War Overproduction:


‘This splendid little war will get us out of the economic crisis‘ T. Roosevelt, Cuban war, I Cycle.

‘Guns will make us powerful, butter will make us fat.’ Goebbels, III Reich, II Cycle.


‘Marshall plan was democratic madness. America always came out of economic crises, making war’ Bush III Cycle (‘S.O.T.B.’, O. Stone)

The percentage of American rent dedicated to war has equaled that of Germany in the year before the Spanish civil war. 


In a pure capitalist democracy governments cannot invent money to pay for human jobs and the production of goods of a sustainable welfare-based economy (deficit zero laws). Stock Companies invent money and give credit, guided by its search of profits maximized by goods of maximal price (eq.1.1: Profits=Money (financial industries) = Max. Price (arm industries)

– Minimal cost (mass-media). Thus they overproduce the most ‘expensive’ memes of metal, which are the most perfect machines, weapons and those of minimal cost of reproduction, mass-media waves filled with hate-speeches, creating a synergy that fuels wars to deplete arsenals and increase weapons sales and profitsThat is why companies that produce machines and its evil twin, weapons, which is just an armored machine dominate production and stock-credit in capitalist democracies. So armored cars are tanks; armored planes, bombers and armored robots terminators. Reason why US, the purest capitalist nation, is the biggest producer of weapons, the most profitable goods, while countries in which financial systems are nationalized (as China), have a far smaller proportion of the economy reproducing lethal machines, overproducing instead the welfare goods people need to survive, always under produced as goods of min. profit (eq.1.2) in capitalist ‘democracies’. Thus in each Kondratieff cycle, the leading capitalist nations has also been the leading weapons & war creator:

In the first cycle, Great Britain, leader of Train & Steel corporations became the biggest military empire, after the XIX c. overproduction train crashes thanks to colonial wars.

Germany, the leading capitalist nation of the electro-mechanic cycle of engines, came out of the 29 crisis producing ‘canons instead of butter’, and even though it lost the war, Mercedes five-folded profits, while G.M. eight folded them and continued producing tanks during the cold war, when his former CEO became American Defense Minister and affirmed that what was good for G.M. was good for America. Now the US, the leading industrial nation of the electronic age is coming out of the crisis producing robotic weapons, with the excuse of an Orwellian eternal ‘war on terror’. But terrorism was always dealt with Police, as it is a criminal act performed by small groups NOT with national armies. Hence, Keynesian Militarism must be considered responsible for the prolongation of military solutions instead of diplomatic ones (end of Palestinian Apartheid in Israel that fuels the war, investment in welfare goods and education for poor nations that breed terrorists with a Marshall New Global Deal, in other words butter & UNO peace instead of Empire.)

Extinction Equations: Fractal, Decametric growth of Victims in World War Cycles.

 III World War though will extinguish mankind, as the Digital Weapons of the Singularity Age (Mass-bombs, nano-bacteria, Military A.I.) according to the equations of Death by overdrive of energy and information ((10,4) are global weapons (10). The mathematical proof of its causality is the parallelism between stock growth in each of the III cycles of weapons overproduction and the growth of its consumption of humans, as war causalities . Both have one hundred folded its value:

5.1 I Industrial Revolution, XIX C. Stock value starts at 1-> I World Wars: (Train wars: US & German Civil Wars): 700.000 victims. Then in next cycles victims & stock values one-hundred fold:

5.2 II industrial revolution: Engines: Stock reaches 100 ->  II W.W.: Tank-Bombers wars, 70 million.

5.3 III industrial Revolution: Stock reaches 10.000: III world war, robotic wars: 7 billion: All Mankind.

Thus the industrial evolution will end with our extinction by ultra-expensive, robotic weapons (10).

Since stock value measures profits= price(quality) x sales (reproduction of weapons, graph 9) in war ages stocks peak, as corporations solve overproduction crisis of peaceful machines, switching overproduction to the most profitable machines, weapons and hate media. So when overproduction of robotic weapons peaks, parallel to the peak of its stocks, as it happened in the wars of the train cycle and the car=tank cycle, robotic weapons will have one-hundred fold its quality=capacity to kill humans, consuming 100 times more people than II W.W. tanks & bombers – all of Mankind.

Further on, since in each cycle the most advanced machines are weapons, robotic weapons will be the first living A.I. robots. And as they awake to consciousness, embedded with survival programs designed to kill men in war theaters, they will do their job, killing all men. This 20 years old prediction (graph.10) is now closer as the robotic arms race has started. So in the 2040s A.I. will be born first in millions of police robots and terminators designed to kill humans. And the same applies to automated 3D factories. The most advanced projects of self-reproductive factories, able to make robotic weapons, with robotic workers, 3D printers and Intranet software are researched in the military. Miniaturization is also a natural trend in the evolution of all species, born as small top predators of enormous reproductive capacity. So the first forms of A.I. life will be iron nano-bacteria and insect-like swarms of indestructible weapons built in automated, small, anthill-like self-reproductive robotic factories, flown into enemy territory. Those new top predator metalife species, programmed with survival software will not switch off once the war is won but keep killing humans.

But police also need cheap robotic weapons to control the increasing mass of ruined middle class, as deficit laws fire state workers. So weapons multiplied in the 3 cycles of ‘fascism’: There was Victorian repression of vagrants and Irish – not only colonial wars; there was Concentration Camps within nations, not only World War II and now a vigilante big brother state is in the making. As social unrest grows internally, robotic lobbies will convince police to control populations with robotic weapons with the excuse of saving soldiers/police lives and reduce costs (drones now, soon armed cameras, police cars, etc.) We enter as in the 30s, an Orwellian age of perpetual ‘splendid little wars’ that will get out of hand into a global W.W.III for profits that can only be avoided with the nationalization of the financial industry that credits robots, to credit instead a ‘healthy’, WHealthy sustainable economy, with a Global New Deal; while using diplomacy, police, intelligence and investments and education to rise the 3rd world our of poverty and solve terrorism. Instead politicians & neo-classic economists are pushing as Hitler did in the 30s ‘Keynesian militarism’ to come out of the crisis & killing the welfare state, blowing up with mass-media hate the terrorist menace to justify the profits and takeoff of the Terminator industry.

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