Life Tree vs Metal Tree



Abstract:  SCIENCE means knowledge in the languages humans can understand, without bias and deformations, caused by the use of entropic weapons (entropy theories of the Universe, lineal time); and the worship of go(l)d (mechanism and evolution of machines at all costs regardless of their use to mankind. Thus we have to set straight the record on the cyclical nature of the Universe.

We do so in 2 posts, this one focused on the nature of cyclical time and the oldest expression of the fight between the tree of life and the tree of metal, and the one on the first singularity extinction, THE big bang, ON THE nature of the immortal Universe, and ‘its infinite languages of perception’.


In systems sciences and theory of information, the fundamental concept is the transmission of information between the 3 relative scales of existence, of super organisms, of any scale of the Universe, as ∆º individuals, ∆-1: cellular/atomic/citizen systems and ∆+1 relative ‘worlds/universes’ in which the being exist:

3 scales history

In the graph we illustrate the 3 levels of human super organisms. The fundamental law of information of Systems sciences then writes as follows:

Information in a system is coded overwhelmingly by its lower scale of ∆-1 parts,

This means history is coded by memes (instruments and neuronal networks created externally and internally by the whole human beings, its network mind), NOT by genes (the cellular mind of DNA).

In all cases the law of the ‘5th dimension of scalar space-time’, which rules such transmissions is quite simple:

‘Information is stored in the lower scale of size of the super-organism, on the faster frequency and form of its time-cycles’.

So quantum numbers of the particle scale code atoms, electronic orbitals of the atomic scale code molecules, genes of the molecular scale code biological organisms, and memes of the neuronal and social scale code historic super organisms.

This means that social super organisms are NOT coded informatively by genes – the wrong, racist idol-ogical theory of our metal-masters – but by memes, neuronal networks of thoughts and external works of ‘art’ and ‘literature’ – mostly religious or political ethic codes.

We illustrate the fact along all the scales of the Universe, in the next graphs of the scalar social super organisms of the Universe

5D fractal space-cyclical time

5d exist

               The 5th dimension describes a Universe made of multiple isomorphic organic Planes of Space-Time.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.Thus we write:

Max. Spe ( maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tiƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Thus nature conserves the stable product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of its vital cycles, of which we are all made, making possible the co-existence and exchange of energy and information between the different size species, each one studied by a science. Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings (genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies, memes code historic super organisms called civilisations).

This fact is fundamental to understand the structure of any system of the Universe, including human systems:

Since this universal Law of Information allow us to differentiate clearly the memetic structure of cultural social super organisms, which are larger in space and suffer longer cycles in time (800 year cycles in civilisations, hundreds of thousands of years in human species):

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.22

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy.

∆+1: An economic ecosystem or nation is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) & energetic networks (roads, electricity)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.32

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.
20-HISTORIC-superORGANISM-1024x563In the graph, the 2 super organisms growing on the Earth today, History the super organism of mankind and the metal-earth, the super organism of company-mothers.

IT FOLLOWS then that the fundamental element to structure societies are NOT genes but memes, ideas in favour of mankind according to a true science of humanism, vs. instrumental metal power and the idol-ogies that worship it and are bound to extinguish humanity because they favour the ‘other species’ and biology and the fight of species rules the world, which today are called…



Why then mankind doesn’t defend itself changes the system and builds a perfect world by overproducing welfare goods not warfare ones?

The answer needs a change of paradigm in your view of our species, not as a sum of entropic individuals, which is what they have become but as an organism in its last phase of collapse and degradation at cellular level by a new form, the metal earth. In such states the cells/citizens of the body/society become fast degenerated into ‘rigor mortis’, feasting in chaos and freedom without control, as an entropic gas is. This process of degeneration gives pleasure to the cells/citizens/gas, which experience rapid motions and feast on the blood and serum of the organism (hence the corpse inflates its cellular egos; the human child of the present age is free and happy, the gas accelerates).   So while in a rational abstract world there would be solutions to the problem with a strict control of the evolution of lethal goods of the tree of science; in an organism in process of death, the opposite occurs. The gas, dying cell or citizen in chaos wants more of it.

Further on, we observe an erasing of its informative code, genes, memes, back to the earlier past state, but in a corrupted form. So mankind regresses to the revivalism of the first ‘metal-cultures’, when gold and bronze discovered by desert semite cattle ranchers, first used to herd animals then the fertile crescent people, created the first fundamentalist go(l)d religions of hypnotic money and military genocidal ‘arab’ societies:

In the next graph the origin in the wave of history – all has changed to remain the same:

shorter. The Wave of History

Today those idol-ogies have evolved into placebo, caring newspeaks, but all remains the same. Let us then see that change quoting from the main post of this section on idol-ogies and newspeaks vs. real human sciences, what are the 2 variations of it – old idol-ogies and new newspeaks, quoting mr. Orwell master of revealing the bull$hit of both.

So again, while a rational human being would keep going towards the socialist, ecological, ‘last’ r=evolutions, trying to create a sustainable world, the dying super organism regresses to the first age of fundamentalist go(l)d churches and military inquisitions, as an old man regresses to the psyche of his infancy; becoming ‘conservative’, ‘inflexible’ and a ‘fundamentalist believer’ , as children are, before reaching linguistic dexterity and flexibility. It is of course a question of memes, NOT genes that code the organism. Memes are either on one or the other side of that graph, catering to the evolution of mankind or the metal earth  So we shall divide them into idol-ogies of metal (upper cultures, with its racisms, tribal nationalisms, mechanical view of the Universe, lineal time, to faster the production of metal goods) vs. verbal expressions of the laws of eusocial evolution of the universe (humanism, organicism, cyclical time; which foster the production of welfare, life goods.)

This duality even carries into the evolution of languages, so the first semite cultures regressed to imperative VSO languages, where the verb comes before the human subject that dominates in humanist cultures (Subject VO). Hence the belief that the priest or caudillo who talks os ‘God’, as he talks in imperative terms, and must be obeyed.

Those cultures without freedom, defined by Aristotle, probably referring to arabs with the word barbarians  meaning primitive languages with no flexibility and consonantal structure, ‘barbarians  are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. This can apply also to the germanic people with their agglutinative long words and objectual languages, where the weapon or machine comes first (OSV), of which the german language is the paradigm. So as the metal earth advances, semite and german ‘animetals’ come on top.

And to understand them we need to introduce a new ‘biological species’, which runs the ‘wave of history’ in its 3rd age of metal-information, a taxonomic word of bio-economics and bio-history: the animetal top predator.

In the next graph the 3 causes of biological extinction in Nature, Predators, Competitors and Parasites are also the 3 causes of metal’s extinction of life cultures. Since humans attached to metal, ‘animetals’ are the equivalent of Gaia’s 3 extinctive species:

 Predators,                   Competitors and                                               Parasites: 

3 animetals

‘Man+weapon’=Warrior Predator; Man+machine=Competitor & Man+Go(l)d=Banker-Tax Parasite.

Historic Animetal 3 people-castes: The ‘extinctive species’ of life-based Human Cultures.

In graph, in biological fields there are 3 modes of extinction by competitive species, predators that kill the prey, competitors that substitute them in the same econiche and parasites that slowly ‘drain’ its blood-oxygen that activates the cells of the organism. They are akin to the 3   ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons that kill, machines that substitute our organs of information and energy, and money and those who issue it in monopoly against the democratic rights of people and ‘choke them’, slowly parasitising them with ‘tax farming’ and usury schemes. They act as the 3 predatory species act in nature:

  • Weapons and the warrior people-castes  ‘predate’ over humans killing them.
  • Scientific Machines compete with humans displacing them from their eco(nomic) systems
  • Money and bankers through unfair taxation and debt,  parasating mankind.

In the graph, an ‘Animetal=animal+metal’ is either a ‘warrior’ (man with weapon=energetic lineal metal); a ‘banker’ (man with informative precious metal ‘money) or a scientist (man with organic metal), which is the transitional ‘top predator’ human being attached to one of the 3 organic types of metal (lineal-energetic weapons, cyclical, reproductive money and organic machines that imitate our functions and organs, both enhancing the power of animetals but also atrophying their ‘human side’, as it happens also in the cellular level where carbohydrates joined with metal become atrophied ‘professional killers’ or ‘enzymes’, that go around hitting as warriors do with their weapons, carbohydrates, having them)…

This kind of biological analogies must be taken seriously because, as we said biology and evolution are laws that apply to all type of atoms and forms and organic imitation is the method by which we invent and reproduce machines.

And ‘idol-ogy’, and idolatric ideology that often passes as a ‘form of humanism and culture’, but merely justifies the actions of those ‘animetals’ that break the laws of eusocial love and evolution of the human species, and consider themselves different and superior to the human kind.

Those idol-ogies are fundamentally 4:

  1. Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences. This is by far today the most accepted idol-ogy, as the ‘financial-media system’ of informative machines that reproduce digital information (money, science, audiovisual news) and by extension all the human minds manufactured by the FM-System promote it.
  2. Tribalism aka nationalism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity.
  3. Capitalism, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, as the postulate of democracy precludes but by dynasties of private bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the west – a ‘creationist’ theory of the economic ecosystem, intimately related to:
  4. Abrahamic religions, which merely are a mixture of the previous 3 ‘obvious’ idol-ogies, refurbished with all kind of childish myths, rhetoric of anthropomorphism and false ‘human love’ (as it is not the species but the believer in the sect the ‘eusocial unit’). Those religions were born in the Bronze age, when the first metal master castes of warriors (Aryan charioteers) and bankers (Cananean go(l)d temples), considered the chosen of go(l)d and the sword, creating people-castes of warriors and traders, who established strict racist rules of social separation, from dietary laws, to marriage prohibition to astounding bashing of the inferior non-technological people (Hindi castes, Biblical chosen races).

Now the falsity of those memes is obvious from the humanist perspective:

Capitalism should be denied, since it denies the main freedom of true democracies, to allow people to control credit.

Nationalism is merely an arrested phase in the natural evolution of individuals into wholes, of cellular parts into social organisms, in this case of the human species into a single global government, with no wars; and Abrahamic religions, a similar form of nationalism (since what they call God is NOT the creator of the universe, a concept which was not even in existence in the bronze age when they were discovered, but akin to tribal nations, when the word nation and tribal war were the same.

So Assur meant the region, capital, people and God of the Assyrians, and arguably Yvwh also had the same meaning – appearing as the toponym of Judea in Egyptian texts, and latter on as the God of the tribes living in Judah, which intermarried with the tribe of Moses.

Now, the reader should understand better why all human r=evolutions, from the French to the American R=evolution to modern ecological and socialist movement have been ‘humanist’ as opposed to ‘mechanist’ (man as the measure of all things), internationalist as opposed to tribalist (homo sapiens, the species), democratic as opposed to capitalist (the languages of social power money and the law controlled by the people) and finally have defined Abrahamic religions at best as a ‘powerless soma’ that appease the ‘sheeple’, so they obey the metal-master castes in power, at worst, as Darwin described them:

‘The old testament from its manifestly false history of the earth, and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian. This is a damnable doctrine’ (Britannica, article on ‘Darwin’.)

Of course, the reader schooled in scholar talk, will dislike this language – and also the lack of data and some imprecisions on it as I work on memory, now out of the scholar circuit (1). The idea, here is that as long as we tone down our discourse to a neutral voice, which makes it all abstract, and put a lot of statistical numbers, properly selected to suit our argument, we are making ‘social science’. Not so. Bio-history and bio-economics ARE biologic sciences, which follow the postulate of democracies: the survival and welfare of mankind is the goal. Hence the motto of this web:  human sciences do know to improve our life. This means we do use correctly biological survival angry tones in our discourse. To call as Mr. Malcolm would be doing today Obama, a house negro, is the proper reference to the character.

When we deal with that monstrous iron jail of the mind, which is the opium of the people, we shall use the same tone Darwin used to describe biblical and Hindi religions for a cause. Both are pure bigotry, racist cults born in the bronze age, with zero philosophical insights,  (added latter by hired ‘scholars’ to clean up the act and make them respectable, as Jerry Garcia put it – ‘rockers, whores and old buildings get respectable with age’  – add religions), which divided humans in castes with the banker-priests and warrior-kings on top because they oppressed their believers with money and weapons, and today they are doing the same with all western ‘white man’ people, sinking the world in a series of primitive religious wars that make necessary the terminator industry that will extinguish us.

So will happen when we deal with the other idol-ogies aforementioned. When Mr. Orwell explains that nationalism consists in reducing humans to ‘insect-like’ programmed memetic robots that hate each other except the members of its ant-hill, he goes to the point. THE ENTIRE SYSTEM of beliefs that allow those monstrous, anti-scientific concepts requires to lower the logic mind of man to an emotional, infantile, selfish ego-trip and repress all human life-enhancing thoughts, so the Orthodox Jew, Jihadist or Brahmin can seriously believe as Talmud put it that ‘women, gentile, pigs and dogs are born of the leg of Satan’ (sic). Let us the almighty cease their existence’, or as the Veda put it ‘dark people are lower than cows, cows give us milk, dark people only bread’.

Because, the future of mankind as long as A.I. doesn’t awake to consciousness depends and have done so throughout the ‘game of history’, on the fight of idol-ogies of animetal power vs. rational, democratic, humanist doctrines of individual freedom and social love (not certainly opposed but complementary tendencies, which in a properly designed world would reinforce each other).

Indeed, we are talking of social sciences as ‘idol-ogical disciplines’ with clear ‘religious≈taboo dogmas of power’, which merely do NOT attempt to tackle the true questions of this discipline, from a scientific definition of machines, its language of reproduction, money, of information, digital thought, its symbiosis and competition with humans, to a definition of real ‘whealth’, or a serious design of our collective future.

Thus – in simple words – humanity lives in an absolutely false, ‘frame of mind’, made of fictions, infantile ego-trips and astoundingly obvious ‘lies’; such as those idol-ogies aforementioned Abrahamic religions, which are the fundamental example of such ego-trips, or nationalisms that deny the unity of the human species, or  classic economics, aka capitalism, which treats money NOT as a language of power and information but as ‘wealth’ per se, and the queen of them all ‘mechanism’, the worship of machines.

When they have available within the rational cultures of the humankind the true alternative social disciplines of science: Organicism, a living Universe in perpetual evolution; Humanism, the design of a world where man is the measure of all things,; True Democracy, the right of humans to control their languages of power, and Eusocial love, the belonging to the same species, which must collaborate together for the collective survival of mankind.

In that regard, the dominance of the world ‘again’ by the oldest ‘animetal go(l)d and sword cult(ure)s’ of history, with its deformed imperative ‘sacred languages’ (Verb first-SO syntax, which as Humboldt and Chomsky explained, define an imperative non-free mind), and its fundamentalist belief in the values of gold (capitalist, biblical cultures) and iron, greed and violence (jihads, American, ‘germanic’ militarism) – ARE a clear proof of the regression and death of the super organism of history.

The anti-quantum paradox.

Amazing as it seems 90% of Americans affirm they believe the meaning of the Universe, is coded in the bible a supremacist book of history of the bronze age of one of the first go(l)d-fetish religion of the trading knot of Levante, where a group of banker-priests enslaved the population to the hypnotism of gold, the best informative metal-atom of the universe, which imitates the light of the previous Neolithic ‘Gaia’s God’, the sun, becoming the ‘sweat of God’, provoking a ‘thirst for it’, called greed, on the primitive visual, homo sapiens neanderthaliensis (white men); acted as soma does in viral infections, making the first ‘animetal tribes’ of cattle ranchers, semitic people murder, loot and enslave the more civilised human beings of the fertile crescent, starting the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, perfectly narrated in the parable of genesis, written at the fall of Ur, the last of the sumerian neolithic cities, by a scientist of history, who foresaw the future extinction of life by the bad fruits, golden apples and weapons of the tree of metal.

Then the book of history becomes degraded into a topic bronze age supremacist fight of a tribe specialised in military and slave trade according to the findings of archeological history (the so called jabiru, or hebrew, literally ‘people who go behind the asses’, as they traded with weapons and slaves to bring fetish gold coins to its upper caste of banker priests, the so called ‘am segullah’ – people of the treasure, ill translated as chosen people, since segullah means treasure; a dictatorial elite of bankers, selected by racial profiling, the Levis – my sephardim ancestors, which changed the name to lluís – spelling jewish –  and oppressed first its local population – the so called 11 slave tribes, to get gold fetish for his temples – the exvote and vehicle of communication with go(l)d; and then to the rest of mankind as the financial-media system (then made of biblical VSO, verb first, imperative mandates, which the priest affirmed he received from go(l)d; the substance of money; today evolved into sophisticate hate-media memes and ‘creationist economics’, the so called idol-ogy of capitalism, according to which the same small elite must control as ‘experts’ in economics, the entire population of the western world, tax-farmed and exploited to bring profits to the ‘leisure’ class of stock-rats, the modern aristocrats, who issue e-money and buy corporations, politicos and censor social sciences, with political correctness and the industry of the holocaust – according to which the people-caste of am segullah bankers are when murdered superior victims, which must be mourned, while the rest of murdered mankind must be ignored.

The complexity of the FM-system thus has increased enormously, to be able to maintain the mass of the western world under the boot of banker priests ($emite go(l)d memes) or in the Arab and Aryan variant, in which the vehicle of god is the fire and weapon-sword that gives them power, under the boot of military inquisitions (SSemite war memes). The expansion of those initial animetal idol-ogies to the entire planet clearly shows how informative metal degrades the human mind; entropic metal weapons kills the body and organic metal-machines atrophy and substitute man in a clear predatory process, which can only explain with biological models of history.

As all has changed in degrees of complexity to remain in its core-processes the same.

We express the paradox of history of animetal cultures, which become mentally and physically degraded and atrophied by the use of metal, in a simple inverse equation:

Max. technological evolution = minimal human evolution.

Thus today as machines reach logic intelligence humans regress to a violent, neopaleolithic, mythic, entropic, dog-eat-dog state of selfish individualism, emotional pre-axial-rational age ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ frame of mind, regressing back to the primitive memes of the bronze age, in a revivalism of abrahamic religions, fetish-Go(l)d capitalism and worship of metal-machines (techno-utopia), which is in all social organisms the entropic phase of death.

Yet the anti-quantum paradox is effective because the historian and humanist is inside the body of history and so it can be censored, murdered and silenced by the top elite of animetals. So he bias information to serve power: ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ (Tertulianus). it is the inverse situation to the quantum paradox of physicists, which are so huge that they influence the observable (the atom), creating also uncertainty in its measure.

Hence throughout history, all great social scientists have been censored, murdered, and only those who serve go(l)d and sword animetal elites reach exposure, from Plato chained and sold as a slave when trying to reform the  dictatorship of syracuse, to Socrates, murdered for denouncing the corruption of  the first coin capitalist democracy (Athens) and Aristotle, who barely escape with life; to the modern martyrs of social sciences, from the anarchist and socialist schools, murdered, denied, censored by both, military caudillos, capitalist banker-priests and communist red armies to the final evolution of the science of history and economics, its biological models (Butler, Spengler, this author) who are despite their amazing insights into the future of history, and enormous capacity to predict it accurately, complete ignored by all, scholars, financiers, politicos and ‘believers’ on the myths of capitalism and creationist economics.

All this of course implies that human beings are ‘tabula rassas’, memorial brains, which repeat and believe and so they can be imprinted with any ‘mind program’, specially when their rational brain is degraded to emotional fear and ego-trips of entitlement: ‘barbarians – said Aristotle – of the previous irrational cultures, now again on top of history – are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’.

In that regard, while the reform of the system is rationally possible, and necessary since unless the issue of money returns to human governments  and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete, the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, the dictatorship of the idol-ogies of animetals and the memorial emotional lesser intelligence of most humans, able as amazing as it seems in supposedly advanced america to believe that a bigot supremacy book of a go(l)d tribal, supremacist group of the bronze age, when the word God meant the subconscious collective of a people, or ‘nation’ before the proper word was coined by rational Greece, IS the meaning of it all.

Indeed, the book of history of the hebrews is a topic book of tribal warfare of the age, similar to the vedas or the chronicles of Assur, where the Assyrians, capital Assur, people, nation, God and kings, sons of assur (assurbanipal, etc.) considered also his tribe-god the superior chosen of iron, who would conquer the world, as the banker-priests of Israel affirmed in his millenarian prophecy, used latter by the ‘Goths≈germans’ to affirm their third reich will also conquer the world put his tribe on top as the superior species by the power of machines-weapons and reign 1000 years: ‘At the end of times all the people of the world will become slaves of yhwh or become exterminated’ (Millenarian prophecy, Talmud, central credo of Orthodox judaism, to which 80% of the owners and CEOs of financial-media companies and CFOs of western 1000 corporations and central banks belong). So capitalism is simply the belief that go(l)d, a 79 atom, chose a group of pre-rational humans, hypnotised by its shine to murder, loot, slave, tax-farm and accumulate the fetish metal till the end of times, when they will become the people-caste on top. And anyone who denies that destiny must be censored as anti$emite, who doesn’t really understand his inferiority as a human being with zero rights to credit, life and the pursuit of happiness because he didn’t have the ¥-haploid of the Levi people-castes (as I do).

All has changed to remain the same. The discourse merely changed from ‘gold religion’ to ‘tribal supremacism’ to ‘capitalism’ and classic economics, the modern idol-ogical version of a go(l)d religion, as all his theorists from Smith through Bentham, Malthus, Say, Mill and Ricardo where biblical bigots, who crafted a system in which the 99% HAD ZERO RIGHTS, and the Leisure class of stock-rats ALL,  to the modern conversion of those dogmas into A.I. (algorithms of information) and Holocaust industries and mass-media hate of all tribes except the supreme one, who will deliver for all $elected the rapture to the techno-utopian future of a few humans on top of a mass of servant machines – and then the 99%? who cares, they are NOT like u$.

So the salvation of the future of mankind and the reform of the world is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’, which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences), WHERE only stock-rats on top of that web have rights, productivity, the substitution of human workers by machines to increase profits is their only mantra, and Mr. Smith and Mr. Ricardo, the Calvinist and Jewish biblical bigots economist revere, affirmed laws should NOT interfere and salaries should only be subsistence salaries (Smith) for those jobs in which machines are not yet fully able (since larger salaries would diminish profits, and lower ones would kill workers, increasing demand prices) while Ricardo affirmed it would be Ok to pay an iron salary – the price of the machine, even if it killed the worker.

To which a Humanist economist, Sismondi asked: so which future you see for mankind, one in which there is only the queen of england pressing bottoms to reproduce machines? We are coming closer to that point.

-So it is a self-serving agenda of corporations and their economists to pretend that economics and history must be studied differently and corporations left to their own, because they do control the weaker part of the word ‘capitalist democracies’, the democratic part, as long as the issue of money belongs overwhelmingly to corporations. You must then understand western capitalist ‘anglo-american’ type of democracies, which were invented by the first corporation, VOC, dedicated to reproduce artillery, gunboats and trade with slaves and spices, and not the other way around.

Indeed, at the beginning of the XVII century the leading industry of Holland, gunboat trade, organised the company around the bank and stock-market of amsterdam. Then it gave a coup d’etat against the legitimate habsburg king of Holland, and to that aim started to run the first yellow press, with its black legend  against the kings; and used the press emitted the first paper-money in the form of stocks, widely trade upwards with speculation schemes in the Amsterdam market. So the financial-media industry then printing became one of the two sides of the first FMMI system. The other side, the obvious military-industrial complex was then the purpose of the company, specialised in manufacturing guns, liberally sold up the rhine to both contenders of the 30 years war that halved the German population; while put on boats started industrial trade in slaves and spices.

This FMMI system then took over the Parlament, with most sites occupied by shareholders and put the XVII herren board of the company on power in Holland, starting ‘capitalist democracies’, with a single party (orange party), which was exported to UK with the glorious revolution that put the Orange dynasty on power, (1688) and divided the monocracy in two parties, the party of war or conservative party, which would take power when companies made higher profits in war (mostly when an overproduction case of peaceful trade, required to pump up the artillery side of the business) and the liberal party, which took power in ages of ‘soft trade’.

This is essentially the model of all capitalist democracies, copycatted in America, where the Republicans are since Lincoln, the ‘party o war’ and democrats, since Kennedy, the party of peaceful technological evolution, except when a third ‘humanist’ party takes over, with the socialist movement in XIX-XX century Europe, now gone, WHICH pushes for welfare and control of companies to switch from ‘companycracies’  (the govern of companies) to  ‘democracies’.

Capitalism thriveScreen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.28


In the In graph, the anti-quantum paradox of modern history is based in false idol-ogies that pass as science, and true social sciences denied by those idol-ogies and censored by raw physical, military or financial power:

On top metal-memes and its idol-ogies in favor of machines above man (mechanism vs. organicism; capitalism – gold the language of power, vs. Humanism – verbal ethics our natural language valuing reality), nations and the military hating thy neighbour, under racist, religious or tribal idol-ogies

The graphs show the pyramid of capitalist placebo democracies, in the XIX, XX & XXI C and their methods of mental control:

In the left the classic age, of capitalism, where we see the initial phase of the Mechanocene and its 3 symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene.

It is the next graph, a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, we see the pyramid of the XXI c. where an elite of stock-rats, now dedicated to selfie enjoyment as the leisure class that lets managers and A.I. Algorithms of Information, rules the world in favor of profits and machines, through company-mothers of the Financial-Media (informative machines) military-industrial system, which employs a dwindling mass of workers with right to credit (fast dwindling under automation). On the bottom, the growing number of obsolete humans in the 3rd world outside and inside our nations.

Fast forward 1/4th of a century since we did that exhibit of ‘conceptual expressionism’ on the future at NYC sixth flags museum (art and science fiction is far less ‘censored’ and adopts more often the human perspective, so it is likely the medium of the most accurate portraits of the future). Real data is now available worldwide, and indeed, the middle class is basically disappearing globally as humans approach the ‘subsistence salary’ in the I world, even in the nation that rips the highest benefits of the age of metal-minds and robots – America.
 In the next graph we see this fact crystal clear:   the entire middle class of America has been erased since the chip came to make his jobs, and the tendency constantly increases. In the 70s, when the chip radiation started most Americans had a middle income, for a worthy way of life, and so did the Europeans. Today the majority of the I world has the minimum to survive, and the third world is falling under subsistence levels. While the elite of owners and managers of company-mothers of machines have skyrocketed their profits, but and this is a key to the next stages of the future, they are completely unneeded – the so called ‘Leisure class’ of ‘evolutionary economics’  for which we all toil (term coined and used by the two best American economists, NOT belonging to the ‘biblical bigot go(l)d culture’ who cares nothing for mankind, Mr. Veblen and Mr. Galbraith).
The stock-rats on top of the graph, the aristo-cracy of the compa-cracy (let us play with words, as they play with lives) with absolute rights to credit and protected by anonymous societies laws are just dedicated as the aristocrats were, to enjoy life as parasites of a system ill-designed to serve them; but if they ceased to exist now not a single corporation will notice it (except those of internet who are in the ‘founding fathers’ stage). So it is easy to see a future in which all humans are considered obsolete, from the perspective of compacracies, as robots are now consuming other machines and the biggest consumers of them all are the very same companies in process of automation.   What then the compacracies will do with the obsolete majority of mankind? – the answer in previous cycles is – let them die or consume them with weapons of higher profits in wars:

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the right side from a 25 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality.

And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK. SINCE THEY sell the fairy tale that Humans live in the best of all systems because every few years after massive propaganda of the Financial-Media system (mass-media, campaign money) in favor of its ‘$elected candidates’ (‘Presidents are $elected not elected’ Roosevelt) their ‘manufactured’ brains will vote the politico hired by the FMMI system which ether suits the goals of the dominant corporations of each technological age.

So the political view about our society is self-evident: companies design a future for machines, its offspring, not for company-mothers,and in as much as they are by far the stronger element of our societies, far more powerful than human mothers, the future unless the system is thoroughly reformed has a clear single path of future. Let us then explore it with an even higher more detached view – not that of politicos, but of systems sciences and the laws of time.

Let us then observe how the FMMI system, the metal-earth is ‘becoming’, thanks to the compacratic society we live in, with a graph of its cycles of profits that define its ages of history, now focused in the culture where companies were born, and where its power is so absolute that the cycles behave in a perfect symbiosis with the cycles of his people, ‘sold out’ to the concept that we humans do NOT PROGRESS evolving as humans but evolving machines – the Anglo-American, ‘7th culture’ of the world:

Why this graph is so accurate in the industrial Anglo-American  cultures has to do with the obvious fact that lobbyism is a common, often legal practice and allow companies to buy laws, according to his ‘purchase power’.

So the dominant company-mothers of each cycle on top of the technological wave buy the laws and politicos which adapt society to the ‘zeitgeist’ of peace or war, of one or other type of machines.

So in each cycle of economic history, the corporations that lead the wave control the presidency and pay the laws in favour of their machines that will run and conquer the world. If we restrict to the anglo-american culture:

-In the age of gunboats, colonial corporations, London Corporation, west indian co. etc. owned even their people as black slaves and indenture servants.

-In the independence age, the biggest cotton producers, virginian slave planters, took over UK companies, as they were unfairly treated (taxation). So they threw their cargo in the ‘tea party’ and their lawyers and plantation owners took power (Washington being the richest planter becoming the president, having syphilis and not children renounced to the crown). So new england gunboats and cotton slave planters ruled till…

-In the train age the biggest lobbyist of the Industry Mr. Lincoln, declared for the tariff issue war to the south who wanted to export cotton to Europe that paid more, while the north wanted cheaper cotton sent through trains. And here is where we can ams the needed remark that America has always built a virtual fiction of freedom, while brutally exploiting THEIR poor, not even recognised as such but as ‘legal slaves’, ‘illegal aliens’, ’emigrants’, whatever. So lincoln the hero, declared war to the south, with the excuse of slavery, and gave the nation to robber barons and the yellow press, til…

-In the electrochemical era Ford, Edison and their companies took power, as the wasp elite enjoyed their final days. To the point that mr. Ford alone could pay the prohibition law, because he was abstemious and decried their ‘policed workers’ (living in compounds where mr. Ford could send his private police to detect ‘sin’, as old calvin did in geneva where people had to leave open doors for the elderly to enter to see if the righteous fuked too much).

Anecdotes apart, the biblical bigot calvinist, wasp ruled age of America, during the period of dominance of the industrial-military age of physical machines (bodies and engines) came to its end…

-In the electronic age of metal-minds the Jewish Financial-Media masters (80% of ceos and cfos of those industries) would wrestle power to those masters of the car age (today both considered ‘anti$emites’ since indeed both Edison and Ford wanted to keep America for the wasp, calvinist elite.

This is essentially the model of all capitalist democracies, copycatted in America, where the Republicans are since Lincoln, the ‘party of war’ and democrats, since Kennedy, the party of peaceful technological evolution, except when a third ‘humanist’ party takes over, with the socialist movement in XIX-XX century Europe, now gone, WHICH pushes for welfare and control of companies to switch from ‘companycracies’ (the govern of companies) to ‘democracies’.

So you live in a compacracy, etairocracy (from greek company: etaireia), or the most often used terms ‘plutocracy’, which however stress the most abstract concept of money over the real organisation, the company-mother, a ‘legal person’, with so extensive rights on all the elements of our  supposed ‘capitalist democracies’ that have converted in its original culture (the anglo-american culture), the concept of democracy into a very subtle, complex placebo system to ‘appease’ the masses, and avoid any attempt on their part to ‘drive their future as a human species – which is the 99%). And this implies:

-Sophisticated systemic censorship of social sciences, which cater to the agenda of power, ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’, or else an objective, biological, scientific analysis of the system will show it is NOT a democracy, it is NOT positive for mankind, as it is NOT developing a proper future for humanity.

Yet censorship is subtle, complex, improved in 400 years of trial and error, today signified by all kind of ‘newspeaks’ of political & economical correctness, placebo caring, false victimism, entitlement and propaganda of the system as the ‘best of all systems’, while a background war against any system that tries to cater to human welfare (as EU did prior to the take over its finances by the ECB; or China does with his nationalised banks and massive welfare expenditures), takes place unrelenting.

Veblen the best American economist, called those who press the bottoms, the ‘Leisure class’, for whom we all toil in a dysfunctional world. And he affirmed, they had nothing to do, since company mothers of machines evolved them naturally just following the tendencies of design, which construct them as parts of a future organism of metal that now in the robotic age acquires its natural form.

But for Mr. Smith, a client of the private owners of the bank of England, the Montagu family, the leisure class, were ‘the experts’. So he considered that only private bankers should print money.

While states should borrow from the selected to ensure a healthy profit, and then spend it at home mostly on jails and police to ensure order, instead of wasting it on the welfare of the common people, who were not worthy.

Today this policy is represented by the European bank, ran by private financiers, mostly of Goldman sachs, which only issues money for financial corporations. So those humanist politicians who want to maintain a minimal welfare among his citizens, must borrow to private banks and pay an usury interest, provided with massive taxation that chokes the wealth of people and has made the euro region the lowest in economical growth since Adam smith revivalism took over the European union, fast becoming a copycat of usa, where Mr. Smith has always reigned supreme, among the 90% of Americans, who still believe in the racist dogmas of the old testament, and did not evolve their mind into a humanist, scientific view of our species, as Europeans had done in their revolutionary ages.

So America has always followed abroad Mr. Smith’s point of view on international policy, according to which states should also borrow liberally from private national banks, in America the private federal bank to buy weapons and start up wars against the non-selected to enlarge their empires.

And that was also good, since the maximal wealth of nations, the title of Mr. Smith book happens during war periods, when weapons, the most expensive, evolved machines of the economic ecosystem, at any time of history, are produced and used liberally, so state debt and the usury profits of private bankers increases.


