The Scientists=Historians of the Future=Prophets of mankind.

In the graph, in the 2 ages of man, that of creation of the superorganisms of history based in the eusocial arrow of love, spelt in the Books of Revelation of the classic prophets of the age of life, and that of the destruction of those superorganisms, in the age of the machine that predates over life, the destiny of the scientists of history, historians of the future, able to describe with accuracy, according to each age and language and audience, with the jargons of each civilization, the laws of eusocial love that create the super-organisms of the Universe, including those of mankind, have been very different: The prophets of the age of life, accordingly became masters of billions of human cells that created sound superorganisms of history, ‘Gods’ in the mystique language, probably co-existing in a higher ‘plane of existence’ of the fractal discontinous Universe, discovered and mathematized by this writer. The prophets of eusocial love of the age of the machine, when mankind is dying and its social superorganisms are torn apart by inquisitions go(l)d churches, weapons and money, lived an obscure life, on the sides of society, prosecuted or ignored, as it happens in all ‘dead bodies’, where the head of ‘pure information’, the neurons that those prophets of the science of history represent, no longer have connection with the body of human cells and so are ‘wasted’.  In the graph in B&W the 3 master historians of the Industrial R=evolution, Marx, the master of the I Cycle, Spengler the master of the II cycle and this author, who completed their work with the evolution of Systems sciences, and the application of the laws of the fractal, organic, self-reproductive Universe of Time Cycles to Social Sciences and found in 20 years not a single University on planet Earth interested in teaching the Science of History=Mankind. Because ultimately mankind and its ethic, nervous networks have ceased to exist. So as a friend from Brisbane University who tried to help on that endeavor put it to me years ago: ‘your work seems to come from other planet’. Indeed, the self-similar fractal Universe have infinite planets and in some of them mankind resurrects by the power of love, which is the ultimate force of evolution of the eusocial Universe that puts together atoms into molecules, cells, organisms and social superorganism – not though in this planet where the religions of eviL-antilife memes, of nationalistic, capitalistic, techno-utopian gurus and antiprophets of history, studied at the end of this post have carried the day. Good Luck, Homo Bacteria… Your time will soon be over. Since indeed, those 3 last prophets of eusocial love ended in their old age becoming prophets of extinctions the old prophets of the Jewish Tradition were, once they realized go(l)d will never yield to the power of love but murder it.

All sciences are able to predict the future of the species they study according to past cycles, which will be repeated ad infinitum in the fractal Universe in all the games of creation and destruction of history=Mankind. In all those sciences of history, the species we study are civilization, culturess, nations and religions, parts of the whole organism of history, mankind, called in the prophetic age, ‘God’. Thus the first scientists of history were the prophets of social love, who spelt the Universal mandate of social evolution that evolves particles into atoms into molecules into cells into organisms into societies. They spelt the laws of eusocial love that created those superorganisms, and were able to form them. The most successful according to the prophetic repetitive cycle, already foreseen in the old Hindi tradition of the Yugas, of 600 years gave birth to 3 ‘avatars’ of the Mind of God-mankind, the superorganism of history: Buddha (youth, naive message of love) and then 600 years latter, Jesus (maturity of the message of love) and then 600 years latter Mhmd (old, strict message of love).

But none of them succeeded creating a global superorganism, a religion of all mankind and ended corrupted into churches of gold and inquisitions of weapons – thus succumbing to the lethal, destructive power of metal. Then it was the time of the superorganism of metal and the ‘antichrist’ to destroy it. And so 600 years latter, the clock and the gunpowder cannon were discovered (1200) and 600 years latter the Machine and the logic of computers appeared. Those cycles have been studied in other sections of the web. It then, started the cycle of extinction of history and so the ‘last prophets’ of eusocial love would fail and be totally ignored or their message degraded, in the 3 ‘cycles of evolution’ of machines studied in depth in this web. Marx, the prophet of the age of bodies of metal or age of England, Spengler the prophet of the age of hearts=engines of metal or age of Germany and Ls, the prophet of the age of minds of metal, or age of America, would adapt that message of eusocial love to the age of the machine and biological sciences, defining with increasing complexity and accuracy the biological social laws of the sperorganisms of history and the machine. But in as much as they lived the age of human extinction, their work was ignored, transvestized and used in fact to promote the machine they criticize (Communism, which has nothing to do with Marx theories; Nazism which has nothing to do with Spengler theories and perhaps in decades to come general systems sciences, which already is applied to the evolution of comptuers and networks and has nothing to do with its application to history, explained in this web). Ignored in life, twisted in death, the destiny of Historians of the Future is thus reverse in the age of the machine to that of the age of life, a clear proof that history is death, the body of mankind agonizing, its ethic networks collapsed and all what is left are individual selfish cells in a rigor mortis, as the organism of Gaia is invaded by new waves of machines that kill it. So as in a dead body, the science of history and the neurons of the organism have no longer any role. So happens to all other artists and prophets of the wor(l)d and I=eye of man who enter the deconstructivist phase of history. Thus this diary will be the chronicle of a foretold death, narrating the collapse of the nervous and blood system of tha torgaism – the ethics of eusocial love and the goods of the welfare state that sustain life, now substituted by the ‘invasion  of the metallic germs’ which create the new organism of metal that devour us.

UPDATE. NOVEMBER 2012. A limited audience in the age of internet fa$cism.

At the request of a reader, ‘homo verbalis’, i will try to communicate more and write a weekly newsletter on the news-peaks and zeitgeist of each DAY, translating its meaning to the reality of biohistory and bioeconomics.

‘i will try’, given the scanty interest a ‘real’ perception of the ‘non- future of history’ has for the cells that live or rather are dying/devolving within it. I understand… At this point of history I wouldn’t recommend unless you are a true warrior of human thought to immerse yourself in the destiny of history. Nobody likes to wonder among corpses except perhaps the Jewish Intelligentzia of the Holocuast industry. Live teh day, carpe diem, enjoy the fruits of life and love while it last. But if you are still here…

I cannot avoid its responsibility for my discoveries. As a friend writer who did, told me, you ‘carry the sisifus stone’. And i do.

It is thus in an scholar sense a short of obligation to write this diary, and in an spiritual way a short of medical cure as one cannot stop thinking about that future. As the content of this web and my discoveries in social sciences might if some ethical miracle/conversion happens, be of certain use to the collective.

Let us be clear enough who I am from my subjective scholar point of view – considering of course that this is not an ego trip but in a structural sense, we writers are not ‘human lives’ but ‘forms of thought’, who just tap into a wider informative, structural reality, mirrors whose ‘names’ don’t matter – only his work in as much as it reflects the laws of the Universe with more lucidity than other minds; and so should become ‘knots of thought’ of the collective web of the human spirit.

So the model cannot let to die so easily and it requires a certain effort.

So what is the meaning of this work/mind/knot of thought in the context of the evolution of the science of history? As i said my life doesn’t matter but some background is needed on the brain content. I have studied economics, law, biology, physics and film in Europe and America (again places don’t matter, a knot of thought in fact today with virtual libraries could be born in galapagos islands and be of the same importance that Einstein was, as now all ‘has been written’ and ‘digitalized’.

In that sense after my studies and learning from life according to Leonardo’s motto I did teach some of my discoveries and have mostly given scientific conferences on time theory and systems science.

I was also for a few years the world chair of the science of duality, formerly ‘dialectics’ and that connects you if you know of what i talk, with the science of history. And indeed, I sign ‘future of history’ because that is what I consider myself, a historian of the future – the only possible definition of a scientist of history, as any science is defined as such only when it can interpret the future of the species it studies, according to the patterns of its cyclical past.

Now history is an organism, a super-organism and only the use of biological, sophisticated system laws regarding time change can explain it. Hence the need to study those disciplines to become a historian of the Future. I will not bother the reader with my life and curriculum, only to consider who I compare myself with.

The father of all of us is one of my countrymen, called Ibn Khaldun, a Spaniard of the Middle Ages, which Mr. Toynbee, the best scientist of history of the English culture called appropiately the most important scientist of history and the father of the discipline. He is.

Or rather in structural terms, his book, The Muqaddimah.

But his ‘modern’ followers in the business of finding the laws of history and its social organisms start with the change of apradigm in history from the ‘future of life’ that man represented, to the future of metal than the machine brought about.

Thus with the machine, and the 3 cycles of its evolution, the age of bodies of metal (beginning of XIX century), or age of britain, the age of engines of metal or age of Germany till II world war, and the age of heads of metal or age of America since II world war till this 2008 crisis, there have been ‘organic historians’, masters of the discipline one for each cycle, one for each nation. And this were:

– Marx, which though German, studied and worked his masterpiece in England, and perfectly understood the future crisis of overproduction of machines. he was greatly influenced by Hegel, hence adopting the more advanced dialectic logic to understand the feed-back relationships between history and economics and he was greatly influenced by Darwin introducing biological concepts in the discipline. And he was indeed a ‘historian of the future’ forecasting the growign overproduction of amchines that will destroy human societies. He was the first non-religious historian of the future, substituting the prophets of ethics of which Ibn Khaldun takes notice to define the first ‘scientists’ fo this discipline (the last of one would be in his view mr. Mhmd).

