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 The science of economics AS A TRUE SOCIAL SCIENCE, is the science that should manage and design  the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the superorganism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose should be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes and fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’).

As those are the ± goals of all re=productive networks of Nature’s superorganisms.

And so since mankind is a superorganism, and its legal, nervous political network and re=productive blood economic network its physiological systems, politicians and economists as ‘doctors’ of history should imitate Nature in the design of such efficient superorganism, which is extremely easy since in Nature no superorganism leaves one of its citizens-cells without enough food and welfare goods they need to survive, no superorganism allow lethal goods to reproduce within the body system, and no nervous system, emits unjust ‘legal messages’ which do not treat all cells as equals and synchronize its motions.

We explain those simple facts of nature, and the proper models of social sciences, in more detail in the next graph that draws the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind, History, including an ‘economic frame of reference’ that value positive and negative goods  according to their biological utility, as organisms do.

In such a frame of reference, negative goods like weapons will have negative values, subtract from the GDP and be forbidden, because their use harm people.

And so the nervous and leukocyte, blood system would forbid and control its production.

While on the positive side we put the goods that foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species. So a healthy, wealthy society with an efficient re=productive system would overproduce those goods.

And this would be done simply with the same system that organisms use to kick out the production of the goods its cells require: through a ‘hormonal language’ of orders controlled by the legal/nervous system that defined what to produce and what to inhibit  and a common ‘energy language’, oxygen – money in the economic system, which IS GIVEN TO ALL CELLS to kick out their actions of consumption and production, within the restrictions of the legal nervous system.

As simple as that. So a healthy wealthy economic system would be similar to the social-democratic welfare economic systems of the European Union in the XX century or China, before both systems became corrupted and changed its economy to a model of massive reproduction of lethal goods, and lack of credit for its people, imitating the economic system of American capitalism, where a few parasitic private bankers choke their people of credit, welfare, healthy goods are chronically underproduced and lethal goods are massively overproduced to control and harm its population, which the corrupted political system does NOT serve, as it happens in organisms, with their neuronal system that serves the body – because the cells of the body can harm with pain the mind if it does not serve them.

In our corrupted organisms of history, akin to a cancerous body where a few cells absorb all the oxygen-money for themselves and viral germs multiply and attack the citizens-cells, nothing of this simple, obvious organization that happens in all evolved mammal systems, in all superorganisms of nature, takes place. 

Regarding the political system, people cannot as it happened in true democracies in Greece, judge a posteriori their politicians with pain messages, which ranged from exile, fines to death penalties so politicians would serve as neurons do their body cells.

Regarding the political system, no human society delivers to their citizens a universal salary in oxygen to allow them to buy the products they need to survive kicking out the reproduction of welfare goods; neither they forbid and use their military NOT to harm their cells but to protect them destroying lethal goods for the body and mind and forbidding its production.

So the question is why Human superorganisms are the worst designed systems of Nature, why they are corrupted, virally infected with lethal goods, with mad nervous system that do not serve their body, crazy leukocytes that kill their own cells and parasitic cancerous bankers that choke mankind of credit to keep all the oxygen in their tumor-like banking accounts inflated of idle resources?

All this we explain it first, because WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND a true science of economics to have a perspective on what today passes as ‘economics’, NOT a science but a PRAXIS OF power of a few parasitic people-castes that monopolize the issue of money, and use weapons to harm people. In the next graph we compare the two opposite systems – one of true healthy wealth for all humans properly designed that would make a world made to the image and likeness of mankind, and the parasitic, murderous system of control of population with lethal metal goods:


History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

In the graph, we resume the nature of History, the superorganism of mankind, and how it should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money).

How a tender legal language of money, as envisioned by the legalist rational Greek-Roman culture, which used nomisma, tender money – brittle iron rotten in vinegar put on a stamped leather note to stress it was just a government’s digital language of exchange became a precious informative hypnotic metal, considered wealth per se, has to do with the CONFRONTATION IN HISTORY OF TWO cultures of very different degree of evolution:

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs

The semite, emotional, irrational, visual, hypnotic culture of hate memes based in the idolatry cults to weapons and gold of the primitive Bronze Age, and its hierarchical people-castes of warrior kings and gold priests that understood nothing rationally and built a religion of supremacist memes and myths (monotheist religions of supremacist subconscious collective ‘gods’ of military or financial nations, that would use the ‘wealth’ of metal-weapons or money to subjugate all other gods-nations) vs.

