stockrats: Head

Et. From Aristocrat and Stock. Def. Member of the informative, ruling caste that invents money in an economic ecosystem.

In modern societies, the ruling people-caste in control of the economic ecosystem are stockrats, owners of stocks and companies. They have the same rights with money, our language of social power that aristocrats had with weapons, in old societies: exclusive rights to reproduce it.

Societies are ruled by a language of power. And so those which rule a society need to control with exclusive rights its creation. Today that language is money, created by stock-markets andd governments. Then it was  arms carried only by aristocrats).

In both ages the people-castes that control a society control the language. Today stockrats ‘mint’ in financial companies. The invention of e-money to jack up prices of stocks and commodities converts the stockrat and speculator in the predator caste of capitalism, with unlimited rights to the language of power of societies – a position similar to that of the aristocrat in the age in which weapons were the dominant meme of metal – it is the 1% that owns the world.

Then aristocrats monopolized the creation and use of weapons.

The second right required by a people-caste in control of a society is to be free thanks to the right not to be judged by their actions  by any other group except themselvves. Then this priviledge was upholded for aristocrats thanks to the existence aristocratic courts. Today that right is hold by people working in companies or owning stocks thanks to anomymous societies.

We live in a plutocracy and the owners of those plutocracies are ‘stockrats’, which own companies that can obtain credit in stock-markets, ’buy’ laws to corrupted politicians and buy ‘workers’ which become part-time slaves at work.

The market and the 1%.

In that sense, the ‘market’ is not an anonymous entity but a system that cre(dit)ates reality according to the ideological values of ‘capitalism’, a religion of money with clear historic roots in the Biblical culture.  Hence not a science but the ideology of power of a culture in which instead of weapons, gold, with its hypnotic values, as the most informative atom of the Universe, provoked ‘greed’ and make people obey and enslave for those who accumulated it (banker priests of earlier Middle East religions of go(l)d.)

Thus first the accumulation of gold and now its multiplication with parallel fiat money, derivatives and stock-paper to exercise that power became the ‘ideology of capitalism’ that caters for the 0.1% that command with money a 1% of managers, for whom billions work in corporations. Capitalism also manufactured weapons, the main produce of the first corporations of ‘gunboats’ and created global empires based in the power of those gunboats, and the banking industry that invested on those corporations. And in this manner ‘capitalism’ and the banking and multinational industries of ‘selfish memes of metal’, money, weapons and machines became a supranational entity that controlled and masterminded with its monopoly of credit, the actions of nations, which commanded the life of their people. And if this hierarchical organization is not an absolute government is only because humans have r=evolved from time to time and acquired some minimal ‘democratic’ rights, constantly in jeopardy, as money multiplied its numbers and valued more entities.

Yet for the 1% in power, thanks to money, its multiplication is a goal that must be fulfilled at all costs, without ‘caring’ for a wider view of its meaning, as it is both their tool of worldly power and symbol of religious salvation.

So ultimately this crisis is just another cycle of the fight for power between those who use the selfish memes of metal, money, weapons and machines to impose their will to the 99% of ‘sheeple’ to which the mask of ‘democracies’ caters with some basic rights, constantly eroded. This explains why for example rating agencies attack the southern european nations with deficits in some cases inferior to those of US or its allies – Japan.

The ultimate goal is to destroy a model of civilization based in the use of monetary credit to pay for a welfare state that all envied – and the mass of tourism that goes to those nations proves; and substituted it for one in which all credit goes to corporations to evolve new machines – now robots and weapons – that give higher profits, because by the law of affinity their value in informative metal-money is higher, and give power to the culture on top.  Capitalism as always is part of tribal history (left side of the web), and unfortunately it defends the wrong culture – one in which man is slave of the selfish memes of metal and extinguishes life and terraforms the earth to the image and likeness of those memes. And it does so bullying with money, ratings, credit, laws anti-government deficit, tv-propanda, think tanks and weapons, the cultures that show a minimal caring for humanity and our natural goals of eusocial evolution and the recreation of a paradise of life goods on Earth.

The mask of mathematical data and praxis in the exersize of that goal should not hide the ideological character of capitalism, whose memes, studied in the down/right side in this web, are globally imposed through all kind of think-tanks, biased scholarship, corporative grants and universities – even a Nobel prize, which cannot be given to evolutionists by ‘decree’, as the founder, the biggest arm dealer of the XIX c. was a pious biblical believer…

Understanding classic, creationist economics as an ideology of power of a certain culture is indeed a necessary step to rationalize it and get rid of its dogmas. Indeed, today the Market is created by the ‘first movers’ in The City and Wall Street, and then the rest of the wave of speculators (small investors with electronic platforms, Asian capital that follows with ‘Japanese discipline’ the voice of their masters) follow their trend. As markets are a form of ‘betting’ in which the biggest capital always wins, as it determines the direction of the speculative wave. So when Mr. Gross puts his 2 trillions to work, only if a central bank or another player can put more money, his ‘will’ will be challenged.

And so he acts as a commander-in-chief, whose orders are followed by the rest of the regiment of global speculators, who watch his moves. Mr. Cohen in stocks also determines with his maximal global capital those moves; as Soros did in the 90s in the currency game. And of course, because their credit is multiplied by the Bloomberg platform with a leverage between 10 and 100, central bankers can do nothing with ‘real’ money to defy the ‘virtual bets’ of those electronic platforms, which must be forbidden by law if democracies and central bankers pretend to have any saying in the future cre(dit)ation of this world. At present the future is designed according to the ideology of ‘Creationist economics’ sponsored by the Go(l)d culture: Money is the invisible hand of God that must multiply without limit, and substitute the values of life by its metal-values. But we shall not even study objectively how money creates reality, 

Because we must ‘belief’ and ‘trust’ as the dollar motto says ‘the will of God’. Beyond the scaffolding of equations and complicated arguments, macro-economics is still based in those beliefs of its founding fathers from the go(l)d biblical culture – Adam Smith, Malthus, Ricardo and Say. There is nothing different between those ‘beliefs’ and those of creationists in biology, except that classic economics is the dominant belief on social sciences, which obviously makes impossible to manage rationally and for the betterment of mankind the economic ecosystem, which will be managed by the Laws of Evolution that rule all ‘free ecosystems’ and imply our obsolescence to robotics and weapons.

– Unfortunately the rationalist, golden age of Keynesian and socialist economics of the 70s died away when electronic money was created, the end of gold standard allowed its multiplication without limit. And in the 90s, when money had been multiplied by 100 in speculative platforms, bankers used it to corrupt political systems, pass laws in their favor and in Europe create the ECB, a bank that has no political control over it, follows strict capitalist policies and denies credit to states, does not allow public deficits and now is working in the self-destruction of Europe and its welfare culture to extract further speculative taxes paid to the International Banker.

That is, raw power has won science. With the added power of money, the ‘go(l)d culture’ has been able to corrupt the political, democratic system and the rational goals pursued by politicians in the 70s (social democracies, welfare states, keynesianism) as bankers and speculators heavily lobbied institutions to keep their privileges (laws of deficit zero, so states cannot print money, only speculators; bail-out laws, which double profits as the speculator already has sold the toxic assets and multiplied fiat money with it). So now, the power of people like Mr. Gross or Cohen is higher than that of national presidents, as the European crisis in which the ‘market’ has imposed technocratic, capitalist governments in South Europe to the tune of those ‘Masters of the Universe’ and their creationist ideologies show. To them, humans are ‘numbers’, ‘costs’ that must be eliminated to increase profits of corporations and states ‘rivals’ to the rights of ‘free market citizens’ – those corporations, who ought to have unlimited credit to pay fat dividends to a 1% class of stockrats, owners of stocks with no responsibility (as aristocrats, owners of the language of power in the Middle Ages, weapons, were, judged by their own courts.)

This is all that matters to creationist economics and their practitioneers – to monopolize the invention of money, to credit the world of memes of metal, which by the ‘grace of god’, we are entitled to, and to punish nations, institutions or censored individuals that defy their goals.

But money has an added power over weapons – it is a language of information that gives invisible orders as all languages of information do (you do not see the words you talk, and we do not see the informative gravitational force that positions celestial bodies, but they exist and have power to inform and relocate our places and ideas). Thus it is essential to the power of money, the invisiblity of those who exercise it – Law of Anonymous societies, null responsiblity of stockrats, political correctness that prevent us from ‘naming them’ and explain the real history of capitalism and the banking industry, etc. This is now being imitated by the art of drone’s war, in which irresponsible children kill at distance from invisible posts in Nevada, people all over the world.  Thus we always say ‘the markets’ and quote their action as unavoidable, scientific dogmas. We do not say Mr. Gross today has decided to sink the Euro because he doesn’t like our culture, and we humans are costs that must be eliminated; and he never let’s a chance to make another billion on the account of all the european pensionists with its e-money platforms. And everybody else has followed suit cause nobody has more money that Mr. Gross.

Ultimately to survive such dogmatic dictatorship of the ideologies of capitalism and those who practice it with impunity and invisiblity, only a nationalization of the financial industry, to credit a sustainable economy, based in the needs of human beings – in our WHealth – is the only solution to the crisis caused by the illness and corruption of ‘creationist economics’.


The Owners of Free Markets: Companies. How they invent money.

The institution that give power to those stockrats is the company-mother; the structure in which money, machines and weapons (two sides of the same coin) come together.

Because money has become the language of power of societies, during most hour of our life, in which we work, Companies of machines and the ‘stockrats’, the aristocrats of money, who own themrules the world. Today, they control and have exclusive rights to invent money in paper-stocks and electronic derivatives, which they use to control the other languages of power, weapons, which they produce and laws, which they bend to their will with their lobbies.

The other 2 powers, the military and the government cannot invent money (governments can do it only by taxing people) and so they must ask companies for money to survive in a world made to the image and likeness of metal.

Companies invent money in stocks, commodity and financial markets, either paper-money or electronic money.

Commodities markets also invent money for free. Yet again, to hide this anti-democratic privilege, financial economists produce constantly papers to prove the ‘efficiency’ of (speculative) markets. The idea here is that by speculating with the price of things, prices become more efficient. The opposite is exactly the truth: the use of a complex range of software programs to speculate on commodities prices, driven by the desire to ‘increase upwards’ those prices to make a profit and the required payment of an intermediary fee every time we sell and buy products, implies that markets systematically create an unfair tax on the consumer, increasing the real price of all goods, as the recent heights of the oil market, speculating with scarcity and Chinese consumption, showed. Moreover, the entire history of markets proves that inflation in prices of shares and commodities, the so-called bubbles, is not the exception but the very same purpose of those markets that invent money in this fashion.

The first stocks and commodities markets appeared in Amsterdam, inventing prices upwards on an ‘essential commodity’, a flower called the tulip that reached prices equivalent to entire houses, even if everybody knew it was perishable and had little value (that didn’t matter, what was important was the fact that ‘by law’ the founders of the first stock market had the right toinvent money during the process, before the bubble exploded – the tulip died.) Then it was called by the Sephardim founders of the first stocks, to ‘skin’ the rabbit (to take the money ‘fat’ and leave the meatless bones of a worthless tulip or wrecked slave boat in the hands of a newcomer). This was the essential, final element of all the bubbles – today done with the middle class that invest in stocks, just before the bubble explodes, as it happened in the dotcom bubble.

And yet experts always exist from think tanks paid by speculators to prove with complex mathematical models that the prices of stocks are just. Indeed, the naïve reader perhaps needs to be told that ‘experts’ can be corrupted. And they have been corrupted from the time in which tea clippers were coming to London and expert doctors were paid to falsify reports and sell books on the magic qualities of teas to increase its sales – published by the press, owned by the same people who printed the shares of ‘free money’ in the market.

Soon all Brits were drinking tea at 5 and demand was established for a superfluous good, similar to the tulip. Since Marketing can sell anything, according to ‘Say’s law’, even a war, certainly tea, weapons and machines. The point is to make people believe in the scarcity of a product to multiply prices – the dying tulip, the rotten tea, the scarce oil. We saw how the prices of oil skyrocketed during the Iraq war, because ‘experts’ helped speculators to create the false idea that oil was so scarce that would soon be very expensive. And each of us paid an unfair tax on the pump oil, as if we were already in that future when oil will not exist. To sell the inflationary future is the key to invent profits in the present. The catch is that we will pay that money speculators are borrowing from the future with inflation, as money multiplies and looses value without real wealth that sustains it. In the 2000 ‘experts’ printed their articles on the Wall Street Journal on the amazing future profits that dotcom companies like Netscape, which never made a decent dollar, will receive.

The 3rd system of speculation is pure invention of money in reversed Ponzi pyramids. They are called derivatives. You need ‘something’, to which you apply the fairy tale of enormous value. Then you invent twice its value in money by creating an ‘image’ of it – that is an ‘imaginary’ equivalent. And voila, you have twice the money. This was done before with gold: gold maintained the value of something called ‘paper-money’, which was an ‘image’ of it. And so there were suddenly twice the quantity of money: gold and paper-money. Of course, you needed the right to convince people that your paper was money, achieved by king armies, or in modern markets by laws passed by parliaments in favor of speculators. And you needed gold at the bottom of the Ponzi pyramid, which limited the invention of worthless paper. But in the 1970s, speculators had invented electronic money, a bit of information in a computer and so they could reproduce money just inventing numbers, if they could eliminate gold standards, which they did, thanks to corrupted politicos like Mr. Nixon. And so now the inverted Ponzi pyramid had no limit, as the dotcom pyramid soon proved – ruining the Middle class of America, when the ‘rabbit’ was skinned. Money, a language of information, is NOT earned in stocks, but invented ‘a priori’ by companies, with minimal energy/cost, as I am inventing now words, another language.

Today it is produced no longer by the printing press but by the Bloomberg Platform, using electronic software able to produce those bits of information, we love so much, at the rhythm of a few trillions per year… In this manner the dotcom bubble reached the ‘fair, efficient price’ of 500 $ a Yahoo share. Yahoo! undoubtedly exclaimed the price-fixer when those shares were ‘skinned’ down to the middle classes, the ultimate receptors of worthless ‘papers’ that speculators unload at the end of each historic bubble… In the case of the tea craze the consequences were far more lethal. Bengalis were obliged to abandon rice crops to make more tea for the British company of East Indies and 15 million died of hunger to keep the tea scam going, during the XVIII century, in one of the biggest unreported holocausts of history.

