3 age: Life extinct

Abstract.  The most important issue of mankind both in politics and economics today is the questions of transhumanism in the singularity age. It is completely ignored or resolved in favor of robots.

The question of transhumanism reduces to this: how is the best political and economical ‘human strategy’ to mange the chip radiation and its evolution with bodies of machines into robots.

The only possible answer is to forbid robotics and allow the slower more integrated, better form of survival for human information embodied in androids.

A temporary eternal ban on robotics and to ‘diminish the impact’ in the global economy and try to profit from human-positive effects in robots , the acceptance of android research is the ideal solution in a world union in which all nations of the 7 cultures of the rainbow planet do obey the same set of laws.

SUCH PERFECT WORLD, thus would forbid pure robotic research and use only robotics as medical and labor attachments in human beings, who should always be on command on them.

But as the political world union needed to legislate simultaneously the planet, and hence do not have ‘viral effects’ in regions in which evolution is not controlled (independent nations-heavens for viral machines) the human superoganism of history needless to say in the global at large today is fully immersed into the:

 4th Wave: Robots & Pcs vs. Asian iron salaries

As robots substitute humans as energetic and informative machines, with the new blue collar robotic workers and white collar pcs, the future will be an ecosystem adapted to its energy levels (pollution, radiation, global warming) in which slowly all human worker will become obsolete, and the war cycles of its top predator, most expensive=quality species, weapons, with the purpose of killing humans, will do just that. The natural biological evolution of weapons, robots and machines thus tends always to the same finale: the extinction of man.

The labor crisis: the 4th wave of organic machines.

In the 3 waves of re=production of energies, machines and weapons, which have shaped the cycles of history there is a fundamental crisis, which is not financial, due to the massive creation of new forms of money (Paper stocks in the 1860s, ticker prices in the 1920s and e-money in the 2000s) but social, caused by the evolution of machines of the new economy – a crisis of laborof which nobody wants to talk about.

Indeed, because the waves of destruction of employment caused by technology are taboo in the ideology of capitalism=mechanism, which protects the dogma that machines don’t compete with human workers, the parallelism between the loss of jobs in the present crisis and the loss of jobs in the 1929 crisis, also caused by the peak of overeproduction of the previous wave of electro-mechanical machines (automated assembly lines) is NOT published, not talked about.

Instead, economists and politicians and the ‘Establishment of the press’, pretend to compare this crisis of labor  with small recessions, during the electronic cycle, which the obvious result that there is no correlation, since we are at the end of the Kondratieff cycle of electronics, when the overproduction of computers, and the arrival of the new robotic machines of the Age of thesingularity have caused a 29-like process of substitution of labor worldwide.

In the 1850s there was a massive crisis in the commonest profession of the age, transport by horses. We can’t remember that age, but across all countries, charts loaded with merchandise moved it from place to place. Yet in the 1840s and 1850s as the machine, the iron horse arrived to the corners of the world, the real life-being, the horse and the transportist lost his job.

In the 1920, the new advances on electrical devices allowed the Taylorization of work, and the new advances in manufaturing created the assembly line. And millions lost their job.

The crisis in the 2010s is caused by the new evolution of machines, the robot and the pc-software. Now all blue and white collar workers are at risk as white collar computers and blue collar robots take their place.

Yet in each of those crisis there was never talk on the economical press and among politicians of the real cause of labor – the machine. Because the machine is God, and his language is go(l)d, obtained selling them, again it is not discussed. Our ‘nobel prize’ economists, like Mr. Krugman, who said in the 90s that Greenspan was God, since he could at anytime guess the rate of unemployment, now preaches his Own God’s receipt, productivity, which means throwing more workers and putting more computers and robots accelerating our demise. And he is the good samaritan of capitalism – imagine what the others are telling us.

humans don’t seem to understand at all the fundamental question of the XXI century: the increasing competence between organic machines and life-beings. This lack of insight in the nature ofmachines and the economic ecosystem is puzzling, because we live in a world made, ruled and owned by machines and its organic systems of re=production, company mothers. And yet the issue is never discussed, nor it appears in any serious magazine, political or economical forum but seems to be just a ‘theme of science fiction’.

