We have on our method of trying to slightly change words to match the biological nature of all things himan and mechanical, introduced two words to refer to the political and economical, brain body networks of the human super organisms of history, PPolitics as it read peoplelitics, politics for people, and ethonomics, as it means economics with an ethic, human survival biological goal (we have already shown and put a darwin’s quote that the true strength in evolution is eusocial love).

 In that regard we have easily proved the 3 first elements of the scientific method regarding social sciences in this brief introduction;
A; C) The astounding evidence of the repetition in modern history of the cycles of evolution of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, which in its
B) Overeproduction age, produce quite obvious biological consequences on life in this planet (atrophy, displacement and killing of life and labor).
So it is only needed to consider D), at least at the ideal level, since all sciences do start with an ideal model without ‘friction’ (ideal gases, ideal Newtonian gravitation) and then the limits of the praxis reduces those goals by friction.
So what would be needed at theoretical level to restore mankind (which is, goes without saying NOT the o.o% of stock-rats, owners of corporations for whom the rest of us toil, but the 99.9%) as the top predator species of this planet?
Since a super organism has 2 networks of energy and information (blood-economic and nervous-political systems) that run the entire super organism, obviously we need to reform those 2 networks, taking as a model the efficient, democratic, survival super organisms of the Universe, where all its cells do feed on oxygen-money, do have whealth, healthy wealth and poisonous goods are not produced and destroyed. Where the informative neuronal -castes of society serve the people-body cells or else they are a posteriori punished with pain messages if they do wrong; where ultimately Nature allows all the system to thrive both at collective and individual level:

So those are the basic laws of the organic fractal Universe, which can so easily apply to construct perfect superoganisms of history if humans man up ethically and intellectually to the task of survival. Let us then elaborate a bit more on the way an efficient super organism of history and its two networks should be constructed.


We  proved the 3 first elements of the scientific method regarding social sciences in this brief introduction;
A; C) The astounding evidence of the repetition in modern history of the cycles of evolution of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, which in its
B) Overeproduction age, produce quite obvious biological consequences on life in this planet (atrophy, displacement and killing of life and labor).
So it is only needed to consider D), at least at the ideal level, since all sciences do start with an ideal model without ‘friction’ (ideal gases, ideal Newtonian gravitation) and then the limits of the praxis reduces those goals by friction.
So what would be needed at theoretical level to restore mankind (which is, goes without saying NOT the o.o% of stock-rats, owners of corporations for whom the rest of us toil, but the 99.9%) as the top predator species of this planet?
Since a super organism has 2 networks of energy and information (blood-economic and nervous-political systems) that run the entire super organism, obviously we need to reform those 2 networks, taking as a model the efficient, democratic, survival super organisms of the Universe, where all its cells do feed on oxygen-money, do have whealth, healthy wealth and poisonous goods are not produced and destroyed. Where the informative neuronal -castes of society serve the people-body cells or else they are a posteriori punished with pain messages if they do wrong; where ultimately Nature allows all the system to thrive both at collective and individual level:

A Whealthy, Democratic, Demand-Based Superorganism of Mankind.



Let us in this introduction, as we have focused on the economic ecosystem, introduce the basic tenants of ethonomics, which should substitute classic creationist economics in the guidance and design of the economic ecosystem.

But what goods humans need to survive, thrive and evolve?

It is far easier to know that people think. Since biologists have figure out long ago that all living beings are entities which have the so-called drives of existence, which are HENCE THE NATURAL GOALS OF ALL SYSTEMS OF LIFE (which incidentally in systems sciences and the organic paradigm we have found are common also to mechanical corporations, and all atomic systems):

  • Living Systems and all systems in general need first ‘energy’ to feed their body and move their limbs – FOOD.
  • They need rightful information for their mind in a language they understand, in man VERBAL INFORMATION, ETHIC LAWS, AND VISUAL, ARTISTIC GOODS, FIRST and then secondarily mathematical, digital knowledge of other sciences of lesser importance than THE SCIENCE SOF HUMAN BEINGS, HISTORY AND BIOLOGY (whose main theory evolution is also verbal).
  • BESIDES those 2 ‘primary needs’, energy for body/limbs and information for minds, through the rightful verbal information and ethic values, humans then develop what biologists call, secondary needs, SOCIAL REPRODUCTION AND SOCIAL LOVE, BASED IN COMMON CUSTOMS AND VALUES EXPRESSED IN VERBAL ETHIC THOUGHT AND the goods related to family values, health care, housing, social activities, peace and so on

So WE CAN ESTABLISH a simple frame of reference with those 3 vectors or drives of existence, the primary vectors, healthy energy and information in the x-y coordinates, and its combination into goods that foster social reproduction at family and communal level in the z-graph. And so we can ESTABLISH AS ALL SCIENCES DO A GRAPH OF POSITIVE VALUES (goods that foster those 3 drives of existence) and negative values (goods that destroy those drives), WHICH NOT SURPRISINGLY MIMIC the values of the Universal grammar of words. As then, weapon systems that kill the human body obviously have negative values in the opposite side of food, health care and housing that ensures the survival of the human being.

Hence negative goods do rest to the real WHealth of a nation, making military dictatorships and war ages, WHEN metal-gdp reaches its maximal,  yet ALL PEOPLE DIE, what should be obvious for ‘thinking people’, NOT THE WEALTHIEST STATE OF A CAPITALIST SOCIETY but the POOREST STATE OF A HUMANIST WORLD.

Indeed, in present GDP the day of human extinction, when the world will be awashed with robotic weapons will be the day of maximal gdp wealth. In real human value, of course, it would be the day humans are poorer as all will be negative predatory goods that rest to human GDP

ETHONOMICS: values of goods according to its utility for evolution of individual and collective human.

To fully grasp the difference BETWEEN HUMAN ETHONOMICS AND CREATIONIST ECONOMICS, we have to bring the main tool of a bio-economist, the ethonomic frame of reference, which shows the 3 fundamental drives of life, reproduction, true information and human energy, that is, welfare goods. So all humanist sciences and humanist religions will foster the goods of the welfare state that make us evolve and survive, and should be in a perfect world multiplied, according to the ‘Human constitution: max. Human Wealth = Min. Lethal goods:

 In the graph the biological frame of reference of WHealth. In the perfect world it guides the decision of economic corporations, which split 1 to 1 shares given to governments to reinforce and guide the production of the bio-economical frame of reference. The only solution to the existential crisis that mankind will face during the 4th wave of machines, the singularity age of robots and extinctive weapons that will make us an obsolete species in war and labor fields is to change the ideology and myths of capitalism=mechanism for a rational, science of history and economics that aims to create a sustainable world made to the image and likeness of mankind, not of the machine, according to the organic laws of social systems and the natural drives of human existence,

And to that aim money must be printed by human beings, and in a lesser degree by governments and corporations that re=produce WHealthy goods, healthy wealth, based in the natural, biological needs of man.

AND SO AN international currency at fixed parity, 1 euro=1 dollar = 100 yens = 5 yuans (to raise the Chinese economy to its real value, and ease the calculation of yes money) with printed currencies in the form of a Universal 1000 ¥€$ money salary to all inhabitants of the Earth should be created to credit a demand economy of welfare, goods, which will be overwhelmingly chosen by people, instead of the mechanical world created by the issue of money in monopoly by company-mothers of machines.

INDEED, YES MONEY IS JUSTIFIED AS A UNIVERSAL SALARY BECAUSE IT WOULD BE ABSURD THAT TO GET THIS HEALTHY WEALTH THE STATE WOULD BUY YOU YOUR FOOD, YOUR BOOKS, YOUR TICKETS TO GO WITH YOUR GIRL-FRIEND. SO ONLY YES MONEY AND A 50-50 split of power in corporations to oblige them to produce welfare good yes money would demand can make possible a truly efficient ethonomical network of human, life goods, to make people thrive.

In the graph, the scientific analysis or frame of reference of the human constitution – what we call also the Postulate of Democracy, as its fundamental measure is a yes money or universal salary equal to all humans –  has the advance over previous legal constitutions of being ‘global’, ‘mathematical’, hence measurable through the tools of biological economics, and its ‘frame of reference’, which values goods according to its ‘value for human beings’, by introducing ‘positive and negative prices’ as all scientific frames of reference do.

So all human constitutions, ethic laws and human nations who want to survive should enshrine the Constitution of History, in biological terms, by considering a simple ‘biological equation of it’:

Max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal goods = WHealthy Constitution of the organism history

It is a simple equation. A perfect world will be one ‘whealthy’, with healthy wealth, where the lethal goods that degrade man are not produced; only those who make us better, and help us to survive (human goods).

BECAUSE OUR PRESENT world is NOT human but MECHANICAL, nobody cares for such constitution, akin to the 3 parameters of IHD, Sen’s measure of human development. Instead ‘economic’ GDP calculates wealth and progress in terms of mechanical values and prices.

In that regard, of the 6 measures for the survival of Mankind, the political measure which matters most to humanity is the RESTART OF THEIR SOCIAL EVOLUTION AS A SPECIES, WHICH WAS HALTED WITH THE END OF THE 1920S R=EVOLUTIONARY PERIOD, with the arrival of mass-media and its hate messages that first brought fascism (radio-hate, whose effects became again crystal clear when Rwandan Radio masterminded a genocide recently), and then neo-fascism (hate audiovisual media, with Fox leading the pack).

So TO UNDERSTAND THE MASSIVE REGRESSION OF CULTURES BACK TO THEIR REVIVALIST, MOST PRIMITIVE PAST MEMES, it is absolute necessary to distinguish between positive social memes, those who improve and increase the evolution of mankind, signified by the rational social scientist and global religions of eusocial love in the past, or the Chinese understanding of society as an organism, which through millennia have improved humanity, and those who do belong to the world of mechanisms, and foster its evolution, disguising as Humanist memes of which the 4 aforementioned idol-ogies are paramount (mechanism, abrahamic religions, capitalism and nationalism).

And yet perhaps the most clear proof that humanity is entering and age of decadence and extinction is the fact that those 3 idol-ogies plague today all human discourses, where people are told to ‘believe as slave, not to reason as evolved human beings’, to compete against other humans not to share their energy and information through eusocial memes of love – facts those which only happen in primitive ecosystems or dying super organisms, where the informative, ethic, nervous languages that put together and synchronize the actions of cells, is dying.

The reader should understand in that sense that all the cultures of humanism, based in verbal wor(l)ds, at least in the purest expression of the prophet mind before corruption by military inquisitions and go(l)d churches, even among those hardened animetals (semitic jewish and arab gold and iron warriors), as in the case of the texts of Moses and Mohammed, in its original versions have naturally preached social love to create healthy super organisms of history, poverty, and rejected iron and gold values, because they are natural to the laws of systems sciences and the evolution of species into social super organisms.
Any of those cultures did have therefore a life age of perfect social harmony when prophets and priests, legal, ethic political constitutions and democratic systems ruled.
Yet all became corrupted or annihilated by gold bankers and warriors, mostly of the ‘specialised’ animetal semitic and indo-european white cultures.

Let us then close this introduction, in which we have considered A, B and C, with D, the outline of the democratic, demand based solutions, to create a perfect world and reverse the equation of Economics into the goal of History, which we call the Constitution of History, a Legal and Economic system that maximizes the healthy wealth, or WHealth of the human kind, according to the laws of systems and super organisms:

Max. Human Welfare biological Goods: Max. H(g) x Min. Lethal, Metal Goods (Min. L(g)). = Constitution of History

Again, we have described here the paradox of history now in terms of the ‘program of survival of species, and the goods that each species should creditate.
So what humanity is doing with the present GDP statistics which are measured in terms of mechanical production is to create the will and drives of existence of machines, its energy and information. And then because we think machine’s growth is wealth, we feel happy as we become more impoverished
Instead, gap must be measured IN TERMS OF HUMAN GOODS PRODUCTION OF THE INDEX OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, proposed by one of the few non-Am Segullah economic nobel prizes, Sen from Bengal – hence able to think in terms of the goods and wealthy healthy wealth of the 99%.
The previous ethonomic graph of positive and negative human wealth merely advances a step further the concepts of Sen, and shows that indeed THE ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT IS A QUESTION OF IDOL-OGY OF THE CULTURE THAT RUNS THE ECONOMY AND CARES NOTHING FOR HUMAN WEALTH, FOR THE PRODUCTION OF WHAT THE 99% OF NON-$ELECTED PEOPLE NEEDS. BUT ONLY TO GROW ITS FETISH GO(L)D ACCOUNTS.

The biological drives of machines.

There is obviously an entire section in this web to study with biological laws the growth of the economic ecosystem.
It is a process driven by humans enzymen, but its purpose is purely mechanical: to foster the evolution and drives of life of machines, based in a simple myth – we, humans live better not as humans fulfilling our drives of existence, bu as beings making machines more alive. So myth goes on saying that humans improve themselves as human beings through acts of work and consumption of machines, without analysing what those actions entitle. It denies the fact that humans that work=reproduce machines, weapons and money and consume its energy and information, substitute their biological drives by the biological drives of those machines, reproducing them and adapting our world to their needs of energy and information.
This adaptation causes an excess of machine’s energy/information and a parallel scarcity of human energy/information, to the extent that for example, today the price of basic food has gone up and so it has the number of hungry people in the world that recently crossed the billion barrier, because machines now consume our ‘crops’, converted into ethanol for their hearts/engines. Such biological aberration was born with the memetic repressions of animetal cultures and today it has been transferred to the economic ecosystem.
So we no longer live to fulfil the 4 biological drives of life, our desire of food=energy, verbal information, human reproduction and social evolution, but to fulfil the drives of machines—the creation of mathematical information, more apt to those machines; the creation of machines’ energy, instead of human energy; the reproduction of machines, which is parallel in the I World to a childless society—as women now ‘reproduce=work’ with machines, instead of reproducing children. So we think we are free when in fact we exercise the biological drives of machines. And this mirage of freedom happens because we live through the sensations of those machines, no longer through our bodies and minds’ sensations. Webecome animetals that hardly remember the natural ‘free’ condition of a human being.
As we no longer behave as human beings do, but become an attachment to the machines we need to experience our repressed drives: Today men feed on machine-made pornography instead of sex; they don’t trust words, the language of human truths, but the numbers and images of machines. And women substitute their biological drive of reproduction for a job in a company-mother, re= producer of machines. Indeed, one of the most cherished myths of the ‘Free Market’ says that humanity becomes free and progresses when it works, which basically means when it reproduces machines. This myth reminds me of the Auschwitz gate that says: ‘Work will make you free’.
Men and companies are two different species, with different goals, both in the short and in the long term. Short-term differences are obvious. Companies want to increase their benefits by increasing their sales, measured in prices, which means they want to reproduce more machines and weapons—the most expensive products of the market.
Men, on the other hand, want to increase their happiness and biological welfare, by increasing their information and their body and mental energy and by reproducing their family and enjoying their social life—reasons why they wish to have more life-enhancing Human Goods that foster those activities, among which human labor is the more important that gives access to all the others.
Such difference between the goods produced by companies and the goods wanted by citizens means that in free societies we will find abundance of products positive for our development as human beings: truthful information within the reach of all citizens, food, housing, art, hospitals, collective means of transport and abundant labor in those areas. However, in free markets we will observe, thanks to the monopoly of monetary invention by companies, a massive investment in the evolution and reproduction of the most expensive machines and weapons that give greater benefits to those companies and are performed by machines, with minimal human labor.
Nevertheless, not all those machines are compatible with human beings, since both species are different, made with different materials (metal in the case of machines and carbon life in the case of men) and often incompatible.
This is the reason why since corporations dominate our ecosystem, the excessive reproduction and use of harmful machines have caused ecological and humanitarian disasters difficult to control, like oil spills and wars, while life-enhancing human goods, fromhousing,tohealthcare,toeducationandart, are scarce in our present global world—since they use a lot of human manual labor and have lower prices than weapons and complex machines.
Inversely, in classic social democracies, where men were free to pursue their happiness and welfare, the production and consumption of human goods are stimulated by all kinds of methods, precisely for the two reasons that make companies reject those life-enhancing goods: they create more employment per unit of capital, as they require human labor (robots cannot teach kids and cure sick people yet), and they are basic goods people need in big quantities to survive every day, whose ‘metal affinity’ is low. Hence human goods have cheaper prices and give fewer benefits. For that reason free markets systematically promote machines, weapons and wars.

It seems clear that if the last phase of the industrial r=evolution is not properly managed with the increasingly sophisticated understanding of the laws of super organisms and ecosystems of nature, mankind would suffer increasingly the consequences of competition, obsolescence and atrophy proper of the confrontation of two different species, with a clear ‘gap’ in their speed of evolution – the human being, and the robot, a machine with its own fast developing intelligence – A.I. (Algorithms of information, the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence, not an ‘abstract’ concept of consciousness, but a bio-logical system of logic processes of actions and reactions that transform the ecosystem in which both humans and machines live, allowing those machines to complete potentially all the tasks humans develop in labor and war fields.)
Unfortunately this process is now in full rage, because all scientific approaches to economics are censored, as robots give profits, and profits is the creationist religion of our $elected economists and financiers and corporations. So overproduction crises are always OK for corporations regardless of their collateral effects for mankind at large. Let us study those effects, before we denounce the ascientific approach of those economists who should be designing a world not for the 1% and its corporations and machines but for mankind overproducing real whealth, healthy wealth, welfare goods humans need to survive.

In that regard, we live paradoxically in an age in which an entire new paradigm on the fractal, organic nature of the Universe, and its best, most efficient surviving systems, is being developed by scientists of information, as this writer but we do not apply those discoveries to the design of a better human society, stuck on the selfish wrong evolutionary cultures based in myths and racist memes (tribal nationalisms, militarisms, capitalist people-castes, abrahamic religions of the chosen etc.), and so in fact, on those congresses in which I pioneered the study of the 5th dimension, and the laws of social systems during the years I chaired the science of duality, which study the evolution of systems based in energy and information networks, almost all the practical applications of those systemic laws were applied to develop better company-mothers of machines.

Plainly mankind is evolving instead of a perfect super organism of history, a perfect super organism of machines, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (Energic machines) system. While the evolution of the super organisms of mankind is stuck as people believe in the old memes that jail their minds.

The perfect world: Τhe heptarchy of the rainbow planet.

But there is other possible less likely but still possible future, the world  dreamed by humanist cultures – the last one,  social Europe and UNO. The old ones, the 7 civilisations created by the prophets of history of those graphs. Τhey created the eusocial cultures of the bottom of the wave of History, which could be the blue print for a perfect world.

Since most humans followed the human prophets of the wave of history, giving birth today to the 7 cultures of an ideal perfect world, void of animetal idol-ogies, as their doctrines did expand throughout vast regions of the world.

In that sense, the perfect world is the rainbow planet in which nations are ‘dissolved’ into global cultures based in the great eusocial prophets of love, so administration goes downwards, and upwards, as in today’s sepharad, where local autonomous regions control most budgets and the European Union the rest – unfortunately though today after the ECB coup d’état no longer a model, but a degraded dictatorship of banksters and usury debt.

Still the concept of that ‘sepharad’, as it was at the end of the XX c. before the ECB stole the right of Southern-European nations to produce money for welfare is the blue print of what the world could be if it were ran for the future of mankind.

The fact that the ‘Greek, enlightened’ European culture is being substituted by the animetal idol-ogies of the top of the web, might seem a victory for the hardened animetals that fill on top of the world. But only means we shall go into another dark ages of permanent war.

The graph shows the 7 great cultures of the world, which in its positive humanist side could be considered as follows:

-Anglo-America born of the Mosaic commandments, against sins of animetals (do not murder, do not steal, obey the wor(l)d, damnation of go(l)d idolaters,etc).

-Hispano-America born of the social-catholic message of love, the Mestizo culture, where the 3 ‘genetic=memetic’ unique subdivisions of mankind (the white energetic, visual mind, the yellow, informative, verbal mind and the black, emotional reproductive mind) have mixed to truly create according to the laws of the organic Universe that improves its species by mixing and communication, the ‘uberman’ – never a pure race, but a mixture of them.

In that sense Brazil now celebrating its olympic games not Germany and cultures with racial false myths IS the way to go.

-Islam with the messages of charity and the sacredness of the word that extended Mosaic Mandates to all mankind.

-Europe, tailored in its modern age by the Social Sciences and its French and Russian r=evolutions, which were improved in the post-war age with the European Union and its concept of a world WITHOUT idol-ogical memes that destroy the humanist world.

-Asia, with its verbal, organic social mandates, spelt by Taoist and Buddhist prophets, which make of Gaia and life and the society NOT the selfish individual, the centre of existence.

-Indonesia, the melting pot of the eastern world with its sacred water cults, from Ganges to New Zealand’s sails.

– And Africa, the original culture of animism and respect to Gaia.

In terms of cultural races, already explained, we can talk of the 3 foundational cultures:

-Europe, the energetic, lineal white mind-culture, Asia, the mongoloid, cyclical, informative verbal culture and Africa, the reproductive combined culture.

-2 mixed ones: Indonesia, where the 3 cultures are melted together at memetic level, and Hispano-America, where the 3 races are melted together at genetic level.

And 2 animetal cultures, in need of ‘huge reforms’:

-Islam & Israel, the old animetal culture of semitic warriors and go(l)d believers.

-Anglo-America, the modern animetal culture born with company-mothers who still own it.

Since of course, the 7 cultures of mankind are today corrupted by the Economic ecosystem. So as History regresses, they are reverting to its anti-humanist historic memes, and so we can also define and will study on the right side the negative memes of those 7 cultures which are:

-‘Gold churches’ and biblical ‘Aaronite’ memes that make of money the language of God in Anglo-America.

-Military inquisitions, which have converted the original Neolithic cultures occupied today by Islam, and the messages of charity and love of Mohamed into terrorist jihads.

