Currency wars

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class”.

Amschel Rothschild, Am Segullah 1838

Currency crashes, which bring periodically confrontations between nations that often end into wars.

We shall therefore explain as we did already 30 years ago, the next currency wars between China and USA, with the ‘third’ man, the digital money, which in some form or another should become the global money of corporations and robots, and will likely come out of those wars, as the money of robots and corporations.

Those 30 years old prediction, now are happening, as the crash of stock-markets in 2018 according to the 72±9 years cycle bring the 3 elements of this historic tragedy to its realization…

Yet as the cycle is a bit complex, we first should have a look at the process of massive invention of digital money which define the ‘meaning of capitalism’ and the purpose of its elite of financiers, which rule humans with numbers.


money evolution digital language

In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did. However a proper understanding of the languages of Nature, could easily reform the system of money, make it complementary to the ‘nervous system’ of laws, as a blood-reproductive-oxygen system is, and then distribute enough quantity of it to all human citizens cells, to create a perfect world, as all healthy wealthy super organisms of nature are, where all its cells receive its proper oxygen-hormonal salary and all of them survive.  It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few ‘parasitic’ financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines and weapons. The issue of money is therefore the main ‘issue’ of our societies, as we INVENT the future with credit – we ‘cre(dit)ate’ the future. So the ultimate question is WHY a group of people, overwhelmingly belonging to a single ‘biblical segregational culture’ have to issue the language of power of humanity and create a world to its image and likeness, if we live in a democracy? The cause is historic, raw power evolution, but the proper answer is – they should not, the system of issuing money must be reformed in imitation of Nature’s reproductive languages which work efficiently, as all citizens-cells of any organism reproduce and receive a minimal Universal salary of money, oxygen or hormones, to start up the reproduction of its welfare goods – and NONE suffer anoxia-hunger and destitution as in the super organism of history, due to the predatory Nature of our ‘banker-priests’ that act as a parasitic, selfish cancerous sickness on the body of mankind.

The simple Universe and its languages of value. Science vs. Greed.

Let us understand this from the beginning: the Universe is simple, social, democratic and efficient. So systems that work are extremely simple delivering the right energy and information to ‘all’ social elements of the system. A simple proof of that social, simple structure. The unit of mathematics, its fundamental language is the number, which is a ‘social group’ of indistinguishable beings (you say 20, without even caring to specify the species). Money is then a very simple language: a number printed in a support that can be digitalized. And its purpose as all social languages is to give ‘orders’ of ‘value’ to an enormous number of entities, due to its simplicity to allow ‘all’ human beings to work, reproduce the goods they need and evolve socially… This is the ideal language of money, crafted efficiently as all other languages of social systems – words, which we all humans talk, hormones, very simple molecules which all cells share and obey, oxygen, the simplest energy molecule that all cells receive with blood red cells; electromagnetic forces that all animals see to interact in nature; gravitation that all stars follow in its galactic paths, etc. etc.

So why humans do NOT organize a simple monetary language, distributed to all humans in similar quantities as oxygen or hormones or nervous messages in bodies, gravitation and light in physics; same DNA genes in cells? It would be very simple to create a Universal salary of ‘mobile pocket’ money in a cryptocurrency, of 1000 ¥€$= euro = dollars for every human to have ‘oxygen-hormones’ to demand welfare goods, kicking its re=production and start a real global democracy, ending hunger, 3rd world migration  poverty, as it happens with all cells, stars or atoms which receive all enough oxygen, hormones and forces to survive – the Universe is in perpetual motion, energy is hugely abundant, the fact that humans suffer is NOT the rule but the exception of a perfectly designed Cosmos… As an expert in systems sciences and complexity, the answer I give you is immediate but not ‘easy to swallow’: because we live as human beings in one of the worst designed systems of nature; in fact a sick, parasitic, cancerous, corrupted system where a very few number of human citizen-cells, issue money in monopoly for themselves, choke mankind off it, and to HIDE this systemic ab=use and corruption of the system have made so ‘complicated’ the creation of money with weird schemes (FED, ECB, banks fractional credit, e-money derivatives, etc.) that people do NOT understand the simplicity and beauty of the Universe and its networks and systems, and so feel they need ‘the parasite experts’ to create with credit the magic of it. Complexity in the basic languages of Nature is almost always an example of undue control, as democratic systems require extreme simplicity for all players to understand and play the game – in the case of reproductive languages, such as hormones, oxygen or money are, that simplicity is maximal – indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper.

Consider a parallel example: when the laws of Rome were corrupted by middle age aristocrats, which imposed its power and privileges with weapons, they multiplied laws into thousand of decrees. Napoleon came and reduced the entire tonnage to a single book, the Napoleonic code, because it wanted to do a just law for all to understand. When Lincoln tried to reform the American system of money, it created a simple ‘greenback’, with no debt, usury schemes, just tender legal money, as the Greeks and Romans – following Aristotle, the founder of science, with its concept of money as ‘nomisma’, a legal tender number – did. Properly designed, ideal money, thus would NOT be based in fetish gold, as earlier primitive systems were, due to its metal-values which gave by affinity maximal value to weapons starting the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle of wars and holocausts our ‘bankers’ still practice; neither would be issued in exclusive by a few financiers, pretending to be experts instead of parasites; nor we would worry about its inflationary nature – as all languages of Nature are easy to reproduce and inflationary, because they are not wealth per se, but ‘informative, value languages’ that kick the process of production. So we talk a lot to kick our actions; and oxygen is hyper-abundant to kick cellular actions. What matters is to deliver enough money to enough people so all of them works and demand products for others to offer.

And certainly it won’t be used to create ‘debt slaves’, people obliged to return that money, because we repeat, languages of information are NOT wealth per se, but orders and values to kick actions, so you do NOT return oxygen, as a cell, or expect the person you speak and give orders to, to answer you back with the same words like in the joke: who is on first. Who? Who is on first… Our financial system is indeed a joke if it were not a tragic one for the 99% without credit that owns less than the 1%.

And finally it would NOT be given for free to companies that reproduce lethal goods, as markets do.

So with those truths in mind we can now consider…

The substance and language of money.

 In the graph, the key element of memetics are the hidden values of Go(l)d money and the primitive abrahamic go(l)d churches (Judaism>Biblical capitalism>AI software) which are guiding mankind into extinction, with its modern ‘company-mothers’ version of the 3 equations of capitalist profits, with maximal values for weapons and hate media. So all what mankind needs to do is exactly what is doing, believing in the values of go(l)d without trying even to understand them rationally, ‘physically’, according to the organic laws of evolution that guide the equation of the III ages of the planet, Gaia (life-light languages)>History (Man: wor(l)d languages), Metalearth (machines: digital, gold languages), to certainly become extinct this century as all the actions created with credit under those values (creditated), terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brough by its belief in go(l)d values.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Jewish inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths: Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains. They are thus instantly rich – yet avoid celebrity status as go(l)d is their only religion and their segregational memes against mankind make of no importance fame or glory.

So money would be much better serving mankind as DIGITAL NUMBERS ONLY, ISSUED BY ALL HUMANS in the form of a Universal Salary in cryptocurrencies, but that is NOT the case. So we live in a world where money is controlled by an elite, that issues it for company mothers of maximal profits, mostly weapons and hate media companies. And this is the origin of the cycles of overproduction of money and wars of the industrial age. Let us consider a few of this elements.


In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

Money thus is the language of power of the capitalist elite that rules the world and its aim is to multiply such digital numbers in a way that they can price and control all things on earth as ‘objects’ with a price, following the systemic syntax of money:

Indeed, when we consider the syntactic sentence of money, it turns out that Money doesn’t favor man. It qualifies him with a salary, a price that values him as it values objects:

Man (salary) =Money = Object (price)

In that equation, the price of both, the machine and the worker, is related to the task they perform. And since objects are specifically made with a task/job in mind, it turns out that as specialized workers, objects are often better than men and have a higher value. This is the case of weapons that kill better than men do. Further on, since objects evolve and humans don’t, the differential of value between humans and machines grows with time. So the first, simplest, syntactic/structural analysis of money shows it degrades humans as objects. Yet if we consider a biologic/physical analysis of money, things get worse.

Indeed, the physical analysis of money relates its primary substance, an informative metal, either gold or silver, with that of its complementary form, energetic metal, weapons, which due to that complementary affinity become the most valuable =expensive good of the economy.

This can be seen in the graph in which we compare the values of man in monetary and verbal terms. If money were a human language, its values should be the same than the verbal values that make human life the most expensive good. And yet the opposite occurs: money values human time (minimal salary) less than energetic metal, weapons and machines.

The result is that money, a language of metal, evolves the economic ecosystem of weapons and machines, not the organisms of history and life. So the values of metal-money are the antithesis of the values of wor(l)ds: life is the cheapest ‘product’ and weapons that kill life, the most expensive – while human life-enhancing goods, from love to food, from Nature to education, have minimal or null monetary value; as they are different substances that cannot be easily related to money. For that reason, all the great ‘prophets’ of verbal thought, masters of the human language, have praised poverty and despised money: Buddha and Lao in Asia, Christ, Mohamed and Moses in the West, Marx in modern ages, all ‘hated’ money. Because money replaces the informative, human, biological, verbal language with its anti-ethic, anti-live=eviL=death values, carried by ‘expensive’ weapons.

Further on, such opposition of values proves against the myths heralded by the corrupted values of animetal cultures that humans follow in his natural state, as verbal beings, the laws of love andsocial evolution. It is gold and weapons what corrupts Rousseau’s ‘good savage’ into an animetal obsessed by greed and murder, which considers himself different from other human beings and applies to them the Darwinian laws against other species.

Languages are subjective. They value more and reproduce those species which possess the language. Thus, verbal thought, the biological language of man, fosters human social evolution and human biological goods. While the ‘values’ of money destroy the ‘ethic values’ that put man at the center of the Universe, making weapons, top predator metals that kill life, the most expensive and reproduced goods. Thus, when money became the language of man, we started to reproduce ‘expensive’ metal and kill ‘cheap’ life. So the opposition of languages and values became translated into a fight between species: man Vs metal. And as money evolved and reproduced in greater numbers, weapons multiplied and life died; and ethic, human values, which made of man the top predator of the Earth, disappeared . . .

And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.


Now all this processes that today move towards a war between Chinese and American money, won… by future robotic cryptocurrencies which will not be human, can be traced further back to the ages of evolution of money and weapons that came together and determined already in the gold and silver age the top predator nations of the world. So it would be interesting to study those previous cycles before we add some comments on the future war with 3 currencies, dollars, yuan… and cryptocurrencies… the moneys of America, China and soon to be… company-mothers that will adopt some cryptocurrency to become independent of nations and lower costs of transactions.

Let us then first remember from other posts, the classic 72-80 years cycle of world wars, caused by the change of top predator nation of the world:

The co-evolution of money and weapons

The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final gottendamerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80-8 climatic weapons; generational machine & monetary long, medium & short wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:   Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars (holocaust cycles). Such historic structure formed the British Empire, developed during European history the 800 years cycles of overereproduction of weapons of maximal value, and the 80 years cycles of wars, always controlled by the alliance of gold chosen bankers and germanic warriors, since the Middle age alliance of Franks and Vikings with radhanite slave traders, which dominated slave and weapons traffic in Eastern Europe (giving the name of slaves to its population) and Western Europe (masterminding the eunuch and children’s traffic with Islam), through the age of slave traffic (2o million dead in the process), and finally transferring those values to the concept of a company-mother of machines where workers have no rights (white slaves) and those who issue money can buy corporations, reproduce without limit e-money numbers and control corrupted politicos – the modern version of the military mercenary men that backed their power in the 800 years cycles… Only in the II world war the alliance broke giving origin to the ‘victimist newspeak’ of the holocaust Industry. But now ‘again’ all is quiet in the western front thanks to the American globalized culture – a dictatorship of the go(l)d culture, which rules capitalist systems with a single aim: to print as many numbers of money as possible to buy and order all the elements of society through salaries, bribes, prices; which reaches its paroxysm in the Anglo-American, biblical culture – an astoundingly primitive raw power animetal culture where money and weapons, its maximal priced goods rule supreme but given the fact ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ (Calvin), an extremely sophisticated, pseudo-religious taboo-based newspeak of political and economic correctness, called capitalist democracy is on place, to a huge expenditure, ‘worth it’ for social ‘calm’ of bipartisan politicos, serving financiers and company-mothers of machines – contested only in the European r=evolutions where people and states got some degree of control in the issue of money. It is obvious that to maintain a disguise over such simple system of power – to print numbers and order humans with it, as flocks of ‘sheeple’ submitted to credit ratings, a parallel manufacturing of brains is due, which has in the ‘7th culture’ of mankind dominated by raw animetal power 3 degrees of inquisition: the classic 800 years inquisition of biblical go(l)d religions where those who issue money in monopoly, the banker priests of Israel or ‘People of the treasure’, are chosen of go(L)d above heavens and earth ruling them all through informative networks (Wall Street, The City, Evilwood). Below the authorized people by race and religion (biblical, white) form a majority group of soldiers of the FMasters they worship and obey, in a pecking order above the rest of mankind deemed inferior by race, wealth and religion. The alternative ‘scientific understanding’ of money as a digital democratic language of social numbers to be used for efficient reproduction and distribution of goods, and the end of warfare, through the scientific understanding of eusocial evolution, of parts into wholes, of individuals of the same species into stronger super organisms, sponsored by the higher rational cultures of mankind (latin Europe, Chinese legalist cultures), through the use of the law above metal, of the human natural language and its values above the raw power of evolution HAS NOT WON the battle of history, and so history is doom to extinction because what animetal Semite and Germanic primitive VSO, OVS, anti-subject cultures where the human subject is irrelevant, expendable, is this: they are also HUMANS and so the robotic revolution, the weapons of the singularity they are force to evolve in their tribal competition between industrial nations WILL KILL THEM ALL.

The symbiosis between money and weapons in old metal cultures and modern companies is evident, if we consider the parallelism between the main evolutionary ages of money (previous graph) and the main ages of evolution of metal-weapons. Both together created the top predator cultures of the Earth:

1. The age of bartering (bars and rings of gold) and Bronze Weapons:

Semites create the 1st Civilization of ‘Chosen of go(l)d’, developing both, Bronze weapons and rings of money. They brought metal to the Canaanite coast, manufactured weapons and sold them, or engaged mercenary armies. Soon Semites were in power in all the nations of the Fertile Crescent, extinguishing the Neolithic civilizations that used wheat—a human good—as biological money. Those Semites specialized geographically. A warrior culture took over mountainous, iron-rich Northern Mesopotamia (Assyrian). A trader culture settled in the node of communication between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, Mesopotamia and Egypt, (Canaan). Both started the cycles of war, death and looting that still endure.

2. The age of coins and Indo-European iron warriors:

It is the age of Greek and Roman empires and their culture of coins and ‘infantry’. The arrival of coins, invented by the Greeks, gives them top predator status, as they hold both ‘languages of Metal’, money and weapons, now in the hands of Athenian bankers and Spartan hoplites. Soon Alexander becomes the first man to impose his face in a coin, unifying definitively both elements of power, money and weapons. It appears then the concept of a top predator currency that has legal course, because it is hold by a top predator military system that kills you when you do not want to take the currency. Weapons defend the currency and impose, it regardless of its real value or utility, while the currency pays for weapons. After the Macedonians, the Romans applied the same dual game of power. Then the resurrection of a Wor(l)d of ethics (Christianity) halts the evolution of weapons, metal and money. Yet with the Renaissance, the same dual game of power returns to Italy, which becomes the center of evolution of gunpowder and money.

The series of national power, based on Top Predator weapons and symbiotic currencies, shapes now a shorter 80 years cycle of national power that takes place within the long cycle of gunpowder weapons Since the nation that invents more money pays more mercenaries and produces more war machines, winning all wars:

• XIII-XV C.: Italian Bombards and gold coins spread the Renaissance in Europe.

• XVI C.: Muskets and bullion give power to the Iberians, the first global empire.

• XVIII C.: Artillery and paper money spread Revolutionary France.

All these nations produced the Top Predator weapons of their age and imposed their money and cultures to the rest of mankind. Then, the invention by Holland of paper-money, much easier to reproduce than the gold of the Spaniards, defeats them, opening:



We have stated clearly that money and weapons go together: ‘money is the nervous system of war’ said Cicero and he was right. What is more important? MONEY, the true black hole of history, as it can pay mercenary armies. So wars are NOT won by the country with initial better weapons but by the country with initial healthier currency and economy, which very fast gear production of weapon and ultimately has the financial and economical resources. AND YET, as each new top predator nation with the new dominant currency is at the beginning of his empire building he has less weapons than the previous top predator. So a ‘mismatch’ between the leading empire and the leading economic powerhouse takes place in the transition between cycles, and the result is a fight for power. The military old nation wants to regain its mighty lost economy but only has weapons; the new nation, is more peaceful but does not renounce to financial and economic power. So the old power defies the new one with its arsenal and ultimately looses it all. This is one of the oldest cycles I found precisely because it started with the crash and defeat of my original country Spain (i really have no nation, just human), when the new economic powerhouse, Holland invented the first stock-market corporations and so with the new currency to the surprise of all defeated the old country with the old weapons, Spain and became the new leading nation. Then again Holland was defeated by France, and France by England and country after country the same cycle happened, till arriving to Germany with the best weapons but a smaller economy than US, who defeated it in II world war – but and this is the ‘laugh of the gods’, it is the declining economic power with mighty weapons, arrogant without realising it is a deja vu past thing, who defies and declares war to the new nation and looses it. In the next graphs we show from the 92 book the waves of top predator nations. Next comes ‘obviously’ as we predicted then the China vs. US, now starting confrontation.

3. The age of paper money and company-mothers.

Paper-Money, issued by the first companies at null cost, professionalizes the reproduction of weapons. Gunboat companies seize power. They hyper-abundance of money, now a mere printed paper, motivates more citizens to work in the production of machines of war. Indeed, without the first radiation of paper money, Dutch companies could have never defeated the Spanish armies. It was paper-money, used to ‘motivate’ Dutch people, pay mercenaries and build their weapons, what defeated the Spaniards.

