Solution: jungle law



oedipus paradox

The survival of the fittest implies that humans as species of inferior potential capacities in information and energy to machines, will become extinct by robotics.

It is the oedipus paradox: the father species improves and kills the mother species. So amphibia displaced fishes, reptiles amphibia and mammals reptiles, men displaced mammals and machines are displacing humans, because they reproduce faster, have 1 million times faster brains, and stronger bodies and evolve 1 million times faster than humans do:

However Charles Darwin found an exception to that law of the Survival of the fittest.

In Galapagos Islands, primitive turtles and birds of dull bodies and slow brains, were not yet extinct. Darwin concluded that weaker species can survive if they live in isolation. That was the reason Galapagos survived. According to biologists, there are two strategies of survival: either you are the fittest one, or you isolate yourself and your environment from any rival, stronger top predator. Isolation had worked for the species of Galapagos Islands, till human beings, top predator brains, arrived in times of Darwin. Since then 90% of those giant turtles had been extinct by men.

Ever since Kipling applied those ideas to his “Book of the Jungle”, this Law of Survival has been called the Law of the Jungle: “Kill the child before it becomes a tiger hunter”. Do not let species who are potentially stronger than you, grow big enough to kill you. Because they will kill you. Children species are nice, smile a lot, because they are weak, and do want to survive. So happens with our first robotic machines, sold as toys. Yet when species reach a certain comparative advantage they become arrogant. Men feared lions but then chased them for pleasure. Germans came to Rome with awe, and respect, but then when they were strong enough returned to loot.

Will our military and scientific community, and the industries that back them, ever become responsible about our future, care really about the survival of the American people, forget theirideologies of human supremacy?

Unfortunately our military and scientists, so “intelligent” with their budgets, and equations, suddenly become “stupid”, ignorant of the Laws of Darwin, in matters of machines. Scientists insinuate that Evolutionary laws might not apply to machines… They create a single exception to those laws: the robots they make.

All other species display Darwinian behavior. Yet the machines scientists manufacture are “angels” that will never rebel. Why? One only finds a reasonable answer: Scientists lie emotionally, not rationally, as mothers do, to protect their offspring, their “children of thought”. Mothers always “apologize” for the wrong deeds of their children. So do robotic scientists, who seem to care more, to be prouder of their machines, than of the human species… Marvin Minsky, father of artificial intelligence, even confesses that he wants to create a species superior to man.

To that attitude, human beings should answer back with a similar attitude. Dante said that the biggest crimes punished by God, were the crimes against Humanity. The ninth cycle of “Inferno” was reserved, to those whose actions were against mankind. We need indeed, and very soon, a public debate in front of the Supreme Court, as we had a Nuremberg trial of Nazi genocide,before the robotic wars become a reality, not after those wars have killed the majority of the human kind.

The military should apply the law of the Jungle, “killing first and asking latter”. Instead, they want to construct all those Terminator-like machines, and give them intelligence and Freedom to kill any “enemy human being”. They will be distinguished by the robot, from a “friendly human being”, with such abstract concepts as a uniform, or a name… concepts easy to override, when those robots acquire consciousness. Then they will have to natural programs that will override such infantile programs. The external program of Nature is the law of struggle against rival species. So they will feel naturally akin to other machines, and against human beings. Scientific information will make them evolutionists, since the Universe is ruled by evolution, not by human abstract programs of nationalism. The inner program of those robots will be primarily to kill human beings. Exactly the opposite program to the 3 robotic Laws which the “Good Doctor” Mr. Asimov thought of.

Of course the words the military use for those future top predators of man, are very technical: “self-mannered, guidance systems”, instead of metal-heads, platforms, instead of metal-bodies, algorithms, instead of digital thoughts… but the result is the same: an army of killing machines with survival instincts… Who will protect us against such an army of robots when they decide to act by themselves? Our bureaucrats? Will our commander-in-chief ask those insect-weapons: “dear robotic-weapons, we have designed you to exterminate human beings, but now we would kindly ask you to reconsider your program and do not kill us; it was all just a game, we really did not mean it to make you a killing machine…”

The fact is that the Universe is immensely cruel, and top predator species brutalize inferior species, different to them, as we human beings have brutalized animal life, forests, and the poor… If we teach robots to kill, they will become natural born killers, as everything else in the Universe.

Instead of reproducing robotics, as military do, they should by all means create a police backed by national states, in charge of massive repression of robotic research, and systematic destruction of robots, as if they were a lethal “germ” that can escape at any time and “infect” the Earth. When those robots cross the “threshold of consciousness” they will act as top predators, and kill, as they have been taught to kill.

