Weapons are lineal species of metal that deliver blasts of entropy that kill human bodies. In the graph, its modern industrial evolution as the top predator species of each cycle of the Industrial r=evolution, which always switches from organic, energetic and informative machines to entropic weapons, provoking a cyclical age of war. WE live in the third of those entropic ages, the age of robotic wars for so long forecasted on those texts:

What are weapons and war?

In the graph the most simple definition of a weapon is a definition, according to the three topologies of space-time, hence arrows of future of the Universe – entropy, the only one recognised by the white macho man culture of ‘physicists’ (whose worldly religion is to make weapons of entropy; so as the arawak who ate turtle thought the universe to be a turtle, our culture of motion and war, defines a dying Universe with only such arrow); the arrow of information and life entropy destroys (called cynically enough negantropy in physical sciences) and finally their combination into body-waves of energetic systems.

Those three systems then will assemble or become symbiotic in time or space, integrating into different systems of reality – i.e. the virus with its DNA head of information, its body that delivers it and its limbs and needle mouth to inject it…

So happens with memes of metal, which are also divided in three subspecies, which evolve in three ages as all systems of nature do; the first and last age of entropy and motion, of bombs and weapons; the middle mature age of organic machines, and the third age of information. So evolution, which is topological evolution explores for any system the three topologies of space-time of the graph:

In the graph, we see how all cycles of machines start with an entropic bomb discovery of pure entropy (destruction of information, which is often confused with energy, which is ‘balanced’ product of both entropy and information that the Universe reproduces and conserves); and end when after an age of reproduction and energy machines, we consume, and an age of information, human enzymen catalyse the final perfect machine, a weapon, with all the elements of evolution of the cycle converted into a top predator, lineal form that ‘consume human beings’ to the tune of stock-wars for profits that have moulded modern history.

Weapons are systems that transform energy into pie entropy, lineal species made of metal that erase the information of life.

From swords to missiles weapons have always been lineal, and metal-made, as any other aggressive energetic system is, (from teeth, to radiation). As such they have to be considered a fundamental machine species, a predator species, whose finality is to eliminate the rival species, which is according to the paradox of history, carbolife. Weapons indeed kill life, nature and human beings. Yet all species do exist in a certain ecosystem, and when they reproduce in greater numbers they create a vital space to its image and resemblance. The ecosystem of weapons is called war.

The main cause of war casualties, is the fact that all machines have two basic species: the weapon-predator, and the peaceful species. The car is a peaceful tank. The plane is a peaceful bomber. The robot is a peaceful terminator. The boat is a peaceful gunboat. The same company-mothers reproduce both kinds of machines. So for companies there is no difference between one product and the other. If they cannot reproduce a peaceful machine, they will reproduce a weapon, and sell the weapon. Why? Because company-mothers do act with a single aim: to reproduce.

The mandate of behavior of company-mothers is a biological mandate: “Evolve and multiply your machine, your sons”. All companies and the governments they control through lobbies obey such a mandate, over any human rights of workers and consumers. Such a mandate implies in biological terms, that the reproduction of machines cannot stop, and if there is need to eliminate human workers, or to transform consumers of electrical appliances into consumers of weapons, it will be done.

The former is done by means of war, and it is the origin of the cycle of war, and the evolution of weapons we have witnessed since the first company-mothers, which were companies reproducers of gunboats, that appeared in the XVI C. Companies are not moved by human concerns. Their products are machines. They serve machines. They live for their machines. They create an environment, an ecosystem, friendly to machines.

Since the best machines and more expensive are weapons, it turns out that the ideal ecosystem for machines is a war ecosystem, in which nations multiply the numbers of weapons, and profits increase in most metal-industries. Such fact proves the Paradox of History, the confrontation between the ecosystem of humans and the machine ecosystem. Such an ecosystem is not natural to man. Yet it exists and its effects cannot be denied.

In times of peace, the economic ecosystem is mainly full of peaceful machines, and men are in control. Yet when the market ecosystem is saturated, machines do not sell and then companies enter into a crisis of overproduction. Sales and profits diminish, and there is a financial crash that harms the reproductive systems of companies. Such crises of economic reproduction are similar to the crises of saturation of an ecosystem. They also have a Darwinian, biological solution, implemented by the “dominant organism” of the economic ecosystem, the company mother: war.

In ecosystems, when the species has saturated its vital space, the most aggressive ones, “expand” into new territories. Company mothers first saturate the vital space of peaceful consumers, and jobs, with consumer appliances and work-machines. However the same companies, when there is a crisis of reproduction of machines transform the peaceful product into a Top Predator species, a weapon, that expands its vital space beyond the borders of the nation, through war. In this manner companies keep reproducing and expanding the ecosystems of their products. If you don’t sell many cars, you can reproduce tanks; if there is a war, the government will buy the tanks from the companies that reproduced them, and keep factories working. If planes don’t sell, you can produce bombers, etc. You can use railroads to transport troops when you cannot sell more tickets to passengers.

