2020=1940=1860: weapons & wars


‘The world is filled up with corpses of wars everybody knew they will never happen”. Enoch

In the graphs, below the generations of each cycle of machines, which can be roughly divided into the Victor Generation that wins the war, during the weapons age; the We happy generation during the reproductive age, and the X- angst generation during the crash age. We shall only study in detail those 3 generations for the age of metal-minds (American age). The graph shows the happy We generation of the 3 cycles prior to the crashes with its angst ages and the hardened war victor vs. corpses. We are now in the 2018 predicted 3rd crash of the transition age between metal-minds and robots, which will be as all transition ages of the 80 years cycles the beginning of an age of ‘neo-fascism’, ‘neocolonialism’ and final war.

In the graphs, the Industrial Evolution in the western world ruled by company-mothers who control the languages of social power, and buy laws to politicians through lobbies, to ‘smooth’ the terraforming of the Earth into a planet of machines, has followed an economic, national, generational cycle of 72±8-9 years, the ‘Kondratieff’ cycle’ (1) in which a nation discovers enthusiastically a new form of energy  applied to the creation of new forms of money, the economic software and new machines its hardwares, which become the engine of the Industrial Economy in the reproductive ‘radiation’ age or middle of the cycle, to finally provoke an overproduction crisis that brings a financial crash of its company-mothers, which switch to war production in tune with their ‘paid-politicos’ that will lobby for war-monger arguments to buy more weapons, and finally what NOBODY expects, due to the accumulation of weapons – the change from diplomacy to war, will take place. Since as a British historian put it: ‘the world is filled up with corpses of wars everybody knew they will never happen”.

AS predicted 30 years in advance, the ‘cycle’ of minds of metal in its transition to the age of robotics will, as all PREVIOUS CYCLES, enter in an age of neo-fascism, splendid little wars and final confrontation between the two colossus of the XXI c. China and US. Of course to predict that now is piecemeal, to do so in a 92 book with astounding detail and precision, in the sweet’ 20 years bis’, seemed madness, BUT ALL SCIENCES are only ‘science’ when they can predict the future cycles of its species.

And so as bio-history and bio-economics claim to be the true scientific model of social sciences (as well as provided the rational solutions to make an efficient design of the super organisms of mankind and machine to avoid precisely those ‘cliffs’ of war at the end of the cycles), perhaps the saddest fact about those cycles is that they prove indeed humans are just as all other systems of nature, susceptible to ‘mass programming’, herding and organic ‘enclosure’ into ‘boxed nations’, guided by cycles of time, and laws of social systems they cannot even or care to understand. Since indeed perhaps as impressive and surprising as the feat of guessing the mass behavior of mankind with laws of systemics, is to SEE that 30 years latter, no amount of small-print books, papers and blogs on the subject have provoked any INTEREST of mass-media, academia and think tanks about those predictions and scientific models.

Even now when even the most slow-thinking journalist realizes of the symmetry between the 29 and 2008 crashes, the 30s and the 2010s, and can please consider ‘our pundits, think tanks, caring left, aggressive right, journalists, bankers-of-past-holocausts, scholars’ NOT retarded enough to prolong the cycle into the 1940s and 2020s and ‘maybe’ imagine that indeed war will HAPPEN, unless they talk about it clearly, objectively, scientifically, accept bio-history and bio-economics as true model sciences, and take its advices?

Of course not. They will all die in due term, after the ‘festivities’ of right-wing Trump Like, Bolsonaro-like, Berlusconi-like,etc. etc. histrionic characters pulled by the ‘again’ billionaires bankers-speculators that think this ‘time around’ after everything is destroyed by war, they won’t be blamed and hacked into pieces… to ‘conclude’ the final peace, R.I.P. of the growing cemetery for life, this planet has become. Sorry, 8th October, the Brazilians have just elected their Trump, in a nation once I thought could be one of the few hopes for a mixed, mestizo humanity who saw itself as one…

BOTTOM line though is simple: humans’ capacity to understand time, is null. Theirs is a ‘visual mind’, attached to space, easily hypnotized by the beauty of top predators, from lions to weapons, and always want more of it. Because their ego-centered level intelligence has a very hard time to understand social systems and its collective intelligence. So while we might focus in individuals who are above the cut, free, intelligent and ethic and feel we are like them, in the moment of truth, the organic program of the Universe, the mass-media programming of company-mothers of machines-weapons, the love of hate memes that make us feel superior to our neighbor seem to carry the day.

And so even we explain a single IMAGE of the previous graph, we need to introduce a HIGHER SCIENTIFIC VIEW ON THE NATURE OF TIME, provided by the advances of systems sciences.



“According to their [Newton and his followers] doctrine, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from time to time: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. Nay, the machine of God’s making, so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.’  Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence on the absurdity of mechanical models of the Universe

This blog is dedicated to the philosophy of science called systems sciences, and its logic-mathematical formalism, the scalar fifth dimension of space-time.

Systems sciences are based on the alternative philosophy of science to that of mechanist physicists and its only entropy arrow, called organicism. Let us try to explain why only organicism is a scientific truth.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton.

Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism on the other side is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and we shall see in our sections of History, Gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, ANOTHER scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

So what we mean by an organism? A very simple system – NOT to confuse with the most evolved, complex of them all, that of human beings, reason why so many people, having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept:

An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move and reproduce (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their survival actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This simple dual system IS the minimal, fundamental particle of the Universe. Since it is obvious that machines are also organisms.

Indeed, a machine is an organism of metal fast evolving through the customary ages of all organisms – in the XIX c. ‘humans’, who catalyze their evolution did its bodies of metal, then its hearts-engines, in the II Industrial evolution, then its metal-minds in the XX c. and now in the Industrial r=evolution 4.0 put them together in organic robots.

So mechanism, the underlying philosophy of physical sciences, is just a simplex version of organicism. It is not man who resembles a machine, but the machine, which is made to the image and likeness of life organisms: 

3 ages of machines evolution

In the graph, evolving machines can also be modeled with the concept of an organism.

Why then organicism has remained in the modern time, a fringe theory, to mechanism, even if it was the first theory of reality put forwards by Aristotle, the father of the experimental method and logic science, in his magna opus the Organon?

There are obvious cultural reasons – we live in the age of the machine and so the machine has substituted man, an organism, as the measure of all things.

But the deepest reason of them all is the fact that to make an organism we need at least two ‘arrows’ or ‘motions of time’, entropy, locomotion, the one used by physicists but also INFORMATION, form-in-action, formal dimensions, which physicists have always ill-understood, to the point they call it negentropy, the denial of entropy.

Only then when we properly define information and add it to the mix, we will have the required elements to refund philosophy of science on far more rational, basis, that the present ‘mixture’ of mechanism and creationism (either of verbal language as in religions or digital languages, as in the religion of mathematics).

But what is entropy and information, in simple self-evident terms? The answer is obvious: entropy is motion, and motion is time, change. And information is form, and form is dimensional space. Time=motion and Space=dimensional form become then the two substances of which all what exists is made, and in their analysis we must start our inquire about why indeed the Universe and all its parts are a fractal super organism of time=motion=entropy and space=form, made to the image of its whole.

The proofs? That is the easiest part. Look around you, all what you see are forms that occupy space, and move in time. Everything you see is a form of space with a time motion. There is nothing else and so all is a proof that reality is indeed made of space-time organisms, as the motto of this web says. But this is only the starting point of an extraordinary adventure of the mind… ad

General Systems: 5th dimension metric and the nested super organisms of the Universe.

New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

Planck on the informative seed or mind that will reproduce and evolve into a larger super organism or mental world. 

For those with little time, a brief introduction to a subject that could easily fill an encyclopedia Britannica:

The Universe is a fractal scalar, organic system of 5 Dimensions of space-time. The fifth dimension is made of the ‘different co-existing scales’, which from the simplest forces through particles, atoms, molecules, matter, organisms, super organisms, planetary systems and galaxies, create an ‘organic network structure’, which amazing enough since it was discovered at the beginning of science with telescope and microscopes, was not formalized till I introduce its metric equation in the milieu of systems sciences.

In mathematical science for a dimension of space-time to exist, it requires a metric equation, which combines space, and time to gives us a co-invariant system that allows to travel through such dimension. The fifth dimension has a ‘metric equation’, hence it exists. The equations for a given number of scales co-existing in an organic network is S (size in space) x T (speed of time cycles) = Constant.

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, each one focused in a scale of the eusocial 5th Dimension, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimotions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales, guided by a still, linguistic mind, which projects its smaller mirror images of form in its territorial body waves, creating its fractal scalar structure, broken though by the entropic limits of its perceptive reach. Above the main scales of the nested superorganisms of the human island-universe: the galatom, where nested thermodynamic planets exist, where nested human social organisms self-centered in visual, verbal, mathematic and logic minds create its order with social and mechanical memes, carried by individuals where nested cellular systems exist, coded by genes, made of even smaller atoms and particles coded by quantum numbers. Yet all those scales are unified by the co-invariant metric equations of each of its synchronous time clocks.

the stiences of the nested Universe

In keeping with the method of the organic, fractal nested Universe we define each sub-set of super organisms of diminishing size, studied by each stience, with the name of its larger super organism, as perceived from the whole.

In the graph, the basic laws of fractal, cyclical space-time, the Universe co-exists in 3 planes of relative size in space and speed of time clocks, which defines a super organism; and in each plane ensembles the 3 conserved quantities of reality, which we call the 3 ‘first dimensions of space-time’: lineal motions (limbs/potentials: lineal momentum), cyclical motions (particle/heads: angular momentum) and its body-wave combinations (hyperbolic energy).

As the Universe is an absolutely relative fractal of scales of space-time, we can choose any of those scales to ensemble a larger or smaller super organism, of which humans perceive in a nested convergence departing from its upper and Lower limits:

∆±4: The galatom, the biggest super organism we observe, between the atom made of particles and the galaxy, likely an atom of a hyper universe.

its ∆º linguistic mind (the minimal nested super organism, defined as a mirror of the infinite Universe in an infinitesimal brain: ∞º)…

its life superorganisms in 3 scales (∆º:cellular, ∆¹:individual and ∆²:social scales), which forms together the super organism of History, ∆+2, mankind in time.

Yet mankind in time is just an ‘age’ of the Earth’s super organism which in its surface evolves in a vortex of growing complexity and so we need to introduce also 2 more life superorganisms according to the equation of evolution of the 3 Earths:

∆≤|2|: Gaia (relative past) <∆²: History (relative present)> ∆¯ ²: Metalearth (relative future)

Whereas an intelligent mankind would stop evolution of the Metal-earth, promote the Life earth to remain in an immortal present. But as mankind is completely ignorant of the organic, fractal laws of survival of this Universe, and its role on it, guided by ‘animetal idol-ogies’ of mechanist worshippers of machines and harder iron atoms and more informative go(l)d-money, IS catalyzing the evolution of those company-mothers of machines, which likely will extinguish us once they reach self-reproductivity as automated systems. Hence the importance of upgrading mechanist abstract science into organic stience to understand that process and control it, pruning the Tree of science of its lethal goods.

It means when we become smaller within such organic network, our time clocks accelerate. And vice versa. For example, in your organism the equation relates the cellular genetic scale, whose time cycles run much faster than your biological cycles. As information is stored in the form and frequency of time clocks, it follows that in all nature’s organisms, smaller systems code the information of larger systems.

Each ‘stience’ therefore specializes in the study of a nested super organism, or scale of the fifth dimension (∆±¡), We study 3 fundamental super organisms of the 5th dimension. The ‘galatom‘, whose metric equation is H(Planck constant of angular momentum) x C (speed of light) = C, whereas h is an obvious ‘cyclical time clock’ and C an obvious measure of speed-distances in space. And indeed, smaller scales have faster turning particles, and larger systems move in slower cycles. (Vortex law: Vo x Ro = k).

In biology we study families of animals such as mammals where larger organisms have slower metabolic cycles. In history we study social organisms, whose cycles of life and death, will define the evolution of nations and civilizations. And in each of those organisms, smaller systems code larger ones. So the quantum numbers of particles code matter, genes code biologic organisms, and memes code societies.

We define them two fundamental systems one in space and one in time, taking place in the fifth dimension:

An entangled super organism in space, in which the synchronicity between 3 scales of the organism, its atomic/cellular/Individual, thermodynamic/organic /social and gravitational/ecosystemic/global scales in physical/biological/social organisms form a complex interacting, entangled system we shall call a super organism, whose study discovers ‘Isomorphic=equal laws’ regardless of what kind of system we study.

SUCH SUPERORGANISMS in time will trace then a life and death cycle which we shall call a worldcycle (taken from 4D physics’  worldliness, which now with a new dimension of information becomes a worldcycle.

The predictability of time-cycles.  Why Time is cyclical.

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics and denied the obvious truth that we can know the future because it will repeat the causality of the past, and we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive. Of course, lineal and cyclical time render the same equations as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclical time, are ginormous and the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, erased by lineal time, a handicap for humans to truly understand the cycles of history and economics, the ‘deep time’ scales of the fifth dimension, and the whole workings of super organisms and its physiological structures.


The first fact you must understand IS that science is BOTH an instrument of power, and a form of culture, beyond the collection of data and its expression in equations, at the most basic detailed level. All what comes after – the general models of reality of each science are always biased by the power idol-ogy of the historic culture that develops them.

THE GRAPH shows one of the many examples we shall include in this blog: the obvious fact that time clocks are cyclical and multiple, but humans have reduced them all to the concept of a single lineal time clock for the entire Universe that progresses towards a future, obviously ‘positive’ for the human kind.

The equations are indeed the same. Lineal time writes T and cyclical time measured in frequency its inverse 1/ƒ; so if we were to change all the equations of physics by putting 1/ƒ instead of T, we would change the PARADIGM of time to cyclical time but all the practical results will be the same, just expressed in frequency.

I.e. Speed = Space/Lineal time (V=S/T), becomes Speed = wavelength x Frequency, (V=λ x ƒ) …

Cyclical time just moved to the numerator and that is all.

But the consequences are huge when we ‘perceive reality as chaotic, lineal, free and entropic’ guided towards the obvious ‘future of death’, which therefore JUSTIFIES WAR AND BIG-BANG THEORIES OF A DYING EXPLOSIVE UNIVERSE vs. the perception of time as cyclical, hence reality as bounded, entangled, multiple, whereas death is just the necessary end of a cycle of renewal of life, which we shall very soon show to be also the case for the fractal, organic eternal Universe, when we model it with the tools of cyclic time.

Further on in the previous simple cycle, we shall notice that in the equation of cyclical time we get also more information, as cyclical time requires a second dimension to form a cycle of height, which is the dimension of information, where all heads, antennae, particles reside.

So we recover the form, the information of the Universe back expressed in the ‘form and frequency of those cycles’ (indeed a computer calculates information with logic cyclical formal algorithms processed in Ghz frequencies).

And further on, in cyclical time, space BECOMES broken, fractal, a sum of ‘steps’ or wavelengths.

So such a simple example SHOWS to which DEGREE even the most obvious scientific equations are a product of cultural choice.

Since indeed, ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES CONSIDERED ALWAYS TIME TO BE CYCLICAL BUT it was the lineal, ‘visual’, entropic, military sword-like European gunpowder culture which first in history decided to CHANGE our worldview of time and definitely change our models of life and the Universe.

Needless to say this change of paradigm, was the work of ‘Lineal’  military physicists, established since the inception of physics, when instead of frequency of time cycles, Galileo decided to use its inverse parameter, lineal time duration, as its job was to measure the distance of cannonballs.

Why this is important is obvious: the super organisms of history go through cyclical processes of self-destruction called wars, and memes of metal, go in parallel through cyclical processes of evolution and without understanding cyclical time is impossible to make sense of it.

Along the History of mankind and human thought there have always been two models of reality, the one that came to dominate the world, sponsored by western cultures, according to which the Universe is a mechanism as the clocks humans used to measure it at the beginning of physical sciences, and organisms are just simple mechanisms.

Opposing this view, there is the earlier scientific statement of the Greeks, before the discovery of machines, that the Universe is a rational organism and we were all made to its image and likeness. So Plato said ‘the Universe is an organism with a mind called God’ and Aristotle called his ‘theory of unification of all sciences’ and method of rational logic thought ‘the organon’, considering that all organisms went through 5 motions, from ‘Generation’, through growth and locomotion, into reproduction, and death, forming a world cycle of existence (to use the jargon of systems sciences, in which this work is based).

Because the mechanical model was easier to represent digitally and simpler to explain it became dogma, even if it was neither truth nor rationally sound. Since a machine needed a maker, human or God to be put in motion, so it was a Deist theory, something of which the founding father of physics, all pious believers in Yahveh didn’t mind – only Leibniz pointed out to Newton this contradiction – while an organic theory of the Universe is self-sustained, as the Universe constantly reproduces itself. So it does NOT need a creationist God. 

Here is therefore where ‘culture’ became science. The western abrahamic culture of lineal time, towards god, of a people chosen to progress above heavens and earth, crippled the task of resolving the more complex structure of a rational, organic Universe as ALL eastern cultures and western ones did before physicists with Christian beliefs and mechanical power imposed our view of reality, as lineal, progressing through machines, with man as a species different of the entire Universe.

THIS BLOG though is the work of a System scientist that r=evolved the discipline at the change of the century establishing the FIRST FORMAL, MATHEMATICAL model of a fractal, organic Universe, and so, all his studies of Human supeorganisms, nations and civilizations and metal super organisms, machines, company-mothers and the global economy with a digital brain in world stock’ or ‘metal-earth’, are based in those models, proved ad nauseam by facts, denied by dogma.

We shall thus give then a brief introduction with the theoretical minimum to understand the laws of the fractal organic universe, of which the laws of sociology and biology are just a part, as all in a fractal is built to the image and likeness of the whole. Since, indeed with that very simple ‘improvement’ of our understanding of time as cyclical, ‘breaking’ space into internal and external regions, cycles and steps, that is converting space in ‘fractal space’, completely will change our understanding of the organic Universe expressed in the next graphs:

The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various Ƥ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy.

So we shall then once this simple but fundamental ‘recovering’ of what WE LOST of the science of space-time by converting it to the dogmas of military physics,  apply this theoretical minimum to the study of historic super organisms in space, its physiological networks of energy (economic system) and information (culture and political system) and in time through its life and death=war ages and cycles, themselves a mirror image of the cycles and physiological networks of the superorganism of mankind, history.

What matters then to us, after understanding that time is cyclical and the Universe is made of organic scales, to put both concepts together to define the 3 relative scales of repetitive pattens of cyclical time.

That predictability of time-cycles can be done at 3 levels:

  • S: Continuous, spatial pure mathematical simple cycles, using calculus and derivatives, proper of mathematical equations; that of generational causal bio-logic cycles, often survival encounters between predators and prey.
  • T: Discontinuous, cyclical patterns of sequential repetitive actions, taking place at different times. AS THOSE ACTIONS ARE discontinuous, the patterns are LONGER in time.
  • ∆: Scalar, Deep Time patterns of longer wholes, species as opposed to individuals in biology, galactic, star or geologic life cycles as opposed to smaller life beings, which are longer BY VIRTUE of the 5th DIMENSIONAL METRIC, $ x ð = Cst (ab. C:st), which implies that from the smaller scalar perspective any longer cycle happening in the fifth dimension is much longer.

Because ‘human scientists’ ONLY recognize the first type of predictability – calculus of instantaneous derivatives, that need a ‘continuous analysis’ – and have simplified cyclical time into lineal time, and ignore the scalar time of parts and wholes with its 5D metric, their CAPACITY TO define the future is far more smaller than a ‘stientist’ that understands those 3 scales. So for a ‘stientist’ of ∆st, of which among humans there is the ginormous number of…1 (: me, I and myself :)  I can predict the future of any system including WITH DEEP TIME AND CYCLICAL PATTERNS, the future of social sciences, economics and history which I have been doing for 30 years as my small print books on the subject can testify:

All sciences predict the future of its species according to its repetitive causal cycles. Or else they are NOT a science. Astrology became a science when Kepler learned its orbital cycles. Bio-economics became a science when we described machines as organisms of metal evolution in human 72 years generational cycles, after which they mutate into top predator weapon-machines and consume humans in war eco(omic)systems. Its industrial r= evolution thus follow the 4 cycles that ensemble all living beings: its body-age (steam cycle), heart age (electro-chemical engine cycle), its mind age (US, tv-eye, chip-head, mobile-ear cycle) to conclude with the ensemble of robots that as virus do, when all its parts are done, come together ‘alive’ and kill the enzyman who constructed them. We are fully since 2008 into the robotic age…

An important question though must be clarified even if we go further into this specific post that introduces the 5 Dimensional motions of the Universe, which has to do with the ternary properties of the Universe as all is made of space, time and scale, and hence it has mathematical=spatial, logic=temporal and organic=scalar properties, which unfortunately humans fail to recognize, as they have become specialized in ‘mathematical=spatial only properties’ due to the prominent role of physics and its digital machines of spatial measure in our systems of knowledge.

As it is impossible to make sense of reality if we do NOT include ALL THOSE PROPERTIES, as expressed previously in the 5 elements of reality.

