‘We’ generation

nt. As always it must be understood that the influence of machines can be tamed by ethics, intelligence and education, so what we say of each generation doesn’t apply to all humans. Further on all humans do have its biological drives of life, which makes them naturally humane, from social love and reproduction – family values, to verbal ethics and love of human senses. This said, we are commenting on the ‘other side’ of each of our human generations, submitted to the bias and deformation of its personality by the machines that substitute their mental or body skills, atrophy and deforming their natural form of being human. So while each of those posts on generations of the Metal-mind age might seem ‘overstretched’, it is within the limits aforementioned  quite accurate in those biased, devolving processes, which affect mostly to the mass or body-middle class of mankind, as the elite paradoxically – since its companies impose the manufacturing of brains – can survive with better education: i.e. silicon valley entrepenurs routinely forbid their kids to become addict to virtual screens, as ‘they know what they do’… British imperial elite educated its people in art and human senses dominate the leisure class owners of corporations.

The We, self-obsessed, bratty generation followed the victory one.

The generations parallel to the ages of the machine in the dominant industrial nations. If we were to make the same graphs for the human cultures they conquered it is all a single generation of suffering, death and pain – but we don’t count corpses and they are to us invisible people, not worthy to be claimed as ‘superior victims’, as those of our white world in the rare occasion they die.

In the graphs, below the generations of each cycle of machines, which can be roughly divided into the Victor Generation that wins the war, during the weapons age; the We happy generation during the reproductive age, and the X- angst generation during the crash age. We shall only study in detail those 3 generations for the age of metal-minds (American age). The graph shows the happy We generation of the 3 cycles prior to the crashes with its angst ages and the hardened war victor vs. corpses

The we Generation has always been at the top of the wave. They are the ‘classics’ in the 800 year cycles of radiations of weapons, and the happiest people, driven and radiating machines everywhere, ‘building empire’, exploring the world in the 80 years cycles of the modern age

The we generation are entitled people, who are aware they have new gadgets to repeat the same memes as if they were new. They will sing in the 6os 3rd rate poems copied from Dylan the true Irish master but feel they are the protagonists of the Truman show, they will praise with an Ode the powerful train, leaving grass burned in his way to the far west. The we generation means business. It is reproducing fast the radiation of machines all over the earth. In the next graphs we see them – the middle people, of the German and American cycles; solid expansive reproducers of its fundamental tools of power, they think they are improving the world. They will dismiss you if you tell them soon, the machines they are building and overproducing peacefully will have ‘created the necessary’ tissue to switch to weapons production when the crashes happen:

They are by extension the happy generations of each cycle.

The We Generation are the baby boomers. They feel as their fathers, still entitled by their victory to all.

They are the generation of the TVs; they are self-obsessed by their own pleasures. They are a happy one, hippies, druggies, self-indulgent bratty people, who fought nothing, were given it all, rebelled against the lack of mental freedom of their fathers, and yet when time came to defy the system, they couldn’t gather steam, strength, to make the revolution but got into marihuana, soft-songs and when older became corrupted. They are the softies, the optimists, now the liars, the servants of the system who think of themselves better because they feel mentally sophisticated, when compared to the GOPs with their memes of the bronze age (biblical people), but are nothing more than dust of space-time, traitors to their species. Because they are in power now; they know the system is wrong; and yet they prefer to indulge themselves in their pleasures, their celebrity status, their ‘progressive views’, and do some surface make-up that taking the bull by the horns and change the system. 

They are people like Mr. Obama and Miss Clinton, chosen the most admired Americans this years – admired for what? For adapting themselves to neo-fascism with ‘a caring mask’, as they push further our extinction, the keynesian militarism of the drone industry, the Patriot Act II against Americans, the Grand Robbery of Banksters?

Now we shall have them soon again, the generation of robotic gurus, substituting our workers with peaceful robots:Personally, since those are my ‘fathers’ all what I can say is that they have betrayed all what they told me to believe in. Because they are still in power and do nothing, they are the proof that perhaps nothing can be done to save the world.

They are in any case the last generation that could have changed the world for the better, who could have enacted a change ‘we believe in’. I have preached to them for 20 years, as their ‘angsted’ son of the X-generation. And they have just told me to ‘take it easy’. Because they are the last ‘homo organicus’ cells, who believe in the system. So they don’t realize we humans are entitled to nothing. They can’t feel as ‘certain’ the parables of sci-fi about the future. They cannot understand our ‘punky’, desperado, gore nihilism in front of an overwhelming radiation of intelligent machines that make us meaningless.

They still think there  are artists – photographers, not adobe photoshops, directors of film, not technicians – politicians not image celebrities. They really think they mean something to history. They don’t realize they are puppets of go(l)d. Obama is the essence of this generation. Look at the man, the ultra-puppet, how full of himself, he is. I bet he might even think he is making a change we can believe in. In Europe you have Mr. Sarkozy, and his millionaire italian wife singing love ballades, while pushing cuts to the welfare state, sending drones to kill arabs and racketing ‘subventions’ from his Am Segullah billionaire friends. Or Mr. and Miss Clinton, the first only interested in his pleasure, pardoning in his last minutes the biggest financial criminals of Europe; the second one interested in power, ‘evolving’ from receiving the Palestinian President to becoming the Master’s (AIPAC) voice.

If a Judgment Day were to be pronounced to respond the Y-generation, who ‘kill the world’, the We generation is the ‘puntilla generation’. In bull-fighting the sword is in the hands of the matador. Those are the Uniform and Victor generation, the old Bushes and Reagans who killed the world. But the we generation, who could have cured it, gave it the final ‘puntilla’, the dagger that breaks the nervous system and isolates all the cells, once the ethical, verbal, legal mandates that put together the human kind into a superorganism are dead. The We generation is the generation of liars. They lied to themselves, to their sons, to their fathers. They lie to destiny.

The empire builders of the internet and first robotic age, still peaceful, infecting the entire planet, which will then turn ‘red and black’ of fire and darkness when the Matrix of robotic factories turns to war are optimist, at the height of its age.

Between the pioneers and the full robotic weapons, the we generation reproduce and expand the product… NONE OF THE 3 GENERATIONS are aware they are just slaves of the evolution of machines. The ego paradox makes them belief to be above heavens and Earth.

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