The Rational cultures born in the axial age in Greece and China, where a legalist rational understanding of the law, the need of eusocial evolution (confucianism, platonism), which advanced the mind of man, understood better the laws of the organic Universe, the unity of mankind as a single species, the digital, mathematical nature of money as a language NOT as wealth per se, and the need of the informative nervous legal system of mankind to rule over money and issue it to reproduce the welfare goods people needed to survive.

THIS IS THE TRUE BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE OF MANKIND, A BATTLE OF A PRIMITIVE ‘SEMITIC->PROTESTANT->CAPITALIST->JEWISH-AMERICAN animetal culture that debases mankind, breaks humanity into entropic dog-eat-dog primitive people without any understanding of the systemic social intelligence of the Universe and its mathematical numbers (which are undistinguishable groups of equal beings, hence a mathematical Universe is ‘socialist’), and the need to share energy and information through the collective issue of money for all individuals and just laws that make all humans equal, in a true democratic economy and political system, where politicians are as in Greek democracies judged a posteriori…

Vs. the legalist, European and Chinese cultures of humanism, where the government must control the blood system, repress lethal goods and hate memes, develop a reproductive system that serves people massively producing life-enhancing goods, and repress racist religions, racist memes, racist tribal military hate memes, and weapons, trying to coordinate the actions of false nationalist species, unifying with legal diplomatic treatises mankind so it remains the collective subconscious god-brain of the planet.

Live vs. eviL, equal species vs. ‘faked’ animetal differences: that is the survival game in the Darwinian vs. Eusocial Universe. Humanity systematically in the age of metal denies life and the prophets of eusocial love. The people on top, animetal castes, originated in germ(anic) tribes of Goths, Jewish Go(l)d churches and I-centered Anglo-Saxon, mechanist loners, who need machines and consider to come with other humans needy, have gone to unending, lengthy social bull$hit to deny the duality of the organic Universe, the equality of the species. And they have always died for it. The less successful cultures of history have been the germ*anic warrior and the Jewish go(l)d trader, despite the arrogance of both, and their cheating on the facts of history, today astounding in the case of Judaism, and they are the less successful, and their cycles of war and holocaust keep repeating. While the cultures that do NOT cheat, and do LOVE each other and evolve socially have been the most successful as in the case of China. Do you think they have learned? Judaism has done exactly the same and there germs are doing to Europe the same. 

Unfortunately it seems animetal cultures and their primitive ab=usive concepts of the. political and economical networks have carried the day and so they have imposed through its Financial-media-academia systems of networks of global information, and its military-industrial complex a no future for mankind as they keep exploiting humanity with metal-money (Today e-money cycles in golden chips of computers screens) AI machines and soon to be metalife robots. In the next graph thus we confront the true sciences of history vs. the idol-ogies of animetals and its concepts of go(l)d and weapons worship:

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.


The surrealist quality of our IDOL-OGICAL M.A.D. society is difficult to hide. We live in a world ruled by a digital, efficient language of re=production, money, which could be easily used to foster with its ‘delivered actions’ orders of production of human wealth, welfare goods we need to survive. But this ‘human goods’ (Hg), are chronically underproduced because over 90% of the orders of money given to society to reproduce goods are handled by corporations, biological organisms, which are overwhelmingly dedicated in the modern world to the re=production of machines, evolved, overproduced and sold for a profit, in a world which dedicates therefore all its efforts to the creation of a world made to the image and likeness of those machines, where human goods therefore like enough credit to make it.

Thus humans live in permanent poverty and machines keep over reproducing, evolving and terraforming the Earth to its image and likeness.  And yet because people are not explained the meaning of capitalism, they cheer and find natural that humans lack basic welfare goods while every machine has enough money, energy and information to keep running the world:


In the graph, low left, the stock-market reproduces +90% of the total money of the world it dedicates to the reproduction and evolution of machines, while the human biological organism and its societies, historic civilisations hardly use 10% of the total money issued in society to develop a human world. The result is that the evolution of machines continue unabated and the ‘chip radiation’ increasingly makes humans obsolete:

In the graph, the evolution of the metal-mind, in its 3 horizons of ‘tv-eyes’, ‘chip-brains’ and ‘mobile-phones’ started in earnest the obsolescence of human beings. But it could not be understood without the existence of an ‘a priori’, fetish go(l)d religion and scientific racism against life and mankind, sponsored by ‘animetal cultures’ that worship the tree of metal more than the tree of life. So we live an age that completes a historic process of terraforming of the life earth, which makes the ‘routine’ of destruction of humanity and its obsolescence of machines ‘natural to the human historic psyche’. We thus culminate the ‘3rd age of metal-information’, yet amazingly enough, we are not even aware that our role in such endeavour is submissive to the machine:

2 metal-age

So what would be then the ‘rational’ policy of mankind to manage the previous process? Obviously to halt the evolution of the machine and readdress the issue of money to favor the overproduction of welfare goods, ‘ideally’ returning the planet  to a time of lesser evolution of machines, when man was the top predator mind of humanity (prior to the digital age, <1039), practically with a political global ban on robotics and further evolution of chips:


Human Goods cater to the natural needs of man: social reproductions, natural energy, and verbal information”

In the graph, the Human constitution, defines Human Goods, as Healthy goods that help man to realise its natural, biological drives of existence, as opposed to lethal goods, which do not add but rest to the Economic wealth of nations, in a humanist society, which tries to build a world made to the image and likeness of mankind.

To that aim a political and economical reform is needed, shown in the next graphs. We shall study in this post the nature of true wealth – whealthy goods needed for man to survive and tribe:


In the graph, the design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of systems sciences, dedicated to reproduce the GDP goods that are positive to mankind, with the economic frame of reference (right bottom) that rests from the economy lethal goods as all sciences have ±values, according to the biological drives of life, and the natural goods needed by humans, based in a demand economy, with an international ¥€$ currency (fixed parity, 1euro=1dollar=100yens=5 yuans), emitted as a Universal salary, to foster the demand of human goods, along other measures of repression of lethal goods, control of lethal corporations with the split of shares, with private management and human control, the fostering of diplomacy and International organisations such as Uno and EU, the most advanced humanist societies, seeking to substitute warring nations for world cultures, of which there are 7 clear forms, and in the long term, ruled by a real democracy of an heptarchy of presidents, in which politicos follow the rules of Greek democracies, where voting IS a posteriori, with pain judgements of citizens, as cells do with neurons, so they must serve, obey and accomplish their promises  – in brief a scientific organic design of mankind to make it hive at individual and collective level, is the goal of bio-history and bio-economics, which is not implemented and highly censored, because History has evolved as evolution does by trial and error into an imperfect corrupted organism ruled by selfish memes of metal.


The social organisms of History, and their biological needs

In its relationship with the Universe, man is a being who has always searched for knowledge to satisfy the curiosity of his mind and energy to satisfy the needs of his body. If we understand man  as a being made up of two components, a head (his mind) and a body (his energy), it is natural for man to satisfy his mind with information and his body with energy. The same occurs with human civilizationswhich accumulate information and energy through the activities of their people. For this reason it is essential to know how man defines his energy and his information, the substance of our existence as individuals and societies.

The fundamental question about what is good for societies to have is: what are the goods that human beings need as individual organisms and as members of a collective organism? We can only answer that question from a biological point of view, never from an abstract point of view, since we are biological beings, not abstract beings. There are of course abstract definitions of certain states of the mind, such as “happiness”, “honor”, “truthness”, “wealth”, which appeal to us, and politicians love to mention. Yet it is difficult to build a society on abstract goods, which having not relationship to our daily, real needs, become easily manipulated and make of politics and economics not a science but an ideology .

ideologies might be good for after-diner conversations, but they do not feed us, do not improve or make our lives safer. Real goods do. So we will try to define first what are the natural,biological goods that our individual organisms need. It will follow that since we are basically all humans, belonging to the same species, what an individual human being needs is what societies and economies should multiply; for all the human “cells” of the society to have those human goods.

Human goods

In that sense, it is easy to see that we men, as a natural organism, require to fulfill our biological needs, what all universal organisms need: the appropriate energy and information natural to our carbolife species. The existence of biological organisms is driven by such needs, which cater to your two fundamental organs of existence, your body that requires certain energy species, and your head that requires certain information species. Organisms are composed of bodies and brains. To live is to inform your brain with correct information that fulfills the existence of your mind, and guides your body on its natural search for energy. Your body will then feed on the right energy, move with that energy, and feed the brain.