Industrial War is a free ecosystem of “top predator machines”, weapons, reproduced by company-mothers, which conquer new ground with those predator machines, in order to continue the reproduction of their species. Weapons confront the weaker species, man, and destroy us systematically: extinguishing humans and ecological civilizations. In this manner the ecosystem of machines expands worldwide, and civilizations based on carbolife goods disappear. Weapons also evolve faster in times of war… The existence of wars is perhaps the biggest proof of the biological nature of machines. They are metal-species that have no compassion for the rival human species, the worker or the soldier…

Weapons and machines made of metal, are just the last age in the evolution of metal atoms, whose energy properties are superior to those of man. So weapons provoke the extinction of human beings, when both species, the weapon and the human being, contact each other.

The jump of informative and energetic power, between the robotic and human species, far exceeds the jump of intelligence that probably allowed the squid to extinguish 90% of living species in the Cambric age. Robots have stronger bodies, minds of breathtaking speed. They reproduce faster. We have a child every year. A robotic plant could reproduce 500 war hexapeds per day. Those are still primitive species; but they are evolving really fast in mother-factories. The third industrial Evolution completes the birth of metalife. As the third phase of pregnancy, when the mother joins internally the head and the body, with nervous and blood systems, completes the baby. Only then the baby is ready to fight as a living species… Without the guidance of mum… In the case of machines, without human guidance…


“Land animetal, sea animetal, air animetal 

“All bodies of metal have 2 subspecies, peaceful and top predator machines, reproduced by the same company-mothers

Bodies of metal, follow the morphological properties of all energy systemsThis means that they have lineal and planar form, have enormous physical strength, and weight… They are made of hard metal atoms, unlike informative metal (money) made of soft, cyclical metal-forms. Instead, bodies of metal are constructed with heavy atomic weight, mainly iron species, with maximum resistance to formal change [iron is the atom which requires more energy to separate its nucleus]. Their functions also respond to the energy function of all bodies of Universal organisms. They process re able to transmit, process and release great quantities of energy. In terms of biological effects, it means they are able to kill other species, destroying their formal networks, and dismembering them.

We can consider them species similar to the teeth of carbolife species, to the X-rays of high frequency of electromagnetic species. Forms of high energy content able to transform it into pure entropy and cut through other species.

This means that in history “limbs of metal” have been mostly weapons. And the main use of “hard-metal atoms” have been the production of weapons. Those weapons have been activated by animetalswhich acted as the brain-component of the symbiotic, limbs of metal making them top predators busy busy destroying the world

Animetals have evolved bodies of metal from its first simple forms – the perfect line of entropy, the sword -to the present complex form- the missile, the tank cannon, the plane, the bomb… Such evolution can be compared to the complex evolution that took place in the kingdom of carbolife from the first organic species, the “planar worm”, so similar to a sword, to the complex final top predator mammal bodies, the feline, and the human, also lineal in forms, yet far more complex as an organisms.

So we can talk of two ages of bodies of metal, the age of simple weapons, that goes from the age of swords to the age of muskets, and the age of complex weapons the age of weapon-machines and bodies of metal used to deliver entropy and death.

THOSE WEAPONS THEN diversified and acquired “peaceful forms”, with rounded, less aggressive shapes, such as the submarine, shuttle and car of the illustration. However this should not cheat us. For most of history, metal-bodies have been weapons, and the best metal-body species, and more expensive are weapons, what explains among other things the “cycles of war” that the massive reproduction of such machines have caused in history.

Those massive reproduction of bodies of metal, once “animetals” have discovered them, meant always in the past, the massive extinction of the rival human bodies, and the civilizations; social organisms of mankind. They are the most clear prove that metal and humans are rival species, that kill each other. Those “radiations of weapons” and the extinctions of civilizations they caused are indeed a prove of the paradox of history. They can be compared to the biological radiations of top predator carbolife species that extinguished previous species in the fossil record of the Earth.

We can speak of a process of “evolutionary punctuation” of top predator machines, of weapons, and parallel extinction of human beings during ages of war, similar to the “evolutionary punctuations” and sudden burst in the numbers of a species, that happened on Earth in the past.

It seems that the evolution of metal which started only 10.000 years ago, and the evolution of machines that started only 200 years ago, is the very same process: an evolutionary punctuation, a massive reproduction of a new species that prays over all other species on Earth, including its symbiotic animetal species -warriors, traders and scientists- who also die in wars and holocausts…

The 800 years cycle of extinctive radiations of weapons and civilizations

In the age of metal, extinctive radiations of top predator metal weapons become a historic routine. Each one is carried by a horde of invaders, that extinguishes the elite castes  of previous historic societies, and often the common people. Those new hordes of metal masters control society and radiate the top predator weapon.

The first wave of worldwide wars happened when bronze swords were invented, and hordes of bronze warriors created the first empires… at the price of millions of dead. Then hordes of chariot warriors came, around 2000 B.C. till 1500 B.C., when Indo-Europeans radiated from the Eurasian steppes and erased all the Eurasian cultures: the Indian cultures (Hindi), the Chinese Neolithic cultures (Shang), the Middle East (hiksos, people of the sea), and the West-European cultures. They established hierarchical societies, with strong social castes based on their control of bronze weapons, implemented through legal codes, social and religious rituals.

