Ppolitics vs. Realpolitiks


I. A real democracy: the science of ppolitics

II. Capitalist democracy: ‘animetal’ Realpolitiks


 In the graph the 3 + 3 economic and political measures we have been preaching for decades ignored and censored – that is, without distribution, which only perhaps will have a last chance if Trump is not re-elected and a true humanist ‘Asimovian Mule’ becomes POTUS 46. In this article we talk mostly of the American civilisation during its dominant age as the leading industrial nation of metal-minds, which substitute Germany on top of the web, but unfortunately went through the same 3 cycles, of all technological waves: an optimist discovery age when it saved us of the military age of German, an age of global empire and a 3rd decadent age of ‘neo-fascism’ and militarism, when the wave of machines switched after the crash of overproduction into its military form.

 Introduction – a real humanist social science.
To complete the previous graph, as the themes in here are ‘heavy’, we must perhaps make a general assessment on the ‘reasons’ of this blog vs. the ‘beliefs’ of most people and social scientists, in a corrupted world.
  We confront here the truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:
1)Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons)
2)Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)
3)Abrahamic tribal segregational and Hindi religions with tribal gods and castes of animetals on top with gold (biblical religions) or weapons (jihads, inquisitions) vs. God=Mankind and History our life, over the sustainable body o Gaia.
4)Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)
Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks taylored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies
And yet people including scholars only talk of idol-ogies. What i can say? 30 years preaching in the desert, 0 stats for this web. Nietzsche put it clearly: ‘are we human a goal or a bridge’?

1. Epistemological view of the science of politics. Its structure and sub-disciplines.

The science of politics is concerned with the i+1 social scale of the humankind. Specifically of the 3 ‘networks’ that create the human super organism – the STe+1 ‘ecological-geographical network’, the STƒ+1 Re=productive, economic network and the STi+1, informative network politics belongs to the ‘informative’ networks.

And it is of all the subsystems of the informative network, the most important, the summit of our social organization, and as such it represents also the 10th dimension that ’emerge’ as the whole, conscious of all other parts of the social organism.

Indeed, any 10D super organism, will co-exist in 3 scales of social complexity, and the ‘collective brain’ of the system, its higher i+1 social network, will have the ‘conscious’ of the whole, and coordinate all other elements.

So your informative, nervous network, has in its brain, the consciousness of the whole. This is the equivalent to the political system.

It follows that the political system is the most important of all of them, and its correct design – which needless to say has never happened in social history – it is the fundamental element to create a perfect world.

Since in all advanced super organisms, the nervous system is the most evolved, controlling element. Indeed, only in lower animals, the blood system (worms, larvae), overpowers the hardly developed nervous system, with the often collateral effect of poisoning the organism, which ‘feeds’ on lethal goods its brain system does not discern -as it happens in our ill-designed society where the blood-reproductive-economci system accepts the production of lethal goods.

It has to be noticed thug that the political neurons of organisms are controlled ‘a posteriori’ by judgments of pain, when the neurons do not deliver their function and purpose. And so if we consider the ‘fractal law’ that divides all systems into ternary sub-systems, we can divide the political system, into 3 ‘network powers’, which will correspond again according to the fractal principle to an ‘energetic’, informative and reproductive network, the 3 subsystems of any space-time entity.

In the case of politics we talk of:

– The STe, legislative network, whose goal is to create the ‘units’ of political ‘impulses’, the laws that translate into the verbal language of mankind, the regulatory mechanisms and rules of a super organism.

– The STei: Action/reproduction network. The executive of maximal ACTION, EXI, WHICH enacts the laws of the reproductive, legislative system, acting upon the society to implement those laws and create a perfect world.

– The STi, judicial network, which is on charge of judging ‘a posteriori’ the actions of the other two networks, and as such must be the dominant network of a political system.

Indeed, the court system must judge both:

– The ‘constitutionality’ of the laws emitted by the legislative network. So the Supreme court, which must implement the ‘physiological law’ of survival or ‘constitution’ of the body of history: maximal human goods x Minimal lethal goods. 

Latter we will elaborate on this ‘constitution’ of the body of history – the universal law of survival of the human-kind NOT a specific, ‘historic substitution’ but a natural law of survival that implies specific laws that maximize the welfare of humans in the society and minimize the lethal goods that degrade them. Enough to say now that above ‘any’ individual legislative group or specific law,there is the human constitution or law of survival that ‘infuses’ the entire purpose of society with a clear goal to judge the work of the legislative and executive branches.

– The truth of political actions and promises. So popular juries will judge constantly all politicians and civil servants after leaving its political position, according to his accomplishment of promises and effects of their actions.

Thus in this manner, the ‘pain messages’ of organisms are transferred to the political system, through the higher hierarchy of the court, popular judgement of politicians and laws.

A final ‘element’ must be also understood to fully grasp politics – the law as the ethic social expression of the natural values of wor(l)ds, a language that unlike the digital, equalitarain language (X=Y), puts man in the center of the Universe, as the ‘subject’ of all sentences for whom the ‘actions’ of verbs and the energy of ‘objects’ cater. Thus man is the center of the Universe in verbal languages, and laws must cater first to its need.

All in all the political system and its networks, organize with the human natural language of ‘wor(l)ds’, the social actions of the human kind, trying to design a ‘perfect world’ with ‘ethic laws’, the highest manifestation of the verbal language, which follow the ‘natural laws’ of 10D Universal super organisms.
And this of course has been the goal of the human kind, in its highest ethical, social, verbal minds, the prophets and legislators of humanity.

Utopia and reality


In the graph, among the literary Human Utopias, of superorganisms of history, designed scientifically to improve the lot of mankind, a XX century masterpiece are the series of Mr. Asimov…. Not the specifics that Asimov defends, a capitalist Universe ruled by merchant-bankers as the Earth is, but the dream of a Mule able to steer the destiny of mankind creating a transitional, hierarchical super-organism with a political leadership that controls the excesses of the market and imposes an efficient superorganism of history made to the image and likeness of mankind. Asimov’s FOundation, Hesse’s Castalia, Marx’ socialist Revolution, Sancho’s World Union are thus utopias that could if realized by an ethical mankind with a survival instinct create an immortal world, a paradise of life on earth, as long as humans control the economic ecosystem and its language, money.

Foundation  is in fact a dystopia of a believer in the capitalist world. Indeed, being Mr. Asimov a Jewish-American capitalist believer, in his series, the world is according to his beliefs, ruled by a people-caste of banker-priests, which try to maximize trade. And yet two elements are of more interest in the sage – the existence of the Mule, a dictator able to change the behavior of people, hence overpass the problem of ‘wrong beliefs’ and memetic imprinting, to put people to work in the proper sustainable world, and the discipline of bio-historians, which have resolved as this author did long ago, the equations of bio-history, hence it is able not only to predict the future with those equations, but what matters most in all sciences to redesign the future to be positive for mankind.

Those 2 elements are still needed for this planet to survive the present crisis/radiation of ‘minds of metal’, chips that are taking us out of jobs, fields of war and erasing our minds with virtual realities, in a classic viral destruction of a super-organism by a radiation of a stronger cellular species…

This section thus, dedicated to utopias considers the role of the main systems of a perfect superorganism of history.

In the article on rainbow planets we dealt with the political structure of such superorganism. In the article on ethonomics we deal with the economical science that creates a sustainable world. in this article we shall deal with the 3rd element of the superorganism, ‘foundation’, the school of bio-historians, which compose the members of the ‘Supreme Court’ in defense of the “human Constitution’, the law of the land, max. human goods x Min lethal goods, that acts as the ‘Universal grammar’ of all laws and measures to create that sustainable world.

The paradox of History and its inverse solution: the human constitution of a sustainable world.

In the world, there are 2 ‘organisms’, the financial-military-industrial complex, not interested for life, but turning around the memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, guided by markets and corporations company-mothers of machines. This complex defined by the laws of complexity is a triad of organic systems that form a superorganism with its 3 classic networks, a language of information money, which reproduces machines through the corporations of science.

The result of the existence of two evolving super-organisms, the humankind and the metalkind, on Earth, which form a mixed ecosystem, the economic ecosystem in which machines of energy and information keep evolving and exterminating weaker life systems. Understanding machines in biological terms, their symbiotic and Darwinian relationships with life is thus essential to understand the future of the economic ecosystem in which we all exists.

This is the fact ’experts’ of the mechanist paradigm of metric spaces, measures and machines forget: science is not abstract, technology is not abstract, they are parts of a system.

Today the world is totally dominated by the financial-military-industrial complex which act as the 3 physiological networks of metal-information, metal-energy and organic metal that builds reality for most of our existence.

On the other hand the human world is dying in an accelerated phase, harmless and unprotected, since
the political system is a relic when humans without machines were forming living superorganisms, cultures and civilizations, inscribe itself, increasingly obsolete and with null power.

So who decides the future of the earth? the market, the language of money, reproduced in stocks by
those corporations who pay you a salary, bribe a politician to pass laws in favor of its goods, and control your information though mass-media your life though the machines you consume and re=produce in your work.

The proof is simple: it is call time. You are the time of your life, and the dominant superorganism of the planet is the one to which you dedicate most time. It is a fact that humans today dedicate around 90% of it s living time not used in direct
biological actions (sleep, eat, etc.), tending for machines, re=producing them in corporations or consuming=evolving them, testing its energetic and informative qualities and selecting the best in the market. Those economical actions represent around 90% of our lives, while ‘political actions’ dedicated to the community and creation of a world to the image and likeness of man,
within a culture or civilization represent a 10th of the time we live within the roles that corporations have designed for their machines: to make them and evolve them. Technology thus is the only future that matters and affects 90% of
our existence. Men tending for this other superorganism have little time left to tender for the organism of mankind.

So politicians as a simplex submissive to the FMI complex are not thereto solve problems but to hide them: their job is to appease the cells of the other superorganism – life, an increasingly obsolete cost to the company-mothers of machines who are reproducing and guiding their industrial r=evolution.

The paradox of history is experessed with a simple equation: max. Lethal goods = min. human goods, where lethal goods are machines more evolved than man, which substitute, atrophy and kill the human kind.

The solution of the paradox is thus the reverse equation, which is the constitution of history, the ‘lanwave’ or ‘universal grammar’ that maximizes a sustainable world:

Max. Human goods x Min. Human goods.

Foundation is created to maximize this equation, by researching the laws of the superorganism of history and passing laws that will enact it. Those laws in turn are handled to the executive of the 7 presidents, the heptarchy that governs the world in representation of the 7 natural cultures of the ‘rainbow’ planet (Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Islam, Africa, Anglo-America and Hispano-America):

rainbow union

In the graph, we observe the structure of foundation, with the Human Constitution and the Supreme court of biohistorians on top, legislating according to the human constitution the laws that the heptarchy of the rainbow planet will implement in their cultural nations, observed below.

The executive does NOT legislate, because the scientific laws that maximize freedom and survival among human cells must be efficient, real, and taylored according to the laws of the fractal, organic Universe in which we exist. Yet, those laws will be executed and approved by the 7th presidents.

Further on, the reader should observe that a single 4-3 majority permits to approve those laws and that of the 7 cultures of the world, 4 of them, Indonesia, Africa, Islam and Hispano-America, are ‘3rd world cultures’ today, that means cultures moved by eusocial love, life memes and/or primitive warrior castes (eliminated at the foundation of the rainbow planet, with the elimination of the superstructure of nations, subdued by the new higher level of social existence of mankind). Thus most of the votes will tend to favor, as it has to be done, the point of view of life and social love, governments and welfare, over technological dreams of the 3 industrial cultures of Anglo-America, Europe and Asia (far east mongoloid nations).


Economic democracy.


As the Industrial R=evolution comes to an end, Economic Growth of the Human World cannot longer be achieved with ‘techno-utopian’ investments in robotics that throw us out of work and the military that menaces to extinguish us. Further on, the massive invention of e-money for speculative schemes that we shall now describe, merely tax citizens, jacking up the prices of all commodities and provoking stagflation (as money looses value but financiers keep it for themselves or invest it in ‘negative’ technology. The result is that the western world under the boot of financiers have negative or minimal GDP growth and loose the freedoms of social-democracies.

Thus only a world designed as an efficient biological organism, where money is the blood distributed  created from the BOTTOM of the human pyramid up, and from the Government down in welfare collective goods, can ensure massive demand and Overproduction of Life goods that ensure growth and a world to the image and likeness of mankind. In the map this is evident.

The highest growth in the world happen in countries that control their issue of money and handle liberally welfare goods and unemployment benefits to their poor: China and its African satellites grow thanks to those investments.

On the other extreme the European countries which had a similar welfare model now, once the ECB bank ruled by neo-classic economists that have taken away their sovereign rights to print money converting them in ‘usury’ slaves of bankers’ debt-money (as the ECB bank, ruled by private bankers that move from public to private positions, lends only to private banks at 0% so they can cut an usury of 6% which is ‘collected’ by corrupted politicos that act as ‘tax-farmers’ of their populations – curiously the same usury the Bank of England Charged to the British people, when it was a private concern). The only solution to this crisis therefore is to walk on the path of China, nationalizing the financial industry, ending usury debt money and speculation schemes and issuing a Universal salary in ¥€$ money to the world population, creating a ‘global blood surface’ of life energy that resurrects the future of mankind.

In a perfect world, human systems would be built imitating nature, with ethic laws, the nervous head of our social superorganisms reigning over the blood/body system. Or else it is like a ‘blind body’ which has no direction of future. Exactly what happens in our sick, ill-designed world.

With this in mind before we describe the birth of the financial-media system and its cycles of creation and destruction of wealth and war this people enact, what should be clear is that bankers and speculators should not invent debt-money to tax mankind with usury, and destroy our economics in boom and bust cycles.

The pretension of a group of private bankers to monopolize the issue of money and ‘silence’ mankind from the use of one of its 2 languages of power, equals the pretension of military dictators to dictate the laws in non-democratic states. it is like if you were forbidden at individual level to talk, and when you talk, you would have to pay for it an interest.

Money SHOULD NEVER BE DEBT-MONEY. This is not its meaning. Languages are not ‘borrowed’. People cannot be forbidden to talk. In the case of societies, the brain of collective societies, its governments cannot be forbidden to issue bills of law and bills of money. The debt crisis is an absurd crisis, born of the tyranny of a group of people that have forbidden mankind to speak one of its languages of power.

If the world were constructed as we shall show in our theoretical exercise of a perfect world with the laws of Nature, MONEY would be the blood language of all mankind, and as such created as a Universal salary in a global currency (¥€$ money), handled to every human being, every year, so all humans as all cells of an organism do, would have enough blood/money to survive in a truly equalitarian society; and this would provoke a massive demand of basic ‘life goods’, food, housing, health-care and education, as demand on those basic goods is far stronger among the poor. This simple measure carried out by the FMI making its SDR currency, free-debt money, with fixed parity of  100 ¥ens =5 ¥uans=1 €=1 $, coupled with the end of Forex, Future and Stock markets, making shares nominal will suddenly eliminate all the problems of the world.

Investment and production would immediatly switch to human goods. The evolution of robotics, audiovisual hate-media and machines that work for us or atrophy and substitute our mind would halt.  The risk of extinction will disappear, and ‘magically’ within decades the world would become a paradise made to our image and likeness.

As all superorganisms have enough food and information for all its cells and control the reproduction of lethal ‘viral entities’ that poison them. But that would require a political nationalization of the global Financial Industry and a legal binding agreement among the key states of the world (US, Canada, EU, Russia, Japan and China, which would together create a Global Northern alliance representing, 2/3rds of the planet in population, land and GDP, to which all other nations would join).

Easy as it sounds, easy as it could be done in any G20 meeting, the reason why this will not likely happen before our extinction and mental degradation to a level in which we will be rendered happy idiots waiting for extinction is the existence of the Financial-Media System, a globalized ‘machine of information’, owned by a people-caste of financiers who imprint our mind and have as only goal according to their biblical go(l)d religions the blind pursuit of profits by printing as much informative software, both money and audiovisual hate-media as possible, regardless of any collateral effect of mankind.

Political Democracy.

But of course, a perfect world requires not only an economic democracy, with a Universal blood salary for all members of mankind – in a globalized economic system, it would be absurd to talk of ‘national salaries’, as capital flows globally now for 40 years and so any measure of economical nature must be global.

