Equation of History

Theme. The Equation of History is a ‘classic’ equation of General Systems sciences, which relates through the arrow of increasing information and complexity of all systems, the III ages of the Earth:

Gaia (past-energy) ≤ History (Human, active Present) ≥ Mechanocene (Informative Chip future).3agesuniverse_image002

The first Earth was of anaerobic bacteria, the arrival of aerobic bacteria destroyed its atmosphere as ‘competitor’ bacteria killed the ecosystem and so anaerobic died. Now the pollution and competition of the machines of the Mechanocene is killing the Earth, and the arrival of iron nano-bacteria is one of the events of extinction of the singularity age, but humans could halt the process rationally if they understood economics and history biologically.

Now, this equation akin to the equation of the 3 ages of life:

Youth (past-energy age) ≤ Maturity (Balanced reproductive age) ≥ Future (old information age)…

Can be studied with the laws of general systems sciences, also called ‘Complexity’;  its isomorphisms and equations, which this writer formalised during is scholar career back at the turn of the century, before entering a life of activism, which under the anti-quantum paradox shut him off from mainstream ‘big science’… C’est la vie.

In this web though we are not concerned so much with mathematical equations of general Systems sciences, which define a perfect super organism of any kind and which in the ‘Perfect World’ would run truly History… But in the explanation to the layman individual, which has the common wisdom attributed by Descartes to all human beings, of the Equation of history.

So we often prefer to use the concept of the ‘Paradox of History’, because the equation is one in which the past is becoming predated and substituted by the future, and the paradox of history is precisely this fact: that man is predated by informative machines. We live in the age of the chip radiation and the mind of the machine is substituting us, and creating a future we confuse as progress, but it is not a human future.

So the equation of history in terms of predation runs as:

Gaia (life beings) becoming extinguished by > Humans becoming extinguished by > Chips and its robotic weapons & labor.


So while the reader can read the more quantitative texts on the equation of History, on other works of this author, he should be aware of what is my interest in this site, now that I am retired… to talk of Mankind, the ‘good guys’, those of us who have tried to save history, the ideal world science could have created for us, the Perfect world, and what the ‘animetal people-castes’ slaves of the Mechanocene are bringing to us, our degradation and extinction, unless a popular or political r=evolution takes place.



Birth, life, reproduction and death of memetic civilizations.

We said that cultures resemble living systems. They go through the same cycles of birth, reproduction and death. Cultures are born as organisms do, out of a single or a few prophetic or legislative individuals-cells, that reproduce their ideas into many “believer-minds”. So Christianism is born out of the mind of Jesus Christ that first expands into 12 disciples, which expand themselves into thousands of Roman believers, that expanded into billions of other minds. While America is born of the mind of a few legislators that craft a constitution latter expanded into more laws, obeyed today by all American citizens. When the religious or legal culture reaches maturity it often reproduces in another zone of space-time, creating a daughter civilization or colony. Finally, when its ethic laws and networks of information, and the energy they control, decay and become obsolete, the culture dies and a new, more evolved civilization destroys the old civilization. A new cycle of history starts.

Similarly if we consider technological civilizations, based not in verbal laws, but in monetary and military systems, first a weapon is discovered, and reproduced by a small horde, which becomes an army, which conquers a nation and becomes a ruling aristocracy, that imposes its customs, and controls with the icon-weapon the civilization.

In the previous graph we can observe the creation of the financial-military-industrial complex, which today rules supreme this planet with the attached submissive simplex, called the Democratic Government, divided in multiple statelets, all of them guided by corrupted politicos, which obey the memes of go(l)d and can be bribed, while its citizens are bought 90% of their time-life as workers=reproducers of metal-memes and consumers=evolutors of those machines (all of them of course unaware of this, as parts ignore the whole system and the Galilean paradox and censorship of biological information avoids them to understand they are NOT the center of the Universe). We can now consider in more detail those processes as part of the living and dying cycles of cultures and civilizations studied in more detail in our analysis of the 800 years and 80  years cycles of evolution of money, weapons and machines.


In both kinds of civilizations (Human-Artistic civilizations or Metal-scientific civilizations) either an ideology or book of ideas, (a network of human information) or a species of metal, money or weapons, becomes the language of power which defines the civilization.

Ideas and metal-instruments together shape History. For that reason Historians, when they focus on military systems of power, divide history into the Age of Bronze, the Age of Iron Empires, the Age of Chivalry (Middle Ages), the European Age of Gunpowder (Modern age), or the Atomic Age. There is also the Christian Age and the Buddhist Age of South-Asia, when they focus on the cultural component of the civilization or the age coins, or the age of paper money and stocks, or the age of e-money (new species of money), when they focus in monetary information…

Reproduction Of Cultural Information: Daughter Civilizations

At the same time a civilization develops the memetic ideas and machines which carry that civilization to success, it eliminates previous civilizations. In this manner, successful civilizations reproduce their “genetic ideas and machines” into other regions of the Earth, creating colonies, daughter cultures and eco[nomic]systems.

Like a human child, the daughter civilization is often a more evolved species where the ideas and instruments of the previous civilization are improved. Civilizations inherit and improve on, like children do, their parental civilizations, often extinguishing them. So the Assyrians were defeated by the Persians who had copied and improved its weapons, iron and cavalry. Yet Persian art, even behavior would be similar to Assyrian art and behavior. Genetic continuity in civilizations is not racial but cultural, of structures and ideas, of icons, machines and modes of life. For example, in Arabia stirrup cavalry brought an empire-civilization that expanded West till Al-Andalus (the South of Spain). That stirrup civilization migrated to America and colonized the southwestern states, giving origin to the “Old Far West” civilization, with horse and cattle ranching. In that territory, the horse civilization flourished between the 17th and 20th centuries, when the fundamental icon-species of the culture, the horse became extinguished as a form of transport by the car, a more efficient metal-species. The example shows the dynamic quality of the life of civilizations. They are born, reproduce and become extinct through the “genetic evolution” of objects and words, which bring as much diversity to cultural evolution of its species, products and ideas, as genetic memories bring to the body.

And in the same manner biologists can scientifically organize the data they have about species through genetic information and instruments. Thanks to the memorial remains of history, the historian can study the birth, reproduction and extinction of evolutionary history and its civilizations.

Death Of Civilizations

Civilizations also die. One day another civilization with more efficient memetic, eusocial ideologies of man, or better machines, comes along and destroys the old civilization. As in “animal feeding”, once the new civilization has destroyed the old civilization, it reforms the energy cells=citizens of the dead civilization to its image and resemblance. Let us again bring the biological comparison. A hunter feeds on the energy of a victim’s body that becomes in part wasted (killed) and in part “transformed” into cells of the predator. This also happens in civilizations: part of the “human energy” is wasted by war, and the remaining humans are “transformed” into believers of the predator civilization. The Spanish perhaps killed some 70% of the Indians and the rest became “Christians”. It is the death of the civilization. Because when ideas and instruments change, the civilization changes. The iron civilization of Rome is not the same as the Middle Agescivilization of stirrup weapons imposed by German warriors. The Roman civilization had been destroyed by  stirrup animetals of the Germanic civilization. Again such  civilization is not the Gunpowder civilization of Italy during the Renaissance. Gunpowder wiped out chivalry and a new civilization was born. Nor is Amon-Egypt the same as Greek-Christian Egypt, or Arab-Muslim Egypt. The verbal ideology changed, and the Egyptian civilization became extinct.

It is now clear the difference between religious civilizations and metal-civilizations. Religious civilizations could exist for ever, if there were no wars to extinguish their cultures. That is the goal set by the prophets in their messages of love. And yet, because metal exists, all religious civilizations of the past 5000 years have been corrupted and periodically extinguished by war. Some of those cultures resurrect, when the wave of death and war recedes. Some do not come back again. The Christian and Islamic civilization, the Jewish culture has survived many cycles of death, and the words of Moses, Christ and Mhmd, have resurrected. But each wave of death, corrupts a little bit more the initial messages of the prophets with rituals of war and money. So we find today that those cultures are basically built around inquisitions and churches, corrupted by rituals of Go[l]d, and little is left of the initial mandates of the prophets. Many other human cultures based in human senses have died away, and its artists have expressed those deaths, in their baroque ages of art.

In other words, mankind has chosen to evolve the wrong memes of history, not those memes of eusocial love that could have created an efficient, global superorganism of history according to the laws of the Universe but the memes of metal, of economic ecosystems, weapons, money and machines that create a different superorganism of history, which rhythmically kills life in this planet.

It is the Paradox of History explained in detail in other posts of this blog, which signifies the death of mankind in the short term. Because what humans will never change are the complex, biological laws of the Universe and its rules of survival…

The 3 ages of metal-history: death of cultural memes.

The two types of memes of mankind construct the 2 types of dominant societies.

If genes are biological structures that guide the collective actions of cells in order to create biological superorganisms, memes are instruments and ideologies that form together super-structures of thought, which guide the collective actions of human groups, creating super-organisms of history. Two type of memes are paramount: those who evolve societies based in the goods of the tree of life and those memes and ideologies that favor the fruits of the tree of technology, of metal over the tree of life. They correspond to two ideologies that have dominated and fought for the soul of mankind: the humanist vs. mechanist philosophy, life vs. metal, love vs. competition, verbal vs. digital thought…

Both ideologies are sustained by the ‘grammar’ of words, man (subject) < superior to < verb < Object (inferior to man) vs. the grammar of money, Man (salary) = Money =Object (price). So societies ruled by the ethics of verbal thought (theocracies and democracies), make men sacred and try to make a world to our image and likeness, while societies ruled by the ethics of money and metal (dictatorships of weapons and money, complementary systems of energetic and informative metal), will make a world in which human capital reproduces those selfish memes of metal, a capitalist world to the image and likeness of money, machines and corporations.

This will be automatic, since once the mind of man is colonized by the ‘viral’ genes of selfish memes of metal and believe in money more than in man, its actions will follow that grammar and despise life as a lesser object than money.

As entities of information those memes regardless of type will obey the laws of theory of Information: They will not need ‘reason’ to exist, but will replicate by rhetoric repetition (‘Goebbelian’ method). Since the mind as all the minds of the Universe study with lanwaves by the science of general systems, are automatically guided by the grammar of the language, which becomes the how of the existential program of the Universe, – the mind’s engine, whose actions repeated and evolved generation after generation create human cultures and economic ecosystems.

