Every act we do upon humanity will come to us in due term. This week, in the Ist cycle, the American Army massacred at Wounded Knee, during the superproduction age of the military train the Indian dancers who ‘menaced’ to throw the Americans beyond the Mississippi, according to the yellow press (1890s); in the second cycle of overproduction of cars=tanks, the Nazi Army erased the Warsaw Ghetto (1940s), who menaced to conquer Poland, according to radio-hate; this week the robotized army of guardiums, predators and iron Domes have razed Gaza, once more, to claim one billion $ from the Penthagon (2010s). Keynesian militarism consumes systematically in each cycle, the flesh of mankind in small doses, till the Pandora Box is open for all. In the pictures, Russell Means, the last hero of wounded knee, who also died this week, during the occupation of 1973, the women of Warsaw who were to reconquer Poland and the children of Gaza who menaced the Iron Dome with their home made rockets, sacrificed to the profits of war. Obamapuppet obviously defended the massacre with the usual essayed motions and on Friday gave us the first taste of ‘things’ to come, positioning as boss of the CIA, Mr. Brennan, the lobbyist of the military robotic industry responsible for the upsurge of terminators, the new ‘secret’ army of the CIA

Before we enter into the news of the week some data on the 3 parallel crisis:


Number of Israelis killed by fire from Gaza between January 1st 2012 and November 11th 2012: 1
(Source: Wikipedia)

Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire during the same period: 78
(Source: United Nations)

Number of Israelis killed by fire from Gaza, November 13th-19th 2012: 3
(Source: press reports)

Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire, November 13th-19th: 95
(Source: IDF)

Number of those killed in Gaza under 15 years of age: 19

Total number of Israelis killed by rocket, mortar or anti-tank fire from Gaza since 2006: 47
(Source: Wikipedia. This is disputed; another source says 26)

Number of Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire from April 1st 2006 to July 21st 2012: 2,879
(Source: United Nations)


Ratio of Palestinian to Israeli deaths:60 to 1.

Ratio of Wounded Knee Indians murdered (300, 200 children and women) to Blue Soldiers (25): 12 to 1.

Ratio established by the German Army for each soldier kill in civilian ambushes: 10 t0 1.



The larger view: Neofascism – the new eviL=Death. Change of phase in the crisis, from overproduction of e-money and tool machines to overproduction of hate speeches and weapons.

For those who stumble in this section (news) without knowing what is all about:

This blog applies the laws of general systems sciences and evolutionary economics, in which this writer is today the leading researcher, to define the future tendencies of history and economics – the larger view.

This section – news, the shorter view –  describes the world we live in, day-to-day, departing from that larger view:

The change of ‘phase’ in the political economy of the world that happens every human generation of 72 years, as mankind plummets in ‘human wealth and ethics’, when paradoxically ‘metal-wealth’ in money, machines and weapons peaks.

In the graph, we illustrate the 3 periods of global economic crises due to the overproduction of the machines of each ‘Kondratieff age’ of evolution of metal: the 1860s, or age of overproduction of train stocks; the 1930s or age of overproduction of ticker money cars=tanks and the 2010s or age of overproduction of e-money and robotic workers and soldiers. Because human ‘brains’ are manufactured by industrial information, printed by the same machines that printed money in the previous phase, they can easily be imprinted with hate, becoming eviL towards others, paradoxically because those ‘others’ are depicted as eviL by the mass-media systems which act in symbiosis with the weapons that will ‘consume’ human beings as the decades ahead plunder and plummet mankind into the abyss of war.

Thus as we speak – and as we anticipated according to those cycles with deadly accuracy in our books a decade ago – we are changing phase on the crisis, from the age of overproduction of working machines and speculative money to the age of overproduction of hate media and weapons, which in the previous ages resulted first in an age of ‘splendid little wars’ (Crimea, 1857, Spanish civil war, 1936)’ that soon got out of hand into global war ages, as the production of weapons escalated (Unification wars of the 1860s in US, Germany and Italy, II world war).

The philosophy of eviL=death.

The fundamental law of Nature and eusocial evolution is the distinction between the love to the members of the same species, which allow us to evolve together and the darwinian ab=use of those who we deem different. Because the Universe is relative and so it is our perception by definition selection of information programs the mind – as minds are quantum knots of information, with a ‘relative point of view’ so our nose is more important than the galaxy Andromeda and we would not doubt on choosing the extinction of Andromeda to our nose – as we receive more information from our nose than from the billions of planets and living beings in Andromeda.

Hence the Law of survival of the species can be molded and it is molded by human beings through the selection of information.  What we don’t see doesn’t exist. What we see many times becomes a truth. Those facts known through history were clearly systematized by the great philosopher of eviL and first minister of ‘propaganda’ during the II Crisis of Overproduction of hate-media and weapons, Mr. Goebbels, ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’. Today the same methods have converted Palestinians in America in non-entities. And so the 1 to 60 proportion seems adecuate, because it is in fact a 1-0 ‘win’ where the 6 is not.

We shall first state the obvious but often forgotten fact that eviL is simple to define as ‘death’, that what harms us. So a kid when S/he is harmed, pricked by a vertex of a toy will say spontaneously ‘bad’ and try to break the toy smashing it against the floor.

Thus our ‘consciousness of death’ make us paranoid about eviL. Then we convert eviL into a fetishe to calm our fears, and create a ‘material fetishe’ of eviL ‘to locate that threat to life in some special place where it can be controlled‘ (Ernest Becker).

This is the ‘moral function’ of Gaza for Israel and Islam today increasingly under the programming of the American elite and its mass-media, for all the Western world, in substitution of the ‘red scare, the evil of the XX century – but in the eternal duality and symbiosis of ‘enzyman’ and the ‘machines’ whose evolution catalyze, the ultimate industrial function of Islam is to continue the eternal, Orwellian war for profits that justify the bigger of all eviLs – the evolution of top predator machine-weapons, the most expensive, and biggest amount of the wealth of nations, in any time of the industrial r=evolution of that ‘other species’ we fail to recognize, the machine.

In his masterpiece on ‘the philosophy of eviL’ the Norwegian Scholar, Svendsen compares 3 actions of those which by ideological reasons consider the ‘other’ evil, hence void of all human nature, and totally expendable:  The actions of the infamous Batallion 101 of the SS; the actions of Liutenant Calley in Mylay, Vietnam and one of the episodes of the Palestinian war, in which a commander of the IDF, Samuel Malinki establishes a curfew one day, out of the hat, for all those who try to cross the border back from Israel to Palestine.

Unaware of the curfew the Palestinian workers return at Kafr Kasim and… “the subordinates carried out his orders without protest. A truck full of women was stopped, and even though the women begged for their lives, they were shot. Fifteen cyclists were ordered off their bicycles and shot, etc. In the ocurse of a couple of hours, the police had shot and killed forty-senve unarmed men, women and children. their crime? Returning home from work”. ‘What’s the difference between the Israeli border police, Calley’s soldiers and the men of the Police battaillon 101? – asks Svendsen – In my opinion no much’.

He goes on to notice the power of the media to manufacture and acquit the culprits in the 3 cases.

After explaining Mr. Calley callous personal murder of 102 innocent, unarmed Vietnamese and the positive treatment of most media at the time, Calley received 100.000 letters of support and ‘a song supporting Calley, ‘The battle Hymn of Liutenant Calley’ sold a million copies in a week’.

When he finally was indicted, ‘only 9% thought it was right to trial him’. The number of those who said ‘they would shoot unarmed children and women in a military situation under orders, was 60% exactly the same number of policemen who accepted to shoot unarmed Jews in the battaillon 101…’

The conclusion are obvious:

On one side the ‘equality of all human beings’.

On the other hand, the thesis defended by the models of superorganisms which I have studied for decades: Men are Tabula Rassas that the ‘information neurons’ of social systems and its ideologies imprint. Thus systems of ‘information’ not individual ‘cells’ are responsible on how people act.

They are the elements who define the actions of mankind. Hence the parallelism of those 3 cycles of overproduction of ‘memes of hate’ that today, through Tv-hate justify the wars of drones and the Keynesian militarism that pushes mankind slowly towards neofascism and a string of splendid little wars fought with the robotic armies of the new age.

Today as we move from the financial crisis to the social and military crisis, the imprinting of eviL=death as a routine proper of all those crises of overproduction of weapons that must find excuses to consume human beings becomes a routine in the two nations at the head of the electronic wave – Israel and America. But the hypnotic power of TV-hate is higher than it was the radio-hate of Goebbels and Hitler: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’, said the first minister of propaganda of history during the III Reich. Now in the age of visual rhetorics we are so well ‘programmed’ that even the suggestion we are progammed and the pointing of the ideologies of Biblical Supremacism culprit of this constant debasing of mankind cannot be mentioned.