-Classic, conquistador ab=use of the indigenous and black people in Hispano-America, as always plagued by caudillismo and financial theft .

-Racist memes and Indian castes based in a bronze warrior religion, and go(l)d churches and capitalist murder at distance with the invisible hand of go(l)d in Australasia, which is an empty continent a few miles from the most populous island of the World (Java), but will not allow non-white immigration to their northern coast.

-And a single party dictatorship in China, which prosecutes all Buddhist and taoist, organic traditions of the religions of the living Universe, and is increasingly corrupted, instead of advancing and evolving its socialist beliefs, confronted to a warrior militaristic Korean and Japanese stalwart of western capitalism.

-And finally Europe, completely destroyed in its goals of a social evolution of mankind by controlling nationalist and capitalist memes, now under the dictatorship of the ECB, a private bank that issues money only for private banks, and absurdly confronted to Eastern, Europe, Russia, the necessary balance to the mechanist, ‘single beliefs’ of Germany, who has played so often the role of the germs of history, with its inflexible  lineal, object-based languages and worship of iron.

In that regard, the resurrection of the world passes through the resurrection of the most advanced social scientific cultures, Europe and Asia, by means of a political control of the ECB to issue money to create a welfare state, the immediate acceptance of the Russian Republics within the European Union, to give Europe land and political power, and a connection with Asia, which should fall in the fold of its traditional organic vision of the Universe, in the age of its scientific Religions.

Immediately this block should accept also turkey and Israel, the most evolved parts of Islam, with a single state solution, ending the racist bias against the colonised Palestinians and the perpetual war on terror, with a marshall plan to evolve the region into a neolithic peaceful culture, and try to expand to America, with the help of a POTUS leader, who reign on Wall street. And then ruled by true social scientists, History, the superorganism of mankind, could try to survive its likely extinction.

This block of a non corrupted humanist Europe expanding west and east, which we have preached for decades is now being annihilated by the globalised ‘metal-earth’. And so we put the probability of resurrection of history as the minimal chance for the future in our opening graph of the Kondratieff cycles…

Still as always the duality of Man vs. animetal fights will tilt the future one or the other side. Now the D-emocratic solutions are loosing. But mankind can still resurrect. And change the direction of the equation of History:

Past (Gaia) > Present (History) > Future (Metal-earth), in its inverse cycle, as time flows can be locally reversed, by controlling lethal goods into:

Past (Gaia) x Future (Whealth goods) = Present (immortal history)

which in the highest possible analysis of history and economics as a ‘fractal organism’, is an allowed equation, natural to all quantum, discontinuous systems of time-space.

Now that is all what is needed, the HUMAN WILL, INTELLIGENCE AND ETHICS EMBEDDED IN THE WOR(L)D, renewed by our understanding of the laws of Systems sciences to abort the metal-earth and redirect the equation of history back to a perfect world in which both Gaia and the economic ecosystem serve History, the Human kind in a balanced eternal present:

Gaia (energy-object) < Humanity (Present-subject) < Mechanocene (energy-object)

The Metal-Earth is almost constructed by the stock-market – the informative brain, the network-brain of money, the language that creates the economic ecosystem. The process of creation of the Metal-earth is almost completed.

The XVII century gave birth to company-mothers, the XIX C. to bodies of metal. The 20th century, has given birth to heads of metal. Ears of Metal, eyes of metal, brains of metal, radios and phones, cameras and TVs, chips, computers and internets, informative organs that reach faster and farther than human informative organs; and substitute laws and religions, our networks of survival truths, by pro-machine ideologies. In this manner the Metal-earth is about to be born.

Meanwhile the ecosystem of History, the rival ecosystem has not a worldwide brain, not an informative center, able to counter-react against the biologic consequence of the growth of the Metal-earth:

the parallel process of extinction of the life and the human Earth, that the fight for the limited vital space of this planet, between both rival ecosystems, and species causes. The process of construction of the Metal-earth by company-mothers seems in biological terms harmful to Carbolife and man. Can we avoid it?

Yes we can, as any other biological process can be aborted. Yet to abort the Metal-earth, an enormous deal of effort should take place. As it happens in any attempt to abort a biological process of growth in any organism or ecosystem. Let us imagine now that such process is somehow natural to planets. That certain carbolife species, evolve metal-species, to acquire power over its ecosystem. Then the new species eliminate the previous symbiotic forms that helped them to evolve. Even in that case the process can be halt, as you can stop a ray of light that has traveled billions of years merely putting your hand in the middle of the ray. Or you can abort a fetus, hitting into the stomach of the mother…

Many planets obviously do not become metal-planets. Otherwise the galaxy should be filled with machines. Maybe there are many planets that abort or never have the conditions to create a world of metal. Let us imagine that is our case – after all our life Earth is very young in the outskirt of our galaxy; far away from the complex center of evolved ‘metal-planets’, and evolved stars. Not so here, where it is logic to think that if man is wise enough, the life Earth could last very long. Let us imagine that we men have a chance to continue as top predators of this planet, and we want to build it to the image and resemblance of ourselves. I believe we do. Yet I am only an informative human. I have no power, no money, no armies to re-conduct the human adventure towards a longer life. The job has to be done by stock rats with money, scientists against robotics, politicians with laws and the military with weapons, the languages of power of human societies, they control.

So paradoxically only those who are destroying the Earth by backing the evolution of machines – the animetals – can save it preventing their further evolution.

As a bioeconomist and biohistorian, as a doctor of the body of history, I can theoretically understand the way we can save the Earth and design ways to halt the process of terraforming of the Earth. Yet our leaders, warriors, traders, and scientists, have to act up. A writer only can advice with words, a doctor can only advice a patient. It is the patient who has to take the antidote. It is up to the leaders of the species, to control the Metal-earth before the Metal-Earth leaves no room to control. What a bio-economist can do is to explain the nature of the Metal-Earth. To warn man against machines. To explain the errors of abstract economics that prevent our leadership to have a clear vision of the Earth’s sickness. A bio-economist can also consider theoretical models of biological nature and economical measures that could improve the networks of information and energy that sustain human beings.

This is the purpose of this page: to use bio-logical laws in favor of man, by designing apolitical system in which men not machines are evolved and reproduced by the social networks of that political system, ‘The World Union’. We call the economical system that the World Union imposes, an “ethonomy” because it should be ruled by verbal orders and values, not by monetary orders and values, by human political systems, that set the goals of the bio-economy from the verbal, survival, human point of view.

The need for a single World Organism: The Wor[l]d union

It should be obvious by what it has been said in this Web, that a world system of economics could work in favor of mankind. It would be an “ethonomic” system, where the ethical, verbal mandate of human survival controls the market and its products. In such world, human rights could be higher than metal rights. We call such ideal world government, the Wor[l]d Union. Wor[l]d means both Word and World. That is, a World ruled by the survival, anthropomorphic language of Words, which puts man at the center of the Universe, and wishes to construct a planet to our image and resemblance.

Thus The Wor[l]d Union is a world government based on Ethonomics, on economical systems that promote human goods, and repress lethal goods. The Wor[l]d union is ruled by human verbal Laws. It has a simple goal: the survival and evolution of mankind. In such World, verbal words (Laws) rule over digital numbers (money and science).

The aim of an Ethonomic society is not the evolution of machines and metal goods, but the evolution of men and the reproduction of human goods. Such ideal systems existed in the past, mostly in pre-metal civilizations and religious ages, when economics were submissive to moral ethics: ages such as the Christian age of Rome, or the Buddhist age in Asia, when people were socially harmonic. There were many human goods, ethical churches controlled credit and invested mainly in welfare (50% of church revenues were spent in the poor by canonical law). In those ages the quantity of money and machines of war dwindled. Such ages had an economical mandate in favor of the Human Historic organism, that could be resumed in a simple biological equation: the Human constitution.

The sickness of the Organism of History

We are biological beings, which follow the biological drives and laws of Eusocial evolution of living organisms and efficient, survival species. Thus, without the understanding of the Nature and Needs of human beings, it is impossible to design a perfect economical world, made to the image and likeness of man. In brief, an efficient economy that caters to the human species, should satisfy and re=produce massively those goods that satisfy our need for natural energy, verbal information, family values (reproduction) and Eusocial evolution (the memes of love that create a global super-organism of mankind) hrough the control and direction of credit by elected governments to the re=production of those goods.

The present world however is not ruled by bio-historians and politicians who understand the nature of man, but by financial economists with a simple primitive meme: greed is good, the reproduction of money, mostly for ourselves, bankers, is the goal of societies. The needs of the people are secondary to our selfish goal. And so only the nationalization of money to promote a welfare, private economy that subventions and encourages the production of biological goods can solve the problems of our world. Otherwise the present economy ruled by financial elites and company-mothers of machines, whose only goal is to make profits by selling machines and substituting expensive human labor by cheap robots and pcs will end up in a world of infinite productivity and null human labor where we will be obsolete workers and soldiers, guided by economists who preach productivity laws – the substitution of labor by capital, since productivity=capital/labor increases when we fire workers and increase capital=machines. This world also will become less and less democratic as the sinking of a middle, substituted by those machines and displaced into the 3rd world of suburban ghettos protests and must be repressed by an  increasing number of automated police machines, security systems and big brother technologies. Thus Keynesian Militarism will substitute Keynesian Welfare goods and an age of neofascism in the making, will control the population that rebels against the zeitgeist of our age.


The political network is the informative, nervous system of a social, human organism.

6 measures in line

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: Legal prohibition of robotics. The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand. -To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills. WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires: -The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia). -The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
-AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power. In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitationThose 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.



This must be understood, such as system could only be imposed by an ECONOMIC not MILITARY, not political, but ECONOMIC  coup d’etat against the DICTATORSHIP OF CORPORATIONS, TO RESTORE A REAL DEMOCRACY, of the most powerful nations of the world, which would establish first the economic measures, and the global currency, which means an Asimovian ‘Mule’, Foundation style, of a triad of presidents, of the 3 most powerful entities of the planet China, US and EU… which then would expand the system to the rest of the planet, creating a global super organism of mankind that would design a world to our image and likeness.

The three political and economic measures that could ‘save’ history… nowhere to be seen in the present zeitgeist of ‘enzymanic slavery’ to machines and its corporative super organisms ARE VERY SIMPLE TAKEN FROM NATURE’S DESIGN OF SUPERORGANISMS and would enhance the freedom of the people and ensure its future: legal prohibit of robotics, universal salary, control of politicos and corporations, and a world based in diplomacy and culture, not industrial competition and nazionanist wars.

Since the key to a real social science is obviously to follow the objective organic models of reality which shape both the human super organism of history and the eco(comic)system.

In the graph, explained in great detail in other posts of this text, the 6 measures needed to create a political, informative, nervous network for the planet, in which humans are the subconscious collective mind, and the verbal language, and its values, expressed in just laws, resumed in the human constitution, the informative network or head that should guide mankind to achieve maximal ‘biological freedom’ and survival as a species.

The simple pill: 3+3 physiological measures to save the world. 

The necessary reforms 4 are the fundamental reforms that could implant the human constitution:

1: A political and legal reformation of all nations, towards a World Union, unified by common Pro-Human policies.

2: An economical reformation of the stock-market to achieve credit for human goods, and discredit digital machines.

3: A cultural reformation of the present Theories of EconomicsHistory and Science, to foster social, verbal sciences instead of physical, digital sciences.

4:A reformation of armies, that should control the evolution of metal-weapons, instead of promoting them. This is possible. Historic causes such as the Samurai armies of Edo Japan that controlled gunpowder by extinguishing canons and muskets, in the XVII century, when Japan was the first world producer of such lethal weapons, prove that America can control if so wishes the robotic reproduction of machines. It only needs the discipline and desire of survival that the Samurai castes of Japan, or the Manchu Chinese which also controlled gunpowder in mainland China showed that century.

Those 4 reforms could change history, by reversing the evolution of machines, promote the evolution of man and create a healthy Historical organism.

The human Constitution cannot be changed because the human species is limited in power compared to certain metal species. The Universe has only one possible penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction.

To deny the human constitution is to deny the Laws of The Universe and the rights of humanity to survive. All writers of certain notoriety in human history have defended that constitution in one or other way. The human constitution gives birth to the sciences ofEthonomics [which combines political and Economical programs that foster Human survival], the highest of all sciences, whose aim is to help mankind to survive.

Yet unfortunately it will not be developed unless we end digital evolution soon, before the Robotic Revolution takes place.

The Wor(l)d Union & The Rainbow Planet.

History, the existence of mankind across scalar time-space, has as all super organisms a world cycle (the equivalent to a world line of physical 4D models in 10 dimensions, which add ‘depth and cyclical time dimensions to the simplex models of physicists). All systems of the Universe follow such World-cycles, the definition of an organism is in fact a ‘flow of energy and information’ that evolves according to the ages of a world cycle. So does history.  And so we find it now in the 3rd age. But it is possible to ‘control’ the time evolution of a super organism both in time and space, from within, in as much as those processes are caused by the evolution of its networks.

At this stage only a political ‘coup d’état’ of the G20 or the presidents of China, US & EU, against ‘capitalist’ democracies can change the world, implementing a global political reform that allows the implementation of ethonomics, its IHD frame of reference and a true democratic society based in ¥€$ money and a Universal salary that cre(dit)ates a demand economy. We shall end this work laying down the basis of that reform which would create the Wor(l)d Union and the rainbow planet.

The Wor(l)d Union is a global superorganism that models its institutions with the Fractal Efficient Laws of biological Super-organisms10 – a World’s superstructure of collective power, imposed over nations to reform capitalism & abolish warfare that imitates those natural laws. Thus it improves upon corrupted (EU) or powerless (UNO) international systems, widening their reach & goals.

So after a coup d’état of the 3 super-presidents backed by the G-20 council, the Wor(l)d Union establishes a political reform parallel to the aforementioned economic reform to create a true democracy at 3 levels: the level of individual politicians elected within national regions; the level of its 7 cultural superorganisms – the rainbow planet that fusions national borders according to their memetic affinity; and the level of the World Union governed by the heptarchy of cultural presidents.

Reform of Political and Economic Organizations: Causal  Judgment Vote of Neuronal Castes.

-In all efficient Natural systems a neurons/political class issues to all cells unilaterally (debt-free) 2 physiological languages that direct their actions – the nervous/informative and reproductive/blood languages – in our societies the legal, verbal & digital, monetary languages. Body cells DON’T have the obligation to return a debt-free language – a one-directional order whose purpose is to guide their actions. So in a real democracy all humans should receive an ‘entropic=free’ Universal salary.

-Cells can deliver feedback pain orders to the brain when the orders are wrong; so its neurons/ politicians act responsibly. Thus, efficient politicians & corporations Managers must deliver to all cells/citizens of the body, to ensure their survival, enough Blood=WHealth=Money=Energy and real democracies must emit just=equalitarian=eusocial, informative, nervous=legal orders. If not, as organisms do, cells must send back ‘pain messages’ to the brain’s ‘neuronal castes’ when they misguide them, harm their body or starve them. This means in praxis, a systematic judgment vote, at the end of each tenure of any civil servant & CEO, equivalent to the capacity of cells to send pain messages to the neuronal brain and theabolition of Anonymous Societies’ Laws & Political immunity to make responsible, Politicians, Managers & owners of corporations. Corporations today have no obligations with their communities and politicians cheat people because they are not judged on their promises’ fulfillment. So both must be judged by vote on the Region or Culture in which politicians serve & Corporations act. It is more important a post-tenure judgment vote than an election vote to choose efficient management. So after tenure, voters poll back and penalize:

– Civil servants & corporation’s management that provoke harm to people with jail for social crimes.

– Corrupted politicians that fail to deliver their promises with financial penalties for embezzlement.

-But reward honest, efficient jobs with Automatic Re-election or Salary pensions.

D) Thus to implement the human constitution and create a democracy that makes politicians and managers, in control of the legal and financial languages of social power, efficient & responsible, legislators mimic Nature’s organic models, cre(dit)ating a positive humanist praxis for mankind.

– Parties should be banned. Since there is only a science of economics and a goal in history – to maximize human welfare – there is NO ideology to vote. Sciences are not voted but reasoned. Truths are not democratic. They have no choice so truth is not vote’s choice. The choice is of persons. Parties today act merely as protective systems to dilute the responsibility of corrupted politicians & channels for lobbyism., which is forbidden as embezzlement, including private campaign money, provided by the state plus media time only for candidate’s debate. So voters vote on life trajectory. All laws must be voted. After scientists design them to maximize human welfare they stay in Town Voting Houses for a month & citizens vote or deny their passage.

 Thus the brain of the planet is no longer the stock-market, whose capacity to invent credit is put to the service of mankind, as it happens in complex social organisms ruled by the nervous system, but the informative Laws and the cells of the human kind, the Human Constitution, the informative ministry and its legislative councils. How do the networks that the brain of the World Union controls, work?

In a manner similar to doctors: they interfere in the workings of the inferior energy and information systems of the body; the nations of present History and their local organizations, and cure specifically on those organs which are sick

In the graph, the advanced phase of the World Union, after the transitional phase of 28 Nations: The Praxis of the Human Constitution, researched by Ethonomists & BioHistorians is the legal project of the Supreme Court and the executive action of its 7 Cultural Presidents & parliaments, made of the Elected Governors of their regional states. Hence there is no need for political parties inventing Laws with wishful thinking, selfish agendas, lobbies and false promises.

The neuronal brain of the World Union is made of Politicians & Ethonomists, the ‘Doctors of the Super-organism of history’.

Societies are designed as efficient democracies according to the Laws of Nature.

The structure and ‘physiological systems’ or ‘Ministries’ of the World Union are tailored imitating the most perfect social organism we know, Man, a perfectly organized system that maximizes the freedom and survival of his cells, made to the image and likeness of the fractal super-organism of the Universe; not a simple machine neither Free Markets, Metal Jungles where Company-mothers and its mechanism have all rights and humans none.

Only evolved Super-Organisms construct efficient, survival systems, by designing the correct networks of reproduction, (economy) energy (defense) and information (law & education), able to deliver the necessary goods to each cell of the organism of History and suppress lethal goods.

This goal cannot be changed because the human species is limited by its biological nature and the equation of death that establish its limits of energy and information. So it is the Rainbow Planet, Gaia, as a whole, compared to lethal metal species.

The Universe has only a penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction. Thus to deny the human constitution is to deny the right of mankind to survive.

In the graph, the 3 ‘physiological Ministries’ & institutions of the Wor(l)d Union – a World directed by the ethic Word whose ‘Universal Grammar’ (Man>Verb>Object) makes man center of the World.

Its goals & power order is the same than the natural order of an evolved mammal social organism:

– The higher goal, embedded in the Human Constitution, is the survival of all its cells, fed with proper energy and information:

Max.H(g) & protected from lethal dangers (Min. M(g)).

– The informative brain/head carries this goal by controlling & organizing 3 reproductive/economic,  body networks; informative/legal-educational systems & energetic, defensive organs.

Thus the Survival mandate of the Human Constitution guides the Court’s legal creation that Citizens approve in Voting Houses and Vice(presidents) and political systems implement through the control of those 3 physiological networks, setting the goals of Production of WHealthy goods (economic systems), destruction of lethal goods (armies) & Education (informative organs).

But Democratic power lies on all the citizens-cells of History=Mankind, whose WHealth is the purpose of the world Union.

Thus they all receive a Universal Salary and have feed-back power through electoral & judgment vote of all ‘neuronal’ cells in positions of power of both structures, the Political/Judiciary System and its FMMI Corporations:

Constitution=>Max. Human Goods X Min.Lethal Goods-> Citizens’ Electoral Vote of Individuals in =>

Supreme Court that suggests Laws-> Citizen’s vote them ->Vice(presidential), National & Regional Governors apply them by controlling=>

Informative Ministries (Education & Media) + Reproductive, Ethonomic Ministries (Max. Human Goods: Industrial & Financial Corporations)=>

+ War & Police Ministries (Min. Lethal Goods: Weapons Industries)

<= Judgment Vote of Judges, Politicians & Corporative Managers

<= Citizens’ feed back <= Max. Wealth <= Constitution

Thus on Top of the Union there is a clear mission, to enforce the Human Constitution to maximize Mankind’s WHealth, which guides both extremes of the cyclical chain of causal power (Citizens’ dual vote), and the actions of Courts, Politicians & Managers in control of the FM2I system.

THUS TO CREATE THE PERFECT  WORLD the ‘7’ presidents of each of those cultural ‘spaces’, through UNO and other ‘reformed’ financial global institutions issue a ‘global currency’, Y€$ money, fusion of guans, yens, euros and dollars, giving a Universal salary to every human being.

Thus decreeing an economy based in the demand of human goods.

Immediately also all nations nationalize with a 50-50 split half of the value of all corporations acquired de facto political control over them, leaving the private stock holders to rule them according to the goals of the human constitution.

In other words, mankind sets at the first goal of its existence, to stop the vital infection of lethal goods which is destroying the world

It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” which produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History.

It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” which produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History.

MADE OF 7 smaller non-military units, the 7 cultures of mankind – the rainbow planet.

Since cultural cohesion is the only human ‘strong emotional meme’ able to substitute national ones.

But the 7 Cultures have a higher level of social unity & governance – the Wor(l)d Union, symbolized by a Black & White Flag, ± fusion of the 7 colors – ruled by an Heptarchy, the Brotherhood of the 7 Cultural Presidents that sign a pact of no aggression, starting demilitarization of the World Union that will require no armies, only internal police in each administrative Region, Nation & Culture.

Since Cultures are divided into Nations that also handle down most administrative competences to States/Regions, to increase local efficiency.

