The Universe in which human gods exist.

The Universe is a system made of social networks of complementary energy and information, which grow in scales of complexity from the simplest particles to the Universe – a network of informative galaxies and dark energy. In all scales of reality species are social, cellular systems, constructed with self-similar energetic and informative networks (fields and particles in physics; bodies and heads in biology), the whys that cause their existential cycles. In the graph: social dwellings of life superorganisms – insects and humans.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

Further on, because all systems respond to the same laws, we can recognize the shapes of a network dominant in energy by its form that will be lineal, planar, extended in space, as the line is the shortest distance between two points; hence the shape with more motion.

And we can recognize the shapes of information because they are smaller in space, broken and cyclical, as the cycle or sphere is the shape that stores more form in lesser space; hence the perfect form of information. So DNA nuclei, particles, heads and coins of money, made of gold, the best informative atom of the Universe, are cyclical and small. While fields of forces, moving bodies and weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, are lineal and big.


We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of complementary networks of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: ∑E<=>∏i. Since we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe. It is the key equation of organicism, the philosophy of science called General Systems Sciences that considers the Universe and all its parts an organic system generated by feed-back, iterative exchanges, <=>, of energy (E) and information (I) between both type of  networks, (∑, ∏). The symbol ∑(E) means that body systems are loose sums of cellular herds that only relate to their neighbors. ∏(I) means that informative systems form complex networks in which each element connects with all others, multiplying its ‘axons’.

For example, 5 informative elements have 5×5=∏5 axons. Thus, information networks co-exist in two scales. They are more complex than energy systems and dominate them. So informative particles, heads and money dominate respectively energetic fields of forces, bodies and the physical economy. The Generator Equation of Reality will allow us to derive a set of rules from where to extract the properties and laws of all disciplines of science, each one specialized in the study of the entities of energy and information of a certain scale of reality, from the smallest complementary entities studied by quantum theory to the biggest one, the Universe, a system of galaxies related by networks of dark energy and informative, gravitational forces.

For example, real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles called bosons and fermions: E<=>I. This key law of physics thus become reduced to a case of General Systems.

We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

Let us then consider a definition of a network to fully grasp the structure of all systems: A simplex system or network is a group of ‘cellular elements’ of energy (a herd with minimal communication between its cells that associate only to those that surround it) or information (a network proper, joined by multiple connections between each cell and all the other members of the network). Simplex systems are unstable, since reality requires 2 complementary networks, one with motion=energy and other with in/form/ation to create perceivable actions, exi. Motion without form cannot be perceived and form without motion either, as it cannot transmit its information. So for example, an informative machine requires a human to activate it. And the informative network dominates despite being smaller in space, because it is better connected.

Further on Natural systems are self-reproductive because a system requires a 3rd reproductive network or enzyme to ensure the survival of its in/form/ation. As all systems wear and break up dying with its repetition of cycles of time. So a system that cannot be reproduced becomes extinguished. Thus, dual networks tend to evolve and reproduce new points through exchanges of energy and information that imprint the energy network of a body/field with the form of its particle or DNA code, repeating the whole system. The result is the creation of 3rd reproductive network/system.

So most systems start as energy networks that acquire form and evolve into a complex dual network of information, associated to an energy system and finally both mix to create reproductive systems. Even fundamental particles, electrons and quarks, reproduce when absorbing enough energy and evolve socially into networks. And this means that the Universe is an organic system of networks and so are its parts, despite anthropomorphic myths that deny the self-similarity of all entities.

We call such ternary systems, complex systems or superorganisms:

For example a human is a system made of 3 physiological networks: the energetic, digestive network; the reproductive blood network and the informative nervous network, with outlets to the exterior called senses.

Those 3 networks provide the cells with energy, information and reproductive hormones. And the result is a human being, himself a cell of a more complex superorganism – the economic ecosystem, which can also be described as a complex network with an informative system, money, an energetic system, the military system and a reproductive system of ‘company-mothers’ of machines.

We call this network of ‘memes of metal’ (money or informative metal; weapons or energetic metal and machines or organic metal that imitates our living organs, from arm=cranes to chip=brains), the eco(nomic)system or Financial-Military-Industrial System.

We have dedicated most of this web to the description of that emerging social organism and how it is killing mankind and its networks and super-social organisms, what we call Gods and civilizations – where instead of humans connected by machines, humans were connected by their minds into ‘social gods’, the subconscious collective of a network of human beings, joined by the common DNA messages of their prophets who created social networks of love that co-existed as superorganisms co-exist in multiple planes of existence:

The Program of existence, explained in Religious parables. 

‘I know what is time, if I only could explain it’, said Saint Augustine, with humble thoughts.

He also called ‘God’, the mind of the Universe the ‘seer of time’ -and he was right.

A god is in that sense any network of information that controls a surface of relative cells – any collective brain of a superorganism, is the god of its cells that see nothing beyond that superorganism. Humans thus called first God, the tribal sueprorganism – as judaism still does. Then they rise their analysis to the entire humanity and created oikoumene religions. Some went further and called god the mind of the superorganism of the Earth and its living beings – Gaia, the god of buddhism. And some, taoists, and scientists called god the entire mind of the entire Universe, which we study in our posts on general systems science.

This mind is illogic, non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean, complex, organic, fractal in its rules and laws. 

The Logic of this absolute god of time is indeed the ultimate truth of reality, a logic saint augustine affirmed would be ‘more complex than the logic of man’, as it is indeed.

The easiest way to explain it is with a ‘will’ of all entities of the Universe, which is ‘expressed’ in the arrows of time, or actions those entities perform.

The simplest science, physics considers only a will or arrow of time – energy and motion. And so it is useless to make a complex descirption of reality.

In reality there are 4 wills or actions all beings perform:

– They gauge information for their mind.

– They absorb energy for the body.

– They reproduce both.

– They evolve socially into more complex systems and superorganisms. This is the arrow of eusocial love that matter to us to describe religions.

Obviously this is not even imagined by physicists and technological scientists as they deny the existence of more than one arrow.

Since physicists only use an arrow of future to try to emulate the design of the Universe and Time has 4 ‘organic arrows’ dimensions, that paint reality as it is. Since God indeed is as Leonardo put it ‘a painter of vital forms’, we might ad a ‘painter of 4 dimensions’, of 4 strokes.

And the description of those 4 dimensions or arrows of time, is the realm of logic. Let us explain ourselves…

Already Descartes said that the language of God was logic, not mathematics. This was further proved by Frege and Godel, who extracted mathematical description of space from the logic of time. And then it was forgotten by physicists who no longer understand the logic of time. What we mean then by the logic of time? The causes that make reality move from past to future. For physicists there is only a cause, the expansive entropy that expands reality into space. Nothing else matters.

