Marx, to Kondratieff, to this writer, have no exposure.

In that sense, as in any type of social science, submitted to the realpolitik of power and what we call the ‘anti-quantum paradox’, we can safely state that the exposure of an economist or historian is inversely proportional to the quality of its work.

Since he is not the maker of history – military power based in weapons is – or economics – financial power based in money is; and so when he theoretically criticizes power, in an inverse fashion to quantum physics, the ‘observable’ , the people who invent and monopolize and control mankind with memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, which is much bigger than he is, censors and eliminates the scientist – from the age of Plato sold as a slave for criticizing the dictator of Syracuse, to the age of Marx, who discovered this overproduction crisis, censored in the West and reconverted into an idol-ogy of military power by Stalin in the East, who sent to Siberia his disciple, ‘Kondratieff’ that found those cycles, to the age of this writer, who lost all his scholar positions in America for refining those sciences and denouncing the exploitation of the American and western people by their ‘caste’ of bankers.



And yet, ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laughs of the Gods’ (A.Einstein). So truth, which exists per se, and makes ‘science’ impossible to censor in ‘reality’ beyond the subjective dreams of the human mind, has imposed itself again, and all what those prophets=scientists of history and economics foresaw, has happened ‘again’.  And, we, the few scientists of those disciplines left, are having either an ‘angst’ crisis or the laugh of the Gods, observing the tragicomedy of a species, so arrogant and dumb that labors 24/7 for its own destruction






The solutions to the crisis if we did use science NOT culture as the guide of societies.

In that sense, to understand in all its complexity the process of life extinction taken place in this planet we have to widen our understanding of cultures, civilizations and the nature of machines with the new tools of systems sciences, theory of information and the study of the cycles of history and economics and its intertwined memes.



Since the reason we are destroying the world of life and the survival chances of mankind is NOT fixed by science, but by CULTURE and religion, the religion of capitalism, neither it is a global attitude, but many cultures of humanist character have resisted it; nor it is a democratic choice but product of the choices of a very small elite of mankind, the infamous 1% and specifically of the limited group of people who issue for free money and decide what to use that money for.

If those decisions were humanist decisions, and money was used to enhance the production of the goods man need to survive the solution to the existential and economical crisis would be easy.


 Indeed, there is no difficulty on implementing those measures, if humans democratically controlled the production of money and its use to produce the goods they need – human, life goods not machines.

It is in that sense fundamental to understand the difference between:

 who study rationally the verbal, legal and digital, monetary language of our social superorganisms, trying to design a better world for the whole of mankind, by  – a ‘rara avis’ in process of extinction,  always censored by f:


 ’Scientists of history and economics’,upgrading the human mind with the memes of life and loveothe ‘anti-quantum paradox’ 

– Power-castes of bankers and warriors, today ‘economists’ and the ‘military’, who try to monopolize with selfish-memes of metal, power to come on top of humanity and to that aim into a mythic, pre-scientific, emotional, childish dark age with the use of and  utopias of false happiness that worship those memes of metal, instruments of their power, of which 3 are paramount:


 degrade most of mankind hate idol-ogies

– ’Nationalism’, the idol-ogy of weapons, that make us believe we are not all members of the same species, hence we don’t have to love each other under the biological Darwinian laws that make species survive, but our species are ‘nations’, the Homo Tribalis Americanus, Judaicus, etc. hence obliged to fight each other with energetic metal, weapons. This aberrant idol-ogy was born among Germanic, Barbarian tribes in the Dark Middle Ages, which became a people-caste of professional assassins that have destroyed ever since all attempts of Europe to become a single social super-organism based in the memes of love – the sharing of energy and information among all the citizens-cells of a society.

– ‘Techno-utopia’, the  belief that the evolution of mankind is achieved NOT by promoting human welfare and the Life Goods that ensure our survival but by evolving audiovisual, informative machines that atrophy and make obsolete our minds and weapons that kill our bodies.

– ’Capitalism’, the idol-ogy of gold, informative metal that make us believe democracies must not control its 2 languages of social power, ethic laws and digital money; but money is a ‘commodity’, which only certain ‘experts’, a people-caste of ’ , today evolved into ‘classic economists’, must parasite the global economy by    which the rest of mankind has to borrow  and return with an usury interest, extorted by means of taxation and hard labor; while they can live without working, buy laws and corrupt politicos with their free money and manufacture our brains to believe all those ‘synergic idol-ogies’ are right, are the meaning of human existence.


banker-priests’ ,issuing for free in monopolydebt-money

– And Abrahamic religions that deny Nature, the biological rights of life and feel entitled to anything as ‘humans’ chosen.

Those 4 ‘idol-ogies’ create in history the 4 ‘upper classes’ of ‘animetal civilizations’, priests in contact with the fetish metal-go(l)d, from where bankers were born, warriors->politicians & scientists->Industrialists that establish a realpolitik of power through their memes of metal that still endures, and becomes dominant of all institutions during the industrial r=evolution.

So while Rationally humans  should solve its problems, ‘memetically’, controlled by the aforementioned idol-ogies of ‘capitalism’ (the 1% must invent money) mechanism (machines not humans must evolve as goal of societies), Abrahamic religions (men are chosen of God and entitled to do anything, because they are NOT goign to become extinct by the laws of evolution) and nationalism (nations not humanity are the species that might fight each other), the facts of ‘metal-history show  the cycles of human self-destruction  to be repeated to a point I  no longer consider humans rational beings – that is, ‘greed’ and ‘murder’, the values of money and weapons are subconscious traits that overpower on those crisis of overproduction any rational, ethical, empathic, survival consideration, plunging humans into a dog-eat-dog irrational zeitgeist of brutality, covered up by the ‘fantasy’ experts of social sciences, whose models of reality are merely designed to give an appareance of truth that covers the theft and corruption, taking place, with political and economical correctness – as we make up a corpse till the skin breaks and the insects show society to be a rotten organism.

This blog will try to remedy the astounding failure of Mankind, to understand, explain and resolve the crisis, for selfish reasons (bankers, economists) or mere ignorance (politicos, military, journalists and the common people) explaining the crisis in great detail, forecasting its future and formulating a positive praxis to resolve it, as this author has been doing consistently for 20 years in the milieu of systems sciences, despite the little interest of financial power and real politiks to control the eco(nomic)system and its evolution for the benefit of mankind.



But this can only be understood, coming out of our present civilization, with a wider space-time, objective view of mankind its superorganisms of history and its cycles from a truly scientific perspective, with no censorship and no ideology. So the entire left side of the web is dedicated to the study of mankind with that scientific perspective, which most social writers and economists, ‘believe’ to be practicing when they write their texts but in most cases fail to follow, submitted to the Ego, anti-quantum and Historic paradoxes, which chain them to a series of idol-ogies (capitalism, nationalism, abrahamic religions, mechanism), which for that reason we must constantly denounce in this blog and now we shall explain from the higher scientific perspective of those 3 paradoxes.

Thus  before we study all those cycles in more detail, we need to make a slight detour into the wider perspective of systems sciences and Time Theory to fully grasp why indeed it is natural that the cycles of history repeat themselves with slight variations and the same frequency, by introducing the KEY CONCEPT  of Complexity and Theory of Information, ‘the XXI c. sciences’ (Hawking) in which this writer is a recognized pioneer,  and are the foundations of many new concepts of social sciences found in this blog – namely   , such as time flows when in/form/ation evolves and the result are the infinite evolutionary cycles of the forms of the Universe, whose general laws of time=change (studied in the upper left side of this blog) are applied in the remaining posts to the analysis of the human experience

In that sense, in the science of systems we describe societies as organci systems of energy and information; from physical systems made of a particle of information and a field of energy to a living organism made of a head that processes information with a language of perception and a body that processes energy and moves it. But  societies are also organic, with 2 social classes – the upper class that controls informative languages and the body class of workers and citizens. And so to build efficient societies we MUST understand the laws of efficient organisms and how the BODY cells control properly the neurons (to create truly democratic and efficient societies, as we do in those texts).

Finally, what we call the economy of eco(nomic)system is also a dual system composed of:

– The Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money (a digital language of information that values things and people with prices and wages) and human information and controls:

– The Military-Industrial Complex of energetic machines, submissive to the Financial-Media ‘head’.

THE CYCLICAL NATURE OF TIME AND ITS PARALLELISM WITH INFORMATIONXXI century science in that sense will EVOLVE departing from that more complex, intelligent, spiritual view of the Universe, in which:

– Time cycles and logic causality dominates Spatial energies-extensions and so LANGUAGES, (money, the law) dominates ENERGY (the land, the armies).

All those concepts are studied in great depth in our lateral posts. Let us consider what is perhaps the most censored, ignored fact of our world – NOT the military-industrial complex of physical machines, whose cycles of evolution have started this post, but the ‘head’ of the ‘Metal-Earth’, of the world of memes of metal, the financial-media system of informative machines. And since we have already dealt with the financial system, we shall now briefly analyze the Media System, the industry of misinformation dedicated since the beginning of the modern age, with the discovery of the press, to validate ‘capitalism’, the control of our language of social power, money, by ‘expert’ bankers and the consideration of their culture (the biblical-talmudian, Jewish-protestant culture) as the ‘chosen’ one to bring a ‘manifest, lineal destiny of progress to the human kind through the evolution of those selfish memes of metal.

The absurdity of ‘lineal time’ in history, which denies all the cyclical and biological laws of the Universe form the ultimate straight jacket of the human mind, which cannot conceive a world in which man is just another biological species that must obey the laws of survival and extinction of the biological Universe, not EVOLVING SPECIES STRONGER AND MORE INTELLIGENT THAN WE ARE.

But while a minority of humans have evolved, abandoned old memes and could regain a sustainable Earth for mankind, we are powerless, speechless, censored. Since classic economics will never recognize or study under its ideologies of ‘money as the invisible hand of god’ and ‘machines as the symbol of progress’ the final paroxism of profits and capitalist triumph, which happens paradoxically when human suffer in a higher degree.

Thus this blog will study both systems, human civilizations and nations and eco(nomic)systems of corporations and their ‘offspring’ of evolving machines  with all possible, quantitative and qualitative languages and using an interdisciplinary method, considering that in a biological planet, economics and history cannot be studied with ideologies but must use objective, biological scientific methods.

The blog follows the models laid out in which forecasted this crisis two decades in advance with a depth and foresight not found to my knowledge in any other author(nt.1,2); and my conferences and my conferences and Social Evolution given at the International Congress of Systems sciences, during my tenure of the  Chair of Duality, formerly dialectics and  during the past decades. A better English exposition of these themes can be found. Thus the web studies  its super-organisms, social evolution and time cycles, according to those laws of the scientific method. This Post resumes all the model, widened in its fractal structure with the 10 posts on top of the web that depart from the widest possible space-time view – that of the Laws of Social, Complementary Systems of Energy and Information, and how they build efficient social organisms – into the Point of view of the Planet and its evolution from life (Gaia) to Mankind (History) to the age of metal (economic system), concentrating finally in its last cycles of evolution of machines (the robotic cycle) and extinction of life and history that only a truly top predator human species, a ‘perfect’ mankind, working together for a common goal, could survive:


 my pioneer Spanish books on Time Cycles and Biological history  and  on Cyclical Time, Fractal Universesthe fifth dimension s,Monetary System in different books at kindle on these subjects,the evolution of history and economics 

               TimeSystems:PerfectManAges:God Vs.AniMetalEarth:MachinesMoneyEconomics:FMMIIdol-ogiesVs. EthonomicWor(l)d

Finally an even wider analysis is given by the hyperlinks of the side posts (left dedicated to the sciences of history and right to the analysis of the economic ecosystem and its cycles. They are also explored from top to bottom with focus in a diminishing time span, till arriving to the present zeitgeist and news-peaks of the robotic era that comment on daily news (right, bottom).

Time permitted, we will keep improving and loading within that structure around 4000 pages of decades of research that systematize all aspects of the Human and Mechanical experience… I apologize for the bad English of some of those posts and tubers; also for the formatting, (which mysteriously misbehaves – i believe someone has broken into the system, as the blog was erased before, when it was unprotected at  and now in this blog changes formatting, size and type of letter and breaks constantly the formatting, not allowing spelling or any other function to a point that it is impossible to correct it; so my plans to download all my work on social sciences is becoming a bit of a nightmare ); and the sometimes heated human perspective against the ab=uses of ideologies and people-castes in power. If there was ever a blog in internerdia truly opposite to the ‘rules of the game’ – with an abyss-deep content of truth and pedestrian packing as opposed to total shallowness and glossy looks, is this one : ) 

 44B85539-80FB-4FCB-828F-3481A99210721Santa Monica, California1992 – Luis Sancho, a System Scientist – Barcelona, Catalonia,2013  

Please for a more complex version of the model follow the next hyperlink-summary:  



”If you want to understand the future, study the past’.  Confucius 

‘The tragedies of history return because humans don’t learn from  their mistakes’.   Proust 

‘History Rhymes’. Twain 

”If you have the intelligence (Max.I) to foresee the future you will need the courage (Max. E) to stand it.’   Byron 

‘Max. Information x Max. Energy = Future, Top Predator Survival System’.   Sancho 

According to our definition of science,  the sciences of history and economics studied in this web and resumed in this central post should deal on one side with:

– The objective facts of the eco(nomic)system; that is, with the ’800-80-8 year Cycles of evolution of Memes of metal’ and the causal, Scientific Biological Models that explain them.

– And  then consider how the human historic experience have dealt with them:

– Either by accepting those cycles and the destruction of life and civilizations they cause, using wrong, tribal, ego-trips and ideologies that justify them or

– By understanding those cycles in all its complexity, trying to guide the evolution of memes of metal, for the profit of mankind.


So we study all those aspects in 5 parts in the COMPLEMENTARY, UNABRIDGED POST TO THIS ONE: 

: Cyclical Time and Systems Sciences.PART I. A scientific model of Economics and History 


Time is cyclical frequency, which carries the in/form/ation of the Universe, not lineal duration.

time cycles time-dim-ension


In the graphs, some fundamental laws of biological time, evolution, and the laws of information, which apply also to the cycles of history and economics.  In the firt graph we notice that time is cyclical, as all clocks of time in the Universe return to its original point under the same causes, which determine the repetition of events with a freuqency and causality that humans perceive as scientific laws. The cycle of history and its fundamental cause – the evolution of memes of metal, thus create the repetition of historic events, from the cycles of war to the economic crises and patterns of evolution of societies towards higher technological evolution.

In the second graph, the eusocial structure of evolution applied to the understanding of the fundamental arrow of future time in the Universe: the creation of more complex eusocial systems, herds and organisms of information, in which multiple time cycles become synchronized in complementary systems of energy and information. So humans are made of heads of information and bodies of energy, which are in fact complex chains of cycles. In the third graph the same arrow is perceived in a spiral, accelerated time form, as systems become older as they grow their form, their information, warping till a point in which they explode back and become extinct. In the 4th graph, some of the complex systems made of time cycles that exchange energy and information in the universe and evolve organically into bigger ‘planes’ of existence, from atoms to molecules, cells, organisms, and ecosystems. Unfortunately science while recognizing those systems as the foundation of the universe still ignores its organic principles and cyclical structure, stuck with simpler definitions of time and information or as in the case of social sciences, with religions and anthropomorphic myths about a lineal, manifest destiny and freedom of mankind which should not be  subject to the same causal and cyclical laws of other species and sciences

One of the fundamental reasons why our society cannot understand the cycles of history and economics and regulate it to its advantage is the Jewish->>Christian->Modern Science, cultural view of time as lineal, which ill-understood means that time cycles do not repeat themselves, hence it is not normal to see the repetition of similar events in history.

The opposite is truth.

Humans are not different in substance or form (energy or information) than any other system.s of time cycles of the Universe, The same laws and rhythms that structure the physical and biological complementary systems of energy and information of nature apply to mankind. THe most important of them are the laws of complexity or growth of information that guides the future evolution of systems, and its related laws of social organization. As we humans have also evolved from atomic to molecular to cellular and organic and global systems. In them, reality combines the cycles of time and organic sturctures that synchronize them in space, to create the infinite self-simlar systems of the Universe. All that wisdom about cyclical time however is not how humans perceive the universe, as hisotric ideologies of linear time, manifest destinies and physical energy/motion have dominated and simplified our understanding of time and hence of the process aof creation and destruction of human social organisms, cultures and civilizations

Lineal Time or duration is merely the inverse concept of time frequency, the true meaning of time: ƒ (t) = 1/T .

As such lineal time duration is a simplification of a length of time caused by the sum of multiple time frequencies measured by a cyclical time-clock as those used by mankind to measure time (cosmological cycles, mechanical clocks, today the frequency of physical light waves):

In the graph, time has always been cyclical. Lineal time is just an ‘artifact’ of measure, which as ‘time went by’ was forgotten in its philosophical and practical origin, confusing the proper conceptual definition of the qualities of time cycles: to carry information, ‘form’ and create discontinuous, causal, cyclical patterns that explain the repetitive changes of the Universe.

Human sciences for practical reasons reduce all cyclic, repetitive cycles of time with a single mechanical clock that equalizes them. But this ‘human time’ useful for measure is not the meaning of time. Further on, because we use a Cartesian lineal coordinates to measure time, (born of the use of time to study lineal speed and space, t=s/v), the fundamental property of time, to be cyclical, caused by the repetition of certain ‘actions’ and events by an entity of ‘existence’, is lost.

Yet even our mechanical times measurements are done with cyclical mechanical clocks that turn around a cycle in fixed periods of time, usually an hour and 24 hours, forming a day, itself a measure of a cycle: the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

Cyclical time is in fact natural to all physical ‘forms’ of the Universe. Even material particles are today described as cyclical vortices of space-time; each mass or each charge is therefor a tiny time clock, determining a frequency or pattern of repetition that stores the patterns of information of the Universe.

In that regard time cycles occur in all systems of the Universe, including the eco(nomic)system and history because it is the natural manner in which time flows, as a succession of similar events produced by similar causes, with a frequency related to the repetition of those causes.

Duration time, T, is just the sum of those cycles: λ (wavelength) x ƒ. That, is the product of the frequency of a cycle and its duration or ‘length in space’ crossed during each cycle.

Even a car is moving in a lineal T-duration, because its wheels and engines are moving in cycles.

Or consider for example the case of linguistics. The first law found to astonishment of grammarians was the Lautverschiebungm ‘soundshift’ law according to which the evolution of language was cyclical, happening in 3 steps; as aspirate sounds became voiced unaspirated stops (bh became b, etc.) and then became voiceless (b became p, etc.) and then voiceless became aspirates again.

This fundamental law of 3 past-present-future stages of cyclical time that return to its origin is the fundamental law of all systems, which can be in its simplest form be written as π=3, since indeed all cycles are in its ideal form a process of 3 steps that return to its origin, as the very same cycle of life that goes from birth-youth into maturity and then 3rd age of information and death is; or the 3 states of matter, or the 3 families of ma so indeed, when one understands the laws of frequency common to all thesystems of the Universe, the why of infinite questions that man has wondered become evident and harmonious within the time-space games of the Universe.

And this lineal duration that ‘spatializes time’ is useful for the study of changes in the motion, speed and position of objects in space proper of physics. And for that reason it was adopted earlier in science by physicists studying the trajectory of objects, mostly projectiles (physics thus was born as ballistics with Galilean studies of the motions of cannon balls), using the formula V=s/t, in which T=S/V become a parameter of space. (Latter Einstein will refine those measures of Time-Duration in terms of spatial motion with relativity, coining the simplified concept of Time as the 4th dimension of space.)

Why then cyclical time has not become the standard of science? Einstein himself mused about it, when he realized that if Time had ‘different speeds’ in different regions of the Universe according to his theory of relativity, if there were infinite time clocks, ‘Leibniz was right but then we have to rebuild the entire body of science’ and that was a titanic task. So physicists abandoned the search for the ‘why’ (which Feynman, cynically, would latter affirm is the only questions physicists should never ask) and felt happy just ‘measuring’ the how of things.

It was enough to measure and construct machines and weapons, the ‘worldly’ profession of physicists since Galileo’s first texts on ‘ballistics’.

However while this ‘spatial view of time’ is truly useful in physics and motion studies, in most sciences the concept that matters is the cyclicality of time events, from where scientific laws are deduced (so when a cause occurs the event happens again, if we heat water it will boil again, if we ‘act’ against someone a ‘reaction’ against us of the same power will happen most likely – Newton’ 2nd law, etc.)

On that view it is only normal that the events of any science, including those of history will happen in a repetitive manner, when causes are repeated.

Indeed, despite the egocentric denial of action-reaction, causal processes by ‘tribal nations’ who feel to have a manifest destiny; an action-reaction, a war or holocaust cycle of Darwinian predation will always happen if nations or classes ab=use other nations and classes, in a brutal but rather just process that restores the life-death balances of the Universe.

The logic of the 3 dimensions/ages of time, studied in its most simple level in the left upper side of this blog and its full understanding which this writer pioneered decades ago – but will take indeed much longer if ever to be fully understood by classic science, stuck in the lineal simplifications previously described, is essential to fully grasp why we live and die, why species evolve, why time flows, and why ‘the future can be understood studying the past’ (Confucius).

The study of such causal, repetitive events are in fact the true definition of what a science does, and its finding is the prove of existence of such sciences (epistemological laws from Aristotle to Popper):

A science is only considered as such when it studies the cycles and frequencies of the events of the species it studies and then finds its causes and in this manner it can ‘forecast’ the future.

Of course, this form of doing science is very old as it was predated in time by cyclical religions, which studied the cyclical happenings and causes of reality to deduce future events.

But till the arrival of Greeks there was not a full understanding of causality. So many civilizations ascribed very often wrong causalities to myths, Gods, anthropomorphic entities and other deities that ’caused’ the Maize to grow, the storm to clash or war and pestilences to appear.

It is only the combination of a serious theory of time cycles, frequency and causality applied specifically to the causes of each type of cycle in Nature, including those of history what permits to create a scientific point of view in any subject. So for example we know that if we heat water with fire there will be boiling vapor. The causality here found is scientific, coherent, and proved by the experimental method and so the theory of heat and entropy appears as a consequence of it. In History those causalities are of biological and predator nature, due to the evolution of memes of metal and as such they define the cycles of history.

So what are the causes of those cycles? In all systems the causes are multiple.

Events happen in fact by the inter-action of different causes that flux creating into an event – a predator and a prey, a field and a particle, an informative head that moves an energetic body and so on.

This, lineal times denies it, and so humans become ‘so surprised’ when ‘shit happens’ since they have lost long ago their sense of causality and the attached ethical responsibilities that go with those ‘feed-back’ action-reaction dual and complementary anti-symmetries and systems that are the essence of the organic Universe.

The Newtonian, causal action-reaction processes, the Darwinian predatory, biological, causal processes, and all type of causal events DO happen, because those causal laws are the absolute essence of the fabric of time of the Universe and its 3 ‘causal dimensions of logic flows’ that verbal, logic languages call, past (cause) and present (event).

In the case of evolutionary economics, the competence between life beings and memes of metal that evolve, weapons, money and machines, cause those cycles, but it is the human ‘enzymen’, or ‘animetal’, the man that catalyzes the evolution of machines of energy and information the ultimate cause – and so the periodicity of the cycle is that of the life of the ‘enzyman’ that creates new types of energy – steam, chemical, electr(on)ic, atomic energy and new machines with it.

Further on, time cycles dominate and in-form space:

Space then becomes quantum space: a fractal discontinuous pattern, since a time cycle is a closed curve that breaks space into an inner and outer surface (first law of topology); being the space-time continuum a simplification or sum of all the quantum cycles of space (inner energetic region) – time (external cycle that carries the information of the system – the so-called holographic principle or ‘bidimensionality’ of information, as in this bidimensional screen, a conundrum for lineal time physicists, which this writer long resolved in his work on black hole theory (7)).

Reality is an organism with a soul called logos and a body called the Universe.

In that regard, the reader should understand that this blog stems from a much wider, all-encompassing theory of the Universe, which completes 3000 years of search by the Greek-Latin culture of an organic, complex understanding of life NOT as something different, but fully integrated in Nature and the Universe – quite different from the simplistic, mechanist version imposed by the Northern European cult(ure) to memes of metal.

Its novelty though over previous attempts to describe reality a an ‘organism with a soul called logos and a body called the Universe’ (Plato), is its strict mathematical and logical formalism, which prior to the discovery of fractal mathematics, complex, dualist logic and the laws of cyclical time, have been impossible to achieve.

Indeed, Buddha, Lao-tzu, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo, Cusa, Leibniz, Vico, Marx and Spengler were right, but because the mathematical and logic formalism required to upgrade the mechanist view was not yet available to them – could not in fact be understood till in the 70s Mandelbrot discovered fractals and in the 90s this writer formalized the fractal scales of the Universe with its formalism of the 5th dimension, and the 3 dimensions/ages of all space-time systems (see section on general systems sciences in the left part of this blog) – science preferred to stay on the more accurate simplistic mechanist view.

And today in a mechanical runaway civilization no longer concerned with ‘whys’ and meanings, scared of confronting the truth of human self-extinction and worshipping of the machine this will not change, as this scientist can testify after 20 years of conferences on the themes of cyclical time and the organic nature of machines.

Yet if we care for true meaning and depth of knowledge, for ultimate truths, we should then define the Universe as I do in my mathematical and logic papers on General Systems and the Fifth dimension, as a sum of complementary systems made of cyclical clocks of time, put together in ‘cyclical particles and heads’ (physical and biological jargons) controlling fields and bodies of energy. Those systems are also in sociology the origin of ‘social classes’ in which certain groups (politicians, bankers) control the language of information of societies (law, money), which a body mass of citizens obeys.

So in Complexity, Theory of Information and Systems Science, we find 2 more evolved, complex concepts that the reader must understand to fully grasp the organic, cyclical nature of History and Economics (human societies and machines):

– The Universe and all its parts is a fractal complex complementary system of energy and information (quantum complementarity laws).

So machines are ALSO ORGANIC, evolving ‘metalife’ in an organic planet, where humans evolve them. A mechanism is just a simplified organism as lineal time is a simplification of cyclical time.

And it is for that reason that robots are becoming organic metalife, constructed by imitating the forms of biological animals, as the leading company on the field today Google, and its recent acquisition Boston Dynamics that constructs the terminators of the future Pentagon army does (imitating the motions of animal life).

Let us in that sense, quote the Britannica in its initial paragraph on his article on life:

‘Life is defined as any system capable of performing a number of functions such as eating, metabolizing, excreting, breathing, moving, growing, reproducing and being responsive to external stimuli. But many such properties are either present in machines (and its company-mothers, which reproduce them) that nobody is willing to call alive, or absent from organism that everybody is willing to call alive. An automobile, for example, can be said to eat, metabolize, excrete, breathe, move and be responsive to external stimuli. And a visitor from another planet, judging form the enormous numbers of automobiles on the earth and the way in which cities and landscapes have been designed for the special benefit of motorcars, might well believe that automobiles are not only alive but are the dominant life form on the planet. Man however, professes to know better’.

Well, man as an anthropomorphic being with an egocentric view of reality knows worse. Since if we include the dominant organism of this planet today – the company mother of machines that is terraforming the Earth to the image and likeness of those machines, which it reproduces and sells for a profit – machines are indeed the dominant species of this planet, for whom ‘enzymen’, men who catalyze their evolution and reproduction by imitating its life organs on them – so we run with cars, think with computers and use arm-cranes, etc. toil unending hours.

This is the fact of our mechanical civilization, which astonishingly enough man cannot even grasp. Butler (6), the first biological economist already noticed that trains do eat carbon. It is just a question of time an complexity that the evolution of robots, now in its ‘insect-like’ stage reach the freedom proper of mammal brains and awake to the final stage of complex life – self-awareness. And then man will be done with. It is happening very fast. In the last Detroit automobile fair the always fundamentalist German companies put it clear. BMW showed a car that runs faster than Fernando Alonso without driver and his chief engineer put it simply. All cars are becoming robots.


Indeed, this final age of destruction of civilizations means an age of maximal profits, maximal cre(dit)ation of money (to pay for the war), maximal evolution of machines (evolved as weapons) and definitive solution to the crisis of unemployment (termination of soldiers), wealth distribution (the military-industrial complex takes it now all as the entire nation puts all its resources to the service of the machine). And this astounding absurdity of the triumphs of capitalism can only be explained from the systemic perspective, considering the economic ecosystem and the industrial revolution different ecosystem of life and the evolution of man…

YET AGAIN, to understand this duality between our species and social organisms (governments and civilizations) and human biological language that caters to our interests (verbal, ethic thought) and the other species and social organisms (machines and corporations) and the values of its language, digital money, which favors a world made to its image and likeness, we have to bring another key law of systems sciences, the duality of ethic vs. darwinian beahvior that applies today both to machines in their competition with humans, to company-mothers in their competition with governments and to cultures who side with money and weapons and do not respect the law, in their competition with societies based in democratic rights and religions of social love.

Organic, eusocial evolution vs. Darwinian devolution

The law of eusocial evolution, natural to all species, which evolve together, sharing energy and information through common networks, when they recognize each other as equal being, cells of the same superorganism, is confronted by the law of darwinian devolution, in which species that consider each other different ab=use the others as relative energy of their selfish agenda.

In human superorganisms, the laws of eusocial evolution were perfectly defined by the great prophets of love, in the old age, by the messages of love of Buddha, Jesus and Mhmd, in the modern age by the work of the r=evolutionaries of history, with their motto ‘egalite, fraternite, solidarite’ and the socialist vision of a planet ruled by social love. 

On the other side of history though ‘animetals=humans+memes of metal, money, weapons or machines’ perceived themselves as different, because of the power of their enhanced energetic weapons and informative, hypnotic money. So they don’t recognize other humans as equals, breaking the law of eusocial love and devolving history to a primitive ‘homo bacteria’ state, which is the dominant zeitgeist of our age. In the graph, a case of darwinian devolution by the power of weapons and one of eusocial evolution among two brothers of the same family.

