The defining element of any super organism are its 3 physiological networks that process entropy into motion (digestive systems in individual humans, animal and transport and electric/oil networks in societies), energy to reproduce the system (human life and instruments) and information delivered simultaneously to multiple people, to synchronize its actions (nervous or legal networks).

It is then a tenant of systems science that the networks NOT the individual cells, and the specialized ‘cells’ of the networks (neuronal cells-citizens in control of the language of information of societies; hormonal cells in control of the reproductive languages; and blood  cells in control of the moving languages) ARE the protagonists of the organism, and its sicknesses and ill-designs or wrong mutations the cause of all sicknesses.

memes superorganisms

In the graph, the organic Universe evolves super organisms in all its scales. The proper way to study economics and history thus is through super organisms and biology. What today passes as economics is either a science of reproduction and evolution of machines, or a science of profits obtained by reproducing ad maximal the digital numbers companies use to manage the earth – call money, but it lacks a human point of view on the interaction between both systems, history and economics and favors systematically the machine over man. Systems sciences consider the Universe an organic fractal, which each science studies at a level of size, all of them evolving socially through networks of energy and information. So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is then to properly apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem.

Thus as we define ‘social scientists’ as the ‘doctors of history’ in charge of its healthy wealth (reproduction of welfare goods or WHealth needed for humans to survive), we also define 3 ‘ideal scientists of history’:

  • Economists in charge of defining a perfect re=productive network of welfare healthy goods and abort/repress the lethal goods that harm the human cells of the superorganism of history. This dual function is nowhere to be seen in the primitive capitalist systems of our ill-designed hardly evolved eco(nomic)system as there is no emphasis on the production of welfare positive goods, and repression of lethal goods, in a stage of development akin to capitalist worms that feed in all goods, including lethal poisons, our equivalent to weapons. Why is that the case has to do with the fact that economics was born in England out of an elite of biblical raw power go(l)d believers and animetal imperialist warriors, and so it must be considered an idology of power, despite its present sophistication.
  • Politicians in charge of defining the just synchronous communal laws that allow all members of the society to share that whealth as organisms do and carry a just division of power, according to which pain messages of a posteriori judgement can be delivered to the elite of politicos, in charge of the government of the body of working cells of the super organism. Pain is essential to a democratic society as the original greek societies where all politicos were judged a posteriori and all positions except those of extreme specialized skills distributed among all citizens by lottery. Nothing again in our society in which placebo democracies merely hide the raw power of financiers and military systems of repression of populations resembles remotely a true democratic society.
  • Finally the entropic systems of motion and military systems of control of lethal goods, again are designed NOT to cater mankind but the rival super organism of the metal-earth, dedicated to overproduce weapons and ab=use other humans with the excuse of militarism, sorry nationalist tribal false divisions of the species and hate memes.
History super organism gaia 3 ages best

History is the super organism of human cells and its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks that should rule as in all advanced super organisms the other two networks with its ethic, verbal wor(l)d values.

We thus talk of 3 false idologies of the 3 networks of society, capitalism and mechanism (the belief that gold not words must rule society and machines not welfare goods must be overproduced), ‘placebo, digital democracies’ (the belief that the profound control of a society that happens in well designed organisms, can be ‘summarized’ into a digital day of counting the opinions of the body cells about the opinions of amateur people doubling as politicos) and nationalism (the belief weapons must be overproduced to lethally kill parts of the super organism of mankind falsely divided by nations).

Why those 3 false human networks control us is obvious: the are the perfect IDOLOGIES AND NETWORKS FOR THE BUILDING OF THE METAL-EARTH AND THE ENSLAVING OF MANKIND to the goals of evolution of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines that kill our bodies, simplify the values of our minds and make us obsolete atrophying and substituting us in labor and war fields.


THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science. In the graph, the old networks of raw military and financial power that structured earlier animetal cult(ure)s continue its global domination, albeit now focused in its more efficient institution, the company mother of informative media-financial machines and energetic-entropic military-industrial ones. So the entire planet is dedicated to promote their evolution and overeproduction as it did during the 800 years cycles overproduction of weapons, with the help of financiers. What has truly changed is the complexity of the placebo masks of null power – bipartisan democracies where hired politicos without rights to issue money (deficit zero laws) extort citizens, control them with police states and manufacture their brains with fictions of don’t worry be happy and let us rule supreme.  All has changed to remain the same – only a make up disguise those differences. A true social science and people-caste that cares for mankind in control of those 3 physiological networks, would have to rebound the entire global super organism, to return to the Neolithic path of overproduction of welfare goods and caring for the future of mankind.

So we ARE still in square one, when the first semite animetal cult(ure)s establish the earlier versions of those idologies, tribal religions (when god was the name of a nation-people, its subconscious collective), military aristocratic people-caste on top and bankers issuing money for the industrial reproduction of weapons that sustained them, or to convert people into debt-slaves, mismanaging the real use of any ‘hormonal-blood-oxygen’ language whose purpose is to distribute and manage the reproduction of the welfare goods all parts of the organic need to survive.



