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In the graph, above the original book of 94, ‘Bio-economics, Bio-history’, which first forecast the cycles of the model of biological economics, describing the ages of the industrial r=evolution and its change of age after 2008, when the age of robotics would start changing the paradigm – as robots no longer need human consumers and workers to consume other machines or reproduce them, making us obsolete, as a species, and the book printed a decade latter (c.2004), explaining the future crash of 2008 after the first of many ‘splendid little wars’ for robotic profits to come.

How we are so sure of those cycles? Basically because we followed, unlike most economists today, the scientific method:

A) We gathered relevant data C) put on cyclical patterns B) finding biological, evolutionary causes and D) proposing humanist Democratic, demand based solutions to our problems.

THIS IS HOW ALL SCIENCES RESEARCH EXCEPT SOCIAL SCIENCES. ALL SCIENCES FIND cyclical regularities, and seek for physical reasons (for physical systems) or biological reasons (for life and human systems, and since machines are evolved imitating human organs, of energy and information they ARE ruled by the same biological laws), and then forecast future cycles.

And humanist people then knowing those cycles correct them or use them for human benefit. So Astrology stop being a quack science and became astronomy ONLY when Kepler found cycles, regular patterns, and forecast the future of those cycles. And Newton reduce them to simple mathematical laws, and found physical causes (gravitation). And forecasted further those cycles. And then humans USED THOSE LAWS to benefit mankind.

So Biology and medicine became serious sciences, not the work of quark doctors, when Pasteur found the germ theory and Darwin evolution and they could forecast both the evolution of species and the reason of sickness, and became doctors.

To notice also that the main problem for them to become sciences WAS anthropomorphism. Humans were the center of the Universe and stars talked to us (astrology). And because humans are HUGE EGOES, they liked it. So they RESISTED ALL ATTEMPTS TO MAKE THE SUN THE CENTER AND STARS oblivious to us. Because that KILLED THEIR EGO.

THE SAME Happened with medicine. Microbes were TOO SMALL to kill humans. So Doctors denied Pasteur for decades and ridiculed germ theory. Their ego couldn’t allow that to happen.

I do not think though that the anti-quantum paradox, which needless to say has always censored my work and activism – easily proved by the hundreds of thousands of bloggers that remain on the web, criticizing my standing against the nuclear and financial industries – will be lifted NOT on me, just an infinitesimal of the Superorganism of mankind, with no importance, but on the biological models of history and economics, which if as it seems are truly the scientific models of those sciences are the capital importance to humanity and its future.

For that reason, if you like the model, you are welcome to copy and distribute these texts and its information, evolve its concepts and/or publish them with or without reference, as truths have no name.

I used then the laws of biology and systems sciences, and the ABCD elements of the scientific method, forecasting the crash of the age of metal-minds in 2008 and the beginning of the age of robots, with a detail analysis of all the overproduction crises of e-money, hate-media, robotic weapons and white collar pcs and blue collar robots we live in.

In that regard, this web departs from a series of books I published in the 90s, explaining the waves of evolution of History (cycles of 800 years of evolution of weapons in ages of dry, cold weather that threw nomads from the steppe into sedentary civilizations destroying them in the waves explained on the left side) and the wave of evolution of the machines of the Financial-Media/Military Industrial System (80±8 year generational cycles just described, which also ended the cycles of nations in global wars, as those machines became weapons)

The books could predict so accurately the dates and events of the future, because all sciences do predict the future if they follow the scientific method. It was thus in a way an experiment to prove the hypothesis of bioeconomics was truth: that machines evolved organically and its company-mothers controlled the world, designing it to its image and likeness, buying the laws of the land to its politicos, terrraforming the earth, the 72 year generational cycle of America and its minds of metal would end with 3 economic short wave crashes of electronic money, in 2000, 2008 and 2016, as it has been the case.

How human societies evolve? Can we study them in an objective, scientific manner, as we study in different sciences the future of other species, such as planets, or chemical compounds? Can we predict the future of human groups in social sciences?

To answer that question we might need to analyze first how other sciences study the future of its species…

The future is where we will spend our entire lives. So the future interests us.

Man has tried to predict the future, since the beginning of times. And he has surprisingly succeeded, when he analyzed other species, such as planets or plants. We know what is the future of the Sun. It will be in a certain point of space, in a certain moment of the future and we can predict it. A science in fact defines itself as a science by its capacity to predict the future of the species it studies. We know the future of a molecule of oxygen when we place it into a chemical reaction, thanks to the science of chemistry. We know the future of ecological populations when they face a new top predator, thanks to the science of Evolution. Why then we cannot predict the future of history and economics?