You can think of yourself as a modular being, with two components. The head, its senses, and languages of perception dominate your body, which relies on the head to act and move rightly in a rather dangerous universe. When your head has bad information it risks your body, which gets hurt, suffers accidents, eats poisons, falls in traps of death. It is for that reason that the first good to have is right information to survive. Then the proper energy for your body.

We live in a game that we might call existence. To survive in the game of existence, you have to feed on the two components of the universe, “temporal information”, and “spatial energy”. Such strategy of survival is a self-evident tautology. Since we live in a Universe made of “spatial energy” and “temporal information”, we need a volume of vital space that gives us energy to move around, feed, heat and survive, and a volume of temporal information, that allow us to perceive, sense and feel.

When we fulfill those 2 needs to the best of our possibilities, we exist, and we are happy. When we have hyper-abundance of those two components, human energy and human information we have wealth, and health. Then we can even think on the ultimate luxury of life: to reproduce, to have a family to “repeat” our existence, or spatial form and temporgal=genetic information, in other location of the space-time universe, and create a child. That is what human existence is all about, isn’t?

In order to stress those tendencies of our existence, the wise universe has reinforced our behavior with natural instincts, and sensorial pleasure. When we reproduce, the ultimate goal that fulfills existence we feel happiness, and an enormous pleasure. This is good. It is called an orgasm. It is the ultimate good of God=the laws of the universe, which tell us biologically speaking: “you have made it. You have achieved enough energy and information as a species to become a top predator of your environment. Now you can relax and repeat yourself, your existence, in your genetic son. I am happy with you: Grow and multiply”. To reproduce however, you need to grow and satisfy the individual cells of your body with proper energy and information. What is proper human energy and information? Energy to feed your cells, which in the human case is carbolife energy, since you do not eat electricity or oil; and information to feed your mind, which in the human case comes through two basic senses, the spatial eye and the temporal word; and so it has a visual and verbal nature.

Again, we feel this intuitively. When we eat well, and when we are warm, and when we live surrounded by “natural property”, a comfortable home, a nicely urbanized environment, a safe surroundings in which we do not need to fight and defend our property, our body feels happy. We feel satisfied. Also when we receive natural information, when we see beautiful, proportionate images, and hear nice words, that talk about love, and communication among human beings, or explain us the why and how of things, in verbal terms, that we naturally understand, we feel realized, intelligent, sensitive and perceptive. We feel then a mental pleasure, happiness, a subtle pleasure not so intense as the body pleasure that the ultimate goal of reproduction give to us, but a warm pleasure.

The quality of human information and energy a society produces, is thus important, the easiest way to measure its real health and wealth; and it also satisfies us as individuals. Regarding the quality and quantity of such visual and verbal information, it reaches its highest point in certain works of information that we call art. Visual art, and verbal art of the highest rank is called human aesthetics and ethics. We like to guide ourselves by such human aesthetics and ethics. We enjoy the contemplation of beautiful spatial images. We like to follow in our verbal words which guide our mind, and in our temporal actions, caused by those words, certain ethic codes of individual and social behavior, that enhance our survival, and bring us a better life.

The science of ethonomics: Whealthy vs. lethal goods. A demand, democratic economy based in human goods.

A biological approach to economics can truly understand the nature of machines , and how they are transforming our human ecosystem. Then as the doctor does with the body we can design antidotes, and counter-measures to defend our social body of history, from the lethal mutation it is experienced under the effect of certain machines. Indeed, there is a second role that a scientist plays. He does not search for the laws of natureonly to know those laws, but he studies them to manipulate reality with that knowledge. Since the scientist knows the laws of nature, he can modify reality to improve his existence. So happens in the science of chemistry and medicine. Now man can cure many diseases of which he was a victim in the past.

The doctor applies the laws of nature to improve the life of humanity. Hence the enormous importance of a “real” science of economics and history. If man applies a “true scientific model” of history and economics, based not in abstractions and ideologies of machines, but in the natural goods, and needs of the human species, politicians, economists, and the common people, could direct in their own advantage the behavior of the Earth’s ecosystems, and design their own future (as scientists do, with those species whose laws of behavior and change they know).

Men could create a future positive to our species, controlling the financial orders that reproduce machines, with verbal ethic laws, and implementing counter-measures against lethal products, reinforced by the military -the leukocytes of a well-run human organism- to cure the ecosystem of history. If the “doctors” of history and economics, our entrepreneurs and politicians, our military and economists, were able and willing to understand the laws of financial networks and evolutionary machines, and the way they invent the future, they could manipulate history and economics in favor of man, of our collective species. They do the opposite today, cheated by complex ideologies in favor of all kind of machines, that do not distinguish the good from the bad apples of the tree of science.

