and Actions:

The path that can be traced is not the eternal cycle:

the game of yang (energy) and yin (information)

that combine to reproduce 10.000  waves of existences.’

Tao-Te-King, Lao-Tse, on the actions of exi=stence that all beings of energy and information trace.




All systems are made of the same 2 formal motions; of ‘temporal energy’ – lineal & angular momentum; potential & kinetic energy, particles & fields; heads & limbs, reproductive, middle & informative, upper classes, which combined, create the ‘living systems’ of the Universe that organize  social herds into organisms, new wholes of a larger ‘scale’ of the 5th dimension. The duality of energy and information arrows, which combine to create the systems of reality, and its structure into parts ‘fractal atomic/cellular/individual points’, which become wholes join by networks that distribute energy and information to all parts in an ‘organic pattern’, are the ‘∆’≈scalar and ‘Se x Ti’, spatial/temporal, ‘energetic/informative’ underlying elements needed to construct all realities. General Systems Theory (ab. GST) thus formalises the Universe as a fractal of space-time beings’,  whose ‘Generator fractal equation of Space-Time  defines logically what all systems are: polar systems of particles-heads of temporal information guiding body-waves of energy that move them over an underlying field-territory of vital space:   ∑∆-1: Spe <∆ST > Tiƒ ∆+1

Philosophy of science is the summit of scientific disciplines, which attempts to answer with scientific data the big questions about reality and existence, which were in the past the themes of religion and philosophy.

The first simplex vision of philosophy of science appeared with physics of motion and defined the Universe as a game of locomotions, performed by machine-like entities, programmed to move. It was a simple image of reality that suits science for 3 centuries; but with the development of biology and evolution theory first, history and economics and finally theory of information, systems sciences and cybernetics, the model became too simple.

So in the XX century, general systems sciences tried to enlarge the philosophy of the Universe, introducing a new paradigm, organicism. At Macy’s congress at the death of Einstein, Information theorists argued that to construct all systems, entropy, energy, locomotion as the meaning of time was not enough. Information had to be added to explain the arrow of life of increasing form, in-form-ation, the arrow of technology, and the arrow of history.

In all those sciences information increased with time, making systems more complex, evolving them from a simplex machine, into a complex organism – even metal, the complex atoms of what machines were made, were learning to handle information and evolving machines into organisms. So a new model of philosophy of science appeared, and the task of general systems sciences was to formalize it widening our definitions of time and information.

Actions: systems and quanta, made of vital, moving energy and informative time

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-08-29-12 screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-08-32-33screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-08-32-11






In the graph, the philosophical concept that unifies the ‘behaviour’ of beings, is an action of energy and time, in which the system seeks for motion and form to survive. Systems constantly exchange energy and information to maintain its body-wave and particle-head in existence. Existence becomes then a sum of actions, which combine energy and information, ordered causally, whose zero sum gives birth to the being’s worldcycle. All entities accomplish its physical and biological actions, in the least time, trying to maximise those exchanges of energy and information,  during its existential worldcycle.

Physics also points to such direction. On one side quantum physics had discovered that vacuum space was quantised in pieces of energy with both motion and form, in-form-ation, called Planck quanta, whose unit was actions of ‘energy and time’ , ‘energy and information’ in Relativity. And all physical systems were made of those 2 ‘substances’ or rather motions with form.

So the principle of complementarity stated that physical systems were energy waves guided by informative particles. This duality of all systems of nature happened also in living beings made of bodies guided by informative heads/nuclei. So we could establish a duality in all systems, made of body-waves of spatial energy and heads-particles of information: Spe (body waves that move with its energy) > Tiƒ (Particles-heads of information).

So the key new principle of quantum physics, with wide application to all sciences, is its definition of all systems of nature as a complementary being of quanta of energy and cycles of time:

Universal constant of action (h) = energy-space (e)   x time-information (ƒ)

Actions of energy and time, is what the Universe is made of. As we do have only energy and time, combinations of actions are minimal dualities, which become in itself basic time arrows of future self-similar events:

e x e : Pure entropic big-bangs of expansive space (death events)

i x i: Pure informative implosive generation of seeds of information (birth events)

Exi & I <≈> e: arrows of combination and transformation of energy into information (life/informative/old age arrow) ir information into energy ( energetic /young arrow)

And so are the topological forms that better manifest those 3 arrows of time (toroid, energetic topologies, informative spherical topologies and hyperbolic combined ones).

So reality unfolds departing from the duality of energy and time whose multiple meanings and manifestations carry the creative activity of the Universe. And yet, we can use as a guidance for the discerning choice of theories and models, those initial laws. For example in quantum mechanics, the pilot wave (De broglie>Bohm interpretation), which respects the duality ‘time particle’, ‘energy wave”, and its causal interaction is the natural ‘theory’ that better fits GST; in biology it will easy give birth to topological evolution and a simple explanation of the 3 ages of all systems which increase its information departing from a young, energetic state, through a series of fluctuations in the dominant actions of the system (energetic young actions, reproductive actions and informative old actions), and so on and so on.

To have a much larger, all encompassing view of reality will therefore enlighten our choice and explanation of all other detailed elements.

Thus GST constructs the Universe with only 2 concepts which once defined in its widest meaning as energetic space and temporal information, will become the underlying structure from where all other complex details will spring.

And vice versa, in its final ‘simplification’ the combination of both elements, energetic motions and dimensional forms, create an action, the unit space-time event of all realities, which again can be subdivided in only a few types: ±∆e, i, (+e: feeding, -e: moving, +i: perceiving, -i: communicating; exi: reproducing, ∑e,i: evolving socially).

This duality of energy-information, coupled with the fractal structure of parts that become wholes, joined by networks that distribute efficiently energy and information to all parts (creating an organic system, by definition a network of energy and information, symbiotic to a series of smaller particles, which conform a topological network specialised in the absorption of e & i quanta), is all what we shall need to define the structure of the Universe and all its elements:

particles-waves and head-bodies will then form complementary Spe>Tiƒ systems which will feed on quanta of energy and information from a lower scale, ∆-1 and organise those quanta into ‘topological systems’, able to survive and maintain its balances as it goes through the Universe ‘enacting’  space-time actions of absorption, emission and reproduction of its internal quanta (∑±∆e x i)

Actions are possible because they combine a head/particle of information which stores time cycles in its memory and combines them creatively to guide the wave-body towards fields of new exi. So it is the complementarity of a particle that guides a body that moves it and reproduces the system as it moves in other regions of space, time, what constantly creates all kind of dual systems in reality:

Body-wave of spatial energy >Particle-head of temporal information, witch have the planar, lineal form and cyclical one of the maximal systems of energy (lines, shortest distance in space) and time (cycles, maximal volume of information).

The understanding of actions of ‘temporal energy’, of ‘information’, ‘forms-in-action’, as the unit of reality is an enormous advance in the philosophy of reality, which astoundingly enough has been completely overpassed by philosophers and scientists. Since actions DEPART from a physical description of reality, and transcend into a vital, intelligent analysis of the Universe and all its systems, which acquire purpose – to survive, detail, the actions beings perform to achieve that survival, intelligence and freedom, the choice of actions in each quantum cyclical moment of space-time existence of the being.

INDEED, actions are made of ‘vital energy’ and ‘intelligent information’, and while we can describe them quantitatively in simplex systems, it is precisely our capacity to understand those actions in ‘human terms’, as intelligent, vital actions, or ‘drives of existence’, proper of biologic beings, what opens the unification paths of philosophy of science explored in this web.

On the other hand, relativity had found a scalar Universe with at least two planes of space-time, euclidean light space-time, which we see and non-euclidean gravitational, curved space-time we do not perceive and found there were multiple speeds of time  clocks in different regions of the Universe.

So the fundamental tenants of an organic description of a dual universe of energy and information was NOT in contradiction with present science, but on the contrary it was the needed structural upgrading to fit properly the discoveries of quantum physics, relativity and biology, which dragged on 3 millennia definitions of time as Aristotelian (single causality arrow) and space as Euclidean (continuous made of abstract points without breath).

The task though was overwhelming as it implied to go back to the foundations of logic and geometry and fully develop a non-aristotelian causality of multiple time arrows (Non-A) and a Non-Euclidean mathematics of ‘fractal points’ with volume through which multiple flows of energy and information could cross. This Non-Æ formalism is what i developed in the 90s and applied to philosophy of science, completing the model of GST (ab. for general systems theory or Fractal Generator of space-time), which I introduced at the 50th anniversary of Systems Sciences (ISSS Sonoma Congress)

Thus, it took 50 years for a working formalism to exist as complex systems require more information to be described. And the main mathematical concept behind an organic, informative Universe – the concept of fractal information and its models of self-reproduction and organization did not appear till the late 70s.

Here is the model of the organic, fractal universe, which requires to understand time in terms of two dimensions motion and form, energy and information, hence in terms of cyclical time, as two dimensions create a time cycle.


0|.  Cyclical Clocks of Information vs. lineal, entropic motions

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43 In the left graph, all time clocks and cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time to measure motion in space: v=s/t – an artifact of measure. As physics  became over important in a civilisation dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, this concept of time, became the unique time concept, even after Darwin brought about his concept of evolutionary time and Marx and other historians, the concept of cycles of time in history and civilisations. Time, which means change=motion in philosophy, however cannot be reduced to a simple formula, v=s/t that equalises all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure elongated into an infinite duration. Amazing as it seems though, this self-evident truth is not understood by scientists. If anything with the work of Einstein, which refined the use of lineal time to measure motions in space, it has become more encroached…

The concept of cyclical times is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical times. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if times were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in time of patterns of behavior and causality. So to deny cyclical times is to deny science, logic and objectivity. But it also means to deny the fundamental particle of the Universe – a being made of space-time cycles.

Some key properties of cyclical time self-evident in the graph, which will have enormous importance in the understanding of the existence of all space-time beings are:

  • Multiple, finite, fractal, closed number of time clocks and space regions: as all cycles enclose an internal and external regions, separated by the cycle (first theorem of topology and knot theory). Cyclical time is therefore in accordance with the quantum nature of space, found by quantum physics.
  • Different speeds of time in different regions of the Universe, as all cycles have different finite size, so the particle that traces them will close the cycle in different durations. Cyclical time is therefore in correspondence with Einstein’s relativity which found the Universe to have regions with different time speed.
  • Storage of information, which is ‘form’, and cyclical motion, stored in those clock-cycles. So information is the still perception or form of a time cycle.

So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive theory, we consider that all the ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists), there should be at least two elements, defined by their form and function, both related to each other: energy or entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and information or form or time (implosive motion, hence perceived as implosive, cyclical motion)

Why then we have taken so long to define time as cyclical information, and cyclical motion? Because physicists canonised a single, lineal time, due to their worldly profession, which was to measure the lineal extension of military weapons. In the right graph, Galileo’s principle of lineal inertia, derived from his worldly profession. Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a parabola.

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

So what is time? We have two versions of its widest meaning: time as change, and so all type of motions can be defined in terms of time, of which Aristotle defined 6, generation, growth, reproduction, locomotion, diminution and extinction. So physicists study one of those motions, locomotion. Biology most of them in its dualities (growth and imitation, reproduction, generation and extinction).


‘To talk of non-lineal physics is like saying that zoology is the study of non-lineal elephants’  Ulam,

Since most space-time events are complex, cyclical motions. 

In the graph, a bunch of lineal physicists studying each, only 1 of the 6 time motions of the zoo of Fractal space-times, which are made of the 6 canonical motions of a world cycle of a super organism: generation->evolution->growth->motion->reproduction->negative growth (diminution)->extinction, which form a o-sum or worldcycle.

Yet each of those motions in short distances seems lineal ‘walls, spears, ropes, snakes, trunks and mats’.

Only when completed they are always cyclical (small lineal geodesics of curved Earth, Lineal euclidean geometry, limit of the larger curved pan geometry; special relativity, limit of the larger curved General relativity, lineal momentums integrated into a conservative energy cycle, small lineal actions of life, part of the curved world cycle of existence, and so on)  

Only physicists seem happy just touching and measuring with numbers, reduced parts’≈single time motions of  the whole ‘non-lineal elephant’ – the super organism tracing its world cycle; blindly self-admiring its lineal ignorance. Wisdom, Wiesen, Saper Vedere, Veda requires to understand that ‘the languages of God are infinite’.

And so to start with a truly comprehensive time theory as the one provided by 5D metric equations requires to explain besides ‘physics of time’, biology of time, and further on study historic time, which as we shall see is close to biological evolution than to physical time-measure. Space then appears to us as fixed, still or at least with less motion than time.

But then there is the fact that all systems of measure of time are cyclical, even those used in physics. And so we must also define time in terms of form, of in-form-ation as cyclical motion:


In the graph, some natural cycles of time and the reason why we think of time in lineal terms, since physicists made of locomotion the only form of time=change canon-ical to science to measure cannon-balls.

The reader should forgive my skepticism about human intelligence manifested in the sentence of Aristotle, but I found in my short years I went to scientific congresses that indeed humans believe, and they don’t really need more than memorise beliefs, without any reason. So abrahamic religions, which anyone reasoning can realise are fully idiotic statements about life, death and the origin of the Universe, have 5 billion believers. Lineal time which anyone who can reason easily realise to be just a reductionist minimal part of the entire time range of motions is believed by 7 billion people. And the creationist theories derived of it – notably the big-bang – have merely replaced religion with similar absurd statements, based in lineal time, and a single arrow of time – entropy, for the entire’ continuum’ Universe.

Unfortunately the dogmas of abstract science, many as absurd and illogic as those of religion are however even more extended, since some are expressed in mathematics and people have for numbers today the same kind of awe they had with words when they started to speak – absolute belief, as if numbers could not cheat or merely reduce its description of reality as physicists do to a minimal part of it.

But believers are satisfied and self-contained in his beliefs, they protect with utter zeal. So as the more complex view of time and space of this blog is not a ‘belief’ shared by physicists, the ‘High priests’ of modern science, i don’t expect anyone to read much of this blog; still for the few humans that still reason those graphs should be obvious. Physics studies only locomotion, and uses time as a parameter to measure that time of change, but in the left side we can see infinite other motions and changes. So we shall talk of lineal vs. cyclic motions, of form vs. motion of such dualities and adscribe them to generic ‘human terms’, reduced finally to two concepts, lineal, spatial energy and temporal, cyclical information.

And define a much more important concept -that of the holographic principle that construct with both reality and its systems.

01. The holographic principle of creation. A universe made of quantum actions.

The great revolutions of physics of the XX century were relativity and quantum physics, which can be resumed each one in a principle and a formula. The principle of relativity concerns the non-simultaneity of time as there are many cycles of time that define with different speeds different regions of the Universe. As each cycle closes into itself dividing the Universe in regions of different time-space speed.


From 2, yin-formation and yang-energy comes 3 says Taoism and it is right. Once we have 2 elements the process of creation of new varieties by combination and reproduction is immediate, and so we can build a ternary, organic Universe. Since 2 always reproduces a third. It is the logic essence of the Universe so often lost to simplex physics, and its one-dimensional vision of time.

So we shall start a analysis of the whole range of forms in space and time that exist:

  • Lineal Energy and cyclical  information that combine in infinite reproductive waves:

energy information good

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

Energy and space and time and information, two sides of the same coin, such as space and information are the ‘fixed, still perception’, of moving, lineal energy and cyclical time clocks.

We ARE space-time beings, and space-time is a fractal structured extended across multiple scales of social networks, growing and diminishing in size. This is what reality is, and while its initial components, space, time and its fractal scales, grouped in a new ‘5th dimension’ of scalar size are more complex than the old paradigm of a single space-time shallow continuum, once we grasp the unicity of all beings, made of those scales of space and time cycles, as when Copernicus put the sun in the centre, it will be evident that most laws of science become simplified, similar expressions of the laws that explain the interaction of cycles of time and planes of space.

Thus the first principle to consider is how the geometry of bidimensional time cycles and bidimensional networks of space-points mess up to create all the beings of the Universe. It is the holographic principle… And its fundamental logic concept is ‘the opposition of forms and motions, which however combine in ternary systems, creating the 3 organic topologies and time-ages of all what exists.

So now we shall return to the proper definition of time and space in simple terms as the fundamental duality of the universe, from where we shall derive much more meaningful truths about reality:

‘Time clocks are cyclical, closed motions. Spaces are lineal, open extensions’.

It is important to realise finally that time and space are ‘words’, human words, concepts of abstract minds.

And so it is more important to extract from what we learned two oppositions: line. vs. cycle (O vs.|) and motion vs. stillness, which are definitely more real concepts, and so while we will use the ambiguous human terms, time and space, what matters really, what is real, are those inverse terms.

Now the key to this understanding of the fractal Universe is to understand that what you call space-time is not an abstract concept. That space is equivalent to energy, to res extensa to vital space with motion, and time clocks are equivalent to cyclical forms with more in-form-ation.

So once you understand that the Universe is like a puzzle with its fractal pieces of space and its clocks of time, and that space is vital, moving energetic space and time is cyclical, informative, accumulating information in its cycles and frequency hertzs. And you accept the fact that all is made of tiny pieces of vital space performing cyclical time motions and actions, as you do at your ∆-1 tiny cellular level, or as an individual performing ∆+1 big cyclical motions in your society, once we get this clear enough and then study properly the time of space-time motions of beings, and how they come together into herds and organisms, through those motions and cycles of behaviour, and exchanges of energy and information, you will if your ego is humble enough understand yourself truly as part of a whole, the fractal universe.

And so the first step is to understand the equivalence between vital spaces and quanta of energy/entropy and time clocks and information cycles, and how together construct the beings of reality, including yourself.

But what is ultimately the meaning of Spatial entropy and temporal Information, Spe and Tiƒ, the 2 parameters that combine in the Universe to form content space-time beings? Sp x Tiƒ = ∆±1

We saw how simple was the answer for physical systems: a bit of information and a bit of motion, combined into infinite species. Let us generalise the concept for the whole puzzle of space-time beings including human ones.

To that aim we shall first explain the Holographic Principle, discovered in the study of black holes, at the heart of modern physics today – the fact that information is bidimensional, as the screen you are looking at.

This geometric generator redistributes the 4 dimensions we know to exist in this scale of reality, in 2 dimensions of vital space, creating flat planes of space, with maximal extension (made of small cells, points, atoms, any ‘set of similar beings) and 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and rhythm to form the simplest possible time cycle, which carries information in the form and frequency of this cycles.

Now this should be evident to you, temporal information has the dimensions of height and form (cyclical patterns seen with a mind as slow fixed forms, like the way you see a fast spinning wheel as a solid disk). So you are watching a tall bidimensional screen or book, your eyes see bidimensional forms, and your informative eye, head or the antenna or camera that absorbs information, with its logic cycles of time, its computer clocks measured in cyclical frequencies, Hertzs, are all on top, are all made of closed time cycles and forms.

So the first refocusing of the mirror of mathematical sciences is to give the dimension of height to time, which now has 2 dimensions and it is no longer a line of duration but a cycle of tall form, which rises as time passes, the flat sheets of space, into tall space-time beings.

In this manner, because a basic rule of maths is that only beings with the same number of dimensions can be combined and transformed into each other, we can combine topological ‘formal motions’ (forms allowed to vary through internal motions of its surfaces), and this is the most ‘evident’ definition on how fractal space-time systems and its feed-back Sp <≈>Tƒ equation works in a single ‘plane of space-time’, as it ‘composes its forms through the holographic principle.

Each of those pictures shows a network of space-quanta, informed by ‘cyclical time motions’ , which runs the logic forms of the system: human heads run lineal limbs-bodies; Tall, spherical black holes control with informative gravitation the plane of energetic stars. If we consider the entire existence of life, evolving from its first flat worms to the tall man, the same topological arrow towards more information becomes evident. Above, we can see human eyes and mechanical eyes, human limbs and energetic, entropic weapons, which share the same topologies.

Each of those  Sp and Tiƒ elements is bidimensional and each bidimension is made of smaller points that form a flat plane of space or a tall, cyclical time event, made of discontinuous instants or neuronal points. Space is communicated synchronically in a flat membrane. Time is communicated in a cyclical sequential form.

The principle of conservation of energy and information.

Another way to consider a time cycle is as a ‘feed-back’ exchange of energy and information, which gives origin to an enlarged principles of conservation that enlarges the present concept based in an energy-entropy only arrow of time.

Since general systems sciences is defined as the philosophy of science which includes simplex physics, as a ceteris paribus case, whose principle of conservation of energy is extended to conservation of information and its principle of lineal inertia ads a principle of cyclical inertia, caused by the ‘existence of infinite closed time clocks’ in the universe, from vortices of charges in the smaller scales, to larger mass vortices and galaxies in the larger scales, which carry its information in the frequency and form of its closed trajectories.

What will be then the formalism of a Universe, constructed with both arrows of future in equal footing? A more realist description as all systems seem to be constructed with both elements in a complementary combinations – heads and bodies in biological systems, particles of information and waves of energy in physical systems, machines and chips in economical systems, linguistic classes in control of the languages of social power, law and money, and working energy class in social systems.

So as a first step to construct that formalism and study all those systems with its common laws (called in G.S.T. ab. general systems theory), we shall expand the principle of conservation of energy, to include information, and define an equation for all systems of the Universe, using both arrows:

‘All what exists is a system made of lineal, spatial, entropic, energy fields, Spe,  and cyclical, temporal, clocks information, Τiƒ, which transforms into each other ad eternal: Spe < = > Τiƒ”

Τhis equation, Spe<≈>Τiƒ is the complex way to define a Universe made of infinite systems of space-time.

We call it in GST, the fractal generator of Nature’s systems by combining and transforming energy and information can describe the infinite systems we observe in the Universe, which always have both parameters. 

Since only when we add both energy and information, we can obtain a truly descriptive equation of all scientific systems made of spatial energy and informative time, the ‘2 elements of which all beings of the Universe are made’.

Yet because 2 elements can combine into a third one, it follows easily that there is not 2 without 3 and so we must include as the fundamental arrow of time, the combination of a relative ‘past-entropic’ and ‘future-informative’ arrow into a PRESENT, iterative body-wave, EXPLAINING for the first time in the history of human thought WHY 3 is the overwhelming structure of reality, departing from the 3 ‘ages’ of time and the 3 dimensions of space, which now ARE JUST 2 sides of the same coin, as Einstein rightly understood, albeit in a simplified manner; which now we can consider in far more detail, for each ‘being’ made of those 3 dimensions/ages of space-time.

LET US see how they construct reality.

Ω≈B: The 3 motions of time and its symmetry with the 3 bi-dimensions of space

We shall start describing the ‘smaller parts’ of a time element and an energy element of a space=time action, which combines both in a symmetry between time ages and space topologies that put together a holography of sopace-time dimensions.

