A Veil of Hate

Abstract .  The main news here in europe regard the increasing wave of french and german neofascism, aligned with the international islamophobia that fosters the profits of the new age of permanent war for drone profits in which we live. Now the focus is on the veil…

Of course as always our interpretation of the news is totally different from the topics of the matrix of fictions, which define news these days by selection (censorship) and interpretation (in favor of our memes of capitalism, mechanism and nationalism). The news here are thus related to nationalism (Jewish nation, who masterminds western news against its enemy, Islam), mechanism (racial bias against non technological cultrues) and capitalism (the profits of the war against islam that has substituted the cold war profits). But none of this is ‘news’. The news, as always are irrelevant details used to foster those ideologies. Now, the fact that muslims cannot dress in their traditional wear, because this is humiliating for their women, as they are essentially primitive, hateful people who NOT only oppress Israel (where orthodox jews do segregate their women heavily, no news here) but their own people. So it is good we kill them – never mind if the drones do kill women and children in equal proportions.

“They are big ‘objects’, dark, with a red shopping bag’ explains the Dutch illustrator De Wit in his presentation of ‘Burkas’ a satyric, humiliating, racist book that Big Brother smiley is promoting through the Am Segullah corporations of mass-media, a brain-washing machine that has in a single decade transformed the human collective subconscious of a new generation of kidsinto neofascism. Today those kids play war like in a video game, killing those ‘Islamic Objects’ or using them as decorative ‘objects’ for their facebooks:

Introduction: The Palestinian Cultural victim.

In our studies of Nations vs. cultures, the Palestine culture, with no nation, displaced by the TP nation of the metal-earth, is an interesting case of the paradox of history, between life cultures and metal nations. Contrary to belief, among the western ‘cultures’ of social love, in its evolution from the subconscious collective of genetic and tribal families to oikoumene religions of love, Islam is the most developed. it admits all humans as part of the subconscious collective of God. It gets rid of the confusions provoked by the misunderstanding of the Trinity Mistery (verbal relationship between the Father, or plane of existence of the subconscious collective and the prophet=son of the father by virtue of its nature as a veerbal master). A human god is a collective subconscious network of self-similar minds of believers, imprinted in nueronal networks and in books of revelation, the instrumental meme, which acts as the DNA that fusions those believer/cells into a common plane of existence or god, through the informative eusocial memes of love that the book of Revelation imposes.

In that sense there is evolution of the biblical meme in 3 stages: Jewish tribal codes ->Christian Universal codes (with the confusing acceptance of images and jesus as god and not merely son of god/prophet of the worl(l)d) and finally Islam, where those contradictions are solved.

The Palestines are thus further socially evolved and belong to the original fertile crescent of life cultures that developed the memes of the agricultural, farming world of the west. A simple map of the original civilizations of gaia and the Islamic nations shows its identity: bengala, Indus, Mesopotamia, Nile and the arch of middle east. This is not coincidental.

Once this is understood the fact that no other nation in the world is most mistreated today by the ‘jewish nation’, top predator of memes of metal (technological machines, financial money and mercenary armies), causes the nantural ‘bias’ that humanist cultures have in favor of the palestines in the asymmetric war that will end up with their extermination during the neofascist age of robotic weapons, which now starts.

Unfortunately the paradox of history is tilted to the victory of memes of metal. This is a fact of history of little resolution since as Marx put it, you can change many things but not human nature. And so the palestine tragedy can be understood as yet another example of the determinism of evolutionary economics and the darwinian constant extinction of life by animetal cultures. Which also will be exterminated in the future by their own memes of metal, guardiums patrolling the wall when they reach A.I. Mercenary armies in fact have rebelled once and again against the Am segullah arm traffickers, you name it.

Darwinian, animetal history is ugly. The fictions of matrix might hide you where we live: a planet in extinction, a 3500 million type of informative game, called life collapsing at the hands of our idols of steel and gold.

From the perspective of the evolution of the metal-earth, though, the Palestinian are just the ‘guinea pigs’ of the III Kondratieff Crash and its ‘fa$cist solution’ of developing a perpetual colonial war with robotic weapons. When humans are consumed by the financial-military-industrial complex their value goes as little as the 6 iron coins that the chin emperor offered for human head to the price of a bullet in modern wars…

This is the essence of fascism, the most extreme and yet most common form of militarism today: wars for profits against people with far less technological evolution in afghanistan, irak or palestine…

But in Palestine there is also a ‘nation’, the Jewish nation. And so it is needed to consider it briefly before entering into the news.

The Jewish nation, whose global power is treated in the article on its top predator status of the economy, as it was the first and main nation who used the language of money to control the world instead of weapons (hence a supranational structure over all other western nations), of lately decided to run also the memes of nationalism and found a nation, which is today known as Israel. Israel and its memes are studied in the post of the Jewish nation. Fact is Israel is a ‘virtual entity’ invented with the myths of fundamentalist religion and mechanist nationalism – the need to have a perpetual war to substitute the cold war. This imposes in Israel the memes of capitalism, nationalism, mechanism and religious fiction as the backbone of the eternal, permanent war of profits which Israel fuels for the benefits of Wall Street and the Am Segullah castes that rule the Jewish nation.

And yet Israel is ‘real’. It is a land, now occupied by two people, the Arab Palestinians and the Jewish, both Semite cultures, both with rights to live there, since they are there. And so the ‘humanist solution’ would have been to create a single state, accepted in the European Union, and NATO, hence defended by a supranational organization, who would have downplayed the FMI ideologies that sustain neofascist Israel. This solution, the only survival solution is now deceased. The FMI ideologies rule supreme in Israel and they imply the extinction of Palestine. Those ideologies are exactly as the post on neofascism explains, the ones sponsored in the 30s by Germany – a small , highly advanced technological culture, based in primitive myths of racial superiority and the urge to reconquer its stolen lands to the East (Polish territories). they fueled the industries of war of Germany as today the same ideologies fuel the terminator industries of Israel. They will end both with the extinction of the country that imposes them and many other human beings, among them the Palestinians. The determinism of this path is becoming more clear by the day, though the Fictions that deny it will keep becoming so sophisticated till a point that as in Nazi Germany, nobody will know as today mankind pretends to ignore, the situation of the Palestinians. And then one day when all is done, the future ‘Guardiums’ that will massacre the Palestinians will rest, think about it, and turn towards their Jewish masters. As today this is the ‘realist’ most likely scenario of the 3rd extinctive future – the birth of military Artificial Intelligence , circa 2050. Other possible future is the nuclear holocaust of both cultures. The suicidal determinism of the Jewish culture driven by the FMI ideologies does not seem to leave any room to the natural, humanist solution at this stage of the game…

The economical whys of neofascism

When the overproduction of machines, weapons and money, clearly breaks the ’organic balance’ between the economic and the human ecosystem, relegating mankind  to the doldrums, most of society realizes that money and machines are not the wealth of nations, but can destroy humanity by absorbing all the resources of the ‘real’, welfare economy that satisfies our ‘biological drives’, our real needs.

But those who profit most from technology, the animetal castes of ‘scientists’=men+machines; ’bankers’=men+go(l)d and ‘warriors’=men+ weapon ‘believe’ in the religious dogma that the future of mankind progresses by saturating the world with their machines, by valuing all things with go(l)d, by repressing all opposition with weapons. So they will never realize of the ‘duality’ of the Tree of Technology with its bad and good fruits, of the organic balances needed between the ecosystem of life and the ecosystem of metal, of the necessity of a sustainable world in which NOT all the resources are invested in technological evolution but MOST are invested in Humanity.

Thus, as things become obvious, and the overproduction of money sucks in all the resources into the ‘casino’ of creation of money, and the machine evolves into weapons, the people-castes that rule the world must hide the destructive consequences of weapons that consume humans, of financial speculation that taxes all resources and accuse NOT the capitalist=mechanist ideology, NOT the bad fruits of the tree of technology, NOT the golden apples of the tree and its weapons, but the true victims of the process – Mankind.

Mankind must be guilty of the ab=uses of warriors, bankers and technocrats.

So the warrior will tell you that ‘weapons don’t kill, people kill’ (official doctrine of the NRA in America); that armies don’t make war but defend the country, and bankers and speculators don’t parasite the economy absorbing all its monetary resources  and monopolizing the creation of money, but ‘create’ wealth.

And so because things are going wrong, and bankers have absorbed all resources of the economy for their casino games, and people don’t have credit to cre(dit)ate reality; because armies and police are repressing the poor and detracting enormous sums to create sophisticated weapons; because technocrats are investing in useless machines, robots, super-colliders unmannered planes, 3-dimensional hypnotic mass-communicators and redundant electronic gadgets that isolate humans in their ‘cubicles’, because mankind is suffering, mankind must be blamed.

To that aim mankind during the neofascist age, is submitted to the most aberrant, racist ideologies of history to separate it from the upper castes of animetals. Suddenly we hear that most of mankind are ‘enemies’ of the righteous castes that are leading the human sheeple towards self-extinction.

So if we were to use the objective, biological jargon of complex history we would define fascism as:

‘Fascism is a political and social strategy, which the  animetal, industrial cult(ure)s essay to continue its go(l)d=capitalist and warrior=mechanist search  for ‘higher profits’ at all costs after a crisis of overproduction, by switching production from  machines to weapons and from socially responsible information to hate-speeches to increase the need for war=weapons and keep profits rolling.

The present wave of neofascism

Each cycle though changes the countries, cultures, style and mental and body weapons of the fascist speech.

In the electronic cycle the Am Segullah culture is the dominant financial and industrial culture and so neofascism is no longer originated  in Europe but it is masterminded by the Jewish-American elite and then spread by imitation all over the world.

And for that reason neofascism has also a new enemy, the perceived enemy of Israel, Islam; and its speech also changes:

Now, Islam instead of communism equates evil while the Am Segullah masters of the electronic companies and e-money who rule the world turn out to be the only victims of history and we mourn for their Holocausts; the native Amerindians, now called Mexicans turn out to be all illegal people who take our jobs and despite being in Arizona since the Anastasi ‘Pueblos’ colonized the Gila River, Phoenix resurrects from the ashes of bigotry laws that will ask to those millenarian citizens to show ‘papers’; and almost 2 billion human beings, most of them poor, most of them descendant from the ancient Neolithic cultures of the Fertile rivers (Mesopotamia, Nile, Indus, Ganges delta, Niger), are considered primitive believers in an evil religion called Islam.

Of course, Islam is ideal to blame the poor of our problems. It is not the robot who is taking our jobs but the poor immigrant. It is not the industry of weapons and the military-industrial complex, backed by violent mass-media what is causing the present war but Islam the religion of the poor… It is the same concept that we suffered in the 1850s, when the problem was the Indian which hold land to the West or the Negro, which didn’t work enough. it is the same concept we suffered in the 1930s. The sheeple of the 1st world feels superior to the 3rd world people, and so it throws his tantrums against them, as he cannot understand or defy the upper castes of speculators, corrupted politicians and the military-industrial complex profiting on those wars…

Am Segullah and french neofascism against the Muslim culture.