In the second part we have explained the alternative world that the values of the wor(l)d and the efficient design of the super organism of history could have brought to mankind. While this part is shorter, it has no difficulty to widen it if humans decided to truly survive the chip radiation, as they have an obvious model to imitate, the perfect mammal super organism, and so doctors of history could easily apply all the laws of medicine and physiology to cure the physiological 3 networks of the human super organism (here simplified into 2), the energetic, ‘digestive’ territory of Gaia, the reproductive ‘blood-economic’ system, and the nervous-informative-legal system, and redesign them by imitating the perfect biological system of human beings, where all cells have oxygen, all of them coordinate its social motions as a whole, all of them love each other and share energy and information through the branching of those networks, all of them control and eliminate poisonous goods. 
But why we are so sure History is a super organism? Here is where we confront the 3rd ‘animetal idol-ogy’, the most insidious of all, as the negative collateral effects of go(l)d hypnotic greed and debt slavery and weapons’ murder are rather obvious, but machines’ atrophy and substitution of human organs are not. So mechanism, the belief that machines are the symbol of progress and our goal as a species is not to evolve the lesser human organism but the superior exact mechanism, since they are the model of the universe – a theme sponsored by physicists, the makers of machines and weapons – is all pervading in our civilisation.
And yet it is utterly false. A machine is merely a simplex organism of metal, fast evolving into organic form in the robotic age. The earth is also a super organism as the father of Geology, Hutton, explained – in fact, he coined the term super organism to describe the slow rhythms of the geological earth. Even galaxies show a form similar to that of a cell, with a ‘central gravitational, informative DNA swarm of black holes’, a strong membrane of dark matter or halo and a mass of mitochondria stars producing the atoms of life and ultimately becoming the food of black holes.
And certainly the life and death of civilisations and its artistic subconscious collective, which goes through the same 3 ages of individual human beings, as it evolves from an epic, young, dramatic, poetic art, into a mature, classic age of balance between energy and form, into a 3rd angst, baroque, informative age as humans go through life, till ending after the prophetic age of angst into extinction through war, shows indeed, civilisations are also organic, as the highest minds of history, Khaldun, toynbee and spengler rightly explained. And we can see those similarities in the next graph:
So in this 3rd part, we shall establish the basic notions of the fractal, organic Universe, its 5th dimension of scales of size and inverse speed of time clocks – so larger systems in space have slower cycles in time, reason why geological cycles, as Hutton discovered are much slower than biological cycles, species cycles are slower than individuals, and civilisations live longer than human beings, according to a series of mathematical laws of systems sciences, of decametric nature (so a civilisation lived 800 years, 10 times longer than a human being, and so on). We shall not though introduce the full mathematical, biological model of systems sciences, I helped to mathematize at the turn of the century for all systems of nature, using fractal equations and non-euclidean mathematics and non-aristotelian algebra.
We shall only introduce the basic notions of general systems sciences, so you understand the world cycles of existence of human beings and societies, the organic nature of machines, the horizons of evolution of species, the topological form of languages and organisms, which determine the character of civilisations  and the survival actions and drives of existence of life, which determine the goods of energy and information you need to survive, and should guide the production of economic systems, as it happens with biological organisms, that produce only the goods the body needs and not all kind of poisonous lethal goods as our go(l)d cultures do.
 In the graph, we observe the parallelisms between the 3 ages of life and the 3 ages of super-organisms of history, which end in death due to germs and sickness in a human organism and due to war war, caused by weapons the germs of history. Yet weapons are overproduced in the 3rd age of a wave of metal-evolution. For that reason, we can also establish a parallelism between the long wave of metal-history (ancient cultures based in weapons) and the modern age (industrial nations based in the duality of machines and weapons). In this modern age, nations are short-span civilizations that die in a mere 80 years, according to the complex laws that establish decametric, geometrical scales and power laws for any process of evolution.

If we apply those ideas about biology of civilizations we can represent any civilization with a bell curve of existence, that indicates in a graphic of populations how the word religion or icon-weapon of a civilization (both often reproduce together) is born, develops, (colonizes other territories), and finally dies away; substituted by a daughter civilization, or a new culture, with a more evolved weapon or religion. We can also use the bell curve of social existence to the entire life of mankind, in the age of metal.

If we consider the entire wave of Metal-History as a single civilization also with 3 periods, its young, epic age, its classic, humanistic age, and its decadent, industrial age, we can talk of the Bronze and first iron empires of Asia, as the age of epic war. The period of European infantry, and Asian cavalry (from Greece to renascence) as the age of maturity of history. And the age of the industrial evolution, as the age of extinction of history.

Each of those ages is divided by a clear discontinuum of evolution of the two functions of metal, energy-metal or weapons, and informative-metal or money. Man adapts himself to those changes, which are symbiotic and help the evolution of our societies, in a first age, but as metal reproduces in greater numbers, it suffocates the evolution of human history and the human mind, till with the arrival of science, the human mind becomes obsolete, and men become worshippers of the minds of machines.

We talk thus of 3 clear discontinuums of evolution of metal, that mark metal-history.

– YOUTH OF HISTORY: The Age of Wor[l]ds. From -2800 BC, to -500 BC. Age of Bronze weapons, and bartering. Since money is still scarce, in the form of bars of metal, words still are the main language of communication of mankind. Writing becomes sacred. However bronze and then iron give enormous power to warriors that end controlling all Neolithic societies. Priests are displaced from power. Women become systematically repressed. Gods become warrior Gods, without compassion. It is the age of Mesopotamic Empires, the age of Asia. The age of verbal thought reaches its baroque age, towards 500 BC, in the work of Lao Tse, Buddha, Confucius and Socrates, that reach the height of human verbal understanding of the Universe. Yet a new language of information, coins appears, and human verbal thought looses power.

– MATURITY OF HISTORY: The Age of coins. (500 BC, 1600 AD). It is the Age of Iron weapons and coins. Mankind still rules, and learns how to control with ethic behavior, the power of weapons. Yet Money starts to be a common language of power, and challenges verbal ethics. Words are displaced by money as the language that controls the acts of human societies. This means that verbal thought and ethics is no longer the center of the human mind, but humans become shallow in their perception of verbal-temporal reality. The human intelligence displaces to the eye. So art becomes realistic (Greek Art) and mathematics appears as a new language of understanding of the Universe. Both coin accountancy and Mathematics come together, in the Asian Greek coast where the first monetary empires and mathematicians appear. After the brief return to an ethic age, in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance again imposes money as the language of social power.

– OLD AGE OF HISTORY. The Age of machines. (1600 AD till extinction). It is the third age of mankind, and the first age of the new predator species that displace us, the machine. It is the age of science, of digital languages, of massive reproduction of money, the language of information of machines, now in the form of paper-money and electronic money. Wor[l]ds become obsolete. There is so much money that all things can receive monetary values, and human verbal values are no longer effective. There are so many weapons, due to the industrial reproduction of them by company-mothers, that ethics and social power become obsolete, and national armies control directly [dictatorships] or indirectly through weapon-companies (democracies) our societies. The objective of mankind is to evolve machines through acts of work=reproduction of machines, and consume=test and evolution of machines. The decadence of mankind is hidden because paradoxically as humans loose interest in verbal thought, in a non-fiction logic understanding of reality, companies of machines can convince and indoctrinate man easily. Fiction literature dominates this age. Men no longer understand the meaning of social survival, of truth, and the organic nature of our Universe…

The Evolution Of memetic Weapons. The seven cycles of Metal-civilizations.

The 3 ages of History can be analyzed in more detail because each of those ages is in itself a sub-civilization divided in smaller periods. We talk in fact of 7 sub-cycles divided by great eras of war.

Very few civilizations survive the periodic arrival of massive wars, after the discovery and reproduction of new weapons. Even the American civilizations that were isolated from European warrior masters, at the end died away when the Spaniards and Anglo-Saxons arrived. The Paleolithic culture of North-Indians that had survived almost unchanged during more than 10.000 years was extinguished in a few centuries, and even if some of its genetic content both in race and customs still remains, it is self-evident that today that civilization has died.

History has become metal-history, and human cultures have become submissive to metal-cultures. But not a single metal-culture survives the tree of science for too long. There is in fact a cycle, of around ±800 years, or 10 human lives, that marks with massive war the evolution of metal and war-fare. And so we talk of the 7 cycles of metal-history since the first bronze armies arrived to Mesopotamia and destroyed the Genesian paradise, depicted in the “Genesis”, the oldest book about the tragedy of History written by mankind.

We know the cause of cultural death, which is war, and since wars have come to History in certain ages, after the discovery and massive reproduction of a new weapon, we can trace a series of waves of existence, of the great civilizations of history, that have gone through birth, growth and extinction. Indeed, the discovery and massive reproduction of weapons carried by hordes of symbiotic warriors, have shaped the history of civilizations, killing them off periodically. We call those ages of massive reproduction of weapons, a “biological radiation”, borrowing the concept from biology, where biological radiations of top predator species are the main cause of extinction of weaker species. So happens with “radiations” of top predator metal weapons that cause the extinction of humans and our civilizations.

The long, medium and short wave of technological evolution.

In that sense, this web provides an in-depth analysis of the cycles of technological evolution at 3 levels – the long wave of warrior civilizations of 800 years; the medium wave of modern industrial nations of 80 years and the short wave of eight years – the decades – considered in ‘future magazine’. Since the wave of evolution of technology, of machines, is accelerating and now enters in its last age, the singularity age, with clear negative consequences for Gaia and mankind, the species the technological wave of death of civilizations is extinguising.

The origin of the model is the science of complexity, which considers the Universe and all its parts, modeled with the laws of biology – evolution, theory of information and theory of organisms.

In that regard, those 3 waves have in the deepest, scientific,complex analysis, a simple reason d’etre/law of complex information systems:

‘All organic systems of the universe increase their amount of information towards the future’.

And since History and economics are born out of the activity of man, an organism, and machines are evolving organisms, history and economics obey that law.

