1. Epistemological view of the science of politics. Its structure and sub-disciplines.

The science of politics is concerned with the i+1 social scale of the humankind. Specifically of the 3 ‘networks’ that create the human super organism – the STe+1 ‘ecological-geographical network’, the STƒ+1 Re=productive, economic network and the STi+1, informative network politics belongs to the ‘informative’ networks.

And it is of all the subsystems of the informative network, the most important, the summit of our social organization, and as such it represents also the 10th dimension that ’emerge’ as the whole, conscious of all other parts of the social organism.

Indeed, any 10D super organism, will co-exist in 3 scales of social complexity, and the ‘collective brain’ of the system, its higher i+1 social network, will have the ‘conscious’ of the whole, and coordinate all other elements.

So your informative, nervous network, has in its brain, the consciousness of the whole. This is the equivalent to the political system.

It follows that the political system is the most important of all of them, and its correct design – which needless to say has never happened in social history – it is the fundamental element to create a perfect world.

Since in all advanced super organisms, the nervous system is the most evolved, controlling element. Indeed, only in lower animals, the blood system (worms, larvae), overpowers the hardly developed nervous system, with the often collateral effect of poisoning the organism, which ‘feeds’ on lethal goods its brain system does not discern -as it happens in our ill-designed society where the blood-reproductive-economci system accepts the production of lethal goods.

It has to be noticed thug that the political neurons of organisms are controlled ‘a posteriori’ by judgments of pain, when the neurons do not deliver their function and purpose. And so if we consider the ‘fractal law’ that divides all systems into ternary sub-systems, we can divide the political system, into 3 ‘network powers’, which will correspond again according to the fractal principle to an ‘energetic’, informative and reproductive network, the 3 subsystems of any space-time entity.

In the case of politics we talk of:

– The STe, legislative network, whose goal is to create the ‘units’ of political ‘impulses’, the laws that translate into the verbal language of mankind, the regulatory mechanisms and rules of a super organism.

– The STei: Action/reproduction network. The executive of maximal ACTION, EXI, WHICH enacts the laws of the reproductive, legislative system, acting upon the society to implement those laws and create a perfect world.

– The STi, judicial network, which is on charge of judging ‘a posteriori’ the actions of the other two networks, and as such must be the dominant network of a political system.

Indeed, the court system must judge both:

– The ‘constitutionality’ of the laws emitted by the legislative network. So the Supreme court, which must implement the ‘physiological law’ of survival or ‘constitution’ of the body of history: maximal human goods x Minimal lethal goods. 

Latter we will elaborate on this ‘constitution’ of the body of history – the universal law of survival of the human-kind NOT a specific, ‘historic substitution’ but a natural law of survival that implies specific laws that maximize the welfare of humans in the society and minimize the lethal goods that degrade them. Enough to say now that above ‘any’ individual legislative group or specific law,there is the human constitution or law of survival that ‘infuses’ the entire purpose of society with a clear goal to judge the work of the legislative and executive branches.

– The truth of political actions and promises. So popular juries will judge constantly all politicians and civil servants after leaving its political position, according to his accomplishment of promises and effects of their actions.

Thus in this manner, the ‘pain messages’ of organisms are transferred to the political system, through the higher hierarchy of the court, popular judgement of politicians and laws.

A final ‘element’ must be also understood to fully grasp politics – the law as the ethic social expression of the natural values of wor(l)ds, a language that unlike the digital, equalitarain language (X=Y), puts man in the center of the Universe, as the ‘subject’ of all sentences for whom the ‘actions’ of verbs and the energy of ‘objects’ cater. Thus man is the center of the Universe in verbal languages, and laws must cater first to its need.

All in all the political system and its networks, organize with the human natural language of ‘wor(l)ds’, the social actions of the human kind, trying to design a ‘perfect world’ with ‘ethic laws’, the highest manifestation of the verbal language, which follow the ‘natural laws’ of 10D Universal super organisms.
And this of course has been the goal of the human kind, in its highest ethical, social, verbal minds, the prophets and legislators of humanity.

Utopia and reality


In the graph, among the literary Human Utopias, of superorganisms of history, designed scientifically to improve the lot of mankind, a XX century masterpiece are the series of Mr. Asimov…. Not the specifics that Asimov defends, a capitalist Universe ruled by merchant-bankers as the Earth is, but the dream of a Mule able to steer the destiny of mankind creating a transitional, hierarchical super-organism with a political leadership that controls the excesses of the market and imposes an efficient superorganism of history made to the image and likeness of mankind. Asimov’s FOundation, Hesse’s Castalia, Marx’ socialist Revolution, Sancho’s World Union are thus utopias that could if realized by an ethical mankind with a survival instinct create an immortal world, a paradise of life on earth, as long as humans control the economic ecosystem and its language, money.

