1st age: Weapon cult(ure)s


Worldcycle of existence, its 5 Dimensions: Generation>Motion>reproduction>information>death

Every physical, (left) and socio-biological (right) system of the Universe does have cyclical clocks of time, to regulate its information stored in the frequency and form of those cycles, either physical steady cycles (orbits) or accelerated cycles (attractive vortices of charges and masses – as per Einstein’s principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration: time curve space into masses)  or biological, circadian cycles  (the clocks of time of organisms, which this year got the Nobel prize of physiology to those who study how they regulate our biological organisms) or technological cycles (accelerated also towards a ‘singularity point of collapse, akin to those of physical masses) which determine the cycles of economics and by extension, the OPPOSITE TENDENCY TOWARDS decelerated devolution of the social organisms of history (human societies predated by company-mothers and human beings, whose social evolution as a species has been halted and reversed by the evolution of machines).

This is a general glimpse to the absolutely obvious, completely proved everywhere in reality cyclical nature of time and its direct relationship with the frequency and in-form-ation those cycles carry – the fundamental discovery of this writer 30 years ago, when he published the first books in spanish on the nature of cyclical time – fully ignored by our ENTROPIC CULTURE.

Why then we believe in  lineal time and entropy big-bang theories of the Universe?

Answer: SCIENCE IS ALSO BIASED BY POWER AND CULTURE, and weapons, white cultures have imposed their worldview, specifically northern european germanic cultures of agglutinative long words and swords, evolved into cannons and booms. So we have a ‘big bang’ theory developed by Mr. Gamow of A-bomb fame, and a single entropic arrow of time, developed of the study of the specific ‘entropic state of matter’ (expansive gases), which helmothz blew up to cosmic proportions. And we still disregard the arrow of inverse information – which in states of matter is the cold crystal forms of solid matter, which order and center the most complex systems including planets with central crystal forms.

So think twice every time somebody tells you ‘it is science’. A few centuries ago they would have told you it is religion. And you would have also believed the ‘tantrum word’. It is CULTURE first.

NOT only social sciences ARE biased by the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of the observer-scientist, which is so small and inside the super organism that must bias his thoughts to cater to the elite on top of the pyramid (1-10%, depending of social structure and domain), but ALL SCIENCES DO HAVE THEIR ‘LIMITS’ of knowledge imposed WHEN colliding WITH THE idol-ogy of a manifest, future destiny for MANKIND hand in hand with his idolised machines and weapons.

The Financial-Military earlier system: lineal, entropy time vs. cyclical, life, informative time.

The astounding germ(anic) simplex concept of a lineal single arrow of entropic motion, and destructive time, which infects all our half-truths in science, DISREGARDING the arrow of information is perhaps the most biased product of power-culture over objective truth. The trick to REDUCE the inverse arrows of entropy and social evolution of linea and cyclical time is to DENY the ‘informative states’ of nature.

The two most obvious cases are below illustrated in the concepts of matter AS ONLY ENTROPY, as IF SOLID crystals ordering and reducing the entropy of the UNIVERSE did NOT exist, and the big-bang theory WHICH DISREGARDS THE VERY EXISTENCE OF VORTEX OF MASS, CALLED GALAXIES THAT ‘warp space into mass, accelerated cyclical clocks of time’ balanced the Universe in an eternal cyclical time big bang and big crunch.


NOW the simplest of those time cycles are the geometric cycles of physical clocks depicted in those graphs, vortex of charges, masses, orbital clocks and such – as they happen ONLY in a scale of reality, the size of the microscopic particle or macrocosmic cosmic body.

The organic cycles that matter to us are more complex BECAUSE THEY happen as the interaction of parts and wholes in co-existing organic scales, and to describe them we need an extra dimension of scalar space-time to order and explain the relationships between those scales. This is the Huge insight that expanded the understanding of the fractal organic Unvierse in systems sciences and allow us to describe as a cyclical time motion the life and death cycle for all systems of reality.

Let us then consider the MOST IMPORTANT DISCOVERIES OF THE fractal organic paradigm – the structure in time of an organism in space – namely the life and death cycle with its 3±∆ ages between the generation of a seed of information, and emergence as a full organism (+∆ ab. for the social scalar ‘5th dimension’ of all systems),  which will exist in 3 ages of Maximal Motion (youth, 1st Dimension of spacetime), reproduction (iteration, 2nd dimension of space-time), information or 3rd age/dimension of space-time) and final ENTROPIC death (4th dimension of space-time, which physicists call the arrow of time or maximal tendency of the future).

What is then the astounding insight of the fractal, organic model of the Universe OVER the 4D models that preceded them? Obviously the ADDITION of a 5th dimension of social organisation and scalar growth, the ‘dimension’ always understood in philosophy as the dimension of SOCIAL LOVE, that evolves parts into social organisms, which in Humans happen MOSTLY on the ‘lower scale of evolution’ from a seminal seed into an emergent organism. But can also happen in the next scale of social evolution, from individual humans to organic wholes.

Below, we can see the crystal clear existence of such 5Dimension of organic social evolution of parts into wholes:
Systems evolve on the long term in larger organic scales of the fifth dimension as smaller, faster information codes larger systems, which are more efficient and survive better. On the bottom the relative arrow of life and death of all super organisms, which do not reach the balance state between entropy and information, which applied to the earth means we are evolving metal-information too fast to survive entering the third age of history, as we become obsolete to the wave of metal-evolution.

In the graph we see the general rule: a bidimensional St system of information (still space), or a time clock (moving cycle), the 3rd dimension of reality; and a vector of lineal time motion or its bidimensional sheet of spatial distances, the 1st dimension of reality, come together into a the 2nd Dimension, ST system of energy, or time or motion.

So 3Dimensional systems tend to be the intersection of a line and cycle, which in geometry is expressed by the rule that almost all functional dominant forms of the Universe can be traced with a line-ruler and a compass-cycle.