India and China with iron salaries vs. the pc and the robot.

In the graph, a 2 decades old forecast on the future of capitalism and its social classes. As the new blue and white collar workers take over, the number of people falling in the underclass of unemployed, used as ‘enemies’ to test weapons in profit wars or under law surveillance, increasing the use of new big brother security cameras will rise. Most of the middle class will fall into this group. Only IT Indian ‘human Pcs’ and Chinese ‘human robots’, with minimal salary will be able to compete with the new batches of evolved robot workers and pc suites, during a time. Yet the system suits a minority of stock-holders that will see increasing profits doing what they do best – nothing, wasting their time in fictions and pleasure and censoring all truths, creating a ‘Matrix’ of audiovisual fictions to reduce the cost of maintaing a human being with trash food and trash minds.
capitalism is not the law of god, it  is the ‘culture’ of the owners of corporatio ns, whose ‘economica l doctrine’ laid down by the stock-brok er Ricardo is simple:
The iron salary will be always the minimal salary to compete with an equivalent machine, and added, ‘employmen t doenst matter as long as profits keep growing’ to which Sismondi a humanist economist responded: ‘then in the future we shall have the king of england crancking up a level and the british automata producign all what the world needs. This is where you are now, blue collar robots and white collar Pcs. Or read Voneggut’s ‘piano’: even with 3 degrees in the future ilion cities of the world Mr. Vonnegut’s masterpiece explains why you won’t be able to compete.
Today ony IT iron salaries in india and Chinese workers can compete with robots and Pcs of the 3rd industrail revolution . It is the equatio n of competitiv ity capital=ma chines/lab or: the less labor the higher profits and that is what all economists paid by companies preach. but you can change the culture and follow humanist economist and reform the system.
Reason why as much as we would prefer to have an abstract tone, we must constantly anayze two sides of the same coin: history and economics.
Because capitalism, in the present form, which will extinguish human labor for automata and let the ‘king of england’ run the show – aka the stockowners – is a no way out for human labor and our civilization.
And so as long as we do not reform capitalism, nationalize the financial industry and re-address in a global G-20 conference the way we invest the language of power of society – money -that should be invented and used scientifically by governments to redirect History, nothing can be done.
Capitalism, the culture originated in the slave trade, which considers humans ‘objects with a price’, increasingly superior to the cost of machines, will simply eliminate us.
The fantasy sold today that China and India are proofs of the delights of capitalism, is bogus. They are so poor still that they can still compete with Pcs in IT workshops in Bangalore and Japanese and Korean robots in sweatshops in Ghanzou. that is why their economy is thriving, they are the last 2 armies of Ricardo’s iron salaries. But as they rise before they also fall to the competence of the final workers, the robot, word taken by Kapek from Check, meaning extably that – workers – they mean we will loose our priviledge style of life as middle class.
And so it is only a question of time that the 3 layers that have always been the 3 classes of capitalism re-appear in the west, explained in the previous graph: the top layer of working machines and automated systems that are the true protagonist of the Industrial revolution; followed by a small number of stock-owners, who don’t work but have access to credit; a dwindling number of middle class workers who still have some use for the machine and a pool of iron salaries from Indian human Pcs and Chinese human robots. The rest of unemployed humans, depending on the ‘goodness’ of the culture will suffer different degrees of poverty and extinction – from the brutal African regimes, whose only use is as the final garbage disposal of weapons and polluting products from the west and the brutal top capitalist country, US, ruled by those who originated the capitalist culture within its ‘racist memes’ of separation from mankind, in which the common people have no hope to get anything from the ‘owners’ (except like in Africa, cheap weapons) to the midler approach of Europeans and Asian democracies, where the people might expect a minimal safety net at low cost of cheap food, a lot of audiovisual garbage and even some health-care.