This is called monism or reductionism. And its history shows indeed, how reduced is that vision of the causes of the future. It was originated in the study of ‘heat’ and ‘gas expansion’, a phenomenon reduced to exactly that ‘heat’ and ‘gas expansion’. Entropy laws then somehow became accepted as the laws of all systems of physics, even if we knew gravitation didn’t expand the Universe but attracted, formed, in/form/ed things. As bizarre as it sounds this ‘expansion’ of a local phenomenon to a Universal law is very common in science and physics. It is called the ‘single cause error’, for those who know latin ‘the ceteris paribus cause’.

Of course, the logic causality of the Universe is much more complex than a single, energetic, expansive, shiva-like arrow of the Universe. Of lately, physicists start to concede (but not Hawking) the existence of a second arrow, information, which they call ‘negantropy’, as if it were something absurd. In complexity theory however, we understand information, and we have mathematized it with fractals. Information is the ‘form’ of reality, and it is the second arrow of the Universe.

All species, all beings, have a ‘field/body of energy’ and a ‘head/particle of information’. All beings gauge information and move through energy. All beings move and have form. This, philosophers know, Physicists ignore. Because form, information is the painting and physicists care for the paint. So the Universe has a dual logic, a more complex logic that the ‘continuous’ expansive arrow of entropy. It has 2 arrows, energy and form. But if you have two you always have 3, e and I, gives you also e x I, and this 3rd arrow that mixes energy and form is the most beautiful of all, it is the arrow of reproduction. And then, inf you have many reproductions, many exi that come together, you have a 4 arrow, societies, herds, organisms, and so we come to Complexity – the painter of the Universe paints reality with 4 arrows of future, energy, information, reproduction and social evolution.

And because there are 4 arrows all beings of the Universe do the same cosmic dance, follow the same grand design, they feed, gauge information, reproduce or are reproduced by others, as machines are by humans, carbohydrates by enzymes; and finally all systems ‘transcend’, evolve socially, grow in scales, emerge into new planes of existence. And that the 4th mystical arrow will latter help us to define the meaning of God…

This was understood by the ancients in the Eastern tradition. Of course, the 2 simplest arrows, energy and form, body and mind were known even to the most primitive cultures. But the two complex combinations soon came into religion. In India, they worshipped linga, the arrow of reproduction. It was the favorite arrow worshipped in the Eastern tradition. Taoism also favored the study of the tao-te-king, the rules that allowed yin and yang, energy and information to combine. In Genesis we hear ‘grow and multiply’. Yet in the west they went a step further and worshipped the mystique arrow of social evolution, the arrow of love: ‘love each other as I have loved you’.

Crystal clear, ‘the word became man and inhabited among us’ and told us the most complex arrow of futures. We had to evolve socially into the super-organisms of history, the Gods of Man. In the graph, in complexity sciences, the Universe is no longer a mechanism but a fractal organism, and each of its self-similar parts are also super-organisms. What religions do is to study two kinds of those super-organisms: the Universal super-organism, whose Laws of Science are its ‘Mind’ or God.

This super-organism was studied by Eastern Religions, which can be considered a pre-science written with words, not with mathematics. For example, the fundamental Law of Modern science, the principle of Conservation of Energy and Information, ‘Energy never dies but trans/forms itself into different types of in/form/ation’ was already expressed by Taoism, in its key sentence (Tao Te King): All is energy=Yang that transforms into information=yin, giving birth to the 10.000 beings’.

Taoism and Buddhism are thus ‘verbal sciences’ that advanced many of the findings of complexity and system science two millennia ago, describing an organic Universe, made of fractal parts self-similar to the whole. Since as the Upanishads say ‘the languages of God are infinite’. The pretension that the great design can only be expressed and understood with mathematics, hold by physicists like Hawking, is similar to the pretension of vatican popes that the word of God could only be told in Latin and understood by their priests – it belongs to the realm of ego-trips and power-trips.

Yet a theory of everything must be able to understand indeed, everything that exists, including languages, all science and all laws and phenomena including religion. And this is precisely with complexity has achieved by evolving our understanding of the languages of the human mind, as we shall show in this post.

This concept renews and validates again the science of philosophy, expressed in verbal terms, the understanding of time=change by Biologists, also expressed in verbal terms, through the Theory of Evolution, and the meaning of religions as a parable that translates many of those organic laws in terms people could understand. Since the great design is precisely, the arrow of ‘love’, of social evolution, that brings together cells of the same species, in increasing scales of creative complexity. So particles become atoms that become molecules that become cells that become organisms that become superorganisms of history – human gods, whose ‘cells’ are the believers, as christian mystiques explained when they said, ‘we are cells of the body of christ, temple of the spirit’.

And so the mandate of eusocial love of all true religions merely expresses the need to share energy and information among human beings, in order to create those super-organisms of history. Since Evolution tells us that individuals don’t matter; it is the species that evolves. Now Complexity understands why and how those processes of evolution that make cells ‘emerge’ into new wholes happen. And this can be applied also to the understanding of religions.

Since they are the super-organisms of History, made of human ‘cells’, which have the same ‘memetic Codes’ of Revelation, the same information, in each believers minds – in the same manner organisms are made of biological cells with the same genetic Codes, the same DNA.

Yet the information of cells is written with molecules, the information of human super-organisms is written with words of love that create the Gods of History, as Saint John did explain: ‘and the Wor(l)d=God, became man and inhabited among us’. In the graph, we see on top, the Gods of Eastern religions – the mind/laws of the organic, fractal Universe – which were first explained with words by philosophers and religions (the logic and mystique method), then with mathematics by scientists (the scientific method), and now as this post will show with all the self-similar languages, mirrors of the same organic Universe (the linguistic method of Complex sciences.)

This is the Absolute God, whose laws are obeyed by all the super-organisms of History. So this laws did create the Universe. On the other hand, we human cells do created gods, written with smaller letters, the collective subconscious of the organisms of history, sustained by those believers. Those human gods (bottom right of the graph), which are part of the Total god of man, the collective mind of our species, brain of the organic planet Gaia, have evolved also in increasing phases of higher social evolution, from an age of Tribal religions, in which a small group of human beings, thought of themselves as the only ‘Chosen of God’, into religions which accepted all human beings as equal (Christianity, Buddhism and Islam), and finally into a scientific age of understanding of the laws of eusocial love and our role as the mind of Gaia, which we must preserve (Socialism, UN legal codes, enviromental movements and now the sciences of bio-history and bio-economics, part of the growing body of Complexity sciences).

