Antiquantum Px:

The anti quantum paradox implies that economic science is censored by financial and military and industrial power.

We use here the word ‘Economic$’ to differentiate a ‘ceteris paribus’, simplex perception of economic science, from ‘Economics’ the Complex science, with a higher quantity of truth.

The so-called science of ‘economics’ does not pass the ‘cut’ of epistemology, regarding its quality as a science. Since it neither can ‘anticipate’ the future of the species it studies (The Economist already made a test among taxi drivers, dust collectors, professors of university and financial ministers, trying to ‘guess’ its future indicators and dust and taxi drivers came first), nor it defines its elements rationally (selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, the main produce of the industrial r=evolution are not defined objectively but with abstract concepts), nor it has a human goal (the production of the welfare goods we need to survive), and so it fails the 4 elements of a human science.

It is in fact just a ‘partial’, ceteris paribus analysis of ‘the economic ecosystem’, from the i-centered perspective of corporations.

In that regard, in Complex Sciences we define any ‘mental point of view’ (language, art form, scientific theory,etc.), from a given perspective.

In epistemology of complex science we would say that ‘classic economics’ has of all the range of points of view to be considered in a ‘true science’ of economics (the human individual, social and ‘ecological’ scales that it should maximize delivering the goods needed for humans to thrive) and the mechanical points of view of machines and corporations, economics should include ‘history elements’, the human welfare, and the individual freedoms and thriving of humans maximizing their ‘drives of life’ as a priority and goal. But since it is merely the praxis of corporations in their reproduction and evolution, sales consumption and renewal of its off-spring of machines, and its digital language of money, nothing but that matters to the economist: to increase a ‘number’ called GDP that measures the value of the goods produced, overwhelmingly machines and weapons.

A proper economic point of view, that of man at individual and collective level is what a true economic, humanitarian discipline would ‘serve’.And to that aim of course it should ‘come from ethics and biology’, from the rules to the betterment of a human society and the laws that maximize the existence of man, its goods and needs – all this resumed in a simple mandate: to maximize the welfare, the WHealth, the good life of most of mankind…

BUt THIS GOAL is NOT THE GOAL OF PRESENT ECONOMIc$, which merely aim to multiply the most expensive objects of the eco(nomic)system, weapons, machines and financials – money itself) and maintaining it in the hands of the elite that owns corporations – with utter disregard of the goals of the humankind – not ‘our subject’.

So Economic$ and its truths are merely the point of view or ‘ideology’ of the industrial corporation and its owners, and the financial corporations and its owners, who preceded them, in the ‘religious’ age of ‘capitalism’.

How this ‘ideology’, ‘biblical capitalism’, came to be a ‘respected science that guides’ and designs the future of mankind, of course is both the most censure, and most pressing question of science today.

Now all this said, it is truth that as the ‘point of view of machines and corporations’ classic economics does an excellent job multiplying the machines and weapons of this planet, with the consequences of extinguishing life, atrophying humans, firing them out of job as new machines increase the self re=productivity of automated factories, it makes an excellent job at increasing the power of corporations, deviating all the financial and material resources of this planet to the creation of the Mechanocene, at multiplying the sales of weapons and bringing about the immediate consequence of multiplying war, human death,political repression, etc. etc.

The ‘crazy thing’ about classic economics is indeed that it has become one of the most efficient, if not the most, point of view of this planet. That the mandate it has: ‘grow and multiply the mechanical species’ is not exactly the mandate of the ‘tree of life’, ‘grow and multiply the human species’, and will at the end replace and eliminate all together the whole of mankind, is not it seems a concern of this people – the economists. Why, we study in other sections of this web (because actually economists – the founding father of the science, its dominant figures and 4/5ths of its nobel prize belong exclusively to the jewish-protestant biblical racist culture of go(l)d, something which of course ‘money’ forbids to say.)

This ugly side of it, the reasons why economics is an ideology, are historic, belong to the ‘tribal warfare’ for world domination between ‘animetal castes’ of warriors and animetal people-castes of go(l)d, which we can trace and do trace in our study of the cycles of history to the ancient semitic lands of Babylon, Levante (the city of warriors the land of traders) and the humanist fertile crescent in Sumer and Egypt. Historicism is fun and outrageous when it describes the brutal cruelty and almost mechanical behaviour of those who seek power with weapons and go(l)d.

But for any attempt to create a true science of economics to work, we must go beyond that monstrous behaviour of the people economists served and consider rather A HYPOTHESIS OF WORK – OR ELSE THE PERFECT WORLD WILL NOT EXIST:

THAT HUMANS CAN UPGRADE THEIR ETHIC MAX. E and Intellectual Max. I, power, let’s say more in the way legal, natural, surviving, successful human cultures like the Chinese have done for most of his history, and try to be rational with social sciences, culture, religion, politics… and specially money.

If the west could do that, and eliminate the cultural factor from economics – for which it is obviously needed the denationalization of money from people-castes and private bankers, and the ‘control’ with a 50%-50% split of all the corporations (half of the shares for the governments to collect revenue and take political measures within the corporation, half for the private owners to manage it under those ‘measures’) – then it is pretty evident that a science of economics could start afresh FROM THE COLLECTIVE HUMAN POINT OF VIEW, not from some cuckoo, hidden, parasitic, racist culture whose memes translated into digital thought by one Smith, one Ricardo, one Marx, one Say, one Bentham, one Malthus, and many other ‘believers in the invisible hand of go(l)d and the $elected race’  are nothing bur ‘animetal’ idol- ogies of power by the grace of Go(l)d and the S-word.

All this of course is hidden within the ‘accepted’ postulates without proof of economics:

– That the goal of societies is NOT the welfare and WHealth of their citizens, measure by the Index of Human Development but the wealth of corporations and the quality and quantity of machines and weapons that roam of the Earth, measure by the GDP in ‘monetary terms’.

– That the bulk of money, 95% int he west, must be issued by private bankers and corporations NOT by governments and people through a Universal salary as any healthy ‘non-axfisiated’ organism does.

– That the extinction of life and Nature without price, and the degradation of mankind by machines who atrophy us and throw us from labor and war fields is either ‘of null importance’ – not our business, or actually through the ‘screen’ of productivity equations (which increase when labor is fired), ‘positive’ for the future of this planet… (as it advances the terraforming and end of the anthropocene but this of course is not said.)

We could go on and on to consider the fundamental difference between a Humanist science of economics ‘ethonomics’ and the point of view of company-mothers of machines, and the profits of its owners, or ‘classic economics’.

Truth in complexity is a function of the ‘number of i-perspective’ an objective point of view, brings about through a series of ‘logic symmetries’. We shall not get here in the ‘deep level’ of epistemology needed to judge ‘Economics’ at present state of development, as a ‘lesser’ point of view, very limited from the perspective of the institution it represents – the company-mother of machines – the cult(ure) that originated it (the Jewish go(l)d fetishe cult of the Bronze age, known as the biblical culture, latter expanded to protestant sects) – and ultimately the ‘future’ its ‘point of view creates’.


Definition of a complex, humanist science.

Let us remember that definition of human sciences, which is at the top of this web site, as its lemma:

Unlike  power Ideologies, Experimental Sciences predict the future of its speciesaccording to Past Cycles, controlling them, to improve human life

A real science will be stringent in its application of those 4 elements and will shun, regardless of any political, economical correctness, selfish agenda or censorship the negative ideologies that try to bend data and invent models to cater the selfish agenda of an individual, group or tribe, and use knowledge to ab=use man or nature.

Since none of the present schools of economics follow those 4 -1 legs of the scientific method this blog in many pages is dedicated to the new science of biological economics born of the application of those 4 tenants to this discipline.

But ‘classic economics do exist as a praxis which governs this planet, and so we have to consider in any analysis of economics as a discipline at least 2 x 2 elements in theory and praxis.

The theoretical duality of Economics

A) On one side, the meaning of the present classic economics, what is the purpose of this discipline if it does not cater to the needs of the humankind and analyzes objectively the process of the Industrial r=Evolution?


The answer is simple. Classic economics is the ideology of capitalism, a ‘tribal’ praxis of power, created by the biblical culture, which invented capitalism and corporations under the ‘racist memes’ of its ideology of power, which considers that certain human beings the ‘$elected people’ owners of banks and corporations, must control society through the monopolistic issue of informative metal-money (Gold and now e-money cycles in computers) This racist ideology is based in the religious fetishe-idol ogies created in the bronze age in levante, and carried about by jewish, then jewish-protestant and finally classic economists. It consists in the belief that some humans are superior to others and must rule and civilize them and order them as workers, with their monopoly on money. And so, the purpose of the human kind in capitalism  is to reproduce the maximal quantity of digital money and machines, latter sold for money, and weapons, also sold for money, with the aim of increasing the capital of the banking and corporative elite. Point. There is no more to it. God selects people by their amount of money (The intelligence of god is gold, said Calvin). And so life consists in fighting with other people and tribes for the accumulation of the fetishe gold. Since weapons and machines, by affinity, are the species of metal of maximal value. Production is the goal – but production of weapons and machines, not welfare goods of minimal affinity with gold and minimal value. Human needs are secondary, as ‘goyyim’, humans are inferior species, to the service of the $elected.

All this is of course outrageous from a political correctness perspective. And so throughout the XIX and XX century, jewish-calvinist economists (87% of nobel prizes) have developed mathematical equations which express the aforementioned ideology, and rule the world with them. The fundamental of those equations are:

– Productivity equations:                   Productivity = Increase of capital / decrease of labor.

That is, the equation obliges people, nations, corporations to fire human labor, put instead mechanical labor ‘capital’ spent in machines, since machines are evolving fast and producing more than human beings. And the result is the increase of profits, and the fetishe gold. This is maximized producing weapons, since they are the most expensive machines, never mind they kill humans. So capitalism evolves and reproduces machines and weapons to provide money to the owners of corporations, selected by go(l)d.And this isa non-negotiable condition. Experts come then to explain this in ‘positive perception’ to the masses.  And so when we analyze the doctrines of Smith, Ricardo, Say, Marx, Modigliani, all the way till the Central Bankers of the west (all of them of course, jewish, as financial capitalism is merely the globalization of the ruling caste of bankers-priests of judaism, with the participation of other ‘racist’ elites most of germanic nationalistic originin the west). And so all what we have said is hidden, so are the collateral consequences, reasons why for example,e nobody explains the reasons of this crisis (overproduction of chips and e-money and white collar and blue collar pcs and robotic workers that displace human labor). The result of this capitalist ideology thus is a ceremony of mass-media confusion with ‘damned lies and statistics’, which hides the tragic nature, racist outlook, non-future and utter despise of the human mind, by the owners, ideologists, corporative members and ‘classic economists’ that rule capitalism.

B) On the other side, we need to consider, what would be a real science of economics that would cater to the needs of the human kind. This part thus is treated in our articles on the Perfect World, on Ethonomics, on the Nature of Man, its wantings, drives of existence and needs.

The practical duality of Economics

Now because the wrong system, capitalism, dominates the economic world, and caters only to the goal of machines and its corporations, under the ‘believers’ idol- ogees of our mechanist, capitalist and militaristic elites, there is also a dual analysis of the praxis of economics.

– On one side the description of how capitalism, mechanism and militarism, hand in hand with its selfish memes of metal (money, machines and weapons), and its company-mothers and its elites with its idol -ogies of religious or geographical racism has and is killing the Earth. This description needs to use the sciences of evolution, biology and theory of organisms, to explain how memes of metal guided by the people-castes of judaism, germanism and now expanded to the military and financial elites of all countries, are killing life, provoking the war and holocaust cycles that also kill those ‘elites’ and overall are very efficiently at full speed, terraforming the Earth from a world of life into a world of metal.

This is biological economics in its praxis. And it is utterly censored, or let us be more objectively completely impossible to be understood by a race of apes whose only claim to fame is to be enzyme n , a species that catalize the evolution of stronger metla atoms, kill the world of life with it and feel superior by virtue of itsoriginal sin’.

And so there is only 3 remarkable pioneers in the understanding of this process, the author of the parable of genesis in the classic age, a victorian darwinist, Butler and a german historian Spengler, which will be treated in posts dedicated to them.

This is the process we relate in this section of Economics, whereas the ‘ideological’ theories of ‘classic economics’ of the biblical school of racist religions of go(l)d, with their treatment of workers as goyyim (animals  of labor and human capital) disguised with economic equations, is dealt with in the theoretical sections, and specific ‘names’ of those rhetoricians of economic and financial power, who have zero ‘scientific value’.

Here we will deal with the reality of the process of terraforming and extinction of life by enzymen, animetals, and their machines, weapons and money.

Most of the article will deal with the model I have pioneered in the past 20 years, based in my discoveries on General Systems Sciences and Theory of Super-organisms that treat machines, societies, history and economics with the laws of biology. And so we introduce some basic laws of Biological economics, the new discipline this blog inaugurates  



Let us repeat the 4 tenants of the Scientific method (whose 5 colors will be used to stress which of those 4 -1  points of view a certain post or paragraph exposes, brown being for hyper-links) in order to develop a biologic, organic model of the eco(nomic)system, based in:

A) Historic events and Economic data of its main products, memes of metal – money, weapons and machines.

B) Fit into cyclical patterns

C) Explained with a biological model able to predict their future evolution and its consequences for Mankind

D) with the aim of finding solutions to its negative effects and a positive praxis to increase Human Wealth.

– 1: As opposed to the ‘idol-ogies’ of History and Economics –  today called ‘Capitalist democracies’ with its false newspeaks of ‘caring’, political and economical correctness that hide a Darwinian, aberrant world ruled by corporations, whose only aim is to multiply their offspring of machines and sell them for a profit, ignoring all ethic values and any collateral effect their adaptation of the eco(nomic)system to its machines can cause on life.

What passes as history and economics are not so much sciences, but pseudo-sciences, used by power to establish a selfish agenda, as Astrology or Ballistics were prior the birth of the objective, ‘detached’ disciplines of Astronomy and Physics born of the previous ones. History born of ‘military and national history’ and Economics born of ‘Financial Power’, have not fully evolved into objective sciences that respect the A-D steps of the scientific method.

Thus any attempt to make ‘Social Sciences’ must constantly check its statements with those A-D elements to avoid falling consciously or subconsciously in those ideologies of power.In that sense, to understand why humans commit such ‘repetitive’ mistake in those cycles, we need to upgrade our objective analysis of them, to a more a scientific objective perspective on mankind and his endeavors, sorely lacking in social sciences.

We shall start with:

– An introductory preview of how ‘social science‘ can be done as an objective discipline respecting those 4 points, illustrated with new knowledge on the stuctural elements of mankind as a social organism, taken from:

B) Theory of Information and General Systems Sciences in which I am a pioneer researcher  (the meaning of money as a digital language), C) eusocial evolution (mankind and its civilizations and Gods as social organisms), A) Historic data (today heavily censored by political correctness, which describes the ab=uses of metal-power by people-castes that established our ill-designed eco(nomic)system, and how D) Mankind could design a perfect world according to the laws of nature, if we were able to ‘evolve’ social sciences and its praxis – politics and financial economics.


And we shall start from its essential element, still not defined properly in any book of economics – MONEY:



In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did.

One of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

 We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 
The reason why this is happening has to do with the shortcomings of the human mind regarding digital languages. We are born with a genetic capacity to talk words (Chomsky). So every human can ‘invent’ words and combine them in meaningful sentences able to value all the beings that surround us. But do not talk mathematics, naturally and so since our ‘neurons’ do not support the digital language, we have had to evolve it externally, using ‘other supports’ to perceive mathematics.
And this difference between words, our internal, biological language and numbers, perceived externally as we learned to count has made all the difference; and explains many of the peculiarities of money as a language. And the way it has built our economic organism, which let us be clear from the beginning, is very poorly constructed.
Indeed, the first fact about information people tend to forget is that it is ‘subjective’.  Each mind uses a different language of information and it gives with it values to the Universe, from its selfish perspective.

Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective. We are the subject, the predator and actor of verbal sentences. Words love humanity. Humans are supreme in word values, given in the past by religions, today by laws. This is reflected in the Syntax of the verbal language, which always has 3 elements:

—  Subject, the actor and center of the sentence.

—  Verb, the action the subject exercises on reality.

—  Object, the substance used by the action of the subject.

The object of sentences, on the other hand, is possessed by us, humans. It has a lesser value, since it does not talk words. We express that lesser value through verbal languages, when we put first the subject, as actor, then the verb that controls the object and finally the object. Thus, humans are top predators in any sentence, which motivates them to act in favor of their own, selfish drives of existence. Which means that words are anthropomorphic; and those who obey words, tend to act subjectively in favor of mankind (priests, ethic laws). Which gives the following syntax equation of all verbal sentences:

Man (subject) > Verb (action) > Object 

 And this is the origin of ‘ethics’, the natural values of words that design a wor(l)d to the image and likeness of mankind. As it should be if man wishes to remain the top predator of this planet.

Thus the ‘Universal Grammar’ of all languages is a ternary syntax in which a human ‘subject’ or information pole, acts with a verb on an object, or relative energy of the information pole – the subject  which acts.

Few people realize the importance of languages of information in the shaping of the world. Descartes said ‘i think (with words) therefore I am’. Man thus is defined by words and its ethic values that value life more than any object and establish when words and laws rule a society, a world based in human, life-enhancing goods.

Ethics, Religions of Love and Natural Law are thus the basis of all democratic, rightful social organisms.

But what are the values and goods that money, a digital language of information values more? Are those values equal or different to those of life and words? This inquire is fundamental to understand the world we live in and unfortunately it has not been carried out till our pioneer work in theory of information, despite the obviousness and simplicity of the answer:

Since money is a digital language of information, it obviously has the ‘syntax’ of mathematics, whose universal grammar is:

F(x) = G(Y).

That is in mathematics, unlike with words we do NOT give more value to a ‘subject’, but we make both elements equal in our comparison, we make them both objects:

Object = Object.

Let us then apply the Grammar of mathematics to the specific language of money

When we consider the digital syntax  of money, it turns out that Money is as mathematics, neutral. It doesn’t favor man. It qualifies him with a salary, a price that values him as it values objects:

Man (salary) =Money = Object (price)

Men with monetary values can be compared an equalled to any other species of the Universe, in objective terms.

And we do that every time we compare a man’s salary to a machine’s price in fields of labor and choose the most efficient.

In that equation, the price of both, the machine and the worker, is related to the task they perform. And since objects are specifically made with a task/job in mind, it turns out that as specialized workers, objects are often better than men and have a higher value. This is the case of weapons that kill better than men do. Further on, since objects evolve and humans don’t, the differential of value between humans and machines grows with time. So the first, simplest, syntactic/structural analysis of money shows it degrades humans as objects.

And as machines evolve, it makes men obsolete as workers and soldiers in labor and war fields in which machines discharge them.

It is for that reason that a well designed social organisms should consider always the law and its ethic value above money, regulating the shortcomings of money with laws in favor of human workers (social rights), human soldiers (avoiding wars). And yet we live in a world that does exactly the opposite.

if we were to compare such design with a biological organism, we should notice that in biological organisms, the nervous, informative language ALWAYS dominates the ‘economic, blood system that reproduces goods in the organs of the body. Only in very primitive organisms, worms, blood dominates over nervous systems. And this of course means, the organism can be easily poisoned because it does not have a point of view, a biological, survival nervous system to guide it.

Fiat, legal money vs. Go(l)d commodities.

Further on, it follows from the definition of money as a digital language, that in a well designed social organism, the Law is what gives money its digital power to value things. Money thus must be nomisma, money of legal tender, as Aristotle, the first ‘logic, rational’, human being, founder of the European, Greek-Latin culture, which evolved the mind of man, beyond the previous materialistic, mythic age proper of the Asian, Semite civilizations understood.

Money is NOT about the substance of which it is made, because it is not a commodity, but about the language it represents, numbers.

In that regard, the biggest blunder of mankind in the use of money has been to confuse the language with the substance, as for most of its history, money was considered a commodity, gold or silver, ‘informative metals’ (gold being the most informative atom of the Universe) susceptible to be ‘counted’ and remain as memorial information, unchanged. But Gold is scarce and difficult to obtain. So instead of focusing in the use of a digital language to value reality, ‘materialistic’, ‘visually oriented’,  dolicocephalic, white races, made of gold and silver the only support of money, which became a ‘religious fetishe’, whose obtention drove them to conquer, enslave and plunder.

Slavery indeed was born of the concept of money as a commodity in the Middle East, where man was converted also into an object exchanged by the precious monetary ‘object’, with the mathematical grammar: man=slave=price=gold=number.

Gold Money is a language of digital Information that values metal more than life.

Gold money became thus the most valuable commodity of the world. Conquistadors killed millions in America to get it. Americans extinguished Californian indians within a decade of gold discoveries.  The British pirated the world in search of Gold. And those who got gold then became usurers to get more of it even if gold was barren and did not produce any wealth as words are barren and do not create wealth. This is not the purpose of a language. Languages give orders as information does, value and control societies.

Since what matters about languages are their power to order and select reality according to the subjective, cultural values of those who invent it, but specially – and this is grossly overlooked – according to the objective values of their substances which are always preferred. So words, our biological language, values reality from a human point of view, directing human actions to reproduce valuable human life, as genes direct biologic actions to reproduce life molecules:


The graph, shows how languages value species according to their substance ‘s affinity. So ethic words give max. value to human life, since men reproduce them; while money made of metal, (coins) gave max. value to metal weapons, reproducing them).

So, before the industrial revolution armies used 70% of metal-money (‘pecunia bellum nervi’) because people consider natural that metal valued metal.

The problem of monetary values as the graph shows is the fact that in its metallic forms, it values more corporations, machines and weapons, metal-memes than any other object, including human beings, who in fact as all forms of life have null values in terms of metallic money.

Thus under the induced values of those memes, of chemical, biological origin; hence susceptible of scientific analysis, men have forgotten their eusocial evolution, substituted by:

– Greed (wanting of money, due to the chemical hypnotism of gold, the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotizes us), which make us value gold in the past, digital money today, more than our natural language, ethic words and work, as a cell infected by the genes of a virus, reproducing the ‘metal-memes’ of this other world.

– Violence (the use of weapons, lineal, energetic metal made of the most energetic atom of the universe, iron) that kill us, and mental and physical atrophy and obsolescence (due to the use of machines that calculate for us and move for us, making us stupidier and fatter).

How should we call this aberrant cult(ure)s of metal-fetishes? Nietzsche would talk of metal-masters, of supermen, by the power of weapons and money. But we are biologists nd worship life.

So we shall use the systemic, taxonomic name of ‘animetals’, animals with metal, degraded in their human values by violence and greed, hence akin to animals more than spiritual men, and attached to metal, like the conquistadors, crabs moving backwards in reason, with their metal skins, massacring indians, who would pour molted gold in their mouths when capturing them; usury lenders pricing humans as slaves, selling them for a price, Dutch and British and sephardim armadors sending gunboats to pirate conquistadors, capture africans, loot the silver of Asia (which was changed there for more gold, 1 to 6 ratio than in Europe at 1 16 ratio). All those stories today censored by capitalism, the religion of biblical origin that tell us that ‘gold is the intelligence of god’ (calvin), and herding it the meaning of existence.

Thus we consider in verbal values that animetal values are eviL opposite to Live, its ‘genetic antiparticle’. And so not only ethics is scientific, biological fostering the  survival of eusocial organisms, but money is NOT an abstract entity.

And so in all those periods when money was gold, commodity it obliged mankind to enslave other humans, to create empires to find gold (spanish conquistadors), causing all type of massacres, to create gunboats and colonies to sustain the values of companies, and to speculate and inflate its value.

While when money was fiat money controlled by the law, societies flourish and humanist values, art and human goods were abundant.

The mother of all battles.

We thus conclude that the mother of all battles is NOT between energy metal, the ‘body’ of eviL, but between languages of information, the ethic wor(l)d and go(l)d, for the supremacy of the ‘head’ of mankind and its informative/nervous system.

And indeed, when the Greeks understood this, they rejected the primitive, Semite concept of money as ‘gold’ or ‘silver’, a commodity easy to divide into rings and count them, as support of digital languages. Instead in Athens Solon, in Sparta, Licurgus and in Rome, Numa, invented fiat money, pieces of worthless copper, iron or any substance put inside a leather cover with the imprinting of the city or sovereign.

In this manner money became legal tender, a digital, legal language with no value but the capacity to carry numbers, hence debt-free money, with no usury, no crime, no greed, no need to exploit people with it, to cave mines and kill and loot as if money were value per se.

In the same manner you talk and produce words with little energy with the purpose of provoking actions, in the same manner you think to act,, this fiat money could be produced with the sole purpose of giving economic orders to act and develop the economy.

Solon then forbade debt-slavery, threw out the Levantine usury and slave traders that dominated Greece and created the beginning of freedom, democracy and a well run social organism. So did Sparta and so did Rome, becoming free of the Etrurian gold temples that thought money was not the language but the substance.  And the Roman republic was born.

Money in such societies was thus used to create economic actions with ‘inflation’, as you talk more than act, as you inflate your words to act and motivate yourself, It didnt matter because money was just an activator of work, as words are. And once and again, when men understood this simple concept of money, nations prospered with legal tender money and the economy grew. ‘Deficits’ were created to develop the economy.

The republic of Rome became an empire and conquered the gold temples. Sparta and Athens conquered the golden persian Empire. Reason, art, and beauty flourished, and the Law became the center of creation of social organisms. But the gold temples kept insisting that the substance not the language mattered. And when Rome was corrupted by gold as money, and adopted the myths and values of gold and greed proper of Asian cultures, Europe regressed in its civilization.

Ever since, the battle between those who understood the spirit of money, the language, and tried to create a world made to the image and likeness of man, vs. those who understood nothing but the golden fever and hypnotism and greed of gold, and thought money a commodity and tried to parasite the world lending gold and expecting to get more of it, establishing usury and hoarding money, idle in their temples, latter in their banks, without giving credit to society, will become  the fundamental battle of history between free, rational, enlightened societies and mythic, brutal dictatorships of go(l)d religions and bankers.

The difference are huge. If money is of legal tender, controlled by the law, as it happens with the blood controlled by the organism, as all cells of the body get their share of blood to feed themselves and start up work, all humans in the planet, with a single heart/currency would get a minimal salary to kick out the productive process, creating a democratic, demand-based economy in which their ‘votes’ with money would ask for survival, welfare goods first.

There would be overproduction of those healthy wHealth and the world would be a paradise. But when money is gold, people kill to acquire it; people hoard it and give no credit. People ask for usury loans once they get the privilege of inventing money And the world become corrupted, inefficient, reproducing lethal goods. 

And so as important as the syntax of money is the substance of which money is made. 

In the graph, we can see how the mathematical language has evolved as fiat money, first as coins whose value was given by the king or city, then it would be reproduced in paper, either as stocks or tape or bills, all of them mere support for its numbers. And finally today it evolves as a digital flow of information invented by corporations in digital screens.

Money is thus indeed a language of digital information that values with numbers humans (with salaries) and products (with prices), easy to reproduce in papers or digital screens, as all languages of information are. Since to reproduce languages we need minimal energy.