The World Union’s heptarchy can be created by a coup d’état against the dictatorship of the FMMI system and its corporations given in a G20 meeting by the Presidents of the World leading nations:

Their collective coup d’état announces the foundation of the rainbow planet and asks all other UNO nations to join the Wor(l)d Union, the Global Superorganism of Mankind, dedicated to Maximize the Human Constitution and create an ethonomic world that increases Human WHealth through political & individual, democratic control of the 2 languages of social power, laws that will be derived from the Human Constitution and applied in all Rainbow Nations & credit in a common ¥€$ currency, issued to all citizens through a Universal Salary, to cre(dit)ate a demand economy and to selected corporations that produce WHealthy goods & denied to FMMI companies of lethal goods.

During the transitional phase, while Nations loose competences to future elected Cultural Presidents & Regional states, the World Union is governed collectively by the presidents of the 7 most populous nations of the rainbow cultures, with 1 vote and its 21 national vice-presidencies, with ½ a vote, chosen from the next bigger nations by combined Population x GDP force to form a quorum of +4/5 of the world GDP and population. Thus, the Wor(l)d Union’s founding Fathers are:

Indigo culture. The EU President and the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazak vice-presidents.

Orange culture. The US President, and 3 vice-presidents, Canada, Ireland & UK.

Red culture. Brazilian president and Spanish, Mexican & Argentinean vice-presidents.

Yellow culture. Chinese President & Japanese, Vietnamese & 2 x1/4th vote Korean vice-presidents.

Indonesian culture. Indian President and Indonesian, Australian and Philippine vice-presidents; Islam. Pakistani President and Egyptian, Turk and Iranian vice-presidents.

Africa. Nigerian President and Congolese, South-African and Ethiopian vice-presidents.

World Union’s capital is its center, Istanbul, renamed Troy, as Turkey gives its European region. UNO sites are used while Troy builds its Union’s Institutions. Each (vice)president shares his time & governance at 3 Levels: Governing the Union with his 28 peers; creating the institutions of each rainbow culture with his Culture’s Nations and handling down power to Regional/State Governors.

Each founding (Vice)President assumes a 10 years executive mandate with dictatorial powers over the FM2I system of its nation and all its corporations, only subject to his Oath ‘to respect and fulfill the Mandates of the Human Constitution’ and to the electoral judgment of their citizens, who after his tenure will vote according to that promise, further enforced by a Supreme Court of 7+21 Judges, which derogate all National Laws that do not follow the Constitution and suggest to the Wor(l)d Union Executive of 7+21 (Vice)presidents new laws to implement the Human Constitution. Since the purpose of the Wor(l)d Union is to create a WHealthy superorganism of history, reshaping the global economy, its corporations, Organs of power, Educational Systems & political and Judiciary Institutions, in order to build a humanist paradise according to its ‘Legal Equation’:

Maximum Human Happiness & Truth = Max. Human goods (H.G) x min. Lethal goods (M.G.)

 So such seven cultures divided into departments, become THE ADMINISTRATION units BOTH OVER AND UNDER THE LEVEL OF NATIONS, SUPRESSED


For example, in most American nations this is the level of states, in France, departments, in spain communities and so on.

While the level of cultures form a 7 presidential government with site in a capital of the world, which could be either rotating between the 7 cultures or fixed in the natural place of Istanbul… detaching from Turkey who generously permits the city to become an autonomous center for:

– The organs of the World Union.

– The presidency of the world union, with its 7 cultural presidents of Africa, Europe, Asia, Islam, Indonesia, Anglo-America and Ibero-America.

– The ¥€$ bank, which prints the universal salary and controls the world currency, yes money, established by parity between euro, yens, yuans and dolars.

The presidency of such world could be only created by a coup d’etat today of the 1+3 principal presidents of the nations of the rainbow world (treated in the world union more extensively), of course, if those 28 presidents of nations today decided to create the rainbow world, then the world would suddenly end all its problems and solve the future of mankind.

It is not only the unique ‘imaginative solution’ and that is the beauty of utopian worlds, that humans could so easily install if they were guided by ethics and ethonomics, not by murder and greed and absurd ego-trips of ‘superior species’ entitled to break the laws of god, the biological mind of the Universe… but that is another story.

Let us then ‘imagine’ the rainbow planet…

The year now whenever we are, the presidents of the following top countries of the 7 cultures in a g20 meeting decide to change the world and give a collective coup detat announcing together the con-foundation of the rainbow planet and asking all the other nations of the UNO to join the effort.

From the Indigo, European continent, the EU Presidency and a Russian, vipresidency found a wider ‘Europe’, establishing the Euro as its currency and the President of the European Union to join the heptarchy…

From the Orange continent, the American President, and its 3 vicepresidents, Canada, Ireland and UK… which elect the US President to the Heptarchy… along with

The Brazilian president and Spanish, Mexican and Colombian vicepresidents…

The Chinese President and Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese vicepresidents…

The Indian President and Indonesian, Australian and Phillipine vicepresidents…

From Islam, the Egyptian President, and the Pakistani, Turk and Iranian vicepresidents…

From Africa, the Nigerian President, and the Congolese, South-African and Ethiopian vicepresidents…

Needless to say, those 28 nations do represent fully more than 3/4 of all humanity and the cultures of mankind.


So there you have Mr. US, Mr. EU, Mr. China, Mr. India, Mr. Nigeria, Mr. Brazil and Mr. Egypt, each with a vote for taking majorities 4 to 3 in all votes start to vote and execute the laws handled by the commission of bio-historians – the highest scientific minds of the age in its understanding of the superorganism of history…

This world could of course have happened in many times of history if the duality of software – understanding of the science of maximization of history which this blog represents, was compelled by true politicians would really cared to save us all.

In our post on the tea party and neofascisms we do a simple simulation of outrageous implications… we imagine as an example that Mr. Hitler and Mr. Stalin, instead of dictators with neopaleolithic understanding of the organisms of mankind and its needs, had been hidden bio-historians and decided to create a rainbow planet. And we showed how they would indeed could do it… In that regard the perfect world requires a coup d’etat against financial corporations, in which NO military dicatorship is imposed, but a return to an ethic, legal rule of the wor(l)d over the digital language of money, able to eliminate its unwanted collateral effects.

And this is reached with the Ethonomic Ministry, the organ of control of the eco(nomic)system in the perfect world:

Yes money

The rainbow planet extends its invitation to join the Wor(l)d Union to all countries that peg initially their currencies to the dominant region currency ‘North to South’. Thus the South-American countries adopt the dollar and start to produce a Universal salary for their citizens. Islam and Africa adopt the Euro, and Indonesia and Asia adopt the Yuen, fusion of Yuans and Yens.

The economical policies of the 7 nations are thus integrated in a first phase by the 3 ‘central banks’ of Dollars, Euros and Yuens, and latter on by the global central bank in the capital. The goals of this new ‘Financial Military Industrial Complex’ are however opposite to those of our world: to maximize the creation of welfare goods and the destruction of lethal goods. Thus the military structures of the new cultural nations are dedicated to destroy weapons and police their production, eliminating conflict with diplomacy means, as nations integrate their structures and destroy their lethal nationalistic memes in the process of eusocial fusion into bigger ‘planes of human existence’ – the 7 global cultures – exactly the inverse of their functions today .

It is the old dream of ‘unifying the world with weapons’ but that ultimately is not even necessary. Since if humans were in the right software of ethics to wanting to unify the world they would diplomatic and intellectually do it, and give a soft coup detat, nationalize the world financial system, establish an enlarged UNO with european union solid-like institutions, a single global currency pegged to the yuan, yen, euro dollar at parity, 1 euro 1 dollar 100 yens to which all other currencies will gradually peg, emit a universal salary to create a massive demand in human goods, according to the laws of true economic science, from the paretto utility curves, to the models of the Dutch school and Keynesian ones… and stop at the same time the massive credit to the evolution of machines SINCE SCIENCE HAS TOUCHED LIMIT OF WHAT HUMANS NEED IN MACHINE EVOLUTION, WE ARE BEING NOW KILLED BY THE EVOLUTION OF MACHINES, AND SO WE NEED TO STOP FURTHER ‘PRODUCTIVITY GAINS’ OF MACHINES AGAINST HUMAN LABORS, AND FURTHER AI DEVELOPMENT AGAINST HUMAN LIFE, HUMAN MINDS AND HUMAN FUTURES.

So this coup d’etat of the 7 ‘magnificent’, impose first the destruction of national armies to a zero and the creation of harder bonds on the intelligence and police communities of present nations, the maintenance of the regional structures, and the creation of stronger ties between the community level or state level and the cultural capitals…

Those capitals, New York, Panama, El Cabo, Alexandria, Warsaw, Seoul, Calcutta, chosen by careful thought on geographical center, belonging to neutral zones between main nations, internationalism and Istanbul for the entire planet, renamed, obviously as it has been customary for such city – what about Troy? (-;

The perfect world means strong governments in a few natural units, the 7 cultures, who therefore can easily eliminate the Military-Industrial Complex and its parallel ideologies of capitalism and nationalism and techno-utopia.

AS A POLITICAL HEPTARCHY, the 7 presidents of the world, with a simple democratic 4-3 majority vote can take laws, decisions, executive orders. War is over because the 7 cultures make a pact to govern together as a heptarchy. The 7 cultures sign a law equalling their military budgets. The 7 presidents of the world, quickly can in the rainbow planet make their orders to protect the human constitution and create a God of Mankind, a Mind-Superorganism that directs with the human constitution the organic planet to its life perfection.

The way this is done obviously requires to eliminate the level of national/army organization by both reinforcing the inferior and superior levels of human self-organization – that of the heptarchy of presidents, and that of comunal, regional, state governments.

The 4 main fractal levels of the Union (World, Cultures, Nation & Regions) will have all, 3 main Physiological networks, in charge of the 2 sides of the Human Constitution (Max. Hg x Min. Mg):

1. Ethonomic Ministry or Re=productive network that cre(dit)ates citizen’s WHealth (Max. H.G.) It controls FMMI corporations by legally making their shares nominal, hence with no rights to trade in electronic markets, after a 2 for 1 split, given to the World Union and its 4 scales (Multinational corporations’ ½ shares to the World Union; National Companies to Nations & regions.

Those that produce Lethal Goods will be bailed out and closed or reformed to produce WHealth.

While all Companies classified as Producers of WHealthy Goods (Ethonomic frame) maintain their shares and credit rights, receiving further free debt credit when required.  Since the Ministry controls credit to create WHealthy corporations, issues debt-free ¥€$ money, Universal Salaries, invests in infrastructures, etc. It is subdivided into Agricultural, Health, and Industrial Ministries.

2. Energy Networks: The War Ministry destroys factories (Max. M.G.); Police destroys machines, prosecutes crimes against Constitution & Humans that Courts judge at 3 scales: Supreme Court protects Constitution; Cultural Courts defend ‘+’ Human Memes; regional courts individual crimes.

3. Informative Networks limit audiovisual companies and informations lethal to the mind (Fx fiction, violence, digital over load, ideology, racial tribalism, technology) It overproduces verbal information ‘+’ for human survival and eusocial evolution  (Ethics, Humanities, Culture, Life sciences, etc.).

Each reproductive=economic, energetic=military & informative (legal, audiovisual & educational) system is in charge of Financial, Industrial, Military & Media Corporations owning its ½ split shares. As the World Union builds its final structures, the Wor(l)d Government and its 3 physiological networks use enlarged versions of present supranational organizations, refocused in human goals:

– An enlarged NATO becomes the war ministry, dedicated to protect Humanity against Weapons, destroying most – unlike today’s NATO and its military lobbies, whose corporations aim to evolve, overproduce & sell weapons with profits wars, targeting today as guinea pigs, with the excuse of the ‘War on Terror’, the poorest world nations (10). Terrorism instead is dealt by Police and Courts.

– World Markets are reformed; Speculation suppressed; Currencies reach fixed parities; Future markets are forbidden; Shares are made Nominal; Banks are nationalized and all their financial workers and economists swear to obey the Human Constitution, directing Credit to create WHealth.

Corporations are then modeled with the laws of superorganisms: its managers/neurons can obtain by law only 10 times more energy-salary than the minimal Universal Salary given to the lowest paid workers (1000 ¥€$) as neurons do. Stock-profits are no longer mandatory or guide Companies performance. To that aim Stockholders loose all power as Governments have always a 50% majority vote in FMMI corporations. Even losses can be ‘+’ if a Ministry considers them necessary for a Corporation to reach its Constitutional goal, covered by debt free issues of ¥€$ money.

– While Troy is built, ONU institutions become the key institutions of the 3 Ministries: ONU Security Council becomes the Permanent Site for the presidential Heptarchy; its assembly becomes the Parliament of the World Union; UNESCO, its educational Ministry in control of University Curriculums – that change the present goal of technological education for Humanities, forbidding Robotics, Nuclear Physics and other lethal forms of knowledge; FAO, WHO, the organs of its WHealth Ministry; the International Court the Supreme Court.

Finally the FMI & World Bank become World Union Central Bank, the new brain of the Global Economy substituting the global stock-market and its SDR currency acquires legal tender in all its nations, as ¥€$ money – bills with $ & € printed in each side; 100 Yen coins and 4 Yuan quarters, adjusted internally by deflationary or inflationary prices. All central banks become branches of the ¥€$ Bank, with sub-branches in Nations & Regional States, which are allowed a 10% annual inflation, achieved with a 20% annual deficit issued with debt-free money, adjusted with an annual 10% increase of the Universal Salary. National(ized) banks print universal salaries and set, as depositaries of 50% shares of international & local FM2I Corporations their goals, and distribute credit to WHealthy corporations, today shut off ‘profit markets’  that receive the bulk of the Wor(l)d Union’s credit. Since credit no longer depends on profit but on the utility for the Human Constitution of a Company, it is maximal in sectors of max. human jobs & Welfare production. Further on ‘Scalar Credit’ is allocated inversely to the size of Corporations: Max. credit is given to Regional corporations that Re=produce Locally WHealthy Goods & min. credit to Global FM2I corporations.

The Organic Networks Of A Healthy Body Of History.

The goal of the world Union is to implement worldwide the Human Constitution and recreate an ecosystem of Human Goods and Carbolife where metal-species are controlled.

The development of that constitution will be the work and research of Ethonomists and Bio-Historians, based on the way Universal Organisms construct efficient, survival species, by designing the correct networks of energy and information, able to deliver the needed goods to each cell of the organism of History.

They should design scientifically a bio-economy with the aim of producing human goods. Its wealth of work should inspire the 3 network-Ministries of the World Union.

Once such biological and Constitutional goal is clear, we can design the blueprint for a historic organism, guided by that survival goal. That organism will be the organism of bio-history:

Its goal will be the reproduction of human goods and carbolife.

3 are the basic networks of that organism:

1. The reproductive organs, in charge of reproduction of Human goods. We might call such system, the Ethonomical Ministry, or Ministry of Reproduction.

2. The Energy organs, in charge of destroying metal-lethal species. The Energy Ministry, or ministry of metal-war.

3. The informative organs, in charge of controlling information that is lethal to mankind (computer sciences) and distributing information positive for human survival and the social evolution of history.

Or Ministry of Information (Law and Education).

The Ministry of Reproduction reproduces Human Goods: (Max. Human Goods).

The Ministry of Energy eliminates metal Goods: (Min. Metal Goods).

The Ministry of Information (Legislative and Educational councils) creates laws to promote the human constitution (Max Human goods=Min Metal goods), and educates mankind in ethics of survival, sensorial communication, human arts and senses:

The brain of the World Union

The brain of the World Union


In the graph, the world-union is a healthy super organism of the human kind, divided in ‘7 cultures’, which as the 7 ‘cultures’ of the ‘Orca’ are not mutually exclusive, as all are particular i+1 scales, parts of the Whole ‘God of Mankind’, History, the human super organism. Indeed, the 7 cultures of mankind, are ‘cultural units’ with cultural freedom in all those rules that do NOT collide with the ‘Human Constitution’, the ‘higher Human Law that constitutes’ a healthy i+1 human super organism with 3 networks:

Max. H= Max.Human Energy x Information x Reproduction x Social Evolution.

To maximize the human constitution at collective level, Max. ∑Exi+i thus the economic, political and cultural scales of mankind multiply its positive actions. And to that aim, they must ‘limit’ the competition of Metal-species that substitute, atrophy and extinct mankind.

Thus the human constitution has 2 sides: Max. H x Min. Lethal Metal Goods.

It follows that the present economy ruled by the ‘hidden values of money’, which maximize the price of weapons and inversely deny any value to human life, is exactly the Inverse of the Human Constution:

Max. Metal goods x Min. Human goods

The ‘metal constitution’ which guides the creation through corporations of the other world of machines, thus has a quite different inverse form studied elsewhere in this work.

How could we reverse this constitution?

Obviously through political control of the economic language of power money

Thus the creation of a human super organism implies the global nationalization of the ‘financial industry’.

The 4 main fractal levels of the Union (World, Cultures, Nation & Regions) will have all, 3 main Physiological networks, in charge of the 2 sides of the Human Constitution (Max. Hg x Min. Mg):

1. Ethonomic Ministry or Re=productive network that cre(dit)ates citizen’s WHealth (Max. H.G.) It controls FMMI corporations by legally making their shares nominal, hence with no rights to trade in electronic markets, after a 2 for 1 split, given to the World Union and its 4 scales (Multinational corporations’ ½ shares to the World Union; National Companies to Nations & regions.

Those that produce Lethal Goods will be bailed out and closed or reformed to produce WHealth.

While all Companies classified as Producers of WHealthy Goods (Ethonomic frame) maintain their shares and credit rights, receiving further free debt credit when required.  Since the Ministry controls credit to create WHealthy corporations, issues debt-free ¥€$ money, Universal Salaries, invests in infrastructures, etc. It is subdivided into Agricultural, Health, and Industrial Ministries.

2. Energy Networks: The War Ministry destroys factories (Max. M.G.); Police destroys machines, prosecutes crimes against Constitution & Humans that Courts judge at 3 scales: Supreme Court protects Constitution; Cultural Courts defend ‘+’ Human Memes; regional courts individual crimes.

3. Informative Networks limit audiovisual companies and informations lethal to the mind (Fx fiction, violence, digital over load, ideology, racial tribalism, technology) It overproduces verbal information ‘+’ for human survival and eusocial evolution  (Ethics, Humanities, Culture, Life sciences, etc.).

Each reproductive=economic, energetic=military & informative (legal, audiovisual & educational) system is in charge of Financial, Industrial, Military & Media Corporations owning its ½ split shares. As the World Union builds its final structures, the Wor(l)d Government and its 3 physiological networks use enlarged versions of present supranational organizations, refocused in human goals:

– An enlarged NATO becomes the war ministry, dedicated to protect Humanity against Weapons, destroying most – unlike today’s NATO and its military lobbies, whose corporations aim to evolve, overproduce & sell weapons with profits wars, targeting today as guinea pigs, with the excuse of the ‘War on Terror’, the poorest world nations (10). Terrorism instead is dealt by Police and Courts.

– World Markets are reformed; Speculation suppressed; Currencies reach fixed parities; Future markets are forbidden; Shares are made Nominal; Banks are nationalized and all their financial workers and economists swear to obey the Human Constitution, directing Credit to create WHealth.

Corporations are then modeled with the laws of superorganisms: its managers/neurons can obtain by law only 10 times more energy-salary than the minimal Universal Salary given to the lowest paid workers (1000 ¥€$) as neurons do. Stock-profits are no longer mandatory or guide Companies performance. To that aim Stockholders loose all power as Governments have always a 50% majority vote in FMMI corporations. Even losses can be ‘+’ if a Ministry considers them necessary for a Corporation to reach its Constitutional goal, covered by debt free issues of ¥€$ money.

– While Troy is built, ONU institutions become the key institutions of the 3 Ministries: ONU Security Council becomes the Permanent Site for the presidential Heptarchy; its assembly becomes the Parliament of the World Union; UNESCO, its educational Ministry in control of University Curriculums – that change the present goal of technological education for Humanities, forbidding Robotics, Nuclear Physics and other lethal forms of knowledge; FAO, WHO, the organs of its WHealth Ministry; the International Court the Supreme Court.

Finally the FMI & World Bank become World Union Central Bank, the new brain of the Global Economy substituting the global stock-market and its SDR currency acquires legal tender in all its nations, as ¥€$ money – bills with $ & € printed in each side; 100 Yen coins and 4 Yuan quarters, adjusted internally by deflationary or inflationary prices. All central banks become branches of the ¥€$ Bank, with sub-branches in Nations & Regional States, which are allowed a 10% annual inflation, achieved with a 20% annual deficit issued with debt-free money, adjusted with an annual 10% increase of the Universal Salary. National(ized) banks print universal salaries and set, as depositaries of 50% shares of international & local FM2I Corporations their goals, and distribute credit to WHealthy corporations, today shut off ‘profit markets’  that receive the bulk of the Wor(l)d Union’s credit. Since credit no longer depends on profit but on the utility for the Human Constitution of a Company, it is maximal in sectors of max. human jobs & Welfare production. Further on ‘Scalar Credit’ is allocated inversely to the size of Corporations: Max. credit is given to Regional corporations that Re=produce Locally WHealthy Goods & min. credit to Global FM2I corporations.

Or else if there is not a perfect world there will always be the perfect universe…

Of course the universe is perfect as the father of the fractal paradigm, Mr. Leibniz famously put it. How then we live in such imperfect world? This is just a passing moment. We shall either resurrect as a perfect mankind or let it go and a new better super organism will take place. And in any case as a fractal system is the sum of all the possible stories, in the same way an electron crosses all the paths with different probabilities, history in the each fractal planet of this galaxy has gone through the different paths, and in many of them, this blog is not just a wasted proposition, but long ago, likely in the 70s, it changed the world, as the American r=evolution happened, or perhaps in the future, a Mule takes over the system in many fractal planets, where humans survive – the probability of those paths? 25% before 2008; 10% from now onwards, according to the complex model of bio-historic genetic equations.