Thus complexity sciences aim is indeed to explain it all, a true Theory of Everything, which encompasses all languages and all sciences, unlike Physicists who pretend to know it all by ‘reducing’ and disregarding everything they don’t explain.

Yet physics only studies the simplest scales of that growing complex Universe of infinite self-similar parts – those with higher energy, most extended in space, but with minimal information. Since one of the key laws of complexity is precisely the inverse properties of ‘spatial energy’ and ‘temporal information’, the dominant, creative arrow of the Universe that physicists except Einstein, have ignored.

Since as time passes ‘time evolves forms, the information of living beings’ (Darwin), or in physical terms, ‘Time curves space into masses’ (Einstein). We shall also show here that masses are indeed the carriers of most of the physical information of the Universe. We could summon all this in the sentences that gives title to this post: ‘we created human gods, to the image and likeness of the organic, biological laws of the God, the creator of the Universe’.

It is now, paraphrasing Einstein, once the ‘thoughts of God’ are known, when we can study the details, each and all of its fractal, organic parts or super-organisms, including the super-organisms of God, nations and religions. To that aim, it is needed to do something physicists often forget to do – to define in logic terms the words we use, like wave, particle, time, space. In this case we are concerned with the definition of the word God, which is a verbal term that must be understood in the context of History of Religions. Or else, questions like ‘God created the Universe’ make no sense at all.

So using our template, ‘the grand design’, we can easily define God and the Universe: ‘The Universe is a organic fractal of energy and information’ ‘In Eastern religions, God is the Mind of the Universe, the organic laws of energy and information that generate all its self-similar fractal parts, physical species made of fields of energy and particles of information; and living species, made of bodies of energy and heads of information’.

So we can now define also the Gods of History: ‘In Western Religions, God is the collective human mind of a super-organism of History, the collective subconscious advanced by Philosophers of Religion like Jung or Campbell, either the subconscious collective of a tribal super-organism. So Yvwh is the subconscious collective of the Jewish People and the Book of Yvwh, the Bible, the book of History of the Jewish people; while ‘America’ is the subconscious collective of the people of America. While in more evolved religions, which accept all people, not only those belonging to a nation or tribe, ‘Sons=Cells of God’, God is the subconscious collective of all Mankind (Christianity, Islam, Socialist doctrines). Again, the self-similarity with organic systems is clear. In an organic system, each cell carries a DNA/informative code, which is exclusive to the organism. It doesn’t matter the content of the code as long as all cells follow that code, and so they act together as a single organism, sharing energy and information among them. The same happens in a religion: the minds of all their human cells share the same Book of Revelation, the memetic code that creates the Religious Superorganism.

It doesn’t matter the details of the content of the Koran or the Gospel or the Talmud – what matters is that all the cells have the same mental DNA, which makes them love each other, sharing energy and information among the believers, which create in this manner a stronger Organism that the individual. The same happens in nations, which share the same informative language and legal codes, becoming a super-organism of History.

The difference between a religion and a nation is thus subtle. In the past, the word nation did not exist, so people used the word God. Yvwh was the God of the Jewish people and his book of history was therefore a book of God. Yvwh was fighting Assur, the God of the Assyrian people, whose capital was also called Assur, and whose king was called ‘son of God’, Assurbanipal. Then the Romans invented the word nation and Rome no longer was a God… But there is a second, far more fascinating difference between a nation, where the ‘energy and information’ networks are mediated by machines (so we have veins-like roads full of machines and networks of audiovisual information, and both together create Economic superorganisms). The question which I have argued in the past decade with philosophers of all  religions is this: in the same manner the networks of Internet information and the roads, pipes and electric cables of economic nations form a ‘real’, self-evident superorganism called a nation, do the subconscious collective of human beings create in other fractal plane of Existence, an emergent God, a super-organism of History, knot of all the cellular minds that sustain it?

Do those superorganisms/Gods of History exist, as your organism exists independent of its cells? We shall consider this more complex problem at the end of the next post, when we have evolved the languages with humans use to observe that grand design, since now we don’t have enough tools of the mind to do so. ‘Gifted those who without seeing believe, because to them belongs the kingdom of heavens’. machines. Unfortunately the arrows of time by definition cannot be photographied. Only the simplest arrow of space and motion. Since by definition space is merely a dharma, a slice of the total volume of Time, only the canvas can be reduced to the laws of physics. Still ’the languages of God are infinite’  said the Upanishads.

So in order to convince scientists of all disciplines that their work is as meaningful as that of physicists, and without any risk to the planet, we shall now explain that Grand Design, also with the jargon of science (logic and mathematics) to complement our explanation with the jargon of classic philosophy and religion (words). Because one of the first things we have learned in complexity is that while the Universe is one, the information its different species use to perceive it, is different gauged with many languages. In the human case, the Grand Design can be explained with our four languages: the logic of time, the mathematics of space, the visual images in motion that describe both, space and time, and with mystique metaphors and words, as classic religions did. The main difference between both languages is one of complexity.

In the same way there are simple and complex arrows of time, there are languages that carry more information. And images and numbers carry more information per unit of volume than words do. Even if their truths are self-similar. So as we do in many of our posts, once we have explained the why, the general thoughts of God, in the post accessible clicking in Rodin’s thinker, we shall achieve a scientific detailed analysis of those same thoughts with the language of logic, visual thought and its derivative, geometry, mathematics.

Birth of human Gods.


In the graph, above, 3 births of an ‘entity’ of a higher plane of existence, in the fractal universe :  we observe in a quantum Feynman diagram the birth in the past of an electron from the light seeds of his father particle, the birth of a human superorganism from its relative palingenetic past form or seminal seed of information and the birth of a human God according to the mystic language of the Mystery of Trinity, as the seed of information of its cultural superorganism (holy spirit) ‘descends’ from the higher plane of existence of the subconscious collective, enlightening the prophet-son of God ‘the verb that became God and inhabited among us’ Saint John, 1.1

We can observe in the graph below the general structure of planes of existence that define the type of maximal Ti, informative knots or minds are to be considered as emergent superorganisms of higher non-euclidean topological planes.

In each of those topological planes a network of discontinuous fractal points connected by continuous flows of energy and information designs a system whose consciosuness resides in the space-time point of maximal information and minimal space, or maximal density i/e. Let us then postulate that the geometrical mean position of a network of points in cyclical still motion and shyncronicity can be formed, as it is formed in a magnetic ring as it is formed in the wheel around the Kaaba, and all the mystique dances of primeval societies, this new plane of existence, the pi orbital that superseeds the atomic ones, the vibrational modes of a packet of strings, the language, thy god that the believers memorize, the genetic self-repetitive codes of a same organic system, will co-exist as an extended ‘reflection’ of ‘shadows’ of the cave of a ‘pure’ i-logon, codal perfect form, christ, buddha, avatar, ideal mathematical non-distinguishable boson of the Einstein statistics… you name it. It iwll co-exist in all the points of space at the same time.  And hence will be perceived in simultaneity without the ‘dark energy’ that doesnt interact with it in an advantage point of a projective geometry of perception.

