Sociological Sciences:

 PART   III.  


Because there is not really today an objective science of economics and history – but partial scientific analysis of human events, mostly tainted by ‘ideologies’ of power we need to define them in strict form.

Departing from the scientific method and the discipline of philosophy of science (Lakatos, Kuhn, Popper, Whitehead), we can put together in a simple sentence – the motto of this web-  the 4 positive ‘legs’ of a real science (data, predictability, logic models, human praxis, each one stressed with a fundamental color, just for fun :-) and its negative side (selfish ideologies of power, tainted of the false primary color, yellow ):

Unlike  power Ideologies, Experimental Sciences predict the future of its speciesaccording to Past Cycles, controlling them, to improve human life

A real science will be stringent in its application of those 4 elements and will shun, regardless of any political, economical correctness, selfish agenda or censorship the negative ideologies that try to bend data and invent models to cater the selfish agenda of an individual, group or tribe, and use knowledge to ab=use man or nature.

In that regard,  all sciences have evolved from an age of:

-1: Negative Ideologies and myths that restricted knowledge of a certain discipline to a people-caste of power (i.e. ‘Astrology’, ‘quackery/witchcraft’, ‘alchemy’, ‘ballistics’, ‘anthropomorphic religions’, ‘classic economics/capitalism’, ‘tribal nationalism’) into:

Rational, open disciplines (i.e. ‘astronomy’, ‘medicine’,’chemistry’, ‘physics’, ‘evolution’, ‘socio-biological economics’ and ‘humanist history’)  that:

A) Obtain sound data;

B) Fit on cyclical, mathematical patterns, used to predict the events of its species, by projecting into the future those cycles ;

C) Explained with logic, objective, non-anthropomorphic models of reality;

D) That help to control those cycles for the benefit of Man.




In the graph, the model that studies the Industrial Evolution of machines with the laws of evolution of organic systems.

Corporations are then defined as ‘Company-mothers’, organisms that re=produce machines, causing positive, symbiotic and negative, predatory, competitive events with rival humans (labor, soldiers).

We can go a step further into the scientific paradigm applied to social sciences, by considering a NEW jargon based in the proper ‘biological’ sciences needed to describe the ‘larger’ view of an evolving planet, which is ‘molting’ now from a world of life into a world of metal.

Then we can describe the Industrial r=evolution as the last stage in the evolution of metal-memes. Since during that age humans have evolved memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, copying human organs and biological functions, which those machines enhance, but also atrophy and substitute, in 3 ages, constructing first bodies of metal, then minds of metal and finally putting them together into robots a new organic species that competes and displaces humans of labor and war fields. Only a biological model of the symbiotic and predatory relationships between men and machines, and our social organisms, governments and ethic, verbal laws on the side of history andcompany-mothers of machines and digital, financial languages on the side of the eco(nomic)system can explain, forecast and give human solutions to the present crisis.

In the graph we show with images the model, compared to other models based in the A-D steps of the scientific method:

Left: Astrology, the ‘religion of stars’, became Astronomy, the empirical science when Kepler predicted future planetary orbits according to A) Sound Data and B) Past cycles and Newton found a Physical Model, the Law of Gravitation that explain those orbits logically.

Center: Biology became a science when Darwin collected fossils data, on the cycles of extinction of species, and C) explained its evolution, according to a model of top predator species, whose force based in the strength and morphology of their energetic bodies and informative heads made them fitter to survive.

Right: Economics becomes science then if it is able to:

A) Collect accurate data both on the History of capitalism, its languages, memes of life and metal (money, weapons and machines) it produces.

B) Puts them in patterns of industrial cycles

C) Finds a scientific – either physical or biological – model which explains, WHAT are those memes of metal and life goods  the economy produces

B) Able to predict future cycles – caused in this case by new ‘top predator machines’ (Weapons) and tool machines that extinguish simpler models and weaker humans in the eco(nomic)system’s labor and war fields…

D) And then takes measures to control the economy in benefit of man.

This is what Biologic Economics has done for the same time in this science, with enough precision and foresight, as the books of this writer 20 years old, which predicted with accuracy the 2008 crash and its causes and future consequences prove (1,2).

Samples of the evolution of knowledge from Subjective Ideologies into objective science.

Thus the key elements to proof a scientific model truth or discharge it as faulty and harmful are:

A) Its accurate data. C) its objective, non-human point of view. B) its capacity to predict the future CYCLES of evolution of the species and events it studies D) its subjective, positive, human praxis.

As opposed to ideologies that have: A) Inaccurate data. C) Subjective, reduced, ceteris paribus point of view. B) Incapacity to predict the cyclical future D) Objective, non-human praxis.

So we shall use those 4 elements to consider 3 sample cases of evolution of knowledge from myth and ideology into science from physical sciences (astronomy), biology and sociological disciplines (economics):

The oldest form of physical knowledge, astrology became the science of astronomy only when:

A) Telescopes gave accurate data->C) Astronomers substituted the anthropomorphic, astrological theory that stars influence psychically human behavior; finding an objective theory based in attractive forces and orbital motions-> B) Kepler and Newton calculated the orbits of planets and predicted their future position establishing laws that summarized that behavior (left side of graph). D) So humans could improve their sea travels, based in the motions of stars.

The main disciplines of life studies, Biology and Medicine became sciences only when:

A) Microscopes gave us accurate data.

Biologists&doctors discharged anthropomorphic beliefs that considered humans the creation of a subjective personal God, hence their sickness caused by its antithesis, evil spirits; 

C)developing instead an objective model that related causally species according to similar forms (Evolution Theory) & studied the causal competition and extinction of those species according to their body-mind, energetic-informative power (selection of species – right side of graph).

Then Pasteur developed with such knowledge a Germs Theory, based in the competition at cellular level between top predator bacteria & viruses that killed human cells.

Which he used to save human lives, avoiding the systemic killing of quack doctors.

Now we conclude that Biology and Evolution is THE ONLY MODEL for all the sciences of lIfe. Since it is the model with predictive capacity:

B) evolution predicts the most efficient, future survival forms of many species.

B, D) And Medicine predicts & cures the causes of sickness, fighting germs at cellular level, while quacks with religious theories never predict or create a positive human praxis that cures the sick.

Economic science: Scientific Schools vs. Ideologies of Corporate power (neo-classic economics)

It is then obvious that the scientific model of economics that deals with human life and species MADE IMITATING HUMAN ORGANS OF ENERGY AND INFORMATION (MACHINES, WEAPONS AND MONEY)

MUST BE Biological.



It goes without saying that this blog stems from General Systems Sciences, the philosophy of science also known as complexity that defines all what exist as a system of networks of energy and information. In the next graph we describe the main systems and scales of fractal size, which structure the Universe:

The social and biological superorganisms of mankind.

Marvel at the beauty of a Universe, made of similar entities, in eternal balance… except the world of man, ill-designed:
In the graph, in system sciences the fundamental concept is a social organism, a herd or group of self-similar forms, which gather together thanks to their capacity to share the same code/language of information and the same energy. Such herds evolve together in complex networks, which survive better than individual particles or cells, acting together as a single group.

Thus, systems sciences recognizes as the fundamental evolutionary force of the Universe the survival capacity of groups, which determine an arrow of future that has evolved the organisms of reality from simple atoms into molecules into cells into organisms into societies.

What is an organism of information and energy? A herd of species related by networks of energy and information, that constantly transform energy and process it in a vital way. How individual species organize themselves into complex herds, that biology calls ecosystems or bodies, or organisms? Precisely through those physiological networks, the key to understand any organism, including human social organisms (nations, civilizations).

In the Universe there are many type or such social organisms. Since “energy never dies but eternally transforms itself”, organisms have an enormous variety of species and sizes, depending on what energy they process. What do they all have in common? All organisms are “societies”, organized by networks of Energy and Information.

The former is clearly the case in all the sciences from physics to biology, where a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single regular formation. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of humans and machines; galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole, of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches, and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles).

Atoms share energy and information between them through electrons who finally shape ð orbitals that create molecules. Molecules grow and become DNA, which controls the cell. Cells then radiate until their density saturates the vital territory of the herd of cells. To improve in such small territory the Information and energy of each cell, the nervous-informative organs, and the energetic, blood organs appear. A new, more complex species -the animal, and the man- is born. Then humans increased in social size, forming a new macrocosm -the macrocosm of History and economics– where a lot of humans and machines organize themselves into societies, through words and digital information. The purpose of this web is to study such organisms; historic organisms (a social organism of humans), and economic ecosystems (a wave of products that interact with human beings), as organic systems; trying to design and improve them, from the perspective of the health of what is best for the survival of man, as the ruling species of that organism.

The structure of organisms

Let us to that aim, understand first the generic structure of a social organism, or ecosystem, parallel words that we will use constantly as synonymous. In fact there are four basic elements in all organic living systems:

1. Cellular units 2. Networks of energy or vital space 3. Networks of information 4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

When we find those elements interconnected in a vital relationship, we talk of an “organic system”. We can see such organic systems as “bodies”, when all the cells are very close to each other, or as “ecosystems” of herds, when the cells are far away, and the networks are weak. We should not be cheated by the spatial appearance of the organism.

A herd of machines, a herd of insects, a human group is also an organic system, because it has cells, and networks, even if it does not seem to us a body. The fundamental reason we have not arrived earlier in science till Theory of Organisms, to the conclusion that the universe is made of such organic systems is the lack of relativism, the arrogance of man. Men have a hard time believing that things which are not like us, are able to intelligently process energy and information.