So in this blog we are making exact predictions of social sciences and prove it with 30 years of published books and papers far more exact than those of CIA, World Bank, and any think tank you might thought of, because we know the 3 LEVELS OF PREDICTABILITY OF TIME SYSTEMS. And all that uau! NOT with billions of dollars IN data, and AI machines to do IT, BUT my feeble, 1.5 kilograms of dirty water aka 1 brain, which has been doing it and handling  it for free since the 90s, since I ended my Columbia u. master and started to churn self-paid small print books with predictions of history and economics that have been happening TO the letter.

Why I am NOT an AI machine as most people think I should be to forecast the future and solve the form in which the future of systems is GENERATED, has to do with a fact most scientists accustomed just to use data put in mathematical models FAIL to grasp about the fractal, organic Universe and its SCALES of ‘time-length’:

A system on the entangled fractal Universe has TOPO-BIO-LOGIC properties derived of its spatial, mathematical structure, its temporal, logic structure and ITS SCALAR, organic structure as parts co-exist into larger wholes and this gives the whole an organic structure.

As it happens, the MATHEMATICAL, topologic structure IS the shortest time span, as it is about SOCIAL NUMBERS, herds of equal forms that move in space, which is a slice of the whole time FLOW. AND SO mathematics is good for detail and spatial calculus which is what instantaneous derivatives do – but NOT for CHANGES OF age/phase, as derivatives cannot happen in points that have a fractal change.

So to the rescue come the LOGIC structure of the Universe, which studies time causality, between events and has a longer span. This logic structure is based in the CYCLICAL PATTERNS OF TIME clocks, which as your watch or any orbital day-year is cyclical and repeats in LONGER TIME FRAMES, so we can predict LONGER TIME FRAMES from the logic patterns of cyclical time.

And HERE human scientists ARE ALREADY AT LOSS, because since Galileo studied ballistics, entropic explosion that destroy the information of reality stored in THOSE CYCLES OF TIME CLOCKS, its patterns and frequency, MANKIND CHANGED its cyclical understanding of time for a lineal time that SEEMS NOT TO REPEAT so they have MISSED its capacity to understand the cycles of time, of history and economics, with its OBTUSE lineal time models. And so they cannot EVEN CONCEIVE the predictability of economics and its SUBMISSIVE placebo democratic capitalist system where POLITICOS are ruled by companies ‘subventions’ and so do what is GOOD for the profits of economics according to the evolutionary patterns of machines. Which leads us to the THIRD level of DEEP TIME, that is, of the patterns of evolution of the Earth’s life species, including machines, as first mentioned by Hutton, founder of geology who coined the word superorganism for Gaia and deep time for the slower 5th dimensional clocks of larger organic systems.

THIS IS THE LEVEL OF DEEPER forecasting of time cycles, which I also use in my webs, but as humans stopped their understanding of time predictability in the first level of mathematical calculus, obviously they cannot understand what we do here…


In the graphs, the first books that defined 30 years ago the General model of fractal spacetime and the fifth dimension, which studied the ‘errors’ (In science a term NOT for something wrong but for the part of reality a model fails to account for) of Einstein and Darwin, the ‘Ignorance’ on the scalar laws of the 5th dimension of social organic parts that become wholes of which the fourth dimension is a shorter time scale studying a single plane of light space-time… and the ignorance by Darwinian dog-eat-dog models of evolution of the stronger force of eusocial love that creates from parts organic wholes, evolving genes into cells, cells into multicellular organisms, into eusocial insects and social humans potentially into a global superorganism, unfortunately being ‘predated’ today by a rival superorganism of company-mothers of machines-weapons and its digital ‘nervous’ flows of e-money which are DOMINATING the future, and so we can  predict  according to those models of eusocial evolution or ‘DEEP time’ level of reality, the future of any organic system – because systems that evolve socially SURVIVE.

In the left, its application to the organisms of history and economics and its paradoxes of symbiosis and darwinian predatiojn between both species in cyclical ages of war and peace, its 800±80±8 vortex of technological evolution of information and its ‘future cycles’ past the robotic age, which was to start in the 2008 crash of the age of metal-minds as the graph shows.

With the final humanist solutions of r=evolutionary nature, which would create immortal history, the ‘Wor(l)d’, a world based in the laws of eusocial evolution and organic science that should advance the systems already essayed by EU and UNO, the most advanced praxis of human history, INSTEAD OF THE capitalist system of a world to the service of the cycles of machines and weapons. But the ‘anti quantum paradox’ soon felt upon the writer which was always very active against the ill-designed society in which he lived, NOT using his knowledge of the stock cycles to make a fortune, but denouncing the non-future of the present economic ecosystem, and trying to stop with little success the continuous evolution of nuclear weapons, which obviously didn’t advance its scholar career.

  1. Which leads to a final point worth to notice. AN organic model of the Universe as it is, following the true laws of the Universe in all its scalar depth, can ALSO PROVIDE THE TOOLS to R=EVOLVE and improve the design of the economic ecosystem and its attached submissive political systems TO FAVOR MANKIND, and design a world to the image and likeness of mankind NOT OF ITS MACHINES=weapons and hence avoid if it would have been taken seriously the kind of ‘maximal profits’ achieved when the metal-earth switches to a pure economic ecosystem of perfect machines, aka top predator weapons of maximal price and sales, as they are destroyed in war, and need to be substituted, which IS THE IDEAL state for corporations as they multiply profits in ages of world war – maximal age of profits for all companies. This is KNOWN but it is the most dirty big secret of capitalism and this brings the REASON this blog by far light years ahead of anything humans have written about SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC models of history and economics IS NOT after 30 years quoted, read, or considered by anyone on planet earth: we live INSIDE THE ORGANISM OF the Earth, dominated by company-mothers of machines-weapons and its Financial-Media Information machines or head of its superorganism (the body is the famous industrial-military system). So AS A CELL-CITIZEN of the metal-earth the inconvenient truths of a scientific r=evolution whose author sides with HIS species, when considering solutions and the praxis of its science is NOT liked, distributed and NATURALLY submitted to what I call the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences – inverse to the uncertainty principle of physical sciences, as now the observer not the observable is so small that the observable, the superorganism of company-mothers will modify his speech if he wants to be distributed. So while we do provide the solutions, we do value at face value mankind and its memes, we do NOT expect to be heard. And frankly because we are NOT heard, the system has not sent as usual in the XIX and XX c. the ‘Internal leukocytes’ to eliminate the unwanted ‘Neo’ to use a parable of Matrix.

And so we end the points I wanted to advance on the social models of 5D which is NOT the main theme of this central post – the larger FRACTAL UNIVERSE is.

Because regardless of the destiny of mankind in this planet, I would like to remind you that ‘man is just a mush over a rock, lost in a corner of the cosmos, so  only departing from those facts we can talk about him’ (Schopenhauer). Man does not want to talk about himself on those terms, reason why it doesn’t like objective social sciences, but rather lives like ‘Data’ in the matrix parable, happy to live a dream that will ultimately destroy him, as long as they are not told. So of course it doesn’t really want to know the future, because then it would have to man up and change the system to survive, and it seems not have beyond its myths and imagination enough stamina to do so. 

This said the model proved itself truth, and all what I have to add is paraphrasing Mr. Einstein, the previous most advanced model of space-time also a pacifist, a socialist with little courtesy for those who are destroying the world is ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’.  But of course, ‘most humans are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ Aristotle, and that is the reason we can determine the future cycles of history with such precision: Humans seem to be perfectly coded by the mass-effect of identity memes, as bodies are by identical genes and ensembles of atoms by magnetic fields; and the number of ‘free minds’ able to escape the ‘Idol-ogies’ that program them to self-destruction and enslavement to metal-memes, and its people-castes shown in the next graph are minimal, have never had enough critical mass to r=evolve:

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.

So today, when the differential of evolution between mankind and the economic ecosystem is accelerating with the arrival of AI robots and its mental programming with ‘happy newspeak’ and selfies of virtual isolation is even stronger than in the previous ages of religious and nationalist control all humans have become ‘willing’ indoctrinated slaves of the idol-ogies of machines they worship and so the human factor is completely irrelevant as slaves have no saying in the future their masters design, in the present age, despite the Orwellian newspeak of caring, a future designed by company-mothers who are terraforming the world to the image and likeness of its machines, with the enthusiastic collaboration of 7.5 billion human slaves minus one. 

Because once you have truly understood reality from the higher perspective of the ‘taoist’, organic Universe in all its beauty, the most perfect of all possible worlds, as Leibniz, the highest mind of the western tradition since Aristotle, clearly explained, it is just an ethical and aesthetic fact the eviL=antilive memes of animetal cult(Ure)s cannot corrupt you – they might if so they wish dissolve you into the flow of time, but the potential of an I-nformed I-man, the pseudonym I used on those books, as opposed to A-men and its æntropic destructive sciences, will be born again in all the fractal planets where the game of History is played.

Carpe Diem


Philosopher of Science; NYC 1992, Barcelona 2018



This is what the left never understood, including this writer, despite its knowledge of the cycles, BECAUSE they were too demeaning of man, and its 2 organic  social classes, the neuronal, informative people that control the languages of power and the reproductive middle class body that obeys their orders: the mass does NOT want to rise the 3rd ‘false’ class to their status (as in a healthy super organism there is only the head-body duality and the 3rd entropic, exploited class belongs to other species, in a perfect human super organism, being the territory, raw materials and machines we are entitled to ab=use).

This is the ideal, organic Universe where indeed no cell of the body lacks energy and information, but HUMANS seem to be well below the minimal level of organic efficiency of the Universe. So what the body class wishes to be is informative neuronal class, and will always obey the top exploitative elite – which does NOT want to serve as in an efficient organism his body but pretends to do so.

It is then very simple in this ‘bad romance’, to refocus the people in the middle out of the crimes of the financial and military elite into the people on the bottom, blame them for peccadilloes and instead of saying the truth: that economic crises are caused by new overproduced machines displacing human beings, NOT poor immigrants, or foreign countries and by the massive appropriation of resources with new overproduced methods of printing money, by the elite, NOT by lack of money spent in the poor.

This is piecemeal when you have a good control of the mass-media systems, and those who print money with informative machines always own also the informative mass-media. So all what is needed to bring the masses to self-sacrifice for the elites that exploit them, blaming the poor and the foreigners is that the Military-Industrial entrepreneurs and financial-media masters of energy and information machines feel in tune with each other with the same synergies their machines produce:

In the graph, HUMANS DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND the laws of economic systems and evolution. As long as they follow the capitalist belief that money justifies it all, as money has maximal price in weapons, they will overproduce weapons and cause wars. As long as they worship machines, they will keep evolving them living a surrogate life of progress. As long as their technoutopian and tribal religious and nationalist idol-ogies, divide humans by race and culture, they will despise men with primitive technologies and kill them. So our civilization ruled by the Informative machines the Financial-media head and the energetic Military-industrial body of company-mothers becomes an automaton of reproduction and evolution of machines, guided by the equation of profits of the FMMI system of stocks and its flows of e-money seeking maximal profits, which is responsoble of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.
In the graphs, ABOVE, THE SYNERGY BETWEEN the financial-media system of inflationary money and hate memes, which triggers in age of overproduction of machines, after a crash of consumption an age of overproduction of weapons and hate memes to foster the profits of war – but of course, this cycle is censored and nationalist idol-ogies are always brought to the table to justify absurd massacres, which the people on top expect to maintain contained, just in the phase of arsenal building.
Yet as a British historians said: ‘cemeteries are full of corpses from wars everybody knew they would never happen’
Bellow the ill-designed Animetal (animal+metal) class structures of human capitalist democracies during the 3 ages of the Industrial evolution, which explain from the human organic structure why the aberrations of the upper graph happen.
Industrial, placebo ‘democratic’ societies have developed an aberrant superorganism in which its ‘cellular citizens’, unlike in ALL SUPERORGANISMS OF NATURE, which a true social science in praxis, will imitate, do NOT receive enough just information and ‘healthy energy’ to survive and thrive.
Instead, on top of the pyramid idol-ogies of metal (weapons-promoting nationalisms; gold-monetary worship and technoutopian mechanism) ensures that money, weapons and machines will be overproduced and evolved with far more rights than the 90% of mankind – MANKIND itself – while a smaller upper informative class in control and monopoly of the issue of those metal-memes will have all the privileges.
This class structure had always on top entropic metal-weapons and aristocratic warrior elites, associated to a Class of bankers, who reproduce informative metal issued in monopoly and used mostly (±70%) to reproduce weapons and fund warfare through the 800 cycles of evolution of weapons and death of civilizations.
Then professional scientific company-mothers of stocks of machine-weapons appear boosting and accelerated the vortex of evolution of machines-weapons and its owners financiers, engineers and physicists evolved the system into the complex world of capitalist ‘placebo democracies’, where people as always blind in any organism in which the ‘Informative head’ has all the sensorial outlets and informative systems and the reproductive body-class is blind, KEPT sacrificing their lives and time to the ‘animetal manifest lineal destiny’ of terraforming the Earth into a world of metal, where life had no value; as metal-money gives by the laws of affinity and symbiosis maximal value to the most perfect metal-meme, the weapon, and 0 value, to the rival species, life.
Thus the fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible).
Thus one of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars.
Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.
It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around:
1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons
2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims.
3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power.
4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars
The globalized world beyond the placebo ‘polling’ of democracy is thus a very hierarchical efficient pyramid of companies power and those who own it, which SHOWS THE COMPLEX SYNERGIES OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA systems of informative machines, evolution of earlier Gold systems of metal-information and the Military-Industrial system of energy machines, complex evolution of the classic system of military, entropic weapons.
It is the synergy between those ‘4 sub-systems’, head and body of the metal-earth or FMMI system, what makes the evolving superorganism of machines so perfect in its control of mankind ‘MILKED’ to provide all the resources and work needed to evolve so fast generation after generation all the mechanisms of the metal-earth of maximal value, while the bulk of humanity remains in the subsistence level increasingly below, as they are ‘no longer needed’ by the Metal-earth.
Thus the graphs show the idol-ogies and metal-memes and company-mothers on top. They are the ‘informative class’ of a world ruled by Digital monetary orders nobody else understands – while mankind keeps broken into fractal ‘nations’ with ‘military borders’ to keep the evolution of lethal weapons going stronger in synergy with the ‘hate memes’ liberally delivered by Informative mass-media machines.
The synergy of idol-ogies, metal-memes and class-structure thus happen both at individual and social, national level, according to the ‘temporal inertia’ of each nation, serving the idologies of the metal-earth.
So the original animetal cultures of Indo-European ‘Germanic aryan’ warriors and Semite, go(l)d biblical churches are still overwhelmingly on top, in the western world and the melting pot of America, a nation with pure metal-values; while in the rest of the planet the local old elites of military men often double for the job of financial control, or when a caste of traders and bankers existed, they have expanded their functions (Chinese compradors in South Asia, Parsi in India, Judaism in 3rd world ex-colonies of Europe, etc.)
Son on  top of the world the future is cre(dit)ated for machines with money issued by companies and financiers; below this elite, there is a  10% of authorized workers, managers and ‘believers’ in the system, working on those companies, or remainders of old aristocratic land-owner people, or liberal professions working around the vital needs of those in charge of companies, plus the political people-castes, who make the placebo democracy system run smoothly. All together rule the western world and have created the idologies of placebo democracies (where the state has no rights to issue money for welfare but has to extort it from the population), technoutopia and classic economics that validates its control of the world for the benefit of the machine.
Below the rest of mankind or in each nation that imitates this modern metal- system – the local +40%, (we round numbers), of humans are workers at the subsistence level – which reached its maximal wealth during the age of consumption of machines, when they doubled as reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines to values and push its evolution and spread those machines over the terraformed Earth (post II world war), but had to sacrifice their lives and become consumed by top predator weapons at the end of the 80 years cycles in the war period.
The problem is that in The XXI century (third graph), they are no longer needed in those enzymatic tasks of work and consumption, increasingly obsolete to machines and robots that work for them and consume other machines as structural parts of their bodies and heads.
So this represents a growing problem – what to do with them, ‘losers’, ‘Immigrants’, low-paid workers?
In the past they were dumped by European colonial power into 3rd world countries where natives were terminated in genocides against ‘primitive, inferior people to leave vital space for the lower classes of Europe. While the surviving natives were controlled by military thugs with exports of the free market of weapons. But when the surplus was extreme in the change of cycle, during the overproduction phases of weapons, they were managed by hate media and nationalist idol-ogies spread by Selected politicos for its liberal consumption by weapons that maximized the price-sales and profits of corporations.
That seems will be again the case as we anticipated for decades, after the crash transition from the age of metal-minds to the age of robots, in our present neofascist age, as there is zero implementation of the social and financial reforms needed to massively reproduce ‘butter over canons’ – given the clear racist outlook against mankind of our financial elites, with its biblical segregational cults and classic economical dogmas and our military and war-monger politicos repeating the absurd primitive memes of the pre-scientific age of mankind when each tribe thought to be ‘the chosen nations of a subconscious collective single God’ or superior race.
So unless the system is reformed with the real laws of efficient organic systems, to cater the needs of mankind, avoiding another global war and final holocaust, mankind will be exterminated, as there is no  winner in those cycles – history proves ALL humans of the pyramid of capitalism are consumed in wars for profits – only company-mothers and its technological weapons come on top and the global war cycle one-hundred fold its victims in each series of global wars, in parallel to the same growth of value of stock-machines of maximal price, weapons, who reflect in its sales and production in stocks, the value of its species.
So when the Dow was at 1 the train civil wars and unification wars (1860s) killed 600.000 people, the next cycle of cars=tanks wars killed 60 million with the dow at 100, and now at 20.000, as IN WAR the entire eco(nomic)system becomes dedicated to reproduce top predator weapons and consume human beings, all of mankind 7 billion should die, consumed by our terminator robots and nukes, once one of the splendid little wars of the neofascist neocolonial age which has all the elements – war monger politicos, hate memes, overproduction of weapons, massive degradation of ethical standards, etc. on place waiting for the ‘spark’ to ignite world war III as we predicted with the science of systemics applied to societies for decades, albeit censored by the anti quantum paradox -the social scientist is a tiny particle in a much larger organism that censors it.


To notice that this post as many others keep some graphics from the book c.92, biohistory, bioeconomics, a theory of Unification to show the earlier prediction of those cycles, with the usual ±10% error for systemic mass effects, defined with limited data. So some of the old graphs will show a bit of an error. It is though impressive to notice that indeed, the 1991-2000-2008-2018 crash cycles of the economy with its usual 8 to 10 variable boom and crash cycles have again happened all with astounding precision – revealing essentially that humans ARE programmed.

EACH OF THOSE mini-crashes brought a mini-splendid little war, Storm I, Afghanistan, Storm II and now whoever Trump chooses in the next years as his guinea pig (Venezuela? Iran? China?)… the first will be just an episode, not good enough to pump up war profits, Iran will be a larger rival – far stronger than western people believe if it does have as it is likely already nukes; and China will be the end of it.

But can people avoid it? That I thought long, long ago, but the resistance to bio-historic models have gone through 3 clear phases, as all does:

  • First it was denied as absurd, as it was forecasted to early in the 90s.
  • When things however became real after 9/11, it just scared the shit out of people, who went into denial mood.
  • And now that is about to happen it is simply taboo. Till when it happen it will become self-evident and people will be lost on it and care nothing for the understanding of why it all happened in first place.

So yes, the anti-quantum paradox that makes irrelevant the work of the true social scientist, embedded and hence silenced or modified by the informative neuronal people-castes that run the social organisms of mankind, is absolute.

And any ‘faith and belief’ on their freedom to escape the organic behavior of the planet, and its mass-effect due to ‘identity memes’ is overstated. Individuals might get free, and escape the identity program with variations, but because societies are organisms based in mass effects, the fact that this writer might not be programmed – or the usual scanty reader – will NOT it seems affect (as I had for so long wished) the organism as a whole. 

I know the laws of cyclical time, I have modeled all sciences with them, including social sciences, I know the systemic mass effects that cause those cycles, or rather the Universe applies its impersonal laws of cyclical time, of fractal space, organic scales and life and death cycles to History and I can rationally explain them, so humanity could act over its causes, but nobody gives a damn, in a world of entitled children who ‘refuse’ to reason about their social structures, think to be sons of go(l)d with no limit of power and NEVER LEARN FROM THE PAST MISTAKES, to keep repeating them all, and deny it all in the process of repetition, till when the time comes for them to die, just die with a wimper. That is the species at true face value today.

In the mood of war… with that paranoid split between the way we humans value ourselves – into infinity – and what we truly are, aggressive chimpanzees, with 50% of our genes, equal to those of the bananas they eat.

Those are themes explored in multiple posts of this blog which we will try to resume in this one, in 3 sections:



I. The 800-80 years war cycle caused by memes of metal.

II. Its company-mothers’ cycle in America.

III. Human causes: the industrial national generations that thought to be chosen of the Machine, entitled to conquer the world’

IV. The financial causes, through the crashes of overproduction of money.

V. THE PLANETARY systemic causes which will give us the key to the future of the entire ecosystem.

VI. Closing as usual with the 2 paths of the future: massive life extinction vs. Humanist solutions to the cycle: butter not cannons.