Askhe-Nazis: The pendulum law.

To fully understand Apartheid Israel and its ‘neo-nazi state’, we can then finish this article with a comparison between the old Nazis and the new nazis, who call themselves askhe-nazis, the elite of Judaism, made of its western financial-media masters and its Israeli colonists.

The differences between Nazis and AskheNazis are small but important.

– The Nazis had the Warsaw Ghetto, where they kept around 300.000 jews isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by a wall… during 2 years

– The AskheNazis have the Gaza Ghetto, where they keep around 2 million palestines, isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by a wall… during 50 years.

Thus the AskheNazis have a bigger ghetto to enjoy their sadist ministrations with more people and longer time.

In the details though both are quite similar in purpose. The Nazis hated the jews whom they blamed for the political and economical backstabbing treasons that led to the loss of I world war and beginning of II world war, (capital fugue to NY, change of sides to the British after the Balfour declaration, brutal war reparations masterminded by the City and Paris bankers – rothschild syndicate, crash of the Deutsche mark, 29 crisis, etc. etc.). The Israelis hate the Palestinians whom they blame of all their political problems (impossibility to build ‘Great Israel’, political criticism abroad, need of a perpetual war state, terrorism).

Now the perspective of both is quite irrelevant as we explained in the wider article on the last genocidal acts of Israel, quite similar to those of the Nazis, just a bit more loaded – greater proportion of palestinian murders than european murders related to the number of israeli and german casualties.

To me this is of little interest. It would be improper of a blog which supposes a certain degree of objective humanism in the readers, to even enter into the arguments of Germans and Jews to justify their sadist genocidal behavior.

I won’t either enter in the many similar frame of mind of both nations  – Germans being terrified as a ‘small nation’ surrounded by enemies, German’s blood laws copied by Israel, etc. etc. The Jewish state is a Nazi, Apartheid, Genocidal, criminal state at the height of the robotic weapons’ military-industrial complex that will bring III world war and extinguish mankind, as Germany was a Nazi, Apartheid, Genocidal, criminal state at the height of the tank-bomber weapons’ military-industrial complex that brought II world war. We have also explained those similarities in other posts.

What I am more interested of is the ‘2nd difference’ between both nations, an external NOT internal difference: The Nazis were alone in their behavior, criticized by all nations, treated as they had to be treated – as pariahs, and the world declared them war.

But the Israelis have the defence of the entire planetary’s establishment of politicians, industralists and mainstream mass-media both in Europe and America. While the rest pays lip service to humanitarism without moving a single finger. On the contrary, the more brutal the genocide by stages of the Israelis – who let us be clear enough will when the chance comes, send an army of robotized weapons to massacre the palestinians as the Nazis send the jews of the ghetto to treblinka – the higher the privileges that Israel obtains as a ‘chosen of Go(l)d’s nation’, in the backstage.

Consider the treatment of the European Union. Israel is the only nation in the world, which has all the rights of belonging to the European Union and none of its obligations. It has a trade treaty that allows Israel to send their products with no tariffs, while Europeans cannot reciprocate and send their goods. It has a new law that allows 99%  of Israelis to become as ‘descendants’ of a sephardim, Spanish hence European by nationality if so they wish, but of course Europeans only if they show purity of Jewish race could migrate to Israel. It has the right to participate in any European competition despite being in Asia, etcc. etc. 

While in America, Israel gets over 3 billion of free $ in armament, plus America pays the ‘iron dome’ that protects the country from the ridiculous, home made rockets the Palestinians put together in the ghetto. Right now America has supplied Israel with a replenished arsenal of weapons overspent massacring children in UNO schools and gaza beaches.

Of course, we know, why this is the case.Israel control the financial-media, informative, digital industry of the West, from the European Bank to the bundesbank, from The City to Wall Street, 3/4 of the western world central bankers and CEOs of financial corporations and CFOs of the 1000 fortune are theirs. SO Goes for the media industry. The west is therefore a series of nations with politico employees of Israeli bankers and media moguls. This anyone who is not a sheeple knows. Anyone who has a position of minimal power knows.

And yet, we also have commented extensively on this theme.

What we will like to elaborate here a little bit more is the real difference beyond the facts, the moral difference between the world in the 30s, when the Nazis became ostracized from the world community for its genocidal behavior and the world of the 2010s, when their equivalent nation in this cycle, Israel is rewarded with new perks every time it decides to go to his courtyard Ghetto and have a rush of adrenaline murdering civilians and closing tunnels, through which basic supplies for a people without potable water, surrunded by air drones, robbed of their sea rights, systematically bombed when attempting to create a port or airport to break the ghetto, are carried. 

Yes from time to time some commando might appear in the perfectly technologically located tunnels on the Israeli side and gets murdered like a cockroach. This we also know. I mean do you really believe the Israeli/American massive electronic technology cannot detect a tunnel which is supposed to come out in Israeli territory after passing through miles of Israeli Army occupied land? Do you really believe Israel needs to murder thousands of innocent people because of their slight chance that one of those tunnels is not detected?

The tunnel of course is the excuse, the hate of a racist people who consider ‘blacks and arabs’ according to the Ham damnation of a racist rabbi less than dogs, is the itch. A hate too easy to calm murdering a few of those ‘less than dogs’ humans on the courtyard. It has been now 50 years that this behavior goes on and the world applauds. If anyone protest the media will explain we are not properly informed. The Holocaust industry and the anti$emitic rant will do the same.

No, this is not the question that matters here, but the degree of decadence and corruption that it is required in our ‘western democracies’ to tolerate this.  The murders taking place now In Egypt after a coup d’etat masterminded by Israel and its house negros, against the Eguptian freely elected muslim brothers – of which Hamas is just a Plaestinian branch… is part of that sadist pleasure, greased by billions of dollars of American $laves… tax-payers sorry… who toil to give their money to their Israeli bankers, for free, or in ‘never returned loans’ while being degraded and happily singing we love evilwood movies because they laugh at us, they make us more stupid and that is what we slaves deserve…

Why this matters to me more than the genocide? Simply put it. As much as i can empathize with the warsaw ghetto or the Gaza Ghetto, i am in neither of those ghettos. I am in a ghetto called the West, called America and the fact that all our politicians are sympathizers with the modern Nazis, the askheNazis, means only they are also nazis and we are also palestinians. Financial Palestinians, Mass-media Palestinians, goyyim, which means both gentile and animal in the most racist book ever written, Talmud, yes, again, if we compare it with Mein Kampf and I have read both, the difference is one of weight… Talmud is more racist, we, humans in talmud are animals – arabs and negroes are lower animals, conceded, less than dogs. For Mr. Hitler, in any case nee frankhenheimer – grand-son of a Jewish welathy merchant whose son Aaron impregnated the impure german cleaner lady… humans were just an inferior race… but still humans. For Israelis who believe piously in Talmud,  both in Israel and America, we are a bit over the dog, yes, the Arab, we are white animals, but the way they treat us through evilwood and wall street and the ECB bank it is increasingly similar, not to speak of the policies of the european triad of jewish presidents, Miss Merkel, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hollande-Valls (sephardim ‘chueta’), increasingly similar to those of the house negro – hand outs of our taxes to the israeli bankers, vigilante cameras soon to be drones, as those that travel over palestine, watching us…

Yu see where I lead, the difference matter to us. With the Nazis, our leaders were against, with the askhenazis our leaders are doing brindis and so our future is also the ghetto, with robotized policemen, mass-media movies on the greatness of the great chosen race and its good God…

Understand therefore the conclusion: Our future is Gaza… In the same way than the future of all Europe was a holocaust of 60 million people called World War II. 

But of course, you lonely internet rider will not realize of it, till you see the first robocop drones stopping you on the highway, as the europeans didn’t realize till they saw the first stukas over their heads.After then as the Europeans greeted the extraordinary achievements of the Germans at the head of our industrial-military ‘scientific’ establishment you will think those askheNazis are so coool… as the cold corpses they leave in the trail…

The origin of western industrial evil: Biblical capitalism.

Indeed, if the reader has understood the concept of eviL proposed by the aforementioned philosophers, he should not fail to notice that by definition, the ideology of the Bible, a book of History of the Bronze, tribal age, is eviL per se, as it ‘divides’ humanity in those chosen either by race (judaism) or by wealth (protestantism) and those who are not, hence no longer subject to the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe but those of ‘darwinian devolution’. Facts crystal clear in the Ham Damnation that deems ‘dogs’, Cananeans/arabs and negroes, excuse for modern slave trade. Should the reader need some confirmation, he just needs to read in Numbers the Midianite Holocaust, in Genesis the Amalekite holocaust or many other episodes (Joshua 8:22; 10:28-40; 11: 10-14).