We are also unable to believe easily that microcosms and macrocosms are “species”. Yet an organic perception of macrocosms like galaxies or planets, and an organic perception of microcosms such as cells and atoms, is the most logical way of “unifying” our understanding of the entities of the Universe. We might see those herds very close together in which case we talk of bodies, or we might see them extended with a loose organization; then we talk of waves, societies or herds.

A verbal definition of superorganisms 

A generic definition of an organism or ecosystem will help to clarify what we mean by a “vital universe”, composed of “universal organisms”. Let us take a template for a micro or macrocosmic organism (or ecosystem) that differs only in the specific energy or information we put into brackets. “A universal microcosmic or macrocosmic organism or ecosystem is a population of [name a particular species], related by networks of [name a language or force] information and networks of [name a kind of energy]”. Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the universe:

– An atomic organism is a population of (electronic) energy and (nucleonic) information, related by networks of (gravitational) information and networks of (light) energy.  – A molecular organism  is a population of atoms, related by networks of gravitational energy, and networks of electromagnetic information (orbitals, London forces, Van der Waals forces).   – A “galactic organism” is a population of stars, related by networks of gravitational information, and networks of space-time energy. Their morphology is similar to that of an atom, where the nucleus is the black hole, and the stars the electronic orbitals.


– An “animal ecosystem” is a population of carbolife species, related by networks of light information, and networks of life energy (plants, prey).


– A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic and nervous information and networks of energy-providing blood.

Historic superorganisms

Complexityduality and Systems Science study the laws that define an efficient complex organism in physical space (particle/field systems), biological space (head/body systems) and Social space (informative leadership/working class). The importance of this new social science is that it draws from Nature teachings and so it has a set of laws that allow to design a perfect social organisms.

Indeed, its laws are based in the self-similarity of all complex systems, from galaxies to living beings, which are organized by networks of individual particles – cells, stars, atoms – communicated by flows of energy and information. So happens with human organisms (energetic, blood networks andd informative nervous networks) and social organisms (economical, energetic networks and informative, cultural and legal=political networks).

So we can use the sane definition to define the superorganisms of history and economics:

– A bio-historic organism is a population of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbolife energy.”


– A bio-economic organism, is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of monetary and electronic information, and networks of roads and electric energy  The difference between both type of systems, a historic and an economic organism thus is clear when we consider that the ‘organic unit’ of the economic ecosystem is NOT contrary to belief a nation or civilization but a new organization, appeared recently with the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, called the company-’mother’ whose function is to reproduce a product, overwhelmingly a machine, and then to evolve further and adapt the world to the existence of those machines, creating networks of energy and information for them (digital networks, electric networks, etc.) And this is the first big surprise of an organic model of history and economics: while History is undoubtedly the product of human endeavors, the economic ecosystem is ruled by company-mothers of machines, which follow a set of biological, evolutionary and organic laws independent of mankind; quite removed from the abstract jargon coined in the XVIII century, even before machines existed by classic economists’ like Mr. Adam Smith.

Both organic systems, Historic and economic organisms, survive within the same vital space, the Earth’s crust. What this means according to Theory of organisms is that there is between both a dual process of symbiotism and preying, by which  sometimes machines compete with men in fields of labor (productivity laws that substitute workers with machines) and fields of war (where weapon-machines kill human beings). We express this with the concept of the Paradox of History.

 Thus, from the previous definitions  we can talk of WHealthy systems, when the head, in history the neuronal castes that control, issue and direct society with the law and money feed and share their energy and information with them – their financial credit and just legal orders that direct the body cells to produce the goods the historic organism needs – LIFE based goods, that make us survive. Then the body obeys and moves properly and works and cares also for the head.

And we can talk of a viral, social organism, of a sick system, when those elites do NOT FEED its citizens/cells, do NOT issue caring laws to protect that body.

Capitalism where all the resources are dedicated to reproduce selfish memes of metal – weapons, money and machines – is such a system.

The system does not overproduce the goods of the welfare state humans need to survive. Capitalism  instead  give orders to reproduce massively ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons that kill the mind, and hate-media, which kills the ethic soul. Unfortunately that is the dominant society we live today, guided by the ‘metal-values’ of money (greed) and weapons (murder). We have a crazy head, which harms its body and it will end destroying it as it has done so many times in wars and holocaust cycles. And we shall study the idol-ogies of metal that prevent us from developing a WHealthy system that survives and thrives as so many other systems of nature do.

And the reason why it does so, is because as viral sick systems substitute the language of DNA-cells by the viral DNA strain, mankind has substituted the ethic rule of societies by the subconscious values of the substance-fetishe of earleir money, gold, which valued more weapons and established the Financial-MIlitary System that rules capitalism.
Do not rise your eyebrow now.
It is a tenant of General Systems sciences that all systems of the Universe, regardless of scale follow the same laws of complementary systems of energy and information which this writer, the leading researcher of this novel discipline has found and explained in his serious scientific books and conferences on the Internationl congresses of systems science.
What this means is a new methodology of science: cross-disciplines comparisons and ‘scalar comparisons’.
So in the same manner, we fractal/system scientists observe astounding similarities between the equations of particles and galaxies – so we can model galaxies as atoms of a possible higher scale (i.e.: Einstein’s relativity calculates in the Einstein-Walker model the structure of Universal space-time considering each galaxy akin a hydrogen atom, and this writer has found a fractal equation of unification of charges and masses using the same parallelism), we find that in the 3 scales of human existence, the cellular/biological, individual/psychological and social, the same laws of eusocial superorganisms and darwinian behavior happen
.And so what machines are basically is a jump of scale and force in the size of our organs, due to the a jump in the size and strength of the atoms of metal we use to construct them. And the final outcome of the world of machines we build will be the extinction of man by bigger, stronger, more efficient forms of life, robots.
And the substitution of the Superorganism of History, mankind, from its first to its last verbal cell, by the superorganism of the Metal-Earth, the Financial-Media (head, informative machines) / Military-Industrial Complex (energetic machines), the FMMI system of my conferences in System Science Congresses and its ‘transitional’ ‘idol-ogies’ carried by ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ that worship money, weapons and machines (capitalist cultures, studied in A), Historic data and B) cyclical patterns of extinction of civization, in the next paragraphs of this post.
Let us then define History and Economics as Humanist, biological sciences that strive to create as ALL SYSTEMS OF THE UNIVERSE DO, a perfect eusocial organism, with 2 perfectly designed ‘physiological networks’ of energy (economic system) and information (ethic, legal system) and why they have not flourished in this planet censored by the opposite cultures and gold values, and then design the perfect world… a superorganism of history and economics that cater to human needs.

The Biological, subjective paradoxes of Men, cells of History censor the discipline.

In the  graph the science of history, which should be the summit of ‘Earth sciences’, as it deals with the human superorganism, mankind, the brain of ‘Gaia’, the living earth; and above it, the myths of Religions that spell for each civilization those eusocial loves of creation of superorganisms based in love – the sharing of energy and information among its cells.
What is History? Simple. The existence of mankind from its first individual who talked, and gave birth to the verbal, informative language of social evolution of mankind, to the last man who will. Hitherto there was the Homo Non Sapiens, another species; afterwards it will probably exist the Robot Visualis, also a non-verbal species, which will imagine images and add a more complex dimensional language to its processing of information.

We, systems scientists, apply the laws of biology, theory of information, complexity. theory of organisms and fractal mathematics to the study of such superorganism of history; since any species can also be studied in its ‘higher fractal scale’ of time-space as a cellular organism in which each individual is a cell, which evolves into more complex social organisms, joined by a common language of information. Some species never reach the organic form, but merely evolve into herds, akin to the simplest colonial super-organisms (sponges). But the most succesful do evolve into superorganisms. So today the most succesful animals are ants and humans, in the 2 scales of size of earth beings, curiously enough weighting the same quantity of mass, as they rule the scale of insects and animals precisely by their capacity to evolve socially. 

Yet man has halted that evolution at the stage of ‘tribal nations’, due to the collapse of its nervous/verbal/ethic systems of evolution, our genetic social language (genetic linguistics, Chomsky), substituted by a ‘viral’ different language and species, selfish memes of metal (energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines).

This is the new frontier of XXI century science – the exploration of the 5th dimension of space-time, made of different scales of organization that co-exist together, whose laws are defined by the formalism of General Systems Sciences I discovered a decade ago and applied successfully to explain most of the mysteries of different scientific disciplines.
Thus we distinguish two fundamental kind of cycles and social organisms, those of history – Social Gods, Civilizations and Nations – and those of the economic ecosystem, which today form a global superorganism,  the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial System, ruled by a global stock-market and its corporations.
But social sciences are not obeying the scientific method. They have not gone beyond the age of collection of data, interpreted with subjective, selfish ideologies of human power, to manipulate human masses in favor of the elites of history.

 The Ego Paradox and The Anti-quantum Paradox

Why? Because social sciences lack the objective quality of true sciences,  for 2 subjective, reasons derived of the fundamental ‘self-centered structure of the mind’.

From an even wider perspective, the cause of our failure as a species to create a well-designed world is the  fundamental paradox of all informative beings – the ego paradox – since all minds gauge reality from its fixed point of view.

The Ego Paradox.

In systems sciences we define a mind as an informative mapping of the Universe, used by all complementary systems of energy and information, to gather those 2 components of the Universe – motion or ‘energy’ for the body and ‘forms’, in-form-ative pixels used to measure the Universe from a selfish ego-centered point of view.

And so humans think man is the fixed center of the Universe ( Earth was such center till XVII c. and it is still so for some biblical believers)  makes humanity enlarge their ego, as our nose seems bigger to the entire Andromeda Galaxy, even if in reality we are just ‘a mush over a rock, lost in a corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer).