In this manner subconsciously they are directing mankind towards self-suicide, and destruction of his natural ecosystem.

The natural, biological Goods of a human economy

In the graph, the 3 organic goals of mankind, human social evolution human energy, and human information, are fostered by certain goods. If we give to each good a certain value in those 3 organic goals, we can put them within the frame of reference.

Positive Y values are given to goods that foster human mental-informative evolution.

Negative Y values are given to goods thatdiminish human mental evolution. Positive X values are given to goods that foster human body evolution.

Negative X values are given to goods that foster human body devolution.

Finally, in the positive Z coordinates we consider goods that foster human social communication and reproduction of social networks.

In negative Z coordinates we consider goods that diminish human social communication. Since we know thanks to the laws of the vital Universe the nature of human mental and body evolution it is very easy to put in one of such graphs all kind of goods, and classify them as negative goods with negative GDP value, to be extinguished, or positive goods to be promoted. The product of its XYZ coordinates will give the negative or positive value of a good for the national GDP.

A scientific frame of reference establishes negative and positive values, according to the language and the frame of reference. From the point of view=frame of reference of ethonomics, of economics of verbal thought, and human survival, we can establish a positive and a negative value for economical products. In such frame of ethical reference, we can take judgment and make valuations on metal-species, based in human biological values, not in the values of money .

What extinguishes or degrades human minds, or human bodies, is negative; what promotes human life, evolution, and perception through human senses is positive. Such products should be promoted by politicians and ethonomists, governments and markets. The lethal products should be limited. In the world of economics we have to differentiate the products reproduced by companies and individuals into two clear groups:

– Human goods which are goods that men require to survive, and better themselves.

– metal goods such as weapons or metal-heads, or robots, which harm human beings, expel labor, and create unemployment, kill our bodies, make our minds obsolete and will surely when they reach consciousness compete as top predators of energy and information for the control of the Earth.

The wealth of a nation should be defined as the wealth in Human Goods, that most citizens require and enjoy, because they improve their lives. These goods create also a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. Such is the case of art, housing, agriculture, health and education, that need human labor Countries like Spain came very up that list, headed by nations like Australia, Canada, and France. On the whole nations of the European Union are well up in that least, despite their perceived military and monetary weakness.

On the other hand countries like America or Russian whose societies are/were based in the production of lethal goods sunk in the real standards of life of their people. Indeed if we measure today wealth by the quantity of money and expensive items, such as weapons and complex machines a nation has, America is on top of the world. Yet in the list of healthy nations it appears way down. Since in that list certain goods do not add to the health of nations.

To have more missiles in the statistics of GDP growth does not make a nation healthier. To have hundreds of TV channels, and internet connections, instead of libraries and good schools does not make children more intelligent, sociable, and happier. To measure all the things and humans by their monetary value, price or salary, make us economic objects. Yet monetary values are different, sometimes completely opposed to human values.

For example murder and weapons are very expensive. They have however a negative human value. Yet human values and human goods is what make us happy. America and Latin EU, the powerful and the socially evolved nation, the wealthy and the healthy, the nation ruled by abstract economists,primitive ideologies of animetals and digital numbers, or the nation who still reveres human culture (arts, verbal thought), in which there are still certain ideals about the progress of history, and concerned citizens which want to evolve socially, seem to be opposed in many ways.

Which one is a better nation for its citizens? Perhaps we should ask to the neutral people of the world, that vote visiting one and the other. Their decision is clear, because despite so muchpropaganda and hip about the American way of life, provided by its media companies, tourists go to Europe more often, and hardly travel across America…


Those 3 kind of goods are the most desired by man, and yet the most harmful to man. Their regulation should not be given to the market that makes them top predators over human goods, but to a worldwide Government:


The political, Informative network: I(i+1): The World Union, and its ministries.

In Ethonomics it is fundamental to understand the concept of negative price value. In Ideological Economics in favor of metal-wealth, weapons and digital machines add to the GNP. In a real ethonomical system, that maximizes human welfare, lethal products have negative values. They do not add but subtract to the GNP of a nation, since they go against the evolution of mankind. Perhaps some theoretical background on the nature of scientific coordinates, is required to understand the Ethonomical coordinates of values.

