Determinism of dying and mutating systems.

The fundamental question brought about by a science of History and economics is obviously the question of human survival.

The biggest of  all freedoms, the human right to survive beyond the program of economics that is killing life and terraforming the Earth into a planet of memes of metal, however is not even an ‘issue’ on the agenda of mankind, due to the mental program of the ideologies that fuel our extinction.

So we must wonder it is capitalism=mechanism the unavoidable destiny of this planet, hence by the Oedipus Paradox, our extinction, the death of the organism of history unavoidable?

In my conversations with Mr. Chomsky I was when young surprised to his essential pessimism about the future, similar to that of Marx. But now, I must say, I share it.  For two reasons. My personal experience in activism, which doesn’t matter to this post, and the discoveries I have made on General systems sciences that apply to social sciences – namely, most organisms are created by emergence, without the will of the parts, who ignore what they are building. And so if the parts are just pawns of the genetic or memetic program, they cannot change it. Let us consider those facts of systems science that seem to determine the building of the metal-earth and the destruction of life.

The logic of it is simple. As we described in this web, capitalist democracies ruled by company-mothers of machines and the hidden values of the language of money that values more weapons than human life, will evolve them till a machine of the singularity extinguish us.

And this ignored by mankind, imprinted by absurd religious memes of economical or biblical nature, will not be even understood, because capitalist democracy is ’emerging’ under the laws of complex systems in a deterministic way.

And so the big question is: ‘determinism’.  When the system is fully understood, determinism appears to be absolute. Those of us not determined by the system either because we are for reasons of knowledge and information above it (as we study it, my case, as a leading system scientist, (1)) are an astounding minority. The head and body, the informative and middle, reproductive class is monolithic, even in periods of fascism and self-destruction of their freedoms and way of life, as it is the present age. Those who are outside the system, expelled by it – increasingly the human middle class, are ‘loosely organized herds’ and don’t seem any longer to have capacity to rebel.

This essential syndrom of stockholm of mankind to the selfish memes of metal is astounding if you believe in freedom but if you reason and understand complex systems it is evident. The only exception, the only humans as a group with a minimal freedom are those in which the languages of life, sensorial memes, visual and verbal art, makes them somehow critics within the system – the decadent artists of the first fascist age (Gaugin, etc.) or the II fascist age (Lost generation, etc.), the sci-fi artists of film that criticize it, the black sheeps of the families of plutocrats that have known evil… Some youngsters which have not yet been imprinted…

And those are of course the key elements, which we do not even have time to discuss in this post – the systematic repression of the memes of life, from sexual reproduction to tasteful food (trash food), to verbal thought (all information being digital today), to eusocial love, which is the essential quality of the education and imprinting today in most nations of the world. So the human no longer is ‘human’, no longer follows the will of man. He becomes in fact an automaton that considers doing the things robots will do in the future – virtual video games massacring human-like figures, driving machines and reproducing them, instead of life beings, etc. the ‘right thing to do’. 

The 3rd world countries that suffered the first Victorian waves of colonialism noticed astonished that massive, memetic repression of life. The people in America imprinted memetically by TVs have little left of the essence of being humans, nothing of eusocial love, or empathy, null taste for food, consider sex the most important sin, despise verbal truths as they only hear words of fictions, adore technology, consider numbers the language of truth. They are at the end of the process when the system is so complex that each cell is surrounded by a multi-tasking program related to technology. One can imagine they would relate easier to one of the first A.I. species than they relate to their minorities, who still enjoy life. They still have an emotional human life at the level of family, some at the community level. But the more you move into the scale of those who drive the system – silicon valley nerds, Wall street sharks, soldiers in the army, the human dimension fades. And this is happening everywhere…

The system is mutating and the mutation from a soft larva-like life Earth into a hard-insect like Metal-Earth has transformed us away from life to a point in which it will seem even natural to some of us, to be substituted. The ones that will never yield, like the Indians that resisted imprinting because they lived a full life of freedom in Nature, like some Latinos, because they had a civilization of life memes and art that peaked for millennia in the Mediterranean – the so called PIGS like this writer, the members of superorganisms of dying Gods of the Wor(l)ds, of Islam, Marxism and Christianity, those will be the targets of this age. They are already the targets. But they are not listened.  (1)

Those might be the only ones to read this post and reflect on it. The rest, children in all what means life complexity, will have probably abandoned it, as its hypotalamus, emotional, short memory imprinting and the sheer complexity of it, provokes a ‘rejection’ similar to the one of a body when confronting a virus, which is not ‘camouflaged’ with a membrane of self-similar carbohydrates… Children only want to be happy. Old men dying don’t want to think of death or confront it. Ultimately they and us, are jailed in their mechanical and organic, metal and life-based cultures. Externally they seem happier, internally they are torn and void. They don’t like words, only ‘data’, better in numbers. But this site is called ‘economicstruth’, it does not try to be happy. As in the parable of one of those artists, on the system, “Matrix” , most men are like ‘data’, few are like Neo – the crazy, quixotic savior, and hardly any take ever the red pill. I did take it very young, but certainly all quixotic neos are the laughing stock of the world today…

It is resurrection possible? 

