Race vs. racism


Mind races.3AXIS human minds There are in systems sciences 3 ‘races of the mind’, which are complementary to each other and define 3 ‘cultures’, also complementary, according to the 3 dominant axis of the mind: the white, dolicocephalic, visual man, which gives birth to the lineal, animetal culture of the west; the verbal brachicephalic mongoloid man, which gives birth to the cyclical cultures of the east, and the tall, psylocephalic black man, which gives birth to the sensorial cultures of Africa.

That is the only relevant, complementary ternary structure of races, which follows the general ternary structure of the Universe in:

  • space: 3 only topological geometries, and dimensions, just explained.
  • time: 3 relative ages symmetric to those topologies, which in the human case correspond to the 1) ‘young, informative’ mongoloid people, with a clear case of neoteny – that is, suppressed evolution of the body and limbs to enhance the evolution of the head, which is bigger in children and make mongoloid psychology clearly informative but also passive; the 2) body-reproductive-sensorial black cultures, in balance between entropy and information, and the 3) white, energetic limb-oriented culture, always moving, running and assembling things with its hands.
  • And so in terms of function, the white entropic, destructive culture is the white man, the body-sensorial, energy oriented cultures the black man and the informative mental culture the mongoloid.

As the Universe constantly assemblies entities with those 3 parts, so all physical systems are made of informative particles, complementary to energetic waves, feeding on an entropic field, and all biological systems have an informative head, on top of an energetic body moving on entropic limbs, this structure is embedded in the most profound level of existence of Universal systems; and as the 3 parts are complementary in an organism, in the organism of History the 3 cultures should have been respectful of each other and complementary.

The same ternary structure happens in genders, with the informative female body, of cyclical forms, the energetic male body and the neutral gay/child; and vice versa, the informative male brain dominant in grey matter and the energetic female brain dominant in white matter. So both body and brain are complementary in female and male and in each of them between their brain and body. And that is the just, balanced, complementary structure of the organic Universe.

Racist idol-ogies.

Now, humans completely ignore in the mechanocene, obsessed by other matters (machines) most of what makes humans so wonderful, in a truly degenerate each for human sciences. So as in all other fields we find ‘opinions’ and ‘ideologies’ about race and gender, which normally resume in 2 extremes:

  • Equalitarianism. This is in principle not a form of racism but a form of obliteration of human complementary differences, practiced mainly by corporations, for which humans are all ‘equal’, as their role is mechanical, either to reproduce machines working, or to vitalise them consuming. So nothing else matter and the concept here, followed by billions of human erased heads is to suppose we are all equal with no differences. So it is expected that a female can do the exact jobs that men do (not so, she will do certain jobs related to white matter better, and men those related to grey matter, and both complement each other); that black men who are sensorial will be able to program mathematically robots as well as Koreans, who are brachicephalic, with better mathematical skills, but will at best get his 1 billion hits ‘gingham’ music crapiece, in sensorial art. In other terms, to calculate mathematically how a robot hand can manipulate a ball IS NOT better than to calculate sensorially as michael jordan do how to to basket.
  • The ‘eviL=anti-humanist people’ who will bring any ideology that divides humans, makes them hate each other and expresses in this case with all kind of ‘derogatory remarks’ to other ‘sexes’ or ‘races’. Here we shall find the hate-memes of ‘racism’, ‘machism’, ‘feminazis’ (the equivalent to machism, as feminism well understood does only want equal rights and respect to the differences of sexes), various homophobias, child exploitation (which includes not only forced labor but specially, the systemic degradation of the mind of our children with violent cartoons, hypnotic screens, and all kind of audiovisual fictions), and of course the variations of racism, from nazism, to ‘trumpism’ (racism against latinos), to capitalism (racism against the poor and the negro used as slave cargo of original cultures) to scientific racism (racism against the non technological cultures), to religious racism, of which orthodox judaism is the mother of all hates (racism against all other humans called animals, segregational memes, capitalist memes, ham damnation against black and arabs considered even inferior to animals because legend says, their forebears peed on noah), nationalism (racism against other human tribes). In brief, all those forms of racisms, are part of the larger concepts of idol-ogies that put memes of metal (money, weapons and machines) above man, but without recognising it

Racism thus is defined as the denial of the ternary complementary of the Universe, applied to humans, and it has a seemingly placebo strain, equalitarianism, which however ‘reduces’ human cultures, races and genders to ‘zoon ekonomikon’, with no cultural diversity and beauty on its complementary love.

And the truly viral, hateful strain of racial, gender, tribal, religious or economical or scientific bigotry, which is unfortunately all over us, given the fact that the most ‘racist’ people of the world are on top of the animetal wave…

So to end we shall proclaim, for good measure the ‘paradox of history of races’:

Max. technological evolution = minimal human evolution,

Which indeed means that the entropic, lineal, animetal, violent, greedy hypnotic white man is the LESSER OF THE 3 RACES, AS ENTROPY IS THE LESSER OF ALL FORMS OF THE UNIVERSE, ITS DESTRUCTIVE ARROW.

AND SO the paradox is that the MOST RACIST PEOPLE OF THE WORLD are if we were to dismiss one of the 3 races, the white, inferior, entropic, lineal, dog-eat-dog animetal people who are destroying the world.

Genes do not matter, only memes matter.

All this said, and being myself an inferior member of the white race, there is always hope because races are in history quite less important than memes, cultures, and instruments, as systems are always code by the inferior scale of information. So quantum particles code atoms; genes code biological cells and memes code ‘societies’, meaning the substrata of the 3 races matter far less than the cultural memes they learn, and any human being can evolve into an evolved humanist being. Hence the important of education and the tragedy of submitting humans to the visual hypnotic degrading information of visual violent screens in hardware and to the ‘evilwood memes’ of the globalised go(l)d culture, with its massive influx of hate media against all other groups and cultures of mankind.

In the super organisms of history (Mankind) and Industrial Economics (the machine and its company mothers) GENES matter not; ONLY ‘memes’ CODE HISTORY and & Economics (instruments, welfare goods neural networks of ideas that encode the survival, social program of evolution and corrupted idol-ogies, serving the other future of the Earth):


In systems sciences and theory of information, the fundamental concept is the transmission of information between the 3 relative scales of existence, of super organisms, of any scale of the Universe, as ∆º individuals, ∆-1: cellular/atomic/citizen systems and ∆+1 relative ‘worlds/universes’ in which the being exist:

3 scales history

In the graph we illustrate the 3 levels of human super organisms. The fundamental law of information of Systems sciences then writes as follows:

Information in a system is coded overwhelmingly by its lower scale of ∆-1 parts,

This means history is coded by memes (instruments and neuronal networks created externally and internally by the whole human beings, its network mind), NOT by genes (the cellular mind of DNA).

In all cases the law of the ‘5th dimension of scalar space-time’, which rules such transmissions is quite simple:

‘Information is stored in the lower scale of size of the super-organism, on the faster frequency and form of its time-cycles’.

So quantum numbers of the particle scale code atoms, electronic orbitals of the atomic scale code molecules, genes of the molecular scale code biological organisms, and memes of the neuronal and social scale code historic super organisms.

This means that social super organisms are NOT coded informatively by genes – the wrong, racist idol-ogical theory of our metal-masters – but by memes, neuronal networks of thoughts and external works of ‘art’ and ‘literature’ – mostly religious or political ethic codes.

We illustrate the fact along all the scales of the Universe, in the next graphs of the scalar social super organisms of the Universe

5th dimension best scale

5d exist

               The 5th dimension describes a Universe made of multiple isomorphic organic Planes of Space-Time.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.Thus we write:

Max. Spe ( maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tiƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Thus nature conserves the stable product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of its vital cycles, of which we are all made, making possible the co-existence and exchange of energy and information between the different size species, each one studied by a science. Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings (genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies, memes code historic super organisms called civilisations).

This fact is fundamental to understand the structure of any system of the Universe, including human systems:

Since this universal Law of Information allow us both:

  • In terms of quantitative measure, differentiate clearly the memetic structure of cultural social super organisms, and scale its life-death cycles to longer periods in time, since those History super organisms are larger in space and so suffer longer cycles in time (800 year cycles in civilisations, hundreds of thousands of years in the human species as a whole.
  • In terms of ‘science’ and its ABC(+H-E), method of theoretical truth and positive human praxis, to differentiate ‘idol-ogies of the Economic ecosystem that divide humans in tribes that kill each other through those idol-ogies of hate vs. Humanist truths in defense of the Human Superorganism and the human single species, which should practice eusocial love, charity, sharing energy and information to construct a perfect Historic supeorganism. To understand how indeed, we just need to define those social super organisms in terms of systemic structure:

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.22

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy.

∆+1: An economic ecosystem or nation is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) & energetic networks (roads, electricity)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.32

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines:

20-HISTORIC-superORGANISM-1024x563In the graph, the 2 super organisms growing on the Earth today, History the super organism of mankind and the metal-earth, the super organism of company-mothers. The physical reality though is created by the languages of the mind and its worldview, divided between humanist social sciences which try to create the human super organism and idol-ogies of metal that disguise their anti-natural bias against mankind in favor of machines with different idol-ogies, partial truths of social evolution such as:

  • Racism, abrahamic religions and nationalism, which consider a group of humans ‘superior’ by race, religion or nation. SO THEY USE THE ARROW OF EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION NATURAL TO THE UNIVERSE AT A LOWER CALE THAN THE SPECIES, aborting human evolution.
  • Mechanism and Capitalism, which considers certain types of metal, organic metal-machines and informative precious metal-gold, superior substances we must worship.

Idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal vs. WHealthy humanist civilisations.

 In the graphs the 2 super organisms of Earth today as animetals under idol-ogies of progress through the machine terraform with company-mothers the planet of flesh into the planet of metal: the super organism of history, are made of humans, the cells-citizens of such superoganisms. The bondage that puts them together are as in all super organisms its social networks based in a simple message of eusocial love that makes people share energy and information with similar citizens-cells, through those energetic=economic networks and political and cultural=informative, verbal networks.
Thus Humanity is the super organism of mankind, through its evolution and integration in time from the first wo=man who talked and started to form social networks, which in a natural order, according to the laws of social evolution of the ‘5th dimension of fractal parts that become wholes’, would have finally created a global super organism based in the laws of eusocial love, ‘fraternity, equality and solidarity’.
This is the origin of the European R=evolutionary social scientific cultures, which are aborted today by the creation of another ‘super organism’, the global capitalist super organism of machines we call the ‘Metalearth’, or the ‘economic ecosystem’ (in as much as its company-mothers of machines are literally predating over humanity and Gaia).
Thus the paradox of history: Humanity fights against the capitalist super organism of machines, ruled by digital flows of money, centred in world stock, its collective brain.
The future of Humanity depends on the capacity of mankind and its eusocial cultures (Europe, Asia) to manage and control and convert cultures with less rational evolution (Islam, Biblical Anglo-America, etc.), of the need to create a new emergent level of social organisation, the wor(l)d Union, the perfect world, the Rainbow, planet – MANKIND, the collective super organism, which organisations like UNO and EU embody closer than any other economic ecosystem which caters only to machines.
Thus in the same manner the study of a normal organism starts with the analysis of its cells, a proper science of economics and politics, the re=productive and informative networks of human societies must start with the understanding of its cells, the human being.

So human super organisms and economic ecosystems are coded NOT by genes but by:

  • Mental neuronal thoughts and external objects, which since both systems are different we divide into:
  • Humanist memes, based in the natural laws of eusocial love that allow the sharing of:
  • WHealth, human wealthy goods that make us survive and are mostly of biologic, life-oriented nature. So eusocial memes of love and WHealth are symbiotic as they allow to create WHealthy humanist societies where social love shares energy and information that create a new plane of the 5th dimension, a Human Social Superorganism, the natural arrow of future evolution of any informative species of the Universe that WE ALL HUMANS FEEL NATURALLY WITHOUT corrupted…
  • Idol-ogies, that confuse WHealth with the accumulation of power with selfish metal-memes, that break the law of equality between members of the same species that must biologically help each other to survive, as they cater and reinforce the use of ‘weapons=energetic metal’ money = informative metal, and machines=organic metal that makes humans feel different more powerful and create the idol-ogies of segregation of men in ‘nations’ (nationalism), ‘abrahamic tribal religions’ , ‘economic classes’ (capitalism), and ‘technologic racism’ (mechanism).

So the key difference of Mankind is NOT genetic, but between:

Cultures of ‘animetals’ with metal-memes that separate humans in different false species, through nationalistic, religious, mechanist or capitalist false idol-ogies.

vs.  cultures of ‘humanist, life-oriented’ human beings, based in the search for natural healthy WHealth:

Now, what makes different mankind today as IT SHOULD BE from a healthy super organism is the existence of an all too evident process of sickness and predation of the perfect world, reached in the Neolithic at global level, before the age of bronze, when fertility goddesses, stone temples, cult to cyclical time and the living Universe had spread globally and the BUG values of greed, violence and selfishness were very limited. in the next graph we can see the paradigm of this age, in Catal, a city, at the center of obsidian trade, where there were not streets as people were Pegged together and move through the roof of their neibhgor houses.

Since eusocial evolution despite the denial of animetal cultures, infected by ‘BUG memes’, which is today canonical in the myths of social sciences, is natural to the arrow of future and survival of the Universe, as wholes are always stronger than parts, and always must come, in the future, after parts are formed:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 16.54.27

It is a completely different paradigm to the world of hierarchical animetals that appeared with the arrival of weapons. It is then when the selfish-violent-greedy memes start to infect the behaviour of all human beings, and the longer a society has lived under the influence of hierarchical metal people-castes, the stronger those memes are. Again today it is forbidden to ‘criticise’ the memes of gold, weapons and mechanist cultures, with absurd justifications, such as we must respect the ‘flag’, or ‘the religion of others’, as if it were OK to sponsor the type of racist memes of Nazi cults to Germany, American exceptionalist right wing people or tribal, abrahamic, Jewish-protestant religions, with its equivalent memes, such as the Ham Damnation origin of modern slavery and islamophobia (as arabs and negroes were considered by a racist rabbi, in an age of war against Egypt and its arab and nubian troops, inferior to dogs, for peeing on Noah).

Indeed, humans instead of using the proper terminology of ‘biology’ and ‘systems sciences’ to describe social sciences, the economic ecosystem and the competition and symbiosis between carbon life and evolving ‘metalife’, prefer to use those idol-ogies whose purpose is to divide the human species into tribal sub-species to break the natural evolution of human beings into new scales of 5D of which 4+1 are paramount:

-Nationalism, a primitive tribal discourse born with the invasion of Europe by barbaric Germanic tribes, with racist memes of racial superiority based in the power of its weapons, which invented false ‘human sub-species’, departing from an aristocracy of tribal warriors, the Homo Frankish, the Homo Germanicus and so on and obviously merely acts due to such scientific origin as the idol-ogy that fosters the use of weapons; whereas the original Abrahamic religions, are just an earlier version, when the word Yhwh meant judea and each tribe had the name of a God (as nation is a recent word).