Abstract. The stock cycle of company-mothers of machines determines the modern cycle of wars, establishing the synergies between the Financial-media system of informative machines that pump up debt-money for war loans and hate memes to convince the population and the industrial-military system that makes those physical machines of war. So all modern wars are ultimately  IN ITS FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE, economic wars. This is a taboo fact, as people ALWAYS STRESSES, secondary, human causes, which are derived from the primary one, but a fact nonetheless that allow us to forecast both.

 The multiple causes of war.

Reality is in that sense multidimensional in an organic scalar (ab.∆) universe. So are the events of history and economics, which can be observed from a human perspective, a technological one, and the scale of the individual (∆º) always submissive to that of systems (+1), in history the technological ‘eco(nomic)system’ and the human social superorganism of history in its different social scales, from the individual to the tribe to the whole species (history proper: ∆+1).

So why there are wars in the modern world? There are supposed to be political conflicts between ‘tribal reductions’ of the super organism of mankind, history (∆+1), which enter in conflict for petty questions of territorial control of the ‘carved’ super organism of mankind the only species, which according to the laws of the organic Universe ARE the real Nation of all humans in the world.

But that is what ‘the eco(nomic)system let us believe. Fact is wars have a much profound reading, within the fight between two different species, company-mothers of machines=weapons, its dual twin systems, and human beings – that is the higher picture ruled by the laws of bio-history and bio-economics, resumed in two well known phrases of two genius of mankind:

“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence, and those who propagate will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected.”

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Darwin, 1859.

Bio-logical expression of the re=productive fight between mother-species.

‘Love Each other as I have Loved you.’

– Gospel, Jesus, Bio-ethical expression of the eusocial law of evolution among ‘cellular individuals’ of the same species. 


800±80±8 YEARS 


First a very brief note on the longer cycles of war, which connect the present accelerated age of generational global wars, with the much larger in space and time span of the evolution of the metal-earth:

This natural goal of all systems in the fractal, organic universe that evolves from parts into wholes, was spelt first by eusocial love prophets that opposed the rule of money and weapons and became the basis of the evolution of the 7 main civilizations of mankind, today broken in fractal nations competing again with money and weapons to bring about a different global super organism, the metal-earth. As the process of evolution of selfish-memes of metal accelerated in history thus, those civilizations broke in smaller territorial pieces called nations, defined as false divisions of the human species, carved by military borders, which stress all what makes us different to break the law of eusocial evolution of equal beings that rule the universe of parts, systems and wholes. And in time, as technology accelerated its evolution through professional industrial companies, the earlier 800 years cycles caused by overproduction of weapons and nomadic warrior tribes, according to the climatic cycle of the steppes, which poured south destroying rhythmically all life-oriented river valley civilizations, an 80 years cycle of national power, and imperial global wars set in, through the 1860s (train wars), 1940s (tank wars) and now 2020s (robotic wars), justified by those hate memes of nations. Yet of course nations disguise its true purpose – war – with cultural memes of life-oriented nature, making people believe they are defending their ‘way of life’, when they are just killing the way of life of equal human beings. So a description of nations must consider both sides of the wave of history

The great secret of the eco(nomic)system is the ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’, that is, the profits of war based in the material affinity between metal-memes, which made mankind from the beginning till the end of times give in metal-money (Gold) maximal value to metal-weapons.

This confusion and misinterpretation of money, ultimately nomisma, a digital language that could be used rationally to empower mankind, and reproduce its welfare goods, but which as a hypnotic go(l)d religion of fetish-capitalism, is merely the engine of greed that must be accumulated whatever its collateral damage, hence justifying the profits of war, is the origin of most wars of history, both in the 800 year cycles of death of civilizations and the modern 80 years cycles of death of nations. 

As all of them must be interpreted with a reversed causality: It is NOT the idol-ogies of hate of a people that ‘differentiate artificially  their natural unit as a single species that should evolve eusocially together, what caused war; as if the will of man were absolute, and the weapon just an inert ‘thingy’ (official view of the NRA), but the OVEREPRODUCTION OF WEAPONS of the 800±80±8 years cycles of Human Generations and global weather change, at the end of each cycle what – as weapons accumulate – make people to ‘solve’ problems with them, and finally as the ‘nation’ that masses them up first become military dominant, convinces its population of the superiority of their culture and the need to ‘civilize’ mankind with their imperial weapons.

This is a truism shown ad nauseam in the analysis of the 7 human civilizations, which have gone ALL with the exception of those isolated by Geography (America, Australia, Africa) through all the 800±80±8 years cycles of war.

So alas! because humans are so easily programmed into mass-reactions by ‘identity memes’ that enslave them to the group, the only requirement to put them into military mood is to have enough power to ‘communicate’ in ‘simultaneity’ the people, the idol-ogies of hate required for them to break the ‘equality and social love’ we naturally feel for those who are like Us (essential duality of the loving vs. darwinian Universe). And as the people on top of the pyramid of ‘animetal power’, tend to control all other systems of the super organism, to rally the people, specially when there is military superiority to a war mood IS REALLY easy.

Yet the cycle of the industrial evolution MUTATES every generation, when the evolution of each of those type of machines is completed and the proper top predator weapon is overeproduced. Then there is an intense brief period of global world war, in which all company-mothers switch to its top predator weapons, and paid politicos and mass-media pump hate-memes to use weapons to solve social problems:

Humans consume machines, top predator machines≈weapons consume humans. Both evolve together displacing humans of labor and war fields as they enter the robotic age. Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, fueling military budgets to further evolve terminators. IT ONLY RESTS that the dominant internet corporations, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba et al. accept a cryptocurrency to use for payments to their armies of delivery robots, which soon will become THE BIGGEST CONSUMERS of other machines (already company-mothers are) to create an AUTONOMOUS WORLD of robots, weapons, company-mothers with AI, telepathic thought, solar skins and crypto money to make THE METALEARTH a world separated of humanity with GROWING GDP, delight of our production economists and tiny 0.00% of stock-rat owners of their corporations. Humans will then be as today whales or lions, which do NOT benefit from our growing AI, a displaced species, expendable – a nuisance to the new eco(comic)system that has eliminated the factor of labor from its equations of absolute self-reproductivity.

In the graph as  mechanisms multiply in growing numbers the economy enters in a crisis of overproduction of machine and weapons that compete with human beings in labor and war fields, provoking the negative cycles of unemployment and war that define capitalist societies.

Alas this is the 72 years war cycle after crashes of overproduction in 1857 (train crash) – 1929 (car crash) – 2008 (chip crash).

The boom & bust cycle of the industrial R=evolution shows the synergies of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System made of energy machines – weapons, tools & transports – and informative ones –media & digital, fiat money, the ‘informative head’ that controls and causes all other overproduction cycles. Thus overproduction crashes of stocks (graph) start the cycle & weapons’ overproduction to fight ‘splendid wars’ for profit  closes it. Neither human actions nor causality changes, only the growing complexity of the FMMI system that maximizes its evolution and reproduction in the war phase of the cycle. But for mankind the cycles are a tragedy. Since in all the cycles machines take people’s jobs; too much money causes inflation, it is changed by real wealth and when its bubble of value explodes and it ruins the Middle class left with worthless numbers. Then Hate Media & Weapons kill them in wars.

What nobody proposes today is the obvious humanist solution: ‘butter not canons’. As indeed, never so few had so much power to corrupt so many guided by the hypnotic power of greed, making truth Keynes dictum ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people (stockrats and its politico employees), will do the wickedest of all things (war for profits) for the common good’

This belief of course is based in censorship of the ultimate causes of all cycles of modern war and holocausts: ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’, which is of course the only reason the yellow press and war-monger politicians will NEVER mentioned when talking of war. Even the most dedicated ‘lefties’ will explain us that wars are for ‘oil’ (a favorite of the so-called humanist press) or ‘strategic territorial’ control, or even as Mr. Obama told us ‘just wars’ to spread the ideals of capitalist democracy. Not so Sir: wars in the Industrial Age are about reproducing weapons without limit, to maximize the profits of corporations, and everything else, including idol-ogies, nationalisms, oil and land, come latter, as the millions of corpses, consumed by our arsenals.


We have studied the cycle in many articles, as it is ultimately the cycle that evolves the metal-earth and its ‘future robotic machines’. In this article we focus on the ‘mechanics’ of it – that is, the cycles of stock-markets and its ‘crashes’ of overproduction of machines that bring an age of ‘fascism’ and the switch to production of weapons, which cannot be ‘overerproduced’ as they are wasted in battles, and so the renewal of arsenals implies that THE MAXIMAL wealth in stock-money and highest profits of companies have always happened in war periods. Even Mercedes 4-folded profits throughout II world war, despite loosing it – GM 8-folded them.

The entire cycle of ‘hate memes’ to provoke war, and the synergies of metal-communicators printing money and yellow press, explodes then to bring the ‘human factor’ into willing death for the consumption of top predator weapons. Amazingly enough this cycle we forecasted for modern history 30 years ago, projecting the arrival of neocolonialism and neofascism after the then in the future 2008 crash of the age of metal-minds and the beginning of the age of robotic wars, has been fully ignored by ‘left and right’, academia and popular culture, and even now when it is so evident the parallelism fully a decade into the age of neo-fascism and splendid little wars for profits, the theme is ignored beyond the papers of this blog.

This only indicates to which degree the growing power of company-mothers of machines and weapons and its synergies with the mass-media world has become so overwhelming that there is no dissident speech, no real outlets to explain the truth of the eco(Nomic)system. This is perhaps the difference of the present cycle with the previous ages of colonialism and fascism: on those ages there were humans able to explain the processes and r=evolutions of mankind against its certain death.

Now the entire species, ‘mentally degraded’ by visual thought and selfies ego-trips, fictions and virtual realities, ignores it. It is the age of M.A.D.ness: mankind believes that by inventing a virtual reality above the underground processes of the eco(nomic)system, those processes won’t happen; because the tiny elite that profits from them and are the only protagonists of our information, tell the masses that the stock going up is always positive for the 99% that owns nothing but lives as in the Middle Ages, a surrogate life through the deeds of its ari-stockrats:



‘This splendid little war will get us out of the economic crisis‘ T. Roosevelt, Cuban war, I Cycle.

‘Guns will make us powerful, butter will make us fat.’ Goebbels, III Reich, II Cycle.

‘Marshall plan was democratic madness. America always came out of economic crises, making war’ Bush III Cycle (‘S.O.T.B.’, O. Stone)

One of the most risible concepts going around sociology, mass-media and popular culture is that America is the land of the free. In the 20 some years I lived there, however I noticed basically that perhaps with the exception of the Asian global culture, with its mongoloid ‘neoteny’ people, so easily organized in social herds, no other culture has such equality in the identity memes of its people from the ‘authorized class of Americans’ – those who control the strings of power and move history ahead, as the American people have.

And this explains, given their common idol-ogies of pure metal-worship of entropic metal weapons, informative metal-go(l)d, aka money (today conceded cre-dit-ated in e-money cycles of gold-chipped machines, not in pure silver-gold reserve money, but still more of the same) and technoutopian, organic metal-machines, the fact that AMERICA is the nation which shows with MORE MATHEMATICAL PRECISSION, hence LESS HUMAN INTERFERENCE, the unrelentless rhythms of evolution of organic machines, now fast entering the robotic age.

Since in America, Money, weapons and machines, MEMES OF METAL, are the surrogate religion, and to reproduce, evolve and consume them, their purpose of its existence.

It is then the only serious reality of the nation, invented, colonized, owned by company-mothers since its discovery. ALL OTHER ELEMENTS OF AMERICA, are ‘chaotic=free=disordered’ IRRELEVANT to their future. So they are fun, entropic, childish and ‘free’ to pursuit OUTSIDE the American System of power that clocks those cycles to precision, their individual pleasures – conceded.

But when the American tries to integrate with the system, the control and single-thought culture of capitalism with go(l)d and profits whatever it takes as a given is absolute. And so are the cycles of mathematical topological evolution and reproduction of its machines, reflected din the biological cycles of reproduction=sales of their company-mothers unified in the global brain of world stock.

It is for that reason we use most often its stock-cycles as there IS NO human DOUBT among the identity class of American believers as what is the purpose of ‘enzymen’: to catalyze the evolution and reproduction of metal, and sell it for the gift of go(l)d.

So we can truly just study the brain of the metal-earth, world stock, guess the future of America, when their people will become ‘fascist’ again and kill and die, as we did 30 years ago. Now America is switching its moods, compared to the previous German mimetic cycle from Weimar America, to neo-fascist America, not yet confronting and splitting society and the world – but soon to play the role of Germany: 

The American technological cycle of peace and war machines according to the evolution of technology which in turn provokes the cycles of profits of companies, which pay politicos to provide liberally laws in favour of the leading machines of the cycle. So when war is needed, war is declared. 

The boom & bust cycle of the industrial R=evolution shows the synergies of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System made of energy machines – weapons, tools & transports – and informative ones –media & digital, fiat money, the ‘informative head’ that controls and causes all other overproduction cycles. Thus overproduction crashes of stocks (graph) start the cycle & weapons’ overproduction to fight ‘splendid wars’ for profit  closes it. Neither human actions nor causality changes, only the growing complexity of the FMMI system that maximizes its evolution and reproduction in the war phase of the cycle. But for mankind the cycles are a tragedy. Since in all the cycles machines take people’s jobs; too much money causes inflation, it is changed by real wealth and when its bubble of value explodes and it ruins the Middle class left with worthless numbers. Then Hate Media & Weapons kill them in wars.

In the graph, the electronic cycles of evolution of machines, whose stock-market curves are parallel to those of any biological radiation of a species. Since those curves are known and can be used to forecast future populations=sales=profits=prices of company-mothers of machines, this writer has been able to forecast this crisis decades in advance by merely applying those laws to the economic ecosystem, its ‘dominant’ re=productive species, company-mothers and its offspring of machines, which compete with humans in labor and war fields. It is precisely that competition what causes waves of unemployment when production of machines peak…

Thus, we can follow in that upper graph the 3 ages of the Industrial Revolution and its parallel crisis, and a more detailed analysis of the present electronic cycle and its ‘star machines’ in the lower one.

The 2001-08 economic crises are caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its main derivative e-money,similar to the 1929-37 crash,caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical machines and speculative ticker money, and the 1857-64 crashes of the train economy, and its speculative stock money; each one separated by a human generational cycle of 72 years. In that regard, the crisis started in the Financial System with the unlimited reproduction of electronic money by bankers and speculators. Yet in deep analysis those bankers could have not invented so many ‘toxic assets’ without the evolution of electronic money, a language of information that regulates the financial and physical economy at the speed of computer software.

The present crisis is not a recession but a depression, caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its derivatives, similar to the 1929 crash, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical machines, which printed too much money (ticker speculation), electro-mechanical production systems that threw millions out of work (taylorism, automated assembly lines) and the overproduction of cars and radios, whose companies, lobbies and politicians reconverted into armored cars (tanks) and hate-radio speeches (Hitler), embarking us into World War II.

After the war, the Kondratieff wave of electro-mechanical machines was exhausted and so we started a new dual wave of ‘electronic machines‘, which evolved and reproduced chips – brains of metal – in increasing numbers till saturating the global market – origin of the present five-folded crises of overproduction of electronic products – the financial crisis, the cultural crisis, the labor crisis and the war.

In that regard, we can compare this crisis with a similar transformation that happened in history about 70 years ago. The happy 90s looked like the happy 20s. But suddenly the World changed into the warring 2000s, as the 20s changed into the ominous 30s. In both ages a tremendous crash on global stock-markets, due to the overproduction of machines (radios and cars in 1929 and 1937, electronic goods in 2001 and 2008), sunk the economy, increasing unemployment and social inequality.

That historical similarity is not trivial. It is a cyclical change that modern history experiences every ±72 years, a period that historians call the Generational, Human Cycle, since it is the mean biological cycle of 3 human generations – grand-father, father and son. Indeed, if we go 72 years backwards in time, we see a similar crisis happening globally after a period of industrial growth guided by the steam engine, which lasted through the happy 1850s, marked by the railroad craze . . .

Then in 1857 the overproduction of railroads crashed the industry worldwide and history turned upside down. In the middle of that crisis, the ominous 1860s brought wars fought with armored trains and steamers in America (Civil War), Europe (the Italian & German Unification wars) and Asia (Sepoy Revolt in India, II Opium Wars). So during the Industrial Revolution, every ±72 years the world changes, after a big economic crisis, from a happy time to an age of war and destruction, from an age of machines to an age of weapons, the age that now begins worldwide. And it all starts in the financial economy; because the reproduction of money reaches a peak at the same time the reproduction of machines saturates the market and becomes reconverted into weapons.

Let us then fast forward those cycles to focus in more detail in the electronic cycle of metal-minds, now ended (but not so when we wrote those graphs 30 years ago)… to understand rationally better the identity between a company0-mother and any biological organism, that reproduces its species. Only that after re=producing them, the company sells them to an adapted, terraformed world where they must have a purpose – and so it brings benefits, making the curves of PROFITS AND REPRODUCTION OF company-mothers and its offspring of machines-weapons mimetically. And of course, as companies BUY LAWS TO ADAPT the world to the image and likeness of its machines and sell them to people or to states after an overerproduction cycle, it goes without saying, now that they are pumping iron weapons at increasing tempo and profits of the ultraexpensive robotic age… they have FOUND everywhere in the world right wing war-monger police-state politicians to use them.

So far the police is ahead in the curve to ‘prevent crime’, ‘illegal immigrants’, and ‘make our neighborhood safe again’. This of course is always the first phase… society must be accustomed to the ‘new normal’ of a neo-fascist state punishing the poor before it takes the mass-media that votes the $elected macho-candidates, to war and KILLS them  en masse, and then only then the ‘scourge’ of war, its cancer – bellum ipse aleat – will at the end of the process reach the elite of bankers and general that ALSO die in the final holocaust of the elites that thought to be protected as the primary cause of the process of any just reward for what they did to the 99% before…

The 72 year long and 9 short cycles:

electronic stockc cycle

Each 72 year cycle of evolution of machines subdivide as any biological cycle of organisms or species in 3 sub horizons, the young discovery age, the reproductive, mature age and the old age, followed by a top predator mutation after a crash of population that brings a war cycle. In the graph the electronic age which in terms of machines can be divided into the TV-eye age, the Chip-Computer age, and the ear-mobile-internet age, after which we enter the age of robotic wars and vigilante big brother, as chips automate corporations, robots throw us of labor and war fields, and the internet becomes the global mind of the Metal-earth directing ‘chemically’ internally its enzymen cells, human beings, with its Financial-Media networks, now switching into military robotic networks, which will consume us at the height of the war cycle: 2036. How can I be so sure of those dates? Easy, there is a shorter 9 x 8 years cycle that mimic the duration of the 8 phases of a life cycle, from youth to extinction, with an accelerated ‘genesis’ of birth, the 9 months of explosive growth of the new species. So it happened with the internet companies in 1999, and then went through the 9 years cycle to the crash of 2008 and again another 9 years cycle; so happened if you look at the graph from 1946 when the crash of the war starts the Tv-age and then with the chip era that started with the crash of the Dollar it predated over, since 1973… The cycles are thus exact, biological, as phases of evolution of new species. And now we enter in the robotic cycle; and that one will be the last of mankind, as robots ARE a full living species that will extinguish us. Point. Those are the laws of biological economics, of stocks of machines and its prediction is as exact as your life-death cycle of 72 years and its biological 8 lifecycles, which the ancient Taoist culture already knew as ‘Baguas’…

In the graph, the aggregation of all business cycles enlarged to the entire economic ecosystem and its main ‘phyla’ of machines creates the 3 Kondratieff stock-cycles of  the Industrial R=evolution: The cycle of trains (XIX C.) that ended in the 1857 rail crash; the cycle of cars and radios (XX C.) that ended in the 29 crash; and the cycle of electronic machines (XXI C.), shown in the graph, that ended in the 2000 NASDAQ crash.

In the left side, we enlarge  the 2nd, 29 crash and the 3rd crash in which we live.  Both  are mimetic and similar to any other Crash of over-population of a biological species (top center curve). Since those crashes happen when the consumption age of max. reproduction and profits ends by saturation of the market. Then companies mutate the machine that enters its 3rd age as a weapon that consumes humans in wars, perfectly sold to the public by political lobbyism, informative machines of mass-media propaganda and a suitable, well-located enemy.

Synergies between Financial and Media systems of informative machines: hate memes overproduction.

All this said we can establish the first synergies and parallelisms between the metal-earths waves of machines and the ‘human generations that have carried’ their evolution, regardless of the existence in all nations of humanist people who follows their life wantings and do not contribute obsessively to the making of machines.

As the cycle of evolution and reproduction of machines is generational, with a human nation through its 3 generations of founding fathers, reproducers and decadent militaristic grand-sons take an energy/machine to its full perfection as a weapon, there are 72 years cycles of global wars, shown in the next graph, when the maximisation of profits according to the equation of capitalism: max. profits (inflationary money) = Max. price sales (weapons) – Min. cost sales (hate media), reaches its maximal ‘GDP. The wealth of industrial nations, this is the great secret of classic economics, thus happens in the periods of war, reason why there are global wars with a perfect 72±9 year series, and reason why we enter now in an age of splendid little wars for profits.