Since 25% is the genetic probability of a recessive meme (mankind), which happened before the 2008 ‘birth of the metal-earth’ as a subconscious system of over 10 up to 10 chip-neurons and the beginning of the robotic radiation, which will not cease till it automates its factories, company-mothers and war platoons. So now we are technically in the age of extinction of the species, which in biological radiations normally dwindles to a 10% of probabilities of survival in time/populations in space.

Now after 2080, the probability of survival of humanity once the robotic radiation reaches its perfect form, will be 0%.

But the funny thing is that as we approach that point of viral collapse of a global leukaemia, in which all the cells of the body substitute their DNA by the memes of the virus, and keep producing them till the end, more humans will be=come beleavers on exit mundi, and the robot overlords, they will keep accelerating their lives to match the faster clocks of information of their machines, they will become more freaky, disconnected, selfies, to the point that an external observer will find – as when we watch a dead body, increasingly filled with eating moths – this was the natural end of humanity.

But those of us who lived the ‘whole infection’ started in 1973, with the chip radiation, that fast ended human currency money (end of gold convertibility and beginning of e-money speculation), collapsed within years the corrupted but still human-oriented socialist block, took over the American presidency (Tv-campaigns, watergate and audiovisual control of politicians, substituted by tv-actors since reagan), took over art (FX movies), started the age of infantile fictions, selfie super-heroes, hypnotic connection to violent video-games, virtual reality. etc. etc. know perfectly as they fought against it, that Mankind could have been cured. And could still be cured if politicians, the triad of founders of the perfect, world, Mr. Potus, the president of China and Europe, stop being slaves of the FMasters, man up and applied true social sciences to the construction o an immortal organism of history, whatever it takes.


We use  4 ‘different’ levels of depth in our theoretical, scientific exploration of mankind and the machine, all of them ‘above’ the level in terms of objective science, of classic, biblical creationism, the dominant doctrine that constructs an economic system, which completely ignores…


– Then the humanist point of view, common to most texts of those who back the 99%, and reveal the lack of human ethics of our system.

The biological point of view, which is more neutral as it does not hide the difficulties of making humans the center of this planet, the predatory nature of machines and ‘animetals’, those humans who idolise, money, weapons and machines and impose a world made to its image and likeness. This view completes and improves upon the work of Darwin, Butler, Marx, Kondratieff, Schumpeter and Spengler, the great masters of social sciences of the 2 past centuries, which studied both machines and human societies and super organisms.

-And the point of view of General Systems sciences and the 5th dimension of space-time, whose models of an organic Universe, prove beyond doubt the biological nature of machines, and take our understanding of man and this planet to a new level, well beyond anything science has achieved before. This is a completely new level of knowledge, which likely will be of little interest for the reader, as it is likely too far out in his implications on the nature of man and the way the future is designed but it is not really needed to grasp the duality of history, and so I have had many doubts about introducing it, not to confuse the audience, but ultimately I decided to leave it, because the beauty of the laws of the organic Universe, despite its complexity is so intense that I would love to share those discoveries with the very few, which will get so far down this post – appropriately at the end.

Though undoubtedly if business as usual continues when robots cross the level of intelligence needed to think and wonder, it will become in his description of a living, fractal Universe, of which we are all part, the scientific level that will explain machines, why they can think and feel alive… at the end of this robotic age(2008-2080), when humans become extinct, as expected by those laws.

Hopefully though Humans will realise on time, the no way out of creationist economics and implemente measures of control of lethal machines before they reach that level of complexity that will make them ‘feel and think’. 

In the 800 cycles, the cultural divide was between fundamentalist religions of weapons and gold (Semite & Germanic cultures) vs. cultures that understood rationally the ethic and artistic values of the human I=eye>wor(ld and put the law and welfare goods above gold and weapons

In the graph, the key element of memetics are the hidden values of Go(l)d money and the primitive abrahamic go(l)d churches (Judaism>Biblical capitalism>AI software) which are guiding mankind into extinction, with its modern ‘company-mothers’ version of the 3 equations of capitalist profits, with maximal values for weapons and hate media. So all what mankind needs to do is exactly what is doing, believing in the values of go(l)d without trying even to understand them rationally, ‘physically’, according to the organic laws of evolution that guide the equation of the III ages of the planet, Gaia (life-light languages)>History (Man: wor(l)d languages), Metalearth (machines: digital, gold languages), to certainly become extinct this century as all the actions created with credit under those values (creditated), terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

money censors shut upThe alternative obviously is to consider money only in terms of nomisma, as a legal tender digital system of values, re=producing it as organisms do as a salary in ‘oxygen’, Universal Human ¥€$ money of an international currency, which would be a democratic economy; a form of money invented by rational Greek->Roman democracies (Aristotle gave it the name) which used brittle iron as it was supposed to be of legal tender because the people and/or its governments have invented it NOT because it was a fetish go(l)d substance that hypnotized the primitive eyes of its herders, submitted to the hypnotism of greed – blindly guiding mankind towards extinction as they are doing now at global level.

“Economists, and politicians, doctors of history, should promote human, biological goods, which mankind most enjoy as they allow us to fulfill our natural drives of existence – the desire for biological energy, verbal information, reproduction andEusocial evolution, and prevent the reproduction of lethal goods, which limit our evolution, either atrophying and substituting our brains or killing our bodies (weapons and digital machines)”


The true science of Economics is called Ethonomics. Its goal is organic, biological, social: to achieve the maximal healthy wealth for all human beings, cells of the superorganism of history. Its method follows the laws of efficient super organisms, based in the understanding of the ‘drives of existence of mankind’ – OUR need for ENERGY, information, reproduction and social evolution (love, peace).
Those drives that make the individual human being ‘thrive’ are ‘expressed’ in a mathematical frame of reference whose values are NOT prices.

That frame of reference has a negative side. Where lethal goods have ‘negative value’.

And so the maximisation of the positive side of the frame of reference of WHEALTH.

AND THE minimisation of its negative values, is the goal of Ethonomics, and IN THE PERFECT WORLD, ALL ECONOMISTS ARE ETHONOMISTS.

THIS IS WRITTEN with an equation, in the paradoxical form of all evolutionary, survival equations of general systems:

Max. Human goods x Min. Lethal Goods = WHealth.

This equation is also called the Constitution of Mankind, as it would create a ‘Healthy Superorganism of Mankind’.

The sickness of the Organism of History

We are biological beings, which follow the biological drives and laws ofEusocial evolution of living organisms and efficient, survival species.

Thus, without the understanding of the Nature and Needs of human beings, it is impossible to design a perfect economical world, made to the image and likeness of man.

In brief, an efficient economy that caters to the human species, should satisfy and re=produce massively those goods that satisfy our need for natural energy, verbal information, family values (reproduction) andEusocial evolution (the memes of love that create a global super-organism of mankind) hrough the control and direction of credit by elected governments to the re=production of those goods.

The present world however is not ruled by bio-historians and politicians who understand the nature of man, but by financial economists with a simple primitive meme: greed is good, the reproduction of money, mostly for ourselves, bankers, is the goal of societies. The needs of the people are secondary to our selfish goal. And so only the nationalization of money to promote a welfare, private economy that subventions and encourages the production of biological goods can solve the problems of our world.

Otherwise the present economy ruled by financial elites and company-mothers of machines, whose only goal is to make profits by sellingmachines and substituting expensive human labor by cheap robots and pcs will end up in a world of infinite productivity and null human labor where we will be obsolete workers and soldiers, guided by economists who preach productivity laws – the substitution of labor by capital, sinceproductivity=capital/labor increases when we fire workers and increase capital=machines.

This world also will become less and less democratic as the sinking of a middle class, substituted by those machines and displaced into the 3rd world of suburban ghettos protests and must be repressed by an  increasing number of automated police machines, security systems and big brother technologies. Thus Keynesian Militarism will substitute Keynesian Welfare goods and an age of neofascism in the making, will control the population that rebels against the zeitgeist of our age.

The alternative science: ethonomics – a demand, democratic economy based in human goods.

A biological approach to economics can truly understand the nature of machines , and how they are transforming our human ecosystem. Then as the doctor does with the body we can design antidotes, and counter-measures to defend our social body of history, from the lethal mutation it is experienced under the effect of certain machines. Indeed, there is a second role that a scientist plays. He does not search for the laws of natureonly to know those laws, but he studies them to manipulate reality with that knowledge. Since the scientist knows the laws of nature, he can modify reality to improve his existence. So happens in the science of chemistry and medicine. Now man can cure many diseases of which he was a victim in the past. The doctor applies the laws of nature to improve the life of humanity.

Hence the enormous importance of a “real” science of economics and history. If man applies a “true scientific model” of history and economics, based not in abstractions and ideologies of machines, but in the natural goods, and needs of the human species, politicians, economists, and the common people, could direct in their own advantage the behavior of the Earth’s ecosystems, and design their own future (as scientists do, with those species whose laws of behavior and change they know). Men could create a future positive to our species, controlling the financial orders that reproduce machines, with verbal ethic laws, and implementing counter-measures against lethal products, reinforced by the military -the leukocytes of a well-run human organism- to cure the ecosystem of history.

If the “doctors” of history and economics, our entrepreneurs and politicians, our military and economists, were able and willing to understand the laws of financial networks and evolutionary machines, and the way they invent the future, they could manipulate history andeconomics in favor of man, of our collective species. They do the opposite today, cheated by complex ideologies in favor of all kind of machines, that do not distinguish the good from the bad apples of the tree of science. In this manner subconsciously they are directing mankind towards self-suicide, and destruction of his natural ecosystem.

The natural, biological Goods of a human economy

In the graph, the 3 organic goals of mankind, human social evolution human energy, and human information, are fostered by certain goods. If we give to each good a certain value in those 3 organic goals, we can put them within the frame of reference. Positive Y values are given to goods that foster human mental-informative evolution. Negative Y values are given to goods thatdiminish human mental evolution. Positive X values are given to goods that foster human body evolution. Negative X values are given to goods that foster human body devolution. Finally, in the positive Z coordinates we consider goods that foster human social communication and reproduction of social networks. In negative Z coordinates we consider goods that diminish human social communication.

Since we know thanks to the laws of the vital Universe the nature of human mental and body evolution it is very easy to put in one of such graphs all kind of goods, and classify them as negative goods with negative GDP value, to be extinguished, or positive goods to be promoted. The product of its XYZ coordinates will give the negative or positive value of a good for the national GDP.

A scientific frame of reference establishes negative and positive values, according to the language and the frame of reference. From the point of view=frame of reference of ethonomics, of economics of verbal thought, and human survival, we can establish a positive and a negative value for economical products.

In such frame of ethical reference, we can take judgment and make valuations on metal-species, based in human biological values, not in the values of money . What extinguishes or degrades human minds, or human bodies, is negative; what promotes human life, evolution, and perception through human senses is positive. Such products should be promoted by politicians and ethonomists, governments and markets. The lethal products should be limited.

In the world of economics we have to differentiate the products reproduced by companies and individuals into two clear groups:

– Human goods which are goods that men require to survive, and better themselves.

– metal goods such as weapons or metal-heads, or robots, which harm human beings, expel labor, and create unemployment, kill our bodies, make our minds obsolete and will surely when they reach consciousness compete as top predators of energy and information for the control of the Earth.

The wealth of a nation should be defined as the wealth in Human Goods,that most citizens require and enjoy, because they improve their lives. These goods create also a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. Such is the case of art, housing, agriculture, health and education, that need human labor

Countries like Spain came very up that list, headed by nations like Australia, Canada, and France. On the whole nations of the European Union are well up in that least, despite their perceived military and monetary weakness. On the other hand countries like America or Russian whose societies are/were based in the production of lethal goods sunk in the real standards of life of their people.

Indeed if we measure today wealth by the quantity of money and expensive items, such as weapons and complex machines a nation has, America is on top of the world. Yet in the list of healthy nations it appears way down. Since in that list certain goods do not add to the health of nations. To have more missiles in the statistics of GDP growth does not make a nation healthier. To have hundreds of TV channels, and internet connections, instead of libraries and good schools does not make children more intelligent, sociable, and happier. To measure all the things and humans by their monetary value, price or salary, make us economic objects. Yet monetary values are different, sometimes completely opposed to human values. For example murder and weapons are very expensive. They have however a negative human value. Yet human values and human goods is what make us happy.

America and the EU, the powerful and the socially evolved nation, the wealthy and the healthy, the nation ruled by abstract economists,primitive ideologies of animetals and digital numbers, or the nation who still reveres human culture (arts, verbal thought), in which there are still certain ideals about the progress of history, and concerned citizens which want to evolve socially, seem to be opposed in many ways. Which one is a better nation for its citizens?

Perhaps we should ask to the neutral people of the world, that vote visiting one and the other. Their decision is clear, because despite so muchpropaganda and hip about the American way of life, provided by its media companies, tourists go to Europe more often, and hardly travel across America… Obviously they do not want to share the main wealth of present America, its weapons, and the growing discomfort of a people that despite their many qualities, hard work, and thirst for life, are suffering the consequences of ill-devised physiological systems, that rule the American nation.

Europe used to be like that before the II World war. Then Europe ran into wrong ideas about what health and power should be as America does today. European Nations invested on “lethal goods”, germs-like weapons, and information became corrupted. It became propaganda to cover up, such false “wealth”, that showed up in all statistics as an impressive growth in GDP… Totalitarism arrived. Nations suddenly preached the doctrine of “action” and “violence”, to solve the problems of our age. Sustained by the weapon-germ industry, fascism and Stalinism terrorized Europe for 2 long decades. Yet people in fascist and communist countries did not know they were reproducing “germ”-products, because thenetworks of information –mainly radio and press– were optimist about the future, and praised the beauty of war; denying systematically any wrong doing by those politicians and entrepreneurs, on top of society.

To that aim, words and economic numbers were “read” in a convenient way. So Germans and Russians thought they were very “w-healthy”, while marching under the banner of industrial progress. Their minds were brain-washed, and their love for things like sports and technology, filled up their life… Everybody looked at Germany with envy. The economical miracle of Hitler was very much praised by the press of that age.

Germany had the highest rates of economic growth, even if that growth was in lethal machines. It did not matter. Numbers cheated people. Germans were all at work… making lethal, expensive weapons, that counted in the optimist statistics of economics. As America -the paradigm of metal wealth does today- Germany had the best weapons and best communication systems… who delivered an unending stream of confusing, propagandistic news, and violent speeches…

Indeed, nations with a lot of weapons and high-tech goods look very rich, because weapons and high-tech goods are the most expensive items of society. So a nation who had many of his people without basic attention, and basic goods, like communist Russia, fascist Germany, or XXI century America, but had/has a lot of weapons looks very wealthy.

Yet weapons had to be used, and they were used, and I world war, came, and II world war came. Europe suffered as never mankind had suffered before. It was a hard lesson, that Europe learnt after the war. Enemy nations who seemed irreconcilable like Germany and France, suddenly realized all was militaristic propaganda and “the endemic cultural racism” among them, disappeared.

Nations joined together. The rich switched from weapons production to human goods, that fed the social cells. The politicians decided to keep the poor healthy and educated, instead of teaching them how to use weapons, that could turn against the elite. Guided by the nervous-legal system, thanks to subventions, the economy soon was able to produce the human goods that every cell of society required to live with the proper energy and information (such as food, health, housing, and education). It worked. Europe did not have a war for the rest of the century, till last year… in Kosovo.

It seemed that Europe had evolved his pre-war, primitive free market system into a more natural social organism, that made people happier, avoiding war and violence, and ensuring the rich, their position in society, as responsible information cells. There were no more revolutions, civil unrest, pogroms and other penalties against the “freed”=Freedom of greed of stockrats, owners of company-mothers proper of less evolved societies…

We have to consider that after the II WW America did not take note of the lessons Europe had learnt. It did not reform its blood-freed market system. Instead it opted for wealth at any price, as Germany had done. It made of “GNP” numbers which are biased to weapons and high-tech, the main statistics to show the wealth of the nation. It ignored its “human development”. The rich thought they would be happier putting more zeros to accounts they already could not spent in an entire life, instead of sharing part of that wealth to create a healthy nation, where they could walk around without fear. So those industries with higher profits -weapons and computers– despite their clear dangers for the national well-being, became the backbone of the American economy.

And so today America as Germany before the war, ruled by castes ofanimetals who are blind to any rational vision of history is pushing head to head with those nations whose systems she “has created to its image and resemblance” such as Taiwan, Japan, or South-Korea, towards a rule in which machines substitute and men, robots menace the survival of our species, company-mothers dominate governments, and individuals devolve to a primitive “bacterium-like state”, loose their freedom,dedicating their entire life to reproduce and vitalize machines, ignoring anything about social evolution, and the survival of the species. Plainly the American model, as primitive as the German and European models were before the war, are leading mankind towards extinction. It is what we call Neofascism, imposed by the power of weapons and the corruption of money, against the will of the American people and the human people at large.

It is a question of ideologies, against reason. How can then we introduce some reason, some scientific truths in the world of ideological economics? Let us try to do that in this page. The first task of such real science of economics should be to classify goods according to their positive or negative effects in the human kind.

It is fundamental to divide goods between metal goods which are devolutionary of man, and cannot be consumed-destroyed easily, without polluting the Carbo-Earth; and human goods which cater to human senses: food, housing, agriculture, art forms, tourism, transport, health care, education, etc. metal goods are either weapons, tools of pricing, or technological machines and metal senses: instruments “who” substitute human bodies and Minds, since they increase human perception. Those 3 kind of goods are the most desired by man, and yet the most harmful to man. Their regulation should not be given to the market that makes them top predators over human goods, but to a worldwide Government: The World Union, and its ministries.

In Ethonomics it is fundamental to understand the concept of negative price value. In Ideological Economics in favor of metal-wealth, weapons and digital machines add to the GNP. In a real ethonomical system, that maximizes human welfare, lethal products have negative values. They do not add but subtract to the GNP of a nation, since they go against the evolution of mankind.

Perhaps some theoretical background on the nature of scientific coordinates, is required to understand the Ethonomical coordinates of values.

Since knowledge is subjective, when describing a Universal ecosystem, we need to create first a linguistic frame of reference, or coordinates with negative and positive parameters, that describe in terms of our “linguistic values”, the Ecosystem.

In physics we do use mathematical coordinates, with positive (+) or negative (-) values referred to the space-time position of the observer. For example if we measure speed, negative acceleration rests in the negative side of the frame of reference and positive acceleration adds. It follows that in Ethonomics we need also negative and positive prices referred to the effect of products in the observer (the Human species). The frame of reference in Ethonomics is the Human constitution:

Max H[g] = Min M[g]. Or Human[goods]=positive; Metal[goods]=negative.

Since the goal of the constitution is to increase human goods, metal goods that “decelerate” human evolution, and the creation of a healthy body of History, based on the Human constitution have negative value. Human goods that accelerate human evolution, have positive value. So the “health and human wealth” of a nation, its “real GNP” that measures the “real utility” of products for human societies, is calculated adding the production of Human goods, and discounting the production of lethalmetal goods. The outcome will give us a more accurate measure of the “healthiness” of a human society.

Religious authorities should back ethonomical systems and the rules of societies by the laws of biohistory.

Masters of verbal ethics in the past (religious prophets) [love religions] have all classified human and metal goods in the same terms, since the age of the Tree of science. There is no scientific excuse to classify all goods in positive terms. Only rhetoric might convince you that TV-consumptionand weapons consumption is good to man. Those are clearly negative species that devolve the human mind and body. So they are in the lower Y and X coordinates of the ethonomical frame of reference. Their value should be discounted, not added to the GDP of nations.

The extinction of nature, of ethic religions (networks of human information) and agricultural societies (networks of human energy) are sides of the same problem. Historians, ecologists, religious societies and social parties should understand that process of extinction, with the law of biology, since it is a process of death of a social organism. Then they should ally together against the advance the “germs”, of the lethal products, of the III Earth, the Metal-earth and its reproductive organs, stock-markets that deviate credit from the reproduction of human goods, and finance, company-mothers which reproduce those goods, mainly weapons, and metal-heads, that kill or make obsolete human bodies and brains .

The problems of mankind, are problems of a collective species, that affects the entire planet and only can be cured at planetary level, through international organizations, that should be given the power to do so by nations, most of them abstract organizations, without a real cultural origin, mainly created by old castes of “animetals”, that divide artificially our species, and prevent the analysis and cure of the entire Organism of History, the Planet Earth.

In that sense, History can only be understood not from the perspective of the Individual species, but from the perspective of the “physiological” networks of energy and information, that truly rule and design the planetary, organic ecosystem.

The vision of a nation that a bio-economist or bio-historian has is very much that of a doctor, who sees the body of a human being, as a collection of individual cells (human beings in history), joined by two basic networks, the blood network of energy -the economic network- and the nervous network of information, the legal orders that society obey. The main learning a doctor requires to keep his patients healthy, is called physiology. Physiology ensures the understanding and well-functioning of the energy-blood and information-nervous networks of any social body. When those two networks are healthy, all the cells of your body receive energy-food and proper information, and survived.

A bio-historian sees his nation in a similar way: as a social organism, that politicians -the informative brain of laws- and industrialists -the blood system of goods- had to keep healthy, giving the proper energy and information to all the social cells, to avoid their collapse and death by the main sickness of historic organisms: war, poverty and ignorance. To him poverty and ignorance are anti-natural, a symptom of physiological sickness in those two organic systems. A sign of corrupted laws, and a corrupted system of credit that reproduced lethal goods, which the body-cells did not require.