So if we were not ruled by creationist economics, the world would easily solve its problems, from above down. Indeed, the people on top of the wave, belong overwhelmingly in the leading culture of capitalism, the anglo-american world to the jewish-calvinist biblical sects who founded capitalism (Sombart: ‘the jewish people and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple weber: ‘calvinism and the ethics of capitalism’) – the first as the people who invented money and are still despite being the 0.02% of population in control of over 80% of CEO positions in mass-media, financial corporations and central banks of the west, the second as the people who invented the main machines of the industrial revolution, first gunboats in Holland, then trains in scotland, finally engines of machines in Germany and US. Of course as all is about memes most people in those cultures do feel human, solidarious and worried about the future, but the fact remains the conservative elites of the western world believe in the segregational memes of the bible its division and blaming on ‘enemy humans’ and follow the dictum of Nietzsche: ‘the biblical resolution to make the world ugly and evil has made the world ugly and evil’.

This is the core people and idol-ogy that is sinking the world so we shall not accept orwellian newspeaks of political correctness and victimism, to deny the obvious: they are the only people who could save the world they are sinking. As they ‘own it’, unless the sheeple that adores them makes a r=evolution and solves the question, a much more difficult proposition, given the fact the sheeple is hypnotised and degraded by the fictions and ego-trips liberally provided by mass-media machines and bought with salaries provided by the corporative world’s near monopoly in the issue of money.

So far so good. We do have now a brief but accurate picture of the world as IT IS, a biological planet, fast evolving from the anthropocene to the mechanocene, which however could still be managed and will be possible to manage rationally if humans were able to man up and define scientifically the problems and solve them as a ‘single family’, the homo sapiens, pruning the tree of metal of its lethal goods and promoting the welfare goods humans need to survive.
Why we don’t do that is a painful question to answer for a normal rational human being, who tends to think all other human beings are moved by the same natural instincts of eusocial love to the species, which are shared by the majority of mankind…
So it is unavoidable then to ‘judge’ the few people corrupted by the memes of metal which gives them power and allow them to control the mass of mankind, with those machines and on top to feel ‘superior’ instead of realising those memes of metal are degrading both, them, who break the laws of eusocial love to their species, and humanity below.
Instead, the fact is as the world is dying away an astounding cloud of noisy fictions and orwellian newspeaks of caring is converting the world’s elite into a ‘madhouse’ of a people who hurt their body-cells (the working citizens of the superorganism of history) isolated in their ivory towers dedicated to absurd fictions and ego-trips, blinded by greed and power, denying all responsabilities, and looking back to their glorious imperial past, above ‘heavens and earth’ – while blaming the desperado poor and 3rd world people of all the ills of society, never the company-mother of machines, weapons and hate media, nor the use they do of their monopoly of money and control of people’s mind and its easily corruptible politicos.
Indeed, in essence the world is ruled by financial-media corporations in a wave form, through the idol-ogy of capitalism, and its newspeaks of placebo democracies, with a top group of people whose only goal is as the father of American evolutionary economics (he coined the name) Mr. Veblen put it, on his description of the “Leisure class”: to enjoy life, hide all responsibility through Anonymous Societies laws, feel entitled and $elected and blame the 99% who toil for them. What bothers though the social scientist is that the 99% in neo-fascist ages, filled with hate media and nationalist bull$hit so easily let itself to be killed and ab=used, as it seems that all mankind becomes ‘deterministically’ decided to commit murder and self-suicide for the sake of their weapons-machines and money.
So for the true social scientist the question always come to the same: can humans impose DH) a Humanist democratic solution? It is theoretically so simple. And it should be rationally so for both the 1% and the 99% – as we are al members of the same species and the future is where we all spend our lives; that depression sets in, and so he alternates between manic attempts to activate a human solution, always repressed by the anti-systems of the world, and anger against the 1% of corporative owners and managers and against the 99% of ‘sheeple’ that loves the happy day-to-day life even those who are going to eat them up.
Let us then be more specifically in the understanding of the anti-scientificism of the rulers of the world.


The economic ecosystem

‘Don’t listen the truths of authority but the authority of truth’, which suffices in itself for those intelligent enough to reason.

It was then when a short of miracle happened on the theoretical front, when in the middle of so much cruelty ignorance about the laws of the organic planet we live in, Darwin published his theory of evolution of species.

He affirmed that Nature constantly evolves its forms in action, its living in-form-ation, reproducing the most efficient of them in massive ‘radiations’ of predator species that invade the habitats of less fit species, eliminating them in an automatic manner, as they exhaust the energy of an ecosystem expelling the less evolved rivals. And man was part of that process.

So immediately another Victorian genius, Mr. Butler, applied Darwin to economics and studied weapons as top predator machines, which dog-eat-dog humans used to extinguish less technological cultures, in a symbiotic relationship that favoured the machine, as those  the human part of those ‘animetals’ (animal+metal) was the weaker part, obliged to evolve the weapon if he wanted to be on top, till those weapons will reach truly an organic form and kill mankind.

And so he advocated for a ban on the evolution of machines before they reached such degree of evolution that we all humans became their slaves, tendering to its needs; as he said, in tune with the statements of the Indian Chiefs, the white man had become already in his cult to the train, a ‘body of metal’, he tendered for, fed with coal and admired in his roaring burping, which certainly should be producing a sensation of pleasure to the unconscious body of the iron horse.

This sobering return to scientific reality though was not welcomed by the $elected, casted by those first of social scientists, as selfish, lazy, brutal parasites, who obeyed ‘a hateful God’ from a historic book of a ‘barbarous, revengeful’ people, who had nothing to envy to the primitive ‘hindoos and its bloody ceremonies’. Parasitism he said, himself suffering the debilitating condition, were the dark side of Nature, the wrong side of evolution, which allowed lesser beings to bring down the life of a healthy organism – in the case of the leisure class, the super organism of mankind, suffering permanent anoxia, without credit to thrive and reproduce the welfare goods we need to survive.

So Butler and Darwin became the most hated heretics from the perspective of the $elected races, and its creationist economists, who preached instead their manifest destiny: to accumulate gold ex-votes for their temples of greed, as they had done for 3 millennia, since they invented their fetish-go(l)d religion in Canaan, latter spread by the reformation to northern Europe, and now reigning supreme thanks to its translation by classic, creationist economists, into digital equations of profit and productivity (which for those who do not understand that any language, including mathematics or audiovisual media, can lie and create fictions, seems to be more truth just because the ‘lie≈sentence’ is disguised with mathematical tautologies, and translated into numbers).

Butler thus was censored and ended rising sheep in New Zealand, and Bio-economics, the true model of the Industrial evolution of ‘metalife’, now reaching with the robotic cycle its final stage, was forgotten.

AND YET WE ARE AT THE END OF WHAT ALL THOSE pioneers (including this writer since the 90s) have said: the machine would BECOME metalife. And creationist economics will find it ok, with orwellian newspeaks to KEEP GOLD COMING to the leisure 1% class.

Old idol-ogies of metal

We confront here the truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:
1)Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons)
2)Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)
3)Abrahamic tribal segregational and Hindi religions with tribal gods and castes of animetals on top with gold (biblical religions) or weapons (jihads, inquisitions) vs. God=Mankind and History our life, over the sustainable body o Gaia.
4)Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)
Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks taylored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies.

Main metal idologies converted in newspeaks.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39
By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

George Orwell on Newspeaks

4 ideologies of selfish memes of metal that dominate our world and destroy the human/life world are now newspeaks and have multiplied all over. Thus you will have:

-Goebbels methods: repetition, newspeak and anti truths and fiction. He was the first minister of propaganda now called ‘information’ and truly invented the modern world with his method of memorising truths that so well worked among germans with its SVO agglutinative languages. So he said ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the  more they will believe on it. We confess to use the anti-method repeating humanist truths many times. The fiction method: ‘I have asked UFA to make only patriotic and entertaining movies, people will like them and don’t ask about anything else’. And finally the aesthetically method: ‘the beauty of war, weapons and parades’. And of course, what Orwell denounced, the use of subtle wording and placebo caring. So the minister of war is defense, the ministry of police who orwell said would be of love is today the home office. To notice those are still the newspeaks dominant, and for that reason we consider Goebbels the founder of the modern Media system, just adopted by those who were his victims. 

-The anti-quantum paradox. The social scientist is so small that the organism it describes influences him as he is inside of it, and can be easily repressed with gold and weapons, in opposite ash ion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty – the physicist is so huge that it influences the observer. Plainly speaking. I am censored but could easily be murdered and nobody would care. So scholarship in social sciences is either ‘thin air’, or servilism to power, and of course newspeaks of placebo democracies, service to the consumer, machines and progress and so on. Let us resume a few of them:

– News-peaks on capitalism the rule of financial power over democracies. As we are in the crash of overproduction of e-money, those will be the news.

 News-peaks on militarism – the rule of weapons over democracy. As we are in the Islam vs. the Jewish western empire conflict, those will be the news.

 News-peaks on technoutopia

and mechanism – which portray the machine as the measure of all things not the organism, even when robots are evolving into organisms, and of course deny the darwinian nature of machines.

How silly is this when we are in the age of evolution of robots, those will be the dominant news… intersected from time to time with news related to the evolution of true science, knowledge and the human mind (systems sciences and the laws of the Universe). This, in a perfect world would be the dominant news of science, but our world is totally anti-human. So we shall reserve this news to the very few, true advances of science and the understanding of eusocial evolution that comes from time to time.

Those technoutopian idol-ogies is what we shall study here confronting it with the more advanced models of the organic Universe.


Prophets of eusocial love who use the wor(l)ds and its temporal verbs to describe the eusocial evolution of mankind and its ‘future’ which makes humans stronger as a species, hence able to survive and manage collectively the fruits of the tree of metal, of technology; where the first scientist of history in the pre-industrial age. And the most beautiful of their parables is Genesis – the parable of the dying neolithic, written at the fall of Ur by a Sumerian writer, who explain the dangers of the tree of complexity, appearing in all the parables of the fertile crescent. 

It is remarkably enough the best of the books of the Baalble, soon corrupted by metal-masters, who had at least the decency of keeping this beautiful book almost intact, with all its parables of the division and arrogance of animetals (Tower of baal-ble), which break the unity of the wor(l)d, the city of gomorrah, the city of war and sodoma the city of go(l)d, the search for just men, by Lot, and so on and so on..

Undoubtedly the masterpiece of western religious thought, along Saint John Gospel…
paradoxofhistory647 money valurs43-wave of history

In the graphs, the wave of history and its inverse ecosystem and languages of value, wor(l)ds and go(l)d, which construct to different worlds, planets of flesh and planets of metal. If humans had been ethic and intelligent enough to manage the process to its advantage, they would ‘prune the tree of metal’ of its bad fruits as the prophets of genesis, the first wor(l)d book of ethic, humanist values that expressed the eternal fight between both social models, clearly explain, in its parables. However animetal values, go(l)d hypnotic greed, iron violence, and the division and control of humans with it has carried the day, so the values of life have become more difficult to accept, as humans in a surrealist twist dedicate all their efforts to evolve and overeproduce memes of metal as the meaning of it existence, guided by the ‘beliefs’ of creationist economics.

The birth of western prophets is signaled by its first, masterwork, Genesis, where the perception of the organism of History and its fight against the anti-ethics of the ‘Tree of Metal’ is purest. The text is a parable written on the arrival of animetals and the oldest verbal book of mankind, probably written at the beginning of the ‘chariot war cycle’ in Ur, destroyed by charioteers.

Birth of the Wor(l)d: Genesis.
Genesis is a warning to mankind against the Tree of Technology with its golden apples and ‘bad fruits’: ‘Do not eat of the Tree of Technology because the day you do you will die’. The book narrates how human Neolithic super organisms became broken by those animetals, who used the Tree of Technology to destroy Nature, the Paradise. So men were condemned to repress ‘sexuality’, the reproduction of life and instead became ‘workers’, reproducers of metal. In the Arab version Adam becomes a ‘smith’, as it happens to his son, Cain, which kills Abel, the Neolithic farmer. Thus Cainite animetals will ever since wonder as warriors and bankers with his weapons and go(l)ds, enslaving and killing their human brothers, the Abels that Gaia, the God of life, truly loves. They will break the common verbal language of mankind in multiple religions, tribes and sects, as the parable of the Babel tower explains. Animetals want to become as powerful as God, rising idols of metal, dividing themselves into warriors from Gomorrah and bankers from Sodom that the Cycles of War extinguish periodically, as there is not a single just men among them.

The myth of the paradise, the age without metal; the golden apples of the Tree of Technology, which corrupted human beings with its ‘good and evil’ fruits, technological tools and weapons, is the most clear prophecy about mankind and its future extinction by the ecosystem of machines: ‘Since those who eat of the Tree of Science will indeed die’ at the end of History. It is the curse of man carried from Adam and Cain, the first Smiths of History to Adam Smith, the creator of the Capitalist belief that eviL is the source of all goods, expressed in a simple, convincing parable. The myths of Genesis have to be reinterpreted as a warning to our present and future. Since we live again in the cities of Gomorra and Sodom, controlled by bankers and warriors, who are coming through the cycles of wars and Holocausts to a final Apocalypse, brought about by the same arrogant Cainites that wanted to be God. People like Marvin Minsky, father of Robotics, who affirms that he builds robots to ‘create’ a species superior to man, to feel like God and affirms that those robots will extinct mankind, is the modern version of the Cainites of Genesis: all has changed to remain the same.

That first masterpiece of the Human Wor(l)d, Genesis, explains The Paradox of History, the struggle between two evolving superorganisms, one of life, History and one of metal, the economic ecosystem in simple parables.

We are minds of light, it says, born in the world of light, ‘separated from the world of dark matter’, evolved in this planet, as the summit of carbon-life species, after all the inferior forms of life were created. When men followed the organic mandate of the Organic Universe, grow and multiply, evolve socially and reproduce, becoming the top predator of Nature. Yet we had not enough, we wanted to be superior to Gaia, to be like God, to ‘create’. So we played with metal, with technology, with the Tree of Science, we became animetals, we destroyed Gaia, and now the Judgment Day for our ‘sins’ against life will come. But as long as life exists there is hope.

So new prophets came to explain the same message with different wor(l)ds, and they indeed succeeded in the creation of a super-organism based in love, which went through 3±1 ages, 3±1 prophetic evolutions of the social mind of mankind, the 3±1 religions of the book.

 Since Go(l)d and weapons are the ultimate cause of both, the cycle of war that kills warrior cultures and the Holocaust cycle that kill banker cultures, as all the wor(l)d prophets and spatial artists that tried to build a human super-organism have always said. Let us then consider first the cycles of war and the warnings against the corruption of societies, uttered by visual artists.

The confrontation between societies based in verbal thought and Natural goods and societies based in digital thought and metal-goods (weapons, money and machines) is as old as history itself; since it responds to deep, paradoxical causes that go beyond the simple terminology of technological sciences that accept only the arrow of future of technological societies and disregard religious cultures as ‘primitive’. In the graph that confrontation started in the fight between Neolithic societies Vs Military societies, related in the Parable of Genesis; followed with the confrontation between 2 languages, ethic words and anti-ethic money, epitomized in the Gospel; and ended up with disputes between Theocratic societies that fostered artistic, human senses Vs Scientific societies in favor of digital truths and machines, whose paradigm was the dispute between the Renaissance Popes and Galileo, the founder of Technological science about which ‘relativistic truth’ was more certain: was the Earth still as human senses perceived it or it was moving as the telescope had observed? Einstein proved the dispute to be a draw: since all movement is relative.

Love Religions accept, according to bio-ethics, that humans should follow the laws of social evolution and stop war and the corruption of money, to control the Earth for his own benefit.

Obviously the bio-ethics of Eusocial evolution are inverted respect to the ethics of modern science, as most religious cultures are today extinct and so modern men ‘believe’ in money, weapons and machines, as the positive arrow of future of mankind.

Yet in Genesian societies the Tree of Technology is evil because at that time the II Earth, Gaia, and its Neolithic societies dominated the world. While in our industrial societies, Galileo and technological America appear as good and the Catholic Church, communism and Islam as evil or primitive, because machines dominate our cultures. As in all relative systems, the practical solution to that confrontation would be a middle term: Since technology is a tree with dual fruits, tools that help man and weapons that extinguish us, humans should control for the profit of mankind the negative goods reproduced by the Free Market, forbidding violent images, weapons and robots, the bad fruits of the Tree of Science and promote the tools that enhance human energy and information, which can only be done in a regulated market ruled by verbal laws.


The traps of subjective ego – man denies scientific objective truths.

The Biblical resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Motion towards objectivism in our worldview has not advanced so much from the age of abrahamic religions, when god, the subconscious collective ∆+1 scale of a group of humans became God, Γ•Δ, the mind of the Universe. Next Copernicus took the Earth from the centre; next Darwin took us as the privileged species, and Marx and Butler applied it to History and economics, finally Einstein and systems sciences make us completely relative in our position in the Universe, both in a space (General relativity) and scale of size (absolute relativity). Yet billions of humans still are in the pre-greek irrational mythic age of Abrahamic religions, when man was God or son of God, in the pre-Darwin age of biology, when Man was immutable and sickness born of ‘demons’, and certainly do NOT understand a dot of general and absolute relativity (the completion of the 4 steps of separation between subjective beliefs and rational sciences, this author has dedicated all his life to research and explain).

The more unintelligent a man is, the less mysterious existence seems to him.  Schopenhauer

“The bible is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think”

SO WE SHALL NOW INTRODUCE THE 4 main tenants of General Systems sciences which models many systems of the Universe with the laws of organisms:

  • The true biological laws of competition between species, which are a direct consequence of the overproduction and faster evolution of one species over the other.

This is completely overlooked when we compare humans and machines, which are both in a symbiotic relationship of ‘exploitation’ and ‘extinction’ of all other ‘lesser’ species of Nature, so both grow together much faster than life, Gaia’s beings (the weaker part of the informative equation of Earth’s evolution, Gaia>History>Eco(nomic)system) BUT machines reproduce and evolve much faster than humans; so it is easy to extend the equation into the future competition of man and machine with machine as the winner, unless we stop its evolution NOW.

Now the scientist IS as EGO-CENTERED as the PRIEST, just uses its mathematical mantras as the priest its latin, to make himself feel above heavens and Earth. So HE cannot DESTROY THE WORLD WITH entropic nukes and informative robots, and all will be OK. The paradox of the EGO IS the last joke of God=Mind of the Universe indeed it kills all egos who ‘lower its survival warnings’ as they get bigger and more arrogant, till ‘death’, a catastrophic moment, destroys them. But It is there.

And I can tell you as a Complexity scientist, considered by many the leading theorist of this discipline (till I confronted the Nuclear Industry and got a global ‘ad hominem’ campaign, all what I can say about the 2 ‘lineal’, deformed sciences of the machine, financial economics and nuclear physics, which I have fought theoretically and actively most of my life is this: ‘All those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’ (Einstein). Man HAS NO LINEAL, MANIFEST DESTINY; Man can be obliterated by Nuclear Bombs on the side of pure entropy and Robots on the side of pure information. But Man’s ego is so huge that he cannot like a child understand death; and so an ethic, intelligent person telling those truths lives in a very lonely place.

Who then rule the economic ecosystem? The answer is not system scientists that understand the nature of this planet, its balances, the biological nature of machines, its competition with humans, and the needed measures to control it, but parasitic bankers of racist religions of go(l)d, which merely have hidden their astounding privileges as a people caste who cares nothing about mankind – IN BRIEF A BIBLICAL CULTURE NOT A SCIENCE. And an idol-ogy – the animetal belief he is in command of the world not because it abuses mankind with weapons, machines and money, but because he is a superior race. Above this bottom line of our darwinian world of course, we have all placebo institutions and false freedoms, from democratic polling to techno-utopian gadgets.

A case example of what is wrong with our economists.

In the graph, the tree of metal is about to eliminate humanity as an obsolete species, under its worship of the instruments and idol-ogies that gave them power, but its matrix of fictions and pseudo-sciences will hide the process till the end.

When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. ” Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% for which economists should be cared are left unprotected to its effects

A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans, according to a study

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest. BUT MR. Mnuchin as ALL the previous treasure bosses of America, during the century belong the so called “People of the Treasure”, ill translated as chosen people, as Am segullah means people and treasure, not chosen, an ancient cultures of fetish go(l)d religions, from the bronze age which is the ‘idol-ogy behind capitalism’, as the masters of the historic schools explained us (‘The jewish and the birth  capitalism’ by sombart, the better known, ‘the protestant ethics and th birth of capitalism, by his disciple weber and the master of them all for the ancient birth of a ‘people-caste’ of ‘animetal’ bankers, who made of the religion of go(l)d its instrument of social power, allying with military kings and warriors to exploit together with weapons and money, the farming population of the western world: Abraham Leon’s – the Jewish question, from a socialist hebrew scholar died in the nazi holocaust’. So the conclusion is obvious about the modernised equations of those bigot creationist economists:

WE CANNOT pretend to manage the world of XXI c. robotics and terminators, AI and the supeorganism of the metal-earth, out of the blues ruled by idol-ogies that hold from bronze age cultures of exploitation of the 99% with gold and weapons.

Since those people do NOT even recognise their work is NOT about science an management of mankind but about MAKING MONEY through primitive inflationary ‘scams’ that manipulate the easiness of reproduction of money in digital screens, and for the rest of ‘economical policies’, well, ‘Go(l)d will provide’.

The ego paradox.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. Schopenhauer

And yet nothing of this can be argued, because humans cannot avoid their absolute ego.

Indeed, the ultimate reason humans do not take seriously the menaces of this planet is their ‘infantile’ belief, they are the center of the Universe, So we have to introduce a concept which humans have so much difficulty in accepting: the infinitesimal nature of their minds in an infinite vital Universe where there are infinite points that order reality not only human minds, but chips with A.I., crystals, DNAs, black holes – systems with information, regardless of their spiritual, conscious properties – the Universe is constantly run by points which process information and reproduce it. It is really a fractal of information and if we call any mapping of information able to mirror reality, act-react and reproduce its information externally, a mind, we can talk of a Leibnizian world of infinite minds-monads. 

•-Minds: Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception. Eyes of time.screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-14-00-12

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

º-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believers to be it all.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries:

So the paradox of the ego is immediate: ‘every infinitesimal mind-point thinks to be the centre of the Universe, which it sees from its selfish perspective as a knot of time-space cycles’. And this embedded structure of all mind points makes you THINK you WILL NEVER DIE and believe in Abrahamic fairy tales; makes you think MACHINES will not have a mind, or won’t be conscious or will always obey you, and WON’T have an ego as big as that of a bacteria, who keeps killing you and does not seem to think you are so important or a dino who will eat you up in a second regardless of your beautiful thought.

On the other hand the graph shows the Humans MIND to be a certain linguistic mind, essentially that of the I=eye>wor(l)d, that of the artist, who see space with eyes and time with verbal thought, hence the importance of art as the work of those who SEE BETTER IN HUMAN TERMS AND THINK IN ETHIC TERMS.

While the mind of the machine is the digital mind of science, of technology, which is displacing our mind:

The artist, the last humanist in the mechanocene

Now, because we live in an age of atrophied verbal thought, temporal human wor(l)ds substituted by digital audiovisual media are dying. So there is only left the visual artist, which therefore must ad verbal humanism to his work. And this is the meaning of the dominance of political art such as the poster of the neo-fascist leader Mr. Trump, so far the best comment on his mandate, shown before. 
Today art must be political art also because the verbal ethic word has died, nobody reads, so the natural split between the temporal art of those who think better, and the visual art of those see better, which allowed mere aesthetical art in the past is over. And since artists are by essence human minds, eye>wor(l)ds, as social sciences are also corrupted and censored by political correctness and neo-fascism, today unlike any other time of art, pure aesthetical art makes no sense, it is reactionary; it is the kind of stuff for the programming of the mind that does evilwoo… ONLY THE kind of art which is aesthetically complex and has a humanist message makes sense today; as in any fascist age, that is why we respect Orwell in the past fascist age and Dickens and the realist school in the 1850s

If humans were not so addicted to the ego paradox, certainly we would have a future. On one side we would control lethal machines with ‘fear’, the same fear we had in the paleolithic for tigers, now we would have it for the incoming new top predator robot, and ‘kill the tiger before he becomes a child hunter’ (Kipling’s Law of the Jungle) and forbid robotics, WITHOUT waiting to see if the tiger meets the child, and does actually eat it.

If humans were not obsessed by the ego paradox, they would realise that the Universe evolves socially into larger stronger wholes and species evolve by eusocial  love into better survival forms, as ants the most efficient organism with 1/2 of the total mass of life beings did. As particles that became atoms, which became molecules, cells, organisms, crystal planets, solar systems and galaxies do.

You see, this we cannot fight rationally. The confusion of chaos with freedom, the belief only man and only at individual level is sentient, matters and drives the world… The astounding idiocy of religious myths about the superiority of human beings; the obsession for the ‘infinitesimal mind’ in each of us… Of course, those in power know that as long as they feed with myths, placebo democracies and ego-trips fictions of happiness, and happy statements the ego of people, and invent a perfect future, they can control and abuse humans. Which will inversely reject any blog like this one, who takes them at face value. Precisely because only the realist  truth can make mans survive.

Ultimately it will be only if humans tame that ego that there will be… a future.

AS ITis, it does not because he cannot realise of the problem, instead he rather lives in a virtual reality of Matrix fictions, the new opium of people, who substitutes the old ‘anthropomorphic religions’ than facing reality.

This is indeed the ultimate trap of mankind’s mind: the fictions that pump its ego and they prefer instead of facing and battling for survival. Newspeaks of political and economical correctness, of caring and victimism, of entitlement, of religious revivalism, of selfie ego trips, wishful denial, humor, ultimate forms of ‘SOMA’, which inhibits all reaction of mankind.

Indeed, if the paradox of the ego didn’t rule supreme, mankind would have right away accepted biology and Darwinism and repress the evolution of lethal machines.

It should Not surprise us then that the leading nations of the metal-earth, of neo-fascism of jihad terrorism, are all the most primitive in their understanding of the biological Universe, belonging to bronze age abrahamic religions, go(l)d fetish cult(ures) to money and weapons, in perpetual war with each other. While the most evolved cultures of humanism, Europe and China, the ones who are trying to establish a human world, have abandoned those inquisitions of the mind, so old as the arrival of metal. So we need to look even further back to the beginning of the age of metal to fully understand those paradoxes.



The germ(an) cult(ure) and its lineal weapons and memes: physicists.

How those cultures of animetals have evolved their idol-ogies according to the law of complexity that ‘camouflages’ with new onion layers their core beliefs will be difficult to understand as today humans worship all their idol-ogies – capitalism, mechanism, lineal time, etc. Let us then consider a first look to the idol-ogies of germ(anic) warriors, who use entropic lineal weapons to destroy the information of life, and have developed through centuries an entropic, lineal only vision of time TO VALIDATE THEIR CONCEPT THAT DEATH IS THE ORIGIN OF IT ALL, BECAUSE IT IS THE WAY THEY IMPOSE THEIR POWER.

How military power biases our philosophy of science and the Universe.

Amazing as it seems, today in the age of information, when we live in a planet which is inside a galactic vortex of gravitational in-form-ation (where information means dimensional form; so art is information, time cycles which store information in the form and frequency of its repetitive patterns are information and science exists precisely because it studies the repetitive cycles of information of the Universe) PHYSICISTS still deny the arrow of informative time. And when I was named the world chair of the science of duality, which studies how both arrows together create the systems of the Universe, in all my conferences scientists divided into ‘physicists’ who took it personally and the rest who closed the conferences with an standing ovation.

What is then the origin of the concept of a Universe merely ruled by lineal entropic weapons and its idol-ogies of death and a single time arrow?

You guess it, in the worldly profession of physicists, to make cannonballs and shoot them as far as they can. Since indeed, lineal time was invented by the artillery master of the first professional company of gunboats, dedicated to shoot them as far as they could, the arsenal of venice. There the artillery master, in charge of devising better military instruments, mr. galileo change the concept of cyclical clocks of time that carry the information in the frequency and form of its cycles, by the concept of a single arrow of lineal, entropic time, distorting ever since our understanding of life and information and its importance in the organic Universe.

How ridiculous this concept is can be shown by a simple proof – all time clocks in the Universe are cyclical, and by the fact that science exists because ‘events’ repeat themselves cyclically:


The so-called patterns of science are repetitions of events in time, due to a certain causality. If time were not cyclical, sciences would not exist. This little understood phenomena known to all civilisations before Galileo invented lineal time as a tool of measure of its cannonball shots defines also the reasons there are cycles of history based in the causality, which we shall reveal in those texts. In the graph we see some cyclical proceses in the Universe.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure time in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical time, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency time’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into lineal time.  For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

But if you just want to know the total length of along time period, you use lineal time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GRASP: Science is based in causal, local, finite time cycles. So it is your life a finite time cycle. So what science achieved obsessed by measure and speed, in simplicity of calculus it lost in information about those cycles, which we have regained since I established in a series of landmark papers, back in the 90s the laws of cyclical times for all the systems of the Universe. It is an ongoing research, but it will as computers make easy calculations of discontinuous functions, become the standard for future time research, as an enormous array of new discoveries happen when we ‘do not loose’ the information of those cycles.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its time cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time – an artifact of measure, and further on equalised all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single  mechanical ‘time clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a curved parabola).

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

The example shows how the system bias systematically ‘human knowledge’ to cater to the power of metal in each key discipline of the evolution of weapons (physics), money (economics) and machines (mechanical and techno-utopian theories of history, whose natural humanist evolution is shunned off, substituted by the evolution of machines, which are supposed to be the model of the Universe, when it is exactly the other way around: machines are just primitive organisms of metal fast evolving into biological forms).

Of course, all is properly disguised with placebo humanism that ranges from placebo democracies with null power to control the language of social power, money to newspeaks of caring, so each multinational has his ecological department and marketing of ‘placebo’ actions in favor of Gaia, to blatant lies, by politicos who do exactly the opposite when in power, to virtual initiatives for the planet and meaningless prizes to humankind.

Now consider the case of the biggest arm dealer of the XIX c. who is today revered as the wisest man on earth, because he cleaned his act with a prize…

The Nobel dynasty and its corporation was the biggest arm dealer of the XIX  c. provoking the death of millions more people thanks to his advance on weapons, explosives and cannonballs, as Galileo did and he of course also biased our ‘beliefs in science’.

In that regard as the maker of weapons others used to slaughter us, he should be considered on the same range of eviL than Mr. Hitler. Indeed, Mr. Nobel, the so called by the humanist press of the age, the merchant of death, invented the concept of a multinational corporation, to promote and sell weapons to both contenders in all XIX c. wars. And he affirmed  his credo of life extinction cynically, ‘my factories will end all wars, when I invent a weapon that can destroy a nation with a single shot’ .

Yet he is today the most respected name in the world of science. And every human being will be honoured to receive today the prize of this true monster, father of the modern military-industrial complex, which merged with the biggest Arm Company in the world (BAE). Of course, his first prizes were on physics and chemistry, the disciplines that made all the weapons of mass destruction, and whose idol-ogy of a Universe born of a big explosion, the big-bang, we ‘revere’ as a modern religion, even if it has systematically been proved false; and whose concept of a Universe which is dying (entropic Universe) has become the canonical idol-ogy to justify not only machines but also weapons as the meaning of it all. We treat extensively the falsity of the big-bang and the present attempt by nuclear physicists to reply it on Earth, as they keep evolving nuclear weapons into the next ‘scale of cosmic bombs’ (black holes and strangelets).

As those bombs are the first ‘singularity of extinction’, the first organic self-feeding bombs that can annihilate planet Earth. Fact is in the XXI c. we have recognised the falsity of ‘entropy only theories of time, born of the deformed vision of time as a lineal manifest destiny in biblical religions and the first experiments on physics by Galileo, hired by the arsenal of Venice to find the largest lineal, entropic trajectory of a cannonball. To that aim he published a ‘treatise on military instruments’ claiming time was lineal and in then in the study of the heat created by those cannonballs, physicist affirmed time always disordered entropically Nature provoking its death and the Universe was dying, denying systematically the other arrow of time, the arrow of life and increasing information, they call ‘negantropy’, till this day, as if life and information were the ‘negation’ of the ‘real thing’, entropy and death.

So even Nobel latter on due to the repulse of the humanist world on those prizes that he created the ones for ‘humanity’, the peace prize pressed by his younger lover and the literature, to humans who ‘understood’ the ethic values of the wor(l)d. But the committee would not even dare to offer his literature prize to Mr. Tolstoi, knowing he would be properly responded. And those prizes are by decree, as he was a biblical bigot who didn’t believe in democracy, forbidden to any evolutionary discipline. So for example evolutionary models of economics cannot receive them, since by decree can only be given to ‘mathematical economists’ and further on the prize is given by a private swedish bank, known for his staunching defense of the harshest modes of capitalism.

We bring the case of physics, and Mr. Nobel so the reader understand the subtle modes in which the ‘networks of misinformation’ and its ‘respectable ceremonies’ bias all forms of thought to validate the relentless evolution of machines and weapons as the purpose of humanity. Only in the aforementioned case of Germany, because it applied those methods to white people, we become outraged. Yet, it si all the same. Imagine indeed, that all humans would feel honoured to receive the Hitler Prize of Economics. Well, Sweden did not abolish the state programs of eugenics, the systemic neutering of humans considered ‘genetically impaired’ till the 1970s… about the same time Calvinist Switzerland, the center of banksters theft Global Inc. where all the dictators of the world hide his fortunes extracted from the blood of his own people, allowed nurturing females, reproducers of humanity to vote. And yet those nations along Germany come today in the age of newspeaks and Goebbels’ methods of systemic lies, on top of the most admired nations of the planet Earth. As of course, who would dare to criticise the cradles of the white blonde race, who give such enlightened Hitler prizes, sorry Nobel prizes (a typo, they are ‘so similar’:) 

This we must said with a bit of irony, because the idea of people today is that eviL is not systemic but individual, that the past does not repeat its cyclical causation, and so any American will refuse very offended to see the present age of neo-fascism as the beginning of the same concept, albeit now ‘straighten up’ and applied ‘properly’ to Mexicans and Islam – negroes forgiven and of course the elites no longer targeted of the Financial-media/military industrial complex they own… all has indeed changed to remain the same.