This duality of the old age of prophetic historians and the modern age of scientific historians has been dealt with in other parts of the blog so we shall pass on it.

– Spengler would be the second master of history of the modern age, accordingly he was german living in german relating us the end of the German republic in the 1940s due to the corruption of weapons and the end of the Aemrican republic in the 2000s due to the corruption of money. Again he was greatly influenced by Biology and his pioneer work in the biological study of social superorganisms is impressive.

– Then is me, yes, sorry, not me, egotrip slip, the ‘next phase of the model that this blog represents’ (-;, following the path of Ibn Khaldun, Marx and Spengler – the correct one to describe scientifically history. So to comment on the III industrial R=evolution, its end and its future, on the path of those previous masters, there you have this blog. And so i think it is needed some diary… also for therapeutic reasons… (one would say to expel it from my mind). Let us remember that Mr. Marx and Mr. Spengler lived a censored life and had never a chance to explain fully all what they had to say except in writings in the case of Marx, a very disciplined person, unlike Spengler and myself.

But I am spaniard in my passport, catalan maybe soon – not a theme of importance to treat here – and I am explaining the III cycle of overproduction of chips, the American age. Well, my case is more akin to Marx. He enjoyed his r=evolutionary life and youth in Europe as I did, then he studied and wrote his books discontinuously in Britain. So i did since i went to live first to London, then to NY where I started an MFA at Columbia U. and worked then  in Wall Street and Hollywood. And wrote my books in the British Library – my first finding studying the papers of the first corporations, and then once I abandoned Hollywood’s ‘velvet carpet’ and its traps in the Santa Monica Library where you can probably find me asking a bit around the librarians who wonder still who is that guy that for 20 years has been reading all what is worth to read, including the entire Judaica Encyclopedia (modern abriged version).

In brief, if you can escape judging me in ‘individual ego-terms’, what I contend is that the model of this web (or the encyclopedic book, ‘God, man and Universe’ written in spanish that resumes it all), is the next step in the process of creating a  real ‘science of history’, based in the biological, eusocial laws of the Universe, the third in the series of the western industrial era, after ‘Das Kapital’ and ‘The decadence of the West’ +The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, able to provide both an accurate description of the cycles of history and the proper solutions to stirr history in the right path.

But of course, those whoa re taking history to its end, are not never were and will be interested in reforming it, so as their power increases, the ‘sound’ ethic model of history has less adepts and finally will die away. And nobody will care, because the Darwinian Universe doesn’t care for advanced decomposed corpses, specially when the cells are ‘festering’ in their rigor mortis and the neurons laughed at – no longer able to send messages, without control of the information systems of the body, no longer even able to get enough energy to keep going as the body cells no longer feed them.

The case of Mr. Spengler, who could no go beyond a small position in a Gymnasium, was sided obviously by the Reich, etc. etc. is telling of that debacle that the ‘useless’ (in a death body), cells of a neuornal brain suffer after death. Essentially you cut the head and eat the body. So nobody cares about the ethic neurons of the body of history – doctors, ethic priests, ethic writers likes this blog are and have been ignored and sided by the dominant capitalist cult(ure) for centuries. The entire psyche of science, both in economic sand physics, the sciences of money and machines& weapon turns around the negation of ethics, which is the science of human survival, since they are killing life. So the result is a race of puppets and children of thought who laugh a lot to their own death they neither believe nor understand..

As Mr. Spengler did not tackle properly the second crisis of overproduction of economics, hence we need for the second cycle, unlike Das Kapital and ‘God, man and Universe’ two books/minds to describe properly the second cycle.

Now of course, this is NOT the scholar narrative, and the reader should not fail to observe the increasing censorship of the master works of history. Certainly even if he is a cultivated mind, he probably has never heard about Mr. Khaldun, probably never read Das Kapital and The Decadence of the West, and needless to say this blogger must sound like a joke to him.

But this is indeed just another proof of the increasing death of the body of history, since its bio-ethic, eusocial scientific books that describe its laws are ‘never heard’ as the messages of ethic, nervous, coordinated behavior of a body in a dead brain cannot be heard. In ‘zeitgeist’ we have considered that analysis in more detail – on the relationship between news and how they mirror the process of death of history. 

But of course, history keeps having scholars as economic does, which are promoted to the category of geniuses by the pseudo-left and real right and all sell the same deja vu ideas, with more or less caring for the suffering of mankind, but never truly going to the bolts and nuts of the corrupted system.  And for that reason obviously failing systematically to project accurately the future – at best when it is here, and in local terms, as Mr. Roubini did with the NOT mortgage crisis (the Mortgage element was just the last type of e-money, hence the crisis is one of overproduction of e-money that is caused by the overproduction of chips and hence it will NOT end as new e-money scams will be deviced).

So who are the ‘official historians’? Well you have the right guys, like Fukuyama, telling us that history ends, not because we are about to die – that is the case, but because we enter ‘the final democratic/capitalist paradise’. Ergo yet other book for the system. And you have the ‘clash of civilizations’, another islamophobian book of huntington? can’t even remember his name. Those were the last fads of the propaganda system. But the right has also his ‘gurus’, which of course, are caring people analysing small themes without depth and passing on the great ones.

In History you have 2 ‘left wing’ jewish scholars praised in those libraries, who unfortunately have no idea of history as a science, nor bring anything new. And that is the key – nothing new, no evolution, so no provocaiton. Sorry penpal Chomsky, you neither… In the long filmed interview I have with you considered by the Jewish left wing intelligentzia the ‘most important historian/intellectual’ of the XX century along Hobsbawm, another proof of the esclerotic non-advancement of classic Marxism… I asked, what do you think of Spengler, and you told me you didn’t believe in groups and you were a ‘normal guy’, meaning there is no intention for accepting eusocial love as an engine in history that you vehemently denied. Not so. Then I asked what do you think of wall street and you got angry…

Some day i will put those two hours here commented. But all resumes in this: the ideological left has been destroyed by a placebo mask of intellectuals mostly Jewish, mostly pro-capital, pro-technology, pro-‘democracy’ in the banking sense, and mostly a wall, like the so-called lefit wing jewish politicians in Europe (Milliband Brothers, Moscovici and the Socialist party of France, the grandson of the Deutsche bank founders now ‘candidate of the left in Germany!) and so on.

The job has been done. And so the real historian must treat this pretentious left-wing Jewish banking submarine that cares a lot for homosexual rights, tobacco industries, the PETA project, global warming, the whales and the suffering of the Palestinians (you name your preferred one, all minor details compared to the destruction of the planet by corporative banking capital and armed industries.)

Because what XX century establishment historians have been doing both sides of the Berlin wall is not ‘history’ but data collection and supression and ideology and deviation of the great themes: the ever needed nationalization of the banking industry to issue money democratically from elected governments to create the welfare states people demand; the need to end Apartheid Israel, a scourge in the face of all mankind, which needless to say would end as soon as the banking industry is deisraelified and the ever pragmatic jewish people do a deal, and specially the need to treat technology as what it is, evolving species of metal, not ‘gifts of God and Nature always positive to man’. So those are themes they don’t deal with, and we deal with. Because we do belong to the right stream of knots of thought that since Genesis have DEALT WITH THE REAL QUESTIONS OF THE FUTURE OF HISTORY.

Hence, as nobody does what must be done, I feel compelled to keep writing as much as I would frankly, seriously be absolutely happy disappearing from this virtual machine that yes, I recognize my uselessness, never will r=evolve mankind, as r=evolutions are neither televised not facebooked and that is why so little hope there is for human change.

Why then indeed,there is so much incomprehension and ideology in the most important science of mankind.is ignored and censored? First its complexity. What defines our work is its polymath reach, its relationship with biology and time science and logic causality and law (all the careers i have now make sense from that needed polimath, as indeed you have to advance as i did logic science, mathematical science, bilogical sciences and time theory hence physics to fully grasp the most complex of all sciences, species and superorganism, man and its alter ego and nemesis the machine)…. The understanding of the full model is thus difficult; hence the slow spread of our work. But when our work becaem known, in Marx case with the Paris Commune, in Spengler with his after-war book and in my case with my activism against cern it was censored ever after. And that is the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ explained somewhere else in this blog.

So I am in a comfort zone with my predecessors in the forgottten yet most important science of mankind, the science of mankidn itelf, a species which can be studied as all species as a superorganism in which each person is a cell, each culture is an organ, and there are two superorganisms in battle, the sueprorganism of life and mankind, vs. the superorganism of metal and the cult*ures of go(l)d and iron that have substituted their human empathy for life by their worship and enslavery to the new species. That is the story that started with Genesis, perhaps the first scientist of history, far older than Ibn Khaldun, from the age of the prophets, and now we chornicle here.

The chornicle of a foretold death, indeed, told by a scientist of the future of history.

Indeed, and this is perhaps the reason this news diary comes not so often, frankly I don’t enjoy the news, try not to read news, and live outside the news because it is not nice to see a dying organism. And one gets drawn as I can see after reading what I wrote, to negative feelings about mankind. This is the problem of eviL=anti-life cult(ures) to greed and war. At the end you find in yourself increasing anger. It breaks your balance with the Universe, as most human things do these days.