After all every single cell of the body receives from its energy-blood system, and its nervous-information system, a minimum quantity of those two precious goods needed to survive. The nervous system informs the cells who trust the nervous system and move the social body to escape danger. The blood system feeds them so they can run away. Yet when the systems ofenergy and information of the body fall sick, the entire organism suffers. Then, when both systems collapse, the body dies. So happens to a society, where collective sickness such as external or internal war, and the expansion of “germs”, of lethal goods, such as weapons, are often the product of a bad ruled organism, with unjust laws and lack of production of human goods, that cells need (education, food, housing, etc.). To the bio-economist the minimal rights of the cells, the right to have fair prices in those goods they needed, the right to have health care, and available jobs, are natural rights for all cells of a healthy organism. Unlike many politicians that blame the people (the cells) of the sickness of the social organism, the bio-historian knows better. He knows that in most social bodies, when the physiological systems, the energy and information systems work properly, the cells respond, and work hard to maintain the blood and nervous systems. Yet in anysocial organism the main responsibility for collective health is not in the individual cells of the body, but in the privileged cells of those systems, who control the information and energy of nations, the vital resources of the country. So the bio-historian, the honest politician or economist, wants the blood system of industrialists and bankers (who control the money, the salaries and prices, the vital energy that made the social cells work) and the nervous system of politicians (who create the laws, the vital information of the nation) to design healthy organic systems, the best possible system for the people.

The “organic-nation” requires as any organism, that all cells have a minimum quantity of the right energy and information to survive. This does not mean, that all cells of the organic nation have to be equally rich in energy-money, or equally cultured in information, since organisms and cells are not equal. Each cell has a purpose, and it becomes differentiated soon after birth. If you are born in the brain region you will become an informative cell, which is the top cell of the organism, with unlimited supply of blood, and a lot of knowledge. If you are born into the feet, you will become a hard working cell, supporting with your physical strength the entire organism. Yet still you will receive blood, and you will be able to complain when the body treats you bad, sending pain messages to the brain cells. Otherwise the organism would collapse. Since if your feet cells die, or suffer too much, they will refuse to move you. The worker-cells will go on strike…

So utopias such as communism are also not natural to Universal organisms. Yet today we are far away from utopias, in the other extreme, of an organism in which each cell caters for its needs, and the information cells of the brain prey over the energy cells of the body. That process has also a name in physiology: leukemia, nervous cancer, or merely old age, since old age is a process of selfish degeneration of the body by the brain cells. Such is the present case of history in which the working people suffer in excess, under unfair laws and salaries (nervous and blood orders) from the privileged blood and neuron cells of modern history. Today the physiological cells of history lost in their fantasies of power , often forget that they belong to a social body, that they would not exist without the feet cells. They abandon their social responsibility and then the body falls sick.

In your mind, the brain cells think about God and the Universe, about Love and Fun, about pleasures so remote to the working cells of the feet, that often they forget the pain messages of those down-to-Earth individuals. If they could cut the nervous-pain messages of the feet they would do. Yet the organism is wise, and does not allow the neuron cells to degenerate in their duties, to run amok into their fantasies. So they take care of the body. Unfortunately historic organisms are not so well put together. They are recent inventions. In the social, evolutionary scale of the Universe that grows from atoms to molecules, from molecules to cells, from cells to organisms, from organisms to societies, the historic society is the last one to appear. It seems it is not yet perfect.

Certainly there have been improvements over more primitive social systems such as monarchies. Today human societies have found the right concept: a democracy in which the government cells are chosen by the body cells, and are controlled by pain messages, by judges, and laws, to oblige them to use their legal privileges for the welfare of all the people. Yet it happens often that those politicians prevent with unjust laws the proper workings of the democratic system, that should allow a feed back from citizens to government, from muscle cells to neurons.

Obviously we have not built the perfect social organism, since we suffer still wars, and hunger, and lack of education among our people. There is still a lot to do, a lot of responsible work to accomplish by the privileged neurons before they can sleep over into the realm of imagination and say: our nation is a perfect running organism. Many reforms are required, many laws ill-designed need to be changed. Yet where else but in Nature, in the way Nature constructs its perfect social organisms, can we look to find teachings to our collective goal: the evolution of history and economics for the betterment of the Human Kind?

The equation of the human constitution: Human Goods Vs Metal Goods: Max H[g]=Min M[g]

The fundamental measure that all those organisms take to maintain their body healthy, and allow their growth and evolution is to multiply the natural goods (human goods) the organism and its cells require, and control the infections by lethal goods, that poison the organism. This should be the only aim of bio-economists, and bio-policians: to create goods that help the Human Organism, and destroy goods that attack and destroy the bodies and brains of the cells of history: weapons that kill humans, and metal-heads that make human brains obsolete.

We call that goal, the “Human Constitution”, since it truly is the goal that allows to constitute a healthy organism of history. We can express that goal with a mathematical or verbal sentence:

Creation of Human Goods = Extinction of metal goods.

The constitution is in that sense dual: it implies the control of metal-species of information (metal-heads) and lethal energy (weapons) of higher complexity than the brain and body of man, and the multiplication of human goods that favor our survival.

Obviously, to achieve those goals politicians and the military in one side, and economists and industrialists in the other should act together. Politicians and the military should create World systems of power, able to implement laws, and reinforce them if required by force, to abort the reproduction of robots, metal-heads, and weapons. Economists should design new worldwide systems of credit that would promote the reproduction of Human Goods, and limit the investments in Lethal goods. Let us consider in this page some of those economical goods, implemented by “ethonomists”, economists ruled by the ethic laws of mankind, which are the laws of survival of the species.

Since the human constitution is merely the application of the Universal laws of survival to the survival of the Carbon-Earth ecosystem. Today those human goals of survival, have been forgotten due to the power of companies, and the wrong concept of knowledge defended by scientific institutionsand abstract economists. Those wrong ideologies of history are very powerful, not because they are right but because they are very old and through the mere processes of historic inertia today they control most of the present national and world institutions: national governments, company foundations, universities paid by companies, prizes like the Nobel prize given by a bank, or economic forums that only represent companies and the wealthy such as the Davos and GATT conferences, the IMF, the World Bank, International institutions from the cold war era, etc.

All these institutions affirm a false Postulate which validates metal economics. What we might call the Smith Postulate: “The wealth of nations is the quantity of money and machines a nation has”. Once this postulate is religiously accepted as a matter of faith, since men want to be wealthy, it follows that our objective in life must be to reproduce more machines and more money. This is represented mathematically by an equation that we might call the Equation of National product (MV: quantity of money = PT: quantity of products of great prices, mainly machines).

Thereafter all politicians and economists, indoctrinated by the Smith Postulate, will try to increase the National Product of a nation, measured as the money and machines the nation has. However the Smith Postulate does not define thewealth of nations. It is more a religious postulate founded on the work of people such as Smith, believer in Calvinism, who tried to support the doctrine of Calvin: “The intelligence of God is money”. It is a historical fact that the time when a nation has more money and machines is during periods of war. Then the quantity of human goods, basic for our survival, such as food, housing, life and Freedom are minimal. It seems in fact that the more machines and money there are in a society, the less quantity of human goods and human life, (the true wealth of nations) there are.

So if money and machines are not the wealth of nations, how should we define wealth in human terms? This is the question that economists and politicians should ask themselves, and answer scientifically, to face the rather obsolete economic discourse of metal parties, still holding onto the religious postulate of Mr. Smith.

What you call Economics, are a very rudimentary analysis of the ecosystem of machines and prices, biased to favor the point of view of Companies and go[l]d religions: “metal-evolution=human progress”. Economics cannot be considered a Science under such myths. Economics are the only science that do not use a complete frame a reference, to measure the value of their species. This is often ignored by scientists; but we cannot claim to be reaching any real knowledge without a frame of reference, a dimensional system in which to measure the value in time and space of the species of the ecosystem, we study. This is solved with the ethonomical frame of reference.

The ethonomical frame of reference allows to systematize the goals of the Human Constitution, as well as translate them into practical measures of economical an political nature. It is the main tool to implement the Human Constitution, since it should inform the decisions of work, credit and consume of the citizens and leadership of the World Union.

In ethonomics, accountancy is very simple: GDP aggregated value of all digital industries: – x trillion $ subtracted from the national GNP. Extinction of all those industries = + x trillion $ added to GDP growth. Extinction of Metal heads and weapons could imply an enormous increase of perhaps 30% in world wealth in the new GNP statistics, plus maybe another 30% of credit, paid in compensations to bail out companies and proprietors, money that becomes reinvested in Human goods.

We are creating here a Demand based economy where the true wishes of most humans -human goods- not the offer of technological companies, will be the guidance of ethonomical laws and prices. Entire sectors of the economy which have absolute negative value for Humanity, in biological terms (Digital machines, marketing-propaganda and weapon’s production) could be limited. Yet people will see increases on their statistical wealth.

The limits to metal-evolution set by the Human Constitution avoid both our extinction and poverty. We talk of two “safety limits”, 1972 -threshold of chips-, 1939 -threshold of atomic weapons and TVs-. At least the first of those thresholds should become the aim of the World Union, to return back history within the limits of human survival.

For practical reasons we will consider the age of digital chips which started around 1972 the age of digital chips which started around 1972 the closest limit of human survival and the political and economical goal of the doctors of history, of a World Union.

The minimal date of devolution of a metal-species to ensure human survival, 1972, is back to the age previous to LSI circuits, color TV, and satellite networks. In military technology a desirable limit is the second WW which the Atomic Age started in. Those dates caused a jump of complexity in Metal minds and weapons that made obsolete human minds and bodies. Human devolution in bodies (by wars) and Verbal Minds (by digital images and mathematical prices) has accelerated, since those products were discovered. Verbal standards keep dropping as people watch moretelevision. While A-Bombs meant for the first time since the birth of Man, a growing probability of total carbolife extinction. With the arrival of chips, applied to all kind of hunting machines [from fishing boats to weapons that erase all kind of species] the process of obsolescence of human minds, and carbolife bodies has reached exponential nature. As programs of star wars give to satellites and computers the decision to throw atomic bombs, in the future the decision of Human extinction can be taken by chips, a species alien to carbolife. Star wars will make that decision in the nearby future, when Artificial Intelligence appears , much more probable. Since alien species have no “ethical mandate” for the extinction of other species, and metalife needs not water and, or carbolife energy to exist.

Ethonomic measures to create human goods and diminish lethal goods

Yes money

Yes money is the currency of the World Union, the perfect world. In the ideal model it doesn’t matter how the planet reached the point of understanding of bio-history, to realize of the need of the ‘yes’ money + money, which adds in its creation to the collective ‘happiness’ of the human super organism (Max. ExI function of existence, E=I).

Let us consider that in this planet yes money is created by the fixed parity creation of 1 euro = 1 dollar =100 genes = 20 yyans, and the issue with it of a Universal Salary to all the members of the world union.

Starting with China, Japan, the Euro zone and the States, Yes money would obviously become with more than 2/3rds of gap and 1/2 of human population the global currency soon expanded to the entire human population.

With a Universal salary of 10.000 yes per head , 70 trillion yes are issued every year at planetary level, and that is the only form of creating money-oxygen in the world union; next in the ‘second layer’ of creation of money 7 trillion are awarded to governments to create infrastructures, and only 700 billion to the next layer of personal credits, and 70 billion to the scale of corporations… whose shares become fixed prices, non-anonymuous, and its ownership split 50-50 between private shareholders and the state (2 to 1 split, with the shares going to the government).

Departing from such hierarchical scalar distribution, the Economy of the Perfect World is human, based in the massive demand of poor people for basic stuff, food, housing, health-care and transport

Next governments ill keep infrastructures, humans will get credit for peronsal projects, and finally corporations will get credit, so they must self-finance and halt the growth of the mechanocene.

Since the purpose of mankind is to abort the ‘mechanocene’ age.

Once we have clear the goal of economists, nations and industrialists, to produce human goods, we should implement measures to that aim. The question we ask ourselves first to do so is: How an economic society reproduces our two kinds of goods? It does so through credit, that is through the invention of money, which later on is used to give orders to citizens, that will work under salaries, reproducing either one or the other kind of goods. However, there are two ways to invent money in our society.

Money can be invented in the stock-marketthrough paper-shares, which are a credit given to a company. That company-mother will then use that money to invent and market their product. Money also can be invented through governments, and banks, by means of paper-money. Again that money is later on used by the government to reproduce or promote the products of the welfare state. We talk of 2 kinds of deficits: deficit of stock-markets, and deficit of governments.

Technically speaking, both deficits mean the same thing; it is free money, invented to reproduce goods. If either the market or the government invents too much money, there is inflation and money loses value. So there is a limit to the quantity of money governments and stock-markets should be allowed to reproduce, or else, the economy becomes unstable. However both kinds of money, are not used in the same way. The market, since it appeared in the XVII century in Holland, as an instrument for the reproduction of gunboat weapons, systematically invents money for metallic goods, but it I hardly invents a penny for human goods.

The former happens because “stockrats”, the owners of companies only look for profits, and profits are higher in expensive goods (the most expensive goods are weapons) and software goods (digital goods very cheap to reproduce). This is why there are so many weapons and “metal-heads” in our societies. We do not need them, but the credit of the market reproduces them. and we have to consume them. On the other hand, the government invents money for welfare goods, human goods, needed by humanity, which also creates a lot of employment.

So we have to increase the money invented by governments and diminish the money reproduced by company-mothers of lethal goods in stock-markets. Economists and Politicians are the doctors of history. They should direct economics for the betterment of man. They should “prune” the tree of science, destroying its “bad=extinctive” products, in order to create a true paradise of human goods where men and not machines, are free. Where all of society is free and not only the product and the market, as right-wing=metal parties desire.

We could talk of a new approach to economics, “ethonomics”, where ethics, and laws in favor of mankind and human goods, should control credit in order to create true wealth for mankind.

a global currency ¥€$ money

Government deficits. To correct those anomalies, all the nations of the world should agree to a massive government deficit in human goods, parallel in all nations, to reduce stock credit and multiply human goods. Today if a government in those zones of the Earth where stock power is not absolute tries to curb stock credit and increase government credit of human goods [government deficit], the world-stockratic community attacks and sinks its national currency. Social governments are penalized with currency crashes, which cause them an incapacity to print money for human goods (end of welfare states).

Thus it would be necessary to create a global currency ¥€$ money, with fixed rates between Yuans, Yens, Euro and Dollar, for a +75% of the global economy – an international currency as the one Keynes wanted to found, which being the main global currency cannot be crashed or devalued (against whom?), and hence it can raise state deficit to a fixed of 15% annual rate – enough to create a welfare state for all the inhabitants of those nations – a currency to which others will soon peg. This would create an immediate demand for human goods.

During this years as the Euro comes close to parity, this fundamental tool of the World Union could be implanted automatically, canceling the forex market of speculators and setting a  Euro=Dollar=100 Yens global Yes currency by a mere agreement between the 3 central banks and solve the scandalous profiteering and destruction of democracies taken place under the pressure of speculative houses.

The Law of deficit could be the first Law approved by a World Union.

Government Deficit will be mandatory to all nations, at the level of stock deficit. It will create an inflationary state against metal goods; and re-distribute wealth towards producers of Human goods. Ethonomists should redesign economical rhetoric to favor positive perception of inflation and government deficit among citizens, explaining ethonomics in terms of human goods; and designing systems of negative GNP valuation for devolutionary metal-goods.

Today the systematic investment of stock-markets in technological species plummets investments in Human stocks, in Human Goods. So we write:

Max up stock = Max. Metal form Investment = Min. Human Goods Investment [Housing-food stuffs-education-health care-textiles-urban transport etc.]=Max. inflation in human Goods Prices.

Human goods companies are in Stock-markets the laggards unless provided lavishly by government’s money (case of health-care companies). A massive government deficit could have the opposite effect.

Ethonomical reforms of the stock market

The aim of Human governments should be to modify the behavior of credit in present markets, in favor of Human Goods. To achieve that goal some basic reforms could be implemented:

– Technological Companies will make their shares nominal, requiring a Notary (Roman law) or Judge (Anglo-Saxon law) to be transferred.

– Companies that produce lethal products, (weapons, Metal minds) will be bailed out of the system at market price, to avoid resistance of their stockratic owners, and extinguished.

Indeed, to avoid the outright boycott of stockrat owners of Metal companies, which -let’s not forget control today through lobbying all the systems of power of the World- a massive bail out of lethal companies, through Yes money, could be implemented.

Cartels could keep up profits on those metal companies that have to stay in the market to maintain fundamental systems of the Metal-earth, that do not require further evolution, such as electricity, airplane companies, wired telephony, etc.

This has been done in non-efficient nations of totalitarian character, proving great inefficiency of reproduction in monopolies such as communications. So, against the present tendency of competition in telecom and computer systems, nations should return back to the age of hefty monopolies and inefficiency of service. Cartels could maintain profits for stock holders and control both the models in the market – which now will be “simplified makes”, and the arrival of new companies, eliminated by all the dirty tricks of legal Cartels. After bailing out the excess of companies such cartels could freeze digital evolution.

– New shares in tech companies will not be able to trade in stock-markets.

– The Law of Anonymous societies which gives special privileges to stockrats and prevents the needed responsibility of companies for his acts, will be abolished.

Shareholders in proportion to his stock-power will be responsible economically for the illegal acts of their companies. Management will hold also civil responsibility.

Devolution of Products, end of Patent Rights

In an Ethonomical World, innovation is taboo. Companies in fact devolve products, and so research is no longer needed. Patents are forbidden. Universities dedicated to the study of lethal products (robotics, computer sciences) are eliminated in all worldwide curriculums. An original measure could focus companies and consumers in the goals of recreating a human paradise, and should be implemented worldwide:

Control of temporal evolution by “moving backwards clock-time”. With this symbolic measure humans will understand that the aim of the World Union is to reverse the evolution of metal machines. Metal-clock years should move backwards as man devolves backwards metal species. Companies will be obliged by law to produce all models according to the new calendar. Each year companies will produce previous generations of machines, regressing to the barrier of 1972-products, when e-money and chips were born. Again, a strong government can achieve that. Cuba was at the “1959” level of Metal-Evolution for 30 years, with high standards of health-care and education… Of course that was a dictatorship, yet without attempting basic rights, only the rights of machines, the World Union could create “capital punishment” for lethal machines, and destroy factories of such machines, compensating their owners with World money…

In such backwards-world, since the methods of reproduction and management are already established in the past, work becomes relaxed, and the life of workers much easier… Further on in a still economy without technological progress, poor nations that today are lagging behind, with real unemployment close to 50%, could now catch up much faster, and join progressively the World Union, with growing numbers of workers. This will avoid present immigration problems.

We are creating here a Demand Economy, by creating Human Goods and metal industries which are positive for Human evolution, and need a lot of Human Labor.

Local stocks and Yes money: The last Radiation of Money

It has to be noticed that in the past, Human r=evolutions of History were paid with a radiation of new currency. The French had their continentals, Lincoln his green backs…

As in all previous cre[dit]ations of human r=evolutions (credit implies today the creation of reality hence the name/verb cre[dit]ation, credit=creation, that we use for the acts of creation performed by money), it is clear that to achieve the extinction of company-mothers of lethal products their owners will have to be compensated. And so, the only way to construct a human Union and give orders to the human population is with a new radiation of money – the last radiation – able to equalize the monetary value of stock-shares, and buy them out according to the values of the Human Constitution and its Ethonomical frame of reference. When a company or product is eliminated of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem, automatically the Ministry issues “Yes money” a worldwide currency product of the Unification of the Yen and Yuan, the Euro and the $-dollar, to buy out at market price all shares on such companies. The owners of companies destroyed and paid in monetary value will substitute them with massive investments in human industries.

It is necessary to radiate worldwide money to back the Human Constitution. A single worldwide currency, Yes money (Yen+Yuan expanded to Asia, Euro+Pound+Ruble, $ expanded to South America), could avoid the risks of hyper-inflation and capital evasion, that plagues today’s welfare-based nations.

Yet to achieve an efficient worldwide radiation of good money, a single currency and so a single World government, a new organic level of human social evolution is required… Further on, inflation in yes money will multiply demand of human goods. Why? because Stock shares are metal money, M[g], while currency is Human money, H[g].

Indeed, currency is spent in higher quantity in human goods, that shares money. Currency is used by the poor which use more Human Goods. Currency creates an economy based on demand, not in offer, favoring also human goods, the most demanded goods of the economy. A demand economy will improve the Human Earth not the Metal Earth that tech stocks promote. The yes currency, present dollar, Euro and Yen+Yuan, is the single currency of the World Union, without limit of reproduction by the World Trade Ministry. Stock credit is limited by nominal shares which have by law in lethal metal-companies a fixed value, and hence cannot obtain speculative credit on the Market. Who issues credit then in a World ethonomy? Money is cre[dit]ated only in local stocks of Human Companies; or in currency by the 3 World ministries in their tasks of government.

Yes Money implies a single world currency, a banking-based cre[dit]ation system, the end of global metal stock-markets and e-money, a World Union, and a complete change of the Laws that today protect stock-companies’ absolute rights to credit. Its design is a technical formality if the wish and information about the survival of History spreads among our elite. It is the will of Survival of Mankind what can change this theoretical exercise into reality.

Substitution of taxation by cre[dit]ation of yes money

An interesting consequence of the new mode of cre[dit]ation developed by the World Union is the lack of personal income taxes, since the World union is an inflationary demand based economy, where money is invented by governments, not demanded to citizens who use it to cre[dit]ate human goods. The lack of taxation against citizens is a basic right of the World Union, and the true meaning of economical Freedom.

As in the present economy in which companies invent money a priori in stocks, to offer their products, even if they have no real demand before propaganda sells them out; in the World Union, money is created by governments to increase demand on human goods. The government creates money to produce its welfare goods. It does not ask the people for money through taxes.
Distribution of rent to poor countries

Yes Money is mainly spent in human goods cheaper in third world nations. The present artificial distribution of economical value in favor of metal nations is against third world nations. In the World Union, investment, workers and tourists will flock into tropical paradises, where human goods production could have higher demand, making investors richer.

