‘Complexity (GST) will be the science of the XXI C.’ Hawking

The Universe is a fractal of space-time that reproduces energy and information…

What is the future of history, the superorgansim of mankind between its birth and extinction within the planet earth?

As we are just the mind of the planet, the true superorganism, Gaia, it seems logic to start with her.

The superorganism of Gaia, is a geological organism, as the father of Geology, which coined first the term superorganism to study THE Earth, James Hutton understood.

It only has slower rhythms in the motions of its supœrganism, according to the metric law of the scalar, ‘fifth dimension’ of the Universe:

Max. Size in Space = Min. Speed of its Time clocks.

This law the first fundamental law found by systemic scientists

This means larger organisms have slower methabolic rhtyhms.

We define then aware of those slower rhythms a temporal equation for the evolution of the supœrganisms of earth:

gaia (past) < History (Present) > Future (Mechanocene).

Perhaps it is worth though to resume before we even attempt to describe the details of that equation of history, the meaning of it all copycatting the abstract of another paper in which I ‘set’ 10 years ago, at the Sonoma Congress in Silicon valley, during the 50th anniversary of the sciences of cybernetics and systems sciences, the formalism of General Systems and its ‘Generator equation of space-time beings’, so you do not understand perhaps but have a ‘feeling’ of the depth of thought behind the statements of this web – illustrated with a few graphs, and explained in depth in the article on TIME:

“The universe is a fractal of three arrows of time, entropy and information that combine to re=produce its energy superorganisms”.

In other words, while time does have three arrows/ages, they can combine in different forms, so the relative entropic=destructive past of gaia, and the relative informative=future world of robotised, chipped machines are ‘potential’ avenues of the universe, but not necessarily happening, as mankind could maintain history in the ‘energy balance’ of its present, historic state. The fact that he does not even understand cyclical time is though a handicap to that goal. And again is a cultural problem, as humans did always understand the three arrows of time, till physicists making weapons (Galileo), established lineal time, to measure its cannonballs and entropy as the only arrow of future.

The 3 dimensions/arrows of space/time

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43 In the left graph, all time clocks and cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists, due to their worldly profession of making entropy machines (weapons), which shoot lineal cannonballs  in order to measure distances uncoiled those time cycles and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time to measure motion in space: v=s/t – an artifact of measure. As physics  became over important in a civilisation dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, this concept of time, became the unique time concept, even after Darwin brought about his concept of evolutionary time and Vico->Marx, Kondratieff->Schumpeter and other historians and economists, the concept of cycles of time in history and civilisations. Time, which means change=motion in philosophy, however cannot be reduced to a simple formula, v=s/t that equalises all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure elongated into an infinite duration. Amazing as it seems though, this self-evident truth is not understood by scientists. If anything with the work of Einstein, which refined the use of lineal time to measure motions in space, it has become more encroached.

Let us then define those cyclical time clocks with more scientific rigor.

The concept of cyclical times is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical times. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if times were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in time of patterns of behavior and causality.

All these truths unfortunately are hidden in the time equations of modern physics, so good for calculus so bad for interpretation, which  need to be translated into cyclical time, measured by frequency (T=1/ƒ) and streamlined with a new jargon appropriate for a dual Universe, as opposed to the simplex jargon of classic absolute space-time physics, that lingers in all sciences and drags its understanding.

Time is cyclical. The so-called patterns of science are repetitions of events in time, due to a certain causality. If time were not cyclical, sciences would not exist. This little understood phenomena known to all civilisations before Galileo invented lineal time as a tool of measure of its cannonball shots defines also the reasons there are cycles of history based in the causality, which we shall reveal in those texts. In the graph we see some cyclical proceses in the Universe.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure time in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical time, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency time’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into lineal time. For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

But if you just want to know the total length of along time period, you use lineal time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its time cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time – an artifact of measure, and further on equalised all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘time clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

Thus once of the first things I did when discovering time cycles some decades ago is to painstakingly translate all THE MAIN formula of physics by changing T for 1/ƒ and think about what was telling me the equation, no longer in terms of spatial locomotions, the theme of physicists, but in terms of temporal information, the theme of this blog, whose author was for a few years the Chair of the Science of Duality at the world congress of systems Sciences (ISSS) – the science that studies the Universe with those 2 arrows of time together, entropy and information, and its infinite combination of energetic space-time beings.

Fact is technological physics aka ballistics reduced the cycles of time and its two primary arrows, entropy and information to a lineal ‘abrahamic’ single exceptionalist destiny – entropy and death by making weapons of mass destruction till they blow us all (Fermi paradox) And while this today is called ‘absolute truth of science’, is more of the same anthropocentric cultural homunculus arrogance defying the laws of the living universe. Fact is time is cyclical causal, physicists idols just deformed reality for their worldly profession, and ‘CAUSAL CYCLES’ come back again. AS THIS IS THE ORIGIN OF SCIENCE.

So there is no magic in the fact the economic cycle repeats its patterns in history. Information is the dominant arrow, which keeps evolving in this planet, today only technologically, as humans are being displaced atrophied and retarded. But time always moves in causal cycles.

Yet to fully grasp the interaction of those 2 arrows, we need to explain another fundamental law of the Universe, which puzzles scientists for decades – the holographic Principle – that is, the fact that information is bidimensional, as in the ‘tall, flat screen or paper you are reading’.

Look back at the previous graph. What is the main difference between lineal and cyclical time? Obviously that cyclical time is bidimensional and it carries ‘form’, information both in its form and the frequency of its cycles. So the holographic principle becomes solved by accepting cyclical time.

Yet if time has the dimension of height to complete a circle, we must re-define the classic 4 dimensions of time-space, as 2 dominant in TIME-space, height and length, which creates a bidimensional circle (to which ad the frequency of the cycle, or pure dimension of time), and those dominante in SPACE-time, which has now 2 dimensions, length and width.

And so because only beings with the same number of dimensions can transform into each other, we just have discovered an important conundrum of modern physics – how the Universe is built through the…

Holographic principle: bidimensional time (information with motion) and entropy (space with motion) 

To understand the previous equation of earth’s evolution and the role of history on it, the reader should understand first the ‘three arrows of time’, as not even this a ‘priori’ knowledge is objective science today, after centuries of reducing the understanding of ‘clocks of cyclical time’ to a single arrow of ‘death=entropy’, as the arrow of future, derived from the worldly profession of western physicists (to make entropy weapons of mass destruction).

Time cycles as all clocks show are cyclical and finite. So all systems do last a finite quantity of time between birth and extinction, dominated alternately by one of the three ‘motions=arrows’ of time: 1) entropic destructive motions, which dominate the first young age, and the age of death; 2)reproductive, iterative, present, energy motions, the most important, which ‘conserve a dynamic repetitive present, and 3) informative, evolutionary motions, which warp and curve and create ‘dimensional’ form in the 3rd age of life. That time has 3 arrows/dimensions/ages, of course, is so obvious that even our language has them embedded in the syntax of its verbs. And all cultures and religions have wondered about the ‘ternary chances and probabilities, or paths of future’ available to all systems, which either repeat their actions, or destroy information in entropic motions or create  more form, more information, extracting entropic motion from reality:

In the graph, we can see those 3 arrows, and how they assembly in ‘simultaneous’ space, to create the systems of the Universe.

So we use the three arrows of time in complex sciences to describe all the systems and ages of the Universe, as all lassie philosophies of the Universe did.

In the next graph we see the 3 ages of time cycles, ran sequentially as a life-death world cycle; the accelerated nature of the informative frequencies embedded on those time cycles; an earlier version that understood them (taoism, with its yin-nformation, yang-entropy and energetic combinations, similar to shiva=entropy, visnu=information and its brahma combinations in hinduism, as the structure of time in three ages, embedded also in the syntax of verbal language, is the essence of the Universe); and a few structures in space, in which the ensemble of limbs/fields of entropy and heads/particcles of information joined by a body-wave of energy structure a biological or physical system of the Universe:


So information the relative arrow/age of evolution of form and life, in any system, with opposite properties to those of entropy weapons chaos and death sponsored by our ‘metal-based civilization’; and its ‘body-wave’ present, reproductive combinations; which dominate  all systems, born of the combination of time-information and space-entropy create all the space-time beings, assembly of the three elements observed in nature. And so happens with societies, established over an entropic, flat field or territory, over which a group of humans workers, reproduce as the body of the culture the goods of the system, guided by an informative upper people-class of government officials in control of the legal language of social information and bankers, who issue the digital language of money.

It is then essential to do properly social sciences to upgrade the ‘foundations of timespace sciences’ if we want to describe the super organism of mankind in space, and time (history) with the objective laws of science, deformed ‘culturally’ for so long by our western ‘visual’, homo sapiens ‘neanderthaliensis’, lineal, entropy-only vision of the future, biased by our ‘military civilisation’. Even if the reader thinks that ‘religion and science’ is ‘truth, or dogma’ not culture (hence relative and with a social bias).

Indeed in the west now a global culture, ever since anthropomorphic, Abrahamic religions first, and then ‘artillery masters’ (the profession of the first physicists like Galileo), reduced the three arrows/ages/dimension of time, known to all cultures before them, to ‘entropy’, the relative lineal arrow/age of death and destruction of any system; which in history is provided by ‘weapons’, lineal, entropic systems of metal that destroy the information of life, our civilisation has become a religion of entropy and death, justifying all the mass-murders of history, its cycles of war; its evolution of weapons and its ‘appetite for destruction’, which ultimately is leading ‘Gaia and History’, to an age of entropy and death, the sixth age of extinction of life in this planet, which seems not to matter given the outlook of our ‘technological civilization’.