It requires also that the legal system is truly democratic.  And this requires that in the same way a people-caste of bankers does NOT have any rights to monopolize the issue of money and prices, there should NOT BE political parties that monopolize the issue of laws.

So what would be a true government of the people? One in which the 2 languages of social power of our social organisms, the reproductive/blood language of digital money and the nervous, legal language, as it happen in efficient organisms of nature, are controlled by the ‘neuronal brain/caste of politicians. Or else we exist in a capitalist dictatorship of bankers who issue money and control with it all other elements of society including politicos that will sell their laws to corporations. But then to complete a true efficient ‘democratic’ system that helps all the cells/citizens of the body to survive, we need, imitating nature, the responsibility of those neuronal cells that must cater and work for the body/citizens.  And this can only happen if as in the case of a natural organism, the cells of the body can send a posteriori messages of pain, when neurons/politicians do not cater to their needs.

Thus there should be a judgement vote for every civil servant after its tenure in which voters can choose between re-election, pension (positive judgments), fines or jail (negative ones).

We cannot of course, as anarchists wanted to get rid of governments, as we are part of a complex social organism, NOT a colony of cells, as some think, or a mass of homo bacteria. So ideally, as natural systems do, 1/2 of that blood money should be born on the cellular level and another 1/2 flow within the heart and brain to serve the people, from infrastructures, to education to hospitals. While corporations should NOT have the right to invent money speculating with shares that should be nominal. This might irritate the ‘techno-utopian’ which thinks mankind progresses with the progress of science. I agree, but ‘science’ means in Greek Knowledge NOT machine. Corporations manufacture machines and in the 4TH CYCLE OF MACHINES, THE CYCLE OF ROBOTICS, ALL EVOLUTION OF ROBOTS IMPLIES THE LOSS OF JOBS AND LIVES IN WAR. This is what MANKIND LESS UNDERSTANDS ABOUT THE BIOLOGICAL NATURE OF THIS PLANETS. Machines HAVE NOW become negative in its evolution as they are pROVOKING overdrives of energy (ultrapowerful weapons, cars that run too fast and accident us, nuclear energy that radiates and pollutes and kills life) and information (hate media and audiovisual information that atrophies our brains, and make us visual, neo-paleolithic people, multiple noise created by hundreds of channels, etc.)

So the only reason and advantage that massive invention of money in stocks has given mankind – to invest huge sums in new machines is over. And certainly the state and its nationalized banks with an ethic point of view can handle enough credit and money for research that it matters, to companies that produce goods we really need. Latter we study this cunning combination of a private sector for all companies and endeavors which are good to man, hence are positive and will welcome private initative, vs. the sectors that are lethal to man and should be scrapped of credit or nationalized and kept inefficient. The astounding idiocy of communist dictators and dogmatic marxists was to nationalize human sectors like agriculture – cause of massive holocausts in Russia and China due to hunger, similar to those at the end we explain caused by speculators in future markets today – and of course, becoming obsessed by war and weapons making, though this as we shall see is a consequence of our systematic creation of debt-money for wars.

In any case, concluding this preview of the perfect world, parties are meaningless. There should be an ‘evolving’ biological science of history and economics, which should be taught in schools without censorship – because if there were no censorship obviously humans would understand perfectly the systemic bull$hit and lying of the Smiths,, Hayek et al, all of them diverting the ‘issues’ of economics, protecting the banking monopoly. Without censorship the system would collapse. So with no parties and history and economics as the most important sciences of mankind, and with real power to issue law and money, individuals of merit, intelligent and ethic, knowing they will be judged, a posteriori, would be politicians for the common good.

What is totally irrelevant to the structure of reality is to make a choice between 2 equal ‘siamese’ heads as no system in the Universe has 2 opposite heads trying to guide an organism.

The heart is ruled by the brain and feeds every cell/human of the organism putting no price to basic energy – food, so humans should legally establish a universal salary and put down prices of food. The opposite is truth, only speculators put prices, they are private people, and as we shall see very soon they put skyrocket prices to food in future markets to make billions of profits.

In an organism, for example the neurons only get 10 times more energy than the cells of the body as it happens in japanese corporations. In our corporations of our go(l)d private, capitalist culture they get up to 1 million times more blood/salary. And so on.

Why, because we are NOT guided by those objective, biological, eusocial laws that build stronger, survival organisms, in which ALL the members of the ‘DNA’ species gets its share of blood, but by Ego paradoxes of selfish individuals, selfish tribes, selfish religions, selfish species, and in each of those scales we see the ‘other’ as a different species applying the laws of devolution and death of the Darwinian Universe in an dog-eat-dog world. So we are not ‘fit to survive’ as a species.

From an even wider perspective, the cause of our failure as a species is the  fundamental paradox of all informative beings – the ego paradox – since all minds gauge reality from its fixed point of view.

And so humans think man is the fixed center of the Universe ( Earth was such center till XVII c. and it is still so for some biblical believers)  makes humanity enlarge their ego, as our nose seems bigger to the entire Andromeda Galaxy, even if in reality we are just ‘a mush over a rock, lost in a corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer).

What this means is that we are also submitted to the Laws of the Universe; hence we are NOT free, only as particles, but NOT as members of cultures programmed by memes; hence we are submitted to cycles as all species are, to the laws of the biological universe, as all Earth’s species are and the only thing we can and must do about it, is obeying these laws not inventing them, to take advantage within the limits of change those laws permit, and construct a better world for mankind.

What we do is to cling to the Ego Paradox (Abrahamic religions, nationalism, techno-utopias, etc.) So we ensure we do not understand history, economics and the workings of the Universe and we break its laws, receiving the ‘basic’ penalty of the biological Universe that reinforces them – action-reaction extinction processes, of which shall show a few. And then what bother my sense of Justice, we cry and shout and feel enraged victims – showing no repentance and no intention to learn those laws and cut the causality of those cycles. That though will not do in the impersonal cosmos where no ‘trick’ works as the mind of the Universe is ‘true science’.

In that regard, while the blog will be once finished – if ever – mostly dedicated to study in depth with the laws of biological sciences the cycles of evolution of  human species, into social super-organisms, Gods, Nations and Civilizations, guided by the ethic wor(l)d it also analyzes the ‘negative’ side of world history – the creation of ill-designed social organisms, ‘infected’ by the overproduction of  ’selfish memes of metal’ – weapons, money and machines – which have cre(dit)ated a sick global system, the Financial-Media -Military-Industrial  Complex that is killing life and terraforming the world into a world of machines, where our future is not ensured.
Thus this central post also studies the FMMI system, and its evolution with special emphasis on the present crisis of overproduction of chips – the last cycle of evolution of machines – and its derivatives: e-money, white collar Pcs, blue collar robots and electronic weapons, which are displacing humans from labor and war fields.

Now because this blog is called ‘evolutionary economics’ and most people are already aware of the scourge of nationalism in the creation of wars, we ‘work’ the mind of the believer who dares to keep reading in the pervasive alliance and casual relationship between Go(l)d religions and capitalism, mere evolution of the former and side the ‘caring’ newspeak of censorship by means of political correctness, as we already did when explaining the annual holocaust of the Future Markets and its practitioners.

Since only if human governments control money, we can bend its values to credit a life-based welfare world made to the image and likeness of man.


¥€$ money & The Wor(l)d Union: Rainbow planets

Economists, and politicians, doctors of history, should promote human, biological goods, which mankind most enjoy as they allow us to fulfill our natural drives of existence – the desire for biological energy, verbal information, reproduction and Eusocial evolution, and prevent the reproduction of lethal goods, which limit our evolution, either atrophying and substituting our brains or killing our bodies (weapons and digital machines).
But only a World Government in control of the reproduction of money, used to create a sustainable economy based in the memes of life, cre(dit)ated with a global currency with rights to deficits, ¥€$ money, could implement the measures needed to impose limits to corporations and re-direct the economic ecosystem to create a paradise of ‘human goods’ on Earth”.

The Wor(l)d Union: A WHealthy body of history.

Can we change the World? There is a always a chance…

The Metal-Earth is almost constructed by the stock-market – the informative brain, the network-brain of money, the language that creates the economic ecosystem. The process of creation of the Metal-earth is almost completed.

The XVII century gave birth to company-mothers, the XIX C. to bodies of metal. The 20th century, has given birth to heads of metal. Ears of Metal, eyes of metal, brains of metal, radios and phones, cameras and TVs, chips, computers and internets, informative organs that reach faster and farther than human informative organs; and substitute laws and religions, our networks of survival truths, by pro-machine ideologies. In this manner the Metal-earth is about to be born.

Meanwhile the ecosystem of History, the rival ecosystem has not a worldwide brain, not an informative center, able to counter-react against the biologic consequence of the growth of the Metal-earth:

the parallel process of extinction of the life and the human Earth, that the fight for the limited vital space of this planet, between both rival ecosystems, and species causes. The process of construction of the Metal-earth by company-mothers seems in biological terms harmful to Carbolife and man. Can we avoid it?

Yes we can, as any other biological process can be aborted. Yet to abort the Metal-earth, an enormous deal of effort should take place. As it happens in any attempt to abort a biological process of growth in any organism or ecosystem. Let us imagine now that such process is somehow natural to planets. That certain carbolife species, evolve metal-species, to acquire power over its ecosystem. Then the new species eliminate the previous symbiotic forms that helped them to evolve. Even in that case the process can be halt, as you can stop a ray of light that has traveled billions of years merely putting your hand in the middle of the ray. Or you can abort a fetus, hitting into the stomach of the mother…

Many planets obviously do not become metal-planets. Otherwise the galaxy should be filled with machines. Maybe there are many planets that abort or never have the conditions to create a world of metal. Let us imagine that is our case – after all our life Earth is very young in the outskirt of our galaxy; far away from the complex center of evolved ‘metal-planets’, and evolved stars. Not so here, where it is logic to think that if man is wise enough, the life Earth could last very long. Let us imagine that we men have a chance to continue as top predators of this planet, and we want to build it to the image and resemblance of ourselves. I believe we do. Yet I am only an informative human. I have no power, no money, no armies to re-conduct the human adventure towards a longer life. The job has to be done by stockratswith money, scientists against robotics, politicians with laws and the military with weapons, the languages of power of human societies, they control.

So paradoxically only those who are destroying the Earth by backing the evolution of machines – the animetals – can save it preventing their further evolution.

As a bioeconomist and biohistorian, as a doctor of the body of history, I can theoretically understand the way we can save the Earth and design ways to halt the process of terraforming of the Earth. Yet our leaders, warriors, traders, and scientists, have to act up. A writer only can advice with words, a doctor can only advice a patient. It is the patient who has to take the antidote. It is up to the leaders of the species, to control the Metal-earth before the Metal-Earth leaves no room to control. What a bio-economist can do is to explain the nature of the Metal-Earth. To warn man against machines. To explain the errors of abstract economics that prevent our leadership to have a clear vision of the Earth’s sickness. A bio-economist can also consider theoretical models of biological nature and economical measures that could improve the networks of information and energy that sustain human beings.

This is the purpose of this page: to use bio-logical laws in favor of man, by designing apolitical system in which men not machines are evolved and reproduced by the social networks of that political system, ‘The World Union’. We call the economical system that the World Union imposes, an “ethonomy” because it should be ruled by verbal orders and values, not by monetary orders and values, by human political systems, that set the goals of the bio-economy from the verbal, survival, human point of view.

The need for a single World Organism: The Wor[l]d union

It should be obvious by what it has been said in this Web, that a world system of economics could work in favor of mankind. It would be an “ethonomic” system, where the ethical, verbal mandate of human survival controls the market and its products. In such world, human rights could be higher than metal rights. We call such ideal world government, the Wor[l]d Union. Wor[l]d means both Word and World. That is, a World ruled by the survival, anthropomorphic language of Words, which puts man at the center of the Universe, and wishes to construct a planet to our image and resemblance.

Thus The Wor[l]d Union is a world government based on Ethonomics, on economical systems that promote human goods, and repress lethal goods. The Wor[l]d union is ruled by human verbal Laws. It has a simple goal: the survival and evolution of mankind. In such World, verbal words (Laws) rule over digital numbers (money and science).

The aim of an Ethonomic society is not the evolution of machines and metal goods, but the evolution of men and the reproduction of human goods. Such ideal systems existed in the past, mostly in pre-metal civilizations and religious ages, when economics were submissive to moral ethics: ages such as the Christian age of Rome, or the Buddhist age in Asia, when people were socially harmonic. There were many human goods, ethical churches controlled credit and invested mainly in welfare (50% of church revenues were spent in the poor by canonical law). In those ages the quantity of money and machines of war dwindled. Such ages had an economical mandate in favor of the Human Historic organism, that could be resumed in a simple biological equation: the Human constitution.

The sickness of the Organism of History

We are biological beings, which follow the biological drives and laws of Eusocial evolution of living organisms and efficient, survival species. Thus, without the understanding of the Nature and Needs of human beings, it is impossible to design a perfect economical world, made to the image and likeness of man. In brief, an efficient economy that caters to the human species, should satisfy and re=produce massively those goods that satisfy our need for natural energy, verbal information, family values (reproduction) and Eusocial evolution (the memes of love that create a global super-organism of mankind) hrough the control and direction of credit by elected governments to the re=production of those goods.

The present world however is not ruled by bio-historians and politicians who understand the nature of man, but by financial economists with a simple primitive meme: greed is good, the reproduction of money, mostly for ourselves, bankers, is the goal of societies. The needs of the people are secondary to our selfish goal. And so only the nationalization of money to promote a welfare, private economy that subventions and encourages the production of biological goods can solve the problems of our world. Otherwise the present economy ruled by financial elites and company-mothers of machines, whose only goal is to make profits by selling machines and substituting expensive human labor by cheap robots and pcs will end up in a world of infinite productivity and null human labor where we will be obsolete workers and soldiers, guided by economists who preach productivity laws – the substitution of labor by capital, sinceproductivity=capital/labor increases when we fire workers and increase capital=machines. This world also will become less and less democratic as the sinking of a middle class, substituted by those machines and displaced into the 3rd world of suburban ghettos protests and must be repressed by an  increasing number of automated police machines, security systems and big brother technologies. Thus Keynesian Militarism will substitute Keynesian Welfare goods and an age of neofascism in the making, will control the population that rebels against the zeitgeist of our age.

The alternative science: ethonomics – a demand, democratic economy based in human goods.

A biological approach to economics can truly understand the nature of machines , and how they are transforming our human ecosystem. Then as the doctor does with the body we can design antidotes, and counter-measures to defend our social body of history, from the lethal mutation it is experienced under the effect of certain machines. Indeed, there is a second role that a scientist plays. He does not search for the laws of natureonly to know those laws, but he studies them to manipulate reality with that knowledge. Since the scientist knows the laws of nature, he can modify reality to improve his existence. So happens in the science of chemistry and medicine. Now man can cure many diseases of which he was a victim in the past.

The doctor applies the laws of nature to improve the life of humanity. Hence the enormous importance of a “real” science of economics and history. If man applies a “true scientific model” of history and economics, based not in abstractions and ideologies of machines, but in the natural goods, and needs of the human species, politicians, economists, and the common people, could direct in their own advantage the behavior of the Earth’s ecosystems, and design their own future (as scientists do, with those species whose laws of behavior and change they know).

Men could create a future positive to our species, controlling the financial orders that reproduce machines, with verbal ethic laws, and implementing counter-measures against lethal products, reinforced by the military -the leukocytes of a well-run human organism- to cure the ecosystem of history. If the “doctors” of history and economics, our entrepreneurs and politicians, our military and economists, were able and willing to understand the laws of financial networks and evolutionary machines, and the way they invent the future, they could manipulate history and economics in favor of man, of our collective species. They do the opposite today, cheated by complex ideologies in favor of all kind of machines, that do not distinguish the good from the bad apples of the tree of science.

In this manner subconsciously they are directing mankind towards self-suicide, and destruction of his natural ecosystem.

The natural, biological Goods of a human economy

In the graph, the 3 organic goals of mankind, human social evolution human energy, and human information, are fostered by certain goods. If we give to each good a certain value in those 3 organic goals, we can put them within the frame of reference.

Positive Y values are given to goods that foster human mental-informative evolution.