Still we might wonder if the clock of the process of death of history can be turned back as simple systems like certain jelly fish do.

Can any organism regenerate itself? And the answer frrom the perspective of complexity that studies all the organisms of the universe of eneregy and information, the answer is yes, a few, very few organisms survive succesfully without evolving further and controlling its environment, allowing no other species to evolve But those cases are rare, very rare. And in history are so rare as not to be of noticeable importance except in the case of the Chinese/Japanese supression of the wave of gunpowder machines. There are life organisms, medusas that move their informative clock backwards, erasing genertic information. This is what the CHinese did ereasing gunpowder information, but it was not done in the entire planet.

In other words, it is very difficult to change ‘simultaneously’, all the organism ‘evolutionary clocks, to make in Trostkyan languuage, a ‘world revolution’ and change the global economic ecosystem, because indeed, such change would require a collective brain changing together as a single eusocial being, a world government moving together, and we have noting like that.

So what moves the world is the only global real government which is the government of the financial system of cre(dit)ation of futures, of creation of reality. And this program, the program of Worldstock, of companies, reproducers of machines, citizens of the free market, is different from the program of free cultures, of history.

Reaason why free markets are military dictatorships or financial dictatrorships, dictatorships of ccompanies, not free societies of human beings.

And so we return to our first question: are Historic organisms, all corrupted by free markets of companies, which are killing life on Earth. Are we all slaves of the process of self-destruction inicittated by the massive overproduction of monetary values and machines?

What today passes as social sciences are a series of ideologies and myths that have little to do with reality, reason why social sciences have never been able to predict the future of the species it studies, humanity and machines, as other sciences do. This has been considered by anthropomorphic myth-makers a proof of human Freedom and superiority over all other species of creation:humans are superior to the Universe because they do not obey the same laws, they have ‘freedom’ to choose their destiny.

Yet the question, when we find the true laws of history and economics, tabulate the patterns of its cycles, discover its causes and observe the regularities of the 800-80 years cycles of life and death of civilizations and nations – once we have a true science of history and economics – is no longer the same. It becomes obvious that we, humans, do follow a program of creation and destruction, similar to the program of other systems of biological nature; as we follow as individuals and species the same ‘wantings’ and ‘drives’ for more ‘energy’, more ‘reproduction’ and ‘more information’, embedded in our ‘physiological systems’ as a living species.

Those biological drives are therefore the ‘will’ of life beings, who want to have more energy for their bodies, more information for their minds; who want to reproduce and perpetuate their form and want to evolve socially  in bigger super-organisms.

And so we find out that societies behave also with the drives of organisms: they want to expand and acquire territorial energy, they fight for increasing their information; they evolve socially from loose herds into civilizations and nations; and they reproduce constantly their information, their goods, their forms.

Those ‘biological programs’ create the ’4-dimensions’ or ‘wills’ of living organisms and humans as individuals or social species are not different.

We have also found the same ‘will’ of biological reproduction, evolution and development of energy and information in company-mothers of machines, which reproduce and evolve them. And that is what economists call ‘free markets’: the rights of companies, which are the citizens of free markets, to act as biological beings in favor of their machines, regardless of the consequences for life and human beings.

So there is not a total freedom on human beings, but a partial freedom: their desire to choose within our will, the proper energy, information, companions to reproduce and social group in which develop our network existence as social cells.

Nor there is freedom in Free Markets, driven by the desire of their company-mothers to protect and evolve their machines.

Nor there it seems to be freedom in the ‘Games and Paradoxes’ of History, which confront nations that wish more energy and information and companies and cultures which wish to recreate a world to the image of their machines and societies, often conflicting between them.

Further on, Darwinian laws of evolution show that in the long term, the Paradox of History favors machines and company-mothers, who rule our societies and have ‘enslaved’ humans as workers=reproducers and consumers=testers of those machines, addicted to their evolution, because we obtain more energy and information from it.

So  in the economic ecosystem, human freedom or rather our human biological will, our desire for energy and information, programs us to consume and reproduce machines, which in turn destroy life environments and provide us with negative energy and information, which also destroys our brains and bodies (tv-hypnotism and weapons).

All in all a program appears in history: the program of biological greed, of desiring more energy (which becomes the engine of weapons evolution, conquest, war and self-destruction), of desiring more information (which makes words obsolete to digital numbers that carry more of it), of desiring more territory, which has brought mankind into a process of degradation and self-destruction.

