‘Human Systems’

Abstract. In this post we resume the consequences of the Program of Existence that all systems of the Universe follow for mankind and its ‘will’ and freedom in the economic ecosystem in which we exist.

It all starts in man, in what we are as individuals, as cells of societies and societies of cells.

We exist as all in a fractal universe of self-similar scales that grow in size and slow in time, as their relative parameters of cyclical space-time fields develop.

This in physics means you are nothing but a knot of times of space-time that exist performing your cycles of spatial energy and temporal information, tracing lines and motions in space, as you move pursuing forms of informations in time, with a regularity and shyncronicity that could be determined to its limits of precission with the right amoung of information.

You are programmed, and this web is dedicated to define not your biological obvious program, but your sociological not so obvious,  cultural one.

But here we shall explain our exi actions of your biological program and its relationship with the sociological program of the main text.

 The human program: our drives of existence and arrows of time.

In Complexity all complex systems are created by the same type of networks. All organisms are cellular societies joined by networks of energy and information. This means they will try to achieve energy for its body, information for its head, reproduce both in other zone of space-time and associate with similar organisms under the laws of eusocial love to evolve together into a superorganism, stronger than the individual cell. Those 4 ‘arrows of time’ create a will of existence that explains the actions of every living system including man. Therefore humans are guided by 4 natural, biological drives which they cannot deny.

In the graph, we see human exercising their will of existence: children feeding on energy, and talking – perceiving information; men reproducing and coming together with similar organisms. And finally images of our physiological networks of energy and information that make us complex super-organisms. The will of existence guides the behavior of humans in its 3 scales of existence: our biological cells, as human beings and as cells of human societies. In economics this means that not all the products created by the economy are necessarily good for man. Since the ‘prices’ given historically by metal-money, were biased towards other forms of metal, being weapons the most expensive, and did not reflect their value for humanity.

The result is we are creating the wrong wealth. A healthy economic ecosystem should respect the will of man, creating the goods that maximize that will, shown in the graph, but for that to happen, we should change. Yet because of the historic evolution of the economic ecosystem, as one based in memes of metal and dominated by corporations, company-mothers of machines, which dominate individual human beings (as workers and consumers) and governments (which lack the capacity to invent money, the language of power of our societies) our world expresses a different will: we have created an economic ecosystem that maximizes that ‘will’ of machines. So corporations produce energy to feed them, digital information they perceive, corporations reproduce those machines and evolve them socially. The result is the creation of a different social superorganism – the metalearth.

A human organism is the basic unit-cell of the social organisms of history. He is in itself an organism, that follows the laws of all social organisms. Thus we are also composed, of cellular beings, join by networks of energy and information.

Those networks are called the blood and nervous system. Finally we have a third reproductive network as all living organisms, called the endocrine network. We are thus organisms of energy and information, in nothing different from all other organisms of the Universe, subject to the same laws of morphology and behavior. Those laws explained in other pages of this web, are self-evident in the human organism. Our centers of information, the head, the brain and the eye, follow the formal laws of informative species: they are small, circular, cyclical, and they control the energy systems of our organism. Those energy systems also follow the morphological laws of energy-bodies. They are lineal, or planar in shape, bigger and stronger than the information center that rules them. So your members are lines, and your body is a plane. Regarding the behavior of organisms. our organism follows the basic laws of Universal Organisms:

– We evolve socially sharing information and energy with other beings of the same species. Thus we are naturally inclined to love other human beings, and we need to be brain-washed by ideologies to avoid that natural religion.

– On the other hand we compete with species different to us, which means in bio-history that we compete with machines.

– Finally regarding our behavior, we are also naturally inclined to follow the universal behavior of organisms, and search for information to feed our head, energy to feed our body and whenever we can we try to reproduce both, a body of energy and a brain of information in other part of the Universe. Those 3 natural drives of existence, are the essence of human behavior that bring us happiness. So we always act searching for those natural drives. When we love we are acting under the drive of reproduction. When we read, or watch a metal-communicator, is the drive of information that guide us. When we feed, or accumulate vital property, or decorate our home, we are creating a vital space, and acquiring energy to survive. From all those biological facts, we can build a theory of bio-history and bioeconomics, based in the fundamental biological laws of behavior and morphology of Universal organisms. You are made of networks. All what you are is 3 networks, with attached organs, and senses: the network of energy, or body, blood system and its organs, the network of information, or head, nervous system and its organs and senses, and the networks of reproduction, and its organs and senses. This third network reproduces body and brain, human energy and information.