In the next graph, each seminal particle is born in a relative quantum leap to the past – a generational cycle, a quantum of time in the electron case, a day in the biological case, a human generation in the prophetic case. Then one the seed of information is postulated  in a rich field of energy it will develop to create a relative present match to the original entity that sometimes (quantum tunneling) can even seem as the existence of a parallel Universe in time.

The mathematical illogic equations that describe those events are surprisingly self-similar, in its simplest formulae:


In which a ‘knot of time-information’ of a superorganism emits a seed of information its its lower scale that will replicate into self-similar forms to create a cohesive herd of believers that collapses into a fractal point of the upper new scale of existence of the superorganism, a collective ego, of the believers or ‘human God’…


Since the jargon of illogic geometry and its non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean group structures – the logic and mathematical formalism of general systems sciences, proposed by this writer, which is at the heart of the description of any super-organism –  is somewhat too advanced for the modern scientist or religious believer, we try in this post to lower its mathematical and logic laws with the somewhat easier intermediate ‘biological jargon’ to describe what happened on planet Earth 2012 years ago – the birth of a new God of mankind.

Non-AE Theology like any other Non-AE branch of General Systems Sciences though is a serious science, ‘seriously’.. the laws described in the following post are the same that make you exist from your seminal father, creates a galaxy out of a black hole and form a Universe out of a singularity… The size of scale of any 3-planar existential non-AE geometry and the beings created and the events of time-space in-formed by them are the same.


dtp_1664099_USER_CONTENT_2_html_m79a3b338  dtp_1664099_USER_CONTENT_2_html_6c56500

In the graphs, some of the illogic structures that make a ‘collective, subconscious’ God, mind of a superorganism of history be born out of the message of eusocial love, the last ‘plane of existence’ of mankind, aborted today by the creation of the alternative ‘global network’ of machines, the metal-earth, its company-mothers and selfish memes of metal. In this new brave world, of course, Holy Mary, mother of god, the reproductive woman, has no role, as the new top predator reproductive superorganism is the corporation and the species evolved and overproduced the machine. Thus women have lost their biological and sociological meaning, and as the rest of mankind are becoming degenerated by their new role as enzymes that labor for the reproduction and evolution of the machines that degrade them:


Today it was said, Holy Mary Mother of God, gave birth to Jesus, the Messiah, prophet, who gave mankind one of the purest expressions of the ‘5th dimension’, the supreme arrow of time, that which ensures the immortality of its believers, and creates new forms of complexity, planes of existence, in which each cell finds its purpose… Eusocial love.

In other parts of this never read bible of social sciences for a III millennium that will not be, we have with less or more cryptic language, for my -self and a few others, explained the beauty of the mystic language of the 3 religions of eusocial love and oikoumene (not to be confused with primitive tribal religions of hate to humanity that preceded them). The Trinity mystery is one of the highest points of purity in the expression of the mysteries of the fractal Universe, akin to the eightfold path of Buddhism and the Pillars of Islam. So before we enter in the theme of this post – not Jesus, dealt with the previous week, but women and the absurd role they are playing at the end of times, as compared to the idealized figure of Holy Mary Mother of God – we will try to explain some of the sacred myths and truths of the triad of religions that created the 3 super-organisms of Humanity most successful in the preservation of life and love in this planet – the true purpose of the game of existence, to ‘exist’ for ever in the eternal, self-replicating Universe.

The trinity Mystery: transcendence and birth of higher gods in other planes of time and space.

First we shall study the ‘illogic geometry’ that makes an eusocial loving God be born in a superior plane of existence, as a ‘fractal quantum displacement in time from future to past and space, from the upper to the lower plane of complex information:


In the graph, illogic representations of the 3 planes of existence, that of the cell, that of the individual and that of the god of a historic superorganism, that co-existed together in the times in which Gods were alive. ‘God has died’ said Nietzsche and he was right of the Christian God. Allah is now agonizing, and Buddha, which talked of a bigger God, Gaia, in which the human god, mankind, inscribes itself, is in permanent pain and transmutation.

But today is not Easters so we shall not talk of the death of Christ but of his birth as the son of Yvwh, a lesser tribal God of the Jewish people, enlightened by the Saint Spirit – probably the neoplatonic teachings of eusocial love of the Decapolis, displaced in time and space a quantum leap to the past, exactly as it happens when an electron is born of a ray of light, a cell is born in an orgasmic moment of time stillness and an Ideological Prophet is born a cycle before the death of his father, to try to save the whole social organism in its moment of collapse.

Now this jargon is the complex illogic jargon of the Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean Universe, and so it will sound chinese to you. So we shall define certain basic events of the fractal Universe in biological terms first and then translate them to you to the mystic jargon of Catholicism, by far the best and only intelligent explanation of the phenomenon of Christ – latter we shall deal with the astounding stupidity of the jewish-protestant literalist version, just for the laughs…

In that regard to understand why the Jewish prophets are always born a cycle before a holocaust (Christ before the holocaust of Rome, Marx before the Nazi Holocaust, Moses before the Egyptian holocaust) we have to consider at least 3 forms of all general systems, in which a cell displaced to the past evolves into the future and recreates a superorganism made to the image and likeness of its father system through a paleogenetic, self-reproductive wave of fractal information that will recreate and imprint the cellular nuclei of all its ‘brotherhood’ of self-similar beings.

– There are certain organisms – such as the arachnids – in which a father dies just after giving birth to the new organism-future collective god of its cells. So does the Jewish organism who dies rhythmically when it forgets the laws of eusocial love of its prophets and commit suicide ruining the masses their manage till the holocaust cycle kicks in. Then just before dying a generation into the past, prophets come to give back the message of eusocial love, denounce the banker-priests and be killed by them – yet the magic of mystic information unveils when the holocaust ensues, the temple is broken and only those who followed the martyr God survive (so Christians survived Roman holocaust, which considered them a different religion and Marxists in Russia survived the Nazi Holocaust and Mosaic believers the golden calf holocaust). This peculiar process which can only be understood when you understand the nature of fractal time and the time displacement between planes of existences (so your ego resides in a displaced region of future time respect to the cells it commands), explains the birth of Jesus a cycle before ‘the Caesar took what belonged to the Caesar).