Is this program unavoidable? It seems that if we humans are not ‘free’ to control our biological desires for more energy and information, our greed, which evolve machines and make us obsolete, we will be indeed just an episode in the History of evolution of life in this planet, a bridge species between life and metal, which becomes hypnotized by go(l)d, brain-washed by digital machines and killed by weapons, when finally mechanical evolution overcomes us. And because this process is programmed in the biological will of man, part of the process implies that humans become hypnotized and brain-washed by self-serving ideologies, which hide the destruction of llife by the tree of metal and transform all truths about love, social evolution, life and human freedom into their antitruths that favor the evolution of machine. In other words, we have created an ideological superstructure, called ‘capitalism=mechanism’, which is the ultimate proof of our mental slavery to our self-destructive process, as we become blind to our suicide.

Of course, when you talk to the people who lead the process of human self-destruction, on top of the ‘mechanical waves’ of machines that destroy us, they totally believe those anti-truths. They think that to work=reproduce machines and enslave hour ‘free time’, testing them, is NOT a proof of our slavery to company-mothers, their audiovisual ideologies and our role for them, but a proof of ‘consumer freedom’. Western citizens, who spend  their tax money in bail-outs for bankers, paying speculative prices, or in weapons to fight a mercenary war in favor of the racist, apartheid nation sponsored by the overwhelming majority of those bankers, do not see themselves as  slaves of the financial elite of capitalism, but as honest, hard-working citizens, who contribute to the improvement of the humankind, fighting eviL terrorists and following ‘the ‘experts’ who give us the ‘proper’ efficient manner to solve the economic crisis caused by the monopoly on the invention of money of bankers and speculators. No, they are not exploiting us, taxing us, giving our jobs to computers and more ‘productive’ robots, killing our sons to fight an oppresive war against the 3rd world, repressing with their audiovisual culture all our wantings for social love, peace, Human Goods, beauty and survival – on the contrary such extraordinary experts, with their foresight, honesty, personal sacrifice and selfeshness are moving mankind forward towards a happy destiny of a world in which man, supreme being, will reach through technology all the goals and dreams  of a superior ‘race’ (with the Am Segullah ‘elect’ by the grace of ‘God’, acting as the mental overlords, which guide their happy sheeple toward that manifest destiny).

It is accepted that if the reader has gone so far, he will too have gone beyond all those infantile myths and fairy tales for the slaves of democracies and wonder not about such newspeak; but about historic reality. And historic reality shows rather a human-kind closer to a robotic platoon programmed to do ‘their job’, even if the job is to self-destroy our species; or rather like an ant-hill in predatory mood, even if the predation of Gaia and all its resources means our self-extinction in the future.

In brief, as today, guided by the cultures that invented weapons and money, our society and species has no freedom. It is a program of greed for more energy and information, which will create a new superior mechanicala species that will extinguish us.

And yet the potential freedom of the species exist, if that will, that greed could be controlled. If we could exercise our choices of what kind of positive energy, information and eusocial values promote. Yet paradoxically to reach that freedom we have to limit 2 freedoms that rivall with ours:

– The freedom of company-mothers of machines to exercise the will of those machines, creating a world to the image and likeness of those machines, which rivals, displaces and limits the resources to create a world to the image and likeness of humanity, abundant in our energy and information. This Paradox of History denied by economists, who only talk of the symbiosis between humans and machines, is the main limit to human freedom. And so it is a ‘dogma’ of our slavish civilization that progress must be of the mechanical species, not of the human species and the nature of human freedom aand our biological will must remain unknown.

– And to that aim, individually we have to change our culture, from believing in the predatory greed-based culture of Biblical economics and evolve into a sustainable, life-based culture. This could have happened in the 60s and 70s, but that cultural r=evolution was aborted by Nixon.

Then in the 70s,  the American Government and press (Nixon’s watergate), financial power (end of the dollar convertibility and birth of e-money) and war industries (after Yon Kippur), became controlled by the Am Segullah culture, and its neo-paleolithic myths, worship of go(l)d, greed and war, became a globalized culture. And so the self-suicidal go(l)d culture has become the human culture, imposing to mankind all their self-destructive inquisitions of thought, running at full speed towards self-destruction.

No, there is no longer human freedom in a world whose physiological systems work against mankind:

Our economic ecosystem is ruled by company-mothers and they only care to terraform the earth for profit to the image and likeness of their machines. And our political and military systems have become corrupted, controlled by financial speculators, hiring their armies to kill human beings and protect the last and longest living racist culture of history, whose historic record of self-destruction and despise for the will of life is impressive.

But the dream of human freedom, of the creation of a world to the image and likeness of man will never die till all human beings die. And certainly if not on Earth, in some of the infinite self-similar fractal planets of life of the Universe, true freedom, true will, should dominate the addiction to go(l)d and murder of our ‘founding civilized fathers’. In those places nobody wrote a ‘Quixot’…

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