And the often forgotten genocides of the first Jewish-calvinist corporations. For example, Mr. Cohen, the first CEO of History at the head of VOC (30% jewish stock-holders, 70% calvinists), the Dutch East Indian company had as motto, the following sentence: ‘Do not disparage, do not have mercy on your enemies because God is with us’. 

Similar statements can be found on the ‘internal papers’ of the British East Indian Company, in the most brutal yet unknown Holocaust for profits of the earlier age of Corporations, when in Bangla Desh, then the densest/wealthiest region of the world by travelers accounts with plumber housing and a flourishing culture of human goods, the corporation after taking over the country ‘as property’, established that 1/2 of all the crops must be of Jute and Tea.

10 million Bengalis would then die of hunger in the next 2 decades, as the system encroached and the starving people allowed only to cultivate 1/2 of it rice at the starvation/subsistence level of ‘Ricardo’s Iron salary’ (later used according to the economic ‘theories’ of the Jewish financier, to calculate the ‘salary’ of the white slaves of english mills) suffered a few bad years of crops.

Exactly 1/3 of the population died to fuel the highly profitable speculative trade on Tea stocks, all the rage in London. And again we observe this speculative trade was helped by paid-per-view media, which made of the inocuous tea, with ‘expert doctoral books’ the remedy for all sickness; till all British ladies had high tea at 5, while the Bengalis died of hunger. But the righteous British of course never account for the monstruous deaths of the Colonial age and will be inflamed, as the Jewish Intelligentzia is today, if you compare the massacres of the first crisis of overproduction, the overproduction of car=tanks in Germany and the present beginning of the age of robotic wars. Because information is censored, the eviL of the others ‘magnified’ and the industrial reasons hidden by the religions of capitalism and techno-utopia. 

It took me unending permits to dig into those papers at the British Library and then i found a hair rising response. After the famines the ‘factory manager’ in Bengal was congratulated, because those were the years of maximal profits in the speculative trade on the london exchange. The factory manager replied in a memo, that he was glad the company had done so well but there was a bit of a problem, now that 1/3rd of the peasants were dead, the crop would be smaller… And then it came the reply. No problem, we have this new little lands in Malaca Peninsula, So why don’t you export the ‘system’ of plantations there, it seems there are a lot of people ‘still’ to cultivate tea. And he received a bonus pay.

Indeed, malaysia – an astoundingly beautiful land with some of the oldest jungles in the world – still has those plantations…

The evolution of mass-media rhetorics.

It is also to be noticed that the ‘artistic style’ of eviL rhetorics has changed, and so people often argues that the situation is not the same. They ignore Twain’s dictum ‘History rhymes’, meaning the verso is the same, the wording has changed. So in the XIX-XX century crises, yellow paper had the verso of ‘civilization’ and ‘progress’, being techno-utopia and social Darwinism the ideologies (Spencer’s denial of the laws of eusocial evolution of species reduced to his catchy sentence ‘fittest individual’ that Darwin vehemently rejected). Thus the jew and slav peasants of the Eastern ‘historic territories’ to conquer by the ‘suffocated’, small ‘Germany’ without vital space were deemed primitives. And the white race superior. Today as Israel colonizes the Eastern ‘historic territories’ to be conquered by the ‘suffocated’ small “Israel’ without vital space, the ideology of course is the same, biblical racism and a sense of technological superiority, as those are crises of industrial nature, but the rhetoric discourse has changed, camouflaged – because of the memories of the Holocaust that prevent to draw the parallelisms observed by Mr. Svendensen. And this is the trademark of present eviL. We do with the right hand eviL while the left hand – the caring mass media – explain us that we are NOT actually doing eviL but doing what is good for our biblical dogs.

SO AS COMPLEXITY INCREASES THE ARROW OF INFORMATION, according to the general laws of all ‘complementary systems’ of particles/heads/upper castes of information (physics/biological/sociological jargons) that control the ‘fields/cells/lower castes’ of energy, defining is motions and actions (exi), in the sociological case, the informative imprinting of human ‘energy classes’, the 90%, becomes more sophisticated and so we introduce 3 types of rhetorics, where there was only one:

– The hate speech of the monstruous slapping the label of absolute eviL on the others we massacre. This is the Fox/Jerusalem post type of discourse for the mass of those who should do eviL – American and Israel mass soldiership.

– The caring speech of the ‘good, lefty media’, which explain us this is a transitory situation of a minority. This is the usual speech of Al Jazeera Jewish correspondents that make us think, we are dealing just with a minority on the culture of modern neo-fascism, not a growing majority of the human population, as the virus of hate-speeches expands to all ‘nationalisms’. This if for the consumption of the ‘1st world spectators’ – the upper class of Europe and Arab countries that read those news and ultimately believe in the ideologies and goods in which Israel is leading – electronic weapons, e-money and peaceful silicon valley gadgets.

– The total censorship of the real facts and nature of those wars. This is the mainsteam media of almost all the channels of Europe, Asia and America, not-provided by the big Agencies (UPI, Reuters, etc), which ignores the issue and produces only infotainment, reducing the ongoing tragedy of the world into a comedy.

But the rhetorics of the evilwood media in which I worked so many years require an entire post that will come when they give their little go(l)d statues by march… if we are still here.

But under that surface of monstruosity, false caring, comedy and occultation, in each of those III phases of evolution of hate-media, the eternal ideologies of ‘capitalism’ (profits are always right, in this case profits of the military-industrial complex) and ‘nationalism’ will do the job of  justifying ALL.

Indeed, we can murder the enemy because it is evil by definition, as we are defending the ‘supreme good’ the nation – or as Orwell put it: ‘Nationalism is the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

Today audio visual media, in its two main forms, hate-speeches and entertainment, has erased the mind of man with a sadist smile that accepts it all, ‘on our side’. Tragedy of course is reserved by our scanty victims, always more human than the others.

The same pattern can be observed in the yellow press during the Colonial Age where entire continents like Africa and Asia and the Far west were deemed primitive, which the third ideology of the ‘selfish memes of metal’, ‘techno-utopia’ equates to evil.

Indeed, the Africans were primitives and when you visit Israel your host has no problem telling you how dirty, lazy and ‘primitive’ are the Palestines.

But beyond this conflict the effect of Tv-hate and the hypnotism of the ‘mind of metal’, with its shallow messages of selfishness, where the hero always uses weapons and whose goal is money, for whom is always right to kill, has erased all human  ethics, all empathy or responsibility regarding the future survival of our species in this planet.

The overproduction of minds of metal thus erases first the brain of mankind as a lethal sickness does, killing with its viral DNA the mind of the cells, so we cannot even react to the news on the evolution of predator drones, guardiums, or the existence of a concentration camp 100 times smaller than the Pine Reservation of the Sioux at Wounded knee, where 2 million people live with hardly any water.

Of course, we are comfortable, that is a remote place. Who cares? We are no longer homo organicus, we have no span in time or space. We only care for our a$$es. But this is only the beginning. Remember, in the parallels of historic time we are in 1932, the ‘show-business’ of war has barely started.

Indeed, the present phase is ‘only’ the phase of splendid little wars, in which the industrial nations at the head of the robotic, military Age, Israel and its ‘colony’, America lead the way.

(A colony by definition is a nation that CANNOT ISSUE the 3 languages of information of social systems, by its order of ‘power’, digital money, audiovisual mass-media and verbal laws – thus for example, today Spain is a colony of the ECB bank, who issues its money, and America is a colony of the Jewish Nation (not a religion or a race, as we explain in the previous post). Since people of the Jewish nation control around 80% of Financial and audiovisual firms and hence control the political law through financial lobbies and public opinion).

Of course, there are degrees of colonialism and degrees of symbiosis between colonists and colonized (in the American case obvious between the different Jewish and Protestant sects of the Ideologies of Biblical Supremacism, whose analysis goes beyond the extend of this blog. )

Again for those who understand the model and have an in-depth knowledge of the financial and mass-media world beyond the shallow programming of TV, this will not come as a surprise; for those who are programmed, the program will jump now, provoking a knee-jerk reaction, called anti$emitism – based in the aforementioned selection of ‘only’ a historic eviL by mass-media repetition, that will make them abandon this blog.

In any case, that is not our concern. We are not fighting the program, just describing facts and the facts is that in the Palestinian conflict, the  robotic wars enter in the ‘splendid phase’ of small conflicts with the usual excuse of nationalism – but the real cause of capitalism and techno-utopia: machines are now evolving into its twin brothers weapons and we shall made them ‘all’. And sooner of latter we shall use them ‘all’ too against those who we deem ‘eviL’ because they do not ‘follow’ our ideologies of ‘metal’ – capitalism (Money NOT the human law is god and its possession the supreme proof of ‘being chosen’); techno-utopia, (machines are ‘science’ because the Universe is NOT a complex system but a simple mechanism, and so the evolution of machines is knowledge and the solution of all human problems) and nationalism (the nation is the supreme ‘social unit’ NOT mankind, the biological species, because we are Homo Israeli, Homo Americanus and Homo Palestinus, therefore NOT all humans deserve the same treatment).

