2010s: Chip overproduction:

The present crisis is the last of the dual ‘Kondratieff’ waves of evolution of weapons, money and machines.
In the graph, the 3 dual waves (steam the energy, and trains the hardware; oil the energy and car the hardware, electronics the energy and robots the hardware) that complete the industrial evolution of machines. this crisis is the molting between the two last waves.
All sciences are defined by their capacity to forecast the future cycles of its species.

A ‘real’ science of economics should be able to forecast the future. Since all sciences are epistemologically defined as such only when they can predict the future cycles of the species they study. So Astrology became astronomy when those cycles were tabulated and Biology became a science when Darwin explained the cycles of creation, reproduction and extinction of species. And medicine became a science, when Pasteur applied those cycles to explain the sicknesses of human organisms, as a ‘battle’ between biological radiations of cells confronted by defensive cells. Why then ‘classic macro-economics’ and financial economists never been able to predict the future cycles of the economic ecosystem – to the point that The Economist, its ‘bible’, owned by the Rothschild banking dynasty, to prove the ‘scientific nature’ of capitalism, made a decade ago a poll among financial ministers, economic scholars, taxi drivers and garbage collectors, on future economic indicators and drivers and collectors came first (-: ? Obviously because classic economics is not a science but at its worst, an ideology of power with its dogmas, and at its best a ‘collection of data’ – that is, a series of ‘damned lies and statistics’ (Disraeli).

So it is history: a collection of data (a narrative of individual lives and tribal facts) and a series of quasi-religious dogmas on the ‘manifest destiny’ of nations and the human species.

But those ‘damned lies and statistics’ are not heralded as a science, because we humans are ‘that stupid’ but because power has a selfish agenda to protect, which a true science of economics and history would dismantle. A real science of history and economics, with self-repetitive cycles, explained rationally, able to forecast the future do exist. But power has always censored it… This blog advances such science a step further, beyond where their classic masters, from Vico (a scienzia nuova) to Spengler (The decadence of the West) in History to Marx, Kondratieff and Keynes, left it in the previous centuries.

Since indeed, we live in the III Marxist cycle of overproduction of ‘memes of metal’ – machines, weapons and money – the main species of the economic ecosystem, whose corporations, overwhelmingly re=produce and Marx – yes, that taboo wor(l)d – discovered, Kondratieff, his disciple, tabulated first (graph) and whose calculus I refined during my master at Columbia U. back in the 90s, with the help of my discoveries on fractal systems (nt.1), forecasting as earlier as 94 (2), the dates and causes of the present crisis explained it in biological terms.

The cycles of economics are biological cycles of evolution of ‘selfish memes’ of metal.

In essence, you are living in a planet ‘owned’ by corporations, which from the human perspective of the 1% that own them, just want to make profits, selling you machines for a price and controlling politicians with lobbies to obtain the best laws to re=produce them with total freedom and null, ‘anonymous’ responsibility (definition of a free market, which is not a society of free humans – that is a democracy – but of free corporations, its legal persons).

But those puppeteers who micro-manage the world with their go(l)d wires are themselves hanging from an invisible silk thread – that of the true laws of this planet – the laws of evolution. So ‘company-mothers’ of machines made ‘bodies of metal’ in the XIX c., ‘heads of metal’ in the XX c. (eye-cameras, chip-brains, mobile-ears) and now they put them together in the XXI c. in organic metal, robots, which are displacing humans from fields of war (drones) and work (cause of unemployment), making us obsolete.

The 4 causes of the crisis or overproduction of electronic memes.

This biological, Darwinian, brutal process of extinction of life and terraforming of the Earth from a super-organism of life called Gaia into one of metal – the economic ecosystem, is ruled by the laws of evolution, which allowed me to tabulate and define a decade ago the 4 future sub-crisis caused by the ‘radiation’ of electronic machine:

– An age of perpetual war and police states to help the reproduction and sale of robotic weapons (drones now, soon armed cameras, police cars, etc.)