Since knowledge is subjective, when describing a Universal ecosystem, we need to create first a linguistic frame of reference, or coordinates with negative and positive parameters, that describe in terms of our “linguistic values”, the Ecosystem.

In physics we do use mathematical coordinates, with positive (+) or negative (-) values referred to the space-time position of the observer. For example if we measure speed, negative acceleration rests in the negative side of the frame of reference and positive acceleration adds. It follows that in Ethonomics we need also negative and positive prices referred to the effect of products in the observer (the Human species).

The frame of reference in Ethonomics is the Human constitution:

Max H[g] = Min M[g]. Or Human[goods]=positive; Metal[goods]=negative.

Since the goal of the constitution is to increase human goods, metal goods that “decelerate” human evolution, and the creation of a healthy body of History, based on the Human constitution have negative value. Human goods that accelerate human evolution, have positive value.

So the “health and human wealth” of a nation, its “real GNP” that measures the “real utility” of products for human societies, is calculated adding the production of Human goods, and discounting the production of lethal metal goods. The outcome will give us a more accurate measure of the “healthiness” of a human society.

The Human Constitution

We are not God.

We cannot choose the Laws of the Universe. There are certain absolute truths about survival  that cannot be denied. You do not choose to eat poison. If you were a child, your parents would prevent you from taking poison.

They will not give you such free choice. In the same manner, humanity, a child of thought, should know the products that poison History, and avoid them. Man should implement an eco[nomic]system that could not reproduce the metal-poisons of history. economists and politicians should be the doctors of History, and control the creation of species in the Earth in favor of mankind. Yet how can we achieve this goal in a practical manner?

We should use the language of money, and the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and to diminish, lethal metal goods. We call that goal of human societies the “human constitution,” since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could “constitute” a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction.

The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, metalife, which is fighting with us for the same ecosystem.

Let us consider a verbal and mathematical expression of the Human Constitution:



In the graph the two sides of the Human Constitution: both the metal-bodies and metal-heads of Machines (Metal-goods) and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified (Delenda Est) to a level of complexity inferior to man (before their evolutionary threshold of II WW), so man can again be Top Predator of the Earth. The human constitution is the law of survival of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem.

It should guide humans in charge of metal evolution (animetals) and human evolution (politicians, and religious organizations).

Man might ignore our constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it, and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of evolutionary theory,  the only theory validated by most sciences and events of the Universe. The Human Constitution is clear. Yet how can we be so sure of the extinction of man by machines, to affirm categorically the Human Constitution?

We can not.

We do not affirm we have the absolute truth, but the probable truth dictated by biological sciences. In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, used by models of reality.

However, the “goal” of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on probable truths. The gazelle cannot wait to see if the lion is going to eat her. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen other lions eating gazelles.

Man cannot wait to see if robotic weapons kill man, and conquer our vital space. We have seen weapons killing human civilizations in many cycles of war. So it is very probable that they do it again.

Scientists today behave like young gazelles, as if the total experience of biological and human history were worthless; as if they had never seen species preying on other species.Scientists are not fit to survive in this Universe.

They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct.

The concept of a paradise: human ethics and aesthetics

Human ethics and aesthetics improve our lives, our actions, and the reactions of the Universe to such actions. They create a world to the image and resemblance of man. We live then in a“paradise”. Since a paradise is easy to define as a place where there is natural human energy, and natural information, similar to us, that we can perceive, decode, and feed on.

A paradise society is a place full of carbolife energy and human information, an ethic and aeesthetic place such as the one described on Genesis, or those regions of the world which attract so much tourism… Certain privileged nations such as Catalonia, that dedicate all its efforts to promote those energies and informations. On the other hand, when we cannot reproduce; when we can not share life and time with our family; when we receive poisoned food, and polluted air in our lungs; when our property and vital space is invaded by enemies, menaced by war and weapons; when we lack those human goods we are unhappy, we feel in danger, we suffer. So do each and every of our individual cells, of the human cells of our society.

Why we need carbolife energy? This happens because the universe works based in affinity. Your body needs energy which is “half digested” that is, which has carbolife form, since it cannot really invent it from scraps. You cannot take electricity and then build atoms with electrons, and then carbon atoms, and then molecules, and all that. You could spend millions of years in those delicate tasks. So you need energy which already is carbolife energy. Again you cannot inform your brain with gravitational information, or smells, or electronic bites, or even mathematics (unless you have trained your brain for years to understand mathematics). You need light images and words, because your eye sees light, and your neurons create informative words with images. Your neural brain is not a computer, it is a verbal brain. So as you need carbolife energy, you need words that are meaningful. Your brain already stores meanings with words. So only words explain him the universe.