The answer is rather simple: because we do not use the scientific and experimental method properly in the study of social sciences. Unlike in biology that uses theory of evolution to predict the future, or physics that studies the cycles of celestial bodies to predict their future, we have not a general Theory of Cycles and Evolution to explain how economics and history change, from where to make predictions about the future… till the arrival of bioeconomics and biohistory.

No science can work without a ‘temporal theory’ on the morphology, behavior and cycles of the species it studies.

Without the gravitational theory, that Newton and others developed, Physics cannot anticipate the future position of its particles.

Without the chemical theory of electronic bondage, we cannot anticipate the result of chemical reactions.

Without the Theory of Evolution, we cannot anticipate the future of biological species.

What are the equivalents to those Theories of Change, in Abstract History and economics?


That is the reason we cannot predict the future of economics, and history as we can predict scientifically our future, when we use the postulatesand theories of abstract economists.

Today this lack of development of economics beyond the level of theoretical abstraction, when talking about the nature of its species – money and machines – casts serious doubts on the nature of economics as a science.

All sciences require to be such, a serious, experimental definition of its species. A serious theory of the behavior of those species. And a capacity to forecast that behavior in the future, in a cyclical manner based in laws that define such behavior. None of those premises are accomplished by abstract economicseconomics therefore have to be considered still a discipline in the pre-scientific age, in the realm of ‘myths, idologies, and abstract theories about reality’.

Bioeconomics are a science since able to predict the future

Indeed, economics, lacking the theoretical background that evolution provides to most modern sciences, have been unable to predict the future of its species unlike other sciences do. All sciences are defined as such, when they can predict at least the future position and form of its species of study. So Astronomy became with Newton a science, when it could predict the position of the sun, year after year. Chemistry became a science when it could predict the result of atomic reactions thanks to the experimental understanding of electronic orbitals. To do so both sciences had to define properly what stars, and electrons were, and how forces acted upon them. Abstract definitions were not good enough. They had to weight, analyze and explain the nature of atoms and stars. Yet economics have no real definitions of machines and money, and so it cannot predict how money and machines evolve… It has always failed when doing such predictions.

Today economics, are the only science that have not ‘evolved’ beyond the age of myths (Myths of the free market) to accommodate those basic requirements of Evolutionary theory and the experimental method.

All those minimal requirements to make of economics and history a science, were considered in the construction of biohistory and bioeconomics as serious sciences.

We made no longer abstract definitions of the fundamental concepts and elements, that cause behavior and change in history and economics. So we defined properly, in a biological and morphological manner the fundamental species history and economics studies: machinesand money in the case of bioeconomicsHuman social organismsHuman beings, and their drives of behavior, and Human Goods, in the case of Biohistory .

We also looked and found cycles in History and Economic ecosystems, which were regular, and could be related to the biological nature of the ecosystems of machines and the social organisms of human beings.

Finally we defined in evolutionaryorganic and morphological , terms, the main changes experienced by both ecosystems and their species, and we harmonized machines and social organisms, with other species and organisms of the Universe.

With all those requisites for a real experimental science, we were able for the first time in economics and history, to study both disciplines as a science, and forecast the future evolution of machines, and history, and some of their cycles .

Let us take an sample of this new, scientific approach to economics – the definition of a ‘metal-head.

It is evident that in the XX century we developed radios, phones, chips and cameras – the heads of machines. We did so in a biological order, in 3 biological horizons based in 3 growing degrees of sensorial complexity. First we made simple ear-voice systems [radios], then metal- eyes [cameras, TV’s], and finally a complex metal-brain [computers]. That is exactly the order in which Nature first evolved the heads of animals, and the way Nature reproduces heads of new species, when a fetus is born. In biology is called paleogenesis. First smelling species appeared, then hearing species appeared, finally eye species appeared. When a child is born, he repeats those cycles, and first is a smelling, chemical perceptor, then he starts to listen, and finally he develops his visual skills.

That amazing coincidence is not casual. It proves the bio-logical nature of the Industrial r=evolution, which should be called scientifically speaking, ‘the evolution of metal’.

Yet that simple concept which could have predicted the evolution of economics in the XX century, as soon as the first metal-ears [radios, phones] appeared, was never used to analyze the economic evolution of machines in the XX century.



Metal-body: Railroad Metal-Head: Computer Metalife: Robot
I Industrial Evolution:XIX C II Industrial Evolution:XX C III Industrial Evolution:XXI C

The Universe can be defined as a game of organic systems and species that process spatial energy and temporal information, the 2 parameters that define reality.