Yet this simple scheme in a single plane of scalar existence, becomes in a full account of all those scales a more complex perception of a world cycle between generational birth and extinction, which can also be ordered inversely as an absolute physical arrow from the entropic origin of vacuum space towards the growth of social organisations, which IS the clear ARROW happening in this planet, in mechanisms, in machines, all evolving into organisms:

IN THE GRAPH, THE 5 Dimensions of space-TIME OF THE UNIVERSE, which HAPPEN locally in each system that goes through a world cycle of life and death, generated by social evolution of a seed into a whole, which emerges in a slower bigger scale of reality to live 3 ages and then die in an entropic explosion back to the cellular/atomic scale.

To notice that the 4th and 5th dimensions of entropic death, and dissolution of wholes into parts and evolution of parts into wholes are symmetric, interchangeable, hence the existence of both dual arrows in different order in different systems. In our organisms, the 5D of social evolution dominates our ‘generation’ and then the 3 ages of life, but becomes entropy in the death processes of both individuals and societies, so it is the relative local arrow of future of humans as individual and species, but NOTHING prevents in the laws of 5D systems to stop that evolution into an ITERATIVE mature present state of balance, the TRUE MEANING OF IMMORTALITY, beauty and survival. 

In physics the simplest encoding of those ages is the E=mc2 equation between the plasmatic birth of matter, its 3 ages/states of gaseous motion, liquid balance, informative solid and final ‘entropic death’ in a big-bang:


So on the wake of astounding evidence about the organic, fractal 5D Universe and its rules of generation and social evolution, so many times expressed in different cultures but different sages, and today overwhelmingly proved by scientific experience the great question is NOT if this is truth, but why HUMANS DENY IT.

This is a MEMETIC QUESTION ON THE MEMORIAL IMPRINTING FORM IN WHICH HUMANS THINK, while thinking at the same time they know and reason, and we shall find it constantly in these texts, to explain why we ‘fuk up history’. Only the organic, animetal dual vision of human history makes sense of it. As it is all over the place, from the Holocaust denial cycle (we the jewish culture commits self-suicide hypnotised by greed and denies the cycle has economical cause to keep repeating it), to the denial of the biological nature of machines and its competition and growing mental atrophy of mankind, to the denial of the entropic nature of our present civilisation, clearly forecasting its death, to the biggest of all denials – that of the social evolution of humans by the power of the 5D of love, DENIALS TO WHICH MOST INTELLECTUALS, SCHOLARS, SCIENTISTS AND BELIEVERS DEDICATE ALL THEIR EFFORTS, ENSURING THEY WILL DESTROY LIFE, GAIA AND MANKIND WHOLESALE:

As i have NEVER DENY TRUTH for the sake of happiness, profit or power I have a hard time with the homunculus, sorry…

Because DENIAL provokes DETERMINISM and it is an astounding proof of the memorial memetic nature of mankind and the control of power with a priori dogmas over science, that WE LIVE in a VORTEX OF INFORMATION, the galaxy, IN A VORTEX WITHIN THAT VORTEX OF TECHNOLOGICAL ACCELERATED EVOLUTION, the planet, in a 3rd age of INFORMATION and nothing of this enters the ‘industrial world of scholarship and science’, because it CONTRADICTS the dog-eat dog capitalist ‘credo’ and would completely change the way we perceive in abstract, machines, human cultures and the meaning and proper evolution of man. 

ENTROPY THEORIES OF MATTER, were developed studying gas, steam heat and lineal motion of cannonballs – entropic machines. BIG bang theories of the Universe STUDY only the entropic, dissolving expansion of light when abandoning the warping of matter of galaxies, slowly ‘expanding its frequency’ on the emptiness of intergalactic space (red shift), COMPLETELY disregarding the balancing act of warping vacuum space into particles, OCCURRING constantly in the environment of galaxies, and the INFORMATIVE, implosive nature of gravitational vortex.

Certain immediate truths come from that structure of reality with an added scalar fifth dimension, proved ad nauseam by the very existence of SOCIAL NUMBERS, SCALES OF REALITY and CYCLICAL CLOCKS that carry information in the frequency and form of its cycles, STUBBORNLY DENIED FOR CULTURAL REASONS BY THE ENTROPIC CULTURE OF WAR AND WEAPONS of the GERM(ANIC) military memes that have dominated and still do the destructive self-suicidal future of our civilisation:

  • Time must be stopped in its second age by balancing the human super organism with its life-giving planet, and forbidding further evolution of metal-information, or else we will die.
  • Systems are organic and systems sciences provide the proper way to design the humans social organism by designing EFFICIENTLY THE 3 expressions of those timespace arrows, the entropic/territorial earth in which our social body, of reproductive working middle class live, guided by an informative neuronal cultural and legal brain.
  • We live in a completely anthropomorphic, subjective, deluded culture that passes as science but it is just the biased expression of the idol-ogies of our dominant animetal cultures, both in physical sciences, with its reduced concept of a single arrow of time on those scales (entropy) disregarding the evolving upward social motion, and an abstract conception of organic metalife, machines, as objects that will NOT harm ever man and do NOT compete with us organically.

 The science of bio-history IS thus a sub-discipline of the Laws of systems sciences applied to the study of social organisms, according to which all systems are organic systems that do follow the world cycles of the three arrows of time, as they evolve from individuals into social groups, live three ages and when not stopping in its zone of balance, die in an explosion of entropy called war. So Humanity is a social super organism in time called History:

So the organic dimensions and space-time ages are UNIVERSAL and code also humans at individual and social level.

Entropy in human history though has a clear cause: the death of civilisations caused by the cycles of overproduction of memes of metal:

SYSTEMS WHICH ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND those arrows and cyclesSTOP THE EVOLUTION OF INFORMATION IN THE MIDDLE POINT OF BALANCE, THE GOLDEN MEAN OF BUDDHISM AND TAOISM, of Greek cultures, NOT to evolve as we do INFORMATION, ESPECIALLY IN LETHAL FORMS (Robots, AI, metal-weapons) as ‘the day we do beyond human control we will die’.