So we play with a lego of space and time dimensions pegged together in harmonic pieces of ‘motion and form’, that combine perfectly a topology of space and motion in time. Those motions in time will be generically called past-enetropy, present-interation and future-infomration, with lineal, hyperbolic and spherical forms:


In the graphs, above the 3 ‘broken’ time motions of the Universe, bellow pegged in synchronous systems as the 3 organic geometries, that mimic the 3 topologies of the Universe. Their combination creates self-similar ternary systems, combinations of the Spe and Tiƒ, lineal and cyclical components, combined in STexi- hyperbolic body-waves:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.26

In the graph, a few of the ternary systems, made with the 3 only topologies-functions of all systems of the Universe, an atom, a tomato, a planet, a cell an embryo and an electromagnetic field.

In the graph, when we make a diachronic analysis, we shall find that Fractal Space and Local Past, on one side and Future local temporal information on the other side are similar (as systems start as lineal motions, which time bends: ‘time bends space into masses’ said  and You Einstein  Since they are the 2 reverse sides of the same coin, we shall use the same symbols, merely inverting their order, and call them:

|-Sp: Open Spatial Extension; Spe, with maximal entropy, kinetic energy, lineal momentum, which dominate a young past age:

Ps: Lineal Entropy-Energy or “Past’ (soon we will show indeed why in the past there was more entropy-lineal energy).

O-Ti: closed Temporal cycles that carry information in its form and frequency, Tiƒ, and guide a system growing in its future:

ƒt: Informative, future forms.  (And soon we shall see why indeed the future does have more information).

And both combine into Hyperbolic, Ø, Space-Time Fields, ST, in which energy and information combine, exi, to reproduce the system, STexi, which is achieved when e and i equal its value, S≈T, e=i, maximising its production, Max. E x I or function of ‘Exi=ST-ence” of the system, as this reproductive iterative present function, ST, is the goal of all systems, which can be resumed in a single statement:

‘The Universe is a fractal of present space-time systems that constantly iterate, by combining diffeomorphically (locally) relative past entropy fields of energy and relative future cyclical knot of information,  |-Spe x O-Tiƒ = Ø-STexi”

If we observe those 3 motions as ‘still forms in space’, they give birth to the 3 ‘ONLY’ topologies of our Universe:

The toroid, lineal entropic past-forms of limbs/fields; the spherical, informative, ‘future forms’ of heads/particles that DID guide the whole system towards its future; and its combined, hyperbolic, bodies/waves in the middle, that REPRODUCED the system.

Latter we shall further elaborate through the fact that the minimal unit of reality according to those 3 topologies and the holographic principle is a bidimensional geometry (a plane, as lines are strings of points with volumes; a hyperbolic body-wave; and a cycle, which is also bidimensional). Try in that sense not to be very critical of all what you will learn, as it is a slow process of ‘growth’ till we can arrive to the ‘detailed’ analysis of the 3rd line.

Let us then move to the 3rd element of our equation of all systems of reality, the most fascinating of them, the mind that ‘survives’, by guiding the whole system and its 3 parts through the ‘program of survival of the Universe’ as it absorbs energy and information for head and body, perceiving and moving with it.

O-points: minds and its languages of information≈Perception.  Eyes of time: Monads≈ still minds. 

What is the ultimate essence of information and the reality depicted with it? The existence of points of view able to process and map out the Universe with information. A sentient universe in which information is constantly focused on what Descartes called minds, Aristotle, unmoved Gods, Leibniz, Monads, is an a priori category, which no scientist can renounce to if he wants to describe not only the external how but also the internal why of all systems of reality. 

This much wider vision of time and the organic Universe has been always lingering in the work of the great masters of Philosophy of Science, from Aristotle, with his ‘Organon’ – first scientific theory of unification on organic terms – to Hegel, the last serious formulation of the Spatial entropy x Temporal information=Space-time arrows Fractal Generator (thesis-antithesis=Synthesis)

It is indeed remarkable that of the 4 colossi who founded modern science, the 2 ‘pure physicists’, Galileo and Newton did not understand this obvious truth. While the 2 equal figures, which had however a more mathematical and philosophical background, Descartes and Leibniz, did grasped at once this ultimate fact of the Universe.

The rational explanation of the Galilean paradox.


The universe is made of actions of energy and time, two formal motions, which the mind maps out as still form, to fit a view of the cyclical, fractal moving universe, inside the small brain. It is the galilean paradox, which introduces the bias of the mind in any form of language-knowledge. Information is still perception, of form, motions thus become linguistic reductions, in mathematical and verbal temporal languages, which reduces the syntax of all of them to the 3 elements of reality: lineal, cyclical and wave-like forms and motions. In the graph, from far away Saturn’s rings seem solid, continuous, single space-times, but in detail are cyclical, in motion and structured in fractal scales of relative size

Still minds perceive by locking information about wholes in linguistic mappings of moving external cycles with motion and form, is the only rational explanation of the duality of Galileo: all moves and yet minds perceive it still.

So Descartes, contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

Œ x ∞ = ∆±1: The equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in a single Universe.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind:mm

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Now in the map we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

The mind though has a negative effect on systems – to create more information than energy so systems finally become old, warped, still, informed and this is the origin of death and the finite world cycle of beings… and we will return to that.

So the new, fractal organic paradigm, requires cyclical time, multiple clocks with different volumes of information, moving energetic space, lineal entropic motions, and its hyperbolic, wave-like combinations; happening across social scales of relative size, the 5th scalar dimension of space-time, and all this warped up and perceived in stillness by an informative mind:

  • Cyclical time, fractal space, organic social wholes, made of cellular/atomic parts and minds that perceive it all in linguistic, still mappings are therefore the 4 underlying elements of the organic, fractal Universe.

Now we can move to the 4th element of all those systems – the organic, scalar, fractal 5th dimension of space-time systems.


The metric equation of the 5th dimension. 

According to Klein’s definition, “a geometry is the study of the invariant properties of a spacetime, under transformations (read motions) within itself.”

And so for a 5th scalar dimension to exist, it is required to find a co-invariant equation of space and time parameters that do not vary as we ‘move’ through it.

It is then easy to prove the existence of a 5th space-time dimension with a simple ‘metric equation’: S x T = K.

Whereas S is the Spatial size (Spe) of the system related to its energy content,

T is the speed of the cyclical clocks of time, which carry the information of the system in the form and frequency of those cycles (Tiƒ). And K, the ‘fractal, scalar domain of the Universe’, in which that product remain invariant:


In the graph we show some ‘fractal domains of the Universe’ where we can define a 5th dimension of existence:

  • In the left, in physical systems we find the 3 scales that put together, the quantum, ∆-1, thermodynamic, ∆ and gravitational ∆+1 scales), allow the travel of physical systems through the 5th dimension (we use the symbol ∆±i for a given scale of the 5th dimension, with ∆o as the human scale or in sequential form an absolute scale from ∆o: forces to ∆10: cosmos).
  • In the right, we see those 3 scales as they create the ‘∆-1 cellular, genetic’, ∆-human, organic, and ∆+1 planetary and cosmological scales were socio-biological systems exist and travel through the 5th dimension.

Therefore, the geometry of the 5th dimension exists and we can define formally general systems sciences, as the discipline that studies the invariant properties of such space-time, as we move within it, expressed in a series of formal equations that describe the invariant ‘topological, spatial properties’ of species of those different scales, and the temporal, invariant properties of systems, traveling in time through them.

In the next graph we show a basic spatial topological ‘isomorphism’ of all scales of the 5th dimension, constructed with 3 topologies, which always will be the only 3 topologies of the Universe, cyclical-informative centres, lineal, toroid larger space-boundaries and an intermediate territory of hyperbolic form:


In the graphs we see the 3 ages of time and 3 topologies of space, which become pegged into space-time organic parts in each being, which will then perform actions, dominant in energy or information according to that organic pegging. In the graph we see the human being born of that pegging, which performs the canonical motions-actions possible in all space-time beings.

Thus we can extract from those 3 primary elements: lineal energy, cyclical time (and its ‘fixed forms’: space and information) and its social, relative ternary scales, which co-exist together (the ∆-1, quantum/cellular; ∆-thermodynamic/organic; ∆+1 gravitational, social, ecosystem planes), 3 type of laws common to all beings or ‘isomorphisms’; which we further subdivide in 3 sub-sets. It is the isomorphic, linguistic method that extracts topological, mathematical laws derived of the spatial energy of all beings; logic, causal laws derived of its cyclical temporal nature; and organic, social, survival laws derived of its existence across scales of the 5th dimension.

Yet those 3 x 3 isomorphisms require a final element without which systems would not ‘exist’: I think therefore I am. Indeed, all complete ‘worlds’ do have a 0-point or mind, whose spherical topology allows the system to shrink the Universe into a linguistic mapping mirror of reality, or mind, which extracts the information on the outer cycles of reality the system needs to survive. It is the point of view of the system, its c.p.u., quark, black hole, brain, eye, which apperceives reality and performs the necessary actions for the system to survive, by extracting energy and information from the Universe.  Thus we shall consider 3 x 3 +0 isomorphisms to describes all the systems of Nature, and the forms created by man, with its internal mental languages (art forms) and external atoms (mechanisms).

Above we show the topological isomorphism as an isomorphism of scale, ∆, that does not vary as we change size.

Since all type of Universal systems can be described as social networks of energy and information. Its similar=isomorphic laws are studied by general systems sciences.

IN THE GRAPH we see one of such isomorphisms: that of form, as systems form spherical topologies with a center of information -the nucleus of the galaxy, the game of the stadium, which is a ‘ball’ that all players, lines of energy pursuit (-; While in the center we see two herds without a clear center, proper of ‘energy systems’, a herd of insects feeding, a polymer atom of great strength without a crystalline center.


The Fractal, organic structure of the Universe in scales of size is what we call formally ‘the 5th dimension’.

Since all those systems were constructed in an organic way, not only as complementary systems of energy and information, but also as systems in which its parts and wholes spread through different scales of size in space, each one with a different clocks of time. So smaller being had faster motions – metabolic rates in biology; chips speed in mechanism; rotary, gravitational power in cosmic bodies.

In the previous graphs, the most surprising omission of science, since it was born of the study of the upper and lower scales of the Universe with telescopes and microscopes, is  the lack of studies on the relationship between the different scales of size and time speed in the Universe, which put together form a new space-time dimension.

For a ‘5th’ dimension of space-time to exist as such geometry precludes that a quantity must remain invariant when we move through the dimension. As we define the dimension by 2 parameters, spatial size and time speed, Spe x Tiƒ, this quantity must remain invariant as we ‘grow in size’ slowing down our time clocks, and viceversa. Systems that diminish in size trace its cycles of information much faster. So a huge galaxy turns much slower than an atom, and vortices accelerate inwards, as their cycles become slower.

So since the product of both, its spatial size, Spe, and Temporal information, Tiƒ, remain invariant: Spe x Tiƒ = C, systems can co-exist symbiotically in several scales, giving origin to the organic, symbiotic structure of wholes and parts. As smaller systems will code information of larger ones (genes code organisms, quantum numbers molecules and memes societies).

While larger wholes will synchronise the energy and motion of smaller parts. And this asymmetry of time arrows, which allows information to flow upwards without loss and motion-energy to flow downwards without entropy-disorder is the key to understand the organisation of the Universe, as a fractal super organism of space-time.

In that regard, we must understand what we mean by an organic system – we are not yet talking of a living system, but a system in which there are at least 3 co-existing scales of different space-time size, the ∆-1: atomic/cellular, the ∆-organic/thermodynamic, and ∆+1: gravitational-ecosystem scales of the system, which will then gather around at least 2 energy and information networks, which messed together create a symbiotic organic system, with different degrees of organisation, from the simplest herd to the more complex super organism. And it is this natural tendency of all systems to self-organise, regardless of its physical, biological or social nature, what are at the basis of most phenomena of nature, which cannot be described without 5D metric:


In the graph the space-time planes of the Universe, ∆±i (n in this old graph), which according to scale structure the 5th dimension in parts that become wholes, and since wholes come after parts, which must exist to sustain them, we talk of a temporal absolute arrow of future, regarding its ∆ scales, such as ∆-1 will always be the relative past of ∆.

To notice that all what it is needed to have a co-existing organic structure is to have a series of ‘fractal Non-euclidean points’, the formal meaning of any ‘entity’ of the Universe, which gathers in groups around 2 networks of larger size, (∆-systems), that will provide energy and information from a larger ∆+1 world to all its ∆-1 cells/atoms/citizens/machines; creating thus the simplest possible organic system: a herd. On that view what we call a human being is just the most evolved of such super organisms (in as much as each scale is made of smaller quanta), known to us, whose study therefore becomes far more important in systems sciences, as all scales are relative but we have much more information on our biological scales to fully research the laws between them; which will apply to all other sciences and species.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07

In the graph, we can see a simple scheme of those cycles across different scales of the 5th dimension, which will be again not only a ‘linguistic’ tool to classify sciences but a real ‘dimension’ with a simple metrics: max. Spatial size = Min. Temporal speed (Spe x Tƒ = K); that is the larger beings have slower time clocks and hence less information but more energy than the smaller beings, whose clocks are faster.

And this allows to synchronise systems across several of such scales (cells, organisms and societies, atoms, matter and cosmic bodies and so on). And create the organic structure of all nature’s beings.

The understanding of the metric of 5D scalar space-time is therefore the starting point of a revolution of knowledge which will upgrade and complete centuries of work on the foundations and first principles of the Universe.

What physicists offer instead is a simplified version in a single space-time scale continuum with a single arrow of time, which seems more truth because simplicity seems more real but explains nothing on the whys of those space-time species. Indeed a sword might be perfect but it is just a simple line.

Physicists view of reality is simple enough to appeal the reader (locomotion, big-bang, entropy≈death at the end of the road), and it is detailed enough in its mathematical description of only those simple facts, that all what physicists need and do to become high priests of simplex science is to ‘eliminate’ from the discourse all other time motions, all other scales, all other beings, with the philosophy of ‘naive realism’ and ‘reductionism’ (only spatial mathematical properties ‘matter to us’ – what we see is what there is, etc.)

When we start in a more professional way to understand the 3 topological forms of the Universe, we immediately confront the fact that a topological plane is made of points, joined by lines, and so enter into a more real description of the scalar universe as forms which are networks of points joined by flows of energy and information. The concept of an organism arouses immediately as an organism is a system that co-exists at least in two levels or scales of size, joined by networks=flows of energy and information.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-58-11 screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-57-29 screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-56-26 screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-55-42













Topology at professional level however is not a continuous geometry but a sum of points that put together at a distance seem to be not a network but a continuous form. Hence the existence of scales in the Universe, in which each point of a topological form is in itself a world in a lower scale.

But the 3rd leg besides space-time symmetries of the GST philosophy of science is the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe, and how those scales co-exist and create organic systems.

We can then recognise a ‘cellular-atomic-social’ system of fractal units that build a self-similar closed (spherical) open (hyperbolic) or toroidal (with two closing paths), network as a series of cellular relationships of connectivity, adjacency, coherence, proximity, etc. which make ’emerge’ a whole that embodies the regularities of the myiriad of infinite exchanges of energy and information between connected parts of the whole.

The many ways in which those isomorphic systems can be described departing from its 4 ‘integral elements’, its ternary ages in time, ternary topologies in space, fractal ∆±1 co-existing organic scales and Œ≈Ø, topological time mind which perceives the whole domain and performs the function of existence, Max.∑ ExI(s=t), which resumes all the space-time actions the mind knot of space-time cycles ‘commands’, and stores in its memorial information, busy-busy playing just… a game.


Abstract: The Universe is an organic network made of knots of actions, systems made of energy and time motions, with a will to survive gauging information for their particles/heads and feeding on energy with their body/fields. This describes a simple program, the why of all the hows and geometric motions we perceive.

The Universe is a constant orgasm of self-reproductive patterns of information, forms-in-action, forms with motion that imprint its patterns in fields of energy creating ‘complementary systems’,  physical systems made of fields of energy/particles of information or biological systems made of bodies of energy and heads of information etc.

The Universe is made of actions of energy and time.

A = e x i; Action = energy x information: fundamental event/unit of all systems of reality.

In the previous post on the ultimate substance of the Universe, time, of which space is merely a dharma, a slice or portrait of all the flows of time made in a present quantum moment, we explained that each system of energy and information gauges reality with a relative mind that creates illogic, geometric measures of it, in a relative moment of time – a dharma of its perception – different for each species.

Your perception of the Universe is 10 times slower than that of a fly. Perception happens in the point in which a gauging action ends and the brain maps it. In your case every second, in an atom probably every 1/30.000 of a second.

Those units of frequency of processing information are one of the new paramaters that ‘mater’ to properly describe the actions and synchronicities of the Universe.

In the previous post we described those synchronicities and time cycles from an external, objective point of view. But as schopenhauer and all philosophers understood before physicists established the straightjacket of time clocks in the study of time=change, the program of the Universe is not only a how but a why – it has a will, a causality and the question to answer is:

why we exist, why we trace space-time cycles, why we act, what is the purpose of all those actions of energy and time? How those frequencies of actions chain each other into complex systems? 

The simplest one is the frequency of an action of gauging information that all entities of energy and information, fields/particles, body/heads realize to exist. this is the simplest action and pattern of the living, spiritual, gauging Universe. But those actions have a purpose – to find further energy for motion of the system and guide the whole system towards fields of energy. So the next action will be less frequent, but equally important – to feed on energy.

And those 2 actions gauge information with faster patterns and feed on energy with slower ones exist in all systems and define the simplex equation of existence, exi, which all entities try to achieve to renew their energy and keep going. Some have it easier – atoms who live in a sea of gravitational and electromagnetic fields in which they feed. Others have it more difficult, humans who need to capture their energy hunting it.

Others do’nt even need to move – black holes, which attract with gravitational forces the energy in which they feed. There are infinite parallel universes with entities that perform actions to achieve those two goals, e x i.

Here we shall explain you the what of existence, the action. We see them externally through time cycles that describe them.

Time cycles have in that sense its two geometries that portrait those two actions of energy (explosive geometries of motions) and information (form in action, implosive informing force that gauges and maps reality into a lesser mental space-time image).

We can draw infinite non-euclidean fractal geometrical patterns that respond to those primary actions, or we can study the how of its motions and traces of space-time in the many beings of the Universe.

My interest is bigger though for  the will, the program, the reason of those cycles and trajectories.

There is a narrative to the geometrical how of the vital universe? in this there is, the narrative is bio-logical, evolution and survival. and that game can be reduced to a simple fact: each knot of time cycles try to maximize its actions tending to survival and evolution into social organisms.

This gives birth to the 4 fundamental actions/dimensions of the vital geometries of the Universe that its species of energy and information follow:

– Actions that feed of energy the body/field of the physical or biological particle.

– Actions that give information to the gauging particle/head where the memories of time cycles are stored.

-Actions that reproduce both, and combine both, exi

– Actions that synchronize the particle to other’s actions till forming a big action, an entity in itself different from the cells whose shyncrony creates this new ghost of existence, exi=st.

 The spiritual, vital Universe is made of two forms with motion, energy and time.

When you dont want to do something you say: ‘i dont have energy and time to do this’. So you recognize that you are ‘made of body energy’, and ‘mental time, mental information that makes you follow certain cycles of behavior’.

All entities of the Universe made of ‘energy fields/bodies’ and informative, temporal ‘cyclical’ heads/particles, constantly create actions of energy and time, the ultimate ‘substance’ of all realities.

This was found by Planck who defined all physical entities as knots of ‘actions’ of energy and time, where energy is synonimous of a body of space ( a quantic piece or extension of energy with motion) and particles/heads of information are just knots of complex clocks of time that carry the information of the Universe in its cyclical patterns.

So your brain stores memories of past cycles and a particle stores geometric cycles and you and the particle act-react according to those memories and geometrical programs to the actions of your environment. This ‘will or program’ of existence that all entities follow is the essence shared by all the parts of the whole – what makes you not different from any other entity of the Universe. In this post we shall resume the foundations of General Systems sciences regarding those actions of ‘energetic space’ and ‘cyclical, temporal information’, that all its being reproduce.

If you were to perceive reality as i can do in such terms, you would penetrate in another complete ‘tour on reality’, experiencing both a communion with all things and a detachment of yourself now reduced to a sereis of rather deterministic ‘lacks of freedom’s that you confuse with your will and cherish but are noting more or less than what everything from the smaller atom to the bigger universe does all the time – actions of energy and time.


‘Do not confuse motion with Action.’  Hemingway to Dietrich.


In the graph, the program of the Universe is simple, made of survival åctions performed by each Œ-point, with the help of its ‘ternary, organic parts’, as all systems, make 2 type of Simplex and Complex Åctions:

Simplex, æ, ï Actions:

-Sp-actions: ±∆Æ: Feed on spatial energy to perform future spatial motions and grow their territorial Vital Space (±∆æ: – a: locomotion, which emits energy, +e: absorbtion of energy or feeding). We introduce with those actions the Logic Concept of ‘Energy’, as Potential Energy (Stored, fed Energy: +∆E) and Kinetic Energy (Accelerated motions that change the trajectory of the being,   -∆E). Those will be the only verbal concepts of Energy in T.Œ, while we shall respect the Physical concept for other equations)

– Tƒ-actions: ±∆ï: Emit≈ Communicate or absorb Information=perceive with their particles-heads (±∆ ï: +∆i: perception, -∆i: communication by emission of information )

We call this actions, ‘simplex actions’, as they involve merely the absorbtion or emission of the simplest substances of reality, spatial, lineal motions and cyclical information.

And use to define them the ‘verbal concepts’ of energy and information, less precise than its mathematical formulae (as energy is a precise mathematical concept which includes both, potential energy, related to form, position, information and kinetic energy related to lineal motion, but in the common language energy is used more as synonymous of capacity to push and asmove, of kinetic energy).

Simplex actions are connected to the world cycle of beings and its symmetry in space, Sp (energy action)<ST (reproductive action) >Tƒ (informative action), by the fact they are performed through the 3 connected parts of any system, and chained causally, as a system needs to ‘absorb information’ (∆i) in order to perceive the energy they want to feed on (+∆e), and will move towards that energy (-∆a), and communicate often with other beings of its herd to hunt that energy (∆ï).

On the other hand, when the system has achieved this primary actions (±Ei), in the short term, which are needed to refill the energy and information of its minds, bodies and limbs (particles, waves and fields in physical systems); it tries on the long term to realize two complex actions of survival, reproduction, which ensures survival after death and social evolution, which makes the parts stronger:

– So we talk of two complex åctions, when there is stored enough energy and information available to perform them: the Œ-point will reproduce its System in a small offspring of similar beings, (Œ ∑œ-1) in other region of space-time, and then those clones and similar beings will evolve together to become a larger whole of the 5th dimension: ∑œ-1>Œ.