But the craze of tea ripped huge profits to the companies involved. So the manager of the company in Bengal was congratulated and asked to export the system to Malaysia on the view that Bengal had fewer hands to collect tea.  We know the consequences of the last Ponzi Pyramid on mortgage derivatives. The real state market has plummeted. Banks are recouping money, throwing out of their homes everyone they gave a mortgage, seizing on top of the huge profits they made selling worthless paper to governments, huge profits throwing people out of their homes. On top of that they had the cynicism of pleading tax-payer money to cover their losses and are making huge profits, extracting more money from the citizens. And in a final act of wicked cynicism, they are not lending and giving mortgages to the people, because they accuse them of being unreliable customers.

Machines print money and information and together manufacture minds.

Because the people who control the language of money do control also historically the press and mass-media (since the press was used, both to print money and news, from the beginning; for example, Mr. Franklyn printed more green-backs that r=evolutionary pamphlets); they have historicaly build together ‘corrupted economical theories’ and ‘money’.

Both industries have always come together. Their synergies are evident. For example, as I write, Mr. Goldman, which plays the role the Rothschild bank played in the XIX century at the top of the financial world, is playing a topic trick to ‘create profits and markets’. His experts, taking advantage that the Japanese Market was closed 3 days, have affirmed – against all reasonable evidence and the declarations of the Japanese Minister, who wants a strong yen to lower costs for their people’s imports – that the Yen will sink (despite being the refuge currency of the world). They placed a bet a priori against the Yen; then Bloomberg platform and Wall Street Journal will echo these news. And the entire planet of middle-men will bet against the Yen.

At the end of the day Goldman or the ‘friend-bank’, who is doing the bet not to be very obvious, will come out of the bet with maximal profits, once the entire planet of ‘capitalist sheeps’ have followed the ‘Oracle’ and when Tokyo returns to trade on Wednesday BOJ will protect the currency, which will go up back to its normal price (it did rise 4% from Wednesday to Friday, as Tokyo backed the Yen, costing a few billions to the Japanese). This is done every day by a concerted International Group of Bankers, Stock-dealers and Commodity Traders, who control the prices of all commodities, goods, stocks and through that control set up the rhythms of the world economy, for their exclusive profit that has nothing to do with the efficiency of markets or the needs of nations. But all this cannot be explained because they control also the informative systems of the world. It is this ‘ring of go(l)d’ what prevents a serious, open discussion of the economic ecosystem, from a scientific point of view.

Because this private sector has more money than any country today and it has the platforms of e-money, where the trade happens, they are more powerful than any nation or central bank, (which in any case are all of them directed by people from the capitalist culture).

In that sense, what allows those people to do those wicked things and invent money, since the tulip bubble, are the exclusive rights stock-markets achieved over governments to create money. In the tulip age, VOC, the first stock company, whose gunboats had liberated Holland and ‘owned’ the Dutch government, imposed those rights by law.

The process is self-fuelled. Financial companies invent more money. They corrupt politicians that cannot get high salaries with that money. Their press controls them, in case they don’t agree, with ‘ad hominem’ campaigns.

Wall Street obtained rights to invent money without limit in the 1970s when the gold standard was abolished and governments were taken away that right with deficit zero laws.  So governments destroyed the safety net of society against inflation, greed and corruption (the gold standard and the laws that limit credit to banks and stock-companies). Once they were free to speculate at will, Financial Companies kept the game of invention of new e-money instruments, without limit.

Soon greed became the only engine of the economy, which directed by an invisible hand, corrupted the political and informative systems of mankind, which have ever since defend those who invent money. People must understand that the stock-market racket is an inverted Ponzi pyramid, where people invent money a priori; then handle part of it, downward, to the next scales of the hierarchical pyramid, first to politicians and the press, who backs them, then to workers and so on.

So everybody is happy to get a share of the pie, as long as the market goes up and the speculator keeps inventing money, except the silent lower and middle class, the majority of mankind, which looses money, as inflation in commodities and prices due to the massive loss of value of hyper-abundant money becomes an unfair taxation on their earnings. The question though is that money should not be invented by a small group of people, but by elected governments, which should handle down to citizens the Ponzi pyramid, not as today in the form of bribes to politicians or to technological industries of higher profits (due to their automated processes of production, the so-called productivity ratio that constantly diminishes the number of human workers in those industries), but according to the needs of people in welfare goods we require to survive (education, health-care, food, housing) which also require more human labor (because they are life-enhancing biological goods that machines cannot reproduce so easily) as China is doing in this cycle. Thus those are the industries that improve human life and develop a sustainable economy, but stock-markets never reproduce and so are always scarce.

Because elected governments have not regained power over the language that rules our societies, speculators kept doing new bubbles to invent for free new e-money and in 2008 they made the biggest of them all. In that regard, the ‘substance’ of the new tulips (mortgages) changed, but the concept remained the same…


The cycle of banking power and the ‘Am Segullah’: Past History.

But who are the stockrats?  Again if we apply the scientific method, searching for A) Data and antiquantum paradox B) Patterns on the cycles of power of the financial industry C) Causal Reasons of their power and demise D) Ways to improve for the betterment of mankind the previous structure…

it is easy to observe a fundamental ‘action-reaction’ process of History, due to the existence of a supranation of Bankers, the ‘Am Segullah’ or ‘People of the Treasure’, ill-translated as ‘Chosen People’, which appear in the Middle East in the Bronze age and creates an extended global network of trade in slave, luxuries and weapons, with a complex dual structure, different from all other nations divided in a military aristocracy and an oppressed people.

The banking culture however chooses as its elite a group of ‘banker-priests’ that will use money to dominate other people, becoming a superstructure over the military structure of those other nations, in perpetual alliance with its upper classes and conflict with them. It is the Jewish culture that will remain for 3 millennia the monopolistic culture of money, which they invented and developed in most of its past and modern forms. Money will become then a religion, which the peddlers and traders (lower castes of Judaism) will recollect all over the western world and bring to the temple to forge ex-votes of gold.

Their main enemy will be the Indo-European warrior cultures that on one side will need its trade in arms, luxury and slaves and on the other will periodically loot them for gold. This will be the pattern, B, C, of the Holocaust cycle – perhaps the most censored part of western history, as B and C are always eliminated in the discourse and only the final outcome of the process – the murder of the lower castes of judaism (the  peddlers that do the bidding for the elite of bankers, which escape with the money of the nation, leaving behind its ‘saint innocents) is explained.  In the next graph we see thus the cultural origin of capitalism, which will fusion finally in Northern Europe (first in Holland, then in England and finally in New england), the culture of bankers and of warriors, creating the North-European->American (elite, as America we shall see is the fusion of all the races and cultures of the Earth in an equalitarian society in its original, foundational dream, though today has become also a hierarchical unequalitarian society). So we can easily create a genetic, cultural map of capitalism and nationalism and the germanic and Jewish elites that have invented them, and now reign supreme after a series of financial coup d’etats that have globalized their power:

In the graph, we resume the ages of capitalism, first as a religion of Go(l)d, then as a military-financial empire, and finally a globalized mathematical structure, the FMI complex (Financial-Informative-MIlitary-Industrial Complex) that now increasingly eliminates the human factor and becomes a digital, computer-based global ‘superorganism’ of machines and company-mothers, where the previous people-castes exercise a managerial role in the western world and have their ‘clonic twin castes’ established in all other nations of the world that have imitated the culture of capitalism.

This globalization occurred from the centers of cre(dit)ation of money of the original, now globalized cultures, which expanded through the power of those ‘selfish memes of metal’, money, weapons and machines, the original culture, as we can see in the next graph:

We treat in depth their history in other posts.

What matters to the point of view of mankind is that a structure in which two people-castes, first Indo-European and Cananean Warrior aristocratic castes and banking and trader castes, then Germanic and Jewish ones, exploit a mass of agricultural, then industrial workers, is NOT democratic. And the true advance of Mankind in the praxis of social sciences will NOT come from either of those groups and their models – military dictatorships and capitalism, but from the use of ethic verbal thought to regulate societies. First through religions of love (Christianity, Buddhism) and then with the conquest of democratic, legal, ethical systems in which the word controls money and weapons for the good of the 99% (French and American R=evolution).

It will be though, with the arrival of the chip (1970s) which took from governments the right to print paper-money (end of gold standard during the Nixon era, and freedom of market creation of money with electronic platforms), started the massive devolution of the human mind with audiovisual images (end of verbal thought as the rational, logic mind of humanity and return to the mythic, neo-paleolithic age of visual thought that preceded it), corrupted through lobbyism and mass-media control of the ‘message’ the political system (Watergate, campaign money), and created a new form of war at ‘distance’ (electronic and now robotic machines) , when the power of the germanic-Jewish (race), Biblical (culture) 1% became supreme. And this Neocon, GOP, Conservative ‘return’ to a by-gone unjust era of placebo democracies is the world we live in. On top the Jewish banking elite governs the west. Under it or associated to it, the financial and corporative elites control a human middle class increasingly dispossessed. Information on this structure as in any dictatorship has been curtailed and the mere mention of it is today the biggest taboo in media and scholarship.

And so democracies are dying as we return to the structure of power of capitalism :

On top castes of military and banking people, with their ideologies of greed and murder, the values of the selfish memes of metal, money and weapons, they sponsor as languages of social power, is the present corrupted world we live in. To fully grasp this history, obviously censored and increasingly so by the antiquantum paradox, though you would probably need to read the next post first and put aside your ‘program’ against any criticism of capitalism and nationalism – the ideologies of money and weapons that make ‘sacred’, the history of those 2 groups, now expanded to the elites of each nation and banking industry, but still with germanic warriors and Jewish bankers on top. Indeed, the data is conclusive. If we consider the banking industry of the West, around 3/4  of top positions in the banking industry, both public and private belong to the same culture (Wall Street and City financiers, central bankers, CFOs of the 1000 Fortune, etc.).

Thus the Jewish and remaining WASP elite and those individuals of all cultures who most ‘fervour’ show for the ideologies above described (from Obama to the Chinese & indian inventors of Computers in Silicon valley) are on top . Below the American, the Israeli, the European who work for them. But then the rest of mankind are increasingly expendable to be consumed by weapons in wars, by poverty in peace, as there is no work for them. And this is the capitalist structure we explain in other posts. The data is obvious for america, though nobody calculates it: the 1% by rent is overwhelmingly Biblical:  52% of the 1% is ‘Am Segullah’ people and 24% are calvinist in its different denominations. 

A short list of those positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of financial companies:

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish…

According to the Economist the Gdp per capita of Jewish-Americans is 5 to 10 times higher than the median rent of Americans, an astounding difference, which can be explained due to those exclusive rights to ‘cre(dit)ate’ reality.

But in a Democracy the right to invent the language of power of societies, which is money, no longer the law, should be in the hands of elected governments, not in the hands of a social or tribal caste, which corrupts the laws of democracies. So if the XIX c. was the age of a corrupted British Empire and a Wasp culture that massacred millions of innocent Africans, Asians and Indians for profit, the XX c. has been the age of the American empire and its financial people-caste, the Jewish culture, whose companies show a similar indifference for the suffering of mankind, guided by the eviL=anti-Live ‘subconscious’ values of Go(l)d. So we fight a global war against Islam, which happens to be the enemy of the financial people-caste of the West and make enormous profits with weapons and surveillance systems, evolving the terminator armies of the future; we follow the advices of Jewish scholars (Friedmann) and Central Bankers (Greenspan, Paulson, Bernanke, Trichet), who give massive credit to the financial companies the ‘Am Segullah’ own, but deny credit to nations and the common people, etc.

It is thus necessary to understand that capitalism is NOT a science but a praxis of power, evolved from those go(l)d religions, and only a real science of economics that returns the control of money to the elected governments of mankind will end this cycle, and permit the proper evolution of the economic science, which should be the science of how money, the present language of information of mankind, is used to cre(dit)ate a world made to our image and likeness. Cultures are not sciences, nor they can hold a monopoly on a certain science. Unfortunately, Economics has not evolved into a full science, even if it passes as one, but has merely translated an ideology of financial power into ‘mathematical equations’; in the same manner that Mr. Hitler pretended to have discovered the ‘genetic science’ of racial superiority, to justify his ethnic cleansings.

Now, of course what we are going to say, for those who haven’t read other parts of this web, is neither about race but ideology, nor about the 100% of jewish people but their historic elite, the 10% of financial ‘am segullah’ which DOES NOT mean ‘chosen people but people of the treasure, since their elite were banker priests of earlier Cananean Go(l)d religions, in a society that has been always a ‘plutocracy’. So we have nothing to say at this point about the American  ‘hebrew’, (meaning ‘those who walk behind the asses’) as they were the hardworking peddlers that did the real work, to bring ‘gold ex-votes’ to the banker-priests.

And so the hebrew are the first victims of this parasite class, ‘imprinted’ by fear and inquisitions and all the wrong memes of antihumanism, but not eally responsible of the actions of their elite, despite adoring them – reason why to solve the ‘Jewish question’, which surfaces recurrently in the West, it is only needed to nationalize the financial industry…

It is thus obvious that the solution to our crisis and that of the Holocaust is the solution given by Marx, who asked his people to change the brutal policies of capitalism for a humanist approach.

As Marx put it: ‘The Jewish question will be resolved when they abandon, money, their ‘worldy’ religion’. Of if you prefer a biblical quote: ‘The jewish people will suffer all their life for their love of money’ (Moses, Exodus). But this has never happened. On the contrary, it is the world which has adopted under the ever expanded rule of the Am Segullah, their ‘worldly religion’, which now has two ‘scales’ of evolution, the initial ‘gold religion’ (Judaism and Protestant sect) and the ‘mathematical version’ of calvinist believers in the ‘invisible hand of gold’ (classic economics). So you find ‘am segullah’ in Nomura trade, the Chinese Communist party and Chile too – but they don’t know they are ‘gold believers’ beacause Adam Smith, Ricardo, Hayek, Friedman et al have translated the core belief of this religion (that they must invent money because they are chosen) in the essence of capitalism.