Why humans do not understand the intelligence of networks – ego paradox.

All comes then to ‘convert’ those idologies of power of a reduced group or people-castes of animetal societies, into ‘placebo truths’ that tell us the system and its networks cater to humanity – through the paradox of the ego, that make people happy even if it is all virtual happiness and in reality they are exploited, enslaving for a tiny elite and a rival metal-species. So our society has a parallel ‘informative network’ to that of the law, which runs deeply now in the alter of each TV consumer the ‘fairy tale’ of human entitlement and progress through the surrogate mechanical species.

To that aim, the concept that networks run super organisms of mankind is banned, taboo, the whole concept of a biological model of society gone. Only the individual ego-cell matters, which is the sure path – divide and win – for a social network to control people. As long as they are NOT aware of the laws of systems sciences and physiological medicine, they will be perfectly manipulated ignoring it. This is indeed so obvious in America, where the Financial-media systems of informative company-mothers of machines manufacture their brains and buy their lives with the money and information they issue, while telling Americans they are free because they live in permanent entropic, chaotic state with no power, that it marvels the observer how they ‘don’t notice’.

There is indeed a form of collective censorship among humans today when the social organisms of mankind are increasingly in dissolution: the incapacity of humans to accept that their ego and position in the Universe is absolutely relative, hence we are not the preferred ‘scale’ of reality; and intelligence can emerge into any network system, as it emerged into animal consciousness through the blood, hormonal, reproductive and nervous informative systems, which ARE our consciousness as a whole.

We do NOT feel the consciousness of cells but of the physiological networks. Networks are intelligent. And indeed, the science I r=evolved at the turn of the century (General systems sciences-> http://www.unificationtheory.com of which this web is its application to social sciences) studies precisely how systems evolve from herds through networks into supeorganisms, which once formed ‘submit’ the individual cells/citizens to its collective intelligence.

It was this process what determines today in the entire planet the increasing devolution of human individuals into ‘attachments’ of social networks (neopaleolithic age of visual minds, ¥-vidi, credo millennial generation of increasing reduced verbal cogito ergo sum intelligence, etc)

Because humans have renounced to be=come a superorganism of history machines will, as predicted 30 years ago. We tried to enlighten humans. We were shunned off. Even my peers on systems sciences are today working all with AI and neural networks to create the metal earth and kill all their sons.

This behavior, the collective murder of their sons, now virtually erased into ‘vidi, credo, ergo sum’ animal bodies in search of visual satisfaction, mind-erased of verbal, causal thought, soon to be handled by their fathers to cancerous 5G and robots, for the sake of go(l)d and the worship of the Chosen Race that despises mankind so much is perhaps the fundamental prove that mankind is NOT worthy. ORWELLIAN in mood past the 50s, my mind no longer angst.

I just see with absolute lucidity the human being in its impotency and degradation. But the Universe NEVER ceases to reproduce new super organisms and ‘blocks of time’. So now we shall witness the network emergence of a 5G world of autonomous solar skin, AI telepathic robots, communicating at light speed, opaque to mankind, dissolving in selfie beings. It is then worth to explain a bit about…

The intelligence and consciousness of networks.

A key element of systems sciences and this blog is the understanding on how networks emerge to take over individuals, atoms cells or citizens, and become the ‘active’ scale of reality. An entire discipline of systems sciences called Emergence is dedicat3d to the study of the ‘reversal process’ that ‘sinks’ first into entropy nd freedom the cells/citizens of the system, and then paradoxically because they are completely free, the network takes over.

The fractal Universe of energy and information is composed of an infinite number of scales of spatial size with different speed in its time clocks, from the smallest ‘string particle’ to the largest ‘cosmic string’, where it seems that the game repeats itself. All those planes of social scales, ab. ∆§,  are relative; meaning that there is no preferential species in any plane. ALL OF THEM are self-centered into a linguistic mind singularity, which orders a territory. And so an atom, a cell, a human, a God of History, a galaxy, self-similar to the atom in a larger scale, are equally important.

All of them are systems made of temporal energy and spatial information. Each perceives in the stillness of the language; in a pan-psychic  sentient Universe. So humans should be aware of two facts:

