Military-Industrial body


The ‘physical machine’ of energy (transport) or entropy (disordering energy), the weapons, the ‘two sides of the same coin’, form the ‘Body’ of the FMMI system whose financial-media ‘informative machines’ direct the evolution of the metal-earth through ‘peace and war’ processes. In the peace zone of the cycle transport machines, industrial bodies, dominate; in the war zone of the cycle, overproduction of weapons brings higher profits to the company, and war ensues.

The system thus evolve the Earth in a phase of consumption by humans of transport machines and consumption OF humans by top predator machines.

It is the most misunderstood and definitive cycle of History, reason why we might first consider very briefly why time is indeed cyclical and causal, before studying those cycles and its causes from the post ‘science is culture’:

Why Time is cyclical.

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics and denied the obvious truth that we can know the future because it will repeat the causality of the past, and we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive. Of course, lineal and cyclical time render the same equations as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclical time, are ginormous and the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, erased by lineal time, a handicap for humans to truly understand the cycles of history and economics, the ‘deep time’ scales of the fifth dimension, and the whole workings of super organisms and its physiological structures.


The first fact you must understand IS that science is BOTH an instrument of power, and a form of culture, beyond the collection of data and its expression in equations, at the most basic detailed level. All what comes after – the general models of reality of each science are always biased by the power idol-ogy of the historic culture that develops them.

THE GRAPH shows one of the many examples we shall include in this blog: the obvious fact that time clocks are cyclical and multiple, but humans have reduced them all to the concept of a single lineal time clock for the entire Universe that progresses towards a future, obviously ‘positive’ for the human kind.

The equations are indeed the same. Lineal time writes T and cyclical time measured in frequency its inverse 1/ƒ; so if we were to change all the equations of physics by putting 1/ƒ instead of T, we would change the PARADIGM of time to cyclical time but all the practical results will be the same, just expressed in frequency.

I.e. Speed = Space/Lineal time (V=S/T), becomes Speed = wavelength x Frequency, (V=λ x ƒ) …

Cyclical time just moved to the numerator and that is all.

But the consequences are huge when we ‘perceive reality as chaotic, lineal, free and entropic’ guided towards the obvious ‘future of death’, which therefore JUSTIFIES WAR AND BIG-BANG THEORIES OF A DYING EXPLOSIVE UNIVERSE vs. the perception of time as cyclical, hence reality as bounded, entangled, multiple, whereas death is just the necessary end of a cycle of renewal of life, which we shall very soon show to be also the case for the fractal, organic eternal Universe, when we model it with the tools of cyclic time.

Further on in the previous simple cycle, we shall notice that in the equation of cyclical time we get also more information, as cyclical time requires a second dimension to form a cycle of height, which is the dimension of information, where all heads, antennae, particles reside.

So we recover the form, the information of the Universe back expressed in the ‘form and frequency of those cycles’ (indeed a computer calculates information with logic cyclical formal algorithms processed in Ghz frequencies).

And further on, in cyclical time, space BECOMES broken, fractal, a sum of ‘steps’ or wavelengths.

So such a simple example SHOWS to which DEGREE even the most obvious scientific equations are a product of cultural choice.

Since indeed, ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES CONSIDERED ALWAYS TIME TO BE CYCLICAL BUT it was the lineal, ‘visual’, entropic, military sword-like European gunpowder culture which first in history decided to CHANGE our worldview of time and definitely change our models of life and the Universe.

Needless to say this change of paradigm, was the work of ‘Lineal’  military physicists, established since the inception of physics, when instead of frequency of time cycles, Galileo decided to use its inverse parameter, lineal time duration, as its job was to measure the distance of cannonballs.

Why this is important is obvious: the super organisms of history go through cyclical processes of self-destruction called wars, and memes of metal, go in parallel through cyclical processes of evolution and without understanding cyclical time is impossible to make sense of it.