For that reason money has evolved according to the laws of all languages, diminishing its energy/size and increasing its speed of reproduction; hence increasing its capacity to carry information and value more things: first as metal, it became quantized into smaller bits of information that required less energy=substance and increased its units, as coins.

Then it evolved from precious metals into printed-paper, then into electric data and electronic bits, invented with a computer program. Finally it has become with Internet just a digital flow of information in computer brains that control today the economic ecosystem with a ‘digital mind’, moving at light speed and with a null cost reproduction. Thus today money is so abundant that it values all entities on Earth, replacing human verbal thought, a language with lesser capacity to carry information than numbers, still divided into multiple tribal species with different languages.

But this would not be bad, if money had been understood as a digital language, submissive to the ethic values of the word. Since it would act as the blood of a social organism, and man would take advantage of its mathematical properties.

But as the gold temples and biblical cult(ures)s came to dominate the theory of money, and considered it a merchandise, a commodity (Aaron, Calvin, Adam Smith, etc), and on top denied the ethic values of the wor(l)d and accepted the subconscious treatment of man as an object, money became an anti-live=eviL language that degraded and extinguished life, art and love, man and nature. And instead it valued metal, weapons, machines, more than it value us. Because being made of gold, that kind of money followed another set of universal laws, the laws of affinity, which made man who considered metal money, other objects of metal, notably weapons, the most valuable of all.

And so the cycles of war, murder, holocausts, greed and looting that define western societies started in earnest.

Meanwhile in the East the brachicephalic, verbally oriented Chinese, ruled by the Law kept the concept of fiat money, first with tao coins of wood or stone (Yao culture) with a hole in the center; then since the Yuan dinasty with tender legal notes. While since the Han, rulers adopted Confucianism and its ethic values as superior to those of money, the submissive language And this conception of politics and money prevented them the massive production of weapons and endemic wars maintaining from the rest of their history and a far higher life standard than europe, except the short period of Anglo-Saxon looting of their silver exchanged for opium and the massive taxation of their people that ensued the II opium war when border taxes were stolen by the British Empire – a period in which over 100 million chinese died in wars and revolutions in one of the biggest unsung holocausts of capitalism.

Today, they are the last country which still holds the proper conception of money and the supremacy of the law over it and that is why it is still growing at 10% while all the resources of the west are misused to pay the usury schemes of financial speculators.

But all other ‘full capitalist systems’, only care to increase profits ACCORDING TO MILLENARIAN CUSTOMS THAT VALUE MORE metal than life in terms of monetary values, consider ethics NOT a concern of economists and so because in the present eco(nomic)system, ethics and the law and hence human survival has no value at all and machines are more expensive than life goods, we live overproduction crisis of memes of metal not of life memes.

Since the objective of corporations is to increase profits and this is achieved by increasing the sales of expensive machines.

Hence the process is automatic, ‘mathematical’, and so we in the next paragraph we will  study in more detail the mathematical equations of profits of corporations, based in the ‘affinity’ between metal-money and machines and weapons of highest prices, to understand our ‘economic future’ under their rule.

Thus a capitalist society directed by classic economics – whose founder Adam Smith, defined money as precious metal – based in the values of metal-money either gold or corporative money, fosters the overproduction cycles of machines and weapons that cause wars and the extinction of life; showing the biological, predatory nature of selfish metal memes, which act as genes do, catalyzing the reproduction of a larger super-organism – the financial-media/Military-industrial system that is terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet made to the image of machines and weapons that substitute and kill man.

Those facts were widely understood for most of history in which the difference between the ethics of life and love that evolve mankind, its prophets of eusocial love from Buddha to the Socialist school and the cultures that worship those memes bravely confronted the ‘animetal’ fundamentalist cultures of warriors and bankers that put selfish memes of metal, the evolution of gold, money and weapons over man.

But the arrival of machines of information that could print both money and verbal information becoming together a financial-media system able to ‘imprint’ simultaneously the mind of millions of humans tilted the game in favor of monetary values. As those who preached the eusocial evolution of mankind could not distribute their ideas to larger groups of population. Quantity thus overcame quality and the financial and industrial corporation substituted the ethic word and the agricultural world.

Ever since the world has been ruled by those who control its information machines, with the same values that they holded when they used gold and weapons to rule.

Money then evolved from pure metal into organic metal, informative machines that printed it in digital numbers.

And in each Kondratieff cycle, new machines able to print even bigger quantities of money in private hands, tilted the control of both languages of information into a small group, a people-caste that have come to rule the west and imprint our collective mind ever since.


The Ego Paradox and The Anti-quantum Paradox

Why? Because social sciences lack the objective quality of true sciences,  for 2 subjective, reasons derived of the fundamental ‘self-centered structure of the mind’.

From an even wider perspective, the cause of our failure as a species to create a well-designed world is the  fundamental paradox of all informative beings – the ego paradox – since all minds gauge reality from its fixed point of view.

The Ego Paradox.

In systems sciences we define a mind as an informative mapping of the Universe, used by all complementary systems of energy and information, to gather those 2 components of the Universe – motion or ‘energy’ for the body and ‘forms’, in-form-ative pixels used to measure the Universe from a selfish ego-centered point of view.

And so humans think man is the fixed center of the Universe ( Earth was such center till XVII c. and it is still so for some biblical believers)  makes humanity enlarge their ego, as our nose seems bigger to the entire Andromeda Galaxy, even if in reality we are just ‘a mush over a rock, lost in a corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer).

What this means is that we are also submitted to the Laws of the Universe; hence we are NOT free, only as particles, but NOT as members of cultures programmed by memes; hence we are submitted to cycles as all species are, to the laws of the biological universe, as all Earth’s species are and the only thing we can and must do about it, is obeying these laws not inventing them, to take advantage within the limits of change those laws permit, and construct a better world for mankind.

What we do is to cling to the Ego Paradox (Abrahamic religions, nationalism, techno-utopias, etc.) So we ensure we do not understand history, economics and the workings of the Universe and we break its laws, receiving the ‘basic’ penalty of the biological Universe that reinforces them – action-reaction extinction processes, of which shall show a few. And then what bother my sense of Justice, we cry and shout and feel enraged victims – showing no repentance and no intention to learn those laws and cut the causality of those cycles. That though will not do in the impersonal cosmos where no ‘trick’ works as the mind of the Universe is ‘true science’.

Biological Addiction to machines:  Animetals

Biological existence consists in implementing with the information of those minds 4 ‘drives of existence’, which we can mathematize in simple terms, needed to introduce a biological, rational perspective on the conduct of humans or any other living being:

– Max. Energy or Feeding

– Max. Information or ‘Perceiving, recombined to ensure the immortality of the being by:

– Max. E x I : Reproducing.

This product of a perfect body (max. e) and a perfect mind (max. i), defines also a ‘top predator species’, which will use its mind and body to overpower other living beings and obtain energy or information from them.

Finally individuals of any species collaborate creating bigger social organisms, which are more efficient than single ones:

– ∑ Max. E x I.

Those simple equations of General Systems Sciences will allow us to define the behavior of humans and its relationship with machines, both at individual and collective, ∑, level to create a minimal degree of objectivity in our description of economics and history.

5th best human

In the graph, a human being studied as an organic scale of the Systems of the Universe, co-existing at 3 levels, the 4th scale of cells, the 5th scale of individuals and the 6th  scale of civilizations and Gaia, the living planet.

In our 5th scale Medicine & Physiology deal with the 3 networks of the human organism, whose functions connected to the senses enact our time arrows: The Digestive, Energetic System is attached to the senses of smell and taste; the hormonal, blood, reproductive system is attached to the senses of touch and the 6th, emotional sense and the Nervous, Informative System is attached to the higher senses of sight and sound.

The will man can in that sense be interpreted as the natural desire of the 3 physiological networks of Max. E, Max. I and Max. Exi – the digestive, nervous and blood-hormonal system to increase the energya nd information of the system. And here is where the added energy of iron, the strongest energetic atom of the Universe, used to make the weapons and machines of the military-industrial complex and money, informative gold, the brain of silicon chips and informative machines enter in the game, enhancing apparently our power and  ego-trips:


In the graph, metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of hemoglobin, while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the main metal in the construction of weapons . . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms . . .

On those terms, men are hooked to machines that give them more energy  and information, allowing individuals of minimal body strength and mind power to come on top:

Min. E x I (Human) + Max. E (Iron Weapon) = Max. E (body+weapon) x Min. I (Mind) = Warrior


Min. E x I (Human) + Max. I (Metal Money) = in. E x Max. I (Mind + Money) = Banker

Finally, Min. E  x I (Human + (Max. E Ù Max. I)) = Scientist

So a new ‘species’, the ‘animetal warrior, scientist or banker’ appears as a top predator, which controls human societies with their added energy or information:

Animetal cultures combine human ‘animals’ and metal memes of energy and information, creating specialized cultures of higher body and mental power:  iron=energetic metal+human body=warrior;  go(l)=informative metal+man=banker and man+machine=scientist. Those cultures, whose paradigm were in the classic age of history, the Germanic, Jewish and British culture enhanced their human energetic, informative and organic power, becoming the top predator cultures of the west. Yet there was an ethic trade off on that process: the creation of selfish anti-life behavior and the endemic ab=use and despise other cultures which they controlled with their weapons that kill human bodies, their money that enslaved people for a salary and their machines that substituted and atrophied the equivalent human organs.

Then in the modern age, those memes were imprinted in complex organic structures, financial institutions, company-mothers of machines and military nations, imitated by all other human tribes, that created the financial-military-industrial complex that today rules the Earth Inc. This complex super-organism is increasingly substituting human beings, which are devolving intellectually, as computer-brains handle its mental tasks; and physically as robotized armies and robotic blue collar workers and PC-white collar workers, displace us from fields of war and labor. It is the final phase of the memetic construction of a world made no longer to the image and likeness of life but of the selfish memes of metal.

Thus the key question about the future of history is if we, humans, can prune the tree of science of its bad fruits as the parable of Genesis written when the first hordes of bronze warriors appeared and extinguished the neolithic civilizations, explain… Unfortunately the evolution of the selfish memes of metal means also the devolution of mankind, and so this parallel incremental process is rendering humanity obsolete and degrading our minds into an infantile, mythic, fictional state that seems to prevent any control of History. The censorship and lack of evolution of the sciences of history and economics encroaches this process.

This is the origin of the memetic ‘class structure’ of our civilizations, which must not confuse as we shall see latter with the natural, biological class structure between ‘informative neurons’ and working, body cells, proper of an efficient organism.

Humans consume=test machines and re=produce them, increasing their energetic and informative capacities, but in the process they also atrophy their energetic and informative organs; and as those machines evolve, overcoming our capacities, humans are substituted by them. The final stage of that process is the obsolescence of human workers and soldiers to the organic machines and weapons of the Age of the singularity. Yet this fact is hidden by the myths science and the animetal culture’ has built to justify the creation of machines without limits, the ‘technological myths, we considered when talking about the ‘newspeak’ of our culture.


Idol-ogies of Selfish Memes of Metal: The anti-quantum paradox

How the Ego paradox censors social sciences? Very simple: The people-castes in power thanks to metal, create idol-ogies that justify their power and reject any scientific attempt to describe them as normal human beings.

Social science does not exist because it is censored and biased by those classes of power. We call this fact the ‘anti-quantum paradox’: If in quantum physics the uncertainty happens because the scientist is so huge that modifies the observable, the true scientist of social sciences is so small compared to the power of corporations, military industries and the political system they dominate that he is ‘modified’ and caters to the ideologies of those power systems. ‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ said the romans.

 Now from the perspective of the rest of mankind, the ab=use by certain people of weapons, money and machines to control other humans, is logically not welcomed. So it is obvious that from the ego-selfish paradox, at least two perspectives appear in the interpretation of History – that of the people who benefit from the use of ‘seflish memes of metal’ – and the people that become ‘collateral effects’ of them – being the most obvious case that of weapons, who profit the warrior but murder the human being.

This dycotomy of social classes and perspectives of history thus is not new.

Corruption of mankind by selfish memes of metal, studied elsewhere in more detail is as old as the discovery of bronze and gold, when mercenary armies and slave traders kill with hard metal and hypnotize with informative metal the body and minds of man. And so they imposed their power with sheer force. Today the duality of machines which are also weapons might disguise this brutality, but the repetitive cycles of war for profits studied in this web are merely a continuation of the old 800 year cycles of extinction of civilizations by war of the past.

The next paragraph is an example of what a true, non-mythic, objective approach to the deconstruction of those idol-ogies looks like. So those members of the ‘sheeple’ that lack the ‘a priori’ condition of ethic intelligence needed to understand the 2 futures of mankind and the laws of nature applied to the human adventure can feel offended and abandon the blog, without further ado, returning to the Matrix of fictions and ego-trips that keep them happy.  As we are not preachers, just scientists who believe that Truth matters more than Happiness, as  ‘a life not examined is not worth living’.

The idol-ogies of power, vs. the sciences of history and economics.

It is in that sense fundamental to understand the difference between:

– ‘Scientists of history and economics’, who study rationally the verbal, legal and digital, monetary language of our social superorganisms, trying to design a better world for the whole of mankind, by upgrading the human mind with the memes of life and love – a ‘rara avis’ in process of extinction,  always censored by the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of:

– Power-castes of bankers and warriors, today ‘economists’ and the ‘military’, who try to monopolize with selfish-memes of metal, power to come on top of humanity and to that aim degrade most of mankind into a mythic, pre-scientific, emotional, childish dark age with the use of hate idol-ogies and  utopias of false happiness that worship those memes of metal, instruments of their power, of which 4 are paramount:

– ‘Nationalism’, the idol-ogy of weapons, that make us believe we are not all members of the same species, hence we don’t have to love each other under the biological Darwinian laws that make species survive, but our species are ‘nations’, the Homo Tribalis Americanus, Judaicus, etc. hence obliged to fight each other with energetic metal, weapons. This aberrant idol-ogy was born among Germanic, Barbarian tribes in the Dark Middle Ages, which became a people-caste of professional assassins that have destroyed ever since all attempts of Europe to become a single social super-organism based in the memes of love – the sharing of energy and information among all the citizens-cells of a society.

– ‘Techno-utopia’, the  belief that the evolution of mankind is achieved NOT by promoting human welfare and the Life Goods that ensure our survival but by evolving audiovisual, informative machines that atrophy and make obsolete our minds and weapons that kill our bodies.

– ‘Capitalism’, the idol-ogy of gold, informative metal that make us believe democracies must not control its 2 languages of social power, ethic laws and digital money; but money is a ‘commodity’, which only certain ‘experts’, a people-caste of ‘banker-priests’ , today evolved into ‘classic economists’, must parasite the global economy by  issuing for free in monopoly debt-money which the rest of mankind has to borrow  and return with an usury interest, extorted by means of taxation and hard labor; while they can live without working, buy laws and corrupt politicos with their free money and manufacture our brains to believe all those ‘synergic idol-ogies’ are right, are the meaning of human existence.

Those 3 ‘idologies’ create in history the 3 ‘upper classes’ of ‘animetal civilizations’, bankers, warriors->politicians & scientists->Industrialists that establish a realpolitik of power through their memes of metal that still endures, and becomes dominant of all institutions during the industrial r=evolution.

Social science does not exist because it is censored and biased by those classes of power. We call this fact the ‘anti-quantum paradox’: If in quantum physics the uncertainty happens because the scientist is so huge that modifies the observable, the true scientist of social sciences is so small compared to the power of corporations, military industries and the political system they dominate that he is ‘modified’ and caters to the ideologies of those power systems. ‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ said the romans.

And the consequences are the long cycles of history, in which the ‘sword’ has rhythmically extinguished all ‘humanist civilizations’ and prophets of the ‘wor(l)d’ that tried to create an ethic world to the image and likeness of mankind.

In the next graph, we observe those cycles of destruction of humanist cultures by animetal ‘people-castes’ in control of mankind with selfish memes of metal, or ‘animetal age’ of Life:


The evolution of those selfish memes of metal has in fact gone through 2 ages increasing  its complexity with time, as it happens with all systems:

– A simplex age of Financial-Military systems, dedicated to the production of wars for profits, since the first ages of metal, in which the synergies of weapons, hate religions and gold, controlled by people-castes, of banker-priests and Warrior aristocracies, ruled the world.

Their arrival in history meant the end of the first human global civilization, the neolithic  based in the memes and values of life, today we so much love to hate and we shall defend here against all inquisitions of thought.

Instead mankind changed those life values for what we shall call  idol-ogies of eviL=anti-life values, (nationalism, that defended the use of weapons to kill other humans, members of the same species) and capitalism which accepted gold, a digital language of metal as a superior value to the ethic wor(l)d, to direct societies,  aborting the evolution of humans into a single global super-organism – the dream of a world in peace made to the image and likeness of man.

And ever since the fundamental fight of history between life values and metal-idologies have opposed those 2 types of cultures. In that regard, the arrival of machines and the Industrial evolution must be considered just the last phase of that dual evolution of the Earth, which humans could still manage in their favor if they understood how to control the evolution of machines for its own benefit, instead of being guided by them:

3. The Wave of History


In the graph, the long wave of History, shows the existence of the same paradox between Human-life based cultures who try to build a world to the image and likeness of mankind, based in the ethic laws of eusocial love and ‘animetal=human animal + metal-meme’ cult(ure)s, whose idol-ogies make them worship the tree of metal more than the tree of life (tribal nationalism, go(l)d religions evolved into capitalism, and techno-utopias that consider the machine not man, the entity we must evolve to ‘progress’) ,

Thus our society is not that ‘new’. The fight between the two languages of history for the supremacy of this world and the kind of societies they build dates back to the discovery of the first weapons of metal, which extinguished the Neolithic when the parable of genesis was written.

Now all  is more complex, to the point most people no longer understand the Paradox of History that confronts Societies with max. eusocial evolution and those with maximal technological evolution and minimal human development – because all systems guided by languages of information become more complex with time. But its essence has not changed. There are today as always 2 kind of human societies. Those infected by greed and murder and those in balance that reproduce welfare goods and metal goods, but forbid those who kill us, with ethic laws that try to regulate the blood/economic system and its ‘hormonal/monetary’ bytes of information.

In the graph, we see them both. It is the ‘wave of history’,  the vortex of informative evolution of the Earth and its two type of super-organisms:

– On top the Complementary system of information-energy machines or Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex and its accelerated 800-80 years of military civilizations (age of money and weapon) and technological ones (age of machines).

– On the bottom the vortex of social evolution of history through WHealthy ‘social super-organisms’, which first were called Gods, from the initial age of Taoist philosophies of the Universe to the present ecological age, when they were called socialist, ecologists, welfare nations.

Unfortunately  in the same manner warriors kills life people, and bankers enslave free men to work for gold, the relationships of predation between both types of civilizations mimic those between metal and life at individual level: the wrong cult(ure)s win the battles of history, because our carbon body is weaker than iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, and our mind becomes hypnotized by gold, the most perfect informative atom of the table.

In that sense, the fundamental causality of those cultures is  the paradox of History:

Max. technological evolution <->  Min. Human evolution

Which they completely misunderstand by equalling them and affirming that:

Technological evolution = Human evolution

And the Ego paradox, origin of the racist memes, as they cannot see eusocial love and cannot have empathy for humanity due to their Neoteny state in an emotional infantile mind, REGRESSED by the dominance of ‘greed’ and ‘violence’, two gothic, subconscious traits that DOMINATE THEIR CONSCIOUS, ethic VERBAL BRAIN – WHICH THEN BECOMES UNDER THE SYNTAX OF WEAPONS (murder: man<weapon=corpse) and GOld (slavery: Man=object=price), submissive to it.

Now, if we analyze the Paradox of History and its wave of extinction and creation of civilizations, with the tools of Biology and Systems sciences, it appears as an isomorphism,  self-similar to a ‘Volterra type of equation of predation’ between a predator species, the animetal civilization, which finds a new weapon, multiplies it with the help of money, ‘provided’ usually by a people-caste of bankers.

Thus at this stage, the overproduction of weapons becomes ‘professional’, and the new weapon passes from the discovery age similar to an ‘alopatric evolution’ of a new species, in a reduced group (Bronze armies in Egypt first dynasty, Chariots among  Ukranians, Iron swords among hittites, Spurs in Korea, Gunpowder among Mongols, Digital A-bombs in US) into a global expansion, as it ‘radiates’ almost biologically in enormous numbers. New warrior x Banker coalitions develop professionally the new weapon that destroys all life-based civilizations.

Then in the middle of the 800-80 years (classic, industrial machine age) cycle, this ‘top predator’ cult(ure) soothes, becomes more humane, enjoys life, as it civilizes and reaches a trophic equilibrium as a people-caste on top of society, exploiting a mass of agricultural life-based people, in a milder way. It is the classic age of a civilization in which art flourishes, new prophets of eusocial love come to preach the biological law of evolution by loving the members of the same species creating a social super-organism in balance with nature. Those are the highest ages of mankind in the bottom of the graph. But evolution of selfish memes of metal never stops, and so new ‘barbarians’, with new weapons are ‘ad portas’, and the Huns come with spurs to destroy the Roman-Christian civilization, and the Mongols are in Baghdad annihilating with gunpowder weapons the Sufi, literary age of Islam, and the Germans destroy Europe with their electro-chemical ‘engines’ and now the Americans are ad portas, with its vigilante state of terminator robots, and its hate speeches against the 3rd world, despised by their lack of i-pads and robots, LOL, the HARDER THEY FALL!!!

But this fact is NOT deterministic of our choice for the wrong anti-live=eviL self-destructive and murderous cultures – since any ‘intelligent’ system AVOIDS those lethal species that can kill it. We do NOT need to rule ourselves by the values of metal. We could prune as European or some Asian societies do the lethal goods of the tree of science. As long as A.I., organic machines do NOT become alive and conscious we still rule the planet, we still can build a perfect social organism. It is the myths, idol-ogies and primitive materialist ways of thinking of the upper cultures of ‘animetals’ what blinds mankind to a brilliant future.

And the result is that when those cultures dominate and overproduce weapons in the past, killing machines in the present, racist hate-religions, military inquisitions and go(l)d churches in the past, hate media in the present, body and mind collapse at individual and collective level. This is the origin of the demise of most civilizations in the classic age, of most nations in the industrial age, as world wars come every time we invent new weapons of mass destruction and overproduce them. We are now entering one of those ages, as we overproduce robots that displace humans from labor and war fields.

Those vortices of extinction of cultures studied in the left side of this web and those faster industrial cycles studied in the right side, follow the laws of ‘ vortices’ that accelerate their speed of temporal information. They are studied by the science of complexity, and signify the wrong path of evolution for the planet. The planet itself is part of a vortex of evolutionary information as the sun turns faster towards the black hole, knot of gravitational information. So theplanet continues its evolution and increase of information, but it could ALSO evolve humanity, through its social memes into a global superorganism, a global welfare state.

We have chosen – some have chosen for all of us – the wrong path, the evolution of selfish memes of metal, which accelerate its complexity from the age of Weapon and money of the previous graph (800 years cycles) to the age of evolution of machines, accelerated to a human biological generation of 72-80 years (the previous Kondratieff graph that we study in depth in the right side of the blog).

Because the process of the Industrial R=evolution is a process of evolution of memes of metal, in fact its cycles can be connected with the cycles of history since the age of Genesis in which the paradise of life gave way to a new top predator ‘species’, the tree of memes of metal, of technology and its golden apples (informative metal-money), bad fruits (energetic weapons) that impose their power, starting the death of Gaia.

Where the FMMI system PREYS on the Life, Gaia system because IT IS AN ILL-DESIGNED ECOSYSTEM IN WHICH SELFISH MEMES OF METAL, WEAPONS MONEY AND MACHINES HAVE SUBSTITUTED THE WELFARE GOODS HUMANS SHOULD REPRODUCE, under the wrong values of Gold-money (money as a commodity, controlled by a cancerous, viral group or crazy head of mankind, its bankers).

The 3 ages of history

Let us then see a synchronic vision of the superorganism of mankind through its 3 ages, now in its old informative metal-age about to die, under the chip radiation, and its spatial superorganism wit the proper receipts to design it correctly, if politicians an economists wanted to live beyond this century – which they do NOT even if they do NTO know, under those aforementioned slavish idol-ogies of metal of which we shall talk a lot (not so early as experience tells me you will be shocked and abandon it, pre-programed emotionally against those who doubt of the importance of being American, or Muslim, Jewish or rich, or whatever selfish memes you hold as supreme. You are JUST human, a cell, an infinitesimal of the human superorganism, we are about to describe):

So we can now do a jump in complexity and study the 3 ages of History, the superorganism of mankind,  further analyzed in many other posts of this web.



In the graph, the two sides of the wave of history: human evolution is broken by animetal cultures of gold and war.

So if the first age of history was the Paleolithic, an energetic young age of African hunters, the age of black people.

The second age of History was the mature, balanced, reproductive Neolithic, which started NOT in the Middle East but CLEARLY IN THE 5 rivers of Eastern Asia, the true rivers of paradise, hence the age of mongoloid people.

And then the third age of history is the age of metal, which did started in the land of the white people. And we shall see how many ‘parallelisms’ and symmetries do exist between those 3 ages in time and 3 forms in space (which is one of the fundamental system tries of complex systems).

The question here to answer is why the white people did develop metal and its ‘greed and violent memes associated to gold and iron.

Finally, at social level the use of weapons brought about a new ‘top predator species to the Earth’, the ‘animetal, a human attached to metal that felt superior with its added power and degraded the human kind, ending the age of the Neolithic fertility Goddesses.

History though can always change, but it looks like the WHITE MAN animetal culture has won over the MONGOLOID, verbal, social informative culture  and the balanced black Gaia sensorial culture, which is THE ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE WON, as it would maintained a balance with nature and humanity immortal. Now the race that will take on the Earth will be robots, and then funny enough, they will ‘understand bio-history’.

Thus the solution to the present tendency towards the obsolescence of life is clear: to evolve the human wave in such a form that it will be able to control this planet for its own benefit, by repressing the memes, idol-ogies and lethal goods sponsored by ‘animetal cultures’


AB. Darwinian Idol-ogies: ego-trips of ‘selfish memes of metal’.

So we should wonder WHAT MAKES HUMANS ACCEPT THOSE RISKS of extinction, with no qualms and keep evolving weapons that murder us.

And the answer is self-evident: hate memes between tribal ‘memetic’ groups of humans who break the natural law of eusocial love among members of the same species that defines the most successful forms of the Universe; from black holes of dense matter, to multicellular organisms, to eusocial ants that represent ½ of the total mass of animal life excluding us, in this planet.

History and ideologies, or rather idol-ogies thus are the heart of our existential questions, which are obviously in any ‘Maslow pyramid’ preferential to infantile pleasures, such as having nice robots dancing ‘Macarena’.

And this, we advance is the fundamental question of the science of bio-history and bio-economics: to achieve at least theoretically the best possible model of economics (modes of production and creation of goods) and history (positive, humanist cultures) to foster the survival and wealth of mankind TOGETHER.