Negative Y values are given to goods thatdiminish human mental evolution. Positive X values are given to goods that foster human body evolution.

Negative X values are given to goods that foster human body devolution.

Finally, in the positive Z coordinates we consider goods that foster human social communication and reproduction of social networks.

In negative Z coordinates we consider goods that diminish human social communication. Since we know thanks to the laws of the vital Universe the nature of human mental and body evolution it is very easy to put in one of such graphs all kind of goods, and classify them as negative goods with negative GDP value, to be extinguished, or positive goods to be promoted. The product of its XYZ coordinates will give the negative or positive value of a good for the national GDP.

A scientific frame of reference establishes negative and positive values, according to the language and the frame of reference. From the point of view=frame of reference of ethonomics, of economics of verbal thought, and human survival, we can establish a positive and a negative value for economical products. In such frame of ethical reference, we can take judgment and make valuations on metal-species, based in human biological values, not in the values of money .

What extinguishes or degrades human minds, or human bodies, is negative; what promotes human life, evolution, and perception through human senses is positive. Such products should be promoted by politicians and ethonomists, governments and markets. The lethal products should be limited.   In the world of economics we have to differentiate the products reproduced by companies and individuals into two clear groups:

– Human goods which are goods that men require to survive, and better themselves.

– metal goods such as weapons or metal-heads, or robots, which harm human beings, expel labor, and create unemployment, kill our bodies, make our minds obsolete and will surely when they reach consciousness compete as top predators of energy and information for the control of the Earth.

The wealth of a nation should be defined as the wealth in Human Goods,that most citizens require and enjoy, because they improve their lives. These goods create also a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. Such is the case of art, housing, agriculture, health and education, that need human labor Countries like Spain came very up that list, headed by nations like Australia, Canada, and France. On the whole nations of the European Union are well up in that least, despite their perceived military and monetary weakness.

On the other hand countries like America or Russian whose societies are/were based in the production of lethal goods sunk in the real standards of life of their people. Indeed if we measure today wealth by the quantity of money and expensive items, such as weapons and complex machines a nation has, America is on top of the world. Yet in the list of healthy nations it appears way down. Since in that list certain goods do not add to the health of nations.

To have more missiles in the statistics of GDP growth does not make a nation healthier. To have hundreds of TV channels, and internet connections, instead of libraries and good schools does not make children more intelligent, sociable, and happier. To measure all the things and humans by their monetary value, price or salary, make us economic objects. Yet monetary values are different, sometimes completely opposed to human values.

For example murder and weapons are very expensive. They have however a negative human value. Yet human values and human goods is what make us happy. America and the EU, the powerful and the socially evolved nation, the wealthy and the healthy, the nation ruled by abstract economists,primitive ideologies of animetals and digital numbers, or the nation who still reveres human culture (arts, verbal thought), in which there are still certain ideals about the progress of history, and concerned citizens which want to evolve socially, seem to be opposed in many ways.

Which one is a better nation for its citizens? Perhaps we should ask to the neutral people of the world, that vote visiting one and the other. Their decision is clear, because despite so muchpropaganda and hip about the American way of life, provided by its media companies, tourists go to Europe more often, and hardly travel across America…

Obviously they do not want to share the main wealth of present America, its weapons, and the growing discomfort of a people that despite their many qualities, hard work, and thirst for life, are suffering the consequences of ill-devised physiological systems, that rule the American nation. Europe used to be like that before the II World war. 

Then Europe ran into wrong ideas about what health and power should be as America does today. European Nations invested on “lethal goods”, germs-like weapons, and information became corrupted. It became propaganda to cover up, such false “wealth”, that showed up in all statistics as an impressive growth in GDP…

Totalitarism arrived. Nations suddenly preached the doctrine of “action” and “violence”, to solve the problems of our age. Sustained by the weapon-germ industry, fascism and Stalinism terrorized Europe for 2 long decades. Yet people in fascist and communist countries did not know they were reproducing “germ”-products, because thenetworks of information –mainly radio and press– were optimist about the future, and praised the beauty of war; denying systematically any wrong doing by those politicians and entrepreneurs, on top of society. To that aim, words and economic numbers were “read” in a convenient way. So Germans and Russians thought they were very “w-healthy”, while marching under the banner of industrial progress. Their minds were brain-washed, and their love for things like sports and technology, filled up their life… Everybody looked at Germany with envy.

The economical miracle of Hitler was very much praised by the press of that age. Germany had the highest rates of economic growth, even if that growth was in lethal machines. It did not matter. Numbers cheated people. Germans were all at work… making lethal, expensive weapons, that counted in the optimist statistics of economics.

As America -the paradigm of metal wealth does today- Germany had the best weapons and best communication systems… who delivered an unending stream of confusing, propagandistic news, and violent speeches…

Indeed, nations with a lot of weapons and high-tech goods look very rich, because weapons and high-tech goods are the most expensive items of society. So a nation who had many of his people without basic attention, and basic goods, like communist Russia, fascist Germany, or XXI century America, but had/has a lot of weapons looks very wealthy. Yet weapons had to be used, and they were used, and I world war, came, and II world war came. Europe suffered as never mankind had suffered before. It was a hard lesson, that Europe learnt after the war. Enemy nations who seemed irreconcilable like Germany and France, suddenly realized all was militaristic propaganda and “the endemic cultural racism” among them, disappeared. Nations joined together.

The rich switched from weapons production to human goods, that fed the social cells. The politicians decided to keep the poor healthy and educated, instead of teaching them how to use weapons, that could turn against the elite. Guided by the nervous-legal system, thanks to subventions, the economy soon was able to produce the human goods that every cell of society required to live with the proper energy and information (such as food, health, housing, and education). It worked. Europe did not have a war for the rest of the century, till last year… in Kosovo.

It seemed that Europe had evolved his pre-war, primitive free market system into a more natural social organism, that made people happier, avoiding war and violence, and ensuring the rich, their position in society, as responsible information cells. There were no more revolutions, civil unrest, pogroms and other penalties against the “freed”=Freedom of greed of stockrats, owners of company-mothers proper of less evolved societies…

We have to consider that after the II WW America did not take note of the lessons Europe had learnt. It did not reform its blood-freed market system. Instead it opted for wealth at any price, as Germany had done. It made of “GNP” numbers which are biased to weapons and high-tech, the main statistics to show the wealth of the nation. It ignored its “human development”. The rich thought they would be happier putting more zeros to accounts they already could not spent in an entire life, instead of sharing part of that wealth to create a healthy nation, where they could walk around without fear. So those industries with higher profits -weapons and computers– despite their clear dangers for the national well-being, became the backbone of the American economy.

And so today America as Germany before the war, ruled by castes ofanimetals who are blind to any rational vision of history is pushing head to head with those nations whose systems she “has created to its image and resemblance” such as Taiwan, Japan, or South-Korea, towards a rule in which machines substitute and men, robots menace the survival of our species, company-mothers dominate governments, and individuals devolve to a primitive “bacterium-like state”, loose their freedom,dedicating their entire life to reproduce and vitalize machines, ignoring anything about social evolution, and the survival of the species. Plainly the American model, as primitive as the German and European models were before the war, are leading mankind towards extinction.

It is what we call Neofascism, imposed by the power of weapons and the corruption of money, against the will of the American people and the human people at large. It is a question of ideologies, against reason. How can then we introduce some reason, some scientific truths in the world of ideological economics?

Let us try to do that in this page. The first task of such real science of economics should be to classify goods according to their positive or negative effects in the human kind. It is fundamental to divide goods between metal goods which are devolutionary of man, and cannot be consumed-destroyed easily, without polluting the Carbo-Earth; and human goods which cater to human senses: food, housing, agriculture, art forms, tourism, transport, health care, education, etc. metal goods are either weapons, tools of pricing, or technological machines and metal senses: instruments “who” substitute human bodies and Minds, since they increase human perception.

Those 3 kind of goods are the most desired by man, and yet the most harmful to man. Their regulation should not be given to the market that makes them top predators over human goods, but to a worldwide Government:

The World Union, and its ministries.

In Ethonomics it is fundamental to understand the concept of negative price value. In Ideological Economics in favor of metal-wealth, weapons and digital machines add to the GNP. In a real ethonomical system, that maximizes human welfare, lethal products have negative values. They do not add but subtract to the GNP of a nation, since they go against the evolution of mankind. Perhaps some theoretical background on the nature of scientific coordinates, is required to understand the Ethonomical coordinates of values.

Since knowledge is subjective, when describing a Universal ecosystem, we need to create first a linguistic frame of reference, or coordinates with negative and positive parameters, that describe in terms of our “linguistic values”, the Ecosystem.

In physics we do use mathematical coordinates, with positive (+) or negative (-) values referred to the space-time position of the observer. For example if we measure speed, negative acceleration rests in the negative side of the frame of reference and positive acceleration adds. It follows that in Ethonomics we need also negative and positive prices referred to the effect of products in the observer (the Human species).

The frame of reference in Ethonomics is the Human constitution:

Max H[g] = Min M[g]. Or Human[goods]=positive; Metal[goods]=negative.

Since the goal of the constitution is to increase human goods, metal goods that “decelerate” human evolution, and the creation of a healthy body of History, based on the Human constitution have negative value. Human goods that accelerate human evolution, have positive value.

So the “health and human wealth” of a nation, its “real GNP” that measures the “real utility” of products for human societies, is calculated adding the production of Human goods, and discounting the production of lethal metal goods. The outcome will give us a more accurate measure of the “healthiness” of a human society.

The Human Constitution

We are not God.

We cannot choose the Laws of the Universe. There are certain absolute truths about survival  that cannot be denied. You do not choose to eat poison. If you were a child, your parents would prevent you from taking poison.

They will not give you such free choice. In the same manner, humanity, a child of thought, should know the products that poison History, and avoid them. Man should implement an eco[nomic]system that could not reproduce the metal-poisons of history. economists and politicians should be the doctors of History, and control the creation of species in the Earth in favor of mankind. Yet how can we achieve this goal in a practical manner?

We should use the language of money, and the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and to diminish, lethal metal goods. We call that goal of human societies the “human constitution,” since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could “constitute” a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction.

The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, metalife, which is fighting with us for the same ecosystem.

Let us consider a verbal and mathematical expression of the Human Constitution.

Max. Human goods=Min.lethal goods

In the graph the two sides of the Human Constitution: both the metal-bodies and metal-heads of Machines (Metal-goods) and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified (Delenda Est) to a level of complexity inferior to man (before their evolutionary threshold of II WW), so man can again be Top Predator of the Earth. The human constitution is the law of survival of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem.

It should guide humans in charge of metal evolution (animetals) and human evolution (politicians, and religious organizations).

Man might ignore our constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it, and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of evolutionary theory,  the only theory validated by most sciences and events of the Universe. The Human Constitution is clear. Yet how can we be so sure of the extinction of man by machines, to affirm categorically the Human Constitution?

We can not.

We do not affirm we have the absolute truth, but the probable truth dictated by biological sciences. In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, used by models of reality.

However, the “goal” of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on probable truths. The gazelle cannot wait to see if the lion is going to eat her. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen other lions eating gazelles.

Man cannot wait to see if robotic weapons kill man, and conquer our vital space. We have seen weapons killing human civilizations in many cycles of war. So it is very probable that they do it again.

Scientists today behave like young gazelles, as if the total experience of biological and human history were worthless; as if they had never seen species preying on other species.Scientists are not fit to survive in this Universe.

They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct.

The necessary reforms 4 are the fundamental reforms that could implant the human constitution:

1: A political and legal reformation of all nations, towards a World Union, unified by common Pro-Human policies.

2: An economical reformation of the stock-market to achieve credit for human goods, and discredit digital machines.

3: A cultural reformation of the present Theories of EconomicsHistory and Science, to foster social, verbal sciences instead of physical, digital sciences.

4:A reformation of armies, that should control the evolution of metal-weapons, instead of promoting them. This is possible. Historic causes such as the Samurai armies of Edo Japan that controlled gunpowder by extinguishing canons and muskets, in the XVII century, when Japan was the first world producer of such lethal weapons, prove that America can control if so wishes the robotic reproduction of machines. It only needs the discipline and desire of survival that the Samurai castes of Japan, or the Manchu Chinese which also controlled gunpowder in mainland China showed that century.

Those 4 reforms could change history, by reversing the evolution of machines, promote the evolution of man and create a healthy Historical organism.

The human Constitution cannot be changed because the human species is limited in power compared to certain metal species. The Universe has only one possible penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction.

To deny the human constitution is to deny the Laws of The Universe and the rights of humanity to survive. All writers of certain notoriety in human history have defended that constitution in one or other way. The human constitution gives birth to the sciences ofEthonomics [which combines political and Economical programs that foster Human survival], the highest of all sciences, whose aim is to help mankind to survive.

Yet unfortunately it will not be developed unless we end digital evolution soon, before the Robotic Revolution takes place.

 The Wor(l)d Union & The Rainbow Planet.

At this stage only a political ‘coup d’état’ of the G20 or the presidents of China, US & EU, against ‘capitalist’ democracies can change the world, implementing a global political reform that allows the implementation of ethonomics, its IHD frame of reference and a true democratic society based in ¥€$ money and a Universal salary that cre(dit)ates a demand economy. We shall end this work laying down the basis of that reform which would create the Wor(l)d Union and the rainbow planet.

The Wor(l)d Union is a global superorganism that models its institutions with the Fractal Efficient Laws of biological Super-organisms10 – a World’s superstructure of collective power, imposed over nations to reform capitalism & abolish warfare that imitates those natural laws. Thus it improves upon corrupted (EU) or powerless (UNO) international systems, widening their reach & goals.

So after a coup d’état of the 3 super-presidents backed by the G-20 council, the Wor(l)d Union establishes a political reform parallel to the aforementioned economic reform to create a true democracy at 3 levels: the level of individual politicians elected within national regions; the level of its 7 cultural superorganisms – the rainbow planet that fusions national borders according to their memetic affinity; and the level of the World Union governed by the heptarchy of cultural presidents.

Reform of Political and Economic Organizations: Causal  Judgment Vote of Neuronal Castes.

-In all efficient Natural systems a neurons/political class issues to all cells unilaterally (debt-free) 2 physiological languages that direct their actions – the nervous/informative and reproductive/blood languages – in our societies the legal, verbal & digital, monetary languages. Body cells DON’T have the obligation to return a debt-free language – a one-directional order whose purpose is to guide their actions. So in a real democracy all humans should receive an ‘entropic=free’ Universal salary.

-Cells can deliver feedback pain orders to the brain when the orders are wrong; so its neurons/ politicians act responsibly. Thus, efficient politicians & corporations Managers must deliver to all cells/citizens of the body, to ensure their survival, enough Blood=WHealth=Money=Energy and real democracies must emit just=equalitarian=eusocial, informative, nervous=legal orders. If not, as organisms do, cells must send back ‘pain messages’ to the brain’s ‘neuronal castes’ when they misguide them, harm their body or starve them. This means in praxis, a systematic judgment vote, at the end of each tenure of any civil servant & CEO, equivalent to the capacity of cells to send pain messages to the neuronal brain and theabolition of Anonymous Societies’ Laws & Political immunity to make responsible, Politicians, Managers & owners of corporations. Corporations today have no obligations with their communities and politicians cheat people because they are not judged on their promises’ fulfillment. So both must be judged by vote on the Region or Culture in which politicians serve & Corporations act. It is more important a post-tenure judgment vote than an election vote to choose efficient management. So after tenure, voters poll back and penalize:

– Civil servants & corporation’s management that provoke harm to people with jail for social crimes.

– Corrupted politicians that fail to deliver their promises with financial penalties for embezzlement.

-But reward honest, efficient jobs with Automatic Re-election or Salary pensions.

D) Thus to implement the human constitution and create a democracy that makes politicians and managers, in control of the legal and financial languages of social power, efficient & responsible, legislators mimic Nature’s organic models, cre(dit)ating a positive humanist praxis for mankind.

– Parties should be banned. Since there is only a science of economics and a goal in history – to maximize human welfare – there is NO ideology to vote. Sciences are not voted but reasoned. Truths are not democratic. They have no choice so truth is not vote’s choice. The choice is of persons. Parties today act merely as protective systems to dilute the responsibility of corrupted politicians & channels for lobbyism., which is forbidden as embezzlement, including private campaign money, provided by the state plus media time only for candidate’s debate. So voters vote on life trajectory. All laws must be voted. After scientists design them to maximize human welfare they stay in Town Voting Houses for a month & citizens vote or deny their passage.

