Neofascist age

War to create demand for new machine-weapons and  prison or death for our enemies, the poor and the unemployed, is the Mechanist=capitalist=fascist solution to the poverty on Human Goods caused by the Kondratieff crashes of overproduction of machines and money. In the first Crash at the end of the ‘Age of bodies of metal’, the first fascism brought the colonial wars, the extermination of Indians, Australian Aborigins and 30 million people in Africa, India and China. In the second Crash at the end of the ‘Age of German Engines’, it brought the ‘classic fascism’ of I world war and II world war – Hitler, when Mercedes switched to construct tanks and chemical dyes became mustard gas. Now the still unrecognized neofa$cist age of a ‘small country’, which feels isolated, surrounded by enemies and with pending ‘historic territories to conquer to the East, but on top of the evolution of Electronic machines – exactly the same discourse that Hitler used to align germans into II world war – will bring a terminator arm race, which can truly extinguish the world. Indeed, in the first fascist age, there were 600.000 causalities in the ‘train wars’ of Unification (German, Italian wars, Civil war); in the second fascist age, Hitler provoked 60 millions corpses – a one hundred fold growth, and the Dow Jones that measured industrial production was also around 100 times higher than in the civil war when it was founded.

Now in the 3rd fascist age, the dow jones of industrial production is at 10.000 and potentially any of the ‘weapons’ of the singularity (black holes at CERN, nano-bacteria of metal creating grey-goo, terminator robots) can kill 7 billion humans, one hundred times more victims than Hitler. Because the essence of neofascism beyond human anthropomorphic hate-speeches and excuses is the simple fact that war for profits transforms the entire industrial system of a nation into making weapons. The same companies switch from pcs to terminators, from cars to tanks, from trains to colonial ones. 

And so neofascism kills in proportion to the quality of the machine-weapon, whose price-quality is shown in the stock growth of each age. When and if, as it seems business as usual brings an age of global war, of US vs. China, after US bullies China with its ‘military assets’ deployed around the country and China dumps 2 trillion treasurys sinking the dollar and American economy truly sinks, (see currency crashes: yuan vs. $), then America will enter either an age of massive internal neofascism (repression of the poor) accompanied with a robotic war with China (the Yakutian wars) or an internal r=evolution. As always, the cycle ends either in social r=evolution or neofa$cism. Take your pick, canons or butter. There are no more solutions in the dual game of History, of life vs metal, of memes of love vs. memes of hate. All seems to indicate at this stage that America will not r=evolve and neofascism will take place. 

All the systems are working for it, all the sides of this crisis of overproduction are asking for war, because ‘the time has come’ for corporations to go ‘all the way’ on the search for the ‘Wealth of nations’ maximized in war ages.

Because societies are complex organisms with interelated ’physiological systems’, in a fascist (cultural POV), mechanist (industrial POV), capitalist (financial POV), society, the 3 main systems of the ‘economic ecosystem’, the physical and financial economy, and the submissive human informative systems controlled by the ‘industrial castes’ that dominate society adapt together to the new ‘business environment’ of overproduction of weapon, machines and money, proper of the Kondratief Crisis Ages.

 As the overwhelming wave of the most advanced machines of the age – weapons – extends the profits of military-enhanced corporations the process of glorification of war with any excuse becomes a cultural routine. Thus, the economical outlook that promotes weapons derives in a political outlook of emotional, infantile, selfish tribalism that ignores diplomacy and prefers the stick to continue economic development now through the use of weapons.

In the graph, if Britain created a racist global empire in the fascist age of the train,  Germany practiced death for profits and prison for the poor during its baroque, fascist age of economical crisis and overproduction of chemical machines, establishing a kingdom of terror, when it transformed its cars into tanks and its dyes into Ziklon gas.

Now the Jewish American empire has transformed its electronic industries into a big-brother that watches the world, while the first Terminator weapons make Israel the center of the new Industries of Death that appear when overproduction of consumption machines switches the Tree of Technology from peace to war. And now again death or prison in the concentration camps of Warsaw or Gazah await their enemies.

The same complex pattern emerges in all the cycles of the Industrial Revolution, due to the properties of information: evolutionary species are informative species, whose size is much smaller than energetic, big species.

So happens in history during the evolution of machines, 3 small countries, Britain, German y and now Israel, seemingly unable to destroy the world, surrounded by huge civilizations, however far more primitive, as those 3 small countries were at the head of research on the weapons of the Steam Age, the chemical Age and now the robotic age, created 3 racist states/empires that destroyed the world…

Germany, a small country, which didn’t seem to have the muscle to destroy the world, was also the leading nation in the chemical technologies of the 2nd wave, and the fact is that it destroyed the world. But the Times of Death by overproduction of electronic weapons have barely started. We have merely constructed the ‘ideology’ that will allow us to proceed – ‘Islamophobia’, as Germany created the ideology that would allow her to destroy all the ‘historic territories’ to the East, his Vital space – anti-Semitism, anti-Communism and racism against the Slavs, which regained during the III reich the name of Slaves that the Am Segullah had given the in the Middle Ages. Britain also found an easy colonialist ideology – ‘trade is civilization’ and the ‘Ricardian, ceteris paribus analysis’ of trade – to conquer and destroy the economy of Africa and Asia and steal the silver of the Chinese empire and the gold of South-Africa. This is the easiest part, to find an ideology repeated ad nauseam by the new ‘metal-communicators’ that imprints mankind into believing neofascism is good. Racism & Colonialism, Anti-communism & Anti-semitism, Islamophobia and technoutopia, those are the ideologies which in each of the 3 Kondratieff crashes of the economy allowed the massacre of millions by the righteous, who thought they were doing the ‘right thing’ and coming closer to their ‘manifest destiny’. Now they are absolutely, adamantly sure that the new ‘primitive negros’ of the colonial wars, the Muslims are ‘evil’ and the robots that will liquidate them, just toys for our big boys. But at the end of each of those waves in a cruel but just Universe, the neofascist empire shrinks to nothingness, as the wave of slaves and inferior races learns how to defend itself. In this cycle though the race that will end with the neofa$cist empire will not be human.