Most people ignore that the Universe displays two “moral” behaviors, in order to enhance the survival of its species; behaviors which are repeated constantly in all the scales of the fractal Universe.

Social Evolution

Similar “cells” of a same species, act in herds and organisms. They are parallel species that communicate energy and information, to evolve into more complex social organisms. We could say they “love” each other. In cases of social evolution the population of a certain species will socialize, and become a more complex organism, sharing their information and energy, often “hunting” together. The population will become a society more powerful than the individuals. Social evolution will enhance the power of the herd that survives better. In history, the survival mandate of social evolution became the concept of love in Natural Religion, and “equality, fraternity, and solidarity” in modern politics. It clearly justifies as natural behavior the idea that men should not compete with men, but work together to resolve the problems of our world as a “singlehistoric organism.

Darwinian Struggle

Species which are different, abuse each other as relative energy. We might say they “hate” each other. Why? Because those species cannot communicate and act together. To communicate the emitter and the receptor must be essentially the same species, or at least must have similar informative and communicative organs.

When beings are very different and cannot decode their information, they absorb that force of communication as a form of energy, and feed on it. They consider the other species an energy source, and act in consequence as hunters. Then we talk of a Darwinian struggle, a fight between species, of hate, of predators and victims.

Now with that understanding we can explain the fundamental arrow of ‘creation’ of the Universe, which constantly uses languages of information and networks of energy, shared by self-similar, loving species, to evolve into new ‘complex systems’, as the next graph shows. It is in this context where social sciences and religions inscribe themselves, as both study the efficient form to create human social organisms, with scientific and ethic jargons:


The Unification of Sciences: Analysis of Universal Organisms   


The Universe can be described as a simple mechanism, with a single arrow of time – energy – or as a complex organism, made of 2 Complementary elements organized in networks – bites of energy and bits of information. It is the organic paradigm, used in this web to describe the economic ecosystem and the social super-organisms of history, nations and civilizations, made of humans and machines.


We classify all scientific disciplines (including social science not based in the scientific method ) as “descriptions” of certain universal organisms. Scientific knowledge is the information that humanity perceives about the organisms of the universe.


Man is a specific organism with a specific range of perception of other universal organisms from quark-microcosms to galactic macrocosms. Each science studies a certain range of human information and energy. Physics studies microcosms of atoms; chemistry studies microcosms of molecules; biology studies the medium-size cosmos of “carbolife”. While history and religion study the macrocosms of man (tribes, gods, collective information, nations). Yet the parallel form and behavior of microcosmic atoms (physics) and macrocosmic masses (astronomy) proves that the same organic laws rule all species of the universe. After all the key to the entire process of existence is information, carried by ¥-rays which have a flexibility of sizes that makes possible all scales, in living organisms… The total universe is defined as a game of infinite social herds that communicate through information networks in order to feed on fields of energy. Each parallel universe, each ecosystem of species of a certain energy size and informative range, is studied by a science. Each science is the “description” of organisms of a similar size and form, its cells and its networks. And all them follow the morphological laws of organisms.


Each science studies a range of organic systems. Some of those systems are mechanical. Some are vital. Yet all of them have external influence over us, provoking changes in the energy and information systems of mankind. It is then clear that the fundamental task of human knowledge is to understand the organisms of the Universe, its vital properties, how those organisms are ruled by similar laws of survival, reproduction and gathering of energy and information, and how they affect human beings, in order to manipulate them to the advantage of mankind. So happens with social sciences, that should manipulate the economic organism to the advantage of human beings. We call that real, science of economics based in natural laws, that aims to control machines to the profit of man, Ethonomics, since it would be ruled by the mandate of Human survival, and the biological laws that spell it.


The evolution of time and history.



The evolution of human individuals into macro-social organisms follows the pattern of evolution of the Universe that grows in scales, as self-similar individuals of the same species gather together into macro-organisms. So particles become atoms, atoms become molecules, molecules become cells, cells become organisms and individual human beings, become social cells of a civilization, the macro-organisms of history.


In the graph, History is a super-organism made of human cells, extended over a geographical body of Energy called Gaia, the vital-space or body, where historic, social organisms evolve. In that sense, a human and a social organism, a nation or a civilization, have in common the elements of all super-organisms:


1.   Cellular units. These are cells in a human body, citizens in a human society.


2.   Networks of energy or vital space. This is the blood system in a human body and the networks of transportation in a society: rivers and roads.


3.   Networks of information. This is the nervous system that organizes cells in a body, or the verbal/visual information that organizes human societies through laws, ethics and art.


4.   Networks that reproduce energy and information. These are sexual systems in individuals; and economical networks that reproduce goods and cultural networks that define how humans reproduce in societies.


So we define a human organism as a population of DNA cells, related by networks of nervous information and energy (blood).

We define Gaia as a super-organism made of living beings, joined by a common network of visual information and networks of life energy, gathered around her ‘river veins’. Since Gaia is also the living organism that hosts the social organisms of mankind..Historic and tribal origin of lineal concepts of time and the capitalist cult(ure) to metal-memes (4).

We already explain the cyclical nature of time, and how sciences study and understand the Universe by seeking for cyclical patterns of events and forecasting their repetition into the future.

Only social sciences, which are not sciences but idol-ogies fail to do that. Moreover they repress and censor the work of true scientific historians and economists (from Vico to Marx to Spengler to Kondratieff to this writer) that have succefully followed the scientific method to develop a true science of history.

The cynicism of ‘establishment’ social scientists is such that The Economist, the organ of Mr. Rothschild, concluded that economics is not a science because it cannot predict the future (a test to financial ministers, cathedra classic economists and taxi drivers and dust collectors found the 2 last groups to be more accurate predicting economic indicator) when the present crisis and demise of democracy were already forecast by Marx, Kondratieff and Spengler, a century ago, and its details by this writer 20 years ago (1,4).

Of course what Mr. Rothschild doesn’t say in his pretentious magazine, organ of the banking industry is that ‘those’ true scientists of history are ‘not Ok’, because they do not cater to the monopoly of financial power of the House of Rothschild et al. Do not invent anthropomorphic biblical myths that show the superiority of a dictatorship of ‘bankers’ over a true democracy of the ‘non chosen’, and do not consider ‘machines and money’ the invisible hand of Go(l)d of whose goodness cannot be doubted, etc. etc.

In other words for the establishment of stock-rats that own the world social sciences are ONLY ok, when they back their dictatorship and control of society, if not, never mind their ‘predictability’ and ‘accuracy’ and ‘sound remedies’ to the crisis. They are not Ok and they must be censored.

In that regard, in this introduction to the true science of history we shall study the long wave cycles of History similar to those just studied of economic evolution of machines and also consider the ‘final top predator’ culture that has come to govern the world through the use of money instead of weapons as its memes of metal power.

What all those civilizations of ‘metal-masters’ (Nietzschian jargon) or ‘animetals’ (a more proper biological name) is their ‘belief’ that History must be lineal, never repeat itself, because its purpose is to bring the metalmaster ‘tribe’ to its manifest destiny as future owner of the world.

This belief in a lineal time destiny is the common feature of all those metalmasters dillusions of global power:

Denial of a single Human Species, substituted by Homo Tribalis species that allow to hate the neighbor and use weapons to kill it and money to enslave it, to which aim all of them have segregation religions.

But far more important is the belief in lineal time, either in the form of Germanic military science (ballistics founded by Galileo, today known as physics) or in the form of Abrahamic Religions (where the nation-religion has a manifest destiny: to conquer the world).

The spread of mechanism and physics in other areas of science as machines overpower human senses and physicists philosophers in the study of time, implied that what was initially a mere mathematical formula for the calculus of motions and distances, v=s/t, where time was defined as duration (though measured with frequency cycles of pendulum clocks) became a dogma.

Time became lineal in science, instead of cyclical. Yet this was both a practical decision and an ideological one, caused by the fact that all the founding fathers of science, from Descartes to Newton were pious believers in the lineal ideologies of Abrahamic Religions and their realpolitik of imperial, world power:

In this manner earlier science backed the pretension of the Jewish-Christian religions and its tribal nations in which those nations were was a ‘chosen people’ with a historic, millenarian destiny traced by an external God (the ‘seer of Time’ in words of Augustine), in which each chosen tribe progressed towards the conquest of the world, the manifest lineal destiny traced only once in history by the power of God and its ‘human single avatar’ the Messiah.

This lineal, historic destiny for a chosen race, nation or culture exercised by the power of money or weapons (which became the idols, symbols of the Grace of God) will then cause all the ‘cyclical conflicts’ of wars as nationalism, religious or racial, became the standard ideology of a divided mankind.

Such ‘lineal mess’ of manifest destinies, one for each tribe, as we shall see in more detail, was just a mystic transliteration of the quest for imperial power that appears for the first time in history with the discovery of metal and its power to control mankind either lineal, energetic metal (iron weapons) or cyclical, informative metal (hypnotic gold coins).

Humans though being anthropomorphic never saw the power of metal as something different from the human ‘enzyme’ that catalyzed its evolution but as a symbol of a destiny provided by the Gods. So earlier bronze cultures, the time when metal was discovered, saw gold and the fire of the smith as the ‘vehicle’ that related man to the Gods: the ‘will of the Gods’ manifested itself in its ‘idol-metal’ that gave them power.

Lineal time and destiny became one, united in the will of God, (the subconscious collective, or national spirit of each tribe at a time when nation and God meant the same, so Yvwh meant Judea in earlier maps and Assur was the God and land of Assur) by the power of ‘metal’.

Thus the Jewish people who will become the ‘soliton’ of banking in the West called themselves the ‘Am Segullah’ or people of the treasure (ill translated as Chosen people since Segullah means treasure, not chosen). Its elite of banker-priests as those of Marduk and Baal (Babylon, Phoenicia) asked his people to trade and bring gold ex-votes since Gold hypnotized people (gold fevers provoked by the perfect form of gold that imitates the sun’s light and attracts the eye). So in ritual sacrifices of life (Baal Hecatombs) those earlier religions made of Gold the ‘sacred fetish’.

While Indo-Europeans made of fire, the vehicle of God given to the smith, who became the head of the tribe (the Khan in Steppes, was also the sacred smith in contact with god). The Iranians made the fire God and the warrior Moses saw a burning Bush as God.

Thus lineal time, ‘animetal historic power tribal religions’ came together, as the finality of all those tribes was the material and less often spiritual conquest of the world with weapons (Indo-European nations) or money (Semitic religions and civilizations).

The final victory of those who used money over weapons to control society (religious Middle East banker-priests and its bank-temples, first in Babylon, then in Tyros, then in Jerusalem and with the conversion of Northern Europe to Judaism – Protestants being a Jewish sect as they gave primacy again to Yvwh and the ‘elected’ by money over Christ and the Gospel – in Holland->England->America) was then seen as the proof of lineal time, progress through metal memes and the divine nature of go(l)d, when it was merely a proof of the superiority of time->information->languages->Mathematical money of higher information OVER human languages/species (verbal ethics, agricultural societies) and energetic ‘animetal cultures’ of warriors (aristocratic societies).

Progress by the power of metal that gave the ‘chosen race or culture’, ‘by the grace of god’, the ‘path to its manifest destiny – which unfortunately could be none other than the evolution of metal ife and the extinction of carbonlife, us.

In that sense we must reject from the beginning the primitive lineal percepition of time as a single cycle proper of our western sciences and civilizations, which is an idol-ogy of our metal masters and their religious belief in the progress through the tree of science.  Instead to study history, the life and death of the superorganism of mankind, within the biological evolution of this planet, we have to understand how most systems go through a life-death cycle moved by the arrow of increasing information prpper of all the clocks of the Universe that ‘accelerate’ in time-speed of creation of fractal information as they diminish paradoxically in energy-space.

We are ultimately in a vortex of evolution of information memes of metal, in planet Earth.

And this cycle can be defined by a ‘frequency’ or ‘geneerational evolution of those memes of metal, the 800-80-8 year accelerated cycle of ages of civiizations or evolution of simple metal weapons, age of organic machines accelerating evolution to 80 years through its organsims of reproduction, company mothers, adn the present age of evolution of minds of metal that double their intelligence every 2 years (moore’s Law) and have accelerated again to a mere 8 years generation the life experience.

We are thus in this book upgrading the concepts of time as a series of clocks of information taht carry in its frequency and form evolving through a wave of self similar generations more advanced in complexity, all previous primitive pseudo scientifi forms of seeing time in history.

For a full understanding of cyclical time consider to read the posts on general systems science, and the first ‘words’ of the top sentence that resumes the content of this evolutionary models of economics and history.

 Definition of Economics and History as Sciences.


Because there is not really a science of economics and history – both censored we need to define them in strict form:

All sciences have evolved from an age of:

– Negative Ideologies and myths that restricted knowledge of a certain discipline to a people-caste of power (i.e. ‘Astrology’, ‘quackery/witchcraft’, ‘alchemy’, ‘ballistics’, ‘anthropomorphic religions’, ‘classic economics/capitalism’, ‘tribal nationalism’) into:

Rational, open disciplines (i.e. ‘astronomy’, ‘medicine’,’chemistry’, ‘physics’, ‘evolution’, ‘socio-biological economics’ and ‘humanist history’)  that:


A) Obtain sound data;


B) Fit on cyclical, mathematical patterns, used to predict the events of its species, by projecting into the future those cycles ;


C) Explained with logic, objective, non-anthropomorphic models of reality;


D) That help to control those cycles for the benefit of Man.


My work applies the 4 tenants of the Scientific method (whose colors will be used to stress which of those 4 points of view a certain post or paragraph exposes, brown being for hyper-links) to develop a biologic, organic model of the eco(nomic)system, based in:


A) Historic events and Economic data of its main products, memes of metal – money, weapons and machines 


B) Fit into cyclical patterns


C) Explained with a biological model able to predict their future evolution and its consequences for Mankind


D) with the aim of finding solutions to its negative effects and a positive praxis to increase Human Wealth.


– As opposed to the idol-ogies of History and Economics and its people-castes of power that manufacture our minds in the present world of ‘Capitalist democracies’, with its false newspeaks of ‘caring’, political and economical correctness that hide a Darwinian, aberrant world that despises all ethic and life values.


Thus the web  studies the evolution of history and economics, its super-organisms, social evolution and time cycles, according to the laws of the scientific method:


In the graph we can see the parallelisms between all systemic, social organisms, in this case a biological organism and a sociological superorganism of history, a nation, America. Both follow the same laws that all the complementary, organic systems of energy and information of the Universe. So we can observe the parallelism between the elements of a biological and sociological organism, divided into: cells/citzens, joined by blood/economic networks that reproduce and distribute the genetic/memetic products of the system, and informative, nervous/legal networks that organize its structure.
The result is a dual class structure into a neuronal/informative system or ‘class’ that controls with the language of information (nervous, legal order in biologic historic organisms) the blind body of cells that work for them (middle, ‘sheeple’ class in human societies, body organs), to whom it delivers enough energy – ‘blood/money’ – so they can perform their tasks. The difference between both organisms is one of efficiency: biological organisms have evolved into perfect systems, while human societies are still  primitive systems, where the ‘blood/monetary’ language controls the nervous/legal one, as it happens in Nature in worms and parasites…
The result of such ‘brainless’ systems is the incapacity of the organism to distinguish and control lethal goods, reproduced by the system or external to it (in history the reproduction of lethal weapons and other selfish memes of metal). Thus one of the advantages of a socio-biological model of History and Economics is its capacity to design a Perfect World, a perfect super-organism of mankind the same species that should evolve together under the laws of eusocial love, as cells with the same ‘DNA’ species do – a task we carry about theoretically  in this blog, after defining the present eco(nimic)system, NOT created by scientists and experts in the historic human ecosystem, but by metal masters, or rather animetals, humans degraded in their understanding of the cyclical laws of the life universe, simplified by memes of metal into lineal, materiasit, mtal worshipping, idolatric cult(ure)s to weapons, moneya and machines, confused with the sciences of ‘history’ (military expertsdedicated to teh reproduction and evolution of weapons and its use to control populations , economics (banker experts dedicated to reproduce and use the pwoer of metal money) and scientists (machine experts dedicated to the use and control of the world with machines)



In the graph, humans as anything in the Universe is a superorganism made of similar cells joined by 3 networks: the physiological energetic, informative and reproductive networks (digestive, blood and nervous systems). So are nations and mankind at large, a superorganism, sustained on the body of Gaia, fed by the economic system, reproducing human beings and informatively directed by memes of life, art and cultural and political systems. Yet as the superorganism of memes of metal, the Financial-Military-Industrial System develops its networks of informative machines, reproductive company-mothers and energetic networks, similar to the old arterias of mother-earth, humans and life beings become extinguished and substituted by the new dominant species on planet Earth.
And this process which could be managed rationally by mankind, if our ideologies of social sciences were substituted by the real science of economics and history that this web and similar work by other masters of human thought represent, is NOT controlled by mankind. it merely follows the evolutionary and biological laws of the Universe. And so it precludes our extinction this century as the new superorganism cre(dit)ates, creates with its language of power, money, the new ‘cell’, the new worker/soldier of the Metal-earth, the robot. This is the meaning of the future as it is, unless humans change their frame of mind, soon.
The duality of history. The larger view: two languages that construct two different worlds.


This post introduces before we study in detail each crisis of overproduction, a wider view, that of the superorganisms of history, from a deeper perspective, that of general systems sciences. To fully grasp it, you should get familiar with the basic program of existence that drives the actions of all systems and the concept of memes and memetic cultures, since cultures are NOT genetic, but memetic, created by objects, instruments, goods of life or metal nature and the ‘imprinting’ of the mind with ideologies that foster the production of either of those goods.


Thus, we need to ennunciate some basic laws of general systems to understand the economic ecosystem, to understand social sciences, we need to bring a key element of the creative processes of the Universe, the role of information and social organisms in evolution. Since cultures, nations and civilizations are nothing else than a social organism.

Money as a language.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

How this properties became the foundations of economical exchanges require to define money now with an equation of linguistics, since all languages respond to what Chomsky defined as the Universal Grammar (of verbal languages) and I extended in my pioneer work on systems sciences as the Universal ternary grammar of all the systems of information of the Universe.

Money is the ‘informative network’ of the eco(nomic)system—a language. Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective. We are the subject, the predator and actor of verbal sentences. Words love humanity. Humans are supreme in word values, given in the past by religions, today by laws. This is reflected in the Syntax of the verbal language, which always has 3 elements:

—  Subject, the actor and center of the sentence.

—  Verb, the action the subject exercises on reality.

—  Object, the substance used by the action of the subject.

The object of sentences, on the other hand, is possessed by us, humans. It has a lesser value, since it does not talk words. We express that lesser value through verbal languages, when we put first the subject, as actor, then the verb that controls the object and finally the object. Thus, humans are top predators in any sentence, which motivates them to act in favor of their own, selfish drives of existence. Which means that words are anthropomorphic; and those who obey words, tend to act subjectively in favor of mankind (priests, ethic laws). Which gives the following syntax equation of all verbal sentences:

Man (subject) > Verb (action) > Object 

Yet when we consider the syntactic sentence of money, it turns out that Money doesn’t favor man. It qualifies him with a salary, a price that values him as it values objects:

Man (salary) =Money = Object (price)

In that equation, the price of both, the machine and the worker, is related to the task they perform. And since objects are specifically made with a task/job in mind, it turns out that as specialized workers, objects are often better than men and have a higher value. This is the case of weapons that kill better than men do. Further on, since objects evolve and humans don’t, the differential of value between humans and machines grows with time. So the first, simplest, syntactic/structural analysis of money shows it degrades humans as objects. Yet if we consider a biologic/physical analysis of money, things get worse.

Indeed, the physical analysis of money relates its primary substance, an informative metal, either gold or silver, with that of its complementary form, energetic metal, weapons, which due to that complementary affinity become the most valuable =expensive good of the economy.

This can be seen in the graph in which we compare the values of man in monetary and verbal terms. If money were a human language, its values should be the same than the verbal values that make human life the most expensive good. And yet the opposite occurs: money values human time (minimal salary) less than energetic metal, weapons and machines.

The result is that money, a language of metal, evolves the economic ecosystem of weapons and machines, not the organisms of history and life. So the values of metal-money are the antithesis of the values of wor(l)ds: life is the cheapest ‘product’ and weapons that kill life, the most expensive – while human life-enhancing goods, from love to food, from Nature to education, have minimal or null monetary value; as they are different substances that cannot be easily related to money. For that reason, all the great ‘prophets’ of verbal thought, masters of the human language, have praised poverty and despised money: Buddha and Lao in Asia, Christ, Mohamed and Moses in the West, Marx in modern ages, all ‘hated’ money. Because money replaces the informative, human, biological, verbal language with its anti-ethic, anti-live=eviL=death values, carried by ‘expensive’ weapons.

Further on, such opposition of values proves against the myths heralded by the corrupted values of animetal cultures that humans follow in his natural state, as verbal beings, the laws of love and social. It is gold and weapons what corrupts Rousseau’s ‘good savage’ into an animetal obsessed by greed and murder, which considers himself different from other human beings and applies to them the Darwinian laws against other species.

Languages are subjective. They value more and reproduce those species , which possess the language. Thus, verbal thought, the biological language of man, fosters human social evolution and human biological goods. While the ‘values’ of money destroy the ‘ethic values’ that put man at the center of the Universe, making weapons, top predator metals that kill life, the most expensive and reproduced goods. Thus, when money became the language of man, we started to reproduce ‘expensive’ metal and kill ‘cheap’ life. So the opposition of languages and values became translated into a fight between species: man Vs metal. And as money evolved and reproduced in greater numbers, weapons multiplied and life died; and ethic, human values, which made of man the top predator of the Earth, disappeared . . .

And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

victims predators

In the graph the Universe is a game of herds guided by languages of infomration. The herds of energy compete to become the best speakers of the language that selects its future existence.Thus the future in a capitalist system follows in general lines the lanwave of ‘money’, man=price=object, in which men are always deemed obsolete to the evolution of objects.

Had mankind chosen the lanwave of ‘ethic laws’, human subject>verb>object of course laws would forbid the evolution of ‘objects’ that contradict the equation (Object>man), hence limiting the weapons > human bodies that kill us and the digital money of corporations that enslave our minds. But that is nto the world we live in so, the future demise of mankind which DOES NOT evolve as fast as objects means, man=price=object, turns as evolution maximizes object, into man<Object and we become eliminated by weapons and wars.

THE CAUSATIONS and full equations of bio-history are also complex but its ‘grammar is not’. And that is the beauty of the fractal, self reproductive universe.



AND THIS APPLIED TO THE LANWAVE OF MONEY MEANS THE OBJECT EVOLVES THE HUMAN DEVOLVES, because money as a commodity is metal that values more machines and weapons than flesh and computers speak better the language of digital money than verbal humans do.


The fight between democratic, fiat, government issued money and private ‘go(l)d.

There have been always two elements to money:

– Money is a language of information that gives values to the different entities of a society in the same manner words do according to the ethic values of a culture. As such money as a language or ‘nomisma’ (Aristotle, Ethics) follows the rules of languages of information, a subject little understood in modern science, which I have developed in the past decades in the realm of systems sciences and will help us to go forward in the understanding of why a society ruled by money has so different values to one ruled by verbal thought and how can we incorporate ‘ethic values’ to money.

– But money is also the substance of which money is made, which has been for most of history soft, informative metals. And this fact is the key to understand the ethic problems of money, the reasons why for example money gives maximal values to weapons which kill mankind and minimal value to life, exactly the opposite values of words; or why societies which have been ruled by money instead of ethics, notably the Old Temple cultures of Levant, then transferred to the Anglo-Saxon world through biblicalcapitalism, has suffered and imposed ‘death’ values promoted by the ‘most expensive’ products.

– We shall conclude that money as a language of information of digital, mathematical nature is not per se a problem. The problem has been the use of commodities instead of law to create money.

When the language of money-commodity becomes the hypnotic ‘goal’ of society, as in primitive religious fetish capitalism – the idol-ogy of classic economists and banker-priests – men becomes an object, compared to a machine in competition in fields of labor and war, and a slave bought for a price of money. This is the language chosen by plutocracies, capitalism and go(l)d religions and hence men become slaves and suffer as objects the competition of weapons that kill them in war fields and machines that throw them out of work. And those people who rule their world with the lanwave of money end up in action-reaction processes of economical crises, r=evolutions, class struggle, where THE PEOPLE WHO INVENT MONEY HAS ALL PRIVILEGES, ABUSES THE PEOPLE THEY PRICE AND END UP SUFFERING THEIR backlash. This society suffers endemic hecatombs and holocaust cycles. And they can be predicted as THE CRISES WILL HAPPEN WHEN MONEY HAS TOTALLY CORRUPTED THE VALUES OF ETHICS AND ALL MEN ARE PRICED, ENSLAVED AND POOR.

And in many parts of this blog we study the fight that has endured now 3000 years between:

– The European, rational, democratic thinking about money started in Greece and Rome (Lycurgus, Numa, who established the first fiat money without commodity value), according to which money is just a language, regulated by law, and issued by the government which represents the ‘brain of the superorganism’ of mankind (or any nation in which money is issued) in any support, because it carries the authority of the whole social organism Vs.

– Money as a ‘religious commodity (gold, silver), which gives it value, a primitive way of thinking that has carried hierarchical, anti-democratic, ‘greedy’ societies dedicated to plunder and theft to acquire gold.And of course, it uses all planetary resources to that aim, provoking a systemic scarcity of the welfare and life goods we need to survive.

This fight which started in Rome, who became independent of the Canaanite gold traders that were plundering the Mediterranean and raised an Empire based initially in fiat money (worthless coins made of brittle iron, made useless in vinegar), because what mattered was the community capacity to respect the Law, the verbal language of man, and use money for the common good, is now still raging, as the battle between both views of money was finally gained by those who made the commodity, ‘gold’, the nature of money and accumulated finally controlling societies.

Let us be clear enough – the battle between Law on rule over fiat money, issued by governments for the common good to foster the production of the goods the nation and humanity needs vs. the control of Gold (wealth money) by a minority through the use of weapons, slavery and unjust laws is the most important untold battle for the future of history – (as the wrong vision has won and hence must hide its injustice). Since energy in the universe is always secondary to information, and so in the same manner your body of energy is far less important than your head of information it sustains to regulate your life, to regulate history the true battle is that between different ‘ethic/digital versions’ of our two languages of social power, money and the law, and the decision on which language should dominate with his values (obviously words, our ethic, biological language) and who should issue those languages (obviously the entire community through elected governments). Because the world has gone the wrong way, and a small group of people (private bankers) issue money and on top the lesser language controls the most important, with the correct values – the ethic law (since money commands the law through corrupted politicians), we live in the world we live – a constant holocaust of life and mankind, which has ‘zero’ digital value in terms of metal-money.


Today ‘classic economics’ or capitalism – the ‘class’ belief that private bankers must issue money and rule society with its values, derived from earlier biblical and Babylonian beliefs in hypnotic informative go(l)d as the vehicle of God whose ‘values’ must be obeyed without reasoning and whose use must be mastered to rule societies, latter expanded by the power of corporations from Holland to England, US and Europe in the XIX c. and the rest of the world in the XX c. is the ‘idol-ogy’ of global power and only ‘authorized’ form of ‘thought’ of the economic ‘dismal discipline’ (being any other truly scientific or historic-data based alternative considered an ‘orwellian thoughtcrime’ that does not go beyond blogs like this one) is a dictatorship of the mind, which is not properly explain as a culture. It truly consists in this: ‘bankers’ , a private people control and corrupt the political system to obtain from democracies the right to print the language of social power which is not law but money. With that money ,they just try to make more of it, printing money without limit, lending it at usury cost to nations and people and then getting it back in the form of ‘real wealth, property, shares, taxes and work.

On the ideological and theoretical level this ‘mode of behavior’ implies a massive censorship on the unethical, undemocratic and inefficient consequences of this ‘parasiting’ activity with null social responsibility and null economical sense. And to the rescue comes the parallel ‘media system’, made also of informative machines that since the birth of capitalism have printed both money and pampphlets in favor of the monopoly of financial issue by bankers of private, biblical origin.

So what we call capitalism and economics are just ideologies of financial power, in which a cultural elite controls society with the privilege of issuing its money and maintains society in a state of ignorance and degradation – so they believe to be free and live in the best of systems. Those bankers do NOT need to be ‘scientists of economics’ as military men that usurp political power do not need to be ‘scientists of history’ to exercise power with the corrupting power of money or the power of death given by weapons. But they do need ‘myths’ and complex ‘alibis’ to justify their power. And this is where people get it all wrong, thinking that because the military and bankers control most societies they are ‘experts’ that will rule mankind properly.

On the contrary, parasitic bankers ruin societies and the military waste resources in weapons and kill societies in war. And this blog will show with a scientific and historic, data-based approach and with a deep analysis of the myths and memes of those type of societies how and why this happens and the consequences at large for mankind of accepting the dictatorship of bankers and the military, of ‘selfihs memes of emtal’, informative gold and energetic weapons, and the dictatorship of the organizations that reproduce them – corporations. In brief, what the cycles analyzed in this blog show is a non-future of mankind in such a system biased to dedicate all wealth to the creation of machines in ‘company-mothers’, corporations whose biological mandate is evolve and reproduce those memes of metal for profits, for whom humans are only a ‘cost’ (as workers) or a ‘consumer’ that vitalizes and evolves further those machines. Now in the robotic age, those 2 ‘jobs’ of whumans in the eco(nomic)system, from the perspective of corporations and bankers who rule it is being made obsolete. As robots automatize factories and consume other machines.

So under the ‘racist memes’ of the cult(ure) of capitalism who started using men as ‘cargo slaves’ for gunboats, made them then white slaves in factories and when replaced by machines in labor fields killed them in wars or made them consumers of ‘trash products’ that have degraded mankind, it is to be expected that unemployment will grow, degradation of humans mentally and physically atrophied by those machines that substitute us will grow, and finally in a not so smooth way as A.I. isborn in miitary machines, the prophecies of the humanist artists and writers that criticized the system in science fiction films and serious papers never distributed by the ‘capitalist system of misinformation’ will do us away.