Fascism allies money and weapons. And so traditionally allies the gold and warrior cultures, even if as it happened in Germany at the end of the cycle they kill each other. So now in this first phase again Jewish capital and euro-American armies work together to massacre the poor non-technological cultures over which they prey.

As it happened in the 1850s when Disraeli took power away from Gladstone and pushed the war in India till creating the Empire, now again England has an Am Segullah as its president, so does France.

And so those two nations are the leaders of European neofascism, where racial bigotry has found a new crime, to dress the Muslim way.  Our ‘democratic’ politicians have indeed a job: to attack the enemy of the industrial and financial elite, the new master race – since they depend of their banker’s money; their armies are fighting for them and  their words are monitored by their information companies.

It is a well-known fact (outside America, of course; inside the ministry of misinformation will tell you this is a confabulation theory NOT a fact), that AIPAC-Wall Street-eviLwood rule the White still House and hired its mercenary army. But in this article we are talking of the wave of European  ’righteous’ neofascism, centered in France and masterminded by its dominant financial elite…

Europe and America are ruled by the same economical dynasties. We hear more about the American new world order because paradoxically Americans are actually able to speak up more freely as long as the patriot realizes he will be casted away. The European sheeple is far more slavish to the tune of their masters’ voices and so ‘it’ does not even know the simple facts of who is on top in this neofascist age and happily humiliates the poor Muslim, without even knowing he is himself a slave of the chosen.

Camouflage: black holes of power, preys and predators.

The astounding success of the Am Segullah in their control of the present world – unlike the failed racismand domineering attitude of the previous German fascism – is precisely to rule indirectly without people knowing you rule them, through the invisible hand of go(l)d; suggesting instead of imposing; rewarding instead of punishing, using the carrot of go(l)d instead of the stick of iron – to the same aim, to control the world.

Nietzsche already said that there were two domineering cult(ures) in Europe and one would impose its will  – that of the banker and that of the warrior. And finally the banker bought the warrior, even if the warrior first tried to kill the banker…

And now, because money is the black hole of history that gives its orders in secret, the banker owns war but he ain’t telling.

So you can’t say the key bankers of Europe, from the CEO of Deutsche to the central bankers of Switzerland, EU, Britain etc. and the leading politicians of France and England – the WWII winning nations that decide the international policies of the continent – are Am Segullah, and so are most of the owners of their audiovisual Companies – specially in France and Britain, the two nations where they survived the earlier Nietzschean bid of the warrior for total power.

Indeed, in the art of war, as Sun Tzu explains, camouflage is a key element and it implies to hide your forces til the enemy falls in your trap. That is why we have anonymous societies…

Truth is biological and relative to perception. If you don’t know where the black hole of power is, you can’t defeat it.

You will blame others.  Moreover in Nature camouflage implies that the predator must look as the prey, so the prey will befriend the predator, it must look as an inoffensive victim.

Germans were too open about their hardcore racism and predatory ideologies to get away with it. The Am Segullah are infinitely more subtle. They camouflage as victims so they can prey on the true victims of allanimetal cult(ures), life and mankind.

Indeed, the entire discourse of Israel today is based in the ‘existential’ problem. It seems that the most advanced military nation of the world, backed by the mercenary army of US is at risk of being ‘exterminated’ by the rocks of palestinian children and the rockets home-made of the prisoners of the Concentration Camp of Gaza. Alas, we must defend the victims of history of those predator children. And because information is subjective, as long as information is owned, truth can be owned and bend.

But this site is about truth per se, because truth can be bought but the Universe defends truth with existence. You can cheat the language but not the facts and the action-reaction processes that balance reality. So what is the fact/truth of the existential risk of Israel? Quite simple, when we use the cyclical/comparative/self similar method sponsored in this site – which is the scientific method that finds cyclical regularities to forecast the future.

We have done the Germany=Israel comparison of both economic cycles, but there is one which is perhaps more similar: the existential risk of the Biblical, puritan Americans that colonized in the XVII century New England, and the existential risk of the European Jewish that colonized New Israel. In both cases a reduced number of people with a superior military technology invaded a vast life-based neolithic civilization, and apparently because of their reduced numbers, played the existential paranoia as the underdogs… They claimed to be prosecuted in their original nations and claimed to be chosen of go(l)dand owners of the new promised land. How long the existential risk lasted for the Puritans and the New Israelians?

In true form never. Because they were just the beach-head of a vast empire with unlimited resources. Indeed, Northern Europeans were invading America and their numbers and power far outweighed the natives. In the case of Israel, this nation extended as the financial and industrial elite of the western world masterminds an Empire which comprises Europe, America and the old British Empire. Countries like South-Africa, where the biggest mining companies like Anglo-American and De Beers owner by the Oppenheimer, belonged to the empire, soon became the biggest commercial partners of Israel, after the US; countries like France, with the biggest European Jewish population, gave Israel the Nuclear Bomb. Countries like England sanctified legally the occupation. And millions flocked. Let us though be fair and consider only the people of Israel and New England. How long it lasted the existential threat for the colonists of Boston and Providence, of Tel Aviv and Haifa?

In New England, till the wars of King Phillip. From then on, it was clear that the colonists were the predators not the prey.

Since the overwhelming technological power of the invaders no longer was in doubt by either side, the colonists and the indians who became submissive to them… In Israel till Yon Kippur, when – diplomats know – Israel put on flight nuclear bombs and menaced to evaporate Cairo if the Egyptian army didn’t stop. This untold story, which I learned from my grand-uncle then sub-secretary of foreign affairs of my country –  clarify for both, the new colonists and the new Indians, Jewish and Arabs, who was who in the predator chain. And so, from then on, the Palestinians became the unlucky tribe that occupied the territory of the colonists, with an existential risk. In New England the tribe of Pocahontas NOT the tribe of William Smith was at Existential risk. And the rest of tribes merely gave up hoping that the colonists would not move further much more.

That was it. From then on, the existential risk of Israel is just an excuse to continue the building of the most advanced, increasingly robotized army of the world. The US colonists as far as Wounded Knee, when the entire continent was already property of the Americans, kept claiming an existential risk to massacre the Indians. So does Israel. Yet the truth is that the Indians were exterminated and the Palestinians will probably be exterminated at the height of neofascism. Because what matters in war is technology, money and weapons, the substance and doctrine of neofascism. ‘Hitler talked about iron, weapon, roads, machines, things we could understand’ said Goering – life is what those cultures don’t understand.

As we explained there are 3 forms  of fascism=  racism against life sponsored by our animetalcivilization, British scientific=mechanist racism in the 1st cycle, German military racism in the chemical cycle and Jewish cultural/religious racism fuelled by go(l)d power. Now all of them come together as the basis of our western civilization that constructs the superorganism of machines that kills the superorganisms of life we called Gods.

And so once communism, the last verbal organism died to the hands of military dictator Stalin, only Islam survives. And that is the last indeed of all wars; the oldest neolithic human cultures now part of Islam, killed by the economic organism which the Am Segullah rule with money. The axis of eviL about to kill the last super-organism of life of this planet, which violently fights for his life sacrificing his human cells.What for? Don’t they realize they are committing suicide? Of course not. Part of the process that allows the am segullah, the Wehrmacht or the British navy to kill mankind’s cultures is the heartless, clueless nature of those cultures. We could say those 3 top predator cultures against life have already repressed as taboo, all what is human on them, from sexuality to eusocial love to tasteful energy/food.

Islam might not be as sophisticated as Socialism and the 60s aborted r=evolution, earlier Christianity or the ideals of the French and American humanist r=evolutions  were – as loving, human super-organisms who shared energy and verbal information among its cells – but it is still human. It is not mechanical, joined by Internet machines as we are, attachments of our pcs…. and that defiance and pride of being human with warts and all makes it respectable, and far superior to the racist anti-live=eviL values of our fascist/mechanical societies.

It is all about money.

Next comes the question of assimilation. Could perhaps, once it is clear that the colonists were there to stay, civilize the Indians/Palestinians? No, they cannot because the biblical culture was a racist, go(l)d culture, which meant it did not interact with ‘gentiles’, ‘indians’, through feelings (as they were perceived as a different species, hence not submitted to the laws of eusocial love) but with money, and they owned a land that was wanted. If the culture had been less racist, as it was the case of Latin-America, a mestizo world now thriving in countries like Mexico or Brazil, could have been formed. The Bible is a racist book, origin of both modern ‘negro’ slavery and Islamophobia, as ‘negros’ and ‘Egyptians’ are inferior races, submitted to the damnation of ‘Ham‘. And so because Protestant-Jewish sects are Biblical sects, unlike Catholic-Orthodox Gospelian ones, they cannot mix with those ‘inferior races’. So assimilation could not be possible, even when as it happened with the cherokees and the Israeli Arabs, it is sorely wanted. And so it was only left a choise to conquer  and sell the land for profit, which meant the extermination or expulsion of the Indians/Palestinians. And this is what is happening in the West Bank, as it was the case of the Cherokee, expelled first from Georgia and then from Oklahoma by land speculators.

Money in land deals to build new homes is the great business of ‘grand Jerusalem’, which needs to dispossess the Palestinians of their homes – hence the wonderful trick of leveling down the home of ‘terrorist’s families’.

Indeed, while most Indians did not want to be assimilated, as it seems the case of the Palestinians at Gaza, the densest populated area of the world, truly a concentration camp where suffering has been so long and deep that the people have fallen on the hands of Hamas, the will to assimilate and form part of Israel is clear in the Israeli Arabs and many in the West Bank, electing friendly politicians. Those are the cherokees that became Christian farmers to not avail, and their fate will be similar. Israel has a systematic apartheid policy against them, with no money invested in non Jewish-citizens, prohibition of mixed marriage and many other racist traits proper of their religion.

And finally of course, the nation has built an enormously profitable industry of high-tech weapons, which must be used… as the colts and winchesters had to be sold.

But all this must be hidden – and that is the genius of Jewish neofascism compared to American colonial fascism or German fascism which was in the open – so it can happen much easily.

And to that aim the new wave of fascism is NOT made with serious talks, outside the military/political establishment, as it is impossible to make-belief seriously the common ‘human people’ on the justice of such war. So instead it is sold with myths, falsities and… humor.

eviLwood & big brother smiley

Ideological neofascism is centered around Hollywood. But since the values of fascism and humanism are inverse we shall call the place eviLwood, eviLwood’s murder and greed, egoistic, go(l)d and weapons values are the core of neofascism; the fiction ideology that is killing the humanist culture of the superorganism of America: the values of the  pilgrim fathers or the sixties – the ideals of a non-racist, nature loving society today extinct in America.

And the culture that is doing it is the ‘biblical culture’, orthodox Judaism and the Calvinist, protestant, fundamentalist self-similar sects with their beliefs in its racial superiority of chosen of go(l)d.