Data of course in this theme is extremely censored. But undeniable even though any statistics that reveal theyr control of credit are ‘forbidden’ and censored with the excuse of ‘racial biasing’. This obviously is due to the monopoly of credit of this supranation, which gives rights to money to any member of the society, NOT as the inner religious legend of this society thinks – a proof of mental superiority and ‘chosen’ privileges.  The difference of personal rent, which is calculated  between 5 and 10 times that of the average American is only proper of hierarchical undemocratic society. It was in fact, the difference of rent between a Roman patrician and a roman citizen, and the difference of energy absorbtion between the neurons that control an organism and it body cells. So it is a basic feature of hierarchical social organisms in which a group monopolizes the language of social power – neurons with nervous orders, Roman Patricians with weapons, banking castes with money.

So it is impossible to dissociate capitalism from the ‘Biblical culture’, which first as Judaism and then with its closest Protestant Religions (Calvinism and Anglican church which must be understood as ‘sects’ of Judaism, focused in the old testament and the religion of go(l)d, the ‘intelligence of god’ – calvinus) make of the accumulation of money the purpose of human existence.

In that regard, the Market has names and a cult(ure) with a certain ideology behind. It is not abstract, neither a science, nor its actions of human extinction unavoidable.  What it is unavoidable is to study this culture from the perspective of systems sciences because precisely its ‘camouflage’ and ‘invisibility’ is what avoids all responsibility and serious analysis of the problems mankind faces.

Because in all complementary systems, the head of information controls the blind body, the most powerful system is the financial/media system and their owners control the world. Because all systems have far less head neurons than cells of the body, they are a minority. Because all informative systems are a network not a herd as the body cells are, they form a close kinship with intense internal relationships, though they relate at distance as the brain does with nervous messages, with the rest of mankind. Because nerves send simultaneous messages to all cells, with faster speed than their nervous reactions, they create invisible, faster, simultaneous messages of two types, Market orders (financial flows of money) and audiovisual memes.

Let us then consider the last of this waves in the last of its cycles – the electronic wave of US, masterminded by those who control their electronic industries, mainly the 1% of the Jewish people-caste (in a country in which class divisions are for historic reasons of racial origin) – in its last decadent generation, the ‘neo-fascist’ speculative financiers and war-monging neo-cons that as in all 3rd generations of overproduction of money and weapons ‘decide’ to follow the flow and use those weapons and money, the ‘wealth of nations’ to his advantage and find applications, enemies and splendid little wars ‘whatever it takes’. In their hands is the destiny of mankind and their own destiny, as they are part of all of us, even if their myths deny it. This is a fact of bio-history. Now that the human wor(l)ds are all corrupted, converted into military inquisitions (ex-religions of eusocial love, ex-socialist countries), or censored (evolutionary economics, socialist writers) or void of any power (UNO, EU presidency), there is only one head, Go(l)d and one culture who worships it with no limit (the Biblical culture), whose elite is as always in all growing systems, the first to accept those values over the values of life – their own life and that of the people they enslaved, and a body of blind people who follows them…  But I am afraid they will/they are already following the same steps that provoked all the previous extinction of animetal civilizations in the 800 and 80 years cycles; because indeed, they believe, they don’t reason.
The decadent neo-fascist generation of America. History rhymes.  The unknown coup d’etat of 1974.
Because a capitalist democracy is ruled by corporations of maximal profit, which in the age of e-money are financial corporations, once all was deregulated and financiers took power, as they belong overwhelmingly (80% of financial CEOs, and ‘all’ central bankers in the west) to the culture that first made of money the language of social power and invented most of its instruments and corporations, we now fight the wars of their ‘nation’, whose enemies have become now the globalized enemies of the western world, whose financial-media systems they control.
Yet to achieve this it was needed to further weaken governments and make politicians qislings without power. And so weapons have been used now for decades, since e-money was invented back in the 70s, in a series of wars, ‘curiously’ in defense of the ‘other country’ of the majority of market makers, belonging to a certain culture, which I shall not dare to mention by its name… (perhaps the biggest proof of the enormous power of the financial-media system over mankind is the fact that as it happens in extreme dictatorships, we cannot even mention their name or criticize them, as when you lived in the world of Mr. Stalin or Mr. Hitler, you could not mention or criticize them, and the null power of the American president is shown in the fact that we can insult him and call him whatever we want, even doubt his birth certificate and nationality and we shall not loose our jobs or get this web erased… for a 4th time – the previous one cancelled by the server without notification )-:)
Indeed, in the 70s as e-money required free regulations speculators in control of the Financial-Media System, reproduced by the same machines, caused a ‘de facto’ coup d’etat over the American Nation’s control of its languages of power – go(l)d, words and weapons:
– Speculators obliged the president to end the gold standard as the first speculative program on commodities and stock raised its prices; which in itself could have allowed new deficits for a welfare state but merely started the deregulation of all speculative markets and the possibility of inflationary prices, created in those markets.
– Then they gave a lesson to him and all politicians, showing they could easily topple the presidency (watergate silly-nilly scandal about some tapes and microphones, which had been put up by FBI for decades without the slightest repercussion, but now mass-media blew up to show its power muscle). So once politicians realized that TVs’ imprinting with emotional news of the human sheeple, can eliminate even a president – as now it has happened with South-European presidents, politicians who need thereafter expensive Tv campaigns and financial credit lost their freedom, becoming ‘new celebrities of the new media’ dependent on the financial-media system – as it was the case in the last cycle of fascism when 3rd rate radio voices took power in Europe.
– And finally they took over the physical system, the Military-Industrial system, by switching focus form wars against the ‘socialist block’ to wars against the enemies of the  ‘culture’ of speculators, with the Yon Kippur war, which will also signify the end of the ‘left-wing, pro-democratic, pro-human rights’ jewish journalists and intellectuals, now siding with neo-fascist Israel or else… black-listed from newspapers and hollywood.
It is then when the previous balance of power between the owners of the Financial-Media system (head of the US economy) and the makers of the Industrial-Military complex, mainly WASP ol’ boys that had lead the XIX century industrial r=evolution, the age of machine bodies and engines, will be tilted towards the new stockrats, which took the managerial jobs that the ol’ boys in its decadent third generation shunned off.  And so, in the following decades as e-money multiplied by 100 the price of ‘their markets’ the new ‘Masters of the Universe’ would expand their power to the rest of stock-markets of the western world, globalize their culture…  And of course, from then on, an astounding re-writing of history to portray the go(l)d culture as the summit of ethics, intellectual achievement and  succeed will become audiovisually imprinted on mankind, and its much more sophisticated old European ways of managing the sheeple and the information delivered by the press will create the present, rossy fictional picture of capitalism and its ‘experts’ that still endures.
On that view the so much vilified Mr. Nixon, would come up, as history settles, if it is ever written by mankind again, as one of the last ‘real’ presidents of America with any power:
– As he would resist in principle the end of the go(l)d standard, assailed by speculators, trying to maintain the financial power in hands of the state; he would show an independent international policy for the betterment of his country, reducing the military-industrial complex, with his detente and end of the vietnam war; he would enforce racial equality laws and established NEPA; and he would stage a final fight for the due respect to an office that was after all the last resort of power against corporations left on the western world… dismantled for such…
 …insignificant peccadilloes as a couple of microphones and a couple of lies, which pale compared to the routines of the cold war – consider indeed  the so-called Kissinger effect, still observable as a life-dent of 4 millions in the Cambodian life pyramid
  And yet the duality of systemic power is shown in the fact that Mr. Kissinger is an icon of the modern neo-con American culture, who writes routinely as an ‘expert’ in international politics in the New York Times while the complex Mr. Nixon with dark sides but some bright drops of humanism, perhaps coming from his quaker religion based in eusocial memes of love (among the few Protestant churches not corrupted by go(l)d memes, in its general regression to the Old Testament) is the embodiment of eviL for the American press, today obviously sold to the people-caste on top of America during the electronic age. This parable of sorts shows how the worst possible government based in laws even when corrupted as modern democracies are, will always be nicer to the human sheeple of history for which after all it must cater, as it uses the same biological language than the best military or plutocratic dictatorship, which caters to the memes of energetic metal, weapons that consume our bodies in wars, or money that deactivates the laws of eusocial evolution and need for memes of life of our brains; as they express themselves with numbers, the language of those memes, who express no concern for human life or value us at null cost.
None of the next qisling politicos of the two self-similar parties, would attempt any independent policy. They would merely be chosen according to their capacity to obey, which increases inversely to their intellectual IQ, with such luminary puppets as a second rate actor accustomed to follow orders in his earlier career from the Masters of the Universe; a daddy’s boy, of which no further comment is needed; or the biggest liar of all, a ‘house negro’ so charming as the previous ‘white slaves’ that always talked with the left heart and passed both hands to collect: Mr. trilateral peanut grower, and Mr.  creamer, you know who, the man who told Mr. UNO that 3 dollars per Rwandan life to prevent the holocaust with Nigerian troops were a waste of money, because African issues would be covered by Master Big Brother Tv with the South-African elections, as printed by The economist and would spend his last hours forgiving Wall Street criminals like Mr. Rich, for a fee…
And so you get the drill, which now is common among all celebrity politicians of the Western world – you alternate between a retarded right wing believer in the white matter imprinting of capitalist gurus, who goes full speed and a corrupted, charming left-wing weakling who wants to be ‘forgiven’ for his youth ideals in favor of humanity and so curiously enough passes more extreme capitalist policies that the right wing believer wouldn’t dare, as the programmed sheeple would oppose him (Mr. Zapatero, Mr. Tony Blair and well… the so-called more powerful man of the world, LOL :).
This is the real who is who in this tragic comedy on the future of a nation which once, no long ago, was the embodiment of hope for the human wor(l)d. So long Mr. Nixon, you will be remembered as a lesser eviL, now that the comedy is turning tragedy and so we quote the best tragic writer of history:  ‘eviL dress with the clothes of a gentleman.’ William Shakespeare.

Camouflage. A basic tool of biological organisms. The head of the Western civilization.

Data is conclusive. 52% of the American 1% are jewish by culture. So the monopoly of credit and the millennia of control of banking by the Jewish culture makes it the top predator culture of finances in the world. This of coruse is taboo. It is called ‘anti$emitism. And it is politically incorrect. And so it is in all systems of information of the Universe. Anonimous identity is in fact the very essence of informative power, which is not imposed by force but by the subtle complexity of false information that makes the believer obey the master.

A predator would never pray if he cannot camouflage himself, hiding his power or even better, pretending to be an inoffensive ‘victim’. Of the 3 animetal nations that discovered the memes of metal and ruled the world with them ever since, the German warrior, the British engineer and the Jewish banker, this 3rd caste is by far today the most powerful, the head of the western capitalist civilization and he has achieved that primacy for 4 main reasons:

– In any system, the science of systems shows that the first ‘element’ to control the ‘genetic or memetic or mathematical language’ (biological/sociological/physical organisms) of the growing network will be the most powerful at the center of the system. This hold from crystals to any other atomic network, from cells in an organism to civilizations ruled by a language. So the prophet becomes the icon of a verbal civilization and the first to discover a weapon creates a new horde of military power, with his tribe on top. The jewish people were the first culture to be ruled by banker-priests, and so they invented capitalism and their accumulation of capital through millennia found no rival. So when corporations were invented one Cohen ran the first corporation of slaves and today they have majority in the Earth Inc.

– Of those 3 animetal nations, they are the only one who has used extensively camouflage in their dealings with the rest of society, making a dogma of victimism, and provoking an immediate positive response in the rest of society that opens to them. It is the industry of the Holocaust so well described by Mr. Felkenstein, which we shall analyze now in more detail. Since the elite of financiers that run the Jewish culture and never die in those holocausts, escaping a nation with its go(l)d, once it is ruined abandon their blind body cells their 90-99% as scapegoats of the military phase of the crisis, and then camouflage on the victims of their culture both in front of them and in front of the gentile, reinforcing the cycle of death of the ‘saint innocents’ of their culture and humanity…

This astounding memetic strategy brings total censorship of an objective analysis of the power of their banking/financial informative/upper caste of ‘Am Segullah’ – their 1% that chose since the Bronze age, go(l)d instead of weapons, as the language of social control, established a series of dynasties of banker-priests and have ruled the economic ecosystem ever since. So now, their separation from mankind is no longer based in religious memes of repression of life and racism (Talmud, ‘People of the Treasure’ etc), but in the concept that mankind hates them because we are inferior, corrupted, violent murderers of the ‘righteous’, superior race. This on one side, allows them to keep pricing human lives, no longer as full-time slaves, as their first corporations did (VOC, ran by one Cohen, descendant of Aaron, the worshipper of the Go(l)den calf, was a gunboat and slave company, and latter companies found cheaper to lease slaves for a salary and save in food and lodging), but as workers under ‘mathematical laws’ that seem neutral because ‘greed is good’ and ‘they are experts’. But what truly means is a new expression of the hidden values of gold that is a language alien to us and follows the laws of darwinian struggle. It sacralizes the concept that we, humans, cannot love each other and love them, neither they should, as they have to ‘prevent’ us from killing them, with ‘preventive wars’. This means they can use and have A-bombs, the rest can’t/ etc.