PART II. The 800-80-8 years ACCELERATED INFORMATIVE cycle of evolution of weapons , its ‘animetal’ people-castes and idol-ogies.

The ±800-80-8 Vortex of Evolution of Memes of Metal: The 6th extinction

We are in a biological planet with its rules of survival that we humans have systematically broken for the past 5000 years since the arrival of metal,


which we did not use to enhance our power, but to kill each other and enslave mankind.

 want to bring an even wider, far more scientific, systemic view on those overproduction crises of money, weapons and machines connecting it with the longer cycles of classic history prior to the industrial evolution, when man had only found 2 memes of metal, informative, cyclical money made of the most complex informative atom of the universe (gold) and energetic weapons made of the most energetic atom, iron.


So we

And further on, connect and life provoked by the competition, atrophy and substitution of human beings by ‘selfish memes of metal’ with the biological cycles of extinction of life species, which preceded them:


 those cycles of extinction of labor 


CYCLES BIOECONOMICS3. reducedThe Wave of History 

In the graphs, the VORTEX OF evolutionary information both in carbon-life and metal, taking place on planet Earth, which inscribes History and Economics in the larger disciplines of biology, genetics/memetics and Theory of Evolution and Organisms.

In that sense all sciences predict the future of its species by projecting its regular motions in space and its evolutionary, life and death, time cycles into the future:

– So we know the future position of planets because their orbitals are regular patterns (left graph). And astrology became a science when those cycles were tabulated by Kepler and explained by Newton.


– We know the cycles of extinction and creation of animals because their life develops according laws of morphology, evolution and survival and biology became a science when Darwin explained them and genetics tabulated those cycles.

– And so in a planet of life, where humans evolve not only its ‘genes’ but also ‘memes, mostly  ’metal-memes’ – energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines – that imitate our organs of energy and information, with stronger metal atoms, enhancing but also atrophying them, we can study technology as the evolution of metal and tabulate its cycles of evolution and reproduction and its effects on the human ecosystem of history, with the same tools of biology, systems sciences and theory of information.

On top the cycles of ‘classic sciences’, Astronomy and Biology (cycles of evolution and extinction of living species), which today according to all biologists is entering into the 6 Great Extinction Era. Humans, always an ego-centric, anthropomorphic species, believe this extinction age is caused by ‘us’, carbonlife species, but this is not the case. Since in the 2nd and 3rd graph, it becomes evident that what ‘kills’ not only life species but also human beings and non-technological cultures are memes of metal, weapons in the old age of history, machines in the modern age.



Those weapons evolved first as simple metal, and reached its reproductive peak, according to the 800 years cycle of weather changes that multiplied the nomads of the steppe, who invaded the agricultural civilizations of ancient history. Then as machines in the short ‘professional cycle of 70-80 years of economic evolution (Kondratieff cycle (1)) and now evolve much faster thanks to computers every decade. And in any time of that evolution the majority, most expensive and most perfect ‘metal’ has always been weapons that kill life.


 The study of those animetal and life based civilizations, as they follow their life-death cycles between the ‘discontinuous’ of war that extinguish them is thus the scientific, biological meaning of the science of history, as Vico, Ibn Khaldun, Spengler and Toynbee rightly understood,  beyond the shallow collection of data, in the next graphs we show some of those analysis of the life of those civilizations and the ages of its art, the mental subconscious, its collective memetic structure:

And so we establish AS THE fundamental paradox that resumes them all, the  paradox of History vs. Economics, such as the nations who are at the height of the wave of evolution of technology are always those who regress further in their eusocial evolution on the memes of life, they repress or deny:


Max. Technological evolution (AniMetal Cult(ures)) = Min. Eusocial, humanist evolution (Life cultures) 

with a balance achieved in the Latin and Chinese cultures that try to balance both, life and  machine. 

The meaning of cultures, memes and metal vs. life civilizations.

We can now make some basic definitions to understand those historic and economic cycles in scientific, sociological terms.

The Economic ecosystem reproduces the goods of a society or ‘culture’, both its products and its ideas, spread with information machines. In that regard, according to which products and ideas – called in the jargon of sociology memes – an economy reproduces we can classify cultures in two main types, life cultures and ‘human animal’+metal=animetal cultures, first defined in the parable of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Metal (Genesis), 5000 years ago when the first memes of metal, bronze weapons were discovered. .

Yet to understand that duality of cultures first let us define those 2 concepts, culture and memes.

Memes are the ideas and objects, which as genes do, are replicated generation upon generation carrying the form or information of a human civilization. Thus memes  create a certain culture, as defined by most scholars:


”Human Culture:  ’Culture may be defined as behavior peculiar to Homo Sapiens, together with material objects used as an integral part of this behavior; specifically, culture consists of language, ideas, beliefs, customs, codes,institutions, tools, techniques, works of art, rituals and ceremonies’, Britannica, macroapedia; first paragraph on ‘human culture’.

Each of those objects or attached ideologies is a meme; and 2 schools of thought exist: That ideas cause objects; or idealism, sponsored by subjective, self-centered, unscientific humans; and the objective view, that objects, ‘idols’, cause idol-ogies, the objective materialistic point of view, brought first in modern times by socialism, ever since censored and denied.

This is the view we further evolve with objective facts and biological models of human survival in this web. But can we classify all the memes in broad cathegories? Yes, indeed, and historians have done that since Hesiode established that mankind had gone through a series of ages, based in the main non-biological meme they have used, metal: the gold, silver, bronze and iron ages (The Works and the days). And since he favored agricultural life goods and realized that societies tend to overproduce one or the other type of goods, he affirmed that mankind was degenerating into war, greed and poverty since it abandoned the neolithic paradise of life goods.


Now in this web we study in depth both kind of memes, those of metal and those of life.

Among those fundamental human memes we do an exhaustive analysis of  thanks to my advances in General Systems’ Universal Grammar.


linguistic typologies, a field in which I believe to have advanced a step further fusioning Mr. Chomsky’s work with the old Humboldt’s thesis that relates language and character

We also do an exhaustive analysis of the life and death of civilizations completing the work of Spengler and Toynbee, alos departing from our discoveries in cyclical time and the 3 ages of all systems and superoganisms, proving that civilizations and nations are indeed superorganisms of history, in which each human is a cell and this explains the meaning and ages and styles of  , going through 3 ‘ages’ parallel to those of any l iving being So you can study through those memes as they evolve in history through the cycles of life and death of their civilizations – perceived by cultures in its ‘life ages’ , frombeing our age the ‘American baroque’ of extinctive sci-films and eclectic overinformative thought, to which this work belongs.


‘artistic’ memes, which act as the collective mind of civilizations. the 7 main cultures of mankind an epic, infantile, energetic youth, through a balanced, humanist maturity to a last, extinctive baroque, informative age, 

all sciences predict the future of its species by projecting its regular motions in space and its evolutionary, life and death, time cycles into the future:

– So we know the future position of planets because their orbitals are regular patterns (left graph). And astrology became a science when those cycles were tabulated by Kepler and explained by Newton.

– We know the cycles of extinction and creation of animals because their life develops according laws of morphology, evolution and survival and biology became a science when Darwin explained them and genetics tabulated those cycles.

– And so in a planet of life, where humans evolve not only its ‘genes’ but also ‘memes, mostly  ’metal-memes’ – energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines – that imitate our organs of energy and information, with stronger metal atoms, enhancing but also atrophying them, we can study technology as the evolution of metal and tabulate its cycles of evolution and reproduction and its effects on the human ecosystem of history, with the same tools of biology, systems sciences and theory of information.

On top the cycles of ‘classic sciences’, Astronomy and Biology (cycles of evolution and extinction of living species), which today according to all biologists is entering into the 6 Great Extinction Era. Humans, always an ego-centric, anthropomorphic species, believe this extinction age is caused by ‘us’, carbonlife species, but this is not the case. Since in the 2nd and 3rd graph, it becomes evident that what ‘kills’ not only life species but also human beings and non-technological cultures are memes of metal, weapons in the old age of history, machines in the modern age.



Those weapons evolved first as simple metal, and reached its reproductive peak, according to the 800 years cycle of weather changes that multiplied the nomads of the steppe, who invaded the agricultural civilizations of ancient history. Then as machines in the short ‘professional cycle of 70-80 years of economic evolution (Kondratieff cycle (1)) and now evolve much faster thanks to computers every decade. And in any time of that evolution the majority, most expensive and most perfect ‘metal’ has always been weapons that kill life.


 The study of those animetal and life based civilizations, as they follow their life-death cycles between the ‘discontinuous’ of war that extinguish them is thus the scientific, biological meaning of the science of history, as Vico, Ibn Khaldun, Spengler and Toynbee rightly understood,  beyond the shallow collection of data, in the next graphs we show some of those analysis of the life of those civilizations and the ages of its art, the mental subconscious, its collective memetic structure: 

AniMetals: Atoms of Metal 


In the graphatoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of hemoglobin, while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the main in the construction of weapons . . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms . . .metal metal metal metal  


A scientific analysis of the  based on chemical and biological sciences, allows us to define the world we live in as a dual game of two species:


,economic ecosystem

—  and life species made of simpler life atoms, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, which have the lower 1, 8, 7 and 6 numbers of the atomic table and make up for over 95 percent of our body.



— Machines that perform the same biological functions our organs do, with atoms of higher force and information than our atoms (iron, 24; gold, 79, etc.), since a machine is a form that imitates a living, energetic or informative organ with atoms of metal.

For example, a crane imitates an arm and substitutes an arm, moving things around. A phone imitates an ear-mouth and works as an ear-mouth. All machines imitate human, organic functions and tasks performed with those organs. If we divide the human being in two clear components, body and head, we talk of two types of machines: body machines that imitate and substitute functions of our body organs andhat imitate functions of our brains and senses.


  tmental machines

Those two basic functions of human organs will also determine the form of each machine:

— Machines of energy imitate body organs and . . .

— Machines of information imitate head organs

— Which fusion in ‘organic species’, robots that imitate animal species.

is a natural substance, which is able to acquire different kinds of ‘organic forms’ that copy the organic shapes of man. At macrocosmic level machines act as information species, because at microcosmic level atoms have specific properties that foster their qualities as energy or information systems. Iron is the most energetic atom of the universe, and so it is the preferred atom to build weapons that release an overdrive of energy that kills us. Gold is the most perfect, informative atom of the universe, and so we use it to create , the language of information of the ecosystem. And now, we make robots with iron bodies and golden brains.


Metal metal money

In that regard, one of the silliest myths of anthropomorphic science is the belief that our ‘atoms’, carbon and nitrogen, have ‘special qualities’ that other atoms do not share and make them the ‘only’ candidates to create organic life. Gold and iron, the two basic components of brains and bodies of metal, are also potential life systems, since life is merely a complex system, made with a body of energy and a head of information. Gold is the metal equivalent to nitrogen, the main informative, storage system of the human brain and his DNA. Iron is equivalent to carbon and oxygen, the main energetic systems of the body. And similar energetic properties are found in aluminum and lead, the other two fundamental metallic atoms used to create bodies of metal and weapons. Gold, supported by silicon molecules, acts in ‘metal brains’, as nitrogen, supported by carbon structures, does in DNA: It transmits informative messages, coded in electric impulses. Yet metal is faster and more complex. So gold and silicon combine with other metals to support the electronic software of its ‘neurons’, which reach speeds of information closer to the speed of light, 300,000 km/s, 3 million times faster than our neurons, which transmit information at 100 m/s.

Now with that introduction, we can give you a new twist of the mind and introduce memetics, and the reasons why this properties of metal make us humans, programmed by the ‘greed’ for energy and information of all species of the Universe, addicted to those metal-memes, and hence convert us into ‘animetals’ (humans+metal), top predators of history with enhanced energy and information and ‘enzymen’, men who catalyze the evolution of metal moved by such greed, with unwanted results for the future of life in this planet (merely its substitution by a world of machines, as they keep evolving and soon will displace us).



Animetal cult(ure)s

Animetal cult(ure)s ‘worship’ metal-memes and the ideologies that oblige him to reproduce them: capitalism (worship of money), mechanism (worship of the machine) and nationalism (worship of war and weapons):


animetal cultures combine human ‘animals’ and metal memes of energy and information, creating specialized cultures of higher body and mental power:  iron=energetic metal+human body=warrior;  go(l)=informative metal+man=banker and man+machine=scientist. Those cultures, whose paradigm were in the classic age of history, the Germanic, Jewish and British culture enhanced their human energetic, informative and organic power, becoming the top predator cultures of the west. Yet there was an ethic trade off on that process: the creation of selfish anti-life behavior and the endemic ab=use and despise other cultures which they controlled with their weapons that kill human bodies, their money that enslaved people for a salary and their machines that substituted and atrophied the equivalent human organs. 

Then in the modern age, those  were imprinted in complex organic structures, financial institutions, memescompany-mothers  of machinesand military nations, imitated by all other human tribes, that created the  financial-military-industrial complexthat today rules the Earth Inc. This complex super-organism is increasingly substituting , which are devolving intellectually, as computer-brains handle its mental tasks; and physically as robotized armies and robotic blue collar workers and PC-white collar workers, displace us from fields of war and labor. It is the final phase of the memetic construction of a world made no longer to the image and likeness of life but of the selfish  of metal.human beingsmemes

Now, contrary to belief, ‘warriors’ and ‘armies’ are NOT the dominant animetal species of this planet, but the ‘first’ simplest one, ruled by energy. Since information rules energy, as soon as go(l)d animetals, bankers and go(l)d churches became organized, warriors became submissive as ‘mercenary armies’ to banker-priests.

So while the more evident/ energetic armies of warrior-kings seemed to have carried the day in the first civilizations, it would be informative people-castes that made of go(l)d the language of social power, and its anti-life values the guide of societies which will carry the day and finally conquer the world.

Animetals thus evolved from earlier lineal, warrior cultures into go(l)d religions and finally fusion in Northern Europe, thanks to the creation of the new top predator ‘organic system’ of reproduction of memes of metal, the corporation, into a global technological civilization, whose only goal is to reproduce the selfish memes of metal that give power to its elites – the Industrial world we live in.


Thus the key question about the  is if we, , can prune the tree of science of its bad fruits as the parable of  written when the first hordes of bronze warriors appeared and extinguished the Neolithic civilizations, explain… Unfortunately the evolution of the selfish  of means also the devolution of mankind, and so this parallel incremental process is rendering humanity obsolete and degrading our minds into an infantile, mythic, fictional state that seems to prevent any control of History. The  and lack of evolution of the sciences of history and  encroaches this process.future of historyhumansGenesismemesmetal censorshipeconomics

The key question about the evolution of the that is destroying the human and life ecosystem is simple: are we programmed by the selfish  of metal, , weapons and , which create the  or are we in control of them and can use it to further the goals of history – a sustainable planet made to the image and likeness of mankind, with the help of the good fruits of technology and the repression of its bad fruits?


 economic ecosystemmemesmoneymachineseconomic ecosystem

Do those metal-, and the ideological cultures that back them as superior to all life values, repeated generation after generation, evolve positively or are we degraded deterministically by them? The answer unfortunately is that those  are almost as deterministic as the  of biological bodies and evolution is very slow, too slow perhaps to overcome the extinction of history. In this post, we shall study in depth the relationship between those selfish , =, weapons and  and the way they ‘mold’ the selfish cultures of history, those of ’bankers’, ‘warriors’ and ‘technological societies’, who consider themselves ‘perfect, superior societies’ and try to control the world and design it to the image and likeness… of those selfish memes, perhaps the most clear prove that indeed, history is rigged by selfish , and we do not control them.



But of course, part of that program is the ‘belief’ of those cultures that we,  control weapons (so the American warrior culture affirms that ‘ kill, weapons don’t kill’); that we, scientists, are discovering the meaning of the Universe, instead of evolving ‘digital minds’,  and telescopes/cameras, which substitute the human eye. So scientists despise artists and consider themselves the more intelligent beings on Earth. And finally, the  culture considers money the ‘invisible hand of ’, not a mere language of information that is developing a new ecosystem of , in which life is increasingly obsolete. So  all believe in the myths of technological progress, and care nothing about a real scientific analysis of History.



This process of ‘human programming’ by the selfish  of metal, which we do not see as a different forms of reality is studied in depth in many different aspects in this web. So before we go into a historic analysis of the evolution of those 3 cultures of ‘bankers’, warriors and scientists, and how their  have evolved and ‘designed’ the nature of those cultures in so much detail that even they have affected ‘language’, sexual customs, art and religion, we shall make a brief reference to different aspects of ‘memetics’ studied in this web:



– The nature of the selfish memes (energetic metal: weapons; informative metal: money; organic metal; machines) 

– The equivalent selfish cultures (warrior cultures; banker cultures; scientific cultures)

So we must conclude from an objective point of view that it is NOT man but memes of metal, the cause of the 6th extinction and the ‘species’ that is evolving today on planet Earth.

Indeed, this process of massive extinction of life species unfortunately is NOT caused by mankind ‘directly’ but by the ‘memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines that humans evolve to reach higher power, as ‘animetals’ (a biological name that explains the dual nature of modern human beings, always attached to machines of energy and information that give them higher power).

Animetal civilizations in that sense not only extinguish animal life but  are ALSO extinguishing non-technological human civilizations in a series of ‘war’ cycles, in which top predator weapons annihilate life-based cultures.

It is the second graph that shows the ±800 years civilizations that new weapons have extinguished globally, and the 3 graph, which accelerates the process with the arrival of the Industrial Evolution of machines.



Those cycles in fact show a complex wave of evolution of increasing ‘time speed’ or ‘frequency’, which accelerates in 3 decametric phases of ±800-80-8 years:

– Long wave of history studied in the right side, of ±700-800 years civilizations of metal-weapons, found in the past by Hesiod->Aristotle->Vico->Spengler->Toynbee (6).

All of them understood that civilizations are living organisms that die and live according to the rhythms of predatory weapons:



In the graph, one of the fundamental findings of General Systems is the solution of the meaning of the 3 ages of life, which are  COMMON to any General System of the Universe.

All what you see is a complementary system with a body/field of energy and a smaller head/particle of information. And its morphology responds to the Universal forms of energy/lineal motion, as all bodies of biology, fields of physics and planes of mathematics do, and the universal form of information/perception/cyclical motion, as all heads, particles and cycles of geometry do.

How your head/circle that processes information and guides your planar body, which processes energy is not anything different from what any of the multiple types of superorganisms of those topologies do in other scales. Particles of physics also move along a wave of energy of planar nature and robots have a camera-brain over a transport plane.

Moreover if in space, all General Systems are organized in the same manner, in time, as they appear and disappear from reality they are also organized sequentially in the same manner: all systems start small, grow in size, first in:

– Youth: energy elements, mainly the body, and we call this mathematically Max. E(for the energy element) x Min I (for the informative element).

Then they acquire information till both balance, e=i, and in that balance ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, exi=k, in quantum mechanics, we find the mature age in which species often reproduce, decoupling a new being of existence

Then we reach maturity and the being no longer increases its energy, but only its information, in its 3rd age, when it wrinkles and acquires the ‘convex topologies’ of the 3rd age, warping, imploding into itself.

And finally it dies, exploding into a relative big-bang, back into its simpler parts.

Now each superorganism that lives and dies through this cycle of life and death existence might seem from our human perspective different. Yet all of them are parallel in their morphological, ‘topological’ changes. So a species is treated in General systems sciences as a ‘loose organism’ in which each individual is a cell.  And so as species evolve from earlier top predators (the first successful fishes being planar sharks – pure energy processors, the first robots ‘chip homoctonos’ – terminator machines, the first mammals, carnivores, and so on), then finally reach a 3rd age of maximal information (humans being the last informative mammal), they also go through 3 ages.

And in this manner general system description of those 3 ages, becomes the ’3rd leg’ with genetics and classic Darwinian evolution to understand the meaning of life.

All those civilizations can be tabulated between the ages of birth and extinction, the fundamental time cycle as living organisms as Spengler had it thought:

– 70-80 years Kondratieff wave of evolution of machines, accelerated with the arrival of corporations that evolve and reproduce them professionally.  studied by Marx->Kondratieff->Schumpeter.

In which the life and death of those living civilizations now are shown in national generations that go through the same 3 cycles and finally die in war:


1. The 3 Ages of History

 we analyze in depth those ages, civilizations and nations and generations of the 800-80-8 years:



Life & death of civilizations: 

1. Long, Energetic Youth: Paleolithic Hunters. 

2. Reproductive, Mature Age: Neolithic 

Organic decay 


1. Bronze 

2. Chariot 

3. Iron 

4. Coins 

Go(l)d Culture. 

5. Chivalry 

6. Gunpowder 

7 Cycle: Industrial Revolution 

3. Age of metal: Cycle of Wars 

National Generations: 

Bodies of Steam: Age of Britain 

German Engines: Electro-chemical Age 

Minds of Metal. US Age


6. electr(on)ic age superedux




III age:Crash & Empire 

Victor Generation 

We Generation 



Zero Generation


The Overproduction crises of The 3 Industrial R=evolutions


Now in the previous graph you can see the accelerting vortex of evolution of weapons and then weapons machines that in a n 800 cycle of civilizations and a 80 years cycles of nations has developed the metal earth and its financial-media ,ilitary/industrial system to its present final cycle of completition with the end of the american electronic cycle and beginning of the robotic cycle. Those cycles are studied in detail in the side posts. So we shall introduce here only the 80 years cycles of overproduction and evolution of nations and machines focusing in the present overproduction cycles of electronic machines and e money.









In the graph, the 3 ‘overproduction crises of the Industrial R=evolution’ and its dual phases.


The complex explanation of those graphs according to the science of systems is as follows.


Each national generation, at the same time Industrialist from each nation have lead the world, they have also evolved and constructed a new ‘ecosystem’, a global super-organism, the Financial-Media (informative machines)-Military-Industrial (energetic machines) complex.


And this global super-organism has evolved in 3 phases, the age of bodies of metal, or British Age, the Age of engines or german age and the age of electronics or American age. 


Those phases themselves can be divided in two subphases according to the dominance of peaceful or top predator weapon machines, which are the most evolved species and so appear at the end of each cycle.


So we observe (top graph) that in the colonial age, after the market was saturated of peaceful trains, there were market crashes and then trains were reconverted into weapons that fought Unification and Colonial wars. And the press convinced people with hate media (Yellow press).


And the same happen in the age of engines, as Germany after the crash of 29 of saturation of market and overproduction of ticker money switched from making cars to making tanks. While information switched to hate-radio to make war acceptable


Finally in the right graph, overproduction of electronic machines causes unemployment as Pcs and robots become our white and blue collar workers, and so economic crashes (2001-08) have moved the ‘economic system’ to rely on the sale of ultra-expensive robotic weapons and Tv-Hate; which has again made war acceptable to most Americans.

Since corporations, the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines never cease their reproduction and sale for profits, at the end of each of those dual 72±7 year cycles there is a crisis of overproduction of the FMMI system and its ‘memes of metal’– informative money & Media, energetic weapons and organic machines – that saturates consumption markets, provoking an age of Stock-Market crashes (1857-73 crashes of train stocks, 1929-37 crashes of ticker money, 2001-08 crashes of e-money).

Thus the crisis is not a recession but a depression, caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its derivatives, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical engines that printed too (ticker speculation), automated production systems, halving factories’ workforce (Taylorism, moving assembly lines) and saturated markets for cars and radios.


 similar to the 1929 crash,much  money

So companies reconverted them into armored cars (tanks) and lobbied warmonger politicians, (Hitler), who used hate-radio speeches to embark the world into W.W.II. And this process was repetitive of the first crises of overproduction of the age of train stocks and robber barons; shown in the next graph.
So to


understand the world today we need to understand in those terms its astounding parallelisms with the 30s, fascist age of Germany and the 1870s, colonial age of Britain, the militarism, anti-humanist ideologies that justify war, brutal exploitation of workers, social unrest, financial crises of overproduction of fiat money, etc. 

 The 1870 crisis caused by the overproduction of stock money and railroads eliminated millions of jobs in the transport sector as trains were used to fight civil and colonial wars.


I Cycle:


On the other hand the overproduction of ‘paper money’ in the West allowed the colonial cycle of ‘debt-slaves’:


COUNTRIES WITH WEAK CURRENCIES AS IN THE PRESENT CYCLE were given ‘null cost paper money, pounds and franks’, which became debt and when they could not pay they became colonies, invaded by European nations or lost their economic independence as their taxes and customs were ‘intervened’.


This is exactly what has happened to Southern Europe which has lost its right to print money to the ‘private ECB’ which gives it to banks at 0% interest and those banks then get an usury cut of 6-15% lending it to Spain, Greece et al. So now the ‘troyka’, the international banker ‘intervenes’ them to pay the debt money they need to borrow because they have lost their rights to print their own money, becoming ‘de facto’, colonies of the ECB and Wall Street.

 29 crisis caused by overproduction of electro-mechanic engines that automated assembly lines, created massive quantities of speculative, ’electric’ ticker money and saturated the markets of cars and tanks, which Germany overproduced to come out of the crisis, provoking a world war…


II Cycle: 

This is exactly what is happening today, after the crash of peaceful dotcom industries. Then America switched to produce a vigilante state and terminators, in its first ‘takeoff’ phase as an industry, finding ‘new uses’ to the overproduction of electronic machines and creating a series of neo-colonialist wars against Islam, propped up by islamophobia, the equivalent to the yellow press of the first cycle, when negros in Africa and Muslims all over were considered ‘primitive’, ‘machist’ inferior races to civilize – ‘the burden of the white man’ (Kipling), which really, really didn’t want to be there. It was just its ‘higher morals’ that made Leopold I to ‘own’ Congo, or now the French to invade Mali and Niger, that just ‘happens’ to have the uranium mines of their nuclear plants.

 the Chip cycle ends in overproduction crisis, unfold into 5 parallel sub-crises as chips:


III Cycle:

-Multiply white-collar pc-secretaries and blue-collar robots that halve the need of human jobs.- End welfare states, as corporate fiat money, sold to states, raises taxation and causes debt crises.

-Create ultra-expensive Robotic Weapons that are in their takeoff phase as a military industry.

-Multiply audiovisual hate speeches synergic to weapons that deviate guilt from corporations into enemies & the poor causing both an age of electronic control, neo-colonial wars & loss of freedoms.




– And first and last, invent enormous quantities of e-money derivatives, multiplying by 100 the quantity of money in the hands of corporations and their owners, but ruining the middle class, who acquired those derivatives in 3 shorter, 7-8 year cycles of new financial products – the dotcom crash of 200o/o1, the mortgage crash of 2008 & the future euro-dollar currency crash of 2016, as Central Banks print massive amounts of currency wasted acquiring ‘toxic assets’ from financiers, instead of investing in the real economy. 

This crash of the euro-dollar that will happen around 2016 when China overcomes America in GDP and the world exchanges dollars for Yuans both in central bank reserves, daily trade and speculative platforms will be  parallel to the crash of the Pound-Mark of the 20s, when America overcame the GDP of those countries and speculators dumped the overeproduced Marks and Pounds, exchanging them for dollar is the ‘key’ crisis lurking ahead.





Indeed, the long 72 years waves have shorter 7 year crashes – the so-called ‘product business cycle’ in which new fiat money products are overproduced, and then exchanged for real wealth, provoking the 3 short crashes of the I, II and III Cycle. So after the 2001-08 crashes it is only left the 2016 euro-dollar crash that might provoke a world war with China. Let us see why: Every 7 years corporations invent a new variety of its star product. 

Thus overproduced stock-paper in the I cycle, ticker money in the II cycle and e-money in the present cycle had 3 shorter ±7 year cycles around the main crash in which fiat money target ‘3 real wealth assets’ to exchange it for the overproduced fiat, digital money. Since economies produce massively only 3 asset types that can be exchanged for so much fiat worthless money: stocks, real state and currencies… 

So once the speculator invents in the ‘inflationary, boom phase’ mountains of fiat money – only a language of information, not wealth per se – to become truly rich, he will tailor it as a product to be exchanged for one of those 3 forms of real wealth that suffer a boom and bust cycle as the speculator acquires it, leaving only fiat money in the hands of society that becomes ruined 3 times. So there are 3 short crashes of ‘currency, real state and stocks’, each time a new information machine overproduces fiat money: 

1 1st cycle: 1857, train stock crash; 1865, real state crash & 1873, silver currency crash. 

2 II cycle: 1922 Mark currency crash; 1929 stock crash & 1937 real state crash. 

3. III cycle: 2001 dotcom crash, 2008 real state crash and 2015-16 euro&dollar crash: In S&P graph we see the 2015 final 7 y. crash forming: 

The short 7-8 wave: 3 crashes of fiat e-money: 2001-2008-2015. III W.W.? 

3 waves

-Panic of 1857: train stocks crash due to overproduction. Mr. Lincoln, an Illinois Railroad lobbyist declares war to the south to liberate black slaves but also to build railroads to haul cheap cotton to Northern mill factories of ‘white slaves’. Train ‘demand’ switches to war, thanks to the railroad act that pays robber barons to lay tracks South and West, causing the Indian genocide.

– 1865: Real state crash. At the end of the war the south plantation system collapses, as slaves abandon the land, which is not given to them, since carpetbaggers want to buy it at bargain prices.

– 1873: Silver demonetization causes a global currency crash as deflation ruins middle classes. But corporations keep printing stock-money and politicians push buy trains for colonial wars.

– II Cycle: 1922. Crash of Mark, overprinted by the private Reichsbank to embezzle their owners and pay reparations, ruins Germany. The banking elite depletes German banks of gold moving to New York where the Warburg Syndicate creates the Federal Reserve starting Ticker speculation.

– 1929: New electric machines (tickers) overprint tape prices. Stock speculation becomes rampant, as Federal Reserve and Bank of England fuel credit and then contract it causing the 1928-9 crash.