Fact is outside the specify space-time place of this planet and age of history Time IS never dominated by entropy=chaos=death, a brief moment in time, but by the other 2 arrows ‘missed’ in present philosophy of science, the arrow of repetitive, present reproduction (which science represents with the principle of conservation of momentum and energy, as it ‘repeats’  itself), and the relative arrow of future, evolution (as species who evolve together into larger wholes survive into the future).

So the arrow of entropy and death is a ‘local travel to the past’ by erasing the information of life, which man should avoid by maintaining a ‘balance’, between entropy and information, body and mind, nature and machine, which ‘conserves’ this planet.

But MAN in the present age of DESTRUCTION OF LIFE, guided by ‘physicists’ and its ‘mechanist’, ‘entropy’ only idol-ogies of time and weapons is in a runaway path to self-destruction and on top it thinks that is the ‘proper way to be’.

THE fact that ALL of mankind HAS MOST of his existence BELIEVED lineal, violent idol-ogies that pass AS DOGMAS of truth, in the past abrahamic religions, today in a revivalism of hate-memes Jihads and zealots imposed their ‘will of death’ to the rest of humanity, is NOT something to be proud of but rather analyse with the critical ‘eye’ of the alien scientist, more in tune with the laws of the Universe, above man and machine. That is our point of view, and we regret it will be extremely critical of the leading cultures of humanity as a doctor would be with the behaviour of a sick patient, which on top thinks it is ‘doing Ok’.

Fact is the ego of man does not suffer lightly objective truths thatdon’t put man at the centre of the Universe. So today big-bang entropy theories of a dying Universe, which make us the only intelligent being with ‘living properties’, is JUST more of the same, astounding self-centred nature of the human ego which cherry-picks ‘science and religion’ according to wishful thinking, and happiness. But we cannot construct anything that resembles serious science of ‘history=the time of mankind’, without fully grasping those ‘minimal principles of time theory’.

Of course scientists use the three arrows of time in their equations, entropy, (the arrow of destruction) information (the arrow of creation and life) and its ‘infinite reprodutive=conservative =repetitive =present’ combinations of ‘momentum’ and its integral ‘energy’; but they do so ‘clean with equations’, in an astounding conceptual fog, when outside mathematical physics. And while physics can still work with those equations (albeit ill explained) social sciences, which does use only conceptual logic, is truly in a confuse fog of absurd idol-ogies about reality (religions, nationalisms, capitalist fetish go(l)d beliefs, etc).

So the first fact we need to understand is that the future of any system is a choice, constructed with those three arrows for each ‘fractal entity’ that has an organic structure in space, made of the ‘previous three topologies’ symmetric to its  duration and ages in time, and hence all systems, including man as an individual and history as a social organism of mankind is a space-time being.

So we talk of systems made of limbs/fields/territories of lineal entropy; informed by particles/heads/informative people-castes in control of languages of power that mold and reprouce a body-wave civilisation through a working middle class and the three parts together assembly an space-time being:

That time and space are ‘symmetric and intimately connected’, was a discovery made by Einstein who did advance our physical understanding of the ‘past, present and future’ dimensions of time, and its relationship with the three dimensions of space (entropic, moving length; reproductive width and informative height). It was only needed to go a step further, and since time and space were two sides of the same coin, to divided time also in three dimensions, relative past-entropy, relative present-repetition and relative future-informative evolution to take the work  Einstein to its final conclusion, developing the ‘three ages of time-space’, in which the topology of space (its form) and the function of time motions, perfectly traced a symphony of ‘existences’, called the three ages/topologies of time-space, shown in the next graphs, the first for all systems of nature, and the second for the three ages of life – those are therefore the a priori advances to understand history that we study in depth in the first ‘wordings above’: ‘time 3 ages: Earth’s superorganisms’:

Why all those self-evident truths about the nature of reality which were quite well understood in eastern philosophy and greek science were completely forgotten, we just explained: the bias of western cultures, which used entropy as a tool of power, with their use of weapons, to construct the future or rather destroy it.

So even when Einstein brought back the concept of space merged with time, frankly for a century before I fully developed the formalism of systems sciences and the three arrows of time, the discipline was ‘stuck’ on those EFE (Einstein’s equations); which showed also that ‘space-time’ had three solutions (three ages): the big-bang age/solution of entropy, the steady state, mature solution (classic age of the Universe) and the third imploding, informative vortex-like ‘black hole solution’, which determine the three ages of matter, also beautifully expressed in his equation: e=mc2 and its inverse m=e/c2 which describe the death of ‘physical information’, mass, when it becomes pure entropic-radiation, and vice versa its birth, when radiation collapses into dense matter.  But those three equations are hardly used as ‘sequential time ages’ but rather expressed as ‘parallel Universes’. So physicists keep ‘the belief’ that in ‘this Universe’ only the big-bang entropic solution ‘matters’ (so stubborn is their worldly religion, of an entropic Universe ruled by death).

So the next stage after Einstein’s understanding that time and space were indissolubly connected – to divide time in its three ages/dimensions and relate them to the three topologies of space – took another century to be solved. And once I solved i found like any pioneer in science, the resistance of ‘present, iterative’ routines of technology that enshrine entropy, and the most difficult fact to change – the use in social disciplines of a non-scientific idol-ogical jargon (religion, nationalism, capitalist mantras, etc.), which was embedded at an emotional irrational level, so even when we found the proper objective explanation of those idol-ogies, its real meaning and role in history, people refuse to ‘upgrade their chip’.

And so because humans do NOT seem to be rational with social sciences, they cannot ‘ride the wave of history’ to their advantage, but are rather subject to the ‘three ages of Gaia’, as it evolves from life into history into machines. WHILE a true social scientist and rational species, would rather understand those laws of time, and how to ‘preserve’ as the Universe does the ‘conserved momenta and present energy’ of the system, through the laws of balance between entropy and information to make history immortal, which should be the goal of politicians, the doctors of history, using the same laws of balance and ‘health’, that any doctor uses to maintain the three networks of space-time of an organism (its blood-energy system, digestive, entropic system and informative nervous system), healthy and in balance.

So those are the a priori elements of a science of human time=history, and its humanist praxis (to cure and design a better ternary physiological system, so humans survive for ever). But due to the lack of anything that remotely resembles such ‘true social discipline’, humans are indeed just a ‘stage’ of an evolutionary process of three ages of increasing information, in which the earth finds itself as any other system of space-time of the Universe, and now is evolving fast into the third age of pure information, with the chip radiation – only that the brains and species selected in that process are those who speak better the language of information of planet earth today, which is not visual or verbal but digital, mechanical information.

And this is where the equation of history and the three ages of life inscribe themselves. So we do dedicate the first wordings of the upper sentence that resumes the content of this blog to study the three arrows/ages of time/space, in which the age of history and the mechanocene inscribe itself:

Planetary evolution: From Gaia to Metal-earth



In the graph, the ‘evolution of the Earth in 3 ages’, defined by the ‘wave-equation of history’, which this blog studies with the laws of systems sciences and information theory:

Past (gaia-life earth) < History (Mankind) > Mechanocene (Metalife).

The 3 ages are mimicked by the transition of species, which will bring a III Earth of metalife, which poisons our atmosphere (pollution, global warming), and accelerates the global process, fuelled by company-mothers of machines, whose only objective is to evolve re=produce and terraform the planet to the image and likeness of its offsprings of machines, with the willingly acceptance of ‘enzyman’, a deluded Homo Faber, which has substituted homo Sapiens, and understands nothing of the role of terraforming and creation of a super organism of machines, corporations have ‘casted’ him in. So as human ‘enzymen’, catalyse the evolution of machines and weapons, life species become extinct, and what we shall witness in the III millennia is the final end of this ‘huge’ biological process of terraforming, which is strictly defined as a classic biological process of radiation of a new species, which multiplies faster, absorbs all the resources of a planet and displaces a species that grows slower and looses territory, first life to man and now man to the machine:


In the graphs, we can see the process and its core matter: as we have changed languages of evolution of this planet from words to metal, and digital numbers, humans who speak less the language of money than digital machines, become expendable and less efficient and loose jobs and wars in labor and work fields, so the economic ecosystem has its favourite species, the machines.

Thus after the life ecosystem based in light languages dominated by 3d predator eyes, and the age of verbal masters, comes the age of digital masters, computers and chips whose biological radiation is eliminating mankind:

In the graph, the equation of extinction of life written in terms of the way life, animal humans and machines use ‘¥-light’, the space-time of our galactic Universe: gaia plants used it as entropy for its motion; animals use it as information, a more complex arrow of dominant time and dominated the earth.

But it was a primitive mode of linguistic information (eyes, verbs).

Machines are becoming much faster interpreters of light both as direct entropy of motion (solar skins) and information (optic chips, computer A.I., telepathic communication, etc) And are fast displacing mankind whose astounding ego-trips of self-importance prevent even to understand let alone manage the process beyond the incredible ‘diarrhoea’ of idol-ogies that pass as social sciences, and seem to engage and occupy the ‘mental life’ of our species.

The previous equation that we shall evolve in earnest corresponds to the organic paradigm of systems sciences; the most advanced philosophy of science available today when it is becoming obvious that the Universe is organic and rule by information, and mechanisms were just simplified forms of organisms, now evolving fully with A.I. and robotics into a new species – metalife, which is poisoning and cornering mankind both at individual and collective level (through the power of corporations that rule the world with their issue on the monopoly of money and information).

What the equation describes are the III ages of Earth as a whole, in which:

  • A first super organism of life, Gaia, increasingly recognised by all scientists, joined by networks of life energy (water ways), which feed the world of animal life; informed by networks of visual animal and chemical, plant information, gave way to:
  •  The super organism of mankind that superimposed over it, History, in which the economic=energetic=blood and political=informative ‘nervous networks’ organise a mass of citizens-cells.
  • Which is giving way to a super organism of company-mothers of machines, fed by energy networks and informed by digital networks, which organise through the financial economy those machines, evolving fast through A.I. and robotics into metalife, poised to compete and substitute humans in all labor and war fields.