In that sense, we must TRULY UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF OUR ‘PRETENTIOUS LINEAL ENTROPIC GERM-ANIC SCIENCE OF TIME, which is merely a reduction of those arrows to the arrow of entropy and death, by cultural military bias, today enshrined as a religion or dogma of truth proper of those lineal germanic wor(l)d cultures imposed by sheer power NOT by reason.

How humans can be so ‘Dumb’ and stubborn denying the obvious facts of experimental knowledge, and then affirm they are DOING SCIENCE? After decades of dealing with entropic physicists and their nuclear weapons both as a theorist and an activist my take is that MOST humans are like their minds true form – homunculus with peanut brains, big hyperbolic subjective mouths to talk bullshit based in what REALLY THEY DO WELL, ensembling machines with their hands that occupy most of their active brain. So ‘thought experiments’ as those performed by Mr. Einstein or this writer ARE lost out of the depth of the peanut homunculus brain unless they are accompanies with a big machine to prove it and if it is a weapon to impose the truth, the better. That is the OBJECTIVE truth of most humans, completely slavish to their machines  without recognising with his big mouth, what they do… pumping their ego with penpal grease, saint nobels of the dynamite, and bigger weapons in nazi-onanist parades of brass.

The Financial-Military earlier system: lineal, entropy time vs. cyclical, life, informative time.

The astounding germ(anic) simplex concept of a lineal single arrow of entropic motion, and destructive time, which infects all our half-truths in science, DISREGARDING the arrow of information is perhaps the most biased product of power-culture over objective truth. The trick to REDUCE the inverse arrows of entropy and social evolution of linea and cyclical time is to DENY the ‘informative states’ of nature.

The two most obvious cases are below illustrated in the concepts of matter AS ONLY ENTROPY, as IF SOLID crystals ordering and reducing the entropy of the UNIVERSE did NOT exist, and the big-bang theory WHICH DISREGARDS THE VERY EXISTENCE OF VORTEX OF MASS, CALLED GALAXIES THAT ‘warp space into mass, accelerated cyclical clocks of time’ balanced the Universe in an eternal cyclical time big bang and big crunch.

The 3 races of the mind. 

NOW, once the general model is expressed in simple terms we can study the reason why indeed, we can explain all with those 3±1 dimensions of space-time, adding social evolution and the arrow of information and love generation and life as the 5th dimension to complete THE TIME ARROW OF ENTROPY, the 4Dimension of physicists. And obviously the first element to study with the 3 present organic arrows between generation and death IS the ternary ‘DIVISIONS’ of humanity, starting by classifying the obvious DIVISION of  Humanity in ‘3 mental races, black, white, yellow’, ‘3 ages’ and ‘3 gender subspecies – woman/man/gay-child’.

Of course, the way we can study them if we adopt the single point of view of fractal scales, according to which smaller systems in space, code larger systems in time with its faster clocks of information, is through the scalar causality of genetics that code organisms and memetics that code from individuals, societies, and we do that in several places:

In the graph , larger systems are slower and code less information, but control its smaller parts, enclosing them in energy membranes. So small fast rotating black holes code galaxies, genes humans and memes societies, but they ARE enclosed in the Halo membrane, Earth’s 800 energy glaciation cycles that define the rhythms of evolution and the skin of wholes which move the body.

So the ‘scalar view’ is essential to understand memetics, genetics and quantum physics.

But there is also a secondary fundamental ‘simultaneous ternary analysis of systems in space’, which divides them in our 3 ‘present’ single space-time continuum, classified according to the lineal, entropic, cyclical, informative and organic, sensorial ternary structure of reality; and this the origin of topological evolution, the study of species, and all kind of forms, including the mind-races through its ‘mental axis’ and dominant languages

The complex Universe ads the arrow of information to the arrow of entropy and combines it into body-waves of energy.

So the simplex explanation of a cosmos made only with entropy, the arrow of death and lineal motions is plainly a partial view of the ‘whole of reality’.

And his dominance on the understanding of the Universe must be considered not science but  an offshoot of the germanic culture of war and entropy, with its bias in its explanation of Nature.

Reality instead is made of two primary ‘colours’, entropic motions and dimensional form. Indeed, look around yourself. What you see is all either form or motion.

And what was even more profound, both motion≈entropy and form≈information  combine into energy body-waves… defining a ‘fractal generator of the 3 arrows of time’ which encode the TOPOLOGICAL STRUCTURE IN SPACE-TIME of all the systems of the Universe constructed with them:

Γ (Generator):         Spe (limbs/fields/territory)<wave-body-reprodutive class>Informative head/particle/neuronal class.

It means we can assembly forms in the Universe using the ONLY 3 topologies of space and its 3 functions in time (also applied by Einstein in its 3 EFE solutions to the form of space-time in the Universe, and now generalised to all systems of nature.

In the graph systems evolve as ternary organisms in space, with 3 parts, an informative singularity, a vital space or body-wave of energy and a membrane of cyclical form that exchanges entropy with the external world. So the 3 parts together show the organic functions of all systems:

The membrane feeds on energy and the body-wave degrades it into entropy, using it to move; the center process information and uses it to orientate the system in space, and the body-wave reproduces both, and ensemble with other systems into larger networks.