Why you are made like that? Your definition is self-evident, a tautology, since the Universe is made only of two components: spatial energy and temporal information. So a piece of the infinite universe.

Accordingly all your organs and senses are controlled and cater to the needs of one of those 3 networks. Think about it. Your stomach gets you energy, your lungs also. They are different only in the type of energy they provide you: the stomach elaborates liquid and solid energy, the lungs, gas-energy, oxygen, trapped by hemoglobin molecules that cage oxygen atoms of higher speed, and move around the blood… which moves the muscles that move your legs. Your eyes, your words, your brain, on the other hand provide you with information. Your arms manipulate that information; your body is guided by that information. Finally an entire set of body elements are dedicated to reproduce your cells and your body. Yet beyond those 3 types of organs there is nothing else. Since there is nothing else in the Universe but spatial energy and temporal information…

The will of man
This means that man has a biological will, fundamental to understand concepts such as happiness, property, and Freedom, which require the pursuit of that biological will, that fulfills our nature. So natural property is that property which caters to our biological will. Freedom is the capacity to achieve that will. And happiness the state of a man that has reached his will as a biological species. How to define such will? Externally, the existence of our 3 networks of information, energy and the balanced endocrine network of chemical feelings, reproduction and survival, mean that man has a ‘biological will’, which limits or rather constructs his Freedom around the desire for human energy (food, home, vital space, property) and human information (verbal and visual knowledge). We are not ‘free’ in a complete sense. We are first survival species, and so we dedicate most of our time to collect energy/information that makes our body and brain survive. When those two tasks are accomplished we look for the combined task of reproducing our body of energy, and brain of information in other place of the Universe. The existence of biological organisms is driven by such needs, which cater to your two fundamental organs of existence, your body that requires certain energy species, and your head that requires certain information species. Organisms are composed of bodies and brains. To live is to inform your brain with correct information that fulfills the existence of your mind, and guides your body on its natural search for energy. Your body will then feed on the right energy, move with that energy, and feed the brain. You can think of yourself as a modular being, with two components
. The head, its senses, and languages of perception dominate your body, which relies on the head to act and move rightly in a rather dangerous universe. When your head has bad information it risks your body, which gets hurt, suffers accidents, eats poisons, falls in traps of death. It is for that reason that the first good to have is right information to survive .
Then the proper energy for your body.
There is therefore a clear definition for abstract concepts as property, happiness, survival, will, and Freedom – a biological definition: the pursuit of Human Goods that provide the best possible energy and information, goods that we will call artistic goodswhen they provide us with information of the highest quality In a scientific sense, man is not a free, chaotic species, since chaos in science is synonymous of disorder and death. Man is an organism with a biological ‘will’, who desires goods that are natural to him—verbal information, natural energy and reproductive drives such as love, reproduction and family values. So Freedom is the capacity to obtain those goods, which fullfil our drives of exitence and make us happy – Freedom to choose our food, education, our social reproduction (love), freedom to be human. In the universe extinction is a process caused by disorder and chaos, by an excess of freedom.
What matters is the will of survival, achieved with natural energy for our body and natural information for our mind. So how this will and freedom which man enjoyed in the Neolithic age and today in the welfare states of eusocial democracies, compared with the freedom of living in an animetal culture or a capitalist culture? In simple terms: in a capitalist=animetal culture there is no freedom but ideologies of freedom. What humans do is to work=reproduce machines, to feed on the languages of machines (digital thought) and to survive with the minimal subsistence energy (iron salary law of capitalism).
That is, the freedom is the freedom of machines and company-mothers, who are the free citizens of markets. This confusion between ‘free markets’ in which company-mothers of machines are free citizens and human democracies in which humans are free citizens is the key to understand the ‘rhetoric of freedom’ in capitalist societies in which humans are slave-workers that obey companies most of their lives, as a sheeple with no freedom. In that regard, capitalism is just the final evolution of the repressive cult(ures) to weapons and go(l)d of the old goth and Am Segullah cultures that invented our metal-civilization.

In the graph, we draw the physiological networks and senses in the human being. Those physiological networks and its outlets, the senses, are the ‘will of time-existence’ in man, which motivates us to act and exist. Human bodies are made of organic cells, controlled by a nervous system.