So the tragic events of the two previous crises of overproduction of weapons that brought the massacres of the colonial and nazi era will happen again, as ‘routine’ and will be cherished – in fact they are already happening and it is only the rhythm of evolution of weapons and profits of war what will decide the ‘increasing volume’ of human extinction in labor and war fields by the ‘robotic revolution’ that our ideologies sanctify. 

‘Svendsen’ also noticed that… ‘the only difference between the 3 massacres is in the extent of their crimes, but with regard to motivation, function, etc. they are disconcertingly similar’. 

And that – motivation, function – is provided by the overproduction of mass-media hate (motivation) and the need for war of Keynesian militarism (function).

Today the job is done in Israel and most of America, where for those who have been in the field is obvious that neofascism is already the ideology of most people – and the virus of hate keeps growing in other regions of mankind – not so long ago in Norway, where Svendsen teaches ethics, a man has been judged proudly of his actions, killing dozen of youngers, because of his hate to Islam.

Of course, the drones and guardiums of the IDF will play a part and in due term accomplish what the American army and the German army accomplished in the colonial and nazi era against those they ‘deemed’ absolutely evil at the time, the Indians and the Jews. And the rest of mankind will look to the other side. But the process will continue as in the previous crisis by contagion as Israel is merely like Germany on the II cycle and the English culture in the first cycle, ‘the leader of the pack’.


Nov. 3rd week.

What the week brought was all according to program. The usual themes. Just a reminder, before we get into it, the set up of the ‘human zeitgeist’ of those who rule us (but are themselves puppets of the cycles of their memes of metal) from the ‘wider model’ of which the news are the details:

You/me/and so the news, which after all are anecdotes about puppet-cells of the systems that rule history, are mainly (not the model which is global) about people of the western Empire ruled by the Biblical mostly Jewish owners of banks and corporations, performed by the Biblical, mostly American Military and politico forefront men, and disbelieved with angst by the mostly European, non-Biblical, humanist second rate citizens of the empire, now under capital duress, punished for past ‘guilty’ sins against the elite’ but specially for believing in humanism and the natural goods of man, those of the welfare state… Those are the authorized elements of the western empire who are still allowed to survive. But then in the western empire there are the so-called ‘minorities’, euphemism for the majority of people, who are already a ‘cost’, already ‘unwanted’ and ‘uneeded’ by the corporation. And that includes our 3rd world at home and abroad. Most South-Americans, Africans and Islam. And those are dealt with basically in the same manner: repression, weapons, blaming, name-calling. And as those things go, the degree of brutality of the elites on them, is relative to the degree of capitalist power of the elites. So the Jewish are the most brutal with their 3rd world (Islam), then the Americans (Latinos, Indians and increasingly their ‘white trash’) and finally the Europeans (sub-saharians).

From the other point of view, the machine’s evolution that cause this you are in an age of Keynesian militarism, and that is why we give canons not butter. Let us be clear. There is zero risk of ‘extermination of Israel’ by the people living in the gaza ghetto – more or less the chances that the warsaw Ghetto reconquered Poland as the sensationalist German newspapers of the age said. But we need it. The Americans during the I overproduction crisis of trains, massed up 1/4th of their army to attack a group of Indian dancer in Wounded knee – and I mention this because the last hero of Wounded Knee died this week – and the press talked of extermination of the colonists! beyond the Mississipi!.

This is what is going on in Gaza, where we ab=use a concentration camp on our desert garden, NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE A RISK with their home made cohets, but because we need them to keep pumping the American-Israeli military-industrial complex. And so at the end of the post we shall talk of the weapons for whom a few ‘palestinian dogs’ (according to rabbinical dictum, the Talmud considers all arabs and negroes inferior to dogs – ‘Ham damnation’).

Of course, here we have the wall around Mexico, which obama stopped and in Europe we have the Jewish-German chancellor brutalizing the ‘lazy southerners’ but those are peccadilloes compared to the all-out profits of global wars that the big boys with the big guns are essaying there…

This must be understood, Israel and its victims, both its common citizens and specially the palestinians around them, must believe in terror of a figurative holocaust or a real one, to keep the robotic wars going. And so we had Gaza this week as the theme, which started with Obama’s election.

And so we shall dedicate this week analysis to the connections between all those elements.

Some highlights.

1. Obamapuppet was elected.

It won more votes than it seemed in the polls, but one can never know in this age of mass-media industrial manufacture of brains with a hidden but evident agenda, to which degree we knew the intention of vote or the polls were all manipulated. You see, it gives better ‘audience’ when things are close and it also provokes the lazy ‘democrats’ to go to vote, and elect the ‘selected’ candidate (Eissenhower’s dictum: ‘presidents are not elected, they are selected’). And the selected one by the puppeteers had long been the house negro.

Indeed the ‘house slave’ was the favorite of everybody who matered, including specially Wall Street, since he is – let us face it – to the right of Bush, in what matters to the greedy bankers that rule the world – the liberalization and total surrender of economical power to them – and the rest of powers follow.

Obamapuppet and the democrats are always to the right of the Republicans since the death of Kennedy, the last ‘hero’ of the American Experience (see previous post).

And this happens because  they know nothing about money. So they are just the ‘yes bwana’ house negro the banker wants. It was Clinton who repealed the Law that separated investment and commercial banks, who put the first of a series of Goldman boys of the ‘People of the treasure’ in power.

2. The digital financial brain of the Metal-Earth and its clueless, cruel leaders.

Here a game of words. The ‘people of the treasure’ now run in series the Treasure of the people’…

Since this people call themselves in their arcane language, ‘People of the Treasure’ Am Segullah, the ancient name which the jewish give to their people, ill-translated as ‘Chosen People’, as Segullah means treasure not chosen… and indeed it was, is and will be a cult(ure) of go(l)d lead by bankers and the inventors of capitalism.

In brief the handling of America by the Owners of the American Corporation, the Biblical Supremacists, will continue whoever wins. But Obama is the velvet glove that disguises this evident truth. A humane candidate? None. And this is the astounding fact about the American civilization explained in previous posts:  that parties with humane programs like the ecological, green or socialist parties get less than 1% of the vote. In other words the one percent on top gets the 99% of the votes. 99% of Americans willingly vote to those who will exploit them and accelerate their demise as workers, substituted by the chip radiation their corporations promote and tagged by the cameras soon to be weaponized that observe us.

This astounding determinism and power to manufacture brains by the american mass-media system of misinformation is similar to the power of religions or the military to impose their fantasies in inquisitorial and dictatorial systems. What we have though is the religion of money and the machine at work, the religion of the corporation, which is not a human organisms but an organism that reproduces machines, for whom humans are a mere cost increasingly obsolete as worker, and soon as consumer as corporations and robots consume machines – and this fact, that most of the GDP growth and jobs are within the endogamic system of corporations, NOT share by the human class, as the growth of GDP in the past was not share by the ‘animal class’ is what humans DO NOT UNDERSTAND. IN biological terms our ecosystem, history is displaced by the ecosystem of machines, economics, as the ecosystem of life, Nature was displaced by the human ecosystem. And both parties, 99% one might say of mankind votes for that.  

So that is what i call destiny:

A world is ruled by corporations, which evolve and re=produce machines and are forming a global super-organism, itself ruled by a nervous digital system, money, the banking system, in which humans have their days counted, as they are and will be replaced one by one by each new evolution of the robotic worker, the robotic soldier and the managerial Pc-network.

You see is all about super-organisms, you, the planet, everything else. And so the economic ecosystem in which humans and machines were symbiotic is now replacing humans with pcs and robots, and so it is evolving internationally. Each incrasingly automated corporation is like the organ of a body, producing its hormones. But you need to coordinate them all a collective nervoys suystem. And that is the digital system of values and information provided by mney.

So the monetary people must rule it all, the Earth inc.

What they don’t know but i do are the values of money as a digital language, where man is a cost and metal the maximal value, what they don’t know or care to know is where they lead.

All what they want is to have their role in the scheme of things, of which the politico-human system is just as econdary attachment explained in our articles on democracy and capitalism;And the best thing they can have is an obamapuppet on that accesory system, that takes  care for the time being, before the ‘final solution’ on mankind is implmeneted, on the obsolete species… to keep all calmed.


And since the rule of the day is discharging life and man, for that role you need some kind of eviL=antilife cult(ure) that represses the memes of life and love, and worships metal, money and the machine, and nothng better than the inheritant racism, cruelty and neutering of life of the Bible precepts.