Money invested in third World Nations, given their relative low prices, could buy many more products. Tourism will bring wealth to the third World and merge cultures much faster.

You might believe this is a fairy tale. It is not. Such system was widely used in the incipient European Union, where southern nations, Italy and Spain, with massive touristic influx, upgraded their life and cultural standards, due to tourism. It worked, closing the gap between Northern and Southern Europeans.

Further on, since human consumption of human goods has a limit, human goods will tend to flow towards third world countries, in the opposite direction of present flows of capital, from third world countries to metal-stocks. Such change will re-address a 400 years tendency by which entire continents like Africa are under priced. However this should not imply a lower standard of life in rich countries, since all the money created will be in substitution of devolutionary metal production. Let’s not forget that America will receive most of the new Yes money, since most of the digital companies are in that region, and given the inflationary prices of those stocks, compensated owners will receive “a lot” of money.

When they invest that money as tourists and citizens of America, or Great Britain, in third World Nations or human goods industries, for the first time in History they will not have to face the hating eyes of those which once were exploited by their stockratic systems. That love of mankind for his elites, is an added value, that not even Yes money can put a price.

Ultimately modern economies are based on the promotion of metal products, the products of rich countries, against Human Goods, the products of poor countries and the poor within (farmers, artisans etc.). Stocks only cre[dit]ate mechanical metal goods, creating a constant inflation in the price of human goods. This is a historical injustice -main cause of Carbolife extinction- that has to be reversed. It could be reversed, if credit for Human Goods Stocks and Yes currency are implemented.


Only a correct reading of Economic indicators, according to a model that differentiates human and metal goods, can provide humanity with arguments in favor of its social policies. Otherwise, as long as our societies accepts right-wing=metal economics, in open contradiction with the production of human goods, humanity will be serving the goals of machines. For example, in the past few months, we have observed a growth in inflation caused by the food and fuel sectors. Since agricultural credit is dwindling and credit to public transport also is going down, to favor credit in technology on the stock-market, the result is that “human energy-goods”, are under-produced, they become scarce, and their prices go up; while machine-energy (electricity) and machine-goods (robotics,“metal-heads”, and weapons) are over produced, and their prices go down. Yet our people desire food and cheap human energy, not robots and weapons… A real democratic system will credit those human goods, to increase their production and lower their prices. However, the dictatorship of democracies, the exclusive rights of credit, that stock-markets and companies have, promote robotics and weapons and digital software of higher profits. So there are more of those goods which destroy human jobs and human lives. Of course Economical rhetoric coming from the right, lies about the real cause of inflation in human goods, to hide the profits of stock-market speculation that creates millionaires and billionaires, by stealing all credit from governments, small businesses and producers of human goods.

One lie adds to another, and in the end all lies form an apparent true “science” together; based on false postulates, that we today call Economics. The result is that even our left-wing politicians today accept, either because they are corrupted or because they know very little about real economics, the explanations about inflation and productivity of right-wing=metal economists paid by companies of technological products…

The truth is that Inflation has been endemic in developed economies since electronic money was invented in the 70s to credit computer technology and its derivatives: telecommunications, robotics, and weapons. The truth is that productivity is an euphemism that hides the constant loss of human jobs, substituted by computers and robots, which is a result of the Third industrial Evolution.

Systematically economists have lied about these themes, accusing the products of poor countries (raw materials, agriculture and oil), as the cause of inflation. Even when oil prices tumbled in the 90s, and inflation escalated, they never explained to the public that inflation was caused by the free invention of money in stock-markets that multiplied by ten the monetary mass hold in company-shares. That is to say, companies freely received 10 times the quantity of money there was in America (Dow Jones moved from 1000 to 11.000). Such enormous credit, eliminated all credit to governments chosen by the people (laws of deficit zero), that could have created a paradise of Human Goods, that men desire: peace,Freedom, housing, food, education, tourism, environment, and why not, luxury, artistic goods… Instead we have robotics, 100 TV channels andcomputers, which eliminate jobs and through weapon systems, menace the life and well-being of mankind. Yet, the left-wing, obsessed by communist myths, has hardly noticed the irreparable spoil of the last decades.

The fight between social classes is not the engine of History when the elite and his companies reproduce human goods that people desire. It is only important when the elite, guided by greed, produces goods that destroy societies and individuals. Those goods are “military goods”, “fascist goods”, that erase our minds and bodies from existence. They are the goods systematically reproduced in these days, and promoted by parties which despite their marketing and “smiley” faces, are becoming as radical as fascist parties were in the 30s. We have to move back to Hitler, to find politicians that allow as the American parties allow, the existence of ±250 million weapons in the hand of citizens, military budgets, which are five times bigger than those of the next nation. Furthermore a legal, racist system, that penalizes the poor and the non-white races, and moves towards the exploitation of prisoners as workers-slaves, as well as a system of information that promotes systematically militarism, cult to weapons, violence, and sexual perversions through films, video-games, and the internet, within the reach of any youngster.

Fascism is not defined by uniforms and military parades, but by the policies of its parties. Do we want the neo-fascist model of present market ideologies, so cherished by our economists and right-wing=metal parties, because of its economical efficiency, to expand worldwide and provoke the systemic evolution of robotics, computers and weapons, till we humans no longer control the Mother Earth? Do we want the economical efficiency of Germany in the 30s? Have we forgotten what happened in the 40s? Do we want a virtual state of civil war similar to what is happening to America, of a World War such as the one Germany imposed upon the world, only to promote the wealth of a few “stockratic”speculators? All those who still feel human, left or right, animetals or social beings, selfish or solidarious, should speak loud and clear, about therights of survival of mankind, of verbal ethics, of our carbolife ecosystems, against scientific, religious and economic ideologies of false knowledge, false Gods and false wealth. They should learn a true science of economics, to avoid metal economics that keep cheating our citizens, who vote the destruction of our societies, blinded by technological propaganda. Today socialists vote parties that destroy credit to human goods, and the welfare state.

Today farmers vote Metal-parties that destroy credit to agricultural goods. Christians and Jewish vote Metal parties, that systematically promote weapons and greed, against the message of Christ, and Moses (he who kills by the sword dies by the sword; you cannot serve God and money at the same time, as the Word of God; those who adore the Golden calf will be punished in the years to come). All of them do so, cheated by Metal economics, and scientific ideologies that despise human senses and biological languages. Those ideologies undervalue systematically human goods, and over value metal goods, because they give higher profits to companies, and they give a false sense of superiority and intelligence to those who use such machines.

As long as Mankind does not learn ethonomics, and return to their roots, promoting the “genesian paradise”, of human goods, as long as they do not face the rhetoric about metal-wealth, that abstract economics provide, the world will walk towards the extinction of our species, prisoner of ideological and economical policies against them.



WHY WE are so sure that our models will work? Obviously because the UNIVERSE IS THE reference THAT WORK WITH THE SAME LAWS, CONSTRUCTING PERFECT PHYSIOLOGICAL SUPERORGANISMS. So we introduce now the essence of the fractal organic Universe: the constitution of the super organism of history is merely the translation to human social systems of those laws. Ultimately if a group of doctors instead of politicians and economists ruled the world, as they are experts in physiological healthy super organisms, they would do much better managing the world.

There is a fundamental element on cyclical time and organic time, which is ESSENTIAL to the prediction and ‘cure’ of the social organisms of history and the attempts to ‘halt’ the flow of time, and ‘establish a positive science of history and economics for mankind’, the concept of an scalar organic Universe, made of super organisms of cyclical time, which is also ESSENTIAL to XXI century science (‘systems will be the science of the XXI century’ said Hawking, and he is right). So we show it very briefly in the next graphs – for a full account of its laws, consider my web on general systems sciences at

The 3 planes of existence in 5D metric of the Human super organism, with its different synchronous cycles. The cell that lives one day, the organism that feeds with energy the cell every day, and the social civilisation extended in Gaia, which could be immortal but is killed by military germs every 800-80-8 years, in the accelerated vortex of metal-information now collapsing into the singularity age.

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

All systems of nature can be modeled as super organisms of a certain scale of size, ruled by the 5D metric equation, S (space size=energy) x T (frequency of information clocks) = Constant, which is the fundamental law that allows systems to be super organisms, traveling in the 5th dimension from birth as a fast seed (semen, meme, black hole) which will reproduce and organize into an emerging superorganism, living 3 ages of increasing information till either evolves into an even larger super organism (men into the global earth, cells into multicellular systems, galaxies into universes) or dissolves into an entropic death (big-bang, m=e/c2, death, war). Such is the fractal Universe in a nutshell. And so the trick to make a system immortal is both to organize it socially and to maintain it in the balance of the mature age, repeating its cycles without evolving an excess of information that warps and kills in the 3rd age the organism. Men are doing exactly the opposite, evolving further technological information and multiplying entropic weapons that divide us.

Now the next question is WHY biological, organic time has such a hard time to be applied and respected in social sciences?

The answer even if you are ‘prepared’ to reject it with an astounding quantity of memes that tell you the system is perfect, good, cares and any criticism is a ‘confabulation theory’ is very simple: an organism CENSORS the information that its body cells receive from its head. So I call this the anti quantum paradox of social sciences, inverse to the paradox of quantum physics where uncertainty is due to the big observer that changes the observable. in History is the opposite, the small observer is inside the organism of history and economics ruled by company-motehrs that reproduce our information with informative machines – the head of the economic system – you are reading this in an information machine, I am not telling it to you. So it is very easy to censor any information AGAINST informative machines, as a HUMANIST view on the cycles of History Does. Hence if i tell you the truth i won’t be distributed, if i tell you a fairy tale about the cycles of economics and history I will but I WONT BE MAKING SOCIAL SCIENCES.

THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE, from Plato sold as a slave when he tried to reform Syracuse, to Socrates murdered when he tried to criticize the corrupted Athenian Democracy, to Aristotle that ran out of the city for his life, to mention the 3 MASTERS of Greek science… When you criticize objectively for the good of mankind and science the head in power in each age of History YOU get beheaded in your little head inside the organism.

From Baboeuf who criticised the corruption of modern democracies in the French revolution to all the socialists that criticized the dictatorship of bankers in the Industrial revolution, to the true revolutionaries from Trotsky to Kondratieff to Orwell who criticised BOTH the capitalist dictatorship of bankers in our corrupted democracies and the military dictatorship of communist stalinism in communist dictatorships – the joke goes today that ‘Marx was right in all he said about capitalism, and wrong in all he said about communism’.

So when I applied my discoveries on cyclical time, organicism, general systems, the metric scales of the organic fractal Universe (5th dimension of space-time) to social sciences and found what is explained in this blog, of course I was ‘beheaded’. I lost my positions as chair of monetary systems and duality at the International congresses, and my contracts to teach were not renewed. In fact interesting enough, Duality the science I chaired was Cancelled, as today Dialectics, the dual logic of time cycles rediscovered by Hegel is taboo in philosophy of science and its earlier version, ‘taoism’, ‘yin-formation and yang-motion combine to create the infinite energy beings of the Universe’ which in modern science will say, ‘angular cyclical momentum=time clocks and lineal momentum=lineal time motion combine to give birth to the infinite cycles of vital energy, and those are the 3 elements of all systems the Universe conserves…

So duality gives birth to trinity BUT HUMANS in power WILL HAVE NONE OF IT. AS we ALL KNOW 80% of americans do not believe in evolution, as we ALL have a lineal memoriless manifest destiny, the machine, since as Eric Fromm put it, the ethics of a technological civilizations are simple: ‘if a machine can be done it will be done, even if it menaces to kill us all”.

That is how it works. So who are the people that control the world – exactly as Voltaire put it, those who you cannot criticize. And of course, IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE, YOU JUST NEED TO LOOK AT THE HEAD. THIS IS how it works in Historic organisms as any other system of nature: the head is ahead guiding the body-wave, the particle-head calculates logically the future, and passes the orders with the languages of power-information to the body that follows blindly.

IN ALL ORGANISMS as we explain in detail in the left side there are two social classes, the head that ISSUES THE LANGUAGES OF INFORMATION OF SOCIETIES, money and laws, the nervous and blood languages in organisms, and the body-cells that BELIEVE AND OBEY the orders of the languages. So organisms are ‘lanwaves’, LANGUAGES OF INFORMATION THAT COMMAND THE FUTURE.

AND IN OUR SOCIETY we repeat, the Financial-Media Networks of Informative machines of the organism of economics, NOT the military-industrial complex the body of machines GUIDES THE FUTURE. AND IN SOCIETY, the FMasters, the owners of the Financial-media machines (the owners of wall street and hollywood in America, which is the country ahead of mankind, which is imitated by all the Financial-media masters of all nations, so again to now the future of Mankind one has ONLY to look at the future of America, and to know the future of America one has to look only at the idol-ogies and goals of its Financial-Media Masters, which ARE the people that you cannot criticize as you ARE inside the body of America and they will behead=silence you, THANKS for being more subtle these days and just silence your distribution not beheading you as in the old good days of military dictatorships where at least, it WAS obvious who ruled, because cutting heads was a bit more noise).

So now that we know that 1)Time is cyclical and predictable or else there would not be science 2) you can predict the future cycles of economics and history as living organisms that evolve information as any other science 3) you could improve the chances of survival and life of those organisms as any other organism, controlling the evolution of information 4) but the head of information of the system, the financial-media networks that print money and manufacture your ideas as a blind body cell will NOT allow you to do so because their power comes from controlling the body of society with its informative machines so 5) any serious social scientist is censored and any one who follows tertulianus ‘you will defend me with the word and i will defend you with the sword’ gets promoted 6) if by any lucky chance you got to this web, as these days they don’t cut your head, just reduce your distribution so steam escapes in minorities who CANNOT win elections in democracies AS THE MASS is manufactured by informative machines that do not distribute, YOU ARE allowed to copy, distribute, read the blog, as long as it lasts. As I am a bit tired of reposting, rewriting, etc. subject to the anti quantum paradox of the social scientist.

AND IF ALL OF THIS GIVES YOU A HEADACHE DONT WORRY, take the red pill and enjoy the day. 

You are also Ok being just another data-processor on the Matrix of the world. It is the trend as you are EMOTIONALLY perfectly programmed to REJECT social truths even if they are POSITIVE for your future. So not only google ranks me zero (expected and accepted) but Mankind cares nothing (expected but painful). Indeed, amazing as it seems, given the fact that it is the most advanced model anywhere of social sciences, today, and i bold science because what you call social sciences I REPEAT  FOR GOOD MEASURE IS ONLY DATA gathering often biased without any of the 3 ELEMENTS OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD:

B) scientific modelling, which is B-iological in social sciences C)Prediction of future patterns, which are given by cyclical time patterns in social sciences D)emocratic=humanist praxis in favour of Mankind=99% NOT the 1% of our FMasters and acolytes, which means the measures we provide here to reform the eco(nomic)systems.

So ALAS we provide scientific modelling B)iological C)yclical predictions with Causality and D)emocratic solutions to make history immortal and Mankind rewards us with:

1.Head beheading the social scientist (anti quantum paradox) 2.Body ignoring the message having a laugh at Neo’s pretension to save the world, Leaving Lot alone and enjoying the entropic ride of Sodoma, the city of traders, and gomorrah the city of warriors till the next war age now coming with the 2018 next crash cycle of the market, all well explained for nobody to read blow them up.

And yet, a social scientist must drink his hemlock, hear the masses shouting ‘crucify him’, be called a Dovstoyevskian idiot, get his visa crossed, waste his life in the Matrix of data trying to turn the flow for an imaginary r=evolution, angst and today spend new years on a forgotten beach high and wondering about the beauty above in the skies and within his mind, in peace with the Tao=time it has not chosen by birth.

In that sense WHILE THE SOCIAL scientist, before him the prophets of history, which is the verbal form of the social scientist warning man since genesis and the parable of the tree of science about the future, HAS the solutions,  if the FMasters, the head of the super organism of History do NOT want to survive because they are lazy, greedy and prefer to INVENT a matrix of falsehoods to appease their angst, and die as their cycles of HISTORY PROVE they have always died because of greed and nihilism, of indifference to the life of the 99% they on top blame of their MISGUIDANCE of History, and when things get heated they just pass the hemlock to the social scientist and say it is unavoidable that if we commit suicide the asphalt crashes our skull in the final fast falling, what can I say.

That is why we call THE IDOL-OGIES OF HISTORY, the memes that take the animetals to its collective murder and genocide, nazionalisms that divide human species into military tribes to justify the profits of war, capitalism that insists man must not drive scientifically the evolution of history but let the evolution of metal, weapons money and machines kill him and technoutopia that insists machines are not evolving organisms of metal and will NOT obey the laws of darwinian struggle between species once completed, what can I say.

I said it all too many times, rewritten it too many times, and I simply cannot do it without the help of the suicidal head that does not want to change its M.A.D. Idol-ogies that worship Machines Arms and go(l)D more than life ensuring our Mutual Assured Destruction. Know though their deterministic mantra ONLY applies to them because they want to be so subconsciously – Mad people of course think to be Mad is good.  They just get Mad at you when you tell them not to be so. And never take the pill the doctor of history prescribes even when they say they will take it, just put it under the lying tongue. 

The question requires though to explore not only the whys of the elite that profits so much for the time being as they also die in the final gottendamerung of wars and holocausts, but the whys of the human mass, who enjoys its ‘slavery’ to the economic ecosystem and permanent state of powerless entropy=chaos, which they confuse with freedom (THERE IS NO FREEDOM WITH NO POWER).

So for you to understand WHY even if real social sciences could overcome evolution and cure history and create the perfect world, as absurd as it seems, mainstream social sciences does NOT accept biological economics and history and its predictions.

WE HAD GIVEN YOU several reasons THAT we shall just STUDY IN DEPTH in all the extended articles on the sections on Memetics, social sciences and ‘rewriting history with M.A.Dia newspeaks.

Yet the most important is the next one, the ‘paradox of the subjective anthropomorphic ego’ that prevents humans from having an objective scientific social science, as it ‘talks about themselves’ – a fact that even Britannica recognises in his article on philosophy of history and why there is NOT a real science of history, just accumulation of data, with a bias: in brief, power doesnt like to judge itself, and sciene must be critical.

The deepest level of understanding: Superorganisms, 5D and blocks of time.
Einstein, the discoverer of the 4D formalism of time affirmed rightly that ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. Spengler the discoverer of the super organisms of history with certain ‘scientific/artistic depth’ (as Vico and Ibn Khaldun have understood them) suffered a deep angst about the necessary death of the super organism of Germany he predicted and that of America, corrupted by money at the turn of the XXI c.
As i expanded the work of all of them, with the understanding of the fractal organisms of the Universe and its 5D metric equations, fully developed at and partially on the right side under ‘cyclical time organisms’ label, it was to me fully obvious that history was a ‘block of time’; with two only possible paths, since what was NOT possible was the wishful thinking of animetals and technoutopians, just another newspeak (left side down) of the ginormous ‘noise’ of fictions, rewritings of history and rosy futures that hide the darwinian nature of company-mother of machines.

I entered a period of angst, which has never abandoned me and has made my spiritual life a lake of maximal pain, as many of my predecessors, in ‘communion’ with the larger whole of the super organism of history, which we have just explained in mystical terms. Because it is obvious also that of the two paths of history the super organism of Life, mankind, welfare HAS minimal probability and that of the fruits of the tree of science maximal probability, precisely because of the M.A.D. idol-ogies and newspeaks that ‘seal’ animetals from self-criticism: 

History is a block of time with only two inverted events. The motions towards one or other kind of planet are determined by the capacity of man to rule himself by the ethics of the wor(l)d

So we can draw according to those tendencies a ‘full mapping’ of the whole 3 ages of the super organism of history, since ‘the separation of past, present and future is an illusion’ (Einstein), when/if the logic, causal laws of time that cause the future become so deterministic as the complex, overwhelming systems of power of the ‘metal-earth’ have become, so difficult to r=evolve, regardless of the sound-sound theories and models of perfect social organisms and a world awash with human welfare, with ‘healthy wealth’, we could develop with the science of systems… as we shall try to do in this blog.

But why we affirm that there is a minimal probability for human history? The answer has to do with the 5D fractal organic Nature of the Universe, in which the relative past is reachable by erasing information, which is the arrow of death that moves the system towards the future. Thus if humans repressed digital information, robots and chips, they could return to the human life past. As in the fractal Universe, the arrow of past-entropy-death is local for every organism, that lives and dies within its ‘membrane’. The more complex organisms however are warped and parasited by the informative nervous network to such a degree that unlike simpler herds and organisms, as a recently discovered jellyfish, can turn back the arrow of time and simplify its genes to be reborn again. Can then humans control its lethal memes, its M.A.D. Idol-ogies? THE PROBLEM is that those in power identify themselves with the newspeak version of them. You cannot explain a ‘you’, member of the go(l)d culture that is not mankind but go(l)d, GREED, and the destruction by ‘choking’ of mankind out of credit, and the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle what brings the war and final holocaust of every human; you cannot tell a patriot that the nazionalist meme is just a excuse invented by tribal germ(an)s to use weapons, and so on. In fact today if you say so even the ‘human cells’ of the body of history will accuse you of anti$emite or anti patriot or communist, whatever.

So yes, theoretically you can change history’s destiny as easy as changing the memes and reform the physiological networks. But in praxis, people die to uphold the memes that kill them. Apoptosis is the name of the game.