By all accounts at this stage of the Industrial Revolution the main theme of modern history, the astoundingly fight of 3000 years for the control and issue of the language of social power, money, by democratic, elected governments vs. bankers should have ended.

Mankind should have long resolved the issue, put the law above money, create a global paradise, end the ‘scourge’ of war and be concerned by the real themes of our collective survival, the robotic radiation, the ecological global disaster, the extinction of life species, the end of poverty and hunger, the preservation of the diversity of cultures – we should in fact if we were doing ‘ok’ had come together into a single nation of multiple cultures and instead of using technology for weapons and murder of brother by brother, should be a single superorganism investing in peaceful NASA projects, a probe to the planet in Alpha centauri, etc. etc.

But the news revalidate the model of death not of resurrection of mankind… Reason why it is so painful to hear and write about them. One cannot remain in the dream, it must deal with the nightmare of the antiprophets of history, those who guide us towards extinction, evil children of thought, smart enough to twist those laws to their selfish advantage, selfish enough to condemn the organism to die in a few generations. Let us then introduce them, because they not us, in the age of historic death command, create and decide, cre(dit)ate the no future of history.

 The antiprophets of history. 

While the ‘theoretical’ prophets of a better world, based in the laws of eusocial love have clearly explained the route and actions to cre(dit)ate a paradise on Earth, based in the promotion of love and life goods, the praxis and final devolution of their messages and scientific discoveries has always been sooner than latter corrupted by memes of metal. Thus the number of ‘antiprophets’ of ‘antihumanist doctrines’ transvested, hidden under the work of the prophets of history is enormous and have finally created history in higher measure than the messages of love. In the graph, some of those antiprophets that carried the day and founded animetal civilizations that still endure: Aaron, the denier of the the Prophet Moses, worshipper of the golden calf, and father of the go(l)d religion of Judaism, which his brother condemned: ‘the jewish will suffer all their history for their love of money’ (Moses, Exodus); Calvin who returned to the ‘Arrian’ heresy of considering Christ and his mind/message of love, a secondary character to Yvwh, thus devolving back into judaism the r=evolution of Christianity, Cromwell (and his grand-grandson, named for a while the Messiah of Judaism) who exported Biblical supremacism and the go(l)d religion to the english-speaking world, true founders of the American dominant cultures today, Muawiyah, who converted Islam into a military inquisition and a hereditary empire, establishing the Yiyad that denied the message of love of the prophet and illuminates today Islamic Terrorism.

The same process happened to the scientists of history in the age of the machine and each of its cycles of overproduction. In the graph, Stalin who denied the laws of the Marxian R=evolution (global r=evolution, pacifism) and created the military dictatorship model of all communist regimes; Hitler who misused and transvested the organic science of history which was evolving in Germany between wars, of which Spengler was its foremost ‘prophet’ and finally the Robot T-800, still not yet operative, but researched by the likes of Rodney Brooks (i-robot), who will be the first Intelligent Machine (as the most evolved machines have always been weapons), probably a future generation of the most advanced Earth Robot-Terminator today, the Israeli Guardium, which will use the laws of cybernetics and systems sciences discovered among others by this writer and could be applied to design a perfect economic system. Thus theory and praxis have never coincided in the evolution of the organisms of history – a fact, we call the antiquantum paradox: since in an inverse fashion to the paradox of quantum physics, the prophet of history is so small compared to the organism of history within which he lives, that he can be ‘influenced’ by the ‘observable’, the animetal castes in power that will kill or misuse its doctrines, transvested into ‘metal-ideologies’ by the likes of those antiprophets. (The quantum paradox is just the opposite: the observable, the electron is so small compared to the scientist, the observer that just by observing it bombing the electron with a microscope it changes its state creating a similar uncertainty about the future position of the quantum wave).

Incidentally since the face is indeed the reflection of the soul (a theme of theory of information i might deal with if I ever widen the section of general systems sciences) the reader should have a close look to the similarity of faces between Calvin and Cromwell, with their expression of greed so clearly reflected in their eyes, and those of Hitler and Stalin with their ‘dead’ eyes and bigotry, proper of those who routinely kill and despise life.

Thus the ‘antiprophets’ of the present world are no longer human, even if human ‘enzymen’ are still operating and designing them. They are the future robotic machines that will extinguish life and the present audiovisual media with its messages of eviL and selfishness that have devolved already the collective, ethic mind of mankind, creating a race of ‘children of thought’, in perpetual neoteny that don’t worry about their survival, just want to be happy in the virtual matrix of fictions, the global network of misinformation provides.

This indifference of humans in their ‘neopaleolithic’ Y-Z generation of ‘children of thought’ who just want to be happy, sheeple, ready to be slaughtered singing ‘four legs good, 2 legs better’ I might say is an increasingly shared feeling on my case, as it was in the case of Orwell, Spengler, Marx, you name it… All those of us who fought in their youth with actions and words for the resurrection of the human kind, just to see how the sheeple followed the childish, don’t worry be happy, enjoy the egotrips of the machine, God will provide, manufacture of their brains. We have explained the dual root of the issue:

– Humans are overwhelmingly imprinted believers not rational thinkers with a critical view. So they follow a simple mathematical law: the maximal ‘amount of information’ deliver per unit of time appears as the truth, or in classic chinese thought ‘one image is worth one thousand words’.  And so all networks including internet, after some ‘discovery age’ positive to mankind (as in all machines), in which individual humanist heroes use the media for the common good it becomes taken over by capital to disseminate the Biblical dictum ‘people must be kept poor and ignorant to stay obedient’ of Mr. Calvin. Internet has reached that stage so perfectly described in the masterpiece of American r=evolutionary thought of the 7os, ‘network’.

Within those limits there is a 3rd reason this Diary is so scanty with only 4 articles in 2 years.

I don’t believe the human individual as guilty, only his ideologies, which are dealt better with a wider space-time span model described elsewhere in the web. Unfortunately while the wider vision of history and economics the model provides due to that larger time scale  does not focus on individuals and cultures, a day to day account of history and economics, in a ‘gilded’ age of corruption and militarism as the one we live, must by definition consider individual actions and national behavior and that needless to say is trouble for this web, crashed in the past several times – and once erased by the ‘Washington DC’ server without previous warning.

Moreover for someone who from the perspective of the real science of humanism does not believe in nations (being all humans homo sapiens not homo brittanicus, homo Americanus and so on), in capitalism (since money is the language of social power akin to the blood and nervous system of a body, hence by definition to be efficient, it must be issued and controlled by governments/brains NOT by selfish parts of the body) and techno-utopia (as the limit of positive evolution of machines has been reached with the discovery of the chip – being an absolute law of survival in the Darwinian Universe that the mind of a top predator must command all other minds of its ecosystem, so chips were the limit of human evolution, and future further evolutions of A.I. nets and robots will compete as they already do directly with humanity making us more stupid and eliminating us from labor and war fields)…

In brief, time is running out of time for the resurrection of mankind – the world as it is and as it goes is exactly in a runaway course of self-destruction.

On the daily news this means that once the human mind has been ‘controlled’ by the ‘viral mind’ of the machine – as in a cell invaded by a virus that attacks and substitutes its DNA mind, so the cell will only produce ‘viruses/machines’ and let its carbohydrates/humans starve without their proper ‘welfare goods’, ‘all what seems truth is a lie all what seems a lie is truth’ (Picasso).

So those who appear as heroes and control it are the villains of this ‘alternative narrative’; and those who defend humanism and its values are irremediable losers in a world which increasingly has no time left to resurrect.

For that reason I avoid so much this section. Moreover the news are repetitive and the end of the different ‘package’ of news is known within those wider cycles. The themes of the news therefore tired me to death and depress me with no limit. You will always have them as now certain basic tendencies have taken hold:

– A perpetual orwellian war for profits, focused no longer in the communist scare but in the Jewish vs. Palestine war and their two cultures, Islam vs. the Western Empire and its mercenary armies working for the Jewish/Biblical Banking elite (which of course is censored and prompts many readers imprinted emotionally by audiovisual media to stop reading).

– A growing social tragedy provoked by the same astounding process of approppiation of the banking industry.

With the deja vu final of the 30s: fascism, war, poverty, holocaust…

Talmudian neo-fa$cism, what i call in this we ‘Biblical Supremacism’, in the 3rd cycle of overproduction of chips, masterminded mainly by Jewish-American corporations in control of the leading firms of e-money, electronics and military robotics is the main political stream today NEVER explained in its causes and consequences. In the model we can at least escape the ugly human side and explaining it sanitized as a product of the evolution of machines, weapons and money, the memes of metal that cause it. But news are about the humans that are carrying the process. And the problem is those humans are hardly free to be influenced as history proves, and not even death changes their values of greed and murder, of capitalism and nationalism. They are ‘childish’, ‘irresponsible’, ‘smart but not intelligent’, imprinted heavily by their myths and paranoias since earlier age, with a center doctrine – that humans are worst than they are, and harming life is just a mischievous game with no consequence for them.