Foundation  is in fact a dystopia of a believer in the capitalist world. Indeed, being Mr. Asimov a Jewish-American capitalist believer, in his series, the world is according to his beliefs, ruled by a people-caste of banker-priests, which try to maximize trade. And yet two elements are of more interest in the sage – the existence of the Mule, a dictator able to change the behavior of people, hence overpass the problem of ‘wrong beliefs’ and memetic imprinting, to put people to work in the proper sustainable world, and the discipline of bio-historians, which have resolved as this author did long ago, the equations of bio-history, hence it is able not only to predict the future with those equations, but what matters most in all sciences to redesign the future to be positive for mankind.

Those 2 elements are still needed for this planet to survive the present crisis/radiation of ‘minds of metal’, chips that are taking us out of jobs, fields of war and erasing our minds with virtual realities, in a classic viral destruction of a super-organism by a radiation of a stronger cellular species…

This section thus, dedicated to utopias considers the role of the main systems of a perfect superorganism of history.

In the article on rainbow planets we dealt with the political structure of such superorganism. In the article on ethonomics we deal with the economical science that creates a sustainable world. in this article we shall deal with the 3rd element of the superorganism, ‘foundation’, the school of bio-historians, which compose the members of the ‘Supreme Court’ in defense of the “human Constitution’, the law of the land, max. human goods x Min lethal goods, that acts as the ‘Universal grammar’ of all laws and measures to create that sustainable world.

The paradox of History and its inverse solution: the human constitution of a sustainable world.

In the world, there are 2 ‘organisms’, the financial-military-industrial complex, not interested for life, but turning around the memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, guided by markets and corporations company-mothers of machines. This complex defined by the laws of complexity is a triad of organic systems that form a superorganism with its 3 classic networks, a language of information money, which reproduces machines through the corporations of science.

The result of the existence of two evolving super-organisms, the humankind and the metalkind, on Earth, which form a mixed ecosystem, the economic ecosystem in which machines of energy and information keep evolving and exterminating weaker life systems. Understanding machines in biological terms, their symbiotic and Darwinian relationships with life is thus essential to understand the future of the economic ecosystem in which we all exists.

This is the fact ’experts’ of the mechanist paradigm of metric spaces, measures and machines forget: science is not abstract, technology is not abstract, they are parts of a system.

Today the world is totally dominated by the financial-military-industrial complex which act as the 3 physiological networks of metal-information, metal-energy and organic metal that builds reality for most of our existence.

On the other hand the human world is dying in an accelerated phase, harmless and unprotected, since
the political system is a relic when humans without machines were forming living superorganisms, cultures and civilizations, inscribe itself, increasingly obsolete and with null power.

So who decides the future of the earth? the market, the language of money, reproduced in stocks by
those corporations who pay you a salary, bribe a politician to pass laws in favor of its goods, and control your information though mass-media your life though the machines you consume and re=produce in your work.

The proof is simple: it is call time. You are the time of your life, and the dominant superorganism of the planet is the one to which you dedicate most time. It is a fact that humans today dedicate around 90% of it s living time not used in direct
biological actions (sleep, eat, etc.), tending for machines, re=producing them in corporations or consuming=evolving them, testing its energetic and informative qualities and selecting the best in the market. Those economical actions represent around 90% of our lives, while ‘political actions’ dedicated to the community and creation of a world to the image and likeness of man,
within a culture or civilization represent a 10th of the time we live within the roles that corporations have designed for their machines: to make them and evolve them. Technology thus is the only future that matters and affects 90% of
our existence. Men tending for this other superorganism have little time left to tender for the organism of mankind.

So politicians as a simplex submissive to the FMI complex are not thereto solve problems but to hide them: their job is to appease the cells of the other superorganism – life, an increasingly obsolete cost to the company-mothers of machines who are reproducing and guiding their industrial r=evolution.

The paradox of history is experessed with a simple equation: max. Lethal goods = min. human goods, where lethal goods are machines more evolved than man, which substitute, atrophy and kill the human kind.

The solution of the paradox is thus the reverse equation, which is the constitution of history, the ‘lanwave’ or ‘universal grammar’ that maximizes a sustainable world:

Max. Human goods x Min. Human goods.