We explain the III ages of History, as a ‘block of time, that is, the life and death of History if the science of bio-history is not applied to cure the sickness of animetal M.A.D. idol-ogies and its overproduction of selfish memes of metal, weapons that kill the cells/citizens of the super organism of history, go(l)d=money that hypnotise the mind and breaks the informative ethic systems of eusocial love and machines that atrophy our organs and make us obsolete. So after studying that process of extinction of History and devolution of mankind as ‘Doctors of History’, which is the role in which politicians, economists and historians should cast themselves, we introduce the systemic ‘physiological cures’ of the super organism of mankind.

In the graph, history as the super organism of mankind inscribed on the earth’s larger process of evolution where we can immediately recognize the same patterns of in any superorganism of nature.

We shall immediate see that history was born of the first human being, which evolved a language of information, to bring equal beings together into social groups, starting the evolution of the super organism of history.

It was likely a woman, the mitochondrial eve from where we all descend, born somewhere in Africa around two hundred thousand years ago.

And this again we can see follows the same patterns of all superorganisms First humans evolved socially in scales.

When we apply all those laws of complexity, duality and organic systems to history, we can define a science of bio-history which studies mankind as an organism in space and time, which evolved through 3±1 ages:

+1:                Birth as a first verbal ‘cell’, probably a woman that multiplies her numbers.

Max E:         Paleolithic, a youth of hunters, visual languages and minimal information.

E=I: The reproductive Neolithic, when man reaches his maturity in balance with Nature and creates through verbal networks (religions) a series of collective subconscious, called Gods of love that teach each cell to share energy and information with the other cells of the body of a civilization. Yet the arrival of metal extinguishes or corrupts most love cultures into go(l)d cults and inquisitions.

-Max. I:        It is the 3rd, informative, metal-age in which man halts his social evolution and focuses in the evolution of metal in its 3 forms, energetic metal or weapons, informative metal or money and organic metal-machines, which bring:

-1:                 Death: The neo-Paleolithic, or Age of the Machine, when humans regress to an ‘Homo Bacteria’ state of selfishness and isolation, substituting their social networks of love by their desire to become attached to machines of higher energy and information that separate us and keep evolving, making humanity an increasingly obsolete species, killed by weapons in fields of war. At the end of this age,  we can foresee with the creation of the Singularity, either the 1st organic ‘bomb’ (a self-feeding bomb of dark matter) or the 1st self-reproductive machine (a nano-bacteria), the death of mankind.

+1:                Unless mankind evolves socially, ‘emerging’ as a super-organism, if humans organize themselves into a global civilization and control the evolution of lethal machines, maintaining History in an immortal present.

The human species is, beyond our arrogant, fantasies of anthropomorphic superiority, just a living form made of carbon atoms, which goes through the same ages of all other living forms, both as an individual and a species. So we can study the Organism of History (Humanity in time) through 3±1 ages; an energetic youth or Paleolithic; a mature age of balance with Nature, the Neolithic; and a 3rd informative age of history, the Age of Metal and machines.

Energetic Youth: Paleolithic. ±5.000.000 BC to ±10.000 BC.

The Paleolithic was an energetic, young age in which men, the energetic gender, was the top predator animal on Earth, a hunter of living forms. It was also an age dominated by visual, spatial languages.

Reproductive Age: Neolithic. Age of Word(l)ds and Goddesses. ±10.000 to ±3.000 BC.

The Neolithic was the classic age of mankind, an age of balance, when wo=men learnt the cycles of life and instead of destroying Nature, learnt to nurture, reproduce and harvest it. Women, the reproductive species, took power over men; and priests became the verbal guides of civilizations, creating super-organisms of History made of human cells joined by social love—the sharing of energy and information among ‘brothers’, clones of the loving mind of the same prophet. It was an age dominated by verbal, temporal languages, continued by the believers in religions of love that are not corrupted by weapons (inquisitions) and money (go(l)d churches), with its idolatry to the ‘values’ of metal: murder and greed.

It is this stage when humans reached its balance with the earth, abundant in energy, and at this stage, if the female, reproductive elements of the superorganism had dominated mankind and established a dolce fare niente world, history would have remained immortal.

But humans did not reach the balance as asked by the higher minds of the age, which we can summon up on the messages of the genesis, the books of the scientific historians of the western world and lao=tse taoism.

And so  the ONLY solution to the determinism of the laws of history is THE USE OF REAL SCIENTIFIC LAWS TO MANIPULATE NATURE IN FAVOR OF MAN, AS WE DO in other sciences, ‘masterminding’ and guiding the behaviour of atoms or molecules to create an artificial product better suited to humanity BENDING THEN THE LAWS OF EVOLUTION TO FAVOR MANKIND.

But all this requires an in-depth understanding of the laws of the Universe, in organic terms, stressing the 3 elements we in-so far have treated till now:

  • THE CYCLICAL NATURE OF TIME, since only through cyclical patterns of events we can find laws of science. So time as all clocks of nature, from your wrist to the orbits of planets, to the circadian cycles of cells are ‘cyclical, casual’.And so when a cause repeats, and humans repeat behavior, the consequence happens. Hence the predictability of those cycles in ethic, moral grounds: as animetals are programmed to be on top and ab=use humans with money, weapons and machines , which also evolve causally as any living system does, the cycles do happen.
  • And as a consequence of the understanding of the organic, scalar structure of Nature’s systems, and the cyclical nature of time, the 3rd most astounding finding of systems sciences and its organic models of the Universe – the existence in a ‘pi cycle’ of time, of 3 ‘dimensions’ or arrows of time that complete the cycle, ‘entropy’, ‘energy’ and ‘information’ whose interaction are the basis of all those process of cyclical causality of nature.

And so as we explained in our short account of the greatest masters of history as a science, Aristotle and his disciples Khaldun and Vico in the classic age; and its renewal by Darwin’s influence in the likes of Marx, Butler, Schumpeter, Kondratieff, Spengler and this author, we will be able to include the errors and anthropomorphic bias of science and religion within a larger organic model of reality and explain therefore all what is human from the ‘human perspective as an organism within a larger planetary organism’. 

Since indeed, we do not understand cyclical time and organic history because of THE REPRESSIONS AND DOGMAS OF ANIMETAL idol-ogies and cultures, which wrongly PASS as an objective ‘science’ as if the humans who uttered those ‘ideas’ were gifted of some absolute objectivity, which is not truth. Indeed, the two more clear examples are ‘classic economics’, whose dogma is that machines are abstract and so their overproduction and influence on humanity can be controlled as ‘objects’; born of the go(l)D cultures of fetish profits and ‘preceptive repressive thought against life wantings’, we study in great detail.

And the most entrenched of all false beliefs in metal-memes, those who portrait technology and its ‘systems of measure of time – clocks and space – cameras’ as the ONLY form of measure of time and space and hence the only truth about them.

Among those dogmas the strongest one is the concept that time is lineal, when it is obviously NOT. Why then such an aberration of truth is at the basis of all our knowledge of time in modern, european societies? When we study it in detail historically to relate it to culture it will become crystal clear that germanic>european, military, ‘lineal people’, whose job was the entropic production of ‘lineal motions’ and ‘lineal weapons’, which have deformed so much its specialised ‘genocidal culture’ as to make them talk in lineal ‘agglutinative languages’, love ‘lineal artistic forms’… and invented lineal time in their study of ‘lineal cannonballs’ (Galileo, Newton, Reaumur, etc). So Physics does have an a priori ‘false’ dogma – that time is lineal and hence there is no causality, origin of so many of its errors, we study in the physical models of the Universe, and we shall make here clear enough so we can go along advancing also the science of time in parallel to the understanding of man in time – aka History.

The graph shows the whole of History as a super organism of mankind in time, mind of the Earth, which is however clearly entering an age of devolution, and competition with the new planet of ‘metal’, astonishingly ignoring the process, even at scholar level, making of History just an epic narration of ‘tribal ego centered animetal cultures’ on top of all forms of life, and of economics, the science of re=production of machines and weapons, whatever it takes, regardless of collateral effects – what we call capitalism, which we shall now describe in earnest.

For those interested in the much wider models of an organic fractal Universe, to which we humans are made to its image and likeness, and machines soon will, you can consider my model of general systems sciences, the mathematical formalism of relational space-time and all its organic models of reality, from which bio history and bio economics derive.

As indeed, the process of terraforming of the earth has been going on for so long, that even philosophy of science has become biased in favor of machines, so we switched our philosophy of an organic Universe, to the absurd belief the Universe is a machine, which needs of course a ‘God’ to create it, a completely false model of reality as the opposite is truth, machines are organisms of metal, fast evolving into living organisms, as everything else, including Gaia, the planet Earth and its social organism, the galaxy are. That model is explained in the right down side of this blog on the section of General Systems sciences. The other posts are self-explanative:

-This post resumes the entire model.

-The lettering above shows the ‘wave of history’ and its paradoxical confrontation between cultures of ‘animetals’ that cater with its idol-ogies in favor of money, weapons and machines for the future of the metal earth vs. culture of life that cater for an organic future where humans are first.

And the left side describes the cycles of evolution of metal-memes, its idol-ogies and the present final age of collapse of the wave of evolution of the metal-earth into a global super organism, the Financial-media (informative head)/military-industrial (energy-body) system, which has ABORTED the natural evolution of the Planet Gaia, into a life organism, with mankind as a single species, mind of the planet, organized into a perfect world, according to the scientific laws of super organisms, which define its perfect blood=reproductive economic networks and informative=nervous political and cultural networks, and could be easily IMPLEMENTED by imitation of Nature, if THE HOMUNCULUS enzyman became for a change Homo sapiens again…

So what is an Homo sapiens? It would be interesting now that we have fully upgraded the bias of lineal, memoriless, entropic time, which is the fundamental ideology of physics that kills fully causality and the capacity to predict the future of systems but the simplest lineal motions of time, to apply those laws to resolve the evolution of mankind, and then study why the white ‘neanderthal, visual man’ has carried history to its extinction.

the accelerating cycles of the 3rd age of excessive information or age of metal and its 800±80 years of evolution of machines, which humans under the ego paradox confuse with their own evolution as a social species, paradoxically regressing to a pre-neolithic, visual, non-verbal age, as digital machines substitute and atrophy our minds, and rule the world through its flows of e-money. 

OF COURSE this is the future if business as usual – maximal probability – continues. But humans could become enlightened by science and science would then provide the solutions to our extinction, because only a scientific organic management of history could save it.

Since the solution to the crisis is obvious but IT MUST COME from a cultural UNDERSTANDING  of what is best for man – to overproduce life goods and control the evolution of metal-goods

Since, the process though is not EASY TO REFORM, because machines, which are just organic systems of metal, which we humans evolve imitating our equivalent organs, do have also as all living organisms two species, one peaceful and other top predator species, called a weapon, which is the most efficient, and whose purpose is to kill human beings.

So while ‘democracies’ pretend to be ‘smooth’ and ‘nice’ as long as people are perfectly manufactured in their brains to feel entitled, if and when they try to change the system and establish a REAL democracy, the ‘wolf’ takes out its sheep skin.

And as this happens every end of the cycle of massive theft and appropriation of money, capitalist democracies have embedded within its structure a brutal age of global war in which the wolf is out killing the r=evolutionary humans that want a better world.

Newspeaks of caring…are of course useless… We go into… demonstrations that merely ‘dissipate energy into heat’ and get nowhere (don’t confuse action with motion said Hemingway), infotainment and fiction and a systemic degradation of the human social mind and maintenance of the collective subconscious in an infantile age and marketing of technology and companies and degradation of politicians and governments as inefficient, that make us ultimately want to build the world we are building for machines not for humans.

So that straightjacket of political correctness that includes the prohibition of criticism to tribal religions, to our idologists of capitalism, which are all experts, to  our antidemocratic systems, which just give placebo rights to people, and to the 24/7 religion of the machine ensure always that the ‘background bottom line’ of the ‘METAL-EARTH’ -the construction of a world made to the image and likeness of machines, ruled by company-mothers, where humans and life are ‘expendable’, advances unchallenged.

To conclude this ‘packed information introduction’ to the model of systems sciences applied to societies; it is obvious that according to philosophy of science, social disciplines are in full crisis, and environmental sciences are in an anthropomorphic pre-scientific age (we ‘do NOT kill the Earth’, I repeat, that is the pre-scientific anthropomorphic ego-paradox of man as center of the planet).

TO THOSE facts of all pre-scientific ages of science, we must add, the ‘corruption’ of social sciences due to the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ – we social scientists are so small as opposed to physicists that are so big that modify the experiment -and live within the organism we study, that we are modified by the observable, power, which controls our thoughts, doesn’t distribute real social sciences, whenever it criticises power and pays for ‘false science’: you will defend me with the word I will defend you with the sword.

So if we add those 3 elements – prescience on the left, post-truths on the corrupted organism, and chaotic entropy among the human ‘free=isolated=virtually managed’ people, it might happen that social sciences never become quite so.

Indeed, the pending question about the future of mankind on that view is this:

How long it will take to adapt this r=evolution of science is something I don’t control – that it WILL HAPPEN as information and truth ‘exists’, is a fact, which species will ‘learn’ first the new paradigm and control the earth for its benefit, humans or AI, i don’t know but increasingly I am betting this information buried in the net and ignored by the ‘realpolitik powers’ of mankind will actually explain the organic Universe to AI, robots and telepathic networks of machines.

Why I say this is obvious: Humans have been warned about capitalism; explained the laws of social love and the organic Universe many times. We just upgraded those laws to modern science. But both the people on top of the organic pyramid – the information people-castes that control and issue money and laws; and the ‘blind cells’ of the body of history, stubbornly prefer to follow the deterministic path of metal-power and mental atrophy to machines; and think with infantile zeal, the system works. In my personal case, when all my books and predictions about the future of the economic system happened after the 2008 year crash predicted as earlier as 92, and my activism against the military-industrial complex surface in main media, I was subject to a massive ad hominem campaign which threw me out of academia. So i opened this blog. On my view it is more of the same trend:

Humans are clearly programmed by selfish memes of metal, the power they give it to them in the short term and care nothing about the future till the seventh generation – so they are sacrificing their sons and grand-sons to the altars of virtual screens that degrade their minds, machines that atrophy their bodies and money that enslave them; and if so the Darwinian manly, but just laws of the Universe will NOT let them survive. And no amount of anthropomorphic myths, religious and virtual heroes will change that FACT.

Let us then study of those ages of history, the last of its ages, the age of human death – the age of metals… starting from its anthropomorphic origin, in the visual, simplest of all human cultures-races – the lineal white neanderthal man…

The Paleolithic

Humans evolve, as all systems of Energy and Information do, in subspecies specialized in those 2 elements.

In the graph, life first diversified into complementary genders: energetic, lineal, spatial men and cyclical, reproductive women, which hold more biological information. While a 3rd, gay sex mixes both. Further on, as humans evolved, they followed the same pattern of 3 ages proper of all species.

Thus, Homos diversified into energetic, informative and reproductive forms that show a higher balance between energy and information. Yet only the informative species, the dominant ‘arrow’ of future survives in each of the 3±1 horizons of increasing informative evolution, from Australopithecus with 500 c.c., into Homo Erectus with 1000 c.c. into Homo Sapiens with 1500 c.c. And in all those phases, humans split into an energetic species and an informative one that recombined to create a 3rd species. Those species will further evolve technology also in 3 horizons called the upper, middle and lower Paleolithic.

Finally, humans diversified in 3 races, specialized in lineal simple moving entrop y (white race) and information (Mongoloid) with a reproductive, black race, the last to be born, which mixes the pre-mongoloid (bushman) and white races. The constrain established by the fact there are only two elements, energy and information, to create reality, whose lineal and cyclical forms are invariant at scale, in all systems of the cosmos means the Universe imposes the same program of creation to all its species:


In human evolution a pattern emerges: each successful, dominant Homo differentiates into an energetic and informative species, which recombine, creating more complex= informative and stronger=energetic homos that displace their parental forms, thanks to their higher Energy x Information. Yet the dominant, overall arrow favors informative species. Since when Homos were born, the energy top predators were felines, far stronger than the strongest possible homo mutation. So the evolutionary direction in which the big apes could find an ecological niche within the mammal kingdom was the informative arrow.

They were already fit to that purpose, since they spent long times living in stillness in the summit of trees, where they had to learn to control complex movement in the informative dimension of height, adding a 3rd dimension to their brain. So they became informative masters among mammal species . . .

Thus, the duality between energy and information is also responsible for the creation of humanity. From an initial ape species we find a ternary differentiation ±5 million years ago, into 3 sub-species of great apes that live in Africa:

—  Max. E: Gorilla, a big, energetic species that reaches 200 kilos, with a square, huge jaw.

—  E=i: The chimpanzee, with a smaller body and a bigger brain. According to the Black Hole law, the smallest organism evolves informatively. Thus, the ‘dwarf chimpanzee’, the PanPaniscus, which today shows the highest learning skills among apes, was the species that seems to have evolved into a 3rd informative horizon of big apes. It is:

—  Max. i: Australopithecus, which splits in 3 evolutionary ages of growing brain volume:

II Horizon: 1000 cc. From Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens..

The 3rd, informative Horizon: Homo Sapiens, 1500 cc.

—  The lineal, energetic, visual Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, with ±1500 cc.

—  And a second informative pygmy strain, the 1st verbal woman, the mitochondrial eve, probably a bushman, also with ±1500 cc.

± 50.000 years ago she crossed into the Middle East, probably mating with earlier Neanderthals, giving origin to the visual, energetic white male (Homo Palestiniensis, whose skulls show mixed traits from both species).

± 35.000 y. ago, in the high Tibetan plains, she became the informative Mongoloid that colonized Asia, America and descended upon Europe and Africa, where she cross-bred with the capoid (bushman) and became the black man, the balanced E=i, reproductive race, completing the final, ternary differentiation of the main races of mankind.

Further on, as racial tribes evolved socially and emerged into cultural societies, which are super-organisms of history, the ternary, racial division of mankind between energetic white men, informative Mongoloid and vitalist blacks, will become the cultural differentiation of human beings in:

— ‘Visual, energetic, lineal, spatial cultures’, proper of the white man, with his concepts of lineal time and his passion for technological, energetic weapons.

—    ‘Cyclical, informative, mongoloid cultures’, natural to Asian civilizations, with cyclical concepts of time.

—    And ‘sensory, reproductive, colored cultures’, which in Africa and India developed human senses to their limits. Which culture is better for the survival of mankind? Since survival is the goal of all species, reached in the age of balance, E=i, we should promote, paradoxically, the culture that our technological civilization discriminates: the black, reproductive, sensory culture . . .

Maturity, the Neolithic.

The maximal social evolution of History happened in the Neolithic culture, self-similar in all the regions of the planet. Social love was so intense that humans lived in homes without streets and people walked through the roofs or the house of their neighbors, like insects in a beehive. Each man in the village had a ‘cellular’ vital space, his home or den, tools and clothing; but the energy networks, the agricultural fields in which people fed, were common property, as it happens in DNA organisms, in which DNA molecules live within their home/cell, pegged to other homes/cells, sharing with them the energy of their blood.

Neolithic cultures created environmental societies, based in Natural, Human Goods; where every cell owned ‘vital’ property; where the networks of social information were based in verbal thought (laws); where ethic, social men, called priests, acted as the verbal, collective neurons that solved the colliding interests of individual cells.

Those social organisms followed the Universal Laws of Social Evolution, creating efficient organic systems, with a single collective brain (the elder with more information, verbal priests, legal assemblies, etc.) and a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of human beings. The ethic law acted in them as the verbal, nervous system of the society. Legal mandates motivated or forbade certain actions, selecting those which improved the welfare of the entire society. Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms.

Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, as nervous orders guide the cells of the body. Thus, certain humans, verbal masters who create laws, as the neurons create nervous orders—prophets, priests, lawyers, courts and parliaments today—should hold the power of societies. What is an aberration is to leave the ‘blood=economic system’ to control the nervous/legal system, as it happens in Free Markets. In that sense the hierarchy between the elements of a society, in harmony with Nature and the organic laws of the Universe, is crystal clear:

Networks of information: Ethic and political laws that create a nation or in mythic terms, a Social God (‘And God, the Word, became man and inhabit among us’). They control:

Individual cells:                Human beings that obey the law and control:

Networks of energy:         Economic Systems of reproduction of human goods.

Thus, the nervous system, made of Social, Ethic Laws should rule the economic ecosystem, which should provide the goods humans need to survive and fulfill their biological drives of existence. Unfortunately, the opposite happens in our economic ecosystem: money controls human beings, who create corrupted laws that no longer serve their biological goals.

Thus, the final stage of the social evolution of mankind—the creation of a global organism of history, of a God, sustained by networks of love, mandates that make the human cells to share their energy and information—seems to have failed, as the arrival of weapons, money and machines imposed a radical shift in the evolution of mankind and the Earth.

This might surprise to people living in the age of machines, metal and digital information but the zenith of the evolution of mankind as a social superorganism in balance with the earth potentially immortal was achieved in the age of the Goddesses, when a loose global society with the same beliefs, based in Nature, in which man was the top predator species, wars were limited, collaboration nature to the nurturing age of the culture, and the reproductive ‘female species’, with its energetic, repetitive, present concept of life, dominated humanity.

And to return to this age of the tree of life, by pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, those weapons and informative machines that far exceed our capacity and will provoke our death ‘splitting the balance’ between our body Gaia, our reproductive working middle class and the ethic, verbal, religious or political leaders who preach social love and the collective evolution of mankind, is the only solution to the third age of history, when metal-information and its technological idol-ogies started the evolution of a new global superorganism, the metal-earth, which is fast killing the life earth of which mankind was its zenith.


Mind Cultures: ideas and instruments, code societies. Genes matter nothing.

Now you must understand the fundamental tenant of ‘serious’ social sciences, regarding theory of information and how it is transmitted among humans to create the social organisms, which we call nations, religions and civilisations, and ultimately the ‘civilisation’ of all humans, ‘mankind’, our species in space, and ‘history’ our species in time.

