2010=1930=1850: reproductive crash

2010s=30s=1850s: Re=Productive Crises

Each of the self-similar crisis of overproduction of machines of money at the end of each phase of the Industrial R=evolution (the steam age of England, the chemical age of of Germany and the electr(on)ic age of America), climax in the decade before the fascist, war solution of making profits with weapons or the r=evolutionary solution of a humanist, welfare deal is applied, with the same patterns. The massive growth of creation of money and machines=weapons derives in self similar crises:

– A social crisis caused by the labor crisis (substitution of human workers by the over-reproduced machines, in our cycle the software and robotic revolution).

– A financial crisis of destruction of real value in the physical economy due to the excessive reproduction of money in the hyperinflated financial economy, first in stocks, then in currencies, which provoke national tensions and currency wars.

– Which derive in a political crisis, as the capitalist religion of go(l)d profits at any cost imposes in politics Fascism, in its different forms:

-Control of the poor with mental=verbal and military=physical violence.

-Transformation of the overreproduced machines into weapons, paid by the state to increase its demand and profits (in our crisis conversion of peaceful computers into terminators and security cameras, as we build ‘big brother’)

We will also include  a cathegory dedicated to the solutions to those crisis, written from the perspective of an organic, real science of history and economics. It is easy to differentiate those articles from the mere description of the cycles of history, given the ‘idealist’ outlook they have. Since indeed, we are so far into the process of self-destruction of mankind and Gaia by the machine and its capitalist and mechanist ideologies, which have brainwashed our minds to think that our process of self-destruction is ‘progress’, that most human beings will find those articles a ‘dream’. And yet the dream of a better wor(l)d made to the image and likeness of humanity will continue at least in the mind of the most ethic and intelligent human beings, who are not yet programmed by the econ(nomic)system, the ‘system’ in brief.

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