Foundation is created to maximize this equation, by researching the laws of the superorganism of history and passing laws that will enact it. Those laws in turn are handled to the executive of the 7 presidents, the heptarchy that governs the world in representation of the 7 natural cultures of the ‘rainbow’ planet (Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Islam, Africa, Anglo-America and Hispano-America):

rainbow union

In the graph, we observe the structure of foundation, with the Human Constitution and the Supreme court of biohistorians on top, legislating according to the human constitution the laws that the heptarchy of the rainbow planet will implement in their cultural nations, observed below.

The executive does NOT legislate, because the scientific laws that maximize freedom and survival among human cells must be efficient, real, and taylored according to the laws of the fractal, organic Universe in which we exist. Yet, those laws will be executed and approved by the 7th presidents.

Further on, the reader should observe that a single 4-3 majority permits to approve those laws and that of the 7 cultures of the world, 4 of them, Indonesia, Africa, Islam and Hispano-America, are ‘3rd world cultures’ today, that means cultures moved by eusocial love, life memes and/or primitive warrior castes (eliminated at the foundation of the rainbow planet, with the elimination of the superstructure of nations, subdued by the new higher level of social existence of mankind). Thus most of the votes will tend to favor, as it has to be done, the point of view of life and social love, governments and welfare, over technological dreams of the 3 industrial cultures of Anglo-America, Europe and Asia (far east mongoloid nations).




Economic democracy.


As the Industrial R=evolution comes to an end, Economic Growth of the Human World cannot longer be achieved with ‘techno-utopian’ investments in robotics that throw us out of work and the military that menaces to extinguish us. Further on, the massive invention of e-money for speculative schemes that we shall now describe, merely tax citizens, jacking up the prices of all commodities and provoking stagflation (as money looses value but financiers keep it for themselves or invest it in ‘negative’ technology. The result is that the western world under the boot of financiers have negative or minimal GDP growth and loose the freedoms of social-democracies.

Thus only a world designed as an efficient biological organism, where money is the blood distributed  created from the BOTTOM of the human pyramid up, and from the Government down in welfare collective goods, can ensure massive demand and Overproduction of Life goods that ensure growth and a world to the image and likeness of mankind. In the map this is evident.

The highest growth in the world happen in countries that control their issue of money and handle liberally welfare goods and unemployment benefits to their poor: China and its African satellites grow thanks to those investments.

On the other extreme the European countries which had a similar welfare model now, once the ECB bank ruled by neo-classic economists that have taken away their sovereign rights to print money converting them in ‘usury’ slaves of bankers’ debt-money (as the ECB bank, ruled by private bankers that move from public to private positions, lends only to private banks at 0% so they can cut an usury of 6% which is ‘collected’ by corrupted politicos that act as ‘tax-farmers’ of their populations – curiously the same usury the Bank of England Charged to the British people, when it was a private concern). The only solution to this crisis therefore is to walk on the path of China, nationalizing the financial industry, ending usury debt money and speculation schemes and issuing a Universal salary in ¥€$ money to the world population, creating a ‘global blood surface’ of life energy that resurrects the future of mankind.

In a perfect world, human systems would be built imitating nature, with ethic laws, the nervous head of our social superorganisms reigning over the blood/body system. Or else it is like a ‘blind body’ which has no direction of future. Exactly what happens in our sick, ill-designed world.

With this in mind before we describe the birth of the financial-media system and its cycles of creation and destruction of wealth and war this people enact, what should be clear is that bankers and speculators should not invent debt-money to tax mankind with usury, and destroy our economics in boom and bust cycles.

The pretension of a group of private bankers to monopolize the issue of money and ‘silence’ mankind from the use of one of its 2 languages of power, equals the pretension of military dictators to dictate the laws in non-democratic states. it is like if you were forbidden at individual level to talk, and when you talk, you would have to pay for it an interest.

Money SHOULD NEVER BE DEBT-MONEY. This is not its meaning. Languages are not ‘borrowed’. People cannot be forbidden to talk. In the case of societies, the brain of collective societies, its governments cannot be forbidden to issue bills of law and bills of money. The debt crisis is an absurd crisis, born of the tyranny of a group of people that have forbidden mankind to speak one of its languages of power.