yet on the long term, all those placebo states or suffering years for mankind will end within the parallel historic/political thread of terminator weapns and robotic armies, in the same final point: a world at war for profits, an Orwellian nightmare and then the extinction of  man and life.
Which is, has been and will always been with its up and downs, and moments of ‘consumption, good machines of the fruit of science’ that made us believe in techno-utopians, the final, Darwinian, unavoidable end of the Industrial R=evolution, which is the Evolution of machines, hence ruled by the same biological laws that any struggle between two species, in this case man and machine.
The myths of capitalism to hide the constant substitution of human labor at iron salaries by machines is of course, the shrewd manners in which
the degradation of life and human labor takes place.
In that regard, let us be clear. As the XXI century advances, the fight between the 4 models of XXI century capitalism, will become much more clear:
–  japanese/korean model of robots, null emigration to their countries and pressing free agreements as the ones signed by Korea, to sell its automated
products, done in massive amounts with few workers. This is the winner, because as always in the Industrial R=evolution, machines have not ended its evolution, they can improve and lower costs. So this model will keep lowering costs and become extended to 1st world nations.
– IT indian Pcs and chinese robots of human nature. This model cannot last, because of the number of human automata required to feed those 2 nations. There are too many Indians trying to speak english in a pc and too many woman in China trying to imitate the automata motions on the
assembly factories of Guanzhou, and they want to rise their salaries. China is already finding difficulties to compete with recent growth of
salaries. This is therefore a momentary model that has enormous implications for the 3rd model.
– Western declining economies in Europe and America, which are now competing with both Asian models, Korean robots and Chinese/Indian pseudo-imitations of electronic labor.  This people also want good food, health-care, free time because they ‘feel entitled’ as ‘humans’  who believe the myth that they live in a ‘democracy=government of the people’, not in a capitalist market, ruled by corporations, aka company-mothers of machines who had needed them as consumers during the II Industrial R=evolution but now that companies and machines will consume other machines, and work for them, are becoming obsolete. So this people must be maintained at minimal cost till ‘death pannels’, ‘eugenesis’, ‘war’ or merely extinction by one of the weapons of the singularity Age takes place.  This is obviously the case of most people living in America today which find a little hole where to get connected to Pcs, learn the propaganda of their Tvs about the wonders of capitalist democracy and so on.
– The 3rd world of Latin-America, Africa and Islam. This world has little future. Too many people who can’t imitate by lack of education and functioning social structures, the Indian/Chinese human automate and so are obsolete living in the fringes of the capitalist system, which mainly requires them for 2 reasons: to provide raw products and to buy cheap weapons, the fundamental ‘machine’ of the tree of science, at any time of the Industrial revolution.
Those who can sell raw materials and are not overpopulated, like Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, etc. will have an easier life, as those products will keep growing in prize, since the Industrial R=evolution will keep shoing growth of GDP, aka growth of the machines that are destroying our world.
 So economists will recite the mantra of higher GDP (higher number of machines), give no importance to unemployment and hide the reasons, to keep increasing profits of corporation. Those economists will keep working for stock-owners that will live in a few ghettos and country paradises or stock-cities, like NY, London, Australia, the Caribbean Islands, Hong-kong, etc.
On the long term though, this most parasitic and unneeded caste of capitalism will be also eliminated; but they as always will be the last to fall when life dissapears from this planet within one or two centuries. How many mroe cycles might we have? If we are lucky just one final cycle, in which two colosus India and China will fight for supremacy as nations, despite their massive, empoverished populations that never make it into the IT/robot human ‘middle class’, the west will have fade away and the third world will live as always has done, in permanent suffering.
Of course, even in the worst situation all this will be ignored except by people that are able to search in depth.
There will be several complex reasons to this absolute blindness:

– Massive censorship by mass-media, industrial systems of information provided by ‘mental machines’ of any serious non-fiction criticism of our technological civilization and its ethics that favor always the evolution, reproduction of machines and its energies over the reproduction of life.

– The existence of 5000 years of civilization ruled by ‘animetal’ castes of warriors, go(l)d bankers and recently mechanical scientists, which obtain power of machines and will never deny them. They will still think till the last day they run the show. And certainly will keep all their racist memes to maintain them isolated from the mass of mankind, well protected by the ‘security industries’ of each nation.

– The devolution of the human mind, which is parallel to the evolution of machines and will increase. We live today in a neo-paleolithic culture, a new visual age of minimal mental evolution and null social growth. This culture is spatial, immediate, lives the day and has no interest or comprehension of the complex, long term, systemic organic processes of evolution of machines and its planetary organism – the Metal-earth.

Already in the XIX century, social thinkers realized that there was a minimal threshold of wealth and education required to r=evolve against any dictatorship of the mind; reason why it was said only the middle classes could revolve and the peasants, the less educated people would always cheer and follow those who oppress. This is still the case. In all ‘democratic elections’ the less educated people vote conservative parties. In that regard, the constant devolution of the human mind during the neo-paleolithic due to a visual, violent education that glorifies money and weapons, greed and murder as the essential values of mankind, seems to have produced paradoxically 40 years after the great insights of films like 2001 and books on the dangers of a computarized future of mechanical alienation, a level of selfish, individual social devolution and visual, violent, mental degradation that certifies that indifference.

We live in a culture of hardcore capitalism, evolved from the first companies who traded in slaves and that culture and its memes explained in many other places of this web has to be denounced. Yet of course, all this is censored and capitalism appears in the propaganda of the economic ecosystem, voiced mainly by ‘financial economists’ as the Law, the Science, the only Truth, the unavoidable Destiny . And so, the degradation of Gaia, the extinction of life, the destruction of labor, the plummeting levels of life of billions of human beings, in a stark contrast with the supreme power of the new generation of machines, is completely ignored both, by the ignorant sheeple and the castes of power that live on technology. Only individuals who reason aside the Matrix of propaganda that controls us realizes of the 2 fundamental menaces for human life in the Age of singularity:

– Weapons that can destroy the human kind; and labor machines, which are extinguishing blue collar workers (robots) and white collar workers (computer suites).

We are now in the 3rd year of the economical crisis that started in 2008 and we still don’t see many signs of recovery in the labor market and continuous difficulties to balance budgets, due to a global crisis of confidence in currencies and the impossibility of states to produce money for free as companies do, to spend in their human citizens, under the iron fist of deficit zero laws.

Those policies are no positive for human kind. They pass as ‘scientific laws’ of ‘Productivity’ and ‘market efficiency’. But they are just ‘power laws’ created by financial and machine companies in search of higher profits.

Since Productivity means merely the ratio between capital=machine workers and human workers. So to increase Productivity is bad for human workers who are fired and reduce their salary becoming an ‘army of unemployed labor’ under the ‘iron law’ of Minimal salary – since they will work just for the money needed to survive (Ricardo). Today in the Globalization age the minimal global salary is that of the Chinese worker…

On the other hand the laws of deficit zero are anti-democ ratic laws whose only reason of existence is to allow financial companies to invent all the money in the market. So we cannot give 20 billion $ of deficit to 10 million Greeks, but we gave 200 billion $ to AIG, a parasite insurance company, to increase the fortunes of its ‘stockratic’ owners, the new aristocracy of the Earth Inc. Those laws subvert the meaning of democracy, which means the power of the people.

And yet those laws are sold as ‘science’ by classic economics. But it is classic economics a science or a religion of greed and power? Let us consider this question comparing classic, biblicaleconomics created in the XVIII and XIX century by calvinist and jewish financiers who considered money NOT a language of information, as modern complexity sciences  do, but ‘the invisible hand of go(l)d’ and cyclical economics, explained in this work, which uses the organic, systemic and complex laws of information systems and the observed patterns and cycles of history to describe the meaning of the economic ecosystem.

The myth of Productivity: the destruction of human labor by more profitable machine-workers.

Unfortunately, guided by profits, Classic economics pretends to be a ‘mathematical’ science, independent of History, uninterested in the collateral effects of the production of machines, money and weapons might cause to mankind. It is my opinion though that the economy should serve mankind first, then profits and finally machines, not the other way around, as it is today. Since we constantly increase Productivity and fire labor, to increase profits, resulting on a constant evolution of machines towards the Age of the Singularity.

