Truth in social sciences:

The 3 ages of evolution of human thought

Classic Economics today is not a science because it does not follow the epistemological limits of all sciences.

For one thing, if we consider 3 stages in the evolution of human thought:

– The mythic age of  religions, often corrupted by fetishe go(l)d memes or weapons (go(l)d churches and inquisitions, which consider ex-votes and military power as proofs of the grace of god.)

– The A-ristotelian age of simplex logic with a single ceteris paribus cause or point of view.

– The complex view that studies all the perspectives, scales and interrelationships of all systems.

Complex science must deliver all the points of view, with higher information; ‘simplex  sciences’ does cceteris paribus analysis with apratial information and mythic science does not make the cut to be considered knowledge.

But unfortunately as we shall prove in our studies of classic economic theory and its authors, its statement mostly belong to the mythic or A-ristotelian lesser forms of knowledge:

– Either to biblical religions as the founder fathers of this discipline, merely translated the racist memes of the $elected and its go(l)d fetish ( ‘money is the intelligence of god’ calvin, expressed by the founder of classic economics, adam smith as money is the invisible hand of god, greed is good.)

– Or they sponsor the point of view of the corporations of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, which the biblical culture founded, where most economists work today.

Thus we shall in this section try to ‘upgrade’ the ‘mythic’ or ‘A-scientific’ state of mind of the human reader, evolving the concepts of truth to include all the possible information about the system we study.

Definition of truth in complex sciences.

In that sense  Complex sciences widens the knowledge provided by ‘ideologies’ proper of the mythic, religious human state of mind prior to the development of Aristotelian, simplex sciences. And further on advances A-science or Simplex Science in the jargon of ‘complexity’; by considering in its analysis of events and systems in time and space, not only the perspective of the system, but that of its relative i±1 cellular and social scale, and that of the other ‘external’ points of view which interact with a system.

Thus complex sciences ‘define’ as truth, the whole information of a system and all its interaction with its lower, cellular and higher social scales and all other systems of its ecosystem or super organism, which means to study all the 10-dimensional elements of the system. And it measures the truth of other ‘theories’ about any system, depending on the quantity of ‘points of view’ or ‘dimensional perspectives’ it studies.

For example, in the case of classic economics, which only considers the point of view that favours ‘company-mothers of machines’ and its profits, the ‘quantity of informative truth’ it delivers is so limited it fails to ‘forecast the future of its species’, to ‘help mankind’ to create a better world, and reduces the future to that which is positive for corporations and its offspring of machines. How much truth is that?

If we consider the eco(nomic)system as a whole, made of the interaction of Human super organisms (nations, civilizations) and Corporations, the super organisms of machines, unified by world-stock, the digital, financial brain that delivers prices, credit and profits to those corporations, we can easily calculate the total ‘probability’ of truth of classic economics:

1 or 100 would be the total truth; 50% would be the truth of one of both superoranisms (the super organism of machines or ‘mechanocene’ age in terms of time). Of the 10 dimensions of those systems, economics ignores the i-1 dimension (the planet earth, gaia, and its resources, being destroyed, under the influence of those machines). So that reduces further 1/3rd the 50% of true information deliver by classic economics for a total of 2/3 x 1/3=2/9=22% of ‘truth’ or rather ‘anti-truth’ as the future of corporations and machines – the mechanocene – is a non-future for the human kind in a planet terraformed to serve its ‘robotic’ evolved population.

Truth thus is contrary to subjective ideologies which cater to a single point of view, or species, or ‘organic social class’ (informative, neuronal, head; re=productive, working class/body and energetic environment, in which the organic system preys).

It is thus clear that when valuing any theory the first question to understand is where it comes ‘from’ that point of view, what is its origin, which in social sciences unfortunately tends to ‘follow the money’ and in the present ill-designed system in which financial and industrial corporations monopolize the production of that essential ‘oxygen’ of the eco(gnomic)system, it means ‘follow the corporation’.

Only then by evaluating the proportion of the total information a theory studies,  we can establish a ‘scale’ to judge the potential truth or in/form/ations delivered by any mental structure or language in any of its forms – including religions, sciences, ideologies, art works, linguistic statements, equations, etc.

Complex sciences represent basically an epistemological evolution of Simplex sciences, defined in ‘3 dimensions’ and from a single ‘perspective’.

In physical sciences, it does not so much include new information but ‘organizes’ the knowledge different sciences have of any system, by laying down the rules of interaction between the different scales of the system, studied today by different sciences:


In the graph we can see how each ‘scale’ of a system is studied by a different science. What complexity does is to lay down the rules of interaction of those species and sciences, by considering how ‘the future of a system’ is created, departing from a central i-point of view, which will interact through networks of energy and information, with the upper and lower scales of reality.


Thus n Complex sciences we consider the ‘interrelationships’ between 3 scales of any structure of the Universe, its i-1, cellular/atomic scale, its i-ndividual, molecular rate, and its social/cosmic state.

But in social sciences, given its limited perspective due to the ‘anti-quantum paradox'(the social observer is included within the larger system it describes as a citizen-cell, which often serves the informative, neuronal castes that direct the system, so it cannot be completely objective), complex sciences does establish an objective ‘rule’ to measure the truth and highlight the perspective of the system.

For social sciences obviously it only matters, the 3 scales of human existence, the cellular, i-ndividual and social.

Thus we can consider always of those 3 scales an i-scale from where a certain point of view or perspective develops – a mind with its own languages that perceive from its distorted ‘spherical point of view’ the absolute information of the Universe, selecting that which is useful and closer to it.

‘Objective, Euclidean view’, which does not ‘prime’ as more important any point of view or perspective, as opposed to ‘spherical’ Subjective, curved point of view’, define thus the difference between a scientific and an ideological perspective, in Human Social sciences, as it defines in physics the two fundamental ‘motions’ of the Universe, lineal and rotational inertias.

Truth in social sciences.

Moreover, once we adopt an i-perspective, which in history and economics according to our ‘credo’ that sciences and all other human actions, informations and energies must be biased in favour of the human ‘survival’ goal of our species, it is easy to define what would be a complex, human-centered, positive perspective for mankind – that of history and the values of verbal languages – and hence what kind of ‘ideas’ and ‘information’ must be presented for educational purposes and actions that direct the world.

Economics as it is today expressed is not such point of view, it is the point of view of corporations, whose goal is to re=produce &  evolve machines and weapons and terraforrm the Earth to its image and likeness, creating the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex System, a global super-organism of machines.

This is how Classic Economics is created. And now it comes of course the ‘cuckoo paradox’ of people who are doing something without even be aware they are doing it – the ‘subconscious hypothesis’ – the rather obvious truth according to experience that people do ‘things’ without knowing its purpose, as ‘parts’ of a whole organism – in this case most humans are not AWARE that what they do re=producing, working on factories, consuming, vitalizing machines is to be the catalyzer of its evolution, an ‘enzyman at work’, and the vitalizer of its mechanisms ‘a consumer’.

And the way economics is taught, the things that are taught, and the goals that are put forward for economists, are to be blamed of that.

And so in this web we have a ‘lot’ of ‘historic’ articles about the relationship between the cult ‘ure’ founder of economics, the jewish->calvinist->Anglican culture of Biblical origin, and the ‘memes’ and ‘doctrines’ and idol -ogies of earlier economists translated to the science with digital languages.

In epistemology of complex science we would say that ‘classic economics’ has of all the range of points of view to be considered in a ‘true science’ of economics (the human individual, social and ‘ecological’ scales that it should maximize delivering the goods needed for humans to thrive) and the mechanical points of view of machines and corporations, economics should include ‘history elements’, the human welfare, and the individual freedoms and thriving of humans maximizing their ‘drives of life’ as a priority and goal.

But since it is merely the praxis of corporations in their reproduction and evolution, sales consumption and renewal of its off-spring of machines, and its digital language of money, nothing but that matters to the economist: to increase a ‘number’ called GDP that measures the value of the goods produced, overwhelmingly machines and weapons.