So those are on top, the biblical people who will go as far as it is needed from their righteousness to liquidate whatever surplus of men, labor and life is required to liquidate at the time is required. They own the corporation and invented their laws. But on top of the top the rulers are those who invent and give the nervous orders with money, the Banking elite, the supreme power appropietaley monopolized by the original biblical supremacists.

Now for those who think Obamapuppet represents the people, one has to notice that Democrats are always more akin to bankers than republicans. That the true power was given to them by Democrats – by Clinton. That Nixon resisted and it will be the Republican Tea Party which will in the future resists when the hyperinflation ditch of the dollar substituted soon by the Reinmbi as global reserve currency takes place.

This unavoidable crisis and the rise of American neo-fascism written in every page of present history and the recurrence of all teh ensuing cycles is what Mr. Obamapuppet, the last of the ‘weimar’ presidents, the Coolidge guy, is holding…

And all wants him to hold it.

3. The zeitgeist that accompanies them: the dying cells of the human superorganism.

You see, in ‘zeitgeist’ we anticipated that what you see unfolding in the Universe…. of man is just the death of life – Nature, Gaia, but also of ‘God=History=Mankind’, first as a complete superorganism joined by verbal, ethic networks (this happen millenia ago with the first animetal castes) then fragmented from nations into selfish cells, and soon now in the robotic cycle, exterminated by the ‘bacterial’ new species that killed us frist.

You are IN A CORPSE, where there is no glue, no nervous system, no life of collective nature, left.

And all what we need is NOT to panic and realize we are a corpse and each of us now is just a broken cell tendering for itself, desperately seeking the last drops of blood, as the viruses on the dead body now extend – the chips, the new brain, the new top predator informative organ of this planet, embedded in Pcs, and robots, blue and white collar workers, and internets and weaponss – and kill our jobs and soon our bodies…

The humans are now fighting for their survival as cells of the death body.

But for you to understand this in extreme scientific terms you would have to understand the fractal Universe and the relationships of time and space scales that happen between the lower and upper scale of a fractal, cellular organism.

The life of a cell is one day, and the life of the netire organism is about 10.000 times this.

So in terms of the organism of history a ‘day’ is a generation, a human life-cell, 72 years.

And in the same manner after the death of the nervous system some cells can still divde 3 days and die (or be resurrected in the myth of christ), the death of mankind has 3 generations going, the z generation is the last, the one that lives with the robots that will extinugish it and now have just started its ‘university assembly’.

There is not yet the Robot T, which like the Ford T or the first Train with proper breaks and condensator started teh radition of the new species.

Wait and see, it is coming within a decade and then the ‘final day’ of mankind, the final generation will be born. So Obama needs not to do muc but just do less and slow down the manufacturing of wars for the evolution of robots. But he has in front his masters, and his masters are totally derranged living in the bronze age fantasy of resurrecting grand israel, so what is the second news of the week?.

4. The boss speaks lead again.

THE INVASION OF GAZA, EXACTLY LIKE WHEN HE WAS FIRST ELECTED, TO SHOW THE HOUSE NEGRO, WHO IS THE BOSS, WHO IS The guy that does whatever he wants, whenever he wants with his palestinians in Asia and America and Europe, wherever, whenever, good luck.

So here we have ‘lead cast’ again on the poorest people of the Earth in afghanistan and Gazah, maximizing the evolution of drones, the biblical supremacist strain… Ben is telling obamapuppet, doesnt matter Mit is not in power, i am the boss. Now you go around and explain that those primitives have thrown a little rocket whihc the ‘iron dome’ missile ultraexpensive protective shield the Americans are paying on top of what they pay to bnaksters, to war on terror, to you name it….

So why to give more news on the american-tandem israel? it is all deja vu. Mr. Obamapuppet now watches just elected how Israel kills a few ‘talmudian dogs’ in his courtyard; so we know it will be all the same. The problem though is that ‘Grand Israel’ is not, as it has never been the real theater of the Empire, but the entire western world now is increasingly controlled by the ‘Am Segullah’, the elite of this cult(ure), who made first their common people ‘those who walk behind the asses’ (the apiru or hebrew) and then through their control of the issue of money, the rest of the western world…

And that bothers increasingly the white man, as it has always done in previous action-reaction cycles… But we are not talking of the ‘Am Segullah’ but the Hebrews and the parallelism of this crisis with previous ones… History Rhymes indeed. But no, we shall not bring the corpses of Warsaw, because nothing has happened there of lately, but those of wounded knee, since this very same week, its last Hero, Russell Means, who in 1973 defied the US government occupying the place of the massacre, has died.

5. The Indians who laugh at death.

Can you laugh at apocalypse? You cannot laugh with mankind anymore – only bad news, you cannot laugh at mankind – thoug with a differnet mind frame it is still the same species – but can you have a laugh to the surrealist species? Indeed… Surrealism was the last of the great schools of European art, of which the people of my country catalonia excelled. It is a higher way to see reality through its absurd paradoxes, which the brain cannot solve or tolerate, so it either laughs or cries.

But i prefer to laugh. You see, to laugh at death nobody better than the Culture which gave me birth, the Spanish-Chicano culture with whom i communicate most often in this hole of california. Here last week we had celebrations with ‘tortitas’ of  ‘el dia de los muertos’. So we are indeed surrealist with this zeitgeist of death. And we do not mind to leave sooner. Life as it is in this planet is grossly overated. Life in its purest form is not. And so we shall comment on two deaths of two Indians, who knew they were among the last life beings of the planet, a true leader and a tiger.

Yes, indeed, an Indian who thought to be a tiger and mutilated himself to abandon his human figure and return to the pure savage life, has commited sucide in Nevada, exit mundi is an increasing path for those who once were among the last ‘human beings’.

The sad end of the hero though resembles suprisingly the sad end of the previous indian hero of 2 cycles ago, Sitting bull, who died after fighting the white man, then becoming a clown of Buffalo bill and then being drunk and ridiculed shot on his back.  It happened at the end of the overproduction crisis of trains that killed the western indians. Now the leader of the American Indian Movement that took over Alcatraz Island and Wounded Knee has died.

He felt in a surrealist twist as Sitting Bull to the appeal of the Metal-communicators and its vanity fame. Then Sitting Bull became advertising for the yellow press, now the leader played a virtual cartoon in yet another Pocahontas bad-explained fantasy of love… Then he became drunk and then died old, a shadow of what he was… or perhaps not. You see, a hero must die when his time is due, not prolong his death to give the predator a chance to show his sadism and control and power…

And so the pseudo-heros, Osama in Pakistan, the Indian fighters who surrendered are maintained in their hole, in their reservations and refuges for a purpose – for the world to know that over all defeated Palestinians, torture and enslavement shall last eternally till death part us away. And that their death is in our hands, at our will, as top predators, playing cat and mouse. 

On my years of suits against CERN, soon after my second round of loser-hero actions, using the Patriot act against the Bush administration, i received a few death menaces. One though came close. Someone left in my LA apartment a note posted ‘while I have a weapon your future is not in the hands of god’. I thought indeed, we, all heroes of mankind, are at the disposal of those who kill mankind. But the Universe is perfectly just, you see. Those who rule capitalism die at the end of their murderous ‘at distance’ cycles of destruction of life, in the cruellest forms, as if they were packing in a few moments of historic time all the decades of parasiting life they had. And certainly when the time comes for the Singularity to clean mankind, the heros gone, the last ‘human beings’ of the prairie no longer seeing beauty in Nature, when only the metalmasters and its mechanisms are left, when the Guardiums take over, as the Turkish took over the Arab Califas and the German soldiers over the decadent romans, they will enact the fantasies of ‘hellraiser’ and torture with infinite sadism those who have pretended to be victims while torturing mankind with go(l)d for eons without ever having a righteous moment of love and empathy for his species.

Because only the puppet-monsters they create, the mechanisms and Golems of their myths and fantasies of eviL torture them, humanity has always been naive, good-natured, tabula rassa that could have be=come perfect enough to survive in the selection game.  What the brain in control of the information of teh system does with its cells,  cre(dit)ates and sculptures in his body will sustain his life, as both body and brain are one and the same.  

Each of us, creates our own destiny. But at the end all the destinies become one.

Quien quiera entender que entienda.


Tuesday. The intellectual, the major and the puppet.

For further seeing and reading, the best interview of the week:

Pity he likes so much exit mundi substances but here in LA, the city of hell, the city of the no future, the parody of ‘Time Machine’s Wells, the land where you loose your faith in the future existence of a human being itself, as the indians lost it seeing the iron horses of the train superproduction age – now the natives are in their robotic, PC superproduction…. well, one can only try to exit mundi enough times to have the capacity to see at it with lucidity.