This is not though the american culture based in the equality of all human beings, which the biblical culture denies, even if they often ‘steal’ the name of America to acquire ‘respectability’ and rally the clueless bewildered herd.

We could say that the culture of America is almost dead due to the extension of the fascist, religious doctrine, but the  justice of the game of history is simple: by killing mankind’s true values of eusocial love, sensorial beauty and sustainable NATURE for the epics of war neofascism will ‘kill’ America and Israel as fascism killed Germany.

And yet the present neofascist cultures have never understood the cycles of history, as they see their obsession for gold and machines as the destiny  of history. An so they never stop their hostility against the life-based, humanist cultures, they despise as primitive.

Disgracefully, fascist cultures are extremely efficient in their suicidal path – they labor day and night to accelerate our extinction to the machine with a optimist zeal that frankly makes the Am Segullah, the military and our technological gurus, so proud of their self-perceived ‘power’, the biggest fools of history. Such absurdity – to live to accelerate death – requires big doses of surrealist humor to counter-act the fascist cynical approach of people like ‘The Witty Dick’  or evilWood self-repetitive films a la Borat – of course, made also by an Am Segullah…

The concept behind neofascist humor is obvious: only the master race is noble, intelligent and only the master race cannot be laughed at. That is called hate crimes, punished with jail, while islamophobia is ‘humor’. So if you insult muslim women you get rich a la borat. They distribute you. If you defend most of mankind you blog and you are blacklisted. Germans burnt humanist books now they are not even printed.

And yet neofascist artists pretend to be neutral. So we might have as well to balance their humor have some laughs at our masters and ask:

Will Mr. Sacha ‘Cohen’  make us laugh with orthodox rabbi’s bigotry against women, sexuality, tasteful seafood or the fact that the massive genetic investments in search of the chosen gene that Mr. Cohen, directly descendant of Aaron has  – the cohenite haploid – shows only in 8% of the Am Segullah, despite claiming to be a pure race? But it showed in half of one ethiopian mountain tribe where Mesu=Moses was general, according to Egyptian Chronicles with his hicsu=hebrew soldiers? He did marry an ethiopian and so it seems to have done the rest of Mesu’s soldiers. i found it very  funny. Or as irreverent Segullahs say in Nyc, ‘if u want to fuck ur brain – no censorship here of human, sacred sexual words, marry a jap, if u want to fuck ur body a gentile’ (-;

This surreal war against the poor of the 3rd world, disguised as a bid to civilize the ‘new primitive’s of neofascism is the trademark of modern cycles of history – the negros were civilized by the ‘white man’s burden’ on the 1860s profitable wars with trains and steamer; the new slavs of reconquered territories, in the 1930s, had to be exterminated so germans could colonize the east – Himmler masterminded the death not only of 5 mill. jewish but mainly 30 million slavs, in the prioritary untold Holocaust for free land of the III Reich.

Now Israel patiently tries to convince the 800 million ‘western slaves’ of the Am Segullah gigantic corporations of Europe and the US that the future extermination of Palestinians, when this neofascist era allows a final solution, will be in self-defence and he suceeds thanks to people like Cohen and De Witt. And this is why today fascism is not orwellian, but ruled by big brother smiley; the funny face of neofascism that kills with a smile as if death didn’t matter.

The French people of course are people so are even the Israelis, certainly most Palestinians which contrary to belief have tried all methods of survival that don’t imply self-humiliation.  And so one dares to say if those people were properly informed nearly everybody would oppose neofascism. And for that reason they must be converted from people into sheeple.  The mask of evilwood’s ‘fiction’ merely allows reality to happen while the sheeple observes propaganda films such as the oscar, the hurt locker, in which nice Americans do war to ‘save’ lives risking theirs.

 The reality of course is other. Those soldiers are children of an audiovisual, violent indoctrination that make them shoot,  well protected in their helicopters, unarmed, innocent children; like ducks in a video game – and then laugh at it, blaming their fathers for bringing them to a warfield. 

Our soldiers are like characters of the gore movies and violent videogames they have played for decades as their cultural enlightment…

The other neofascist ‘hidden’ face.

In terms of the real documents that program our future while we get connected to our screens, we can consider this one from CIA, which plans the ways in which the bewildered herd in Europe can be masterminded to love neofascism and the murder of children and women in villages by terminator robots made in Israel:

CONFIDENTIAL//CIA Red Cell A Red Cell Special Memorandum 11 March 2010

Afghanistan: Sustaining West European Support for the NATO-led Mission—Why Counting on Apathy Might Not Be Enough (C//NF)

Public Apathy Enables Leaders To Ignore Voters. . . (C//NF)

The Afghanistan mission’s low public salience has allowed French and German leaders to disregard popular opposition and steadily increase their troop contributions to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Berlin and Paris currently maintain the third and fourth highest ISAF troop levels, despite the opposition of 80 percent of German and French respondents to increased ISAF deployments, according to INR polling in fall 2009.

• Only a fraction (0.1-1.3 percent) of French and German respondents identified “Afghanistan” as the most urgent issue facing their nation in an open-ended question, according to the same polling.  These publics ranked “stabilizing Afghanistan” as among the lowest priorities for US and European leaders, according to polls by the German Marshall Fund (GMF) over the past two years.

Western European publics might be better prepared to tolerate a spring and summer of greater military and civilian casualties if they perceive clear connections between outcomes in Afghanistan and their own priorities.  A consistent and iterative strategic communication program across NATO troop contributors that taps into the key concerns of specific Western European audiences could provide a buffer if today’s apathy becomes tomorrow’s opposition to ISAF, giving politicians greater scope to support deployments to Afghanistan. (C//NF)

French Focused On Civilians and Refugees. 

Focusing on a message that ISAF benefits Afghan civilians and citing examples of concrete gains could limit and perhaps even reverse opposition to the mission. Such tailored messages could tap into acute French concern for civilians and refugees.  Those who support ISAF in INR surveys from fall 2009 most frequently cited their perception that the mission helps Afghan civilians, while opponents most commonly argued that the mission hurts civilians. Contradicting the “ISAF does more harm than good” perception is clearly important, particularly for France’s Muslim minority:

• Conversely, messaging that dramatizes the potential adverse consequences of an ISAF defeat for Afghan civilians could leverage French (and other European) guilt for abandoning them. The prospect of the Taliban rolling back hard-won progress on girls’ education could provoke French indignation, become a rallying point for France’s largely secular public, and give voters a reason to support a good and necessary cause despite casualties.

Thus the massive campaigns against muslim, portrayed as murderous, primitive, female abusers – hence the veil  campaign –as the CIA document argues to increase the sympathy of woman’s organizations  and inversely the hate to Islam – is to put it in military terms, ‘noise’, ‘decoys’ to deviate public attention from the real fact: we are killing them to spend in weapons. They are our Indians, to be consumed by our modern colts…

And yet the silent mass disagrees. Only 0.1% think to kill children and women with robots in muslim villages is the priority of France. What our modern Dr. Strangeloves were thinking? How could it be otherwise? Real human beings still exist in great numbers. And if they really knew they would be astonished at the plans of our master races.

The surrealist goals of fascist=animetal cultures.

Indeed the absurdity of the goals of those fascist ‘solutions’ is what strikes most the intelligent observer.  Germany did not need at all the badlands of the Slavs, as it was an industrial nation, nor Israel needs the deserts of the Arabs, as it is a technological nation. Both nations had to look West not East for their destiny, which was with the advanced European nations. When I was younger i tried to convince some powerful Jewish friends in NY of the true solution of this problem: the entrance of Israel and Palestine in the EU, to become a peaceful industrial nation and acquire a vital space for markets of industrial goods and farming jobs for palestinians. Yet that is for Germany and Israel, for the animetal warrior and go(l)d cultures they represent with their mix of hate and wanting for a different, humanist way of life that the European Latin culture represents, a reality check. It meant to abandon the myths of a superior race, which they could not play with French or Italians or Europeans. It meant to become assimilated in the far more evolved eusocial culture of the Roman Empire… And what they wanted is to feel superior, because that is the barebone goal of the culture – the superior aryan body of the warrior, the superior informative mind of the banker. Slavs and Arabs made them feel a superior race without being it, by degrading them.

The rest of cultures seem to have evolved and so the comparison is not favorable. The latin culture seeks beauty and pleasure; the normal people seek happiness in love; the Chinese live for their families caring little for the system.

Yet the big surprise of a biological study of History is the fact that also Islam, which includes all human beings is more evolved that Judaism, a tribal religion. The Muslim seeks the mystique communion … the ‘assabiyah’ with the superorganism of Islam, which accepts all mankind. Orthodox Judaism only accepts the cohenite haploid… As its core belief which must prove degrading the others, is the ‘Chosen nature’ of its tribe.

So Germany never assimilated the Gospelian, Socialist, evolved cultures of the Roman Empire, and looked instead East. And Israel never seeked assimilation with the European Union but the domination and degradation of the Arabs. As Biblical colonists found a proof of superiority in the humilation of the Ham Negro.

All those animetal cultures find a confirmation of its superior nature in the ‘inferior, poor’ disorganized farming communities of the Eastern peasants. So they got their land, for what? to cultivate potatoes in the Pripet marshes; to spend fortunes irrigating deserts instead of buying the cheaper fruits of Turkey?, tto make swimming pools with the water Palestinians need to drink in the West Bank?

These surrealist goals of our self-chosen fascist nations did obviously go only that far.

Germans did never become peasants in Poland and Kibbutzs farmers migrate to US.

So the only use for profits of the new lands would become war itself, the sale of weapons.

Germans then, now jewish-americans had new weapons to  sell and make money and need/ed guinea pigs to test them…

So they no longer need vital land but vital victims to justify the cost of weapons, people to murder, herd and consume.

The truly, astounding fact of Israel is indeed to have such a vision for the future, such surrealist goalsand still feel a righteous moral, intelligent nation:

Israel wants the resurrection of a bronze culture and the creation of a permanent state of war to sell weapons. To that aim it provokes 2 billion Muslims with Gaza’s concentration camp, it develops terminator weapons that will evolve and turn against them; it stockpiles nukes so Iran has a moral excuse to make them; it has created a collective paranoia against mankind ‘who hate us’ with the myth that their defeat and massacre by the Germans was more cruel than for example, the planned extermination of the 30 million slavs… Ask a Russian to justify his actions because he still suffers for the methodical burning of Ukranian peasants in churches by Himmler’s special troops… But a Russian like an American believed in the equality of all humans. The Jewish believes in the inferiority of all humans and so because deep in his heart he knows his faults he has to degraded, ridicule, laugh and despise morally humanity. This is indeed the trade mark of Hollywood, of Jewish moral writers on the Holocaust – an existential pessimism about mankind, based in its subconscious, religious need to feel superior.

And so now the superior race uses european and american mercenary armies to kill farmers and its bankers tax nations with speculative markets to invest then in Israel and develop terminators and kill afghan peasants.