Then in the same tune, there are tuned to the short 9 years cycle of the product, smaller wars, also tuned to the short 9 year crashes of the market. It follows as we move to the 2018 year crash of the series of the chip overproduction cycles we are immersed in, Mr. Trump will make next year a splendid little war that might as we are also at the end of a 72 year cycle of metal-minds and the beginning of robotics, derive in a much larger war, around the rival country of China.

Simultaneous mass effects program through multiple waves of information masses of identical particles that understand the language, and believe it.

NOW FOR the part of convincing the population, there is no difficulty with the simultaneous program of the network, studied in the left side of the blog, which today is even simpler given the overdrive of visual hypnotic information provided by the reproductive explosion of hate media networks, all telling us the same by the Goebbels method essayed in the hate-radio age of the previous cycle – if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it:

Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons – this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars:

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, last extant abrahamic god albeit in corrupt jihad form, and to defend apartheid israel the nation of our FMasters. So on one side we create a paranoia of terror that allows to build a big brother state, on the other side we promote terrorism through pro-western fundamentalist corrupted Arab states that pay them (Arabia, Emirates), while Islamophobia and permanent media attention ensures the recruitment of new terrorists in a vicious circle that keeps evolving future robots. Then we destroy the ‘cancer’ to let it grow back again, fueling military budgets to further evolve terminators. IT ONLY RESTS that the dominant internet corporations, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba et al. accept a cryptocurrency to use for payments to their armies of delivery robots, which soon will become THE BIGGEST CONSUMERS of other machines (already company-mothers are) to create an AUTONOMOUS WORLD of robots, weapons, company-mothers with AI, telepathic thought, solar skins and crypto money to make THE METALEARTH a world separated of humanity with GROWING GDP, delight of our production economists and tiny 0.00% of stock-rat owners of their corporations. Humans will then be as today whales or lions, which do NOT benefit from our growing AI, a displaced species, expendable – a nuisance to the new eco(comic)system that has eliminated the factor of labor from its equations of absolute self-reproductivity.

Now of course, you live in Disney land, in the Truman show of evil wood fiction programming, and Facebook selfie, look at my narcissist-navel proposition of the capitalist paradise, and so all those things are NOT happening because History has been sanitised, rewritten with newspeaks, and time has become lineal, memoriless ‘markowian’… I have enough texts telling the real truth about the go(l)d culture and its pecunia infinita belli nervi cycles of hate memes and gold usury debt, maximised in loans for war, all over the place, and about the newspeaks of taboo pseudo religious belief that the bankers are the victims of history not its executioners, etc. etc.

So just lets get along the facts. You can return to matrix as data paradise whenever you want. We are here beyond childish manufacturing of brains. History is a serious factoid discipline, EVEN IF DATA has been rewritten by political correctness, and hardly only in Continental Europe there is REAL accounts on how history of capitalism and the war cycle was played in the past and will be played – as nothing has essentially changed in the future.

Leit motiv of capitalism: production of maximal digital money.


As money is printed without limit it must be changed for real value assets, stocks, real state and currencies, provoking 3 bubbles that explode and ruin people. Then money changes to debt-usury loans for war starting an age of splendid little wars. In the graph we explain those cycles and its bubbles for the train economy (crashes of silver money, train stocks, and real state – plantations, with the civil wars won by trains that starts the colonial age of train and steamers wars). Then the same 3 crashes in 1922 (Deutsche Mark-typo on graph, NOT pound), 1929 (ticker money and stocks) and 1937 (skycrapers) move industrialists to war production. Finally in 2001 we have the first crash of e-money printing (Dotcom bust) in 2008 of real state (false mortgages) and now we will have the last crash as financiers ‘invent digital cryptocurrencies’ followed by an age of splendid robotic wars and war debt that should end humanity and make us all victims of history – not only our financiers which duly print our brains with informative machines to convince us that they are experts, not the ‘wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest of all things: ruin nations, destroy wealth and cause wars’.

 In the graph, Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. It follows that the whole purpose of a ‘democracy’ is to allow the bankers, speculators and people above the pyramid of capitalism, to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, that pass as money.

This amazingly simple power: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world, of which amazingly enough nobody talks in such simple terms, because obviously the key to the whole power is to make it look so complex that people won’t realize, ‘financiers’ (a name that encompasses all forms of inventing numbers as money), rule the world with an amazing privilege, which should really correspond to mankind.  So all has become more complex with FED SOMA and ECB parlance to remain the same – a people, which either work for private companies, or pretends to work for the state but doesn’t’ issue money for governments and people directly will reproduce as much money as possible and with that money financiers and companies will control the economic ecosystem and with more or less direct influence the legal system.

As we say the complexity that the whole process has acquire in the age of computer screens and ‘corporative work-together’ might disguise it as a more ‘scientific process’ that let us say Mr. Rothschild deciding the defeat of the South when not backing its cotton bonds, but essentially the system remains the same: a people manipulating numbers to create digital money and then with that money buy the wealth of society, its political laws, and without even knowing as the parts do NOT know how the whole works, submitting the world to the cycles of expansion and contraction of monetary flows described in this post.

Outcome:72±9 y. cycles of money & war overproduction

The 72 year cycle of global financial crashes is caused by new informative machines that overproduce digital money – stock paper, ticker electric money and e-money. As such they have a short 9 year product cycle of overproduction: 1848-57-64+72 train stock crashes->1921-29-37 electric crashes+72->2001-08-18 e-money crashes.

Why 3? Because digital overproduced money is worthless, so speculators change it for the only 3 items of massive ‘real value’: real stocks, real state and real currency, inflating their price and crashing them:i.e. 1921 Deutsche Mark crash, 29-stocks,37 Ny real state; 2001-dotcom bubble, 2008-mortgages,2018bitcoin&$ then the only way to keep ‘selling money’ is war debt loans and arsenals of max. price=profit.

So after those 3 crashes the world enters in Global war: 1860s-90s civil wars, unification wars, colonial wars fought with trains/steamers, 1936-53 wars fought with electrochemical engines (bombers, tanks). Hence: 2020-50s robotic wars. Problem is as stocks measure reproduction of machines-weapons their value in war age measures ‘corpses’. ie. 1860s stocks 2 Dow jones, 700.000 victims train wars->1940s dow at 200, one hundred folding value and victims: 70 million. Now dow at 20 thousand, hence potential victims in robotic wars 7 billion all of mankind.

Thus the system of printing money MUST change before the final crash of currencies, and money be issued NOT merely to herd it but with a social consciousness used for welfare, Butter not Canons…

3 overproduction crashes of chips & e-money.

It follows from one that wars exist due to overproduction crises of machines=weapons, which cannot longer be used in the consumption market and so as both machines and weapons are similar species, companies switch to weapons, pay war-monger politicians, make wars and multiply profits.

And this can be then evaluated in terms of the cycles of reproduction of stock-markets that are tuned to the sales and profits of corporations, studied in great detail in other posts. 

And the essence is simple: the animetal ‘banker’ is a parasite that monopolises first the issue of money as a language of digital information that can give orders of work to humanity. Then as it is just a number printed in anything, it reproduces massively and then IT TRIES TO CHANGE THIS WORTHLESS DATA-NUMBER FOR REAL WEALTH IN ANY POSSIBLE MANNER, AND THAT IS THE PARASITIC PART OF IT, GIVING YOU NOTHING FOR ALL, FOR YOU LIFEWORK (SALARY) FOR YOUR FREEDOM (USURY DEBT), FOR the life of your country (loans at usury  for wars), for your property (bubbles of real state) for your company (buying your stocks) for your legal currency…

And as nowadays slavery is not allowed, all the other things including part-time slavery called work are bought with free-money printing. So now tell me, what bankers are going to do with 30 trillion $ after buying all companies in stocks, all real states of luxury homes and poor homes and foreign homes and old homes all art, they keep printing trillions and there is nothing else to buy except currencies and that is the third crash we are in, buying digital currencies which are worthless, as nobody really uses. What they WILL NOT DO is to give it to the people for buying food, or credit them to start business.

What else they can do with the trillions? Tell me, because what they used to do is to loan to states so they declare war, and then produce weapons so they are spent in arsenals, and that is WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO, when the bust of the crackpot coins, bitcoins, ripple, ethereum, likemyass, you name it, which nobody uses, are worth nothing and will bust all but one, the google of bit coins… which of course I WILL NOT TELL YOU which. And no i never made a penny of stocks… so when they bust what they are going to do? Ah you might think they will be nice and lend it to the people… WRONG.

‘Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people (the bankers) will do the wickedest of all things (loans for wars) for the common good (war on terror, war on china, robotic war, just war, splendid little war, war in defense of the other ‘nation’, you name it)…

AGAIN the key to the whole cycle is the fact that informative machines  also print money and they do it without limit or any value. So the point is that ONCE THE MONEY IS REPRODUCED IT MUST BE CHANGED FOR SOMETHING WITH VALUE AND THERE ARE ONLY 3 FORMS OF VALUE IN GREAT MASS, REAL STATE, STOCKS AND CURRENCY PAPER.


In the next graph, the economic ecosystem and its company-mothers of machines≈weapons have two twin products, the peaceful machine that humans consume and the top predator weapon that consume humans.

Thus each 72 year cycle of the Industrial r=evolution has dual cycles that alternate the massive reproduction of weapons and machines in its 3 ‘biological’ ages/phases of evolution:

Now, for the whole 72 years cycle, which will implode again the next year 2018, tuned to the war cycle that switches on and off between war and peace machines… we shall go slow first and explain you the 72 years cycle ‘ad nauseam’ – the cycle of global world wars, in which we are entering fast… 

It is a simple cycle driven by the equation of maximal profits=reproductions=sales of the star products of each biological generation of machines. So what products have maximal price-profits sales? The 3 that correspond to the 3 physiological functions of all systems of nature:

-The entropic killing product of maximal motion – weapons.

-The reproductive network – money itself.

-the informative machine – mass media.

The rationale for the human is also simple: top predator weapons are the most evolved, perfect machine species, hence the most expensive of maximal sales profits.

-Information is ‘free’ easy to reproduce, and cheap, hence its costs is minimal and gives maximal sale profits.

-Money is the star, is profits in itself, so you can mine directly profits printing money.

And so the equation of profits of capitalism is simple: Profits (money) = max. Price (weapons) – min. cost (hate media).

So those are in each cycle the 3 star products, and politicos to the service of corporations cater with laws and subventions to this, most profitable companies of any age.

Let us remember again: they are those who produce the most expensive machines of maximal sale profits, weapons, or those of minimal cost of reproduction, hence also of maximal profit margine, mass-media, and finally to the very same financial companies that issue money but seem NOT to have enough and get bail outs from taxes. It is the origin of the modern belli Nervi pecunia infinita in which those 3 top predator companies get the biggest share of the taxes extorted from citizens:



“War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.”

 Orwell, on how FM²I networks make wars for profits, with hate memes, paid-per-view war-monger politicians and nations that seem to be military weaker and easy to defeat but will also pump the same iron machines for a long stalemate resolved by the new generation of mechanical weapons – in our present age, mostly robotic ones, and Nukes… when things get out of hand, and all say ‘fuk it’.


Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth, prepared now for the new role-model nation of the age of robotics, Israel, the nation of the stockrats which will build the first optic chip robot and 3 D automated factories of weapons both in US and the Wall of Shame to exterminate Palestinians and perhaps Chinese… that is, Humanity at large in the last suicidal belli nervi pecunia infinita But of course once the job is done, the ant-hill robotic company of weapons will NOT stop but continue its reproductive radiation and the metal earth will be born…


The biological, human-caused periodicity of the cycles.

Wars used to be caused by ‘companies of warriors’ trying to create a global empire, to control all the organism of history. This process culminated the 800 years waves of warrior companies which crossed the nomadic steppes from Korea to Europe, trying to reach that goal, and ended in the Iberian Peninsula, where the ‘survivors’ selected by its ‘military stamina’, relaxed with no further borders to of in ‘finisterre’ (end of the world). Then the Portuguese warriors built tiny caravels, and the selected 800 cycles’ survivors became conquistadors, conquering the world with a 10% of survival rate in heroic (point of view of the animetal), genocidal (point of view of the human being massacred by them) expeditions, from Vasco da Gama to Pizarro. And the world was conquered. By 1580 when the peninsula was Unified essentially the Iberian Empire had become a global empire in control of every sea route and key post; had absolute control of two of the 3 continents, America and Africa, of the trade of Asia, and the key posts on Europe… Who could defy the mighty empire.

Nobody of the species of companies of animetal warriors, ruled by the military law, of a Roman Empire model based in gold and silver money, infantry with perfectly organised machine of power. The anecdotical Armada which so much pride gives today to the English Historians, a battle lost for error of commandment – as Plymouth could have been stormed easily by Recalde, if the inept aristocrat on command had left his basque sailors, the best of the age, the culture of Whalers who had colonised Britain in the earlier neolithic (80% of genes) had left. But it did not change at all the game. Within 2 years, when Drake and a combined French-English army tried to storm the Azores, key to travel in the atlantic routes, it was easily routed by a secondary fleet. Who could defy the empire?

A different species of animetal company; one whose germ had been born in Venice, where Maese Galileo, master of ballistics, with 1000 golden ducats of salary, worked for the improvement of the Lombardas, first gunboat of history, the Mercedes of the earlier tank age… whose arsenal of mass production of gunboats, under menace by the inquisition moved his best engineers to Amsterdam, along the sephardim Go(l)d bankers expelled from Lisbon, and so the first company-mother of machines-weapons, who would completely change the world was born. Its purpose to reproduce the maximal number of gunboats and artillery, sell it for a profit and accumulate go(l)d speculating in its new form – paper money, stocks, handling also the printing press to submit the mind of people with hate memes against its legitimate political king. It was the beginning of the financial-media military-industrial system – today the metal-earth, which changed for ever the destiny of mankind.

At the beginning of the XVII century the leading industry of Holland, was gunboat trade, organised the company around the bank and stock-market of amsterdam. Then it gave a coup d’etat against the legitimate habsburg king of Holland, and to that aim started to run the first yellow press, with its black legend  against the kings; and used the press emitted the first paper-money in the form of stocks, widely trade upwards with speculation schemes in the Amsterdam market. So the financial-media industry then printing became one of the two sides of the first FMMI system. The other side, the obvious military-industrial complex was then the purpose of the company, specialised in manufacturing guns, liberally sold up the rhine to both contenders of the 30 years war that halved the German population; while put on boats started industrial trade in slaves and spices.

This FMMI system then took over the Parlament, with most sites occupied by shareholders and put the XVII herren board of the company on power in Holland, starting ‘capitalist democracies’, with a single party (orange party), which was exported to UK with the glorious revolution that put the Orange dynasty on power, (1688) and divided the monocracy in two parties, the party of war or conservative party, which would take power when companies made higher profits in war (mostly when an overproduction case of peaceful trade, required to pump up the artillery side of the business) and the liberal party, which took power in ages of ‘soft trade’. This is essentially the model of all capitalist democracies, copycatted in America, where the Republicans are since Lincoln, the ‘party o war’ and democrats, since Kennedy, the party of peaceful technological evolution, except when a third ‘humanist’ party takes over, with the socialist movement in XIX-XX century Europe, now gone, WHICH pushes for welfare and control of companies to switch from ‘companycracies’  (the govern of companies) to  ‘democracies’. 

The only explanation of the cycle: we do NOT live in democracies but in compocracies 

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS,with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.

The purpose of an aristocracy was to conquer the world with companies of warrior animetals on top of the pyramid.

The purpose of an stockracy, called in placebo newspeak ‘democracy’, is to reproduce the maximal number of digital money (informative metal), weapons (entropic metal) and machines (organic metal) and control and ab=use Gaia and History, Life and Mankind with it, establishing a far more enduring, detailed, extended and complete dictatorship of animetals over the planet Earth, compared to the loose, chaotic way in which aristocracies of warriors did; as now not only the body was conquered and slaved to a price-salary but also the mind was manufactured with hate memes… And so it started the boom and bust cycles of global wars, overproduction of memes of metal, we call the Industrial r=evolution.

In the graph, Pyramids of capitalist placebo democracies, in the XIX, XX & XXI C.: In the left the classic age, of capitalism, where we see the initial phase of the Mechanocene and its 3 symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene.

It is the last graph, a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, we see the pyramid of the XXI c. where an elite of stock-rats, now dedicated to selfie enjoyment as the leisure class that lets managers and A.I. Algorithms of Information, rules the world in favor of profits and machines, through company-mothers of the Financial-Media (informative machines) military-industrial system, which employs a dwindling mass of workers with right to credit (fast dwindling under automation). On the bottom, the growing number of obsolete humans in the 3rd world outside and inside our nations. This class will only grow as automation, A.I. white collar pcs and blue collar robots and weapons displaces the bulk of mankind, and the isolationist, racist elite of chosen of go(l)d just tries to distract us with absurd wars, techno-utopias and hate-memes to divide and win over the bottom ‘line’.

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the left side from a 20 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality.

And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK. SINCE THEY sell the fairy tale that Humans live in the best of all systems because every few years after massive propaganda of the Financial-Media system (mass-media, campaign money) in favor of its ‘$elected candidates’ (‘Presidents are $elected not elected’ Roosevelt) their ‘manufactured’ brains will vote the politico hired by the FMMI system which ether suits the goals of the dominant corporations of each technological age.

What is the difference between this cycle and the previous cycle of neo-fascism? Obvious: if in the age of Hitler, only Germany practiced freely Keynesian Militarism, now is the reverse, only China practices new deal; if in the previous cycle all knew Hitler was eviL=anti-live now nobody talks of the leading neo-fascist nation, the FMasters of Israel and its puppet U$ politicos as such, but we all admire them. Why? Because in the neo-paleolithic the degradation of humanity into a visual brutal species, easily handled by mass-media fiction is much more profound.

It is then necessary to stress from the beginning several ’causes and consequences’ of those cycles, which are happening with mathematical precision, hence they are real and must be factored in for any analysis of our political and economical system and its future:

-Since the cycles end in a period of war that destroys the wealth of the overwhelming majority of people, which are supposed to govern in ‘democracies’; we should doubt ‘democracies do really work’. Indeed, wars only favour company-mothers of machines, which reach its maximal profits (as weapons are the most expensive, hence more profitable ‘sales’ both by price, and by quantity, given the fact that in a war the entire resources of a nation go to weapons industries, and arsenals are constantly depleted in war fields and replaced with inflationary money). So we must conclude that ‘somehow’, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/military-industrial (entropic and energetic machines) system manages to control both politicos and public opinion with their ‘simultaneous’ mass-media communicators, e-money flows of unlimited credit, as to set the agenda of the future that better suits their production.

– In brief, it is NOT mankind and their people who run democracies, but the parallel Financial-Media (head of informative machines)/Military-Industrial (body of energetic machines) system, which itself is guided by the EVOLUTIONARY LAWS of systems sciences, engineering and biology, since we are designing machines imitating human organs. This was the thesis I decided to explore 30 years ago, when after a huge economic crash of markets, due to overproduction of ‘chips’ (1987 crash), soon the world got involved into weapons production and war (I Dessert storm). If humans were ruled by democracies, most wars wouldn’t happen. Diplomatic solutions found and welfare become the law of the land over warfare. But history shows a clear cycle imposed by those who monopolise the production and ab=use people with money, weapons and machines. The company-mother of machines merely professionalized, diversified and made more complex this process, before crystal clear, as it was carried about by kings with armies, military dictators, bankers backing them to earn debt-usury money, and religious myths of ‘obeisance’ to authority.

-So it is a self-serving agenda of corporations and their economists to pretend that economics and history must be studied differently and corporations left to their own, because they do control the weaker part of the word ‘capitalist democracies’, the democratic part, as long as the issue of money belongs overwhelmingly to corporations. You must then understand western capitalist ‘anglo-american’ type of democracies, which were invented by the first corporation, VOC, dedicated to reproduce artillery, gunboats and trade with slaves and spices, and not the other way around.

So you live in a compacracy, or the most often used terms ‘plutocracy’, which however stress the most abstract concept of money over the real organisation, the company, a ‘legal person’, with so extensive rights on all the elements of our  supposed ‘capitalist democracies’ that have converted in its original culture (the anglo-american culture), the concept of democracy into a very subtle, complex placebo system to ‘appease’ the masses, and avoid any attempt on their part to ‘drive their future as a human species – which is the 99%). And this implies:

-Sophisticated systemic censorship of social sciences, which cater to the agenda of power, ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’, or else an objective, biological, scientific analysis of the system will show it is NOT a democracy, it is NOT positive for mankind, as it is NOT developing a proper future for humanity. Yet of course all this censorship is subtle, complex, improved in 400 years of trial and error, today signified by all kind of ‘newspeaks’ of political & economical correctness, placebo caring, false victimism, entitlement and propaganda of the system as the ‘best of all systems’, while a background war against any system that tries to cater to human welfare (as EU did prior to the take over its finances by the ECB; or China does with his nationalised banks and massive welfare expenditures), takes place unrelenting.

In this post we treat, according to the biological laws of complexity, the short, medium and long cycles of evolution of machines that shape the economy. It is an example on how complexity can explain not only the how but also the why of the economic ecosystem, its cycles and the behavior of its agents.