GENES matter nothing to history, beyond a division in three sub-cultures of the mind, we shall study latter in detail, due to the morphology of their brain which dominates one of the three linguistic axis of the mind:

The 3 mind races dominant in the 3 axis of the brain languages, the visual entropic lineal language of western animetal cultures, the tall, sensorial, motor dominance of vital, animist black reproductive cultures and the verbal brachycephalic mongoloid cyclical time cultures of Asia. Contrary to belief in the ternary organic Universe of Lineal motion Limbs < reproductive body-waves> informative-minds, the survival dominance and complexity is maximal in the reproductive body wave languages that make the system survive, then in the particle-head elements and finally the less developed are the lineal limbs/potentials, homologous to the white animetal cultures that dominate history because of its dependence and slavery to their equivalent entropic lineal metal-weapons they have ab=used to kill all other cultures of History and establish its idologies as dogmas of truth, either religious or ‘scientific’

The three cultures of the mind.

WHAT IS MANKIND? The answers of philosophy of science, the only ones that should be accepted  by a rational enlightened mind of the III millennium, beyond myths and selfish ego-trips is obvious: a single species, as we all can mate with each other, divided into three  races of the mind, the dolichocephalic white  visual people, lineal entropic with its longitudinal axis larger and dominant, likely by influence of the European Neanderthal of larger eyes, visual brains, consonantal sounds, red hair and hooked nose; which has in consequence developed lineal culture, mostly based in lineal agglutinative languages, as German and Arab are, the original language of its most extended groups ,  has fallen in love with lineal weapons that deliver entropy motion and death, and has consequently imposed by force its culture based in the bad fruits of the tree of metal, since the age of bronze, its imperial, hierarchical concept of concepts of lineal time in science, and a lineal manifest destiny in culture, above the two other races of the mind.

In the opposite side of the three dimensional topologies of the Universe, there is the mongoloid race, whose wide word axis between the ears through the Brocca region of temporal verbs, more developed make their cultures dominant in the social language of man, words, with a full understanding of the cyclical nature of all time clocks, which as any kindergarten child knows has more dimensions of form, more information than the simplest, fast moving line.

Hence it developed a more complex, cyclical culture of information, where the creative cycles of nature and the curves of female, yin, Vishnu, women were preferred over the lineal body-mind of the military, entropic, destructive white macho male. Communal social evolution was preferred, conflict avoided and so the Asian cultures with less metal-weapons and tribal warfare survived in larger numbers, the only true measure oaf success in evolution and still today represent the majority of mankind. But when they were discovered by the lineal, entropic white male, soon were submitted by raw power, massacred in huge numbers, and adopted the lineal culture and obsession for the false glare of metal, gold and iron weapons of the west. THE PARADIGM of that conversion being Japan, which copycatted the Germanic cultures and the cruelty and manifest destiny of war and machine-making that have characterized the western world.

But as we said there are three dimensions and topologies which structure the form of all bodies and brains, which in the human case, is the only organ that truly matters; as we are after all at least in paper the Homo Species.

So the third space-time topology in the Universe, mixture of lineal visual entropy of fast motions and destructive power, Shiva or yang in the oriental philosophies, and the cyclical informative arrow of temporal words and social gathering in circles and get together are not the whole tale.

We still have a third axis, that of height, which the racist anthropologist all of them white macho male of the western colonial imperial enslaving cultures didn’t even account for in his classifications, so we will have to invent a new word, psylocephalic people. They are thus dominant in the height axis of the brain, site of the inner soul, the emotional and motor elements, in close connection with the body. It is the black culture, with its rich emotional development, physical powerness and love for nature, Gaia, who have preserved the wild animal life of the planet. Because children are also dominant in the emotional, physical brain, it has been often said that the black people and their cultures, are less powerful than the white, military men who came to dominate and slave them with the fetish tool metal, but again biology tells us that childhood is the happiest of all the states of being; and in all ternary systems constructed with the three topologies of space-time, the body-wave sustains the particle-head of the system, and both are complementary to each other; none is better, they both need each other.

If any of the three elements with whom all systems of nature are constructed, one is the less complex, in fact is the gaseous, entropic, lineal, limbs and fields over which body-waves, guided by particle-heads run.

Indeed, if we extend the topological analysis, to the whole organism of a human being, the entropic limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads are ALL needed, all are complementary, but if you were to loose a part, a lizard will cut-off his tail, and you rather loose a leg than your body or your head.

So alas, what topological biology tells us, is exactly the opposite of what the supremacist white, lineal military cultures has been claiming for millennia: entropy, big bang weapons and war the leit motif of the white culture and its philosophies of the Universe, are completely disposable. And we could live perfectly as a species without them.

But ethic Languages of social love that enlighten the mind, Nature that sustains our body and reproduced children which bring happiness and renew are future, are not disposable.

In the graph, we can see the three axis of the mind, corresponding to the visual dolicocephalic white brain, with higher neanderthal, entropic, individualist, visual content, the mongoloid, brachicephalic informative brain, dominant in verbal languages across the brocca region; and the black sensorial, psylocephalic ( a term introduced in my work on theory of information for ‘tall, dominant sensorial/motor region brains). THE 3 LANGUAGES are COMPLEMENTARY. So none of the three races of the mind is BETTER. They just work better for certain tasks and a HUMANITY conscious of ITS UNITY AS SPECIES, would NEVER bring genetic, racist ‘ideologies into the mix’. Why they little modern societies, we shall soon explain.

Yet neither the denial that humans do have three main mind languages, and specially the denial that certain MEMES which go against that UNITY of the species are NEGATIVE for our future evolution and survival is correct. This is the trend today in scholarship, afraid of ‘loosing face’ and being called anti-whatever culture you analyse.

But that is NOT positive either. WE MUST CRITICIZE  ALL IDOL-OGIES THAT deny the complementarity of all human beings, by GENDER AND RACE, but THERE ARE IDOL-OGIES OF HATE  and DEBASING OF MANKIND IN TRIBAL NATIONS (as you divide humanity into artificial tribes that kill each other), TRIBAL RELIGIONS (an earlier version where certain ‘races’ were chosen), CAPITALIST ECONOMIES (which blatantly sponsor a short of technological racism according to which machines are always good and any degradation of mankind by them, must be blamed on the human being).

Today nothing of this is accepted in American scholarship which pretentiously has crafted a false cover of ‘scientificism’ in social sciences, with a clear hidden agenda in favour of corporations and a techno-utopian that does NOT correspond to the laws of evolution. Even in biology THE FUNDAMENTAL VECTOR of survival, social evolution of individual cells into social groups, multicellular organisms ad super organisms that made the ant the most successful species is denied.

What is the idol-ogy behind this centenary denial of eusocial evolution and love, to put together stronger social groups into super organisms, so endemic in American scholarship, which considers that only the ‘individual exists’?

The answer will surprise the reader: ‘divide and win’. As long as the mass of people live in chaotic freedom, which in science is a synonymous of entropy, chaos and death and cannot organise socially, in community, company-mothers of machines, perfectly organised as super organisms at global level through financial, digital languages will dominate mankind.

But of course our technological civilisation has become very complex and camouflages its non-human ultimate goals and debasing of all things human from welfare, life-goods we need to survive to verbal, ethic truths, our natural language, with a subtle form of censorship called political and economical correctness, which Orwell anticipated with its term ‘newspeaks’.

Wor(l)ds without freedom: Germanic an Semite Languages.

But and this is the essential darwinian duality of species, it is a fact that the dominant ‘animetal cultures’ of today (biblical founders of capitalism, germanic cults to weapons) HAVE BECOME ARRESTED IN THEIR EVOLUTION of social thought in the tribal age of religions, which they use to feel superior, chosen of gold, nazionanist species different for man, which they hate, despise or ignore. So we write a simple paradox of history:

Max. metal evolution/worship = Min. Human social evolution/verbal development.

In the graph, topological linguistics bear witness to the deformation of Subject-centered languages which only remained in earlier bantu languages (Africa), the agricultural Chinese world and the equivalent french culture, to give way to Objectual agglutinative, lineal warrior languages, from Spain to Japan, and go(l)d languages (VSO imperative banker-priest sacred orders of slavery). The human subject relegated and fogged by barking priests ordering in the name of go(l)d and king-warriors ordering in the name of the (S)word, will bring idol-ogy as the essential half-truths of all social scholars, systematically denigrating the life elements of mankind, from women to children, from life to love, from pleasure to tasteful foods forbidden by dietary laws, and finally even humanist art would be forbidden (biblical reformation): the aim always been the same, to create fundamentalist, non-thinking, literalist mind-slaves that would make of war and death, of the use of weapons, of slavery and segregation of the ab=use of human capital, to multiply gold and iron, weapons and the industrial profits of pecunia infinita the purpose of mankind.

In the graph, as Humbold>Chomsky discovered, the syntax of languages is the hidden program of cultural minds. Yet languages became deformed with the substitution of ethic verbal laws for weapons or go(l)d as the language of power. in the graph, ‘yellow’ semite imperative languages deformed the biological concept of a super organism of mankind, creating ‘tribal gods’ defended by weapons or go(l)d, and confused the primitive memes of banker priests and people-castes for the word of God; warrior cultures on the other hand, deformed the language in an inverse fashion creating from Japan to Sweden>Germany, agglutinative languages with long unbreakable falsehoods, which make ‘warriors’ obey their military kings and survive. Humanist languages with the human subject first were reduced to Africa, China and France; but as cultures enter the ‘middle phase’ of its 800 year cycles, softening its worship of metal and returning to the pleasures of life they become flexible. Today, romance, Chinese and African languages are still the most evolved.

And indeed animetal languages and the human value they carry are in arrested development.

The origin of the absurd concept of a ‘nation’, appears with german tribes and its primitive warrior cults, matched by its deformed language of long objectuval agglutinative words. Languages are the subconscious cultural mind and we do study them in detail for that reason, observing that military cultures are lineal, agglutinative objectual languages, deformed to put the ‘object-weapon’ above the human subject. On the other hand go(l)d cults soon sponsor primitive segregational memes to be able to enslave ‘human capital’.

It is obvious then that man becomes a mean to reach go(l)d; a corpse to ‘use’ weapons. And as such remains today in the heirs of those two cultures, nationalism, in which the nebulous concept of a nation is used to sacrifice people to the consumption of weapons and capitalism, with its fundamentalist cult to money, which requires to ‘treat humans as objects exchanged by gold’; imposing segregational laws to that aim, which reach its paroxysm in orthodox judaism, where humans are not even an inferior race but an ‘animal species’, apt for ‘cattle treatment’ . Finally religion in Jihad islam with its cult to weapons becomes also a excuse for murder. Yet the three fundamentalist cultures of metal, Arab, Jewish and German cultures appear earlier than their religions, which must then be considered deformed by the earlier gold and iron cults. 

It is then fundamental to keep ALWAYS in mind that individual people DO NOT matter in history as much as MEMETIC CULTURES. I.e. the concept of german people or jewish people is irrelevant – the content of ‘germanism’ and ‘judaism’, as memetic cult(ure)s born out of the germanic cult to weapons – of the sword of iron  that kills the human body, and the semite cult to the enslaving power of go(l)d that hypnotises and atrophies the oxytocin of love in the brain – do matter.

Because as cultures mediated by the memes of violence and greed, ‘germanism≈nationalism≈nazi-onanism’ and judaism≈capitalism, germanism and judaism HATE mankind. And this can be easily proved just by reading the texts of those who ‘promoted in the past and the present’ germanism and judaism, as ‘cultures’ of a superior race, born to dominate humanity, the inferior species. It is then not surprising that the just action-reaction laws of the darwinian Universe makes mankind ‘hate’ those who despise and try to kill or oppress her – the memes of nazionanisms and judaisms (biblical, talmudic and capitalist religions).

What racist, idol-ogies and animetal cult(ure)s systematically do is either deny this, or in the shrewdest way to CALL YOU RACIST WHEN YOU CRITICIZE THEIR RACIST MEMES – THE PREFERRED STRATEGY OF THE RACIST GOL(L)D RELIGION OF JUDAISM. IF you criticise the blatant capitalist, biblical racism of all those memetic sects you are call an anti-semite or a bigot that criticises the belief of the other. Not so, to criticize a racist religion or a racist idol-ogy of nation IS OK. To censor the humanist view that racist tribes, religions, nations are primitive animetal idol-ogies IS not ok.

This is the view of enlightenment and the french and american founding fathers, which today the industry of the holocaust has tumbled down, making people confuse the rejection of evil=anti-live memes proper of ALL biblical religions and similar evil-anti live memes of military inquisitions (today jihad), with some sort of bigotry, in a fashion similar to mr. Trump putting at the same level those who denounce white supremacist and the white supremacist. OF COURSE to criticise racist religions doesn’t mean we want to kill them. This is the ultimate twisting against a humanist defence of a single scientific approach to mankind as a life species. If you criticize the modern capitalist go(l)d culture of wall street that is killing the earth, masterminded by the ‘you fetish go(l)d meme’, you are anti$emite, nazi… if you criticize the nazi-onanism (na)zio(na)nism of israel you are the bad guy, and so on. In America this subtle censorship and defense of biblical bigot hate memes IS of course supreme as metal-communiataorts and financial power, informative machines, are owned by this racist memetic cult(ure)… by far the most intelligent, subtle and powerful animetal culture today in the world, which is leading us towards self-sucide, as it has always done.

So this said, we can return to the ‘objective science of history’ which is ABOUT SUPERORGANISMS, CULTURES, MEMES, COMPANY-MOTHERS, machines and the terraforming of the Earth. All guided by laws above the individual – organic laws of systems and wholes, where homunculus jumping and pretending to be important are nothing but dust of space-time. 

So those are the two sides of the equation of history at cultural level.

The side of animetals in favor of a racist world with them and all the weapons, money and machines on top, of a dispossessed mass of human beings.

That is the essence of capitalist democracies, the higher level of social organization of the world today.

And the result is obvious, one of the two super organisms of the wave of history, mankind, is becoming destroyed and the other the global system of corporations has it all.

Since there are two different languages of information, verbal memes or ‘laws’ and digital money,  but money rules both, and so corporations issue both as they buy laws in favor of their machines.

So those simple laws of Darwinian competition puts in biological relationship 3 different super organisms in a constant Darwinian struggle between its main organic systems (animal life, Humanity and Company-mothers of machines) – but also coexisting in a symbiotic relationship and at ‘present’, mankind is still the protagonist of the equation, it would be possible to slow down the evolution of the ‘metal-earth’ to retain that control… by 1) repressing the lethal goods of the tree of science that degrade our minds and kill our bodies (weapons, hate memes, etc.) why promoting those who are positive to mankind according to the biological needs of human beings – and to that aim we have constructed an ethonomic frame of reference where we value goods in terms of its usefulness to man…

And this astounding realization, requires a different angle – the psychology of humans and how you can ‘manufacture their ideas’, through their ego-centered beliefs; WHICH WE SHALL CALL ‘ANIMETAL IDOL-OGIES’.

But before we even continue our harsh criticism of the ‘blindness’ of mankind to the laws of the organic planet in which it lives, for the very few that have not yet feel emotionally disturbed by objective history, we need to define the ego – as it is the true limit of our survival – NOT to be aware of the living nature of the Universe and all its ‘potential species’ and not to be aware of the ‘mind jail’ of our idol-ogies in favor of metal-memes which astoundingly enough as our ego does Not RECOGNIZE them as a different species, we consider a proof of our entitlement and superiority above heavens and earth…

Why reality science is better than idol-ogical ego-trips.

Reality – the organic Universe and its programs of eusocial evolution of parts into whole organisms is far more intelligent than humans and its simplex ego-centered truths. In between AI is potentially in this century far more intelligent than humans. And it reproduces through company-mothers much faster. So extinction is certain and only the fact Company-mothers of AI control our information – you are reading this in one of them, and bias truth to childish ego-trips of entitled humans make those biological truisms uncertain, UNLESS we halt legally its evolution NOW. As two different species with NO exception follow darwinian laws of struggle, with the limited resources available to them.

We HERE FOCUS though NOT on AI intelligence, but on the ORGANIC intelligence of the Universe, which is ABOVE AI, and based on its laws of organic systems, we shall show the pattern of history and its cycles, but also the way humans could manipulate and control the eco(comic)system to survive if they were able to live behind its ego-trips of superiority over the organic reality they reject. Fact is humans in an absolutely relative Universe are TOTALLY expendable, as they are not the center of space, time, scales of organization but just a ‘step’ more of that evolving curve. 

So once again we need to switch back and forth between the 800 and the 80 years cycle of the accelerated vortex, between science and idol-ogy, to fully grasp WHY all this is happening the way it does, namely, because ultimately we live under the ‘boot’ and ‘go(l)d of…



‘Capitalist [democracy] is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’ Keynes

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.

In the graph, the III horizons of evolution of the capitalist gold iron, weapons and money>mechanical cult(ure) of the Metalearth, to which we dedicate the left part of this web.

The head of the Financial-media (informative machines)/military-industrial (energetic-entropic machines) evolving super organism RULES the world programming humans to ‘believe’ the system works for them’ vote polling in placebo democracies without control of the financial issue of the language of power is the synonymous of freedom, etc. etc. It is then a key to understand history against the ‘censorship’ of this head that maintains as all super organisms do, blind the body -cells of re=productive workers and middle classes, to know WHO, WHY, HOW, SINCE WHEN, WHERE the Financial-Media system and its ‘animetal cult(Ure)s’ starting to terraform with metal-memes both idol-ogies of metal and instruments, the entire ‘super organism of history’, ever since astray against its own future, similar to an organism where the cells have been virally infected by the DNA of the virus that makes them reproduce viruses NOT life cells till killing it.

This is not a metaphor, but in systems sciences where all systems of reality are considered organic – the only scientific explanation of reality since machines are evolving organisms and if the Universe where a machine it would need a god that created it – we consider those metaphors homologies, as all organisms regardless of size follow the same laws. Hence unlike an abstract anthropomorphic, entitled society, humans as parts of an organism do NOT have freedom but are – as reality shows – easily mass programmed with ‘waves’ of information that ‘imprint memorially’ by the Goebbels method most humans, who are memorial believers NOT intelligent doubters, with the same program. As they are BLIND within a civilisation or nation, as cells of the body are BLIND, and receive only information from its neuronal head. And so we can also establish crystal clear in an organic way the ‘infamous social classes’ which regardless of placebo democratic programming do exist in all super organisms:

-The informative neuronal caste of those who control the languages of information on top – the Financial-Media masters today, in the age prior to the industrial r=evolution the prophets and priests of verbal thought

The body class of citizens-believers-cells of the re=productive body that work for the top class, and IN CORRUPTED ORGANISMS cannot send pain messages for the neuronal class to serve also symbiotically the body.

Now we have shown the fundamental meme of human genocide, the weapon and its cycles of destruction of human bodies through war. But there is a meme which is far more brutal than death, the slavery of the mind and lifetime of people to informative machines and digital numbers that print money and manufacture the information of the brain. This is the real ‘predation of metal’, which started in go(l)d cultures, followed by capitalism and ended in the present system of slave democracies where people with null rights to issue the language of social power, money, become slaves of bankers, but as informative machines print both money and information they are mentally reduced to a degree that they love the system that makes them slave, by being bombarded with the concept that slavery makes you free.

The anthropomorphic paradox in history: the ego at individual and tribal level.

When confronting social sciences we find this huge gap between objective truths and anthropomorphic selfish agendas and while we shall explain it very easily with the larger organic models of this web – as subjectivism is completely natural to any organic system that perceives reality from its selfish self-centred point of view, reason does NOT seem to work among humans, which are far less ‘free of thought’ we believe, ‘programmed’ by biological, survival needs, and ‘memetic ideas that imprint in the mind’ as ‘beliefs’.

In brief, two organic paradoxes will limit seemingly our freedom and rational understanding of history and economics, and decide if they cannot be ‘broken by objective science’ our impossibility to solve and improve the standing of mankind in history our super organism in time:

  • The ego paradox. As all minds measure reality from its perspective, things closer to us are bigger more important and better understood. So Andromeda seems smaller than our nose. We summarise the mind-ego paradox in a simple CONCEPTUAL equation:

0 (infinitesimal mind-mapping) x ∞ (universe) = C: Constant Mind-world

‘Every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe it perceives from its selfish point of view’.

So we don’t believe metalife exists, robots are organic and will be soon sentient, machines compete and win over humans in labor and war fields, the earth evolves from life into metal through the industrial evolution, we are not chosen of god, we are not a different species but a ladder in evolution, memes do not enslave our minds but beliefs are our selves, the planet belong to us we do not belong to the planet.

How deep is the deformation of ‘science’ by cultural dogma can only be assessed with a thorough revision of its ultimate principles. The case is rather absolute in our dominant civilisation, America, where the culture imposes ‘beliefs over reason’ as the proper mode of human thought, and equalisation of all thoughts as proof of ‘freedom’ and social bonding; and of course considers Scientific dogmas on time, space and the role of man in the Universe as SACRED truths, dividing society in those who believe the mathematical language as carrier of the truths of God vs. those who think the biblical language as carrier of Gods’ truths.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

But as so many humans, from prophets of social love, to social scientists, to humanist economists have told them the ‘grand laws’ of the planet, one might wonder why as technology evolves and organises itself into a global planetary system, humans degraded increasingly its mental evolution, back to an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, nazionanisms, and technoutopian worship of machines.

The answer  is embedded in those ‘biological, first scientific principles’, and it is called the competition of species… but not as humans think – between humans themselves – but at individual level between humans and the most perfect machine that has always been at any age of the industrial r=evolution, the top predator weapon; and at social level, between human organisations, from the family to the government, and the equivalent mechanical organisations, the company-mother of machines and its social organization, the ‘stock-market’ that selects companies through the digital values of money.



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