Of course, we could trivialize the diary and talk about paradises, travels, good food, anecdotes, a few good souls doing a bit of good work on the limits of the big capitalist/nationalist runaway train of Keynesian Militarism, but that would be meaningless – not enough critical mass to be front page news. We could try not to rant and get emotionally involved against the people who are destroying the future of mankind, as they are mostly subconsciously programmed by their memes, in the case of the electronic industry, infantile, techno-utopian nerds who can’t even doubt of the goodness of their actions. But the very essence of a biological eusocial theory of history is that ethics and emotions are vital for survival – ethics is the nervous system of mankind, and his loss is the sign of our death as a collective species. So we cannot have the childish, happy-don’t worry attitude or cynicism of most blogs relating the surrealist madness of mankind.

So why to restart the web? The problem is me, I cannot accept Nirvana, extinction without shouting as the characters of ‘Network’ even though it can only be done through the small window of my apartment/blog. So consider this ‘chronicle of a foretold death’, written from America, as the articles of Mr. Marx for the Tribune, the humane, almost extinct in the collective subconscious of mankind, point of view on the III crisis of overproduction of capitalism, with the added advantage I spent most of my adult life in California, the cradle of the 3rd Overproduction crisis of chips and met, interviewed or studied in my youth when I worked in Wall Street, Hollywood and became a leading researcher of Cybernetics/Systems sciences the makers of the 3rd wave – till obviously I told them what I thought and broke the cards of the game, rejected the ‘temptations of Christ’, the city of the plains, the city of the Evil Forest, called the city of Angels and Holly-wood, in the ‘newspeaks’ that as Orwell anticipated would always use antinomy and name the ministry of war, of defense, of police, of love, and the herdsmen and executioners, victims and solutions…

As a diary therefore this has two uses, for me to cleanse my soul with ‘ad-lateral’ comments as diaries have, for you passenger-by who might enter that soul, to see in objective, non-anthropomorphic, and yet humane point of views the news-peaks of the world, which nobody today can offer in the kindergatten of neoteny minds that our minions of thought that pass as gurus of the future will offer to you on the Matrix of anti-thought that have become the human wor(l)d. In zeitgeist, the complementary post to this one, we consider the structure of those Orwellian anti-truths, in here, as a more subjective ‘diary’ I shall consider the role of this mind-blog from the perspective of the evolution of historic thought as a science, which I contend this mind-blog evolves a step further beyond Mr. Spengler, the last meaningful scientist of history, before the Jewish Inquisition took over humanism for the selfish purpose of exploiting the good feelings of mankind and foster their 3000 year old agenda of racist control with go(l)d and bibles of the human psyche and destroyed trumpeted by scholarship and ‘socialist parties’ any further attempt to evolve this science – being Spengler, Marx and Sombart, the last masters of organic, socialist and historicist analysis they targeted, censored and misinterpreted to get where we are now – in a world in which both parties, left and right cater to the needs of the Bankers, who rule the world since they usurped the right of democracies and elected governments to control the two languages of social power, money and the law.

The economical side of it, which cannot be separated from the historic one.

You must always follow the money to observe the who is who and the reasons of arguments in social sciences. You must follow the friends of Adam Smith – the Montagu circle that founded the bank of england, in private hands to extort and 8% of usury to the British government for the english money they printed – to understand the astounding pamphlet in his favor that ‘wealth of nations’ means.

You must follow today Goldman – as the issue of fiat money has moved from paper to stocks and derivatives of e-money – to understand the western economic world, since Clinton in America gave them total power on the issue and regulation of financial markets (from Goldman’s CEO Rubin to Paulson and in Europe Mr. Draghi) to understand why all has changed to remain the same. Indeed, the racket of the ECB bank that forbids sovereign nations like Spain to print money and only invents money for private banks that slap the kingdom a 7% of usury tax for their own money is exactly what the original Bank of England did to the Government of England till Ricardo explain it to the ‘zero-brainer’ politicos of the British parlament – an action that made Mr. Rothschild forgo the interest to the Brtitish government alone.

Someone shoudl explain this of course, to the European zero-brainer politicos,so they ask the ECB to print money without interest for their sovereign kingdoms… But of course the issue now is as it was in England till well advanced the XIX century one of corruption. The laws that mde England like today Ameica a perpetual war machine, as the bank needed the government to get debt so it could get an 8% of free usury money for the paper notes it printed privately to ‘loan’ to the British government, which in turn went to pay wars.

This is now the drill in America, and it has been for a century: Debt is only allowed to print for wars, reachin during II world war 120% and during the Bush-Obama robotic wars a similar number, NOT TO PAY THE WELFARE STATE OF PEOPLE AS THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAD ALWAYS TO BORROW FOR WARS TO THE BANK OF ENGLAND, BUT COULDNT EVEN AFFORD TO LOWER TAXES IN IRELAND AND PREVENT THEIR FAMINE. 

So those themes, Keynesian militarism, usury lending by private bankers pretending to be public, the biblical supremacist control of our media and information, with its pseudo-intellectuals a la Adam Smith working for them, and of course, the evolution of the chip wave of overproduction, cause of our economical crisis and its ‘foretold’ end, are central to the news when you want to give them a humane point of view.

And the problem with this is that the system has pre-emptied, specially in America and the western world, all those themes which have been eternal for 3 centuries with massive emotional, ‘caring’ anti-truths a la Orwell, so most readers cannot even get to here without crying foolhardly and well intentioned ‘anti$emitism, antipatriotism’ and discharge the whole wave.  So be it. The good thing about loosing all hope for human resurrection is that then you have not even humane agenda before the truth and then is when the word is mor eobjective, as it shows in Orwell after coming from the failed blunted Spanish r=evolution or Marx after coming from the failed blunted II international or spengler after the Weimar republic showed his true face and ended into fascism… so me, after coming from the failed blunted suits of the end of the world and observing the evolution of the last chance for resurrection of the American Weimar, Obamapuppet, before the fascist Tea Party takes over…

The dates we are seeking for are those:

– The arrival of the Robot T, with functional A.I. the new Ford T of the chip overproduction age that will end any hope for solving the labor and war crisis. The Robot T will be the new worker and T-erminator soldier, the new top predator species of the planet. When it is born we will be technically dead. It will be born either in Israel or in MIT. I have hours of interviews with the founders of I-robot and other niceties back in the 90s that clearly spell what they are seeking for. And if you want to name an individual, who must be specially blamed for this, Mr. Rodney Brooks who tells me on camera that his robots will ‘extinguish mankind’. Point (so told me Mr. Warwick in yet another never shown interview, that he would be the first cyborg man of the suprerace).

Solution, G20 to ban robotics as we ban AIDS virus, ending the labor and war crisis.

– The Israeli attack on Iran, who will trigger 3rd world war, as I have as many do, courtesy of a friend whose father was then ambassador in Russia, clear hints that Iran owns suitcase bombs bought in the big theft of Minatom, when hundreds of kilos of uranium-grade disappeared. Solution? Minatom changed the accounting of ‘weapon-grade material’… Needless to say I am not happy with this. There is a million iranian emigres around california, mostly in LA.

Solution, Mr. Obama to stop backing Israel and oblige a just peace and demilitarization zone, if needed with a new ‘Desert storm’ war but now on the other direction; and then 2 create a single state non-religious country, within a peaceful European Union market taking in Canaan (new name of the nation) so Judaism LEARNS ONCE AND FOR ALL, that we cannot rule the world with a Bronze Age culture, and enlighten their Talmudian mind.

Yes as you can see the solutions to this and an other problem of the world are harsh and so the solution the leadership implements is to invent a fantasy of childish happiness and mournings for past holocuast, TO BLIND ITSELF TO THE INCOMING FUTURE HOLOCAUST OF ALL MANKIND.

So what is the core of the problem from the perspective of a scientist of history? What i have called in the main blog the anti-quantum paradox – the scientists of history never rule history, because history is NOT ruled by experts but by gold and weapons, by the anti-scientist of history, those who kill it, since the Age of Aristotle and plato sold as a slave when he tried to reform syracuse to the age of Christ crusified for trying to reform Judaism back to humanism till the age of Marx, Spengler and this blogger, none of them ever allowed to teach their increasingly more sophisticated and accurate work on the science of history or publish his books in mainstream scholar science.

So this diary will honor and discuss those scientists of history very often, because as I say is more of  personal diary and those are the people I talk to with my mind most often.

We are knots of thought, minds, sons of other minds who will give birth to other sons who will evolve the collective subconscious of humanism till extinction comes or resurrection proves the existence of miracles, as those Christianity and Socialism brought about albeit not for too long before they became go(l)d churches (Protestant reform, Aaronism, Babylonian Talmud, Opus dei, Deng-Xiaoping) and military inquisitions (Yihad, Stalinism, Spanish inquisition).

But that’s how organisms die. At the end i the organism there will only be a module of ‘ego-centered’ brains in the dying body, who will be aware that the body was a living organism joined by its ethic, nervous system, while the rest of individual selfish cells will be festing in the rigor mortis water – and then the insects/Robo-T will come and cleanse and eat up what is left.

But this the children of the ‘neopaleolithic don’t understand’ and their emotional pre-emptied brains just shy away to any serious attempt to make them manly enough – which is indeed another proof of their destiny in the making as ‘children’ are the staple food of the Universe and all its faming concerns, where animals are kept fed in neoteny and sacrified young. That is why the Y and Zero generations are so infantile and happy singing ‘four legs is good,  2 legs is better’, while the pigs in the white house feast on the diary products of the cows and sheeps. So i will feast on them in this diary product of one of the last snowballs, who sees it all from the other side of the fence.

