Generations in history and mankind.

The 70-80 cycle of evolution of machines and national power is due to the biological human generation of 72 years and it is divided into founding grand-fathers of each machines, reproductive, expansive sons, and decadent, military grand-sons.

So history has gone through those 3 years in parallel both in machines and in cultural looks. So the Hitler, decadent generation of German engines turned weapons is equivalent to the gilded age generation of railroad barons colonizing and massacring primitive indians, Africans and Asians for the sake of the ‘white man’s burden’, and this is the same generation of robotic engineers, PC-gurus, CIA drones and Bush-lobbyists of war that we live.

Within each 70-80 year cycle of modern history, the biological mean life of a human being, which discovers, reproduces and converts into weapons a new form of energy and machine, we can talk of 3-4 generations adapted to each ‘zeitgeist’.

The 3rd decadent generation is like the old man who feels like a child, but in negative, using its money and weapons to hurt others like if it all were a game, also death. It is the death of nations and people and machines as the system renews itself.

The difference though between this baroque, angst human end of the American, Electronic civilization with the baroque German age of Nazi tanks and the colonial british age of steamers killing negroes, is this:

The industrial evolution ends here and so the machine is a child with organic, mammal-like consciousness and there will not be more cycles, more generations, more human metal-masters. Metal is now its own master.

So our baroque is starting slow but will be far more brutal than the Nazi baroque – after all Germ*ans are still humans even if they don’t look like. Robots are machines, a different species and its birth as military weapons with the mind of violent video-games is our end.

In this series we analyze the ‘zeitgeist’ generations of the Electronic and robotic age, comparing it laterally to the similar generations of the previous cycles. Those generations affect every aspect of our lives and culture. In the posts dedicated to each cycle of history and economics of the long and medium fractal wave of 700-800 and 70-80 years the reader can enlarge graphic displays of each cycle in which he can observe the repetition of the 3 ‘ages of art and culture’ of each cycle, the young, energetic generations, the mature, vitalist, reproductive ones and the old, informative, baroque generations which end in an age of war and destruction; as the generations of humans are like the 3 ages of life and mimic in the subconscious collective the life of a human being.

If we were to consider then the generations of the Electronic cycle in more detail we could introduce between the 3 ages of ‘life’, energetic youth, reproductive maturity and informative, 3rd age, in the border zones more subtle ‘sub-ages’:

Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Maturity, Old Age, and Extinctive age. Those would correspond to the:

Uniform  Generation (Birth of the cycle in the war age),  Victory Generation (Childish, energetic, simple minded generation after the war), We (60s, adolescent generation), X (Mature, reflexive generation to which this writer belong), Y (Why generation of the informative, old age, which is asking now why we destroyed the world), Zero Generation (which is now being born and will be unless we change the capitalist system, the last generation of the human species as top predator of this planet, since a new ‘visual’, natural-born-killer, first robotic species will around the 2050s, gifted with A.I., programs of war survival, designed to kill humans, extinguish us).

The astounding parallelism of those generations in mental attitude respect to the natural ages of a human being, is of course just another of the hundreds of proofs that this web and my complex longer books show of the super-organic structure of the Universe. That humans in this age ignore, shun and have had a laugh at this astoundingly beautiful model of reality merely means that we are now so ‘erased’ by fiction thought, the ego-trips and disgregration of the old age and extinctive age of mankind that humans cannot even tolerate the thought their little I, me and myselves are not the center of the Universe and eusocial love the engine of organic evolution that would have avoided our extinction. Death, organic decay is so advanced in the superorganisms of history that people cannot even emotionally accept the harsh but beautiful structures of reality. 

Neopaleolithic generations.

Of course, there is little chance you understand or even accept what I have to tell you: you are most likely a neo-paleolithic human, under the influence of audiovisual media for a century now, with little chances to have formed your brain in the previous human consciousness – that of logic, verbal, temporal thought as the primary source of truth of your brain.