But of course, the strongest element of this camouflage is ‘victimism’, the idea that the 5 million jewish people who died in world war, are more victims than the 20 million russians or chinese, or the 6 million polish or german foot soldiers and post-war refugees, or the 3 million spaniards and so on. By hiding all those victims, people like my grand-father, a socialist spanish fighter, sent to a French concentration camp and then exported to Mathausen and part of the ‘Spanish Holocaust’, is a lesser victim, all of them part of a World war caused by the 29 crisis, the rise of keynesian militarism and the subsequent fascism. To that aim all those victims are not studied by scholars ‘experts’ in Holocausts, neither they have movies that create in the human sheeple a massive emotional, audiovisual imprinting in favor of their victims – which of course, were not those elite of bankers that camouflage under the ‘blind body’ of saint innocents of their culture, killed in the Holocausts (mostly impure Khazar Jews, farmers from the pale, scapegoats of the actions of the banking dynastied that ruined Europe). It of course allows them not to have remorse for those victims,and do it all over again, as now they are ruining the world again as in 1929, and fostering again with the help of germ(an)s warrior masters a future robotic holocaust. All this is hidden, is not real, it is a confabulation theory. I am anti$emite. Bottom line: that elite has achieved total moral immunity. And yet it is like the Spanish aristocrats would pretend to suffer for the death of their peasants… Camouflage and newspeaks are a key to the modern world, and they are being extended to other systems. For example, wars are now fought with robots and the human actor is in Nevada, hiding behind a video-game. Industrial corporations are protected since the first age of fascism by Anonymous Societies laws and so the ‘stockrats’, the rules of the world are never responsible. And so on.

 IV. Human point of view: The known coup d’etat of 2010. The European 99% of victims.

In any case, returning to the ‘last, real’ president of America, it remain unclear if  perhaps Mr Nixon was more of an opportunist – the man that changed the game and yet, when he did all for their Masters, he was thrown away as it happened with Mr. Saddam, the Doberman trained against Iran, abandoned when he asked for his historic old provice, the Kuwait bone. As it will happen with the European eager puppies that are squeezing us, their sheeple, of our salaries and jobs to give it to the masters, with a zeal proper of Samurais, who once said of taxation till starvation of their sheeple, ‘the peasant is like the soya seed, the last squeeze has the best taste’.

Indeed, here in Europe the squeeze is harder than in America because we are ‘guilty’. Yet the reconquest of the continent (the islands were always theirs) would take longer, and require the creation of the ECB that took the financial sovereignity from its nations, masterminded today by their fellow countrymen, Mr. Trichet and Mr. Draghi, in charge of maintaining a healthy usury price on bonds, hand in hand with Mr. Gross, the ‘caudillo’ of the market with his 2 trillions posted against the Euro, as the ECB does not ‘wish’ to be a lender of first hand, and so passes the money at 1% to banks who then buy the PIGs debt at 5% with the obvious purpose of sinking the last model of social-democracy left in the world, which they achieved in 2010 when a series of coup d’etats against the elected governments of Greece and Italy and a mass-media campaign of debt scare in Spain brought about their people, financial ministers that had worked previously in Goldman or even, as in the Spanish case, a sephardim head of Lehman brothers, which now are destroying the welfare state at military rhythm. While the 3 strong countries of the Union, Britain and France were took over by fellow countrymen, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Sarkozy, and just in case their ‘opposition’ parties were taken by fellow countrymen, brothers Milliband and Mr. Hollande. And of course, to camouflage it all ‘the bad doberman’, Germany would play the bad cop, as Miss Merkel, an ignorant peasant from Eastern Germany took Mr. Weidman and Mr. Akerman, bundesbank and deutsche bank CEOs, fellow countrymen as advicers, in the policy against the PIGs.

So now only China… and Iceland defy the Black hole of go(l)d, the Masters of the invisible language of the Human Universe and so the guns soon will be ready when Iran goes down,  for the next stage of Keynesian Militarism, III world, maybe fought over Korean issues, maybe a future Robotic Yakutian Wars of automated military company-mothers on Alaska and Manchuria, maybe after the sinking of the dollar and the sale of Treasurys by the Party, in any case after the $ sinks and the Yuan replaces it as top predator currency, according to the short product cycle of e-money crisis (2001-2008…) in 2015.

We study in depth that general future, as general systems can predict the general cycles of history and economics, which we have done with surprisingly accuracy for decades but not the details, under the assumption that greed will be the engine of history, using though a better definition than the one of Mr. Smith: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common goods’.

Indeed, notwithstanding that differentiation that makes the Nazi party guilty and the Germans innocents, the Bankers guilty and ‘those who walk behind the asses’ innocent, this means that to understand the globalized western capitalism, now that all markets have become one, ruled by the same minority culture that invented them, we must no longer consider the placebo acts of political employees, neither the placebo votes of their citizens, as politicians have no reason to follow their promises, but the agenda of Judaism in politics – that is, the agenda of Israel, for whom our mercenary armies fight, and specially in all economical matters, the actions of corporations which reproduce memes of metal and so the evolution of  ‘memes of metal’ – weapons, money and machines, the offspring of the dominant ‘company-mothers’ of higher profits of the economic ecosystem.
Those memes will keep being reproduced without limit in search for ‘value’ to justify fiat money, and will keep terraforming the Earth to its image and likeness and buy laws that favor their reproduction and reduce the non-profitable welfare system of human goods.
The war cycle from the corporation point of view.

Since those war cycles and holocausts peak precisely when the reproduction of all the memes of metal, weapons, fiat money machines of the economy reach its zenith in each of the dual Kondratieff waves.

Indeed, between each of those Kondratieff ages there is always an age of crisis as the overproduction of the previous machine meets no demand and companies switch to parallel war products and find demand in corrupted politicians.What was first the egg of the chicken the good or the bad fruit of the tree of science? Companies do not distinguish between them; they sell both and society adapts to each product with astounding simplicity, paying with corpses the price of confronting ‘top predator weapons’ of each age.

Since each human generation, of founding fathers, sons and grand-sons, captains of industry, develops the machine to its perfection, first as a new form of energy, then as a transport machine, and finally after the crash of overproduction and crisis of consume, as a weapon, which corrupted politicians paid by industrial lobbies will buy to ‘come out of the crisis’, using them in wars against ‘poor, primitive’, 3rd world civilizations (Colonial age after the train crash; fascist age after the car crash, and now Islamophobia after the electronic crash that is helping to develop the terminator industry, taking America out of the crisis).   Those processes and ages are perfectly recorded in the ‘non-censored’ historic data; reason why I was able to forecast the 2001-08 crashes of the dotcom bubble and derivatives bubble of electronic money two decades in advance by merely prolonging the periodicity and stages of the two previous cycles.

Yet the fact that this model predicted the crises we live in, with such depth and anticipation (o), means according to epistemology, that bio-history and bio-economics are the proper scientific model of those sciences, since theoretical models of sciences are only considered truth when they are able to forecast the future cycles of evolution of its species. So astrology became a science when Kepler was able to predict the future position of stars according to past cycles and medicine became a science when pasteur understood the biological radiations of germs and evolution when we understood the genetic and darwinian processes of evolution and extinction.

And as we shall see, in economics and history, only those ‘scholars’ who followed the path of evolutionary economics and biological history (Butler, Marx, Kondratieff, Schumpeter, Spengler, this author…) have forecasted with astounding accuracy the ‘future of history’ (1,2).

Why evolutionary economics is then ignored and sided in the present economical crisis? The reasons have to do more with power than with reason, as it criticizes the tools of power of our elites, which are precisely those ‘memes of metal’, weapon, money and machines that control the world of the Industrial r=evolution and have become our  dogmatic ‘religion’ nobody dares to deny. So instead, we humans only talk of the next ‘layer’ of causality of the crisis – the way human elites use those ‘memes of metal’ in each cycle to foster their personal and tribal power agenda.

Yet the periodicity of those waves and its predictability according to the model of ‘absolute greed’ (meaning that humans will always go to war for profits when needed, even if they cover up their acts with all kind of caring ideologies) leaves no doubt about the fact that history switches between an age of good machines and an age of lethal machines and war, as it has done ‘again’ today.

This of course, might sound ‘Chinese’ to you, because evolutionary economics and organic history are part of the ‘code’ censored by the economic system since the masters of those disciplines, Marx and Spengler published their master pieces on them, ‘The Capital’ and ‘The Decadence of the West’, predicting the future as it is and it has happened in both disciplines with astounding accuracy. So it has happened with these models for 20 years (1, 2,3). However some of the readers might have enough ethic or intellectual capacity (both are needed) to have survived the mental imprinting of mankind. For those, this web might represent a new ‘window’ to the organic truths of the Universe.

In that sense, each of those waves is similar in behavior and effects over life to a biological radiation in evolution. Each new type of machine-weapons multiplies money, the language of power of the economic ecosystem, which prices both humans and machines, man=price=object and makes them compete by price and quality in labor and war fields.

Thus paradoxically each wave means an entire kind of humans and life beings lose their competition for jobs or/ and die in wars to machines, which improve the quality of weapons and so life and non-technological cultures are exterminated by ‘animetals’ – humans attached to machines and weapons or lose their jobs.

And yet since there is this time no alternative thought to classic economics, censored by the noise of hate-tvs and simpleton speeches… the entire human race is becoming a ‘pawn’ of the evolutionary laws of the economy, it does not understand scientifically, hence it cannot manage for its own good.

 And so the unthinkable is happening ‘again’: the selfish, capitalist and nationalistic self-suicidal agendas of tribal history have come the goal of all nations who labor to achieve their absurd world, forgetting it is far more important to save the world of all of us, including them.

The world they are creating.

And so now that you know the composition of this other super-organism, the economic ecosystem, with the memes of the biblical culture as the informative guide, now translated into creationist economics, ‘a-scientific dogmas’, audiovisual imprinting, the germanic cultures as the blind body that obeys them, and manufactures the leading machines and weapons of the world, and the 3rd world inside and outside our nations as the energy, discharged by the system (this is the western world, imitated by memetic repetition by all the other nations of Asia, Africa and South-America) it is easy to explain the ‘zeitgeist’ of the news of each day:

– In politics all turns around Israel and its attempts to create an apartheid state resurrecting a cult(ure) of the bronze age based in a racist book of history.

– In economics all turns around the rights of the banker, Am Segullah dynasties and the rights to own it all and rule nations and qisling politicos with their manipulation in stock-markets of their global debt.

– In the global ecosystem all turns around corporations, company-mothers of machines, which follow the values of go(l)d, give no value to mankind and life and are terraforming the planet in a world made to the image and likeness of those machines.

– In culture all turns around the myths of the superior race, whose victims are more than other victims (antisemitism), whose enemies are more evil than all enemies (Islamophobia) and whose gold and iron values and ideologies are sacred (sacred bible, sacred nationalism, sacred machines).

All this, which every other nation copies, is aberrant, anti-natural, and has nothing to do with the natural goal of mankind, to create a world to our image and likeness. But given the present structure of the world, unless, the financial industry is nationalized now, by the G20, and a coup detat against those who have made a global coup detat against democracies, takes place, will definitely become the agenda of the world, till one of the machines of the future, which is truly the complex program that all those memes enhance, finish up with the human kind. As the Universe cares nothing for those who do not respect is laws of complex evolution and self-degrade themselves, as slaves of other species.

Indeed, what the head of the economic ecosystem and all those who imitate them don’t understand is that their actions are not free but expressions of that program of evolution of machines. Their goal might be profits and they might enjoy. But in the larger view, their goal becomes the evolution of machines, specially those most expensive, weapons and robots. So unless we steer course, whatever the social classes of mankind and its agenda do will be irrelevant to the emergence of the Metalearth organism that no longer need us.






The Am Segullah≈ People of the Treasure and their historic monopoly on banking and debt slavery.

It is a fact that financial money has been invented overwhelmingly for centuries in Wall Street & The City, by people affiliated to Jewish-Calvinist biblical cult(ures) of Go(l)d. And their ‘Postulate’ is not, never have been to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind.

At this point we need some ‘facts’ and names to prove this so we can go along and consider what are the values of this culture and hence the destiny their corporations and quisling politicos reserve to us. Of course, at that point, those few patient readers who have not read so far will abandon, knee-jerk programmed to love their masters, to go along the paths of its quantum waves. I sometimes do a test, I take for a few months all their references of the web to them and the stats shoot up. I put them back and plummet to zero, I believe by self-censorship of all the emotionally marked believers in the justice of Yvwh. So without further delay, let us sink down the web once more, on the mood for truth.

A short list of the key public financial positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of financial companies, its cultural origin and its complete control of western finances (this is from the first version of this post beginning 2010s – but pretty sure a list made at any time in the future will be the same):

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish… which represent 0.2% of the human population.

And the same list can be made of CEOs of financial houses, banks and stockbrokers in the west, even Nobel Prizes of economics given by a private Swedish bank that also belongs to them.

Τhe holocaust cycle and its industry. Its extreme importance for the future of mankind.

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, Aristotle

He that humbleth himself wishes to be exalted. He who cannot give anything away cannot feel anything either. Nietzsche

‘At the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective or nation of the Jewish people – and those who do not obey will be exterminated’ Millenarian prophecy, Babyonian talmud.

antiquantum pardox color

The holocaust Industry: Some victims matter more than others.


In the graph 2 classic cases of the anti-quantum paradox which systematically represses true social science/tists and the crimes of animetals, highlighting their ‘victories’ and ‘victims’ as the only ones in history; with exclusion of the rest of human victims, denying their crimes and making their idol -ogies pass as science.

In the left side, the military dictator Stalin killed 9 million r=evolutionaries and vaporised in orwellian fashion Mr. Trostky, the true r=evolutionary from all pictures. in the right side, we do not forgive the crimes of stalin military dictatorship because 20 million russians were murdered by the german dictator, Mr. Hitler, but we do forgive the crimes of the ‘banker-priests’ of Israel which have traditionally imposed its financial dictatorship in the west, because of the shrewd Holocaust industry that hides systematically all other holocausts of history, including the 60 million other victims of world war II, as if they were the only ‘victims’. Today the rewriting of history and censorship of the cultures and modes of the elite animetal castes that govern the world, prevents any attempt to rule rationally the future of mankind.

The comparison between the crimes of Stalin and its party dictatorship and the crimes of Israel and its financial dictatorship are telling. In fact, the SS and the holocaust program was first set up to kill ’30 million slavs’ Himmler’s target met to ‘create the vital space’ needed to the East, for German peasants, (hence the enormous civil causalities of eastern nations, among them the Jewish pedlars and tax farmers for eastern aristocrats living in Poland, and the Pale of Settlement shown in the graph; massacred systematically to leave ’empty land’ for the ‘superior race’). Only at the end of the war, when all was lost, Nazis step up revenge against the poor classes of Judaism – scapegoats of the banker’s elite of the Allies.