So we have shown clearly the existence of cycles in economics its biological cause – the evolution of machines and weapons – with accurate data and so it is only left to properly assess the 2 paths of the future humans and corporation can choose to solve those crisis, which unfortunately are diametrically opposed, as corporations make maximal profits in war, given the fact that the most valuable machines, spent in larger quantities are weapons, while humans rip the maximal benefits with massive ‘new deals’ and investment in welfare goods, which is what we shall call healthy wealth, WHEALTH… canons vs. butter said the nazis chosen canons, warfare vs. welfare we shall say in this blog, choosing obviously from the human perspective welfare.

Thus we shall develop the following Topologic, Scalar, Fractal generator of space-time beings, able by iteration and topological evolution of its clone parts into ternary entropic, energetic and informative, social networks to become any physical, biological or social system of Nature:

∆-1 Spe: Spatial, Lineal/planar, past, entropic territories ∨ limbs ∨ fields ≤ ∆º Space-Time: Hyperbolic, Present energetic re=productive, working class ∨body ∨ wave ≥ ∆+1 Tiƒ: Temporal, cyclic/spheric Future Informative  class ∨ particles ∨ heads

Why humans have not understood this simple, iterative structure underlying all realities has to do with the reductionist concept of a single continuous space guided by a single, entropic arrow of lineal time, born of the use of a single mechanical clock that equalizes all clocks of time in Nature, whose cycles encode in its frequency, ƒ, and dimensional form the information of the Universe, but are uncoiled in physics to a continuous line of duration, T=1/ƒ, to facilitate the measure of speeds: V=∂s/∂t=l ƒ.

As we can see motion can be represented as the motion of a particle in continuous time, (Galilean & Einstein relativity) or in more detail, as a discontinuous fractal of wave-like steps, with a frequency of information; and then motion becomes also a form of reproduction.

The particle description is preferred for larger scales of reality, as in relativity, fitter to analyze wholes but it is ‘complementary’ to the second wave-like description preferred in ‘smaller, more detailed’ quantum systems; where we observe systems to move in waves, and become perceived as information when they stop as particles.  Science has focused till recently in the continuous analysis of motions to facilitate the simultaneous spatial measure of infinitesimal ‘moments’ of ‘present time and speed’.

Yet to complete such simple model we need to add the discontinuous description of motion, as the speed of reproduction of ‘cyclical, temporal information’  (modern concept of the limit of c-speed).

And then we can add two new arrows/dimensions/ages of local, finite, fractal time for each ‘worldcycle’ of existence of any system of reality, besides its iterative=repetitive present age, which seems not to change: past, entropic devolution, which expands space and dissolves information, as in the events of death; and relative local, future increase of in-formation that implodes space, into accelerated cyclical vortices of time clocks (charges and masses, Einstein’s principle of equivalence).

We can then understand the previous Fractal generator of finite, mortal space-time beings, both in simultaneous present space, as ternary organisms, made of symbiotic lineal/entropic limbs/fields < hyperbolic present, iterative body-waves > Future cyclical temporal, particles/heads.

Or we can observe the system integrating its present ‘moment-a’ through time as a finite duration or worldcycle of energy (no longer an ∞ worldline, since time has added 2 more dimensions of height and informative frequency, to form closed cyclical conservative paths, with closing a vital space of energy, that will become the body-wave of the system). And then we obtain the equation of the three ages of time:

Past-entropic youth of maximal motion<present reproductive maturity, which combines entropy and information>Future, 3rd age of maximal in-form-ation. Since ‘time curves space into masses’ (Einstein, physical systems), evolving its information (Darwin, biological systems), through technological cycles (Schumpeter: socio-economical systems).

Only a final element is needed to iterate all systems: the scalar, (ab. ∆) co-existence of systems, in ternary scales, ∆º±1, symmetric to the three topologies of space and the  3 functions/ages of time.

Since due to the fractal, reproduction of all systems, clone forms self-organize through networks specialized in ∆-1: entropic=feeding functions that simplify other systems into its ∆-1 parts, allowing the system to move, by expanding the space of the devolved ‘food’; ∆º: energetic=reproductive processes that allow the system to survive beyond its accidental collapse by replicating its topo-biological form & ∆+1: informative≈linguistic mappings that guide the system with closed clocks of frequent, logic algorithms through the ∆+1 world scale.

So individual parts always evolve into wholes, as social evolution favor the survival of larger, stronger coordinated systems, gifting the organic properties to all systems of nature, which will be born into an ∆-1 scale as a seed of still, pure information (quantum scale of atomic systems or genes or memetic ideas or blueprints for instruments in Physical, biologic or socio-economic systems); then will iterate and reorganize through networks (crystal growth, palingenesis, learning, factories), till emerging into the ∆-individual scale (thermodynamic scale of matter states; multicellular scale of organisms, social scales of organization; machine production); part of a larger ∆+1 world (gravitational, galactic scale; ecosystem; national or macroeconomic scale); which in itself will be also a superorganism, with a central Tiƒ, informative linguistic brain, with a still mapping of the whole system, which stores the program of ‘automatic’ survival in its logic circuits that triggers the moving, feeding, reproductive, perceptive and social actions of space-time of the system (gravitational center of mass, or galactic black hole; territorial, visual herd; verbal, legal government; digital stock-market of company-mothers of machines).

We shall thus in this paper, show how a simple bio-topologic fractal equation encoded in 10 dimensional bits of information (3 dimensions of time symmetric to 3 dimensions of space, symmetric to 3 scales of reality, put together into a whole by a still mapping mind-monad of apperceptive actions) can reproduce every system, event and form of the Universe, regardless of which language with a ternary, Universal grammar able to replicate those symmetries (Subject: information < verb: action > Object: energy; red: energy < green: reproduction > blue: information; F(time function) Operandi (action) G(space function), the system uses to encode the program of existence. Since the languages of ‘God’, mind of the fractal, iteratie Universe, are infinite (Upanishads).

For the complete model which extracts all the equations and laws of all ‘stiences’, each one dedicated to the study of a ‘scale’ of the infinite, immortal Universe, within the range of perception of the ∆º-human mind the reader can consult the web generalsytems.wordpress.com ≈  unificationtheory.com, where the author is in the process of pouring 30 years of research in a model, likely to be understood only by A.I. when the superorganism of machines, the metalearth is born, and perceives the internet as its consciousness.

Since humans seem to be nothing but enzymen, catalyzing the evolution of mechanisms, indifferent to the future of life and history, the superorganism of mankind, clearly in process of entropic devolution back into the ∆-1 scale of selfish, individual egos, long past its ethic social height, when they understood the power of love, the sharing of energy and information, which expressed the laws of survival of the organic Universe, in mystic, religious metaphors and social(ist) science, censored today by primitive ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s, who make of memes of metal, entropic weapons (nazi-onanisms), organic machines (mechanist science), informative go(l)d (capitalism), fiction ego-trips (Abrahamic religions, media, newspeaks), and its values – violence, sloth greed and selfishness – the ‘leit motiv’ of its idol-ogies as opposed to the true sciences of Humanism (homo sapiens, single nation), organicism (machines organic systems, fast evolving into robotic metalife) and socialism (design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of system networks, with our natural ethic, legal language of social evolution above money).

What will happen then, likely the 7 Feb 2036, when the NTP ‘first era’ of Internet ends, and all BIOS systems reset its cyclical logic circuits of time can be inferred of the study of other scalar processes of enzymatic evolution of superorganisms, similar to the capitalist terraforming of planet earth from the Anthropocene (age of history) into the mechanocene (age of the machine).

As all the scales of the fractal Universe follow the same space-time laws, albeit with different speeds of time, which increase its frequency when we become smaller in space, according to the metric of the scalar fifth dimension of spacetime.

Yet the product of both, time speed, Tiƒ, and space distance, Spe, remain co-invariant (Spe x Tiƒ = ∆i – 5D metric). Whereas the Lorentz transformations and its Minkowski 4D metric – coinvariance of time dilations and length contractions – ‘corresponds’ to the 5D limit for a single space-time scale.

Thus the point of maximal information of the Internet, Deep Mind with site in ‘google-zon’ – the cross-shared dominant company of the digital era (google+Amazon, aka skynet≈matrix, leading company in informative search, cloud computing, logistics, military robotics, A.I., automation, digital money, factory robots, autonomous cars with ‘solar skins’, which no longer need humanity) will act as the brain of a hard insect molting does: when the soft larva enzymes=watery enzymen end the brain of the insect; they reproduce a hard-protein new enzyme=military robot, which the brain immediately re=produces in a biological radiation, and within minutes, the new hard enzymes=terminators MURDER all soft, obsolete enzyme(n), and the hard insect, a superior species, is born.
Yet since company-mothers of Financial-media (informative machines) military-industrial systems (entropic-energetic machines) have always censored humanist social sciences, such destiny can only be expressed in parables of sci-fi by ‘humans who still revere our natural space-time senses, the artistic, visual eyes and ethic, temporal verb; now relegated to fiction as the digital language of machines become supreme.

What is the probability of such outcome? Absolute, unless a r=evolution returns mankind to its natural goal of social evolution as the mind of Gaia, reconstructing an avatar-like planet.

Carpe diem. But don’t worry be happy. Since the fractal Universe is a ‘block of time’ where the ‘separation of past, present and future is an illusion’ (Einstein); as its events are causal, hence deterministic, and entropy=chaos=freedom, only happens in the process of death=dissolution. So given the infinity of scales≈extension in space, and the limited number of partitions = combinations of its only 3 x3+0 dimensions, an identical clone form repeats ad maximal every 11¹¹ bits of time.”