 A personal note. The anti-quantum paradox. In memoriam.3historians

In the graph, the 3 social scientists that better described the zeitgeist of the I, II and III cycles and crises of the Industrial R=evolution were, are and will be ignored by academia and power, under the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ as humans ‘idol-ize’ technology more than life. They are still taboo in social sciences, both right and left, as it seems a feature of human destiny to sacrifice life to the 4 ‘idol-ogies’ of selfish memes of metal, nationalism (the idology of war and weapons, lineal, energetic metal), capitalism (the idology of money, cyclical informative metal), technoutopia (the idology of the machine, organic metal) and Abrahamic Religions in its inquisitorial/military and go(l)d churches, today dominant.

The most astounding fact about the economic crisis is that nobody talks about it. Seriously. Yes, i know, everybody seems to be talkingabout the economic ‘recession’, 5 years into it. Yet the conversation is still what Orwell called the ‘thin air’ of political and economic discourses.  The fact is that the true causes of the crisis – a canonical crisis of overproduction of ‘memes’ of metal, money, weapons and machines that always happens at the end of each of those Kondratieff cycles – are ignored and censored.

This happened also in the previous crises:

Indeed, in the I cycle of ‘Bodies of metal’, censorship was imposed when the socialist school denounced the collateral effects over life of the overproduction crisis of trains and stock-paper (colonial era), when millions lost their jobs to trains and steam machines, emigrating to the 3rd ‘colonized’ world. But since corporations made fortunes with them, the workers’ movement was repressed and the work of Marx and Kondratieff who first denounced those overproduction crises became the absolute taboo of social sciences – still is. Overproduction crises they said and backed with proofs are systemic to the capitalist way of running the eco(nomic)system, in which profits are always justified and maximized with the overproduction of the most expensive machines, working machines and weapons, who first throw people out of work and then repress them militarily.

In the 2nd cycle of ‘engines of metal’, the overproduction of cars, ticker money and radios – all advances of the electromechanical age of engines, applied to moving assembly lines that halved the workforce – was also ignored. And corporations convinced politicos in the leading industrial nation – Germany – to race ahead into war and fascism.

Now in this crisis the same has happened. America is racing into a vigilante, drone state, based in the profits of the military electronic industry to come out of the crisis as Hitler did.

And so Wall Street and its corporations, its hired politicos and paid-per-view think tank, university funds and scholars have imposed an absolute silence on the true causes of this overproduction crisis of chips and its derivatives – e-money and robots.

And in the same manner those serious scholars who explained the previous crises were shunned by ‘academic experts’ to the service of corporations, in this crisis anyone who has explained it and advanced humanist solutions has been ignored. And the more precise and advanced their work is the less exposure they have in the halls of economic and political power as the ‘neofascist’ phase of the crisis advances.

We call this fact the anti-quantum paradox: the human social scientist, in opposite fashion to the physicist is so small compared to the observable – the animetal cultures in power – that he is modified by the observable. Namely he is killed or silenced while corrupted scholars who promote the selfish agenda of the observable – ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ – carry the day.

This is the case of this writer, who already tabulated and advanced the crisis in his master at Columbia u. in 1992 (1) and must therefore be considered ‘a la par’ with the role Marx played in the I overproduction crisis and Keynes in the 2nd one, was rewarded with a life outside academia, condemned to small prints and internet blogs.  The same can be said in the parallel field of history with Spengler, who already forecasted the end of the III Reich and the American ‘democracy’ around the year 2000 in his book ‘the Decadence of the West’. He live an obscure life, never raised from his job in an obscure German institute and it is widely ignored despite being miles ahead, the most important historian of the XX century, as Marx was for the XIX C.

This is not rational and so we must conclude that men have a ‘religion’ of social sciences called capitalism, or else the work of those classics would be study and evolved, and the life of those masters would have been rewarded with positions in academia and economic power.

The opposite of course has happened. Indeed, it is curious to observe and we deal with it in other more personal posts, the destiny of those  prophets= scientists of history and economics, who predicted its cycles in advance, throughout history, from the age of religious prophets (age of weapons and money) to the age of social scientists (Industrial Age): Marx was ostracized in London; Kondratieff was killed by Stalin; Spengler was ostracized in Germany; this writer is today, perhaps the most censored, ‘taboo’ scholar of XXI century science, specially since his activism against the ‘machines of the singularity age’,  when all his scholar papers, an entire life dedicated to the humanist cause, were erased from google scholar and the servers of the International Systems Sciences society and his academic positions lost, prompting him to pour that information in this and other blogs and ‘filmbooks’.

Only Keynes and only after world war II proved him right, and because he was rather a savior of capitalism than a reformer, was briefly accepted – but now again is taboo to solve this crisis. This of course has a personal and human perspective. The personal perspective is irrelevant; so we end it here.

All those masters of thought were masters precisely because their ego and agendas, not even their human nature crippled their work. They were just as Stendhal put it, ‘good writers’, who must be always transparent to the ‘facts’ and truths of social sciences. They paid with their life – their success, their safety, their wealth and health – this commitment to truth, in a true romantic fashion, since they ‘have the gift to foresee destiny and the courage to stand it’ (Lord Byron). But they were very few ‘cells’ of their superorganism of history and their sacrifice was irrelevant, if it were not because the information they had was so important for the collective subconscious, wasted or as in the case of Marx, totally misinterpreted and bastardized to create the military dictatorships of communist countries, which irony of destiny would become the ‘essential’ paradigm of all what is wrong with technological messianism and militarism.

It is also worth to notice, that truths in social sciences, being not anthropomorphic does not cater either right or left. It tends to be rejected by both, the cult(ure)s of eviL=anti-life memes who worship the machine at all costs, and the placebo, infantile left who thinks men will become ‘suddenly’ good and worship technology in equal measure. Those are the ‘hippy’ scholars and their placebo demonstrations that pass as serious activism today. They do parades, races and get-togethers of protesters, thinking ‘the wickedest of all people’ (Keynes), the honchos of capitalism ‘care’ and are just not ‘aware’ of what they do, so they will change their policies if people demonstrate under their window without the slightest intention to fight with their lives for their lives. Those are the ‘indignado’ people or “occupy wall street’ movement that go clueless around places like Wall Street or the Spanish Congress without occupying them.  We can resume then all in Hemingway’s sentence: ‘you confuse motion with action’. They move endlessly without focus, without action, without plan, releasing their ‘heat’, pointless energy to let the steam go off.

But there is a worst strain: the false left, which is the trade mark of pseudo-humanism today in the ‘authorized left’ and the think tanks of scholarship and the socialist/labor European parties; the so-called political and economical correctness that hides the defense of the techno-utopian future, of capitalism, of the corporative dictatorship over mankind by deviating activism to placebo themes of null importance to the destiny of the species.

Here, the main trend is ‘sport events’ – the new heroes of our society do not use their brains, the highest point of the human being, but their feet – so Mr. Bolt or Mr. Messi become the new role models of the neo-paleolithic, visual culture at the end of the days… At best they try to liberate not the mind, from its iron jails but the asshole, a bit further up than those feet – hence the last trend, the protection of the rights of gay people to murder in armies as the rest of human assholes  do, as if that were a proof of humanism, LOL, yes i confess here i have a been a bit of a ‘provocateur’ (-. It seems sports and evilwood are not distraction enough in this neo-paleolithic age, so we always invent new trends .

Of course the most important of those strains of corrupted left are not those totally irrelevant idiocies but the main ‘issue’ of the false left, called   Islamophobia, disguised as human rights (the veil issue and the rights of women, for whom nobody ever cared till we needed to bash ALL Islam, to have 2 billion future targets for our drones). This is the equivalent to the despise of the primitive negro, which in the I age of colonialism we had to civilize in Africa with our Maxim gun machines, for the betterment of their lot. So now we civilize Muslims with our drones, while the IMF denies the free elected Muslim Brother’s government the subvention to bread and water needed to save the life of their poor. All this Islamophobia of course, is part of the ‘Industry of the Holocaust’ which uses victimism and demonizes  Islam to cover up the crimes of Apartheid Israel, the nation spearhead of this III age of Fascism against life and non-technological cultures; and it also helps to cover up  any criticism of the historic monopoly on finances of the elite of banker-priests of Jewish-Protestant go(l)d churches that invented capitalism and the dog-eat-dog behavior of corporations…

In that regard, the astounding wealth of ‘left-wing’ jewish scholars that from Levi-Strauss in France to so many worthless to mention anglo-saxon experts of the NY Times, write articles full of double talk, omit information and create newspeaks to orchestrate campaigns against ‘primitive Islam’ is not causal. Fact is statistically salafist terrorism is less than 1% of muslims, in proportion a smaller number than those Jews who think Palestines should be exterminated or those fundamentalist Americans of Militarism and other nationalist idol-ogies that love guns and would justify murder when a human trespasses its property-God.

We deal with those traitors of humanism in the section of ‘newspeaks’ and ‘zeitgeist’ in the right side (where they belong) of this blog.

The left is dead and what passes as left in scholarship or activism, from Chomsky who believes in ‘free markets’  to the German Green party, who shunned our activism against nuclear research, is just irrelevant.