Of course, then there is the solution, the human solution, butter, global deficits, ¥€$ money, a single currency with rights to deficits to pay for a new deal; diplomacy, Uno institutions.

But all that which we, the scientists of history have preached for decades is not even considered by the self-righteous neofascist ‘masters of the Universe’, the technoutopians, banksters and the industrial-financial-military industrial complex they have built. They will die for the FMI complex as 100 generations did before them and only one more, the zero generation of our sons will after they have finally, yes, there will be a final attempt that will triumph, after so many warnings, artistic parables and prophecies, destroy the world.  Or as they say in spanish ‘a la tercera va la vencida’ 

Considerations on the model.

The biological models of this web were constructed 20 years ago and published in a series of small print books with two possible paths of the future.

One was based in the hypothesis that the ‘will of capitalism’ (the reproduction and evolution by corporations, of  memes of metal – money, weapons and machines – without limit, moved by the greed of humankind and the ideologies that preach it). The other was based on the ‘dream’ that the ‘will of humanism’  would dominate the future (the will of the species to survive, reproduce and evolve humanity into a social global superorganism, healthy and wealthy in the human goods of the welfare state we naturally consume).

For sake of simplification I did not consider then the middle ‘greys’ between the black and white of pure capitalism and pure humanism. I gave instead a dominant probability to the black of capitalism and a recessive one to the future of humanism. 20 years have passed and all the predictions of the ‘black’ have happened, while the dreams of humanism have never been realized beyond the ‘rhetoric mask of caring’ of the speeches of politicians and political and economical correctness.

Thus, the path of capitalism is the path of future that seems to have become the only way… On that view, both the dream of humanism that try to reform the system and the ideologies of capitalism that have a religious, dogmatic, optimist outlook to justify it are no longer viewed as ‘deterministic’ of the future. It seems the future is truly guided by ‘greed’, by the desire to have more energy and information for our bodies and minds, to come on top of other humans and Nature.

And that engine implies always the evolution of machines and weapons and its use to impose power. And that will causes periodically when the evolution of weapons and the saturation of markets allows it, an age of permanent war, a ‘fascist’ age, in which merely the ideologies of the human mind move further to the ‘right’, to the worship of metal, and all masks of ‘caring’ fall. This is the age we forecasted would start in the 2000s and we live now on. It is an age that will be determined according to the ideologies of capitalism – null ‘deficit’ for humankind and its goods and ‘maximal’ stock-market deficit for war companies. The anecdote – the human choices of enemies and wars – will be determined by the leading people-caste of the age – which in a capitalist system is the one that has more ‘shares’ of the leading companies of each age, in our age, the electronic industries commanded by Jewish-Americans. For that reason we shall have wars against Islam before we have them against China. And probably the war with Iran and Syria would become the ‘threshold’ of the robotic wars, in which the first ‘tank-soldiers’ and ‘predators’ will become the bulk of the invading army, as the war progresses. The anecdote though is what most interest people; what the self-obsessed ruling mankind will talk on and on in their hate-tvs, as hate-mass media, robotic weapons, qisling politicos and speculative markets come together to ’cause’ the tragedy.

1860s, 1930s, 2010s. Military=Fascist age: From Informative knot to Empire: Britain, Germany, Jewish America.

In each Kondratieff cycle, during its 3rd baroque age, as the evolution and reproduction of machines, now converted into weapons, reaches its zenith, the most advanced Animetal Nation, with the best go(l)d and (S)words, finds political excuses to start a new age of war. In the first cycle Great Britain conquered ‘primitive cultures’ with trains and steamers. In the II Cycle, Germany entered its military baroque with Hitler. In the III Cycle, the Jewish-American culture entered its military baroque with Bush and Sharon. All those countries followed the same ‘heroic pattern’: they were smaller but much more advanced technologically than its ‘primitive, cultural enemies’, to which they applied ‘scientific racism’, feeling entitled to conquer them, while their informative systems (yellow, press, hate-radio, hate-TV) heralded the heroic massacres of the ‘inferior races’. In the graph, Germany and Israel even used the same political alibi (‘historic territories’ to conquest).

The 30s the 2010s

As we follow the historical parallelism between the 29 and 2008 crisis, we enter the 30s, the years in which first the blindness of capitalism, guided by the unlimited greed of financiers, ruined the middle classes till the political backlash brought fascism and socialism to power, first, and then an age of cultural massacres by 2 dictators, Stalin and Hitler, which ended the r=evolution against the old castes of European animetals (the Germans and Russian Emperors).

We are still far from the genocidal, full blown war age of the crisis, and yet in the 2 decades of study of the 3 self-similar cycles of the 1850-60s, 1920s-30s and 2000s-10s crisis, humans have followed the same misteps, guided by ‘greed’ and ‘murder’, the ‘invisible hand’ of Mr. Smith; which seems to be, beyond placebo words of caring, the underlying biological program of mankind… Indeed, reality is guided by ‘greed’ and ‘murder’, as it is. Then there are 2 ideologies that deny this:

– The capitalist ideology  perfectly described by Keynes: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest thing, work for the common good’.

– And the scientific approach to economics that follows the laws of eusocial love among members of the same species, which this web sponsors; which believes that with proper education humans, including the warrior and go(l)d cultures that are destroying history, could evolve and a paradise on Earth could be created with the proper eusocial, legal measures.

But let us face it reality. Since capitalism and Socialism is not reality but the ideologies that try to explain or reform it. Reality in the 2010s follow the steps of the 1930s. We are now at the height of capitalist power. The over reproduction of money caused by technological advances in its creation (the electric ticker in the 1930s, the e-money computer in the 2000s) has peaked. e-money has multiplied by 10 the controlling power of our great financial dinasties. In turn that money has expanded their control of companies and politicians. Wealth is also created with weapons, as the ‘Semite wars’ have thoroughly re-invented a cold war that fuels investment in military robotics and new types of nuclear bombs. Neo-fascism is thus entrenched in the West as never before the 30s. But it has ‘changed’ its face, which is not ‘the boot’ but ‘big brother smiley’. Orwell got it wrong. Huxley got it right. People are not kept submissive to power with menaces but with fiction. Big Brother is not a neo-hitler but Hollywood. Yet the effect is the same. The sheeple hates today the poor, 3rd world people of Islam as it hated in the 1930s the poor slav/jewish peasants of Poland and Russia.