A proper economic point of view, that of man at individual and collective level is what a true economic, humanitarian discipline would ‘serve’.And to that aim of course it should ‘come from ethics and biology’, from the rules to the betterment of a human society and the laws that maximize the existence of man, its goods and needs – all this resumed in a simple mandate: to maximize the welfare, the WHealth, the good life of most of mankind…

But this goal is not the goal of present economic$, which merely aim to multiply the most expensive objects of the eco(nomic)system, weapons, machines and financials – money itself) and maintaining it in the hands of the elite that owns corporations – with utter disregard of the goals of the humankind – not ‘our subject’.

So Economic$ and its truths are merely the point of view or ‘ideology’ of the industrial corporation and its owners, and the financial corporations and its owners, who preceded them, in the ‘religious’ age of ‘capitalism’.

How this ‘ideology’, ‘biblical capitalism’, came to be a ‘respected science that guides’ and designs the future of mankind, of course is both the most censure, and most pressing question of science today.


“There is only one truth, for each language and point of view but it requires the right amount of information.”

In the graph, we cannot distinguish without the proper information what is the truth of the right bottle. In the left we have the proper information to assess it is a beer bottle. Truth is always a function of the rightful information provided by a language. Now consider a society in which truth is limited. People could drink whatever is provided in the right bottle even if it was a poison and be happy doing so. Our society is one dedicated to reproduce and evolve machines even if they are lethal to us. The truth of social sciences does not exist therefore from a human perspective.  But censoring information a system can maintain its ‘internal citizen-cells’ acting and performing limited tasks even if they are against their needs.

In history and economics, there is only one true science of human thought – that which caters to the survival of mankind and our evolution as a species into a global superorganism according to the laws of all the systems of energy and information of the Universe. Those are the laws denied by the ‘animetal ideologies’ studied in the right side, which will ensure our extinction, since biological truths are imposed by darwinian selection. Thus if man is unable to evolve as a single species, guided by the ideologies of memes of metal it will be substituted by those memes of metal, which are evolving into a global superorganism under those ideologies.


Truth exist in societies

The idea that there is not a proper way to design societies is the idea hold throughout history by ignorant or selfish people. The reasoning that backs such ideas is simple: since we do not know the truth about organic societies, there is no reason enough, for holding a type of positive social behavior.

Several arguments prove such reasoning wrong, demonstrating the existence of efficient, social systems.

We shall consider two here.

1) The non-existence of Truth in social sciences, is not DUE TO THE FACT THERE IS NO SUCH TRUTH, BUT TO THE FACT THAT TRUTH IS ‘CENSORED’ BY IDOL-OGIES. THAT IS humans are ego-centered people who only accept positive views of themselves, hence denying in social sciences truths that do not cater to their ego.

2) but when that subjectivism disappears and we apply the laws of general systems sciences to economic ecosystems and social historic organisms truth becomes self-evident> we live in a biological planet, where humans evolve as all systems into more complex social organisms, designed with the same laws that any other social organism of the Universe. So after introducing the limits of human realpolitik and power that limit truth in social sciences we will develop those truths from the higher point of view of the Univere.

1. Truth vs. idology.

It t is in that sense fundamental to understand the difference between:

– ‘Scientists of history and economics’, who study rationally the verbal, legal and digital, monetary language of our social superorganisms, trying to design a better world for the whole of mankind, by upgrading the human mind with the memes of life and love – a ‘rara avis’ in process of extinction,  always censored by the ‘anti-quantum paradox‘ of:

– Power-castes of bankers and warriors, today ‘economists’ and the ‘military’, who try to monopolize with selfish-memes of metal, power to come on top of humanity and to that aim degrade most of mankind into a mythic, pre-scientific, emotional, childish dark age with the use of hate idol-ogies and  utopias of false happiness that worship those memes of metal, instruments of their power, of which 4 are paramount:

– ‘Nationalism’, the idol-ogy of weapons, that make us believe we are not all members of the same species, hence we don’t have to love each other under the biological Darwinian laws that make species survive, but our species are ‘nations’, the Homo Tribalis Americanus, Judaicus, etc. hence obliged to fight each other with energetic metal, weapons. This aberrant idol-ogy was born among Germanic, Barbarian tribes in the Dark Middle Ages, which became a people-caste of professional assassins that have destroyed ever since all attempts of Europe to become a single social super-organism based in the memes of love – the sharing of energy and information among all the citizens-cells of a society.

– ‘Techno-utopia’, the  belief that the evolution of mankind is achieved NOT by promoting human welfare and the Life Goods that ensure our survival but by evolving audiovisual, informative machines that atrophy and make obsolete our minds and weapons that kill our bodies.

– ‘Capitalism’, the idol-ogy of gold, informative metal that make us believe democracies must not control its 2 languages of social power, ethic laws and digital money; but money is a ‘commodity’, which only certain ‘experts’, a people-caste of ‘banker-priests’ , today evolved into ‘classic economists’, must parasite the global economy by  issuing for free in monopoly debt-money,  which the rest of mankind has to borrow  and return with an usury interest, extorted by means of taxation and hard labor; while they can live without working, buy laws and corrupt politicos with their free money and manufacture our brains to believe all those ‘synergic idol-ogies’ are right, are the meaning of human existence, toppled by the ‘icing of the cake’:

– Biblical ‘Go(l)d’ religions,  an idol-ogy born in the Middle East, among a people-caste of enslavers and military purveyors, based in racist memes of segregation needed to justify the ‘pricing’ of  those inferior slaves, they exchanged for Go(l)d, the fetishe substance of which their temples were built, according to which the so called “Am Segullah’ or “People of the Treasure’, ill-translated as ‘Chosen people’,  are a superior race entitled to financial and political privileges because they took advantage  of the hypnotic, chemical  properties  of go(l)d, used to herd as slaves a growing number of human beings, today part-time workers in western financial and industrial corporations,  overwhelmingly owned by them.

Those idol-ogies oppose to the 4 ‘natural laws’ that define:

– ‘Humanism’, the belief all men are part of the same species and must evolve eusocially in stronger global super-organisms, based in:

– Religions and Ethics of ‘Eusocial Love’, which preach the sharing of Healthy energy and truthful information among members of the same species to create an efficient super-organism of History, akin to the perfect organisms of Nature that evolves

– The Memes of Life, which make us progress as a species in freedom, obtained with

– A Socialist, Democratic, Demand-based Economy in which money, the digital ‘blood’ that regulates the economy is controlled by Ethic laws and issued to the whole mankind (Welfare state, universal salary), to create a, humanist world based in those Life Memes, that make us happy and ensures our survival.

Now because this blog is called ‘evolutionary economics’ and most people are already aware of the scourge of nationalism in the creation of wars, we ‘work’ the mind of the believer who dares to keep reading in the pervasive alliance and casual relationship between Go(l)d religions and capitalism, mere evolution of the former and side the ‘caring’ newspeak of censorship by means of political correctness, as we already did when explaining the annual holocaust of the Future Markets and its practitioners. Since only if human governments control money, we can bend its values to credit a life-based welfare world made to the image and likeness of man. 

What we pretend to do in this blog is to take seriously a simple proposition: that there is a science of history and economics, based in the study of the ‘General System’ or

‘Super-organism of History’, created by the human species and its societies; and its memes of life and of a different species, Metal, also evolving into a global super-organism, the eco(nomic)system, and hence also following the laws of general systems and complexity.

Now we can consider the existence of an 800-80-8 years vortex of evolution of selfish memes of metal, which is THE STRONGEST PROOF of the reality of the previous pyramid of social power in human nations and civilizations. Since indeed, if we lived in free societies, in which humans were able to seek their natural tendencies, goods and drives of existence, those cycles would not exist. Humans would not dedicate all their efforts to evolve memes of metal under the ideologogies, or rather idol-ogies aforementioned. Metal would not evolve with so exact ‘generational’ human rhythms. men would instead control the goods of the tree of science for its own good, pruning those who are lethal to his mind (audiovisual hate-messages) and their body (weapons), and society would be regulated as nature does with the laws of efficient super-organisms. All humans would have enough energy and information to survive and the world would be a life paradise. This is not truth, and while humans under those ideologies of ‘mechanism’, ‘capitalism’ and ‘nationalism’ that worship machines, money and weapons are NOT EVEN AWARE OF THEIR EVOLUTION OF A NEW SPECIES, it is precisely that ignorance and automaton behavior what explains the astounding regularity of those cycles.