In that regard, I apologize about the tone, often transiting between anger and despair of many texts of this blog, a latter work, of the author entering in his 3rd age. As all those who preceded me, it is unavoidable to become cynical about humanity and its tribal idols to a point of despise for the species. Because what man is doing with his destiny is on my view unforgivable – its slavery to metal, its lack of ethics and courage, its suicidal behavior, which makes the species worthless, unable to make ‘the cut’ that an efficient, non-personal, bio-logic Universe demands. So yes, we shall become extinct by the robot or the singularity weapon in the nearby future, but unfortunately this will be entirely caused by the idol-ogies that all those right and left experts sponsor.  The last holocaust cycle of the go(l)d cult(ure) will be of all mankind once we all believe in the memes of capitalism and nationalism those animetal cults invented.

We could only perhaps talk of religious, humanist civilizations (Buddhism, Christianity and Islam in their peaceful forms) as the only manifestations of the human consciousness that rejects the machine as the measure of all things, including man as a ‘thing’ with a price.  And for that reason we must have a wider view of those processes to include religious thought and the history of mankind previous to the industrial evolution, when simpler metal was also the key to understand power in history (metal ages).

Then what we see is that Humans idolize machines and  before them, metal (from gold to weapons) creating all type of ‘idol-ogies’ and alibis to justify their worship of technology, whatever their collateral effects are to life, and this has been the case since Genesis, and it is till the case, the ‘iron jail’ that Weber mentions as the biggest handicap to reform the system and create a world paradise made to the image and likeness of men.

ls Santa Monica 2012


4 Responses to “(Anti)-Prophets”

  1. Logan Says:

    as always….your analysis is absolutely spot on. the key…as you state…is in realizing that what we are witnessing is the result of the self-organization/evolution of a global superorganism consisting of increasingly interconnected networks either of machines or of humans. and that the two may be mutually exclusive.

    it is important to understand that all systems in the universe obey the biological/economic laws of evolution by natural selection. and that eusociality dictates that selection happens at every level of complexity. especially at the mostly unrecognized level of the superorganism.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      Logan, if we humans were obeying the true organic laws of the universe, the world would be within the biological limits of the ‘game of existence’ explained in the section of systems science a paradise… Since love, understood as the sharing of energy and information among the different ‘cells’ of a superorganism, the different atoms of a crystal network, the different humans of a society, is the law of survival among members of the same species. But we don’t.
      So you really got the esenzia of this blog. This said it is obvious, the people who deny eusocial evolution have imposed their ‘secession’ from the species with money and weapons and succeeded (the ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s of this blog) AND WHAT IS WORSE HAVE CONVERTED BILLIONS TO THEIR CAUSE.
      This of course has only an explanation within the laws of a superorganism: death. You are clinically dead NOT when your cells die but when Your ‘ethic/nervous system’ that coordiantes them into selflessness dies. Now humans have two languages/nervous systems, digital ‘fiat’ money and verbal, logic words.
      And the key of the process of human collective death was the loss of one of those two languages for the common good, ‘fiat’ money, which felt into the hands of an elite of private bankers in the XVII century in England that ever since ran the world and the ‘collective psyche’, promoting only those who follow the ‘cancerous’ aberration of a minority that ‘owns’ the language of the entire body. This is NOT the same than communism specially in the absurd Stalinist version of ending private property. it IS ONLY THE LANGUAGE OF SOCIAL PWOER WHICH IN A DEMOCRACY MUST BE OWNED BY THE GOVERNMENT.
      And so you can see westenr history as the fight of two conceptions of who must run the nervoys system of society, since the times when Numa, the King of Rome, and Lycurgus the Spartan, defied the Gold temples of the Jewish-phoenicians and imposed the first fiat money toa void that ‘barbarous sueprstition’, money as a gold commodity. For 3000 years those two visions ahve foguht and the Temples of go(l)d and their cult*ure have won and they will liquidate the world, because ‘gold as a substance’ has his own metallic ‘future’ desgined to favor its own species, according to the higher laws of the Universe. so the game is over. They won, but they are suicidal. So we will all loose.
      Now what we have is the worst of both worlds. Money is issued by a private group who therefore imposes their selfish agenda to the weaker ‘verbal, legal langauge’. This in the pst only could be done as they were not our government, with their masterly control and accumulation of gold, which ahppaned in eastern temples for millenia before Sparta and Rome invented fiat money (read the great monetary scientist of America, totally ignored Alexander del mar for that). So at least the power of the private banksters was limited to the avaiability of gold and silver.
      But now they have both the monopoly of invention of moey and through the control of the Federal reserve, Treasure, ECB bank, etc THE RIGHT TO INVENT FIAT MONEY WITHOUT LIMIT. So this is truly exactly what in a body is a ‘cancer’, a group of selfihs cells who replicate without limit destroying all the physiological systems of the body. Of course, needless to say one of the most censored ever schools of thought is organic history – nobody knows spengler’s astounding books – BECAUSE IT WOULD REVEAL CRYSTAL CLEAR the problme of our society. The financial industry MUST BE NATIONALIZED. point. So democracy becomes real. Point. Nothing else will do. And so you should understand why you still study Adam Smith, a ‘house negro’ of the XVIII century who lived of his rich friends in the scottish and london banking industry and campaigned interminably to end the rights of Americans to print money and give it to private bankers.

  2. homo verbalis Says:

    Awww, I’m more than happy that I could motivate you enough with my comment to do this, I will make sure to look into it from time to time. :3

    If I read that correctly you said you had a 2 hour filmed interview with Chomsky? I would be veery interested in seeing that. Anyways, I want to share some thoughts on the modern age of history. I see modernity as having since its inception in seventeenth century Holland consisted of four core ideologies; mechanistic science; mercantile/industrial capitalism; nation-states and puritan protestantism. Still perfectly incarnated by contemporary neoconservativism, by the way. Now, starting with mechanistic science; Francis Bacon, in his Novum Organum, following tendencies that had been evolving throughout the previous century, advocated the domination of nature for human benefit. He compared miners and smiths whose technologies extracted ores for the new commercial activities to scientists and technologists penetrating the earth and shaping ‘her’ on the anvil. The new man of science, he wrote, must not think that the ‘inquisition of nature is in any part interdicted or forbidden.’ Nature must be ‘bound into service’ and made a ‘slave,’ put ‘in constraint,’ and ‘molded’ by the mechanical arts. Furthermore, the optical instruments developed through the seventeenth century allowed peering into the very far and the very small; a spectacle never before experienced. The telescope, and later the microscope, was now expected to answer fundamental questions and resolve cosmological riddles by direct observation into the foundations of nature. But this ability came at an unexpected price and with unexpected results. For Kepler and Galileo, the new instruments did not offer extension and improvement to the senses; they replaced them altogether. To rely on their authority was to admit that the human eye is nothing but an instrument, and a flawed one at that. Rather than the intellect’s window to the world, the human senses became a part of this world, a source of obscure and unreliable data, demanding uncertain deciphering. Accurate scientific observation meant that we are always wrong since Bacon affirmed that human senses are ‘dull, incompetent and deceptive.’ William Blake, a master of the senses, ridiculed these mechanistic scientists with his famous painting of Newton. Blake was foremost a Romantic, with a capital R. He was part of the Romanticism movement, the artistic, literary and intellectual reaction to the enlightenment of the late 18th century. The enlightenment was the time that heralded the birth of modern science, where ‘purest reason’ was the dominant philosophical trend. The romantics feared the coming godless world and clung to the dying remnants of an idea of natural idyll; the aesthetic, the rural and the picturesque. They saw the future on their horizon, the world of the rational and scientific, the future we now live in, and it repulsed them. As it repulses me. His painting is a criticism of Newton’s worldview; he is turning his back upon the beauty of the natural world, his sole interest is in his scroll and compasses. The modern computer programmer may adopt the same pose as Newton. He spends his working day entranced before a screen, squinting at a glowing monitor in a dimmed office, making only the barest micro movements with his mouse-hand and keyboard-fingers. He may spend the majority of his life focused upon an ordered reality, only dimly aware of what is beyond the screen, outside the window, outside the city.

    Now to capitalism; there is a very common argument from free market advocates arguing that capitalism is non-coercive and thus the only economic system offering complete liberty. For Rousseau however, liberty is not the absence of law but rather the absence of dependence upon another or others. Freedom is independence. Economic inequalities, however, outline relationships in which some are dependent on others and unevenly so. The dominance of the wealthy master over the dependent servant gives the former a liberty denied to the latter – an idea that worked its way through German thought via Hegel to Marx. Rousseau, though, was not an early socialist: his ideal society is pre-industrial and his hero is the independent farmer/artisan, self-sufficient in his own labour on the land and the materials it supplies him. I very much share his point of view which is why I espouse distributism. The transformation from subsistence society where everyone more or less consumed what they produced, to international capitalism required as a precondition the accumulation of capital. That is, some people had to be able to produce more than they consumed before they could have anything to invest. It’s crucial to note the importance of the role of the slave trade in this transformation. On the one hand, the slave trade provided a source of raw materials (human beings) which could be sold at a profit by traders, and then used to produce even more wealth by the buyers (slaveholders). This double accumulation of wealth went a long way toward allowing a few very wealthy people to accumulate capital, which could then be invested in things like machinery. At the same time, the slave trade provided an economic foundation for a large scale international trading network (the famous molasses, slave, rum triangle, later includeing cotton). Without this international network of shippers and merchants, the English (and later New England) cotton mills would not have had anywhere to sell their manufactured product (cotton cloth), nor a cheap source of cotton to use as raw materials. It has been argued that without the immoral slave trade, the industrial revolution, and thus capitalism as we know it, would not have happened. A distributist economy on the other hand is a society based on small-scale technology, self-sufficient regions, empowered communities, vibrant neighborhoods, gainfully employed families, individual self-satisfactions, decentralized politics, local economies, sustainable organic agriculture, cooperative work, environmental humility, and careful nurturing of the earth. It is the way many people have lived, probably in most places and for most of the time, for the greatest part of the last eight thousand years, punctuated by some periods of empire and kingship, until the rise of capitalism five hundred years ago.