3 crisis

IN THE GRAPH, the highest points of growth in GDP of the eco(nomic)system cre(dit)ated by the idol-ogy of capitalism happens always in time of war, due to the synergy and affinity between metal species, weapons that get maximal price in go(l)d, while life has null price. The result is the parallelism between the curves of stock markets and the modern cycles of industrial wars… and its victims, tuned to the 80 years cycle of evolution and reproduction of the FMMI system

Growth of victims in each cycle of the Industrial revolution follows a decametric power law, proper of complex systems that relates the quality of top predator machines, aka weapons and its human victims. Since the 2020s should be the decade of war, parallel to the 1940s and 1860s, and the victims of each global age of war multiply by one hundred, we can expect that if there were 700.000 victims in the Civil war and 70 million victims in the II world war, there would be 7 billion victims in the III world war – approximately the entire human population.

In this section we deal with the Military-Industrial Complex and its news. The graphs, explained elsewhere, the left one from the 92c. book bio-history, showing the predictive capacity of the model are self-explanative of the synergies between the Financial-media system of informative machines and the entropic-energetic system of military-industrial machines that maximise through the cycles of war the ‘equation of profits of capitalism’ : Max. profits (inflationary money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. Cost (hate media).

But first we must consider what zeitgeist bring them behind the first layer of anthropomorphic reading. Indeed, what is the engine of all the actions of mankind and its corporations and governments today?

Since we live in a technological civilization that refuses to judge reality at face value and control the creation of stronger energy and information machines, we suffer the economic crisis of overproduction of memes of metal, money, machines, weapons and hate media, ‘stoically’, without the slightest attempt to control it.

So what we do is to create ‘newspeaks’ of caring, to hide the engine of modern history, the evolution and overproduction of memes of metal by corporations who buy laws to adapt the world to its image and likeness.

We are entering within those cycles engines of history in the era of overproduction of chips, robotized weapons, electronic hate-media and e-money and white collar pc and blue collar robots. And so what we observe is the lethal consequences of those overproduction crises for mankind, disguised by newspeaks as positive to us.

Thus to understand the causes of the news of each day, and its repetitive ‘momentum’, we have to understand the time of history we live in – the 3rd crisis of overproduction of memes of metal, weapons, money and machines – and who owns its corporations and sets the political agenda with them.

Thus all the news you hear have as ultimate cause to satisfy the needs corporations have to overproduce, sell and adapt the world to the image and likeness of those machines. And in the political arena, to satisfy the needs of the leading nation of the electronic cycle, Israel. In the next graph, we can compare in detail both, the human and economical aspect of that zeitgeist:


This means when we hear a news, beyond the human mask, there will be a cause that satisfy corporations.

If we hear a war news, normally behind there is a justification to keep ‘Keynesian militarism’ going. But of course we shall hear news about ‘war on terror’, poor men in mules, living in remote deserts that are so dangerous we must spend billions killing them with sophisitcated robots.

When we hear news about budgets, fiscal crises, deficits and cuts in entitlements and welfare societies, the cause will be the ‘present ‘bust’ cycle of usury debt, issued by bankers in the 2000s and now ‘collected’ with tax-farming. 

But of course we shall have a ‘caring mask’ of rhetorics telling us we have to pay private usury bankers, ‘experts of finances’ our taxes because that will end up the crisis. It will not. It is just usury parasitic absorbtion of our wealth by financial corporations that should be in a democratic world, controlled and nationalized.

When we hear a new machine that can be lethal to work (3D printing, software suits, robotic), or to life (4G cancerous phones, lethal weapons), we must hear FIRST A TECHNO-UTOPIAN description to soothe our fears.

Thus today in the mass-media system of infotainment and misinformation all news will have a ‘caring human mask’, which hides the ‘zeitgeist’ of it – to satisfy the overproduction crises and profits of corporations.

The 3rd age of neofascism. The Financial->Military->Industrial Complex rules again.