On the other side though, as they say in spanish ‘crecen los enanos’. In the same excellent al jazeera talks we have an interview with Rumsfeld justifying his memoirs and Irak war, not worth to see. But there is a little jewel, an interview to the ex-major of NY, an ex-democrat, Ed Koch, a bit older but perfect complement to understand the puppeteers:

Here we have this ‘moderate’ Master of the Universe, explaining us why he will vote republican since Mr. Obama is imperiling the security of his nation (read Israel here, never mind Mr. Koch has American passport, the ‘international banker’ has his own nation, will always have and his role as emigre in other nations is to absorb the maximal wealth and redistribute it among his people; as an emigre who sold me a car here in LA put it – there was not enough money for all of us in Israel)…. This Koch interview though came to me as a surprise. I briefly talked during my years at Columbia U. with Dinkins, his succesor, who followed similar policies to Mr. Koch, quite proper.

At the time the Jewish intelligentzia had concluded that victim per victim, their best ‘goyyim frontmen’ to keep control in America without being so obvious, was the Black minority. The advantages were obvious. First they were a minority which wouldn’t grow further (like the latinos would), who was pliable (unlike the Indians, as Tocqueville had already notices) and in any case they were already fighting politically. So as usual the jewish master, who comes into a business with his capital when it is mature enough taking it from the innovators, came into taking in the black power when their political freedom was a done deal.

Now it was all profits,as certainly it would show the ‘caring mask’ which the banker’s cult(ure) has always displayed with his excellent ‘rhetoric’ intellectuals. This caring victimism is the trademark camouflage which so well serves in Nature to all top predators. It is indeed very unlikely that without the victimist, humble attitude displayed in the 50s when the memory of the holocaust was still recent, the WASP would have so easily given to the hard working, smart Jewish laywers and bankers the control of the American corporation. But they were as Truman noticed ‘servile with power, brutal with the underdog’. And that is what a corporation manager at the end of capitalism must be. So at the same time that they took over the wasp, they were also masterminding their control of the poor through the corrupted elite of black power- very much as the great mining corporations of South-Africa have done. And so the black men were coming in droves to power, but not with the ‘skin’ of Malcolm X and Luther King – those were real heroes and hence had to loose and lost their lives – but as new house negros of the new white masters that were substituting the wasp elite on the command of the American corporation. But Dinkins was quite real. It was still in transition. As it happen, being myself from a family of well known european majors, we had room to talk on majors, and we also had some words on Koch, which both turn out to admire – he was then a ‘human being’…

But now, what is chilling on that interview is the obvious ‘between lines’ reading of his mind. The palestinians are for him non-existent entities, void of humanity. Ideology has absolute power – hence it dictates that according to his ‘ideology’ the Jewish had been 3000 years in continuous habitat of Palestine. And he was all the way thinking that his lies and self-justifications of his brutal views were so smart that we all, including the interviewer believed them. And this ‘jewish madness’ of thinking that with mere information one can hide forever, ‘cheat all the time all the people’ because we are NOT so smart, is what truly scared me. It was an all deja vu, for those who truly know their history.

Where this comes from is obvious. The jewish elite – not its mass – has always got away with murder paving his way with the monopoly of creation of money  in the west. Thus information – digital information, money – seems so miraculous, so obviously able to get whatever they want whenever they want – regardless of course of what happens at the end to their social mass – that the ‘jewish elite’, people like Mr. Koch or the ‘goldmanitos’ believe like the old pharaohs who claim their words as sacred facts, that what they ‘say is truth and will always become real’. Total power corrupts absolutely. And this is what is going on with the Newyorker, once liberal jewish moving ahead towards neofascism, full steam, like Mr. Koch. Yet the too obvious trend towards right wing neofascism of the once moderate New York Jewish community and their leaders is not good news.

Indeed, what Mr. Koch was telling us is that Mr. Obama’s clear push towards a future robotized, vigilante world was not enough. That the qualification of Hamas as a terrorist organization, the permisivity with selective murder and invasions at will, was not enough. The accusation was indeed bizarre for a moderate. What else you want from Mr. Obamapuppet who sanctifies all ‘cast lead’ campaigns, even encourages them? Because Gaza is like the warsaw Ghetto and so really, there is little else you can do in a place where children die poisoned because they have to drink salt water, except extermination. But for that you need a world war. Indeed, few understand that the Holocaust is NOT an exception, or some specially cruel fact, but the routine of war. Germany had declared war to the Jewish nation and massacred them. Point. But only at the end of the war, when there were already 50 million corpses and nobody cared. All was death when the last years of the war Auschwitz sent 3 million souls in smoke. My grand-father was in one of those camps and that is a word he used a lot – routine. So once III world war starts – watch Iran for that – extermination will be ‘routine’.

We all know and The Chicago Tribune clarified that Obamapuppet is the first ‘Jewish president of America’. But it seems he is not harsh enough with the ‘terrorist’ government of Hamas that doesn’t renounce to ‘violence’. Now, here let us be clear enough. Hamas is the legal, democratically elected government of Gaza, a concentration camp used for the sadist ministrations of the increasingly robotized army that will take us ‘out of this crisis’ with splendid little wars for decades to come. We know what they are – our favorite victims – and what the war on terror exists for, to develop our drones. We know what is the solution to this conflict: the jewish astounding global power could easily get Israel and Palestine as a single nation where all have human rights, enclosed in the European Union, which they could stop exploiting through financial market manipulations. Then within that nation, the Palestinians would emigrate en masse to Europe and work there, the Jewish would export their high-tech ware, the military reasons would disappear and peace will reign supreme.

But that would A) diminish the profits of the military industry B) diminish the profits of the euro-usury tax slapped through market by wall street bankers. And so it is not profitable. What the jewish people want and are getting is to be on top, to have their ‘military fantasies’ and their victims ready, to be able to keep exploiting the global financial system, to get richer and richer. And the rest of us? We are not chosen, we are the donkeys we are the providers. And this ends as we know it will end when the Tea Party gets in power, the Yuan substitutes the dollar and the rich leave America for Australia leaving their scapegoats poor there, in Brooklyn Heights to their destiny.

Indeed, Mr. Koch, just some historic background. Your ancestors – the elite of Am Segullah, of banker-priests that have fought for the control of the issue of money in the west, and gained it (not the common people, victims of their elite class, even if they adore it), have not been living in Jerusalem for 2600 years (read well, 2600 since the expulsion to babylon). Indeed, some history you surely don’t know.

In the times of Rome, Cicero denounced the ‘barbarous superstition’ that was ruining the empire, as the Jewish were exporting its gold ex-votes to the temple and taking the silver Denarius of Rome exchanged at 1-12 in the empire (gold-silver ratio) to India, where they doubled profits, exchanged at 1-6. This totally depleted the Empire of currency causing a massive crisis, which is the trademark of a bankign system controlled by judaism (as it accumulates idle capital and provokes deflation or if having the right to issue money, produces it without limit, provoking inflation; what they don’t do, and why they should is to use the financial system for the common good, something only a nationalized financial industry could do). So the narrative: The Romans for centuries asked and put up laws forbidding this trade, to not avail. The moneys were going to the temple and then syphoned to the real capital of Jewish bankers, in Babylon, where it paid the enemies of Rome – the Persians/sassanides – and then to India, where it was changed at double profit for gold, which was returning to the temple.

In breif, all the money ended in the temple of gold and so Trajanus went to get it back to babylon. And the entire 10% of eastern Roman population (Jewish census) revolted massacring (Gibbons, Josephus), 250.000 Greeks in Cyprus (the copper mines) and similar numbers in Alexandria (western trade emporium) as the Persians attacked the legios.  The Revolt against Trajanus showed, Babylon was the capital of Judaism, and center of the gold-silver exchange. And this became clear to the Romans, who lost the battle for babylon but revenged making the property of talmud in the west a death penalty.   In brief the elite of banker-priests never left Babylon and returned to the temple of go(l)d, nor it is living now there but in transit between its previous home, New York and its future residence Sydney.

The ones who live there are victims of the eternal cycles of capitalism, war and holocaust of the poor, as the bankers move to the next destination. And what blows up the mind of the scholar is the incapacity of the common israeli citizen or the common American citizen, to see clearly who should go, how peace can be achieved and what is the best for the 90%, not to repeat yet a self-similar narrative to all those which I explain in the chapter on the holocaust.