We have a scapegoat to keep making profits with weapons. We have a new mass-media system (then radio-hate, today Tv-hate) to indoctrinate the audience. The fact that the people on top has changed from German warriors to Jewish bankers, from the dominance of weapons to the dominance of go(l)d is incidental to the existence of a self-similar cycle of power, which has choked democracies, the middle classes and the future of mankind as it falls into a new abyss… ‘History doesnt’ repeat but rhymes’ said Mark Twain. The rhyme is clear. The future obscure.

If the future is bio-logically designed, is Darwinian and deterministic?

When we analyze history in all its depth as an organic system, there is a fundamental question, which is at the heart of our future and has been the center of philosophical arguments about history since its beginning, by the most advanced minds of Mankind, the Historians of the future, both the mystiques of the wor(l)d, from Hesiod to Saint Agustine, and the scientists of History from Ibn Khaldun to Marx and Spengler:

Are the values  of greed and murder, are the economic values of capitalist=mechanist=techological societies that deny the values of eusocial love and life, the program of death of History and its civilizations as organisms? It is  the decay and death of history during ages of super-production of weapons and money ages of decay and predatory death of life to the machine, unavooidable?

The decadence adn death of civilizations, organisms history defeated by the darwinian power of weapons and go(l)d, was the origin of a ‘new science’ by Vico, one of the first scientists of History. He observed the dark ages of death of human civilizations during ages of war with the ‘celeberrimus case’ of the decadence of the Roman Empire.

In this post you can observed in detail those cycles of death of civilizations with an 800 years periodicity parallel also to the activity of weather and hence the abundance of nomad warriors to destroy the evolved, eusocial, agricultural civilizations of Mankind.

The process now has accelerated to a mere 80 years in which machines become weapons and kill humans, consume us, instead of us consuming them.

The parable of History, the Paradox of History that confronts the fruits of the tree of life, all good because we are life and so we must love what we are, and the fruits of metal, dual fruits, which go together, as machines are weapons, is now reaching in the age of the singularity its peak with weapons that can extinguish all mankind. So we must legitimately as if we shall we die as all organic systems do when the energy and information of the system suffers an overdrive of ‘alien’ energy and information -that of weapons, the germs of history, carried by the german, gothic culture, today globalized in the concept of nation, and that of go(l)d, the anti-information of history, carried by the Am Segullah, today globalized by the myths of capitalism? Is history doomed by animetal cultures and their attached machines, weapons and go(l)d? Are we the weaker species, condemned to be corrupted and destroyed by our upper castes? And if so, why? What makes different those animetal cultures who defy the eusocial laws of History?

There are 3 theories about that program:

The theory of organic decay, the 3 ages.

The main theory about the determinism of History is very deep in complexity and meaning, related to the last advances on Time theory, and was already proposed by Spengler, when he affirmed that the inner dynamics of any social organism, ended corrupting it. Indeed, if death in advanced organisms happens because of the selfish absorption of cellular energy by the neuronal brain, which gives nothing in return and consumes 10 times more energy; in history the neuronal brain is far more selfish. Warriors and speculators tax the mass of mankind and achieve as today the Wall Street Am Segullah that have destroyed the welfare state of mankind, a rent thousands of times higher than that of the average human.

This obviously provokes a massive poverty in the cells of the body, much faster decay and death that any biological, better-designed organism. And the end is an age of wars, r=evolutions and fascism, in which bankers and sheeple, warriors and Gaia, are all killed; and so the civilization dies.

We have spotted rhythmic deaths of history in much more detail than Mr. Spengler in his pioneer work did. But on his honor we must say that he already, a century ago, foresaw the collapse and financial corruption of Germany in the 30s, but also of America in the 2000s, a full cycle before it happened. Of course, his work as that of all the relevant economists and historians who have fully grasped the nature of our social organisms, is censored; so the sheeple believes that the corruption of our upper castes selfishly absorbing all the energy of the human sheeple in this new ’29 crisis’, till they kill society – now with a full attack on currencies that sustain the human economy – can continue with the pretension of being the ‘science of capitalism’. It is not. It is merely the death of our society, which has ended as we predicted 2 decades ago in an age of neo-fascism, war, poverty and ‘economical wealth’ for the neuronal castes.

Yet since Spengler finished his work, there has been many advances in organic theories, mainly happening in the sciences of Complexity, Duality and System sciences and so our analysis of the cycles of history has been more precise. For that reason here in the web in the 2 pages dedicated to a more scholar science of Bio-History, we shall consider in detail what is the truth of such theory of ’3 ages’, which all super-organisms of reality go through and how it applies to the study of the death of the civilizations and economic ecosystems of History, which also die.

Let us then consider of all those lifes and deaths of cultures that go through the 3 ages of any super-organism, the life and death of the accelerated cultures of the Industrial R=Evolution, when those cycles are shortened from 800 years to a mere 80 years life span, as the evolution of weapons accelerates thanks to the industrial r=evolution; since any machine can be converted into a weapon, and when it does so it provokes a global age of war and death, similar to the war ages that took place at the end of each 800 years historic civilization.

This age dominated by the super-production of weapons (and money, hence inflation and redistribution of rent tto the wealthy), is today much more complex in detail that it was during the end of civilizations but very similar in its constituents.

It is an age in which weapons become super-abundant, today machines=weaponns and end up causing an age of self-destruction whichin the subconscious collective of art becomes an age of cynicism and cult to death called ‘epic age’ of civilizations and today flatly  ’fascism’.

The 2010s, Jewish-American neofascism.

Let us then study now in more detail what the globalized owners of the world are doing. And the answer is obvious: creating a world to the image and likeness of their culture, which in al the Kondratieff ages has been an age of go(l)d corruption and sword murder, the way in which metal values mankind. It is the age of neofascism that we live in.