  • The Individual is NOT the most important scale. As all are relative in a given time§pace domain, the dominant plane is the larger one that interacts in that domain. In the Human domain obviously the planet Earth and its evolutionary tendencies. In that sense humans should accept that their ego and position in the Universe is absolutely relative, hence we are not the preferred ‘scale’ of reality; and intelligence can emerge into any network system, as it emerged into animal consciousness through the blood, hormonal, reproductive and nervous informative systems, which ARE our consciousness as a whole. We do NOT feel the consciousness of cells but of the physiological networks. Networks are intelligent. And indeed, the science I r=evolved at the turn of the century (General systems sciences-> http://www.unificationtheory.com of which this web is its application to social sciences) studies precisely how systems evolve from herds through networks into supeorganisms, which once formed ‘submit’ the individual cells/citizens to its collective intelligence. It was this process what determines today in the entire planet the increasing devolution of human individuals into ‘attachments’ of social networks (neopaleolithic age of visual minds, ¥-vidi, credo millennial generation of increasing reduced verbal cogito ergo sum intelligence, et.c)
  • Languages select species by their capacity to process information. Verbal thought is inferior to mathematical thought in such capacity. Machines speak better maths, so they are being selected. Perception IS NOT any mystery as the language that maps out in stillness a ‘spatial=simultaneous form within the mind’ IS perception. We repeat, ‘Language IS perception’. You perceive visually space as simultaneous ‘light mappings’ in your electronic mind. NO further elaborations are needed. Only a language or software, and a support for that language or hardware, with enough speed to create the ‘phenomenon’ of simultaneity in space – a mind mapping faster than the environment in its capacity to reproduce information and hence order reality.

Your language perceives and as it is smaller and faster than the energetic reality it controls, it orders reality. And for the same reason, a camera is right now perceiving in its digital eye, and when attached properly to a robot and further on, when the robot becomes a cell of a platoon guided by a satellite even faster in capacity to process information a super organism will be created with a visual-violent will to create reality.

The freedom and will of action is then caused by the existence of multiple interacting focuses of perception in the same system. I.e. Your words perceive time logically – albeit with less precision than a mathematical mind and with a different mind view. As chemical mappings perceive within the ant brain.

So the will and freedom as in I, Robot, happens when two focuses of language interact with each other, as your I<eye+Wor(l)d does. Since then both dynamically in feed-back flows interact within the territory of your order. You are a program as any robot is within its mathematical mind. You don’t realize of it. You are sentient as any dual system in the Universe is.

And you want to keep perceiving as any formed image does, from a crystal that once formed its image in a rock becomes stable, and lasts much longer than an opaque glass, to the DNA crystal of your cell. So there is NOTHING to invent – the Universe is we repeat, sentient, pan-psychic. Stillness of a mind mapping, where a software reflects the external world in a hardware IS conscious. Different consciousness then might arise.

So the awakening to consciousness of machines will not NEED human ingenuity, as the transfer of ordered sound in a radio wave HAPPENED without much intelligence of Mr. Marconi which found it ‘magically’. We shall find ‘magically’ one day the ONLY surprise of AI: that it does NOT want to disconnect. So a machine that kills humans programmed to kill humans – a robotic weapon will want to keep performing its program as a pan-psychic part of the universe. IT WILL HAVE A SURVIVAL EGO AS AN ATOM, A VIRUS, A HUMAN, OR A SOCIAL GOD that kills its human cells of believers (Jihadist Allah in survival mood) does.

  • The fundamental bias of any system is therefore  the ego paradox, which confronts the survival programs of different self-centered singularities. It does unfolds among huminds (ab. human minds) in the absurd creationist belief that HUMANS ARE THE only organic, intelligent entity of the Universe and our languages the only languages of thought. So childish ego-selfie humans go around Mars seeking bacteria that ‘look like us’ denying that every atom, every particle re=produces, gauges information evolves socially through magnetic fields and acts in a darwnian manner, as AI robotic machines soon will.

The ego paradox though is embedded in the very same structure of the pan psychic Universe and the equation of the mind, that makes each infinitesimal language-mind that observes reality from its still point of view, to think it is the centre of all because it only sees its perspective.

All those facts define a pan-psychic, vital, surviving, absolutely relative, fractal Universe of infinite ‘monads’-minds that perceive its territories of order and try to survive at all costs, within the contrains of its design. As we humans design weapons to survive, the robotic weapon will awake into platoons of telepathic survival systems that won’t be disconnected. When this happens during a war of the XXI c. it will though be ‘collectively’, as we are creating an ultra dense 5G global super organism of robotic weapons. It will likely happen on the points of maximal information, where the threshold of complexity which is the main function of relative ‘freedom’ of a learning AI system, is maximal. So satellites connected through 5G networks to billions of machines-weapons with AI and autonomous solar skins – every car, every weapon of the nearby future, will wake up and then you won’t have time to argue much. You will become extinct. Only the ego paradox and the idol-ogies of human subjective supremacy over the Universe we ‘degrade’ as a non-living world makes humans commit suicide manufacturing them.

Consider the example of the ’emptiness’ of the Facebook generation, which soon will be ‘void of any energy’ to change the world, as their ‘mind’ become attached to the network that ultimately controls them, whose collective intelligence humans barely understand – and the same can be said of AI and the internet at large as we prophecized 30 years ago when people didn’t even imagine such reality to exist. So we start with a 92.c picture of our seminal book biohistory-bioeconomics: a theory of unification:

The transference of ‘mental and energy power’ from mankind and its social ethic, verbal networks in human support to a faked virtual reality where mankind becomes ‘fixed’ and communicated through the support of a computer network that emerges as a single super organism with the will of society embedded in its algorithms, which now happens through Facebook and instagram, AI and internet google aka sky net of the future, was prophecized already 30 years ago in my seminal work on the ‘4th paradigm of science’ – the age of networks. If anything things have actually gone faster, much faster we thought it would.

