1860s=1940s=2020s: War Cycles:

The last decade.

The growth of victims in each cycle of the Industrial revolution follows a simple decametric power law, proper of complex systems that relates the quality of top predator machines, aka weapons and its human victims. Since the 2020s should be the decade of war, parallel to the 1940s and 1860s, and the victims of each global age of war multiply by one hundred, we can expect that if there were 600.000 victims in the Civil war and 60 million victims in the II world war, there would be 6 billion victims in the III world war – approximately the entire human population. This simple mathematical law is backed by the fact that weapons=machines of the singularity age are all planetary weapons, able to destroy the planet: black holes and quark bombs now researched at CERN can annihilate the entire Earth; self-reproductive nano-bacteria, made of metal, achieved last week a breakthrough that makes them possible within a decade, finally the less probable scenario as its research is less advanced are the terminator platoons of robotic weapons which Korea, Israel and the US research to be used in their tribal wars against  non-technological cultures. The extinction of life started by the first ‘animetal‘ cultures of war during the bronze age will come to its climax, and the parables of all the Historians of the Future=Prophets of the Wor(l)d, since the parable of Genesis that narrates the destruction of the Tree of Life, the Neolithic paradise, by the Tree of Technology, the golden apples and weapons of the first animetal cultures, will come to its conclusion. The alternative would be the recreation with clean technologies of a paradise built to the image and likeness of man. Yet this possibility is small since our capitalist culture has not evolved its dogmas, based in the hidden values of go(l)d and weapons: murder and greed, which fuels the constant evolution and reproduction of those machines and weapons of the singularity for a profit… Only the artists of the wor(l)d understand that future and shout with angst, but the leaders of each neo-fascist age of war for profits are deaf to human suffering… In the graph, the leaders of the two fascist ages of the German and American Empires, when they were still popular leaders, as their destruction of the Earth had not yet started…

There is a parallel growth of the stock-market value=quality of machines=weapons and number of causalities in world wars, based in a simple logarithmic, poer Law, proper of the evolution of complex systems of information, which increase in decametric scales:

10x(increase of dow value=quality of machines/weapons in each cycle)=10² Y (number of victims on the wars made with those weapons)

– Hence 100 was the value of dow jones in the 1850s, and there were 600.000 corpses on the train wars.

– 1000 was the value of dow in the 1920s, during the 2nd Kondratieff crash, when production switched from machines to weapons  and 60 million corpses was the result of Germany’s solution to the crisis, multiplying production of weapons in the Plane/tank wars (II W.W.).

– In the 2000s/10s, 10.000 is the value of the dow jones. And so the projected number of causalities due to the weapons researched today in military labs – CERN’s black holes, the new frontier of nuclear weapons;  DARPA’s self replicant grey goo nanobacteria; or the Terminator robots used in the Semite wars, wil be, 6 billion, all mankind, meaning that the arrival of the Singularity weapon, either a Singularity black hole of pure energy which devours the planet or a Singularity robotic weapon, a self-reproductive, indestructible nano-bacteria or an army of terminator robots, will complete the biological substitution of the less evolved species, mankind.

In that regard, the III World War does not require tribal wars. Of course, the research in weapons is being made for tribal reasons. CERN is an absurd 10 billion $ quark cannon that shoots lead at the speed of light and can convert the Earth into a black hole or Super-nova, (quark star, also called pulsar) built when such machines were cancelled after the cold war, by the joined effort of Germany and France. The grandeur of France and the neo-nazi spirit of the reunified Germany are now working together to create nuclear weapons that show the extraordinary advancement of the German Industry and the French Nuclear Industry. Those 2 nations that fought and destroyed the world in the XX century for tribal rivalry now work together making ever more powerful weapons, announced as research machine. How ‘cool’. It is the LOl method which sells our extinction as if it were a giant leap forward for mankind.

So it is sold the research in nano-robotics, which the press tells us will help to do surgery inside the body. But the fact is all the research is paid by the military and the advancements are being made in the creation of self-replicant nano-bacteria, which Bill Joy warned would become indestructible, reproduce exponentially and convert the Earth into a grey-goo and will be ready within one or two decades. It will be the second chance of extinction. Finally terminator weapons are substituting soldiers in the Israeli and American army.