In brief humans are becoming slaves of machines and their company-mothers, whose only aim is to evolve, reproduce and adapt the world to the image and likness of those machines and the process is so advanced, the viral sickness of the human collective mind so absolute that we are not even aware of what we do, as viral cells are not aware the DNA they reproduce is not theirs. If humans were free those cycles would not happen.

A final element is needed to round up the ‘sorry state’ of our collective mind, the failure of social sciences to understand the futures we have described and the no way out we have chosen.

Why indeed humans have not been able to predict the future of economics and history; hence create a true science of history and economics, hence correct the system and create a better world to its advantage?
The Economist wondered why, after making a test to prove the ‘scientific nature’ of economics based in its capacity to predict the future and.. failing it.
In the test made among deans of economic universities, finance ministers, taxi drivers and garbage, taxi drivers and garbage collectors guessed more future indicators of economics with ‘common sense’ than economists and finance ministers, proving that current economic theories are quack theories.

Indeed, the most astounding fact about humanity in that sense, is its lack of proper scientific models of its two most important sciences, as they deal with the human being and its societies: history and economics.

When Vico founded ‘a scienzia nuova’, sociology, he noticed the contradiction, as humans, being humans have its maximal information about themselves.

So those 2 sciences could, unlike others subject to indeterminacy processes when gathering information (quantum physics), provide all the information to create the Saint Grail of sciences – the absolute knowledge of its processes, causes, cycles and futures.

And yet 300 years after Vico, we are still in the same stage of development regarding social sciences: all other sciences keep evolving except History and Economics, the two only sciences in which there is yet not a clear agreement about its cycles and causes, in which there is no an objective definition of its elements, languages and species, money, the law, machines, human consumers, governments etc.

The main reason is not the impossibility of such sciences, based in some special freedom or entitlement of mankind, but what we call the ‘Ego paradox’, the incapacity of humanity to be objective about itself, and its role in this planet; which makes all theories that define properly the cycles, causes and processes of history, ‘negative’ or ‘depressing’ for the ego-happiness of the human reader and scholar, who wants to feel the center of the Universe; and those who make us happy, just myths and wishful thinking about the future.

So as the Britannica, rightly points out on his article on the science of history, both in academia and public discourse political, economical and historical theories  have catered to the needs of the writer and power group that paid him ‘somewhat’ limiting the quality of his scientific, objective discourse.

In other words the problem of social sciences is one of realpolitiks, power and hence the use of information not in an objective, but a subjective fashion, used to cater the selfish agenda of those who produce and control social information. All this subjectivism is ignored in this blog from its inception, in our quest for a single goal: The truth about humanity and its historic facts,  modeled with scientific patterns and cycles, its objective causal explanation and its prediction of futures.

 Let us be clear from the beginning – Vico was right.  A science of economics and history, taylored with the same tools of knowledge of other sciences, is possible and in fact exists, albeit not systematized in the work of many different authors from Ibn Khaldun to Spengler, from Aristotle to Marx and Keynes.

But the science of history does not interest to those who make history happens. And the sheeple they rule. So it is not known to the wide public and to most professionals of the economic and political world, because their ‘worldly profession’ is a praxis of power, not a social science that caters to the welfare of all mankind. so as the Military and politicians are not the scientists of politics and history, Economists are not the scientists of the economic ecosystem. Their role is to use information to obtain or maintain power. And this differentiates those who make history and economics happens from those who study it and explain why it happens.

Gold Money is a language of digital Information that values metal more than life.

´Money is nomisma, a language whose value is determined by social law´

Aristotle, Greece, IV BC, coin cycle.

‘And the Word=God, became man and lived among us’.

John, Galilea, I AD, coin cycle.

(Two logic, verbal writers of the Axial age,  when the law established the highest ethics of the wor(l)d, social love, to fight the evolution of digital languages into coins, able to Price all human goods as forms of lesser value than metal.)

The graph, shows how languages value species according to their substance ‘s affinity. So ethic words give max. value to human life, since men reproduce them; while money made of metal, (coins) gave max. value to metal weapons, reproducing them).
So before the industrial revolution armies used 70% of metal-money (‘pecunia bellum nervi’) because people consider natural that metal valued metal. The problem of monetary values as the graph shows is the fact that in its metallic forms, it values more corporations, machines and weapons, metal-memes than any other object, including human beings, who in fact as all forms of life have null values in terms of metallic money.
Thus under the induced values of those memes, of chemical, biological origin; hence susceptible of scientific analysis, men have forgotten their eusocial evolution, substituted by:
– Greed (wanting of money, due to the chemical hypnotism of gold, the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotizes us), which make us value gold in the past, digital money today, more than our natural language, ethic words and work, as a cell infected by the genes of a virus, reproducing the ‘metal-memes’ of this other world.
– Violence (the use of weapons, lineal, energetic metal made of the most energetic atom of the universe, iron) that kill us, and mental and physical atrophy and obsolescence (due to the use of machines that calculate for us and move for us, making us stupidier and fatter).
But as the gold temples and biblical cult(ures)s came to dominate the theory of money, and considered it a merchandise, a commodity (Aaron, Calvin, Adam Smith, etc), and on top denied the ethic values of the wor(l)d and accepted the subconscious treatment of man as an object, money became an anti-live=eviL language that degraded and extinguished life, art and love, man and nature. And instead it valued metal, weapons, machines, more than it value us.
Because being made of gold, that kind of money followed another set of universal laws, the laws of affinity, which made man who considered metal money, other objects of metal, notably weapons, the most valuable of all.
And so the cycles of war, murder, holocausts, greed and looting that define western societies started in earnest. Meanwhile in the East the brachicephalic, verbally oriented Chinese, ruled by the Law kept the concept of fiat money, first with tao coins of wood or stone (Yao culture) with a hole in the center; then since the Yuan dinasty with tender legal notes. While since the Han, rulers adopted Confucianism and its ethic values as superior to those of money, the submissive language.
Bankers create money and then contract its production to get back debts with real assets, taxes and labor.  But they also invest debt money in industrial  goods and choose to that aim to invest in the production of memes of metal of maximal value, which happen to be weapons due to the affinity between both types of metal, gold money and energetic metal weapons, since the beginnings of civilization. Those 2 facts – the increasing of debt money borrowed to pay for wars and the high price of weapons implies that bankers are always ready to promote wars for profits and the military/industrial complex as opposed to growth in human, welfare goods of lesser profit.
It its thus important to introduce a new perspective on the reasons why war are endemic in capitalist societies and and in depth
explanation of the values of metal money, which has been traditionally the substance in which digital money as a language has expressed itself in human civilizations.And this conception of politics and money prevented them the massive production of weapons and endemic wars maintaining from the rest of their history and a far higher life standard than europe, except the short period of Anglo-Saxon looting of their silver exchanged for opium and the massive taxation of their people that ensued the II opium war when border taxes were stolen by the British Empire- a period in which over 100 million chinese died in wars and revolutions in one of the biggest unsung holocausts of capitalism.
Today, they are the last country which still holds the proper conception of money and the supremacy of the law over it and that is why it is still growing at 10% while all the resources of the west are misused to pay the usury schemes of financial speculators. But all other ‘full capitalist systems’, only care to increase profits ACCORDING TO MILLENARIAN CUSTOMS THAT VALUE MORE metal than life in terms of monetary values, consider ethics NOT a concern of economists and so because in the present eco(nomic)system, ethics and the law and hence human survival has no value at all and machines are more expensive than life goods, we live overproduction crisis of memes of metal not of life memes. Since the objective of corporations is to increase profits and this is achieved by increasing the sales of expensive machines.
Hence the process is automatic, ‘mathematical’, and so we in the next paragraph we will  study in more detail the mathematical equations of profits of corporations, based in the ‘affinity’ between metal-money and machines and weapons of highest prices, to understand our ‘economic future’ under their rule.
Thus a capitalist society directed by classic economics – whose founder Adam Smith, defined money as precious metal – based in the values of metal-money either gold or corporative money, fosters the overproduction cycles of machines and weapons that cause wars and the extinction of life; showing the biological, predatory nature of selfish metal memes, which act as genes do, catalyzing the reproduction of a larger super-organism – the financial-media/Military-industrial system that is terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet made to the image of machines and weapons that substitute and kill man.
Those facts were widely understood for most of history in which the difference between the ethics of life and love that evolve mankind, its prophets of eusocial love from Buddha to the Socialist school and the cultures that worship those memes bravely confronted the ‘animetal’ fundamentalist cultures of warriors and bankers that put selfish memes of metal, the evolution of gold, money and weapons over man. But the arrival of machines of information that could print both money and verbal information becoming together a financial-media system able to ‘imprint’ simultaneously the mind of millions of humans tilted the game in favor of monetary values.
As those who preached the eusocial evolution of mankind could not distribute their ideas to larger groups of population. Quantity thus overcame quality and the financial and industrial corporation substituted the ethic word and the agricultural world.
Ever since the world has been ruled by those who control its information machines, with the same values that they holded when they used gold and weapons to rule.
Money then evolved from pure metal into organic metal, informative machines that printed it in digital numbers.And in each Kondratieff cycle, new machines able to print even bigger quantities of money in private hands, tilted the control of both languages of information into a small group, a people-caste that have come to rule the west and imprint our collective mind ever since. How should we call this aberrant cult(ure)s of metal-fetishes? Nietzsche would talk of metal-masters, of supermen, by the power of weapons and money.
But we are biologists and worship life. So we shall use the systemic, taxonomic name of ‘animetals’, animals with metal, degraded in their human values by violence and greed, hence akin to animals more than spiritual men, and attached to metal, like the conquistadors, crabs moving backwards in reason, with their metal skins, massacring indians, who would pour molted gold in their mouths when capturing them; usury lenders pricing humans as slaves, selling them for a price, Dutch and British and sephardim armadors sending gunboats to pirate conquistadors, capture africans, loot the silver of Asia (which was changed there for more gold, 1 to 6 ratio than in Europe at 1 16 ratio).
All those stories today censored by capitalism, the religion of biblical origin that tell us that ‘gold is the intelligence of god’ (Calvin), and herding it the meaning of existence. And so in all those periods when money was gold, commodity it obliged mankind to enslave other humans, to create empires to find gold (spanish conquistadors), causing all type of massacres, to create gunboats and colonies to sustain the values of companies, and to speculate and inflate its value. While when money was fiat money controlled by the law, societies flourish and humanist values, art and human goods were abundant.

