World: energy of war

The energy of the system.

It must be clear what US wars consume: human lives, for the profit of the Financial-Media/Industrial=miLitary complex.

It is the aberrant nature of our civilisation in which mankind is the ‘expendable’ ‘bargain chip’ of the profits of war corporations, where the globalised elites find its perfect hierarchical structure:


social classes wave

In the graph, we can see the duality of the World as energy of corporations and the racist Go(l)D culture of the people of the treasure which uses mankind, a lesser species below the human level in their talmudic racist slurs, as the consumption of weapons, hand in hand with its allied animetal germanic and anglo cultures. The bottom of that pyramid is mankind at large, and specifically the enemies of those nations (ex-communist and Islamic countries that ‘dare’ to defy Israel-US global robotic ‘Nato’).

The energy of the economic ecosystem is thus human & life, formed by:

– Gaia: Nature, animal life and non-technological nations, the ‘3rd world’. The 3rd world is indeed the ‘3rd class’ of cells of any superorganism, the energy cells. The wisdom of words indeed foresaw the laws of systems giving it that name.

– Humans who believe in eusocial religions of love, the body of the superorganism of history preyed by animetal cultures since its inception.

Of those cultures, 3 are paramount: the Latino culture of the previous Christian/Catholic Iberian empires, Islam and the Black, sensorial cultures spread in Africa and America.

Yet in the fractal Universe, systems are complex. So each of those cultures have on top itself an ‘animetal elite’, a 1% which feels more connected to the Head of the western world it mimics in its customs than to the body of their original culture. So the elites of Argentina or Brazil feel ‘Europeans’ or ‘Americans’ and have their money in Miami. The dictators of Africa and Islam, sustained by Commodities corporations feel better in Paris or London and ignore their mass of people.

This of course, explains why the common people on those nations prefer, even in the present inquisitorial mode, their priests and ayatollahs, and reject the mockery of people’s power called capitalist democracies.

We shall consider here (work in progress) the heads and bodies of those cultures, energy of the economic ecosystem, starting by the one ‘targeted’ in this cycle of history. Since in each cycle one of those nations was used as energy of the metal-earth:

– In the age of companies, the Africans, Indians and Latin-Americans (then Amerindians) were the energy that helped to develop trade in slaves and provided the capital to evolve gunboats and start the first industrial revolution.

– In the age of bodies of metal (steamers and trains) again those two nations were the energy of colonialism in North-America, Africa and India.

– In the age of engines of metal, China was added. Japan changed sides from Buddhism to capitalism and became part of the head of the economic ecosystem, and Siberia became energy for the evolution through the transiberian of the Russian Empire.

– In the age of heads of metal, the creation by the head of capitalism – the ‘Am Segullah’, informative caste of Jewish bankers and mass-media moguls – of a nation for their body cells, ‘the Hebrew’, made Islam the people of choice to test our robotic weapons and maintain the perpetual state of ‘splendid little wars’ that capitalism requires to develop its most expensive, profitable industries – war.

So we shall consider first Islam in this post, as the present energy of the system, with a head of dictators, mostly of Arab origin, and a body of mixed cells of Semitic, Hamitic, Black and South Asian origin. This head though is fighting a constant war with the ‘real head’ of Islam as a religion, that of its priests. And so the complexity of this dysfunctional system, with two head, one allied to the west, the other defending the old civilization but in inquisitorial, extinctive mode, has ultimately a victim – the Muslim people, which are today the poorest on Earth, and the scapegoat (Islamophobia) of the neofascist age of the economic cycle, in which we live…

The arab nation.

In that sense the arab nation must not to be confused with the whole superorganism of Islam.

Arabs are the oldest Semitic, warrior nation of the world, and as such it has the memes of violence and war as a mode of rule societies in its cultural fabric. In that regard, the devolution of Islam from a religion of love into an inquisition of war, is part of the global tendency of devolution of all eusocial cultures of love into inquisitions of war and go(l)d churches, which it shall accelerate as the superorganism of history dies.

In the Koran the prophet already warns that he has come to convert the Arabs because of their difficulty to abandon those memes of violence and greed. It is a fact of history and organic processes that the memetic imprinting of a nation increases with time. In that sense the present wars between semitic go(l)d nations (judaism) and war nations and its harshness can only be understood by the harshness and duration of that imprinting.

In the left side we shall treat in the future all the religions of love and the messages of the prophets that tried to create superorganisms of history based in the memes of life. Yet those memes are imposed upon people who are thereafter impressed by the main flow of history, the construction of a world dominated by weapons, money and machines. So the Arabs, with its old imprinting soon returned within a few generations to war, Jihadism and slave traffic… Today Arab nations are struggling to overcome those memes in the Arab spring but the process seems difficult. In that regard, again as in all nations we must distinguish the 1% of warrior, go(l)d believers, the dictators, armies and dynasties of sheiks that dominate those sub-nations of the Arab nation from Morroco to Irak, and the common people, which as all people revere the memes of life and belong to the oldest neolithic cultures of egypt and mesopotamia.

In that regard, ‘the system’ could have not found a more prone militaristic clique of dictators to sell its weapons. The determinism of war between Arabs and Jewish semitic, old animetal cultures seems impossible to detain. The wealth of both groups, the international banker and the oil producer, ensure to the military-industrial complex an astounding flow of money, detracted from the WHealth of human goods required by their populations.

Indeed, in the present age of capitalism, during the III Kondratieff cycle of Keynesian Militarism and war for profits, the Arab Nation plays the role of Africa in the Colonial I Kondratieff cycle (XIX c. crash of overproduction of trains) and the roled played by Eastern ‘slavs’ in the II fascist cycle (crash of overproduction of  cars=tanks), when Eastern slavs and Jews were massacred to test german weapons and liberate ‘historic’ territories to the East.

The people of Palestine, Irak, Lybia and Afghanistan are therefore the ‘energy’ that our weapons consume either when we sell them to their dictators or we use them directly to liquidate the dictators to whom we sold our weapons (and we could even include the Khazar, Jewish common people of Israel, enslaved by their rabbis and bankers and military establishment to become a paranoid people, obsessed by the Holocaust cycle their bankers cause and warrior nations perpetrate).

For that reason it is my view that the eternal conflict between both nations will degenerate into a III world war and fuel the robotic race till it is too late for mankind to stop the industry. This view hold for decades now seems merely a news chronicle.

The 99% however shows the hospitality, love for nature and detailed agricultural care, exquisite sense of poetry and the word proper of the Islamic culture.

But the memes of warrior cultures, machismo (as yin/informative women are more prone to love money and hate lineal, energetic weapons) violence and torture brought by millenarian slave trade (which was only abolished in teh post-war age in most countries of the gulf), genetic tribalism, etc. etc. are still common among the elites. In that regard arab nations show for those who have treated both social groups one of the most extreme differences between the generous, life-oriented memes of their common people and the extreme passion for metal-memes of their elites.

In what regards its political structure, of course, the arab nation does not exist, as it does not the Hispanic nation, because of the Interest of the west in ‘dividing and win’ over them. In many ways the Arab nation is similar to the hispanic world, also with a life-oriented culture and a militaristic warrior elite in control of those nations.

The positive evolution of some South-American nations, and the milder approach of the present european and american administrations to those countries might show though a ray of hope for the future of the Arab nation.

But yet again, that future has also been connected to Israel and its self-suicidal incapacity to strike a peace with honor with the Palestinians. were this miracle achieved, we perhaps could hope for a development of the region in peaceful terms, the ousting of dictators and sheiks and a new flourishing of the Islamic culture of love…

(to be cont’ed).

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