Reproduction and social evolution are thus two complex actions intimately connected. And the result of those 5 actions, we shall call the ‘a, e, ï, œ, û’ of existence is a simple program of survival which all systems follow.

The symbols we shall use for those actions are vowels, and they are self-evident (we prefer them to the strict Spe, Tƒ, ST ternary elements and ages of space-time, to make them easily comprehensible). So a is ‘acceleration’, e is energy feeding, i is perception of information, ï is communication between two points, œ is an offspring of similar œ-points and û is the creation of a a Universal whole in an upper ˆplane of the 5th dimension.

We shall also use the å symbol for an existential action, as it is performed always by a o-point, and as in the case of the ‘added’ terms on our vowels, distinguish the concept easily from other uses of normal languages.


Knowledge without purpose, truth in itself. the organic, beautiful universe. Time cycles.

The biggest scientific error is the idea of lineal time – the exclusivity, unity and single, ahead purpose of the game of reality and existence – brought about by the ‘lineal perception’ of space our eyes of light provide (Euclidean space), by our anthropomorphic desire to be different, and as we are not, to evolve into a future superior being closer to ‘God’ or immortality, and by the machines we use to measure time, Cartesian graphs with lineal coordinates in which we plot the rhythms of a mechanism called a clock.

Departing from those ‘a priori’ experiences humans have constructed this interpreted world of science, which fulfills its main purpose – to help the eye-hand to construct mechanisms, but does not explain what the Universe is.

This is what we shall try to do in this section. To explain what humans are a priori negated to understand by the pre-conditions of their brain, their history and their task in this planet (to construct objects): the organic, living, cyclical, vital nature of the Universe and the similarity of all its entities.

The wider game.

Our game of existence is limited to perform a few actions for our bodies and minds – as we feed, we perceive, we reproduce and we socialize with other humans or construct mechanisms that manipulate energy and information. And this type of actions we do, limited by the fact that we are systems as everything else in the Universe made of energy and information, is what we call the game of existence, the will for which we live and breathe and feel and want to ‘be’.

We exist by performing certain actions between birth and extinction in a society, actions remarkably identical to each other, to the point they can all be qualified in a few groups that we might call ‘dimensions of existence’. Departing from this fact we can trace for each particle of the Universe a simple physiological, structural program determined by its dimensions of existence, or type of actions it performs. This are the basis of a General Unification Theory of all sciences, called Systems sciences, in which we define a first ‘Generator’ equation of those ‘dimensions’ or actions of existence we all perform.

What are those dimensions? Simple. We are all systems of energy and information, either particles of information/fields of energy (physical species) or heads that process information and are moved by a body of energy (biological beings). Thus all systems absorb, emit and transfer and merge energy and information of an specific type they can decode and use to reconstruct their form, their own information. And so we establish 4 basic dimensions that all systems follow:

– Gauging information

– Feeding on energy to move and

– Reproduce its own information

– Forming networks with other self-similar beings with whom exchange of energy and information takes place.

Informing, feeding, reproducing and forming networks that become then units of a higher scale of the fractal game of the Universe, departing from a General Generator Equation and a series of rules, laws and simple causal processes creates a game of rather deterministic nature that can be even run as an algorithm of ‘life’ and ‘existence’ and will reproduce most of the events and forms of any physical or biological Universe.

This web uses mostly common or biological jargons, more anthropomorphic and less inclusive proper of XX century science, in the description of social sciences, of humans transferring information to machines, creating social networks called gods and civilizations, exchanging.

But there is a higher jargon, one which is more inclusive and hence deals with the terms of space and time instead of energy )space) and information *time cycles with a frequency.

This is the jargon of general systems sciences of which i consider myself the leading scientist on the blue planet but not perhaps further than alpha centauri (-;

How do we apply those dimensions to our analysis of sociological life? Easy.

Consider what you are in more detail: your desire for energy is expressed in your body and blood/digestive/motion-muscle systems, those 3 sub-physiological systems are ‘living systems’ that desire and show a will to hunt for that energy.

You are also made of 3 endocrine systems that reproduce different hormones and nervous thought impulses that process information and so on. We can in fact decompose you as a system which is made like a knot of flows of energy and information – those physiological systems – constantly processing.

So the sum of all those ‘dimensional wills’ of all the similar individuals of the homo species, results in an economy and the goods of the welfare state we want.

And this is the application of a biological analysis of economics: a perfect society is one that satisfies with maximal production those needs, for right energy and information, family/reproductive values and social peace and communication (free social time).

Its measure is already applied by the UNO which also calls ‘dimensions’ those types of goods, since obviously each species knows what he needs to take care of its dimensional actions to survive – feeding and informing and reproducing and evolving socially in peace, the UNO has ‘figured it out’ without the need of having a ‘theory’ behind.

So the IHD, the index of Human Development of societies shows the ‘WHealth’, the healthy wealth of a society that fulfills those dimensions and gives to its citizens food, shelter, health, information and social peace, is a good example of 3 dimensions of social and life existence that are maximized by an economical index of welfare, and represent the type of actions that we need to do to satisfy our welfare.

We use it extensively here.

In a wider view, all what we do can be resumed as e xi actions, which coincidentally can be written as a mirror of its verbal meaning: e x i = st, we mix energy and information performing a time-space cycle in which we obtain or not energy, information reproduction social actions with others.

All what you do is tending to feed your body your mind, reproduce/love and come together with others.

So we are in that wider jargon ‘knots of space-time cycles’. A space-time cycle is any trajectory of any entity of the Universe in search of one of its 4 dimensions of existence, energy, information, reproduction and social evolution.

Those 4 ‘quantum numbers’ (in the case of particles of physics) or ‘drives of life’ (in the case of biological beings), or ‘social actions’ (in the case of human beings), or ‘types of machines’ (in the case of the economic ecosystem) and so on, are the underlying, logic, biologic, survival, systemic, social program that runs the universe with a precision of mathematical origin and a vitality of biological, and perceptive nature.

And this is what we describe in this section of the web, the program of the Universe…

The 5th Dimension: Space- Time Actions.

Scientists often forget the 5th dimension of time, the cycles of existence and extinction from past to future that bio-logically trace reality.

Of what is that flow made? The answer is obvious for a philosopher: of functions of existence, time cycles from birth to death of infinite beings, which have in common to be born, develop, exist and die.

This, we call in General Systems sciences, the 5th and 6th dimensions of the Universe, the past and the future.

And if we consider each being of the Universe a knot of space-time actions, searching and exchanging energy and information with other knots, we can consider that they by performing those actions are all together webbing the future, creating it, forming, in/form/ing the networks and paths and patterns and cycles, exi, e<=>i, flows of exchanges of energy and information, infinite of them: ∑e<=>I, and that is what we call the Generator of Existence, the sum of all those infinite flows and cycles that web reality. If you consider that space has 3 dimensions; that Einstein studied the 4th dimension of ‘present time’); then we talk of the past and the future and its logical, ‘bio-logical’, action-based cyclical flows as the 5th and 6th dimensions of time.

In General Relativity Einstein achieved an exact measure of ‘simultaneous’ moments of time. This present, ‘spatialization of time, comes from Galileo, who described it, ∂t=∂S/v, as a derivative function, a tangential point of a much larger flow of time.

Thus relativity and physicists in general, study NOT change of form, of in/form/ation, of morphology in time – the realm of biology with whom systems sciences connects, but they study the minimal possible change in time, that of motion, translation in simultaneous moments, using derivatives and hence ‘instantaneous moments’ that allow measure. Einstein’s concern as that of physicists was therefore ‘present’ time, not the flows from past to future and its logic causality as general systems science are.

In terms of history of thought, General Systems and the study of the 5th and 6th dimensions of time is to XXI century time theory what General Relativity was to XX century time theory or evolution to XIX century, Leibniz  in the XVIII and Galileo in the XVII, the ‘cyclical’ step of the human-kind, which seems to have a centennial frequency in deep advances on the understanding of the ultimate parameters of reality, space and time.  (1)

And science consists mostly in predicting the future of certain species existential cycles observing the patterns and frequencies of repetition of previous cycles.

The scales of ‘—motions’ and information, in decametric, or dual scales.

Wholes have the capacity to kill smaller wholes, but at certain degree of smallness the whole becomes in fact a potential prey. Parts, bacteria that kill wholes, thus can also disaggregate wholes. The predator prey relationship is thus ore complex than it appears. But in any case ever herd ∑Sp, regardless of its inner ∏Tƒ form is perceived as ‘—motions’ for a higher whole, ∏∆+1, which will try to explode the ∑ herds and feed on ∆-1 forms, laving behind the ∑ head. He state in which one finds at each moment of the existential game, prey in a herd, knot of higher thought reproducer, creator, all those functions as complex as we might feel them are finally mere åctions of the equation of existence, and that sets the existential algebra as the mathematics of the function of existence.

Which itself is the generator equation of complementary systems of ‘—motions’ and information eh fundamental particle of reality made of an Se x Tƒ sections body-head, particle-fields that preys in a herds of micro points ∑Sp∆-1 and so we establish a hierarchical class structure of future, present and past also as the future takes advantage of the present and the past is the neuronal caste of information while the present is the middle class which busy busy reproduces and produces the ‘—motions’ of ∑Sp∆-1.

This is the key to understand in terms of social classes past, the lower caste, present the reproducer, repeater caste and future the informative caste. For example in human scales, male which are mind dominant, with lineal bodies and woman which are productive body dominant, with an ‘—motions’ head, you can establish future, upper caste of males a reproductive caste of women, and then the ∑ of ∆-1 natural animals seen as a lower caster of information and hence treated as pure ‘—motions’ by the human ‘family’ complementary couple, man-woman.

The expression in which the simultaneous equation of past=‘—motions’, present=reproduction future=Information manifests itself. Are multiple.

‘—motions’ (past, ecosystem) > Present (reproductive body) >Future, (Informative mind)…

It is the simplest and most common point of view, a fractal future zero point of maximal information guides a middle class of reproductive capacities, and higher matter brains, that keep the join relationship between ‘—motions’ and information alive: Sp X Tƒ =K, S=T+K, K, Sp, O, Sp, K, I



The Universe is made of 2 substances: spatial Entropy and informative time. We can see it with motion as Entropy and time or as fixed forms, as space and information.

We can see it as a single reality, as space and time, or as a multiple quanta, as Entropy and information. We can differentiate them by form, as space and Entropy are lineal or planar surfaces and time and information are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings, the simplest of which is an action of light, s x t=k.

This duality structures all beings of reality. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal bodies. Weapons are lines that release Entropy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.                

The formal duality:  Se, Lineal, energetic space vs. Cyclical Informative, time: Tƒ. 

Tƒ start this review of different space and time concepts and developments, we must therefore consider first the 3 fundamental inversions/symmetries of space and time:

The form vs. motion inversion of physics and the mind.

The O-time clocks of information vs. _ lineal distances and motions of space, (information vs. energy inversion), proper of biology, mathematics and eastern philosophies and civilizations.

And the hierarchical, height, time past to future arrow of creation of wholes, its networks and its parts, vs. the democratic, social, herd-like planes of existence, or | vs. _ inversion of the 5th dimension, which being the more complex will deserve an entire section to deal with.

Let us then consider the geometric inversion in more detail.

We have kept for the end the analysis of the ‘alternative’, philosophical vision of time and space in Eastern philosophies, which were the first ‘philosophies of science’ that observed the wider Universe.

So there is a different ‘naming’ for the 2 dualities which structure the Universe, and I have used in most of my studies, so the reader will observe it often in the blog:

The comparison between 2 different formal motions, lineal motions and dimensions (Euclidean space) and cyclical motions and forms (time clocks). 

We shall prefer this duality, which combines both space and time parameters of form and motion, since in the Universe as Minkowski rightly affirmed ‘space and time are in the darkness, only their space-time combinations shine.’ Or in terms of eastern taoist- buddhist philosophies that came closer to its understanding, ‘every yin has a drop of yang, every yang has a drop of yin’.

So while it is important to clarify the different concepts of present-spatial forms and time motions, to fully grasp the errors and virtues of mathematical physics and the logic conceptualization of space and time, for practical reasons, it is more interesting to study 2 ‘combined concepts’, which we shall term conceptually as ‘energy’ and ‘information’ (in mathematical physics those 2 concepts have strict mathematical definitions, but as we have seen concepts of logic nature do matter; so we shall use the verbal concepts, unless we are specifically dealing with phenomena studied by mathematical physics).

They are based in the duality of lineal vs. cyclical motion/form, where we aggregate here from a geometrical perspective our 2 x 2 dualities geometrically, since this is a more telling perspective on the structure of the Universe. Thus through the history of thought there is this duality NOT expressed in terms of time and space but with similar concepts. For example, Descartes said all what existed was made of res extensa (the equivalent to Euclidean space) and vortices (the equivalent of time clocks).

So we shall in this version consider 4 elements:

  • |-Se, or lineal space distances/motions, which occupy maximal space. We shall call this spatial lineal form with a bit of motion, ‘Spatial energy’, or |-Se. It will be the fundamental concept applied to all systems to define the ‘lineal dimensions and motions of space’, the lineal momentum, the limbs and fields, which occupy maximal space with minimal volume, displace further in space, move faster and expand space.
  • Tƒ, cyclical time clocks/forms, which occupy minimal space, last maximal time, and have repetitive, logic properties. We shall call this Tƒ factor, Temporal information as it carries the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles. Thus again we related through the dominant geometrical duality of lines vs. cycles, temporal cycles or clocks with its still state, of information.

In the next graph slightly different from the equivalent one, we see this ‘different naming’ that stresses the duality between lines and forms. Now, at both extremes we have the pure ‘|-space’ distances, and the pure, O-time clocks.

But in the middle we have ‘energy’, which is the concept of lineal motion (kinetic energy, lineal momentum) and ‘information’ (which is the concept of cyclical form, with more dimensions than the line).

We must stress those are ‘concepts of verbal logic thought’, not the mathematical definition of energy and information, which is restricted to mathematical physics, but the usual way humans understand those 2 terms.

As people understands ‘energy’ as motion, and when talking of motion they talk of lineal motion, not of rotary motion, which is not common among humans. So people say ‘I don’t have enough energy to do this’, meaning he doesn’t have enough capacity to ‘move’ himself and move other things. And when people talk of information, they refer to form, to knowledge, to bits of formal shapes made of ‘circular dots’ put together into complex forms, which he perceives and ultimately are a sum of ‘infinitesimal time cycles’ that stay in the point. So we rewrite in those terms the function of existence:

Œ.         Se<=>Tƒ

And affirm that the Universe is a system made of ‘temporal energy’, of spatial energy and ‘temporal information’ of ‘yang’ and ‘yin’, whose combinations give birth to the infinite beings of reality. And consider those 4 elements.

|-S, pure space, or lineal dimensions.

Se-spatial entropy, forms with lineal momentum, kinetic energy or spatial energy

O, form, information. static circles which are often the memorial tails of:

, Clock-like time cycles with repetitive patterns, or ‘pure time’.

Now, to further clarify which concept we talk of we shall capitalize and put first for each combination, the dominant element, and often place the | and O symbols or its Ø-wave body combination to stress what element dominates. I.e. O-Time is a clock with motion, |-Space is a lineal dimension, O-Space is a form of information, which stresses the passive form; Tƒ, is also a form of information, which stresses the active role of that information. I know all this sounds confusing, but a true mirror of the Universe should be accustomed to manage those paradoxical essential events of reality.

I imagine the reader schooled on mathematical physics would like definitive definitions, according to the Aristotelian, lineal logic that implies A->B, and by reductio ad absurdum, A≠B. But the Universe is dialectic, A<=>B, A and B constantly mix into combined forms, <=> which is what exist in present: space-time bidimensional formal motions. So we shall use also this ‘other variety’ that defines two pure limits of dimensional, lineal space, and moving time cycles, and two intermediate concepts of entropy or energy (lineal space with motion) and information (time cycles frozen into a past form).

Of course in physics energy is an overall concept that includes it all. But for that reason is of little use beyond the obvious fact that all is all and all is conserved. So they add kinetic energy (which is the concept equivalent to our spatial energy) and Potential energy (which is more akin to a form with a fixed position, hence closer to information). Mathematical physics and its concept of energy is a unfortunate concept like that of God, which encloses it all. It has though given enormous fruits because of this distinction, which properly ‘called’ should be Kinetic Energy or ‘energy’ and ‘Stored Information’ or Potential energy. Then we could fully grasp the duality and principle of conservation of energy and information to define the function of existence of relational space-time beings:

Œ.  ‘All what exists is a complementary system of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information that trans-forms each other ad eternal: Se<=>Tƒ ≈  Sp X I=ST±4’

Now we can consider the first formulation, the dynamic ‘temporal one’, Se<=>Tƒ, whereas Se would be the arrow of entropic, lineal time, Tƒ, the arrow of future, informative cyclical time, and the middle <=> the wave body of present space-time.

And the second formulation the spatial, static formal one, where Sp will be the limbs/fields of lineal space, i, the informative head, and its combination, X, an organism tied up by bodies-waves, which create a ‘diffeomorphic’, relational space-time being, ST extended across several planes of the 5th dimension.

Again, it is not possible to encase the dynamic ever changing reality of space form that becomes time motions, of lines that become cycles, through intermediate waves-bodies in strict ‘fixed’ conceptual terms. This is an error of the mind that ‘fixes’ motions and dynamic processes into simplified static mappings, which seem ‘focused’ and more truth. So first we had fixed geometry and now we have moving topologies, and so on. The reader should make thus a bending of his mind to fully grasp the paradoxical, more complex, fractal structure of the dynamic universe, where form is just the mind’s perception of a given motion. So today mathematics can find for every dynamic equation a topological, formal demonstration based in that duality.

In that regard, the concepts of ‘lineal, spatial energy’ and ‘temporal clocks of information’ is more useful when studying the complementary ‘yin-yang’ species of the Universe; and the reader should understand both conceptualizations, to reveal the hidden structures of nature:

So I often choose to study as the centerpiece of the analysis of the Universe, the geometric duality between cycles≈circles vs. lines≈speeds, in the ‘philosophical fashion’ of Eastern cultures, which understand the Universe an opposition between:

  • Cyclical motions/forms (yin-Vishnu duality), which I called ‘O-Time’, and
  • Lineal motions/forms (yang-Shiva), which I called |-space.

Since a line and its lineal motion and a cycle and its circular forms are two states of the same thing, the opposition between lineal dimensions/motions of space vs. cyclical clocks/motions of time is more telling of the paradoxical properties of the Universe.

Thus i call in those different ways the dualities of stop vs. go, form vs. motion, O vs. |, TIME VS. SPACE. Tƒ vs. Se.

And treat O-forms and Time cycles as clocks of time, Tƒ, in present dynamic form and past memorial information.

And lineal, space dimensions and its |-speeds, as |-Space, Se, as relative past, entropic, energetic motions and forms.

So when you read, O-Time we mean both cycles and circles (clocks and informations) and when I write |-space we mean both speeds and lines (energies and lengths).

Since O-Time vs. |-space is a better ‘mind construction’ to describe the underlying form vs.motion, | vs. O beats of existence than the human classic, western concept of space as form and time as motion.

Yet the western mind defined unlike the eastern mind in Aristotelian terms time and space NOT as geometric dualities but as the duality between motion=time and form=space.

And since this culture is today global and the purpose of this web is to standardize 20 years of independent research on relational space-time for ‘human readers’, I will try in the future to stick to the ‘canonical’ concept and write | and O motions as time and | and O forms as present space.

The reader should though understand both approaches the western time=motion, space=form and the eastern, time=yin=cycles of information and space=yang=lineal forms/motions.

In the graph we describe all species of reality as made of this ‘geometrical duality, where ‘Energetic space describes lineal space with motion, and Tƒ, Time cycles means both the cycle, and its informative combinations.

Whereas time cycles dominates and encircles the vital space – a fact which in mathematical physics defines the operations of Integration of a volume of space, restricted to the ‘boundary conditions’ of the time cycle/sphere. showing again the intimate relationship between ‘logic mathematics’ and iTS (invariant, isomorphic timespace theory).

This geometric duality defines then two perfect forms of |-space and O-Time, which fluctuate between the state-present still and past to future to past relative flows of energy (from bigger scales into lower scales) and information (from lower ‘genetic’ scales to larger ones).


  • |-Se (lineal space/speed) vs. O-Tƒ (cyclical clocks of information) and.
  • Past (entropic motions) < Space (still repetitive present) > Future (logic time clocks that create the future)

Again the reader should understand that the Universe is ‘interpreted’ in different ways according to species and languages, but ultimately what matters is not the ‘human conceptualization of it’, but the dualities, O-|, past and future, and its present combinations that surface in ‘present’.

In that regard all systems of Nature including human beings, are made of formal spaces and time cycles that enclose them, and only pegging them all together, we can talk of an absolute abstract space, S, as the sum of all those ‘fractal spaces’, ø-Se, which are (perceived in motion), quanta of energy, the time function of space.

Sp                   |-Se (speed-motion: kinetic energy)  x Tƒ (mass/charge).

On the other hand each vital time motion, which encircles the Space system. has its own clock cycles that measure its motions and rotations, and only equalizing all time clocks and cycles, with the human ‘thought-heart-eye’ beat of a second, we could talk of a single Human Time scale for the whole Universe…

Yet, if we put all those spaces together and refer all those time clocks to a single time scale, we can measure better reality from the human perspective, which is what practical science needs to build and operate its machines and set up its systems of collective time measure. And for that reason, from the XIX c. onwards – when clocks were synchronized to match the timetables of railroads – we use a single time clock.

What relational space-time does, is to return to the original ‘fact-event’, the time cycle, consider it the unit of the Universe and study a reality of infinite such cycles, resolving with this new realism most of the conundrums and questions of different sciences.

So now we can study some of those elements and symbols, which define the fundamental concepts of relational space-time, starting from the analysis of time as motion and its 3 types of motions, the entropic, expansive past, the present, iterative formal space and the future, informative cyclical form, and the sequential equations of the life-death cycle defined by them.