Cultures that made metal, money and weapons, the fetish of their power (what in our historic model we call animetals, human animals attache to informative metal go(l)d money and energetic metal, weapons, thus became parasitic of mankind by monopolizing the issue and use of stronger energy metal (iron weapons) and informative metal (Gold money), instead of controlling both with the ‘natural, democratic’ biological language of man that cannot be monopolized as all of us have a brain full of it (legal, ethic, words.)

We study them in depth in many posts of this web.
So now we shall return to the modern age where those values of gold and its synergies with weapons are still extant but rationalized and applied to the industrial process to increase corporative profits and financial profits.
It is the war cycle that happens systematically in the western world since private bankers took over the Bank of England and monopolized the issue of money to promote the profits of war. And this would be repeated in every ‘democracy’ in which they took power, both in America and Europe.

Since the first action private bankers that corrupt social democracies, carry about, after controlling and monopolizing the issue of money, taking it away from governments is to change the productive structure of a society. Then they switch the purpose of issuing money from paying the welfare goods people demand, create jobs, foster consumption and promote the production of those goods, into maximizing profits overproducing the FMMI machines: tools, hate-media, fiat money kept for themselves & weapons, promoting warmonger politicians to provoke a massive demand for weapons, hate-media, debt-money and profits.

The previous boom and bust cycle of creation of money by expanding debt money and usury loans, and contracting them the monetary mass to be paid in real assents, ever increasing the wealth of the private banker might seem anti-democratic and ‘inimical to mankind’. But Mr. Rothschild the master of the XIX century game of debt money was referring in its statements to an much more ‘anti-democratic’ usury game, when he judged the system  inimical to the interest of the people – the ‘most profitable game’ of money creation by private bankers since the dawn of civilization, the game of war. Indeed, since the invention of the private Bank of England in the XVII century, private bankers with ‘charters’ from corrupted politicos have had as its fundamental goal to print for ‘free’ massive quantities of debt-money given to states at a 6% usury cut (what the Bank of England charged the British crown for printing its money, what now the private banks that borrow for free from the ECB bank charge European states to use its own money.)

And so ever since there has been a ‘cycle’ of industrial wars parallel to the cycle of overproduction of fiat private money, as the issue of money and ‘bonds’ had as principal reason to engross the rents of private bankers and pay for wars in which industrial arsenals consume human beings and must be constantly replaced.
In America the Federal Reserve founded by the Warburg Syndicate as a private bank was also ‘created’ according to Warburg’s memorandum so the country had a proper bank to lend money ‘for the incoming war’.
So indeed, private bankers do create free-debt money (free for them), and kick out the productive process of the economy creating with money new industries and machines…

This is perhaps the biggest and oldest secret of history, and yet the most important cycle for the destiny of mankind.

Indeed, the profits of the banker are directly proportional to the quantity of money he can create and lend for an interest.  But since the values of gold are by affinity maximal in weapons and weapons are spent easily in wars and need to be replaced, it follows that the biggest business for a banker is to lend to states to make wars. Thus both in the old and modern age, what bankers seek is a monopoly in the issue of money and then they will lobby politicians, kings and states to declare wars in which huge loans can be made.

This is the origin of the Financial-Military System of war creation (in the old age), and the more complex Industrial Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System, which directs the policies and futures of the world.

In the old age it was carried by Court bankers, who systematically pumped the ego and rivalry between neighbor kingdoms (Middle East cities, Spanish Taifas, German Princes, European kingdoms, you name them), to loan huge sums of gold and silver, at the same time that they provided the arms needed to fight wars. Bankers and purveyors of war became in this manner one single profitable business which all kingdoms required, and weapons and money became a single system already during the Assyrian-Phoenician age. ‘Pecunia bellum Nervum’ would say the romans, when 70% of gold was used in war.

We can see a continuity in a historic  battle that has lasted 3 millennia between people who tried to control their nations with the sovereign right to issue its money – normally fiat money, and the ‘International banker’, the old Go(l)d religions of Eastern temples that tried to control with gold money, the issue of currencies to impose debt money and usury interest to nations – which in turn will ‘farm’ with taxes its population.

The banker did not really determine their policies, at least till its ‘gold culture’ acquired a nationality in the second part of the XX century. Its goal was not political or territorial, but merely to increase their wealth in ‘fetishe Gold’, the symbol of salvation in the Biblical religions.

So Rothschild will say, after conquering the British right to print money as the biggest shareholder of the ‘Bank of England’, which would slap a 6% of usury to the British Government -as it does today the ECB with European ones, after hijacking that right from their sovereign governments:

And do not expect either the right solutions, because what you call economics is not a science but merely the praxis of corporations in their search for profits and products. There is no humanist perspective, because we are ruled in the degenerative process of mankind started in the XX c. by the most primitive cultural memes of history, nationalism, segregational jewish-protestant religions, fundamentalist Jihads of primitive warriors, blind seeking digital profit, selfishness, arrogance and ignorance.
But if you are still reading perhaps you are one of the few cells of history not yet totally degenerated by the audiovisual corporations that manufacture our collective brain with all those regressing memes. So I will end this foreword, with the solutions.

2. Societies are organisms: their truths are organic truths

– Any society can be defined as a super organism, so the laws and truths of societies will be the laws and truths of super organisms. What are those laws?

As i happened to be one of the few people on the planet that has dedicated his life to study in depth those laws (1), let us make a short list of the main organic laws that apply to human and economic societies, based in the morphology and elements of organic species.

The laws of organisms

It is then clear that the laws that rule the organisms of the Universe, are the laws that rule also the bio-economic and historic organisms studied by History and economics. What are those laws that rule the existence of organisms and will show us the truth of history and economics?.