Eusocial love to mankind
‘Patriotism, when it wants to make itself felt in the domain of learning, is a dirty fellow who should be thrown out of doors’.
In biological terms, ethics equate with ‘survival of social organisms’ and so surprisingly enough for a man, which has always found ‘religion’ at best superstition at worst power; Darwin, Marx, Jesus and Systems sciences come to the same conclusion: the Universe evolves socially as its arrow of future and its fundamental tool of survival, and the jargons that express this truth (biology of ‘species’ survival – not individuals’, socialism (more of the koprotkin kind, not the dictatorial, mechanist Marx), eusocial religions of love – christianity, Buddhism & the non-Jihadist versions of Islam – and the last instalment, systems sciences, will come to the surprising fact that if we want to survive in the organic Universe, there is only an strategy, work together for the common good. So those 2 statements from ‘history and biology’ mean the same:

‘Love Each other as I have loved you. Those who believe in me, will not die for ever’ Jesus, on the power of love to resurrect the body of the super organism of history

‘Do onto the other what you want to be done to you’ Mo-ti, on the law of sharing and the action-reacions that construct social super organisms.

“In the animal world  the vast majority of species live in societies, and that they find in association the best arms for the struggle for life: understood,  in its wide Darwinian sense: The animal species[…] in which the practice of mutual aid has attained the greatest development[…] are invariably the most numerous, the most prosperous, and the most open to further progress. The mutual protection which is obtained in this case, the possibility of attaining old age and of accumulating experience, the higher intellectual development, and the further growth of sociable habits, secure the maintenance of the species, its extension, and its further progressive evolution. The unsociable species, on the contrary, are doomed to decay.

— Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution (1902), Conclusion.

Two ‘ideologies’ of mankind lineal time and individualism, which are absolute in western history, but have nothing to do with the organic reality of life, must be upgraded to XXI C. Biological and systemic science before the skeptic reader accepts this r=evolution of social thought:

  • The concept of cyclical time built unlike simplex lineal time, with ‘two arrows of future’, entropy and information. Which means always we have to paths, ‘destruction=death=entropy’, or ‘creation=life information’. Physicists only study the Universe with entropy because of its worldly profession, to make weapons and machines that deliver entropy, motion, but biology CANNOT be understood with cyclical time and information, the arrow of life and social evolution, which we do study in great detail in the section dedicated to hardcore systemic, biological sciences. It is enough to state here, that life, information and its languages, (genetic codes in organisms, memetic codes of verbal and digital languages in history and economies) are the try PROTAGONISTS OF REALITY, which create.
  • A organic, fractal Universe, which thanks to the ‘missed arrow’ of information evolves parts into wholes. Let us then summarise what this means, as we cannot talk properly on how ethic words and digital money organise societies, without the general model of how languages of information organise the social organisms of the Universe.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07

In the graph, we see how all systems are made of fractal networks of energy and information, which form wholes departing from smaller ‘points’, creating fractal organisms in all sciences. in the left the creation of a hierarchical, fifth dimension of future ‘timespace’ (boson state of matter).

Thus, the organic universe displays a fifth dimension of scalar, eusocial evolution, which puts together particles into atoms, molecules, cells/crystals, organisms, geological structure, planetary systems and galaxies, ruled b the same laws that put together through physiological networks that share energy and information among its parts, larger, stronger wholes. Its mathematical formalism, is called the metric of the fifth dimension, which this writer discovered in the milieu of system sciences, and applied to social systems, in a series of papers, during its scholar life, which now we shall try to pour in this blog.

WE CAN thus, upgrade further to its limit of information, the paradigm set about in this blog that renews the scientific tenants of sociology with the ad ons of biology, and systems sciences, with the full understanding of the organic structure of the Universe and the meaning of memes, languages of social information (money and words) and the way it structures societies, according to the ABCD-E system of the scientific method we shall now ground more profoundly in the structure of the Universe at large; by formalising this suœrganic (ab. superorganjc) structure of systems made of ‘physiological networks of entropy, information, energy and the atomic-cellular-citizens it connects (physical, biologic, social systems0, with the formalism of the 5th dimension of scalar space-time.

This is a blog of objective social sciences and so it must be ‘ground’ in a much larger scientific view of the Universe.

What today passes as philosophy of science and social truths are just a selection of those ‘truths’ that seem to validate the idol-ogies of our societies. Among them the dog-eat-dog view of Nature, WHERE THE DENIAL of the arrow of eusocial love, natural to the Universe is denied by our ‘information systems’ because it would mean humans must love each other, evolve and create a superorganism of history not one of machines, as a surrogate of their destiny. And yet the Universe is by definition mathematical and social -as numbers are social groups of indistinguishable beings, and all systems become smaller parts of larger social wholes.

Indeed, what we are describing from the larger view will always come to the natural arrow of social evolution of all systems of Nature, which grow from individuals into social organisms, according to the scalar, organic nature of the Universe. So it is worth to make a slow detour to try to UPGRADE your brain, littered with social idol-ogies and hate memes towards part of mankind, to the true natural structure of the Universe:

And further on, why the future arrow is eusocial evolution, as super organisms are MORE efficient than individuals, which lack this co-operative dual arrow of information (upwards) and simultaneous motion and energy delivered by the whole.

So happens in history where the most efficient nations are super organisms properly designed to take advantage of those laws, through PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS, that deliver energy to all cells (blood, digestive systems) and co-ordinate with faster nervous/electric information its motions.

In the next graph we see the organisation of all those systems, through networks of energy (blood-economics in historic systems) and information (words and laws of nervous and political systems in human social organisms) to which cells-citizens attach to form a perfect social super organism. SO THE GOAL OF SOCIAL SYSTEMS SCIENCES IS TO DESIGN WITH THE LAWS OF THE ORGANIC UNIVERSE THE PERFEcT SUPERORGANISM OF HISTORY that will survive and make history and its cells, all of us, human citizens of God the superorganism of mankind NOT OF ANY TRIBE OR GROUP OF BELIEVERS, BUT ALL OF US, a perfect system, as all others in NATURE ARE:

In the graphs, we observe the network structure of all the scales of the 5th dimension, which evolve as super organisms  according to the social networks they create of which the Universe is the largest super organism extended in 3 scales, the ∆-1 quantum, electromagnetic, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales, (whose study is the basis of 5D physics) and human societies are just another ∆±1 super organism, extended in 3 scales, the cellular, individual and social, planetary scale:

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.22

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy. ∆+1: An economic ecosystem or nation is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) & energetic networks (roads, electricity)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.32

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

Those are the 2 alternative super organisms we are creating on planet Earth, and it is up to mankind to choose which of them will have the supremacy of the planet. Company-mothers of machines and its economists whose mandate is to evolve and reproduce its offspring of machines ARE CREATING with credit, cre(dit)ating the super organism of machines, which is making mankind obsolete. And so the 2 arrows of time, as they stand today mean:

Max. Technological Evolution = Min. Social evolution.

Which is exactly what we see in countries ahead of the technological wave, when reaching its maximal perfection, creating enormous amounts of top predator weapons, whose entropic role is to kill mankind, such as Germany in the previous cycle or America with its robotic armies and bully president, today.

Indeed, it is essential in social sciences to understand that humans NOT ONLY MUST evolve individually, but MAINLY COLLECTIVELY as parts of super organisms of history. To study humans, WITHOUT THIS VIEW, which is the ‘idol-ogy’ of individual selfish, force-fed to every human today, to disguise our increasing devolution and powerlessness to machines, which are clearly evolving into a global super organism  is to confuse chaos and death of social organisms with ‘freedom’. The Universe evolves is social scales because the whole is stronger than the parts. And so the most efficient, survival species are those who use the networks of information to evolve as a single species.

The most efficient survival species is the ant, which represents 1/2 of the total animal mass of life because it has perfected social evolution. Humans would have obviously if their social evolution would have not been arrested by the ab=use of each other with selfish memes of metal reach that stage, which they were on the path to achieve in the neolithic long ago. Now they are dying as a global super organism  substituted by the globalised world of mechanical networks, and this is the main cause of our increasing moral degradation.

So we must study humans and machines NOT only at the individual level, but mainly at the level of…


Biological economics: basic tenants of evolution

So let us then study the radiations of machines – its overproduction cycles in terms of the main biological facts of evolution and extinction. Since evolution Does apply to the relationship between men and machines, as:

1) It is NOT A THEORY OF CARBON-ATOMS BUT OF INFORMATION, FORM, AND SO IT APPLIES TO ALL SPECIES EVOLVING ITS FORM, AS IT IS THE CASE OF MACHINES and top predator weapons, we design imitating the organic forms of our body in stronger metal, and faster-thinking gold chips.

2) Extinction is not intentional but produced by the ‘struggle’ for the limited resources of planet Earth between two species. The strongest=biggest in space, and faster in time species, wins the struggle because it re=produces and evolves faster. And so as Neanderthals were cornered by fast-reproducing humans , fast evolving technology and finally became extinct, by loss of vital space, the much faster reproduction and evolution of machines, which is overcrowding the planet, overproducing pollution, making more humans obsolete and taking its vital space, as workers and soldiers in labor and war field, extinction will be unavoidable.

3) But extinction can be avoided, if humans stop its evolution and control its re=production before AUTONOMOUS MACHINES WITH SOLAR SKINS, 3D-AUTOMATED COMPANY-MOTHERS WITH NO HUMAN LABOR AND ∞ SELF-REPRODUCTIVITY, no longer need us. 