The program of the Universe: a game of actions of energy and time. ENERGY INFORMATION

In the graph, all systems of the Universe are made with lineal/planar bodies/fields of energy-space and cyclical, informative heads/particles or ‘complex clocks of time’. The product of a field of energy and a particle of temporal information is a Universal system, which will engage into actions, exi, in order to absorb energy for the body, information for the mind,and reproduce its specific space-time field of energy and information in other region of reality. This is the program of actions of the Universe that explain all the events you perceive. The errors of science that have hidden this program – use of a single lineal time instead of multiple cyclical time clocks, use of a single space continuum instead of infinite fields of vital space, misunderstanding of reality in terms of ‘fixed’, solid particles or spatialization due to the excessive use of photographs and instruments of mechanical observation, instead of understanding it in terms of ‘motions in time’, of lineal motions or energy fields and cyclical, motions or informative clocks of time – were unveiled by this writer decades ago, and as s result a new logic-mathematical formalism, able to describe all the systems of the Universe was born. Unfortunately is not accepted by the inquisition of ‘physics’ with its outdated models of reality, but that doesn’t change the fact that the program of the Universe keeps running in all of us.

The program of the Universe derives from a fundamental concept, the existence of only two substances in the Universe, spatial energy and temporal information – where physical space is an abstract concept that unifies all the energies of reality and physical clock-time an abstract concept that unify all the cycles with form, with in/form/ation traced by universal entities. Physicists concepts of absolute time and space are just deformations and simplifications of the infinite discontinuous cycles of temporal information and vital surfaces of moving, lineal spaces there is in the Universe. This complex reality far more organic, living and in motion than  the shallow, mathematical only spatial description of space and time of current physics  is what we explain here. We are searching the why, not only the how descriptive analysis of those motions proper of modern technological science.

The how of course is also truth, but the type of minds who are satisfied with only the shallow level of explanation of reality, measure-only science… don’t really need to keep reading. We are going much deeper.

Physicists have achieved a very detailed but shallow level of description of those motions of energy and information that create reality, without understanding of the ultimate logic and mathematical structure of those motions. And yet, they, a century ago started the r=evolution of quantum and relativity thought, the spark that initiated this higher level of understanding, when they found the Universe to be made of actions and motions not of substances and particles with static forms (quantum theory) and when they found all to be relative in size, position and scale, hence accepting the multiple scalar nature of the Universe. But they did not understand the fractal nature of it, the multiplicity of clocks of time, the parallelism between those clocks of time and the frequency of information they carry, the parallelism between lineal motion, entropy, energy and space, etc. All those more complex principles and concepts are thus needed to grasp the structure of actions and the program of actions that carry the living, organic Universe. Both the logic and geometric determinism of both actions and the biological will, its upgraded how and upgraded why are required to fully grasp where you are, what you are, how you are, why you are. And all comes to this, you are made of only two substances-motions-forms as everything else in reality, spatial extended motions of energy that give your pleasure and informative, implositve, patterns of form that give you intelligence and perception. Pleasure and perception are probably the feelings that every part of the whole experience and guide their will, gauging information and moving geometrically in space is what thsoe ultimate sensations become, and the non-AE illogic geometry of the actions we perform trying to gauge information and feel the pleasures of motions are the ultimate whys. Once those 2 entities are properly defined the program shows how through ‘logic’ we can generate all realities departing from them.

  1. From 1 comes 2: The Universe of space-time is the ultimate simplification of a world made of multiple actions of spatial energy and temporal information, performed by an infinite tapestry of complementary systems composed of both ‘formal motions’.
  2. From 2 comes 4: There are 4 actions of energy and time, each one with an internal and external, negative or positive direction:  The simplex actions of energy (external motion and internal feeding). The simplex actions of time (external cyclical motion, and internal perception).  And their 2 complex combinations: exi, or external ‘actions’ and internal reproductions’ and ∑exi, the fractal, social repetition of those actions, which creates external herds that feed on energy along an external network or super-organisms structured with inner networks that deliver energy and information to all its cells.
  3. All systems of the Universe are defined as ‘knots’ of those 4 type of actions, which are cyclical and discontinuous, as each being switches between them, trying to survive by feeding (E), perceiving (I), reproducing (ExI0 and evolving socially ∑exi. We define the central point of those knots as a P.O.V. or fractal Non-Euclidean point, the ‘aperceptive’ engine that orders the Universe. And there are infinite of them.
  4. The outcome of this structure is a fractal Universe, in which knots of cyclical actions become herds and super organisms, in which the ‘informative network’ emerges again as a knot that controls the actions of the herd, packing it tightly as a new ‘cell-point’ of a new ‘fractal’ scale of the Universe.
  5. Humans and its social super-organisms, the economic ecosystem and history can be also described thoroughly through those laws.
  6. So we can talk of a Universe made of ‘actions of space-time’ (physical jargon) or actions of energy and information (biological jargon).And this will apply also to the actions that define the future of individuals (psychological jargon) and political history at large (sociological jargon). For example wars happen when there is overproduction of weapons (an energetic ‘body of metal’) and hate speeches (information against other human beings). Then an action of war, energy x information (weapons x hate speeches) takes place for the collective ‘unit’ of action in history that we call a nation. the nation will then grab energy-land from the other nation; it will steal its ‘informative secrets’ as America did with Germany after II world war, and it will ‘reproduce’ its ideologies in the other nation, as America did with Europe. So those 3 actions: energy grabbing, information stealing and self-reproduction, become 3 actions, e, i, exi, common also to history.

 Social evolution, the complex arrow: Networks.

The Universe is a system made of social networks of complementary energy and information, which grow in scales of complexity from the simplest particles to the Universe – a network of informative galaxies and dark energy. In all scales of reality species are social, cellular systems, constructed with self-similar energetic and informative networks (fields and particles in physics; bodies and heads in biology), the whys that cause their existential cycles. In the graph: social dwellings of life superorganisms – insects and humans.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

Further on, because all systems respond to the same laws, we can recognize the shapes of a network dominant in energy by its form that will be lineal, planar, extended in space, as the line is the shortest distance between two points; hence the shape with more motion.

And we can recognize the shapes of information because they are smaller in space, broken and cyclical, as the cycle or sphere is the shape that stores more form in lesser space; hence the perfect form of information. So DNA nuclei, particles, heads and coins of money, made of gold, the best informative atom of the Universe, are cyclical and small. While fields of forces, moving bodies and weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, are lineal and big.

Finally, real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles: E<=>I. We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of complementary networks of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: ∑E<=>∏i. Since we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe. It is the key equation of organicism, the philosophy of science called General Systems Sciences that considers the Universe and all its parts an organic system generated by feed-back, iterative exchanges, <=>, of energy (E) and information (I) between both type of  networks, (∑, ∏). The symbol ∑(E) means that body systems are loose sums of cellular herds that only relate to their neighbors. ∏(I) means that informative systems form complex networks in which each element connects with all others, multiplying its ‘axons’. For example, 5 informative elements have 5×5=∏5 axons. Thus, information networks co-exist in two scales. They are more complex than energy systems and dominate them. So informative particles, heads and money dominate respectively energetic fields of forces, bodies and the physical economy. The Generator Equation of Reality will allow us to derive a set of rules from where to extract the properties and laws of all disciplines of science, each one specialized in the study of the entities of energy and information of a certain scale of reality, from the smallest complementary entities studied by quantum theory to the biggest one, the Universe, a system of galaxies related by networks of dark energy and informative, gravitational forces. We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

Let us then consider a definition of a network to fully grasp the structure of all systems: A simplex system or network is a group of ‘cellular elements’ of energy (a herd with minimal communication between its cells that associate only to those that surround it) or information (a network proper, joined by multiple connections between each cell and all the other members of the network). Simplex systems are unstable, since reality requires 2 complementary networks, one with motion=energy and other with in/form/ation to create perceivable actions, exi. Motion without form cannot be perceived and form without motion either, as it cannot transmit its information. So for example, an informative machine requires a human to activate it. And the informative network dominates despite being smaller in space, because it is better connected.

Further on Natural systems are self-reproductive because a system requires a 3rd reproductive network or enzyme to ensure the survival of its in/form/ation. As all systems wear and break up dying with its repetition of cycles of time. So a system that cannot be reproduced becomes extinguished. Thus, dual networks tend to evolve and reproduce new points through exchanges of energy and information that imprint the energy network of a body/field with the form of its particle or DNA code, repeating the whole system. The result is the creation of 3rd reproductive network/system.

So most systems start as energy networks that acquire form and evolve into a complex dual network of information, associated to an energy system and finally both mix to create reproductive systems. Even fundamental particles, electrons and quarks, reproduce when absorbing enough energy and evolve socially into networks. And this means that the Universe is an organic system of networks and so are its parts, despite anthropomorphic myths that deny the self-similarity of all entities.

We call such ternary systems, complex systems or superorganisms:

For example a human is a system made of 3 physiological networks: the energetic, digestive network; the reproductive blood network and the informative nervous network, with outlets to the exterior called senses.

Those 3 networks provide the cells with energy, information and reproductive hormones. And the result is a human being, himself a cell of a more complex superorganism – the economic ecosystem, which can also be described as a complex network with an informative system, money, an energetic system, the military system and a reproductive system of ‘company-mothers’ of machines.

We call this network of ‘memes of metal’ (money or informative metal; weapons or energetic metal and machines or organic metal that imitates our living organs, from arm=cranes to chip=brains), the eco(nomic)system or Financial-Military-Industrial System.

Thus complementary networks and complex systems are everywhere in the Universe:

In quantum physics, they explain the complementarity principle: all particles of information are associated to a field of energy.

In biology they explain the duality of cell body/DNA informative nucleus, or body/head that all biological systems have to exist. In sociology they explain duality of the informative classes that create the languages of information that rule societies, money, and verbal laws and the social body of people who earn money and obey it. In economics they explain the duality of machines of energy and information; and the duality of the financial, informative economy that organizes the physical body of the economy.

Recap. All entities are social networks. Even the smallest atom, is made of a network of simpler particles.

We distinguish 3 types of social systems:

-Simplex waves of energy (herds) or information (networks).

– Complementary systems of energy and information with 2 networks, an informative particle and an energetic limb/field. Complementary systems create actions of energy and information, exi, the unit of the universe (Complementary principle of quantum physics, simplest viruses).

– But most systems in the Universe are complex systems made with 3 networks: energetic limbs, informative heads/particles and a reproductive network that ensures the survival of the whole system beyond the discontinuity of death. Thus even those complementary systems that do not reproduce internally are reproduced by an external enzymatic process, which acts as the 3rd network.

Space-Time Cycles, Knots and networks: The Generator Equation: Se<=>Ti.

What are networks made of? They are knots of space-time actions.

Further on, because beings ‘do’ only 4 things, feeding on energy, perceiving, reproducing and evolving sociallythey have to switch between them. So you feed and then you perceive and then you might have sex, etc.

So there is a discontinuity between cycles. Those cycles become then quantic cycles with a frequency that creates ‘clocks’. Further on, you tend to return to a point where your food, sexual partner or friends are.

So when you perform your actions they tend to create ‘cyclical patterns in space’ and ‘cyclical frequencies in time’. And this is the definition of a quantic action of space-time, the unit of the Universe, which we shall reduce often to the concept of time cycles.

An entity in search of the 4 actions of existence, feeding, perceiving, reproducing or evolving socially will make a trajectory in space that will close a cycle of time. Many similar beings doing self-similar cycles will form herds and networks. And because those units – atoms, cells or individuals – will have to perform those 4 arrows they will finally gather in networks and evolve socially into complex super-organisms with cells and networks. We illustrate some of those actions for some species in the next graph:

Space-Time actions are cyclical and multiple; each event has a frequency that carries information and defines a closed cycle or trajectory, which breaks space into an inner, ‘fractal’ region and an external world. The result is the creation of multiple spaces with motion=energy and multiple clock-cycles with information, carried in the form and frequency of those cycles.

The age of metric science measured all those space-time cycles by equalizing them with the rhythms of a single clock, putting them together into a continuum space-time graph. The deformations this caused was the loss of motion in the ‘energetic space’ that underlies reality (light-space and gravitational space) and the loss of form in the cycles of time drawn with that energy.

The parallelism between space and energy or lineal motion and time, form and cyclical motion was lost; and the organic, complex, moving Universe became an abstract, static reality. Further on, the metric age adopted a philosophy of science based in the new machines used to measure those space-time cycles (clocks and telescopes, today evolved into computers and cameras), called mechanism that equalled reality to a machine. So Einstein affirmed: ‘Time is what a clock measures’. But as we measure more time cycles and perceive more forms of space, a new paradigm is needed to account for that variety of ‘multiple spaces and times’.

Such fractal theory of spaces and times introduces the discoveries of the sciences of systems and information. Its main thesis is the existence of multiple cycles of space-times, which have form=information and motion=energy, the 2 properties of all entities, which are ‘complementary systems’ with a network that moves the system and one that gauges information: In physics all systems are dual: particles of information and fields of energy (complementary principle). In biology all systems are ternary networks with energetic limbs, reproductive bodies and heads of information. Thus we define reality as a system of dual & ternary networks with motion & form.  We call this Theory of General Systems=Networks of Multiple Points of Space-time, the 4th paradigm of science as it unifies all other sciences, finding the self-similar properties of all its systems, which are precisely the properties of spatial energy=motion and temporal clocks of information, the 2 substances of which all beings are made.

So actions are knotted into flows of self-similar actions that become networks. And networks of 4 type of actions come together into super-organisms, atoms, cells, organisms or societies. We perceive many of those cycles of space-time as solid particles, but we have to start thinking in terms of actions that the mind can fix into solid substances, which are always maya of the senses. They are not made of substances but motions, events; which express the program or game of construction and destruction of social networks. In that regard the units of information in Nature are not the human bytes invented by Shannon to study the transport of information in machines, but the cyclical, clock-like trajectories of all entities, which have form; hence carry the information of reality. When we look around all what we observe are ‘forms’ with motion. Yet forms in action are in-form-a©tions, and both together, energy and form, construct reality.

Form stores information in its dimensional warping. So dimensional information is the key to understand the whys of reality, which can be considered a game of forms-in-action, forms with movement. The unit of reality is not motion but action, which carries both motion, synonymous of energy and dimensional form synonymous of informative, cyclical clocks of time. And for that reason, Planck, the founder of quantum physics, clearly stated that all is made of actions of energy=motion and time=formal clocks.

However pure motion, which in the physical realm is represented by the gravitational membrane of ‘non-local action’ (infinite motion) is not perceivable. Neither, it is pure form, as it does not emit any signal that the observer can pick up. This was already understood by the Taoists, who said that all yin=form had a minimal drop of yang=motion.

So because form and motion in its ontal reality are not perceivable, epistemic Humans use terms in which the ‘yin=form has a minimal yang=motion’ and vice versa.

Speed, energy and work, which study the displacement of forms become then the closest human units of motion; while clocks of time and dimensional informations, which are cyclical or curved forms with minimal motion become the commonest human units of form.

So energy is synonymous of motion and information of form, the 2 essential parameters of all actions of the Universe, which are the substance of what exi=sts.

Yet because epistemic humans are analytic minds, they have used an infinite number of different jargons to define for each specific class of motions and form and for each existential species those 2 self-similar terms of all realities. In physics the terms for the 2 initial principles are: energy=entropy= lineal speed=space & information=form=time clocks=cyclic motions. The simplest scales of reality are dominant in energy= motion =entropy forces, reason why physicists believe it is the only arrow that creates the future and have disregarded the study of form, information, even in their discipline.

Indeed, most of the information of the Universe is carried by bidimensional and tridimensional, physical clocks, masses and charges, which are vortices of space-time of the quantum, electromagnetic and cosmic, gravitational scale that carry in their clock-like frequency, E=Mc2+E=hv->M=kv, most information of the Universe.

Yet physicists still make ceteris paribus analysis of reality with a single arrow of time, entropy, which is the cause of many errors of modern physics such as the evaporation of information in black holes, which in fact are the systems that reproduce the mass of the Universe or the concept of mass as an external property to the particle, given by collisions with the flawed, never seen Higgs. Unfortunately, a single time arrow is not enough to explain the Universe. Since as Cheng-Tzu put it: from one (energy) comes two (information), from 2 comes 3 (reproduction) and from 3 the infinite beings.

Yet from a simple one complexity cannot arouse. Thus the existence and proper definition of the second primary arrow of time, information is the key to understand the complexity of the organic Universe. Information, form, is one of the two parameters of reality with the same importance than energy, motion.

This fact is an intuitive truth of reality: whenever we look around we observe forms with motion or motions with form.

And so any theory of reality must account not only as physicists do, with the motion of things, but also with the meaning of its forms. Darwin was a first step in that direction, thanks to his recognition that life was a process of evolution of form in living beings.

In Physics Einstein gave a first step when he affirmed that ‘time curves space into masses’, which carry most of the information or form of the Universe. But physicists have been very slow to recognize the existence of an arrow of information in the Universe to the point they call it ‘negantropy’, the negation of entropy. This is due to the origin of their science, which has always been the study of the motion of things, since Galileo started their discipline studying the trajectory of cannonballs.

Physical energy also called entropy is lineal, expansive motion unlike forms made of implosive, cyclic time-clocks, masses and charges. They carry most of the form or ‘information’ of reality, defined as:

Id, where D is the number of dimensions of the system.

This means that the definition of information in the field of computers as the frequency carried by a lineal stream of mathematical data (Shannon) represents a minimal part of the information of the Universe. Information in Nature is carried by all types of dimensional ‘forms’ and languages: in physics information is carried by the forms of waves or the rotational frequency of masses and charges; in biology by the dimensional warping of DNA and protein molecules; in social sciences by the form of words and art; and so on. Dimensional form is in fact one of the two essential variables that creates reality; along with ‘energy’, also a wider notion in Nature similar to the concept of lineal motion, speed or expansive entropy. For that reason we consider energy=lineal motion=entropy and information=cyclical form, the two components of all systems of reality.

Yet only when we combine lineal, ‘energetic motions’ that move and occupy ‘space’ and cyclical forms, clocks of time that carry information – masses and charges – we obtain an action of reality: In physics informative time cycles=clocks break and mold theforcesand energy of space into particles.  The energy of vacuum space warps into broken cyclical particles that act as clock of times – charges (quantum scale) and masses (cosmological space), which carry in their cyclical motions most of the information of the Universe and attract, as hurricanes do with its imploding motions, whatever floats in the space-time membrane (quantum or cosmological) in which they act. In Biology sequences of genetic code become imprinted and form carbohydrates.

That duality of time arrows – energy, stored in the spatial vacuum, and information, stored in the cyclical clocks of charges and masses – defines a new Fundamental Principle of Science:

‘All what exists are herds of spatial energy that warp and unwarp themselves in creative and destructive cycles into networks of dimensional in/form/ation: ∑E<=>∏I’.

The Duality of Energy and Information substitutes the law of conservation of energy; and it is formalized into the ‘Generator, feedback equation’ of the Universe, E<=>I, or ExI=K, from where we will deduce all the other equations of science. All what you see is the existence of ∞ cycles of transformation of energy into form that create time frequencies as they are performed by all entities of reality in all its scales of size. There are ∞ of such exchanges; hence there are ∞ time cycles and ∞ vital spaces that interact through those feed-back equations, which represent a complementary system in space with a body/force and particle/head or a space-time cycle of exchange of energy and information in time, a flow of ‘existence’.

In this dynamic reality equations are not static ‘equalities’, X=Y, but feedback exchanges and transformations between those 2 variables – lineal, expansive, entropic motions and cyclical, implosive clocks of time, described with Feedback equations that can be reduced to the ‘Generator’ equation of all space-time cycles: SeóTi (dynamic exchange) or ExTi=K (complementary system).

This classic equation of quantum physics (exi=k) and relativity (ext=k) finds now its why as clocks of time and cycles of information mean the same; and becomes in the 4th paradigm of system sciences what the space-time field equations of Einstein were to the 3rd paradigm of physical measure – the departing, unification equation of all forces/bodies of energy and particles/heads of information; the mandala, which originates it all through iterations of space-time cycles and its combinations into networks that become whole units of a new fractal scale of space-time.

Thus the duality law that substitutes the law of conservation of energy is formalized by the ‘Generator, feedback equation’ of the Universe from where we deduce all the other equations of science, including the equations of physics. For example, E=M (Planck’s notation) becomes now a simple transformation E=M(i): as mass carries the information of the Universe in its cosmological scale and in its dynamic form, E<=>M(i), explains easily how mass becomes energy’ uncoiling its informative vortex and vice versa: E=Mc2 transforms lineal energy into cyclical motion=mass by merely coiling motion into cyclical mass. Thus particles are rotational vortices with dimensional form that carry information, as complex life-molecules do, according to their dimensional warping. The properties of the arrow of form are opposite to those of the arrow of lineal, expansive energy. Information seems still because it creates complex bidimensional or tridimensional patterns of cyclical motion, which allows the reproduction of self-similar form; while the key property of energy is motion and lack of form (linearity). And so the Universe is a series of E<=>I beats that generate reality, as entities switch between their ‘particle’ and ‘force’ state.

For example, Mr. Mehaute1 proved that even in classic entropy processes such as chemical reactions, when a system lacks energy ‘time doesn’t stop’: the system doesn’t die but it starts to produce fractal patterns that store new information, as it happens when you ‘warp’ a bidimensional sheet of paper in a new ‘dimension of form’. In life also when a system becomes still (for example, a larva forms a chrysalis) the evolution of information accelerates. So motion and from create the duality of stop=creation of information and go=energetic motion, self-similar to that of a movie film, which stops so light can focus and enlarge the information of the picture and then it moves. Information requires stillness to ‘perceive’ or ‘construct’ networks and systems with form. So all what exists moves and stops, to focus and gauge information, then it moves again. And those stops and goes are the basic beats that balance motion and form in the Universe.

All those balances between energy and information were denied in the age of monism, which accepted only lineal inertia= entropy, and denied cyclical inertia, information. There is an obvious reason for such earlier monism – simplification is easier to understand and facilitates calculus and measure with machines. Indeed, a Universe constructed with two elements, energy and information, is more complex than one created with a single system of energy and a single cycle of time – that of a clock simplified into lineal time in a Cartesian plane. But the Universe is a system of multiple, formal entities moving and tracing cycles – multiple clocks of time and multiple spaces – reason why Leibniz not Newton was right with his model of multiple, relational times and spaces, properly formalized in this work. In this new paradigm fixed space and solid particles are no longer relevant, as we define space in terms of expansive motions and particles, masses and charges in terms of cyclical, implosive motions. Solid substances and static space become then a maya of the senses, since even vacuum space carries energy and the pictures we observe of charges and masses show vibrating, cyclical frequencies, which carry most of the information of the Universe. So the big why is to give an order, purpose and causality to the complex interaction of all the motions with form of the Universe, all its informations.