What this means is that we are also submitted to the Laws of the Universe; hence we are NOT free, only as particles, but NOT as members of cultures programmed by memes; hence we are submitted to cycles as all species are, to the laws of the biological universe, as all Earth’s species are and the only thing we can and must do about it, is obeying these laws not inventing them, to take advantage within the limits of change those laws permit, and construct a better world for mankind.

What we do is to cling to the Ego Paradox (Abrahamic religions, nationalism, techno-utopias, etc.) So we ensure we do not understand history, economics and the workings of the Universe and we break its laws, receiving the ‘basic’ penalty of the biological Universe that reinforces them – action-reaction extinction processes, of which shall show a few. And then what bother my sense of Justice, we cry and shout and feel enraged victims – showing no repentance and no intention to learn those laws and cut the causality of those cycles. That though will not do in the impersonal cosmos where no ‘trick’ works as the mind of the Universe is ‘true science’.

Biological Addiction to machines:  Animetals

Biological existence consists in implementing with the information of those minds 4 ‘drives of existence’, which we can mathematize in simple terms, needed to introduce a biological, rational perspective on the conduct of humans or any other living being:

– Max. Energy or Feeding

– Max. Information or ‘Perceiving, recombined to ensure the immortality of the being by:

– Max. E x I : Reproducing.

This product of a perfect body (max. e) and a perfect mind (max. i), defines also a ‘top predator species’, which will use its mind and body to overpower other living beings and obtain energy or information from them.

Finally individuals of any species collaborate creating bigger social organisms, which are more efficient than single ones:

– ∑ Max. E x I.

Those simple equations of General Systems Sciences will allow us to define the behavior of humans and its relationship with machines, both at individual and collective, ∑, level to create a minimal degree of objectivity in our description of economics and history.

5th best human

In the graph, a human being studied as an organic scale of the Systems of the Universe, co-existing at 3 levels, the 4th scale of cells, the 5th scale of individuals and the 6th  scale of civilizations and Gaia, the living planet.

In our 5th scale Medicine & Physiology deal with the 3 networks of the human organism, whose functions connected to the senses enact our time arrows: The Digestive, Energetic System is attached to the senses of smell and taste; the hormonal, blood, reproductive system is attached to the senses of touch and the 6th, emotional sense and the Nervous, Informative System is attached to the higher senses of sight and sound.

The will man can in that sense be interpreted as the natural desire of the 3 physiological networks of Max. E, Max. I and Max. Exi – the digestive, nervous and blood-hormonal system to increase the energya nd information of the system. And here is where the added energy of iron, the strongest energetic atom of the Universe, used to make the weapons and machines of the military-industrial complex and money, informative gold, the brain of silicon chips and informative machines enter in the game, enhancing apparently our power and  ego-trips: 

In the graph, metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of hemoglobin, while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the main metal in the construction of weapons . . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms . . .

On those terms, men are hooked to machines that give them more energy  and information, allowing individuals of minimal body strength and mind power to come on top:

Min. E x I (Human) + Max. E (Iron Weapon) = Max. E (body+weapon) x Min. I (Mind) = Warrior


Min. E x I (Human) + Max. I (Metal Money) = in. E x Max. I (Mind + Money) = Banker

Finally, Min. E  x I (Human + (Max. E Ù Max. I)) = Scientist

So a new ‘species’, the ‘animetal warrior, scientist or banker’ appears as a top predator, which controls human societies with their added energy or information:

Animetal cultures combine human ‘animals’ and metal memes of energy and information, creating specialized cultures of higher body and mental power:  iron=energetic metal+human body=warrior;  go(l)=informative metal+man=banker and man+machine=scientist. Those cultures, whose paradigm were in the classic age of history, the Germanic, Jewish and British culture enhanced their human energetic, informative and organic power, becoming the top predator cultures of the west. Yet there was an ethic trade off on that process: the creation of selfish anti-life behavior and the endemic ab=use and despise other cultures which they controlled with their weapons that kill human bodies, their money that enslaved people for a salary and their machines that substituted and atrophied the equivalent human organs.

Then in the modern age, those memes were imprinted in complex organic structures, financial institutions, company-mothers of machines and military nations, imitated by all other human tribes, that created the financial-military-industrial complex that today rules the Earth Inc. This complex super-organism is increasingly substituting human beings, which are devolving intellectually, as computer-brains handle its mental tasks; and physically as robotized armies and robotic blue collar workers and PC-white collar workers, displace us from fields of war and labor. It is the final phase of the memetic construction of a world made no longer to the image and likeness of life but of the selfish memes of metal.

Thus the key question about the future of history is if we, humans, can prune the tree of science of its bad fruits as the parable of Genesis written when the first hordes of bronze warriors appeared and extinguished the neolithic civilizations, explain… Unfortunately the evolution of the selfish memes of metal means also the devolution of mankind, and so this parallel incremental process is rendering humanity obsolete and degrading our minds into an infantile, mythic, fictional state that seems to prevent any control of History. The censorship and lack of evolution of the sciences of history and economics encroaches this process.

This is the origin of the memetic ‘class structure’ of our civilizations, which must not confuse as we shall see latter with the natural, biological class structure between ‘informative neurons’ and working, body cells, proper of an efficient organism.

It is only now with this perspective from a higher point of view of a science of biological systems, when we can judge what PASSES AS ECONOMICS AND HISTORIC SCIENCE, MERELY AS IDEOLOGIES OF POWER OF THE SOCIAL ELITES THAT USE WEAPONS, MONEY AND MACHINES TO CONTROL THE WORLD, and so consider that the evolution and reprodcution of those selfish memes of metal, regardless of its effects on the 99% of mankind IS ALWAYS POSITIVE, THE GOAL OF HISTORY, THE FUTURE ONLY POSSIBLE.

This has been denied by all scientists of history=prophets of the future, which used verbal ethic thought to understand the action-reaciton cycles of exitnction of civilizations.

But animetals have never lsitened to them. They have appealed to their own people to ‘defend the sword and gold with the word’

And of course, intellectuals have obliged, creating abstract economic and historic arguments to defend them.

But of course while the biological model has been found only recently and this blog is its best expression, there are many economists that have contributed to understanding  economic and historic reality, and specially there are many economists that have given as doctors do, good receipts to cure with measures of production of human goods, the illness of our society. 

In the t2 next graphs we thus resume the biological and sociological, religious and humanist schools and prophets that have always tried to manage history as a social organism:

3. The Wave of History

But the lower schools of evolution of mankind have all failed.

So the rhetoric of those who defended the upper side – the evolution of metal as a synonymous of human progress, are our ‘experts’

And for that reason unfortunately social sciences are NOT fully in its ‘scientific stage’, as truth cannot be explained to the 99%. So the 1% pays arguments in favor of their existence as parasites of society, by virtue of their ‘fetish’ metal-power and those arguments are closer to the Age of Astrology and Quacks – that is an age in which myths and the search for power dominated the practitioners of science – in this case the search for financial power, MOST economists belong to the ‘astrological and quack schools’ of economics – what we call generically Go(l)d Religions or ‘capitalism’ or ‘neo-classic economics’.

Indeed, if we apply the 4 elements of the scientific method to divide all schools of economics & social sciences we find 5 groups:

The Astrological/quack school that never guessed the future – proved by a curious poll the Economist made between classic economists (the organ of Mr. Rothschild wouldn’t ask anyone else), Economy ministers (ditto), garbage collectors and taxi drivers. Turns out Garbage collectors and taxi drivers got better results on future economic indicators. Why? for the same reason women died more often of puerperal fever in hospitals, before the germ theory than at home. In hospitals under wrong theories doctors stubbornly never cleaned their hands and treated them as numbers of a serial system of ‘meat treatment’, coming from autopsies and infecting them. At home at least the family cared more.

So happens with economists that are worsening economic crises, with their dogmas that more machines will get us out of the crisis. At least the common man knows he needs food and will cultivate it and eat.

So the  4 scientific schools of Economics that inspire this work and develop A-D are:

– A: Historic School, which studies critically the cultural origin of capitalism in the Biblical cult(ure), and the transfer of its memes to corporations (Leon, Sombart, Weber)6.

 B: Socialist School that studied the overproduction cycles of ‘metal memes’, machines, weapons and money, its crashes, cyclical extinction of labor & tabulated them (Marx, Kondratieff)1.

-C:Biologic, Systemic School that models Human Societies, Companies & machines as organisms (Butler, Spengler, Sancho)7,8

-D: Keynesian, Humanist and Socialist Schools that implement a demand-based economy to create welfare for all mankind (Owens, Fourier, Sismondi, Marx, Bakhunin, Keynes, Myrdal, Galbraith, Tinbergen, Sen.)

Vs. The Dominant ideologies of social power, nationalism and capitalism, which in the ‘dismal science’ give birth to neo-classic and financial economics (Smith, Ricardo, Bentham, Malthus, Mill, Austrian School, Monetarist School and most Rijsbank Prices – called Nobel prices but given by a private bank..)

They are NOT scientists and their theories, will be studied in the right side of this web (Idol-ogies, Economic sciences), in which we shall, time permitted, analyze each of its main practitioners and institutions in detail, derailing with the A-D legs of the scientific method, their thesis.

 In that regard, what the historic analysis of their biographies, religions and thesis will show is that  their practicioneers are in an astounding proportion (near 90%) members of the Biblical School (mostly Jewish->Calvinist->Anglican Orthodox believers) and so only the understanding of its  historic cult(ure)s can explain their theories, which basically defend the  praxis of the banking and military elites they cater form.

Essentially defending the superiority of ‘selfish metal memes’ over the memes of life, considering as postulates without proof that the meaning of mankind is to multiply those memes, symbol of progress and meaning of our future.