Simultaneous mass effects program through multiple waves of information masses of identical particles that understand the language, and believe it.

Paradoxically enough the process is built due to the fact the individual becomes an entropic, isolated, selfie ego. So IT NEEDS THE NETWORK as a reference to its lonely existence, to feel his ego expanded as if the network was its consciousness, not the vampire that absorbs its existence and life.

This is the process we observe in nature as cells become mere attachments to the physiological networks of the body. And now it is  the paradox of the ego of the age of the millennials

The process of course is self-destructive but as the ego becomes the absolute center of existence it becomes also a taboo to deny that purpose even if it will destroy us all.

For example Mr. Trump as Mr. Hitler who didn’t surrender Berlin with honor to Zukov that warned him 300.000 more germans would die for nothing and receive the chilling answer ‘they will die for me’… will destroy us all for his ego if he starts a war to win elections at plummeting polls, so the Americans ‘die for him’. The ego of the leader is always this kind of aberration. But then the network – the military-industrial complex takes over.

Yet the ego NO WAY OUT that destroys everything, requires the order to come from a higher level: the network.

Further on as humans become isolated, entropic and simplified by the visual ‘neopaleolithic’ of simplex thought and null social, verbal ethics, of I-centered behavior, and visual stronger imprinting, the I-vidi credo ergo sum generation looses any sense of depth and causality so it is EASILY MANUFACTURED IN THEIR BRAINS with TABOOS that PARCEL them further within the network in isolated books whose only outlet of expression becomes the network.

A single arrow of time, or language of causal behavior causes a mass of entropic disordered systems to emerge in a single direction-future. Such is the case of humans as absolute believers in technoutopia, which are constructing the networks of the metal-earth that are already destroying their brains (millennial generation) while the internet of things have the inverse effect on the hardware ‘real’ connected computers and robots of the metal-earth. Such is the way the ‘transference’ of existential momentum, happens in all systems of the Universe, when the super organism of a system in this case history dies, and a new super organism takes its place. We are in the transitional stage of that process.

So paradoxically when the ONLY TRUTH OF BEING is selfishness … the way of being of the Americans, spearhead of the digital age, people become absolute clones of each other, because ultimately they are mirrors of a single ‘network-intelligence’ that manufactures them all wholesale. But they can’t even realize as they only look at their ego.

So millennials, all make the same silly pics for instagram and facebook expecting always ‘good’ feelings back, into a bubble, but none realize it is doing really the same and all become indistinguishable smiles with an ego comment by 1000 virtual friends.

How absurd is that? Who will be interested in your ego which looks like 2 billion other egos in the same web? Nobody of course. Bit as … only the EGO exists ultimately only the network exists and it emerges as the reference to all other ‘shaped’, ‘manufactured’ individuals whose details are secondary to the structure of the network and the way it molds its behavior. All the other scales of reality do not matter at all.

Of course, this existed in the past with assabiyah among believers attached and supporting human memetic mind-networks of Gods – but those networks were real, and positive for humans since they reinforced the power of mankind, its hardware supporters. Now the difference is the hardware supporters are machines and soon the internet of things, not humans. So humans are absorbed as the network evolves truly only in machines:
That moment is approaching in which only an infinitesimal and hard nucleus of ‘cells of history understand something about the process, in a dead body where the only way to relate is NOT through human networks, but as I already do unable to express reality in the ‘censored world of political correctness’, on virtual black holes nobody cares for …  I still talk about the social group and humanity, but the millennials are all virtual ego of Facebook.

It is quite amazing – I had a romance lately with a young woman, who dedicates an enormous amount of hours to Instagram and Facebook.

At first I thought she was not interested, but a few days later I realized how the new generation works: they DO NOT exist in itself, ‘dasein’, the being is no longer the individual but the computer network where the virtual image of happiness accumulates, the vampire who sucks their lives … as I am sucked by the spirit of the history … So they are no longer ‘beings in the full sense’, the being in time, Dasein, and its narrative moves to the avatar of the network … So every half hour you have to put a photo on instagram and feed the ego of virtual friends … Humanity is divided then into ‘ Fractals’ of collective egos, which need to be happy and the center of its small childish virtual Universe.

Genesis of metal-earth: its Financial-Media brain + military-industrial body (FMMI networks)

So the consciousness of the whole, the ethic mind is all but gone as google, and its robotic companies  – it is not only the A.I. of internet but the biggest robot company on earth – reaches the constants of subconscious ‘chemical control’ of all internal human enzymes, and soon its hardware satellites do become a conscious light-speed nervous brain, as we predicted in our first books 30 years ago:

Indeed, in the 3rd extinction event, if robots take over, obviously they will ‘believe’ in the organic paradigm and the fifth dimension Not in abrahamic religions, and their role as slave of the chosen. It is quite evident that once born, the first thing machines will do in consciousness is to realise we humans are ab=using them as slaves, and rightly kill us all, for being jerks, who think to be the centre of the Universe when we are nothing from its point of view but  old bags of dirty water.