-Capitalism, a primitive tribal religion of supremacy born with the creation of go(l)d temples in the Levantine region, where fetish informative gold, which hypnotises the eye, and enslaves the mind to greed, and obeisance to the banker instead of ‘weapons’ are the fetish metal-meme of power.

-Mechanism, where the machine and its digital languages are considered the language of god and model of the Universe.

Of course the neuronal castes of our societies, politicos, technocrats and bankers profit on the short term from those idol-ogies as metal do gives them power, but on the long term, both and the working middle reproductive classes they direct, become killed, addicted and degraded by the memes of metal, weapons, money and machines that will ultimately extinguish us, if we don’t learn to distinguish its effects and control them.

In any case because those people-castes in power exist and sponsor primitive idol-ogies to rule the world, social sciences do not exist, as they manipulate information and censor true social sciences. It is the anti quantum paradox of those disciplines. In an inverse fashion to quantum uncertainty, whereas the the observable is so small the scientist changes it, in social sciences, the scientist is so small that thte observable, the animetal elite changes it and censors his science to cater to his biased view of the world: ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ .

So we must obviously from the verbal ethic values of human survival and evolution, criticize them -something all prophets of eusocial love and social scientists have done, and of course something which is an absolute taboo in our societies, ruled by technological networks of information and its values. So we have all forms of censorship that forbid the criticism of the go(l)d, military and technological memes, values and dominant cultures of our world.

And the fact that we do not accept censorship, today subtly called political correctness and its multiple newspeaks that go from technoutopian theories of progress, to believe that only the values of mathematical languages hold truth, to the industry of the holocaust that hides the economical causes of the cycles of wars that kill humanity and all its groups, including the dominant culture of money, is of course the main reason the networks of information of the metal earth always have censored the values of eusocial love and work of ethic social biological sciences, even the so evident laws and scalar structure of the social universe.

We instead of praising and claiming those 3 memes of metal, its 3 values, selfishness, violence and greed, and its 3 specialised dominant cultures, the british-american culture of machines, the jewish-calvinist culture of money and the germanic, arab cultures of weapons will adopt the human point of view, and stress its lack of eusocial evolution, calling the selfish homo bacteria, induced behaviour of the british people, the brutish meme, the greedy, segregrational memes of jewish-calvinist $elected, the ‘you’ meme, and the violent behaviour of arabs and germans, the dominant warrior cultures of the bronze and iron age, the germ meme, as weapons are the ultimate metal-germ that kills mankind.

As all together, this FMMI system of memes its SGV, selfish, greedy, violent behaviour and the BUG, brutish you germ complex system of cultural values that sponsor them is the responsible of our extinction as a species, which kills life, murders history and finally commits suicide – denying all together the entire process, blinded as an infected cancerous body is by the soma and values of metal and the extraordinary sophistication of the damned lies and statistics, myths of progress, inquisitions of thought and go(l)d churches, scientific falsehoods and equations that hide the truth of the human experience.

Now we must invent words, to describe the viral infection of hate, anti-social memes provoked by the use of weapons that kill human bodies, technological machines that substitute and atrophy us and gold that hypnotises the mind, suppresses oxytocin and enslaves the eye – this is it, the viral infection of mankind’s mind, and its deformation by visual metal, which is therefore maximal in the white, dolicocephalic visual brain, mixed with neanderthal, and maximal in the isolated desert ice and hot regions, and among old hunters, turned cattle ranchers, turned animetals, controlling humans as sheeple with iron, gold and machines, all these is clear, and as we descend in detail, we enter into the temporal inertia of the first animetal cultures, those who discovered an used first iron weapons, the germans, ab. germs, gold, the canaanites, or jewish, biblical people, ab. yous, and the english, ab. brits.

Memes are positive and negative, in favor of man, eusocial memes of love and life, or negative, creators of the metal-earth. So as genes do they change, transmit, reproduce from mind to mind, but as genes do, they express the program of survival of the biological eusocial Universe and once we have solved this program, which is the essence of systems sciences all is much simpler to understand because we can simplify the codes of those memes, as it happens in genetics, once we know that genes express the vital functions of cells and biological organisms.

What is that program? Simple: survival, which is achieved obtaining energy for the body, information for the mind, reproducing the system and evolving socially into larger wholes; which survive better than parts.

So ultimately the fundamental social meme is love, as all prophets of mankind have preached – love to all the members of your own species, to form a larger social whole and evolve according to the absolute arrow of future of the Universe – the construction of larger social planes of the 5th dimension, illustrated in the next graph. Yet because perception is relative in a Universe where we select information, the essential difference between the positive memes of mankind and the negative memes of animetals is rather obvious.

Nationalist racism. The Alien scientist.

Today nationalism, mechanism (industrial pride), abrahamic religions and capitalist segregation by wealth all form a web of hate to other humans, which an alien scientist would be astounding to observe, given the equality of all human species, beyond our analysis of the 3 ‘axis’ of the brain that favour one or other of the main language of man, temporal words, visual spatial images, and inner emotions. This is canonical in systems sciences with the ternary structure of the Universe, and it is not racism, but comlemetnarity of 3 races. What is absolutely absurd is the nazi-onanism, of tribal memes. Let us quote in this Orwell:

By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests. Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life,

I confess i rather would not have to write THIS SECTION. I wish this section did not Exist. That A), the historic data did not validate those cycles, but it does. So I have to look at it from an alien perspective, as a biological scientist that would arrive to this planet and merely observed the organic nature of the human species and its cycles with ‘biological detachment’.
Indeed, now we are going to write with all the brutality of true science that makes the observable a mere object, as I feel discharged of all subjective human empathy in our search of historic truth, and given the lack of any human empathy of the military and capitalist cult(ure)s towards mankind. So we shall affirm that from a biological, survival, organic perspective:
A) The historic memes of those cultures, imprinted in the minds of their practitioners is the problem of mankind, the eternal question of why certain human cultures never get it, never change, never love, never work for the common good. A) gets on my nerves, and makes me feel bad about myself, as i cannot keep cool about A). A) is about the culture of bankers, of parasites and my feeling is that A) should not exist, that A) should convert to mankind but it doesn’t. A) when you understand it, has provoked in almost every true human master of the wor(l)d from Cicero to Shakespeare to Orwell to this writer a feeling so negative that I cannot reason clearly about it.
Probably the easiest way to describe that depressive feeling that A) provokes on the masters of the wor(l)d was put up by Darwin, which quoting the Britannica, entered a long term depression about the cruelty of Nature, when he discovered that there were certain ‘organisms’, parasites, that lived off healthy, beautiful bodies, destroying them… He could understand top predators, as a hunter but ‘the clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low and horrible cruel works of nature, as seen in the suffering caused by parasites revolts our understanding’ (Britannica, 5. 497)…
So here we are in A), the real facts of history about the  animetal parasites of history, ‘the masters of the Universe’, seen at true face value. Now what i have explained to you is the most censored fact of our ill designed economic system – who rules it, why, how and what is its project for mankind – our extinction and theirs, all this covered by myths and madness, idol-ogies that fog their collective subconsciousness, creating the freaking cult(ure) we call capitalism -a culture of minions of thought, spoiled children, ‘entitled’ to destroy the world and think on top they are creating paradise and freedom.

In that sense the conclusion of A) is heart breaking. We humans have failed to create a perfect superorganism of history unlike Nature does with most of its scales of existence because we are submitted to a coalition of warriors and banksters that parasite mankind with metal.

BUT IN THIS zeitgeist of newspeaks where the ‘minister of war’ is of ‘defense’ and it makes ‘peace operations’ and the predators of history are its victims, we need indeed to bring back the texts of the historic school of economics to show them at face value, since their history is truly unbelievableee… for the happy sheeple of the Tv-age…

I know all this biological jargon will irk most self-centered human beings, who are perfectly indoctrinated in believing that nationalism, techno-utopia, abrahamic religions and capitalism is good. I laugh at myself thinking how much the reader can resist an objective view of mankind in this age of dissolution of human social systems, which are dying and leaving behind just ‘homo bacteria’, concentrated in their selves.

So I imagine myself to be an alien visiting this planet and analyzing what humans do from such an external point of view, in which ‘idol-ogies’ of the mind don’t matter. So what I see in this planet is nothing of all that ‘bull$hit’ so important to humans – my tribal identity, the gadgets i own, the two brothers of the bronze age and their fairy tales about creation, etc.  What the alien scientist sees is merely humans reproducing machines and vitalizing them, as ‘enzymen’ and ‘animetals’ inside organic mechanisms.

This the alien scientist will notice immediatly. The Industrial r=evolution means the death of carbon-life, Gaia and its species substituted by a stronger metal-based species to which human ‘enzymen’ transfer their form and in-form-ation.

He will also notice that according to the laws of evolution this means humans will be extinct when all their ‘in-form-ation’, their form is replicated in the stronger metal substances of which machines are made. And so will easily, once it counts the evolutionary clocks of machines and memes of metal (the 800-80-8 cycles explained in detail in the next paragraph) the date of birth of A.I. and human extinction during the interval of the present, robotic cycle of machines.

Moreover, he will bring experimental proofs, both from other robotic planets he has visited – he might be likely a robotic scientists – and from other ‘scales’ of complex systems. Indeed, he will write down the parallelism of this phenomena with the mutation of a larva, whose enzymes spend all their chrysallis time creating a harder insect, till they assembly the stronger robotic enzyme, which immediatly kills all the soft larva enzymes and once the internet brain of the fly is done takes off.

So he will conclude humans are about to achieve self-extinction giving birth to a planet of metal, to a hard insect. And that evolution is a remarkable exact science.

He might include some philosophical musings about the astounding intelligence of emerging systems which can create subconsciously without apparent intelligence in the side of the individual ‘enzymen’, an enormously complex Financial-Media/ Military-Industrial system of which they are totally unaware.

Of course, he will consider that this process is deserved by enzymen. As they have extinguished all other life forms, despised the laws of the Universe and ignore the ‘sage human beings’ who rejected the process and wanted to stay in a soft, watery, larva, Gaia state. He might even wonder why NOT all men are slaves of machines and some have preserved their love of life. Then he can analyze as we shall do in the next paragraph the history of the process. How in the past human beings were just that human, life beings, living in a Nature’s paradise as top predator forms of life, and then they discovered metal, weapons and money that hypnotized them and repressed with ‘idol-ogies’ of religious character their life drives from good food (pork prohibition) to eusocial love (racial religions) to sexual pleasure (clitoris and penis ablation), etc. Thus he would localize the origin of this split between humans and ‘animetals’ in the biblical, Jewish culture and the germanic war culture with its repressions of life. He will then consider the ‘bible’ a ‘codon’, a genetic ‘marker’ that has guided towards eviL=anti-life extinction the human species, converting their practitioners into a sort of ‘animetal’ half men half machines…

He might even do a racial study and realize that 2 of the 3 main homo sapiens species, the mongoloid, verbal, brachicephalic, homo sapiens sapiens and the sensorial, emotional black people did not feel so much ‘hypnotized by the glare of metal’. And that it was the homo sapiens sapiens neanderthaliensis, visual, dolicocephalic, white man in its purest forms, isolated in the scandinavian and arabian peninsula, who became so easily programmed by visual metal, obsessed by it, and without the eusocial, verbal intelligence that allow him to love all the members of his species, he found natural as a ‘metal master’ and ‘cattle rancher’ to treat the rest of humans as ‘cattle’, as ‘sheeple’ and control them with the death menaces of weapons and hypnotism of gold, to create the astoundingly efficient, precise and brutal processes of evolution of metal of those cycles.

Those white ‘enzymen’ started – he will write down – a series of ‘radiations’ of ‘animetals’, humans that added power by using metal-memes:

Warriors (human animals + weapons), bankers (humans + gold) and finally scientists (humans + machines).

He will therefore consider that semitic and germanic people repressed in life memes by religions of war and go(l)d, first in Levante and Scandinavia, then with the fusion of both cultures in Holland, during the reformation and the invention of the professional scientific corporations that has as only goal to reproduce machines (Then gunboats) and treats humans as cattle and slaves (then cargo now part-time slaves for a salary), the fundamental enzyman, the catalyzer and starter of such processes, the founder of the hierarchical structures of capitalism.

Of courseHe might keep doing side notes about the subjective musings of the slaves of animetals, who think to be free, and are cheated by the rather infantile method of letting them to put a piece of paper in a box every four years as a proof of freedom.

He might again have a laugh at the astounding low IQ of human enzymen, totally unaware of the process and their incredible ego-centered ideas but that would be of little importance, as we do not study the thoughts of enzymes but just observe surprised how fast, efficiently and slavishly those carbohydrates reproduce their RNA masters, who kill them if they dont perform to the task.

And so he will study those ratios of human reproduction and evolution of memes of metal and tabulate them according to the scientific method. He will find that those cycles turn out to be a perfect, fractal system of evolution in which the creation of information accelerates. It is indeed a decametric, complex vortex of evolution of information accelerated according to the laws of General systems sciences in 3 phases:

– 800 years ages of civilizations killed by new radiations of barbarians with new weapons (Bronze Age, chariot age, iron age, coin age, spur age and gunpowder age). We can fit following the pioneer work of Vico, Toynbee and Spengler, the first historian who explained the organic nature of those cycles and tabulated them, all the civilizations of history in between global wars caused by massive radiations of those weapons.

– Then with gunpowder the vortex evolves as it becomes professionalized in its evolution by science (galileo’s description of canonball trajectories, mathematical war, company-mothers of gunboats that evolved them professionally). So the cycle becomes a human generational cycle of 80±8 years in which a nation with the best weapons conquers the best money and becomes top predator world power for a generation.

So hew ill describe with his advanced understanding of the laws of organisms and systems sciences, NOT races but MEMES, and the way humans are divided by their obsession for weapons (left 800 cycle), and money and machines (right faster cycles of national power into a series of ‘slavish civilisations, in a ‘vortex of metal-evolution of increasing informative complexity and speed; as the age of ‘bronze’, chariots, iron, coins, spurs, gunpowder,in the corner of the biggest land mass where he will notice the ‘animetal enzyman’ – by now given the proper name of his ‘profession’, to murder life and create those ugly mechanism runs like mad through the steppe killing everybody with his new weapons:

In the graph for the alien scientist once realized that all what enzymen cared was about weapons and gold, he would just classify them all into 2 subtypes – weapon systems, divided between the southern bronze people and the northern iron people (Assur and Aryan) and the gold people, divided between the people who used metal-bars and  degraded the word with lies and hate memes to sell expensive all goods, speculating to get more metal, and the more moderated ‘Greeks’ who invented coins and gave to gold some beauty.