Yet thanks to its control of information those goals have been interiorized as just by all westerners from Denmark to La Hague to Toronto.

… The list of aberrations against ‘being human, being happy and having a future’ developed by the leader nation of the neofascist world we live in is so absurdly surrealist as the policies of those so-intelligent Germans had in the 30s… This is truly the astounding, most depressing fact of the Am Segullah culture: to accumulate so much power, so much money, to control so shrewdly the politicos, legal systems and information of  the world, to work so hard NOT for the survival of the humankind, including the Jewish people but to accelerate war, extinction without even realizing.

Are we humans a completely heartless, clueless, arrogant, deluded species? Yes, at this point, after 5000 years of genesian corruption, we are.

French neo-fascism

So now within that surrealist context Shark-oh has invented a new crime called fashion in a land that loves fashions: to cover the face with a veil. And the French hail, thinking this is grandeur. He talks of war with Iran as if that was the business of France and the chorus sing the rhapsody of death. Of course, as everywhere else the politics of France are the business of France since Napoleon III changed sides… and put aside the left heart for the right wallet… Then Victor Hugo, as always a  man of the world said je accuse, and as always with the men of the wor(l)d, he was exiled. He had more luck than Baboeuf, the last true r=evolutionary, who gave mankind his most idealist discourse to be guillotined by Napoleon I – ‘the society of the equals’ that never was.

Now there is only the sound of wallets and euros, of jewish-french bankers, the IMF president, the ECB president asking the French and europeans to tax everything; so the great Jewish-French dynasties that have always since the end of the aborted r=evolution controlled the nation can get free bailouts and pay none. The Schneiders, Arnauds, Rothchilds, Pereires, Dassaults, Betancourts, the weapon makers, the nuke industries, the wrong grandeur has elected the two tango players: Mr. Shark-oh and his am segullah exterior minister, to fight at home and outside those Muslims

Mister Sarko called French muslims ‘garbage’ when he was the interior minister. Think about it. Sarko said, Muslims are ‘racaille’ and Algerians should be ‘stripped off French citizenship and sent back to Africa’. The dispossessed riot. He killed a few. And he was elected. Imagine Bush saying: ‘negroes are shit, they should be stripped of Us nationality and sent back to Africa’. He would be deposed but Shark-oh was elected. But Bush would never had said that; he was just clueless. Sarko is worse he is heartless.

The French have become a fascist sheeple who pretends as the Am Segullah do, to be righteous. So it makes them even funnier, more surrealist – surrealism was indeed invented by the despised, artistic spaniards living in paris to comment on ‘the charm of the middle class.’

Now they are a whiny lot full of false grandeur. They can’t even play a soccer match these days without their master muslim players, but did not offer muslim Zizou the coach place, despite owing him all what they have ever won. Good luck; you’ll see how long you last. The French are building black holes, which they call ‘trou noirs’; ‘assholes’ in Geneva because they can’t think with pen and paper but have to see the ‘asshole’ that will kill them and us – hope not, if they ever succeed. Good luck…

The face of our surrealist, self-murderous culture must be uncovered, indeed, not the one of women if it is imposed by decree, against their will as muslims often choose  a veil to avoid sexual harrashment…

I propose therefore as a surrealist act to provide further outlets to show physicsl beauty, not only to forbid the female veil but the male slip, so to allow from now on our French males to show what they are more proud of: their testicles. In New Guinea this is an important element of beauty. The size of male testicle as the size of a woman’s eye show – a feminist would rightly say – the size of their intelligence, and must be displayed to the public. Males are feeling repressed all over the world because of this customs against the center of most of his ‘elevated goals’.

Maybe Sarko doesn’t measure up if he has to show up his attributes and compare them with those of ‘us’, all the colored people that live in Africa, south of the pyrinees? Don’t believe what they say about noses (-. Yes, Mr. Cohen if u are out of neofascist, humorous, dime a dozen cheap ideas for ur next movie on your cohenite people i’ll script for u. Because at best you only have the right to criticize ur culture; or else u are a bigot, as all the neofaswcist ‘funny’ eviLwood directors laughing at all the tragedies of history and all human cultures except theirs are. But then try to make jokes about their self-suicidal tragic cycle. That is called ‘hate crimes’ and the foxman at ADL will chase you for it.

I propose therefore not only the decorative muslim minister of shark-oh to unveil her lips to demonstrate her beauty  at the elysee, but convince her co-workers to show their beautiful  human flesh. And throw in some topless display.

Why indeed French women can show their seins on La Riviera and handsome  males cannot show their gonads?

And of course, if we ban the veil, we shall ban the self-similar veils and draperies of the Orthodox Jewish women, who swim in Brooklyn with heavy fatigues.

It must be understood the Evolution of the super-organisms of history called religions: Islam is an Abrahamic religion that tried to evolve Judaism, by eliminating the eviL=anti-life treats of the Am Segullah’s culture against sex, life-food, Go(l)d, racist dogmas and a general repression of all thing human. He failed mainly in the sexual field… But greatly improved judaism on the other anti-life traits. He failed, as Moses did before him, because their religions were conceived after millennia of Semite cycles of war – so the hardcore tribes they preached would not r=evolve easily and soon corrupted their teachings. And so as Mahomet explains, their wor(l)d precepts were adapted to a hardened people, which had used weapons and go(l)d to murder and slave mankind for millennia. Thus Islam tried to softened the machismo of Animetal castes who despise women, as givers of life. And so did Moses with the racist traits of Aaronite go(l)den worshippers, marrying a black woman (he is Mesu, the egyptian commander of the ethiopian troops chronicled by Egyptian scribes).

In other words, the go(l)d abuses of the Am Segullah, the machist behavior of the Arab world is NOT related to the Wor(l)d of their prophets, who warned them against the idols of metal but to the traits ofAnimetal cult(ures), who did eviL, the biological anti-word of to Live. So Moses said ‘do not steal’, ‘do not murder’, ‘the Am Segullah will suffer all their history for their love of money’, ‘do not desire the property of your neighbor’; and Mahomet defended the dignity of women.

And see what those who pretend to follow them, often do.

The veil on the other hand, was established and used by many women, in a machist world where the testicles show the intelligence of the male, to reduce that intelligence, that is, to limit the lust of men, which in the coldern northern regions are not easily aroused. A Woman with a veil feels more protected as it does a woman without showing their seins in a market in Saint Dennis, as she buys flowers for her only one. If a husband of any culture abuses his woman, there are laws that protect them in France. What the veil laws are is just another excuse to explain the world that almost 2 billion human beings are evil because they do try to keep their ancestral culture and are not running with all of us towards thesingularity age of self-extinction. We need more lemmings, we need more sheeple, we need more consumers of 3-dimensional movies and “newspeaks’, and if they resist we shall force them or as neo-fascism enters in the next decade of wars against the poor and the unemployed, the technological civilization shall exterminate them, as it exterminated 30 million slaves and Jewish sheeple, in II World War, and 40 million Chinese, Indian, African and Hindus in the First Fascist age of armored trains and steamers after the 1850s decade of train crashes.

Let us then uncover the veils of double talk and hypocresy and say the truth of all these repulsive mass-media campaign of the ‘righteous’ against the poor: we hate them because they want to be human and we want to me mechanical bots; we have repressed in our cultures all what is human, the pleasures of sex, the emotions of loving wor(l)ds, the beauty of Gaia’s Natural energy. We are now feeding our cars with the food of humanity (crops for ethanol), we are now devouring our seas with oil for the machine, we are now in cubicles isolated of other humans communicating through the collective brain of computers, AKA internet; and we eat garbage food, processed just with a bit more of care that the food we give our pigs.

So we hate those muslim and christian greeks, the ancient cultures of life that have not renounced to democracy, which they invented (the right of governments to print money, as the Greek do), to tasteful food, life on the open air, long hours of conversation with strong coffee or subtle tea, and family values based in emotions not calculus. We dislike those women who do love their men, instead of seeing them as ATM providers; and those men who make love to their women, long hours before dawn, not only on week-ends when we do not work=reproduce machines, our higher God.

Yes, this war against the poor, non-technological, wor(l)d based cultures that have substituted the hate of capitalism towards the last wor(l)d culture (socialism) is clearly advancing the path of neofascism. In Somalia, when the state collapsed, French Nuclear ships and Spanish Tunna  trawlers took the fish from the fishermen and threw nuclear garbage. And so the people starved and the children who drunk distilled sea water died of cancer. It didn’t matter to us. In this 3rd age of neofascism the rhyme of history has changed a bit.

Now we hide the brutality of our companies because the sheeple has evolved. It no longer believes in technology, the future of machines, the goodness of company, the manifest destiny of the stupid white Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, and so we have marketing and silence on our crimes whereas we had songs of victory and progress, in the 1860s, when Britain ruled the waves and claimed ‘trade is civilization’ or in the 1930s when Hitler  sang the virtues of  the Aryan race. Now we hide the truth and bend it and cheat all the way to our demise.

So we have a black president that is to the right of Mr. Bush, but because he is black he ‘cheats’ the color of Tvs.  Because indeed, he is corrupted. I gave him a year. Then I heard his discourse at the Nobel Ceremony. It was so cynical to talk of the Afghan wars where we kill women and children with the robotic terminators we buy to the Israeli industry… Doesn’t he know? Of course, after decades of humiliations muslims rebel, as we would do if we were them.

Yes, we did take the fish, the food, the energy from the Somalis, so they became pirates.  We are taking the wor(l)ds of his prophet, their information, their soul. We are civilizing them. So they defend themselves.

The Swiss forbade their Minarets, so they can’t talk to God with the Wor(l)d of man.

A surrealist act indeed. I propose therefore also to limit the use of bells in all churches and to limit the constant songs of bullets and advertising in our Tvs, the new mechanical Gods of our home altars that attract and reduce to a neo-paleolithic, visual state the mind of our children. Let us get away with both shoutings to be fair: our Tv-God and the minarets’ songs.

Have you heard them at sunset? They are the last song to the divinity of man: ‘God is great’, The God=Superorganism, who has different names that mean the same: Mankind. In Cairo there are thousands of minarets and temples. I recall the song of the Almuhadin, as I was wondering through the rooms of the alabaster temple, the vibration of the infinite crystal souls, reverberating with the voice, the sudden silence of the machines, as cars parked to hear a human being shouting to the skyes, God=The Mind of Mankind is great, God is still powerful, Blessed is God=Mankind and all his prophets.

Those were the days that will never come back, when mankind was truly the top predator of the EARTH, when the soul of man was the wor(l)d. Even the most corrupted religions are more humane than the go(l)d economists and digital armies that ‘don’t count corpses’ in our mercenary wars.