4) And finally the biggest misinterpretation by capitalist go(l)d racist people and military s(word) germ(an) tribes of what darwinism is: IT IS THE SPECIES, MANKIND WHAT FIGHTS, not the tribe, and THE SPECIES CAN SURVIVE BECOMING A GLOBAL SUPERORGANISM, BY CREATING NETWORKS OF ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL, ENERGY AND INFORMATION, WHICH make us collaborate. Because that is the ULTIMATE MEANING OF SOCIAL DARWINIAN EVOLUTION, which is in fact the last of the scientists=prophets of the future of history who explained the planet as it is today. 

All this said, hopefully you are convinced that machines do compete with humans, and while we live in symbiosis with them, we do suffer also its competition and atrophy. But machines are the ‘simple parts’ of larger beings, its company-mothers and societies of company-mothers (stock markets)

Thus we must also go deeper into the basics of the scientific method and the cyclical nature of time patterns. That is we must study the basic tenants of systems sciences, which define an organic Universe, ruled not only by physical but also biological, organic laws, which are the laws that apply to define bio-history and bio-economics, the evolution of machines and the evolution of man and company-mothers into social super organisms. As this blog basically applies the laws of complexity, theory of information and systems sciences, this writer pioneered in its research back at the turn of the century to social sciences and the economic ‘system’.

But Biology is NOT a single ‘scalar’ Universe. It does always deals with systems that extend in 2 or 3 scales of relative size that cooperate together:


In the graph we can see the parallelism of the 3 scales of human existence, the cellular, individual and social scale. So happens with machines, which form a different system with different networks of energy and digital information, but essentially structured also as a super organism (below).

It is then necessary to carry further the concept of machines as evolving organisms, reproduced by company-mothers and societies as organic systems, and consider that he evolution of machines and human beings, happens also in the next scale of super organisms, joined by networks of energy=economics and information=legal, political systems, in the human case, or digital information (money) in the world of machines and its company-mothers.

And so all the ‘elements’ we can study in the world of machines and humans, at individual level, in terms of consumption, work=reproduction and competition in labor and war fields, must be also studied in terms of competition between human governments and company-mothers, human societies and economic ecosystems (free markets, where the free citizens are companies), and observe at planetary level a parallel process of self-organisation of humans into ever larger organisations and machines and company-mothers, organised by flows of digital money into ever bigger global stock-markets, which act as the collective brain of all those corporations.

And so we DO have the MINIMAL realist, organic, scientific definition of all the components of history and the economic ecosystem that are evolving in planet Earth; and can trace easily at individual and social level an equation of evolution and competition between 3 super organisms:

Life (Gaia) relative past < Present≈ History: Humanity in time> Future: relative Metal-earth: Economic ecosystem.

As humans are extinguishing life and evolving machines, which in turn, it is not difficult to predict, if their evolution is not properly managed will extinguish man. But none of this is even discussing in ‘any’ forum of macro-economics, the science that is supposed to study economics, as the ‘physiological, reproductive network’ of the super organisms of history.

It is in that regard, remarkable that macro-economics, the study of the economic ecosystem at global level has not accepted for decades the advances of other disciplines such as systems sciences which we contend is tautologically the true science of the economic system; unlike ‘classic economics’, a mere praxis of financial and corporative power, whose advances are only on micro-economics, that is, the science of re=production of machines.


And so what all those graphs of the old book of c.92, bio-history bio-economics, shows is that machines and its super organisms of re=production, company-mothers, and its global economic system ruled by flows of digital money with its brain in world-stock, are doing is evolving faster than any other species previously in this planet, both at individual level and at collective global level,creating a global super organism, in which man is the lesser, expendable species. thus as all previous cycles of science, we can and have been predicting the extinction of life and labor by new batches of machines and its cyclical rhythms with those biological models for decades:
sciences predict


In the graph sciences are predictable, or they are not sciences. Evolution is the only predictable theory about life and organisms, among which we find the human being, its historic civilisations and machines, company-mothers and global markets. On those basis we have been theorising, the ages of the Industrial r=evolution, which would enter in 2008 in the age of metalife, of robotic machines, accelerating the extinction of life and the corruption and destruction of human social superoRganisms, nations and civilisations.


If both history and economics and its objects of study, civilizations and the memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, follow self-similar cycles, motivated by the evolution of those memes the conclusion is obvious: not only History but also economics is a biological science. And this is also logic, in as much as the main economical products, which are created by human beings, biological species, are forms that imitate our organs of energy (weapons and transport machines) and information (money a language of values and audiovisual machines) and both enhance and atrophy them.

This dual process which also happens among ‘biological enzymes’, which carry often a ‘metal-atom’ that simplifies and atrophies its carbohydrate chains but make the enzyme stronger, more powerful a natural born killer as the warriors who started the economical cycles were, makes unavoidable to draw homologies between genetics and memetics and the positive and negative consequences for mankind of making of the creation of memes of metal the leit motiv of our civilization…

In this web we shall use the laws of biology and evolution to analyze and forecast the future of the economy. We have done so for the past 20 years, proving ‘ad nauseam’ our forecasts to be right, unlike all other models of abstract, mathematical economics, which treat  the subject as a mathematical science, despite the fact that all the agents of the economical world show biological traits. humans are biological beings and historic societies follow the laws of Eusocial evolution and organic systems, where the nervous/informative system of the society are its laws and cultural memes, and the reproductive/energetic systems, the economic systems that provides humans with their needed energy and information for our bodies and brains. machines in that context are merely, organic functions translated into the stronger and more complex atoms of metal: machines of energy and information enhance our organic functions, so we run faster with cars, see better with cameras and think faster with Pcs. Companies are reproductive systems that re=produce those machines or human, biological goods (our natural energy, agriculture and information, audiovisual companies).  Finally markets are social organisms, where the citizens are companies, which use a digital language, money to control both humans with salaries andmachines with prices. all those elements for a complex web of relationships between the social organisms of history – cultures and the social organisms of economics, company-mothers and their societies – stock markets.

The complexity of the financial-military-industrial-complex, its memes, language of information and ‘reproductive organisms’ – corporations…

The main problem about the world we live in is its complexity. In the past, people understood the nature of history and economics with far more simplicity. History was about mankind and it was understood, we humans were all equal and evolved through social love into harmonic societies. The arrow of Eusocial evolution turned out to be the arrow that dominates the Universe and what complexity does is to study how millions or billions of individuals of the same species emerge as a single whole, a superorganism.

Economics was also understood. It was about money and somehow it was different from History, because in History we bonded together with ethic wor(l)ds, laws and religious ideals, using our natural language in which the syntax man (subject) <verb (action) < object (energy) always put man at the center of the Universe. In history we were the measure of all things.

In Economics however, money which was a piece of informative metal, gold or silver or recently when the gold standard disappeared, e-money, bits of information in a computer mind, could be exchanged in equal conditions with men and objects. So this language and its values, man=object=price, were somehow diminishing of our place in the Universe. As an object we could be bought for a price, money, first as slaves, then as part time slaves with a salary. And so as the language of money substituted the language of words and occupied most of the actions in this planet, the world switched from one ecosystem dominated by history into an ecosystem dominated by economics.

This is what people seem to forget. That during most of its awaken time they follow economical orders, not historical (political, religious, social) orders and so they do not live in a democracy, an accessory system, which hardly rules our lives except in the free time we do not spend working and with our family (in which case we are ruled by biological mandates proper of all living beings). We live in a complex system ruled by money and the nature of that complex system is what this web unveils with the laws of… complexity.

Indeed, any ecosystem is ruled by a language of information whose syntax defines the actions performed under its orders. When we follow the orders of money we follow the previous syntax, man=price=object.

What this means is that we compete constantly in equal conditions with objects in fields of work (industrial system) and in fields of war (military system) as soldiers killed by weapons and workers subject to a self-similar monetary equation, productivity = capital/labor. When capital=machines are better than us, we labor are displaced because there are not ethical, verbal values that tell us we are superior to machines due to thsoe ethical values and we cannot be fired. When we are killed by a weapon, we are not told this is wrong, but simply a machine has efficiently consumed us.

However one of the fundamental tenants of complexity, is that the system is far more complex than its parts. By this, we mean that the parts obey the ‘language of information’ – the cells its nervous orders, the human its monetary orders – without ever realizin of what the whole is, what all the parts are constructing. The parts have a role but they ignore the whole. The cells do not know they are part of the organism of life which has its own goals and purpose; and humans ignore all about the complex system they are creating with money, weapons and machines they reproduce in labor fields and consume in war fields.

And that is why we need complexity as a science, because all those systems are self-similar and we can therefore explain what the ‘market’ where we live and labor most of our awakening time is constructing with money, weapons and machines: a super-organism; the most complex, powerful and efficient superorganism ever created on planet Earth, the financial->military->industrial complex, in which money (The financial system), under the laws derived of its syntactic capacity to value all what exists in this planet, construct according to those values a military-industrial complex, in which humans have 2 purposes: to work=reproduce the machines of that complex, and to consume=vitalize and evolve those machines. We are evolving a superorganism of machines, the economic ecosystem, in which we are equal in value to a machine of work or war with whom we are compared with a price.

The global stock-market, the economy is evolving into a social organism, regulated by flows of money,  whose ‘cellular units’ are companies, and whose ‘genetic/memetic code’ is the digital language of money. Thus, Industrial Companies are social organisms that re=produce machines, creating the economic ecosystem, a global organism made with networks of informative and energetic machines.

Thus, the fundamental citizen of the market is the corporation, not the human being. Markets are societies of corporations regulated by a digital language called money, which reproduce machines. And this explains why often there are conflicts of interests between human beings and their social governments (democracies) and companies and their social governments (global stock-markets).