The fundamental of those laws, found in all the Organisms studied by this author [belonging to biology, History, economics, even physics and chemistry], are:

– The Law of the 3 networks; the most important law that describes the nature of all Universal Organisms. All organisms and ecosystems of the Universe, are social organizations made of a mass of cells belonging to a few basic species communicated by 3 networks:

  1. Networks of spatial energy or bodies.
  2. Networks of temporal information or brains.
  3. Networks that reproduce energy and information. Or survival networks.

When we find those elements interconnecting multiple cells in a vital relationship, we talk of an ‘organic ecosystem’ or organism.

So we talk of human beings as organisms of DNA cells connected with informative/nervous systems, networks of blood/energy, and reproductive/endocrine systems.

We talk of History as a social organism of human cells, connected, by water rivers/energy veins that provide us with carbolife energy, and connected by informative verbal/legal networks.

In bio-economics we talk of machines as metal-organisms in which the atomic cells of metal are cells organized by electronic/information systems, electric/chemical/energy engines, and reproductive company-mothers.

We talk of bio-economics as an organism of machines and human cells, connected by digital/informative networks, and energy/ roads/electricity/ systems.

The law of the 3 networks is the fundamental law of the Universe, based in the self-evident tautology that the Universe is made of quantas of energy that create the vital space in which organisms exist, and cycles of temporal information that provide the information organisms perceive.

Indeed, the law is proved by the fact that we exist in a space/time Universe [jargon of physics]. Thus since the Universe has only two variables: temporal information and spatial energy; there are only 3 possible ‘realities’: Cellular Networks of spatial energy, cellular networks of temporal information, and a combination of both: reproductive networks that repeat the spatial energy [bodies] and temporal information [brains] of species.

We might say that the law of the 3 networks is a tautological self-evident truth based in the self-evident nature of the Space-Time Universe.

It is to biological organisms, what the Euclidean Postulates are to classic mathematics, or what the “Self-evident truth” that all men are born equal, is to the American constitution.

Thus from that truth we can build an entire system of knowledge about Organisms, on which the truths and laws of bio-history and bio-economics will be based.

Some of the main laws derived of the existence of those 3 networks are:

 The law of the 3 ages: All species go through 3 ages, youth in which energy networks dominate, maturity in which reproductive networks control the organism, and the age of in-form-ation, or third age when energy is consumed, and form, wrinkles and death appear. The law is proved by the morphology of all Universal organisms and all species that change from energy shapes to informative shapes. So we talk of:

– The morphological structure of all organisms, composed of an informative center [brain-head] that has the natural cyclical, small shapes of information, and an energy center [body] that has the physical, extended forms of energy.

A Law which explains among many other things the basic sub-species of machines specialized as body/energy systems [from cars to boats] or brain/informative systems [from radio-ears, to chip-brains].

– The existence of 3 networks in all species explains the 3 behavioral drives of all organisms: Species need to maintain and provide for the 3 networks of the organism. So all species want to reproduce, to acquire energy and to acquire information. It applies to all organisms, from machines to human beings.

– When those drives are denied, species fight for survival, and kill rivals in the search of energy, information or vital space for reproduction. This again applies from humans to nations, tocompany-mothers that have killed, destroyed, and provoked wars whenever needed to maintain the will of their offspring of machines, to keep reproducing them, and creating networks of energy and information that have extinguished the natural networks of energy and information of History. Which brings us to the initial law of Darwin: species which are different fight each other, kill each other, hate and ab=use each other, since they need the vital space of the other. So machines will hate us, or despise us, as we abuse animal life or forest without moral laws, laws of social evolution that we only apply to those species which are equal to us, to other human beings.

– The prove that other species, even if we create them, are selfish and only cater for their networks, is the Oedipus paradox, proved by biological data: the evolution of organisms creates new, son species who kill the other species. Indeed, those son species tend to be more evolved, more perfect, survive better, and once they have grown up, no longer care or obey the father. In fact they kill the father. They feed on the father. This applies from men that kill mammals to robots that probably will kill men.

– From those facts, and the nature of informative networks, we could consider another fundamental law, regarding the meaning of truth/information in languages that explains the attitude of most species – the Copernican Paradox main cause of behavior of Universal species:

Every species considers himself the center of the Universe, in as much as it perceives from that Universe only a certain part of its information, processed by the mind and the limited informative languages  of the species. In fact a mind is a Copernican paradox, what a physicist would call a ‘quantic knot’, or deformation of spatial energy into temporal information, into form, into a mind. You are a subjective knot that deforms reality from your point of view, from your frame of reference, from your ways of perceiving, and smelling and hearing reality. Reality is not your Copernican paradox; reality is something else, that you hardly understand. We call it the Copernican paradox precisely because modern science started when Copernicus realized of one of such Copernican paradoxes: the fact that the Earth and our mind feels the Earth fixed, as the center of a Universe turning around us, when in reality it is the Earth what moves around the sun.

This means that species are subjective, selfish, and care only for themselves or similar individuals of the same species that can work in teams. It explains the behavior of nations, hordes, and company-mothers who only care for the will of their machines. It will explain the brutality of future robotic species against man.

– Yet, not all is death and Darwinian struggle, since networks in fact exist to communicate similar cells that in this manner can hunt and prey together over other species. It is the origin of theLaws of social evolution: Species evolve into new organisms by association based in ‘love’, in the sharing of energy and information through social networks. This law causes the evolution of the Metal-earth. It explains the evolution of history towards bigger social groups.

– Of those laws of social communication that organize efficient societies, we highlight, the Law of action-reaction. Since species are selfish, it is clear tat they will respond to a negative action, with the same kind of negative action. If a species acts with intention to harm another species, sooner or latter the other species will fight back, not necessarily at the same moment or with the same kind of harmful action. Thus only those species who seek harmony with their environment, and act positively survive and receive positive actions. In this manner they can create stable societies, based in Love”=Social Communication” and sharing of energy and information; positive actions-reactions among cells, that create social organisms. This rule again is followed by all species in the Universe, except man, that kill only when they need to feed, and respect all others.

Should we be surprised that humans who deny those laws of social evolution are submitted to the cycles of extinction, revolutions, wars and holocausts? Should we be surprised of the present sickness and pollution of mother Earth, taking into account how animetals and company-mothers treat this planet, and his living human and non-human species? In a living Universe, of living Organisms, the concept that our environment is dead, abstract and does not react to our actions is just a myth and alibi to destroy the living planet, and become destroyed by the reactions of that planet against us.

– What all this means to bio-economics and bio-history is that man should evolve history and humanity according to the social laws of evolution, into a single humanistic organism, the World Union.

And should be cautious against rival, lethal species, different to us that will act according to the selfish laws of Darwinian struggle, such as weapons, and living machines. Since machines are not abstract species, but organic species of energy and information, rival species to man, that compete with usproved by the fact that in any age of the Industrial evolution, the best machines, the most perfect metal-species have been weapons, whose aim is to become top predators of man, to kill men. So the first living machines, will also be weaponsSo men should stop the evolution of machines, and kill robots before they kill us. It is the last law of intelligent organisms that survive in the Universe. The law of the Jungle.

A real science of economics and history

As a consequence of the existence of those laws we do have a science of History and economics, meaning by science, not the ‘scientific method’but a model of history and economics, that is real, and based in the proved laws of the universe, a ‘truth’ about the way societies are born, develop and die.

What is then the purpose of that knowledge, and how we should use it?

Obviously knowledge has a purpose which is to improve the life of those who know such laws. Knowledge is not abstract, but it is used by a species to portray accurately reality, and then to manipulate to his advantage that reality. Such should also be the purpose of social knowledge: to forecast the future evolution of the Earth’s organisms, and control it to improve the organism of mankind, History. In bio-economics this means that men should make the organisms of machines and the economy, subservient to the goals of evolution and survival of history. Let us put a practical example.