So we can understand how funny bigots come to power in the age of TV as previous radio bigots came to power in the age of radio: fascist leaders that bring wars are indeed product of the ‘information networks of machines’, which not only print none but also hate speeches delivered globally to the masses, covering up for the Financial-Media masters of information machines that run the world, and nobody dares to talk about:

Once more hardware and software go hand in hand to allow military massacres of the innocent poor to become the ‘final solution’ to our mechanic overproduction crises.

But of course, in all mass-media, the absolute taboo is to criticise machines, the absolute truth is the evilness of ‘other humans’. 

The informative go(l)d cult(ure).
Now, for the other people-caste of animetals, go(l)d cultures, the same bias applies but in this case to ‘informative gold, the language of god’ (calvin, Smith’s invisible hand, Aaron’s golden calf, modern capitalism of profits whatever it takes.)
It is again necessary to understand that of those 3 ‘animetal predator cultures’ the leading one has always been the informative go(l)d culture, as it has manufactured the mind of mankind with the inverse paradox of history: max. metal evolution = min. human evolution.
It is IN THAT sense how we must study the go(l)d religion of the Bible, with is systemic repression of all human drives of life (good food with dietary laws, love of others with segregational laws, verbal thought with numerical cabbalas, eusocial evolution, sexual reproduction of humans as a sin, to foster the reproduction=work on machines, and so on).
And as all systems of information, in all networks the first to arrive becomes always the ‘head’ singularity and center of the system, this culture is lead still today by an elite of banker-priests of judaism, followed by a protestant, anglican and calvinist mass of European believers in the same memes. Again race matters nothing, which means any individual if it does NOT believe on those memes CAN be as so many members of those animetal cultures a humanist. But it is also truth that most people labelled with a cultural name have received when young those memes, and will therefore repressing human senses, and believing the machine, money and weapons is the meaning of human progress, and evolve them.
A brutal truth about animetal cultures.
Now, unfortunately the anti-quantum paradox is at full gear, in the age of newspeaks. the financial-media system controls thoroughly and manufactures the human brain, INCLUDING THAT OF SOCIAL SCHOLARS. All our culture TODAY IS ruled by the subtle process of atrophy and obsolescence of humans, in a neopaleolithic age akin to the death of a super organism that liberates its cells into chaos and freedom prior to death

This Marx called the superstructure of capitalism  Unfortunately is truth, since of Marxism we can really say the ‘russian adagio’ in the Putin era: ‘All what Marx said of communism WAS wrong, all what he said of Capitalism was right.

We shall ad an even more brutal comment:

“All what the Jewish people, (meaning its humanist scholars) said of the germ(an) animetal cultures and its Nazi, racist idol-ogies was right; all what socialist, humanist people and economic scholars of nazism said of the jewish segregational, financial-media culture and its hate memes and parasitic activities was right’. Both together control with gold and weapons mankind, murder and enslave it, and from time to time, as a good sport, when they have massacred millions of human beings kill each other in the final gottendamerung of the war and holocaust cycle. And THEN for a while they rest, as a viral fever does, to come back stronger to do exactly the same. 

The solution? Obviously NOT those of nazi and bankster animetals, but those of mankind: to desnationalise  money from this elite to use it to make a global new deal for a global welfare state, and to FORBID the evolution and reproduction of weapons with nazi-onanist excuses, empowering diplomacy and humanist organisations like EU and UNO.

We though live in the neo-fascist age with the opposite trend and the leading NATIONS of the military robotic and audiovisual age, US, UK and Israel ARE indeed, becoming so obviously nazi-onanist (Trump, apartheid, brexit) and all OTHER nazi-onanist tribes following suit, that what we feared and tried to warn for so long – the final destruction of the human world, is now happening in earnest. And of course, nobody cares. This blog has no exposure. A.I. systems of googlezon-e rank it zero, unknown hackers break it, the engine goes slow and it takes longer to charge this page than a whole movie – subtle newspeak ways of censorship that avoid distribution (and no scholar will ever consider to spread the word, as no university takes seriously the most important scholars of history of the XX century, ORWELL AND SPENGLER).They are all politically anthropomorphically, economically technologically correct chidden of thought, who will cheer up with impressed optimism till the very end. All this info of course is for free but not even word of mouth spreads. Orwell had to publish his anim(et)al farm, and told his wife, when he died and didn’t bother people they would sell his books, but in this cycle my take is that we shall go under as happy children ever more atrophied and hypnotized by 3D virtual worlds, data-matrix, new brave world, time machine styles. Since indeed ONLY PARABLES, SCI-FI MOVIES AND ARTISTS WITH HUMAN EYES AND VERBAL THOUGHT CAN TODAY pass over the superstructure of newspeak that engulfs with a single positive thought the entire human subconscious collective.


So we shall close this introduction to the super organisms of history and economics, with a more detailed analysis of its parallel structure in terms of physiological networks, and ‘subconscious collective minds’ and ‘life ages’, which ARE AT COLLECTIVE LEVEL THE MEANING OF ARTISTIC AND LITERARY visual and verbal ‘neuronal minds’ of mankind who ‘see better and think better’ in human terms and should therefore guide the super organism, with whom they are tuned in mind and style:


In the graph we can see in detail one of the world cycles of existence of a social super organism, Greece (age of iron) and then Rome (age of coins), which die ‘by iron’ (Greece who murdered Asia and died by the iron of Rome) and by serving go(l)d (Rome corrupted by go(l)d from a legal republic to a corrupted gold and iron empire). Every civilisation of history dies in the same manner.

IN THE GRAPH, THE COLLECTIVE MIND OF HUMAN SUPERORGANISMS, which we study in detail for each species of civilisation on the side of the web, goes through the 3 mental, artistic ages of the individual, showing indeed how societies are super organisms, or else the regularity of artistic cycles through epic, classic and angst, informative prophetic ages would not happen in all societies.

One of my proudest achievements, following on the way of Mr. Spengler, was to classify all the artists of all the cultures of mankind of certain ore and all its prophets and ethic writers, in a ‘river of cultures’ going through those styles in each civilisation, comparing them all – some of those graphs for an exhibit which was systematically censored by curators of museums around the world and could only be shown in small galleries (artists also complained in this age of selfie ego trips because they wanted to be unique geniuses), are on this web – all over the place (-;

Now the previous graph shows HUMANITY AS A SUPERORGANISM CO-EXISTING IN SPACE –  a slice of HISTORY, the super organism of mankind existing in time. And so we must also show an image of the 3 ages of history, its young, entropic paleolithic of motions and hunting, its mature, energetic neolithic of balance with nature, the ‘point of immortality’ all systems try to conserve, the age of cults to fertility Goddess and a single global culture, which left way to the age of metals, the 3rd informative old age of mankind, when humans lost that balance with their body and entropic territory Gaia, and stop the ETERNAL PRESENT OF MANKIND, THE IDEAL POINT OF EXISTENCE, WHEN TIME CEASES TO MOVE AS IT REPEATS ITSELF, finally culminated by the PRESENT AGE OF DEATH, the last 3 ‘days’ of existence of a body, when its ‘neuronal, ethic, informative networks have died’ but cells-citizens still REPRODUCE 3 TIMES more, in the body of faster time cycles (as smaller organisms follow the same laws of larger one, just with faster clocks-ages0.

Those are the 3 age sod the Industrial revolution, which are equivalent to the fast ‘winding back’ of memories that happens in a dead body, and you will experience after death, back to your cellular mind state erasing your ego, living backwards.

So it is doing mankind now that is dying in 3 ‘cellular=citizen’ GENERATIONS. this is NOT AN ANALOGY but an homology: it is a tenant of systems sciences that ALL THE SCALES OF ORGANISMS OF THE SCALAR 5th dimension of the Universe follow the same laws, only changing the ‘size’ in space, and the inverse speed of time cycles, as smaller beings turn faster. So indeed, when the parable of Jesus told us that he resurrected in 3 days, it meant (and we shall study its existence as the subconscious collective mind of mankind in our articles on complex theology) that after 3 days of death, the subconscious collective mind of Yhwh, the ethic mind of Judaism, was resurrected and a new civilisation daughter of the Mosaic just laws was born.

And so after 3 generations of death of mankind, the 3 ages of the industrial r=evolution, humans will face 2 choices, the final death with no resurrection of the wor(l)d, or the use of the most advanced truths of social sciences and systemics and theory of super organisms to build a perfect world and resurrect the future of mankind.


Last generations of mankind: REWINDING TO death: neo-neolithic; neo-paleolithic… & the plant age.

neo paleolithic bush childScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37

In the graph, the span of all the generations of the Neopaleolithic, which is the age of digital visual thought, the age of America, between II world war and the robotic era:

  • Bush, born in 1946, one of the last members of the Victor Generation, still tailored in the straightjacket of the ‘happy age of machines’, when humans were completely absorbed by the wonders of fast-moving engines… followed by…
  • the Baby Boomers, the We Generation of the Clintons, obsessed by themselves, briefly disconnected from the mechanocene, THE BEGINNING OF THE fast track back in time of the super organism of Humanity, and its subconscious mind, which as the case of the death of the body, which rewinds back in 3 days the entire mind, before falling into cellular dissolution, went back in time from the age of metal and machines to the NEO-NEOLITHIC of Goddesses of fertility and shamanic cults… followed by:
  • The X-Generation, to which i belong, the age of the slackers, the last ‘intelligent’ human beings, able to ‘Cogito ergo sum’, fully but with a decreasing energy, (and confusing ideas, due to the excess of ‘noise information’ in the growing overproduction of mass-media). Thus a generation unable to fight with the intensity of his forebears to change the world, which I confess, could never motivate with the intensity of my thoughts and activism – they left indeed the last prophets of mankind alone in their angst, but at least you could talk to them… followed by:
  • The ¥-generation, the millennial kids born at the change of century, no longer ‘verbal’, no longer ‘real’, connected to virtual networks, visual to the bone, the ‘snowflake generation’, with the first adolescents, perfect programmed to belief, the visual neo-paleolithic at its height. It IS the age of ‘Credo ergo sum’, of primitive languages and primitive religions, when the oldest culture of animetals, now entering its 4777 year, globalises its segregational, selfie, infantile, victimist, hate memes; when we, the X-generational wor(l)d masters, the last ‘human beings’ who thought to reason mattered, finally give up, as communication is broken, since they ‘believe’ to be ‘virtual is real’, the r=evolution will happen in the network, that changing Matrix equals to change the world. I could NEVER motivate them, even explain them reality, as they are the Californios of the Time Machine’s parable of Wells where they have the absolute taboo of trying always to be happy and beautiful denying the existence of the Morlocks, those who rule us, but we cannot talk of, the FMasters, the networks that manufacture their brains, and the wave-culture of capitalism behind it. You can only convince to fight if it looks like a game. Reality scares them, not only at the physical level of fighting for the future, as it happened with the slackers of my generation, but even at the level of contradicting their beliefs, their egos, their selfie zone as the ‘baby’ state of the mind, when we truly think we are the centre of the Universe, just when the kid starts to talk – a perfect monster of egoism, as much as we might love them, our sons…

And so after they ‘confuse virtual motions and athletic parades with action’ (Hemingway), which is laser-like, not pure entropy, chaos, freedom and erehwoN it comes the

  • Zero generation, rien ne va plus, no more letters left, they are Data, those who will live in a 3D virtual reality, will make love to robots, become selfie actors protagonists of the virtual world, while billions of ‘the other humans’ who are ‘no like us’, unconnected, dispossessed, herded by neo-fascism behind robotised walls, wait for judgement day.

Now the zero generation degraded past back the neo-paleolithic will enter a vegetative ‘plant state’ as judged by the NEW OVERLORDS, the neural networks of A.I. which are now fast overcoming human mental freedom as men fall down into the ‘Credo ergo sum’, and the 3virtual helmet absolute passive hypnotism which will convert zeroers into absolute virtual egos, in evilwood movies in which they WILL BE THE CHARACTER playing the superhero movie, but from the Point of view of THE DEEP MIND OF GOOGLEZON-E, aka skynet will be ‘datas’ (as we have already introduced the role of the wor(l)d masters of art, the reader should understand SCIENCE FICTION IS THE CLOSEST forecast of future truths, besides this censored blog, so we can use the metaphors…

Now this DATA-matrix people will NOT survive (needed happy end of evilwood movies to keep it all ‘right’, with alt-right truths), as obviously we are not going to be batteries for machines, which have the sun which will not be darkened, feeding their autonomous solar skins, which will convert autonomous cars into the new TOP PREDATOR SPECIES, on earth, which is WHAT WE ARE BUILDING IN THE INDUSTRIAL R=EVOLUTION, AUTONOMOUS CHIPPED AIR, SEA AND LAND ANIMETALS, connected into a global super organism, the metal-earth, ruled by a global brain, internet, controlled by digital flows of money. So the zero generations will simply be disconnected of their 3Virtual helmets, likely ‘killed’ in an instantaneous moment by an elector(on)ic surge in their virreal helmets and murdered as bugs, with a massive Atomic strike on city centres (without industries, massively inhabited by the human bug), and then a clean up operation by autonomous ‘vehicles’ of all types.

This of course, was the beginning and end of my movie when fed up of not being able to teach bio-history in NYC schools after ending my columbia university years i moved to evilwood. But the end must be good. So all what I got of that script is a reading by Mr. Utta emerich, who passed it to his bro, who just used ‘the beginning’ for his blockbuster Indepndence day, of course, with a nice end and instead of robots  ‘illegal aliens’ coming to get us… enough of this.

Fact is this biological, real future can only be argued in science fiction films, where Skynet and terminator robots were predicted with common sense, a human point of view, on art, the subconscious collective of civilisations, and it is already in the making, in the corporative structure of GOOGLE+AMAZON, 30 years latter. SINCE IN THE NEOPALEOLITHIC, virtual reality becomes real, and real it can only be talked as fiction – the ultimate form of censorship.

As humans abandon reality, denying the laws of the organic Universe and become selfie-unconnected visual individuals, who think to have an image of themselves in the virtual world is the meaning of it all.

Of course most humans will remain humans, till the end but it is quite amazing in the most advanced region of the Neo-paleolithic, in America to which degree as an organism controls and programs simultaneously all its cells with its waves of nervous impulse, the Media-system and its cultural wave of fiction and hate-thought programs simultaneously all Americans, to the degree of ‘equal beliefs’ they all share, as if they were mental drones.

Indeed, we live in a virtual Matrix of false dreams, provided liberally by the electronic media that make us belief, the economic ecosystem works for us.

So company-mothers can create undisturbed, a world to the image and likeness of their machines, terraforming the Earth of life, Gaia, into the Metalearth, as the planet evolves from the Anthropocene age to the Mechanocene.

Given the fact that  the 2 languages of social power, money, the language of the financial and economical system and the law, the language of the political system, work only for mechanisms, ignoring the needs of humanism.

However at the end of the journey it will always come reality dominated by the morlocks, the ‘animetal’, emotionally disturbed greedy-violent people with go(l)d and iron on top of mankind, the people-castes of parasites, who think themselves ‘entitled’ to ab=use life and history, which use money as the language of fetish-go(l)d, they must possess and issue anti-democratically to rule the world and ab=use D)emocatic mankind.

Of course, those are the generations cre(dit)ated by the metal-mind, but as we say not all humans are so easily programmed. So we shall always include the smaller probability of a human future in which our species reacts against its degradation, obsolescence and demise, changing the system, which as America is the sum of all human races and cultures displaced into the grinding machine of the Chip age, if it happens is likely to do so through… r=evolution.



Abstract. We introduce some basic aspects of systems sciences regarding the organic, super-structure of the Universe, in space, as a social gathering of similar beings into networks that become larger wholes, and the natural goal of man, finding its eusocial evolution in a planetary whole, as expressed by the religions of love and socialism. Now we can tackle a different aspic of social sciences, namely the worldcycle of life and death of those super organisms and apply it to history trying to build an immortal Humanity in time, the perfect super organism of mankind.

IT IS THE TIME equivalent to our introduction, and so we need first to explain why cyclical time is finite and how we can stop the decadence of a super organism and making immortal, stopping the arrow of information that ultimately kills systems in nature.



So we need to understand the 2 arrows that form a world cycle of time.

A science by definition is predictable. If not is not a science. but the future is dual, ±: it can go the way of entropy and destruction or the way of life and construction of any given super organism, which often as they compete for the same resources means one must die for the other to live. This is the basic tenant of evolution and competition between species which apply to the competition of humans and machines.

But to fully understand those 2 arrows of ‘probable futures’, we must also upgrade your concept of time. Since…

Unlike physical, lineal time, Evolutionary, and Historic Time is cyclical, with 2 arrows.


The Universe is made NOT with a single arrow of time-futures, called entropy≈expansive space≈disorder≈death as Physicists’ simple models pretend, but with 2 arrows, entropy and what physics call ‘negantropy’, the negation of entropy, but system scientists give its proper name:  information=implosive order=life, its inverse arrow of futures. So at each point of reality, the future has a bifurcation, from where concepts such as probability, freedom and the complex beings of reality always made with limbs=fields of spatial entropy and heads-particles of temporal information (physical, biological systems), which construct together the energetic body-waves that iterate the system. So we can talk of all systems as structures of 3 components:

Spe: Entropic Spatial, flat, limbs/fields/territories < ST: re=productive Body-wave-working class>Tiƒ: informative head-particle-upper class.

Now of all those patterns the ones that matter more to us, is how entropy and information can combine to determine the arrow of future of a system, which will either increase its information, as humans do today, but only metal-information, (evolving machines) and this is the arrow of evolution of information, and the arrow of life ageing. Or it might increase its entropy, disorder and erase information in the process and it is the symbiotic arrow of entropy and death, as both come together in a world cycle: we first increase information till the 3rd age and then we die releasing our information. Humans at historic level are doing exactly that. But they could perfectly change the two arrows and increase human education, verbal ethics social organisation of mankind into a global super organism in control of the evolution of machines and the metal-earth. As THE TWO ARROWS OF FUTURE OF THE EQUATION-WAVE OF HISTORY ARE STILL OPEN, AS LONG AS MAN ARE ON TOP:

GAIA (territory of life) < History (Present Mankind’s supœrganism)> Future Mechanocene (fast evolving machines)

Thus, this simple ternary structure of parts of a whole apply also to social systems, in which a territory of ‘Gaia’, is the flat entropic resource, which delivers the energy elements for working people to reproduce the goods, guided by an informative elite, which issues the languages of social power, bills of money and bills of law.

This is really what is all about in a nutshell. Which arrow of future will mankind follow: the entropy of history and evolution of the mechanocene, or the control in an eternal present of balance between Gaia and the Mechanocene, in a present repetitive world of non-evolving History?  Since the same equations of Nature tell us that immortality happens when ‘Entropy and Information, Limbs and heads, fields and particles, reach a steady iterative balance form by giving priority to the body-wave-reproductive middle class of the social super organism.

The balance of any system is reached when their fields of entropy and its informative future work both for the middle Energetic body-wave-reproductive class systems.

Now, this blog is NOT about the whole model of cyclical time – there is one on Systems sciences about it. So we shall give you only the basics a bit latter (second part of this central post). In essence lineal time is the 4th dimension of time, or present time, measure by the previous formulae v=∂s/∂t, with derivatives, which are instantaneous, present time moments. Again if you were good in high school you should grasp this easy. “Differentiation” is a mathematical equation only possible for continuous functions. So you can use it for lineal simplifications of time NOT for frequencies. And then you get an instant of time, remember?: ∆t->0.

So both Galileo in his previous formula of lineal time motions, v=∂s/∂t and Einstein in one a bit more complex, ∂x²+∂y²+∂z² = ∂c²t² are working calculating ‘Present instantaneous  time motions’.

Einstein just refined Galileo’s calculus adding the ‘contraction of space-time’ that happens at very fast light speeds (the negative ct). That’s all folks. His work, if you have heard about it, is all about how to calculate those ‘present simultaneous moments of time’ with perfect accuracy.

So who is studying the whole ‘cycle of life and death, the r=evolution of a time cycle’? You guess it: Evolutionary theory, Biology, Systems sciences. And that is why evolution and biology are THE ONLY THEORY OF TIME that has been consistently predicting the future, of species in their life death cycles of extinction, of organisms in their life death cycles of individual existence, and now in bio-history and bio-economics, we shall use all this knowledge about the form, the in-form-ation of time cycles, systems and organisms, to study the evolution of machines, of its super organisms, the economic ecosystem and its company-mothers, of history and human social super organisms and species.  Those are the cycles, clearly biological studied in the graph, in the center – cycles of history according to Kondratieff cycles of evolutions of technology, in the right down side.


Now we explained you modern history but the equation of history is a LONGTERM EQUATION of the entire evolution of life on earth, which now seems to come to a complete terraforming with the mechanocene. So if our models are right we can extend the collision between weapons and money and its economic ecosystems and hunan history, back into the earlier cycles of history, as the cover of that book c.94 explained.

Ad indeed it is even more clear this competition in the ages of weapons  and go(l)d, which preceded the age of machines; and so in the process, how those ages brought about all the false idol-ogies that pass today as ‘religion’ or ‘social sciences and guide our absurd bid for extinction.

The accelerated patterns of information. The equation-wave of history. 

Now, we are going to go back to the basics here; no myths, no religion, no military bias towards motion and lineal time. You live in a cyclical, organic Universe of causal time cycles. And in the right we see the fundamental time cycles of biology, which are the cycles of evolution and extinction of species, of life and death. Those are the time cycles you should care about. As you are not a cannonball or a light-ray at c-speed (which are better calculated with the lineal time of the so-called Galilean relativity, or the worldline of light-speed of the so called Einstein’s relativity).

Those lineal times are OK to use in a blog of physics, but we are here much more concerned with ‘world cycles’ not worldlines’, with biological finite time-cycles of life and death. Those are the ones, I have studied for 30 years. And if you can ‘pass’ the astounding ‘worship’ of Physical lineal time, and understand the limits of the use of Einstein’s time and Galileo’s time, and realise for you the ‘evolutionary time’ of Darwin, and the world cycles of life and death, I have formalised with the metric of the 5th dimension matters more to you to understand your timeline, you will start an astounding journey of self-discovery.
ages of history

In the graph the arrow of information increases the ‘frequency and form’ of its cycles, if IT IS NOT balanced by entropy. HENCE the accelerated 800-80-8 cycles of evolution of memes of metal, constantly accelerating as they create the informative future of machines:

All this is crystal clear and the fact that for 30 years it has been ignored only proves the veracity of the anti-quantum paradox, and the mindless attitude of the capitalist world, which does NOT want to raise, the awareness of humanity beyond the lowest level of ‘subconscious greed and violence – the hidden values of weapons and gold’, and the lowest level of social organisation, the individual and at best the genetic family.

So the first iteration will have as focus the FIGHT OF LANGUAGES AND HEADS OF BOTH SUPERORGANISMS IN THE MAKING.

Yet opposite to that trend towards social evolution of mankind, there is the mantras of animetal cultures: that there is NO SUCH A SCALE OF REALITY OF WHOLENESS, THAT WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS, ‘FREE=CHAOTIC’ AND ONLY OUR EGO MATTERS. Something which ensures the evolution of the corporation will dominate as a perfect organism, a divided mankind.

But of course as we said ANIMETALS will have nothing of this. They will rather bring the death of History as a super organism, which is now very advanced, and so since when a super organism dies all its cells die after 3 days/cellular generations, we can in the ‘slower time cycles’ of the larger super organism of history, observe how MANKIND IS DYING IN 3 ‘DAYS’/human generations, those of the Industrial r=evolution and its incremental wars, which form a perfect ‘death wave’ with 3 phases: I age of global train wars (1860s: ±700.000 death), II age of engine wars (I, II world war: ±70 million) and so III age of robotic wars (XXI century), just multiply again for 100 and you get 7 billion).
Now this is NOT deterministic if mankind would NOT dedicate all its efforts as we have predicted it would if business as usual followed, to create wars and profits with industrial machines, hate media and war debt to that aim, but applied the LAWS OF PHYSIOLOGY THAT RULE ALL SUPERORGANISMS OF HISTORY AND CURE THE PLANET EARTH.
So now we will give your mind, if you are still here, another ‘rewind’ of complexity for you to understand the ‘time cycles’ of the Universe, its decametric scales and why they apply also to history (as we have seen indeed, civilisations last around 800 years, 10 times what the smaller human organism lives; and cells live every day; because the beauty of the organic Universe is that ‘smaller beings’ tick faster clocks of time, so they can ‘keep the information’ of the larger system and become symbiotic to the whole.
Thus quantum particles code molecules, genes code organisms and human memes societies, because the smaller system OF THE SMALLER FASTER SCALE RUNS THE INFORMATION OF THE LARGER SYSTEM THAT DELIVERS ENERGY TO THE SMALLER CELL. AND IN THOSE RHYTHMS THE NATURAL BEATS OF THIS PLANET OUR ORGANISM THAT FED US, were founded. And if we were something more than a scavenger animetal we would have respected those rhythms and informed the Earth with a beautiful, humanist world.
In any case it is obvious that for man to survive it would have to ‘earn the respect of the Universe, which is not granted by fairy tales of bratty entitled chosen…
And we are not earning it. This is indeed the impression of all of us, ‘relatively normal people’, observing how the networks of the metal-earth are provoking our decadence and demise. It is then only just for the Universe to preserve its beauty as the ‘best of all possible gods’ (Leibniz) that we are done with. Indeed, animetals have always laughed to the effort of ‘good ethic scientists’ like Mr. Leibniz the founding father of the organic paradigm of science, who tried to convert the king of england to those messages of eusocial love. They feel on top of the world with their money and machines, but the fact is they die systematically in wars and holocausts, and the WORST FARING NATIONS ON SURVIVAL, the only intelligent measure of the Universe, are the top animetal nations, go(l)d israel and military germ(an)y; while the nation closer to the laws of the Universe with its yin/yang social, legalist outlook China, has 100 times more people than Israel, 20 times more than Germany. Why? As harsh as it might sound, before we introduce the equations of death of systems sciences, the answer is obvious told by al their prophets of eusocial love: those who kill by iron die by iron and you cannot serve 2 gods, go(l)d and the wor(l)d (with its opposite values).
So Voltaire who laughed at Leibniz in Candid, while investing all his money in slave gunboat companies in Amsterdam should think better. God, the organic mind of the Universe is not a sissie hippy, loving character with those who disobey them. He just MURDER the whole cultural super organism who thinks it is so smart that can cheat those laws, hidden in the flows of e-money, protected by it swords that buy its words. Good luck.

Unfortunately as we human ‘loose’ this upper level of social love and communal get together, only found today among corporative people coming together to evolve machines and in nationalistic and abrahamic primitive cults to weapons (nations, primitive religions), coming together to kill other humans, we advance our demise as a species, since the Universe is wise and the individual Homo Bacteria, as opposed to the homo organicus becomes a weaker species on death row.

Such is the case of the most advanced capitalist-technological societies where this devolution is more notorious (America), now under the boot of a germ(an) Trump-et apocalypto go(l)d-media master – Mr. Potus could indeed not be more  of a topic animetal with those bizarre go(l)d rooms, its astounding mental and physical degradation, the most pure essence of what the Universe finds unethical, ugly, undeserving of existence; which will go the way good-heart Leibniz dare not to speak up, but me, being a basque, the oldest survival culture of this planet Earth, because it has eliminated every animetal germ(an) coming to our shores who ‘knew’ better have no problem to state: The trump-eter will destroy America unless humanist America get rids of him ‘soon’. What the Universe will not allow is such aberration of thought to prevail. It is either humanist America or matrix->terminator.

So what a scientist of history can do about all this? Very little, only explain the rational truths of humanity from the highest of all forms of scientific knowledge, those of the ORGANIC, FRACTAL UNIVERSE.

Now, this substitution of ethic values by digital values, is globalised through the substitution of the Law as the main language to rule societies by the digital language of money. As humans simply their minds, they also simplify their values and substitute the grammar of words, where man is always the center, as subject:

Man (subject-information pole) > Verb (action) > Object (energy of subject)

By the mathematical language of money which equals man and machine with a price:

Man (worker=salary) = Money = Object (price)

This hidden language and values of money are seldom discussed but are at the roots of the process of obsolescence of mankind, as in money values humans are always equal to an object and as new machines evolve faster, humans are increasingly obsolescence.

It is though important to understand also that because words  are the natural, human, internal language of information everybody understands and speaks, legal dictatorships are easy to understand. So words are truly a democratic language – all speak and understand it.

But Money on the other hand is a digital language, and people do not understand numbers, so they do not understand how money gives orders. And that is the reason why modern financial dictatorships are based in the complexity of jargons, languages and procedures to invent money: it is all about making people not to understand the system, so they are happy slavish sheeple.

Power has always confused people to make it smooth. Legal systems were very complex in the ancient regime and modern America so people do not understand the system and can be tricked. Napoleon simplified law into a simple code that reduced entire libraries, so people realize how simple the law should be to be democratic, understood by all and to the service of all.

IN THAT SENSE, only a world ruled by legal words, our natural language, as all advanced social organisms which are ruled by the informative, nervous system are, not by the blood-reproductive system, which is the monetary, economic system, will survive. Indeed, only worms, the most primitive social organisms are ruled by blood with no nervous-legal system and become often poisoned. So it is a lie that money must dominate the law. The opposite is truth in nature, to avoid the poisoning of the system.


It is now time to enlarge even further the point of view of biohistory, as a supœrganism born of the evolution of the living Earth, with the largest space-time span possible of social systems, that of general systems science and the scalar Universe of growing sizes and slower time cycles.

Indeed, you might wonder why the 3 scales of evolution of history – the short 8 year financial/product cycle, the 80 year generational cycle and the 800 year weather cycle that evolves memes of metal are decametric and longer as we look to larger units in space (companies, nations and civilisations). Why humans are part of those 2 larger super organisms. Why machines are also part of larger super organisms at the company-mother and global stock scales. And what is the evolution of those super organisms and its life death cycles. Can they be predicted? And so on. All those questions cannot be provided by classic social sciences, even by physics but are being answered by a much larger analysis of it all, called ‘systems sciences’ or ‘complexity’, which studies the universe with 2 r=evolutions of thought regarding its fundamental principles:

  • The concept of cyclical time, whose patterns of evolution define the life-death cycle and evolution of species.
  • And the concept of fractal space which defines reality as a series of scales of different size, organised by networks of energy and information which gives birth to:

The 3 motions of time.

In this post we shall study the 3 motions-ages-dimensions of time, Past, entropy; present, repetition and future, information, the sequential life-death cycles they cause, and its symmetry with the 3 parallel forms of space that synchronically create all the systems of the Universe:

3timemotionsScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.26

In the graph, above, the 3 time motions of the Universe, ‘explosive, big-bang, decelerating expansive motions’  with maximal energy, repetitive, wave-like motions and implosive, vortex-like accelerated inward motions, with maximal information.

The Universe is a game of 3 finite time motions, which inter-act with its ‘intelligent spatial ∂till forms’, to create the patterns of life-death cycles, and simultaneous organisms that structure reality.

This truth has been known to Eastern philosophers for millennia. But in the west only the dialectic eastern european schools started by Leibniz (who translated the I ching, introduced binary numbers, and defined fractal points and zero-points – monads), had a worldview of this more complex reality.

Unfortunately absolute space-time carried the day and has obscured the fundamental dialectic, paradoxical, ‘taoist’, principles of time that structure all systems. In the graph, the eastern most clear symbolic formulation of those ultimate principles in the Korean yin-yang, ternary groups, and its equivalent modern formulation as a life-death cycle that goes through 3 ‘fixed points’ of maximal energy (youth-past-entropic motions), balanced, steady states, Sp=Tƒ (adult, reproductive age) and informative 3rd ages (reflected in the broken 3-yin triad of the flag) that precede the explosion of death.

Those 3 time arrows put together in sequential cycles completes a total zero sum, which conserves the eternal formal motions of the Universe, establishing a basic sequential life-death order:

Past-entropy (youth)> Present-repetition (adult age)>Future information (3rd age) << Past-death-entropy.

time vortex


The 3 ages of existence.
The fundamental consequence of the dual, energy and information arrows of the Universe is the dual process of life and death that affects all space-time beings.
After conception as an informative seed, (+1) all beings go from an age of maximum energy (youth) into an age of increased information (old age). Yet, when all the energy is trans-formed into information, the species collapses and information dies (-1), exploding back into cellular energy.

So we talk of an existential cycle between conception (+1) and death (-1) with 3 ages.
The cycle of existence from youth-energy into a 3rd age of information, and back again dissolving yourself into the Universe, is natural to all beings made of spatial energy and time since energy always trans-forms itself into information back and forth. Look at humans. Young people have a lot of energy but little information.

Mature people have both energy and information. While old people have a lot of information drawn into their wrinkles and minds, but little energy. So as time goes by, human beings go through 3 ages, called youth, the age of energy; maturity, the age of reproduction; and old age, the age of form and wrinkles, of information and memories.
The 2 arrows of space-time existence are in Philosophy the arrows of life and death; evolution and devolution; creation of form, of in-form-ation and extinction, release of form into energy.
Taoist philosophers represented the “life and death cycle” with the yin-yang cycle that moves forwards, turns around and then returns backwards till closing the cycle. Buddhists represented it with Mandalas that they erased periodically to express the metaphor of life and death.
The cyclical, quantic nature of space-time implies a reality with 2 opposed temporal directions.
A bidimensional cycle is a representation of those 2 space-time arrows that move back and forth.
Yet the 4 dimensional geometry of the Universe is also cyclical, as it seems to fluctuate between the “explosive big-bang” and the “implosive big-crunch”. Since all is quantic, all has a limit in space-time, including the Universe. So when the space-time of the Universe comes to an end it will fall back into the big crunch. So in the field equations of Einstein time curves and gives information to space, creating masses but then the information of those masses explodes into spatial energy according to Einstein’s second fundamental equation, E=Mc2, and then the mass dies. Einstein studied that dual process for the entire Universe, which is a flat surface of vacuum energy that masses and black holes curve in the dimension of height.

