The Perfect Man: Existence and survival.


The perfect man is one who survives, as the Universe does, forever…

The first thing the reader should understand is that what matters is ‘existence’, not the universe, not God, but ‘existence’. He is not in a space world as Physicists take to belief, but in a temporal world in which the fundamental temporal phenomena can be defined as a game of existence and extinction.

Each moment of space is merely an instant of a flow of time from past to future, between birth and extinction. Every thing in the Universe goes through those cycles, and so history fully falls inside that reality of the cycles of life and death.

And the science that studies them is general systems sciences. We define all what exists as a system of energy and information, the two forms of the Universe, and so we can then define existence as the function that maximizes both:

Max. (Exi) becomes then the simplest form to define any complementary system of the Universe and its existence.

Yet this equation can be easily divided into 3, Max. E, Max. I, E=I (which maximizes the product).

This is the fundamental function of existence and its 3 ‘states’ or ‘ages’ which all beings of the Universe maximize but maximizing its body force (max. E) and its intelligence, informative capacity (Max. I).

The definition of a top predator system it is then the product of both Max. E x Max. I.

And those who achieve that perfect state become immortal. Because they repeat themselves and never become extinct by lesser beings. Each perfect, survival form of the Universe have therefore a top econiche, a variety of macro-fields of energy and information  in which he can remain supreme. Man was such top predator in the world of life.

But now in the world of metal, Max. E x Max. I is a function of the machine. And this makes the future dark unless the perfect man, one able to control the world, one of maximal intelligence and information exists.

B ut this is not a ‘mule’ in the Asimovian sense of the perfect dictator that will stir the world back into human existence, but a perfect culture, able to mold millions of human beings into a perfect superorganism of history, one able to survive, to prolong the existence of all its human cells.

The Universe is perfect. But to understand its perfection and how it creates it, as difficult to swallow as it is, we have to admit that the Universe must select the ‘fittest’ to survive. This is the ‘law of the land’.

Still the fundamental error of mankind and science is to think that this selection happens in terms of individuals. On the contrary the best strategy of survival is to gather similar beings into bigger social masses that make them survive since they become stronger in ‘space-force’ and ‘time-information’, coordinating together a higher existential ‘force’, defined in the equations of ‘causality’ of time (the bio-logical laws of time that select what futures survive) as, Max. Energy x Max. information .

In simple terms, the best bodies of energy with higher force and minds of information with higher intelligence, Max. E x Max. I, survive and so a perfect man will try to achieve maximal form and maximal energy, and the human lot as a group will try to achieve maximal eusocial love to coordinate the individuals into a group that can survive against other individuals.

Further on, since Max. e x Max. i is a function maximized by E=I, so 5×5 is the maximal of a 10 total bigger than 6×4 an so on, there are 3 fundamental perfections in all systems of the Universe, which we shall denote with bio-ethical words, our informative guide to become perfect men:

– Max. Energy, or ‘mental strength’ or courage (obviously we talk of mental perfections here, not  of animal perfections; that is, Mr. Usain bolt or Mr. Messi might have great bodies but that is irrelevant here – a simple Google Dynamics robot, runs faster, so does a dog; what matters in man is the mind).

A man must therefore be brave to face ‘the outrageous arrows of fortune’ and ‘be=come’ (Shakespeare)

– Max. Information, or ‘mental inteligence’.

– And the balance of both, which we perceive as ‘harmony’, classicism and beauty, E=I; both in visual mind knowledge – and we call that art, and in verbal, temporal, causal knowledge and we call that ‘ethics’.


TODAY humans are truly imperfect in their mind ethics, knowledge and actions, as they have no courage, no intelligence and no balance.

Today we live in a world where human minds are  ‘ego-trips’, selfish, childish ‘homo bacteria’.

This degraded human minds are populating the world during the X, Y and Zero generations of mankind planet Earth.

They are though paradoxically self-obsessed by becoming ‘perfect’, ‘superior’, ‘number one’, but not according to the Laws of the Universe that define the ‘perfect systems’ that survive on it – which indeed would create a perfect man; but according to the pathetic queues and newspeaks, me(n)tal programming and idol-ogies of the ‘Animetal culture’, which in fact produces only ‘enzymen’, humans degraded as human beings from its perception substituted by audiovisual imprinting and mind manufacturing to its bodies atrophied by the use of transport machines or censored in their sensorial perception.

The result is a man degraded in body, mind and ethics. So what would be the perfect man?

A more complex view.