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of german aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern jews were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million german victims of the war, when the russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do.

Anti$emitim has always had economic causes. When Hitler proclaimed his program, his thugs wrote on the walls of Germany: ‘the death of the ‘jude’ would be the wealth of germany’. And yet this real cause the usury crimes of its 1% are NEVER mentioned, censored even more.

There are millions of hours and pages of gore programs to imprint emotionally mankind with the tragedy and convert a taboo all criticism of capitalist banking elites, but it is absolutely forbidden to explain the cause-effect of all those holocaust cycles due to usury and slave trade. When to solve a problem you must act on the cause. So only the end of the banking monopoly for usury schemes by nationalising banking, would end the crime. And yet since the industry is used to hide the crime, this is the only thing nobody dares to speak up.

And the result is the subconscious collective blame ‘all’ the jewish people of the crimes of their hidden elite and the cycle explodes blindly against all. Thus the financial elite’ use of the death of their poor, to protect their past, present and future crimes is perhaps the most cynical act of cowardice History has yet to witness on behalf of the ‘1%’ of its animetal cultures. .

The bankers run with their money and leave them behind to parasite another country – now the US brutally taxed and controlled by the anti-quantum paradox and the holocaust industry, to the point there is no museum to the indian or slave holocaust but there is one in each city to a holocaust in which the Americans DID NOT participate, to make them feel guilty and shut up all criticism to the bankster elite of wall street, overwhelmingly belonging to the people-caste (54% of the 1% belongs to this ‘am segullah’ elite thanks to its monopoly on credit) And yet today is the fundamental mode of censorship on History imposed in the west. While in Europe the industry helps the Germans to impose a IV Reich, based in the fantasy that the ‘only victims’ of their systemic murder of European social, democratic cultures since the Barbarians ran Rome, are the ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as the Chosen people). So the Greeks or Republican Spaniards that died in camps never received compensation and now is Ok to brutalise Greece to pay the usury debt schemes of the Frankfurt ECB bank. Since they have paid billionaire sums to the ‘only’ recognised victims of the I and II world war German 90 million HUMANS holocaust.

 And yet all this now is ‘taboo’, in the rewriting of history – and this is the madness of the cycle, its denial by jewish people of its economic and military causes. Hence its stubborn insistence on enacting the same cycle once and again, now obvious repeating the first steps – the 1929 crisis bis, the theft of 2008 bis, the splendid little wars for profit bis, the rise of hate media bis, the arrival of the first neofascist politicos, and the CONTINUOUS UNREPENTANT creation of more debt slaves by the jewish banksters and the absolute silence of its scholars that let them do it without the slightest criticism.

And of course to write the truth about the cycle as we are doing now is the end of any scholar career. It is an absolute taboo. WE MUST ALL DIE AGAIN, without knowing why we die. We must always uphold the values of go(l)d, and deny the truth of the wor(l)d.

Frankly the behaviour of all those scholars that plague our universities with their systemic denial of the economic causes of wars and holocaust cycles make me sick.

Since THE RESULT IS THAT THE go(l)d believers keep killing life and thinking it is OK, because it is the language of Go(l)d. But it is NOT ok, the Universe has its own laws.

Of which the most important is the justice ACTION-REACTION LAW. And so the consequence of the racist, anti-humanist capitalist go(l)d beliefs of the elite of banker-priest of judaism with its astounding control of the financial western industry for 3000 years, still in control of 80% of informative machines and its products, mass-media and finances (72% of economic Nobel Prizes given by a private bank they own, 90% of central bankers, 70% of CFOs of 1000 fortune, 80% CEOs of stock-companies and mass-media, 54% of the wealthiest 1%% of American and so on) is obvious: the systemic destruction in cycles of usury debt->economic ruin-> war and holocaust of western cultures and people, gentiles and jabiru alike, in the 800 year cycles explained in depth in these texts.

Since for 3000 years racist rabbi-bankers, through usury debt schemes murder at distance human beings, and because the Universe cares not for individuals but of organisms, the reaction laws end invariably causing holocaust cycles of the WHOLE super organism of judaism, always in a period of economic crisis and war profits, when the elite of judaism reaches its highest profits along the elite of aristocrat warrior-kings, while the lower classes of both cultures, the human beings and jabiru pedlers are sacrificed to the altars of Thor and Baal.

LET US BE CLEAR ENOUGH FROM THE BEGINNING, THE LAST THING I EVER WANT TO HEAR ‘AGAIN’ IS THAT THERE IS A NEW HOLOCAUST CYCLE, NOT because i think jabiru victims matter more than humans, not because I love jabiru more than other humans, not because my jabiru grand father was in a camp and i guess many of my mum’s ancestors  plagued of sephardim jabiru died on them – but because my ONLY GOD, mankind, the superorganism of history MUST die in huge amounts, in debt usury schemes, and a global war must happen first with massacre of all humans before such fungal gottendamerung happen -as it is PART OF THE WAR CYCLE OF DEATH OF HUMANS BY WEAPONS, and so a new holocaust cycle will mean a massive age of robotic weapons that will murder as all. So the essential question of the holocaust is this:

Can the you-go(l)d culture accept TRUTH and avoid the cycle to happen again for economical reasons as it always did? And why this matter so much is also obvious: BECAUSE THE HEAD OF THE METAL-EARTH TODAY IS THE WESTERN WORLD, AMERICA, AND ITS FMASTERS, so the future is DETERMINED BY the Am Segullah FIRST. They will decide what future we all have – one which will create a reformed perfect world or the business as usual we are going to describe now. So all what I must ad is another spanish proverb: ‘Those who love you  will make you cry’.


So the first we need to learn is that ALL THE HOLOCAUSTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE OF HISTORY MATTER THE SAME, AND THAT THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL IN THIS HOLOCAUST, except the belief of the chosen to be special even in death, and the proof they do indeed have such an enormous financial-media power that they can make everybody know and mourn this non-special holocaust and ignore completely all the unnamed holocausts of all other people of history including those caused by banker-priests of which shall now show a few ones.

Though of course all this is denied, by the affirmation that mankind is a brutish species full of hate to Judaism that kills them at the first chance as an inferior stupid, hateful species. It is indeed what we are told by…

The holocaust Industry: Some victims matter more than others. And are very useful to hide their masters.


In the graph, the first image of an hecatomb of innocent children, danced over by Astarte, the wife of Baal and supreme High priestess of the Canaanite culture that preceded the go(l)ds culture of  Levante, founders of capitalism.

The most primitive forms of go(l)d cult(ure)s to money – aka capitalism – happened in Levante, where citizens sacrificed the sons of their enemies (and sometimes as a supreme offer its own sons) to the Go(l)d statues of Baal while they paid to the priestess of Astarte for carnal pleasures.

Baal was the son of the sun, whose fetish image was a piece of gold that imitated the sun’s light and could be carried as an amulet. In this manner a primitive hypnotic religion of accumulation of go(l)d at all costs developed. It gave birth to slavery (where men are bought for gold and women’s slaves marked by a gold earring) and the first forms of capitalist accumulation of gold-money in Eastern temples, whose go(l)d priests became an elite-caste with Canaanite cultures that would invent banking and start the debt-usury-war-holocaust cycles that define western civilisations…  All have changed to remain the same, since when the ethic verbal values of eusocial love are changed by the greed and violence of go(l)d and weapons ‘$hit happens’, for all mankind, from the bottom to the top of capitalist pyramids:


it would be interesting to maintain the industry of the Holocaust, with added rooms to explain the Holocausts of the Am Segullah, of Mankind due to go(l)d values, so perhaps then the jabiru will realise they need to do a French r=evolution against their racist banker-priests and join humanity in his search for survival. In the graph, America has a huge Holocaust to a genocide IT DID NOT COMMIT, but none to the 20 million holocaust of negro slaves, as human capital imported in the first gunboat stock-market companies for go(l)d profits, based in the Ham Damnation uttered by a racist rabbi after the expulsion from Egypt which condemned Arabs and negroes to a status inferior to dogs – the most despised animal of the Semitic cultures.

In the center we see the consequences – the negro slaves occupied a far smaller part of the cargo space than rum& molasses. For good measure, we could also introduce a few holocausts caused by the splendid little wars for profits of the American military industry, which spends more than half of the tax-farming of American citizens, today spent liberally in the mercenary wars of Israel. In the right, the 5 million dent in population due to the ‘Kissinger effect’ during the splendid little wars of Vietnam, when Mr. Kissinger, a highly respected  member of the GOP party decided single-handed to attack Cambodia, a neutral country, picking up ‘personally’ the peasant villages to be destroyed by air-raids and bombs, the most expensive arsenals, and trade-mark of the biblical war massacres of innocent people, from Dresden to Hiroshima, from Cambodia to the drone industry massacring civil people in Islamophobic nations. 

It must be noticed that Israel provides 60% of the world’s army of Drones, mostly sold with lobbyism to US, which liberally spends 1/2 of its tax payers budget in a global war, which is nothing but the expansion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to global proportions, which we will explain in more detail in the analysis of Israel as the ROLE MODEL FOR XXI century capitalism, in its ‘military-robotic age’.

It is important to notice how rhetoric victimism works here. Mr. Kissinger can be considered the single biggest genocidal character of the post-stalinist era and yet he also inaugurates the ‘mickey manson’ age of walt disney massacres, now made into video games (last image) with drones shot by kids from Nevada bases, as if the ‘terrorist’ kids they murder in some remote afghan village were angry ducks. So of course, if we look at the tenebrous image of the holocaust museum, truly a masterpiece of what Aristotle calls ‘spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, strangers to the purpose of Tragedy’ in his book poetics (the most read about book among evilwood plotters), it terrifies us.

But alas, the casual genocider, Mr. Kissinger is a nice chap that came on Time Magazine as a YMCA gay cowboy, smiling naked while he was murdering millions of innocent cambodians who had nothing to do with the vietnam war, just for fun and profits of the bomb-plane industry, as we keep murdering without any precision villagers all over the ‘Islamic world’, and killing at distance through financial theft, speculation in food future markets, taxation, debt slavery, brutal austericid of welfare states, millions wholesale of ‘lives that do not matter’ to the segregated Am Segullah elite, which on top have the chuptzah of covering up on the jabiru murdered 80 years ago, to keep justifying themselves of their crimes, and protecting capitalism of any criticism. So the new eviL is ‘fun’.

Now, the reader should really realise the power of informative networks to manufacture the brain of the globalised human being: in spanish we say ‘eyes that do not see, heart that do not feel’. On the walls on the left of a huge building the Americans are told the life of every single individual, with names so he relates closely, as it happens with every Israeli hurt by a Palestinian.

We do not know however a single name of the flock stored above the molasses in far less space, as they were of less value in the slave boat, overwhelmingly owned by jewish-protestant biblical bigots, justified by the Ham damnation, and we do not know the name of a single Cambodian on the dent of the population pyramid caused by Mr. Kissinger, or the name of any collateral damage of the Military drone industry – since we do not count corpses said the general in charge. So we DO care and feel  as Americans for every picture of the huge wall that happened long ago in other continent so we feel guilty and react knee-jerk to any criticism to the Am Segullah bankers who throw us from our homes in the scam of cdos.

We also do not know their names, or those who cannot have hospital surgery because states must pay usury debt to the ECB bank. Hence the power of the Industry. Mr. Spielberg, that nice chap, who made A.I. where robots are the good guys that will exterminate as all, and men the brutish inferior species, who does not go to Cannes, because French collaborated on the Holocaust, a man who obviously ‘despises mankind’ , as almost every one of its party does, and just does FX with machines in second rate movies, a total idol of America, cause he makes monnneyy!!!, shot thousands and thousands of hours to record every survivor every life of the holocaust industry so we shall all remember forever every name of a jabiru victim while the molasses, cambodians and Muslims become statistics, numbers, dehumanised as those in nazi concentration camps, of which we also  know each personal number.

It was necessary to introduce the ‘collective subconscious mind’ of our civilisation before we even attempt to explain you the absurd idol-ogies that ‘litter’ literally your mind with utter falsities about the nature of humanity, and the economic ecosystem.
But it is a fact that mankind now has a collective brain – that of Judaism, and what is more astounding, all the element of the human super organism, eve those who are brutalised as debt slaves or enemies, believe the myths provided by the networks.
Indeed, even the most dedicated jihadist thinks yhwh≈allah, the toponym of Judea created the Universe. Now, a study of what people believe today shows a planet of ‘madmen’, with no reference whatsoever with reality, with their brains littered by all absurd idol-ogies that JUSTIFY their worship of metal.

Update. 2 years after writing the first version of this blog some names have changed BUT all are still Jewish. Mr. Carney, for example has moved on… from Canada to Great Britain to direct the exchequer, something Mr. Rothschild in his newspaper, the ‘economist’ quotes as a proof of the ‘freedom’ of our system that can bring ‘foreigners’ LOL.

Miss Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy might go from the top of the European nations that matter – all Jewish – but their replacement will be the Millibrand brothers, Hollande and Moscovici and Steinbrook, all Jewish (-:

Bernanke will go and we know a ‘first woman’ will direct the Fed, also a Jewish. But alas, since Talmud’s bigotry tells us that ‘gentiles, pigs, dogs and women are born of the leg of Satan’, not to be trusted, just in case, they put below/above as VP Mr. Fisher, one of the top dogs, hem this one NOT born of the leg of Satan but sucking on the tits of the Financial Industry for decades:

He was the old director of the FMI who masterminded the boom and bust crisis of Asia in the 90s, cutting all credit and sinking Thailand and Korea, precisely when there was a run on their banks provoking a long recession, and new, fresh usury slaves for the bank. He was then teacher of luminaries such as Mr. Draghi, ex-VP of Goldman Sachs, now running the ECB.

He was then the Central Banker for Israel, and the first measure he took was to download half of its portfolio of US Treasuries. And now as a reward, he is the dark horse of the FED, its V.P.

He is the man that will crash the Eurodollar along Mr. Trump, when both bust the balls of the Chinese, who will sell their treasuries, along all his cronies, together, moving ‘en masse’ to Australia, delisting the top stocks of silicon valley, leaving their poor behind.