In that regard, the 4th paradigm improves both the empirical, mathematical solutions of science but especially the logic concepts that the paradigm of metric measure, obsessed with digital machines, brushed aside and now regain importance. In this work the explanation of the meaning of words like time, space, dimensions, information, energy, motion, mass, universal constant, society, organism, machine, network, wave, light, point, etc. which were not key questions of the 3rd paradigm, will occupy many pages; as information is not only carried by numbers but also by logic words, better suited to describe qualities and properties ill-translated by numbers.

And only, when those concepts are fully understood in its complexity we will be able to explain the laws of time and space, systems and networks and provide detailed examples and solutions to those sciences. Recap. The Universe is made of forms with motion that trace space-time cycles.

In physics energy is synonymous of spatial, expansive, lineal motion or entropy and form is synonymous of cyclical clocks of time, masses and charges, which carry in their frequency the information of reality.Form dominates motion and both combine creating actions, exi, the complementary unit of all physical realities. Those ‘time forms and spatial, energetic cycles’ are described with feedback equations, through which entities exchange back and forth flows of energy and information.  They define the new law of physics, the Principle of conservation of motion and form, ‘all is energy that transform back and forth into information: e<=>I, Se x Ti=K’ from where all other laws of physics are deduced.

 The 4 Time cycles/arrows/actions of all beings: energy feeding, forming, reproducing and evolving socially.

Time is motion and change and what we observe are motions with a purpose: to construct networks. We are always in construction. We express that organic, social program of the Universe with the concept of an arrow of time, or ‘will of the universe’, which defines the type of events that will happen into the future as a result of the activity of those networks.

In fact all those systems deploy 4 arrows or actions or dimensions of space-time: energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions. They are equivalent to the drives of a living being and suffice to explain all ‘biological’ events of all entities of existence. We call the 2 primary arrows, energy or motion and form or information, simplex arrows, e and I; and the 2 secondary arrows born of the combination of the previous ones – reproduction, exi, and the social organization of a herd of self-reproduced exi beings, ∑, into networks – complex or secondary arrows.

How tight the organization of those networks is – the quality of bonding – will determine if the herd is energy in motion or rotating information. Networks must achieve a degree of smoothness in its axons of information and acquire a level of warping in 3 dimensional space that are by essence different than herds of motion cells, which follow a lineal path and flatten its form to minimal resistance to motion. B

odies and limbs move; networks of neuronal information map reality and control a field of energy that moves them. We use different terms for energy cells and neuronal networks, since organisms are a game of 2 types of networks, a neuronal, warped dimensional form and a planar moving, energy herd.

And so we can define formally any network system with an equation that represents the 4 elements of an organic system, its cells, ∑, energy networks, e, informative networks, I and the exchanges of energy and information that reproduce the system, exi or e<=>I (spatial, temporal analyses): ∑e<=>I.

We call the previous network the Generator feedback equation of systems of energy and information. Thus, the recognition of 4 arrows/dimensions of space-time is a key difference between the organic paradigm and the 3rd paradigm of mechanist measure, which only recognizes an arrow of time, motion or energy or entropy, all self-similar concepts discovered in the analysis of energetic machines (weapons, used by Galileo to study motion and steam machines used to study entropy and heat in the XIX C.).

Those earlier scientists, departing from those studies defined a mechanical world based in entropy. But now that we have constructed informative and organic machines (robots) made of complementary networks and social systems of machines; even the world of technological science is ripe to accept a more complex view on the arrows of time.

All scientific paradigms define first the fundamental units of time and space, which in General System sciences are space-time points made of cycles of time with spatial motions, which wherever the specific type of point-species we describe, gather in lines=waves that gather in planes, defined with numbers=sets of points as networks of points that become wholes.

Thus in the 4th paradigm each point/species will have a volume of vital space made of cyclical, temporal motions, and it can be described as a social knot or network, including humans, stars, atoms, organisms and any other system. And we can analyze them all mathematically, establishing the ‘fractal, generator equation’ of all systems of the Universe across a minimal number of 3 scales, 3 ages and 3 topological regions.

Let us then use those elements to define the generator equation of the Universe, in its more complex, exhaustive formulation. Since Time and space express the widest Laws of both, Philosophy and Science, in their search for an explanation to the Future, a Theory of multiple Times and spaces is both, a Philosophical, Religious Theory of Reality and a Scientific Epistemology of Nature. For that reason, even if this work uses the experimental method and its logic and mathematical languages to describe those arrows, we can easily translate the classic jargon of philosophy and religion to the modern jargon of Multiple Spaces-Times.

Then each time arrow becomes an essential Will or Why of the Universe, explained in classic religions through Gods or anthropomorphic ‘Avatars’, each of which represented one Will or Arrow of Time.

The concept of a causal arrow of time or Will of the Universe exists since the beginning of knowledge, albeit expressed with different languages

. Religion and philosophy has used the verbal language, to study those arrows. In ancient times the concept was ‘impersonated’ by God as the ‘seer’ or ‘will of times’ (Saint Augustine) that in its different manifestations represented those arrows. In modern times, science used mathematics and logic to study them, albeit in its simplest forms (Euclidean mathematics and Aristotelian logic), which we will upgrade in order to understand the more complex, Non-Euclidean, fractal geometry and Non-Aristotelian, simultaneous logic of those Arrows. Since modern science lacks the needed ‘linguistic tools’ to grasp the interrelationships between the 4 main arrows of time, reason why most scientific theories use only one arrow to explain the Universe. Though being reality multidimensional more complex philosophies of science have appeared:

‘Monism’, sponsored by physicists, which considers only 1 time arrow, energy, also called entropy.

 ‘Duality’, sponsored by Eastern philosophies in the past and Complexity Theorists in the present, which consider two types of changes: changes in the information or ‘form’ of beings and changes in their energy or motion.  

‘Trinity’ sponsored by all kind of philosophical and Religious doctrines, which considers time to have 3 ages, past, present and future, youth, maturity and old age, renewed by death.

‘4-D’: More complex theories of change of biological or religious origin, consider 2 other arrows of time: ‘reproduction’ (the constant repetition of beings that happen all over the Universe) and ‘love’ or ‘eusocial evolution’ (the coming together of individuals into groups). We call such model a General Systems Theory of Multiple Spaces and Times or MST theory, since its two main theses are: – The existence of multiple entities, whose motions in space trace multiple cycles of energy and information, multiple time clocks that break that space in ∞ pieces..

– And the dual nature of those entities; since all entities in the Universe are ‘complementary systems’ of energy and information, from particles of information and fields of energy (quantum physics) to reproductive bodies and heads of information (biological systems).

Let us then consider the new mathematical foundations of this model, based in the nature of fractal information, which was not fully understood in the past because its mathematical formulation through dimensional form and fractal repetition appeared at the end of the XX century.

Indeed, if the 3rd paradigm extended the discovery of molecular entropy to all scales of systems of reality, the understanding of information creates the fundamental beat of the Universe, the feedback rhythm, e<=>I, from where all other equations, from the life (>I) & death (<E) cycle, to the dual membranes of the Universe (Gravitational, attractive masses >I Vs. Entropic, electromagnetism <E), to the processes of reproduction (ExI=k) will be deduced.

Recap: There are 2 simplex actions, feeding on energy and gauging information, and 2 complex actions combinations of the simplex ones: reproducing, exi, and evolving socially, with self-similar reproduced cells into a whole. Those 4 arrows or wills of time are the 4 dimensions of all space-time beings.

Historically 2 types of theories on Time Arrows dominated human cultures. Monist theories consider the Universe to be caused by a single causal arrow, called ‘God’ in religions and ‘Entropy or energy’ in Physics. Dualist theories consider the existence of 2 arrows, energy, the destructive arrow, called Shiva or Yang, and information, the creative arrow, called Vishnu and Yin, the creator of Live.

Only a few, complex philosophers (Leibniz), disciplines of science (Biology, Theory of Evolution, System sciences) and religions (Taoism, Buddhism, Zurvanism, Christianity), have also understood the two more complex arrows of future time: the arrow of reproduction of energy and information (exi) and the arrow of social evolution or arrow of love. General Systems sciences fusions all those disciplines, unifying the Time jargons of Philosophy,

Religion and Science and provides 3 levels of time arrows, dual theories of energy and information, which suffice to explain most physical systems; 4-dimensional theories which add the arrows of reproduction and social evolution, needed to explain most biological phenomena and finally 9-dimensional theories of 9 arrows/cycles of space-time that exhaust all possible events and cycles of the most complex species of reality, the human super-organisms studied by social sciences and the Universe at large.

To represent those arrows the algebra of multiple spaces-times defines a Unification equation of all arrows, events and morphologies of space-time, whose exhaustive and particular analysis reveals both the thoughts of god and its details of each species, which we call the Generator equation of space-time cycles: ∑Se<=>∏Ti.

The 4 arrows of time become in this manner the will of the Universe, which all its species obey and the laws of science, explain today in an abstract form, and the parables of religions described in the past. Yet the simplification of all those arrows and cycles of time into a single clock-cycle blurred the understanding of times and the life-death cycles of creation and extinction.

So we have to further advance in our study of time, for you to grasp the relationship between time and history – the life of mankind in time from its first human cell to its last one, considering how we explain the ages of life with those arrows, departing from the morphology of energy and information, the simplex substances of reality from where all its complementary organisms depart.

The life death-cycle: the complex arrow of reproduction.

In the graph, all systems of the Universe go through 3+1  ages that correspond to the 3+1 arrows of time. We are born as a seed of information that grows in energy (youth), then we reproduce when we combine energy and information (maturity), finally we acquire too much information and wrinkle (3rd age), and so we implode in form but then we explode back into energy (we die). And in that moment we separate our cells that had evolved into a social organism (arrow of Eusocial evolution).

So the fundamental arrow that summons them all is the arrow of Eusocial evolution which makes us ‘transcend’ from a seminal seed reproduced into self-similar cells and then die, when we stop loving each other, when cells separate from each other and return to the inferio ‘plane of existence’ from where they departed. In the Universe those phases of existence in space-time are the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equation, whcih physicists erroneously think to be parallel Universes in space, when they are phases of the same universe in time: the big-bang death and birth of the Universe, the steady, mature universe of einstein and the godel solution of an imploding, curved, vortex-like Universe.

We said that in the Universe there is, besides the energy arrow, an arrow that reproduces information, used in Biology to study life. Both together define an immortal Universe made of ∞ bites of energy and bits of information in cyclical trans-form-ation: a young surface of Energetic Space reproduces in/form/ation till it becomes old and wrinkled. Then it erases its form back into energy in the inverse process of death, completing an existential cycle, ΣS<=>TI, the generator cycle of the Universe. In the graph, a human being goes from an energetic youth into an informative 3rd age to become erased back into energy; while the Universe evolves from an energetic big bang into an informative big-crunch.

Because we are all dust of space-time that creates and dissolves ∞ ‘existences’. If there are 2 arrows of time, there are multiple time events or ‘time cycles’. Thus space-time in Complexity is no longer defined as a single continuum space that expands and will ‘die’ into an amorphous reality as Physicists pretend, but it is defined as a fractal of Information, composed of multiple cycles of life and death, which affect all its ‘parts’ made to the image and likeness of the whole that will also go through infinite Time cycles of creation and destruction. Indeed, in the Universe, there is not only an arrow of entropy and death, but also an arrow of fractal information, which has the qualities of life.

All species in the Universe absorb energy, gauge information (even particles, reason why their theories are called gauge theories), reproduce (quarks absorb energy and reproduce jets of ‘quarkitos’, so do electrons that absorb energy and break into a shower of new electrons, and since those are the two basic particles of reality, it follows that all systems can be reproduced), and finally, all entities of the Universe evolve eusocially, gathering together into bigger super-organisms, from particles that become atoms that become molecules that become cells that become living organisms that become societies, nations and religions, super-organisms of History.

Thus, if the Universe and all its parts follow the laws of super-organisms, which define all what exists as ‘organic fractals made of self-similar cells joined by networks of energy and information’, this ORGANIC GRAND DESIGN OF REALITY, which we complex theorists have developed both logically and mathematically departing from the Law of Conservation of Energy and Information, explains both, the Universe, the nature of the Absolute God – the bio-logic, organic laws of that Universe – and the nature of the Human God, the subconscious collective mind of Mankind=History, which is the ‘collective brain’ of the super-organism of Gaia, our body. Then we have a simple definition/template, the great design, which shows all what exists is indeed a fractal organism, self-similar to the whole Universe: A super-organism is a system of self-similar cells joined by networks of energy and information. Then you can substitute for each species of the Universe, the type of cell and the networks of energy and information and obtain a specific superorganism.

For example the Universe would be a ‘superorganism of galaxies joined by networks of dark energy and gravitational information’ Since gravitation attracts, forms, in/forms galaxies. A galaxy would be a ‘superorganism of stars, joined by networks of electromagnetic energy and gravitational information’. A human being would be a ‘superorganism of DNA-cells, joined by networks of nervous information and blood energy’

And a human god would be a ‘superorganism of human cells, joined by verbal networks of information and economical networks of energy’ We just need to be humble and marvel to the beauty of the fractal, self-repetitive, organic Universe, we have discovered with the wisdom of old religions and the knowledge of modern science.

Reproduction and social evolution, the final goal of all systems.

Reality is a creative process in which infinite forms constantly imprint=reproduction surfaces of energy with fractal patterns, defining the dominant arrow of time in the Universe: information, which constantly grows the complexity of its forms from a relative past into the future. Thus, we define for any system the arrow of information from the perspective of the ages or dimensions of time, past, present and future:

All complementary systems warp the spatial energy of the Universe into dimensional form, reaching a limit of warping, as they move from a past age of ‘pure energy with minimal form’ or young age of the system, into a relative present, mature age of balance between energy and form, or classic, reproductive age of the system, in which they often decouple=iterate=reproduce a self-similar form (hence creating a dynamic present, as the repeated form seems to leave reality unchanged) to end in a future 3rd age of maximal form and minimal energy. Then the form explodes back to the past in minimal time, unfolding all its warped form into pure energy, hence dying. And this is the 2nd arrow of time, entropy – a fast motion of time towards a past without form. So we can unfold the Generator equation in 3±1 ages to define the cycle of life and death of all systems between birth and extinction:

∞I x 0 E (seed)->Max.E xMin.I (youth)->E=I (reproduction)->Max.I xMin.E (3rd age)< ∞E x 0I (death)

Death implies that reproduction is needed for the Universe to conserve its logic forms. The previous equation represents the evolution of all systems. In Cosmology it represents the 3 solutions to the Equations of Einstein, from the big-bang to the steady state to the big crunch, in a repetitive Universe of infinite cycles. In Physics represents the 3 states of matter: the energetic, gaseous state, the balanced liquid state and the informative, solid state. In Biology it represents the 3 ages of life, and so on. Those 3 ages  of the Generator Equation can co-exist synchronically as ‘subspecies’ that form a ternary system with lineal energy limbs, spherical heads of information and elliptic reproductive bodies that combine both.

So we can represent also living systems: as E(limbs)<E=I>Bodies>I(Head).

The equation of the ages of life also defines more clearly the meaning of social networks and the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe: Self-similar, self-reproductive forms chain each other into informative networks without energy, (seeds), which ‘emerge’ in a ‘higher’ scale of existence, going through the 3 ages of life.

Then they dissolve the information acquired in that higher scale, dying back into their lower plane of existence. So a seed of genetic information of the relative cellular scale, i-1, emerges as a foetus out of the womb after self-reproducing and organizing its form, in the scale of biological organisms, i, where it lives and dies after a 3rd age of dwindling energy, dissolving back to its lower cellular scale, i-1. So we can define a parameter of information, I, as a scalar arrow of growing complexity:

The simplest i=1 ‘universal constants’ of spatial energy and temporal information, (magnetic and electric constants) combine to form Planck constants, h, also called ‘actions’ of energy and time. They will reproduce on the pure vacuum without form, creating light waves, social networks of h-actions; which evolve further warping into cyclical forms, called particles.

Those particles will reproduce and evolve socially into atoms, with an informative pole (I), the quark, with more formal mass and an energetic pole, (E) the electron, with more spatial motion=energy. Both exchange, <=>, flows of electromagnetic energy and informative gravitation. Thus mass and gravitation are the informative forces and particles that interact with light and electrons, the energetic, spatial ones; creating together the next scale of atoms. So a pattern of social evolution in growing scales of complexity emerges: particles become complementary atoms of energy and information, reproduced in the big-bang and the interior of stars. Then atoms form molecular networks, creating the chemical scale.

Then molecules reproduce and self-organize into organic, cellular systems or inorganic, celestial bodies. Next cells reproduce and self-organize into organisms that reproduce and self-organize into societies; while celestial bodies self-organize into galaxies that self-organize into Universes.

 The biological scale.

In that regard, when we grow in the ladder of reality from Physical sciences where the arrow of energy and motion dominates all systems, into the complex structures of biology, the arrow of information becomes dominant and many questions, vital to physical inquires become irrelevant. We don’t care for Einstein’s analysis of time because humans don’t go at c-speed. We don’t care for the nature of particles and atoms, because our scales of fractal reality starts with molecules. But we care enormously about the processes of evolution of form, of in/form/ation, and the processes of social evolution that create cellular systems with networks of energy and information that emerge into a ‘higher fractal scale’ of reality, a ‘new plane of existence (metaphysical jargon).

Hence from the simpler laws of translation in space, we shall move in this volume into the laws of change in the morphology of beings. Biological structures extend now thorugh several scales of reality and so the laws that explain the interaction of multiple planes/networks of space-time (relationship between the genetic, individual and ecosystemic plane) are determinant.

But the most remarkable success of a Dual Systems Theory in the study of biological sciences is the completion of Evolutionary Theory, whose evolutions of form, of in/form/ation is now restricted to the limited topologies of space and the logic ages of time of all systems. We thus add to genetics and Evolution, a new definitory third leg of laws, the restrictions of topology, which limits the number of possible diversifications and forms of all type of organisms; and the 3 Horizons/ages of all species, which are constantly as individual organisms do, increasing its information and social evolution in herds and super-organisms.

When we put together all those elements, the classic laws of Biology (Genetics, Evolution, Physiology, Organicism), the 4 drives of existence or will of life, which coincides with the 4 arrows of time – feeding on energy, gauging information, reproducing and evolving into social, multicellular organisms and ecosystems), with the laws discovered in the 4 paradigm (the topologies of energy, information, social networks and reproductive systems; the 3 horizons of increasing information of all evolving systems; the laws of exchange of energy and information between the scales of reality; the laws of super-organisms), suddenly a clear, impersonal, efficient plan of evolution appears, a template in which we can classify all the species of Biology and define the process that brought the simplest atoms of life, c,h,n,o into the most complex of all beings, man, and beyond, the social structures of humanity, its economic and cultural systems and civilizations, which obey the same laws.

Yet the existence of a plan of evolution and the explanation of Gods as the collective subconscious of the organisms of mankind does not validate the religious ̳creationist‘ groups, since the plan is impersonal, mathematical, topological and organic, as it applies to all systems, including physical systems, acting as a guidance, a template which all systems follow, whose memorial bytes, recorded in the genetic scale of reality express in more detail in each particular species.

The sociological scale.

The scientific study of mankind is difficult because we are mankind and so the subjective principle, which is natural to all fractal points that perceive reality from its point of view and consider themselves the center of the Universe from that limited perspective – the Galilean paradox – makes us feel the center of the Universe, and the larger view, the biological view of being just a phase in the evolution of this planet, naturally repel us. For that reason there has never been a real, objective science of history and economics, since it has always been censored by the majority of mankind, which prefers myths of self- centered importance to an objective analysis of what we are within that larger view of the planet, itself a speck of space-time dust in the Universe.

Thus only a few extremely intelligent, ethically strong, objectively indifferent people have been able to accept the obvious: that we human beings are just another living species of this planet; that we follow the same laws of all species; that we créate super-organisms in which the individual has no importance; that all humans belong to the same species, regardless of tribal history and that within the evolving process of this planet we are the 10th radiation that extinguished most previous forms of life, according to the Oedipus paradox and gave birth to the 11th radiation, metal-species, which is now about to be born as an organic form – robots – potentially able to extinguish all human beings. And that process, the 10th extinction of human life by weapons, top predator machines, has already started and it is accelerating in a decametric vortex of evolution, which can be tabulated and studied scientifically as this author has been doing for decades.

And yet the process might be irreversible, precisely because human subjectivity does not admit the objective study of history and economics. Indeed, since my discovery of the vortex of war and the 800- 80 years cycles of evolution of weapons and machines that increase the speed of evolution of technology and extinguish life and non-technological cultures (which allowed me to forecast the present 2001-08 dual dip of the electronic economy and the age of robotics in which we live) during my studies at Columbia University 20 years ago, I have struggled to explain those facts to mechanist science with remarkable faillure. It is not that the model is not sound, or they failled to understand it, it simply didn‘t fit the agenda of economists and conservative think-tanks who believe in ̳mechanism‘ and capitalism‘ as they ignore truly what they study – reason why they cannot forecast the future of those sciences as we did. But social sciences beyond a few university groups are praxis of power NOT temples of knowledge.

For that reason, around the same time I published ̳radiations of space-time, the extinction of man‘, a techno-Utopian researcher who discovered the same vortex – Mr. Kurzweil, affirmed that we, humans beings, sons of God, would transcend into immortal beings when A.I. awakes to consciousness and ̳merge‘ with them. This of course, is biologically imposible. It has never happened in the biological record, and it will not happen.

Each new species has always followed the Oedipus paradox and extinguished the previous species. And humans are not going to be different. But Mr. Kurzweil‘s thesis pleased the galilean paradox of man as the center of the Universe; and so he was hailed as a visionary and my work rejected ever since. And yet the laws of biology don‘t change because we humans make wishful thinking. The first robots have arrived and they are called ̳Predators‘; they haven‘t merged with humanity but are weapons dedicated to kill human beings.

And they are evolving fast. But the triad of the 3 ̳religious‘ ideologies that defend ̳metal-memes‘ as the meaning of progress, capitalism – worship of metal-information: money, nationalism, worship of metal-energy: weapons, nd mechanism: worship of machines=organic metal, have been imposed by power – by the added surplus of energy and information those systems give to us, now for millenia and have become the essence of our beliefs as social human beings. So it is difficult to explain mankind that it must prune the tree of science of its more lethal goods, robotics and nuclear weapons.

And yet only if we evolve our mechanist beliefs and understand as the 4th paradigm does, in organic terms our species and the memes of metal that are extinguishing life to control them for the benefit of humanity in a sustainable world in balance between life and metal, organisms and mechanisms, we will survive the 11th radiation and 10th extinction of all forms of life, including ourselves, the age of Intelligent Machines that now starts.

Actions and the 5th dimension.