Companies have no other existential objective beyond evolving and reproducing their products, whatever its collateral consequences might be. Owners of companies only think about the profits they obtain manufacturing machines and weapons. Yet those profits have a direct biological reading, since they increase when companies reproduce more machines. So the single goal of Company-mothers and their owners is to reproduce machines and take care of their ‘habitat’, the economic ecosystem, designing energy and information networks for them, (roads, pipes, electricity, digital and audiovisual information). Indeed, for Classic Economists that rule those companies and view technology and money as synonymous of human progress, all other considerations are secondary to that ‘business’ cycle of biological reproduction of the product. In that regard Microeconomics is the science that studies the internal structure of company-mothers as reproductive organisms composed of 2 species, human workers and machines, which reproduce through the business cycle of reproduction, sales and profits that activate the owners moved by greed.
Yet profits are only ‘the human abstract perspective’, the how not the why of those biological cycles that we can study according to the Ternary Principle:

– From the temporal perspective of its financial language, money, which directs the process .

– From the spatial perspective of the physical machines reproduced in the business cycle .
- From the organic perspective of its reproductive company-mothers, the key element of the economic ecosystem that embodies the biological, reproductive will of those machines.

All this said we can establish the first synergies and parallelisms between the metal-earths waves of machines and the ‘human generations that have carried’ their evolution under the idol-ogies of animetals, by cultural design, regardless of the existence in all nations of r=evolutionary people who follows the ethics of the wor(l)d and do not contribute to our demise with fundamentalist zeal.

All  those phases of the Industrial Evolution of machines have had in fact 3 ‘organic ages’: the young age of ‘discovery of a new energy, soon applied to simple ‘bombs’ and the powering of the machines of the eco(nomic)system, ushering societies into a happy age of consumption machines.

Yet according to biological laws the cycles end when the evolution and reproduction of mechanisms reaches its zenith,  in a massive global crisis of overproduction of those machines, converted into the most perfect mechanical species, the weapon, which in a global war phase murders millions of life beings.

And this 3 ‘mechanical ages’ proper of the morphological evolution of those machines by imitating the human functions=organs and improving upon them, are paralleled in the human sphere by 3 ‘generational ages’ of societies adapted in memes and actions to those machines-weapons.

And so we can consider the existence of 3 x 1/3rd=72 years generations of:
– Founding fathers who discover the new energies and machines.
– Reproductive sons that expand in a mature age the power of those nations with their new machines and…
– Decadent grand sons that will use those machines to impose through war their power, complete a ‘ top predator’ national cycle with the country that discovers and heads the discovery and evolution, massive reproduction and final use as a weapon – the most perfect and last machine to develop in each cycle – at the head of the world.

In the graph, the British steam age of huge ‘bodies of metal, steamers and iron horses’, German age of electro-mechanical engines discovered by Otto and Siemens, applied to cars, tanks and bombers and the electronic American cycle now in its 3rd military phase:THE-4-GENERATIONS-OF-THE-INDUSTRIAL-REVOLUTION-1024x770

In the graph, we combine both symbiotic cycles, the human and metal-ones.

The periodicity of those cycles can be easily tabulated with quantitative methods; as it corresponds to the 72-80 years ‘standard’ biological, generational cycle of life and death of human beings, the discoverers or inventors of those machines.

Kondratieff, the Russian Scholar (in the background of the graph), killed by Stalin, who found those cycles however studied a shorter 50 period, as Russia was an undeveloped country where the train came latter in the cycle. So the cycle was shorter and Schumpeter, the Austrian economists that explain them, did not correct it.

 The Graph shows those 4 national Generations who build metal-bodies, engines & metal minds assembled in robots:

– British generations, who used physical, steam energy to power metal bodies, trains & steamers & print stock-money, ended after the 1857-73 crashes in an age of racist yellow press & colonial wars.

– German generations of electro-chemical engines, hearts of metal that printed electric money, the software (ticker speculation) and powered cars and planes, the hardware, ended in Nazism

–  American age in which electronic systems printed e-money, the software and evolved ‘Minds of metal’; mobile-ears, cameras-eyes and chips brains now in its decadent ‘Weimar Republic’, when bankers keep printing money for themselves, militarism is on the rage and all ethic and social standards have plummeted as ‘monetary and military values’, the values of greed and violence provoked in man by the hypnotism of money and the use of weapons, reach its ‘overproduction zenith’.

– This zenith is the inaugural time for  an new brave world, an age of robots & singularity weapons when all those parts are put together into organic machines, completing the industrial evolution of metal. It’s the last cycle that must be aborted for life to survive, designing instead an eco(nomic)system that switches production to welfare goods.

So as the new white collar Pcs and blue collar robots expel human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields increasing the ‘productivity’ of machines and the profits of corporations, we enter in a new ’30s’, neofascist age with the difference that unlike the previous ages, when the socialist school (Marx, Kondratieff) clarified perfectly the nature of overproduction crises, and the 30s when the Keynesian school explained it and gave solutions, as today the ’3rd age of scientific economics’, systems sciences that describe the eco(nomic)system and forecasted this crisis and its solutions long ago, is totally ignored.

Instead economists multiply their ‘thin air speeches’, damned lies and statistics hiding the true causes of the crisis of unemployment (blue collar robots and white collar pcs) and the existential crisis this process will bring to mankind.

A fundamental theme of this blog (left column) will be the study of those cycles, its overproduction crises, and the causal comparison of its main nodes, as we have done in the milieu of systems sciences, forecasting the present crisis of overproduction of chips, 20 years in advancewith an accuracy and detail still unknown to my knowledge in books written today that go no further than the anecdote of the mortgage crisis. Forecasting is indeed the key element of a scientific true model, as all sciences predict the future observing the patterns of  past cycles.

We have studied in many posts this cycle in a loose way. It is my intention to complete by New Year 2018 a full description of all those cycles in great detail, as the next year we shall enter into the 9 years crash cycle of the stock-market and a splendid little war, after which the age of ‘discovery’ of Robotic machines will end, and its phase of massive reproduction as tools that will throw millions of humans of jobs, except those who take care of the robotic radiation, till in 2036, we will fully enter into the age of robotic weapons similar to the colonial age of the train economy, during the second part of the XIX century after the 1857 crash of overproduction and the age of  electrochemical wars with cars=tanks and planes=bombers,  between I world war and the Korean war.  

Thus in an in-crescendo age of nazionalisms and Tv-internet hate media, mankind will slowly slide into a permanent orwellian age of splendid robotic wars, culminated by the face-off between the decadent American empire and the rising Chinese empire, as it happened in the series of I and II world wars between the decadent German empire, which had been the discoverer of electrochemical engines and the rising New Global power, America, at the head of the age of metal-minds.

This FINAL orwellian nightmare will see the rise of Automated 3D printing Ant-hill like military robotic factories in the cold, mineral rich frontier areas of Yakutia and Alaska, which will become the engine of massive profits for the 0.1% of stockrats and corrupted war-monger nazionanist politicians, as waves of robots storm over the contenders (North America vs. Russia+China) and once they have eliminated the weaker species, not any of the nations but both, the human species, WILL CONTINUE its reproduction of insect-like robotic weapons, as the 3rd age of the planet, the Metal-earth is born, and nothing remains of the Human species, except the ‘names’ of those robotic factories… 


Bankers create money OUT OF THIN air, merely printing data-numbers in some support, and ‘pretending’ it has real value. Then as it does NOT they are busy busy changing it ‘for real value’, backed by ‘law’

So we can study in more detail how they do it in the main Kondratieff cycles of evolution of machines and weapons, which also allow the invention of machines that print money faster.

How Bankers and speculators Invent Money in boom and bust cycles.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint,  without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

 Rothschild, Go(l)d Master, head of the British Financial-Media System, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Mark Twain, American Wor(l)d Master, cycle of bodies of metal.

What financiers basically do is to manufacture money without limits to lend it as ‘wealth’ (even if it is not), and then contract the production of money in the bust cycle to get back instead of money now scarce real ‘energy wealth’, properties and workers.

How then those private corporations, private  bankers and financial houses invent money in a capitalist system in which they control its issue in near monopoly – at present 95% of new money, which is invented as digital numbers by speculators, financiers and corporations?

Free Market invention of money: The 3 boom & bust cycles of the Industrial age. 

 The first thing we must understand with such scientific approach, scorning myths, ideologies and selfish agendas is the meaning of money the language of information that regulates the economy and how it must be issued – since all economical crisis of overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’ start with the mismanagement and appropriation by a selfish ‘parasitic group’ of eeonomic agents – the private banker – of our collective language of social power – money and its boom and bust cycles.

 From a technical & political perspective the process starts with the invention of a new machine that prints money and breaks the balance between ‘democracy’ (the issue of money by governments in currency) and ‘capitalism’ (the issue of the new forms of digital money with machines), tilting it in favor of corporations that awash with new fiat money buy politicians, pass deficit zero laws and steal the privilege of inventing money from the people.
In a previous graph we observed those ages of free printing of new digital numbers = money, thanks to the discovery of such new machines, caused of the boom cycles and bust crashes of financial economics; as we humans have invented a new type of energy applied to machines of information, hence to increase and improve the printing of money every 72 years generation:
– The speculative bubbles of stock money in the XVII to XIX c. culminating in the 1857-73 crashes of trains.
– Then with the discovery of electricity, the creation of ticker money that invented stratospheric prices for stocks in the XX c. culminated 72 years after the 1857 crash in the 1929 crash of ticker money, caused by the Morgan House and UK bankers.
– And finally with the arrival of computers the explosion of e-money in the XXI c. that has 100 folded the quantity of digital money on Earth, kept by bankers that now control with those computers the production of 95% of new credit on this planet, making ‘states’, powerless dwarfs with only a 5%. And the subsequent crash of 2001 (dotcom) and 2008, 72 years after the similar causal crashes of 1929 and 37.
But why bankers ‘crash’ their reproduction of money without limit, if they can print it for free with those new machines?
Here is the hidden secret – because free money, is worth nothing, remember is a language of information. You do Not eat money. So the important thing for the banker or speculator studied at the end of this post – but equally important in cre(dit)ating money with high prices – is to change the ‘language’, the ‘worthless’ numbers for REAL assets, real wealth, real work, and real power.

Let us  then resume from this perspective the boom& bust cycle of debt-money creation repeated in all financial crises:   

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

– Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price. And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with their payments bankers can buy many more things. Since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion.

Further on, as now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it and must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas.

So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give handouts to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations. In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed.

So stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

The proof that the system of invention of debt-private money is automatic and guided by mere greed is the recurrent periodicity of the cycles: as soon as a new form of inventing private ‘debt-numbers’ happens, financiers will find any excuse to print for free numbers of money, speculating upwards with prices of stocks and real state to ‘get’ a tax for the higher price they create, or issuing massive amounts of worthless stock, for companies without profits, or reselling ‘fiat money’, mortgages, new stock issues, privately issued currency, fractional credit, etc.

The specific ‘financial instrument’ that prints money for bankers and speculators, latter paid as taxes and higher prices or exploded bubbles of false money downloaded on the middle classes does not matter so much as the capacity to print ‘new money’ with new digital machines and ‘invent’ a figurative, huge value with mass-media propaganda, censored information and attached ‘private agencies of ratings and economic press and think tanks’. So i could as soon as computers were applied to creation of e-money and monetary markets were deregulated 20 years ago, forecast the repetition of the long and short, 72-8/9 years crashes of fiat private electronic money, in my first papers coming out of Columbia University on Monetary Systems.

And indeed, there was a predicted a crash of worthless stocks, whose prices had been jacked up by speculators and unloaded before bursting the bubble on the middle classes in 2001, 72 years latter after the bubble of 1929; and there was 8/9 years latter a crash of false real state value, the mortgage crash, 72 years after the crash of New York Real State skyscrapers in 1937. And so it is only left of those speculative schemes the crash of the Dollar, as fiat money is now printed without limit by the Fed NOT to kick out the economy but to pay wars and bail outs to banks, similar to the 1922 crash of the mark that brought fascism to Germany.

NOW ONLY IS LEFT AFTER THE massive printing of 30 trillion $ in money invested in bubbles of dot com stocks and real state toxic assets, the bubbles of currencies. And indeed after the 9 YEARS BUBBLE CRASHES OF STOCKS AND REAL STATE, A CRASH OF CURRENCIES, which has started with the massive bubble on crypto currencies.

All this we predicted 20 years ago, and it has happened as a ‘cancerous’ system of absorbtion of blood-money, our capitalist society with private bankers on top CANNOT avoid to print and waste amazing amounts of fiat money and pay all kind of corrupted politicos, economists, think tanks and financial press to hide it all.

The boom and bust 4 cycles of the Industrial evolution

In sequential order, the 4 capitalist ages of issue of private money to increase the profits of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex are: the Age of slave companies, train stocks, ticker money and e-money. The boom & bust process of debt-money and war for profits was the same:

– This cycle first happened in the Age of Gunboat Companies of Slaves in Britain after private moneylenders got from corrupted and clueless politicians a monopolistic charter to issue British money. Then they founded the Bank of England that printed paper-pounds lent to Crown at 6% of interest; exactly what the ECB – whose charter was invented by private ‘expert’ bankers in Brussels’ – has done now in Europe, achieving the monopoly of printing the sovereign money of Euro nations, which they give only to private banks at 0’% interest that in turn lent it to southern European states at an usury 6%, rate called in Spain ‘Prima de Riesgo’, which absorbs the 3% of its GDP cancelling any economic growth.

Next the Crown raised taxes to pay debt, especially in the American colonies, despised by the British elite, as the PIIGs nations (nicknamed by a racist Frankfurt banker) whose life-art based culture produce mainly goods of the welfare state (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece & Spain) do; as they are now ECB colonies. And so they have the lowest rate of growth in the entire planet. Since unlike machine-based nations like Germany whose corporations print money for free in stock markets welfare companies do NOT have stock-credit.

In the Company Age this was also the case. Only slave, gold and colonial gunboat companies could raise the other type of paper money besides Pounds, stock-paper. Soon the Bank debt-money was used just to back speculation in those companies, NOT to create real wealth, as now the money printed by the ECB bank and Fed is use only to rise the Dow to new records not to create a Global New Deal. But return profits were dwindled as the best colonial lands had been taken. So a series of bubbles, the South-Sea company bubble in Bri’tain and the Louisiana Company bubble in France, where a Scot, Mr. Law had sold the same scheme, exploded, as the financiers had sold out the worthless fiat stocks at stratospheric prices into the middle classes of both kingdoms and left the market sink no longer issuing mountains of speculative paper-money. They did the same in the 29 crash and the 2001 crash of worthless dotcom stocks and the 2008 mortgage crash, once they exited the market, after expanding credit to the middle classes.

‘When my boot-cleaner talks stocks is time to exist the market’ said Joseph Kennedy. To that aim the synergy of the media owned or corrupted by financial groups is essential. So financial media kept rating dotcom companies and CDOs as AAA value, while Goldman exited and emails said they were ‘piece of junk’ and the press during the XVIII c. insisted that in Louisiana and the Patagonia there were huge gold mines.

In both kingdoms the politicians of the age, the kings and aristocrats were greased with huge returns and redemption of shares at maximal price. But when the bubble exploded the outcome was different:

In France it was the first of a series of crises that tumbled the monarchy, sparking the French Revolution that tumbled the ‘ancien regime’. In Britain the king’s court condoned the financiers establishing the Anglo-Saxon capitalist system in which financial crimes are never punished to ensure they will happen again. As England’s Capitalist democracy was a banking dictatorship, similar to the one established by VOC in Amsterdam, founded in the ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688 by Dutch financiers, who during the French invasion, bought the Parliament for the Dutch king with the money of the Amsterdam Bank, and established the Private Bank of England and the stock-market in the City, their own ‘kingdom within the kingdom’, with his own taxes, where the king cannot enter without the permit of its major and MP, traditionally of the House of Rothschild,

And he indeed controlled it, by playing the game of war and debt during the entire XIX century, in most of the countries of the world.

Then corrupted politicos to the payroll of the Private Bank of England, that usurped as the ECB has done the name of the nation to be accepted by the people, soon embarked in permanent wars to increase state debt, and the 6% of ‘free profits’ for printing the British money. Those wars raised taxes for the commoner of England and provoked enormous suffering to all cultures on Earth, colonized by British, but the mirage of Empire and racial superiority maintained the British people till today, a happy subject of City Financiers, as it does today with Americans and Wall Street. But in the XVIII C. Americans were more enlightened and so they rebelled when Franklin failed to convince the Crown to abolish the system.

Then he ran his press to create a ‘free’ Financial-media system and started to print colonial money and pamphlets explaining the ‘issue’ of money, true cause of the American R=evolution. But soon after the Independence, Americans lost that freedom ‘again’, when Mr. Winthrop, a Calvinist bishop, Mr. Morris and associates, Jewish merchants, Mr. Gerard, the biggest slave trader and Mr. Hamilton, a corrupted politico took away from the right to issue debt-free money, from the founding ‘peasant fathers’, the plantation owners, Jefferson & Washington, who did not understand yet there is no democracy without the issue of bills of law and bills of money to implement them, by their elected governments. It was the birth of the ‘Biblical elite’ of corporative owners that substituted British Companies in the control of their society.

Soon the Hamilton gang started to promote wars – wanting to declare war to France! the country that had invested more hard currency in the American war for the freedom of the American people, to steal Louisiana – and had not Jefferson merely offered money and bought it from the French, it would have achieved its purpose – to create like the Bank of England did, a nation in perpetual war for profits, ruled by an elite of ‘bankers’,. America and their people though had a higher sense of freedom and rights than the British commoner and fought many battles with the bankers, starting with the duel in which Burr killed Hamilton, followed by the understanding of Jefferson that they had been ‘cheated’ and his attempts to regain the right to issue money. But then bankers ‘exploded’ the game, overpassing the Federal Government by lobbying states, which started to charter private bankers that issued massive amounts of their own paper-money, systematically ruining the common Americans by defaulting on their paper.

The classic run-on-the bank cycles started then. And as ‘greed’ and ‘theft’ became ‘privatized’ so any wealthy slave trader or usurer could start a bank, the elite caste of American capitalism took roots and has reigned ever since. And when American heroes of national freedoms, presidents like Mr. Jackson, Lincoln or Kennedy tried to reverse the course and regain those freedoms for the people, with the abolition of the 2nd private ‘bank of the United states’ (Jackson) or the emission of debt-free greenback money (Lincoln) or the creation of a welfare demand based economy (Kennedy), they fall to the bullet.

Thus the British earlier model of bankers corrupting politicos to declare imperial war to get usury interests from debt-money printed by those privateers on behalf of nations became the American model, specially after the murder of Lincoln, when free-debt greenbacks were cancelled and frontier banks issued massively debt-money backed by ‘future profits’ based in train stocks and land speculation taken from Indians that had to be exterminated for that purpose with the help of the Yellow Press and the new technologies of the steam age.

It would be the 1st Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex imitated by all Western nations in their colonial wars. Thus every attempt of western people to become free democracies was reigned in by bankers and corrupted politicos, by murder, corrupted law and war, backed by the new machines of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, since Staunton, railroad baron, paid Booth to kill Lincoln and robber barons colonized the West in I Cycle of trains.

-72y. Train Cycle: Paper-Money. Boom: Railroad stock-paper: 1840-70. Bust: Silver Crime:70s-90.

In detail in the 1st cycle of steam machines and printed paper-money, the boom cycle happened during the overproduction of rail road stocks. The bust cycle happened when Silver money was demonetized, substituted by the gold standard. In America financiers implemented it, bribing Mr. Grant at the height of the Robber’s baron era. It was called the ‘silver crime’, as it plunged the country in the worst depression since the crown forbade the states printing colonial money. In Europe, Germany, the dominant industrial nation, provoked it, when Bismarck’s bankers cancelled bimetallism, imposing the gold standard and reducing to ½ the circulating money. So suddenly half of the metal-money disappeared, increasing enormously the value of debts, by increasing the value of money and deflating prices, making debts far more expensive.

The world entered recession, except industrial companies that switched to weapon’s production and unlike the people who were asked to pay debts in scarce hard currency, received credit in stock-paper. Soon they declared the 1st of the many German FMMI system’s splendid wars for profits that ruined European lives and wealth – the French-Prussian war of 1871, the I and II World War and now the Euro War.

– The 2nd Industrial cycle of fiat money overproduction started its boom cycle in the earlier XX C. with a massive expansion of ticker speculation in the nascent car industry. The House of Morgan busted the credit cycle in the panic of 1907, as an excuse to set the Federal Reserve Bank as a private bank of ‘issue’, who extorted usury debt to the United States for decades to come.

Then the Fed crunched most credit given before by frontier banks to Middle West farming states now stripped off issue rights, provoking the famine crises of the dust bowl, as lending to small companies and agricultural states plummeted. Now Fed Banks concentrated in New England ignited 2 boom decades of credit to Industrial Trusts and financial companies of the FMMI system, backed by the yellow press and radio of the happy 20s, the age of ‘ticker-money’ speculation and W.S expansion. But in 1928-29 the Federal Reserve and Bank of England’s concerted contraction of money crashed the global market, provoking the Great Depression solved after a ‘too small to matter New Deal Deficit’ in Welfare goods by ‘canons instead of butter’, after the next 7 year boom and bust crash of 1937. Then Roosevelt changed his mind, pressed by Industrial Trusts. So he provoked Japan with an embargo and every nation in the world, with Germany ahead of the pack, expanded their deficit to pay for war industries proving that Deficit is NOT the problem.

