Only a healthy super organism of history ruled by the ‘human constitution’ that maximises production of goods that make humans free, as biological and social beings, can ensure the freedom of societies. We live, contrary to systemic propaganda, in one of the less free societies that have ever existed, but our minds have been programmed to confuse the freedom of company-mothers which can reproduce any lethal goods without limit with the freedoms of human beings, which are limited by their biological nature to consume ‘human goods’ that cater to our needs of energy, information and social love.

To understand freedom, one must understand bondage and know first the program of the Universe.  Only when we know what life is about as biological beings, we know what is human freedom.

Then there is the ‘program of political freedom’, as sold by different ‘democratic’ regimes, from the North Korean ‘democratic’ ‘republic’, to the American ‘democracy’. As usual in politics, when people talk of freedom it is ‘selling propaganda’ of slavery.  In Korea, slavery to the nervous, informative legal system of that corrupted ‘military inquisition’, pretending to be a humanist r=evolution. In America slavery to the financial, blood, monetary system of that corrupted ‘go(l)d church’, pretending to serve the citizens of America.

So freedom is an extensive term, which as any true knowledge of mankind, requires to understand the 3 co-existing scales of human existence, at biological level, psychological, individual level and social level. 

We shall return to this post and continue this small treatise on the nature of man, an entire section of General Systems sciences I have written little about.

Now, we have defined the ‘program of existence’ in simple terms in the previous posts on general systems science. Let us remember.

We are living beings, made of energy limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads, which try to survive and live maximising our ternary elements. So we do act in simple terms, performing a ‘mnemotecnic’ series of ‘aeiou’ actions:

±∆æ: locomotions which we call ‘accelerations’, which emit energy through our limbs, – ∆e…

and feeding, which absorbs energy for the reproductive events of our body: +∆e

±∆ï: absortion and emission of information: +∆i: perception; -∆i: communication

∆o=exi: reproduction into a new offspring, clone of ourselves, by combining our energy and information, or mating with a gender, complementary max i (female) x max. e (male) body.

∆û: eusocial evolution through the exchange of energy and information with other clone beings, creating higher social organisms.


Such as we of course like to move, ∆a, and feed, ∆e, but we prefer to +∆i, educate ourselves and learn, and -∆i: communicate with others, to reproduce, ∆o, and above all we love to love, ∆û.

So individual freedom consists on moving our limbs, feeding our body, informing our mind, reproducing our ‘function of space-time’ and co-existing with other beings in peace and love forming part of a larger whole, and the QUALITY of those choices is all what is life about:


‘To be or not to be human’ that is the question. To be human is not to ‘imagine’ a virtual superhero, but to perform the tasks we have been designed for, with excellence, and variations. To be free is to choose between different foods, not only eat rice and chicken if you are lucky as most humans on the bottom of the capitalist and communist world do, due to an ill-designed economic network. To be free is to receive ethic, verbal information to be able to evolve socially and reproduce and form part of a peaceful community, NOT to receive negative hate memes in one thousand tv-channels. And to learn about the organic Universe, and its laws of existence, not to learn about the simplest locomotions of matter (physical sciences) as if that were the meaning of it all. To be free is not to hate but love your neighbour, communicate and evolve together with him. Individual freedoms thus have both a biological and social level, the simplest ones feed our ∆-1 scale of existence as cellular beings, the social freedoms, allow us to form part of a larger whole, and be happy. To be free is NOT to be alone, it is not to run in open spaces. It is TO BE CORRECTLY BONDED TO OTHER HUMANS, and to be part OF EFFICIENT ECONOMIC/LEGAL networks that cater to us, as individuals and to the super organism of history of which we form part.


In the graph, of ethonomics, the 3 vectors of human freedom, positive energy and information for human beings, and good that foster our social evolution and reproduction as a species. On the negative side those goods who destroy our welfare, health and life both in body and mind (hate memes, weapons, pollution, etc.). In a society of free company-mothers the production of lethal metal goods is maximal as all the money is invented by stock-market corporations. In human societies, those goods will be forbidden as any superorganism forbids the production of poisons.  Yet those are the goods that make possible a world of free corporations, an economic ecosystem in which humans only ‘use’ is as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers, vitalisers of those machine, with an increasingly reduced time to pursuit human freedoms – our wanting, needs and natural actions:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.05.15

But since we do NOT feed on oil, perceive mathematically, reproduce into machines, and evolve as pc-networks of internet, all those elements of economical freedom matter little to our experience as human beings. It is then a common confusion of a system that serves company-mothers of machines, to CONFUSE THE FREEDOM OF THOSE MACHINES, with human freedom, and our slavish tasks reproducing machines=working and vitalising them=consuming them, as acts of freedom.