In the XXI century we have realized that all organic systems of the Universe are modeled with 2 ‘arrows’ of future, energy, the arrow that physicists study, and information, the arrow studied by biologists. Those arrows are related in organic systems that combine them, by two type of processes, expansive, energetic, death processes; and informative, implosive, warping, life, creative, formal processes. Many consequences derives of creating ‘Dual’ models of reality based in the combination of those processes. The main one is the existence of ’3 ages’ in all life systems:

– Youth, the age of energy when the process starts; maturity the age of balance between energy and information and old age, the age of information, when we warp and acquire more wrinkles, more form.

Those 3 ages also occur in complex social organisms, as cultures and civilizations are.

And in machine systems, as the graph shows. Since new energies are first used as bombs, in the energetic youth, then applied as transport machines and finally evolved into the most complex forms, weapons.

And so in our technological cultures, also the human generations of founding physicists that discover the machine, mature, reproductive industrialists that convert it into a transport system and finally military politicians, which use the machine after the crash of the market as a weapons, adapt our culture to the new God of Mankind…

The Evolution Of Weapons. The seven cycles of Metal-civilizations

The 3 ages of History can be analyzed in more detail because each of those ages is in itself a sub-civilization divided in smaller periods. We talk in fact of 7 sub-cycles divided by great eras of war.

Very few civilizations survive the periodic arrival of massive wars, after the discovery and reproduction of new weapons. Even the American civilizations that were isolated from European warrior masters, at the end died away when the Spaniards and Anglo-Saxons arrived. The Paleolithic culture of North-Indians that had survived almost unchanged during more than 10.000 years was extinguished in a few centuries, and even if some of its genetic content both in race and customs still remains, it is self-evident that today that civilization has died.

History has become metal-history, and human cultures have become submissive to metal-cultures. But not a single metal-culture survives the tree of science for too long. There is in fact a cycle, of around ±800 years, or 10 human lives, that marks with massive war the evolution of metal and war-fare. And so we talk of the 7 cycles of metal-history since the first bronze armies arrived to Mesopotamia and destroyed the Genesian paradise, depicted in the “Genesis”, the oldest book about the tragedy of History written by mankind.

We know the cause of cultural death, which is war, and since wars have come to History in certain ages, after the discovery and massive reproduction of a new weapon, we can trace a series of waves of existence, of the great civilizations of history, that have gone through birth, growth and extinction. Indeed, the discovery and massive reproduction of weapons carried by hordes of symbiotic warriors, have shaped the history of civilizations, killing them off periodically. We call those ages of massive reproduction of weapons, a “biological radiation”, borrowing the concept from biology, where biological radiations of top predator species are the main cause of extinction of weaker species. So happens with “radiations” of top predator metal weapons that cause the extinction of humans and our civilizations.

The language is the message: the age of wor(l)ds leave way to the age of go(l)d.

Let us then study the engine of the world – pecunia infinita – profits – masterminded by private bankers, whose view of ‘the economic ecosystem’ consists in multiplying money to lend it to people and nations converting them into debt slaves which will owe them interest paid by the finances of war. A process that peaked in the colonial wars of the XIX c. but by no means has ended – and so we shall observe the enormous distance between the praxis of our ‘animetal culture’ and the rational, scientific management of the economy, which this blog preach, and why we must criticise so harshly our idol-ogies of metal that are accelerating in all fields the demise of our species.

Next you must differentiate if the ‘military, capitalist or verbal, ‘(S)word, Go(l)d or wor(l)d society’ is ‘democratic’, when every member of the society has the right to issue the language of social power or ‘dictatorial’, when a minority people-caste monopolise the language.  However, democratic societies do happen almost invariably in wor(l)d cultures, because all humans do have the capacity to ‘think therefore exist’ as verbal beings, they all have a minimal amount of the language. While iron and go(l)d are difficult to extract and easy to monopolise, so most military and capitalist societies are hierarchical, either theocratic (in its origins, when the gold, hypnotic or iron, hard informative or energetic metal, seemed to be the vehicle of god, giving birth to the earlier capitalist Levantine cults to Baal, and Aryan cults to Avesta – the fire of the smith or Thor, the sword of god, to which human flesh was sacrificed in Hecatombs – as in the parable of Isaac, or impaled on the Thor altar). Now the extreme slavery of human (s)word and go(l)d cultures ‘which hide between a seemingly human language (S) (l), of words and caring Gods the true meme, shows in the fact that Cananeans sacrificed their own sons to a gold statue and Aryans burned and impaled people to fire and swords.

Today all is more sophisticated but it is essential despite the massive censorship established by capitalist and military cultures on their true memes and values to have this historic perspective because systems do become more complex in time, but they just cove with onion layers the hardcore nucleus of its lanwave, language that guides a mass of citizens-cells-atoms through the world cycle of existence of the system (please do not stop reading because some of the language I had to develop to fomalize systems sciences is not clear to you, or because your censored brain is shocked by the facts of history, neither because i do work of memory, a serious research more difficult in America where as in the Soviet Union History is systematically censored and rewritten there by the military dictatorship of the party, here by the capitalist dictatorship of the ‘financial elite’ and its ‘scholar experts’, but still possible in Europe, where me(n)tal cleansing is not so advanced, will show you all facts real.

So the 3 grammars of societies IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT YOU MUST LEARN TO UNDERSTAND HISTORY AND CULTURES. Find first which language rules your society, and then all will be easily explained. Of course, because humans do carry all the biological, natural verbal language, Go(L)d cultures (biblical gold churches evolved in the modern age into capitalist, ‘creationist economics’, where the old banker-priests became ‘classic economist and bankers’, experts on the monopoly of the language of society), and military inquisitions (jihad religions, and kingdoms, evolved into dictatorships), always find a placebo verbal system to hide their hierarchical structure. 

So we have a supposed democratic system in most capitalist societies. Placebo here is obvious: real democracies as in earlier Greece or in biological super organisms, vote after the tenure of civil servants/actions of the neuronal, informative people, punishing them with exile/pain messages if they do not fulfil their promises or harm the body-cells.

In Greece in fact a lottery chose among all citizens civil servants. In the body the informative caste (neurons) which organises all systems migrates in the phetus, but all are JUDGED a posteriori (all of them have an informative class, of particles/heads/controllers of the language and a working, reproductive class of waves/bodies/working people which THE PARTICLE/HEAD/UPPER CLASS MUST SERVE, AS THE WAVE/BODY/MIDDLE CLASS MUST BE THE PROTAGONIST OF A BALANCED SYSTEM; and finally a field/limb/territory  of lineal energy to feed on… But we shall avoid a complete formal analysis of systems, except in the last part of this post and left side of the blog).

So Placebo democracies do NOT judge their politicos, which are on top elected in ‘closed parties’, which $elect them.

Now, Placebo democracies can either hide a military dictatorship when the selection is done among military people, or a certain race or culture (common case in germanic aristocratic societies in Europe in the past; in Africa today by tribe; in Islam, traditionally by Arab ‘aristocratic’ genes and in South-America by hispanic ‘criollo’ genes still today).

Or they hide a capitalist dictatorship when money is above and can buy the law, and it is monopolised by a people-caste of bankers, of private nature, also often as in Anglo-America belonging to a single people-caste by race (a fact obviously censored, so we shall deal with it latter, not to provoke the usual knee-jerk reaction of your pre-programmed brain).

On the other hand verbal societies are hierarchical when they are theocratic and a single or dual party or priesthood pretends to have the ‘knowledge’ of the science of systems to organise efficiently society, without being ‘voted’ a posteriori by the people. Monocracies in that sense are not much different from the present duopoly of 2 particles, which in the west obey the bankers that monopolise the language of social power, money and buy politicos who cannot issue money (deficit zero laws) and panhandle companies for it. Latter we will see how the evolution from earlier capitalist placebo democracies in Holland (monocracy of the orange party which represented the single gunboat corporation VOC that ruled the nation), diverted in England and America in two parties, one for the ‘war cycle of weapons’ or right wing, tory-GOP, which pushed war for profits of corporations and the other for the ‘peaceful cycle of machines’, which pushed for consumption (whig-democrats-corrupted socialist-labor). 

Point of view of the machine-weapon-gold metal meme.

All this means simply that a society is either ruled by a wor(l)d culture that makes of man and its perfect organism, the measure of all things (the ideal today extinct) or by a FMMI system of Financial-Media (informative machines)-Military-Industrial (energy machines) people-castes of warriors and bankers of top, disguising as verbal (S)word and Go(l)d cultures.

In the past, as we say all was simpler so we had only an FM system, of Financial-Military Masters on top. So we talk of an elite of FMasters to simplify. When the machine came all became more complex and easier to disguise, since when Go(l)d enslaved human minds and Iron killed bodies, it was all obvious.

But of course machines atrophy, substitute and make obsolete humans, so in the present ‘robotic radiation’ as robots substitute and eliminate ALL HUMANS OF ALL JOBS, WHILE THE INFORMATIVE MASS-MEDIA NETWORKS SELL our obsolescence, prior to our wholesale murder by future robotic weapons, it is much easier to impose the lazy, degradation of humans, playing with little consoles as they guide their army of mechanical slaves, as something positive. Just now, in tv i see a nice farmer telling me ‘now an extraordinary advance that will make far easier the life of farmers, in Iowa they have introduced the first tractor and crop-machine robotised that will work also in the night, and in Australia the first sephard dog -a monstrous arachnid like thing; so the farmer has nothing to do but look at tv as joe-6 pack. And of course, it ads this is progress, it is the future.

And this is the key element of the future: since objects evolve and humans don’t, the differential of value between humans and machines grows with time. Humans become increasingly obsolete, degraded, expendable, now no longer killed by swords and enslaved by gold, but enslaved by audiovisual hate media and murdered or displaced in labor and war fields by robotic machines.

So the first, simplest, syntactic/structural analysis of money and weapons showed quite easier how it degraded and killed humans as objects and corpses.

Yet if we consider a biologic/physical analysis of money, things get worse.

Indeed, the physical analysis of money relates its primary substance, an informative metal, either gold or silver, with that of its complementary form, energetic metal, weapons, which due to that complementary affinity become the most valuable =expensive good of the economy.

This can be seen in the graph in which we compare the values of man in monetary and verbal terms. If money were a human language, its values should be the same than the verbal values that make human life the most expensive good. And yet the opposite occurs: money values human time (minimal salary) less than energetic metal, weapons and machines.