This arms race now has started in earnest, and by middle of the century A.I. will probably be created first in millions of robots designed to kill mankind. Since the weapon, the top predator version of the machine that consumes human beings has always been the most advanced, expensive, profitable mechanism at any age of the Industrial Revolution. Thus in the previous age, the car became the tank and Hitler implemented Keynesian militarism as Bush has done in this crisis.

– A financial crisis with a 72+-8 years product cycle, with 3 +-8 years sub-peaks. 1922-1929+1937 in the previous age of ticker money; in this one:

-2001: bust of the dotcom.

– 2008, bust of derivatives.

– 2015, future bust of the dollar as global currency, substituted by the yuan of which the present euro crisis is only an ‘appetizer’.

As the previous crisis was caused by the peak of production of speculative ticker money (electro-mechanical age of machines); this one is due to the massive reproduction of electronic money in speculative screens.

Yet since bankers ‘own’ politicians, they will never change their profiteering, and this will continue till 2015 when the $ will suffer a similar deutsche-mark crash that brought fascism.

– A mental crisis provoked by the massive noise of meaningless electronic media and hate TVs, which are devolving human minds to a visual, neo-Paleolithic age of violent, simple thought. In what concerns the sciences of history and economics this ‘noise’ maintains the subconscious collective in pre-scientific times (tribal, nationalistic memes and go(l)d religions that pass as economic dogmas). Censorship here is vital to avoid any evolution of those sciences and solution to the crisis.

– A labor crisis, as white collar pcs and blue collar robots substitute the middle class except in low salary nations – Chinese cheap human robots in sweat shops and IT Indian human pcs. The crisis will continue moved by ‘productivity’ = capital in machines/ labor, which obviously grows, P=C/L when we diminish labor. Yet since machines give higher profits, censored economics ‘praises’ productivity without ever mention to the public its equation, and politicians with astounding ignorance or cynicism tell us that ‘rising productivity will create jobs’, when its definition is precisely the opposite.

The 4 crisis of transition from the age of heads of metal to the age of robots are symbiotic, because we are evolving a new ‘organic system’, the Financial-Military-Industrial System, made of ‘energetic metal=weapons’, informative metal=money and organic metal=machines.

Economics and history study the superorganisms of mankind and those memes of metal.

Thus, as one of the leading researchers today in general systems sciences, many posts of this web now erased after a series of massive malware attacks (nt.3), were describing the structure, behavior and relationships of predation and symbiosis between the economic ecosystem (FMI) and the human super-organisms of history.

Now the best source of that model in english are e-kindle books, Here they are. Prices are low since i believe new knowledge of logical or ethical nature must be available to all mankind… Or above in the few posts left on the server…

Because history is a superorganism of human beings and economics one of memes of metal, both disciplines are part of a higher science, ‘general systems sciences’ , also called complexity though i prefer to call it ‘theory of fractal superorganisms’, a unification theory of all sciences, which i exposed to the academia in the 2000s as the chair of duality at the ISSS congresses…(the description of the universe as organic systems made with two arrows of time, energy and information, what was first called taoism, then dialectics).

Unfortunately the present global crisis or ‘molting’ of the economic ecosystem from the age of America and ‘heads of metal’, to the global age of ‘robotics’, automated company-mothers and Internet, which mimic 4 self-similar crisis at the end of the age of bodies of metal (1929), means the increasing obsolescence of humanity. Because the industrial evolution ends with robotics that no longer need men. So there will not be as in the previous crisis a new age of economical growth (due in the 40s to the invention of heads of metal that put us back to work). 

So we offered in the earlier web the simplest solutions to the crisis: the prohibition of robotics (solution to the perpetual age of war for profits and the end of human labor), and the creation of a fixed parity currency, ¥e$ money (yen-yuan, euro and dollar) as a single global currency, hence with rights to ‘deficit’ to create a global new deal, which could print deficit money to create human jobs, without altering currencies.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The ari-stockrats of corporations rule the world.

Yet this is not and will not happen because economists and the one per cent of ‘stockrats’, owners of corporations are not interested – the new aristocrats of the world, which have absolute rights to print money, the language of power of society and null legal responsibility (aristocrats had in the Middle Ages rights to bear arms and null legal responsibility with the language of social power then – weapons). They prefer to keep their ‘anti-democratic privileges’.