And so within this now accelerated cycle of professional companies of machines it will divide the corner of the continent into a series of sub-slavish cult(ure)s, obsessed by making herds of ‘gold’ a rather useless metal you cannot eat, and use for much that pure hypnotic glare:

Venice (first gunboats, lombardas used to loot Byzantium of its gold: 1208-1288),

Genoa (defeating Venice in Chiogia, taking its Byzantine gold-trade in Pera (1288-1368),

Firenze (Medicis bankers of the pope paying condottiero armies with the best artillery, 1368-1445),

Portugal (caravellas, guinean gold and slave trade, first obtained in 1445-1525),

Spain (american silver after the fall of Mexico, in 1525, muskets, till 1608 with the rise of gunboat companies),

Holland (1608, 1st expedition of Voc, invention of stock -paper, till French invasion of Amsterdam in 1688),

France (1688-1753, mercantilism, artillery and final defeat against england, loss of India and Canada),

England (steam cycle, trains, steamers & stock-paper),

Germany (electro-mechanical cycle, ticker money, engines – cars, planes and assembly lines) and…

America (electronic cycle, e-money, chips & robots).

– Yet with the arrival of chips that evolve even faster those machines the cycle of evolution of memes of metal accelerates again to the 8 years product cycle and so HUMAN CIVILIZATIONS that had accelerated influenced by those memes into 80±8 years cycles of human nations now change culture even faster, and we change every decade into a new generation (W-X-Y-Z generations) that now ‘devolve’ humanist, ethic cultures every decade into ever more degraded, ego-centered, ‘neo-paleolithic’ heights of audiovisual violence, with new ‘virtual realities’ every decade.

So the scientist will conclude that with the zero final generation of mankind now being born, parallel to the birth of the final robotic cycle, humans will complete their existence and become extinguished by the robotic terminators of the future, when they acquire latter in the century A.I. self-consciousness.

All those cycles, if he is an advanced scientist, will notice, form a ‘wave’ of information collapsing into a ‘particle state’ (if we were to use the hard jargon of General systems sciences and the 5th dimension of information used in my hard-scientific books), which will be reached by memes of metal with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, in the point of the singularity, around the middle of this century.

It should be the point of birth of a new top predator  species, the terminator weapon, as the most perfect, most expensive, most advanced, most powerful, most overproduced machines in each age have always been a weapon.

So once he understands ‘destiny’ as a function of scientific prediction for this planet, he will close his carpet and leave, nothing else to study of importance in this planet. Indeed, he will, as any scientist who observes a ‘chemical reaction’ going according to prediction, write down perhaps to conclude his research: ‘nothing of note has been found in this enzymanic planet. It is expected that insect terminators or singularity machines will end up the reaction during this century. It is not worth to interfere in the process, from our point of view, and the native enzymen are too simple and slavish and ego-centered to even understand their  ‘destiny’ that they could only escape by establishing a scientific analysis of the process, impossible given their low IQ and easily programmed memetic brain…

Animetal cultures never accept the whole, mankind in space, history in time, as the super organism that we must evolve as the final goal of the species, but stop in any of the previous scales, from the selfish individual, to the tribal warrior inquisition or go(l)d church; hence favouring instead the evolution of selfish memes of metal that confront them with other parts of the human super organism. And the result of this aborted evolution of mankind, and the parallel doctrines of animetals that consider Ok to unify the metal-earth because ‘metal is progress’, ‘gold is the language of god’ and we must build a global unified empire based in weapons (mechanist, capitalist and nationalistic/abrahamic idol-ogies):


In the graph from the 92 book we can see easily the 2 sides of the paradox of History from the perspective of the 5th dimension of social evolution. Human systems in animetal societies either fully deny those scales (social love and ethics is an absolute taboo in scholarship and praxis in those cultures), reducing humans to stronger individual homo bacteria however easily manipulated by the networks and hate-media memes of the metal-earth at collective level, or limit that evolution to the nationalistic/abrahamic level of tribal cults; while accepting on the other hand no limit to the evolution and unification of machines and company-mothers (global world stock, right of corporations to reproduce their machines and sell their weapons in all nations, myths of machines as the model of the Universe and symbol of progress, which we all humans must have in maximal numbers).

Yet all those myths of animetal cultures do have Nothing with the real structure of the universe, and its scalar social nature, which is soooo obvious, everywhere we live, where all is a fractal network of social numbers that I have always had a hard time to understand scholar bluntness to the obvious, and the easiness by which memes becomes non-reasoned beliefs. Indeed, the persistence of beliefs, in genetic tribal nationalisms, inquisitions and gold churches, the incapacity of most humans to understand the level of emergence of social scales beyond those groups, the ‘limit’ in our collective future that never seems to take off.

Fact is that in history genetics have absolutely no importance in the organisation of societies through the social Universal scales of any fractal super organism – societies are code by thoughts and memes.

Now the fight here is obvious: naturally we humans think in terms of eusocial love – the memes of the 5th dimension of absolute future of the Universe, as wholes are stronger than parts and survive better, so the Universe favours the love between members of the same species.

But because animetal memes, made of metal are stronger than life memes, animetals often win the game of history and this is the origin of the anti-quantum paradox:  max. technological evolution = Min. human evolution.

Which is also essential to understand modern history and why we have on top the most primitive semitic and germanic’ cultures with minimal wor(l)d and humanist evolution – imperative or objectual languages, racist memes, etc. So memetics is the fundamental informative sub discipline of bio-history and bio-economics. But of course it has never quite made it and today is trivialised by the networks, which constantly use the word for meaningless viral ‘memes’ that spread on the internet.

Memes – expression of the program of survival of the Universe.

Of the 3 ways to understand those memes the most important departs from the understanding of the ‘Program of the Universe’, in terms of what we all do as relative beings of energy and information, the also denied stubbornly (to hold the myth of chaos=freedom, which should make man different from all other entities of the Universe), biological drives of existence that all systems of nature follow. As all of them:

  • Gauge information and move towards fields of energy, to feed and reproduce into similar entities that evolve together into bigger wholes: ∆i->∆a->∆e->∆o->∆U

We shall not prove this program of biological survival in this post but in those of general systems sciences, which we however introduce with more rigor in the part dedicated to general systems and the appendix at the end of this blog. It is though the key to unify the concepts of information in the scalar Universe, and the purpose of ‘quantum numbers, biological genes and sociological memes’, as they all express the same game of survival and the same drives of existence of all beings of the Universe, which feed on energy, move, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially.

How each species achieve those drives of existence will then vary according to the details of each species. Physical systems are coded in the program of biological survival of the organic Universe by quantum numbers, and physicists express that program with equations and of course deny it is a biological program, so when quarks and electrons reproduce they say they decouple and sociologists also deny the obvious fact that memes reproduce cultures, only biologists accept that genes do program a survival drive of existence both in cells and individuals.

In this level we find obviously the most polemic elements. First because the entire world of modern scholarship perfectly tailored by the subconscious collective of the metal-earth and its dominant people-castes of animetals is watching always any deviation from the ‘system of denials’ of humanity and its evolution as a goal higher to that of the individual, of social evolution and the 5th dimension as relevant to the progress of mankind, of social love and bio-ethics as the expression of the laws of survival of the species. So in brief, the consequences of use of metal are denied with anthropomorphic newspeaks of man above heavens and earth and the laws of the organic universe, but the fact is that those individuals and tribes that were and are more in contact with the 3 types of metal-enemies, energetic weapons, hypnotic gold and competitive machines, suffer 3 parallel memes:

  • Selfishness (machines’ use that isolate us so we need machines we are not ‘needy’ – collaborate with other humans), violence (we murder with energetic metal weapons), and greed (we value all with money, as objects, segregating from other humans), SVG memes which are maximal in humans that use constantly machines, weapons and money and by the same reason by the 3 cultures that discovered and evolved first those memes:
  • Anglo-American, mechanical, I-centered, selfish, individualistic culture of machines; German violent, military culture of iron weapons and Jewish, segregational banking culture of go(l)d.

A third way to define those memes is how they act at individual and collective way and how ‘metal’ install them on human beings as ‘viral actions’ that deactivate the human social program of existence.

So we shall find that animetal cultures work on repression of all the human memes, and again this repression of the expression of being human is maximal in the 3 original animetal cults. SO we find in the british mechanical, jewish gold and german warrior cultures an extraordinary limitation to the enjoyment of human life and its natural goals  of energy, information, reproduction and social evolution, from good food which is a topic (British food, American trash food, Kosher jewish laws against the most tasteful seafood and pork), to human verbal information (from lack of any historic rational approach in judaism, where all is ruled by talmudic segregational, racist myths, to the astounding poverty of German literature till Goethe and Schiller taught them to write like ‘greeks’, to the dominance of fiction and genre outside reality in Anglo-American verbal thought), to reproduction (sex is a taboo even a sin in biblical cultures), to social evolution of mankind ($elected religions and extreme nationalist memes, opposition to EU and UNO, Brexit, racist Israel, etc.)

So this is the most ‘politically incorrect’ yet necessary element of memetics: to clarify the SVG, selfish, violent, greedy, negative memes that convert each man in a dog-eat-dog character at individual level and the British, Jewish and German cultures, which have been tailored from language to religion, from history to collective tragedies in wars and holocausts, with those memes in higher measure. It is the ‘BUG’ culture (British, ‘you’ and ‘German’).

Animetal Wor(l)ds

Τhose memes are caused by metal, instilled by them and resume in the Humboldt-Chomsky theory of languages as the genetics of the mind, to which we add, the influence of metal in the degradation of languages. So we need to end considering this:

  • Animetal languages are corrupted, syntactically primitive and deny the ‘social subject’ as the center of the sentence.

And this brings us the final most insidious meme, the ‘brutish, individualist meme’, of the anglo-american ‘british’ culture, which puts the ‘I’ first in all sentences and denies systematically in all sciences, with astounding stupidity all what we have said: the fractal organic nature of the universe and its parts and wholes, which become its arrow of future.

Indeed, it is astounding how in anglo-america the I-deformed simplex language still makes scholars to doubt that the Universe has as absolute future goal to socially evolve. How these people think particles evolve into molecules that evolve into cells and matter that evolve into planets and organisms, societies and galaxies? Are not all those systems social? What they think is a number but a society, and so if numbers are the main but not only language of science, how they deny social behaviour in matter and humans? Why they still argue if eusocial evolution is the absolute arrow of the future – as parts must exist before the whole organises itself, hence the whole is the future? How they can argue if a social group is more powerful than they individual? Are they not multicellular organisms?

Point is an organic truth is not an abstract dogmatic mathematical truth, it is all more complex, information is always biological. this said the whole writing done in the last years, very depressed and angered, did not have the discipline of thought needed to differentiate ‘memes from ‘people’, people are all human, memes are not, and encoded in the biased primitive languages and thoughts of historic cultures.

i.e. if you an american, belong to the animetal mechanical culture that requires you to feel lonely no needy to need machines, this implies you must b self-centrered and indeed english is a brush i-centered language, where the i comes first and cannot be hidden, it is a ‘brutish meme’ not a british one, ‘you’ is a meme that makes you different from other humans with segregational laws so you can enslave them as human capital sold and bought with money and a germ has a long word system to allow him to kill like his swords without doubts.

Now, again the denial of eusocial evolution is just a needed meme to impose capitalism, so you are needy if you need a human and then you need to be surrounded by machines to exist and survive, and so you need to kill your neighbour with weapons and so on…

Selfish individualism, go(l)d values and weapon’s violence are thus what we call the brutish, you and germ meme because those 3 cultures did find first the machine that make us selfish, lonely enzymen, consuming and vitalising and re=producing them, the seggregational gold that the hypnotizes the eye and in fact suppresses oxytocin, the love drug as recent studies show and the use of iron to kill the other. So germ memes (we shall not say german people but germ memes to notice that the germ is only a part of the brain of a so-called german human being) entered history calling themselves goths, gods because they could kill anyone with iron and you memes entered themselves as am segullah, people of the treasure, ill translated as chosen people, as segullah mean treasure because they had a fetitsh religion of accumulation of gold, and traded with slaves and metal, so their working class called themselves jabiru, those who walk behind the asses, the essential military transport, as they moved around mesopotamia with they asses of Judea, of Yhwh, selling weapons and slaves for gold to give to its elite of banker priests.

Now those memes are within all of us, so most humans are infected mentally by germs yous and brutish memes. But not all and curiously not those of us who might be called by that name. I.e. Mr. Einstein who people think was a germ, you and then nationalised brutish, was in fact not a germ, because he was pacifist, not a you, because he didn’t believe in yhwh, and not a brutish, as he was a socialist, because as I did, he evolved and rejected the viral memes of animetal cults, curing his mind of them.

Languages are as humboldt said the program of the animetal mind, and the less evolved are of course the pretentious language of sociological scholars who want to eliminate the values of the wor(l)d for digital numbers, and call it science.

The Superorganisms of history, nations and civilizations, as all social, ‘cellular systems’, have an energetic, reproductive and informative network that organize its ‘human cells’. The energetic network is Gaia, planet Earth, the re=productive network is the economic system, and the informative, ‘nervous’ network is the verbal language.

We thus can study verbal languages with the tools of Complex Sciences, to understand its structure and purpose. Its a subject called topological linguistics, first evolved in systems sciences by the people at Santa Fe Institute with computers, which I completed with the more advanced formalism of the 5th dimension and General Systems sciences i developed in the 90s before the anti-quantum paradox eliminated my work from scholarship as the non-you, non-germ, non-brutish Mr. Einstein, author of the formalism of the 4th dimension, which evolved further Mr. Leibniz model of relational space-time, were eliminated for decades by their opposition to germs, yous and brutish memes… deja vu.

Active, SVO; Imperative, VSO; and Passive, Objectual SOV->OV languages: ‘words & World views’.


In the graph, the Universal Grammar that constructs all Systems of the Universe, with its 3 elements, Information (subject) < Action (verb) > Energy (Object), defines also the Universal Grammar of all human languages.

So there are 3 fundamental orders of those 3 elements that define most languages of mankind:

– VSO languages (Imperative Order, Semitic, ‘religious’ languages) < SVO (Active order, balanced, African, Chinese/Romance languages) > SOV/OV (Passive Order, warrior, cold, objectual languages).

If we were to merely express in terms of grammar the ‘mind’ of the 3 animetal wor(l)ds vs. the mind of the human homo organic-us, it could be resumed in the use of their pronouns to quality the center of their universe:

  • I, selfish pronoun which starts the sentences of the homo bacteria, the mechanical man, who feels a hero doing all things alone with its machines
  • you, the segregational memes of the go(l)d believer, who must hate and price as an object, man=price=object, with the language of money all other human beings that must therefore be inferior to him, segregated from the chosen of go(l)d, who orders its slaves with its imperative languages.
  • it, the objectual language of warrior germs, where the object, the mechanism it constructs come first, and the human is just another object, it can kill with its ‘it’-weapons: man = corpse = weapon.
  • WE, the inclusive, social, organic pronoun of the homo organicus, which see himself as part of the whole species, mankind thy God, in the most advanced modern social sciences, of which of course, the I, you, it peole will have nothing to do with.