It is an astoundingly simple and effective model which defines a Universe of beings of fractal, entropic space and cyclical times, ensembled into body-waves of energy, which will, once the fuss is gone and people forget who discovered first – a Latino you know, we are all ‘bad hombres’ rapists and so on, according to Mr. Trump leader of the great Germanic US nation, or spend money in women and drinks, so obviously we cannot ADVANCE the philosophy of science much with our ‘watery brains’ (needless to say the givers of life and substance of life is ‘not good’ according to Mr Dijsselbloem, the president of Europe – do you wonder that life is going under with those kind of people)… ha, ha as I said we need some sense of humor – fact though, the 2 fathers of the experimental and scientific method, Mr. Aristotle and Mr. Galileo you know were born south of the ‘barbarians’ (:

So this ternary game also means that systems will evolve towards better energetic planar limbs (wing evolution), better informative, cyclical systems (eyes evolution) or better reproductive systems. And so on the trial and error mutations of evolution 3 sub-species and 3 sub organs will always reign – with higher energy, information and reproductive skills, and each will evolve its topologies towards its perfect ternary form:agesoftime_image002

Thus there are NOT only an arrow of space-time but three, and so we can classify all human cultures as we do in complexity with all systems also in…

3 Mind races: entropic visual white men, informative mongoloid, energetic black…
There are in topology only 3 forms/functions of space-time, lineal entropy-motion, cyclical information, and its combination, hyperbolic, reproductive energy.

As such those 3 cultures of the mind respond to  the 3 unique mathematical topologies, which encode the ultimate program of the Universe, the construction of complementary systems, which merge the three topological arrows of space-time:

  • In space. So all systems have entropic fields/limbs, over which a hyperbolic/body wave reproduces the form of the system, guided by an informative particle/head.
  • Or in time. So all systems start in an age of young entropy motions, followed by an age of reproductive energy and a third age of warping of information:

The astounding simplicity of this scheme, allow us to classify a ginormous range of systems, including those of human races… of the mind, as in the graph above.

So we talk of 3 ‘races of the mind’, which are complementary to each other and define 3 ‘cultures’, also complementary, according to the 3 dominant axis of the mind:

  • Max. Entropy: the white, dolicocephalic, visual man, which gives birth to the lineal, animetal culture of the west.
  • Max. information: verbal brachicephalic mongoloid man, which gives birth to the cyclical cultures of the east.
  • And Max. reproduction: tall, psylocephalic black man, which gives birth to the sensorial cultures of Africa.

That is the only relevant, complementary ternary structure of races… of the mind, which follows the general ternary structure of the Universe in:

  • Space: 3 only topological geometries, and dimensions, just explained.
  • Time: 3 relative ages symmetric to those topologies, which in the human case correspond to the 1) ‘young, informative’ mongoloid people, with a clear case of neoteny – that is, suppressed evolution of the body and limbs to enhance the evolution of the head, which is bigger in children and make mongoloid psychology clearly informative but also passive; the 2) body-reproductive-sensorial black cultures, in balance between entropy and information, and the 3) white, energetic limb-oriented culture, always moving, running and assembling things with its hands.

And so in terms of function, the white entropic, destructive culture is the white man, the body-sensorial, energy oriented cultures the black man and the informative mental culture the mongoloid.


Now, before you get berserk with your tantrums of political correctness and pseudo-science, disclosure:

I am a white male, mixture of semitic, germanic and basque sub-cultures.

But since the races of the mind matter relatively compared to the memes and education you receive, I have evolved, became taoist when young, learned of all cultures, travelled the world and recognised the complementarity of the 3 arrows of the Universe. And so should you, if you have any capacity to self-reflect. 

So keep for yourself the tantrums. And try a bit of self-reflection on what we, the white males have done to the planet, because we are still doing the same – destroying it and cheering our love entropy above energy (two terms often confused, energy has form, information; it is in fact a mixture of both, entropy x information = energy; entropy on the other hand disorders information, destroys it – it is the arrow of death).

And so if you wonder how can physicists be so stubborn and dumb? Answer: because culture, in this case the western european culture of motion, weapons and speed – of entropy – imposes its routine. So do not get surprised in 4 billion still believe in the musings of a bronze age ass-herder regarding the meaning of the Universe (abrahamic religions) and the rest into the big-bang of entropy…

It took 2000 years to Aristarcus>Copernicus>Kepler>Galileo>Newton to fully grasp the Earth was not the center of the Universe, and hopefully it will take a little less – we do not have so much time left, for scientists to take seriously the arrow of information and life.

The entropic culture reduces reality to entropy theories.

2 only facts we must stress about the ‘entropic, visual, white macho man’.

  • The white man is the animetal culture par excellence, the culture of war, and ALL the 800-80 years cycles have been ‘his’ cycles. Of course, others have imitated. But the aggression always comes from us first.
  • The most extreme ‘lineal cultures’ of the white man, warrior semite ‘arabs’ today protagonists of terrorist jihads, and germanic lineal agglutinative mind wor(l)ds, the ‘genociders’ of people ‘par excellence’ have NOT changed their memes that much; the germans perhaps seem a bit more civilised in Europe but are now at ‘it’ behind the first singularity machine of extinction (LHC at CERN trying to do entropic black holes and big-bangs); are leading the robotic r=evolution that will liquidate mankind and destroying welfare Europe, and above all, they have created the ‘aberration of thought’ which we all revere, called lineal time, and lineal physics, where a phenomena found in entropic gas/heat, BECAME BY DECREE the only arrow of time of the Universe.

So you will study that ‘the Universe is dying’; that it was born of a huge big-bang explosion; that death is therefore the meaning of it all; just because for centuries the germanic northern european cultures of war have made of manufacturing weapons of mass-destruction their tool of power, and exported their concept into their worldly view of the Universe.


Fact is the Chinese culture of Asia understood cyclical time, and it is far more in tune with the yin-formation and yang-entropy, which combine to reproduce the ∞ energy beings of reality. This is NOT the theme of this post, treated elsewhere in articles of general systems sciences, but it is worth to notice the cultural ORIGIN of the reductionism of physical theories of time, always portrayed as a ‘lineal entropic motion of space’:

In the graph, it is self-evident that all systems of the Universe do have cyclical clocks of time, to regulate its information stored in the frequency and form of those cycles, either physical cycles, biological, circadian cycles or technological and social evolution in the cycles of history. Why then we believe in  lineal time and entropy big-bang theories of the Universe?