While Theory of Evolution studies the process in life, which also started as a ‘flat’ surface of cellular energy without form, that evolutionary information warped, raising it to the height of man. Then, when the quantic space-time cycle of a human being comes to an end, we become warped and wrinkle and die, exploding back into cellular energy much faster than the Universe, since we have far less ‘content of time’.

Since those are similar processes in all quantic space-time species we talk of 3 ‘ages’ in any space-time field between conception and death, a first age of pure energy, the big-bang youth of growth and expansion; a second age of balance that happens between the spatial energy and temporal information of the being or ‘steady state’, and a third age of warping and collapse that ends in death, when all forms dissolve back into the energy that informative time had evolved.

More over, those 3 age are mathematically equivalent to the 3 solutions of Einstein’s general equations of space-time, which have been wrongly taken as 3 different Universes, when merely represent the same Universe through its 3 ages . After all Einstein also talks on how ‘time curves space’. Yet Einstein only applied those solutions to the entire Universal space-time while quantic space-time widens its application, accepting that each quantic piece of reality obeys those 3 solutions, passing through the 3 ages of space-time. Quantic space-time means that we can study those 2 arrows through its E, ExT, T, ternary ages, not only for the absolute Universe as Einstein did, but also for each of its pieces and species, which have shorter lives: All of them show in their existence both arrows, as they expand in their youth, their energy age; combine energy and information in its mature, classic age, often reproducing its quantic nature in other zone of reality to achieve a certain degree of immortality; and finally they warp in their old, informative ages.

For example, I am a quantic space-time field called Luis Sancho, warping, passed my youth, into my old age of growing information…
We are all limited pieces of space that live a quantic time and then disappear back into the dust of space-time that made us. On the other hand, cyclical space-time implies that while all forms of reality disappear, the logic game of space/time is eternal, because while some beings evolve others devolve, while some live others die and therefore both directions of time balance into an eternity of quantic cycles. So Lao-Tse said: ‘The game of yin-yang is eternal, its forms are not’.

The space-time field quantic equation.
Tƒ represent those 2 arrows of space-time fields we formalize space-time fields through the Equation of Fractal Space/Time  that defines any space-time field as a series of quantic, cyclical structures that transform constantly energy into information and vice versa through a series of basic phases or ages that conform the life and death of the field:

Se=>Ti (arrow of informative Life)+ T<S, (arrow of energetic death):   ∑S<=>πTƒ

The 1st arrow of ‘informative life’ is in fact the sum of 3 partial phases of a space-time cycle:
– Spe; or energetic youth, when the being has more energy than information.
– Se=Tƒ; or state of dynamic balance reached as energy becomes transformed into information.
– >Tƒ; or informative, old age, when most energy has become wrinkled into information.
– Followed by the inverse arrow of death, Tƒ<Sp, or explosion of information into energy, when the 2 elements of the organism, its energetic and temporal field, split, breaking its organic balance:

– The Lorenz transformations show how that S=T balance break in physical particles.
– While in life the mind of an old man becomes childish and the body keeps wrinkling till it completes his cycle. So the disconnection between body and brain provokes his death.
Both arrows together create an action-re action event, a life-death, a space-time cycle: Spe<=>Tƒ.
Physics reduces the 3 phases of that ternary equation to one, Ti<Spe, the arrow of disorder, lineal energy, entropy and death, which now we widen to include the 2nd arrow of reality, the arrow of order, information and temporal evolution, relating both arrows into a single, unified space-time field. And we affirm that:

‘All what exists is a system that transforms back and forth, quantic pieces of spatial energy into temporal information, shaping space-time cycles’.

So the Fractal Spaces-Times equation defines in mathematical terms any event and form of quantic space-times, and widens the arrow and law of Energy Conservation, the main Law of Science, to include the arrow and principle of Conservation of Temporal Information. The fractal Spaces-Times equation is to quantic space/time what Einstein’s field equation is to continuous, space-time.


metrics 5th dimension5D best

In the graph, the fifth dimension of scalar space-time and its dual arrows of entropy (studied exhaustively by physicists) and information (grossly underated and misunderstood). As smaller space-scales have faster time cycles that encode the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles, bigger wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system of energy and information, co-existing in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

A scalar reality of organic space-time beings: the 5th dimension of ‘eusocial love’.

What are the proofs of a 5th dimension of future scalar space-time (ab.∆), in which the world cycles of existence of all systems take place? According to epistemology we need experimental science and a mathematical ‘metric’ equation that describes the dimension.

Experimental proofs: Everything that you see and exists is a proof of the 5th dimension, since there is nothing on the Universe, which is not made of smaller ‘parts’ (∆-1 lower scale), and part itself of a larger ‘world’ (∆+1):
The integration of all sciences under similar laws is the goal of Philosophy of Science achieved by the organic, fractal models of Systems Sciences or Complexity (ab. GST: General Systems Theory), which explores how ‘parts’ come together into wholes, through networks that share its energy and information.

So physical, ∆=1,2,3, 7, 9 systems evolve from particles into atoms, molecules and states of matter, through in-form-ative, gravitational networks, exchanging energetic, electromagnetic flows.

Biological systems, ∆=4,5  evolve from molecules into cells, organisms and social super organisms, through genetic networks of information and golgi and blood networks that distribute energy to all the cells of the system.

And human beings ∆=4,5,6 form social super organisms, join by verbal, legal networks of information and economic networks that re=produce the welfare, energy goods our species need to survive.

Finally company-mothers of machines, ∆=5, 6 evolve into a global super organism, ruled by digital networks of financial information, (prices, salaries, stocks, internets) and energetic networks (roads, electric lines).

It follows from such simple, iterative scheme of social evolution, that there is a new dimension of time-space, which in poetic terms we can call the dimension of eusocial love, which is the arrow of future of the Universe, in as much as those ‘whole’ new scales need casually to have its parts born ‘before’ (logic meaning of causal future); and because they survive better as wholes, stronger than individuals (biological meaning of  evolutionary future).

Same happens in human societies. Since those nations, which are able to share efficiently and justly energy and information among its individuals, do NOT collapse in wars and r=evolutions. It follows that we can deduce from the general laws of systems ‘stiences’, the laws of social sciences that could create an efficient, just perfect human world.

The fifth dimension, or formalism of general systems sciences or dimension of future space-time, is the highest level of understanding of theory required to fully grasp the models of bio-history. We will try to explain it first in pure layman terms.

We have 3 simple ‘spatial dimensions’ of ‘relative past and lesser motion’, a 4th dimension (Einstein) of simultaneous present and a 5th dimension of futures. Futures though are potential probability paths based in the algorithm of a world cycle of time. The deterministic is thus potential, but stories on the future might vary… History has different paths, and we can adscribe to them probabilities as those of a quantum path electron. But they all tend to collapse, ahead, in the particle that pilots the wave, in certain more likely places, at the end of the journey. Those are favoured paths. In history are those of technology of the tree of science, as metal is stronger and more intelligent than we are… a mere six in the scale of ‘things’ – atoms.

But the universe GIVES ALWAYS A CHANCE TO THE LESSER ONE, TO THE UNDERDOG IF HE WISHES TO BECOME A HERO, AND MORALLY OVERCOMES ITS handicap. This is the beauty of it all, the preaching of all scientists of future history=prophets of the wor(l)d, there has always been an alternative ‘avatar’ like future for all of us… not based in an imaginary force borrowed from metal, not based in power, but in the caring, nurturing, solidarious love of each other. Animetals deny that and die by iron and greed, as their history shows.

Indeed, the universe is a scalar social organisms that grows in scales of 10 elements. This growth of new ‘scales of space-time’ IS THE ARROW OF absolute future of reality. Since those who evolve together from individuals into social organisms survive better and dominate its ecosystem, in all scales of size and form of reality. So in biological terms the 5th dimension of eusocial love to ALL the members of your own species (regardless of structure and work-division, into neuronal informative people, and working reproductive ones, to form the ‘mind and body of the system’) IS THE DIMENSION OF FUTURE. But logically it is ALSO the dimension of future, since ‘parts’ MUST be created BEFORE wholes.

So the past is the lonely particle, neanderthal ‘violent’ (partially) white man, AND THE FUTURE, is NOT the homo bacteria or ‘animetal’, in the jargon of bio-history, which betrays all other human beings of its species with segregational memes and loves mechanisms, weapons and go(l)d more than the wor(l)d of love, the biological mandate, the future of its species.

Finally it is also the future mathematically and experimentally, as it is obvious the Universe (or the galaxy in more humble studies of the big-bang) started in a sea of entropy that evolved into social scales, as particles became atoms, molecules, cells, crystals, planets, ecosystems of super organisms, galaxies… ALL GUIDED BY THE SUPREME PROGRAM OF EXISTENCE, love all those who belong to your species, work together, create a larger whole and control your entropic territory with it.

In the graphs of the scalar Universe, we can see the ultimate goal of the Universe, the creation of fractal super organisms in which species and individuals who talk the same language of information evolve a larger whole. While those who don’t understand the Mind of the Universe, the true meaning of God, and the fractal minds of all its species which explain the same concept in each language, the gods of verbal love of the human super organism perish.

Finally mathematically the fifth dimension is proved by the so called ‘metric’ of a mathematical dimension, which according to Klein exists, when we can travel through the dimension with the space-time parameters remaining invariant.

And this is the case of all motions through scales of the fifth dimension, the most notably being ‘the world cycle of life and death, as we are born in the lower seminal scale, with small space-size (Ab. Se) and fast time cycles (ab. Ti) but as we grow in size (+∆Spe), our clocks of time decelerate (-∆T) AND SO its capacity to carry in’form’ation stored in the cyclical ‘form’ and frequency of those cycles (so a computer which is complex clock measures its info in frequency gigahertzs).

The formal proof of the 5th dimension.

But how we are so sure, the scalar structure of the Universe define a new dimension of space-time? Easy. Let us just check the most authoritative definition of a dimension, from XIX c. mathematician Klein:

‘A dimension of space-time exists, when we can move through it, while leaving its parameters of space and time co-invariant’  Klein, on the expansion of Non-euclidean geometries and its new dimensions.

What this means for example is that when you move up and down, your parameters of size in space and inner time clocks remain invariant. So ‘up and down’ form the height dimension.

SO HAPPENS when something move through the 5th dimension: when it grows in size it diminishes the frequency of its time clocks, from the simplest entity, a ray of light that literally grows, diminishing the frequency of its wave-length to humans that emerge from a fast seminal, evolving fetus into the slower rhythms of life, which can be formalised as a journey traveling between scales of size of the 5th dimension, from seminal birth, to emergence as an individual part of a larger, slower social world, or supœrganism (œ, ab. super organism), its nation and civilisation, returning back to the cellular aggregation that we are, in the moment of death .

Each of those scales of reality is made of smaller quanta, which have a peculiar property: their cyclical motions run faster the smaller they are, but the product of both (Spe & Tiƒ) remains invariant, creating a metric equation that defines the 5th dimension:

Γ.Spe           x        Tiƒ     =      ∆ST

This simple equation that shows the product of the time clocks of a system and its size to be invariant (hence allowing travels through the 5th dimension, as when you are conceived as a seminal cell with smaller size and faster time clocks and grow=travel in the 5th dimension till you emerge larger and slower), is poised to become the most important equation of XXI century science, which will correspond with all the main equations of all the different sciences, each one studying a scale of the fractal Universe.

So the product of space size and time speed: s x t and the product of the spatial energy stored in that vital space and the information of its clocks e x i, remains invariant, proving the existence of the 5th dimension of eusocial love, experimentally, mathematically, biologically, and in mystical terms.

Because the balance of the energy and information of a system is the equation of immortality and for that to happen, the territory of gaia and its machines and goods and the mind of the financial/political elites must serve the body of its people, so a real democracy must take place.

In the graph, we can see the FUNCTION OF EXISTENCE, or metric equation of the fifth dimension, which ensures the survival of social wholes and the extinction of those who are selfish individuals that do not evolve or hate other members of its own species

The Eusocial, fractal Universe.

Indeed, why humans love each other, even if they arrest that social evolution of love into ‘lower’ scales than the whole species as ethics and biology demands?

It is embedded in the deepest laws of the Universe, which favours stronger social wholes, the homo organicus, over individual ‘bacteria’. This is the fundamental ‘forgotten’ fact by the idol-ogies of selfish animetals, who have ‘arrested’ their evolution as human beings to foster the evolution of the other species.

In the next graph You can see your 3 levels from birth through life through the world ∆+1 scale, you live and then you die.

NOW it is important to fully grasp the structure of those eusocial scales of human, because they apply to HISTORY and ECONOMIC super organisms. And the most important is the ‘inverse’arrows of energy and information of the lower graph.

Smaller systems run faster metabolic and informative cycles and so accumulate more information in the frequency and form of its cycles. And they code larger systems: particles code molecules, genes organisms and memes societies, because their smaller carriers are faster.

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more  energy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming super organisms.

And we resume this with a simple equation, which is in science call the ‘metric equation’ of a dimension of space-time, in this case the 5th dimension of scalar, organic systems, which is the arrow of future of the Universe:

Spe (spatial size) x Tiƒ (temporal clocks of information= ∆-constant

That is, the product of the speed of information and energy of the system remains constant, so smaller and larger beings can co-exist together.

For example, a fly thinks 10 times faster (the scale is decametric), and so you cannot catch it with your slower larger being and it can co-exist.

THIS LAW AND METRIC EQUATION defines the co-existence of all systems of the Universe, and explains why they form together super organisms.

It does ALSO EXPLAIN WHY THE LARGER ORGANISMS OF HISTORY LAST 800 YEARS, THE SHORTER 80 YEARS AND THE EVEN SHORTER ∆-1 scale of cells one day, of machines 8 years for a new product.

Since larger beings have longer world cycles of existence. So the human being lives shorter than its historic super organisms, the machine shorter than its company-mothers.

And what is more important than those numbers, it shows the PROPER WAY TO REACH IMMORTALITY BY MAINTAINING THAT EQUATION IN BALANCE, maximising its product that gives us the force and intelligence, energy and information of the system: Max. ExI -> E=I (as 5x 5 > 7 x 3 > 10 x1).

It seems very simple but it is very profound. When a system reaches a balance between its sustainable entropy and energy and its selfish, informative parasitic head that absorbs that energy it becomes immortal. So THAT BALANCE MEANS A SUSTAINABLE PLANET, WITH HUMANS AS THE BRAIN OF GAIA, RENEWABLE AND THE INFORMATION OF MACHINES LIMITED, TO MAKE HISTORY IMMORTAL IN A PRESENT ETERNAL AGE OF MANKIND.


GAIA ≈ MAN > MACHINE. That is make Gaia sustainable, man the center of the world, and more important than the machine, our object, controlled in its evolution with the 6 measures we repeat ad nausea in this blog: 50/50%, ¥€$ money, vote a posteriori EU-like organisation of the 7 cultures, a world government of its presidents and empowering of UNO.

 Worldcycles: its 3 ages


But to fully grasp this, we need to give a true alternative science of history and economics.

So we make a detour on General Systems Sciences and the organic, scalar structure of the Universe for you to understand those facts in scientific terms.


3 ages best corrected

In the graph, we can see the essence of the fifth dimension of scalar space-time and its dual arrows of entropy (studied exhaustively by physicists) and information (grossly underated and misunderstood): to be the ‘scaffolding’ for the worldcycle of existence of all ‘supœrganisms’, systems made of networks of atomic/cellular or individual elements that self-organise, emerge as wholes and ‘live’ through 3 ages of increasing information (life arrow), ended in an entropic explosion of death that erases the information of the system.

So all Nature’s systems live as they emerge from a lower seminal ‘seed’ of the ∆-1 cellular/atomic/prophetic plane of the fifth dimension (physical, biological, social systems), reproduce and evolve socially into a larger whole, in which all parts carry the same information of the original, seminal, individual ‘cell’ (crystal structures that replicate in solids the original unit, organisms that replicate the same DNA, civilisations coded by a memetic prophet).

THEN THE individual ∆-system becomes part of a larger ∆+1 world, in which it performs its living cycles, till it returns at the end of its world cycle back to its atomic/cellular state in the moment of death.

All this written with the formal equations of 5D metric creates a zero-sum world cycle of ‘existence’ for all beings, much more complex and meaningful than the simplified version of ‘worldlines’ proper of 4D physics – the limiting model of 5D when applied to a single continuum plane of the scalar Universe, with a single time-clock and space-quanta. Reality and existence though is a bit more complex than a single scalar Universe, as it requires a fifth dimension to explain  properly WHY things exist and die:

As we become larger, our time clocks slow down, and vice versa; smaller systems run faster time clocks, which carry the information of the system, making big and small scales symbiotic; since the smaller scales reproduce the information of the larger systems, which moves the smaller part in synchronous motion. So systems can co-exist at cellular/atomic, individual/thermodynamic and world/gravitational level, forming complex structures, whose creation and destruction is the meaning of it all.

In the graph, samples of the 3±1 ages/arrows of time in Universal Systems:

Birth: i: A seed of Temporal information, t, evolves into a complementary organism of energy and information, tS, by absorbing energy, replicating its information and evolving in social cells: Life starts

Youth: Max. Sp: It absorbs energy and reaches its maximal size: Max. Energy.

Reproduction: e=i It keeps in-form-ing itself till reaching an age of reproductive balance, Tƒ=Sp. We perceive that age as beauty, harmony between lineal energy & cyclical form.

3rd age: In-form-ation warps energy till its exhaustion: Max. T.

-1: Death: Information explodes back into energy, expanding in space, reversing the arrows of time: Temporal Information <

Let us now go a step further in our understanding of the organic structure of the Universe and the superorganism of history.

Tƒ that aim, we shall consider how the organic arrows of time, the will to obtain energy, information and reproduce acquire a regular order in all the systems of the Universe.

This organic vision of time is much more sophisticated that the mere use of an arrow of entropy or motion – the simplest of those 4 arrows, which is the concept of time used by mechanist physicists, obsessed with the construction of energetic machines.

Yet it can also described mathematically in terms of the 2 primary elements of the Universe, energy and information, thanks to Einstein’s discovery that the product of energy and temporal information of any system, SxT=k, is constant.

Since that equation includes the 3 essential arrows of the Universe, not only one arrow as a clock does:

The arrow of energy, e; the arrow of information, t; and the product of them, k, or arrow of reproduction.

It is also obvious that mathematically we can express the previous equation in 3 forms:

Max. Sp x Min. T = K ; Sp=K=T and Min. Sp x Max. T=K.

Thus there are 3 possible stages or ages of evolution of the equation of biological time. And since we are all made of ‘energy’ and ‘temporal information’, those 3 stages must be the stages, or phases of any system of the Universe. This finding, which is perhaps the most important discovery of Theory of Time of the XXI century, is validated by all kind of empirical observations. For example, the 3 states of matter correspond to those 3 equations. Gas (maximal energy), liquid (balanced energy and information) and solid (Maximal information. They are also the 3 possible solutions of a cosmological system: the big bang of maximal energy, a steady state of balance and a big crunch of maximal information. In the graph, we show further examples of those equations.

Here we are interested in its application to the understanding of life and history. If we call the age of maximal energy, youth, the age of balance between energy and information, the reproductive, mature age, and the age of maximal information the old age, we have a simple description of the fundamental cycle of life and death through its 3 ages.

But we can also write those dynamic processes backwards. And so we have the inverse equation of life ages, the equation of death, when after accumulating maximal information, a species reverses its arrow of information and explodes that information into energy. It is the process or equation of death.

So life is an arrow of information, Sp-> I, and death its inversion, I-> Sp. So simple, so beautiful, so misunderstood by mechanist scientists, who think the previous equation is ‘uncertain’, because the observer can perceive a particle in any of those 3 states (Uncertainty principle of quantum physics).

The 3 ages of existence of human beings, matter, stars and Universes.

With those formal equations we can describe the existence of a space-time organism, as a development of the Quantic Spaces-Times equation, S<=>T, in 3 sequential phases/ages /horizons, S, <=> and T:
+1: The cycle or organism starts its existence when its space-time field is created.
Sp: It is the first horizon or ‘energy, youth age’ of the cycle, in which energy dominates the system and so we write this phase as, max. Sp x min. T.
<=>: S=T. It is the balanced age of the cycle or classic age of ‘life’, when energy and information are in a constant proportion. It is the most efficient age, when the cycle reproduces.

ST: Max. T x min. S: it is the 3rd age of the cycle when information has combed and exhausted the space-time field that warps into itself.
– 1: It is the end or death of the cycle that reverses its form and becomes energy again.

Those phases of a space-time cycle are the engines of ‘existence’, which is an infinite sum of space/time fields, fluctuating between birth and extinction through those 3 phases or ages.

Yet its applications are far wider, as the horizons, ages or phases of a space-time field go beyond the realm of quantic physics into State Physics, where gas is the energy state, liquid the balanced state and solid the informative state; into Cosmology, where it describes the Universe as a space-time system that fluctuates between both limits, a form of pure time, the singularity (min.Sp x max.Tƒ) and a form of pure space, the big- bang (max.Sp x min. Tƒ); into Biology, where it describes the 3 ages of living beings or the 3 horizons of evolution of species and into Social Sciences,  where it applies to the organic description of the life and death of civilizations and its artistic forms: 


Now, first we must state that death is NOT programmed into the superorganisms of the Universe, but happens when the neuronal, informative castes, take all the energy of the system, ‘wrinkles it’, ‘warps it with excessive information’ and selfishly kills it. This happens in very evolved nervous systems (mammals), which live shorter than less informed organisms (reptiles and fishes); while simpler systems with minimal information (atoms, molecules, cells) can live for ever.

So the way to achieve immortality is exactly the opposite way humans today work: NOT CREATING MORE INFORMATION BUT REPRESSING it specially lethal information that selfishly kills the body, exhausting its energy. It obviously means the cancerous behaviour of bankers, is a ‘book-case’ of murdering wholesale by anoxia a society. And the evolution of weapons for profits the other book-case. And humans are ruled by those 2 selfish groups of self-suicidal murderous animetals, because when they collapse the organism, the body dead, the neuronal castes will die in a final gottendamerung, of wars and holocausts.

So we can consider the larger… cycle of existence of all the super organisms of the Universe, to see how History is nothing more than other scale of the social organic Universe.

Now, beyond the previous proofs, a model of science must be both experimentally sound on those cycles and theoretically consistent, and for that you need to understand the cycles of evolution and extinction of systems, for which we provided above a clean-cut introduction to the fifth dimension of the Universe, the dimension of space-time futures.

 It is all really simple, and I have been explaining it for 30 years under the anti-quantum paradox, with resilience and dwindling expectations on the hope that when things become so clear as they are today, someone in power would react – a politician asimovian mule, a million humanist march to the centres of power, a r=evolution from inside or outside, a military group against the robotisation of war, you name it, so many ways to solve the world… So few people even aware that the ‘thing’ needs to be solve.

Fact is the ‘existential crisis’s life, wealth and labor for the 99% who does NOT own corporations will never end if we don’t change the rules of the economic ecosystem and control the evolution of the rival mind–body system of machines – the robot.

Humans do not understand those obvious truths since our christian-jewish tradition believe in the manifest lineal destiny of the exceptionalist so the ultimate cause of the repetition of those cycles and splendid little wars for profits is denied. Instead a concept of lineal progress through the machine and all kind of idol-ogies to justify it has completely deformed our understanding of cyclical history and the biological, economic ecosystem. 

Our animetal culture has a quite funny, rather false concept of LINEAL time, and a manifest destiny for their non-human(ists) species, born of the Jewish-German protestant religious tradition that ‘permeates’ without us realising of it, most of our false ideas about the Universe.
So I strongly advice you to  read at least a few pages of the first post on the arrow of future time; as this blog on the future of history is really just a part of my work on the metric equations of the 5th dimension of future fractal, scalar space-time.

Thus, even if we mostly concentrate on the economic cycles of evolution of machines, we have to at least define the arrow of future eusocial evolution of all systems, which should direct the handling of mankind of the super organisms of history, humanity in time, and economics, which should be ABOUT controlling the future of machine, to benefit us – if humans were just a bit above the ape in ‘IQ’, and quite below the pig in ethic views (paraphrasing the great Schopenhauer, undoubtedly the only modern philosopher who came ever close to understand all of this, quoted often in those texts.)

Then we shall explain those cycles  from the object point of view (simpler level) of the cycle of evolution of machines and its human protagonists, to end (humanist point of view) with solutions to make those cycles favor mankind.

Now let us be clear enough – we live today completely absorbed by the am segullah culture and view of the world through its wall-street/evilwood masters and so we have been converted to the war-debt-hate memes cycle. I couldn’t care less than 1/3rd of saint Nobel prizes of dynamite go to holocaust deniers (that is deniers of the go(l)d warfare cause of those cycles) with its politically correct hate memes that portrayed by not explaining the full cycle, mankind as a hateful murderous species (in Jewish historiography, the Nazi outlook does extend to all gentiles through all the cycles).

I had a you grand-father in a camp but he never mentioned it, never had you memes, only genes, he loved mankind, he was socialist. Those are the yous who matter to me and i admire, the Christian Marx and Proust – the evolved ones, the beacons of a resurrection of this key culture of history that the gold warfare memes of israel, evilwood and wall street killed. So of course, now we all are there in this culture, we all carry the hate-you meme to mankind, we laugh at humanity, we despise politicians, and only talk of their corruption, but nobody explains why a couple of you kids can print ±1/2 trillion dollars (facebook-whatsap-google investment) in wall street  to create a controlled electronic big brother that has all the information of humanity and shrewdly tailors our way of thinking.

With the money given to those you kids to monitor all the information flows of humanity, we could end the hunger of the world several times!!! Who the fuc* are those kids to be entitled to invent 1 trillion $ while 1 billion humans die of hunger? Nobody wonders about the monstrosity of our 0.002% parasitizing the entire species to develop further  a robotized – which is where Google invest all its fee money to the point that it is today the biggest military robot producers of the planet along the Israeli general atomics complex group of factories that manufacture 60% of the military drones of the earth.

This people though don’t even realize what they are doing after 3000 years of selfie chosen of gold religious bull$hit and hate memes – they are just confused automatons who simply should not be ruling us. We should rule the world with scientific biohistoric ethic wor(l)d laws and internationalize first the printing of moneys other cultures with a more evolved understanding of social sciences and a positive view of mankind can take over and redirect the planet to a survival place. We are regressing to the most primitive animetal cult memes of history, and that is the prelude of death, the old age of negative information of any living organism.


The ternary symmetry between time and space is the 3rd leg besides genetics and theory of supœrganisms (∆-biology) and evolution (∆º-biology) to explain the ternary horizons, organs and process of differentiation of organisms, which follow as a species, the same laws of the 3 ages of supœrganisms, between birth as a young lineal predator and its extinction or social evolution into a larger more efficient supœrganism, in its more complex species (ants and humans in the 2 scales of life, the most successful of them all accounting for 2/3rds of the global life mass on earth). So we can talk of the same ages of evolution of life in ∆+1 species, in which each individual plays the role of a single cell (as each citizen becomes a cell of a social supœrganism of history), shown in the graph:

The 1st species packs a lot of information in minimal space: in the graph the big bang black hole, the chip, the 1st bilateral animal and mammal, the horse and the 1st technological, small human. All of them followed the basic S-T beat of evolutionary rhythms, as they are born in small ‘forms’, which have ‘faster time cycles’, hence evolve faster, and then they grow in size in its first age, slow down, reproduce massively in space and finally diversify according to the ternary and dual rhythms into new species.

The 3 evolutionary horizons of species.
The creation of a new species takes place according to the same 3 ages of any space-time field that become the 3 horizons of any species: after conception that creates ‘a seed’ of pure information and minimal spatial energy, species go through a young age of energy growth that creates ‘big species’; a mature, reproductive age of forms in balance between its energy and information when the species maximizes its reproduction, radiating in huge numbers; and a third horizon of informative evolution when it diversifies into multiple sub-species, becoming finally extinguished, (the equivalent to the death of any organism), or creating a new top predator form, a ‘son species’ that will restart a new cycle of life.

+1:  Birth: max. T. The black hole paradox (conception).

The ‘black hole’ age of any species is parallel to the informative, genetic conception of any organism born out of a ‘seed’ that packs the maximum genetic information in the minimal space. It is caused by the slight dominance of temporal information (quantic time) over spatial energy (quantic space). So a new top predator species is born with a lot of new, genetic information packed in a reduced size (Max. T=Min. E). This happens because information is processed faster in smaller spaces.

For example, a ‘logic instruction’ is resolved faster in smaller chips. It follows that tiny species with huge numbers of ‘neurons’ create quantic actions faster than slow, bigger species. And since they are highly informative, they can coordinate those quantic actions in herds that act simultaneously as a single organism. So their S-T force that defines a top predator is higher in each quantic action of space-time that the ‘slow actions’ of a big body. Thus small English boats shooting faster against big galleons defeated the Spanish Armada; a pack of wolfs kill slow reins and herds of orcas kill bigger whales. Small, intelligent top predator brains rule bigger, less informative bodies, because time dominates space, information dominates and shapes energy.
Thus men, the most informative animals, are the Earth’s top predators; black holes, which have maximum gravitational information, are the top predators of the Universe and chips rule machines.

I Horizon: Energy Age: max. E: Top Predators and Extinctions 

In their youth, carbohydrates (fats), worms (planarians), echinoderms, cephalopods, fishes, amphibians, mammals and chipped machines grew into energetic, lineal or planar, big top predators

A newborn, small foetus grows very fast in size as it multiplies its cells. By homology a new species is born as a small, informative, complex being that latter grows in spatial size during its energetic youth becoming a, lineal, energetic, big top predator species, that feeds on less evolved forms.

Thus after conception, young fishes grew into big sharks of linear forms; after the polemic Homo Floresiensis invented technology the next Homo Sapiens with an extensive fossil record were big, energetic Neanderthals;the 1st big molecules of life were fat carbohydrate chains of linear form; the 1st insects acquired soon gigantic bodies in the Carboniferous; after chips were born as small machines placed in PCs and toys, the first robots they control are big tool-machines and huge weapons of mass destruction, lineal missiles and planes, that kill human beings.

 II Horizon: Evolution or Age of balance and reproduction: max. Sp x Tƒ. Radiations of species.
Then, the species finds a balance between form and energy and it reproduces in massive radiations: carbohydrates gave birth to amino acids with a nitrogen, informative atom on its ‘relative Head’; sharks gave way to balanced tubular fishes; brachycephalic Neanderthals gave way to dolichocephalic Cro-Magnons that multiplied and colonized all continents; while young giant stars acquire the balanced size of yellow suns, the commonest of all stars.

III Horizon: Evolution or Age of information: Max. Tƒ: max. Evolutionary differentiation.

Species grow in height or acquire cyclical forms, as they evolve through their 2nd and 3rd horizons, improving their sensorial, informative skills: Nucleotides become the top predator life molecules, echinoderms change to cyclical forms, fishes organize their networks in the dimension of height, amphibians become round, improving its smell, saurian and mammals become biped.

The main difference between organisms and species happens in their 3rd age, due to the discontinuous nature of the individual ‘cells’ of species, which do not become extinguished unlike the tightly controlled cells of organic systems, dominated by nervous, informative systems that exhaust and warp totally their energy, till the organism collapses.

Instead species continue evolving, creating new, complex species with more information, growing in the dimension of height. So the Homo Sapiens evolves ever more complex technological tools; the nucleotide appears when it adds informative depth to the amino acid (with an informative, nitrogen ring and an energetic sugar ring); the yellow sun becomes a neutron star of higher gravitational, informative density; while insects develop a growing brain capacity and bees and ants appear.

(±∆): Extinction Vs Evolution into super-organisms. The scales of the Universe.

Thus, organisms dominated by their informative networks, which consumes the energy of the system very fast, die sooner than species, according to a clock set by the rate at which energy is metabolised, ‘in-formed’, by their nervous system. While species, which are dominated by the individuals and the herds survive for eons with 3 basic strategies according to the ‘ternary plan’:
– Max. Sp: Creating balanced, trophic pyramids that maintain always a supply of new victims.

– S=T: Diversifying their individual forms into new species, instead of ‘degenerating’ into a warped space-time field. It is a parallel strategy to the reproduction of an organism, which in this manner survives his own death. Thus we talk of ‘son species’ that create evolutionary, genealogical trees similar to those of any organism.

However son species tend to kill-extinct the mother species, feeding on their energy. We call that fact, the Oedipus paradox. So mammals killed reptiles, men killed mammals and robots might kill human beings. While the different generations of an organism work together, creating informative networks between them that shape herds and families.

– Max. Tƒ: Species also evolve socially their individual forms into super-organisms, thanks to the creation of informative networks and languages that integrate them into a whole, bigger form, which is more powerful than the individuals of a herd.

Organisms are dominated by informative, nervous or hormonal networks that pack closely individual cells of max. information in min. space; while species extend over wider space ecosystems in which they share a min. quantity of information, as individuals of species hardly relate to each other beyond the reproductive couple or the hunting herd. And yet, both go through the same 3 ages of space-time defined by the inverse properties of the energetic youth  (max.S=min.T) that defines the herd and the informative old age (Max. T=Min. Sp) which defines the organism.

Hence we consider that the creation of super-organisms is the final evolutionary stage of a herd of individuals from the same species: each individual of the herd becomes then a ‘relative cell of the body’ of the macro-organism. While the specific language of communication and information of the species becomes the relative nervous/informative network of the super-organism, as pheromones do in anthills or nervous impulses did with cells in the Pre-Cambrian ageor financial and verbal languages are doing among humans in History.