Some of those systems of energy and information are organic, similar to mankind, made of certain specific light atoms, [Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen], which easily combine and evolve into complex organic forms.

Some of those systems are inorganic, constructed with heavier atoms, often Metal-atoms, which evolve very slowly or require the help of external ‘catalyzers’ to deploy organic forms. Those catalyzers of the evolution of metal-forms have been historically certain human beings, which improve their lives thanks to their association with metal-machines. In that sense they can be defined biologically as ‘animetals’, symbiotic humans, such as the ‘Middle Age armored warrior’, that associate their animal form to a certain species of metal.

Yet both kind of systems, self-evolutionary life, and human-evolved machines, once they have acquired organic shapes, can process energy and information, under the same rules of any Organic system.

To do so all those Universal systems require two specific elements: “Bodies” specialized in the use of spatial energy and “Brains” specialized in the use of temporal information.

Given the Universality of Energy and Information, both kind of organs are not restricted to carbon forms. chips and cameras, made of metal, process information, and create ‘virtual images’ with them, as your eye-mind does. Iron cars spend energy and move, as you feed and move. Those processes are parallel, and at least externally can be described with similar laws. So we can talk externally of ‘bodies of energy and brains of information’, not only when describing vital carbon-based species, but also when we describe other mechanical species of the Universe.

In this book we study economics and history, with such biological approach, applying the Laws of Evolution and the Organic Laws that construct systems of energy and information to machines.

So, we classify all machines made of metal in 3 basic ‘organic species’.

 Metal-Bodies: Lineal Weapons and Bodies of energy, evolved in the XIX-XX century [railroads, planes, ships, cars.]

– Metal-Heads: money , and metal-Minds that process sensorial information, evolved in the XX Century, [radio, phone-ears, TV-cameras-eyes, and chips-nets-brains.]

– Metalife: in the XXI C., we put together bodies and minds of metal and create robots, which can be studied with the same laws we use to study living, organic species.

In that sense the Industrial Evolution of machines, have had 3 clear biological ages, that built an entire new kind of top predator species – Metal-species – and their Reproductive Ecosystem, theMetal-earth.

sciences predict

In the graph: all sciences need a theory of cycles to forecast the future of the species they study. Biological cycles are concerned with the reproduction and extinction of species. So are Bio-economical cycles that study the evolution and reproduction of machines. The bio-economical cycle we show here is the cycle of Industrial evolution of physical and sensorial machines. It is sadly associated to a cycle of global wars, since as the Earth becomes saturated with Industrial machines, the best of which are lethal weapons, societies promote the use of those weapons, which ‘consume’ human beings, provoking the extinction of rival cultures.


The cycles of reproduction and evolution of Top Predator machines – weapons, prove the biological, reproductive nature of company-mothers, and machines. Their effects on human beings: their extinction by war, proves also the competitive nature of humans and Machines.

The analysis of the future is inorganic science the realm of a basic Theory about change in time, called Theory of Evolution, which explains how certain species become extinguished in the future, and how other species, called top predators survive in that future. It also explains what are the skills required to survive in the future.

In Bio-history, the same laws are at work. It is the game of History, the game of future.

There is a simple explanation of the future of economics, provided by biology…. Theory of Evolution, and Theory of Cycles which applies to all living species in the Earth.

So Economics can be a predictable science, if it uses the models of evolutionextinction, and behavior , that so well apply to the prediction of all kind of species of information and energy, from machines to animal life. We use those models in bio-economics to study the reproduction, evolution and extinction of machines, and human species, controlled by the ‘genetic’ languages of bio-economic information: digital numbers [mathematics, money] and words.


In the graph, the analysis of the future of non-living particles, such as atoms or stars is based in the concept of a repetitive cycle. When things happen many times, they are suppose to happen again in the future. So because we have seen the sun turning the same way many times, we predict it will do that in the future.

Today, economists still hang on XVIII century economics, or abstract Marxist jargons, when everybody else is using Evolution and mathematical cycles to explain their sciences, as the Pope hang on Ptolemaic Astronomy, and Aristotelian science, when everybody else was using telescopes…

As a result of such backwardness on the teachings of economics, only science-fiction writers foresaw the evolution of machines in the XX century, as only sci-fiction movies seem to foresee the evolution of machines in the XXI century, which in a biological science of economics is crystal clear: the XXI century will witness the arrival of metal-heads and metal-bodies put together,robots, metalife, that will compete according to the experimental data of evolution of species on earth, with mankind, as the top predator species.

The IV Cycles, The IV Industrial R=Evolutions

We are thus, in the third cycle, of the Evolution of Machines.