How machines have changed the earth’s ecosystems

Man has not changed as a species. So it would be natural to think that he has always looked for the same energy and information. The surprise comes when we observe history and realize that man in fact has changed his concepts of what is good energy and good information. Previous to the seventeenth century men thought that their vital energy, the wealth of the individual and his nation, was principally land and the produce that it yielded.

A rich man was one with much land/possessions, from where he obtained “human goods” (natural human energy and information): agricultural goods to feed his body, servants, and homes where he was able to relax and enjoy himself. With regard to information it was essentially verbal and visual, perceived through human senses, with our words and our sight. As beings who existed in time and space thanks to his words and eyes, human knowledge signified the accumulation of information regarding time and space with those sensorial tools. Words allowed us to perceive what was happening in time through the use of verbs. Eyes allowed us to see what was happening in space. Accordingly, powerful people seek an artistic and ethical education, based on the natural languages of man: verbal thought and art based on human forms and proportions. They also used those human proportions to mold the environment to his image and resemblance, to create a world pleasant to his human senses and needs for natural energy.

“I think with words and I see with eyes, a world based in human harmonies, therefore I am a human top predator” once said a powerful man on command of his environment. Those who saw and thought more were the most powerful and intelligent people; artists and writers, priests and lawyers, politicians and philosophers… humans looked upon them for inspiration, and knowledge. We conclude that since the beginning of human civilizations men had looked towards the land for energy, wealth and all the possessions that arose from it, and he sought the information that eyes and words provided.

However, with the arrival of machines in the XVIII century, these concepts regarding what kind of energy and information, men and civilizations looked for in their lives changed radically. As machines began to evolve and reproduce in great numbers two new concepts suddenly emerged about the definition of energy, man’s wealth, and information, his knowledge:

The so-called “scientific method” of knowledge appeared, and it changed our informative senses. The scientific method stated that the most important knowledge men could acquire was derived from sensory machines such as telescopes and clocks rather than human senses. Many people believed it. They were called scientists, men who started to evolve sensorial machines like telescopes, and languages that measure time with machines, like mathematics. Soon those scientists despised the sensorial evidence produced by their eyes and words, regarded by the scientific method as inferior to information provided by machines and the language that better adapted to machine’s sensorial evidence: mathematics. Scientists denied the value of sciences based on words, like philosophy, or religion. Information now had to be scientific, machine-made, mathematical information.

Our concept of energy and wealth also changed. This time we have to merit that change to the so called “science of Economics”. Against all human traditions economics stated that the wealth of nations was not the land and its produce, but money and the machines that money reproduced through sophisticated organisms called company-mothers. From these two new ways of understanding wealth, (the energy of nations), and knowledge (the information of nations) our “machine” civilization has arisen, replacing the “vital”/”living” civilization that came before it. We call our civilization a machine civilization and the previous one a vital civilization because when we take into account what has changed between them, we realize that while before information and energy were defined in “living terms”, they are now defined in terms of “machines”.

Before the seventeenth century the wealth of nations was defined as being the land and its vital produce made of carbolife. With the arrival of economics and the Scientific Method wealth was defined as being made of machines and the money of a nation. Before the seventeenth century information was defined as the perception of the Universe through man’s living senses, his eyes and words that measured space and time. In accordance with the scientific method, information now will be defined as the perception of the Universe through telescopes, cameras, clocks andcomputers, which are machines able to measure space and time.

The obvious conclusion is that our civilization has dramatically changed from being an “ecological” one that believed in carbon life and promoted the acquisition of wealth and information through natural means, to a “machine” one that favors the acquisition of wealth and information through machines. This change is due to “two” new systems of knowledge, economics and the scientific method which uses machines to understand the Universe. These are two systems of knowledge that would never have emerged if it were not for the discovery of a series of machines like the clock, capable of measuring time, the telescope, capable of looking into space, and the steam engine, capable of producing energy.