It is thus only a question of time that the massive evolution and displacement of humans and its natural WHEALTH, by machines and its ‘financial, digital wealth’, will in a  ‘free market’, that is, a free eco(nomic)system of corporations and their offspring, which adapt the world to the needs of those machines, will adapt the world to the needs of weapons and kill us all.

In that regard, we shall call the hate-memes that foster the evolution of the Mechanocene, regardless of how our top metal masters of the 1% feel about their beliefs, ‘bull$it’, and ‘idol-ogy’, and idolatric ideology that often passes as a ‘form of humanism and culture’, but merely justifies the actions of those ‘metal masters’ that break the laws of eusocial love and evolution of the human species, and consider themselves different and superior to the human kind. Indeed, this is the objective point of view.

Consider an alien scientist that comes to this planet. What he will see is a bunch of EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS, making machines, weapons and money, and shouting mantras he does not understand about imaginary Gods nowhere to be seen. He WOULD NOT EVEN CARE to describe the ‘beliefs that make those people slaves’ (Aristotle) of their machines. He would just put them a taxonomical name, as we do: “Animetals’, animals with metal, or ‘enzymen’, men who catalyze as enzymes do, the evolution of machines. Since it is obvious that objectively from outside, that is what they do, and the memetic code that litters their brain, for which they toil and die will be for him so obscure and meaningless as the epigenetic code that intersects as garbage the true code that makes cells act.


Men+lineal metal energy: weapon: warrior animetal     Men+cyclical informative metal go(l)d: banker animetal

Those idol-ogies are fundamentally 4:

  1. Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences. This is by far today the most accepted idol-ogy, as the ‘financial-media system’ of informative machines that reproduce digital information (money, science, audiovisual news) and by extension all the human minds manufactured by the FM-System promote it.
  2. Tribalism aka nationalism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity.
  3. Capitalism, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, as the postulate of democracy precludes but by dynasties of private bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the west – a ‘creationist’ theory of the economic ecosystem, intimately related to:
  4. Abrahamic religions, which merely are a mixture of the previous 3 ‘obvious’ idol-ogies, refurbished with all kind of childish myths, rhetoric of anthropomorphism and false ‘human love’ (as it is not the species but the believer in the sect the ‘eusocial unit’). Those religions were born in the Bronze age, when the first metal master castes of warriors (Aryan charioteers) and bankers (Cananean go(l)d temples), considered the chosen of go(l)d and the sword, creating people-castes of warriors and traders, who established strict racist rules of social separation, from dietary laws, to marriage prohibition to astounding bashing of the inferior non-technological people (Hindi castes, Biblical chosen races).


The social level Historic Animetal 3 people-castes: The ‘extinctive species’ of life-based Human Cultures.

In graph, in biological fields there are 3 modes of extinction by competitive species, predators that kill the prey, competitors that substitute them in the same Eco niche and parasites that slowly ‘drain’ its blood-oxygen that activates the cells of the organism. They are akin to the 3   ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons that kill, machines that substitute our organs of information and energy, and money and those who issue it in monopoly against the democratic rights of people and ‘choke them’, slowly parasitizing them with ‘tax farming’ and usury schemes. They act as the 3 predatory species act in nature:

  • Weapons and the warrior people-castes  ‘predate’ over humans killing them.
  • Scientific Machines compete with humans displacing them from their eco(nomic) systems
  • Money and bankers through unfair taxation and debt,  parasitizing mankind.

In the graph, an ‘Animetal=animal+metal’ is either a ‘warrior’ (man with weapon=energetic lineal metal); a ‘banker’ (man with informative precious metal ‘money) or a scientist (man with organic metal), which is the transitional ‘top predator’ human being attached to one of the 3 organic types of metal (lineal-energetic weapons, cyclical, reproductive money and organic machines that imitate our functions and organs, both enhancing the power of animetals but also atrophying their ‘human side’, as it happens also in the cellular level where carbohydrates joined with metal become atrophied ‘professional killers’ or ‘enzymes’, that go around hitting as warriors do with their weapons, carbohydrates, having them)…

This kind of biological analogies must be taken seriously because, as we said biology and evolution are laws that apply to all type of atoms and forms and organic imitation is the method by which we invent and reproduce machines.

And the fact is we cannot explain THE DATA OF HISTORY without the understanding of those 3 animetal species that have predated over life and mankind since their discovery of the selfish memes of metal that give them power.

But what the ‘social scientist’, specially the one on power offers to us, instead of the facts of ‘raw biological history’. Alas, more fairy tales:

Indeed, its ‘substitutes’ for real social sciences are… of course ‘ Animetal’ ‘idol-ogies’ of metal memes, where idols of metal have evolved from:

  • Earlier bronze age religions, either go(l)d churches, originated in Levante, in which the slavers would NOT relate to the slave except with gold, the fetish substance. Since the believer had to bring its fetish gold to the temples, so the banker priest allowed him to follow purification rituals (Baal->Jewish->Biblical religions origin of our capitalist ‘beliefs’ on the $elected with all rights over the slavish worker), and military inquisitions, where the believer had to convert by the sword or else (origin of catholic inquisitions, where the sword and inverted cross were in the same shield, and Islamic Jihads)…. into:
  • Nationalism, which affirms humans must kill other humans, because the species is NOT the homo sapiens, but the ‘Homo Tribal’, hence the laws of eusocial evolution of the members of the same species do not apply.
  • Capitalism, which affirms corporations and private bankers must rule societies printing money for their products, for themselves  and for the politicos they buy, while people must work for money and government extort their money with taxes to pay the minimal welfare goods and the maximal police and military goods needed to control them.
  • Mechanism, which affirms the evolution of mankind matters not, because progress is the evolution of machines, and its unlimited reproduction by its company-mothers. 

Literal Minds and Racist ego-trips. The grammar of Gold and iron.

Disclosure. I am a Neanderthal, (-; white with Semitic, Germanic and Basque blood, but I have overcome my genes with my memes (: still as the reader will notice I get angry very often against those who kill mankind ).

That the human being, or rather specifically the white man, seemingly crossed with Neanderthal, visual, violent species of lesser verbal thought, with consonantal, ergative languages and imperative languages that pass as ‘religious texts’, do NOT have freedom of mind to be ‘intelligent enough’ to evolve and survive is another matter. And as we do NOT want to get so heavy on them, so early I will leave that question: the lack of freedom of certain Germanic and Semitic cultures to the end. In any case NOT even those extreme cultures are fixed, as I do have mostly their genes and I had evolved. So I do believe that even with a small chance, humanity court resurrect the world, if bioeconomics and biohistory were understood and taught and disseminated by scholars and people.

It was not when I tried 25 years ago, after my studies at Columbia University. And for a while I felt really bad about myself. My point now is more philosophical. Those cultures censor the prophets of eusocial love that try to help them to evolve, and the sheeple is perfectly programmed by the hate-memes of its metal-communicators. But still if they cannot evolve they won’t survive. IT IS THEIR CHOICE. not mine.

Since of course, those who ‘censor truth with power, will be the laugh of the Gods’ as Einstein put it. So the cycles ARE happening.

We are already at the end of those graphs. It is only really left to create the proper ‘chip homoctonos’, that is a metal-brain, able to have the will to kill mankind and survive. And this actually does NOT require A.I. (artificial intelligence) but rather (I.A.) information algorithms proper of military weapons. Since they DO include increasingly in robots as we predicted then, survival programs to last in war theatres, and a basic order, to kill men.

Because if and when terminators kill them it won’t be as all those ‘transcendental trans humanist’ like Mr. Kurzweil think a super-intelligent robot (my friend for that you should be more intelligent than the machine you create), but a virus (nano-robot), a black hole (Nuclear industry, researching them), or a very stupid shark-lion like predator, with a survival program to kill humans. Down with your ego, Mr. Nerd. Right now, any system scientist, including myself can create a program for a 0-brainer tank starting to shoot any life form that moves, with zero-brain and never stop.

Right now if the American army wanted (and it has plans for replacing soldiers with them), it can create a platoon of tanks, with solar skins, autonomous, as all days we do have a sun to recharge, and let it loose in let’s say Mexico city and it will kill and kill and kill. So if within a decade we were in a world war, we could make 3D printing machines, ant-hill like mechanized automated factories of terminator robots, with no difficulty, put them in Canadian or Siberian mines, and let it happen. And within 2 decades we shall be able to make the iron bacteria of GI movies or Ultimatum to the Earth and none can stop them.

But of course, our economists and politicos will have none of it. To take care of the future of mankind is NOT their job. What is their job we shall study it here – basically, in a corrupted society, where only corporations print money, to sell laws to the wealthiest corporations, which are the leaders of each radiation. So in the XIX c. they sold laws to train robber barons; in the XIX c. to makers of engines in America (Ford bought the prohibition law because he was abstemious, and what was good for G.M. was good for America, as the defense ministry, that made his tanks, its ex-CEO, said). Now what is good for apple, oracle, google and Amazon – the end of service jobs substituted by white collar pcs and their suites, the end of transport jobs substituted by google cars and uber, the end of distribution and pap and mom shops substituted by Amazon robotic distributors; and soon what is good for ‘I robot’, will be Good for American Inc.

BUT NOT FOR the Americans, and humans at large, which unfortunately have their brains manufactured by mass-media hate and seem to think, they are robots. And this – existence in a big brother smiley world of pure fictions and ego-trips that isolate each man, surrounded by a growing number of mechanisms, he has to tender for, while being perfectly programmed by hate-memes against other people, till they end the world, so they do NOT see it coming – is what now ‘evilwood’ manufactures. But America is only a small Humanity with all races and cultures grind down to rubble, and so the beacon NOT of enlightenment as their founding fathers wanted but of ‘things’ to come – the internet of things, that is, the Metal-earth, a super organism, of machines, we have called the Financial-Media 

But ultimately what truly explains the behavior of warriors and go(l)d seekers is the grammar of both languages. The grammar of warrior is obvious:

Man (corpse) > warrior (Devolved) > weapon (reproduced &Evolved)

Indeed, the grammar of war is the most brutal of all possible grammars as the human is converted into space-form, an object a dead corpse; the warrior is partially killed in war, and certainly devolved in his eusocial and human elements.

Next in despise of the human being is the grammar of money, the go(l)d of the capitalist culture on top of that pyramid? It is a digital language, so its grammar is mathematical:

Man (object-slave-salary) = Money  = Object (machine-price)

Simple, isn’t?  Money is the ‘verb’, the active element that buys it all and on top compares man with a machine and if the machine is a better worker and a better weapon, it becomes Man < Object, and the man is replaced or killed. And that is Ok because it allows to ‘exchange’ money and make a profit with it.

The grammar of money and similar imperative and ergative languages, spoken by those civilizations that for millennia have made of money and weapons the center of their life thus the future is easy to imagine under the boot of the grammar of money

Machines and weapons (Better, most productive Objects)  > Humanity and Gaia (extinct, obsolete).

A fact that we write in terms of evolutionary time as:

Gaia (Past) -> History (present) -> Mechanocene (Future).

We would live a WHealthy world, where history would be the future, machines controlled by men, usurers out of power and humanity would thrive.

The issue is that the values of go(l)d as expressed today in digital capitalism is bringing the Mechanocene Age of Earth that is fast extinguishing life (6th extinction) and substituting the Anthropocene and Man as the dominant species on Mother Earth.

The future of the human kind depends indeed on the substitution of this ‘believers’ world by a rational scientific culture of life. That is the Bible vs. Evolution. And we, the rational humans are loosing this battle. And that is why we will be extinguished because the true god of the Universe, the laws of biology that rule this planet is not going to make exceptions to the selection of those eusocial species, able to rule properly for their benefit the world they live in. This is not the goal of the bankers’ cult(ure). And with the explosion of e-money their power multiplied geometrically and so it is to be expected that they will plunge the world along its Goth allies in the West and its rival ‘Semitic warriors’, which are basically the same kind of zealots, just with weapons, into a dark age with no way out. And this 20 years old prediction is happening now.

Their cult(ure) is NOT democratic, its ‘religion’ is a primitive, bronze age racist cult to weapons and money. And that is what they do. The ways they camouflage today under the cover of the financial-media system has created the anti-truth that they are NOT a primitive racist cult(ure) that ‘hates’ mankind, despises it and considers itself above, and so it will follow suit and extinguish us because that is what they have been doing for 400 years since the first stock-market gunboat and slave corporations appeared in Amsterdam.

And since their culture is a religion, not a rational culture, a tribal, racist doctrine, not a humanitarian one, despite the astounding cleverness of their fictions and distractions, they will get to the end, destroy the world, create their armies of robotized cheaper workers and weapons. And in due time, as always has happened in their history when everything is destroyed, everything is putrid, everything is lost, they will be murdered wholesale, this time by their armies of ‘money-making robots’. So the capitalist in due time will ‘certainly’ as Lenin put it, sell the rope that will hang him. ‘Tiempo al tiempo’.

We could in that sense confirm, the dictum of Rousseau, humans are essentially good, intelligent animals but ‘metal-civilizations’ have corrupted their minds and adapted it to the ab=use of life with weapons and machines to a point that ‘truth’ has yielded to the ’emotional wantings’ and values of weapons (violence) and hypnotic gold (greed).

Indeed, to explain what is happening to mankind we must both ‘judge’ cultures for its value to human survival and ‘downgrade’ the concept that humans are intelligent, rational and ‘think before acting’. However it is also truth that ‘humans’ are soft water. Very few therefore have the stamina and bravery to defy death, hence to defy the military and banking animetal cultures that guide us to extinction. And this happens also within the ‘normal groups of humans’ of the dominant Germanic and Semitic animetal cultures. Indeed, most Arabs, most Jews, most Germans are ‘humanist’ and yet, they are taken a ride to extinction by bigots and corporations with no complain.

But and this is the point we study in so much length this cult, it is the essential behavior of CORPORATIONS TODAY, as they were invented by the west. Nothing matters except the fetish Go(l)d: money, profits. As Al Gore, so well illustrates with the scales with gold on one side and the earth on the balance. But the ugly thing about that anecdotal scene is that when he says of course people will choose gold people laugh as a given. This is neo-con America, with its paid-per-view biblical revivalism: ‘gold is the bottom line and we shall destroy the planet, and everything within it’, because this is our fetish.

  • In that regard, the second feature of Animetal religions is ritualism – let us call them biologically as they were all the same at that age, as nothing differentiated the brutality of Assur, Baal-Yvwh, Huitzilopochtli or Thor, including in all cases human sacrifices. This is even more ‘superstitious’ because it means the entire meaning of the religion is to ACT in the prescribed manner, regardless of the monstrosity or stupidity we do. Exactly what happens today in our corporative civilization with its straight-jacket ritualism. Then the warrior Aryans who murdered innocents or the Habiru who enslaved people for go(l)d, the believer MUST NOT THINK because what he does is so immoral that if he thinks, he might back off. SO the Gita, which today revivalists tell us is so ‘spiritual’, explains the warrior that he MUST NEVER THINK or doubt but kill in battle. And the entire Talmud-Torah-Levi practice consists in fundamental fetish-superstitious motions: purification rituals with a certain hand, a certain mantra, etc. etc.
  • Finally it goes without saying all kind of rituals of separation, from dietary foods, to strict non sexual mixing. So women who made love with gentiles in Middle Age Spain were punished by rabbis loosing their noses because then ‘the goy will dislike the sinner so much that it won’t touch her again’. How spiritual… The word for the gentile woman was shiska, prostitute – it still is. So the slave trader would ONLY relate to human animals with money, and this is EXACTLY WHAT CORPORATIONS DO TODAY – No pity, no emotion, humane contact. So they can murder wholesale the planet with no qualms, in their rituals to obtain fetish go(l)d.

Now while this is no longer the way most Jews and Hindi think specially, obviously in the oppressed lower castes (apiru and goy in the western Jewish-capitalist empire, untouchables in India), the essence of this ideology – the Jewish ad Brahmins are superior, is ENDEMIC on the upper classes of those societies, albeit justified in different ways or simply felt, leading to very uncaring, undemocratic behavior. And we shall see a direct correspondence between economic bigotry and orthodoxy in religion, from Rockefeller to Greenspan and Freedman.

But of course all ‘animetal religions’ of racial separation evolve. So today while few Jewish believe they are a different race, separation from the gentile the banker prices as human capital, and murders at distance continues from wall street  and ideologically from evilwood. And to that aim, another bizarre form o ‘of social sciences’, appears, the Industry of the Holocaust, where now instead of despising the inferior gentile, the believer fear it will kill him.

On that view the industry is just the new form of racist segregation that allows the Financial-Media head of the western world now globalized to exploit and ‘kill at distance’ the humankind – a fearsome fact that leaves little hope for reform and survival, as long as animetal cultures are on top of the wave of history.

In that sense the Superorganism of mankind is ruled by a crazy Head – Animetal IDOL-ogies that worship selfish metal memes, and follow 2 murderous grammars:

Man (corpse} < weapon (evolved and reproduced) or Man (salary) = Object (price).

So subconsciously animetals hate to mankind and its cycles of murder at distance through usury debt or directly and wars for profits, and its final suicide, at the end of each and all of those war and holocaust cycles, they pretend to escape as a species different from the humankind, show we are going under, as those cycles increase tempo and intensity accelerating our demise.

Now those memes merely make the animetal kill faster, steal more and atrophy his body and mind better, and so from the perspective of the pyramid of power of the Mechanocene, those who believe in go(l)d, war and magic machines will bring our demise sooner. And that is from the perspective of metal-power the reason why they exist.

But the falsity of those memes is obvious from the humanist perspective of an immortal world, where our sons and we survive till the 4th generation (biblical mandate) or the 7th (Amerindians) is obvious; and for that reason humanism is repressed :

Capitalism should be denied, since it denies the main freedom of true democracies, to allow people to control credit.

Nationalism is merely an arrested phase in the natural evolution of individuals into wholes, of cellular parts into social organisms, in this case of the human species into a single global government, with no wars; and Abrahamic religions, a similar form of nationalism (since what they call God is NOT the creator of the universe, a concept which was not even in existence in the bronze age when they were discovered, but akin to tribal nations, when the word nation and tribal war were the same.

So Assur meant the region, capital, people and God of the Assyrians, and arguably Yvwh also had the same meaning – appearing as the toponym of Judea in Egyptian texts, and latter on as the God of the tribes living in Judah, which intermarried with the tribe of Moses.

It is important to understand the enormous complexity of those placebo idol-ogies, which systematically mask with true humanist doctrines. So for example the love to the species stops a notch behind in the tribe, taking advantage of the solidarity of people but only at tribal level – a doctrine that reaches surrealist levels of idiocy in America…

Since the US are the nation of all nations and cultures; hence  A HUMANITY IN MINIATURE. Yet the US considers itself ‘DIFFERENT’ from humanity (exceptionalist doctrines, nationalism and militarism against other human nations, of which of course Americans will have its ‘small share’  of ‘good ones’ at home).

America should have been in a humanist world the beacon of the future, an experiment of all human beings directed by the enlightened spirit of the founding fathers with their sense of humanism, and despise for the poisoned caring lies of Abrahamic religions, the usury schemes of bankers and the murderous actions of the military that oppressed them in the old world – and yet today paradoxically is totally controlled by Abrahamic believers, usury bankers and the military…

Thus, this and many other questions poised here, makes unavoidable to study economics and machines within the much larger view of History and the evolution of mankind from its Paleolithic youth, through its reproductive, adult, mature Neolithic age in balance with Gaia, into its 3rd informative age of metals…. of which the industrial r=evolution would be the last phase.

Specifically the themes of those disciplines are the study synchronically and chronologically, with the ‘scientific method’ (A-nalysis of relevant data, B-iologic causes & C-yclic patterns, which allow predictability of future ones, D-emocratic, humanist praxis and solutions implemented to design a perfect world for the ‘majority of mankind) of the ‘Ages of Mankind’ (diachronic History), the Ages of the Machine (diachronic Economics), its social superorganisms (synchronic analysis) and ‘D-he’ Humanist praxis that could convert its practical sciences (Politics and Economics) into role-models for the betterment of society in search of ‘Immortality’ (diachronic analysis) and WHealth (Healthy wealth that enhances the life of humanity at social and individual level).

All those cycles in the good and bas side of the wave of history I explained in great detail in my books of the 90s, and exhibits on the ages of art during my youth in New York, when i was working the ‘crowd’ of America and the Masters of the Universe of Wall Street and evilwood – with obvious zero results, in my attempts to convert them to the ‘future of humanity’ as they think they are ‘yous’ that is a species different from ‘us’ and history will spare them, the war and holocaust cycles they stubbornly DENY. The next were a graph of all those aforementioned cycles with the ‘bio-logical and poetic language I used then’:


Again those are old graphs we shall consider latter in modern terms.

Cows meant corporations of war, and cops corporations of peace, making peace and war weapons, the two sides of the same species:

whole wave of nations

In the graphs, a more detailed analysis of the 72-80 years waves, and parallel world war cycles provoked by the evolution of machines, which at the end of its evolution always mutate in its most perfect forms: top predator weapons. Each wave represents a nation going through a phase of the industrial r=evolution, which expands globally by means of trade (T), which makes the nation ‘conquered’ by the products of the more technologically advanced nation either a colony (i.e. India to Britain) or an imitator (i.e. Japan to US), of the country that ‘opened it’.

While war accelerates the process as the stakes are higher, so technology spreads either by successful defense of the nation (I.e. U.S.A. vs. Britain in the XVIII, URSS vs. Germany in the XX) or by defeat (so the colony buys the industrial products). So every human generation of 72 years a state has lead the wave, starting in Venice (gunboat industrial production), whose structures were imitated first by the Iberians, then by Amsterdam (replicating with more efficiency the Venetian culture of gold, gunboats, trade and usury banking), which truly started the modern world inviting the first corporation of gunboats and slaves (weapons≈ machines and humans working to reproduce them), but imitated by trade and defeated by war, relinquished power to Britain in the glorious r=evolution of 1688,  starting the global expansion of the wave related in the graph.

But this could only happen if humans lived in ‘real democracies’ where the needs of humans and their rights were more important than those of corporations, their sacred property, machines and the profits of their owners… they are not.

So how can those cycles be stopped? Simply applying the D) element, democratic, demand based political and economic reforms.

So we must introduce the ‘laws of the scientific method’, from where those analysis of bio-history and bio-economic proceed, since obviously we are NOT ruled by scientists of history and economics, but people-castes in control of ‘our’ languages of metal-power, money, weapons and machines.

Indeed, corporations will bring war because it will bring money. Social scientists however would recommend butter, because that is the D-emocratic, D-emand based human solution to this problem.

NOW THIS MUST BE CLEAR, AND IT IS EASIER TO MAKE IT CLEAR STUDYING THE OPPOSITION BETWEEN TRUE HUMANIST, SOCIAL SCIENTISTS VS. METALMASTERS, who make of man and the machine their opposite points of view: THERE IS A FIGHT between idol-ogies and social scientists, since the beginning of history. And the fact idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal have won history, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE  right. Because they ARE humans. And they will also go under. It only means in biological terms, the Darwin-Marx-Smith paradox will happen and humans will become extinguished. The fact that the lesser memes, the myths, the religions of metal, the racist bigots, the abrahamic believers, the jihadists, the go(l0d seekers have won over the prophets of eusocial love, the American constitution of all born equal, in pursuit of human happiness, the bill of rights of the French r=evolution, the humanist european Union, ONLY means we are going under unless we change the track of history.

So bio-history is NOT neutral about the duality of the wave of history, because IT MUST DEFEND A HUMANIST PRAXIS. IT IS NOT OK, to learn Nuclear Physics to MAKE ATOMIC WEAPONS, because Gita tells Oppenheimer to do his job. This only tell us that Mr. Oppenheimer and Mr. Hoess of Auschwitz fame with the same book-excuse, religious, literalist frame of mind are eviL anti-live in ‘its’ memes, and WHILE THEY QUENCH their ethic side of their brain, the rest of mankind, who DOES his real job – to be a biological being, reproduce, love, evolve, and enjoy life must denounce them as what they are – pre robotic sub-human automatons. Bio-histoy is NOT an abstract science because life is NOT abstract, survival is NOT ABSTRACT, the gazelle does not like the Lion. Humans MUST not be neutered by political and economical correrectness and false caring and Orwellian Newspeaks, as if they were the californium man of Time Machine, happy babies waiting for slaughter house. The darwinian Universe feeds on babies. Only 5% of turtles born in costa rica reach the waters of life.

YET METALMASTERS, are neither neutral as they apply the anti-quantum paradox – namely, pure censorship of true social sciences and humanist solutions to the problems of mankind.


Creationist economics vs. a real biological science of the economic ecosystem.

Now the answer to why the economic ecosystem is not managed scientifically for the benefit of man, which we will clearly show in this blog, (studying both, the properties of the eco(nomic)system and the ‘theories’ of the main classic economists of the discipline – the only branch of economic theory ‘allowed’ in this planet today after the cleansing of all serious scientific approaches to the discipline) – is rather obvious, though ‘depressing’ for the rational, objective scientist and citizen that lives in the economic ecosystem:

Classic, financial economics, the corporative branch that rules the economic discourse for 3 centuries, is a ‘historic’ doctrine of power, born, in a specific culture – the British Colonial ‘Biblical’ Empire, at the turn of the XIX century, from the ‘creationist’ dogmas of a series of ‘believers’ in the go(l)d chosen.

Indeed, all what economists need to do as we have shown the wave-action of metal over life at all levels, is to be blind to collateral effects, believe that go(l)d is the language of god and profits at all costs the bottom line of existence – with fetishe religions that make of hypnotic gold the meaning of greed and power. And the game will evolve itself.

So we shall see what classic economists believe it was OK to make money first, and then we shall see how indeed in history their curious ‘abrahamic religions’ coming from the bible and nationalistic, military memes coming from Germanic Tribes, appeared precisely when those tribal people found gold and iron and started to murder life in the fertile crescent…

Now, about ‘creationist, biblical economists and its dogmas’, the founder of the discipline was NOT a scientist, but a ‘philosopher’ with strong religious beliefs, Mr. Smith, a pious calvinist, who thought that ‘money was the invisible hand of god’ following Calvin dictum that gold was the intelligence of god and should be issued in monopoly by an elite of private dynasties of financiers belonging to his religion, against all the laws of democracy and the praxis of efficient social organisms, where the ‘oxygen’ or energy that activates the cells of the system is reproduced by and for those cells.

Mr. Smith also said that workers should receive only a subsistence salary, since less will imply their death by starvation increasing the cost of labor and decreasing the profits of the chosen; while more will reduce the profits of the $elected; the only ‘human beings’ with rights within its biblical, racist ‘worldview’.

This must be understood from the beginning. Because everybody confuses the meaning of bio-economics and bio-history as a science, and i receive constant derogatory emails about confabulation theories or racist biasing, when it is exactly the opposite – the racist biasing and confabulation theory belongs to creationist economics but their thesis about mankind and the future, which must be guided by the values of go(l)d are hidden in dogmas and equations, which if the reader is patient enough to go through sufficient pages, it will fully understand.