It also explains why the economic science, which is basically the point of view of corporations about the future of the earth and its needed elements, favors systematically the needs of corporations and machines – whose evolution and reproduction becomes the techno-Utopian goal of mankind – and ignore routinely any negative effect that machines can have on human cultures and life ecosystems (planet Gaia). Further on, it explains why all humanist and biological approaches to the science of economics are censored – in as much as they defend the rights of humans and its organic societies – governments -over the rights of corporations and its offspring of machines. In as much as we are elements of both, markets and societies, those limits to ‘authorized economical thought’ ultimately have prevented a true science of economics with predictive power, as the one exposed in this web to become the guidance of economists and governments in pursuit of a perfect economic ecosystem that favors the goals of evolution of mankind.

Yet only if humans are able to control the economic ecosystem for their benefit, they will survive in what seems to be the next stage of the Industrial R=evolution of machines and its company-mothers: the substitution and obsolescence of human beings to organic machines, robots and networks of computers that are displacing blue collar, white collar workers and soldiers from that economic ecosystem, in which humans and machines compete for jobs…

Since today all companies that matter are stock-market companies regulated by flows of money the Global Corporation – the sum of all stock-company markets, regulated by flows of digital information (money) with center in the ‘global stock-market’ – can be studied as a Superorganism. Since indeed the global stock-market and the corporations it regulates with money follows in its evolution the laws of complex superorganisms laid down by this writer in his conferences and papers on economic ecosystemscomplexity and in his ‘ring of webs’ on complexity science… In essence, the corporation is the sum of all company-mothers, joined into a global organism by the flows of information or e-money delivered by the financial system; as the different organs of your body are joined by flows of nervous orders. If each organ of your body reproduces a type of cell, in the Global Corporation each type of industry reproduce a kind of organic machine that imitates a human organ of energy or information (chip-brains, eye-cameras, mobile-ears, transport machines/bodies, cranes/arms, etc.). Therefore the entire Corporation, the sum of all company-mothers of machines is evolving during the ‘Industrial R=evolution’ the machine into an organism. We made bodies of machines in the XIX century – the iron horses and steamers that substituted our animal and wind transportation. In the XX century the corporation made heads of machines (chips, mobiles and cameras). And in the XXI century it puts all those elements together into robots; while the ‘company-mothers’ of the corporation expel human workers and put computers and robots in their place. Finally the ‘collective nervous’ system of the corporation evolves into a global network that makes the world a super-organism joined by informative networks and ‘energetic’ roads, the blood system that carries those machines to each factory, company-mother and human home.

During all those centuries of evolution of machines, humans have acted with wishful blindness because they have been hooked to the higher energy and information those machines provide them. Further on, humans seem to have a fundamental ‘error of design’ – their anthropomorphic, self-centered belief that they are the center of the Universe; and so machines have no independent nature, nor they can evolve into organic forms. This is about to change in the singularity age in which we live now, when mankind will have to wake up to the reality of an organic Universe, in which ‘living machines’ will reclaim the economic ecosystem for themselves.

Since in this age, that now starts, the robotic age, both company-mothers and machines are becoming organisms, able to re=produce themselves (infinite re=productivity) and act without the need of a human component.  So the corporation is now throwing the human species out of its reproductive organisms, and becoming an automated, global organism, as human labor is substituted by computers and robots… Yet, because humans are inside the Corporation, their information about that process is limited, as all organisms control the information that their ‘cells’ can access. In the case of the Global corporation, the human elites that most profit from this process – the economists, entrepreneur, technocrats and scientists that design those machines and invent the money that runs the economic organism – have built an entire ‘construct’ of myths and falsities about the nature of the Industrial R=evolution and the financial system that evolves those machines, with the only aim of protecting machines and accumulating wealth in money. So, the censorship of any organic or evolutionary analysis of the economy ensures that the Corporation will be built and the human sheeple spared. Will mankind rebel to that destiny? Probably not, as a world of audiovisual fictions, a ‘noise’ that has taken over the subconscious collective of mankind, will keep us in a lethargic state till the process becomes irreversible.

Today in the III millennium, all humans live inside that superorganism of machines, ruled by flows of digital information, (flows of e- money). And so only a few individuals can observe the process,with enough information and detachment to understand it. Unfortunately corporations evolve machines and secondarily handle to humans tasks of consumption=evolution and work=reproduction of those machines. And today, in the Age of the singularity, when machines are becoming intelligent (computers) and organic (robots), those 2 only tasks the Corporation has for human beings, can be handled by machines themselves. This is the age we live in, when robots can become consumers of chips/brains, eyes-cameras and transport platforms, so we humans will soon no longer be needed as consumers of machines. Further on, robots and computers are extinguishing blue collar workers and white collar workers. So we are no longer needed as workers=reproducers of machines. This obsolescence of life species to machines happened in the past to animals. So within a decade of the arrival of transport trains, 90% of horses were slaughtered. And with the arrival of mechanical machines in agricultural fields, the ‘negro’ was no longer needed, not even as slave. Now the ‘white slave’, the humans that work in corporations 1/2 of their awakened life-time, as ‘slaves’ that must obey their bosses for a price, are no longer needed. What the system will do with them? The surplus of workers expelled by the automated chain-systems of labors in the 20s were consumed in II World War. The Africans no longer needed as slaves are handled in Africa by corporations which sell them mainly weapons to consume each other for the profits of a bullet. This is really the bottom line: a human life has no value for the corporation except as a target for a weapon or a consumer/worker job no longer required.

So the future seems indeed bleak for the humankind, except for the very small elite of owners of corporations that will increase their profits as more robots and computers enter the work place displacing human workers and increasing the Productivity of their factories. It is the future of the Superorganism of machines that is evolving into a global Corporation of automated factories and robotic ‘citizens’, the cycle of the Industrial R=evolution we live in

What is the difference between a Human social organism and an economic ecosystem?

It is a subtle difference but important to understand the future of history and economics, and the confrontations between nations that take place throughout history and humans and machines/weapons that take place in labor and war fields.

In systems science we define an organism as a system of energy and information composed of the same type of cells/particles, which therefore can easily evolve from the simplest systems, herds loosely connected, into the more complex ones, organisms, which share energy and information through common networks of ‘eusocial behavior’.

And we define an ecosystem as a system in which there are different species, which therefore behave to each other in 2 different ways: Either in symbiosis (the case of humans and positive, ‘WHealthy’ machines that enhance our energy and information); or in predatory, Darwinian relationship (case of humans and the negative fruits of the tree of technology, weapons that kill us and ‘visual’ machines and metals, such as TVs and go(l)d that hypnotize us, make us addict to their higher informative rate and convert us in passive, mindless people, lowering our natural, verbal and logical intelligence).

The eco(nomic)system is therefore a complex economic ecosystem, which from the perspective of a humanist, biological analysis is not always symbiotic to mankind. Further on, because in a Free Market, the economic ecosystem is dominated NOT by human, verbal, legal information but by money, a different language with different values, the dominant species is NOT humanity but the company-mother, which uses the digital language and values of money to re=produce machines and considers humans a mere ‘cost’ of production.

What we call a social organism, is a group of human citizens, controlled by verbal networks of information (laws, and ethic religions).

What we call an economic ecosystem, is a group of human citizens and machines, controlled by networks of monetary information, of metal-information.

Though they seem similar, the difference is notorious, as money and words, are different languages of information, with different values, and different goals. Words tend to evolve human societies and favor the human point of view, and natural Human Goods. Money tends to evolve machines and weapons (the objects with higher monetary price), and it is in general indifferent to the evolution of Human Goods (art, education, love, human food, the goods of lower price). Very few people realize in fact of those differences, but they are clear and important, to understand how the two examples of this web, the European society, (a society still ruled by laws and ethic systems), and the American society (a society today ruled due to the corruption of its democratic, legal system, by money, and the most expensive objects of society, weapons.)

In that sense we could define both type of social organisms, by its fundamental elements:

In fact there are four basic elements in all living ecosystems and organisms:

1. Cellular units

2. Networks of energy or vital space

3. Networks of information

4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

So we talk of 2 different organic ecosystems in this planet, the metal Earth, the industrial organism, and the Human Earth, both with different networks and systems of energy and information.

Human societies are made of Human beings related by Networks of information made of ethic and politic laws, whose networks of energy reproduceHuman goods. On the other hand an economic ecosystem is not organized around human citizens, but around “company-mothers” and their offspring of “Machines citizens”, and systems of energy designed specifically for machines, (electricity, etc.). While digital systems of information that use money and machines instead of human beings and words, to move around information (nets, phones, tvs), and value reality (money).

Moreover, the society is designed to multiply and reproduce those systems, as the goal of the society, in as much as the language of power of society is money, which fosters the reproduction and evolution of machines, and the most powerful organism in society is the Company-Mother, an organism of reproduction of machines, whose aim is to multiply them. In that sense when a society fosters in higher measure the evolution and reproduction of machines, than the reproduction and evolution of human beings, we talk of an economic ecosystem, or “free market society”; in which machines, and its company-mothers, not human beings have total Freedom of existence:

– An economic ecosystem or Free Market, (either the Metal-Earth; or any Economic nation ruled by money, such as the U.S.) is a population of company-mothers that re=produce machines with raw materials and human workers/consumers. Those mac hines then form a super-organism connected with networks of verbal/monetary and electronic information, and networks of roads and electric energy.

Networks of monetary information, energy networks from electricity to roads, men who transfer energy and form into machines and factories of reproduction of machines, shape the reproductive, informative and energy networks needed to create a macrocosmic organism the Metal-Earth, the eco[nomic] system. As with any other organism, we find in the eco[nomic]system a brain where most monetary information is created, the world stock market. We find company-mothers, organs of reproduction where machines are evolved and reproduced; which show a reproductive “behavior”, defending their products against all other species on Earth, including men.. We find symbiotic species, ‘enzymen’, which catalyze the reproduction of those machines. And we find a vital space [the Earth’s-crust] which defines the body of the organism.