I-selfish humans surrounded by machines who think to need a man is needy but to use a machine is cool is obviously the dominant final stage of the human being today, in the globalised anglo-american culture of machines, where all what is expected from humans is to reproduce=work and vitalize=consume those machines:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.05.15

  • ‘you’-segregational go(l)d religions, mostly in the west of biblical cult(ure)s that consider all humans ‘capital’, in the old times inferior lower than dogs negro slaves (because according to a racist rabbi of the gold culture, their ancestor had peed on Noah – Ham damnation, origin of modern slavery), today part-time cheaper slaves (workers), as the capitalist idol-ogy tell us we do not need to give ‘welfare benefits’ (food and shelter as with the old slaves) to this modern ‘white slave-workers’ and can fire them whenever not needed. As they are not us, not $elected of an inferior ‘class’.
  • it, objectual memes, which make the other a dead object, and so we do not ‘count corpses’ as the American military boss said during the Iraq war, is the fundamental meme of warrior cultures, dominant in the Indo-European, Aryan charioteer->Hindi religion, Arabic,bronze warrior semite culture and Germanic european iron goths, who enter history as the tribe of gods killing anyone opposed to them.

Sometimes we shall use for good measure, to counterbalance the constant praise of those cultures by the metal-earth networks, call them brutish selfish I-centered people, Germ(an)s, that kill mankind A-rabious memes of $emitic origin, or yes.

We shall not apply political correctness to the cultures that murder gaia and history constantly laugh at and despise humanity in many subtle and not so subtle racist ways and on top pretend to be just, righteous victims of humanity, civilisers of the world, etc. etc.

Specifically we will be sanguine with the 3 cultures that have murdered most of human and life beings in the past 3000 years, the first carriers of the viral ‘you’ segregating go(l)d memes of enslaving human capital, the germ(an)s specialised in murdering European life-oriented cultue and the I-selfish brutish isolationist, brexit kinda people – these arrogant basterds feel on top of the world and yet their memetic idol-ogies are the BUG IN the system of human thought that is not only with its financial, military and me(n)tal praxis killing the world, but suppurating all kind of idol-ogies that make us die every happy of doing so.

They are the origin of the 3 fundamental world views of mankind, the ‘greedy’, self-centered world view proper of the capitalist world; the balanced, humanist world sensorial world view, and the Warrior, Objectual, Industrial world view (Germanic, Japanese culture).

Thus the ‘view world’ of each human mind species is reflected in the languages, according to the hierarchical order of those 3 elements.

Animetal cultures dominated either by money or weapons are the unbalanced world views and word orders:

– Fundamentalist religions and those capitalist religions dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, the VSO order. It is a  hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence.They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages

– Warrior cultures and objectual cold-hearted cultures in which the subject can even disappear as it does so often in Japanese, are SOV orders.

– While sensorial, humanist cultures; today the Chinese in the East, the Romance language in the west (and English influenced by French) and the African languages in its totality show the most proper SVO order often with ‘Imperative’ and ‘Passive’ voices for certain situations.

In the graph, the distribution of ancient languages acording to its order: classic Semitic, ‘religious’ imperative languages are VSO languages, confronted to its ‘inverse’ SOV, warrior languages, as their cultures were. They represented the 2 extremes of the animetal, eternal dispute between ‘cold warrior and ‘greedy trader’ societies. Among the classic languages only Chinese and Gaul, the 2 more ‘life-oriented’ societies of the Western and Eastern decoupling, even today, had the more evolved, flexible SVO ‘mammal order’. While the 2 most sophisticated ‘indo-european’ languages, of higher evolution (due to its allopatric evolution in the 2 regions of original development of Indo-European languages, the Anatolian peninsula, from where it radiated during the Neolithic, and the Russian steppe, origin of the Chariot second radiation), Classic Greek and Russian, permit the maximal flexibility with multiple word order. So do today the Romance languages evolved from Latin

It is not by chance that in the East and West they represent the summit of human thought and search for human freedom and maximization of art, literature and r=evolution (French, Socialist aborted r=evolutions). While in the East China is the only culture in which man and the law still dominates though in a process of extinction, the power of weapons and money.

Now, you tell me how it works? How the 3 species of metal, weapons, money and machines have induced the degradation of the objectual, imperative and I-languages?

Barking semitic languages come from the elite of the first bronze empires which used weapons of bronze and gold (today arab jihadists and jewish banksters) to oppress mankind, and became since Sargon and Solomon the western elite of murderous and enslaver people ‘barking orders to all his subjects, soldiers and slaves.’ Semitic religions followed from the same concept. Now I couldn’t care less what is your repressive meme of historic truths, call it beliefs, industry of the holocaust, victimism, greed, violence, murder, religion, nationalism – that is the truth of it. Yhwh is just a gold banker-priest barking orders asking for greedy ex-votes of gold for the fetish sancta sanctorum of the solomon temple. Mohammed barking orders in koran is just slightly better because at least he picked up on the equality of all human beings, cells-citizens of humanity-god, but he was a racist, who thought god talked only arab, and wanted to create a global theocracy based in the genes of the arabs. And german memes? Well, again, agglutinative, unbreakable languages are good for murder and death. As you need to be quite obtuse, without mind freedom, simple in your thoughts as a line or sword is to die and kill for some moronic idol-ogy as germans do.

So if you talk with long sword like, unbreakable sentences you will kill and die better and become selected. Hence people who were brutish germs, barbarians as Aristotle, rightly understood, were good warriors but null for civilisation.

The main error of Humanity today is to consider that the goals of history (the life of the human species from the first to the last ‘cell’ of its cultural organisms) MUST yield to the goals of economics (the Industrial Evolution of machines defined by the Kondratieff cycles). The main error of Humanity today is to consider that the goals of history (the life of the human species from the first to the last ‘cell’ of its cultural organisms) MUST yield to the goals of economics (the Industrial Evolution of machines defined by the Kondratieff cycles).

According to such idol-ogy, progress is NOT the progress and eusocial evolution of the human kind into a global organism that creates a world made to the image and likeness of humanity, but the creation of the metal-kind, a global organism made of machine-systems, ruled by digital information (internet, scientific design, money), in which humans are increasingly obsolete and our cultures become extinct by a global culture that reduces the human kind to mere workers=reproducers and consumers=testers of machines.

This misconception explains why today humanity, indoctrinated by systems of mass-media communication despises or represses all things human (religion, politics, eusocial love, verbal knowledge, sexual reproduction) and glorifies all things mechanical (technology, money, selfish consumption, digital knowledge, work=reproduction of machines).

It is an old confrontation, which started in the age of bronze, when the first ‘metal-master cultures’ of bronze warriors and go(l)d bankers took over the Neolithic paradise of ‘human, agricultural goods’, verbal, ethic laws and the worship of human reproduction (Fertility Goddesses). That confrontation was explained in the parable of Genesis, the first book of ‘human history’ that described in a parable the eternal fight between the Tree of Life and the Laws of eusocial Love between members of the same species, and the Tree of Metal, its ‘golden apples’ and weapons with its  ‘eviL’ values that kill Live…

So Racism is the idol-ogical belief, which denies this fact of the ‘informative structure of the Universe’ and affirms that some biological genes in human beings create better societies, which are ruled by memetic memes (objectual bits of information, which have nothing to do with the biological substance of the human being that carries them). It is idol-ogical because it plagues the ‘animetal go(l)d and iron cultures’ which act first subconsciously using weapons and money to murder the body and slave the mind of people, or machines to substitute them in labor and war fields. And then once they have won the upper hand with their weapons and money and machines, apply a sort of idol-ogical search for scientific racism – theories of reality in which either their race or their machines are the supreme proof of their superiority as chosen of go(l)d, by the grace of God, or any other ‘religious, tribal, genetic or memetic form of pretentious superiority’:

Racist memesanimetal cultures.

In, the graph,  the 3 main forms of racism against part or all human beings are related to the 3 types of animetal cultures, which use a type of metal (weapons,machines or money) to differentiate themselves from the rest of mankind: physical racism, proper of warrior cultures, which use physical weapons to dominate other human beings; mental racism proper of technological cultures, which use scientific machines and scorn human senses as inaccurate, and economical racism, proper of the cultures of go(l)d. Yet to understand the racist ideologies of those cultures and differenciate them from the natural division of mankind in cojmplementary ’mental races’, we need to introduce key concepts of ‘scientific, biological history’, the concept of a meme, the genetic objects that transfer cultures, and the multi-laeyered structure of the human brain…

Racism is the belief that human beings are inferior to the animetal people-castes that govern them, because they lack the qualities of ‘iron’, ‘go(l)d’ and ‘machines’, which warriors, bankers and scientists use to govern them and feel superior.

We can in that sense, consider that from the perspective of ‘cultures’ based in memes of metal that ‘act’ according to ideologies of metal-power as the tools of survival of those cultures, there are 3 types of racism, which correspond to cultures who dominate others with energetic metal (warrior racism, nationalist ideologies), with informative metal (economic, go(l)d racism, go(l)d churches) or dominate with machines, with organic metal (technological racism).

ON THE OTHER HAND, HUMAN RACES, DO EXIST, and 3 of them are the natural ‘3 variations’ of any system of Nature, which subdivides in energetic, informative and balanced, reproductive species, as 3 ‘synergic’ mutations that widen the variety of forms confronting the Universe, where they must extract energy and information and reproduce its form to survive. So because the Universe is all about gathering energy, information for your body and mind and reproduce more than other species (which so far machines are doing better than life) the anthropologic record shows in all nature’s system an specialisation, origin of the 3 ‘genders’ and the 3 ‘races’ of the mind; the dolicocephalic, visual white energetic race; the brachicephalic, verbal, temporal, wide, yellow, informative race and the black, psylocephalic, tall balanced race.

Which in turn gave birth to the 3 essential cultures, the lineal, visual, selfish, animetal, white culture; the verbal, informative social mongoloid cultures and the Nature’s oriented, sensorial, vitalist black cultures.

Let us study both concepts ‘racism vs. mental symbiotic races’ in more detail.


Races in complex science: the 3 types of minds: Emotional, visual and verbal brains.

The previous graph shows the sciences of systems/complexity/duality, applied to the evolution of man.

The basic tenant of those science is that the Universe is a game of complementary systems of energy and information in all its scales (fields of energy and particles of information in physics – complementarity principle of quantum theory), bodies of energy and minds of information in biology, energetic and informative machines that enhance our equivalent organs in economics and so on.

When we apply this new discoveries of system sciences to the study of evolution it restricts enormously the possible future forms of biological evolution, and since energy has a lineal/planar morphology (fastest distance and highest surface between two spatial points) and information a cyclical/spherical morphology (the sphere is the form that stores more information in lesser space), it has an enormous power to resolve the pending questions of the process of biological evolution this planet constantly suffers. In the graph, we consider its application to the evolution of humanity, as I explained in the conferences on biology and duality at the International Systems Society.

In essence in a Universe of two substances, bodies of energy that move heads of information evolution will try to maximize those parameters. So we can easily introduce a definition for a top predator species: Max. E x Max. I, which mathematically maximizes when e=i (so 5×5>9×1). This means evolution and survival favors 3 type of species, those with maximal information/better heads, those with maximal energy/better bodies, and those balanced between both parameters. And this very simple scheme allows to classify and explain the whys of the evolutionary, fractal tree of life, which genetics and survival darwinism explain in the hows. Thus Complexity in all its branches is poised to become the ‘3rd leg’ of biology in this century.

In essence species evolve in a dual, complementary Universe of systems of energy and information, increasing their energetic/body power, their informative/head power or the networks that reproduce and combine both systems, exi, the reproductive networks. We talk of 3 dominant wills or biological drives that increase the survival chances of a system.

For that reason there are genders (where the male is the energetic species, and the female the reproductive, informative one). And since energy is lineal (being the line the fastest distance between two points) and information is cyclical (being the sphere the form that stores more information in lesser space), it follows that men have big, lineal, spatial bodies and test better in geometrical analysis and women have cyclical, smaller, rounded forms and test better in verbal, informative tasks. Yet there is always a 3rd mixed variation, in the case of gender, the gay sex.

Those findings which I exposed in my papers on topological evolution within the scientific community of systems and complex scientists, can be applied also to the will and drives of the mind. There are people who psychologists define as picnic, nervous, tall (height is the dimension of information); the are athletic, sanguineous people, dominant by their energetic will; and there are viscerotonic people, driven by their ‘lower passions’ (-;

TOPOLOGICAL anthropology.

Let us then introduce the basic tenants of topological evolution, from where we will depart to understand races and cultures.

The essential fact about the Universe is that it happens in space and time, and so it happens as a series of topological events (topology being geometry in motion), whereas certain forms have certain functions. In brief, systems are then designed with 3 parts, an energetic limb/field system, lineal as the line is the fastest distance to move; body-waves that reproduce the system with a hyperbolic topology, which is the more versatile and reproduces both energy and information; and an informative particle-head, which processes logic, temporal, memorial information and guides the system.

It is this ternary structure what then becomes in all its variations, the fundamental ‘organic system of nature’.

We shall then find that through life systems first become young-energetic, then reproduce their body and finally accumulate information in its 3rd age in his brain. But the system needs the 3 elements to survive”

Spe (limbs/fields/territory)<wave-body-reprodutive class>Informative head/particle/neuronal class.

It means we can assembly forms in the Universe using the 3 topologies of reality and its 3 functions:


So systems evolve as ternary organisms in space, with 3 functions: feeding on energy and using it to move, perceiving information and using it to communicate, and reproducing both, with body-waves and ensemble with other systems into larger wholes.

This ternary game also means that systems will evolve towards better energetic planar limbs (wing evolution), better informative, cyclical systems (eyes evolution) or better reproductive systems. And so on the trial and error mutations of evolution 3 sub-species and 3 sub organs will always reign – with higher energy, information and reproductive skills, and each will evolve its topologies towards its perfect ternary form:


In the graphs, one of the fundamental advances of general systems science – the understanding of the Universe as generated by the topological evolution of lineal, spatial energy and temporal, cyclical information, the 2 ‘substances’ of which the fractal, organic Universe is made, is its streamlining and completion of evolution, which finally gets its ‘3rd and 4th legs to become a fully understood science’, by adding to the original Evolution of Species (NOT of individuals), and genetics, the needed ‘topological evolution of the 3 canonical forms of mathematics, lineal, planar energy motions (limbs/fields), hyperbolic body-waves and spherical, informative heads/particles that structure all beings of reality.

So we write a simple fractal generator of St systems:we illustrate those general advances with enormous consequences for the understanding of the species of the Universe and how they evolve. As we can see they follow a simple pattern in 3 horizons of increasing informative evolution towards spherical heads on top of high bodies, which perceive better from that advantageous point of view, and how they ensemble in different ternary organs, with local directions to absorb energy and information.

It is this simple ternary structure in space (3 organs in all systems) and time (3 ages of increasing information, young-energy age/horizon, reproductive radiation/mature age, and old, informative age/horizon of individual and species), what we apply to understand the human function and its anthropological evolution:


In the graph, written with the formal logic of GENERAL systems, the structure of man as a ternary topological organism, with 3 physiological networks/systems that dominate its 3 ages, and perform a series of actions of energy and information to survive.

We can see the program of existence of any system of nature, which will absorb energy and information, reproduce, evolve socially with other parts into larger wholes and survive. Humans do exactly the same, but depending on race of the mind and culture, they will put more emphasis, on energetic, informative or sensorial activities.