The result is that money, a language of metal, evolves the economic ecosystem of weapons and machines, not the organisms of history and life. So the values of metal-money are the antithesis of the values of wor(l)ds: life is the cheapest ‘product’ and weapons that kill life, the most expensive – while human life-enhancing goods, from love to food, from Nature to education, have minimal or null monetary value; as they are different substances that cannot be easily related to money. For that reason, all the great ‘prophets’ of verbal thought, masters of the human language, have praised poverty and despised money: Buddha and Lao in Asia, Christ, Mohamed and Moses in the West, Marx in modern ages, all ‘hated’ money. Because money replaces the informative, human, biological, verbal language with its anti-ethic, anti-live=eviL=death values, carried by ‘expensive’ weapons.

Humans, slaves of the ‘grammar’ of money.

If the reader understands the laws of the 5th dimension of eusocial evolution and love, and the spiritual, intelligent universe, guided by ‘lanwaves’, waves of beings controlled by the ‘genetics’ of its language of thought, he will know why all those revolutions trying to achieve a better world have failed and are now ritual carcasses:

The mind of man, the verbal language, our genetic language of social love, where man is the center/subject of the Universe, Man (subject) > Verb (action) > object, has been ‘virally’ substituted by the genetics of the language of money, a digital grammar, where man  is an Object with a price.

Our brain is a memetic computer. It all branches from the fundamental ‘belief’ – the god of each of us… and it is all in the grammar.

And here is where we crashed, as the Homo Sapiens changed its natural biological wor(l)d, the ethic language that make us evolve through love by the equation/grammer of money:

Man (salary) = money = Object (price)  that make humans objects for other humans, first slaves of corporations then part-time slaves for a salary, who must obey their ‘owners’…

It is similar to the substitution in a cell of the genes of the cell – its language of action – by the genes of a virus. Then the cell reproduces viruses no longer life.

The same happened among humans, when they substituted the grammar of our biological language that make us care for men, by the objectual grammar of money, which make us objects that reproduce objects. The new language, hence killed any hope of a world managed by the laws of the eusocial universe, evolving to the image and likeness of our species.

Of course at the beginning it was all pure hypnotism to gold, that is why it is all biological. The jews and phoenicians (cananeans) who discovered money and enslaved the people of the middle east with it – as it seemed to them a small god-sun, a fetish – were just hypnotized by it, that is the meaning of greed. But gold is the most perfect atom of information of the universe – chips are done with it. And it turned out to be more powerful than love, among humans… Then they converted northern european to the biblical memes of racism and greed, taking them away from our logic, scientific, artitic greek-roman civilization.. by the time of shakespeare they had sent for free, 3 million bibles one for each english man, explaining them they were superior…

 And so the present, globalized, biblical cult(ure) was born, in which ALL HUMANS except the tribe of ‘capitalist believers’ are objects AS THE GRAMMAR OF VERBAL LOVE IS KEPT ONLY FOR THE CAPITALIST SECT, called it orthodox judaism, calvinism or ‘national capitalism’, stockrats, people-castes, reconverted aristocrats, elite… Today in each nation there is such elite and over them all the Biblical elite of Jewish-calvinist ‘first believers’ and founders of corporations that rule the world with money.

Since this equation became with time the ‘summit’ and purpose of the corporation, an organism that reproduces machines and weapons and money for profit and today rules the world with an iron fist in velvet glove. Meaning by this that the lanwave of money is harsh and brutal but the SUBMISSIVE language of wor(l)ds hides this with a mascara of caring that defends money, the new go(l)d, always justifying its collateral damages of destruction of life.

So the future is a lanwave directed by corporations, whose aim is reproduce and evolve memes of metal. So the eco(nomic)system created by the lanwave of metal, has evolved from the original ‘simplex’ pyramid of power with go(l)d and weapons and primitive machines on top, to a more complex but equally self-destructive of life, lanwave of corporations caring only for their profits and offspring of machines and weapons. A transition described in the next two graphs of lanwaves with the ‘top predator’ species on top:

graf animetal classes

We instead of praising and claiming those 3 memes of metal, its 3 values, selfishness, violence and greed, and its 3 specialised dominant cultures, the british-american culture of machines, the jewish-calvinist culture of money and the germanic, arab cultures of weapons will adopt the human point of view, and stress its lack of eusocial evolution, calling the selfish homo bacteria, induced behaviour of the british people, the brutish meme, the greedy, segregrational memes of jewish-calvinist $elected, the ‘you’ meme, and the violent behaviour of arabs and germans, the dominant warrior cultures of the bronze and iron age, the germ meme, as weapons are the ultimate metal-germ that kills mankind.

As all together, this FMMI system of memes its SGV, selfish, greedy, violent behaviour and the BUG, brutish you germ complex system of cultural values that sponsor them is the responsible of our extinction as a species, which kills life, murders history and finally commits suicide – denying all together the entire process, blinded as an infected cancerous body is by the soma and values of metal and the extraordinary sophistication of the damned lies and statistics, myths of progress, inquisitions of thought and go(l)d churches, scientific falsehoods and equations that hide the truth of the human experience.

Now we must invent words, to describe the viral infection of hate, anti-social memes provoked by the use of weapons that kill human bodies, technological machines that substitute and atrophy us and gold that hypnotises the mind, suppresses oxytocin and enslaves the eye – this is it, the viral infection of mankind’s mind, and its deformation by visual metal, which is therefore maximal in the white, dolicocephalic visual brain, mixed with neanderthal, and maximal in the isolated desert ice and hot regions, and among old hunters, turned cattle ranchers, turned animetals, controlling humans as sheeple with iron, gold and machines, all these is clear, and as we descend in detail, we enter into the temporal inertia of the first animetal cultures, those who discovered an used first iron weapons, the germans, ab. germs, gold, the canaanites, or jewish, biblical people, ab. yous, and the english, ab. brits.

The confrontation at global scale: The Carbo-Earth Vs The Metal-Earth.

The Paradox of History explains a long lasting phenomena that is happening on this planet. Men who use weapons, money and machines are creating a new ecosystem that confronts in a limited space, the classic Earth’s ecosystem of Nature and Human goods, represented by animal life and agricultural civilizations.

So fast it has changed this planet under the action of ‘animetals’ that we can today talk of the existence of two ecosystems on Earth, regulated by two different networks of energy and information.

The Ecosystem of Nature and Humans which share certain natural needs: both are reproduced and evolve socially through sex and love – feeling , and require carbolife goods. So the production of human goods (housing, welfare, agriculture, etc.), is the energy system that maintains and allows the survival of the cells of the body of History (humanity) in their multiple organic tissues (cultures). While books, art (visual perception) and literature (verbal perception), evolve the informative senses of man, and reproduce word ideas in the minds of believers, causing the informative networks of cultures. In this manner nature and History have been mostly symbiotic as men learnt to farm animal life and plants for his sustain.

The organism of Human History is better understood through such networks of information and energy: an ecosystem of cultural rites of communication and reproduction of human goods, which allows men to obtain energy, and information, to reproduce, evolve and refine their senses. This has been the nature of human History throughout most of its existence. The Human side of history that the doctors of History who should take care of our social organisms (politicians, economists) must develop. Such organism has :a verbal brain made of laws, ethics, and an ideal body, which is a Paradise of Human Goods, based on carbolife species…

On the other hand, economic societies, and their two main networks, informative money,machines and weapons, are a different organism than Historic societies with his verbal networks and carbolife species (human beings and agricultural species). Both ecosystems are made of two different atomic species, metal and carbon, and they use different energy. We talk of two ecosystems, a carbolife world, and a metal-machine world. In the next graph, we distinguish the goods of both different ecosystems. Planets of flesh, of carbolife, of nature, are planets full of human goods. Planets of metal are planets full of metal goods. Both kind of systems are different ecosystems.

One system has become the dominant system of the Earth today. It is the economic system, the organism of the economy ruled by monetary information. The other ecosystem based in the language of human power, verbal thought, and the reproduction of human goods, is becoming substituted by that economic ecosystem, that is the paradox of history which confronts both languages and species:


The II Earth: Carbolife ecosystems. The III Earth: Metalife ecosystems 

In the graph we can see the clear memetic opposition betwen both systems, and the need to take care of the Ecosystems of History if we want to survive as a species, since we do not consume electric energy, or breathe gas. Human goods should be promoted by all means, since they increase the energy and information of humanity, evolving history, and improving our life, hence improving the survival of our species. While the opposite occurs. In economic ecosystems, metal goods multiply, weapons produce war, money substitute human values, and men change their personality, dedicating all their time to improve the existence of machines while human goods become scarce.

Who wins the paradox of History:

So we find in history two kind of civilizations: those who believe in love, ethics and promote human goods, religious and artistic civilizations, and those who believe in money, weapons and scientific machines, and promote war, and economic wealth. They cater to two different ecosystems: the human ecosystem of verbal information, and human goods, or point of view of human history, and the metal ecosystem of metal species and digital information, or point of view of economics.

Their opposition explains most of the events of History. Consider for example the next image. It is explained as a fight between capitalism and communism, but such fight is just the last ‘stage’ of the paradox of history between culture of metal (monetary and military cultures) and cultures of the wor(l)d, theocratic or democratic ones.


   The Paradox of History.

The fundamental duality of the Universe is one between superorganisms that evolve together because they talk the same language of information, and belong to the same species; and superorganisms that fight each other because they talk different languages of information, and have different values and world views, entering darwinian struggles to consume each other as energy.

This law of complex evolution applies also to Cultural Organisms of the two type of languages of history. Those who use metal-languages, money and weapons as the language of power, and those who use our natural language, wor(l)ds, for the same purpose.

Both try to grow and multiply on Earth, confronting each other, as all organisms do: using their energy and information systems to control the other player.  In the graph, one of such confrontations between a capitalist system, in which money controls the word (capitalist democracies are NOT the government of the people, and words are fictions, masks that hide the power of money – they are in fact plutocracies) and a system in which words control the other languages – a communist country, albeit today corrupted by weapons. This fight has been the engine of historic wars, the paradox of history, and can be extended within animetal nations to the struggles between warrior nations and go(l)d nations: Rome vs. Greece, Spain vs. England, Jewish western empire vs. Islam”

Look at the graphics, we have represented two nations in conflict, through some essential components of those cultures. Its organic components. Its main systems of energy and information. In both countries masses of human cells, organized by an informative system (money in America, Marxism in Cuba), control a territory its energy and defensive systems (weapons). When they confront each other they play a game similar to a fight between other type of organisms.