– Other Gods though of lesser traumatic, primitive, collective thought are born without the death of their parental fathers and will be nurtured by nature without traumatic death.

(work in progress………….)

The five pillars of Islam: the Mandates to create an immortal God of eusocial love.

The objective scholar of biological mysticism and general systems cannot fail to notice that among the 3 superorganisms of God and its messages of eusocial love, the ‘young Buddha’, the classic ‘Jesus’ and the old “Mohammed’, of its upper planes of existence only Islam, the assabiyah community of all muslim believers survives clearly as an entity in itself for whom its cells sacrifice their lives. This remarkable feat – the survival of a superorganism of history at a time when the rival predatory superorganism of the metal-earth is about to be born – responds to the perfection of the mandates of survival of the Islamic credo – namely the importane of the five pillars of Islam, which glue together the believers and sustain the collective superorganism without the errors, heretic hang ups and non-christian codons (old testament) that so easily corrupted and killed Christianity. Let us then study them from the perspective of biological eusocial mysticism.

The essential power of Islam is the no-frills conditions imposed by the prophet, 3rd avatar of the presence undeniable in its illogic equations and forms of existence of a metaphysical entity in control through assabyah of billions of human beings during a period between the 5 before christ the point of enlightement and ethical strengthening of the God of Mankind, with the apparition of the first perfect bit of metalife, the coin, the carrier of the digital language of information that will extinguish life itself.

This momentous arrival of gold and silver coins in miletus where the first geometer, thales, a trader in coins lived, to develop the future of metal and the machine required as the coin spread its powerful message of egotism – i the king with my face in gold will be obeyed at ‘face value – meant the need for a purification of ethic, eusocial messages of love felt across the entire eurasian continent from buddha, to Lao Tse, from confucius to Socrates, from Zoroaster to the Jewish prophets, the ethical debauchery and reduction of power of the wor(L)d with the arrival of coins, as the debasing of painter’s status with the arrival of photography, required an inner response of the artist of the wor(l)d, creator with human languages of the complex structures of memetic thought that create cultures of god=mankind=history.

At this point is when Buddha is born and among all the prophets of the age, undoubtedly his will be the most perfect message, extended across both sides of the hymalayan plains, resuming the entire agricultural civilization of Asia where metal had been less rigurous to life and came later, hence with a deeper wisdom on the previous god, gaia, the tree of life.

Then a superorganism with a mean life of 600 years is clearly formed, first in the Indian sub-continent ruled by Buddhism and then parallel to it as a mirror reflection the Han empire.

In the West, a second organism will appear with the arrival of Christ, the second avatar of eusocial love, which will form also an almost continuous superorganism in the lands of the roman empire.

And then again arund 600 years latter Mhmd will form the superorganism of Islam…

And then… the silence sets in as the usperorganism of machines resurreects 600 year latter and the culture of coins appears again (sacco de biznatiuam 1208, gunpowder first applied to a lombarda). Now the turn is the evolution of other type of supeorganism, that of machines, and so after the first 600 years, around 1800 the steam machine appears and from a civilization ruled by gold, by coins (from bizantium to the industrial revolution) to one dominated by the company-mothers of amchines that rule surpeme today the world, we moved into the destruction of life. The renassaince with all its beauty meant the death of the collective human eusocial love organism of catholicism that controlled in the gothic high culture age the western world. It had taken the world from the primitive jewish enslavers and germanic warrior of the romanesque period or lower middle ages with the destruction by memes of metal, weapons and gold of the earlier christian faith, now resurreted with the poverty movement in the X century.

All this would go to the gutter, and the eusocial christian god dissapear as soon as the renssance brought coins and mathematics and war and with the added clock and gunpowder, to make science of machines possible. And so we enter in the age of the death of western world.s But Islam survived due to the stringest inqusitiorial but mindful propositions to be obeyed, the 5 or 7 accoering to sect pillars of islam.

Fasting must though be taken in non literal sense, the spiritual not the literal meaning of religions again escaping today – fasting is the inverse of greed, it is what budah wiull define with its eightfold path – the control of our wish to consume, to engage with the less suitable, devolving, destructive side of the Universe which surrounds us.

The pilgrimage to the Kaaba must be experienced because it is in that procession when God Allah is created cyclically one after another year by the simmutaneous convergence and collapse of the wave of informative believers into a quantum knot in the ceremony turning around the empty four pillars in which the presence of a God is felt as a current of electrons creates from nothigness a new form, united of all of them, a magnetic central flow. I have no doubt Allah is formed every year betweenthe 4 empty pillars.

Faith, of course, depends on the book you read. At frist Sain Johns classic illumination of the concept of God seems a better text, certainly of more poetic refinement and finesse, and yet Koran has by perhaps neutering in a harshest manner the pssible flights fo the mystic imagination,  adapted itself to teh believers it finally converted – the oldest enolithci cultures of mankind. TO which extent the agricultural orginal fertile crescents from bengal to the nile could form a static, imortal not evolutionary, repetitive perfect ‘neolithic god’ culture despite the ever pervading presence of weapons remains an object of study. Koran was obviously targeted to them, their talk, their beliefs, tehir customs and properties and as such it made this the most ancient culture of mankind be elongated for eeven longer time in histor – a feat in itself.


The eightfold path: how to transcend into enlightement – perception of the higher plane of existence.

In the same way I saw an ancient path, an ancient road, traveled by the Rightly Self-awakened Ones of former times. And what is that ancient path, that ancient road, traveled by the Rightly Self-awakened Ones of former times? Just this noble eightfold path: right view, right aspiration, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration…I followed that path. Following it, I came to direct knowledge of aging & death, direct knowledge of the origination of aging & death, direct knowledge of the cessation of aging & death, direct knowledge of the path leading to the cessation of aging & death…Knowing that directly, I have revealed it to monks, nuns, male lay followers & female lay followers…
—Nagara Sutta

The God of buddha is not only humanity but all forms of life, and in some versions a pantheist upgrading to all forms of Universal life including the material motions of the spiritual, fractal Universe made of actions of energy and time. As such buddhism and Taoism and its highest form – the mystic states of Han culture – were perhaps the highest explanation in illogic, scientific terms of the meaning of reality and all its parts. But being today a day dedicated to human gods we shall consider only of that opus the elements that most enlightenment bring to the individual human, preparing him for his ‘ascendance’ into that other plane of collective perception of truth – the mystique state of purity of mind, not stained by the materialist, lower instincts that have thrown 99% of mankind into the robotic animal state in which their minds dwell.