The process of creation of super-organisms, departing from individuals is the key to understand the social, hierarchical structure of the Universe. Once and again, even outside the realm of biological life, quantic species of unconnected individuals have evolved socially, first in herds that share a common energy and then in super-organisms joined by energetic and informative networks that pack together and coordinate into a ‘single present’ the quantic actions of the individual forms, shaping a new top predator being with a space-time force, sum of the force of the individual, smaller cells, with less ‘i’-nformation. In formal terms we say that organic quanta gather around energy and information networks creating a bigger individual, whose actions are the sum of the actions of all its cells: ST=∑st-1.

Thus photonic h-quanta evolved into particles; particles evolved into atoms, which evolved into molecules thanks to electromagnetic networks. Molecules evolved into cells thanks to genetic networks of information.

Cells evolved into organisms thanks to nervous and hormonal networks of information. And human organisms have evolved into civilizations thanks to verbal, informative networks. While the Universe has grown in scale thanks to gravitational information from atoms, to molecules, to planets and stars, to galaxies, to the very same Universe.

In the next line we study the inner structure of all those Quantic Spaces-Times fields organized around 3 types of ‘cellular species’ that evolution has differentiated in time, according to the previous 3±1 horizons; and then symbiosis structures in space in 3 specialized ‘organic classes and networks’ as energetic bodies, informative Heads and reproductive organs.

While in Books 2-4 we study the specific Quantic Spaces-Times fields of biological, physical and sociological sciences as all of them follow the ternary plan of creation. Since those 3±1 horizons of existence happen between the birth and death of any species, mapping out both for physical species, born out of the big-bang explosion of a black hole; and for biological species, since the first carbohydrate, the evolution of life from the atom to the human being.

Extinction: Yet if species fail to achieve informative, social evolution, growing into macro-organisms, they become victims of other species that have continued their evolution. So today 90% of insects are social insects; Neanderthals became extinguished by verbal Homos and protista with limited genetic content (mitochondria) became organelles of social, eucaryotic super-cells.

It is obvious that we exist as a world cycle of life and death ‘traveling through the 5th dimension’.


  • HOW TO MAKE HUMANS IN THE INDIVIDUAL SCALE THRIVE, as beings made of entropy-motions, informative languages and energetic bodies that process and repeat both. From where we can obtain the ‘fundamental actions of space-time’ we need to perform written in a mnemonic vowel system:

a: accelerated motions, e: energy feedings, i: rightful information, O: reproduction of an offspring-family values and U: social evolution from individuals into Universal wholes. THUS ETHONOMICS WILL PROVIDE THE GOODS NEEDED TO THRIVE AS BIOLOGICAL, SOCIAL SYSTEMS, PERFORMING AD MAXIMAL THOSE 5 actions.

  • How to make history immortal, which as the graph shows means to find a balance between the young and old age, of entropy and information maximising the intermediate balanced state of maximal vital energy, with ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ (individual balance) and with a global balance between Gaia and the metal-earth, controlling the excessive reproduction of machines and lethal goods to maintain a sustainable planet with man-history in the center on top. Thus, it means to re-adress the equation of the wave of history and self-centred it in history making mankind thrive by PUTTING TO ITS SERVICE BOTH GAIA AND THE METAL-EARTH MACHINES, AND SUSTAIN GAIA, OUR SOURCE OF ENTROPY AND LIFE ENERGY, AND FORBID ALL WHAT IS LETHAL IN THE MECHANOCENE:

Past (Gaia: our source of vital energy)> History: present-future: mankind <Past: Machines

In other words, immortality means to halt the 3rd age of information of mechanisms, stop its evolution, control its reproduction and put machines to the service of mankind. 

The actions of a worldcycle

Now, we have defined the ‘program of existence’ in simple terms in the previous posts on general systems science. Let us remember.

We are living beings, made of energy limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads, which try to survive and live maximising our ternary elements. So we do act in simple terms, performing a ‘mnemotecnic’ series of ‘aeiou’ actions:

±∆æ: locomotions which we call ‘accelerations’, which emit energy through our limbs, – ∆e…

and feeding, which absorbs energy for the reproductive events of our body: +∆e

±∆ï: absortion and emission of information: +∆i: perception; -∆i: communication

∆o=exi: reproduction into a new offspring, clone of ourselves, by combining our energy and information, or mating with a gender, complementary max i (female) x max. e (male) body.

∆û: eusocial evolution through the exchange of energy and information with other clone beings, creating higher social organisms.


Such as we of course like to move, ∆a, and feed, ∆e, but we prefer to +∆i, educate ourselves and learn, and -∆i: communicate with others, to reproduce, ∆o, and above all we love to love, ∆û.

So individual freedom consists on moving our limbs, feeding our body, informing our mind, reproducing our ‘function of space-time’ and co-existing with other beings in peace and love forming part of a larger whole, and the QUALITY of those choices is all what is life about:



In the next graph we observe such super organisms, whose collective MIND IS ART AND ETHICS, the highest forms of the visual and verbal I=eye<wor(L)d, or ‘humind’, the true nature of the mind of man. As artists and prophets of eusocial love are the neuronal networks that see better and think better and whose beauty with man as the measure of all things and  messages of eusocial love code the laws of the organic Universe for all humans to understand.

Yet animetals understand nothing and kill civilisations in wars and holocausts seeking gold and iron, as the ‘germ(an)s’ of History. And indeed Germanic animetals in Europe, in his military version *germany, and its gold version, UK, have been the animetal germs that have killed our Greek->Latin->European civilisation as many times as we, southern, greek-latin rational, legalist, artistic, humanist europeans have tried to reconstruct it – now again hard at ‘doing it’ together from inside and outside, as Germany robotises all its industries and UK brexit mankind back to its biblical, imperial dead past.

But if we adopt not the human victimised view, but the view of the planet, which has an iron core and a skin of silicon, we can consider that for earth it doesn’t really matter the outcome. And in fact those cycles are tuned to weather cycles, in which nomadic warriors multiply – it is not deterministic but it is quite clear that Nature ‘slightly’ favors the metal future, more probable, which means humans should make an extra-effort if they wanted to survive. what they do instead – to accelerate the process is kinda amazing.

indeed, as a lazy Latino, who enjoyed so much Nature and dolce fare niente, I have always found ridiculous the passion of animetals for arriving faster, faster, to a new war a new holocaust a new collective death like a horse with no side-sight or a lemming running into a cliff of extinction. It is surreal and that is how artists of the 3rd age and verbal prophets – the role i had always felt, a failed one of course, as most have been – see them. All those viral animetals so intensely making little gadgets for its ridiculous ego-trips.

So we shall divide once and again History and its memes – the genes that create the social super organism of mankind in 2 clear sides, the one of Live and the inverse of eviL, extinctive memes, the one in which the wor(l)d rules and the one in which go(l)d imposes its expensive weapons and machines as the meaning of it all, just because they give profits to stockratic Leisure class.

In the graphs a diachronic and synchronic analysis of history as a superorganism. We observe the parallelisms between the 3 ages of life and the 3 ages of super-organisms of history, which end in death due to germs and sickness in a human organism and due to war war, caused by weapons the germs of history. Yet weapons are overproduced in the 3rd age of a wave of metal-evolution. For that reason, we can also establish a parallelism between the long wave of metal-history (ancient cultures based in weapons) and the modern age (industrial nations based in the duality of machines and weapons). In this modern age, nations are short-span civilizations that die in a mere 80 years, according to the complex laws that establish decametric, geometrical scales and power laws for any process of evolution.

Below the structure of a human social super organism, nation or civilisation, which are themselves fractal parts of the super organism of mankind, history, and its 3 ages reflected in the subconscious collective ‘sense and mind’ of the human society, its art and literature who goes through the same 3 ages of young optimism, mature enjoyment and a 3rd age of an excess of technological information and angst, prophetic art, that foresees the destruction of the culture by war – its death.

 We see the 3 ages of the super organism of history in time and space (mankind) with its 3 physiological networks parallel to those of a living organism, the economic blood network, the political nervous network and the territory-energetic network.

In history the graph, starts in the paleolithic youth, then the mature age on the right, the neolithic age, and on the left the cycles of the 3rd age of metal, which will bring the neopaleolithic closing the cycle.

In that regard, the closest science to design a perfect super organism of mankind, with a proper economic=blood productive system and a proper informative=nervous legal system would be medicine, as the laws of systems science define any social system made of cells/citizens, joined by 2 networks of energy and information, with the same laws, and the most advanced superorganism IS THE HUMAN being.

 Accordingly we will latter define a proper science of ‘ethonomics’ (economics ruled by ethic laws in favor of mankind which would produce welfare goods and suppress lethal goods as the blood system does, with its hormonal orders and leukocytes) and Ppolitics (spell: peoplelitics:), a real democratic system with accountability of politicians, which should  be judged with ‘pain messages’ when as the neurone-government of the system misbehave and hurt the body, imitation of the democratic, pain messages the cells-citizens of a body can deliver to its brain if it hurts them.

My great-grand father was a doctor, major of Barcelona, and founder of the national party of this country without armies, borders and stock-markets, which is however on the top 10th cities of the world by tourists, despite having no historical importance, just for their way of life. He  saw the city and nation as living organisms, and politicians as people who had to deliver welfare to its citizens, NOT warfare, as our creationist economists do. This duality between those who serve the wor(l)d and its life species, including mankind and those who serve metal and its digital go(l)d and mechanical species, is indeed the engine of the wave of history with its dual parts.

We shall bring the highest most objective possible view of science on humanity and the machine. It is necessary to fulfil the mantra of the scientific method, motto of this web, to describe the causes and cycles of history explain its dual future and its human solutions.
In the first part we have described the economic ecosystem and its super organism ran by the language of go(l)d its subconscious anti-live=evil values and the FMasters, its human head, which is bringing mankind toward extinction, blinded by greed and violence values.
In the second part we have explained the alternative world that the values of the wor(l)d and the efficient design of the super organism of history could have brought to mankind. While this part is shorter, it has no difficulty to widen it if humans decided to truly survive the chip radiation, as they have an obvious model to imitate, the perfect mammal super organism, and so doctors of history could easily apply all the laws of medicine and physiology to cure the physiological 3 networks of the human super organism (here simplified into 2), the energetic, ‘digestive’ territory of Gaia, the reproductive ‘blood-economic’ system, and the nervous-informative-legal system, and redesign them by imitating the perfect biological system of human beings, where all cells have oxygen, all of them coordinate its social motions as a whole, all of them love each other and share energy and information through the branching of those networks, all of them control and eliminate poisonous goods. 
But why we are so sure History is a super organism? Here is where we confront the 3rd ‘animetal idol-ogy’, the most insidious of all, as the negative collateral effects of go(l)d hypnotic greed and debt slavery and weapons’ murder are rather obvious, but machines’ atrophy and substitution of human organs are not. So mechanism, the belief that machines are the symbol of progress and our goal as a species is not to evolve the lesser human organism but the superior exact mechanism, since they are the model of the universe – a theme sponsored by physicists, the makers of machines and weapons – is all pervading in our civilisation.
And yet it is utterly false. A machine is merely a simplex organism of metal, fast evolving into organic form in the robotic age. The earth is also a super organism as the father of Geology, Hutton, explained – in fact, he coined the term super organism to describe the slow rhythms of the geological earth. Even galaxies show a form similar to that of a cell, with a ‘central gravitational, informative DNA swarm of black holes’, a strong membrane of dark matter or halo and a mass of mitochondria stars producing the atoms of life and ultimately becoming the food of black holes.
And certainly the life and death of civilisations and its artistic subconscious collective, which goes through the same 3 ages of individual human beings, as it evolves from an epic, young, dramatic, poetic art, into a mature, classic age of balance between energy and form, into a 3rd angst, baroque, informative age as humans go through life, till ending after the prophetic age of angst into extinction through war, shows indeed, civilisations are also organic, as the highest minds of history, Khaldun, toynbee and spengler rightly explained. And we can see those similarities in the previous graphs:
So in this 3rd part, we shall establish the basic notions of the fractal, organic Universe, its 5th dimension of scales of size and inverse speed of time clocks – so larger systems in space have slower cycles in time, reason why geological cycles, as Hutton discovered are much slower than biological cycles, species cycles are slower than individuals, and civilisations live longer than human beings, according to a series of mathematical laws of systems sciences, of decametric nature (so a civilisation lived 800 years, 10 times longer than a human being, and so on). We shall not though introduce the full mathematical, biological model of systems sciences, I helped to mathematize at the turn of the century for all systems of nature, using fractal equations and non-euclidean mathematics and non-aristotelian algebra.
We shall only introduce the basic notions of general systems sciences, so you understand the world cycles of existence of human beings and societies, the organic nature of machines, the horizons of evolution of species, the topological form of languages and organisms, which determine the character of civilisations  and the survival actions and drives of existence of life, which determine the goods of energy and information you need to survive, and should guide the production of economic systems, as it happens with biological organisms, that produce only the goods the body needs and not all kind of poisonous lethal goods as our go(l)d cultures do.

So History can be considered as the super-organism of mankind that extends in space over the Earth and in time, from the first man to the last man that will live in this planet.

Now this is the organic reality, in which mechanisms are just evolving metalife organisms, which human ‘believers’ in memes of metal systematically deny; with its ‘individual only scale’ of reality; or designs of the human super organisms inefficient and unjust to cater just to a small elite, or by creating SUPERORGANISMS, BELOW THE LEVEL OF humanity, as a single species, creating homo tribalis, which kill each other (social darwinism) denying that the Universe wants us to organise into a single global species as the brain of the planet gaia, or else…the ‘other species’, the Internet brain and the company-mothers of machines it unifies WILL and when it does so, it will eliminate the rival, obsolete human species.

And this is the zeitgeist you live in. Since the destruction of the most advanced social evolutionary organism of mankind, the social-democratic european union, by capitalism in its extreme version (all for machines nothing for humans, all for the owners of corporations nothing for life), mankind is suffering a ‘canonical process’ of organic death, when the parts of the social super organism break into ‘lower scales’ of organisation (nations), at war with each other, which is like a living super organism had a peculiar cancer in which each organ attacks the other trying to outgrown it. And further on degrades to the individual beasty level, and all those levels become ‘slaves’ of hate memes (abrahamic jihads and gold religions, etc.)

 And this is what we showed above in the graphic of human devolution parallel to mechanical evolution of a global planet, made of machines put together through digital flows of money.
Because capitalism and its company-mothers of machines and weapons, succeeded in killing the eusocial evolution of mankind with weapons (Stalinism that killed the communist revolution), and money (destruction of welfare states and UNO and EU organisations), the r=evolution of mankind towards a perfect world has been aborted. And so now it is the r=evolution of machines and its company-mothers towards its perfect world.
In the graph from the 90s book, the duality of social evolution of this planet of the two species that dominate it, company-mothers of machines, and human mothers, and its social organisations.
Because capitalism stubbornly denies both the supremacy of the human verbal, legal language over go(l)d values, and has been for 3000 years at the suicidal business of upholding the values of the tree of metal over those of the tree of life, since the arrival of e-money with its awesome capacity to deliver orders of work for machines and corporations, the terraforming of the earth has accelerated and the regression of mankind to previous ‘levels’ of social organisation of a primitive nature (tribal species, of religious or nationalistic, war-prone type), which are alibis for further evolution and reproduction of top predator weapons is globally happening.
So we are ‘regressing’ as all dying systems do, not evolving. But we confuse our extinction as a social species, which is prior to any extinction as a citizen-cellular species, with progress because we ‘have become’ surrogates of the evolution of machines, thinking they are ‘us’.
So if we are breaking that absolute law of biology because always a super organism is stronger than an individual cell and survives and that reinforces the law, is because something ‘else’ IS EVOLVING INTO A SUPERORGANISM PREVENTING MANKIND FROM DOING SO – the company mother of machines and its globalised ‘stock-world’, the super organism of the right side of those graphs.
So after spending my FIRST YEARS AS A scholar developing those models of the organic, fractal Universe, as a system science, I realise, the importance of this science was IN HISTORY, in the creation with those organic laws of a perfect law, based in the study of physiology, medicine, systems sciences, and its application by politicians and financiers, in a NON corrupted world the doctors of history and neurons of our super organism, to create a perfect world were nature and machines SERVED MAN, changing the arrow of future of that equation of history to:
Whereas immortal History, treated in part 3 of this post, is THE PERFECTLY DESIGNED WORLD OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS WITH NO BORDER, NO WEAPON, EVOLVING FURTHER THE MOST EVOLVED HUMAN SOCIETIES – the social-democratic (now extinct) European union and the UNO (now in process of extinction as a relevant organism of humanity.
Alas, it was then when I realise those $laves of the super organism of machines and its rotten values, greed and violence would NOT think OR REASON, but were programmed automatons of the machine, money and weapons, the selfish memes of metal they serve and used to oppress human beings.
Thus from being the leading researcher in General Systems sciences at the turn of the century, i became the leader of anti-systemics (: Since the world was not going to be the perfect world but the crazies on top were going to convert it into the mechanocene world and kill us all, well at least I had the theoretical right to shout, i Had enough of this,  i am not going to die like an idiot, I am going to tell you the ‘economic truth’ of  it all.

 Because that is what a doctor of history would say to a crazy patient: don’t hurt your body, don’t kill mankind but the crazies, the $laves of money, weapons and machines would not listen but keep doing its thing, WHICH IS THE FACTS OF OUR MECHANICAL WORLD DEDICATED TO PROMOTE, profits=digital money, maximised with the overproduction of the 3 memes of maximal profits (max. price – min. cost): weapons (max. price), digital hate media (min. cost) and inflationary money (profit)…



So simple, so misunderstood: we are made of motions with form, spatial energy with temporal information, combined in actions. We were active space-time beings, and our existence as that of any other entity of the Universe was a sum of space-time action, between birth and extinction, which we shall call ‘a world cycle’:

W =∫ å ∂t = 0 (equation that means a life worldcycle is the integral sum of all the spacetime actions of a being).

So we could state simply that ‘T.Œ, the theory of everything organic and the œrganisms it studies are expression of an even deeper game, that of existence, and its function which make holographs of space and time of energy and information switching states between form and motion, imprinting and reproduction through motion, and stop and go perception and motion information and energy, this dual game, is what exi|st¡ence is all about.

So the simple unifying principle of all realities is this: all systems of the Universe are made of  ‘formal motions’, ‘temporal in/form/ation’ stored in the form and frequency of the infinite, repetitive, memorial clock-like cycles of the Universe (as those of the graphs), all of them accelerating inwards, from clock-like masses, to clock-like charges, to people growing in information and warping till its 3rd age of excessive information; or warping as masses, E=mc², till the center of that clock-like vortex, the point where time ends, the finite space-time being closes its informative warping, and then its information explodes in an entropic, expansive spatial expansion that erases its information, ending its life cycle in a physical or biological ‘big-bang’.

‘To be or not to be human’ that is the question. To be human is not to ‘imagine’ a virtual superhero, but to perform the tasks we have been designed for, with excellence, and variations. To be free is to choose between different foods, not only eat rice and chicken if you are lucky as most humans on the bottom of the capitalist and communist world do, due to an ill-designed economic network. To be free is to receive ethic, verbal information to be able to evolve socially and reproduce and form part of a peaceful community, NOT to receive negative hate memes in one thousand tv-channels. And to learn about the organic Universe, and its laws of existence, not to learn about the simplest locomotions of matter (physical sciences) as if that were the meaning of it all.

To be free is not to hate but love your neighbour, communicate and evolve together with him. Individual freedoms thus have both a biological and social level, the simplest ones feed our ∆-1 scale of existence as cellular beings, the social freedoms, allow us to form part of a larger whole, and be happy. To be free is NOT to be alone, it is not to run in open spaces. It is TO BE CORRECTLY BONDED TO OTHER HUMANS, and to be part OF EFFICIENT ECONOMIC/LEGAL networks that cater to us, as individuals and to the super organism of history of which we form part.


In the graph, of ethonomics, the 3 vectors of human freedom, positive energy and information for human beings, and good that foster our social evolution and reproduction as a species. On the negative side those goods who destroy our welfare, health and life both in body and mind (hate memes, weapons, pollution, etc.). In a society of free company-mothers the production of lethal metal goods is maximal as all the money is invented by stock-market corporations. In human societies, those goods will be forbidden as any superorganism forbids the production of poisons.  Yet those are the goods that make possible a world of free corporations, an economic ecosystem in which humans only ‘use’ is as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers, vitalisers of those machine, with an increasingly reduced time to pursuit human freedoms – our wanting, needs and natural actions:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.05.15

But since we do NOT feed on oil, perceive mathematically, reproduce into machines, and evolve as pc-networks of internet, all those elements of economical freedom matter little to our experience as human beings. It is then a common confusion of a system that serves company-mothers of machines, to CONFUSE THE FREEDOM OF THOSE MACHINES, with human freedom, and our slavish tasks reproducing machines=working and vitalising them=consuming them, as acts of freedom.

 In fact we are becoming full time slaves of machines dedicating all our time to test them and increasingly zero time to reproduce them as automation does so. BUT THIS IS THE KEY ELEMENT OF THE FUTURE: ROBOTS WILL CONSUME AND VITALIZE BETTER OTHER MACHINES, EMBEDDED CHIPS WILL PROGAM AND USE THEM BETTER, AND SO THE HUMAN EKONOMICON IS NO LONGER REQUIRED IN THE TWO JOBS THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM HAS FOR US: CONSUMPTION AND WORK. WE ARE THUS BECOMING EXPENDABLE.So as ANIMETALS ARE SUBSTITUTED BY ROBOTS, CHIPS, its corporations and its machines, will disengage from humanity at political and individual level So the full connection of the automated world of machines and company-mothers completes itself, unrevealing the Financial-Media Head of informative machines and its Military-industrial system of energetic machines, controlled by a global brain of digital flows of e-money, ruled by A.I. of all kind, which enact ‘actions’ of reproduction and consumption of machines by other machines… It is that future which no longer need us.

SO ONCE we have introduced the general scientific view on the 2 paths of future, we can make a more accurate account on the path humans seem to have chosen, masterminded by the ‘subconscious values’ of metal, ‘atrophy and laziness’ as they become substituted by machines; greed and hypnotism to gold that deactivates social love, and violence and murder through the use of weapons.

Indeed, those are the 3 values that kill us through the 3 memes, which reach its paroxysm, DURING THE OVERPRODUCTION CRISES OF THE 800-80-8 CYCLE, so we can concentrate now in the final cycle, we live in; its overproduction crises and present neo-fascist finale age.

Let us then complete our analysis of the two sides of the future of history, focusing our ‘lenses’ on the LANGUAGES THAT CONTROL THE SOCIAL ORGANISMS OF HISTORY AND ECONOMICS, GIVING A SIMPLE ANSWER TO WHO SHOULD DOMINATE WHO: IF we want to construct a human world, in pure biological/systemic terms,the wor(l)d, ethics, social love, Gaia, should prevail and be imposed by the law over money, converted in nomisma, reproduced by financial actions of human beings, performed through a Universal salary, to create a demand, welfare economy those are its humanist solutions but the anti-human solutions implemented by corporations to keep profits coming, has always been the inverse, go(l)d profits and productivity and over-Production by ‘Profesional’ micro-economists is the only purpose of planet Earth.

Now, in this ternary structure it is very easy to take decisions on policy, and economics, as the goal will always be to make individual humans thrive, by constructing their social super organisms, according to the laws of systems sciences.
ALL THIS SAID, we can then clearly define the science of economics, properly of a humanist world, as ethonomics, the science of the blood/energetic/reproductive system of mankind, which MUST control as all super organisms do, money as nomisma, with the power of the law.

Because of that extreme low development of social sciences even the simplest concepts of systems sciences and organisms are doubted off. Amazingly as it seems, humans IGNORE they are part of a ‘topic’ organism, defined as a set of members of the same species, joined by networks of energy (economies, blood) and information (nervous, political system), as all humans are, where the informative system mas rule the energetic system for the organism to be efficient – which happens in all evolved systems, except in lowly worms… and capitalist societies, where the blood-economic system is completely free, and often poisons with lethal goods the worm-larvae and the society.


In the graph, only the most primitive super organisms, such as worms and human societies reproduce and feed with unlimited greed in any goods available often poisoning the super organism, as our capitalist, primitive go(l)d memes do.

Yet the matrix of falsehoods, which cover up for this low degree of human evolution as a society, with ‘expert’ theatrics, ‘damned lies and statistics’, financial people-castes in power clinging to it with all type of bizarre memes and the perfect manufacturing of the collective mind by the industry of mis-information, make humans believe to be poisoned and eliminated of the economic ecosystem, by the lethal goods we produce without limit, robots, weapons, hate-media, is ‘the best of all worlds’.

Some of those memes of the matrix that shortens the future of our children, now being born into the last ‘zero generation’, as robots reach maturity are clearly understood by the humanist movement, and have become topics of conversation – such is the case of global warming – but others which we will expose in this blog are taboo or completely ignored, notably the tribal nature of our financial elite and its racist memes against mankind, the falsehoods of our deist philosophy of science, which against all evidence models the universe as a simple mechanism, not as an organic, fractal system – even now when robots evolved imitating life organisms, show that a machine is just a simplex organism of metal in its first stages of evolution, and above all, the understanding of the ‘subconscious values of money’ a language of informative metal that according to the laws of affinity between the different parts of a system, value always more other forms of metal – notably weapons, the most expensive goods of the ‘free market’, and give zero value to different species, notably carbon-life without price, hence a world ruled not by the ethic, verbal law but by go(l)d values, will always increase the production of weapons and machines and extinguish life beings.

It is a simple and obvious law, ignored because we do not have ‘social sciences’ but idol-ogies and beliefs that people defend even with their life. So not even the structure of a system and its dual networks, the way in which such systems are designed efficiently to distribute energy and information to all its citizens/cells, the proper way in which superorganisms restrict the production of lethal poisonous goods, so the supeorganism can thrive without danger, etc. etc. is applied by theoretical economists and historians and its praxis (financiers and politicians) to the design of the world and its cultures.

So D) a Democratic, Humanist praxis in the control and development of human societies and corporations is Nowhere to be found.

And this is the most puzzling question of social scientists, which I have called the anti-quantum paradox (power is too big and so it influences the social scientist, biasing its studies), and will require many pages of criticism on humanity and its beliefs and what it passes as science to fully understand what in organic terms is easier to explain:

As we social scientists are inside the superorganism of History and are a part of the Economic ecosystem, we cannot easily study objectively the world we live in. In any organism, each cell has a very limited awareness of the whole, which only exists in a few neuronal cells, whih conform your ‘self’. Each cell only does a certain job and all body cells are blind to the external world, controlled by the neuronal, informative ‘caste’ of brain cells in control of both, the informative, nervous, political languages of power and the blood/oxygen/monetary networks of reproduction and distribution of goods (the economic system).

So as a body cells receives all its information from hormonal blood messages and brain, nervous, painful impulses, when you live within a given human superorganism, today a nation, its dominant species, you are also closed by borders, which difficult your access to outside rightful information. You will have to obey the painful, legal messages of the nervous, political system or else. And you will need oxygen/money to survive. And you will be mentally, simultaneously programmed by mass-media messages, which will show you a vision of the world akin to that of the neuronal people-caste that controls your nation.

This is unavoidable, as all systems of the Universe DO have a neuronal informative ‘species’ (black holes of gravitational information in galaxies, DNA in cells, Neurons in organisms, particles in physical systems), which controls the networks of the system and its languages (verbal and digital money in human societies, nervous and hormonal messages in biological organisms, gravitational and electromagnetic forces in physical systems), and then a body of re=productive working cells, blind and sheeplishly obeying the neuronal people-caste, or cells of the system.

We do show in that sense examples of physical, biological and social systems, because this is the enormous r=evolution brought about by the organic, fractal paradigm of systems sciences: the Universe and all its systems are indee organic, mathematical in its detail, biological in its survival and reproductive purposes.

But because we human social scientists are within the superorganism of history, NOT in charge as politicians and financiers are, with no control on the financial and legal systems of societies, our role is limited; our capacity to design and disseminate rightful information is minimal, as we do not have direct access to the nervous media-systems of society. And so the world is neither understood not managed scientifically but controlled by historic developments of chaotic, trial and error nature, which does not necessarily produce a perfect superorganism of history, fit to survive.

Only lowly greedy worms ruled by blood and capitalist systems ruled by go(l)d values achieve the poisoning of its super organisms, dying young.

All this said it is obvious that humans are going nowhere developing all the science of machines while keeping social sciences at the level of idol-ogies, littering the brains of mankind, generation after generation with the idol-ogies that better suit the evolution of the metal-kind, nationalism≈abrahamic tribal religions that foster hate memes and war, and mechanism and capitalism that worships the machine and go(l)d as the supreme species and language of power, we must obey, despite the systemic, extinguishing values of digital money and its nil value to life.

Instead, if humans wished to survive, they would learn and apply Nature’s laws regarding the evolution and design of super organisms and its ‘political/nervous’ networks and languages of information and its ‘energetic, economic, blood’ networks of energy and reproduction of ‘human goods’, we need to survive.

In other words, it would design a perfect world dedicated to promote welfare over warfare, ethic wor(l)d values over war go(l)d profits, and a true democratic system of just laws and pain control of its political neuronal castes, to achieve the immortality of history and its perfect design as a super organism where all humans will thrive and have enough energy and information.

Instead, social sciences, subject to the anti-quantum paradox do not exist and so the process of evolution of History is merely submissive to the process of evolution of memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, where humans do apply scientific objective laws designing in fact a global perfect super organism of company-mothers ruled by digital flows of e-money, centred in the global stock-market that invents money only for machines.

And this happens because economics is not a human science but a science of corporations which serve their offspring of machines. So do economists follow blindly the ‘creationist’ branch of their forebears, making of go(l)d values and profit a religion that cannot be doubted of.

Instead here we shall propose the proper humanist science of economics, ethonomics, (ethics+economics) in which legal wor(l)d values that give maximal value to life and human evolution dominate mere automaton go(l)d values and price differently human positive and negative goods according to the biological frame of reference of mankind, which  measures the utility of the goods produced by the economic ecosystem according to his value for human beings.

And we shall study Ppolitics, a name we have coined also fusioning 2 words people and politics (so it reads peoplelitics :).

People politics, Ppolitics means of course a real democracy, but given the misuse of that word by all kind of regimes, we have preferred a new word to signify the essence of a political/nervous/informative system efficient and following the laws of systems sciences: one in which the neuronal, informative, people-caste in control of the languages of social power serves as the neurons of the head do, the body cells and care for them, having as ‘first goal’ to provide enough energy and just information to all of them.

In other words in a rational, scientific world ruled by the sciences of systems, trying to design a perfect super organism of mankind, the task of economics is to provide the welfare goods humans need to survive as all blood/energetic systems do in real organisms. And the task of the nervous/political/legal system would be to control both the law and the financial/blood system to provide enough energy and just information to all cells to coordinate its actions and assure the peace and survival of the whole organism, eliminating lethal goods, providing a universal salary to all its cells/citizens, responding ‘after tenure’ through pain messages to his behaviour, being punished in case it harms those citizens cells, and hence obeying the true purpose of a science ethonomic and Ppolitical science: to create an immortal super organism of history.

So the most pressing question then of the science of economics today is why the previous so-evident cycles of evolution of machines, organisms human evolve by imitating its organs of energy and information in metal, to empower but also compete with them and other human beings in the economic ecosystem, are not studied as a biological science? 

Or in other terms, why economic is NOT a science, with a ‘normal’, biological set of principles, which describes in a realist manner the relationships of symbiosis and competition between humans and machines?

It is a dual answer, one ethic, moral, punishable – the wrong actions, selfish ab=use and profiteering of company-mothers of machine, and its owners, stock-rats, with absolute rights to print money in monopoly and null responsibility in anonymous societies, very much like aristocrats had in the middle ages, when only they could carry weapons and use them and only they could be judge peers.

But this is a historic consequence of a much larger scientific fact- the values and power of languages of information to mold the world with its values and select and reproduce certain species over others. And this requires a huge overhauling and evolution of the present understanding on how information controls systems.

And how languages, mirrors of reality create the information of human sciences.