Slave and free societies.

idf-israel-missile-threat-mapdebt slaves4screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-10-33-05

In the graph, 3 societies of military and financial slaves, with political and financial networks designed for and by military and financial corporations. On the left apartheid Israel, a military, hierarchical, racist society in which only the FMMI SYSTEM OF military corporations AND hate media are free to run hate memes, promote bigot, bronze age religions and terrorise the population. In such hierarchical pyramidal societies freedom is understood as the capacity to ab=use those humans below your level of freedom. So below the upper castes of the military society (corporations, corrupted politicos, the military, and the inquisitional priests that run the hate-speech), there is a mass of ‘believers’, or middle class ‘jewish israelis’, who are not free, but have their mind littered with racist memes to mankind (talmud), hate memes to their neighbours (islamophobia), terrorised by military propaganda, living a siege state. BUT THEY FEEL OK, because they have below a far more terrorised palestinian population living in a 5 million sieged ghetto. Israel is in that sense a copy-cat of previous fascist, small leading nations during the peak of its military imperial age: Germany under the nazi regime, England in the Victorian age, Holland in the calvinist age as the leading, enslaving nation, founder of capitalism…

On the right side, we see a society now global except perhaps the chinese economic system, with a blood-economic-productive system based in systemic slavery of the population, without rights to issue money as a Universal ‘oxygen salary’, to give orders of production and credit a welfare economy based in the goods humans need to survive. So all people today belong to another kind of pyramidal slavish system, in which humans must ‘work’ to get something the Universe provides constantly as it never stops its motions – energy. Indeed, because the Universe never stops transforming energy, it is rather simple with the right information to be a top predator with minimal work hours, dedicated to pursuit the aeiou of existence, IF as any efficient superorganisms, human beings were given a capacity to start up work, reproductive orders (universal salary). IT is part of the myths to keep humans as debt slaves, the idea that if people are given a salary they will stop doing everything and lay down.

SINCE THE PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSE is not stillness but motion, all people LIKE TO DO THINGS, most people LIKE TO WORK, and so most people would TRY TO SATISFY the demand in welfare goods every person with a Universal salary will try to buy. A system can tolerate perfectly a 25% of ‘non-working cells’ as most cells will work and reproduce more goods they need. So the question is what GOODS WE REPRODUCE? When corporations issue all the money they reproduce the goods that make them free as company-mothers of machines. So we have billions of mobile phones to hypnotise the mind of humans but 1 billion has not enough food as people do not have money to demand it. Billions are wasted in the production of hate media, but education lacks and universities are under budget, specially in humanities and all information of verbal human nature. And so on and so on.

The equivalent of Israel is obviously the Korean peninsula, with a wall breaking 2 ‘brother cultures’ by idological reasons, liberally provided with automated robots on the capitalist side, undernourished kalashnikov and A-bomb soldiers on the northern side, perfect example to the north of a military inquisition, likely the most brutal today along the Israeli apartheid society for a huge part of its population (communist believers and Arab ‘dogs’, submitted to the Ham damnation of racist Talmud: arabs and negros are inferior to animals because their forebear, Ham peed on Noah, biblical reason of modern slavery and apartheid), and a perfect capitalist society (south Korea), run by huge military budgets on research applied to the creation of hypnotic electronic samsung and warcraft virtual, closed-into cubicles, hard-w0rking population dedicated to evolve the globalised ‘metal-earth’.

We are thus not free as social beings, living under terrorist military states and slave states.

So where the is a bit of freedom among human societies?

After travelling extensively the world, I have come to the conclusion, today there is not a single free nation in the world, which even resembles an efficient super organism. There was though before the coup d’etat of the ECB against European citizens, which convert all south-European  greek-latin cultures into debt slaves, ‘American style’, a region with an advanced degree of freedom, the European Union, welfare state, now extinct.

Consider in that sense the place from where I write, barcelona, or rather the eastern part of spain, a culture mixture of spanish and french influences, called els ‘Paysos catalans’ (catalonia, valencia and Balear islands). It is a small nation of 13 million people, which triples its population when we count the tourist that come here to enjoy the pleasures of true human existence, good food-energy, verbal information and visual art ( long night conversations, monuments and museums), sexual freedom (discos, whorehouses, nude beaches, relaxing hotels, you name it) and peace and social get togethers (fiestas, concerts), and health (a growing sector of hospitals dedicated to top medicine tourists)…

It is a dying freedom but the concept of a society dedicated to maximise human existence, not mechanical existence was the final rational evolution of European thought. And yet, EU and UNO have floundered as Israel became the role model for all the nations of the world. So we can only expect slavery to financial debt, military terror and obsolescence and atrophy to machines to keep growing, while we shall hear forever the mantra that we live in the land of the free…. company-mothers of machines.

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