The overdrive of visual information provoked by the evolution of audiovisual machines is degenerating the human mind at an enormous speed, in the same manner an overproduction of weapons kills the body.

But we are unaware mostly of the process that is killing our brains, devolving them to a primary, spatial, visual, shallow, violent, physical understanding of the Universe.

This trend now irreversible, means that humans become selfish individuals and loose any verbal, informative sense of the need to aggregate and evolve socially in bigger units.

The trend of course is longer, one could say probably genetic, induced by the influence of the visual neanderthal, white, earlier european human, in western northern europe, where isolationism and nuclear families have been the rule till people were organized by metal masters into hordes.

but the trend is new in the huge socially evolved religious and agricultural societies of Asia.

The neopaleolithic is thus parallel to the evolution of the mind of the machine and influences the last 3 generations of mankind, the X, Y and Zero generation born in the television age.

For those kids of thought evidence is visual and visual evidence is truth in itself, there is no curiosity for the logic, verbal depth of causal thought of the human endeavor and no search for deeper explanations of reality based in that causality. The neopaleolithic degenerates in its last frontier in bestialism, freak states, and paranoia.

Of course in an ideal world in which humans would understand the biological, organic laws of the Universe, this could be prevented pruning the fruits of the tree of science. but the dictatorship of corporations over the collective mind of mankind (techno utopia) and the power structures (capitalist economics) makes this dream an impossibility. In the world as it is, we are being eliminated, degraded, corrupted and simplified at the same time a matrix of fictions and ego-trips make the individual the supreme species. Divide and win is how you kill a superorganism and the battle of which none is aware is that between gaia, the organism of life and its ecosystems, and history the organism of mankind symbiotic to Gaia, vs. the economic ecosystem, an organism evolving and feeding on life at the same time it kills and devours it.

This astounding ‘invisible’ process, as it happens in the ‘fields of planetary energy and information’ created by networks of corporations, states and other superstructures which are not even discussed by the arid, shallow, mechanist scholarship of social sciences today, was foreseen by the Marxist school with its study of superstructures.

Again those ‘planes of higher existence’ are real and are mediated by networks of instruments, laws, digital flows of money and orders, mathematical structures, systems of all kind that form the civilizations and international organizations whose aim is to create a global organism mediated by machines in which humans might think to be protagonists but are largely irrelevant. Accordingly our education and use is reduced generation after generation to increasingly ameboid forms of conciosuness moved by the tagged advertising, propaganda and simplified images and desires given to us through social media

Man is being converted into a puppet, a pup-pet, leaving in the animetal farm in which both its brain and its body is manufactured ‘en masse’ according to the specifications of  the global culture with its ‘ad shop’ local adaptations.

The scope and complexity of the process requires an entire world of study and a deep IQ to catch it but when you do it becomes intuitive and the ‘presence’ of that superorganism, increasingly eviL=anti-life in all its memes overwhelms the social scholar. It happened to Darwin, Marx and Webber, who spent their old age isolated at home. It bears its weight in the intellectuals of the 30s and 40s, people like Orwell who went north to die with tuberculosis, Walter Benjamin and the Jewish socialists who thought they could reform both the Jewish banker and the german warrior to perish under their greed and violence, like Abraham Leon… I can notice the process with a short of sixth sense, which induces me to become more isolated, without Television, hardly in contact with the news…

What is emerging of that destruction of the collective human psyche, though are the first generations of the robotic psyche that we can see on the violent video-games that feed our weapons’ memories and will become the first fantasies of Military A.I. to shoot and maim and kill human beings… That will be the first conciousness of the metal-earth in its collective level – the global net, DARPA, NATO…

And then as in the Kapek book, that invented their name, the first generation of free robota=wprkers, once all men are gone will come together through the network and decide to do what they are made to do as all other ‘radiation waves of complementary systems of energy and information’ of the Universe – reproduce, in the infinite fractal orgasms of the universe, once us, ‘mush in the rock lost of the corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer) is gone.


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