National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet.

The 6+1 historic global cultures were born in 3 horizons of growing complexity, departing from:

1. Western, White, dolichocephalic, visual, lineal, spatial, subjective, anthropomorphic, self-centered cultures, in which ‘Abrahamic gods’ are smaller, complementary superorganisms, tribal systems with a geographical body, whose subconscious collective, national mind is the god (Jung) & center of culture. So Assur is God, people & capital of Assyrians and Yvwh, is an earlier toponym for Judea, the body of God, the subconscious, collective of its inhabitants, the Jewish people.

– Anglo-America & Israel: I Age of anthropomorphic Gods, reduced to race or tribe: Talmud->Bible memes. It mutates into an economic, fetish religion of go(l)d as God’s symbol of the chosen.

– Hispano-America: II Age, when God’s mind encloses all humans: Gospel: Eusocial love memes.

–  Islam: III Age simplifies myths & rituals, focusing on Verbal Nature of God’s brain: Koran meme.

2. Eastern, Mongoloid, brachycephalic, verbal, cyclic, objective, eusocial cultures that define the living, organic Universe as the body of the superorganism of God, its Mind, who determines the existence of beings based in the Logic Laws of Complementary, Dual Systems that combine Yin=Vishnu=Information vs. Yang=Shiva =Energy to reproduce the ∞ beings of reality.

– Black Africa: I Age: sensorial, life-oriented beliefs, where God is Gaia – all the living have souls.

– Asia: III Age: Buddhism&Taoism: God is a game of ∞ beings of Yang=Energy & Yin=Information.

– Indonesia invaded by all cultures is an eclectic mix of Islam (Indonesia, Bangla Desh), Buddhism (Sri Lanka, Burma), Bible&Gospel memes (Australasia, Philippines) & Hinduism (India), the II Age of Objective religions, corrupted by animetal castes where Vishnu=In-Form-ation x Shiva=Energy.

Continental Europe based in rational, social-democratic French & Russian R=evolutionary memes.


Its 7 natural capitals are: New York, Panama, Brussels, Seoul, Singapore, Cabo & Alexandria.

  In graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs:

3rd age osfhistory_image002


The rainbow’ colors of the 7 World Cultures are:

Skin colors’: Yellow (Asia) & Red (Amerindian). Ideographic colors: Green (Islam); Indigo (European Union); Sea Blue (Australasia & Indonesia); Orange (Anglo-America, for the Orange Dutch->British dynasty that started the capitalist culture);

Mixed, skin/ideographicColor: Dark Violet associated to Africa.

The 7 Cultures are superorganisms created over the Nations of the World, by absorbing politic, economic & military competences from single nations, through a fusion process similar to EU.

Since cultural cohesion is the only human ‘strong emotional meme’ able to substitute national ones.

But the 7 Cultures have a higher level of social unity & governance – the Wor(l)d Union, symbolized by a Black & White Flag, ± fusion of the 7 colors – ruled by an Heptarchy, the Brotherhood of the 7 Cultural Presidents that sign a pact of no aggression, starting demilitarization of the World Union that will require no armies, only internal police in each administrative Region, Nation & Culture.

Since Cultures are divided into Nations that also handle down most administrative competences to States/Regions, to increase local efficiency.

The World Union’s heptarchy can be created by a coup d’état against the dictatorship of the FMMI system and its corporations given in a G20 meeting by the Presidents of the World leading nations:

Their collective coup d’état announces the foundation of the rainbow planet and asks all other UNO nations to join the Wor(l)d Union, the Global Superorganism of Mankind, dedicated to Maximize the Human Constitution and create an ethonomic world that increases Human WHealth through political & individual, democratic control of the 2 languages of social power, laws that will be derived from the Human Constitution and applied in all Rainbow Nations & credit in a common ¥€$ currency, issued to all citizens through a Universal Salary, to cre(dit)ate a demand economy and to selected corporations that produce WHealthy goods & denied to FMMI companies of lethal goods.

During the transitional phase, while Nations loose competences to future elected Cultural Presidents & Regional states, the World Union is governed collectively by the presidents of the 7 most populous nations of the rainbow cultures, with 1 vote and its 21 national vice-presidencies, with ½ a vote, chosen from the next bigger nations by combined Population x GDP force to form a quorum of +4/5 of the world GDP and population. Thus, the Wor(l)d Union’s founding Fathers are:

Indigo culture. The EU President and the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazak vice-presidents.

Orange culture. The US President, and 3 vice-presidents, Canada, Ireland & UK.

Red culture. Brazilian president and Spanish, Mexican & Argentinean vice-presidents.

Yellow culture. Chinese President & Japanese, Vietnamese & 2 x1/4th vote Korean vice-presidents.

Indonesian culture. Indian President and Indonesian, Australian and Philippine vice-presidents; Islam. Pakistani President and Egyptian, Turk and Iranian vice-presidents.

Africa. Nigerian President and Congolese, South-African and Ethiopian vice-presidents.

World Union’s capital is its center, Istanbul, renamed Troy, as Turkey gives its European region. UNO sites are used while Troy builds its Union’s Institutions. Each (vice)president shares his time & governance at 3 Levels: Governing the Union with his 28 peers; creating the institutions of each rainbow culture with his Culture’s Nations and handling down power to Regional/State Governors.

Each founding (Vice)President assumes a 10 years executive mandate with dictatorial powers over the FM2I system of its nation and all its corporations, only subject to his Oath ‘to respect and fulfill the Mandates of the Human Constitution’ and to the electoral judgment of their citizens, who after his tenure will vote according to that promise, further enforced by a Supreme Court of 7+21 Judges, which derogate all National Laws that do not follow the Constitution and suggest to the Wor(l)d Union Executive of 7+21 (Vice)presidents new laws to implement the Human Constitution. Since the purpose of the Wor(l)d Union is to create a WHealthy superorganism of history, reshaping the global economy, its corporations, Organs of power, Educational Systems & political and Judiciary Institutions, in order to build a humanist paradise according to its ‘Legal Equation’:

Maximum Human Happiness & Truth = Max. Human goods (H.G) x min. Lethal goods (M.G.)

The Organic Networks Of A Healthy Body Of History.

The organic body of History: elements of the World Union

The Organic Networks Of A Healthy Body Of History.

The goal of the world Union is to implement worldwide the Human Constitution and recreate an ecosystem of Human Goods and Carbolife where metal-species are controlled.

The development of that constitution will be the work and research of Ethonomists and Bio-Historians, based on the way Universal Organisms construct efficient, survival species, by designing the correct networks of energy and information, able to deliver the needed goods to each cell of the organism of History.

They should design scientifically a bio-economy with the aim of producing human goods. Its wealth of work should inspire the 3 network-Ministries of the World Union.

Once such biological and Constitutional goal is clear, we can design the blueprint for a historic organism, guided by that survival goal. That organism will be the organism of bio-history:

Its goal will be the reproduction of human goods and carbolife.

3 are the basic networks of that organism:

1. The reproductive organs, in charge of reproduction of Human goods. We might call such system, the Ethonomical Ministry, or Ministry of Reproduction.

2. The Energy organs, in charge of destroying metal-lethal species. The Energy Ministry, or ministry of metal-war.

3. The informative organs, in charge of controlling information that is lethal to mankind (computer sciences) and distributing information positive for human survival and the social evolution of history.

Or Ministry of Information (Law and Education).

The Ministry of Reproduction reproduces Human Goods: (Max. Human Goods).

The Ministry of Energy eliminates metal Goods: (Min. Metal Goods).

The Ministry of Information (Legislative and Educational councils) creates laws to promote the human constitution (Max Human goods=Min Metal goods), and educates mankind in ethics of survival, sensorial communication, human arts and senses:

The brain of the World Union


It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” which produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History.

Which is no longer the stock-market, whose capacity to invent credit is put to the service of mankind, as it happens in complex social organisms ruled by the nervous system, but the informative Laws and the cells of the human kind, the Human Constitution, the informative ministry and its legislative councils. How do the networks that the brain of the World Union controls, work?

In a manner similar to doctors: they interfere in the workings of the inferior energy and information systems of the body; the nations of present History and their local organizations, and cure specifically on those organs which are sick

In the graph, the advanced phase of the World Union, after the transitional phase of 28 Nations: The Praxis of the Human Constitution, researched by Ethonomists & BioHistorians is the legal project of the Supreme Court and the executive action of its 7 Cultural Presidents & parliaments, made of the Elected Governors of their regional states. Hence there is no need for political parties inventing Laws with wishful thinking, selfish agendas, lobbies and false promises.

The neuronal brain of the World Union is made of Politicians & Ethonomists, the ‘Doctors of the Super-organism of history’.

Societies are designed as efficient democracies according to the Laws of Nature.

The structure and ‘physiological systems’ or ‘Ministries’ of the World Union are tailored imitating the most perfect social organism we know, Man, a perfectly organized system that maximizes the freedom and survival of his cells, made to the image and likeness of the fractal super-organism of the Universe; not a simple machine neither Free Markets, Metal Jungles where Company-mothers and its mechanism have all rights and humans none.

Only evolved Super-Organisms construct efficient, survival systems, by designing the correct networks of reproduction, (economy) energy (defense) and information (law & education), able to deliver the necessary goods to each cell of the organism of History and suppress lethal goods.

This goal cannot be changed because the human species is limited by its biological nature and the equation of death that establish its limits of energy and information. So it is the Rainbow Planet, Gaia, as a whole, compared to lethal metal species.

The Universe has only a penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction. Thus to deny the human constitution is to deny the right of mankind to survive.

In the graph, the 3 ‘physiological Ministries’ & institutions of the Wor(l)d Union – a World directed by the ethic Word whose ‘Universal Grammar’ (Man>Verb>Object) makes man center of the World.

Its goals & power order is the same than the natural order of an evolved mammal social organism:

– The higher goal, embedded in the Human Constitution, is the survival of all its cells, fed with proper energy and information:

Max.H(g) & protected from lethal dangers (Min. M(g)).

– The informative brain/head carries this goal by controlling & organizing 3 reproductive/economic,  body networks; informative/legal-educational systems & energetic, defensive organs.

Thus the Survival mandate of the Human Constitution guides the Court’s legal creation that Citizens approve in Voting Houses and Vice(presidents) and political systems implement through the control of those 3 physiological networks, setting the goals of Production of WHealthy goods (economic systems), destruction of lethal goods (armies) & Education (informative organs).

But Democratic power lies on all the citizens-cells of History=Mankind, whose WHealth is the purpose of the world Union.

Thus they all receive a Universal Salary and have feed-back power through electoral & judgment vote of all ‘neuronal’ cells in positions of power of both structures, the Political/Judiciary System and its FMMI Corporations:

Constitution=>Max. Human Goods X Min.Lethal Goods-> Citizens’ Electoral Vote of Individuals in =>

Supreme Court that suggests Laws-> Citizen’s vote them ->Vice(presidential), National & Regional Governors apply them by controlling=>

Informative Ministries (Education & Media) + Reproductive, Ethonomic Ministries (Max. Human Goods: Industrial & Financial Corporations)=>

+ War & Police Ministries (Min. Lethal Goods: Weapons Industries)

<= Judgment Vote of Judges, Politicians & Corporative Managers

<= Citizens’ feed back <= Max. Wealth <= Constitution

Thus on Top of the Union there is a clear mission, to enforce the Human Constitution to maximize Mankind’s WHealth, which guides both extremes of the cyclical chain of causal power (Citizens’ dual vote), and the actions of Courts, Politicians & Managers in control of the FM2I system.

The 4 main fractal levels of the Union (World, Cultures, Nation & Regions) will have all, 3 main Physiological networks, in charge of the 2 sides of the Human Constitution (Max. Hg x Min. Mg):

1. Ethonomic Ministry or Re=productive network that cre(dit)ates citizen’s WHealth (Max. H.G.) It controls FMMI corporations by legally making their shares nominal, hence with no rights to trade in electronic markets, after a 2 for 1 split, given to the World Union and its 4 scales (Multinational corporations’ ½ shares to the World Union; National Companies to Nations & regions.

Those that produce Lethal Goods will be bailed out and closed or reformed to produce WHealth.

While all Companies classified as Producers of WHealthy Goods (Ethonomic frame) maintain their shares and credit rights, receiving further free debt credit when required.  Since the Ministry controls credit to create WHealthy corporations, issues debt-free ¥€$ money, Universal Salaries, invests in infrastructures, etc. It is subdivided into Agricultural, Health, and Industrial Ministries.

2. Energy Networks: The War Ministry destroys factories (Max. M.G.); Police destroys machines, prosecutes crimes against Constitution & Humans that Courts judge at 3 scales: Supreme Court protects Constitution; Cultural Courts defend ‘+’ Human Memes; regional courts individual crimes.

3. Informative Networks limit audiovisual companies and informations lethal to the mind (Fx fiction, violence, digital over load, ideology, racial tribalism, technology) It overproduces verbal information ‘+’ for human survival and eusocial evolution  (Ethics, Humanities, Culture, Life sciences, etc.).

Each reproductive=economic, energetic=military & informative (legal, audiovisual & educational) system is in charge of Financial, Industrial, Military & Media Corporations owning its ½ split shares. As the World Union builds its final structures, the Wor(l)d Government and its 3 physiological networks use enlarged versions of present supranational organizations, refocused in human goals:

– An enlarged NATO becomes the war ministry, dedicated to protect Humanity against Weapons, destroying most – unlike today’s NATO and its military lobbies, whose corporations aim to evolve, overproduce & sell weapons with profits wars, targeting today as guinea pigs, with the excuse of the ‘War on Terror’, the poorest world nations (10). Terrorism instead is dealt by Police and Courts.

– World Markets are reformed; Speculation suppressed; Currencies reach fixed parities; Future markets are forbidden; Shares are made Nominal; Banks are nationalized and all their financial workers and economists swear to obey the Human Constitution, directing Credit to create WHealth.

Corporations are then modeled with the laws of superorganisms: its managers/neurons can obtain by law only 10 times more energy-salary than the minimal Universal Salary given to the lowest paid workers (1000 ¥€$) as neurons do. Stock-profits are no longer mandatory or guide Companies performance. To that aim Stockholders loose all power as Governments have always a 50% majority vote in FMMI corporations. Even losses can be ‘+’ if a Ministry considers them necessary for a Corporation to reach its Constitutional goal, covered by debt free issues of ¥€$ money.

– While Troy is built, ONU institutions become the key institutions of the 3 Ministries: ONU Security Council becomes the Permanent Site for the presidential Heptarchy; its assembly becomes the Parliament of the World Union; UNESCO, its educational Ministry in control of University Curriculums – that change the present goal of technological education for Humanities, forbidding Robotics, Nuclear Physics and other lethal forms of knowledge; FAO, WHO, the organs of its WHealth Ministry; the International Court the Supreme Court.

Finally the FMI & World Bank become World Union Central Bank, the new brain of the Global Economy substituting the global stock-market and its SDR currency acquires legal tender in all its nations, as ¥€$ money – bills with $ & € printed in each side; 100 Yen coins and 4 Yuan quarters, adjusted internally by deflationary or inflationary prices. All central banks become branches of the ¥€$ Bank, with sub-branches in Nations & Regional States, which are allowed a 10% annual inflation, achieved with a 20% annual deficit issued with debt-free money, adjusted with an annual 10% increase of the Universal Salary. National(ized) banks print universal salaries and set, as depositaries of 50% shares of international & local FM2I Corporations their goals, and distribute credit to WHealthy corporations, today shut off ‘profit markets’  that receive the bulk of the Wor(l)d Union’s credit. Since credit no longer depends on profit but on the utility for the Human Constitution of a Company, it is maximal in sectors of max. human jobs & Welfare production. Further on ‘Scalar Credit’ is allocated inversely to the size of Corporations: Max. credit is given to Regional corporations that Re=produce Locally WHealthy Goods & min. credit to Global FM2I corporations.

Conclusion. The infinite, fractal planets in which a human r=evolution exists.