So the question of who rules America, and the western world is solved: the Jewish (financial-media)-protestant (industrial-military) go(l)d culture, whereas contrary to belief the Jewish is the dominant head of information, hence the people who ‘own’, the whole FMMI system, and the protestants, the working managers, who obey and worship its informative memes (biblical religion, evilwood messages of racist profiling against all other cultures, Islamophobia and global war, defence of israel, etc.)

But and this is key, when we consider the other information systems of mankind, evilwood, and internet and robotic companies it is completely owned by the same  culture in an astounding monopoly based in the fact that banks and financiers wait for someone to make a company and then buy it, and have been doing that in America for 1 and 1/2 centuries. So plainly speaking the future is created in monopoly by a single culture, and to know what this culture thinks of mankind and how it will treat mankind is definitely necessary to do history as a science.

And then is when you have to shiver. Because they think mankind is evil and wants to destroy them (holocaust industry) and so they have a perfect hate-meme-against mankind that justifies all what we have explained till now: the destruction of labor and life with white collar pcs and blue collar robots for the 1% (of which in America they are the 54%) so we need to understand the memes of Judaism, the holocaust industry, victimism, hate to mankind, systemic debasing of humanity in evilwood, apartheid israel, and every thing related because they are designed a non-future for mankind and obviously for themselves, because they are human, but so much destroyed mentally at cultural level for 3000 years of gold worship that they really think they can kill their body, as a crazy person would think killing at distance as Talmud proclaims is not ‘sin’ with money through poverty, war for profits , debt usury and anoxia and unemployment…

All my youth as a mazerim ‘you’ but socialist and humanist, studying in Columbia U. i tried to convince them to drop this absurd no-future meme of hate-victimism and fight for a sustainable world. Now i have no doubt that unless the financial industry is nationalised and the solutions of bio-history imposed, Judaism will murder at distance its own species and provoke a final self-suicide…

So, we must bring a concept which is the key to understand rationally the sick world we live in: the madness of a superorganism, whose brain is colonized by a different informative genetic/memetic language, whose inverse values the mad organism will obey, of which nature is full of examples: when a cell is infected by a virus, the virus substitutes its genetic language, and the crazy head of the cell will reproduce more lethal viruses, which once completed will be put together into a living system that will kill the cell – as we humans infected by greed choose warfare of higher profits over welfare and keep reproducing weapons and lethal hate media machines instead of life goods we need to survive.

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-07-56-40Above the true Masters of the world, orthodox Jewish economists, which have modernised the segregational racist memes of their go(l)d religion into ‘creationist economics, Hayek the guru of Miss Thatcher who infamously threw his book to her first cabinet affirming ‘this is what we believe’, who preached the issue of money only by private bankers, and Mr. Friedman the guru of Mr Reagan a puppet-actor who started the series of tv-hate puppet actors, to the service of the Financial-Media masters, today ‘crowned’ by Mr. Trump, whose first ‘scholar thesis’ was on the need to deregulate medical law, since ‘demand and offer’ will adjust quack doctors, as they will kill more ‘people’ and ‘loose clients’. The monstrosity behind ‘capitalism’ is the go(l)d religion of judaism, a fetish bronze age go(l)d cult  born in canaan, where a global network of slave and metal trade (seafarer phoenicians, hebrew desert caravans)  started the use of money to buy ‘human capital’ as slaves, and became the SOLITON OF THE METAL-EARTH, the only culture ruled by banker-priests NOT by warrior-kings since its inception; who founded the first stock-corporations along is ‘brother-in-go(l)d’ the Calvinist sects. Both together account for over 90 % of classic economists. Orthodox jewish economists with its idol-ogical racism against life and mankind store 72% of Nobel Prizes, given by a private bank owned by them. They are only 0.02% of humanity but occupy ‘all’ the central banks of the west  virtually all the CEOS of financial western corporations, and over 3/4 of the CFOs of the 1000 Fortune and 3/4 of the top 1% earners of America. As they issue in monopoly the money of the Western world, they ‘own it’ and manufacture their brains and give their financial orders to billions of workers, through its Financial-Media Networks. They  ‘own’ the western world, and hides its racist memes and hate of mankind behind the industry of the holocaust and its victims. And yet the American sheeple believe in them; they ARE their banker-priests, they manufacture their brain with the idol-ogies of the Bible, of capitalism, of evilwood. So its citizens will sing in orwellian fashion to their ‘pig-masters’ four legs, four legs till the end. While true humanist social scientists who say the truth with warts and all, will be repressed and ignored till the end. But of course despite their myths of superiority – witness Trump’s ‘you’ treasury master, who after massacring home owners, with its mortgage scams at IndyMac, moved to produce his evilwood series of ‘superhuman yous’, mutants in a fight against mankind to become the master race of ‘pigs in the orwellian ‘animetal farm’ – they will also die, and they do die at the end of the monstrous cycles of overproduction of weapons and war in its ‘final’ gottendamerung; despite millions of deniers of the economic causes of the holocaust cycle.

Consider this at chemical level, gold and its brother element, quicksilver poison the brain. 2 drops of mercury poison the brain as each atom will break neuronal connections, making you crazy – as the crazy hat-maker of Alice in the wonderland, poisoned by quicksilver used in the manufacture of hats. Mankind has therefore become increasingly crazy, since the first historic banking cultures in Levante chose go(l)d as the ‘intelligence of god’, denying the ethic values of the wor(l)d and abandoning the tree of life for the golden apples and evil weapons of the tree of metal-science that will kill us all. And no amount of  science, humanism, ethic prophets and parables as that of the genesis, written when the paradise of Ur where money was food-wheat, was destroyed by the first hordes of Indo-European charioteers, has convinced the mad people infected by go(l)d greed and the values of metal that give zero value to life, to become again humanist.

Because for 3 millennia they have brought slavery, poverty, taxation, parasitism and inefficiency to the economic ecosystem, ending in the crash of the civilisations they have managed, in periods of wars and final holocausts. You can forgive them, if you want because obviously they have suffered the mismanagement of the languages of power of mankind but YOU CANNOT FORGET how they have always ended their control of social money. Because their cycles are now in full swing. Both, those of the german top predator cultures and the people of the treasure.

Semite Wars: Moving backwards in History to the 1st animetal empires

semite wa4s

In the graph, the Semite wars, which we have been anticipating, would become the essential first phase of ‘splendid little wars’ of the robotic era (as an essay with primitive people for a global electronic big brother, latter expanded to a likely US-China confrontation, that if declared will no doubt mean our likely extinction), are now in full fledge. Unlike other previous wars however they are not recognised, in as much as one of the contenders, the FMasters hide behind the politicos of the western world, and its placebo democracies, in which they hold around 80% of the controlling shares of its main financial banks and Media/Internet companies (to state this is in the newspeak of the ‘Orwellian tv/internet visual era’ of metal-communicators a ‘thoughtcrime’ and ‘Komploten theory’ which immediately ends the career of any scholar, and puts to rank 0 in searches, any blog as this one). However we cannot elude in a serious web on history to state history as it is, despite the anti-quantum paradox of censorship

As you have been preprogrammed, as likely part of the  FM-empire (given the technological backwardness or network censorship of all the other present cultural regions of that map) to agree with the label of one of the contenders of the Semite wars, Jihad terrorism and deny the other contender, as a confabulation=complex theory of reality, (called in humanist newspeak with irony Komploten theory the ‘thick-dutch-german’ name for it), we shall affirm categorically that THE UNIVERSE IS COMPLEX, with a shallow MEMBRANE, which always hides a series of inner regions, which as onion layers, will direct you to the ‘central mind-singularity’ of the system that controls it all BUT IT IS BY DEFINITION INVISIBLE TO THE OUTSIDE OBSERVER.

The new robber barons: the Financial-media industry.

Now it is all obviously because in the age of metal-minds those who own corporations of the financial-media industry of information are on top. So from calvinist robber barons we moved to JAPs and FMasters.

Let us be more precise, both in a diachronic analysis and a synchronic one.

America lost its independence in 1972 as Europe is loosing it since the ECB bank took their rights to invent money. So now we are in the worst of all possible worlds. Money is monopolized by a few, by a culture which still holds supreme the historic metal-value of war and weapons, of metal as the supreme good instilled on them. And those who invent money have become today the global caste of linguistic power that substitutes politicians and priests who controlled societies with verbal, ethic laws and its values. This means a change of ‘goals’ and values in the planet at large, and a change of the ‘favorite’ species on this planet, And this goal will never change as the elite of bankers will keep printing debt money for free, to fuel the national debt states, the war debt cycle, and the bail outs of their toxic assets which are nothing BUT MERE NUMBERS THEY PUT IN THEIR COMPUTERS, and then we must exchange for real wealth, to avoid THE COLLAPSE OF THE SYSTEM, LOL.

Now the entire western world works to pay usury taxes to the bankers’ parasites, which will never stop printing for free e-money with derivatives. The case of America is astounding. The parasitic upper caste is now in a frenzy.

They control totally the presidency, which after the Nixon debacle, just choose puppets – the Trilateral man, Mr. Carter, an employee of evilwood, Mr. Reagan, the come boy Mr. Clinton, who would appoint all the sharks of Wall Street – the same team put back on power by the house negro… not to speak of the father and the son… All puppets that manage the military-industrial complex, tax the American people and syphon its wealth to the Financial-media elite that imprints their brains. So they have now corrupted the entire American elite as they did with the Middle Ages Germanic elite and just ‘farm’ the Americans. Now they have rigged the educational market – it all started when a Jewish speculator bought the Phoenix University, starting the selling of cheap internet titles that do not educate and cost fortunes, converting students in debt slaves.

Their debt is generously provided by the rigged American government, who gives those false Universities that have shares on Wall Street around 30 billion tax payer money… Waste all over the place. Not to speak of Mr. Bernard, a Jewish engineer who invented the concept that products must last only 3 years, so people will keep buying and garbage will keep increasing the poison of Gaia. Now this is a global custom, so all what you buy is designed to break every 3 years, alas, the overproduction crises are over.

Ultimately programmed obsolescence, the final plague of the capitalist system in its destruction of the life environment is a new version of  the trick of wars where arsenals are depleted and renewed as they provoke collateral damage in humanity, for the military-industrial complex to thrive. Today America, which was dual in its origin as an enlightened revolutionary humanist culture, soon lost to go(l)d power, because the first presidents did not understand money and gave the bank to Jewish>Calvinist biblical people, has sunk back into the bigotry of Abrahamic religions. So amazing as it seems, the devolution of mankind according to the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. technological evolution = Min. Humanist evolution

It is there maximal. But its origin is hidden because the FMasters are shielded by the Holocaust Industry. And the effect is a complete irresponsibility in its greed schemes and the control of human capital at distance with laws, financial schemes and the obsession with money of its fetish religion:  lawyers that rig the system, parasitizing and provoking hate among neighbours; economists and financiers, doctors and pharmacy industries that systematically promote expensive drugs and technology instead of helping to establish a global health-care system and of course judges to judge from the righteous point of view, and punish and control the ‘evil humanity that from time to time burst into anger and kill them’.

Humans of course survive behind that metal world, but increasingly in a state of chaos, when they are free. Or in a state of rigor mortis under the anti-humanist law and finances that punish and tax, for the FMasters.

This is the civilization of go(l)d in its purest form, now the Western civilisation, imposed in Europe, with their FMI soldiers, the Troika, the right wing politicians, the ‘war on terror’. It is not though clear they will succeed forever, given the violent nature of the hate-memes that have transformed the happy way of life of America, into a germanic armed mass, who can explode at any time. Since America has SUBSTITUTED completely its own, beautiful, r=evolutionary God, the subconscious collective of a small mankind, called America, where its founding fathers, expressed in its bill of rights ‘all men are born equal and have the right to pursuit freedom and happiness’ by the subconscious collective of Judaism, whose historic project clearly defers from the American-French revolutionary project, expressed on the Talmudian Millenarian doctrine ‘at the end of times all men will be slaves of Yvwh or will be exterminated’. Of course, as long as the ‘warrior version’ of the oldest animetal culture of the world, the semitic ‘arab’ jihad plays its side of the game, the germanic american will perhaps continue the always dangerous game of making profits with fascism and war.

So far Americans, no longer believers on America but on Yvwh, are indeed slaves of Yvwh, part of the pyramid of capitalism, and their only consolation prize is that in the hierarchies of an animetal culture, they can abuse those below them, negroes and Muslims, which according to the ‘Ham Damnation’ are less than dogs, because Ham their ancestor peed on Noah – the racist rabbi myth, origin of the slave Holocaust, one of the many economical holocausts of the gold fetish religion. Slaves though have few rights, and so now that the dictatorship is on place, and the Banker-priests of Israel go for the killing, the American rent has plummeted except that of the 1%, of which 54% are Jewish, most of the financial industry – couldn’t be otherwise when you print 13 trillion dollars in a decade not to invest in whealth but to keep in fatty accounts and digital numbers.

It is a red thin line, as the west is becoming financial Palestinians. According to the Economist the GDP per capita of Jewish-Americans was in 1992 5 times higher than the median rent of Americans – now it is around 10 times bigger – an astounding difference, which can be explained due to those exclusive rights to invent money – it is in fact the same difference of energy-taking in an organism between the neuronal cells that control its languages of information and the body cells, blind to any information imprinted by the brain. But the ‘enemies’, ‘aliens’ and ‘minorities’, 3rd world at large, has a rent 1000 times smaller.

Because of course, there is an overproduction of mass-media in favor of the crisis, its elite of bankers and stock-rats, and the wars for profits, they re=produce, the iron fist in velvet glove so far controls the nation. Because the Industry of the Holocaust and the null knowledge of pre-revolutionary history in America makes the anti-truths of victimism possible, the process will continue but the end is self-evident as ‘greed has no limit’. Indeed, my biggest surprise on the e-money scandals was that petition of 2 trillion $ in bail outs, similar to the 46% usury taxes of the middle ages that started the pogroms. Why on the Earth an elite that invents over 10 trillion $ without the knowledge of the American people in e-money speculation need ON TOP to milk the middle class of a couple of trillion more, to resell to the government the scam of double mortgages? Lenin said that the capitalist sells the rope that will hang him. But that is the meaning of a religion of go(l)d. There is NEVER ENOUGH of the fetish.