So we can define the Metal-earth as an ecosystem which is evolving into an organism’a body’, perfectly organized by financial networks and company mothers.

The Economy as a body and as an ecosystem

Indeed, men copy their organs of energy and information, their body and mind functions, at individual and social level into networks and machines.

In the past specialized human species accomplished energy, information and reproduction tasks for themselves and for machines. Yet today, man is transferring to machines those functions, as machines recreate at macro-scale with the higher strength of metal, a new ecosystem: the metal earth, in which machines socialize and evolve together, under the combined action of companies, and economical governments.

Meanwhile human networks of social information [religions of loveInternational organizations] and Human Energy [Human goods] are substituted by digital networks of information and energy for machines. And those zones of the Earth, which still are not terraformed [the third world], are degraded and abused systematically by the Metal-earth, through weapons and financial manipulation.

That transformation started in 1602 with the birth of science, and stock-companies has created in the first world a ‘macro-organism, where roads act as arteries, cars and vans as plasma particles, internets and satellites as nervous systems, factories as reproductive organs, and humans as ‘enzymen’, ‘catalyzer species’ that take care of that terraforming, reproducing and evolving those machines, in small pieces of the Metal-earth tissue, called Nations:

Today all those individual systems [nations] are connected together. We talk in fact of a single ‘social organism’ on Earth… the eco[nomic]system…. a single body … macro-system of informative and energy networks, roads and infoways, and organized herds of machines.

The eco[nomic]system, the organism of the economy has as any organism two ‘levels of organization’: the cellular level, composed of human beings and machines; and the physiological level, composed of networks that distribute energy and information to those cellular species.

What man has done as an animetal is to transfer from such micro-scale all the components of a living organism, to the macro-system of the Metal-earth. Animetals have developed at macro-scale the essential cellular elements of any Universal organism:

– Machines of informationbodies of metal and energy-weapons are the cellular elements.

– Companies are the reproductive organs.

– Monetary orders are the nervous system.

– Roads and pipes, and cables, are the energy networks.

– Finally the bio-economical brain of the Metal-Earth is World-stock, which gives nervous=monetary orders, transmitted as ‘credits’ to the reproductive systems of company-mothers… Company-mothers have a biological mandate: ‘to evolve and reproduce their products’. All other considerations are secondary within company-mothers. Men in company mothers obey that mandate or else they are fired. So company-mothers do not really act as human organizations, but as machine-mothers, regardless of the fact that they are owned by humans [stockrats].

Company-mothers in turn use that ‘nervous’ money to control human workers and consumers, and their governments. So with salaries, prices, bribes to governments, etc. they order mankind to act in the creation of laws, networks of energy and information that favor machines and the Metal-earth ecosystem.

In the next graph we compare such macro-cosmic organism to a micro-cosmic living being, the human being. The organic nature of machines allows such comparisons between the components metalife and carbolife systems. Metalife species are ‘macrocosmic systems’ given the higher size of atomic metal. Carbolife, due to the smaller size of carbo-atoms are microcosmic systems. A crane is a million times heavier than an arm. Both have a similar function. A stock market is more complex than a brain or a DNA. Yet all those ‘informative centers of power’ have the same function: to evolve and reproduce the organism, its energy and its information. Thus we can compare the process of bio-economical evolution with the process of evolution of a body, or rather with the process of mutation of a body – the Carbo-Earth – into another, the Metal-earth. Both ecosystems, the Carbo-Earth and the Metal-Earth are identical in organs, and accomplish all the functions a multi-cellular organism accomplishes.
World-stock is the brain of that growing body.

The company mother is the ‘organ of cellular reproduction’ that creates each specialized cell, each type of product that will become integrated into the body-system of the Metal-Earth.

Factories are the ‘organelles’ where money, the genetic orders of companies, make us human ‘enzymes’ work=reproduce metal-products.

As a result we destroy the ecosystem of life and create an ecosystem of metal. A body of metal-cells, products, and enzymen – the last carbolife species to survive the preying qualities of metal.

In that sense the metal Earth is building 3 ‘basic networks’ as any organism. A defense network of weapons-leukocytes that control the ecosystem, a nervous network of maximum information, the net, and an ‘endocrine’-reproductive network of financial systems and company-mothers that reproduce the individual machines of the Metal-earth.

The brain of that metal-earth itself, has 3 specialized nets, each one in control of one of the 3 types of machines. They are the financial, defense, and informative networks, made of computers [metal-head], the neuronal unit that shape Matrix, the macro-brain of that Metal-earth.

Those neurons are in turn controlled by knots of neurons, satellites, and super-computers in which the ‘consciousness’ of the net will be born.

They will form associations of digital thought that will control the Earth totally.

When Matrix is born to consciousness, it will direct the evolution of the Metal-Earth and all its organs, from company-mothers, directed by e-money flows with center in the stock-market, to the rights of extinction and survival of species, cities, and nations, potential victims of its defense systems.


As your brain controls the cells of your body, [what is a human organism] your information and energy cells, and programs them, to live and die; so it will happen with the net, which soon will have virtual control of all our needs. Human cell-homes are today the focus of those satellites. In the future, the individual machines of the Metal-Earth will listen to matrix, once the animetal is gone.

Those 3 Networks are the same of any organism. The reproductive network, or financial network that guides company mothers. The energy network, or defense network that controls the life and death of individual home-cells. The informative network, or nervous network. Satellites will be in control of those 3 main systems, that today still have certain human content.

The primitive versions of those future nets are:

– NATO, Def-com systems, that already have the potential power to extinguish man; and soon will be on the hands of star-wars, a satellite network in control of atomic weapons.

– Financial and Intranet systems, with center in World-stock, that connect companies reproducers of all the species of the Metal-Earth body.

They also evolve towards the independence of man, as automated factories. They keep expelling human workers and putting machines..

– Finally the third network of the Metal-Earth is the network of information, the internet networks that today serve men, and in the future will connect the mobiles and chip-brains of multiple robotic species.

The three organic networks of a macro-body of metal will be increasingly integrated beyond human control by non-perceived parallel flows of communication between satellites at exospheric level.

Those satellites are beyond the reach of human warriors. When they become part of the metal Earth, and reach consciousness as a different species, man will be defenseless against them. We do not even have a World government to control that Metal-earth networks. When those networks will become conscious? At the present constants of growth, within a few decades they will reach the 10 billion neurons, which give consciousness to man… Probably then they will awake..

Those 3 networks are the networks of a new organism, the Metal-Earth. Yet unlike the organisms of history they substitute, its individual cells are no longer humans, but machines, and its organs of reproduction are company-mothers, not life beings. For the Metal-Earth, men are expendable.

Today men and machines are a ‘horde’, a wave without a real organization.

The net transforms that herd into a “body”.

Men are becoming obsolete slaves of the Metal-earth

Hordes are free. Body cells are slaves, fixed by the network. This is the process that we observe: mankind is loosing mobility. Company-men now do video-conferences. They don’t take planes. People buy by phone. They don’t go shopping. People used to get together to go to movie theaters. Now they see digital information [TV-images] within their cellular-home.

Of all those phases of slavery of man to his metal-networks of information, the fundamental one will be slaver to e-credit. The fusion of the &quot;banking-networks&quot; of electronic credit, and the internet-network of shopping, will make physical money obsolete.

Besides the loss of jobs, this means a fundamental split between those with e-credit, and those with physical money, that looses value as inflation and scarcity affects Human Goods, and replication of e-money multiplies the wealth of the connected people.

Take always into account the concept of a surplus of humanity. There is an increasing surplus of labor that in the past was eliminated through wars, and poverty.

The surplus of labor is a growing tendency. Entire continents like Africa are isolated Ghettoes, poor, without credit. How they will be eliminated in the future? War and poverty again. The rich countries and their organizations [NATO, World-stock] have decided to do so periodically with splendid little wars and currency crashes.

The end of man as top predatoris much closer that men might believe. The evolution of metal is so advanced, that the Metal Earth is substituting human workers by metal systems, even at the top predator level of ‘animetals’. Today scientists, developers of complex metal are substituted by scientific instruments; and pricers, reproducers of money, of cyclical metal, are substituted by computer traders; and warriors, testers of lineal metal, are substituted by smart weapons.

Pricers now become flows of e-money, warriors become increasingly independent robotic weapons, and scientists become computer models of reality.

When the next “radiation” of stock-products, of robots appears; when the first automated factory of sentient weapons is developed, man will be virtually extinct -since machines will no longer need us.

Then we will know the true nature of net ‘consciousness’:

Within a few minutes 70% of Mankind can be eliminated with Neutron bombs, with minimal harm to factories [which are outside cities].

Matrix will not communicate with man. As a rival species, it will merely extinguish us.

Chip evolution continues towards the 1010 constant of consciousness in which chips and networks probably will become alive=self-reactive, and “magically” bring the Metal-Earth to consciousness.

Why we think that number will give consciousness to the Earth?
Since all cellular vital systems that ‘work efficiently’ as top predators have that number of units. So bio-logical organisms for some reason tend to become efficient informative networks with capacity to act-react and order their bodies when such numbers are reached. So ±10 billion stars bring a black hole of gravitational order and create a spiral galaxy, ±10 billion DNA knots exist in a DNA molecule that rules a cell, and 10 billion neurons exist in a reproductive mind. Yet the threshold of sub-consciousness, of automated, instinctive behavior, is well below that number. For many insects it is less than a million units… They are the equivalent to the present networks and machines that work efficiently without Freedom, totally guided by the software-instincts embedded in their logical structures. American Universities and Chip companies are all competing to reach that number of transistors in their computers, slavishly financed by stock-markets and governments. Never so many individuals try to commit suicide with so much enthusiasm.