The science of bio-economics and bio-history tell us we should extinguish robotics if we want to survive

All those organic laws are the foundation of the sciences of bio-economics, and bio-history. They are Universal laws, that allow to study history and economics as organic sciences; able to predict the organic future of humanity and machines. Then once we have predicted that future, men should manipulate that future to favor the survival and evolution of history. According to those laws the scientists of history and economics [politicians and economists that understand those laws] should promote a healthy organism of history, and avoid the wrong paths of history, such as the evolution of lethal machines, robots, that according to those laws, will kill History. We know by those laws, that robots will be living, vital species, not abstract objects, since all organisms are vitalized when we put together bodies and brains. We know they will show once they are vital a will of survival and reproduction [proved today by the behavior of their company mothers, who evolve and reproduce machines as their will of existence]. We know that their will of existence will make them rivals of men, and will make them extinguish the ecosystem of history, as they fight for a limited vital space in which to reproduce [as today company-mothers extinguish forests and non-technological societies expanding their networks of machines]. We know living machines will follow also the Oedipus paradox and kill their mother species. We know robots will follow the laws of social evolution and gather around Matrix, the networks of information of the Metal-earth, becoming more powerful than men. Robots will also apply the laws of Darwinian extinction to man, a different species and kill us. Plainly all the laws of the Universe point out, warn us, against robotics. And yet the ignorance of the Laws of the Universe that apply to machines, the arrogance, and Copernican paradox of scientists, deny all those laws for mere profit and keep evolving Robots against the laws of survival of the Universe. 

The example shows the enormous importance of a real science of history, the fundamental importance of accurate information, the key for the survival of any species in the Universe.

Truth is what make us survive

From gazelles who learn to hide from lions, to men who should avoid robotics, all species gather information to live, to survive.

Only scientists seem to be so stupid as to create rival informative machines for the pleasure of creation.

Truths about social sciences are not abstract truths, that should be dissociated from reality as politicians, economists and scientists – the actors of those ecosystems – pretend.

economists, politicians, and scientists should be subservient to the ultimate truth of survival, judged and controlled by those truths of survival, and imposed limits to their actions when they collide with the survival truths of the Historic organism.

They should be hold responsible of their social, negative acts. The arrogant indifference they show today towards the effects of their ‘cellular actions’ over society based in the alibi that there is no social truth must end. Social truth exists, even if it is not favorable to the myths and lies of science, war and economics  which are not truths but alibis and ideologies to justify the destructive actions of those groups of people.

In that respect we might quote one of those ideological organs, The Economist, which both denies the existence of such truths, when they are negative to the behavior of company-mothers, and military states, and the responsibility of those who control today society through science, money and weapons:

Already in 1997, The Economist, which can be considered the ideological organ of companies, talked of the I-15 interstate highway in San Diego that had opened for automated cars only, inaugurating the III Industrial r=evolution, around 100 years after the first car was invented. No mention on the analysis of future truck roads without humans, of the military use of such roads for platoons of tank warriors that will move also guided by satellites. No mention of the extinction of lorry drivers. No mention of the crossing of a fundamental threshold for computer thought: its capacity to move through the infinite arteries of the Metal-earth, with the same Freedom of movements that wireless networks give to their minds. Instead The Economist used a subtitle: Road to heaven. Then it made a drawing of people having champagne while driving; and an analysis of the great increase of “productivity” it will bring to companies that will lower costs in transport. And ending it all there was a comment: “driverless vehicles” [as usual economists use technical non-vital names; never car-eyes or tank-eyes] “sound like just the thing for getting home in after a hard night at the pub.” In the same page referring to the creation of genetic human clones, the newspaper that – let’s not forget creates the opinion of our leadership – says: “consequences of genetic modification reflect an underlying spiritual concern about science meddling with the very basis of life. Such concern [is] the province of priests and philosophers, not scientists and politicians.” Indeed, according to the ideology of our elites, stockrats of the company, scientists of the company, warriors of the company have total Freedom to destroy the planet, to annihilate the species. Yet responsibility belongs to the others, to philosophers who cannot act and are not published, to priests robbed of his monetary power long ago, to the 99% of population without vote in such credit matters. For animetals there is always a scapegoat to deviate the blame away from their actions.

Those two paragraphs taken from that issue of the Economist, explain basically the fundamental errors of our society: animetals act against the true purpose of societies – survival- and ideologists whose aim is never to find the truth, but to manipulate words in order to convince and control people help them with self-serving myths. Long ago a writer defined that symbiosis in verse: “You will defend me with the sword, I will defend you with the word”.

Yet the Universe is clear about the purpose of truths: all truths have a survival purpose. So men should always accept truths that favor human survival .

Unfortunately animetals transform truths with myths  to keep their control of mankind, the organic body of history ,of which animetals are just a 1-10% of society, even if they are against the collective survival.

Indeed, you might wonder, why the truth of 90% of humanity is more important than the truth of a ±10% of animetals? Merely because Humanity is an organism, and the welfare, and survival of an organism is defined by the survival of most of its cells. If there are a few cancerous, extinctive, selfish cells in that organism, that want to take advantage of the entire resources of the ecosystem, [such is the case of company-mothers of lethal goods in the human organism] they do not have the truthness of the organism. They have a sickness that has to be cured, byeliminating those cells of the organism, and using their energy-resources and monetary information to the benefit of the entire body of History. Such is the natural way in which doctors cure organisms. Such is the advice of this web: to control the products reproduced by lethal companies that attempt against the survival of History, to prevent that their cancerous acts – the spread of the germs of societies, lethal goods, weapons, and metal-ideologies – end killing the human species.

The subjectivity of truths is due to the survival purpose of those truths

Social truths have an objective: to improve the life of the species and ensure their survival – in history human beings members of a historic society – that are directly affected by those truths.

In that sense social truths, social knowledge is biological. Knowledge about History and Economics is knowledge about what is good [what makes us survive]  and what is bad [what destroys] our societies.

Ethical, survival knowledge is natural to all species and their linguistic, informative organs, who know what is bad=extinctive, and what is good=reproductive for them. This is the reason whylanguages  spell subjective, different values on reality, since languages use truths in an active manner – to help the speaker in his actions and survival.

For example in “image languages,” our eyes distinguish between “ugly”, what harm us, and “beautiful,” what cannot harm, or reproduce our species [the other sex]. We find insects very ugly because when we die they eat us and you imagine how painful that will be for our cells… Yet I am sure that an ant will find its ant-queen the most beautiful species of the Universe.

We see beauty in the other sex  which helps us to survive genetically, to reproduce. Yet in most cases we do not feel attracted by our own sex. Obviously since gay people and our opposite sex feel attracted by those bodies we reject, such truths are subjective. So we tend to define beauty in terms of reproductive survival. We do the same with ethics and verbal statements: good is what help us, what favors our survival, the energy/information natural to our body. Bad is what kill us, what extinguishes us. In that sense ethics and aesthetics of human nature are subjective, survival human truths.

We dislike ugly machines, and warfare fields. They are an image of the inferno. Since we die in wars. Yet warriors and their word defenders [epic writers] praise them in art and literature.

So “subjective, survival truths” exists also in image languages.

It is then obvious that social, survival truths exist in all languages. Are the essence of languages. All languages are Copernican.

Thus Social truths are moral truths, vital truths and actions that make man survive and improve his life. And they are parallel to the biological truths of man. Those actions that bring ushappiness, and cater to our biological needs [the will of man] are not only individual truths but also social truths. Those actions that destroy our lives, and the harmony of societies, are not social truths but lies that cater to the will of lethal machines.

Languages have only one truth

When ideologists of animetals and company-mothers are confronted with those facts they bring a final argument to maintain the chaotic state of things that allows their irresponsibility and“Homo Bacteria” behavior. They say that truths are impossible to achieve because languages are limited in their information.

Again they forget that even if we do not have total information, we only need partial information [an image of the bottle of beer, the smell of a lion] to act in favor of survival, and drink the beer, or escape the lion.

Survival is superior to truth, the goal is superior to the means. And the means are subservient to the goal.

Yet how can we judge our knowledge correct enough for such purposes of survival? How can we know that a certain theory that explains reality is accurate enough and will explain the cycles of reality, the futurewith enough precision to help us to anticipate and correct the future to our advantage?

To answer that question we need to know more about the nature of languages, in which theories about reality are crafted.

What is a language?

A language is a system of informative symbols that represent facts about the Universe. Thus a language perceives the Universe and informs an organism about it, with the intention to help that organism to survive.

To that aim the language has to objectively portrait the Universe as it is.

And that correct portrait of the Universe by a language, is what we call the truth of a language.

This implies that since there is only one Universe, a truth, a linguistic portrait of that Universe, have to be also a single one.