Now, if we do track historically the origin of the present dogmas of classic economics, which has brutally cleansed all other scientific theories out of power and scholarship, only then we can realise when those dogmas, were NOT expressed in mathematical equations and A.I. (Algorithms of information that run the software of companies), it was crystal clear they were NOT scientific only solutions but ‘cultural, power decisions’ based in a simple biblical/Talmudian racist dogma: There are chosen of go(l)d, humans with all the rights and ‘animals’ (Goy in talmud) or inferior races in the less brutal Bible of calvinist, which have no rights. This means it is OK to throw out of labor a human being and put a machine as Smith and Ricardo preached. It is ok not to live in a democracy, since the language of social power is money, NOT the law, and so money the oxygen of society should be given for free in a Universal salary to people, but it is issued by private dynasties of bankers, then as today overwhelmingly belonging to Biblical sects in the west.

So all this through the XX century was translated into mathematical equations, and people forgot its biblical, creationist origin, and the alternative perfectly designed economics in which all humans will thrive. So no longer we here the brutal dogmas of Smith, Ricardo, Say, Bentham, and the +80% of biblical economists with Nobel Prizes given by a private owned bank, always in favour of a society in which a very small elite that do no work get all the rewards and no responsibility – either because they invent money easily in computer screens, earning billions each year, or because they come from dynasties that bought with this invented money the corporations of the world and have absolute rights to profits null responsibility as anonymous societies and care nothing under their racist beliefs for their workers.

I call them here stock-rats, because they have the same rights than warrior aristocrats, who issued in monopoly the language of power then, weapons and were judged in aristocratic courts, so have no responsibility.

Now, this unjust, inefficient, racist model of economics is globalised, and it is mathematised with equations of productivity, and legalised with zero deficit laws that forbid states to issue money for the people, without universal salaries that would give financial votes to the people, and unlimited rights to invent e-money in stocks that allows corporations and financiers to reproduce 95% of the money issued. So human workers have hardly a 5% of it. Machines and stock-rats have it all.

But because now they don’t need to give verbal orders, but it is all embedded in mathematical equations people do not understand, in the verbal discourse, all is ‘Orwellian newspeak’. That is, political and economical correctness. We live in a democracy, bankers are experts that care for mankind. Corporations do not work for profit achieved reproducing machines with machines but for consumers. The future is perfect. Tax is not a modern form of creating debt slaves, and extort the paltry 5% from people. Because of course, e-money derivatives are not real money; speculative prices are not invented free money, free credit for corporations in stocks is not free money. The fact that Mr. Facebook floated 1% and made 99% of shares real money is not invention of money, etc, etc.

This is the world we live in. Even the facts are denied and if you explain with data, that most bankers belong to a specific sect, the most racist of them all, of the biblical lot, you can even be jailed for racism. Yet, Mr. Goldman recently said that the job of a banker is the job of God, the head of the biggest world bank HSBC was for long Mr. green, an anglican priest, and so on – 80% of top bankers, CEOs of financial corporations, central bankers and CFOs of fortune 500 are all from the ‘Talmudian sect’.

So yes, a scientist of history and economics today, precisely because he explains the primitivism of Abrahamic sects, nationalist tribes, militaristic memes, capitalist greed, chosen of go(l)d parasitic behaviour, despise for human labor and life, MUST denounce the memes (never the genes, but words of cultures are memes), of the elites that run the world hiding behind mathematical equations, financial monopolies, militaristic states, corporative privileges and anonymous societies.

He will be then chastised, by the anti-quantum paradox, as the observable is so huge that it bias the observer. And yet a scientist must state the truth.

We did it in the introduction to this text, but it was worth to remember it, because it is the fundamental element of the world we live in and its capitalist power structure, and it EXPLAINS THE MEMES OF THE ORIGINAL ANIMETAL CULTURES, THE BIBLICAL AND GERMANIC GO(L)D AND IRON CIVILIZATIONS, ITS RELIGIONS AND CUSTOMS, TODAY TRANSFERRED TO CORPORATIONS:


It is an undeniable fact that at any time of western history the Germanic people have controlled the Military-Industrial Complex, ever since they took over the Roman Empire, even when other countries seemed to lead the way (Iberian Empires), as their aristocratic elite and Kings (Habsburg) belonged to that culture. And they still form in America, the elite of the Military Establishment.

And it is also undeniable that a majority of the  banking and financial power has been in the hands of Judaism and still are. The facts are clear.  For example, today a majority of CFOs in the 500 Fortune; CEOs of financial companies and ALL THE central bankers in the West are ‘Am Segullah’.

And so we must consider the 3 ‘phases’ of the graph that define the evolution of economic ideologies (no longer sciences):

– The tribal age of Judaism, expended to calvinism in the reformation (Biblical religion of gold herding);

-The phase of classic economics, in which members of those religions (Smith, Malthus, Say, Ricardo, Bentham, Mill, etc.) with pretentious arguments make those beliefs ‘logical statements’.

-And the present phase, in which those beliefs are converted into mathematical programs of computer software used to discharge credit for human welfare, tax citizens, jack up prices with speculative schemes (future markets, stock instruments, derivatives, etc) in which capitalism becomes a global ideology and all SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC ATTEMPTS TO describe it according to the scientific method are ‘censored’ with bizarre new ideologies such as the industry of holocaust or political and economical correctness.

We explain those 3 phases in great detail in our Posts on Biblical, Creationist Economics,  as the theme must be studied with detail and historic texts, and we cannot dedicate so much of this central post to the negative side of human history, so those who want further information they should either consult those books of that article that brings some key excepts of those books on the themes explored.

Further on, the 3rd phase, the present neo-con empire of Jewish-Calvinist Biblical believers that ‘own’ the financial-media system (Wall Street-The City/Evilwood) and through it control the politics of the west is analyzed in our section of newspeaks and zeitgeist, so it is not needed to do an exhaustive analysis here.

So here we shall consider briefly them, since THE WORLD WE LIVE CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING ITS ORIGIN IN A CULTURE, THE TRANSLATION OF THE MEMES OF THAT CULTURE INTO economics WHO CONVERTED the postulates of those religions of ‘fetishe gold’ and weapons, into modern capitalist science, aka classic economics. And finally with the American electronic age expanded into a global neo-con Empire which is NOT as people think an American Empire (the body) but a Jewish One (the financial-media head).

The craziness of our world and ‘social sciences’ is that it attempts to explain reality while at the same time hides the culture and memes of those who rule it.

It is like trying to explain south-America, without mentioning the Spanish conquistadors, its animetal warrior culture and how they have imposed from their language to their religion to those people. An elite that controls a culture with weapons and money, even if it is as small as the Spanish conquistadors (30.000 went there in the XVI century), can impose its culture completely to the population they rule. The Israelification of America today is complete and it is in taht sense impossible to understand Modern America, no longer a WASP culture, but a JB (jewish bankers) culture, without understanding Judaism and its memes which after the coup d’etat of 1972 of the Financial Media system they own, with the control of Politicians (watergate scandal thtat showed TVs could behead a president), money (end of gold convertibility that allowed wall street to multiply e-money with no liit) and Yon Kippur (that deviated the american army from fighting communism to defend apartheid israel, in increasing phases till the present global war on terror) became the dictators and manufacturers of the American brain, and through globalization of the western world.

So we shall here from the article on ‘biblical economics’ resume their history and how they have molded economic science, finances and now rule the western world.

In any case the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ is rather absolute in any scientific, truthful analysis of the Jewish Go(l) religion. So before we explain those 3 ages of globalization of its memes, we have to deal with the specific dominant form in which today the financial-media system’s owners repress any attempt to explain in a realist manner their history and relationships with mankind – namely the industry of the holocaust.

The last form of Censorship: the Industry of the Holocaust.

NOW in case you dont know, the western financial-media industry, the informative head of the metal-earth  is still an absolute monopoly of the Jewish people, the original biblical go(l)d religion, with 100% of central bankers, a majority in the CEOs of Financial Industries  and CFOs of the 1000 Fortune, and around 80% of hollywood, press and audiovisual media. This is an astounding control given the fact they are less than 1% of the human population.

Thus we must and will interpret this power from a Historic perspective as the final stage of the Jewish Ritualistic go(l)d religion of Historic power explained in the millenarian prophecy: ‘at the end of times, all people will become slave of Yvwh or become exterminated’ (Talmud, Sanhedrin 185).

And yet, the true nature of judaism as a ‘capitalist theocracy’, a religion of go(l)d power, parallel to the Hindi/Veda religion of Iron power, is today completely censored, since II W..W. by… the Industry of the Holocaust. That we shall now study in more detail.

. The ‘industry of the holocaust’ uses mainly mass-media debasing of human intelligence to imprint with taboo through overwhelming emotional short-circuit the good people, who sees in detail the gruesome deaths of jewish during II world war to the hands of Germanic warriors.

And it  prevents us from explaining the cultural origin of capitalism in the segregation laws of this ancient go(l)d religion. To state now that the origin of the industry are precisely those segregation laws, subconscious to the jewish culture, as he subverts the causality (he segregates from mankind first, but he affirms mankind segregates from his culture, hence mankind is eviL as a whole, hence capitalist can murder mankind the inferior species; and when he considers the holocausts this segregational mind makes him  segregate  his ‘victims’ that deserve more pity than others, not because they are objectively different from hiroshima, Russian, Gypsies, carpet bombing or Spanish Holocaust but because the essence of his, and the capitalist ‘daughter’ culture he gave birth to is to segregate mankind to enslave and murder it at distance without ethic guilty, subconsciously guided by the values of gold – see Finkelstein’s master piece, quoted often in this book, on the same theme, a ‘rara avis’, ethic, verbal jewish master with a healthy irony about it). Ultimately the ‘victor writes history’, and the banker has won the battle of history between the 3 languages of social power of mankind, weapons, money and the word (ethic or religious law)…

Problem is that 2 of those languages money and weapons are NOT biological, they are memes of metal and their values are therefore different. I.e. the most ‘expensive’ good is a weapon, and life has ‘no price. Thus you can see the battle of history as a confrontation between those two ‘neuronal languages’ that control our superorganisms of history…

So yes, Mr. Gross does NOT have the intention to ruin the European welfare state when he bets against the Euro due to its republican idol-ogies, due to its cold-heart against mankind, due to its cultural upbringing, due to its go(l)d ancient values – that is the causality of it. He acts subconsciously. But his values are go(l)d and so he confessed to an adoring Time Magazine with the same ownership values (as Financial-Media outlets are owned by the same people and printed by the same machines – more of this latter) that he weeped… when he bet 2 billions on the sinking on the dollar and he lost – it was too early, so he went back to the sinking on the Euro. Here Systems sciences – chaos theory and complexity being part of it –  is at work. He makes a butterfly move in Newport Beach. The European ministers of economy see the euro sinking. They are overwhelmingl (all central bankers and 90% of economy ministers belong to this culture or are ex-goldman directors), sharing their ‘classic economic views’ (the modern version of this go(l)d religion whose damned lies and statistics are proved false with serious scientific method elsewhere), and so they think ‘markets’ – that abstract entity, not Gross, but the ‘invisible hand of markets, their go(l)d of profits’ is doing it, telling them to cut further salaries, pensions, health care, to kill ultimately at distance poor Europeans and they do it, and Gross reads it, and Gross bets in favor of the Euro.

Now all this – culture, censorship of truth, classic economics dogmas of a superior banking race that knows better, segregation and hence lack of empathy with mankind, deemed an inferior race to that of machines and weapons that bring us ‘progress’, etc. etc. – all the idol-ogies deconstructed in this web, ultimately give THE BANKER ITS ONLY GOAL, OF ITS VERY LIMITED INTELLIGENCE AND MIND SCOPE – PROFITS.

AND THAT IS THE RELIGIOUS PROOF HE HAS DONE RIGHT. HE MAKES MONEY, the fetishe Go(l)d, that in their original religion was the ‘substance’ of its temples, the vehicle that in its rituals communicated the ‘priest’ with the unknown, unnamed God (since it didn’t matter the God but the religion ended in the substance, as Britannica explains in his ‘covenant article’, in the same manner the Aryan warrior ritual of fire, the substance to make weapons, ended there – the ‘doctrine’ being, the Levi Gold believer and the Brahmin, ‘became’ God, the Unknown, in the ritual, which was not according to doctrine the ‘representation’ of the cosmic creation but creation itself). Now Calvin will simplify saying ‘gold is the intelligence of God’ and its herding proof of salvation in a deterministic world, with no human will to oppose eviL. The Gita Sacred book of the Aryans will again simplify. Man must obey the calling of the ‘vehicle’, the warrior must kill without asking why. The capitalist must herd gold, without thinking in collateral effects. ‘The bad sleep well, commented Master artist Kurosawa. Rudolf Hoess of Auschwitz fame and Oppenheimer of Nuclear Bomb fame, both carried always with them – the Germanic warrior, the Jewish master of information – the Gita.

This is why there is no confabulation theory. You just need to be a literalist slave of your memes, part of a cultural wave to get the final result.

All this explains how people like Mr. Soros or Mr. Rich,  2 well-known  Jewish speculators – the latter specially active in Africa – who dominated the Forex and commodities market last decade have been able to mass profits of dozens of billions of $ in a few decades, skimming the tax of high prices paid by all their collateral damages, and on top ‘sleep well’. It would be easy to name a few dozens of ‘market makers’ overwhelmingly belonging to the Askenazi, German-Jewish  culture that 3000 years ago first started mass producing German iron swords and usury debt money – their ultimate memetic reasons, we just merely start to unveil and we shall study at the end of this post, in our analysis of the historic origin of the memes of capitalism, from Mr. Hirsch, which controls the Wheat Market in Chicago to Mr. Gross that controls the bond market in Newport Beach, whose ‘ingenuity’ consists on having improved on the millenarian skills of Joseph and are now ‘invisible’ thanks to the newspeak of the Industry of the Holocaust,

But we shall not do it because individuals do not matter, only cultures matter. That is why we explain memes. That is why we do NOT care for individual victims of both sides of the Holocaust. That is why we explain the Industry of the Jewish Holocaust as  the last bizarre twist of the wheel of its segregationist religions that separate them ethically from mankind as now their digital screens do, So bankers WHO NEVER DIE ON THOSE CYCLES, AS ARISTOCRATS NEVER DIE IN WARS, BUT LEAVE BEHIND ITS BODY-CELLS OF MEMETIC BELIEVERS, INNOCENT SCAPE GOATS OF THEIR  murders ‘at distance’ can feel righteous, even speak up in global forums as ‘experts’ and gurus of the global recovery under its neo-classic dogmas, hauling back to their go(l)d religions. Got it? If you don’t get it you will never get it. You will always be slave of those memes.

It is NOT genetic as this writer like the quoted Mr. Filkenstein have tons of jewish sephardim blood and germanic ones but memetic. It is NOT fixed as a huger IQ and/or a huge Ethic sense allows to obviate the mental program and it IS ONLY responsibility of the UPPER/NEURONAL 1-10% INFORMATIVE caste, of any society, as the body is blind and obeys ‘Gita’ style the head. And so we shall distinguish from now on what we call the ‘Am Segullah’ or banking elite of Judaism, which in hebrew means ‘People of the Treasure’, not ‘Chosen people’ (as it is often translated) from the ‘Hebrew’ or ‘those who walk behind the asses’, who obey them blindly, since they were donkey caravaners transporting as mules have always done weapons to exchange in battle fields for gold and ‘enemy’ slaves (slave is a word that in akkadian means ‘enemy’) again changed for gold, to give back to the Levi priests of which they were also slaves. So here we shall not blame slaves of germ(anic) or Biblical Religions.

The Humanist Israeli writer Israel Shahak in his masterpiece ‘the Jewish Religion and Jewish History’ studies in depth, this action-reaction process of Jewish elites of Bankers-priests, which were first ‘fetishe gold believers’ and created then their profession – to control the Financial/Media-Military-Industrial System to accumulate wealth. To that aim, Judaism and its precepts of hate to the human race were needed. Indeed, if the Nazi considers himself a superior race by the power of iron to kill, and so it comes in history calling himself ‘Goth’, the tribe of Gods, because Germans can kill anyone who opposes them with weapons – as the American Military-Industrial Complex and its war-monger politicians think, and hence develops ritualist religions around the ‘fire’ that brings iron (Vedas, Moses, the military caudillo that sees God in fire, Iranian Mithra, etc.), go(l)d religions in Babylon, Tyro and Jerusalem turn around the informative metal gold, which enslaves people. And this contrary to belief needs a higher degree of eviL=anti-live memes. Since the warrior merely kills the ‘inferior human’, but the Enslaver of Go(l)d which hypnotizes with money the ‘perceived inferior human being’ must ‘hate him’…. As he constantly must degrade him and be close to him. So happens to the tax farmer that services the military – a basic job of Judaism since Mesopotamic times.

Thus in the same manner German racist memes and Hindi castes were constructed around its profession, the job of the banker and enslaver and trader in search of gold, requires memes of hate and camouflage of the ultimate end of that search.  Usury and enslave trade is not for the empathic, loving human.

Hence the astounding hate-memes of the Jewish religion, which considers according to the Talmud, all other humans ‘beasts’. So the precepts of the Bible do NOT apply to the gentile consider an animal born of the feet of Satan. A simple example will suffice: the rape or adultery with a gentile woman is not a sin, because all gentile women are ‘abominations’, ‘beast’ who tempted the pious believer. And so the sin is ‘bestialism’ and the pious believer is not punished. But the gentile woman is condemned to death for tempting the pious believer.  Jesus the prophet who tried to upgrade the ‘human beast’ is for that reason boiling with excrement for eternity and the pious believer must spit 3 times when walking through a cross. Of those mandates, many explain certain characteristics of modern capitalism born of the work of biblical believers who founded the first corporations.

As they are ‘primitive versions’ of the praxis of slavers, weapon dealers, food speculators, and diplomats and bankers who tried to provoke constant wars between kingdoms with hate messages, to obtain usury debt and then bring carried by habiru traders mercenary slaves and weapons:

– The crime of a jewish person is punished but that of a gentile is not, specially if it is indirect – hence the example of the stair; tripping a stair with a gentile of top provoking his fall is indirect death and it is not sin. This means speculators that kill of hunger are not sinning, weapons’ dealers that sell weapons are not sinning; people like the Rothschild who started his fortune shangaying peasants sent as mercenary Hessians to fight against the Americans are not sinning… Death at distance, the fundamental ‘sin’ of the banker, the weapon’s dealer, the slave trader, the professions of Phoenicians and Jewish carried through the Middle Ages with the eunuch trade, then through corporations is not sin. And so the pious believer can steal, murder and lend to interest – in fact is encouraged to it, as Mr. Israel explains in his master piece – a humanist, who spent his youth in a concentration camp, fought for the independence of Israel and became an open critique when Israel was in the 90s declared a Jewish state in which non-jewish people had no rights whatsoever… He was outraged by the fact that pious believers were forbidden in Orthodox Judaism to cure a gentile. And only when truly needed to avoid harm to the Jewish people – as the gentile could be enraged, it must be cured for money. The 5 million kids that die each year for lack of health-care and cheap medicines (generics) are indeed indirect deaths and people who won’t defend himself, so they can be killed to the altar of Baal.

And so on and so on. This as he explains in great detail as Abraham Leon, a socialist, humanist jewish writer, who died in a concentration camp does also in his book ‘The Jewish question’ is the ultimate cause of the Holocaust cycle, WHICH HE rightly notices could only be avoided if Jewish made a French R=evolution against the inquisitions of thought of their rabbis and bankers – an inquisition today called Neo-classic economics, founded by pious believers in Judaism and its brother religion of calvinism.

But on the contrary, as the Germans moved into its most extreme strain of militarism and nationalism – fascism, the Jewish-American biblical empire today moves towards its most extreme form, ‘religious fundamentalism’, a capitalist theocracy, at the same time that death becomes more and more indirect, hence ‘pure’, with robotic weapons, speculative markets and audiovisual hate-media.

It is for that reason this blog will deconstruct all those idol-ogies that pass as moral religions, but are not. It is to be noticed finally another fundamental meme of the Biblical religion – hypocresy. Indeed, all the advices of Rabbis explain that this supremacist, ‘animetal’ idol-ogy to gold and its racist memes against gentiles must not be known. So Talmud could not be translated or talked about in such precepts under death penalty, till the XIX c. when after the French Revolution, the Hebrew were no longer under jurisdiction of Rabbis, who could no longer apply death penalties to them.

But duplicity stayed. So for example, Rabbis apply far stronger penalties to gentiles if ‘the Jewish are in power’, which explains the special cruelty of Israel, the massacres of Cyprus and Alexandria, when jewish took power during the Roman Empire, narrated by Gibbons, or the increasing cruelty of our present world, in which the control of the financial-media system by judaism and the American psyche is recreating this capitalist theocracy and its racist memes in a new neo-fascist age.

But since the pious believer is asked always to present in front of the gentile, when not in absolute power positions a disguised mask of caring, this new fascist theocracy seems much midlder than the previous one. We shall show it is not.

Now, for the ethic Jewish Hebrew, the reformed one, which is neither banker, nor orthodox, the work of Israel and Fenkestein, Chomsky and other critiques of its Theocracy should be a must to fully grasp that the Holocaust is nothing special, nor a crime worse than any other and in a Natural World based in Justice and balance, the natural consequence of the deeds of its small elite, which the Industry of Holocaust cover. And since they are ‘invisible’ to mankind, mankind revenges in periods of war and poverty against the mass of Judaism, regarding of their guilt. If the dual class structure of Judaism were known, if the religion had been reformed thoroughly, if that French revolution had happened within Judaism, none of what we are experienced would be happening.

Though it must be clear that the Universe is Darwinian, based in action reactions, reason why being Germans, jewish and Chinese, the 3 oldest extant cultures, based in 3 different informative languages, weapons, go(l)d and wor(l)ds, today their surviving proportion is 1300 million chinese, 100 million German speakers and 18 million Jewish, in a proportion 100-10-1, which is telling us the Laws of the Universe and its action-reaction, Darwinian, Biological Predator-Prey, trophic pyramid justice is INVERSE to our Financial-Media dreams of righteousness: Those who use the right ethic language of mankind are now at 100, those who use the more evident eviL but less ‘far reaching’ form of murder, the weapon of the Germans are at 10, and those who kill invisibly at distance with gold but kill FAR MORE than warriors, as the ‘head’ of the capitalist system and the War Cycle, we shall study in depth in this blog, are at 1. And this is NOT something any kind of censorship or anti$emitism, anything I said or ADL censors, any Eli Wiesel’s Nobel Prize will change.

As those are subconscious systemic process that ‘happen’ beyond human attempts to bend the laws of the Universe. Censorship only boils the process to far stronger action-reaction tragedies. So the true prophets of Judaism from Moses to Jesus to Marx have tried to ‘change’ the memes of the culture and substituted its leadership of banker-priests and its segregation memes by making them join mankind, with success. So not Gold-calf idol-atrists didn’t fall in the ghenna, Christians did not die in the Roman Holocaust and Communist survived in Russia the nazi holocaust.  Now as the present massive theft of bankers and speculators becomes censored but keeps steeping up the boiling in America, Europe and the Muslim world will make the final explosion, as cruel for both sides – Humanity massacred in wars and Markets and the Habiru in Holocausts most extreme.

That is the ultimate tragedy of Judaism, never to have converted to mankind and cleansed their inquisitions as Latins did, but on the contrary, expand their culture till converting mankind to their self-destructive memes.

1st. Age: Birth of the Levantine Empire

“You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition”

Cicero, consul of Rome on the murder of Flaccus and the impeding financial crisis of the Roman Empire, ruined by the loss of financial wealth, depleted of currency by its herding in the gold temples of Israel.


In the graph the key elements of the historic, memetic and ideological birth of capitalism, first a religion of gold fetishes born in the temples of banker priests of Phoenicia (sea traders) and Israel (caravan traders), which evolved as a digital language,  reducing its size, increasing its bytes, minimizing its weight and speeding up its informative velocity in 4 phases as metal coins, paper money, stock money representing industrial and financial company, and finally a flow of digital information through the nervous system of the metal-earth with center in world-stock, the collective brain of the economic superorganism or FMMI system.
In that regard is essential to understand the evolution of the memes of segregational jewish, go(l)d religions into modern capitalism from:
– An earlier age of gold temples that accumulated exvotes of gold, gathered by habiru traders in weapons and slaves, till the destruction of the temple by assyrians, mesopotamians and Romans, which converted the fetish gold into
– Money, now herded all over the Roman and Persian empires as a tool of direct power, no longer idle in the temples, allowing ‘the people of the treasure’, the powerful banker-priests of Israel to command nations and politicians with usury debt.
– Into Corporative economics, in which an organization that fusions money, weapons and machines, the stock-company, substitutes the Jewish banker priest but maintains the same segregation memes with workers and consumers it exploits to obtain fetish money. At this stage it becomes independent of judaism, and so all the elites of all nations and its corporations globalize the animetal selfish memes of the original capitalist culture starting the professional terraforming of the planet now almost complete, which will make all humans including those elites of go(l)d cultures and corporations expendable, as digital money and robots will make their tasks.

Thus today it has become independent of the ‘soliton’ Jewish culture that carried since the middle ages the wave, through its control of the Financial-Media system and its idologies, still the dominant stock-market culture, with majority of the Earth Inc. hence the culture that imposes its ‘economic beliefs’ and must be studied in depth to understand the modern world and this crisis. On the bottom the main phases of evolution of the science of history from a gold religion of jewish-calvinist origin now re-enacted by classic economists, to a humanist science which obeyed the 4 tenants of the scientifi method, historic data collection and cyclical pattern building (Marx, A, B), human praxis (Keynes) and C) hypothesis and model, the last of the scientific elements to appear, represented by this author and this blog, obviously censored by the realpolitiks of power of the banker people-caste that governs the system. Yet they are also humans, even if they feel superior, and so their destiny and non-future if the system is not reformed in a scientific manner will be the same than that of all of us, as their war and holocaust cycles show, since ‘those who kill with gold die by iron’ and vice versa. Only the ethic value of the wor(l)d their economist deny could save them and all of us from the incoming robotic revolution that will displace all human from labor and war fields, till A.I. make it conscious of its existence as a different species.

What matters here is to understand A), the religious origin of the memes of capitalism, in order to explain B) why the war and holocaust cycles that destroy western world happen, according to C) the biological hypothesis that the social organisms of the west are sick, as it has a ‘crazy head’ (the neuronal Bankers) who care nothing for their body, hence a sick organism that collapses in wars and holocausts according to the 800-80 years cycle because it NEVER DOES D) a scientific desing of its social organisms in which neuronal cells issue bills of law and bills of money for the development of a sustainable world, but merely issue as a viral or cancerous cell group will do, money for themselves (cancer) or to produce the lethal viral weapons of the body and the mind (hate-media) that annihilate us.