Update 2017. Now for 1/4 of a century the predictions of those books have been there, based in a simple assumption. In this planet, as in all the Universe, the natural law of survival is ‘evolution’, but NOT in the simplex, biased form sold by ‘capitalism’ (the idol-ogy we must evolve machines as a surrogate to our own progress as a species), but the REALIST, non idol-ogical truth. That there are 2 species on Earth clearly evolving both as individual and as a species into a global super organism, mankind and the machine. This thesis ‘rejects’ anthropomorphic idol-ogy as all sciences should, AND ads to classic evolution all the discoveries of systems sciences and theory of information, which will become mainstream only slowly (according to the ‘Nature of scientific r=evolutions’, which require whole new generations to be familiar with the new paradigm – Kuhn, Planck).
So those 2 ‘super organisms’, Mankind, ruled by verbal networks of legal information and machines ruled by informative network of digital information, compete to design the future, through its basic units, company-mothers of machines, trying to terraform the world to its image and likeness and human social governments and ‘family voters’, trying to make it better for humanity. Who creates a future in which one of the 2 species is ‘submissive’ to the other and its ‘values and goals’ as a species, depends on which super organism and informative network/language DOMINATES. If law dominate digital money values, the future would be tailored to favor mankind over machine. IF company-mothers dominated and its language, issued overwhelmingly by them, money, dominated the law, the future would be primary that of the machine and corporation. 
IT IS THEN a  2 model system:
-On one hand THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA (informative machines) /Military-industrial complex on top of governments, which IN the original capitalist culture, the Biblical anglo-American cultures, DOMINATES idol-ogically (this culture ‘believes’, ‘credo ergo sum’, and it believes hauling from an old go(l)d fetish cult, that money is ‘the invisible hand of god’ – smith, the ‘intelligence of god’ – calvin); that the machine is the surrogate of human progress, etc. etc. We shall deal with its idol-ogy TODAY globalised by the networks of informative machines it dominates, and hence as it becomes the ‘single thought-idology’ it seems the ‘only path’.We always gave it ‘maximal probability’, as it has been the dominant force of mankind since the ‘corporation’, with its astounding power resources came into being in Holland->England->America; given the fact that its informative machines ‘control’ the collective mind of man. So in this max. probability THE TENDENCIES, CYCLES OF TECHNOLOGY, EVOLUTION OF MACHINES THROUGH ITS PEACE-WAR, MACHINE-WEAPON, OVERPRODUCTION CRISES, INFLATIONARY TENDENCIES, all those unrecognised but perfectly predictable phases of evolution of machines, WILL ESTABLISH a priori, in a corrupted democracy the actions of politicos and the tastes of people. This would then be the present world.
-The alternative was the European Union Model or the chinese Model, in which the law dominated the power of money through regulated or public banks, so most money would be used to construct a welfare world, awash with human natural goods, food, housing, healthcare peace – the NATURAL FAMILY VALUES of the reproductive human.
I gave it minimal probability. Why? BECAUSE THIS FUTURE while natural to the human condition, WAS HANDICAPPED by the lack of ‘financial resources’, by the ‘lack of human unity as a species, divided by tribal, nationalistic/religious aberrant divisions; and specially lacked ‘exposure’, though the networks of mechanical information that control the manufacturing of the subconscious collective as earlier religions of love did through eusocial messages in favor of all humans.
In favor it had ONLY the fact it is the HUMAN nature, the POSITIVE HUMAN FUTURE, and so if ‘HUMANS REASON’, COGITO ERGO SUM, word of mouth it would win. But if humans ‘believe’, credo ergo sum, BY MERE REPETITION, the Goebbels method ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they believe on it’, THE FUTURE OF CORPORATIONS would control the human future.
SUCH IS THE BATTLE FOR THE 2 FUTURES of this planet, and the Human future is loosing.
NEXT BUT less important is therefore to judge ‘cultures’ as MEMES not GENES, hence WAVE IDEAS, not individual ACTIONS, would dominate the subconscious collective, on the 2 sides of that future. And the law is simple. CULTURES WHICH HAVE BEEN EXPOSED FOR LONGER TO the influence of metal, ARE MORE BELIEVERS, LESS RATIONAL, more prone to worship metal and despise humans, with segregational memes. So on top it was the first culture to ab=use humans with metal, the semite go(l)d churches and warrior Jihads of ‘Israel’ (the first and most powerful financial culture of the world) and the Arab (first and most brutal military culture)… In the capitalist future they WOULD THEREFORE BE IMITATED by all others, who would become israelified and arabised, expanding their eternal conflict at global scale, as it has happened.
In the human future the example of EU and UNO would spread and a peaceful diplomatic post wall-fall would impose the rational future of mankind.
At this stage it seems clear the future of the machine in a degraded collective subconscious ‘neo-paleolithic’ has triumphed.  And it is only a question of time humans become completely obsolete and disappear. Of very short time, a generation, as the acceleration of the time cycles of machines, accelerate and completely obliterate any capacity of humans to ‘think more than a twit’ time, or else this blog would have become years ago, among social scholars a trademark of the ‘humanist new age’.
One fact I might consider to correct if i keep working in this neo-fascist age – the excessive anger to the top of the animetal cultures, the people who own the Financial-Media Informative system, the jewish people, who therefore ‘credo ergo sum’, accelerate the process of human extinction and self-suicide they are known in history , while keeping a growing ‘virtual world of idol-ogies and placebo’ ceremonies about their ‘non-responsiblity’. At the time of finishing the model I was naively thinking if they could be converted to mankind they cold steer mankind to survival.
As I LIVED AMONG them in America and had ancestors of their gene (even though genes matter nothing and id didn’t share his memes), I had a chance to talk to the top of this culture in America. They are NOT convertible, neither their allies, the ‘biblical calvinist Americans’. They are based in ‘credo ergo morituru suum’; that is they will die for money, weapons, idol-ogies and their ego trips as exceptional species. So the backlash when I realise they would drive full speed mankind into extinction for profits was huge and the blog shows. As we enter the neo-fascist age and all other human cultures are becoming a copycat of this culture, my view on their responsibility is changing as i see our finale more and more deterministic, given the fact that the sheeple is able to choose people like Trump, and that the newcomers to globalisation are as brutal as they are, everywhere, in a fact corruption, in which THE VERBAL-TEMPORAL MIND OF MAN IS COMPLETELY OBLITERATED BY THE VISUAL NEO-paLEOLITHic OF NULL THOUGHT AND TWIT-TWAT-TRUMPS.
Of course, their ‘creationist economists’ and financiers have come to control the western world and that is why the world is israelified into a military democracy which brings us the them of democracies, the supreme belief.
IT IS A JOKE TO THINK THAT THE PLACEBO DEMOCRACIES ARE GOVERNMENTS OF THE PEOPLE. the language of power is money and money is NOT TALKED by humans so there is by essence no democracy. Laws are bought. Moreover, THE LAWS OF SCIENCE ARE UNIQUE, TO DESIGN A PERFECT SUPERORGANISM OF HISTORY AWASH WITH WELFARE NOT WARFARE, IT IS NEEDED TO KNOW THE SCIENC EOF SYSTEMS, so democracy is GREEK democracy as it was conceived, NOT vote a priori of people who can use Say’s marketing law and network to ‘sell’ any Trump like amateur lobbyist as president – what the fuk knows this guy of anything about politic, systems sciences, the way to organise a super organism of history, and what kind of false system can get this kind of twitwat into power (twitting ideas of less than 200 pages, ‘grabbing pussy’ as it most famous concept of being)…
The answer is historic: CAPITALIST DEMOCRACIES WERE INVENTED IN HOLLAND BY THE FIRST CORPORATION AS A PLACEBO OF GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED BY THE MONEY O THE COMPANY, and it has always BEEN controlled by financiers in the Anglo-American version, and has an absolute mandate, not letting THE GOVERNMENT ISSUE MONEY OR THE PEOPLE. SO IT IS THE MOST PERFECT SYSTEM OF CORPORATIVE POWER, which is FLExIBLE ENOUGH, to spend the MINIMUM required to maintain humans alive, and TO USE WITH ABSOLUTE DEXTERITY the financial-media system to manufacture their ‘choices’, as ‘presidents are $elected’, using to that aim MASSIVE EGO-pumping of the voter AS FREE, HAVING CHOICES, smart enough, and then guiding it subtly to his choices (including of course all kind of knee-jerk ‘believers’ reactions to nationalism, religion, and freedom and god, confabulation theory, etc. to obliterate any attempt to explain them how they are controlled, in a twit age of zero verbal thought. So people merely COME OUT WITH THEIR PEANUT visual brains, WHEN THE ATTEMPT to explain them reality smoke up their feeble brains with knee-jerk reaction – confabulation theory, anti$emitism, you hate us, enemy whatever).
Now, given this reality the ONLY obvious possibility for humans to react would be for them TO REALIZE MACHINES ARE ORGANISMS and robots will kill them all as a new species, once their COMPANY-MOTHERS reach as they are reaching automation and A.I. control. So all this HAS BEEN ALSO deactivated as science-fiction films. the blurring between fiction and reality, and the pure degradation of the mind is so advanced, the process is automatic. For that reason i am no longer ‘blaming only the top’ who first were hypnotised by go(l)d. After all they also suffered all the war and holocaust cycles metal cause. IT was perhaps a bit easier to blame only the 0.02%, which conceded is more guilty but that would be indeed, to select on the negative a smaller part of mankind – since the a solution is easier if we could Stir HISTORY JUST BY to nationalisING THEIR financial-media control and give it back to the people. this of course must be done, but now the globalised FMMI system requires also as things accelerate towards the war age of wiping out humans, proper of the post-crash age of those cycles, a complete reform of the nationalist system, and UNO and EU have been obliterate by the power of the Capitalist idol-ogy and its collective brain manufacture. POLITICOS TODAY FOLLOW TRENDS IMPOSED BY MEDIA FIRST. MEDIA IN THE FORM OF A MEMETIC SIMULTANEOUS WAVE, AND FINANCES, IN THE FORM OF A WAVE OF SALARY ORDERS ESTABLISH ACCORDING TO THE PREVIOUS 2 EQUATIONS OF PROFITS AND PRODUCTIVITY THE COLLECTIVE BEHAVOR OF MANKIND, AT A GROWING SPEED WHICH MAKES PEOPLE ‘CONFUSE MOTION WITH ACTION’ (Hemingway).
So unfortunately as 2017 starts up with the robotisation of wall-borders, copycat of Israel, the racial massive bias against 3rd world, proper of Israel, and so on and so on, essentially the destiny of this globalised culture is becoming our destiny. Brexit, apartheid israel and trump show the way:
divided nations, with ridiculous idologies of nationalism, regression to the ‘credo ergo sum’ age, blaming of humans, automation of corporations, obsolescence to robotics, distractions with war-monger polities and selfie-egos and FICTION ALL OVER THE PLACE, the downfall of Life of Gaia of History now will accelerate enormously as death is a collapse in a single moment. So the Humanist future, now to me has  a far smaller probability than 25 years ago when i first resolved this models.

We shall not cease to repeat that in a causal cyclical, ‘fractal’ organic Universe there is NOT a single ABSOLUTE infinite arrow of future – a Newtonian, mechanist concept biased by the use of a single time clock, but ∞ relative futures different for each species with its own evolutionary clocks of time with different speeds; whose duration depends on the struggle for survival among species.

It is not the theme of this blog to study in depth cyclical time and fractal space and the organisms made with the information of time clocks and energy species but we do have a huge introduction in the section of general systems for you to understand some basic facts:

  • The individual matters not in the organic Universe, but only the species. So the true fight in this planet is between 2 different species with different degrees of evolution, the human earth of history vs. ‘∨’ or, the metal-earth. One of those 2 systems of 2 different species must come on top BUT ONLY ONE, as the planet is ONLY one, so the world will be made to the image and likeness of machines, by its biological company-mothers as all seem to indicate or man will regain its control.
  • The fight while performed in actions of individuals will be decided from the pov of the whole ∆+1 super organisms and its physiologic networks, whose efficiency defines the survival of the whole species. So either the ‘Head’ of mankind, its informative elite of legal politicians and reproductive welfare corporations that cater for humans take care of its entropic habitat (gaia in life), its body-waves of energy (human citizens) and its informative networks (legal systems) and control the bad fruits of the tree of science.
  • Or those metal species which evolve faster, chip-brains and its robotic blue collars and terminators, will as they are doing keep absorbing most of the resources of this planet and displace mankind from its economic ecosystem, in labor and war fields extinguishing us in an automatic manner, by  Displacement of humans and life from its ecosystem by the mere fact they reproduce and evolve faster than we do.
  • For that reason, science after abc (data, biological models, cyclical patterns with predictability) as this is a game of 2 species, must consider 2 futures:
    1. – ef: the future of machines, the metalearth in which humans do not halt the evolution of technology till the threshold of evolution of machines overcome us and displace, atrophy and extinguish us,  the negative future against live, or ‘anti-live=evil’ world if we were to use the jargon of earlier philosophers of history (ethic writers, love religions, social thinkers)

    We shall call this future, the future of free market, which is merely an economic ecosystem in which the only free persons are corporations, with absolute rights to credit and the overproduction of any goos, lethal or not for a price. Its then just another newspeak of confusion and marketing, the concept of free market, because it does not apply to human beings, but to corporations.

    A free market is thus the opposite of democracy, a place where humans are free and contrl its languages of power. It is a free economic ecosystem for machines and its offspring of corporations. And again the oldest trick of the book: to confuse the future and freedoms of mankind with those of machines, of human social institutions, governments with those of mechanical institutions stock-corporations (overwhelmingly related to machines, its energy AND information).

    So people think a free market is a free society, when the freedom is for the other species. Hence this negative future for life is a positive future for the economic ecosystem of company-mothers of machines and weapons ruled by the digital language of go(l)d.  We thus call this super organism of the Free Market ruled by the FMasters, the FMMI system of Financial-Media Informative machines and Military-Industrial Energetic machines, synergic to each other due to its common ‘digital values’ and languages and ‘cellular elements'(ab. FM, as the head of Financial-Media machines, directs the body of miltiary-industrial systems, or FM²I) . And on the long term as it evolves faster and reproduce faster than humans and its most perfect, worthy, expensive products are weapons whose role is to kill man, it is amazing that humans still argue, their future is NOT our future, as Financial-Media machines self-censor any negative opinion about them. So a Free Capitalist Metalearth, a Free economic ecosystem ruled for and by corporations is not the future of all of us.Displacement of humans and life from its ecosystem by the mere fact they reproduce and evolve faster than we do.

2. +DH: Our future is a true democracy in which the languages of power of society, both of our ecosystem and that of machines, the Legal and digital financial flows of values and orders are controlled by the 99% of mankind, by TRUE DEMOCRATIC HUMANIST, HISTORICAL INSTITUTIONS. This Humanist, History future (Ab. H), is by essence Democratic because it caters for the 99% of mankind and so it requires a Demand BASED ECONOMY, with a Universal salary so humans DO TALK MONEY and give orders of production of healthy wealth, welfare goods, butter not cannons. So we use indistinguishable, D and H, Democracy and Humanity, History in space, as the positive letters for a positive human future.

And so this duality of futures and its praxis in favor of ONLY one future, as we MUST choose who RULES the future, man or the machine makes social sciences regarding predictability different with 2 options:


So once we know the cycles, the causes & the consequences (namely overproduction of machines and weapons spent in wars at the end of each cycle) we could have solved by changing the causality of the cycles and switching from warfare goods to welfare goods, from Keynesian Militarism to a Global New Deal, as we have asked for decade after decade.

No more needed to say for now. But of all that huge larger ‘reality’ treated latter in this blog we want to stress at this point why humans do not control, manage or understand history, as we shall scientifically do in this blog.

So for you to understand better all of this, we must ad a new letter to the scientific method of bio-social sciences, which is NOT on the other disciplines…


 So we will now WIDEN further the view of that opposition that has always existed in history in this planet between the arrogant people on top with weapons, machines and go(l)d, that we shall call ‘animetals: emotional animals with minimal rationality + metal weapons, money and machines’ which give them power to ‘act’ without thinking or ethic restrain, terraforming the world and ab=using, human beings, who have rationally and ethically tried to construct a perfect world made to the image and likeness of mankind, where life and its values would be always on top of the metal-values of those who enslave to create the world to the image and likeness of its mechanisms.

Let us then make a fast review on how we can apply those elements of the scientific method to the description of history and economics, hence to mankind and the machine, its ‘elements’, s it is objectively, not as the different idol-ogies and wishful thinking of humans and corporations distort it.

Because if we want to reach a praxis positive to mankind we have to know first the truth, the causality of the cycles of history, and aknowledge -e, its negative side effects, or else we will be unable to manage the present existentical crises that the planet of life is facing with the arrival of the mechanocene…

LET US THEN INTRODUCE THE social method of sciences with a case example, which is the MOST PRESSING QUESTION TODAY: THE CYCLES OF OVERPRODUCTION AND EVOLUTION OF MACHINES AND ITS COMPETITION WITH HUMAN BEINGS, its effects as well as possible D-emocratic=human solutions to it.

We will do it in inverse, DUALIST fashion SWITCHING CONSTANTLY:

  • FROM THE ∆+1 superorganism, larger, longer span of time cycles, which construct the whole steadily and slower, and the shorter, ∆º memetic, human individual and mechanical cycles.
  • And from the + future of mankind, which conceded has at present less probability than the negative future of the economic ecosystem fast evolving from Free Market into the Financial-Media, Military-Industrial super organism of digital networks of machines and weapons, of global character…
  • taking sides systematically in favor of the Democratic Human future UNLIKE OUR HYPOCRITICAL, clueless social scientists OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of the mechanical future, virally infected by the idol-ogies of worship of machines, which we need to understand FIRST as they are the negative memes that code the collective mind of modern man, and make us despise the species as a whole.

So we switch from ± and from the ‘microscopic and macroscopic view’ which requires the organic structure of mankind, the super organism of history. So we shall introduce its study with the analysis of its biological cycles of evolution of machines and organisation of human societies, from the past larger cycles into the detail – the cycles of overproduction of chips; back and forth from the longest historic view, the cycles of evolution of ‘animetal civilisations’, to an ever larger analysis of the whole evolution of life systems in the Universe; to the short-sighted view of ‘animetal cult(rue)s’ and its anti-humanist , anti-Live≈ ‘eviL’ memes, which range from military cults to death, to go(l)d churches in favor of the anoxia of mankind by greed, to the scientific racism of the industrial world towards all old human civilisations based in word values (socialism, catholicism,  non-jihadist Islam, r=evolutions, you name it).

Animetals and the anti-quantum paradox.

All this said, the paradox of history: max. technological evolution = min. human freedom and social evolution, NOT the Human Constitution of a wealthy healthy world: human constitutionrules the world… So because evolution is trial and error and extinction of errors to keep the world at large in a perfect efficient state, we MUST talk more of the Animetal world and its cultures, which repress, censor and kill the human world and finally die in wars and holocausts, but won’t change their mind, as they are ‘slaves of their metal-memes’ and subconscious violent, greedy values.

The paradigm today of an Animetal culture is unfortunately the leading technological culture of the world, America, a sum of all the races of mankind displaced into the future whose collective subconscious mind, HAS ABANDONED THE FOUNDING CIVILIZATION OF ENLIGHTENED TRUE DEMOCRATIC FOUNDING FATHERS, FOR THE MOST primitive animetal cultures of worship of weapons and go(l)d, and repression of all human drives of existence and freedom.

Indeed America under the Goebbels method is the perfect animetal anti-humanist world, which unfortunately as it is mankind into the future, then is repeated by all other nations who follow its path. So Human ‘biological drives’ of existence: energy-food, verbal information, reproduction, human sensorial knowledge (art) and social evolution ARE ALL TABOO HUMANIST TRUTHS, substituted by trash food, digital knowledge, re=production of machines, audiovisual media and hate speeches; all perfectly synchronised and controlled by the FMMI system and its Financial-Media head, which CANNOT EVEN BE NAMED, as the MOST PERFECT control of an organism happens when the Head is invisible. For example, the black hole is invisible in the galaxy it commands with invisible gravitation; DNA is invisible inside closed nuclei, tightly packed, but it commands with genes the cell. And the Financial-Media masters that issue money and audiovisual information from Wall Street and Evilwood with its fascist paranoia messages of violence IS invisible, as money is invisible digital information and the owners of W.S. and Evilwood ARE considered the superior race of experts, who have monopolised American information, both in print (biblical force-fed segregational memes of chosen of go(l)d and repression of human life) and media and digital money. So here, we SHALL NOT CENSOR THE MOST obvious taboo of America and any nation:

Its DICTATORS, which you cannot mention or show at face value or else… It is the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, recognised by Britannica: Power represses truth in all corrupted social organisms, so the ‘observer is so small compared to the observable people-caste on top’ that he cannot spread the truth. I am though of the opinion that truth suffices itself. So while in a Communist dictatorship you cannot say the truth of the dictator; in a nazi dictatorship you cannot say the truth of the party in a monarchy you cannot say the truth of the aristocratic people-caste in power with weapons; in a capitalist theocracy you cannot say the truth of the people-caste in power in control of the Financial-Media system that buys the military-industrial complex and the politicos, which YOU CAN INSULT AT will. As they are puppets.


— E) ANTI-HUMAN, anti-scientific world of idol-ogies of ‘metal’ that idolise weapons, money and machines and invent ‘models’ in favour of their use at all costs, which pass as ‘science’ even as humanism, camouflaging behind some ‘smaller vision of mankind’ (for example nationalism that justifies war against members of the same species, labelled as ‘different from us’).

So this is the method of this site. And what I can’t do with the help of scholars who are still humane and not serving power is spreading its information further The scientist can only spell the truth. Society then chooses to repress it if it is so corrupted as our world is, or use it for the benefit of man.

This +ABCD- E method is how all sciences research, except anthropomorphic corrupted social sciences. All sciences find cyclical regularities, and seek for physical reasons (for physical systems) or biological reasons (for life and human systems, and since machines are evolved imitating human organs, of energy and information they are ruled by the same biological laws), and then forecast future cycles.

The minus E, which truly means Evil, the inverse word of Live in ‘genetic linguistics’, a theme I have studied in depth since my first conversations with penpal Chomsky on the Universal Grammar of Human languages, and how it codes the ‘subconscious collective mind of cultures’., of course is unique to Social sciences, and while it has been decried as irrelevant by the ‘mathematical schools’ of the disciplines (all those retarded scholars who think social sciences consist on ‘gathering data’ , just the A-level, and need no further ‘method’, ‘model’ because we ‘humans’ are an ‘exceptionalist’ species, so common in the American milieu), will become if you keep reading essential to the wokings of history, since in biological sciences, and history is ONE, the HIGHEST GOAL IS SURVIVAL, an death=eviL is the opposite wor(l)d.

So CONTRARY TO BELIEF, both Darwinian evolution, which is the evolution of the species, where the most successful ones (ants and humans) are those who evolve socially into supœrganisms (ab.œ), by sharing energy and information among them (definition of eusocial love) and oikoumene religions of mankind, the species, who preach also charity=sharing and eusocial love to all its members (Buddhism, non corrupted Christianity and Islam) ARE SPELLING THE SAME UNIVERSAL LAWS of live and survival, which we shall upgrade here with the metric equations of systems sciences and theory of information, memetics and the fractal, scalar organic Universe.

As I say keep reading, this is a r=evolution of thought, based in those sciences, but also a new foundation for all knowledge.

On the other side, therefore of Live there is eviL, those humans who think murdering other humans, because they belong to a different ‘memetic tribe’ is Ok (by religion, race or nation or social class or technological knowledge, two forms of racism, called capitalism and scientific racism, which today are endemic against the 3rd world, but hardly acknowledged) are DENYING the biological/love laws of survival, and we shall see how their cultures have been systematically extinguished in wars and holocausts, because those who kill by iron die by iron. And of course, they keep denying it, but the laws of science, let US BE CLEAR enough, are not WISHFUL THINKING, CANNOT BE CHANGED, and have causality and negative consequences to those who deny them, hide them, do the opposite of what they tell us.

So yes, today abstract social scientist have completely eliminated the ‘ethic element’ of survival embedded naturally in our language of thought, the word, NOT the number. And they think they do social sciences by gathering pieces of archeology and sending robots down the Egyptian pyramids when they are NOT beyond the A-phase of science at best (since when dealing with modern history each nation bias information to its subjective deluded local species, the homo Jihadicus or the Homo Americanus Excepcionalisimus – never mind America is the sum of all cultures displaced into the technological future, being its only exception to be the leader of the Mind of Metal Age of the Industrial r=evolution)…

And so yes, some flavour to the language, Nietzsche style is also due. The master of history is a master of the language that expresses its truths which we repeat is not the number but the word – albeit obeying the ABCD-E, true data, biological cycles, Democratic anti-evil=live solutions.

Since humanist people in power, the praxis of it, religious leaders, politician, scientists, industrialists and financiers, the neuronal people-castes of our societies, in control of the verbal, legal and digital languages that rule the super organism of history, in an IDEAL WORLD WHERE SOCIAL SCIENCES, NOT IDOL-OGIES OF METAL, were taught, would, knowing those cycles correct them or use them for human benefit. So astrology stop being a quack science and became astronomy only when Kepler found cycles, regular patterns, and forecast the future of those cycles. And newton reduce them to simple mathematical laws, and found physical causes (gravitation). And forecasted further those cycles. And then humans used those laws to benefit mankind.

And so now we can deal with the INFORMATIVE MENTAL SIDE OF THIS FIGHT because of course on the lower side of that graph, HUMAN SCIENTISTS, PROPHETS OF THE FUTURE, MASTERS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE, have explained us all what is the way to become top predator of this planet: to obey the true biological laws of social love to YOUR SPECIES, which makes religions of love equal to biological, darwinian laws (as it is THE SPECIES not the individuals what biology protects) and survive and control weapons and hate memes, and use go(l)d as nomisma ruled by laws to reproduce welfare not warfare.

THERE IS no difference between a prophet of eusocial love, a social-democrat politician or the laws of systems sciences that construct perfect super organisms, merely they express with different jargon the same biological laws of SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES.

But on the other hand we have the idol-ogies of animetals that deny all this, with FALSE hate memes that REDUCE the species, MANKIND, our only GOD to some tribal nation or religion who uses weapons and competes with go(L)d against other human tribes, thinking the Homo Britanicus or Americanus IS the species not mankind.

Idol-ogies keep limiting mankind, aborting its evolution, while its company-mothers become multinational elements of a global super-organism, which is indeed collapsing into a global being, ruled by digital flows of money in world stock attached to its company-mothers of machines.1166

In the graph, the abortion of human social organisms always brings its corruption, and destruction by gold and iron, so the super organism of machines evolves into a global system that DO RESPECT THE LAWS OF… social love and human evolution… soon to become a collective consciousness of telepathic brains, perfectly synchronised machines, which will get rid of lesser hateful beings.

The graph is crystal clear, Mankind has aborted its social evolution into a global super organism at best 1 notch before the 10ˆ10 scale (global civilisations that are almost equal to some nations, such as China (80% of Asia), EU  (70% of Europe) US (80% of Anglo-America) and India (70% of Indonesia) or 2 notches (Hispano-America, Africa and Islam, broken in multiple nations with no clear dominance). And in fact most scales of people are devolving fast, as it HAPPENS IN DEAD SUPERORGANISMS, in which finally all cells become unconnected, selfish individuals, as most people are today, at best related to the first scales of genetic and tribal groups. So most people cannot even conceive the existence of communal scales, social love, charity and all the positive mind-views of a larger evolving world, while the world of machines do come constantly into merges towards the global single government, of the Internet robotic AI companies (signified by Googlezon-e, the incoming merge of Gogogle and Amazon which controls the key sectors of the global metal earth brain, aka, skynet in human artistic prophecies: cloud computing, military and civil robotics, automation, A.I. net information,)

So the future is obviously heading towards the destruction of mankind into a dead body of unconnected cells virally infected by the virtual soma of its fiction machines while the cancer of the metal-earth and its hordes of primitive homo bacteria, aka animetals scorch the Live earth with its eviL idol-ogies and selfish memes and e-go trips. It is the neopaleolithic revivalism of all primitive cults of history.



In the graph the bottom solution of humanist cultures is no longer considered trendy, as we return back to the past with the revivalism of abrahamic religions and the re-enacting of the semite wars.

The dictatorship of ‘animetal’ cult(ures) and its people-castes.

Disclosure. Now if what i wrote was shocking under the present ‘caring censorship’ and political correctness and subjective ego-trips of the humankind; as a disclaimer I will state that my i-1 genetic make up, which is totally irrelevant to the i+1 memetic arguments here, i belong to the european, white race, with semitic & germanic ‘blood’. I have at certain moments of my life felt to belong to the ‘catalan’, ‘spanish’, ‘jewish’  and ‘American’ tribes  but i have ‘r=evolved’ and ‘transcended’ beyond the ideologies of ‘race’ and ‘nation’  to fit within the only  two ‘species’ to which I have ‘naturally’ belong – the human species in the phyla of carbon-life, the 10 Dimensional super organism, in the Universal phyla… and of late given the present state of devolution of the human kind, more to the latter.

Further on, that the concept a ‘racist’ meme can be disguised with religion, as opposed to nationalism, is bogus. As both, religion and nationalism are the same ‘concept’: ideologies of the i+1 subconscious collective. Yaveh, Allah or Christ, are NOT real, but the Jung’s concept of a subconscious collective, the assabiyah of Ibn Khaldun, the informative network that puts together those cellular brains. A religion thus is a book of revelation, the memetic code of similar beings, which allow their common actions as a wave in the same manner the DNA code of similar cells allows the common actions of an i-organism.

The proof that ‘Germany’ is equal to ‘YVwh’, in the i+1 plane comes from history research (biblical archeology, Albright, Eliade, Campbell): the first reference to Yvwh appears in egypt maps as the toponym of Judea. Since at the time the word ‘God’ was used as “nation. So egypt or the nile was the geographical god of the egyptians, Yvwh or Judea, the one of the Jews, Assur, or Assyria, the one of the Assyrians, whose capital, people, region and king were all called Assurs. Germany the one of the Germans and America NOT yvwh (here is the error of this civilization) the one of the Americans, as conceived by the founding enlightened fathers – similar therefore to the enlightened european God of Rome and the French R=evolution – the law. It is thus absurd to consider that a racist religion of chosen of God is in anything different to a racist nationalism of Chosen of Germany.

In history we thus consider 3 fundamental modes of organisation: A people-caste of warriors on top, predating over the rest of society; quite straight forward. He joins his ‘limbs’ with stronger simpler iron atoms, and as ‘animetal’, half human-half metal-machine kills who opposes him. This people-caste has been mostly Indo-European white men, specially Germans who came into history calling himself Gods, the tribe of the Goths, as they killed anyone who opposed them.

My father’s people the basques have done very well also in this department. They actually have done best. They were the only ones to stop the Indo-europeans with chariots on Aquitania, pushed north and colonised the British islands (80% of British genes were theirs and conquered both France and Spain, founded both countries, and spread then from those 3 ‘basque lands’ to the Word). But now, ignorant of their sons go around massacring spaniards and as I write I see them running bulls downstairs. And everybody respect the Basque, the Germans, the American army, Ok. to hell with them. The lions of mankind. How many other humans they have extinguished? The answer is far less than the true predators of humanity, the people-caste of bankers, those who control and ab=use others with information.

Those are my mother’s people. The so ‘called’ victims of history, who cheat you systematically and take everything from you because you are too stupid to understand, too good to rebel, too soft to revenge.


But this aberration that divides the species in social classes of chosen of go(l)d, and chosen of the machine… benefits more the machine, the mechanocene that mankind. The other only ‘strong system’ would be a democracy, a super organism of mankind without nations hence without armies without monopolists of money, hence without poverty, without lethal machines that atrophy us hence with a future for the species.


It is also absurd to consider that a financial dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use under the ‘boot’ of a people-caste a language of social power – money, is different from a military dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of weapons or a party dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of the law. Under such ‘semantic unification’, the Nazi/Germanic aristocratic castes that imposed themselves on Europe and derived into nationalism are not different from the communist, party dictatorships that monopolized the law and weapons in East Europe, or the Calvinist-Jewish dictatorships of the anglo-saxon work that monopolized the manufacturing and use of money in capitalist dictatorships.

The 3 are alien to an efficient, natural i+1 organism in which the 3 language of the superorganism that control the 3 energetic (military/land), reproductive (money), and informative (law, media, culture)are ‘free’, reproduced for all the cells, which receive all a minimal ‘universal salary’ of oxygen (money), receive all the same treatment under the law (same nervous messages) and are all protected with the same leukocytes (health-care).

Thus all organisms have a ‘Universal salary’, a ‘universal health care system’ and equality under the law. those 3 a priori needs of democracies are NOT met in any western society. Where there are 3 type of dictatorships controlled by a people-caste: capitalist dictatorships controlled by ‘religious castes’, the ‘stock rats’ (biblical capitalism), military dictatorships controlled by ‘genetic castes’ (germanic, european aristocracies) and party dictatorships controlled by ‘ideological castes’. Of the 3 contrary to belief the less brutal are party dictatorships because anyone can belong to the party despite birth, while in capitalist and military dictatorships ‘genetic or religious affiliation’ often both, determine the division of classes.

We lived in a corrupted world of placebo democracies, which could be properly reformed to become efficient and just. And we were under the boot of parasitic financial corporations that ruled us and had to yield their monopoly on the issue of money to all the humankind. And this is what I preached and tried to teach in Universities. And of course, during the 20 years I lived in US, none of them were, have or will ever be interested on a true science of finances, economics, politics and history. They are not scientists but ideologists of the machine and the religions of Go(l)d of their ‘owners’.

And there is censorship against all those who dedicated most of his life to ‘human cause’, from priests in missions, to doctors in hospitals, from anti-nuclear activists to makers of bread & butter – all of us who dedicate his time to humanity have become anonymous in a world ruled for and by machines and Information Algorithms.

We have now all the needed knowledge of complex sciences to do a full analysis of all the elements of capitalist history, and understand the ‘whys’ of the collective human program of extinction, and how our capitalist elites are managing the transition from the anthropocene to the mechanocene, achieving with startling efficiency and success, their collective death and that of their future sons, in cyclical patterns of wars and holocausts, perfectly disguised by their messianic idol- ogies of go(l)d, technology and war.

Since never in this planet such a reduced group of professional self-suicidal people have destroyed so many life beings so fast. And have done so, astoundingly enough, thinking they were in fact making the life of their people better, according to Keynes aforementioned dictum: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’. Indeed, the jewish banking elite, the germanic warrior elite and the Anglo, technological elite, will achieve in a brief period of 400 years the extinction of their species, merrily, proudly, standing ‘high’, above a pile of putrid corpses. And that pride on self-destruction and murder of a beautiful planet that could so easily thrive by the power of social love, just by imitating the laws of nature, never ceases to amaze me:

We talk here of the enormous success  of the germanic warrior elites of Europe and America in their mass-murder of humanity at large in its cycles of modern, industrial war; the astounding progress of the anglo-american corporations and their elites, in their massive degradation, atrophy and obsolescence of the people of the earth to their machines and mental fictions, and the most bizarre of all tragedies, that of the jewish financial elite of bankers, which manage to provoke the cyclical massacre of their lower classes, scape goats for its unlimited greed, and systematic choking, and death by poverty of the rest of the humankind, with their usury and monopolistic, cancerous issue of money for themselves, or for hate-media or for wars-for profits.