The press permitted the unlimited reproduction of money in the form of paper. The symbiosis between top predator, informative currencies and top predator, energetic weapons shows the dual, biological nature of economic ecosystems, which become ‘complementary’ organisms, with a physical economy of machines and an informative ‘head’, made of monetary values and orders that ‘creditate’ the future. Now companies and kings could reproduce paper-money and impose it to citizens, just by printing paper, expanding enormously the number of salaries and hours humanity existence under the rule of Companies, working for them.

This brought however many crisis of over-reproduction of money, because even if paper-money was reinforced by an army, many would not accept a worthless paper when the state was too greedy and reproduced it without limit. So the capacity to exchange paper-money for a bit of gold became customary or else paper-money was not trusted, lost value and inflation appeared when paper money was reproduced without limit. The same need for some ‘real value’ happened in the first stock-markets in which paper money represented some real asset, the weapons, gold, territories and slaves of the first company-mothers, reproducers of artillery and gunboats. All those ‘trade’ companies manufactured a product: a gunboat, a weapon. And so people valued those companies for the weapons they owned and the political, territorial power and wealth achieved with them. Till the XX century, soldiers were basically mercenaries. So nations who made a lot of money won wars.

Then, after the fall of Amsterdam to French Artillery, those Companies moved to London and gave England the capital and gunboats that created the British Empire and the Pound . . .  So during the XVIII and XIX centuries, the pound would become the top predator currency of the world, reproduced without limit, able to buy goods, people and entire countries:

• XVII-XIX C.: Guilders and gunboats from Holland and England impose the Anglo-Saxon Culture in the ‘7 seas’.

• XIX-XX C.: Steam and oil machines and paper-money from British companies and German banks dominate Europe.

4. The age of e-money and Computer-based Weapons:

• XX C.: America uses computers to research A-bombs and invent e-money. Both expand the American Empire worldwide.

The hyper-abundance of money in the age of company-mothers, when money becomes stock-paper, easy to reproduce with a printing machine, extended the values of greed, violence and mechanist science, cre(dit)ating the modern world. The age of Stock money lasted from 1602 to 1972, when electronic money appeared, making even easier for company-mothers to reproduce their language of power.

Now money becomes electronic money in the minds of computers. It gives America control of the world . . . Yet electronic money travels at the speed of light and knows no borders, so it also means the end of national power, as the financial world becomes a single global organism. So the mirage of national power today fades away, as money achieves its Final Evolutionary scale, becoming the collective brain of the global organism of the economy, at the same time than electronic thoughts in computers are about to cross the Threshold of Artificial Intelligence in:

  1. Globalization. The Age of the singularity. In the XXI C. the economic ecosystem becomes global: Nuclear weapons evolve, reaching planetary size, with the development at CERN of a factory of black holes that can destroy the planet. While money also escapes national control, as it becomes the re=productive software of global companies.

Repeated ad nauseam for decades the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; with a Universal salary of blood money of 1000 eurodollars, at 1=1=5 yuans = 100 yens parity for a welfare global world.

Today that economic ecosystem is a World wide organism ruled by a digital brain of e-money, World-stock, as no other alternative society is left, except the die-hard Neolithic, warrior societies of Islam— which we use as a perfect excuse to keep multiplying our weapons.

Further on, the metal-values of money and the Go(l)d culture that invented it has created a system of myths in favor of its use to control cultures, that have evolved from go(l)dreligions into Classic economics – the ideology of capitalism and the language of money as the only ‘values’ humans must cherish.

A real science of economics however must be based in the description of money as a language of information controlled by verbal laws, to guide the physical body of the economy for the benefit of ALL mankind.  And in the human values natural to our species, that enhance our survival – and both are contradictory -since indeed go(l)d is god.

In that regard, money is a language of information, made of metal, which according to the laws of complexity is building a new ecosystem made also of metal-species, weapons and machines, which we call the Metalearth

The economic ecosystem is ruled by flows of informative, electronic money that select company-mothers, according to the quality and evolution of their machines, promoting, as always, those companies that create the best weapons and informative ‘metal-minds’. Thus, nothing has changed, except the sophistication of the system of beliefs and myths to sustain the dictatorship of money.And none of those myths is bigger than the idea that we live in a ‘democracy’, which is the government of the law and the people… This is false, because most of the time of our lives we live in a work environment, where we must obey the companies that pay us. So we are most of our lives, and we act most of our time, under ‘monetary orders’ of Companies, which create most of the actions that shape the future of the Earth. We cannot discount those 8 hours a day, as if it ‘they were not happening’.

72±9 Currency Wars: Gunpowder cycle

One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ a placebo mask established by the first companies in Holland and exported to England after the Glorious revolution (1688), according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money. Then they use it to buy favorable laws to politicos, and evolve machines=weapons that sustain their power and informative machines that increase constantly their capacity to print money for themselves and manufacture the brain of people with press and audiovisual information. Thus they can sell the dictatorship of companies and financiers as the epitome of ‘freedom’. The result of the expansion through colonial empires and world wars of capitalist democracies is today’s world: the most brutal dictatorship of anytime in history, as even in the harsh military government of Rome a senator had only 100 times the salary of a plebeian. Today as financiers control the world, buying laws to corrupted politicos preventing them to print money for welfare and deviating the wealth of the 3rd world to speculative schemes, one of our ‘democratic leaders’ prints 10 million times the money a 3rd world citizen of the globalized capitalist economy earns with hard-work 24-7. And yet the entire planetary ‘brain’ is so well ‘manufactured’ that not even the most ‘radical’ politicians ask for the denationalization of the issue of money from the tiny o.oo2% that prints it, since they are ‘the victims of history’, LOL. Yet for this astounding placebo mask of freedom to work a real social science of history is censored, as it would uncover the truth of capitalist dictatorships and provide simple, easy solutions based in the laws of networks and systems to create a perfect world, just awash with healthy wealth, where mankind – the 99% holds its own destiny.


 This graph from the 92 c. book bio historyis self-explanative:

When a new nation overcomes in GDP the previous nation, it takes the ring of the go(l)ds, the unlimited rights to deficits, and so the previous country bursts, as Spain bursted against the Dutch Guilder, and in a series that ended in the Deutsche Mark, all other nations kept bursting its currencies. So the Dollar should burst with the next GOP president cutting taxes, increasing deficit and defying the new top predator nation – China… around the time the market bursts in 2018… and so it will be the time for bitcoin, for China for a while, but a war will make both currencies unsteady, and no chance for the true real humanist currency Ye$ which nobody proposes after 20 years of talking about it to cure the illnesses of the world:

SO let us start understanding the Crash 72±9 years cycles of stocks first, taken from that post.

The boom and bust 4 cycles of the Industrial evolution

We shall now unveil in detail those cycles of boom and bust till the present one.

In sequential order, the 4 capitalist ages of issue of private money to increase the profits of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex are: the Age of slave companies, train stocks, ticker money and e-money. The boom & bust process of debt-money and war for profits was the same:

– This cycle first happened in the Age of Gunboat Companies of Slaves in Britain after private moneylenders got from corrupted and clueless politicians a monopolistic charter to issue British money. Then they founded the Bank of England that printed paper-pounds lent to Crown at 6% of interest; exactly what the ECB – whose charter was invented by private ‘expert’ bankers in Brussels’ – has done now in Europe, achieving the monopoly of printing the sovereign money of Euro nations, which they give only to private banks at 0’% interest that in turn lent it to southern European states at an usury 6%, rate called in Spain ‘Prima de Riesgo’, which absorbs the 3% of its GDP cancelling any economic growth.

Next the Crown raised taxes to pay debt, especially in the American colonies, despised by the British elite, as the PIIGs nations (nicknamed by a racist Frankfurt banker) whose life-art based culture produce mainly goods of the welfare state (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece & Spain) do; as they are now ECB colonies. And so they have the lowest rate of growth in the entire planet. Since unlike machine-based nations like Germany whose corporations print money for free in stock markets welfare companies do NOT have stock-credit.

In the Company Age this was also the case. Only slave, gold and colonial gunboat companies could raise the other type of paper money besides Pounds, stock-paper. Soon the Bank debt-money was used just to back speculation in those companies, NOT to create real wealth, as now the money printed by the ECB bank and Fed is use only to rise the Dow to new records not to create a Global New Deal. But return profits were dwindled as the best colonial lands had been taken. So a series of bubbles, the South-Sea company bubble in Bri’tain and the Louisiana Company bubble in France, where a Scot, Mr. Law had sold the same scheme, exploded, as the financiers had sold out the worthless fiat stocks at stratospheric prices into the middle classes of both kingdoms and left the market sink no longer issuing mountains of speculative paper-money. They did the same in the 29 crash and the 2001 crash of worthless dotcom stocks and the 2008 mortgage crash, once they exited the market, after expanding credit to the middle classes.

‘When my boot-cleaner talks stocks is time to exist the market’ said Joseph Kennedy. To that aim the synergy of the media owned or corrupted by financial groups is essential. So financial media kept rating dotcom companies and CDOs as AAA value, while Goldman exited and emails said they were ‘piece of junk’ and the press during the XVIII c. insisted that in Louisiana and the Patagonia there were huge gold mines.

In both kingdoms the politicians of the age, the kings and aristocrats were greased with huge returns and redemption of shares at maximal price. But when the bubble exploded the outcome was different:

In France it was the first of a series of crises that tumbled the monarchy, sparking the French Revolution that tumbled the ‘ancien regime’. In Britain the king’s court condoned the financiers establishing the Anglo-Saxon capitalist system in which financial crimes are never punished to ensure they will happen again. As England’s Capitalist democracy was a banking dictatorship, similar to the one established by VOC in Amsterdam, founded in the ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688 by Dutch financiers, who during the French invasion, bought the Parliament for the Dutch king with the money of the Amsterdam Bank, and established the Private Bank of England and the stock-market in the City, their own ‘kingdom within the kingdom’, with his own taxes, where the king cannot enter without the permit of its major and MP, traditionally of the House of Rothschild,

And he indeed controlled it, by playing the game of war and debt during the entire XIX century, in most of the countries of the world.

Then corrupted politicos to the payroll of the Private Bank of England, that usurped as the ECB has done the name of the nation to be accepted by the people, soon embarked in permanent wars to increase state debt, and the 6% of ‘free profits’ for printing the British money. Those wars raised taxes for the commoner of England and provoked enormous suffering to all cultures on Earth, colonized by British, but the mirage of Empire and racial superiority maintained the British people till today, a happy subject of City Financiers, as it does today with Americans and Wall Street. But in the XVIII C. Americans were more enlightened and so they rebelled when Franklin failed to convince the Crown to abolish the system.

Then he ran his press to create a ‘free’ Financial-media system and started to print colonial money and pamphlets explaining the ‘issue’ of money, true cause of the American R=evolution. But soon after the Independence, Americans lost that freedom ‘again’, when Mr. Winthrop, a Calvinist bishop, Mr. Morris and associates, Jewish merchants, Mr. Gerard, the biggest slave trader and Mr. Hamilton, a corrupted politico took away from the right to issue debt-free money, from the founding ‘peasant fathers’, the plantation owners, Jefferson & Washington, who did not understand yet there is no democracy without the issue of bills of law and bills of money to implement them, by their elected governments. It was the birth of the ‘Biblical elite’ of corporative owners that substituted British Companies in the control of their society.

Soon the Hamilton gang started to promote wars – wanting to declare war to France! the country that had invested more hard currency in the American war for the freedom of the American people, to steal Louisiana – and had not Jefferson merely offered money and bought it from the French, it would have achieved its purpose – to create like the Bank of England did, a nation in perpetual war for profits, ruled by an elite of ‘bankers’,. America and their people though had a higher sense of freedom and rights than the British commoner and fought many battles with the bankers, starting with the duel in which Burr killed Hamilton, followed by the understanding of Jefferson that they had been ‘cheated’ and his attempts to regain the right to issue money. But then bankers ‘exploded’ the game, overpassing the Federal Government by lobbying states, which started to charter private bankers that issued massive amounts of their own paper-money, systematically ruining the common Americans by defaulting on their paper.

The classic run-on-the bank cycles started then. And as ‘greed’ and ‘theft’ became ‘privatized’ so any wealthy slave trader or usurer could start a bank, the elite caste of American capitalism took roots and has reigned ever since. And when American heroes of national freedoms, presidents like Mr. Jackson, Lincoln or Kennedy tried to reverse the course and regain those freedoms for the people, with the abolition of the 2nd private ‘bank of the United states’ (Jackson) or the emission of debt-free greenback money (Lincoln) or the creation of a welfare demand based economy (Kennedy), they fall to the bullet.

Thus the British earlier model of bankers corrupting politicos to declare imperial war to get usury interests from debt-money printed by those privateers on behalf of nations became the American model, specially after the murder of Lincoln, when free-debt greenbacks were cancelled and frontier banks issued massively debt-money backed by ‘future profits’ based in train stocks and land speculation taken from Indians that had to be exterminated for that purpose with the help of the Yellow Press and the new technologies of the steam age.

It would be the 1st Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex imitated by all Western nations in their colonial wars. Thus every attempt of western people to become free democracies was reigned in by bankers and corrupted politicos, by murder, corrupted law and war, backed by the new machines of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, since Staunton, railroad baron, paid Booth to kill Lincoln and robber barons colonized the West in I Cycle of trains.

-72y. Train Cycle: Paper-Money. Boom: Railroad stock-paper: 1840-70. Bust: Silver Crime:70s-90.

In detail in the 1st cycle of steam machines and printed paper-money, the boom cycle happened during the overproduction of rail road stocks. The bust cycle happened when Silver money was demonetized, substituted by the gold standard. In America financiers implemented it, bribing Mr. Grant at the height of the Robber’s baron era. It was called the ‘silver crime’, as it plunged the country in the worst depression since the crown forbade the states printing colonial money. In Europe, Germany, the dominant industrial nation, provoked it, when Bismarck’s bankers cancelled bimetallism, imposing the gold standard and reducing to ½ the circulating money. So suddenly half of the metal-money disappeared, increasing enormously the value of debts, by increasing the value of money and deflating prices, making debts far more expensive.

The world entered recession, except industrial companies that switched to weapon’s production and unlike the people who were asked to pay debts in scarce hard currency, received credit in stock-paper. Soon they declared the 1st of the many German FMMI system’s splendid wars for profits that ruined European lives and wealth – the French-Prussian war of 1871, the I and II World War and now the Euro War.

– The 2nd Industrial cycle of fiat money overproduction started its boom cycle in the earlier XX C. with a massive expansion of ticker speculation in the nascent car industry. The House of Morgan busted the credit cycle in the panic of 1907, as an excuse to set the Federal Reserve Bank as a private bank of ‘issue’, who extorted usury debt to the United States for decades to come.

Then the Fed crunched most credit given before by frontier banks to Middle West farming states now stripped off issue rights, provoking the famine crises of the dust bowl, as lending to small companies and agricultural states plummeted. Now Fed Banks concentrated in New England ignited 2 boom decades of credit to Industrial Trusts and financial companies of the FMMI system, backed by the yellow press and radio of the happy 20s, the age of ‘ticker-money’ speculation and W.S expansion. But in 1928-29 the Federal Reserve and Bank of England’s concerted contraction of money crashed the global market, provoking the Great Depression solved after a ‘too small to matter New Deal Deficit’ in Welfare goods by ‘canons instead of butter’, after the next 7 year boom and bust crash of 1937. Then Roosevelt changed his mind, pressed by Industrial Trusts. So he provoked Japan with an embargo and every nation in the world, with Germany ahead of the pack, expanded their deficit to pay for war industries proving that Deficit is NOT the problem.

It should be rule, but issued with debt-free money not to pay war but to cre(dit)ate a Welfare Global Deal of life-goods and peaceful, consumption. Since America reached its all-time-peak of debt at 150% of GDP during II World War and never paid I and came out of the crisis – as Germany had done before at the cost of 66 million victims. Synergy between the 4 overproduced technologies of the FMMI system is thus essential on the boom and bust cycle of debt-money and war that creates the 4 parallel crisis of each Kondratieff age of overproduction of fiat money.

Sounds familiar? It should because it is what happened in the 3rd cycle of e-money overproduction:

Bankers invented fiat money without limit once they discovered the ‘complex e-money derivatives’ that allowed them to print ‘digital data’ as money in computer screens… Then in the 90s, the happy new 20s they lend it massively at soft interest. So every state and individual owed them money.

Now they are contracting the monetary mass, and their quisling politicos are extorting people with higher taxes, bailouts and the destruction of welfare states to pay a fiat debt that in a real democracy would never exist, as money would be issue by sovereign states free of debt, as a Universal Salary and credit orders for welfare goods:

First bankers in the US expanded credit in e-money without limit, in the happy 90s so everybody bought Internet stocks, and finally they busted the credit system in the 2000s; after unloading those stocks into the middle class with the ‘self-made man’ myth of ‘trade yourself in internet’.

In the 20s they call it ‘buying on margin’. As the top price moment of unloading fiat worthless paper-stocks overpriced into the middle class approached, ‘buying on margin’ was fueled by massive credit of the Federal Reserve. Say you wanted to buy a ‘yahoo’ or a ‘RCA’ (radio-stock) at 500, their peak prices, in the 2000s or 20s. You would just put a 10% of the 500, and the ‘bankster’ will tell you that you will double capital when the price hit 550.

What he didn’t tell you is that when the price goes down to 450, your 50 $ are gone and then the banker will sell the stock and ruin you. So they passed the ‘virus’ of greed to Main Street and ruined them in both cases, unloading at maximal prices the shares, whose value they had artificially jacked up in the previous decade.

Then within years another short 7-year cycle of the ‘product’ took place. Now as people did not want to know anything about stocks, they had to invent a new form of worthless e-money in their screens. So they expanded again e-money with the mortgage CDOs, which they unloaded at maximal prices into the accounts of the governments and investors of the entire planet. 