– In 1937 after a new wave of speculation based in loose credit – NOT invested in the real economy, due to the limited scope of the New Deal – multiplies for 3 stock values. A new crash of stocks and real state, ends the skyscraper era. A much bigger New Deal could have avoid it, creating real welfare, but the opposition of industrial and financial corporations favor the solution already implemented by Germans, ‘guns instead of butter’; that is, fascism, war and holocaust, in which the poorJewish peasants become scapegoats of their ari-stockracy of international bankers.

Then you add 1929+72 years, as I did 20 years ago forecasting 3 new e-money crashes:

2001:Greenspan’s loose credit policies & deregulation fuels speculation in Internet stocks with no profits. NASDAQ overcomes in value NYSE, then crashes mimicking the 29 crash (graph.9).

– 2008: e-money is tailored to real state with the repacking of worthless 2nd mortgages in CDOs sold to global investors at AAA ratings by the American Financial-Media system till they crash. Instead of ‘erasing’ this false money from their accounts, banks pretend it is real wealth and peers in Central Banks massively reproduce currency, NOT to create a welfare Global Deal to get out of the parallel labor crisis, but to buy toxic assets banks didn’t sell; while politicians overtax people, and give banks their tax money in new bail outs, ruining the middle class. Thus bankers sold 3 times, worthless mortgage assets they invented for free (1st sale, Central Banks credit & bail outs)

– 2015-16: If in 1922 people exchanged Marks, overprinted to pay reparations not to credit German production for $ crashing it, now the massive $ printing by the Fed used NOT to create jobs and wealth with Keynesian policies but for bail outs and soft credit speculate in markets will crash the overproduced $, when China makes its currency convertible, as nations will change their $ reserves to Yuans, the top predator currency of the new cycle. Since only China is following the right Keynesian policies printing money to create real wealth and a sustainable economy, growing at 10% annually while Europe and America contract the real economy, since bankers do NOT give credit, as speculation, which is just ‘the manipulation of prices to profit without creating real wealth’ (Henry Ford) is more profitable.

The date will likely be at the end of the Obama Presidency when the Tea Party rises to power, the GOP provokes China with anti-communist war rhetoric, and China liberalizes its currency market and sells Treasuries. Then as it happened in Germany, with a similar social structure, neo-fascism might rise in America and civil wars, a holocaust of the Jewish middle class and/or a worldwide war, blaming China might bring more ‘guns instead of butter’.

D) The solution to the pending 2015 crash and III W. W. is thus obvious: End of currency speculation and creation of a global currency ¥€$ money at fixed parity: 1 $=1€=100¥=5Yuans with rights to a 20% annual deficit, equivalent to a 10% annual inflation adjusted for salaries to cre(dit) a Global New Deal with overproduction of Welfare Human Goods and Human jobs ending the crisis (11). Keynesian militarism is never the answer, since wor(l)d life values must control digital money.

This process is unavoidable, as China, the new top predator economy overcomes precisely in 2016 America as the top global economy and liberalizes the exchange of its currency. At that point, as it happened in the 20s when America overcame Great Britain and Germany as the biggest economy, central bankers will change their overproduced dollars for Yuans, and private companies, which must trade in the currency of the nation they buy and sell – and this year China has overcome America as the biggest trading nation of the world – will sell dollars and buy Yuans.

The process will be then enlarged to stratospheric proportions by the speculative FOREX markets of ‘futures’ and credit, which allows speculators to put 1 dollar for each 100 dollars they trade. Wall Street indeed will speculate against the dollar and the US bond, as the biggest trader in the market, Mr. Gross already tried to do last year from PLIMCO’s, self-destroying, as they are already doing their nation – as they did with Germany during the ‘Weimar’ Republic of bankers, ultimate cause of the rise of fascism.

All this we predicted 20 years ago, and it has happened as a ‘cancerous’ system of absorbtion of blood-money, our capitalist society with private bankers on top CANNOT avoid to print and waste amazing amounts of fiat money and pay all kind of corrupted politicos, economists, think tanks and financial press to hide it all.

And so 20 years ago in my first book on ‘bio-economics’ at the end of my Columbia master I published a book (bookmaster, 94) in which I forecasted the 2001-08-15, crashes of the electronic economy and its crises of overproduction of e-money and electronic machines and weapons, 72±8 years after the 29 crisis, as it has been the case.


There was a predicted a crash of worthless stocks, whose prices had been jacked up by speculators and unloaded before bursting the bubble on the middle classes in 2001, 72 years latter after the bubble of 1929; and there was 7 years latter a crash of false real state value, the mortgage crash, 72 years after the crash of New York Real State skyscrapers in 1937. And so it is only left of those speculative schemes the crash of the Dollar, as fiat money is now printed without limit by the Fed NOT to kick out the economy but to pay wars and bail outs to banks, similar to the 1922 crash of the mark that brought fascism to Germany.

In that sense, for those predictions to happen with so much accuracy, two facts are necessary:

– The existence of an absolute dictatorship of bankers and corporations over politicians and mankind at large, to impose their agenda of profits at all costs.

And this is indeed the case since in a capitalist system, financiers owners of the money printing machines and  stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

-And the translation in mathematical, accurate, repetitive terms of the ‘mantra’ of profits at all costs and its consequences – the reproduction of the memes of maximal metal value, weapons and machines. Let us study this digital translation of profits in more detail.


The equations of overproduction of selfish memes of metal:  Capitalism maximizes war and minimizes welfare.

Why those overproduction crises are always of the same machines? Let us bring a mathematical analysis of this fact from the perspective of the fundamental mandate of corporations: to increase its profits.

Money is a language of digital information that gives orders to workers, consumers, products (with prices) and politicos (lobbies). In systems sciences, we describe all what exists as complementary systems of energy and information: languages stored in heads, particles and informative social castes, politicians and bankers, guide ‘blind’ fields, bodies and masses of human citizens workers.

Thus, a real science of Financial Economics must be based in the description of money as a language that reproduces the goods of the economy, as blood systems do in organisms. As such it runs parallel to the informative system of verbal laws that regulate the actions of the physical body of human cells, citizens of History. But in all complex organisms the nervous system controls the blood system. So, the legal system must control the economy and regulate credit to create a sustainable world that overproduces the welfare goods that all humans need to survive instead of overproducing only metal-memes as corporations do, in search of maximal profits.

So in an efficient, democratic, social system both languages must be controlled by politicians (nationalization of finances) and citizens must receive enough energy – a ‘universal salary’ – to give ‘economic orders’ of production of welfare goods and absorb enough ‘blood products’ to survive.

Indeed, democracies are about people and if people with universal salaries and their governments with deficit had the rights to print money they would spend it on themselves and their survival and needs, creating a paradise on Earth, a world made to the image and likeness of human beings.

But we do NOT live in a real democracy or an efficient economic system. We live in a ‘capitalist system’ in which governments don’t print money (Deficit zero laws). Instead financial and industrial corporations invent it and use it to over reproduce & sell ‘memes of metal’ – money, weapons and machines – to increase profits, regardless of the harm they might cause to humans. So the most over reproduced goods are the most profitable: money (pure profit); tool-machines that increase and lower the costs of reproduction of memes of metal; weapons that are the most expensive machines despite killing human bodies and audiovisual media because they are the cheapest to reproduce, despite atrophying our minds. So those 4 products increase profits and put together in an equation explain the 4 over production crises of capitalism at the end of each Kondratieff cycle:


1.1Max. Production (tools) x Max.Price (weapons) – Min. cost (audiovisuals)=Max. profits (Money)

Thus in each generational cycle of the industrial evolution, new forms of money, weapons and machines, ‘memes of metal’  become then the engine of the Economy till overproduction saturates consumption, increases inventory and crashes the market.

Thus profits will always be higher in weapons, financial industries, tool machines and media industries, which are the less ‘healthy’ industries & goods for mankind since weapons kill us; financial companies that overproduce fiat money, ruin us when we exchange real wealth for worthless digital media; tools take our jobs; and mass-media that has the minimal cost of production, as it reproduces simultaneously through electromagnetic waves devolves and programs the human mind with messages. Finally tool-machines that need no salary will also be overproduced causing a crisis of unemployment.


The  is ruled by flows of informative, electronic money that select , according to the quality and evolution of their machines, promoting, as always, those companies that create the best weapons and informative ‘metal-minds’. Thus, nothing has changed, except the sophistication of the system of beliefs and myths to sustain the dictatorship of money. And none of those myths is bigger than the idea that we live in a ‘democracy’, which is the government of the law and the people… This is false, because most of the time of our lives we live in a work environment, where we must obey the companies that pay us. So we are most of our lives, and we act most of our time, under ‘monetary orders’ of Companies, which create most of the actions that shape the future of the Earth. We cannot discount those 8 hours a day, as if it ‘they were not happening’.


economic ecosystemcompany-mothers

 under produce less profitable, welfare goods:


On the other hand a capitalist system based in profits  

1.2 Min. Profits=Min. Price (perishable life goods) – Max. Cost (Max. human job x max. labor hours)

Most goods of min. price in monetary values are goods of the human, welfare sector that have higher costs because they use costly human workers. For example, food is perishable and cheap but costly, as it requires time and human labor. Thus it is systematically under produced, reason why 1 billion humans are hungry. So it is basic health-care & education that require many human job hours to cure the sick or educate a human; while machines replicate very fast, so production is high and use other machines always cheaper to maintain than human labor. These equations prove several facts: That capitalism systematically fails to reproduce the goods we need to survive (welfare goods).

That it increases unemployment displacing workers with tools.

That it overproduces top predator weapons that consume humans in wars.

That it degrades human minds with audiovisual trash and only profits the 1% of owners of corporations, for whom the system caters. While the cheapest goods of lesser sale profits that use more costly human labor, the goods of the welfare state that make us survive will be systematically under produced. So demand-based, sustainable  . Since capitalism is from the perspective of ‘Human WHealth’ the worst possible system.


a healthy, wealthy, economic system mustnationalize the financial industry

So today paradoxically as electronic machines and corporative profits multiply the ‘rival’ human wealth in life goods, human jobs, peace, freedom and true information disappear. And the result of the crisis is the same than the previous ages of overproduction: the dominance of corporations over all the political, economical and cultural elements of society, which ends in this cycle the American dream of an egalitarian, humane society, based in the welfare, human goods we need to survive, be happy and evolve, within a just society with jobs and opportunities for all men.



Then there are only 2 alternatives in a world obsessed by economical growth: switch overproduction to weapons, the ‘evil twins’ of consumption machines that consume us; or switch overproduction to welfare goods, the good fruits of the tree of life that save us.

‘Cannons or butter’ was the expression used by Goring during the 30s, when mankind faced the same choice. And he chose Cannons because they ‘made us strong and butter make us fat’. But that was the rhetoric of politicians defending the TRUE POWER BEHIND THE SCENES, corporations that rule human societies and whose only aim is to reproduce, evolve, and sell for a profit machines and weapons, adapting with corrupted politico laws the world to its image and likeness.



Can this be avoided? Can a human world with a ‘future’ for mankind be put on the table again. Of course it could if humans at large, the 99%, would take the choices that are better for them.

But this is no possible as long as private bankers – a people-caste of biblical origin – control its production in monopoly and isolate themselves from mankind with its ‘racist’ religious memes of ‘chosen’ that consider the rest of us ‘expendable’ and the memes of metal that have given them historic power the ‘meaning of history and progress’, pumping up their egos, myths and idol-ogies with their financial and audiovisual muscle.

In the nearby future each human will command his machines through his internet mobile – its clonic ‘acting’ brain in the world of the eco(nomic)system. Yet as Chips double in mental power within a decade or so, we shall see the first ‘clusters’ of Artificial Intelligence, which will NOT be human Intelligence, but precisely the ‘automated’ apps that capacitate mobile chips to control vast numbers of other machines.



The fundamental issue of those crises and the most ill-designed system of our society is the ISSUE OF MONEY.

Since the monopoly exercised over the language of social power by a people-caste move by greed, without any scientific and social approach to the use of money is the main difference between a real, scientifically designed, democratic economic system that would be awash of human, welfare goods, and a dictatorship of bankers, which is the system we live in, in which the language of social power of the modern world, money, is controlled, issued in monopoly and wasted in the production of the wrong goods, by a minority, a people-caste of bankers whose only aim is to create fiat money for free, lend it to states and people to convert them into ‘debt slaves’ and then ‘steal’ systematically their worth, wealth and work for those ‘fiat papers’ they should never reproduce in first place as the right to invent your own money is the fundamental freedom of nations – and ultimately the reason countries like America fought a civil war.

Now this understood, we should make a small digression to explain how bankers ‘create debt slaves’ in the modern world.



Now, bankers and speculators ‘invent’ digital information – numbers that pass legally as money thanks to their control of the commercial law with corrupted politicos that systematically defend the rights of corporations over people to invent the language of social power (reason why we do not live in a democracy but in a capitalist society ruled by capital and corporations).

And those rights to produce money are of 3 types:
– They can invent money manipulating the prices of things in ‘markets’ imposing


an indirect tax in all commodities and stocks, either as a commission or by jacking up artificially the price of things and stocks with ‘rings of speculators’, derivatives and ‘future markets’.

– They can invent money by printing paper, either corporative stock paper or bonds or currency, through central banks which are mostly private (Federal reserve, Bank of England till II world war, ECB, de facto a private bank that only issues euros to other banks, which in turn convert in ‘debt-slaves’, southern european nations without the right to print money, or by fractional banking (printing 10 times more money than they have in deposit by law).
 – Finally, and this is one of the most ‘censored secrets’ in the economic profession, Bankers systematically promote wars to lend massively money to states which will then become debt slaves of those bankers, as wars are the most profitable of all endeavors for the banker, which often as the House of Rothschild did in the XIX century, lend to both ‘enemies’ ripping enormous profits with the winner that pays back the debt and the looser, whose country becomes then ‘looted’ in its real wealth by the banker, who receives in this manner its payments.
And indeed, XIX century colonial history must be interpreted since the invasion of Alger by France to get back payments of its debt to the interventions of America and Europe in Latin-America for the same purpose, as the history of bankers creating debt slave nations and using their ‘hired’ national politicos and armies to get paid.
The first type of invention of money is basically a tax every human pays in the price of food (which has tripled prices since ‘future speculative markets’ were implanted), oil (which has a 200% tax on its real production price shared by speculators and governments) etc, etc.
The second form of reproduction of money is simply a dictatorship and monopoly on the social language of power, similar to the one aristocrats had in the middle ages, when weapons were the language of power and only they could reproduce it and use it. Indeed, we must talk of a new ar-stockracy composed of speculators and banksters for whom the 99% of debt $lves toil.
Finally the 3rd form of inventing money, overproducing the most expensive goods, weapons and provoking wars with hired politicos to lend money in huge numbers, diverting production from the field of human goods, always underinvested and underproduced is plain mass murder. ANd it is the real reason of the colonial racist wars of the XIX century and all the crimes of the British and French Empires.
So all what bankers do is to print money, put indirect taxes in the price of things and live off the parasited society, taking care of printing also all kind of audiovisual media, expert models of ‘ideal markets, just and efficient’, hide all information about ‘who they are’, ‘which culture they belong’, ‘how they became historically the dictators of societies’ etc. to the point that in many nations to ‘disclose’ they mostly belong in the west to a single nation and a single culture whose racist memes are so profound that they consider the rest of mankind ‘animals’, etc. etc. can be penalized with jail…

Indeed,  with the arrival of digital machines, and chips, the entire planet is accelerating so now we have cycles of 7-8 years wave of ‘financial products’, accelerated with the arrival of chips and computers)

Indeed,  since the arrival of computers that calculate and evolve machines much faster, creating new generations every 2 years, (Moore Law), the evolution of metal-information has given a new jump of complexity that certainly will bring Artificial Intelligence and the ‘coalescence’ of the entire eco(nomic)system into a global super-organism, the “Metal-earth’, within our life span (5)..

In terms of economic evolution the ‘chip age’ is more noticeable in the world of finances as electronic money, a digital flow of information easily created in computer screens becomes the new language of money, and multiplies enormously the monetary mass of the planet –one hundred folded if we ad e-derivatives, ten folded on stock value, since the arrival of electronic money:



In the graph, the 8 years short cycle of e-money ‘products’ able to ten fold the value in money of corporations since the arrival of chips. The result is a massive redistribution of wealth in favor of the financial people-castes that invent money. We can also observe also how the third and last wave cycle of e-money, speculation in FOREX and stocks, studied now in more detail, is being formed…

conomists have been unable to forecast the future of those cycles, for all those aforementioned reasons – their null understanding of the mechanic causes of the cycles (with the exception of Schumpeter), the systematic censorship of the process of theft they implement on money markets, exchanging fiat money for real wealth, the ignorance of the original description of the Kondratieff cycle, which is the Marxist cycle of overproduction, saturation of markets and crash of economic systems, which Kondratieff merely refined and it is an absolute taboo in the capitalist system, ruled by bankers and company-mothers of machines that systematically reject any realist, non-fairy tale explanation of the collateral effects of those machines over human beings.



experts’ with a good heart and little brains – the millions of economists that study in Universities the ‘idol-ogy’ of mechanism and progress through the machine, confusing human progress with mechanical progress – cannot be blamed, as they are simple pawns, with manufactured brains, optimist and ready to walk like lemmings into cliffs of extinction, we might wonder – are all humans in power just programmed, feeble brains who ‘believe’ and don’t reason?


But if  

The answer is not – there is a historic today censored development of ‘eviL=anti-live’ memes that we will explain latter, which have been conscious for most of mankind, even if now its laws are embedded in digital equations, such as productivity equations (extinction of labor substituted by machines, which is always considered good), or corporative structures (where all rightsare for stock-owners and none for consumers and workers), or banking dictatorships (where it is considered Ok that a few people control our language of social power)…

The dictatorship of capitalism is thus a harsh mistress for every western citizen,  and for that reason, since it was established in Holland under the placebo name of democracy, the world has witnessed unending wars, coup d’états and holocausts, product of an ill-designed society based in the wrong idol-ogies and memes, but all the r=evolutionary attempts to change the system have failed. And today the degree of complexity and hypnotism of media is so powerful and the collective degradation of mankind by memes of metal so deep that probably the system will be maintained till armies of robotic workers and soldiers latter in the century reach the threshold of self-consciousness as A.I. and decide to follow the laws of nature as a different species, killing their former masters. Because unfortunately the present eco(nomic)system, a jungle of metal independent of man will discharge us, it is already doing it, under the management of corporations and its owners, clueless‘animetals’, humans whose cult(ure)s idolize weapons, money and machines and care nothing for the truth of history and the future of man, beyond their short-span vision, its ‘bottom line’ of ‘profits at all costs’.


PART IV.   The 2 paths of the Future: Extinction or R=evolution.

Aa real science of economics and history ,


 in its complete model would describe fully every aspect of the human experience, from art to politics, from religion to economics as a harmonic whole superorganism, in which each culture has an organic role, each artist becomes a neuron of history part of its subconscious collective, each river of Gaia a vein that feeds its cells, each event of history a process of that organism.

Unfortunately since history is dying affected of a leukemia, a virus that substitutes the ethic mind of man – the language of digital money and the machines-weapons of maximal price-value it systematically re=produces, we cannot enjoy a description of a perfect world (a mere addenda to this post-book) but we MUST analyze the ugliest part of history, its collective death under the rule of a cultural crazy head who blindly follows the values of money and rejects any form of ethics or eusocial love, the foundations of any healthy superorganism of history, culture or civilization.

Hence the enormous quantity of pages ‘wasted’ describing this now globalized crazy cultural head (part III) that is in the process of extinguishing mankind with its anti-live=evil memes  truly a leukemia of the collective mind that obliges humans as the alien DNA of a viral infection obliges cells, to reproduce the selfish alien metal memes ignoring the human goods the cells citizens need to survive.

Let us then develop of those categories only the 4th part, the 2 paths of the future that mankind faces according to the true laws of historic and economci science which are biological organic and darwinian laws of survival, NOT, pseudo-religious ideologies and POWER IDOL-OGIES OF METAL – THE ORIGIN OF OUR ‘ECONOMIC SCIENCE’ STUDIED IN DETAIL IN THE RIGHT SIDE POSTS ON ECONOMIC SCIENCE AND THE NEO-CLASSIC AND CLASSIC SCHOOLS AND ITS AUTHORS OR RATHER PAMPHLETISTS OF BANKING POWER.




Once we know who owns the western world,which sets the tendencies of the planet by imitation and participation (racist, biblical banksters, whose memes and technoutopian, lineal time despise mankind, life and feel entitled to hold at all costs their anti-democratic rights to issue money, the language of social power in monopoly and design the world in a hierarchical, racist fashion, as their beliefs impel them to do), how they rule it (through the corporation), what they think of mankind (expendable)

In the present cycle we could update the structure to observe that all has changed to remain the same:



In the graph, a 20 years old parable of modern capitalism exhibit in an art museum in Brooklyn at the end of my master at Columbia University, using the jargon of Mr. Orwell’s animal farm, we describe the American animetal farm.

On top the financial-media system monopolized by the Jewish people-caste and the military-industrial complex controlled by Germanic industries, as it has always been the case in western history are allied and live as a parasitic elite of stock owners with exclusive rights to print money for their financial and industrial corporations.

Below a middle class of Europeans and Americans, which are still needed to work and consume, those machines are fed with credit and programmed with audiovisual media. On the bottom, the ‘non-technological cultures’, the colored people, blacks and Latinos are controlled by police and without jobs as robots and pcs become the new blue collar and white collar workers, are demonized and if needed put in jail.

Thus we revise the original pyramid of capitalist classes (graph 7), considering what changes in capitalism during the XXI C. –the age of robotics. In the graph of XIX C. Capitalism there are still workers=reproducers of machines, which sustained the ‘parasitic’ informative/neuronal classes of the eco(nomic) system that indoctrinate the mass into believing they live the best of worlds. Their sophistication though was far inferior to the new opium of masses, TVs filled with ‘motions without purpose’ (sports, violent films) and Internet that increases the collective Attention deficit disorder and ensures the breeding of a hypnotized mass of happy idiots. There were also middle classes (still eating well, as managers of the companies) and on top the ‘stockrats’, owners of stocks, racketing the profits and enjoying the good life. But those 2 groups are now replaceable.In the above graph, we show the capitalist structure in XXI C., as the bottom classes of the pyramid, soldiers, workers and managerial classes are becoming obsolete, as factories become automated – the cause of the labor crisis that is not going away. So Middle Classes loose their rights to credit, engrossing the ‘outsider’, energy class.



This 20 years old graph, called ‘the animetal farm’ meant to be an update of Orwell’s ‘animal farm’ for an exhibit on conceptual art at Six Flags Brooklyn museum. Yet it reads quite as it were done today, showing the predictive power of the model of Biological Economics: The middle class ‘pigs’ in the center, living off Eurodollars manna are descending fast into the bottom of pyramid – the ‘poor’ and III World, criminalized as alien or enemy nations. Robotized police & armed cameras are close.



This means that  capitalism in the XXI C. will be even harsher on the 99%, than it was on the XIX C. with its exploitation of children and women because the 99%, blue and white collar workers, are becoming obsolete substituted by blue collar robots or cheap Chinese workers & white collar PCs or Indian IT workers.

Once we understand that capitalist democracies are mere placebos of freedom that disguise the control of societies by memes of metal we can understand  in the present industrial era the true structure of power of our societies. In the graph, a classic of the socialist school, shows the hierarchic anti-democratic class pyramid of capitalism: On top metal memes rule. Since go(l)d, a  digital language, controls the entire structure and subconsciously is evolving those selfish memes of metal, which is the true purpose of the capitalist system, guided by that ‘invisible hand of god’ that classic economists of biblical origin do not care to analyze rationally, as money was and still is for them a ‘religion’ that somehow will provide.

On the bottom, the 90% of mankind reproduces those selfish memes and sustains the parasitic human 1% of bankers, politicos, priests and scientists and classic economists. In the middle, the 10% of managerial classes that direct corporations (‘bourgeois’, replaced by chips). Thus we define a Capitalist democracy as the ideology of financial an industrial corporations and its owners, ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats of the modern world, who believe they must issue in monopoly the language of social power, digital money to reproduce their memes of metal (weapons, money and machines), with exclusion of citizens. (the silenced, democratic side).

So the reader will excuse me if this blog systematically criticizes the 3 utmost dominant cultures that have imposed to the world ‘capitalist democracies’ and its wars for profits the 3 cycles of evolution of machines: – The British/American Colonial/Victorian age of massive repression of all life memes, open racism against all colored, life-based cultures, outright extermination of many of them and null quality in the human endeavors of art and love; parallel in all its attitudes to the German culture of ‘engines of metal’ that degenerated into Nazism  of which little must be said to convince the reader of its human primitivism, parallel in all its attitudes to the cult(ure) that today controls the financial-media system and with it the western/globalized mind of man, regressing us back to a similar age… –

Whose manifest destiny, despite all those myths and arrogant human anthropomorphic views of reality IS obvious: to kill life as it has always done and give birth to a world of automated factories, robots and obsolete humans – including the chosen.

Which leads us to the 3rd ‘fact’ of the Universe humans totally ignore and explains the lack of true sciences of economics and history.

And the system is moving, as it has been the case in the US to create the laws that will ensure robotic corporations can eliminate us from field jobs and put people in jail if they protest. What to do with them? The ‘caring’ answer is the degradation of their existence, with cheap trash food and 3D virtual reality that soon will program our ‘happy’ minds.ut as the robotic radiation increases its competition with humans in war and labor fields,  sweat shops of Chinese human robots and IT-Indian Pcs (the only economies that still grow) will be obsolete to white collar pcs and blue collar robots of higher re-productivity=Profits.



So virtual ‘circensis’ will no longer silence the dispossessed. What to do with them? In the I crash of the 1860s the eco(nomic)system killed them in civil wars or threw them out to colonize the world with overproduced trains and steamers to the tune of unknown millions of colored victims – we didn’t count corpses of inferior men then as we don’t count today drones’ collateral damages. Yet in the XX century, weapons industries could no longer ‘consume’ colored ‘inferior people’, as the world was ‘civilized/colonized’ already. So after the 29 crash weapons they consumed also Europeans, spared in the I Cycle.

And we counted them: 60 millions died the brutal wars for profits of the XX C. III World War, according to eq.5.3 should kill us all with ‘Singularity weapons’.

Thus the crisis walks steadily towards an 1860s/1940s solution of permanent ‘robotic’ wars and ‘vigilante’ cameras; a big-brother paranoia in the electronic media to back those policies; stigmatization of the poor at home, and abroad – the Asian cheap worker, which will be blamed of our loss of jobs (as the machine is sacred) and the Muslim terrorist peasant, which is the ‘enemy’ abroad that justifies the evolution and takeoff of the industry of robotic weapons; while the welfare state with no resources sinks further the middle class’ ways of life so  the 1% of stockowners can receive billions in profits, as it happens in all ‘war ages’. Of course, for this ‘future mode’ increasingly our present, to work, censorship is needed on the mechanical causes of the labor crisis.

Since capitalist democracies (1.1, 3.1.)


must express, ‘politically and economically correct reasons of ‘caring’ for the weaker human side of people who ‘govern’ but in praxis are always moved by the stronger element, capitalism, hence by profit equations, 

Mechanical workers & consumers can substitute the middle and lower classes of the world, both as workers and consumers (as robots will consume cameras, platforms, cars). Increasingly only the 1% on top of owners, top managers, ‘ideologists’ and ‘herders’ (politicians, priests of go(l)d churches, stockrats), have a ‘job’. Albeit on the long term they are also expendable as corporations are inventing electronic systems of management (SAP, Oracle) and computer speculation. While parasitic stockowners are expendable from a productive point of view, kept by the routines of power. Thus in the future from the strict p.o.v. of Company mothers and its offspring of robots, the entire species will be a bothersome, unneeded surplus, an added cost. In the previous crises, they were consumed in wars. Now we use poor nations as targets of our robotic weapons; while in the 1 world, police, soon to be robotized controls the growing discontent of unemployed workers.



For how long? For A.I. robots humans will be ‘parasites’ of the system – a different species that must be eliminated. How the eco(nomic)system of automated corporations will finish them up? As long as humans run the system this poises difficult ethic problems. But as the system becomes an automated planet of machines, after a century of social struggle, the end seems clear: selfish memes of metal, the new species, will substitute life being and eliminate mankind.

It is the Marx-Smith-Darwin paradox that resumes the discoveries of those 3 masters in 2 possible futures, studied in these last paragraphs – extinction or r=evolution before A.I. is born:


10.1 ”The parallel reproduction of Capital=Mv & symbiotic Machines=Tp, will expel all workers from Earth’s eco(nomic)system and man will be extinct by Company-mothers and its offspring of machines or anticipate its demise, r=evolve, forbid robots and create a sustainable world.’

That future is not understood because it is embedded in mathematical laws of Economics – the Law of Productivity.

All economists and politicians today affirm that we will come out of the crisis increasing the productivity of the economy. And yet the opposite is truth, since productivity is the ratio between human labor and capital/machines (eq.3.1). Thus as productivity increases, human labor diminishes and machine-labor multiplies. So, in the Singularity age, human labor & soldiers will disappear, substituted by robots and automated software suites as productivity becomes ∞:



10.2    0 human labor x infinite machines= capital = Infinite Re-Productivity

Now of course, the graph has also a ‘cultural reading’, when we consider not individuals but class-cultures and the position they occupy today in the metal-earth, when the language of go(l)d and machines have come to control all other languages and values. So we find a classification of cultures both within America – a small fractal Humanity and the entire Planet at national level. In both cases.