We are indeed, already in the neofascist age that finishes each cycle. The electronic cycle ends with the III Kondratieff Crash, which had 3 ‘sub-crashes’; the first in 1991, resolved with the demand for smart weapons of Desert Storm I, the second in 2001 – the dotcom crash, 72 years after the 29 crash – and the third, the 2008 crash of financial ‘derivatives’, which is the end of the electronic age of America. Let us then study the 3 sub-crashes we just passed, which meant in the political arena the first attempt tocreate a neofascist world in perpetual war with smart weapons, lead by 2 generations of war lobbyists, the Bushes.

In 1991 a stock market mini-crisis anticipates the great crash of overproduction of Chips of 2000. That same year, Bush Sr. finds a ‘splendid little war’ against a tyrant, armed by our industries, to come out of the crisis of the electronic industry, as Desert Storm I lifts demand for electronic goods. And a new age of war, based in smart weapons, starts.

A decade latter arrives the 2000 crash and the W.T.C. massacre and a new war with Iraq. The new war against Third World Terrorism soon becomes an alibi to build up an Orwellian big brother nightmare of cameras and scanners that control us, fostered by electronic lobbies that wish to sell its security products. All companies crashed the 11-S in Wall Street, except security companies, some of which tripled the following day. Big brother is big business.

In our decade old books we expected Desert Storm II to be followed by a war with Syria or Iran and other splendid small wars against Islam, to advance the ‘Great Israel’ and increase the profits of corporations with the massive use of electronic weapons that, in a process mimetic to other crash cycles, would carry the World into W.W.III. Yet G. Bush has been a ‘lazy’ neofascist leader, without the intensity for war we could expect of Mc Cain and so the advance of neofascism was halted, in the same way Mr. Grant halted the arrival of America to global top predator status, when he declined to invade Canada after the I Kondratieff Crash. War demand didn’t meet the expectations of previous cycles and the invention of electronic money had to search for a ‘civil’ excuse, which it found in the (mortgage) derivatives scam.

So Americans only lost their homes, not yet their lives. And were able to doubt briefly on the ‘honesty’ of their democracy and TV-indoctrination, just in time to abort the ‘program’ that would have taken Mc Cain to power and implemented a world war against Islam and perhaps China, the next global potency, whose ‘Gooks’ had tortured our war hero. The planning of a III World War, covering the 2 traditional enemies of the ruling Go(l)d caste of Jewish>Calvinist Americans (Islam and commies), somehow faltered, when the derivative scam blew up a month before elections.

So Republicans got bad timing for his ‘military campaign’ and the American people woke up to reality for a few days, enough to vote what seemed at the time a left wing, New Deal Politician. So the harm of neofascism has been limited. Meanwhile the quark cannon, the energetic arm of the Singularity that had to blow up the Earth around the same time Mr. Obama was to become the elected president, miraculously broke before attempting to create black holes. And 2008, the age in which the 2 main cycles and sub-cycles of History ended (the 800 year cycle of cannons that reaches its evolutionary zenith with the Large Hadron Collider and the 3 x 72 year cycles of evolution of machines) passed and we are still here. World War III has not broken out and the Earth is not yet a Black hole. We live in borrowed time because our animetals, still made of flesh not of iron, made some humane mistakes in their race towards extinction.

What are the star weapons of this age of ‘splendid little wars’?: The ‘body’ of war is the robot or smart weapon, which has evolved first as a drone plane that bombs mainly civilians, in Afghanistan and Iraq; the mental weapon is the TV, which has entered in its fascist age, parallel to the period of Radio-hate, now guided by the ‘Am Segullah’, according to the Law of the Historic pendulum that converts the victims of the previous cycle in the predators of the next one. So the poor, innocent Jewish Khazars of the Pale of Settlement, Russian and Polish peasants, abandoned by the International Banker and tortured by the German warrior, who took refuge in Israel, are now taking revenge in the poor, innocent Palestinian farmer… that reads a different version of the Book. Yet to understand Jewish neofascism, we must understand the pendulum Law that converted the good nation of the XIX century (Germany, without a colonial empire in which to massacre ‘negroes’) into the fascist killer of the XX century; and the victims of the XX century (the eastern Jewry of Khazar peasants) in the fascist bully of the XXI C.

In the XIX C. Germany was indeed, the most pacifist, enlightened nation of the Steam cycle, renouncing in  Vienna to a European Empire across the continent, when it could have seized the Austrian Empire, and then in Berlin to an Empire in Africa. It was invaded by France, which started the French-Prussian War; and it produced all the inventions and cultural summits of physical and social sciences, from Planck to Marx, from Spengler to Benz. Yet in the XX century it became the cruelest of all technological empires, during the baroque age of the chemical cycle it lead. The same has happened today with the Jewish nation, which lead the electronic cycle from America and now is the leading neo-fascist nation, researcher of Singularity weapons and ideologist of hardcore capitalism (Friedman, Greenspan) and racial apartheid (Israel). The difference though, is that in the age of Globalization, Jewish neo-fascism is global, spread through a global system of marketing and audiovisual propaganda, far more sophisticated with the shameless use of the duality of ‘past victims of Holocausts’ and present leaders of the ‘war of terror’ and the cunning occultation of their control of the finances of the West that anything the Nazis could ever device. But the facts are straightforward:

The Semite wars, in which US works as a mercenary army for the new fascist nation of the 3rd Cycle, the Jewish nation, mean no benefit whatsoever to America. After decades of being an asymmetric war in which only Islam suffered, the Arabs attacked back in the WTC massacre; and so now the Semite Wars even look like they are American wars.

But if we lived in a world in which humanism reigned, neofascism would not be tolerated. The Jewish nation would not rule the Western civilization – and I say the Jewish nation, not Israel, because the financial control of the Jewish Nation extends to the Western World, to the Earth Inc. through the millions of workers of the companies they own. This is the only reason we do not perceive Jewish neofascism with the same clarity we perceived German fascism, as the propaganda of German fascism was limited to Germany and outside its borders we were not brain-washed by Hitler, as we are today by Jewish fascism. Yet we must for a moment forget that propaganda and ask ourselves, who started those Semite wars and how we treat the Muslims, massacred by drone planes in Afghanistan, terrorized in a Warsaw Ghetto called Gaza for 30 years? This was avoidable by a humanist culture. Indeed, we can return to the 60s, when Israel was a nation, which still could lean towards social evolution within the human community, spend money in the Arabs of Israel, instead of creating a segregated society, ask rightly to Europe for entry in the European Market as a compensation for the Holocaust, forget his go(l)d religion and integrate itself with the rest of mankind.