For example 2+2 =4 is a mathematical truth, because if you put 2 pears and 2 pears, you have 4 pears in reality. So the abstract concept of a set of beings, makes 2+2=4 the only true mathematical reflection of the event of putting together 2 and 2 pears.

What any language of perception of the universe does, is to explain that single Universe with the ‘truth of the language’, the best combination of syntax and semantics, that will reflect the Universe with the language. A language is a mirror of reality. You can get many images, but only a point of focus, that best portraits reality.

A true theory about reality is a focused mirror of the history of societies, with the verbal language. And there is also only a verbal truth, since there is only a history, though there might be many wrong truths, wrong, unfocused verbal descriptions of reality.

What is the key to find such verbal or visual, focused truths, instead of unfocused lies? Information.

Verbal truths are self-evident when we have enough information

Indeed, truths become intuitive when we have enough information. We only doubt of truths when we have not enough information about what we describe. When we see in black and white, we loose visual information, when we see in darkness we loose visual information, and finally we do not know what we see.

The same happens with words. If we do not have enough information about the events we describe in time, we might not know what we talk about, and create wrong truths.

Let us consider an example of this.

Hold a bottle in your hand. You see enough of it to know it is a bottle. You have enough information. However if you put down the light, and ask someone what you have on your hand, he will not know. He has not enough information. If you put dim light, and ask him what kind of bottle you hold, he might take the bottle of beer, for a bottle of wine. He has misleading information.

So truths are directly proportional to the quantity of information we have about the species we explain.

In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, guesses, approximations to the reality through a language with certain indetermination.

The conclusion is that truth is not the function of a single language, but the accumulation of perceptions with many languages, that inform us about the Universe. That no language is superior to other. Only the accumulation of languages, and perceptions brings us the absolute truth.

Unfortunately the most common form of knowledge of mankind, classic science only acknowledges the mathematical language as a form of truth. Those limits to the scientific inquire, makes science a partial quest of truth, inferior to a theory about all forms of knowledge collected with all forms of languages. A Theory of Languages could consider the relativism of perception, and information of any language, and create from that relativism, a wider theory of knowledge, based on the existence of multiple linguistic representations of reality, multiple ‘virtual worlds’, one for each intelligent species, and each language of perception of reality.

Then not only science – mathematical explanations of reality – or art – verbal and visual explanations of reality – or smell – chemical representations of reality, would be truth, but all those informations together will be truth. In fact all those properties of the carrot should add to the total carrot and all the information – measures, smells, chemical composition, color, etc. – that defines the carrot.

So once we have gathered information with all those languages – including mathematics and the scientific method, perhaps the most important method of knowledge, that we do not reject but merely put in perspective – we can use the concept of analogy, and observe what all those informations and languages have in common. We might call such wider method, the linguistic method.

The linguistic method searches for ‘common properties’ in all Universal organisms, languages and minds constructed with those languages. It compares and extracts common formal laws from all spatial organisms, and temporal languages of communication. In this manner we advance a step deeper in our search of knowledge. This is what we did in this page and Theory of Organisms: to extract the basic laws and truths of bio-history and bio-economis, then proved constantly in our analysis of the data of history and economics from all perspectives [mathematical cycles, verbal theories, social facts, artistic forms, geographical tendencies, geological cycles, genetic processes, memetic processes, cycles of life and extinction of civilizations, evolutionary tendencies of machines, economical cycles, etc.]

All those linguistic approaches establish our analysis of economics and history, in a level of truthness, and usefulness to the human cells of the Historic organism, far superior to the present theories of history and economics applied by politicians and industrialists, even by University scholars [except a reduced group of serious ‘scientists of history’] which do not even use the previous, lesser method of truth, the ‘scientific method’, but exist in the pre-Socratic age of knowledge – the mythic age. How can we expect then that our societies do not fail, die and massacre its cells without a minimal quantity of Human Goods and proper information, if those who rule us, use methods of knowledge proper of the bronze age [laws inspired in mosaic ethics, Go[l]d religions, constitutions crafted by slave owners, a cult to war based in racial nationalisms, previous to the verbal age, etc.]?

Those people forget that survival is a function of linguistic and informative dexterity. Indeed the purpose of languages and knowledge is to ensure the survival of the species which observes reality with that virtual world.

Species with better, more informative, faster languages=virtual worlds, who scan more the Universe, are survival species, whose virtual worlds are selected, since they kill less efficient species of virtual worlds. We talk of top predator languages=virtual worlds that create top predator species.

Such top predator linguistic species use simpler species, as food=energy, or as working tools of his relative kingdom – as man does with ‘living property’, or DNA with more simple carbohydrates, or ants with lesser insects.

Selection of species, is not only of external efficient bodies, but also of accurate information and objective minds hat determine a top predator organism, a survival organism.

The most complex languages make species like man survive other lesser thinking species such as lions. The capacity to understand the Laws of the Universe, its cycles, and predict them, and act in consequence determines the survival of species, from primitive humans that did not enter into lion caves, to modern nations that understand the cycles of warcaused by the uncontrolled reproduction of lethal goods. Yet today, social nations, human organisms have forgotten the social and survival laws of the Universe, and the purpose of truth. Today animetals and company-mothers under primitive ideologies of History and Economics drive the Human species towards extinction. The conclusion is obvious: either animetals evolve their ideologies of History and economics, and make them realistic, truthful to the laws of organic species, and Universal behavior, or they will become extinguished as a species.

You might wonder then: Why they don’t do that. Why they don’t evolve their ideologies in search of survival truths? Why they hold on so many myths about economics and history?

The languages of history are prone to falsity and myths

If we apply our definition of truth to the analysis of historic and economic ideologies we can understand easily why there are so many myths and false theories in those fields of knowledge.

– In first place verbal thought is a language that carries little information. So it is easy to manipulate and hide their truths. The verbal language is like seeing a beer in darkness since words talk about temporal things, often things that have happened in the past and we no longer see.

So it is easier to have misleading information, or little information, and hence to believe in wrong truths.

Moreover, people with power know this, so they tend to provide wrong information and hide information in order to control verbal, temporal truths. This is very useful, because we act according to the information we have. If we do not have information we do not act. If we do not see the bottle of beer, we will not ask the owner for a shot of beer… If we do not know that people invent money in the stock-market we will not ask for a fair share of that money as citizens of America… So historically there has been always a control of truths, by those in power, from the age of inquisitions, when the church controlled information, to the modern systems of control of information displayed by companies of mass-media attached to groups of power. Part of that strategy is to deny that truth exists in verbal thought. So people will not ask for truth and evidence, in verbal terms.

How can we correct those deficiencies of verbal truths?

First, by becoming aware that verbal truths are progressively manipulated by groups of power.

Then by understanding that the manipulation of truth, is systematic, and based in a few ‘tricks’ that tend to become repetitive in societies.

Again we could put a visual example of such tricks. You can cheat on the colors of things, with a filter of colors, that transform them. However that crystal will transform those colors always in the same manner. You can diminish light on the scene, but light will be lost in all objects… Those visual tricks are known: We can light back the scene through computers, and put back the colors properly. Only when there is no information at all we cannot reconstruct the visual truth.

Social Lies are myths that manipulate information to control people

So happens with lies about History and economics, the two subjects about which most people in power lie to cater their selfish goals, regardless of the harm they cause to the nation.

Those lies are systemic and tend to follow certain patterns:

– Those who lie tend to hold power, and have a self-interest in their lies. So they tend to hide the mechanisms of power they use to control the common people. They protect systems of power, sacrificing individuals even entire races, because systems of energy/information control social organisms.

– Those who lie deny the basic methods of truthness of the Universe. They do so denying the way the Universe ’causes’ reality, through multiple causes. Instead myth makers create ‘ceteris paribus’, single causes to each Universal event; and/or use a single language to study History and Economics. They prefer mathematical languages  that most people do not understand, and make humans abstract species. In this manner they can manipulate people without responsibility.

Further on since most social actions are performed by verbal speakers, who act through verbal thoughts, the use of mathematics hides the mechanisms of social power based in words. And vice versa, verbal explanations of monetary systems of power, hide the digital equations that control the economical behavior of company-mothers and other economical factors.