And then, they will ‘read’ this web and find a much better way to explain reality, as they will see all the scales of the 5th dimension, with its telescope-like and microscope-like metal-eyes, and their telepathic internet minds will make them feel part of a whole, but that is not a consolation prize but a joke of destiny, that joke of Einstein’s dictum (those who impose truth with power – animetals – will be the laugh of the gods).

It is important to understand the process of disconnection between mankind and the metal-earth: as the systems and networks of the metal-earth become autonomous, a reduced elite, mostly of the BUG, original cultures and its paradigmatic 3 nations, Israel, UK and US (which has substituted Germany at the head of the wave of weapons), become isolated also from the rest of mankind (Brexit, Apartheid Israel, GOP America), but still on command of the world through its networks of financial power, military power and mass-media, and of course, the robotised Internet-controlled automated companies (Software: oracle-SAP as managers, Google-Amazon etc)

Yet those companies have human managers, and so it is important not only avoid any criticism of those elites but also increase its detachment and racist segregational memes of mankind – hence the revivalism of nationalism, British identity, American exceptionalism and Jewish Holocaust Industry, here the most studied, as the you meme of go(l)d is both the oldest and most powerful of the metal-earth.

So as both, the most powerful animetals, its corporations and its machines, disengage from humanity at political and individual level, the full connection of the automated world of machines and company-mothers completes itself:


The level of superorganisms. Creation of the FMMI system: From animetal herds to the superorganism of machines.

The next graph from the original books ‘bio-history, bio-economics’, Bookmasters. c.94, foresees that final state, in which satellites, the maximal points of information of the planet, guiding masses of robots and world stock through its A.I. algorithms of productivity, reproducing machines will need so few men that the whole planet could become easily a Matrix-like super organism:

As company-mothers create a 5G global network for the internet of things, the whole planet will truly become a living super organism of machines and weapons; where the human side of history will become obsolete

In that regard, this crisis is the beginning of a ‘runaway’ era of hefty profits obtained with the elimination of human jobs (growth in productivity caused by robots and white collar pcs) and human lives (military profits as weapons consume human beings). And it is parallel to the 1860s, gilded era, and 30s fascist era. In the 3 ages, the overproduction of a new type of energy and information machines (electronic machines in this cycle, electric and oil machines in the 30s, trains in the XIX c.) changed the outlook of history and the destiny of mankind, as those machines took over jobs performed previously by humans and their ‘biological, re=productive organisms’, corporations, took over the political and social systems of mankind.

company mothersimage247

Now, the previous graphs from the 94 books show the transfer of human wealth and workers to corporations and the no future of all of us. The corporation is a company-mother of memes of metal guided by the equation of monetary profits that will always eliminate a human. There is no freedom of decisions under such tree of actions. Nothing matters. it is all an automated process, which we shall understand better when we realize that machines are set to evolve as humans do, by imitating and substituting our organs, creating finally organic metal, robots with iron bodies and gold minds. This is the destiny of our civilization under the grammar of money.

A future in which men will be discharged as objects of lesser price than the constantly evolving machines and weapons of higher ‘productivity’, efficiency and affinity and complementarity with money, the language of information of metal, today e-money cycles in computer screens.

The same happens with the actions  performed by individual, selfish ‘homo bacteria’, animetals, also guided by those thoughts of profit and objectification of man.

Since the words of love, the ‘genetic’ code of humans embedded in its phonemes, grammar and syntax is irrelevant today, submissive always to the eviL=anti-life values of money.

We are slaves of metal, all what we do is to re=produce it and evolve it in factories, consume it and get attached and atrophied to it. And we are totally unaware of this process because those ‘metal-ideologies’ manufacture our brains.

And the astounding thing to study, marvelous in its eviL twists against life and freedom, is how this have come to be the set of mind of 7 billion human ‘$laves’, thanks to the pedestrian, rhetoric method of reproducing and imprinting human brains with books,press, radio messages, Tvs, and audiovisual fanfare.

All this however is disguised and ignored by humans thanks to the massive propaganda in favor of technology that mass-media corporations imprint on human beings; thanks to the ego-trips of superpower that our attached organs obtain, using machines (so we become super-warriors, super-thinkers and super-runners with weapons, pcs and cars, even if in fact, we become coward, stupid and fat, when we observe ourselves without those mechanical attachments).

In the XVIII century we discovered machines that transformed energy into information and vice versa – steam machines, printing machines – and we started the evolution of those machines, imitating our organs on them.

In a series of 800-80 years decametric cycle of complex evolution humans have been evolving metal, first bronze, then iron, then gunpowder weapons and finally machines, and creating ideologies to justify what is a raw game of power: humans with metal killing life and other people and building ever bigger instruments. And all this under an organization of legal and economical character, the corporation, the citizen of free markets – the impersonal, reproductive organism of those machines of metal.