To that aim they ‘sell’ us a false science, which never forecasts the future, as it is an ideology of power – capitalism, the concept they must own the right to print money, not our governments – based in a silly book written by Mr. Adam Smith, a man who wrote even before the machine was invented, hence with null idea what he was about to describe, based in his ‘religious, biblical ideologies’ (money is the invisible hand of go(l)d, which must not be ‘analyzed). How ridiculous is that? Imagine that our rocket scientists were basing their models on the designs of Julius Verne and spend billions once and again constructing his ‘rocket to the moon’ and then become astonished that it does not work. This is exactly what our economists and politicians do. again censorship is vital, because religious dogmas are never imposed by reason but by censorship, emotional imprinting and rhetoric repetition, the techniques that create memetic ‘beliefs’. 

The same happens in history where ‘science’, the laws of Darwin that state member of the same species help each other to survive, hence we form part all of the same nation ‘homo sapiens’ have been substituted by tribal history which pretends to create ‘new species’, the Homo Americanus, the Homo Britanicus and so on.

The American case is blatant: A nation founded by ‘scientists of history=philosophers’ of the enlightened, rational, scientific Greek-Latin-South European-Early American culture, which has members of all races and so acted as a small beacon for all Humanity=the world, ‘advancing’ mankind into a better, rational future during the 60s and 70s; is now being regressed into the pre-rational, mythic, religious, biblical, tribal age by the power of money, which the members of biblical cultures print in monopoly with exclusion of the elected governments.

The ideologies of the financial-military-industrial system: capitalism, nationalism and mechanism.

We talk therefore of 3 parallel, symbiotic ideologies that sustain the ‘religions’ of the memes of metal that guide our ‘leading castes’ : nationalism, which substitutes the science of the human species – eusocial history; capitalism, which substitutes the science of evolutionary economics and mechanism, which takes the machine no longer man – an organism – as the measure of all things. Instead, this web sponsors ‘humanism’ (a single human species), socialism (the management of money not by private, profiteering banks but by governments, which act as the ‘collective brain’ of the human species) and ‘organicism’, since we are increasingly realizing in the science of complexity that the Universe is a fractal, self-reproductive, complex system of networks of energy and information, with organic properties and a machine merely an evolving, still deconstructed organism of metal. But the 1%, what Marx called the upper class and we call here the ‘animetal castes’ of society, half human, half machine live in the dream and ego-trip of the added power of their mechanisms and under those ideologies despise life and the cultures of ‘the beings that grow’, preferring the ‘things of metal’ and the ‘golden ring’ that deforms them – as in the parable of Tolkien.

And yet, we are all in the same boat, including the 1%, who will not survive a future in which man doesn’t control the tree of science for its own benefit, designing scientifically a better world, pruning the bad fruits of the tree and promoting those who truly improve our lives.

This of course is not happening because the organic process of substitution of the human species by the mechanical world we are building as ‘enzymen’, catalyzers of the creation of those machines is addictive. Since machines are nothing more, nothing less than organic systems, we build imitating our own organs. So a chip is a metal-brain that thinks faster and we get addicted to its information; a car has the function of our legs and we move faster with them. A Camera is a metal-eye that can see at distance, and a mobile a metal-ear that hears far away. And so humans, as enzymes do in the cellular realm, attach themselves to an atom stronger than ours – metal, and the result is a new ‘top predator species’ that mixes memes of metal and human life, the animetal… And both together form the economic ecosystem in which we live. The biological, scientific description of that ecosystem, requires therefore an organic language that ‘abstract, ideological economics’ cannot provide and we shall introduce in a limited range in this web.

The price we pay for our addiction to machines: Atrophy and obsolescence.