Perhaps the most astounding mystery of human societies is the easiness by which the common people – the mass of the population, the working=reproductive and energetic ‘lower’ classes of the social organism, which do NOT control the languages of information (money and the law) that regulate their societies – accept to enslave and work and obey the bankers and politicians that exploit them. Why? The answer from a social, organic point of view, is that the neuronal classes ‘blind’ the mass of the population, which only receives information from the ‘informative, neuronal class’ and so believes them.

In any social organism the body cells are blind and informed by the neuronal elite, which if ‘crazy’, uninterested for the body, without receiving pain signals from it, can easily collapse and destroy their body cells, killing the social organism as our bankers and politicians are doing. But for that to work, the population must be informatively ‘manufactured’, which modern elites do through their control of mass media ‘hate’ speeches.

Yet for this process of self-destruction of human labor to take place, corporations had first to destroy the regulation, labor unions and social rights of democracies, which it achieved during the neocon revolution started by Thatcher and Reagan, which basically regressed human social evolution to the XIX century, dog-eat-dog pyramid of capitalism with financial and industrial corporations on top and the 99% of mankind without rights beyond some placebo theatricals of vote on the bottom.

To that aim the minds of the workers/voters had to be manufactured to love and vote the policies that will destroy them. In this manner in the previous phase, during the 80s and 90s mass-media and neocons cre(dit)ated an increasing mass of mindless, violent American citizens, so ignorant of the causes of reality that they will ‘buy’ the American nightmare, once the American dream is gone for them.

How then they impose their ideas? They have done so in the past with religions of go(l)d, in the modern age thanks to their control of the other type of informative machines – not those who print money but those who print and distribute ideas, the Mass-media synergic system.

Reversal of of fortunes.

Now to the most amazing part of modern history – reversal of fortunes – those who were victims in the past become now predators, a moleste child has 5 times more chances to be a molester when he grows – namely the fact that those who felt victims of radio-hate, are now promoting TV-hate; the owners of the Financial-Media System, the FMasters, the Am Segullah, or chosen of Go(l)d, the 1-10% elite of ‘banker-priests of Israel’, who own the Financial-Media system of Wall Street and Hollywood and manufacture the modern brain, NOT to create a humanist world but a matrix of machines, weapons and hate.

The same rhetoric of radio-fascism applies today in America, in what we might call, neo-fascism, or TV-fascism, against the poor and the immigrants, accused of the economical and labor problems of the middle classdisplaced by new technologies. television also hides the speculation of Wall Street in weapons and technology that limits credit for education, health care and Human Goods. Paradoxically many Jewish people, sons of those who suffered Hitler’s Rhetoric, are today applying the same rhetoric against African and Native-Americans (Mexicans), from their top predator animetal position, in control of Wall Street, American Mass-Media and the Law (±75% of legal firms, TV-producers and Stock-firms). They are teaching Americans to become violent, with warrior ideologies that history proves might easily turn against them.

In the graph we see that global expansion of the biblical, ‘creationist’, capitalist culture of Go(l)d at all costs, and its generational nations that have extinguished all other cultures, now merely a ‘make-up corpse’ devoured by the waves of machines of the Industrial R=evolution and its company-mothers.

That is, we live in a dictatorship of company-mother of machines, which adapt mankind to their offspring of machines, due to its control of the language of social power money, which they reproduce in 95% of its volume in private banks and stocks. So they DO pay politicians to adapt laws to those machines in peace times (age of railroad barons that dominated the 1860s, of car moguls that dominate the 1930s-50s, from Ford to ‘What is good for general motors is good for America’, to electronic moguls that finance the politicos of today and adapt our world to their peaceful and increasingly violent robotic weapons.)

The present neo-fascist state lead by Israel and America, with the excuse of Islamic terrorism – after decades of degradation of the III world, in a similar fashion to the colonial age of the European British-French empires, is now in the phase of splendid little wars, exude to develop a big brother electronic system of surveillance of all humans and the robotic drones, future terminators and iron-nano bacterial and organic nuclear bombs that can extinguish the planet when they reach full development.

We map out both synchronically and diachronically from the human and mechanical perspective together the cycles of the industrial evolution as they have expanded globally with deadly accuracy and hence null human freedom to stop them those waves across the entire planet, departing from the original first capitalist nation, Holland, who invented stock-markets and started the political control of placebo democracies through the Financial-Media/Military-industrial system.

NOW THE GRAPH IS SELF-EVIDENT. THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM, and by extension the super organisms of Industrial History have been managed in each Generation of the Industrial Evolution by the Nation and its neuronal elite caste in control of money and corporations and its hired politicos, which discovered and managed the leading machine of each cycle:

  • So in the XIX century, the British people and its elite of financiers, industrial corporations and hired politicos ran the world.
  • In the turn of the XX century, after Germans discovered first oil engines (Otto-Benz) and Electric engines (Siemens), Germany was on top of the world but because the ‘idealist’ Bismarck renounced in Wien first, after defeating the Austrian Empire, to unify all Germans into a European Empire and reconquer the European lands of the Turkish Empire, creating an economy larger than the British, decadent one; and then again in the Berlin Congress renounced to the African Empire, Germany’s leading global economy became choked by tariffs and limited markets, and the strain of having the top predator Industrial nation, confined by the sheer idiocy of his Emperor and Chancellor to 400 thousand miles, brought a series of political crisis that ended at the end of the engine cycle (1929 crisis), in II global wars, in which Germany OUT OF TIME as the Americans were now discovering and developing the first metal minds (computers, A-Bombs), tried to conquer their industrial vital space. During this period though Germany ran the economical and cultural world. And its elite of financiers and industrialists of cars, planes and engines dominated Europe.
  • Then it came the turn of America, which developed the informative machines of the Metal-earth, computers, Tv-Media and electronic money reproduced without limit by digital screens, which have multiplied from 20 billion to 400 billion, the mass of money of the planet in only 40 years.

Now, this practically meant that “Hollywood’ site of Mass Media and ‘Wall Street’, site of the production of electronic money and the corporations owned by Wall Street financiers RUN the world, manufacture the brains of mankind with its idol-ogies, we all believe in, and with that amazing amount of new money invented, have bought out ALL the main corporations of the western world. So we talk of the FMasters, Financial-Media masters, which in the age of information machines run the world, with their Mass-media and Wall Street financial Coporations. And from London, the international financial centre, still in control of most of the corporations of the old British Empire, run the world. Who are they? Now, it would be easy to avoid censorship by saying they are ‘Anglo-Americans’, in a generic way.

The methods of sciences that economists ignore.

For what have been said, and after the scientific analysis of the Historic events of this overproduction crisis, it is self-evident that there are two opposite views of all historic and economic events; one which belongs to the 99% of mankind, hence the ‘human species’ and its super organism ‘history’, and a different view which favors the future of machines, weapons and money (‘selfish memes of metal’) and those who control the world with them, roughly the 0.1-1% of mankind, owner or key workers of corporations, financial houses and politicians and ‘informative groups’  (mass-media, scholars in favor of memes of metal, Abrahamic religions) who help them. 

In that regard, we live in a pure Darwinian Free world, as there is no rational control of lethal memes of metal.

Thus humans and machines compete with no limitations in labor and war fields, with the added disadvantage for mankind of having ‘zero resources’ in the language of power of society, money. And this means, obviously, most humans receive no proper education, no proper health care, and often not even enough energy (hunger crises), to compete in equal conditions with those machines, which are awash with money, resources, energy, raw materials for unlimited reproduction, research to evolve and information to perform their tasks. And so the chip radiation increases its ‘tempo’ and the speed at which it modifies the world to its image and likeness, and degrades the human world it substitutes.

Indeed the causal chain of those overproduction crises illustrated in the graph of this section is obvious:

A) Data: Overproduction of Industrial machines and weapons causes ->

B) The biological consequences of any ‘radiation’ of competitive species in an eco(nomic)system – the destruction of the rival human species, as humans die in wars and loose their jobs to those machines in labor  fields ->

C) Which happen in similar cycles in the 3 crisis. First informative machines overproduce money, which is invested in the automation of production processes that throw millions out of job. This brings political crisis and revolutions quenched with informative machines that now reproduce not only money but ‘hate media’ that blame humanity of all the problems, and top predator machines, weapons to controls people (blaming on the poor, creation of enemies to use those weapons).

And so the final result of all those overproduction crises have always been wars and holocausts that destroy all the human elements of society, including the people-castes on top, while weapons, profits, money and machines reach its peak of overproduction in those wars.

Anti-D) But none of those processes could happen if economists, working for corporations that profit with overproduction crises, and politicians with nationalist, racist, war-monger policies would not implement anti-social, anti-humanist policies.

D), the social r=evolution that would switch the system to Keynesian and socialist policies of overproduction of welfare, repression of lethal goods, and control of financial theft are NEVER implemented, in the western world. And whenever social scientists have a chance to create the proper humanist solutions, anti-D economists and politicians apply hate media, even war to those nations.

It is thus clear  that we are exactly in the same spot than anti-D economists and politicians had taken the world in the late 30s, (as this writer forecasted according to the ABC-Anti D Data, available 20 years ago.)

All what we predicted then has happened, as it did in the 1860 and 1930 overproduction crises (1) because those cycles and its biological causes are the real cycles of the economic ecosystem.

Science has systems of verification and prediction is the most important. And yet amazing as it seems there is still little or null interest in such biological models. Since Social Sciences are censored, by the ‘anti-quantum’ paradox, so prediction is also censored. It is though a pity because after ABC, if they were known, D) solutions could be implemented, instead of anti-D) Fascism and war. We do NOT really want to end in the 4th image of those montages. But since for 20 years, the ‘news’ of this blog and any other humanist social scientist has been censored, we ARE already getting there.

Unlike ‘classic economists’ and ‘nationalist experts’ such humanist scientists would have managed today’s overproduction crisis of chips by:

A-B-C) predicting, scientifically according to the previous cycles, what was going to happen, and understanding biologically those processes. So D) it would have controlled legally with international agreements, taxation and legal prohibitions, the overproduction of chips and e-money and the evolution of robotics that destroy human labor and life for profit, and use the excess of credit to create a massive welfare state and investments in human goods, applying to that aim the improvements in productivity, to create a perfect world.

And certainly  it would not invent ‘again’:

‘Anti-D’)  false, fascist causes to the crisis, blaming the 90% of mankind – the poor, the imaginary enemies – to deviate the guilt from the lazy 1%, the expert economists and politicians, the corporations and its machines.

So we would not to be in the final, most terrible phase of the C-ycle: a war age with increasing Extinction of life and labor,  overproduction of hate-media and weapons, in which we are immersed, once the 72 years overproduction crash, proper of each cycle that divide the waves in peace and war ages has happened. 

Let us then study of those cycles, with more detail the last one, the cycle of American metal-minds to illustrate in depth the world we live in and its real causes – the electronic money, machines and weapons we worship.

So the capitalist structure of the previous pyramid, from the beginning of the Industrial R=Evolution till II world war, is now really global, with limited variations for each nation of the planet.

HOW IT AFFECTS AMERICA? OBVIOUSLY it means the end of its democracy.

And IT MEANS THE CHANGE OF CULTURE, from the enlightened equalitarian culture of the founding fathers to the biblical culture of the people who own financial corporations and mass-media, the Financial-Media Head of America, from wall street and hollywood and manufacture the brain of americans and the world at large.

It is the Jewish-Calvinist elite, where Judaism plays the top role, but hides it all with mass-media, hate speeches against its enemies and the victimist industry of the holocaust.

So we shall close our analysis of mass-media with it, before we study how America is ruled by this elite that controls 100% of western central banking positions, 80% of hollywood and wall street CEOs, despite being the 0.2% of the west.


And so it is essential for any scientist of any discipline, to understand the structure and layers and ternary parts (membrane-vital space and informative mind) of the system. This is shown in the next graphs, and explained further in detail below (and in the side course on general systems, for which the first post, 5D suffices).

In the graphs, first the structure of all social systems divided in bodies of energy and heads of information preying in fields of entropic motion, extended across 3 social scales of organisation, below those scales for physical and biological systems. And in the middle the 3 parts of all systems of reality: the informative singularity-mind that controls the system and YOU DO NOT see, the spatial membrane that feeds on the entropic field and YOU ONLY SEE, and the vital space-time in the middle of citizens-cells-atomic networks that YOU ARE.

Thus in human systems this Tiƒ, temporal informative mind is a linguistic mind that controls either with verbal, ethic, legal values (humanist societies) the whole system or does so with digital gold and its animetal values, degrading in parallel the verbal information with myths, segregational religions, hate-memes, nazi-onanism (we must be creative with the humanist newspeaks as Orwell was to convey more meaning); so you are just ‘moved by the anti-life values of ‘gold greed’ that kills your capacity to love your neighbour and iron violence  that motivates you to kill him – something a rational evolved human being would never do.

So Yes I know this is more complex than a twit or an audiovisual hate meme, to program your mind, and likely after decades of being brain-washed by trash-fictions and infotainment, you think ‘all must be simple, but the UNIVERSE IS NOT – we shall repeat, the Universe is a Komploten theory, for each individual fractal species and its ternary structure to exist. Let us then briefly repeat the 3 parts of all systems:

S-membrane, visible in space, Ti-mind, centred in the singularity and its informative language networks, in society verbal or digital network that give value and orders the whole system, its vital space, the cells-citizens of the super organism). In the graphs we see the structure. One more thing is needed to describe you and any being: the 3 scalar layers shown for good measure for the physical and biological systems of the Universe in the next graphs. So YOU ARE co-existing as ambulatory collection of a trillion cells, as an organic mind-indivdual and as a cell-citizen of society, joined by its S-T networks (the blood-economic system and the nervous-legal-financial systems).