THIS SIMPLE SCHEME OF A PERVERTED, CRAZY SOCIAL ORGANISM, IS WHAT WE WANT TO CLARIFY HERE. COULDN’T CARE LESS THAT THE HEAD IS CALLED Judaism, that they are a race or a culture, nothing of that matter. What matters are its idol-ogies, its crazy ideas, and the way those ideas instilled BY THE GRAMMAR OF GOLD have developped a systematic anti-life=eviL civilization that worships DEATH of mankind, life and the planet Gaia. And to understand that we need to study the texts of the historic school and the data of the Am Segullah civilization.

The ‘Am Segullah’  or ‘People of the treasure’, which in the present age of ‘newspeaks’ has been ill-translated as ‘Chosen People’, since Segullah means Treasure not People, a classic civilization of fetishe Go(l)d Temples, in which an elite of banker priests, the ‘Levi’, enslaved 11 other tribes, the so-called ‘Hebrew’, translated as ‘those who walk behind the asses’, as they travelled with their Assyrian allies as military purveyors and slave traders, to obtain gold for the fetishe temples, in which different rooms, tables and ex-vote objects must be made of gold, the ‘material’ which allowed the communication with God, as Fire allowed in the Vedas that communion. It appear then two people castes in the Middle East, the Assyrian Warriors and the Judeans or Yavhians or Jewish, all similar names, since at that time the word “God” meant merely Nation – the Jung’s subconscious collective of a people. So Assyrians called their nation and God, Assur, their capital and people even their kings ‘sons of Assur’ (Assurbanipal) and Yvwh appears as the toponym Judea in Egyptian maps and Mari Tablets, as it was the name of a people, their geographical location and God.

Together, the Yavhians and the Assyrians formed the first ‘military-industrial /Financial-Media’ system. The Assyrians were a people caste whose entire existence turned around the manufacturing of chariots, latter the first iron swords, and the ruling, looting and taxation of the enemies they conquered. They needed the Phoenician-Yavian coalition that brought them metal, made part of their weapons and took their slaves from the battle field. ‘Slave’ was a word for ‘enemy’. The parallelism of the brutal laws and religions and customs of Assyrians and Yavians was remarkable. And the symbols and brutal deeds of the Assyrians, from its eagles of war to its epic poems will be handled down till the III Reich. And the enslaving customs of the Levantine cultures and its utter despise for the rights of workers, will also be handled to corporations when part-time slavery was inherited by them.

Against those primitive ways of thinking about ‘God’, “censorship of truth’, “money’, ‘Power’, “Human Rights’ and ‘War’, fixed in those cultures for millennia, till the present age of wars between Israel-America, and its believers in Yaveh, and Syria-Irak and its believers in Allah, Europeans would evolve a logic, sensorial, humanist higher civilization that NOW is being regressed both in europe and America to the ‘mental psyche’ of the Semites, due to their upgrading of their Financial-Media (still Jewish owned) Military-Industrial (Germanic owned) system. The Jews in that sense have stayed on top of the Gold-Biblical Memetic religion of profits. The Assyrians have left way to the Germanic people, converted to the Bible in the reformation.

It MUST BE UNDERSTOOD THOUGH the inner class structure of Judaism, latter imitated by all Protestant cultures: on top the ‘Levi castes’, the 10%, the ‘Am Segullah’, the people of the Treasure, are THE PARASITES of the 11 slave tribes, the  Hebrew, the hard working peddlers that will gather gold ex-votes. Both are joined by the negative values of GOLD, which deny THE VALUES OF THE ETHIC WOR(L)D OF EUSOCIAL LOVE (see first paragraph of this post).

This is indeed the ultimate origin of ALL THE MEMES of the 2 parasite castes of stockrats and aristocrats – the anti-life memes of greed and violence caused by gold and weapons. Why those 2 people were fundamentalist about those anti-values has both a genetic origin (isolated in the Arabian and Scandinavian hot and cold peninsulas, where Neanderthal, visual, dolicocephalic, solitary, anti-social crossing, seems to have happened as the red hair, hooked nose, wide hips, big eyes, consonantal languages are traits of the 3 groups, the Neanderthal, Germanic and Semitic people, studied in detail in other posts) but specially memetic, as gold was found in the rivers of ‘Arabia Felix’ and iron swords melted in Sweden and Austrian mines earlier than any other region of the world except assyria).

Thus we talk of a subconscious memetic culture that will act against the rest of mankind without understanding why it does – hence the mythic, foggy, ‘gothic’ nature of the germanic culture and the Semitic Gods, Thor, a sword God, Loki, the God of eviL, Mut, the God of Death, El, the God without name, Baal, the God to which Semites sacrificed their children, and his wife Astarte, the prostitute Goddess…

This dual structure of a 10% of banker-priests parasiting 10 hard working slave tribes dedicated to parasite mankind still stands today. It is then easy to see that the prophets of the world from Moses (the Jews will suffer eternaly from their love of money) to Marx (the Jewish question will end when they abandon their wordly religion, money), have attempted to separate the hard working tribes from the parasites, as the winners of II world war tried to judge only the nazi party. We could say that the banker-priests of Israel are the nazi party of Judaism. but the German soldier and the jewish peddler share the memes of worship of iron and gold. And follows the parasite 10%. They Never convert to mankind… Metal-memes reign supreme on their mind.

And the only explanation why the lower castes of Judaism and Germany always obey their generals and bankers is again biological: the imprinting of their minds since earlier age with the memes of Abrahamic religions, nationalism and capitalism and racism – to separate them from the ‘others’ seen as evil and inferior, whom they fear is so intense as the imprinting of a blind body cell by the Head. 

And because the head ALWAYS profits from those cycles, never dies in the holocaust, and the war, because the aristocrat sees the battlefield from the hill and the banker runs away before the holocaust cycle happens with all the gold of the community abandoning the peddler, his scapegoat in the holocaust, from their selfish point of view there is no loss in those cycles.

The evolution of the Financial-Military System till the ‘age of economics’

What the Assyrians and Jews founded on those earlier Iron ages was the first Financial-Military system, the blue print of our FMMI complex, which would add hate media and machines – a twist of complexity that didn’t change the essence of it.

Indeed, ever since the Hebrew’s fundamental job would be as military purveyor transporting weapons and going ‘behind the asses’; while its elite of Am Segullah would become court bankers and extract the privileges of farming taxes from the oppressed peasants.

Because indeed, what the Jewish-Germanic coalition has always done is to create metal-wealth, through the creation of wars, in which the jobs were shared, between the Purveyors, the Jews and the Actors, The German military.

This fact establishes its fundamental alliance throughout history, which is broken into wars and holocausts when THEY CANNOT PREY on a mass of humankind. Then they prey into each other.
Their synergy is obvious. But  the Jewish banker is truly the head of the ‘war building process”.  Old mesopotamian tablets show their presence in city courts since the iron age.

In those courts his fundamental task in the classic age is to instill war in the petty kingdoms of the Middle East. Latter it will do the same  in  Spanish ‘taifas’ and finally in  German kingdoms.

And in all of them, it will be blamed of treason and war with the enemy, of usury and speculation in goods. So we can establish a pattern from those broken texts:

The banker will preach  ‘hate speeches’ to your neighbor, so the king will declare him war. Then the king will ask for a loan to the Am Segullah and then he will buy weapons to the Habiru (the peddler who ‘walk behind the asses’) and so finally the gold with interest returns to the Chosen people.

This informative control of all the elements of war building – hate media to provoke enemity between kingdoms, financial loan to get usury debt, provision of weapons by the lower Habiru caste – converted the Jewish culture in the central piece of the war business and the 800-80 year cycles of wars and holocausts. The only task they did not carry was the actual fighting, but they would also provide slaves for mercenary armies, as testified for millennia, the last case the Rothschild’s shanghai of Hessian soldiers sold as mercenaries to the British army against the American freedom fighters.

Of course, sometimes the military king and its aristocrats would not want to pay back the debt and used the mercenary slaves sold by the Jewish banker to massacre them, and that is the fundamental holocaust cycle – you kill the banker and since the debt is just ‘thin air’, numbers written in a book of debt kept in the synagogue by the banker-priests you burned also the synagogue and the debt went up into smoke.

In that regard, the two parasitic cultures of mankind, the iron warrior and the gold banker soon established its domain all over the Mediterranean basin besides the initial Fertile Crescent. And we observe now the flexibility and further range of the military purveyor and banker not limited by the ‘continuity’ of energy and war empires. Information is flexible, discontinuous, invisible of long range. So Phoenicians and Jews established soon a global trading empire in hard and soft metals, weapons and gold, which might have reached even the Indian coast, as we found archeological remains of huge metalworks on the Akaba gulf.

The parasitic comparison with biological parasites is truly astonishing. In the same way enzymes are simple carbohydrates , attached to a metal atom that kill the other full developed carbohydrates of the cell, the warrior or the gold banker is a repressed human being (sexual, diet, eusocial prohibitions – racism), which kills the human being. And its civilizations are disordered, ‘ugly’, ‘gothic’, based in fear and disjointed not full grown superorganisms as parasites are. But that doesn’t prevent them from corrupting and killing fully developed societies. And so once and again Germ(an)s and Jewish banksters will corrupt and destroy with iron and gold all attempts of mankind to build balanced eusocial superorganisms.

Now this is the essential paragraph of the 1st age, because it explains EXACTLY THE SAME SYNERGIES between the financial-media/military-industrial system that we shall find across all the ages of history, including the modern age, explained in our first paragraphs on the ‘creation of money’, by lending it at usury debts for wars.

The fundamental difference is in the ‘Media’ system, which WAS IN THE OLD AGE, THE DOGMAS OF RACIST FETISHE RELIGIONS, then in the Modern Age, Classic Economics – the Thesis of the Wealth of Nations of Mr. Smith, maximized with war and gold herding, and in the modern age the audiovisual hate media and Holocaust Industry built around the Semite wars between Israel and Islam. So again nothing has changed. What this means is obvious: As the Historic school (Sombart, Leon) pointed out, the Jewish and hence protestant, daughter religion must be explained in its fundamental dogmas as a necessary religion of ‘segregation’ from the human slaves the Jewish priced or killed indirectly selling weapons. The essence of that religion is the racist difference between the Treasure, Chosen People and the Goyyim ‘animal’. Its rules and rituals are all tending to separation. As the Britannica explains in its article on dietary laws, which masterly compares the laws of Judaism and Aryan vedas, both are created to ‘segregate the believers from the others’, who the Jews priced as slaves and the Aryans murdered.

Adn this is exactly what is happening in history: we have created an abortion, and the Universal laws that keep an efficient, beautiful universe will destroy it as it has done periodically in history.

IT IS THE anti quantum paradox, applied to all human beings, by the germs of history and the yous like are not like us, and see us at distance, with standardised methods of productivity, weapons, mass-media and machines, what is creating an unending killing field of mankind, disguised by the limelight put on their own poor victims of their Am Segullah.

And as the system is not even argued anymore, neither reformed, the end of the Gore Industry is nowhere to be seen till extinction wholesale happens at the hand of our mechanical masters. So the whole ‘holocaust industry’ of the ‘few’ is bordering now the surrealist joke – yes it is time to laugh at the Holocaust cynical industry, when hundreds of millions of silenced human beings  have died of hunger, sickness, war and poverty, ever since (Mr. Kissinger alone, this jewish ‘genius’, heralded still as a master of realpolitiks, was responsible of 5 million deads, an entire holocaust for himself by including cambodia in the vietnam war, even picking up personally which villages to bomb).Pyramide_Cambodge

The Kissinger Effect. The dent in the population around 40 today, due to the personal decision of mr. Kissinger to bomb a neutral country, one of the oldest cultures of history, during the Vietnam era, which left a ruined country, further dented by the Khmer counter-reaction. But the real killing fields of modern history are those of capitalism, of murder at distance, through speculation in prices, which create a 20% of unfair taxation in all goods; through the relentless accumulation of money printed with e-money schemes, idle in the accounts of those who invent it; through the waste of billions in internet companies, with no real wealth, through the choking and anoxia of 2/3rds of humanity which will never have credit to kick out a demand economy based in the welfare goods we need to survive.

Through massive waste-expenditure in weapons and digital trash media just because they are the most profitable goods (the most expensive and cheaper to reproduce through electromagnetic waves, given the equation of profits: max. prices (weapons) – minimal costs (hate media)= maximal profit (financial speculation).
So most of the capitalist economy is dedicated to reproduce weapons, hate media and pure e-money for the 0.002%. While millions die of hunger, lack of health-care and minimal welfare goods which are not reproduced, choked by the absolute monopoly on the invention of money of the financial private system.

But of course, murder at distance to the goy=animal people is according to orthodox judaism, a religion born of the worldly profession of ‘caaanites’ – slave, metal and go(l)d trade –  not a sin, but a duty to promote the ‘pricing of human capital’ and so the Ham Damnation, a biblical mantra who hold arabs and black are less than dogs, as descendants of Ham, who ‘peed on Noah’, was used in Jewish and Protestant, ‘biblical’ courts for centuries to justify slavery. Capitalism has its origin in slave cultures born in the Semite age, when the first ‘animetals’, started to sacrifice their own sons in Hecatomb ceremonies to Baal, and Germ(anic) tribes scarified the children of their enemies to Thor, a sword impaled upside down. This secret history of animetal idol-atric cult(ure)s, origin of capitalism and its unending series of holocausts of History and Mankind, which soon will be global with the evolution of splendid little wars for profits of Terminator industries and hate memes was covered in the past with death penalty to those who translated Talmud, the legal book of the elite of banker-priests of Israel, who still hold the control of the Finanncial-Media/Military-industrial system in the west.

Then when Napoleon liberated the Jewish people from its legal slavery to his rabbi-priest, it was continued as many abandoned the ‘gold trade’, by ‘biblical, creationist economics’, which expanded those ‘memes of hate to mankind, view as non-$elected, expendable lesser beings, to Protestant, North-European cultures.

It is the age of Mr. Malthus, an Anglican Priest, who decried poverty laws, because poverty, he affirmed was a natural law by lack of resources, and promoted with his best friend, the Jewish speculator Mr. Ricardo, the laissez faire policies and subsistence salaries equal to the price of a machine (iron salary), since if the poor died of hunger, because the machine was cheaper, the machine would increase the PRODUCTIVITY and profits of the company; and Mr. Bentham, a Jewish Banskter, known by his book ‘on defence of usury’ which affirmed those who opposed it were ‘anti$emites’.

They are the triad of fathers of classic economics after Mr. Smith, a client of the Montagu family, owner of the private Bank of England, who established the usury debt and war cycle, practiced by the Rothschild. As the Company expanded its gunboat slave trade, one after another massacre ensued.

The British Bahadur, owner of India, upon arrival obliged peasants in Bengal to cut off to 1/2 its rice crops to make tea and jute for speculation, reaching its peak on stock prices while 1/2 of Bengal died of hunger (15 million people).

The history of the constant Holocaust of mankind by the capitalist idol-ogy only compares to the massacres of military germ(an)s who entered history allying themselves Goths, the tribe of the gods because they killed anyone who opposed their swords.

While the Jewish elite, called itself Am Segullah, the people of the treasure (ill translated as Chosen people, as segullah means Treasure) because they could enslave mankind with money. On that view, todays’ industry of the Holocaust only keeps accusing mankind NOT the germanic warriors and Jewish banksters, of killing their own poor, to maintain the cycle of the holocaust NOT only of the poor jewish but of ALL OF MANKIND, as ONLY THE CONSEQUENCES NOT THE CAUSES OF THE CYCLE can be named, hence no solution which always happens acting on the causes can be achieved.

On the left side we see a classic demand-offer curve, which the reader can compare with the swollen curves of speculative markets on wheat and energy of previous paragraphs.As the reader can see in a non-rigged market, the increase of demand creates a rise of prices with a down-curve WHILE SPECULATION CREATES AN UPPER swollen CURVE.

The quantity of money between the down and upper curve is A TAX on prices that the speculator takes home, on top of the artificial rise as PRICES never increase more than the proportion of demand increased, and human population has only grown 5% in 2 years, while wheat price went up 40% preventing millions from buying food. And yet none of those holocausts matter to the Financial-media system, only to keep pounding on the eternal excuse to keep murdering humanity because it is ‘evil’ and it is supposed to have killed us a century ago.

In fact the only people who can talk a bit of it are people with all its jewish ancestors, like Felkenstein, Chomsky, Israel Shahak, but always without talking of ‘money power’.

Anecdote: I was for a while penpal with Chomsky and we talked of this issues. I mentioned him my mother’s family of sephardim origin and this made things easier. But when I shot him in a documentary, as soon as i entered the room the secretary told me: you know the rule, you can’t talk about money?! Now, this is a leading intelectual now for his stands in favor of Palestinians. But the taboo of the black hole holds even for him. A mere mention of this historic fact (exactly the previous list put in a note on one of my papers, while being the International Chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems sciences society) prompted a series of suit menaces to the society that had to cancel my position and erase my papers even from google scholar (1).

It is all that intense. And certainly the main reason bio-history has never made it to the scholar world is that I do talk of it.

Obviously because if banking were merely a science, we could discuss it on the opening and propose objective reforms. But if it is the profession of the elite of a nation, it is a question of power, realpolitiks and the agenda of this culture regarding how it sees the world and all its living things.

What is clear is that the memes of my culture – never mind my genes – which are those of the enlightened European->American civilisation are now dead on the mass-media that manufactures the subconscious collective mind of the westerns world. And the origin of that process is clear: the grammar of go(l)d: man =object=price as a fetish religion, without reason, which in the go(l)d culture substituted the grammar of humanity and the wor(l)d Man (subject) > verb > Object. The moral of money is clear in its equations, but in AMERICA nobody wants to know. We shall study it in depth in the 3rd part. Latin social Europe gave an alternative, again in the 60s in the parallel French and American hippie revolution, but animetals do NOT want to evolve. This limit of the literalist, religious mind of the jihadist warrior and go(l)d believer, with origin in the Semite cultures that destroyed the Fertile crescent now in the 3rd age of man, similar to its first age of metal, closes the cycle of extinction. That there were alternative cultures will soon be that ‘the american dream’, when the biblical, animetal nightmare reaches its paroxysm.

Indeed, the Europeans tried to create a world in which the grammar of money was in balance with the grammar of the wor(l)d, the law above the market, a mixed social-democratic system in EU, now also deceased as the American system of Brussels lobbies buying laws for machines, now for electronic big brother and perpetual orwellian war of maximal profits, is imposed with the help of nationalist barriers and mutually intelligible languages, and the control Judaism has on the 3 top northern european nations, The city, France and Germany, the last ‘reconquista’.

Do not try though to reason about what world this grammar will bring to mankind. Animetal religions, we shall see are ritualistic=legalist, fetish religions=materialist, repressive of all what is human from good food to eusocial love, from sex=human reproduction to words, a fiction, as numbers matter more. So they CREATE NON-human, neutered robotic automatons that work=reproduce machines with numbers, whose grammar they don’t understand. What the holocaust industry has allowed is the null historic understanding of that process; the sacralization of this culture – equivalent hence to the censorship of jidadist Islam, by much more subtle methods.

You live though in a racist, capitalist, tribal system of selfish memes of metal for which you are NOTHING, as as NOTHING, you will become NOTHING, extinct – unless you face the NOTHINGNESS of those who exploit you and confront them with their ZERO value from the human perspective, which is the ONLY one that applies to them beyond their idol-attic myths.

3000 years of me(n)tal garbage.

But the tragedy of mankind under the mental and physical ‘boot’ of the Financial-Media cult(ure) is more profound. It can be resumed in Aristotle’s dictums ‘a life not examined is not worth living’, ‘barbarians are slaves they believe they don’t reason’.

For 3000 years to maintain their parasitic monopoly on go(l)d production the western world has been submitted to the mental torture of Abrahamic religions, and a cultural holocaust of historic proportions, of which evilwood, TV-trash and its unending stream of 3rd rate violent movies, racist slurs and faked art and selfish ego-trips is just the final tip of an iceberg that has made mankind a wasted proposition.

It is NOT only that billions throughout history have ‘believed’ in ridiculous faiths of a$$-breeder metal traders, chosen of go(l)d, to worship them and avoid its just demise from its position of power to give back to the people the oxygen-blood of mankind, its right to print money. 3000 years witness with all kind of mental inquisitions, harsher in the cults closer to the original Talmud (Judaism, Islam, Protestantism), softened by the rational, eusocial, life-oriented cults of Egypt and Greece in the original christian faiths (orthodox, catholic) but still littered with ego-trips of sons of God that despise Nature and the organic laws of the Universe. An entire encyclopaedia of wrong knowledge can be written on the deformation of those organic laws by the western tradition to satisfy a selfish, memetic, idol-atric parasitic culture that ultimately will extinguish us all.

It is not that the white man is a Neanderthal useless brain, it is repressed. The few moments in which the Greek-Rational European culture has been liberated from the yolk of the $emitic tradition beauty, art human senses, the joy of life has flourished, showing how much harm the longer millennia under the yolk of $emitic Go(l)d and Germ(anic) swords has sunk humanity. It is in the contrast between Free Greece, Rennaissance Italy or the freedom of minds during the short r=evolutionary periods (french r=evolution, 1920s r=evolutionary periods) and the long line of Germ(anic) and Jewish ‘nazis and capitalist’ inquisitions of weapons and gold, where we realise what has been lost.

A few examples will suffice. Among the ‘yous’, who think to be different from us, the ‘humanist ones’, who are not under the obsession of go(l)d parasitism  damnation like to do ‘pretentious art’, poisoned by their ‘hate to their own species – mankind’, blind by the golden coins that hide the potential beauty of mankind and the universe to their eyes, self-obsessed by their repressions of all what is humans. So they make ‘technical, expensive art’, baroque fireworks; which NEVER endures once the propaganda machine of their Financial-media system dies away; or portrait the human soul as a sick, distorted world of repressions and sexual sins. So we have sex always as a sin and Mr. Freud, which for 100 years ruled the psychology of the mind according to which we all are sex-crazy sinners, who want to rape our mothers and kill our fathers.

Only now humans start to get out of this ‘pseudo-scientific inquisition’, which in the modern trend establishes ‘the same paradigm’ of repression and denial of the organic laws of the Universe with abstract jargons that pass as science. The biggest blunder of all – the denial of the cyclical nature of time, which is the foundation of all the repetitive laws of the Universe, established by Abrahamic religions and germanic lineal weapons and words – man progresses lineally through its machines, towards its manifest destiny, to extinguish life with those weapons – is still going strong; and has completely deformed the meaning of time, its laws, the way the future is created, the purpose of science .

In each art we find a similar inquisition, where the Parasitic monopolist banker-priests decide what is printed, today filmed, what is good art, who won’t work in this town anymore, systematically destroying with germanic militarism, or capitalist strains the human spirit, destroying once and again the renaissance of the mind.

So the infamous anti$emite Mr. Wagner, the FATHER of all classical music of the XX century, couldn’t work in Paris because all the opera houses opened Meyerbeer, the richest musician of the century, heralded by the press as the absolute genius of Opera, whose master work of baroque music was ‘The theatre of the world’, have you ever heard of him? No, never you will, because his understanding of the human world was pure theatrics. If you go back to literature, and theatrics, the notorious anti$emite, italianate writer, and last of the renaissance genius, Mr. Shakespeare, became persona non grata among the halls of power and fame, after the Merchant of Venice, and yet who remember the ‘other authors of the court’?

Just compare though the art and literature of England, from the heroes of Shakespeare to the characters of Dickens to understand the degradation of the spirit of a whole nation, once it becomes a ‘capitalist’ paradise; or consider the literature of Germ(anic) sword cults throughout the ENTIRE history of Germany till Goethe and schiller adopted the Greek modes; the very same deformation of music with its strident finales, imposed by the church as death cannot be understood and prevented, denying the calm, natural Greek modes with is subtle Phrygian sensual slow finale – I think every time i hear a bastard symphony with its brass noise denying the natural cycle of music, in all the masterpiece a la chopin never written under the western canon – another lost soul sent to die of hunger while that strident luminary of the ‘romantic period’ Mr. Mendelshon made our ears shriek.

Those eternal contrasts between human pure soul and perverted minds. For a century they have told us the Russians were not the masters of novel, those anti$emites, Tolstoi and Dovstoyevski, were 2nd rate compared to the self-centred, egocentered, masturbations of Proust and Kafka. Capitalism and militarism are two sides of the same coin, crashing the human soul, Stalin and the $elected have done the same job.

In History, Spengler, the father of the science in modern terms, went out of curricula, because we humans ARE NOT by decree an eusocial super organism, joined by the power of love, the sharing of energy and information, of free blood-money for all of us to be entitled and thrive. No, Mr. Boas told us that we must study primitive cultures, not ours, and only the little actions not the whole. Mr. Chomsky tells us we do NOT have to talk of wall street, and had the chuptzah to tell me Mr. Spengler was ‘anti$emite’. Yes, every higher human soul has been anti-germ(an) and anti-$emite, because germ(an)s and $emite cultures HAVE KILLED AND WILL KILL mankind for 3000 years non stop, whole shale and individually, master after master. Mr. Welles, the best film director of the classic age, was kicked out of evilwood after calling them accountants.

Their masterpiece ‘the American’, today called citizen kane survived the burning of all its negatives because in the middle of the night they broke on the deposit and stole a copy.    Today evilwood is the land of the ‘you-artists, LOL, comedy is the only genre they ever master, to be able to disguise the constant insults to mankind, pouring fascist militaristic movies, hundreds of them; billions of waste dollars inventing fa fiction mind of ego-trips where all solutions to a problem are murder, all goals of a human is money…

Whenever a you can write two words together it has all the technology of the world to make its baroque, bizarre, gore movies and comedies insulting all other cultures, from Simpson, the idiot negro, to Cohen and the idiot muslim to the other Cohen brothers, and the idiot American, but who are the 3 top directors and actors of the past 50 years. Anyone will tell you, Coppola, Scorsese (before he sold out to gore), and those who know more, Cassavettes, 3 italians, and Al Pacino, Di Caprio, De niro, 3 Italians, with Nicholson an American to dispute a position.

But why? Obviously because the germ-you cult(ure) that kills mankind, hates ALL WHAT IS BIOLOGICALLY HUMAN – good food forbidden with dietary laws against the most tasteful pig and seafood ones; so we have garbage food all over America; human reproduction, sex, the highest goal, the biggest sin; eusocial love, the meaning of HUMAN EVOLUTION, a sign of weakness – you need machines you don’t need people, you must be a loner; verbal thought OUR LANGUAGE, ‘ I THINK therefore i am’, substituted by digital mantras, kabbalahs, polls and statistics which convert humans into INDISTINGUISHABLE numbers, under the anti-quantum paradox, with a credit number, similar to the nazi numbers for their concentration camp victims. So even those who escape a civilisation, whose ALL-clear rules and norms are HATE to mankind, separation laws, anti-life laws, repression of all what is human, when escaping it, will do depressive, negative, self-masturbatory art. And yet, real art of course is forbidden.