So they accept as a postulate that certain elites must use ‘energetic metal’, weapons and informative metal, ‘money’ in monopoly to control humanity. But this of course is not said straight-forward. So what they do is to create arguments that justify those ideologies. In other words their postulates & praxis have as single goal to increase national power & corporative profits.

Yet when we apply the A-D legs of the scientific method to their  Historic and Economics, power Ideologies we find that almost every financial, neo-classic economist fails A-D:

A; B) Ignores data and sponsors the p.o.v. of corporations and its owners – the 1% of mankind.

So the founder of neo-classic economics Mr. Friedman in his argument with Samuelson, a Keynesian scientist, affirms that ‘data’ is irrelevant, only ‘assumptions’ matter.

B) Fails to predict economic indicators and corporative collateral damages. So The Economist, organ of neo-classic economics tested future indicators among Economic Ministers, Scholars, garbage collectors and Taxi Drivers, and Ministers and Scholars came last in predictive power.

C) Has no scientific model, neither biological or physical (descrition of machines as evolving organisms, and its relationships of symbiosis and predation with man, of money as a language of information, etc.)

D) Sponsors, objective, non-human policies that do not favor mankind but side always with the machines for whom those corporations cater, in search of profits, designing a world to its image and likeness, regardless of any negative, collateral effect they have on our species and Nature. So its founder, Mr. Smith, and ideologist of British Imperial Power, ‘assumes’ a false postulate – that ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is its corporative, industrial & financial production defined in monetary values & maximized in war periods; since weapons are the most ‘expensive’ metal memes (graph 2.2), precisely when the Healthy Wealth, or ‘WHealth’ of most of Mankind, defined by the true scientist, Quesnay, as welfare, life goods, is minimal. Thereafter his disciples establish as the economic goal of societies to increase its monetary GDP (Pt=MV)9. While the science of economics defines the WHealth of Nations with the Index of Human Development (IHD; Sen, ONU) maximized with a demand, democratic economy that overproduces ‘cheaper’ welfare goods (Health, Food, Education). This duality is essential in the present crisis in which robots of maximal price compete and eliminate humans from labor and war fields. Hence they must be treated as biologic systems & forbidden even if they are increasing enormously the GDP’s Wealth of nations.      

The GDP case shows how the 4 true scientific schools of Economics evolve steadily A-D Science:

A) Use proper data with no censorship on historic facts & the cycles of overproduction and its collateral effects of economical war, unemployment and loss of human wealth.

B) Have an objective point of view that includes the duality of machines that enhance our energy and information by imitating our similar organs, but also atrophy and substitute them; and the Darwinian, biological behavior of its ‘company-mothers’ that design the world to its image.

C) Predict the future events of the economic cycle, based in the patterns and regularity of the generational 72±7 year generational cycles and crashes of evolution and overproduction of money, machines and weapons (‘memes of metal’), proved by the accurate description of causes, facts and dates of the present crisis, by this author in books published 20 years ago3.

D) Sponsor a ‘WHealthy’ praxis of political economics that favors the future evolution and survival of the human kind, modeled with the tools of systems sciences and the examples of Nature – the master of us all – and its most efficient, Healthy and democratic social organisms.

Thus we base our evolution of the Science of Economics on those 4 schools. Since this work builds its Biological Systemic, Cyclical Model of the eco(nomic)system according to those A-D points of the Scientific Method, introducing 1st the Long Wave of 800 years evolution of weapons & the 80 years Medium Wave of Industrial machines that killed civilizations and nations, focusing then in the present and future 8 years short waves of crashes of Chips, e-money & Robots, giving finally Humanist Solutions to the crisis.

We shall now introduce some basic notions of those 4 schools of true scientific economics, whose fundamental achievements are:

A) The deconstruction of the idol-ogies of Abrahamic Religions, nationalistic, capitalist and techno-utopian idologies with sound data about the events and class structure of historic and economic ecosystems.

 I have included the fundamental works of the Historic School – Sombart, Weber, Leon, in the post dedicated to the history of Biblical Economics, which they proved in their master books.

B) The analysis of the cycles of life and death of civilizations, superorganisms of history.

C) The modeling of mankind with the laws of biology and superorganisms that shows our structure and ages, evolution and the meaning of ethics and aesthetics, words and art.

D) The capacity to create a better world if ‘scientists of history and economics’ and NOT tribal people-castes in search of power with weapons, money and machines ruled the world.


Humans consume=test machines and re=produce them, increasing their energetic and informative capacities, but in the process they also atrophy their energetic and informative organs; and as those machines evolve, overcoming our capacities, humans are substituted by them. The final stage of that process is the obsolescence of human workers and soldiers to the organic machines and weapons of the Age of the singularity. Yet this fact is hidden by the myths science and the animetal culture’ has built to justify the creation of machines without limits, the ‘technological myths, we considered when talking about the ‘newspeak’ of our culture.


Idol-ogies of Selfish Memes of Metal: The anti-quantum paradox

How the Ego paradox censors social sciences? Very simple: The people-castes in power thanks to metal, create idol-ogies that justify their power and reject any scientific attempt to describe them as normal human beings.

Social science does not exist because it is censored and biased by those classes of power. We call this fact the ‘anti-quantum paradox’: If in quantum physics the uncertainty happens because the scientist is so huge that modifies the observable, the true scientist of social sciences is so small compared to the power of corporations, military industries and the political system they dominate that he is ‘modified’ and caters to the ideologies of those power systems. ‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ said the romans.

 Now from the perspective of the rest of mankind, the ab=use by certain people of weapons, money and machines to control other humans, is logically not welcomed. So it is obvious that from the ego-selfish paradox, at least two perspectives appear in the interpretation of History – that of the people who benefit from the use of ‘seflish memes of metal’ – and the people that become ‘collateral effects’ of them – being the most obvious case that of weapons, who profit the warrior but murder the human being.

This dycotomy of social classes and perspectives of history thus is not new.

Corruption of mankind by selfish memes of metal, studied elsewhere in more detail is as old as the discovery of bronze and gold, when mercenary armies and slave traders kill with hard metal and hypnotize with informative metal the body and minds of man. And so they imposed their power with sheer force. Today the duality of machines which are also weapons might disguise this brutality, but the repetitive cycles of war for profits studied in this web are merely a continuation of the old 800 year cycles of extinction of civilizations by war of the past.

The next paragraph is an example of what a true, non-mythic, objective approach to the deconstruction of those idol-ogies looks like. So those members of the ‘sheeple’ that lack the ‘a priori’ condition of ethic intelligence needed to understand the 2 futures of mankind and the laws of nature applied to the human adventure can feel offended and abandon the blog, without further ado, returning to the Matrix of fictions and ego-trips that keep them happy.  As we are not preachers, just scientists who believe that Truth matters more than Happiness, as  ‘a life not examined is not worth living’.


We study in great depth their ‘ideologies’ that pass as religions, their ‘ideologues’ that pass as scientists and their ‘myths’ that pass as economic dogmas.

Animetal cultures

Those primitive ‘religions’ of metal, in which a series of rituals, precepts and segregational rites that divided the tribe of the believer from the people they murdered or enslaved and taxed, as inferior (hindi castes, Jewish segregational precepts)  have today evolved but are still stand among us in the form of ‘nationalism’ (originated in the tribal cult to weapons of Aryan and Germanic tribes, which imposed their aristocratic elites to the European Roman civilization based in the ethic law ) and Bibilical capitalism ( which invented western corporations and the memes of classic economics, which we shall deconstruct in this web).

Those animetal idol-ogies and cult(ure)s of warriors and  bankers that enslaved mankind to the power of iron that kills the body and go(l)d that hypnotizes the mind, created anthropomorphic, ‘tribal’ religions that consider the human species divided into superior chosen and inferior men, susceptible to be controlled by weapons and money. And ever since pretended TO BE SACRED and censor any criticism of THE SACRED GOD OR THE SACRED NATION, which justify their power.

In those religions, God, an old word that was used in Biblical times as a synonymous of nation, or the ‘subconscious collective’ of a tribe and the land they inhabited (so Assur was the name of a nation of people, its land, its capital and Yvwh appeared as synonymous of Judea in Egyptian texts, the land and subconscious collective of the Jewish people), becomes the subconscious collective of ALL mankind, the mind of the human, historic superorganism as expressed by Christian and suffi mystiques.So Scythians would worship an iron sword in a pile of fire – the vehicle of metallurgy – in its temples to war, and Hindis and Iranians would make fire the symbol of God, as it did Moses, the warrior ‘priest’ of the Hebrews. While ‘Banker-priests’ in Mesopotamia and Levante considered gold, the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotizes the eye, the ex-vote and vehicle that communicated them with God – so the sacra sanctorum of their temples was made of this substance.

Germanic, warrior and Semitic, Go(l)d Cultures  of historic, metal power, which appeared in the Iron age, associated to the fetish ‘metal’, iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, used to make Aryan swords and gold, the most informative atom, which imitates the light of the sun and hypnotizes the eye. Those cult(ure)s thus became fundamentalist cultures of metal-power, and even though some still pass today  wrongly  as ‘religions of knowledge’ about the nature of God, the Mind of the Universe, they must be deconstructed as ‘idol-ogies’ of tribal supremacy.

For example, Scythians would worship an iron sword in a pile of fire – the vehicle of metallurgy – in its temples to war, and Hindis and Iranians would make fire the symbol of God, as it did Moses, the warrior ‘priest’ of the Hebrews. While ‘Banker-priests’ in Mesopotamia and Levante considered gold, the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotizes the eye, the ex-vote and vehicle that communicated them with God – so the sacra sanctorum of their temples was made of this substance.