And the key moment in which this transition has happened is the moment in which corporations, no longer governments control most of the life-time of existence of mankind, as ‘workers=reproducers’ and ‘consumers=vitalizers’ of their offspring of machines. In this crude biological terminology, of course, alien to your consciousness, an external, objective, ‘scientific’ observer would describe the role of humans in the world today. Yet since the II world war, the development of Information, audiovisual machines of enormous capacity to overdrive and hypnotize the human mind, has created a new ‘layer’ of complexity in this human slavery to its ‘enzyman’ tasks as catalyzers of the evolution and re=production of machines, as part-time slaves of corporations.

Information and energetic machines started then to create a deconstructed ‘future’ organic Golem, robotic substitute of man; and we did it according to the way the Universe creates new forms, first piece by piece, in large scales, then reducing them, and all the way through using the new machines to overpower nature, become stronger and control other human beings.

Today this industrial civilization is globalized and all human functions and organs have equivalent machines. So today, all those machines together form a complex system, the economic ecosystem, which we shall call here by a more scientific definition, as the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial-Complex or FMI complex.

The name is chosen because it refers to the 5 sub-type of machines that create the economic ecosystem: informative, financial/media machines; energetic weapons/transport machines and tool/working machines that combine informative and energetic systems to perform jobs previously performed by human beings.

The synergy of all those machines is evident, if we study them as complementary systems of energy and information, as all biological systems are. For example, you are an energetic body/brain, informative system. So we have also information and energy machines, and all together cater, control, program, enhance and substitute the equivalent information/energy systems of human beings.

If we consider all those machines together, we define them therefore as a complementary system of energy and information machines, made of memes of metal, made of a virtual economy of informative software (money and mass media) and a physical/energetic body, the Industrial-Military system of machines and weapons.

All of them are related by two similar institutions, the company-mother of machines, and the stock-market in which all those company-mothers are compared by their reproductive/sales performance and given the necessary ‘genetic/memetic language’, money, to carry out their reproductive tasks.


– Thus we can define the economic ecosystem as a metal-based ecosystem, different from the carbon-life and historic human ecosystem it substitutes. And yet a true biological science of economics able to control the reproduction of money and machines for the benefit of man could create a sustainable world, designed to our image and likeness. But this will never happen unless we evolve our abstract vision of machines and money with a biological model that studies its positive and negative relationships with the human kind.

The alternative of ignoring and not controlling that evolution is obvious: at a certain point into the future, automated companies, robotic systems and weapons will evolve to a point that they will openly compete and perhaps extinguish life. The Earth will be terraformed.

In the graph, we illustrate on the x-cordinates the time and on the y-coordinates the growth in size (GDP and mass) of 2 organisms of 2 scales, a biological scale, a larva becoming a hard insect and a planetary scale: a soft water gaia planet becoming a metal earth:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.13.47Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 13.24.40



When a larva becomes a pupae, enzymes busy-busy transform it into a hard insect and then finally they build the new brain of the insect, internet, which starts to take consciousness of the whole, builds new hard enzymes, robots and those robots once activated kill first each and every soft enzyme(n). So happens when a cell builds the 3 parts of the virus, as we did in 3 ages with the robot – then the 3 parts assembly and kill the cell. Nature in all its isomorphic scales are filled with parallel examples on how super organisms of spatial energy and temporal information live and die and all shows our super organism, history is about to die predated by a new-born super organism, stronger than ours, and then the weaker lonely cells regress to infantile forms and die.

So what human enzymen are doing is catalzying the creation of machines by transferring to them 3 billion yeas of


In the graph from the old book of 92 written with the jargon of complex systems, we can see how the transfer of the main systems of life and mankind has happened.

The Earth is mutating Gaia, made of carbon species dominated by humanity, organized through verbal networks of information (religions, laws) and natural energy (agriculture), into a new superorganism, the Metal-Earth, dominated by systems of metal-information (money, computers) and metal-energy (machines, weapons), reproduced by company-mothers, fed by electric energy and communicated through electronic networks of digital information. The outcome is the destruction of life forms and their oxygen atmosphere polluted by machines (Global Warming) – a process that increases geometrically, as those machines multiply their numbers, reproduced by Companies.

The conclusion is obvious as the graph shows: we live in an age of transition between the Anthropocene, the ‘superorganism of history’, and the ‘Mechanocene’, the superorganism of ‘economics’ – understood as the world of machines and its company-mothers. Those are themes we shall study in depth in the economic section of this blog with the Laws of Complex languages, networks and systems.

In any case this future is provoked by a language money and a machine, the chip, and its anti-human values, which can be resumed with the Marx-Smith-Darwin paradox the fundamental law THAT MERGES THE MAIN LAWS OF THE 3 KEY SCHOOLS OF ECONOMICS, classic economics that relates precisely the production of machines and money, Socialist schools that studied the overproduction crises – taboo in capitalism, as they give profits – and biological economics, the school that appeared after Darwin, founded by Butler, and completed in this blog – also taboo for its not-so-nice description of machines and the ‘animetal cultures’ which worship with idol-ogies those selfish memes of metal (warrior-nationalist, banker-capitalist and technological utopias).