So as today, when we are still in the age of creation of weapons for profit, the 30s, when Hitler was acclaimed by Europeans for taking germany out of the crisis reproducing weapons, we are researching those weapons and making profits with them… But unlike the previous cycles, the weapons of the III world war will be organic, self-reproductive, autonomous, independent of man. If the black hole appears at CERN it will be a self-feeding bomb that will not stop till it eats up the Earth; if a nano-bacteria starts self-replication it will feed in the metals of the Industrial world of machines and never stop till eats up the Earth. And if a future, less probable central ‘Isranet’ system takes over the terminators of a future blietzkrieg in the wars against Islam or a possible China Vs. USA war, it will become also independent of man This is the ultimate meaning of the process of terraforming of the Earth that has taken place in the Industrial Revolution. We have been extinguishing life now for millennia and we shall then finally extinguish ourselves.

It was not needed, because we have decided to evolve those machines instead of investing in a welfare state, in human goods, art, education, food, textiles, clean energies, collective transport systems, infrastructures, etc. We have been laughing now and destroying this model of growth essayed in the 60s and 70s in Europe for the American model of growth, based in weapons, technologies that destroy the human mind (audivisual media), the human body (weapons) and the economy (financial speculation that taxes all prices and commodities, absorbing the wealth of the economy). We have preferred the primitive values of greed and murder to the rational evolution of history. And so we will receive the prize that once and again the cycles of history show is reserved to human cultures that believe in those values…

This prediction, according to the evolutionary laws of biology and complexity applied to manchines, humans and its collective organisms, the economic ecosystem and history, was first published with a detailed analysis of all the previous decades and crisis, which have so far happened ‘a la lettre’ in Europe, c.94 and a small print/book ‘The extinction of man’ c.94 in America.

Thus it is not a model or prediction to take lightly, given their past accuracy which shows its scientific quality, despite the lack of interest of our ruling castes, whose only function is to make money, profiting from the sale of machines or sell a dont worry be happy attitude (politicians) that doesn’t solve anything. Obviously part of the prediction implies that power, our ‘animetal’ castes in ocontrol of society would learn nothing about history and make the same mistakes they did in the 1930/40s and 1850/60s. As it is the case.

Indeed, the most astounding fact about this crisis is NOT that not  single economic model predicted the 2001/08 crashes of the e-money economy, except the biological, eusocial model of this web, based in the pioneering work of the humanist schools of economics ( Butler, Kondratieff and Sombart), improved with the last advances on Theory of Evolution, Complexity and Systems sciences, but that as today, 3 years into the crisis, when you have only to look at the graphs of the 1930 crisis and the 2010s crisis to see an absolute parallelism in stock-prices, unemployment etc. not a single ‘expert’, ‘nobel prize’, ‘speculator’, ‘economical guru’, ‘magazine’ or ‘politician’ is talking about the real crisis, the parallelism, its causes and consequences, but all of them follow thee automaton ideology of greed and capitalism, repeating all the mistakes of the 2 previous crisis.

So ‘the tragedies of history repeat themselves because we do not learn from the errors of the past’; and so humans seem geared by greed and murder to destroy the world by the 2030s. And yet while there is life there is hope and so as all articles in this web, we shall give the future if ‘business as usual proceed’ and the ideal world if humans scientifically control that future. R=evolution is not easy. Yet it can be implemented by the top politicians that run the word through sweeping legal changes implemented in the G-20 meetings or with far more difficulties by the r=evolution of the people (given the degree of indoctrination and alienation of mankind programmed by their mass-media systems and big brother ‘smiley’ – don’t worry be happy)

3 Responses to “1860s=1940s=2020s: War Cycles:”

  1. David Says:

    You are correct when you say 1860’s 1940’s and 2020’s. It also has its roots from first American Revolution. But it is my research that says it won’t be the last decade but the world history that indeed brings in a new order of the world. We started a cycle in 2008 that will end in 2030 from the war ending. Similar to FDR the Great Depression and ww2 ending with the h-bomb. We go from recession in 2008 with worldwide fiscal issues that turn to war in the 20’s. Watch Israel…Here is one u should look at, the 2024 US president WILL be the war president. Positioning on all sides from now till then geopolitically. But going forward from 2001 onward you can count on world mayhem getting much worse. Watch 2015/2016 for a major USA event to take place. Why? Cycles. Kaos abounds from 2001 till 2030. But again, it’s not the last decade or the 2nd coming of the Word just yet. d

  2. David Says:

    I never really thought about the number of dead in that future war. You think 6 billion? I’ll say 600 million. Either way it’s discusting. Doesn’t the Word say 200 million man army surrounding Jerusalem on all sides? Nostradamus says somewhere around 2060 and I think it may have also been Newton or some other prominant mathematician who stated 2060. I am more in line with that time line. d

  3. Joe Says:

    Um Dow Jones was founded in the 1880’s…

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