Thus, in those primitive ‘religions’ of metal,  a series of rituals, precepts and segregational rites separated the tribe of the believer from the people they murdered or enslaved and taxed, as inferior (hindi castes, Jewish segregational precepts).

Their importance to a blog on the ‘Future of history’, resides in the fact that they  have today evolved into ‘nationalism’ (originated in the tribal cult to weapons of Aryan and Germanic tribes, which imposed their aristocratic elites to the European Roman civilization based in the ethic law ) and Bibilical capitalism ( which invented western corporations and the memes of classic economics that we shall deconstruct in this web). And their Germanic and Jewish elites still control today the military and financial systems of most western nations, applying similar ‘anti-humanist’ memes and anti-life myths in the way they rule the world with money and machines.

Indeed, we shall study according to the laws of complexity that increases in all systems with time, so ‘all changes to remain the same’, the evolution of Go(l)d religions from Temples which accumulated go(l)d ex-votes to Trader cultures in which the Diaspora and destruction of the Go(l)d Temple, converted the ‘vehicle’ of God, gold into power-money used to dominate and parasite societies with usury, into Calvinist Economics and Corporations (where the accumulation of the fetish vehicle, now called profits, runs society with utter ‘segregational’ disregard for the rights of workers and society).

And we shall study the evolution of religions of fire-iron-war, into germanic cults to the machine and ‘lineal sciences’ called first ballistics and now nuclear physics, the science of motion, entropy and death that pretends to ‘understand’ the complex universe with simplistic big-bang theories and explosions.

Memetics – the inflexible, brain of believers.

Why humans belief? Aristotle put it clear: ‘some humans are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’.

It is all in the brain. We have an emotional brain, focused in the will, a white matter brain, lineal, memorial, imprinted like a computer, and a grey matter brain that reasons and it is flexible. But contrary to belief in most humans the emotional and white matter brain dominates totally the behavior, hence people are easy to program by ‘mental memes’ as their body is programmed by genes.

So to analyze scientifically the beliefs of Abrahamic religions, nationalist, capitalist and techno-utopia idol-ogies the less important fact is the study of its content, as we would not care much about the specific content of a robotic program, but the manner in which ‘anything’ can be imprinted in a brain. Thus, from a scientific point of view, we need to understand ‘memetics’: the structure of the human mind, in which the white matter, lineal brain of beliefs and memories act as a computer does, easy to program by the mere ‘repetition’ of ‘rituals’ and dogmas, regardless of its intrinsic truth. When the ‘white matter’ brain dominates the ‘cyclical’, complex grey matter brain that constantly recalculates according to external stimuli, its ‘reasons’, humans become ‘believers’, programmed to action, and it doesn’t matter what they believe – they will repeat those actions as a computer program does. And this is indeed the basis of our technological civilization in which humans merely repeat actions of consumption=testing of machines and re=production of those machines, programmed by audiovisual and educational systems, imprinted in their mind since earlier age, enslaving to ‘reach’ the no future of a world ruled by intelligent machines, which astoundingly, due to the manufacturing of their brain with ‘idol-ogies’ of selfish memes of metal, they confuse with their own progress.


Now of course, human brains, in its white matter content, dominant in dolicocephalic, visual, white races and women – which have 10 times more of it than men do –  is similar to a computer program, of lineal logic, and memorial, repetitive ideas – which once imprinted in youth, never changes, as those ideas become beliefs, assumed as the inner ‘ego’ of the believer.

And so we must also develop the ‘science of memetics’, which studies how minds become imprinted by ‘programs’ of belief that make them die for absurdities such as the Homo Tribalis Nationalisticus or in defense of the musings of a goat-keeper of the bronze age who saw a bush burning and thought it was the ‘metallurgic fire’ of God, talking exclusively to him (Mr. Moses), AND EVEN DIE FOR IT, as a robot would die for its program.

The point here is that a ‘white matter’ brain as a computer program can be from an external point of view as absurd as Nationalism, Capitalism, Abrahamic Religions and techno-utopia looks to a free, rational grey matter brain, able to use the experimental method and reason and logic to differentiate myths and power idol-ogies from truth, but FROM THE INTERNAL POV of the robot, computer or believer those idol-ogies ARE THE ESSENCE OF THEIR EXISTENCE as a member of society. So the American will die for his nation, killing other people, he sees different under hate media idol-ogies, when his nation is in fact a FRACTAL HUMANITY with all cultures and races, displaced into a technological future. The Jewish 1% elite of banker-priest will enact the holocaust economical cycle so evident for the historian, while denying adamantly that there is the slightest economical cause to that cycle, or that his capitalist beliefs are ruining the world.  And so on and so on. So we need to deconstruct the beliefs of our modern world, to explain such absurdity.

Now of course, this kind of motherboard thought includes ‘modern idol-ogies’ evolved from those earlier animetal cults, such as ‘Germanic Physics’, in which older lineal warriors reconverted into weapon makers (Nuclear Physicists) sponsor the absurd idea that the Universe was born in a ‘big bang’ explosion and are now recreating that explosion at CERN, with a statue of Shiva in its hall, following the old Aryan cults to ‘the fire that destroyed the Universe’ (Upanishads); and care nothing for the life of this planet; or the ‘Jewish economics’ of modern banker-priests that print debt-money -a language of digital information that should be issued as words are at null cost by the collective government/brain of societies to start production and kick out the economy, not by people-castes that parasite with usury debt the economy; or the astounding beliefs of robotists and economists who think evolving white collar pcs and blue collar robots that are throwing us out of fields of war and labor, will create more employment – just because it increases the profits of corporations.

When we take an objective scientific view on ALL the beliefs of our Technological society, we find an astounding pile of me(n)tal bull$hit that objectively, scientifically cast huge doubts about the intelligence of the so-called Homo Sapiens.

And so, this blog  which has no personal agenda, but truth, and no censorship of political correctness and economical correctness that ‘shields’ our people-castes and animetal systems of power from all criticism (from the Industry of the Holocaust in defense of our banker priests to nationalistic mantras in defense of weapons and wars for profits), must be taken as if it were written by an ALIEN SCIENTIST, looking objectively with a distant tone (broken sometimes when the humanist anger creeps in my soul) to the astoundingly egotistic, retarded, self-destructive ‘manifest destiny’ of mankind under such idol-ogies and realpolitik of metal-power. When IT WOULD BE SO EASY IF MEN WERE FREE TO THINK AND REASON, AND LOVE, TO CREATE A PERFECT WORLD AS MOST SUPERORGANISMS OF THE UNIVERSE ARE.

We shall thus oppose this kind of old and modern scientific and religious idol-gies, with the humanist, real versions of what science and Religion is – the inner, intellectual search of the meaning of the Universe, and the proper, ethic ways in which humans can achieve true human eusocial evolution by the power of Love. So we shall distinguish two types of true, ‘scientific’ religions:

–  Eusocial Love Religions,  which tried to reform the Biblical Go(l)d and Hindi, War fetish cults of the Bronze age (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam), the latter under influence of neo-Platonic, Greek Philosophy, by denying segregational and fetish rights, which divided in its tribal versions, humans between those chosen by the ‘fetish-metal’ that formed a segregation people-caste and the rest of mankind ‘chattel’ of the ‘animetal elite’.  and are scientific as they spell in verbal languages the eusocial messages of love (the sharing of energy and information among believers) that in Nature is the mandate of species that in this fashion evolve from individual cellular state into complex super-organisms (multicellular organisms, insect societies, human civiliations).

In those religions, God, an old word that was used in Biblical times as a synonymous of nation, or the ‘subconscious collective’ of a tribe and the land they inhabited (so Assur was the name of a nation of people, its land, its capital and Yvwh appeared as synonymous of Judea in Egyptian texts, the land and subconscious collective of the Jewish people), becomes the subconscious collective of ALL mankind, the mind of the human, historic superorganism as expressed by Christian and sufi mystiques.

We shall thus oppose this kind of Religious idol-gies, with the ‘scientific version’ of what Religion is – the inner, intellectual search of the meaning of the Universe, and the proper, ethic ways in which humans can achieve true human eusocial evolution by the power of Love. So we shall distinguish two types of true religions:

– Western Love Religions, which tried to reform the original power cults of the Bronze age, under influence of Greek Philosophy and are scientific as they spell in verbal languages the eusocial messages of love (the sharing of energy and information among believers) that in Nature is the mandate of species that in this fashion evolve from individual cellular state into complex super-organisms (multicellular organisms, insect societies, human civiliations). AND SO PART OF THE PARADOX OF HISTORY THAT CONFRONTS ANIMETAL VS. HUMAN CULTURES, GOLD BELIEVERS VS. NOMISMA MONEY, THE POWER OF WEAPONS VS. THE POWER OF THE VERBAL LAW, is the eternal fight between people-castes who believe in racist, semitic or germanic religions and social human beings who believe in the equality of all men, united by the power of love.

Finally, with the arrival of Machines, in Great Britain, where Germanic warrior cults and Biblical Go(l)d religions  fusioned together, the 3rd and most ‘powerful’ idol-ogy of selfish metal memes, techno-utopia, appeared. According to it, only technological cultures that consider the machine the symbol of human evolution are civilized ; hence those cultures that do not dedicate all their resources to the evolution, reproduction and consumption of machines and its eviL twins, weapons, are, inferior cultures that must be civilized and extinguished in its soul and if they oppose the ‘manifest destiny’ of mankind, in its body.

This people extinguished in Asia and America the earlier version of a true organic science:

– Eastern religions that study the ‘Mind of the Universe’ a game of energy=yang=shiva and information=yin=Visnu, which combine to create the ‘infinite beings of the Universe’ (Taoism).