A more detached view  is the higher perspective of the laws of the bio-ethic laws of the organic Universe, a level of comprehension I rarely bring to this web, as it might seem ‘too far out’ for those who ignore all about General Systems Sciences. Yet it is necessary to understand the perfect man to compare and put into perspective each of our souls and that of those we observe riding us with the 4 apocalypse horses (myths are always metaphors of higher truths which give a poetic perspective)…

So let us try… The Universe is a ‘System’ made of organisms of energy and information, from physical systems, made of an informative particle moved over a body/field of energy, to human beings, made of informative heads moved by energetic bodies, to societies ruled by a neuronal class in control of our languages of social power, (money and words, and its submissive energetic language of weapons which money and words always command), which direct a body mass of working middle classes…

This must be understood – the pantheist universe constructs its ultimate laws of science and all its sub-sets of beings, made to the image and likeness of the whole departing from that simple duality.

And so to survive it selects those entities with a more perfect ‘body’ of maximal energy, brain of maximal information and the system that maximizes both, Max. E x Max. I, which mathematically happens when E=I  (so for a total of 10, 5×5=25 > 6×4=24>7×3=21, etc.)

Now departing from those laws of General Systems, applied to human beings, there is a potential perfect man,  which maximizes those 3 survival functions:

– A man of maximal Bravery; Max. E, or mental energy to challenge the wrongs of life by applying its Intelligence (max. Information), to create an ethic and aesthetic balance (E=I), between truth (Max. Information) and Happiness (Max. strength) – yes, good people who help others have been proved by experiments to be happier, to emit more oxytocin, the drug of love and happiness). 

This simple function: Max. E -> Max. I -> Max E=I, defines the survival species of reality creating a perfect world of maximal ethics and beauty, the canon of being human (which we observe in ‘classic forms’ of aesthetics and ethics, that is of art and literature, with balance between energy and form, or in the 2nd age of maturity of any entity).

Now this simple function is broken, because E=I, ethics and aesthetics of human origin have been SUBSTITUTED by the ethics and aesthetics of the machine that destroy our collective social, ethic mind.

Thus the function of bio-ethics, of a human civilization based in the values of man, which is explained all the ‘messages’ of all the prophets of history worth to mention is now gone. But that does not mean that the search for human beauty and ethics, the natural goal of our species is not truth. It is and it will always be. So there will always be as long as humans exist in the past, present and future among the highest minds those who seek to define and practice the conduct of the perfect man, guided by the survival balance and sense of justice of the Universe, represented in our species by human ethics and aesthetics, E=I:

For example in Plato is the ‘idea of man’, the ideal man which is our potential perfect man, of which each of us, is a mere shadow, reflection in the ‘cave’, parable of the Mind of God, the Logos, or rational laws of the Universe, of that perfect man. Socrates expressed it also with its life and dictum that ‘an intelligent man (max. I) can only be a good man (E=I)’

In non corrupted Abrahamic Religions, he is the prophet, the canon of which all of us must be a reflection, trying to achieve his perfection.  This was better expressed in the great philosophers of the first age of christianity before ‘animetal cultures’ of gold and weapons degraded this religion, from Orestes to Saint Augustine, in its ‘citadel’. Here the function most cherished is E=I (Ethics).

It was expressed from Confucius (Jen Man) and Mo-Ti to Buddha in all the Eastern religions. And here as in Plato we find a close description of this Jen/Buddha man, in its 3 functions (the right fold path)

It will be again expressed by neo-platonic renaissance which stressed the 3rd final function of balance and beauty, as the Greek-Latins did (mens sana in corpore sanum).

It was NOT, expressed, contrary to belief in most prophets of the Jewish-Protestant culture,  since the Old testament is hihgly polluted by selfish tribal memes of go(l)d and war; but Moses and other prophets of the Isaiah cycle brought us the closest image of it.

So we had to wait till the French-American R=evolution and all those who imitated those Founding Fathers of modern ethics (including the marxist r=evolutionary man).

And so the Ideal, Canonical, Rightful, R=evolutionary ‘Perfect’ man exists at least in the mind of the poets of love that use the ethics of the wor(l)d to guide and create by imitation and right action, a critical mass of perfect men.

On that view modern humans and their animetal, mechanical cultures must be qualified as the Imperfect men, hence once that will not survive, because the Universe is perfect and only selects those perfect species who are made to the image and likeness of its logos, that a few of those men we quoted understood, because they had in themselves the seeds of the perfect man.

But the Universe and its selective system is both deterministic (as there are rules and laws that define what survives in the future) but also probabilistic (as a perfect universe should even forgive those who are imperfect, yet allowing them also a minimal probability of existence; hence most men are born potentially perfect, good Rousseaunian savages).

We are in that ‘Sigma 2′ using again mathematical terms of the more complex level of equations of bio-history (that dream of Asimov, which I resolved two decades ago and have seen unfolding every time ever since).

That is, we are the tail of the imperfect man, a planet with no critical mass of ethics, inteligence and aesthetics.

(to be cont’ed)

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  1. russell olausen Says:

    Your mention of Asimov puts me in a dream state like when I was reading his fiction and then the reading turned to the infernal holacaust which snapped me out. Then tossed to the metal men. regards R. Olausen.

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