The development of the machine and the two “ideologies” that favor it, the ideology of information based on the machine or the “scientific method” and the ideology of wealth based on the machine or economics therefore represents a radical change for man, a change of civilization and of living ecosystem. For since then man’s civilizations have sought to create more machines, more economic wealth, more metal minds and more digital, mathematical information retrieved by these minds. Before man endeavored to create more agricultural wealth, more human goods, more verbal information, books and art…

This fundamental fact in the history of humanity is the origin of the great changes and transformations undergone by living species since then. Today the “economic-scientific” man abuses life and loves scientific machines, from weapons to computers, which reproduce and destroy the living world, leading to the extinction of many of the Earth’s species. We are talking about a change in the Earth’s ecosystem, caused by the change in ideas regarding what wealth and information really are. We have moved on from an ecological world to a “metallic” world, from a carbolife Earth to a metal Earth. And this change is a biological, evolutionary change, caused by information machines and energy machines, which have substituted living energy and information species. They have also changed the languages of power of mankind. Information machines substitute man’s information systems, and we have more faith in mathematics and numbers, the languages of computers, and money, than in the words of man. We have more faith in a telescope, a metal eye, than in a human eye, in Televisions than in Human Words. This causes a substitution of human languages and human organs by metal-minds and machines. Energy machines replace living energy organs. We prefer to drive rather than ride or walk. Metal-minds substitute human minds. Companies throw workers out and put computers in their place…

It is a fact that machines have today as property of companies higher rights than most human beings. And his goods are systematically promoted, and have all credit needed to grow, given to them by stock-markets, while human goods are scarce. Take an example of modern days. Machines need energy to reproduce and work. humans also need energy. Yet both energies are different. humans need “carbolife energy”, clean water, clean air, food; heating, and transport, basically achieved through oil. Machines need electricity, and electronic systems of guidance and control. The question then could be put in those terms: which kind of energy our economic system favors? The energy of human beings or the energy of machines? Since economic resources are scarce, we can indeed talk of a “fight between resources” that will favor the development of one or other species, depending on which energy is promoted by the “ecosystem”, the eco[nomic]system.

Immediately we realize that the energy of machines is favored by our economic systems, that invest through governments and stock-markets, in electronics, and electric energy, while human energy, food, and agriculture lacks credit, and it is ignored by the stock-market.

As the machine evolution advances, robots will find that the world is indeed an ecosystem that promotes their electric energy over the human energy – food staples. Robots will be able to recharge on electric energy constantly while some human beings will still be hungry… This is becoming sorely truth these days. Gas, food, and oil, the main human energies, are scarce. Wehumans lack a lot of energy: there is hunger, and high prices for our “energy goods”. There are huge taxes against our food (GATT agreements that prevent rich nations from having cheap food, coming from poor nations; astronomic taxation on oil).

We could indeed talk of a “fight for natural resources” that humans need (what we shall call from here on, human goods) and resources that machines need (what we might call metal-goods). It is clear that the goods necessary to machines are a priority in our nations. The energy of machines receive all kind of investments, from our governments, through credits, subventions, and “development plans”… and its taxes are minimal. Machine information (computers, net, physical sciences) also receives huge resources, and ±75% of new stock-market investments.

Yet since company-mothers control most of the sources of power and information of our societies, the make-us-belief those ideas. So we accept the economical goal, and confuse it with the real, historic goal: to evolve human societies, and create a paradise, a world to the image and resemblance of man. We are going in this manner against the laws of social evolution.

Human goods Vs lethal goods

The key to understand the degenerative processes of nations, and history is that distinction between 2 kind of goods. Goods which are natural to the social organism of History, and goods which are unnatural, poisonous to the social organism. When I divide goods in those two categories, searching for what differentiated them, I realize of a very peculiar property of “lethal goods”, that in one way or another harmed the organisms of history.

They are all made of metal, of a different substance to that of which mankind and most human goods are made. Most human goods are “carbolife goods” with a natural affinity to the molecular and cellular systems of our body. Food, education and health care, (which was delivered by other human beings), free time, peace, love, fruit of a proper education, and a proper job, tourism, the arts, textiles (often with a carbolife-based plant as its raw material), are mostly carbolife species. While lethal goods, such as weaponsare “lineal systems of metal”, metal able to process energy. Since weapons are the most expensive items of society, it also turns out that those nations at war , or with massive war power are the wealthiest of each historic age. So we talk of two different ecosystems, that of history made of carbolife goods, and the new ecosystem of machines, the Metal-earth, born with the age of metals, as two different ecosystems, that sometimes are symbiotic, but most times destroy each other.


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