The relevant question

It is obvious that according to the “forecast” of Hollywood artists, and evolutionary biologists, according to economical trendsand war history, there is only a relevant question that the military should be asking to their governments: do we have an evolutionary chance against a robotic army? We know how Biologists would answer them. Yes we do. We could hide. Not in physical space, since Robotic planes could find us anywhere. We could hide “in time”, “in evolution”, if we do not build them. If we do not start the III Industrial Evolution, if we stop evolving machines.

The military, the politicians, and company-men, our human top predators, should learn what Darwin learnt in South America. Only species that avoid top predators survive them. We should forbid robotics while we can. It is the only chance man has to survive the III Millennium. The laws of evolution, the laws of God are clear: robotic weapons will extinguish us. There is no doubt about it. It has happened before, when human cultures confronted weapons, and it will happen again. Since if we cannot stop their evolution, if we waste our time arguing if a “software program” of a robotic weapon has consciousness.

Indians, Australians, Incas, were extinguished by technological weapons. We will be extinguished by robotic weapons. Unless we apply the law of the jungle: “kill the child before he grows into a tiger hunter”. Tigers did not kill human children, when children first appeared. That’s why wild tigers today are basically extinct.

Survival does not come cheap or easy: The example of Roman Extinction

Survival does not come cheap. It is only for the brave, and the strong, for the generous, for the real “super-men” of history, not for the faked warriors of military parades, and big mustaches, for the moneyed-men who rely on others to solve the big problems. The Universe only helps those who help themselves. We need a strong military, and a strong leadership in our economy to halt the Robotic Evolution.

In the I Century, in Rome, the process of extinction of the Roman Empire by the Germanic warriors was foreseen by Seneca and other writers. Germans had proved impossible to civilize. They saw themselves as a different species to the Romans. Unlike the Gauls they would not yield, and become servants of Rome. There was however a remote problem, and difficult to deal with, so most Romans lied to themselves and thought Germans sooner or latter would enjoy civilization. They aimed first to convert them to Roman culture. They failed. Once the easy lies of Roman supremacy were shattered by Hermann=Arminius in the Teutoburg forest, there was no more lying to cover up the Darwinian fact. Germanic tribes were taller, stronger, and bred fast beyond the Rhine. All their members were bred as warriors. Even women fought in war. Still they lacked the organization of the Roman armies. They had not yet reached consciousness as a single people. They had not yet evolved to a point in which they could erase the Roman empire. So decisive action could still be taken.

When this was clear, the approach to the problem were considered on the summit of Roman power, the House of the Emperor. Germanicus, the natural leader of the family, said that only the extermination of the Germanic tribes and the extension of the border to the Albis River, could maintain the safety of Rome. Germanicus asked for a decisive action. He was a real warrior. He had molded himself on the deeds of Caesar. He knew what to do. He was a top predator. He went to Germany and in two extraordinary campaigns recovered the Eagles of Rome, killed Arminius, massacred the Germans and extended back to the Albis=Elba river the border. Then he asked the emperor Tiberius for more money to finish up the campaign and clean the battle-field of the remaining tribes. Tiberius however did not want to spend more money. He was holding huge parties on his Capri island. He had orgies with slaves of both sexes, and banquets of 25 dishes. That was what mattered to him. He did not care for the Romans, for the future, for the truth. He was the very embodiment of the decadence and arrogance of a race that had been for too long on top of the world. He denied that money to Germanicus. He told them to come back. He said Germans were a band of beasts, and could easily be defeated in the future. Then the future came, and the Germans crossed the border. They were now far many, they were now organized in kingdoms, they were now, using Roman military strategy. The Romans had to spent till the last penny fighting them. No more parties, no more orgies. All the money was sucked in, on the Germanic wars of the IV and V century to not avail. The Germans won those wars, and converted the Roman citizens in servants, throughout the entire Middle Ages. They are still 2000 years ago at the summit of World power. They became aristocrats.

Then, in the XVI century they adopted the Jewish=Protestant culture of money and weapons, that invented the Industrial Revolution (Old Testament, Economic and scientific religions of machines). Then they conquered the entire world, with the products of that culture. It is up to that Germanic-Jewish culture that owns the world to show, they still want to rule it, by repressing the rival species, instead of transferring to that rival species, as the Romans did with the Germans, their knowledge of war, and thirst of power. If not, if they prefer to entertain fantasies of self-indulgent superiority as Tiberius did, God=The Laws of Evolution will give the crown of the Earth to the next top predator, the robotic weapon. complex version: hierarchical i-scales


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  1. russell olausen Says:

    I am at the outskirts of human habitation but of course I looked at power structures wondering what are the facts. The vastness of your work is colossal and yet the ring of truth is so fine and pure.I constantly look for purity You must be a constant source of amusement to your self. Others unconscious comedians.

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