Instead what the banker-priests that rule the Jewish nation decided was to resurrect at global level capitalism in its wickedest form, to fight both, Russia and the European Union, who tried to create a Keynesian economy in which the state could create money. The Jewish-Protestant culture did not want to release that privilege, so to maintain its monopoly of creation of ‘stock deficits’, financiers sunk European currencies that had state deficits and destroyed the gold standard that supported the dollar, to multiply without limit e-money in stocks. This was achieved in the 1980s and the welfare state disappeared as billions of dollars were pumped up in their accounts. In the international arena they provoked by developing atomic weapons first, a cold war that obliged Russia to become a military state and finally destroyed the last social revolution of mankind against the power of machines and money – which is indeed the true question of History: what is the use of having so much technological progress if it is going to kill us?

That is why countries like Cuba or Russia, where technology was discouraged, despite their poverty and discounting their militarism, provoked by the need to defend themselves against capitalism, are a better model of human progress, which is not the evolution of machines but the social evolution of humanity into a super-organism of love, of equality, solidarity and fraternity. In the education of their people is perhaps where that ideal long gone in most military dictatorships, can still be seen. Even in Cuba, people read, study and believe in social love in a greater measure than in any South-American country. On other side, Hollywood have created a big brother smiley of fiction thought and violent films against the alternative of Both Socialists and European, humanist films. Today big brother smiley has destroyed the human brain, and made our kids freaks. In Israel, the land of the Holocaust victims, instead of looking ahead to reconciliation with the Arabs, who had always treated with respect the Jewish people, the ideologies of banker priests didn’t fare much better: they instilled in their lower castes the Holocaust paranoia, making them fear a ‘murderous’ mankind, fuelling a highly profitable weapons industry, sold to both sides of the conflict.

The myth of the Holocaust as a superior form of evil to any other collective murder of history, including the planned murder of 3o million slavs by the same SS, totally ignored by the Western Press, hides its economical causes, which avoids a reform of capitalism that would prevent future recurrences. It also exaggerates the role of victims of the Jewish people, downplaying all other Holocausts in history, including those caused by capitalism, from slave trade, whose boats the banker-priests traditionally owned, to the Bengali massacre of 15 million Indian peasants, during the age in which 2000 Jewish-Protestant share-holders of the Indian Company owned 250 million human people.

The Holocaust victimism hides the fact that the banker-priests did reject all attempts of the Nazis to change the lives of the ‘impure Khazars’ for money, the true religion of the banker-priest, a people-caste within the Jewish nation. Who helped my grand father, trucked in France, despite having converted to the true prophet of social love, generations ago and sent him to Mathaussen? He survived because he jumped down a cliff, crossing the Alps, but he couldn’t convince any of the believers in their high priests, which expected to be rescued by their ‘stockrats’, as the German foot soldier expected to be saved by their generals. But the Banker priests rejected Hitler’s offer to exchange the Eastern Khazars’ lives for Go(l)d… So stop crying for all my ancestors and slaves of capital you have helped to murder…

It also exaggerates the obsession of the Nazis with the extermination of all the Jewish, which Hitler considered just another enemy nation, or else he would have given Rommel troops to attack Palestine, already filled with Jewish colonists and never tried a financial exchange. The truth is that Hitler’s deepest hate was against Slavs and communists and that ruined his war, which he had won at Dunkirk. He had just to make a pact with Spain and Turkey, the traditional allies of Germany, cross the European Eastern and Western straights towards India and Africa and conquer the British Empire, including Palestine. But he admired British and feared the American Jewry till the end of the war. So he thought it would be easier to conquer frozen Russia, his tomb for being a racist animetal ‘beast’, unable to grasp the forces of love and solidarity that moved the Soviet soldiers into victory. He, in fact, killed 28 million Slavs and communists – but we don’t forgive the crimes of Stalin go unnoticed, because Hitler killed them, nor the Russians justify their crimes alluding to their 20 million dead in II World War. So we should not tolerate the deformation of the Holocaust tragedy, its causes and reach to instill hate and justify violence in the present world. Recently in Berlin I saw a film, panegyric of the Rothschild, ‘the Jazz baroness’ in which a Rothschild heiress considered her suffering family the scapegoats of all underserved hates and condescendingly put the ‘negroes’ in second place…

Finally, in Israel the banker-priests did not construct a modern, peaceful nation but encouraged was recreation of the oldest, most corrupted animetal cult(ure), the Orthodox, Jewish religion of banker-priests made explicit in the Babylonian Talmud – a culture of the iron age, with the same harshness and brutality of other ancient tribes of the age, like the Assyrians or the Phoenicians. And so now we have not, as it happened in the XIX century, only financial fascism but two types of Jewish neofascism: the neofascism of capitalism, masterminded by their bankers and the religious fascism of the Talmud, the Orthodox religion of earlier Semites that treated humans as cattle. When it was resurrected in Israel, it meant the treatment of Palestinians as cattle, following the millenarian doctrines of the Go(l)d religion, explicit in the Babylonian Talmud.

This ideology that returns mankind to the Bronze Age when the animetal appears, is the cause of this war. If the European attempt to create, after II world war, a peaceful, democratic, non-armed, welfare, social world and a similar attempt by the Kennedy brothers in US, had not been destroyed by Free Markets and murder, we would live in a very different world. Instead the old Calvinist-Jewish coalition took over with Reagan and we live in that world.  A comparison will suffice, between Israel and Palestine belonging to that world and the Palestinians of Europe at that time, the Spaniards, who were lifted with the help of the European Union, from a backwards, violent, farming community as Palestinians were, into a modern nation. Palestine could be now a developed nation and Israel a peaceful country. Instead, the Talmud reigns again. So a harsh solution is needed. NATO should, plainly speaking, put a 1 million strong army in Iraq and end the Semite wars by demanding the demilitarization of Iran and Israel, voluntarily or by force, and destroy every modern weapon in those territories. Of course, it would mean the occupation of Israel, as the allies occupied the last ‘fascist’ state of the previous cycle of Kondratieff wars, Germany. And it will mean to re-educate for a decade, as it happened with Germany, the Jewish people, explaining them that humanity is not guilty of the Holocaust but their banker-priests’ religion of greed provokes a cycle of action-reactions, poverty and murder, which must end once and for all. Of course, this sounds impossible today. And yet it is the only human solution to the Semite wars.