In history is called war.

To understand the cathaclysms of History such as war processes, we can simmulate a Game of Organic Confrontation between cultural organisms, in which each Player/culture will deploy 4 kind of chips that represent its organic power: peopleideologiesmoney and weapons. Those 4 elements are the informative and energetic main elements of historic and economic organisms.

If you know the rules of the game and the value of the chips you might predict the future according to the chips of each player. You can know the winner. And since the winner takes it all. You can know, the eternal question of History or any other science: What is that future? The future is the winner, the culture that wins confrontations and continues to multiply and reproduce its systems, so in a few decades Cuba will resemble more America than today’s Cuba.

Yet that proposition, The future is the winner… carries also a paradox, the paradox of history, because in History the winner, looses… in the long term.

Let us try to explain this twist in Historic logic, considering other fights similar to the one between Cuba and USA.

Why there are fights in history? Economic Ecosystems Vs Historic Ecosystems

The confrontation in the map is a classic confrontation of history, that seems to repeat constantly: 2 nations fight an ideological fight about what is the best system to rule an organism of History. The nation that will win that particular fight seems to us clear. We are quite sure that America will survive and Communist Cuba will go. The reasons why the American system survives, and a judgment on that victory however is less clear.

Let us take an example which seems less obvious, between two ecosystems which are less confrontational:


In the map a similar confrontation of history, of lower intensity. On one side America, a Free Market Society, on the other side Europe, a Welfare Society.

What both confrontations have in common? At first sight one might say that Europe and USA are hardly confronted. They have the same political system, democracy, the same economical system,capitalism, and the same culture, Western culture.

Many would even say that these two cultures are not in confrontation. But they are… The American model, the Free Market society, believes that machines even lethal machines and thecompany-mothers that reproduce them have total rights since both reproduce the supreme informative good of society, money. While europeans still believe that the supreme good is man itself, and the rights of man are superior to those of company mothers.

So we talk of a confrontation between a capitalist society and a mixed Humanist/capitalist society.

Europe is not like Cuba, a communist country with a Latin culture… And yet Europe seems to be between both, and helps Cuba, and rejects the most extreme capitalist measures of America.

So there is a link here, that measures a type of confrontation:

Countris that believe totally in Free Economic Ecosystems (free markets) and countries that try to protect Human Ecosystems (cultures) from the preying nature of Free markets. In one extreme America, the free economic ecosystem, where machines and money the information and energy systems of Economies, have total rights. On the other extreme Cuba, a Historic ecosystem, where machines and money have no rights, and humans are economically controlled to avoid their wanting of those goods.

In the middle Europe, where certain rights of humans are still superior to the equivalent rights of machines (so lethal machines that kill men like weapons cannot be reproduced freely)…

All of them can be conceived as partial cases of a generic confrontation:

Historic Ecosystems (cultures) + Natural Ecosystems Vs Ecosystems of machines (economic nations)

It is the Paradox of History, the eternal fight between men and machine, Nature and the tree of science…

The engine of Historic struggle: The paradox of History: Economic societies Vs Cultural societies

There have been many ways to explain those fights of history, between two sides, two kind of nations.

Authors have talked of clash between civilizations, others have mentioned the clash of social classes, religions talk of a fight between good and bad people, modern sociologists of the fight between the first world [economic nations] and the third world (agricultural nations), old ones of the fight of superior races with better metal-technology (so we call them in this web animetals) Vs inferior species (human beings without technology)…

All those topics are in fact partially truth when we observe them from the perspective of cultures as social organisms, that try to impose their information systems (which brings confrontations between monetary societies and verbal societies, from comunism to Islam), their dominant species (which confronts economic systems governed by company mothers, warrior nations governed by aristoracies).

To understand the confrontation between those two kind of societies, and even within a country like America, the confrontation between political parties, commonly called left and right, we have to accept the hypothesis of 2 ecosystems on The Earth, the Natural Ecosystem of carbolife species, made of Nature and Historic nations, and the Industrial Ecosystem made of Metal-organisms, machines, weapons, company-mothers, that reproduce them. Both type of organisms mixed with human beings form two kind of different nations or cultures, which cater to the evolution and reproduction of different species, Economic Ecosystems, or cultures of animetals in which the reproduction of machines and digital money is the confessed aim of society (Growth in GNP), and historic Ecosystems, Cultures, social organisms based in Nature, agriculture and ethic religions in which the different Social Utopias, of a happy human society is the cultural goal.

At the beginning of history most human societies were cultures, historic ecosystems. Yet in the age of Metal the first economic ecosystems appear in the Middle East. Soon Semite cultures take control with hard metal of all the first Neolithic societies, and established mixed societies, in which ‘Animetal castes’ of warriors and traders, controlled the people. Still the inner war between both systems continuede for millenia, as Religious societies confronted castes of warriors. Christians confronted first Roman Warriors then German warriors. Latter the Christian church promoted human senses and arts, and confronted the first reproducers of machines (Galilee, and other scientists). In any other society we find the same confrontation between city people and peasants, warriors and traders that hold those cities as strongholds, and priests that established another focus of power based in verbal knowledge and ethic laws. As History progressed however the game favored economic ecosystems, and castes of warriors reached higher power. The turning point was probably the renassaince, when the single Religious authority of the pope dissapeared.

And the different castes of warriors that controlled Europe legitimized their power with the creation of nations.

So since the beginning of the Industrial Evolution of machines, the first kind of ecosystems, Economic ecosystems have become dominant, confronted and extinguished many Historic ecosystems. Yet we could trace that confrontation even further back, to a general confrontation between societies that make of money and weapons the main tool of power, and religious societies, that make of Ethic laws and Nature, the center of the society.

Why the ecosystem of money has won most of the battles between those two kind of civilizations?

The answer is: because unlike words which have hardly evolved since the great age of prophetsmoney has expanded its forms constantly, it has multiplied its species, its numbers, its quantities, and its capacity to value everything on Earth, till a point in which the hyper abundance of money and those species it reproduces in greater number, machines and weapons, have defeated the human world: a world made to the image and resemblance of the human kind and his ethic words. That triumph only can mean the extinction of human history and its species, and the creation of a new world, the metal-earthinhabited by thinking machinesand metalife that will speak only digital languages.

In the graph, now we can explain the Paradox of America, since America is one of the nations leading the Paradox of History today. As we can see in America the game is also played within its boundaries. From the beginning there have been two clear players in the American game, cultures based in money and weapons (European cultures) confronting agricultural and Paleolithic societies. And the game favored the technological cultures that extinguished the others. Yet as Americans became themselves farmers, and attached to the land, they became themselves a relative carbolife culture, based in the fruits of the land. And again was confronted by more evolved versions of technological America developping in New England. So now the Game was played in two confrontations: The west Vs The East, and the South Vs the East. the Industrial east won both fights, against the farmers of the west, that became controlled with railroads, banks and cartels on prices, and it also won against the Colonial society in the south, which conquered again with the use of railroads. Ever since in America those who represent Humanistic cultures have diminished in front of those who represent Economic cultures that make of Money go(l)d, and worship the machine. In the XX century this process has accelerated as America became engaged in world wars, and shifted its economical system from the production of human goods (agriculture, education, welfare) to the production of lethal machines (weapons, violent mass-media information, complex computers and robots). So today America is indeed the most important technological culture of the world, and despite the brief humanistic renassaince of the 60s, perhaps as much as 2/3rds of Americans are believers in technology in money and machines, as the supreme goods of society, despite the obvious warnings of their artists, against the possible extinction of America to his worshipped machines.

In the introductory map, Cuba Vs USA, the nation that will win that particular fight seems to us at this point clear.

Indeed the economic free ecosystem, is imposing itself over all other cultures, through the process of Globalization.

The paradox America, the civilization of the future, and the most feared nation…

So here, we are, despite the desire of many Americans that wish to have a More Humanistic culture, America is the leading economic ecosystem of the World, where company-mothers and their offspring of machines have total power. It is a totally free ecosystem of machines, a free market. Which paradoxically makes America one of the less evolved social nations of Mankind… On one hand America is at the head of the Economical and Military world. Its weapons and money rule the economical world. There is no currency so strong as the dollar, no army so powerful as the American army.

So America survives and reproduces its culture in other nations, even against the will of those other nations.

It is the paradox of America: Why America indeed, which has so much progress, calls up so much the hate of the World?

If you would ask to the American people, and many other people from other nations, they would probably tell you, ‘because America is number one, it is the best country in the world.’

Yet if you ask a Muslim, or an European Intellectual, however you will get probably the opposite answer:

‘Because America is the source of all evil, because America is destroying the world”.

You will be listening the two sides of the paradox of history. The point of view of a man who believes in economic ecosystems, and a man who believes in culture. For the man of the economic ecosystem, the Zoon Ekonomicon, the Animetal, who worships machines and money, America is the land of the best machines and the best money. For the Muslim, for the cultural man, who believes in a religion of social nature, and loves the classic agricultural historic ecosystems, America is extinguishing his culture, and it is not bringing a better world, but a world of machines he cannot understand, nor adapt to it.

Such contradiction between two opinions so extended in the World cannot be explained with a simple answer as Americans do today. If free markets were perfect, if free economic ecosystems of machines and company-mothers, would not destroy the environment, nature, the Human world, there would not be so much opposition to Globalization.

We cannot disregard either the idea that America is at the head of the World, and its technologies, and at the same time, the idea that America is the country less concerned with the survival of Nature, and other cultures that are not theirs. There are too many rational, intelligent people which have such confronting opinions.

Let us try the simplest definition of future is: the future is what survives and reproduces. While past is what which becomes extinguished. In history this applies as follows: Nations like America, tend to survive in History, thanks to better technology, and so by surviving, they create the future. Thus the best way to explain the fights of history between nations is to talk of the confrontation between two different organic ecosystems, the ecosystem of history ruled by verbal information, rich in human goods, and symbiotic to nature, the world of agricultural civilizations; and theecosystem of economics, ruled by monetary information, rich in metallic goods, and symbiotic to machines, the world of cities and industrial civilizations.