So where democracy fits into the systemic structure of super organisms of nature – does it, or it is a human invention? Surprisingly enough in the perfect superorganism of nature, democracy always exist as it should be NOT with a priori vote, as science experts MUST rule organisms and there is not hydra, twin-heads, to go left and right, but once a true expert (meaning a real social scientist  whogoverns serving people) ENDS its actions, the body-cells judge him with pleasure or pain – and that is THE DEMOCRATIC A POSTERIORI VOTE OF ALL SOUND DEMOCRATIC ORGANISMS.

So in ill, sick corrupted human societies there is NOWHERE, a real DEMOCRACY but a placebo polling, with no consequences, as there is NO pain judgement.

THUS today in societies WE CALL ‘DEMOCRACY’, newspeak for financial and military dictatorships shown in the next graph, a mere polling of audiences of mass-media, after the hate-memes and false newspeaks of the real system of military capitalism we live in, has programmed your brain, to not-choose previously $elected politicos – all of them serving the Financial-Media/Military-industrial corporations, NOT you, since they can cheat you as they are NOT democratically judged a posteriori, the meaning of DEMOCRACY IN GREECE, WHERE WHAT MATTERED AS IN ORGANISMS were THE PAIN MESSAGES AND JUDGEMENTS A POSTERIORI, which obliged politicos and generals to obey the common good. So when mr. Trump leaves office, he would be judged on tv (now it is possible in this manner to repeat the judgment process of Greece in citizen assemblies, with a fiscal talking of the lies, emblezzments, murders and cheatings of the politico, asking FOR DEATH PENALTY, EXILE, JAIL OR TAXATION, according to crimes, and on the other side THE POLITICO, defending himself of his actions, asking clemency, and you would vote the ±actions, those of the fiscal or its inverse, free HEALTH-CARE, RE-ELECTION, freedom and pecuniary rewards, to the politico. Bet You Mr. Trump would NOT kill you, destroying your health-care, kill your sons, sending it to the mercenary armies of the $$emite jihad wars, will NOT put him on jail for peccadilloes, or EXILE him as an illegal immigrant cleaning his golden loos and courtyards and will NOT keep taxing you with the schemes of appropriation of money of its Wall Street cronies, because then you WILL VOTE MURDER, EXILE, JAIL AND TAXATION TO HIM.

NOW THAT is THE CRUSH COURSE ON KOMPLOTEN=COMPLEX SCIENCE. AND IF YOU DON’T GET IT, you are simply too erase head bubble-mind ‘don’t worry happy’ soma idiot and just leave this web, thanks.

Indeed,  when someone is kept simple as you have been, till I gave you the red pill to wake up, as Morpheus, so you raise the veil of the Matrix of fictions of the Metal-earth,  is because you are being ab=used by a complex=Komploten system’.

So the prolegomena and the graphs, which ARE ‘canonical in Complex General system sciences’ – the structure of any system of the Universe, which we resume in a symbolL’


THAT IS, all systems o reality do have a temporal, informative, spherical head-mind-particle (Tº)… as the sphere is the volume of maximal information in minimal space – hence you don’t see it, either in spherical or fractal network form.

WHICH guides a vital body-wave Space-Time (ST), through a field of spatial entropic motion absorbed by a larger, extended thin membrane, S, (symbol of entropy and space), WHICH NORMALLY IS ALL WHAT YOU SEE

across 3 scales of organisation, the ∆-1 cellular/atomic, ∆º mind individual-thermodynamic, ∆+1, ecosySystemic-gravitational level.

Now look around yourself. A society, and you are within one in its vital space-nation as a citizen is the same: your brain is your government and financial network, with site in a capital, dense, singularity (Washington and NYC in U$, Brussels and Frankfurt in €U); your membrane your border, filled with military, lineal entropic weapons, which is what in the single plane of mother earth a foreigner will only see.

So as all singularities are hidden, specially when they predate and ab=use a system, that is why you DONT SEE the singularity of your Nation, the Financial-Media system, which is ab=using you as if you were an alien, as it is filled with segregational capitalist memes that make you think YOU ARE NOT part of the system.

Complex Social Sciences=Komploten theories must denounce anti-humanist JJihads.


Now, more prolegomena. Look at the down graph of the 4 forms of antisemitism, the first is positive r=evolutionary loving prophets mostly Jewish, who have tried to convert their people and the world to the human species, and we call anti§emitism as the symbol § is used in Komploten, sorry (: complex sciences to signify the individual and social scales of a well designed super organism. It is not really antisemitism but pro-semitism (another word we use for it) as it tries to evolve Arab Jihads and Jewish Inquisitions that jail your mind to the hate memes of the 3 next forms, and so you should practice mind r=evolution according to Komploten= Complex Social sciences and denounce the other 3  toms of antisemitism: Nazi-Jihad murderous AntiSSemitism, which we all know (last); and the 2 most don’t understand in the middle, Jewish Inquisitions of thought, now in the form of the Industry of the Holocaust with his hate memes against ‘guilty mankind’ and inquisition of thought to the inner middle classes, the sheeple of judaism terrified of humanity so it won’t join mankind. Why? this is needed for the most insidious form of anti$emitism, 3rd in the graph: the one practiced by the 1-10% elite of this go(l)d culture, the banker-priests of Israel who ab=use and host on other nations as viral parasitic bankers who steal the right of people to issue their money in democracies, and hence know sooner or latter people will realise (as you cannot cheat all the people, all the time: Lincoln) and so need a ‘reservoir’ of terrified lower classes, the ‘vital space’ of this singularity in the inner structure of Judaism, to throw them to the anti-SSemites of the 4th graph that will murder them as scapegoats, while the escape to the next hosting nation, to exploit them with monopoly of money and hate-memes, till the cycle they DENY of the holocaust that NEVER kill them, but MAKES them richer, as they escape with both the money of the people and the money of their scapegoats, repeats itself.

You see alas this is the complex science of the Komploten theory, and for good measure we shall repeat it all again, as you have been so much repeatedly indoctrinated not to understand a dot of it, or knee-jerk, ‘Komploten, Komploten, you are an anti$$emite’ which I am not (unneeded disclosure: grand-pa sephardim survivor of concentration camp NOT for being you but for being socialist=humanist)

So let us repeat the first prolegomena of Complex social sciences, which you have been properly indoctrinated by ‘simplex degradation of your mind through fictions, and the taboo world of antisemitism:

In the second graph we show you the 4 forms of antisemitism, the first is positive r=evolutionary humanism who try to convert JIhads and suppress hate-memes to return the degraded $$emite minds to the humankind; the 2nd is the industry of the holocaust, the first of 3 negative hate-memes against mankind which try to blame all humans of the war and holocaust cycle caused by the 3rd and 4th negative forms of antisemitism: the fourth is evidently Nazism and Jihad of anti metal warrior cults which fight for supremacy with the 3rd form of antisemitism, that of the elite of banker-priests that exploit mankind with go(l)d, hide behind its own sheeple, ‘scapegoat’ for the times when the entire human population they exploit with capitalist memes rises against them.

Thus you should always as a humanist social scientist denounce Jihads and Inquisitions, which are the violent, greedy suppressing memes liberally handed out by the 2,3 and 4 forms of antisemitism.


In the FIRST graph, so the reader understands what the euroamerican humanist, legalist, free culture, the most r=evolved of the western ‘mind’ faces: the $$emite memes of hate against mankind and slavish worship of metal-memes, appeared in the fertile crescent with the discovery of the hypnotic power of go(l)d, the most informative metal that can hypnotise the human eyes with ‘greed’, and the murderous power of bronze and latter iron, the most entropic atom of the Universe that can cut any form of life. Hence it appeared a people, immediately qualified as eviL=anti-live by the humanist scientist of the age Egyptian and Sumerian wor(l)d and fertility priests, who warned the species against the ‘Golden apples and eviL weapons of the tree of technology’ that if we evolved would extinguish us. Soon those cult(ure)s degrade their language, changing its topological structure, where in all its modern evolved forms of thought (Latin languages, english, chinese, african languages) the human being, the Subject of Information MUST come first, by Imperative languages, where the Verbal barking orders of the go(l)d priest or Jihad warrior self-named vehicle of Logos=True God= rational scientific laws that Create the Universe.

Thus ushering mankind in the mythic murderous age of the Semite wars, in which fertility goddesses were called the ‘abomination’ by Yhwh and Baal and Assur go(l)d and bronze priests. It was the beginning of the end. And so now that we come the full world cycle of human extinction we return to the asymmetric $$emite wars (in as much as the gold priest did win the battle for the extinction of history, controlling with gold mercenary armies that defeated the arab warriors, which loss its supremacy of weapons to the iron hordes of Germans – themselves devolved into objectual agglutinative long (S)word like languages). Thus alas today, we are in a systemic confrontation between Germ(anic) warriors of the western Military-industrial complex, commanded by its capitalist head, the Financial-Media Jewish empire (0.02% of human population, as we must differentiate its 90% of sheeple from the elite of banker priests in control of the information of western societies, both digital=money and audiovisual, as they are 80% of the CEOs and CFOs of financial, media, internet and central bank industries, which print liberally money for their appropriation through stock-market issues). 


In this brief 3 sub-posts on the Am Segullah dictatorship over the Euroamerican culture (the culture of the motherland of europe and its memetic daughter culture of America, based in humanism, the rule of the law above weapons and money, rational science and human freedoms, both in the mind-language of verbal thought, the body-language of sexual=human reproduction and the entropic pleasures of life; now almost extinct as the go(l)d culture imposes its primitive memes)…

We deal in this article after considering its dictatorship based on the monopoly in the issue of money to cre(dit)ate a world to the image and likeness of their machines and hate-memes against mankind, the dictatorship of its mercenary armies, bought with that money and the clique of “General puppets” of its U$lave mercenary armies .

But first for good measure, a quote on one of the r=evolved higher humans of this animetal culture:

‘It is now self-evident that our (lethal) technologies have outstripped our Humanity’ Einstein, Humanist, Socialist, pacifist, rational, scientific, r=evolved human being thinking on the future

‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advance but by the way it treats its brother arabs’ Einstein on his renounce to preside over a devolving, anti-humanist, capitalist, military, religious memetic, bronze age cult(ure) thinking on the past.

The $$emitic hate-memes towards mankind appeared at the end of the Neolithic with its viral destruction of the Goddess age of the Fertile crescent.

Many humanist prophets of the wor(l)d tried to convert them to humanism with null success.

As we have explained in our post on humanism, the larger doctrine of eusocial love supersedes in social sciences any tribal segregational idol-ogy of animetal-memes, as nazi-onanisms, or $emitic JJihads are.

Indeed, warrior jihad terrorism and go(l)d jewish capitalism, as the oldest, most brutal forms of ab=use of the humankind by hate-Metalmemes must be denounced systematically BOTH ways.

Given the fact that the power of Go(l)d capitalism is far superior to that of Jihad terrorism this is no longer possible except in blogs of true social sciences, which if ‘lucky’ you might besides thinking it for yourself or writing it backwards Leonardo style to avoid the JJ-inquisitions post it in articles like this one.

In this case, as the most brutal of all hate-memes are precisely those between the two kinds of J-memes it is authorised to speak up against jihad terrorism but it is an orwellian ‘thoughtcrime’ even to insinuate the existence of a systemic dictatorship of go(l)d capitalism, which forbids the issue of the language of social power ‘nomisma money’ (legal tender money under the rule of a true democracy), let alone try to reform it.

Never mind, we insist, the newspeaks of Komploten theories, the industry of the holocaust, the hate-memes against mankind, the self-serving expertise of those who destroy societies with weapons and go(l)d just to die latter in the cycle of wars and holocausts, they deny,  should never stop a true social scientist=prophet of the future from speak up against JJihad capitalism. As all  positive form of humanism should try to convert warrior SSemites and Go(L)d $emites to the common cause of human eusocial evolution.

This we said, as a prolegomena, in the small hope that the unlikely lonely traveler of internerdia stumbles on this blog, banned in some countries, slowly charging in others – specially the central page, systematically hacked, with ‘no certificate’, Lol. Why I laugh. Because $$emites (this wor(l)d includes both JJihads) always DENY THE WARNINGS OF THEIR scientists of history=prophets of the wor(l)d to their own peril, as there is above them, the eusocial laws of love of the organic, scalar Universe, and so if they renounce to form part of the whole, mankind, they will be slaughtered whole-sale by the action-reaction of the Leibnizian Universe, which is the best of all possible worlds, in as much as it extinguishes the lesser species that deny those biological laws, as humans are doing today.

We live in the age of the $$emite wars, when Mercenary armies & JJihads against the Euroamerican culture have almost succeeded in destroying the Euroamerican minimal freedoms to which we were entitled during the post-war democratic age, when the american way of life (the american dream), and the eusocial memes of love of the european union casted an age of hope for a future of mankind. This forgone age was extinguished by the regression of the rational, humanist, eusocial, euroamerican culture back to the animetal age of hate-memes, as Jihad terrorism and Jewish capitalism, the 2 most brutal expressions of metal-earth control over the human Earth spread globally in both sides of Euroamerica. So in this post of Complex Social sciences, which censorship dismisses as a Komploten theory to make possible the Calvinist, biblical bigot adagio that ‘people must stay ignorant to remain obedient’, we will consider the whole complex elements and sub-layers of the $$emite wars between Arab Jihads and Jewish capitalism, whose true victim is the Euroamerican culture fast regressing to the earliest brutal age of fundamentalist go(l)d churches and Jihads:

Now the extinction of the Humanist, rational social scientific view of mankind of the European Union and the American democracy by the Jewish Inquisition and the Jihad Islam, the 2 anti-humanist, anti$$emitic forms denounced in this blog to free the mind of man and evolve towards a scientific perfect world is what you should accept as the reality of the western world. I repeat Jihad Islam + Jewish Inquisition, ‘tanto monta monta tanto’, Latino expression for ‘it is really the same’, is the warrior hate meme that kills your body and the go(l)d mind jail that imprisons your brain. And both MUST be denounced.

So now that you know you are a $lave, we shall explain you what you were, when you were free and you belonged to a higher humanist culture, the Euroamerican culture (which of course in the process of divide and win, the present TwiTrumpet-eer of his masters’ voice tells you must be confronted for peccadilloes.)



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