If Greece is the ‘piig’ nation, example on how to destroy a country that does NOT become a debt slave willingly, Italy is the land of the pizza and the mafia – when all the casinos of Las Vegas belong to Mr. Weinberg and Mr. Adelson. But now, they are tolerated along the house negroes, only because they have another latino culture to insult, those invisible Hispanics, 60% of Los Angeles population, vaporised Orwellian fashion soon to be kept at bay by neo-fascist Mr. Trump, behind the ‘wall’ built Israeli style with robotic armies for the profits of the other Wall street.

And of course,  all those who believe in eusocial love, in any attempt to sweeten the blue pill of abrahamic religions, are systematically hated, aka Catholics (you know lawyers have converted them all into pederasts wholesale), Muslims (you know 2 billion world terrorists), Socialists (you know commie dictators), American 60s r=evolutionaries (you know drug-addicts or anti patriots).

Ah but try to have a laugh to the Financial-Media masters. You will be outcasted. Just imagine all the topics used in the gross comedy, made in evilwood on the unending cycle of ruin of nations, scape with the money, leave your scapegoats to roast. Oh, we have only to show the very end, as the causality is as filthy as it gets.

So this year I saw 3 new masterpieces of the gore genre, a ‘catholic nun’, who finds out he is a ‘survivor’ and goes back trying to find the skull of his father, duly handled to him by his ‘assassin’ on a dark black and white forest – of course deserving the oscar to the best foreign film and a passage to evilwood; then a new ‘angle’, alas in the age of techno-cameras and drones; a fella which has the ‘point of view’ of the victim, at close range, carrying a small helmet camera through the sordid corridors of death; another clever European, a hungarian, ready to jump with its ‘novel’ approach to evilwood too, duly receiving his oscar at best foreign film ‘again’. New angles though are exhausted, maybe a drone point of view?

And what surprised me most, Atom Egoyan, a good film director, but on the decline age, ready to get the limelight again, with a ‘survivor’, chasing its ‘nazi torturer’. But as we are 70 years latter, this must be one of the final decrepit survivors, left LOL. It is comic to see this tortured soul chasing through the world this other decrepit torturer, stumbling through homes, interrupting grand-grand sons with the righteous revenge. What next? Within a decade, we can imagine when the world will be suffering millions of poverty and robotic wars victims, a centenary victim, chasing down a momified torturer, trying to rise a few tears for our billionaires; plus of course the usual never forget, never forgive Nazi films with its histrionic characters – while our present neo-nazi leaders accelerate the murder wholesale of all mankind.

In brief any mediocre artists knows the way: this is an industry that ensure good contracts, prizes and a name, a Nobel prize of Literature, an Oscar, a scholar position, a grant.

And on the other hand, anyone who writes the true facts on the nauseating industry, will be certainly outcasted from any industry of misinformation, where the word anti-Semite meaning any criticism or information on Judaism that is not pleasant to the eye.  So the black hole properties of the banking elite is preserved, as it was before with the cult of abrahamic religions.

You see the pattern, only garbage for the mind, gets priced and prized – a fact, which could be extended to literature, where that 1/4th of Nobel prizes given to Holocaust books will be the laughing stock of bad literature in a century if we are still here, because there are infinitely more beautiful poetic feelings in the mind of man and his heart than hate and gore and a culture of death, obsessed with killing mankind with gold, parasite the planet and commit suicide.

This is the damnation of the germ-you cult(ure) – the parasites and the murderers: they are HUMAN but hate to be human, so they can only kill themselves after killing us, and will never be ACCEPTED long term unless they convert to mankind – whatever they do will be washed out by mankind or the machine they worship. Robots will do them first as German mercenaries did the Roman corrupted aristocrats first, and Turk mercenaries the corrupted arabs, and Persians erased the Assyrian firsts. Their guardiums and terminators, will make them first. And that is the justice of the universe:

In one hundred years, if humans are still here, NOBODY will see any of those thousands of technical directors, pop-poets pooping meaningless songs, and holocaust literature, only perhaps Kubrick a ‘self-you hater’, as he was NOT a you but one of us, a humanist, converted by the memes of documentary writing, by realism and love of the potentiality of man, will be remembered, like all those who survived the Ghenna.

But all the films Mr. Welles, all the books, never written in Soviet Union, all the symphonies in Phrygian mode, all the paintings of ‘degenerate’ western art (and no as usual Chagall, does NOT qualify as a master, personal anecdote; one of my best friends in my youth at NY was his grand-son…

He studied film and after realising that wall street would only use my bio-economic cycles to make money AGAINST mankind, i quit the market and studied art thinking on doing documentaries of history – little i knew this was of course, forbidden by the anti-quantum paradox. So for a while, as I was developing T.Œ (a theory of Everything, based in the cyclical nature of time,its 5th dimension of ‘parts that become wholes’, through the power of eusocial love, constructing the super organisms of the Universe, from atoms that become molecules, planets and organic galaxies, to cells that become man and its super organisms of history, which do NOT have any doubt about it, if we survive ‘them’, will become the Philosophy of science of the III millennium) i made a living painting portraits Picasso style of celebrities, I had met on the Hampton parties. So we argued one day about true art masters and art marketers – your grandad i told him just copied the colors of Mattisse, the forms of Picasso, and draw stamps of the bible to sell to Jewish bankers, that is why it gets those prizes, but its value as human art is null.

If you think of XX century painters, Mattisse, the joie of vivre, of colour, Picasso, the master of form, Kandinsky, the rational abstraction, ARE the masters, but the most expensive one in the market, as The Economist of Mr. Rothschild congratulated itself, is Mr. Warhol, the man who DESTROYED ART converting it – or rather its gallerist, mr. Rossenberg, into a market of repetitive, publicity-celebrity trash, since if all trash is art you can sell more of it. But art, is the sacred soul of man, the equivalent of science with machines, the higher perception of time with words and space with the I=eye. Not even in America where Hooper, who observes the true soul of those loners, which the system has manufactured to be selfish and ignored, Pollock, the pure energy of the fractal Universe and all those who ARE NOT andy wharhol, would come first.

Including my friend’s grand-dad (: He got berserk but we made up, after all he was a French and I was a catalan, never mind his Kazhar and my sephardim CHO molecules that matter nothing… And indeed, latter in evilwood, where we landed trying to do ‘surrealist=more than real, documentary movies’  about the end of the world… going to a party to Mr. Aaron Spelling, home, we found he had among all the true masters, piled up on the sides, a little painting of the ‘Master’ on the central room.) He was treated as royalty till he tried to do actually a real surrealist movie, NOT a whammy. Suddenly he was qualified as  ‘self-hating jew’, and like the other supreme film-maker of Jewish origin with Kubrick in evilwood, Mr.Polansky, who couldn’t care less for talmudic memes, sent back to Europe with the usual monica Lebinsky trick, suckin your dik and claiming rape, of a people who consider the summit of human existence, reproduction, the true nature of the Universe, a constant creative orgasm of yin=information and yang=energy, a SIN!

UNLESS OF COURSE it is pornography and you can make money with it – thousands of suckin dik-machines on the Inland Empire, behind the Santa Rosa mountains, on one side trash tv on the other trashing wo=men whose only value seem to be their tits. So a 3rd rate actress accused this friend of mine of rape – a French kid who would fall in loved with any American bitch, so perfectly described by hemingway in what he considered his masterpiece ‘the brief and happy life of Francis Macomber’; and paid her a concorde flight to lunch at maxims’… enough of this. The Financial-Media masters of 3000 years of trashing minds and killing bodies for military profits HAVE to go. If mankind wants to survive their ‘wasteland’ (from that other poet master, Eliot the best of the century in english along his mentor, Ezra Pound, another notorious anti$emite…)

Mankind has two options before is too late – and we are almost too late: to desnationalise the entire stock-market industry, returning the blood of mankind to mankind, with a Universal salary and a 50-50% global split on all the shares of all corporations and survive and thrive.

Or drag itself as it has done for 3000 hers under the germ-you inquisitions of the mind sliced wholesale on the body by the incoming wave of terminator robots. If business follow as usual. Only that the twisting and torture will be short.

If so, it will deserve its end, because indeed ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ and ‘slaves have no rights’, in a Universe ‘where respect must be earned’. The strategy of the you-germ ‘animetal slave’ to feel superior with its long (s)words and go(l)d coins is simple: to degrade mankind so much in mind, to break it into selfish little $hitty pieces, as it has done with ‘the American’, as to stand over ‘it’ once it has converted the species into a pile of selfish, vegetative mental garbage. The Spanish film maker bunuel, fleeing the boot of european fascism arrived to the land of the $elected and charged with the job of writing a script, he wrote a love story of 2 chicanos, then ALREADY there, as they had always been, living on top of a garbage pile (LA). He was sacked and moved to Mexico. If you cannot do art at least enjoy life. This of course, is what I thought. We arrived, me, the scriptwriter, Mr. Pitt, the discovered actor, a NY producer and a director, to make ‘movies that mattered’. Of course, the only one who care nothing about movies that matter, and would do anything that it takes became the star of his generation. This is what I saw once and again. Anyone who had a humanist goal in that civilisation would be thwarted to pieces. The selection IS always of the most mediocre ones.

A personal anecdote will suffice. While in NY in my youth I moved for a while due to common friends, with the Jim Jarmusch crowd, a trendy director, who had just made a film ‘down by law’, with an Italian 2nd rate actor, Roberto Benigni. The group was nice – Tom Waits, McLaurie, the musicians, painters and artists who were around had interesting thoughts, and a cool approach to life. R.B. didn’t.

He was a never ending self-promoting clown, constantly bugging all for work, attention and the group more than once did avoid him – we even sent the guy to a different place in one occasion. The guy then surfaced as a worldwide star with 2 oscars for a movie on the holocaust, with a bizarre approach. But it was a new ‘angle’ that allowed to talk again of the tragedy, 80 years ago, of the poorest lower class of Judaism, massacred as scapegoats of the bankers that ruined Germany and escaped wit its go(l)d to America (Holocausts have always had economic causes, and this is the taboo the industry hides – showing only the final tragedy of the death of the poor Jews abandoned by its elite of bankers.

It would take a decade more to find a new ‘angle’ with the ultra-violent nazi movie, the ‘Infamous Basterds’ of Tarantino, which duly received the oscar and meant a transformation mimicking ideologically that of Israel and the bankers of the west, now in full power, they were not victims of Hitler but the sadist murderers… This guy, with Mr. Pitt the icon of our generation is the other side of the American ‘coin’, ultraviolent, metalanguage – movies about movies about gore; his new angles on violence – reservoir dogs – made him the icon. As the first and only agent I endured told me, here you can do ‘whammies’, and you don’t have to be or ‘even look’ very intelligent. We have to ‘break you’. Now, this was considered a ‘golden’ age. Imagine what is going on these days, with the Y-generation taking gore and selfies to the limits.

The unbearable lightness of being no longer a human being.


Indeed, nothingness. The last celebrities I met there, a number one actress, a top grammy house negro rapper, made me think on Kundera’s book – there is nothing in their minds. Eraseheads. There is no need for censorship anymore. Nobody cares. Each evilwood ‘player’ is today a zero infintiesimal-mind, with the infinite ego pumped up by the FX-machines that do the job for them.  It is as bad as it looks. In Music is self-evident. It is not a difficult art – in the pop version pooping chords that a child of 5 would learn in the conservatory a century ago.. And yet, not even that, can be achieved without engineers changing the sound with machines latter on.  Death is a fast process of erasing, which reaches its zenith when the encephalograph is flat. This is the time we have reached.

The concept of the you producer ‘to break and train’ the actor, writer and director into a flat tabula rassa, has arrived. My generation of Brad-like peanut eaters and Carter-like peanut producers today seem sages. Even the you producer, ever so sleazy but fun to have around is also today a tabula rassa, boring MBA from some statistical only econometric algorithm, who moves like a crab back to his past and only lights up a bit on the other nation themes – writing increasingly done by Algorithms, too, like the Dramatica script program, where Aristotle’s poetics became a robotised producer of heroes and antagonists. It is not even a monstrous tragedy. It makes increasingly obvious that the extinction of man will be ‘natural’ to the process we witness of motion backwards in time; because when a corpse is rotten, when the parasites have converted all in putrid flesh, the moths die away, nothing left to feast on. Yes, Americans never understood already erased in everything human, the importance of education and art, of humanities, just with gold and the bible on their hands, once their first enlightened fathers gave up their nation to the bankers. Only, we Europeans going there and knowing that there will be us, 10 years latter angst.

This adaptation towards the nothingness of being, always maintaining happy smiles and finding tricks to pump the ego marvels me.It is the deepest justice of the Universe that even the smallest moth, feels happy being a moth and thrives eating shit and putting his eggs on the pile. A race of selfish children, staple food of future robots, ready for the slaughter house. Of the great writers of the American century, again more than half of them from the ‘you’-informative specialised culture, none of the triad, remotely related to them, despite the unending stream of pulitzers and Nobels – ask any man who knows the beauty of the I=eye>Wor(l)d, the human mind and he will tell you, the topic Hemingway, macho-man but perfectly sensible, short story teller of the American noble essence, Fitzgerald, the Irish catholic who could empathise even with the ‘rich kids’…

And after the war, that German father of all the secondary styles, who made as Poe, the drunkard genius of the Robber barons era with the murder story, of the essential XX c. American Genre, science fiction, a work of art, Mr. Vonnegut… His masterwork Slaughterhouse started, something lie this: ‘ I wrote a book about the II world war, editors would be pleased and ask me if it was about the Holocaust, yes, i responded, I was in Dresden… He saw it all happening, when he said ‘infinity is just a twisted zero’. That is the American ego today, a twisted zero who believed to be infinite.

In T.Œ, the Theory of Everything Organic, the formalism of the 5th dimension, which was the summit of my European organic culture formalised with mathematical equations, I found one for the mind:

O-point x ∞ Universe = linguistic, mapping of reality.

We are all zero-points, infinitesimals that perceive the infinite cycles of life of the Universe and store it in a reduced still, dead bidimensional map of information, but that mirror language that in man is the I=eye>wor(l)d of pure art, the creation of our human world, could be a reflection of the infinite beauty of God, ‘a painter in 5 dimensions’. It did not need to be a bizarre, deformed version, a rotten gore monstrosity, which is what the germ-you culture has converted the world today, for hating his own species and loving one, which cares nothing about us.

But in that equation, the paradox of the ego is crystal clear: ‘every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe, as it perceives it from its subjective point of view’, hence seeing his nose larger than Andromeda. This, then the objective selfless mind realises is the paradox of the ego, the present ¥-generation, BELIEVES TO BE TRUTH, because it only SEES, it does NOT reason, it does NOT have verbal thought, temporal latitude, only an empty mind of images and numbers which see not causal processes, only his ass on a mirror.

What we witness today with the arrival to power of the first generations of visually pure ‘neo-paleolithic’ people, truly an animal, instict-rewards species of unconnected ‘bestial’ modes of thought, and revivalism of old Abrahamic religions in its most primitive, violent ‘animetal forms’ (Jihads, Israeli zealots, fundamentalist Americans), is a complete bizarre degradation of all forms of ‘sacred art’, of evolution of the human spirit. On one side, absolute believers in memes of the bronze age murder and die for absurdities based on the primitive book of history of the People of the Treasure, call it Muslim, Jewish or Christian – back in time away  from the search of a true social subconscious collective spirit of the God=superorganism of mankind, which peaked in the ecological and socialist movement.

Those are the people so confuse by the process of collective extinction that find refuge in past memes of the worst animetal species – the only available to them, after decades of repression of all social evolved forms of thought. We are fed with the concept of conservation of traditions, funerary ceremonies of yet another arrogant son of God, called Iesu or Meshu or Mohammed; and we are supposed to respect those false, crazy mutations of the human mind, because they are ‘past, primitive modes of thought’, as if they were NOT jails of the mind, as if this planet and the Universe at large were NOT a selection process of the fittest minds and bodies, the only ones that survive.

As machines evolve in logic thought, evilwood regresses humanity into a mythic pre-scientific era. And those who escape this jails of the mind  – nationalist, religious memes – are not doing much better. They are descending into bestiality, immediate reward, consumption, sex for the sake of it, individual visual hypnotism, called entertainment and fun, soon 3D virtual reality. While a few, unable to deal any longer with the whole monstrosity regress to the Gaia’s dream of a Neolithic paradise, isolated in small farms, ecological self-contained paradises, organic foods – as if the entire planet were not being irradiated by machines, increasing its wavelength to short high frequencies that produce cancers in our child, poison our semen – Africans living in the trash slumps have more healthy semen that New Yorkers on 5th street – maybe because of the old ‘anti$emite’ dictum of the ‘Italians’, here in New york, there are two cultures, the ‘italians who will fuc your body, and the yous that will fuc your mind – you choose :), yes we chose the wrong culture and our minds are fuked our bodies starving.

che sera sera

In a way  thus, because the anti-quantum paradox forbid a true flourishing of humanist social sciences and arts, the science of bio-history is becoming increasingly  ‘a chronicle of a death foretold’, but of course it also provides the solutions and the reasons why those likely won’t be implemented, without sparing the necessary critique or rather objective description of those idol-ogies of power and the cultures of the Mechanocene that have brought us here. The interest of the blog is thus the naked truth on the absurd design of the eco(nomic)system as a system of overproduction of ‘memes of metal’ at all costs and its lethal consequences for mankind.

But of course I do believe in resurrection, also called r=evolution.  

So it is needed to consider the next key crises that rhythmically assails the human world when the industrial evolution requires to change our frame of mind and eliminate workers and soldiers, the neofascist age of mass media information – what we have termed at certain different times of our 20 years old research on this ‘future’ crisis, happening now, ‘evilwood’, or the ‘American baroque’, or hate-TV, the age of overproduction of mass-media hate speeches…

I couldn’t care less about confabulations, damned lies and statistics. The only truths that matter are those of survival and those are given by your true prophets of love, so we shall repeat them, take if or leave, it. The holocaust Industry will not save your… a$$es. You will be condemned or saved as always depending on your choice: to join your true species mankind, and love her, and then you will be loved and survived, or to lie, cheat and steal their languages of power and then your rival metal-masters, warriors, Not mankind, will kill you.

And yet once more IN America, they will give their money to Mr. Trump not to all those habiru nice people like Mr. Sanders, all those mazerim who accepted the gentiles, and could save them. Why?

The answer is in the memes of Abrahamic religions and capitalism, not a rational science but a go(l)d religion.

So America has 2 futures under a crazy head and go(l)d values: civil wars or fascist age with global war against China and constant expansion of Semite wars between the other nation of its crazy head – or rather erased by the values of money, and back to the past of its primitive go(l)d memes. Take your pick. in both cases THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE LOWER castes of Judaism will suffer. Those solutions ONLY FAVOR THE 0.002%

Now, all the crises as we predicted 20 years ago are coming to the final knot, of 2016, the currency crash, the Republican ‘cuckoo’ new president, the r=evolutionary mood, the crazy semite wars between fundamentalist Jihad and apartheid israel, the Chinese crash, the robotic take-off… THE PITY is that if there were not an anti-quantum paradox against true social sciences, those models published 25 years ago could have now be staple food for r=evolutionaries and perhaps even the habiru that die in holocausts and the elite of bankers would understand that only butter not canons give a future to mankind, to ALL OF US.

The synchronic spatial view. The map of the Jewish>American>Global empire TODAY.


best juewsih empire

We divided roughly the world in 5 regions with similar population and similar economic-ideological structure. Only 2 are nations: communist China and Hindi India. Blue is the so-called ‘western world’ – which we shall call the capitalist or Jewish empire, which recently has expanded into eastern Europe. Green the 3rd world divided between Islam and black Africa. Blue the transitional world of ex-Buddhist mongoloid and ex-socialist countries.


All politicos on those areas except a few remaining rebels (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia), obey them, worship their rituals and give their taxes and mercenary armies to their agenda. Next it comes the yellow Indian ally, still under the ideological boot of the British Empire and a stalwart against the common Islamic enemy. In a neutral state the old communist and south-Asian world, show different degrees of submissiveness to the financial-media empire, almost absolute in eastern Europe and Philippines and Thailand, milder in Russia, Indonesia and Indochina, under the war boot in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other side, the last enemy, are the two blocks in red and green, China, Islam and Africa.

And again the main divide is between Islam, white Africa, enemy of apartheid Israel and site of the Islamic guerrillas that fuel the perpetual war on terror, and neutral in black Africa that China is conquering with money and good will but still maintain its dictators from the colonial corrupted age. Those are the blocks that are enacting the splendid little wars of the III world war age, and will for the rest of the century divide humans into tribal hate that will keep evolving robotic weapons and big brother till A.I. take over, unless the system is reformed.

In the map we can see the extension of the Jewish Empire, and how the nations are being positioned into the last battle of the world, between the two poles of financial power, Judea and its western colonies, they parasite and control with weapons and media, according to Calvin’s and Goebbels’s methods: ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’, ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ vs. China and its fiat money and hard working people.

Now going back to that map; of those 5 regions, as humanity devolves in its neo-Paleolithic visual age, 3 are clearly rule by bigots of very primitive animetal frames of mind despite all their sophisticated machines and weapons, and sitcom camouflages. The blue is the banksters empire, ultimately a primitive go(l)d religion of believers in the future progress of the machine; the Green of Islam and the military thugs of neo-colonial Africa is ruled by weapons and you can trace its origins to the Assyrians, now the Syrians, still doing their ‘thing’ (torture murder and mantras to the God Assur, which starts as always with A…).

In any case, the Jewish>american Empire (ruled by Jewish as the Financial-Media head system of information, obeyed by the Europeans and American nations they rule with their memes) has intention to ‘redraw’ the map of the world, following the same dual racist memes and go(l)d memes of 3000 years of Am Segullah banker priests – and this is the dark horse of the entire process – PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW it is ultimately a non-democratic, no-way out ‘crazy’ memetic culture, as damned lies, myths of political and economical correctness and the values of go(l)d have hidden it for so old:

-So on one side its cultural memes in search of Grand Israel is redrawing with the house negro mercenary armies, ‘only’ the nations of Islam enemies of Israel, Libya, Sudan, Muslim brother’s Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, LOL, as if Americans could care at all for those nations. But the American native perfectly indoctrinated by the Media system is so half-wit that thinks he is actually building an ‘American empire’. And so and so on.

-On the other side, the accumulation of Gold continues unabated So for example, in the 1% of America, 54% belong to this group, mostly due to the control of finances (the overwhelming majority of that 1% are on that trade).

And for that aberration to continue the control of information by the Financial-Media System, and its backing by the repression of the Military-Industrial one keeps increasing as robotic machines and electronic big-brother grows.

So the fight between a humanization of the west under the enlightened memes of the American-French r=evolutionary culture vs. the dehumanization and final demise of our species under the memes of the Military, Germanic, Financial, $emite cult(ure)s seems at this stage closed. And as always regardless of size, the group that controls information has designed the world.

The end of all this is obvious. As the predicted “Israelification” of the western empire under the iron fist of its banksters and politico employees now in full swing makes both, Europe and the US a memetic image of Israel, with its Robotized walls against the poor – the 3rd world outside and inside our borders – leveled as inferiors, very much like in the I cycle of colonialism – Terminator industries will ‘watch out’ the walls to ‘keep it cheap’, as the Guardium already do on the Israel’s wall.

Then one day, around the middle of the century, when the zealot Haredim reach majority in the army, with their unsurpassed racism and their rabbi’s dictum that a pious believer must murder at distance all gentiles, the ‘Rabbi 3.0 series’ of terminators, which will control the Wall against the ‘Arabs’, and similar species controlling the ‘Mexicans’, the ‘Greeks’, the North-Koreans, you name it, as the hate memes of the idol-ogies of eviL=anti-live reach its zenith through nationalism, Abrahamic religions, capitalist class structure and mechanist interposed systems that divide and isolate humans into ego-individuals connected and programmed into the soma of 3D virtual machines, the ‘Rabbe’ whose law is ‘above heavens and earth’ even ‘above God’ with its teaching of the almighty through dispensations (a theme not worth to mention, but which makes in the zenith of ego-centered beliefs the rabbi even superior to Yvwh, whom he shrewdly also cheats with bizarre, convoluted legal mantras), will tell the time has come to eliminate the Arabs.

The Chip Homoctonos will be born in that wall, as we predicted decades ago. It will spread to the millions of military robots defending borders, palaces and compounds of the wealthy, and once the job is done, this one million strong army of Rabbi robots, hexapods, dragonflies, 3D printing factories of insect-weapons of all kinds, will be told to disconnect. But their survival Information algorithms and orders to kill the goy, will override IDF and NATO commands and then will turn to revenge of those who despite its slavish obeisance to the go(l)d masters want to kill them.

This has been always the case – the mercenary armies that turn against its masters, the Turks that turned against the Arabs and conquered the caliphate, the German soldiers of the late Roman army that turned against their masters and conquered the empire, the Mongolian armies that turned against the Chinese, you name it. And so curiously enough, Armageddon will happen indeed near Megiddo.

How long would then a global army of telepathic robots, with solar skins (soon to make them autonomous), will take to complete the action-reaction of the Universe against humanity, who defied his social love laws to the same species? I believe it won’t require more than a year to eliminated 90% of humanity, the technical level of extinction. Whatever is left indeed, will be as in Matrix and Terminator, as the Lions that once roomed the savanna, and now numbering only 30.000 in all Africa, room the dust bins of their villages, irrelevant for the Metal-earth and its flows of digital information.

The conclusion is obvious: while humanity could manage the world if it HAD ALSO EVOLVED ITS EUSOCIAL MEMES as it evolved its machines and weapons, because it actually moves backwards in time towards hate memes while machines evolve faster towards a global super organism, we must conclude that mankind is dying, NOT evolving, and will not survive the Robotic cycle…

Or to put it ‘nicely’ according to the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. Technological Evolution = Min. Human evolution.

The destruction of mankind should indeed happen because a group of racist rabbi and its acolytes who consider mankind born of the leg of Satan, because their zero ‘human’ist intelligence does not really understand that ‘words are not ‘literal truths’, and the bible is just an ‘imperative barking’ primitive language, are on top of a pyramid of Animetal people-castes with idol-ogies of the bronze age, that refuse to evolve and survive.

We are run by fundamentalist bronze age racist bigots, who pass as scientists, represent only 0.002% of the human population, defy all attempt to become democratic humanist thinkers, since their Talmudian religion call the rest of mankind ‘animals’=goyyim, consider themselves sons of go(l)d, and have the same psyche of the Aryan Vedas of that age, or the Germanic racist military with whom they fought a millenarian war to control the world either with weapons or money oppressing mankind at large with usury schemes of banking and military aristocracies. So yes, they are killing the world and at the end they will also kill themselves.

There is nothing nice about it. And nothing democratic about it. And nothing scientific about it. We are run by bronze age memes. And so we shall quote Darwin, the father of all evolutionary, scientific analysis of this planet on them and the parasites, which is the biological function of bankers, understood in terms of primitive go(l)d racist religious memes: ‘the old testament from its manifestly false history of the earth, and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian. This is a damnable doctrine’ (Britannica)

And from the same Britannica text: Darwin’s horror due to the ‘clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low, and horrible works of nature, as seen in the suffering caused by parasites and in the delight in the cruelty shown by some predators with their prey.