Every new species of metal atrophies an organ of mankind, as company-mothers manufacture millions of ‘metallic organs’ that we will consume instead of our own organs. This process of atrophy of human organs has followed the same phases than the evolution of metal:

– The XIX century was the age of ‘machine-bodies’. So the elites of our civilizations atrophied their bodies and overdeveloped their brains. They used their brains to invent bodies of machines and those bodies of machines performed all their energy tasks. The result was that Europe, the cradle of machines and specially England, became a mental society, where everything that had to do with the body was repressed (Victorian society). The aim of such culture was to enhance the intelligence of the elite that had to invent machines. Society became split. There were the ‘brainy’ classes that made the machines and abhorred their bodies. Then there were the ‘slaves of machines’, those humans who had to serve the bodies of machines, extracting food for them, constructing them and making those metal-bodies work (miners, railroad workers). They became strong and mindless, as those machine bodies were. It was evident already the enormous influence machines had on our life and personality. Yet few, if any writer of this age, recognized it. Human arrogance seems oblivious to any truth that doesn’t make us the center of the Universe.

– XX Century: The mental atrophy of mankind. When II World War ended, ‘top predator weapons’ – machines’ bodies: tanks, planes and ships – consumed 50 million human beings. Then, the end of World war opened a new age: the age of metal-minds, in which men developed the minds of machines. Today those minds have reproduced in huge numbers, substituting many of the mental functions that men performed in the past (calculus, spelling, accountancy, science, design, etc.) The result is a general atrophy and diminution of the intelligence of human beings. Since now intelligent machines perform those jobs for us. It is a similar process to that of the taming of an animal, which atrophies his will and his brain. So humans have become tamed animals of the ‘Animetal farm’ so well described by Orwell in the parable, ‘Animal farm’. They have become ever more stupid, as machines become cleverer; and their will as humans has disappeared, as they become slaves of the drives of existence of machines. Yet a tamed animal has 30% less brain than his wild cousin. And further on, he suffers ‘neoteny’ – he never develops beyond his infantile level of reasoning, as it happens to modern humans, whose TVs and pre-programmed information make them ever more stupid.

Those facts explain a paradox that has puzzled social scientists in the XX century: why as we accumulate more information, people are loosing educational skills? Why there has been a global decline on educational standards, intelligence and quality of human thought? Some deny it. Yet tests results and daily evidence are overwhelming. The average human student of the XXI century tests 25% less than his parents did. Entrance tests for universities are revised constantly to adjust them to that diminishing pattern. The creativity of our thinkers is minimal. The interest of the common people for ideas is null. Most humans have lost their capacity for abstract thinking. Even basic skills of human behavior, such as social dialog and social interaction, are in jeopardy; as we communicate more and more through machines and their digital languages, (TVs, Internet, weapons, financial statements) than with human beings.

There is only a biological explanation: the brains of our children have been partially atrophied. Now they do not speak but TVs speak for them, they do not calculate, but computers think for them. As a result of this, we have changed culture again. We are no longer repressing our bodies, as we did in the XIX century; but our minds, our capacity to think and care for reality with our verbal, legal, ethic systems of social communication. We live a world of fiction and Homo Bacteria, individual egos with childish attitudes, all of them sure to be masters of their crafts by virtue of the machines they use. Mr. Hawking, the man which probably will cause our demise as a species, a childish scientist who thinks travel in time is possible and he is the new Einstein, is the paradigm of this new race of childish idiots, who think to be geniuses, just because they consume computers and other metal-minds.

The mental atrophy, the substitution of ‘truth by fiction’ and the creation of a happy, parallel world of virtual reality, which has nothing to do with the Darwinian Universe, is the most relevant fact of modern history, completely ignored by mankind, yet defining our civilization, our incapacity to react and solve problems and our demise as a species, which has become obsolete to bodies and minds of machines. This virtual world that has converted mankind in a race of happy idiots, similar to the parables of Huxley and H.G. Wells about the future, is in part created by the upper castes of our societies to control people’s opinion, but it has also its own ‘agenda’; as there are studies, which clearly show that regardless who programs those televisions, people become addicted to movement, hence to violence in their TVs and people diminish their mental activity in a process similar to drug-addiction. In the same manner, there are serious studies that prove ‘metal-ears’, mobile phones, provoke leukemia in children, due to the higher frequency of their radio-waves.