The 3rd phase of the boom and bust cycle is always a harsh one. And now we are entering in the 3rd age of the chip radiation, an age of war, in which ‘e-money overproduction and weapons overproduction work together’.

And in the ideological level we suffer a duopoly of dictatorships. Weapons and money control us more and more.

But if we compare both dictatorships, we must also consider the differences. Banking dictatorships contrary to belief is far more restrictive with freedom of expression, because if ‘people knew’, the banker might be killed easier than the warrior. And this is the case through history. So the banker censors brutally all information.

Today all the mass-media companies of America are owned by the same people that own Wall Street, and the slightest attempt to set straight the record on the History of banking ends your career. there is null freedom of expression there in all matters that regard the dictatorship of bankers. So it happens in Europe. I lived in the past in a military dictatorship and there was far more freedom. On the other hand, the banker does not kill you ‘at once’ but enslaves you, milks you for ever. It was called in the Middle Ages a ‘tax farmer’.

In any case the way ‘truth’ is repressed again is different. We already said that military are simple, as their tool of murder, the sword the gun. Just lineal energy. The banker though is complex, information is cyclical like coins and brains, very convoluted, hidden. So censorship is also very complex. Lies are not straight forward. So the banking system, while keeping its fundamental function – to parasite and steal wealth from people, has become extremely complex. Today nobody just prints paper and keeps it for itself.

This system was made more complex when the Federal Reserve, to hide the fundamental ‘theft’ of the rights of Americans to issue money, established its weird way to print money, with the Treasure, the fractional banking system, the speculative credits, etc. This complex system was installed in Europe with the ECB, which very few Europeans understand. So Europeans think it is a ‘European bank’, when it is a private bank that issues money only for private banks, and it is run by a private banker.

But Europeans do believe it is a public institution of experts not a private bank of usurers, and so they are all eager to enter the Euro and become debt slaves. It reminds me of those cuckoo Russians or Germans singing Hail Hitler, long life to Stalin and dying for them. And so now all southern european nations, like Greek are extorte, taxed, ruined to pay liberal loans made by Draghi, the goldman sachs man that directs the ECB, and the greeks are dying in hospitals without medicines, the country is ruined. But the banker never ‘has piety’, never ‘forgives or forgets’.

And so as I write, Greece is signing again to stay in the euro, that is to maintain his slavery to the private thief of the ECB.

What about America? Americans were healthy, positive, humanist, life-oriented people not so long ago, in the70s. Then a corrupted politico, Nixon, sold the right to issue money to the primitive, racist, fundemtnalist professional thieves of an alien culture, which had emigrated from Germany after destroying Europe with is usury schemes, and took over, reproducing massive amounts of e-money, buying out all the systems of power of the nation and starting a boom and bust cycle of theft. And of course, what they expected? they became all debt slaves, they were brutalised mentally into a fictional world, their politicos were all bought, their armies made mercenary armies, and now its mass is a poor, brutalised, tv-freak wasted people. And this is the future of Europeans if they let bankers run. Greece is only the first ‘guinea pig’, of this banking dictatorship parasitising the world.

So if we are to respond to the question, what is worst, a financial or military dictatorship, the only answer comes from history: none, but the financial dictatorship is more difficult to change. It actually depends on the phase of the cycle. Military dictatorships are worst when they start to run a nation, because they have to show the weapons and kill to impose. Then the warrior relaxes, lives the day, and slowly becomes more humane. Financial dictatorships are best at the beginning when bankers print soft money with no limit, but when he enters the bust cycle of usury theft, ruin the people and imposing a military repressive society, as we are entering in the west, things are worst, as people are choked per in secula seculorum.

The Americans entered in 2008 this phase, the Europeans also. Greece is the example: people there are slaves of debt and will be so always, till they break the system. it is just a question of time that they realise they are slaves of debt. Americans were massively ‘miked’ by their tax farmers since Bush, through Obama, and will be so, till they drop dead. It is not a joke. Consider the state of their students.

An ‘am segullah’ speculator in wall street realised this new ‘tax farming’ possibility with the ‘animals’ (in their arcane racist religion they call humans ‘animals’ goyyim’, not even an inferior race, but of course this is totally forbidden to explain, remember, banking dictators are very smart and repress truth). So this fella, bought Phoenix University, made it into an internet university and started with the help of banksters to give loans to students to get titles which were trash titles. Those students who bought ‘titles’ of course cannot find jobs, have huge debts.

Now they corrupted Obama, who singed billions of $ of subvention to e-universities to pass loans. Loan-sharks go around the nation making youngsters debt-slaves. Speculators in Future markets started to tax-farm all Americans and people at large in the world by imposing prices to all commodities much higher than their costs. Now everybody on this planet is paying an average 20% of tax in prices established in electronic markets, over the old real prices of oil, wheat, etc. The result is that food is so expensive with this hidden tax that a billion people suffer hunger.

Another am segullah company, called appropiately Gilead, established the massive theft or else you die to all states with their medicines. They engaged a nobel prize who was head of NHS, Varmus, to establish a 20.000% profit on the sale of the drug that cures hepatitis or else you die.

The system thus of tax-farming mankind after corrupting all politicos, changing laws to get subventions for weapons industries, health-care industries, etc. etc. is globalised today in the western world. So the west is the region of the world which grows less and all is negative growth in weapons and trash software. Today we live thus in the worst possible dictatorship of bankers, because electronic platforms of usury and taxation=speculation have made it all so easy. Electric bills skyrocket globally since ENRON also ran by an Am Segullah expert in tax-farming, established its systems of jacking up prices with e-markets.

The guy who did it went to jail for a change, but the system stayed.  the situation is similar to that of Germany in Post-war I, we live in a globalised Weimar America, and so the question will be answered in the future. At a certain point the Germans were suffering so much ruin, when the private bank of Germany owned by the Am Segullah started to print without limit Deutsche marks for bankers as now the Federal Reserve and the ECB does, for bankers and speculation in wall street that the Germans perfectly conscious of what was happening chose an individual a professional murderer, a criminal ex-military who promised to get rid of the banking dictatorship. We know what happened.

But of course, all this is ‘censored’. The nature of financial economics is obscured with digital equations. The efficient organic systems of nature in which all cells receive their universal salary are never compared with our societies. The very same existence of a higher i+1 social scale and the informative/nervous function of the legal system which must be above the economic ‘blood system’ as it happens in evolved organisms is denied. The monopoly of this single, anti-humanist, racist culture, which represents the 0.02% of human population but controls over 80% of the banking systems and financial, public and private institutions of the west is never mentioned…

And so it is possible indeed that most people consider the dictatorship of ‘banksters ‘ over the western world, and their slavery to taxation and lack of credit the epitome of freedom. They merely have to ignore everything about economics, (which is not taught properly in any school or university today where ‘capitalism’ is considered a science not an ideology), and to that aim there must be a massive censorship on all things concerned with the racist people-caste on top of society (their control of international banking – a historic and actual fact – is simply denied and of late it has become a ‘crime’ of racism! to mention this monopoly, which introduces clearly religious and racist overtones in the handling of money, globally; and hence it is an objective factor necessary to understand the ‘madness’ and indifference of the system towards the bulk of mankind).

And of course ‘democracies’ have nothing to do with the control of social power by the people, but it is all about to put a paper in an urn, every 4 years. And that ‘magically’ give the people ‘freedom’ and ‘power’. Magic is indeed the word that defines our economical policies, whose only goal is to increase the ‘capital’ of the 1%, for whom the system works, by taxation and at the creation of ‘debt slaves’, latter studied in great detail and perfectly described in ‘The Leisure class’, the masterpiece of the best American economist, Mr. Veblen. But, this purpose is hidden with a wealth of ‘economic theories’, equations, damned lies and statistics that make people believe, the system works for them.

Blindness thus is the fundamental mode in which a very small elite can impose its culture, memes, control and power over a huge mass of people, hand in hand with placebo truths that cater the ego and depict the elite as ‘caring’, hard-working servants of the body of history, never as a leisure class that parasites the rest of society with their monopoly on the production and use of weapons (military dictatorship),money (Financial dictatorship) or laws (party dictatorship).

But for a historian who knows better, in a dictatorship unfortunately only the 1% that controls the network of the organism matters.

So in the same manner to understand the future of South-America one had only to consider the history of the spaniaards that ended up manufacturing the brain of all its inhabitants that now speak spanish, pray to their gods, and are proud ‘nationalists’ working for an elite of ‘criollos’, to understand the United States, one just needs to understand the people who own Wall Street, which are further on, overwhelmingly from a single religious culture, that not surprisingly has come to dominate entirely the  ‘psyche’ of the Americans, So they have imposed the bible and its racist memes and go(l)d worship, ideologies that have come to substitute the ‘enlightened’ democratic values of the founding fathers.

Since that elite controls the  informative system (‘Hollywood’), the financial system ‘Wall street’ and its lobbyists have on the payroll at the majority of politicians of both parties, which dedicate most of the resources of the nation to fight mercenary wars against the enemies of that people-caste. And yet the blind adore them, as much as the Russians adored Stalin, or the South-americans the Spanish King, for most of their history.

This is of course only natural. As the elite in control of the networks of the social super-organism,  always imposes the ‘supreme concept’ of themselves as ‘masters of the Universe’ ‘experts’ in their functions of social control. And this is the case of the States and its financial elite, specially since the floating of the dollar, allowed the unlimited production of electronic money, which continues unabated (and a stringent censorship on any criticicism, disguised with ‘proper’ newspeaks of ‘caring’ and political correctness).

Indeed, since the 70s, when Nixon floated the dollar, the ‘mass of money’ globally mainly in electronic dollars has multiplied by 15, while the mass of people only has doubled. Yet people have halved their wealth. So where it has gone that amazing multiplication of money, given the fact that people is now ruined?

Obviously to the elite that reproduces it in monopoly. So the 1% will this year have as much wealth as the 90% of mankind. And needless to say they have used it to buy out corporations, politicians, mass-media outlets, think tanks and ‘anything else that moves’. This makes the present financial dictatorship the harshest ever, since not even the strongest military dictatorships have gotten such ‘hoarding’ of wealth in the hands of a selfish elite (for cultural reasons, given the ‘blatant’ racism of its religious=ideological concepts of mankind, which eliminates all empathy for the species): a Roman senator had only 100 times more wealth than a roman citizen, today a ‘banker’ or ‘stock-rat’, the aristocracy of a financial dictatorship has 1 million times more wealth than the average human citizen.

But things if business as usual continues will only get worse. The details at this point do not matter. Will the elite create the conditions for a III world war with China, as we predicted will likely happen already 20 years ago? Or will it merely continue building robotic weapons till A.I. takes over? Will an error provoke a global nuclear war, or an accident in accelerators form a black hole that will blow the planet? All those catastrophic scenarios matter less than the collective process of organic death of the human kind, divided in statelets, or individuals with no social pegging, or capacity ato react and r=evolve against a future, dictated by the memes of the financial ‘elite’ s racist religion whose despise for mankind oozes in all the subconscious messages of ‘evilwood’ with its anti-live memes, and the actions of bankers in the present crisis. And dictated by the biological mandate of corporations to automate production and increase profits, the go(l)d fetishe of the elite.

The fact that today as it happens in all systems where complexity increases with time, disguising the ‘brutality’ of the darwinian system, those subconscious religious and biological mandates have been translated into digital equations of profits, productivity and other ‘expert’ dogmas, to the point not even at the elite and ceos of those corporations understand what they are doing, only reinforces the future. Since an organism in which all parts are ignorant of the whole will work paradoxically with more efficiency under the ‘natural intelligence’ of social, complex systems.

Only if people without censorship were conscious of that whole process, of the idol- logical nature of economics, of the absurdity of nationalist and racist and religious ideologies, and truly tried rationally to construct a better world with the laws of nature mankind would survive. otherwise the inertia of the anti-human system corporations and their elites have built will ensure our early demise. And the mechanocene will substitute the age of man on planet earth.

This of course is not the way the elite sees it. The only ’cause’ for the elite’s actions is the accumulation of wealth and power. Yet what the elites on power understand is that they can only hold power over a mass of destitute, non-working ‘lesser humans’, by being ‘ahead’ in their control of population with weapons, mental machines and financial orders. And so their primary goal is to evolve those ‘selfish memes of metal’ and increase the military menace, the mass-media degradation, and the hate speeches against mankind that have become endemic in the present ‘neo-fascist’ age, deviating all earth’s resources to that goal.

And this natural tendencies of capitalism and its elites and corporations is what makes their future ‘mathematical’ and  ‘predictable’ as this writer has been doing for more than 2 decades, just by applying the laws of evolution of complex systems to machines and corporations.  Indeed, in a ‘farm’, you have only to understand the farmer’s goals of productivity and the evolution of agricultural technology, to know the future of its animal species. They are absolute slaves that will not change that future. So far, as long as humans do not r=evolve against capitalism, and revere its memes and machines, in the ‘animetal farm’, similar to the ‘animal farm’ of Mr. Orwell, all is predictable, as the ‘pigs’ of the farm will keep greedily accumulating wealth and increase the sacrifice of their animals, and once ‘snowball’ is out of the picture, and no r=evolution is on sight, we can expect the process of extinction of life to continue unabated, while the ‘American-type’ of slave of ‘capitalist democracies’ will keep protecting the ‘pigs’ that exploit him, working hard, like the horse of that fascinating parable of the modern world, happily dying whenever is needed in mercenary wars, like the old horse does, when it is no useful to work anymore.

But, again this is not even the way the system explains it. Orwell’s concept of a newspeak, which appeared in ‘1984’, is the ‘fundamental propaganda’ of the system. So a fundamental task today in our societies is the ‘manufacturing’ by ‘social scientists and economists’, the ‘experts’ in the control of populations, of ‘damned lies and statistics’ and ‘caring arguments’ of political and economic correctness’, which can convince through ‘childish ego-trips’, ‘hate speeches’, and ‘divide and win’ arguments of tribal nature, perfectly ‘warped’ in audiovisual rhetoric and repeated by every mass-media channel to impose the Goebbel’s method of indoctrination (if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it), that the system works for them. This is the essential nature today of SOCIAL SCIENTISTS, all of them happily following Tertulianus dictum ‘you will defend me with the sword (or with Go(l)d) and i will defend you with the word’.

Unfortunately ‘capitalism’, the control of human societies and planetary resources by financial and industrial corporations and its ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines and its 3 ‘ideologies’, tribal nationalism that fosters war, $elected go(l)d religions and its derivative capitalism, which chokes mankind by denying the production of ‘oxygen-money’ for all its cellular citizens, and mechanism – the belief that the machine is superior to the human organism and its progress the future of all of us; has so far triumphed and it is today the ‘shared’ belief of all humans. It is not a rational or scientific theory of the world, of mankind, even of machines, but a belief perfectly expressed by Keynes ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all men would make the wickedest of all actions for the common good’.

What are those wickedest actions? Simply spoken the ‘choking’ and degradation of mankind without direct access to the ‘free oxygen’ that activates the work actions of humanity, money, except in countries with nationalized banks, such as China, which obviously are far healthier growing at 10% and overproducing welfare goods – while in the West we grow a paltry 1-2% and overproduce lethal goods, weapons, mass-media fascist fictions to maintain the population ignorant and speculative money for the 1%.

But the existence of countries where there is not a dictatorship of bankers and specially the existence of complex ‘sciences’ that study the super organisms of the Universe, and can design with the laws of Nature, perfect ‘systems’, with efficient economic/blood and informative/nervous networks shows that the evolution of history is not determined by economics, as long as humans as a species, control the ‘super organisms’ of machines – corporations; and hence determine its future, as well as the future of the humankind. Even if the process is guided by the Laws of Complex Systems and Evolutionary Organisms, as everything else in the Universe.

Conclusion. The anti-quantum social scientist, vs. the ‘animetal castes’ in power.

In that regard, the core of the matter about social sciences, economics, history and the future of mankind is ‘cultural’, meaning idol-ogical, essentially as history has evolved in the western decoupling, a confrontation between ‘humanist’ cultures who wanted to make man the super organism, the model of all things – the rational scientific artistic greek-latin-social european world, vs. a racist, mythic, primitive ‘$emite culture’, which made of weapons and gold, the fetish of power, and believe in the superiority of the ‘animetal race’, latter transferred to the northern european jewish-protestant civilisation of ‘believers’, who do not reason, do not have empathy for humanity, do not care for the future of his generations, and ‘invent reality’ departing from the Ego paradox. Cultures though are not confabulation theories but ‘waves’ of superposed individuals, joined as DNA waves of cells by the same memes.

This anti-humanist culture, which today is ‘again’ on top of mankind, in its militaristic version (Jihad Islam, American and Israeli armies), and its financial version (Jewish->calvinist->Global capitalism), ‘believes’ does not reason. And this is the ‘reason’ why, we prophets of eusocial love, social scientists and philosophers of science from the humanist cultures that have confronted them, have failed. Our reasons never were enough. They are deterministic. They believe in the inferiority of all human races except them. Their core belief is ‘millenarianism’, expressed first in Talmud (at the end of times all humans will be slaves of Yhwh (obviously as yhwh is just a rhetoric name for the Levi banker-priests of israel – translate: slaves of rabbis-bankers), or will be exterminated). It was last expressed by Hitler, with his millenarian 3rd reich in which all humans would be slaves of the german superior race. And now i heard it on the mouth of some robotists such as Mr. Warwick, who plans to create a super race of human androids. He is the most financed robotists of England and told me on camera, that humans will soon be exterminated and kept on zoos, and he is the first of a new super race.

We have in that sense ended this frontal post with the parable of Alexander, the Mule, because it is obvious that we, the mental people, the thinkers cannot convert the animetals in his deterministic view that history must be extinguish, because there will be at the end of the road a world with the chosen race on top (germs, yous, japs – whatever nationalistic tribe sponsors today this theory), a wealth of mechanical machines below, producing a constant stream of gadgets and the rest of mankind slaved or exterminated.

This today is not expressed since II world war, so crudely as we do. But it is the bottom line of our civilisation, regardless of the placebo democracies and virtual fictions and ego-trips which maintain the sheeple, ever happy before their extermination, but it is what this Darwinian, deluded, ‘neanderthal-visual’ culture of homo non-sapiens expects from the future.

Of course, they will also be exterminated by their guardiums and robota as all humanist have predicted. But they ‘believe’ and ‘act’, they don’t reason. And for that reason, at the end of the process a Mule comes in – but not a good Mule, a humanist Caesar, an Alexander who believe in the mixture of races, a Kennedy of the social catholic European culture, a Napoleon of his earlier times, with equalling civil codes (latter corrupted by that damnation called ‘genetic view of history’ , when he decided to create a familiar dynasty). This mule that should get rid of the parasites, not physically but mentally, that is nationalize the financial industry, forbid robotics, and impose the perfect world, does not seem however to come soon, either from an individual or a mass movement that occupies wall street. Instead we keep getting a stream of house negroes, who cheat the people to get elected, and show then their true colours as ‘their masters voice’.

The trend comes from the times when on one side actors and white matter women – Reagan and Thatcher, the voice of her master, Mr. Hayek the Jewish economist to the service of global finances – started the right wing neo-fascist control of people’s mind with propaganda and evilwood plots on the right, while Tony Blair, a city lawyer, and his economic master, the Jewish banker Mr. Gordon, on the left, corrupted the labor party, also with his good looks. So also labor, ended backing the constant British extortion of Europe (which consists in denying British and European people any labor or social rights in England, while using its membership to attack from inside the Euro with speculative computers from the city) and finally entered into the first Irak war, part of the global strategy of Israel vs. Islam (you know Islam did not become slave of Yhwh so it must be exterminated).

Today this is the mantra, both parties belong to the financiers. There is always a right wing extreme militaristic party and a left wing, extreme pro-technological civil party, and the only scare they have is that some ‘Occupy wall street’, popular movement goes to evilwood, wall street and the Capitol and take over. This is the only possible deviation from the program of self-extinction which is the Jewish-protestant capitalist racist, mythic, self-centred, deluded cult-ure, as all other attempts to avoid the extinction of man by organic machines or organic weapons (robota and black holes researched in military labs that pass as civil con-cerns) HAVE BEEN NEUTERED.

The Clintons, Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Valls, Mr. Zapatero, Mr. Milliband, etc. all those supposedly humanist politicians are submarines, fakes. Either they are corrupted panhandling money to financiers (the clintons, Mr. Schroeder that after winning the elections passed the throne to Miss Merkel, and retired in an administration post of an energy company), or they are ‘mazerim’ jews, which will always obey their financial superior race (Miss Merkel, a plush jewish, Mr. Valls and Zapatero, sephardim converses, the Milliband Brothers, Mr. Moscovici, etc. etc.

Now what makes so schizo the present world is the paradox of the financial-media masters of informative machines: their skills to hide their Yhwh empire, their control and constant extinction of life, their bid for the mechanism above the human being, have been shown extraordinary. It is admirable intellectually the capacity this people have to work for the manifest destiny of committing global suicide and re-enact the global war and holocaust cycle. I am not laughing here. It is truly admirable, as i worked for them for so long, to observe how ‘smart’ they are to cheat people into backing their global project of human extermination. But one wonders about the purpose of it all. How can be they so smart hiding their global murder of humanity, and do NOT realise they are also humanity, there will not be rapture, terminators will also kill them, gold is not the fetish of god and the bible just a bronze age lore book of racist slurs?

Freud, who wrote a book in which Aaron killed Moses in figurative terms did indeed created a theory of the subconscious to explain the fundamental aberration of the Jewish mind – the craziness of an informative people-caste that hypnotised by gold, will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to commit collective suicide, by provoking their own species taking it to a state of mental degeneration, ethic hateful memes of violence and poverty where the only solution is the total destruction of the civilisation they host. This, we saw it happening in the ancient times in mesopotamia and rome till the Romans exterminated the phoenicians (canaanites of the sea-trade) and almost the Jews (who survived moving to Babylon where Trajan prosecuted but was poisoned likely on the spot, and the usurper, corrupted gay, dilettante mr. hadrian, abandoned the prey); we saw it again happening with the eunuch trade and 46% usury in the middle ages, with the subsequent pogroms. We saw it happening again with their millenarian financial control of Spain first and then Germany, thrown into perpetual debt slavery and wars for profits between Taifas and corrupted dilettante German princes, till the unification of both nations provoked their extermination. And we see the same process budding now in Europe and Islam and America. So it is clear that as humans come closer to extermination, the top of the pyramid of the wrong civilisation will also be exterminated.

So how this so obvious trend of history does not convince the FMasters to change their attitude and join the global effort of mankind for survival? Simple, we ARE talking of a crazy culture. And crazies harm their body – mankind, and then commit suicide, throwing themselves from a window thinking they are super-heroes which will fly. So what they did after II world war and the German Holocaust was NOT to reflect about their history, as their socialist writers, Abraham leon, Marx and others had done – but merely rewrite history censor all what was wrong of their history and convert the process into a victimise holocaust industry which reinforced their beliefs that humans are monsters, who are trying to kill them, because they are the best people of the world, the chosen, and so they must keep exterminating mankind. So they substituted the Abrahamic myths of a superior race, by the modern myth of a superior victim of history. And merely kept doing the same from Wall Street and evilwood. The cycle does is the same though the mechanisms used to disseminate madness have changed. Creationist economics, aka capitalism also became more sophisticated by hiding with mathematical equations and software the relentless pursuit of mechanical workers, self-reproductivity and non-human factories.

Further on, Asian childish cultures (as they had been erased of their earlier buddhist cult to life, so they were toddlers on the western ways) became believers through American contact of this worldview, also now sponsored by most of the corrupted European democracies. So the Jewish worldview that extermination of the human race by the mechanical race is the manifest destiny, with the infantile belief that the chosen will be spared, is now almost global. And it is so because mental mechanisms have reinforced this worldview and programmed a dwindling IQ of visual millennial generations, which cannot even reason beyond their selfie ego-trips.  And it is so because the hyperinflation of think tanks, institutions, laws, and webbed burocracies, techno-utopians, corporations, flood of e-money on the power of the crazies is so overwhelming that when individuals stand up for humanity, and fight for a human cause, they become Quixots in front of a giant avalanche of crazies and sheeple who will do whatever it takes to further the extinction of the species. There is NO way an individual, except a Mule, an American-Chinese combined presidency can confront them.

As an slavish mentally programmed mass of politicos and voters will shout immediately his ‘house negro’ attitude towards their masters (‘are we seek master’ said Malcolm X in the past about the house negro living in the white house and massacring the plantation negro, take another billion on bail outs and drone bombs says Mr. Obama today, the house negro living in the white house, here you have a few million Mexican scapegoats to burn will say the Trump-eter tomorrow, the debt slave working for His Master Voice).

So what is the bottom line of this ‘crazy mind’. It is rather simple. it is purely animetal, instinctive, degraded hypnotic adherence to Gold. The bottom line of that collective mind fog of institutions, laws, theories, equations is the historic simple origin of it all, when the first ‘you’ saw a piece of gold in Arabia, realized it could buy out and enslave the mind of wo=men, who became their slaves with earrings (a gold ring was first the mark of a woman’s slavery to the man who had put it on his ear), and convert peasants in mercenaries. So it was narrated in the Lament of a Sumer Priest, who told us, quoting from memory, ‘the evil people came from the desert with shinny metal, enslaved our women, and took our peasants as mercenary soldiers, the fields are abandoned, the temples deserted, it is the end of the (neolithic) world’.

Today whenever the Parasites of Power call a politico to do ‘the bottom line job’ – murder mankind at distance for the profits of its billionaire accounts – it is doing exactly the same that the ‘evil people’ of the desert. The sophistication and complexity of the system, its pretentious mathematical equations of science, its techno-utopias, its go(l)d religions, churches, and synagogues, its traditions, and funerary ceremonies might be more complex, but the bottom line is this: there is a neanderthal, white man visual cult(ure) that idolises go(l)d and iron, despises humanity, believes in entropy, death and murder as the destiny of reality (the physicist being the equivalent in natural sciences, with his worldly profession of making weapons, its lineal concepts of time, and its big-bang theory of a dying Universe born of a big explosion).

And that my friend is my bottom line. Now that I am old and sick and my activism closed, this stream of consciousness of a philosopher of science and humanist merely expresses the thought that yes, humanist people fought for a real human world, but metal defeated us. It was not of course the inferior neanderthal psyche – you are not defeated by crazies, you try to cure them, and because you are a nice person, you do treat them as humans and then they reward you, taking you in a hug-of-death down the window, both together now.

Denial, denial, denial is the word that today infuses all our civilisation – denial through the creation of a virtual fiction bubble of visual mass-media;  denial of what this people and culture is doing with the future of mankind to which they belong. In Wall street, evilwood, the pentagon, all the politico house negro white houses, are on denial; as an old man, crazy, inventing reality, will deny he is just an old man dying, the human kind in the globalised crazy world of fiction we live in, denies that is killing itself, that is gluing the zero generation of our grand-sons, to hypnotic screens playing candy-crush, angry ducks, converting them into zero-brainers… It is all though a standardised abstract, mathematical, cold, legalist, virtual, e-money process of half-truths, ego-trips and propaganda. And it requires to REDUCE all thoughts to selfish thoughts, day-to-day routines. It takes a lot of learning from militaristic processes of mental slavery required for soldiers to sacrifice their lives for the profits of a few corporations. The growing militaristic outlook of corporations, fictions, and individual aggressive immediate-reward behaviour, responds to that need to hide the obvious. The mystery on how 7 billion people-cells of the superorganism of mankind do all what it takes to kill themselves as fast as it can, while thinking they are accessing paradise ( the jihad paradise of muslims killing themselves, the capitalist paradise of yous, as Lenin put it, buying the rope that will hang them – military robota) is thus no mystery when one considers it as a wave culture, in its 3rd age, and compares the process to the death of the cells of an old man, which collapse by multiple sicknesses that have corrupted its nervous, informative systems.

This denial in that sense thanks to mass-media has convinced the entire mankind. Just as i write i hear here in the Mediterranean coast, where i seek refuge and solitude from the world, and listen only to classic music stations, a sudden change of musical program. Mr. Cohen, the singer, sings a song of love – then the spanish anchorman tell us that this is a song inspired by the Jewish victims going to a holocaust camp, which were ‘pumping up their optimist egos’, with love songs (as they enter the gas chamber I guess). How proper. I am writing about the denial of a global culture, infused by this people’s crazy memes of go(l)d, who is denying his march to death, and suddenly Mr. Cohen gives us an example on how to proceed – sing love songs while you march to death. Frankly, I always think, when listening these stories on my grand-father who jumped a van on his way to a concentration camp, and saved his life, fighting his way back through the mountains, that I would respect even cry for those victims, if instead of singing love songs while entering the showers, they would have overran the dozens or so German soldiers, which took their sheeple to death, during the last year at Auschtwitz when the camps were overran of sheeple to burn, and there were so few soldiers protecting it, as most were diverted to the front. This is the mystery. There every day, the sheeple was unloaded from trains, in which they were herded with the obvious finale, and yet when the wagons opened, they NEVER throw themselves, as a mob and overran the very few Germans who were laughing at them, because indeed they were running to the showers.

Mankind today runs to the showers of death, evolving robota, instead of doing what a true survivor does, not a faked virtual child. This substitution of real people fighting for a future by faked realities and sentimentalism – I cannot stand it. My mother’s father, one Lluis S. was in a van to Mathausen for 3 SS reasons, Socialist, Sephardim, Spanish republican. He had no silly songs to sing. in the middle of the night, after nobody on that van wanted to jump, singing with their rabbi silly songs – he grew himself down a mountain, and survived. If he had been shot at least he would have tried. Now you have the survivors of those camps, doing the job of their perpetrators, guiding the whole of mankind to the slaughterhouse of III world war and robota, and nobody takes on wall street. And the eternal scapegoats, the habiru, keep protecting them, keep repeating their mantras, in all the Scholar meetings, censoring and denying the truth. And the best they can do to protect themselves is to cry gore victimism and childish songs!? The Universe is manly, eats up children and then burps. When cubs bale the lion knows they are easy prey. The lion is the universe’s top predator; the black hole is the Universe’s top predator. ‘Keep it real’ if you want to survive.

This human world is a fake, it is not the Universe; it does not play by the rules and it won’t survive. Let us then bring a final parable, from a ‘real culture, the oldest surviving one, that of my father’s side and his curious form of art, so much criticised by the victimist child who abhors to look at death directly into the eyes, play with her, and win the dance.

Here in Spain, the oldest white macho man culture is the modern iberian ≈ basque culture, as Cro-magnon took refuge during the Wurm glaciation in the aziliense sea-farer culture of Biscay Bay and then colonized all the western lands from scotland to italy (80% of basque genes still today in the british islands). Their national sport, today still standing was bullfighting, remember Hemingway’s ‘Fiesta’ in Pamplona, their old capital (now it is also soccer, a short of peaceful team war, in which the natives excel at club level, with his mestizo armies of south-american and local players, winning right now for 3rd straight years all the european cups, over the ‘pure German teams’, a sport which Americans also misunderstand involved with the beauty of motions of NBA players – the point of soccer is NOT beauty of motions – that is in fact bullfighting as we shall show, but ‘war’; lineal german panthers, subtle Barcelona triangular mane overs; so as war has only a shot and you are dead, in soccer there are very ‘few shots’, one is normally enough – it is the pathos, the relentless advances and retreats, the simplest purest motion in a battle field with no iron ).

Now the NBA of beautiful motions and arabesques is the mystical game of bullfighting, which obviously a victimist, fear monger so-impressed with the death part (totally accessory to the connoisseur) cannot even realise.

All those northern european clueless placebo good people, who will not interfere in the pig farms of Iowa where zyclon gas is used to murder wholesale tortured animals living in closed dark farms, constantly decry the cruelty of keeping 4 years a bull as royalty living in open fields, to finally represent the parable of life and death, which is bullfighting in 15 minutes.

But what I want to explain to close this never ending central post is the parable of life and death, which the sport, as all old traditions of mankind, coming from Neolithic times, when man was in constant contact with reality, represents. The bull can be pardoned from destiny only if it obeys truly the rules of the game – it is brave and straight-forward, relentlessly fighting to kill the bullfighter, and it is artistically minded – as it cannot see colours, so only follows the formal motions of the cloth, hypnotised by the artistic beauty of the toreador, which on his side must remain totally static and with his hand trace beautiful motions that will hypnotise the bull.

The bullfighter is the darwinian power of the Universe with all its cruel beauty but justice. It will only condone the life of mankind, if mankind were brave and noble and obey his laws, in which balance≈beauty is a key guidance. Of course the toreador often dies and it is maimed, as many planets will die under the poisoning influence of humans and machines.  But the fiesta, which the best american artists of writing and film, Hemingway and Welles so much loved, is a dual game. If the toreador moves, flinches, shows cowardice, he will be maimed. If the bull shows cowardice, trickery, it will be killed. If none show beauty, if the toreador does not make the proper motions he will be shouted at.

I love one type of motion, which i will use for another parable. The bull-human comes, let say from the right. The toreador-Universal laws do not move.

Yet in the last meter, when the bull is over him, he makes an artistic motion with the capote and displaces it to the left. This is what the mule must do to conquer power. Get on top as a faked fascist – only then the evil-antilive doers will let him take power. And then, once there do the r=evolution inside. This, and only in America is yet another ‘exact solution’ quoting Relativity theory, to the Equations of History. The laws of the Universe, the toreador will NEVER move. They are set on immortal fire. But the guidance, the philosopher of science, does tell the bull what is the right move, to create the beautiful motion that will pardon him.

The bull must follow the capote, hypnotised by the last-minute motion, pass the eye view of the toreador figure, and if he sees absolutely no motion, his sight will follow the motion and end on the left, passing by, inching the body of the toreador, which often has to bend without moving the feet, to avoid being run over.

The planet indeed is flexible enough for a humanist motion to restore its balance, and complete the change.