All organisms are ‘cellular societies’, organized through networks of energy and information.

In fact, there are 4 elements in all organic systems:

1.   Cellular units, ruled by the temporal drive of social evolution.

2.   Networks of energy or vital space, ruled by the temporal drive of energy feeding.

3.   Networks of information, joined by the temporal drive of informative perception.

4.   Networks that reproduce energy and information, achieving the survival of the organism. Human beings are guided by the will to acquire energy, reproduce and acquire information for its 3 main networks, the energy/blood system, the nervous, informative system and the hormonal, reproductive network.

We have also shown below the senses which connect those 3 systems to the external world providing energy and information for each of those systems, or emitting it to communicate with other beings.

So this is what you are – a ternary system of energy, information and reproduction, fit to survive by communicating with other humans creating reproductive couples and whole societies, connected through well designed economic and political networks. 

In this manner in biological times, the arrows of information, reproduction and energy, become also the origin of the 3 ages of life, as we go from a youth, dominated by energy/blood systems, into a 3rd age, dominated by information. Those natural drives of ‘human time’, whose understanding was lost to science, with the arrival of the clock, are the key to the biological behavior of human beings, guided by their desire to energize, inform and reproduce their body and their mind, through the 6 outlets of our physiological networks, the senses. In this manner, the arrows of change=time that all forms of the Universe follow, become translated into organic behavior: each of those cellular arrows expresses itself through a collective, social network that acts in the Universe through an outer sense:

Animals recognize ‘food information’ through the sense of smell. They are motivated to reproduce, as the sense of touch causes sexual pleasure in them and finally absorb energy through the sense of taste. While the mind/head absorbs information through visual senses, reproduces it through the ear/voice sense and guides its relative energy, the body, through the ‘sixth’, inner sense of feelings and reason.

In the graph, we see how those 4 arrows of energy/information /reproduction and social evolution ‘become’ a human being, which is the product of the biological evolution of those arrows in combinations of simple atoms (N,H,C,O) that after eons of social evolution have become the 3 physiological networks of the body and its senses. Eastern Philosophers recognized that structure, through the theory of Chakras.

In detail: the actions of space-time that informs a system.

Now, if we want be more detailed, those life-death cycles are a quantum sum of small actions that keep building informative warpings and curves in all systems.

In that sense we talk of an unbalance in the program of existence, as there are more actions that create information than more actions that create energy and in the long term, energy is spent, and to restore the balance, the system must reverse when all energy is consumed in the old age that energy erasing the information of the system in the moment of death:

  • Life: E>I: growth of information + Death: Entropy: I<E: erasing of information = 0 sum.

And so for the Universe to be immortal we all must have a finite life-death cycle.

How to elongate it? Obviously by slowing down the rhythm of creation of information during the life cycle, exactly the opposite of what humans do through its actions of information, as curiosity kills the cat.

Let us then consider existence in detail as a sum of those actions of relative energy and information that move the organism or species towards its future.

Reality and all its systems are made of ‘2 components’ , spatial energy with maximal motion and temporal information; which we perceive in all systems of the Universe made of ‘particles/heads/upper informative classes’ which guide body-waves-reproductive classes, forming together space-time organisms. And this also reduces easily our understanding of what is to exist, to be human, atom or any other super organism, as all what beings can do made of only 3 elements is:

∆ energy feeding, ∆ information perceiving, ∆exi: reproduction, ∑œ>U: social evolution of fractal points into larger social beings.

And all beings do this, from the simplest particle that gauges light, feeds on it, reproduces new particles and evolves socially into atoms, to man, which also does this just with more quantity:


In the graph, the game of existence since in its detail, as a sum of actions of absorption, emission and repetition of energy and information systems, and final social evolution of those parts into organisms. Now we see in the graph, all what we do as existential beings, which is of course a limited proposition, because we are just 3 topological networks of cells attached to informative, digestive-energetic and reproductive blood networks, as societies are humans attached to energetic property, political, cultural informative networks and economic networks.

In the top we see the 3 physiological networks of a human being, which in the algebra of the fractal generator writes as:

Sp (limbs) < St-bodies > tiƒ (heads).