And then they contracted credit and had the ‘chutzpah’ of asking again to be paid the ‘false fiat money’ of those CDOs – mere double accountancy as they were false mortgages repacked and resold ‘again’ – extorting one trillion dollars in bail outs, which now bring higher taxes but rip for them higher benefits. And parallel to that boom and bust cycle, they have expanded military expending to 1/2 of the nation’s budget, which is a quantity HIGHER (5) than the amount spent by Nazi Germany before the ‘splendid little Spanish war’ that started W.W.II. served as the Guinea Pig to essay in Guernica the goodies of the German FMMI complex.

The only change on the boom and bust usury cycles of financial speculation that usurp the sovereign rights to issue money is on the metal-machines used to ‘invent’ digital money, which evolved from ‘gold’ (in an age that extends from the times of Joseph, Pharaoh’s banker and first recorded speculator against people’s welfare to the mercantilist age of slave companies) into stock-paper (train age, electric tickers) into our modern times of pure digital information as e-money. Thus since money is reproduced by digital machines, its cycle is parallel to the Kondratieff cycle of overproduction of new energies & machines (chemical energy/printing; electro-mechanical engines/tickers and electronic machines/e-money):

– In the age of steam machines, there is a peak in stock-money issues of worthless train companies in the 1850s, when the best railroad lines are constructed and new ones loose money – even if speculators knew they were profitable, just for the sake of inventing ‘paper-money’, unloaded on the middle classes ruined by them. Meanwhile the 2 commonest job of the age, transport was lost to trains and 90% of horses were killed in a decade, out of work, while food prices and revenues for small farmers, plummeted under the monopoly on prices of railroads.

– In 1928, there was a peak in the creation of new stocks in companies of cars and radios, when RCA shares reached an astonishing 500 $ value, precisely when the slump in consumption of cars had started in earnest, as all Americans had their Ford-T. Yet the electric ticker, the equivalent to e-money Pc screens in the 1920s, had been implanted in small towns and was sucking in money from the middle class all over America to satisfy the ‘Ponzi Pyramids’ of Wall Street speculation in ‘margin 1 for 10 credit’ for stocks.

Then, in 1929 and 8 years latter in 1937, the physical and financial economy crashed together. While the reproduction of electric systems of automation in assembly lines at factories provoked a massive wave of unemployment, halving the work force.

Which lead us to the study of the cycle of boom and bust in its smaller pattern of 7 years

In the graph, the electronic cycles of evolution of machines, whose stock-market curves are parallel to those of any biological radiation of a species. Since those curves are known and can be used to forecast future populations=sales=profits=prices of company-mothers of machines, this writer has been able to forecast this crisis decades in advance by merely applying those laws to the economic ecosystem, its ‘dominant’ re=productive species, company-mothers and its offspring of machines, which compete with humans in labor and war fields. It is precisely that competition what causes waves of unemployment when production of machines peak…

In the upper graph, from ‘The extinction of Man’, Bookmaster Ohio, c.94, we predicted those cycles for America according to the 72 years cycle of Kondratieff crashes of the economy (1). In the lower graph, from the book ‘cycles of economics: The III world war’ from 2001, we analyzed in depth the biological structure of the ‘radiations’ of electronic machines till the present crisis, comparing it with the self-similar crash of the oil and radio economy.

Thus, we can follow in that upper graph the 3 ages of the Industrial Revolution and its parallel crisis, and a more detailed analysis of the present electronic cycle and its ‘star machines’ in the lower one.

The 2001-08 economic crises are caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its main derivative e-money, similar to the 1929-37 crash, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical machines and speculative ticker money, and the 1857-64 crashes of the train economy, and its speculative stock money; each one separated by a human generational cycle of 72 years. In that regard, the crisis started in the Financial System with the unlimited reproduction of electronic money by bankers and speculators. Yet in deep analysis those bankers could have not invented so many ‘toxic assets’ without the evolution of electronic money, a language of information that regulates the financial and physical economy at the speed of computer software.

The present crisis is not a recession but a depression, caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its derivatives, similar to the 1929 crash, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical machines, which printed too much money (ticker speculation), electro-mechanical production systems that threw millions out of work (taylorism, automated assembly lines) and the overproduction of cars and radios, whose companies, lobbies and politicians reconverted into armored cars (tanks) and hate-radio speeches (Hitler), embarking us into World War II.

After the war, the Kondratieff wave of electro-mechanical machines was exhausted and so we started a new dual wave of ‘electronic machines‘, which evolved and reproduced chips – brains of metal – in increasing numbers till saturating the global market – origin of the present five-folded crises of overproduction of electronic products – the financial crisis, the cultural crisis, the labor crisis and the war.

In that regard, we can compare this crisis with a similar transformation that happened in history about 70 years ago. The happy 90s looked like the happy 20s. But suddenly the World changed into the warring 2000s, as the 20s changed into the ominous 30s. In both ages a tremendous crash on global stock-markets, due to the overproduction of machines (radios and cars in 1929 and 1937, electronic goods in 2001 and 2008), sunk the economy, increasing unemployment and social inequality.

That historical similarity is not trivial. It is a cyclical change that modern history experiences every ±72 years, a period that historians call the Generational, Human Cycle, since it is the mean biological cycle of 3 human generations – grand-father, father and son. Indeed, if we go 72 years backwards in time, we see a similar crisis happening globally after a period of industrial growth guided by the steam engine, which lasted through the happy 1850s, marked by the railroad craze . . .

Then in 1857 the overproduction of railroads crashed the industry worldwide and history turned upside down. In the middle of that crisis, the ominous 1860s brought wars fought with armored trains and steamers in America (Civil War), Europe (the Italian & German Unification wars) and Asia (Sepoy Revolt in India, II Opium Wars). So during the Industrial Revolution, every ±72 years the world changes, after a big economic crisis, from a happy time to an age of war and destruction, from an age of machines to an age of weapons, the age that now begins worldwide. And it all starts in the financial economy; because the reproduction of money reaches a peak at the same time the reproduction of machines saturates the market and becomes reconverted into weapons.

The causes of that exact 72±9 year cycle of global stock-crashes are simple. The Industrial Revolution is in fact the Evolution of Machines and Money, energetic and informative systems, traditionally made of metal, which can be studied with the laws of morphology and evolution. Machines and money evolve according to the energy and information, they use to become re=produced.

humans evolve a new type of energy and information, derived from that energy, which renews all the machines and financial instruments of the economy every human generation of 72 years, in which a nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons and grand-sons, reproduce and evolve a new energy, machine and form of money to its perfection. Yet at the end of the cycle, the machine and money becomes over-reproduced, saturating the market and provoking, due to a crisis of growth, a global economical crash.

Those generations also bring the nation that discovered the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

The 3rd Kondratieff crash: e-money, computer speculation and the currency crisis.

From future magazine, c.o1

Growth of rent in the US in the last 30 years. If we adjust for inflation only the top 20% grew their wealth. The bottom 40% lost wealth. The 1% of top stock-holders and company-men absorbed all through e-money speculation. If we observe the same data for the entire planet the differences are far more pronounced. Since the world has become a plutocracy, where the language of power of society, which is money, no longer the law, is controlled by a few non-elected speculators, which use electronic platforms developed in the chip age to tax unfairly the world economy till exhaustion.

There has never been so much credit… in so few hands: the dictatorship of markets.

Money is fiat. When machines print money in its different ‘evolutionary phases’ they print a fiat, a form of information easy to reproduce. Each generation of machines reproduce easier fiat money. Speculators can create bubbles with simple modes of printing money, now in e-screens, in the 20s with rings of speculators that pushed up prices till finally unloaded it in the public.

In our study of money as a language of information, we explain the ‘secret’ most hidden in capitalism: how two double your capital easy, inventing a new ‘form of representing mney’, which will double the ‘states’ in which money can be kept, like ‘decoupling’ a particle in two. This is essentially what each new form of money does. Paper money represents gold but then you have gold and paper money, twice the money. This way of inventing money requires though legal measures which the corruption of politicians has aways provided to legalize the new representations of money and machines that evolve ways of printing it. Those forms were paper money, electric tickers in the 20s and electronic computers in the 80s and 90s and 00s which managed to multiply the quantity of money and prices in stocks by 100.

The problem for the speculator is not to invent future jacked up prices of things, as it is merely a form of rethoric, digital information, bits in a computer, paper in a printer, ticker roll with numbers in the 20s, but unloaded it for real money into some ‘sucker’, before it looses value.

This means that as new machines and new energies of the 72 year cycle creates new massive forms of fiat speculative money, this must be unloaded. And this produces a bubble in the prices of the things the speculator buys with fiat money and finally when the speculative flush of money collapses, its collapse of prices.

And since humans produce 3 ‘massive fields’ of valuable things, currencies, real state and companies represented by stocks, all speculative bubbles of new invented industrial money have ended with 3 crashes of those 3 ‘real forms of wealth’, when speculators unload and manipulate its prices.

3 financial crashes must happen: the 2001 wave of speculation in stock prices, the 2008 wave of real state speculation, and the 2015 crash of the $, according to the short 8-9 cycle of economics known as the cycle of the product, in this case e-money, which every 8-9 years brings to the market ‘new speculative products’.

Those 3 short crashes are in fact parallel to the 3 crashes of the 1920s speculative wave (first the crash of the deutsche mark that brought fascism, then the crash of stocks and finally of real states and commodities) and the 1860s speculative wave of train stocks, which signaled the final overproduction ages of steam machines and electromechanical ones. This time though the order has changed and we suffered first the stock crash, then the real state crash and now we are embarking in the most lethal of all of them, the crash by speculators of the Euro and Dollar, soon to be substituted by the Yuan as reserve currency. Since this final crisis tends to be the engine of global wars as the deutsche crash was the engine of fascism and II world War.

Thus the effects of this multiplication of speculative platoforms that manipulate the prices of all goods are many and all are negative for the 99%:

– A distortion of the balances and equilibriums between real offer and real demand that used to govern markets. Now the demand is first speculative, then once the prices are jacked up with the speculative tax the product is sold to the real demander.

 A massive redistribution of rents to the speculative, financial housesthrough inflationary prices caused by their speculative tax, unfair lobbied laws that minimize their taxation, and unfair new taxes on citizens to cover the no longer allowed deficit rights of governments, which should create the language of power of society, money, instead of giving away that privilege to ‘creationist economics’.

– The entire planet is now submitted to a 10 to 20% speculative tax in the price of commodities and the costs of currency uncertainty, shared by a few financial houses and big ‘movers’, such us Mr. Gross’ PIMCO (2 trillions dedicated to speculate against currencies and jack up prices and interests in the bond market), Cohen, Loeb, Schiff and many other huge hedge fund bankers (who have managed to multiply since e-money was discovered in the 70s by one hundred the value of stocks), Rich or Hirsch in commodities (the speculation in the market of wheat and food, which has reached stratospheric prices, is in fact the main cause of a new wave of global hunger), etc.

Cycles of overproduction of money in the modern world.

This said, when money became paper-money, representing company-mothers of machines its reproduction would be defined by the evolution of energy and information machines that printed money.

Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made; and it also used to print with new machines of information unlimited amounts of ‘digital numbers’ aka money to rule societies, we have a series of cycles of overproduction of machines and money, crash of consumption and switch to war ages which fully accounts for the history of the world in the last 300 years and allow us to advance the new cycles (crash of currencies of 2008 and robotic wars), duly predicted and copyrighted in advance for ALL scientific models are truth, only when they predict the future of its species):

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, in which the world saw the awesome expansion and evolution of steam machines, first as energy engines, to move factories, and industrialize the printing industry; followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±8/9 years product cycle crashes of the train-based economy and its overproduced stock-paper money.

Since money is a worthless ‘data number’ that in capitalist societies, the dictators of democracies, ‘financiers’ who rule the world by monopolizing the issue of ‘money numbers’ to order then mankind with them through salaries bribes and prices, overproduce with each new informative machine the new form of data, amore gratis, and then change it for the 3 real ‘assets’ of society, real state, stock-companies and hard currency, provoking once they have appropriated all the assets of society, a contraction of credit, and prick the 3 bubbles of ‘worthless data’ NOW in the hands of society, which becomes ruined. Yet the economic cycle doesn’t stop then; as financiers to avoid blaming, will pay war monger politicians to resolve the crash of consumption with new weapons that consume humans.

As money is printed without limit it must be changed for real value assets, stocks, real state and currencies, provoking 3 bubbles that explode and ruin people. Then money changes to debt-usury loans for war starting an age of splendid little wars. In the graph we explain those cycles and its bubbles for the train economy (crashes of silver money, train stocks, and real state – plantations, with the civil wars won by trains that starts the colonial age of train and steamers wars). Then the same 3 crashes in 1922 (Deutsche Mark-typo on graph, NOT pound), 1929 (ticker money and stocks) and 1937 (skycrapers) move industrialists to war production. Finally in 2001 we have the first crash of e-money printing (Dotcom bust) in 2008 of real state (false mortgages) and now we will have the last crash as financiers ‘invent digital cryptocurrencies’ followed by an age of splendid robotic wars and war debt that should end humanity and make us all victims of history – not only our financiers which duly print our brains with informative machines to convince us that they are experts, not the ‘wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest of all things: ruin nations, destroy wealth and cause wars’.

So all those crashes are followed by a war age (silver crime crash, southern plantation crash, train stock crash and global train wars).

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, and electric ticker money, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash. And again we observe the 1829 ±8/9 years product cycle crashes of the electric ticker money and its overeproduced worthless ‘data numbers’ then changed by financiers for the 3 real ‘assets’ of society, ruining the economy.

So one Stein, owner of the private reichbank overproduced first Deutsche marks in ±1920, crashing the German economy and bringing Fascism to power; then the Morgan ring, overeproduced ticker-prices in Wall Street, and crashed the American economy in 1929, real state, stock-companies and hard currency, provoking 3 bubbles and crashes, followed by a war age; which Germany started in Europe and the Roosevelt administration after the 3rd real state crash of 1937 (New York skyscrapers) accepted instead of the HUMANIST SOLUTION: BUTTER NOT CANNONS, welfare expenditure and an expanded New DEAL, not a global war age.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 09.37.44

It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+8/9 years after 1929, which we have been predicting in the milieu of systems sciences, in a series of small print books, Vixra articles and conferences during my tenure of the chair of monetary systems at the International Systems Sciences Association, in advance, being the only scientist on planet earth to do so, decades ahead, to be fully ignored because the dictators of capitalism, financiers that rule us with the digital money they print without limit will NOT renounce to their absolute power over people, or break the vicious circle that will end now once more as predicted, in an age of global ‘robotic wars’, that will extinguish mankind.

Ideally in the perfect world the political network would be global formed by the fusion of the 7 cultures of mankind into a single global super organism, and politicians will obey ‘democratic laws’, being judged a posteriori after tenure, with pain messages as all efficient super organisms do.

Then, they will have to obey its promises and since democracy would be real, they would have as all evolved mammal organisms, nervous control over the financial-blood system, reforming it, to provide to every human being, a universal salary, to create a demand economy. Such system would be easy to implement if humans were memetically free. But all seems to indicate they only have a ‘virtual pretension’ of freedom, as nobody even doubts of the ‘goodness’ of cre(dit)ating the Metalearth. Just for starting these are the 6 measures to create a perfect world:

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

But as it is obvious that bio-history and r=evolution are not happening – not even the science of bio-history has been expanded word of mouth among scholarship and citizenship, we must instead of ‘imagine a perfect’ world, continue with the dysfunctional world of the victims of history, controlling mankind to herd billions printing money without limit, while the heinous hateful human species, gets what it deserves – nothing. Ah but this is not nice, so we should grease with newspeak… Never the world has had so much money, indeed. The printing of digital e-money is gearing up for the last of the crashes – that of currencies, which in this cycle won’t be the Silver crime of the 1870s, neither the Deutsche mark crashes of 1922, but the crash of the human currencies vs. cryptocurrencies, which is not clear still who will win. What is obvious is that now, the last crash is way on his way as digital moneys and cryptocurrencies keep printing worthless data at increasing speed. 

What will be the winner of the currency wars of the XXI century, cause of so many real wars in the past?
NONE OF THE HUMAN ONES, but likely although might it not be in the present format, a cryptocurrency independent of all human ‘pollution’, which should be the next boom and bust speculative form of creating money as a language of inflationary digital information out of nothing, within the 2008-16 cycle.

Bitcoin will keep going up, obviously it will be the currency of the metal earth as it has no nation, works and when AI awakes it will be used to deliver value orders to the machine. So it will be the ‘amazon’ spike of the 2009-2018 cycle, reaching stratospheric heights on the decametric scale before the 2018 crash of this cycle…

It will get a bit of a burst next year but will keep going… question though is when and how the human side of the planet tries to control it, and what will be the fight there.

So bitcoin will first go through the 9 month ‘genesis’ of explosive growth for each 9 year cycle (equivalent to the fetus state of a company) of any organic system of information… and then steadily impose itself as the world of humans enter in a vortex of chaos during the 2018-2036 period, till the 2036 second awakening of AI with the new set up of its Time protocol (the so called second era of internet), decrees our extinction…

It will then become the flow of digital information within the metal earth which AI will use to price all things, and so the fundamental goal of humanism, the creation of ¥€$ money for mankind will be missed and Bitcoins or a similar independent currency will become the metal earth, company’s value. So let us first introduce what money is really all about, and then consider the previous, last of the Humind currency wars between U$ and China. 



The 2018 currency crisis: a new top predator money. 