    A good example of such a pre-capitalist society would be Bhutan. Located on the rooftop of the world, shoe-horned into the Grand Himalayas, The Land of the Thunderdragon is a fiercely independent kingdom. Isolated, charming, peaceful and religious, the Bhutanese are a pragmatic, sensitive people who take from the West what will benefit their country and leave the rest. Only 4000 tourists will visit the kingdom in any one year and they are strictly monitored by a government that cares deeply for its people, environment and heritage. The countryside is pristine, the lifestyle and culture have been preserved for centuries, and the love of life is abundant among the people. It was never colonized nor swept away by communist uprisings and foreign capital was never allowed in. As such it was the only nation on the planet to be spared from modernity until well into the 20th century. The term ‘gross national happiness’ was coined in 1972 by Bhutan’s fourth Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who has opened Bhutan to the age of modernization soon after the demise of his father, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. He used this phrase to signal his commitment to building an economy that would serve Bhutan’s unique culture based on Buddhist spiritual values. At first offered as a casual, offhand remark, the concept was taken seriously, as the Centre for Bhutan Studies, under the leadership of Karma Ura, developed a sophisticated survey instrument to measure the population’s general level of well-being. Despite the growth in the urban population in recent years, the country is predominantly an agrarian economy with more than 79 percent of the people deriving their livelihood from subsistence agriculture, living in family farms and agricultural communities. Only 7.8 percent of the total area of the country is arable, out of which only 21 percent is dedicated to paddy cultivation. However, Bhutan maintains an impressive 72 percent forest cover. The nation is mostly Buddhist and spiritual development and practice is a big part of everyday life there. Life is simple and straightforward; poeple eat their own farm produce and make song and dance for entertainment. Furthermore, Bhutan has a low crime rate. Incidents of petty crime are occasionally reported in the country. Violent crime is very uncommon. Some cases of drug abuse are reported; alcohol abuse is a problem. But in general, drug trafficking is low. The most serious threat to Bhutan’s security is terrorism by different Maoist terrorist groups from India illegally camped in the nation. Serious crimes were very uncommon in Bhutan throughout most of the 20th century. In June 1999, television was introduced in the country and Bhutan became the last nation in the world to have television. The introduction of television is often regarded as incompatible with Bhutanese culture and a cause behind the increase in crime. An editorial in Kuensel, the national newspaper of Bhutan, suggested: ‘We are seeing for the first time broken families, school dropouts and other negative youth crimes. We are beginning to see crime associated with drug users all over the world – shoplifting, burglary and violence.’

    On nationalism; I wouldn’t say I know enough about the emergence of nation-states beyond the basics of the peace of westphalia yet to really shape an opinion on that matter, I cannot see how one could attack it from a pre-modern perspective since humanity was never truly united, though as you have written before; ‘The natural arrow of human evolution in history moves from the initial genetic organisms based in familiar ties, in genetic information (families, clans, tribes, nations) to the more sophisticated social organisms based in verbal information, (societies in which the natural law of social evolution was spelt by human religions that talked of love and communication, such as the Christian society, or Islam, or Socialism, as well as the doctrines that inspired the UN). However, today History has devolved back towards genetic (racial, nationalistic), primitive social organisms, caused by economic myths of competence that deny the natural law of social evolution, and promote the systemic use of machines that compete against man in fields of war and labor (weapons, tools).’ Maybe if the Islamic Caliphates had converted Europe and Asia they could have potentially created a unified socio-biological organism of the humankind. (Though Islam is by far not on the top of my list of favorite religions, I’m well aware that pre-modern Islam was very different and much better.)