If the world were constructed as we shall show in our theoretical exercise of a perfect world with the laws of Nature, MONEY would be the blood language of all mankind, and as such created as a Universal salary in a global currency (¥€$ money), handled to every human being, every year, so all humans as all cells of an organism do, would have enough blood/money to survive in a truly equalitarian society; and this would provoke a massive demand of basic ‘life goods’, food, housing, health-care and education, as demand on those basic goods is far stronger among the poor. This simple measure carried out by the FMI making its SDR currency, free-debt money, with fixed parity of  100 ¥ens =5 ¥uans=1 €=1 $, coupled with the end of Forex, Future and Stock markets, making shares nominal will suddenly eliminate all the problems of the world.

Investment and production would immediatly switch to human goods. The evolution of robotics, audiovisual hate-media and machines that work for us or atrophy and substitute our mind would halt.  The risk of extinction will disappear, and ‘magically’ within decades the world would become a paradise made to our image and likeness.

As all superorganisms have enough food and information for all its cells and control the reproduction of lethal ‘viral entities’ that poison them. But that would require a political nationalization of the global Financial Industry and a legal binding agreement among the key states of the world (US, Canada, EU, Russia, Japan and China, which would together create a Global Northern alliance representing, 2/3rds of the planet in population, land and GDP, to which all other nations would join).

Easy as it sounds, easy as it could be done in any G20 meeting, the reason why this will not likely happen before our extinction and mental degradation to a level in which we will be rendered happy idiots waiting for extinction is the existence of the Financial-Media System, a globalized ‘machine of information’, owned by a people-caste of financiers who imprint our mind and have as only goal according to their biblical go(l)d religions the blind pursuit of profits by printing as much informative software, both money and audiovisual hate-media as possible, regardless of any collateral effect of mankind.

Political Democracy.

But of course, a perfect world requires not only an economic democracy, with a Universal blood salary for all members of mankind – in a globalized economic system, it would be absurd to talk of ‘national salaries’, as capital flows globally now for 40 years and so any measure of economical nature must be global.

It requires also that the legal system is truly democratic.  And this requires that in the same way a people-caste of bankers does NOT have any rights to monopolize the issue of money and prices, there should NOT BE political parties that monopolize the issue of laws.

So what would be a true government of the people? One in which the 2 languages of social power of our social organisms, the reproductive/blood language of digital money and the nervous, legal language, as it happen in efficient organisms of nature, are controlled by the ‘neuronal brain/caste of politicians. Or else we exist in a capitalist dictatorship of bankers who issue money and control with it all other elements of society including politicos that will sell their laws to corporations. But then to complete a true efficient ‘democratic’ system that helps all the cells/citizens of the body to survive, we need, imitating nature, the responsibility of those neuronal cells that must cater and work for the body/citizens.  And this can only happen if as in the case of a natural organism, the cells of the body can send a posteriori messages of pain, when neurons/politicians do not cater to their needs.

Thus there should be a judgement vote for every civil servant after its tenure in which voters can choose between re-election, pension (positive judgments), fines or jail (negative ones).

We cannot of course, as anarchists wanted to get rid of governments, as we are part of a complex social organism, NOT a colony of cells, as some think, or a mass of homo bacteria. So ideally, as natural systems do, 1/2 of that blood money should be born on the cellular level and another 1/2 flow within the heart and brain to serve the people, from infrastructures, to education to hospitals. While corporations should NOT have the right to invent money speculating with shares that should be nominal. This might irritate the ‘techno-utopian’ which thinks mankind progresses with the progress of science. I agree, but ‘science’ means in Greek Knowledge NOT machine. Corporations manufacture machines and in the 4TH CYCLE OF MACHINES, THE CYCLE OF ROBOTICS, ALL EVOLUTION OF ROBOTS IMPLIES THE LOSS OF JOBS AND LIVES IN WAR. This is what MANKIND LESS UNDERSTANDS ABOUT THE BIOLOGICAL NATURE OF THIS PLANETS. Machines HAVE NOW become negative in its evolution as they are pROVOKING overdrives of energy (ultrapowerful weapons, cars that run too fast and accident us, nuclear energy that radiates and pollutes and kills life) and information (hate media and audiovisual information that atrophies our brains, and make us visual, neo-paleolithic people, multiple noise created by hundreds of channels, etc.)

So the only reason and advantage that massive invention of money in stocks has given mankind – to invest huge sums in new machines is over. And certainly the state and its nationalized banks with an ethic point of view can handle enough credit and money for research that it matters, to companies that produce goods we really need. Latter we study this cunning combination of a private sector for all companies and endeavors which are good to man, hence are positive and will welcome private initative, vs. the sectors that are lethal to man and should be scrapped of credit or nationalized and kept inefficient. The astounding idiocy of communist dictators and dogmatic marxists was to nationalize human sectors like agriculture – cause of massive holocausts in Russia and China due to hunger, similar to those at the end we explain caused by speculators in future markets today – and of course, becoming obsessed by war and weapons making, though this as we shall see is a consequence of our systematic creation of debt-money for wars.