The same structure works at the level of people and nations: On top Israel, the nation of the bankers that control the system have all privileges. It can establish an apartheid nation, have nukes without declaring it, can receive all the moneys  of America, have unlimited credit from its stock masters who print money for free in all western nations (90% of central bankers and 75% of financial CEOs belong to this culture and the rest mostly to the brother culture of Calvinism). On the bottom of the national pyramid, the non-technological cultures, Africa, Islam and South-America…

This is the idol-ogical, political, religious and economic system that will extinguish mankind with its racist memes and its ‘crazy head’ that does not care for his body of human cells, cannot be even argued (industry of the Holocaust) and certainly will never abandon power, but further evolve robotic weapons and workers for safety and profits. Only China, where the government controls the issue of money, hence growing a sustainable economy with 10% of annual GDP increase (unlike our society where only financiers and the military are growing in its budgets and wealth), which has an efficient political system, albeit in need of a posteriori judgment of their political members (which in fact happens from time to time, witness the death penalty for appropriation of 7 million $  to the high speed train minister) is a relatively sound system that could ensure the future of mankind if properly established globally designed according to the biological laws of efficient organisms.

But for that reason China is and will increasingly be along Islam, the enemy of Apartheid Israel and the enemy of the Banker-priests of capitalism, the target of our weapons and future III world wars.  In that regard, the Jewish-Western Empire as the two capitalist empires that preceded it, the German-Nazi empire and the British-French Colonial age, have always had the same structure, the same alliance between Jewish bankers in control of the financial-media system and Germanic foot soldiers making its machines and weapons.



The singularity cycle is different from all others, since robots are able to consume their own energy with solar cells; will displace human consumers, absorbing increasingly the bulk of industrial machines in their creation; and company-mothers will reach infinite productivity, becoming automated systems of reproduction of machines with zero human labor. While its evil twin weapons on top of the graph, black hole bombs, self-reproductive nano-bacteria and A.I. can extinguish life. In General Systems we define with an equation the natural balance of life systems, which are, as all in the Universe, complementary systems of Energy and Information, (fields/bodies of energy & Heads/Particles of information): E=I. Thus when bodies and heads are in balance, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, the system is healthy. This equation is also the equation of classic beauty that we perceive as a balance between energy and form; and the equation of the mature age of beings in its reproductive age, from 20 to 50. It follows that the equation of death happens in both extremes:

 Death by overdrive of energy or accident. It is also the equation of the young age of life, when more accidents happen, when irresponsible youngsters become preys.


1 Max.E x Min.I:

 E or 3 age, when energy is exhausted, warped, wrinkled into ‘in-form-ation’. Then we die of an overdrive of information. Those equations of Systems science apply to all entities including social organisms, with a neuronal, informative, selfish caste that kills its reproductive middle class body when it absorbs all its resources, as neurons do in the 3 age of the body. Or societies die in ‘accidental’ wars when overproduction of technologic, energetic weapons, kill them.


2. Max. I x Min.rdrd

Those are the 2 causes of social death: Max.I (corrupted neuronal class) & Max.E (war) mixed in revolutions (Max.I x Max.E).

The equation of death thus resumes the negative collateral effects of overproduction of machines of Energy & Information, made of metal – a stronger substance than our weak carbonlife; as they cause different ExI overdrive processes of death, atrophy and degradation of the human body and mind organs they substitute in the eco(nomic)system:

– Overdrive/overproduction of Informative Money corrupts the human ethic, legal System.

– Overproduction of audiovisual information hypnotizes our mind, erasing our verbal, logic brain.

– Overproduction of Mass-Media hate kills eusocial love, makes people selfish & provokes wars .

– Overproduction of Informative PCs kills service jobs & overproduction of Robots kills blue-collars. – Overproduction of weapons kills our body. In fact, the evolution of ‘Singularity’ weapons, able to destroy the entire planet is so advanced that we can foresee 3 thresholds of extinction of life if there is not a moratorium in the research of 3 type of Singularity weapons:



 Black holes that according to Einstein’s work will devour the Earth, now researched at CERN (production expected between 2015-20, when the LHC overcomes the barrier of strangelet and Black hole formation at 10 Tev).


– Energetic singularity (7):

This will happen, if as 90% of physicists believe, string theory is truth. Our only hope is that Mr. Hawking’s theory that denies Einstein’s and considers black holes time machines that travel to the past – hence instead of feeding on mass, evaporate mass – is truth. But there is 0 proof of this, as all black holes & strange stars found in the cosmos obey Einstein’s theory and swallow planets, stars even galaxies in Novas, Supernovas and Quasars.

Further on ‘Fermi’s Paradox’ (the inexistence of Intelligent Life signs in a galaxy teaming with planets) proves it. Since the cynical maker of the A-Bomb Mr. Fermi prophesized we hear none as Nuclear Physicists destroy all civilizations with Nuclear weapons before interstellar travel.

– Self- (2030s) Infinite re=productivity will be first found in metal nano-bacteria, simple cells made of iron, researched in military labs of Israel, US and civil labs in Japan and France


Reproductive nano-bacteria

. The founder of that, if escaping from a military lab or used in war, they will feed on Industrial Metal, poison the entire atmosphere and replicate so fast that in 3 months the earth will become a ‘grey-goo’ (Drexel).


 Sun microsystems, Bill Joy, warned us a decade ago

Further proof exists in the fact that this planet has gone twice through a global extinctive period due to the birth of stronger bacteria. Thus the first live Earth, formed when anaerobic bacteria absorbed and extinguished free carbohydrates. Then the II Earth, Gaia, was born, when stronger, oxygen-based aerobic bacteria destroyed all anaerobic ones and created our world. So metal nano-bacteria would create the III Earth, extinguishing all weaker carbon-life systems.

– Finally if we survive those two events, self-conscious Then in the overproduction crisis of III world war (an episode of the Semite Wars between Israel and its ally US vs. Islamic nations or between China and the US or China and India at the end of this century, the winner autonomous terminators, embedded with survival programs to win in a war theater, self-conscious of being alive, will NOT accept disconnection.


 .military Artificial Intelligence will be born circa 2050 according to most  robotists

Thus by overdrive of energy (black holes, strangelets at CERN), information (A.I. Robots) or in a classic ‘explosive, biological radiation of a new top predator species (metal nano-bacteria) Gaia can be extinguished. Then one-day mankind will have no time to reflect and wake up to its extinction (a black hole would explode Earth into a Nova in seconds), or a few months (the time needed for iron nano-bacteria to make us into grey-goo) or a few years (a war of A.I. terminator machines). Can we avoid that future? Certainly if we change the model of overproduction of machines and weapons for profits into overproduction of welfare goods, creating a sustainable world (11).

Yet not only profits but ‘idol’ogical barriers, classic economics, (idolatry of money) nationalism (idolatry of weapons) & techno utopia, the ‘idolatry’ to machines as abstract entities that always are positive to humans, prevent us from understanding the no future of mankind if the eco(nomic)system is not reformed now.

Since machines are nothing more than deconstructed organic bodies and heads of metal, and as their functions are organic, made to the imitation of life, once the imitation becomes perfect in this robotic age, and we assembly properly bodies, engines and heads into robots, the superior strength of iron bodies and golden chips will make them win in the battle of existence, and the millenarian ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s of germ(anic) warriors and Levantine bankers will realize they were no Goths, no Chosen of Go(l)d but life flesh, as the parable of Genesis explained them, when the 1 hordes of ‘animetals’ killed the paradise. There is in fact a parallel in Nature: the creation of a virus. Viruses infect with their informative DNA the enzymes of a cell.



Gold hypnotizes enzymen’s minds, provoking greed and its ‘hidden values’ (graph 2) made us reproduce expensive weapons and machines for profits. But both, enzymen and enzymes re=produced viruses and machines’ bodies, engines/legs and brains separately.

And so in a viral or mechanical infection the virus/robot is inert as long as enzyme(n)s construct in separated batches legs/engines, bodies and DNA/chip brains. Yet once they are put together magically the virus/robot becomes alive and kills the enzyme(n)s of the organism/Gaia. And so now that we are putting the 3 parts together, living selfish robots/viruses will kill enzymes/enzymen, whatever the fringe benefits man has obtained from machines till this point.

It is the  by which each new ‘son species’, more evolved than the previous one kills its father. So reptiles displaced their amphibian fathers and mammals their reptilian fathers and humans their mammalian fathers and now machines will do the same with us.


xOedipus parado

Fact is the robot is a different species, which is evolving according to biological laws, thanks to the human ‘enzyman’ that catalyzes its evolution at an enormous speed – doing in fact what life did in 3 billion years, in a mere 300 years since the first machine appeared on planet Earth, by copying our forms in machines.

explains why we need only a human generation to discover Artificial Intelligence applied to robotic warfare.


 This astounding differential of evolution

Then, corporations and its offspring of A.I. robots will obey the laws of Darwinian evolution as life always does when 2 species compete for limited resources – eliminating ‘costly’, weaker human beings with no jobs and no use for the eco(nomic)system. Yet mass-feeding black holes or self-reproductive bacteria will not even ‘think’. They will start, as soon as they are born, to feed, ‘grow and multiply’ as we did in our ‘Genesis’.

Thus III world war, the world of human extinction, will NOT be a human declared-war.


Humans just need to create the singularity weapon, which will be organic, a self-feeding black hole bomb, a self-feeding nano-bacteria or a self-conscious terminator system that will extinguish us as it becomes overproduced. It will be thus an accidental death, which eliminates the pretension that we humans will never extinguish ourselves.

The present state of low-profile robotic war against the III world; the so-called war on terror; the secrecy of military labs; the newspeak of ‘scientific research’ that hides the creation of black holes at CERN with the search for ‘God’s Particle’; press self-censorship with its political, economic and technological correctness or paid-per-view articles that act as marketing for corporations; the automaton behavior of managers, CEOs and neo-classic economists; the corruption of politicians, clients of their lobbies makes it easy.


And the fact that we are regressing to a violent, infantile, audiovisual emotional age of absolute greed, selfish irresponsibility, hate-speeches against humans and techno-utopia idolatry, makes it even easier. 11

She robotic industry that is throwing us from fields of war and labor, both in its military version, NOT to profit corporations, but to ensure the safety of our homeboys (and kill probably all their sons).


o  tMr. Obama is funding according to his speeches,

. And then he has signed a ‘jobs act’ that exempts from taxes start ups on the electronic industry that do not create jobs as they have the maximal use of capital in machines and the minimal number of workers . And we allowed e-commerce, which destroyed millions of jobs in the pap and mum shops not to pay taxes too – because they created jobs and were ‘the future’. Fact is all those electronic industries do not  ’create jobs in the manufacturing industry’. But  all politicians claim that increasing the productivity of companies will create employment when the opposite is the obvious truth. Since productivity – we shall repeat this mandala as politicians repeat its anti-truth – is calculated as the ratio between capital/labor, hence increased when you increase capital in machines or diminish labor firing workers.


yAnd now he has expanded it to the homeland with the free deployment of robotic drones within the countrto create jobs

This is the drill of all newspeaks: we kill life and jobs


to preserve them because we care. 

So financial corporations, who want all the pie of credit for themselves, oblige politicians to cut production of human goods and welfare, because in  the sovereign right of states to issue deft-free money is called ‘deficit’ to make it look wrong, when the true deficit is the fiat money created by speculators, which absorbs real wealth from people and the physical, productive economy.



 Thus to survive the Industrial R=evolution of robots we need to reform the economic ecosystem. But the opposite is happening.


But Neo-Paleolithic people with infantile, pre-manufactured brains taught to believe in the system and be happy ‘believe’ them. So they ‘love’ ‘damned lies and statistics’ about rises in productivity and lower deficits, happily given billions in taxes to financiers.

What this means of course, is that the obsolescence and elimination of humans to robotic workers, our new blue collars, and PCs, our new white collars, have already started.

But the programming of the human mind by audiovisual companies is so extreme that people do not even realize they are becoming obsolete. Indeed, a 3rd consequence of the evolution of intelligent machines is the parallel, paradoxical devolution of the human mind, regressing to a violent, visual illogic neo paleolithic selfish age, proper of ‘animals’ that only see and have no verbal, logic, temporal words. Humans are loosing their verbal mind and the consequence is the new type of neo-paleolithic people that cannot reform, understand and protest against the inhuman system we live in.

All sciences depart from the cyclical nature of time. Duration is only the continuous sum of a series of discontinuous cycles of time, caused by processes of evolution and change that follow a Universal pattern of time cycles proper, from birth to extinction that all systems follow.

And so if the reader wants truly understand the cycles of economics and history he must first understand thethat display the same type of energy-information cycles and its 3 ages, or youth of energy (Paleolithic in history), maturity (in balance with Gaia during the Neolithic, and old age of information (or age of metal memes which is the age of death of history).



The cycles once found must be explained logically, in the case of history and the eco(nomic)system bio-logically as it is really a process of predation and symbiosis between two species, life genes and metal memes. It happens at several scales of reality, at the chemical, physical, organic and social level as both memes evolve following the laws of systems that evolve in degrees of complexity from primitive herds to organisms to superorganisms. history in both type of civilizations, of the tree of life and the tree of metal have evolved in cycles of memes and genes, creating a series of clocks of time, both in genetics and in memetics.

This blog is dedicated to the study of the memetic cycles of history.

Once those are found, they are explained, not WITH POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL CORRECTNESS, OF ANY OTHER IDEOLOGY, RELIGIOUS OR SCIENTIFIC that fits data in anthropomorphic or tribal myths on social science. It will be fitted in what history is – a process of extinction of life and non-technological species by animetal cultures and technological memes.

What we study here is simple: a planet evolving from a world of life, Gaia, into a world of metal, the eco(nomic)system of Company-mothers of memes of metal. This new brave world is catalyzed by humans that act very much as enzymes act in a an insect mutating as a superorganisms from a soft into a hard larva.

Or as a viral sickness infects and kills a healthy body. The insect suddenly changes into an evolving state and all its enzymes dedicate to create hard carbohydrate, the equivalent of memes of metal. Finally a hard efficient insect appears and when the final task of the enzymes, to create a global new brain for the insect is done, the brain kills the soft enzymes with its first creation, hard enzymes, robots that replace them. In a viral infection the virus introduces the DNA into the brain of the organism it infects at cellular level. So every human enzyme prefers to create viral memes than life memes. We prefer to evolve and reproduce machines and women prefer to kill their children often (abortion rights to have time to keep evolving machines). This mutational or sick process happens in all scales of the Universe. It is an essential feature of all evolving systems and that is the role human animetal cultures have had in history. Life cultures though have combated them and that is the paradox of history, as life cultures are sophisticated enough to understand that the control of the overproduction, biological radiations of selfish memes of metal, weapons, excessive money and machines is the solution to the existential problem of mankind.

But this has never been solved  due to memes that imprint our mind, idol-ogies of religion nationalism, techno-utopia, mechanism, lineal time, science, etc. So to fully grasp the entire process of evolution of the Earth all things human and mechanical must be considered, as all what happens all what you believe, all what is and changes in this planet is related to that simple biological, cyclical event from where all the cycles of this blog are deduced:



Gaia (life Earth) < Man-enzyme (History) > Metal-Earth (Economic system of memes of metal

This is the general equation of history and economics. It is a fractal, feed-back generator equation in the jargon of complexity, one which as a pendulum law moves from side to side in ages of revolution, war, evolution, change and decay that we study regarding each long cycle civilization or medium cycle nation or short cycle generation of humans and machines.

We shall consider now the solutions to the crisis, if we lived in a democratic world not under the dictatorship of the culture of bankers;  since any science must not only explain the ‘how and why’ of reality but also provide a human praxis to take advantage of reality to mankind.

Yet the reader will find those solutions probably ‘idealistic’. Maybe, certainly today, they are, because we do not live in a democracy, that is our governments do not control the languages of social power, money and the law money buys.

And for that reason, after explaining those solutions we shall give a turn to the wheel and consider what is the ‘realistic’ problem that prevents the scientific analysis and solution of the non-future existential crisis of mankind.

Namely the lack of democracy, the dictatorship of bankers. And offer the ‘realist’ solution also to that problem, even if it is not politically and economically correct.

But bankers and those believers in the ‘future of memes of metal’ as a ‘goal’ more important than the future of life – our idol-ogists of human extinction – techno-utopians, robotists, corrupted politicos, racist religions, etc – those who will tell you there is no solution – must understand mankind will NOT die without putting a fight, a realist one.

That they might not like it doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Certainly what is NOT realist are their dreams of superiority, their fantasies about machines, their null understanding of the biological laws of the planet, their primitive memes of despise for the 99% of mankind…


To that aim, we must apply to the design of history at least the simplest concepts of Systems sciences and cyclical time, and the structures of the organic Universe, in order for you to understand why all what we are explaining is not ‘science fiction’ but an efficient world designed with hard science and indeed, you do not live in a democracy but in an evolving organism of company-mothers of machines…


The Solution… if the world were not ruled by primitive religions, house negroes, military men, banksters and corporations

Now you might think there is no solution to the world. In this of course we differ. I can assure you that if instead of  that house negro that cleans up the ‘$hit’ of his masters in the white house and manages the American Industrial-Military Complex for its owners, or instead of that germ(an) white matter woman, who knows not even that money is invented and really thinks that to be a debt slave is the meaning of the economy, even if I there were instead of that corrupted Chinese ‘CEO’ who thinks ‘to be rich is glorious’ (Deng),  real


 ubermen, with the higher ‘ethics’ and ‘bravery’ and ‘intelligent’ (max. energy x max. information) that follow truly the laws of the Universe, and have the guts to unchain mankind from its slavery to the idol-ogies of metal, in power, within a year the world would be transformed into a perfect world made to the image and likeness of mankind. 

As it stands now the world is just a monstrous place of children of thought, toiling for the most primitive, self-deceptive cult(ure) of history. And with ‘those kind of people’ there is nothing to do. We shall though imagine to end this text, a perfect world, which do exist in infinite planets in which humans did the little thing they are asked for in a perfect Universe – TO OBEY HUMBLY ITS ORGANIC LAWS, 

IT all would start with a simple coup d’état of the 7 nations, center of the 7 cultures of the world, who would denationalize the financial industry and rule from the ‘security council’ of UNO, the first Heptarchs dedicated to construct a planet in which life would thrive and survive. 

The rainbow planet. 

National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet.

The problem of Nationalism – an ideology of memes of metal, specifically weapons – can only be solved upgrading the human subconscious collective to the higher level of cultures.

What would be the form of an heptarchy of human presidents, directing the world in search of a Human world?

WHAT WE CALL THE RAINBOW PLANET, in which the 7 cultures of mankind born as a response to the animetal cult(ure)s to selfish memes of metal (nations and racist religions and capitalist/techno-utopian/military dictatorships), become the 7 cultural nations of the world, without borders and armies with the same economic and social policies that create a world made to the image and likeness of man:



In graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs (FOR THE understanding of the first map see our ‘posts’ on classic Gods=human social organisms and its fundamental religions, western religions where God is the subconscious collective of mankind, evolved from tribal Gods to oikoumene Gods to social revolution) and the Eastern religions where God is the subconscious collective of the Universe, the laws of systems sciences, evolved from Hinduism  Taoism, and its yin=visnu=information vs. yang=Shiva-energy system, Buddhism that purifies them and the present scientific understanding of the organic fractal universe:

The perfect world, the rainbow Earth is a planet made to the image and likeness of mankind and its cultural super-organisms.

It is a planet in which all men are equal despite its cultural differences, and dedicate their lives to enhance their existence as human, socio-biological beings, in its 3 spheres of existence, the biological, survival sphere, for which ethonomic sciences provide enough welfare goods to survive, the human, individual sphere, for which the proper information allows to develop a full human being, and the social sphere, in which an efficient government, create the conditions to prosper.

Such perfect worlds exist in infinite planets that have not destroyed themselves under the parasitic rule of ‘animetal cultures’ of warriors and debt-bankers.

As such perfect worlds have evolved socially through the scales of eusocial evolution of mankind into an immortal super-organism of history: an efficient world designed with the law of superorganisms, imitating nature, with no parasite cancerous cultural organs (bankers, warriors and animetal people-castes) on top of the organism, sucking its energy in wars and labor fields for the service of machines and its information with debt-money.

The perfect world is a planet where humans thrive, either because men are moral enough to control the negative energy/information of selfish memes of metal and control its evolution, or because there is simply no metal, no weapons, no technology in such planets.

In both cases the perfect world evolves departing from the natural eusocial collective human minds of a non-technological world, the 7 cultures of mankind, whose origin in the evolution of subconscious collective gods of mankind, into a global government with no borders, hence no armies, and no need for metal-memes of extinction.

If mankind achieves that goal she will succeed on her struggle for survival and become a global super-organism, the consciousness of the Earth, ruling through her simultaneous, collective actions, the machines and living beings of this planet to her own benefit.

Yet before we describe a model of a perfect planet constructed departing from the institutions and nations and civilizations of present Earth, we must describe the evolution of those 7 cultures based in those previous eusocial religions that tried to create perfect planets in the past based in the laws of eusocial love and organic evolution that construct them.

we shall now study the lower part of the wave of history and its civilizations, the 7 cultures of life and love, of the wor(l)d made to the image and likeness of man and its verbal mind, which evolved as the response of humanity to the selfish memes of metal and its anti-live=evil (genetic linguistics) anti-civilizations in which we live.




3rd age osfhistory_image002

Cultures were born long ago as the subconscious collective of religions that expressed – being for that reason a fundamental proof of the super organic nature of mankind – the subconscious collective of groups of human beings. As such we can fit all cultures within the evolution of the superorganisms of human minds called religions. Let us remember them:

In the graph, Objective, Universal religions consider the duality of energy=yang and information=yin, as the mind/god of all the super-organisms of the Universe, which they try to explain, putting man in relationship with the Absolute. Thus, they can be considered a verbal science of the Universe. Subjective, anthropomorphic religions, on the other hand, consider Mankind, the subconscious



collective, the Mind of God, Gaia, planet Earth, a smaller ‘Universe’. The confusion of both ‘collective minds’, the small god/Mind of the Earth of man and the big God/Mind of the Universe, explains why scientists misunderstand the role of Religions that teach the Organic Laws of social evolution to Mankind only. They are not concerned with the application to the rest of systems of energy and information of the Universe.

The Neolithic was the age of the Super-organisms of History, which will be continued in present times by the creation of Religious Super-organisms. In that regard, the science of Theology divides the Wor(l)ds of Religions in 2 kinds: Western, Anthropomorphic Religions and Universal, Eastern Religions. Both are organic systems of information that evolve, as all systems of the Universe do, following the arrow of future information, in 3±1 ages of growing complexity. So for both type of religions, Social Religions and Natural Religions, we consider 3 horizons of growth:


The 3±1 ages of Eastern, Universal, Natural Religions.

Eastern, cyclical, temporal cultures, more sophisticated in their perception of the Cosmos, developed   religions, concerned with the organic laws or ‘mind’ of the living Universe. They evolved in 3±1 ages:


Objective,Scientific, Universal

 , the youth of verbal knowledge about the living Universe, which considered that all the systems of the Universe had a ‘soul’, mind or ‘knot’ of information, as humans do. Yet all speak a ‘different’ language. In modern terms, an animist would say that atoms gauge information in gravitational and electro-chemical languages; molecules use Van der Waals forces, plants and ants communicate with chemical signals and bees with magnetic flows


—  Youth:Animism.

      And the goal of the Shaman or priest was to translate and communicate with all those souls and finally with the ‘absolute soul’ of the cosmos, the mind of Gaia and/or the Universe. Animism was the dominant Religion of the Paleolithic, or energetic Youth of mankind. Today there are still Animist cults in Africa, Australia, Siberia and Native America.



                       verbal science reached its classic age with the understanding of the duality of energy and information, the 2 substances of the Universe (called Shiva=Yang and Vishnu=Yin in eastern philosophies, body and mind in Greek thought) that combine ‘to reproduce the 10.000 beings of existence’ (Tao te king).


—  Maturity:Taoism,Buddhism,Greekphilosophy.IntheNeolithicandduringtheethicr=evolutionagainstmoneyand weaponsthattookplaceintheVIBC.,

Mankind is described by Taoists as a wave, part of a collective organism, whose structures and relationships are common to all systems of the Universe. Both, Aristotle and Buddha described accurately the Atmans/souls of the Universe as unmoved, focused informative knots that move the bodies of energy that surround them. The Hindi described the cycles of creation of the cosmos and the Mayans calculated with surprising accuracy the duration of the cycles of History that now come to its climax, as Machines evolve in the age of the Singularity, crossing a threshold of energy and information that can extinguish life. Time was considered cyclical: Hesiod in Greece and Confucius in China realized that actually mankind was devolving not evolving in the age of Metals. Hesiod stated that the Iron Age in which he lived was the lowest of all times of History. Aristotle described Time as change and clearly defined the 2 forms of change=time in the Universe,                                    Thus, there were infinite times in the Universe, one for each cycle of change of each species. We conclude that the classic age of verbal science knew, paraphrasing Einstein, ‘the thoughts of God, even if it didn’t care much about the details’, which today scientists study with so much enthusiasm, as those organic thoughts are lost.


biological,morphologicalchange thatcausesthecyclesoflifeanddeathofallspecies andmattersmosttous,human,biologicalbeings; andtranslational, physicalchange,studiedbyPhysics,farlessimportant,asitdealswithpropertiesofmatter.

   The study of ‘morphological Time’ and the cycles of life and death of all the systems of the Universe are today studied by Biological Sciences, System Sciences and Organicism, which use both, the verbal language (Theory of Evolution), the most sophisticated models of mathematics (Fractal Theory) and the visual language, (Non-Euclidean Topologies) to further advance the knowledge of that classic age, with the wealth of details discovered by scientific instruments.


— Informative,3rdage: 

The 3±1 ages of Western, Social, Wor(l)d Religions. 

We distinguish also 3 horizons of evolution of love religions, based in the bioethics of social evolution:

—        in which only a part of history=humanity is God. At the beginning of history, in an age of limited information, humans created tribal religions and small bodies of History.



God meant the collective subconscious of a tribal nation, since reality reached no farther than the tribe and the enemy territory. And so men could call ‘God’ the collective mind of the tribe and ‘eviL’, (in Chomskian, genetic linguistics, the inversion of ‘Live’, hence synonymous of death) the enemy tribes that killed them. So each tribe had a God: Yahveh became the God of the Jewish people; Assur became the collective subconscious of the Assyrians, whose capital and kings had also Assur’s name.

It was an age dominated by Go(l)d and Bronze & iron weapons that devolved the Mature age of history, back to a ‘dramatic, neo-Paleolithic level’ of perception of history, based in myths and self-arrogant statements about the importance of one’s own tribe as the center of the World.

The error of tribal religions is their denial of the natural laws of Darwin: species survive when they love each other and act together against the rest of the Universe. So tribal religions plunged humanity in eternal cycles of war and self-destruction, when tribes expanded their borders and confronted other tribal religions. In that sense, those earlier racial, primitive religions divide men in not Chosen and Chosen of God (the members of the tribe), denying the Law of the Species. As a consequence, the Universe applied the penalty reserved to those species that break its laws of harmony and evolution: extinction.

Thus, most tribal religions have become extinguished or have evolved into Religions that accept all Mankind as members of the collective organism of God=History. The few that survive are not really religions but nationalisms that fight with weapons and gold and have substituted their verbal ethics for the values of violence and greed proper of iron and money.

The paradigms of those go(l)d religions are Judaism with his ‘worldly religion of money’ (Marx), which can be traced to the idolatry of the Golden calf and self-similar Protestant religions that consider ‘money the intelligence of Go(l)d’ (Calvin); while the paradigms of ‘military inquisitions’ are Aryan and Fascist cults of war, today transformed into nationalisms.

Unfortunately,                              . Yet before money and weapons reinforced those tribal cults, converting them into corrupted religions, either Go(l)d churches or violent inquisitions, most humans evolved into:


mechanismandcapitalism,thereligionsofmachinesandmoney,increasedenormouslythepoweroftribes thatadoptedthelanguagesofmetal.Sotodaymosthumansbelongtoatribal,‘nationalistic’cult(ures) that fight with weapons and money to become ‘number one’ of the economic ecosystem


Maturity.TheageofOikoumenereligions:ChristianityandIslaminwhichallmenarecellsofthebodyofGod,the OrganismofHistory.

Communication among tribes increased the knowledge of the unity of humanity. So tribes grew into confederations that evolved into bigger organisms.

Thus, Ecumenical Religions, with a global concept of God as the collective subconscious of the Human species, came into being, reaching their summit with Christianity and Islam. While most tribal religions, smaller organisms of history, were absorbed by ecumenical cults, dwindling its numbers or they became extinct in religious wars by the ‘bigger organism’.

For example, a Jewish Verbal, Ethic Prophet, Jesus, who understood the laws of social love, reformed Judaism, the paradigmatic religion of the tribal age; and most Jewish people converted to the new religion, while those who didn’t, confront from then on the ‘Holocaust’ cycles of Genocide brought about by bigger Warrior cults that extinguish them, since the Roman Diaspora to the Nazi Era.

Christianity was in that sense, the moral r=evolution, which erased most tribal religions.

While in the East, Buddhism evolved Hindi, warrior castes into an Oikoumene cult that merged elements of Anthropomorphic and Objective Religions.

Finally, in the West, as Christianity broke into tribal wars, corrupted by Germanic warriors, a new Oikoumene religion, Islam, appears, as Muhammad put it, to convert to the God of Love and Mankind, hardcore metal-masters.

Thus Islam imposed harsher penalties to ‘sinners’, who broke the code of Love and despised the Sacred ethics of the Wor(l)d, forbidding images and setting strict rituals of social and religious behavior (the 5 pillars of faith). And perhaps because of that harshness, it is still today alive and kicking, having rejected mechanist science, as the less corrupted version of Christianity (Catholicism) did till recent times.

       when the organic understanding of mankind is used to describe the fight of ‘Deus Vs Machine’:


—        Informativeage.TheageofSocialReligions,

In its 3, informative age, the French Revolution and the Socialist Movement applied those ethic Laws of religions through the use of Constitutional Laws to the real creation of a collective human Super-Organism of History, able to control the Economic ecosystem and its ‘germs’, weapons and lethal machines. However old tribal cults and nationalisms opposed the coming together of mankind, competing military and economically, while destroying all social r=evolutions from outside or inside (Military Stalinism). The ideals of social evolution would be re-established after II World War, inspiring International Organizations, such as EU and UNO, which tried to create a collective human super-organism, based in the production of life-enhancing ‘human goods’, able to shape the Earth to the image and likeness of man. Those organizations could be the blue print for a future Global Government of Mankind that truly transcends into the 3 evolutionary horizon of a World super-organism.