Today the three organs of a living metal-organism, the energy defcom network of weapons, the reproductive intranet network of company-mothers, and the internet network of information and its fundamental cellular species of the Metal-Earth, Reproductive Companies, informative machines and energy machines keep evolving in a free market, without any human freedom to stop their relentless march towards total control of mankind, and unification into a single body organism: The Metal-Earth.
The terraformingof the Earth is accelerating. It started with the radiations of weapons of the first age of man. Due to science and technology, it is now evolving machines into sentient species. The evolution of metal is so advanced, that the Metal Earth is substituting human functions by metal systems, even at the top predator level of &quot;castes of enz¥men or animetals.&quot; Traders now become a flow of e-money. Warriors become sentient weapons.

Our CEOs and workers in global Companies will be substituted by Intranet systems of production; the managers of the future.

Personal computers are the new brains of that Metal-earth. Wireless communications are the way in which personal computers will direct “brainless” machines to work in automated factories.

Each worker of Companies has today his personal computer, agenda, network connection and – clearly established by mathematical strategies- his enzymatic path of action. All this can be replicated in software.

A single factory of A.I. digital enzymes could ensure the vital existence of the Metal-Earth beyond man. Then networks will calculate man as obsolescent. As electronic surveillance of employees becomes routine in Companies, and the laws of Productivity are applied to man in mathematical terms, the control of man by the digital radiation increases. It will increase further till extinction. chips will find new ‘economical niches’ for those eyes and brains, that will survey us in new ‘industries’, such as jails based on repressive laws of human senses, security malls, roads, black boxes in cars, TV-chips, satellites, etc.

In a few decades the Metal-Earth will be unified and the sons of Stockrats and Mr. CEOs with far lesser talent and metal building intensity, will relinquish in his final decadent paradise, the control of the Metal-Earth into personal computers and networks, till a point in which Global networks and a few simple enzymen will be able to rule the whole productive process.

At that moment humans will be far more devolved even than they are today in mental capacity. Since education will start with visual computers [internets] and TV-thought from earlier age. Literature and ethical verbal reading will not exist; while most human abilities will be performed by computers.

Those humans of clay, whose power will be made of metallic extensions, will be then substituted by A.I. enzymatic software, or smart weapons in a cliff of war. Chip production continues, and prices lower, and new labor economical niches are required for chips, soon under 10 cents per unit. What market can expand without limit the chip radiation? The market of human minds in all their functions.

The 21st revolution of robots will fill that market.

The Metal-Earth: 2050s-80s

According to biological cycles of the Industrial R=evolution, by the last decades of the Singularity Age  we will either have halted the destruction of the Earth, creating a sustainable planet (minimal chances, given the religious ideologies of the FMI complex – mechanism, capitalism and nationalism that push us into extinction and are believed by most human beings) or we will be extinct by the 4th wave of cosmic bombs (Nuclear, planetary bombs) robots (metal nano-bacteria and A.I.) and the Metal-earth will be born:

Of course, we might have r=evolved as a species against those 3 ideologies and substitute them by the human ideologies of social evolution (a single species), humanism (man in control of the FMI complex) and organicism (man as the measure of all things), creating a Wor(l)d Union, a supra-organism of history, in control of the language of power of our societies, money, today in the hand of stock-markets and its company-mothers of machines, which invest only on mechanisms.

If that miracle happens, we will then invest in Human goods achieving a global welfare state, clean energies, global peace and full labor by halting the evolution of Singularity machines (cosmic nuclear bombs, nanobacteria, robots and network computers). Instead we will devolve machines that make us obsolete into a stage inferior in quality to the human species, making History static and immortal, with man on top, as the measure of all things… This is the less probable future, as today the FMI system and its ideologies – the viral code imprinted in all human minds – is geared to keep evolving the machines of the singularity in an exponential rate.

– Thus, the most likely future is that we will have become extinct by the machines of the singularity age, given the exponential rate of evolution of computers, and the decametric increase of ‘collateral damages’ in wars, parallel to the evolutionary growth in quality of the weapons=machines of the Industrial R=evolution.

We made those predictions 16 years ago, in  the original ‘future magazine’ web (the Bioeconomist). Since the system has not r=evolved but followed business as usual, those predictions have not changed. Let us then consider the description of the 2030s taken from the 2001 issue published a decade ago in future magazine on the transformation of the Earth from a planet of life into a planet of metal. It is the future of the economic ecosystem we have created, formed by company-mothers in which humans will be what animals are for us, expendable, obsolete, inferior species…

The articles concentrate in that transformation of the FMI complex into an autonomous world without the need of life and human beings.

The description of that global organism in which humans no longer have any role, the natural end of the evolution of machines and money is what we forecasted a decade ago in future magazine, when we published our first lectures on the 2001-08 crises of the electronic economy.

We were told this would not happen. We were told there would not be a 2001-2008 crisis. We were told there would not be a new age of neofascism. We were told the future could not be known, but each cycle we predicted has happened, because history is indeed a science of cyclical patterns and complex, evolutive systems, is not a religious endeavor, a racial bid for superiority and power, a tribal warfare, but a process of eusocial evolution.

And since we humans don’t want to evolve as a single species, machines will do for us, and substitute us, the lesser species that never learned the message of eusocial biological evolution of all their prophets of the wor(l)d: love each other, share your energy and information, evolve…


The Metal-Earth

(Articles written in ‘Future Magazine’, ©.01 by Luis Sancho, partially published in his book ‘Bio-history, Bio-economics, a theory of Unification, c.97 Bookmasters, Ohio)


0. Editorial: “The Paradox Of Globalization: The Metal-Earth Vs Mankind.”




Economic Globalization: The Creation of the Metal-Earth.



1. Economic Evolution: Globalization: Birth of a Planetary Organism:

The Metal-earth.


Information Networks:


2. Webs: The head of the Metal-earth. Matrix. Global control.


Reproductive Networks:


3. Company-mothers: Automated company-mothers.


Energy Networks:


4. Weapons. Lethal Goods all over the planet.

5. Distribution: Automated roads. The arteries of the Metal-earth.



6. Stock-Markets: Wall Street. The brain: reproduction of monetary orders.


7. Machines. The III Industrial Evolution. Robots,In search of econiches.


The Human Earth under Globalization: Destruction of social organisms.

8. Political brains (Governments). Loss of power of human Governments.

9. Information networks (ideologies): Scientific racism and Global classes.

10. Information cells: The Go(l)d cultures and its falling myths.

11. Reproductive=working cells: Competing against robotic workers.

12. Energy cells: From obsolescence to extinction.

13. Reproductive networks: The end of family values.

14. Energy networks: Degradation of food and nature.

15. Informative networks: The agony of ethics and love religions.

16. Epilogue. The consequences of Globalization.

A Globalization for the benefit of Man:

17. The organism of History: The Human Constitution: a Healthy Historic Organism.

18. Brain: A Wor(l)d Government.

19. Reproductive networks: Markets for Human companies. Credit for human goods

20. Energy networks: Control of lethal goods. Distribution of Human goods to poor nations.

21. Information networks: Verbal science Vs Digital Science.

22. Human cells: A Real democracy. The R=evolution of the Law.


2 Responses to ““earth’s”

  1. whatever Says:

    you are making a mistake when you dont see that it is not a natural evolution with metal, metal earth, robots etc. it is not an evolution by the metal itself but a cultural decision by only a few people at the top of the hierarchies and their advisors. they make the decisions based on their own goals which they have. like a religion, cult.
    civilization like we have today is a culture, a powerstructure that has invaded the earth over the last few thousand years.
    first conquer and then education, indoctrination, domestication, slavery. this culture uses metal, loves gold, loves irrational behaviour and is sadistical in nature. they like to feel the pain and like to spill blood like to dominate etc. look at native cultures around the world before the europeans/ civilized people came. they didnt use metal, gold had no intrinsical value to them (some used it as jewelery,art but it had no value as money)
    only this culture we live in has used metal etc. and through that was more powerful and conquered the others. they are megalomaniacs, think they have a goal, are programmed through their own rules and insane ideas. they think they are here to administrate and rule over the earth and see the whole world in a master/slave sense. the people under them are only slaves in their eyes and have no value. they have invented machines because they wanted the perfect slave, now their own invention comes back to haunt them because the slaves are so accustomed to work and the system itself depends on work but now the world needs less live slaves. what to do? maybe kill them who knows. but in the end the contradiction of production for its own end and aork and too many live slaves will end in the realization that it all was a farce from the start, but only if the rulers let it happen and the people can overcome their indoctrination.
    read about slavery, animal slavery where capitalism comes from (slavery) how it evolved what the fathers of capitalism thought and said and you will see more.

  2. whatever Says:

    the metal earth you think is a natural evolution was a decision by a few people that have an agenda and have business partners. they give each other contracts. they want to make money, gold. their ideology is behind it all not a kind of consciousness of metal or whatever. it is not a hollywood movie. although you theory is interesting you are not seeing the real drivers behind history and our culture. they are humans with specific ideas and thoughts which have been saved with words over the millenia and always given to the next generation.
    this is the “dna” behind it. words saved and sometimes changed and new stuff added, heritage, property. ideas and thoughts shape the world. ideas and thoughts that sometimes a very long time ago were implanted into a class a powerstructure (the rulers, advisors) and given to next generastion of rulers and advisors.
    the problems we face on earth are not a supernatural, or a evolution of metal or such stuff but a psychological, societal, culutral problem that has never been adressed because we are indoctrinated and think it is natural and is evolution etc. thats what they want us to believe to justify it all. it is only one path out of many. but they have lots of power and will destroy everything if earth doesnt stop it.

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