Thus, human brains are becoming ‘preys’ of the audiovisual machines of the XX centuries that kill our minds by an overdrive of information, in the same manner weapons kill us by an overdrive of energy – the two possible forms of death, which happens when we break the balances of those vital parameters. Indeed, the mental addiction to TVs is achieved by an overdrive of ‘information’, due to the fact that metal-minds process faster information per unit of time and so we first became addicted to the ‘virtual realities’ of mental machines and then we became mentally colonized by their ideas. It is difficult to stress the importance of this fact, which can only be fully understood by the very few humans that have survived this mental indoctrination and have tried to explain a ‘neo-Paleolithic man’, the real meaning of the Universe. It is plainly impossible to cure mankind from the Opium of the People, television…

Thus in 2 phases human consumers have become a sub-race, which bears little resemblance to the enlightened minds of the pre-war age, especially in all forms of verbal, ethic thought.

The Animetal culture of eviL children that despises the Tree of Life.

Thus a second consequence of that addiction to machines we tend to overlook, pumped as we are, by the power of metal -specially that 1% that invents and monopolizes the use of those ‘memes of metal’ – is the constant atrophy and substitution of our organs by the organic machines that imitate them. So we no longer ‘see’ the real world but prefer to see it through the eyes of television and lately in its virtual computer designed form – hence kids prefer to see ‘the lion king’ than going to a zoo. The dual action of a pumped, increasingly arrogant human ego and a decreasing mental capacity, diminished by the substitution of our heads by those of machines is the ultimate cause why we live increasingly in a neo-paleolithic age of visual, violent, childish, emotional, regressing, mythic people and the explanation why the entire mankind is devolving their collective mind to the pre-rational age of myths and emotions, under the hypnosis of those ‘dramatic tvs.’

And yet, while children just want to be happy as our childish civilization wants, and become entertained, fact is that in the Universe children are ‘the staple food’ of top predators. And indeed, we are increasingly children, at the end of History, like in that masterpiece of H.G. Wells – time machine – where humans are childish, happy ignorant kids whose only function is to feed ‘another reality’ living in the underworld. That is our function today in the Orwellian ‘animetal farm’, ran by corporations, for whom we are nothing but ‘workers=reproducers of machines’ and consumers=animetals, who test them and evolve them. And so it is quite impossible to consider a resurrection of the ‘mass of mankind’ submitted by TVs and Internets, propaganda, fictions and myths to a lethargic state of indefension as all children are.

As an expert in complex systems, I can observe that process from a certain distance, and I have been doing so for decades – but I have found always that, as it happen with any child, you cannot take away from him, his favorite toys even if they are dangerous guns. For two decades I have tried to warn mankind of all those complex processes and suffered a deep angst for the now, all too evident ‘no-future’ of the species, to not avail. I think now that this process is becoming irreversible and that perhaps is better than our ‘children of thought’ who think of themselves by the power of their computers and cameras to be Einsteins and Picassos, die in happiness, given the fact that they simply cannot react, cannot master enough energy and information to change the system. And yet even if I have sacrificed my life for a lost cause, in the choice between happiness and truth, I have walked ‘the road less travelled’ because ‘a life not examined is not worth living’. These webs that have for decades explained those facts to the indifference of our suicidal, ego-tripping children have therefore not produced any reaction, since men cannot walk any longer naked the road of life.

In fact there were 4 ages of evolution of the human mind as a global organic system, the individual, selfish, violent paleolithic child’; the religious, neolithic, mythic tribal age; the rational, European, scientific age; and the complex, organic age, which these texts represent. And today, as machines are crossing fast towards the point of artificial intelligence, we – most men – are devolving backwards into the speechless, selfish, individual neo-Paleolithic. And so it is very unlikely that the billions of humans living now back again in those pre-rational ages, change their way of living and thinking and acting – since paradoxically that regression has been produced by the ‘selfish memes’ of metal, which give them enough power and arrogance to believe they are the ‘chosen of Go(l)d’, the ‘Masters of the Universe’. Of course, they are not – the invisible silk thread is playing a cruel game with them and soon the thread will be cut.