The age of Robotics and complex networks of machines,, the age of herds, of sentient machine,s the age of a new living ecosystem, the Metalearth.

If economics were a science, this would be as clear, and accepted, as it is the fact that the Earth turns every year around the sun. And in the same manner that we take provisions on that fact, from agricultural cycles of food growing, to changes in the hour to gain light-energy, we would be taking provisions against the free reproduction of lethal weapons, the evolution of sentient machines, robots, that according to evolutionary laws can extinguish mankind, and forbid the evolution of robotics, with penalties as harsh as those against atomic terrorism, or the spread of virus lethal to mankind.

Since robotics is a biological cancer, that if reproduced will exterminate our species. Yet, abstract economists ignore that or any other ‘real’ aspect of economics, and the effects the evolution of machines are having in the Human ecosystem.

economists have the same myths and incapacity to understand their science, as the doctors of pre-Pasteur age, that killed more patients in hospitals than at home, had. economists do not improve the Human World Economy, but poison it promoting the reproduction of lethal goods.

There is in this respect a very well known historic parallel. A Hungarian doctor realized that women who gave birth in hospitals died in bigger numbers, that outside hospitals. This was, he realized, because doctors who assisted them in hospitals were coming from dissection rooms, and infected with germs the women, who died of fever. So he asked them to wash their hands from those lethal germs, and save the lives of the pregnant women. They not only got offended, but threw hi out of the hospital and kept killing with germs, the poor women. So happens today with economists. I have been asking them since my first articles on bioeconomics appeared on the net in 1995, to stop the theoretical alibis they invent to justify the massive reproduction of lethal germs to the body of history, such as robotics, computers and weapons. To clean their hands of the bloody germs of the economic ecosystem and promote Human Goodsand cure the body of History . They have instead, censored bioeconomics since the age of Butler, and tend to affirm that biohistory and bioeconomics belong to ‘biological sciences’. While they keep directing history towards its extinction as those doctors who opposed the theory of germs in medicine did, with their pregnant women and the Hungarian physician that uncovered them. So today thebody of history is infected by lethal economic germs, that multiply because our economists follow the myths of the free market, and do not take scientific economical measures to cure history.

In fact, the word “Robot” did not come from engineers, scientists or economists. It was coined by an obscure Check writer, who also foresaw an ugly end to robotic evolution. In the novel, ‘R.U.R.’ the last man dies when robots realize they no longer need human beings, and exterminate them… Robots indeed have come, and the best models are weapons, whose only aim in life is to exterminate men…

If we were to explain machines in biological terms, perhaps we could understand better what machines are, and how they evolve, and what men should do about it, to control their evolution for the betterment of mankind, avoiding the danger of human extinction.

The Future if the evolution of machines continues
We cannot disregard the Theory of Evolution in any analysis of the future of economics, science and history, since evolutionary theory is the only serious theory of change in time available to all sciences. Thus any work about the future of history and Economics, in order to be scientific, has to belong to an evolutionary school. If there was a serious theoretical alternative to Evolution among sciences concerned with the future, we would have considered it in this web. Our intention was to analyze the cycles of history according to evolutionary and biological theories and, once we understand the causes and consequences of those cycles, to predict scientifically the future of history and economics – and how man can manipulate that future to his own advantage.

To do so we apply theory of Evolution to human societies and economic species. Then we provide biological, social and cyclical explanations to the main phenomena that affects the future of societies: war, economical crisis, technology, social revolutions, social classes and wealth .

The theory that allows economics to become a real science exists now.

Let us see their predictions for the future.

The prediction of the future. How monetary orders create the future

How money creates the future? Giving orders to human beings, and controlling their actions.

Today as men are no longer moved by ethical reasons but by profit, we since men obey money, the invention of the future is caused bymoney.

So those who have money, or better still who can reproduce money, invent money through any of the infinite forms of credit create the future.

Those who own the financial system of the Metal Earth create the future.

It is the origin of the power of companies and stock-markets. In those places money is invented with shares. There is credit. The credit that creates the future of this planet. He who invents money [today stock-markets and company-mothers] has the tool to order the activities of men, and what the future of the Earth will be.

In fact monetary orders of creation and extinction are very simple. Basically they are of two kinds. Orders given with money that put people to work mainly in the creation of machines. And prices given to products, which are consume orders that extinct bad products and selects the best of them [selling them, and giving profits to consumers for further reproduction.]