The amazing thing about the Semite wars is indeed, not that they are happening, as the natural end of Go(l)d and Sword cultures is to impose their will with weapons and money – but that the entire planet is backing the ‘neo-Nazi’ state of the III Kondratieff cycle, since many did oppose Hitler. This has an obvious reason. While the Germans could only control with fascist propaganda Germany, the International Banker and his corporations control Global mass-media and he does so with far more sophisticated audiovisual machines than the hate-radio of Mr. Hitler did. So what it should be absolutely obvious – that a humanist world cannot tolerate a racist state which maintains a concentration camp of 2 million people, poisoning the mind of a billion Muslims, is denied by people like Mr. Obama or Mr. Brown, the heirs of Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill that rightly opposed Hitler. One could think also that it corrupts the politicians of this planet, who accept it, knowing perfectly the truth. Because if they cannot deal with something so obvious, what kind of policies we can expect from those politicians. When people who pretend to be ‘left’ like Obama or Brown increase the budget of drone planes that kill children and women in remote Afghan villages, how can we expect them to control the greed of bankers and health-care companies within our borders. This brutal split between the elite that controls the information of our society, go(l)d bankers and legal politicians and the billions of humans suffering below them, separated from them by audiovisual machines, weapons and money, is the split that kills the super-organism of History and today is absolute. The body of mankind suffers and the head has become crazy, unrelated to its body; and that is the definition of organic death.

Present America, the Singularity Age.

Because the future is cre(dit)ated with money the question of the madness of a single group in control of the re=production of money in America can be rephrased: do we want a future sustainable for life or a world made to the likeness of the machines evolved by company-mothers under the capitalist, war-ideologies of our present Globalized Empire?

In the American constitution the answer is clear since ‘people’ , NOT companies are the citizens of democracies. This contradiction between the citizens of Free Markets, Companies, with absolute rights to reproduce the language of power of Market, money, and the citizens of Free Societies, human beings, who should hold the same rights through their governments is at the core of the lack of Freedom of our societies, which are no longer democracies but plutoc

racies, free markets ruled by ‘stockrats’, the owners of companies, which use money to buy human time/life with salaries, laws with lobbyism and cre(dit)ate a future made to the image and likeness of its machines.

At the core of this question is one about our freedom as citizens of democracies.

Indeed, governments, freely elected by the people, could invent money with deficits to cre(dit)ate a welfare state and a Demand Economy that will push consumption and increase the production of life-based goods, taking us out of this crisis. On the other hand financial and stock-companies will keep inventing money for technology=machines that in the Robotic/Computer age of the Singularity will increasingly make humans obsolete.

The fact that our society does not even argue what kind of future we want; how money invents that future; what is the meaning of technology; how machines and humans compete, is due precisely to the separation that ‘financial economists’ have achieved between social sciences and the discipline of monetary invention.  This of course has not been a sudden development but the result of thousands of years of evolution of the go(l)d culture, which acts as the ‘soliton wave’ of the economic ecosystem and cre(dit)ates money since its discovery.

The result is the absurd world in which we live, where human beings always secondary to machines: there is scarcity of human food but we spend fortunes drilling oil wells or rising crops that can be converted into gas for machines; there is little money for education but digital information and research in technology never stops; there is little money for health-care but you will always find a shop to repair your computer.

And all that comes to the simple fact that as Business this Week put it: ‘who wants to buy Mexican bonds if we can invest in sun microsystems’.

Today the same choice has been done in America, where 1.3 trillions were given to financial companies but people are kicked out of homes and loose their jobs to computer software and robots; while the entire financial community massively attacks the value of currencies which sustain the human economy, as if the destruction of the human economy, based in the welfare state and the human life-enhancing goods we consume was ‘necessary’ to liberate even more money to invest in robotic and computer technologies and accelerate the demise of the human kind. Since machines indeed work cheaper than human beings and increase the profits of companies.

Thus because investment in technology increases the profits of companies, for whom economists cater, the obvious choice of a human future is not even argued. Economics is no longer a science that ‘cares’ to design a world to the image and likeness of mankind but a ‘science’ whose function is to ensure the profits of companies, achieved through the unlimited reproduction and sale of monetary instruments and machines.  And to tht aim it has established as a dogma that only financial and stock-companies must invent money; while governments and human beings should ‘beg’ for credit to the bankers of the go(l)d cultures that rule the economic ecosystem.

As always in this web there are 2 answers. The answer of a real science of biological economics to the service of mankind is obvious: governments. The answer of a praxis of power called classic economics, most properly a religion of greed, is the bankers,  whose frenetic creation of money in the 20s and the 2000s has caused those crisis.

Science and Power as always diverge in the Economic Ecosystem, which is not a Democracy, but a Free Market in which only companies are ‘free  citizens’. We live in an ‘stockracy’, where the new aristocrats, the people who control the financial systems of reproduction of money and the ‘authorized’ thought on Economics, rule our corrupted political system.

Thus, we give 200 billion $ to a few stockrat, owners of AIG but our ‘authorized’ economists expect the 400 million euro people and the 300 million Americans will have to cut their expenses to the survival level of the ‘Iron Salary’ that the Jewish Economist Ricardo expected for all humans, as ‘machines keep evolving and competing with them’.

As we follow the historical parallelism between the 29 and 2008 crisis, we enter the 30s, the years in which first the blindness of capitalism, guided by the unlimited greed of financiers, ruined the middle classes till the political backlash brought fascism and socialism to power.