Answer: SCIENCE IS ALSO BIASED BY POWER AND CULTURE, and weapons, white cultures have imposed their worldview, specifically northern european germanic cultures of agglutinative long words and swords, evolved into cannons and booms.

So we have a ‘big bang’ theory developed by Mr. Gamow of A-bomb fame, and a single entropic arrow of time, developed of the study of the specific ‘entropic state of matter’ (expansive gases), which helmothz blew up to cosmic proportions. And we still disregard the arrow of inverse information – which in states of matter is the cold crystal forms of solid matter, which order and center the most complex systems including planets with central crystal forms.

So think twice every time somebody tells you ‘it is science’. A few centuries ago they would have told you it is religion. And you would have also believed the ‘tantrum word’. It is CULTURE first.

TOPOLOGICAL anthropology.

Let us then introduce the basic tenants of topological evolution, from where we will depart to understand races and cultures.

In the graph, amazing as it seems, military power has blown up the lineal concepts of the white, dolicocephalic, visual, motion-oriented germanic cultures into science. So today despite the obvious cyclical nature of all time clocks, and its three ‘elementary arrows’ (which together form a π world cycle), we ‘believe’ entropy is all’.

Yet The essential fact about the Universe is that it happens in space and time, and so it happens as a series of topological events (topology being geometry in motion), whereas THE ONLY 3 TOPOLOGICAL forms of the Universe, lineal, hyperbolic and cyclical forms have the only three time functions of reality: entropy (as the line is the fastest motion), energy (where a hyperbolic body-wave combines=iterates both) and information (as the sphere stores maximal information in minimal space).

In brief, systems are then designed with 3 parts, an energetic limb/field system, lineal as the line is the fastest distance to move; body-waves that reproduce the system with a hyperbolic topology, which is the more versatile and reproduces both energy and information; and an informative particle-head, which processes logic, temporal, memorial information and guides the system.

It is this ternary structure what then becomes in all its variations, the fundamental ‘organic system of nature’.

We shall then find that through life systems first become young-energetic, then reproduce their body and finally accumulate information in its 3rd age in his brain. But the system needs the 3 elements to survive.

And this ternary structure also applies to the three horizons of evolution of species, including the human species, which allowed me earlier on before I was vaporised as a ‘bad hombre’ to classify an enormous array of species, horizons of evolution, including most of the human species of the anthropological record, as either evolving further the lineal motion systems, the informative systems of the reproductive systems of the organism, in three ages, NOT dominated by the arrow of death and entropy, of big-bangs and extinction but by the arrow of growing information till culminating in the human being:


In the graphs, one of the fundamental advances of general systems science – the understanding of the Universe as generated by the topological evolution of lineal, spatial energy and temporal, cyclical information, the 2 ‘substances’ of which the fractal, organic Universe is made, is its streamlining and completion of evolution, which finally gets its ‘3rd and 4th legs to become a fully understood science’, by adding to the original Evolution of Species (NOT of individuals), and genetics, the needed ‘topological evolution of the 3 canonical forms of mathematics, lineal, planar energy motions (limbs/fields), hyperbolic body-waves and spherical, informative heads/particles that structure all beings of reality.

So we write a simple fractal generator of St systems:we illustrate those general advances with enormous consequences for the understanding of the species of the Universe and how they evolve. As we can see they follow a simple pattern in 3 horizons of increasing informative evolution towards spherical heads on top of high bodies, which perceive better from that advantageous point of view, and how they ensemble in different ternary organs, with local directions to absorb energy and information.

It is this simple ternary structure in space (3 organs in all systems) and time (3 ages of increasing information, young-energy age/horizon, reproductive radiation/mature age, and old, informative age/horizon of individual and species), what we apply to understand the human function and its anthropological evolution

As the Universe constantly assemblies entities with those 3 parts, so all physical systems are made of informative particles, complementary to energetic waves, feeding on an entropic field, and all biological systems have an informative head, on top of an energetic body moving on entropic limbs, this structure is embedded in the most profound level of existence of Universal systems; and as the 3 parts are complementary in an organism, in the organism of History the 3 cultures should have been respectful of each other and complementary.


The same ternary structure happens in genders, with the informative female body, of cyclical forms, the energetic male body and the neutral gay/child; and vice versa, the informative male brain dominant in grey matter and the energetic female brain dominant in white matter. So both body and brain are complementary in female and male and in each of them between their brain and body. And that is the just, balanced, complementary structure of the organic Universe.

Races in complex science: the 3 types of minds: Emotional, visual and verbal brains.

The previous graph shows the sciences of systems/complexity/duality, applied to the evolution of man.

The basic tenant of those science is that the Universe is a game of complementary systems of energy and information in all its scales (fields of energy and particles of information in physics – complementarity principle of quantum theory), bodies of energy and minds of information in biology, energetic and informative machines that enhance our equivalent organs in economics and so on.

When we apply this new discoveries of system sciences to the study of evolution it restricts enormously the possible future forms of biological evolution, and since energy has a lineal/planar morphology (fastest distance and highest surface between two spatial points) and information a cyclical/spherical morphology (the sphere is the form that stores more information in lesser space), it has an enormous power to resolve the pending questions of the process of biological evolution this planet constantly suffers. In the graph, we consider its application to the evolution of humanity, as I explained in the conferences on biology and duality at the International Systems Society.

In essence in a Universe of two substances, bodies of energy that move heads of information evolution will try to maximize those parameters. So we can easily introduce a definition for a top predator species: Max. E x Max. I, which mathematically maximizes when e=i (so 5×5>9×1). This means evolution and survival favors 3 type of species, those with maximal information/better heads, those with maximal energy/better bodies, and those balanced between both parameters. And this very simple scheme allows to classify and explain the whys of the evolutionary, fractal tree of life, which genetics and survival darwinism explain in the hows. Thus Complexity in all its branches is poised to become the ‘3rd leg’ of biology in this century.