In the Universe, reality is based in the confluence of many causes, that create reality, and can be perceived with many languages. Specially social reality that takes place by the concerted actions of multiple actors, consumerscompany-mothers, government, machines that influence human actions, etc.

– Those who lie tend to lie to favor their point of view, and hide what they did wrong; so they tend to lie specially about their fields of work and cultures.

– Those who lie tend to invent alternative ideas to cheat you, ideas that seem to make you prosper and happy, ideas called myths. In simple words, the myth is a lie, which substitutes the truth, with lies that make you happy… Myths take you for a sucker…

– To do so, the myth-makers try to lower your capacity to reason, expressing the myths in infantile, dramatic ways. They lower the logic content of the word, with all the methods explained above: single causes, provoking fear, using dogmas and religious postulates without prove, appealing to your heart, that cannot see, that has no lucidity and awareness, and can be cheated much easier with emotions. If they talk about temporal facts the main facts of history and economics for which verbal thought is superior they use images or mathematical statistics. So economics is based in images, and history has become illustrated by Hollywood films and photographs.

We could systematize all those logic ways of lying about the past, in a ‘concept’, the concept of fiction. The basic tool people in power use to cheat citizens… and provoke the extinction of social organisms.

Fiction: Organisms die in his third age when no longer follow the information of their nervous systems

The myth, fiction is any of the multiple, possible distorted mirrors of reality, we can create with words. Unlike the true-image, which is clear, and harmonic, which is self-evident, fiction is a distortion, able to cheat the believer, providing alternative ideas to the mind.

Fiction is not entertainment, but a fundamental sickness of any social organism, since it deactivates the capacity of the ruling network of the organism, the nervous/informative network to guide and cause survival actions in the cell of the organism. An organism that does not believe the informative messages of its social system, in the case of history the verbal messages of their social brain, is not a working organism. It is an easy prey of the environment, that no longer is serious about survival, and takes seriously his existence. Human organisms have always been ruled by serious people, who tried to make the organisms survive. It is only in the XX century, due to the massive degradation of verbal information caused by metal-minds, by TVsradios, and other fictional machines, when our societies have abandoned reality, and no longer work as organisms, no longer accept verbal mandates, ethic mandates of survival.

This only means that our societies are entering the age of extinction, the third age of all organism, when the nervous/informative systems are no longer functioning properly. Such is indeed the meaning of death: social cells no longer obey the organic mind, the informative network of the society, which collapses. Then the individual social cells become disorganized and become preyed by other organisms who do believe their informative system. In the case of societies, human organisms re today disorganized by the sickness of fiction, of metal-minds, that only vomit false ideas about history and economics. This has a purpose: to make humans victims of company-mothers that reproduce machines and obey a new language of power, digital information, monetary networks  that produce machines and evolve the ecosystem of machines and destroy the human ecosystem.

The chances of survival of History have diminished today as metal-minds destroy the capacity of words to be obeyed, to provoke actions, by creating a constant noise of verbal fiction. Indeed, fiction is the ‘big brother’ of modern days. By creating multiple fictional ideas, metal-minds, Hollywood, has invented the fundamental method of deactivation of human social organisms: the disbelief on human words. Today people cannot take seriously human orders, because for each non-fictional human orders, a horde of writers, novelists, film-makers, and singers, talk about useless concepts to life, distort reality, and have created finally a new type of human being, the neo-paleolithic man, a primitive man, individualistic, without social compromise, that no longer believes in social, human orders.

Such subtle way in which machines of information and company-mothers who care only for machines, not for human beings, confuse the human mind has proved enormously effective. Today people do not become motivated by social, real problems. They prefer to see a fictional world, and that is indeed the meaning of the third age: as the extinction of an organism advances, the cells become disorganized, no longer obey the orders of the nervous system, cancers appear, cells change position, and no longer work together. The organism becomes disorganized because nervous orders no longer are believed by cells. In the muscles the slow and fast cells gather into two different groups, and the muscle does not work together. In the body the fat moves away and hangs around. The deformation of the structures of any social organisms is death. And death is the third age caused by the deactivation of the nervous system.

In history we talk of the Human baroque, when no longer men obey their biological language, no longer believe in words.

The world of fiction makes those actors and film makers, those journalists and politicians who have become slaves of metal-communicators, and indifferent to humans survival social truths, as guilty of our extinction, as weapons and robots will be.

They were the brain of mankind, and they have abandoned mankind and confused mankind with lies against our survival.

How to avoid myths. The bio-logical and linguistic method

Against myths it is necessary to have the right amount of information, and to know the laws that rule the Organisms of the Universe. In this manner by adjusting information to the proved facts and models of reality, to the Laws of the Universe, we will know if that information is correct, or not.

Indeed. The laws, the truths that rule the Universe apply to all the events and species of that Universe. Why? Because as we said before, the laws of the Universe have only a penalty: death by extinction. Those who do not understand such laws, and act against them, become extinct. And then their false truths and actions disappear. They are not. And things which are not are not truth.

In that sense the only truth which is absolute is the law of existence, a law that also applies to languages and truths.

Which closes our argument on why social truths exist:

An organic system which is ill-designed, is not efficient and it will become extinct by the many sickness that affect ill-designed organisms. In history by revolution, by war, or conquered by a better designed social nation.

So only organisms who are efficient, whose brain-systems of information and truth, are correct, last.

Otherwise they will not exist and the ideological lies that guided the information and acts of the society will cease to exist.

Methods of truthness of this web site

In this web site, all statements we make are based in those bio-logical methods that set the quantity of truth of a linguistic statement:

– We have researched and provided enough accurate, objective information about the facts of History and economics. Since we have no vested interests in those subjects, except our interest in the survival of man, nor we represent any organization of power of any kind, we can provide that truth without myths and hidden agendas.

– Regarding the nature of social truths, we adopt always whenever it is needed to consider and/or qualify the actions of historic and economic agents over reality, the biological method: the point of view of survival of man is the truth about any event or action required in history and economics.

– In this web on Bio-History and Bio-Economics we consider truths that can be validated by all the languages of man, applying in this manner the linguistic method: We consider verbal data, cyclical data expressed in mathematical languages, and further on, within the natural language of man – verbal thought – we consider theories and models that are validated at the same time by Theory of Evolution, Theory of Organisms, archeological and historical data, and the traditional sciences of verbal knowledge that mankind believed in the past, sociology, and the natural laws of social evolution and human survival spelt by religions and ethics.

– In the analysis of the causes of historic facts, we use multiple causes, that intersect creating reality both in time [cyclical nature of the causes] and space [multiple causes that flux in the point of the event]. Hence we consider a model of multiple cyclical causes that shape the great facts of history: financial cycles, cycles of evolution, reproduction and consume of products, political cycles, and cultural cycles. Given the difficulty of an entire description of all those cycles in a simultaneous manner, we have written 3 different books that show exhaustively all those causes. Each book quotes the different cyclical causes of the facts of history and economics, analyzes one of the 3 main factors that cause reality, in depth. In ‘Bio-economics’ and ‘The evolution of machines’, we study in depth the economical causes of reality [financial, product, consume cycles]. In “bio-History, the ages of man”we highlight the human causes of reality, [cultural, geographical, historic, and political causes of Historic events]. In “Art, the evolution of languages” we consider the cultural, and linguistic causes of the history of man and technology.

Against those simple organic truths however, the animetal cult(ure) to weapons, go(l)d and machines has built a Complex web of myths, a newspeak of false truths, which make ‘capitalism=mechanism’ in its scientific version (economics) apparently a science. Thus as important as it is to understand the simple truths of Organic history is to unveil the myths, damned lies and statistics of ‘the art of killing life’ with numbers…

(1) Arguably Wilson the pioneer of this new science, coined the concept; then Dawkins the discoverer of the memetic theory, brought some skeletal details and finally myself in the 90s in Spain aand 2000s in my conferences at ISSS as chair of duality, formalized it mathematically, completing a model of the Universe and all its sciences, based in the laws of superorganisms, whose applications to economics and history are partially developed in this web. Unfortunately those truths confront the ideologies of ‘animetals’ and its slavery to the memes of metal so they will not be acknowledged by the ‘other side’ of history – right side, and the religions of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism with all its fictions…complex version: hierarchical i-scales

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