Both orders are obvious. A company with the aim of reproducing a ‘product’ offers a salary and there will be poor people who will want the money and work for the company. The company can change the order offering more or less salary, and it will get more or less workers. Those workers in turn will produce the things the company wants. So the order is simple: money for work. And the outcome is simple too: money ends up re-producing machines in company-mothers.

The second type of order that money gives is an order of consume. You put a price to a product, and people will test the product. They will consume it. And if the product is good, and the testing is right, they will consume it again or recommend it. You can get also more consume if you manipulate prices: Lower prices create more demand, higher prices less demand. Good products are demanded again. Bad products are destroyed.

Again we can reduce consume orders to a few parameters: Prices give orders of consume to people. And companies repeat the best products according to people tastes. Yet people’s tastes are obvious: People always vote-buy machines that increase our informative or energy perception. People like to perceive more energy and information. It is a kind of ‘Universal mandate’ that all species follow in biology:

‘Feed and perceive’

Hence people always vote-buy to consume the most evolved energy and informative machines, that allow people more perception, or more body-energy. The outcome is the evolution of informative and energetic metal-organic species; and the substitution of human organs by them.

These changes are biological changes that cause the extinction and degradation of certain species [horses replaced by cars, workers and human brains, replaced by robots or computers, etc.]. They have to be studied with the tools of biological sciences. Yet such a biological analysis of machines, and of the science and economy which supports them, is uncommon in our culture, because of the false postulates of wealth, and abstract definition of machines, promoted by economists, which are basically employees of companies, or ‘gold believers’, that trust go[l]d,money, the God of economics.

On the other hand, company-mothers have a biological mandate: the evolution and reproduction of machines. So they will not change that mandate, which matters more to them, than the rights or survival of human beings.

So we can predict that neither company-mothersnor economists will challenge the ‘organized system of evolution of machines’ described here in different web pages: ‘the myths of the free market’, ‘company-mothers’, ‘what are workers and consumers’, ‘the stock-market‘, ‘the Metal-earth’ ‘the myths of democracies’, and ‘the evolution of machines’.

Yet since company-mothers are controlled by economists that favor machines over human rights, and profit enormously, their callous behavior, similar to that of the Austrian doctors, will ignore the danger of human extinction, and protected by abstract theories, scientific myths, and mathematical languages, they will take the economic ecosystem to such degree of development, that men will become obsolete, and become extinct by the new top predator species, somewhere towards the end of this century. Problem is the result of such economical evolution will not be a paradise for men, but a new ecosystem, an ecosystem of machines.

Can it be changed?

Can that future be changed.

Fortunately it can be changed. Unfortunately only with a great effort. To help to change that future, we need first to rule the Economic world with a real science of economics, without myths.

our future will follow the laws of Evolution, and will develop robots, in the XXI century, that will challenge mankind’s top predator status, defended by their company-mothers. Those robots will be used as weapons, during the foreseeable cycle of Kondratiev wars, that should start in 2008, and reach its war peak in the next decade. During those robotic wars of the 2010′s Robots with as many metal-neurons as your brain has, will acquire Freedom and consciousness as killing machines. It is possible that such wars become then the last wars, as different types of machines, with direct access to information (nets and energy (electricity) stop being our slaves. Sooner or latter in this century that is bound to happen… It will be the revolution of machines and the end of man as top predator species on the new Earth, the Metal-earth. From then on the confrontation between both species will be more in the open.

The extinction of history is a sickness, a predictable sickness which has as all sickness a predictable fate: the death of the sick body the social organism of mankind and all its cells, human beings.

So knowing the sickness of history, we can predict the steps of its death.

Those steps can be watched in the brain of the economy that takes the decisions of what is created in the future, the stock-market.

Stock speculation creates the different “biological, reproductive radiations of metal-species,” by giving a priori a “credit” that company-mothers use to give monetary orders to workers and consumers. credit means then creation of reality, what we express in the verb, cre[dit]ation.

In this manner the great radiations of products have been cre[dit]ated since the gunboat craze in Amsterdam and London stocks.

Today the craze is for internet companies. You just need to have any idea about internet, and put up a company, and the market will give you total credit.

The process is very old. Last century was the railroad craze. As one commentator of the economical scene put it then: 4/5 of the corporations today are raised with a single goal: to obtain credit [“Free Money”] from the market. Such is also the nature of the speculative wave of tech-software that we suffer today.

The consequence of last century railroad speculation was a worldwide scarcity of credit for Human Goods, and the hyper-abundance of railroad lines, many of them without use, except for the massive quantity of money their stock holders could get.

People are not aware of the enormous waste of money stock-credit implies.

At 7000 $ per kilometer, the cabling of America was enormously expensive.

With that money the entire American population could have got health-care.