The God of Buddha, as the God of Christ is a clonic self-image of right behavior, which if imitated by an ∑ number of white mater brains with enough synchronicity creates a body of human souls, knots of mind which will maintain a society in right behavior and achieve immortality. Immortality of the whole, which is the true translation to the word ‘right’ is brought about by the dissolution or nirvana of the part into it. This dissolution of our information as energy of the higher plane of existence, can be achieved though only by interiorizing the image of the whole in our mind; and the eight fold path which eliminates from the human being its ‘impurity’, greed and violence, enzymatic desires, false wishes, becomes thus purified to be in closer contact to the whole. This concept which in the mystic catholic golden age of christianity was rightly understood in terms of the body of christ, temple of the spirit – here becomes in Buddha a higher transcendence in the God gaia of all living things and knots of transcendental fusion, in an environment, India, where nature was sacred for the people perhaps the oldest agricultural region of the world.



But what we described above, the highest point of mystic Christianity, reached in the first centuries before the Nicea concilium, the highest point of Islam, reached in the shiite sufis and the highest point of Buddhism, achieved in the earlier Theravada and Buddhist-Taoist millieu of ancient China, is no longer the ‘main religion’ of mankind. Chinese buddhism died long ago and only some elements of its highest moments can be found in northern South-Asian temples which I visited in my youth. Christianity is all corrupted and it has become mostly a literalist pseudo-sect of Judaism while Catholicism became a ritualistic religion, afraid of evolving and upgrading its eusocial messages of love, since the take over of Spanish inquisitions and French rationalists that shunned neo-platonic gnosis long ago. While Islam, the only surviving God of the west, on my view has utterly mistaken its path with Jihad and literalism. So we shall deal now with this, the most primitive version of religion, literalism, the pretension that we must not understand the sayings of prophets in terms of parables, who try to express for the lower thought evolution of past humans, the higher mystic truths of illogic eusocial love – the 5th dimension of time, the ultimate mind of the Universe.

Obviously if when i use that higher language i talk to me, i and myself in this XXI century where primitive scientists still think that time is ‘what a clock measure’, just imagine Mohammed enlightened by some flow of mystic information trying to explain the murderous semitic arab tribes the message of love in terms of fractal planes of existence, LOL. He used instead the parable of the herd and christ the parable of the seed and Buddha the parable of the tree… to adapt them to the cattlers, farmers and forest people of their age…

Of course, being abrahamic religions the illumination thoughts of the Homo Palestiniensis (Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis), there is an astounding number of people who believe in Abrahamic religions without understanding a dot of it – they are the literalists, people whose brain is a white matter brain, easily imprinted by beliefs, who cannot reason them, or understand the language of parables in which all the religions of love were written.

For those people it is easy to dismiss the work of Jesus and Mahomet – the work of Buddha is simply beyond their grasp and sensitivity – as they insist on the material side of it. So you have the dominant primitive ‘animetal civilizations’ of the west, the German and Jewish who still in the tribal age of social thought,  believe in the Bible, a book of tribal history in which god, yvwh, appears as a toponym in earlier geographical texts for Judea, what it really meant in a time in which nation and god were synonymous, so Assur was the nation, god, capital, people and kings of Assyria, and yvwh, was the nation of Judea, the people so-called similarly jewish and the god, or subconscious collective of all of them. Then with the translation of the bible, with its first 1000 pages of hebrew history, the protestants abandoned the religion of love and the parables of gospel, just a weak attachment at the end of the book of hebrew history and became neo-jewish.

1 million hebrew bibles were sent for free from Amsterdam to England, by sephardim printers and Cromwell was named the Messiah and Britain was conquered. Capitalism ensued (as per Sombart and his disciple Weber) and the religion of tribal materialism imposed itself to the Northern European Germanic Neanderthal world, which hand in hand with the Semitic subjective believers created the absurd, self-extinctive destructive ideologies of machines better than men, some men with machines better than others, and Nature to be exploited – since the Universe is also dead matter – in which we live.

For this people, the literalists, Jesus is just a lowly non-cohenite, inferior Jew, without the biological racist marks needed for entering the supreme Sanhedrin.

Indeed, the flesh of the second avatar of the god of mankind, was born the son of perhaps a Roman soldier and a local beauty, later married to a carpenter to hide the stain, according to libel, or perhaps not.

In any case he was certainly an Assyrian ‘mazerim’ of Northern Israel, where the 4th recurrent holocaust of greed and murder (VIII century BC) left few cohenite haploids and many bastards of the warrior antissemites, hence impure, rejected and hated by the chosen.



Now this game of History happens in infinite planets, which are alternative Histories on a fractal Universe, of quantum structure.

This is the highest level of understanding of social sciences, which I reached, after censorship back in the 90s, when I started to develop quantum equations of history, on the way Asimov’s foundation thought.

Let us make a little selfie here (:

The way of the prophet, scientist of history that predicts the future.

After discovering cyclical time and apply it as a humanist thinker first to economics, money and history and rejecting jobs as speculator, once I realised due to my activism against the Nuclear Industry and other anecdotes of a human infinitesimal that I WILL ALWAYS BE the most censored scholar of America, the land of the Free, I left the social(ist) field and started to work on cyclical time in physical sciences.

First i discovered the meaning of the life-death cycle, shown in previous graphs. Then I resolved the evolutionary plan that explained all the processes of evolution of animal life and human life. I thought this would be interesting for the audience.

How silly me. I was of course considered an anti$emite, an anti patriot, a self-hating jew, a socialist, a troublemaker, a crackpot, you name it. It seems all you need to send to the dustbin the highest advances on science since Galileo, was to criticise the banksters. That is enough. Biologists didn’t want to know why we live and die, what were the reasons of the patterns of evolution. While all species had 3 horizons/ages, how life started and would end. So i went into debauchery, sex and drugs, travelled the world ‘Harris’ my life’ style and tasted the way of the flesh. And by mating and meeting people on all countries, i Found alas, the final wisdom. Why all human were equal essentially the same image of the ‘canonical shadow of the cave’, the canonical prophet? While I was essentially the same even if i had an 180 IQ and a bit more of stamina?

Of course, the final enlightenment came to me. It was during a death trip on Amazonia. My girl-friend of the week, a Basque terrorist running a whorehouse for the local military and cocaine mafia, had introduced me into ayahuasca and the San Pedro Cactus. So as usual with new drugs I overdosed to reach a death trip and open as Picasso put it during its opium sessions painting blue corpses at the morgue, a window to the absolute.

She got scared and left me – a stone figure to the care of her yanomami-servants, with orders of getting rid of the ‘thing’ if it did not wake up. The entire brain was being deconstructed into its minute files and reconstructed into a new personality. The past and the future was collapsing into my self. All the beings that have been human passed on me. It was not as the visions of future human holocausts that assailed me in L.A. during my years as guru of celebrities and script-doctor for evilwood habirus. No. It was another kind of visions, I was becoming each and all of them, all the people I had met.