In essence species evolve in a dual, complementary Universe of systems of entropy and information, mixed in energetic/body power, their informative/head power or the networks that reproduce and combine both systems, exi, the reproductive networks. We talk of 3 dominant wills or biological drives that increase the survival chances of a system.

For that reason there are genders (where the male is the energetic species, and the female the reproductive, informative one). And since energy is lineal (being the line the fastest distance between two points) and information is cyclical (being the sphere the form that stores more information in lesser space), it follows that men have big, lineal, spatial bodies and test better in geometrical analysis and women have cyclical, smaller, rounded forms and test better in verbal, informative tasks. Yet there is always a 3rd mixed variation, in the case of gender, the gay sex.

Those findings which I exposed in my papers on topological evolution within the scientific community of systems and complex scientists, can be applied also to the will and drives of the mind. There are people who psychologists define as picnic, nervous, tall (height is the dimension of information); the are athletic, sanguineous people, dominant by their energetic will; and there are viscerotonic people, driven by their ‘lower passions’ (-;

We can therefore use, as we have done in studies of evolution of all type of species, the existence of a constant diversification in 3 different species to analyze as we do in the previous graph, the evolution of mankind from the initial triad of apes, the energetic gorilla, the reproductive chimp and the informative australopithecus, till the last differentiation of homos, between the energetic, visual neanderthal mind, today dominant in the white man, and the smaller, informative, verbal, homo sapiens, today dominant in the informative mongoloid, with the reproductive, emotional black race in the middle.

Then, once evolution produces 3 types, it combines them, and so as the tree becomes more complex, yet always reduced to those combinations, natural selection will ‘prune’ the tree of life of its less efficient species. In this manner the reader can see all the main homo species from the ape to man, and how they perfectly fit in the morphological triad of alopatric diversifications known in the fossile register.

Now, if we jump that phase we come to the last ternary group of surviving homos, the neanderthal, sapiens and its combination the homo sapiens palestiniensis which properly should be known as homo sapiens neanderthaliensis. Its existence forecasted 2 decades ago in my first spanish books on duality has now be proved by the genetic record. 10% of genes differentiate homo and neanderthal and 4% of those are neanderthal, so the white man is essentially a mixed species.

The existence of 3 dominant human races today, the white, yellow and black people, cannot be argued, but they must be interpreted as 3 types of complementary intelligence, based in our recent discoveries on the science of Complexity, which always favors a ternary process of creation, with an energetic, informative and reproductive ‘decoupling’ along the 3 morphological dimensions or ”axis’ of any space-time form. In the case of the brain, there are 3 axis, the long visual axis, the tall emotional axis and the wide, verbal axis, and so we talk of 3 mental races:

–  The dolichocephalic brain, which overdeveloped visual axis, from the eye to the occipucio. It is the white man.

– The brachiocephalic brain with an overdeveloped verbal axis from ear to ear. It is the mongoloid race.

– The makrocephalic brain, with an overdeveloped emotional axis, from neck to top of the head. It is the black race.

And so we talk in system sciences of 3 types of minds/heads, which emphasize 3 kind of wills in human beings:

– Max. Entropy-motion: Visual, spatial, violent minds; dominant in visual information. This is the case of the child and the ’male’ species, of the white race and in the earlier anthropological record, the Neanderthal, which we already considered as Cohn did, to be co-father of the white man, the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, as this month, Nature has proved genetically.

Those ‘white people’ who occupy the same range than neanderthals are easily recognized by their dolicocephalic head and occipital bulk, their eye=I oriented mind, individualistic ego and energetic behavior. Languages are consonantal, with little vowels, red hair, rh- and other neanderthal traits further allow to recognize the basque/iberian/Germanic and Semitic cultures as the dominant paradigm of the visual culture. In economics, it gives birth to the gold fever of those cultures, which the other types of human mind hardly had.

The dolicocephalic Neanderthal with minimal development on the parietal regions of speech, mixed with the verbal homo sapiens gave birth to the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, which should be properly called Homo Sapiens neanderthaliensis, dominant in visual information, and the ‘length’ axis of the brain back (Neanderthal) and then forwards (rational, Aristotelian thought handled by the frontal region of the brain added by the Homo Sapiens)

– Max. I: Verbal, informative minds, dominant in temporal, verbal information. This is the case of the old people oor the ‘female’species, of the yellow race and in the earlier record, the capoid, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, smaller in spatial body, with the dominant brachicephalic brain, and wide face, as the dominant language goes across from ear to ear and Brocca brain region. The informative species is social, group oriented, as it uses the verbal language to create super-organisms of history. Their language has an excess of vowel; women play a greater role…

The mongoloid race and the female gender are dominant in the verbal, wide axis. Hence the distance between the eyes and the parietal is larger and the eyes are wider.

-Exi: Finally a 3rd type of culture, whose informative minds are dominated by emotional sensorial, body oriented, reproductive drives, is the black culture and the young human. Its brain is taller, with the top point in the upper head, as the dominant direction comes from the spinal-hypothalamus axis upwards:

In the graph, the regions most developed in the emotional races, along the ‘height’ axis, are the inner regions of emotional thought, and the motor and sensorial cortex. This long hypothesis, extracted from the models of complexity and duality developed by this writer in the 90s have now increasing evidence: women are wired inwards towards the Hypothalamus, and black and female ‘races/genres’ show higher development of the emotional brain and excel in tasks related to the body/senses.

Those distinctions were already observed in XIX century studies on brain morphology and cultural psychology. They are real, increasingly proved by a wide number of research papers that go from the analysis of why men draw better maps and women talk more to genetic studies in linguistics and bio-chemistry that validate our 20 year old research in those fields. Racism consists in thinking that a visual brain is better than an emotional brain or a verbal brain.