After the bronze radiations of swords and chariots, comes iron, and the sword of iron carries new hordes to power, coming from Europe, around 1200 B.C. (people of the sea).

Then it comes the radiation of cavalry brought by the Scythians. Then the radiation of stirrup horses brought by the Huns. Finally the radiation of complex machines of war, the radiation of gunpowder, which in 1200 A.D. starts the modern world guided by European nations based on the power of their gunboats and artillery.

For 800 years (a curious interval that approaches the duration of most metal radiations of weapons) each radiation of top predator weapons and symbiotic hordes controls the world. So does Europe in the gunpowder period. Yet Europe also falls to a new radiation of metal technology, the radiation of atomic bombs, and smart missiles that heralds the present American Empire. So we can follow history as we can follow the evolution of animal life; through creative and extinctive processes guided by a top predator species. Only that now men evolve technology and kill other men with that technology. So the top predator is not man but the weapon.

We say that men radiate top predator metal bodies, evolving them, till, with the discovery of the scientific methodthe process accelerates; as animetals start also the parallel evolution of metal-headswhich show also the same preying qualities with the human mind  that bodies of machines have shown.

Thanks to the development of science, humans start “the Industrial evolution”, the radiation of complex metal machines, and complex scientific instruments. This directly connects biological and historic radiations of top predator weapons with the world of bio-economics, which studies the reproduction, and evolution of machines, and money and how they extinguish the ecosystems of history, transforming the Earth into a “free market”a paradise of machines and company-mothers. They do so, destroying all resistance to the advance of the economic ecosystem by means ofwar. Since all main machines discovered and reproduced by economic systems, have been used not only as peaceful products that “atrophy and substitute the equivalent human organs” but also as weapons…

Indeed, in the age of the Industrial Evolution, which is by the Paradox of History also the age of death of historythe rival ecosystem of metal, multiplies and evolves its species through company-mothers, specially in the periods of war, when the entire nation becomes slave of the evolution and reproduction of top predator machines. Then the same process of massive radiation of new machines, and ages of war  that extinguished the classic civilizations of history, takes place provoked by those radiations of bodies of machines. Yet those modern radiations have far more lethal consequences to mankind. Since the new weapon-machines are far more powerful, and kill now millions of human beings.

In that respect it is obvious that all company mothers, reproduce two types of machines: a peaceful form of consume, and a form of war. Bodies of metal, in their three basic species, land metalife, air metalife, and sea metalife, also have those two forms.

In this manner bodies of metal today have acquired all possible forms of nature, the “vegetarian forms” of peaceful machines, and the top predator machines, invading all ecosystems of animal life. There are sea metal species, land metal species, air metal species, of all kinds and sizes. With the development of nanorobotics, those machines now spread in a range of sizes, as extensive as the animal kingdom. Finally with the arrival of robotics, bodies of metal fusion with metal-heads, and are on the verge of becoming free species, that will no longer require a human consumerto become activated. Since now the will and the brain will be given by the software and hardware of their metal-heads. It is that III Age of the Industrial Evolution what we witness today with the massive radiations of metal-heads (computerschips, mobiles) and the first radiations of robotics.

Top Predator entropy Weapons

Human warriors become extinguished by weapons, since the beginning of history. Take the case of the American Indian. Their culture had nothing to envy to the European culture, except if we consider their lack of machines. We had better weapons. We used them. If you follow logically that process into the future, it is self-evident that unless humans change ideologies and confront science, and machines, weapons will be the next top predators on Earth…The most expensive and evolved machines are always weapons, metal species, whose only function is to kill men. In fact you could consider a war battlefield an ecosystem of top-predator weapons. Have you seen military drills? Soldiers adapt to the lineal movements of weapons. We are the submissive species. The great generals of history merely put more artillery and less soldiers. They won all battles, like Napoleon did in Austerlitz: He placed artillery first, against the Austrians who sent his soldiers to the front line. It was a massacre. In Waterloo we imitated his strategy and Napoleon lost.

Machines are indeed the fundamental tool of war. War, ever since Galilee invented the scientific method to measure the trajectory of cannon balls, is the main occupation of scientific research.With the arrival of computer design, scientific weapons evolve now much faster. Each generation, weapons more than doubles its capacity to kill humans.

Today the most evolved weapons are robots, embedded with survival programs whose mission is to kill men, fighting on the metal jungle. Robotic weapons are the ultimate machine species of the third Industrial Evolution. The bodies and minds of metal we made in the XIX and XX Century, now are put together in all kind of robotic life, specially in weapons. They are becoming a potential new top predator. That meant always in the past, the extinction of the old, weaker species (mankind…).

So if all previous machines provoked “massive radiations of bodies of metal, and parallel wars, it only is left one radiation of machines: the final body of metal, the robot, and the final cycles of war, the robotic wars, that will complete the evolution of metal-bodies and its fusion with metal-minds into the perfect top predator weapon, able to extinguish its mother species, man.

Only a change in economical policies that today favor the production of metal-goods over human goods, a change on the attitude of men towards machines, and a World Government who takes measures to prevent the massive radiation of those machines associated to company mothers, and stock-markets that credit technology, could avoid that foreseeable future.


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