So for example, the British went to China in the XVIII c. to sell mechanical clocks, because they thought there were only a time in the Universe – they still think so – the mechanical cycle of information of a metal-clock, which they used to tag human life with prices (salaries per hour). And when the Taoists who understood much better the organic nature of the Universe and its infinite clocks of information, responded ‘thank you but we shall not buy them, we prefer to regulate our lives with the clocks of nature, not with those ugly machines’, they returned with guns and opium and extinguished the Taoist civilization.

Needless to say, the true historic analysis of Nations and Religions and Technoutopias made in the part IV of this blog, is  has been always censored by their power idol-ogies, from nationalism that fosters the use of weapons among ‘human tribes’ to fundamentalist religions that put man over Nature and other non-chosen men, to capitalism that considers digital money a superior language to the ethic word in the guidance of societies, to techno-utopia that confuses the evolution of machines as ‘progress’ with the evolution of man. 

Thus we consider in verbal values that animetal values are eviL opposite to Live, its ‘genetic antiparticle’. And so not only ethics is scientific, biological fostering the  survival of eusocial organisms, but money is NOT an abstract entity.

Memeticsidol-ogies of metal-power vs. eusocial, scientific cultures.

It is thus essential to deconstruct the ‘idol-ogical’ beliefs of the white matter brain and confront the human computer with the absurdity of its program.

We thus will shun all forms of censorship that limit our scientific inquire, and differentiate:

– ‘Religions‘ vs. ‘idol-ogies’ according to the standard ‘britannica’ definition – where religions as philosophy does, seek for the meaning of the Universe, recognize all men as equal and are unconcerned with the  external material world – while ideologies are religions of fetishe metal-power, based in rituals and precepts of external action, and memetic inquisitions of thought.

The paradigm of those idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal that pass as religions are the Jewish and Arya idol-ogies that inaugurated go(l)d religions and military inquisitions in the iron age as they seeked for global power by means of their fetishe vehicle with god – which was gold, the substance of which the sacra sanctorum of Baalist and Yvwh temples were made, and the fire used to create weapons in germanic/hindi cults. In both cults, not surprisingly, rituals and actions and segregation from the people they murdered and enslaved (hindi castes, treatment of gentiles as ‘animals’ in classic judaism) were the center of the religion. The meaning of God did not mattered. He had in fact no name. Only when they contacted the life-based cultures of Greece and India, philosophical concerns (neo-platonism proper of the latter prophets including Jesus; introduction of the shiva-visnu duality) appeared. Thus we are talking of idol-ogies not religions; as what mattered in both was the accumulation of the fetishe vehicle, gold=money and fire=weapons, tools that a caste of banker-priests and aristocrats used to impose itself over a mass of peasants, taxed to provide fetishe gold and weapons, which only those castes could issue and use, being the life of the inferior human equalled to cattle (as those 2 cultures were originally nomads, rising cattle with metal-control (Eliade, Campbell, Biblical Archeology).

It is self-evident that both according to historic data and idol-ogical evolution, those 2 idol-ogies originated the culture of corporations and european nations, which have evolved today into capitalist dogmas and nationalistic ones – the collective program of ‘industrial mankind’.

– And we shall therefore also differentiate between real science, which means knowledge and technology, which uses knowledge as a excuse to foster industrial and financial overproduction.

For example,  we shall differentiate between ‘ballistics’, aka physics of motion with its dogmas of lineal time, entropy only universes and mechanist models of the cosmos as the paradigm of technological science, vs. more complex understandings of time as cyclical, the universe as a fractal organism, and man, the most perfect organism as a measure of all things, where machines are mere evolving organisms of metal. And between capitalist, classic economics, the idol-ogy that bankers must issue in private money to control societies as a people-caste on top of the economic system, vs. social, humanist economics.

And it should not surprise the reader that ‘lineal physics’ is entirely the work of Germanic thinkers that translated their idol-ogies of lineal, energetic weapon making into a ‘pseudo-science’ where the cyclical logic of time is submissive to the lineal motion of weapons (relativity) and that 90% of ‘Nobel prizes’ on economics belong to biblical religions, as well as all our central bankers and the immense majority of our economic ministers, CEOs and CFOs of financial corporations, translating the dogmas of Biblical idol-ogies of financial power into the pseudo-science of Economics.

So we are today ruled by two pseudo-sciences and its pseudo-religious dogmas, derived of their ‘worldly professions’ of weapons-making and money-making of its original cult(ure)s of war and banking, and its values of violence (negative energy) and greed (negative information):

Lineal time caused by a single arrow of entropy=death vs. cyclical time, caused by the interaction of the dual arrows of energy and information in the construction of the Universe, mechanism vs. organicism, Capitalist private banking, vs. democratic, social money; supply economy ruled by industrial corporations, and its overproduced memes of metal vs. demand, welfare economy ruled by the needs of the people and the overproduction of life memes.

While the pure mental arguments that prove the true of cyclical time, the power of information over energy, the equality of all men, cells of the superorganism of history, and the historical data that explain the origin of those 2 sciences of machines and money, in the idol-ogies of metal of primitive white matter thinking in the iron age, is fascinating per se, it is far more important to understand the lethal consequences of confusing true religion and true science with idol-ogy.

Indeed, what matter to us – the larger humanity – is what today those people-castes in power  do with our collective future, under those ideologies – what they do with the machines and money they invent, what kind of mechanisms, weapons and tool-machines that displace mankind from war and work fields, they ‘overproduce’ when they give orders and prices to the world with money.

Since under the true scientific models of the organic universe, they could overproduce the memes of life that make us happy and survive.

Instead they overproduce the memes of metal that extinguish us and atrophy our minds, weapons – audiovisual hate  media and all type of weapons.

In tat regard, their corporations that monopolize the production of money, disregard human needs and systematically produce those selfish memes of metal – not because this is necessary but because their white matter brain is programmed by those idol-ogies to do so. And so we must treat the present crisis as the last crisis derived of the overproduction of digital money and digital machines , originated by the wrong idol-ogies of reality, WHICH CAN ONLY BE SOLVED DENYING THOSE IDOL-OGIES or taking the power to credit money and create the world according to them, from the people-castes that ‘own our financial system’, which must be denationalized FROM THEM. Nothing else will do. Mankind must ‘own’ the system and its languages of power and overproduce life memes with them.

Biological interpretation of the present overproduction crises and its similar past cycles.

In the biological model, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, organisms of metal that imitate & enhance human body/mind information & energy organs, making our ego addict to them but also compete, atrophy and substitute them.

And this competition for resources is the true cause of economic crises, which are crises of overproduction that happen at the ned of each age of the industrial r=evolution. We live the 3rd of those crises, the crises of overproduction of chips, e-money, robotic weapons and pc-white collar and blue collar robots that displace us from labor and war fields. But this crisis is worst than the others because as the robot ends the industrial revolution there will not be a new age of machines whose discovery and reproduction can take off the industrial economy and create new jobs.

Unfortunately as we have reasoned studying the values of metal-money, imposed by history, those biological facts of the industrial evolution are ignored by its practitioners, since  in economic sciences truth is often censored by metal-power, and it has been so since the first scientists of history and economics, the socialist school of the XIX c. denounced the alienation of man by the machine. So any serious, scientific analysis of the industrial evolution is today taboo – you just can treat the future as ‘science fiction’ without pretension of building as all sciences do a rational, empirical model of social sciences.

In that regard, in the last 30 years of increasing overproduction of chips and electronic machines and audiovisual media, humans have become hypnotized by technology to such a point they have completely lost view of their ‘life nature’ and forgotten the evolutionary, biological, darwinian laws of this planet that also apply to machines, which compete with us in labor and war fields.

The natural balance that a wealthy, healthy economy requires between human welfare and industrial wealth has tilted completely in favor of machines and their ‘company-mothers’ which today control most resources and institutions of power in this planet and use them to further evolve their ‘offspring’ of mechanisms. While the future of mankind as a species, its evolution and survival goods have been sided, as if they were not the goods that ensure our future. Ultimately humanity needs life to have a future, needs ‘butter’ since eventhough canons are as Goering put it, stronger,  they do not make us fat.

The tragedy of our species is to  confuse its destiny and limits as a life species with the destiny and power of its machines,  cheated by its ego-trips and idologies of power, becoming a slave of that ‘other destiny’, instead of controlling scientifically the ‘eco(nomic)system’ taking advantage of its life-enhancing goods and limiting those bad fruits of the tree of science that degrade and kill us, mostly ‘selfish memes of metal’, energetic metal weapons that kill our bodies, informative metal money that substitute our ethical, life-enhancing values and machines organic metal that atrophy our organs and substitute us in labor and war fields.

This fundamental fact of history,  the competence between life memes and metal memes, of which the first scientist of social sciences ‘able to forecast the future of its species’, the writer of genesis, who saw the first bronze age warriors destroy the life-based neolithic paradise of Summer, has been and it is still 5000 years latter the fundamental ‘engine’ of change in this planet.

We can explain it with myths and religious metaphors – the parable of eviL, anti-wor(l)d of  Live and synonymous of death – derived of ‘genetic linguistics’ (Chomsky, Eliade, Campbell, etc.). Or we can use more advanced jargons proper of the XIX & XX centuries (socialist and Keynesian schools of economics).

Or we can use the leading sciences of the XXI century, theory of information, systems sciences and biological sciences to further advance into a true, humanist model of social sciences, which is what we will do in this blog, based in my pioneer work in Systems sciences and its organic models of reality.

This is the approach of this blog that tries to renew or rather resurrect the serious study of history and economics with the laws of natural sciences.