Instead they got 150 channels of digital images to program them into violence.

We won’t insist in the economical aspects of stock cre[dit]ation already explained along the pages of this web. We rather focus in the “vital consequences” of the internet networks that will be worldwide built in a few years.

How it will affect humanity?

The pattern of previous cre[dit]ations of Metal-species will be repeated. Internet will increase the communicative power of future war machines, and it will eliminate masses of labor.

In fact internet was born in the Pentagon, to unify the control of all its weapon systems. Internet-intranet and defcom, the networks that stock cre[dit]ation is inventing, are communicated through the head brain of the Metal-earth: the Pentagon.

The function of the net is the same as the nervous system of a body: to control and manipulate all the ‘cellular homes’ of the body, by means of informative orders.

What this means is that the internet is substituting previous informative networks of mankind, becoming the basic neural network for the two fundamental types of information men receive:

Monetary information, and visual-verbal information.

The other informative metal networks [press, radio, TVs] will become fused within the net. People will spend more time in the internet that in those networks.

Besides, the internet will also control the second language of human information: money. Indeed, the internet will become the shopping mall of mankind.

As a result millions of jobs of the sector of sales and shopping will disappear.

As all other previous products, the internet will reduce even more the number of human jobs available to mankind, throwing millions of people out of job.

What will be its usefulness for machines?

First it will integrate the entire Stock-Company system into a body-system of reproduction of machines, as the neural network of the body regulates the reproduction of the different organs of the bio-logical body. Imagine each economical sector as an organ of the body: the multinationals of cars, and road arteries, are energy organs, the multinationals of information and the info-way arteries are informative organs. Each man is a cell. When man becomes extinct, each machine will be a cell that will receive information and energy from the networks. All of them will become integrated by internet, till finally only a ‘few reproductive organs’ for each metal-species will remain. The aim of company-mothers is to create a few great world=Multi-national reproducers, as a body has only a few organs to reproduce each basic product of the body. Red globes are reproduced in certain bones. Cars for transport arteries will be reproduced by a few worldwide companies. This will be possible because neural networks will integrate all company information. Then after nations disappear in the final “Armageddon” [men Vs sentient machines], the internet will unify all world factories by species, through satellite communication.

There will be a worldwide producer of “red globes”=cars for the arteries of the Metal-earth. A single worldwide producer of planes. So on.

The internet networks will be used by other networks of information we are building today for the machines of the future: the network of mobile, wireless telephones, will be the ears of future robots…

Their function is to allow free movements to all individual cellular species of the Metal-earth. Mobile phones=ears will communicate platoons of tanks, and top predator weapons that will roam the metal-earth.

Today men have basically a use for machines: men consume=test them, and improve their quality.

When men are gone, the selection process of machines, will be performed by Matrix, by net computers. Or maybe Machines will fight for survival in a metal-jungle till they learn again the laws of social evolution, we have forgotten. In that case, the Metal-Earth companies will reproduce them. Their offspring of machines will defend the factories. Such is the Nature of war: a glimpse to the future ecosystem of Top Predator metalife…

The human future: Unless we reform stockracies, we cannot challenge the extinction of history

Stockracies, should be the true name for democratic governments, since stock-market companies, not politicians control democracies.

Yet then the myth – the government of the people – would fall; then ‘democratic governments’ might find a very aggressive population asking for responsibilities to the real government of nations – their companies. This is not something stockrats want.

The essence of a dictatorship is to govern without responsibility.

Stockracies are dictatorships of companies. Companies and those who own them, stockrats, want to govern without responsibility. To that aim they hold politicians responsible, and stockrats free of guilt.

Stockrats govern without any responsibility. After many bribing, and fighting they passed in the XIX C. the Law of Anonymous societies that, redeemed them of any guiltiness by their acts, as the Special courts for aristocrats did in the past.

The trick is simple. Companies control politicians. Companies act under orders of Stockrats. Yet stockrats have no civil responsibility.

So stockrats govern us without responsibility.

Those who hold power consider their highest privilege, not to account for his acts of power.

Yet to hold power a caste needs control on the tools of power.

In human societies there are 3 such tools: weapons, money and words [laws, religions].

Aristocrats in the past based his power in weapons. They controlled production of weapons, and with weapons they controlled the churches of words, the law, and money [the king minted money, backed by military power].

That was the essence of the dictatorship of the ancient world.

Today the very same tools of power and control are in the hands of stockrats. Stockrats in the present base his power in money.

They control the production of money through banks, shares and bonds, in stock-markets. With that money they buy politicians and control the law. They also produce the weapons, that allow them to control the military and the people. They, as aristocrats did, do not account for his actions.