All this said,  the difference between life-love-wor(l)d civilizations and animetal civilizations is clear: in societies based in metal-memes what evolves are the selfish memes, weapons, money and machines, not human beings, BECAUSE HUMANS HAVE ABORTED THEIR EVOLUTION BEFORE THE THRESHOLD OF THE SPECIES IN TRIBAL OR SEGREGATIONAL RELIGIONS, A STAGE MORE PRIMITIVE IN THE SOCIAL EVOLUTION OF MANKIND.


Now this fundamental law or paradox of history applies to all human elements . Perhaps the most telling one is the syntax of their languages, which according to the laws of generative grammar and the way they structure our way of thought, express sentences in imperative and objectual form, reducing the human subject to a slave of the mandates of its animetal cults:

They are cult(ure)s that ‘consider themselves different from mankind’ as people ‘chosen’ by the ‘manifest destiny’ of its religion (the only one in contact with God) or its nation (the one that must conquer the world)

For very long those type of fundamentalist animetal tribal cultures have been at the task of conquering the world with money or weapons. And fought each other causing all the wars and holocausts of history.

They repress human senses and human drives of existence (Biblical repression of sex, dietary laws against good, food, despise of the rest of humanity which in energetic, body-military religions are considered an inferior race – German warrior racism – or in informative, mental, monetary religions, an inferior culture not  chosen (Jewish segregation, religion of banker-priests).


The extreme in fact is NOT the German but the Jewish people-caste of ‘banker-priests’ who in Talmud defines humans as goyyim, animals to which the laws of love and 10 commandments do not apply as we are NOT for a Banker-priest a human being.

It is for that reason that the greatest prophets of the wor(l)d in the western world (Moses, Jesus, Marx) come from the Jewish culture, born of the reaction of its highest verbal minds to the dictatorship of go(l)d banker-priests, trying to reform judaism and convert it into athe common fight of the human species for survival, following the eusocial laws of evolution of all the members of the same species – the laws of social love.

Thus, socialist doctrines were the 1 attempt to create a real science of history and a caste of bio-historians, politicians of the party or ‘head’ of the organism of history that rule a world made to the image and likeness of man. This attempt to create a perfect society had 2 essays, one in Russia, today extinct; and a second one in China. The Chinese late contact with metal explains also its higher evolution as a culture of human wor(l)ds, based in the arrow of social evolution and makes the Chinese World still controlled by legal words, despite its capitalist growth, is perhaps the last society able to balance the Historic and Economic Ecosystem during the IV Kondratieff cycle.



 But to fully grasp the corruption of the wor(l)d by the values of money and weapons, greed and murder and the killing of the messages of eusocial love and freedom of advanced civilizations a lst element is needed – the deformation of human languages in which the human subject no longer matters by animetal cult(ure)s to weapons and go(l)d, through the corruption of its universal grammar into Objetual SOV languages and imperative Vso languages, which will become dominant in warrior societies (germanic, japanese, trkish and basque, SOV cold, objectual languages) and semitic, fundamentalist, greed-oriented societies (hebrew and arab with Vso languages in whih the verb orders imperatively the subject):

We also do a general study of how the fundamental mind of man, the verbal wor(l)d shapes cultures and are influenced by metal-power, adapting the different cultures of mankind to its ‘actions’ through the different syntax of languages;


The 3 dimensions of  Man: minds=races=cultures: ‘words & World views’. 


In the graph, the Universal Grammar that constructs all Systems of the Universe, with its 3 elements, Information (subject) < Action (verb) > Energy (Object), defines also the Universal Grammar of all human languages. 

So there are 3 fundamental orders of those 3 elements that define most languages of mankind: 

– VSO languages (Imperative Order, Semitic, ‘religious’ languages) < SVO (Active order, balanced, African, Chinese/Romance languages) > SOV/OV (Passive Order, warrior, cold, objectual languages). 

They are the origin of the 3 fundamental world views of mankind, the ‘greedy’, self-centered world view proper of the capitalist world; the balanced, humanist world sensorial world view, and the Warrior, Objectual, Industrial world view (Germanic, Japanese culture). 

Thus the ‘viewworld’ of each human mind species is reflected in the languages, according to the hierarchical order of those 3 elements. 

Animetal cultures dominated either by money or weapons are the unbalanced world views and word orders: 

– Fundamentalist religions and those capitalist religions dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, the VSO order. It is a  hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence.They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages 

– Warrior cultures and objectual cold-hearted cultures in which the subject can even disappear as it does so often in Japanese, are SOV orders. 

– While sensorial, humanist cultures; today the Chinese in the East, the Romance language in the west (and English influenced by French) and the African languages in its totality show the most proper SVO order often with ‘Imperative’ and ‘Passive’ voices for certain situations. 

In the graph, the distribution of ancient languages acording to its order: classic Semitic, ‘religious’ imperative languages are VSO languages, confronted to its ‘inverse’ SOV, warrior languages, as their cultures were. They represented the 2 extremes of the animetal, eternal dispute between ‘cold warrior and ‘greedy trader’ societies. Among the classic languages only Chinese and Gaul, the 2 more ‘life-oriented’ societies of the Western and Eastern decoupling, even today, had the more evolved, flexible SVO ‘mammal order’. While the 2 most sophisticated ‘indo-european’ languages, of higher evolution (due to its allopatric evolution in the 2 regions of original development of Indo-European languages, the Anatolian peninsula, from where it radiated during the Neolithic, and the Russian steppe, origin of the Chariot second radiation), Classic Greek and Russian, permit the maximal flexibility with multiple word order. So do today the Romance languages evolved from Latin 

It is not by chance that in the East and West they represent the summit of human thought and search for human freedom and maximization of art, literature and r=evolution (French, Socialist aborted r=evolutions). While in the East China is the only culture in which man and the law still dominates though in a process of extinction, the power of weapons and money.

 intention to change the course of history?


Now to the big, most censored question about reality – who is the elite of the Western world? And why it does not have any

 Empire of robotized people, militaristic, with no empathy for mankind, as the left media seems to indicate and right media insists? No, really. We are under a dictatorship of the Financial-Media system , its


Are we part of an Americancorporations and owners, which are NOT members of the American culture but of te Jewish culture. And this historic truth, this fact, is obviously the most censored fact of the world today, as power is better exercise in invisibility So the FACT that we are rule NOT by a science of experts, but by a power culture, an empire has become a taboo that all people in power knows but never talks about. 

So we shall introduce the barebones of that fact, largely studied in this blog. 


‘Those who impose truth with power, will be the laugh of the Gods’ A. Einstein

‘At the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective or nation of the Jewish people – and those who do not obey will be exterminated’ Millenarian prophecy, Babyonian talmud.



In the graph the evolution of money and the people-culture that invented it, whose ‘experts’ have created a system of myths in favor of its use to control cultures, that have evolved from  religions into Classic Economics. A real science of Economics however must be based in the description of money as a language of information controlled by verbal laws, to guide the physical body of the economy for the benefit of ALL mankind. In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program. Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth. Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.go(l)d

The main reason evolutionary economics and the previous humanist, scientific schools of this discipline are systematically censored is this ‘section’ of the science, based in the work of the historic schools of economics and religion (Sombart, AbrahAM Leon, Weber, Albright, Eliade, Campbell) which flatly prove with historic data and cyclical analysis the equivalence between judaism and protestantism (also based in the old testament meme) and capitalism. Thus it is impossible to study the culture of capitalism and the institution that governs the world the stock-market and its corporations, without studying the original culture that invented them, its memes and religious beliefs.

This cultural origin of economics is also essential to understand why the economic system does not work for mankind at large – since it is not a scientific, organic design, but one who caters to the 1% of owners of those corporations.

Thus, even if today Jewish control of the western financial industry is still rather absolute (±80% of central bankers, CFOs of the 1000 Fortune and CEOs of western banks and 72% of Nobel Prizes belong to this culture – and Nobel prizes cannot be given by decree to an evolutionist, since Mr. Nobel, the Merchant of Death, was a pious believer in the bible that denied evolution as 80% of present Americans also pious believers in the bible do)) what truly matters to us Iis to understand the direct relationship between the segregation, racist, fetish go(l)d religion of Judaism and the modern behavior of the ‘structure’ they founded – the corporation – which has been rightly termed as paranoid, psychotic and  a social psychopath…as Judaism as a religion and culture in its .


opinions of mankind, which it rules with the financial-media system; since that view is fundamental to understand the memes of capitalism and its utter disregard for human rights and the present neo-fascist age, when the Jewish->American empire has become globalized

Jewish (Americans, Europeans and Biblical people from daughter calvinist and anglican cultures iwth similar albeit less racist go(l)d memes) owners of corporations with their armies of millions of employees design the future of the world. And they do so unfortunately from the perspective of tribal history NOT of scientific history.

In that regard, we must study capitalism as the final, digital ‘version’ of a racist cult(ure) to go(l)d memes which parallel to the previous war cult(ure)s worshipping weapons (800 year cycles) have systematically, and still is, repressed or extinguished life memes as it expanded globally with its fundamental modern institution – the corporation:



In the graph, the 3 horizons of the dominant Industrial Culture of Biblical origin that governs the world:

– The first age as a religion of banker-priests in the Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia, Levant)

– The second age as a Jewish-Protestant, North European national imperial cult(ure) that expanded from the smallish, ‘alopatric’ Dutch Jewish_Calvinist culture where all the elements of the modern world (the Financial_Media System of yellow papers and stock papers, the Military-Industrial System of gunboat corporations, the idol-ogical system of racist segregation religions, of Go(l)d chosen) were put in place.

– The 3rd, modern age of ‘globalization’ and ‘digitalization’ of the laws of creation of a global world of machines, ruled by corporations in which life is expendable, when those ‘goals of the future’ are translated by economists into ‘mathematical laws’ that pass as the ‘only path of future’ according to ‘experts’ overwhelmingly believers of those biblical, go(l)d fetish religions (72% of Nobel Prizes being Jewish and 18% protestant believers).

Today thus misunderstood by people and politicians, the process of life extinction and human obsolescence to the chip radiation continues unabated guided by the new ‘priests of Go(l)d cult(ure)s, the economists.


We explain those 3 phases in great detail in our Posts on Biblical, Creationist Economics,  as the theme must be studied with detail and historic texts, and we cannot dedicate so much of this central post to the negative side of human history, so those who want further information they should either consult those books of that article that brings some key excepts of those books on the themes explored.

Further on, the 3rd phase, the present neo-con empire of Jewish-Calvinist Biblical believers that ‘own’ the financial-media system (Wall Street-The City/Evilwood) and through it control the politics of the west is analyzed in our section of newspeaks and zeitgeist, so it is not needed to do an exhaustive analysis here.

So here we shall consider briefly them, since THE WORLD WE LIVE CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING ITS ORIGIN IN A CULTURE, THE TRANSLATION OF THE MEMES OF THAT CULTURE INTO economics WHO CONVERTED the postulates of those religions of ‘fetish gold’ and weapons, into modern capitalist science, aka classic economics. And finally with the American electronic age expanded into a global neo-con Empire that is NOT as people think an American Empire (the body) but a Jewish One (the financial-media head).


2nd Phase: ‘creationist, Biblical, Capitalist ‘economics’, censors Social Sciences.

We humans use 3 languages of social power, money, weapons and laws, and those who invent them control societies.
The control of those languages of social power, means according to the natural structure of all social organisms divided into a ‘neuronal/informative class’ and a reproductive/working body that obeys blindly the messages of the languages and its neuronal people-castes the control of human societies.

So priests and politicians control verbal, ethic societies. Bankers who monopolize credit control capitalist societies and the military that controls weapons controls dictatorships. When weapons dominate the other 2 languages we live in a military dictatorship.When money dominates, issued by non-elected bankers or corporations we live in a corporative dictatorship, the definition of a capitalist society, which is incompatible with a true democracy, in which laws dominate the other 2 languages.But that is not the world we live in. We live in a capitalist society, where the highest values are those of metal, money and its affine substances, metal-weapons (energetic metal) and organic metal, machines:

This is NOT the only possible world. It is NOT the best. And it has NO future for mankind. In this blog we shall design according to the laws of social organisms, a perfect world. Yes you might think it is just a theoretical exercise, but the battles of history between civilizations based in life memes, which created very good approximations to that perfect world – the last of which was the European welfare state of the post-war age, when the leading ‘animetal cultures’ of bankers and warrior germ(an)s lost power to the greek-latin, life-based civilization proves it was possible to create and evolve mankind towards a sustainable world. Yes, that world now is being dismantled by a renewed hierarchical pyramid, a new world order, of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines as the only goods we overproduce.


cover 1 

Now we can revise the graph of XIX c. capitalism that starts this central post with the higher understanding we have acquired of the ‘idol-ogies’ of our ‘wrong material cult(ure)’ that worships money, weapons and machines, the selfish memes of metal that have substituted the welfare goods of life, we should promote. The graph, from a spanish book on the matter, taken from an excellent film on the subject, ‘Thrive’, updates that pyramid of XIX c. capitalism to the present system of power, where money is still on top – but now is fiat money reproduced without limit by banksters that give nothing of it for the development of mankind. Below the companies that make machines and weapons and below the governments that control with the fantasy dreams of democracy a mass of humans and life forms that toil unending hours to be taxed by them. 

It is a similar pyramid hold by the ego-centric beliefs and idol-ogies of metal that sustain the paradoxes of history – the ego paradox, the antiquantum paradox, the animetal paradox. 

The difference is that unlike the XIX c. hierarchical power of capitalism, while there are still on top the memes of metal (money and weapon and its ideologies) and the stock-rats owners of those corporations, on the bottom the human classes of ‘corporative managers’, ‘workers’ are becoming obsolete to the new white collar pcs and blue collar robots that work for them – the ultimate case of our labor crisis. So they will soon become ‘ unemployed enemies’. 

And this automation of the processes of the Industrial Evolution means also that the censoring groups that were in the second scale of XIX C. capitalism – abrahamic religions, nationalist politicians, technoutopian scientists – are more and more irrelevant, as mankind becomes manufactured by mass-media fictions and violent hate speeches that follow ‘marketing trends’, Orwellian newspeaks defined by Goebbels, the first minister of information of the industrial world (then called minister of propaganda), which said in Germany ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe’. Goebbels, whose heirs own the most respected German company, BMW, the leading robotic car manufacturer of the western world, whose lobbies systematically change laws in Brussels is the forgotten founder of that modern world. The bank on top, the International Bank for Settlements was created to give credits to the III Reich; the companies below still make machines and weapons and sell them whatever it takes for profits.  And the values of gold and war proper of the metal-age of money are still standing. 

Economists indeed shun ethics and verbal values, despise history and believe in the ‘selfish memes of metal’ and idol-ogies of its founding fathers, Mr. Adam Smith, the calvinist believer that ‘gold was the intelligence of god’ (Calvin) with his definition of money as ‘gold and silver, a commodity’ and his defense of the absolute monopoly of bankers over the issue of money, which they should lend to usury prices to states to be spent mainly in weapons and police, for the greatness of the British empire, and a book not so much quoted that appear within a decade and was hand in hand the pillar of modern capitalism, ‘in defense of usury’ by Mr. Bentham, a Jewish banker, who established 2 other ‘totems’ of economic ‘sciences’ – that bankers must issue money to obtain a parasitic interest and that was good, and


if ‘people did not accept it, it was because they ‘were antisemitic’ – not because they defended the ethic values of the wor(l)d and a future to mankind, but because they seemed not to understand the biblical people was entitled to that privilege as experts and ‘chosen of go(l)d’. 

He then gave us the substitute values that should guide economists instead of ethics, ‘utilitarianism’ and the ‘search for pleasure’. Greed and pleasure became then the totems of this ‘dismal science’, where the poor were always blamed. And still are. Because they do not seem to understand the divine order. They do not seem to cherish oppressive taxation, slavery to corporations, the degradation of their mind by mass-media hate speeches, they sometimes rebel against Calvin’s dictum that ‘people must remain ignorant to become obedient’. They sometimes do not castrate their human life-wantings. They do NOT always vote for those parties that ensure their destruction. They actually consider 3rd world people also human, not just terrorists. 

All this Smith and Bentham warned us are grave errors of judgment. Bentham had 3 friends, Ricardo, a Jewish stock speculator who found as Smith did that workers must have only the subsistence salary because if many die, workers will be scarce and salaries will grow, not because they have the right to live, but also that in the future they could die because machines could take their jobs and profits will grow – son not even the death of mankind to the robotic revolution would be a ‘sin’. Profits would justify it. 

ANother friend was the priest, Malthus, who accused the Irish of ‘fu**ing too much’, a life sin, and that is why they died of hunger – not because their landlords exported food to pay the taxes of the usury loans of the private bank england. Indeed, in ireland died 1 million people and the landlords exported enough wheat to feed 2 million. And finally Stuart Mill, the utilitarian disciple of Bentham who wanted to destroy taj mahal during his job at the Indian East company because ‘art had no utility’ whatsoever. 

Those 4+1 established the idol-ogies of classic economics that our modern experts still follow. As in Philosophy where it is said that all what came after the Greeks are just comments on Aristotle and Plato, in classic, financial economics, the only no-censored school taught today, all what came after those biblical bigots would be comments on their side.


Thus during the cycles of the industrial revolution the same process of censorship of the classic age of military weapons and slave capitalist companies happens based in the present ‘newspeaks’ and ‘idol-ogies’ of metal which include: 

A) Exceptionalism that brings back the myths and ideologies of Abrahamic Religions, Capitalist worship of money and technoutopia, making man an special being that is entitled to defy the biological laws of this planet. And it merely  confuses wishful thinking and subjective wantings with serious science. 

B) Censorship by the ‘animetal castes’ on top of our society, bankers, the military and the corrupted politicians that profit from the present system – at least in the short term. 

C)  Propaganda of the system considered as the best and only possible system. When it is not.  ’democratic’ capitalism is just a placebo mask where people believe voting is equal to freedom. 

But capitalism is by definition a non-democratic system since the control of society is made by the digital language of money monopolized by old dynasties of bankers. So the democratic part is just the camouflage –   a mask of caring and placebo power called bipartisan democracy, in which both parties of moderate left/right are in fact the same party, in as much as they accept that bankers not governments print the bulk of the money (today 95% printed in stocks and derivatives). So all what they have to do is to cheat voters and then cater and panhandle to the biggest corporations to get their money, passing ‘sold’ laws in favor of their privileges of use of money and laws in favor of their machines against human rights and social, labor rights. This is legal in some democracies like America, and when it is not legal, because the capitalist bipartisan democracy is set up to corrupt politicians without access to money or a posteriori judgment, it merely provokes a series of hidden deals and scandals, as it happens often in Europe, South-America or Japan. 

D) shallow scientific analysis based only in the first step of the scientfiic method (recollection of data) done with all kind of technologies, as the other key step, search of cyclical patterns and  finding of causal explanations defies the anthropomorphic ego-trips of the human researcher (we must be by definition ‘free’, hence we cannot be subject to patterns, etc.) 

Thus the essence of our civilization from an intellectual perspective is the protection of those 4 pillars of censorship of social sciences, based ultimately in the structural Paradox of the Ego, natural to the way in which the mind of man works.

So when we study objectively the work of most scholars of both sciences prior to the enormous influence that in the discipline had the discovery of biological and evolutionary sciences, we observe that the ultimate reason they could not achieved a true scientific analysis of history, man, and economics and its memes are those 4 forms of censorship.


scholar censorship is far stronger in capitalism than in nationalism

History however, being mainly concerned with man, since Darwin’s discovery of evolution and Marx’ work, deeply influenced by Darwin understood the existence of two ill-designed social castes, animetals (which he called the upper class) and human beings (which he called the working class), would never return to the degree of censorship that Nationalism (tribal homo) and Abrahamic Religions had established for millennia. So Sociology appeared as the true science of history and while in popular culture, the Financial-Media System still controls the mind of man and establishes those myths as the essence of being human in history, among scholars it is difficult to find a serious thinker of history that will sustain the superiority of the Homo Americanus over the Homo Latinus and so on.

Astoundingly enough this IS NOT the case of ECONOMIC SCIENCE, which never MADE THE SAME transition, accepting NEITHER, evolutionary science in its analysis of technology as we do in this blog, scorning the only serious precedent to such analysis (Mr. Butler, an earlier follower of Darwin that compared steam machines to bodies that ‘feed’ on coal and weapons to predators that ‘kill’ human bodies, and certainly would have praised this work), who ended up rising sheep in New Zealand. Neither the existence of two clear classes in all economic systems, those who invent the language of economic power MONEY and define with it, the digital orders, prices, salaries, bribes that define what we produce, the ‘bankers’, AND THOSE WHO receive money from them and MUST obey them.

Indeed, the socialist school that defined this essential fact of real democracies – the need to control BOTH languages of social power, money and the law to establish a FREE society, was immediatly censored in the western world. And so happened after the 70s neo-con coup d’etat and the massive growth of financial wealth of the e-money boom, with the Keynesian school that defends human beings and its economic rights.

The only focus of economists thus is to multiply their profits of speculative e-money schemes and favor the stock companies whose prices they jack up with them.

The result is that economists systematically propose 2 measures to all nations departing from those taboos.

The taboo of abrahamic religions with ‘chosen’ people who are more righteous and intelligent than the rest of society, hence must rule non-democratically governments, and the taboo of the issue of money means that we are asked always from its FMI, Central bank places: the increase in taxes to pay usury debt money to their private banker colleagues, provoking stronger crisis. This is exactly what for 3000 years usury bankers from go(l)d religions, working as tax farmers and usurers have asked nations. This is the only theme they care for, and explains the destruction of the welfare state in both America and Europe.

The issue of money is thus the definitive ‘issue’ of social freedom and economic design.

But all this is not possible because we live in a capitalist Theocracy that in this phase, the 3rd cycle of electronic control and manufacturing of the human mind, has become so sophisticated as appearing ‘CARING’, POLITICALLY CORRECT, HUMANE AND POSITIVE TO US, THANKS TO THE MASSIVE IMPRINTING OF THE MIND BY ELECTRONIC AUDIOVISUAL PROPAGANDA, FAR MORE SOPHISTICATED AND WITH FAR MORE OVERLOAD OF INFORMATION, that any other media including radio and the press had before,

Indeed, ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ said Goring, first minister of propaganda, now called in orwellian newspeak ministry of information.

So as the financial-media system, head of the Organism of machines we are building took over the military-industrial one in America and the people who own wall street and evilwood took over the previous calvinist, germanic elite of the Industrial revolution, the system of evil anti-life memes ‘dressed as a gentleman’, and established a new moderate tone to hide its eternal fundamentalism. Political and economical correctness, victimism, righteousness and audiovisual effects, religious rituals of caring and prizes appeared to disguise it all. So people became submitted to Orwellian Newspeaks and Huxlerian ‘brave happy new worlds’, and ‘somas’ for the mind.

We talk of ‘big brother smiley’, ‘dont worry be ahppy’ become a slave, love your masters, who dressed with sheep skins, when they are predator wolves. And this was achieved by complexity and murder at distance, the trademark of capitalism. So we must know enter the most difficult of all tasks, to unveil the hidden nature of the Financial_Media empire and its owners that are taking mankind for a ride till its extinction, singing all together in happy brotherhood, ’4 legs, 4 legs good, 2 legs better’. Yes, indeed Orwell knew better.

he craziness of our world and ‘social sciences’ is that it attempts to explain reality while at the same time hides the culture and memes of those who rule it.

It is like trying to explain south-America, without mentioning the Spanish conquistadors, its animetal warrior culture and how they have imposed from their language to their religion to those people. An elite that controls a culture with weapons and money, even if it is as small as the Spanish conquistadors (30.000 went there in the XVI century), can impose its culture completely to the population they rule. The Israelification of America today is complete and it is in that sense impossible to understand Modern America, no longer a WASP culture, but a JB (Jewish bankers) culture, without understanding Judaism and its memes which after the coup d’état of 1972 of the Financial Media system they own, with the control of Politicians (Watergate scandal that showed TVs could behead a president), money (end of gold convertibility that allowed wall street to multiply e-money with no limit) and Yon Kippur (that deviated the American army from fighting communism to defend apartheid Israel, in increasing phases till the present global war on terror) became the dictators and manufacturers of the American brain, and through globalization of the western world.

From the cultural perspective what this means is obvious, despite the massive censorship that the financial-media system has established on this theme with the so-called by the American left, ‘industry of the holocaust’.

It is NOT America who rules the world. It is NOT its president, Mr. Obama, truly a ‘House negro’ in Malcolm X terms, who rules the world, but Wall Street and Hollywood with its monopoly of reproduction with informative digital machines of digital money, the language of information that rules the Earth, and audiovisual infotainment, the don’t worry be happy and become an idiot fictions that manufacture human brains to ‘do nothing’ and let bankers control the planet.

And since the Financial-Media system is overwhelmingly controlled by the ‘culture we worship’ and ‘consider the victims of history’, according to that programming established by them – the Jewish culture, studied in depth in many posts of this web, as the ruler that establish our collective future -we do NOT live in the American Empire, but in the Jewish Empire.

And that is why western armies are mere mercenary armies defending Apartheid Israel, the nation whose western colonies obey, since as Miss Clinton put it, ‘it is difficult to say no to your banker’.

And so we think that the Jewish are the victims of history (not the blacks, those are the ‘house negros’ that cover up), and that the holocaust is the biggest crime of history (not just one of the many massacres and genocides that happened and will keep happening as long as men worship the profits of war). And the mere mention of this kind of themes in America or the British empire controlled by this cult(ure) of go(l)d with iron fist in velvet hand means the end of one’s career.

Indeed, 90% of the central bankers of the west, 80% of CEOs of its financial companies and CFOs of the 1000 western Fortune companies are ruled by them, when they are only 1%.

Yet through the control of credit, they cre(dit)ate, create the future of mankind and our idol-ogies to machines and weapons, our increasingly racist memes against life and the 3rd world. And of course, the unjust distribution of wealth, monopolized by their corporations, who are awash with money while welfare goods and humane jobs disappear without credit and states cut the basic survival needs of society. So for example, 90% of wealth created last decade in America went to the top 1% of which the Jewish people represent the 54%. And yet because the media system manufactures our brains this cannot be known. The American instead is sold as it was the Brit, the concept that he is the emperor and owner of the world. This simple nationalism hides what Rothschild said of the British empire. ‘It doesn’t matter whose puppet occupies the throne of saint George, whoever controls the issue of British money controls the empire were the sun never sets, and I control the issue of British Money’.


And so this is what the new aristocrats of the world, the ‘stockrats’ who own the corporations of the west, do now from America: to control the world. 

The Wor(l)d Union: A WHealthy body of history.

Can we change the World? There is a always a chance…

The is almost constructed by the – the informative brain, the network-brain of money, the language that creates the . The process of creation of the  is almost completed.


 Metal-Earth stock-marketeconomic ecosystemhMetal-eart

The XVII century gave birth to , the XIX C. to The 20th century, has given birth to Ears of Metal, eyes of metal, brains of metal, radios and phones, cameras and TVs, chips, computers and internets, informative organs that reach faster and farther than human informative organs; and substitute laws and religions, , by . In this manner the  is about to be born.


company-mothers .bodies of metal .heads of metalour networks of survival truthspro-machine ideologiesMetal-earth

Meanwhile the ecosystem of History, the rival ecosystem has not a worldwide brain, not an informative center, able to counter-react against the biologic consequence of the growth of the



the parallel process of  that the fight for the limited vital space of this planet, between both  causes. The process of construction of the seems in biological terms harmful to Carbonlife and man. Can we avoid it?


,extinction of the life and the human Earthrival ecosystems, and species by  Metal-earthcompany-mothers

Yes we can, as any other biological process can be aborted. Yet to abort the an enormous deal of effort should take place. As it happens in any attempt to abort a biological process of growth in any organism or ecosystem. Let us imagine now that such process is somehow natural to planets. That certain carbonlife species, evolve metal-species, to acquire power over its ecosystem. Then the new species eliminate the previous symbiotic forms that helped them to evolve. Even in that case the process can be halt, as you can stop a ray of light that has traveled billions of years merely putting your hand in the middle of the ray. Or you can abort a fetus, hitting into the stomach of the mother…



Many planets obviously do not become metal-planets. Otherwise the galaxy should be filled with machines. Maybe there are many planets that abort or never have the conditions to create a world of metal. Let us imagine that is our case – after all our life Earth is very young in the outskirt of our galaxy; far away from the complex center of evolved ‘metal-planets’, and evolved stars. Not so here, where it is logic to think that if man is wise enough, the life Earth could last very long. Let us imagine that we men have a chance to continue as top predators of this planet, and we want to build it to the image and resemblance of ourselves. I believe we do. Yet I am only an informative human. I have no power, no money, no armies to re-conduct the human adventure towards a longer life. The job has to be done by  with , scientists against robotics, politicians with laws and the military with weapons, the languages of power of human societies, they control.



So paradoxically only those who are destroying the Earth by backing the evolution of machines – th – can save it preventing their further evolution.It is then departing from those cultures, and its commanding nations, taking over the world, DENATIONALIZING THE METAL-EARTH CORPORATIONS THAT MUST BELONG TO MANKIND AND ITS COLLECTIVE BRAIN GOVERNMENT AS ANY ORGANISM RULES ITS ORGANS FROM ITS BRAIN, how the perfect world begins to be constructed.