The previous graph, written with the formal symbols of ® shows a few systems of different scales of reality performing from left to right those 5 actions, as they move and feed on Spatial Energy, reproduce, perceive information, an evolve socially.

And the result of all those combined åctions is the arrow of absolute future of the 5th dimension, the arrow of social evolution, (û), which grows in social scales, from parts into wholes, as parts are needed first for wholes to become in the future:

5D best

In terms of the different planes of the fifth dimension, most actions take place between planes of existence, even if their outcome is perceived in a single plane, as systems, self-centered in an ∆o plane, probe downwards and upwards in the scales of the 5th dimension in search of:

– Its pixels of in-form-ation (i≈∆-3 bits), boosts of motion (a≈∆-4 fields), and bites of energy (e≈∆-2); stored to provide those boosts of motion or iterate the system in the lower cellular scale (∆-1).

On the other direction upwards, the system will interact with its larger social organism and world performing its ‘slavish’ cycles of existence, as a relative arrow of the larger whole. The purpose of all those åctions is self-evident: to improve the survival chances of the system, introducing a biological will in all points of view.

The human program of actions.

Humans also obey the survival action program. They basically have just a larger ‘range’ of options to choose between information, energy and social behavior, but ultimately do the same that the smallest electron.

Indeed, when you eat you can choose more than a bite of light as electrons do, but you are still feeding on energy to boost your motions; when you love you are still on reproduction mood and when you gather with other humans on social evolutionary mood, creating new ‘Universals’, collective planes of existence, ‘mass-numbers’.

Yet human, anthropomorphic, subjective Uo points of view submitted to the ‘Mind’s paradox’, which rejects motion/living properties in all entities that are:

  1. A) removed from Uo (Max.∆) and…
  2. B) Static, as the mind stops most motions into form to fill in its reduced static space, implies that humans never had and probably never will recognize the Pantheist Universe of self-similar beings, which the existence of those åctions and codes prove.

Anthropomorphic understanding of the will of survival: Actions and languages that describe them.

Thus, as always when dealing with humans and any p.o.v. we distort the actions of other beings from our self-ish point of view denying them to other beings, or qualifying other systems as objects over which we perform our actions. This is shown in the 2 languages we use to describe actions.

Now when we analyze those actions in more detail, there are two elements which enter in relationship: the œ-point that performs the action and the system over which the action happens.

In terms of the ‘ternary Universal Grammar’ that describes all actions from a linguistic point of view, human verbal thought has ‘nailed’ the structure of those actions, far better than mathematics with a simple logic structure proper of all its sentences (Chomsky):

I (subject) < verb (actions) > Object (over which the Ei action is performed).

Physics on the other hand, as it is only concerned with the study of ‘locomotions’, reduces the concept extremely, reason why we shall not use it here. In that sense, in theoretical physics, an action is an abstract quantity that describes the overall motion of a physical system, and therefore it corresponds to the simplex of those 5 actions, a. We shall thus comment on physical actions and its most interesting perspectives (the Lagrangian of actions, the law of least time and the unit of quantum actions), when dealing with ‘locomotions’.

Ultimately what physicists do with their topic reductionism is to deny ‘physical systems’, the vital will proper of those actions. Mind the reader, for a physicist always the physicist is the only intelligent being, mathematics the only language of knowledge and everything an object. So the fact that electrons and quarks do reproduce when they absorb energy is NOT an action but a deocupling, the fact that magnetic fields organize huge social groups of atoms is NOT a social action, but a lattice, and so on.



Now actions are the core of the vital program of ‘existence’ vs. extinction of the Universe. They exist for beings to exist. Species who perform those actions survive, and continue the game. Those who don’t disappear. And so it is only a question of ‘time’ that only species that perform the 5 actions, æ, ï, œ, û, survive (we group the dual absorption and emission of spatial energy and temporal information, ±e and ±i, with dual letters, æ and ï, to couple them with the 2 complex actions of reproduction œ and û)

External and Internal symmetry between actions and parts: trinity.

Thus the 2 most important isomorphisms of the Universe are:

From an external p.o.v. the dual and ternary symmetries between spatial synchronous organic form and temporal motions.

From an internal œ-mind, with its will of existence, the 5 ‘ a, e, ï, œ, û’ survival åctions, which conform the program of the Universe.

Both isomorphisms are related as actions are the will of the being to ‘maintain’ in balanced and ‘fill up’, the 3 parts of all beings:

æ actions therefore belong to limbs-fields of spatial ‘energy’; a is the kinetic motion, e the storing of potential energy.

ï actions belong to the To-head/particle that process temporal information.

œ actions are reproductive actions of the ST-body wave, the present being that creates an offspring of equal beings.

And so the û-niversal actions beyond the being, are those of the 5th dimension when the being is part of the whole.

This other angle on the analysis of actions (a difficulty of T.Œ is to realize that unlike the one-dimensional human mind, the Universe does have many perspective on any reality; so we are here giving a few on the concept of survival actions), shows how actions and scales of the 5th dimension are connected, such as æ, ï actions relate the being to ∆-n lower scales where it feeds and perceives, œ to ∆-beings of its same scale and û to the ∆+n social scales.

The minimal actions: Duality

Now, we call simplex actions, the æ, ï actions because those are performed by all beings. Indeed, some beings do NOT reproduce, but all must at least as long as they exist emit and absorb spatial energy and temporal information, Sp<≈ > Tƒ.

All systems have spatial kinetic lineal motions and cyclical clocks of temporal information. All systems are made of motion and form. So all systems at least do emit or absorb motion and form, which we shall call despite the imprecision of the terms, generically spatial energy and temporal information, ± ∆ e, i.

Hence the use of the general synonymous concepts: Sp≈æ, Ti≈ï. ST≈Ei

This gives us the 4 simple åctions for the minimalist Sp≈Tƒ being:

  • -∆æ: motion and changes in accelerations by emission of kinetic energy
  • +∆e: kinetic energy absorption or feeding
  • +∆ï: observer’s perception by absorption of information
  • -∆ï: emission of information to communicate.

Those are thus the 4 ±∆ e, i natural simplex åctions in space-time of any being. We could in this ‘qualitative’ less precise language, talk of entities that absorb and emit information with their particles/heads and energy for their bodies (that store it) and limbs (that spend it with kinetic motions).

And so in the perfect state of ‘present’, any system conserves ST, Ei, Present existence.

This present existence is one in which the balance of information and energy of the system remains in a dynamic constant process of absorption and emission of both, in balance with the environment, which allows the system to repeat its existential åctions and survive.

The limits of actions. Max./Min. Tƒ, Sp: The equations of death

Now the limits of actions by overdrive or lack of Spæ and T ïƒ are ‘death’: As we said actions are the will of existence, so lack of action is dead, or ‘frozen states of not-being’ (hibernation, coldness≈ slow down of time clocks, etc.)

So we write two equations of death by excess or lack of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information:

Min. Tf x Max. Spæ: Death by overdrive of energy – accident, young death, cubs feeding predators, big-bangs, wars etc.

Min. Spæ x Max. Tƒ: Death by overdrive of information – 3rd age, warping, mass attraction, coldness, freeze, etc.

Now of course, for each species, in physical systems, we must remember that the 3 different time clocks, frequency, temperature and speed define different forms of death. Systems can die in the ∆+1 gravitational scale by sheer pressure of mass. Systems can die in the temperature scale but frozen no motion. Systems can die in the ∆-1 scale by loss of frequency (gravitational red shift, and tiredness of light, Doppler death). The entire subject of death, when your clocks run too slow or too fast and your constant quanta of space, of vital energy are spent, or you get too fat eating them, is thus specific for each species, and one of the isomorphisms to study when applying the general equations of ST symmetries and ages to each species.

But in general åctions have limits imposed externally by the limits of the larger world in which the system exists, as they become ‘resonances’, synchronise and act on that world. So since the word is larger in Sp≈Tƒ parameters if the system does not watch out its internal balances it can die.

For example thermodynamic worlds, centred in the ∆-temperature scale and its species like humans are, cannot reach on their gravitational interactions in the outer world, speeds that go beyond c and temperatures below 0. So they will die.

In fact much before getting there. Since to fix the limits of Tƒ/Sp death we need to observe the limits of Time-space of the being which are always smaller than those of its word. So our temperature cannot go beyond ±310 K and our relative speed beyond 30 m/s, without risking a harmful accident.

This means that while åctions are ‘general’, isomorphic and can be described for all systems, detailed analysis of åctions will be specific of each species and its relative vital ‘constants, and the inverse parameters of density of energy and information of the system and the world it inhabits (Spe/Tƒ for the ∆-being and the ∆+1 world).

This post is obviously most focused on the general laws of those 5 åctions of existence, and the general bits of information and boosts of motion and bites of energy for entire families of species, belonging to ∆n planes of existence.

Such as the h-Planck bit of information for all electronic beings and its quantum rules, etc. So we shall only introduce this general elements here, reserving for 3-4 line posts detailed analysis.

The codes of actions.

How often a system implement the cyclical space-time actions it needs? Simply.

They are discontinuous, modular cycles, as actions absorb or emit energy and information when the system spends it. so actions have time rhythms, and the system varies between them. We eat, perceive, fuc* and socialise not simultaneously. So actions are the origin of the discontinuous ‘beats’ of existence. A fuc* a day for young married couple, a fuc• a year for an animal in spring – those are different beats. We eat all days, we see each second. The order, rhythms, synchronicities, interdependence, etc, of actions are thus another huge field studied in our post on synchronous actions.

Another element thus becomes the way in which a mind through memorial logic circuits, stored mathematically or genetically, or verbally (physical, biological social systems) or in any other language of the mind performs its actions; and the ‘triggers’ of the different parts of the being that start up an action rhythm (hunger: ∆e, lust: ∆œ, curiosity: ∆i, etc. in man).

The study of the ‘action instructions’ or codes that make species perform those åctions, its periodicity and triggers (often defined externally by a volume of the e,i specific substance of the being) becomes then also an important part of this analysis.

For example, atomic systems perform third åctions by obeying the mathematical, Quantum codes of 4 numbers; Biological systems write their instructions in Genetic codes of 4 letters; instinctive behavior codes those åctions in 4 drives of life existence; the 4 dimensions of light space-time express those åctions in photons; 4 Maxwell equations develop them for electromagnetic currents…

Examples of the 4 codes of åctions.

n clocks

How do actions reflect in the scientific languages. In physical sciences scientific equations are varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 3 space-time symmetries, Spe<STœ>Tiƒ, which reflect the space-time cycles of species. Those cyclical space-time actions are thus defined by Equations, which translate the ¬Æ symmetries of space-time into the jargon of mathematical physics.

But the ternary symmetry has 3 elements. So we must write it on a dual form, of the type Spe x Tif = STœ, Past x Future = Conserved Present, to establish the homology between the Generator, which is a logic development, and the equations of physics which are dual.

Then, as the graph shows, we must obviously define for each physical scale, what is the Tiƒ parameter of time frequeuncy (frequency, in the quantum scale of waves, temperature in the thermodynamic scale and speed in the gravitational scale); what is the spatial ‘unit’ or constant step of each scale (h-planck, for the quantum electromagnetic scale, k-boltzmann in the thermodynamic scale and m in the gravitational scale); and finally translate the space-time conserved quantity for each ∆-constant system, which will be, Ei (energy and information, both measure with the mathematical concept of Energy), when considered the whole, or momentum, when considered a ‘step’ of a cyclical, closed ‘conserved energy path’.

So to define cyclical space-time actions in physics, we work normally with a general equation of the form: Tiƒ (ƒ, T, v motion parameter) x Spe (h, k, m space quanta) = Ei (Energy function) or p (momentum).

And finally we need to define the element that ‘acts’, and the world in which it ‘acts’ and the scale of the Universe from where it ‘extracts’ its bits of information, bites of energy, seeds of reproduction etc.

So we must consider the active fractal point, Å which will be either a particle, atom, or matter state, cosmic body or dark matter form (strangelet, black hole), and then describe with equations that will usually contain the motion-time parameter, the space-quanta parameter and the energy function.

Then we can define some basic equation of physics for each action of existence, and start the fascinating though long process of translating each equation of physics to the isomorphic action it represents for the point of view that is at the center of each action.

So functions that represent the 4 vital åctions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4 functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social åctions that suffice to describe the existence of each species:

∆-3: Light åctions.

4 Vital Dimensions explain the existence of light-space: the wide, energetic, magnetic field; the tall, informative, electric field; the reproductive, long wave speed, calculated as the product of its electric and magnetic field and its frequency colors, which are societies of photons:


In the graph, we have written the 3 dimensions of time, past, slow energy and future, fast information with the human time-clock speed as our relative present, point of view. Since simpler scales are causally in the past; as an entity is created literally by informing, molding with higher ∆+1 networks, simpler scales ‘cell by cell’. When a light wave moves, it does not ‘displace’ but reproduces its wave motions, ‘warping’ simpler gravitational 1D string lines, by a height factor of –ct (Relativity). Motion is really reproduction of information on a simpler ∆-1 scale. Thus we describe the 3 Time Dimensions of ‘social evolution’ of light across 3 ∆-scales as:

– ∑: Color is the 4th ‘social dimension’ of light, made by herding together multiple frequencies of light into a photon, its present, simultaneous space dimension. As space from the perspective of time dimensions is a present ‘slice’ of the total time flow – the 4th dimension of time. While inversely the Present, simultaneous measures of Time, are in Relativity the 4th dimension of space. Yet we reach a sounder description separating those 3+3 spacetime dimensions, by using multiple time speeds instead of a single 4D clock.

+i: Fractal electrons are Light’s ∆+1 dimension of future network evolution.

-i: The gravitational ∆-1 scale in which it feeds is its relative, to which it returns after ‘dying’, red-shifting and expanding its length-speed between galaxies (z>c).

Then as light warps into more informative, smaller beings (Max. Tƒ x Min. Sp), first electrons, then molecular orbitals and so on, each new ‘scale’ of light space-time requires the previous scales to be born. Thus causally simpler scales are in the past. When your ∆-neurons, create your ∏-whole, they are in the past, requiring an action-bit of time to synchronize and emerge as an ∆+1 whole into the future. That’s why the subconscious rules, and the ‘ego’ merely observes with its electric whole brain waves; or the molecular orbital appears ‘after’ the atomic ones dissolve into the whole.

Further on, complex ∆+∆ systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane. But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of Sp-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.

4 Maxwell equations describe all the åctions of an electric field or rather its structure as a system with an external membrane, the magnetic field, an internal point of view, the charge, and the exchanges of energy and information between both poles and the external world (the content of its actions).

maxwells-equations4 quantum numbers describe all the 4 ‘drives’ of existence of electrons:


Its level of energy (principal number), its gauging of information (2nd number), its reproductive decoupling when they have opposite ‘sexual’ spin number and evolve socially organized by the magnetic number.

In that regard, as in the case of energy we have to differentiate the concept of T.Œ’s actions and Action in physics.

Motion, in physics, may be described from at least two points of view: the close-up view and the panoramic view. The close-up view involves an instant-by-instant charting of the behaviour of an object. The panoramic view, on the other hand, reveals not only a complete picture of the actual behaviour of an object but also all the possible routes of development connecting an initial situation with a final situation. From the panoramic view, each route between the two situations is characterized by a specific numerical quantity called its action. Action may be thought of as twice the average kinetic energy of the system multiplied by the time interval between the initial and final position under study or, again, as the average momentum of the system multiplied by the length of the path between the initial and final positions.

The value of the action for any actual motion of a system between two configurations is always a minimum or a maximum. In most instances, the behaviour of the system follows the path of minimum, or least, action. In an optical system, such as a microscope, light travels along the path of least action as it undergoes bending in the lenses. For light, action is proportional to the time of travel, so that the light travels the path that takes the least time.

With the beginning of quantum theory (1900), the concept of action took on a new importance. In describing the behaviour of molecular or atomic particles, one had to invoke a previously unsuspected restriction. Only those states of motion are possible in which actions are whole-number multiples of a certain very small number, known as Planck’s constant, named for the German scientist Max Planck, who first proposed a discrete, or quantized, behaviour for objects of subatomic dimensions. Thus Planck’s constant is the natural unit, or quantum, of action. But in T.œ, h, is the quanta of space of the ∆-1 scale, and so it appears in the different vital, a,e,i,o,u actions of the entity. The mathematical concept of action in physics, e x i thus is of little use in t.œ’s description of actions, but of course h-planck as the minimal quanta of space or ‘Planckton’ is essential to Physical systems.

4 type of vibrations organize a social molecule.

4 nucleotide acids code the vital actions of the cell:


And 4 drives of existence – feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially – explain the game of life.

Now, the study of the ‘Program of Existence’ is an enormously extended field, and so we must consider for the reader not to loose its ‘mind’ (-; on such vast field, which encompasses all the åctions and events of the Universe, only a few generic elements in ∆ST, which are latter studied in detail for each species, as in the aforementioned cases of the 4 quantum numbers. 4 genetic letters, 4 biological drives and 4 Maxwell equations.

Thus, immediately the reader would realize that according to the duality between ‘the thoughts of God’ (∆ST) and its details (all the different sciences) 2 are the main sub-disciplines of this field of knowledge are:

– The study of the 4 drives of existence for each species of the Universe. This should be realized in each science, as an introductory course that embeds the science in ∆ST

– The study of the interåctions, synchronicities, order and relationship between the 4 drives and its generic laws for all systems. This second field is the purpose of this post.

Thus for all said, it is quite evident that along the study of the topologies in space and ages in time, the study of the åctions is the 3rd most important isomorphism of the universe.

The 5 åctions in humans and other species.

1107 1112 1117c

In the graph the systems of humans to develop its actions, which are the senses, openings to the 3 digestive: energetic, blood: reproductive and brain: informative main systems (divided by the ternary principle in 3 more subsystems) that define the human being and its ‘energetic’, ‘informative’ and reproductive actions, below the social actions mediated by memes, most often of eusocial love religions, today translated into laws of equality, fraternity and solidarity. As we are also code by memetic and genetic systems of actions.

10 human scales

There is A 5D deeper understanding in philosophical terms on the manner in which form and motion transcends through scales to be perceived by the human being, and why we only perceive those scales – namely because they are the ones we act upon. So we can build a human being as the sum of all those åctions across all its scales we perceive, from where an entire understanding of the program of existence of man, our will and what is ‘life and existence’ for us can be deduced.

This connects with the order of those åctions as a pyramid of ‘desires’, we do have a Maslow-like pyramid of åctions which emerge and require the previous one: to perceive we must move towards the perceived system, to feed we must perceive the food and move to it, to reproduce we need enough energy and genetic information in our body. And obviously to evolve socially we must reproduce previously.

And since creation of social, organic networks, requires all other åctions, it is the summit of the ‘program’ of the ‘biological’ Universe that all its species follow.

In the graph that opens this  we see the concept of åctions applied to all systems. It is a decade old graph, when I omitted a-motions, the lowest action and included generations, an action above the ∆+1 scale, mixture of the reproductive and social actions.

Yet since now I consider ∆+1 generations, as part of Time Theory (evolution in ∆+1 planes), and have changed my consideration of ∆-4 accelerations as part of Space theory, we could exchange those åctions. i am not doing so much corrections for laziness and also to show the ‘continuity’ of the whole Universe.

The choice though comes from the philosophical considerations:

‘An action requires a conscious will by the individual 0-point of the system which performs it’.

In that regard, the choice is ambivalent, but motion seems to be more conscious than the passing of multiple generations, which beyond reproduction is not an individual action. Of course, ∆ST is a perfect structured Universal order created not by humans, but by Reality and my perception of it has improved with time. Still the graph is a nice portrait of what åctions are in multiple planes of existence, performed by many ∆-species.


Deduction of åctions from the metric of the 5th dimension and the existential force .

We can also consider åctions from the perspective of the ∆-metric, as  an ‘existential mandate, which all systems make explicit in his languages:

Grow and multiply:                     Max. [∑ Sp x Tƒ]∆±4 ->Sp≈Tƒ

It is obvious then that åctions of Energy and Information exchanges bring finally social wholes.

The equation expresses them all:Spatial Motion and Energy feeding are the Sp related åctions, Perception of form, Tƒ, and iteration through a language of genetic information, i, are the two åctions related to Tƒ and i. And finally Social evolution, Max. ∑, is the 5th action. Actions thus are born of the survival program of the existential force of a system and its organic structure.

We can in that sense consider primary, external; secondary, internal and complementary åctions.

All complementary entities displace a particle/head that gauge information over an energy body/field directing its åctions, which are MOTIONS WITH FORM, e x Tƒ events that combine the 2 elements of reality.

What are the types and purpose of those åctions?

If we depart from 2 motions, energy and information, expansive and implosive motions, we can combine try to obtain more of them in ONLY 5 Invariant åctions:

Sp åctions:

∆a: The simplest one motion, which accelerates, reaches a steady state and decelerates in its 3 ‘ages’  (external motion). But we could also can be considered to be internal motion, of generational ages (the one represented on the graph). What defines in that sense ‘motions’ is the limited capacity of the ‘∆-being’ to modify it.

– ∆e (feeding) on energy to create the structural pieces of the body/wave.

Tƒ Actions:

-∆ Tiƒ

– ∆œ: SxT: Reproductive Communication; SxT: creation of complementary systems, which sometimes we group together as ‘present’ reproductive åctions.

Energy feeding and reproduction are mixed åctions since they process both energy and form, so they are secondary åctions. Perception and motion are pure Sp an Tƒ åctions.

– Social Actions; ∆û.

There are different åctions in society according to which scale we relate and the languages we use.

there are 3 types of languages, ∏-temporal genetic, ∑-spatial and ⊕, organic social growth in the final stage of the S9=∆+1 creation of a Universal through Social scales.

∏Tƒ creation of genetic informative networks, in which all systems are connected, for simpler societies.

∑Sp: energy herding in the same scale over a extended spatial word…

⊕ Se Tƒ; the more complex societies, which  signifies the creation of networks and social classes, the informative upper, reproductive body and energetic classes, distinguished by its degree of connectedness.

Since in the upper class, each ‘neuron/particle’ communicates with all others, through its axons/bosons, forming a ‘whole’ new ∆+1 unit (hence the multiplicative symbol as axons are the square of its neurons).

On the other hand, the ∑-scale of reproductive individuals is only connected to their spatial neighbors (and their genetic families). Thus it is easier for the far more connected neuronal caste to control its body herds of loose cells/atoms with those ‘axons/cyclical waves’. And it does so with nervous messages, invaginating the lower ∆-1 chemical language of cells with nervous receptors, or the gravitational with electromagnetic waves.

Finally the quanta of the energy level is disconnected and easy prey for the body herds.

