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In the graph, alt-history gives a lower probability to the paths of History of mankind, yet in ‘complex time’, the two arrows of future are possible, and so there are infinite other planets in which alternative paths of history are taken.

It is a tenant of general systems science that the Universe is a fractal of self-similar forms of information that repeat ad nauseam in all the scales of the Universe.

Alt-history thus is born of such thesis; as there should be in the infinite galaxies and planets of the Cosmos, infinite self-similar geographies with slight variations, similar to the Feynman paths of a quantum wave, scattered in its motion towards the same ‘zero-sum end’, of a cycle of life and death of a super organism of history.

Thus Alt-Histories are happening in infinite other planets – a thesis first posited by Giordano Brunno, which burned at the stakes for it.

In such ALT-histories there are then many planets, where humanist histories beat the fundamentalist animetal cultures of this one, where we seem to have no way out of  a future metal-earth after the incoming age of robotic wars.

To UNDERSTAND alt-history you must then understand the two different behaviours of ‘time cycles’ in the Universe, expressed in the next graphs – the arrow of absolute future, or arrow of social evolution towards larger super organisms, which is the dominant arrow of the Universe; or ‘arrow of lineal time’; and the arrow of cyclical zero-time, which seems different in its detailed paths, but ends in the same finale – extinction of man by lack of social evolution:
In the graph, absolute and relative timespace. Absolute timespace is the fifth dimension as wholes come after parts, evolution selects wholes and so the arrow of wholes dilates time adding ±scales, as each whole will be ‘grounded’ on a smaller part. I.e. a bigger whole will feed in entropic smaller beings, whales in plankton, galaxies in light space-time, Universes in dark entropy… Below the arrows of relative time, as all life-existences are zero-sums which return to its origin.

In the graph, the arrows of lineal time and cyclical time in the Universe. Lineal time grows on the long term social wholes from smaller parts, creating larger super organisms of history. Cyclical time, might vary in its ‘quantum paths’, and details but ends always in the ‘death’ of the system, back to its entropic state; as the system fails to reach immortality transcending into a new social organism, fit to survive.

As human history is failing in the organisation of mankind as a super organism, but machines are far reaching that future, it seems in this planet we shall not reach the goal of immortality.

Thus two different outcomes then happen in Alt-History:

  • Paths of History which end in the same zero-sum future, the extinction of man with alternative ‘tribal histories’ where a nation might make a bigger empire by individual decisions, but as all humans are guided by tribal idol-ogies of metal, military nationalisms, capitalist go(l)d religions and mechanist techno-utopians, it doesn’t really matter if it is England or Spain who controls the world empires; or Japan or USA colonises the west, etc. All of them will evolve finally the three weapons of the singularity age that extinguishes life, because none of them accepted:
  • Social evolution of History into a larger whole. This alternative history means the victory of one of the prophets of eusocial love and the creation of a global super organism of mankind. And so here alt-histories might also vary but all save humanity. It doesn’t then matter if we are all Christians, or we are all Buddhist or we are all Muslims or we are all Socialists or we are all UNO nations or we all belong to the rainbow planet – the last social solution narrated in this blog. All those alt-histories evolve a loving mankind into a single God=Humanity with different ‘memetic variations’ of the same theme: ‘love each other as the prophet=scientist of future history has told you’, Amen.

Let us consider some examples of both types of alt-history.

Extinctive alt-histories. Alternative military empires.

For example, from a question at Quora I answered on a possible alt-history, in which Japan NOT Russia or USA, conquers most of the Northern hemisphere.

If Japan had declared war on the USSR instead of attacking Pearl Harbor could the Axis have won the war?


Before invading China, the discussion was on the table. And the true wonder about japan in fact is WHY it didn’t invade siberia as it was the logic move and Japan was fiercely anti-communist and his ideology was ‘Pan-Asian’: expulsion of Europeans from the ‘mongoloid, vital space’. Plus it had won already a war to Russia easily in 1905 for the same reasons: closer logistics to neighbour siberia.

IT was thus easy for Japan to take from Harbin the transiberian in a blitzkrieg to Novosibirsk, reaching the Obi and regaining the ‘Asian’ land of his ‘Altai forebears’, to create a huge empire: by taking Mongolia, Manchuria, Sajalin (with gas and oil fields a few miles from Honshu), and the whole empty East Siberia.

It was in fact the preferred solution of the army but the emperor preferred Tojo; the police boss, who wanted an absurd war against China – too many people, zero resources, as those of manchuria were already taken, and then took over USA, the factory of the world. So it was a huge strategic BLUNDER, born of the Japanese ‘inferiority complex with mainland – the Korean and Chinese culture’… his emperor for millennia had disputed the supremacy of the throne of the central kingdom, and the navy’s astounding arrogance.