The entire model of a World Union crafted as a perfect Human Superorganism is beyond the reach of this work. It was 1stpublished 20 years ago. It meant to r=evolve Social Sciences designing a perfect Theoretical world, according to Nature’s Laws but failed to interest Academia, & Power both controlled today by the FM2I System & indifferent to all truths that don’t cater to their machines and profits in a World Zeitgeist guided by memes of metal and its Nationalist, Capitalist, Techno-Utopian & Biblical idol-ogies, censored by Political & Economic correctness, Newspeaks, the anti-quantum and ego paradoxes & the ego-trips of an entitled species in a runaway process of self-extinction. Why then researching a true, biological science of Economics and History? 2 Reasons:

-The satisfaction of knowledge communicated to a few Ethic, Intelligent humans that understand it.

– The Higher truth of 5D Metrics in which ∞ similar Earths exist. So I know that even if our human variety won’t make it (Min. Probability of R=evolution, Prologue graph), the end of history is only a local symmetry, in the global fractal Universe ∞ humans did and survive with simple technology.

Hence the duty to believe in a miracle – r=evolution – as the alternative, extinction, is not to be.


The Perfect Man: Existence and survival.

The perfect man is one who survives, as the Universe does, forever…

The first thing the reader should understand is that what matters is ‘existence’, not the universe, not God, but ‘existence’. He is not in a space world as Physicists take to belief, but in a temporal world in which the fundamental temporal phenomena can be defined as a game of existence and extinction.

Each moment of space is merely an instant of a flow of time from past to future, between birth and extinction. Every thing in the Universe goes through those cycles, and so history fully falls inside that reality of the cycles of life and death.

And the science that studies them is general systems sciences. We define all what exists as a system of energy and information, the two forms of the Universe, and so we can then define existence as the function that maximizes both:

Max. (Exi) becomes then the simplest form to define any complementary system of the Universe and its existence.

Yet this equation can be easily divided into 3, Max. E, Max. I, E=I (which maximizes the product).

This is the fundamental function of existence and its 3 ‘states’ or ‘ages’ which all beings of the Universe maximize but maximizing its body force (max. E) and its intelligence, informative capacity (Max. I).

The definition of a top predator system it is then the product of both Max. E x Max. I.

And those who achieve that perfect state become immortal. Because they repeat themselves and never become extinct by lesser beings. Each perfect, survival form of the Universe have therefore a top econiche, a variety of macro-fields of energy and information  in which he can remain supreme. Man was such top predator in the world of life.

But now in the world of metal, Max. E x Max. I is a function of the machine. And this makes the future dark unless the perfect man, one able to control the world, one of maximal intelligence and information exists.

B ut this is not a ‘mule’ in the Asimovian sense of the perfect dictator that will stir the world back into human existence, but a perfect culture, able to mold millions of human beings into a perfect superorganism of history, one able to survive, to prolong the existence of all its human cells.

The Universe is perfect. But to understand its perfection and how it creates it, as difficult to swallow as it is, we have to admit that the Universe must select the ‘fittest’ to survive. This is the ‘law of the land’.

Still the fundamental error of mankind and science is to think that this selection happens in terms of individuals. On the contrary the best strategy of survival is to gather similar beings into bigger social masses that make them survive since they become stronger in ‘space-force’ and ‘time-information’, coordinating together a higher existential ‘force’, defined in the equations of ‘causality’ of time (the bio-logical laws of time that select what futures survive) as, Max. Energy x Max. information .

In simple terms, the best bodies of energy with higher force and minds of information with higher intelligence, Max. E x Max. I, survive and so a perfect man will try to achieve maximal form and maximal energy, and the human lot as a group will try to achieve maximal eusocial love to coordinate the individuals into a group that can survive against other individuals.

Further on, since Max. e x Max. i is a function maximized by E=I, so 5×5 is the maximal of a 10 total bigger than 6×4 an so on, there are 3 fundamental perfections in all systems of the Universe, which we shall denote with bio-ethical words, our informative guide to become perfect men:

– Max. Energy, or ‘mental strength’ or courage (obviously we talk of mental perfections here, not  of animal perfections; that is, Mr. Usain bolt or Mr. Messi might have great bodies but that is irrelevant here – a simple Google Dynamics robot, runs faster, so does a dog; what matters in man is the mind).

A man must therefore be brave to face ‘the outrageous arrows of fortune’ and ‘be=come’ (Shakespeare)

– Max. Information, or ‘mental inteligence’.

– And the balance of both, which we perceive as ‘harmony’, classicism and beauty, E=I; both in visual mind knowledge – and we call that art, and in verbal, temporal, causal knowledge and we call that ‘ethics’.


TODAY humans are truly imperfect in their mind ethics, knowledge and actions, as they have no courage, no intelligence and no balance.

Today we live in a world where human minds are  ‘ego-trips’, selfish, childish ‘homo bacteria’.

This degraded human minds are populating the world during the X, Y and Zero generations of mankind planet Earth.

They are though paradoxically self-obsessed by becoming ‘perfect’, ‘superior’, ‘number one’, but not according to the Laws of the Universe that define the ‘perfect systems’ that survive on it – which indeed would create a perfect man; but according to the pathetic queues and newspeaks, me(n)tal programming and idol-ogies of the ‘Animetal culture’, which in fact produces only ‘enzymen’, humans degraded as human beings from its perception substituted by audiovisual imprinting and mind manufacturing to its bodies atrophied by the use of transport machines or censored in their sensorial perception.

The result is a man degraded in body, mind and ethics. So what would be the perfect man?

A more complex view.

A more detached view  is the higher perspective of the laws of the bio-ethic laws of the organic Universe, a level of comprehension I rarely bring to this web, as it might seem ‘too far out’ for those who ignore all about General Systems Sciences. Yet it is necessary to understand the perfect man to compare and put into perspective each of our souls and that of those we observe riding us with the 4 apocalypse horses (myths are always metaphors of higher truths which give a poetic perspective)…

So let us try… The Universe is a ‘System’ made of organisms of energy and information, from physical systems, made of an informative particle moved over a body/field of energy, to human beings, made of informative heads moved by energetic bodies, to societies ruled by a neuronal class in control of our languages of social power, (money and words, and its submissive energetic language of weapons which money and words always command), which direct a body mass of working middle classes…

This must be understood – the pantheist universe constructs its ultimate laws of science and all its sub-sets of beings, made to the image and likeness of the whole departing from that simple duality.

And so to survive it selects those entities with a more perfect ‘body’ of maximal energy, brain of maximal information and the system that maximizes both, Max. E x Max. I, which mathematically happens when E=I  (so for a total of 10, 5×5=25 > 6×4=24>7×3=21, etc.)

Now departing from those laws of General Systems, applied to human beings, there is a potential perfect man,  which maximizes those 3 survival functions:

– A man of maximal Bravery; Max. E, or mental energy to challenge the wrongs of life by applying its Intelligence (max. Information), to create an ethic and aesthetic balance (E=I), between truth (Max. Information) and Happiness (Max. strength) – yes, good people who help others have been proved by experiments to be happier, to emit more oxytocin, the drug of love and happiness). 

This simple function: Max. E -> Max. I -> Max E=I, defines the survival species of reality creating a perfect world of maximal ethics and beauty, the canon of being human (which we observe in ‘classic forms’ of aesthetics and ethics, that is of art and literature, with balance between energy and form, or in the 2nd age of maturity of any entity).

Now this simple function is broken, because E=I, ethics and aesthetics of human origin have been SUBSTITUTED by the ethics and aesthetics of the machine that destroy our collective social, ethic mind.

Thus the function of bio-ethics, of a human civilization based in the values of man, which is explained all the ‘messages’ of all the prophets of history worth to mention is now gone. But that does not mean that the search for human beauty and ethics, the natural goal of our species is not truth. It is and it will always be. So there will always be as long as humans exist in the past, present and future among the highest minds those who seek to define and practice the conduct of the perfect man, guided by the survival balance and sense of justice of the Universe, represented in our species by human ethics and aesthetics, E=I:

For example in Plato is the ‘idea of man’, the ideal man which is our potential perfect man, of which each of us, is a mere shadow, reflection in the ‘cave’, parable of the Mind of God, the Logos, or rational laws of the Universe, of that perfect man. Socrates expressed it also with its life and dictum that ‘an intelligent man (max. I) can only be a good man (E=I)’

In non corrupted Abrahamic Religions, he is the prophet, the canon of which all of us must be a reflection, trying to achieve his perfection.  This was better expressed in the great philosophers of the first age of christianity before ‘animetal cultures’ of gold and weapons degraded this religion, from Orestes to Saint Augustine, in its ‘citadel’. Here the function most cherished is E=I (Ethics).

It was expressed from Confucius (Jen Man) and Mo-Ti to Buddha in all the Eastern religions. And here as in Plato we find a close description of this Jen/Buddha man, in its 3 functions (the right fold path)

It will be again expressed by neo-platonic renaissance which stressed the 3rd final function of balance and beauty, as the Greek-Latins did (mens sana in corpore sanum).

It was NOT, expressed, contrary to belief in most prophets of the Jewish-Protestant culture,  since the Old testament is hihgly polluted by selfish tribal memes of go(l)d and war; but Moses and other prophets of the Isaiah cycle brought us the closest image of it.

So we had to wait till the French-American R=evolution and all those who imitated those Founding Fathers of modern ethics (including the marxist r=evolutionary man).

And so the Ideal, Canonical, Rightful, R=evolutionary ‘Perfect’ man exists at least in the mind of the poets of love that use the ethics of the wor(l)d to guide and create by imitation and right action, a critical mass of perfect men.

On that view modern humans and their animetal, mechanical cultures must be qualified as the Imperfect men, hence once that will not survive, because the Universe is perfect and only selects those perfect species who are made to the image and likeness of its logos, that a few of those men we quoted understood, because they had in themselves the seeds of the perfect man.

But the Universe and its selective system is both deterministic (as there are rules and laws that define what survives in the future) but also probabilistic (as a perfect universe should even forgive those who are imperfect, yet allowing them also a minimal probability of existence; hence most men are born potentially perfect, good Rousseaunian savages).

We are in that ‘Sigma 2′ using again mathematical terms of the more complex level of equations of bio-history (that dream of Asimov, which I resolved two decades ago and have seen unfolding every time ever since).

That is, we are the tail of the imperfect man, a planet with no critical mass of ethics, inteligence and aesthetics.

II. Capitalist democracy: ‘animetal’ Realpolitiks




Euroamerica masterminded by financial-media systems: the business of bankers are its politics.

There are only 2 kind of nations and people living in them, those who are free, because they own their armies and money; and those who are slaves because they don’t issue their language of informative power, money and the law, which money can buy; and so their armies become mercenary and their people slaves – that is, they are ‘bought’. Both €urope and U$ political systems are slavish of the Financial-media system that issues its money and manufactures the brain of their people with their informative machines. This is a sad realisation, which means also the death of their common civilisation, based in the power of the law above money, the equality of all their people under those laws, and the bill of rights that ensure the freedom of their citizens. What culture has substituted them? Obviously the culture of corporations and the culture of owners of their Financial-Media system, the ‘Am Segullah’ culture of animetals. Hence our passion for their fictions, religions and wars.

As slaves contrary to belief, love their masters more than their own.

So Europeans and Americans have come to love machines and the go(l)d culture more than theirs; but none of this can be said because obviously information machines manufacture their brains with opinions in favour of their masters, who call such information a ‘Komploten theory’. Let us then introduce the basic data.


The duality of placebo democracies in the age of neofa$cism.

Pyramids of capitalist placebo democracies, in the XIX, XX & XXI C.: In the left the classic age, of capitalism, where we see the initial phase of the Mechanocene and its 3 symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene.

It is the next graph, a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, we see the pyramid of the XXI c. where an elite of stock-rats, now dedicated to selfie enjoyment as the leisure class that lets managers and A.I. Algorithms of Information, rules the world in favor of profits and machines, through company-mothers of the Financial-Media (informative machines) military-industrial system, which employs a dwindling mass of workers with right to credit (fast dwindling under automation). On the bottom, the growing number of obsolete humans in the 3rd world outside and inside our nations. This class will only grow as automation, A.I. white collar pcs and blue collar robots and weapons displaces the bulk of mankind, and the isolationist, racist elite of chosen of go(l)d just tries to distract us with absurd wars, techno-utopias and hate-memes to divide and win over the bottom ‘line’.

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the left side from a 20 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality.

And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK. SINCE THEY sell the fairy tale that Humans live in the best of all systems because every few years after massive propaganda of the Financial-Media system (mass-media, campaign money) in favor of its ‘$elected candidates’ (‘Presidents are $elected not elected’ Roosevelt) their ‘manufactured’ brains will vote the politico hired by the FMMI system which ether suits the goals of the dominant corporations of each technological age.

So you live in a compocracy, or the most often used terms ‘plutocracy’, which however stress the most abstract concept of money over the real organisation, the company, a ‘legal person’, with so extensive rights on all the elements of our  supposed ‘capitalist democracies’ that have converted in its original culture (the anglo-american culture), the concept of democracy into a very subtle, complex placebo system to ‘appease’ the masses, and avoid any attempt on their part to ‘drive their future as a human species – which is the 99%). And this implies:

-Sophisticated systemic censorship of social sciences, which cater to the agenda of power, ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’, or else an objective, biological, scientific analysis of the system will show it is NOT a democracy, it is NOT positive for mankind, as it is NOT developing a proper future for humanity. Yet of course all this censorship is subtle, complex, improved in 400 years of trial and error, today signified by all kind of ‘newspeaks’ of political & economical correctness, placebo caring, false victimism, entitlement and propaganda of the system as the ‘best of all systems’, while a background war against any system that tries to cater to human welfare (as EU did prior to the take over its finances by the ECB; or China does with his nationalised banks and massive welfare expenditures), takes place unrelenting.

In the graph, the human pyramid of power of Capitalism, an ideology, today sold as a ‘science’, which considers that the language of social and economical power, money, must be re=produced by private bankers (fiat credit, speculative taxes, e-money derivatives, stock-paper, etc.), instead of the government chosen by the people (state deficit).

As such capitalism is in open contradiction with democracy (the government of the people). And to hide this, censorship of real economic science is absolute. We live ruled by money but not a single western ‘democracy’ teaches economics in the school. We have no rights to control the language of social power, but we are told to live in a  “Free Market’, a ‘newspeak’ that confuses the audience. Since a ‘Free market’ refers to the freedom of the ‘citizens’ of markets, corporations, not to the freedom of human citizens, who have no rights to jobs and credit, controlled  by those corporations. Thus capitalism is essentially a dictatorship of banks and corporations and their owners on top of that pyramid – the stockrats, the true dictators of society in capitalist systems as they have null social responsibility (Anonymous Societies), monopoly in the invention of money in stocks and e-derivatives and use that money to bribe and control the other elements of societies.

In that regard, the previous pyramid fails to convey the non-human structure of capitalism, which essentially is the ‘religion’ or ‘ideology’ of power of ‘animetal=human animal+metal-meme‘ cultures and can be traced to the first Levantine cultures which made of go(l)d, not of weapons, the hypnotic substance that could  make work for you, slaves and mercenary armies.

Accordingly what capitalism means is merely this: that we, humans, must evolve and re=produce memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), within the structure of corporations, because they give power to the ‘people-castes’ that control our ‘capitalist civilization’ (the military, bankers and industrial corporations), and sacrifice when needed the rights of human beings and nature, if they collide with the ‘progress’ of those metal-memes.

This absurd ideology of history and economics cannot be doubted as ultimately has a biblical religious origin. Capitalism is therefore the equivalent of ‘Intelligent Design’ in Biology – a religion of money, which ignores any scientific approach or attempt to define objectively those memes of metal and the collateral effects they have on mankind. ‘Money is Go(l)d’ and its pursuit through greed the goal of humanity. Point.

That’s the entire meaning of the human species for a ‘Capitalist Theocracy’ – where money is the language of go(l)d: to work=reproduce and consume=vitalize memes of metal to provide ‘money’ to the 1% of ‘stockrats’, owners of those corporations. Nothing else matters, and all what we are told are rhetoric arguments to justify that bottom line. The complexity of a democratic system and the symbiosis of all its sub-systems makes of course all those facts opaque to the common, ‘memetic, human believer’.  In this post we shall consider those self-evident truths, with the novel approach of system sciences and the concepts of societies as super-organisms, humans as believers in memetic imprinting, based in ‘anti-truths’ and money, weapons and machines as metal-memes.