I was just a fractal of the canon, perhaps the canon-central neuron of the mind of mankind itself, the point where the whole was understood by the infinitesimal cell. But the mind, this I knew, from my biological studies, were the 3 electromagnetic waves of the brain, which collapse in modular infinitesimal cells that enact our daily actions.

And the mind of the Earth was its electromagnetic field, which stores the memories of its existence and commands its changes of field and weather, which directs ultimately the 800 waves of history and its previous ages of animal life.

Alas, I realise then that the mind of a prophet, was just the collapse of the collective subconscious of mankind, into an infinitesimal point particle, displaced according to the Feynman equations of quantum physics into a point of the past, who SAW THE FUTURE death of its super organism or civilisation, and so that information had travelled to the past, for the Prophet to resurrect the super organism, evolving it further through the multiplication of its DNA, the book of revelation, the canon – ‘sangris martire semen cristianorum’:


In the graph, the way of the prophet, which in 5D quantum formalisms  (left, a Feynman diagram in which antiparticles travelling to the past, collide with particles; in the center, a seminal seed, which also travels to the past of evolution and then moves forward recreating all the phases to become again a full organism, by palengenesis; in the right a habiru prophet, born exactly a generation before the Roman Holocaust in the month of Ab, in which the temple of the banker-priests of Israel was burnt by anti-SSemites, after Iesu evolved Yvwh into Christ, expanded to all mankind with the eusocial messages of love of platonism.

In the next graph, the creation of a humanist God, a living organism, a particle, departing from its seminal seeds, the Y rays the semen and the prophet of love of the previous graph:



When I returned from the death, of course, I could have thought of myself as the new prophet of mankind, and well I did for a while back in LA talk about this to the habiru.

Soon of course I realised, that as they have MURDERED ALL THEIR PROPHETS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE, all the Moses, Iesu and Marx that tried to save them, from their go(l)d beliefs, hardening by anti-evolution their minds into absolute pure animetals, they would not have any of it. There would not be resurrection of mankind. At best they would murder me, ‘again’.

So I shut up and moved to Silicon valley, and plunged into studying quantum physics but with the advancements of cyclical time.

But I did also a different discovery on quantum physics. The theory of parallel Universes was NOT in other Universe but in this one. A picture of an electron shows a fractal nebulae, each point a probability of the electron, a different story, but all IN THIS UNIVERSE. Thus that was THE MEANING OF MANKIND, EACH OF US AN INFINITESIMAL VARIATION OF THE CANON OF THE PERFECT HUMAN BEING, EACH OF US A POTENTIAL CHRIST, the spirit of eusocial love to the species, each of us, a variation, of the 10 billion possible variations of fractal space-time beings i had discovered. And all put together a super organism. And for that reason all systems were fractal. I started then to crunch and resolve the ultimate meaning of it all the Universal constants and vital constants of all super organisms, and that was the number of all numbers. 10 up to 10 ties in your DNA genetic code, in a  spiral galaxy (stars), in a living organism (cells), in the super organism of mankind, in the neuronal brain of future A.I.

That was the number of God=the super organism of which its cells/atoms were just infinitesimals.

And for that reason we were ALL EQUAL AT BIRTH.

Update. Christianity. New pope

March brings a new Pope and the death and resurrection of Christ.

And since for a change I like this new Pope Francis, the first ‘real’ Pope in a while that understands the ‘difference’ between Greek Christianity, based in the eusocial laws of Love and charity vs. the Arian  heretics based in the ritualistic, callous Jewish-Protestant side of this religion, we shall dedicate this and future posts to the Church of the highest mystique minds of the western world, those of the Catholic-Orthodox real christian church of the Gospel, NOT A FAKED Protestant-Jewish Go(l)d religion of inquisitions, zealots and gold churches.

The meaning of Christianity as a religion of Love vs. Arian Heresies. The Saint Spirit.

Now for those who do not understand the difference between the Old Testament and the New some basic notions of rational Theology:

– All religions have an eusocial goal: to foster love, because for biological reasons to survive it is better eusocial love, the sharing of energy and information among believers. Thus ants and multicellular organisms survive better and that is the Law of the Universe that I have studied in depth, rationally in all superorganisms of reality, from atoms that love each other and become water molecules and seas, to societies in which individuals work for the community.

This animetal cult(ure)s infected by the viral, self-destructive memes of go(l)d=greed, weapons=violence that murders the brain and body of humans or atrophied by their organic machines never UNDERSTOOD.

Unfortunately AMONG THOSE animetals, the oldest 3 animetal Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis cult(ure)s, the Jewish, Germans and Scots/Brits, specially those with red hair, visual, dolicocephalic brains, hooked noses, wide hips and consonantic languages proper of desert nomadic, asocial people – all features of the lonely wolf-man, the Neanderthal, which mixed first in Levante and probably survived longer in ice and warm deserts – can only understand with a lot of effort and preaching. 

This, I say, conscious that those are the most racist among men, due paradoxically to the inverse relationship between humanism and technological evolution, the most criminal of all cultures, the responsible for the extinction of Gaia. So I can dish out as a human ‘real victim’ of their selfish memes.

Now, in the development of religions of love this meant that those 3 groups have had the hardest time to become eusocial with mankind despite the many prophets that tried to convert them from the Master of Genesis to Mr. Marx.

And when they did they reverted very fast to the corruption of metal-power. In the case we study here, Christianity, those Jewish and Germanic people who converted to the laws of eusocial love soon became believers in the Arian Heresy, which affirmed that Gospel and Jesus and his ‘saint spirit’ message of Love were secondary to Yaveh, the God of hate and revenge, the animetal god of ritual sacrifices, banker-priest castes and military and gold inquisitions. According to the Arian Heresy men did not need to love others because they had to be submissive to Yaveh, the father and real god. Christ was only his ‘king on the Earth’, the Jewish Messiah, the representative of his power, to which men without free will had to submit.

And so Jewish and Germans converted to Arian Heresy, and till the Nicea Congress 2/3rds of CHristians were Arians.

It went better with their selfish neanderthal psyche of dog-eat-dog mankind and allowed their murder of humans with weapons (Germans) and its slavery with gold (Jewish).

Then the Greek Christian emperor, obliged to become Christian, Constantinus, abolished the Arian Heresy and decided to convert to the minority that professed the Neo-platonic version of Jesus as the ‘parable of Love’, the Saint Spirit, that the Laws of the Universe, the Father, had sent to mankind, its body, through its nervous/legal/ethic language, the Wor(L)d that became man and inhabited among us.