In the 2 decades of study of the 3 self-similar cycles of the 1850-60s, 1920s-30s and 2000s-10s crisis, humans have followed the same misteps, guided by ‘greed’ and ‘murder’, the ‘invisible hand’ of Mr. Smith; which seems to be, beyond placebo words of caring, the underlying biological program of mankind… Indeed, reality is guided by ‘greed’ and ‘murder’, as it is. Then there are 2 ideologies that deny this:

– The capitalist ideology  perfectly described by Keynes: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest thing, work for the common good’.

– And the scientific approach to economics that follows the laws of eusocial love among members of the same species, which this web sponsors; which believes that with proper education humans, including the warrior and go(l)d cultures that are destroying history, could evolve and a paradise on Earth could be created with the proper eusocial, legal measures.

But let us face it reality. Since Capitalism and Socialism is not reality but the ideologies that try to explain or reform it. Reality in the 2010s follow the steps of the 1930s. We are now at the height of capitalist power. The over reproduction of money caused by technological advances in its creation (the electric ticker in the 1930s, the e-money computer in the 2000s) has peaked. e-money has multiplied by 10 the controlling power of our great financial dinasties. In turn that money has expanded their control of companies and politicians. Wealth is also created with weapons, as the ‘Semite wars’ have thoroughly re-invented a cold war that fuels investment in military robotics and new types of nuclear bombs. Neo-fascism is thus entrenched in the West as never before the 30s. But it has ‘changed’ its face, which is not ‘the boot’ but ‘big brother smiley’. Orwell got it wrong. Huxley got it right. People are not kept submissive to power with menaces but with fiction. Big Brother is not a neo-hitler but Hollywood. Yet the effect is the same. The sheeple hates today the poor, 3rd world people of Islam as it hated in the 1930s the poor slav/jewish peasants of Poland and Russia.

We have a scapegoat to keep making profits with weapons. We have a new mass-media system (then radio-hate, today Tv-hate) to indoctrinate the audience. The fact that the people on top has changed from German warriors to Jewish bankers, from the dominance of weapons to the dominance of go(l)d is incidental to the existence of a self-similar cycle of power, which has choked democracies, the middle classes and the future of mankind as it falls into a new abyss… ‘History doesnt’ repeat but rhymes’ said Mark Twain. The rhyme is clear. The future obscure…

The outcome of this earlier 30s/2010s is self-evident: the middle class is going to dissapear, the wealthy who caused the crisis will become richer, till the social fractures sees the rise of neo-fascism in the post-Obama, post-dollar crash America. While Europeans will steadly move towards a socialist economy with quantitative easy and a soft euro to pay the welfare state, given the fact that bankers are still sharing power with governments and the go(l)d culture is no longer dominant on that society.

This predictions of our earlier European books and webs (the bio-economist, 92-2001, now deceased) have become clear this week, as the European governments finally have reigned over the banker dinasties represented y Mr. Tritchet, Kahn and Ackerman, the Jewish Bankers on control  of the European Bank, the International Bank and the Deustche bank, the most influential european colossus, owned by those dinasties.

Europeans remember history and so, despite the present fear of a melt-down of the European economy, it is expected they will reach a balance to avoid the rise of neo-fascism, as everybody knows what happened in the 30s, when the massive absorbtion of capital in the post-29 crashed made Adolf Hitler the most popular politician with brutal sentences like ‘the death of the ‘Am Segullah’ will be the wealth of the Germans’ or ‘If the International Banker keeps ruining our economy, it won’t be the end of Germany but the end of its race’.

In America however, censorship of ‘real economics’ and the ‘real cycles of history’ is absolute, because there has not been any change in the pyramid of social power in place since the end of the Civil War. And so the real ‘crisis’ is still to take place when what happened to the Euro repeats at a grand scale with the dollar once the Yuan becomes convertible and the International Banker, the Forex speculator switches international currencies.

This, we forecast according to the 3 repetitive Kondratieff parallel cycles of the 1850-60s, 1920s-30s and 2000s-10s, will happen as soon as the Yuan becomes convertible latter in the decade. It will be the same process that sunk first the German Mark and then the Pound, when the Dollar became the new world currency in the 20s.

In that regard the currency/euro crisis is self-similar to other deficit crises that took place in the 1st and 2nd kondratieff crashes of the Industrial R=evolution.

In essence, the recurrent long terms, 72 year crisis of the economy go through the same phases.  The phase that now starts is the ruin of the different demand-based  welfare states of the economy which no longer has a viable credit system to support a sustainable growth.

In the 20s the currency crisis peaked in Germany during the hyper-inflation age.

Now again the crisis has started in europe and Germany with its null understanding of ‘human values’ and the needs of people have triggered it with extreme capitalist, anti-deficit laws that forbid the creation of demand-based government deficts to create a new deal that solved the stagnation of the economy.

Yet in the present cycle America plays the role of Germany and China the role of America. Thus what we have seen in Greece is only the beginning. The true currency crisis will take place when the Yuan becomes convertible and the entire planet ditches the dollar as the international currency as it happened in the 1920s when it substituted the Deutsche Mark and the Pound for the dollar. Then America will suffer an age of hyper-inflation, lost of purchase power, as the trillions of dollars created by the Treasury return home, multiplying the quantity of money inside the states that will loose value; and the market panic ditches treasurys for Chinese money and bonds.

And yet ignorant of the basic laws of the economic ecosystem, our ‘Treasure department’ insists that China makes the Yuan convertible and rises its value, in a self-suicidal process that will bring in the late 2010s the decline of America as economical power, and an internal social and political crisis, seen in the past cycles, when a nation looses its top predator status, with an international currency that always has unlimited rights to invent money for free.

Indeed, when spain lost that right to Holland and the bullion plummeted in value it entered in a civil war (1640). When France lost that status at the end of the Indian/American wars in the 1750s it soon entered into the French R=evolution. And when Germany lost that status, Hitler rised to power.

Thus we are moving as it happened after the 1857, 1929 and 2001 crash, into an age of war for profits, with any ideological excuse. After the 1857 crash, trains were armored and used in wars against Indians or to conquer Africa. After the 1929 crash Hitler started the reproduction of tanks instead of cars.