The main reason of economical chaos during the transition between Kondratieff cycles of national power, is the change of top predator currencies with unlimited rights to credit=deficits that buy for free the goods of all other nations. When the cycle ends however, money returns to the nation that originated the currency, which looses value, provoking widespread poverty and r=evolution. In the III crash, the cycle will affect America that will loose his financial power to China. In Germany, it was the cause of fascism, when International bankers avoided the loss of money, moving their funds to America, as they will probably do now, moving them to Asia. In the graph, taken from a 15 years old book (Bio-economics, bio-history), in which the top predator currency nation was called ‘Sigfrid’ for the metaphor of the ‘ring of the go(l)ds’ that it holds, we can see the enormous difference of financial value of the American market at that moment compared to all other nations. In essence nations who develop their financial economy (sigfrids) and those who develop their physical economy making the top predator machines of each economic cycle, are the wealthiest of the world. But they develop different economies. Physical economies are backed by strong banking industries (Germany, Japan) and little financial speculation. They are the inheritors of ‘warrior nations’, physical cultures that are energy-driven, masters of machines and weapons. On the other hand, those nations ruled by traders and go(l)d are more speculative, based in ‘the information of the economy’, money and have more developed financial markets. This is the case of England in the past and now America. In those nations the financial crashes are deeper. Today America has plummeted respect to the values of the previous graph as the process of loss of value of the dollar and financial crisis has started. In the right side we can see how Britain’s GNP plummeted after loosing the ring of go(l)ds (the pound) to America. China will probably take both rings, making the best machines and having the most sophisticated financial markets when the Yuan becomes convertible and its finances fully capitalist. It is a paradox in that sense that the Americans, trying to blame China from the crisis, are accelerating their demise asking them to liberalize the financial market and rise the value of the Yuan.

In each cycle of History the top predator nation with higher GNP has a top predator currency, which allows it to produce free money, just printing paper. That privilege is the highest privilege of all – the invention of free money. Moreover in most cycles of Western History this privilege was hold within each nation at the top of the wave by a group of Am Segullah Bankers, except during the 2 periods of dominance of the Greek-Roman culture, in the Iron Age and the ‘Renaissance’. Yet at the end of each cycle, a nation or civilization sinks and another rises, the GNP shifts and the Am Segullah abandon a nation with its go(l)d moving to the next nation. It is then when the country that looses the top predator currency, the ‘ring of go(l)d’ plummets in wealth.

(And often a Holocaust of the people left behind in the country that has lost the ring of go(l)d happens.)

The process of change of power also happens when a nation overcomes the GNP of other nation, because the economical transactions require more money of the new economic super-power. So as the currency of trade changes, the previous nation’s money is no longer needed and returns to the country, provoking hyper-inflation. Money looses power and poverty ensues as now it cannot be printed for free.

In most cycles of the past both processes go together. For example, the Spanish bullion crashes of the XVII century, hyperinflation and civil wars of 1640 were caused by the change of financial control from silver coins to stock-paper and from Spain to Holland. Yet Spain had a century before expelled the Am Segullah, who moved to Amsterdam and created the first companies.

Germany also lost his power as international currency in the 20s to the rising dollar. But again the Am Segullah had moved their capital at the end of I World War from Germany to New York and both causes reinforce each other.

Now we shall see probably both causes reinforcing each other as the Am Segullah has become again an ‘International banker’ moving and will be soon moving his investments to Asia.

While the economic evolution and sheer population of China makes unavoidable that China overcomes in GNP the US within the next decade. Then the US GNP will plummet, the change in global currency will happen, and the Am Segullah will abandon the US, as fascism rises, move to Australia and invest in China through Hong Kong and India, natural ally of Israel as the enemy of its Islamic neighbors. Because the US is ruled as Germany was before I world war by the International Banker, it is obvious to consider the parallelism between this end of the cycle and the previous one also from a political perspective.

Unfortunately all those processes are censored as any economic truth that goes against the ‘religion of capitalism’

For 2 decades I have warned of this cycle and asked as Keynes did for an International currency, for 2 decades I had to publish in an obscure web, and self-publish books on bio-economics. So again, the hope for reform is null, because as long as economics is not treated as a science but as religion of power,those cycles based in the simple assumption that people will do ‘anything’ for money will happen. I have long stopped thinking that most humans can evolve beyond their primary instincts of greed and murder… to make a sustainable world. So we shall consider the Deja vu experience of the future crash of the American economy, self-similar to the crash cycle of the German Economy (mark crash that caused the rise of fascism), self-similar to the crash of the French Economy (after the defeat in the Indian wars to England that substituted France as top economical nation in the XVIII century, prompted France into the r=evolution), self-similar to the crash of the Spanish bullion and civil wars… And if we look backwards in time, self-similar to the crash of the Denarium in Rome that caused the end of the Roman Empire…

In that regard, the error of the present American administration is to compare itself with the Roosevelt Administration, instead of the Weimar Republic. Since in each Kondratieff cycle the ‘exit and entry’ nations change. So today America plays the role of Germany and China plays the role of America. China is indeed in a New Deal age, implementing a massive program of peaceful investments and already some of her companies have returned to the values prior to the 2008 crash. While America is in its Weimar age, when the corruption of its International Bankers reaches its height, since the reproduction of the new form of money peaks at this stage, in the zenith of the evolution of the new type of money.

Then, the Germanic middle class, whose money is absorbed in different ways to sustain the speculative pyramids, becomes ruined and amidst drenching poverty, turns towards fascism. Yet, as long as a fascist leader is not elected, there is still hope for a change of financial policies, before the ‘military solutions’ of the next decades, are implemented by Hitler in Germany, by a future president in America.

But those solutions will not come from the International Banker, since History shows, he will be as harsh with money as the military leader is with weapons, since that is his go(l)d ideology. Profit has no moral limit as long as it is technically possible.

Thus the only solution to quench social unrest is a financial revolution, a reform of the system, the nationalization of the banking industry and the reform of stock-markets to help financing life-enhancing human goods. That is the only change we can believe in, the change for which Obama was elected on false promises that he has not realized – a Health care reform that would nationalize and reduce costs, as it happens in Europe; the end of the military wars in defense of Israel against Islam; the nationalization of the credit industry and its reform to back a sustainable economy; a new energy policy that would put at rest the Nuclear Menace, including the closing of the factory of Black Holes, built at CERN; and the creation of a new global monetary system of fixed parities, based in an International Yes (euro-Yuan-dollar) currency that prevents the crash of the dollar. None of this proposals are even considered in the present world, where all the industries of information, both verbal, audiovisual and financial, are controlled by the most extreme form of capitalism.


We can  now update the previous graph more than a decade old. And yes, again the predictions are here, the ‘new sigfrid’ Hong Kong has climbed to the top. It is the most valuable exchange of the world, doubling the value of NYSE. Soon its assets will also combined with Shanghai overcome the value of American stocks.  The world is ripe for a change of currency as soon as China decides it. In brief, the future clock of the world -surprise surprise – will not this time be set by the Am Segullah. The president of China will decide when and how the western world enters its final self-destruction… We wish as always to have been proved wrong by a r=evolution of the human kind. But the ‘lanwave of money’, man=price=object makes the system of human/life self-destruction automatic. So it will again be a question of greed and murder: when the tea party takes power and provokes china, china will sink the treasurys, get rid of its dollars and cripple the American economy… Deja vu.

The Euro Crisis, antecedent of the Dollar.

As we forecasted 2 decades ago, the XXI century will be played between the Jewish-Protestant Capitalist culture that dominates the West and the old European Empires and the raising economical power of the East, China, which will abandon its social ideals and integrate itself into the global worldstock superorganism. Since, those tribal wars between America and China that deny the laws of Eusocial evolution of History will be just a fin theatrical, anthropomorphic game that hides the only Superorganism that truly evolves today in planet Earth, the Superorganism of machines, ruled by flows of Stock-money, re=produced in corporations and evolved by technological sciences. This Superorganism, we call Matrix, is the dark horse nobody talks about that will dominate the human species, once Artificial Intelligence and Robotics displaces human workers and make our species obsolete.

In that regard we can compare the present game of 3 currencies with the previous change of top predator currency in the 1920s, also between 3 currencies: the deutschemark, the big looser, is now the first currency to destroy by speculators be the Euro; the pound who also sunk but more slowly is played now by the dollar and the winner  which was then the American dollar is now played by the Yuan.

The Euro in fact is the currency with less deficit of the 3 top currencies, the dollar, the yuan and the euro. Japan has a debt relative to its gnp much bigger than Greece, certainly much higher than all european countries. The United states has a deficit higher than the Euro zone.

So why the Euro plummet? Because speculators from massive hedge funds started to bet against the euro 2 months ago, and then they created the conditions of the market with a massive campaign of articles against the Euro that provoked the avalanche. Once andagain in the history of croony capitalism, rigged markets controlled by a few financial firms, create the future by making bets, then creating news to ‘inform’ with experts that their bets WILL happen. The next step was to downgrade the status of the Greek debt.

This was done with utter cynicism, after the Euro governments affirmed they were going to bail out Greece. Hence at that point Greek bonds had the same quality that the European Bank that bailed them. Yet the Agencies of Rating downgraded Greek Bonds to Junk, provoking the sinking of the Euro; precisely when they had acquired an AAA rating backed by the entire European Community, to back the bet made by their croonies at hedge funds, which exist the bet with astounding profits, provoking what will be the 2nd global crisis of the e-money era and will culminated when the Yuan becomes convertible with a self-similar speculative wave against the Dollar that would finally destroy the global economy. You ain’t seen anything yet.

Of course, this week the theatrics have ended; the big profits have been made and so the shorts (the people who play at credit with billions of euros betting it will be going down) have closed the roulette.

They have made a few billion $, and behind they have left the corpses of 400 million europeans, which now will have renounce to their democratic right to reproduce money for their welfare state.

Each new Soros, the Einhorns, Goldmans, Cohens of the great speculative funds that work FOREX in wall street, will have a few more billions ‘taxed’ to the European citizens through their electronic platforms, so the old widows of the continent will have to move from herrings to bread and oil.

This is the deal, in the globalized age: the control through electronic platforms of e-money which allow credit of 1 to 100 (you put a dollar you speculate with 100), sink all currencies that do not obey the extreme capitalist concept that financial houses must own all the money of the world andthe rest of mankindcannot produce it. Now, all is calm in the Western Front. As we anticipated long ago, the first phase of the currency wars would be the sinking of the Euro (1920s, sinking of the Deutsche mark) by speculators, with the connivence of rating agencies and the economic press.

But you ain’t see anything yet.

The next phase, the important one, will be the change of top predator currency with unlimited deficits, as the Yuan becomes convertible and not a single speculator on planet Earth looses its chance to sell dollars and buy Yuans, to sell the past and cre(dit)ate the future, as it has always happened in previous crises. It will be the end of the American Weimar, and the beginning of neofascism, treated elsewhere in this web.


screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-22-32-52Then though everybody understood so some countries diD not accept UK money. And then UK declared wars to get his ‘free deficit’ money accepted. Now Mr. Trump is either so idiotic or cynical that does not get it MEXICO and CHINA should NOT accept dollars for hard-worked goods. He is ‘robbing’ them, not the other way around.

But if he keeps insulting them, of course China will stop giving free goods for printed paper, and the whole flood of dollars will come back to crash America, as it did BEFORE, with Germany, UK, (1930s) FRANCE (1760s) and Spain (1600s), lost a war, and then the world knowing perfectly the scam, no longer afraid of its weapons ditched the currency. So when Spain lost the war to Holland it crashed the bullion and entered civil wars; when France lost its war for India to UK it crashed the Frank and entered civil wars (French r=evolution).

German though preferred to use its weapons and blame all others massacring 66 million (II W.W.) and Trump looks-like he would rather go that way (though 1/2 of his people might go for civil war). And certainly if he keeps provoking China and Mexico and everybody else… Only UK who didn’t won I world war (US did), but kept the empire survived with a slow decline to the dollar.

And of course, this will happen sooner or latter because Americans got ‘lazy’ as UK got in the XIX c. after getting for free goods. So why to work as hard as a Chinese or a Mexican in a maquiladora? Just print money and get it. So the quality of UK goods declined and Germany took over, and now the quality of American goods have declined.

Now, I am of the opinion Mr. Trump understands nothing, but surrounded by the Goldman Sachs, Blackstone people, who understand -Everything coming from Germany, where all this happened to the -E letter,  and its perfect 666 chord, they should not be doing exactly the same; because that in words of their admired Einstein is:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” But of course as we shall see printing money for free with no limits and causing debt slavery with wars, is the biggest profit of the job. So frankly at this stage if the trumpeter of the FMasters of apocalypto, who cares, live the day, is not pure -Evil, and only an ignorant, someone should explain him the monetary cycle of currency wars, which America cannot win, so at least he goes back to normal ‘dolce fare niente’ buying for free, the handwork of sweatshops, with the private FED ‘SOMA’… and stop bull$hitting because his remedy, as usual is even worse than the sickness of the FM-world.

This simple example shows the fundamental tool of power of our ‘leading economists and financiers’  of the go(l)d culture – the complete ignorance of politicians and common people on the nature of money and how it rules the world, and its produced with no limit with the same informative machines that manufacture their brain, makes impossible all peaceful reform, unless the Financial System is denationalised, and a global currency, ¥€$ money is imposed as the main procedure for printing money and human welfare not warfare. And save in the process from Greed and death those FMasters who told us, just after the 2008 crises, in a moment of  hindsight and fear, and lucidity thinking on what they did back in the 30s bis, literally, ‘we can’t control our greed, you should regulate us more’  Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former Goldman Sachs CEO, at the height of the crisis, after stealing 2 trillion $ from the American tax payers

Now they have asked the Trumpeter to scrap all that regulation, and the ‘house negro’, never mind he thinks he is white, has scrapped it all with one of those ‘astoundingly aggressive dark energy’ of its graphological lineal modes:screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-00-45 Never a blot of ink did so much harm to the future of the wor(l)d.

Indeed, the Financial-media masters rule the wor(l)d with invisible financial orders and paid-per-view laws delivered by their ‘white house’ negros – no political correctness here, we have explained already what humanism and the scientific method of social sciences an the freedom of the wor(l)d means; political correctness prevents all social inquire on the real causes, and imprints the mind of people with subtle false idol-ogies, which ultimately are hidden hate memes against the poor.

And this is all what the Trumpeter is hired for: to hide behind their rhetoric, absurd return to past, and ab=use of anti-democratic rights, the real problems of the world, the automation, displacement and extinction of humans in labor and war field by robots, and the monopoly in the issue of our money and democratic rights to control our language of power, by a clique, of self-suicidal people. So Keynes dictum goes strong: ‘capitalism is the absurd belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good.

And of course, have you ever wonder why in  a world ruled by money, NO HIGH SCHOOL studies economics, which should be an obligatory subject in all countries of the world, with NO censorship on the real schools of economics today forbidden (humanist, socialist, historic, biological schools, the one represented by those pioneer texts)?

So let us go ahead with the biological most objective analysis of how and who are those historical elites that are so hard at ab=using the rest of the world, with their ignorance and acquiescence… that is, why bankers do make MONEY WITH CURRENCY WARS.
Reaching new limits – the 3 short crashes of e-money.

When it will happen the new world war, as the final in-crescendo of splendid little war for profits of the military industry, which has become the spear-head of the industries of all the leading, anglo-jewish ‘dominant’ culture of the Earth now in fascist≈bresit+trump+apartheid mood is quite obvious.

The point of war is when maximising profits.

It happened at the end of each cycle of overproduction because humanism did not have chance because the machine was NEVER CRITICIZED. In the first cycle luddites and anarchists tried to reign on it but even in socialism won the most dictatorial pro-mechanical movement, Marxism. In the second cycle, Trosky and the keynesian schools were shunned off and won the fascist leaders, Stalin, Churchill and Hitler, all alike – though of course the racist churchill won the war and was canonised with his saint nobel like mr. dylan those days… In the 3rd wave, we systems scientists had no saying. I recall I was given the conferences of mon

etary systems to explain it at the world association and within 2 years the association received threats of suits for my conferences by ‘minority’ groups and were cancelled, since the truth must not be known, so all feel happy with the soma of the selfie-man finally free of all need for other humans, perfectly surround by its army of little helper machines.

WHEN A SYSTEM DIES IT DESINTEGRATES INTO ITS PARTS, THE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND AND EACH SUB-ORGANISM OR NATION WILL KEEP GOING DOWN IN SCALES. While the super organism of machines interates. It has happened at the end of each cycle, but now will be global and at a scale of disintegration of humans to the minimal individual level, surrounded of hate-media messages, while google, the biggest robotic company also and amazon-like send to each ‘neighbour-nation’ his mechanisms, till obviously their evolution reaches a level like the one only non-censored sci-fi has explained (I robot for example with each home robot rising to kill the master, as in all revolutions of workers against lazy parasites).

The conversion of mankind into a parasitic species of degraded humans living off those robots is a given. Since the humanist solution, a global new deal of welfare, diplomacy, universal salaries to demand human goods, is NOT as profitable for the 0.1% that owns corporations. It has happened 3 times. Marx, Keynes and Sancho explained it decades in advance. Marx in the 1840s proposing the communist manifesto humanist solution, Keynes after I world war proposing an international currency for welfare deficits, I in the 90s proposing a ban on robotics and Y€$ money at 100 yens=1 dollar =1 euro instant parity and printing of a global 1000 yes salary to create a massive demand in welfare goods and a true economic democracy.

Of course instead of being invited to Davos a jewish scholar denounced my papers, for blaming the ‘creationist culture’ of the bankers, with its racist memes against mankind, of the ‘no-way out’ model of economics, which spends 90% of its money TO EVOLVE AND overproduce MACHINES, not on humans.

So I abrogated in my conferences for the use and the issue of money NOT ONLY FOR machines (90% of the total money today goes to corporations) but for the human kind (which receives hardly 10% and on top must be extorted of taxes). Since it is not science but culture what defines how money is issued and used in a society, and it is the racist, segregational culture of bankers, the reason why mankind has no money available for its needs. THE DEGREE of corruption of the world of scholarship shows in the fact that this ‘racist culture’ which despises mankind and reproduces money only for mechanisms and themselves CAN prevent any argument on their models of segregationist, creationist banking by blaming the humanist scholar of being ‘racist’ and anti$emite, which is exactly what our culture of bankers is.