Now we exist to provide energy for limbs, information for heads and reproduce both with bodies, as all other systems of the Universe, which then once the iteration of the organism happens proceeds to socially organise the whole. And this happens from the simplest forms – particles to the larger galaxies that become Universes. So below we see those space-time actions of energy feeding, information gauging, reproduction, social evolution and generation into new forms for all species.

Even the smallest parts, particles, gauge information, feed on energy, iterate-decouple-reproduce into new particles and evolve socially. It is then this program what the informative quantum numbers (physical systems), Genes (biological systems) or memes (sociological systems) express. But and this is a topic error of the simplex way of doing science of humans today, the informative quantum numbers, genes and memes are Not the finality but merely the way in which each scale expresses a much larger reality – the program of social evolution of the Universe.

As it happens, all of them, gauge information first, ∆o, so we call quantum theories gauging theories. Then all absorb energy to move. And alas! when they have enough energy, even the simplest particles, quarks and electrons decouple, reproducing other quarks and electrons. Finally they communicate energy and information with other similar beings, organizing bigger wholes through networks.

So all systems do seem to have what human anthropomorphic beings consider the properties of life and intelligence, restricted of course to humans and similar forms of life: gauging information from an observer’s point of view (right graph), ∆o, feeding on energy to move, accelerate and decelerate (∆e, ∆a), communicating information and iterating with that information its form, ∆i, and further on evolving parts into wholes, called in philosophy Universals, ∆u.

So we shall use those 4+U actions, (∆a,e,i,o,u), to explain all systems of the Universe and translate its physical, biological and social laws. I.e. we shall find that the 4 quantum letters code for the actions of atoms, the 4 genetic letters for the actions of cells, the 4 drives of existence for the actions of animal life.

And this, vital action system is ultimately the cause of it all. Indeed, we get old because our nervous system absorbs too much energy of the body, as information, and Tƒ-particles dominate the system. We cold be immortal if we weren’t so interested in information. The order of the life worldcycle of system is the integral product of all the small a,ei,o,u actions they perform. All is synchronized through those elements.

So we can conclude this first description of the program of the Universe which all beings that want to ‘last in existence’ follow, as they apperceive mathematically, vegetatively or consciously, with the different mind-languages and its ternary grammars, with the understanding of the 4 quantum numbers that code particles’ behavior, allowing them to obey in terms of the actions of space-time the program of ‘existence’ and its space-time actions:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.17

In the graph, the ∆-principal number codes the ∆æ, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆i, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆œ actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆û, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).

The enormous complexity of studying those actions for assemblies of millions of particles can be compared to the attempts to analyze masses of human beings in their actions of consumption. Again economics and marketing of corporations do treat humans are indistinguishable computers and simultaneous networks of information (mass-media) manufacture our consent as herds, so there is NOT difference the way we do relate to humans when we adopt the perspective from above, of corporations and political polling with the perspective of quantum physicists or thermodynamics.

It is NOT the species, which are qualitative different but the way humans extract information from social masses, û, with memes as opposed to physical systems that use quantum numbers and geometric mappings. Yet all ofthem express the laws of survival and its game of survival, social actions as genes also do, which evolve atoms and molecules and humans from individuals into super organisms,

So I found that besides the actions of motion, energy and information there was an action of social evolution in all beings. That was the program of the Universe, I termed with the 5 letters each for each action of the 5th dimension:

∆æ: acceleration-motion, ∆e: energy feeding, ∆œ: iteration, reproduction, ∆i observer’s gauging of information and ∆û: social evolution of parts into universals. This was the will of survival, which explained the mathematical space-time cycles of physics and Nature,  and history, which merged physics, biology and sociology.

Now this program of existence, completely different from the chaos which the BUG culture try to affirm is the meaning of evolution, in an dog-eat-dog society, or alternately affirms it is a religious yhwh, jewish subconscious mind of banker-priests barking imperative orders that cre(dit)ate the universe with go(l)d, LOL, is impersonal, taoist, absolute and finite for each being, and has a clear pyramidal Maslow order for all beings, which first:

  • gauge information, to move towards fields of energy in which they feed to absorb enough of it to reproduce and then evolve socially into a higher whole:
  • ∆i (gauging information)->∆a(accelerated motions)->e (energy feeding)->exi (reproduction) >∑exi=U-niversal creation.