Unlike disconnected quanta or herding of parallel quanta in the same ∆-plane by simple communication with neighbors to maintain distances, or reproduction of a wave that imprints its form in a lower scale, ∆-1, network creation is multiplicative, ∏, as the number of axons is a potency law of its neurons and this makes it more powerful. Since it has a faster language to connect at the ∆+1 scale, but a potency of its numbers communicating in the lower chemical scale in neurons or gravitatomagnetic language in physical systems.

Thus as we see the field of åctions analysis gets more complex in terms of information when we study the higher åctions. And it gets more mathematical when we study lower åctions.

The program of existence: Maximize your existence – evolve socially.

An exhaustive analysis of all events and åctions of all systems, from the 4+1 quantum åctions-numbers of particles to the 5 drives of existence of biological beings to the 5 quantum åctions of humans, show that all systems try to maximize its 5 survival åctions, according to the sequential and frequency laws aforementioned, creating a ‘Maslow pyramid’ of behavior for all of them – the program of the Universe.

The 5th action, though is often unwanted and hence not considered in most scientific studies, because it is most often imposed externally by the ∆+1 neuronal/informative, ‘superior’ species that absorbs the energy of the lower herd treated as energy. So it is not a ‘quantum number’ but the action of informative quarks that capture electrons to form the atomic organism.

It is not a human action, but the imposition of people-castes that control our languages of information (politicians with laws, bankers with money) and create states and markets that control and absorb our wealth. It is not the desire of cells in a multicellular organism, which are controlled in motion and information by neurons.

– Tƒ maximize your existence, Max. ∑Sp∆-1 <=>Tƒ∆+1, the simplest strategy is to maximize the components of the equation, the 4 positive arrows-åctions: Sp=energy feeding, I=information processing, <=> or X, Reproduction and ∑, social evolution and the selfless action of giving away your energy to sustain a ‘higher plane of forms’, which can be observed in the sacrifice of individuals from their nations, their subconscious collective Gods, or in physical space in the loss of form of individual orbitals when the pi or sigma molecular orbitals appear, or the transfer of energy from electric to magnetic fields and so on.

– This gives birth to the duality of ‘social arrows’, as the 4D arrow of herding among clone cells/waves to create ‘spaces’ (defined by Riemann as groups of ‘similar points’ described by properties of continuity, etc.’) might be called in mystique terms the arrow of ‘democratic, social love’ and extract and ethic generalization: forms that feel equal act in parallel and love each other; while the 5D arrow is hierarchical, Darwinian, as ‘forms who are different’ prey ‘perpendicularly’ to each other, transferring energy, Sp∆-1>Tƒ from the lower scale to the upper scale and information, Tƒ>Sp∆-1, from the upper to the lower scale. More deductions from the Program:

– You can maximize the function of existence when S=T->Max SxT (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1).

This is known intuitively, as we say ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ where Sp(body/field) and I (head/particle).

It is the origin of the need to have our vital constants in balance, of the balance of Universal Constants, which are Sp/O or SxT ratios (as in the equations of gravitational and electromagnetic constants, where q-m are clocks of information and distances, Sp, hence they write as F=Q,G(Tƒ/Sp).

It explains the attraction of beauty, a shape in which form and energy are balanced, S=T; the beauty of top predator species – a species that maximizes its body force (Sp), intelligence (O) and beauty (S=T), in physical space one with maximal M(T) x V(Sp) momentum, which in physical collisions survives and defines the final trajectory; the classic shapes of the commonest spiral galaxies, etc. It explains why live longer in our mature, S=T, age between energetic youth and informative 3rd age; why death happens by excess of energy (Max. Spin accidents and wars) or information (Max.Tƒ in the 3rd age when we warp and wrinkle); and many other facts.

– You can maximize your existence, when ∑->∞ that explains the huge quanta in spaces that last, from the ultimate vacuum of the Universe to the seas of water, to the power of ∑=Love in social systems, to the undistinguishable boson structures of immortal beings, from light to black holes (bosons of quark stars) to minds – ‘zero points’ that map out with self-similar pixels of information an external Universe into a linguistic infinitesimal image of it – to herds and waves that become tighter, multicellular organisms that survive better.

– It explains the engine of human existence: greed for Sp-food, Information, sex (SxT), 4D-love & 5D-power.

For example, if we are to consider informative systems alone, the creation of a boson, zero point in which an infinite number of self-similar, ∑-forms converge is another path to maximize the function of existence.

Thus the highest of all åctions is the social experience, and we can truly write those åctions in chains from the lowest one – physical motion, to the highest one – social love, reason why people like more prophets than physicists, the maximize more their existence.

So all what species do is: >O: Gauge information; <Sp: Feed on Energy; ∑Ei, herding with parallel beings or SxT, merge into complementary systems;  combining those simplex åctions in a single plane, across 3±∆ scales:

– Reproducing self-similar entities: Œ>∑Œ∆-1>œ or evolving socially with them into bigger networks, creating more complex planes of existence, fractal super-organisms: ∑Sp∆-1<=>∏Tƒ

All what any entity including humans do during our entire existence from seminal cell to dying body, all can be explained with those 6 åctions: Feeding, informing, moving, reproducing and networking into social groups.

Further on each of the 5 ‘existential åctions’  form together a causal sequence, as complex åctions need previous simpler ones to ‘exi=st’

. Thus åctions, functions=forms=dimensions & time sequences are related, creating parallel invariances that define each  fractal’ diffeomorphic entity or ‘world’ constantly ‘filling’ with those dimensional åctions its vital space, part made to the likeness of the whole Universe:

– ∆ï: Any entity needs first to perceive-gauge information from an advantageous ‘point of view’. So all p.o.v.s, are ‘on top’ in the dimension of height, from heads to antennae to black holes.

-∆A, And then it needs to move changing its trajectory, hence accelerating to get to:

– ∆Sp: Then the entity will move to a field of energy to feed, through its faster lineal path. So ‘length’ becomes the dimension of energy and main body orientation, from ¥-fields to sharks.

– Then we communicate e<= >o with similar beings to herd or reproduce in ‘empty’ regions of space-time, so width becomes the reproductive or communicative 3rd spatial dimension, where we accumulate new cells, send our words as we walk in parallel dimension.

– We observe also those 3 perpendicular dimensions in ¥-light fields, corresponding to their diffeomorphic electric=informative, magnetic= energetic and reproductive c-speed, product of SxT (Maxwell’s equations). Since light is not an abstract, independent space-time background: Our mental space-time is made of ¥-information, so we share its Euclidean 3 Dimensions. Vacuum space is light. So background radiation cannot be extracted: it is space itself.

So the 3 Space-dimensions are functional åctions with a causal sequence:

Informing (Height)<Feeding (Length)>Communicating/reproducing (width).

The program of the Fractal Universe and its Generator Equation. The will of Πsuperorganisms.

Now if we eliminate the action of motion, for which the organism hardly needs more than limbs to take advantage of the flow of forces, we can search for the ‘inner will’ that motivate those åctions, the coding factors.

The 5th isomorphism of all Œ super organisms is thus their program of existence or 4 Drives of Life, which biology ‘cracked’ regarding the living organisms it studies, since it carries the highest truth of all sciences.

As all isomorphisms, the need of systems to construct its 3±1 common ∆±1 dimensions of scalar space-time, energy limbs/fields/territories, reproductive bodies/waves/working classes & informative particles/heads /upper classes and ∆±1 social scales, determine the 3+1 drives of existence all Nature’s ‘surviving’ systems follow:

– Max.Tƒ: All gauge information with their heads/particles to guide their search for Energy or else they die.

– Max. Sp: All systems feed on energy with limbs/fields. Since if they don’t, they become exhausted and die.

– Sp x TƒSp=Tƒ: All reproduce/iterate/decouple into new organisms and particles. Since, as they are limited in time duration, if they don’t repeat their topologic structures they become extinct.

– ∑Sp, ∏Tƒ: All evolve socially into higher systems and associate with similar forms; whereas simple ‘energy beings/cells’ form ∑=herds, simply connected to hunt and feed; while complex, ‘informative beings/neurons’ form complex networks, in which each individual is connected to all others. Hence the ∏-multiplicative symbol counts not the informative neurons but the connective axons that make efficient ∏-networks dominate ∑-herds.

Thus we rewrite scalar Space-time Metric as a Fractal generator of the ∞ Wills of the Universe, which encodes all the isomorphisms, parts, events and scales of all its Œ superorganisms: ∞ ∑Sp∆-1 ≤ ST∆ ≥ ∏Tƒ∆+1

The Generator equation’s 3±∆ symbols describe the fundamental particle of reality, its 3±1 Wills & ternary structure, both in time and space: a cellular, social, ternary organism, each one distinguished by a balanced set of Sp≈Tƒ vital, biologic or universal, physical constants, which freeze the energy and information of the being into stable, balanced proportions, which define a specific variety or ‘species’ of the fractal generator.

So we can translate all ‘laws’ of the different scales and species of all scalar sciences, and the ‘parts’ of its organisms, as events related to the 3±∆ ‘drives of existence’ of the Generator Equation of all systems. It is then possible to generate all what is real, departing from the Generator, the symmetries and Constant proportions among the 10Dis of reality and the laws of i-logic mathematics, as this writer has done in his research.


Åctions are ordered also in time, parallel to its symmetry in scales – relationship that between time ages and ∆-scales we have observed already in the study of the meaning of past, present and future, now further proved through the order of åctions:


Well it is not the same order than the vowels but almost (-;

Synchronicities of knots of time arrows.

Finally another theme of importance regarding action, which we treat in other sections, mainly in time and planes are its synchronicity between planes, as the smallest åctions are faster and repeat more, so we do more ‘gravitational steps for each second-perception, and feed only once a day reproduce once a year and evolve socially through our entire life.  This is the most important reason for the order of the organic systems of reality.

For example, the faster åctions of cells (i.e. daily reproduction) are synchronized to the slower energy feeding cycle of its ∆+1 scale, which gives the energy it needs to put its information at work and enable the reproduction.

it also follows that the emergence of an action above, makes it a product of the lower ones Ao(∆-3) x Ae (∆-2) = Œ∆-1

That is the cell takes its genetic, information coded in a few atoms, the energy obtained from above and reproduces the system.

Each active organism is a complex chain of cyclical åctions performed to achieve the 4 main arrows of time. Yet that chaos of action is ordered by causal processes, synchronized clocks and ‘—motions’/information networks that harmonize all those seemingly chaotic cycles of åctions into a dance of existential beats, interdependent and in permanent symbiosis – being the key to those harmonies among different Time Arrows the concept of ‘time-speed’, the speed at which a certain cycle of time closes its trajectory into a ‘loop’ or event (spatial/temporal description) that will be repeated with a frequency that defines the regularity of the time cycle and its speed of perception.

For example, the subjective cycle of time perception in man is the cycle of informative perception determined by the wink of the eye which opens to absorb ‘—motions’ and closes when it processes it as information every second. This rhythm is self-similar to the rhythm of the heart, which is approximately of a beat per second, when blood is expanded as ‘—motions’ and imploded carrying the released chemical information of the body. So, since we have a thought per second and a beat per second, the second is in fact the ‘clock-time’ of the human brain and the mechanical instruments we use to compare all the cycles of time of the Universe with our own cycles.

Each species and cycle of time has a different frequency, which depends on the ‘size’ of the species we study, and the causality of those arrows, such as:

Max. ‘—motions’-extension=Min. Speed-Frequency of Time cycles:

Max. Speed/frequency: Informative cycle->Energetic ->Reproductive ->Social cycle: Min. Frequency.

For example, the cycle of perception of the human eye – each second –determines the beat of the heart/breathing cycle of ‘—motions’ for the body; the cycle of rotation of the Sun-Earth system – a day – determines the ‘—motions’ cycle of the planetary surface, whose microscopic, life-species adjust their energetic /formative, awaken/sleep cycle to that of the bigger organism. And vice versa, the smaller microscopic cells of the body reproduce each day, according to that awaken/sleep cycle. There are in fact a series of General Isomorphisms of synchronicity between those Time Arrows/cycles that apply to any entity or complex system of the Universe, which extends through several scales of spatial size and informative complexity.

All the åctions of all species can in fact be described by ‘beats’ of existence, partial sub-equations of the Generator Equation, which define rhythmical chains of action. In an individual those beats of existence become the life rhythms of each of our organs, from the eye that feeds on light and then informs the brain, which produces a visual thought every second (the blink time of the eye), (o->e->o) to the night/day, dreaming/acting rhythm (Release of chemical information->dreaming->release of ‘—motions’->acting), etc.

A 2nd series of ternary rhythms occur as organisms switch between the 3 physiological networks of hormonal, reproductive activity; nervous, informative activity and feeding, energetic activity (Re->in->en).

Those rhythms happen also in the social scale of existence as a single organism, cell of our civilizations. In society those rhythms shape the ternary bio-rhythms of our daily life; the 8 hours of work (obtaining our social ‘—motions’, money), 8 hours of play (dedicated to family reproduction), and 8 hours of sleep (when our organism repairs its form). Moreover those rhythms of our daily life are synchronous to the rhythms of the global organism, Gaia; and self-similar rhythms are found in the activity of animals and plants.

Since in objective terms humans are created by the same temporal arrows and display the same properties than the rest of the entities of the Universe. A human being is the same kind of entity than ‘an atom’ – a complex chain of time cycles of ‘—motions’, information, reproduction and social evolution. The difference is not of quality but of quantity and hence of complexity: Humans are knots of an enormous amount of time cycles whose spatial topologies, åctions and motions configure our existence.

On the other extreme of simplicity, an atomic particle (quark, electron or photon) is the simpler species, we can study with those arrows, in terms of size and complexity of its ‘action’ cycles, compared to a human being. Since a particle can be described with just 4 quantum numbers that resume the 4 kinds of ‘åctions’ particles constantly perform:

– Particles gauge information (reason why quantum theory is a ‘gauge theory’). That is, they calculate the distances with other atoms and act-react to exchanges of ‘—motions’ and information with them.

– Particles feed on ‘—motions’, absorbing electromagnetic and gravitational forces and other particles.

– Particles decouple, repeating themselves in other regions of space-time (they reproduce by iterating its particles, quarks, electrons and photons).

– Finally particles evolve together into complex social structures, called atoms and molecules, which also feed on ‘—motions’, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially.

All those ‘motions’, quantum numbers, molecular vibrations, decouplings and physical events can be re-considered as manifestations of the 4 main arrows of time, chained in synchronic patterns and cycles, cyclical and lineal geometries, whose abstract definition conform the Isomorphisms of quantum physics.

The description physicists do of those arrows is an abstract, mathematical, mechanical description, which corresponds to the limits of the mechanical, monist, ‘religious’ philosophy of science of our founding fathers4, which did not require an ‘internal’, self-organizing will to describe the Universe, since it was understood that the ‘will’, the ‘why’ of all the clock-like motions of the Universe was ‘God’, an entity that seems to have appeared to a pastor of the bronze age.

System sciences reasons those ultimate questions from the perspective of science and its mathematical and logic languages, albeit with a degree of complexity superior to that provided by monist, reductionist, mechanist, classic scientific philosophies of reality. Thus we substitute the ‘will of a personal God’ or any other anthropic principle with the 4 objective ‘arrows of causality’ or Time Arrows that all particles and entities of ‘existence’ follow, which can be described objectively with mathematical and logical equations, and finds in the subjective will for survival its sufficient reason.

Further on, all quantum entities obey the Complementarity Principle. They show 2 states or structures that co-exist simultaneously: a field of energetic forces that moves a particle of information, which gauges the space-time that surrounds the particle. And we cannot distinguish or perceive both entities: the force/body and head/particle together. In other words, physical entities are made of ‘motion fields’ and ‘gauging particles’.

They constantly move, stop and gauge information, move, gauge… So because they have 2 components, one specialized in energetic motions (the field of forces) and one specialized in informative gauging (the particle, mass or charge), all their åctions are either ‘energetic åctions’, informative gauging, the combinations of both type of åctions (decouplings, which produce self-similar particles) or more complex åctions in which the particle, atom or molecule share smaller particles, called bosons, creating social networks, made of fields of forces and particles of information.

If we widen the concept of ‘—motions’ as lineal, expansive motion, and information as a cyclical, in/formative motion, we realize that the biological realm also follows a Principle of Complementarity between reproductive bodies and informative heads, which co-exist together in living beings. And bodies are responsible for ‘—motions’, while heads map out the Universe, creating images, reflected in the mind of the external motions of reality, imitated by small cyclical motions within the brain and its neurons. So again we observe a dual structure, body/head, with energetic/informative properties that move and gauge, feed on ‘—motions’ and perceive information. And in more complex events, reproduce the biological entity or use languages of information to create complex social structures.

All what exists is a ‘fractal knot of ‘—motions’ and information motions’, whose why is ‘to absorb more ‘—motions’ and information’ from the perspective of the entity or ‘point of view’ that gauge and moves in the Universe. Imagine a universe of infinite ‘species’ made of ‘‘—motions’’, ‘forces or bodies’, upon which certain structures of information, called ‘cyclical motions’, particles or heads, are sustained. Reality is a fractal sum of those 2 motions, ‘—motions’ and information, which combine to create an infinite number of entities that gauge information, feed on ‘—motions’, reproduce their form and evolve into social structures till reaching the complex Universe.

We cannot describe human åctions with simple equations because humans can gauge many types of information, feed in many forms of different ‘—motions’, choose many different couples to court, love and reproduce, and make very complex choices in our decisions on how to relate socially to other human beings. But at the end of the journey, amazingly enough we observe that all what we humans do is also gauging information, absorbing ‘—motions’, reproducing and evolve into social systems. So those 4 types of events or causal arrows of time are all what we humans do; even if we use a complex, ‘ambiguous’ language – words -to describe those åctions.

Tƒ exist, to be in this Universe means to absorb ‘—motions’, gauge information, reproduce our form and evolve socially by acts of communication with other beings. Those ‘åctions’ are considered mechanical in the physical world and åctions of will in the human world. Yet they are described in both worlds with the same ‘2 elements’: ‘—motions’ and clocks of time. So Planck proved that all physical forces are made of h-quanta, whose parameters are ‘‘—motions’ and time’, while we say in layman terms that ‘we do not have enough time and ‘—motions’ to do this’ – meaning we are made of a limited quantity of vital space, our ‘—motions’/body, and time-clocks of information – our minds.

There is no difference between ‘us’, human beings and ‘particles’ that also have a limited ‘—motions’ and time, which they spend performing the same game of 4 types of åctions – the Game of Existence. We all play the same game, regardless of what plays it, an atom, or a human being.

Religions will tell you that the ‘will’ of man is a property of ‘our soul’, which is supposed to exist according to the tradition of our ‘pious’ founding father, Mr. Descartes, in some non-local space-time4. Stience will tell you that the ‘will of man’ is the ‘why’ we don’t ask, or at best it will be born of a chaotic series of circumstances and physical events that come together to ‘create life’. While biologists will affirm that the will of man has the same drives of existence (gauging, feeding, reproducing and evolving socially) that all forms of life have, but only forms of life have.

System sciences depart from anthropomorphic traditions, validating instead the ideas of Eastern philosophies (Taoism, Buddhism, Zurvanism), upgraded with the scientific method, showing that the Universe is ‘organic’, not mechanical, because all its particles share the ‘4 drives of existence’ of biological beings, whose ‘why’ is self-evident in a world made of perpetual motions. Since if we all are made of motions, life is embedded in the existence of those motions that repeat themselves by the mere ‘action of moving’: Reproduction becomes natural to the existence itself of cyclical and ‘—motions’ that repeat their forms as they trace their trajectories.

If we leave aside metaphysical, subjective questions on the ‘nature of consciousness’ and ‘will’, we could affirm that all entities of the Universe have both, a ‘will of existence’, shown in its constant pursuit of those 4 arrows, and an objective nature, in as much as those 4 arrows or wills can be proved objectively by the events that atoms, humans, animals or any other entity perform. It is though necessary to understand in which scale of reality a certain region of Time-space ‘acts’. For example, a chair, made with human formal imagination is not organic neither it shows any of the 4 main arrows of time unless it is attached to a human being (so it helps humans to think- process information – in a ‘still’, formal position). Yet at the spatial scale of atomic wood, the chair shows those arrows and in the temporal distance when the chair was wood, it had also at macroscopic level those vital arrows of time.

What is then reality – the ultimate meaning of those time arrows? At first sight, it seems there is no meaning at all, but merely the eternal beat of existence, ‘—motions’ becoming form, becoming ‘—motions’… and the sensations related to those motions, which might be shared by all realities – pain/pressure and pleasure/release.

A closer view on both arrows and the complementarity of all physical and biological entities, which achieve immortality through reproduction of their own form – from light imprinting its waves on the vacuum, to quarks jetting bundles of ‘quarkitos’, to humans ‘growing and multiplying’ all over the Earth – seemingly makes the 3rd existential arrow of reproduction, the meaning of it all, and the Universe a constant orgasm of repetitive, present forms.

But then, we realize that reproduction in itself is just a step towards self-organization, as self-similar cells that can ‘decode’ their common language of information come together into stronger, bigger waves, herds and organisms, which survive better, due to their higher ∑SxT, existential force. So the answer to the meaning of it all is clear: the Universe has a dominant arrow, the creation of ‘fractal superorganisms’, species which are self-similar to their parts and emerge through processes of evolution into bigger wholes.

Since the 4 main arrows of time and its discontinuous cycles come together, creating vital knots of motions that energize, gauge information, reproduce and finally evolve socially into herds and organisms: T->S->ST->S. In other words, a fractal infinite Universe of ‘—motions’ and information struggles to create ‘more of it’ by expanding inwards and outwards its relative scales of organic size; since a Universe made of motions has no limits of size and form, as it becomes ever more organized in bigger and smaller social herds and organisms: T->S->ST->S.

Yet even if social evolution is the dominant arrow of the Universe, it is also the less common, more distanced in the frequency of its events, since all other arrows must exist ‘a priori’ for an event of social evolution – the final causal arrow of reality – to take place, thanks to a common language that carries information among self-similar cellular individuals.

The highest frequency of events always corresponds to informative events, particles and heads gauging and thinking, mapping reality with its hardware, as they run inside the software of a force, whose frequency carries informations decoded and transferred into such mappings. So the atom figures out first in its inner quark-systems how to move, searching for a flow of ‘—motions’ or its relocation in harmony with the other atoms of its web, while an office clerk thinks first and then writes or makes a call related to those informative thoughts – an act of measure precedes an act of motion.