    At last, protestantism; the conventional histories tend to repeat the heroic tales of scientists like Galileo having to risk religious censure and persecution in order to push back the frontiers of human knowledge. Even with respect to Galileo this is false. The science versus religion clash in ‘the Age of Reason’ tells a very partial story. That religion and science were very far from being sworn enemies is clear from the extent to which in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, particularly in Protestant regions, science proceeded smoothly alongside the prevailing religious authorities. It is frequently pointed out, as if this should be a cause for surprise, that a great number of the men of science were also devout believers. I don’t find it surprising, you can observe the same kind of arrogance among both of them. The true ‘heretics’ are those who fell foul of both sides of this supposed clash between science and religion – a long line of animists and pantheists from Bruno to Spinoza. Protestantism is a modern religion. Fact. It smoothly guided the way for mechanistic science and industrial capitalism with its ‘work ethics’ and repression of the human will(sacred art, metaphysics, reproduction). At the end; a brief note on postmodernism, IMHO, it did do a lot of good for western culture though I ultimately heavily disagree with their denial of Truth or Logos/Maat. All in all, I realize, as do you, that ‘business as usual’ is very unlikely to stop and so the sixth mass extinction and the age of the singularity seem to be the unavoidable destiny of this planet. Incidentally, I’m only 17 so bear with me here if I got something wrong.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      Being only 17 what you get wrong is lack of information, on other views on history, which are not ‘objectifying life and machines’ from an anthropomorphic ‘chosen point of view’… which is the tradition of the Jewish-Calvinist, Biblical cult(ure), basically an upshot of the go(l)d temple cult(ure) of the bronze age that unfortunately has for most of American history censored Continental European social sciences and created the American excepcionalism and its standardized analysis of history.
      I say that because your description of capitalism and slavery reminds me of Mr. Lucas, a biblical economists who proved slavery to be a positive institution for the accumulation of capital and got the Saint Nobel of the Dynamite for it (given by the Bank of Sweden routinely to the most extreme arguments in favor of money, machines and weapons as its founder was the ‘merchant of death’, biggest arm dealer of the XIX century, pious biblical believer and anti-evolutionary obliging the committee by decree NEVER to give evolutionary people a nobel prize). You see where i lead: your subncsocious belief is that ‘machines and money’ are always right. So we must accumulate capital as a lesser evil through slaves to get the evolution of the machine going. I find it funny cause it is exactly the opposite view to this blog but the condescending ‘those were peccadilloes’ attitude of most biblical economists and corporations and American beleivers, as IF HUMANS COULD NOT CONTROL, MASTERMIND AND EVOLVE TO THEIR ADVANTAGE MONEY AND WEAPONS, BUT MUST BE RULED UNAVOIDABLY BY GREED AND MURDER TRAITS. THIS IS NOT TRUTH AND THE BATTLE OF WESTERN HISTORY HAS BEEN BETWEEN THE EUROPEAN ‘ROMAN EMPIRE’ BASED IN THE RULE OF LAW, THE VERB, GOD THAT BECAME MAN/MIND/ETHIC LAW TO RULE OVER MATTER, GOLD AND MACHINE vs. those who believe because they cannot it seems control themselves that man is predestined to be eviL, to be greedy and opposing that trend is impossible (Teh seemitic, biblical, now domiantn american culture). This battle between thoe who want to control history with science and law (continental europe) vs. those who are so delluded and ignorant intellectually that think gold and iron are ‘god’s given goods’ that will finally ‘become ok’ and cannot be resisted is the mother of all battles for tue future of mankind. And i am of the view of keynes on that: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief – read here religion – that the wickedest of all people – read here slave traders, now part-time slave traders for a salary in corporations – will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’. All this of course can only be imposed following Clavin dictum, that people must be kept ignorant and ‘poor to stay obeident’. In other words, your suboncisous kind of happy, unaivoidable view so common among the ‘amoral’ economist believers is not your fault, living in the country where ‘Organic History’ as a science is most despised and ignored and the power of love and the Natural tendency of all species in the Universe to gather together, most ignored.
      The very same Chomsky you mentioned with obvious admiration is a case of study, as he has struggled in his work to escape that view with little success. My first letters to him decades ago were on the Universal Grammar, which I had expanded in its ternary structure (subject=Information, verb=action, object=energy) to the entire informative systems of the whole Universe – a game of exchange of forces of energy and patterns of information among infinite poles (i.e. a mathematical equation will be x Operandi/action Y, light would be red(energy), green/yellow, blue (information) so you still have the ‘energy class of workers in red and the blue class of people in control of information prefering blue…
      To the point, after years of communicating with him on those themes we moved into politics, economics and finally I visited him and shot for two hours…hoping to use a lot of material for my never seen film ‘the System’
      Turn out, he was capitalist (believed in the private issue of money), techno-utopian (couldn’t understand machines as future evolving metal-species) and rejected any interpretation of history beyond the individual, any analysis of Jewish cult(ure) in terms of his monopoly of money issue in the west (and you can see on the confrontation we had at this point that unlike most censored Americans we knew that to be a fact).
      At this point he tried to cut the interview but I came with a top camera from NY that was shooting the rolling stones concert and the set up was quite impressive, so it was abit longer. But awhat definitely pissed me off and broke my hero was that he rejected ANY MESSAGE OF EUSOCIAL LOVE or NATURAL GOODNESS OF MAN, THE LOVE FOR THE SPECIES against the obvious natural laws of the Univere. So there you have it the most humane Jewish scholar branded subconsciously by the topic Jewish anti-humanist vision of mankind as absolute evil, (since indeed as the Jew consider hismelf superior to all humans by religious definition – that is the central point of Judaism, to be ‘Chosen’ over all other humans, and his banker-priest elite – not his mass of hardworking people – knows they have been at the business of parasitic usury with their monetary monopoly for ages, and yet he must still feel ethically superior to all of us therefore he must consider humans even more evil.
      Hence the astounding number of hollywood and jewish books about the evilness, stupidity and atrocities of all other cultures of mankind from their preposterous righteous point of view – never mind what they have done through hsitory, self-censored peccadillos)… So despite his astounding good work on denouncing Israel’s abuses I couldnt use more than a couple of minutes of 2 hours for the film I intended on the Nature of man and history. Even if I still consider him one of the most ethical, honest intellectuals of this country. Simply speaking, he had been educated in Boston where all is about Technology (the interview was at MIT where he works) and Puritanism (Calvin being just a paid house ‘negro’ of Judaism during the reform – paid for, that is to end usury laws, reinstate the ‘Jewish’ as teh Chosen people and eliminate the free will of mankind, making all his believers ‘slaves’ of the banking system, which he so succesfully did for the entire anglo cult(ure) till today.
      So i had to USE TAPED PIECES OF JOSEPH CAMPBELL instead as Chomsky never delivered a single positive opinion about humans and love, but Campbell was from other culture, social-catholic initially, then animist and Indian in his religion. So he udnerstood better th e laws of the Universe
      This anglo-jewish centrism (biblical supremacism i call it) is impossible to defeat because publishers dont publish foreigners, anglos dont speak other languages, jewish intellectuals who do speak other languages self-censor all what they know paranoid about being blamed and the pressure of the media, the corporation the technoutopian dream is aboslute.
      In that sense is quite impressive that you have broken that intellectual straight-jacket and understood Butan, a fascinating country I dont know it personally though i travelled in my youth through the then forbidden region of Laos and burma and found similar facts.
      Regarding protestants, they are a sect of judaism as Luther to make mor emoney translated far more ‘bible’ than was needed. And calvin was paid by them, forming what in southern historian pov is called the ‘Jewish-Calvinist International’. So an American reads first 1000 pages of a supossed God called Yvwh, from a bronze age, and gets the psyche of a bronze age tribal supremacist. Christ and his love, idealistic religion, taken from platonism and the influence of the decapolis greek that was then palestine, comes as a weak attachment at the end. No christians im afraid except the piligrim fathers, the methodists and the quakers, who stressed more the message of love.
      Now, one could obviously approach those themes as the Jewish and their enemies – i am not – do, considering them either the chosen race or the anti-race (nazism). And by Jewish I mean all American biblical people in control of this culture and against the nature most american normal people human nature and desire for eusocial love. But that would be the wrong analysis, since History shows that the Jewish-Calvinist callousness towards the rest of mankind, priced and objectified by Go(l)d is NOT racial or human in nature, but the ‘hypnotic, greedy’ reduction of human intelligence and social empathy provoked by the biological/chemical glare of gold. There are now scientific analysis of the effects of gold in the human brain and its reduction of oxytocin on its mere contemplation (the love drug) and history shows how any civilization who makes of money as a commodity (gold and silver) the guidance of society INSTEAD OF THE LAW, ends up being a enslaving, hierarchical, antidemocratic brutal dictatorship, as the earlier coin civilizations (Greece) showed. It took though the masterly work of Solon and Aristotle to explain this to the Europeans establishing the concept of ‘Democracy’ which ALWAYS has had the right to issue fiat money as a language of information belonging to the entire social organism. What Calvin did was to regress this higher way of scientifically managing the social organism back to the ‘Chosen of go(l)d by greedy appropiation’ proper of the primitie capitalist version of economics we live on.
      In other words, not even at the height of Jewish Usury rule over Europe, (Middle Age massive slave trade of ‘slav women’ – russians and castration of children that prompted most progroms in alliance with German Franks and Muslim Harems) one can blame ‘human nature or race’ of the effect of gold and iron in the human psyche (greed and murder). This is AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT OF THIS BLOG WITHOUT WHICH IT WOULD INVALIDATE ITS MORAL VALUE AS YET ANOTHER HUMAN VS. HUMAN ARGUMENT. Today when 90% of Jewish are not working in the financial or military industry – unless you include all Israelies as soliders, the case is more obvious. So the solution is NEVER going against humans but against gold and weapons. That is, the nationalization of the financial industry and the reduction of the military industry. But of course those who are imprinted by the memes of greed and murder will kill and enslave those who try to reform the system. And that is why heroes die and obamapuppets multiply. The task of reforming and saving mankind from the destiny gold and iron imposes upon her is too tall at this final stage of our existence.
      Now when Calvin afirms in his Institutions that ‘people must be kept poor to stay obedient’, that ‘good deeds’ are meaningless because men have no ‘free will’ and other niceties, he is bringing back Jerusalem and the Eastern Temple, Hierarchical, mythic cult(ure) over Europe, the Greek-Roman power of the law, science and democracy to rule over money. And the great battle of Western History has been between those 2 poles, the primitive thinking of the Asians vs. the Rational thinking of the Europeans. AND ONCE CALVINISM REINSTATED THE PRIMITIVE THINKING AND TOOK OVER THE DESTINY OF EUROPE WITH THE English acceptance of his thesis, latter brought to America, the destiny of mankind ended evolution. And rationality would only be used to evolve money and the machine NO LONGER MAN AND HISTROY.
      AMERICA though unlike England has resited taht battle longer, because IT WAS FOUND AS A REACTION TO THE TEMPLE POWER BY ENLIGHTENED FOUNDING FATHERS, INSPIRED BY THE EUROPEAN, GREEK-LATIN, DEMOCRATIC RATIONALITY OF THE FRENCH PEOPLE. This battle between the two americas, the European america of the founding fathers and the go(l)d temple people though would be finally tilted after the massacre of the enligthened 60s r=evolutionaries (social-catholic Kennedy brothers, and free will ex-slaves X and Luther) to the side of the primitive, hierarhcical anti-democratic chosen of go(l)d corporative, biblical surpemaccists. And this of course means teh end of America as the guide and beacon for a better minkind, where all races and cultures were considered equal as the ideals of the Roman-Greek legal european tradition had taught the founding fathers. This the world perceives, the Americans don’t. Because they are taught to be free while being enslaved, but specially because they are taught nothing but damned lies, audiovisaul rheotrics, statistics and messages of hate proper of the ‘overporuction ages’ of memes of metal. This is indeed the 3rd gilded corrupted age of America, the first one ended with the extermination of the Indians, the second one, was positive thanks to Roosevelt, who stopped what otherwise woudl have been a sort of Germany bis, the 3rd one doesnt look good. It will probably end with the extinction of mankind in the robotic wrs.

      and that’s what your last loser hero of human destiny told you mr. kennedy, ‘Either man puts and end to war or war will put an end to man’. Of course, the herd will not hear as it has never heard their ‘destiny’ and when it comes it will surprise them, but then of course will be too late to steer it.
      The date is obviou. When the RObot T – a machine with enough A.I. to do better than any human in a labor and war field – appears, corporations will under the laws of infinite re=productivity (zero labor, finite capital, Productivity = Capital /labor), destiny according to blblical economists that promote capital over labor means ALL humans except stock-holders will be ‘justly’ eliminated under the same kind of reason of Mr. Lucas regarding slavery and that will happen this century. One thing, sorry i can promise you, if the model of this web is right you won’t die on bed, being 17 now. So my advice to you is not to read this blog anymore, just enjoy those pleasures of life that the bible forbids so you become a perfect slave of the machine – yes, those things we ‘the french’ and hispanics do all the time :) (being catalonia a mixture of both culture)… you know maximize human energy – good food, human information – verbal thought, human reproduction, sex and human evolution social love – what the 1/2 french Mr. Stone would have wished for America, and the 1/2 french founding fathers tried to teach you, and what i practice most of my time these days, given the fact nobody cares to save the world.
      ‘Sabater those germ(an)s so many tanks and machines what for? We fuck – maximal human reproduction, we eat – maximal human energy and we paint – maximal human information – much more’ Mr. Picasso on La Place Vendome, having his brunch at leisure while the Germ(an)s cleaned their weapons on the spring of water… Well frankly the part of food is difficult here in california, mostly sushi and tapas at Bazaar, SLS joint Ole

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