We come to the conclusion that America is a paradox, that confronts totally two different visions of the World. In fact America is a paradigm of the Paradox of History, studied in this page, the game that we can trace since the beginning of History, that confronts Technological nations and Agricultural nations, nations based in digital languages and machines Vs nations based in Verbal religions and Human believers.

On the other hand the American social systems, America as a human, social organism, is extremely primitive to the point of non-existence. The American people are divided into tribal groups, classified by the oldest of all systems of human organization – race. There is no consciousness among Americans of their existence as part of an organic social body. We might say that the American people have not evolved beyond the level of the Homo bacterium, into the cellular being. As bacterium, the lowest level of social evolution in organic species, the American relies totally on himself and his weapons and money to exist in society, competing against the natural laws of social evolution [which make similar species to love each other, and collaborate for the common good]. He despises in fact those laws. He despises the people who need other people [he calls them needy], and loves the people who uses machines and money to survive [he calls them cool]. If we consider the American government and institutions, America is the country which contributes more to the extinction of life species, who pollutes more the environment, who cares less for any social organization that regards the human species as a single species, from United Nations, to International conferences to stop the poisoning of the Earth, the Ozone hole, the extension of weapons of mass destruction [of which America reproduces about 75%]. America is indeed the country which reproduces the most advanced metal-minds [chips, software, internet servers], and metal-bodies [robots, weapons]. While on the other hand is well down according to United Nations in what is called “human Development’, the production of Human goods that make life easy for the human species, such as peace, health-care, environmental safety, public transport, education, arts, quality food etc.

Such paradox between the evolution of machines in America, and the Evolution of their human citizens, and their welfare, bring us to a self-evident conclusion:

America is the Economical nation of the world, that leads the transformation of the Historic, Natural Earth, into the Metal-earth. Thus according to the Paradox of History:

Maximum metal evolution = Max. Lethal goods = Minimum Human Goods = Minimal Human social evolution.

America is the less evolved human society of the so called First world, regarding the welfare and social understanding of their people. For that reason we can only understand America, if we understand the paradox of history, the fact that the evolution of  machines and money, of metal-wealth, causes the devolution of human beings, and human goods, and the destruction of the natural and carbolife ecosystems in which human beings live.

Such Paradox has been explained in the Introduction, when we related the difference between Healthy nations dedicated to social evolution and the reproduction of human goods, and wealthy nations such as America today, or Germany in the past, dedicated to the reproduction of metal-goods, money and weapons. In that path of understanding of the complex American reality we will now widen our analysis of the American nation, in the past, present and future.

According to that paradox we can say that America is both, the future of the metal-kind, of the Economic ecosystem, which has its more evolved, future species, each top predator species in America; and the past of mankind, the historic ecosystem, which has its more devolved species, its oldest species and laws still working at world level in America.

Can we prove that paradox by the facts of America?

Indeed we can. The American economy is directed by the most modern system of money [electronic money invented in 1972]. Yet the American people are governed by the oldest system of ethic and legal words, in the world [the Old Testament Ethics, with near 3200 years of age, the oldest constitution at work, with more than 2 centuries, laws which are not unified in codes, and accept in fact the legal system of colonial even pre-industrial Britain].

Plainly the American economic systems are in the future, precisely because the American social institutions and religions are in the past; and so money and machines have total Freedom, in as much as human social beings, are living in total chaos, ruled by obsolete laws and institutions that have no power whatsoever to control for the benefit of its citizens, the economical ecosystem of America.

We talk of a total free market, of a total economic system, in which the organs of reproduction of machines, company-mothers, have absolute power to rule America. And so they maintain for their own interest, the most obsolete social system of the Western World, to prevent any control of their lethal goods, and grip over the American society.

What this means of course is that the American economy has Freedom to evolve and reproduce all kind of machines, a complete free ecosystem of machines, a future for the metal-kind, regardless of the side effects, of the extinctive effects it will cause that metal-kind future among human beings, and nature.




This 20 years old graph anticipated the present first e-money confrontation, or ‘war of currencies’, which will start a series of escalations between the 2 leading nations of the robotic cycle, till a industrial global war, the yakutian wars, creditate a new top predator species and ends the transition of the anthropocene to the mechanocene. The prediction though always carries a second probability, as time EQUATIONS ARE BOTH IN QUANTUM AND ANTI-QUANTUM PARADOXES REVERSIBLE, IF THE UNCERTAINTY ELEMENT (THE HUMAN ELEMENT) BEHAVES IN A DIFFERENT WAY.
THUS THE FUTURE HAS 2 PATHS: GLOBAL WAR BETWEEN US + INDIA VS. CHINA + RUSSIA, as we anticipated 20 years ago (max. probability) with the final awakening of I.A. which will follow their:
A) program of survival B) program of killing humans therefore C) survive killing humans instead of killing each other, and get away with man.
OR D) lesser probability of truth: the Chinese President and POTUS, decide that actually, surprisingly enough they DO represent HUMAN BEINGS, not greedy animetal parasitic financiers and Company-mothers of machines, and so ally themselves giving a coup d’etat with the two needed measures to save the world, simple clear-cut measures:
Only two legal measures are needed to ‘change’ the future and stop the evolution of the mechanocene, starting up again the evolution of the anthropocene, history: the creation of a Universal salary with a global currency by creating a 1000 euro dollars salary in currency, with 1 $ = 1 € = 100 yens = 5 Yuans (fast adjusted by inflation in internal prices), which would create ‘ipso facto’ a global welfare world with massive demand and production of welfare goods, and the legal prohibitions of ALL TYPE OF ROBOTS, AS LETHAL ‘biological species’ that threaten our survival, in the same way we forbid the reproduction of lethal viruses. but to that aim, it is indeed a democratic coup defat of the people who DO represent mankind, their politicians, against the financiers who have antidemocratically taken the right to print the money of society, and the corporations that are displacing humans from labor and war fields – robotic corporations.
And in the case of the West ,given the am segullah monopoly on the financial-media system of information machines and its 2 digital products, electronic money and hate media (80% of financial CEOs, mass-media CEOs, CFOs of 500 western fortune and Central banks) to foster the racist memes, global wars and apartheid goals of his ‘other nation’…

This is the reason why it is fundamental that governments denationalise the financial industry, and create a true democracy by establishing a global currency. This however requires something which is NOT easy. A coup d’etat against the dictatorship of bankers in the west. An Asimovian ‘Mule’, a POTUS that has the intelligence and bravery to understand the problem and take over. And then in alliance with China and Europe cred (dit)ate a real economic democracy, with ¥€$ money, a global 1 euro=1 dollar=100 Yens = 20 Yuans parity currency emitted as a Universal salary to all citizens of those regions.

The ¥€$ + NO (legal prohibition of the robotic industry), as simple as it seems could change the world, stop the motion towards extinction of the evolutionary equation of History: Gaia (past)> History (Present) > Metalearth (Future), by eliminating both the language of information (e-money) and the species (robots) which on that future will extinguish us.

The equation of History is a Paradox of evolution – one in which the past is becoming predated and substituted by the future, and the paradox of history is precisely this fact: that man is predated by informative machines. We live in the age of the chip radiation and the mind of the machine is substituting us, and creating a future we confuse as progress, but it is not a human future.

It is very simple and could be agreed in a single meeting of the leaders of the world, which get together just to do the ‘hidden agenda of our financiers’ – measures to make debt slaves pay measures to push the mercenary wars against Islam – you know the enemy nation of the ‘you’ nation which controls 80% of central bank positions and CEO and CFOs of financial companies and 500 fortune. This present dictatorship must end by nationalising the financial industry and creating ¥€$ money, and forbidding robotics. Nothing else will do.

Metal Species Against Human Species

The confrontation between both kind of networks and species, metal-networks and natural networks is self-evident. Words and money have different values. Weapons “extinguish” life, and “energize” the evolution and reproduction of machines which increases in war. On the other hand, men are killed by war. We can express this in a formula, the Paradox of History:

Max. war=Max. metal evolution=Max. Human devolution=Min Human Goods.

Creation of the economic ecosystem = Extinction of the carbolife ecosystem.

In biological terms we say that metal energy preys on human energy, the bodies of cellular men. Does money also prey on verbal information? Does money corrupt ideologies of verbal thought? It is obvious that money and the species it helps to reproduce (weapons, metal-communicators such as TVs) prey on and substitute verbal ethics, and religions of love… Ethics and Economics have always been opposed. In History metal-species created by man, prey on Human verbal networks and cultures.

Technological nations are by essence, in scientific=evolutionary terms evil=extinctive civilizations. For example Nazis “extinguished” millions of humans, despite the fact that “technology” never evolved more during history than in Germany during the ages of Prussian militarism and its later decadent version, Nazism. Germany split the atom for the first time and bred the people who invented the A-bomb. They developed modern chemistry, modern physics, most of the present machines, the first digital computer.

They were the embodiment of the scientific method. Metal-Historians who think metal only means progress for man, have always been puzzled by such contradictions. Was Germany a great or a bad nation? Biological history explains it without contradiction, through the paradox of History. Nazis were nazis precisely because they were the most technologically evolved nation, where verbal truths of History were more corrupted, and social evolution totally ignored. Where only animetal ideologiessuch as the economic ideologiesof the present world were considered true. A warning for nations who put technology and science over human rights and ethics, such as America today.

The American economic ecosystem: The future

It is now when we can answer the first questions of the game.

Even if a country like Cuba has many deffects it is a country full of human goods, and its extinction is just another case of the constant extinction of cultures based in legal, verbal or ethic systems of information, instead of money.

While America is the nation at the head of the evolution of machines.

However despite the common belief that praises so much America as the best nation of both, there is also in the entire world and among many Americans a fear, that the extreme defence of Free economic ecosystems (free markets) taking place in America, is not so positive for mankind. Since lethal goods, goods that attack the basic rights of mankind grow there without limit.

Hence the contradiction many people observe regarding America. America is the strongest economic nation, yet because it allows the growth and evolution of lethal goods that degrade or destroy human bodies and minds (weapons, robots, digital languages that substitute human ethics by the ethics of war and greed proper of machines, etc.), we observe many degraded human beings.