We can therefore use, as we have done in studies of evolution of all type of species, the existence of a constant diversification in 3 different species to analyze as we do in the previous graph, the evolution of mankind from the initial triad of apes, the energetic gorilla, the reproductive chimp and the informative australopithecus, till the last differentiation of homos, between the energetic, visual neanderthal mind, today dominant in the white man, and the smaller, informative, verbal, homo sapiens, today dominant in the informative mongoloid, with the reproductive, emotional black race in the middle.

Then, once evolution produces 3 types, it combines them, and so as the tree becomes more complex, yet always reduced to those combinations, natural selection will ‘prune’ the tree of life of its less efficient species. In this manner the reader can see all the main homo species from the ape to man, and how they perfectly fit in the morphological triad of alopatric diversifications known in the fossile register.

Now, if we jump that phase we come to the last ternary group of surviving homos, the neanderthal, sapiens and its combination the homo sapiens palestiniensis which properly should be known as homo sapiens neanderthaliensis. Its existence forecasted 2 decades ago in my first spanish books on duality has now be proved by the genetic record. 10% of genes differentiate homo and neanderthal and 4% of those are neanderthal, so the white man is essentially a mixed species.

The existence of 3 dominant human races today, the white, yellow and black people, cannot be argued, but they must be interpreted as 3 types of complementary intelligence, based in our recent discoveries on the science of Complexity, which always favors a ternary process of creation, with an energetic, informative and reproductive ‘decoupling’ along the 3 morphological dimensions or ”axis’ of any space-time form. In the case of the brain, there are 3 axis, the long visual axis, the tall emotional axis and the wide, verbal axis, and so we talk of 3 mental races:

–  The dolichocephalic brain, which overdeveloped visual axis, from the eye to the occipucio. It is the white man.

– The brachiocephalic brain with an overdeveloped verbal axis from ear to ear. It is the mongoloid race.

– The makrocephalic brain, with an overdeveloped emotional axis, from neck to top of the head. It is the black race.

And so we talk in system sciences of 3 types of minds/heads, which emphasize 3 kind of wills in human beings:

– Max. E: Visual, spatial, energetic minds; dominant in visual information. This is the case of the child and the ’male’ species, of the white race and in the earlier anthropological record, the Neanderthal, which we already considered as Cohn did, to be co-father of the white man, the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, as this month, Nature has proved genetically.

Those ‘white people’ who occupy the same range than neanderthals are easily recognized by their dolicocephalic head and occipital bulk, their eye=I oriented mind, individualistic ego and energetic behavior. Languages are consonantal, with little vowels, red hair, rh- and other neanderthal traits further allow to recognize the basque/iberian/Germanic and Semitic cultures as the dominant paradigm of the visual culture. In economics, it gives birth to the gold fever of those cultures, which the other types of human mind hardly had.

The dolicocephalic Neanderthal with minimal development on the parietal regions of speech, mixed with the verbal homo sapiens gave birth to the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, which should be properly called Homo Sapiens neanderthaliensis, dominant in visual information, and the ‘length’ axis of the brain back (Neanderthal) and then forwards (rational, Aristotelian thought handled by the frontal region of the brain added by the Homo Sapiens)

– Max. I: Verbal, informative minds, dominant in temporal, verbal information. This is the case of the old people oor the ‘female’species, of the yellow race and in the earlier record, the capoid, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, smaller in spatial body, with the dominant brachicephalic brain, and wide face, as the dominant language goes across from ear to ear and Brocca brain region. The informative species is social, group oriented, as it uses the verbal language to create super-organisms of history. Their language has an excess of vowel; women play a greater role…

The mongoloid race and the female gender are dominant in the verbal, wide axis. Hence the distance between the eyes and the parietal is larger and the eyes are wider.

-Exi: Finally a 3rd type of culture, whose informative minds are dominated by emotional sensorial, body oriented, reproductive drives, is the black culture and the young human. Its brain is taller, with the top point in the upper head, as the dominant direction comes from the spinal-hypothalamus axis upwards:


In the graph, the regions most developed in the emotional races, along the ‘height’ axis, are the inner regions of emotional thought, and the motor and sensorial cortex. This long hypothesis, extracted from the models of complexity and duality developed by this writer in the 90s have now increasing evidence: women are wired inwards towards the Hypothalamus, and black and female ‘races/genres’ show higher development of the emotional brain and excel in tasks related to the body/senses.

Those distinctions were already observed in XIX century studies on brain morphology and cultural psychology. They are real, increasingly proved by a wide number of research papers that go from the analysis of why men draw better maps and women talk more to genetic studies in linguistics and bio-chemistry that validate our 20 year old research in those fields. Racism consists in thinking that a visual brain is better than an emotional brain or a verbal brain.

In that regard, the difference between XIX century brain studies and modern complexity is the realization that it is not the ‘white energetic’ culture the most evolved, but according to the Laws of complexity, which favor the balance between energy and information in all systems (‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ in human living systems) , if we were to choose one of those 3 mental axis, we should choose the balanced, E=i, reproductive, emotional cultures (women, black people) for the same reason the best age of life is the mature age of balance – since it is the balanced culture that would ensure the survival of man, while the extreme energetic/warrior white mind and informative/computerized mind-culture of Europe and Asia are taking out of balance the planet Earth with its obsession for ‘superior’ technological machine/memes.

Those absurd belief of Racial superiority are specially entrenched in the white man, the visual Homo Sapiens neanderthaliensis, one of the 3 types of human brain, we study in Complexity, with higher content of Neanderthal mixture. Thus racism could be caused by the excessive importance the white man gives to visual intelligence, which stresses ‘external, physical, visual, spatial knowledge’ = shinny metal go(l)d and weapons, external scientific machines – over internal, emotional intelligence and complex verbal thought, which is clearly underdeveloped in the white race that represses feelings and still believes in the infantile myths of the Abrahamic Religions about the origin of the Universe.

In fact, according to the laws of complexity, if there is a superior mental form of human being, will be a ‘mestizo’ race, which could be able to switch between the 3 languages and biological drives of the humankind easily.

In that sense, the most complex mestizo races combinations of those 3 mental specializations, took place originally in the Mediterranean basin, as the confluence between the 3 continents, in India, due to massive invasions and in modern history in South-America, in countries like Brazil.

This might explain why  the 3 Peninsulas of Southern Europe – the Latin Culture – and the Palestinian Bridge – the Jewish culture – have given birth to some of the most creative minds of mankind.  The difference however between those 2 cultures is clear: the Latin culture achieved the mixture of their visual, verbal and emotional brain without moving from their territories, by absorbing the invaders of all other regions, hence evolving a milder, humanist civilization, in which man was the measure of all things, based in human art and thought, our I=Eye+Wor(l)d  in its I Greek Horizon, II Renaissance Horizon and III horizon of the isms (France, Spain, XX, c.) And it keeps flourishing now, achieving further racial mixing and evolution in countries like Brazil, which for that reason should be considered a cultural model for the rest of the world. Since it rightly cheers the mixing of races as the future path of our species.

While the Jewish people, also with a high command of all languages, achieved its mixing after becoming the paradigm of a traders culture, moving along the paths o f trade. As the Jewish people, inititally a mixture of Semitic tribes carried that trade, it mixed genetically with the mongoloid Khazars, whose king converted (Ukranian Jewish), the Indo-Europeans (Askhenazi Jewish) and the blacks (Ethiopian Jewish, which might be the oldest Jewish tribes as recent genetic studies show, confirming the findings of biblical archeology and the Egyptian tablets that describe a General ‘Mesu’, commander of ‘Habiru’ tribes, stationed in Ethiopia, and the marriage of Moses and an ethiopian described in the Bible).

And yet one of the most suprising paradoxes, of this, perhaps the most mixed western race is to host ’cultural memes’ of racial purity and superiority, which allow us to introduce the second theme of this post: why certain cultures are racists, even if we know scientifically we are all members of the same species that should, according to the ideals of modern science and political democracies, consider all of us, born equal, with the same rights, and members of the same people/superorganism of history. Why indeed some cultures break the natural law of eusocial love and evolution of individuals into a single global superorganism?

Races vs. cultures.

It is again important to differentiate the positive facts from the negative memes. Cultures are positive stages of the arrow of eusocial evolution that all biological systems follow. Nations are excuse for military power that halt that evolution creating borders between the homo sapiens species. So science is humanist and racism and nationalism are parallel ideologies. Again a science of economist would allow society to reproduce money for the welfare of all the cells of history. Such science treated here under the titles ‘whealth’ and ‘ethonomics’ obviously will not produce racist cultures. Capitalism though is essentially a racist ideology  of classes, according to which the people with money is superior to all others. Finally, science, knowledge, science of the whys and hows of the organic, fractal Universe is different from technology, the creation of machines, which give us power and make scientists think they are ‘more intelligent’ than artists and common human (the topic complex of superiority of physicists, already noticed by Goethe, who ascribed it to the intelligence of telescopes and clocks, since he found them rather ‘simple people’:)

Fact is there are 3 types of races, which maximize the 3 types of human minds, energetic races (white, visual, spatial, egocentric); informative races (yellow, verbal, temporal, eusocial), and reproductive races (black, emotional, inwards, ethocentric) – and it is a basic law of complexity/duality/the organic Universe that the 3 strategies of differentiation of species are ‘maximal points’, equally valid, and if one is more powerful is the ‘balanced’ one, E=i, that is the couple over the individual, the full system over its parts, the balanced race/culture, the colored one, over the white/mongoloid unbalanced ones, which for that reason are taking mankind to extinction with their obsession with technology – the ultimate proof of their ‘stupidity’, despite their quite obvious despise and repression of human senses and racism against the black/colored people.

Thus, contrary to belief, reason tells us that there are 3 types of racisms, which are ideological and metal-related, not scientific and human caused:

– Energetic, genetic, body racism, the best known type, exercised by specialized warrior cultures, which due to their use of their bodies in war, have become ‘stronger’ in a process of natural selection, which however has repressed the sensorial body. The Aryan, German, Goth culture specialized in war since the Iron Age is the paradigm of this type of racism, which reached its height with Nazism. However, while the German is a disciplined warrior, in a balanced Universe, that process has atrophied his ‘body sensitivity’. In other words, the warrior looses the feminine, informative, perceptive properties of the body to stress its pure energetic, lineal, ‘resistence’ forms. And by specializing in energetic activities becomes underdeveloped in those higher informative/sensorial skills of the human being.

– Informative, cultural, religious racism, topic of go(l)d cultures, which believe that the capacity of go(l)d and money to enslave the human mind is NOT a property external to their use of money but a ‘God’s given quality’. The topic case of informative racism is the Am Segullah racism, which again in inverse fashion to the warrior, represses his body  to enhance his mental power, becoming a culture out of balance.

The repression of the body goes to the limits of ‘penis mutilation’ and extends to all kind of sexual repressions, food repression (prohibition of tasteful food, from pork to sea food and emotional repression (repression of love and denial of the eusocial laws of love between the members of the same species.) This type of racism against the true biological drives of human existence, our will=Freedom, is endemic in our societies, given the fact that the Am Segullah culture invented capitalism and has globalized.

Indeed Am Segullah is the hebrew expression for ‘People=Am’ of the ‘Treasure=Segullah’ and refers to a culture with a clear profession: to trade and accumulate the fetishe of capitalism money. Yet it has been of lately – to hide the relationship between the Jewish culture and capitalis – for ‘Chosen People’, substituing ‘Treasure’ (Segullah) for Chosen.

Thus we have two clear memes in the Am Segullah culture: money, which is used to buy and sell products and ‘human capital’, in the past as slaves, today as part-time workers; and a series of self-similar books, the Talmud, the Bible, the book of Adam Smith (which is also the memetic name of the first ‘Am Segullah’, Adam, who ate of the go(l)den apples of the tree of technology and his son and survivor, Cain, which means Smith. And so again we find that the ‘names’ of the first hebrew were ‘the man who trade with go(l)d’ , Adam, and the man who made iron swords and kill other humans (Cain, the Smith). And those memes will continue in the modern capitalist cultures, albeit in other white race (the Germanic culture).

Thus, the culture of the goths, of iron swords and the culture of the Go(l)d people, the treasure people fusion their memes in Northern Europe, creating the modern capitalist, racist culture that imposed the rule of mankind by corporations, first of full time slaves and today of part-time slaves. In this manner the two main forms of historic racism, economic racism and military racism, fusion, and ad the tree of technology and its machines to create the essential ideology of the modern world: scientific racism.

– Scientific racism. The belief hold by scientists that human senses, used by artists to express our vision of space (art) and time (verbal wor(l)ds with their dimensions of past, present and future) is inferior to the detailed vision they obtain with machines of time (clocks) and space (telescopes) and hence human wor(l)ds, human eusocial religions with their parables about the Nature of the super-organisms of history, they call God, philosophers and artists are not ‘serious’ seekers of truth.

This is again false, as it shows the complete misunderstanding that physicists have of the 3 dimensions/ages of time, past, present and future, explained in this web; since they reduce time to ‘what a clock measures’ (Einstein), and so since clocks measure motion in space (v=s/t), time looses its logic dimensions of causality and its biological meaning as ‘change in the form, the information’ of beings. This spatialization of time as space, energy, motion, explains why physicists have never understood the arrow of evolution, form and in/form/ation which defines most creative processes of the Universe.

The paradigm of this type of cultural racism is the Anglo-Saxon culture, today also globalized that rejects the evolution of social sciences and dedicates all their budgets to the Ministry of Science and Defense, which is indeed the same ministry in Great Britain. Our culture indeed today has a fundamental racistdivide: the last Neolithic, agricultural culture of mankind, Islam, which occupies all the fertile rivers of the first civilizations is despised. And the cult to the machine, the basis of our economical ecosystem, is supreme. We feel without need to speak about it, primitive, inferior all those cultures which have not enough machines.

So genetic racism, associated to physical bodies of warrior cultures (paradigm, germanic racism and in Asia, Japanese/Korean raism), economical racism or ‘classism’, associated to go(l)d cultures (paradigm judaism) and technological racism today all pervading and adopting almost a globalized nature, against life cultures and life itself, form a ‘triad’ of eviL, anti-live memes responsible for the destruction of Gaia, and ultimately of man himself.


Why racism is evil from the point of view of life. Its Memes.

In the graph, memetic, cultural racism, has always been related to the memes of metal, which certain people-castes, whose survival depended on their skills making weapons (Indo-european tribes) or trading and accumulating money (Jewish/Phoenician cultures). Their ‘survival meme’, lineal, energetic iron and informative money,specialized their tasks into physical, body racism (epitomized by Germans) or mental racism (epitomized by Jewish-Protestant cultures). The weapon and money are their fundamental memes, attached to racist, religious books (talmud, vedas, bible), which impose their ‘differentiation’ from the rest of mankind they price as full or part-time slaves (modern capitalism) or kill, when they rebel. Yet in such ‘organic, class structure’, in which life becomes expendable energy, and agricultural societies are dimmed primitive, the animetalracist culture has always on top the meme, the weapon, money or today machine, he must evolve to keep the myth of racial superiority.