Instead, citizens and politicians merely obey stockrats as they obeyed aristocrats in the past.

All has changed but all has remained the same.

We moved from aristocracies of weapons to stockracies of money.

The people are still in the blues, regarding to real power.

So we define our social organisms not as democracies, as human free social organisms ruled by the human verbal language [ethics, laws], which pursuits the common welfare of society, but as ‘economical ecosystems’, or company-nations based in the power of money and weapons, in which men are controlled by herds of companies, and their monetary orders, whose summit of organization is the stock-market, owned by stockrats. The World stock-market is the brain of our nations. It invents money and delivers monetary orders to those companies it selects by its capacity to radiate faster new machines, to evolve them faster, to transform faster the ecosystem of history, or to indoctrinate faster mankind.

The extinction of ecological cultures and nature become just a secondary consequence of that process, under the bio-logical laws of creation and extinction of ecosystems.

All in all this means that the real power to create the future of our societies is the power of stock markets, and the stockrats who own stock-companies, associated in lobbies, who have free money invented by stock-markets to buy out human actions and laws. The result is that the power of the world alternates between companies, depending on the individual resources of those companies.

So as machines evolve, the companies that have the top predator machines of each age govern nations, since they have more money to bribe better the politicians, get their favorable laws and expand their machines.

So for example America was first governed by gunboat companies from England. When North-American gunboat companies became more efficient that the British ones they decided to become top predators of power. Their stockratic owners the defied the British gunboaters [Boston Tea party], and displaced them, in the American independence war. They hold power in America for almost a century, till a new top predator animetal species, the land-animetal, the railroad reached a higher power. It was more perfect machine able to displace inland, and so it was reproduced to conquer the continent. It paid his best lawyer, a lobbyist of the Illinois Railroad company, called Mr. Lincoln to provoke war and pass laws that made the railroad barons of the age the owners of America [railroad act]. When Lincoln became more human, the stockrats paid Staunton, his defense secretary to create the ‘complot’ that killed him [historic proves are overwhelming, though obviously in the present world in which real history is deformed by animetal ideologies, difficult to know].

It is the age of robber barons. The owners of railroads were the owners of America. Then in the XX century the more evolved land animetal, the car became the top predator machine and its companies controlled the law. In Europe they put Hitler on place, who made the top predator car [the tank] the backbone of German industry, and cause of II World war. In America, ‘what it was good for general motors was good for America’. So happens with Ford: Mr. Ford, famed Animetal stockrat owned the laws of America. One example: he disliked alcohol and paid first in Illinois and then in Washington, politicians to forbid alcohol. It was the dry law.

Then after the war, the evolution of mental machines [radio, TVs, computers] took over, and those who owned those networks became the top predator stockrats of America. It is the age of Jewish-American power, that substitutes on top of the stockratic pyramid the Calvinist-Anglican age of robber barons.

Finally today, those who own networks of computers, invent the laws of America.

Soon there will be those who own robot companies. Yet those will be the last animetals with power, because robots will take over as ‘complete species’ that no longer need symbiotic help from human beings. That is why history is so close to extinction, and humanity so close to become obsolete. Again, this web is not about morality. I will not argue here the power of stockrats, which seems unavoidable. I will only try to explain reality and explain why stockrats should preserve their power, even if they keep exploiting the Earth, by limiting the evolution of the last species of machines – the robots, that will eliminate them from the economic ecosystem as they eliminated the Indian of the prairie.

To do so they have to acknowledge the laws of the Universe, the law of social evolution that make humans the same species, and metal a rival species. So they have to control and harness thepower of metaland company-mothers to the benefit of mankind, not of the machine.

Stockrats are humans and so they will also become extinct in the XXI century wars if they do not challenge their present ideologies of power, economical myths and gold religions, and face the truth of economics. The Universe only helps those who help themselves. Only they have today enough power to control the bioeconomy to the benefit of man. They can do it if they accept to rule economics for the benefit of mankind, (ethonomics) and stop their control of governments for the sake of profit, pushing international reforms that will avoid the cycles of war, caused by economical cycles.

Also the military could help, if they decided to return to their natural role in human societies: the protection of the organism of History, of our species. If military men from NATO, and the Russian, Chinese and Japanese army took decisive action, and imposed control on the robotic radiation as a ‘security issue’, that belongs to their realm of action, as it does, and establish a program of international cooperation to destroy all research facilities and robotic companies, pressing against robotic scientists, harsh measures to avoid further evolution of those machines, theextinction of history could be delayed at least a few centuries. So there is a second line of action that could be taken by our military, if they abandon their ideologies of metal, and decide to save mankind…

Finally our politicians – the weaker element of present power in human societies – could challenge those ideologies through international treaties, and international organisms, to which they should give enough power to reform our present military and economical systems.