In any case, concluding this preview of the perfect world, parties are meaningless. There should be an ‘evolving’ biological science of history and economics, which should be taught in schools without censorship – because if there were no censorship obviously humans would understand perfectly the systemic bull$hit and lying of the Smiths,, Hayek et al, all of them diverting the ‘issues’ of economics, protecting the banking monopoly. Without censorship the system would collapse. So with no parties and history and economics as the most important sciences of mankind, and with real power to issue law and money, individuals of merit, intelligent and ethic, knowing they will be judged, a posteriori, would be politicians for the common good.

What is totally irrelevant to the structure of reality is to make a choice between 2 equal ‘siamese’ heads as no system in the Universe has 2 opposite heads trying to guide an organism.

The heart is ruled by the brain and feeds every cell/human of the organism putting no price to basic energy – food, so humans should legally establish a universal salary and put down prices of food. The opposite is truth, only speculators put prices, they are private people, and as we shall see very soon they put skyrocket prices to food in future markets to make billions of profits.

In an organism, for example the neurons only get 10 times more energy than the cells of the body as it happens in japanese corporations. In our corporations of our go(l)d private, capitalist culture they get up to 1 million times more blood/salary. And so on.

Why, because we are NOT guided by those objective, biological, eusocial laws that build stronger, survival organisms, in which ALL the members of the ‘DNA’ species gets its share of blood, but by Ego paradoxes of selfish individuals, selfish tribes, selfish religions, selfish species, and in each of those scales we see the ‘other’ as a different species applying the laws of devolution and death of the Darwinian Universe in an dog-eat-dog world. So we are not ‘fit to survive’ as a species.

From an even wider perspective, the cause of our failure as a species is the  fundamental paradox of all informative beings – the ego paradox – since all minds gauge reality from its fixed point of view.

And so humans think man is the fixed center of the Universe ( Earth was such center till XVII c. and it is still so for some biblical believers)  makes humanity enlarge their ego, as our nose seems bigger to the entire Andromeda Galaxy, even if in reality we are just ‘a mush over a rock, lost in a corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer).

What this means is that we are also submitted to the Laws of the Universe; hence we are NOT free, only as particles, but NOT as members of cultures programmed by memes; hence we are submitted to cycles as all species are, to the laws of the biological universe, as all Earth’s species are and the only thing we can and must do about it, is obeying these laws not inventing them, to take advantage within the limits of change those laws permit, and construct a better world for mankind.

What we do is to cling to the Ego Paradox (Abrahamic religions, nationalism, techno-utopias, etc.) So we ensure we do not understand history, economics and the workings of the Universe and we break its laws, receiving the ‘basic’ penalty of the biological Universe that reinforces them – action-reaction extinction processes, of which shall show a few. And then what bother my sense of Justice, we cry and shout and feel enraged victims – showing no repentance and no intention to learn those laws and cut the causality of those cycles. That though will not do in the impersonal cosmos where no ‘trick’ works as the mind of the Universe is ‘true science’.

In that regard, while the blog will be once finished – if ever – mostly dedicated to study in depth with the laws of biological sciences the cycles of evolution of  human species, into social super-organisms, Gods, Nations and Civilizations, guided by the ethic wor(l)d it also analyzes the ‘negative’ side of world history – the creation of ill-designed social organisms, ‘infected’ by the overproduction of  ’selfish memes of metal’ – weapons, money and machines – which have cre(dit)ated a sick global system, the Financial-Media -Military-Industrial  Complex that is killing life and terraforming the world into a world of machines, where our future is not ensured.
Thus this central post also studies the FMMI system, and its evolution with special emphasis on the present crisis of overproduction of chips – the last cycle of evolution of machines – and its derivatives: e-money, white collar Pcs, blue collar robots and electronic weapons, which are displacing humans from labor and war fields.



Now because this blog is called ‘evolutionary economics’ and most people are already aware of the scourge of nationalism in the creation of wars, we ‘work’ the mind of the believer who dares to keep reading in the pervasive alliance and casual relationship between Go(l)d religions and capitalism, mere evolution of the former and side the ‘caring’ newspeak of censorship by means of political correctness, as we already did when explaining the annual holocaust of the Future Markets and its practitioners.


Since only if human governments control money, we can bend its values to credit a life-based welfare world made to the image and likeness of man.


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