The infamous Tojo, of Unit 731, wanted to be also a war hero, and won the favor of the emperor over the army, with a much sounder plan of war. He was not even a soldier, despised by the army, in a parallel case to that of the animosity between the SS and the Wehrmacht – when his time came he showed his cowardice refusing a painful Harakiri- shooting himself in a shameful act against the Bushido code.

Then, of course, USA would have not entered the war in Europe as it was isolationist and Germany might have won the war against a crippled Russia, without the Siberian retreat, and with two fronts as Japan would have advanced further to the Urals – the ultimate Asian border.

All the answers here are in that sense biased by the western strain of ‘exceptionalism’. So they assume the argument happening latter, after invading China and even some after Pearl Harbor, which is nonsense. Of course with 3 fronts Japan would have lost. But the REAL argument happened before invading China, which was the Tojo alternative to taking Sajalin and east siberia.

Irkutsk was on the corner of Manchuria, but thousands of miles from Moscow. And in the earlier 30s the red army was in shambles as Stalin had killed all his Trotsky’s officers. It took them a decade to rebuild it… with German help.

The Gol battle quoted above happened in 1939, when all the army was engaged in China. In 1932, when the argument was put on the table, and the army favoured Siberia against the navy view, it was a sure victory. A surprise attack on the transiberian would have mean the fall of Irkutsk in three days, by the time the news arrived to Moscow… hundreds of thousands of Japanese would have taken krasnoyarsk and offer peace before the Russians had any chance to organise resistance in an empty land – the left-behind pocket of Vladivostok surrounded.

The first and only battle would have taken place in Novosibirsk, if Russia had responded swiftly; and so the Obi river would have been the truce border.

The russian revolution was pragmatic. Without a working army till the training of new stalinist officers and a massive plan of rearmament latter in the decade MADE with the help of the Nazis, in exchange for building also german tanks and planes to circumvent the ally’s prohibition, in 1932 they had no chance. And would have willingly signed off East Siberia, as they gave away, western russian at Brest-Litovsk. The ‘Novosibirsk’ peace of 1934, in ‘Alt-History’, perhaps happening in ∞ other fractal planets of the Universe, would have made Japan and Siberia one – given the fact that the Japanese ethnic group comes from Siberia, via Korea (Altai->Manchu->korean languages), and Asians received them as liberators, a common ideology of ethnic Manchurian unity would have easily solidify the pride of the new empire.

But Japanese, which used to be called wo-ku, ‘dwarf pirates’, by the Chinese, had the celestial empire’s superior culture as their obsessive reference. So they made the same mistake that in the XVII century, when after copying the Portuguese, became the leading musket producers of the world after Spain in decline. So their right choice was to invade the American west, easily reached with the kuroshio current, just discovered by Urdaneta, or Philippines, south, on the route to Australia (called then ‘java la grande’) and take over those empty lands, soon-to-be filled with their 30 million people.

The Spaniards knew it, and feared it, writing about the amazing numbers of Japanese, their craftsmanship with weapons, higher precision of their ‘tanegashima’, dexterity with swords and bushido code; so they forbade further engagement, abandoning the ‘Kirishitan’ to his faith. Diplomatic letters showed panic when a Japanese boat arrived to Acapulco within years. Plans were drawn to build a border fort at Monterrey; as they had no hope of defending northern California, and were ready to retreat, which would have put the central valley on the hands of Japanese farmers, making North-America today, west of Missouri a part of Japan.

Then they wrote with relief and surprise when Hideyoshi launched the conquest of the Ming dynasty by way of Korea; ascribing rightly the strategic error to the enormous arrogance of this people, who ‘think their ruler is God’, and forecasted their defeat: ‘They have started the only war they can not win’…

But the ‘tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn of their mistakes’ (Proust).

It is also vane the upvoted maximal answer – that they preferred to attack pearl harbour for ‘oil resources’. Sure, the Siberian resources are smaller than those of the ‘famous oil fields’ of honolulu (: Exploiting siberia would have made an american embargo both irrelevant and unlikely- as all would have applauded an attack on the communist revolution.

The emperor, who wanted to occupy the throne of the celestial empire, backed a ‘saddam hussein type’ rising from the Japanese GESTAPO, NOT the army, which was professional and would have never confronted US. But Tojo was a shrewd manipulator of his egolatric master; which we forgave and kept in power to subdue any possible evolution of Japan into a more social, r=evolutionary, republican, free, humanist culture, which is not – today forbidding even Asians to work there as cleaners and nurses, as they prefer robots to fill their tasks in an ominous sign of things to come.

So an amateur policeman, changed the destiny of history, showing how absurd are the quarrels of mankind, and the militarism that now brings us closer to an age of robotic wars that might extinguish our species. Indeed now we have the same kind of militarism rising in the region towards a III world war. All has changed to remain the same.

So indeed, in this alt-history Japanese Samurais live in LA, but they build the same robots that will kill us all, likely building a Wall of SHAME, against Mexicans as Trump is doing today.

(to be cont’ed)

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