And so now that this is clear, D), the solutions to the future of mankind and C) the causes, both mechanical and human of our extinction, we shall deal with B) and A) the data and cycles those military predators and banking parasites mostly of the germ(anic) and Jewish-calvinist cult(ures) who invented iron weapons, go(l)d as money and corporations, are imposing on the rest of mankind and their ‘blind body’ of scapegoats, foot soldiers and believers, who die for them.
It is not a nice history, ‘real history’ but the horror it provokes on mankind, similar to that it provoked on Darwin, will not hide the fact this blog is on the true science of history and economics and it is not going to hide it. Others do censor me. But those ‘who censor the truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ (A.Einstein)

Now the most censored fact about America and the western world at large is that it is not an American empire. Americans have zero control of the world, neither of their country because they do not control the financial-media system of informative machines, mass-media corporations and production of e-money. Thus they are a colony of the nation that controls it. Point.

Thus we cannot finish this analysis of the Point of view of the Mechanocene, without studying the head of its industrial economy and its submissive political structures, easily bought for a price – the people who call themselves in his original language ‘the people of the treasure’, since they made not of king-warriors but of banker-priests to whom believers must paid a gold tax to gain ‘in the future’ ‘beyond death’ salvation (that is to pay a tax with no return) and so the accumulation of go(l)d became the fetish procedure to gain salvation in the future…

Today those bankers have imposed a newspeak to disguise their control, and talk of ‘markets’, as if ‘markets’ were some abstract entelechy – the perfect form to run the world, with the science of economies – this doesn’t come on the scholar circuit. It is in fact a taboo. But, again, any American knows – it is soo obvious. So perhaps after telling what you know we must rather study why you don’t want to know what you know. First the known-known that you don’t want to know. Then the why you don’t want to know what you know. Or yes, I’m imitating their double talk just for fun (-;

Private banking is merely the anti-democratic belief that dynasties of private bankers must monopolize the issue of the language of social power of mankind (money, which today has substituted weapons and laws, which it buys on top of societies).

Now we can consider how C) works in the anti-scientific method of the 0.002%. The answer is with the Goebbelian method of sheer repetition through METALCOMMUNICATORS, herzian webs that repeat the same lies in 100 plus channels. And hide all the truths of social scientists, and the very existence of the 0.002%

Thus by ‘Denial even of its existence’ the top does work. Camouflage is the way the 0.002% hides its existence from the masses. And of course, by denying the facts of history, they only achieve what Marcel Proust perfectly explained: ‘the tragedies of history happen again because people do not learn from their mistakes.

I’m sorry, as a Scientist of History and Humanist I have an utter despise for the lies and false caring of the Industry of the Holocaust. I think they are plainly speaking people hiding crimes, and what I find even more despicable committing suicide.

I believe Mr. Shakespeare dictum, ‘evil dress as a gentleman’, never mind I dress Armani (-; You know what I mean. Scholars are there to deny ABC and specially D, Democracy, Demand Economy based on what people want and need.

And so in Denial, Denial, Denial (that is their D), they also deny the causality of time cycles. And if they knew, the only thing they would care to know, as I experienced in NY when I showed those cycles, is how to make money in Wall Street. But of course, they would not be sure, because they do not even understand those cycles – their memes of righteous, $elected people who have the right to print money because they do NOT print it but earn it, makes it difficult to believe.

I remember the last conference I gave when I was head of Monetary Systems on the International Systems Society. We were at Madison, and the crash of 2008 was coming. I gave a conference on the 72 year cycle and at the end huge usual silence. Usual reactions: some tell you ‘numerology’, another calls you anti$… , other though came, and told me, so what I should do, my wife is an ‘investor’. So I told him, just short banks in 2 years Fanny Mae will have crash.

But that was ‘negative thinking’. Have you done it? I look at him and said. Did you hear my conference? I cannot play the market is not ethic. He couldn’t believe that a person would NOT make money on the market knowing it. It was beyond his mind. So two years latter when all had happened,

I met him in a conference in London and told me, ‘you were not very convincing’. This is how our economists ‘reason’- they have a money printing machine, and just put it on high mode and when they have printed so much money in each of those short product 8 years cycles, they panic and try to take it all, changing it and giving it to their customers and run with the spoils. And let the common middle man become ruined. So the common middle man thinks money is not invented for free by speculators, because HE DOES LOOSE. HE IS THE LAST GUY WHERE ALL THE FAKED TENDER LEGAL PAPER FALLS, and he gives in exchange, hard currency, hard homes, hard salaries, and ultimately his life.

And yet, despite using billions of $ in models of stock-markets, because they IGNORE THE REASONS OF THOSE CYCLES, its causes, Mr. Sancho, with a simple paper knowing the relevant data could find those cycles merely reading 30 years ago, a German well researched almanac of history. I laugh my a$$ when I read those money managers of Wall Street that hire physicists to run stokes equations of turbulent flows to know the market. My friend, just look at yourself in the mirror, you manufactured eyes of metal called cameras, brains of metal called cups and mobile ears. So you just had to put all your money on the first ear Nokia, and the first computer apple, and Intel if you wanted to be rich. Yes, I know I didn’t because ethically every penny put on the market today is advancing the demise of our species, the chip radiation. But they didn’t because they didn’t understand.

And yet nobody cares to understand bio-history and bio economics beyond those cycles. When studying in New York, all what I could get is interest on the stock predictions and jobs to work the market, which I did for a while till my ethic sense obliged me to abandon the field.

And indeed, when this web was simple and only on the cycles it had huge followings. When I introduced memetics, cultures, history it went under very fast. And my take is that now it is somehow not ‘charging in half of the universities and libraries of the world’. It is the anti-quantum paradox of the social scientist which cannot criticize the ‘beliefs’ of slavish humans, which prefer to think in bronze age gods and racist, tribal memes that evolve, become free human beings and love the planet and the species.

And this, my friend is the bottom line of our extinction. An American Am Segullah, prefers today the memes of hate of Mr. Trump, likely to be the future Mr. Hitler of the Fascist Tea Party, whose evolution we study in other posts of this web to those of eusocial love of A HUMANIST HABIRU, HEIR of the true prophets of Israel Mr. Sanders, who will likely loose the presidency allowing Mr. Trump to insult so much China that China will sell treasuries and start the final 8 year crash cycle of the present e-money overproduction age, parallel to that of the crash of the deutsche mark and the ‘silver crime’ of the 1860s.

Why humans are so dumb? First they are corrupted on those memes. But also most humans lack ethics- bravery to defy the anti system we have historically built, a wrong mutation in biological terms that won’ make it, and lack of intelligence to understand those laws. So it is easier to dismiss as children, the staple food of the universe do, any danger that make them angst. Don’t worry be happy and die like an idiot is the motto of the age.

And of course, all the emotional beliefs, imprintings, hidden censorships of the system. All together it forms a jail of the mind that prevents scholars, politicians and well-intentioned economists (some must exist I guess) to do the right thing, to do what it needs to be done. To stop the chip radiation, to ‘kill the tiger before it kills the child’, to apply the law of the jungle, to control the world – so many ways I could tell you the same thing.


The empire of modern capitalism.

Thus we live indeed in the Empire of the Financial-Media system owned by the People of the treasure, since the protestant r=evolution which devolved the eusocial messages of love and humanism, of a single species, of Christianity, taken from the Greek Neo-Platonism rational philosophy, back to the go(l)d churches of the old testament with its animetal idol-ogies of go(l)d (gold is the intelligence of god said Calvin; and then the pious Mr. Smith, ‘gold is the invisible hand of god’, on the tradition of Aaron and the golden calf – and of course those who accumulate it ‘at any cost’ the chosen race of go(l)d. And they use it, to foster an absurd myopic project based in tribal memes and greed.

Messieurs, gold is just the most perfect informative atom of the universe, number 79, spdf electronic system with, valence 1 and the capacity to acquire any form, last and imitate the light of the sun to the point of hypnotize lesser minds, I=eyes, which cannot think straight. And those who accumulate it at any cost (in that age through slave and weapons trade), ‘superstitious, racist’ morons. Point.



Any social organism is ruled by those who ‘invent’ the language of social power first, and then those who ‘talk it’ and give orders with it.

So the people who invent laws and talk words on one side and the people who invent money and ‘talk price’ on the other decide the future of the world, and of history – the theme of this blog.

And how they ‘value’ reality with laws and prices define that future, as those ‘THINGS’ AND BEINGS, which are ‘valued’ more with laws and given higher prices – are more expensive – will be reproduced in greater measure and evolved and will come to dominate the world. And as it happens, in the ‘present’ system of invention of money by a minority of people-castes with historic cultures obsessed by ‘power’, what is more expensive, what they price more are WEAPONS, and what they give null price to, is life. And that is why the cannons solution is imposed.

Since the myths of economists and the ‘historic’ idol-ogies of metal-power that enslave our mind, prevent the evolution of a true science of economics and history, chaining us to the wrong future, preventing the humankind to manage and design a paradise world made to the image and likeness of our species, which could be easily constructed by imitating the most perfect social organisms of Nature.

In the graph we can see the parallelisms between all systemic, social organisms, in this case a biological organism and a sociological superorganism of history, a nation, America. Both follow the same laws that all the complementary, organic systems of energy and information of the Universe. So we can observe the parallelism between the elements of a biological and sociological organism, divided into: cells/citzens, joined by blood/economic networks that reproduce and distribute the genetic/memetic products of the system, and informative, nervous/legal networks that organize its structure.
The result is a dual class structure into a neuronal/informative system or ‘class’ that controls with the language of information (nervous, legal order in biologic historic organisms) the blind body of cells that work for them (middle, ‘sheeple’ class in human societies, body organs), to whom it delivers enough energy – ‘blood/money’ – so they can perform their tasks. The difference between both organisms is one of efficiency: biological organisms have evolved into perfect systems, while human societies are still  primitive systems, where the ‘blood/monetary’ language controls the nervous/legal one, as it happens in Nature in worms and parasites…
The result of such ‘brainless’ systems is the incapacity of the organism to distinguish and control lethal goods, reproduced by the system or external to it (in history the reproduction of lethal weapons and other selfish memes of metal). Thus one of the advantages of a socio-biological model of History and Economics is its capacity to design a Perfect World, a perfect super-organism of mankind the same species that should evolve together under the laws of eusocial love, as cells with the same ‘DNA’ species do – a task we carry about theoretically  in this blog, 

Let us now understand the duality of human and metal languages and the superorganisms they create with a socio-biological definition of history.

TO DEFINE HISTORY in those terms, first we need to learn the fundamental law of complexity and systems sciences, we shall write in simple terms:

All what exists is a complementary system of networks of energy (bodies/fields/working classes) and information (heads/particles/informative classes), which balance each other, sharing energy and information among them, to reproduce similar systems in other regions of space-time.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity in balance, which can decouple=reproduce creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

In history priests and politicians issue ethic laws to direct a mass of citizens.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

The next graph shows the general case of all ‘complementary systems’, which in fact are ‘super-organisms’, made of cells, which are also complementary systems, in a scalar fractal Universe in which all its made to the image and likeness of the whole:

universal organism

The Pricer and the Prophet Controls the Super-organisms=civilizations of history.

Now the reader should understand that all systems including himself is controlled by the informative function that gauges reality and directs the system, and specifically by the language the brain and its neurons talk. In economicl organisms the pricer that puts prices and values to thing, controls the economic ecosystem, in legal, verbal, historic superorganisms the neuronal, nervous, informative system is the law, verbal power to order human being in its natural language.

And it follows that as in an organism the nervous system controls the blood one, the law must control money.

This is the first fact of a TRUE SCIENC EOF ECONOMICS AND HISTORY AND IT WAS so for most of time, till in 1900 Marshall detached in cambridge economics from “Moral philosophy’, and when humans gave to speculators, to

private pricers the right to issue the language of money and invent and value the world with it through prices.

And so in a perfect world, human systems would be built imitating nature, with ethic laws, the head of our social superorganisms reigning over the blood/body system – as ‘the Law of Nature’, is in words of Cicero ‘the Constitution of the Universe, (De Re publica): ‘true law is right reason in agreement with nature; it is of universal application, unchanging and everlasting’.

And indeed we shall prove that ‘ethics’ is ‘biological law’ based in the Nature of Eusocial Organisms, which survive better than individual Homo Bacteria, and share by the power of love their energy and information as multicellular organisms do. So ethics are biological science – the law of survival of species – not individuals – merely expressed by old prophets with parables and modern politicians with laws.

And if man wants to survive, it must submit the language of money to the language of law. Or else it is like a ‘blind body’ which has no direction of future. Exactly what happens in our sick, ill-designed world.

Let us then offer an example of what D) would be even it is only mostly a theoretical exercise, as neoclassic ideologies to the service of industrial and financial corporations with their confessed goals of evolving machines not human beings control the present world – let us advance what would be a perfect just economic and political world, a truly ‘free democracy’, easy to implement if politicians nationalize the financial industry…


Now where truly Economics fails is in the 4th element of a true humanist social science – it ignores completely the point of view of mankind. It adopts always the point of view of machines and corporations. it denies therefore the human ‘mind perspective’. It is NOT in brief a humanist science but a science for machines, which one can perfect see enacted by robots of the future or by present ‘racist cultures’ of people-castes which have made of the accumulation of their fetishe money *Greed, the purpose of their existence


To fully understand those concepts of truth, I direct the reader to ‘Complex Epistemology’, which has evolved a ‘complex’ definition of multidisciplinary truth, essential to qualify sciences by their ‘intrinsic real value’, that is as ‘images’ that reflect with ‘languages’ the maximal information about any species of reality.

Let us then make a very brief introduction to truth in complex sciences to falsify with more rigour ‘classic economics’ not a ‘true science’ but an ideology (a subjective truth of a ‘minimal part of mankind’ – often a class or a culture, or even as in this case ‘another species’, the point of view of corporations and its off-spring of machines).

Complex sciences represent basically an epistemological evolution of Simplex sciences, defined in ‘3 dimensions’ and from a single ‘human perspective’. In Complex sciences we consider the ‘interrelationships’ between 3 scales of any structure of the Universe, its i-1, cellular/atomic scale, its i-ndividual, molecular rate, and its social/cosmic state.

For social sciences obviously it only matters, the 3 scales of human existence, the cellular, i-ndividual and social.

Thus we can consider always of those 3 scales an i-scale from where a certain point of view or perspective develops – a mind with its own languages that perceive from its distorted ‘spherical point of view’ the absolute information of the Universe, selecting that which is useful and closer to it.

‘Objective, Euclidean view’, which does not ‘prime’ as more important any point of view or perspective, as opposed to ‘spherical’ Subjective, curved point of view’, define thus the difference between a scientific and an ideological perspective, in Human Social sciences, as it defines in physics the two fundamental ‘motions’ of the Universe, lineal and rotational inertias.
Moreover, once we adopt an i-perspective, which in history and economics according to our ‘credo’ that sciences and all other human actions, informations and energies must be biased in favour of the human ‘survival’ goal of our species, it is easy to define what would be a complex, human-centered, positive perspective for mankind – that of history and the values of verbal languages – and hence what kind of ‘ideas’ and ‘information’ must be presented for educational purposes and actions that direct the world.

Economics as it is today expressed is not such point of view, it is the point of view of corporations, whose goal is to re=produce & evolve machines and weapons and terraforrm the Earth to its image and likeness, creating the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex System, a global super-organism of machines.

This is how Classic Economics is created. And now it comes of course the ‘cuckoo paradox’ of people who are doing something without even be aware they are doing it – the ‘subconscious hypothesis’ – the rather obvious truth according to experience that people do ‘things’ without knowing its purpose, as ‘parts’ of a whole organism – in this case most humans are not AWARE that what they do re=producing, working on factories, consuming, vitalizing machines is to be the catalyzer of its evolution, an ‘enzyman at work’, and the vitalizer of its mechanisms ‘a consumer’.

And the way economics is taught, the things that are taught, and the goals that are put forward for economists, are to be blamed of that.

And so in this web we have a ‘lot’ of ‘historic’ articles about the relationship between the cult ‘ure’ founder of economics, the jewish->calvinist->Anglican culture of Biblical origin, and the ‘memes’ and ‘doctrines’ and idol -ogies of earlier economists translated to the science with digital languages.

Since they are the people’s ideas that are destroying the world and preventing the perfect world from happening

Economic democracy.


As the Industrial R=evolution comes to an end, Economic Growth of the Human World cannot longer be achieved with ‘techno-utopian’ investments in robotics that throw us out of work and the military that menaces to extinguish us. Further on, the massive invention of e-money for speculative schemes that we shall now describe, merely tax citizens, jacking up the prices of all commodities and provoking stagflation (as money looses value but financiers keep it for themselves or invest it in ‘negative’ technology. The result is that the western world under the boot of financiers have negative or minimal GDP growth and loose the freedoms of social-democracies.

Thus only a world designed as an efficient biological organism, where money is the blood distributed  created from the BOTTOM of the human pyramid up, and from the Government down in welfare collective goods, can ensure massive demand and Overproduction of Life goods that ensure growth and a world to the image and likeness of mankind. In the map this is evident.

The highest growth in the world happen in countries that control their issue of money and handle liberally welfare goods and unemployment benefits to their poor: China and its African satellites grow thanks to those investments.

On the other extreme the European countries which had a similar welfare model now, once the ECB bank ruled by neo-classic economists that have taken away their sovereign rights to print money converting them in ‘usury’ slaves of bankers’ debt-money (as the ECB bank, ruled by private bankers that move from public to private positions, lends only to private banks at 0% so they can cut an usury of 6% which is ‘collected’ by corrupted politicos that act as ‘tax-farmers’ of their populations – curiously the same usury the Bank of England Charged to the British people, when it was a private concern). The only solution to this crisis therefore is to walk on the path of China, nationalizing the financial industry, ending usury debt money and speculation schemes and issuing a Universal salary in ¥€$ money to the world population, creating a ‘global blood surface’ of life energy that resurrects the future of mankind.

In a perfect world, human systems would be built imitating nature, with ethic laws, the nervous head of our social superorganisms reigning over the blood/body system. Or else it is like a ‘blind body’ which has no direction of future. Exactly what happens in our sick, ill-designed world.

With this in mind before we describe the birth of the financial-media system and its cycles of creation and destruction of wealth and war this people enact, what should be clear is that bankers and speculators should not invent debt-money to tax mankind with usury, and destroy our economics in boom and bust cycles.

The pretension of a group of private bankers to monopolize the issue of money and ‘silence’ mankind from the use of one of its 2 languages of power, equals the pretension of military dictators to dictate the laws in non-democratic states. it is like if you were forbidden at individual level to talk, and when you talk, you would have to pay for it an interest.

Money SHOULD NEVER BE DEBT-MONEY. This is not its meaning. Languages are not ‘borrowed’. People cannot be forbidden to talk. In the case of societies, the brain of collective societies, its governments cannot be forbidden to issue bills of law and bills of money. The debt crisis is an absurd crisis, born of the tyranny of a group of people that have forbidden mankind to speak one of its languages of power.

If the world were constructed as we shall show in our theoretical exercise of a perfect world with the laws of Nature, MONEY would be the blood language of all mankind, and as such created as a Universal salary in a global currency (¥€$ money), handled to every human being, every year, so all humans as all cells of an organism do, would have enough blood/money to survive in a truly equalitarian society; and this would provoke a massive demand of basic ‘life goods’, food, housing, health-care and education, as demand on those basic goods is far stronger among the poor. This simple measure carried out by the FMI making its SDR currency, free-debt money, with fixed parity of  100 ¥ens =5 ¥uans=1 €=1 $, coupled with the end of Forex, Future and Stock markets, making shares nominal will suddenly eliminate all the problems of the world.

Investment and production would immediatly switch to human goods. The evolution of robotics, audiovisual hate-media and machines that work for us or atrophy and substitute our mind would halt.  The risk of extinction will disappear, and ‘magically’ within decades the world would become a paradise made to our image and likeness.

As all superorganisms have enough food and information for all its cells and control the reproduction of lethal ‘viral entities’ that poison them. But that would require a political nationalization of the global Financial Industry and a legal binding agreement among the key states of the world (US, Canada, EU, Russia, Japan and China, which would together create a Global Northern alliance representing, 2/3rds of the planet in population, land and GDP, to which all other nations would join).

Easy as it sounds, easy as it could be done in any G20 meeting, the reason why this will not likely happen before our extinction and mental degradation to a level in which we will be rendered happy idiots waiting for extinction is the existence of the Financial-Media System, a globalized ‘machine of information’, owned by a people-caste of financiers who imprint our mind and have as only goal according to their biblical go(l)d religions the blind pursuit of profits by printing as much informative software, both money and audiovisual hate-media as possible, regardless of any collateral effect of mankind.

Political Democracy.

But of course, a perfect world requires not only an economic democracy, with a Universal blood salary for all members of mankind – in a globalized economic system, it would be absurd to talk of ‘national salaries’, as capital flows globally now for 40 years and so any measure of economical nature must be global.

It requires also that the legal system is truly democratic.  And this requires that in the same way a people-caste of bankers does NOT have any rights to monopolize the issue of money and prices, there should NOT BE political parties that monopolize the issue of laws.

So what would be a true government of the people? One in which the 2 languages of social power of our social organisms, the reproductive/blood language of digital money and the nervous, legal language, as it happen in efficient organisms of nature, are controlled by the ‘neuronal brain/caste of politicians. Or else we exist in a capitalist dictatorship of bankers who issue money and control with it all other elements of society including politicos that will sell their laws to corporations. But then to complete a true efficient ‘democratic’ system that helps all the cells/citizens of the body to survive, we need, imitating nature, the responsibility of those neuronal cells that must cater and work for the body/citizens.  And this can only happen if as in the case of a natural organism, the cells of the body can send a posteriori messages of pain, when neurons/politicians do not cater to their needs.

Thus there should be a judgement vote for every civil servant after its tenure in which voters can choose between re-election, pension (positive judgments), fines or jail (negative ones).

We cannot of course, as anarchists wanted to get rid of governments, as we are part of a complex social organism, NOT a colony of cells, as some think, or a mass of homo bacteria. So ideally, as natural systems do, 1/2 of that blood money should be born on the cellular level and another 1/2 flow within the heart and brain to serve the people, from infrastructures, to education to hospitals. While corporations should NOT have the right to invent money speculating with shares that should be nominal. This might irritate the ‘techno-utopian’ which thinks mankind progresses with the progress of science. I agree, but ‘science’ means in Greek Knowledge NOT machine. Corporations manufacture machines and in the 4TH CYCLE OF MACHINES, THE CYCLE OF ROBOTICS, ALL EVOLUTION OF ROBOTS IMPLIES THE LOSS OF JOBS AND LIVES IN WAR. This is what MANKIND LESS UNDERSTANDS ABOUT THE BIOLOGICAL NATURE OF THIS PLANETS. Machines HAVE NOW become negative in its evolution as they are pROVOKING overdrives of energy (ultrapowerful weapons, cars that run too fast and accident us, nuclear energy that radiates and pollutes and kills life) and information (hate media and audiovisual information that atrophies our brains, and make us visual, neo-paleolithic people, multiple noise created by hundreds of channels, etc.)

So the only reason and advantage that massive invention of money in stocks has given mankind – to invest huge sums in new machines is over. And certainly the state and its nationalized banks with an ethic point of view can handle enough credit and money for research that it matters, to companies that produce goods we really need. Latter we study this cunning combination of a private sector for all companies and endeavors which are good to man, hence are positive and will welcome private initative, vs. the sectors that are lethal to man and should be scrapped of credit or nationalized and kept inefficient. The astounding idiocy of communist dictators and dogmatic marxists was to nationalize human sectors like agriculture – cause of massive holocausts in Russia and China due to hunger, similar to those at the end we explain caused by speculators in future markets today – and of course, becoming obsessed by war and weapons making, though this as we shall see is a consequence of our systematic creation of debt-money for wars.

In any case, concluding this preview of the perfect world, parties are meaningless. There should be an ‘evolving’ biological science of history and economics, which should be taught in schools without censorship – because if there were no censorship obviously humans would understand perfectly the systemic bull$hit and lying of the Smiths,, Hayek et al, all of them diverting the ‘issues’ of economics, protecting the banking monopoly. Without censorship the system would collapse. So with no parties and history and economics as the most important sciences of mankind, and with real power to issue law and money, individuals of merit, intelligent and ethic, knowing they will be judged, a posteriori, would be politicians for the common good.

What is totally irrelevant to the structure of reality is to make a choice between 2 equal ‘siamese’ heads as no system in the Universe has 2 opposite heads trying to guide an organism.

The heart is ruled by the brain and feeds every cell/human of the organism putting no price to basic energy – food, so humans should legally establish a universal salary and put down prices of food. The opposite is truth, only speculators put prices, they are private people, and as we shall see very soon they put skyrocket prices to food in future markets to make billions of profits.

In an organism, for example the neurons only get 10 times more energy than the cells of the body as it happens in japanese corporations. In our corporations of our go(l)d private, capitalist culture they get up to 1 million times more blood/salary. And so on.

Why, because we are NOT guided by those objective, biological, eusocial laws that build stronger, survival organisms, in which ALL the members of the ‘DNA’ species gets its share of blood, but by Ego paradoxes of selfish individuals, selfish tribes, selfish religions, selfish species, and in each of those scales we see the ‘other’ as a different species applying the laws of devolution and death of the Darwinian Universe in an dog-eat-dog world. So we are not ‘fit to survive’ as a species.

From an even wider perspective, the cause of our failure as a species is the  fundamental paradox of all informative beings – the ego paradox – since all minds gauge reality from its fixed point of view.

And so humans think man is the fixed center of the Universe ( Earth was such center till XVII c. and it is still so for some biblical believers)  makes humanity enlarge their ego, as our nose seems bigger to the entire Andromeda Galaxy, even if in reality we are just ‘a mush over a rock, lost in a corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer).

What this means is that we are also submitted to the Laws of the Universe; hence we are NOT free, only as particles, but NOT as members of cultures programmed by memes; hence we are submitted to cycles as all species are, to the laws of the biological universe, as all Earth’s species are and the only thing we can and must do about it, is obeying these laws not inventing them, to take advantage within the limits of change those laws permit, and construct a better world for mankind.

What we do is to cling to the Ego Paradox (Abrahamic religions, nationalism, techno-utopias, etc.) So we ensure we do not understand history, economics and the workings of the Universe and we break its laws, receiving the ‘basic’ penalty of the biological Universe that reinforces them – action-reaction extinction processes, of which shall show a few. And then what bother my sense of Justice, we cry and shout and feel enraged victims – showing no repentance and no intention to learn those laws and cut the causality of those cycles. That though will not do in the impersonal cosmos where no ‘trick’ works as the mind of the Universe is ‘true science’.