What else can we take from them? Their food/energy, their information/mind… what else? Of course, their lives. This is the last phase of neo-fascism. The Germans first took their food, forbade Kosher; they took then their mind, closed synagogues, then they took their lives. Neofascism has not even started, we have not yet exterminated the palestinians. Our guardiums and predators will. But remember how the Germans ended up. God, the Laws of the organic Universe are cruel, but just. All action has a reaction. Dogmatic people only see their subjective ego-action. Animetal cultures are so full of themselves, so arrogant, so ego-driven, so infantile in their emotions, so no-grown up, so Freudian, in the first stage of mental evolution that they don’t see there will be a reaction; they think time is lineal, advancing towards a future progress. But precisely because Newton science has proved that actions and reactions follow each other, both together form a cycle.

The next stage: Neofascism in America, the 2 ages of the Tea party. Historic parallelism.

In that regard, because America is owned by corporations, owned by Jewish people (financial corporations, Media, and most CFOs of the 500 fortune), which overwhelmingly consider the interests of Israel, their true nation, higher than those of America, their ‘colony’, neofascism today has 2 sides and it will play its 2nd age in America…

The first stage is being played now and it is rather obvious: Today a massive control of the media and political system by Corporations, includes also the presidency, which is merely an upgraded corrupted ‘inner city major’, as those the Jewish Corporations backed in cities during the 80s and 90s, to obtain contracts from local politics for their real states deal and other games of power. So neofascism today is played giving higher ‘personal rights’ to Companies and their property – the robotic machines that are substituting workers and are ‘sacred property’ that cannot be damaged. While the rights of the Chicanos are reduced by considering them illegal. racism against blacks is nominally diminished by the ‘inner city major’ presidency, but economical dispossession grows. So neofascism will focus in America in Muslims – witness the outstanding campaign against the moderate, pro-American Muslim who wants to open the Cordoba Cultural center in NY – and against the biggest minority of poor people, Chicanos – witness the racist laws of Arizona.

In this first phase the Tea Party, the Future Nazi party of America, as it happened in Germany, when Hitler was paid by corporations to destroy the Communist and Socialist organizations of workers, during the 29 crisis, is paid by oil and media corporations (Murdoch ‘greene’ and the Koch brothers) to play the same role that Mr. Obama plays today: to advance the hate against Islam and the poor (mostly latinos, as an african-american is in power).

But the Tea party has a grass movement of white people from the South that will, as it happened with the Nazi party, rooted in the Bavarian south, change sides and bite the hand of his master, when the master abandons America for richer lands to the East and settles in the golden coast North of Sydney to play financial games in H.K. and Mumbai.

And this will happen after the crash of the dollar, as it happened in Germany after the crash of the deutsche mark that saw the ‘great migration’ to NY of Jewish capital, which ruined the Reich. Thus, when in the 2020s China overcomes America and corporate money crashes the dollar moving to the higher profit region of Asia, the eternal cycle of the Holocaust, in which the poor and mestizo Jews are massacred as scapegoats of the rich will be looming on the American ‘Front’.

Since the great corporations will move to Australia and Hong Kong, and so will the jewish moguls, leaving behind the Jewish poor.

It is then when the Tea party without billionaires to fuel its present hate against Muslims will change sides and its rhetoric will move to denounce the fact that 7 million Israelis have colonized through the control of the American political and economical system, America; as the colonial British dominated. This populist Tea Party with a leader we still ignore will be the neo-Hitler of the III cycle of fascism (we cannot predict the ‘individual cells” of an organic system but its generic cycles, so for example, we predicted in our first book, ‘Biohistory, c.94 that in 2000 a fascist, military leader would take over America and start a splendid little war, but we thought it would be Powell, and it turned out to be Bush).

He will state that the Israeli colonists are detracting through speculation and taxes the money of America and taking his troops to fight the Imperial wars of Israel, as the original Tea party affirmed that the British colonists were detracting with taxes and taking troops from America to fight the Imperial wars of great Britain. Yet the ‘Am Segullah’, the financial class of the Jewish people, the true guilty of theHolocaust cycle will be gone, and so the innocent Jews, the ones with a pap and dad shop, the ones who didn’t have enough money to run, will be the targets along other minorities…

At that point, an impoverished America will seek revenge against the Israeli colonists and civil wars will break. The Israeli colonists will have to move back to Israel or massacre the Americans. While Israel,  alone against the Islamic world with the best army of the world, entirely mechanized, made of terminators and predators… fully integrated in the ‘inhuman age’ of the singularity, will probably seek the Final solution and eliminate the Palestinians, while the Arab world or maybe America, depending on who wins the Civil wars there, will seek to eliminate Israel with Nuclear bombs.

It is in that sense interesting to observe the parallelisms between the two waves of fascism, that of Hitler and that of the Tea party, as they were depicted in my earlier books a decade ago, to notice the extreme parallelism of both processes. The Jargon of those books was somewhat closer to the biological jargon of the sciences of Complexity, which I use in my personal work but it is easy to understand:

Of course all this could have been avoided if Israel and orthodox judaism had evolved as its true prophets, from Moses to Jesus to Marx, have told them, into eusocial love, and guided with their money and special qualities for information the human kind into a sustainable world.

Or if the other side of the coin of this culture the go(l)d priests of capitalism, its bankers had allowed the economic ecosystem to evolve into a science to the service of mankind. But the essential characteristic of this culture: ‘do not see the beam in our eye only the girdle in the eye of mankind’ has resulted in the ‘scientific fact’ that the destruction of life and the slavery of man to corporations and the investment of all our resources in the evolution of machines not of man is a ‘science of economics’ not a defect of greed. So at this point it is simply impossible to start a dialog within the Jewish class structure or even separate the ‘banker-priests’ that form its elite from the sheeple which will die in the Holocaust due to the abuses of the banker priests over the American people – the cause – and the murderous behavior of the warrior Animetal cultures – the perpetrators.

And yet the wave of neo-fascism must be stopped not only to prevent the Holocaust of the Jewish Sheeple and the Holocaust of the Palestinians but to prevent the Holocaust of Mankind which always precedes that final ‘zenith’ of human madness. And that only can be done from outside both, the ’causes’ (the banker-priests) and the ‘perpetrators’ (the military cultures). Plainly speaking, the only hope for mankind will NOT come from Judaism or from the right wing and militaristic Islamic Yihads and German-American Tea Party fascists, but from people like Obama IF THEY WERE NOT ‘house negros’ but ‘owners of the white house. It is the corrupted left and the left-wing Jewish Intelligenzia, the people who could have saved America and reformed the cycles of history by nationalizing the financial industry, and eliminating the main cause of this crisis and its terrible consequences – neofascism, war, annihilation of the poor and holocaust.

This has not happened precisely because the Am Segullah and Militaristic castes are ‘hardcore’, efficient, arrogant, ignorant, deluded people who never learn from the cycles of the past, who never see their beams, who always accuse the innocent, who consider their actions righteous, their greed a science, who care ultimately nothing for the sheeple of America and Israel.  The enormous opportunity that this crisis had given to the politicians in power to nationalize, reform and redirect the financial industry towards the creation of a paradise for all humans on Earth seems lost. Those politicians were both corrupted by money and ignorant of the true goals of History after decades of ‘damned lies and statistics’, hearing only the trumpets that announce the progress of our technological idols.

The devolution of Religions

Unfortunately, at this stage of history it is obvious that Judaism has regressed to the traits that cause the cycle of the Holocaust – into a racist culture, based in a book of history, called the Talmud, which is the essence of racial bias. Indeed, while naive readers might think the Book of history of Israel is a Book about the creator of the Universe, it is really just a book of tribal history and an ego-trip of racial superiority, to the point that it has gone a notch farther than German Nazism – the Jewish in that book are NOT only depicted as the superior race but they are more than humans, ‘chosen of God’, the Mind of the Universe that seems to be attentive to ‘a mush over the surface of a lost rock’ (Schopenhauer definition of humanity).

Frankly the astounding thing about this goat-keeper peasant called Mesu, a warrior of the Pharaoh, who saw a burning bush, and thought it was God, because his fire hypnotized his eye, and his brother, who dissented and thought a statue of a cow made of gold, was god because its shiny color hypnotized his eye, is NOT that 2 bronze, primitive peasants believed that, but that billions of human beings today, buttressed with the last generation of weapons, still believe that retarded history – and will die and destroy the planet to protect this myth, instead of evolving into a scientific analysis of history as provided in this web and get on with their myths, paranoias, end the holocaust cycle and work together to save the Earth.

Does this means religions have no role in History? Of course, not. Religions have a fundamental function, which is to promote eusocial love, the understanding that we, all humans are equal, and form part of an eusocial superorganism, mankind; that through love, the sharing of energy and information among ALL human cells, we can build a better world, a planet in which we humans are the collective mind of Gaia, the Earth of Life we must cherish, building a world to the image of man, made to the likeness of the organic universe.

This final evolution of religions, which is embodied in Oikoumene religions, Buddhism, Bahai, Islam and Christianity, however has been corrupted throughout history by the use of weapons to convert others – inquisitions of war – and the use of Go(l)d, of money, to control others. And so Inquisitions of warriors and Go(l)d churches have corrupted the message of love of the most advanced religions. Yihadism is the military corruption of Islam and Orthodox Judaism, with his myths and feelings of superiority based in the concept that the Jewish people are the Am Segullah, ill translated as ‘Chosen people’, when in fact means Am=People Segullah=Treasure, that is people who have money, people of the treasure, the Go(l)d people, is the essential Go(l)d religion. Today the world is owned by the people of this Go(l)d religion, which have accumulated money as an offer to their temples since the age of Aaron and the Golden Calf. This corruption of a religion that has not evolved to embrace all humans (or rather it evolved through Christianity), now facing another religion, corrupted by weapons (Jihadism, which is only a  sect but NOT all Islam) should be stopped. But it can’t because go(l)d pays information or rather misinformation and weapons are big business. So what could have been a goal for all mankind – the creation of a superorganism of history, in which man ruled supreme, through the eusocial evolution of religions – will become the reason of our extinction: the creation of weapons of mass-destruction of the singularity age to continue the hate-speeches and robotic wars of the age of neofascism.

Indeed, it was all told to us by the parables of the first book of true eusocial love religions, the Genesis, which explained how men worshiped the tree of life and were a single nation, and then they ate of the bad fruits of the tree of science (weapons) and Cain killed Abel and his son Tubal became the master of Iron and war, and people divided into tribes with different languages and killed each other, and Lot could not find a single just man to save the cities of warriors, Gomorrahs and the cities of traders, sodomas, and so at the end of times, which is now, in the Age of the singularity, the prophet =historian of the future of Genesis told us what will be our non-future. And many have told us the same, but the stupidwhite man, with his visual brain, hypnotized by Go(l)d, with his arrogance and indifference for the tree of life has never listened.