Thus either stockrats, the military or politicians can change the world and survive, if they act with efficiency, fast, and without fear. Again only those who help themselves survive.

This means there is still a chance for human survival: the reform of the economy according to human economics.

In that sense there are two futures, as there are two futures for any sick organism: if the sickness is not cured, with the appropriate measures and antidotes, the organism has no future. His future is extinction. Before that extinction happens we can describe as we have done in this web the process of degeneration, the symptoms and future phases of that sickness, till death happens.

We can describe the negative future of the historic organism.

On the other hand we can also as scientists and doctors of history, prescribe the needed solutions to that future, the measures that could cure the organism of history. And how those measures could be implemented, and finally make healthy again that organism.

In that sense the future of the Earth is open as long as men are still top predators, neuronal brains of the historic organism. They can still cure themselves, or ignore their sickness and die with it.

Two are therefore the possible futures of mankind:

Extinction under the sickness of bio-economics.

Or a healthy body of history if that sickness is analyzed scientifically and cured, with the appropriate measures.

A reform of World eco[nomic]systems is needed to stop the cycle.

Bio-economics and Bio-history, based on the study of the cycles of reproduction of machines, and the Darwinian behavior of machine ecosystems, against humans is able to predict the timing of wars with a high probability. Forget the “free market” myth. The market is a hierarchical ecosystem of evolutionary machines and reproductive companies, similar to other organisms and ecosystems of reproductive and evolutionary species, with its own bio-logical cycles. Economists and Politicians should acknowledge this, and use their political and economical systems to produce Human Goods, goods which have no negative effects for mankind, instead of promoting irresponsibly the excessive reproduction of technological machines, with free credit that stock-markets give to such companies. To avoid the four great causes of economic wars, national competence, national currencies,lobbies, and excessive credit to technological machines, it is obvious that human governments have to reform their political and economic World systems, before the beginning of atomic civil wars, and robotic wars take place. The following changes are suggested. They are not utopian, as it is not utopian to elongate the life of a sick, old man. Since mankind, as history proves, is in the brink of a period of death and massive war, those measures seem to us unavoidable. They could be resume in a single word: A World Union, ruled by economists and scientists in favor of mankind not of machines, a world parliament made of national presidents, able to legislate worldwide, and able to avoid war:

– A reform of the monetary system, with the unification of the Yuan-Yen, Euro, and $-Dollar, in a single worldwide currency, the ¥e$ currency, which will allay any future currency crisis. A world currency will also establish a fair worldwide system of credit for Human Goods, based on equal national government deficits that will promote welfare states based on such goods, that cannot harm human beings [agriculture, education, arts, housing, public transport, etc.].

– A reform of the world stock market, that should de-list all robotic and weapon companies, and prevent further credit for the development of such machines. Robots will be the cause of massive unemployment. Robots will become weapon systems, able to extinguish most of mankind during a hypothetical age of robotic wars. The third Industrial Evolution of machines [fusion of bodies and brains of machines] should not take place. Robots are machines which will sooner or later compete as living species with mankind. Mankind should prevent all research in such machines.

– A reform of democratic constitutions, according to the natural law, and the Human Constitution, to prevent lobbyism, and give back to voters and politicians, the rights to control the languages of power of our societies: money, laws and weapons. Present democracies are in fact ‘stockracies’, similar to old aristocracies, where an elite, in the past the aristocrats, today the stockrats, have no legal responsibility [in the past protected by aristocratic courts, today protected by the Laws of Anonymous societies]. That elite also has absolute control of the language of power. In the past the language of power was weapons, controlled by aristocrats, today it is credit, controlled by stock-markets that forbid governments, chosen by the people, to have credit [0 government deficit). They only allow unlimited credit [free speculation in the price of shares] to technological companies.

– A reform of international laws, in order to create an empowered UNO, similar to the European Union. Such new UNO, backed by a central bank responsible for the Yes currency, should act as a World Government, and prevent a new confrontation between the two economic colossus of this century, the USA and China, just as the EU prevented further wars between France and Germany.

America could play the leading role in such a World Government since its headquarters would be New York City. If these reforms are implemented before what it seems the final radiation of weapons of metal in history – the radiation of intelligent weapons, perhaps America could lead mankind, for the betterment of our species and not as it does today, for the betterment of machines, and their industrial evolution.

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