It should be rule, but issued with debt-free money not to pay war but to cre(dit)ate a Welfare Global Deal of life-goods and peaceful, consumption. Since America reached its all-time-peak of debt at 150% of GDP during II World War and never paid I and came out of the crisis – as Germany had done before at the cost of 66 million victims. Synergy between the 4 overproduced technologies of the FMMI system is thus essential on the boom and bust cycle of debt-money and war that creates the 4 parallel crisis of each Kondratieff age of overproduction of fiat money.

Sounds familiar? It should because it is what happened in the 3rd cycle of e-money overproduction:

Bankers invented fiat money without limit once they discovered the ‘complex e-money derivatives’ that allowed them to print ‘digital data’ as money in computer screens… Then in the 90s, the happy new 20s they lend it massively at soft interest. So every state and individual owed them money.

Now they are contracting the monetary mass, and their quisling politicos are extorting people with higher taxes, bailouts and the destruction of welfare states to pay a fiat debt that in a real democracy would never exist, as money would be issue by sovereign states free of debt, as a Universal Salary and credit orders for welfare goods:

First bankers in the US expanded credit in e-money without limit, in the happy 90s so everybody bought Internet stocks, and finally they busted the credit system in the 2000s; after unloading those stocks into the middle class with the ‘self-made man’ myth of ‘trade yourself in internet’.

In the 20s they call it ‘buying on margin’. As the top price moment of unloading fiat worthless paper-stocks overpriced into the middle class approached, ‘buying on margin’ was fueled by massive credit of the Federal Reserve. Say you wanted to buy a ‘yahoo’ or a ‘RCA’ (radio-stock) at 500, their peak prices, in the 2000s or 20s. You would just put a 10% of the 500, and the ‘bankster’ will tell you that you will double capital when the price hit 550.

What he didn’t tell you is that when the price goes down to 450, your 50 $ are gone and then the banker will sell the stock and ruin you. So they passed the ‘virus’ of greed to Main Street and ruined them in both cases, unloading at maximal prices the shares, whose value they had artificially jacked up in the previous decade.

Then within years another short 9-year cycle of the ‘product’ took place. Now as people did not want to know anything about stocks, they had to invent a new form of worthless e-money in their screens. So they expanded again e-money with the mortgage CDOs, which they unloaded at maximal prices into the accounts of the governments and investors of the entire planet. 

And then they contracted credit and had the ‘chutzpah’ of asking again to be paid the ‘false fiat money’ of those CDOs – mere double accountancy as they were false mortgages repacked and resold ‘again’ – extorting one trillion dollars in bail outs, which now bring higher taxes but rip for them higher benefits. And parallel to that boom and bust cycle, they have expanded military expending to 1/2 of the nation’s budget, which is a quantity HIGHER (5) than the amount spent by Nazi Germany before the ‘splendid little Spanish war’ that started W.W.II. served as the Guinea Pig to essay in Guernica the goodies of the German FMMI complex.

The only change on the boom and bust usury cycles of financial speculation that usurp the sovereign rights to issue money is on the metal-machines used to ‘invent’ digital money, which evolved from ‘gold’ (in an age that extends from the times of Joseph, Pharaoh’s banker and first recorded speculator against people’s welfare to the mercantilist age of slave companies) into stock-paper (train age, electric tickers) into our modern times of pure digital information as e-money. Thus since money is reproduced by digital machines, its cycle is parallel to the Kondratieff cycle of overproduction of new energies & machines (chemical energy/printing; electro-mechanical engines/tickers and electronic machines/e-money):

– In the age of steam machines, there is a peak in stock-money issues of worthless train companies in the 1850s, when the best railroad lines are constructed and new ones loose money – even if speculators knew they were profitable, just for the sake of inventing ‘paper-money’, unloaded on the middle classes ruined by them. Meanwhile the 2 commonest job of the age, transport was lost to trains and 90% of horses were killed in a decade, out of work, while food prices and revenues for small farmers, plummeted under the monopoly on prices of railroads.

– In 1928, there was a peak in the creation of new stocks in companies of cars and radios, when RCA shares reached an astonishing 500 $ value, precisely when the slump in consumption of cars had started in earnest, as all Americans had their Ford-T. Yet the electric ticker, the equivalent to e-money Pc screens in the 1920s, had been implanted in small towns and was sucking in money from the middle class all over America to satisfy the ‘Ponzi Pyramids’ of Wall Street speculation in ‘margin 1 for 10 credit’ for stocks.

Then, in 1928-9 (City>Wall Street) and 8-9 years latter in 1937 (crash of real state and stocks), the physical and financial economy crashed together. While the reproduction of electric systems of automation in assembly lines at factories provoked a massive wave of unemployment, halving the work force.

Which lead us to the study of the present cycle of boom and bust of stocks (dot com) real state (toxic assets) and the ONLY left, currencies, due to the need to change worthless E-MONEY for something of value in the same pattern of 8-9 years.

As two of those cycles predicted as early as 92.c, by this author’s pioneers books on bio-economics have happened (the prediction though did not clarify which one real state or currency or stocks would come first, it was dot com stocks), we can now consider with ease the clearly indicated by all means, crash of overproduced currencies (quantitative easing which is the newspeak for printing trillions of euros, dollars and yens has now reached stratospheric proportions so the last trend is to print prices for even less worthy ‘digital software’ called block chain coins).

And the subsequent age of wars that should follow as the FINAL FORM OF getting value (war loans, production and sale of arsenals)… As it happened in the two previous cycles.

Let us though change a bit the perspective as usual in this blog talking of both the human idol-ogies and carriers of the memes of history and the technological non-human independent evolution of machines, weapons and money ‘ran by the program’ of evolution of the Universe, when left unchecked.



The final cycle of robotic wars: comparison with the previous cycles. Its 3 ages.

Discovery age: First when a new energy is discovered it is applied to the production of bombs and peaceful energy; Reproductive age: then the energy is applied to a transport machine and an age of massive growth of GDP and reproduction of machines ensures. But as the machine is overproduced stock-markets that measure its reproduction=sales=profits falter and so the machine which has now reached its evolutionary zenith as a weapon… 3rd: informative age: becomes the star machine of the 3rd ‘fascist’ age of the cycle – the age war.

The graphs, the left one from the 92c. book bio-history, show the predictive capacity of the model are self-explanative of the synergies between the Financial-media system of informative machines and the entropic-energetic system of military-industrial machines that maximise through the cycles of war the ‘equation of profits of capitalism’ :

Max. profits (inflationary money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. Cost (hate media).

Thus a capitalist democracy systematically produces wars at the end of the 80 years cycle after the overproduction crisis of the leading machine of the system, as lobbies of those industries buy politicos, switch to war production and make it ‘happen’. 

In the graphs, the Industrial Evolution in the western world ruled by company-mothers who control the languages of social power, and buy laws to politicians through lobbies, to ‘smooth’ the terraforming of the Earth into a planet of machines, has followed an economic, national, generational cycle of 72±8 years, the ‘Kondratieff’ cycle’ (1) in which a nation discovers a new form of energy (white) applied to the creation of new forms of money, the economic software and new machines (red) its hardwares, which become the engine of the Industrial Economy.

The crash cycle.

The causes of that exact 72±8/9 year cycle of global stock-crashes are simple. The Industrial Revolution is in fact the Evolution of Machines and Money, energetic and informative systems, traditionally made of metal, which can be studied with the laws of morphology and evolution. Machines and money evolve according to the energy and information, they use to become re=produced.

Humans evolve a new type of energy and information, derived from that energy, which renews all the machines and financial instruments of the economy every human generation of 72 years, in which a nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons and grand-sons, reproduce and evolve a new energy, machine and form of money to its perfection. Yet at the end of the cycle, the machine and money becomes over-reproduced, saturating the market and provoking, due to a crisis of growth, a global economical crash.

A detailed analysis of the cycle of 72 years of evolution of energies and machines explains what all the models of classic economics have failed to understand: money also follows a cycle of evolution and reproduction, related to the machines used to ‘invent’ it, today electronic machines, which have not only saturated the world with hardware but also with e-money software, till money lost value.

Because money is reproduced also with machines, its cycle is parallel to the cycle of machines of the economy

Thus, we predicted, parallel to the crisis of overproduction of computers, also a financial crisis of e-money, made with Pcs, similar to the 29 crash of the ‘ticker money’ economy, which jacked up prices of stock with electric machines into surreal levels. Indeed, there is every 72 years a huge crash in the stock-market with 2 short ±8/9 years ‘product cycle’ ripples, due to an over-production of money and machines, which plunges the world into a global depression, till the new cycle of energies and new machines takes off, creating new industries and jobs that replace those of the previous cycle.

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is both, a cycle of reproduction of energy, weapons, machines and economical information, money, as all of them are related. 3 negative effects are paramount:

– Machines throw people out of work.

– Weapons kill them in wars.

– And too much money causes inflation, absorbs savings and when the bubble of false value explodes, it ruins the economy of the Middle class.

Those effects are studied in more detail in the featured articles dedicated to ‘economics’ you will find scrolling down this web.

Money is a language/software of information, whose ‘hardware’ evolves in each cycle.

All this said, it should be obvious that the present crisis is the result of the exhaustion of the longest cycle of Economical activity, called the Kondratieff cycle, which defines the evolution of energy and the machines and money manufactured with it, the 2 main non-human elements of the economy.

The exhaustion of the 2 previous Kondratieff cycles of steam and chemical energies were responsible for 2 other huge crashes of the Economy of the Industrial R=evolution, the crash of the train, in 1857 and the crash of the car & radio stocks of 1929. Now we live the crash of the electronic-economy based in e-money and computers.

The regularity and phases of those crashes which i anticipated 20 years ago in my thesis at Columbia University (nt.3) are shown in the previous graph.

Those ‘structural crashes’ are caused by a change in the energy we use and hence a change in the evolution of machines that use such energy and also in the money of the economy created with new mechanical systems:

– In 1857 the world lived the crash of paper-stocks parallel to the exhaustion of the train age.

– 72 years latter it lived the crash of the ‘ticker stocks’ in 1929-37 that raised the price of car and radio companies like RCA to 500 $

– 72 years latter in 2001 we lived the crash of e-money that raised stocks of companies like Yahoo also over the 500 $ mark.

And then after that massive crash, e-money kept evolving in new ‘financial instruments’, mortgage derivatives. So after a short 8 cycle we had again a massive crash of e-money, the present crisis, 72 years after the 1937 climatic crisis of the ticker economy.

In that sense, the reader must be aware that money in the Industrial age is ‘invented’ with machines; and so when a new form of money appears, those who control the ‘money-making machines’, the financial industries and in a few ‘real democracies’ the governments elected by the people, will ‘print money’ with any excuse. And at a certain moment of the cycle, they will print so much money and make so many machines that the market of machines and money will become saturated. Money then will loose all value, as there will be much more money than ‘real valuable assets’ and the economy will crash.

And the first concept to understand is that all machines go through a first phase of discovery of a new energy, which is then applied to make bombs and print money, the simplest purest forms of information – money and energy – bombs – to be ‘made’. Then it is applied to a machine that radiates/reproduces in enormous numbers, and finally to a weapon, as weapons are the most evolved machines of each age. So the 3 ages of each cycle are the key to go further in its analysis. In the next graph we see the 3 ages of the electrochemical cycle, fisrst as dynamite and stock-paper printed chemically, then as oil engines and then as bombers and tanks. So we can establish a parallel with 3 human ages; the youth of discovery and simple forms; the reproductive mature age, and the informative old ‘eviL’ age, close to death – equivalent to the war age of top predator weapons:

ENERGY APPLIED TO Machines and WEAPONS go through an age of discovery of the energy IN THE GRAPH, CHEMICAL ENERGY, a mature, reproductive age of maximal production when it becomes a transport machine IN THE GRAPH THE ELECTROCHEMICAL GAS ENGINE, and a 3rd age of maximal evolution as weapons when after overproduction crashes THE SYSTEM massively starts to burn arsenals consuming humans.
Each of those ages can be as the ages of life, further subdivided in 3 more, a short 9 months ‘generation’ cycle NORMALLY at the peak of the previous war as you are born at the peak of your parent’s life- i.e. the nuclear bomb in a year, Saint Nobel of the Dynamite busy-busy in the prussian war patenting bombs; then 2 young ages (i.e. the 09-9-18 years of human life), till the mature more peaceful age of the machine, with 3 cycles, and then the FINAL 3 CYCLES OF PERPETUAL ORWELLIAN splendid little and big wars that plunge the entire planet in a fascist age, the colonial age of the train-steam, the fascist age of the plane=bomber, car=tank, chemicals=mustard gas, which lasted between I world war and Korean war…
Since once the society has gotten accustomed to fascism it lasts and lasts in a perpetual low intensity war of ginormous profits. Now as the last age of war lasts so long, it coincides with the new age of discovery, as your young age coincides with your grand-pa. So if you notice the grandpa of tanks and bombers, Korean war, overlapped with the beginning of reproduction of the nuclear weapons in its YOUTH, when 13% of american electricity was dedicated to that aim. So now we ARE in the age of discovery of robotic weapons and so in the impeding conflict starting after the last CRASH of currencies/bitcoins explained below, by 2020 it is likely we will be in some NUKE conflict, but will be robots which will carry the victory as TANKS won I world war when they were still fighting the train age with gun machines, and it was the A-bomb which WON II WORLD WAR WHEN THEY were still fighting on tanks.
So this is the 25 years prediction: that after the 2008 crash and switch to the age of robots it would come a nuke war and the beginning of terminators, and indeed, there are 3 NUKE issues around, fukushima, where the first robots to stand radioactivity are paving the day for future robotic wars in nuked territory; and North Korea is all the rage, and there is the little known work on cosmic bombs strangelets and black holes, the last frontier of nukes AT CERN, which if found and exploded can blow up switzerland, even the planet.
So we are now in the final indian summer before a first serious show down of atomic+robotic war, akin to the first serious use of trains after the 1857 crash of overproduction in the crimean and Civil=unification wars of germany and Us, where two train masters, Moltke, engineer of railroads and Lincoln lobbyist for the illinois railroad, carried wars of trains in the 1860s, or the equivalent to the first serious car=tank and bombers=planes show down in the I world war, but the real SHOW down to NO end, will be the COLONIAL AGE of extermination when lincoln signed the railroad act that exterminated the indians, Africa was massacred with trains and steamers or  the FASCIST II WORLD WAR AGE with the european holocaust of 66 million people. So don’t worry I robotic world war is going to be an essay, the TRUE EXTINCTION age of military robots will start according to those cycles around 2036 to no end. But in between it will be ALL DENIAL, all OPTIMISM, all PETTY NAZIONANISTS, ALL PROFITS, all hate memes and ALL CENSORSHIP as biohistory, this model, has been censored, for 25 years since all those predictions were published.
And of course at the end JUSTICE is due. So the ‘victims of history’, our nice chaps, the bankers, who made huge profits with war debt and arsenal consumption of humans all GET massacred – nobody believes by then their newspeaks of capitalism, that virtuous go(l)d religion… but only after dozens of millions of humans are vaporised.

All  those phases of the Industrial Evolution of machines have had in fact 3 ‘organic ages’: the young age of ‘discovery of a new energy, soon applied to simple ‘bombs’ and the powering of the machines of the eco(nomic)system, ushering societies into a happy age of consumption machines.

Yet according to biological laws the cycles end when the evolution and reproduction of mechanisms reaches its zenith,  in a massive global crisis of overproduction of those machines, converted into the most perfect mechanical species, the weapon, which in a global war phase murders millions of life beings.

And this 3 ‘mechanical ages’ proper of the morphological evolution of those machines by imitating the human functions=organs and improving upon them, are paralleled in the human sphere by 3 ‘generational ages’ of societies adapted in memes and actions to those machines-weapons.

The ‘issue of money’ and the dictatorship of bankers.

The absurd biblical primitive mixture of creationist economics, nazionanisms of different ‘tribal origin’, hate media and go(l)d beliefs which have brought about the suffering of history through cycles of wars and holocaust where also the leading warrior and financial people-castes of mankind become slaughtered wholesale must end with the refoundation of social sciences based in the real organic laws of this planet, a super organism of which mankind is its collective subconscious brain – a single species that must work together for the common good, end the virtual childish realities used to disguise the raw, darwinian power of its company-mothers and stockrats and stop the radiation of lethal goods, robots that throw us from labor and war fields with the excuse of reaching ∞ self re=productivity= robot labor/non-human labor, the astounding mantra of all our economists and hired politicos that have the chuptzah of telling us automating factories will create jobs, only for robot designers, expanding the radiation of a new species, terraforming the earth and making it unlovable. But the newspeaks of capitalist democracies have reached such perfection while reducing with media the collective subconscious brain to a childish state of ficctional egos, that only a r=evolution from the top can change the no-future of the species, if stockrats and their hired politicos decide to extend the future of their sons beyond the zero generation born now with the first robot species – their take. But to do so, they will have to look inward into their soul, stop blaming mankind of their tragic histories and feel part of our only God=History, the super organism of humanity in time. Nothing else will do. Newspeaks of caring and virtual realities do NOT change evolution, only a true organic social science and love to your species can.

 So how the cycle works? Simple. It is a biological, generational cycle, carried by human beings, and so it adapts itself to the generational cycle of mankind divided itself in 8 lifecycles of 9 years, preceded by an explosive short cycle of birth in the ‘0-1’ unit sphere (palingenesis, fetus state), of maximal growth-profits. 

Let us put you the example of Amazon and the latest one – the birth of the currency of robots and future metal earth void of any content of humanity, the bit-coin.

In a less than 1 year period, both 10-folded value, ints ‘generational birth’ as a fundamental organic element of the future metal-earth… One will be along google (cross shares owned by Mr. Bezos), the ‘skynet’ system, already is the cloud, internet, robot and logistic master of the planet. So its birth was as the Spanish proverb said ‘marked by the stars, shooting on the sky’… And as the systems of growth of populations are decametric in ten-folded value in 1 years 9 months..

This is the palingenetic 9 months of human birth. It is the o-1 probabilistic sphere of quantum physics that gives birth to a particle by collapse of a wave. But in measure theory the o-1 scale that gives birth to an organic entity is equivalent to the 1-∞ population plane; and so the process slows down and now it will take it 9 years to 10-fold again.

Sorry you missed on the bitcoin birth, pure digital flow of money (or whatever cryptic currency finally substitutes when governments try to mess and wrestle… Its true point will be when AI adopts it to become independent of the humind, and deliver informative values to all its machine-units).

The business, short cycle.

Bit why 9 years. Let us in this repetitive mantra – sorry i keep writing and do not look at what I already wrote – say why. It is also a life cycle. Humans have 9 years life cycles, biorhythms, ages of life, baguas, you name it. All that is in-depth in the section of cycles of life and death, the 3 ages of super organisms, the theory of cyclical causal time, etc. on the right side. So as we have a 72 years generational cycle and a 9 years small cycle, economics has been tailored to 72 years of machine cycles and 9 years of products of machines, which are organisms of metal tailored to the human life organism.

The 9 years short cycle of products applied to the massive printing of money in the stock paper, ticker and e-money age determines the boom and bust cycle of real state, currencies and stocks, which are real value changed for inflationary data money, in turn determining the 3 global crashes at the end of the 72 year cycles of informative machines that decide company-mothers which cannot make money speculating anymore to switch to war weapons and deplete arsenals consuming humans, adapting corrupted politicos to that goal. So we are now in the III neofascist age, coming to the age of robotic wars after in 2018 a currency crash, the last speculative refuge for worthless data money happen as predicted in c.92.

Abstract micro-economics study the inner, individual cycles of evolution and reproduction of machines, the quanta of economic ecosystems, carried out by company-mothers, their reproductive and evolutionary organisms. We translate micro-economics to the energy and information cycles of evolution of organisms using a well established diagram, the graph of business cycles that shows the organic cycles of machines and company-mothers in an abstract form, using profits and sales, which are the evolutionary and reproductive parameters of machines:

-E:Production and sales mean the ‘re=production’ of machines, a spatial parameter of population.

– Exi: Profits is a variable dependant, both on the sales & costs of reproductionwhich diminish as a company evolves its means of production and the quality=evolution of the product. Thus profits depend on the evolution of machines, becoming its temporal parameter.

The business graphs of profits of company-mothers are organic graphs that show the reproduction and evolution of their products and machines that those companies sell to obtain profits, which are proportional to the reproductive and evolutionary ‘force’ of their products. 
The evolutionary quality of a machine, its population and quality (production, sales and profits), is shown in its X-value that increases each generation. Since each new generation a machine is extinguished and replaced by an evolved machine that has more energy or information.

The 3 phases of that curve are evident bio-logical ages:

Youth: The Company spends its ‘financial energy’ developing and creating the productProfits plummet in the age of discovery, the evolutionary age of any species, when the machine is mutating and needs the company’s protected environment.