Neofascism and the singularity Age is probably the last cycle of history, the next Holocaust of the Human Kind, will be probably the last Holocaust… And yet, as much as we wished this not to happen, at present it seems unavoidable, because all the trends and behaviors of past cycles of war, neofascism and holocausts are happening. And of course, as in all those cycles, it is impossible to tell the truth about them. Indeed, on one side the Human Mass that will be killed by the machines of the singularity have no idea of the meaning, evolution and future organic nature of those machines, since corporations and scientists that make money with them will never allowed this kind of information about the negative side effects of robotics and computers, provided here, to be openly discussed by the ‘real powers’. On the other side, the millenarian castes of banker-priests and nationalistic warriors have achieved the unthinkable at the height of the 60s r=evolution: a return to the retarded myths and hate-speeches between nations and social classes that we thought we had left behind.

So today, we live in an absurd American world where ‘America’, which merely is the sum of all the racesand cultures of the Earth in a micro-region of the Earth, feels as an entity different from mankind. We live in an absurd world where the Jewish People, the lower castes of Judaism, which are the scapegoat for the misdeeds of its bankers and the racist doctrines of its rabbis, instead of evolving and embracing mankind as they were about to do in the 60s have embraced the inquisitions of their Bronze Age culture of racist rabbis and Go(l)d bankers, which is the cause of the Holocaust – not the perpetrators, which are the warrior, antisemite castes that dispute them their power over the human mass. So wars and holocausts follow their cycles again. Nothing has been learned from the past.

Now the reader must understand this writer doesn’t obviously want the extinction of mankind, neither the Holocaust of the Jewish people – given the fact that it is a mestizo ‘levy’, luis, which in a fascist state would be signaled out. My position in that sense is closer to that of Mr. Chomsky, a scholar with whom I have had a 20 years old conversation on this and other themes, in that I believe a reform of judaism could have saved the world, if the banker-priests of that culture had evolved their ‘capitalist myths’ and racial myths, their go(l)d beliefs and lead mankind into an evolved international society. This has not happened and so the Jewish question has returned, the economical crisis has happened and the fascist answer is in the making. And while today America is and will be pro-Israel as long as the economical power of the banker priests remains, the cycle shows that the ‘Am Segullah’ care nothing for their lower castes, as the aristocratic warriors of Spain or Germany never cared for their peasants and soldiers. And so they will abandon the country and only then, when the US is ruined and the owners of their corporations are no longer there, as it happened in Germany after they migrated to the US or in Russia after they migrated to Israel, ‘antisemitism’ will thrive and the cycle will happen.

The solution

So there is only a solution to the cycle at this stage, since the behavior of the financial castes of Wall Street will not change – the nationalization of the banking and financial industries.

Indeed, the cycles of poverty and economic crisis that brings the Holocaust could be avoided, by avoiding the causes – either by obliging the banker-priests to follow milder politics of enrichment or by nationalizing the banking industry, the preferred solution – given the fact that the ‘religion of capitalism’ cannot be argued.

Further on, only an organism of history in which the language of power of society, today money, belongs to the elected government is a real democracy and a world that can be reformed to make it sustainable. This must be clear for the beginning. This writer will never accept the ‘death’ of human beings, cells of the superorganism of history as a solution to any of the problems of mankind. Yet the financial industry is already ‘nationalized’ – that is belongs to the nation of the Am Segullah and so if we want to live in a democracy, such privilege must be returned to the ‘nations’ of the people. There is not a ‘free market’ in the financial world but a dynastic monopoly, which is hidden and defended even if it costs cyclically the death of the Jewish sheeple=energy class.

This was already explained by socialist writers like Marx: ‘the solution to the Jewish question will happen when they change their worldly profession’.

But people like me or Chomsky, Jesus or Marx, Ezequias or Moses, who warned their sheeple against the Nathans and Caifas, the Fulds and Goldman, the Herzls and Rothschild are not the cause of Holocausts neither the perpetrators. The prophets of the wor(l)d only warn of what will happen if eusocial love and the survival of the human species is again betrayed by selfish tribalism, Go(l)d myths, greed and murder, the true values of our ‘Animetal’ cultures.

In the two other posts on this theme, the post on the Holocaust cycle, we study the economical causes of the Holocaust and the myths that hide them in more detail.

Orwellian Newspeaks: How to laugh at ‘others people’ genocides.1420632020_829679_1420633058_album_normal


A magazine dedicated to hate speech bordering often the apology of Genocide, with a rather obvious hidden Agenda, became this week the necessary ‘victim’s instrument’  to provoke the long seeked European 9/11, just two months after the ex-Socialist, ex-French Party passed the equivalent patriot act, rushed in this week in the Parliament. 

In the graph, the cover of the magazine celebrated no long ago the military coup d’etat in Egypt and its massacres of the democratically elected Muslim Brothers, in the streets soon followed by genocide trials in which thousands were condemned to death penalties just for participating in protest demonstrations. Charlie congratulated itself that peaceful demonstrators of Muslim Brothers asking for a return to democracy ended with summary executions.

But what is the purpose of this random massacre, facilitated by the system? Soon we observed that all the countries of Europe gathered in a march for ‘freedom of speech’, and the chancellors rushed in laws to curtail precisely ‘freedom of speech’ (spying on webs, and passing legislation to shut them down when showing incovenient truths) and ‘freedom of movements’, preparing laws to put again borders between European nations.

Thus what Charlie will allow neo-con capitalism in Europe is clear: The end of any criticism to the system and the end of any possible coordinated response of European people to demonstrate in the new halls of power in Frankfurt (ECB) and Brussels. Lobbyism and hardcore capitalism ensures now that Europe will never rebel, even less than in the US where still people can gather in front of washington and wall street.

Now to understand what kind of hate speeches and fascist newspaper Charlie is, substitute in the previous cover, the word: Le Coran c’est de la merde (the only religion systematically insulted by this newspaper) by ‘Le Juif c’est de la merde’, the Coran by a Talmud, the bonnet by a Kappa and the bullets from genocidal Egypt military by German Military…

Yes, it would be EXACTLY THE SAME CARTOON just telling us that Le Juif c’est de la merde and can be shot with no problem by the military because well, c’est de la merde… How long would such a magazine printing as we speak 6 million copies sold out in France, published worldwide, for whom all the head of states of Europe have marched on.. lasted.

How woudl you call, a demonstration in favor of “le Juif c’est de la merde, shoot him’ with all the head of states of Europe, 2 million behind, 20.000 troops protecting them,  the entire worldwide mass-media praising it as the true embodiment of ‘freedom’ of speech?

Oh but maybe i am not getting it? Maybe i don’t have enough sense of humor? It is all a joke. This is a funny magazine. We must laugh at the millions of Muslims dying in colonial wars from Palestine to iraq. Why i dont laugh? Am i so humorless?  Let us try then again to laugh with Charlie: ‘ha ha ha Le juif c’est de la merde, le talmud n’arrete pas Les balles’ how funny, how funny this Charlie is… let us all have a laugh, ha ha ha Le juif c’est de la…’  Go on singing that anywhere in the world and it will take you 10 minutes to be in jail. But it is OK if you do it with 2 billion human beings – yes haven’t you noticed, muslim ARE human beings, not only ‘canon flesh’ for our highly expensive military-industrial bullets and drones to shoot at.

What is the world we live in? It is called ORWELLIAN NEOFASCISM, and it is ruling Europe. All has changed to remain the same. We are as we have been explaining now for 25 years in advance, in the 3rd cycle of industrial war, only the rhyme has changed. But of course, Spengler, father of organic history, and Orwell and Huxley, the masters of the British last cycle of fascism explained already the future. We just study it with a more scientific approach.  After all sciences predict the future with more or less accuracy according to the detailed information we have of our species. But ECONOMISTS AND politicians ARE NOT the scientists of economics and history, they predict nothing. They are within it. They are the power of money and weapons. They are what WE humanist writers, and scholars of the science of history, ‘study’. Problem is we are inside history also, and so the anti-quantum paradox applies to us: we are smaller than the object we study, which influences and erases us. And this is why censorship is a key to the lack of true leaders, social scientists in power…

In that regard, the censorship of blogs like this is a key element of the 3rd military fascist age of those cycles.

Do not expect ever people like Marx – the best scientist of the I cycle, Spengler, the best scientist of the II cycle and sancho me the best scientist of the III cycle of modern, industrial history – to be invited to the halls of power, precisely because we do predict the cycles of history with deadly accuracy.


Who is Charlie, and what has become of the classic humanist, culture of France and its Freedom of expression?  To fully grasp the significance of this event, we should consider the Reichtag case and the 9/11 case, its historic antecedents.

Sometimes you need some foot soldiers to die for the betterment of the holy cause. The executioners though must be provided by the enemy ranks and facilitated  by power, just looking at the other side, when the executioners liquidate the foot soldiers or even disguising yourself – as in the case of the Reichtag burning and its nazis executioners, passing for communists –  with the uniform of the enemy.

Then you can curb freedoms, eliminate the enemies en mass and cry all is done for ‘freedom and security’ the two precise elements eliminated in the process.

As Rahm Emmanuel, the Jewish Master who rised Mr. Obama’s to power and was his chief of staff during the first legislation, put it, ‘you never let a good crisis get to waste’.

The striking parallelisms between 9/11 and Charlie’s 7/1 have of course being muted beyond a few lonely blogs of the rational left. Let us recall a few of them.

– The terrorists in both cases were widely known to be preparing ‘something’ by different security agencies. FBI agents denounced both alqaeda plans. The brothers in Charlie’s case had been known to be jihadists, had been known to return from Middle East wars, had been even jailed for those reasons and so in the buttressed Security State of neo-Fascist France were undoubtedly among the more than one thousand potential muslim ‘terrorists’ tracked by security services.

We are talking not of America where to a certain extend you can get lost but of ‘Le Roi state’, where burocracy was invented, Hundreds of easily tracked phone calls between them and their wives certainly should go through the programs that control key words. They were known, localized, lived off state hand-outs, their ideas were known, their Imans. In France is almost impossible to get a weapon without being noticed, let alone being an ex-combat Middle east Muslim radical.

But nothing was done.

The newspaper was hardly protected – just a policeman – despite a previous attack, despite publishing the Danish Mohammed Cartoons who provoked  worldwide riots – despite being dedicated in simple words, as its single purpose, commanded by the iron fist of his Jewish Chief-Editor to insult without the slightest sense of irony or humor, the most sacred element of Muslim Religion, its prophet, to provoke straight-forward hate.

The gruesome attacks included such a fine ‘english irony’ cartoons as mohammed shitting, mohammed being executed, mohammed being gay and kissing a man, etc. etc.

Of course, the worldwide press know talks of ‘freedom of expression’, instead of straight-forward hate-speech and as the illustration shows apology of dictators and civilian massacres.

Let us though understand the what kind of freedom of expression Charlie and France at large sponsors these days.

The magazine had only fired ne of his cartoonists; when for a change the writer did have some subtle sense of humor and made a joke about Sarkozy, the French president – instead of the constant, mono-thematic, gruesome insults to the most sacred element of Muslim culture, tainted always with racism and shall I say, an artistic sense of color and graph proper of a child drawing (i imagine serious cartoonists declined working on it, indeed the most famous one was known to do child drawings).