So the denounce of politically incorrectness was filed and  the ISSS cancelled my conferences (-; meaning it is OK to be racist against mankind and give no money to our needs, but to denounce it is NOT ok, to denounce the bigots, to denounce the biblical myths of a superior chosen of go(l)d race of financial experts who must privately control the issue of the language of social power, and misuse it for their selfish agenda, and techno-utopian dreams is not Ok.  And yet we are coming to a time in which the consequences of those policies for mankind are becoming all too evident, so unless we impose a humanist solution to the robotic era, there will be chaos, revolution,, war and holocaust, the last phase of the self-destructive presses coming at the end of each age of overproduction in the past, present and future.

Now, we have all the elements to consider the biggest of all thefts, the speculation and deviation of all the resources of society to ‘further’ credit the stock curves of unlimited growth, by mixing speculation ‘bubbles’ with its false peaks of wealth, sold out to the common people at the top of the wave at overprices, before the stock-market ‘pros’ crash the value, and the ‘volterra curves’ of ‘top predator weapons’ that maximise the profits of companies, and are the final waves of market cracks which ruin a nation’s middle class whole sale:


In the graph, the dual scam of markets – unlike a previous volterra graph, which should have a smooth saddle curve as weapons profits increase stock value at the end speculation further ads a saw like ‘speculative triple bubble, so all what is above 1100 the maximal decametric growth (according to the far more complex mathematical model of biological radiations and fractal growth, no needed here) is money of speculative nature, scammed latter selling the worthless internet companies – 1st peak, cdos, 2nd peak and speculation in currencies, 3rd peak, translated into stock bubbles, sold at maximal price by ‘pros’ to small investors who sell on the down peaks, so from 800 to 1600 those 3 final peaks are money transferred from the middle class to the elite of stock-rats.

According to those cycles, we are ‘completing’ the short crash periods of the e-money cycle of overproduction, which mimic those happening in the 1860s and 1930s – a crash of real state (already happened in 2008) or stock-markets (in 2001) and of currencies in 2016-17. How and why there are 3 sub-crashes of wealth should be evident as we explain them in the next paragraph. When the 2016-17 crashes will take place… as I write advanced the year, there are many human causes which will ‘tune’ to the zeitgeist. So far brexit meant the crash of the weaker currency (pound), and a clear crash (40% of value) in the euro has happened. But the true crash to expect is that of the dollar currency in relationship to the chinese yuan, which is poised to become yes or yes the currency of the XXI century, unless a rational management of the economy from a human perspective and the establishment of the Y€$ money and a Universal salary with fixed parities, ends as Keynes wanted in Bretton woods, the wars of currencies and nations.

The short 8 years cycles of the chip radiation: 2000-2008-2016

I first forecasted the 200o-8-16 short crash cycles of overproduction of e-money and the increasingly growing global war age that would ensue, 20 years ago in my first book on biological models of economics, after correcting the shorter periodicity of the cycle Kondratieff, found studying the train wave in Russia, an underdeveloped country that receive the wave latter, already developed in its ‘discovery phase’ in Britain. Thus I mined data from UK and US statistics, finding a periodicity of 72±7 years, which corresponded to the generational cycle of human beings (72 years) and the short product cycle (7 years) of new forms of machines and fiat money printed with them.

Then I realized there were two waves already completed from 1857 (crash of trains and stock-paper) ±72 years = 1929 (crash of engines and ticker money), so by adding + 72 years, we could forecast the crashes of and e-money overproduction. And then since each ‘medium wave’ in all Systems decompose in 3 small ‘ripples’, consider the existence of two other ‘crash waves’ as it happened in the XIX and XX century, the 2008 and 2016 crashes of e-money that now starts in earnest.

It was then easy to hypothesize the causal duality of the cycle, created b the invention of new energies, moneys and machines by industrialists and financiers that lead historically each nations and its wave of memes of metal to the top position of the world, as owners of the ‘international currency’ and best imperial weapons.

Thus I found the historic parallel British Imperial cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), the German Reich cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and finally the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001) that would enter its Imperial, military phase after the forecasted end of the electronic cycle in 2 big future crashes of electronic money in 2001 and 2008. And since the dotcom and derivative crashes of the short-product cycle of 7 years later (2008). As those hypothesized facts are now ‘history’, the scientific method proves the biological model of ‘memes of metal’ is the true science of economics.

And yet, the Kondratieff canonical cycle of 54 years does work in econometric models and stock-speculation. Why? This needs a deeper analysis of the cycle and its inner structure.

The 72 year cycle of stock-crashes ads on two 36 year sub periods of reproduction of peaceful consumption machines till overproduction and market saturation reduces consumption, profits plummet, coinciding with overproduction of stock-money, which finally crashes the market. Then our imperfect democracies allow war lobbyism as industries switch production of the evil twins, weapons and pay politicians to buy them, starting a new cycle of profits based in Keynesian militarism, the modern newspeak for the fascist motto ‘canons instead of butter’. As both machines and weapons are the same product. Armored trains conquer the colonial world. Armored cars are tanks and armed robots are terminators made by the same companies. So the 72 year cycle is:

Human consumption of machines – Crash – Weapons consumption of humans.

But there is a 3rd phase of ‘discovery of new energies’ and machines, with limited economical effect as production is minimal, of another 36 years – which is the ½ generational life in which humans between youth and 3rd age are at their working prime. So the total cycle of grand-fathers, sons and grand sons for a total of 104 years is:

36 discovery years+36 peaceful consumption (crash) + 36 weapons production.

And what scholars know as the Kondratieff cycle is 104/2=52 years, which if we draw the entire wave as Bell curve, shows the exact middle point.

Why then the crash is not every 104 years but every 72? Because the irrelevant young age of discovery of new energies overlaps with the 3rd age of war, as the youth of the grand-son overlaps with the 3rd age of the grand-dad. So only studying the entire technological wave, as Kondratieff ‘experts’ do, you can find 104 years waves and divide them into the spring and winter phases. But for a true historic analysis and prediction of the key phases, the 36 reproductive phase and crash and 36 depressive and militaristic phase, the 72 year cycle is more proper:

1784 (Watt discovers the steam machine) + 36 years –> 1820s, Britain starts the train wave –> 36 years of peaceful train machines -> crashes of 1857+7 years->1864+7 years ->1871.

1850s: Discovery of oil and electric engines+36 years->1890s, 1st cars and light bulbs start the reproductive phase of electro-mechanical engines-> 36 years -> overproduction crashes of 1922-1929-37-> 36 years of bomber and tank wars till Vietnam.

1930s. Quantum, electronic physics are laid down-> 36 years of discoveries of TVs, Atomic bombs calculated with first Eniac computer -> 60s to 2000s ->36 years of peaceful reproduction of electronic gadgets till the overproduction crisis of chips and TVs & the crashes of 2001-08 -> beginning of the militaristic age of vigilante chips coinciding with the discovery of robots…

So this means we ENTER THE AGE OF NEO-FASCISM WITH A TV-FUNNY FACE, which Reagan started and now BERLUSCONI, and TRUMP represent: a funny bigot that will massacred mankind as an obsolete species with it robotic weapons, hate-speeches against the poor blamed of the robotic loss of jobs and an elite isolated in its ivory towers of wealth and null responsibility.

The next ‘key moment’ of the robotic cycle will be in the 1/2 middle point of the 2008-2080 Age of robots, with its ‘ominous decades’ OF THE short 8 year cycle of product, simplified here not to be very numerical CAUSES MATTER MORE:

2037-2044-2052 growing splendid little wars, when the economic ecosystem, saturated of robots SWITCHES TO AN AGE OF PERMANENT ROBOTIC WARS. So the world becomes engulfed in III world wars NO LONGER as the first splendid little wars of robots against the III world, when the weapons are tested (equivalent to the german and Japanese attack on III world war Korea and Spain in the 36 pre-world war cycle), but between America and China (parallel to the final German vs US war, of the last master of the machine and the next one.

In that regard it is important to realise that the long cycle of evolution of machines and weapons is now accelerating to an 8 years product cycle as computers evolve new generations of machines every 8 years, which brings also an acceleration of financial and war crises of overproduction, which now happen every 8 years tune to the political cycle of american war parties (GOP) and consumption parties (GDP). So democratic presidents sponsor the lobbyism of consumption machines and republican politicians the development of splendid little wars to increase the sale of warfare machines.

And so each 8 years we do have now a cycle of overproduction of weapons and hate media and war and GOP politicians. The duality of the American political cycle fine-tuned to splendid little wars, mapped out in the 90s book – we expected by now some short of new war either against remaining communist countries (cuba), or Islamic 3rd world ones or Chinese satellites, as history can be foreseen in the wide features not in the details (so Mr. Trump will in fact invade Syria and essay the new robotic land products, autonomous tank and transport weapons, after Bush and Obama tried the simpler air drone robotic terminators).

BUT THE TRUE battle ahead is that of currencies between China and America, the final of the 8 year crashes, which will truly change the world order.


Our 20 years old prediction based in our work on information theory, fractal systems and the 700-800-70-80-7-8 long, medium and short waves of evolution of memes of metal are happening with astounding precision. We predicted 20 years ago the 3 short waves/crashes of the global financial economy, with the short 8-9 cycle of the product – in this case electronic money, parallel to the 21-29-37 crashes of fiat money.

Those crashes happen as banksters print fiat money without limit with their new printing machines (the ticker then the bloomberg platform now) and THEN THEY EXCHANGE fiat worthless money for the 3 ‘assets’ that have real value in the economy, stocks, real state and currencies, crashed them. So there was a 21 currency crash (deutsche mark that brought fascism) a 29 stock crash and a 37 real state crash (skyscrapers ended then) that brought world war II and the switch of America from New Deal to arms production…

To state the truth in my original thesis at Columbia University (c.94) I could not figure out the order of those 3 crashes, which has changed. So first banksters crashed the stock market (2001 Nasdaq crash), then they crashed real state (2008 mortgage scam) and so there is only an ‘asset’ to play with, currencies. And indeed, currency wars are starting up, as Japan and England, the ‘selfish islands’ that tend to start those destructive global processes (at this stage Japan was in the last cycle pounding nanking and the Bank of England had started in 28 the crunch of credit that provoked the 29 crash), are already talking of devaluation of currency.

The graph shows how the 3rd wave is already formed. Wait a couple of years when the S&p comes towards 1600 and the policies of inventing money without limit for banksters (central bankers) not for a new deal of real jobs and real welfare goods, makes the Dollar and the Euro and the Pound wet papers… Maybe then, someone will care to say the truth of the crisis instead of censoring it.

The electronic boom and bust cycle. The 2018 crisis.

It is within this faster electronic 72 years cycle of creation of ‘minds of metal’, chips=brains, cameras=eyes and mobiles=ears, when  the arrival of chips and e-money in the 70s, provokes a new decametric, accelerated process of evolution of memes, causing the 8 years product cycle and boom and bust cycles of overproduction of e-money – the top cycle of the graph.

So we had since the 1970s a series of boom and bust cycles of creation of e-money, parallel to the boom and bust cycles of creation of ticker, ‘electric’ money in the 1920s and ‘paper’ stock-money in the 1880s:

– The boom and bust cycle of creation of electronic stocks (dotcom, 2001 crash).

 Then 9 years latter the boom and bust cycle of creation of electronic ‘real state’ (2008 mortgage crash) and

Finally looming ahead the eurodollar currency crash of 2018, as the Yuan displaces the dollar as global currency (parallel to the 3 crashes of stocks, real state of currencies of 1921-28-37).

The key to understand those cycles is the power of speculators and banks who control totally the system – politicos in democracies, without the right to invent money. are truly accessory.  Adn what they want – the do not want to KEEP FIAT MONEY, BUT THEY PRINT MONEY TO EXCHANGE IT FOR REAL WEALTH IN MASSIVE processes that ruin society, as financiers seek to invent money for free and change it for the 3 assets of industrial societies:

– Stocks of corporations; real state and paper currency.

So they WILL PROVOKE 3 SHORT CRASHES AS THEY MASSIVELY EXCHANGE their fiat money for real wealth ruining all sectors of society.

 Indeed, once the speculator invents in the ‘inflationary, boom phase’ mountains of fiat money – only a language of information, not wealth per se – to become truly rich, he will tailor it as a product to be exchanged for one of those 3 forms of real wealth that suffer a boom and bust cycle as the speculator acquires it, leaving only fiat money in the hands of society that becomes ruined 3 times. So there are 3 short crashes of ‘currency, real state and stocks’, each time a new information machine overproduces fiat money:

1 1st cycle: 1857, train stock crash; 1865, real state crash & 1873, silver currency crash.

2 II cycle: 1922 Mark currency crash; 1929 stock crash & 1937 real state crash.

III cycle:  2001 dotcom crash, 2008 real state crash and 2015-16 euro&dollar crash: In S&P graph we see the 2015 final 7 y. crash forming.

– Panic of 1857: train stocks crash due to overproduction. Mr. Lincoln, an Illinois Railroad lobbyist declares war to the south to liberate black slaves but also to build railroads to haul cheap cotton to Northern mill factories of ‘white slaves’. Train ‘demand’ switches to war, thanks to the railroad act that pays robber barons to lay tracks South and West, causing the Indian genocide.

– 1865: Real state crash. At the end of the war the south plantation system collapses, as slaves abandon the land, which is not given to them, since carpetbaggers want to buy it at bargain prices.

– 1873: Silver demonetization causes a global currency crash as deflation ruins middle classes. But corporations keep printing stock-money and politicians push buy trains for colonial wars.

– II Cycle: 1922. Crash of Mark, overprinted by the private Reichsbank to embezzle their owners and pay reparations, ruins Germany. The banking elite depletes German banks of gold moving to New York where the Warburg Syndicate creates the Federal Reserve starting Ticker speculation.

– 1929: New electric machines (tickers) overprint tape prices. Stock speculation becomes rampant, as Federal Reserve and Bank of England fuel credit and then contract it causing the 1928-9 crash.

–  In 1937 after a new wave of speculation based in loose credit – NOT invested in the real economy, due to the limited scope of the New Deal – multiplies for 3 stock values. A new crash of stocks and real state, ends the skyscraper era. A much bigger New Deal could have avoid it, creating real welfare, but the opposition of industrial and financial corporations favor the solution already implemented by Germans, ‘guns instead of butter’; that is, fascism, war and holocaust, in which the poor Jewish peasants become scapegoats of their ari-stockracy of international bankers.

Then you add 1929+72 years, as I did 20 years ago forecasting 3 new e-money crashes:

2001:Greenspan’s loose credit policies & deregulation fuels speculation in Internet stocks with no profits. NASDAQ overcomes in value NYSE, then crashes mimicking the 29 crash (graph.9).

– 2008: e-money is tailored to real state with the repacking of worthless 2nd mortgages in CDOs sold to global investors at AAA ratings by the American Financial-Media system till they crash. Instead of ‘erasing’ this false money from their accounts, banks pretend it is real wealth and peers in Central Banks massively reproduce currency, NOT to create a welfare Global Deal to get out of the parallel labor crisis, but to buy toxic assets banks didn’t sell; while politicians overtax people, and give banks their tax money in new bail outs, ruining the middle class. Thus bankers sold 3 times, worthless mortgage assets they invented for free (1st sale, Central Banks credit & bail outs)

– 2015-16: If in 1922 people exchanged Marks, overprinted to pay reparations not to credit German production for $ crashing it, now the massive $ printing by the Fed used NOT to create jobs and wealth with Keynesian policies but for bail outs and soft credit speculate in markets will crash the overproduced $, when China makes its currency convertible, as nations will change their $ reserves to Yuans, the top predator currency of the new cycle.

 Since only China is following the right Keynesian policies printing money to create real wealth and a sustainable economy, growing at 10% annually while Europe and America contract the real economy, since bankers do NOT give credit, as speculation, which is just ‘the manipulation of prices to profit without creating real wealth’ (Henry Ford) is more profitable.

The date will likely be at the end of the Obama Presidency when the Tea Party rises to power, the GOP provokes China with anti-communist war rhetoric, and China liberalizes its currency market and sells Treasuries. Then as it happened in Germany, with a similar social structure, neo-fascism might rise in America and civil wars, a holocaust of the Jewish middle class and/or a worldwide war, blaming China might bring more ‘guns instead of butter’.

D) The solution to the pending 2015 crash and III W. W. is thus obvious: end of currency speculation and creation of a global currency ¥€$ money at fixed parity: 1 $=1€=100¥=5Yuans with rights to a 20% annual deficit, equivalent to a 10% annual inflation adjusted for salaries to cre(dit) a Global New Deal with overproduction of Welfare Human Goods and Human jobs ending the crisis (11). Keynesian militarism is never the answer, since wor(l)d life values must control digital money.


So what will happen ‘after’ the crash is obvious. We shall enter the age of robotic wars, robotic workers, 3D virtual realities that feed humans at minimal cost, and the GOOGLE=skynet systems of global control of information and programming of machines (already more machines are connected to the web), will truly constrauct the metalearth.

Money will become then the digital informative, ‘genetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

It will be the birth of the metal-earth and the end of history. Mankind will become obsolete and the metal-earth will decree its extinction, as we become further degraded by audiovisual machines. We already are. Let us see in detail why and how.


The hardware of the financial crises: the bloomberg platforms.

The fundamental r=evolution chips have brought about in the financial economy is the invention of a new form of money, e-money. So, nowadays we can consider money to be no longer a representation of soft, informative metal, as paper-money was (gold standard) but bits of information in the mind of computer machines. This transformation of money into pure computer information accelerated its adoption by all companies, which made the chip the main worker in all digital and financial tasks, before performed by human beings. Meanwhile financial companies lobbied to end the gold standard, which limited the quantity of electronic money they could invent. When Nixon ended it and the dollar no longer could be changed by gold, the ‘sky’ became the limit for the free invention of ‘bits of computer information’, now called money. Financial companies invented soon all kind of e-money and derivatives with no value, mere bits of data in the computer screen, whose prices could be artificially jacked up with software programs, to keep creating ever more money. It was the oldest tricks of stock-markets.