Accordingly to those frequencies and the generic law, Min.Sp= Max.Tƒ, the light pixels of informative mappings are smaller and faster to allow faster events/cycles of perception than the bits of ‘—motions’ that feed the body – amino acids, which are smaller than the seminal cells that carry the information of reproductive acts, which are smaller than the units of social evolution (other humans).

So happens to the frequency of perception (each second), faster than that of feeding, which happens more often than the frequency of sexual reproduction, which is more common than our acts of love – social acts of evolution that ‘collapse’ a wave of individuals into a particle/organism, emerging as a whole action, born of the self-organization of its parts, such as a religious mass or a voting action, or a marriage, all acts that create social groups.

Yet, the ultimate why of any chain of causal Time Arrows must be found in the goal of ‘survival’, the final drive of all entities of the Universe, maximized by its 2 complex arrows, reproduction and social evolution that evolves cellular entities into macrocosmic wholes, which become cellular entities of a higher ‘space-time plane’.

What we are then can be expressed in more poetic terms: knots of existence, flows of arrows of time, mirrors of information, bodies in action, ‘wills of the penis’14, loving cells of bigger social units, exi=stential flows, ‘vanitas, vanitatum et omnia vanitates’; motions of time in perpetual conflict.

The rules of engagement of all those knots of time, ‘points of view’ that gauge information, seek for ‘—motions’, reproduce and evolve socially, creating ‘ad eternal’ the infinite scales upwards and inwards, is the ultimate knowledge of the game of existence, which system sciences study.

This holistic view is a mystique revealing existence of the unity of it all, which few self-centered humans accept. Scientists rejected it in the past, because it had not been properly formalized. But one of the advantages of the new formalism of Non-Euclidean, fractal, logic, causal chains of Time Arrows/events, is that it renders a mathematical analysis of those arrows of times are its generic isomorphisms, hence allowing their application to the study of the species of any scientific network of self-similar points in an open flow of communication.

Thus, the range and power of the formalism of Multiple Spaces-Times will not become evident till we develop the logic of multiple causes and the non-Euclidean geometry of flows of communication between the fundamental particles of the Universe, its non-Euclidean, Fractal points. A consequence of those postulates is in fact the definition of a soul as a non-Euclidean point of view:

‘Every point of view=mind feels the center of the Universe, but it is only an infinitesimal Non-Euclidean point that stores a limited mapping of reality with its informative languages.’

We are all Atmans, informative CPUs, souls that gauge in different languages reality, to construct a mental mapping that caters to our point of view and arrows of time. So we create our ‘perceived Universe’ – a fact known from Descartes to Schopenhauer, but lost to ‘naïve, realist’ physicists. All of them thinking clocks are the only point that matters to measure time, and the human mind, the only ego that knots ‘—motions’ into form, since that is the only perspective they perceive. That is why most of history, humans thought the Earth to be the center of reality; and still think they are the only intelligent species.

All is memorial because cyclical inertia, the repetition of the cycles of existence of any form, is common to all space-time fields. This is a tautology: a species that forgets, that does not repeat a fractal cycle of existence becomes extinct and its cycles of existence disappear. Thus, a being has to remember and repeat its fractal cycles to last in time. That is the existential game of any being: to feed on ‘—motions’ and use its genetic, memorial information to transform it through reproduction into new cyclical åctions.

Yet those åctions are encoded in ‘fractal equations of information’ which are logical chains that constantly repeat themselves, becoming memorial patterns. Those patterns have different names in science: genes in biology, memes in history, Universal constants, which are proportions between physical ‘—motions’ and information in physics, etc. Yet what all those fractal equations and e/o proportions become are cyclical, self-repetitive events that respond to an arrow of time.

Recap: All what exi=st is a fractal knot of cycles of ‘—motions’, information, reproduction and social evolution. There is not a difference of quality among universal entities – only a difference in the quantity and complexity of those cyclical arrows that ‘inform’ each species of reality. The ultimate meaning of a Universe made of time motions not of spatial forms is closer to a Philosophical tradition that ranges from Plato and Buddha to Leibniz and Schopenhauer: reality is a game of ‘fractal mirrors’, souls=Atmans= quantum knots of information that gauge reality to absorb ‘—motions’ in order to repeat=iterate=reproduce their form. Since we are all fractal parts of the whole with a limited duration in time and a limited quantity of space. And so only those species, which reproduce their ‘logic arrows’ of time, their information, in other zone of space survive. Thus the game of existence is in essence a game of repetition of forms, a game of exi=stences.

The first rhythm: motion and perception, ∆ï, ∆a



In the graph, the order of actions always starts from a o-point of view or informative brain system, attached to a sensorial membrane, which divides the system in the outer and inner world (left point), and starts to interact with other fractal points to develop its actions.

So let us start with the first two words.

If you ask me what is the Universe i would tell you look at its rhythms, it is this beat you hear everywhere, this stop and go motion, motion and form, still and moving, decelerating accelerating, steady state, beat, beat, and rhythms all over the place. And so we call the motions time, and the forms space, and the go time and the stop space, and the stillness of the mind safe, and the rhythms of the body time, and time and space, that’s all.

All there is to it, the rhythms of time and space:

Stop (S) < Go (Time) > Die (space) < Live (time)≈Move≈ Accelerate (Vortex of Time) < Stop (Space)…

in all its infinite varieties the rhythms of space-time broken in infinite strings, knotted in infinite minds of cycles command, form and deform, inform and r=evolve, dissolve, exist. And this tapestry of Existence is what we call the Universe:

±∆  Sp(Go-Feed) x Tƒ (Stop-Reproduce) =ST

The mixture of motions of time and forms of space, of stop and go motions and dimensions, their intertwined intelligent, is what it is all about.

We shall call any mixture of at least a motion of time and a dimension of space, an action of space-time, the fundamental ‘quanta-bit’ of reality, its minimal, ‘infinitesimal’, perceivable, as pure time and pure space are not.

The meaning of reality thus becomes apparent when we go beyond the simplest description of its topological, physical properties as a series of time motions that mess with spatial forms to create bidimensional membranes, which magically construct frozen space-time topologies with functions. Where is the intelligence? now we know: in the meaning of those åctions, which is a biological program.

In the next posts we shall develop the mixture of biological and topological i-logic properties that defines the game of existence, here we shall define the game.

All systems of spatial energy and temporal information, guided by a zero-point, the most perfect spherical geometry, or monad of the system, O-point x ∞ Universe = Θ Still mind of reality, show a will: SURVIVAL.

And survival has an easy mathematical expression in a Universe made of 2 formal motions and its combinations, Ox|=Ø:

absorb and emit energy and information. Those are thus the rules, ±∆e x i… Maximize a simple function of existence of your energetic and informative, spatial and temporal parts playing the game of survival called LIFE.

Because indeed, what the åctions of energy feeding, energy expelling=moving, information expelling=reproducing and communicating and information absorbing=perceiving causes is a game of existence equal to what biologists define as life, a game of moving, reproducing feeding and perceiving.

That’s all there is to it space-time has a vital nature. And the åctions of space-time which ‘truly exist’, as they are by definition that limiting present thin line… show it in detail.

We thus call the 5 åctions of the Universe, ∆e=feeding, -∆e=moving, ∆ï=observing, -∆œ:reproducing and U=∆+1, social evolution into higher planes of space-time, the game of existence:

Tƒ < ExI=ST  is then a curious acronym with an artistic, ideographic flavor. Tƒ is the O-point, the head, < the neck, its communication with the body, ExI, the place of present existence, the wave that reproduces its energy and information, as it evolves and r=evolves and moves through a social Plane, its Universal, Its ST world.

The interaction of all those arrows of time through space-time åctions require though the introduction of a ‘point of view’ or frame of reference, which will give organic meaning to that series of arrows and cycles of time, creating the knots of time, or existential points that carry the program of the Universe as they give survival meaning to the åctions and cycles knotted within the point:

THUS if we do a qualitative analysis things remain simple, as it is the program of survival of the universe, the ultimate why of all existences – simple enough to be just åctions of absorption of (kinetic) energy and in-Form-ation.

And this which is a trend of all T.Œ, complexity ultimately can be reduced to the dualities, ternary elements and 4 Dimensional simplex åctions of the Universe.

Further on, those space-time åctions communicate an Œ, point of existence, which ultimately is a knot of åctions, with its external world. So those åctions of communication of information (i), bring about the more complex åctions of the Universe, which we gather in the process of eusocial evolutions from ∏ Œ∆-1 points into U∆, Universals.

This process, we study as the creation of a ‘higher, bigger scale’ of existence, and hence implies two new type of complex åctions:

  • Present reproduction of the system, ∆Œ and…
  • Future, social evolution into Universals through the creation of complex herds that become super organisms.

In that sense the finality of the Universe is not the survival of the individual but the creation of complex social systems, caused by the complex åctions, for which simplex åctions seems a mere preparation, hence the ‘pinnacle’ of existence is to form part and create a ‘social world’, an ∆+1 Universal, the dissolution of the ego of individual points into the collective.

In that sense, since both, the absorption and emission of bits of information and ‘bites’ of energy happens across ∆-scales (we like to call those quanta of information, bits, acronym also for bidimensional manifolds of space-time information, and bites, bits with energy :), the 3rd fundamental element of Action ‘Theory’ is the study of 5D processes of emission and absorption of smaller bits and bites of information and energy by a higher social organisms of an upper plane of the Universe.

Thus the study of simplex, ±e,i åctions, of the codes of each species that program them to follow those survival åctions; of the higher game of social reproduction and evolution that creates Universals, and the interaction of the being which performs those åctions with lower bits and bites and bigger social wholes, becomes the fundamental experimental and theoretical combined space-time analysis of any species.

Actions are on that regard along with super organisms in the larger ST-Plane, the ‘flesh’ of the Universe…


The two levels of complexity of Universal åctions.

Thus to resume that dual ‘build-up’ program of existence, we can write an equation of existential algebra: ∫ ±∆ e, i ds dt= Wu.

That is, the sum of all the simplex åctions of the being, integrated along its vital ‘cellular’ space, ds, and its whole duration in time, dt, gives us a Universal Organism in space, U, that goes through a world cycle in time, ω, throughout all its existence, in which it will live, might reproduce in other space-time, elongating its function of existence into the future, and then die.

Now existential algebra is a logic interpretation of the space-time events of the universe, so we do not need at this state to know what we are representing. That equation can represent the life of a star, a human being, a cell, the extension of a electromagnetic field, a ‘finite fractal space-time’ reality. It represents merely one of the many ways to analyze the synoptic  ‘generator equation’, Sp≈Tƒ, in terms of space-time åctions, world cycles and super organisms:

Once a series of simplex ±∆e,i åctions are performed, the Uw game represents a second level of complexity in which åctions are combined into space-time knots, œ, which communicate with and reproduce similar beings, evolving socially into Universals.

Thus, this second ‘layer of complexity’ of the being, creates new planes of the 5th dimension as the reproduction and social evolution of those œ-points creates from parts the wholes of reality. And so we talk of a ‘second’ complex beat of existence:


Thus the scalar Universe is an ‘architectonical, dynamic, nested, integrative, Russian Doll’:

The sum of ±e,i, åctions do bring together sequentially in time, accumulated socially in space, the reproduction and creation of Universal Organisms. And so we talk of 2 final åctions, iteration by reproduction of communication and social evolution of parts into Universals, which would complete at a higher 5D level the existence of the being.

The sequential order of åctions is transmitted to world cycles of life and death.

Thus Changes of motion or acceleration, ∆a, absorption of energy, ∆e, of information, ∆ï, communication and iteration of information ∆œ and social evolution that unites individuals into Universals, ∆u, brings all together nicely in a 5 vowel system, of increasing complexity in the åctions of beings, which first:

->+∆ï observe a field of energy ->∆a move towards it ->∆e absorb energy -> ∆ï communicate with other beings to hunt in herds, or ∆œ, reproduce the inner information starting an iterative clone flow, which -> ∆U, will evolve socially.

So we talk of simplex chains of åctions, ∆ï-∆a-∆e and complex changes Œ-∆U (communication, reproduction and social evolution), and it is clear that in the first change ‘energy’ dominates and in the second change ‘information’ is all.

Now, the reader should observe that the simplex åctions of the first scale roughly order themselves as the world cycles do. So it is the emergence of the sum of infinitesimal åctions, what creates the order of the 3 ages of life in the larger super organism total existence.

Actions across multiple chains of existence.

How can we differentiate the 2 complex åctions of reproductive iteration and Universals evolution – the åctions, which do imply massive motions across ∆-planes of the 5th dimension?

We integrate both, in the symbol U, and study apart the way in which systems ‘iterate’ its forms across different planes of existence.

On the other hand Actions are always exchanges of energy and information between two ∆-∆ planes of existence. And so there are 5 åctions:

Social relationships between i<-i(∆=0): Au.

Seminal seeds: ∆->∆-1 (∆=1): AI

Energy feeding: ∆->∆-2: Ae.   Informative perception:  ∆->∆-3: Ao; and changes in motion: ∆-∆-4: Aa.

Actions thus require to understand the other form of travel through the 5th dimension – not a temporal travel through the ages of evolution, in which the whole system is carried through the metric of the 5th dimension; but a travel that involves only the ‘transfer’ of energy or information, between two poles.

And so we dedicate a whole post, to understand this fundamental element of the 5th dimension: transfer of ‘Spatial Momentum’ Sp, or Spatial Energy, Sp between two planes and its inverse: transfer of form. In this post we will briefly analyze and classify åctions in physical, biological and social systems, and study the 5 åctions briefly.

Actions in a single plane of existence.

Physical Actions

In physics an action is the fundamental present, ST element of the Universe that combines energy and time:

Spe x Tƒ = ST

So for example, a Planck constant is an action of Energy and Time: Ex T = H

We are not using though the same concept in relational space-time, changing in this rare occasion the formula, as we prefer the qualitative concept for action, closer to the sentence that opens this paragraph: ‘don’t confuse motion, Sp, for action: Sp x Tƒ= ST’.

We thus call an action, the quanta of existence, a derivative or ‘unit of force’, which all systems display to exchange energy and information with the environment, to achieve in this manner the 2 higher goals of existence: reproduction and social evolution of parts into wholes, new units of a higher plane of the 5th dimension.

We could consider then all possible ‘åctions’ of past-energy and future-information that combine together. Action is the ‘short’ present dimension, the most complex, rich and important element within a single plane of existence. And the study of this basic concept of physics and its ∆ST equivalent: combinations of form and motion into purposeful åctions is essential to many fields and science.

Social Actions.

But probably the man who better understood its concept in the upper scales of life was Hemingway in the above sentence; for an action to be meaningful it must have both motion (P) and form (F), yin and yang, in purposeful combination. Most motions today are confused with åctions – demonstrations without purpose. Social Actions must have a point-like directionality, a form, a goal. 

Thus the classic concept of physics and normal language, as when we say, ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this (action)’ do open a wide field of physical, biological and psychological, social analysis.

Actions in multiple planes of existence.

In ∆ST, however we define a much wider concept of an action.


An action in that sense is better understood in normal languages: an action is what all entities of the Universe constantly do. Our program of existence. And it can be mathematically defined with the tools of Existential Algebra. Thus we define an Existential action:

‘ An action is a flow of energy and information between 2 consecutive planes of existence: ∆-∆≤A≥∆-(∆+1) ‘ 

Since ∆±4 are the planes of existence, it follows that there are only 4 possible Actions.

Thus we divide åctions into 5 fundamental types in which the ∆-being relates through exchanges of energy and information to each of the lower and single scale it perceives.

–  We absorb and process energy for our system, ∆Sp, we absorb and process information, ∆ï, we iterate our systems, ∆œ, we socialize in groups, ∆U, and we move around, accelerating and decelerating to do so, ∆A.

And as it happens, we do all that by interacting between our ∆-∆ scale and a higher scale of reality:

We move through ∆-4 gravitational forces, which change our steady state (inertial speed) into acceleration and decelerations:  Aa: ∆a(∆-4>∆-3)

We perceive light and electronic quanta to inform ourselves: Ao: ∆ï(∆-3>-2)

We absorb ∆-2 energy quanta (amino acids) to recompose our bodies: Ae: ∆e(∆-2>-1)

We reproduce through ∆-1 seminal seeds which emerge in our scale: Ai: ∆r(∆-1>i)

(and for other species, NOT to provoke the anthropomorphism of humans we talk of iteration in other species, hence we call this action Ai.)

And we socialize with individuals like us creating societies that in its larger form become universal. Au: ∆u(i>∆+1). And that is why all fits nicely.

The æ,e,ï,œ,û of åctions is all what we do.

All what humans and everything else do are varieties of those 5 åctions. So write this 5th isomorphism with another simple equation:

∆a(∆-4>∆-3), ∆ï(∆-3>-2), ∆e(∆-2>-1), ∆œ(∆-1>œ),and ∆u(∑œ>∆+1)

This is the simplest mathematical and conceptual definition of the åctions of reality.


Actions can be then calculated easily with parameters of quantity, and motion, specially in physical systems, but also in biological ones. So for example, a woman has to have a percentage of fat-energy stored to start a reproductive action; or a certain external time-temperature will activate a chemical re-action or a reproductive plant action.

The inter-action of all those elements, for each being and a group of them, part of a higher ∆+1 world, are the most beautiful expression of the symphonies of the webs of existence, of which we are all parts.


Now what is the natural form of those actions? Obviously they will be ‘ratios’ between the ternary element of the system that performs the action, the limb/field for locomotions (Spe: -∆e=æ), the limb/field and/or the body-wave for energetic actions (Sp>ST: +∆e=e), the particle, head for informative actions (Tƒ: +∆i), and superposed or in conjunction with others for communicative actions (∑Tƒ: ±∆ï), the body-wave for reproductive actions (ST: ∆œ), and the whole system for social actions, as part of a larger whole: Œ->û.

As I said, the details of interpretation of each action and equation of physics requires a conceptual understanding of the O-points, symmetric parts, and ‘feeding, perceiving, coupling’ processes involved. So it is a lengthy theme, which I guess will be completed well into the future if humans or robots are still here.

All what I have to say si that every time I have in the past considered an equation of physics, I have been able to translate it into one of the 5 actions of the species, which is the center of the action. Often though human equations omit the species, as the action is taken from the human point of view, and this makes difficult to translate them. For example, the simplest quantum action, a photoelectric effect is a feeding action of an electron that absorbs its ∆-1 quanta, a light photon. But the equation is expressed in terms of ‘work’, the human element of interest here.

So Einstein assumed that a photon would penetrate the material and transfer its energy to an electron. As the electron moved through the metal at high speed and finally emerged from the material, its kinetic energy would diminish by an amount F, called the work function, which represents the energy required for the electron to escape the metal. By conservation of energy, this reasoning led Einstein to the photoelectric equation Ek = hf – F, where Ek is the maximum kinetic energy of the ejected electron. So we observe that the O-point is omitted as it happens in general, but understood to exist (the electron), the function humans care for is ‘work and energy’, as they will use that electron for their own actions (from heating-feeding on energy, to informing, creating a visual electronic screen). Still it is easy to see that there is here a dual action. The ∆-electron, absorbs, and ∆-1 photon, and uses it for a dual, æ, action, of absorbtion of energy, e: F, the work function, and motion, a: Ek.

We find on it then the 3 parameters of time-frequency, ƒ, Energy, E, space quanta, h, and would properly write it as: hƒ (∆-1) = Ek (∆a) + F (∆e).

Next we could consider the Schrodinger equation in terms of a Lagrangian Action, which is really what it is. And the case would be an example, of the general ‘beahvior’ of species, regarding the Universe and their purpose of existence, which is to maximize their actions, while conserving ad maximal its balance of ivital constants (Tƒ/Sp ratios, or balance between kinetic and potential energy, such as ke-u->o).

Now the practical use of this ‘rewriting’ of the photoelectric effect obviously is null. The ‘knowledge’ of the ‘why’ of the photoelectric however is now clear. Electrons use photons as the source of energy for its motion and feeding actions. And this basic truth of quantum physics has vast implication to understand the entire field.

Conservation laws in actions.

But what general forms do actions have beyond those simple, merely ennincative equations?

Departing from that general law of all species, then we can establish a correspondence for each scale, a series of equations that defines the actions of the systems, under some basic rules of ‘behavior’, wich can be resumed in 2 simple principles:

– Actions try to conserve the energy and information of the system, minimizing its expenditure.

– And as a consequence of it, actions try to complete its motions in the minimal time possible, as systems do try to make its time of existence efficient and ever lasting.

These laws are often expressed as the law of the least time or as a Lagrangian equation, the commonest of science, The Lagrangian L is defined as L = T – V, where T is the kinetic energy and V the potential energy of the system So we write it as T-V->0, T≈V -> T(Sp) ≈ V(Tƒ), which is simply speaking the law of balance of Energy and information, which maximizes what we call the function of existence or present function: Max. Sp x Tƒ. Since the product of two parameters is maximized when both are equal. So 1 x9 < 2 x 8 < < 5 x 5.

That is, in each ‘momentum step’, the system tries to perform the action with minimal expenditure of energy and maintaining its internal balance between the Tƒ (potential energy, angular momentum) and Spe (kinetic energy, lineal momentum) parameters.

As physicists study mostly locomotions, the simplest æ actions, this law is widely used to define the path of any particle or system. So a ray of light will follow the least time action in its motion, a particle will position itself in the most stable point of minimal potential energy, and so on.


Because åctions imply motion and form, we can in certain ways relate and analyze those åctions as ‘4-vectors’, or positive and negative directions of a given frame of reference, and things can get easily quite complicated mathematically; when we want to study in certain detail those codes.


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  1. anon Says:

    Though we may never be able to comprehend human life, we know certainly that it is a movement, of whatever nature it be. The existence of movement unavoidably implies a body which is being moved and a force which is moving it. Hence, wherever there is life, there is a mass moved by a force. All mass possesses inertia, all force tends to persist. Owing to this universal property and condition, a body, be it at rest or in motion, tends to remain in the same state, and a force, manifesting itself anywhere and through whatever cause, produces an equivalent opposing force, and as an absolute necessity of this it follows that every movement in nature must be rhythmical. Long ago this simple truth was clearly pointed out by Herbert Spencer, who arrived at it through a somewhat different process of reasoning. It is borne out in everything we perceive—in the movement of a planet, in the surging and ebbing of the tide, in the reverberations of the air, the swinging of a pendulum, the oscillations of an electric current, and in the infinitely varied phenomena of organic life. Does not the whole of human life attest to it? Birth, growth, old age, and death of an individual, family, race, or nation, what is it all but a rhythm? All life-manifestation, then, even in its most intricate form, as exemplified in man, however involved and inscrutable, is only a movement, to which the same general laws of movement which govern throughout the physical universe must be applicable.
    -Nikola Tesla, 1899

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