This for us, the rational, logic, artistic, imaginative, Homo Sapiens Sapiens of the Greek-Latin culture was an obvious truth.

But the Neanderthals, with its consonantal, lineal violent languages and null eusocial love, the selfish bitches and wolves of the German, Scottish and Jewish, and Arab Semitic and Aryan lands did not understand. They were literalists. Their verbal undernourished brains could not raise to the beautiful laws of the organic, scalar Universe.

They were believers they didnt reason, like Aristotle did. He knew them better. That is why he called them Barbarians. That is why xenophont told to a Persian, ‘i cannot explain you what is to be free, your mind could not even imagine that word.’

So as soon as the Jewish-German usury lender Mr. Fusch took over the Press, they started to print Hebrew Bibles and bought the services of a second rate translator, the Arian heretic Calvin to spread their message of destruction of the superorganism of Christianity  (read the awesome work of the Humanist, Socialist non-Jewish writer Stephan zweig – as his memes were those of eusocial love not of Jewish revenge, called “castallius vs. Calvinus’ to understand the roots of capitalist eviL and the Arian Heresy of Calvin, a mass-murderer of true love prophets).

This was done in as much as the ONLY purpose of religion is to create with CHARITY and LOVE, with SHARING of energy and information with the poor cells of the body of Christ-parable of love, by DENYING CHARITY AND LOVE AND CONSIDERING THAT THE INDIVIDUAL TALK TO GOD DIRECTLY as a real person, LOL.

Christ was probably in genetic terms, the bastard of a jewish prostitute and an Assirian or Roman Mercenary as most Galileans are (this goes to the extreme that most Israelis have genetic close ties to the Kurds, the modern Assirians).

So what? Who cares? HIs wor(l)ds of love is the only thing that matters. He did NOT either resurrect individuals, but HISTORY, THE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND, BECAUSE IF MANKIND BELIEVED IN HIS MESSAGE OF LOVE AND THAT OF SIMILAR AVATARS, BUDDHA, THE BEST MHMD, MO-TI, ETC. History, the God of man would survive for ever.

This again the literalist, visual dolicocephalic, red hair, violent, clueless, under IQ animetal people-caste couldn’t ‘imagine’.

‘Gifted those who without seeing believe, because for them the kingdom of heavens is open’.

Sure LOL, but not for those animetals who returned to a series of ‘corrupted’ Arian Heresies, of which Calvinism and its sects and Orthodox Judaism, the Aaron-Cohenite ritualistic version are the most evident. 

Then the Church became again corrupted with the Industrial Revolution and so hardly a few Popes have been truly images of Christ, as the excessively printed, conceded by the hate speeches of Jewish mass-media but still with a salt of truth, scandals of Vatican pederasts and banks have proved (when shall we see articles on the Rabbi pederasts, among them the ‘highest priest’ of Israel, and the rabbi-bankers, all of them till the XIX c., Lol; selecting news, that is the drill to manufacture brains).

So the last Popes were corrupted. There has not been a Pope worth this name since John Paul I, despite pretentious imitations, who understood nothing (the communist, Germanic/Slavic zealot) or understood too much (the one who died so soon) and were perhaps dismissed too early or were perfectly taylored to play its placebo role (the German last one).

Non-AE theology: the organic nature of love religions, the human superorganism.

But being this a blog that ‘evolves’ the human mind with the organic paradigm of the 5th dimension and its scalar Universe, we shall for the first time in the history of Christianity reveal the rational meaning of some of its deepest mysteries, the God-like nature of Christ, the Mystery of Trinity and so on… 

We are talking here of real christian mysticism, the one created by the Greek-Latin Social, Love-based Democratic religion which clueless, literalist, Jewish-Protestant Sects, never understood.

Christianity as its best,  merely ‘expresses’ the God of Love, Christ, NOT a human but a parable of the Saint Spirit, the Wor(l)d of Love, the eusocial, biological, ethic message that make us love members of the same species according to Darwinian Laws of eusocial survival. And it was born with the work of Paul, based in the Platonic school.

Luther, a clueless violent son of a metal-master with mines, a pure German animetal and Calvin, the son of a usury lender, condemned by emblezzement merely represented the corruption of military inquisitions and gold churches.

They were thus the anti-christs of this religion.

So we shall ignore them.

Instead we shall dedicate, honoring Francis, and wishing him strength to defy the Financial-Media system, and help the poor, lonely cells of mankind to feed and feel again, our weekly post to the nature of human gods, from the higher perspective of the i-logic, non-euclidean, non-aristotelian, fractal, multiple space-time structure of the organic universe.

This post thus compliments the ones of december taken from decade old archives on religious mysticism. As it is a cold, foggy morning in california, with the needed spleen to think of the best time pasts, we shall write afresh on human gods, something i haven’t done for decades… As i have felt them all in my youth, when i prayed to Christ among the columns of Solomon, peered into the existence of Allah who took my emotional brain into a whirl of existence, in the Kaaba 7 turns of the wheel, and was enlightened by the wheel of fortune in South-Asian temples with the help of a priestess of hinduism a group of theravada monks,  to help the transcendence of the mind into that upper planes of existence, where Gods do exist as real as your ego is for your mind. 

I abandoned human gods though when I realized they were all dying unable to rewrite their parables of eusocial love and hijacked by literalist interpreters who used it to achieve temporal power. And since the renewed mystic language of the fractal organic universe never transcended into other human brains, neither as a form of science or religion – two sides of the same coin in the higher illogic language of General Systems, I opted for two decades to let them dormant, potential forces for good that are now in limbus and probably will never resurrect again.

As a human god is merely the subconscious collective ‘higher plane’ of space-time existence of a superorganism of history as real as your ‘ego’ is for your ‘self’ even if the entire set of cells it commands, cannot perceive your ‘ego’ as a whole. And so as today humans are regressing into homo bacteria and their superorganisms are dying substituted by networks of machines to which humans attach themselves for all collective tasks, there is little left of the flesh-based dark energy flows of mystic love that created those gods as ‘real entities’ felt by the cells of believers that sustained them.

Gods are therefore species that exist in time not in space, and if you truly want to understand religion in its mystic true meaning, you might want first study the laws of emergence of all general systems, explained in the upper left side of this web…

The second part of this post will deal with the astounding memetic corruption and stupidity of the so-called literalist, tribal religious thought, so proper of this age of inquisitions of weapons, go(l)d churches and racist ideologies that pass ‘as religion’. We shall thus take a laugh to the literalist interpretations of the bible and the harm they are doing to mankind.

Enjoy if you are able to understand anything of it (-;…




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