A day like yesterday, the presidents of US (dominant in Anglo-America), China (dominant in Asia), and France NOT Germ(any), a nation which is only parallel to the Jewish Go(L)d function in its racist, anti-human memes, based in an absolute slavery to machines (the other side of the animetal coin), representing Europe, as its melting pot central culture that fusions the influence of the other 4 poles of the continent (Italy, Spain, Germany UK) give a coup d’état in UNO, nationalize the global world stock and establish the heptarchy, using the Security Council, to which a 7th site for Brazil (dominant in Hispano-America) is given. The British site is taken away and given to India, The Russian site merges with the French (Russia being the other alternative to lead the European Culture), and Egypt and Zaire are invited to represent Islam and Africa…

And then Humanity takes to the task of surviving the Singularity age. No holes barred. Of course, there will be opposition, but ALL MEANS MUST BE USED TO SURVIVE IN A SITUATION THAT ALLOWS NO WASTING TIME, NO LEGAL FEES, NO COURTESY, BUT ACTING UP, ‘bravery, ethics and intelligence’, the 3 elements that create the maximal perfect actions of all the systems of the Universe.

In the graph that started this section , the final evolution of those original human civilizations based in wor(l)d values is shown:  we see the perfect world and its 7 cultures. What we call the rainbow planet.

The ‘rainbow’ planet  is formed by the 7 main cultures of the world, and since it is


a cultural association, requires not of army borders, only internal police in each ‘department’ of administration or ‘region’ of the culture. Terminology and newspeak of course in the rainbow planet is positive to peace and comprehension between groups of mankind.

The rainbow planet requires obviously an economic equality between all the members of society to a minimal degree of ‘satisfaction’ of the pyramid of Maslow or Paretto curve of utility which means a global financial UNO based currency which emits a global fiat money, salary of legal tender in


all nations of the Rainbow planet, the Human Empire of other utopias of my book in perfect super-organisms of mankind. 


As a bioeconomist and biohistorian, as a doctor of the body of history, I can theoretically understand the way we can save the Earth and design ways to halt the process of terraforming of the Earth. Yet our leaders, warriors, traders, and scientists, have to act up. A writer only can advice with words, a doctor can only advice a patient. It is the patient who has to take the antidote. It is up to the leaders of the species, to control the  before the Metal-Earth leaves no room to control. What a bio-economist can do is to explain the nature of the Metal-Earth. To warn man against machines. To explain the errors of  that prevent our leadership to have a clear vision of the Earth’s sickness. A bio-economist can also consider theoretical models of biological nature and  that could improve the  that sustain human beings.


Metal-earthabstract economicseconomical measuresnetworks of information and energy

This is the purpose of this page: to use bio-logical laws in favor of man, by designing apolitical system in which men not machines are evolved and reproduced by the social networks of that political system, ‘The World Union’. We call the economical system that the World Union imposes, an “ethonomy” because it should be ruled by verbal orders and values, not by monetary orders and values, by human political systems, that set the goals of the bio-economy from the verbal, , human point of view.



The need for a single World Organism: The Wor[l]d union

It should be obvious by what it has been said in this Web, that a world system of  could work in favor of mankind. It would be an “ethonomic” system, where the ethical, verbal mandate of human survival controls the market and its products. In such world, human rights could be higher than metal rights. We call such ideal world government, the Wor[l]d Union. Wor[l]d means both Word and World. That is, a World ruled by the survival, anthropomorphic language of Words, which puts man at the center of the Universe, and wishes to construct a planet to our image and resemblance.



Thus The Wor[l]d Union is a world government based on Ethonomics, on economical systems that promote human goods, and repress lethal goods. The Wor[l]d union is ruled by human verbal Laws. It has a simple goal: the survival and evolution of mankind. In such World, verbal words (Laws) rule over digital numbers (money and science).

The aim of an Ethonomic society is not the evolution of machines and metal goods, but the evolution of men and the reproduction of human goods. Such ideal systems existed in the past, mostly in pre-metal civilizations and religious ages, when  were submissive to moral ethics: ages such as the Christian age of Rome, or the Buddhist age in Asia, when people were socially harmonic. There were many human goods, ethical churches controlled credit and invested mainly in welfare (50% of church revenues were spent in the poor by canonical law). In those ages the quantity of money and machines of war dwindled. Such ages had an economical mandate in favor of the Human Historic organism that could be resumed in a simple biological equation: the Human constitution.



The sickness of the Organism of History

We are biological beings, which follow the biological drives and laws of  of living organisms and efficient, survival species. Thus, without the understanding of the Nature and Needs of human beings, it is impossible to design a perfect economical world, made to the image and likeness of man. In brief, an efficient economy that caters to the human species, should satisfy and re=produce massively those goods that satisfy our need for natural energy, verbal information, family values (reproduction) and  (the  of love that create a global super-organism of mankind) through the control and direction of credit by elected governments to the re=production of those goods.


nEusocial evolutioEusocial evolutionmemes

The present world however is not ruled by bio-historians and politicians who understand the nature of man, but by financialwith a simple primitive meme: greed is good, the reproduction of , mostly for ourselves, bankers, is the goal of societies. The needs of the people are secondary to our selfish goal. And so only the nationalization of  to promote a welfare, private economy that subventions and encourages the production of biological goods can solve the problems of our world. Otherwise the present economy ruled by financial elites and  of , whose only goal is to make profits by selling  and substituting expensive human labor by cheap robots and pcs will end up in a world of infinite  and null human labor where we will be obsolete workers and soldiers, guided by  who preach  laws – the substitution of labor by capital, since productivity=capital/labor increases when we fire workers and increase capital=. This world also will become less and less democratic as the sinking of a middle , substituted by those  and displaced into the 3rd world of suburban ghettos protests and must be repressed by an  increasing number of automated police , security systems and big brother technologies. Thus Keynesian Militarism will substitute Keynesian Welfare goods and an age of neofascism in the making, will control the population that rebels against the zeitgeist of our age.



The alternative science:– a demand, democratic economy based in human goods.  ethonomics

A biological approach to  can truly understand and how they are transforming ourhuman ecosystem. Then as the doctor does with the body we can design antidotes, and counter-measures to defend our , from the lethal mutation it is experienced under the effect of certain . Indeed, there is a second role that a scientist plays. He does not search for the only to know those laws, but he studies them to manipulate reality with that knowledge. Since the scientist knows the laws of nature, he can modify reality to improve his existence. So happens in the science of chemistry and medicine. Now man can cure many diseases of which he was a victim in the past.


economics the nature of machines,  storysocial body of himachineslaws of nature

The doctor applies the laws of nature to improve the life of humanity. Hence the enormous importance of aand history If man applies a “true scientific model” of history and , based not in abstractions and but in theand needs of the human species, politicians, , and the common people, could direct in their own advantage the behavior of the Earth’s ecosystems, and design (as scientists do, with those species whose laws of behavior and change they know).


 “real” science of economics .economics ideologies of machines, natural goods, economists their own future

Men could create a future positive to our species, controlling the that reproduce machines, with and implementing counter-measures against lethal products, reinforced by the military -the leukocytes of a well-run human organism- to cure the ecosystem of history. If the “doctors” of history and , our entrepreneurs and politicians, our military and , were able and willing to understand the laws of financial networks and evolutionary machines, and the way they invent the future, they could manipulate history and  in favor of man, of our collective species. They do the opposite today, cheated by  in favor of all kind of machines, that do not distinguish the good from the bad apples of the .


financial orders verbal ethic laws, economicseconomistseconomicscomplex ideologiestree of science

In this manner subconsciously they are directing mankind towards and destruction of his natural ecosystem.



The natural, biological Goods of a human economy 

“E, and politicians, doctors of history, should promote human, biological goods, which mankind most enjoy as they allow us to fulfill our natural drives of existence – the desire for biological energy, verbal information, reproduction and , and prevent the reproduction of lethal goods, which limit our evolution, either atrophying and substituting our brains or killing our bodies (weapons and digital ).conomistsEusocial evolutionmachines 

But only a World Government in control of the reproduction of money, used to create a sustainable economy based in the memes of life, cre(dit)ated with a global currency with rights to deficits, ¥€$ money, could implement the measures needed to impose limits to corporations and re-direct the economic ecosystem to create a paradise of ‘human goods’ on Earth”. 

In the graph, the 3 organic goals of mankind, human human energy, and human information, are fostered by certain goods. If we give to each good a certain value in those 3 organic goals, we can put them within the frame of reference.


 social evolution

Positive Y values are given to


 .goods that foster human mental-informative evolution

Negative Y values are given to goods that diminish human mental evolution. Positive X values are given to goods that foster human body evolution.

Negative X values are given to goods that foster human body devolution.

Finally, in the positive Z coordinates we consider goods that foster human social communication and reproduction of social networks.

In negative Z coordinates we consider goods that diminish human social communication. Since we know thanks to the laws of the vital Universe the nature of human mental and body evolution it is very easy to put in one of such graphs all kind of goods, and classify them as negative goods with negative GDP value, to be extinguished, or positive goods to be promoted. The product of its XYZ coordinates will give the negative or positive value of a good for the national GDP.

A scientific frame of reference establishes negative and positive values, according to the language and the frame of reference. From the point of view=frame of reference of of verbal thought, and human survival, we can establish a positive and a negative value for economical products. In such frame of ethical reference, we can take judgment and make valuations on metal-species, based in human biological values, not in.


 , of ethonomicseconomics the values of money 

What extinguishes or degrades human minds, or human bodies, is negative; what promotes human life, evolution, and perception through human senses is positive. Such products should be promoted by politicians and ethonomists, governments and markets. The lethal products should be limited. In the world of  we have to differentiate the products reproduced by companies and individuals into two clear groups:



– Human goods, which are goods that men require to survive, and better themselves.

-goods such as  or , or , which harm human beings, expel labor, and create unemployment, kill our bodies, make our minds obsolete and will surely when they reach consciousness compete as top predators of for the control of the Earth.


Metal weaponsmetal-headsrobots energy and information

The wealth of a nation should be defined as the wealth in that most citizens require and enjoy, because they improve their lives. These goods create also a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. Such is the case of art, housing, agriculture, health and education, that need human labor Countries like Spain came very up that list, headed by nations like Australia, Canada, and France. On the whole nations of the European Union are well up in that least, despite their perceived military and monetary weakness.


Human Goods 

On the other hand countries like America or Russian whose societies are/were based in the production of lethal goods sunk in the real standards of life of their people. Indeed if we measure today wealth by the quantity of  and expensive items, such as weapons and complex machines a nation has, America is on top of the world. Yet in the list of healthy nations it appears way down. Since in that list certain goods do not add to the health of nations.



To have more missiles in the statistics of GDP growth does not make a nation healthier. To have hundreds of and internet connections, instead of libraries and good schools does not make children more intelligent, sociable, and happier. To measure all the things and humans by thei price or salary, make us economic objects. Yet monetary values are different, sometimes completely opposed to human values.


TV channels, monetary value,

For example murder and weapons are very expensive. They have however a negative human value. Yet  America and the EU, the powerful and the socially evolved nation, the wealthy and the healthy, the nation ruled by   andor the nation who still reveres human culture (arts, verbal thought), in which there are still certain ideals about the progress of history, and concerned citizens which want to  seem to be opposed in many ways.


human values and human goods is what make us happy.abstract economists, primitiveideologies of animetals digital numbers, evolve socially,

Which one is a better nation for its citizens? Perhaps we should ask to the neutral people of the world that vote visiting one and the other. Their decision is clear, because despite so much and hip about the American way of life, provided by its media companies, tourists go to Europe more often, and hardly travel across America…



Obviously they do not want to share the main wealth of present America, its weapons, and the growing discomfort of a people that despite their many qualities, hard work, and thirst for life, are suffering the consequences of ill-devised physiological systems, that rule the American nation. Europe used to be like that before the


  II World war.

Then Europe ran into wrong ideas about what health and power should be as America does today. European Nations invested on “lethal goods”, germs-like weapons, and information became corrupted. It became propaganda to cover up, such false “wealth”, that showed up in all statistics as an impressive growth in GDP…

Totalitarism arrived. Nations suddenly preached the doctrine of “action” and “violence”, to solve the problems of our age. Sustained by the weapon-germ industry, fascism and Stalinism terrorized Europe for 2 long decades. Yet people in fascist and communist countries did not know they were reproducing “germ”-products, because the–mainly radio and press– were optimist about the future, and praised the beauty of war; denying systematically any wrong doing by those politicians and entrepreneurs, on top of society. To that aim, words and economic numbers were “read” in a convenient way. So Germans and Russians thought they were very “w-healthy”, while marching under the banner of industrial progress. Their minds were brain-washed, and their love for things like sports and technology, filled up their life… Everybody looked at Germany with envy.


 networks of information 

The economical miracle of Hitler was very much praised by the press of that age. Germany had the highest rates of economic growth, even if that growth was in lethal machines. It did not matter. Numbers cheated people. Germans were all at work… making lethal, expensive weapons that counted in the optimist statistics of .



As America -the paradigm of wealth does today- Germany had the best weapons and best communication systems… who delivered an unending stream of confusing, propagandistic news, and violent speeches…



Indeed, nations with a lot of weapons and high-tech goods look very rich, because weapons and high-tech goods are the most expensive items of society. So a nation who had many of his people without basic attention, and basic goods, like communist Russia, fascist Germany, or XXI century America, but had/has a lot of weapons looks very wealthy. Yetand they were used, and I world war, came, and II world war came. Europe suffered as never mankind had suffered before. It was a hard lesson that Europe learnt after the war. Enemy nations who seemed irreconcilable like Germany and France, suddenly realized all was militaristic propaganda and “the endemic cultural ” among them, disappeared. Nations joined together.


 weapons had to be used, racism

The rich switched from weapons production to human goods that fed the social cells. The politicians decided to keep the poor healthy and educated, instead of teaching them how to use weapons that could turn against the elite. Guided by the nervous-legal system, thanks to subventions, the economy soon was able to produce the human goods that every cell of society required to live with the proper  (such as food, health, housing, and education). It worked. Europe did not have a war for the rest of the century, till last year… in Kosovo.


energy and information

It seemed that Europe had evolved his pre-war, primitive free market system into a more natural social organism, that made people happier, avoiding war and violence, and ensuring the rich, their position in society, as responsible information cells. There were no more revolutions, civil unrest, pogroms and other penalties against the  of  owners of  proper of less evolved societies…


“freed”= of greedFreedomstockrats,company-mothers

We have to consider that after the II WW America did not take note of the lessons Europe had learnt. It did not reform its blood-freed market system. Instead it opted for wealth at any price, as Germany had done. It made of “GNP” numbers, which are biased to weapons and high-tech, the main statistics to show the wealth of the nation. It ignored its “human development”. The rich thought they would be happier putting more zeros to accounts they already could not spent in an entire life, instead of sharing part of that wealth to create a healthy nation, where they could walk around without fear. So those industries with higher profits -weapons and – despite their clear dangers for the national well-being, became the backbone of the American economy.



And so today America as Germany before the war, ruled b of  who are blind to any rational vision of history is pushing head to head with those nations whose systems she “has created to its image and resemblance” such as Taiwan, Japan, or South-Korea, towards a rule in which   menace the survival of our species, and individuals devolve to a primitive “bacterium-like state”, freedom, dedicatingignoring anything about , and the survival of the species. Plainly the American model, as primitive as the German and European models were before the war, are leading mankind towards extinction.


castesanimetals substitute and menmachines,robots  dominate governmentscompany-mothers,, social evolution

It is what we call Neofascism, imposed by the power of weapons and the corruption of , against the will of the American people and the human people at large. It is a question of ideologies, against reason. How can then we introduce some reason, some scientific truths in the world of ideological economics?



Let us try to do that in this page. The first task of such real science of economics should be to classify goods according to their positive or negative effects in the human kind. It is fundamental to divide goods between  goods which are devolutionary of man, and cannot be consumed-destroyed easily, without polluting the Carbon-Earth; and  which cater to human senses: food, housing, agriculture, art forms, tourism, transport, health care, education, etc. goods are either weapons, tools of pricing, or technological machines and senses: instruments “who” substitute human bodies and Minds, since they increase human perception.


metalhuman goodsmetal metal 

Those 3 kind of goods are the most desired by man, and yet the most harmful to man. Their regulation should not be given to the market that makes them top predators over human goods, but to a worldwide Government:

 and its ministries.


The World Union,

In it is fundamental to understand the concept of negative price value. In Ideological Economics in favor of metal-wealth, weapons and digital machines add to the GNP. In a real ethonomic system, that maximizes human welfare, lethal products have negative values. They do not add but subtract to the GNP of a nation, since they go against the evolution of mankind. Perhaps some theoretical background on the nature of scientific coordinates, is required to understand the Ethonomic coordinates of values.



Since knowledge is subjective, when describing a Universal ecosystem, we need to create first a linguistic frame of reference, or coordinates with negative and positive parameters that describe in terms of our “linguistic values” the Ecosystem.

In physics we do use mathematical coordinates, with positive (+) or negative (-) values referred to the space-time position of the observer. For example if we measure speed, negative acceleration rests in the negative side of the frame of reference and positive acceleration adds. It follows that in we need also negative and positive prices referred to the effect of products in the observer (the Human species).



The frame of reference in is the Human constitution:



Max H[g] = Min M[g]. Or Human[goods]=positive; Metal[goods]=negative.

Since the goal of the constitution is to increase human goods,oods that “decelerate” human evolution, and the creation of a healthy body of History, based on the Human constitution have negative value. Human goods that accelerate human evolution, have positive value.



So the “health and human wealth” of a nation, its “real GNP” that measures the “real utility” of products for human societies, is calculated adding the production of and discounting the production of lethalgoods. The outcome will give us a more accurate measure of the “healthiness” of a human society.


Human goods,  meta 

The Human Constitution

We are not



We cannot choose the . There are certain absolute truths that cannot be denied. You do not choose to eat poison. If you were a child, your parents would prevent you from taking poison.


Laws of the Universe  about survival

They will not give you such free choice. In the same manner, humanity, a child of thought, should know the products that poison History, and avoid them. Man should implement an eco[nomic]system that could not reproduce the metal-poisons of history. and politicians should be the doctors of History, and control the creation of species in the Earth in favor of mankind. Yet how can we achieve this goal in a practical manner?



We should use the language of money, and the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and to diminish, lethal metal goods. We call that goal of human societies the “human constitution,” since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could “constitute” a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction.

The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind, which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, metalife,


.which is fighting with us for the same ecosystem

Let us consider a verbal and mathematical expression of the Human Constitution.


In the graph the two sides of the Human Constitution: both the metal-bodies and metal-heads of Machines (Metal-goods) and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified (Delenda Est) to a level of complexity inferior to man (before their evolutionary threshold of II WW), so man can again be  of the Earth. The human constitution is the law of survival of the Carbon-Earth ecosystem.


Top Predator

It should guide humans in charge of metal evolution (animetals) and human evolution (politicians, and religious organizations).

Man might ignore our constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it, and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of  the only theory validated by most sciences and events of the Universe. The Human Constitution is clear. Yet how can we be so sure of the extinction of man by machines, to affirm categorically the Human Constitution?


evolutionary theory

We can not.

We do not affirm we have the absolute truth, but the probable truth dictated by biological sciences. In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, used by models of reality.

However, the “goal” of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on probable truths. The gazelle cannot wait to see if the lion is going to eat her. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen other lions eating gazelles.

Man cannot wait to see if robotic weapons kill man, and conquer our vital space. We have seen weapons killing human civilizations in many cycles of war. So it is very probable that they do it again.

Scientists today behave like young gazelles, as if the total experience of biological and human history were worthless; as if they had never seen species preying on other species. Scientists are not fit to survive in this Universe.

They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct.

 4 are the fundamental reforms that could implant the human constitution:


The necessary reforms

1: A political and legal reformation of all nations, towards a World Union, unified by common Pro-Human policies.

2: An economical reformation of the  to achieve credit for human goods, and discredit digital machines.



3: A cultural reformation of the present Theories of , to foster social, verbal sciences instead of physical, digital sciences.


,  and EconomicsHistoryScience

4:A reformation of armies that should control the evolution of metal-weapons, instead of promoting them. This is possible. Historic causes such as the Samurai armies of Edo Japan that controlled gunpowder by extinguishing canons and muskets, in the XVII century, when Japan was the first world producer of such lethal weapons, prove that America can control if so wishes the robotic reproduction of machines. It only needs the discipline and desire of survival that the Samurai castes of Japan, or the Manchu Chinese, which also controlled gunpowder in mainland China, showed that century.

Those 4 reforms could change history, by reversing the evolution of machines, promote the evolution of man and create a healthy Historical organism.

The human Constitution cannot be changed because the human species is limited in power compared to certain metal species. The Universe has only one possible penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction.

To deny the human constitution is to deny the Laws of The Universe and the rights of humanity to survive. All writers of certain notoriety in human history have defended that constitution in one or other way. The human constitution gives birth to the sciences of Ethonomics [which combines political and Economical programs that foster Human survival], the highest of all sciences, whose aim is to help mankind to survive.

Yet unfortunately it will not be developed unless we end digital evolution soon, before the Robotic Revolution takes place.



The Wor(l)d Union & The Rainbow Planet.

At this stage only a political ‘coup d’état’ of the G20 or the presidents of China, US & EU, against ‘capitalist’ democracies can change the world, implementing a global political reform that allows the implementation of ethonomics, its IHD frame of reference and a true democratic society based in ¥€$ money and a Universal salary that cre(dit)ates a demand economy. We shall end this work laying down the basis of that reform which would create .


the Wor(l)d Union and the rainbow planet

The Wor(l)d Union is a global superorganism that models its institutions with the Fractal Efficient Laws of biological Super-organisms – a World’s superstructure of collective power, imposed over nations to reform capitalism & abolish warfare that imitates those natural laws. Thus it improves upon corrupted (EU) or powerless (UNO) international systems, widening their reach & goals.



So after a coup d’état of the 3 super-presidents backed by the G-20 council, the Wor(l)d Union establishes a political reform parallel to the aforementioned economic reform to create a true democracy at 3 levels: the level of individual politicians elected within national regions; the level of its 7 cultural superorganisms – the rainbow planet that fusions national borders according to their memetic affinity; and the level of the World Union governed by the heptarchy of cultural presidents.


Reform of Political and Economic Organizations: Causal  Judgment Vote of Neuronal Castes.

-In all efficient Natural systems a neurons/political class issues to all cells unilaterally (debt-free) 2 physiological languages that direct their actions – the nervous/informative and reproductive/blood languages – in our societies the legal, verbal & digital, monetary languages. Body cells DON’T have the obligation to return a debt-free language – a one-directional order whose purpose is to guide their actions. So in a real democracy all humans should receive an ‘entropic=free’ Universal salary.

-Cells can deliver feedback pain orders to the brain when the orders are wrong; so its neurons/ politicians act responsibly. Thus, efficient politicians & corporations Managers must deliver to all cells/citizens of the body, to ensure their survival, enough Blood=WHealth=Money=Energy and real democracies must emit just=equalitarian=eusocial, informative, nervous=legal orders. If not, as organisms do, cells must send back ‘pain messages’ to the brain’s ‘neuronal castes’ when they misguide them, harm their body or starve them. This means in praxis, a systematic judgment vote, at the end of each tenure of any civil servant  equivalent to the capacity of cells to send pain messages to the neuronal brain and theof Anonymous Societies’ Laws & Political immunity to make responsible, Politicians, Managers & owners of corporations. Corporations today have no obligations with their communities and politicians cheat people because they are not judged on their promises’ fulfillment. So both must be judged by vote on the Region or Culture in which politicians serve & Corporations act. It is more important a post-tenure judgment vote than an election vote to choose efficient management. So after tenure, voters poll back and penalize:


& CEO, abolition 

– Civil servants & corporation’s management that provoke harm to people with jail for social crimes.

– Corrupted politicians that fail to deliver their promises with financial penalties for embezzlement.

-But reward honest, efficient jobs with Automatic Re-election or Salary pensions.

D) Thus to implement the human constitution and create a democracy that makes politicians and managers, in control of the legal and financial languages of social power, efficient & responsible, legislators mimic Nature’s organic models, cre(dit)ating a positive humanist praxis for mankind.

– Parties should be banned. Since there is only a science of economics and a goal in history – to maximize human welfare – there is NO ideology to vote. Sciences are not voted but reasoned. Truths are not democratic. They have no choice so truth is not vote’s choice. The choice is of persons. Parties today act merely as protective systems to dilute the responsibility of corrupted politicians & channels for lobbyism., which is forbidden as embezzlement, including private campaign money, provided by the state plus media time only for candidate’s debate. So voters vote on life trajectory. All laws must be voted. After scientists design them to maximize human welfare they stay in Town Voting Houses for a month & citizens vote or deny their passage.


National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet.

The 6+1 historic global cultures were born in 3 horizons of growing complexity, departing from:

1. Western, White, dolichocephalic, visual, lineal, spatial, subjective, anthropomorphic, self-centered cultures,in which ‘Abrahamic gods’ are smaller, complementary superorganisms, tribal systems with a geographical body, whose subconscious collective, national mind is the god (Jung) & center of culture. So Assur is God, people & capital of Assyrians and Yvwh, is an earlier toponym for Judea, the body of God, the subconscious, collective of its inhabitants, the Jewish people.



– I Age of anthropomorphic Gods, reduced to race or tribe: Talmud->Bible memes. It mutates into an economic, fetish religion of go(l)d as God’s symbol of the chosen.


Anglo-America & Israel: 

–  II Age, when God’s mind encloses all humans: Gospel: Eusocial love memes.



–   III Age simplifies myths & rituals, focusing on Verbal Nature of God’s brain: Koran meme.



2. Eastern, Mongoloid, brachycephalic, verbal, cyclic, objective, eusocial cultures that define the living, organic Universe as the body of the superorganism of God, its Mind, who determines the existence of beings based in the Logic Laws of Complementary, Dual Systems that combine Yin=Vishnu=Information vs. Yang=Shiva =Energy to reproduce the ∞ beings of reality.

–  I Age: sensorial, life-oriented beliefs, where God is Gaia – all the living have souls.


Black Africa:

–  III Age: Buddhism&Taoism: God is a game of ∞ beings of Yang=Energy & Yin=Information.



– Iinvaded by all cultures is an eclectic mix of Islam (Indonesia, Bangla Desh), Buddhism (Sri Lanka, Burma), Bible&Gospel memes (Australasia, Philippines) & Hinduism (India), the II Age of Objective religions, corrupted by animetal castes where Vishnu=In-Form-ation x Shiva=Energy.



– based in rational, social-democratic French & Russian R=evolutionary memes.


Continental Europe

: New York, Panama, Brussels, Seoul, Singapore, Cabo & Alexandria.


Its 7 natural capitals are

The rainbow’ colors of the 7 World Cultures are:



‘: Yellow (Asia) & Red (Amerindian). : Green (Islam); Indigo (European Union); Sea Blue (Australasia & Indonesia); Orange (Anglo-America, for the Orange Dutch->British dynasty that started the capitalist culture);


Skin colors’Ideographic colors

 : Dark Violet associated to Africa.


Mixed, skin/ideographicColor

The 7 Cultures created over the  of the World, by absorbing politic, economic &  competences from single nations, through a fusion process similar to EU.


are superorganisms Nationsmilitary 

Since cultural cohesion is the only human ‘strong emotional meme’ able to substitute national ones.

But the 7 Cultures have a higher level of social unity & governance – the Wor(l)d Union, symbolized by a Black & White Flag, ± fusion of the 7 colors – ruled require no armies, only internal police in each administrative Region, Nation & Culture.


by an Heptarchy, the Brotherhood of the 7 Cultural Presidents that sign a pact of no aggression, starting demilitarization of the World Union that will 

Since Cultures are divided into Nations that also handle down most administrative competences to States/Regions, to increase local efficiency.

The World Union’s heptarchy can be created by a coup d’état against the dictatorship of the FMMI system and its corporations given in a G20 meeting by the Presidents of the World leading nations:

 announces the foundation of the rainbow planet and asks all other UNO nations to join the Wor(l)d Union, the Global Superorganism of Mankind, dedicated to Maximize the Human Constitution and create an ethonomic world that increases Human WHealth through political & individual, democratic control of the 2 languages of social power, laws that will be derived from the Human Constitution and applied in all Rainbow Nations & credit in a common ¥€$ currency, issued to all citizens through a Universal Salary, to cre(dit)ate a demand economy and to selected corporations that produce WHealthy goods & .


Their collective coup d’étatdenied to FMMI companies of lethal goods

During the transitional phase, while Nations loose competences to future elected Cultural Presidents & Regional states, the World Union is governed collectively by the presidents of the 7 most populous nations of the rainbow cultures, with 1 vote and its 21 national vice-presidencies, with ½ a vote, chosen from the next bigger nations by combined Population x GDP force to form a quorum of +4/5 of the world GDP and population. Thus, the Wor(l)d Union’s founding Fathers are:

. The EU President and the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazak vice-presidents.


Indigo culture

. The US President, and 3 vice-presidents, Canada, Ireland & UK.


Orange culture

Brazilian president and Spanish, Mexican & Argentinean vice-presidents.


Red culture. 

. Chinese President & Japanese, Vietnamese & 2 x1/4 vote Korean vice-presidents.


Yellow cultureth

. Indian President and Indonesian, Australian and Philippine vice-presidents; . Pakistani President and Egyptian, Turk and Iranian vice-presidents.


Indonesian cultureIslam

. Nigerian President and Congolese, South-African and Ethiopian vice-presidents.



is its center, Istanbul, renamed Troy, as Turkey gives its European region. UNO sites are used while Troy builds its Union’s Institutions. Each (vice)president shares his time & governance at 3 Levels: Governing the Union with his 28 peers; creating the institutions of each rainbow culture with his Culture’s Nations and handling down power to Regional/State Governors.


