200O=1920=1840: machine radiation

Since the 2000s are over and this is not a web about the past, but about the cycles of history that repeat themselves with different players into the future, unlike the other decades, the articles on this decade are no longer updated. Instead we have prefered to publish the prediction we did in the now deceased Future Magazine… of 2001, as a historic proof of the reliability of the model and the shortcomings of trying to understand some of the details of the future. ‘History Rhymes’ said Mark Twain, meaning that the cycles repeat themselves because humans don’t change their character, but the ‘wording’ changes because in each cycle the machines that evolve in the economic ecosystem change. Hence there is a different rhyme/wording. If in the first crisis speculators choked the economy inventing worthless paper-stocks in raiways, when the profitable railroad system had been built – but the printing stock-machine kept detracting money from the real economy to speculate in railroad values; in the II Kondratieff Crash the game was played with the electric ticker and radio companies and in the III Crash with electronic, computer money and dotcom and mortgage derivatives.

We knew the rhyme and we advanced the stock crash on dotcoms by 1994; we advanced the 2008 crash but we didn’t know which kind of e-money instrument would be invented to jack up the price according to the millenary games of speculation that invent money and cre(dit)ate the future. That wording thus was never imagined, yet the date of the 72 cycles of evolution of machines did happen.

Thus this page and articles of lesser interest than those of the 2010s, 2020s and 2030 decades are a testimony of the past of bio-economics and bio-history, the complex, organic, humanist sciences explained in this web.

(Articles written in http://www.Future Magazine.net ‘, ©.01. Click on links to access articles, highlighted in BOLD)

1. Editorial: “The 2000s. The Kondratiev Crash will mean the end of democracies”.


2. Economic Evolution: The 3 ages the Industrial evolution.

3. Metal-heads. From the 1920s to the 2000s, the Age of Metal-heads.
4. Stock-Market: Over-Production crisis=Bubble money: The Kondratiev crash.
5. Money&Prices: Inflation, what causes it.
6. Trade Law& Organizations: Are they bad or just stupid?.

Information Networks:
7. Webs: The Internet, the brain of the Metal-earth.
8. Mass Media: Television and Internet: how to indoctrinate people.
9. Sports&Entertainment: “Pan et circensis”

Go(l)d Cultures:
10. US: “Lobbyism”. War Games.
11. Far East: Currency wars: The challengers are ready.
12. EU: “Lobbyism”. Too little, to late.
13. Commonwealth. Mad cows and Running bulls.

Products and Energy Networks:
14: Weapons. War games.
15. Consumers: Lethal and human goods.
16. Science &Technology: Dante’s inferno: The mad scientist.

Reproductive Networks:
17. Company-mothers: All they care for are machines.
18. Workers: Robotics will throw you out of work. Then what?
19. Economic Indicators: Wealth and health. Lethal and human goods.
20. Energy&Roads: What kind of energy crisis?

History: Human Earth:

22. Europe. Too little, to late.
23. Asia. Buddha has no image.
24. America. America Vs the Americans.
25. Africa: The victims of eco(nomic)systems.
26: Wor(l)d Union: A dream in extinction?

Energy systems:
27. Agriculture & Food: Mad cows and running bulls.
28. Energy: What kind of energy crisis?
29. Nature: The Kyoto Protocol.

Information systems:
30. Art & Literature. The American baroque.
31. Education &Travel: Television and Internet: how to indoctrinate people.
32. Law: Corruption will bring lawless methods.
33. Cultures: The cultural decades. The 20-00s.
34. Religion: Revivalism.
35. R=evolution: Only those who rule the world may change it.

Reproductive Systems:
36. Human Goods & Companies. What is good for man.
37. Health care: Wealth Vs. Health

Politics: The eco(nomic) system.

(Both Worlds together)

0. Politics: Military Lobism.From Huxley to Orwell.

1. War on Terror: America in the Semite wars: A predictable future.
2: Objective terms to study this global crisis.
3. From Huxley to Orwell

II: Global Terrorism Vs Global Militarism.

4: The World trade massacre and its causes: Expansion of the Semite wars to America.
5: Global Terrorism and Global Militarism: The sickness of modern civilizations
6: The Semite wars. The oldest conflict of history: Warrior Vs Trader Cultures.

III: Western Religions and fundamentalism

7: Islam, Christianity and Judaism: a single god, different prophets.
8. What is evil and good: a biological analysis of religious ethics.
9. Inquisitions and Gold cultures: the nature of Religious fundamentalism.
10. The paradox of history: economic Vs social cultures.

IV: The American dream Vs the American nightmare.

11: The Paradox of History in America: Lobyism Vs Democracy.
12. The Historic ages of Lobyism: gunboats, railroads, telecoms.
13. Social classes and Economic power in America, a historic perspective.

V. XX C. The Jewish-American age.

14: The age of Jewish Rule in America.

15: Mass-Media, how to design the human mind.
16. The cycle of Holocausts. Are we coming to a new tragedy?
17. America in the Semite wars. The militarization of the economy.

VI: The future. What it will be?: Towards III World War.

18. The spread of individual terrorism: Islam, Anti-semitism and Anti-globalization.
19. The spread of State terrorism: neofascism and big brother Matrix.

20. The economical war cycle. US Vs China. Towards III World war.

VII: The future What could it be: Americans leading a world in Peace.

21. America, the future of mankind.
22. How to cure the Economic ecosystem: The sickness of Economic Fundamentalism.
23. How to cure History: The Evolution of America.

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