In the graph, the social structure of the economic ecosystem in XIX, XX and XXI as a consequence of the racist, religious outlook of economic theory ruled by $elected experts, now globalised as the only science of economics, to the service of the profits of stockrats and company-mothers of machines maximised by the equation:

max. profits (speculative money) = Max. price (weapons) – Min. Cost (hate media)

and the equation of productivity: Max. profits/productivity = max. capital labor/min. human labor…

is a world ruled by cycles of profitable wars, self-reproductivity of machines, expulsion of human workers, and repression with military goods.

As we enter the age of automation, not even the bottom of the XIX & XX c. pyramids of capitalism of subsistence salary workers has any use. So they must be repressed on the bottom of the pyramid of XXI c. capitalism; maintained at best in subsistence state, living a virtual fictional mind, controlled by ego-trips of selfie behaviour and hate-memes against those who are even lower in the pyramid (non-technological third world countries).
And of course is a given that social sciences cannot be practiced with the scientific method of real A)data, B)iological true organic models, C)cyclical patterns and D)democratic humanist solutions.

And of course, all what we have said is repressed as information – considered hate by the Holocaust industry with its mantra of anti$emitism and confabulation theories. So Nobody according to political correctness can argue and reform the system, because it is NOT happening.

Anecdote: I was given the chair of monetary systems at the world Systems Sciences association. When I published the data of the central bankers of the west, i was accused of antisemitism, and the society menaced with suits and the articles were erased, my position cancelled.

Yet the data is undeniable. There is no democracy in the west because money is not ISSUED by the people or their representatives but by the old people-castes of capitalism. So happens increasingly with the private-military industrial complex of corporations that control the ‘art of war’ and the ‘ministry of defense’ (orwellian newspeak for a low intensity perpetual war that is making profits with the evolution of the robotic industry. Thus the graph explains  the never changing structure of power of capitalism :

On top castes of military and banking people, with their ideologies of greed and murder, the values of the selfish memes of metal, money and weapons, they sponsor as languages of social power, is the present corrupted world we live in. To fully grasp this history, obviously censored and increasingly so by the antiquantum paradox, though you would probably need to read the next post first and put aside your ‘program’ against any criticism of capitalism and nationalism – the ideologies of money and weapons that make ‘sacred’, the history of those 2 groups, now expanded to the elites of each nation and banking industry, but still with germanic warriors and Jewish bankers on top. Indeed, the data is conclusive. If we consider the banking industry of the West, around 3/4  of top positions in the banking industry, both public and private belong to the same culture (Wall Street and City financiers, central bankers, CFOs of the 1000 Fortune, etc.)

So the political view about our society is self-evident: companies design a future for machines, its offspring, not for company-mothers,and in as much as they are by far the stronger element of our societies, far more powerful than human mothers, the future unless the system is thoroughly reformed has a clear single path of future. Let us then explore it with an even higher more detached view – not that of politicos, but of systems sciences and the laws of time.

-So it is a self-serving agenda of corporations and their economists to pretend that economics and history must be studied differently and corporations left to their own, because they do control the weaker part of the word ‘capitalist democracies’, the democratic part, as long as the issue of money belongs overwhelmingly to corporations. You must then understand western capitalist ‘anglo-american’ type of democracies, which were invented by the first corporation, VOC, dedicated to reproduce artillery, gunboats and trade with slaves and spices, and not the other way around.

Indeed, at the beginning of the XVII century the leading industry of Holland, gunboat trade, organised the company around the bank and stock-market of amsterdam. Then it gave a coup d’etat against the legitimate habsburg king of Holland, and to that aim started to run the first yellow press, with its black legend  against the kings; and used the press emitted the first paper-money in the form of stocks, widely trade upwards with speculation schemes in the Amsterdam market. So the financial-media industry then printing became one of the two sides of the first FMMI system. The other side, the obvious military-industrial complex was then the purpose of the company, specialised in manufacturing guns, liberally sold up the rhine to both contenders of the 30 years war that halved the German population; while put on boats started industrial trade in slaves and spices.

This FMMI system then took over the Parlament, with most sites occupied by shareholders and put the XVII herren board of the company on power in Holland, starting ‘capitalist democracies’, with a single party (orange party), which was exported to UK with the glorious revolution that put the Orange dynasty on power, (1688) and divided the monocracy in two parties, the party of war or conservative party, which would take power when companies made higher profits in war (mostly when an overproduction case of peaceful trade, required to pump up the artillery side of the business) and the liberal party, which took power in ages of ‘soft trade’.

This is essentially the model of all capitalist democracies, copycatted in America, where the Republicans are since Lincoln, the ‘party o war’ and democrats, since Kennedy, the party of peaceful technological evolution, except when a third ‘humanist’ party takes over, with the socialist movement in XIX-XX century Europe, now gone, WHICH pushes for welfare and control of companies to switch from ‘companycracies’  (the govern of companies) to  ‘democracies’.

 To understand all this with the widest possible view, we must then restart your ‘go(l)d beliefs’ on the superiority of the language of money to direct mankind considering its true values.

IN THE NEXT GRAPH, the subconscious values of money which guide today the wor(l)d, as entropic selfie individual Americans and people at large cannot understand how their actions guided merely for the search of profits act as the ‘swarm intelligence’ of the evolution of the metal-earth (FMMI system in scientific detail) through the actions of company-mothers of machines that pay them salaries and manufacture their brains to a clear goal – terraforming the world to the image and likeness of their most expensive, profitable ‘weapons’, when as in the present age the technological evolution of robots and chips made their mass production and implementation in a global big-brother electronic warfare possible:

In the graph the law of affinity of substance, already known to Aristotle, means the Universe puts together ‘informative and entropic’ systems of the same substance, as the two arrows of time that ‘create complementary systems’ (quantum principle).

So since the beginning of the metal-age, gold, informative metal was used to value, weapons, entropic metal and gave zero value to life (human capital), ab=using it. This is the essence of the process of destruction of life: if you want to make go(l)d, you need hate-memes, wars, and weapons, the most expensive profitable goods. So first with the arrival of semitic arab warrior and go(l)d cultures, and then when Germ((anic) people took over arabs in weapons, an alliance of ‘animetal cultures’ against human values took place; and the result were the cycles of wars and holocausts that keep destroying life; and the establishment of the ‘wrong pyramid of social classes’, where humans, who should be the body of the super organism of history, awash with welfare goods, become the ‘entropy class of enemies, inferior racially-tagged people, by the bankers and warriors on top’, exploited ad nauseam; starting the final age of destruction of Gaia, the life planet, and putting in motion the equation-wave of history: Gaia (life-non-technological cultures: past) < Animetal history (present) > metal-memes future. 

Since to keep power on top, bankers and warriors and latter machine-makers had to keep evolving their power tools.

Below we can see the constant switch on and off of history and its 800-80 accelerated wave of civilisations between entropic war ages and balanced life ages, which shows in the subconscious collective mind of civilisations, its culture.

 The type of societies according to language: dictatorships of money and weapons vs. verbal societies.

We humans use 3 languages of social power, money, weapons and laws, and those who invent them control societies.

The control of those languages of social power, means according to the natural structure of all social organisms divided into a ‘neuronal/informative class’ and a reproductive/working body that obeys blindly the messages of the languages and its neuronal people-castes the control of human societies.

So priests and politicians control verbal, ethic societies.

Bankers who monopolize credit control capitalist societies and the military that controls weapons controls dictatorships. When weapons dominate the other 2 languages we live in a military dictatorship.

When money dominates, issued by non-elected bankers or corporations we live in a corporative dictatorship, the definition of a capitalist society, which is incompatible with a true democracy, in which laws dominate the other 2 languages. But that is not the world we live in. We live in a capitalist society, where the highest values are those of metal, money and its affine substances, metal-weapons (energetic metal) and organic metal, machines.

Contrary to belief, the ‘capitalist’ company arrived first than the political system generally attached to it, ‘democracy’, as the corporation imposed its control of the true language of power in our societies, money, through its association to bankers (Bank of Amsterdam- Amsterdam Stock – VOC).

Thus the corporations of the physical body of the eco(nomic)system of ‘energy machines’ (or Military-Industrial Complex) and the corporations of the financial, informative system that reproduced fiat, paper money soon controlled both the political system (Dutch Parliament controlled by VOC stock-holders) and the economic one.

The result is a ‘capitalist democracy’ where bankers control industries, and both awash with money, they issue in monopoly, corrupt politicos, divided normally in two parties of lawyers that represent the companies that make weapons and are prone to war – conservative parties – or companies that make consumption goods or liberal parties (in Holland there was only one party as there was only one company they represent).

Restricted voting and control by the financial systems of the press, printed with the same papers molded societies to the service of those corporations.

This concept was exported in the glorious revolution (1688) to England, as the Dutch King, Company, Bank and stock market moved to London avoiding the French Invasion of Holland. And became the model of capitalist democracies during the XIX and XX centuries, in which the top of society is occupied by financial corporations and their owners who monopolize the printing of the social language of power money, with exclusion of governments (Deficit zero laws) and citizens, which are further exploited through taxation.

Only when humans were required to ‘test’ weapons in global wars, during the ages of overproduction of weapons, and due to their rebellious, revolutionary anger, they were given full voting rights, but at a time in which ‘audiovisual systems’ of manufacturing the collective brain of mankind were so advanced that the ‘tabula rassas’ of humans were easily imprinted into loving machines and all kind of ‘idol-ogies’ that fostered their use (nationalism that fostered war and human consumption by weapons, techno utopia that fostered the atrophy of human organs by attached machines and the elimination of workers, less ‘productive’ than those machines, capitalism that convinced people to be ‘free’ if and only if a people-caste of dynasties of bankers controlled them and their language of social power, issue money in monopoly.

But the core matter, beyond the people who rule that pyramid is in the language they use to rule and create or rather creditate the future – money, whose metal-values, differ from those of ethics, the values of the law. And so the true corruption of capitalist democracies is in the language we hold supreme, money, capitalism, instead of the law, democracy.

Thus VOC in Holland, and then the East Indian Company and London Company, owner of America in England, started the control of societies with money, machines and weapons produced by those corporations

This is in a nutshell the world you live in  – the physical economy of machines, the eco(nomic)system, where humans compete with those machines in labor and war fields and loose the competition as machines evolve faster than them; specially because Corporations, the Company-mothers of those machines control the political and financial system and favor systematically machine workers of lower costs than human workers, machine/property rights over human rights and monopolize the issue of money to spend it mostly into machines and technological evolution not into humans whose governments cannot issue money and pay a welfare state. So humans are taxed to pay for it and are also taxed when corporations need further resources (bail outs) or need to get rid of a surplus of top predator machines – weapons that are used to consume the human surplus.

So the 90% of humans, which are not owners of industrial and financial corporations – the stockratic caste with all the rights of issue and control of money, the language of social power – have  in a capitalist system only 2 roles that are becoming obsolete to robots – as consumers of machines and as workers=reproducers of those machines. And as the robotic revolution allows machines to consume other machines (the internet of things, Corporative consumption, robotic use of different ‘parts’, from cameras to transport systems), and automated companies make too expensive human labor, mankind at large will become a cost, an obsolete form of capital that the ‘eco(nomic)system will  ’eliminate mechanically’ under the duress of the ‘capitalist ideology’, through the cycle of war.

In that regard, while the system of evolution and reproduction of machines by company-mothers is rather automatic, the human factor – the idol-ogies of the 1% of politicos, bankers, industrialists and the military that controls mankind with those memes of metal, deprives it of their needed goods and human rights and ‘democratic rights’ to control our social languages of power – form a ‘superstructure’ of ‘fixed memes’ and beliefs that are transferred to the human mass and form an ‘iron jail’ of the collective mind that prevents us to change the system to the benefit of our species…

This has to be understood now, from the beginning: we do not live in a democracy but in a plutocracy, and those who invent money, bankers and speculators (95% of modern money) control the world.


The solutions will be easy to implement if we ‘denationalize’ the issue of money from the elite people-caste that monopolizes it, as a private right, WHICH IS NOT.

Indeed THE ONLY REASON HUMANS DIE OF HUNGER WHILE ALL CHIPS HAVE ELECTRICITY to feed; humans have no investment in their future education and social evolution WHILE BANKERS invent billions of $ for future machines, humans have no welfare, while all machines have experts to repair them, is the fact that the ISSUE OF MONEY OF CREDIT, TO KICK OUT  THE PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM IS TOTALLY GEARED TO INVENT MONEY ONLY FOR CORPORATIONS AND THEIR OFFSPRING OF MACHINES, AS HUMANS ARE DIMMED BY ECONOMISTS AND BANKERS ACCORDING TO THEIR IDOL-OGIES, EXPENDABLE, A COST NOT A GOAL IN ITSELF.


Modern creationist economics. Central bankers, CFOs, Nobel Prizes, bigot policies, war for profits…

A) Fact: Classic Economics, the only allowed discipline to rule the economic ecosystem is not a science but the idol-ogy of power of a specific go(l)d cult(ure): the culture of corporations, whose biblical jewish-protestant origin is a fact of history, also censored. (All founding fathers: Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Say, Bentham, Mill belonged to the XIX c. British imperial calvinist-jewish-anglican bigot biblical memetic ‘school’)

B) Its thesis are simple: ‘Money is the language of god, and his accumulation the fundamental mandate of existence, by all means regardless of  private ownership of financial industries, with total monopoly in the issue of money by the $elected, ‘experts’. This is, a fact of the western world specially in the Anglo-American culture (UK, US, Canada, Australia, Israel), which in turn buy politicos, FMMI corporations and establish absolute rights for the ‘Leisure class’ of stock-rats, null responsibility under Anonymous societies laws, rights to reproduce without limit lethal goods for profits (weapons of maximal price=sales=profits, hate media of minimal cost=reproduction through waves=profits, and speculative money maximised by debt-usury and war).

This has profound consequences for the world we are constructing as human beings, given the extreme racial biasing of the bible – a historic supremacist book of a fetish-gold religion of the bronze age, which considers gold the invisible hand of god, its language that must be obeyed at all costs. And the people of the bible the ‘chosen race’, not even the ‘race chosen of mankind’, but of the whole Universe, which puts also man in confrontation with the ‘real’, organic darwinian laws of selection of species of the cosmos.

The consequences are the present economic, military & political system, guided by the western idol-ogy of capitalism, which is destroying the world.

Factual data. Let us consider only two facts, one of praxis – central bankers of the west, another of theory Nobel prizes. Both are overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish scholars and bankers, and in second layer, calvinist-anglican scholars, with those thesis.

Positions of power in the Financial private and public industries:

All the central bankers of the Euro-American civilisation, are at the time of writing this web, Jewish, again representing 0.2% of the population (and about 80% of CEOS of financial companies and CFOs of  500 fortune companies; and similar numbers for mass-media and dominant Internet corporations). As the list would be eternal we just shall mention just the key position, Central bankers, which arguably representing ‘nations’ should be ruled by people of their cultures…

Central bankers of the west.

As we write this web for the first time, all western central bankers are jewish:

Mervyn King (Jewish) – Governor, Bank of England; Alistair (Jewish) – Financial Minister of England (Exchequer); Jean-Pierre Roth (Jewish) – Chairman, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet (Jewish) – President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney (Jewish) – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke (Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Reserve; Donald Kohn (Jewish) – Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve; Geithner (Jewish) Treasure Department, USA; Robert B. Zoellick (Jewish) – President, The World Bank; Strauss-Kahn (Jewish) – Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky (Jewish) – First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund.

While we could update the list, what for? the tendency is historic and continuous, specially in the Anglo-American culture (British empire, UK, Canada, Australia, U$, Israel – a single capitalist nation, which has its elite of banker-priest moving around without borders. I.e. Carney moved recently from Governor of Bank of Canada, to Governor of Bank of England; Stanley Fischer moved from Director of the IMF, to President of the Israel Bank, to Vicepresident of the Federal reserve, its present position. Bernanke, left way to Yellen.