Now it is important to notice that in such order of actions, which is driven by the fact we are made only of 3 topological networks, motion, the dominant action of the modern world is the lowest of them all. Τhe use of the limbs/fields of entropy only become dominant in process of death whose equation is precisely Max. E x Min. Τ, that is, death is an entropic process and because we are since the beginning of the gunpowder cycle in an age of human collective death, we are obsessed by motion – by war, by sports, by the simplest actions of the human mind. 

gravational waves_image002

In the graph, the 3 super organisms of the Universe which humans have studied in more detail, the super organism of all fractal systems of space-time origin of the earlier expressions of general systems sciences (taoism, buddhism and visnu-shiva, information-energy, yin-yang dualities). Eastern religions in that sense represent the highest previous understanding of the natural existence of all kind of systems that are organic, and the equality of all beings, whose subconscious collective mind are the laws of space-time, energy-information, yang-yin that combine to reproduce the 10.000 beings (lao tse). Yet on earth there are also super organisms of mankind, modelled to the image and likeness of the human being, its most perfect super organism, itself a reflection of the whole Universal super organism. It is the mystical view of he oikoumene religions, which evolved from earlier genetic, primitive animetal cults, still the psyche of those BUG, brutish, selfish, germ-like dominant cultures that rule us all with their racist slurs and biblical mantras.

So who are the ubermen of the wor(l)d, if they are not our childish, run-slower than a hypo sport heroes, according to that pyramid of actions? Obviously the past, present and future highest ethic, social, organic minds of mankind, which tried to reveal theoretically and apply in praxis those laws of the mind of the Universe, Logos, thy God, to the building of the mind of Gaia, Mankind, History, as a perfect wor(l)d super organism, which follows the ethic laws of the 5d UNIVERSE, of which modern BUG SCHOLARS, with all their SVG fantasies of absolute power, have no idea, nor that they want ever learn. the harder they fall…

Obviously the prophets of social history whose messages tried to build a perfect world, of information, to create a higher scale of social existence of mankind, and that is why even if they were imperfect often tribal and limited by myths they are still the most revered forms of the human experience:

social lovegravational waves_image004

And that is that, because that is how survival and evolution has always work in the organic universe, even if the BUG culture has been busy busy for millennia, insulting and pretending with pretentious digital science to prove bio-ethics false. It is fact that the people of that graph, the verbal ethic minds that wrote genesis, tried to convert the gold culture to the messages of ethics, and create a global super organism of mankind, are the highest neurons of history, the ubermen, not mr. bolt, just a slow hypo.

And so now that we know what to exist is – to feed on energy and move with it, to feed on information and communicate with other humans in the natural language we understand, to ‘love’ and  reproduce and evolve socially through the highest actions of vital reproduction and social organisation into a larger whole… we can  both define a perfect world in which those actions are maximized.

And we can easily realise that all what ANImetals do is to reproduce, evolve, feed and inform machines, and they call this slavery to the will of machines and its actions of feeding, informing reproducing and evolving socially the metal-earth, the meaning of human exisetence.

So we can see why we are becoming extinct, because animetals do not evolve humanity, do not reproduce, feed and educate humanity but machines which are evolving socially into a whole global super organism, joined by its informative brain-network, the metal-earth, we are devolving fast to the past as homo bacteria.

 So how we differentiate human religions and social sciences from ‘animetal’ idol-ogies. To fully grasp the difference we have to bring the main tool of a bio-economist, the ethonomic frame of reference, which shows the 3 fundamental drives of life, reproduction, true information and human energy, that is, welfare goods. So all humanist sciences and humanist religions will foster the goods of the welfare state that make us evolve and survive, and should be in a perfect world multiplied, according to the ‘Human constitution: max. Human Wealth = Min. Lethal goods:

 In the graph the biological frame of reference of WHealth. In the perfect world it guides the decision of economic corporations, which split 1 to 1 shares given to governments to reinforce and guide the production of the bio-economical frame of reference. The only solution to the existential crisis that mankind will face during the 4th wave of machines, the singularity age of robots and extinctive weapons that will make us an obsolete species in war and labor fields is to change the ideology and myths of capitalism=mechanism for a rational, science of history and economics that aims to create a sustainable world made to the image and likeness of mankind, not of the machine, according to the organic laws of social systems.

And to that aim money must be printed by human beings, and in a lesser degree by governments and corporations that re=produce WHealthy goods, healthy wealth, based in the natural, biological needs of man.