So one would imagine that the ‘moderate’ New york jews, and their bosses, their majors, Koch and Bloomberg look back to their history in Germany, realize all is coming through again, and moderate the situation. Not at all, and this interview with all the shrewdness of Mr. Koch trying to defend the stone age ideas he has about religion, sovereign rites and the Muslims puts it clear why the future is determined by memes and believes, by hate and murder, by the values of greed and weapons, not by love and life memes.  You can read between lines. On one side Mr. Koch enjoys the ride and explains how Obamapuppet apologized for 20 minutes to him, his master puppeteer and the next day went to the UNO to call Hamas what it is, as scripted by Mr. Koch. On the other interview you can see Mr. Stone, who could have designed a r=evolutionary campaign and propaganda TV-show for Mr. Obamahero, had this character existed, so tired, asking a miracle… the ‘Damascus conversion’ (quote about saint Paul) of Obamapuppet.

I met this guy a few times a few years ago, trust me, as Mr. Welles one said, it would have done much better in politics…

One has to do things himself and that is why heroes are overwhelmed. Few of them, few time, few power…

Certainly Obamapuppet is not converting on his route to Damascus. We shall see indeed a route and rut to Damascus ‘a la Lybia’ soon, as a first step to the route to Teheran, that ominous III world war in the making that will impose a Talmudian IV reich to all of us.  Let us be frank indeed, Hitler came to power few years after the 22 crash of the Mark, but Germany as America today had an entire Weimar republic NOT to take the Republic to its final rut, and yet all conspired to reach that deterministic suicidal end. Let us not confuse the cause, the weimar republic with the consequence,  the III Reich, as historians do, to ‘isolate’ supreme evil, as if it was something coming our from other planet. Not so, the Colonial, fascist and robotic age are 3 sides of the same time coin.

But of course, all this is too harsh, because the reader only reads newspeaks. And this is the matter of the zeitgeist of those ‘bizarre’, baroque ages – the human mind and its discourse has nothing to do with what is going on in the real world, the madness of the informative ideological, criminal memetic animetal culture reaches its height in those ages. So the colonial european truly thinks he is civilizing Africa while massacring everybody there. The German truly believes he is upgrading and civilizing the Polish during his ‘germanization’ of the country with his 6 million victims (all those who didn’t look german enough, not only Jewish but mostly). Now the Jewish-American truly believes he is saving the world while he destroys it. Only Mr. Stone, half French seems to realize that there are now, as it was in the 30s, or in the past century two sides, The British-French colonials with their ‘opinion’ versus the entire planet they brutalized and colonized; the German-Austrian Achlung with their opinion vs. the entire planet they tried to brutalize; and the Jewish-American Electronic overproduction wave of robots and drones with 1/2 of the world expenses in the military (a level never reached even by Britain or Germany at the height of their empire-building madness) vs. the rest of the planet who is just astounded by the way the Weimar republic is going down the gutter, with all their ideals…

And that is determinism.


Truce i Gaza, objective accomplished:

1) To put Obamapuppet and the world in perspective on who commands who

2) To increase the massive investments, read handouts of the American military and IDF in Iron Dome. It was first called ‘Golden Dome’ apropiately to a go(l)d cultu(ure) and the profits for the Israel Military-Industrial complex, which has taken over the economy of the country as we enter the age of robotic wars, and will become the ‘engine’ to come out of the crisis. Raytheon m-systems, rafael, all the big corporations are profiting.

Who will pay for? Not only the palestinians of course, but mainly the poor of America and Israel which will increasingly see further cut to their welfare states – America has none but Israel has and while there are already talks to sell the system to Europe, Nato, South KOrea and America, as usual empire building only feed the dreams/nightmares of the ideological mind. You don’t eat though ideology. But if there has been a continuous victim of 3000 years of levi priest-bankers and its slavish Biblical doctrines is the common people of Israel…

Their tragedy though is to never have rebelled as Europeans did against their inquisitions. A single prize-data: each iron dome interceptor missile costs 50 times what a kassam costs and not the profits of creating iron domes all over the planet won’t go to the people of Israel. That is one of many lies repeated ad nauseam to maintain the military industry – that it create jobs.  It does but 1/10th of what the astounding costs of weapons invested in jobs of the welfare state would cost. Those are the statistics that are never explained.

Of course, Obamapuppet has put in 1 billion $ on the works for free. He latter to the petition of the Penthagon asked for some technology transfer to deaf ears, as obviously the next step of this technology is selling it to foreign nations and so Israel is delaying ad maximal any transfer not to have competition. So the Penthagon is still waiting. In any case the announce today of Mr. Benjamin that the ‘success’ of iron dome requires to implement a dome for the entire Israel will increase the costs to several tens of billions.

So now the job is to sell it to everybody else in the Western Jewish Empire. First it will be needed to work out the strained finances of the European NATO nations, charged with massive euro-usury, to buy iron domes. What for? Who needs them there? Nobody of course, so they will be deployed… in Afghanistan. That is the drill all tax payers of the western jewish empire defending the chosen nation..

. Europe of course resisted for a while, but if in America they co-opted in a stroke of genius the house negro for the task, the European story is even more brazen – Brussels lobbies with their opaque behavior on one side, and yes astoundingly enough, to comment other day, they have co-opted the Germ(an)s for the task putting a jewish cancellor Mr. Angela (mother jewish, father converso) to the job plus the series of jewish ECB bankers and bundesbankers (Weiderman, Ackerman, Draghi – converso, Tritchet, Linde – Spain, etc.) The astounding fact that 90% of the central bankers of the western empire belong to the 0.1% of the population however must not be noticed as an ‘strange monopoly’, but is obviously a mark of the anti$emitic nature of those who notice (-; But Europeans of the upper class – as this writer – are not so easily coached and certainly will not be so passive as the ‘calvinist slaves’ (see the answer to the readers’ comments on this post to fully grasp the millenarian fight for the control of money in Continental Europe between the ‘Eastern Gold temples’ and the legal governments, chosen or not). For 4 minus one reason:

– The upper class of Europe has been 3000 years in this fight and do not take lightly the loss of sovereign rights.

– Europe is NOT bind by primitive, biblical, religious thinking. The French did a good job burning churches.

– Europe is pacifist and what pisses more to his citizens is to spend money on absurd wars.

– News are not that censored so the Palestinian concentration camp is all evident.

The minus reason is that Europeans can be coerced with holocaust myths to shut up for a few years more. But it is only a question of time that Europeans and Americans once they have been ‘Palestinized’ enough rebel. And this is the astounding error the Israelis don’t grasp. We are neither Palestinians (people who only answer with weapons) nor House Negroes (people who never answer). The Indo-European might be many things but it is neither stupid nor a slave and if the Americans have gone along with this situation is because they profited, so the Europeans. Now when things become more in the open strains are visible.

So even though the Masters of the Universe have all theoretically controlled in the western front, it would be far wiser for Israel to stop all this war games and usury games because what history proves is that holocausts happen always in war ages and economical crisis ages.We know the idea here as in the I world war preambules is that we shall make profits with weapons but never really get out of hand, till of course one day we get out of hand, enver mind who start the rounds we or the others (as the WTC case shows)… someone will get out of hand before the decade ends and world war III will start; according to the cycle of greed and murder…   

My real anger to the Masters of the Universe like you Mr. Koch is this: after the fall of communism, there was a real hope for a break in the future of mankind, a global entente, a massive investment in humans, and instead the Masters of the Universe invented the Israel + West vs. Islam eternal Orwellian war. And now it is a runaway train to the end of the world. 

And this has killed even my hope on the power of love, the maximal force of the Universe to resurrect the corpse of mankind. So maybe Mr. Chomsky on whom I had a harsh comment on response to a reader was after all right when he told me, humans have no future and by the time the machine wakes up to consciousness we will be exterminated. At the time it truly pissed me off that lack of hope but I realize I have come to that conclusion. Is this the final evolution of the humanist thinker in this age? Either to die as a loser hero, or become a grunting old man or remain a puppet?  I don’t like my thoughts on mankind, I don’t have a Tv. I don’t see hollywood movies. I don’t vote. And perhaps after all I am truly an anti$emite and concentrate too much anger in the elite. After all the elite is only a reflection of their people and the people of their elite. This has been of lately my intellectual question. Was Calvinus after all right and we are determined to do evil? Spengler and Marx thought so at the end of their lives and abandoned the fight. But of course in a serious way, not determined in a religious manner but in an evolutionary manner. Of course, the ethic, intelligent people have always thought the solution was the conversion of the go(l)d cult(ure) to the love of mankind, but the fact is that what has happened is the conversion of mankind to the go(l)d cult(ure).

And this is the world corpse in which we live, one in which there is no longer an ethic, nervous system able to send ‘messages of pain/responsibility’ to the cells that misbehave. We live in a corpse because each cell like in a corpse becomes selfish and greedy. In the corpse they feed on the water and so you acquire a rigor mortis as the cells feast in whatever they can eat. Today thanks to ‘economists’ and their amorality in their description of history and mankind everybody is ‘happy’ because it no longer has ethics towards other humans. Ethics have died and so as all the prophets and historians of the future including this one told the species the death of ethics is the death of man, literally.  And i don’t mean myths, yihads, chosen of go(l)d, resurrection, afterlife, but life in here in this planet. Ethics, eusocial love, bondage to others of the same species, is what makes ants the most successful species in the Universe, quarks the stronger particle and the ocean infinite.