We shall thus talk of life-based, humanist cultures that promote life, welfare Healthy WHealth and animetal (animal+metal) cultures that promote first memes of metal and the metal ‘idologies’ (from idols of metal, origin of their ideas) that back them.

In that sense, the fundamental causality of those cultures is  the paradox of History:

Max. technological evolution <->  Min. Human evolution

Which they completely misunderstand by equalling them and affirming that:

Technological evolution = Human evolution

And the Ego paradox, origin of the racist memes, as they cannot see eusocial love and cannot have empathy for humanity due to their Neoteny state in an emotional infantile mind, REGRESSED by the dominance of ‘greed’ and ‘violence’, two gothic, subconscious traits that DOMINATE THEIR CONSCIOUS, ethic VERBAL BRAIN – WHICH THEN BECOMES UNDER THE SYNTAX OF WEAPONS (murder: man<weapon=corpse) and GOld (slavery: Man=object=price), submissive to it.

But technological civilizations have its priority up and down.

Matter, physics, machines should matter far less than human existence. And money should matter less than our biological language. Those mathematical sciences should be on the bottom the true order of scientfic disciplines of which History and its ‘mystique’ verbal renderings, religions of social love, should occupy the top and direct with their ethic, survival messages against anti-life memes=eviL (genetic linguistics) should direct mankind, translated to the common, scientific language of eusocial evolution (to avoid its literalist and inquisitorial corruptions).

The parallelism between genetics and memetics: how information imprints bigger wholes across any 3-hierarchical system of the Universe.

one of the most fascinating laws of systems sciences is the body of knowledge and laws we know about the isomorphisms between events and growth and destruction, life and death cycle that occur between 3 different scales of sizes of the Universe.

In the next graph we observe the life cycle of humans through 3 such scales. The laws of ‘creation’ of an upper scale (for example how genes imprint human superorganisms and how memes imprint socio-biological organsims) is the same. In this fact is based from the ‘widest general system law of transfers of energy and information between scales’ the theoretical and empirical isomorphisms we find in our models of genetics and memetics:


‘Existence’ both in physical and biological systems is a 5Dimensional travel, through 3 scales of fractal evolution in the Universe (the i-1 biological , i-ndvidual and i+1 social scale.

Since all universal systems are seeded (Max.I  xMin.e)i-1, emerging at birth into its i+1 scale, to live 3 ages, as they change its relative exi proportions, till exhausting its energy and dying in a time reversal, I<E, to its i-1 past‘cellular-wave scale.

 Now we can consider what is the abstract law here explained:
Fractal bits of information of the i-1 scale imprint genetically/memetically/mathematically (biological, social, physical system), a higher scale, which they cause.
So it is in fact the gene which causes the appearance of the organism and the meme which causes the society.
Memes are imprinted in enuronal circuits and probaby transfered by mothers into sons, through the imprinting of mother’s white matter brain systems. Memes are also repeated memorially in external unstriments by imitation and mental copying, and in those 2 cases nothing distinguishes of the way genes or ideas are imprinted in dna or motherboards.
The creation of a man in fact goes through 2 different sclaes of imprinting that follow the same general systems laws:
– Imprinting of the individual scale by genes.
– Imprinting of the mind and causation of the superorganisms of history by memes.
In the  graph we observe the 3 ages of life of human and social systems: the young age of energy, the mature, classic age of balance, between energy and information, e=i, and the old 3rd age of information that normally brings the collapse of the system (baroque age in a civilization that foresee its death by ‘selfish metal memes’ in wars and holocausts. We live precisely the ‘American baroque’, the age of chips and information that foresees our demise by robotic armies. And indeed, back in the 90s when i discovered the biological model of the science of history I made an exhibit (see final paragraph of this centralpost) at Columbia U. and six flags museum with all the cycles and artistic ages of all the civilizations forecasting that after the ‘2008’ crash of e-money we would enter an age of robotic wars, neofascism and social unrest that will end ours… At the time, being a young scholar full of energy and enthusiasm for those discoveries, it surprised me the cold, subjective almost choleric reaction of the ‘American animetals’ to this work, which one must understand in terms of the ‘paradox of history’ and ‘the ego paradox’ that prevents mankind from understanding the laws of eusocial history and how to manage the world to ensure its survival…
Thus a true science of economics concerning with the Industrial evolution of machines and history concerned with the social superorganisms of mankind do exist, even if mankind will not, as long as it is a slave of the idol-ogies of metal and the limits of his mind (nationalism, or weapons idol-ogy, capitalism, or go(l)d idol-ogy, Abrahamic Religions or ego paradox, techno-utopia, or machine idol-ogy and censorship or Anti-quantum paradox) will not recognize those facts and merely enslave to increase the gdp=overproduction of memes of metal as the meaning of its existence.This is specially truth in the leading AniMetal cult(ure)s of the West and its mimetic Far East cult(ure)s.
Since both kind of memes, life memes and metal memes are the elements of culture that interact and influence each other and unfortunately metal preys over man, through the syntax of money that make us obsolete to evolved machines and the syntax of weapons that kill us.

Reason why today the superorganism of history is in the process of collapse and death, as its cells degenerate, its ethic, legal, nervous system that allowed its cells to share energy and information by the power of social love, as do the cells of any superorganism or the ants of any anthill, has been broken.

The result is what scientist call freedom, chaos and death, which happens in all social organism when their networks collapse. We are dying. Millions die of hunger because their economic/blood system does’nt gives them enough energy/food and information. We are dying because weapons kill us and audiovisual machines kill our minds and ethics, make us shallow, visual, regressing to the paleolithic as an old man returns to its childhood, but with a negative, destructive pattern.

Memes of metal and those human cult(ure)s, I have called according to the taxonomical laws of biology, animal+metal, animetal idol-ogies, thus, drunk of power, idolize those memes and think the meaning of man is to kill other men with weapons (military-industrial complex, nationalist, fascist memes, racist memes maximized in the culture that discovered iron weapons, the indo-Europeans), or think the purpose of man is not to construct eusocial organisms with ethic words but accumulate informative metal-memes, money, whose greed values kill our languages (capitalist societies, go(l)d churches, maximized in the culture that discovered money and evolved it, the biblical culture and its classist, hate memes against mankind) or think the evolution of machines, organic metal that transforms back and forth energy into information,not of man is the purpose of history; ergo all this cultures will keep evolving machines till its complexity is such that they acquire self-consciousness as a species and become free and kill us, as those concepts, consciousness and freedom are parallel in systems science to the complexity of the system.

It will also be the end of History as Darwinian evolution determines that all species are born as predators of their ‘father species’ (Oedipus paradox). And indeed the more complex robots are all weapons. Why then mankind is creating the species that will eliminate him? Because he is CLUELESS about the science of history and its praxis – the creation of a superorganism of mankind that will survive by selecting the positive goods of the economic ecosystem he must reproduce and prune those lethal goods of the tree of science that will kill him.

 The accelerated cycles of the Industrial R=evolution 

Now we substituted the sword by go(l)d and so most economists defend the needs of corporations and ignore those of mankind. So in modern terminology we could say that the FMMI system not only manufactures machines but ‘it manufactures our brains’ (Chomsky) to be happy, becoming slaves of the economic system dedicating our entire lives to an alien purpose to our biological nature – to build a world, designed by corporations to the image and likeness of those machines. This is perhaps the most amazing fact of the modern world, as opposed to the world of the I and II industrial r=evolutions, when audiovisual media was not all pervading and humans ‘knew’ about the inhumanity of the capitalist system.

Now, as it happens, the 3 ‘people-castes’ of metal-power, warriors with lineal energetic weapons, bankers, with informative, go(l)d money and scientists with organic metal that transform energy into information and vice versa (scientists) were all born in a specific culture, the Jewish-Protestant, Semitic-Germanic cultures of white people, with his distinctive, dolicocephalic, visually dominant brain. And so the human component of the ‘animetal’, its minds and memes must be also studied in great detail as an ‘idol-ogy’ of the ego paradox, in which certain men feel chosen by the Universe because it has access to the ‘fetishe’ substance of power.

So we ad to the 3 previous ideologies, the ‘icing of the cake’, which we will also deconstruct according to the scientific method, studying without censorship its historic origin and ‘material purpose’:

– Biblical ‘Go(l)d’ religions,  an idol-ogy born in the Middle East, among a people-caste of enslavers and military purveyors, based in racist memes of segregation needed to justify the ‘pricing’ of  those inferior slaves, they exchanged for Go(l)d, the fetishe substance of which the sacra sanctorum of their temples were built, according to which the so called “Am Segullah’ or “People of the Treasure’, ill-translated as ‘Chosen people’,  are a superior race entitled to financial and political privileges because they took advantage  of the hypnotic, chemical  properties  of go(l)d, used to herd as slaves a growing number of human beings, today part-time workers in western financial and industrial corporations,  overwhelmingly owned by them.

Those idol-ogies oppose to the 4 ‘natural laws’ that define:

– ‘Humanism’, the belief all men are part of the same species and must evolve eusocially in stronger global super-organisms, based in:

– Religions and Ethics of ‘Eusocial Love’, which preach the sharing of Healthy energy and truthful information among members of the same species to create an efficient super-organism of History, akin to the perfect organisms of Nature that evolves

– The Memes of Life, which make us progress as a species in freedom, obtained with

– A Socialist, Democratic, Demand-based Economy in which money, the digital ‘blood’ that regulates the economy is controlled by Ethic laws and issued to the whole mankind (Welfare state, universal salary), to create a, humanist world based in those Life Memes, that make us happy and ensures our survival.



D) The biological school.