When Sephardim invented them in Holland, it was called ‘skinning the rabbit’. The idea is simple: you find something which has not clear price and you speculate creating false, rhetoric information about his ‘stupendous future value’ that sends his price up, till the price is completely inflated. So you need to control the press, specifically today the Wall Street Journal, which each day would come with another fantasy article about the amazing future value of .com companies that never had a profit. Then, you skin therabbit of the ‘real money’, which is in the hair and sell the worthless bones to a 3rd person.

Speculation is the ‘alma matter’ of monetary creation and can be traced to the origins of Canaanite trade, made by bartering, when Phoenicians convinced natives of the value of their glass beans and weapons, they exchanged for slaves and raw metal.

When the stock-market was invented, speculation was 1st done with ‘gold boats’. An imaginary or real boat was coming from far away lands with a load of gold and slaves, of which the speculator ‘knew’ some important information. So he convinced people to buy shares on that boat, which could or could not show up. Next it was done with tulips. Tulip bulbs fetched the price of a house in Amsterdam, as speculators increased its value till it fade away. Why people bought tulips? The less important part of the stockmarket scheme is the real value of the object. What matters is the monopoly the Market has by law to ‘invent’ real money, in the form of paper or bits of electronic data. This privilege must be applied to ‘something’. So Sephardic and Calvinist traders in Amsterdam merely used the tulip as an excuse to invent prices. One speculator said 1 guilder, another bought it back for 2 guilders, a 3rd offered 3 and so on, till the ring of speculators sold the tulip to a nobleman visiting the market and the ‘rabbit was skinned’.

But what matters is that at this point money has been created, while no real wealth – tulips have been produced. Paper money has changed hands, but at the same time there is a NEW NUMBER, a higher price for the tulip or today the oil barrel or the stock, or any other jacked up price for  any STOCK OR COMMODITY.

Next to tulips, the Brits invented the ‘Tea’ scam. ‘Expert doctors’ were paid to prove the amazing curative benefits of tea, which was imported from Bengal. Bengalis were obliged to abandon rice crop and 15 million died of hunger to keep the tea scam, in the biggest massacre of the century. But the craze of tea ripped huge profits to the companies involved. Then there were the scams of gold companies from South-America that culminated with the South-Seas Bubble crash of the XIX C.

But nothing ripped so huge profits as the .com scam. Since 1973, new technologies and scarce commodities became all the craze in speculative markets, since nobody knew the real price of a ‘future’ electronic company. In commodities ‘future’ oil scarcity has been also a good ‘rabbit’ to speculate, jacking up prices, especially in age of wars (which explains why we love to have wars in the Middle East, among other causes). Those speculative oil wars make every human being pay to ‘market-makers’ a tax on their gas. Today the old speculator of tulips and slave cargoes had become a sophisticated mathematician, programming computers to invent e-money. And the tea doctor is a serious ‘scholar’ that dedicates his live to find theoretical models about the ‘risks’ of the market to justify the free invention of money.

So think tanks and ‘experts’ validated the speculative value of .com companies in the 90s, derivatives in the 2000s, oil prices in 2009, euro crash in 2010… In this manner financial and commodity markets, always controlled by a few groups, which either have more bets or create the tendency, substantially tax every commodity and good which will be latter paid by the public.

This was clearly proved in the Oil market last year, when due to speculator ‘s massive taxation of Oil, as they jacked up prices, the rest of mankind paid a tax on oil that double for a while its price.

It is now clearly proved by the massive ring of Wall Street speculators against the Euro, which in fact is the currency with less deficit of the 3 top currencies, the dollar, the yen and the euro. Japan has a debt relative to its gnp bigger than Greece, certainly much higher than the euro countries combined. The United states has a deficit higher than the Euro zone. So why the Euro plummet? Because speculators from massive hedge funds started to bet against the euro 2 months ago, and then they created the conditions of the market with a massive campaign of articles against the Euro that provoked the avalanche.

The next step was to downgrade the status of the Greek debt. This was done with utter cynicism, after the Euro governments affirmed they were going to bail out Greece. Hence at that point Greek bonds had the same quality that the European Bank that bailed them. Yet to back the bet made by their croonies at hedge funds, the Agencies of Rating downgraded Greek Bonds to Junk, provoking the sinking of the Euro; precisely when they had acquired an AAA rating backed by the entire European Community. Then they exit the bet with astounding profits, at the Fibonnaci ‘golden’ mean (1.20 eur/$), provoking the crisis of sovereign=human people’s money that will ruin all welfare states and rights to create public money=deficits, still surviving in the world.

It will be the final global crisis of the e-money era and will culminate when the Yuan becomes convertible with a self-similar speculative wave against the Dollar that would finally destroy the global economy. You ain’t seen anything yet.

Why we need Mexican bonds if we have sun microsystems run…’ business this week ‘ when in a previous cycle the Mexican peso was sunk. Now we say, why we want to create Greek hospitals if we have AIG junk cdos which during the mortgage crisis were constantly upgraded to AAA status to guarantee they would be sold.

This is possible because the Rating Agencies, Wall Street Journal news-makers and hedge funds belong to the same croony ring that decides the future of all economical indicators in advance. In turn the rest of mankind must struggle with higher prices in commodities, sunk currencies and politicians running ammok. But the control is now impossible as the speed at which computers speculate put 70% of the market in the hands of speculators and central banks can’t do anything against them UNLESS they create a fixed parity currency and end speculative taxation over all products, which amount to trillions of $ each year.

The truth is that the stock-market is a license to print money with any excuse. And stockrats know it, so they speculate with the price of companies, overvalued to stratospheric numbers to invent money and then prick the bubble, selling those shares to the rest of the world. It is a modern form of taxation that electronic money has widened, as computers now speculate day and night, buying and selling and increasing the price of all things, commodities, stocks, mortgage derivatives. Then, the speculative price is ‘sold’ to central banks, investors, wealthy individuals… and the speculator rips the benefits.

Thus, the present crisis is just the final tip of an iceberg of invented e-money that has multiplied by 10 the volume of ‘speculative money’ (growth of the dow) with worthless value. But who is the skin of the last derivative schemes of false wealth? The tax payer who is now taxed by corrupted governments to cover up for the value of the cdos tulips.

So now tax-payer money is given to financial companies for free, because the ‘People of the Treasure’, Mr. Bernanke, Mr. Trichet and Mr. Geithner convince Representatives that they are ‘too big to fail’; while millions of those tax-payers are too small to avoid foreclosures, going out of business and loosing their jobs to the computer and robotic r=evolution. All those experts win Nobel Prizes, given by the ‘experts’ of the Bank of Sweden, as Ricardo won the Prize of the British Parliament for inventing the myth of the free trade.

In that sense one of the funniest things about the GOP base voter is his belief that only the state taxes him. Wall Street taxes him twice, with price speculation and then with political corruption: 100% of the last Obama’s budget withut deficit went to 1)The bank bail outs 2)the mercenary wars in which their army fights for the country of the Am Segulllah, and debt payments. What can i sat: he believes in experts.

What is the purpose of all those trillions of invented money, during the electronic era? Was behind a plan to restructure the global economy, improve the production of scarce Human Goods, develop trade among nations, new industries and secure jobs? No, the only purpose of speculating is to create e- money, latter exchanged for real goods and increase the fortunes of speculators. Thus, huge fortunes were invented in derivatives and .com companies, latter transformed in real state assets and bank accounts, mainly hold by the bankers and ‘stockrats’ that invented the game. Of the 50 billion $ financial companies received in 2008, 18 billion $ went into compensation salaries . . .

It is in this electronic age, when managers of companies learnt to give themselves huge payments, bonus and stock options – the money earned by those companies, no longer reinvested, crippling the competitivity of the American Industry.

Meanwhile, the robotic and software revolution, also caused by chips, expels workers and houses loose value, as the middle class cannot longer buy them.

Thus, at the height of the mortgage bubble, we observe a growing divergence between the real economy of human beings and the financial economy of speculative bankers. It is similar to the one experienced in 1929, when at the peak of the evolution of electrochemical systems, Taylorism and automation was imposed in factories with the creation of assembly lines. Most workers were expelled from their jobs, as now they are expelled by robots and integrated software suites. So in the 20s workers without jobs couldn’t afford anymore to buy the new Fords-T that Ford, whose automated assembly lines had made them lost their jobs, was churning in his assembly lines. Today, workers who loose their jobs to robots and software suits cannot afford to pay their mortgage. Thus, the collapse of jobs and consumer’s demand, both in the 20s and 2000s, is not fictitious or financially induced, but caused by the evolution in the 20s of electromechanical machines that automated productive processes and robots and software suites in the 2000s. Those electromechanical machines were also creating bits of monetary information, as Wall Street bankers distributed tickers to middle class America. Today the evolution of robots expels workers and software creates billions of e-money in Wall Street.

Of course, in both ages, economists, paid by bankers and companies, asked at the peak of those processes of labor destruction, to further liberalize the labor market, to make easier the process of extinction of labor by robots. So today at the height of the ‘productivity process’ of extinction of labor (Max. capital=machines/Min. Labor=Max.productivity), economists ask for further liberalization of the labor market.

The excuse is the myth that productivity, the destruction of human labor by capital invested in machines, in the long term causes new employment, as a new Kondratieff cycle kicks off. Yet this no longer holds today as there are no more cycles of Evolution of machines to increase future production of new machines. The evolution of machines endswith robots and so the expulsion of labor by robots will not be met by new creation of labor in a new age of energy machines. Game over.

Only Korea and Japan, at the center of that robotic revolution, hold near full employment as the nations that export robots and unemployment to the rest of the World. And so, as the creation of speculative electronic money peaked in the 2000s, most workers were loosing their jobs, as they did in the 1930s, when the speculative bubble of electric tickers and car companies peaked. So the crashes are self-similar in 1929 and 2001.

The mimesis between the crash of 1929 and the crash of 2001 in NASDAQ is clear. When everybody had its Ford-T and RCA radio, the 29 market crashed. In the 2000s, when everybody had his camera and Pc, the III Kondratieff Crash happened. Its epicenter was the electronic stock market, NASDAQ, which in 1999 had surpassed Wall Street in annual volume, becoming the engine of invention of e-money. Did the Middle and Lower classes of humanity receive any part of that pie? Hardly . . . Since the purpose of any multiplication of speculative money is the same: to tax the financial resources of the real economy, deviating them to the speculative economy and the pockets of the financiers that run the creation of money in stocks and derivatives. So at the end of the 2000s, when the short-lived dotcom resurgence and massive creation of yens by BOJ had reached its limit, financiers invented a new ‘tulip’, derivatives in the mortgage market.

In that regard, Mr. Madoff, Mr. Fuld and the rest of financiers, who felt Masters of the Universe, are just human anecdotes of a far more complex process, the evolution of machines and money that made and destroyed them. Yet because our politicians have no idea of those cycles and believe the myths of mechanism, all the solutions they implement are just placebo actions, or what is worse, they obtain the opposite effect to what they seek – aggravating the crisis.

The next phase in that sense, will be the speculation and ruin of the currencies and welfare states, which happened also in the 20s and brought fascism to power in Europe.

Indeed, the entire financial community now massively attacks the value of currencies which sustain the human economy. Yet the destruction of the human economy, based in the welfare state and the human life-enhancing goods we consume is an aberration.

It is only ‘necessary’ to liberate even more money to invest in robotic and computer technologies and accelerate the demise of the human kind. Since machines indeed work cheaper than human beings and increase the profits of companies. And it is possible only because the economic ecosystem is not a Democracy, but a Free Market in which only companies are ‘free citizens’. We live in a ‘stockracy’, where the new aristocrats, the stockrats who control the financial systems of reproduction of money rule our corrupted political system and select the ‘authorized’ thought oneconomics. Thus, we give 200 billion $ to a few owners of AIG but our ‘authorized’ economists expect the 400 million euro people and 300 million Americans cannot invent money with deficits. Instead they will have to cut their expenses to the survival level of the ‘iron salary’ that the Economist Ricardo expected for all humans, as ‘machines keep evolving and competing with them’.

Thus we enter the 30s, the years in which first the blindness of capitalism, guided by the unlimited greed of financiers, ruined the middle classes, till the political backlash brought fascism andSocialism to power. The outcome of this earlier 30s/2010s is thus self-evident: the middle class is going to disappear, the wealthy who caused the crisis will become richer, till the social fracture sees the rise of neo-fascism in the post-Obama, post-dollar crash America. While Europeans will steadily move towards a socialist economy with quantitative easy and a soft euro to pay the welfare state, given the fact that European bankers are still sharing power with governments and the go(l)d culture is no longer dominant on that society.  Europeans remember history and so, despite the present fear of a melt-down of the European economy, it is expected they will reach a balance to avoid the rise of neo-fascism, as everybody knows what happened in the 30s, when the massive absorption of capital in the post-29 crashed made Adolf Hitler the most popular politician with brutal sentences like ‘the death of the ‘Am Segullah’ will be the wealth of the Germans’. In America however, censorship of the ‘real cycles of history’ is absolute, because there has not been any change in the pyramid of social power in place since the end of the Civil War. And so the real ‘crisis’ has yet to take place to the dollar once the Yuan becomes convertible and the International Banker, the Forex speculator switches international currencies. Since in the present cycle America plays the role of Germany and China the role of America. Thus what we have seen in Greece is only the beginning. The true currency crisis will take place when the Yuan becomes convertible and the entire planet ditches the dollar as the international currency as it happened in the 1920s when it substituted the Deutsche Mark and the Pound for the dollar. Then America will suffer an age of hyper-inflation, lost of purchase power, as the trillions of dollars created by the Treasury return home, multiplying the quantity of money inside the states that will loose value; and the market panic ditches treasuries for Chinese money and bonds.

Once and again in the history of croony capitalism, rigged markets controlled by a few financial firms create the future by creating credit, by making bets. Then they will invent opinion news to ‘inform’ as experts that their bets WILL happen. And so fresh capilal follows the new Ponzi pyramid, which speculators will abandon first on the peak of speculative profits=taxes, leaving the skinned rabbit on the hands of the last to come first to loose naive believer in experts.

The euro game and the ‘future bets’ that will try to sink the dollar against the yuan are just the last of those games, which are recurrent in all the cycles: in all of them we had the stock-paper speculative bubble, the real state bubble, the commodities bubble, the currency wars and ‘the final frontier’: war profiteering. So far in this cycle we had a fair share of them all: the dotcom bubble skinnned middle America of savings with the do-youself-become-trader at home propaganda and the e-trade platforms which allowed Wall Street to skin the tulip rabbit of the 2000s; then we got the derivatives, real state scam; then the oil racket related to war speculation (Irak war). Those wars gave us the ‘fair prices’ (-: Halliburton charged to the US tax payer…

So all what is left in ‘Weimar America’, when all has been milked is the most risky game of all: sinking currencies. And the euro has been the test for the unspoken ‘future’ 1 trillion $ profit bet that will be placed when China allows free floating of the Yuan by the ‘Bloombergs’. Yet either ignorant of the basic laws of the economic ecosystem, or too aware of them, and hoping to get a good job in W.S. when its public service ends o ur ‘Treasure department’  people insist that China makes the Yuan convertible and rises its value, in a self-suicidal process that will bring in the late 2010s the decline of America as economical power, and an internal social and political crisis, seen in the past cycles, when a nation looses its top predator status, with an international currency that always has unlimited rights to invent money for free. Indeed, when Spain lost that right to Holland and the bullion plummeted in value it entered in a civil war (1640).

When France lost that status at the end of the Indian/American wars in the 1750s it soon entered into the French R=evolution. And when Germany lost that status, Hitler raised to power.  Indeed, if Hitler got elected saying that if the internationall banker destroyed the European Economy it would be the ennd of his rule over europe, the continuation of the currency wars and the sining of the dollar, will  be the end of Weimar America and the beinning of you know what as out major becomes the top 500 F on commissions as his ‘business’ destroys his city and the skinned rabbit all bones and hunger chases him down, biting like a mad dog anyone he finds in his hell, a world that oncee was the hope of the Wor(l)d and now is the coffin of go(l)d… Deja vu. It is for that reason that today paradoxically we must hope that Chinese politicians won’t listen to our Treasure People and never make the Yuan a capitalist currency as nobody except those blinded by greed want to see the end of Weimar America.

So what is the solution to the unfair taxes over human consumption caused by speculation? A massive reduction of the financial instruments and electronic platforms that invent those prices . In the case of currencies, an international currency, the ‘yes’ money (yen/euro/yuan/dollar) based in fixed parities with rights to deficits to create a welffare state. The G-20 group should bring again into the table the model proposed by Keynes in Bretton woods and convert the SDR+yuan in the global currency of mankind, ending the racket of speculation.

As of today, a simple 5 yuans=1 euro = 1,25 $ = 100 yens, fixed parity price by decree with a 10% of National Yes money (no longer called ‘deficit’), mandatory for all nations that peg their currency to the yes money, which represents already more than 3/4 of the global economy, would allow to create a ‘Global Deal’, a Global welfare state and a new demand for life-enhancing goods. A simple legal agreement between Obama, Hu and Mr. Europe could in this manner change the world and end the massive deviation of resources from the lower and middle classes of the humankind into the elite of speculators and company-mothers of machines, from Sun Microsystems and AIG

to Mexico and Greece… And then the creation of such welfare states would allows the building of a future world made to the image and likeness of man not the chip, as it happens today.

While in all other speculative and commodity markets a small tax like the Tobin tax would enormously reduce the number of false operations speculators make merely to ‘create’ money distorting the economy, making prices far more real and taxing properly the monopolistic players of those markets, giving back to the rest of the population part of the money they detract from the real economy.

Speculative Taxes vs. ¥€$ money

Taxes are either imposed by governments directly to the people or by speculators, collected with the manipulation up and down of prices in commodities, which latter the people pay.