The joke was about Sarkozy’s son wedding with a wealthy JFP (Jewish French Princess), and his return to orthodox judaism, the religion of his grand-mother, imposed by the wealthy heiress:

World Bulletin/News Desk
Maurice Sinet, 86, who works under the pen name Sine in the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, faces charges of “inciting racial hatred” after his dismissal from the magazine.
“L’affaire Sine” follows the engagement of Mr Sarkozy, 22, to Jessica Sebaoun-Darty, the Jewish heiress of an electronic goods chain. Commenting on it, Sine quipped: “He’ll go a long way in life, that little lad.”
A high-profile political commentator slammed the column as linking prejudice about Jews and social success. Charlie Hebdo’s editor, Philippe Val, have asked Sinet to apologise and fired Sine.

Or course, his dismissal was backed by a group of ’eminent intellectuals’, including the philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy.

Now, consider that sentence ‘hell go a long way in life’, which merely implies he is marrying wealth, jewish wealth of course, which controls all the financial and big industrial groups of France, from arms (dassault) to magazines (Pinault), to luxuries (Arnault, Betancourt), to political companies (Hollande, Jewish-calvinist, Valls, Jewish-sephardim, Sarkozy himself, and all the key ministries of economics, foreign affairs and interior)… Sine was then sued by the powerful French Jewish Lobby and faced, oh la la that is indeed freedom of expression charges that could have ended him on jail…

Yes, France has gone a long way into becoming yet another fundamentalist ‘semitic’ animetal culture of the go(l)d strain…

Consider now or rather compare that sentence who got him fired with the fire squad of the cover, which is heralded as freedom of expression. Now substitute the military fascist coup d’etat executioners with those of the Reichtag times, the Nazis, substitute the muslim brother for a Jewish rabbi executed by the nazis and the Koran for the Talmud. What would happen if Charlie had published a Nazi military squad firing a rabbi who says ‘the talmud is merde’ doesn’t stop their bullets?

The magazine would be closed for hate speech antisemitism, genocide apology, denial of the holocaust, their owners put in prison and never open again.

Of course we are told, the magazine do not only attack Muslims, from time to time we have some gruesome joke about Christianity, with Mary the ‘virgin’, giving birth to jesus… Never though the Jewish instrument of hate has depicted the Talmud in such terms. Never it has made a joke about the holocaust. That is the ‘red thin line’ that in ex-France, divides freedom of expression from attacking hte master (as his culture of humanism, freedom of expression and laicism has been hijacked by the Jewish Stock-market owners of its main companies).

So yes, we have our European 9/11 and our zealots, let them die for a higher cause. The director of the magazine was in london. The foot soldiers were unprotected. The terrorists well known but untracked, the event does happened. And with chronometric precision lead by our JGP, Jewish German Princess Chancellor Merkel (Jewish mother father converso but this is also taboo, never printed in European magazines, alas freedom of expression), our JFP, Jewish French Princes, Mr. Hollande and Mr. Valls, JUK, Jewish United King-dom, Mr. Cameron, the triad of Jewish presidents (the jewish economic ministries didn’t make it to front line this time, as always directing the puppets from behind)…


The Neo-Fascist Front, ahead of the demonstration in favor of ‘Muslims are Merde Shoot Them with our expensive drones’.  Then we have the ‘3 masters’, Netanhayu, the president of the fa$cist Imperial Power, who rules the world with ALL the central bankers of the west to the service of its islamophobia, genocidal plan to create ‘Grand Israel’, and then the two Jewish Rulers of the West, Francois Hollande and Miss Merkel. This is the ‘core’ of modern neo-fascism, the triunvirate that rules europe. Notice to the right, the nice house slave of Mr. Netanhayu, Abbas, the Palestinian, so ashamed of being there, that he is putting down his face. And in the center another nice ‘house slave’ sent by the biggest of all, Mr. Obama. At least though his red tie is a note of color among the elegant blue uniform of classic fascism. and Mr. Obama did not to to the charade. What shows after all that Europeans are even more house negroes than their American ‘camarades’.  Behind them 2 million patetique French slaves loosing fast their jobs to robotized corporations, their money to bankers’ theft, their culture to hate speeches and sexual repression made in evilwood – and happy for it – were singing je suis juif, le coran c’est une merde (this last sentence of course is implicit tothe  je suis charlie logo of the charade).

They are there of course, to disguise the front, as it is customary in Walt Disney neo-fascism, to put a couple of ‘dogs’ (name negroes and arabs receive in the Talmud, as they are inferior to ‘goyyim’ gentile animals, since racist rabbies dictated 3000 years ago that their ‘ancestor’ ham, had peed on Noah.. Yes that is the reason why there were slavery, and now there are islamophobia… It is all because our orthodox Jewish bankers, those nice chaps that control the world, but let us talk in whisper, believe in the most racist of all sacred books, Talmud, the only one charlie never ever criticized, where we are explained, well that, exactly, ‘negroes and arabs are dogs that peed in  Noah’, Yeah, how advanced spiritual concerned people are our ‘economic leadership’, and its puppet politicos of the fascist front. Way to go… with their sense of humor).

And this brings us to our cycles. It all happened the same during the XIX c. Colonial wars, when Disraeli took over England, and France and Germany were run by their peers. In  fascism, before war breaks loose, we need the toughest laws against freedom of expression, and the toughest, heads of state to carry those colonial wars. Now in this colonial war, within two days we stage the biggest 1 million strong march with all other leaders, and the boss of them all Bibi, accompanied by his eternal prisoner, Abbas… and a few ‘egyptian and morrocan’ representative of the best known dictators of the ‘Arab Spring’. They were all there. But that is a deja vu experience. What made me sad was two things:

These lunatic murderers killed 12 people. It goes without saying, we are not in favor of death penalty, even if Charb, the zealot, didn’t have children because he knew his job was to push hate speech and die for it, we would have both, close the magazine and put on jail the murderers, LONG AGO. That is the true French/Latin spirit long gone – civilization, art, good sense of humor, life and love… what the French have lost for the faked Grandeur of being puppets of the animetal, oldest cult(ure) to go(l)d and weapons of history….

At the same moment here in Spain, there was a demonstration against Gilead, the Jewish-ran American Pharma company, the brain child of Varmus, a jewish nobel prize, former NSA boss, who manages the lobbyism that permits this company to charge 20.000 euros for a 65 euros medicine that can save the life of Hepatitis C patients.

12 die every day in spain – not in a single terrorist action, but every day action, and that is only in spain because the loss of national sovereign rights to invent our money – now handed by the Jewish bank sorry, European Central bank – directly only to Jewish banks, sorry European private banks, obliges Spain to borrow money even for the basic social security needs. So they cannot pay 20.000 euros per patient. And Gilead Lobbyists in both parties prevent them to accept generic receipts.

They went to the spanish Presidential palace expecting to deliver their protest. They found none. The man known for his big envelopes behind the desk from huge corporations was in Paris, shouting je suis juif, je suis charlie, and gathering with other big employees of corporations, aka all the politicians of western europe to pass strict control measures against freedom of expression in the web – sites like this one will soon go away, new police controls – that will again introduce police borders between european nations, in brief the extension of the French Patriot act to all europe.

that was the purpose of Charlie, that was the reason it was undefended, that was the last cynical twist of the ever expanding in powers Invisible dictatorship of the monopolistic Orthodox Jewish bankers and its orwellian hate war against the 2 billion poorest people of the Earth, aka Islam – to become the last massada zealots to die, for the abetter cause, to end with the humanist, laicist, free speech, social welfare state peaceful french enjojable way of life, so the French loose their rigths to print their money but none of this can be said their rights to care nothing for religion – not even enough to insult it – but that cannot be said, the rights to true welfare and health care – the right indeed to be a Free, Sovereign, Humanist culture based in equalite, fraternite, ect.

Now they are becoming $emite and we shall end remembering Voltaire: ‘this people are born and educated in hate’ – no he didnt speak about the Semite warriors (the arabs) but about the juifs. So we heard 2 million French shouting we are juifs. No, you are not. You are run by jewish moguls and politicians but you are goyyim – animals, gentiles, in a word, Palestines, but you are so dumb you don’t know. And that only that makes you different from the 10% of French that do know, the ones you so much along Charlie insult and despise.


The end of European Freedoms. Valls and the fa$cist left.

Europeans are now and for quite long just puppets of the capitalist Stock-market empire. But unlike most Americans who know the Financial-Media Complex owned by the Jewish elite owns them, in Europe this is unknown. Laws are also stronger in Europe against freedom of speech with the excuse of the holocaust – that is the fact that almost a century ago among other 66 million victims of world war II 4 million Jewish poor were killed, while their cynical elite abandoned them with all the gold of Germany. The tragedy of teh holocaust thus was both a class tragedy – the ari-stockracy of the Jewish society based in money, unlike other aristocracies based in weapons, but with the same cynicism about their poor class, let them die for their sins. And it was an economical tragedy – the 29 crisis of appropiation of money by the jewish elite as the 2008 aproppiation of money provoked the war.

But now this is far less known except by the elite, as it is taboo to talk of it. Now we use the euphemism ‘markets’ instead of Jewish elite to talk of the hierarchical system of capitalism. Now we talk of central banks instead of private dynasties of Jewish-Calvinist bankers as the owners of the world.

But as the chip radiation keeps throwing blue collar workers substituted by robts and white collar workers substituted by pcs, and the 1% of which 54% are Jewish elite keeps massing billions, even more so in Europe where nations have lost suzerainity as they no longer can print their own money – the euro is not money for nations, it is the only global currency that is not of issue, that is it is not printed for the people but for other bankers – all those european colonies, specially in the south will reach levels of poverty and destitution similar to the muslims.

Thus as the southern people become palestinians power fears they might know who run them and rebel And so it is needed first to end schlegen the right to travel between countries, end rights to demonstrations and control information to keep the fantasy under the cover of antisemitism and hate speech that ‘markets’ that abstract word, run the world, that the ECB is our soverign bank and cares for us, that Brussels does legislate for the people not for the multinational corporations…

This is the reason why Charlie has been provoked and was not protected. We needed those zealots to die at the hands of desperado terrorists to end the few freedoms still left in our nation.

And so it goes, within 2 days, the neo-fascist government starts to crack-down on freedom of speech ON those who criticize the Jewish Masters:

PARIS (AP) — France ordered prosecutors around the country to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism

Authorities said 54 people had been arrested for hate speech. Since the attacks, France has deployed 10,000 troops and 120,000 security forces in an area the size of Texas to protect sensitive sites, including Jewish schools and synagogues.

France has been tightening security and searching for accomplices since the terror attacks began, but none of the 54 people mentioned Wednesday have been linked to the attacks. That’s raising questions about whether Hollande’s Socialist government is impinging on the very freedom of speech that it so vigorously defends when it comes to Charlie Hebdo.