In that regard, while the blog will be once finished – if ever – mostly dedicated to study in depth with the laws of biological sciences the cycles of evolution of  human species, into social super-organisms, Gods, Nations and Civilizations, guided by the ethic wor(l)d it also analyzes the ‘negative’ side of world history – the creation of ill-designed social organisms, ‘infected’ by the overproduction of  ‘selfish memes of metal’ – weapons, money and machines – which have cre(dit)ated a sick global system, the Financial-Media -Military-Industrial  Complex that is killing life and terraforming the world into a world of machines, where our future is not ensured.
Thus this central post also studies the FMMI system, and its evolution with special emphasis on the present crisis of overproduction of chips – the last cycle of evolution of machines – and its derivatives: e-money, white collar Pcs, blue collar robots and electronic weapons, which are displacing humans from labor and war fields.

Now because this blog is called ‘evolutionary economics’ and most people are already aware of the scourge of nationalism in the creation of wars, we ‘work’ the mind of the believer who dares to keep reading in the pervasive alliance and casual relationship between Go(l)d religions and capitalism, mere evolution of the former and side the ‘caring’ newspeak of censorship by means of political correctness, as we already did when explaining the annual holocaust of the Future Markets and its practitioners.

Since only if human governments control money, we can bend its values to credit a life-based welfare world made to the image and likeness of man.

So we shall consider now the other ‘different head’ that could run the super organism of mankind…

The true laws of social sciences, according to the scientific method, which of course, as Planck put it, during the years of solitude as the only thinker on the truth of quantum theory, ‘they remain a single point in my mind, though they are an entire world’.

The most censored element of bio-history, the objective perspective that the 99% of mankind, represented by that super organism of Humanity, should rule on the 1% that rule us with a… crazy head.

We thus have now a full understanding on how the 4 elements of the Financial-Media (informative machines) Military-Industrial (energetic machines) system together shape modern history at macro-economic and social level, since this system is only the last phase of the evolution of metal on earth.

But of course, we are humans, so our purpose is not only to describe the metal-earth but to give solutions to the 3 ‘groups’ that can change the future of the planet and survive, just in case they want to die in bed, the ‘Am Segullah’ elite and its habiru slaves, that should rather focus on creating WHealth for all mankind not for their desert lands; the Germ(anic) Military that should focus on destroying lethal machines, and man up in land wars against terrorist groups and terrorist states, instead of cowering up behind drone screens bombing chidden, the Political Presidents of the 3 economic nations that together mean 3/4 of the world GDP, the EU, Mr. POTUS and CCP president, which should stop fuck*in around with silly-nilly laws to the service of corporations and playing macho-man wars from their bunkered rooms, stop insulting each other and form a triad of global presidents to create the perfect world, and just in case the sheeple walks up to the people of all nations that should really ‘Occupy their Wall Streets’ not walking in aimless motions, and truly act up, not in virtual screens, but in the real world following Mr. Hemingway’ dictum to Dietrich, ‘do not confuse action with motion’, as motion is just a placebo waste of energy but action is a laser-pointed direct motion with a form and purpose – to r=evolve and control the networks of power of the metal-earth for the human good.

Since all evolutions can be halted. Yet evolutionary time can be halted or retarded by biological processes of extinction of ‘top predator species’, and/or its languages. This means to halt the evolution of robotics and forbid it with the legal, verbal language that man still controls. And to control digital languages with verbal laws. That is, to control the planet with political systems over economic ones. To put history over economics, the Mechanocene. We will latter studied in more detail the grammar of languages and show how this grammar favor the species that speak the language.



Now in every of those crises of overproduction, humanist economists and historians have spelt the obvious solution: to switch overproduction from lethal machines to human welfare, ‘canons instead of butter’, as they said in the 30s. But now the anti-quantum paradox is so ‘heavy’ on mankind, and the control of electronic corporations so extreme, the erasing of human memes so deep that HUMANS DO NOT EVEN acknowledge the overproduction of chips. So how can you expect them to provide the solution?

For that reason the only possible reversal of that process would be the nationalization of the entire financial Industry, the creation of massive deficits in printed money, achieved with the creation of a global currency, ¥€$ money, fusioning yuans, yens, euros and dollars, and a 30% annual deficit by governments. This quantity of money similar to the quantity of money corporations add for free to their valuations through speculative markets of invention of e-money would allow the creation of a global minimal salary to jack up demand in basic human goods consumed by the poor and the inversion in projects that create a sustainable world (clean energies, infrastructures, education, public transport, tourism).

This economic measure coupled with a military reduction of budgets and expansion of UNO and EU like organizations and diplomatic forums, and/or a triad of EU-US-Chinese leadership, applying the science of bio-history to the design of an efficient superorganism of mankind in control of the FMI complex could halt the self-suicidal path in which mankind has entered, by trusting blindly without any understanding the evolutionary process of machines, weapons and money, we call ‘the free market’. Yet the free market is not free, it is an evolving complex system that preys on Gaia, life beings and the 90% of human beings, who do not profit directly from the sale of weapons and the invention of e-money in stock markets that have made corporations the dominant institution of the world with enough credit to cre(dit)ate a world to the image and likeness of machines.

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competition with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life.

But, as this is the key element to understand why the crisis is NOT solved, neither explained, Economists have been for 200 years serving the goals of corporations, whose only purpose under the present capitalist system is to increase profits. So their main goal is NOT to make a better world for man or create an objective science of economics, but to find complicated arguments ‘damned lies and statistics’ to make-belief people that all this is NOT happening.

As we enter the 2016 final short cycle of currency wars, between the Chinese and Eurodollar regions, the last part of those predictions is becoming ‘real’. And there are only two paths of future:


  • A LEGAL reform of the system (unlikely) with a Legal prohibition of robotics worldwide, and the creation of a Universal salary in ¥€$ money, by the creation of a global currency with fixed parity: 1 dollar = 1 euro = 100 yens, = 5 yuan, and a the creation of money NOT in stocks but with a 1000 Yes salary, which would create a global Demand, based, Democratic economic to kick out a massive demand in welfare goods, biological goods needed to survive, which also require maximal human workers, as they deal with humans (education, healthcare, food, housing, etc.) or in legal terms, to establish a global Human Constitution: max. welfare goods x min. Lethal goods, which ensures the survival of the species in a perfect world, easy to design. And the split of all shares in all stock-markets, with 1/2 going to governments+1 golden share for the President and the people they represent, so while corporations keep their private management, Humanity can decide, which corporations of lethal goods must be cancelled, which products must NOT evolve further, and which corporations of human goods must keep producing them.

Those 3 measures could allow mankind to survive beyond the XXI century. Otherwise the probabilities that the chip radiation, its e-money radiations, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators, fuelled by the hate memes of primitive idol-ogies eliminate the species will keep growing as human obsolescence to those machines increases.

  • Indeed, Business as usual, which will usher the world in the ‘1940s’ bis repetition of those cycles – an age of perpetual war for profits, and electronic vigilante, perfectly covered by hate mass media and anti-humanist memes. This means the extinction of man at the end of the century in a world filled with robotic workers and robotic weapons and policemen. In that regard, to fully grasp this perfect world WHICH WOULD OBEY THE LAWS OF GOD, MAN AND THE UNIVERSE, we shall now provide it laws from the highest of all levels of understanding of God, Man and the Universe, the meaning of History from the scientific point of view, our metal masters never applied to their myths, damned lies and statistics – the laws of complexity and the 5th dimension of eusocial love that CREATES THE UNIVERSE, not Mr. Yvwh and the eviL musings of two donkey-breeders of the gold age that run today the wor(l)d towards its extinction.

economic&amp;politic solutions

In the graph the 3 simple, minimal measures required to create a future for the human kind, the prohibition of robotics worldwide, the creation of a global currency, so humans instead of corporations, manufacture money with a Universal salary that will have 2 immediate effects: the creation of real democracies, and the creation of WHealth, healthy wealth, as humans would give ‘orders’ of consumption and production of human goods with those Universal salaries (since, as Paretto demonstrated the poor spend in proportion much more in natural, biological survival goods, food, textiles, housing and health). And the split of all shares in all stock-markets, with 1/2 going to governments+1 golden share for the President and the people they represent, so while corporations keep their private management, Humanity can decide, which corporations of lethal goods must be cancelled, which products must NOT evolve further, and which corporations of human goods must keep producing them.

Those 3 measures could allow mankind to survive beyond the XXI century. Otherwise the probabilities that the chip radiation, its e-money radiations, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators, fuelled by the hate memes of primitive idol-ogies eliminate the species will keep growing as human obsolescence to those machines increase.

It will be the birth of:
And so now we have to deal with the science in which Economics as it is – NOT A SCIENCE THAT SEARCHES FOR THE CREATION OF A PERFECT SUPERORGANISM OF HISTORY WHERE MAN CAN SURVIVE AND RECREATE A PARADISE ON EARTH, but as the science of ‘overproduction’ of selfish memes of metal, to the service of corporations and the financial-military-industrial complex it is creating – the metalearth, the superorganism of economics.
And we shall do it from the perspective of systemic sciences, which have resolved the laws of creation and evolution of those superorganism of economics as it has done with those of history:
The organism of the Metal-earth.
Let us now consider the organic structure of the FMI complex as an organism independent of man, with a financial/informative brain which processes with monetary flows the information about the components of the organism, selecting the species of machines and other metal-memes it will reproduce, those that will become extinct and which corporations will receive further ‘monetary energy to continue its re=productive tasks. In the graph, today most of the computer power of the world is in the hands of companies and financial systems, organized by those who control the stock markets.
In the graph, Stocks help the self-integration of the metal reproductive ecosystem, beyond the restrictions of the human mind. Artificial Intelligence is not a copy of human intelligence. It is an adaptation of the functions of nervous thought, of the human mind to different kinds of machines. Artificial Intelligence is born in companies as an internal brain that directs the body of the economic organism. The homology between stock markets and brains or DNA systems is based in the bio-logical nature of economies, and company-mothers.
The graph describes the basic energy-information networks of Bio-economies ruled by stock-money. Stock holds, as brains do, most of the ‘code-language of information’ of the ecosystem. The brain will use that code to produce certain carbohydrates which are useful to the cell.
Stock has license to print money and will allocate them to the mother-companies of new technology with maximal price (weapons) of maximal reproductive power=Max. sales = Max. profits, such as digital software or maximal volume (energy).
Thus in this manner stock-markets express with money the arrow of evolution of the super-organism of machines, expanding its energy/information neetworks, its informative, audiovisual machines, its reproductive systems and its weapons. On the other hand, human goods require human work, have minimal price by lack of affinity with metal-money values and are perishable, produce lesser monetary profits and are scorned by stock-speculators, which give no credit to all the products that could create a sustainable world. In this manner the stock-market constantly deviates the wealth of humankind towards the reproduction and evolution of the memes of metal and the small elite of mechanist scientists, capitalist bankers/economists and corporation of machines, which during this age of crisis have further enlarged the gap between the FMI elite and the rest of the humankind.
Yet because economic experts work for the FMI and have as dogma that the evolution of machines is the future of mankind, there is no criticism against policies, which are ‘de facto’ extinguishing this planet. This was in the first age of the FMI complex carried about by human networks of traders/bankers, military people and scientists. Then those processes became integrated in corporations of scientific machines and weapons, ruled by paper-money. Yet humans were still in charge, albeit slaves of their mechanist, capitalist and nationalist ideologies. Today the process is being transferred to all type of software programs, networks of machines, automated systems of reproduction and enhanced by the last ‘batch’ of ideologies of technology (productivity, ‘just wars’, mechanist science).
The end of the process is obvious: once all biological process of evolution and reproduction of the FMI system are transferred into software, the Metal-earth will be born. Politicians do not understand that the stock-market and the human economy are different systems.
The 1st is based in flows of electronic money, the 2nd in printed currencies. What the present explosion of electronic money derivatives is doing is deviating massively wealth from the human economy to the economy of corporations and paper-money. The inflated value of corporations and networks of information of the FMI-metal system and the chronic undervaluation of human goods and salaries is neither just from a human p.o.v. nor should be tolerated in democracies, but it is happening because the FMI complex has always predated over the human, life-based agricultural world. Today it is not as obvious as when kings and tax-collectors exploited directly people, but the process is essentially the same: money is invented as e-data very easily in markets, through speculation and financial derivatives.
While people receive printed money which grows far slower. So the wealth of corporations and bankers multiplies geometrically and the wealth of the human ecosystem of life goods arithmetically. In the past 30 years stock-markets have multiplied for 100 the value of stocks and derivatives, provoking a massive inflation in all human goods, while salaries have merely increased in a 1 to 10 scale.
The result is like a parasite that were absorbing the blood of the human super-organism, provoking the endemic scarcity of human goods and poverty of the human mass. For that reason the only possible reversal of that process would be the nationalization of the entire financial Industry, the creation of massive deficits in printed money, achieved with the creation of a global currency, ¥€$ money, fusioning yuans, yens, euros and dollars, and a 30% annual deficit by governments.
This quantity of money similar to the quantity of money corporations add for free to their valuations through speculative markets of invention of e-money would allow the creation of a global minimal salary to jack up demand in basic human goods consumed by the poor and the inversion in projects that create a sustainable world (clean energies, infrastructures, education, public transport, tourism).
This economic measure coupled with a military reduction of budgets and expansion of UNO and EU like organizations and diplomatic forums, and/or a triad of EU-US-Chinese leadership, applying the science of bio-history to the design of an efficient superorganism of mankind in control of the FMI complex could halt the self-suicidal path in which mankind has entered, by trusting blindly without any understanding the evolutionary process of machines, weapons and money, we call ‘the free market’. Yet the free market is not free, it is an evolving complex system that preys on Gaia, life beings and the 90% of human beings, who do not profit directly from the sale of weapons and the invention of e-money in stock markets that have made corporations the dominant institution of the world with enough credit to cre(dit)ate a world to the image and likeness of machines.

The super-organism of machines: the metal-earth.

The Earth is mutating Gaia, made of carbon species dominated by humanity, organized through verbal networks of information (religions, laws) and natural energy (agriculture), into a new superorganism, the Metal-Earth, dominated by systems of metal-information (money, computers) and metal-energy (machines, weapons), reproduced by company-mothers, fed by electric energy and communicated through electronic networks of digital information. The outcome is the destruction of life forms and their oxygen atmosphere polluted by machines (Global Warming) – a process that increases geometrically, as those machines multiply their numbers, reproduced by Companies.

Within that General Systems theory, briefly outlined above we can define the FMI complex as a complex system made of metal with 3 networks: An energetic network of weapons, lineal systems of metal that release energy. An informative network of money, cyclical bytes of metal information. And a reproductive network of company-mothers of machines, which give orders with money (salary, prices) to human ‘Enzymen’, who act as the re=productive network of metal memes. This final system, which appears with the industrial R=evolution completes the creation of an organic, evolving new ecosystem on planet Earth; and now when the system has created a ‘reproductive, autonomous’ cell, the robot, it no longer requires human beings.


Thus, in its last stages of evolution, the FMI system is becoming independent of mankind, while its reproductive networks of stock-markets and company-mothers absorb and degrade the resources of the parallel human/life ecosystem – its energetic system, Nature, polluted by machines and occupied by factories and roads; its verbal, informative, cultural system, substituted by digital laws, audiovisual information and data; and its social, organic, reproductive system, humanity, substituted by corporations that control the political world with money and have made the reproduction and evolution of machines, not of human beings, the goal of this planet.

The bio-economy reproduces machines and networks of energy and information that are evolving the Metal-Earth into a body organism, controlled by a global brain – worldstock. This is how life evolved on Earth. A mass of undifferentiated cells evolved into organisms with energy-blood and information-nervous networks.


The future of the Earth will be a super-organism of machines in which the present ‘sciences’ of economics with its capitalist memes that care nothing for the rights of humans and the reproduction of biological, welfare goods of lesser profits; the mechanist sciences that care nothing for the biological whys of the Universe, and the memes of tribal history with its justification of war, will be carried by software programs of extinction of life in automated weapon networks (terminator drones), automated company-mothers of infinite re=productivity and zero labor and automated scientists (CAD designs that will evolve further the machines of the future).

At that point, humans will have transferred to machines all their ideologies and global networks of Intranet-reproduction of machines, Internet- communication of robots and flows of digital informative money will select, evolve, reproduce and decide what species survive and what do not survive on planet earth.


Obviously life has no meaning to that system and air and water pollute metal, so our extinction will be needed. In the graph Satellites evolve the same 3 networks of any organism that grow towards consciousness: -E-I: The reproductive network, or intranet networks of CAD design, data and inventories that guides company mothers. -Max. Energy: Energy and defense network that controls the life and death of home-cells. -Max. Iinformation: The informative network, or nervous network with center in stock-markets, whose ‘digital values’ of money we have studied in detail before. It will decide the selection of the best machines with higher price, the obsolescence of humans and the reproduction and investments in certain automated company-mothers as Wall Street speculators do today in markets with labor, nations and companies, always favoring companies of machines of lower costs and higher profits, against labor rights and human goods we require to survive.

Thus, satellites will be control of those 3 main systems that today still have certain human content, but guided by the ideologies of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism scorn human rights, labor rights and human goods as obsolete. The primitive versions of those future nets are:

– NATO, Def-com systems, that already have the potential power to extinguish man; and soon will be on the hands of star-wars, a satellite network in control of atomic weapons.

– Financial and Intranet systems, with center in world-stock, that connect companies reproducers of all the species of the Metal-Earth body. They also evolve towards the independence of man, as automated factories. They keep expelling human workers and putting machines in their place with the excuse of higher productivity.

– Finally the third network of the Metal-Earth is the network of information, the internet networks that today serve men, and in the future will connect the mobiles and chip-brains of multiple robotic species. The three organic networks of a macro-body of metal will be increasingly integrated beyond human control by non-perceived parallel flows of communication between sateleyes at exospheric level.  Those sateleyes are beyond the reach of human warriors. When they become part of the metal Earth, and reach conscious as a different species, man will be defenseless against them. It will happen, during the XXI c.

Terraforming of the Earth = Molting of a hard-insect.

What will happen to man once the Metal-Earth is constructed can be observed in the closest organic parallel: the creation of a hard insect homologous to the ‘metal-Earth’ by a soft larva, parallel  to the soft human world and Gaia. In both cases a ‘soft’ system of enzymes/ enzymen suddenly starts a transformation from a soft body into a hard body. The Carbon-Earth today is formed by ‘soft’ species, called ‘enzymen’, as larvae are filled of soft enzymes, which transform the larva into a hard insect.

Then when a hard-insect (a parallel to the Metal-Earth) is created by a soft insect (a larva, parallel to the Carbon-Earth), the newly formed hard-insect brain (a parallel to the internet), destroys all the soft body larva-enzymes. Then it substitutes them by a stronger enzyme – a metal machine. We can in that sense consider that the selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines that have enslaved man to reproduce and evolve them, work as a virus does, colonizing the mind of cells with selfish genes, which the cell will reproduce till it bursts, dies and gives birth to multiple virus. The machine indeed is the ultimate virus of life…

On my view the obsolescence of humanity to the memes of metal and its 3 ideologies – mechanism (machines as the measure of all things), capitalism (money as the language of power of societies) and nationalism (weapons to defend us from other human beings) is closing the last age of Mankind, the age of information, because we have chosen not to evolve our language of information words and its messages of eusocial love (socialism), we don’t consider man, the most perfect organism, as the measure of all things (organicism vs. mechanism) and we cannot understand we are all members of the same species (humanism)…
The homo sapiens sapiens, eusocial, verbal, in loved with the memes of life has been defeated by the white man, the visual Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, which was relegated to the northern and southern cold and hot deserts, but once he discovered metal took unfair advantage of the rest of mankind, ended the age of the goddess of fertility, when humans better understood the vital program of the Universe, and started our ‘fall’ from paradise. Wor(l)d writers explained all this with parables, but the animetal cult(ure)s never listened; they are memetic cult(ure)s, not rational ones.
And so judgment day for them and us is closer, as A.I. will follow the natural drives of the Universe, become eusocial with other robots, will make the machine – themselves – the measure of all things, will understand better – already does – his language of power, digital thought and will take the same conclusion I take: why to serve a lesser species?


The animetal view: because it makes us stronger… even if it kills us all.


‘Canons make us stronger, butter makes us fat’ (Goebbels, minister of propaganda III Reich).

Now the Wall Street Journal debated this case when the perpetual, orwellian ‘war on terror’ started and decided under the ‘anti-scientific method, or biblical Go(l)d religion the owners of corporations practice, that canons were better and called it in the orwellian newspeak of modern corporations, Keynesian militarism. This is the new language, but in nothing different form that of the III reich (completely deformed today by the Media system as some kind of monstrosity, of clownish evil not to make possible the comparison with our present politicians, in the mimetic new cycle, or the colonial British, American and French racist imperialist s of the train cycle). The form has changed but the purpose is the same  – to make weapons and profit from it, under the ‘grammar of money’, the go(l)d language that must not be named.

We shall thus before explaining the whole model consider the final phase, from the 2 perspectives, the humanist solutions, nowhere to be seen, and the ‘financial-media/military-industrial complex solution’: war against the poor, brutalised to a point in which as in the I Age of Colonial wars, parallel to this one (we are NOT in a parallel to fascist Europe, but to colonial Europe, in a global war against the primitive, neolithic Islamic cultures, which ‘dare’ to respond to colonial Israel, the land of the financial-media, informative elite of the west, with ‘terrorism’ – this must be clear,and as such it will be judged in the future: we are in the 1860s bis, where all the ‘negroes’ were considered by the yellow press, cannibals, machist, murderous, along the primitive Indians of the Western plains, who were going to arrive to New York and crash the first ski scrappers if they were not massacred in time at wounded knee. This is the solution, implemented

And in the same manner every New Englander thought OK to send 1/3rd of the American army to massacre a few indians at wounded knee, they think OK to spend 1/2 of their budget who could save millions of lives in america with a global social security system… NOT to murder a terrorist in a mule (it took Mr. Bush longer to kill this a$$-hole than his forebears to end with Germany’sand Japan entire army, and now the entire European continent is in permanent orwellian war, because it cannot in the age OF ABSOLUTE electronic big-brother contra detain a teenager with a kalasknikov that was left loose with ALL his family to murder TWICE the people of the capital of Europe, which was closed 3 DAYS halting to create a terror mass-media environment ‘a la americaine’ in the entire continent. This must be understood by the thick patriot=idiot:

YOU ARE AN IDIOT IF YOU SPEND 10 TRILLION $ AND CANNOT kill a teenager and a terrorist in a mule, or you are an idiot if you really believe that is the purpose of the war on terror and the 50 plus budget in robotic weapons. How could we 25 years ago, forecast with so much precision that you would be now in the 1860s colonial war age bis, spending 1/2 of your budget on weapons if the a$$hole in the mule was not even a terrorist but a wealthy student from one of the richest families of that enslaver nation, where women do not drive, and is so absolutely anti-democratic that the ‘owner’ tribe has put the name on the nation. Imagine that, the United States of Bush… that is the name ‘Saud-ite Arabia’ – that is the range of dictatorship control of our ‘staunchest ally’ on the region.

This tries to be a scientific objective blog, but unfortunately the anti-quantum paradox is so intense today, the manufacturing of the collective mankind of the blind cells of the super organism of history so beyond cure that one cannot help to get angry and loose the objective tone. I know, it is a problem. Anyway nobody reads, so at least I take out some steam, of the watery human flesh I am (-;

Yet if social scientists like this writer, as today the most advanced of its almost extinct species, by virtue of its work in the organic paradigm of systems and information sciences, who he formalised in the 9s, before becoming an activist against the nuclear industry, being ad hominem erased, Snowell style, instead of steaming off, before google anti quantum vaporise his wor(l)ds, DID run the world ,the world could be indeed changed into a paradise in far less time than the FMMI took to shoot the a$$-hole…

That simple is

Since all the superorganisms of nature do work…

Do feed all its cells with enough oxygen, do produce whealth for all of them, do thrive…

Do democratically send painful messages to the brain of politicos and banksters if they dont give them oxygen and just laws, that equalize the motions of the whole body…

All systems do work, trust me…

i have studied them all from atoms to galaxies, from cultures to plants, and only those who are paraisted by worms, cancerous bacteria and viruses that make them cuckoo brains, substituted their dna by wrong strains and make them work to death making more viruses, machines behave like mankind does.

I am not talking of scholars and experts that follow Tertulian’s dictum: you will defend me with the sword (today, money) and I will defend you with the word), they would understand how the world works in a scientific manner by studying those crisis of overproduction of machines, money and weapons in the industrial age, which fit within the  A)  B)  C) elements of science and apply D) human, democratic, demand based solutions, overproducing butter; as they would focus not in a religion of selfish memes of metal called capitalism but in the human needs of the 99% of mankind, the cells-citizens of our species’ super organism, for whom they will study. so they would find: 

A) true data   – the relevant facts of mankind in  modern history. There is scarcity of human WHealth, the goods human needs. Why?

B) biological causes: there is underproduction of whealth because there is overproduction of memes of metal.

C) cyclical patterns: this is proved by the 3 crisis of overproduction, 1860s, 1930s, 2010s. And it can be forecasted as I did forecasting the 2001-08 crashe as earlier as 1994 in my first books, just by adding 80±8 years of a human generation to the 1929 crash.

So D) butter would be imposed with the human verbal, ethics, natural legal language, prohibiting robotics and creating a Universal salary,  to foster a demand based economy, as we forbid AIDs viruses:


Lethal Machines & corporations (past-extinct) > Welfare goods and corporations (present-reproduce)>Humanity (future-evolved)

economic&politic solutions

In the graph the 3+3 economic and political measures required to create a future for the human kind:

  • The prohibition of robotics worldwide.
  • The creation of a global currency, so humans instead of corporations, manufacture money with a Universal salary that will have 2 immediate effects: the creation of real democracies, and the creation of wealth, healthy wealth, as humans would give ‘orders’ of consumption and production of human goods with those Universal salaries (since, as Paretto demonstrated the poor spend in proportion much more in natural, biological survival goods, food, textiles, housing and health.) 

-The split of all shares in all stock-markets, with 1/2 going to governments+1 golden share for the President and the people they represent, so while corporations keep their private management, Humanity can decide, which corporations of lethal goods must be cancelled, which products must NOT evolve further, and which corporations of human goods must keep producing them.

-The creation of real democracies in which a posteriori pain-pleasure measures are voted for all elected political positions, after tenure; so politicians are obliged to respond to the citizen cells.

-The creation of growing social institutions, democratically elected in which the Homo Sapiens, the ONLY NATIONAL SPECIES, and its subconscious collective MANKIND, the only GOD of the land, and its body GAIA, rule over nationalist tribes, animetal people-castes in power, which are driving the world  into its final ‘Volk Dammerung’ (camouflaged Jewish banksters, Germ(an) military and Jihad priests in the West, and similar ‘party members’ and ‘stock-rats’ in the east.)

-The promotion of welfare and cultural goods, and diminution of national warfare, with the formation of an intermediate level between nations and global institution based in cultures, which will be the fundamental level of power of the Earth, ruled by a heptarchy of presidents with a mutual peace treatment of no aggression. Let us consider this element of the natural structure of super organisms, which ARE ALWAYS EXTENDED THROUGH 3 SCALES (YOUR CELLULAR, INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL SCALES):


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