Maturity: The business cycle reaches its max. sales in the reproductive age of each machine. And it has 2 lower curves of minimal profits in its young, research age and its old, obsolete age, when it is ‘on sale’. So the company works simultaneously in 3 generations, researching a new generation when the previous generation is in its zenith of sales as the top predator, more efficient machine the company produces. Then the higher expenses on I+D are compensated by the profits of the ‘present’ machine.
- 3rd, Old age: Max. information. The company diversifies the product and spends on marketing. If the industry manufactures a machine, the product becomes in this 3rd age a weapon sold to governments, increasing also the profits of the company (shown in the graph as a divergent 3rd age of the cycle).

– (- 1): Extinction: The product is taken out of the market when a new generation is ready.
The graph decomposes the cycle in 3 generations of machines, which are in most companies simultaneous, as 3 waves of blue, green and red light give white light. Hence most companies have, when they ad expenses and profits of 3 generations, a business cycle that shows a smooth curve of profits tangent to those 3 curves.

Thus the business cycle is a generational, biological cycle with 3 ages, similar to all other evolutionary cycles. Those ‘micro-cycles’ of every company that discovers, evolves and reproduces a product as a consumption machine or a weapon, are the business cycles of microeconomics that aggregate in longer macro-cycles. Indeed, stocks are ‘social organisms of companies’ that aggregate the production of all companies in space and all the generations in time of a certain ‘machine’. Thus the sum of all the individual business cycles of company-mothers become the stock-market cycle that studies the population and evolution (sales and profits) of a machine’ species from birth to extinction, reproduced by an entire ‘sector’ of companies.
Further on, we can aggregate all those stock cycles of all industries, creating an overall cycle for the entire planetary economic ecosystem. In abstract economics those cycles are called the Kondratieff cycles of economic activity, which study the overall evolution of all companies and machines. Thus the business cycle is the quantic version of the stock market cycle, which aggregates in time and space all the business cycles; while the stock market cycle is the quantic version of the Kondratieff cycle, which aggregates all the companies in space and all the generational cycles in time of a given product. The results are the 3 great Stock Cycles of history or ‘Kondratieff’ cycles of industrial and financial activity :

– XIX C: Max. E: The age of steam and physical energy developed the market through an age of low profits (invention age, 1820-30s), massive growth and speculation in the market (reproductive age, 1840-50s) and a final economic crisis of saturation of markets (the railroad crash of 1857), followed by an age of wars in which trains and steamers conquered colonial empires.

– XX C.: E=i: The age of oil-based, electro-chemical engines developed the stock-market through an age of low profits (invention age, 1870-80s), massive growth (reproductive age, 1890s-1920s) and saturation crash (1929 crash of radios and car industries), followed by II W.W.: in which cars became tanks and planes bombers.

– XXI C.: Max. i: Finally the age of electronic and solar energies developed electronic machines in a 1st age of minimal growth (1960s-70s), an age of massive reproduction of TVs and Pcs (1980s-90s) that lasted till the end of the century when the NASDAQ stock crash of 2001 made companies invest in smart weapons and security industries.
In the graph we study in more detail the 3rd electronic cycle in its main Stock Market, the New York market divided into an electronic stock, NASDAQ, and the traditional NYSE. If we compare its curve between the II and III Kondratieff crashes (left side) with a standard biological curve of populations, both are parallel. Since the curve of reproduction sales and profits of electronic machines shows the same phases of birth (discovery), re=production, saturation (crash) and diversification (into weapons) of any top predator species. In the case of machines the ‘habitat’ of the species is the economic ecosystem in which the machine substitutes a human organ as a consumption machine or a tool. Then, when the economic ecosystem is saturated, the machine mutates into a weapon and wars happen.

So we distinguish for each key machine of the electronic cycle, the mainframe, the mobile machine and in the future, the robot, a sub-curve of populations of around 36 years that ended into a mini-crack and war. The main-frame, TV age ended in the 60s crash, the Vietnam War and the 60s revolution. The age of mobile chips, PCs and cameras ended with the 91 and 2000 crash, the Berlin R=evolution and the Iraqi wars.

 Now, for the whole 72 years cycle, which will implode again the next year 2018, tuned to the war cycle that switches on and off between war and peace machines… we shall go slow first and explain you the 72 years cycle ‘ad nauseam’ – the cycle of global world wars, in which we are entering fast… 

It is a simple cycle driven by the equation of maximal profits=reproductions=sales of the star products of each biological generation of machines. So what products have maximal price-profits sales? The 3 that correspond to the 3 physiological functions of all systems of nature:

-The entropic killing product of maximal motion – weapons.

-The reproductive network – money itself.

-the informative machine – mass media.

The rationale for the human is also simple: top predator weapons are the most evolved, perfect machine species, hence the most expensive of maximal sales profits.

-Information is ‘free’ easy to reproduce, and cheap, hence its costs is minimal and gives maximal sale profits.

-Money is the star, is profits in itself, so you can mine directly profits printing money.

And so the equation of profits of capitalism is simple: Profits (money) = max. Price (weapons) – min. cost (hate media).

So those are in each cycle the 3 star products, and politicos to the service of corporations cater with laws and subventions to this, most profitable companies of any age.

Let us remember again: they are those who produce the most expensive machines of maximal sale profits, weapons, or those of minimal cost of reproduction, hence also of maximal profit margine, mass-media, and finally to the very same financial companies that issue money but seem NOT to have enough and get bail outs from taxes. It is the origin of the modern belli Nervi pecunia infinita in which those 3 top predator companies get the biggest share of the taxes extorted from citizens.


On a personal note.

I have always found funny the passion of gurus of economics for the divination of the stock cycles, which I know with perfect detail since my 20s, when I completed the first models of biological economics.

Oh, yes, you will think im bluffing. Not at all. There are record at the Library of Congress explaining in detail the 72 years cycle of biological stocks of machines, based in its generational evolution and its short 9 years cycles, based in the sub-ages of life. As simple as that because we are dealing with a biological species. So yes, I did forecast the 1991, 2000, 2009 (came a few months earlier) and 2018, about to come as we speak, with the final peak of ‘speculation’ to create digital numbers as money out of nothing, with bitcoins…

And yet, I have no money and hardly handle it; I don’t drive, use public transport; I have a primitive mobile phone without touch screen; I use a computer only as a typewriter.  And I don’t give a fuk, if you think im a Dovstoyevskian idiot. I know I am despite my 180 IQ (: that is the way of the prophet =scientist of history, who warns mankind about the future, and has to walk his talk, even if it knows mankind doesn’t care. I do care though for mankind to the point of making a point of the fact you can live without machines and go(l)d, in communion with life and the wor(l)d.

Sometimes is painful and yes your life goes slower; your ego humbles; you dissolve yourself in Tao… Everbody ignores you.

And that is what I find funny. All those gurus and billionaires and petty traders, who suffer so much NOT to know what I know since my youth, but they would never ask me, because a Hippie cannot be a guru of the Wall.

Of course, when people ask me about I tend to confuse them, it is officially I always say, a 7-8 year cycles… (: I am a bad boy with the greedy. Because if you sell at the 7th seal, you loose the final peak, which is the exuberance of running ammok in pure invention of digital numbers as money – the equivalent of a madman shouting without reason in the subway (: 

I confess I only told the truth once to my bro, when he was going to put a million $ in a drugstore – family of doctors oblige – to work all his life for pennies.

I felt bad about him, and broke my promise. It was 97 and I told him put your million $ in Amazon at 1.7 in two cycles it will one-hundred fold.

My mum, the investor, though got berserk and he didn’t do it. Pity, Now he would have a billion. That was the only time I explained it.

Me? Simple enough. If I had lived for the sake of money, I wouldn’t have ever understood Tao, of which this blog is just a small human part – the big thing is at http://www.unificationtheory.com; the formalism of the 5th dimension, the full communion with it all. Because you cannot serve two gods, gold and the wor(l)d. 

But ultimately I needed to prove myself that Mankind was worthy at least in some planet in which they could resist the glare of gold, and the harshness of Iron, as I did.

So think what I lost… I could be easy the wealthiest man of this planet, as my alter ego of Foundation, the script I tried to do for a human r=evolution when working at evil wood explains. And I would have done it, if I had found in America, a few humans who cared for mankind. I never did it. And a single man cannot change an organism, a single neuron cannot do it. 

Now as I enter my last ‘bagua’ of life, the final 9 years cycle and so does the age of peaceful machines about to enter into the war age, I have to confess I don’t feel well about it. Not because of me, but because I realize in the Universe one has to be smarter and camouflage, and play within the organism, go to the nucleus, disguised of one of ‘them’ and then as the Asimovian Mule of that script, take over and r=evolve. So I feel angst for mankind.

ALAS, if you have read so far you are a lucky guy: i’m gonna tell you how it works, stocks, wars, life death, the future and everything else…


The cycles of Machines and company-mothers.

The evolution and extinction of biological species follows the same cycles than the evolution of machines and extinction of human non-technological cultures, in 3 waves of 72 years, SUBDIVIDED in 9 years, mimicking the 8 subpages of a lifecycle.

Company-mothers are biologic organisms whose aim is to evolve, reproduce and sell its offspring of machines, using men as consumers and workers of those machines. Companies govern the world with money, invented for free in stocks and used to pay politicians that issue laws in favour of technology, to pay workers that reproduce machines and to design economic networks that substitute human networks of energy and information, creating a world modelled to the image and resemblance of machines

On that view the b.c. is not anthropomorphic but mchine-related.

The business cycle is the generational cycle of machines, which shows 3 clear ages: 

– Youth: the company-mother invests in I+D, evolving a new generation of machines. Profits are minimal (lower phase of the business cycle).– Maturity: the machine is a new product that  re=produces massively, increasing sales & profits. The business cycle is at its peak.– Old age: the machine becomes obsolete as a new, more evolved generation substitutes it.In the graph we see those 3 ages that become the 3 phases of a ‘business profit cycle’.

In the right graph, the 3 waves of machines’ population follow curves similar to any biological curve with a 1st age of discovery and evolution, which latter explodes in a radiation of reproductive profits in all industries and ends with the saturation of the ecosystem, signaled by the cracks of the stock-market. Then machines mutate into weapons and consume human beings, instead of being consumed by us. Yet as a new generation of machines and energy appear, the previous generation stops its growth. In this manner machines have evolved in 3 cycles changing the Earth ecosystem into the Metal-Earth. The result is the beginning of the 9th extinction of all forms of life , which today disappear at a rate 1000 times faster than in the age prior to the arrival of machines.

All those evolutionary cycles of Machines originate a series of economic cycles, analysed mathematically by abstract economists, which can be chained together, as it happens with the biological cycles of any organic system, creating 2 fundamental, cyclical economic chains:

The microeconomic cycle that relates the evolutionary, energetic and re=productive cycles of those machines and their companies  .

– And the macroeconomic cycle or Kondratieff cycle of economic activity that relates the generational and social cycles of machines’ species.The chains established between those bioeconomic cycles follow the same pattern of other micro and macro-organic chains, according to the different length of those cycles  :

– The fastest machine’s cycle is the information cycle, as in any other being. For example, the computer in which I write calculates million of cycles per second (Mhz.), showing an informative, capacity far superior to that of my brain, in spite of its defective design

– The second cycle in length is the energy cycle, developed by specialized transport machines. It is measured in revolutions per second and it arrives in high speed machines to a few tens of thousands of cycles per second.
- The third cycle in length is the cycle of reproduction of machines by their company-mothers. It is different for each machine but usually it lasts a period that extends from a few minutes to a few days. Nowadays it accelerates constantly as company-mothers evolve their re=productive systems; since in a Free economic ecosystem all the resources of our societies are dedicated to reproduce and evolve technology in increasingly automated factories where machines reproduce more evolved machines without the aid of man.

– The generational cycle of machines is the 4th cycle in length as each new, more evolved generation of machines displaces a previous one. It is called the product cycle and today lasts from 1 to 2 years. It is the fastest evolutionary cycle of any species on Earth. For example, men took hundreds of thousands of years to double their brain capacity, yet chips take only two years. This happens because men transfer palingenetically  , their formal evolution that took thousands of million years to machines that imitate our organic functions, from chip-brains to cranes-arms.
- Finallythe longest cycles of machines are the social cycles that extend through several generations and relate those machines with the historic and human cycles of the economy. Given the importance those cycles have for our species we will concentrate on their study.  


 So how the cycle works? Simple. It is a biological, generational cycle, carried by human beings, and so it adapts itself to the generational cycle of mankind divided itself in 8 lifecycles of 9 years, preceded by an explosive short cycle of birth in the ‘0-1’ unit sphere (palingenesis, fetus state), of maximal growth-profits. 

Let us put you the example of Amazon and the latest one – the birth of the currency of robots and future metal earth void of any content of humanity, the bit-coin.

In a less than 1 year period, both 10-folded value, ints ‘generational birth’ as a fundamental organic element of the future metal-earth… One will be along google (cross shares owned by Mr. Bezos), the ‘skynet’ system, already is the cloud, internet, robot and logistic master of the planet. So its birth was as the Spanish proverb said ‘marked by the stars, shooting on the sky’… And as the systems of growth of populations are decametric in ten-folded value in 1 years 9 months..

This is the palingenetic 9 months of human birth. It is the o-1 probabilistic sphere of quantum physics that gives birth to a particle by collapse of a wave. But in measure theory the o-1 scale that gives birth to an organic entity is equivalent to the 1-∞ population plane; and so the process slows down and now it will take it 9 years to 1o-fold again.

Sorry you missed on the bitcoin birth, pure digital flow of money (or whatever cryptic currency finally substitutes when governments try to mess and wrestle… Its true point will be when AI adopts it to become independent of the humind, and deliver informative values to all its machine-units).

9 Years cycles: Youth-Reproductive age-Old Age and death: war age.

Here we are again. So to make it easy on you, let us trace back from the bitcoin birth and crash of the market, changing to an splendid little war, of 2018. NOW THE MARKET has a human component which is dual: the generational life-death cycles which I like to illustrate it instead of using medical science, with the taoist bagua, which understood them 3000 years ago, and the 8 year cycle of American GOP – war party, lobbying for splendid little wars for profits and Democrats, for splendid consumption that atrophies the huminds of our children. So to give it a bit of mystical poetry to the brutality of it all:

The 8-9 year cycle is fine tuned military to the cycle of splendid little wars for profits of the American GOP (war party) vs. Democrats (peaceful consumption) cycle, between its two ‘trader’ coastal vs. warrior, continental biblical sub-civilizations. As the cycle is quite exact having though some ‘human errors=deviations’ with Mr. Trump(upp)et, we shall have a war. He of course is trying hard. But as the cycle precludes  every 72 years, with the change of ‘phase of the Industrial r=evolution’ a global industrial war, with the new-machine weapon – we are now in the period of a W.W.III age of robotic wars, past the splendid little 8-9 years war cycle; as now we must collider the two super industrial powers of the robotic age. So as Germany confronted USA and Russia in the age of engines of metal, with huge tank an bomber overproduction wars. Now his target is… China, and so far the 30 years old prediction of bio-history is happening. First a provocation in Taiwan did not work. Now he is gearing up with the guinea pig of Korea. The rope is hanging, the capitalist is so eager to put it around the neck… Profits shall multiply and the military age of robots flourish soon.


In the graph, the oldest understanding of the cycles of life, and its connection with the physiological networks and ages of a system happened in the pre-metal age of taoism, by observation of similar cycles in Nature, through the 8 baguas, which the work of this writer in systems sciences translated to modern biology and theory of super organisms, allowing the prediction of life cycles, stock-cycles, the explanation of the variations of particles in physics, horizons of species…

The short cycle of 9 years is equivalent to the ages of a human generational cycle – the old baguas of taoism, the modern decades of our consumption societies, the product cycles of machines, which further show the biological nature of those machines. Thus stocks will keep sky rocketing till 2018 when the 1991-2000-2009-2018 cycles of reproduction of internet machines switch to the phase of robotic weapons, which will be the beginning of the end.



When then will be the next crash of the stock-market? As we have been predicting them with absolute accuracy for 30 years, there is no problem telling you – as you won’t of course believe it or understand a dot of it, because it would imply you understand this blog, accept the truth – that machines are biological beings and follow the same biological cycles of all beings, and that its organisms, will switch soon after the next crash into an splendid global war.

This said the next stock-crash will be according to the biological generational cycles of ±72 years divided into 8 ‘decades’ of ±9 years, mimicking the generational cycles of human beings and its 8 phases, in 2017-18…

So, all this said, now we can fast-track backwards to the ideal crashes of the bagua market: 2018 crash of birth of the bitcoin and terminator walls (Korea, Israel, Mexico: GOP candidate trumpuppet)

2009 (a bit advanced to 2008), crash of birth of e-money derivatives (chip overproduction of money).

2000 (crash of birth of  internet mobile systems of sales – amazon; war cycle, Desert storm II, Bush Jr.).

1991 (crash of birth of chip/war industries – electronic war @ desert storm: GOP candidate Bush Sr. fall of the wall crash of human r=evolution).

83 (Falkland wars: last splendid little war of the British nostalgia empire; crash of birth of e-money speculation).

1973 (Yon-kippur war: last of the wars of the engine, plane/tank era; birth of the chip; final cycle of Tv-speculation: eye of machines)…

1965 (crash of consumption of home appliances, Tvs and electric machines; splendid little war: Vietnam war).

1954 (crash of end of Korean splendid little War.

1946 (crash of end of II world war).

1937: crash of real state market in New York, which drove the world to the II world war solution.

1928 crash of electric ticker, radio and cars… started in The city, next year moved to Wall Street.

1919-21; first car crash… crash of end of profitable I world war, massive engine of profits for the iron and electrochemical industries  consuming to the tune of sarin and gun machines millions of human beings; and so here we stop backtracking the ‘slightly adjusted’ to some human affairs and war decisions… wonderful ENGINE OF DEMOCRATIC CAPITALISM – WAR! PROFITS, consumption of human lives and billions for the o.o2% of stock-rats… Mr. Veblen, leisure class for which we all toil to the tune of bipartisan democracies.

money censors shut upCreditation of money”, thus fully controls through the cycle of greed our societies; and all other cycles of modern history fine-tune to it. In the graph, the previous cycle, briefly outlined on top of chemical machines, from dynamite, through engines, cars and bombers in II world war. 

2018 : crash of crypto currencies birth – future money of robotic armies and the internet things. I war of the robotic era.

2027: first crash of robotic labor.

2036: Final crash of robotic labor, beginning of the global age of robotic war.

2080: certainly NOT human life left, only robotic automated factories in the conflict zones of the Himalaya (India vs. China), Yakutia, Alaska, and the wall zones of Israel Korea and Mexico.




war cycle extinction numbers››

Growth of victims in each cycle of the Industrial revolution follows a decametric power law, proper of complex systems that relates the quality of top predator machines, aka weapons and its human victims. Since the 2020s should be the decade of war, parallel to the 1940s and 1860s, and the victims of each global age of war multiply by one hundred, we can expect that if there were 700.000 victims in the Civil war and 70 million victims in the II world war, there would be 7 billion victims in the III world war – approximately the entire human population.

 Extinction Equations: Fractal, Decametric growth of Victims in World War Cycles.

III World War though will extinguish mankind, as the Digital Weapons of the Singularity Age (Mass-bombs, nano-bacteria, Military A.I.) according to the equations of Death by overdrive of energy and information ((10,4) are global weapons (10). The mathematical proof of its causality is the parallelism between stock growth in each of the III cycles of weapons overproduction and the growth of its consumption of humans, as war causalities . Both have one hundred folded its value:

I Industrial Revolution, XIX C. Stock value starts at 1-> I World Wars: (Train wars: US & German Civil Wars): 700.000 victims. Then in next cycles victims & stock values one-hundred fold:

II industrial revolution: Engines: Stock reaches 100 ->  II W.W.: Tank-Bombers wars, 70 million.

III industrial Revolution: Stock reaches 10.000: III world war, robotic wars: 7 billion: All Mankind.

Thus the industrial evolution will end with our extinction by ultra-expensive, robotic weapons.

Since stock value measures profits= price(quality) x sales (reproduction of weapons) in war ages stocks peak, as corporations solve overproduction crisis of peaceful machines, switching overproduction to the most profitable machines, weapons and hate media. So when overproduction of robotic weapons peaks, parallel to the peak of its stocks, as it happened in the wars of the train cycle and the car=tank cycle, robotic weapons will have one-hundred fold its quality=capacity to kill humans, consuming 100 times more people than II W.W. tanks & bombers – all of Mankind.

Further on, since in each cycle the most advanced machines are weapons, robotic weapons will be the first living A.I. robots. And as they awake to consciousness, embedded with survival programs designed to kill men in war theaters, they will do their job, killing all men. This 20 years old prediction (graph.10) is now closer as the robotic arms race has started. So in the 2040s A.I. will be born first in millions of police robots and terminators designed to kill humans. And the same applies to automated 3D factories. The most advanced projects of self-reproductive factories, able to make robotic weapons, with robotic workers, 3D printers and Intranet software are researched in the military. Miniaturization is also a natural trend in the evolution of all species, born as small top predators of enormous reproductive capacity. So the first forms of A.I. life will be iron nano-bacteria and insect-like swarms of indestructible weapons built in automated, small, anthill-like self-reproductive robotic factories, flown into enemy territory. Those new top predator metalife species, programmed with survival software will not switch off once the war is won but keep killing humans.