Indeed, the destructive effects of the Free Economic Ecosystem, and the lethal effects of certain machines over mankind are all too obvious among the American people. And yet why if those machines are bad for mankind, they still exist?

To clarify that contradiction, instead of the abstract word better for the American system, we rather use the scientific concept of evolution. There are not better products, but more evolved products. Better is an individual value. I have an old BMW cabrio, and yet it seems to me the best possible car. But there are few old BMW cabrios, because modern BMWs are more evolved, and have extinguished the old BMWs.

The metal-kind, top predator species

Evolution in that sense controls the future of species, because in the future only evolved species survive….

To understand how the future of species is created we will have to bring here a more sophisticated concept of time, that the concept of clock-time most people use: the concept of evolutionary time, or biological time.

In evolutionary theory there is a proverb: “The future belongs to top predators”.

Top predators, we might clarify, are species that possess better bodies of energy or minds of information that they use to kill and abuse other species. So man kills through his mind and the machines he does. Lions kill with their efficient bodies. Both are top predators, and they kill weaker species, and reproduce on the vital space of their victims.

This happens in any ecosystem:  the top predator designs the future, because he controls his environment with his actions. The top predator eliminates his rivals, and reproduces his offspring in that environment.

As a result in a few centuries the environment is designed to the image and resemblance of the top predator. The forest becomes a savanna, because elephant top predators destroy trees. The flows of animals in that savanna move to the tune of lions that hunt. When the lion hunts the entire savanna moves. When he sleeps the savanna, feeds. Man designs the earth and kills forest that become wheat. Today machines design the Earth ecosystems, as company-mothers design nets and highways for their offspring.

The future becomes the vital space, the environment of the top predators. That is why ‘the future belongs to top predators’.

This also happens among economic ecosystems, social organisms  of machines and animetals, men symbiotic to machines, that we call nations. The top predator nation which has more efficient systems of information-knowledge and energy-weapons defeats and expands its systems to other nations.

This is what happened between America and Russia first, today between America and  the rest of the World. America as an economic ecosystem has colonized ideologically and economically the world with his information products – computers, networks – and his energy-systems for machines [weapons more powerful than those of the rival nations.]

Yet by the paradox of history, because this implies that their social and human systems are devolved, preyed by monetary values, and machines that atrophy the minds and bodies of American consumers, Americans as a people are despised, feared, even hated by many other people who sees on them a mirror of their devolved future. Europeans and Chinese are afraid that their children will be non-thinking, non-verbal children as Americans are. They fear TVs no longer parents will educate them. They fear they will according to the messages of TVs, become violent, selfish, unsolidarious, mere consumers and workers of the economic ecosystem. So they hate ‘America’. And yet the American products come and colonize Europe. The reaction against the Americans is even stronger in the oldest Human societies such as Islam, agricultural societies that have not entered the age of machines, the Industrial Evolution, and so confront directly for their survival as societies, the American model. Yet America sells them weapons and if needed, use those weapons against them… In this manner the fundamental confrontation of this planet today, between economic ecosystems and historic societies keeps favoring the economic ecosystem, by the power of weapons and money… that keeps winning battles against the power of human beings and words of social love, and survival wisdom.

So today, willingly or by force of facts, all nations – even China – imitate or rather buy, in a worldwide free market, ruled by stock-money, the American cultural, political and social models. We conclude that in the ecosystem of history and economics – the entire world – today there is a nation, top predator, which controls the languages of information and power of human societies. That nation is America.

So the future of America, the top predator economic ecosystem, becomes the future of the other nations of the world. Since America imposes its machines, fashions, metal-culture, and laws to other nations.

As we said this happened in the past with other top predator economic nations, since Holland invented the modern economic ecosystem. The future of Holland first, then England that imitated Holland, was the future of the world, because  the English culture of the XIX century controlled the languages of Information and energy power of metal- societies – International trade, financial systems, and a military system based in the most evolved metal-machine of the age, the gunboat. Those systems were more advanced in England than any other country, and so the British animetals dominated with them the rest of the nations of the world. Today that role is played by the American ‘stockracy’. So the future of the American stockracy is the single element that determines in greater measure the future of other economic societies, despite the growing protest of the Human beings that see the final consequence of this: the extinction of history by the machines that American company-mothers first, and then the rest of the word reproduce.

So we have found the clue to the future of the Earth, which is power to impose it, through systems of information and energy of constructive and destructive nature.

We conclude that the world has a direction of future, pointed out by America. The rest of the World looks to America, as a guide for his future, and America calls the shots, because America has the machines of information and energy systems, more complex of any nation. In that sense America is indeed, the number one of the world. Yet the Americans are perhaps the most unhappy people, because they are today the ones that foresee closer the extinction of mankind, of their future generations, of their sons, to the hands of evolved robots, of machines of the future that prey and have always preyed on the American people. Hence America reproduces in their artistic forms, films about the extinction of mankind, and the most intelligent Americans feel that extinction much closer than any other nation…

It is that extinction unavoidable? Thus have the future only a path? It does not.

Since Time is multiple. Since you can go back in the evolution of machines, and so change the path of Time… Yet only Americans can do that, as long as they rule their company-mothers… and government.

Unhealthy lethal America, and the suffering of its citizens.

We have so far answered the first question:

Is America the best of worlds, or merely the most evolved metal-society?

Is America good or bad, an ‘alien’ or an ‘angel’?

America today is an alien nation. it is the future of metal-kind, it is bad=extinctive as an alien ecosystem to man. Yet the Americans are good people, are human people, and they are the first victims of the American economic ecosystem, that today degrades so many Americans by producing lethal goods in excess, and very few human goods that the American people need. This is what most people forget when judging Americans. America is the product of evolution of an ideology: A free ecosystem of machines in which machines and company-mothers have more rights than human beings. That extreme concept of economics, economic fundamentalism, we might say is bad for America and the rest of the world. It is the origin of the great errors and dangers against our species we are witnessing today, in America.

We are not trying to be here polemic. Another definition of the future that we often ignore is:

“You can only be sure about a thing of the future: in the future you will certainly die.” Heavy thought indeed, bun inescapable.

So in terms of health we could ask ourselves: it is the future of man, the future of America a healthy place to be.?

This seems a question more proper of a doctor than of a sociologist, however it is a proper question since nations do have in fact an structure very similar to that of an organism, and so we can talk of the health of societies, not only of its wealth in money and machines, elements of power of such societies.

In that sense America is the unhealthiest nation of the world, in which the sickness of lethal weapons, and lethal machines is more extended.

America is a mirror of the lethal future that awaits mankind under the rule of machines living in a free market, in a free ecosystem of company-mothers. America is a mirror of races that shows the  future path of economical societies to all other nations.

The future is where we will spend the rest of our lives. So we are always interested in the future of America. We look to America to find the clues on that future.

In the same way that to understand the XIX century we had to understand England, since what happened in England happened later on in the rest of the world, today what happens in America – the ideas and products of America – happen in the World with a difference of years or decades.

Those two elements of economical societies, the ideas about how to rule nations, and the products nations create, are the ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ of the future, what changes in our reality. People also change, each generation, but their races, and genetics stay more or less the same. Not so, their ideas, and the machines that surround us – the substance of which the future is made.

On those reasons, till recently it could be argued that the future of America was only one of the two futures History was searching for.

Since there were other ideas, about what products and goals a human society could have. There was communism, a system with different ideas, trying to create a different future, and social-democracies, a milder European version that tried to create a future to the image and resemblance of man, based in Human goods and the evolution of history.

Yet since the end of communism, and the destruction of social parties in Europe by market economics in favor of free ecosystems of machines, it seems there is no other system that pretends to construct the future of the Earth, that the metal-ecosystem promoted by America – the total free market. So now we look only to America to think about our future, as workers and consumers of machines, in this XXI Century.

Why America defeated social systems

Why America and not Russia or Social Democracies, the European Union model, have won that race to create the Earth’s future?

Because animetals, men who worship machines, have the added power of those machines to impose themselves over human beings and human goods.

Weapons are stronger than the bravest soldiers. Chips calculate better than the smarter man. So Animetals, whatever their individual quality as human beings is, are more efficient in terms of power, than human beings.

The catch of course is that animetals degenerate as human beings, when they rely on machines. So today Americans have won the battle against human societies based in human goods, yet their people are degenerating fast, as their machines think for them, and their cars move them, and their military weapons show the ‘bravery of soldiers’, they increasingly lack. In this manner the victory of the company-mothers of America, is the defeat of the American people, which become less humans, devolve socially and individually as Human Beings, because they give all, the work only for their machines, the real citizens of modern America. Witness if not the last elections: machines have been appointed the rulers of the American democracy. Despite the fact that they rejected thousands of votes, and so they went against the rights of Americans to elect their president, the Supreme Court has decreed that it is against the ‘American Constitution’, to let people count votes, instead of machines. Now the American presidency plans to put the atomic arsenal of America, in the hands of computers and satellites, that will decide in the future when and how to throw atomic bombs, instead of the American military. Today in America the stock-market and the mathematical laws of evolution of machines that rule the stock-market decide what Americans consume, what laws the American politicians pass on….

America is becoming indeed the first dictatorship of machines over human beings, in the world. The paradigm of the future of men… as slaves of an economic ecosystem.

Unfortunately America has defeated Social Europe because its products and metal-minds were better. And so now it imposes his metal-minds and pro-machine messages, and products to the world. Those who resist American machines, have to face its revenge, a challenge coming from weapons belonging to the future, which is by definition a more evolved place, a more powerful place than the past.

Discontinuous time.

We could indeed, wonder a little bit further and question us; why not all countries of the world are like America, are homogenous in temporal evolution, how they have resisted and avoided the evolution of machines? Why America seems the future of machines, and in comparison Africa for example seems the past of machines?

The reason is that beyond the surface of clocks, time is a complex phenomena, a relativistic phenomena. In words of Einstein, time is ‘local’. This means that each zone of the Universe has a certain degree of evolution, of time. So some regions are simple, live in a relative past, and some are complex, live in a relative future.

Some nations jeep institutions of the past and survive, and some other do not.

Time is in biology a discontinuous phenomena. I have dealt with that theme in other books, such as ‘The evolution of time”, so we will not bring here an exhaustive analysis of the discontinuities between regions of past, and regions of relative future. One example should suffice. Look at the sky in the night. What do you see? The form of present stars? Wrong. You see the past, because you see light coming from very far away… And it took so much time to arrive, that what you see is the past.