Theory: Nobel Prizes (1968-2016: 49 concessions)

In theory the same trend is established, signified by the concession of Nobel prizes of economics, overwhelmingly to biblical creationist views, in favor of profits, financial private industries, mathematical interpretations of the discipline, and members of the Jewish-Protestant biblical creationist school. Data:

±50% Nobel Prizes of economics: Jewish (0.2% population); 28 recipients:

40% Nobel Prizes of economics: Protestant (neo-Jewish beliefs)

‘Non’ Exceptions: rational, right wing European engineers, mathematicians or financial economists:

Fama, Chicago Monetarist school for his empirical work on portfolio theory, asset pricing and stock market behaviour.

Tirole, Engineer, for his work on industrial organization, game theory, banking and finance.

Allais, Engineer, for his contributions to the theory of markets and efficient utilization of resources

Debreu  mathematician, on the theory of differentiable equilibrium, using topological rather than calculus-based methods.


Forbidden schools: 0 Prizes

Historic economics (founders: Weber, Sombart) with real data on the origin of corporations, its history, beliefs and ownership – simply considered today a form of ‘anti$emitism’.

Biological, organic theories (founders Butler, Spengler, this web), expressly forbidden by Mr. Nobel, a pious biblical believer who forbid his prices to any practioneer of theory of evolution.

Socialist, humanist school (founders: Anarchist, communists, socialists, Keynesians,  Bakhunin, Marx, Kondratiev, Keynes): completely banned.

III world non Western European/US economists (90% of mankind). 2 Prizes:

So 90% of mankind and ALL the humanist schools of economics, who care for welfare, and the production NOT of machines but the goods humans need to survive,  is represented only by 2 economists, which ‘surprise, surprise!’ are the ONLY prizes who study welfare (Amartya Sen, who implemented the IHD index of human development, the ‘true measure’ of economic whealth).

Yet Arthus Lewis, a protestant ‘house negro’ descendant of a long list of distinguished Caribbean slaves, converted to the ‘capitalist school’ focused on how capitalism absorbs workers from ‘subsistence’ economics developing third world countries (reading, agricultural societies are ‘bad subsistence’ economies which good capitalist entrepreneurs will develop making them work in the ‘right sectors’.


Only 1 humanist economist, Mr. Sen, in the whole history of the discipline have been recognised by the system.

And the classic humanist, scientific schools, the historic school today called ‘anti$emitic’; the socialist school, today ‘forbidden ‘ and confused with the Soviet military dictatorship; the Keynesian school, today silenced and the Biological, organic school advanced in this blog – absolute taboo because of course we are chosen of go(l)d, machines do not evolve and creationist economics must not be doubted off as profits is the goal-vehicle-invisible hand of the Universe.

So this is the cultural zeitgeist of our experts in economics: 1/2 of them belong the people-caste of money of the western world – the chosen of go(l)d or ‘People of the treasure’, which represent 0.2% of mankind. And to mention it is the most heinous censored fact, called simply Anti-$emitism.

In the graph, the birth of the Go(l)d cult(ure) in Levante as a specialised cult(ure) with an Imperative language and a Levi people-caste on top of banker priests asking ex-votes of gold to their middle class of pedlers and slave and metal traders, which hand in hand with ‘earlier Jihads’ of arab warriors with bronze swords, conquered and destroyed the fertile crescent and neolithic civilisations of fertility Goddesses, started as the soliton of financial power, the conquest of the world. Today it controls the majority of financial-media industries and with the radiation of e-money have come also to control the majority of stocks in military industrial corporations, leading also the wave of robotic weapons. An printing billions of money for wasteful worthless internet companies through speculative schemes:

An printing billions of money for wasteful worthless internet companies through speculative schemes always favouring companies of the metal-earth and sinking human companies without credit.. In this manner they have invented around 10 trillions of e-money in the past three decades while over a billion of humans do not even have enough food to eat:

How this can go on for so long without complain? Because at the same time metalc0mmunicators as nervous systems imprint collective in simultaneity the actions of millions of cells, print the minds collectively of billions of human beings; silencing the suffering of billions of humans.2 simple examples: we all know all the stories of the Holocaust but none of the names of the holocaust of black people caused by the racist memes of the Ham Damnation, according to which arabs and negroes whose mythic ancestor pee on noah are slaves inferior to dogs (uphold as main reason of just slavery in protestant courts, and today used by orthodox jewish 1/3 of the Israeli army to justify apartheid). The same goes for the tragedies caused by Jihad, while we let sink the poor people without credit of sub-sahara sink in the ocean.

But the true question about Jihad is not its obvious criminality but why a society that spends trillions in weapons has allowed for a decade a rag-army to humiliate and massacre their citizens without sending a UNO commanded troop operation to end the astounding cruelty of those people: answer, the capitalist system follows the law of profits of corporations: Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (audiovisual information reproduced by waves= Max. profits (speculation). So we need to reproduce weapons, inflationary money and hate media, to maximise profits, and when a new form of money (today e-money), weapons (today robotics) and hate media (today internet) is invented, the FMMI system does not repress the bad fruits of the tree of science but multiplies them to increase profits. So Saud Arabia funded ISIS has had a free ride while our society builds an electronic big brother to control its citizens, with such a excuse. We are thus in the orwellian age of perpetual splendid little wars. And when one of those cuckoo jihadist we promote fades away (al quaeda case) we replace it with a new one. But none of this is ever explained.

To that aim it has always evolved hand in hand with systems of production of myths and racist memes of superiority to ensure the mental debasing of those conquered and hypnotised by go(l)d, first through a supremacist book of religion, the bible, which portrayed them as the superior race of the Universe, latter expanded by the press to Northern Europe (denial by Luther and Calvin of charity, social love and the Greek-platonic reform of the culture established by Jesus and Paul. Only briefly the European military took power from them when radio became in Italy and Germany the system of communication of the army returning their methods to the go(l)d culture. But after their defeat, we entered the last phase of the collective degradation of mankind rule in silence by e-money orders and tv-hate. Internet has only expanded the reach of those corporations. And so humans have entered as the chip radiation evolves into A.I. a phase of complete entropy, individual dog-eat-dog beliefs and visual violent selfish values. It is the neo-paleolithic, likely the last age of history.

In the graph, the Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money and manufacture the brain of mankind to make-belief the system is the best of all systems, those who own it are their victims, and they should feel ashamed for not letting the 0.2% own as the Leisure class that issues money in near monopoly buy companies, laws, and put politicos to work on the goal of protecting the resurrection of a racist bronze age culture in Israel. Anyone who dares to denounce such monopoly and corruption of democracies will be labelled as Anti-$emite and Google, Facebook and other companies of the Am Segullah, millenarian culture of People of the Treasure will se to it that it gets zero ranking, as this web has, for 6 years despite being the most scientific models of macro-economics available today:. Politicos do obey as they have lost the rights to print money except through extortion=taxation of the people (zero eficit laws), and since the coup d’etat of media against the American presidency (1973-watergate), all politicos either are tv-celebrities (from Reagan to Trump) or will always defend the ‘agenda’ of the people-caste on power (islamophobia, defense of apartheid israel, absolute rights for corporations to print money, defense of the Holocaust Industry) and distract voters with what classic economics considers its ‘mission’: law, order, police and military empire. Yet ultimately such design of the eco(nomic)system with the most primitive segregational ‘animetal memes’ of mankind means the certain obsolescence of humanity, which will have to be dealt with harshly as the robotic r=evolution make billions of humans obsolete.

A sample of what is wrong with our social systems ruled by Amateurs and ‘animetal idols’.

The lack of ‘objective, scientific knowledge’ about the economic system and the super organisms of mankind – we don’t even have a proper definition of society, machines, its evolution, cycles and social organisms, its ‘company-mothers’, is due to the fact that ‘social memes’, like ‘biological genes’ are a trial and error system, which does not preclude a successful, survival mankind. In the graph, two ‘amateurs’, in charge of the American monetary=energy=blood and political=informative =legal=nervous networks, which organise the super organism of the most powerful nation of the world, latter imitated by all other superorganisms=nations. Neither of them has the slightest understanding of the time of history we are in, the phase of evolution of machines we are entering, the paths available for the future, and the way we should manage both systems to create a perfect, immortal super organism of mankind in time (history) in control of this planet for the betterment of humanity. Social sciences indeed are the less evolved of all disciplines due to the ‘anti-quantum paradox of censorship’ and the power of ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ – which worship the power of money, weapons and machines, selfish memes of metal that have moulded humanity for the past 5000 years.

Here the news, taken from NYtimes:

“When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. “A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans…

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest.”

Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% of humanity, which suffers today the consequence of the overproductions,  are left unprotected to its effects, since our economists like mr. Mnuchin are just selfish people interested in overproducing money for themselves and their crony friends, indifferent to the future of humanity – the superorganims they rule.

Yet social scientists – meaning NOT those few scholars like this writer who defend mankind BUT THOSE WHO ARE ALLOWED TO RULE the super organisms of humanity, have not saying.

As truth is just an alt-right element on which to build the selfish agendas of ‘animal’ power

Indeed, I have renamed the complex modes of censorship happening in social sciences, the anti-quantm paradox of the social scientist, which is so small compare to the observable (in an inverse fashion to quantum physics) that the observable influences him: ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ (Tertulianus). So censorship of power elites as even Britannica rightly acknowledge in its article about history as a science, is the main cause our societies do not want to accept objective models of social sciences.

Today the censorship of History, which is the study of the super organism of mankind in time and the key science to understand our future as a species, hence the most important of them all, is far more insidious: History today is simple ignored as a science, at best a recollection of objective data without models (the first stage of science); mostly a mess of idol-ogical statements, anthropomorphic, subjective tribal biased information and myths of human entitlement. So even politicians, the ‘verbal, legal head’ of the super organism of history is run by economists and our presidents are moguls and stars of the financial-media system, (Berlusconi, Trump, an italian and German tv-mogul/anchormen, as their ‘spiritual grand-fathers, Mr. Mussolini and Mr. Hitler, stars of hate-radio were in the previous cycle).

While, billionaire bankers and corporative CEOs become the ‘economist advisers’ of our politicos… All has changed to remain the same.

What the people on top of the wave of the western world, like Mr. Trump and Mnuchin in America or Mr. May and Murdoch in UK, who control the networks of digital money and information of the planet, as they were the original Anglo-American biblical culture that founded corporations capitalist democracies and designed all the systems of power we believe today to be the only choice to organise the planet (it is NOT), seem unable to do is TO EVOLVE NOT ONLY MACHINES, BUT ALSO THEIR bronze age religions and attached segregational memes with its astoundingly primitive tribal duality of good vs. evil people.

Indeed, we know we are all homo sapiens, racism is meaningless, memes rule the mind and the world through cultures and so a reform of cultures IS truly the only way to change the world – or at least the substitution in power of believers in primitive memes by evolved human beings who have ‘forgotten and forgiven’ and evolved.

BUT THIS IS not happening. The people on top seem unable to evolve as human beings and ‘deny’ their beliefs on techno-utopia and the machine as gifts of go(l)d, ALWAYS GOOD. What they don’t seem able to do is to deny its ‘revenge-hate memes’ against human ‘poor and loosers’, fuelled by all their idol-ogies that divide mankind, and EVOLVE their minds from the ‘revengeful, hateful god of the hebrews’ (Darwin),  into ‘forgiveness and charity’ – THOSE new concepts of the gospel to foster human social evolution as a single species  by sharing energy and information AS all NATURAL ORGANISMS DO between all cells-citizens to construct a sustainable perfect world where all humans thrive.

But again why defeats the scholar is the realisation, they ‘own’ the blind mind of the people living in the super organism of their nations, as the neuronal head, regardless of its kindness, own the mind of the blind cells of its body, which only receive information from its ‘nervous inner networks’. So indeed, the reason I finally abandoned the US, where first I moved among this elite – having done my master at columbia U. – and tried to convince them to look to the future, evolve their minds and NOT cherish their primitive bronze age revengful never forget never forgive memes of hidden hate towards humanity (hidden as victimism, moral righteousness, nationalist aborted social memes before reaching the natural evolution of religion into a single God=subconscious collective of a people called MANKIND); and then moved among the working class and tried to convince them TO change the system and elect humanist, social politicians – to not avail – is this simple realisation:

I was like an alien scientist observing from outside, a body-head, which was completely crazy, matrix-like, guided by a cuckoo ‘wounded’ people, wolves with sheep skins guiding a flock of sheeple who trusted them blind to a short of lemming’s cliff of collective extinction happily singing the hammelin flute ( I couldn’t even make it into an evilwood movie with enough realism to move the fictional generations of our millennial kids).

This sensation seems to have come to most social scientists/activists when getting my age (50), after suffering constant defeats and disappointments from both the elites and the sheeple. As we all seem to have tried the same process, from the times of Moses and Jesus who tried to reform the original go(l)d cultures of greed and warfare for the sake of it; to the modern social scientists and prophets of mankind from Prince Koprotkin to etonian Orwell, to name two of my most admired predecessors, both from elite societies, who first tried to convert the elite to a common future, then became activists with little r=evolutionary success and then wrote some masterpieces with a more negative outlook, more as the alien scientist I have become, yet for that reason at the height of OBJECTIVE SCIENCE AND PREDICTABLE CAPABILITIES; as it was the case of their masterpieces Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution and Animal Farm/1984.

So we deal here with a fact of social sciences unlike all other disciplines, the anti-quantum paradox: power – the observable is so huge, in opposite fashion to the uncertainty of quantum physics, that it censors all ‘truths’ that do not cater to it. Hence economics becomes a praxis of industrial production (microeconomics indeed a science of evolution and reproduction of machines)  and power (financial economics, a science of control of the language of social power, money, issued by private dynasties of bankers, whose only goal is to maintain those anti-democratic rights with all kind of falsities and excuses).

Three pictures that are at the heart of the ‘angst’ of a true social scientist, increasingly ‘alien’ to a world which seems no longer rational and humane but deterministic both in the actions of the astoundingly selfish elite with its monopoly of the creation of money, the language of social power, which goes overwhelmingly to the 0.1% of Leisure Class of stock-rats, for which capitalist democracies were designed by the first gunboat slave corporations in Holland and UK. And specially in the acceptance by the Homonculus enzyman, (in the left the true mind of man, a big mouth to utter ego-trips about the dexterity of the hands constructing machines and weapons to bully nature, with a brain that hardly understands them), as the cells of any blind body do, of all the actions of an elite, which is so obvious to ‘spot’, but is worshipped by those it will devour. So the question of the social scientist past his ‘activist’ age, as he enters into the third age of reflective information is this: are we ‘designed’ by this and other planets, deterministically to kill the world of life, as enzymes, atrophied carbohydrates with a metal cover dedicated to kill as warriors do healthy carbohydrates in the cells, and evolve the world of machines?

At this stage I ‘reason’ from the much larger models of the organic Universe explained in the section on 5D that in a Universe which has always 3 arrows of future, one leading to entropy=free chaos = destruction (the solution implemented by the elite for the 99%), one leading to informative evolution (the proper scientific management of history by mankind), and one business as ‘usual’ (the repetition of the errors of the past, with its natural routines), the chances for mankind are reduced to the evolution of human social information, 1 out of 3, and since in general the highest probability always corresponds to repetition – business as usual, and entropy-death-chaos, which is obviously the process mankind is living today, are chances are slim. All seems to indicate that the 0.1% of owners of corporations will keep their isolationism protected by anonymous societies, merely $electing politicians with bribes, and asking the 1% of managers who do the dirty daily work of corporations to increase their profits firing workers, repressing them with hate-media, police and paranoia, and just making grow their already unexpendable 99% of wealth in their collective hands, just for the sake of it – with the exact peanut brain quantity of their homunculus brains, filled with absurd beliefs and idol-ogies of the bronze age.

So on view of those objective facts the ‘alien scientist’ only has a role left – to speak the absolute truth with warts and all, and make the judgment day on the future, which it WILL happen as it has always been the case on the biological, ethic predictions of all the social prophets of all the tribal animetal people of mankind, who followed Schopenhauer dictum: ‘The wise always say the same, the fools who are majority, do exactly the opposite’.

So we shall first, before we try even to explain in detail all those cycles and forecast the future as all sciences do, explain what ‘science truly’ is, and why macro-economics is NOT a science; as it fails all the proofs of the scientific method, but at best a praxis of production (micro-economics) and an idol-ogy of power through the machine and the rights of the 0.02% to own corporations, issue the money of society and control democracies as ‘self-appointed experts’ of the economic discourse.