In the past, there were only direct taxes and speculation was not so extended as we didn’t have complex systems of price speculation with computer platforms. One of the most destructive consequences of the expansion of fast-calculating chips that accelerate the processes of information on planet Earth, is the overgrowth of speculative taxes in all commodities and markets, which today is higher than the taxes of governments. Further on, this taxation goes to a very reduced number of wealthy individuals, which can easily with such massive systems of creation of moneybecome instant billonaires.

Yet in a real democracy taxes would not exist as governments would cre(dit)ate, invent, create money to fund the future that their voters wish to have, producing the natural Human Goodspeople need in a demand economy.

The government would have rights to re=produce money and under a global international currency with fixed parity (the ¥€$ money: 5 American/Australian/Canadian dollar=4 euros=4 pounds=500 yens=20 yuans, printed in ‘dual’ notes with local and ¥€$ money denominations in each side), easily agreed by the dominant countries of the world economy (+75% of world gnp), and latter extended to other countries, all nations would have the right to produce a 25% of annual deficit, far less money that speculators create each year provoking inflation and taxation of all commodities.

This simple political agreement would end also the main case of global wars and holocausts (the competence between societies and social castes).

It would mean the end of human taxes. Further taxes should be implemented only against companies that produce lethal products that do not improve the human economy; monopolistic companies with huge profits that endanger our health and environment (weapon’s companies, oil companies, tobacco companies, highly pollutant companies, Tv companies that degrade the human kind into a visual neo-paleolithic, etc.)

Because nations will reduce extraordinarily their competitive fear of each other the main budgets of all nations, which is defense and the military would plummet.

And all nations would have enough money to create a welfare state, pay universal health-care and education and start the reconversion of the planet into a paradise made to the image and likeness of man.

That is a world in which politicians and economists work for the common good and evolve the Super-organism of history and mankind in a planet made to our image and likeness.

This is not the case, as we have explained ‘ad nauseam’ in this web, neither history nor economics are guided by ‘bio-historians and bio-economists’, the ideal scientists of a humanist govern, but by ‘murder’ and ‘greed’, the values of iron and go(l)d, of weapons and money, of metal and its ‘animetal’, people-castes that govern us

And for that reason, as always in this web on the duality of history as a science and as a praxis of power, we have to consider reality. And the reality is that warriors, who created armies and ‘nations with borders’ to justify those armies and bankers, who control the reproduction of money, also tax citizens to further exploit the ‘sheeple’, following their tradition of treating the human ‘bewildered herd’ as a sheeple. And at any time of Economic History that taxation reaches the maximal possible exploitation, sucks in the maximal blood of the human economy, trying to maintain the human sheeple with the minimal possible wealth to survive and fill the dwindling productive jobs left by the Machine-biased economy… As the samurais said on farmer’s taxation, ‘the peasant is like the soya seed, the last squeeze gives the best juice’. So how warriors and bankers tax mankind with their monopoly on political and financial power? Warrior castes which are always ‘direct’ in their imposition as they must show openly their power and repressive methods (police, military, jail, etc.) simply tax you directly and so everybody knows the state asks you formoney to spend in weapons and wars. In America more than 1/2 of the budget.

But as astounding as that level of taxation and useless expenditure is, the biggest taxation in our economies is made by financial monopolists (bankers and markets manipulated by financialcastes of speculators). This taxation takes essentially place by manipulation of prices upwards and downwards in all commodities and by creation of ‘derivative’ money, which is translated then into a constant inflation in all prices. Because costs of production steadily diminishes in all industries, due to the evolution of productive machines, it is easy to calculate a rough first estimate of the taxation on commodities: Sum of inflation + Sum of productivity. It means normally a taxation of around 5% of the global GNP given to a few thousand top speculative houses.

But this is only the beginning. Because as we predicted in our foundational books of biohistory, 2 decades ago, the fundamental transition at the beginning of the XXI century will happen between the US and China, as the new leading global economy of the world, after the 2008 crash that inaugurates the III Industrial R=evolution (age of robotics). The transition however will not be smooth, since one of the fundamental crashes in the change of top predator economical power is the crash of the previous international currency, which has been overeproduced with unlimited deficits for decades, and once it looses the status as international money has no use for global contracts, returns to the country looses value and provokes the collapse of national budgets and a massive evasion of capitals, reducing enormously the wealth of the nation.

The solution was anticipated in the III crashes by their key ‘economic scientists’, Marx (nationalization of the financial industries); Keynes, an  international currency and Sancho (both measures, ¥€$ money and public banks with private companies whose credit creates reality according to the Ethonomical WHealth of the Human Superorganism).

The future of the Financial Crash of the $: Its political and military consequences.

In our original books we predicted the date of the crash to take place according to the Product cycle of 7-8 years (since the speculative platforms that multiply money playing with the price of stocks, currencies and real state ‘derivatives’ are a product: e-money) 7 years after the 2008 crash, providing that the Chinese liberalize their financial system.

Now those cycles provided a decade ago in and earlier in my books of bio-history, can be ‘read in the details’.

Since a science predicts the cycles of the ‘systems’ and ‘masses’ of particles  – not of their ‘indistinguishable quanta’, in this case human beings. The details therefore come in as individuals follow the trends of the system and occupy the different slots of the ‘cycles’.

This means that when Obama ends his second tenure, the GOP will be elected. Since votes will be tired of ‘damned, optimist lies’ and no-solutions. Solutions do exist provided by the ‘best’ scientists of history, which prophesized the future of each cycle and were ignored, as they gave ‘human solutions’ and capitalism is an ideology of the memes of metal not of the human species; and so it never hears the human solutions.

Thus in the same way Marx, who analyzed and provided solutions to the first kondratieff crisis was ignored and had to see how 2 daughters die of hunger; in the same way Keynes, who provided solution to the second crisis, was ignored and spent most of his time with the Bloomsbury group and his dancer’s wife; Sancho, who analyzed and provided solutions to the third crisis will be ignored (it has been ignored now for 15 years). And I can assure you that Mr. Bernake, Mr. Draghi, Mr. Geithner and all the other financial economists, who have caused the crisis, will not provide solutions but more of the same – defense of the electronic platforms and the ‘freedom of financial corporations’, which will continue to absorb resources from the real economy, manipulating its prices, in this cycle, the prices of currencies.

Thus, you can expect the crisis to increase its ‘tempo’ as it happened in the 30s, with Obama, and then the electorate will choose the GOP – the party of war.

And war will increase its ‘tempo’ – Keynesian Militarism against the Arab world and china, which will be the ‘preferred solution’ to come out of the crisis and blame somebody else outside the ‘Kabala’ of financiers that have caused it.

So the financial profits will be invested in the military-industrial complex, and America will be using its deficits, paid with treasurys not for their people but to pay the profits of  war corporations.

This is exactly what Great Britain and France did after the I Kondratieff Crash of the Train and Germany after the II Crash. The III Crash now has already entered in the ‘Keynesian Militarist’ phase of drones, which will lead according to the ‘imagination’ of those American industries into a terminator race with China, they hope to win.

But China will NOT respond with weapons but with financial weapons selling the treasurys that finance the war machine of America, as we anticipated long ago… And that will be the crash of the dollar, which cannot maintain its debt without China and is Asian allies buying.

Already Israel – the nation of the Masters of Wall streets and Russia, the old enemy, have sold 46% and 92% of their Treasurys this year 2011.

Then without Chinese and South-Asian demand (where Chinese are the biggest stock-holders and Fortunes), the price of bonds will spike to 6% easy – the Italian level today, when its demand has been curtailed. But nobody can bail out the fed. So that crisis will be the real beginning of III world war as the deutsche mark crash was the beginning of fascism; since the panic will move massively assets from America to Asia, as the International Banker has no nation except go(l)d.

For that, of course, it is needed to liberalize the Chinese market.

Yet US economists, unaware of those ‘bio-economical processes’ are asking China to speed up the process, which will be the starting point of the so long announced collapse of the American empire and its downslide into neofascism… Most likely during the tenure of the first ‘Tea Party President’, which will then become the ‘neofascist party’ of America, and might enter into civil war or seek a World War with the incoming power, as previous crashed economies (Germany before nazism, France before the revolution, Spain in the bullion crash), did trying to find external scapegoats to their mismanagement of the economy…

The fight beyond ‘abstract jargons’ is one of tribal nations, who control the West and East with go(l)d power.

Let us then consider the main elements of the previous landscape with the jargon of superorganisms, specifically the change of wealth from the west to the east that will ensue the end of the dollar as international exchange currency at the end of this decade. The readers should excuse the use of biological jargon, which I prefer to the ‘abstract’ sanitized jargon of economists and the political ‘incorrectness’ of the discourse, which is a blatant form of censorship in a world ran by the ‘dictatorship of bankers’, invisible people of which we cannot talk except with vague concepts such as ‘Markets’ of ‘financial industry’. Fact is we still live in ‘Tribal History’ and so the fight between the Yuan vs. the Euro and the $ is also a fight between two ‘nations’, which ‘own’ most of the financial assets of the West – the Jewish Nation (not a religion, not a race) – which has ruled for millennia the financial industry of the West – and the Chinese Nation, which has dominated except for Japan and Korea, the financial Industry of the East.

Of course, in the West, we live under the dictatorship both financial, (90% of the Central Bankers of the past decades have belong to that nation), cultural (80% of Hollywood producers) and military (we are fighting the wars of that Nation against its enemy Islam), of the Jewish Nation and so even the mention of this fact can get you those days in ‘jail’, and with the new Laws of their Senators Levin (Patriot Act II applied to Americans) and Ort (censorhip of the net) we can consider that this control has tighten now to a degree only observed during the fascist age of the 30s. On the other hand China is already a nation with no political freedom. And so in as much as the elites of both Nations – the 1% of America (of which around 60% belong to the Jewish Nation) and the political and industrial elite of China – have tightened their control over their ‘sheeple’, it is very unlikely that their confrontation is avoided. In the next graph, taken from my old webs we can see that ‘stockractic’ control over the West and the East in numbers:

Source, the Economist.

In the graph, we can see clearly that the confrontation is supranational and will be guided by the central bankers of the Jewish nation that control the West (Bernanke, Trichet->Draghi, Chancelor, Canadian and Australian central bankers) and its speculative houses, playing with the Bloomberg Platforms vs. the Chinese capital, which also is supranational. It is truth that the West has higher speculative and financial muscle, but the East will win, as the International Banker of the Jewish nations will -as it did in the 20s moving capital from Germany to America – betray the West whenever is needed to increase capital and use its firepower to its convenience.

The fact that the Governor of the Israeli central bank, which used to be head of the FMI has shredded 43% of the US treasurys this year and the biggest bond holder of the world, also of the Jewish Nation, Mr. Gross, had bet strongly (and lost, too early to do that bet) against treasurys and declares that he ‘has weeped’ – not for America but for his losses), shows the ugliest side of those confrontations – on one side a highly nationalist country, China, which will defend his nation, in the other an elite, the ‘Am Segullah’, which will seek profit, and abandon both the Western people and their own ‘sheeple’, the Jewish 99%, which needless to say could in the future as it happened in the past, be blamed of the misdeeds of his 1% elite of bankers, as it was after the crash of the Deutsche mark. This further on is something you cannot even talk about, as in the same manner in a monarchy you cannot insult the king, chosen by the grace of God, any real analysis of the Jewish Nation NOT as a victim of mankind but in Darwinian terms, as the animetal people-caste that have controlled with the memes of go(l)d, capitalism since its inception can get you even in jail. So because you cannot discuss ‘reality’, the processes will continue.

The result will be a further loss of wealth in the West as it happened when Britain and Germany lost their status as holders of the International currency after the 2 World wars, what in the poetic/biological jargon of my earlier books in the 90s i called the ‘ring of the go(l)ds’, the top predator currency with rights to massive deficit, because it is the currency of international exchange. Once China imposes its currency with a higher GDP, and hence imposes the prices of commodities worldwide, there will be a massive shift of resources to the Yuan, the dollar will loose value and the International banker will move its assets to Hong Kong – already this year overcoming London and New York in IPOs…

What happens to the 99% of hard working Jewish people and to Israel if the Americans as the Germans did change from an utter worship of their leaders to a sense of betrayal is again an absolute taboo of history (the economical causes of the holocaust), which I explained in the previous webs -but right now after getting my webs destroyed ‘twice’ in 2 months, frankly I’m not reposting. Just to state again that I am trying always to be objective to the truth, that my family has sephardim origins and that I don’t hate or love specially the Jewish nation; my only nation is the human species, and my only goal to explain the biological truth of history and economics. Let us then go on with the knots and bolts of the recurrent currency crashes, main causes of the wars that ensue each Kondratieff cycles.

The solution

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

To point out though that the solution to those crisis were already anticipated in the I Kondratieff crash by Marx – nationalization of the financial industry; in the II crash by Keynes, an international currency with rights to deficit for each nation of around 10-30% (I would choose personally 25%, which would allow to create indefinite welfare states, unemployment benefits and credit to companies of a sustainable economy); and by Sancho, with his concept of ¥€$ money… (the international currency made with fixed parity, 1 dollar = 1 euro = 100 Yens = 5 Yuans, by ‘decree’, adjusted then easily within a year or two with price changes in each nation. So this simple measure, which could be taken by ‘8 people’, the 4 central bankers of europe, china, japan and US and its 4 presidents would end the entire crisis with a stroke, end the dictatorship of bankers, end the holocaust cycle, end the war cycle, end unemployment, restore  the welfare state, and a ‘future for mankind’). Yet at this stage I understand ‘real’ evolutionary economics and the 3 sciences of the human species, socialism (in economics), humanism (a single species in politics) and organicism (humans and the natural goods we consume as the measure of all things) are done with, and the memes of metal have imposed a selfish non human future. I am in that sense, at this stage as my predecessors Marx and Keynes were in their last days, after the failure of the International and the failure of Bretton Woods – totally cynical about the future of the species, slave of their memes of metal which lives his last generations.

So the reader will excuse me if i dont ‘cry’ more for the future. You are all going to hell but that is what you wish for. ‘Sarna con gusto no pica’. Also to apologize because in this 3rd reposting many articles were lost so I have to get them from the c.01 old web version and all links are lost and some pictures too. As I said repeatedly, the brutal indifference to truth of economists and the silence that has always involved the true sciences of economics in America (Marxists and Keynesians, now this renovation of them) makes their adventure a Sisifus cycle… Mankind though will have to deal with the consequences of denying the scientific method and the search for truth in its more important sciences (the search for cyclical patterns of events in the behavior of the species it studies to understand its future and control that future, providing changes on those events that favor the human species – that is reforming the financial system). Indeed, the 1% should know they are human and the 99% of Jewish sheeple should know that even though the ‘Goths’ (the military) kills them, the Am Segullah (their financial elites) are the cause of their murder; and so as their triad of great prophets, Moses (‘the jewish people will suffer all their life for their love of money’), Jesus (expulsion of the money-lenders for the temple of righteous Yvwh) and Marx (the solution to the Jewish question will happen when they abandon their ‘wordly’ religion, gold), they have in their own hands their destiny, joining the efforts of mankind, asking responsibilities to their elites, preventing Keynesian militarism and stopping the creation of neo-fascist laws in America, which can be turned against them in the future.  Enough admonitions. Of course, nobody will listen or else the future would not be deterministic as nobody listened to Moses, Jesus and Marx.

  UPDATE 2013


In the graph, in blue the Jewish-Capitalist empire, turning around corporations and the 1%. In red the chinese, similar population, with public banks and a much larger growth, as its people are NOT bread to be ‘debt slaves’:

debt slavesscreen-shot-2016-12-17-at-12-15-14

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-16-44-44In the graph, the obvious difference between a predatory system of banking, in which money is created for and by private bankers – even if they pass as public, for speculation without creating wealth and a system in which private companies receive money from public banks to create WHealth. China grows at 10 percent for 40 years. Europe became after the ECB bank ended the welfare state the part of the planet with less economic growth as those nations became ‘colonies’ of the ECB usury schemes, as debt slaves. Only Iran, under massive embargo restrictions grew less.

Now the Chinese have been corrupted by Market speculation, and ‘of course’, they are getting billionaires that speculate no longer invest in direct WHealth: Max. Welfare Goods x Min. Lethal Goods. So as ‘expected’ growth is plummeting, as wealthy Chinese coming to mainland – the likes of Taiwanese Fox ready to put 3 million robots to work for Apple factories, or the ‘compradors’ of Hong Kong, ready to speculate with real state – transform the concept of investing money for the people (even if it is not the ideal situation, of a Universal Salary ‘with the people’). Still China grows at 7%.

So it does its sphere of influence, Africa, where money is invested in real partnerships of infrastructure and development for raw materials. So it is no longer the dumpster for neo-colonial ‘hand-outs’ of cheap weapons and monster mechanical projects for big-cut corruption deals – the usual Dam, mine and oil field for the Nigerian Bantu, the Ethiopian Omo and the South-African zulu to get his 10%. It is important to understand that ‘Western Economics’ is a brutal bankster exploitation and appropriation of the basic democratic right of all people to print its digital and verbal languages of power, money and the law. And it is for that reason far less efficient.

And so ALL what ‘social sciences’ in praxis (politico-financial power) and theory (‘economists’ and ‘historians’) do is to justify that brutal ‘animetal power’, a ‘bio-economic’ word, key ” to fully grasp how the West has been running the world for 5 millennia: following the dictum of one of its most cherished ‘scholars’ Tertulian: ‘You will defend me with the sword (today with gold) and I will defend you with the word’. We shall in the 2nd part of this post study the ‘immense’ difference on ‘truth’ and results, between the ‘Scientific method’ applied to social sciences and the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ or ‘animetal method’ of doing social praxis and theory. And of course, we shall ‘bust the balls’ of all that pretentious, caring, faked scholarship that practice the Tertulian Method, also resumed in the concept of ‘belief over reason’. Or as he put it with disdain: ‘What Athens have to do with Jerusalem’. Indeed, what Science has to do with racism, bigotry and shameless explotation of mankind?