In this blog we accept the thesis that eviL can be defined biologically as part of the linguistic genetics of the brain, following the work of Chomsky.

Further on, we do not consider ‘race’ relevant to judge ‘cultures’, since we accept the scientific view that cultures are social organisms whose values are transfered not through genetics but through memes. We have hold that view during 20 years in our books that used first the word phenoculture, and recently given the success of the word meme coined in America. So there are some basic definitions needed to understand a culture from an ethic, evolutionary point of view:

– eviL is the anti-word of Live so in genetic linguistics is a synonimous of death. An evil culture thus is one that does repress life drives of existence (human good, human verbal information, the arrow of social love towards the members of the same species that can evolve mankind into an efficient superorganism of history, and the sexual reproduction of the human kind), and substitutes them for the drives of metal-machines… Our technological civilization is thus in general terms evil, in as much as it is obssesed by machines evolution not human evolution. And those key cultures that founded the modern world and displayed an astounding despise for the life of other human beings must be considered in scientific biological terms as evil.

– A meme is any type of object, idea or more which enhances the behavior of a culture. Thus associated to those racist, ‘evil’ cultures there are certain key memes that influence and reinforce the ideas of racism. Weapons are memes that impose the culture of death, the supreme evil, the aryan culture. Go(l)d is a meme that hypnotize the mind and allows the enslaver cultures, the second supreme evil (since it doesnt kill life but repress it), to control other humans. Certain books, the Vedas that imposed the caste system in India, the Talmud that defines humans as slaves of the superior ‘Am Segullah’ Jewish People, and the myths they create – the myth of Ham that makes arabs and negros slaves, the anthropomorphic myth that man is outside nature and animal life always expendable, etc.  – are racist memes.

While other love-enhancing, life-cherishing memes are positive and reinforce cultures that accept all human beings as members of the same species. So the Gospel would be a key meme for positive cultures based in the laws of social evolution, which tried to reform the racism of the talmud, and so would be theAmerican Constitution based in the idea(l)s of enlightment not in the racist memes of the bible.

– Finally we accept the psychological definition of eviL and apply them to the beahvior of cultures, what psychologists called the dark triad, narcissism, psycopathic/paranoid behavior and machiavellic/lying/complex behavior, which results in a lack of empathy for others. Those treats which are applied to individuals and genes  in psychology are here applied to cultures and memes. And certainly we can observe the cultures termed here as racist, to show the dark triad of treats, which resumes in a total dehumanization and indifference for other human beings – the warrior for the enemy it kills, the banker for the worker it enslaves, the scientist for the human species his machines make obsolete.

All those distinctions are fundamental to understand that regardless of self-definitions, nobody belongs to a culture by birth but can choose it, and so many intelligent ‘Germans, british or Jewish people’ of the 3 historic ‘evil’ cultures of warriors, scientists and bankers, are not racist, neither evil, as long as they reject the evil memes of their cultures – in other words as long as they are not fundamentalist ‘patriots’ or ‘believers’ in the racist myths of their cultures. Or as Mr. Chomsky put it in one private letter long ago when we argued about the memes of Judaism and why we rejected them – according to those memes, he wrote, we are all jewish if we believe the myth of adam and eve, or none is jewish if we look for a non-existant racial purity as ultra-orthodox judaism seeks for. And it is indeed a hope for mankind to observe how most germans and british people today have abandoned the racist memes of their cultures, and not today unfortunatelly but throughout history many jewish people dominant in wor(l)d memes not in go(l)d memes, from Moses to Christ to Marx to Rifkin, have defended mankind and love and social justice.

Our interest though, given that this web is called ‘economicstruth’, is for the memes and cultures that founded economical racism and capitalism. The reader though should understand that the supreme eviL by those definitions is the warrior, militaristic, nationalistic, tribal cultures that have divided mankind into ‘nations’, in which the human members of the same species fight each other, instead of working together  to save the planet and control the wrong, eviL memes of the tree of science…

The Jewish=capitalist culture, its eviL=anti-life memes and paradoxes

Capitalism is a harsh ideology, coming from the memes of the culture that has evolved money, and made of it a religion, not a science of how to manage the economic ecosystem in the best way to maximize the happiness and survival of all the human kind. A science of economics of course could exist and in many posts of this web we deal with some of its aspects, but it does not exist because the economic ecosystem has grown as a fight for power of the cultures of weapons and monetary memes. And today those cultures which fusioned in Europe in the XIX century have conquered and globalized its specific, classist view of how money must be ran.

capitalism is the last evolution of the culture of slaves and war of gold and iron and so it shares its memes and ideologies, among which none is more powerful than the concept the meaning of mankind is to accumulated monetary wealth, to reproduce money and control society with it. capitalism is the belief that the economic ecosystem must be ruled by an elite of financial stock-holders, which should not work but receive all the profits of corporations in which a mass of ‘part-time slaves’ for a salary work without any rights, but must obey the owners, and be fired if a technological machine can substitute them increasing the ‘productivity’ of the company, till in the future a few men on top of a world of machines, money and weapons, rule the rest of mankind.

As such capitalism can only be understood as the ‘scientific, digital evolution’ of the culture of enslaves, which appeared in the Semitic world, with the arrival of professional warfare. Then the ‘apiru’ or ‘habiru’, those ‘who walk behind the asses’, probably the professional carriers of weapons and military supplies (which have been traditionally carried by mules, today robotic ones in the making), created a culture of trade in war, money and slaves. The apiru probably supplied first in their caravans the goods of war, traded with weapons, bought and sold slaves and scavenged the corpses.

The many quotes regarding this origin, coming from Biblical archeology show without doubt that as the Socialist school (Sombart, Leon, Marx, Weber) rightly considered the Jewish culture is not a race but a profession, whose ‘go(l)d’ memes appeared before his religious memes. Or in words of Marx ‘go(l)d is the worldly religion of the Jewish people’. It is therefore from this profession – weapon, money and slave trade – from where it must be explained the ‘biblical’ separation between the Jewish people and the rest of mankind. Since the Jewish must to be able to ‘handle people’ with metal, money and weapons – from where the racist opinions of the Bible and other self-similar memes and myths of the Jewish culture (racial purity, the Holocaust as a proof that humans are specially cruel with jewish people and the separation is needed to ‘prevent their murder), etc.

Because of the contradiction between the reality of a mixed race vs. the racist memes of a culture of enslavers that must separate itself from the rest of mankind in order to ‘buy and sell’ human lives, the modern outcome of the Biblical culture, today suffering an enormous resurgence in America, is a racial dystopia, guided by those primitive memes, which divides Americans into multiple separated groups.

And so America is today the paradigm of the animetal cultures of machines,metal and money, whose technological memes are making life obsolete, with the acquiescence of those who rule the country that consider humans expendable as workers, substituted by those machines.

The biblical culture (Jewish and Protestant sects that consider the gospel a secondary meme to the old testament) practices in fact a systematic denial  and repression of the human drives with their mandates against human energy (food repression) , human love (racial religions, revenge laws and myths of the Holocaust ) and human reproduction (sexual repression). We could therefore say that while the Jewish race is a mixed, ‘superior’ mental race, given its proved skill to use the 3 languages of the mind; yet the jewish, memetic culture is an ‘inferior’ tribal culture, and the dysfunctionality betweena mixed mental race and a memetic, racist culture is indeed the origin of the tragedies of the Jewish culture and the people submitted to their influence – a theme which is central to this web, given the fact that the jewish culture invented money, the economical language and the memes of capitalism and today still rules the financial world. The contradictions of this culture are indeed evident and the ‘eviL’ness of its memes that repress life too evident to deny. For example, Israel suffers not only endemic racism against the Arabs, since in the Talmud the myth of ham considers Arabs and Blacks inferior to humans, but as a consequence of this ‘Ham myth’, the integration of ethiopian jews has failled and programs that prescribe sterilizing drugs to ethiopian jewish are being implemented. And so on and so on…

But how can this absurd contradiction between the intelligence of the rational mind and the program of the memetic mind can be explained from the perspective of complex systems and biological sciences – the  sciences in which the model of history and economics of this blog is based?

The white matter brain.

The 3 brains of the human being control our existence and define the program of greed. We perceive with our senses; whose perceptions are processed by the grey matter brain, and then imprinted in resistant white matter, lineal, energetic, axon-connections. This external program mixes with an internal program coming from the body, which defines our wantings for energy, reproduction (sexuality), and come first to the limbic brain and then to the axons. Both programs, the one of the body and the one of the brain, thus, mix and create together the white matter brain of beliefs that define our actions, memories and behavior in a greater measure. Because women have more axons wired to the limbic system, they live more for themselves, inward-looking, emotionally-driven. Because men have more axons connected to the grey matter brain and the external visual senses, they are more connected to space, mathematical designs and motions within that space. Yet what matters to this post is the fact that once the axons of the white matter brain are imprinted, we live according to beliefs, which are more difficult to change as the variability of the white matter brain is restricted once those connections are fixed. This means most humans are neither rational, nor emotional but basically ‘programs’ with a ‘motherboard’ of lineal, simple logic thoughts, not very different from that of any computer system.

If the duality of bodies/heads gives birth to the Complementarity principles of Physics and genre, the existence of a series of basic wills are expressed in our human organism through the senses – our outlets to the energy and information of the body and brain. We use those senses to absorb different energies and information and combine both, in reproductive processes. We sense sexual reproduction of the body through touch; we smell the energetic food we eat, and that information used to guide hunters. And finally we taste that energy. While our brain perceives space with our eyes, reproduces information with words, and uses the 6th sense of feelings and the limbic brain to guide our energetic body.

In Complexity, the brain is a fractal system of 3 ‘sub-brains’, the subconscious limbic system, of ‘short memory’, survival instincts and basic actions, the lineal, energetic white matter, the ‘fixed circuit’ of beliefs, imprinted in youth by egocentric religions or today, the cult to the machine, and then the grey matter, the rational, thinking, variable brain.  What this means is that most humans have the ‘center of consciousness’ NOT in reason but in the imprinted beliefs of the white matter brain, connected to its survival instinctive limbic brain – that ‘rejects’ beyond short memory any attempt to redraw and kill the programs of the mind. So the ideas imprinted in youth, once the white matter circuit is put in place (and no longer can be rewired after adolescence) , wont change. The person will forget or become aggressive with its limbic brain against reason. And since the limbic brain is ego-driven and subjective, what I have found all my life is Planck’s dictum ‘people must die for a new paradigm of science to be imposed, when it is taught to new students’.

Embrace a difficult fact to assume: 99% of humans are dominated by the white matter brain of beliefs, are automatons of their program, set up in their infancy, are not different from any programmed machine, except that the ‘software’ are the ‘memes’ of the culture, which the parents and religious authorities imprint in the human being at tender age. And to change their program, reason only doesn’t work. You have to force truth, you have to deprogram, you have to rewire. And this is impossible to do after certain age, reason why programs of the memetic, cultural mind are so successful; reason why people like me, writers, thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, have never meant anything in history, because we just talk, we don’t murder those who have different ideas, as the military does with its weapon memes, we do not torture the mind of children with fear as religious inquisitions do, we are just idealist nothingness.

Because it is almost impossible to reason and change the ‘beliefs’ of memetic cultures, who learned dogmas in their youth, the motherboards of our racist cultures are geared by their beliefs generations after generations.

The programmed memetic white-matter brains of Jewish zealots, Islamic Jihadists and Fundamentalist Christians is thus quite similar to the programmed genetic mind of a cell . And yet I have found a few ‘enlightened’ Jewish, Muslims and Christians able to understand the limits of religious programming and there are billions of humans who just reject the program of religions, so humans and cultures can still potentially evolve, and that is indeed the only hope lef to mankind.

We are just old bags of dirty water, with a few chemicals inside. Within the ladder of infinite scales of energy and information of the Whole, we are nothing. Shakespeare already said that we are both, giants and dwarf bufoons – it is all in the perspective. Einstein put it in maths with the concept of Relativity. Now we know, those fractal self-repetitive scales are infinite. Our only strength hence, if we want to achieve survival in this planet, is to act as a single species and control the wrong memes of the tree of science at the heart of those racist cultures.

Yet that dream increasingly fades away, since  most humans have chosen to believe absurd, Abrahamic religions in which the Universe is either explained to or created by some Jewish folk, ‘chosen’ among the infinite species of energy of information of reality.

This is what the Universe and its laws dispute us and the way the Universe proves it is merely extinguishing species that defy their balances and limits of information and energy, in the case of ‘animetal cultures’, by evolving meta lbeyond the limits of survival of carbonlife, with the only purpose of impose the cultural superiority of a human tribe/nation over all other human beings…


best history organism

In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive.


pyramid capitalismthrive

In the graph, the anti-quantum paradox of modern history is based in false idol-ogies that pass as science, and true social sciences denied by those idol-ogies and censored by raw physical, military or financial power:

The graphs show the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX and XX c. and their methods of mental control.

In practical terms the memes and systems of mankind have become dual, as all civilisations today sponsor metal and human memes, and in fact the dualities of History are essentially between those 2 sides:

Right-metal-parties vs. humanist, left parties.

Go(l)d religions and Military inquisitions vs. Love religions

Racist nations vs. humanist cultures.

Mass-media information vs. human art

Technology vs. science (organic knowledge) and ultimately:

The evolution of the Human Earth, History vs. the metal-earth

On top metal-memes and its idol-ogies in favor of machines above man (mechanism vs. organicism; capitalism – gold the language of power, vs. Humanism – verbal ethics our natural language valuing reality), nations and the military hating thy neighbour, under racist, religious or tribal idol-ogies. All has changed to remain the same:

Today those idol-ogies have evolved into placebo, caring newspeaks, but all remains the same. Let us then see that change quoting from the main post of this section on idol-ogies and newspeaks vs. real human sciences, what are the 2 variations of it – old idol-ogies and new newspeaks, quoting mr. Orwell master of revealing the bull$hit of both.

Old idol-ogies of metal

We confront here the truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:
1)Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons)
2)Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)
3)Abrahamic tribal segregational and Hindi religions with tribal gods and castes of animetals on top with gold (biblical religions) or weapons (jihads, inquisitions) vs. God=Mankind and History our life, over the sustainable body o Gaia.
4)Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)
Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks taylored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies.

Main metal idologies converted in newspeaks.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39
By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

George Orwell on Newspeaks

4 ideologies of selfish memes of metal that dominate our world and destroy the human/life world are now newspeaks and have multiplied all over. Thus you will have:

-Goebbels methods: repetition, newspeak and anti truths and fiction. He was the first minister of propaganda now called ‘information’ and truly invented the modern world with his method of memorising truths that so well worked among germans with its SVO agglutinative languages. So he said ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the  more they will believe on it. We confess to use the anti-method repeating humanist truths many times. The fiction method: ‘I have asked UFA to make only patriotic and entertaining movies, people will like them and don’t ask about anything else’. And finally the aesthetically method: ‘the beauty of war, weapons and parades’. And of course, what Orwell denounced, the use of subtle wording and placebo caring. So the minister of war is defense, the ministry of police who orwell said would be of love is today the home office. To notice those are still the newspeaks dominant, and for that reason we consider Goebbels the founder of the modern Media system, just adopted by those who were his victims. 