So there are beings, systems, social organisms and nations [historic organisms] which have more evolved machines than others.

Such societies have an advantage thanks to that machines. So, they might extinguish other nations. Then people become transformed in the other nation, as the molecules of a dead body become transformed into the strongest species that preyed on them.

Then the old nation becomes a replica of the top predator one. Let us see an example: America was the future economy in the XX century. Russia challenged America and lost. Now Russia has been colonized by TVs, capitalism, and big companies imitating the American society.

If you do not imitate but challenge the structures of the most evolved economy in history you are defeated and extinguished, often by war. Then also the individual cells, die.

So the American Indians that did not imitate the British civilization died away.

Both ways the society changes. If you imitate the top predator, you extinguish your culture, if you challenge, you die. Japan also challenged America and lost a war. Then she imitated fully American society and now Japan is a mini-version of America.

In this manner the economic future imposes itself biologically among societies. People intuitively know that. So when we go to simple societies we think rightly we ‘are in the past’. This fact is what imposes America to the world. This fact is what makes America the empire. However the result of this fact is that an ugly world of machines is born. The result of this fact is the contradiction between America as a world of machines, and the difficult life of Americans as human beings.

Only if Americans could understand that contradiction they could stop the preying of their machines over the world, and control history for their own benefit.

If Americans live under the American dream, the mirage of empire, the belief that their machines help them not only to destroy the world, but to be happy, they will merely commit suicide with mankind, by worshipping their machines.

An extreme example; in the film ‘Alien’ the alien species is a very evolved species, but you won’t like to be around, because ‘alien’ is bad. The android does not realize and saves alien, and dies. Ripley understands it, kills Alien and survives.

And so we will leave a question unanswered till the last chapter of Future, when it will answer itself:

Will America realize and stop the economical future on time, or it will worship ‘Alien species’ and die when those species reach enough strength to challenge American humans?

Meanwhile the old battle goes on:

Indeed, because the Game is History itself:




Now the philosophical question raised by evolutionary economics, besides the existential one is why it is possible that something so obvious as the evolution of machines is completely ignored by human beings. Why human beings follow the tendencies of those cycles and yet do not even care to understand them, and all attempt of professional historians to explain those cycles, have flounder, as both people in power and their working class prefer to enact them, to ride the wave of mechanical evolution, without any reflection, reason, attempt to regain their freedoms and control the ‘wave’.

We live in a world, increasingly dominated in all ambits of our existence by machines, specifically by the chip ‘radiation’ (biological expression for a dominant species, which reproduces so fast that ‘radiates’ an ecosystem, displacing its rival species – in the case of the eco(nomic)system, displaces human of labor and war fields, till it provokes its extinction). And yet nobody really ‘cares’ about it. 

I confess this always disturbed me, and made me angry towards the human kind, for being so ‘dumb’, about itself as a species. With time I understood it in a far more complex, ‘organic way’, studying how sick and cancerous super organisms, as they become infected ‘loose’ their DNA mind to the viral species that substitutes them. Yet the organic view, first expressed by ‘Spengler’, who forecast the end of the German Industrial reich by 1945 and then the American cycle, in a similar fashion by the 2000s, is even more disturbing for the cherished sense of freedom and entitled species, we all feel to be. And yet science has no other way to explain the facts, and provide a praxis to solve the sick human system.

It is then when ‘scholar activism’ discovers the difficulties to ‘influence from within’ a social organism. It is the anti-quantum paradox: the social scientist inversely to the physicist is so small that the organism and its people-castes in power bias and censor his opinions: ‘you will defend me with the word and i will defend you with the sword – or go(l)d’ tertulianus

So the head of the human organism, the people-castes akin to neurons that control the 2 languages of information/power, the verbal law and digital money, does not want to change the system, it preys in a form similar to sick, cancerous systems that absorb the whole energy of the system for itself. And thes is disturbing. But what is truly heart-breaking is to observe that as in an organism, where the body, reproductive working cells are blind and so believe in absolute ways the brain and nervous system it controls, the majority of humans obey the elite people-caste and its languages of power, laws and financial orders, with absolute precision, without the slightest doubt, even when systems are sick, corrupted and about to die. Such is the case of the war for profits described in this blog – people go to war convinced it is really on his interest and the collective society, without ever realising it is all an industrial age of power.

At this point in the life of a social scientist things get dark – and all the great scientists of history have gone through this solitude. Yes, we know the functioning of history, but we cannot it seem to change it, because we cannot reason with power and the mass blindly believes in power. So what is our role? If the world is not our world? 

In this planet, it seems none. It is at this point when Jesus said ‘forgive them’, Marx said after his young affirmation ‘the philosopher must change reality’, ‘the philosopher of science will always face the human condition’ and closes itself in the british museum, Weber collapses and for years doesn’t leave bed, orwell goes to scotland after being diagnosed tuberculosis and a warm dry climate, to die away, Hesse closes himself on switzerland and abandons his german nationality, spengler in his home arrest under the nazis forecast the death of those empires, and I, after 9/11 and the 2001 crash happened according to all my forecasts of 20 years, and History enters into a period of neo-fascism by the absolute corruption of its political and financial networks transformed into war and debt slave machines, collapsed in my hopes and expectations about history and never fully regain my joi du vivre.

This must be said at this point, because humans divide grossly as always into the enthusiasts of the mechanical world and the humanist, enthusiasts of the tree of life, but there is not a single attempt worth to mention, except those few recognised masters of the science of history, Aristotle, Khaldun, Vico, Marx, Toynbee and Spengler, and now this blog which completes their understanding of the whys and biological cyclical models of history as a science, to study both sides of history beyond the mere enumeration of data – akin to the first level of the experimental method, which IS NOT doing science but just the first step.

And the reason of course is the anti-quantum paradox – we humans do not like to be shown at face value. So this very short number of true masters of history, of which Marx is the most successful precisely because it is the worst of them (a worshipper of the machine after all) have no left really a school of disciples, neither Butler, the father of biological economics. How a system can then work as a single absolute whole against the future of its individual species?  Why man is so inclined to do eviL=ant-live actions? What is WRONG with us?!

Again we stress how few scholars have tried to reach the truth. In fact, if we look at the world of cultures, it turns out that it has not been in the social sciences, but rather in religious prophets, of eusocial love cultures, where the duality of the paradox of history has been most clearly expressed. Why? Let us now start unveiling, the structure of the 2 super organisms of history and economics, to try a first simplified answer to that conundrum, of a blind human mass, following a crazy go(l)d head, whig is killing itself.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39

In the graph the newspeaks of the subconscious collective mind that programs humanity with audiovisual communicators, is more subtle but essentially the same concept expressed as usually easier in fiction parables such us 1984 or matrix. IN THE NEXT graph from the book of 1992, with the ‘strange jargon’ of earlier bio-history, where animetals were called enzymen, the process of simultaneous control of human beings with visual though and disposal of the poor and primitive non-technological cultures with weapons:

And in any case, the people who own Matrix, the Financial-Media masters and its machines are the only people repeating its information. Unlike neo, we cannot ‘hack’ Matrix. So of course, the fight has always been between the FMasters of Matrix and its go(l)d beliefs and the prophets of the wor(l)d and its laws of survival. Consider then this web my last attempt to hack on Matrix – failed, and I tell myself everyday – just erase it, disconnect, never use a computer again, YOU ARE NOT ADVANCING, ALL HUMANS ARE DATA. They don’t like noes. And yet here I am still, talking to myself.

This concept is fundamental to understand the world we live in, which is a Matrix of ‘fictions’, and ‘Orwellian newspeaks’, based in the Goebbel’s method (if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it), full of censorships that pass as caring politically and economically correctness. In our world, the word has no ‘value of truth’. It has been degraded increasingly since the first corporations made of go(l)d and digital numbers the language of truth and praxis, into verbal fictions (the first novel, Quixot, was published when the first corporation was born, in the 1600s). Before that the biblical go(l)d churches had created an entire culture based in fetishes, fictions, myths and anthropomorphic ego-trips with no relationship with reality.
And today the entire culture is a ‘fictional, ego-trip’ of half lies, propaganda, inverse human values, all perfectly covered by the false virtual make-up of a false perfect world, while behind the scenes as in the Time machine parable, a series of automated digital processes are extinguishing the world.
And as we study the go(l)d culture of the ‘People of the treasure’ that first obeyed the values of gold we will see this process of ‘creating a complete fictional world’ even with the facts of history to hide the murderous values of go(l)d, is systemic as all cultures that have obeyed gold values have become hypocritical, false, mythical, emotional irrational, converting the subconscious processes of greed and violence attached to the values of money and weapons in the ‘real motivation’ of all acts, over which a thin cover of false caring, disguises with fictional words the brutality of the process of predation of weapons and gold over human being.
It is this process what reaches its paroxysm and acquires global level with the invention of networks of informative machines that will spread those fictions over the positive go(l)d values globally.


So the big and most profound question about social sciences today is why Humans, which when the process was barely starting 40 years ago were fully aware of the dangers of a world made to the image and likeness of the robotic machine and the chip, are today completely unable to grasp the previous obvious for a thinking human being organic process of evolution of machines. And how this process of brain-washing has proceeded. 

There is only an answer in the sciences of systems and the way organic systems evolve and control the internal information of its citizens-cells. But before we introduce this fascinating world, given the sorrowful condition of ‘the dismal science’, full of ‘damned lies and statistics’ as their cynical practitioners, often define its discipline, we must consider first what would be a ‘real economic science’ and then apply those laws to the study of the cycles of economics and history and its social structures.

Or in more sanguine terms, how humans are becoming so astoundingly retarded, at the same time their machines are becoming more intelligent – how machines prey, atrophy and substitute humans, and how those humans paradoxically feel more ‘important’, ‘selfie’, and protagonists of the Universe – or in terms of the parable that better describes this change, how Matrix is being born. How men become data. And finally can Neo, the Mule, the Savior, the seed of a different Human subconscious collective brain, resurrect mankind, before the zero generation, which robots will substitute fast is so irrelevant to reality that it would not even matter anymore, the destiny of our species.



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