You can see the debt slave countries from where I write, in blue. They are so ‘democratic’ that they are as well managed as the ayatollah kingdom. But they are happy piigs. They voted massively to the ‘Popular Party’, the most popular, and will vote it again. I live there. C’est la vie. Ah, but of course we have pan et circenses, mass-media circuses called soccer. We do play kid’s games better than anyone in the planet. That’s enough to shout ‘vivan las caenas’, as long as Messi scores for Barcelona F.C. LOL. I prefer the surrealist art of the natives – a movement born here and in Paris, during the last paroxysm of debt slavery, war and holocaust. They knew better.

Today, with the arrival of e-money that multiplied by 15 the production of money worldwide, the power of banksters has become absolute and it has corrupted absolutely the Social System.

This trend has been entrenched further since the massive ‘radiation’ of e-money in the 70s, gave financiers and corporations the monopoly on the issue of money, the language of information of economics, with the exclusion of governments.

Few people know that today +90% of money is invented by and for financial and industrial corporations in stock-markets and private banks or banks which ‘camouflage’ as public – a tradition that goes back to the private bank of England, for long the property of the Rothschild Syndicate; and today it is clearly represented by the ECB, the Euro bank, which only issues money for private banks, which in turn lend it at interest to nation.

So nations become therefore ‘debt slaves’, and have plummeted Southern Europe, nations which do not produce industrial goods but mainly welfare, ‘life-based goods’, and hence cannot resort to stock-markets to invent money but must issue currency money through national banks, into an eternal ‘debt slave country’, where their people have only a function, to be taxed to produce ‘interest payments’ for those who have antidemocratically stolen their rights to print their own money, the private financiers which rule the ECB (the last one, the VP of Europe Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi).

Now we shall stress once and again that money is a language of information that delivers orders of production and consumption as words deliver orders of action. It is NOT therefore debt. This concept is a predatory idea, similar to a parasite that absorbs the oxygen of a body.

Companies that over produce e money in markets and stocks of course do NOT have to return the money they waste. They invent it and promote their wealth and products, creating demand for it as humans would do with a universal salary – promote demand for welfare goods. But humans are denied money and when they are given it, must ‘return’ it with real wealth. And bankers have systematically used this trick to prey on people, ruin them and parasite its wealth.

And yet it didn’t seem enough to print billions of e-money. They also appropriate the meager quantity that the state prints for its citizens with direct taxation and forged ‘bail outs’, in which the state buys ‘false’ digital money (Mortgage crisis in which bankers invented false mortgage, by the simple method of repacking, existing mortgages into 2nd ones and sell it to each other as ‘real money’ and then inventing the fairy tale that they were toxic assets, governments must buy to avoid the collapse of the system, instead of merely erasing that ‘forged money from their accounts.)

So the US & EU have become one of the harshest dictatorships of history, as ‘greed has no limit’. Indeed, if a Roman senator, during the dictatorship of the Empire had 100 times more wealth than a citizen, today, a ‘stock-rat’ on the globalized world has 1 million times more wealth than a global citizen.



The 3rd great crash of the economy, the AGE OF CURRENCY WARS AND BOND MARKET CRASHES, SHOULD start this incoming year.


In the graph, as China starts selling, the Americans as usual put the burden of debt on the Japanese ‘slaves’ since World War II backing always the crashes of its financiers (remember the 2008 massive BoJ bail out that sank further the Japanese economy). But if Trump punishes Japan asking him to pay also the bill of weapons, it might find an independent nationalist Japanese in the rising and with both sells-off the debt has nO BACKERS EXCEPT THE OWN AMERICAN COMPANIES AND PEOPLE’S FUNDS:


IN THE GRAPH, China is selling. Japan is now backing as always the ‘winner of II world war’ and true owner of that country; but Japan might get out of the hook too, and then it will be basically over 3/4 Self-Debt which the Americans won’t be able to sustain in the world market. Once China drops beyond 1/2 trillion it will have zero problems making a sell-off war and manipulate with its higher reserves whenever it wants the American ‘stalwart’ backing of all its speculative economy, its printing money machine, which Trump has said it will use,as Yellen has done ONLY FOR speculative purposes:

And to fuel war, NOT for the people as a public bank and Chinese public banks do. And those are the two types of futures we must consider. Unfortunately public banks are nowhere to be seen and so the future is still the private one:







The screenshots are self-explanatory with some extra-commentaries. Who are the 3 biggest sellers in its proportion of bonds U$ IN THE PAST YEARS?

  • Israel, which started to sell a few years ago when the ‘rewarded’ vp of the Federal reserve, stanley, then head of the bank of Israel started a sell off… which was soon followed by Russia, but now a much larger sell-off has started. China is selling treasurys even before Trump comes to power. And immediately after Trump talks on Taiwan:


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 17.14.34.png

 Now in this battle China will win, because there is a cycle of economic crash, war, and CHANGE OF GLOBAL TOP PREDATOR CURRENCY, WHICH HAS ONLY A NUMBER to watch: NOT WEAPONS POWER BUT  GDP GROWTH IN NOMINAL TERMS. The nation with more GDP trades more, sets more prizes in markets and so its currency becomes standard for trade exchanges.



And America cannot prevent it. Indeed,  THE RELEVANT FACT IS WHEN China decides to do it; SINCE NOMINAL GDP IS MERELY A FINANCIAL DECISION OF CENTRAL BANKERS. BUT PPP IS REAL AND China is already above US.

PRICE adjusted PPP IS THE REAL VALUE of an economy. SO CHINA is already a bigger economy.

And it CAN AS TODAY DECLARE whenever it wants A RE-VALUATION OF ITS CURRENCY To MATCH PPP WITH GDP AND ‘PLEASE’ AMERICA apparently with a revaluation.

Yet when that happens THE EFFECT WILL BE a CATASTROPHE for THE AMERICAN ‘DEBT’, as foreigners will not trust it anymore as the safest asset in markets.

Of course if China is not doing anything, which is the more likely the cycle will still HAPPEN NATURALLY, at the end of TRUMP’S mandate:


To avoid thus the currency->war cycle, as America will respond the way Germany responded when his currency sunk, declaring war, or Spain when the guilder sunk the bullion, declaring war on Holland, obviously what we tried to explain for so long to not avail, as Keynes did must happen now: a global single currency at parity dollar-euro-100 yens, to allow a global salary for those fired by robots and avoid a global war, as all the other cycles.


Of course if true economists would direct the world of finances, instead of money-making machines, those deja vu experiences, would be avoided.

Since Keynes already explained in the 40s,  a similar concept to our ‘Universal salary’ in ¥€$ money, IN BRETTON WOODS when he asked for A GLOBAL CURRENCY to avoid economical wars in the future. But Wall Street declined, which just had gotten the ‘ring of go(l)d’ from Germany and UK (pound-mark), declined. It wanted to have the world currency to print unlimited deficits and live off what others manufacture and U$ simply ‘buys’ with papers.  (And on top blames those who are giving real wealth for $ papers of being unfair.

So the date-clock of the future ‘economic war’ is a sinle specific element: GDP gap.

We can indeed know the future, because it is ruled by the values and languages and equations of money, which is predicable.

So the ‘BIO-HISTORIC/BIO-ECONOMIC EQUATIONS OF THE FUTURE’ are real. We shall bring a few from time to time – as all related  to economics parameters  given the fact that go(l)d is the only language that rules the world, and LAWS MERELY A COMMODITY WITH A PRICE the go(l)d people buy. So WE CAN SCIENTIFICALLY MAKE A CETERIS PARIBUS ANALYSIS, WHICH HAS PROVED TO BE TRUTH FOR 30 YEARS. THE FUTURE can be ‘understood, AS it will be mimetic to THE PAST:

In the previous graph in April 2016 forbes news forecasts 2018, but those are optimist calculus on ‘perceived future strength of yuan’ which is NOT the policy today of China.

Of course pundits of don’t worry be happy theories will point out that most of the US debt is owned by US people. Indeed, those are the people that will suffer most when the incoming dollars break the credit of America as they won’t get more ‘perks’, products will become more expensive, rents will loose value, etc. etc. How deep the crises will be? All previous ones have been ginormous, always ending in wars. So we are not optimists. 

China though has ALL the cards in his hand, US none, as on top its currency and stocks are manipulated by an international ‘western elite’ NOT by the government/nation of America. China will therefore IF IT UNDERSTANDS THE GAME WHICH I DOUBT IT, could DECIDE the point of clash to its advantage. In practice it will happen naturally as classic economics IS NOT SCIENCE BUT JUST IDOL-OGY AND SO THE PEOPLE ON POWER UNDERSTAND NOTHING OF THIS AND THEIR MEMES PREVENT THEM NOT TO BUY THE ‘ROPE’:


The problem of course for you and me, simple, poor souls of the life earth iis that the hanging in III world war(robotic wars->birth of the metal-earth)  is that of all mankind besides the capitalist. And unlike him, who has a 72 years ride on top of the web before hanging himself, we are under the boot from day one:


 Now, all this is ‘ugly’. But I am not hiding it. I would love NONE OF THIS to be truth. Morever I WOULD LOVE modern human animetals, ‘yous’, ‘germ-ans’ and ‘I-selfish, self-centred’ people to evolve. But it is NOT HAPPENING. AND SO my patience to ‘segregational capitalist, biblical bigot memes’ has ran away.  As they are killing mankind. So i am not hiding, I do not accept censorship. But of course, neither some of the bigot genetic, racist opinions of people like Mr. Dee (as I said after talking to the man and realising he is too much of alt-right, classic racism and anti-SSemitism, i still keep those graphs, but differentiate antiSSemitism=nazism, a brutal idol-ogy of life murder, which I deny in the basket of different form of ‘racism’ against human individuals, from anti$emitism, which I accept as a form of humanism (the denial of biblical, go(l)d memes in both orthodox judaism and calvinism to an objective historian, just a sect of orthodox, ‘Aaronite judaism).
Fact is though as today the biggest idol-ogical problem of mankind to create a perfect world is Orthodox Judaism and its political branch (zionism) and its economical branch (financial economics). So knowing this is the main cause of the plummeting interest for this web of both common people and scholarship we have to accept 2 facts: that the Financial-Media masters of orthodox judaism do control the world (no confabulation theory here but facts) that their economical idol-ogies of the $elected, chosen of go(l)d experts are not science and that if we let them rule the financial-media world and manufacture our money cred(it)ating the neofascist world we live in, and our brains with hate -media, they will commit suicide again and mankind will go…
 Fact is a ‘brain’s few neuronal cells’ in control of the informative systems of an organism, rule completely the entire system. So it is a fact that a few biblical bigots, with its capitalist beliefs and control of FM NETWORKS, rule the world from London, NYC… and of late Israel (political islamophobia, expansion of the hate memes of the Semite wars between Israel and Palestine to the entire planet, with both ‘animetal bronze age’ cults to go(l)d and weapons, Israel and Jihad in equal anti-humanist footing… this of course we accept, but as the entire FMasters’ media system attacks only Jihad, which we completely reject, we focus here on capitalist memes; after all I am under the boot of finanil capitalism, not in occupied land, but occupied mind).

CAMOUFLAGE IS THE NAME OF THE GAME OF CAPITAL POWER. So biblical capitalism usurped the name of America – a dream of all humans living together without borders, similar to the EU, and now it claims to be ‘America’; it takes over national banks to issue money for private corporations and financial dynasties but keeps the name of the nation-people, it claims to be the enemy of military thugs, which it pays. AND IT DENIES THE TRUE CONFRONTATION, which today is between biblical capitalism and its people-castes vs. enlightened America and Welfare Europe, but this systemic destruction of the only alternative for mankind – a truly democratic, demand-based welfare economy through all kind of policies and corrupted politicos is denied. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BECAUSE IT IS THE SCIENTIFIC WAY TO RUN ECONOMICS. So there is no dialog. We are NOT debt slaves, machines are NOT evolving, humans are CHOSEN and nothing will happen to us. So capitalism tends to be even more dangerous and brutal than military dictatorships because people are not aware of the true nature of the system, manufactured in the brains…

They just need to follow the values of go(l)d, and live hypnotised by it, as the Neanderthal-in-chief of the Animetal nation ‘par excellence’ does, to foster the non-future.

So here is where we start to see the development of the long ‘prophesized’ next historic phase of currency wars.screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-14-33-24

And of course, as Trump goes, things could be made even easier. Indeed, let us remember his proposal to ‘NOT’ pay the debt and discount it at 80% who would sink the dollar.


Donald Trump dubs himself the “king of debt.” Experts say he doesn’t have a clue — at least when it comes to U.S. government debt.
Only a few weeks ago, Trump said he could eliminate federal debt in just eight years, a nearly impossible task. Trump’s own tax plan would add trillions to the debt.
Now he says the U.S. should just borrow more and renegotiate the terms later.
“I would borrow, knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal,” Trump said on CNBC last week.
Powered by

The reaction on Wall Street and in Washington was that Trump can’t be serious. U.S. bonds are seen as one of the safest (if not THE safest) places to put your money in the world. Tinkering with that would almost certainly hurt America for years to come.
“Mr. Trump doesn’t have a coherent idea of what he’s talking about,” says Michael Strain, an economic policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. “This is the bond market equivalent of ‘we’re going to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it.'”
Related: Donald Trump: ‘I’m the king of debt’
Trump tries to clarify his debt plan
Paying creditors back anything less than the full amount calls into question the “full faith and credit” of the United States.
“People would read this as a default,” says Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. “It’s saying we’re not repaying you what you’re owed.”
On Monday, Trump walked away from those comments. He told CNN’s Chris Cuomo he was misquoted.
“First of all, you never have to default because you print the money,” he said on CNN’s “New Day.”
Trump says what he really wants to do is have the government find a way to buy some bonds back at a cheaper price. It’s a fairly common practice for companies with “junk bonds” that are in financial duress.
But Strain, MacGuineas and many others say it would be a disastrous tactic for the United States government.
The problems with Trump’s debt buyback plan
First of all, businesses typically buy back debt when they are in trouble. It’s seen as a red flag. Investors agree to accept less money because they would rather get 80 cents on the dollar than nothing. The U.S. would have to be in terrible economic shape for this scenario to be an appealing idea.
Second, it would alarm investors in the U.S. and around the world to see the trusted U.S. Treasury playing games in the bond market. It could cause huge uncertainty, and possibly raise U.S. borrowing costs for years as investors demand higher interest payments. Other nations like China might even retaliate with trade sanctions or other economic tactics.
Third, if Trump buys back bonds at a lower price, it doesn’t just hurt the Chinese and Japanese who hold the debt. It would also harm millions of Americans who hold U.S. bonds in their retirement and savings accounts.
Fourth, the federal government doesn’t have any money to buy debt back with. The U.S. already has $19 trillion in debt. Trump’s plan would require the U.S. Treasury to issue new debt to buy old debt.
Or it would require the Federal Reserve (America’s central bank) to buy the debt. That can cause inflation (or even hyperinflation), and send prices of everything from food to rent skyrocketing.
And that’s to say nothing of the fact that the president doesn’t control the Fed, so it’s unclear how Trump could even get more money into the economy that way.
“Trump’s recklessness has no limits, even to the point of suggesting Treasury debt restructuring. He’s playing with matches in a very arid forest,” wrote Greg Valliere, chief investment strategist at Horizon Investments, in his morning note Monday.

Related: Trump’s latest wild claim: He’ll fix the debt in 9 years

Update. 03.23.2017 

China is doing so well, that the west is having trouble to demonise China, as James petras wrote recently in an awesome simple article, whose beginning we quote:

China’s Great Leap Forward: Western Frogs Croak Dismay

Introduction: From their dismal swamps, US academic and financial journal editorialists, the mass media and contemporary ‘Asia experts’, Western progressive and conservative politicians croak in unison about China’s environmental and impending collapse.

They have variably proclaimed (1) China’s economy is in decline; (2) the debt is overwhelming; a Chinese real estate bubble is ready to burst; (3) the country is rife with corruption and poisoned with pollution; and (4) Chinese workers are staging paralyzing strikes and protests amid growing repression – the result of exploitation and sharp class inequality. The financial frogs croak about China as an imminent military threat to the security of the US and its Asian partners. Other frogs leap for that fly in the sky – arguing that the Chinese now threatens the entire universe!

The ‘China doomsters’ with ‘logs in their own eyes’ have systematically distorted reality, fabricated whimsical tales and paint vision, which, in truth, reflect their own societies.

As each false claim is refuted, the frogs alter their tunes: When predictions of imminent collapse fail to materialize, they add a year or even a decade to their crystal ball. When their warnings of negative national social, economic and structural trends instead move in a positive direction, their nimble fingers re-calibrate the scope and depth of the crisis, citing anecdotal ‘revelations’ from some village or town or taxi driver conversation.

As long-predicted failures fail to materialize, the experts re-hash the data by questioning the reliability of China’s official statistics.

Worst of all, Western ‘Asia’ experts and scholars try ‘role reversal’: While US bases and ships increasingly encircle China, the Chinese become the aggressors and the bellicose US imperialists whine about their victim-hood.


2 Responses to “Currency wars”

  1. David Says:

    I find this to be amazing. Are you using planetary logarithms? You have hit on another year that I have picked for problems. I will say it is from the summer of 2015 to the spring of 2016. If I try to get tighter it would be from Sept2015 to april2016. Your numbers are somehow matching mine. Go to the time after the 2024 elected president is inaugurated in Jan. 2025. Apply your numbers to his first term and check those out. That president will be a major war president. A general will come out of that war and be elected president of the United States; Washington, Grant, Eisenhower. That war will disrupt our homeland along with wars overseas. I do believe it will be another American Revolution second only to a world war of major players. 2030/31 things start new. It will be the start of a new paradigm as 2008 was.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      i updated the beg. of the article to respond you… Look at the essential fractal 72-7 years cycle of evolution of machines and money and how its ternary wave of fiat money exchanged by real wealth forms… It will happen again because the people who rule us are the same type of ‘fucktards’ and the sheeple that follows them the same kind of ‘suckers’ that let themselves destroy 72 years ago… unfortunately.

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