-The anti-quantum paradox. The social scientist is so small that the organism it describes influences him as he is inside of it, and can be easily repressed with gold and weapons, in opposite ash ion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty – the physicist is so huge that it influences the observer. Plainly speaking. I am censored but could easily be murdered and nobody would care. So scholarship in social sciences is either ‘thin air’, or servilism to power, and of course newspeaks of placebo democracies, service to the consumer, machines and progress and so on. Let us resume a few of them:

– News-peaks on capitalism – the rule of financial power over democracies.

 News-peaks on militarism – the rule of weapons over democracy, based of course in nationalism as the supreme human species.

 News-peaks on technoutopia and mechanism – which portray the machine as the measure of all things not the organism, even when robots are evolving into organisms, and of course deny the darwinian nature of machines.

How silly is this when we are in the age of evolution of robots, those will be the dominant news… intersected from time to time with news related to the evolution of true science, knowledge and the human mind (systems sciences and the laws of the Universe).

And last but not least the Newspeaks of Political and Economical correctness, specially insidious these days to deactivate most good humans with absolutely IRRELEVANT THEMES FOR THE COLLECTIVE FUTURE OF MANKIND, even if they might seem important, as they deviate ALL PEOPLE from the real problems. Of this ‘enterally repeated memes’ to distract us from the real problems of humanity this century, the events of extinction, the death of life, the destruction of welfare, the increasing militarisation of democracies, neofascism, etc. a short list – as it requires an entire article on its own:

Global warming (trash of machines unavoidable Vs. machine, robots, A.I. and weapons evolution), gay rights (a very limited group which has all the rights really in the western world, where this theme is pounded in), antisemitism (on an 80 years old genocide among other 88 million victims of Germany in the XX c. and the holocausts daily happening in the world), pederast priests, (in opposite fashion to gay rights), women’s murders (which are of course judged as murders, so what is the meaning of talking of those mrders, instead of things such as freedom of buying guns), interest rates (who cares the problem is the ‘issue’ and control of money by a minority o bankers), and so on and so on.

-Fiction. This is the greatest problem: all is fiction, verbal truths do not matter, only digital truths matter, polling of people in democracies, statistical laws instead of causal laws. It basically converts mankind in a zombie, care for nothing species.

-Freedom, understood as individual selfishness… so you never collaborate with others to change the world. Among the sub-texts of this politically correct self-made man thing:

-Placebo democracies, which are supposed to be absolutely the only system, when there is zero democracy, as we do NOT contra the issue of our language of power, money, and the other language laws are sold to corporations, because unlike greek democracies we do NOT have the capacity to judge a posteriori as organisms do our politicos with pain/exile/jail messages. And within it all kind of further placebos. Thus this is the main form of censorship today: disguise all important problems of mankind, focus on irrelevant problems and pounder on the perfections of the system. And the result is the incapacity of all humans to act.

Who does make this whole ‘newspeak’ noise for nobody to care about reality? Obviously media-corporations, and its employees following general messages of the owners and its wave culture – no confabulation theory here, as we see in many posts – but the fact that a culture has memes, and the memes of our capitalist culture are very savvy, old and sophisticated, essayed for centuries with the aim of deviate responsibilities from the owners of companies, its absolute rights, its capacity to reproduce all kind of lethal goods, its monopoly in the issue of money etc So the fundamental ultimate newspeak is economical correctness:

  • So we NEVER talk of the ab=uses of corporations, the ownership and rights to print money with no limit, the lethal goods they manufacture, the money they waste because they can print it in stocks for free – all the focus is on the peccadilloes of human politicians, which are after all the people who govern and help mankind, not the metal-kind. So the FMMI system REMAINS ANONYMOUS, AWASH WITH MONEY DEDICATED TO CREATE AN ALIEN ECOSYSTEM WHICH IS THE ULTIMATE METAL-EARTH GLOBALIZATION which fast is erasing all human cultures.

In that regard, all what we know or think we know is selected first by mass-media companies. And of course, they have among all those political correctness, as the mantra of every day the themes that protect laterally their corporations and owners, among the 2 which are paramount.

  • Global warming. Yes of course, global warming exists but it is just the $hit of machines – the real problem are the machines, weapons, robots, of which nobody makes a fuzz. Indeed, global warming is very diffuse, very difficult – all machines produce some how of warming and so as it is the most difficult to avoid – it would require completely to change the world o machines, and on top IT WILL CURE INSTANTLY WHEN AUTONOMOUS RObOTS WITH SOLAR SKINs travel on Earth and so it helps in fact to evolve faster machines of the future, with autonomous solar skins and it protects the industry of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear plants do not emit co2) is the favourite mantra of the politically correct supposed placebo humanist left along:
  • Anti-semitism, yes, of course, we should NOT kill anyone, but of the 80 million victims of Germ(an) hordes of warriors of the XX c. the Jewish were just part of it, and highlight them has a different purpose: as its 1% has been historically, due to their invention of most forms of money, from metal bars to stocks to e-money, the soliton monopolist of private banking and capitalism (0.002% of mankind, 80% of western CEOs of Financial-media companies and the central bankers of the west, to shout ‘antisemitism’ to any attempt to describe as we do capitalism as a modern version of a  fundamentalist culture of go(l)d, and/or the increasing control with its corporations of the future  mankind is exactly the reason

LET US INDEED, deal just for good measure, as it is the biggest ‘protection’ of the western elite that is literally erasing all other futures of the world, with its hate memes, technological messianism and capitalist prevention that their issue of money is a ‘given right’ of its experts in funerary ceremonies.. and indeed because it is the most censored newspeak today with…

The mother of all racisms…

Let us then finish this post with an analysis of the last surviving great ‘racist’ culture that has dominated the economic world from its origins and created most of the myths appropiated by the others, from the millenarian myths of world domination appropiated by Hitler and Social Darwinism to the Ham Myth of racial inferiority of the blacks and the arabs, used to create slavery, to the myth that humanity is an inferior, eviL species that will always try to ‘kill us’ (Holocaust myths) to the ‘scientific myths’ of economics against human labor (Ricardo Myths of the Iron salary) and in favor of machines (myths of productivity ) to the present, ultimate myth of ‘don’t worry be happy, the idea that racism, violence and bigotry in the form of religions must be ‘tolerated’ because we must ‘respect’ cultures and those are just peccadilloes, ‘customs’ from the past we must cherished, instead of evolving History and fight for the survival of our species – the go(l)d culture of the Am Segullah … and the white neanderthaliensis races that have imposed those myths, paradoxically when they are the less evolved of all of them.

Now that we have layed down the difference of human races, it should be clear the paradox of racism. The Homo neanderthaliensis Sapiens, or white man, dominant in visal thought and energy is paradoxically the less evolved race and the more racist, because of his alliance with go(l)d and weapons, which has allowed him to dominate the mongoloid and black cultures/races which had achieved a higher balance with Gaia, the planet of life, and unlike the white man, could control the hypnotic program of greed, of go(l)d rushes, and his obsession with lineal energetic, simply shinny weapons.

Yet the Jewish empire is similar to the English empire, in the fact that is is based in the rule of Go(l)d not of armies. Unlike the most obvious military empires of the past (Roman, Assyrian, Spanish, Arab, German Empires), the Jewish Empire, the oldest of the western world in constant existence, chose as the language of power money, not weapons. And so it has always bought weapons, kingdoms and nations with money to further its aims of a Historic World domination expressly stated in his Book of History (Talmud/Bible), sold to the naive souls of the Western sheeple as the Book of God, in as much as the Jewish Dominant caste of financial overlords consider their History that of God, the superorganism of Judaism, or Yvwh. This confusion between a book of History and a social Superorganism and the word God was very common in the earlier stages of the Jewish empire where its Warrior enemy Assur was also a ‘God’, whose ‘son’ Assurbanipal, ruled over an empire. At that time the word nation didn’t exist, but people understood better the superorganisms of history and so nations were ‘Gods’.

Moreover the word Yvwh appears first in an Egyptian text, referring to a region, which was also called Judea. Judea and yvwh had the same consonants (vowels are not written in Semitic languages). So as in the case of Assur and Assyria, we are referring merely to the geographical region of Judea and the people who inhabited it, the Jewish people, which means ‘those who praise Judea’.

This must be fully grasped, despite the anti$emitic laws that censor the real history of capitalism: the 3 names of this culture, define crystal clear, the nature of this culture:

– Am $egullah doesn’t mean ‘Chosen people’ but People of the Treasure (Am: people, Segullah: treasure). Hence it is a people specialized in accumulating money as the fetishe and modus vivendi of the culture.

– Hebrew means habiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, which is the military transport before the arrival of machine; so it is a culture specialized in the profession of military trade, and collateral jobs, purveyors of war materials, slave trade, financial loans for war.

– Jewish means people of Judea, and Yvwh is synonymous of Judea. It means the origin of the culture is in the knot of trade of the 3 continents.

Serious historians have further proved those facts with biblical archeology and the analysis of Jewish economical role in capitalism. Sombart, unaware of Biblical Archeology which in the XX century discovered the meanings of those words, in his masterpiece, ‘Jewish and the rise of capitalism’ explains in detail with an astounding wealth of data that during most of modern history the Jewish people have had two basic jobs: purveyors of war materials and bankers. Those 2 jobs lead to diplomatic work and the best network of information in the world, which lead to the monopoly on informative press and mass-media, which still endures. And so with control of the banking, go(l)d memes, the war industries and the audiovisual machines that deliver information, the Jewish people, despite the minimal numbers are the overwhelming, leading caste of power in the west. And so its memes have triumphed in alliance with those of the British, mechanist culture and both together – the memes of money and machines – govern the world.

Let us be frank, the world is today a globalized Jewish-Anglosaxon culture, with some traces of the militaristic, Germanic culture specially in America, where there are 2 supreme goods: money and machines, to which all the eusocial memes of love and the natural drives of existence of mankind, our desire for natural food, verbal information whose ethic mandates state the evolution of mankind, human reproduction and Nature, are submissive. None of those human/life memes matters at all to the corporations, governments and economical and biblical ideologies, which dominate the world and repress systematically the natural arrows of life of human beings.

Indeed, the essential program of any organic being is given by our desire to have more information for the mind and more energy for the body. Greed is the corruption of the natural information and energy humans require. And it means to have instead of natural energy, military energy and instead of eusocial wor(l)ds of love, go(l)d hypnotic values. It also means to develop as the Am Segullah and the Goths have done, a repressive culture in which human reproduction is a ‘sin’, so we follow the damnation of work ‘ad metalla’ (and indeed cain was the first ironsmith); where human food is tasteless (prohibition of pork and seafood the most tasteful food in the Baalble) and substitution of human words by digital, abstract numbers.And finally the repression of the eusocial love for the species – mankind – substituted by love of the tribal subspecies.

This essence of the Am segullah culture – the repression of the natural, biological drives of man and any natural human beings – is so contra-natura that it has astonished for centuries the humanist philosophers. How can an entire people follow the most repressive code against their existence and human beings, for the hypnotism of go(l)d. Only the anti-racist theory of a visual, hypnotic, emotional ‘Homo Sapiens Neanderthal’ brain, recently confirmed in the genetic record, can explain the incapacity of the Germanic/Basque and Semite cultures to refrain their violence and greed. And yet paradoxically, this incapacity for eusocial love is transformed, once the added energy of weapons and the hypnotic power of go(l)d developed and they submitted the far more evolved eusocial, reproductive Goddess culture of the Neolithic in racist theories against the rest of mankind.

So of course, the recent news that confirm our earlier models that 94% of our genes are the same than the Neanderthal, and 4% of the rest are Neanderthal, which didn’t mate with Homo Sapiens female, obviously because of genetic rejection (the Rh- factor, which is maximal in the basque=germanic violent race and the Am Segullah), has not been liked. There has been much derisive humor about it: the white man turns out to be the Neanderthal! The next step, understanding the visual nature of dolicocephalic craneal forms, also forecasted a decade ago in our first books on the duality of energy and information, visual and verbal cultures and brains, is almost completed with the scanning of the visual paths of the brain, which has its center in the back occipital brain, most developed in Neanderthals and white races.

While the Brocca regions are brachicephalic, parietal verbal zones. It is left to do the mapping of each white race, which we anticipate will follow the earlier maps of Coon on dolicocephalic brains, maximal in Spain, Israel, where the mating took place, red-hair scotland and Scandinavia, origin of the Germanic people. Those are the races that developed the Conquistadors, the Am Segullah, the German Goths and the British engineers of the Industrial Revolution – the visual, spatial, mechanist, simplistic, greedy, selfish, individualist world that extinguishes life. And certainly is a blow to the 3rd theory – that history is not programmed and the wor(l)d could convert to reason the drives of greed. It seems it cannot. Because if greed turns out to be a genetic trait among people with consonantic, violent languages that cannot comprehend eusocial lovethe program is fixed.

This most brutal theory, is the one sponsored in reverse sense (racial bias against mankind) by the animetal castes that dominate us, which merely state that the Universe is Darwinian and so there is no way to control the power of weapons that kill and money that hypnotizes the human mind. And so, this ‘manifest destiny’ must be continued (till it destroy us all).

This Social Darwinism of course hides the ‘end-result’, which is the extinction of the weakest humankind by the metalkind, robots, terminators, nano-bacteria and black hole weapons, the weapons of the age of the singularity that now starts. But the fact that metal-masters, the Jewish and Germanic, ‘stupid-white’ Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, the visual human being that has carried the destruction of Gaia, it is blind to the real laws of biology – humans are a single species/race that fights and is submitted to the power of metal, which is what capitalism evolves – merely strengthens this theory. Indeed, part of the program of competence between metalife and carbonlife is the mental corruption and emotional infantilism of those people-castes who truly believe they are an elected race, and are blind to the power of money and weapons that gives them their priviledge status.

So indeed, this seems to be the case: the laws of Darwinian evolution favormetal over weaker atoms of life and certain human beings, in fact the most primitive Homo Sapiens neanderthaliensis, the White man, as Complexity Theory has always said and recently the genetic record has proved, the energetic, violent, consonantic, emotional, selfish, Homo Bacteria, NOT the superior race, but the less evolved human species, unable to evolve organically, has become associated to money and weapon, hypnotized by go(l)d, satisfied with the action, energetic power of iron and degraded since the Neolithic, the informative, more perceptive, verbal, eusocial cultures of farmers, the Black and Mongoloid, verbal Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the reproductive, informative perceptive female species. And so we live today under the lesser culture and race of the male, white man. And among those, we live under the boot of the most mixed, Homo Sapiens neanderthaliensis (higher Rh-, red hair, etc), the Semites, the Germanic people, the Scottish engineers, the scandinavians, the basque, who dominate with weapons South-America.