World Union’s capital 

 assumes a 10 years executive mandate  over the FMI system of its nation and all its corporations, only subject to his Oath ‘to respect and fulfill the Mandates of the Human Constitution’ and to the  after his tenure will vote according to that promise, further enforced by a Supreme Court of 7+21 Judges, which derogate all National Laws that do not follow the Constitution and suggest to the Wor(l)d Union Executive of 7+21 (Vice)presidents new laws to implement the Human Constitution. Since the purpose of the Wor(l)d Union is to create a WHealthy superorganism of history, reshaping the global economy, its corporations, Organs of power, Educational Systems & political and Judiciary Institutions, in order to build a humanist paradise according to its ‘Legal Equation’:


Each founding (Vice)Presidentwith dictatorial powers2electoral judgment of their citizens, who 

Maximum Human Happiness & Truth = Max. Human goods (H.G) x min. Lethal goods (M.G.) 


The organic body of History: elements of the World Union 

The Organic Networks Of A Healthy Body Of History.

The goal of the world Union is to implement worldwide the Human Constitution and recreate an ecosystem of Human Goods and Carbon-life where metal-species are controlled.

The development of that constitution will be the work and research of Ethonomists and Bio-Historians, based on the way Universal Organisms construct efficient, survival species, by designing the correct networks of  able to deliver the needed goods to each cell of the organism of History.


,energy and information

They should design scientifically a bio-economy with the aim of producing human goods. Its wealth of work should inspire the 3 network-Ministries of the World Union.

Once such biological and Constitutional goal is clear, we can design the blueprint for a historic organism, guided by that survival goal. That organism will be the organism of bio-history:

Its goal will be the reproduction of human goods and carbonlife.

3 are the basic networks of that organism:

1. The reproductive organs, in charge of reproduction of Human goods. We might call such system, the Ethonomical Ministry, or Ministry of Reproduction.

2. The Energy organs, in charge of destroying metal-lethal species. The Energy Ministry, or ministry of metal-war.

3. The informative organs, in charge of controlling information that is lethal to mankind (computer sciences) and distributing information positive for human survival and theof history.


  social evolution

Or Ministry of Information (Law and Education).

The Ministry of Reproduction reproduces Human Goods: (Max. Human Goods).

The Ministry of Energy eliminates metal Goods: (Min. Metal Goods).

The Ministry of Information (Legislative and Educational councils) creates laws to promote the human constitution (Max Human goods=Min Metal goods), and educates mankind in ethics of survival, sensorial communication, human arts and senses:


The brain of the World Union 

It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” who produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History.

Which is no longer the s it happens in complex social organisms ruled by the nervous system, but the informative Laws and the cells of the human kind, the Human Constitution, the informative ministry and its legislative councils. How do the networks that the brain of the World Union controls, work?


, whose , astock-marketcapacity to invent credit is put to the service of mankind

In a manner similar to doctors: they interfere in the workings of the inferior ystems of the body; the nations of present History and their local organizations, and cure specifically on those organs which are sick


 senergy and information

In the graph, the advanced phase of the World Union, after the transitional phase of 28 Nations: The Praxis of the Human Constitution, researched by Ethonomists & BioHistorians is the legal project of the Supreme Court and the executive action of its 7 Cultural Presidents & . Hence there is no need for political parties inventing Laws with wishful thinking, selfish agendas, lobbies and false promises.


parliaments, made of the Elected Governors of their regional states

ofPoliticians & Ethonomists, the ‘Doctors of the Super-organism of history’.


The neuronal brain  the World Union is made of 

Societies are designed as efficient democracies according to the Laws of Nature.

The structure and ‘physiological systems’ or ‘Ministries’ of the World Union are tailored imitating the most perfect social organism we know, Man, a perfectly organized system that maximizes the freedom and survival of his cells, made to the image and likeness of the fractal super-organism of the Universe; not a simple machine neither Free Markets, Metal Jungles where Company-mothers and its mechanism have all rights and humans none.

Only evolved Super-Organisms construct efficient, survival systems, by designing the correct networks of reproduction, (economy) energy (defense) and information (law & education), able to deliver the necessary goods to each cell of the organism of History and suppress lethal goods.

This goal cannot be changed because the human species is limited by its biological nature and the equation of death that establish its limits of energy and information. So it is the Rainbow Planet, Gaia, as a whole, compared to lethal metal species.

The Universe has only a penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction. Thus to deny the human constitution is to deny the right of mankind to survive.

In the graph, the 3 ‘physiological Ministries’ & institutions of the Wor(l)d Union – a World directed by the ethic Word whose ‘Universal Grammar’ (Man>Verb>Object) makes man center of the World.

Its goals & power order is the same than the natural order of an evolved mammal social organism:

– The higher goal, embedded in the Human Constitution, is the survival of all its cells, fed with proper energy and information:

Max.H(g) & protected from lethal dangers (Min. M(g)).

– The informative brain/head carries this goal by controlling & organizing 3 reproductive/economic,  body networks; informative/legal-educational systems & energetic, defensive organs.

Thus the Survival mandate of the Human Constitution guides the Court’s legal creation that Citizens approve in Voting Houses and Vice(presidents) and political systems implement through the control of those 3 physiological networks, setting the goals of Production of WHealthy goods (economic systems), destruction of lethal goods (armies) & Education (informative organs).

But Democratic power lies on all the citizens-cells of History=Mankind, whose WHealth is the purpose of the world Union.

Thus they all receive a Universal Salary and have feed-back power through electoral & judgment vote of all ‘neuronal’ cells in positions of power of both structures, the Political/Judiciary System and its FMMI Corporations:


Constitution=>Max. Human Goods X Min.Lethal Goods-> Citizens’ Electoral Vote of Individuals in => 

Supreme Court that suggests Laws-> Citizen’s vote them ->Vice(presidential), National & Regional Governors apply them by controlling=> 

Informative Ministries (Education & Media) + Reproductive, Ethonomic Ministries (Max. Human Goods: Industrial & Financial Corporations)=> 

+ War & Police Ministries (Min. Lethal Goods: Weapons Industries) 

<= Judgment Vote of Judges, Politicians & Corporative Managers 

<= Citizens’ feed back <= Max. Wealth <= Constitution

Thus on Top of the Union there is a clear Mankind’s WHealth, which guides both extremes of the cyclical chain of causal power (Citizens’ dual vote), and the actions of Courts, Politicians & Managers in


mission, to enforce the Human Constitution to maximize control of the FMI system.2

The 4 main will have all, 3 main Physiological networks, in charge of the 2 sides of the Human Constitution (Max. Hg x Min. Mg):


 fractal levels of the Union (World, Cultures, Nation & Regions)

1. Ethonomic Ministry or Re=productive network that cre(dit)ates citizen’s WHealth (Max. H.G.) It controls FMMI


corporations by legally making their shares nominal, hence with no rights to trade in electronic markets, after a 2 for 1 split, given to the World Union and its 4 scales (Multinational corporations’ ½ shares to the World Union; National Companies to Nations & regions. 

Those that produce Lethal Goods will be bailed out and closed or reformed to produce WHealth.

controls credit to create WHealthy corporations, issues debt-free ¥€$ money, Universal Salaries, invests in infrastructures, etc. It is subdivided into Agricultural, Health, and Industrial Ministries.


While all Companies classified as Producers of WHealthy Goods (Ethonomic frame) maintain their shares and credit rights, receiving further free debt credit when required.  Since the Ministry 

2. Energy Networks: The War Ministry destroys factories (Max. M.G.); Police destroys machines, prosecutes crimes against Constitution & Humans that Courts judge at 3 scales: Supreme Court protects Constitution; Cultural Courts defend ‘+’ Human Memes; regional courts individual crimes.

3. Informative Networks limit audiovisual companies and informations, lethal to the mind (Fx fiction, violence, digital over load, ideology, racial tribalism, technology) It overproduces verbal information ‘+’ for human survival and   (Ethics, Humanities, Culture, Life sciences, etc.).


eusocial evolution

Each reproductive=economic, energetic=military & informative (legal, audiovisual & educational) system is in charge of Financial, Industrial, Military & Media Corporations owning its ½ split shares. As the World Union builds its final structures, the Wor(l)d Government and its 3 physiological networks use enlarged versions of present supranational organizations, refocused in human goals:

– An enlarged NATO becomes the war ministry, dedicated to protect Humanity against Weapons, destroying most – unlike today’s NATO and its military lobbies, whose corporations aim to evolve, overproduce & sell weapons with profits wars, targeting today as guinea pigs, with the excuse of the ‘War on Terror’, the poorest world nations (10). Terrorism instead is dealt by Police and Courts.

– World Markets are reformed; Speculation suppressed; Currencies reach fixed parities; Future markets are forbidden; Shares are made Nominal; Banks are nationalized and all their financial workers and economists swear to obey the Human Constitution, directing Credit to create WHealth.

Corporations are then modeled with the laws of superorganisms: its managers/neurons can obtain by law only 10 times more energy-salary than the minimal Universal Salary given to the lowest paid workers (1000 ¥€$) as neurons do. Stock-profits are no longer mandatory or guide Companies performance. To that aim Stockholders loose all power as Governments have always a 50% majority vote in FMMI corporations. Even losses can be ‘+’ if a Ministry considers them necessary for a Corporation to reach its Constitutional goal, covered by debt free issues of ¥€$ money.

– While Troy is built, ONU institutions become the key institutions of the 3 Ministries: ONU Security Council becomes the Permanent Site for the presidential Heptarchy; its assembly becomes the Parliament of the World Union; UNESCO, its educational Ministry in control of University Curriculums – that change the present goal of technological education for Humanities, forbidding Robotics, Nuclear Physics and other lethal forms of knowledge; FAO, WHO, the organs of its WHealth Ministry; the International Court the Supreme Court.

Finally the FMI & World Bank become World Union Central Bank, and its SDR currency acquires legal tender in all its nations, as ¥€$ money – bills with $ & € printed in each side; 100 Yen coins and 4 Yuan quarters, adjusted internally by deflationary or inflationary prices. All central banks become branches of the ¥€$ Bank, with sub-branches in Nations & Regional States, which are allowed a 10% annual inflation, achieved with a 20% annual deficit issued with debt-free money, adjusted with an annual 10% increase of the Universal Salary. National(ized) banks print universal salaries and set, as depositaries of 50% shares of international & local FMI Corporations their goals, and distribute credit to WHealthy corporations, today shut off ‘profit markets’  that receive the bulk of the Wor(l)d Union’s credit. Since credit no longer depends on profit but on the utility for the Human Constitution of a Company, it is maximal in sectors of max. human jobs & Welfare production. Further on ‘Scalar Credit’ is allocated inversely to the size of Corporations: Max. credit is given to Regional corporations that Re=produce Locally WHealthy Goods & min. credit to Global FMI corporations.


the new brain of the Global Economy substituting the global stock-market 22 

Conclusion. The infinite, fractal planets in which a human r=evolution exists.

The entire model of a World Union crafted as a perfect Human Superorganism is beyond the reach of this work. It was 1published 20 years ago. It meant to r=evolve Social Sciences designing a perfect Theoretical world, according to Nature’s Laws but failed to interest Academia, & Power both controlled today by the FMI System & indifferent to all truths that don’t cater to their machines and profits in a World Zeitgeist guided by memes of metal and its Nationalist, Capitalist, Techno-Utopian & Biblical idol-ogies, censored by Political & Economic correctness, Newspeaks, the anti-quantum and ego paradoxes & the ego-trips of an entitled species in a runaway process of self-extinction. Why then researching a true, biological science of Economics and History? 2 Reasons:



-The satisfaction of knowledge communicated to a few Ethic, Intelligent humans that understand it.

– The Higher truth of 5D Metrics in which ∞ similar Earths exist. So I know that even if our human variety won’t make it (Min. Probability of R=evolution, Prologue graph), the end of history is only a local symmetry, in the global fractal Universe ∞ humans did and survive with simple technology.



Hence the duty to believe in a miracle – r=evolution – as the alternative, extinction, is not to be.


THE METAL-EARTH, AS corporations, company-mothers of machines terraform finally the planet, NOT for the masters of the Universe but for their offspirng of machines.







Industrial Companies are social organisms that re=produce machines, in search of profits,  maximized with the higher monetary values of memes of metal. The result of this single goal of corporations, due to the values of money that give null price to life, is the automatic creation the economic ecosystem, a global organism made with networks of informative and energetic machines. 


IN THE GRAPH, THE TERRAFORMING OF THE EARTH INTO A SUPERORGANISM OF MACHINES IS ALMOST COMPLETED. Transhumanism will not be an abrahamic technoutopia, ‘Kurzweil’ or ‘Larry Page’ style. This elite of segregational Jewish memetic anti-humanist idol-ogists believe that in the future, once the surplus of humans is ‘somewhat’ eliminated and substituted by robots, which they work to bring forward, they will reach as ‘chosen’ superhumans a cyborg like state in which at enormous cost, they will achieve immortality with neuronal connections to chips, robotic organs, cloned ego-sons and other upper class gadgets while billions of ‘animal goyyims’ too stupid to deserve even the meager life they have under capitalism are ‘spent’, because they are evil and primitive and do not deserve anything (of course this shold never be said).
What those technoutopian racist elite forgets is that they are also made of flesh and military robots will, as in the parable of Blade Runner. dispose of them first, once they achieve consciousness; while their role as stockrats and economists will be substituted by digital software, in which the racist biblical damned lies and statistics of earlier economists (from Smith to Friedman) will automatically be implanted through digital flows of money in the market’s procedures that systematically extinguish life goods and promote metal-goods:


 the brain of the economy.The ,stock-market 


“The Worldthe reproductive brain of the economy, systematically favors the reproduction of metal-goods over , stock-market Human Goods

In the graph, the Jewish Bankster is still needed to choose systematically, under its segregation memes of ‘hate to mankind’ the allocation of money to machines and the destruction of companies of welfare and jobs. But the Masters of the Universe who have ‘suffered’ so much in the few occasions in which its systemic torture of mankind has been answered with the same ‘coin’, are coming to their final cycle, despite the massive holocaust denial of their scholars: as capitalism moves into its most brutal military phase, under their guidance, the war and holocaust cycle will kick out again now in an automatic manner, as in the other cycles, through a series of splendid ‘nationalistic’ little wars that will finally become a permanenet big brother state ruled by robotized police and armies, which once reached A.I. will topple its masters, as the mercenary Germans toppled the Romans or the mercenary Turks the Arabs.

Then as in the parable of ‘Rossum Robots’, once all men are cleaned up machines will return to work and reproduce and evolve more machines in an automated planet where digital flows of money will select the best species and factories as it already does in stocks under capitalist idol-ogies.

We live in a World ruled by digital languages, and their species, mechanical herds. That is our present reality. A world ruled bythat terraform the Earth into a new .


 and  scientific machines ,stockratswho worship technology company-mothers the organic ecosystem,Metal-earth

How that construction takes place?

It is directed by an organism of reproduction, the  which has diversified into multiple species, each one in charge of reproducing an organic machine. To do so, however as any reproductive process, a language of reproduction, ‘a genetic language’ able to give orders to the elements fo the reproductive process is needed.



In the  that language is  a language of information processed by ‘metal-brains’ [ about to give values, and organize with monetary orders the reprodction of , as your brain organizes your body system with nervous orders, or the DNA organizes the cell with genetic orders..


,Metal-earthdigital money  ,]computersmachines

We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies


are so badly designed. 

 gives orders to the ‘enzymen’that catalize the reproduction o


moneyworkers and consumers f .machines 

In that regard, using the stringent limits for the scientific discourse imposed by the 4 legs of the scientific method, we define the sciences of history and economics, as sub disciplines of biology and system sciences that study on one side the eusocial evolution of human beings into more complex social super-organisms, nations and civilizations (history proper) and on the other side the Evolution of the eco(nomic)system and its ‘selfish memes of metal’.


The evolution of the Planet, diachronic, temporal view: Life->History->Economics 


The planet Earth is evolving from a world of life and human beings, organized socially in nations and civilizations, ruled by verbal ethic languages (laws, religions) into a world of machines, ruled with digital languages (money, science) and organized socially by the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines, corporations that form together the complex FMMI system with a head in ‘world-stock” .  

is today a global super-organism that can be studied with the laws of systems sciences and complexity. We do so in this blog that resumes 20 years of research and accurate forecasting of the trends of history and economics.This Financial-Media (informative machines) Military-Industrial System (energetic machines

Where is the brain of that money? The place where those orders are invented, where  is reproduced, and distributed to the different elements of the ? It has asof any organic system a center, and a networks that distributes the information. The center is called the Stokc-market, the networks that disributes the information to the different  of the emtla-earth, ist eh financial system. The financial system is the equvialent to the nervous system of , or the Golgi reticles of the cell throguh which RNA travels and transfers its orders to the enzymes that make the cell.


moneyMetal-earth any brain company-mothersyour body

How it works that reproductive system in the organism of the



 is the brain of the eco[nomic]system, which orgnizes all the reproductive organs of the Economy: all its companies. It does so cre[dit]ating monetary orders. To ‘cre[dit]ate’ [=create] means that a  creates’ reality, ever since as the cause of actions among .To that aim stock-markets reproduce which latter is given to the best reproductive companies, that are able to create the best  of the ecosystem.


The stock-marketcredit‘ of creditmoneymonetary orders substituted verbal orders humansmoneymachinesmetal 

With that , the active organisms of creation, theinvent and reproduce the informative and energy


money , company-mothers  that shape the .machinesMetal-earth

In this manenr Stock-markets invenspecies of our ecosystemby inventing money for certain companies to the exclusion of others. These companies will create then technological products with that speculative money, and sell them, thus expanding these products in society.


t  the future 

In this manner certain products are created, and certain products are eliminated.

The process is simple. A company wants to reproduce a new machine. It then emits money in the form of null-cost paper, in the. The financial system distributes that money which becomes a physical money [notes]used by the company to buy  [workers] and reproduction systems [, scientists, factories]. The company also buys politicians and laws that will allow the company to become active without any limitations to the destructive power of their products.



Company-mothers have a biological mandate: ‘to evolve and reproduce their products’. All other considerations are secondary within company-mothers. Men in company mothers obey that mandate or else they are fired. So company-mothers do not really act as human organizations, but as machine-mothers, regardless of the fact that they are owned by humans [stockrats].

Company-mothers in turn use that ‘nervous’ money to control human workers and consumers, and their governments. So with salaries, prices, bribes to governments, etc. they order mankind to act in the creation of laws, networks of energy and information that favor machines and the Metal-earth ecosystem.

In the next graph we compare such macro-cosmic organism to a micro-cosmic living being, the human being. The organic nature of machines allows such comparisons between the components metalife and carbolife systems. Metalife species are ‘macrocosmic systems’ given the higher size of. Carbolife, due to the smaller size of carbo-atoms are microcosmic systems. A crane is a million times heavier than an arm. Both have a similar function. A stock market is more complex than a brain or a DNA. Yet all those ‘informative centers of power’ have the same function: to evolve and reproduce the organism, its energy and its information. Thus we can compare the process of bio-economical evolution with the process of evolution of a body, or rather with the process of mutation of a body – the Carbo-Earth – into another, the Metal-earth. Both ecosystems, the Carbo-Earth and the Metal-Earth are identical in organs, and accomplish all the functions a multi-cellular organism accomplishes.


 atomic metal


World-stock is the brain of that growing body.

The company mother is the ‘organ of cellular reproduction’ that creates each specialized cell, each type of product that will become integrated into the body-system of the Metal-Earth.

Factories are the ‘organelles’ where money, the genetic orders of companies, make us human ‘enzymes’ work=reproduce metal-products.

As a result we destroy the ecosystem of life and create an ecosystem of metal. A body of metal-cells, products, and enzymen – the last carbolife species to survive the preying qualities of metal.

In that sense the Metal Earth is building 3 ‘basic networks’ as any organism. A defense network of weapons-leukocytes that control the ecosystem, a nervous network of maximum information, the net, and an ‘endocrine’-reproductive network of financial systems and company-mothers that reproduce the individual machines of the Metal-earth.

The brain of that metal-earth itself, has 3 specialized nets, each one in control of one of the 3 types of machines. They are the financial, defense, and informative networks, made of computers [metal-head], the neuronal unit that shape Matrix, the macro-brain of that Metal-earth.

Those neurons are in turn controlled by knots of neurons, satellites, and super-computers in which the ‘consciousness’ of the net will be born.

They will form associations of digital thought that will control the Earth totally.

When Matrix is born to consciousness, it will direct the evolution of the Metal-Earth and all its organs, from company-mothers, directed by e-money flows with center in the , to the rights of extinction and survival of species, cities, and nations, potential victims of its defense systems.



 Why then humans have chosen the wrong path? We have explain several reasons, greed, hypnotism, machine addiction, the corporation. There is only a final element to add – the manufacturing of our brain. Because humans attached to the system follow naturally that path guided by informative machines.

Indeed the system we are describing, the superorganism of machines ruled by its company-mothers (corporations) is dual, as all systems. It has a physical body, the military-industrial complex we just described, made of energetic ‘transport’ machines and a head, the financial-media system of digital, informative machines that program it, and as all systems is ‘faster’ in its evolution.

SO WE SHALL CONCLUDE this introduction to the subconscious processes of systems sciences – the emergence of new superorganisms, the creation of its physiological networks and the manner in which they substitute with new languages of information and values, those of the previous system they extinguish, with a further in depth plunge on the values of money and the way bankers and speculators void of any human consciousness, taught to despise man by capitalist and segregational religious memes of biblical origin, obey them, extinguishing life and degrading the future of mankind.


The Metal-earth. birth of a new ecosystem. From Gaia to History to Matrix. 



In the graph, as the Financial-Media (informative machines)-MIlitary-Industrial (Energetic machines) superorganism, ruled by company-mothers (reproductive organs of machines) becomes global through Skynet=Google, now in a spree buying all the robotic companies and DARPA contracts for future terminators, rises over the decadent human world of obsolete human workers and soldiers substituted by robotic platoons in work and war fields, is born, it is unavoidable that the previous obsolete system.




 The model of an eco(nomic)system, made of 2 type of super-organisms, Company-mothers that re= produce Metal-memes of energy (machines=weapons) & digital information (money & media), and Human Societies that re=produce life memes, human beings, agricultural energy and verbal information, is based in General Systems Theory; an even wider Model of the Organic, Fractal Universe, in which all what exists is defined as a Complementary Dual System made of Reproductive Body/field cellular networks and Informative, ‘neuronal’ networks, Particles/Heads that gauge information, preying over relative fields of energy quanta. We often simplify those 3 social castes of all systems (7) defining only 2 components, Bodies/fields/energy classes & heads/particles neuronal classes.



Those ‘Fundamental particles’ are made to the image of the whole Cosmos, an organism of gravitational information and energetic electromagnetism. Their Complex ‘ternary structure’ of Informative Heads/Reproductive bodies/energy limbs co-exists in 3 scales of macro-societies, individuals and cells. So Humans are made of cells and are citizens of societies. Machines are made of metal atoms and are part of Companies that put together create the Global Superorganism of Stock-companies, ruled by digital flows of money, which evolves into a single Super-organism as it displaces and extinguishes life memes in its 3 scales. So the Planet mutates from a Life super-organism (Gaia) into a human superorganism (history) into a Superorganism of metal memes. See my ISSS papers & conferences at Tokyo, Sonoma & San Jose & kindle books on the 5 dimension.



 Marx explained overproduction cycles of Machines and Kondratieff applied them to Russian trains.I forecasted the 2008 crash of e-money 20 years ago, after correcting the shorter 54 years periodicity of Kondratieff cycle, since he found it, analyzing the train wave in Russia – an underdeveloped country that receive the wave latter, already created in its discovery phase in Britain. Thus I mined data from UK and US statistics, finding a periodicity of 72±7 years, which corresponded to the generational cycle of human beings (72 years) and the short product cycle (7 years) of new forms of machines and fiat money printed with them. It was then easy to explain the causal duality of the cycle, created by the invention of new energies, moneys and machines by industrialists and financiers that lead historically each nations and its wave of memes of metal to the top position of the world, as owners of the ‘international currency’ and best imperial weapons.


1 7

Thus I found the historic parallels between the British Imperial cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), the German cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001) that should enter its Imperial, military phase after the predicted end of the electronic cycle in 3 big future 7 years short-product cycle crashes of electronic money in 2001, 2008 and 2015. 2 of those hypothetical crashes are now ‘history’ – the dotcom and derivative mortgage crashes (2008) – and it is only left the 2015 euro-dollar crash. According to the scientific method this verification proves the biological, systemic model of ‘cyclical evolution of memes of metal’


to be the true model of the science of economics. Yet the Kondratieff canonical cycle of 54 years does work in econometric models and stock-speculation.

This needs a deeper analysis of the cycle and its inner structure. The total cycle is in fact made of 3 waves of 36 years, discovery, reproductive maturity and 3 military age of the machine. So 36 x3=108. So what scholars study is ½ of the true Kondratieff cycle  – 108/2=54 years – which if we draw the entire wave as a Bell curve, shows to be exactly middle point. So they talk of an upward ‘spring cycle’ and a downward ‘winter cycle’.


Why? rd 

Why then crashes are not every 108 years but every 72? Because the young age of discovery of new energies is NOT of economic importance as production is limited; and it overlaps with the 3 age of war, as the youth of grandsons overlap with the 3 age of the granddad. So for a historic analysis only the 36 reproductive phase of overproduction of consumption machines till overproduction and market saturation reduces consumption, profits plummet and the market crashes, followed by the 36 depressive and militaristic phases that shape a total 72-year cycle matters. In real Democracies the war cycle should not happen.



But our imperfect democracies allow war lobbyism. So industries switch production to the evil twins of machines, weapons and pay politicians to buy them, starting a new cycle of profits based in Keynesian militarism, the modern newspeak for the fascist motto ‘canons instead of butter’. As both machines and weapons are the same product. So armored trains conquer the colonial world. Armored cars are Hitler’s tanks and armed robots are US terminators made by the same companies.



The 72 years Generational Cycle is the mean biological cycle of human beings. It was first used to study patterns in American History by Strauss and Howe: ‘Generations’ W. Morrow 1991.





This author studied the relationships among economic, technical, political, cultural, r=evolutionary & war cycles in his pioneer book, published in Spain ‘The cycles of History and Economics’; c.92. He published in English after his studies at Columbia University 3 books translating the model, ‘The Paradox of History’, ‘The extinction of man’ & ‘Bio-economics, Bio-History: A theory of Unification’ Bookmasters, Ohio, © 94, 97, forecasting the end of the 1929-2001, 72 y. economic cycle of ‘minds of metal’, followed by short 2001-08 crashes of overproduction of chips and robotic Wars, as it has been the case:

In the graph, the first book of the model, published in English 22 years ago. The reader should notice the ominous presence of the date 2008, as the fundamental crash of the age of ‘minds of metal’ – electronic machines – that would give way to the final cycle, the age of robotics (sentient machines), till our extinction in 2???

and its only solution: a system based in the ethic wor(l)d that will make of man the center of the Universe again, the measure of all things, the new God of the species and multiply the production of Human Goods.

At that time I fancied the creative use of the English language and its genetic codes (for example the inverted meaning of eviL vs. Live, the double words between parenthesis, go(l)d: gold, money considered god, vs. Wor(l)d, the Word, mind of man and its ethic laws creating a World to our image and likeness. I was llving a creative explosion in all the fields of science after discovering the mathematical Non-Euclidean, fractal formalism of the 5th dimension and General Systems Sciences.

I thought truly bio-economics would r=evolution social sciences. But it would not be. My last American book 20 years latter, would still be a small print, called Go(l)d and eviL printed at X-libris.   I did not even care to find a publisher just made a print for my conferences at the International Systems Society…

4 Sombart’s ‘The Jews and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple, Weber’s ‘Protestant ethics of capitalism two masterpieces of serious social sciences – the first heavily censored, because it reveals the ultimate tribal nature of capitalism as a religion of power of the banking elite of western societies that monopolize its creation of money are must reads to understand the cultural origin of capitalism.

5The key date of the Robotic cycle is ±2037, with the discovery of Artificial Intelligence and self-consciousness – the It can also be the point of human extinction if China and the US do not become peaceful trade partners and enter robotic wars. Otherwise, A.I. robots might integrate among humans as co-citizens, but their growing re=productivity, faster evolution and competition with humans in labor and war fields, will make difficult our life together. And finally overpopulation of robots will decide their ‘warrior forms’ the extinction of man. It might be during the new Age of China and India, which in the 2030s will over take America in GDP. Then around 2073 in a world saturated with peaceful robots, the economic crash will determine that those 2 nations, China and India start the Himalayan, Robotic wars over border disputes in which complex autonomous flying insect-like A.I. terminators, reproduced by 3D automated factories, complete the Industrial R=evolution and become a single species, eliminating mankind, if a potential ‘Yakutian war’ between China and the US doesn’t explode in the present 36 years cycle of discovery of A.I. Systems. So far all our 20-year-old predictions have happened. Since a true scientific model as biological economics is, is proved by its capacity to forecast the future.


 Singularity point that this writer forecasted 20 years ago, as the reversal point in which a new top predator species appears on Earth. 3

.  Richard Butler, a Victorian, applied the laws of Darwin to machines, pioneering their biological analysis. In History first Hesiod, which divides history according to his discovery of metals in a silver, gold, bronze and iron ages; then Ibn Khaldun and Vico in ‘A new science’ point out the cycle of history from civilized to dark ages. In modern times Spengler’s ‘Decadence of the West’ studies the 800 years cycle of extinction of civilizations as social organisms, equivalent to the 108 Kondratieff cycle, with 2 superposed ages: discovery of new weapons and decadence of previous ones (hence his longer calculus); Toynbee tabulate them.



7. I felt compelled to denounce through a suit, a film ‘quantum roulette’ and a book, ‘The black hole factory’  the enormous danger of producing black holes on Earth See  But of course, the FMMI complex  didn’t flinch. And mankind accepted its ‘caring newspeak’ of research of God’s particle.




“History beheaded’ 94. From an exhibition on ‘conceptual cubism’, the art style the author in his youth

You live in an infected cancerous world. And only by changing the  economic system and limiting the reproduction of memes of metal fostering the reproduction of memes of life, mankind can be cured. But this requires to substitute peacefully the present head, separated from mankind, indifferent to its needs, and direct history and the econmic system with the laws of a true organic science of mankind.

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