In that regard, the difference between XIX century brain studies and modern complexity is the realization that it is not the ‘white entropic’ culture the most evolved, but according to the Laws of complexity, which favor the balance between energy and information in all systems (‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ in human living systems) , if we were to choose one of those 3 mental axis, we should choose the balanced, E=i, reproductive, emotional cultures (women, black people) for the same reason the best age of life is the mature age of balance – since it is the balanced culture that would ensure the survival of man, while the extreme energetic/warrior white mind and informative/computerized mind-culture of Europe and Asia are taking out of balance the planet Earth with its obsession for ‘superior’ technological machine/memes.

Abcd method of science applied to history=superorganism of mankind in time.

In the graph, from left to right: A) science needs Accurate dAtA, C) fit in Cyclical repetitive patterns able to prediCt the future, which can then be modelled with natural laws, in the case of social sciences B) biological laws of evolution and extinction of species. And finally DH) it must find a human praxis, which in the case of history and economics is to SERVE TO THE 99% OF MANKIND, MANKIND and promote the evolution of Humanity into a single super-organism immortal in time – HISTORY.

In the next graph we see the 7 cultures of mankind born of the process of evolution of HISTORY through its social prophets of love, in search of the natural goal of all universal organisms: to survive and evolve together as a single species. But history collided with ‘economics’, the superorganism of machines and its idol-ogies of supremacy of metal over man, capitalism (money over law), mechanism (universe as a machine), nationalism (weapons over man by means of absurd wars between brothers) and the earlier versions of tribal segregational hate- religions. So history has entered a phase of extinction, which humans do not even realise as they are ‘hypnotised’ and mentally manufactured to believe those idol-ogies and no longer reason:

In the graph it is worth to notice the culmination of my decades of work on the three arrows of time, and the evolution of the planet and its human cultures, which completes the study of the Universe and all its systems, including social systems with them. As it happens, mankind divided into what I called ‘animetal cultures’ which worship the three arrows of time in ‘memes of metal’, entropic weapons, informative money and organic, energetic machines and evolve them instead of evolving mankind on top of the wave of history, sacrificing life through war cycles and imperial ‘attitude’ to the evolution of those machines and weapons. CERN must then be understood within that culture. We are not though, do NOT simplify such a complex meaningful work on the meaning of history, neo-luddites, only ‘intelligent enough’ to know that life is subtle, information is complex, form is easy to destroy by entropy, and so humans should really respect gaia, the informative wo=man species, the arrow of life, and defend it.

The fact that only a dozen of so human beings, did show some respect for it, and backed our activism agains the first ‘entropic machine that can destroy the planet’ trashing all those discoveries ad hominem and essentially vaporised me and Rossler, the 2 complexity theorists that denounced CERN and laughing at Walter the ‘third activist’ who truly dedicated his life to this endeavour because besides being safety officer of accelerators at LIVERMORE was a biologist, tells you a lot about the ‘religious outlook of our technological civilisation’ and the extreme degradation of the human ‘potential soul’. So do not be surprised I am retired, and this blog has many quips, a lot of irony and some, I recognise over the top insults to those upper series of macho-man cultures and theories of entropic big-bangs, based in dogma and censorship of the arrow of information (and as a consequence, amazingly enough 200 years since the first definitions of energy, without any conceptual clear explanation of what ENERGY AND INFORMATION ARE).I wish mankind the best of luck but all seems to point out not to the lower part of that graph, a sustainable world but to the top predator animetal side.  But only human artists and social activists for gaia and history, seem to realise, and nobody hears us.

In the graphs above and below the essence of biohistory as a praxis and theory of Mankind, the super organism in space of history, its reflection in time. To understand both, we need to accept a fact of all systems of Nature: that the survival of species is NOT of individuals, but of the whole; and so humanism must dominate over partial visions of mankind. Yet the super organism of machines and memes of metal, which is indeed evolving globally as a single whole, does NOT allow mankind to become one, as it has established a series of racist memes, which favor the division of humans into conflicting groups, without realising, it is all a historic routine of ‘animetal cultures’ to control humanity and prevent its evolution.

It must then be clear what is the only ideology that humans should believe in, if they were to follow the natural laws of the universe, ‘humanism’, the belief, we humans have the rights to live, survive, be healthy and evolve and be happy in this planet, we ‘own’.

Humanism in that sense would be sponsored by most humans, and they in fact believe to be humanist. But in reality humanism is on decline, i dare to say an ideology in process of extinction as humans are.

We shall therefore clarify in these posts what means to be a humanist, what means to believe in the humankind or at least in the human ideal of a species able to control the world for its own benefit. Since you might be surprise to learn that as today not a single nation or civilization of minimal power in this planet believes in ‘humanity’ and practices as the ideology of ‘the future’, humanism…

The key opposition between ideologies that make us slaves of the future of the machine and its memes of metal – capitalism, mechanism and nationalism – vs. the scientific natural laws of the Universe that promote as the laws of biological survival we should follow humanism (Homo Sapiens a single species), Socialism (our language, the ethic word and the law must rule over the language of money) and organicism (man is the measure of all things not the machine), is the ‘other’ battle of mankind in the ‘realm’ of languages and information, which the ‘heads’ of the economic and political system, economists, politicians and scientists of history and economics, is the battle for the ideas of the future, humanity has lost to the machine, history to economics governments to corporations.

Power requires money, weapons and machines to impose itself ‘anti-democratically’ over the human mass. But humans resist power when they are aware of its unjust behavior. So any ‘ideology’ that justifies power is always welcomed and promoted. Yet such ideologies by force must be false to appease the masses into ‘believing’ on the goodness of a system that is geared to destroy life in this planet. And so we, humans, first act subconsciously, becoming addicted to the higher informative and energetic power we reach with those ‘metal-memes’ and then we think ‘a posteriori’ and justify those actions with ideologies crafted and promoted to convert evil into good, slavery into freedom, and so on. A memetic theory of humanity as a species that ‘believes’ by repetition more than reasons by intuition (Aristotle), who acts first and thinks latter, is then the only rational explanation to the collective ‘madness’ of mankind.