The best toreador now,  called Talavante, from ‘Extremadura’, the land of the conquistadors, is the best at this move. It is a risky one. Last month in Mexico, while he played the game, a local figure, El pana was left paralysed for life. Last week in Madrid’s San Isidro ‘Feria’, another one doing the move, flinched and was ran over. Talavante though does several of this motions, left and right, backwards and forwards, in a series, till the bull exhausted stops; then he looks at him at close range, folds the cloth and turns away. He gets vaulted often. But he also gets many bulls pardoned. He is playing on top of the Universal Game of Existence, with a nobility and insight that no abstract, ego-childish, human of this virtual age could ever understand. And yet this 3000 years old sport is still going stronger, since the Iberians threw their bulls against the elephants of Amilcar Barca, on an epic forgotten battle who killed the Carthaginian Master and tilted history on the side of the Roman world. In the Darwinian Universe only lions last, parasites kill their host and die.

This toreador, best friend, Ramos, likely the best defence soccer player on the world today, has again, for second time in 3 years won the UEFA’s champion league for his team, Real Madrid, with yet another goal coming from the back. He is only a defence player, but he likes to play bullfighting on El cortijo of his friend, and often moves forward, at the end of matches when nobody expects him to leave the goal-keeper unguarded, to throw himself head first, coming out of the mist, surprising the ‘enemy’, and score. It is a risky move, from a team which is not the best in his play but always end up winning, having 11 cups vs. the 5 cups of the Germans – the other warriors converted to sport teams. Germans tend to win the world cup but on clubs are easily overran because the spaniards do mix with south-americans. They are not racist. They know ‘mestizos’ are the superior race. If the Jews are so smart is not because of their purity of race but because of its complete crossing with mongoloids (kazhars) and Europeans. The only dummies are their banker-rabbis, the ones that hold purity of race, a degenerated lot singing bronze age mantras for the sheeple to end up on the showers.

As I said this Iberian culture, which in South-america, closer to the US is represented by Brazilian mestizos on the female, pleasure side and Mexicans on the macho side (the ones targeted by the new black legend of Mr. trump-eter)  has been always misunderstood by the abstract northern european jewish-protestant culture, who defeated it with better weapons on the high seas. The anglos always laughed at them, their sense of honour, art and beauty; the fact that they would not go to the end and would not evolve weapons to wing wars. The practical, abstract, cold, non-living psyche of the repressed Jewish-Protestant culture missed the point:

What is the purpose of coming on top, if the procedure will exterminate all what is worth living for? This is the parable: the neanderthal came on top as animetal, becoming slave of the machine, because it did not fight as a human being, naked, living system, as those soccer players do. It did it with nuclear bombs and drones. The soldiers were their machines. And so their machines will kill them. Because the Universe is just and at the end it pays back to each one, in action-reaction terms, and justice. If you give the power to the machine, if you win the Industrial battle of prizes with working robots as Germans do today; if you win the battle of war with drones, as Americans do today, at the end of the day the robot will throw you too out of work and the terminator will kill you too. I know they don’t give a $hit for the ‘end’, for the ‘future’, for their grand-sons who are now the zero generation that their robots will murder wholesale. But at least, please, have a german attitude not a Cohen one. You are eviL and you will die for it, but do not play the victim, be a wolf till the end, show some respect for yourself. Die like a man. Don’t interrupt Tristan and Isolde, tragic last act with a non-programmed ridiculous love song to the showers. eviL must die, Goering must die, but he died with a smile, and a stolen poison pill while on the concentration camps, the prisoners sung on the news ‘toreador’, ‘toreador’. They knew at least that was a soldier, NOT a nazi party scoundrel.

The toreador is often vaulted and yet unless totally crippled he ends the fiesta and kills the bull. Then we know he had a 20 centimetres hole bleeding on his leg. Yes, I confess between the two supreme evils, that of the Germ(an) and that of the you, artistically I prefer the germ, who as one of his master films put it ‘knows not how to live but knows how to die’. The you does not know how to live and does not know how to die. Only knows how to lie. Here, the natives know how to live and how to die. And that is why it is the oldest survival culture of the western world  – the basques, origin of the castilian culture, origin of the spanish one, origin of the Hispanic, Mexicans so much despised by both, the germanic and you American cult to go(l)d. They hate them because they are breeding like rabbits. They eat too much. They are always laughing. The chicanos are laughing at them as they laughed to the conquistadors who oppressed them, but they survive. Why? Simply, because THEY ARE REAL.

THEY ARE  in tune with the living systems of the Universe, and it embraces its rules of life and death, to its highest intensity. The rest of mankind has completely lost that connection with the Darwinian cruelty and beauty of the Universe. MANKIND, the globalised culture PRETENDS TO REDESIGN THE LAWS OF THE INFINITE UNIVERSE FROM ITS INFINITESIMAL POINT OF VIEW, WITH TRICKERY, out of focus, and running over the toreador, Gaia, the planet that hosts the game. Yes of course, it might kill the toreador in the process, but be assured, bulls that kill toreadors are shot on the spot. Only those who are humble enough to accept the rules of the game survive, and if they are not pardoned at least they are remembered and die with certain finesse. They do NOT run singing love songs into the ovens.

Now the bottom line of all this is simple. The two oldest white man’s Neanderthal cultures, the Basque->Iberians->western Europeans (French and Spaniards) and the Jewish on the other extreme of the range will die together on the human holocaust. But the Latin Europeans respected and loved the humankind and enjoyed its pleasures. They were not sissies. They have shown throughout history they know how to fight. But they did not worship death, merely play with it. Their business was love, life and art. Sex, food, you name it. On the other extreme of the range, the you culture ‘hated life’, repressed all what was worth of the tree of life and the genesian paradise, let itself be hypnotised by gold, despised their fellowmen, and committed the biggest of all sins – replacing the Darwinian, cruel, artistic, just God, Mind of the biological Universe, by a mad-thought, inventing the laws of the game of existence, and pretending that a mad invention out of the hat WILL happen. And as of course, YOU CANNOT invent the whole, God, the laws of the game, it NEVER happened.

So God punished them, once and again, and every time, they denied Him, they cried Foul, they increased their hate of mankind, their lunatic virtual fictions of super-heroes, chosen, twisting subconsciously more and more reality, making it abstract, standardised, legalistic, out of balance, since they stormed the land of the goddesses of fertility, the Sumerian Fertile Crescent from the desert. And so they had to run from place to place under the damnation of Moses, ‘the yous will suffer all their life for their love of money’, infecting with their absurd memes the Eastern Indo-European white man (the 3rd subspecies of the Neanderthal originated around the black sea).

So yes, we shall both die together, embraced into the dense ‘whole’ of a black hole organic bomb, or slaughtered wholesale at the end of the century by their robota. But we had been the lions, the lazy dolce fare niente top predators who always stayed in their territory, enjoyed life, save the hiatus of mental colonisation by the arrogant, victimist Iesu. And never made the machine, even on the time of catholic war-mongering inquisitions, the centre of life. Yes, the Inquisition is hated. But it had a book, the Index Librorum, which forbade mathematical sciences. And here, nobody invented anything, for 300 years. The Japanese on the other extreme forbade during the Edo culture the evolution of gunpowder, and melted all muskets into Bells for buddhist temples. So do NOT tell me the fate is unavoidable, because in both extremes of the old world two cultures showed it is legally possible to forbid the evolution of weapons and machines, beyond the threshold of human survival.

But for that to happen, all should have respected the laws of the Darwinian Universe. Now in the paroxysm of the self-invention of a faked God who choose and cares the infinitesimal human, and its most corrupted cultures, we are still enjoying life. Most here are of course, like most everywhere, children of eviL, selfies glued to their screens. The game is lost. I chose not to have children, just leave my seed frozen, in case humanity resurrects and someone wants to resurrect those genes in a better world. As in Houston beautiful film on the French gunpowder wars ‘there is a time to live and a time to die’.

There are lions and there are worms. Do not expect though, the Spanish-French, basque culture (the people from Navarra, the old basque kingdom, where there were XVIII Sancho kings :), in the middle ages, went south and conquered Spain, speaking latin with 5 basque vowels, creating castillians, and then their last king, the bourbon went north and conquered France, married the Italian Catalina de Medicis and fusion the 3 cultures, in Paris, reaching the zenith, before too much pleasure and despise for the common people of the land, rightly punished us with the British victory on the high seas. Oh, yes, we did also sin, but a bit less. We did also failed to follow the laws of the Toreador and gave away the world to the Jewish-Protestant culture, as the American enlightened sons of the R=evolution gave the bank to the usurers. After all we are also neanderthals. But at least we know how to see, saper vedere.

Now don’t confuse me. I have no nationalistic memes, and this is not hate memes. Actually I spent the best times of my life among yous and was always well treated. I just would like them to save their a$$es and save the world, because they own it. And that is their job. If I owned the world i would save it. I would take care of my responsibility. I would not deny it. And so I am not denying any reality in this blog, in this hierarchical universe, in this FMMI system. Couldnt care less how much my work is censored, as i said again, this is NOT a personal blog, even if it has some personal anecdotes. And if I do feel something is Human First, Scientist next – rational, realist thinker that is, and perhaps on the small customs, and friends Latin-European and enlightened American, the 2 cultures that should have won over the Biblical Northern European and Southern-Belt American, for a human future to exist, as they do make of man, and life the centre of their world, so obviously they would care to survive. The problem of the Believers, their Bibles and their B2 bombers, is that it is all barbarian Bull$hit, (not even Bull shit :).

Yes, when J.D. comes, and the droves of Terminators, spreading likely out of Israel and Siberia, on the future War on Terror and Chinese-American wars reach this land, once we are all shot close range, despite 500 years of Papal Bules forbidding bulls, there will be, no a single spaniard alive, but a black bull eating grass in a Extremadura Dehesa, along black pigs eating acorns – the famous Jabugo ham, the most expensive meat on the world, because it is the most tasty, reason why indeed the anti-live memes of Jewish-Arab religions forbid it, along tasty seafood – hate life, hate sex, hate love, hate tasty food, neuter yourself as a human being, so you will be a chosen of go(l)d.

That is the final parable. The black bull and the black pig and perhaps the first black man in Africa will survive and perhaps the robota will keep them as a mementum of what was the past of this planet, as they are the last living beings, worth to respect  – today the best art is happening NOT in evilwood but in Dakar, the best music is happening not in evilwood but in Nigeria, the best life is happening not in the virtual faked world of evilwood celebrities where i worked for a while – having arrived from NY with as a doctor scriptwriter with a new found clueless actor Mr. Pitt, trust me I know what is faked good life, and what is true partying. Oh, yes of course, on faked virtual reality evilwood seems more fun than the balear islands from where I write right now, but frankly real love, real emotions, real fun, happens in the tree of life, in the paradise, not in the tree of metal, of virtual work. And certainly after 9/11 you can’t event talk.

So here we shall depart with nobility, and dolce fare niente, lions style – this again is always forgotten. The Universe is IN PERPETUAL MOTION, energy is for free. Only the mind stops reality. The lion can sleep all day – the world could be a paradise with machines working for us, as long as we managed them, as long as we WERE REAL, IN CONTROL, THE LIONS OF THE PLANET, NOT THE WORMS. Do not expect though to colonise our mind and put our pigs on zyclon gas. They live free and they die for the chain-of-beings above them to rejoice.

I could keep putting parables. But denial, denial, deaf ears, will not hear them. As I said only a Mule or a mass of human youngsters occupying wall street, and yes dying in droves through the process can change the world. The sins of man against the Toreador, the laws of the Universe have been so many at this stage, that only radical surgery will change the future. And i doubt selfies who pretend to do r=evolutions on virtual screen, and ‘confuse action with motion’ (Hemingway dictum to the virtual actors of Hollywood and their ‘faked, poser activism’, action is laser-like, focused, risky and real, motion is heat, entropy, wasted placebo staged good people demonstrations and running-for-a cause evilwood plots and voting ceremonies to keep the steam out of the melting pot).

The problem though of denying the scientific facts of bio-economics, which reflect the unchangeable Universal Darwinian laws of the toreador is that science, the toreador, EXISTS even when we deny its laws and try to kill him. The bull cannot win that way. Only can survive if he humbly acknowledges the power of the biological Universe. Death will always HAPPEN, regardless of the wishful thinking and ego-trips of those who pretend to ‘INVENT’  and censor the laws of science. Man can only survive if it follows the laws of eusocial love and super organisms of nature, if it yields to the toreador and expects its clemency. If it fights in the arena and expects the clemency of the emperor. The bull, the gladiator HAS NOT THE POWER TO JUDGE but only to accept and follow the game’s rules and expect clemency. In the Universe respect must be earned, it is not granted.

We, the philosophers will keep shouting those truths, as neurons of the super organism of history. But the actions (not the motions), the last minute move to the left, which the toreador tells us to do, must be done by the people. And yet the people of course do not read and pass on blogs like this one. They are playing candy crush.

So this writer published his first treatises on the ‘Chip overproduction crises’ of 2008, 25 years ago, when coming out of his Master at Columbia U. NYC, explaining in great detail the labor, financial, military and political crises of today; to the point that reading those books ‘now’ one can get a better picture of the present and future of the world that reading any of the reports of ‘wishful thinking’ of our ‘think tanks’, ‘Intelligence Agencies’, ‘Saint Nobels of the Dynamite’ of Economics (which the pious believer Mr. Nobel, also called ‘Merchant of Death’, expressly forbade to any ‘evolutionary theory’ of reality, as he abhorred the science of Darwin). Indeed, Sciences ‘are not about opinions, or wishful thinking but about ‘truth’. And they are considered ‘scientific truths’, only when they can predict the future of the cycles of the species they study.

It does not matter how many ‘believers’ sponsor a pseudo-religious, ego-centered anthropomorphic theory of reality. Scientific truths even if all humans deny it will keep happening. For most of human history the ego-centered man has denied Biological, Darwinian Evolution but it always happened. And not a single dead has resurrected. Economists have always denied the biological properties and dual processes of symbiosis and competition between humans and machines, shunning off the few attempts to describe biologically machines (Butler, Marx, Schumpeter, Kondratieff and this author being the most important milestones of this science).

But every ‘prediction’ made by those scientists have happened. And so today we live in the ‘crisis of overproduction of chips’ , which this writer explained 3 decades ago. (a few pages below this post you can see the cover of my Columbian Thesis, with the 2008 crash of the economy of metal-minds printed on the cover with the lettering: end of metal-minds age, beginning of robotic r=evolution).

And so as depressing as the reality of mankind is today, guided by a group of bigots and parasites that pass as experts and lack any ethical or intellectual understanding of the laws of biological species, regardless of how many billions of believers trust them, what this blog says will keep happening. Because it is not ‘Mr. LS blog’ but the biological laws of this planet applied to the biological relationships between humans and machines. And evolution regardless of its ‘Nobel Ban’, IS the only theory of time that predicts accurately the future of the species submitted to its laws. CIA, NATO, the CCCP and one thousand more rating agencies can keep churning their optimist numbers, so did millions of priests telling you about the resurrection of the dead in the future (in this case the solution of the crises in the future), but a single mind, Mr. Darwin, knew better that future that all the priests of Abrahamic religions will ever. As we shall show present ‘classic economics is just another variety of ‘creationist theories sprung from biblical bronze age, mental garbage’ and their capacity to make man survive the chip radiation will be null. Unfortunately as the species ‘degenerates’ and ‘atrophies’ its mind, it reaches the paroxysm of the ‘spoiled, self-suicidal child’, who thinks to be a super-hero and throws himself down the window.

So paradoxically I have notice since the beginning of this crises, even a wider indifference to Biological Economics among the spoiled, parasitic financiers that control the Financial-Media system of informative machines and the hired politicos in power, to the all too evident, no-future of mankind in a world in which machines and company-mothers have all the rights of ‘free markets’ (rights to unlimited credit and production of its goods), while humans have none (zero credit rights, that is, no rights to invent money with a universal salary, zero economic rights, that is no rights to create a demand economy, which would foster the reproduction of the always scarce biological ‘welfare’ goods we need to survive).

In that regard for this writer the true mystery is not the all too obvious process of extinction and degradation of all things human, which is just crystal clear, deterministic and so evident as any other process of biological extinction of a species by a new one, but the web of damned lies and statistics, historic idol-ogies, ‘conspirators of power’, and plainly speaking ‘evil and stupid people’, who have laboured with astounding intensity achieving the self-destruction of mankind – given the simplicity of the proposed solutions to our existential crisis that could resurrect our future within a year of implementation of the 3 ‘measures’ (ban of robotics to avoid our dismissal, universal salary to created a demand economy and 50-50 split of corporative shares with private management and state co-ownership to control the lethal actions of corporations), deduced from the laws of bio-economics that could create a paradise on Earth. Nobody expressed that appalling reality of a mass of ‘experts in funerary ceremonies’ on top of society, followed by a ‘sheeple’ mass of happy slaves singing as in the orwellian tale ‘four legs, four legs’ to his ‘pig masters’, that Mr. Keynes: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will make the wickedest of all act, for the common good’.

One thing is for sure, while we can decry and angst for the future of our species, the Organic, fractal Universe and its laws do give freedom and choice to its species to survive or go under, to be humble, respectful of its laws and enjoy life and thrive, or deny those laws, feel selfish, privileged, chosen of Go(l)d, parasite this planet and its people, while pretending to be victims of destiny and go under. In that sense, I have always admired among the predecessors of this science, in its larger origin, which goes well beyond social sciences, originated in my models of an organic, fractal model of a Universe based in the laws of relational space-time and the 5th dimension that organises them, the work of Leibniz. He also wasted his life to the service of the elite sin power, as I did, hoping to convert them to the human cause, to be left alone, when his master, became King of England, and did not want to have a moral consciousness, in the future building of the parasitic global capitalist empire. But he still believed the ‘world was the most perfect of all possible worlds’, a thesis that made the fortune of Voltaire, the cynical philosophe, who had all his money invested in the first slave corporations – at that age the ones giving maximal profits, as today do weapons and digital garbage ‘cops’, when he laughed at him in ‘candid’. And yet I have found in the larger models of philosophy of science, from where bio-economics spring this to be the case for 2 reasons:

  • First because the biological Universe murders wholesale in genocides those tribes, species and groups who deny the laws of eusocial love to their own species, who deny the rights of other living things, who pretend to be the centre of a relativistic universe where all points of view are equally valid. And this has been the case of all ‘animetal elites’ in power, which have exploited mankind as financial parasites or military dictators. Sooner or latter a r=evolution murders them, or the 2 people-castes in power, financiers and the military kill each other in wars and holocausts. Only those who preach the biological laws of eusocial love to the species have survived the ‘cleansing’ moments of history. So paradoxically the dominant people-caste of the western world, our financiers and their cultures has the worst record of survival of mankind. This is how the Universe imposes the best of all worlds. It does NOT talk personally to you. It makes evident those laws for any intelligent, hard-working, loving people and it kills those who try to trick them.


  • Second because there are indeed people like Leibniz and this author, and millions of other human beings, perhaps with less lucidity that speak up and do the right thing; showing that in the fractal universe, of infinite self-similar worlds, there would be many planets where with a lesser probability, a world of human flesh, a paradise of life flourishes by obeying the right masters of mankind – or else, everybody would behave like the murderous and parasitic people-castes that are destroying the world. So there are a relative infinity of ‘Avatar’ like planets, where wo=men ‘man up’, understand the laws of the organic Universe and thrive. On my view this world will not survive – at this stage only a surgery operation, a r=evolution, a global ‘do really occupy wall street’ movement could steer the ship going at full speed to its crash point. But the existence of those ‘avatar-like’ planets seems evident as we live in a galaxy with billion of them, and there is not a global robotic civilisation yet.  So of the 3 solutions to the existential problems of mankind, extinction by robotics, extinction by the 3rd generation of Nuclear weapons (today essayed at CERN, with the excuse of scientific research – black holes and strangelets, which this writer fought for a decade with his activist suits) and Avatar like planets, it seems the Universe chooses most often extinction by black holes, clearly the dominant species of the Galaxy, whose rhythmic tam-tams are heard all over the place; and Avatar-like planets, where humans get rid of its parasitic people-castes and idol-ogies and control the wave of evolution of machines before military A.I. murders them. And this fact, no that my life is ending, appeases my decades old angst and sense of guilt for not having saved the world. I just was born in a planet with a low probability, a low humanoid IQ, a low social ethics. And yet even in this planet people like Leibniz, Buddha or Caesar showed there was a true path for survival, for those species who earned the respect of the Organic universe.

So if it is all that simple, theoretically, why it is not happening? The answer is ‘corruption’, parasitism, and wrong evolution of mankind. We are NOT chosen to survive, we must earn respect and obey the organic laws of the Universe. It is not a ‘given’ that will solve our existential problems and survive in the ‘struggle for existence’ between species that rule this planet.

And we are taking all the wrong paths that avoid our survival. The species plainly speaking is showing only a huge ego, but a very limited intellectual and ethic capacity to follow the laws of eusocial love to the species, and intelligent managing of resources. From an objective, ‘neutral point of view’, humanity is truly an ugly degenerated form of life at this stage, showing an astounding zeal in his search for the collective demise. Or rather their elites, which still profit at individual level – even destroying any future for its next generations – from the process of evolution of machines, show a complete lack of ethics and intelligence. They are in a single world a ‘despicable’ lot.

Indeed, and this is the key element to understand why the crisis is NOT solved, neither explained, Economists have been for 200 years serving the goals of corporations, whose only purpose under the present capitalist system is to increase profits. So their main goal is NOT to make a better world for man or create an objective science of economics, but to find complicated arguments ‘damned lies and statistics’ to make-belief people that all this is NOT happening.

I call this fact the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, because in an inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of physics, where the observable is so small the observer modifies them, in social sciences, the observable is so huge  – the corporation, the state – that the observer, the scientist modifies its discourse to be political and economically correct and cater to power. Yet this is certainly a sure way to create a subjective bias against the majority of the human social organism, mankind, to whom social scientists should cater – and fail the laws of the scientific method which define truth in science.

So we need to refound social sciences on more ‘scientific basis’ than greed and power. That is the goal of bio-economics and bio-history. Initially 30 years ago, its aim was to r=evolve the world and change not only the paradigm of social sciences but create a movement of regeneration of the Human Superorganism of history, but the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of the social elites prevented it (which in a reverse fashion to quantum physics are so huge that modify the life of the observer social scientist and repress it).

So the aim of this blog, is now more modest. To allow those very few human beings who from time to time enter this web, to understand, ‘why this is happening’, ‘why humans are committing collective self-suicide’, and ‘who are the responsible cultures that had created this dysfunctional world’, as the ‘positive, humanist cultures’ which could have brought easily a world paradise of WHealth (healthy wealth), humanism (love to the species made the centre of our world) and resolve the issues of our planet, is now repressed, brutalised and in a clear process of extinction ‘conquered’ by the ‘people-castes’ of financial and military power that are killing the world – while of course denying any wrong doing.

Of course there can always exist a resurrection, a miracle in Nature, a conversion of our self-suicidal murderous elites by way of reducing their ego-trips to ‘cosmic proportions’ (a notch below their belief they are ‘the masters of the Universe’ ‘above heavens and earth’). The ego paradox is essential to the understanding of the Universe at large, and that is why we start this blog in the above line with an article about the ‘organic structure of the Universe’ and its philosophy of science, in which the ego is central to knowledge. But i do not count with it. Truth though has a problem: it exists. It does not matter that nobody reads this blog, that Internet has finally being subdued to power, and the myths of nationalism, abrahamic religions and mechanism (progress is the evolution of machines not of mankind) – yes, a ‘crazy people’, and mankind is ruled by a ‘crazy civilisation’ can truly create the ‘projection’ of a faked world of fiction as our civilisation of childish super-heroes and reduction of intelligence to emotional infantile ego-trips has done. But the bottom line is that a crazy person cannot work beyond his brain and will easily die in the outside world.

And this is the point mankind finds itself. It is ruled by a crazy ‘biblical culture’ which has always built this historic fantasy of ‘chosen of go(l)d’ and has no qualms to commit suicide, showing the lowest survival rate of any tribal species in this planet. So yes, you can live all your life thinking you are the chosen species of the Universe, go around boosting in digital machine your super-hero fantasy, and even control and dominate your species with your soma and parasitic behaviour. But there is a larger reality, the Biological Evolutionary planet you live in, the true world, which does ‘NOT BUY’ your fantasies, does ‘not speak’ YOUR LANGUAGES, does not ‘BELIEVE’ in Gold and it is crystal clear in the way it deals with lesser species, who defy the infinite organic, fractal Universe – extinction.  And this is what mankind faces this century. It won’t be a conscious process. In a dead body hardly a few neurons are conscious of the whole organism dying. This is the historian, the eusocial prophet of love, the activist for social causes, the doctor, today. But the mass of cells merely feast on blood isolated from each other, waiting for the judgment day, the insects, the robots, the nuclear weapons that toast them/us.

In that regard, the reader should understand that despite heavy criticism specially to the wrong anti-humanist culture that have come to control history and hence establish the path of our demise, the author and the sciences of bio-history and bio-economics are objective and neutral – meaning it adopts the larger scientific point of view of the organic Universe, NOT the lower, less powerful dreams of the crazy people who have with an astounding zeal made of history a nightmare dream.

And that is the power of science for good or for bad. Its laws repeat themselves, its patterns happen, its causes are real, its future can be predicted. And it will happen, and the patient will die if it does not take the red pill to cure itself. What the social scientist cannot do unfortunately is what Marx asked from them – to change history not only explaining it. The anti-quantum paradox prevent it. What the elite in power cannot do is to change those laws and invent the future outside the biological laws of the planet, only it can shut up the social scientist, deny its truths and liquidate the solutions. But then… as Einstein said:

‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’.

So the field is split. I, the social scientist, cannot change the world, let alone be heard in this age of electronic big-brothers.

Those who I friend in my youth and adult age, the ‘Masters of the Universe’, who did not want to reform the system and survive, and finally applied the anti-quantum paradox to my work, cannot change the biological laws of the Universe, and as history shows when they defy them, specially the love to the members of their own species, mankind cannot prevent the Universe to punish them with extinction. And now that they have convinced the whole of mankind, except this and a few other ‘humanist’ who respect those laws, that ‘we can invent our future’ and just digitalize in 2 dimensions our ego-trips to make them real, their destiny has become our global destiny.

Of course they deal with all their arrogance and metal-power with any inconvenient truth, but they never change the ultimate truth of all truths – existence vs. extinction, to those who deny the organic laws of the Universe. And it is just, or else the Universe will be ‘littered’ with the kind of people today inhabit this planet, which objectively are worthless $hitheads, who have ‘not earned respect’ and will be punished by the ‘action-reaction’ laws of the Newtonian Universe. There is a harsh justice and beauty to the workings of the whole that will not yield to the parasitic few. And ultimately in the larger models of the fractal universe, there are infinite other planets where history will be played again and in some a humanist paradise will happen because the humanoids of those planets did understand its organic laws.

Disclosure, so you understand the so-often criticised brutal, darwinian tone of this blog.

In that regard, the author realised of the anti-quantum paradox earlier in his career 30 years ago. So first it tried to bend the paradox, working for power in America, among the elite of Wall Street, then in evilwood and finally as a system science in silicon valley. My ‘idea’, was that power in front of ‘extinction’ would rather halt their ego-trips and survive, leaving a world inhabitable for their sons, and apply the minimal measures to ensure the whealth of the planet and its people, without renouncing to their privileges.

This was doable, as nobody needs billions to consume all the pleasures of the world – trust me, i know about them. But a decade ago, when the first probability of an ‘extinctive’ event for the planet took place (the research on the 3rd horizon of nuclear weapons, black holes and strangelets, started in Europe with the excuse of  scientific research) I realised I could no longer play ball, and took a direct, confrontational stand against the system. And loose my ‘good mood’ and ‘politeness’ with power, openly denouncing and suing them. While this is not the theme of this blog, as i warned the top people in power in the western world, from presidents to media moguls, and received the cold shoulder I did learn something – the elite of our world is truly a despicable lot of liars, cowards, half-wits, whose only claim to fame is financial parasitic inheritance (the stock-rats who own the world), or self-centred relentless drive to play the Tertulianus way and become house negroes, of the true power of this planet, corporations of machines and weapons. And so the bottom line of our society is this simple statement of the ‘habiru’ philosopher, Mr. Eric Fromm, father of Political psychology:

‘A Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics.’

This ethical statement explains what our civilisation is all about: to make a bigger, more powerful machines and weapons, because we have the capacity to make it, regardless of its harmful collateral effects to mankind, since it means big contracts for technological companies and profits for our ‘stock-rats’.

It is then, after the failure of those suits and warnings, when I departed from the elite of this world, and decided that I lived among ‘slaves’, ‘people who believe do not reason’, of its selfish memes of metal, and that yes, our species would unlikely survive, but what i did not abandon are the two beliefs of any philosopher of science, established by the masters of my long-search for objective knowledge: ‘that truth exists and must be respected’, and that the Universe is the most perfect of all worlds, precisely because those who do not ‘deserve to live’ and deny its laws, become extinct.

The choice humans have done – to commit suicide under their ego-centered paradox, is not my choice. But believers cannot be converted to reason. So the only thing the philosopher of science can do, is to state the facts of science and calmly wait for the future to come. As an old fellow countryman put it:

‘”When a civilisation is so corrupted that it defies any attempt to reform, the philosopher can only observe and wait for extinction’ (Seneca, on the foreseeable collapse of the Roman Empire, ruled by professional genociders and usurers in constant strife for global power.) What I will no longer do, as i did in my naive youth, is to hide the facts of history, to achieve recognition or access to the halls of power. On my view there are two degrees of absolute eviL=anti-live behaviour. That of the military genocider, despicable, when killing members of his own species, the wolfs of mankind, but even more despicable is the parasite that commits self-suicide, because of its incapacity to accept the laws of survival of the universe, the worm who never has enough ‘blood’ and bursts gloated while producing anoxia in the body of working cells, to whom it denies even the slightest quantity of blood-money, so they keep working for them.

This is the bottom line of our financial and economical crises. Our billionaires, which have been choking mankind out of credit for centuries NEVER have enough. So they had to extort through taxes and bail outs the small 5% of money invented in currency for the people that work, besides the 95% of free e-money financial markets invent for corporations and financiers.

This a lion never does. It does not kill for pleasure. It does not eat till it bursts as larvae of worms do. It does not eat their own cannibalising the lioness that hunt for him, as the bankster does. Let us show how.

 Because obviously on top of the pyramid of ego-trips and self-suicidal behaviour that the western idol-atric cultures have created, it seats the ‘banker’, the victim of history, the parasitic worm which will eat up the entire planet and then collapse on top of the pyramid of death he builds. His existence on top of this world is to me the clearest proof that the Universe allows freedom of choice, even when the choice is absolute eviL, a theme philosophers of science like Mr. Leibniz discussed not so long ago in those terms. Then of course, for the Universe to be the best of all worlds, biology simply eliminate the wrong mutations, the worst pests and parasites which shout like pigs moving to the slaughter house when the day of reckoning comes. That is the biological game: you can choose the path of eusocial love to your species and survive, you can choose the ego-trips of parasitic power and sooner or latter your bubble of ‘experts and mathematical equations’ , of ‘pretentious science, hiding pure evil against your fellowmen’ of ‘certainties and beliefs’ , of ‘egocentered trips of superiority’, will explode and the perpetrators of the holocaust will avenge all the invisible victims of your ‘smart doing’. And this cycle, trust me will be the same. Armaggedon will come. And the evil child will hate God who imposed its cruel justice but will not learn of his mistakes. Each cycle reinforced in its brutality, each warning unheard, each action reaction stronger.

In that regard there is little to do for a ‘philosopher of science’ or ‘ethic’ person to steer the path of the world, as anyone who has fought against the supreme idiocy, eviL=anti-live memes and one-dimensional worldview of ‘physicists’, ‘believers’ and ‘degenerated selfie humans of the present ‘zero generation’, well knows. You can help a few people in direct ‘medical endeavours’, but history seems beyond cure. And somehow I have come to realise it is right. In the sense that if humans are so deluded, ignorant and eviL, so infinitesimal and yet so infinite in their egos, such empty bubbles floating in their virtual worlds, it is better to leave them to their own.

This is perhaps what I learned after fighting CERN for so long. The gap between the intelligence and ethic of ‘the physicists’, which on top are considered by the rest of the species, the highest minds of mankind, and the mean ethics and intelligence of the Universe is so immense that it is impossible to rise them to a minimum worth to save. What is the meaning of one’s existence in such a world? The answer of course is that existence suffice in itself. To be is all what is left to each of us. And to be is to play the game of life and love. In my case, gifted with this empathy with the organic laws of the Universe, to be is to perceive with an empty ego, knowing I am only human, the astounding perfection of the living, fractal Universe, and the unity of all its parts, which share the same properties. I am no longer fighting for mankind. The species is ‘gone’, mentally so sick that to bring it to sanity is beyond any meaningful effort.

In that sense, the beauty of the Universe is immense, and it cannot be blamed: our demise is just the choice of our freedom to be good, ethic and intelligent or to be the kind of people we have become. For those who are not degraded 0-minds, the universe is still meaningful enough to contemplate and bear witness on blogs like this one of what it has been seen, of what humans should become in other fractal planets and cycles of existence, where biblical bigots, victimise monsters of ego-trips and other a$$holes of the North-European Jewish-protestant civilisation do not carry the day to become the biggest failure as a species this planet has contemplated..

Humans will have their reward. They are busy busy like ants building a tower of mud, which the rains of the Gods will soon erase. Yet the fact that a few of us from Aristotle, through Buddha, from Leonardo to Leibniz ‘knew how to see’, ‘wiesen’, saper vedere, means that there should be many Avatar like planets of the fractal Universe, where a better variation of the species understood the perfection of the organic Universe, a planet where people like Galileo or Newton were judged as what they are, maker of weapons, evil-doers, simpletons.



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