Accordingly the propaganda of war has ‘changed’ its face, which is not ‘the boot’ of the ‘germ(anic) warrior’ but  the Hate-Tv, and its fictions. Orwell and Huxley got it right. Only that Big Brother is not a Stalinist neo-hitler but the financial-military-industrial complex built around Washington, Hollywood and the Middle East war. Yet the effect is the same. The sheeple hates today the poor, 3rd world people of Islam as it hated in the 1930s the poor slav/jewish peasants of Poland and Russia.

We have a scapegoat to keep making profits with weapons. We have a new mass-media system (then radio-hate, today Tv-hate) to indoctrinate the audience. The fact that the people on top has changed from German warriors to Jewish bankers, from the dominance of weapons to the dominance of go(l)d is incidental to the existence of a self-similar cycle of power, which has choked democracies, the middle classes and the future of mankind as it falls into a new abyss… ‘History doesnt’ repeat but rhymes’ said Mark Twain. The rhyme is clear. The future is obscure…Since as in all the final stages of the 3 Kondratieff ages of the Industrial R=evolution our plutocracies show their real non-democratic teeth in a world in which the Financial->Military->Industrial Complex again rules supreme.

The outcome of this earlier 30s/2010s is self-evident: the middle class is going to disappear, the wealthy who caused the crisis will become richer, till the social fractures sees the rise of neo-fascism in the post-Obama, post-dollar crash America. While Europeans will steadily move towards a socialist economy with quantitative easy and a soft euro to pay the welfare state, given the fact that bankers are still sharing power with governments and the go(l)d culture is no longer dominant on that society.

This predictions of our earlier European books and webs (the bio-economist, 92-2001, now deceased) have become clear this week, as the European governments finally have reigned over the banker dynasties represented y Mr. Tritchet, Kahn and Ackerman, the Jewish Bankers on control  of the European Bank, the International Bank and the Deustche bank, the most influential European colossus, owned by those dynasties.

Europeans remember history and so, despite the present fear of a melt-down of the European economy, it is expected they will reach a balance to avoid the rise of neo-fascism, as everybody knows what happened in the 30s, when the massive absorption of capital in the post-29 crashed made Adolf Hitler the most popular politician with brutal sentences like ‘the death of the ‘Am Segullah’ will be the wealth of the Germans’ or ‘If the International Banker keeps ruining our economy, it won’t be the end of Germany but the end of its race’.

In America however, censorship of ‘real economics’ and the ‘real cycles of history’ is absolute, because there has not been any change in the pyramid of social power in place since the end of the Civil War. And so the real ‘crisis’ is still to take place when what happened to the Euro repeats at a grand scale with the dollar once the Yuan becomes convertible and the International Banker, the Forex speculator switches international currencies.

This, we forecast according to the 3 repetitive Kondratieff parallel cycles of the 1850-60s, 1920s-30s and 2000s-10s, will happen as soon as the Yuan becomes convertible latter in the decade. It will be the same process that sunk first the German Mark and then the Pound, when the Dollar became the new world currency in the 20s.

In that regard the currency/euro crisis is self-similar to other deficit crises that took place in the 1st and 2nd kondratieff crashes of the Industrial R=evolution.

Thus we study under the label FMMI complex, the Economic organism independently of man, as in fact if men would not exist and there were instead a certain type of robot with the skills needed to perform the tasks humans perform in the world of the machine and its corporations, everything would work together without the need of mankind. This is therefore the future and final conclusion of the robotic r=evolution that now starts in earnest.

And unfortunately financial economists fixed in their greed and interested only for the past memes of their millenarian cultures do not want to consider this fact. It was in fact an artist, as artists are dominant in life memes and life languages (words and eyes, that measure for man time and space), the first who coined the work Robot(a), which means in Check ‘worker’ and foresaw that end. When robota killed all men, they go back to work. Indeed, when robotic warriors kill all men at the end of the robotic wars the ant-hills like structures of factories will keep re=producing machines, which is ultimately the only purpose of the Universe.


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