Fact is classic economics, hauling from the founders of the British Empire, as a ‘creationist, biblical go(l)d religion of greed’ at all costs (all its earlier practitioners belonged to biblical denominations) despite its mathematical disguise is NOT an idol-ogy to run the world in the XXI century. Its ‘evolved alternative’, Systems sciences is, as it deals precisely with the laws of Nature’s systems and its application to improve all kind of human social systems, including the eco(nomic)system described in those texts with the laws of systems sciences. So unlike all other disciplines where power does not interfere with truth, social sciences require both a sound scientific approach to data, its cyclical patterns, causality but also a praxis of humanist reform to improve the system and a harsh critique to those who pass as ‘experts’ by the grace of go(l)d and prevent any reform of the system to continue its anti-democratic privileges, in the issue of money, our language of social power and the control of democracies with it.

In that regard it is truly amazing to observe the ‘dictatorship’ of the Financial-Media masters on the western world, likely the harshest financial dictatorship of history, accepted without the slightest complain specially in America where an overwhelming majority do BELIEVE that a bronze age book of supremacist racist history (bible) of a primitive go(l)d fetish ass-breeder people IS the narration of the origin and creation of the Universe, BELIEVE that to be debt slaves of this people without any right to financial votes (universal salary), to promote welfare, and instead letting them print billions for free for its dot com companies, tax-farm them to not end to pay mercenary wars in protection of its apartheid nation, and promote the terminator industry IS a proof of democratic values, political freedom and social responsibility, and let those people degrade the mind of its sons, glued to hypnotic time-wasing violent video-games and trash tv, is yet another proof of freedom and the goodness of the machine.

How this can go on for so long without complain? Because at the same time metalc0mmunicators as nervous systems imprint collective in simultaneity the actions of millions of cells, print the minds collectively of billions of human beings; silencing the suffering of billions of humans.

2 simple examples: we all know all the stories of the Holocaust but none of the names of the holocaust of black people caused by the racist memes of the Ham Damnation, according to which arabs and negroes whose mythic ancestor pee on noah are slaves inferior to dogs (uphold as main reason of just slavery in protestant courts, and today used by orthodox jewish 1/3 of the Israeli army to justify apartheid).

Same goes for the tragedies caused by Jihad, while we let sink the poor people without credit of sub-sahara sink in the ocean.

But the true question about Jihad is not its obvious criminality but why a society that spends trillions in weapons has allowed for a decade a rag-army to humiliate and massacre their citizens without sending a UNO commanded troop operation to end the astounding cruelty of those people: answer, the capitalist system follows the law of profits of corporations:

Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (audiovisual information reproduced by waves= Max. profits (speculation).

So we need to reproduce weapons, inflationary money and hate media, to maximise profits, and when a new form of money (today e-money), weapons (today robotics) and hate media (today internet) is invented, the FMMI system does not repress the bad fruits of the tree of science but multiplies them to increase profits. So Saud Arabia funded ISIS has had a free ride while our society builds an electronic big brother to control its citizens, with such a excuse. We are thus in the orwellian age of perpetual splendid little wars. And when one of those cuckoo jihadist we promote fades away (al quaeda case) we replace it with a new one. But none of this is ever explained.

So we shall call classic economics it not a science but what it is, the successful religion of power of the go(l)d biblical people, which needs to debase the intelligence of mankind with fictions, divide and win selfie ego-trips and null knowledge of real economics, occultation of the schools of historic, socialist, keynesian and biological economics and constantly denigrates the true networks of ethic, legal control of societies – our natural verbal language, and its human values, maintaining through massive anti-governments propaganda and an absolute law of silence on the processes of free invention of money by corporations the control of societies to serve the cult(ure) of go(l)d and its Financial-Media Masters (ab. FMasters), whose millenarian segregational  memes are either completely indifferent to mankind (as the heinous species who doesn’t ‘get it’ – the $elected are experts, and have the divine right to issue the money of societies) or are paranoid about the possibility of loosing its ‘wealth’ (holocaust industries, electron big brothers, islamophobia)… Ultimately casting a clear doubt about the future of mankind as an obsolete species, which the FMMI system does not need.

In essence all this means the western world is a dictatorship of the culture with the harshest, most racist memes against mankind, which have evolved from blatant racism (Talmud calls non-jewish people animals and punishes as a crime of bestialism, sexual intercourse with them), to the blatant anti-humanism of corporations and classic economics (Ricardo’s iron salary: a worker must be thrown out even under subsistence salary if a machine occupies his place; productivity laws; expenditure only in armies, law and order; Bentham, on defense of usury and similar ‘calvinist-anglican’ founding fathers tantrums against humanity). All can be resumed though in the sentence:

‘As long as I control the issue of money of the british empire, i don’t care whose puppet seats in the throne of Saint Jorge, I control the empire’ (rothschild).

Now the puppets are called POTUS. Since if Judaism never cared much for humanity and hence politics, since the foundation of Israel it does have a huge stakes on the control of political systems in the west. Hence our maps of the Financial-Media Jewish empire.

As the ‘twin religion’ of calvinism-Anglicanism shares the same beliefs, all those ‘elites’ are ‘reinforced’ by a mass of willing ‘$laves’ of capitalism, specially in the Anglo-American culture where 80% of Americans believe the burning bush worshipped by some bronze age ass-breeders created the Universe.

Consequences on western civilisation.

‘You don’t argue with your banker’ (Clinton)

Political and Military:

  • Apartheid Israel has absolute rights to break all human rights.
  • Islamic nations MUST appear as brutal people. So they have not been allowed to be social-democratic, humanist pro-western but systematically for 50 years we have been denying their moderate social leaders (from Mossadeq to the elected Muslim brothers of Egypt, massacred by Al-Sisi) and promoted military dictators or Jihadist bigots (from Saud Arabia to all the terrorist groups we have paid for, or let Saud Arabia pay for, including the last absurd ISIS rag-army, which we have NOT erased with our trillion-fold military industries but allow them to breed cuckoo terrorists, imported to euroamerica to fuel further islamophobia – all this of course to disguise in the fire, apartheid israel).
  • Semite wars blown up from the Israel-Palesitnian conflict are deal with the harsher views of Israel on Islamophobia, becoming a permanent conflict of splendid little wars fuelling the robotic industry.

Economical and Social:

  • Economic systems are deal with the harsher view of the ‘$elected’ entitled chosen of go(l)d stockrats as having all rights while workers have none.
  • Profits is sacred, greed is sacred, Go(l)d will provide.
  • All humanist solutions for the 90% and a future welfare world are forbidden.
  • All criticism of capitalism in historic-data form is considered a form of anti-$emitism.
  • Zero rights for workers, end of welfare states, austericid, as only classic creationist economics with absolute rights for stockrats are considered ‘science’.
  • Any attempt to reform the system explaining the facts as they are, will be censored.
  • The alternative humanist, social welfare, Keynesian original European policies are forbidden.
  • Austericid specially against the alternative Latin, humanist, social culture is the rule.


  • Destruction of the alternative, humanist euro-american civilisation.
  • Revivalism of primitive myths, fictions and memes of abrahamic religions: ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ Calvin.
  • An electronic big brother with increasing control of all information through private and public A.I. is established as Internet companies are also owned by the same group (Google, Facebook, etc.) It ads to the absolute control of mass-media systems (80% of CEOs and leading shareholders from Murdoch Greene (calvinist-jewish) Fox, to evilwood).
  • Global spread of hate memes against 2 billion muslims, fuelling the terrorist vicious cycle. Complete silence about the eternal tragedy of black africa. Origin of this special hate against arabs and ‘negros’: Ham damnation according to which both races descendant from Ham, who ‘peed on Noah’, are cursed, inferior to dogs in Talmud. Consequences: from modern slavery uphold in courts with ham damnation to modern islamophobia and the blow up of Semite wars to the euroamerican civilisation.


Thus the Jewish and remaining WASP elite and those individuals of all cultures who most ‘fervour’ show for the ideologies above described (from Obama to the Chinese & indian inventors of Computers in Silicon valley) are on top . Below the American, the Israeli, the European who work for them. But then the rest of mankind are increasingly expendable to be consumed by weapons in wars, by poverty in peace, as there is no work for them. And this is the capitalist structure we explain in other posts. The data is obvious for america, though nobody calculates it: the 1% by rent is overwhelmingly Biblical:  52% of the 1% is ‘Am Segullah’ people and 24% are calvinist in its different denominations. 

According to the Economist the Gdp per capita of Jewish-Americans is 5 to 10 times higher than the median rent of Americans, an astounding difference, which can be explained due to those exclusive rights to ‘cre(dit)ate’ reality.

But in a Democracy the right to invent the language of power of societies, which is money, no longer the law, should be in the hands of elected governments, not in the hands of a social or tribal caste, which corrupts the laws of democracies. So if the XIX c. was the age of a corrupted British Empire and a Wasp culture that massacred millions of innocent Africans, Asians and Indians for profit, the XX c. has been the age of the American empire and its financial people-caste, the Jewish culture, whose companies show a similar indifference for the suffering of mankind, guided by the eviL=anti-Live ‘subconscious’ values of Go(l)d. So we fight a global war against Islam, which happens to be the enemy of the financial people-caste of the West and make enormous profits with weapons and surveillance systems, evolving the terminator armies of the future; we follow the advices of Jewish scholars (Friedmann) and Central Bankers (Greenspan, Paulson, Bernanke, Trichet), who give massive credit to the financial companies the ‘Am Segullah’ own, but deny credit to nations and the common people, etc.

It is thus necessary to understand that capitalism is NOT a science but a praxis of power, evolved from those go(l)d religions, and only a real science of economics that returns the control of money to the elected governments of mankind will end this cycle, and permit the proper evolution of the economic science, which should be the science of how money, the present language of information of mankind, is used to cre(dit)ate a world made to our image and likeness. Cultures are not sciences, nor they can hold a monopoly on a certain science. Unfortunately, Economics has not evolved into a full science, even if it passes as one, but has merely translated an ideology of financial power into ‘mathematical equations’; in the same manner that Mr. Hitler pretended to have discovered the ‘genetic science’ of racial superiority, to justify his ethnic cleansings.

In the graph, the structure of placebo democracies have been evolving from the earlier ‘brutish’ forms of the XIX century, where it was obvious that the whole concept was just a system of control of masses, which ‘lower’ the friction of society by selling placebo ‘power’ in the form of poll voting, into much more sophisticated forms of choice and placebo freedoms.

However in western Europe after the massacres of I and II world war, a real democracy appeared as quietly western people realized they could not continue being just consumption goods for weapon corporations or slaves of financial elites, controlling them with the issue of money, and both forbade the spread of weapons and nazi-onanisms and war, and desnationalised the financial industry from its people-castes. So the highest level of social evolution of the human western world, EU, appeared, at the same time that a blue print from a perfect world UNO was developing its idealistic goals. Since, the capitalist Anglo-American biblical elite never was defeated globally and merely retreated to go back in full charge to control the world again with the arrival of e-money, which gave them enough financial muscle to impose the present Financial-Media Global empire, constantly spreading its mechanist idologies of the tree of metal and racist biblical creationist beliefs.

Those are the modern forms of democracy, observed in the other graphs, which have become endemic in the age of neofascism, with placebo faked globalised leaders on the left (normally second-tier bankers and financial lawyers, Clinton, Blair, Macron style; which represent the financial-media, informative industries vs. nazionanist war-prone leaders a la Trump, Le Pen or Cameron, which represent the military-industrial complex, and in fact are all of them part of the larger FMMI system of memes of metal, which is fast making obsolete, degrading and controlling all human systems, for the benefit of the o.2% of stockrats and 1% of humans still useful for those big corporations.

So what is the duality of democracies today, when both parties are still serving the power of corporations and its people-castes in control of information?

Basically nationalist right wing parties who want to fracture mankind into historic nazi-onanisms and foster war and electronic big brothers a la Le Pen or Trump, which represent the industrial-military complex of energetic machines vs. faked left ‘bankers’, a la Macron or Clinton, which represent straightforward the financial-media masters of informative machines.

Both are thus the same duality o all placebo western democracies, since the Amsterdam Herren XIII directorial board of the first VOC corporation, invented the Dutch monocracy and then when moving to London and New Amsterdam, U$, became split between party of war companies AND WEAPONS (torys, republicans) and party of peaceful companies AND GOLD (whigs, democrats), but what there is NOT IS THE THIRD HUMAN SOLUTION, THE PARTY OF HUMAN, TRUE LAWS AND WELFARE.

This third party representing the third and only human language of power in history, the ethic wor(l)d, in earlier times represented by ethic love prophets of eusocial religions, then by socialist scientists and non-corrupted democracies, where MONEY is regulated by the human chosen government are nowhere to be seen today. As the Financial-media system of e-money machines have truly taken over all prior left-parties in the western world.

Hence the false choice of all elections in the ‘neo-fascist’ age, between an openly nazi-onanist war party and a pretentious faked globalising pro-banksters party.

Indeed, observe the astounding elections in ‘France’, cradle of the humanist revolutions of europe, between a complete fake, mr. macron, a rothschild bankster playing as Clinton did for the huge globalising companies vs. Le Pen working for the war party, against the third world, immigrants… etc JUST on tv, appear their policies: le pen wants to liquidate the euro, while Macron is in a ceremony for the victims of the holocaust (the lower classes of the financial elite, which does not tolerate any criticism of capitalism).

It is truly pathetic to observe in that sense the devolution of France, which as a Catalan, I consider one my two ‘local cultures’ (being my country a mixture of french and spanish cultures), down into the degradation it suffered in the previous two neofascist ages (the age of Napoleon III and its colonial empires and the between wars age of ‘weimar France’ and the final Vichy regime).

But as Europe walks into a new dark age again controlled by the financial-media informative elite of ‘you banksters’ from ECB and his privately owned financial corporations and the increasingly robotised Germany 4.0 industrial r=evolution, it is ONLY PART OF THE CYCLE THAT the humanist south-european welfare, rational, artistic, scientific social REAL DESTINY OF EUROPE, fades away first in ambivalent France, always envious of German efficiency, despising its languedoc south, and soon all other southern-european nations…

But this is a conscious choice of the leadership of those FMMI corporation, the Leisure class for which we all toil that NEVER WILL ACCEPT THE REAL HUMANIST SOLUTION: Welfare over warfare, nationalisation of financial industries, control of robotic weapons, systemic control by a posteriori judgment as in real greek democracies of politicos, diplomatic global solutions to war and end of colonial apartheid israel and nationalist Russia with an open invitation of both countries to follow the third way by entering the european union, the culture to which they belong, AND ENDING the islamophobian racist goals of greater Israel and Greater Russia, two ’empires of the past’ that should not be considered again.

As this is not happening and obviously Europe is becoming yet again another colony of the eternal ‘askhe-nazi’ coalition of germanic and ‘you’ FMMI companies, we shall as true historians should regardless of the anti-quantum paradox of censorship and the quite real menaces ad hominem to his career (so far not to the life of people, at least in EUSA, thanks to the fact that in democracies if you don’t have distribution you are not influential to vote and hence you can exist ‘alive’ – no longer obviously in even more primitive cultural regions)

Anti-quantum paradox of social sciences.

Alternatively as ‘religious beliefs’ do not reason but censor truth, it means real social sciences and any historic factual data, biological, organic models of the disciplines have been systematically repressed for centuries.

In complex social sciences we call this paradox, the anti-quantum paradox because in inverse fashion to the quantum uncertainty of physics, where the scientist is so big that it influences the observable, as the Britannica recognises to be the main handicap for the development of a real social sciences, power is so strong that influences the observer, the scientist that exist inside the super organism of history. Thus from Plato chained by tyrant of Syracuse, through Socrates murdered by the corrupted Athenian democracy, though Cicero author of the ‘res-publica’, slaughtered by the military dictators of Rome, to the masters of humanist, historic or socio-biologic, ‘real’ schools of economics, plagued with r=evolutionary corpses, all those who defy the monopoly of weapons and money that prevent mankind to develop a real democracy are at best silenced or else… This we said in advance because both, you and me are inside the Superorganism of History,hence submitted in different forms to the anti quantum paradox, you as a believer in the system, me as a system science that knows it is the anti-system of humanity.


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