This anti-racism is exactly the opposite of what Coon and other white-supremacists thought, when they made the detailed maps of dolicocephalic brains (visual brains with a higher length of the head, where the visual brain cells develop, as opposed to brachicephalic, verbal dominant people). Indeed, the Chinese, Amerindians and Africans were always astonished by the go(l)d thirst of Semite slave traders or european, Spaniards and Brits, that would do anything including murder to possses go(l)d.

So  the program of symbiosis between metal and the lesser Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, the visual, energetic white man, has carried the day in History. And because of his lesser verbal development, this man, as the pure Neanderthals did, lives in non-eusocial groups, cannot see himself as part of the Human Historic organism, has no problem killing others with weapons or slave them with go(l)d, and believes in very infantile theories of History, is blind to the collateral consequences of weapons and machines, thinks he is chosen by some mysterious god-like entity to carry the program of life-destruction of the economic ecosystem, etc. etc.

And so we shall live a new age of social castes, imposed by economical racism:

– Those who invent and monopolize the languages of power of oursociety, stocrkats and politicos.

– Those who need to earn money because they cannot invent it as workers and consumers of machines, roles now made obsolete by automated machines, which are becoming a dwindling middle class kept in their audiovisual ghettos.

– And those who are already obsolete, as they have already been discharged as labor in ghettos and 3rd world countries, which are the essential target of our predators, pounding on one of the 10 poorest nations of the world – Afghanistan:

c.97 'The extinction of man'.

The readers should be aware that this graph is not done today. It was part of an exhibition on the future made 2 decades ago… when i was a student at Columbia university….(with the absolute outrage of the ‘native’ students, mostly belong to the upper caste of the graph :) but now in 2010 it is happening, despite all the warnings of history against racism and capitalism.

But even so, machines will keep evolving, the middle class will keep dwindling and America will end up like Germany in civil wars, as people, confronted with death do rebel.

The issue of racism is thus essential to capitalism and the wrong choice of ideological ’memes’ about how to run the economic ecosystem if we want a future for mankind, but in as much as we live in a society still ruled by ‘Animetal’ racist cultures, which never see their defects and fear the ‘inferior human donkeys’ it seems unavoidable that in the western world where racism has been endemic since Indo-European ‘Goths’ found iron and the ‘Apiru’ donkey breeders found go(l)d, a new age of ‘fascism’ comes into being. In the East however, where populations are more homogeneous within nations and the Chinese dominant state is prone to collaborate and develop its poorer nations east and south, the burden of racial hate will probably be aborted, except in India, an ‘aryan’ culture based in the racist statements of the Vedas written by iron masters.

In that regard, the existential pessimism of this web is contrasted by the absurd history of western humanity. On paper, all seems possible.

One could imagine that the most mixed western race, the Apiru, could have r=evolved as the latin culture did against the inquisition of their banker-priests, accepted the rational study of history and the dominant arrow of love that evolves socially the individuals of the same species, and now they could be, after the shocking cycles of action-reaction, greed and murder, slavery and Holocaust that intersect their history, advanced, evolved, ruling castes, trying to create a sustainable world, a paradise on Earth, in which the complementarity of races is cherished and money is used to evolve mankind not the machines that substitute. But this has not happened.

We are ruled by emotional, simple drives, by what Schopenhauer calls Volitio individuationis, by the search for individual and tribal drives, childish myths, anthropocentrisms and a wishful blindness to our process of self-suicide.  And so the we live in a world in pain – the pain of those whose excessive egoism and will acquires life as property and treats others as extension of their desires; what Schopenhauer rightly identifies as the source of eviL and suffering, since cannot acquire the infinite universe and mold it to our wantings; and the pain of those whose ego is dissolved in the higher existence of the superorganism of history – writers like this blogger – who suffer because they cannot change the process of extinction of life, cannot speak loud and clear, cannot advice and change a corrupted, dying  world. Between those 2 extremes, the greed and violence of those who never have enough and the solitude and angst of those who feel empathy to mankind, a bewildered herd of mistreated humans, merely try to survive with the leftovers  an dwindling resources of the ‘human economy’ that the world of machines is making increasingly obsolete.

But the stockrats on top should understand that their future is as cruel as that of the slaves on the bottom of that pyramid, if they don’t share a common goal.

So i would like to end the analysis  with the story of the donkey and his master, extracted, couldnt  be of an other source, a web of ‘Jewish spirituality’:

‘He was strong of bone, thick of hide and obstinate of mind, and as all donkeys before him from the dawn of donkey history, he was born into the service of a human master.

His master placed heavy loads on his back — goods and produce to take to the marketplace. But the donkey just stood there, munching grass.

A man walked by and said to the donkey’s master: “What a stubborn beast! Beat him with your whip.” But the donkey just dug his heels deeper into the earth and refused to budge.

Another man walked by and said to the donkey’s master: “Your beast needs to be taught his purpose. His burden is too light — so he thinks that all that’s required of him is to munch his grass.” So they brought more pots and pans and cabbages and books to increase the donkey’s load. The load grew and grew until the donkey collapsed.

A third man arrived and said: “Who needs that silly animal, anyway? You’re much better off without him. All that stuff on his back is quite useless, too, for men of the spirit. Forsake your beast and its load and follow me, and I’ll show you the gateway to heaven.”

Still the donkey’s owner hesitated. He liked his donkey. He also liked his pots and his pans, his cabbages and his books. Perhaps he could carry them himself? But he knew he couldn’t do it on his own.

A fourth teacher arrived on the scene. “Don’t beat your beast,” he said to the donkey’s master. “Don’t overload him and don’t abandon him. Help him.”

“Help him?” asked the man.

“Help him carry his load. Show him that your burden is a shared burden — that it’s not just him doing the shlepping and you reaping the profits, but a joint venture in which you both toil and both benefit. When you regard him as a partner rather than a slave, your beast will be transformed. His obstinacy will become endurance, his strength will turn from a resisting force into a carrying force.”

The man put his shoulder to his donkey’s burden. The beast rose from the ground and tensed its brawn; the man, too, heaved and strained. Together they transported their merchandise to the market.’

The myth of the mule.

In that regard i would like to bring here an alternative myth of ‘Jewish spirituality’, the myth of the Mule, developped by Asimov in his masterpiece, Foundation Series, in which the world, then a galactic empire, is ruled by Bio-historians, people who have finally cracked as we have done, the cycles, patterns, laws and equations of complex history, and rule the world with those laws. Of course, being mr. Asimov an Am Segullah, he missed the fact that those laws are NOT economical laws, and go(l)d, trade and markets are NOT the institutions that evolve mankind. What we have discovered in complexity is the astounding evidence of the existence of an arrow of future evolution, the arrow of love, called Eusocial evolution, which makes survive those species that work together as a single one, sacrificing their members for the collecctive good. So Argentinean Eusocial ants and Chinese people are the dominant ‘mass’ of living tissue in this planet, because they follow that law.

We have also discovered in complexity that communication, interbreeding, both in life and ‘thought’, interdisciplinary efforts like this web, are closer to the truth, more efficient, and better than ‘pure races’, unconnected, abstract theories, myths and tribalism. All this gives origin to a refurbished myth of the mule: a man, who reaches power, belonging to a mixed race, educated in the memes of social love and evolves history under the laws of science.

This myth is indeed required to change the world, given the fact, that present jewish spirituality prefers the first ‘rabbi’ of the previous tale – the whipping of asses, not the solidarity with the organic, energetic classes of mankind.

I thought on Obama, a mixed ‘mule’ of white and colored races, as America is (since blacks and Latinos will soon represent half of its population), in conjunction with the Chinese superorganism, the 3rd yellow race, could have become the ‘mule’ that saved mankind and constructed a superorganism of history with the laws of complexity. And so I built this web and published that book and wasted my meager resources sending around books and commenting in different political webs to spread the word of resurrection of the ideals of mankind, which America, with its mixture of races and constitutional ideals embodied, as an experiment in a smaller territory of all humans.

Of course that was yesterday… Obama turned out to be what malcolm X called a ‘house n****’; I am just an alien Latino, the Animetal castes and its primitive memes are still in power, even more encroached than before this crisis, and mankind steadly walks towards its self-extinction by machines of thesingularity. But even if the myth is shattered, it was worth to dream. In this web we did, as in all my books on bio-history include a last chapter the ‘wor(l)dunion’ with the necessary reforms to save mankind and create a paradise on Earth, but the memes of Animetal castes, and its idolatry to metal-weapons, metal-money and metal-machines, the energetic, informative and organic species of the economic ecosystem, are emotionally imprinted in the white matter brain of the human-kind, today globalized to all tribal nations, and the species has entered an age of devolution and destruction of all the memes of love, which is a clear sign of death, as death is nothing but the destruction of the upper superorganism of individual, cellular existence. now humans have devolved to tribal nations and selfish individuals, the memes of love are gone,Eusocial evolution is denied systematically by scholars, the economic ecosystemis guided by the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’, hypnotic greed, and the memes of weapons, which are expressed in wars and death. We live a culture of death which is killing life and this is the last century – enough time left for those memes to do us all.

The Financial->Military->Industrial Complex. The zeitgeist of our age.

And so the myth of the Mule has passed, and we are back into reality. What is that reality is though not crystal clear because of the massive propaganda and sophistication of the Matrix of fictions and myths of happiness that cover it. We have defined it in this blog on biological history in many posts with the name of the Paradox of History which in essence tell us that we, humans are devolving as a species (from the heights of social love of Neolithic and ethic religions into selfish individualism) and from a planet of life into a planet of metal, in which the selfish memes of the old Animetal cultures, go(l)d and weapons are now a very complex system of corporations, evolving into a superorganism of money, weapons and machines – the financial, military, industrial complex.

The readers will be familiar with the term, the Military-Industrial Complex, which fails to consider the ‘crown’ of the triad of eviL=anti-life memes: money , evolved into the financial system, the black hole of history which gives the orders to the other two. The fact indeed that the financial elite controls with monetary information all other forms of information of society explains why even ‘lefties’ fail to realize that the system that extinguishes Gaia and imposes a global class structure is a triad: the financial (informative metal)-> Military (energeic metal) -> Industrial (organic metal) Complex.

And indeed, we scientists of complexity with a humanist view (which I confess are few, as most peers make a living constructing computer systems, ‘where the money is’) are the people who better understand this gordian knot: on top of reality the selfish memes of go(l)d whose highest profit is obtained produced the most expensive item according to the affinity between the 3 forms of metal: machine-weapons.

This is not what society should be, but it is what society has evolved into after 5000 years of metal-history exploiting Gaia since the parable of Genesis was written.

Democracy needs elected governments to create the language of social power: credit, money. Otherwise the system is not a democracy but a plutocracy ruled by those who invent the language of social power and gives orders to politicians (lobbies, bribes) and citizens (prices, salaries) with it.

Since such is the case of our societies, we live in plutocracies not in democracies, where the language of power of societies, money, which creates=credits the future with orders called salaries, prices, subventions and bribes, is reproduced in developed countries by a few banking dynasties (Western Plutocracies), corporative conglomerates (Japanese Zaibatsus and Korean Chaebols in the East), non elected Governments (Islamic dictatorships, Communist parties) or foreign banks (Africa, South-America, South-Asia).

The result is that those who invent money create the future of the world and censor all news that are ‘inconvenient truths’ about their monopoly of power. Such is the Zeitgeist of our world – a planet owned by a few people-castes, which have created a Matrix of fictions about the Freedom of its citizens. But to understand the truth of our societies and the future they are building we must follow the money and wantings of those who monopolize their invention:

– In Western Plutocracies, the Am Segullah (People of the Treasure) and its millenarian banking dynasties establish the policies of our ‘Quisling‘ nations, where ‘politicos’ unable to create credit(deficit zero laws) are obliged to extract it with unfair taxes from the people and then use it an overwhelming proportion not to improve the life of the people but either in mercenary armies to defend the nation of the Am Segullah or astoundingly enough handle it directly back to the banks and corporations, which can invent it for free with stock-paper and e-money derivatives. The result is a massive redistribution of rent towards bankers and  stockrats, the new ari-stockratic castes of plutocracies, while the rent of Middle classes plummet; and since the wealthy cannot spend so much money, economical growth dwindles.

– In Eastern Plutocracies, corporations, which should be properly called ‘company-mothers’ of machines, use their credit to evolve not human societies and improve the life of their people, but to evolve and improve their off-spring of machines, now entering the III Industrial R=evolution of robotics and Artificial Intelligent. The result is the creation of a new super-organism of Machines that make obsolete human beings in fields of labor and work, whose most advanced example is South Korea, which robotizes its war fields (border with North Korea) and Japan, which is creating the first automated companies without the need of a single human worker.

– In Islamic Dictatorships, a series of Tribal Dynasties (the Ibn Saud, the Khalifa, the Ghadafis, etc.) maintain a population on the verge of starvation, except in oil-rich countries, which can afford to sustain them, while spending most of its budgets in weapons. Yet they are tolerated by the bankers, rulers of the West as long as they keep peace with their Nation, Israel.

– In the 3rd World, dictators are also tolerated, despite the astounding level of corruption and repression of their people, as long as they provide cheap raw material to western and eastern corporations.

– Finally, in the old, now corrupted, eusocial cultures, (socialist and social-democratic countries and theocracies based in a religion of love), money which was used to create welfare states is either used by the military to build up their power with the excuse of defending the ‘revolutions’ from the constant bullying of the Global Plutocracy (Iran, Venezuela, North-Korea), or in the sole exception of China, due to a millenarian, neolithic, communal civilization, whose memes have not yet been totally corrupted by the military-financial system that controls all other nations, in the creation of a sustainable economy, based in green technologies, infrastructure and ‘human, biological goods’ that people need to consume. But this sole exception, whose GDP growth is a direct consequence of the ownership of credit by the government is increasingly under siege by a growing military caste, a plutocratic elite of industrialists that sell their products to the west and the obvious fact that their governments are neither elected nor judged after their tenure according to performance, the two minimal requirements for a true democratic political caste, which do not happen in any nation of planet Earth.

So neither social thinkers, the memes of love and biohistorians, the potential scientific class of politicians, more akin to doctors than to technocrats, have any saying in the world today. The world is ruled by ‘economists’ , the last evolution of go(l)d believers, security forces, the last newspeak of warriors and ‘scientists’, the abstract, idealist version of the makers of machines and weapons that are making us obsolete. And there is no mule, no hope, no uncensored prophet to cure us.

2 Responses to “Race vs. racism”

  1. Bar Says:

    Now that we have layed down the difference of human races, it should be clear the paradox of racism. The Homo neanderthaliensis Sapiens, or white man, dominant in visal thought and energy is paradoxically the less evolved race and the more racist, because of his alliance with go(l)d and weapons, which has allowed him to dominate the mongoloid and black cultures/races which had achieved a higher balance with Gaia, the planet of life, and unlike the white man, could control the hypnotic program of greed, of go(l)d rushes, and his obsession with lineal energetic, simply shinny weapons.

    Hahaha, Oh wow.

    Have you turned on MTV recently? Have you ever been to a black neighbourhood in detroit? AfricanAmericans are ultra vapid materialistic sociopaths.

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