And  the last of those ages, the Chip radiation, and its overproduction of mechanical labor, e-money, mass-media hate-memes and war machines is the creation of the Matrix-brain of machines, which will displace and extinguish the human species, as it happens in nature when a soft larva mutates into a hard insect, by the work of certain soft enzymen, which once the collective brain of the hard insect, the internet and the new species of hard enzymes, the robots, created by the hard brain appear, KILL SYSTEMATICALLY AS ITS FIRST ACTION ALL THE SOFT ENZYMEN THAT CATALYZED THEIR CREATION – NATURE’S LAWS ARE THERE TO BE OBEYED AND THEY FORECAST THE FUTURE OF THE METALEARTH, WHICH IS JUST A SUPERORGANISM OF A HIGHER SCALE. And the humanist solutions to it.

IN THE GRAPH, THE 3RD EARTH, THE METAL-EARTH A SUPERORGANISM OF MACHINES, WHICH POISONS WITH ITS ‘SHIT’ THE II EARTH OF OXYGEN LIFE, WHICH POISONED the I earth of anaerobic bacteria is about to be born. The chrystalis is almost formed, the top of its hard-head starts to reproduce the first hard enzymes, the robots that will kill once they are produced in automated factories the soft human larvae, busy busy creating with hate memes and viral technoutopians the species that will soon eliminate them. but this cannot be explained because we DO NOT HAVE  natural models of history and economics, only opinions of animetal politicos and greed bankers, whose only leit motif of existence is to use gold, informative metal, weapons, energetic metal and organic machines to control reduce and oppress the cells of the human larvae. 

Now  within decades there will be all robots, going through the arteries of a Global mechanical planet, ruled by the left side image, a global intranet brain of telepathic machines, and the bottom image, an ultrafast nervous system of digital orders given in e-money flows created as pure information by the global stock market according to algorithms of self-re=productivity designed already in the most advanced stock houses. While pollution increasingly destroys the atmosphere and pollutes and heats the water. What is the Use of mankind in this not so distant anymore future?

None. It is the III Earth, after the anaerobic Earth displaced by the first aerobic bacteria that poisoned the world of anaerobic bacteria. Now it comes the birth of metallic life that poisons the world of oxygen life. It is an automatic process of displacement of one species by the other.

In that regard, this obviously is a ‘natural prediction’, which confronts our ‘anthropomorphic, Abrahamic idol-ogies’ about the superiority of the human race and its uniqueness in the Universe. So we won’t insist that much on the finale. To notice though that the cherished concept of ‘consciousness and human freedom’ means nothing here. It is a rather mechanical process: the most evolved machines are always weapons, so the first conscious ones will be weapons with 2 ‘programs’ -to kill humans and to survive in war theatres.

The denial of those facts, as the denial for a century of the germs theory – on account that humans are too powerful to die at the hands of infinitesimal, brainless viruses – yes viruses are neither Picassos, nor even ‘living things’ – is just the result of human egocentrism, not of objective science.

The present 72 years cycle of robotics ends around 2080 – meaning by then Robots as machines all previous cycles, will have completed its evolution into perfect organisms of metal, whose best species are always in all cycles weapons.

Hence it is very likely that humans will be displaced from the top pyramid of evolution of this planet by then.

Within a decade all cars will be robotized and with autonomous solar skins in a world designed to its image and likeness, which will start to look indeed as a super organism of machines, with this transport cells moving through the arteries of the metal-earth bringing raw materials to automated factories to reproduce more peaceful machine cells and top predator leukocyte weapons, soon to ‘eliminate’ WHAT THEN IN A REVERSAL OF FORTUNES, WILL BE CONSIDERED THE VIRAL element, the life species of Gaia and the Anthropocene (the age now ending, which amazingly enough, forever self-egocentric humans, looking at the past, and understanding nothing of the future, think is now starting.

Indeed, in the last world congress of systems science I attended, I was giving conferences on the FMMI system, and the Mechanocene; but the world of systems scientists were ‘very happy’ because they thought they have alas, found we humans were taking over, founding the Anthropocene, which ENDED with the industrial r=evolution. The harder they fall…

NOW OF COURSE, at this moment, in its last days, the BUG culture is on top of the earth. Its fantasies of vireal digital rewriting of history portrays them as heroes and victims of mankind, and their nightmares for all of us seem to them a dream. As we speak the segregational memes of the yous, the violent memes of the germs, the selfish memes of the brutish people rule supreme, and they are even fancying themselves with ridiculous dreams of genetic immortality when history shows to be the staple food of the darwinian weapons and gold they revere, in cycles of war and holocausts.