In the graph, the scientific analysis or frame of reference of the human constitution – what we call also the Postulate of Democracy, as its fundamental measure is a yes money or universal salary equal to all humans –  has the advance over previous legal constitutions of being ‘global’, ‘mathematical’, hence measurable through the tools of biological economics, and its ‘frame of reference’, which values goods according to its ‘value for human beings’, by introducing ‘positive and negative prices’ as all scientific frames of reference do.

So all human constitutions, ethic laws and human nations who want to survive should enshrine the Constitution of History, in biological terms, by considering a simple ‘biological equation of it’:

Max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal goods = WHealthy Constitution of the organism history

It is a simple equation. A perfect world will be one ‘whealthy’, with healthy wealth, where the lethal goods that degrade man are not produced; only those who make us better, and help us to survive (human goods).

BECAUSE OUR PRESENT world is NOT human but MECHANICAL, nobody cares for such constitution, akin to the 3 parameters of IHD, Sen’s measure of human development. Instead ‘economic’ GDP calculates wealth and progress in terms of mechanical values and prices.

In that regard, of the 6 measures for the survival of Mankind, the political measure which matters most to humanity is the RESTART OF THEIR SOCIAL EVOLUTION AS A SPECIES, WHICH WAS HALTED WITH THE END OF THE 1920S R=EVOLUTIONARY PERIOD, with the arrival of mass-media and its hate messages that first brought fascism (radio-hate, whose effects became again crystal clear when Rwandan Radio masterminded a genocide recently), and then neo-fascism (hate audiovisual media, with Fox leading the pack).

So TO UNDERSTAND THE MASSIVE REGRESSION OF CULTURES BACK TO THEIR REVIVALIST, MOST PRIMITIVE PAST MEMES, it is absolute necessary to distinguish between positive social memes, those who improve and increase the evolution of mankind, signified by the rational social scientist and global religions of eusocial love in the past, or the Chinese understanding of society as an organism, which through millennia have improved humanity, and those who do belong to the world of mechanisms, and foster its evolution, disguising as Humanist memes of which the 4 aforementioned idol-ogies are paramount (mechanism, abrahamic religions, capitalism and nationalism).

And yet perhaps the most clear proof that humanity is entering and age of decadence and extinction is the fact that those 3 idol-ogies plague today all human discourses, where people are told to ‘believe as slave, not to reason as evolved human beings’, to compete against other humans not to share their energy and information through eusocial memes of love – facts those which only happen in primitive ecosystems or dying super organisms, where the informative, ethic, nervous languages that put together and synchronize the actions of cells, is dying.

The program of history.