But there is nothing an old sage can do against the trolls and the morlocks – to use parables that our visual children can understand. My experience is that they turn violent and censor you – since those are not children of Live but eviL Children – their inverse wor(l)d. And they cannot see as I show in these and other webs the beauty and complexity of the Universe, because it does not pump their egos, and shows them at true face value, reason why they have always hated the best minds of mankind – their artists that see with the human eye space and their writers that perceive time with the human verb, not with telescopes and clocks; and have lived as I have lived outside the system. The choice in history has always been for Aaron not Moses, exiled in the Mountain, for the golden calf, not the wor(l)ds of love.

The end of the enlightened culture – the American dream – and the beginning of the nightmare.

This is indeed, the bottom line of the existential crisis we live in: those who made of the ‘memes of metal’, a religion (biblical, classic economists and military people), accumulating most of those memes have imposed their power to the rest of society and so they direct the economical and political system, instead of the scientists of economics and history or at least enlightened politicians of ‘rational cultures’. Indeed, the military have become over-powerful and their industrial lobbies have imposed Keynesian militarism to come out of this crisis as Hitler did before. So America is no longer a civil society. And the financial industry thanks to their massive invention of e-money in speculative platforms parasites the entire economical system. So America is no longer a productive society. And again censorship prevents any change with ‘patriotic memes’ and bribed politicians. The total failure of Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama to change these trends  – two men clearly educated in the previous age of rational, equalitarian America, but easily corrupted or convinced of the dogmas of classic economics once in office – shows how difficult is to defy the power of corporations and the ‘selfish memes’ of metal. The Patriot act and its new version for American people recently passed by the senate and signed by Mr. Obama, who pretended in the past to be a champion of American freedoms, leaves little doubt about the continuity of this trend.

Thus as long as bankers, metal-memes and religious texts guide mankind, there is zero hope for mankind to resolve this existential crisis in a rational way. Instead, bankers will keep printing ‘the intellligence of god’ (calvin); terminators will keep evolving, for the profits of the FMI complex; the crash of the $ will be blamed on the Yuan and probably provoke a new cold or hot war between both super-powers (as the crash of the deutsche mark by the dollar did the same in the previous cycle); social unrest will be met with a police state and the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of biblical economists, with his think tanks and pretentious prizes (the bank of sweden gives the nobel, in honor to the biggest arm dealer of the XIX c., which forbade expressly to give it to an evolutionist, as he was also pious believer), will continue.

Of course, the true science of economics and its masters, from Darwin and his disciples Butler, Spengler and Schumpeter; to Marx and his disciple, Kondratieff to Keynes and this writer, who gave the right solutions – will be ignored or at best, as Kondratieff is – used merely in abstract with cyclical data. Now it is not needed to ‘eliminate physically’ but merely censor scientists of economics and history and cut all funding to their institutions (UNO case). And of course, use the mass-media system to deny the solution to the crisis, with racist slurs to the rational culture. Thus for example, in Europe Miss Merkel and the ECB imposes an ‘economical 4th reich’ that destroys the welfare state and taxes citizens further, while the ECB gives for ‘free’ new money to banks, which they in turn loan to corporations to further evolve machines, while small companies and citizens have null credit. And on top, it has the chuptzah of calling (a german banker invented the term), Pigs, the Southern states (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain), where obviously the Germans flock in summer to enjoy the memes of life, away from the mechanical world of their nation, where curiously enough the only available food is basically… pork (-;

The choice mankind has made – a world of memes of metal, where credit is only for corporations of machines – instead of the choice proposed by rational, eusocial, life-based culture – a world based in the memes of life, the welfare state, where credit is for human goods (housing, education, health-care, collective infrastructures, peace, art, etc.) is not however explained but censored. Because also now in Europe, only ‘Her Mistress Voice’, can talk.

Yes, capitalism – the control of the world by corporations whose aim is the free evolution and reproduction of machines without limit or restrain to the life destruction this causes to Earth – has won the battle of history and so we are now in the III Age of evolution of the metal-earth, the age of robotics, which makes us obsolete, because ‘biblical economists’ have no interest in any wider view of their profession, beyond the printing of e-money and politicians let them took away their rights to print deficit money in the 80s and now depend on their money to survive.