In brief, humans are hooked by ‘greed’ (the hypnotic desire to obtain gold in the past, money today), ‘violence’ (the use of weapons to kill), and ‘sloth’ (the use of machines to enhance our energetic and informative power, or do the work for us). This is the initial trait that make us ‘act’ without reflexion. And then once we act, after the ‘fait accompli’, humans have developed historically beliefs that justify the exercise of power with those ‘memes’ of metal, money, weapon and machines. Those ideologies that make us slaves to the evolution and reproduction of the ‘memes of metal’ are basically 3:

– Nationalism that justifies the use of weapons to defend the tribe.

– Capitalism that puts money over the legal, rational world as the language of power we must follow.

– Mechanism, which considers the machine the measure of all things), become then ‘beliefs’ transferred memetically generation upon generation till its meaning is completely lost.

– Corrupted religions (fundamentalism), go(l)d churches that allow the use of money (gold in the past) and weapons(inquisitions) to impose their beliefs and repress the ‘natural, biological drives’ of human existence – our desire for human energy, verbal information and art (the information created with our languages of the mind), eusocial love and sexual reproduction, of which the most clear case is the Bible, which achieves all the above, and hence explains, why it is the key meme of the ‘cult(ur)es’ that run the Metal-earth since its inception both in the old age (Judaism) and the modern age, Protestant, Biblical cult(ure)s.

It is obvious that the purpose of those anti-life memes in the Bible, a historic religion of ‘social power’ – not a search for the ultimate questions about ‘meaning’ – is to enslave man to work and reproduce metal-machines and so it forbids our natural drives of existence, tasteful food, sex, social evolution… to oblige us to evolve and reproduce memes of metal. The bBible is for that reason the full expression of anti-life=eviL programming and repression of the nature of man. And for that reason it has had such a success to ‘program’ their believers in evolving capitalism (as per Sombart, ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple Weber ‘The protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism’.)

You see, suddenly you realize that to be a humanist is NOT only to cheer mankind but to defend mankind and each of us from all those ideologies that ‘pretend’ to be humanist and yet are precisely the limits imposed by our technological civilization to the freedom and evolution of man.

indeed, suddenly to believe you are a chosen of ‘God’ as defined by the book of history of judaism, is NOT to be a humanist, but to refuse to evolve your mind and consider all humans part of the same species. Suddenly to be a patriot is to be a sort of racist that thinks your nation and people are ‘better’ than others. Suddenly to be labelled an anti$emite for criticising the capitalist elite and their ways with money, is to be a humanist that defends the rights of mankind and its governments to control their language of social power and speak the truth about history.

Suddenly so many things that seem wrong are not wrong and so many things that seem right are not right. Because your mind needs to return to the innocence of a child and think in a natural manner.

And this is what the system prevents you from doing. You are prevented from considering all humans equal, by nationalist divisions. You are denied to see the machine as a rival at labor and work fields that degrades your mind and body and makes you obsolete, by techno-utopian gurus, mass-media imprinting and industrial nationalism. Suddenly you are no longer free to exercise your human will, your desire for good food, good sex, verbal information, eusocial love, by the mandates of your bible and its division of humans, repression of senses, etc. etc.

You live in a jail of ideologies against your freedom to live and love and you don’t even realize of it.

best history organism

In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive.

IT IS PRECISELY what the western, white man, its physicists obsessed with the creation of weapons and mechanisms, and its go(l)d cultures obsessed with greed and the control of mankind with those machines, are NOT doing, as the Earth goes under, in so many ways – of which global warming, the ‘shit’ of machines is not at all the most lethal, taking into account we are massively guiding mankind into an age of entropy, brain devolution by visual information and collective death of our social informative organisations, dissolving into selfish individuals; while evolving fast terminator machines, new digital weapons… as the white man spread violence, jihad, terrorism, capitalism, mechanism – all its idol-ogical mantras of animetal worship.

So the key difference of Mankind is NOT genetic, but between:

Cultures of ‘animetals’ with metal-memes that separate humans in different false species, through nationalistic, religious, mechanist or capitalist false idol-ogies.

vs.  cultures of ‘humanist, life-oriented’ human beings, based in the search for natural healthy WHealth:

In the graph, explored in our posts on the cultures of history an how it has influenced our world outlook; the 2 paths of future, the one mankind has chosen guided by the warrior entropic white male cultures of Europe, notably the germanic cultures where most physicists were born; and the one based in the human verbal language of information and arrow of eusocial evolution, today completely dismissed by our technological gurus.

It is though what WE ARE, as we see space with artistic eyes, talk time with verbal modes, and eat food not big-bang entropy.

So yes, SCIENCE IS CULTURE, and we shall use a much more profound understanding of the space-time topologies of the Universe, to fully grasp the truth about the three fundamental scientific alibis of CERN, the entropic evaporation of black holes, the entropic big-bang of the Universe, and entropic description of the weak force (Higgs particles), all of them faulty cultural biased ‘germanic views’ on the nature of it all – never mind they are perfectly greased into the consciousness of science with big-bang machines, Mr. Dynamite and Personal Mine inventor, Saint Nobel of the Germanic cause, and other vagaries of the ‘vanities vanitatum circus’ of the macho-man who simplifies and kills it all for the ‘sake of entropy, NOT of science’, Latin word which means to know.

Here in southern Europe we do have a far less ‘enthusiastic opinion of the ‘barbarians’ resumed in a couple of sentences:

‘Barbarians are slaves, they believe they don’t think’ Aristotle, father of true science.

‘It is good that the germans have long words, because they are slow thinkers so they have time to self-reflect’ Schopenhauer, one of the few that di actually think (-: Yes my friend have some sense of humor which they don’t have. Cause you are gonna needed to live the remain of the days…

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