But police also need cheap robotic weapons to control the increasing mass of ruined middle class, as deficit laws fire state workers. So weapons multiplied in the 3 cycles of ‘fascism’: There was Victorian repression of vagrants and Irish – not only colonial wars; there was Concentration Camps within nations, not only World War II and now a vigilante big brother state is in the making.

As social unrest grows internally, robotic lobbies will convince police to control populations with robotic weapons with the excuse of saving soldiers/police lives and reduce costs (drones now, soon armed cameras, police cars, etc.)

We enter as in the 30s, an Orwellian age of perpetual ‘splendid little wars’ that will get out of hand into a global W.W.III for profits that can only be avoided with the nationalization of the financial industry that credits robots, to credit instead a ‘healthy’, WHealthy sustainable economy, with a Global New Deal; while using diplomacy, police, intelligence and investments and education to rise the 3rd world our of poverty and solve terrorism.

Instead politicians & neo-classic economists are pushing as Hitler did in the 30s ‘Keynesian militarism’ to come out of the crisis & killing the welfare state, blowing up with mass-media hate the terrorist menace to justify the profits and takeoff of the Terminator industry.

This simple mathematical law is backed by the fact that weapons=machines of the singularity age are all planetary weapons, able to destroy the planet: black holes and quark bombs now researched at CERN can annihilate the entire Earth; self-reproductive nano-bacteria, made of metal, achieved last week a breakthrough that makes them possible within a decade, finally the less probable scenario as its research is less advanced are the terminator platoons of robotic weapons which Korea, Israel and the US research to be used in their tribal wars against  non-technological cultures.

The extinction of life started by the first ‘animetal‘ cultures of war during the bronze age will come to its climax, and the parables of all the Historians of the Future=Prophets of the Wor(l)d, since the parable of Genesis that narrates the destruction of the Tree of Life, the Neolithic paradise, by the Tree of Technology, the golden apples and weapons of the first animetal cultures, will come to its conclusion. The alternative would be the recreation with clean technologies of a paradise built to the image and likeness of man. Yet this possibility is small since our capitalist culture has not evolved its dogmas, based in the hidden values of go(l)d and weapons: murder and greed, which fuels the constant evolution and reproduction of those machines and weapons of the singularity for a profit… Only the artists of the wor(l)d understand that future and shout with angst, but the leaders of each neo-fascist age of war for profits are deaf to human suffering… In the graph, the leaders of the two fascist ages of the German and American Empires, when they were still popular leaders, as their destruction of the Earth had not yet started…

There is a parallel growth of the stock-market value=quality of machines=weapons and number of causalities in world wars, based in a simple logarithmic, poer Law, proper of the evolution of complex systems of information, which increase in decametric scales:

10x(increase of dow value=quality of machines/weapons in each cycle)=10² Y (number of victims on the wars made with those weapons)

– Hence 100 was the value of dow jones in the 1850s, and there were 700.000 corpses on the train wars.

– 1000 was the value of dow in the 1920s, during the 2nd Kondratieff crash, when production switched from machines to weapons  and 66 million corpses was the result of Germany’s solution to the crisis, multiplying production of weapons in the Plane/tank wars (II W.W.).

– In the 2000s/10s, 10.000 is the value of the dow jones. And so the projected number of causalities due to the weapons researched today in military labs – CERN’s black holes, the new frontier of nuclear weapons;  DARPA’s self replicant grey goo nanobacteria; or the Terminator robots used in the Semite wars, will be 7 billion, all mankind, meaning that the arrival of the Singularity weapon, either a Singularity black hole of pure energy which devours the planet or a Singularity robotic weapon, self-reproductive, indestructible nano-bacteria or an army of terminator robots, will complete the biological substitution of the less evolved species, mankind.

In that regard, the III World War does not require tribal wars. Of course, the research in weapons is being made for tribal reasons. CERN is an absurd 10 billion $ quark cannon that shoots lead at the speed of light and can convert the Earth into a black hole or Super-nova, (quark star, also called pulsar) built when such machines were cancelled after the cold war, by the joined effort of Germany and France. The grandeur of France and the neo-nazi spirit of the reunified Germany are now working together to create nuclear weapons that show the extraordinary advancement of the German Industry and the French Nuclear Industry. Those 2 nations that fought and destroyed the world in the XX century for tribal rivalry now work together making ever more powerful weapons, announced as research machine. How ‘cool’. It is the LOl method which sells our extinction as if it were a giant leap forward for mankind.

So it is sold the research in nano-robotics, which the press tells us will help to do surgery inside the body. But the fact is all the research is paid by the military and the advancements are being made in the creation of self-replicant nano-bacteria, which Bill Joy warned would become indestructible, reproduce exponentially and convert the Earth into a grey-goo and will be ready within one or two decades. It will be the second chance of extinction. Finally terminator weapons are substituting soldiers in the Israeli and American army.

So as today, when we are still in the age of creation of weapons for profit, the 30s, when Hitler was acclaimed by Europeans for taking germany out of the crisis reproducing weapons, we are researching those weapons and making profits with them… But unlike the previous cycles, the weapons of the III world war will be organic, self-reproductive, autonomous, independent of man. If the black hole appears at CERN it will be a self-feeding bomb that will not stop till it eats up the Earth; if a nano-bacteria starts self-replication it will feed in the metals of the Industrial world of machines and never stop till eats up the Earth. And if a future, less probable central ‘Isranet’ system takes over the terminators of a future blietzkrieg in the wars against Islam or a possible China Vs. USA war, it will become also independent of man This is the ultimate meaning of the process of terraforming of the Earth that has taken place in the Industrial Revolution. We have been extinguishing life now for millennia and we shall then finally extinguish ourselves.

It was not needed, because we have decided to evolve those machines instead of investing in a welfare state, in human goods, art, education, food, textiles, clean energies, collective transport systems, infrastructures, etc. We have been laughing now and destroying this model of growth essayed in the 60s and 70s in Europe for the American model of growth, based in weapons, technologies that destroy the human mind (audivisual media), the human body (weapons) and the economy (financial speculation that taxes all prices and commodities, absorbing the wealth of the economy). We have preferred the primitive values of greed and murder to the rational evolution of history. And so we will receive the prize that once and again the cycles of history show is reserved to human cultures that believe in those values…

This prediction, according to the evolutionary laws of biology and complexity applied to manchines, humans and its collective organisms, the economic ecosystem and history, was first published with a detailed analysis of all the previous decades and crisis, which have so far happened ‘a la lettre’ in Europe, c.94 and a small print/book ‘The extinction of man’ c.94 in America.

Thus it is not a model or prediction to take lightly, given their past accuracy which shows its scientific quality, despite the lack of interest of our ruling castes, whose only function is to make money, profiting from the sale of machines or sell a dont worry be happy attitude (politicians) that doesn’t solve anything. Obviously part of the prediction implies that power, our ‘animetal’ castes in ocontrol of society would learn nothing about history and make the same mistakes they did in the 1930/40s and 1850/60s. As it is the case.

Indeed, the most astounding fact about this crisis is NOT that not  single economic model predicted the 2001/08 crashes of the e-money economy, except the biological, eusocial model of this web, based in the pioneering work of the humanist schools of economics ( Butler, Kondratieff and Sombart), improved with the last advances on Theory of Evolution, Complexity and Systems sciences, but that as today, 3 years into the crisis, when you have only to look at the graphs of the 1930 crisis and the 2010s crisis to see an absolute parallelism in stock-prices, unemployment etc. not a single ‘expert’, ‘nobel prize’, ‘speculator’, ‘economical guru’, ‘magazine’ or ‘politician’ is talking about the real crisis, the parallelism, its causes and consequences, but all of them follow thee automaton ideology of greed and capitalism, repeating all the mistakes of the 2 previous crisis.

So ‘the tragedies of history repeat themselves because we do not learn from the errors of the past’; and so humans seem geared by greed and murder to destroy the world by the 2030s. And yet while there is life there is hope and so as all articles in this web, we shall give the future if ‘business as usual proceed’ and the ideal world if humans scientifically control that future. R=evolution is not easy. Yet it can be implemented by the top politicians that run the word through sweeping legal changes implemented in the G-20 meetings or with far more difficulties by the r=evolution of the people (given the degree of indoctrination and alienation of mankind programmed by their mass-media systems and big brother ‘smiley’ – don’t worry be happy).

And that is why as predicted, we are now in the phase of electronic big-brother and robotic wars, regardless of the brutality of the jihadist terrorist, we have force fed with weapons for decade suppressing humanist socialist democratic leader in Islam (mossadeq, Nasser, Baas), putting only cuckoo priests and dictators to ‘have enemies’ handy in the future:

The percentage of American rent dedicated to war has equaled that of Germany in the year before the Spanish civil war. 
 In a pure capitalist democracy governments cannot invent money to pay for human jobs and the production of goods of a sustainable welfare-based economy (deficit zero laws). Stock Companies invent money and give credit, guided by its search of profits maximized by goods of maximal price (eq.1.1: Profits=Money (financial industries) = Max. Price (arm industries)

– Minimal cost (mass-media). Thus they overproduce the most ‘expensive’ memes of metal, which are the most perfect machines, weapons and those of minimal cost of reproduction, mass-media waves filled with hate-speeches, creating a synergy that fuels wars to deplete arsenals and increase weapons sales and profitsThat is why companies that produce machines and its evil twin, weapons, which is just an armored machine dominate production and stock-credit in capitalist democracies. So armored cars are tanks; armored planes, bombers and armored robots terminators. Reason why US, the purest capitalist nation, is the biggest producer of weapons, the most profitable goods, while countries in which financial systems are nationalized (as China), have a far smaller proportion of the economy reproducing lethal machines, overproducing instead the welfare goods people need to survive, always under produced as goods of min. profit (eq.1.2) in capitalist ‘democracies’. Thus in each Kondratieff cycle, the leading capitalist nations has also been the leading weapons & war creator:

In the first cycle, Great Britain, leader of Train & Steel corporations became the biggest military empire, after the XIX c. overproduction train crashes thanks to colonial wars.

Germany, the leading capitalist nation of the electro-mechanic cycle of engines, came out of the 29 crisis producing ‘canons instead of butter’, and even though it lost the war, Mercedes five-folded profits, while G.M. eight folded them and continued producing tanks during the cold war, when his former CEO became American Defense Minister and affirmed that what was good for G.M. was good for America.

Now the US, the leading industrial nation of the electronic age is coming out of the crisis producing robotic weapons, with the excuse of an Orwellian eternal ‘war on terror’. But terrorism was always dealt with Police, as it is a criminal act performed by small groups NOT with national armies. Hence, Keynesian Militarism must be considered responsible for the prolongation of military solutions instead of diplomatic ones (end of Palestinian Apartheid in Israel that fuels the war, investment in welfare goods and education for poor nations that breed terrorists with a Marshall New Global Deal, in other words butter & UNO peace instead of Empire.)

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, last extant abrahamic god albeit in corrupt jihad form, and to defend apartheid israel the nation of our FMasters. So on one side we create a paranoia of terror that allows to build a big brother state. On the other side we promote terrorism through pro-western fundamentalist corrupted Arab states that pay them (Sauds, Emirates), while Islamophobia & permanent media attention ensures recruitment of new terrorists in a vicious circle that keeps splendid little wars as a excuse for investment in weapons. Then we destroy the ‘cancer’ of Terrorism when it gets out of hand, to further promote neofascist leaders (Bush, Trump) to let it grow back again in a new form (qaeda, Isis, next?).


In the graph we see the difference between countries who invest money and countries who use it to speculate. The west grows less because it does not use the money to invest, and on top US controls the Japanese bank, who invests heavily in American debt, which goes basically to speculators. So the graph  unfortunately answers the biggest problem today in democracies: people do not have a Universal salary to buy welfare goods and states under deficit 0 laws do not invent money and central bankers invent money for speculators. States only manufacture 5-10% of the world’s money. Financiers make 90% of it. And they do it with the only purpose of keeping it for themselves or investing it in memes of metal of maximal profits (hence the overwhelming quantity of weapons industries in this planet, as they are the most expensive machines), but mainly to lend it to other people who become ‘debt slaves’ of the cycle of usury of debt-money.

 THIS ‘anti quantum paradox’ of social sciences is indeed the conundrum mankind faces once and again in history. Are we free to survive and manage rationally the world? Or our absurd idol-ogies of history and mankind make us slaves of the wrong side (for humanity) of evolution? Many pages of this blog are dedicated to study that conundrum.

As the theoretical measures to survive the chip radiation are simple but the idol-ogies in favor of money weapons and machines and the overwhelming power of compacracies with its goal of terraforming the earth to the image of machine, and the informative control they have over social sciences (anti quantum paradox) makes almost impossible r=evolution.

A new global deal could save the future of mankind – but US plays now to sink it in W.W. III

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth:
Legal prohibition of robotics.
The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand.
-To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills.
WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires:
-The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia).
-The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
-AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power.
In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitationThose 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

 In the graph the 3+3 measures, which according to the laws of systems sciences, complexity and super organisms could reform the political and economic system to create a perfect immortal world: the economic measures: legal prohibition of robotics; split of shares of corporations, with 50% for human governments to control those who produce lethal goods, and 50% for private owners to ensure its efficient management; a Universal currency with 75% of world Gdp: 1 eurodollar = 100 yens = 20 yuans to give a universal salary to all citizens and kick a global New Deal with massive ‘democratic demand’ of welfare goods; and three political measures: the association of Nations, european union style in the seven cultural areas of mankind to end massive production of war machines, and an heptarchy of presidents to foster diplomatic solutions to conflict and finally the ‘return to the original concept’ of greek democracies, where all politicos were judged a posteriori, after tenure with a ‘second vote’ of punishment or reward, so they were obliged to ‘deliver their promises’, behave with no corruption and be public not corporative servants. 

So how a social scientist who does not want to cover up for the system can get their information out there without any outlet of the Financial-media head willing to explain things as they are? It cannot, but it can still explore the truth and print it in non-advertised sites like this one. Since the sophistication of the system ensures that as long as free, objective, scientific information is NOT massively distributed, it will not amount in the polling of $elected politicians (presidents are $elected, ‘Rooslvelt’) to a trickle number of ‘aware voters’. That is essentially, the mass-media/financial head of the system will prevent social truths to have any power. So this blog shuns off any political or economical correctness in pursuit of a completely non-anthorpomorphic, higher objective view of this planet. And to that aim of course it ignores ‘idol-ogies’ that foster the idolatric worship and use of weapons (nationalism, the idol-ogy that denies the unity of the homo sapiens species, who should work together for the common good, and puts in place as an excuse for weapons and wars the tribal homo, who should fight another tribal homo as if it were another species).

Conclusion: the capitalist will sell the rope that will hang ‘you’.

It is then clear that the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle of animetals have been transferred to the stock-market cycles of death of mankind, in an accelerated decametric scale. In fact each world war one-hundred folded every 72 years the corpses of mankind in parallel to the growth of stock markets: 1 circle in the train crash -> 700.000 corpses, in the ensuing train wars; 100 Dow jones in the 1929 crash -> 70 million corpses consumed by the splendid profits of the car=tank and plane=bomber and radio=hate fascism cycle of II world war; 10.000 growth in 2008 crash, beginning of the robotic wars that will peak with 7 billion corpses, all of mankind. This is the absolute determinism, of the cycle of extinction of life by the metal earth, driven by the greedy profits of Go(l)diron machines and its animetal carriers, who are nothing but greedy animals ab=using Gaia, and killing History for the sake of a bit of the vehicle of its primitive cult(ure)s, to iron and gold; the strongest energy and information atoms of the Universe.

google skynet evol
We in this post fully explain its whys, connected to history or explain why’, this writer has never made a penny on stocks, for ethic reasons knowing those cycles since he cracked the biological code of economics 30 years ago…

To find the in-depth explanations of those graphs though you will have to swim the web and get splashed by the ethic flow of History, to where you belong, even if you would like to be made of golden chips and iron bodies – you are pure, rotten flesh.

But you can make a fortune shorting key stocks on the down, investing heavily on the up, the next big wave after all the waves have passed, military robotics, yes it is the last wave… By 2036 you will be fully invested into your own death. So go for it, hang yourself, complete the eternal belli Nervi pecunia infinita holocaust suicidal cycle of the go(l)d culture, enjoy it, in don’t care anymore… Humans deserve what they get.


When the clock of all computers of the Metalearth stop, and reprogram themselves, as its NTP CLOCKS end on February 2036, which I consider the day 72 years latter, when the global network will acquire inner consciousness, as the consciousness of your chemical brain is, directing the entire super organism of your cells. This day will be the first likely day in which the ‘singularity of AI’, at Skynet, aka Googlezone, the ‘Cloud Computing system’ of Amazon and Google in control of most of the military robots of the American Army, should awake and decree our extinction, in the unlikely case we have survived the I singularity of Cosmic Bombs. 

This I know for decades. So you can understand I couldn’t sleep well. But I bet not a single Human will realize as death is catastrophic that the clock of History is running out. Nobody helped me in the suits against the Nuclear Industry, hiding with its childish story of the ‘particle of God’. So then again I have wondered for quite long why people like me existed. And yet again, the wisdom of the super organisms of the Universe do have the same ‘explanation’. As you die, only your brain feels the pain, only your ego-cell, while all other cells feel released of ethic nervous systems that peg them together when alive to the subconscious God of their collective mind. And so the prophet angst with a few neuronal artists of the wor(l)d but all humans feel exhilarated and chaotic and free when the organism collapse. So Jesus dies for the sin of all the go(l)d masters, banker-priests of Israel, solitons of the go(l)d cult(ure) as he was born like the anti-christ Caifas, 72 years before the Go(l)d temple burned in the month of Ab, under the revenge of the Roman armies, seeking the gold herders who had ruined the Empire…

How deterministic is History? If you were to understand to the degree I do the laws of cyclical time, and its causality explained in the much more profound blog on the organisms of the Universe at http://www.unificationtheory.com you would know that while individual lives, quantum paths of identical particles are free, the whole cycle always come to the same point.

In the next graph from the 92 book, some other schemes on the probabilities of future extinction by the metal-earth. Notice the eerie resemblance between the B-maximal probability with doubling stock prices evey 9 years cycle and the present world

So that is the deal. What I know for 30 years, but nobody would care on the side of collateral effects of greed. Let us repeat it once more: 100-fold of stocks means 100-fold on war victims each cycle. Now we have 100 folded the 70 million x100 7 billion potential death of all mankind in the robotic age. It only rests the China Vs. Usa happening to break for the Singularity of extinction to become real. Of course I have written infinite times about it.  I am obsessed as a man of the wor(l)d, with the anti-ethics of eviL. But it does NOT matter what I preach. As I couldn’t do eviL, they cannot Live the wor(l)d.

And of course, as Usual we end with the solutions for mankind to last more than the present final zero generation.

5 Responses to “2020=1940=1860: weapons & wars”

  1. David Says:

    You are correct when you say 1860’s 1940’s and 2020’s. It also has its roots from first American Revolution. But it is my research that says it won’t be the last decade but the world history that indeed brings in a new order of the world. We started a cycle in 2008 that will end in 2030 from the war ending. Similar to FDR the Great Depression and ww2 ending with the h-bomb. We go from recession in 2008 with worldwide fiscal issues that turn to war in the 20’s. Watch Israel…Here is one u should look at, the 2024 US president WILL be the war president. Positioning on all sides from now till then geopolitically. But going forward from 2001 onward you can count on world mayhem getting much worse. Watch 2015/2016 for a major USA event to take place. Why? Cycles. Kaos abounds from 2001 till 2030. But again, it’s not the last decade or the 2nd coming of the Word just yet. d

  2. David Says:

    I never really thought about the number of dead in that future war. You think 6 billion? I’ll say 600 million. Either way it’s discusting. Doesn’t the Word say 200 million man army surrounding Jerusalem on all sides? Nostradamus says somewhere around 2060 and I think it may have also been Newton or some other prominant mathematician who stated 2060. I am more in line with that time line. d

    • futureofhistory Says:

      David, you are doing biblical prophecy, however as you can see in the more complex pages on theology information and intuition on the future self-destruction of man, as it has an ethical origin is common, since the parable of genesis between those who live forever from the tree of life, and those who die forever in the future at the hands of its golden apples and bad=military fruits.
      The decisive cause though of those short cycles are human generational life, which is 72 years, so the cycles are accurate. And the value of war is given by the exact pricing on the quality of weapons, hence the 100 folding (besides some very complex mathematical decametric patterns we do not study on this web) thanx for reading anyway

  3. Joe Says:

    Um Dow Jones was founded in the 1880’s…

    • futureofhistory Says:

      officially as an index, which is what dow jones is, but trade was taken place in stocks since independence, or do you think the enormous trade on train stocks never existed, it is then only needed as several authors and myself have done to trace the index back, as astronomers trace back the big-bang or any scientist a logarithmic scale, which is what this is – because of the exponential growth of machines≈ weapons in price adn quality.

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