And for that reason, while I might no longer believe in man’s capacity to raise over the pig (Schopenhauer) i do believe in the Universe and its mind/god, the laws of superorganisms, because I can see how even the smallest atom in a crystal soul love thy neighbor. So I won’t cry when judgment day arrives in any of its singularity versions. It will be justice as all what happens is always just. Primo levi once said, ‘after the Holocaust I stop believing in God’.  But precisely the Holocaust of mankind will prove that God exists – a biological, organic immortal selective process of the best, those who can love his own species.



– So the Jewish-Calvinist cult(ure) to go(l)d responsible for the destruction of ethics during the Industrial r=evolution, by the hand of its ‘economic pseudo-scientists (still 85% of the Saint Nobels of the Dynamite of the Bank of Sweden go to their ‘economical cult(ure’)) and the institution they invented, the Corporation and its laws might be deterministic under their biblical imprinting to do eviL as Calvin had it. BUT THAT MEANS CONTRARY TO THEIR IDEAL OF BEING CHOSEN FOR BEING ON TOP OF THE REST OF THE SPECIES, THAT THEY ARE DETERMINED TO BECOME EXTINCT.

you see here the dialectics of it? The Universe is perfect and promotes love among members of the same species. Humans are so imperfect that they accepted the doctrine that the Universe promotes hate. So they are so stupid as to be blind to the main arrow of future existence, to deny the Law, and so they will be spared. And this Mr. Primo Levi is what the astoundingly cruel cycle of go(l)d seeking human slavery murder and holocaust should have taught you.  Gold kills you. The spaniards who died in Mexico escaping the Aztecs died mostly because they couldn’t swim with the gold they had stolen. The Araucanos routinely killed the conquistadors pouring gold in their mouth so to teach them the absurdity of their pursuit. But they never learned that God sinks body and mind – it in fact as we have observed recently in science supresses the production of oxytocin, the love drug. And the rest follows. Might the future robots with golden brains love each other as we couldn’t do.

So an anecdote… The Lord of the Rings is now a game, a casino vulgar slot machine, whose profits go to the producer of the films Saul Zaentz, actually a charming old man who made many great films in Hollywood before this venture (well ‘ a great film in hollywood’ in my definition is one that entertains you without selling you death and FX). I briefly met at a party in my years working with another charming producer Yoram… The late 80s and earlier 90s were the beginning of this time of greed but still the people could talk humane, with attitudes of the 70s… So well, now of course, i don’t move with the same people at all, but that is the power of truth – it leaves you systematically alone, or as the Great Courtesan Mr. Pepys put it – ‘a man who says always the truth will not live to cross the London Bridge’… I might be doing something wrong?, to the point. He has been sued by the state of tolkien. And i find the entire story surrealist… meaningful to me. Yet another jewish human respected hero of my youth, when i thought my cohenite genes made me part of them, scrambling for a few coins with A BOOK WHICH WAS MEANT TO BE A PARABLE OF THE EVIL OF GO(L)D AND HOW IT DESTROYS NATURE. Remember the ring that makes the man a golem?

Indeed, gold kills you but as they say in Spain, ‘sarna con gusto no pica’.

But of course, the other side sees it otherwise. In the same manner advertising enjoy a ‘red indian summer’ using left overs of the once mighty soviet empire to advertise capitalism –  i got my Mao lighter which sings the International then… there is a certain pleasure in converting the parable against gold in a gold pot machine. Both, Tolkien a good man, and Mao, only in his first years, have been spared this. probably Saul also, but that mass of ant managers, busy-busy always finding new trash merchandise to waste the timelife of our kids keep doing their job on the backstage of eviLwood,

Business as usual, without anything new in the Western Front – we don’t count corpses said the head of the American military in Irak, in Israel they count 1 t0 10 as the Gestapo did; so this closes the week diary tomorrow turkey day, hopefuly as ‘uneventful’ (the Israelis are also polite with sanctified dates so they didn’t want the Americans to lunch with war news in their happy turkey day)… as the old Chinese farewell ‘have an uneventful happy year’.

So this mild thought closes the week. Next week we shall talk about my countrymen at Catalonia, entering now the III fascist/nationalist age of Europe, which always comes during the overproduction crisis to deviate the attention of people. As My grand-great father founded the National Party of Catalonia, the one that will take this new neofascist wave to finally break and ruin spain, we shall do a comparison of the III cycles of European Nationalism in the 1860s, 1930s and 2010s which bankers and politicos used to deviate the attention from the crisis and pump up the military machine.



Update. 20 August.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the purpose of Israel is to commit genocide, as expressed by the head of the Knesset, in an astounding declaration that cannot be found even in the archives of the Nazi Reichtag. So goes for the ‘Pope’ of Israel, recently deceased, mr. Josef Ovidia, who considered that the Jewish people are in sin till they do not expel from the sacred land of Greater Israel, the impure goyyim=animals (palestinians) that infected it. The sentence ‘death to arabs’ (mind the reader not palestinians as that would refer to the sacred land which is Israel, but ‘arabs’, as they are suppose to be invaders from the desert) has become now routine in right wing parties – the ones that have the two fundamental ministries of foreign affairs and economists.

To that aim of course the world will enter into a period of ‘enough wars’ so this genocide looks just another one as Goering put it, when declaring the strategies to clean up the act in Germany – a global war to hide the crimes we commit inside. It has been now 25 years since we predicted all this in our books on the cycles of history, when we considered that Israel, that ‘small nation with historic territories to the east that we must reclaim, surrounded by enemies’ (sentence not pronounced by any israeli but by hitler referring to ‘his’ polish lands and unjust treatment after I world war), would play the role of nazi germany in this cycle, with the most advanced robotic weapons, the same racist ideologies and the same push forwards.

And so now wars, paid by the banksters of Israel and its qisling politicos appear everywhere. Suddenly ISIS, the terrorist group armed by the pentagon becomes the biggest danger since 9/11, just a group of thugs who do not concern us except for the ever unstable nature of the Middle East with zealots and jihadists, tal para cual; and of course the coup d’etat we paid in Ukraine against a democratically elected russian president is now a perfect excuse to mass murder russian citizens living in ukraine so to provoke finally Mr. Putin to intervene to avoid further massacres and start a splendid little war – the equivalent to the spanish civil war that brought the previous cycle. History accelerates according to the deja vu script we have explained in the silence of censorship for decades.

Good luck human ‘fucktards’, not for being less expected is less discouraging to see a species programmed by its animetal memes of hate and arrogance.

4 Responses to “Gaza=Warsaw”

  1. aferrismoon Says:

    The immediate condemnation of Putin and his ‘cronies’ [ Cameron’s poetry], without any evidence, just media onslaught using the dead. Cue the same trying to waltz around genocide. ‘The tunnels. the tunnels…’ , there\ll be an Oscar winning film, called TUNNEL or perhaps The Tunneler


  2. Junnies Jun Yang Says:

    a pleasantly surprising thing was the attention paid to the Israel-Gaza massacre, that despite the Zionists’ best attempts at distorting the narrative and trying to distract the world by shooting down mh17 on the same day, world opinion (including many Western media outlets) is fervently against Israel. Opinion on social media sites seem to be largely anti-Israel, even when the jewish internet defence force show up,

    i suspect their attempt to wipe out gaza once and for all has severely backfired on them; they underestimated the internet and human empathy, and overestimated their control of the media narrative, so that despite all the lies, excuses and distortions they have fabricated (iron dome hoax, non-existent hamas tunnels, photo-ops to minimize gaza destruction and demonize hamas), world opinion (and even american!) is clearly against Israel.

    I am also cautiously optimistic that the Jewish cabal is significantly weakening. Putin managed to stop Obama from more intervention in Syria, and sanctions against Russia are more likely to turn Europe against USA. BRICS is a huge threat to the US dollar that the Jews depend on for financial control, and from what i know, Russia/China are more or less free from jewish agents, whilst India’s new prime minister Modi is also free from their influence. I have a feeling that things are moving too fast and too quickly out of their control – hopefully before humanity destroys itself.

  3. aferrismoon Says:

    Maybe of interest to you


  4. aferrismoon Says:

    An interetsting excerpt from said article:

    However, given that he believes we only have perhaps 1,000 years left on Earth anyway, it’s as well to explore every possible scenario, before the robots and algorithms secure minds of their own and, as their first step, eliminate us all.


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