This situation which parallels that of the 30s during the Republican administration (Mr. Obama and the Euro-zone presidents are in economical terms to the right of Coolidge) implies that we do not longer live in a Democracy but in a plutocracy, where companies and their owners stockrats have the exclusive rights to print the language of power, money, as aristocrats had the exclusive rights to bear arms in kingdoms. And for that reason, because consumption of peaceful machines has plummeted companies promote the creation of weapons and war that keeps giving profits.

After the 2001 crash computers were used to create a ‘big brother’ security state, with the excuse of terrorism. History rhymes. The tribes on top change but the ‘engines’ of our technological civilization, greed and violence, fostered by money and weapons, have not changed. It is thus absurd to focus on tribal rivalries, and point out to this or other tribe, but much more intelligent to understand the systemic cycles. Indeed, little difference there is between the British, American and French treatment of negroes and Indians in the XIX fascist age or the treatment of jewish and slavs in the XX c. fascist age, or the treatment of palestines in the XXI c. except the fact that we are now in our neo-fascist age, and so the control of information about our neo-fascist age is far deeper than the one we make of past eras, which are ‘history’; and the dates… We are at the beginning of the Jewish-American fascist age, in the earlier 30s, so our neo-Disraelis and neo-Hitlers have not yet exterminated our ‘primitive enemies’… Yet as the trends of history continue, and the new awesome weapons of the Singularity age, robots and Cosmic bombs are developed, it is to be expected that in a few years the number of causalities of this fascist age will increase… and might indeed cause the extermination of all mankind (CERN’s black holes, self-replicant nano-bacteria, Terminators)…

This is the core matter, the power of a fascist ideology, the go(l)d religion, now mathematized as capitalism, which cannot take care of the needs of billions of human cells of the body of History, but cannot be discussed because it is censored and sold as a pure science, which is not. The world and especially America should not help to maintain a racist, apartheid state and a concentration camp in Gaza. It should not be concerned about how to finance the greed of billionaires that never have enough. It should not be taxing people to finance state expenditures, when an International Currency will allow the free production of money for that goal. By setting an agenda of ‘false problems’, of ‘issues’ that should not even exist, instead of focusing in the real issue of mankind this century – the control of the evolution of the Singularity, of the evolution of machines, the control of the extinction of Gaia, of planet Earth, of Life – mankind certifies her extinction.  

The fundamental problem of mankind is the evolution of Singularity machines. What our leaders should be thinking is not about the absurd problems of a Bronze Age culture but about the factories of Black Holes and nano-robotics, the 2 Singularity weapons that will extinguish us. A World Government, scientifically designed, as we do in this chapter, should once and for all dismiss the Animetal, Sword and Go(l)d ideologies, its myths and Newspeak and rationalize history or we shall expect our demise within decades if not years. We should not deal with the agenda of corrupted animetal cultures, of greedy bankers and go(l)d religions, as if it were our fundamental agenda as a species. But as long as governments do not control the money supply, the International Banker will set the agenda of the World, spending our money on themes which are totally irrelevant to mankind, while the real problems keep growing. Frankly, I do not understand Mr. Obama. If we are going to die so soon, under the Singularity, why not to put up a fight with honor against neofascism? Why not to die as a free man, instead of dying as a house slave? Why not to take over the White House and fight for your people? Why not to die for mankind, the God of all of us, except those whose swords and Go(l)d deny life? Maybe then the miracle happens and we all resurrect. Mr. Jintao would help you to become Mr.Hoe. Because as amazing as it seems, only 2 people working together, in the world of hierarchical super-organisms, Mr. Obama and Mr. Jintao, US and China, could save the world. Let us first, before we explain how, to go to the core of the matter, the second ‘theme’ of neofascism, the harsh capitalism of the International Banker and his control of the finances of the world.


3 Responses to “Neofascist age”

  1. Mr Smith Says:

    This is good stuff! i have to read more how does it end?! where the fuck am i?

  2. xyz Says:

    Heh…who woulda thunk.. guess you were right about this one Luis. Though I havent posted on your website in years, I never fully forgot about those months I spent reading your stuff. I even interacted with you a few times through the comments sections here, I think back in late 2012 or early 2013 or so, I was only 17 or 18 at the time.

    I’m gonna be honest, and I’m not trying to insult you, but you’re a bit of a crank. Even you gotta admit so yourself, don’t you think? I mean the CERN thing certainly didn’t happen, so there’s that. But overall I really like your main ideas, your view of the universe as this organic superorganism has stayed with me for years, your views on the future of technology and the possibility of a post-human future stayed with me for years and your warnings about this neo-fascist Tea Party age we might be about to enter due to the decadence of the post-recession Weimar American Republic stayed with me for years.

    I’ll most likely continue to check in once in a while every few months and read some of your stuff as I go about my life, as i’ve done for years, regardless of whether or not future predictions of yours come true, your writings are an interesting piece of art and history that may one day be discovered by someone more worthy of it than me.

    Hope everything is going well in your personal life and best wishes.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      naive, the cern thing will happen, when it happen you will not know, will die on the spot, and if not mr. trump with his robots, courtesy of the colonist of israel who are backing him, will history is a science, and you live in the organism of mankind and i am the neuron that understood it, but of course all the prophets get crucified the last one mr. sanders by the yous of go(l)d, and the germ(an)s of war – CERN WILL HAPPEN THERE IS ZERO PLANETS WITH ROBOTIC LIFE or else it would be here:
      this is the movie you should watch about it:

      WHY? fermi paradox go to, if the industry is not aborted. sissie boy, humans cannot face death when it comes, they call me hysterical i know death 1/2 of yin
      THAT IS THE SITE WITH THE TRUE DEPTH OF THOUGHT, taking the theory of lineal time of the you-germs to its new level on the 5th dimension.
      sissy, silly humans lackthough ethics and intelligence to understand and fight, so you can keep living in the virtual world of the yous and the macho-man of the germs, i dedictd my life to their awakening
      but i had enough of both of them and the rest of the human lot
      enjoy the ride, carpe diem
      you will be repeated in another planet of the fractal universe, and in some of them you will call me saviour not
      the cranck (-:

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