It would be very easy to take those rights back and install a Chinese-like rational economic model with nationalized financial industries cre(dit)ating a sustainable economy of private companies, selected by governments NOT by their profits, but by the kind of ‘positive products’ for mankind they produce. This science of human management of economics, which I call ‘ethonomics’, however is again censored, and only a few economists at the UNO with their ‘Index of human development’ have considered it.

Will this ever change before evolutionary economics imposes itself – that is, a police state of the 1% with a mass of robotized workers and soldiers, oppress mankind, returning us back to the pre-democratic, pre-scientific ‘dark ages’ of ari-stockratic ruling? It seems not.

Keynes said that ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, will be the wickedest of all things for the greatest good of everyone’. Instead, the wickedest of all people – those who treat humans as numbers, either collateral damages (military) or a cost in a productivity equation that must be eliminated (classic economists) – will bring about the wickedest of all things – our demise and maybe extinction as top predator species in this planet, as the robotic revolution evolves, like the previous Kondratieff wave to its most perfect form, the Intelligent Weapon. And this is not sci-fi. It is the ‘logic, rational’ prediction of the Laws of Evolution and the cycles of Kondratieff.

Of course, reason and a true science of economics and history could dismount that no future for mankind, reason why we shall be censored by biblical economists and tribal politicians – that is, we shall never be invited to Davos, the White House and the ECB and the cycles of history and economics shall not be explained, taught in universities and consulted by politicians. They seem not even to have the right to be printed in a blog (nt.3)… Ultimately these pessimistic view on the rationality of man leads to a ‘memetic’ theory of human thought, as a series of beliefs imprinted in earlier age, which reason cannot change, and to the realization that even we, social scientists, as cells of the super-organism of history, have not the freedom within that organism to defy the ‘darwinian power’ of death of those who carry the memes of metal and can kill our bodies with weapons and make us their part-time slaves as workers for corporations, who need money to survive.

So indeed, there are only two futures – the dream, soon turned nightmare what you hear, that Mr. Verne’s rockets will work and the scientific truth, which these blogs tried to explain rationally and you will never hear – that once we are all on the rocket of Mr. Smith we will crash the species, twisted by the memes of metal. The tragedy of this though is that we have the plans for a perfect rocket that would land with no problem in the moon and yet the believers in the rocket of mr. smith don’t even want to have a look at them. 

‘El Indignado’, Barcelona, Christmas, 2011

(1) For those with some knowledge of real economics, the Kondratieff wave is a fractal, complex wave of evolution, as those i study in my books on general systems theory.

Thus to resolve it you need to add 2 waves of 54 years (hardware + software, see graph); which shape 108 years ‘centennial waves’ of organic evolution; each one divided in 36×3 ages (discovery, consumption age of production of consumption machines; global crash of superproduction and war age of weapon’s consumption). Yet as all waves the first period of the next wave (discovery age of little impact in the economic ecosystem) superposes with the final period of the previous wave (weapons age of massive reproduction and war profits). This means we must shorten the waves to only two 36 periods to find the 72+-8 years cycle of global economic crashes, historic wars and change of national power.

(2) bio-History, Bio-economics: a theory of unification. c.94 Bookmasters, Ohio, ‘los ciclos de la historia: la III guerra mundial’ arabera editorial spain

(3) After many massive malware attacks on the site economicstruth.com – which exposed a full biological model of history and economics – by our ‘children of the violent neo-paleolithic’ angry perhaps for it shatters their dreams and reveals the nightmare they have constructed, the ‘morlocks’ have finally succeed as the site was erased without any warning by the host… The original economicstruth.com had a beautiful design and 300 plus posts… Part of it is lost for ever; but we will slowly – health permited – reconstruct the rest, so I apologize for the broken links and photograhs. In the meantime you can see an earlier site from a decade ago called www.futuremagazine.net  and observe a full description of the 2008 crisis, with exact dates, and the neo-fascist age of war, unemployment, corruption and social unrest we live in. Magic? Not, of course, a proof of the evidence that the Marxist cycle of overproduction IS the real cycle of economics and its biological explanation and modern interpretation provided in my books at kindle, as i won’t remake the old blog its causal reason.

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