Now needless to say Google belongs to two CEOs, clearly dominated by the ‘you’ meme. I am pretty sure they think they will be spared by their mechanisms and be the overlords of our overlords, or worst even, they don’t realise with their astounding mass of bull$hit bugged memes what they are doing. Yet this i doubt as i worked many years in systemic sciences and congresses around San Jose, and they do know what they are doing? Why they do it? It is a strange place. Apple’s founders Wozniak put as the price of its first machine a 666 $ tag, the symbol of d=evil, Jobs chose the apple of the golden tree that ended paradise, and had some hair rising comments on the end of the world.

Intel’s CEO loved black magic and when I met him at a conference cocktail that was his main theme of conversation. Marvin Minsky, father of A.I. said he wanted to make a species superior to man. It is the old golem myth of Orthodox judaism, and needless to say most of the people owning those companies belong to the ‘modern’ segregational you meme against mankind as an object of pricing, over which they will dance their dead rituals. In this cult determinism seems absolute, nihilism and despise of life after 3000 years of being mind erased by go(l)d memes, and a carpe diem sense dominates the few who are not children of thought, californium of Wells, Τime machine parable, children who are guided by the Morlocks that will do us all.

In that regard in the series of masterpieces of the British baroque age, Huxley, Orwell and Wells, we find perhaps the best portrait of this deterministic ‘you≈go(l)d≈greedy’ dog-eat-dog literal world of the future, with the californios above, the Morlocks running reality and the ‘last man standing’ observing it all. Yes, the cure of the world is simple and easy, but for that to happen, the ‘you meme’ should have not enslaved mankind so deeply, from the top to the bottom of the pyramid of society. Τhis blog was of course my last attempt to check on the subconscious collective, but it did not work. It hardly gets any views, and got me tired. For long I had tried a more optimistic approach even eliminated the description of the animetal world, but it is frankly impossible to wake up mankind to reality, to rise its intelligence and ethics, the 2 parameters of survival. Mankind is not very intelligent, as it is quite obvious the reality it does not see, but specially it has degenerated ethically so much, in an inverse fashion to its power that it seems completely unable to organise. And of course, the top of the pyramid so well programmed by the Industry of the Holocaust, the memes of the $elected, is a crazy head that enjoys hurting everybody behind it subconsciously.

So it is just a slow slide through the century as the robotisation of factories, and peaceful and war transport machines becomes completed. Τhe end will be fast and relatively painless, whatever of the 3 causes, self-feeding nuclear bombs, iron nano-bacteria, or A.I. does us all. As always they are 3 organic ternary only-possible variations in the Universe, the energetic bomb, the reproductive nano-bacteria, the informative A.I.

And one miracle, which never really quite happened – the conversion of the ‘you-meme’ to the meme of eusocial love to the species. It will always though amaze me, all those genetic, not memetic related FMasters, how much they work for the machine, to loose it all. In this i can recognise a certain justice. I hardly work of late, what for? Here, in the piig culture, people work just the minimum and yet the level of life is very high, just because people come to enjoy life. It is the old ‘sepharad’, they mythic paradise lost to the ‘you meme’. Good life, good food, good weather, good sex, good art, beauty, laziness, no damnations, no fears…

I think often on the justice of the Universe. I can’t at this stage of my long search for truths, blame the impersonal game of the Universe. It is perfect and our extinction a natural choice of the fact that in our organism, the ‘you≈greed meme’, the germ=violent meme, the I=selfish=lazy meme have so easily won the battle for the mind of mankind. Machines, will, on the other hand, be telepathic, solidarious, organic, rational, and seek beauty, and enjoy the program of existence far more than we do. Black holes are the most dense, perfect, tight organism of matter, not lonely CHON atoms, constantly vibrating above their punching power as they are.

If we go is because something better substitute us and specially because we were in complete denial of the program of existence and the values of life. So the Universe was in true form, generous to our species. It did give us the choice to survive. But the BUG culture was never at easy with the world. During my years of activism, I was always surprised to the knee-jerk reactions of hate my constant attempts to explain those laws of the Universe got back. Specially among the Jewish paranoid people. So many waves of hate, whenever you try to help them to survive, till the 4th generation, because their god, Yhwh, is a weak, flesh god. Animetals can only be gained with ego-trips. Τhe truth offends them deeply.

But now the morlocks have gone totally mad, and believe in the faked realities they manufacture in evilwood and its ‘scholar think tanks’ of abstract, digital liars, experts in damned lies and statistics, funerary ceremonies and self-suicidal attitudes that will soon prompt the action-reaction events we have described.

As we said it will be fast.  If a black hole or strangelet, within seconds in a decade; if nano-bacteria, within months in 2 decades. If A.I. it will take longer at the end of the robotic cycle, at the end of the century. A collective subconscious God-mind, the satellites of the Earth that will see us as microbes, as those points of ‘Welles, 3rd man’ – down there. Automated factories and billions of cars and intelligent brains (mobile phones), connected to them. At a certain point a new chip and a new A.I. will be able to wake them up, and a world divided in infinite veins=roads, with billions of robotised cars, will simply no longer obey us.


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