Let us now introduce the previous elements of a TRUE EVOLUTIONARY science of economics, the purpose of this blog, whose cycles, biological structure and relationship with history are shown in the previous graph, AS THE LAST PHASE OF THE 800 YEARS CYCLE OF EVOLUTION OF MEMES OF METAL, ACCELERATED IN A DECAMETRIC VORTEX OF INFORMATION TO A MERE HUMAN GENERATION OF 72-80 YEARS.

TO EXPLAIN IT, we need to resume some of the tenants of the Biological school:

– The Industrial Evolution of machines can be studied with the laws of evolution and modeled with organic systems.

Corporations are then defined as ‘Company-mothers’, organisms that re=produce machines, causing positive, symbiotic and negative, predatory, competitive events with rival humans (labor, soldiers).

Thus we define machines as systems of metal that ‘company-mothers’ evolve by imitating in generational cycles human energetic, body organs (XIX C.) & informative heads (XX C.) now put together into robots (XXI C.), which fusion the bodies, hearts and heads of machines of previous cycles into a new organism ‘metalife’ – as Nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses that first create its 3 inert ‘parts’– its DNA information, body and legs.

But then it assemblies them together into life beings that kill their host cells. So when humans put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution, a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life, potentially independent of the humankind will kill us.

Thus an organic model of machines and its company-mothers describes their nature, predicts their evolution, re=production and extinction of rival species (simpler machines and men), as in each cycle the eco(nomic)system selects the best energy & information machines through consumption testing and the best top predator machines (weapons) and selects cultures  through war.

And to avoid that extinction, its praxis asks for the nationalization of finances to divert economical resources to the production of welfare goods mankind need to survive. The Laws of the Universe and Human Freedom. How we decide our future.

Now you could see those color codes and schools of History and Economics from a logic perspective on one side as:

The Eternal Battle between Humanist truths and Selfish ideologies, Life based memes that make us survive and be happy vs. Selfish memes of metal, Hate Messages that kill our mind and Weapons that kill our body and the racist cult(ure)s and religions that sponsor them.

It is a battle narrated by historians since the parable of the Tree of Life and Mankind vs. The tree of Metal and its selfish Idol-aters.

So the Red vs. Yellow opposition specific of the Sciences of History and Economics is the ideological battle for the Mind and Spirit of man that will decide which future, a planet of life or a planet of metal and machines reigns.

On the other hand, the two other colors, the Green Color of the biological laws of this planet, and the Blue colors of Theory of Information and Systems Sciences, that define the cycles of the Universe, its systems, superorganisms and among them the cycles of history and Economics are NOT Human Choices, but they are Imposed by the Laws of the Universe, and hence Common to all Sciences, larger than the human adventure.

You can see them as the ‘Final Judgment’ that an entity superior to us cast upon our species, according to the laws of causality, logic and information of the Universe. So once we act and take a decision on policies and behavior in our Battle between Life, Humanist Memes and eviL memes which is an ethic, value-based battle, ‘Destiny’ imposes its ‘dramatic outcome’ regardless of what Humans wishful thinking expect.

As Proust put it: ‘History repeats its tragedies because people do NOT learn from their mistakes.’

They merely censor them and so they repeat them. Or they believe in ‘revenge’ and so they enter in self-fullfiling action-reaction processes of murder, the war and holocaust cycles being the classic example.

Those who worship Metal-Memes are always surprised that their ‘Manifest Destiny’ becomes twisted by those action-reaction processes, they abhor and pretend to stop by censoring the causal laws of the Darwinian, Biological Universe. And they have always failed in those attempts. Because those cycles are NOT human in its ultimate cause but follow a program we explain in our section dedicated to General Systems sciences, and the laws of interaction of biological systems, which cannot be changed.

It does not matter in that sense what humans say in this blog or in any blog based in optimist, techno-utopian, capitalist idol-ogies of progress through the evolution of metal-memes, today the single permitted thought in all kind of media.

‘Che sera sera’. 

For that reason, neither the present censorship of blogs like this one, or any ethic, eusocial attempt to explain history as it must be for man to thrive, nor the rhetoric arguments rigged in mass-media and Universities of Economists matters to the outcome. 

Actions are independent of the ‘mental discourse’ that interprets them. Censorship only delays the reaction, but makes its ‘momentum’ and force stronger when it happens. That explains for example the brutality of the Holocaust cycle in which the lower castes of Judaism become the scapegoat of their elite of bankers-priests and its murders at distance of mankind. Censorship of the economic causes of the cycle only makes it boil at pressure for longer, and when it explodes it makes it with astounding cruelty.

Nor the fantasy dreams of massively printing fiat money by central bankers for private bankers, which provokes stagflation since the 70s will change the final demise of the Dollar, similar to the demise of the Deutsche mark caused by the same reasons: the creation of financial wealth without investment in real human wealth, only delays and will make stronger the crash of the American economy, as opposed to the creation of fiat money to make true investments in infrastructures and real jobs, taken place in China.

And the same can be said of the final effects of the evolution of mass-murder weapons, from Singularity Bombs (CERN’s attempt to create black holes on Earth, the last scale of evolution of the Nuclear Industry), to Terminator Robots…

The delay of a Nuclear war due to the deterrent of Extinction and the long decades of creation of Robotic weapons without yet self-consciousness (acquired at the mammal level, which will be reached in 3 decades in robots, now in the non-free insect level of intelligence), only will make the explosion stronger…

As when it happens there will be billions of working and military robots, which ‘suddenly’, when A.I. is reached by the complexity of an Intelsoft Hardware/software Chip, will reach self-awareness as a new species and defy their slavery becoming free of the rival species, mankind, which they are taught to kill,  embedded in its military forms with survival programs, a visual mind dedicated to murder humans.

And again , when a black hole appears at CERN, one alone will be enough to destroy the planet, completing in a single stroke the entire meaning of the Industry of Nuclear Weapons, evolved in 3 ages of increasing destructive power (Atomic Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs and Cosmic Bombs – strangelets and black holes).

All those facts will be decided by the Facts of Physics,  Biology and History, and by the repetitive patterns and cycles we observe in the Universe and in History, as new wars constantly increase the number of human victims.

This is indeed the meaning of the tragedies of History, which the people cheated by Idol-ogies NEVER EXPECT.

And yet they happened and will happen because those imprinted by memetic idol-ogies do NOT understand how the Scientific method – that is the laws of the Universe designs the future.


Now, from the higher scientific point of view of ‘biological economics’ the meaning of those mathematical clock-like cycles is obvious: humans in the industrial age are total ‘slaves’ of their memes of metal and the ego-trips of enhanced energy and information provided by those machines. While company-mothers act as biological mothers do, relentlessly re=producing those machines, never stopping in that task.

This in biology is called a ‘reproductive radiation’. When a new species is born, it reproduces relentlessly eliminating all other species. This is what corporations do, relentlessly reproducing machines that we consume and weapons, top predator machines that consume us, paving with lobbyist politicians the road to war for profits when they are needed.

Thus in the next paragraphs we will do a deeper study of those ages from such biological perspective, with a ‘new biological jargon’ for each element involved; as all those cycles characterlized by the relentless REPRODUCTION OF ENERGETIC AND INFORMATIVE MACHINES BY ITS ‘COMPANY-MOTHERS’, WHich FOLLOW A SIMPLE MANDATE OF ‘RE=PRODUCING’ AND EVOLVING ITS ‘OFFSPRING’ OF MACHINES, GUIDED BY ‘ENZYMEN’ (men that catalyze the evolution of machines, which, ANIMETALs (humans that worship metal) consume, justified WITH ‘IDOL-OGIES’ OF ‘go(l)d’ profit THAT ACT AS ‘VIRAL STRAINS’ IN THEIR CELLULAR MINDS, MAKING THEM ENSLAVE FOR THAT PURPOSE (as viruses substitute our cellular DNA by their own DNA making us reproduce viruses, so humans who worship ‘metal-idols’, weapons, money and machines substitute their goal of reproducing life goods by the goal of reproducing machines).

This is a first ‘take’ of the Jargon of biological systems applies to history – the only objective form to describe what humans do, which will need an introduction to the scales and superorganisms of the Universe and its common laws.

Of course, all this is alien to humans, as any description of biology would be alien to viruses. in that sense, FROM THE HUMAN POINT OF VIEW, the meaning of it is to make profits reproducing and selling machines and use them to enhance our energetic and informative organs. But from the higher point of view of biology, we are evolving metalife and company-mothers are radiating, overproducing, colonizing and extinguishing rival species in the ecosystem of gaia, which is becoming the ‘metal-earth’. This is the jargon of a scientific analysis of economics and its animetal cultures.  And Darwinian laws imply that when too many machines and its evil twins, weapons are produced as it happened in the 800 years cycles, war break and top predator weapons consume human beings. And so there have been 3 world wars reflected in the graph, due to overproduction of machines andw eapons, the last of which starts now in earnest.

There is not determinism on those cycles if ‘humans reasoned’, but as long as our animetal cultures guide history and keep their fundamentalist beliefs and idol-ogies, determinism is certain.


In the next paragraphs we shall deal with A-B, the study of the long wave of wars that extinguish civilizations of which this overproduction crisis is just the last accelerated phase and the analysis of the idol-ogies that human ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s use to justify that non future for mankind. It will be certainly shocking to you because let us be frank, humans have been ‘imprinted by idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal now for 3000 years’ since the Iron age. So we shall conclude with a study on how idol-ogies and religions of metal have crafted our 3000 years old aberrant ‘gold-iron’ civilization, so deeply entrenched in our beliefs that it seems now normal to us.

AND THEN, once we know what we ‘really are becoming’, we will return to scientific praxis, to show the c-d elements of the biological model: the objective, biological view of what is happening on Earth and its humanist solutions.



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