Indeed, organisms follow a simple pattern of evolution, from mechanical, deconstructed systems into full organisms in 3 phases. Since machines are enhanced organs of energy and information, evolved in metal. According to those functions we observe 3 organic periods in that process of technological evolution:

In the XIX century (1780s-1929), ‘company-mothers’ discovered and ‘re=produced’ ‘machine-bodies’; systems which process energy, as biological bodies do, from trains to cars. It was the age of stock-money, which multiplied enormously the financial power of those companies.

In the XX century (1929-2008), companies created ‘machine heads’, imitating human sensory organs: phone-ears, eyes-cameras and brains-chips. It was the age of electronic money, digital software in the mind of those machines.

While in the XXI century companies will fusion bodies and heads into robots, which will use solar energy to become independent of man, completing the evolution of machines, expelling most human workers from the re=productive ecosystem of jobs and credit, as the previous revolutions did with non-technological cultures — the so-called III World. Money will become then pure information, the ‘DNA-code’ that values products within the automated organisms of company-mothers . . .

Thus, the XXI century, or Singularity Age is the Age when machines will complete its evolution as organic forms, becoming autonomous of man, probably making us obsolete as workers and soldiers…

Indeed, the present cycle might be different from all others, since robots will be able to consume their own energy with solar cells; will displace human consumers, absorbing increasingly the bulk of industrial machines in their creation; and company-mothers will reach infinite Productivity, becoming automated systems of reproduction of machines (hence with zero human labor). Indeed, Productivity is the ratio between human labor and capital/machines. It means that as Productivity increases, human labor diminishes and machine-labor multiplies. Thus, in the Singularity age, human labor might disappear, substituted by robots and automated software suits as Productivity becomes infinite:

0 human labor x ∞ capital = Machines = ∞ Re-Productivity

Thus,  a biological analysis of Free Markets shows that if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life we need to regulate the evolution of technology. We have to prune the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, Human Goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), which also provide more labor, as they are reproduced or created by human beings.

For that reason, it is imperative to understand technology in biological terms, abandoning the mathematical, abstract approach of classic economics, which cannot understand those cycles of evolution, neither studies the ‘real’ competence and collateral effects some lethal machines are having on mankind – from global warming, produced by the ‘detritus of those machines’, to the massive wave of unemployment that robotics is causing, to the risks poised by the evolution of Nuclear Weapons, now crossing also the threshold of the singularity  with the research of black holes at CERN (European Nuclear Company) that could become ‘planetary bombs’ and potentially destroy the planet.

In that regard, a Free Market is an ‘economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being. As a result the Earth becomes terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), ruled by human organizations (Governments) and human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), dominated by company-mothers, money and machines, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields . . .

For that reason, scientists, economists and policy-makers need to understand those cycles and work together in the design of a global economical model that controls the bad fruits of the tree of science, the excesses of the free electronic reproduction of money and the evolution of nuclear weapons, while fostering clean energies and technologies that enhance the life of man in this planet.

Yet to do so, they must regain control on the language of power of society, ‘money’, which today under Laws of Deficit zero can only be created by financial companies, which lend it NOT tohuman beings but to the technological companies that keep evolving the machines of the Singularity age (computers and robots that throw white and blue collars out of job). The end of this process will be the obsolescence of all human workers.

Yet there s a far more dangerous side to the Age of the Singularity, which is the evolution of the other type of machines, top predator weapons. Indeed, machines and weapons are merely the two biological sides of t same species. What this means is that they evolve in a parallel manner. And so if organic machines, computers and robots imply the obsolescence of all human workers, the singularity weapons –  quark cannons able to create black holes, nano-bacteria, able to reproduce and feed on metal till they convert the Earth in what robotists call a grey-goo without atmosphere, and intelligent robots -mean 3 Apocalyptic horses, 3 chances of Extinction of all forms of life in this planet… the ultimate goal of the mechanist=capitalist world we have built with the values of money  complex version: hierarchical i-scales


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