Among those detained for a Facebook posting was Dieudonne, a popular and controversial comic who has repeated convictions for racism and anti-Semitism. He was later released and will be put on trial next month for justifying terrorism, a judicial official said on condition of anonymity in keeping with French custom.

Like many European countries, France has strong laws against hate speech, especially anti-Semitism in the wake of the Holocaust. The Justice Ministry sent a letter to all French prosecutors and judges urging more aggressive tactics against racist or anti-Semitic speech or acts. The order did not mention Islam.


Among them, there was this other humorist, the guy who is having a laugh around France to neo-fascist speeches, the inventor of La quenelle – no sense of humor, here:


In the graph, Mr. Valls in one of its funniest pictures. He is so proud of advancing towards French power, looking at the camera, so full of himself, that it doesn’t notice all the French youth having a laugh to the guy with a quenelle. Actually i know the chap. His father a jewish chueta (spanish converso) artist was kinda cool. They kept a house at Horta, where he would return as a spanish emigre and talk to the people of ‘la gauche divine’, a movement of left wing burgeoise artist here in barcelona. His best friend in town, a photographer with a beautiful daughter, who was the illustrator of my first children’s book, ‘the albatross’, used to have nice lunchs and the fella, a shy non-entity kid was always around. Mediocrity at its best, now it has advanced in the ranks of the robotic politicians with the shallow, meaningless speech of la grandeur proper of all the well-behaved house slaves of our democracy. Way to go Mr. Valls, the new anti-voltaire.

How patetique Mr. Valls , the interio ministry, upgraded to curtail the freedom of the french people, to Prime Minister, he soon introduced a pseudo-nazi law that puts you up to 7 years in jail if you make apology of terrorism.

But that was of course, only the beginning. By terrorism he means as he explained the days after Charlie Hebdo any attempt to ‘deny the holocaust, antisemitism…’ and so now the author of la quenelle, and denouncer of the massive power control exercised by Jewish moguls in La free france, Mr. dieudonne has been jailed, for quipping what it is obvious, that he is prosecuted for freedomof expression against the jewish imperial power.

Now, Mr. Valls has further clarified that there is a new form of antisemitism, which is provoked by hatred of Israel, meaning that backing palestinians will soon get you 7 years in jail.

Further on antisemitism is defined by the ADL an ti defamation League, a right wing extremist ‘zionist’ – i tend to reject this stained word but in this case is quite proper – group in New York, ran by AbelFoxman, as:

1) believing that Jews have too much economic power and financial muscle. As if they didn’t have 90% f central bankers and ceos of main financial houses being less than 1%of the world population. Thus, knwoing truth about financial idustries is antisemitism.

2) thinking Jews talk too much of the holocaust, as if they were not imposing all over the world holocaust museums, and haolocaust ceremonials and inist all the time to be forgiven because along other 62 million people 4 milion of them died in World War II.

3) They are more loyal to Israel than to their nations. As if they were nt, in all polls they affirm so. Mr. Rahm emannuel the boss of obama did his military serice in israel not in the Us. And so we, all informed people, including all jews, which know perfectly they are mor e loyal to israel, they know perfectly they control the finances of the west and they talk all the time about their grand dad who suffered the holocaust are antisemite.

Yes those are the contraictions of fascism. Right now all jewish people are antisemite and they should be jailed for 7 years in France.

but only dieudonne is. And the very same day this rime minister perhaps still angry at the laugh of the quenelle, went on into the french house of commons to insult deiudonne, that is the quality of our politicos. A black humorist that complains of the power of finances and the brutality of israel is jailed and the presime minister rises the entire camera to sing the marseillese saying enough of antisemitism of denial of the holocaust.

Are we in france or in the Knesset? Wait, two weeks ago France recognized Palestine and so it WAS needed to backtrack fast and put them back on rack. And mr. valls did it I wouldnt go so far as to think this was a red flag operation, though the DNI of the terroists were found in the car, they were shot without capture, they were escaping with no problema, the newspeaper was basically unrpotected and we saw them escaping from a car arked in front of a kosher but certainly they were left to do it as in 911 so Mr. Valls, his master voice made a fool of the entire republic talking of terrorism if yu criticize israel.

Yes i would say this is a very big issue against all Europeans, because to go anywher ein Europe you must crosss France, and as it stands, mr. Valls would put me in jail just for writing this article. They want to start lists of people travelling through france, so if i go to rome now or to geneve, if i take the TGV, this mere article here, will put me 7 years in jail. I would like to tell his father to do something with his retarded son, but Valls Seniror, the artist, the painter is dead. he would be totally ashamed of his son, i swear.

For one thing, the father was a ‘real man’, a ‘real artist’, a real socialist. What is his son? If you realize this ‘trou noir’ represents the left. He pretends to be socialist. he is actually the moderate part of the French Paralaiment. He is supossed to be defending the poor French people. The Muslim 10% of poor, destituted, without work, racially tagged, ‘human beings’. This trou noir, faked, poser, fucking poser marrano is the ‘good guy’. He is the moderate, left winger. Just wait for the right wing, the Sarkozy cryptojews, the Le Penis gang to come to pwer, You ain’t seen anything yet. Yes, excuse moi, i’m now talking like charlie did of the poor.. They want us all to shut up and follow their pathetic transvestite version of La Marseillese a freedom song. You see you can spot a crypto-charlie doing his thing, with all the charade, and pretentous caring, all the evilwood essayed pantomimes, a mile ahead.

You see that is the point urope is getting into – both parties, left and right bought by the financial capital of the Talmud practicioners that treat their cattle wholesale.

The balir tradition, the Clinton tradition is in full rage. They produce them like barbie dolls. Handsome, non-entities, like the new president of the Ex-socalist ex-spanish party, a bastketball player, for god’s sake; a fellow that wants spanish to pay 20.000 euros per treatment for Hepatitis C and accuses the right wing party in a pantomime of not paying the pharmaceuticals.

This race of salos, this fat  bunch of orwellian pigs are now the owners of the animetal farm, all getting fatter, drinking the milk of their starving voters. This is now the crypto-left to the service of the Talmud bankers. This traitor to his country, to the class he represents, to his past, to his father, to everything Socialist and France once meant, is now menacing us all european free thinkers with jail if we cross the border.

But I am not going to backtrack of course, i am not going to be come silent because neofascist France menace all of us, europeans. Of course nobody reads blogs like this. They have the control of the media, but that is not enough. They don’t even let you whisper their name. They want absolute control of the mind, beyond the wildest 1984 expectations.

They nore the pendulum clock. At the end God makes justice, not their delluded desert brothers of the bronze age, the goatkeeper’s bushes, but the true god, the laws of action reaction of the organic Universe. So there will be at the end also tears in their side. And we won’t shut up. The will have to come for us.

On the contrary, this is what i propose to the french cartoonists – if there is one which is not a puppet:

I propose to them to have another  free speech, funny magazine, TO BE CALLED INSTEAD OF CHARLIE, BIBIE, dedicated to insult, explain and laugh at the very racist, brutal rules of talmud. We are called animals in talmud. 3 year old women – gentile women are called siska, prostitutes – can be raped in talmud. Theft of the goyyim animal is desired in talmud.

For those who do not know talmud, I advice this wonderful book of a liberal israeli

Just to compensate Charlie, Bibie will show a rabbi with a big dick, as those we see in charlie with the christian and muslim god, put on the 3 years old girl, with a nice funny joke on the raping of ‘siska’ animals. What about a nice jewish chap stealing for fervor the money of the people in his bank. This is talmud. What about the advice to spit in the cross, because after all Jesus is burning in a pot of shit in hell for calling ‘animals’ = gentiles, humans. That gives a nice shitty caricature of Jesus also, for those who are not familiar with talmud.

Talmud do deserves 1000 times more than coran this kind of jokes because it is the most brutal, racist book ever written and the true problem today in the world – our bankers, 90% of them are orthodox jewish and they believe in talmud. Way to go to explain the illness of capitalism my dear.

But not a single joke about the direct connection between Talmud’s racism and capitalism and the massive theft of this crisis has been allowed to be printed beyond the web.

What about Mr. Ponzi scheme, aka Maddoff, talking to his wife who accused us goyyim of conspirating against them, as it was recorded by the FBI?

What about Bernake, tritchet, draghi, all the western central bankers, carney, moscovici, all the economic ministers, Paulson, both the speculator and the goldman sachs fellow who gave 1 trillion $ for free to banks, buying them faked ‘mortgages” instead of putting them all in jail?

Let us do a charlie style caricature, gruesome as they are. All of them eating billions, around the table of the world nations they control, eating them up, while saying all these animals – we the people of europe, according to Talmud are animals – got what they deserve.

And below their clinic toilet seats, all the people of the West eating their shit. Since that is what is truly going on in this crisis. The bankers have stolen our right to make and spend our money. They keep it all in fattened accounts and we are left just with their processed, shit, borrowed at debt slave prices, with usury payments. Yes, the french are eating the shit, left-overs of their bankers. We goyyim animals, if we are lucky and get debt money will eat shit, indeed. Most not even that They starve and die  .  What about carictures of hospitals with no money to save animals life.

I believe in freedom of expression. It will be a perfect duet. Sell both together charlie and bibie, or call charlie hebdo, Charlie bibi, two for the price of one, yes, that i will subscribe. Because freedom of expression measn to be able to insult the powerful not only the powerless, the rich not only the poor, the dictators not only the common people as charlie did.

Mr. Valls is just a square head robotito, a spanish marrano emigrant that as all first generation ‘nationalists’ is always more nationalist to make forget his origins than any National Front pathetic Lepen follower. but that national front now greased with the money of La Grand Sinagogue, will move ahead into Tea Party territory within years, as La Grandeur leaves way to the final collapse of the euro zone and the masters of the Sinagogue go back to London and Sidney, not to US, because there, things are quite more advanced. Consider if not the political comment of our ‘humorous’ American satyrist:


This will put you in jail 7 years in France Ddees, so do not go to paris. This article is now  considered a crime in the central core heart of Europe. The Americans are considered in France more or less professional idiots – with the chauvinism that characterizes the simpleton, rational ‘evident’ truths of the true cretins which understand about fuc*ing – conceded, cheese, no doubt the best and little less. Of course, charlie was the work of ‘laissez faire’ in its full sense. Those 2 brothers were according to CIA reports among the 100 more dangerous jihadists living in France, perfectly spotted and controlled. There were before the ‘grand expansion’ of securite all over the nation – hundreds of ‘moros’ are being arrested as we speak in southern france – 1000 jihadists being followed, and those 2 were in the top list.

THEY KNEW. And now as Rahm Emmanuel, the boss of Obama, son of the terrorist fonder of irgun, the terrorist Israeli group tht blew up palestinian children in the heroic age, who did his military service in Israel, with the bosses, put it ‘this crisis is not going to waste’. But history alwasy come back with a vengeance. And at the height of yin as cheng tzu put it, yang starts again. Total power is now in the hands of the Rahms and the sheeple follow them. They have at best a decade left before the Tea party and the National Front obliterate Satan.



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