When you meet a human, you think he is a free being. He is not. He is a programmed mind, or rather an intersection of two programs, the biological program of  its cellular genes, which express themselves in the organism and its 4 biological drives of existence – its desire for more energy, to feed its body, more information to feed its mind, more reproduction to survival beyond its biological program of death, and a 4th arrow of time (direction of future actions), the desire to evolve socially as all living beings do into complex organisms created by the members of the same species. This 4th, more complex social arrow of time is masterminded by another type of informative bits, the memes of social history. Thus if the genes of your cells express in the creation of a complex biological system in which cells have evolved into a superorganism, the memes of eusocial history become the expression of the construction of an even bigger superorganism – a civilization or culture. This is the program of history, its riddle and puzzle that complexity theorists have cracked up and happens in 3 scales of reality:
Your genes program your 4 arrows of biological future or drives of biological existence: your programs of feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving from cells into organisms.
Your memes program your 4 arrows of sociological future, your drives of sociological existence: your programs of creation of the superorganisms of economic and history. There is though an added complexity to the memetic structures of our planet. Unlike the genes of your inferior ‘plane of biological existence’, that are all self-similar and all working for your life as a human, your memes of sociological existence turn out to be of two types:
– Metal memes, weapons, money and machines that create the financial->military->industrial system.
– And ideological memes, supported by mental networks, which create a different kind of organism, a culture, based in art, visual and verbal memes, ethic laws of social love – the sharing of energy and information among members of the same species. And those two type of memes create two type of different superorganisms, the earth of metal and the earth of life. So not all memes as all genes are positive for human existence. And yet, because memes are imprinted with beliefs, not with reasons they keep reproducing, even those memes as the military memes that kill life…
And that sets up the Paradox of History and the contradictions we live every day.
Ages of Life organisms are parallel to the ages of History
History would be immortal if the ideological memes of eusocial love had won. They haven’t and so history has entered a cyclical period of life and death through a series of civilizations that must be understood with the same laws that cause the 3 ages of life and death of organisms. This is not needed but it has happened and it is happenings. In that regard, the meaning of Life and death is no longer a mystery to complexity theorists (though it will always be for primitive memetic people who think that what makes him happy – the fairy tales of our self-centered civlization is truth), but an organic process of reproduction and self-organization, guided by the arrow of informative time that we can extend to all  organisms and gives origin to the laws of evolution and the  3 ages of life.
Those ages mean that organisms are ruled by a head of information: Since the head of information constantly controls and uses the body to absorb energy, it is natural to find that when the organism starts its life, it has more energy. He is young. Yet as the organism lives, the selfish brain absorbs that body energy and trans-forms it into in-form-ation.
So energy diminishes and information grows. As you feed on energy, information accumulates in cycles and forms, in patterns and wrinkles. But the system dies, because the behavior of informative systems never varies. It constantly absorbs energy, till exhausting the body into a biological ‘big crunch’ of wrinkles and de-form-ations. Brain cells are selfish. Neurons feed on the body system without giving back any energy at all. In history, the informative castes of societies that control its languages of power, money, weapons and the law are also the selfish castes that exploit the energy workers and finally exhaust the civilization. The same process happens in economic ecosystems where the financial, informative language of money at the end of each Kondratieff cycle dominates the economy, absorbs all the resources, multiplies without limit and crashes the physical economy of human energy (workers, consumers), as it has just done recently.
So ultimately the crisis we are living is a particular case of the natural crisis of all systems in which information multiplies without limit, under the selfish guidance of ‘informative’ neurons, in this case the financiers that reproduce money in our societies. And so the only way to maintain an organism healthy is by controlling the evolution of information, exactly the opposite of what our society does. It is the dominance of information over energy what kills organic systems. And yet humans are so naive or so programmed by the informative drive of the Universe that they keep evolving the information of this planet, advancing their 3rdage…
Thus life has 3±1 ages, starting in an age of energy (the paleolithic in history), a mature, reproductive age (the Neolithic in history) and a 3rd age of excess of information (the age of metals in history);  but then death, the negative -1 age of destruction and devolution of form into energy, erases all information. By far the most important drive or arrow of evolution in the universe is the arrow of social evolution of cells into organisms (conception or +1 arrow) and devolution (-1 arrow), when those cells dissolve back again. Those processes of creation and destruction apply to all sciences and are so common in Nature that the Greeks (Anaximander, Aristotle) already studied them. ‘Clock-time’ eliminated that wisdom of biological evolution and its life/death cycles, which now organicism regains.
Conclusion: Modern man has lost his will.
All this said it is obvious that the modern man has become an ‘enzyman’, a man that catalyzes the will of machines working for corporations. So as a human being you have become the confluence between 2 programs:
– Biological genes, which express themselves in the creation of a human superorganism that searches for energy for the body, verbal information for the mind, sexual reproduction and social evolution in bigger superorganisms (social cultures).
– And selfish memes, weapons, money and machines that kill your body, program your mind and substitute your organs of energy and information (machines) atrophying them.That fight is the engine of history. And contrary to beliefs proper of the present world where the selfish memes of the economic ecosystem have defeated and repressed the memes of live and love proper of our biological organism, human Freedom is given by the expression of the life wantings coded by genes, not by the slavery to work=reproduction of machines within an economic ecosystem of company-mothers, free agents of the free market for whom we humans are just another object with a price, used to enhance the evolution and reproduction of those machines.
This Paradox of History can be studied at two scales of complex reality:
– At the scale of its parts, genes that express the biological will of man (field of genetic still deciphering many of those programs) and memetics, which express the instrumental slavery of man that toil to evolve and reproduce the weapons, money and machines of the financial-military-industrial complex.
– At the scale of their expressions, that is, as a fight between the two superorganisms genes and love memes vs. metal and selfish memes and ideologies program. This is the preferred analysis in this blog, though from time to time we study memetic and genetic expressions. Thus in this post we shall argue the origin and nature of humans as biological entities whose Freedom consists in fulfill their biological needs, and achieve in this manner a state of happiness, today denied by the impositions of the economic ecosystem and the ideologies against life that repress our genetic desires.

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